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&1-2-3 Clothes Store



1 Church Square
1 Stop Tyre Shop
1/2 Price Suites and Beds
100% Vegan
10a 11a
10b 11b
118 Information
14-16 Regent Place
141 Travels
1683 Chocolate Place
18-hole pitch and putt course
1863 Albert Works opens with a Turkish bath
1992 Bicentenary of First Practical Use of Coal Gas
1994 Centenary Clock
1st Bowl
1st Call Lockouts
1st Choice
1st Choice Meat Centre
1st Coombs Wood Scout Group
1st Halesowen Scout Centre
1st Olton Scout Group
1st Tidbury Green (Wythall) Scouts

200 degrees
214 Birmingham Road Post Office
24 Birmingham Scout Group
24 Carat Bistro
24/7 Fitness Edgbaston
2a 3a
2b 3b
2mS Supermarket
2nd Hand

3 Cues
3 Snowhill
3 store
3 The Green
3D news
3G Steakhouse

4 Season's
4 Seasons
4 Sight
4a 5a
4b 4c 5b
4th Battalion The Mercian Regiment Fusiliers (TA)

5 Star Day Nursery
53 Degrees
5K Foundation Ltd
5th Solihull Scouts

6a 7a
6b 7b
6th Gear

7 till Late
7th Dudley Scout Group

828 Hair & Beauty Salon
888 (Oldbury) Air Training Corps
888 (Oldbury) Squadron Royal Air Force
8a 9a
8b 9b
8trix Games Bunker

9th Kitchen

A & A Foodstore
A & A Stores
A & K Garage
A B Row (B4)
A Barber
A Block
A E Harris
A. E. Williams
A Grifiths Pawnborker
A H Windridge
A J Snape
A. Jackson
A Jewess Ltd
A K Hair
A meteorite fell
A Meteorite lands in Birmingham’s BullRing
A One Pizza
A Painted Room
A Plakt
A. Rahman Butchers
A Real Birmingham Family
A S Fashion
A. Smith (Sandwell) Ltd
A to Z Auto Parts
A to Z News
A&B Shoes Ltd.
A&D Aquatics and Garden Center
A&D Aquatics and Garden Centre
A&D Lock & Key Co
A&R Computers
A&S Clothing
A&S Watches
A1 Autoservices Plus
A1 Central and Oldbury Cars
A1 Clutches
A1 Salvage & Spares
A1 Supermarket
A2B Apollo Cars
A2B Radio Cars
A4 Ambulance Service
A4040 (B25)
Aarong Clothing Store
AB Appliances
AB Jones
A.B. Signs & Graphics
Abacus Signs
Abaya Queen UK
Abberley Close (B63)
Abberley Road
Abberley Street
Abberley Street (B18)
Abberton Close
Abberton Grove
Abberton Grove (B90)
Abbess Grove
Abbey Blinds
Abbey Close
Abbey Crescent (B63)
Abbey Crescent (B68)
Abbey Fields - The Pines
Abbey Fire Centre
Abbey House
Abbey Infant School
Abbey Junior School
Abbey Primary School
Abbey Road
Abbey Road (B17)
Abbey Road (B23)
Abbey Road (B4175)
Abbey Road (B63)
Abbey Service Centre
Abbey Sixth Form College
Abbey Square
Abbey Street
Abbey Street (B18)
Abbey Street North (B18)
Abbeydale Road
Abbeyfield Road
Abbots Close
Abbots Close (B93)
Abbots Mews
Abbots Road
Abbots Way
Abbots Way (B18)
Abbotsford Avenue (B43)
Abbotsford Drive
Abbotsford Road (B11)
Abbotts Manufacturing
Abbotts Place
Abbotts Road
Abbotts Street
Abbotts Street Canalside Developments
ABC Day Nursery
ABC Mobility Centre
Abdon Avenue
Abdullah & Sons
Aberdeen Street
Aberdeen Street (B18)
Aberford Close
Abids Fish & Chips
Abigails Close
Abingdon Close
Abingdon Road
Abingdon Road (B23)
Abingdon Road (DY2)
Abingdon Way
Ablewell Fish Bar
Ablewell Street
Ablow Street
Abney Close
Abney Drive
Abney Grove (B44)
Aboretum Visitor's Centre Cafe & Toilets
Above All Else
Aboyne Close
ABS Carpet & Bed Warehouse
ABS Heating & Plumbing Supplies Ltd
ABsolutely FABulous
Abstract children’s play sculpture
Abstract Stained Glass Panel
Abstrakt Services
Abu Bakr Independent School
Abu Zayd
Abu's Midnight Pharmacy
AC Hotel
Acacia Avenue
Acacia Avenue (WS5)
Acacia Close
Acacia Crescent
Acacia Drive
Acacia Road (B30)
Accesory Zone
Access Self Storage
Access Storage Solutions
Accessory Boutique
Accident & Emergency
Accident and Emergency
Accident Express
Accident Repair Specialists
Accident Repairs
Accord Mews
Ace Adhesives Ltd
Ace Applicances Ltd
Ace Auto MOT Centre
Ace Barbers
Ace Cooling Engineering
Ace Face
Ace Karting Plus Ltd
Ace of Cards
Ace of Spades
Ace Party Company
A.C.E. Personalise Everything
Ace Resource Centre
Acfold Post Office
Acfold Road (B20)
Acheson Road (B28)
Achill Guest House
Ackers Base Camp
Ackers Residential Centre
Ackers Ski Centre
Ackleton Gardens
Ackleton Grove
ACKT Dispatch Ltd
ACMS Mercedes Ltd
Acocks Green
Acocks Green Baptist Church
Acocks Green Bowl
Acocks Green Care Centre
Acocks Green Christadelphian Hall
Acocks Green Christian Centre
Acocks Green Heritage Trail
Acocks Green Methodist Church
Acocks Green Police Station
Acocks Green Primary School
Acocks Green Public Library
Acora Ltd
Acorn Close
Acorn Close (B27)
Acorn Close (B70)
Acorn Gardens
Acorn Grove
Acorn Road
Acorn Road (B62)
Acorn Street
Acorns Children's Hospice
Acorns in Birmingham
Acotis Diamonds
Acre Rise
Acres Estate Agents
Acres Road
Acrewood Nursery & Pre-school
Acton Drive
Acton Grove
Acton Grove (B44)
Actress & Bishop
Ad Lib Flowers
Ada Road
Ada Wrighton Close
Adalat Cloth Store
Adam Myers Pharmacy
Adam's Cave
Adam's Hill
Adams Brook Drive
Adams Close
Adams Close (B66)
Adams Hill
Adams Hill (B32)
Adams Pharmacy
Adams Road
Adams Street
Adams Street (B7)
Adams Studio 1
Addenbrook Way
Addenbrooke Court
Addenbrooke Drive (B73)
Addenbrooke Road
Addenbrooke Street
Adderley Gardens
Adderley Park Close
Adderley Park Inn
Adderley Primary School
Adderley Repair Centre
Adderley Road
Adderley Road (B4145)
Adderley Road South
Adderley Street (B9)
Addington Way
Addison Close
Addison Croft
Addison Grove
Addison Place
Addison Road
Addison Road (B4146) (B14)
Addison Road Car Sales
Addison Street
Addison Terrace
Adee Phelan
Adelaide Avenue
Adelaide Street
Adelaide Street (B12)
Adelaide Walk
Adelphi Court
Adey Road
ADH Automotive
Adkins Lane
Admington Road (B33)
Admiral Place (B13)
Admirals Way
Admissions and Exit
Adria Road (B11)
Adrian Croft (B13)
Adshead Road
Adstone Grove
Adult Education Centre
Adult World Cinema
Adults and Communities Assist Birmingham Centre
Advance Pharmacy
Advance Systems
Advanced Appearance
Advanced Car Tuning
Advent Gardens
Adventure Playground
Adwalton Road
Aesthetics Hair & Beauty
Aethelred Court
AFC Wulrunians
Affleck Avenue
Afiz Boutique
AFM Im Birmingham Citadel Association
African Caribbean Millennium Centre
African Village
Age UK
Age UK Mobility Center

age uk Wolverhampton

Agenoria Drive (DY8)
AGI Media
Agosi / Umicore
AH Convenience Store
Aiden McDonnell
Ainsdale Close (DY8)
Ainsdale Gardens
Ainsdale Gardens (B24)
Ainsdale Gardens (B63)
Ainsworth Road
Aintree Grove
Aintree Way
Air Ambulance Aid Charity Shop
Air Conditioning Express
Air Ministry Houses (B35)
Aire Croft (B31)
Airfield Drive
Airport Control Tower
Airport Way
Aisha Mosque & Islamic Centre
Aisle of Style
Aitken A
Aitken B
Aitken C
Aitken Close
A.J. Artus
AJ Carriagemasters Ltd
A.J.Gilbert (B'ham) Ltd.
AJK Windows
AK Motorsales
A.K. Superstore
Akbars of Bradford
Akhtar Travels - Money Transfer
Akrill Close
Akrill Methodist Church
Akum Rock Service Station
Al Afraah Cl
Al Aman
Al Amin Wholesale Ltd
Al Baraka
Al Baraka Halal Meat
Al Barakah Lebanese Bakery
Al Basha
Al Bulushi
Al Dixi Grill House
Al Faisal's
Al Frash Balti
Al Furqan
Al Furqan Primary School
Al Hasan Islamic Clothing
Al Hayaa
Al Hidaayah Travel
Al Huda Girls' School
Al Jannah
Al Karam Books & Gift Shop
Al Kawthar Academy
Al Madinah Mini Market
Al Medina Delights
Al Mustapha
Al Noor Butcher
Al Rabie
Al Rauf's Valeting N Tyres
Al Shazan
Al Sultan
Al Taste
Al's Diner
Al-Amal Mini Market
Al-Ameen Primary School
Al-Bhokari Education Centre
Al-Birr Independent School
Al-Bukhari Travel
Al-Burhan Grammar School
Al-Furqan Community College (Boys)
Al-Hijrah Library
Al-Hijrah Mosque
Al-Hijrah School
Al-Hijrah School Cherrywood Centre
Al-Hira Neighbourhood Day Nursery
Al-Madina Nursery
Al-Murad Tiles
Al-Uruba Cafe
Alabaster & Wilson
Alameda Gardens
Alamein Road
Alan Foster
Alan Warwick
Alan Warwick Butcher
Alan Warwick Butchers
Alan Woodall Crafts
Albany Crescent
Albany Gardens
Albany Grove
Albany House
Albany Road
Albany Way (B5)
Albemarle Bond
Albemarle Road
Albemarle Road (DY8)
Albermarle Road
Albert Avenue
Albert Bradbeer Primary Academy
Albert Clarke Drive
Albert Drive
Albert Pritchard Infant School
Albert Road
Albert Road (B17)
Albert Road (B21)
Albert Road (B23)
Albert Road (B33)
Albert Road (B6)
Albert Road (B63)
Albert Road (B68)
Albert Street
Albert Street (B4)
Albert Street (B70)
Albert Street East
Albert Walk (B17)
Albion Avenue
Albion Bridge
Albion Building
Albion Court
Albion Field Drive
Albion Industrial Estate
Albion Parade
Albion road
Albion Road
Albion Road (B11)
Albion Road (B21)
Albion Road (B70)
Albion Road (B71)
Albion Street
Albion Street (B1)
Albion Street (B69)
Albion Terrace
Albion Vaults
Albright Road
Albright Vision Centre
Albrighton House
Albrighton Road (B63)
Albury Bros Ltd
Albury Walk
Alcester Convenience Store
Alcester Drive
Alcester Drive (B73)
Alcester Road
Alcester Road South
Alcester Road South (B14)
Alcester Street (B12)
Alcock May & Iles
Alcombe Grove
Alcott Grove
Alcott Lane
Aldbourne Way (B38)
Aldbury Road (B14)
Aldeburgh Close
Aldeford Drive
Aldeney Close
Alder Centre
Alder Close
Alder Coppice (DY3)
Alder Coppice Primary School
Alder Crescent
Alder Dale
Alder Drive
Alder Farm
Alder Grove (B62)
Alder Lane
Alder Park Road
Alder Road
ALder Road
Alder Road (B12)
Alder Road (WS10)
Alder Way
Alderbrook Close
Alderbrook Road
Alderbrook School & Arts College
Alderdale Avenue (DY3)
Alderdale Crescent (B92)
Alderflat Place (B7)
Alderford Close
Alderham Close
Alderhithe Grove
Alderlea Close
Alderley Crescent
Aldermens Place
Alderminster Road (B91)
Aldermore Drive
Alderney Gardens
Alderpits Road
Alderpits Road (B34)
Aldersea Drive (B6)
Aldershaw Road (B26)
Aldersley Avenue
Aldersley Close
Aldersley High School
Aldersley Junction Bridge
Aldersley Road
Aldersmead Road
Alderson Road
Alderton Close
Alderton Drive
Alderwood Place
Alderwood Rise (DY3)
Aldgate Drive
Aldgate Grove
Aldin Close
Aldis Close
Aldis Close (B28)
Aldis Road
Aldridge Airport
Aldridge Beauty Clinic
Aldridge Bypass (A454)
Aldridge Chippy
Aldridge Close
Aldridge Compass Suites
Aldridge Conservative & Unionist Club
Aldridge Cricket Club
Aldridge Fireplaces
Aldridge Hair Design
Aldridge Library
Aldridge Manor House
Aldridge Methodist Church
Aldridge Parish Church Centre
Aldridge Police Station
Aldridge Post Office
Aldridge Quarry
Aldridge Road
Aldridge Road (A453)
Aldridge Road (A454)
Aldridge Road (B42)
Aldridge Road (B44)
Aldridge Road (B68)
Aldridge Road Recreation Ground
Aldridge Road South substation (213)
Aldridge School Tennis Courts
Aldridge Shopping Centre
Aldridge Station (disused)
Aldridge Street
Aldridge Wines
Aldridge Youth Theatre
Aldwych Close
Aldwyck Drive
Ale House
Alex Simmons Car Body Repair
Alexander Gardens (B42)
Alexander Hill (DY5)
Alexander Road
Alexander Road (B27)
Alexander Terrace
Alexander Way (B8)
Alexandra Avenue (B21)
Alexandra Crescent
Alexandra High School & Sixth Form Centre
Alexandra High School - lower site
Alexandra Place
Alexandra Residential Club
Alexandra Road
Alexandra Road (B21)
Alexandra Road (B4517)
Alexandra Road (B5)
Alexandra Road (B63)
Alexandra Street
Alexandra Way
Alfa Laval Ltd
Alfie Bird's
Alford Close (B45)
Alfred Bird
Alfred Knight Way (B15)
Alfred Road
Alfred Road (B21)
Alfred Squire Road
Alfred Street
Alfred Street (B12)
Alfred Street (B6)
Alfreda Avenue
Algernon Road (B16)
Ali Baba
Ali Fish Bar & Kebab House
Ali G Autos
Ali Hairdressers
Ali's Balti
Ali's Food Store
Alice Street
Aliman Booksellers
Alina Noor
Alishan Butcher
Alison Close
Alison Drive
Alison Drive (DY8)
Alison Road (B62)
Alison's Big Munch
Alisons Florist
All About Cars Ltd
All Alloy Slitting Services Ltd.
All Bar One
All Bikes & All Spares
All Electric
All Greek
All Herbal Medicine
All Kinds of Fabric
All Nations Barber
All Nations Christian Center
All Saints
All Saints Church
All Saints CofE Primary School
All Saints Drive (B74)
All Saints House
All Saints Jewellers
All Saints Parish Church
All Saints Parish Church, Streetly
All Saints Road
All Saints Road (B14)
All Saints Small Heath
All Saints' Church
All Saints' Road (B18)
All Saints' Street (B18)
All Saints, Bloxwich
All Season Hire
Alla-Aamin Mini Market
Allan Close
Allbut Street
Allcock Street
Allcock Street (B9)
Allcroft Road (B11)
Allegorical Figures
Allegorical figures (6)
Allegories of Art and Industry
Allegories of Methodist Teaching
Allegories of Science and Art
Allegory of Fame Rewarding the Arts
Allen Close
Allen Drive
Allen End
Allen Kia
Allen Road
Allen's Fried Chicken
Allenby Close
Allendale Grove
Allendale Road
Allendale Road (B25)
Allens Avenue (B18)
Allens Close
Allens Croft Children's Centre
Allens Croft Road
Allens Croft Road (B14)
Allens Cross Community Centre
Allens Cross Comunity Centre
Allens Farm Road (B31)
Allens Lane
Allens Road (B18)
Allerton Lane
Allerton Road (B25)
Allesley Close (B74)
Allesley Road (B92)
Allesley Street (B6)
Alleston Road
Alleston Walk
Alleyne Grove
Alleyne Road
Alliance Scaffolding
Alliance West Midlands
Allied Bakery
Allied Carpets
Allied Healthcare Group
Allied Irish
Allied Irish Bank
Alligator Storage
Allingham Grove
Allington Close
Allison Street
Allison Street (B5)
Allman Road (B24)
Allmarks Bakery
Allmyn Drive (B74)
Alloy Wheel Refurbishment / Classic Reproductions Powder Coating
Allsaints Road
Allsee Technologies
Allsops Close
Allton Avenue
Allwell Drive
Allwood Gardens
Alma Avenue
Alma Crescent
Alma Passage
Alma Place
Alma Street
Alma Street (B19)
Alma Street (B63)
Alma Street North
Alma Way (B19)
Alma Works
Almar Court
Almond Avenue
Almond Close
Almond Croft (B42)
Almond Grove
Almond Road
Alnwick Road
Alosmic News
Alperton Drive
Alpha Close
Alpha Et House
Alpha Scaffolding Services
Alpine Court
Alpine Drive
Alpine Way
Alport Croft
Alrewic Gardens
Alston Close
Alston Close (B91)
Alston Grove
Alston Primary School and Nursery
Alston Road
Alston Road (B9)
Alston Road (B91)
Alston Street (B4124)
Alston Street (B4124) (B16)
Altered Art Tattoo
Alton Avenue
Alton Close
Alton Grove
Alton Road (B29)
Altras International
Alum Drive (B9)
Alum Rock
Alum Rock Kebab House
Alum Rock Road
Alum Rock Road (B8)
Alum Rock Road Post Office
Alumhurst Avenue
Alumwell Close
Alumwell Infant School
Alumwell Junior School
Alumwell Nursery School
Alumwell Road
Alvar Bar
Alvaston Close
Alvechurch Road
Alvechurch Road (B31)
Alvechurch Road (B63)
Alverley Close
Alverstoke Close
Alveston Grove
Alveston Grove (B9)
Alveston Road
Alvin Close
Alvington Close
Alvis Walk
Alwen Street
Alwin Road
Alwold Road
Alwynn Walk (B23)
Alyssa School
A.M. Pakistani Catering
Amaan's Kebab House
Amaana Shop
Amal Way
Aman Supermarket
Amanah Masjid
Amanda Avenue
Amanda Drive (B26)
Amaryllis Ltd
Ambassador Road
Ambell Close
Amber Brothers
Amber Court
Amber Drive
Amber Group
Amber the Fire Breather
Amber Way


Ambergate Close
Amberley Green (B43)
Amberley Grove (B6)
Amberley Road (B92)
Amberley Way
Amberwood Close
Amble Close
Amblecote & Wordsley Methodist Church
Amblecote Avenue (B44)
Amblecote Christian Centre
Amblecote Road
Ambleside Close
Ambleside Drive
Ambleside Grove
Ambleside Way
Ambrose Close
Ambrose Crescent
Ambury Way
Ambury Way (B43)
Amelas Close
Amelia Home


American Burger Bar
American Golf
American Nails
American Style Nails
Amersham Close
Ames Road
Amesbury Road (B13)
Amethyst Court
Amex Wines
Amherst Avenue (B20)
Amici Hair
Amina Collection
Amington Close
Amington Road (B25)
Amington Road (B90)
Amiss Gardens (B10)
Amity Close
Amlin Motors
Amos Avenue
Amos Lane (B4484)
Amos Mews
Amos Road
Amphletts Close
Ampleforth Drive


Ampton Road (B15)
Amroth Close (B45)
Anamorphic Portico
Ancestor I
Anchor Bridge House
Anchor Brook
Anchor Close (B16)
Anchor Crescent (B18)
Anchor Forge
Anchor Hill
Anchor House
Anchor Lane
Anchor Lane (B91)
Anchor Parade
Anchor Road
Anchorage Court (B23)
Anchorage Road (B23)
Anchorage Road (B74)
Anchors Hill
Ancient Order of Rechabites
Andaz Online Ltd
Andersleigh Drive
Anderson & Hill
Anderson Crescent (B43)
Anderson Road
Anderson's Bar & Grill
Anderton Close (B74)
Anderton Park Primary School
Anderton Park Road (B12)
Anderton Road
Anderton Road (B11)
Anderton Street
Andover Crescent
Andover Street
Andrea's Canine Grooming
Andrea's Fish Bar
Andreea Design
Andrew Close
Andrew Court
Andrew Drive
Andrew Gardens (B21)
Andrew Road
Andrew Road (B63)
Andrews Close
Andrews Jewellery
Andrews Signwriters
Andy Gayle Mercedes-Bens Services
Andy Gayle Mercedes-Benz Services
Anerley Grove (B44)
Anerley Road (B44)
Angel Aquatics
Angel Beauty
Angel Fashions
Angel Garden Chinese Takeaway
Angel Mews
Angel Nails
Angel Passage
Angel Passage (DY8)
Angel Street
Angel Takeaway
Angela Avenue
Angela Place
Angelica Close
Angelina Street (B12)
Angels & Sinners
Angels Day Nursery
Angie's Cafe
Anglepoise Lamp
Anglesey Avenue
Anglesey Primary School and Nursery
Anglesey Street (B19)
Anglian Road
Anglo-Saxon Pillar
Angus Close
Animal Hospital
Anita Avenue
Anita Croft (B23)
Ankadine Road (DY8)
Ankerdine Court (B63)
Ankermoor Close
Ann Croft (B26)
Ann Street
Ann Summers
Ann's Finest Food
Annan Avenue
Anne Close
Anne Grove
Anne Road
Anne Road (DY5)
Annie Lennard School
Annie Wood Way (B19)
Annies Fruit & Veg
Ansbro Close (B18)
Ansculf Road
Ansell Road
Ansley Way
Anslow Gardens
Anslow Road (B23)
Anson Grove (B27)
Anson Road
Anstey Croft
Anstey Fields
Anstey Grove (B27)
Anstey Road (B44)
Anston Way
Anstruther Road
Anthony John
Anthony Road
Anthony Road (B8)
Antiques and More
Antiques in Quinton
Antler Way
Anton Drive (B76)
Antonia's Garden
Antonio's Emporio
Antonios Premiere Hairdressers
Antony M
Antony Road
Antringham Gardens
Antrobus Road (B21)
Antrobus Road (B73)
Anvic House
Anvil Crescent (WV14 8GA)
Anvil Place
A.Oakes Family Store & Schoolwear
Aone Supplly Ltd
Aparthotels Adagio
Apartment 101
APCOA Security
Apex Foods
Apley Road
Apna Pizza Bar
Apollo 2000
Apollo Castings
Apollo Croft (B24)
Apollo Fountain
Apollo Gym
Apollo Hotel
Apollo House
Apollo Road
Apollo Road (B68)
Apollo Way (B20)
Apperley Way (B63)
Appetitie'S Cafe
Apple Communications
Apple Green
Apple Pie House
Apple Property Solutions
Apple Tree
Apple Tree Close
Apple Tree Close (B23)
Appleby Close (B14)
Appleby Gardens
Appleby Grove
Appledore Road
Appledore Terrace
Appledorne Gardens (B34)
Applesham Close (B11)
Appleton Avenue
Appleton Close
Appleton Crescent
Appletree Close
Appletree Grove
Applewood Grove (B64)
Appleyard Close
Appliance City
Appliance Repair Centre
Approved Trader


April Croft (B13)
APS Metal Pressings Ltd
Apse Close
Apsley Close
Apsley Croft
Apsley Grove
Apsley House
Apsley Road
Aqueduct Road
Aqueous II
Aqueous One
Aqueous Three
AR bar and gallery
A.R. News
Arabesque Dance Academy
Arabesque Lounge
Arabian Oasis
Arabian Smoke
Arabic Barber
Aragon Drive (B73)
Arbor Court
Arbor Lights
Arbor Way
Arboretum Lodge
Arboretum Road
Arboretum Road substation (13202)
Arbour Drive
Arbury Drive
Arbury Grove
Arbury Hall Road (B90)
Arbury Walk
Arbury Walk (B76)
Arbury Walk (B76 9)
Arca Bar
Arcadian Palace
Arcadian Products (2000) Ltd
Arcal Street
Arch Hill Street
Archbishop Ilsley Catholic Technology College
Archdiocese of Birmingham St. Augustines R.C. Primary School
Archer Close
Archer Court
Archer Gardens
Archer Road
Archer Way (A4034) (B65)
Archers Close (B23)
Archibald Road
Archive 2000
Archway Academy Independent School
Archway Garage B'ham
ARCJ Textiles Ladies, Gents and Childrenswear
Arco Car Wash
Arco Lounge
Arcot Road (B28)
Arctic Glass & Glazing
Ardath Road
Ardav Road
Arden Close
Arden Continental Car Accessories
Arden Croft
Arden Drive (B26)
Arden Drive (B73)
Arden Drive (B75)
Arden Executive Car
Arden Grange
Arden Green
Arden Grove
Arden Hall - Castle Bromwich Parish Council
Arden Ironing
Arden Jewellery
Arden Oak Road (B26)
Arden Place
Arden Primary School
Arden Road
Arden Road (B27)
Arden Road (B6)
Arden School
Arden Vale Road
Arden Walk
Ardencote Road
Ardenlea Court Care Home
Ardenleigh Hospital
Ardenleigh Way
Arderne Drive
Ardgowan Grove
Ardingly Walk
Ardley Close
Ardley Road (B14)
Arena Central (HMRC)
Arena Printing
Aretha Close
Argil Close
Argos Extra
Argus Close (B76)
Argus Engineering Ltd
Argyle Close
Argyle Road
Argyle Street (B7)
Argyll Business Centre
Ariana Fresh Naan
Ark Boulton Academy
Ark Chamberlain Primary Academy
ARK residential
ARK Tindal Primary Academy
Arkell Way
Arkinstall Galvanizing
Arkle Croft
Arkle Croft (B36)
Arkley Grove (B28)
Arkley Road (B28)
Arkwright Road
Arlescote Close
Arlescote Road (B92)
Arless Way
Arleston Way (B90)
Arley Close
Arley Drive
Arley Grove
Arley Road
Arley Road (B8)
Arley Road (B91)
Arley Villas
Arlidge Close
Arlington Close
Arlington Court
Arlington Court (DY8)
Arlington Grove (B14)
Arlington Road
Armada Close (B23)
Armani Exchange
Armoury Road
Arms of Grace Community Church
Armstead Road (WV9)
Armstrong Close
Armstrong Drive
Armstrong Drive (B36)
Armstrong Way (A463)
Army Cadet Force
Army Careers
Army Reserve Centre
Army Reserves Center
Arnhem Close
Arnhem Road
Arnold Clark
Arnold Clarke Motorstore
Arnold Close
Arnold Grove
Arnold Grove (B90)
Arnold Laver Timber World
Arnold Opticians
Arnold Road (B90)
Arnwood Close
Aroma Spice
Arosa Drive (B17)
Arps Road
Arqiva Sutton Coldfield
ARR Bus Route 20
ARR Bus Route 21
Arran Close (B43)
Arran Road
Arran Way
Arras Road (DY2)
Arrow Close
Arrow Road
Arrow Walk
Arrowfield Green (B38)
Arsenal Street (B9)
Art Court
Art Cusine
Arté Creative Design
Arter Street (B12)
Artful Expression
Arthur & Sons
Arthur Gunby Close (B75)
Arthur Harris Close (B66)
Arthur Place
Arthur Place (B1)
Arthur Road
Arthur Road (B15)
Arthur Road (B21)
Arthur Road (B24)
Arthur Street
Arthur Street (B10)
Arthur Street (B70)
Artillery Street
Artisan Cakes
Artisan Square
Artistic Nail Studio
Arton Croft (B24)
Arts and Drama Centre
Arun Way (B76)
Arundel Avenue
Arundel Crescent (B92)
Arundel Drive
Arundel Grove
Arundel House
Arundel Place
Arundel Road
Arundel Road (B14)
Arundel Street
Arya Samaj (Vedic Mission) West Midlands
As Saffar
As Suffa Institute
AS Textiles
ASAD Gents Hairdressers
Asbury Road
Asbury Walk (B43)


Ascot Close
Ascot Close (B16)
Ascot Close (B69)
Ascot Drive
Ascot Gardens (DY8)
Ascot Road (B13)
Ascot Walk
Ascote Lane
ASDA Click and Collect
ASDA Customer Service Desk
ASDA Living
Asda Pharmacy
Asda Walmart
ASG Repair and MOT Centre
Ash Avenue (B12)
Ash Close
Ash Court
Ash Crescent
Ash Drive
Ash End Barn
Ash End Farm
Ash End House
Ash End House Children's Farm
Ash Green
Ash Grove
Ash Mews (B27)
Ash Motor Services
Ash Road
Ash Road (B4145) (B8)
Ash Street
Ash Street (B4163)
Ash Terrace
Ash Tree Drive (B26)
Ash Tree Road
Ash Tree Road (B30)
Ash Walk (B76)
Ash Way (B23)
Ashborn Road
Ashborough Drive
Ashbourne Grove
Ashbourne Road
Ashbourne Road (B16)
Ashbourne Way
Ashbridge Court
Ashbrook Crescent
Ashbrook Drive
Ashbrook Grove
Ashbrook Road (B13)
Ashburn Grove
Ashburton Road
Ashbury Covert (B30)
Ashby Close
Ashby Court
Ashcombe Avenue
Ashcombe Gardens
Ashcombe Gardens (B24)
Ashcott Close
Ashcroft Estate
Ashcroft Grove (B20)
Ashdale Close
Ashdale Drive (B14)
Ashdale Grove (B26)
Ashdene Close
Ashdene Farm
Ashdene Gardens
Ashdene Gardens (DY8)
Ashdown Close
Ashdown Drive (DY8)
Ashdown Grove
Ashen Close
Ashenden Rise
Ashenhurst Road
Asheridge Close
Ashes Road
Ashes Road (B69)
Ashfern Drive
Ashfield Avenue (B14)
Ashfield Close
Ashfield Crescent
Ashfield Crescent (DY2)
Ashfield Gardens
Ashfield Grove
Ashfield Grove (B63)
Ashfield Lane
Ashfield Road
Ashfield Road (B14)
Ashford Close (B24)
Ashford Drive
Ashfurlong Crescent
Ashfurlong Hall
Ashgrove Road (B44)
Ashi Food Store
Ashiana Community Project
Ashill Road (B45)
Ashland Street
Ashlawn Crescent (B91)
Ashleigh Drive (B20)
Ashleigh Grove (B13)
Ashleigh Heights (B91)
Ashleigh Road (B69)
Ashleigh Road (B91)
Ashley Close
Ashley Close (B15)
Ashley Gardens
Ashley Lodge
Ashley Mount
Ashley Road
Ashley Road (B23)
Ashley Street
Ashmead Drive
Ashmead Grove (B24)
Ashmole Road
Ashmore Avenue
Ashmore Lake Road
Ashmore Lake Way
Ashmore Park
Ashmore Park Nursery School
Ashmore Road
Ashold Farm Road
Asholme Close
Ashorne Close
Ashover Grove
Ashover Road (B44)
Ashtead Close (B76)
Ashted Lock
Ashted Row
Ashted Subway
Ashton & Moore Limited
Ashton Croft
Ashton Croft (B16)
Ashton Drive
Ashton Engineering Co Ltd
Ashton Park Drive
Ashton Road (B25)
Ashtons Accountants
Ashtree Close
Ashtree Grove
Ashtree Road
Ashtree Road (B69)
Ashurst Road (B76)
Ashville Avenue
Ashville Drive (B63)
Ashville Drive (B633)
Ashwater Drive
Ashway (B11)
Ashwell Drive (B90)
Ashwells Grove
Ashwin Road (B21)
Ashwood Avenue
Ashwood Close
Ashwood Close (B69)
Ashwood Crescent
Ashwood Drive
Ashwood Grove
Ashwood Lodge Farm
Ashwood Nurseries Ltd
Ashwood Park Primary School
Ashwoodfield House Farm
Ashworth Road (B42)
Asia Halal Meat & Poultry Centre
Asian Grill
Asian Jewellers
Asian Resource Centre
Asianaz Beauty Salon
Asif's Pharmacy
Asim Electronics
ASJ Electrical
Ask Italian
Askew Bridge Road
Askew Close (DY3)
Aspbury Croft
Aspen Close
Aspen Close (B27)
Aspen Close (B76)
Aspen Drive (B37)
Aspen Gardens (B20)
Aspen Grove
Aspen Grove (B9)
Aspen Way
Aspire Diamonds
Aspire Hair and Beauty
Asquith Drive
Asquith Road (B8)
Asra Close
Asra Daycare Centre
Asraar Beauty
Assemblies of the First Born
Assembly Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses
Astbury Avenue
Astbury Close
Aster Walk
Aster Way (WS5)
Astle Drive (B69)
Astley Avenue (B62)
Astley Close
Astley Crescent
Astley Road (B21)
Astley Walk
Aston Brook Green
Aston Brook Street (B6)
Aston Brook Street East (B6)
Aston Bury
Aston Business School Conference Centre and Hotel
Aston Café
Aston Carpet and Flooring
Aston Christian Centre
Aston Church Road
Aston Church Road (B8)
Aston Close
Aston Cottage Homes
Aston Cross
Aston Fire Station
Aston Free Library
Aston Hall
Aston Hall Road (B6)
Aston Hotel
Aston House
Aston Junction
Aston Lane (A4040)
Aston Lane (A4040) (B23)
Aston Library & Aston Learning Centre
Aston Manor Close (B20)
Aston Manor Cricket Club
Aston Manor School
Aston Manor Transport Museum
Aston Mosque & Community Centre
Aston Old Edwardians R.F.C.
Aston One Stop Solutions
Aston Police Station
Aston Road
Aston Road (B4177)
Aston Road (B6)
Aston Road North (A5127) (B6)
Aston Street
Aston Street (B4)
Aston Student Guild
Aston Tavern
Aston Tower Community Primary School and Nursery
Aston University
Aston University - North Wing
Aston University - South Wing
Aston University Engineering Academy
Aston University Health Clinics
Aston Villa
Aston Villa Club Shop
Aston War Memorial 8th Battaliion the Warwickshire Regiment
Aston Webb Building (R4;R5)
Aston Welding
Aston Women's Sixth Form Centre
Aston Wood Golf Club
Astons Close
Astons Fold
Astor Drive
Astor Drive (B13)
Astor Road
Astoria Close
Astoria Gardens
Astoria Hotel
Astra Engineering Products Ltd
At One
A.T.D. Motor Services
A.T.E. Electrical
Athelstan Grove
Atherstone Close
Atherstone Road
Athlete Box
Athlone Road
Athol Close
Athole Street
Atholl Lodge
Athwal News
Athwall Wine Store
Atlantic Cafe and Delicatessen
Atlantic Commercials
Atlantic House
Atlantic Road (B44)
Atlantic Shopping
Atlantis Fish Bar & Café
Atlas Croft
Atlas Grove
Atlas Industrial Estate
ATM Residential Sales & Lettings
ATS Euromaster
A.T.S.A Convenience Store
Attari Beddings
Attenborough Close
Attingham Drive
Attleboro Lane
Attlee Close
Attlee Crescent
Attlee Road
Attock Cricket Club
Attock Travel
Attwell Park
Attwell Road
Attwood Building
Attwood Close
Attwood Gardens
Attwood Green
Attwood Street
Atwal Newsagent
Aubrey Road (B10)
Aubrey Road (B32)
Auchinleck Walkway
Auckland Drive
Auckland Drive (B36)
Auckland Road
Auckland Road (B11)
Audio Affair
Audlem Walk
Audley Primary School
Audley Road
Audley Road (B33)
Augusta Road (B13)
Augusta Road (B27)
Augusta Road East (B13)
Augusta Street (B18)
Augustine Grove (B18)
Augustine Grove (B74)
Augustus Close
Augustus Court
Augustus Road
Augustus Street
Ault Street
Aulton Road
Aunt Sally's
Auntie Anne's
Aura Dance Academy
Austcliff Drive (B91)
Austen Place
Austen Walk
Austin Close
Austin Close (B27)
Austin Croft (B36)
Austin Lane
Austin Reed
Austin Rise (B31)
Austin Road
Austin Road (B21)
Austin Street
Austin Street (B35)
Austin Way (B)
Australia Park Phase II
Australian Bar
Austrey Close (B93)
Austrey Grove
Austrey Road
Austy Close
Authrntic Caribbean Cuisine
Auto Body Technik
Auto Brakes & Components
Auto Centre
Auto Service Centre
Auto Shop (UK)
Auto Time Solutions
Autofix Plus
Autoglass National Skills Centre
Autoline Smart Repair
Automotive Dreams
Automotive Enhancement Services
Automotive Soloutions Direct
Autostar 02
Autrade Limited
Autumn Berry Grove
Autumn Close
Autumn Close Police Room
Autumn Drive
Autumn Gove (B19)
Autumn Grove (B19)
Autumn Spa
Avalon Close
Avanti Kitchen and Bedrooms
Avanti Kitchens
Ave Maria Close (B64)
Avebury Grove
Avebury Road
Avenbury Drive
Avenbury Drive (B91)
Avenue Close
Avenue Lodge
Avenue Road
Avenue Road (B14)
Avenue Road (B21)
Avenue Road (B23)
Avenue Road (B6)
Avenue Road (B7)
Avenue Tyres
Averill Road (B26)
Avern Close
Aversley Road (B38)
Avery Avenue
Avery Croft (B35)
Avery Drive (B27)
Avery Myers Close
Avery Road
Avery Road (B73)
Aviary Avenue
Aviemore Crescent
Avington Close
Avion Close
Avobstar Trading Co Ltd.
Avoca Court
Avocet Close (B33)
Avon Close
Avon Crescent
Avon Drive
Avon Drive (B13)
Avon Grove
Avon Place
Avon Road
Avon Road (B63)
Avon Road (B90)
Avon Road (DY8)
Avon Street (B11)
Avondale Close
Avondale Hotel
Avondale Road
Avondale Road (B11)
Avro Way (B35)
Awan International
Awan Marketing plc Cash and Carry
Awbridge Road
Awefields Crescent
Awlmakers Grove
Axletree Way
Ayaan's Kebab House
Ayala Croft
Aylesbury Crescent (B44)
Aylesford Close
Aylesford Drive
Aylesford Road (B21)
Aylesmore Close
Aylesmore Close (B92)
Ayre Road
Ayre Road (B24)
Ayres Close (B34)
Ayrshire Close (B36)
Ayrton Close
Azad Jewellers
Azalea Close
Azalea Grove (B9)
Aziz Isaac Close
Aziz Supermarket
Aziz Textiles

B & J Bikes
B & M Home Store
B Block
B G Sheet Metal
B My Chip
B&B Electrical Wholesalers LTD

b&m Bargains

B&M Bargains
B&M Home Store
B1 Central Garage
B17 4244


B4128 (B9)
B4146 (B27)
B4148 (B75)
B4169 (B66)
B425 (B92)
B4514 (B27)
B9 mobiles
B.A. Autos
BA Welding & Fabrication
Bab Al-Hara
Bab's Café
Babbs Mill
Babington Road (B21)
Bablake Croft (B92)
Babors Field
Babu Textiles
Babworth Close
Baby Bank
Baccabox Lane
Bacchus Road (B18)
Bach Mill Drive (B28)
Bache Signs
Bache Street (B70)
Back Lane
Back Lane Farm
Back Road
Back To Backs
Backhouse Lane
Backminster Road
Bacon's End
Bactran Camels
Bad Apple
Bad Apple Hair
Bad Apple hair
Baddesley Road (B92)
Bader Road
Bader Walk (B35)
Badger Close
Badger Street
Badgers Bank Road (B74)
Badgers Croft
Badgers Set
Badgers Way
Badget Anodising (Birmingham) Ltd
Badial Department Store
Badminton Close
Badon Covert (B14)
Badsey Close
Badsey Road
Badwal Motors
Bag Magic
Bag Pool Way
Baggaley Chemist
Baggeridge Close
Baggeridge Craft & Enterprise Park
Baggeridge Toposcope
Baggeridge Village
Baggott Street
Baginton Close (B91)
Baginton Road (B35)
Bagley Street
Bagley's Road
Bagnall Close (B25)
Bagnall Road
Bagnall Saab
Bagnall Street
Bagnall Walk
Bagnalls Wharf
Bagnell Road (B14)
Bagot Arms
Bagot Street (B4)
Bagridge Close
Bagridge Road
Bags of Luggage
Bagshaw Road (B33)
Bagshawe Croft (B23)
Bague Walk
Bague Walk (DY5)
Baguette & Co.
Baguette du Maison
Baguette du monde

baguette du monde

Baguette Express
Baguette Heaven Cafe
Baguette Shop
Baguette World
Baguettes 4 Less
Bailey & Mackey Ltd
Bailey Court
Bailey Hotel
Bailey Road
Bailey Street
Bailey's Bakehouse
Baileys Caribbean Kitchen
Bainbridge Road
Bainbridge Road (B66)
Baird Foods
Bairstow Eaves
Bairstow Eves
Bairstow Eves Lettings
Bake 'n' Butties
Baker & Finnemore
Baker Avenue
Baker Goodchild
Baker House Grove
Baker Road
Baker Street
Baker street
Baker Street
Baker Street (B11)
Baker's Kitchen
Bakers Lane
Bakers Lane (B74)
Bakers Lane Fish Bar
Bakewell Close
Bal's Hair & Beauty
Balaam Wood School
Balaam's Wood Drive
Balaam's Wood Local Nature Reserve
Balaam's Wood Walk
Balaclava Road
Balaji Avenue
Balan Farm
Balden Road
Balden Road (B32)
Baldmoor Lake Road (B23)
Balds Lane
Baldwin Close
Baldwin Road (B30)
Baldwin Street
Baldwin Street (B66)
Baldwins Lane (B28)
Balfour Beatty
Balfour Drive
Balfour Road
Balfour Street
Balham Grove (B44)
Bali's Chippy
Balking Close
Ballarat Walk
Ballard Crescent
Ballard Road
Ballard Walk
Ballesteros House
Ballot Street
Balls Hill
Balls Street
Balmain Crescent
Balmoral Close
Balmoral Close (B62)
Balmoral Drive
Balmoral Road
Balmoral Road (B23)
Balmoral Road (B74)
Balmoral View
Balmoral Way
Balsall Heath
Balsall Heath Church Centre & Day Care Centre
Balsall Heath Initiative Centre
Balsall Heath Library
Balsall Heath Pharmacy
Balsall Heath Police Station
Balsall Heath Road
Balsall Heath Road (B5)
Balsall Street (B4101)
Balti 2000
Balti Bazaar
Balti Castle
Balti Cottage
Balti Flowers
Balti Herbs & Spices Indian Takeaway
Balti Hut
Balti King
Balti Lodge
Balti Mahal
Balti Nights
Balti Nite
Balti Pizza
Balti Raj
Balti Spice
Balti Valley


Baltimore Road (B42)
Balvenie Way
Bam Bam Nursery
Bamber Close
Bamboo Hair
Bamford Close
Bamford Road
Bamville Road
Banbery Drive
Banbrook Close
Banbury Close
Banbury Croft
Banbury Street (B5)
Bancroft Close
Band stand
Band Stand
Bandywood Crescent (B44)
Bandywood Road (B44)
Banfield Avenue
Banfield Road
Banford Avenue
Banford Road
Bangham Pit Road
Bangla Bazaar
Bangla Bazar
Bangla Fish Bazaar
Bangla Station
Bangladesh Welfare Association & Community Centre
Bangladeshi Isalmic Social Organisation & Modina Mosque
Bangladeshi Islamic Association Centre
Bangladeshi Islamic Centre & Jami Mosque
Bangley Lane
Bangor Road
Bank Farm Close
Bank House
Bank of Cypress UK
Bank of India
Bank Road
Bank Street
Bank Street (B4179) (DY5)
Bankdale Road (B8)
Bankes Road (B10)
Bankfield Road
Banklands Road
Banks Croft
Banks Street
Bankside (B13)
Bankside Crescent
Bankside Way
Bankwell Street
Bannatyne's Health Club
Bannatyne's Health Club & Spa
Banner Theatre Company
Bannerlea Road
Bannerley Road
Bannerley Road (B33)
Banners Gate
Banners Gate Golden Jubilee Play Area
Banners Gate Primary School
Banners Gate Road
Banners Gate Road (B73)
Banners Gate United Reform Church
Banners Grove
Banners Grove (B23)
Banners Lane
Banners Street
Banners Walk (B44)
Bannister Road
Bannister Street
Bannocks (Tigré) Marble Co
Bano Phool
Banquet Café
Banstead Close
Banstead Close (WV2 1QY)
Bantams Close
Bantams Close (B33)
Bantock Avenue
Bantock Gardens
Bantock House
Bantock Park Pitch & Putt
Bantock Way
Banton Close (B23)
Baps & Balls
Baptist Church
Baptist Church Centre
Baptist Church Hall
Baptist End Road
Bar A Jee
Bar Bridge
Bar Edge
Bar Epernay
Bar Lounge
Bar Opus
Bar Pravda
Bar Room Bar
Bar Walk
Barbara Hart House
Barbara Road (B28)
Barbary Sheep
Barbel Drive
Barber JQ
Barber Shop
Barbers Lane
Barbourne Close (B91)
Barbrook Drive
Barcheston Road
Barcheston Road (B29)
Barclay Road
Barclays Bank
Barclays Bank PLC
Barclays Blackheath
Barcroft Primary School
Barcroft Road
Bard Street
Bardenholme Gardens
Bardon Drive
Bardwell Close
Barfly (UK) Ltd
Barford Close
Barford Close (B76)
Barford Crescent (B38)
Barford Primary School and Nursery
Barford Road
Barford Street
Barford Street (B5)
Bargain Beers
Bargain Booze
Bargain Centre
Bargain Shop
Bargains for Sure
Bargate Drive
Bargehorse Walk
Bargery Road
Barham Close (B90)
Baristoweves Estate Agents
Bark Piece
Barkat Ali
Barkat Pharmacy
Barker Road (B74)
Barker Street
Barkley Plastics
Barlands Croft (B34)
Barle Grove
Barley Close
Barley Close (WV8)
Barley Fields
Barley Mow
Barley Mow Close
Barley Road (B16)
Barleycorn Drive
Barleyfield Rise
Barleyfields Rd
Barlow Close
Barlow Close (B45)
Barlow Drive
Barlow Road (WS10)
Barlows Boards
Barlows Road (B15)
Barmouth Close
Barn Avenue
Barn Close
Barn Close (B63)
Barn Croft
Barn End
Barn Farm Close
Barn Green
Barn Lane
Barn Lane (B21)
Barn Lane (B92)
Barn Meadow
Barn Meadow Close
Barn Piece
Barn Street (B5)
Barnabas Road
Barnados Arch Project
Barnard Close
Barnard Close (B45)
Barnard Road
Barnbrook Road (B93)
Barncroft Road (B69)
Barncroft Street
Barnes Close
Barnes Hill (B4121)
Barnes Meadow Place
Barnesville Close (B10)
Barnet Road (B23)
Barnett Close
Barnett Green
Barnett Lane (DY8)
Barnett Road
Barnett Street
Barnett Street (DY8)
Barney Close
Barnfield Drive (B92)
Barnfield Grove (B20)
Barnfield Road
Barnford Close (B10)
Barnford Crescent
Barnford Crescent (B68)
Barnfordhill Close
Barnfordhill Road
Barnhurst Lane
Barnmoor Rise
Barnpark Covert (B14)
Barns Croft
Barns Farm
Barns Lane
Barns Lane Estate Post Office
Barnsbury Avenue (B72)
Barnsdale Crescent (B31)
Barnsley Road (A4040)
Barnstaple Road
Barnswood Close (B63)
Barnt Green Road (B4120)
Barnwood Road (B32)
Barnwood Road (WV8)
BaronS Barber Shop
Barons Close
Barons Court Hotel
Barr Beacon
Barr Beacon School
Barr Beacon War Memorial
Barr Common Close
Barr Common Road
Barr Common Road (B4154)
Barr Lakes Lane
Barr St. Castings Ltd.
Barr Street
Barr Street (B19)
Barra Croft
Barrack Close (B75)
Barrack Lane (B63)
Barrack Street
Barrack Street (B7)
Barracks Close
Barracks Lane
Barracks Place
Barrar Close
Barratt's Coppice Farm
Barratts Croft
Barratts House
Barratts Road
Barrett Street (B66)
Barretts Butchers and Deli
Barrhill Close
Barrington Close
Barrington Road
Barrington Road (B92)
Barron Road
Barrow Hill Local Nature Reserve
Barrow Walk
Barrowhill Road
Barrows Lane
Barrows Lane (B26)
Barrows Road (B11)
Barrs Crescent
Barrs Road
Barrs Street
Barry Heath Vehicle Repairs
Barry Road
Barry's Fabrics
Barry's News
Barsham Close (B5)
Barsham Drive
Barston Lane
Barston Road (B68)
Bartholomew House
Bartholomew Row (B5)
Bartholomew Street
Bartic Avenue
Bartleet Road
Bartlett Close
Bartley Close (B92)
Bartley Crescent
Bartley Drive
Bartley Green
Bartley Green School
Bartley Green War Memorial
Bartley Mews
Bartley Reservoir
Bartley Sailing Club
Bartley Woods
Barton Croft
Barton Lane
Barton Lodge Road (B28)
Barton Road
Barton Street (B70)
Bartons Bank (B6)
Bartons Way
Barwaaqo Shop
Barwell Road
Barwick Street (B3)
Basalt Close
Basic Training Centre
Basil Grove
Basil Road
Baskerville School
Baslow Close
Baslow Close (B33)
Baslow Road
Basons Lane
Basons Lane Playing Fields
Basra Superstore and Off License
Bass Car Audio
Bassano Road
Bassenthwaite Court
Bassett Close
Bassett Close (B76)
Bassett Crescent
Bassett Croft
Bassett Road
Bassett Street
Bassetts Grove
Bassetts Pole
Bassnage Road (B63)
Batch Croft
Batchelor Close
Bate Monument
Bate Street
Bateman Drive (B73)
Bateman Road
Batemans Lane
Bates Butchers
Bates Close (B76)
Bates Grove
Bath Avenue
Bath Meadow
Bath Passage
Bath Road
Bath Road (DY5)
Bath Row
Bath Row (B4127)
Bath St Subway
Bath Store
Bath Street
Bath Street (B4)
Bath Walk
Batheaston Close
Bathroom City
Bathroom Factory Outlet


