Welcome to BBBike - your cycle journey planner! We'll help you find a nice, safe and short bike route in Halifax and around.

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111-3-E Bus Only
111-3-G Bus Only
1st Street

2 Doors Down
2nd Street

3rd Street

45 Elmwood Ave Apartments
4th Street

5800 South

9 + Nine

A. Murray MacKay Bridge -Highway 111 Exit 1 E
A Taste of India
A. Y. Jackson Court
Abbey Road
Abbie J. Lane 2nd floor entrance
Abbie J. Lane Memorial Building
Abbington Avenue
Abbott Drive
Abercrombie Lane
Aberdeen Court
Abigail Apartments
Abrams Way
Acacia Street
Acadia Mill Drive
Acadia Place
Acadia Street
Acadian Lines Halifax Station
Acces Nova Scotia
Access to Delta Halifax Hotel
Acorn Road
Adams Avenue
Addison Place
Addition Elle
Adelaide Avenue
Adeor Drive
Adept Tattoos & Body Piercing Studio
Adlington Court
Admiral Street
Admirals Cove Drive
Aerobics First
Afton Court
Agency Drive
Agincourt Crescent
Agricola Street
Agricola Street Brasserie
Ahern Avenue
Ahmadi Crescent
Aikens Avenue
Akerley Boulevard
Akerley Boulevard (107)
Alabaster Way
Albacore Place
Albany Terrace
Albemarle Street
Alberni Lane
Albert Place
Albert Street
Albert Walker Drive
Alberta Street
Albion Road
Albro Lake
Albro Lake Road
Albyn Ave Group Home
Albyn Avenue
Alder Street
Aldergrove Drive
Alderney Cairn
Alderney Drive
Alderney Gate
Alderney Gate Public Library
Alderney Landing
Alderwood Court
Alderwood Drive
Alex Lane
Alex Oh Sushi Rolls
Alex Street
Alexa Pope
Alexandra's Pizza
Alexandras pizza
AlfaGomma Hose Fittings
Alfred Drive
Alfred Street
Algonquin Path
Alicia Melanson Salon & Blowdry Bar
All Dressed Up
All Dressed Up Boutique
All Saints Anglican Church
All Saints Cathedral
Allan Street
Allison Drive
Alma Crescent
Almon Street
Almora Court
Alpine Court
Alpine Drive
Alter Egos
Alton Drive
Alumni Arena
Alumni Crescent
Amaranth Crescent
Amazing Space Interiors
Ambercrest Drive
Ambercrest Place
Amberwood Court
Amelia Court
Amelia Place
American Apparel
Amesbury Gate
Amethyst Crescent
Amin Street
Amirault Court
Anahid Court
Ancaster Court
Anchor Drive
Anchor Living Apartments
Ancona Place
Anderson Street
Andover Street
Andrea Lynn Avenue
Andrew Avenue
Andrew Cobb Court
Andrew Street
Angus L. Macdonald Bridge
Angus Macdonald Bridge
Angus Macdonald Bridge A Ramp
Angus Macdonald Bridge B