Batmans Hill School
Batmanshill Road
Batsman Close
Batson Rise
Battenhall Road
Batteries Not Included
Battery Park
Battery Way
Battle of the Godsand the Giants
Battlefield Hill
Battlefield Lane
Batty Langley Vegetable Garden
Bavaro Gardens
Baverstock Road (B14)
Baxter House
Baxter Road
Baxter's Green
Baxter's Road
Baxterley Green
Baxterley Green (B91)
Baxters Green
Baxters Green (B90)
Baxters Road (B90)
Bay Avenue
Bay Leaf
Bay Tree Close
Bay Tree Close (B38)
Baybridge Press Tools Ltd
Bayer Street
Bayford Avenue
Bayford Avenue (B26)
Bayley Crescent
Bayleys Lane
Baylie Street
Baylie's Charity School
Baylis Avenue
Bayliss Avenue
Bayliss Close
Baynton Drive
Baynton Road
Bays Fish Bar
Bayston Avenue
Bayston Road (B14)
Bayswater Road
Bayswater Road (B20)
Baytree Close
Baytree Road
Baywell Close
BBC Birmingham Club (closed)
BBS Food Service
BC Tigers
BCH Estates
BCR Global Textiles
BCT Birmingham
BCU Oscott Gardens
BCU Phase 2 & Student housing under construction
BCU The Coppice
B.D. Price Superstore
BDG Manufacturing
BDS Pharmacy
Be At One
Be Beautiful
Be Sassy Hair Salon
Beach Avenue
Beach Avenue (B11)
Beach Brook Close (B11)
Beach Close
Beach Drive
Beach Road
Beach Road (B11)
Beach Street
Beachburn Way (B20)
Beachcroft Road
Beachcroft Road (DY6)
Beachwood Avenue
Beacon Centre for the Blind
Beacon Church
Beacon Close
Beacon Close (B43)
Beacon Court
Beacon Dairy Farm
Beacon Drive
Beacon Heights
Beacon Hill
Beacon Hill (B4151)
Beacon Hill (B6)
Beacon Hill Quarries
Beacon Hotel
Beacon House
Beacon Lane
Beacon Passage
Beacon Primary School
Beacon Rise
Beacon Road
Beacon Road (B4154)
Beacon Road (B44)
Beacon Road (WS5)
Beacon Roadways
Beacon Street
Beacon Trade & Tool
Beacon Trade and Tool
Beacon View
Beacon View Drive (B74)
Beacon View Road
Beacon View Road (B71)
Beacon Way
Beaconsfield Avenue
Beaconsfield Crescent
Beaconsfield Drive
Beaconsfield Road
Beaconsfield Road (B74)
Beaconsfield Street
Beaconside Primary & Nursery School
Beak Street
Beakes Road
Beaks Farm Gardens (B16)
Beaks Hill Road (B38)
Beale Close (B35)
Beale Street (DY8)
Beales Street (B6)
Bealeys Avenue
Bealeys Close
Bealeys Fold
Bealeys Lane
Beamans Close (B92)
Beaminster Road (B91)
Bean Croft
Bean Drive
Bean Green Kitchen
Bean Road
Bear and Staff
Beard Close
Beardmore Road (B72)
Bearing Drive
Bearley Croft (B90)
Bearmore Road
Bearnett Lane
Bearwood Baptist Church
Bearwood Chapel
Bearwood Chapel Community Café
Bearwood Primary School
Bearwood Road (A4030)
Bearwood Road (A4030) (B66)
Beasley Grove (B43)
Beaton Close
Beaton Road (B74)
Beatrice Street
Beatrice Walk
Beau Brummie Tavern
Beau Thai
Beauchamp Avenue (B20)
Beauchamp Close (B76)
Beauchamp Road (B13)
Beauchamp Road (B91)
Beaudesert Close
Beaudesert Road
Beaudesert Road (B20)
Beaufort Arms
Beaufort Avenue (B34)
Beaufort Road (B16)
Beaufort Road (B23)
Beaufort School
Beaufort Way
Beaulieu Avenue
Beaumaris Close
Beaumont Close
Beaumont Drive
Beaumont Gardens (B18)
Beaumont Grove (B91)
Beaumont Road
Beaumont Road (B30)
Beaumont Road (B62)
Beausale Drive
Beaute Academy
Beauty Above
Beauty Bank
Beauty Bank Crescent
Beauty Boutique
Beauty Fields
Beauty Queen
Beauty Queens Cosmetics
Beauty Therapy by Jane Allison
Beauty Within Spa
Beauty World
Beaver Close
Beavons Close
Bebington Close
Beccles Drive
Beck Close
Beckbury Avenue
Beckbury Fryer
Beckbury Road (B29)
Beckenham Avenue (B44)
Beckensall Close
Becket Close (B74)
Beckett Street
Beckfield Close
Beckfield Close (B14)
Beckman Road
Beckminster Church
Beckminster Road
Beckwith Plating
Becton Grove (B42)
Bedcote Place
Beddoe Close
Beddow Avenue
Beddows Road
Bedford Drive
Bedford Road
Bedford Street
Bedford Terrace / Western Terrace
Bedlam Wood Road
Bedworth Grove (B9)
Bee Lane
Bee Lane Playing Field
Beebee Road
Beech Avenue
Beech Avenue (B12)
Beech Close
Beech Close (B75)
Beech Court
Beech Crescent
Beech Dene Grove (B23)
Beech Farm Croft (B31)
Beech Gardens
Beech Gate
Beech Green
Beech Grove
Beech Hill Close (B72 1BY)
Beech Hill Road (B72)
Beech House
Beech Lane
Beech Mews
Beech Mount
Beech Park Road
Beech Road
Beech Road (B17)
Beech Road (B23)
Beech Road (B30)
Beech Road (B69)
Beech Road (DY8)
Beech Street
Beech Tree Avenue
Beech Tree Close
Beech Tree Road
Beech Walk
Beech Way
Beecham Close
Beechcroft Crescent
Beechcroft Estate
Beechcroft Place
Beechcroft Road
Beechcroft Road (B36)
Beechcroft Tennis Club
Beechdale Avenue (B44)
Beechdale Road
Beecher Place
Beecher Place (B63)
Beecher Road (B63)
Beecher Road East (B63)
Beecher Road Garage
Beecher Street (B63)
Beeches Avenue (B27)
Beeches Bar & Grill
Beeches Close
Beeches Drive
Beeches Farm Drive (B31)
Beeches Mews
Beeches News
Beeches Place
Beeches Playground
Beeches Road
Beeches Road (B65)
Beeches Road Baptist Church
Beeches Road Methodist Church
Beeches Road News
Beeches Road Passage
Beeches View Avenue (B63)
Beeches Walk (B73)
Beeches Walk Take-Away
Beeches Way
Beechey Close
Beechfield Avenue
Beechfield Close (B62)
Beechfield Grove
Beechfield Road
Beechfield Road (B11)
Beechglade (B20)
Beechmore Road (B26)
Beechmount Drive (B23)
Beechnut Close (B91)
Beechnut Lane (B91)
Beechtree Lane
Beechwood Avenue
Beechwood (B20)
Beechwood Close
Beechwood Court
Beechwood Croft
Beechwood Drive
Beechwood Friends' Meeting House
Beechwood House
Beechwood Nursery
Beechwood Park Road (B91)
Beechwood Road
Beechwood Road (B14)
Beechwood Road (B43)
Beechwood Road (B67)
Beechwood Road (B70)
Beechwood School
Beehive Lane
Beekes Croft
Beesly Fuel Services Ltd.
Beeston Close
Beeston Close (B6)
Beet Street
Beethoven, Virgil, Michelangelo, Plato, Shakespeare, Newton, Watt, Faraday and Darwin
Beeton Road (B18)
Beever Road
Beggars Bush Lane
Behan's Bar
Bei Capelli
Beighton Close (B74)
Beijing House
Beilby Road
Belbroughton Church of England Primary School
Belbroughton Club
Belbroughton Cricket Club
Belbroughton Road
Belbroughton Road (B4188)
Belbroughton Road (B63)
Belchers Lane
Belchers Lane (B9)
Beldray Road
Belfry Bar
Belfry Close
Belgrade Hotel
Belgrade Road
Belgrave Court
Belgrave Road
Belgrave Walk
Belgravia Close
Belgravia Close (B5)
Belgravian House
Belgrove Close
Belinda Close
Bell Alley
Bell Barn Road
Bell Barn Road (B15)
Bell Close
Bell Cottage
Bell Court (B31)
Bell Drive
Bell Drive (B8)
Bell End
Bell End Farm
Bell Fold (B68)
Bell Green Lane
Bell Hall
Bell Heath Way
Bell Hill (B4121)
Bell Holloway (B31)
Bell Inn
Bell Lane
Bell Lane (A4124)
Bell Lane (B33)
Bell Lane (B4121)
Bell Lane Fish Bar
Bell Lane Supermarket
Bell Meadow
Bell Meadow Way
Bell Micro
Bell Place
Bell Plumbing Supplies
Bell Road
Bell Road (WS5)
Bell Street
Bell Street (B70)
Bell Street (DY5)
Bell Street (DY8)
Bell Street South (DY5)
Bell Tower Close
Bell Vue Road
Bell Walk
Bella barba
Bella Diva
Bella Italia
Bella Pais Close
Bella Venezia
Bellamy Close (B90)
Bellamy Farm Road (B90)
Bellamy Lane
Bellcroft (B16)
Belle Isle
Belle Vue
Belle Vue Gardens
Belle Vue Primary School
Belle Vue Road (DY5)
Belle Vue Terrace
Belle Walk (B13)
Bellefield Avenue
Bellefield Inn (closed)
Bellefield Road (B18)
Bellencroft Gardens
Belles Tanning & Beauty
Bellevue (B5)
Bellevue Road
Bellevue Street
Bellfield (B31)
Bellfield House
Bellfield Infant School (NC)
Bellfield Junior School
Bellflower Drive (WS5)
Bellington Croft (B90)
Bellis Street
Bellis Street (B16)
Bellman Close
Bellmark House
Bells Farm Close
Bells Farm Primary School
Bells Farmhouse Community Centre
Bells Lane
Bells Lane (B14)
Bells Lane Fish Bar
Bells Moor Road
Bellway Homes Sales Office
Bellwood Road (B31)
Belmont Close
Belmont Covert
Belmont Crescent
Belmont Furnishing
Belmont Hotel
Belmont Passage
Belmont Road
Belmont Road (B21)
Belmont Road East
Belmont Row
Belmont Street
Below you are Miles of Tunnels
Belper Road
Belper Row
Belstone Close
Belton Avenue
Belton Grove
Belvedere Avenue
Belvedere Close
Belvedere Gardens
Belvedere Road (B24)
Belvide Grove
Belvidere Gardens (B11)
Belvidere Road
Belvoir Close
Belwell Court
Belwell Drive (B74)
Belwell Grange (B74)
Belwell Lane (B4151)
Belwell Place
Bembridge Close
Bembridge Road
Ben 10 Ultimate Mission
Ben Harad
Ben Nevis Way
Ben Nevis Way (DY8)
Ben Willetts Walk
Ben's Mediterranean Pizza & Pasta Bar
Ben's Original Lickey Hills Fish Bar
Benacre Drive
Benardo's Sandwell
Benbeck Grove
Bendall Road (B44)
Benedon Road (B26)
Benga Lounge
Bengal Chaa
Bengal Fusion
Bengal Lancer
Bengal Palace
Bengal Spice
Bengali Association Midlands
Benjamin Drive
Benjamin Ryan
Benji's Deli Cafe
Benmore Avenue
Benmore Avenue (B5)
Bennett Avenue
Bennett Drive
Bennett Road
Bennett Street
Bennett's Hill
Bennett's Hill (B2)
Bennett's Hill (DY2)
Bennetts Hill (DY2)
Bennetts Road
Benson Avenue
Benson Community School & Nursery Unit
Benson Road (B14)
Benson Road (B18)
Bent Avenue
Bent Street
Bentham Court (B31)
Bentley Bridge Way
Bentley Cairn
Bentley Court (B36)
Bentley Drive
Bentley Farm Close
Bentley Grove
Bentley Heath
Bentley Heath Primary School
Bentley Lane
Bentley Mill Close
Bentley Mill Lane
Bentley Mill Way
Bentley New Drive
Bentley Place
Bentley Road
Bentley Road North
Bentley Road South
Bentley West Primary School Additionally Resourced for Hearing Impaired
Bentmead Grove
Benton Avenue (B11)
Benton Close
Benton Crescent
Benton Road (B11)
Benton Sons of Rest
Bentons Mill Croft (B7)
Beoley Close (B72)
Beoley Grove
Berberry Close
Berchelai Avenue (B31)
Beresford Crescent
Beresford Drive
Beresford Road
Berger Street
Bericote Croft (B27)
Berkeley Close
Berkeley Drive
Berkeley Mews (B25)
Berkeley Road (B25)
Berkeley Road (B90)
Berkeley Road East
Berkeley Road East (B25)
Berkeley Street
Berketex Bride
Berkley Close
Berkley Crescent
Berkley Crescent (B13)
Berkley Street
Berkley Street (B1)
Berkleys Lounge
Berkshire Close
Berkshire Crescent
Berkswell Close
Berkswell Close (B74)
Berkswell Close (B91)
Berkswell Road
Bermuda Close
Bernard Road
Bernard Road (B17)
Bernard Street
Bernard's Hair Design
Berners Street (B19)
Bernhard Drive
Bernwall Close
Bernwall Close (DY8)
Berrandale Road (B36)
Berrington Drive
Berrington Walk (B5)
Berrow Drive
Berrowside Road (B34)
Berry Avenue
Berry Brothers
Berry Close (B19)
Berry Crescent
Berry Drive
Berry Hall Lane
Berry Maud Lane (B90)
Berry Road (B8)
Berry Street
Berry Street (B18)
Berrybush Gardens
Berryfield Road (B26)
Berryfields Farm
Berryfields Play Area
Berryfields Road (B76)
Berrymound View
Bert Williams Leisure Centre
Bertha Road (B11)
Bertram Children's Centre
Bertram Close
Bertram Road
Berwick Grove
Berwick Grove (B31)
Berwicks Lane
Berwood Farm Road (B72)
Berwood Gardens (B24)
Berwood Grove (B92)
Berwood Lane
Berwood Park (B35)
Berwood Road (B72)
Besant Grove (B27)
Bescot Court
Bescot Crescent
Bescot Croft (B42)
Bescot Drive
Bescot Road
Bescot Street
Besford Grove
Besford Grove (B31)
Besford Grove (B90)
Bessborough Road (B25)
Best Buys
Best Choice
Best Meal Deal
Best Road
Best Street
Best Western Westley Hotel


Beswick Grove
Bet Fred
Beta Grove
Beta Way
Betel Charity Furniture
Beth's Arch
Bethany Pentecostal Church
Bethel Christian Fellowship
Bethel Church
Bethel Convention Centre
Bethel Free Baptist Church
Bethel Presbyterian Church of Wales
Bethel Temple of Christ Newtown Pentecostal Church
Bethel United Church
Bethel United Church of Jesus Christ Apostolic
Bethesda Gardens
Bethesda Gardens (B63 2UN)
Betjeman Place
Betley Grove
Betony Close
Betsham Close (B44)
Betta Taste
Bettel City Centre Church
Bettel International Furniture
Better Hearing
Better Life
Betteridge Drive (B76)
Betton Road (B14)
Betty Stitchkit
Bevan Avenue
Bevan Blinds
Bevan Close
Bevan Jones Memorial Hall
Bevan Road
Bevan Way
Beverley Close (B72)
Beverley Court
Beverley Court Road (B32)
Beverley Crescent
Beverley Croft (B23)
Beverley Drive
Beverley Grove (B26)
Beverley Hotel
Beverley Road
Beverley's Bus Station opened 2107
Beverston Road
Bevin Road
Bevington Road (B6)
Bevis Grove (B44)
Bewdley Avenue
Bewdley Drive
Bewdley Road
Bewdley Villas
Bewick Court
Bewlay Close
Bewley Road
Bewlys Avenue (B20)
Bexhill Grove
Bexley Grove
Bexley Road (B44)
Beynon Centre
Beyond Bronze
Beyond The Fringe
BFS Contracting and Construction
BFS Landfill Site
B.G.N. Boards Co. Ltd.
Bhaijaans Bombay Kitchen
Bharat Alarms

bhb Salon

Bhujon Bar and Dining
Bhullar Way
BHX Fire Service
Bhylls Acre Primary School
Bhylls Crescent
Bhylls Lane
Bible Learning Centre
Bibsworth Avenue (B13)
Bibury Road (B28)
BICA Home Services Ltd
Bicafe Express
Bicester Square (B35)
Bicicielo Pinarello
Bickenhill Fire Station
Bickenhill Lane
Bickenhill Lane (B4438)
Bickenhill Lane (B4438) (B40)
Bickenhill Park Road
Bickenhill Park Road (B92)
Bickenhill Parkway (B4438)
Bickenhill Road
Bickford Road
Bickford Road (B6)
Bickington Road
Bickley Avenue (B11)
Bickley Avenue (B74)
Bickley Grove (B26)
Bickley Road
Bicknell Croft (B14)
Bickton Close
Biddings Lane
Biddles Farm
Biddleston Grove
Biddlestone Grove
Biddlestone Place
Bideford Drive
Bideford Road
Bidford Close (B90)
Bidford Road (B31)
Bierton Road (B25)
Big Bull's Head
Big Daddy's
Big Deal vs
Big Forhill Farm
Big "H"
Big John's
Big John's City
Big John's Drive Thru
Big John's Neighbourhood Takeaway
Big Johns
Big Lottery Fund
Big Peg
Big Wok
Big Yellow Self Storage
Biggin Close (B35)
Bigshot Snooker Club
Bigwood Drive
Bigwood Drive (B75)
Bike Pro Racing
Bilal Sweets
Bilberry Crescent (B76)
Bilberry Drive
Bilberry Grange
Bilberry Road
Bilboe Road
Bilbrook CofE (VC) Middle School
Bilbrook Court
Bilbrook Grove
Bilbrook Road
Bilhay Lane
Bilhay Street
Billau Road
Billesley Common
Billesley Community Fire Station
Billesley Lane (B13)
Billesley Police Station
Billesley Post Office
Billesley Primary School
Billesley Supermarket
Billesley Yardley Wood Community Centre
Billies On The Green
Billingham bags factory
Billingham Close
Billingsley Road (B26)
Bills Lane
Bills Street
Billsmore Green
Billy Buns Lane
Billy Wright
Billy Wright close
Billy Wright Stand
Bilport Lane
Bilston Church of God of Prophecy
Bilston Clutch & Autocare
Bilston Community Centre SE Area Office
Bilston Filling Station/ Texaco
Bilston Fire Station
Bilston Lane (A462)
Bilston Lane (B4590)
Bilston Methodist Church and Community Centre
Bilston Oak
Bilston Police Station
Bilston Road
Bilston Road (A4098)
Bilston Road (B4484)
Bilston Street
Bilston Street (A463)
Bilston Street (B4484)
Bilston Street Police Station
Bilston Street Surgery
Bilston Town Hall
Bilton Grange Road (B26)
Binbrook Road
Bincomb Avenue (B26)
Binfield Street
Bingley Avenue (B8)
Bingley Street
Binley Close (B25)
Binley Close (B90)
Binstead Road (B44)
Binswood Road
Binton Croft
Binton Croft (B13)
Binton Road
Bio-Med Laboratory Supplies Ltd
Biothecare Estétika
Birbeck Place
Birch Avenue
Birch Close
Birch Close (B30)
Birch Close (B76)
Birch Coppice (DY5)
Birch Coppice Methodist Church
Birch Court
Birch Crescent (B69)
Birch Croft
Birch Croft (B37)
Birch Croft Road
Birch Drive
Birch Glade
Birch Grove (B68)
Birch Hill Avenue
Birch Hollow
Birch Lane
Birch Road
Birch Road (B6)
Birch Road (B68)
Birch Road East
Birch Street
Birch Street (B68)
Birch Terrace
Birch Tree Gardens
Birch Tree Grove
Birch Tree Hollow
Birch Trees (B24)
Birch Walk (B68)
Birchall Street
Birchcoppice Gardens
Birchdale Avenue
Birchdale Road (B23)
Birches Avenue
Birches Barn Avenue
Birches Barn Road (B4161)
Birches Close
Birches First School
Birches Green
Birches Green Junior & Infant Schools
Birches Green Road
Birches Green Road (B24)
Birches Park Road
Birches Rise
Birches Road
Birchfield Auto Spares
Birchfield Avenue
Birchfield Close (B63)
Birchfield Community School
Birchfield Crescent
Birchfield Furniture Store
Birchfield Gardens
Birchfield Gardens (B6)
Birchfield Gateway
Birchfield Gospel Hall
Birchfield Independent Girls' School
Birchfield Lane
Birchfield Lane (A4034)
Birchfield Lane (A4034) (B69)
Birchfield Library
Birchfield Road
Birchfield Road Post Office
Birchfield Way
Birchfields Road
Birchill Place
Birchills Street
Birchley Rise (B92)
Birchley Sports and Social Club
Birchmoor Close
Birchover Road
Birchtree Gardens (DY5)
Birchtrees Croft (B26)
Birchtrees Drive
Birchtrees Drive (B33)
Birchwood Close
Birchwood Crescent (B12)
Birchwood Road
Birchwood Road (B12)
Birchy Close
Birchy Leasowes Lane
Bird End
Bird Street
Bird's Groupage Services
Birdbrook News
Birdbrook Road (B44)
Birdcage Walk
Birdie Close
Birdlip Grove
Birds Groupage Services
Birds Meadow
Birdwell Croft (B13)
Birkdale Avenue
Birkdale Close
Birkdale Close (DY8)
Birkdale Drive (B69)
Birkdale Grove (B29)
Birkdale Road
Birkenshaw Road (B44)
Birley Grove
Birley Grove (B63)
Birmingham New Road
Birmingham & District Beekeepers Association Training Apiary
Birmingham & Midland Institute
Birmingham & Solihull RFC
Birmingham Accordion Centre
Birmingham Age UK
Birmingham Airport
Birmingham Airport Fire Service
Birmingham Aluminium
Birmingham and Black Country Canal Cycleway
Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust
Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health NHS Trust
Birmingham Arms (closed)
Birmingham Assay Office
Birmingham Audi
Birmingham Auto Centre
Birmingham Auto Centres
Birmingham Auto Solutions
Birmingham Bike Foundry
Birmingham Blinds
Birmingham Bouldering Centre
Birmingham Carpet & Flooring Gallery
Birmingham Central Backpackers
Birmingham Central Baptist Church
Birmingham Central Hotel
Birmingham Central Mosque
Birmingham Central Police Station
Birmingham Chest Clinic
Birmingham Children's Hospital
Birmingham Children's Hospital A&E
Birmingham Chinese Evangelical Church
Birmingham Chinese Methodist Church
Birmingham Chinese Society
Birmingham Christian Centre
Birmingham City Council
Birmingham City Council Design & Print
Birmingham City Council Golden Hillock Centre (Mental Health)
Birmingham City Council Licensing
Birmingham City Council Museums Collection Centre
Birmingham City Council Neighbourhood Office
Birmingham City Council Publications Unit Procedure Writers
Birmingham City Mission
Birmingham City University City North Campus
Birmingham City University School of Jewellery
Birmingham City University, Bournville Campus
Birmingham Co-operative Sports & Social Club
Birmingham Coins
Birmingham Communications
Birmingham Confucian Society
Birmingham Congregation of Jews
Birmingham Convention Quarter
Birmingham Dental Hospital
Birmingham Design Initiative: Design Award
Birmingham Design Initiative: Renaissance Award 1994
Birmingham Dogs Home
Birmingham East & North NHS
Birmingham Electrical Co. Ltd
Birmingham Exiles RFC
Birmingham Friends of the Earth
Birmingham Glass Services Ltd
Birmingham Halal Chicken
Birmingham Heartlands Hospital
Birmingham Hippodrome Theatre
Birmingham Indoor Market
Birmingham Informatics College
Birmingham Ink
Birmingham Machine Tool Rebuilding Co. Ltd
Birmingham Metropolitan College
Birmingham Mind
Birmingham Motor Company
Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery
Birmingham Muslim Foundation
Birmingham Muslim School
Birmingham New Road
Birmingham New Road (DY4)
Birmingham Oratory
Birmingham Pals Battalions 1914-18
Birmingham Post & Mail
Birmingham Post Office
Birmingham Progressive Synagogue
Birmingham Rathbone
Birmingham Rep
Birmingham Research Park (B6)
Birmingham Road
Birmingham Road (A457)
Birmingham Road (A5127)
Birmingham Road (A5127) (B72)
Birmingham Road (B4114)
Birmingham Road (B4117)
Birmingham Road (B4118)
Birmingham Road (B4171)
Birmingham Road (B72)
Birmingham School of Art
Birmingham Settlement
Birmingham Seventh Day Baptist Church
Birmingham South Christadelphian Meeting Room
Birmingham St Mary's Hospice
Birmingham Stone Cutting
Birmingham Street
Birmingham Tin Box & BTB Packaging
Birmingham Treatment Centre
Birmingham Tyre Centre
Birmingham Tyres & Services
Birmingham Union workhouse
Birmingham Wheels Adventure Park
Birmingham Wildlife Conservation Park
Birmingham Women's Hospital
Birmingham Youth Services Connexions
Birnham Close
Birring Drinks Express
Bisbrook Croft
Bisbrook Croft (B91)
Bisell Way
Bishop Asbury Cottage
Bishop Asbury Crescent
Bishop Challenor Catholic College
Bishop Challenor Sports Centre
Bishop Charles Gore
Bishop Close
Bishop Engineering Limited
Bishop Latimer Reformed Church
Bishop Milner Catholic College
Bishop Road
Bishop Street (B5)
Bishop Vesey's Grammar School
Bishop Walsh Roman Catholic School
Bishop Wilson C of E Primary School
Bishop's Croft
Bishops Close
Bishops Court
Bishops Drive
Bishops Gate (B31)
Bishops Manor
Bishops Meadow
Bishops Road (B73)
Bishops Walk
Bishops Way (B74)
Bishopsgate Street
Bishopton Close
Bishopton Road
Bishton Grove
Bisley Grove (B24)
Bisma Sh
Bismillah Bakery
Bismillah Building
Bismillah Hairdressers
Bismillah Iqra
Bismillah Pharmacy
Bismillah Supermarket
Bissel Drive
Bissell Close (B28)
Bissell Street
Bissell Street (B5)
Bistro 1847
Bistrot Piere
Bistrot Pierre
BITA Pathways
Bite Sandwiches
Biton Close (B17)
Bits for Spitfires
Bittell Close
Bittern Close
Bittern Walk
Bitterne Drive
Bitterscote Lane
BJ's Bingo
B.J.T. Fencing Services
Black & White
Black Acre Road
Black Art Tattoo Studios
Black Brook Antiques
Black Country Ales Brewery
Black Country Bugle
Black Country Development Corporation
Black Country Geosite 8: Sedgley Beacon And Beacon Hill Quarries
Black Country Geosite 9: Wren's Nest National Nature Reserve
Black Country Homes
Black Country House
Black Country Kitchen
Black Country Living Museum
Black Country Partnership NHS Foundation Trust
Black Country Skills Shop
Black Country Windows Ltd
Black Diamonds
Black Eagle
Black Haynes Road
Black Haynes Road (B29)
Black Horse
Black Horse Car Sales
Black Horse Close
Black lab
Black Lake (A4196)
Black Plaque: Environmental Award 2006
Blackberry Avenue (B9)
Blackberry Close
Blackberry Lane
Blackberry Lane (B63)
Blackberry Lane (B74)
Blackbird Croft
Blackbrook Close
Blackbrook Road
Blackbrook Road (DY2)
Blackbrook valley Walk
Blackbrook Valley Walk
Blackburn Avenue
Blackburne Road (B28)
Blackbushe Close
Blackcat Close (B37)
Blackcountry Crafts
Blackdown Close
Blackdown Road
Blackfirs Lane
Blackford Close (B63)
Blackford Road
Blackford Road (B4102)
Blackford Road (B4102) (B90)
Blackford Street
Blackgreaves Lane
Blackhalve Lane (B4156)
Blackham Drive
Blackham Road
Blackheath Home Furnishings
Blackheath Library
Blackheath Primary School
Blackheath Products
Blackheath United Reform Church
Blackheath Wine Store
Blackhorse Lane
Blackmoor Croft (B33)
Blackrock Road (B23)
Blackroot Bistro
Blackroot Road (B74)
Blacksmith Drive
Blacksmith Way
Blackthorn Close
Blackthorn Road
Blackthorne Close
Blackthorne Road
Blackthorne Road (B67)
Blackwater Close
Blackwell Road (B72)
Blackwood Avenue
Blackwood Drive (B74)
Blackwood Methodist Church
Blackwood Road (B74)
Blackwood School
Blades Road
Blaenwern Drive (B63)
Blagdon Road (B63)
Blair Grove
Blake Hall Close
Blake Lane (B9)
Blake Place
Blake St News
Blake Street (A4026)
Blakedon Road
Blakedown C of E Primary School
Blakedown Road (B63)
Blakeland Road (B44)
Blakeland Street (B9)
Blakeley Avenue
Blakeley Hall
Blakeley Hall Gardens
Blakeley Hall Road
Blakeley Hall Road (B69)
Blakeley Heath Drive
Blakeley Heath Primary School
Blakeley Rise
Blakeley Walk
Blakeley Wood Road
Blakemere Avenue (B25)
Blakemore Close
Blakemore Drive
Blakemore Food Services
Blakemore Road
Blakemore Road (B70)
Blakenall Heath
Blakenall Heath Junior School
Blakenall Lane
Blakenall Reformed Church
Blakenall Row
Blakeney Avenue
Blakeney Avenue (B17)
Blakeney Close
Blakenhale Road (B33)
Blakenhall Recreation Ground
Blakesley Close (B76)
Blakesley Grove (B25)
Blakesley Hall
Blakesley Hall Primary School
Blakesley Mews
Blakesley Road (B25)
Blakesley Way (B33)
Blakewood Close (B34)
Blanc et Noir
Blandford Avenue (B36)
Blandford Drive (DY8)
Blandford Road (B32)
Blanefield (WV8)
Blay Avenue
Blaydon Avenue
Blaydon Road
Blaythorn Avenue (B92)
Blaze Hill Road
Blaze Park
Blckford Close (B63)
Bleak Hill Road (B23)
Bleak Street
Bleakhouse Primary School
Bleakhouse Road
Blears Video Library
Blencathra Drive
Blend It
Blenheim Close
Blenheim Drive
Blenheim Road
Blenheim Road (B13)
Blenheim Road (B90)
Blenheim Way
Blenheim Way (B35)
Blessing Hair Dressing
Blessing Market African Food Store
Bletchley Road
Blewitt Close
Blewitt Street
Blews Street (B6)
B.L.Haywood Sales Ltd
Blindhouse Farm
Blindpit Lane
Bliston Conservative Club
Bliston Craft Gallery and Library
Blithe Close
Blithfield Drive
Blithfield Grove
Block of Felsite
Blockall (A462)
Blockbuster Video
Blok Mesh
Bloom Close
Bloomfield Drive
Bloomfield Road (A4037)
Bloomfield Road (B13)
Bloomfield School
Bloomfield Street North
Bloomfield Street West
Bloomfield Terrace
Bloomfield Terrace (DY4)
Bloomin Lovely Florists
Blooming Buds nurseey
Bloomsbury Evangelical Free Church
Bloomsbury Free Library
Bloomsbury Grove
Bloomsbury Nursery School & Children's Centre
Bloomsbury Pharmacy (NHS)
Bloomsbury Street
Bloomsbury Walk
Bloor Mill Close
Blossom Avenue (B29)
Blossom Dry Cleaners
Blossom Grove
Blossom Grove (B64)
Blossom Hill (B24)
Blossom Road (B24)
Blossom's Fold
Blossomfield Close
Blossomfield Infant and Nursery School
Blossomfield Road (B27)
Blossomfield Road (B4102)
Blossomfield Road (B4102) (B90)
Blossomfield Road (B4102) (B91)
Blossoms Fold
Blossomville Way (B27)
Blounts Road (B23)
Blower's Green Road (B4177)
Blower's Green Road (B4587)
Blowers Green Crescent
Blowers Green Primary School
Blowers Green Pumphouse
Bloxcidge Street (B68)
Bloxwich Bowling Club
Bloxwich C. of E. Primary School
Bloxwich Cafe
Bloxwich Community Church
Bloxwich Community Fire Station
Bloxwich Computer Centre
Bloxwich Filling Station
Bloxwich Golf Course
Bloxwich Hall
Bloxwich Hardware & DIY
Bloxwich Hospital
Bloxwich Lane
Bloxwich Library
Bloxwich Nail Bar
Bloxwich Road
Bloxwich Road (B4210)
Bloxwich Road North
Bloxwich Road South
Bloxwich Spiritualist Church
Bloxwich Stafford Road Sports Club
Bloxwich West Children's Centre
Bloxwich Wok
Blucher Street
Blue Ball Lane
Blue Banana
Blue Brick Bridge
Blue Cedar Drive
Blue Coat C.E.(A) Junior School
Blue Coat Church of England Academy
Blue Coat Church of England Aided Infant School
Blue Cross Pharmacy
Blue Gate
Blue Gates Hotel
Blue Ginger
Blue Ice Solihull Rink
Blue Inc
Blue Lane East
Blue Lapel
Blue Mountain Grill
Blue Nile
Blue Ocean
Blue Orange Theatre
Blue Piano
Blue Plaque The Bull: History
Blue Plaque William Hutton - first historian of Birmingham
Blue Plaque Agnes Ann Bracken 1800-1877, Painter & Local Historian
Blue Plaque Alexander Parkes
Blue Plaque Dr John Ash founder of the General Hospital
Blue plaque G R Elkington
Blue Plaque John Freeth, poet
Blue Plaque John Rogers Martyr
Blue Plaque Lloyds Bank
Blue Plaque Major Dr J Hall-Edwards pioneer radiologist
Blue Plaque R W Dale
Blue Plaque Rowland Hill
Blue Plaque The Bull: History
Blue Plaque William Frederick Woodington 1806-1893, Sculpter
Blue Plaque William Sands Cox founder of Birmingham Medical School
Blue Plaque: George Cadbury
Blue Plaque: Joseph Sturge
Blue Plaque: Queen's Hospital
Blue Plaque: Richard Cadbury
Blue Plaque: site of Blue Coat School
Blue Plaque: Albert W Ketelbey, composer & musician

blue plaque: Alderman W Byng Kenrick

Blue Plaque: Alfred Bird
Blue Plaque: Alhambra Cinema
Blue Plaque: Barr Beacon Beeches
Blue Plaque: Barry Jackson
Blue Plaque: Birmingham Guild of Handicraft Arthur Stansfield Dixon
Blue Plaque: Button Gwinett 1735-1777
Blue Plaque: Captain Robert Edwin Phillips VC

blue plaque: Christian Kunzle (1879-1954); Philanthropist
blue plaque: Constance C W Naden

Blue Plaque: Contemporary Cultural Studies

blue plaque: Dame Hilda Lloyd

Blue Plaque: Dame Hilda lloyd

blue plaque: David Cox

Blue Plaque: David Lodge
Blue Plaque: Dr Doris Wall
Blue Plaque: Dr. Frederick W. Lanchester
Blue Plaque: Dr George Boddington

blue plaque: Edward Richard Taylor; William Howson Taylor

Blue Plaque: Edward White Benson
Blue Plaque: Forder & Co
Blue Plaque: Foursight Theatre 1987-2012

blue plaque: Francis Brett Young

Blue Plaque: Francis William Aston 1877-1945 Winner of the Nobel Prize for Chemistry 1922
Blue Plaque: Francois Lafitte
Blue Plaque: Frederick Rowland Emett
Blue Plaque: General Hospital
Blue Plaque: George Bidlake Architect 1830-1892
Blue Plaque: George Cadbury
Blue Plaque: George H. Lanchester
Blue Plaque: George Neville Watson
Blue Plaque: Gospel Oak Ironworks
Blue Plaque: Harry Harrison 1922-2007
Blue Plaque: Henry Pershouse Parkes
Blue Plaque: Highbury: Home of Joseph Chamberlain; Distinguished Statesman and Civic Leader
Blue Plaque: J Samson Gamgee, surgeon and founder of Birmingham Saturday Fund

blue plaque: James Watt

Blue Plaque: Jerome K Jerome
Blue Plaque: John Hardman 1811-1867 Master Metalworker and Stained Glass Maker

blue plaque: John Henry Cardinal Newman

Blue Plaque: John Henry Poynting
Blue Plaque: John Marston
Blue Plaque: John Masefield O.M. 1878-1967 Poet Laureate stayed here 1902
Blue Plaque: John Wesley
Blue Plaque: Joseph Davies VC
Blue Plaque: Joseph Gillott
Blue Plaque: Joseph Priestley

blue plaque: Joseph Southall
blue plaque: J.R.R. Tolkien

Blue Plaque: Jubilee Park
Blue Plaque: Lanchester Brothers built Uk's first motor car here

blue plaque: Lawn Tennis and Major T.H. Gem

Blue Plaque: Lawson Taite
Blue Plaque: Leon Abrams and Ray Lightwood
Blue Plaque: Louis MacNiece

blue plaque: Louisa Anne Ryland

Blue Plaque: Madeleine Carroll
Blue Plaque: Major K Hutchinson Smith
Blue Plaque: Margery Fry
Blue Plaque: Market Cross
Blue Plaque: Matthew Boulton
Blue Plaque: Merrions Wood
Blue Plaque: Michael Balcon
Blue Plaque: Moorfield Works
Blue Plaque: Municipal Technical School

blue plaque: Neville Chamberlain

Blue Plaque: Professor Charles Lapworth
Blue Plaque: Professor Frederick W Shotton
Blue Plaque: Professor Sir Mark Oliphant
Blue Plaque: Robert Otto Frisch and Rudolf E Peieris
Blue Plaque: Sampson Lloyd 1699-1799 founder of Lloyds Bank
Blue Plaque: Sid Field, comedian
Blue Plaque: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle creator of Sherlock Holmes lived here 1878-1881

blue plaque: Sir Austen Chamberlain

Blue Plaque: Sir Barry Jackson; 1897-1991; Founded this Theatre, Feb. 1913
Blue Plaque: Sir Edward Burne Jones, artist
Blue Plaque: Sir Edward Elgar

blue plaque: Sir Granville Bantock

Blue Plaque: Sir Granville Bantock
Blue Plaque: Sir John Benjamin Stone
Blue Plaque: Sir John Randall and Harry Boot
Blue Plaque: Sir Nikolaus Pevsner
Blue Plaque: Sir Norman Haworth
Blue Plaque: Sir Peter Medawar
Blue Plaque: Sir William Ashley
Blue Plaque: Sir William Wilson 1640-1710
Blue Plaque: Site of the Gild Hall of the Holy Cross, 1392; from 1552 to 1936 King Edward VI. School
Blue Plaque: Site of the Theatre Royal; 1774-1956
Blue Plaque: Smethwick Public Building
Blue Plaque: St Matthew's House

blue plaque: The Austin Village

Blue Plaque: The Battle of Tipton Green 1644
Blue Plaque: The first Walmley Armshouses 1863
Blue Plaque: the Neptune Forge
Blue Plaque: The Old Farmhouse & Dairy
Blue Plaque: The Red Lion Tipton's Oldest Pub
Blue Plaque: The Rev. Brian S. O'Gorman 1910-1991

blue plaque: The Warwickshire County Cricket Club

Blue Plaque: Thomas Hall BD
Blue Plaque: Thomas Newcomen
Blue Plaque: Tipton Harriers
Blue Plaque: Tipton Wakes
Blue Plaque: Tony Hancock
Blue Plaque: Union Flour Mill
Blue Plaque: Warley Park

blue plaque: Washington Irving
blue plaque: W.H. Auden

Blue Plaque: William 'Billy' Meikle
Blue Plaque: William Bloye's Studio

blue plaque: William Withering

Blue Plaque: Zeppelin Raid
Blue Plaque:B D Webster
Blue Plaque:Home of the Sptifire
Blue Plaque:John Baskerville, printer and publisher
Blue Plaques: The Dudley Port Explosion 6th March 1922
Blue Plaques: The Tipton Workhouse
Blue River Academy
Blue Rock Place
Blue Rose & Silver Dolphin
Blue Star Engines
Blue Stripe
Bluebell Close (DY8)
Bluebell Crescent
Bluebell Crescent (B42)
Bluebell Croft (B23)
Bluebell Croft (B31)
Bluebell Drive
Bluebell Road
Bluebell Wood Close (B76)
Bluecore Solutions LTD
Bluestone Walk
Blundell Road
Blundell Road (B11)
Blundells Farm
Blythe Grove (B44)
Blythe Road (B4114)
Blythe Waters
Blythe Way (B91)
Blythefield Avenue
Blythewood Close
Blythewood Guest House
Blythsford Road (B28)
Blythswood Court (B11)
Blythswood Road (B11)
Blyton Close (B16)
BM Clearance Store
BMB Supplies
BMS Research
BMX Pump Track
Boar's Head
Board School Gardens
Boarhound Close (B18)
Boatman's Lane
Boatmans Reach
Boatmans Rest
Bob Jones Community Hub
Bobbington Way
Bobby's Fish Bar & Kebab House
Bobby's Wines & Spirits
Bobeche Place
Bobeche Place (DY6)
BoBoQ Tea & Coffee
Bobs Coppice Walk
Bobs Fried Chicken
BOC Gas Gear
BOC Gas&Gear
Boden Gardens
Boden Road (B28)
Bodenham Road
Bodens Lane
Bodiam Court
Bodicote Grove
Bodington Road (B75)
Bodmin Close
Bodmin Grove
Bodmin Rise
Bodmin Road
Body 1st Nutrition
Body Plus Ltd
Body Zone


Bodycraft Centre
Bodymoor Heath
Bodymoor Heath Lane
Bodymoor Heath Road
Bodywork (Solihull)
Boer War Memorial
Boing Zone
Boldere Computer Shop
Boldere Drinks
Boldmere Adult Education Centre
Boldmere Carpets
Boldmere Close
Boldmere Drive
Boldmere Fish Bar
Boldmere Gardens
Boldmere Golf Course
Boldmere Health & Beauty
Boldmere Junior School
Boldmere Library
Boldmere Methodist Church
Boldmere Road (B4142)
Boldmere Sports and Social Club
Boldmere St. Michael's Football Club
Boldmere Tennis Club
Boldmere Terrace
Boleyn Road
Boleyn Road (B45)
Bollig & Kemper Ltd
Bollywood Boutique
Bolney Road
Bolongaro Trevor
Bolston Street
Bolton Road
Bolton Road (B10)
Bolton Street
Bolton Way
Bombay Brasserie
Bombay Flames
Bomers Field (B45)
Bon Marché
Bonce Hair Salon
Bond Drive
Bond Square
Bond Street
Bond Street (B19)
Bond Street Tavern
Bonded Warehouse
Bondfield Road (B13)
Bone Mill Lane
Bonehill Mews
Bonehill Road Bridge
Bonfire Hill
Bonham Grove (B25)
Boniface Road
Bonner Drive
Bonner Grove
Bonneville Close
Bonnie & Clyde
Bonnie Babies
Bonnington Way
Bonsall Road (B23)
Book Fresh Beauty Clinic
Booking Office
Books Revisited - Mary Ann Evans Hospice
Boora Supermarket
Boot Factory
Boot Inn
Boot's Opticians
Booth Close
Booth Road
Booth Street
Booth Street (B21)
Booth Street (B4136)
Booth Street (B4136) (B21)
Booths Farm Close
Booths Farm Road (B42)
Booths Lane
Booths Lane (B42)
Boots (1662)
Boots (233)
Boots (5318)
Boots (6465)
Boots (incorporating Dollond & Aitchinson
Boots Midnight Pharmacy
Boots Opticians
Boots Pharmacy
Booze n Booze
Bordeaux Close
Borden Close
Bordesley Centre
Bordesley Close
Bordesley Diner
Bordesley Girls School
Bordesley Green
Bordesley Green (B4128)
Bordesley Green (B4128) (B9)
Bordesley Green East
Bordesley Green East (B33)
Bordesley Green East (B4128)
Bordesley Green East (B4128) (B33)
Bordesley Green East (B4128) (B9)
Bordesley Green East (B9)
Bordesley Green East Nursery School
Bordesley Green Islamic Centre
Bordesley Green Pets & Aquatics
Bordesley Green Primary School & Nursery
Bordesley Green Road
Bordesley Green Shops
Bordesley House
Bordesley Park Road
Bordesley Street (B5)
Bordesley Village Primary School
Borneo Street
Borough Crescent
Borough Crescent (B69)
Borrow Street
Borrowdale Close
Borrowdale Grove (B31)
Borrowdale Road (B31)
Borsch Electric
Borshch Clearance
Borwick Avenue
Boscobel Avenue
Boscobel Close
Boscobel Crescent
Boscobel Road
Boscobel Road (B43)
Boscombe Road (B11)
Boss Drive
Bossgate Close
Bostin Butties
Bostin' Butties
Bostin' Fittle
Boston Tea Party
Bosty Lane (B4154)
Boswell Close
Boswell Road
Boswell Road (B44)
Boswell Road (B74)
Bosworth Close
Bosworth Community Centre
Bosworth Drive
Bosworth Drive (B37)
Bosworth Road (B26)
Bosworth Wood Primary School
Botany Drive
Botany Drive (DY3)
Botany Road
Botany Walk (B16)
Botha Road (B9)
Bott Lane
Botteley Road
Botterham Lane
Bottetourt Road
Botteville Gardens (B27)
Botteville Road (B27)
Bottle & Glass
Bottle Kiln Rise
Boughton Road (B25)
Boulevard Chinese Takeaway
Boulevard Walk
Boultbee Road (B72)
Boulton & Watt Blowing Engine 1817
Boulton Convenience Store
Boulton Industrial Estate
Boulton Retreat
Boulton Road
Boulton Road (A4040)
Boulton Road (B70)
Boulton Road (B91)
Boulton Square
Boulton Walk (B23)
Boulton, Watt and Murdoch
Boundary Avenue
Boundary Crescent
Boundary Drive
Boundary Farm
Boundary Hill
Boundary House
Boundary Lane
Boundary Post
Boundary Road
Boundary Road (B23)
Boundary Sports
Boundary View
Boundary View (B29)
Boundary Way
Boundless Ink
Bounds Grove (B27)
Bourlay Close
Bourlay Close (B45)
Bourn Avenue
Bourn Brook Walkway
Bourn Mill Drive
Bournbrook Community Fire Station
Bournbrook Court
Bournbrook Recreation Ground
Bournbrook Road
Bournbrook Road (B29)
Bourne Avenue
Bourne Close
Bourne Close (B91)
Bourne Green
Bourne Hill Close (DY2)
Bourne House Cottage
Bourne Road (B6)
Bourne Street
Bourne Vale
Bourne Walk
Bourne Way Gardens
Bournebrook Close
Bournebrook Crescent
Bournes Close (B63)
Bournes Crescent
Bournes Hill (B63)
Bournes Powder Coaters Ltd
Bournvale Walk
Bournville Baths
Bournville Bread Basket
Bournville Carillon
Bournville Cricket Pavilion
Bournville Designs
Bournville Fish Bar
Bournville Garden Centre
Bournville Infant School
Bournville Junior School
Bournville Lane
Bournville Lane (B30)
Bournville Lane Baths
Bournville Memorial Cross
Bournville Model Yacht and Power boat Club
Bournville Motor Company
Bournville School
Bournville Sports & Crown Green Bowls Club
Bournville Stores
Bournville Working Mens Social Club
Bourton Close
Bourton Croft (B92)
Bourton Road (B92)
Boutique Afrique
Boutique. Goldsmiths
Boux Avenue
Bovey Croft (B76)
Bovingdon Road
Bow Street
Bow Street (B1)
Bowater Avenue
Bowater Street
Bowbrook Avenue (B90)
Bowcroft Grove
Bowden Road
Bowdler Road
Bowen Avenue
Bowen Street
Bower Lane (DY5)
Bower Square
Bowercourt Close (B91)
Bowes Road
Bowfell Way
Bowker Street
Bowlas Avenue (B74)
Bowling Alley
Bowling Green Close
Bowling Green Drive
Bowling Green Lane (B20)
Bowling Green Mews (B27)
Bowling Green Pavilion
Bowling Green Road
Bowlplex Dudley
Bowls Green
Bowman Road (B42)
Bowman's Rise
Bowness Grove
Bowood Crescent (B31)
Bowood Drive
Bowood End (B76)
Bowshot Close (B36)
Bowstoke Road
Bowyer Engineering
Bowyer Road
Bowyer Street
Box Road (B37)
Box Street
Boxhill Close (B6)
Boxley's Butchers
Boy Scout War Memorial
Boyd Grove (B27)
Boydon Close
Boyleston Road
Boyleston Road (B28)
Boyne Road
Boyne Road (B26)
Boyton Grove (B44)
BP Fuel
BP Garage
BP Malt Redhouse Self Service
BP Waterlinks
BR Car Care Centre
Brabazon Grove (B35)
Brabham Crescent
Brac Saajan
Bracadale Avenue
Brace Street
Bracebridge Road
Bracebridge Street (B6)
Braceby Avenue (B13)
Bracken Close (WV8)
Bracken Croft
Bracken Drive (B75)
Bracken Park Gardens
Bracken Road (B24)
Bracken Way (B38)
Bracken Way (B74)
Brackenbury Road (B44)
Brackendale Drive
Brackendale Drive (WS5)
Brackendale Way
Brackenfield Road (B44)
Brackenfield Road (B63)
Brackenfield View
Brackenwood Drive
Brackley Avenue
Brackleys Way (B92)
Bradburn Road
Bradburne Way
Bradbury House Day Hospice
Bradbury Road (B92)
Braden Road
Brades Bridge (B69)
Brades Close (B63)
Brades Hall Bridge (A457)
Brades Rise (B69)
Brades Road (B69)
Brades Tavern
Bradewell Road (B36)
Bradfield Road
Bradfield Way
Bradford Arms
Bradford Close
Bradford Lane
Bradford Road
Bradford Road (B4114)
Bradford Street
Bradford Street (B12)
Bradford Street (B5)
Bradgate Close
Bradgate Drive (B74)
Bradgate Place
Bradley Boilers
Bradley Close
Bradley Lane
Bradley Road
Bradley Street
Bradley's Lane (B4163)
Bradleymore Road (DY5)
Bradleys Close
Bradmore Arms
Bradmore Close
Bradmore Grove (B29)
Bradmore Recreation Ground
Bradmore Road
Bradnock Close (B13)
Bradshaw Avenue
Bradshaw Avenue (B38)
Bradshaw Close
Bradshawe Close (B28)
Bradstock Road (B30)
Bradwell Croft
Braemar Avenue
Braemar Avenue (DY8)
Braemar Close
Braemar Close (DY3)
Braemar Drive (B23)
Braemar Road
Braemar Road (B92)
Braeside Croft
Braeside Way
Bragg Road (B20)
Braggs Farm Lane
Braid Close (B38)
Braidwood School for the Deaf
Brailes Close (B92)
Brailes Drive (B76)
Brailes Grove (B9)
Brailsford Close
Brailsford Drive
Brain Street
Brains Blossoms
Braithwaite Drive
Braithwaite Road (B11)
Brake Lane
Bramah Way
Bramber Drive
Bramber Way (DY8)
Bramble Close
Bramble Close (B31)
Bramble Close (B6)
Bramble Dell (B9)
Bramble Drive (B26)
Bramble Green
Bramble Hedge
Bramble Way
Bramble Wood
Bramblewood Drive
Bramblewoods (B34)
Brambling Road
Bramcote Drive
Bramcote Rise
Bramcote Road
Bramcote Way
Bramdean Walk
Bramerton Close
Bramford Arms
Bramford Drive
Bramford Primary School
Bramley Close
Bramley Croft
Bramley Drive
Bramley Drive (B20)
Bramley Mews Court (B27)
Bramley Road
Bramley Road (B27)
Brampton Avenue (B28)
Brampton Crescent
Brampton Crescent (B90)
Bramshaw Close (B14)
Bramstead Avenue
Branch Road
Branchal Road
Brandhall Conservative Club
Brandhall Golf Course
Brandhall Library
Brandhall Primary School
Brandhall Road (B68)
Brandon Close
Brandon Close (B70)
Brandon Grove (B31)
Brandon Park
Brandon Place (B34)
Brandon Road
Brandon Road (B28)
Brandon Road (B62)
Brandon Tool Hire
Brandon Way
Brandon Way (B70)
Brandwood Crescent (B30)
Brandwood End
Brandwood Grove (B14)
Brandwood Park Road
Brandwood Park Road (B14)
Brandwood Road
Brandwood Road (B14)
Branfield Close
Branksome Avenue
Branscombe Close (B14)
Bransdale Close
Bransford Rise (B94)
Branston Plastics
Branston Street (B18)
Brantford Road (B25)
Branthill Croft
Brantley Avenue
Brantley Road (B6)
Branton Hill Lane
Branton Hill Lane Quarry
Brasshouse Lane (B66)
Brassie Close (B38)
Brassington Avenue (A5127)
Bratch Close
Bratch Common Road
Bratch Hollow
Bratch Lane
Bratt Street
Braunston Close
Braunston Close (B76)
Brawnes Hurst
Brawnes Hurst (B26)
Bray Street
Braybrook Crescent
Brayford Avenue
Braymoor Road
Brays Road (B26)
Brays Road Launderette
Brays School
Breach Farm
Bread and Butter Sandwich Shop
Bread Basket
Bread Co Sandwich Bar
Bread Collection
Bream Close
Breamore Crescent
Brean Avenue (B92)
Brearley Street
Brearley Street (B19)
Brearley/Teviot Childrens Centre
Brecknock Road
Brecon Drive (DY8)
Brecon Road (B20)
Bredon Avenue
Bredon Court (B63)
Bredon Croft (B18)
Bredon House
Bredon Road
Bredon Road (DY8)
Bredon Terrace
Breech Close
Breeden Drive
Breedon Court
Breedon Road (B30)
Breedon Way
Breen Rydding Drive
Brelades Close
Brendan Close
Brennand Road
Brent Road (B30)
Brentford Road
Brentnall Drive (B75)
Brenton Road
Brentwood Close
Brentwood Grove (B44)
Brenwood Close
Brereton Close
Brereton Road
Bretby Close
Bretby Grove
Brethren Meeting Room
Brethren's Meeting Room
Brethrens Meeting Room
Bretshall Close
Bretshall Close (B90)
Brett Drive
Brett Street
Brett Young Close (B63)
Brettell Lane (A461)
Brettell Street
Bretton Gardens
Bretton Road (B27)
Brevitt Road
Brew Dog
Brew Monkey
Brewer Street
Brewer's Fayre
Brewers Drive
Brewers Square (B16)
Brewers Terrace
Brewers Wharf
Brewery Street
Brewery Street (B21)
Brewery Street (DY2)
Brewhouse and Kitchen
Brewins Way
Brewmasters Bridge
Brewster Close
Brewster Street
Breydon Grove
Brian Dunn Auto Engineers
Brian Oliver Centre
Brian Road
Briar Avenue
Briar Close
Briar Road
Briar Rose
Briar Way
Briar Wood Close
Briarfield Road (B11)
Briars Close
Briarwood Close
Brick Kiln Court
Brick Kiln Lane
Brick Kiln Lane (B44)
Brick Kiln Street
Brick Kiln Street (DY5)
Brick Kiln Way
Brick Street
Brickbridge Lane
Brickfield Road
Brickfields Turnover
Brickheath Road
Brickhill Drive (B37)
Brickhill Street Farm
Brickhouse Community Centre
Brickhouse Lane
Brickhouse Lane South
Brickhouse Primary School
Brickhouse Road (B65)
Brickkiln Street
Bricksmith Close (B27)
Brickyard Road
Bridal Boutique
Bridal Design
Bridal Dream
Briddsland Road (B33)
Bridee Buys and Sells
Brides & Maids
Bridge Avenue
Bridge Centre
Bridge Close
Bridge Croft
Bridge Field Walk
Bridge House Hotel
Bridge Meadow Drive
Bridge Piece (B31)
Bridge Road
Bridge School
Bridge Street
Bridge Street (A4196)
Bridge Street (B1)
Bridge Street (B4173)
Bridge Street North (B66)
Bridge Street South
Bridge Street West (B19)
Bridge Walk (B27)
Bridgeburn Road
Bridgeford Road
Bridgehead Walk (B76)
Bridgelands Way (B20)
Bridgeman Croft
Bridgeman Street
Bridgend Croft
Bridger House
Bridges Cafe Bar
Bridgewater Avenue (B69)
Bridgewater Crescent
Bridgewater Drive
Bridgnorth Avenue
Bridgnorth Grove
Bridgnorth Road
Bridgnorth Road (B4176)
Bridle Grove
Bridle Lane
Bridle Mead (B38)
Bridle Road
Brier Mill Road
Brierley Close
Brierley Hill
Brierley Hill Civic Hall
Brierley Hill Community Fire Station
Brierley Hill Health & Social Care Centre
Brierley Hill Methodist Church
Brierley Hill Post Office
Brierley Hill Primary School
Brierley Hill Road (B4180)
Brierley Hill War Memorial
Brierley Lane
Brierley Lifting Tackle
Briery Close
Briery Road (B63)
Brigadoon Gardens
Brigfield Crescent
Brigfield Road
Bright House
Bright Products
Bright Road
Bright Street
Bright Swans
Brighton Arms Hotel
Brighton Road (B12)
Brightstone Road (B45)
Brightwell Warehouse
Brindle Close (B26)
Brindle Road
Brindlefields Way
Brindley Avenue
Brindley Close
Brindley Court
Brindley Drive
Brindley Honda
Brindley House
Brindley Hyundai
Brindley Point Apartments
Brindley Road
Brineton Grove
Brineton Street
Bringewood Grove (B32)
Brinklow Croft
Brinklow Croft (B34)
Brinklow Road
Brinley Way
Brinsford Road
Brinsley Close (B91)
Brinsley Road (B26)
Brisbane Road
Briseley Close
Bristnall Fields Post Office
Bristnall Hall Crescent
Bristnall Hall Fields
Bristnall Hall Lane
Bristnall Hall Road
Bristnall Hall Technology High School
Bristnall Neighbourhood Office
Bristol Finance
Bristol Pear
Bristol Road
Bristol Road (B384)
Bristol Road South
Bristol Street
Bristol Street Motors
Bristol Street Motors - Ford
Briston Close
Britain in Bloom Gold
Britannia and Manufacturers, Union of the Arts and Sciences, Literature, and Commerce
Britannia Building Society
Britannia Gardens
Britannia Green (DY3)
Britannia Hotel
Britannia Mews
Britannia Road
Britannia Street
Britannic Gardens
Britannic Park
Britcannia Carpets
BritChem Products Ltd
Britford Close (B14)
British Car Auctions
British Heart Foundation
British Heart Foundation Furniture & Electronics
British Home Stores
British Red Cross
British Stores
British Telecom
British Transport Police
British Waterways- Titford Canal
Britsh Transport Police
Brittan Close (B34)
Brittanic Warehouse
Britton Drive (B72)
Brituro Silencers Ltd.
Britwell Road (B73)
Brixfield Way
Brixham Road (B16)
BRM Import Export Ltd
Broad Acres
Broad Croft
Broad Field Close
Broad Field Road (B31)
Broad Gauge Way
Broad Lane
Broad Lane (B14)
Broad Lane (B4161)
Broad Lane (B4210)
Broad Lane Café
Broad Lane Chippy
Broad Lane Gardens
Broad Lane North
Broad Lane South
Broad Lanes
Broad Meadow
Broad Meadow Lane
Broad Meadow Lane (B30)
Broad Oaks Road (B91)
Broad Road (B27)
Broad Street
Broad Street (A4124)
Broad Street (B4170)
Broad Street City Centre Energy Network CHP
Broad Street Walk of Stars - Aston Villa Team of '82
Broad Street Walk of Stars - Bev Bevan
Broad Street Walk of Stars - Beverley Knight
Broad Street Walk of Stars - Birmingham Royal Ballet
Broad Street Walk of Stars - Chris Tarrant
Broad Street Walk of Stars - David Bintley
Broad Street Walk of Stars - David Harewood MBE
Broad Street Walk of Stars - Frank Skinner
Broad Street Walk of Stars - Gary Newbon
Broad Street Walk of Stars - Gil Merrick BCFC
Broad Street Walk of Stars - Jasper Carrott
Broad Street Walk of Stars - Joan Armatrading
Broad Street Walk of Stars - Laurie Mansfield
Broad Street Walk of Stars - Lenny Henry
Broad Street Walk of Stars - Malkit Singh
Broad Street Walk of Stars - Murray Walker
Broad Street Walk of Stars - Nigel Mansell
Broad Street Walk of Stars - Noddy Holder
Broad Street Walk of Stars - Norman Painting
Broad Street Walk of Stars - Ozzy Osbourne
Broad Street Walk of Stars - Ray Graydon Walsall FC
Broad Street Walk of Stars - Roy Wood
Broad Street Walk of Stars - The Archers
Broad Street Walk of Stars - Tony Brown WBA
Broad Street Walk of Stars - Tony Iommi
Broad Street (WV14)
Broad Walkway
Broad Way
Broadcott Industrial Estate
Broadfern Road
Broadfield Close
Broadfield House Glass Museum
Broadfield Walk (B16)
Broadfields Road
Broadheath Drive
Broadhidley Drive
Broadlands Drive
Broadmeadow Close
Broadmeadow Green
Broadmeadow Infant School
Broadmeadow Junior School
Broadmeadow Special School
Broadmeadows Close
Broadmeadows Road
Broadmoor Avenue
Broadmoor Avenue (B67)
Broadmoor Close
Broadmoor Road
Broadoaks (B76)
Broadstone Avenue
Broadstone Avenue (B63)
Broadstone Chinese Takeaway
Broadstone Close
Broadstone Road (B26)
Broadstreet Cineworld
Broadwaters Avenue
Broadwaters Drive
Broadwaters Road
Broadway Academy
Broadway Avenue (B63)
Broadway Avenue (B9)
Broadway (B68)
Broadway Carpets
Broadway Chippy
Broadway Croft
Broadway Croft (B26)
Broadway Domestic Appliances
Broadway Dry Cleaning
Broadway United Reformed Church
Broadway Windows
Broadwell Garage
Broadwell Road
Broadwell Road (B92)
Broadwyn Trading Estate
Broadyates Grove (B25)
Broadyates Road (B25)
Brobury Croft (B91)
Brochan Way (B31)
Brock Close
Brockeridge Close
Brockhall Grove
Brockhurst Crescent
Brockhurst Drive
Brockhurst Drive (B28)
Brockhurst Lane
Brockhurst Place
Brockhurst Road
Brockhurst Road (B36)
Brockley Close
Brockley Grove
Brockley Place (B7)
Brockmoor Close
Brockwell Grove (B44)
Brockwell Road (B44)
Brockworth Road (B14)
Brocton Close
Brodie Close
Brogden Close
Bromfield Close
Bromfield Court
Bromfield Crescent
Bromfield Road
Bromford Bridge (A4034)
Bromford Bridge Christian Church
Bromford Chippy
Bromford Close
Bromford Crescent (B24)
Bromford Dell
Bromford Drive (B36)
Bromford Gate
Bromford Hill
Bromford Lane
Bromford Lane (A4034)
Bromford Lane (A4040)
Bromford Lane (A4040) (B8)
Bromford Lane Post Office
Bromford Mews
Bromford Rise
Bromford Road
Bromford Road (A4034)
Bromford Road (B36)
Bromford Road (DY2)
Bromley Hills Primary School
Bromley Lane
Bromley Street
Bromley Street (B9)
Bromley Street (DY9)
Brompton Drive
Brompton Lawns
Brompton Pool Road (B28)
Brompton Road (B44)
Bromsgrove Road
Bromsgrove Road (A459)
Bromsgrove Road (B4551)
Bromsgrove Street (A459)
Bromsgrove Street (B5)
Bromwall Road (B13)
Bromwich Drive
Bromwich Hardware & DIY
Bromwich Lane
Bromwich Walk
Bromwynd Close
Bromyard Avenue (B76)
Bromyard Road (B11)
Bronte Close
Bronte Farm Road (B90)
Bronte Road
Bronwen Road
Bronze Cricket Club
Bronze heroic worker
Broochels Cafe
Brook Close
Brook Close (B33)
Brook Close (B90)
Brook Crescent
Brook Croft
Brook Drive
Brook End
Brook Farm
Brook Field
Brook Fish Bar
Brook Green Lane
Brook Grove
Brook Hall
Brook Hill Road (B8)
Brook Holloway
Brook Lane
Brook Lane (A4040)
Brook Lane (A4040) (B13)
Brook Lane (B13)
Brook Lane (B32)
Brook Lane (B4146) (B13)
Brook Lane (B92)
Brook Meadow Road
Brook Piece Walk
Brook Primary School
Brook Road
Brook Road (B4186) (DY8)
Brook Street
Brook Street (B3)
Brook Street (DY5)
Brook View Close
Brook Walk
Brook Way (B16)
Brookbank Avenue (B34)
Brookbank Gardens
Brookbank Road
Brookdale Close
Brookdale Drive
Brooke Robinson Museum
Brooke Street
Brookend Drive
Brookes & Adams Ltd
Brookes Close (B69)
Brookes Meadow
Brookfarm Walk
Brookfield Close
Brookfield Farm
Brookfield Road
Brookfield Road (B18)
Brookfield Road (B30)
Brookfield Way
Brookfield Way (B92)
Brookfields Primary School
Brookfields Road (B68)
Brookhill Close
Brookhouse Farm
Brookhouse Farm Riding School
Brookhouse Mews
Brookhus Farm Road (B76)
Brooking Close
Brookland Grove
Brookland Road
Brooklands Close (B28)
Brooklands Drive (B14)
Brooklands Parade
Brooklands Road (B28)
Brooklands Way
Brooklands (WS5)
Brooklea Grove
Brooklyn Avenue
Brooklyn Fish Bar
Brooklyn Grove
Brooklyn News & offlicence
Brookmans Avenue
Brookmeadow Court
Brookmeadow Road
Brookpiece House
Brooks Croft (B35)
Brooks News
Brooks Road
Brooks Road (B72)
Brooksbank Drive
Brookside Avenue (B13)
Brookside (B31)
Brookside Close (B23)
Brookside Close (B63)
Brookside Farm
Brookside Road
Brookside Way
Brookthorpe Drive
Brookvale Grove (B92)
Brookvale Mews (B29)
Brookvale Park
Brookvale Park Road (B23)
Brookvale Primary School
Brookvale Road (A4040)
Brookvale Road (A4040) (B6)
Brookvale Road (B92)
Brookvale Village
Brookwillow Road (B63)
Brookwood Avenue
Brookwood Avenue (B28)
Broom Close
Broom Drive (B14)
Broom Hall Crescent (B27)
Broom Hall Grove (B27)
Broom Lane
Broom Road
Broom Road (WS5)
Broom Street (B12)
Broomcroft Road
Broomdene Avenue
Broome Avenue (B43)
Broome Close (B63)
Broome Farm
Broome Gardens
Broome Lane
Broome Road
Broomehill Close
Broomey Croft Children's Farm
Broomfield Avenue
Broomfield (B67)
Broomfield Road (B23)
Broomfields Avenue (B91)
Broomfields Close (B91)
Broomfields Farm Road
Broomhall Avenue
Broomhill Close
Broomhill Lane (B43)
Broomhill Road (B23)
Broomie Close
Broomlea Close
Broomy Close
Broseley Avenue
Broseley Brook Close (B9)
Brosil Avenue (B20)
Brotherton Cycles
Brough Close
Brougham Street (B19)
Broughton Court
Broughton Road
Broughton Road (B20)
Broughton Works
Brown & Cook
Brown Brothers
Brown Lion Street
Brown Road
Brown Street
Browne's Olde Sweet Shop
Brownfield Road
Brownfield Road (B34)
Browning Close
Browning Road
Browning Street (B16)
Brownley Road (B90)
Brownmead Primary Academy
Browns Coppice Avenue (B91)
Browns Drive (B73)
Browns Green (B20)
Browns Lane
Browns of Solihull
Brownsea Close
Brownsea Drive
Brownshore Lane
Brownshore Lane (B4156)
Brownsover Close (B36)
Brownswall Road
Broxwood Park
Bruce Grove
Brueton Avenue (B91)
Brueton Drive (B24)
Brueton Gardens
Brueton Road
Bruford Road
Brundard Close
Brunel Close
Brunel Court
Brunel Drive
Brunel Road
Brunel Street (B2)
Brunel Walk
Brunel Way
Brunslow Close
Brunswick Arcade
Brunswick Court
Brunswick Gardens (B20)
Brunswick Gate
Brunswick Park Play Area
Brunswick Park Road
Brunswick Road
Brunswick Road (B21)
Brunswick Square (B1)
Brunswick Street
Brunswick Street (B1)
Brunton Road (B10)
Brushfield Road (B42)
Brutons Pharmacy
Brutus Drive
Bryan Avenue
Bryan Budd Close (B65 9BB)
Bryan's Slot Machine Museum
Bryanston Court
Bryanston Road (B91)
Bryant Street
Bryce Road
Bryher Walk
Brylan Croft (B44)
Bryn Arden Road (B26)
Bryndale Avenue (B14)
Brynel's Hats and Accessories
Brynels Hats
Brynmawr Road
Brynside Close
Bryony Croft (B23)
Bryony Gardens
Bryony Road
Brythill Drive
BS Motors Ltd
BSUC Conference & Banqueting Centre
BT exchange
BT Midland ATE
BT telephone exchange
BT Tower
Buba Joe's
Bubbles Laundrette
Buchanan Avenue
Buchanan Close
Buchanan Road
Buckbury Close
Buckbury Croft
Buckbury Croft (B90)
Buckden Close
Buckingham Close
Buckingham Court
Buckingham Drive
Buckingham Grove
Buckingham Mews
Buckingham Pharmacy
Buckingham Rise
Buckingham Road
Buckingham Street (B19)
Buckland End
Bucklands End Carpets
Bucklands End Lane
Buckle Close
Buckley Court
Buckley Road
Buckminster Drive
Bucknall Crescent
Bucknall Road
Bucknell Close
Buckridge Close
Buckridge Lane
Buckthorn Avenue
Buckton Close
Budbrooke Grove
Budden Road
Buddy's Pizza
Bude Road
Budnam Brook Court
Buds of Tettenhall
Buffalo & Rye
Buffery Road
Buffery Road (B4171)
Bufferys Close
Buffet Hut
Buffet Island
Bugghole Bridge
Build-a-bear Workshop
Build-A-Bear Workshop
Building 12
Building 19
Building 23
Building 26
Building 60
Building 64
Building 65
Building 66
Building 67
Building 68
Building 69
Building 70
Building 71
Building 73
Building 89
Building 90
Building 92
Building 93
Building 95
Buildwas Close
Bulford Close (B14)
Bulger Road
Bull Lane
Bull Lane (B70)
Bull Ring
Bull Ring Jewellers
Bull Ring Tavern
Bull Ring Trading Estate
Bull Street
Bull Street (B17)
Bull Street (B4)
Bull Street (B4175)
Bull Street Quaker Meeting House/ The Priory Rooms
Bull's Head
Bullace Croft
Bullace Croft (B15)
Buller Street
Bullfields Close
Bullfinch Close
Bullivents Close
Bullmeadow Lane
Bullock Street
Bullock's End
Bullocks Row
Bullring (A459)
Bulls Head
Bulls Lane (B76)
Bulwell Close (B6)
Bumble Bee's Nursery
Bumble Hole Nature Reserve
Bumble Hole Visitor Centre
Bumblehole Meadows
Bunbury Gardens
Bunbury Hotel
Bunbury Road
Bunbury Road (B31)
Buncher & Haseler Ltd
Bunches and Bows
Bundle Hill (B63)
Bunford Close
Bunker's Hill Lane
Bunkers Hill Lane
Bunn's Lane (DY2)
BUPA Care Home
Burbage Close
Burbidge Road
Burbury Brickworks
Burbury Street (B19)
Burbury Street South (B19)
Burchell Edwards
Burcot Avenue
Burcote Road (B24)
Burdock Close
Burdock Road (B29)
Burdons Close
Bure Grove
Burfield Road
Burford Close
Burford Close (B92)
Burford Road
Burford Road (B44)
Burger Bite
Burger King
Burger Priest
Burgess Croft
Burgess Croft (B92)
Burgh Way
Burghley Drive
Burghley Walk
Burhill Way
Burke Avenue (B13)
Burkitt Drive
Burland Avenue
Burleigh Close
Burleigh Road
Burleigh Street
Burleton Road
Burley Close
Burley Way
Burlington Arcade
Burlington Avenue
Burlington Mews (B10)
Burlington Road (B10)
Burlington Road (B70)
Burlington Street (B6)
Burlish Avenue
Burlish Avenue (B92)
Burman Close
Burman Drive
Burman Infant School
Burman Road
Burmese Way
Burn Close
Burnaby Memorial
Burnaston Crescent (B90)
Burnaston Road (B28)
Burnbank Grove
Burnbank Grove (B24)
Burncross Way
Burne Jones House
Burnel Road
Burnell Gardens
Burnett Road
Burney Lane
Burney Lane (B8)
Burnfields Way
Burnham Avenue
Burnham Avenue (B25)
Burnham Close
Burnham Meadow (B28)
Burnham Road (B44)
Burnham Road Substation (0420)
Burnhill Grove
Burning Soul Brewing Company
Burnlea Grove
Burns Avenue
Burns Borthers Smethwick
Burns Close
Burns Grove
Burnsall Close
Burnside Gardens
Burnside Way
Burnt Mound
Burnt Oak Drive
Burnt Oak Drive (DY8)
Burnt Tree Autocenter
Burnt Tree Autocentre
Burnt Tree Primary School
Burnt Tree Vehicle Rental
Burnthurst Crescent
Burrington Road
Burrito Kitchen
Burrow Hill Close (B36)
Burrows Road
Burrs Drive
Burslem Close
Bursnips Road (A462)
Burton / Dorothy Perkins
Burton Avenue
Burton Crescent
Burton Farm Road
Burton Grove
Burton Grove (B64)
Burton Motors
Burton Road
Burton Road (A459)
Burton Road (B4588)
Burton Road East (A459)
Burton Wood Drive (B20)
Burtons Park Road
Burtons Way
Bury Hill Road (B69)
Buryfield Road (B91)
Bus and Trolley Bus collection
Bus Route CCN 108
Bus Route FMR 144; Birmingham to Worcester
Bus Route JOH X50
Bush Avenue
Bush Babies Childrens Centre and Nursery
Bush Grove
Bush Grove (B21)
Bush Road
Bush Road (DY2)
Bush Street
Bushbury Croft
Bushbury Hill Primary School
Bushbury Lane
Bushbury Lane Academy
Bushbury Nursery School
Bushbury Road
Bushell Drive
Bushey Close
Bushey Fields Hospital
Bushey Fields Road
Bushley Croft
Bushman Way
Bushmore Road (B28)
Bushway Close
Bushwood Road
Busill Jones Primary School
Business School
Business Village (B21 0PD)
Bustleholme Avenue
Bustleholme Crescent
Bustleholme Lane
Busy Bears
Busy Bees
Busy Bees Nursery
Busy Little Bees
Busy Little Bees Nursery
Butchers Lane (B63)
Butchers Road
Butcroft Gardens
Bute Close
Bute Close (B45)
Butler Road (B92)
Butler Street
Butler Way (B16)
Butler's Road (B20)
Butler's Walk
Butlers Close
Butlers Court Lane
Butlers Lane (B75)
Butlers Passage
Butlin Street
Butter Walk
Buttercup Close
Buttercups & Daisies
Buttercups & Dandelions Day Nursery
Butterfield Road
Butterflies Dress Agency
Butterfly Embroidery Ltd
Butterfly Way
Buttermere Close
Buttermere Court
Buttermere Drive
Buttermere Drive (B32)
Buttermere Grove
Butters John Bee
Butterworth Close
Buttery Road (B67)
Button Close
Buttons Nursery
Buttress Way
Butts Primary School
Butts Road
Butts Street
Buxton Close
Buxton Road
Buxton Road (B23)
Buxton Road (B73)
Buy & Save Convinience Store
Buy & Save DIY
Buy Wise Express
Buzzard Valley Bistro
BVGS Playing Fields
Byfield Close
Byfield Passage
Byfield View
Byfleet Close
Byford Way
Byland Way
Byrchen Moor Gardens
Byrne Road
Byron Avenue (B23)
Byron Close (B10)
Byron Court
Byron Crescent
Byron Croft
Byron Croft (B74)
Byron Gardens
Byron Road
Byron Road (B10)
Byron Street
Bytesize Computers
Bythe Court

C & L Distribution
C & M Dry Cleaning
C A Bastock Funeral Directors
C A Sothers
C. Davey
C. Faulkner and Sons Ltd
C J News
C M Rouse
C P Belcher Welders
C Y Electrical & Cranes
C&P Autos
C&R Pallets;Peartree Lane Sheds and Fencing
C&RT Services
C&S News
C&S Techweld Services Ltd
C-operative Florist
Caban Close
Cabbage White
Cable Street
Cadbury Drive (B35)
Cadbury Road (B13)
Cadbury Staff Sales Shop
Cadbury Way
Cadbury World
Caddick Crescent
Caddick Road (B42)
Caddick Street
Cader Idris Glacial Erratic Boulder
Cadet Drive (B90)
Cadgwith Gardens
Cadine Gardens (B13)
Cadle Road
Cadleigh Gardens
Cadman Crescent
Cadnam Close
Caernarvon Close
Caernarvon Way
Caesar Way
Cafe 56
Café 6/8
Café @ Undercroft
Café and Tea Rooms
Cafe Aroma
Café Balti
Cafe Casita
Cafe Ceramica
Café Champagne
Café Costes
Café DELIlicious
Café Desi Express
Café Express
Café Ezra
Cafe Face
Cafe Gazette
Cafe Go
Cafe in the Square
Café Isabella
Café Latté
Cafe Latuske's
Café Libro
Café Licious
Café Maxsim
Cafe Mediterraneo
Cafe Metro
Café Munch
Cafe Munch
Café Neenie
Café Neo
Cafe Nero
Cafe Oasis
Café Olé
Café Opus at Ikon
Cafe Paradiso
Café Pars
Café Raznur
Café Ritiski
Café Rouge
Cafe Rouge
Café Rouge
Cafe Saffron
Café Seagull
Café Sheesha
Café Shirley
Café Soya
Café Vite
Cafe Zaytuna
Cafe Zest
Caffe Chino
Caffe Concerto
Caffe da Venezia
Caffe Grande
Caffe Gusto
Caffe Kix
Caffe Nero
Caffè Nero
Caffe Nero
Caffè Nero
Caffe Nero
Caffè Nero
Caffe Nero
Caffè Ritazza
Caffe Vergnano 1882
Caffrey Grove
Cagney's Cafe
Cairn Drive
Cairns Street
Caister Drive
Cake Box
Cake Quarter
Cake Wright
Cakemore Road (B4169)
Cala Drive
Calcot Drive
Calcothill Farm
Calcutt Way
Caldecote Grove (B9)
Caldeford Avenue
Calder Avenue
Calder Drive (B76)
Calder Grove (B20)
Calder Rise
Calderfields Close
Calderfields Golf and Country Club
Caldmore Community Primary School
Caldmore Evangelical Church
Caldmore Green
Caldmore Road
Caldwell Grove
Caldwell Grove (B91)
Caldwell Road
Caldwell Street
Caldy Walk
Caledon Street
Caledonia Road
Caledonia Street
Caledonian Close
Calendar Club
Calewood Road
California Road
California Way
Call Box
Callaghan Drive (B69)
Callaghan Tailor
Callcott Drive
Callear Road
Calley Close
Callowbridge Road
Callowbrook Lane
Calshot Primary School
Calshot Road (B42)
Calstock Road
Calthorpe Academy
Calthorpe Arms
Calthorpe Close
Calthorpe Estates
Calthorpe Mansions
Calthorpe Road
Calthorpe Road (B15)
Calthorpe Road (B20)
Calthorpe Road (B4217) (B15)
Calthorpe Walkway
Calvary Chapel and Elim Pentecostal Church
Calvary Church
Calvary Church (apostolic)
Calvary Church of God in Christ
Calver Crescent
Calver Grove (B44)
Calverley Road (B38)
Calverton Grove
Calves Croft
Calvin Close
Cam Gardens
Camberley Crescent
Camberley Drive
Camberley Grove
Camberley Rise
Camberley Road
Camborne Close (B6)
Camborne Road
Cambourne Road
Cambria Close
Cambrian Hall
Cambrian Wharf
Cambridge Avenue
Cambridge Avenue (B73)
Cambridge Car & Commercials Ltd
Cambridge Close
Cambridge Crescent
Cambridge Drive
Cambridge Road
Cambridge Road (B13)
Cambridge Road (B66)
Cambridge Road Methodist Church
Cambridge Solicitors
Cambridge Street
Cambridge Street (B70)
Cambridge Way (B27)
Camden Close
Camden Drive (B1)
Camden Electrical Wholesalers
Camden Food Co
Camden Grove
Camden House East
Camden Street
Camden Street (B1)
Camden Street (B18)
Camden Village
Camden Way
Camellia Close
Camellia Gardens
Camelot Way (B10)
Cameo Beauty Clinic
Cameo Drive
Cameo Function & Conference Suite
Cameron Lorry
Cameron Road
Cameronian Croft (B36)
Camino Road (B32)
Camomile Close
Camp Hill (B4100)
Camp Lane
Camp Lane (B21)
Camp Road
Camp Street
Camp Street (B9)
Camp Wood Close
Campbell Close
Campbell Street
Campbells Green (B26)
Campden Green (B92)
Campion Close
Campion Close (B38)
Campion Gardens
Campion Grove
Campion Grove (B63)
Campion Way
Camplea Croft
Camplin Crescent (B20)
Campus Living Villages Bagot St
Campville Crescent
Campville Grove
Camrose Croft
Camrose Croft (B34)
Camrose Gardens
Canal & River Trust Central Workshops
Canal & River Trust Customer Service Centre
Canal and River Trust Services
Canal Court (B27)
Canal Lane (B24)
Canal Office
Canal Side
Canal Side Drive
Canal Side Farm
Canal Street
Canal Warehouse
Canalside Café
Canalside Close
Canary Grove (B19)
Canberra Close
Canberra Gardens (B34)
Canberra Road
Canberra Way
Cancer Research UK
Candy World
Canford Close (B12)
Cangars Solicitors
Canning Close
Canning Gardens (B18)
Canning Road
Cannock Road (A462)
Cannock Road Garages
Cannon Drive (WV14 8SS)
Cannon Hill Grove
Cannon Hill Park Station
Cannon Hill Place
Cannon Hill Road
Cannon Hill Road (B12)
Cannon Hill UK Ltd
Cannon House
Cannon Road
Cannon Street
Cannon Street (B2)
Cannon Street North
Canterbury Avenue
Canterbury Close
Canterbury Close (B23)
Canterbury Cross Primary School and Nursery
Canterbury Drive
Canterbury Road
Cantlow Road (B13)
Canton Lane
Cantonese Express
Cantonese Kitchen
Canute Close
Canvey Close (B45)
Canwell Avenue
Canwell Caravans
Canwell Drive
Canwell Gardens
Canwell Gate
Canwell Hall
Canwell Nursery School
Caparo Precision Tubes
Capcroft Crescent
Capcroft Crescent (B13)
Capcroft Road (B13)
Cape Diamond Products Ltd
Cape Hill (A4092)
Cape Hill Community Centre
Cape Hill Primary School and Nursery
Cape House
Cape Primary School
Cape Race B&B
Cape Street
Cape Street (B18)
Capener Road
Capern Grove (B32)
Capethorn Road
Capilano Road (B23)
Capital South
Capponfield Close
Capricorn Coating
Capricorn Dance Studios
Capricorn Interiors
Capsicum Road (B5)
Capstone Avenue
Capstone Avenue (B18)
Captain Cod
Car Body Shop
Car Care Services
Caraway Road
Carcroft Road (B25)
Card Factory
Card Market
Card Shop
Card Stop
Cardale Street
Cardamon Kitchen
Carden Close
Carder Crescent
Carder Drive (DY5)
Cardiff Grove
Cardiff Street
Cardigan Close
Cardigan Drive
Cardigan Street (B4)
Cardinal Close
Cardinal Wiseman Catholic Technology College
Cardington Avenue
Cardington Avenue (B42)
Cardoness Place
Cards & Gifts
Cards 'R' Us
Care & Mobility (UK) Ltd
CARE People
Care Services Ltd
Careless Green
Carford Gears And Transmissions
Carhampton Road (B75)
Carib Grill
Caribbean take out
Carillon Gardens
Carisbrooke Avenue
Carisbrooke Close
Carisbrooke Crescent
Carisbrooke Drive
Carisbrooke Gardens
Carisbrooke Road
Carisbrooke Road (B17)
Carl Street
Carl's Convinience
Carl's Fish & Chips
Carless Avenue
Carless Avenue (B17)
Carless Street
Carlisle Street
Carlton Avenue
Carlton Avenue (B21)
Carlton Cinema Bombing 1940
Carlton Close
Carlton Croft
Carlton Mews
Carlton Road
Carlton Road (B9)
Carlyle Grove
Carlyle Road
Carlyle Road (B16)
Carlyle Road (B19)
Carmel Grove
Carmodale Avenue (B42)
Carnegie Avenue
Carnegie Centre
Carnegie Drive
Carnegie Road
Carnelian Court
Carnford Road (B26)
Carnforth Close
Carnoustie Close
Carnwath Road (B73)
Carol Crescent
Carol Crescent (B63)
Carol Gardens
Carol's Convenience
Carolbean Café
Caroline Point
Caroline Road (B13)
Caroline Street
Caroline Street (B3)
Caroline Street (B70)
Carols Fish Bar
Carousel Nusery
Carpal Way
Carpathian Court
Carpenter Road (B15)
Carpenter's Road (B19)
Carpenters and Diners
Carpets Direct 4U
Carphone Warehouse
Carriage Close
Carriageway Walk
Carriers Close
Carriers Fold
Carrington Road
Carrington Specialist Cars
Carrs Lane
Carrs Lane Church Centre
Carshalton Grove
Carshalton Grove (WV2)
Carshalton Road (B44)
Carspares Ltd
Cartbridge Crescent
Cartbridge Lane
Cartbridge Lane South
Cartbridge Walk
Carter Avenue
Carter Road
Carter Road (B43)
Carter's Electrical
Carter's Green
Carters Close (B76)
Carters Green
Carters Green Fish Bar
Carters Green Pharmacy
Carters Hurst (B33)
Carters Lane
Carters Lane Baptist Church
Cartland Road
Cartland Road (B11)
Cartland Road (B30)
Cartridge World
Cartwright Gardens (B69)
Cartwright Road
Cartwright Street
Carver & Co Ltd
Carver Gardens
Carver Street
Carver Street (B1)
Carvill & Johnson


Cascade Way
Casern View
Casewell Road
Casey Avenue
Casey Joe's
Cash Advance
Cash Bazaar
Cash Converters
Cash Convertor
Cash Convertors
Cash For Clothes
Cash for Clothes
Cash Generator
Cash in Clothes
Cash Indeed
Cash-Joynson Avenue
Casino 36
Caslon Crescent
Caslon Primary Community School
Caslon Road (B63)
Casper Stores
Caspian Grill
Caspian Pizza
Cassandra Close
Cassowary Road
Cast Iron Houses
Castello Drive
Castle Bromwich
Castle Bromwich Hall & Gardens Trust
Castle Bromwich Hall Hotel
Castle Bromwich Infant School
Castle Bromwich Junior School
Castle Bromwich Library
Castle Bromwich Methodist Church
Castle Bromwich Playing Fields
Castle Bromwich Youth & Community Centre
Castle Business and Enterprise College
Castle Cleaner
Castle Close
Castle Court 1
Castle Creatures (Bats)
Castle Crescent
Castle Crescent (B36)
Castle Croft (B68)
Castle Croft Road
Castle Drive
Castle Fine Art
Castle Gate
Castle Grove (DY8)
Castle Heights (B64)
Castle Hill
Castle Ink
Castle Lane (B92)
Castle Meats
Castle Mill
Castle Mill Road
Castle Pets
Castle Road
Castle Road (B29)
Castle Road East (B68)
Castle Road West
Castle Road West (B68)
Castle Roofing (Midlands) Ltd
Castle Snax
Castle Square (B29)
Castle Street
Castle Vale
Castle Vale Fish Bar
Castle Vale Nursery School and Children's Centre
Castle Vale Police Station
Castle Vale Post Office
Castle Vale Swimming Pool
Castle View
Castle View Close
Castle View Road
Castle Yard
Castlebridge Gardens
Castlebridge Road
CastleBromwich Hall & Gardens Trust
Castlecroft Avenue
Castlecroft Gardens
Castlecroft House
Castlecroft Lane
Castlecroft Primary School
Castlecroft Road
Castleford Grove (B11)
Castleford Road (B11)
Castlefort J.M.I School
Castlefort Road
Castlegate Drive
Castlegate Way
Castlehill Farm
Castlehill Road
Castlehills Drive
Castleton Road
Castleton Street
Caswell Road
Cat And Fiddle
Cat Lane
Cat Protection League
Catalpa Grove
Catches Drive
Cater Bites Café
Cater Drive (B76)
Cater Re Fit
Caterham Drive
Catesby Drive
Catesby Park
Catesby Road
Cateswell Road (B11)
Cateswell Road (B28)
Cath Kidston
Cathay Street
Cathcart Road
Cathedral Church of Saint Philip
Cathedral Close
Cathedral House
Cathedral Revival Church
Cathel Drive
Catherine Court
Catherine De Barnes Lane
Catherine De Barnes Lane (B4438)
Catherine Drive (B73)
Catherine O'Donovan
Catherine Road
Catherine Street (B6)
Catherines Close
Catherton Close
Catholic Church of Our Lady & St Kenelm
Catholic Church of Our Lady of Perpetual Succour
Catholic Church of SS. Peter & Paul
Catholic Church of St Edward
Catholic Church of St John Fisher
Catholic Church of St Michael and the Holy Angels
Catholic Church of St. Nicholas
Catholic Church of the Holy Family
Catholic Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Saint Margaret Mary Abassque
Catholic Lane
Catisfield Crescent (WV8)
Cato Street (B7)
Cato Street North
Caton Grove (B28)
Cats Causeway
Cats Protection
Cattell Drive (B75)
Cattell Road (B4128)
Cattells Grove
Cattermole Grove
Cattock Hurst Drive (B72)
CAU Carne Argentina Unica
Causeway Coffee
Causeway Convenience
Causeway Fish Bar
Causeway Green
Causeway Green Methodist Church
Causeway Green Primary School
Causeway Green Road (B4169) (B68)
Causeway Green Road Post Office
Causeway Road
Causeway Wines
Causway Green Methodist Church
Cavalier Drive
Cavalier Drive (B63)
Cavalier House
Cavandale Avenue (B44)
Cavell Close
Cavell Road (DY2)
Cavendish Cleaners
Cavendish Close
Cavendish Drive
Cavendish Gardens
Cavendish Road
Cavendish Road (B16)
Cavendish Road (B62)
Cavendish Way
Caversham Place (B73)
Caversham Road (B44)
Cawdor Crescent (B16)
Caxton Grove (B44)
Caynham Road (B32)
Cayton Grove (B23)
C.B. Frost
CBHGT Information Centre
CC Karaoke
CC's Hair Design
C.Cacoullis Opticians
CCFL Distribution
CCN Bus Route S15
CCN Bus Route S4
CCTV Group
CD 24-7.co.uk
C.D. Field Butchers Ltd
C.E. Buggins Dental Laboratory
Cearl Court (B27)
Cecil Drive
Cecil Road (B24)
Cecil Road (B29)
Cecil Street
Cecil Street (B19)
Cedar Avenue
Cedar Close
Cedar Close (DY8)
Cedar Court
Cedar Drive
Cedar Drive (B31)
Cedar Grange
Cedar Grove
Cedar Park Road
Cedar Road
Cedar Road (B30)
Cedar Way
Cedarhurst (B32)
Cedarhurst (B91)
Cedars Avenue
Cedars Avenue (B27)
Cedarwood Croft
Cedarwood Road
Celandine Close (DY8)
Celandine Road
Celbury Way
Celebz American Diner
Celestial Artists Materials
Celina's Hair and Beauty Studio
Celine Grove
Celine's Snack Bar
Cell Solutions
Cellar Door Drinks
Celts Close
Cemetery Chapel
Cemetery Lane
Cemetery Lodge
Cemetery Road
Cemetery Road (B4169)
Cemetery Street
Cemetery Way
Cemex Coleshill Quarry
Cemex Weeford Quarry and Plant
Centaur Janitorial Supplies
Centenary Café
Centenary Close
Centenary Drive
Centenary Drive (B21)
Centenary Lounge
Centenary Square
Centenary Way
Center Management
Central Accident Repairs
Central Auto Parts
Central Auto Supplies
Central Avenue
Central Baths
Central Buses route 75
Central Café
Central Cafe
Central Café
Central Car Company
Central Car Sales
Central Cleaning Supplies Ltd
Central Close
Central Container Services
Central Counties Decorators
Central Drive
Central Edgbaston Bowling Club
Central Environmental Services
Central Grove (B27)
Central Halal Meat
Central Hall Methodist Church
Central Jamis Mosque
Central Laboratories
Central Library and Reference & Information Service
Central Methodist Church
Central Mosque
Central Motorway Police Group
Central News
Central Park Drive (B18)
Central Pipes & Fittings Ltd
Central Property Line Estate Agents
Central Square
Central Taxi Parts
Central Theatre Supplies
Central Trading Estate
Central Way
Centre City
Centre Lane
Centre Mall
Centre of the Earth
Centre Point Convenience Store
Centreless Tooling Co Ltd
Centrelink House
Centrepoint Christian Centre
Centro Aston Newtown Interchange:An even bigger splash
Centro Aston Newtown Interchange:Mondobongo
Centro Bartley Green Interchange: Talking about the Weather
Centro Bearwood Interchange: Voyage
Centro Bordesley Green Interchange: Juggernaut
Centro Cotteridge Interchange: Feathers of freedom
Centro Galton Bridge Interchange:Moontrap
Centro Hockley Circus Interchange: Coinstack – a monument to the bus fare
Centro Kingstanding Intercange: The Milti Faceted Green Man
Centro Kingstanding Intercange: The Mysterious Green Man
Centro Ladywood Interchange: The Galloping Courier
Centro Ladywood Interchange: The Nonsens
Centro Moseley Interchange:Spirit
Centro Northfield Station Interchange:All Seasons Tree
Centro Oldbury Interchange: Furnace
Centro Olton Interchange: Saxon King on Horse
Centro Saltley Interchange: Circular Dance
Centro Sandwell & Dudley Interchange: Peacock
Centro Scott Arms Interchange: Beeav Beacon
Centro Sheldon Interchange: Dakota Bust
Centro Sheldon Interchange: The Wheatsheaf
Centro Small Heath Interchange: Pomegranate Dress
Centro Sparkbrook Interchange:Mirror Image
Centro Spring Road Interchange: Fox and Holly
Centro Stonecross Interchange: Voyage
Centro the Hawthorns Interchange: Aspire
Centro Wake Green Road Interchange: Cascading Mountain
Centro Washwood Heath Interchange: Star Gazer
Centro Way
Centro Winson Green Interchange
Centuary Industrial Estate (B44)
Centurion Close
Centurion Way (B29)
Century Drive
Century House
Century Park
Century Road
Century Way
Ceol Castle
Ceolmund Crescent (B37)
CEX Kiosk
CG's Cafe
CH Scrap Metal
C.H. White Chemist- Numark Pharmacy
Chaat Centre
Chaceley Grove (B23)
Chad News
Chad Road
Chad Road (B4124)
Chad Square
Chad Vale Primary School
Chad Valley
Chad Valley Close
Chadbrook Crest
Chadbury Croft
Chadbury Road
Chaddersley Close
Chaddesley Close
Chaddesley Road
Chaddesley Road (B63)
Chadley Close (B91)
Chadshunt Close
Chadsmoor Terrace
Chadstone Close
Chadwell Drive (B90)
Chadwich Lane
Chadwich Manor Farm
Chadwick Avenue (B45)
Chadwick Close
Chadwick Court
Chadwick House
Chadwick Road (B75)
Chafery Drive
Chaffcombe Road (B26)
Chaffinch Close
Chaffinch Close (DY3)
Chaffinch Drive
Chaffinch Road
Chai Café Lounge
Chain Walk (B19)
Chainmakers Close (WV14 8GB)
Chainworks Gym
Chair Lift Bottom
Chair Lift Top
Chalcot Grove (B20)
Chaldon Close
Chale Grove
Chalfont Place
Chalfont Road (B20)
Chalford Road (B23)
Chalford Way
Chalgrove Avenue
Chalgrove Crescent
Chalk and Linen
Challenge Park
Challenge Way
Chalmers Road
Chalybeate Close
Chamberlain B
Chamberlain C
Chamberlain Close (B69)
Chamberlain Court
Chamberlain Crescent
Chamberlain Farm
Chamberlain House
Chamberlain Orchard
Chamberlain Road (B13)
Chamberlain Square
Chamberlain Tower
Chamberlain Walk
Chamberlain's Lane
Champions Church
Chance Croft
Chance Drive (B66)
Chancel Way
Chancellors Close
Chancery Way (DY5)
Chances Street
Chandler Drive (DY6)
Chandlers Close
Chandlers Close (B18)
Chandos Primary School
Chandos Road (B12)
Changan UK R&D Centre
Change Road
Changing Rooms
Channel Glaze Marine Windows
Channon Drive
Chanston Avenue (B14)
Chantella Star Boutique
Chanterelle Gardens
Chantrey Crescent
Chantry Avenue
Chantry Close
Chantry Crescent
Chantry Drive (B62)
Chantry Heath Crescent
Chantry Road (B13)
Chantry Road (B21)
Chantry Road (DY7)
Chap's Pizza
Chapel Ash Kebab and Pizza House
Chapel Close
Chapel Fields Road (B92)
Chapel Green
Chapel House Street
Chapel Lane
Chapel Of Rest
Chapel Rise
Chapel Street
Chapel Street (B21)
Chapel Street (B63)
Chapel Street (DY5)
Chapel Street (DY8)
Chapel View
Chapel Walk
Chapelfield Mews
Chapelfield Mews (DY8)
Chapelfield Road (B45)
Chapelfields Junior School
Chapelhouse Car Sales
Chapelhouse Lane
Chapelhouse Lane (B63)
Chapelhouse Road
Chapelwood Grove (B42)
Chaplin Court
Chapman Drive Seating
Chapman Road (B10)
Chapman Street
Chapmans Corner
Chapmans Electrical
Chapmans Hill
Chapmans Passage
Charcoal Chicken
Chard'e Guest House
Charfield Close
Chargrilled Chicken
Charingworth Road (B92)
Charis Bible College
Charisma Beauty
Charity Bick Way
Charlbury Avenue
Charlbury Crescent
Charlbury Crescent (B26)
Charlecote Croft (B90)
Charlecote Drive
Charlecote Gardens (B73)
Charlecote Rise
Charlecott Close (B13)
Charlemont Avenue
Charlemont Close
Charlemont Crescent
Charlemont Gardens
Charlemont House
Charlemont Methodist Church
Charlemont Road
Charles & Co Solicitors
Charles Avenue
Charles Blondin
Charles Close
Charles Drive
Charles Edward Road (B26)
Charles Foster Street
Charles George Bonner VC Memorial
Charles Green
Charles Hayward Drive
Charles Henry Street (B12)
Charles Holland Street
Charles House
Charles Lucas & Sons
Charles Road
Charles Road (B10)
Charles Road (B20)
Charles Road (B6)
Charles Road (B63)
Charles Road (B91)
Charles Road (DY5)
Charles Stanley
Charles Street
Charles Walk
Charles Wesley Court
Charlesdale Drive
Charlesworth Avenue (B90)
Charleville Road (B19)
Charlie's Axis
Charlie's Fish Bar
Charlotte Close
Charlotte Gardens
Charlotte Road
Charlotte Road (B15)
Charlotte Road (B30)
Charlotte Street
Charlotte Street (B3)
Charlton Drive
Charlton Road (B44)
Charlton Road Christian Church
Charlton Street
Charlton Whitehouse Gas Fuels Ltd
Charm Bracelets
Charm Collection Hotel
Charminster Avenue (B25)
Charnley Drive
Charnwood Avenue
Charnwood Close
Charnwood Close (B45)
Charnwood Court
Charnwood Road
Charnwood Road (B42)
Charringdene Print Enterprises
Charter Crescent
Charter Place
Charter Road
Charter Street
Charterfield Drive
Charterhouse Drive (B91)
Charters Avenue
Chartist Road
Chartley Close
Chartley Road
Chartley Road (B23)
Chartwell Close
Chartwell Drive
Chas Mann
Chase Castings Ltd
Chase Farm
Chase Farm Cafe
Chase Grove
Chase Health Foods
Chase Road
Chase View
Chasseau Walk
Chater Drive (B76)
Chaters Close
Chatham Road
Chatham Road (B31)
Chatsworth Avenue
Chatsworth Close
Chatsworth Close (B72)
Chatsworth Crescent
Chatsworth Gardens
Chatsworth Road
Chatsworth Way
Chatsworth Way (B15)
Chattaway Street (B7)
Chattle Hill
Chattock Avenue
Chattock Avenue (B91)
Chattock Close
Chattock Gardens (B91)
Chatwell Grove
Chatwin Place
Chatwin Street
Chatwins Wharf
Chaucer Avenue
Chaucer Close
Chaucer Close (B23)
Chaucer Grove (B27)
Chaucer Road
Chaudhry Cash & Carry
Chauson Grove
Chavasse Road (B72)
Chawn Hill
Chawn Hill Church
Chawn Hill Close
Chawn Park Drive
Chaynes Grove
Cheadle Drive
Cheam Gardens
Cheap and Cheerful
Cheap As Chips
Cheapside (B12)
Cheatham Street
Checketts Street
Checkley Close
Checkley Croft (B76)
Cheddar Road
Chedworth Close
Cheeky as Chimps Day Neursury
Cheeky as Chimps Day Nursery
Cheeky Joe's
Cheeky Monkeys Day Nursery
Chelford Crescent
Chells Grove
Chelmar Drive
Chelmarsh Avenue
Chelmer Close
Chelmorton Road (B42)
Chelmscote Road (B92)
Chelmsey Wood Seventh Day Adventist CommunityChurch
Chelmsley Avenue
Chelmsley Circle
Chelmsley Grove
Chelmsley Lane
Chelmsley Road
Chelmsley Road (B37)
Chelmsley Town Football Club
Chelmsley Wood
Chelmsley Wood Library
Chelmsley Wood NHS Primary Care Centre
Chelmsley Wood Town Council
Chelsea Building Society
Chelsea Close
Chelsea Drive (B74)
Chelsea Flowers
Chelsea Way
Chelston News
Chelston Road (B31)
Cheltenham Close
Cheltenham Drive
Cheltenham Drive (B36)
Cheltenham Mews
Chelthorn Way (B91)
Cheltondale Road (B91)
Chelveston Crescent (B91)
Chelwood Gardens
Chelworth Road (B38)
Chem Road
Chemist Direct.co.uk
Chemist Ltd
Chemistry West (Y.8)
Chemtec Solutions
Chemycare Pharmacy
Cheniston Road
Chennai Dosa
Chepstow Close
Chepstow Grove (B45)
Chepstow Place
Chepstow Road
Chepstow Way
Chequer Street
Chequerfield Drive
Chequers Avenue
Chequers Fish and Chips
Cherhill Covert
Cherhill Covert (B14)
Cherington Road (B29)
Cherish House
Cheriton Walk (B23)
Cherrington Close
Cherrington Gardens
Cherrington Way
Cherry Crescent (B24)
Cherry Drive
Cherry Drive (B9)
Cherry Green
Cherry Grove
Cherry Grove (DY8)
Cherry Hill Walk
Cherry Lane
Cherry Lea
Cherry Oak School
Cherry Orchard
Cherry Orchard Avenue
Cherry Orchard Crescent (B63)
Cherry Orchard Primary School, Nursery and Children's Centre
Cherry Orchard Road (B20)
Cherry Red's
Cherry Reds
Cherry Road
Cherry Street
Cherry Street (B2)
Cherry Tree Avenue
Cherry Tree Avenue (WS5)
Cherry Tree Close
Cherry Tree Croft (B27)
Cherry Tree Gardens
Cherry Tree Interiors
Cherry Tree Lane
Cherry Tree Lane (B63)
Cherry Tree Learning Centre
Cherry Tree Road
Cherry Trees School
Cherry Walk
Cherry Wood Autos
Cherrydale Court
Cherrytree Court
Cherrywood Close
Cherrywood Crescent (B91)
Cherrywood Green
Cherrywood Road
Cherrywood Way
Chervil Close (B42)
Chervil Rise
Cherwell Drive (B36)
Cherwell Gardens (B6)
Cheshire Avenue
Cheshire Close
Cheshire Road
Cheshunt Place
Cheslyn Grove
Chessetts Grove
Chester Avenue
Chester Close
Chester Edwards Decorators
Chester Guest House
Chester House
Chester Place
Chester Rise
Chester Road
Chester Road (B36)
Chester Road (B4114)
Chester Road (B4118)
Chester Road (B4118) (B36)
Chester Road (B4119)
Chester Road Baptist Church
Chester Road (DY2)
Chester Street
Chester Street (B6)
Chesterfield Close (B31)
Chestergate Croft (B24)
Chesters Salon
Chesterton Avenue
Chesterton Close (B91)
Chesterton Road
Chesterwood Gardens (B20)
Chesterwood Road (B13)
Chestnut Avenue
Chestnut Centre
Chestnut Close
Chestnut Close (B27)
Chestnut Close (B92)
Chestnut Close (DY8)
Chestnut Court
Chestnut Croft (B29)
Chestnut Drive
Chestnut Grove
Chestnut Grove (B17)
Chestnut Lodge
Chestnut Place
Chestnut Road
Chestnut Road (B13)
Chestnut Road (B68)
Chestnut Way
Chestnuts Avenue (B26)
Chestom Road
Cheston Road (B7)
Cheswell Close
Cheswick Close
Cheswick Green Primary School
Cheswick Place
Cheswick Way
Cheswood Drive
Chetland Croft
Chetland Croft (B91)
Chettle Road
Chetton Green
Chetwood Close
Chetwynd Close
Chetwynd Road
Chetwynd Road (B8)
Cheveley Avenue (B45)
Chevening Close
Cheveridge Close
Cheverton Road (B31)
Cheveux Hair Academy and Beauty Clinic
Cheviot Road
Cheviot Road (DY8)
Cheviot Way (B63)
Cheylesmore Close (B73)
Cheyne Gardens (B28)
Cheyne Walk
Cheyney Close
Chi Bar
Chi Rooms Facials Nails etc
Chicago Gourmet Burger Co
Chicago Pizza
Chichester Avenue
Chichester Drive
Chichester Grove
Chichester Grove (B37)
Chick King Chippy
Chicken Hut
Chicken Licken
Chigwell Close (B35)
Chilcote Close (B28)
Chilcote Primary School
Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service
Children And Baby Shop for Life
Children's & Wards 14-16
Childrens Playground
Childrren's Outpatients & Wards 17-18
Childs Avenue
Chilgrove Gardens
Chilham Drive
Chilli Peppers
Chillinghome Road (B36)
Chillington Drive
Chillington Place
Chillington Road
Chillington Walk
Chillington Wharf
Chillington Wheelbarrows
Chilly Billy
Chilly Kiddy's
Chiltern Close
Chiltern Close (B63)
Chiltern Drive
Chiltern London Ltd
Chiltern Road
Chilton Road
Chilvers Grove
Chilwell Close
Chilwell Croft
Chilwell Croft Academy
Chilworth Avenue
Chilworth Close
Chimes Close
Chimney Bridge
Chimney Road
China Chef
China Court
China Delight
China Express
China Expression Art Gallery
China Garden
China Harvest
China House
China Inn
China Kitchen
China Town Noodle Bar
Chinese Community Centre
Chinese Medicine Practice
Chinese Take Away
Chingford Close
Chingford Road (B44)
Chinley Grove (B44)
Chinn Brook Road
Chinnar Balti
Chip Close
Chip Pan
Chip Stop
Chip Tub & Café
Chipperfield Road (B36)
Chips 2 Go
Chipstead Road
Chipstead Road (B23)
Chipstone Close
Chirbury Grove
Chirton Grove
Chiseldon Croft
Chisholm Grove (B27)
Chiswell Road (B18)
Chiswick House
Chittagong Mishti
Chivenor Junior and Infant School
Chivington Close
Chixy Chicken
Choccy Box
ChoCho Chicken
Choice Interiors
Choice Office Furniture Ltd
Cholera Memorial
Cholera Memorial Inscription
Chop Chop
Chop Wok
Chorley Avenue
Chorley Gardens
Chris & Lucia's Fish Bar
Chris' Chip Shop
Chris's Café
Chris's Cafe
Christ Apostolic Church
Christ Church
Christ Church Blakenall Heath
Christ Church C of E Primary School & Nursery
Christ Church CE Primary School
Christ Church CE Primary School (Nursery Centre)
Christ Church Centre
Christ Church (Church of England) Infant and Nursery School
Christ Church (Church of England) Junior School
Christ Church Coseley
Christ Church Grove
Christ Church Oldbury
Christ Church Primary School
Christ Church United Reformed Church
Christ Embassy
Christ Embassy Birmingham
Christ in Majesty and Scenes from the life of St Agatha
Christ the King Catholic Church
Christ the King Catholic Primary School
Christ's Compassion in Action
Christadelphian Hall
Christadelphian Meeting Room
Christchurch Close
Christchurch House
Christchurch Yardley Wood
Christian Advantage Int'l
Christian Life Centre
Christian Renewal Family Centre
Christina Court
Christine Close
Christine Suzanne
Christodoulous Hair & Beauty
Christopher Road
Christopher Way
Christopher Wray Lighting works
Chubb National Distribution Centre
Chubb Street
Chuckery & Paddock Children's Centre
Chuckery Primary School
Chuckery Road
Chudleigh Grove
Chudleigh Road (B23)
Chung Shing
Chung Ying
Chunky Grill
Church Avenue
Church Avenue (B13)
Church Avenue (DY8)
Church Bridge Street
Church Bridge Street (A4034)
Church Close
Church Cottages
Church Crescent
Church Croft (B63)
Church Cross View
Church Drive
Church Farm
Church Gardens
Church Green
Church Green (B20)
Church Grove (B13)
Church Grove (B20)
Church Hall
Church Hill
Church Hill (B31)
Church Hill Close
Church Hill Close (B91)
Church Hill Drive
Church Hill House
Church Hill Road
Church Hill Road (B20)
Church Hill Road (B91)
Church Hill Socail Club
Church Hill Street
Church House Drive
Church Lane
Church Lane (A4040) (B20)
Church Lane (B4149)
Church Lane (B6)
Church Lane (B63)
Church Mews
Church Moat Way
Church of Ascension
Church of Christ
Church of Christ Meeting Place
Church of Emmanuel
Church of England Primary School of St Edmund & St John
Church of God Holiness
Church of God of Prophecy
Church of God (Universal)
Church of God, Seventh Day
Church of Our Lady and St Rose of Lima
Church of Our lady of the Rosary and St Therese
Church of Saint Augustine of Hippo
Church of Saint Mary Magdalene
Church of St Alban the Martyr
Church of St Augustine of Hippo
Church of St John the Evangelist
Church of St Mary
Church of St Thomas and St Edmund of Canterbury, Erdington Abbey
Church of the Annunciation Of Our Lady
Church of the Ascension
Church of the Good Shepherd
Church of the Holy Cross
Church of the Holy Ghost and Mary Immaculate
Church of the Redeemer
Church on the Hill
Church Place
Church Road
Church Road (A4040)
Church Road (A4040) (B25)
Church Road (B13)
Church Road (B24)
Church Road (B25)
Church Road (B26)
Church Road (B31)
Church Road (B33)
Church Road (B4121)
Church Road (B4154)
Church Road (B42)
Church Road (B4217)
Church Road (B6)
Church Road (B63)
Church Road (B73)
Church Road (B90)
Church Road (DY5)
Church Road (DY8)
Church Square
Church Square Dental Practice
Church Street
Church Street (A461) (DY5)
Church Street (B19)
Church Street (B3)
Church Street (B35 6QJ)
Church Street (B4175)
Church Street (B62)
Church Street (B64)
Church Street (DY5)
Church Street (DY8)
Church Street Square
Church Tavern
Church Terrace
Church Vale
Church Vale (B20)
Church Vale Mews
Church Vale Post Office
Church View (B11)
Church View Close
Church View Cottage
Church View Drive
Church View Pharmacy
Church Walk
Church Way
Churchacre (B23)
Churchbridge (A4034)
Churchbridge (A4043)
Churchdale Road (B44)
Churchfield Avenue
Churchfield Close
Churchfield Road
Churchfield Street
Churchfield Way
Churchfields Place
Churchfields Road
Churchgate Plaza
Churchhill Walk
Churchill & Blakedown Golf Club
Churchill Close
Churchill Drive
Churchill Gardens
Churchill Lane
Churchill Parade (B75)
Churchill Place
Churchill Road
Churchill Road (B63)
Churchill Road (B73)
Churchill Road (B75)
Churchill Road (B9)
Churchill Shopping Centre
Churchover Close
Churchside Way
Churchward Close (DY8)
Churchward Grove
Churchwell Court (B63)
Churchyard Road
Churnhill Road
Churns Hill Lane
Churston Close
Cider Avenue
CIE Promotions (Corporate Apparel)
Cincinnati Birmingham
Cinder Bank (A459)
Cinder Road (B4175)
Cinder way
Cineworld Bentley Bridge
Cinnamon Close
Cinquefoil Leasow
Circa Fifties
Circle Centre
Circuit Close
Circular Road (B27)
Circus Avenue
Citibax Tyres
Citizens Advice Bureau
City Air Weapons
City Arcade
City Centre Arcade
City Centre Car Care Company
City Clean Autogas
City Computers
City Court
City Estate
City Express
City Farm
City Fire
City Hair & Beauty
City Hospital
City Kebab House
City Meat
City Motors
CIty News
City News & Off License
City News Ltd
City Nites
City of Birmingham School Minerva Centre
City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra
City of Birmingham Tramways Department War Memorial
City Pound Shop
City Powder Coatings
City Road
City Road (A4040)
City Road Baptist Church
City Tints
City Trading Estate
City University Birmingham New Technology Institute
City View
City View (B23)
Civic Centre
Civic Centre Estate
Civic Close
Civic Close (B1)
Civic House
Civic Suite
Civil Engineering Laboratories (Y.15)
C.J's Snax
CJS Direct Ltd
CL Salon
Claerwen Grove (B31)
Claims Assist
Claines Road
Claire's Accessories
Clairvaux Gardens (B92)
Clancey Way
Clandon Close (B14)
Clanfield Avenue
Clapgate Gardens
Clapgate Lane
Clapton Grove (B44)
Clare Avenue
Clare Crescent
Clare Drive
Clare House
Clare Martyn
Clare Road
Claregate Primary School
Clarel Avenue
Claremont Court
Claremont House
Claremont Mews
Claremont Road
Claremont Road (B11)
Claremont Road (B18)
Claremont Street
Claremont Way (B63)
Clarence Avenue (B21)
Clarence Court
Clarence Gardens (B74)
Clarence Grove (B90)
Clarence Road
Clarence Road (B11)
Clarence Road (B13)
Clarence Road (B17)
Clarence Road (B23)
Clarence Road (B74)
Clarence Road Service Station
Clarence Street
Clarence Street (A459) (DY3)
Clarenden Place
Clarendon Drive
Clarendon Place
Clarendon Road
Clarendon Street
Clarewell Avenue
Clarity Fabrications Ltd
Clark Ltd
Clark Road
Clark Street
Clark Street (B16)
Clark Street (DY8)
Clarke Transport and Distribution Services
Clarke Transport Services
Clarke's Lane
Clarkes Grove
Clarkes Lane (A462)
Clarks Lane
Clarksland Grove
Clarkson Road
Clary Grove
Classic Fryer
Classic Kebab House
Classic Plumbing (Central Heating Services and Supplies)
Clatterbach Lane
Claughton Road
Claughton Road North
Clausen Close
Clavedon Close
Claverdon Close
Claverdon Drive
Claverdon Drive (B43)
Claverdon Gardens (B27)
Claverley Drive
Clay Drive
Clay Lane (B26)
Clay Lane (B69)
Clay Lane Fish Bar
Clay Oven Balti
Claybrook Street
Claycroft Terrace
Claydon Grove
Claydon Road (DY6)
Claypit Close
Claypit Lane
Clayton Close
Clayton Drive
Clayton Hotel
Clayton Road
Clayton Walk
Clayton Walk (B35)
Cleaning Rag Supply Ltd
Clear View
Clearwell Gardens
Clee Hill Drive
Clee Hill Road
Clee Road
Clee Road (DY8)
Clee View Meadow
Cleeve Drive (B74)
Cleeve Road
Cleeve Road (B14)
Cleeve Way
Clematis Drive
Clement Place
Clement Road
Clement Street
Clement Street (B1)
Clements Church
Clements Close
Clements Road (B25)
Clent Drive
Clent Hill Drive
Clent Hills Camping and Caravanning Club Site
Clent Parochial Primary School
Clent Road
Clent Road (B21)
Clent Road (DY8)
Clent View
Clent View Road
Clent View Road (B63)
Clent View Road (DY8)
Clent Way
Cleobury Lane
Cleton Street (DY4)
Clevedon Avenue (B36)
Clevedon Road
Cleveland Close
Cleveland Passage
Cleveland Road
Cleveland Street
Cleveland Street (DY8)
Cleves Drive
Cleves Road
Clewley Drive
Clewley Grove
Clews Close
Clewshaw Lane
Cley Close
Click Flooring
Cliff Rock Road (B45)
Cliffe Drive
Clifford Road
Clifford Road (B11)
Clifford Road (B70)
Clifford Street
Clifford Street (B4515) (B19)
Clifford Walk (B19)
Clift Close
Clifton Avenue
Clifton Close
Clifton Close (B6)
Clifton Crescent
Clifton Drive
Clifton Gardens
Clifton Green (B28)
Clifton Lane
Clifton Park Estate
Clifton Primary School
Clifton Road
Clifton Road (B12)
Clifton Road (B36)
Clifton Street
Clifton Street (DY8)
Clifton Terrace / Gwalia Grove (B23)
Clifton Textiles Limited
Climatize UPVC Windows
Climbing tower
Clinton Cards
Clinton Grove (B90)
Clinton Road
Clinton Road (B90)
Clinton Street
Clipper View
Clippers Barbers
Clipse Drycleaners
Clipston Road (B8)
Clissold Close
Clissold Passage
Clissold Street (B18)
Clive Close
Clive Mark Schoolwear
Clive Passage
Clive Road
Clive Road (B32)
Clive Street
Cliveden Avenue
Cliveden Avenue (B42)
Clivedon Way
Cliveland Street (B19)
Clock Cafe
Clock Lane
Clock Pharmacy
Clock Shop & Workshop
Clock Tower
Clockfields Drive
Clockmill Avenue
Clockmill Place
Clockmill Road
Clocktower View
Clodeshall Road
Cloister Drive
Cloister Drive (B62)
Cloister Drive Play Area
Clonmel Road (B30)
Clopton Crescent (B37)
Clopton Road (B33)


Clothier Gardens
Clothier Street
Clothing Bargains
Cloud 9 Day Nursery and Creche
Cloud Nails
Cloud Nine
Cloud Nine Balloons
Cloudbridge Drive (B92)
Cloude Nine
Cloudö Kids
Cloudsley Grove (B92)
Clover Avenue
Clover Court
Clover Drive
Clover Hill
Clover Lane
Clover Lea Square
Clover Ley
Clover Piece
Clover Road
Clover Spa& Hotel
Clover Walk
Club 99
Club DV8
Club Row (DY3)
Club View
Clulow's Barbers
Clun Close (B69)
Clun Road (B31)
Clunbury Croft (B34)
Clunbury Road
Clyde Avenue
Clyde Mews
Clyde Street
Clyde Street (B12)
Clydesdale (B26)
Clydesdale Road
Clydesdale Road (B32)
Co-op Food
Co-op Funeral Directors
Co-Op Funeralcare
Co-op Funeralcare
CO-OP Funerals
Co-op Pharmacy
Co-op Travel
Co-operative Bank
Co-operative Food
Co-Operative Food
Co-operative Food
Co-operative Funeral Care
Co-operative Funeral Directors
Co-operative Funeral Services
Co-operative Funeralcare
Co-operative Pharmacy
Co-operative Travel

co-operative travel

Co-operative Travel
Coach & Horses
Coach and Horses
Coach and Horses (closed)

coach house and stable to no 50

Coach House to Apsley House
Coach House to no 28
Coach House to no.38
Coach Mews (DY6)
Coalheath Lane
Coalmeadow Close
Coalpool Lane
Coalpool Place
Coalport Road
Coalway Avenue
Coalway Avenue (B26)
Coalway Gardens
Coalway Road
Coast to Coast
Cob Lane
Cobalt Square
Cobb's Engine House
Cobble Walk (B18)
Cobbs Bar
Cobbs Walk
Cobden Close
Cobden Gardens
Cobden Gardens (B12)
Cobden Street
Cobham Close
Cobham Close (B35)
Cobham Court Mews
Cobham Farm
Cobham Road
Cobra Lounge
Cobs Field
Coburg Croft
Coburn Drive
Cochrane Close
Cochrane Road
Cock Hill Lane
Cocks Moor Wood Leisure Centre
Cocks Moors Woods golf course (Birmingham City Council)
Cocksheds Lane
Cocksheds Lane (B62)
Cockshut Hill (B26)
Cockshut Hill Technology College
Cocksmead Croft (B14)
Cocktail Bar
Cockthorpe Close (B17)
Codsall Community High School
Codsall Fire Station
Codsall Middle School
Codsall Road
Codsall Road (B64)
Coffee #1
Coffee 'n' Grill
Coffee 14
Coffee Bean Café
Coffee Comforts
Coffee Cup
Coffee Cups
Coffee House
Coffee Junction
Coffee Kup

coffee moments

Coffee Republic
Coffee Roaster
Coffee Time
Coffee Tree
Cofield Road (B73)
Cofton Court
Cofton Court (B45)
Cofton Grove
Cofton Park Close
Cofton Park Drive
Cofton Post Office
Cofton Primary School
Cofton Road
Cofton Road (B31)
Cofton View
Cokeland Place
Colaton Close
Colbourne Road
Colbrand Grove (B15)
Coldbath Road (B4146) (B13)
Coldridge Close
Coldstream Drive
Coldstream Road
Cole Bank Park Local Nature Reserve
Cole Bank Post Office
Cole Bank Road
Cole Bank Road (B4146)
Cole Bank Road (B4146) (B28)
Cole End Stores
Cole Green (B90)
Cole Hall Lane
Cole Hall Lane (B34)
Cole Holloway
Cole Meadow Road
Cole Street
Cole Street Methodist Church
Cole Valley News
Cole Valley Road (B28)
Cole Way
Colebourne Primary School
Colebourne Road
Colebourne Road (B13)
Colebridge Crescent
Colebridge Mews
Colebridge Way
Colebrook Croft
Colebrook Day Centre
Colebrook Inn
Colebrook News
Colebrook Road (B90)
Coleford Close
Coleford Drive
Colehurst Croft (B90)
Coleman Road
Coleman Street
Colemeadow Road (B13)
Colenso Road (B16)
Coleraine Road (B42)
Coleridge Chambers
Coleridge Close
Coleridge Passage
Coleridge Rise
Coleridge Road
Coleridge Way
Coles Lane
Coles Lane (B72)
Coles Lane Convenience Store
Colesbourne Avenue (B14)
Colesbourne Road (B92)
Colesden Walk
Coleshill Alluminium Ltd
Coleshill Bowls Club
Coleshill Carpets
Coleshill Cleaning Centre
Coleshill Cricket Club Field
Coleshill Cricket Club Pavillion
Coleshill Fire station
Coleshill Fish Bar
Coleshill Heath
Coleshill Heath Road
Coleshill Heath School
Coleshill Hotel & Restaurant
Coleshill Interiors and Antiques
Coleshill Leisure Centre
Coleshill Library
Coleshill Local Supermarket
Coleshill Manor Office Campus
Coleshill Nutrition
Coleshill Parish Room
Coleshill Road
Coleshill Road (A4091)
Coleshill Road (B4114) (B36)
Coleshill Road (B4117)
Coleshill Shoe Repairs
Coleshill Street
Coleshill Street (A4091)
Coleshill Street (B72)
Coleshill Town Hall
Coleshill United Church
Coleside Avenue (B13)
Coleview Crescent
Coleville Road (B76)
Coleys Lane
Coleys Lane (B31)
Colgreave Avenue (B13)
Colin Lee Opticians
Colindale Road (B44)
Colins Barber Shop
Coliseum Gym
Colleen Avenue (B30)
College Arms
College Close
College Drive (B20)
College Farm
College Farm Drive (B23)
College Gate (B8)
College Hill
College Road
College Road (A453)
College Road (A453) (B23)
College Road (A453) (B44)
College Road (A453) (B73 5AH)
College Road (B20)
College Road (B23)
College Road (B32)
College Road (B4217) (B13)
College Road (DY8)
College Road Interchange
College Road Post Office
College Stores
College Street
College Street (B18)
College View
College Walk
College Way
Collett Close (DY8)
Colletts Brook
Colletts Grove
Colley Avenue
Colley Lane (B4173) (DY2)
Colley Lane Primary School
Colley Orchard
Colleygate Barbers
Colliers - Honda
Colliers - Landrover
Colliers - Mazda
Colliers Close
Colliers Fold
Colliery Drive
Colliery Road
Collindale Court
Colling Walk
Collingbourne Avenue (B36)
Collingdon Avenue (B26)
Collingtree Court (B92)
Collingwood Centre
Collingwood Drive
Collingwood Road
Collingwood Road (B30)
Collins Close
Collins Road
Collins Street
Collins Way
Collis Street (A4102)
Colly Croft
Collycroft Place (B27)
Colman Avenue
Colman Crescent
Colman Hill
Colman Hill Avenue (B63)
Colmers Farm Primary School
Colmers School and Sixth Form College
Colmers Walk
Colmore Avenue
Colmore Circus Queensway
Colmore Circus Queensway (B4)
Colmore Crescent
Colmore Crescent (B13)
Colmore Drive (B75)
Colmore Gate
Colmore Infant and Nursery School
Colmore Junior School
Colmore Place
Colmore Road (B14)
Colmore Row
Colmore Square
Coln Close (B31)
Colonial Road (B9)
Color & Beauty
Colour my Funeral
Colshaw Road (DY8)
Colston Road (B24)
Colt Close
Coltham Road
Coltham Road (A462)
Coltishall Close (B35)
Colton Hills Community School
Coltsfoot Close
Columbia Close
Columbine Close
Columbus Avenue (DY5)
Colville Close
Colville Road
Colville Walk (B12)
Colwall Road
Colwall Walk (B27)
Colworth Road (B31)
Colyns Grove (B33)
Comber Croft (B13)
Comber Drive
Comberford Drive
Combermere Arms
Comberton Road (B26)
Combine Close
Combrook Green
Comet Road
Comet Works
Comfort Inn
Commercial Bearings & Handling Solutions
Commercial Road
Commercial Street
Commissary Road
Common Farm
Common Lane (B26)
Common Lane (B8)
Common Road
Commonfield Croft
Commonside (B4179)
Communal Hall Birmingham Congregation of Jews
Communication Row
Communications House
Community Aero Kick Gym
Community Centre
Community Clothing Store
Community Computers Hub
Community Garden Centre
Community Hall
Community of Christ
Community Roots Enterprise Centre
Community Transport
Compensation Direct 4 U
Complete Care & Mobility
Compressed Air Systems UK
Compton Close
Compton Court
Compton Croft
Compton Drive
Compton Grange
Compton Grove (B63)
Compton Hill Drive
Compton Hospice
Compton Hospice Charity Shop
Compton Road
Comptons 2000 Ltd
Computer Exchange
Computer Express


Comsey Road
Comwall Close
Concept IT
Concepts Int. Ltd
Conchar Close
Conchar Road (B72)
Concord Drive
Concorde Centre
Concorde Drive
Concorde House
Concorde Road
Condover Close
Condover Road
Coney Green
Coney Green Drive
Coneyford Road
Coneygree Road
Confill (Midland) Ltd
Congreational Church of West Smethwick
Congregation Way
Conifer Close
Conifer Cottage
Conifer Court (B13)
Conifer Drive (B21)
Conifer Drive (B31)
Conifer Paddock
Conifer Road
Coningsby Drive
Conington Grove
Coniston Avenue (B92)
Coniston Close
Coniston Cose
Coniston Crescent
Coniston Drive
Coniston House
Coniston Road
Coniston Road (B23)
Connaught Avenue
Connaught Close
Connaught Drive
Connaught Road
Connaught Square
Connect Distribution Services
Connells Estate Agents
Connoisseurs Fine Foods
Connolly Drive
Connolly's Wine Merchants
Connollys Upholstery
Connor Road
Conrad Close (B12)
Consilium Legal
Consolidated Stainless Recycling
Consort Crescent
Consort Drive
Consort House
Consort Road (B30)
Constable Close
Constance Avenue (B70)
Constance Road (B5)
Constantine Lane
Constantine Way
Constitution Heights
Constitution Hill
Constitution Hill (B4100)
Constitution Hill (B4100) (B19)
Constitution Hill (B4100) (B4)
Constitution Hill East
Constitution Warehouse
Construction Profiles
Construction: an allegory
Consulate General of India
Consulate of Ireland
Consulate of Pakistan
Consulate Travel
Contact Lens Practice
Continental Bazar
Continental Chef Indian Takeaway
Contour Business Interiors
Controlled Heat Treatments
Convent Close
Conway Avenue
Conway Avenue (B32)
Conway Close
Conway Close (B90)
Conway Crescent
Conway Drive (B65)
Conway Grove
Conway Precision Engineering Group Ltd
Conway Primary School
Conway Road
Conway Road (B11)
Conway Road (B90)
Conwy Close
Conybere Street (B12)
Conyers Packaging
Conygre Centre
Conyworth Close (B27)
Coogee Nursery School
Cook Avenue (DY2)
Cook Close
Cook Road
Cook Street
Cooke Brothers
Cooke Street
Cookes Croft
Cookesley Close
Cookley Close (B63)
Cookley Way
Cooknell Drive
Cooks Collection
Cooks Lane
Cooksey Lane (B44)
Cooksey Road
Cooksey Road (B10)
Cookspiece Walk
Cool Trader
Coolmetal Ltd
Coombe Croft
Coombe Hill
Coombe Road
Coombe Road (B20)
Coombes Bridge
Coombes Lane (B31)
Coombs Road (A4099)
Coombs Wood Business Centre
Coombs Wood cricket ground
Coombs Wood Sports & Social Club
Coombs Wood Sports and Social Club
Coombswood Way
Coop Pharmacy
Cooper & Jordan C of E School
Cooper & Jordan Sports Field
Cooper Avenue
Cooper Close
Cooper Street
Cooper's Bank Road
Cooperative Travel
Coopers Arms
Coopers Bank Road
Coopers Lane
Coopers Road (B20)
Cope Street
Cope Street (B18)
Copeley Hill (B23)
Copes Crescent
Cophall Street
Cophams Close (B92)
Copier Maintenance
Coplow Cottages
Coplow Street (B16)
Coplow Terrace
Copnor Grove (B26)
Coppenhall Grove
Copper Beech Drive
Copper Beech gardens (B20)
Copperbeech Close (B32)
Copperbeech Drive (B12)
Copperbeech Grove
Coppice & Langley School
Coppice Ash Croft
Coppice Avenue
Coppice Close
Coppice Close (B24)
Coppice Close (DY5)
Coppice Drive (B27)
Coppice Farm Fish & Chips
Coppice Farm Way
Coppice Garden Centre
Coppice Gardens
Coppice Hollow
Coppice Junior School
Coppice Lane
Coppice Lane (DY5)
Coppice Performing Arts School
Coppice Rise
Coppice Rise (DY5)
Coppice Road
Coppice Road (B13)
Coppice Road (B92)
Coppice School with Rainbows Nursery
Coppice Street
Coppice View Road (B73)
Copplestone Close
Coppy Hall Grove
Copse Close
Copse Close (B31)
Copse Crescent
Copse Road (DY2)
Copson Close (B70)
Copston Grove
Copt Heath Croft
Copt Heath Drive
Copt Heath Drive (B93)
Copt Heath Golf Club
Copthall Road (B21)
Copthorne Hotel
Copthorne Hotel Merry Hill Dudley
Copthorne Road
Copthorne Road (B44)
Coptic Orthodox Church of St Mary and St Antony
Copy Shop Services
Coralin Close
Corbett Crescent
Corbett Road
Corbett Road (DY5)
Corbett Street
Corbridge Avenue (B44)
Corbridge Road (B73)
Corbyn Road
Corbyn Road (B9)
Corbyns Close
Corbyns Hall Lane
Corbyns Hall Road
Cordley Street
Core Assets
Corfe Close
Corfe Close (B32)
Corfe Drive
Corfe Road
Corfton Drive
Coriander Close
Corinne Close (B45)
Corinne Croft
Corisande Road
Corley Avenue
Corley Close
Corley Close (B90)
Corn Hill
Corn Mill Close
Corn Mill Close (B76)
Cornbrook Road
Cornbury Grove (B90)
Cornbury Grove (B91)
Corncrake Close (B72)
Corncrake Drive
Corncrake Road
Cornel Close (B37)
Corner Café
Corner Fortyseven
Corner Hair Cutting Wajid's
Corner House Hotel
Corner Shop barbers
Cornerstone Coffee shop
Cornfield Close
Cornfield Croft
Cornfield Croft (B76)
Cornfield Drive
Cornfield Road
Cornfield Road (B76)
Cornfield (WV8)
Cornfields Close
Cornflower Crescent
Corngreaves Walk
Corngreaves Nature Reserve
Corngreaves Primary School
Corngreaves Road
Cornhill Grove
Cornmill Close
Corns Grove
Corns Street
Cornwall Avenue
Cornwall Avenue (B68)
Cornwall Buildings
Cornwall Chambers
Cornwall Close
Cornwall Gate
Cornwall House
Cornwall Place
Cornwall Road
Cornwall Road (B20)
Cornwall Street (B3)
Cornwallis Road (B70)
Cornwell Close
Cornwood Lane
Cornyx Lane (B91)
Cornyx Lane Newsagent
Coronation Avenue
Coronation Gardens
Coronation Road
Coronation Road (B29)
Coronation Road Play Centre
Coronation Youth and Community Centre
Coroner's Court
Cororate Wear
Corporatewear UK
Corporation Road
Corporation Street
Corporation Street (B2)
Corporation Street (B4)
Corporation Street West
Corpus Christi
Corpus Christi Catholic Primary School
Corrie Croft
Corrin Grove
Corron Hill
Corser Street
Corsican Close
Corus Hotel
Corve Gardens
Corve View (DY3)
Corvedale Road
Corville Gardens (B26)
Corville Road (B62)
Corwen Croft
Cory Croft
Coseley Cricket Club
Coseley Hall Drive
Coseley Library
Coseley News Wins & Food Store
Coseley Post Office
Coseley Road
Coseley War Memorial
Cosford Crescent
Cosford Drive
Cosgrove Walk
Cosmetics R Us
Cossington Road (B23)
Cost Cutter
Costa Coffee
Costa Del Sol
Costco Birmingham
Costock Close
Costume department
Cosy Club
Cosy Coffee Company
Cosyll Gardens
Cot Lane
Cotford Road (B14)
Cotheridge Close (B90)
Cotleigh Grove (B43)
Cotman Close
Coton Grove (B90)
Coton Lane (B23)
Coton Road
Cotsdale Road
Cotswold Close
Cotswold Court
Cotswold Croft (B63)
Cotswold Grove
Cotswold Road
Cotswold Road (DY8)
Cottage Barbers
Cottage Close
Cottage Fireplaces
Cottage Gardens
Cottage Inn
Cottage Lane
Cottage Lane (B76)
Cottage Spring
Cottage Street
Cottage Walk
Cotteridge Community Orchard
Cotteridge Glass & Glazing
Cotteridge Junior and Infant School
Cotteridge Road (B30)
Cotterills Avenue
Cotterills Lane
Cotterills Lane (B8)
Cotterills Road
Cottesbrook Infant School & Nursery
Cottesbrook Junior School
Cottesbrook Road (B27)
Cottesfield Close
Cottesmore Close
Cottle Close
Cotton Lane (B13)
Cottrell Street
Cottrells Close
Cottrells Mews
Cottsmeadow Drive
Cottsmeadow Drive (B8)
Cotwall End Local Nature Reserve
Cotwall End Primary School
Cotwall End Road
Cotwall End Valley Local Nature Reserve
Cotysmore Road
Couchman Road
Council House
Council House Extension
Council Offices
Counterfield Drive
Countess Drive
Countess Street
Country Park View (B76)
Countrywide Electrical Services Ltd
County Bridge Primary School
County Close
County Drive
County Hotel
County Lane
County Park Avenue
County Sports Hagley
Court Crescent
Court Driveway
Court Farm Primary School
Court Farm Road
Court Farm Way
Court Lane
Court Oak Grove (B32)
Court Oak Methodist Church
Court Oak Pub
Court Oak Road (A4123)
Court Oak Road (A4123) (B32)
Court Passage
Court Road
Court Road (B11)
Court Road (B12)
Court Street
Courtain Room
Courtenay Gardens
Courtenay Road (B44)
Courtier Cuts
Courtland Road
Courtlands Close
Courtney Co
Courtson Engineering
Courtway Avenue (B14)
Courtyard Centre
Cousins Distribuion Center
Cousins Head Office
Cousins Street
Couture Hair
Coveley Grove (B18)
Coven Grove
Covent Garden
Coventry Building Society
Coventry Road
Coventry Road (B10)
Coventry Road (B26)
Coventry Road (B4117)
Coventry Road (B4128)
Coventry Road (B92)
Coventry Street
Coventry Street (B5)
Cover Croft (B76)
Coverack Road
Coverdale Road
Coverdale Road (B92)
Covered Wagon
Coversure Insurance
Covert Lane
Cowdrey Close
Cowles Croft (B25)
Cowley Close
Cowley Close (B36)
Cowley Drive
Cowley Drive (B27)
Cowley Grove (B11)
Cowley Road (B11)
Cowper Close
Cowslip Close
Cowslip Close (B38)
Cox Opticians
Cox Road
Cox Street (B3)
Cox's Cranes
Cox's Lane
Cox's Tyre Services
Coxcroft Avenue (DY5)
Coxmoor Close
Coxwell Avenue
Coxwell Gardens (B16)
Coyne Close
Coyne Road
Cozy Carpets
CPD Distribution
Crab Lane
Crab Mill Close
Crabbe Street
Crabmill Close
Crabmill Farm
Crabmill Lane
Crabourne Road (DY2)
Crabtree Close
Crabtree Drive (B37)
Crabtree Hall
Crabtree Road
Crackley Way
Craddock Road
Craddock Street
Craddocks Nurseries
Cradley C of E Primary School
Cradley Café
Cradley Community Centre
Cradley Croft (B21)
Cradley Fields (B63)
Cradley Forge (B4174)
Cradley Fryer
Cradley Heath
Cradley Heath and Old Hill Childrren's Centre
Cradley Heath Army Store
Cradley Heath Community Centre
Cradley Heath DIY
Cradley Heath Liberal Club
Cradley Heath Library
Cradley Heath Newsagents
Cradley Heath Workers' Institute
Cradley Labour Club
Cradley Liberal Club
Cradley Library
Cradley Park Road (DY2)
Cradley Road (B4173)
Cradley Yamaha
Cradock Road
Craftmaster Paints Ltd
Craig Croft
Crail Grove
Cramlington Road (B42)
Cramnore Close
Cramp Hill
Cranbourne Avenue
Cranbourne Close
Cranbourne Grove (B44)
Cranbourne Place
Cranbourne Road (B44)
Cranbourne Road (DY8)
Cranbrook Grove
Cranbrook Road (B21)
Cranbrook Way (B90)
Cranby Street
Crane & Dragon
Crane Care
Crane Road
Crane Terrace
Craneberry Road
Cranehouse Road (B44)
Cranemoor Close
Cranes Park Fish Bar
Cranes Park Road
Cranes Park Road (B26)
Cranesbill Road
Cranfield Grove (B26 2LR)
Cranfield Place
Cranford Grove
Cranford Road
Cranford Street (B4135)
Cranford Way
Cranham Drive
Cranhill Close (B92)
Crankhall Lane
Cranky's Drop Tower
Cranleigh Close
Cranleigh Place (B44)
Cranmer Avenue
Cranmer Court
Cranmer Grove (B74)
Cranmer Methodist Church
Cranmere Avenue
Cranmere Court
Cranmoor Crescent
Cranmore Avenue (B21)
Cranmore Avenue (B90)
Cranmore Boulevard
Cranmore Boulevard (B90)
Cranmore Boulevard (B91)
Cranmore Café
Cranmore Drive
Cranmore Fish Bar
Cranmore Garage
Cranmore Guest House
Cranmore Infant School and Nursery
Cranmore Place
Cranmore Road (B36)
Cranmore Road (B90)
Cransley Grove
Crantock Close
Crantock Gardens
Crantock Road (B42)
Cranwell Green
Cranwell Grove (B24)
Cranwell Way
Crathorne Avenue
Craufurd Street
Craven Heights
Craven Street
Crawford Avenue
Crawford Road
Crawford Street (B8)
Crawley Walk
Crawshaws Road
Crayford Road (B44)
Craythorne Avenue (B20)
Crazy Bertie Bus
Crazy Cards
Creation Climbing Centre
Creation Motorsport
Creative Hair Studio
Creative Plants Ltd
Creative Watch Co.
Crecy Close (B76)
Credenda Road
Credit Crunchers
Credit Union
Creed Way
Cregoe Street (B15)
Cremore Avenue (B8)
Cremorne Road
Cremorne Walk
Crendon Road
Crepe Affaire
Crepe Station Cafe
Crescent Arcade
Crescent Avenue
Crescent Road
Crescent Road (A462)
Crescent Silver
Crescoe Motor Company
Cressage Avenue (B31)
Cressett Avenue
Cressett Lane
Cresswell Crescent
Cresswell Grove (B24)
Cressy Close
Crest Healthcare
Crest View
Crest View (B14)
Cresta Hairdressing
Crestwood Drive (B44)
Crestwood Glen
Creswell Court
Creswell Road (B28)
Creswick Grove
Creswick Grove (B45)
Crew Road
Crewe Drive
Creynolds Lane
Crick Lane (B20)
Cricket Meadow
Cricket Meadow (DY3)
Cricketers Arms
Cricketers Meadow
Cricklewood Drive
Crimmond Rise
Crimpers International
Crimscote Close
Crimscote Close (B90)
Cripps Road
Crock "o" gold
Crockett Street
Crocketts Avenue (B21)
Crocketts Community Primary School
Crocketts Lane
Crocketts Lane Primary School and Nursery(closed)
Crocketts Road (B21)
Crockford Drive (B75)
Crockford Road
Crocus Crescent
Croft Close (B25)
Croft Community Primary School
Croft Down Road
Croft Lane
Croft News
Croft Parade
Croft Road (B26)
Croft Street
Croftdown Road
Croftdown Road (B17)
Crofters Close (DY8)
Crofters Court
Crofters Lane
Crofton Gardens
Crofts & Assinder Ltd
Croftwood Road
Cromane Square
Cromdale Drive (B63)
Crome Road
Cromer Gardens
Cromer Road
Cromer Road Centre Longmore House
Crompton Avenue (B20)
Crompton Close
Crompton Road
Crompton Road (B20)
Crompton Road (B45)
Cromwell Close
Cromwell Drive (DY2)
Cromwell Lane
Cromwell Lane (B31)
Cromwell Primary School
Cromwell Road
Cromwell Street
Crondal Place
Cronehills Linkway
Crook Lane
Crooked House Lane
Crookham Close (B17)
Crookhay Lane
Croome Close
Cropredy Road
Cropthorne Court
Cropthorne Drive
Cropthorne Drive (B47)
Cropthorne Gardens
Cropthorne Road (B90)
Crosbie Road
Crosby Close
Crosby Close (B1)
Crosby Court
Cross Close
Cross Farm Road
Cross Farm Road (B17)
Cross Farms Lane
Cross Key Close
Cross Keys
Cross Lane
Cross Lane (B43)
Cross Place
Cross Street
Cross Street (B21)
Cross Street (B63)
Cross Street (DY8)
Cross Street North
Cross Street South
Cross Synnott
Cross Walks
Crossfield Road
Crossfield Way
Crossgate Road
Crossland Crescent
Crossley Street
Crossman Close
Crossmatch Forklift Training Academy
Crossover Café
Crosswalks Road
Crossway Lane (B44)
Crossways Green (B44)
Crosswell's Garage
Crosswell's Garage Courtyard
Crosswells Road (B4182) (B68)
Crowberry Lane
Crowesbridge Mews
Crowhurst Road
Crowhurst Road (B31)
Crowle Drive
Crown & Anchor
Crown and Cushion
Crown Avenue (B20)
Crown Butchers
Crown Carpet & Bed Centre
Crown Close
Crown Close (B65)
Crown Court
Crown Decorating Centre
Crown Glass West Midlands Ltd
Crown House
Crown Jules
Crown Lane
Crown Paints
Crown Road
Crown Street
Crown Take-Away
Crown Walk
Crown Works Crescent (B90)
Crowne Plaza Hotel
Crownmeadow Drive
Crownoakes Drive
Crows Nest Close (B76)
Crowther Gardens
Crowther Grove
Crowther Road
Crowther Road (B23)
Crowther Street
Croxall Way
Croxdene Avenue
Croxley Gardens
Croxstalls Avenue
Croxstalls Close
Croxstalls Place
Croxstalls Road
Croxton Grove (B33)
Croy Drive
Croyde Avenue (B42)
Croydon Road
Croydon Road (B29)
Crumbs Sandwich Bar
Crusader Close (B69)
Crushed Cars
Crutchley Avenue
Crychan Close
Cryersoak Close
Crystal Car Care
Crystal Chain
Crystal Drive
Crystal Leisure Centre
Crystal Plaza Banqueting Suite
Crystal Suite
CTV and Video Services
Cube Productions
Cubley Road (B28)
Cucina Rustica
Cuckoo Bridge (B4137)
Cuckoo Close
Cuckoo Road
Cuckoo Road (B4137)
Cuckoo Road (B4137) (B7)
Cuckoo Wharf
Cudmore & Co
Cuin Road
Culey Green Way (B26)
Culey Grove (B33)
Culey Walk
Culford Drive
Culham Close (B27)
Culmington Road
Culmore Close
Culmore Road
Culverhouse Drive
Culverley Crescent
Culvert Way
Culwell Street
Culwick Street
Cumberford Avenue (B33)
Cumberland Avenue
Cumberland Close
Cumberland Drive
Cumberland Road
Cumberland Street
Cumberland Walk (B75)
Cumbria Way
Cumbrian Croft
Cumbrian Croft (B63)
Cunningham Road
Cupcake Lane
Cupfields Avenue
Cupfields Crescent
Curall Lewis & Martin Construction Ltd.
Curbar Road (B42)
Curdale Road
Curdworth Lane
Curdworth Post Office and Convenience Store
Curdworth Primary School
Cure Hair
Curiosity Crescent
Curious Pets
Curlews Close
Curral Lewis & Martin (Construction) Ltd.
Curral Road
Curry Express
Curry Garden
Curry in a Hurry
Curry Leaf
Curry N Grill House
Curry Queen
Currys PC World
Currys PC World Superstore
Currys/PC World Black
Curtain Centre
Curtain Expert
Curtin Drive
Curtis Close
Curzon Gateway
Curzon Street
Curzon Street (B4)
Customer Party Banners
Customer Services
Customer Services Desk
Cut & Shine Barbers
Cut 'n' Dry
Cut Cool Barbers
Cut Price Discount Stores
Cut Price Food
Cute Eyes & Brows
Cuthbert Road (B18)
Cutler Street
Cutlers Rough Close (B31)
Cutsdean Close (B31)
Cutshill Close (B36)
Cutting and Wedling Supplies
Cutting Crew
Cutting Edge Fencing
Cuttle Bridge Inn
Cuttle Mill Carp Fishery
Cuttle Mill Lane
Cuttle Pool Lane
Cutworth Close (B76)
Cuxson Gerrard
CWG Choices Ltd
CWU Birmingham Amal Branch
Cyber Candy
Cycle Chain
Cycle Republic
Cycle Track
Cycles Direct
Cygnet Close
Cygnet Court
Cygnet Grove (B23)
Cygnet Lane
Cygnet Road
Cypress Avenue
Cypress Gardens
Cypress Gardens (B74)
Cypress Grove
Cypress Nursery
Cypress Road
Cypress Road (DY2)
Cypress Square (B27)
Cypress Way
Cyprus Close
Cyprus Fish Bar
Cyprus Street
Cyril Road
Côte Brasserie

D & B Handbags
D & B Wine Stores
D. & P. Watson Ltd
D B Fencing
D M Taxi Repairs
D T Autos
D Wadsworth Leather Goods
D&A Steering Ltd
D&G Motor Accident
D&M Jewellery Ltd
D'Eyncourt Primary School
D'Eyncourt Road
D'Urberville Road
D5 Architects LLP
Da Costa Wine Store
Da Gino
Da Vinci's
Dace Crown
Dace Road
Dacer Close
Dad Awards
Dad's Lane (B13)
Dad's Lane Fish Bar and Restaurant
Dadford View
Daffodil Close
Daffodil Place
Daffodil Road
Daffodil Way
Dagger Lane (B71)
Dagnall Road (B27)
Dahlia Close
Daily Mail
Daimler Close (B36)
Daimler Road (B14)
Dainton Grove (B32)
Dairy Close
Dairy Court
Dairy Way
Daisy Bank Close
Daisy Bank Crescent
Daisy Chain Day Nursery
Daisy Drive
Daisy Drive (B23)
Daisy Farm Road
Daisy Farm Road (B14)
Daisy Meadow
Daisy Road
Daisy Street (B4163)
Daisy Walk
Dakota Apartments
Dakota Buildings
Dalbeg Close
Dalbury Road (B28)
Dalby Road
Dale Close
Dale Close (B43)
Dale End
Dale End (B4)
Dale House
Dale Road
Dale Road (DY8)
Dale Street
Dale Terrace (B69)
Dale Walk
Dalecote Avenue (B92)
Dales Close
Dales Lane
Dalesman Close
Daleswood Farm
Daleswood Park
Daleview Road (B14)
Dalewood Croft (B26)
Dalewood Road
Daley Close
Daley Road
Dalkeith Road (B73)
Dalkeith Street
Dallas Road (B23)
Dallimore Close (B92)
Dalloo Internet Café
Dalloway Close (B5)
Dalmuir Road
Dalston Close
Dalston Road (B27)
Dalton Pharmacies Ltd
Dalton Road
Dalton Street
Dalton Street (B4)
Dalton Way
Dalvine News
Dalvine Road (DY2)
Dalwood Close
Dam Mill Close
Dama Road
Daman & Sandhu Buildings
Damar Croft (B14)
Damas Hair & Beauty
Damian Close
Damson Close
Damson Grove (B92)
Damson Lane
Damson Lane (B91)
Damson Lane (B92)
Damson Parkway
Damson Wharf (DY4)
Damson Wood Infant school
Damsonwood Indian Takeaway
Dan-shy (Hd
Danbury Close (B76)
Danbury Gardens
Danbury Road (B90)
Danby Grove
Dando Road
Dandy Bank Road
Dandy's Walk
Dane Grove
Dane Terrace
Danesbury Crescent (B44)
Danescourt Road
Daneswood Drive
Daneways Close
Danford Close
Danford Gardens
Danford Lane
Danford Lane (B91)
Danford Road
Danford Way (B43)
Dangerfield Lane
Daniel Footwear
Daniel's Bistro
Daniels Lane
Daniels Road (B9)
Danks Street
Danks Way
Danyaal Kebab House
Danzey Green Road (B36)
Danzey Grove
DAPA Interior Design
Dar Al Hajra
Dar Ul Irfan
Dar Us Salaam Masjid
Darby Close
Darby End Road
Darby End Senior Citizens & Social Club
Darby Hand Chapel
Darby Road
Darby Street (B65)
Darbys Hill Road (B69)
Darbys Way
Dare Road (B23)
Darell Croft (B76)
Daren Close
Daren Close (B36)
Darfield Walk
Dark Lane
Dark Lane Motors
Darkhouse Baptist Church
Darkhouse Lane
Darlaston Green
Darlaston Lane (U99)
Darlaston Library
Darlaston Police Station
Darlaston Post Office
Darlaston Recreation Ground
Darlaston Road (A4038)
Darlaston Road (A462)
Darlaston Swimming Baths
Darlaston Town Hall
Darley Avenue
Darley Drive
Darley House
Darley Way
Darleydale Avenue (B44)
Darlington News
Darlington Street
Darlington Street Methodist Church
Darnel Croft
Darnel Hurst Road
Darnford Close (B28)
Darnford Close (B72)
Darnick Road (B73)
Darnley Road
Darris Road (B29)
Dart Street (B9)
Dartford Road
Dartmoor Close
Dartmouth Avenue
Dartmouth Avenue (DY8 5PR)
Dartmouth Boarding House
Dartmouth Close
Dartmouth Crescent
Dartmouth Drive
Dartmouth Golf Club
Dartmouth Park Pavilion
Dartmouth Park War Memorial
Dartmouth Place
Dartmouth Road
Dartmouth Road (B29)
Dartmouth Road (B66)
Dartmouth Street
Darul Barukaut Mosque
Darul Uloom Islamic High School
Darvel Road
Darwall Street
Darwin Place
Darwin Road
Darwin Street (B12)
Dassett Grove
Dassett Road
Data Scan
Dauntsey Covert (B14)
Dave Homecare
Dave Wines
Dave's Cycles
Dave's Deli
Dave's Fruit & Veg Stall
Davena Drive
Davena Grove
Davenport Drive
Davenport Drive (B35)
Davenport Road
Daventry Grove
Daves Gents Hairdressing
Davey Road

david aitchinson

David Alexander
David Anthony
David Cox Court
David Harman Drive
David James
David Lloyd
David Lloyd Solihull
David Lloyds
David Peacock Close
David Richards Hair
David Road
David Road (B20)
David Rouen
David Withers
David Wright Opticians
David's Way
Davies Avenue
Davies House
Davis Avenue
Davis Grove (B25)
Davis Memorials
Davis Road
Davison Road (B67)
Davran Ltd
Davroy Contracts
Davy Engineering
Davy Road
Daw End
Daw End (B4154)
Daw End Lane (B4154)
Daw End Methodist Church
Dawat Balti
Dawberry Close (B14)
Dawberry Fields Road (B14)
Dawberry Road
Dawberry Road (B14)
Dawes Avenue (B70)
Dawley Brook Road
Dawley Close
Dawley Crescent
Dawley Road
Dawlish Road
Dawlish Road (B29)
Dawlish Road (DY1)
Dawn Close
Dawn Drive
Dawn Road (B31)
Dawn Till Dusk
Dawney Drive
Dawney Drive (B75)
Dawns Hair
Dawnus Construction Holdings Ltd
Dawood's Day Nursery
Dawson Avenue
Dawson Road (B21)
Dawson Square
Dawson Street
Dawson Street (B66)
Day Avenue
Day Centre
Day House Bank
Day In Supermarket
Day Street (B4210)
Day Surgery
Dayah Cafe
Dayhouse Bank
Dayhouse Farm
Daylesford Infant School
Daylesford Road (B92)
Dayus Square
Dazzling Dogs
Dazzling Dreams GB
DB Property Centre
DBM Darlaston Builders Metrchants
DBP Body Panels
D.C. Michael Swindells memorial
DC Nails & Beauty
DCE Exhibiitons


De Havilland Drive (B35)
De La Creme
De Lamere Road
De Maines of Moseley
De Marnham Close
De Montfort Mews
De Moram Grove
De Moram Grove (B91)
De Moram Grove (B92)
De Somerly House
Deaf Cultural Centre
Deakin Road
Deakin's Hair & Beauty
Deakins Road
Deakins Road (B25)
Deal Drive
Deal Grove (B31)
Dean Close
Dean Close (B72)
Dean Close (DY8)
Dean Ferguson
Dean Harper
Dean Road
Dean Road (B23)
Dean Street
Dean Street (DY3)
Dean's Road
Deanbrook Close (B90)
Deanery Row
Deans Gate
Deans Place
Deans Road
Deansfield High School
Deansfield Road
Deansford Lane
Deansley Centre
Dearman Road (B11)
Dearmont Road
Dearne Court
Deb 'n' Hair
Debbie's Diner
Debenham Crescent (B25)
Debenham Road (B25)
Deblen Drive (B16)
Deborah Close


Decorations 4 U
Decorative Gates
Decorative Railings
Dee Grove
Dee Road
Deelands Road
Deeley Close
Deeley Drive
Deeley Place
Deeley Street
Deen Corner Stores
Deens Café
Deepdale Avenue (B26)
Deepdale Lane
Deeper Life Bible Church
Deeplow Close
Deepmoor Road
Deepmore Avenue
Deepwood Close
Deepwood Grove (B32)
Deer Close
Deer Park Drive
Deer Park Gardens (B63)
Deer Park Road
Deer Park Way
Deerham Close (B23)
Deerhurst Road (B20)
Deers Leap
Deers Way
Deerstalker Square
Deez Motors
Defence Infrastructure Organisation
Defford Avenue
Defford Drive
Deichman Shoes
Deighton Road
Del Caffe
Del Villaggio
Delamere Close
Delamere Drive
Delamere Road (B28)
Delancey Keep (B75)
Delhi Eatery
Delhurst Avenue
Delhurst Road (B44)
Deli Heaven
Deli n' Shake
Deli Pizza
Delia Catering Equipment
Delice de France
Delingpole Walk
Delivery Area A
Delivery Area E
Delivery Entry D
Dell Farm Close
Dell Road
Dell Road (B30)
Dell Road Gospel Hall
Della Drive
Dellows Close (B38)
Delmore Way (B76)
Delph Drive
Delph Lane
Delph Road (B4172)
Delphinium Close
Delrene Road
Delrene Road (B90)
Delta Bargain Bikes
Delta Pi
Delta Pi Office Equipment
Delta Wines
Delton Electric
Delux Decortator Centre
Delves Baptist Church
Delves Crescent
Delves Green Road
Delves Infant & Nursery School
Delves Road
Delville Road
Demuth Way
Denaby Grove (B14)
Denbigh Close
Denbigh Crescent
Denbigh Drive
Denbigh Street
Denby Close
Denby Croft (B90)
Dencer Close
Dencil Close (B63)
Dendron Close (WV10 9AY)
Dene Avenue
Dene Court Road (B92)
Dene Croft
Dene Hollow (B13)
Dene Road
Dene Road (DY8)
Denegate Close (B76)
Denewood Avenue (B20)
Denford Grove (B14)
Denham Gardens
Denham Road (B27)
Denholm Road (B73)
Denholme Grove
Denise Drive
Denise Drive (B37)
Denleigh Road
Denmark Close
Denmead Drive
Denmore Gardens
Dennings Home, Garden & DIY
Dennis Hall Road
Dennis R Walker (Insurances)
Dennis Road (B12)
Dennis Street
Denshaw Road
Denstone Gardens
Dental Surgery
Denton Grove
Denton Road
Denver Road (B14)
Denville Close
Denville Crescent
Deplh Autoserve
Depot Climbing
Derby Avenue
Derby Drive
Derby House
Derby Street
Derby Street (B9)
Dereham Close
Dereham Walk
Derek Ball Motor Engineer
Derek Spires
Dereton Close
Deritend Fish and Chips
Derron Avenue (B26)
Derry Close (B17)
Derry Street
Derrydown Close
Derrydown Road (B42)
Derwent Close
Derwent Grove
Derwent House
Derwent Road
Desco Lounge
Desford Avenue (B42)
Desi Boutique
Desi Foods Kebab House
Desi Khana Buffet
Desi Masala
Desi Roti & Karahi House
Desi Taka Tak
Design 2000
Design Centre
Designer Bathrooms
Designer Hair & Beauty


Designz Hair Studio
Desire by Debenhams
Desmond's Barber Shop
Destination Skin
Dettonford Road (B32)
DEU News and Wine
Deutsche Evangelische Gemeinde Birmingham
Devereux Close (B36)
Devereux Road
Devereux Road (B70)
Devey Drive
Devey Road
Devine Croft
Devitts Close
Devon Close
Devon Crescent
Devon House
Devon Road
Devon Street (B7)
Devon Way
Devonshire Arms
Devonshire Avenue (B18)
Devonshire Drive
Devonshire Drive (B71)
Devonshire House
Devonshire Infant and Junior Schools
Devonshire Road
Devonshire Road (B20)
Devonshire Street (B18)
Devonshire Villas
Devoran Close
Dewberry Drive
Dewberry Road
Dewhurst Croft
Dewsbury Close
Dewsbury Drive
Dewsbury Grove
Dex Jeans
Dey Mercedes Benz
Dey Mercedes Benz Specialist
DEY Mercedes Specialist
Deykin Avenue
Deykin Avenue (B6)
Deykin Avenue Junior & Infant School
Deykin Avenue Junior and Infant School
DFC Chicken
DG Mutual
DGN Design
DH Business Advisors & Bashir Associates
Dhami Wines
Dheli 6
Dhillon's Drink Stop
DIA Bus Route 122
DIA Bus Route 4H
DIA Bus Route 54
DIA Bus Route 54A
DIA Bus Route 55
Dial Close
Dial Lane
Diamond Banqueting Suite
Diamond Bus Route 30
Diamond Bus Route S3
Diamond Computers
Diamond Dezigns
Diamond Heaven
Diamond Park Drive
Diamond Route 82
Diamond's Bodyrepairs
Diamondz & Pearlz
Diana Close
Diane Close
Diane Lawson
Dibble Close
Dibble Road
Dibdale Road
Dibdale Road West
Dibdale Street
Dice Pleck
Dick Shepherd Avenue
Dick Sheppard Avenue
Dicken's Bridge
Dickens Close
Dickens Heath
Dickens Heath Community Primary School
Dickens Heath Library
Dickens Heath Local Nature Reserve
Dickens Heath Road
Dickens Heath Village Church
Dickens Heath Village Hall
Dickens Manor
Dickens Road
Dickenson Avenue
Dickinson Avenue
Dickinson Drive (B76)
Dickinson Road
Diddington Avenue (B28)
Didgley Grove
Diesel's Locomotion Mayhem
Digbeth Auto Repair
Digbeth (B4100) (B5)
Digbeth (B5)
Digbeth Court Business Centre
Digbeth in the Field
Digbeth Police Station
Digbeth Snooker Club & Sports Cafe
Digby Crescent
Digby Drive
Digby Road
Digby Walk
Digby's Café
Digital Office IT
Digital Village
Dilke Road
Dilloways Lane
Dilon News
Dilshad International
Dilshad Tandoori and Balti Resturant
Dilshah Fashions
Dimmingsdale Bank
Dimmock Street
Dimmocks Avenue (WV14)
Dimsdale Grove (B31)
Dimsdale Road (B31)
Dingle Avenue (B64)
Dingle Close
Dingle Close (DY2)
Dingle Hollow (B69)
Dingle Lane
Dingle Lane (B91)
Dingle Road
Dingle Road (DY2)
Dingle Street
Dingle View
Dingley Bells
Dingley Road
Dingley's Passage (B4)
Dinham Gardens
Dinmore Avenue
Dino Trail
Dino's Pizza
Dip Pen
Diplomats Barista
Dippons Drive
Dippons Mill Close
Direct Auto
Direct Carpets
Direct Corporate Clothing
Direct Discount
Direct Line House
Direct MOT Centre
Direct Motor Bodies Ltd
Direct Security Systems
Direct Source 3
Directorate for People
Dirtyfoot Lane
Disabled Parking
Disco Chicken Box
Discount 2000
Discount Carpet Centre
Discount Gold & Silver Jewellery
Discount Radio & Watch Co
Discount Wines- Drinks Express
Discover Thomas & Friends Exhibition
Discovery Center
Discovery House
Discovery Way
Discovery Way (DY1)
Dispharma Ltd
Distinctive Flags & Poles
Ditta Drive
Ditton Grove (B31)
Diva Dancewear
Divya Group Centre
Dixi Chicken
Dixon Close
Dixon Close (B35)
Dixon Court
Dixon Road (B10)
Dixon Street
Dixons Green
Dixons Green Methodist Church
Dixons Green Road (B4171)
Dixons Lettings
Dixons Travel
Dixy Chicken
Dixy Chicken & Pizza
DJ Tech Direct
D.L. Bessant Pattern Co
D.M. Roberts Repairs
DMX Productions
Do Drop In Cafe
Dobbins Oak Road
Dobbs Mill Close (B29)
Dobbs Street
Doc Barnet
Dock Lane
Dock Meadow Drive
Dock Road
Dockar Road
Doctor's Piece
Doctors Hill
Documotive Ltd
Doddington Green Children's Centre
Doddington Grove
Dodford Close
Doe Bank Bridge
Doe Bank Lane
Doe Bank Road
Dog & Lamppost
Dog & Partridge
Dog and Doublet Inn
Dog and Gun
Dog and Partridge
Dog Kennel Lane
Dog Kennel Lane (B4182) (B68)
Dog Kennel Lane (B63)
Dog Kennel Lane Post Office
Dogge Lane Croft (B27)
Dogpool Lane
Dogpool Lane (B29)
Dogpool Lane (B30)
Doidge Road (B23)
Dollery Drive
Dollis Grove (B44)
Dollman Street
Dollond & Aitchison
Dolman Road (B6)
Dolobran Road
Dolphin Close
Dolphin Fish Bar
Dolphin Fish bar
Dolphin Lane
Dolphin Lane (B27)
Dolphin Road (B11)
Dolphin Twins Fish Bar
Dolton Way
Domain Hairdressing
Dominic Drive
Dominion Real Estate Services
Domino's Pizza
Domino's Pizza - Aldridge
Don Close
Don Diego
Don Guest and Son
Don's Café
Doncaster Way (B36)
Donegal Road (B74)
Donibristle Croft
Donibristle Croft (B35)
Donna's Pantry
Donnington Court
Donovan Drive (B73)
Donya Bakery
Dooley Close
Dora Herbert Court
Dora Road
Dora Road (B21)
Dora Street
Doran Close
Doranda Way
Dorchester Close
Dorchester Court
Dorchester Drive (B17)
Dorchester Road
Dorchester Road (B91)
Dordale Close
Dordale Road
Dordon Close (B90)
Doreen Grove (B24)
Dorgrove Flooring
Doris Road
Doris Road (B11)
Dorlcote Road
Dormie Close (B38)
Dormington Road (B44)
Dormston Close
Dormston Drive
Dormston School
Dormy Drive
Dormy Hotel
Dorncliffe Avenue (B33)
Dornie Drive
Dornton Road
Dorothy Adams Close (B64)
Dorothy Gardens
Dorothy Pattison Hospital
Dorothy Perkins
Dorothy Road
Dorothy Road (B11)
Dorothy Street
Dorothys Gate
Dorridge Auto
Dorridge Gate
Dorrington Green (B42)
Dorrington Primary School
Dorrington Road (B42)
Dorset Close
Dorset Drive
Dorset Road
Dorsett Place
Dorsett Road
Dorsett Road Terrace
Dorsheath Gardens (B23)
Dorsington Road (B27)
Dorstone Covert (B14)
Dorville Close (B38)
Dorwingear Ltd
Dosa Village
Douay Road
Double Row
Double Take Studios
Double Tree Hotel
Doughnut Theatre
Douglas Road
Douglas Avenue
Douglas Avenue (B36)
Douglas Convenience Store
Douglas Davies Close
Douglas Place
Douglas Road
Douglas Road (B21)
Douglas Road (B27)
Douglas Road (B68)
Douglas Road (B72)
Douglass Road
Doulton Brook
Doulton Close
Doulton Drive
Doulton Road
Doulton Road (B65)
Doulton's Claypit
Dove Close
Dove Close (B25)
Dove Drive
Dove Gardens (B38)
Dove of Peace
Dove Ridge
Dove Way
Dovebridge Close (B76)
Dovecote Close
Dovecote Close (B91)
Dovecotes Primary School
Dovedale Avenue
Dovedale Avenue (B90)
Dovedale Court
Dovedale Drive (residential)
Dovedale Road
Dovedale Road (B23)
Dovehouse Butchers
Dovehouse Fish Bar
Dovehouse Lane
Dovehouse Lane (B91)
Dovehouse Lane (B92)
Dovehouse Nursery
Dovehouse Parade (B91)
Dovehouse Pool Road (B6)
Dovehouse Theatre
Dovehousefields Farm
Dover Close
Dover Street
Dover Street (B18)
Dovercourt Road (B26)
Doverdale Close
Doveridge Close
Doveridge Close (B91)
Doveridge Place
Doveridge Road (B28)
Doversley Road (B14)
Dovey Drive (B76)
Dovey Grove
Dovey Grove (B65)
Dovey Road (B13)
Dovey Road (B69)
Dovey Tower
Dowar Road (B45)
Dowells Gardens
Dower Road
Dowles Close
Downcroft Avenue
Downes Court
Downes Gate
Downey Close (B11)
Downfield Drive
Downham Close
Downham Place
Downham Wood
Downie Road
Downing Close
Downing Crescent
Downing Street
Downing Street (B66)
Downs Road
Downsfield Road
Downside Road
Downton Crescent
Dowty Way
Dr Aesthetica
Dr Martens
Dragon City
Dragon Fashion Tattoo 'n' Piercing
Dragon Kitchen
Dragon Phoenix
Drake Close
Drake Croft
Drake Road
Drake Road (B23)
Drake Road (B66)
Drake Street
Drake's Green
Drakes Close
Drakes Cross Parade
Drakes Drum
Drakes Drum Bowling Green
Drakes Hill Close (DY8)
Drancey Avenue
Drancy Avenue
Drawbridge Road
Draycote Close
Draycott Avenue (B23)
Draycott Close
Draycott Drive
Draycott Road
Drayman Close
Drayton Basset
Drayton Bassett Substation (42 D4377)
Drayton Bassett Vilage Club
Drayton Close (B75)
Drayton Drive
Drayton House
Drayton Lane
Drayton Manor Camping and Caravan Site
Drayton Manor Drive
Drayton Manor Footbridge
Drayton Manor Park Hotel
Drayton Manor Theme Park
Drayton Manor Zoo
Drayton Park Golf Club
Drayton Road
Drayton Road (B14)
Drayton Road (B4188)
Drayton Road (B90)
Drayton Street
Drayton Villa Farm
DRB Engineering
Dreadnought Road
Dream Doors
Dreamers Indian Cuisine
Dreamland Beds
Dreams Dubai
Dreamy Dresses
Dreghorn Road (B36)
Drem Croft
Dresden Close
Drew Crescent
Drew Road
Drews Holloway South (B63)
Drews House
Drews Lane (B8)
Drews Meadow Close (B14)
Driffold (B73)
Driftwood Close (B38)
Drink Box
Drink Buster
Drink Stop
Drinking Fountain
Drinking Fountain Canopy
Drinks 2 Go
Drinks 4U
Drinks Cabinet
Drinks Direct
Drinks Express
Drinks Express Empire Wines
Drinks Oasis
Drive Fields
Driving Range
Drop of a Hat
Druid Park Road
Druids Avenue
Druids Farm
Druids Heath
Druids Heath Community Library & Neighbourhood Centre
Druids Heath Golf Club
Druids Heath Tenant Management Co-operative
Druids Lane
Druids Lane (B14)
Druids Walk
Drumlin Walk
Drummond Close
Drummond Grove
Drummond Road
Drummond Road (B9)
Drummond Street
Drummond Way
Drunken Duck
Drury Lane
Drybrook Close
Dryden Close
Dryden Grove (B27)
Dryden Road
Drylea Grove (B36)
DS Smith
DS Wines
DSA Driving Test Centre
DSA South Yardley Driving Test Centre
Dubai Express
Dubai Gift Center
Dubarrie School of Dance
Dubarry Avenue
Dubella Lounge
Duchess Parade / High Street
Duchess Road
Duchess Road (B16)
Duck and Scholar
Duck Lane
Duckhouse Road
Ductair Electrics Ltd
Duddeston Drive
Duddeston Manor Road
Duddeston Mill Road
Duddeston Mill Road (B7)
Duddeston Viaduct
Dudding Road
Dudhill Road
Dudhill Walk
Dudley and West Midlands Zoological Society
Dudley Arms
Dudley Building Society
Dudley Canal & Tunnel Trust
Dudley Central Mosque
Dudley Close
Dudley College Broadway Campus
Dudley County Court
Dudley Crescent
Dudley Fountain Arcade
Dudley Golf Club
Dudley Grove
Dudley Kingswinford Rugby Club
Dudley Leisure Centre
Dudley Magistrates Court
Dudley MBC Offices
Dudley Park Road
Dudley Park Road (B4146) (B27)
Dudley Port
Dudley Road
Dudley Road (A4036)
Dudley Road (A4037)
Dudley Road (A4101)
Dudley Road (A457)
Dudley Road (A459)
Dudley Road (A461)
Dudley Road (B4171) (B65)
Dudley Road (B4175)
Dudley Road (B4176)
Dudley Road (B4179)
Dudley Road Bridge (A4033)
Dudley Road East
Dudley Road East (A457)
Dudley Road Tyres
Dudley Road West (A4033)
Dudley Row
Dudley Sea Cadets T S Centaur
Dudley Street
Dudley Street (A459)
Dudley Street (B4149)
Dudley Street (NEW ROAD LAYOUT)
Dudley Walk
Dudley Way
Dudley Wood
Dudley Wood Avenue (DY2)
Dudley Wood Methodist Church
Dudley Wood Neighbourhood Learning Centre & Library Link
Dudley Wood Pharmacy
Dudley Wood Primary School
Dudley Wood Road (DY2)
Dudmaston Way
Dudnill Grove
Duffield Close (WV8)
Duffy's Sports Trophies
Dufton Road
Dugdale Crescent (B75)
Dugdale Street
Duke of Cambridge
Duke of York
Duke of York Site
Duke Street
Duke Street Chapel
Duke Street (DY3)
Dukes Road (B30)
Dulha House
Dulha House Menswear
Dulux Decorator Center
Dulux Decorator Centre
Dulux Decorators Centre
Dulvern Grove (B14)
Dulverton Road (B6)
Dulwich Grove (B44)
Dulwich Road (B44)
Dumbleberry Avenue
Dumblederry Lane
Dunard Road (B90)
Dunbar Close
Dunbar Grove
Duncalfe Drive (B75)
Duncan Edwards
Duncan Edwards Close
Duncan Street
Dunchurch Crescent (B73)
Dunchurch Drive
Duncombe Green
Duncombe Grove
Duncombe Grove (B17)
Duncombe Street
Duncroft Road (B26)
Duncumb Road (B75)
Dundas Avenue
Dunedin Road (B44)
Dunelm Mill
Dunkirk Avenue
Dunkley Street
Dunley Croft (B90)
Dunlin Close
Dunlin Drive
Dunlop Aircraft Tyres
Dunlop Way
Dunnigan Road (B32)
Dunns Bank
Dunns Bank (DY5)
Dunoon Drive
Dunsfold Close
Dunsfold Croft (B6)
Dunsford Close
Dunsford Road
Dunsink Road (B6)
Dunslade Crescent (DY5)
Dunslade Road (B23)
Dunsley Drive
Dunsley Grove
Dunsley Road (DY8)
Dunsmore Drive
Dunsmore Drive (DY5)
Dunsmore Road (B28)
Dunstall Avenue
Dunstall Grove
Dunstall Hill
Dunstall Hill Primary School
Dunstall Lane
Dunstall Park
Dunstall Park Bridge
Dunstall Road
Dunstall Road (B63)
Dunstan Croft
Dunstan Croft (B90)
Dunster Close (B30)
Dunster Grove
Dunster Road
Dunston Close
Dunstones Chemist
Dunton Close (B75)
Dunton Hall Road
Dunton Hall Road (B90)
Dunton Lane
Dunton Park
Dunton Road
Dunvegan Road
Durant Close (B45)
Durban Road
Durdur Ltd. Amal Express
Durham Avenue
Durham Close
Durham Croft
Durham Croft (B37)
Durham Drive
Durham Place
Durham Road
Durham Road (B11)
Durley Dean Road
Durley Drive
Durley Drive (B73)
Durley Road (B25)
Durlston Grove (B28)
Durnford Croft
Durnford Croft Store
Dursley Close
Dursley Close (B92)
Dutton Glass & Mirrors
Duttons Lane
Duxford Grove
Duxford Road (B42)
DWEC Midlands Ltd
Dwellings Lane
Dyas Avenue (B42)
Dyas Road
Dyas Road (B44)
Dyce Close (B35)
Dymoke Street (B12)
Dynes Walk
Dynes Walk (B67)
Dyott Road
Dyson Close
Dyson Richards Funeral Directors
Dysons Gardens (B8)
Dziner Studio

E Block
E C Williams Specialist Electroplaters
E J McCann
E. Marsh
E R Mason Youth Centre
E Stokes Heat Treatment


Eachelhurst Road
Eachelhurst Road (B4148)
Eachelhurst Road (B4148) (B76)
Eachus Road
Eachway Farm Close (B45)
Eachway Lane (B45)
Eagle & Ball by BCUSU
Eagle Close
Eagle Croft (B14)
Eagle Gardens (B24)
Eagle Grove
Eagle Lane
Eagle Street
Eagle Three
Eagle Works
Eagleworks Drive
Ealing Grove (B44)
Eanwulf Court
Earl of Dudley
Earl Street
Earls Court Road (B17)
Earls Ferry Gardens
Earls Road
Earlsbury Gardens (B20)
Earlsmead Road (B21)
Earlston Way
Earlswood Court (B20)
Earlswood Crescent
Earlswood Drive (B74)
Earlswood Road
Earlswood Road (B30)
Early Days Nursery
Early Learning Center
Easby Way
Easenhall Close
Easmore Close
East Road
East & West
East Acre
East Avenue
East Birmingham Baptist Chapel
East Car Park Road
East Croft Road
East Drive
East End Foods
East Farm Croft
East Farm Croft (B10)
East Green
East Holme
East Meadway (B33)
East Meadway Take Away
East Mews (B44)
East Park Methodist Church
East Park Way
East Pathway
East Rise
East Road
East Street
East Street (DY5)
East View Road (B72)
East Way
East Works Drive
Eastbourne Avenue (B34)
Eastbourne Street
Eastbrook Close (B76)
Eastbury Drive (B92)
Eastchem Pharmacy
Eastcote Close (B90)
Eastcote Hall
Eastcote Lane
Eastcote Road
Eastcote Road (B27)
Eastdean Close (B23)
Eastern Avenue
Eastern Dragon Enterprise Ltd
Eastern Flavour
Eastern Nights
Eastern Road
Eastern Road (B29)
Eastern Road (B73)
Eastern Spice
Easterton Croft (B14)
Eastfield Close
Eastfield Drive (B92)
Eastfield Grove
Eastfield Nursery School
Eastfield Primary School
Eastfield Retreat
Eastfield Road
Eastgate (B16)
Eastham Road (B13)
Easthope Road
Eastlake Close
Eastlands Road (B13)
Eastleigh Croft (B76)
Eastleigh Drive
Eastleigh Grove
Eastmoor Close
Eastney Crescent
Easton Gardens
Easton Grove
Easton Grove (B27)
Eastside Deli
Eastside Locks
Eastside Stores
Eastward Glen
Eastwood Road
Eastwood Road (B12)
Easy Bathrooms
Easy Gym
Easyhotel Birmingham


Easyway Travel
Eat & Drink Co.
Eat 4 Less
Eat Express


Eatesbrook Road (B33)
Eathorpe Close (B34)
Eating Area
Eaton Avenue
Eaton Court (B74)
Eaton Crescent
Eaton Place
Eaton Rise
Eaton Road (B24)
Eaton Valley Primary School
Eaton Wood (B24)
Eaton Wood Drive
Eaton Wood Drive (B26)
Eaton Wood Medical Centre
Eats & Treats
Eaves Court Drive (DY3)
Eaves Green Gardens (B27)
Ebb & Flow
Ebben & Yorke
Ebben and Yorke
Ebenezer Baptist
Ebenezer Chapel
Ebenezer Mission Hall
Ebenezer Street
Ebenezer Wesleyan Reform Church
Ebley Road (B20)
Ebmore Drive
EBN Academy 2
Ebrington Avenue (B92)
Ebrington Close (B14)
Ebrington Road
Ebrook Road
Ebrook Road (B72)
Ebury House
Ebury Road


Eccleshall Avenue
Eccleston Close
Eccleston Close (B75)
Ecclestone Road
Echo Way
Eckersall Road
Eckington Walk
Eclipse Dry Cleaners
Ed's Diner
Ed's Easy Diner
Edale Close
Edale Road (B42)
Edburgha Close (B33)
Eddens Wood Close
Eddish Road
Edelweiss Close (WS5)
Eden Boys' School, Birmingham
Eden Close
Eden Close (B69)
Eden Gardens
Eden Grove
Eden Nails & Beauty
Eden Place
Eden Road (B92)
Eden Tanning and Beauty
Eden Yoshi
Edenbridge Road (B28)
Edenbridge View
Edendale Road (B26)
Edenhall Road
Edenhall Road (B32)
Edenhurst Road
Edenhurst Road (B31)
Edensor Close
Edgar Stammers Primary School with Nursery and Children's Centre
Edgbaston Archery and Lawn Tennis Society
Edgbaston Beaumont Care Home
Edgbaston Cleaning Service
Edgbaston Crescent
Edgbaston Day Nursery
Edgbaston Golf Course
Edgbaston Hall
Edgbaston High School for Girls
Edgbaston House, Duchess Place
Edgbaston Interchange
Edgbaston Old Church
Edgbaston Palace Hotel
Edgbaston Park
Edgbaston Park Road (B15)
Edgbaston Police Station
Edgbaston Priory Tennis Club
Edgbaston Reservoir
Edgbaston Road
Edgbaston Road (B12)
Edgbaston Road (B4217)
Edgbaston Road (B4217) (B13)
Edgbaston Road (B4217) (B5)
Edgbaston Road East
Edgbaston Street
Edgbaston Street (B5)
Edgbaston Valeting Co
Edgbaston Vicarage
Edgbaston War Memorial
Edgcombe Road (B28)
Edge Hair Studio
Edge Hill Avenue
Edge Hill Drive
Edge Hill Road (B74)
Edge Menswear
Edge Street
Edgehill Road
Edgemond Avenue
Edgeview Court
Edgewood Close
Edgewood Road (B38)
Edgewood Road (B45)
Edgewood Tenants' Hall
Edgeworth Close
Edgware Road (B23)
Edinburgh Avenue
Edinburgh Court
Edinburgh Crescent
Edinburgh Crescent (DY8)
Edinburgh Drive
Edinburgh Lane
Edinburgh Road
Edinburgh Woollen Mill
Edison Grove
Edison Road
Edith Road
Edmonds Close
Edmonds Road
Edmonton Avenue
Edmonton Avenue (B44)
Edmoor Close
Edmund Brewhouse
Edmund Road
Edmund Street
Edmund Street (B3)
Edmundson Electrical Ltd
Ednam Close (B71)
Ednam Grove
Ednam Road
Ednam Road (B4177)
Edstone Close
Edstone Close (B30)
Edstone Mews (B36)
Education Centre
Edward Avenue
Edward Brooke
Edward Close
Edward Fisher Drive
Edward House
Edward Lisle Gardens
Edward Road
Edward Road (B12)
Edward Road (B14)
Edward Road (B5)
Edward Road (B63)
Edward Road (B68)
Edward Road Baptist Church
Edward Street
Edward Street (B1)
Edward Street Hospital
Edward Street Methodist Church
Edward the Elder Primary School
Edwardian Close (B90)
Edwardian Tea Room
Edwards Bathroom Plumbing & Heating Supplies
Edwards Metals Ltd
Edwards Moore
Edwards Road
Edwards Road (B24)
Edwin Phillips Drive
Edwin Richards Landfill Site
Edwin Richards Quarry
Edwin Road
Edwinstowe Close
EE Sofas
EEF Technology Hub
Eel Street (B69)
Eerie Ink
Effingham Road
Egbert Close (B6)
Egerton Road
Egerton Road (B24)
Egerton Road (B74)
Egg Lane
Egghill Cottage
Egghill Farm
Egghill Lane
Egghill Lane (B31)
Eggington Road
Egginton Road (B28)
Egmont Gardens
Ego Menswear
Eileen Gardens
Eileen Gardens (B37)
Eileen Road (B11)
Eileens 2nd Hand
E.J.Hiscox Gold Plating
El Borracho de Oro
El Cantina/Royal Spice
El Dorado
El-Shaddai International Christian Centre
Ela Studios
Elan Close
Elan Rise
Elan Road
Elba Designers Picture Framers
Elbow Street
Elbury Croft
Elcock Drive (B42)
Eldalade Way
Elder Close
Elder Grove
Elder Way
Elderberry Close
Elderberry Close (DY8)
Elderberry Close (WS5)
Elderfield Road (B30)
Eldersfield Grove (B91)
Eldon Drive (B76)
Eldon Road
Eldon Street
Eldridge Close
Eleanor Leonard
Eleanor Road
Electric Avenue (B6)
Electric Cafe
Electric Centre
Electric Cigarettes
Electro Cottage
Electro Mechanica
Electro Plating Pioneers
Elegance Dry Cleaners
Elegance Suite
Elegant Hair & Nails
Elegant Nails
Elegant Stitches
Elements of Tranquility
Elephant & Castle
Eleven Brindley Place
Elford Close
Elford Close (B14)
Elford Grove
Elford Road
Elford Road (B17)
Elgar Court
Elgar Crescent
Elgin Close
Elgin Grove (B25)
Elim Church
Elim Pentecostal Church
Elim Pentecostal Church Centre
Elim Stirchley Community Church
Eliot Croft
Eliot Street
Eliot Street (B7)
Elite Architectural Ironmongery Ltd
Elite Hairdressing
Elite Metal Finishing
Elite Valeting Centre
Eliza Tinsley
Eliza Wheeler
Elizabeth Avenue
Elizabeth Crescent
Elizabeth Farley Memorial Fountain
Elizabeth Grove
Elizabeth Grove (DY2)
Elizabeth Mews
Elizabeth Road
Elizabeth Road (B13)
Elizabeth Road (B33)
Elizabeth Road (B63)
Elizabeth Road (B73)
Elizabeth Walk
Elkington Brothers Ltd
Elkington Croft (B90)
Elkington Street (B6)
Elkstone Close (B92)
Elkstone Covert (B14)
Ell's Kitchen
Elland Grove (B27)
Ellards Drive
Elle Vie
Ellen Street
Ellen Street (B18)
Ellenvale Close
Ellerby Grove
Ellerside Grove (B31)
Ellerslie Close
Ellerslie Road (B13)
Ellerton Road (B44)
Ellerton Walk
Ellesboro Road (B17)
Ellesmere Road
Ellice Drive
Ellie Louise
Ellie Simmonds Pool
Elliott Gardens
Elliott House Probation Hostel
Elliott Road (B29)
Elliott Way (B6)
Elliott's Road
Elliotts Lane
Ellis Avenue
Ellis Hyde Curtains
Ellis Mews (B15)
Ellis Street
Ellison & Davies
Ellison Street
Elliston Avenue (B44)
Ellowes Road
Ellsworth House
Elm Avenue
Elm Avenue (B12)
Elm Bank (B13)
Elm Close
Elm Close (DY8)
Elm Cottage
Elm Court
Elm Croft (B68)
Elm Dale Road
Elm Drive
Elm Farm Avenue
Elm Farm Road
Elm Green
Elm Grove
Elm Lodge
Elm Road
Elm Road (B30)
Elm Road (B76)
Elm Street
Elm Terrace
Elm Tree Close
Elm Tree Road (B17)
Elm Tree Road (B30)
Elm-tree Grove
Elm-tree Grove (B63)
Elmay Road
Elmay Road (B26)
Elmbank Court
Elmbank Grove (B20)
Elmbank Road
Elmbridge Close
Elmbridge Drive
Elmbridge Drive (B90)
Elmbridge Road (B44)
Elmbridge Way
Elmcroft Avenue
Elmcroft Gardens
Elmcroft Road (B26)
Elmdale Crescent (B31)
Elmdale Drive
Elmdale Grove
Elmdale Road
Elmdon Close
Elmdon Close (B92)
Elmdon Coppice (B91)
Elmdon Guest House
Elmdon Heath
Elmdon Heath Community Centre
Elmdon Heath Recreation Ground
Elmdon Lane
Elmdon Lodge
Elmdon Manor
Elmdon Manor Local Nature Reserve
Elmdon Mini-coaches
Elmdon Office Supplies
Elmdon Park Road (B92)
Elmdon Road
Elmdon Road (B27)
Elmdon Road (B29)
Elmfied Rudolf Steiner School
Elmfield Avenue
Elmfield Crescent (B13)
Elmfield Lane
Elmfield Road
Elmfield View
Elmhurst Avenue
Elmhurst Drive
Elmhurst Road (B21)
Elmhurst School for Dance
Elmley Close
Elmley Grove
Elmley Grove (B30)
Elmore Close
Elmore Green Close
Elmore Green Fish Bar
Elmore Green Primary School
Elmore Green Road (B4210)
Elmore Road
Elmore Row
Elms Close (B38)
Elms Close (B91)
Elms Farm Primary School & Nursery
Elms Park Laboratorium (G.20)
Elms Road
Elms Road (B72)
Elmsdale Court
Elmstead Avenue (B33)
Elmstead Close
Elmstead Wood
Elmstone Close
Elmsworth Crescent
Elmtree Road
Elmtree Way (B64)
Elmwood Avenue
Elmwood Gardens
Elmwood Grove
Elmwood Rise
Elmwood Road (B24)
Elmwood Road (B74)
Elmwood Road (DY8)
Elmwood School
Elmwood United Reformed Church
Elphinstone End
Elphinstone End (B24)
Elsie Hartington Walk
Elsma Road (B68)
Elston Hall Lane
Elston Hall Primary School
Elstree Road (B23)
Elswick Grove (B44)
Elswick Road (B44)
Elsworth Grove
Elsworth Road
Elter Close
Eltham Grove (B44)
Elton Grove (B27)
Elton House
Eltonia Croft
Elva Croft
Elvaston Way
Elvers Green Farm
Elvers Green Lane
Elvetham Road
Elvetham Road (B15)
Elvetham Road North
Elviron Drive
Elwell Building Yard
Elwell Crescent
Elwell Street
Elwells Close
Elwyn Road (B73)
Ely Close
Ely Close (B37)
Ely Crescent
Ely Grove (B32)
Ely House Hotel
Ely Place
Ely Road
Elysian Enterprises
Emanuel Church
Emanuel Community Church
Emay Close
Embassy Drive
Embassy Road
Embleton Grove (B34)
Emerald Club
Emerald Court (B8)
Emerald Restaurant
Emerson Close
Emerson Grove
Emerson Road
Emerson Road (B17)
Emery Close
Emery Close (B23)
Emery Street
Emily Eve Bridal
Emily Gardens (B16)
Emily Road (B26)
Emily Street (B12)
Emily Street (B70)
Emily's Adventure Play
Emma's Pantry
Emmanuel Church
Emmanuel Road (B73)
Emmanuel, Parish Church of Wylde Green
Emmeline Street
Emmeline Street (B9)
Emperor Garage
Empire Cinemas
Empire Close
Empire Garage
Empire House
Empire Works Treatment Plant
Emporio Armani
Emporio Maria
Emporium 13
Empress Way
EMR Recycling
Emscote Drive
Emscote Green (B91)
Emscote Road (B6)
Emsworth Crescent
Emsworth Grove
En Vogue Interiors
End Hall Road
Endeavour Coaches
Enderby Drive
Enderly Grove
Endhill Road (B44)
Endicott Road (B6)
Endmoor Grove (B23)
Endsleigh Grove (B28)
Endwood Court Road (B20)
Endwood Drive
Enfield Close
Enfield Close (B23)
Enfield House
Enfield Road
Enfield Road (B65)
Enford Close
Engine and Gearbox Center
Engine and Gearbox Centre Oldbury
Engine Lane
Engine Mews
Engine Street
Engine Street (B69)
England Birmingham Mission
Englestede Close (B20)
Englewood Drive
Englewood Drive (B28)
English Martyrs RC Primary School
English Oak
Enjoys Pizza
Ennerdale Drive
Ennerdale Drive (B63)
Ennerdale Road
Ennersdale Bungalows
Ennersdale Close
Ennersdale Road
Enniscrone Dental
Ensall Drive
Ensbury Close
Ensdale Row
Ensdon Grove (B44)
Ensford Close
Enshrine Pressure
Enstone Road
Enterprise Centre
Enterprise Drive
Enterprise House
Enterprise Way
Entertainment Exchange
Entertainment World
Entres Communications
E.N.V. Ltd
Enville Close
Enville Grove (B11)
Enville Road
Enviro Salvos
Envy Hair & Beauty
Epic Cafe
Epicentre of the 2002 Dudley Earthquake
Epping Close
Epping Grove (B44)
Epsom Close
Epsom Grove
Epwell Grove (B44)
Epwell Road (B44)
Equestrian Statue of George 1
Equiano CLose
Erasmus Road (B11)
Ercall Close (B23)
Erdington Baths
Erdington Chemist
Erdington Christian Spiritualist Church
Erdington Conservative Club
Erdington Elim Pentecostal Church
Erdington Fire Station
Erdington Hall Road
Erdington Industrial Park
Erdington Leisure Centre (under construction)
Erdington Library
Erdington Methodist Church Centre
Erdington Police Station
Erdington Road
Erdington United Reformed Church


Erica Close (B29)
Erica Road
Ermington Crescent (B36)
Ermington Road
Ernest Clarke Close
Ernest Court
Ernest Jones
Ernest Jones Diamonds
Ernest Road
Ernest Road (B12)
Ernest Road (DY2)
Ernest Street (B1)
Erskine Street
Esar Solutions
Esher Road
Esher Road (B44)
Eskdale Close
Eskdale Walk
Esme Road (B11)
Esmond Close (B30)
Espresso Food
Essendon Grove
Essendon Road
Essendon Walk
Essential Clothing
Essentials Home & Garden
Essex Avenue
Essex Gardens
Essex Road
Essex Street
Essex Street (B5)
Essington Close
Essington Mobility Shop
Essington Road (A462)
Essington Street (B16)
Essington Way
Essington Working Mens Club
Estates West (Y5)
Este Road (B26)
Esteria Road
Estone Close (B8)
Estone Drive
Estone Walk (B6)
Estria Road
Etchell Road
Eternal Life Church
Eternity Fine Jewellers
Ethel Road
Ethel Street
Ethel Street (B2)
Ethel Street (B68)
Ethelfleda Terrace
Ethelred Close
Etheridge Road
Ethos Hair & Beauty
Etingshall Off Licence
Etingshalll Road
Etingshalll Road (A4126)
Etna Street
Eton Close
Eton Drive (DY8)
Eton Road (B12)
Eton Walk
Etruria Way
Etta Grove (B44)
Ettingshall News & Off Licence
Ettingshall Park
Ettingshall Park Farm Lane
Ettingshall Primary School
Ettingshall Road (A4126)
Ettington Road (B6)
Ettymore Close (DY3)
Ettymore Road
Ettymore Road West
Etwall Road (B28)
Euan Close
Euro Car Parts
Euro Carpets & Furniture
Euro Claddings Ltd
Euro Court
Euro Fashion
Euro Products Ltd
Euroby Ltd
Euroceramic Tiles


Eurocity Spares
Europa Avenue
Europa Avenue (B70)
Europa Fashions
European BioEnergy Research Institute
European Coachways
Eurosave Sahil Supermarket
Eva Road (B18)
Eva Road (B68)
Evan's Chemist
Evanie Jon
Evans Close
Evans Croft
Evans Cycles
Evans Halshaw
Evans Place
Evans Street
Evawhite Windows
Eve Hill
Eve Lane
Evelyn Croft
Evelyn Road (B11)
Evenlode Close (B92)
Evenlode Grove
Evenlode Road (B92)
Events from the Life of John Wesley
Ever so Special
Ever So Special
Everest Arts & Crafts
Everest Autos
Everest Close
Everest Road
Everest Road (B20)
Evergreen Close
Evergreen Pharmacy
Everitt Drive
Evers Street (DY5)
Eversfield Preparatory School
Eversleigh Court
Eversley Dale
Eversley Grove
Eversley Grove (DY3)
Eversley Road (B9)
Everton Road (B8)
Everyday Loans
Everyman Barbers
Everyman Cinema
Eves Croft
Evesham Crescent
Evesham Rise
Eveson Court
Eveson Road
Evie Clark
Evo Energy
Ewart Road
Ewell Road
Ewhurst Avenue
Ewhurst Close
Ex-catalogue Furniture
Exbury Close


Exchange Square
Exchange Street
Exe Croft
Exeter Drive
Exeter Passage
Exeter Place
Exeter Road
Exeter Road (B29)
Exeter Road (DY2)
Exeter Street (B1)
Exford Close
Exhall Close (B91)
Exhibition Way
Existenz Minima
Exmoor Green
Exon Court
Express & Star
Express Air Cargo
Express and Star
Express Car Sales
Express Carpets
Express Circuits
Express Diner
Express Dry Cleaners
Express Electrical
Express Energy
Express House
Express Ink Ltd
Express Lettings
Express Polythene
Express Supersaver
Exton Close
Exton Way
Extracare Retirement Village
Extracare Village Longbridge
Extreme Bass
Extreme Eyebrows
Eye Centre
Eye Express
Eye Infirmary
Eye Love
Eye Openers
Eye Opticians
Eye Spec
Eye Style
Eyecare Opticians
Eyland Grove
Eymore Close
Eynsham Court
Eyre & Elliston Ltd
Eyre Street (B18)
Eyston Avenue
Eyton Croft (B12)
Ezekiel Lane

F Block
F C S Autocentre
F H Warden (Steel) Ltd
F Hinds
F I S Loveday
F. Meeks & Co
FA Cup was designed here
Fabian Close (B45)
Fabian Crescent
Fabrick Square
Fabrics Express
Face Hair and Beauty
Face to Face
Facet Road (B38)
Factory Road
Factory Road (B18)
Factory Shop
Factory Street
Fair Deal Music
Fair View
Fairborne Avenue
Fairbourne Avenue
Fairbourne Avenue (B44)
Fairbourne Square
Fairclough Homes Substation (55675)
Faircroft Avenue (B76)
Faircroft Road (B36)
Fairdene Way (B43)
Fairey Street
Fairfax Drive
Fairfax Road
Fairfax Road (B75)
Fairfax School
Fairfield Drive (B62)
Fairfield Grove
Fairfield Mount
Fairfield Park
Fairfield Road
Fairfield Road (B62)
Fairfield Road (B63)
Fairford Close
Fairford Close (B91)
Fairford Gardens (DY6)
Fairford Road (B44)
Fairgreen Gardens
Fairgreen Way
Fairground Way
Fairhaven Croft
Fairhill Way (B11)
Fairholme Road
Fairlawn Close
Fairlawn Drive
Fairlawns (B26)
Fairlawns (B76)
Fairlawns Hotel
Fairlawns Hotel & Spa
Fairlie Crescent
Fairmead Rise (B38)
Fairmile Road (B63)
Fairoak Drive
Fairview Avenue
Fairview Close
Fairview Crescent
Fairview Grove
Fairview Mews
Fairview Road
Fairway Avenue
Fairway (B31)
Fairway Drive
Fairway Green
Fairway Junior and Infant School
Fairway Road
Fairways Avenue
Fairways Close
Fairyfield Court (B43)
Fairyfield Croft (B42)
Fairytales Nursery
Faisal Jewellers
Faith IT Solutions
Faith United Chapel
Faizan -e-Mustafa Educational Centre
Fakenham Croft (B17)
Fakir Pharmacy
Falcon Crescent
Falcon Engineering Production
Falcon Lodge
Falcon Lodge Chapel
Falcon Lodge Crescent (B75)
Falcon Lodge Methodist Church
Falcon Pipes Ltd.
Falcon Place
Falcon Rise
Falcon Road
Falcon View
Falcon Way
Falcon's Fish Bar
Falcondale Road
Falconhurst Road
Falfield Close (B65)
Falfield Grove
Falkland Croft
Falkland Way
Falkwood Grove
Fallen Angel
Fallen Angels
Fallen Saint
Fallindale Road (B26)
Falling Leaves Tattoo
Fallings Heath Close
Fallings Hrath
Fallings Park
Fallings Park Fire Station
Fallings Park Primary School
Fallow Field
Fallow Road
Fallow Way
Fallow Way (B16)
Fallowfield Avenue (B28)
Fallowfield Road
Fallowfield Road (B63)
Fallowfield Road (B92)
Fallowfield (WV8)
Fallows Road (B11)
Falmouth Road
Falstaff Avenue
Falstaff Close (B76)
Falstaff Road
Falstone Road (B73)
Family Footwear
Family Furniture
Family Outing
Family Restaurant
Fan House and Chimney former New Hawne Colliery
Fan Shop
Fan's House
Fanaris Fish Bar
Fancott Road
Fancourt Avenue
Fancy Silk Store
Fane Road
Fanshawe Road (B27)
Far East Building
Far East Chinese Takeaway
Far High Drive
Far Highfield (B76)
Far View
Far Wood Road
Faraday Avenue
Faraday House
Faraday Road
Farah Supermarket
Faraz Fried Chicken
Farbrook Way
Farcroft Avenue
Farcroft Avenue (B21)
Farcroft Grove (B21)
Farcroft Road (B21)
Fareham Crescent
Farfield Close (B31)
Fargo's Food Factory
Farhill Close
Farlands Drive
Farlands Grove
Farlands Road
Farleigh Drive
Farleigh Road
Farley Court
Farley Farm
Farley Lane
Farley Road
Farley Road (B23)
Farley Road substation (6073)
Farley Street
Farlow Croft
Farlow Road
Farm Avenue
Farm Close
Farm Close (B92)
Farm Croft (B19)
Farm End Close
Farm House Way
Farm Road
Farm Road (B65)
Farm Street
Farm Street (B19)
Farmbridge Close
Farmbridge Road
Farmbrook Avenue
Farmcote Road (B33)
Farmcroft Road
Farmdale Grove
Farmdale Grove (B45)
Farmer Johns
Farmer Road (B10)
Farmer Way
Farmers Butcher
Farmers Close (B76)
Farmers Court
Farmers Fold
Farmers Walk (B21)
Farmhouse Bistro
Farmhouse Lane
Farmhouse Road
Farmhouse Way
Farmoor Grove (B34)
Farmside Close
Farmside Green
Farmstead Close
Farmstead Road (B92)
Farn Close (B33)
Farnborough Court
Farnborough Drive (B90)
Farnborough Road
Farnborough Road (B35)
Farnbrough Drive (B90)
Farnbury Croft
Farncote Drive
Farndale Avenue
Farndale Close
Farndon Avenue
Farndon Road (B8)
Farndon Way (B23)
Farnham Close
Farnham Road (B21)
Farnhurst Road
Farnhurst Road (B36)
Farnol Road (B26)
Farnworth Grove
Farnworth Grove (B36)
Farquhar Road
Farquhar Road (B15)
Farquhar Road East (B15)
Farran Way (B43)
Farrell House
Farren Road (B31)
Farrier Close (B76)
Farrier Court
Farrier Road
Farrier Way
Farringdon Street
Farrington Road
Farrington Road (B23)
Farrow Road (B44)
Farthing Lane
Farthing Pools Close
Farthing Pools Close (B72)
Farvale Road (B76)
Farway Gardens

fashion avenue

Fashion First
Fashion Ghar
Fashionwise Textiles
Fashoda Road (B29)
Fast Pits Road (B25)
Fast-Fit Hardware
Fastlea Road
Fastmoor Oval (B33)
Fat Face
Fat Sin Tong (Luk Yung religious) society Birmingham UK
Father Joe Taaffe House
Fatherless Barn Crescent (B63)
Fatherless Barn Evangelical Church
Faulkland Street
Faulkner & Johnson
Faulkner Road (B92)
Faulkners Farm Drive (B23)
Faulknor Close (DY8)
Faulknor Drive
Faversham Close
Favorite Chicken & Ribs
Favourite Fast Food
Fawdry Close
Fawdry Street
Fawley Close
Fawley Grove (B14)
Faz Barber
Fazeley Close (B91)
Fazeley Junction
Fazeley Mill Marina
Fazeley Street
Fazeley Street (B5)
FB Supermarket
Fearon Place
Featherston Road
Featherstone Close (B90)
Featherstone Crescent (B90)
Featherstone Junior & Infant School
Featherstone Nursery School
Featherstone Road
Featherstone Road (B14)
Federicks Close
Feel Free
Felbrigg Close
Feldon Lane
Felgate Close
Fell Grove (B21)
Fellbrook Close (B33)
Fellgrind Ltd
Fellmeadow Road (B33)
Fellmeadow Way
Fellows & Ramsay Ltd
Fellows & Sons
Fellows Avenue
Fellows Lane (B17)
Fellows Road
Fellows Street
Felsted Way
Felstone Road (B44)
Feltham Close (B33)
Felton Croft
Felton Grove (B91)
Fenbourne Close
Fencote Avenue
Fenmere Close
Fenn Farm
Fenn Rise
Fenn Rise S/S (11643)
Fennel Croft
Fennel Grove
Fennel Road
Fens Crescent
Fens Pool Avenue
Fenter Close
Fentham Court
Fentham Green
Fentham Hall
Fentham Library
Fentham Meeting Room
Fentham Road
Fentham Road (B23)
Fentham Road (B6)
Fenton Road
Fenton Road (B27)
Fenton Street (B4169)
Fenton Street (B4169) (B66)
Fenton Street (DY5)
Fenton Way (B27)
Fereday Road
Fereday Street
Fereday's Croft
Ferguson Drive
Ferguson Road (B68)
Ferguson Street
Fern Avenue
Fern Close
Fern Leys
Fern Road
Fern Road (B24)
Fernbank Close (B63)
Fernbank Crescent (WS5)
Fernbank Road (B8)
Ferncliffe Road
Ferndale Avenue (B43)
Ferndale Court
Ferndale Crescent (B12)
Ferndale Mews
Ferndale Park
Ferndale Primary School
Ferndale Road
Ferndale Road (B28)
Ferndene Road (B11)
Ferndown Avenue
Ferndown Close (B26)
Ferndown Gardens
Ferndown Road (B91)
Ferney Hills Close
Fernfail Court
Fernhill Grove (B44)
Fernhill Road (B92)
Fernhurst Drive
Fernhurst Road
Fernleigh Gardens
Fernleigh Road
Fernley Avenue (B29)
Fernley Road (B11)
Fernside Gardens (B13)
Fernside Road
Fernwood Croft
Fernwood Croft (B14)
Ferrers Close
Ferris Grove (B27)
Festival Avenue
Festival Balti
Festival computing
Festival Way
Fiat Oldbury Showroom Arnold Clark
Fibbersley (B4484)
Fibbersley Bank
Fida Jewellers
Field & Trek
Field Avenue (B31)
Field Close
Field Close (B26)
Field Cottage Drive (DY8)
Field Farm
Field Fresh
Field Head Place
Field Head Place (WV6 8XE)
Field House
Field House Road
Field Lane
Field Lane (B32)
Field Maple Road
Field Marshall Sir Claude Auchinleck
Field Mews (DY2)
Field Road
Field Road (DY2)
Field Sidings Way (DY6)
Field Street
Field Street (B4484)
Field View Drive
Field Walk
Fieldfare Close
Fieldfare Croft
Fieldfare Road
Fieldhaven Primary School
Fieldhead Road (B11)
Fieldhouse Lane
Fieldhouse Road (B25)
Fielding Lane
Fielding Lane (B91)
Fieldon Close
Fieldstone View
Fieldview Close
Fieldways Close
Fiesta de Asado
Fifield Grove
Fifth Avenue
Fifth Avenue (B9)
Fifty 7
Filbert View (B29)
Filey Road
Filfila Restaurant & Pastry
Fillingham Close
Filton Croft (B35)
Fimbrell Close
Finbury Close
Finch Close
Finch Drive (B74)
Finch Road (B19)
Finchall Croft (B92)
Fincham Close
Finchdene Grove
Finches End (B34)
Finchfield Close (DY8)
Finchfield Gardens
Finchfield Hill
Finchfield Hill (B4161)
Finchfield Lane
Finchfield Road
Finchfield Road West
Finchfield Road West (B4161)
Finchley Avenue
Finchley Close
Finchley Road (B44)
Finchmead Road
Finchpath Road
Findon Road (B8)
Fine Diner
Fine Diners
Fine Dry Cleaners
Finery Road
Finesse Carpets
Finishing Touches
Finlarigg Drive
Finmere Road (B28)
Finmere Way
Finnemore Road (B9)
Finney Well Close
Finsa Home
Finsbury Close (B92)
Finsbury Drive
Finsbury Grove (B23)
Finstall Close (B7)
Finstall Close (B72)
Finwood Close
Finwood Close (B92)
Fiona Florists
Fir Avenue (B12)
Fir Croft
Fir Grove
Fir Lodge
Fir Street
Fir Tree Drive
Fir Tree Grove (B73)
Fir Tree Road
Firbank Close
Firbank Way
Firbarn Close (B76)
Firbeck Grove (B44)
Firbeck Road (B44)
Fircroft (B91)
Fircroft Road
Firdoys Bakery
Fire Equipment Management
Fire Fighters
Fire Office Passage
Fire Services Central Ltd
Fire Tower
Firecrest Close (B23)
Firemans Pole
Firhill Croft
Firkins Bakery
Firm (Group) Elite
Firmstone Street
Firs and Bromford Sports and Community Centre
Firs Drive
Firs Farm
Firs Farm Drive
Firs Farm Drive (B36)
Firs Lane
Firs Primary School
Firs Road
Firs Street (DY2)
Firsbrook Close
Firsby Road
First Avenue
First Avenue (B29)
First Avenue (B76)
First Call Leasing
First Choice
First Choice Property Services
First Church of Christ Scientist
First Class School Uniforms
First Exhibition Avenue
First Health Food Store in the UK
First Impressions
First Meadow Piece
First Municipal Savings bank in Britain 1933
First Name Catholic Church
First Point Automotive
First state school in Birmingham
Firsvale Road
Firswood Road
Firth Drive
Firth Park Crescent
Firtree Close (B44)
Firtree Farm
Firtree Road (B24)
Fish & Chips
Fish Inn
Fish Ponds Way
Fisher Close
Fisher Road
Fisher Street
Fisher's Bridge
Fishermans Friend
Fishers Drive
Fishley Close
Fishley Lane
Fishpool Close (B36)
Fistral Gardens
Fit Feet Chiropody Services
Fitness First
Fitters Mill Close (B5)
Fitton Avenue
Fitz Roy Avenue (B17)
Fitzgerald Place
Fitzguy Close (B70)
Fitzmaurice Road
Fitzroy Road (B31)
Five Fields Road
Five Guys
Five Oaks Road
Five Star
Five Star Pizza
Five Ways
Five Ways (B4175)
Five Ways Estate
Five Ways High Fidelity Ltd.
Five Ways Tower
Fix Price Saree Centre
Fixed Wheel Brewery Taproom
Fixings Plus Ltd
Flackwell Road (B23)
Fladbury Close (DY2)
Fladbury Crescent (B29)
Fladbury Gardens
Fladbury Place
Fladbury Place (B29)
Flamborough Close
Flamborough Way
Flame Grill
Flame Pentecostal Church of Cherubim & Seraphim Movement
Flameproof Electrical Enclosures Ltd.
Flaming Dragon
Flamingo Gardens
Flamingo Gardens (B23)
Flamingo Hair Salon
Flamingo Vintage
Flan O'Briens
Flanders Drive
Flaps Print Envelopes
Flash Lane
Flash Road
Flatlea (B31)
Flavell Avenue
Flavell Close
Flavell Street
Flavells Lane
Flavells Lane (B25)
Flax Close
Flax Gardens
Flaxen Field
Flaxhall Street
Flaxley Close (B33)
Flaxley Parkway
Flaxley Road
Flaxley Road (B33)
Flaxley Tyres
Flaxton Grove
Flaxton Walk
Flecknoe Close
Fledburgh Drive (B76)
Fleet Consulting
Fleet Street
Fleet Street Kitchen
Fleetwood Grove
Fleming Place
Fleming Road
Fleming Way
Fletcher Road
Fletcher Street
Fletcher's Lane
Fletchers (Closed)
Fletton Grove (B14)
Flex Fitness
Flight Centre
Flinkford Close
Flint Green Road (B27)
Flintham Close (B27)
Flood Street
Floodgate Street (B5)
Flooring Centre
Floormaster Carpets
Flora Road (B25)
Floral Scenter
Florence Avenue
Florence Buildings
Florence Drive
Florence Grove
Florence Nightin' Owl
Florence Road
Florence Road (B14)
Florence Road (B27)
Florence Road (B73)
Florence Street
Florian Grove
Florida Way
Flower Bed
Flower Fayre
Flower Garden
Flower Room
Flowerdale Close
Flowers & Gifts
Flowers in the City
Flowers of Hagley
Floyds Lane
Floyer Road (B10)
Fluorescent Lighting Services
Fluted Column
Fly Girls
Flyford Croft
FME Family Services
FMR Pharmacy
Foden Road (B42)
Foel Grove (B31)
Fogay Hall
Foinavon Close
Fold Street
Foldyard Close (B76)
Foley Avenue
Foley Church Close
Foley Drive
Foley Drive (B68)
Foley Road
Foley Road (B8)
Foley Road East (B4151)
Foley Road West (B4151)
Foley Street
Foley Wood Close (B74)
Foliot Fields
Foliot Fields (B25)
Folium Press
Folkes Road
Folkestone Croft (B36)
Folliott Road
Folly Tower
Follyhouse Close
Follyhouse Lane
Fone Factory
Fone Hut UK
Fone Palace
Fone Squad
Fone Zone
Foneshack UK Ltd
Fontley Close (B26)
Food & Wine Store
Food City
Food for Thought
Food to Go
Foot Asylum
Foot Locker
Foot Steps
Footherley Farm
Footherley Lane
Footherley Road
Footprints Footwear Ltd
Forbidden City
Forbidden Planet
Forbidden Planet International
Ford Street
Ford Street (B18)
Ford Street (B67)
Fordbridge Centre
Fordbridge Primary School
Fordbridge Road
Fordbrook Court, Rushall
Fordbrook Lane
Forde Way Gardens
Forde Way Gardens (B38)
Forder Grove (B14)
Fordfield Road
Fordham Grove
Fordhouse Lane
Fordhouse Lane (A4040)
Fordhouse Lane (A4040) (B30)
Fordhouse Road
Fordhouses Baptist Church
Fordhouses Chippy
Fordhouses Cricket Club
Fordraught Lane
Fordrough Avenue
Fordrough Lane
Fords Road
Fordwater Road
Fordwater the Pump Specialists
Fore Meadows (Construction)
Fore Street (B2)
Foredraft Close
Foredraft Street
Foredrove Lane (B92)
Forest Arts Centre
Forest Avenue
Forest Close
Forest Close (B66)
Forest Dale (B45)
Forest Drive
Forest Gate
Forest Hill Road (B26)
Forest Lane
Forest Oak School & Merstone School
Forest of Mercia Way
Forest Park
Forest Place
Forest Road
Forest Road (B13)
Forest Road (B25)
Forest Road (B68)
Forest Tools & Pressings
Forest Way
Forestdale Primary School
Forester's Arms
Foresters Arms
Foresters Fold
Foresters Way
Forever 21
Forfar Walk
Forge Close
Forge Croft (B76)
Forge Farm
Forge House
Forge Lane
Forge Lane (A4100)
Forge Lane (A4100) (B63)
Forge Lane (B71)
Forge Lane (B76)
Forge Road
Forge Road (DY8)
Forge Street
Forged Flanges & Fittings Ltd.
Forgers Walk
Forget-Me-Not Florist
Formal Affair & Francesca
Forman Tyres
Formans Road
Formans Road (B11)
Format Architectural Ltd
Formby Way

former Canal Toll Office
former church
former Cradley Heath Ambulance Station
former Kingsway Cinema
former LDV factory
former Municipal Bank

Former Nocks Brickworks (Now landfill)
Former pub The Ben Johnson
Former pub The Huntsman
Former Quarry / Landfill

former Sandwell College
former Tipton Swimming Pool

Former Titford Quarry
Former Yew Tree Primary (Greenside)
Formula One Autocentres
Formule 1
Forrell Grove (B31)
Forrest Avenue
Forrester Street
Forrester Street Precinct
Forster Street
Forsythia Close
Forsythia Grove
Fort Crescent
Fort Dunlop
Fort Dunlop Cycling
Fort Jason Ltd
Fort Parkway
Fort Parkway (A47)
Forth Drive
Forth Grove
Forth Way (B62)
Fortnum Close
Forton Close
Fortune Inn
Forty One
Forward Drains
Forward Road
Fosbrooke Road (B10)
Fosco Hayes Hurdley
Fosseway Drive (B23)
Fossil Drive (B45)
Foster Avenue
Foster Gardens (B18)
Foster Memorial
Foster Place
Foster Road
Foster Street
Foster Street East
Foster Way
Fotherley Brook Road (WS9)
Fouad Barber's
Foundations Day Nursery
Foundry Lane
Foundry Primary School and Nursery
Foundry Road
Foundry Road (B18)
Foundry Street
Fountain Close
Fountain Court Hotel
Fountain Lane
Fountain Lane (B4166)
Fountain (Nude Girl)
Fountain of Knowledge Islamic Centre
Fountain Road (B17)
Fountains Road
Fountains Way
Four Acres
Four Ashes Road
Four Crosses Road
Four Dwellings Academy
Four Dwellings Primary Academy
Four Oaks
Four Oaks Baptist Church
Four Oaks Common Road (B74)
Four Oaks Financial Services
Four Oaks Infant School
Four Oaks Junior And Infant School
Four Oaks Junior School
Four Oaks Methodist Church
Four Oaks Methodist Church Hall
Four Oaks Post Office
Four Oaks Road (A454)
Four Oaks Saints Cricket Club
Four Oaks Squash Club
Four Oaks Tennis Club
Four Seasons
Four Seasons Garden Project
Four Stones
Four Stones Close
Four Stones Grove (B5)
Four Ways Baptist Church
Four Winds Road
Fourjay Ltd
Fourlands Avenue (B72)
Fourlands Road
Fourstar (Unit 1)
Fourth Avenue
Fourth Avenue (B29)
Fourth Avenue (B9)
Fowey Close (B76)
Fowey Road
Fowgay Drive (B91)
Fowler centre GU
Fowler Close
Fowler Road (B75)
Fowler Street
Fowlmere Road (B42)
Fox & Grapes
Fox and Dogs
Fox and Goose
Fox Close
Fox Covert (DY8)
Fox Crescent (B11)
Fox Farm
Fox Foot Drive
Fox Green Crescent (B27)
Fox Grove (B27)
Fox Hill
Fox Hill (B29)
Fox Hill Close
Fox Hill Road (B75)
Fox Hills Park
Fox Hollies
Fox Hollies Childrens Centre
Fox Hollies Fish Bar
Fox Hollies Forum
Fox Hollies Leisure Centre
Fox Hollies News
Fox Hollies Road
Fox Hollies Road (A4040)
Fox Hollies Road (A4040) (B27)
Fox Hollies Road (A4040) (B28)
Fox Hollies Road (B76)
Fox Hollies School and Performing Arts College
Fox Hollow Close (B45)
Fox Oak Street (A4100)
Fox Street
Fox Street (B5)
Fox Walk
Fox's Lane
Fox's Lane Bridge
Foxcote Avenue
Foxcote Close (B90)
Foxcote Drive (B90)
Foxcote Lane
Foxdale Drive (DY5)
Foxdale Grove
Foxes Meadow (B30)
Foxes Meadow (B76)
Foxes Ridge
Foxfield (B31)
Foxfield Drive (DY8)
Foxford Close
Foxford Close (B72)
Foxglove Close
Foxglove Close (B27)
Foxglove Crescent
Foxglove Crescent (B37)
Foxglove Road
Foxglove Way
Foxglove Way (B23)
Foxhill Farm
Foxhills Fishery
Foxhills Road
Foxhope Close
Foxhunt Road (B63)
Foxland Close
Foxlands Drive (B72)
Foxlands Drive (DY3)
Foxlea Road (B63)
Foxley Drive (B91)
Foxmeadow Close
Foxtail Walk
Foxton Road (B8)
Foxwell Grove (B9)
Foxwell Road (B9)
Foxwood Avenue
Foxwood Grove
Foxwood Road
Foxyards Road
Foyle Road
Fozdar Crescent
Fracture Clinic
Fradley Close
Fragile Design
Fragrnce SHop
Fraikin Group Limited
Framefield Drive (B91)
Frames 2 Snooker Club
Framlingham Grove
Frampton Close
Frampton Way
Frances Road
Frances Road (B19)
Frances Road (B23)
Frances Road (B30)
Frances Young House
Francesco Academy
Francesco Group
Franchise Gardens
Franchise Street
Franchise Street (B42)
Francis Brett Young 1884-1954
Francis Close
Francis Court
Francis Road
Francis Road (B16)
Francis Road (B25)
Francis Road (B27)
Francis Road (B33)
Francis Road (DY8)
Francis Street
Francis Street (B7)
Francis Street (B70)
Francis Walk (B31)
Francis Ward Close
Frangos piripiri
Frank Allart
Frank F Harrison Engineering College
Frank Fisher Way
Frank Hawker Carpathian Silver Company
Frank Joiner
Frank Road (B67)
Frank Street
Frank Street (B12)
Frank Tommey Close
Frank Warman Precision Engineering Ltd
Frankburn Road (B74)
Frankfort Street (B19)
Frankholmes Drive
Frankholmes Drive (B90)
Frankie & Benny's
Frankie Gavin's Ringside Gym
Frankley Avenue
Frankley Beeches Road
Frankley Beeches Road (B31)
Frankley Community Day Nursery
Frankley Community Library
Frankley Convenience News Store
Frankley Green
Frankley Green Lane
Frankley Hill Farm
Frankley Hill Lane
Frankley Lane
Frankley Lodge Farm
Frankley Lodge Road
Frankley Reservoir
Frankley Road
Franklin Close
Franklin Road (B30)
Franklin Street (B18)
Franklin Way
Franks Way
Frankton Close
Frankton Close (B92)
Frankton Grove
Fraser Hart
Fraser Road (B11)
Fraser Street
Fraser Wood
Frayne Avenue
Freasley Close (B90)
Freasley Road
Fred Baker Ltd
Fred Williams Cycles
Freda Rise (B69)
Freda Road
Freda's Deli
Fredas Grove
Frederic Cox
Frederick Cooper Powder Coating & Wet Painting
Frederick Road
Frederick Road (B11)
Frederick Road (B15)
Frederick Road (B23)
Frederick Road (B29)
Frederick Road (B33)
Frederick Road (B6)
Frederick Road (B68)
Frederick Road (B73)
Frederick Street
Frederick Street (B1)
Frederick William Street
Frederick's Coffee Lounge & Bar
Fredericks Close
Free Library & Technical Institute
Freek Le Chic
Freek Le Shabby Chic
Freeland Grove
Freeman Drive (B76)
Freeman Place
Freeman Road
Freeman Street
Freemount Square
Freer Road (B6)
Freer Street
Freeth Bridge
Freeth Street
Freeth Street (B16)
Freezeland Street
Fremantle Drive (B34)
Fremont Drive
French Avenue
French Connection
French Croft Farm
French Restaurant
French Road (DY2)
French Walls Way
Frensham Close
Frensham Way (B17)
Frenshaw Grove (B44)
Fresh Bite
Fresh Fade
Fresh Flower Warehouse
Fresh Meat and Poultry
Freshwater Drive
Friar House
Friar Park Road
Friar Street
Friar's Gate
Friardale Close
Friardown Ltd
Friars Close
Friars Gorse (DY7)
Friary Avenue
Friary Crescent
Friary Drive (B74)
Friary Gardens (B21)
Friary Road (B20)
Friday Lane
Friday Lane Nurseries
Friends Institute
Friends Meeting House
Friends' Meeting House Bournville
Friesland Drive
Friezeland Road
Frinton Grove (B21)
Friston Avenue (B16)
Frobisher Way (B66)
Frodeseley Road
Frodesley Road (B26)
Froggatt Rd
Froggatts Ride (B76)
Frogmill Road
Frogmill Road (B31)
Frogmill Walk
Frome Close
Frome Drive
Frome Way
Frost & Snow Bakery
Frost Street
Froxmere Close (B91)
Froyle Close
Froysell Street
Frydays Fish Bar
Fryer Close
Fryer Road (B31)
Fryer Street
Fryer Tuck
Fryers Close
Fryers Road
FS Bodies
FSK Steakhouse
FT Groupage Ltd
Fuchsia Drive
Fugelmere Close (B17)
Fulbrook Grove
Fulbrook Road
Fulford Close
Fulford Drive (B76)
Fulford Grove (B26)
Fulford Hall Road
Fulham Autos
Fulham Road
Full Gospel Tabernacle
Full House
Full Moon
Full Moon Indian Tandoori Resturant
Full Throttle Raceway
Fullbrook Close (B90)
Fullbrook Nursery School
Fullbrook Road
Fuller Hall
Fullerton Close
Fullwood Crescent
Fullwoods End (B4483)
Fulwell Grove (B44)
Fulwell Mews
Fulwood Avenue
Fung Wong
Funky Grill
Furber Place
Furlong Lane
Furlong Meadow
Furlong Walk
Furlongs Road
Furnace Hill (B63)
Furnace Lane
Furnace Parade
Furnace Road
Furnaces & Machinery
Furness Close
Furniture Store
Furniture Village
Furqan Travel
Furze Way
Furzebank Way
Furzebank Worship Centre
Fusion Fireplaces
Futura Design
Future Health & Social Care
Future Home Care
Future Stars Football Coaching

G & D Steels
G M D News
G. Preston
G Whitehouse Autos Ltd
G&S Brough Ltd
G-star Raw
Ga Ga Baldy's Chippy
G.A. Lockhart
Gables Close
Gaddesby Road (B14)
Gadds Drive
Gadget Shop
Gads Green
Gads Green Crescent
Gads Lane
Gads Lane (B70)
Gadsby Avenue
Gadwall Croft (B23)
Gail Park
Gailey Croft (B44)
Gainford Close
Gainford Road (B44)
Gainsborough Crescent
Gainsborough Drive
Gainsborough Hill (DY8)
Gainsborough Hill Farm
Gainsborough Place
Gainsborough Road (B42)
Gainsford Drive
Gairloch Road
Gaitskel Terrace
Gaitskell Terrace
Gaitskell Way
Gala Bingo
Galahad Way
Galbraith Close
Galbraith House
Gale Walk
Galena Way (B6)
Galloway Avenue
Gallows Crane
Galton Bridge
Galton Close
Galton Drive
Galton Drive (B43)
Galton Road
Galton Tunnel
Galton Valley Childrens Centre
Galtons Lane
Games Workshop
Gamesfield Green
Gamesfield Grove
Gammage Street
Gammas Markets
Gandy Road
Gangsta Badga Tatto Studio
Gannahs Farm Close (B76)
Gannow Green Lane
Gannow Manor Crescent (B45)
Gannow Manor Gardens
Gannow Manor Gardens (B45)
Gannow Road
Gannow Walk
Ganton Road
Gap Furniture
Garages (3)
Garden Close
Garden Close (B45)
Garden Close (B8)
Garden Crescent
Garden Croft
Garden Grove (B20)
Garden Street
Garden Walk
Gardeners Walk
Gardeners Way
Garfield Road (B26)
Garissa Poundplus Store
Garland Crescent
Garland Street
Garland Way
Garman Close (B43)
Garner Canning Solicitors
Garner Close
Garness & Pearson
Garnet Avenue
Garnett Drive
Garrard Gardens
Garrat Street
Garrat's Lane (A4100)
Garratt Close
Garratt Street
Garratt's Lane (A4100)
Garret Close
Garrets Green Garden Centre
Garrets Green Lane
Garretts Green
Garretts Green Lane (B26)
Garretts Green Lane (B33)
Garretts Green Nursery School
Garretts Green Sports Bar
Garrick Close
Garrick Street
Garrington Street
Garrison House
Garrison Lane
Garrison Lane (B9)
Garrison Street
Garrison Street (B9)
Garry Flavell Butchers Ltd
Garston Way
Garth House (G14)
Garway Grove (B25)
Garwood Road (B26)
Gary Lees
Gas Street
Gascoigne Bros Cycles
Gascoignes of Coleshill
Gatacre Street
Gatcombe Road
Gate 1
Gate B
Gate Hangs Well
Gate Inn
Gate Lane
Gate Lane Mews
Gate Pharmacy
Gate Street
Gate Street (A457)
Gateaux Land
Gatehouse Fold
Gateley Road
Gateley Road (B68)
Gates to Jewellery Business Centre
Gateway Green
Gateway House
Gateway To India
Gatis Street
Gatwick Road
Gauden Road
Gaugemaster Co Ltd
Gaunt & Sons
Gavin Way (B6)
Gavin's Gardening Services
Gawne Lane
Gay Hill Farm
Gay Hill Golf Club
Gay Hill Lane
Gaydon Grove
Gaydon Place (B73)
Gaydon Road
Gaydon Road (B92)
Gayfield Avenue (DY5)
Gayhurst Drive
Gayhurst Drive (B25)
Gayle Grove (B27)
Gayton Road
GB Inspection Systems Ltd
GB Windows
GDC Midlands Doors
GEA Heat Exchangers Ltd
Geach Street (B19)
Gedney Close
Gee Street
Geeson Close
GeetanJoly Ltd
Geeves of Streetly
Gelada Baboons (Family Group)
Gem Building
Gem Of Highgate
Gemma Holley Millinery
General Part and Power supplies
General Stores
Generation Haulage
Genesis Computers
Genesis Control Systems (UK) Ltd
Genesis Display Ltd
Geneva Road
Genge Avenue
Genners Approach
Genners Lane
Genthorn Close
Gentian Close
Genting Arena
Gentleshaw Lane
Gents Hairdresser
Geoff Hayes
Geoff Hill Electrical
Geoffrey Buildings
Geoffrey Close (B76)
Geoffrey Place (B11)
Geoffrey Road (B11)
Geoffrey Road (B90)
Geography (R26)
Geometric Panels
George and Dragon
George And Dragon
George Arthur Road
George Avenue
George Betts Primary School
George Betts Primary School Extension
George Bird Close
George Cadbury
George Close (DY2)
George Dixon Academy
George Fentham Endowed School
George Frederick Road (B73)
George Henry Road
George John
George Perkins House: Day Nursery School
George Road
George Road (B15)
George Road (B23)
George Road (B25)
George Road (B43)
George Road (B63)
George Road (B73)
George Road (B91)
George Road Baptist Church
George Rose Gardens
George Salter Collegiate Academy
George Street
George Street (B12)
George Street (B19)
George Street (B21)
George Street (B3)
George Street (B70)
George Street News
George Street West (B18)
George Wood Avenue
George's Best Fish Restaurant
George's Café Snack Bar
George's Fish Net
Georges Fish Bar
Georges Off Licence
Georgian Gardens
Georgina Avenue
Georgina's Way
Georgio's Salon
Gerald Road
Geraldine Road (B25)
Geranium Grove
Geranium Road
Gerards Way
Gerardsfield Road (B33)
Germander Drive
Gerrard Close
Gerrard Road
Gerrard Street (B4515) (B19)
Gerrards Drive (B19)
Gerry Weber
Gervase Drive
Geston Road
Get Connected
Get The Picture
GF Compressors
GGN Unidec Hairdressing Salon
Ghamkol Sharif House
Ghamkol Sharif Mosque
Ghani's Grill & Roti Junction Catering Centre
Ghausia Mosque Trust
Ghiberti and Cellini
Ghost Tour Experience
Gibb Street
Gibb Street (B9)
Gibbet Hill
Gibbet Lane
Gibbet Lane (DY8)
Gibbins Road (B29)
Gibbons Grove
Gibbons Hill Road
Gibbons Lane
Gibbons Road
Gibbons Road (B75)
Gibbs Chemist
Gibbs Hill Road (B31)
Gibbs Road
Gibbs Street
Gibson Drive
Gibson Drive (B20)
Gibson Road (B20)
Gideon Close (B25)
Gideons Close (DY3)
Giffard Arms
Giffard Road
Giffords Way
Gig Mill Primary School
Giggetty Lane
Giggles & Gear
Gigmill Methodist Church
Gigmill Way (DY8)
Gilbanks Road
Gilberry Close
Gilbert & Mellish Ltd
Gilbert Avenue
Gilbert Bm
Gilbert Close
Gilbert Lane
Gilbert Road
Gilbert Street
Gilbertstone Avenue (B26)
Gilbertstone Primary School
Gilbeys Close
Gilby Road (B16)
Gilchrist Drive
Gildas Avenue
Giles Close (B33)
Giles Close (B92)
Giles Hill
Giles Road
Gill Batteries
Gill Dairies
Gill Drive
Gill Off Licence
Gill Street (B70)
Gill Street (DY2)
Gilldown Place
Gillespie Croft (B6)
Gillhurst Road (B17)
Gillian's Gems Ltd
Gilling Grove (B34)
Gillingham Close
Gillity Avenue
Gillity Close
Gillity Wines & Spririts
Gilliver Road
Gillott Close (B91)
Gillott Road (B16)
Gillows Croft
Gillscroft Road
Gilmorton Close
Gilmorton Close (B17)
Gilpin Close (B8)
Gilson Country House
Gilson Drive
Gilson Drive (B46)
Gilson Road (B4117)
Gilson Street
Gilson Way
Gilt Stock Way
Gilwell Road (B34)
Gimble Walk (B17)
Ginger Blue
Ginger Tree
Gingermegs Vintage
Gino's Fish and Chips
Gino's Pizza
Gipsy Lane (B23)
Girl Guides
Girl in Hat
Gisborn Close
GKR Convenience Store
Gladeside Close
Gladman & Norman
Gladstone Drive
Gladstone Grove
Gladstone Place
Gladstone Road
Gladstone Road (B11)
Gladstone Road (B23)
Gladstone Road (B26)
Gladstone Street
Gladstone Street (B6)
Gladys Road
Gladys Road (B25)
Glaisdale Gardens
Glaisdale Road (B28)
Glaisedale Grove
Glaisher Drive
Glam Fashion Boutique
Glam Tanning
Glamis Road
Glanville Drive (B75)
Glasbury Croft (B38)
Glascote Close
Glascote Close (B90)
Glascote Grove
Glaslyn Avenue
Glaslyn Avenue (B65)
Glass Artwork Entrance Feature
Glass Domain

glass house, Four Seasons Garden Project

Glassexpress Midland Ltd
Glassford Drive
Glasshouse Hill (B4186) (DY8)
Glasstower Jewelry
Glaston Drive
Glastonbury Crescent
Glastonbury Road
Glastonbury Road (B14)
Glastonbury Way
G.L.Bicknell Jewellers
Gleads Croft
Gleave Road
Gleave Road (B29)
Glebe Drive (B73)
Glebe Farm Public Library
Glebe Farm Road
Glebe Farm Road (B33)
Glebe Fields
Glebe Lane (DY8)
Glebe Place
Glebe Road
Glebe Road (B91)
Glebe Street
Glebefields Library
Glebefields Primary School
Glebefields Road
Glebeland Close (B16)
Glen Close
Glen Court
Glen Devon Close (B45)
Glen Guest House
Glen Park Road
Glen Park Road (B8)
Glen Rise (B13)
Glen Road
Glen Road (DY8)
Glen Side
Glenavon Road (B14)
Glenbeth Tool & Gague Co. Ltd
Glencoe Road (B16)
Glencroft Road (B92)
Glendale Close
Glendale Close (B63)
Glendale Drive
Glendale Drive (B33)
Glendalough Farm
Glendene Drive
Glendon Property Services
Glendon Road (B23)
Glendower Road
Glendower Road (B42)
Gleneagles Drive
Gleneagles Drive (B69)
Gleneagles Road
Gleneagles Road (B26)
Glenelg Drive
Glenelg Mews
Glenfern Road
Glenfield Close
Glenfield Close (B76)
Glenfield Close (B91)
Glenfield Grove (B29)
Glenfield (WV8)
Glengarry Close
Glengarry Gardens
Glenhill Drive
Glenhurst Close
Glenmead Road (B44)
Glenmore Close
Glenmore Drive
Glenside Avenue (B92)
Glenthorne Road (B24)
Glentworth (B76)
Glentworth Gardens
Glenville Drive (B23)
Glenwood Close
Glenwood Drive
Glenwood Rise
Glenwood Road
Glitters Limited
Glitzy Bits Boutique
Global Computerz Ltd
Global Dental Labrotory
GLobal Drinks Stop
Global Foods
Global Foods (Nisa Local)
Global Wines
Globe Street
Glorious Peoples Internatoval Chapel
Glory Hole
Gloucester Place
Gloucester Road
Gloucester Street
Gloucester Way
Glover Close (B28)
Glover Road (B75)
Glover Street
Glover Street (B70)
Glover Street (B9)
Glovers Croft (B37)
Glovers Field Drive
Glovers Road (B10)
Glovers Trust
Glyme Drive
Glyn Avenue
Glyn Barrows Car Repairs
Glyn Drive
Glyn Farm Road
Glyn Road
Glynn Crescent (B63)
Glynne Avenue
Glynne Primary School
Glynside Avenue
GM International
Gm Vintage
G.N. House
GN Vans Ltd
Go Central
Go Mex
Go Outdoors
GO Outdoors
Goals Soccer Center
Goals Soccer Center Darlaston
Goals Soccer Centre
Godwin Lane
Goffs Close (B32)
Gol Gappa
Gold Buyers
Gold Centre
Gold Craft
Gold Direct
Gold Equals Cash
Goldborough Close
Goldby Drive
Goldcrest Close (DY2)
Goldcrest Croft
Golden Academy
Golden Bowl
Golden Castle
Golden City
Golden Croft
Golden Cross
Golden Cup
Golden End Drive
Golden Fish Fry
Golden Fried Chicken
Golden Hillock Car Repair
Golden Hillock Playground
Golden Hillock Road
Golden Hillock Road (B10)
Golden Hillock Road (B11)
Golden Hillock Road (B4145)
Golden Hillock Road (B4145) (B11)
Golden Hillock Road (DY2)
Golden Lion
Golden Orchard
Golden Plaice
Golden Pond
Golden Rice
Golden Rice Bowl
Golden Spice
Golden Square
Golden Valley (Sam's Chinese)
Golden Wok
Golden Wok Oriental Delight
Goldencrest Drive
Goldencross Way
Goldfield Court
Goldfinch Close
Goldfinch Road
Goldicroft Road
Goldieslie Close (B73)
Goldieslie Club
Goldieslie Road (B76)
Goldlink Jewellers
Golds Hill Gardens (B21)
Golds Hill Road (B21)
Goldsmith Primary Academy
Goldsmith Road
Goldsmith Road (B14)
Goldstar Close
Goldstar Motors
Goldstar Way (B33)
Goldthorn Avenue
Goldthorn Hill
Goldthorn Hill (A4039)
Goldthorn Hill Road (A4039)
Goldthorn Park
Goldthorn Park Primary School
Goldthorn Road
Goldthorne Avenue
Goldthorne Walk
Golf Lane
Golf shop
Golfbug Wast Hills
Golland & Barret
Golson Close
Gomeldon Avenue (B14)
Gomer Street
Gomer Street West
Gooch Close (DY8)
Gooch Street
Gooch Street (B5)
Gooch Street North (B5)
Gooch Street Post Office
Good Choice
Good Food Café
Good Friends
Good News Centre
Good Shepherd with St John Parish Church
Good Taste
Good View
Good with Wood
Good Wok
Goodall Grove
Goodall Street
Goodby Road (B13)
Goode Avenue (B18)
Goode Close
Goodeve Walk (B75)
Goodison Gardens
Goodleigh Avenue
Goodman Close (B28)
Goodman Street (B1)
Goodrest Avenue
Goodrest Croft (B14)
Goodrest Farm
Goodrest Lane
Goodrich Avenue
Goodrich Covert (B14)
Goodrich Mews
Goodrick Way (B4132)
Goodsell Gym
Goodsell Hall
Goodway Court
Goodway Evangelical Free Church
Goodway Nursery School
Goodway Road (B44)
Goodway Road (B92)
Goodwin Shoes
Goodwood Close (B36)
Goodwood Drive
Goodwyn Avenue (B68)
Goodyear Avenue
Goodyear Pavilion
Goodyear Road
Goosemoor Lane (B23)
Gopsal Street (B4)
Gorcott Lane
Gordan House
Gordon Avenue
Gordon Close
Gordon Crescent
Gordon Drive
Gordon Motor Services
Gordon Place
Gordon Road
Gordon Scott
Gordon Street
Gorey Close
Gorge Road (A463)
Gorilla Coffee
Gorleston Grove (B14)
Gorleston Road
Gorleston Road (B14)
Gorse Close
Gorse Farm home of Marston Green FC
Gorse Farm Road
Gorse Green Lane
Gorse Road
Gorsebrook Road
Gorsefield Road
Gorsemoor Way
Gorsey Lane
Gorsey Way
Gorsly Piece
Gorstie Croft
Gorsty Avenue
Gorsty Close
Gorsty Hayes
Gorsty Hill Road (A4099)
Gorsy Road
Gorsymead Grove
Gorsymead Grove (B31)
Gorway Close
Gorway Gardens
Gorway Road
Goscote Close
Goscote Lane
Goscote Lodge Crescent
Goscote Place
Goscote Road
Gosford Street
Gosford Walk
Gospel End
Gospel End Road (A463)
Gospel End Street (A463)
Gospel Farm Road (B27)
Gospel Lane
Gospel Lane (B27)
Gospel Lane Post office
Gospel Oak
Gospel Oak Road (A4037)
Gosport Close
Goss Croft (B29)
Gossey Lane
Gossey Lane (B33)
Gossey Lane Junior & Infant School & Nursery
Gosta Green
Gotham Road (B26)
Goths Close
Gouch Road (B4483)
Gough Avenue
Gough Close
Gough Road (B11)
Gough Road (B15)
Gough Road (B4483)
Gough Street
Gould Firm Lane
Gourmet Burger Kitchen
Gourmet Foods
Gowan Road (B8)
Gower Avenue
Gower Road
Gower Road (B62)
Gower Street
Gower Street (B19)
Gowshall Drive
Grace Academy Solihull
Grace Church Way
Grace Mary Primary School
Grace Road
Grace Road (B11)
Grace Road (B69)
Grace Villas
Gracelands Nursery School
Gracemere Crescent (B28)
Gracewell of Bournville
Gracewell Road (B13)
Grade One Barbers
Grafton Community Centre
Grafton Drive
Grafton Gardens
Grafton Grove
Grafton Lodge
Grafton Place
Grafton Road
Grafton Road (B11)
Grafton Road (B21)
Graham Close
Graham Crescent
Graham Lovsey
Graham Road
Graham Road (B25)
Graham Road (B62)
Graham Road (B8)
Graham Street (B1)
Graham Street (B19)
Graham's Place
Grainger Close
Grainger Street (DY2)
Grainger's Lane
Graiseley Hill
Graiseley Lane
Graiseley Row
Graiseley Street
Graith Close (B28)
Grameen Khana
Grammar School Lane
Grampian Road (DY8)
Granary Close
Granary Lane (B76)
Granary Road
Granary Road (WV8)
Granbourne Road
Granby Avenue (B33)
Granby Close
Grand Central Kitchen
Grand Close
Grand Junction Way
Grand Theatre
Grandborough Drive
Grandys Croft (B37)
Grange Avenue
Grange Avenue (B75)
Grange Crescent
Grange Farm
Grange Farm Drive
Grange Hill
Grange Hill (B4551)
Grange Hill Road (B38)
Grange Lane
Grange Lane (A4036)
Grange Pharmacy
Grange Rise (B38)
Grange Road
Grange Road (A459)
Grange Road (B10)
Grange Road (B14)
Grange Road (B24)
Grange Road (B4186)
Grange Road (B64)
Grange Road (B91)
Grange Road (B92)
Grange Street
Grange Walk (B31)
Grangefield Close (WV8)
Grangewood Court (B92)
Granite Boulder
Grant Arms
Grant Close
Grant Court
Grant Street
Grant Street (B15)
Grantham Road (B11)
Grantley Crescent
Grantley Drive
Granton Close
Granton Road
Granville Close
Granville Drive
Granville Drive (B75)
Granville House
Granville Road
Granville Street
Granville Street (B1)
Granville Street Memorial
Granvillle Road
Graphic Close
Grasdene Grove
Grasmere Avenue
Grasmere Close
Grasmere Road
Grasmere Road (B21)
Grassington Drive
Grassmere Drive
Grassmoor Road (B38)
Graston Close (B16)
Gratham Close
Grattidge Road
Grattidge Road (B27)
Grave of Harry Williams writer of "It's aLong Way to Tipperary)
Gravel Bank
Gravel Hill
Gravelly Chippy
Gravelly Hill
Gravelly Hill (A5127)
Gravelly Hill (A5127) (B23)
Gravelly Hill North (A5127) (B23)
Gravelly Lane
Gravelly Lane (B4142)
Gravity Mews (B68)
Gray Street
Grayfield Avenue (B13)
Grayland Close (B27)
Grayling Close
Grayling Road
Grayling Walk
Grays Road (B17)
Grayshott Close (B23)
Grayswood Park Road (B32)
Grayswood Road (B31)
Grazebrook Arm Bridge
Grazebrook Croft
Grazebrook Road
Grazewood Close
Greadier Street
Great Arthur Street
Great Barr
Great Barr Day Nursery
Great Barr Golf Club
Great Barr Hall
Great Barr Hotel
Great Barr Library
Great Barr Methodist Church
Great Barr News & Booze
Great Barr Primary School
Great Barr Street
Great Barr Street (B9)
Great Brickkiln Street
Great Bridge
Great Bridge (B4157)
Great Bridge News & Booze
Great Bridge Road (A4098)
Great Bridge Street
Great British Eatery(closed)
Great Brook Street (B7)
Great Colmore Street (B15)
Great Cornbow
Great Farley Drive
Great Food Everyday
Great Francis Street
Great Gable Road
Great Hampton Row
Great Hampton Row (B19)
Great Hampton Street
Great Hampton Street (B4100)
Great Hampton Street (B4100) (B18)
Great King Street (B19)
Great King Street North
Great Lister Street (B4133) (B7)
Great Meadow
Great Smiles Dental Spa
Great Stone Road
Great Stone Road (B31)
Great Tindal Street (B16)
Great Wall House
Great Western
Great Western Arcade
Great Western Café
Great Western Close
Great Western Court (B27)
Great Western Drive
Great Western Road
Great Western Street
Great Western Way (DY6)
Great Wood Road (B10)
Greathall Grove
Greaves Avenue
Greaves Close
Greaves Crescent
Greaves Road
Greaves Square
Greaves Tenants Hall
Grebe Close (B23)
Greedy Gutz Café
Greedy Pig
Greedy Pig Café
Green & Co
Green Acres
Green Acres (B27)
Green Acres Road (B38)
Green Avenue
Green Bank Avenue (B28)
Green Barn
Green Barns Lane
Green Chessmen
Green Court (B28)
Green Croft
Green Croft (B9)
Green Dog Vaping
Green Drive
Green Frog
Green Gables
Green Garage
Green Heath School
Green Hill
Green House
Green Lane
Green Lane (B21)
Green Lane (B36)
Green Lane (B43)
Green Lane (B62)
Green Lane (B9)
Green Lane (B90)
Green Lane Tyre Services
Green Lane Walk
Green Lanes
Green Lanes (B73)
Green Leigh (B23)
Green Man
Green Meadow
Green Meadow Primary School
Green Meadow Road
Green Oak Road
Green Olive Cafe
Green Park Avenue
Green Park Drive
Green Park Road
Green Park Road (DY2)
Green Road (B13)
Green Road (B28)
Green Road (DY2)
Green Rock Lane
Green Street
Green Street (B4483)
Green Street (B67)
Green Walk
Green's Local
Greenacre Drive
Greenacre Road
Greenacres Avenue
Greenacres (B76)
Greenacres Close
Greenaleigh Road (B14)
Greenaway Close
Greenbush Drive (B63)
Greenend Road (B13)
Greenfels Rise
Greenfels Rise (DY2)
Greenfield Avenue
Greenfield Crescent (B15)
Greenfield Croft
Greenfield Primary School
Greenfield Road
Greenfield Road (B17)
Greenfield Road (B43)
Greenfield View
Greenfields Road
Greenfinch Close
Greenfinch Road
Greenford House
Greenford Road
Greenhill Close
Greenhill Drive
Greenhill Galleries
Greenhill Gardens
Greenhill Road
Greenhill Road (B21)
Greenhill Road (B72)
Greenhill Way
Greenhill Youth Centre
Greenholm Primary School
Greenholm Road (B44)
Greening Drive (B15)
Greenland Avenue
Greenland Close
Greenland Rise (B92)
Greenland Road
Greenlands Close
Greenlands Road
Greenlands Road (B37)
Greenleas Gardens (B63)
Greenly Road
Greenoak Crescent
Greenock Crescent
Greenridge Road (B20)
Greenrock Tavern
Greens Local
Greensand Drive
Greenside Road (B24)
Greenside Way
Greensill Avenue
Greenslade Croft (B31)
Greenslade Road
Greenslade Road (B90)
Greenstead Road (B13)
Greenvale Avenue (B26)
Greenvale (B31)
Greenway Avenue
Greenway (B20)
Greenway Drive (B73)
Greenway Garden Centre
Greenway Gardens
Greenway Gardens (B38)
Greenway Road
Greenway Street (B9)
Greenways (B63)
Greenwood Academy
Greenwood Avenue
Greenwood Avenue (B27)
Greenwood Avenue (B65)
Greenwood Avenue (B68)
Greenwood (B25)
Greenwood Close (B14)
Greenwood Park
Greenwood Place
Greenwood Place (B44)
Greenwood Road
Greenwood Tree
Greenwoods Communications
Greet & District Community Association
Greet Pharmacy
Greet Primary School & Childrens Centre
Greet Recreation Ground
Greethurst Drive (B13)
Greeting Card Superstore
Greets Green Playing Fields
Greets Green Road
Greetville Close
Gregg Court
Greggs the bakers
Gregory Avenue
Gregory Avenue (B29)
Gregory Close
Gregory Court
Gregory Drive
Gregory Road
Grendon Drive
Grendon Drive (B73)
Grendon Gardens
Grendon Junior and Infant School (NC)
Grendon Road (B14)
Grendon Road (B92)
Grenfell Baptist Church
Grenfell Drive
Grenfell Road
Grenston Textiles
Grenville Close
Grenville Drive (B23)
Grenville Drive (B66)
Grenville Place
Grenville Road
Grenville Road (B90)
Grenwood Road
Gresham Road (B28)
Gresham Road (B68)
Gresley Close
Gresley Grove (B23)
Gressel Lane
Gressel Lane (B33)
Grestone Avenue (B20)
Grestone Primary School
Greswold Gardens
Greswold Primary School
Greswold Road (B91)
Greswold Street
Greswolde Drive
Greswolde Hotel
Greswolde Park Road (B27)
Greswolde Road (B11)
Greswolde Road (B91)
Gretton Crescent
Gretton Road
Gretton Road (B23)
Greville Arms
Greville Drive
Greville Fish Bar
Greville Rossiter
Grevis Close
Grevis Road
Grey Lady Tavern
Grey Mill Close
Greyfort Crescent (B92)
Greyfriars Close
Greyfriars Close (B92)
Greyhound Lane
Greyhurst Croft
Greystoke Avenue
Greystoke Drive
Greystone Passage
Greystone Street
Grice Street
Griffin Close
Griffin Gardens (B17)
Griffin House
Griffin Lane
Griffin Road (B23)
Griffin Street
Griffins Brook Close
Griffins Brook Lane
Griffins Brook Lane (B30)
Griffins Crescent
Griffiths Drive
Griffiths Road
Griffiths Street
Grigg Grove (B31)
Grill & Thrill
Grill Box
Griller Pizza & Fish Bar
Grills & Pizzeria
Grimley Road
Grimpits Lane
Grimscote Manor Hotel
Grimshaw Hall
Grimshaw Road (B27)
Grimstone Street
Grindleford Road (B42)
Gristhorpe Road (B29)
Grizedale Close
GRN Motors
Grocott Road
Grosmont Avenue
Grosvenor Avenue (B20)
Grosvenor Avenue (B74)
Grosvenor Close
Grosvenor Court
Grosvenor Crescent
Grosvenor House
Grosvenor Park
Grosvenor Road
Grosvenor Road (B17)
Grosvenor Road (B20)
Grosvenor Road (B4137) (B6)
Grosvenor Road (B6)
Grosvenor Road (B91)
Grosvenor Road South
Grosvenor Square (B28)
Grosvenor Street
Grosvenor Street (B5)
Grosvenor Street West (B16)
Grosvenor Way
Grosvenor Works
Grotto Lane
Groucutt Street
Grounds & Gardens (Y7)
Grounds Drive (B74)
Grounds Farm
Grounds Road (B74)
Group of Trophies
Grout Street
Grove Avenue
Grove Avenue (B13)
Grove Avenue (B21)
Grove Avenue (B27)
Grove Avenue (B63)
Grove Avenue (B91)
Grove Cottage Road (B9)
Grove Court
Grove Crescent
Grove End
Grove Farm Drive
Grove Farm Drive (B75)
Grove Gardens
Grove Hall Social and Community Centre
Grove Hill
Grove Hill Road (B21)
Grove Lane
Grove Lane (A457)
Grove Lane (B17)
Grove Lane (B76)
Grove Lane Cycles
Grove Mews (B31)
Grove Park (DY6)
Grove Primary Academy
Grove Road
Grove Road (B11)
Grove Road (B14)
Grove Road (B91)
Grove Street
Grove Street (A459)
Grove Street (B18)
Grove Terrace
Grove Vale
Grove Vale Avenue
Grove Vale Primary School
Grove Way
Groveland Bridge (A457)
Groveland Road
Grovelands Crescent
Groveley Lane
Groveley Lane (B31)
Groveley Lane (B4096)
Groveley Lane (B4096) (B31)
Grovely Farm
Groves Pork Sandwich Kiosk
Grow World Hydroponics
Growers Meadow
GSMMobile Accessories Ltd
GT Barber Shop
GT Exhausts
GT Leisure Bowl & Old Hall Snooker Club
Guardian Angels Catholic Primary School
Guardian Court
Guardian Court (B91)
Guardian House
Guardian Mews
Guardians Close
Guardians Walk
Guardians Way
Guernsey Drive
Guest Avenue
Guest Carpets
Guest Grove (B19)
Guest Hospital
Guild Avenue
Guild Close
Guild Croft
Guild Croft (B19)
Guild House
Guildford Croft
Guildford Drive (B19)
Guildford Street (B19)
Guillimot Grove (B23)
Guitar Crazy
Guiting Road
Gulf of Aden Supermarket
Gullane Close (B38)
Gullswood Close
Gumbleberrys Close (B8)
Gun Barrel Proof House
Gun Emplacement (WWII)
Gunbarrel Mews
Gung Ho! Tattoo
Gunmakers Arms
Gunmakers Arms (closed)
Gunmakers Walk
Gunmakers Walk (B19)
Gunner Grove
Gunner Lane
Gunns Way (B92)
Guns Lane
Guns Village Primary School
Gunstock Close
Gunter Road (B24)
Guraya News
Gurnar Close
Gurnard Close
Gurney Place
Gurney Road
Guthrie Close (B19)
Guthrum Close
Guy Avenue
Guys 'N' Gals
Guys Cliffe Avenue (B76)
Guys Lane
Gwendoline Way
Gwinnett & Burkill Ltd
GWR Stafford Road Works
GWR War Memorial
Gypsy & Traveller Site
Gypsy Lane

H & T
H Bennett Lawn Turf
H C Hair
H Cope (CH) Ltd
H. Lal Business Centre
H M Coroner's Office
H S Impex Ltd
H S Tank & Sons
H. Samuel
H Samuel
H. Samuels
H&H Autos Service
H&J News/Video Shop
H&J Transport Ltd
H&T Pawnbrokers
H@B Salad Bar
Habberley Croft
Habberley Croft (B91)
Habberley Road


Habib Bank AG Zurich
Hack Street (B9)
Hackett Close
Hackett Court
Hackett Drive
Hackett Road
Hackett Street
Hackford Road
Hackmans Gate Lane (B4188)
Hackwood House
Hackwood Road
Hadcroft Grange
Hadcroft Road
Haddock Road
Haddon Crescent
Haddon Croft (B63)
Haddon Road (B42)
Haden Arch Court
Haden Close
Haden Close (B64)
Haden Crescent
Haden Cross Drive
Haden Cross Fire Station
Haden Hill House Museum
Haden Hill Leisure Centre
Haden Hill Road (A459)
Haden Park Road
Haden Road
Haden Street (B12)
Haden Walk
Hadens Newsagents
Hadfield Close (B24)
Hadfield Croft (B19)
Hadfield Way
Hadfields Opticians
Hadland Road (B33)
Hadleigh Croft (B76)
Hadleigh Estate Agents
Hadley Close
Hadley Croft
Hadley Group
Hadley Place
Hadley Road
Hadley Street
Hadley's café
Hadleys Close
Hadlow Croft
Hadrian Drive
Hadyn Grove (B26)
Hadzor Road
Haelsowen Street

hafiz Halal Meat Centre

Hafiz Travel
Hafren Close
Hafton Grove (B9)
Hagar & Kevs
Haggar Street
Hagley Bridal
Hagley Catholic High School
Hagley Close
Hagley Free Church
Hagley Golf & Country Club
Hagley Grange
Hagley Hall
Hagley Hill Farm Barns
Hagley House
Hagley Park Drive
Hagley Park Drive (B45)
Hagley Primary School
Hagley Road
Hagley Road (B4183) (B63)
Hagley Road Fish Bar
Hagley Road West
Hagley Street
Hagley View Road
Hagley Walkway
Hagley Wood Lane
Haig Close
Haig Place
Haig Road (DY2)
Haig Street
Haigh Crescent
Hail To The Ale
Hailes Park Close
Hailsham Road
Hailstone Close
Haines Street
Hainfield Drive (B91)
Hainge Road
Hainult Close (DY8)
Hair & Beauty by Ritz
Hair & Cosmetics
Hair 2000
Hair @ 82 Smallbrook
Hair @ Liberty Lounge
Hair and Beauty Supplies
Hair by David
Hair by Heather
Hair by Irene
Hair by Lesley
Hair by Teddy's
Hair by Tony
Hair City One
Hair Craft Hd
Hair Design
Hair Fusion
Hair Studio
Hair Tech
Hair@16 18
Haircut 2000
Hairdressing By Farrar


Hajee Ghani
Hajees Spices
Haji Nazar
Hajj Ltd
Halal Confectionery.net
Halal Meat Centre
Halal Poultry Products Ltd
Halberton Street
Haldon Grove
Hale Grove
Halecroft Avenue
Hales Convience Store and Off-License
Hales Crescent (B67)
Hales Gardens (B23)
Hales Lane (B67)
Hales Road
Hales Way
Halesbury Court
Halesbury School
Halescroft Square (B31)
Halesmere Way
Halesowen Baptist Church
Halesowen Cemetery
Halesowen Church of England Primary School
Halesowen College Shenstone House
Halesowen Community Fire Station
Halesowen Cricket Club
Halesowen Cycles
Halesowen Golf Club
Halesowen Golf Driving Range
Halesowen Leisure Centre
Halesowen Library
Halesowen Magistrates Court
Halesowen Police Station
Halesowen Post Office
Halesowen Road
Halesowen Road (A459)
Halesowen Road Post Office
Halesowen Street
Halesowen Street (A4034)
Halesowen Street (A4099)
Halesowen Youth Centre
Halesview NHS
Halesworth Road
Halewood Grove (B28)
Halewowen Yemeni Community Association
Haley Street
Half Penny Field Walk
Halfcot Avenue
Halfcote Farm
Halford Crescent
Halford Grove (B24)
Halford Road (B91)
Halfords Auto Centre
Halfords Autocentre
Halfords Lane
Halfords Lane (B66)
Halfords Lane (B71)
Halfords Park
Halfshire Lane
Halfway Close (B44)
Halifax Grove
Halifax Road (B90)
Haliscombe Grove
Halkett Glade (B33)
Hall & Kay
Hall 16
Hall 5
Hall Burnam & Charnick Ltd
Hall Crescent
Hall Dale Close
Hall Dale Close (B28)
Hall Drive
Hall End
Hall End Methodist Church
Hall End Tavern
Hall Farm
Hall Farm Court
Hall Farm Estate
Hall Gardens
Hall Green
Hall Green Baptist Church
Hall Green Bowling Club
Hall Green Car Centre
Hall Green Christadelphian
Hall Green Delivery Office
Hall Green Greyhound Stadium
Hall Green HG Club
Hall Green Infant School
Hall Green Junior School
Hall Green Kebab House
Hall Green Kitchens and Bathrooms
Hall Green Little Theatre
Hall Green Pentecostal Church
Hall Green Pentecostal Spiritualist Church
Hall Green Pharmacy
Hall Green Post Office
Hall Green Primary School
Hall Green Public Library
Hall Green Road
Hall Green School
Hall Green Tennis Club
Hall Green Wharf
Hall Green/Acocks Green Boxing Club
Hall Grove
Hall Hays Road
Hall Hays Road (B34)
Hall Lane
Hall Meadow
Hall Park Street
Hall Road
Hall Road (B20)
Hall Road (B4118)
Hall Street
Hall Street (B18)
Hall Street (B4171)
Hall Street (B4171) (DY2)
Hall Street (B68)
Hall Street East
Hall Street South
Hall Walk
Hallam Close
Hallam Crescent
Hallam Drive
Hallam Street
Hallam Street (B12)
Hallam Street Hospital
Hallbridge Close
Hallbridge Way
Hallchurch Road
Hallcroft Close (B72)
Hallcroft Way
Hallens Drive
Hallet Drive
Hallewell Road (B16)
Hallfield School
Hallgreen Street
Hallmark & Walmley Post Office
Hallmark Van & Truck Ltd
Hallmoor Road
Hallmoor School
Hallot Close (B23)
Halloughton Road (B74)
Hallow Close
Halls Commercials
Halls Garden Centre
Hallstead Road
Hallswelle Grove
Halo Hair
Halsbury Grove (B44)
Halstead Grove
Halt Mews (DY6)
Halton Road (B73)
Halton Street
Ham Dingle Primary School
Ham Lane
Ham Lane (A4036)
Hamar Way
Hamberley Court (B18)
Hamble Close
Hamble Road
Hamble Road (B42)
Hambledon Close
Hambleton Road
Hambleton Road (B63)
Hambletts Road (B70)
Hambrook Close
Hambury Drive
Hamcam Student Living Hamstead Campus
Hamd House Nursery
Hamd House Preparatory School
Hamd House School
Hamer Lee Funeral Directors
Hamid House Sparkhill Free Islamic Nursery
Hamid's Fast Food
Hamilton Avenue
Hamilton Avenue (B17)
Hamilton Close
Hamilton Court
Hamilton Drive
Hamilton Gardens
Hamilton Jones Interiors
Hamilton Motors
Hamilton Road
Hamilton Road (B21)
Hamilton Road (B67)
Hamilton School
Hamilton Street
Hamilton Street (B68)
Hamiltons Marketing
Hamlet Gardens
Hamlet Gardens (B28)
Hamlet Road (B28)
Hammer Bank (DY5)
Hammersley Close (B63)
Hammond Avenue
Hammond Drive (B23)
Hammond Way
Hampden Close (DY5)
Hampden Retreat
Hampshire Close
Hampshire Drive
Hampshire Road
Hampson Close (B11)
Hampson Haulage
Hampstead Glade
Hampton by Hilton Birmingham Broad Street
Hampton by Hilton Birmingham City North
Hampton Close (B73)
Hampton Court
Hampton Court Road (B17)
Hampton Gardens
Hampton Hosiery
Hampton Lane
Hampton Lane (B4102)
Hampton Lane (B4102) (B91)
Hampton Lane (B4102) (B94)
Hampton Manor
Hampton Place
Hampton Plating Co. Ltd.
Hampton Road
Hampton Road (B23)
Hampton Road (B6)
Hampton Street
Hampton Street (B19)
Hampton-in-Arden Squash Club
Hamptons Baguette Bar
Hams Lane
Hams Road
Hamstead Close
Hamstead Fish Bar
Hamstead Hall Avenue
Hamstead Hall Road (B20)
Hamstead Hall School
Hamstead Hill (B20)
Hamstead Hill (B4124) (B20)
Hamstead Home Brew
Hamstead Junior School
Hamstead Library
Hamstead Pharmacy
Hamstead Post Office
Hamstead Road (B20)
Hamstead Road (B4124) (B19)
Hamstead Road (B4124) (B20)
Hamstead Road (B4167) (B43)
Hamstead Road Baptist Church
Hamstead Social Club Bowling Green
Hamstead Terrace
Hamza Halal Meat
Han Li Poh
Han's Cantonese Takeaway
Hana Puri
Hanam Close
Hanan's Hair and Beauty Unisex Salon
Hanbury Close
Hanbury Close (B63)
Hanbury Crescent
Hanbury Croft (B27)
Hanbury Drive (B69)
Hanbury Hill Baptist Church
Hanbury Hill (DY8)
Hanbury Lawn Tennis Club
Hanbury Road (B70)
Hanch Place
Hancock Road (B8)
Hancox Street
Hand Car Wash
Hand Of God
Hand of God
Handley Grove (B31)
Handley Street
Handmade Boutique
Handmade Burger Co
Handmade Burger Company
Handsworth Baptist Church Centre
Handsworth Central Club
Handsworth Centro Interchange: Tulip Tree
Handsworth Close
Handsworth Community Fire Station
Handsworth Cricket Club
Handsworth Drive
Handsworth Fire Station
Handsworth Golf Club
Handsworth Grammar School
Handsworth Leisure Centre
Handsworth Library
Handsworth Mosque & IslamicCentre
Handsworth New Road (A4040)
Handsworth Police Station
Handsworth RUFC
Handsworth West Police Station
Handsworth Wood
Handsworth Wood Bowling Club
Handsworth Wood Girls
Handsworth Wood Road (B4124) (B20)
Handsworth Wood Road (B4124) (B42)
Handy Andy's D.I.Y.
Handyman Stores
Hangar Road
Hanging Lane
Hanging Lane (B31)
Hangleton Drive (B11)
Hanley Close (B63)
Hanley Street (B19)
Hannafore Road (B16)
Hannah Road
Hannon Road (B14)
Hanover Close (B6)
Hanover Court
Hanover Drive
Hanover Gardens
Hanover Road
Hansom Road
Hanson Close (B66)
Hanson Concrete Center
Hanson Grove (B92)
Hanson (Weeford)
Hansons Bridge Road (B24)
Hanwell Close (B76)
Hanwood Close
Happy Eating
Happy Garden
Happy Hearts Café
Happy Nails
Happy Shopper
Happy Town Takeaway
Har Rai
Harbans Singh & Co
Harbeck Avenue (B44)
Harberrow Close
Harbet Drive
Harbinger Road (B38)
Harborne Academy
Harborne Accident Repair Centre Ltd
Harborne Auto Centre
Harborne Baptist Church
Harborne Central
Harborne Church Farm 9 Hole Golf Course
Harborne Convenience Store and Off-Licence
Harborne Court
Harborne Cricket Club and Hockey Club
Harborne Cycle Surgery
Harborne Food School
Harborne Garage Limited
Harborne Golf Club
Harborne Hall Hotel
Harborne Healing Centre
Harborne Lane
Harborne Lane (A4040)
Harborne Launderette
Harborne Library
Harborne Nature Reserve
Harborne Park Road
Harborne Park Road (A4040)
Harborne Park Road (A4040) (B17)
Harborne Police Station
Harborne Primary School
Harborne Road
Harborne Road (B4284)
Harborne Road (B4284) (B15)
Harborne Road (B68)
Harborne Stores
Harborne Swimming Pool And Fitness Centre
Harborne Tandoori Restaurant
Harborne Tyres Ltd
Harborne Walkway
Harborne War Memorial
Harborne West
Harborough Drive
Harborough Drive (B36)
Harborough Walk
Harbours Hill
Harbury Close (B76)
Harbury Road (B12)
Harby Close
Harcourt Drive
Harcourt Drive (B74)
Harcourt Road
Harcourt Road (B23)
Harcourt Road (B64)
Hard To Find Whisky
Harden Close
Harden Grove
Harden Keep
Harden Manor Court
Harden Nursery School
Harden Road
Harden Vale
Harding Street (B4163)
Hardings Hairdresser
Hardon Road
Hardwick Drive (B62)
Hardwick Road
Hardwick Road (B92)
Hardwicke Walk
Hardwicke Way
Hardy Court
Hardy Road
Hardy Square
Hardy's DIY
Hare & Hounds
Hare and Hounds
Hare Grove (B31)
Hare of the Dog
Hare Street
Harebell Close (WS5)
Harebell Crescent
Harebell Gardens
Harewell Drive
Harewood Avenue
Harewood Close (B28)
Harford Street (B19)
Hargate Lane
Hargate Primary School
Hargrave Close
Hargrave Road (B90)
Hargreave Close (B76)
Hargreaves Street
Harland Road (B74)
Harlech Close
Harlech Road
Harlech Way
Harlequin Drive
Harleston Road (B44)
Harlestones Close
Harley Drive
Harley Grange
Harlow Grove (B28)
Harlyn Close
Harman Road (B72)
Harmer Street
Harmon Road
Harnall Close
Harnall Close (B90)
Harness Close
Harold Road (B16)
Harold Road (B67)
Harold's Heli Tours and Engine Sheds
Harp Inn
Harper & Lewis
Harper Avenue
Harper Bell Seventh Day Adventist School
Harper Grove
Harper Road
Harper Street
Harper's British Classics
Harpers Road (B14)
Harpers Road (B31)
Harpur Close
Harpur Road
Harrier Road (B27)
Harriet Close
Harringay Drive
Harringay Road
Harringay Road (B44)
Harrington Croft
Harris and Gibbs
Harris Drive
Harris Memorial
Harrison Close
Harrison House
Harrison Road
Harrison Road (B74)
Harrison Street
Harrison's Fold
Harrisons Green
Harrisons Pleck
Harrisons Road
Harrold Avenue
Harrold Road
Harrold Street
Harrop Way
Harrow Close
Harrow Road
Harrow Road (B29)
Harrow Street
Harrowby Drive
Harrowby Place
Harrowby Road
Harrowfield Road (B33)
Harry Mitchell Leisure Centre
Harry Perks Street
Harry Price House
Harry Scriven Butchers
Harry Smith
Hart Drive (B73)
Hart Road
Hart Street
Hartfield Crescent (B27)
Hartfields Way
Hartford Close (B17)
Harthill Street
Hartill Street
Hartills of Sedgley Funeral Directors
Hartington Road (B19)
Hartland Avenue
Hartland Road
Hartland Street
Hartle Farm
Hartle Lane (B4188)
Hartlebury Road
Hartlebury Road (B63)
Hartledon Road (B17)
Hartley Drive
Hartley Grove (B44)
Hartley Place
Hartley Road (B44)
Hartley Street
Harton Way
Hartopp Road
Harts Close (B17)
Harts Green Road
Harts Road (B8)
Hartsbourne Drive
Hartshill Close
Hartshill Road
Hartshill Road (B27)
Hartshorn Street
Hartside Close
Hartswell Drive (B13)
Hartwell Close
Hartwell Road (B24)
Harvard Close
Harvard Road (B92)
Harvest Close
Harvest Close (DY3)
Harvest Fields (63619)
Harvest Fields Play Area
Harvest Fields Way
Harvest Gardens
Harvest Grove
Harvest Road
Harvest Road (B65)
Harvest Road (B68)
Harvest Walk (B65)
Harvester Pub & Grill Monkspath
Harvester Salad & Grill
Harvester Way
Harvesters Close
Harvesters Road
Harvey Adams Jewellers
Harvey Drive
Harvey Nichols
Harvey Road
Harvey Road (B26)
Harvey's Fish Bar
Harveys Sales and Lettings
Harveys Terrace
Harvills Hawthorn
Harvine Walk
Harvington Drive
Harvington Drive (B90)
Harvington Road
Harvington Road (B29)
Harvington Road (B63)
Harvington Walk
Harvington Way
Harwin Close
Harwood Grove (B90)
Harwood Street
Hasan Solicitors
Hasbury Chippy
Hasbury Christian Fellowship
Hasbury Church of England Primary School
Hasbury Close (B63)
Hasbury Methodist Church
Hasbury Motors
Hasbury Road (B32)
Hasco Thermic
Haseley Road (B21)
Haseley Road (B91)
Haselor Road (B73)
Haselour Road
Haselwell Drive (B30)
Hashmi Pizza
Haskell Street
Haslingden Crescent
Haslucks Croft
Haslucks Fish Bar
Haslucks Green
Haslucks Green Motor Co
Haslucks Green Pharmacy
Haslucks Green Road
Haslucks Green Road (9)
Haslucks Green Road (B90)
Haslucks Green School
Hasnan Travel
Hassop Road (B42)
Hastings Court
Hastings Road (B23)
Hasty Tasty Pizza
Haswell Road (B63)
Hat Man
Hatcham Road (B44)
Hatchett Street
Hatchett Street (B19)
Hatchford Avenue (B92)
Hatchford Brook Golf Course (Birmingham City Council)
Hatchford Brook Road (B92)
Hatchford Brook Way (B26)
Hatchford Brook Youth & Community Centre
Hatchford Primary School
Hatchford Walk
Hatchheath Close
Hateley Drive
Hateley Heath Primary School
Hateley Heath Resource Centre
Hatfield Close (B23)
Hatfield Road
Hatfield Road (B19)
Hathaway Close
Hathaway Road
Hatherden Drive (B76)
Hathersage Road (B44)
Hatherton Gardens
Hatherton Grove
Hatherton Place
Hatherton Road
Hatherton Street
Hatherton United Reformed Church
Hatters Backpackers Hostel
Hattersley Grove (B11)
Hatton Crescent
Hatton Gardens
Hatton Road
Hatton Street
Hattons Grove
Haughton Road (B20)
Haunch Close
Haunch Lane
Haunch Lane (B13)
Haunchwood Drive (B76)
Havacre Lane
Havana Lounge
Havelock Close
Havelock Road
Havelock Road (B11)
Havelock Road (B20)
Haven Church
Haven Croft
Haven Drive (B27)
Haverford Drive (B45)
Havergal Walk
Havergal Walk (B63)
Haverhill Close
Havilland Hair Art
Hawbridge Close (B90)
Hawbush Community Centre
Hawbush Gardens
Hawbush Primary School
Hawbush Road
Hawcroft Grove
Hawes & Curtis
Hawes Lane (B4171) (B65)
Hawes Road
Haweswater Drive
Hawfield Close
Hawfield Grove (B72)
Hawfield Road
Hawk Cycles
Hawker Drive (B35)
Hawker Yard Brum YumYum
Hawkes Close (B30)
Hawkes Lane
Hawkes Street (B10)
Hawkesbury Road (B90)
Hawkesford Close
Hawkesford Road
Hawkesley Church Primary School
Hawkesley Crescent
Hawkesley Drive
Hawkesley End
Hawkesley End (B38)
Hawkesley Hall
Hawkesley Hall and Moat
Hawkesley Mill Lane
Hawkesley Road
Hawkesley Square
Hawkestone Crescent
Hawkestone Road
Hawkeswell Close (B92)
Hawkeswell Drive
Hawkeswell Lane
Hawkesyard Road
Hawkhurst Road (B14)
Hawkin's Place
Hawkine Drive (B35)
Hawkinge Drive (B35)
Hawkins Close (B5)
Hawkins Croft
Hawkins Street
Hawkley Close
Hawkley Road
Hawkmoor Gardens (B38)
Hawksford Crescent
Hawkshead Drive
Hawkswell Avenue
Hawkswell Drive
Hawkswood Drive
Hawkswood Grove
Hawksworth Crescent
Hawnby Grove (B76)
Hawne Close (B63)
Hawne Lane (B63)
Hawne Tavern
Hawthorn Brook Way (B23)
Hawthorn Cafe
Hawthorn Close
Hawthorn Close (B23)
Hawthorn Coppice
Hawthorn Drive
Hawthorn Fish bar
Hawthorn Grove
Hawthorn Park (B20)
Hawthorn Park Drive (B20)
Hawthorn Place
Hawthorn Primary School
Hawthorn Road
Hawthorn Road (B72)
Hawthorn Terrace
Hawthorne & Walker Fine Food Ltd
Hawthorne Croft
Hawthorne Croft (B30)
Hawthorne Drive
Hawthorne Gardens
Hawthorne House
Hawthorne Lane
Hawthorne Road
Hawthorne Road (B30)
Hawthorne Road (B63)
Hawthorne's Hardware
Haxby Avenue
Hay Barn Close
Hay Brook Drive (B11)
Hay Green
Hay Green Close
Hay Green Lane
Hay Hall Road (B11)
Hay Hill
Hay Lane
Hay Lane (B90)
Hay Mills
Hay Mills Congregational Church
Hay Mills Fire Safety Centre
Hay Mills Fire Station
Hay Park (B5)
Hay Road (B25)
Haybridge Avenue
Haybridge High School and Sixth Form
Haybridge High School Sports Centre
Haycock Place
Haycroft Avenue (B8)
Haycroft Drive
Haydock Close
Haydock Close (B36)
Haydon Croft
Haye House Grove
Hayes Café
Hayes Crescent
Hayes Croft
Hayes Drive
Hayes Farm
Hayes Grove
Hayes Lane
Hayes Meadow (B72)
Hayes Playing Fields
Hayes Road
Hayes Street
Hayfield Court (B13)
Hayfield Gardens (B13)
Hayfield Grove
Hayfield Road (B13)
Hayland Road
Hayle Close (B38)
Hayley Green
Hayley Green Road (B32)
Hayling Close
Hayling Grove
Haynes Furniture
Haynes Lane
Haypits Close
Hayrick Drive
Hayseech Road
Haytor Avenue
Haywain Close
Hayward Road (B75)
Hayward Street
Haywards Close
Haywards Close (B23)
Haywharf Road
Haywood Drive
Haywood Drive (B62)
Haywood Road (B33)
Haywood's Farm
Haze Fantaze
Hazel Avenue
Hazel Avenue (B73)
Hazel Croft
Hazel Croft (B31)
Hazel Drive
Hazel Gardens (B27)
Hazel Grove
Hazel Grove (DY8)
Hazel Oak School
Hazel Road
Hazelbeach Road (B8)
Hazelbeech Road (B70)
Hazeldene Grove
Hazeldene Road (B33)
Hazeldene Road (B63)
Hazeley Close
Hazeley Close (B17)
Hazelglen Grove
Hazelhurst Road
Hazelhurst Road (B36)
Hazelmere Drive
Hazelmere Gardens
Hazelmere Road (B28)
Hazeloak Road
Hazelton Close
Hazeltree Croft
Hazeltree Croft (B27)
Hazeltree Drive
Hazelville Grove (B28)
Hazelville Road
Hazelville Road (B28)
Hazelwell Crescent (B30)
Hazelwell Drive
Hazelwell Fordrough
Hazelwell Lane
Hazelwell Road
Hazelwell Road (B30)
Hazelwell Street (A441)
Hazelwood Drive
Hazelwood Grove
Hazelwood Road
Hazelwood Road (B27)
Hazelwood Road (B74)
Hazlitt Grove
Hazra Supermarket
Hazrat Mujaddid Alf-e Sanni
Hazrat Khadijatul Kubra Girls School
Hazrat Shah-e-Walayat Education Centre
HBL Habib Bank UK
HCR Caskets
HCT Construction Consultants
Head, Seats and Valves
Headborough Walk
Headbrough Walk
Headingley Road (B21)
Headland Drive
Headland Road
Headley Croft
Headley Heath Lane
Headley Rise
Headley Rise (B90)
Heads Above
Heads, Beasts and Figures
Headway Road
Heale Close (DY5)
Health Futures
Health Park
Health Sciences Research Centre (B12)
Healthier Choice UK
Heanor Croft (B6)
Heantun Court
Hearing & Mobility Centre
Hearing Services Centre
Heart + Space
Heart And Lung
Heart of England NHS Foundation
Heartland Car Sales
Heartland Close
Heartland Memorials
Heartland Mews
Heartlands Academy
Heartlands Auto Centre
Heartlands Business Gifts Ltd
Heartlands Care Home
Heartlands Parkway (A47)
Heartlands Parkway (A47) (B8)
Heartlands Pharmacy
Heartlands Place (B8)
Hearts & Flowers
Heated Hoses
Heath Acres
Heath Bridge Close
Heath Close
Heath Close (B30)
Heath Court (B12)
Heath Croft
Heath Croft (B31)
Heath Croft Road
Heath End
Heath End Road
Heath Farm
Heath Farm Road
Heath Farm Road (DY8)
Heath Gardens
Heath Green
Heath Green Grove
Heath Green Road (B18)
Heath Grove
Heath House
Heath Lane
Heath Lane (B4149)
Heath Lane (B4186)
Heath Lane Hospital
Heath Lodge Hotel
Heath Mill Lane (B9)
Heath Mill Studios
Heath Mount School
Heath Park
Heath Rise (B14)
Heath Road
Heath Road (B30)
Heath Road (B91)
Heath Road (DY2)
Heath Road South
Heath Street
Heath Street (B4135)
Heath Street Independent Methodist Church
Heath Street South
Heath Town
Heath Town Churchyard
Heath Town Swimming Pool
Heathbrook Community
Heathcliff Road (B11)
Heathcliff Road (DY2)
Heathcot Drive
Heathcote Avenue
Heathcote Drive
Heathcote Road (B30)
Heathcroft Road Substation (5191)
Heather Avenue
Heather Close
Heather Croft
Heather Croft (B44)
Heather Dale
Heather Drive
Heather Grove
Heather Grove (B91)
Heather Road
Heather Road (B10)
Heather Road (B43)
Heatherleigh Road
Heathfield Avenue (B20)
Heathfield Close
Heathfield Gardens
Heathfield Gardens (DY8)
Heathfield Lane
Heathfield Lane West
Heathfield Primary School and Nursery Class
Heathfield Road (B14)
Heathfield Road (B19)
Heathfield Road (B63)
Heathfield Road (B74)
Heathfield Way (A459)
Heathgreen Close
Heathland Avenue (B34)
Heathlands Close
Heathlands Court
Heathlands Crescent (B73)
Heathlands Grove
Heathlands Primary School
Heathlands Road (B73)
Heathleigh Road
Heathley Lane
Heathmere Avenue
Heathmere Avenue (B25)
Heathmere Drive
Heathside Drive
Heathway (B34)
Heathway Close
Heathy Farm Close
Heathy Rise
Heaton Drive
Heaton Road
Heaton Road (B91)
Heavenly Beauty
Heavens Above
Hebden Grove
Hebden Grove (B28)
Hebron Gospel Hall
Hectrix Inc
Heddon Place
Hedera Close (WS5)
Hedgefield Grove (B63)
Hedgerow Drive
Hedgetree Croft
Hedgley Grove
Hedingham Grove
Hedley Croft
Heeley Road
Heeley Road (B29)
Hefford Drive (B66)
Hegarty Demolition
Helena Street
Helenny Close
Helens Haberdashery
Helford Close
Hellaby Close (B72)
Hellier Road
Hellier Street
Helming Drive
Helmsdale Way
Helmsley Close
Helmsley Road
Helmswood Drive
Helmswood Drive (B37)
Helphire Group Plc
Helston Close
Helston Road
Helstone Grove (B11)
Helvellyn Way
Hembs Crescent (B43)
Hemlingford Croft
Hemlingford Road (B37)
Hemlingford Road (B76)
Hemlock Way
Hemmings Close
Hemmings Close (DY8)
Hemmings Street
Hempit Lane
Hempit Lane (SC24)
Hemplands Road (DY8)
Hempole Lane
Hemyock Road (B29)
Hen & Chickens
Henbury Drive
Henbury Rd (B27)
Henbury Road (B27)
Henderson Walk
Henderson Way (A4100)
Henderson Way (A4100) (B65)
Hendon Avenue
Hendon Close
Hendon Road (B11)
Heneage Place (B7)
Heneage Street
Heneage Street West
Henfield Close
Hengham Road (B26)
Heni's Café
Henley Close
Henley Close (B73)
Henley Crescent (B91)
Henley Drive (B75)
Henley Funeral Directors
Henley Road
Henley Street (B11)
Henleydale (B90)
Henlow Close
Henlow Road (B14)
Henn Drive
Henn Street
Henne Drive
Hennry Wong Harborne
Henrietta Street
Henrietta Street (B19)
Henry Road (B25)
Henry Street
Henry Wellcome Building for Biomolecular NMR Spectroscopy (B8)
Hensel Drive
Henshaw Grove (B25)
Henshaw Road (B10)
Henstead Street
Henwood Close
Henwood Hall Farm
Henwood Lane
Henwood Road
Henwood Road (B4161)
Henzel Croft
Hepburn Close
Hepburn Edge (B24)
Hepworth Close
Herald Road
Heraldic Shields from Mason College
Herbert Brown
Herbert James Close
Herbert Road
Herbert Road (B10)
Herbert Road (B20)
Herbert Road (B21)
Herbert Road (B31)
Herbert Road (B91)
Herbert Street
Herberts Park Road
Herbhill Close
Herbs and Spices
Hereford Arms
Hereford Avenue (B12)
Hereford Close
Hereford Place
Hereford Road
Hereford Road (DY2)
Hereford Square
Hereford Street
Hereford Walk
Hereford Way
Hereward Rise (B62)
Heritage Carpets
Heritage Close (B68)
Heritage Court
Heritage Gardens
Heritage Kebab House
Heritage Leather Goods
Heritage Rooms
Heritage Superstore
Heritage Way
Heritage Way (B33)
Hermes Road
Hermit Street (DY3)
Hermitage Drive (B76)
Hermitage Farm
Hermitage Road
Hermitage Road (B23)
Hermitage Road (B91)
Hern Road
Hernall Croft (B26)
Herne Close (B18)
Hernefield Road
Heron Foods
Heron Mill
Heron Road
Heron Rod
Heron Way
Herondale Crescent (DY8)
Herondale Road (B26)
Herondale Road (DY8)
Heronfield Drive
Heronfield Way
Herons Way
Heronswood Drive (DY5)
Heronswood Road (B45)
Heronville Drive
Heronville Road
Herrick Road
Herringshaw Croft (B76)
Hertford Street
Hertz-Rent a Car
Hervey Grove
Hesket Avenue
Hesketh Crescent (B23)
Heston Avenue (B42)
Hever Avenue
Hever Avenue (B44)
Hever Close
Hewell Close
Hewell Close (B31)
Hewigo - Bateman House
Hewitson Gardens
Hewitt Street
Hexa Sports Ltd
Hexham Way
Hexton Close
Hey Potato!
Heybarnes Convenience Store
Heybarnes Road (B10)
Heycott Grove (B38)
Heydon Road
Heyford Grove (B91)
Heyford Way (B35)
Heygate Way
Heynesfield Road (B33)
Heythrop Grove (B13)
HGH Solicitors
Hi-Spec Supplies
Hi-Tune Motors
Hickman Avenue
Hickman Gardens
Hickman Road
Hickman Road (B11)
Hickman Street
Hickman's Avenue
Hickmans Close (B62)
Hickmerelands Lane (DY3)
Hickory Drive
Hickory Way
Hidcote Avenue (B76)
Hidcote Grove
Hidcote Grove (B33)
Hidden Fashion
Hidden Hearing
Hidden Waterways
Hide 'n' Suede
Hideaway Snack Bar
Hidson Road (B23)
Hifi Profile
Higgins 1948
Higgins Avenue
Higgins Lane
Higgins Walk
Higgs Field Crescent
Higgs Road
High Acres Nursery
High and Mighty
High Arcal Drive
High Arcal Road
High Avenue
High Bridge
High Brink Road
High Brow (B17)
High Clere
High Croft
High Ercal Avenue
High Farm Road
High Farm Road (B63)
High Haden Crescent
High Haden Road
High Harcourt Farm
High Heath Close
High Hill
High Holborn (A459)
High Land Road
High Leasowes (B63)
High Lodge
High Lodge Farm
High Meadows
High Oak (B4179)
High Park Close
High Park Close (DY3)
High Park Crescent
High Park Farm
High Park Road (B63)
High Park Street
High Point
High Ridge
High Ridge Close
High Rise
High Road (A462)
High Street
High Street (A4030)
High Street (A4037)
High Street (A4040)
High Street (A4100)
High Street (A4100) (DY5)
High Street (A4101)
High Street (A4141)
High Street (A459)
High Street (A461)
High Street (A5127)
High Street (A5127) (B23)
High Street (B23)
High Street (B35)
High Street (B4)
High Street (B4102)
High Street (B4114)
High Street (B4117)
High Street (B4124) (B17)
High Street (B4169)
High Street (B4169) (B66)
High Street (B4180) (DY5)
High Street (B4183)
High Street (B4188)
High Street (B4210)
High Street (B4517)
High Street (B4587)
High Street (B72)
High Street (B90)
High Street Bordesley (B4100)
High Street Deritend (B4100)
High Street Deritend (B4100) (B5)
High Street Deritend (B4100) (B9)
High Street Deritend (B5)
High Street (DY8)
High Street Pharmacy
High Street Service Road
High Timbers
High Timbers (B45)
High Town Ragged School Chapel Cradley
High Trees (B20)
High Trees Road (B93)
High View
High View Fish Bar
High View Street (DY2)
Higham Way
Higham's Hill Nature Reserve
Highams Close
Highbridge Road
Highbridge Road (B73)
Highbrook Close
Highbury Avenue
Highbury Close
Highbury Community Orchard
Highbury Hall
Highbury Little Theatre
Highbury Road (B14)
Highbury Road (B66)
Highbury Road (B68)
Highbury Road (B74)
Highclare School
Highcrest Close
Highcroft Avenue
Highcroft Close
Highcroft Drive
Highcroft Hospital
Highcroft Road (B23)
Highdown Crescent
Highdown Nursery
Highfield Avenue
Highfield Chemist
Highfield Chippy
Highfield Close
Highfield Close (B28)
Highfield Convenience Store
Highfield Crescent
Highfield Crescent (B63)
Highfield Day Nursery
Highfield Farm
Highfield Farm Guest House
Highfield Farm Recreation Ground
Highfield Fish Bar
Highfield Gardens
Highfield Hall Community Centre
Highfield House Hotel
Highfield House hotel
Highfield Junior and Infant School
Highfield Lane
Highfield Lane (B63)
Highfield Mews (B63)
Highfield Nursery School
Highfield Place
Highfield Road
Highfield Road (A4040) (B28)
Highfield Road (B13)
Highfield Road (B14)
Highfield Road (B28)
Highfield Road (B4163)
Highfield Road (B4532)
Highfield Road (B4532) (B15)
Highfield Road (B63)
Highfield Road (B8)
Highfield Road (DY2)
Highfield Terrace
Highfield Tyres
Highfield Way
Highfields Drive
Highfields Primary School and Nursery
Highfields Road
Highfields School
Highgate Autos
Highgate Avenue
Highgate Baptist Church
Highgate Centre
Highgate Close
Highgate Close (B12)
Highgate Drive
Highgate (DY3)
Highgate Fire Station
Highgate Market
Highgate New Testament Church of God
Highgate News & Off-licence
Highgate Place (B12)
Highgate Road
Highgate Square
Highgate Street (A4100)
Highgate Street (A459;A4100)
Highgate Street (B12)
Highgate United FC
Highgate Works
Highgrove Close
Highgrove Place
Highland Mews (WV14)
Highland Ridge
Highland Road
Highland Road (B23)
Highland Road (B4588)
Highland Road (B64)
Highlands Road
Highlands Road (B90)
Highleys Farm
Highly Strung Designs
Highmeadow Road
Highmoor Close
Highmoor Road
Highmore Drive
Highover Drive (B75)
Highpark Avenue (B4186)
Highpoint Motor Co
Highters Café
Highters Close (B14)
Highters Heath
Highters Heath Community School
Highters Heath Lane
Highters Heath Lane (B14)
Highters Heath News & Food Store
Highters Heath Nursery School
Highters Road
Hightree Close
Highview Drive
Highways Agency: National Traffic Control Centre
Highways Agency: Regional Control Centre (West Mids)
Highwood Avenue (B92)
Highwood Close
Highwood Croft
Hiker Grove
Hilary Crescent
Hilary Drive
Hilary Drive (B76)
Hilary Grove (B31)
Hilden Road
Hilderstone Road (B25)
Hildicks Crescent
Hildicks Place
Hill Avenue
Hill Avenue Academy
Hill Bank
Hill Bank Drive
Hill Bank Road
Hill Close
Hill Crest
Hill Crest Avenue
Hill Croft Road (B14)
Hill Farm
Hill Grove (B20)
Hill Hook Local Nature Reserve
Hill Hook Road (B74)
Hill House Lane (B33)
Hill Lane
Hill Passage
Hill Place
Hill Road
Hill Side
Hill Street
Hill Street (B5)
Hill Street (B63)
Hill Street (DY3)
Hill Street (DY5)
Hill Street (DY8)
Hill Street Grocers & Off Licence
Hill Top (A4196)
Hill Top Auto Centre
Hill Top Avenue
Hill Top Close (B44)
Hill Top Fish Bar
Hill Top Kebab House
Hill Top Library
Hill Top Medical Center
Hill Top Opticians
Hill Top Pharmacy
Hill Top Post Office
Hill Top Road
Hill Top Road (B31)
Hill Top Road (B68)
Hill Top Supermarket
Hill Top Wesley Community Centre
Hill View Close
Hill Village Road (B75)
Hill West Primary School
Hillaire Close
Hillaries Road (B23)
Hillary Avenue
Hillary Crest
Hillary Primary School
Hillary Street
Hillbank Road (B63)
Hillborough Road (B27)
Hillbrook Grove (B33)
Hillbrow Crescent
Hillbury Drive
Hillcrest Avenue
Hillcrest Avenue (B63)
Hillcrest Close
Hillcrest Gardens
Hillcrest Grove (B44)
Hillcrest Road
Hillcrest Road (DY2)
Hillcrest School A Specialist Maths and Computing College and Sixth Form Centre
Hillcroft House
Hillcroft Road
Hillcross Walk (B36)
Hilldene Road
Hilldrop Grove (B17)
Hilleys Croft
Hillfield Farm
Hillfield Hall
Hillfield Hall Court
Hillfield Mews
Hillfield Road (B11)
Hillfield Road (B91)
Hillfield Walk
Hillfields Road
Hillhampton Close (B92)
Hillhouse Farm
Hillhurst Grove
Hillhurst Grove (B36)
Hilliards Croft (B42)
Hillingford Avenue
Hillman Drive (DY2)
Hillman Grove (B36)
Hillmeads Drive (DY2)
Hillmeads Road
Hillmorton Road
Hillmorton Road (B74)
Hillside Avenue
Hillside Avenue (B63)
Hillside Avenue (DY5)
Hillside Close
Hillside Court
Hillside Crescent
Hillside Croft (B92)
Hillside Drive
Hillside Drive (B37)
Hillside Drive (B42)
Hillside Gardens
Hillside Gardens (B37)
Hillside House
Hillside MOT and Repairs
Hillside Road
Hillside Road (B23)
Hillside Road (B74)
Hillside View
Hillside View Gipsy & Traveller Site
Hillstone Gardens
Hillstone Primary School
Hillstone Road
Hilltop Drive (B36)
Hilltop Farm
Hilltop Golf Course (Birmingham City Council)
Hilltop Road (DY2)
Hilltop Walk
Hilltop Wines & Newsagents
Hillview Road
Hillville Gardens (DY8)
Hillwood Autos
Hillwood Avenue
Hillwood Avenue (B90)
Hillwood Close
Hillwood Common Road (B75)
Hillwood Road
Hillwood Road (B75)
Hilly Road
Hillyfields Road (B23)
Hilsea Close
Hilston Avenue
Hilston Avenue (B63)
Hilton Avenue (B28)
Hilton Birmingham Metropole
Hilton Close
Hilton Drive
Hilton Drive (B72)
Hilton Garden Inn Birmingham Brindleyplace
Hilton Place
Hilton Road
Hilton Road (B69)
Hilton Street
Himbleton Croft
Himley Avenue
Himley Booster Station
Himley Close
Himley Crescent
Himley Gardens
Himley Grove
Himley Grove (B45)
Himley Hall
Himley Hall Golf Centre/Club
Himley House Museum
Himley House Restaurant
Himley Lane
Himley Road (B4176)
Himley Street
Hinbrook Road
Hinchliffe Avenue
Hinckes Road
Hinckley Street (B5)
Hincks Street
Hindhead Road (B14)
Hindlip Close (B63)
Hindlow Close
Hindon Grove (B27)
Hindon Square
Hindon Walk
Hing Wah Chinese Takeaway
Hinges Road
Hingeston Street
Hingley Pharmacy
Hingley Road
Hingley Street
Hinks Haulage Logistics
Hinksford Lane
Hinsford Close
Hinstock Close
Hinstock Road (B20)
Hintlesham Avenue
Hinton and Sinclair Photo Studio
Hinton Grove
Hintons Coppice
Hints Court
Hints Lane
Hints Road (B5404)
Hipkins Street
Hiplands Road (B62)
Hipsley Close
Hipsmoor Close (B37)
HIR Bus Route 40X
Hirdemons Way
Hire Association Europe
Hire Tools & Sales
His & Her
Histons Drive
Histons Hill
Hitchcock Close
Hitches Lane
HK Fashions
HK-S Autos
HKS Bury Hill Service Station
H.Marrice Dental Labrotory
HML (Holte Mayfield and Lozells) School
HMP Birmingham
HMP Birmingham Visits Centre
HMS Forward
HNS Signs
Hob Green Primary School
Hob Green Road
Hob Lane
Hob Moor Close
Hob Moor Croft (B25)
Hob Moor Road
Hob Moor Road (B25)
Hob's Moat
Hobacre Close
Hobart Croft
Hobart Drive
Hobart Road
Hobbis Croft (B31)
Hobbs & Sons
Hobgate Close
Hobgate Road
Hobhouse Close
Hobley Street
Hobmoor Pets
Hobmoor Primary School
Hobs Hole Lane
Hobs Meadow

hobs meadow

Hobs Meadow (B92)
Hobs Moat Library
Hobs Moat Road (B425)
Hobs Moat Road (B425) (B92)
Hobs Moat Road (B92)
Hobs Moat United Reformed Church
Hobs Reprographic
Hobs Road
Hobson Close (B18)
Hobson Road (B29)
Hobsons Choice
Hockley Brook Close (B18)
Hockley Brook Lane
Hockley Close (B19)
Hockley Day Centre
Hockley Flyover (B4100)
Hockley Hill
Hockley Hill (B4100)
Hockley Jewellers
Hockley Lane
Hockley Lane (DY2)
Hockley Medical Practice Pharmacy
Hockley Metal Seals Ltd
Hockley Mint
Hockley Pool Close (B18)
Hockley Port
Hockley Road
Hockley Road (B23)
Hockley Street (B18)
Hockley Street (B19)
Hockley Tyre Service
Hockley Watch Centre
Hockley Wholesale Ltd
Hodder Grove
Hodge Hill
Hodge Hill Avenue
Hodge Hill College
Hodge Hill Common
Hodge Hill Constituency Office
Hodge Hill Girls' School
Hodge Hill Primary School
Hodge Hill Road
Hodge Hill United Reform Church
Hodges Drive (B69)
Hodgetts Close
Hodgkiss Close
Hodnell Close
Hodnet Close
Hodnet Drive
Hodnet Grove
Hodson Avenue
Hodson Close
Hoff Beck Court
Hog's Head
Hogarth Close
Hogarth House
Hogarth's Hotel
Hoggs Lane (B31)
Holbeach Road (B33)
Holbeache Lane
Holbeche Road
Holbeche Road (B75)
Holbeche Road (B93)
Holberg Grove
Holborn Hill
Holborn Waste Ltd
Holbrook Grove
Holbury Close
Holcombe Road (B11)
Holcroft Road
Holcroft Road (B63)
Holcroft Road (DY6 0HP)
Holcroft Street
Holden Close (B23)
Holden Crescent
Holden Croft
Holden Place
Holden Road
Holden's Lamp Tavern
Holdens Supaseal
Holder Road
Holder Road (B11)
Holder Road (B25)
Holder's Lane
Holder's Lane (B13)
Holder's Lane PF
Holders Gardens (B13)
Holders Lane (B13)
Holdford Road (B6)
Holdgate Road
Hole Farm
Hole Farm Road
Hole Farm Way
Hole in the Wall
Hole Lane
Holford Drive (B42)
Holford Way
Holiday Inn
Holiday Inn Express
Holiday Inn Express Birmingham Snow Hill
Holiday Inn Express Star City
Holiday Inn Garden Court
Holifast Road (B72)
Holistic Harmonies
Holland & Barett
Holland & Barratt
Holland & Barrett
Holland and Barrett
Holland Avenue
Holland House Infant School and Nursery
Holland Road
Holland Road (B72)
Holland Road West
Holland Street
Holland Street (B3)
Holland Street (B72)
Hollands Place
Hollands Road
Hollemeadow Avenue
Holliars Grove
Holliday Passage
Holliday Road
Holliday Road (B21)
Holliday Street (B1)
Hollie Lucas Road (B13)
Hollier & Browne
Hollies Croft (B5)
Hollies Drive
Hollies Farm
Hollies Rise
Hollies Road
Hollies Street
Hollifast Lane
Hollingberry Lane (B76)
Hollings Grove (B91)
Hollington Crescent
Hollington Road
Hollington Way (B90)
Hollinwell Close
Hollis Bridge
Hollister Drive (B32)
Hollow Barbers
Hollow Croft
Holloway (B31)
Holloway Bank (A4196)
Holloway Bank (A4196) (B70)
Holloway Court
Holloway Head
Holloway Head (B4127) (B1)
Holloway House Farm
Holloway Street
Holloway Street West
Hollowcroft Road
Holly Avenue
Holly Avenue (B12)
Holly Bank
Holly Brow
Holly Close
Holly Close (B76)
Holly Dell
Holly Drive
Holly Drive (B27)
Holly Grove
Holly Hall
Holly Hall Academy
Holly Hall Road
Holly Hill
Holly Hill Methodist/CofE (aided) Infant and Nursery School
Holly Hill Road (B45)
Holly House Hotel
Holly Lane
Holly Lane (B24)
Holly Lane (B75)
Holly Lodge Foundation High School
Holly Lodge Walk
Holly Moore Road
Holly Oak Street
Holly Park Drive (B24)
Holly Place
Holly Road
Holly Road (B16)
Holly Road (B20)
Holly Road (B30)
Holly Road (B65)
Holly Road (B68)
Holly Street
Holly Tree Farm
Holly Wood (B43)
Holly Wood Nature Reserve
Hollybank Avenue
Hollybank Close
Hollybank Grove
Hollybank Grove (B63)
Hollybank House
Hollybank Post Office
Hollybank Road
Hollyberry Avenue
Hollyberry Close (B63)
Hollyberry Croft
Hollybush Lane
Hollybush News & Convenience Store
Hollybush Walk
Hollycot Gardens
Hollycot Gardens (B12)
Hollycroft Gardens
Hollycroft Road
Hollydale Road
Hollydale Road (B24)
Hollyfaste Road (B33)
Hollyfield Avenue
Hollyfield Court (B75)
Hollyfield Crescent
Hollyfield Drive
Hollyfield Fish Bar
Hollyfield Primary School
Hollyfield Road (B4148) (B75)
Hollyfield Road South (B4148) (B75)
Hollyhedge Close
Hollyhedge House
Hollyhedge Lane
Hollyhedge Road
Hollyhedge Road (A4031)
Hollyhock Road (B27)
Hollyhock Road (DY2)
Hollyhurst Grove (B26)
Hollyhurst Grove (B90)
Hollyhurst Road
Hollymoor Park Play Area
Hollymoor Point (Plot 101)
Hollymoor Way
Hollyoak Croft
Hollyoak Grove
Hollyoake Close
Hollyoake Close (B68)
Hollywell Road
Hollywell Road (B26)
Hollywell Street
Hollywood Bowl
Hollywood Christian Life Centre
Hollywood Croft
Hollywood Drive
Hollywood Fish Bar
Hollywood Gardens
Hollywood Lane
Hollywood Lane (B47)
Hollywood News
Hollywood Pets
Hollywood Pharmacy
Hollywood Primary School
Hollywood Self-Service Store
Hollywood Works Crescent
Holm Park Care Home
Holman Close
Holman Road
Holmbridge Grove
Holme Mill
Holme Way
Holmes Drive
Holmes Electrical
Holmes Road
Holmesfield Road (B42)
Holmwood Road
Holt Court
Holt Farm
Holt Lane
Holt Road
Holt Street (B7)
Holte Community Leisure Centre
Holte Drive
Holte Road
Holte Road (B6)
Holtes Walk (B6)
Holtshill Lane
Holy Ascension Church of England
Holy Cross Catholic Church
Holy Cross Catholic Primary School
Holy Cross Community Church
Holy Cross Green
Holy Cross Lane
Holy Dell
Holy Family
Holy Family School
Holy Makkah Tours Ltd
Holy Name RC Primary School
Holy Souls Primary School
Holy Trinity
Holy Trinity Catholic Church
Holy Trinity Catholic Media Arts College
Holy Trinity Church
Holy Trinity Church of England Primary School
Holy Trinity Church Old Hill
Holy Trinity Heath Town
Holy Trinity Parish Church
Holy Trinity Primary School
Holy Trinity RC Primary School
Holy Well Close (B16)
Holyhead Primary Academy
Holyhead Road
Holyhead Road (A4196)
Holyhead School
Holyoak Close (B6)
Holyrood Grove
Holywell Lane
Holywell Primary & Nursery School
Home 4 You
Home Bargains
Home Farm
Home Food Express
Home Fundraising
Home Is Where
Home Living
Home Move
Home of Beauty
Home Park
Home Store
Home Sweet Home
Home Time China Noodles
Home Zone
Homebase DIY
Homebase Garden Centre
Homecroft Road
Homedene Road
Homefield Road
Homefix: Your Local Builder
Homelands (B42)
Homelea Road
Homemead Grove
Homer Building
Homer Hill Road
Homer Road
Homer Road (B91)
Homer Street (B12)
Homers of Quarry Bank
Homerton Road (B44)
HomeServe Stand
Homestead Close (DY3)
Homestead Drive
Homestead Road (B33)
Homewood Close (B76)
Honduras Wharf
Honeswode Close (B20)
Honey Pot
Honey Tree Bakery
Honey Tree Close
Honeyborne Road
Honeybourne Close (B63)
Honeybourne Crescent
Honeybourne Road
Honeybourne Road (B33)
Honeybourne Road Substation (5118)
Honeybourne Way
Honeycomb Way (B31)
Honeysuckle Avenue
Honeysuckle Close
Honeysuckle Drive (WS5)
Honeysuckle Grove (B27)
Hong Kong
Hong Kong Chef
Hong Kong Chinese Take Away
Hong Kong Express
Hong Kong House
Honiley Drive (B73)
Honiley Road
Honiley Road (B33)
Honister Close (DY5)
Honiton Close (B31)
Honiton Crescent (B31)
Honiton Way
Honnor Butcher
Honor Avenue
Hood Grove
Hooded Ram
Hoods Carpet & Flooring
Hoof and Feather
Hook Drive (B74)
Hook Lane
Hookah Accessories
Hooked on Fish
Hooper Street (B18)
Hoopro Sheet Metal Engineering
Hoosen Close (B62)
Hop Leasow
Hope Family Church
H.O.P.E. Ministries Ltd
Hope Place
Hope Place/Unity Place
Hope Road
Hope Street
Hope Street (B5)
Hope Terrace
Hopedale Road
Hopkins Drive
Hopkins Street
Hopstone Road
Hopton Close
Hopton Crescent
Hopton Gardens
Hopton Grove (B13)
Hopwas Grove
Hopwood Close
Hopwood Close (B63)
Hopwood Grove (B31)
Hopyard Close
Hopyard Gardens
Hopyard Lane
Hopyard Road
Hoque Brothers Clothes Store
Horace Street
Horatio Drive
Hordern Close
Hordern Crescent
Hordern Grove
Hordern Road
Horgan's Sandwich Bar
Horizon Health and Fitness club
Hornbeam Close
Hornbeam Walk
Hornbrook Grove (B92)
Hornby Grove (B14)
Hornby Road
Horne Way
Horner Way
Horning Drive
Hornsey Grove
Hornsey Road (B44)
Hornton Close
Hornton Grange (G13)
Horrell Road (B26)
Horrell Road (B90)
Horror in the Streets
Horse & Jockey
Horse And Jockey
Horse and Jockey
Horse and Rider
Horse and Tamer
Horse Shoes Lane (B26)
Horsecroft Drive
Horsefair 1908
Horsehills Drive
Horselea Croft (B8)
Horseley Heath
Horseley Road
Horseley Road (B4517)
Horsepool Farm
Horseshoe & Farrier Supply Ltd
Horseshoe Close
Horseshoe Crescent
Horsfall Drive
Horsfall Road (B75)
Horsham Avenue
Horsley Road
Horticultural Institute
Horton Close
Horton Grove (B90)
Horton Pharmacy
Horton Place
Horton Square
Horton Square (B12)
Horton Street
Horyaal Business Centre
Hosiery Styles
Hospital Drive
Hospital Lane
Hospital Residences
Hospital Street
Hospital Street (B19)
Hospital Street (B23)
Hospital Way
Hossil Lane
Hot 'n' Spicy
Hot Bedz Sunbed Saloon
Hot Bodz
Hot Food Paradise
Hot Pizza / Crunchy Chicken
Hot Roast
Hot Spot
Hot Stuff
Hot Woks
Hotel Chocolat
Hotel du Vin
Hotel Ibis
Hotel Ibis Birmingham Bordesley
Hotel Indigo
Hotham Close
Hothersall Drive (B73)
Hotshots Snooker Club
Hotspur Road (B44)
Hotstuff Pizza
Hotter Shoes
Hou Mei
Hough Place
Hough Road
Hough Way
Houghton Court
Houghton Street
Houldey Road
Houliston Close
Houndsfield Close
Houndsfield Gove
Houndsfield Grove
Houndsfield Lane
Houndsfield Road
Houque Cloth & Clothes Centre
House & Home
House Meadow
House Of Fragrrance
House of Gold
House Of Hair
House of Mr Li
House of Peri Peri
Household Bargains
Hove Road (B27)
Hovering Kestrel
Howard Bros (Engravers) Ltd
Howard Lee and Son Ltd
Howard Road
Howard Road (A4040) (B14)
Howard Road (B20)
Howard Road (B25)
Howard Road (B43)
Howard Road (B92)
Howard Road East (A4040) (B13)
Howard Street
Howard Street (B19)
Howard Yarnold Windows Ltd
Howarth Court
Howarth Way (B6)
Howden Place
Howdens Joinery Co.
Howe Crescent
Howe Street (B4)
Howell Road
Howes Croft (B35)
Howes Rise
Howford Grove
Howland Close
Howley Avenue (B44)
Howley Grange Fish Bar
Howley Grange Primary School
Howley Grange Road
Howne Farm Shop
Howse Paints
Hoylake Close
Hoylake Drive (B69)
Hoyland Way
HQ Bar
H.R.M. Furnishings
H.S. Homestore
HS News
H.S. Walsh & Sons Ltd
HSBC - Aldridge
HSBC (closed)
HSG Motor Services
HSL Furniture
HSS Hire
Htf records(warehouse)
Hub House
Hubert Croft
Hubert Road
Hubert Road (B29)
Hubert Street (B6)
Hucker Close
Hucker Road
Huddleston Way
Hudson Avenue
Hudson Road (B20)
Hudsons Drive
Hudsons View
Hudswell Drive
Hugh Porter Way
Hugh Road (B10)
Hugh Road (B67)
Hughes Avenue
Hughes Place
Hughes Road
Hughes the Butcher
Hugo Boss
Hugs and Kisses
Hulbert Drive
Hulland Place
Hullbrook Road (B13)
Hum Raj
Human Care Foundation
Humber Avenue (B76)
Humber Gardens
Humber Grove (B36)
Humber Road
Humberstone Road
Humberstones Homes
Hume Street
Hummington Farm
Humpage Road
Humphrey Middlemore Drive (B17)
Humphrey Street
Humphries Crescent
Humphries Road
Humsafar Wedding Services Ltd
Hundred Acre Farm
Hundred Acre Road
Hungary Close
Hungary Hill
Hungary Hills Chippy

hunger horse

Hungerfield Road
Hungerford Road
Hungri Gutz
Hungry 'H's
Hunningham Grove
Hunnington Close
Hunnington Crescent (B63)
Hunnington Station
Hunscote Close
Hunslet Close (B32)
Hunslet Road (B32)
Hunstanton Avenue
Hunstanton Avenue (B17)
Hunstanton Close
Hunt's Lane
Hunter Court
Hunter Crescent
Hunter Street
Hunter's Ride
Hunters Close
Hunters Moon
Hunters Moor Neurorehabilitation Unit
Hunters Rise
Hunters Rise (B63)
Hunters Road (B19)
Hunters Road (B4515) (B19)
Hunters Vale (B19)
Hunters Walk
Huntingdon Close
Huntingdon Road
Huntington Road
Huntingtree Primary School
Huntingtree Road (B63)
Huntlands Road (B63)
Huntley Drive
Huntley Drive (B91)
Huntly Road (B16)
Hunton Hill (B23)
Hunton Road (B23)
Hunts Green
Hunts Green Farm
Hunts Road (B30)
Huntsman Close
Huntsmill Drive
Hurdis Road
Hurdlow Avenue (B18)
Hurley Close
Hurley Close (B72)
Hurley Grove
Hurlingham Road (B44)
Hurricane Avenue
Hurricane Park
Hurricane Way (B35)
Hursey Drive
Hurst Close
Hurst Green Family Church
Hurst Green Farm
Hurst Green Newsagent
Hurst Green Primary School
Hurst Green Road
Hurst Green Road (B76)
Hurst Hill Labour Club
Hurst Hill Primary School
Hurst Lane
Hurst Lane (A4037)
Hurst Lane North (B34)
Hurst Lane North (B36)
Hurst Road
Hurst Road (A463)
Hurst St Nws Off License
Hurst Street
Hurst Street (B5)
Hurst Walk
Hurstbourne Crescent
Hurstcroft Road
Hurstwood Road (B23)
H.U.S News & Convenience Store
Hush Hair
Hushabye Ltd.
Huskinson Close (B69)
Huskison Close (B69)
Huskisson Way
Hussain News
Hussaini Islamic Mission & Ali (AS) Mosque, Shia Muslim Community & Welfare Centre
Hutchings Lane
Hutton Avenue
Hutton Road
Hutton Road (B20)
Huxbey Drive (B92)
Huxley Close
Hyacinth Close (WS5)
Hyatt Regency Hotel
Hyatt Square
Hyatts Walk
Hyde Mill Drive
Hyde Road
Hydes Road
Hydesville Tower School
Hydrapower Dynamics
Hyett Way
Hylda Road (B20)
Hylstone Crescent
Hylton Café
Hylton Street (B18)
Hyperion Drive
Hyperion Road
Hyperion Road (B36)
Hyperion Road (DY7)
Hyron Hall Road (B27)
Hyssop Close
Hytall Road (B90)
Hythe Grove (B25)

I am with you always
Ian Allen Books & Models
Ian Farrell Motors
Ian Hazel Funerals


Ibberton Road
Ibis Budget
Ibis Gardens
Ibis Styles
Ibis Styles Hotel
Ibstock Drive (DY8)
I.B.T. Birmingham Ltd.

ic Properties

IC Repairs


Icestone Gelato
Icknield Close
Icknield Port Road (B4126) (B16)
Icknield Square (B16)
Icknield Street
Icknield Street (B18)
Icomm Technologies
ICT Centre
ID Hair & Beauty
Ida Road
Idbury Road (B44)
Ideal Homecare
Idmiston Croft (B14)
Ido's Salon


Ifraz Jewellers

iGo Bus Route 99

Ihsan Boutique

iiman fabrics

IJ Gibson
IK Stainless ?
IKEA Birmingham Central Order & Collection Point
Ikon Avenue
Ikon Gallery
Ikram Jewellers
Ilford Road
Iliffe Way (B17)
Ilkley Grove
Illey Close
Illey Hall Farm
Illey House Farm
Illey Lane
Illey Lane Football Ground
Illey Pastures
Illeybrook Farm
Illeybrook Square
Ilmington Drive (B73)
Ilmington Road
Ilsham Grove
Ilsley Drive (B27)
Ilsley Road (B23)
IM Leisure
Imaan La Ropa
Imex Café
Imexpart Ltd
IMI Truflo Marine
Immanuel Church Highters Heath
Impact Car Repair Centre
Impact Education and Training Ltd
Imperial Commercials
Imperial Garden
Imperial hardware
Imperial House
Imperial Measure
Imperial Restaurant
Imperial Rise
Imperial Road (B9)
Impey Road
Impsley Close (B36)
Imran's Tyres
In & Out Sandwich bar
In and Out
In Bloom
In the City
Ince Road
Incestre Drive
Inchcape Avenue (B20)
Inchford Road (B92)
Inchlaggan Road
Incom Systems
Indain & Bengali Takeaway
Independant Scaffolding Services Ltd
Independant Slitters Ltd.


India Garden
India Visa Application Centre
Indian Brewery
Indian Dream
Indian Kitchen
Indian Lounge
Indian Spice
Indigo Bengali Fusion
Indigo Footwear
Indigo Sun
Indigo Whole Foods
Industrial Electronic Services Ltd
Industry & Manufacturers
Industry And Genius
Induz Indian Restaurant
Infamous Community Arts CIC
Infantry Place
Infiniti Birmingham
Ingatestone Drive
Ingatestone Drive (DY8)
Inge Street (B5)
Ingestre Close
Ingestre Drive
Ingestre Road
Ingestre Road (B28)
Ingham Way (B17)
Ingleby Gardens
Ingledew Close
Inglefield Road (B33)
Inglemere Grove
Inglenook Drive (B20)
Inglenook Nursery School
Ingleton Road (B8)
Inglewood Avenue
Inglewood Close
Inglewood Grove
Ingoldsby Road
Ingot Close
Ingram Drive (B43)
Ingram Grove (B27)
Ingram Place
Ingram Road
Inhedge Street
Initial Fire Systems
Ink Spot Tattoo
Inkberrow Close (B69)
Inkberrow Road (B63)
Inkerman Grove
Inkerman House
Inkerman Street
Inkskin Tattoo's


Inky Needles
Inland Road (B24)
Inlander Low Voltage
Inn on the Green
Innage Farm
Innage Road
Inner Spirit
Innkeeper's Lodge
Innovation Court
Innovation Drive
Innovation Way
Innsworth Drive (B35)
Insaf Fabrics
Insaf Fabrics Ltd
Insect and Celtic Cross
Inshaw Close (B33)
Inside 'Tempus Fugit'

inside RIGHT

Inspirational Holidays
Inspire Jewellers
Institute of Biomedical Research (B2)
Institute of Child Health
Institute of Higher Excellence
Institute of Materials Finishing
Institute Road (B14)
Instone Road (B63)
Instow Close
Insull Avenue (B14)
Integral UK Ltd
Intended Street
Interchange Place
Interiors Italia
Interlink Express
International First Born Church of the Living God
International Foods
International Hair Design by Jacques
International Logistics
International Market Place
International Park
International Stock
International Technical Center
Interstate Europe
Intown Row
Inu Handbags
Invention Avenue
Inverclyde Drive
Inverclyde Road (B20)
Inverkip Walk
Inverness Road (B31)
Ionics UK Ltd.
Ipci / Presenting Islam / Islamic Vision

iPRT Transport Planning

Ipsley Grove (B23)
Ipstones Avenue
Ipstones Avenue (B33)
Ipswich Crescent
Ipswich Walk
IQ student accoommodation
Iqbal & Sons
Iqras Boutique
Ireland Green Road (B70)
Ireton Road
Ireton Road (B20)
Iris Close (B29)
Iris Close (DY2)
Iris Drive (B14)
Irnham Road
Iron Bridge Walk
Iron Horse
Iron Lane
Iron Lane (A4040)
Iron Mountain
Ironmill Way
Irvan Avenue
Irvine Close
Irvine Road
Irving Close
Irving Road
Irving Road (B92)
Irving Street (B1)
Irwin Avenue (B45)
Isa & Saif Halal Meat & Poultry
Isaac Tongue Junction (B4121)
Isaac Walton Place
Isbourne Way


Ishaq's Hairdressers


Isis Grove
Isis Grove (B36)
Islamic Bank of Britain
Islamic Book Centre
Islamic Cultural & Education Centre
Islamic Exhibition Experience
Islamic Impressions
Islamic Relief
Islamic Relief Agency
Islamic Relief Worldwide
Island Carpets
Island House
Island Inn Sports Bar & Restaurant
Island Road (A4040) (B21)
Island Rock'n'Roll Cocktail bar
Islington News
Ismails Halal Steak House
Ismere Grange Farm
Ismere Road
Ismere Road (B24)
Istanbul Grill House
Istanbul Restaurant
Istanbul Shawhrma
Istram Motors
I.T. & Sat Shop
IT Zone
It's a Pound
Ithon Grove
ITV Central
I.ul Haq & Co
Ivanhoe Road
Ivanhoe Street
Ivans Fish and Chips
Ivatt Close
Iverley Farm
Iverley House Farm
Iverley Lane
Iverley Park Farm
Iverley Road
Iverley Road (B63)
Iverley Walk
Ivor Road (B11)
Ivory Unisex Salon
Ivy Avenue
Ivy Avenue (B12)
Ivy Croft
Ivy Grove
Ivy House
Ivy House Road (B69)
Ivy Lane
Ivy Lodge Close
Ivy Road
Ivy Road (B21)
Ivy Road (B30)
Ivy Road (B73)
Ivy Way
Ivybridge Grove
Ivydale Avenue (B26)
Ivyfield Road (B23)
Ivyhouse Lane
Ivyhouse Road
Ivywood Drive
Iyenga Yoga Institute
Izons Industrial Estate
Izons Lane
Izons Road

J & J Harkin
J & S Cleaners
J Ashford & Sons
J B Hair Stylist
J C Motors
J. Connor Signs
J Cooke Eng
J. Cullen Thermals
J. D. Mason
J D Solicitors
J Docter
J. F. Kennedy Memorial
J Hoots
J Hughes
J J Rudell
J J Syrup
J K Superstore
J. Lacey Steeplejacks Contractors Ltd
J R Jones Solicitors
J S Webb (Stambermill Works)
J T Brookes & Co
J Thompson Jewellers and Clock Repairs
J W Beddow's & Sons
J W Engineering
J&M Jewellers
J&P Lewis (Metals) Ltd
J's Hair Studio
Ja Reggae Dish
Jacamar Avenue (B33)
Jacey Road
Jacey Road (B90)
Jack Harris Stand
Jack Hayward Way
Jack Holden 1907-2004
Jack Holden Avenue
Jack Wolfskin
Jackdaw Close (DY3)
Jackdaw Drive
Jackdaw Road (B23)
Jacklin House
Jackson Close
Jackson Close (B11)
Jackson Drive
Jackson House
Jackson Lile & Close
Jackson Road
Jackson Street
Jackson Walk (B35)
Jackson Way
Jacky's Kitchen
Jacmar Crescent (B67)
Jacobean Lane
Jacobs UK
Jacoby Place (B5)
Jacques Vert
Jade Chinese
Jade Garden
Jade House
Jade Palace
Jaffray Crescent (B24)
Jaffray Road
Jahed Cuisine of India
Jaipur Cottage
Jake's tattoo
Jakeman Early Years Centre
Jakeman Nursery School
Jakeman Road (B12)
Jakia Masjid Naqsbandia Aslamia & Community Centre
Jalalabad Sunni Jame Masjid & Islamic Community Centre
Jalalia Sunni Jami Masjid & Islamic Education Centre
Jalaliah Educational Institution
Jam Jar
Jamaica Row
Jamatia Islamic Centre
Jamboree Stone
Jame Masjid
Jame Masjid Muslim Community Centre
James Bridge Close
James Brindley School
James Brindley School Northfield Centre
James Brindley Walk
James Bushell
James Carl
James Close
James Cond Building
James Cooper VC
James Dee Close (DY5)
James Eaton Close
James Forsyth Fountain
James Grove & Sons
James Hair Team & Beauty Salon
James Newman
James Road
James Road (B11)
James Samuel Place
James Street
James Street (B3)
James Timmins Chance memorial
James Turner Street (B18)
James Watt Drive
James Watt Primary School
James Watt Queensway (B4114)
James Watt Street
Jameson Road
Jameson Street
Jamesons Service Centre
Jami Madina Ashiful Loom Masjid
Jami Masjid & Islamic Centre
Jami Masjid & Islamic Centre Darul Uloom Al-Islamah
Jami-a-Masjid Idara Minhaj-ul-Quran
Jamia Abdullah Bin Masoud
Jamia Islamic Birmingham College
Jamia Masjid
Jamia Mosque Amir-e-Millat
Jamia Mosque and Islamic Welfare Association Lozells
Jamia Mosque Bilal
Jamia Mosque Blackheath
Jamiah Masjid Mohiuddin Siddiquia
Jamie's Italian
Jamimasjid & Islamic Centre
Jamuna Food Store
Jane Lane Close
Janice Grove
Janine Avenue
Janines Hair Studio
JAP Spares
Jaqks Chicken & Chips
Jaques Close
Jardine Close
Jardine Road (B6)
Jarratt Hall (University of Birmingham Halls of Residence)
Jarvis Crescent
Jarvis Road
Jarvis Road (B23)
Jarvis Way
Jasmin Croft (B14)
Jasmin Fields Nature Reserve
Jasmine Close
Jasmine Grove
Jasmine Road Community Enterprise
Jasmine Road (DY2)
Jasmine Way
Jason Road
Jasper's Pizza
Jasvire Hair & Beauty Studio (First Floor)
Jav Kebabish
Jav's Pizza
Java Lounge
Javed's Garage
Javelin Avenue (B35)
Jay Nelson Garage
Jay News & Convenience
Jay Road
Jay's Bar
Jayne Close
Jays Avenue
Jays Engineering Supplies Ltd
Jays News
Jayshaw Avenue (B43)
Jazz Café Bar
JB Convenience
JBR Recovery
JC's Restaurant and Bar
JCB Skin Care
JCM Electrical Services
JD Sport
JD Sports
JD Wetherspoon
JDs Hair Studio
Jean Drive
Jean Hasketh Close
Jeans Workshop
Jeavons Place
Jeddo Street
Jef Bains
Jeff Bains
Jeff Bains Shoes
Jeffcock Road
Jefferson Close
Jeffrey Avenue
Jeffrey Road
Jeffs Avenue
Jehovah's Witnesses
Jenkins Close
Jenkins Street (B10)
Jenkinson Road
Jenks Avenue
Jenks Road
Jennens Road (B4114) (B7)
Jenner Close
Jenner Drive
Jenner Drive (B45)
Jenner Road
Jenner Street
Jennie Lee Avenue
Jennifer Walk (B25)
Jennings Funeral Directors
Jennings Street
Jenny Close
Jensen Avenue (B36)
Jenson Street
Jephcott Grove
Jephcott Road
Jephson Drive (B26)
Jephson Housing
Jeremiah Road
Jeremy Grove
Jeremy Road
Jeremy's Flying Academy
Jericho Foundation
Jerome Road
Jerome Road (B72)
Jerrard Drive
Jerrard Mews
Jerry's Barber Shop
Jerry's Lane
Jerry's Lane (B23)
Jersey Croft
Jersey Road
Jerta Beauty World
Jerushah’ the Tilted Cottage
Jervis Close
Jervis Crescent
Jervis Park
Jervoise Drive
Jervoise Lane
Jervoise Road
Jervoise School
Jervoise Street
JES Manufacturing
Jesmond Grove (B24)
Jessel Road
Jessica David Bridal Wear
Jessie Road
Jesson Close
Jesson Road
Jesson Road (B75)
Jesson Road (WS1)
Jesson Street
Jester's café
Jet garage
Jetstream Road
Jevon Street
Jevons Drive
Jevons Road (B73)
Jew's Lane (B4175)
Jewel Box
Jewellery and Gifts
Jewellery Box
Jewellery Brokers
Jewellery Quarter
Jewellery Quarter Interchange
JH Cycles
J.H. Kemp
Jhoots Pharmacy
Jiggins Lane
Jiggins Lane (B32)
Jiggs Hair & Beauty
Jill Avenue
Jillcot Road
Jim Gough - Greengrocers
Jimmy Spices
Jimmy Trims
Jin Sheng
Jinnah Close (B12)
Jinx Art
JJ's Cycles
JJB Sports
JK Liquor Store
J.K. Textiles Ltd
JK's Sandwich Bar
JKY Food Solutions
JL Space Ltd

jlp events

JM Dental care
JM Security Systems
J.M. Tyres
J.M.S. Cookware
Jo Malone
Joan Street
Job Center Plus
Job Centre
Job Centre Plus
Job's Close Local Nature Reserve (SP176767)
Jobcentre Plus
Jockey Field
Jockey Fields SSSI
Jockey Lane
Jockey Road (A453)
Jockey Road (B4149)
Joe & the Juice
Joe Delucci's
Joe's Cash for Clothes
Joe's Pizza
Joel's Convenience
Joey's Pizzeria
Joeys Lane
John Black Day Hospital
John Bright Close
John Bright Street
John Chance memorial
John Corbett Drive
John Edwards Auto Repair Center
John Edwards Auto Repair Centre
John Feeney 1839-1905
John Hair For Men
John Harper Street
John Henry Carless VC
John Henry Newman Catholic College
John Hollingsworth
John Howell Drive
John Jones Footware
John Lewis
John Lewis At Home
John Lewis Ground Breaking June 2012
John Morris Electrical
John Northwood 1836-1902
John Padden Close (B65)
John Riley Drive
John Road
John Road (B62)
John Smiths
John Street
John Street (B19)
John Street (B4180)
John Street (B70)
John Street North
John Taylor Hospice
John the Barber
John Wesley
John Wesley Way
John Willmott School
John Woodward Way (B70)
John's Fast Food
John's Lane
Johnny Wok
Johnny Wong
Johnny Wong's
Johns Grove
Johnson Road
Johnson Avenue
Johnson Close
Johnson Drive
Johnson Drive (B35)
Johnson Place
Johnson Road
Johnson Road (B23)
Johnson Street
Johnsons Bridge Road
Johnsons Bus Route 87
Johnsons Grove (B68)
Johnsons Volkswagen
Johnsons Volvo
Johnston Street (B70)
Johnstone Street (B19)
Johnstone's Decorating centre
Johnstone's Decorating Centre
Johny's New Image Barber
Joiners Croft
Joinings Bank (B4169)
Jojo's Pizza & Kebab
Jolly Buccaneer
Jolly Chippy
Jolly Collier
Jolly Crispin
Jolly Fryer
Jonah Drive
Jonathan Walker
Jonathan's Barbers Shop
Jones & Palmer
Jones Bootmaker
Jones Optician
Jones Road
Jones Wood Close (B76)
Jones's Bootmaker
Jonesfield Crescent
Jonquil Close (B23)
Jordan Close
Jordan Leys
Jordan Place
Jordan Road
Jordan Way
Jordon Way (B44)
Joseph Ash Galvanizing Birmingham
Joseph Chamberlain
Joseph Chamberlain Memorial Clocktower
Joseph Hall Drive
Joseph House
Joseph Leckie Academy
Joseph Lucas Monument
Joseph Priestley Building
Joseph Street
Joseph Sturge
Joseph Turner Primary School
Josiah Mason 1795-1881
Josiah Road
Josie's Take Away
Journey the World
Journey's End
Jowett Close
Jowett's Lane
Joy Express
Joy's Wood
Joyberry Drive (DY8)
Joyce & Chris
Joynson Street
JP Club Karaoke
JP Textile
J.R. Footwear
JR Homestore
J.S. Motor Vehicle Repairs
J.T. Hawkes Electrical Contractors Ltd
Ju Ju's Cafe
Jubilee Avenue
Jubilee Christian Centre
Jubilee Close
Jubilee Court
Jubilee Dental Laboratory
Jubilee Drive (B20)
Jubilee Gardens
Jubilee House
Jubilee Park Primary School
Jubilee Road
Jubilee Stone & Plaque
Jubilee Street
Jubilee Walk
Jubillee Gardens
Judge Close
Judge Road (DY5)
Judy's Café
Jugbury Hill (Barnford Hill)
Juggling Kites
Juice Bar
Julia Avenue
Julia Gardens
Julian Close
Julian Road
Julie Croft
Juliet Grove
Juliet Road
Juliet Road (B62)
Juliets Hair & Beauty
Julius Drive
Jumbo House Chinese Take-away
Junaid Jamshed
Junaki Collection
Junction Road
Junction Road (B21)
Junction Road Evangelical Church
Junction Street
Junction Street South
June Croft (B26)
Juniper Close (B27)
Juniper Close (B76)
Juniper Drive (B76)
Juniper Drive (WS5)
Juniper Jewellers
Juniper Rise (B63)
Jury Road (DY5)
Jury's Inn
Just 99P
Just a £ound
Just for Pets
Just Imagine
Just Tyres
Justin & Jason
Jutland Road (B13)
Juvenile Court
J.W. Evans & Son
Jyoti's Vegetarian

K Fish & Chips
K K Home Improvements
K. M.Taylor
K&H Express
K&H Mobph
K&R Motor Spares
K's Off-licence
K's Sport
K2 barbers
K2 Security Services
K6 Urban Wear
Ka Pow Wok & Grill
Kadir News
Kafe Lahore
Kairos Café
Kajal Balti House
Kajans / Birmingham Independent College
Kal's Kebab House
Kallum Drive
Kalpanas News
Kalyab Furniture
Kam Lee
Kamal Da Dera
Kami Trading Ltd
Kanes Kars
Kangaroo Pourch Nursery
Kanoo Travel
Kar Care Parts Ltd
Karachi Fried Chicken
Karahi King
Karam Court (Minster Health Group)
Karen Millen
Karen Miller
Karen Way
Karen's Carpets Ltd
Karen's Coffee
Karen's Cottons
Karma Court
Karma Lounge
Kartar Cash & Carry
Kashmir Jewellery House
Kaspa's Desserts
Kate Bunce - blue plaque
Kate's Salon
Kates Hill
Kates Hill & Sledmore Childrens Centre
Kates Hill Community Primary School
Katherine Road (B67)
Kathleen Dayus 1903-2003
Kathleen Road
Kathleen Road (B25)
Katie Fitzgeralds
Katie Road
Katie Road (B29)
Katsura Close
Katyn 1940
Kayne Close
Kays Furniture
Kays Solicitors
KB Opticians
KB's Warehouse
KBM Framing Gallery
KCQ Composite Mouldings
KCRS Computers
KDM Engineering
Keanscott Drive
Keasden Grove
Keating Gardens (B75)
Keatley Avenue
Keats Avenue (B10)
Keats Close
Keats Close (B74)
Keats Drive
Keats Grove
Keats Grove (B27)
Keats Road
Keavman Contractors
Keay Fasteners Ltd
Kebab Express
Kebab House
Kebab Land
Kebab Pizza
Keble Grove
Keble Grove (B26)
Kedleston Close
Kedleston Road (B28)
Kee Wah House
Keel Drive (B13)
Keeley Street
Keelinge Street
Keep it Reel
Keepers Close
Keepers Close (B18)
Keepers Cottage
Keepers Gate
Keepers Lane
Keepers Road
Keepers Well
Keepmoat Homes/FHM
Keer Court
Keg and Grill
Kegworth Road (B23)
Keir Hardie Walk
Keir Place
Keir Road
Keith Emery Butcher
Keith Jenkins Insurance
Keith Palmer Associates
Keith Rockett Design & Technology Centre
Kelby Close (B31)
Kelby Road (B31)
Keldy Close
Kelfield Avenue
Kelfield Avenue (B17)
Kelia Drive
Keller Walk
Kellet Road
Kellett Road
Kelling Close
Kellington Close (B8)
Kelly J's
Kelmarsh Drive
Kelmarsh Drive (B91)
Kelmscott Road (B17)
Kelsall Close
Kelsall Croft
Kelsey Close
Kelsull Croft
Kelton Court
Kelton Garage Ltd
Kelvedon Grove
Kelverdale Grove
Kelverley Grove
Kelvin Drive
Kelvin Place
Kelvin Road
Kelvin Road (B31)
Kelvin Way
Kelvin Way (A4182) (B70)
Kelway Avenue
Kelwood Drive (B63)
Kelynmead Road (B33)
Kem Salon
Kemberton Close
Kemberton Road
Kemberton Road (B29)
Kemble Close
Kemble Croft (B5)
Kemble Drive
Kemerton Way (B90)
Kempe Road
Kempsey Close
Kempsey Close (B63)
Kempsey Close (B69)
Kempsey Close (B92)
Kempsey Covert
Kempson Avenue
Kempson Avenue (B72)
Kempson Road (B36)
Kempsons Grove
Kempthorne Avenue
Kempthorne Gardens
Kempthorne Road
Kempton Park Road (B36)
Kempton Way
Kemsey Drive
Kemshead Avenue
Kemsley Road (B14)
Ken Ho
Ken Hoult Way
Ken's Diner
Kendal Avenue
Kendal Avenue (B45)
Kendal Close
Kendal Grove (B92)
Kendal Rise
Kendal Rise (B68)
Kendal Rise Road (B45)
Kendal Road (B11)
Kendal Tower
Kendall Rise
Kendalls Hair Salon
Kendrick Avenue
Kendrick Close (B92)
Kendrick Croft (B35)
Kendrick Grove (B28)
Kendrick Place
Kendrick Road
Kendrick Road (B76)
Kendrick Street
Kendricks Road
Kenelm Court
Kenelm Road
Kenelm Road (B10)
Kenelm Road (B68)
Kenilworth Avenue
Kenilworth Close
Kenilworth Close (DY8)
Kenilworth Court
Kenilworth Crescent
Kenilworth Road
Kenilworth Road (B4101)
Kenilworth Road (B68)
Kenley Avenue
Kenley Grove (B30)
Kenley Way
Kenley Way (B91)
Kenmare Way
Kenmure Road (B33)
Kennedy Close
Kennedy Crescent
Kennedy Croft (B26)
Kennedy Grove
Kennedy Road
Kenneggy Mews
Kennerley Road (B25)
Kennet Grove
Kenneth Grove (B23)
Kennford Close (B65)
Kenning & Blyth
Kennington Road
Kenrick & Jefferson Building
Kenrick Close
Kenrick Croft (B35)
Kenrick Way (A4182) (B70)
Kenrick Way (A4252) (B70)
Kensington Avenue (B12)
Kensington Drive (B74)
Kensington Gardens
Kensington Hotel
Kensington Jewellery
Kensington Mills
Kensington Road
Kensington Road (B29)
Kensington Rogues
Kensington Street
Kenswick Drive (B63)
Kent Avenue
Kent Close
Kent Place
Kent Rd Fish Bar
Kent Road
Kent Street
Kent Street (A459)
Kent Street (A459) (DY3)
Kent Street (B5)
Kent Street North (B18)
Kent's Moat Recreation Ground
Kentish Road (B21)
Kenton Avenue
Kenton Display Limited
Kenton Walk
Kents Close (B92)
Kentucky Fried Chicken
Kenward Croft
Kenwick Road (B17)
Kenwood Lane (B9)
Kenwood Road (B9)
Kenyon Close
Kenyon Street (242) (B18)
Kenyon Street (B18)
Kerby Road
Kerby Road (B23)
Keresley Close
Keresley Grove
Kerewin Close (B64)
Kernthorpe Road
Kerr Drive
Kerr Lane
Kerridge Close
Kerry Close
Kerry Close (B31)
Kersley Gardens
Kerswell Drive
Kerswell Drive (B90)
Kesterton Road (B74)
Kesteven Close
Kesteven Road
Keston Road (B44)
Kestrel Avenue (B25)
Kestrel Close (B23)
Kestrel Close (B35)
Kestrel Drive
Kestrel Grove
Kestrel Rise
Kestrel Road
Kestrel Road (B63)
Keswick Drive
Keswick Grove
Keswick Road (B92)
Ketley Clay Pit
Ketley Croft (B12)
Ketley Fields
Ketley Hill Road
Ketley Road
Kettlebrook Road (B90)
Kettlehouse Road (B44)
Kettles Wood Drive
Kettlesbank Road
Kettlewell Way
Kettleworks - St Georges Urban Villlage
Ketton Grove (B33)
Keuken Café
Kev's Tyres
Kew Close
Kew Drive
Kew Gardens
Kewstoke Close
Kewstoke Croft
Kewstoke Road
Key Catering
Key Gardens
Key Hill
Key Hill (B18)
Key Hill Drive (B18)
Key Tracker
Keyani & Sons
Keyes Drive
Keylighting Limited / Birmingham Lighting & Electrical Limited
Keynell Covert (B30)
Keynes Drive
Keys Crescent
Keys Hill Farm
Keyse Road
Keysmith Close
Keystone Head
Keyte Close
Keyworth Close
Kezza Kofee
K.H. Cafe
K.H. Discount Store
Khadim jew
Khaja Superstore
Khalil Opticians
Khalm-e-Nubudwat Educational Centre
Khan & Co Solicitors
Khan Brothers Pool Hall
Khan Hair Studio
Khan International
Khan Palace
Khan's Fish Bar
Khana Peena
Khattak Auto Parts
Khay Yam
KHP Halal Meat & Poultry
Khusa House
Khushi Couture
Khyber Close
Khyber Pass
Ki Ban Cantonese Takeaway
Kidd Croft
Kidderminster Carpets
Kidderminster Road (A451)
Kiddies World
Kiddies World Day Nursery
Kids Essentials
Kids Foot Locker
Kids Korner
Kids West Midlands
Kidz Academy Day Nursery
Kielder Close
Kielder Gardens
Kier's Bridge
Kier's Bridge Close
Kiers Bridge Close
Kilburn Drive
Kilburn Grove (B44)
Kilburn Place
Kilburn Road (B44)
Kilby and Lighthorne Community Centre
Kilby Avenue
Kilbys Grove (B20)
Kilcote Road (B90)
Kilderkin Court
Kilmet Walk
Kilmore Croft
Kilmorie Road (B27)
Kiln Croft
Kiln Lane
Kiln Lane (B25)
Kiln Rise
Kiln Subway
Kilsby Grove
Kilvert Road
Kimbells Walk
Kimberley Avenue
Kimberley Close
Kimberley Place
Kimberley Road (B66)
Kimberley Road (B92)
Kimberley Street
Kimberley Walk (B76)
Kimble Grove (B24)
Kimbley Rise
Kimichi School
Kimpton Close
Kims Kitchen
Kin's Crunchy Chicken
Kinchford Close
Kinchford Close (B91)
Kinder Day Nursery
Kinderkids Day Nursery
Kineton Croft
Kineton Croft (B92)
Kineton Green
Kineton Green Primary School
Kineton Green Road (B92)
Kineton House
Kineton Rise (DY3)
Kineton Road
Kineton Road (B73)
Kinfare Drive
Kinfare Rise (DY3)
King Alfred's Place
King Balti
King Charles Avenue
King Charles Court
King Charles Road
King Cod
King Cuts
King David Primary School
King Dick Tools
King Edmund Street
King Edward Building
King Edward House
King Edward Square (B73)
King Edward Street
King Edward VI Aston Playing Fields
King Edward VI Aston School
King Edward VI Camp Hill school for Boys
King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Girls
King Edward VI College
King Edward VI Five Ways School
King Edward VI Handsworth School
King Edward VI Sheldon Heath Academy
King Edward VII
King Edward's Consortium
King Edward's Foundation Resources Centre
King Edward's School Sports Hall
King Edward's Schools' Foundation Office
King Edwards Close
King Edwards Drive (B16)
King Edwards Gardens (B20)
King Edwards Place
King Edwards Road
King Edwards Road (B1)
King Edwards Row
King Edwards Stores
King Fish Kebab House
King fisher Grove
King Fu Kitchen
King George 5th (Memorial) Playing Fields
King George Crescent
King George Place
King George V
King George V Primary School
King George VI Avenue
King George's Field
King Grill Fish Bar
King Kebab
King of the Castle
King Rooster
King Solomon International Business School
King Street
King Street (B11)
King Street (DY5)
King Street Passage
King Street Precinct
King Wah House
King William Street
King's Community Church
King's Hair Specialist
King's Meadow
King's Sandwhich Bar
King's Standing Bowl Barrow
Kingate Press
Kingdom Hall
Kingdom Hall of Jehova's Witnesses
Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witneses
Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witness
Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses
Kingfield Road (B90)
Kingfisher Close
Kingfisher Close (B26)
Kingfisher Drive
Kingfisher Drive (B36)
Kingfisher Drive (DY8)
Kingfisher Fish and Chips
Kingfisher Grove
Kingfisher House
Kingfisher Road (B23)
Kingfisher View
Kingfisher Way
Kingham Close
Kingham Covert (B14)
Kinghshurst Way
Kingman House
Kings Arms
Kings Avenue
Kings Barbers Club
Kings Christian Centre
Kings Close
Kings Court
Kings Court Guesthouse
Kings Croft
Kings Fashions
Kings Gardens (B30)
Kings Gate
Kings Green Avenue (B38)
Kings Hall Banqueting Suite & Conference Centre
Kings Heath
Kings Heath Angling
Kings Heath Boys Mathematics & Computing College
Kings Heath Christadelphians
Kings Heath Cricket Club
Kings Heath DIY
Kings Heath Driving Test Centre
Kings Heath Evangelical Church
Kings Heath Interchange
Kings Heath Library
Kings Heath Mosque
Kings Heath Playcare Nursery
Kings Heath Police Station
Kings Heath Primary School
Kings Hill Field
Kings Hill Hospital
Kings Hill Park
Kings House Business Centre
Kings Kitchen
Kings Mill Close
Kings Norton Baptist Church
Kings Norton Boys' School
Kings Norton Christadelphian Hall
Kings Norton Community Fire Station
Kings Norton Girls' School and Language College
Kings Norton High School & Leisure Centre
Kings Norton Library
Kings Norton Local Nature Reserve
Kings Norton Nursery School
Kings Norton Police Station
Kings Norton Primary School
Kings Norton Tennis Club
Kings Oak
Kings Oak Court
Kings Opticians
Kings Park West
Kings Pharmacy
Kings Point
Kings Rise Academy
Kings Road
Kings Road (B11)
Kings Road (B23)
Kings Road (B25)
Kings Road (B4149)
Kings Road (B4149) (B44)
Kings Road Chapel
Kings Road Methodist Church
Kings Snooker Club
Kings Terrace
Kings Terrace Play Area
Kings Watches
Kingsbridge Road
Kingsbridge Walk
Kingsbrook Drive (B91)
Kingsbury Avenue
Kingsbury Cafe
Kingsbury Close
Kingsbury Close (B76)
Kingsbury Road
Kingsbury Road (A4097)
Kingsbury Road (B24)
Kingsbury Shopping Centre
Kingsbury Water Park
Kingsbury Water Park Camping & Caravanning Club Site
Kingsbury Water Park Outdoor Education Centre
Kingsclere Walk
Kingscliff Road
Kingscliff Road (B10)
Kingscote Place
Kingscote Road
Kingsdene Avenue
Kingsdown Avenue
Kingsdown Avenue (B42)
Kingsdown Road
Kingsfleet Centre
Kingsford Close
Kingsford Nouveau
Kingsgate House
Kingshayes Road
Kingshill Drive
Kingshurst Children’s Centre
Kingshurst Evangelical Church
Kingshurst Library
Kingshurst Road (B31)
Kingshurst Road (B90)
Kingshurst Way
Kingsland N. C Primary School
Kingsland N.C. Primary
Kingsland Road
Kingsland Road (B44)
Kingslea Road (B91)
Kingsleigh Croft
Kingsleigh Drive (B36)
Kingsleigh Road (B20)
Kingsley Avenue
Kingsley Bank Way
Kingsley Grove
Kingsley Road
Kingsley Road (B12)
Kingsley Street
Kingslow Avenue
Kingsmere Close
Kingsnorth House
Kingsoak Gardens
Kingstanding Circle Surgery
Kingstanding Fish Bar
Kingstanding Florist
Kingstanding Library
Kingstanding Neighbourhood Office
Kingstanding News
Kingstanding Police Station
Kingstanding Road
Kingstanding Road (B4138)
Kingstanding Road (B4138) (B44)
Kingsthorne Primary School
Kingsthorpe Road (B14)
Kingston Auto Fix
Kingston Court
Kingston Road (B75)
Kingston Road (B9)
Kingston Row (B1)
Kingston Way
Kingsway Avenue
Kingsway (B68)
Kingsway Drive
Kingsway International Christian Centre
Kingsway Road
Kingswear Avenue
Kingswinford Library
Kingswinford Police Station
Kingswinford Railway Walk
Kingswinford Road (A4101)
Kingswood Close
Kingswood Close (B90)
Kingswood Croft
Kingswood Drive
Kingswood Drive (B74)
Kingswood Gardens
Kingswood House
Kingswood Road
Kingswood Road (B13)
Kingswood Road (B31)
Kingswood School
Kingswood Terrace
Kingswood Walk
Kington Close
Kington Gardens
Kington Way
Kingzman Barbers
Kiniths Crescent
Kiniths Way
Kiniths Way (B62)
Kinlet Avenue
Kinlet Close
Kinloch Drive
Kinnerley Street
Kinnersley Crescent
Kinnerton Crescent
Kinross Crescent
Kinsbury Fish Bar
Kinsey Grove (B14)
Kinsey Road (B66)
Kinsham Drive
Kinsham Drive (B91)
Kinson Drive
Kinswood Drive (B74)
Kintore Croft
Kintyre Close
Kinvara Heights
Kinver Avenue
Kinver Crescent
Kinver Croft
Kinver Drive
Kinver Mews
Kinver Road
Kinver Street
Kinwarton Close (B25)
Kipling Avenue
Kipling Close
Kipling Road
Kirams Fusion
Kirby Close
Kirby Drive
Kirby Road (B18)
Kirk's Home & Garden
Kirkby Green (B73)
Kirkham Gardens
Kirkham Grove
Kirkham Way
Kirkpatrick Drive
Kirkstall Close
Kirkstall Crescent
Kirkstone Court
Kirkstone Crescent
Kirkstone Croft
Kirkstone Way
Kirkwall Crescent
Kirkwall Road
Kirkwood Avenue (B23)
Kirstead Gardens
Kirton Grove
Kirton Place
Kismat Food Store
Kismat Halal Meat
Kissane & Jeffries Ltd
Kissed By The Sun
Kissing Gate
Kitchen Café
Kitchen Factory
Kitchen Garden Cafe
Kitchen Lane
Kitchener Road (B29)
Kitchener Road (DY2)
Kitchener Street
Kitebrook Close
Kitegreen Close

kitsch kitchen

Kitsland Road (B34)
Kitswell Gardens
Kittiwake Drive
Kittiwake Drive (B23)
Kittoe Road (B74)
Kitts Green
Kitts Green Evangelical Church
Kitts Green Road
Kitts Green Road (B33)
Kitwell Lane
Kitwell Primary School
Kitwood Drive (B92)
Kixley Farm
Kixley Lane
KK's Unique Jewellery
Klassic Concept
KLM Steel Services
KM Motors
Knapford Café & Patio
Knapford Station
Knaresdale Close
Knebworth Close (B44)
Knight of the Vale
Knightcote Drive
Knightley Road (B91)
Knightlow Road (B17)
Knighton Close (B74)
Knighton Drive
Knighton Road
Knighton Road (B74)
Knights Newsagent
Knights Avenue
Knights Close
Knights Court
Knights Crescent
Knights Hill
Knights Ophtalmic Opticians
Knights Road (B11)
Knightsbridge Close (B74)
Knightsbridge Hair
Knightsbridge Lane
Knightsbridge Road (B92)
Knightsfield Close
Knightsfield Close (B73)
Knightstone Avenue
Knightswood Close
Knightwick Crescent (B23)
Knipersley Road (B73)
Knoll Croft
Knollcroft (B16)
Knotsall Lane
Knotts Farm Road
Knottsall Lane
Knowlands Road
Knowle CC
Knowle Church of England Primary School
Knowle Close (B45)
Knowle Fish Bar
Knowle Goldsmiths
Knowle Hill Road (DY2)
Knowle Indian Brasserie
Knowle Interiors
Knowle Methodist Church
Knowle Photographic
Knowle Road
Knowle Road (B11)
Knowle Telephone Exchange
Knowle Traditional Sweet Shop
Knowle Village Hall
Knowles Street
Knox Road
Knutsford Street
Knutswood Close (B13)
Kodak Express
Kohima Drive
Konica Minolta Business Soloutions
Konya's Gold
Kool Cuts
Kool Hair
Kool Kids
Kooner Shopfitting
Korner Kitchen
Kossuth Road
Krazy Girl
Krispy Kreme
Kriss Kurl
Kriss Kut
Krown Kleaners
Kroy Air
Krueger Kutz
Krypton Jewellers
Krystal Jewellers
Krystal Kleen
K.S. News
KSK Belts
K.Slick Hair Design
KSM Textiles
KTI Insulation Services
Kuafor Hair Salon
Kudos Int. Ltd.
Kuehne + Nagel
Kuka Robotics
Kurd Nan Junction
Kurdish Diamond Scissors
Kurdistan Mini Market
Kurkuman Restaurant Steak and Fish Master
Kurt Geiger
Kurta Kahani
Kut Above
Kwik Fit
Kwik Fix
Kwik Stop News
KWS Engineering Services Limited
Kyle Close
Kyles Way
Kynance Grove
Kynaston Crescent
Kyngsford Road (B33)
Kyngston Road
Kyotts Lake Road (B11)
Kyrwicks Lane (B12)
Kyter Lane (B36)

L&M Cleaning Group
La Banca
La Belle
La Belle Vie
La Calin
La Caverna
LA Femme
La Fibrile
LA Fitness
La Galleria
La Plancha
La Reference
La Tasca
La Velle
La Vera
La-Mon's Jewellery
Lab Forte
Laburnham Cottages
Laburnham Road
Laburnum Avenue
Laburnum Avenue (B37)
Laburnum Avenue (B67)
Laburnum Close
Laburnum Croft
Laburnum Drive (B76)
Laburnum Grove
Laburnum Grove (B13)
Laburnum House
Laburnum Road
Laburnum Street
Laburnum Way
Lace House
Laceby Grove (B13)
Ladbroke Drive (B76)
Ladbroke Grove (B27)
Ladbrook Grove
Ladbrook Road (B91)
Ladbury Grove
Ladbury Road
Laddaw Glass Merchants
Ladeler Grove
Ladies Choice
Ladies Touch
Ladies Walk
Ladies Walk Centre
Lady Aston Park
Lady Bank
Lady Boutique
Lady Bracknell Mews
Lady Brades House
Lady Byron Lane
Lady Grey's Walk
Lady Lane
Lady Wulfrun Statue
Lady's Carousel
Ladycroft (B16)
Ladymoor Recreation Ground
Ladymoor Road
Ladypool Appliances
Ladypool Avenue
Ladypool Close
Ladypool Cycles
Ladypool Primary School
Ladypool Road (B11)
Ladypool Road (B12)
Ladypool Wines Cellar
Ladysmith Road (B63)
Ladywell Close
Ladywell Walk
Ladywell Walk (B5)
Ladywell Way
Ladywood Arts & Leisure Centre
Ladywood Close
Ladywood Close (DY5)
Ladywood Community Fire Station
Ladywood Health and Community Centre
Ladywood House
Ladywood Methodist Church
Ladywood Neighbourhood Office
Ladywood Pharmacy
Ladywood Road
Ladywood Supermarket
Ladywood SureStart Childrens Centre
Laffaire Exclusive
Lahore Cottage
Lahore Dessert
Lahore Fort
Lahore Ice Cream Corner
Lahore Juice Bar
Lahore Karahi
Lahore Village
Lai Ling
Laing House
Laing O'Rourke
Laithwaite's Wine
Lake Avenue
Lake Close
Lake Street
Lake View Close
Lake View Court
Lake Wood Drive
Lakedown Close
Lakefield (B31)
Lakefield Close (B28)
Lakefield Road (A4124)
Lakehouse Grove
Lakelot Close
Laker Close
Lakes Fishing
Lakes Road (B23)
Lakeside Business Park
Lakeside Childrens & Family Learning Centre
Lakeside Close
Lakeside Court
Lakeside Drive
Lakeside Drive (B23)
Lakeside Hide
Lakeside Hotel
Lakeside Kitchens
Lakeside Road
Lakeside Walk (B23)
Lakeview Close
Lakey Lane
Lakey Lane (B28)
Lakey Lane Junior and Infant School
Lamb Close
Lamb Crescent
Lamb Farm
Lambah Close
Lambert Close (B23)
Lambert Court
Lambert End
Lambert Fold
Lambert Fold (DY2)
Lambert Road
Lambert Street
Lambeth Close
Lambeth Road
Lambeth Road (B44)
Lamborghini Sytner and Bentley Sytner
Lambourn Close
Lambourn Road
Lambourn Road (B23)
Lambourne Grove
Lambourne Way
Lambretta Clothing
Lambscote Close
Lambscote Close (B90)
Lammas Close (B92)
Lammas Road (DY8)
Lammermoor Avenue
Lamont Avenue (B32)
Lamorna Close
Lamp Restaurant & Bar
Lana's Nails & Beauty
Lanark Close
Lanark Croft (B35)
Lancaster & Thorpe
Lancaster Audi
Lancaster Avenue
Lancaster Circus Queensway
Lancaster Circus Queensway (B4114)
Lancaster Close (B30)
Lancaster Drive (B35)
Lancaster Gardens
Lancaster House
Lancaster Place
Lancaster Place (B4)
Lancaster Road
Lancaster Street (B4)
Lancaster Street (B4114)
Lancaster Street Multiple Needs Unit Hostel
Lance Corporal William Amey VC
Lancelot Close
Lanchester Car
Lanchester Road
Lanchester Way
Lanchester Way (B36)
Land Lane
Land Rover Experience & Factory Tours
Lander Close
Landgate Road (B21)
Landor Road
Landor Street
Landor Street (B8)
Landrail Walk
Landrake Road
Landseer Grove
Landsowne Road
Landswood Close (B44)
Landswood Dental Surgery
Landswood Road (B68)
Landvan Self-storage
Lane Avenue
Lane Close
Lane Croft (B76)
Lane Green Avenue
Lane Green First School
Lane Green Road
Lane Head Close
Lane Road
Lane Street
Lanes Cars
Lanesfield Drive
Lanesfield Primary School
Laneside Avenue
Laneside Gardens
Langcomb Road (B90)
Langdale Croft (B21)
Langdale Drive
Langdale Road
Langdale Way
Langdon Street
Langdon Walk (B26)
Langfield Road
Langfield Road (B93)
Langford Avenue
Langford Croft (B91)
Langford Grove (B17)
Langham Close
Langham Green
Langholm Drive
Langland Drive
Langley Appliances
Langley Avenue
Langley Bakery
Langley Bowling Club
Langley Close
Langley Crescent
Langley Gardens
Langley Green
Langley Green Road (B4170)
Langley Hall
Langley Hall Drive (B75)
Langley Hall Road (B75)
Langley Hall Road (B92)
Langley Heath Drive (B76)
Langley Heath Farm
Langley High Street (B4170) (B69)
Langley House
Langley Lane
Langley Libary
Langley Mill Close
Langley Mill Farm
Langley Nursery
Langley Park Way
Langley Point
Langley Post Office
Langley Primary School
Langley Public Baths
Langley Reservoir (Hill Top Reservoir)
Langley Rise (B92)
Langley Road
Langley Road (B10)
Langley School
Langley Walk
Langley Ward Conservative Club
Langleys Road
Langleys Road (B29)
Langmead Close
Langsett Road
Langstone Road
Langton Close
Langton Place
Langton Road (B8)
Langtree Avenue
Langwood Court (B36)
Langworth Avenue (B27)
Lannacombe Road (B31)
Lansbury Avenue
Lansbury Green (B64)
Lansbury Road (B64)
Lansbury Walk
Lansdale Avenue (B92)
Lansdowne Avenue
Lansdowne Close
Lansdowne Close (DY2)
Lansdowne Road
Lansdowne Road (B21)
Lansdowne Road (B63)
Lansdowne Street
Lantern Close (B29)
Lantern House
Lantern Road (DY2)
Lanton Close
Lapal Lane
Lapal Lane North (B62)
Lapal Lane South
Lapal Primary School
Lapley Close
Lapper Avenue
Laptop Aid
Laptop Lab
Lapwing Croft (B23)
Lapwood Avenue
Lapworth Drive (B73)
Lapworth Grove (B12)
Lapworth Museum of Geology
Lara Close
Lara Grove
Larch Avenue (B21)
Larch Croft
Larch Drive
Larch Gardens
Larch Grove
Larch Road
Larch Walk
Larches Lane
Larches Street (B11)
Larchfield Close (B20)
Larchmere Drive
Larchmere Drive (B28)
Larchwood Crescent
Larchwood Green
Larchwood Road
Larcombe Drive
Large Avenue
Lark Close (B14)
Lark Meadow Drive
Lark Meadow Drive (B37)
Larkfield Avenue
Larkhill Road (DY8)
Larkin Close
Larks Mill
Larksfield Mews
Larkshill Engineering Ltd
Larkspur Close
Larkspur Croft
Larkspur Road (DY2)
Larkswood Drive
Larne Road (B26)
Las Iguanas
Lasan Eatery
Laser Pharmacy
Laser Quest
Last Public Hanging in Birmingham
Latches Close
Latelow Road
Lath Lane
Latham Avenue
Latham Crescent
Latham Steel Security Doors
Lathom Grove
Latimer Gardens
Latimer Place
Latimer Square
Latimer Street
Latrèse Hair and Makeup Studio
Latymer Close (B76)
Lauder Close
Lauder Close (DY3)
Lauderdale Gardens
Laughton Close (B31)
Launceston Close
Launceston Road
Laundry Road
Laura Ashley
Laura Ashley Home
Laureates Close
Laurel Avenue (B12)
Laurel Court (B13)
Laurel Drive
Laurel Gardens (B21)
Laurel Gardens (B27)
Laurel Grove
Laurel Lane
Laurel Road
Laurel Road (B21)
Laurel Road (B30)
Laurel Road Community Sports Centre
Laurence Court
Laurence Grove
Laurenfield Court
Laurick Jewellery
Lauriston Close
Lavender Close
Lavender Close (WS5)
Lavender Gardens (B23)
Lavender Grove
Lavender Lane
Lavender Lane (DY8)
Lavender Road
Lavendon Road
Lavinia Road
Law Cliff Road (B42)
Law Close
Law Street
Law Tec Solicitors
Lawden Road
Lawford Close
Lawford Grove
Lawfred Avenue
Lawley Close
Lawley Engineering Ltd
Lawley Road
Lawley Street
Lawn Avenue
Lawn Road
Lawn Street (DY8)
Lawnsdale Close
Lawnsdown Road
Lawnsfield Grove (B23)
Lawnside Green
Lawnswood Avenue
Lawnswood (B76)
Lawnswood Drive
Lawnswood Grove (B21)
Lawnswood Private Estate
Lawnswood Rise
Lawnswood Road
Lawnwood Road (DY2)
Lawrence Avenue
Lawrence Drive (B76)
Lawrence Lane
Lawrence Lane Methodist Church
Lawrence Street
Lawrence Walk
Lawson Close
Lawson Street (B4)
Lawsonwood Avenue (B90)
Lawton Avenue
Lawton Close (B65)
Laxey Road (B16)
Laxford Close
Laxmi Fashions
Laxton Close
Laxton Grove
Laylas Lounge
Laymoor Drive
Lazetti Pizza
Lazio Pizza
Lazy Hill
Lazy Hill (B38)
Lazy Hill Fish Bar
Lazy Hill Pharmacy
Lazy Hill Post Office
Lazy Hill Road
Le Breton
Le Codfather
Le Crust
Le Hair & Beauty
Le Mans Cafe
Le More
Lé Nails & Spa
Le Rage
Le Ronka Ltd
Le Truc
Lea Avenue
Lea Bank
Lea Bank Road (DY2)
Lea Brook Methodist Church
Lea Drive
Lea Ford Road
Lea Forest Primary School and Nursery
Lea Gardens
Lea Green Avenue
Lea Green Drive
Lea Green Lane
Lea Hall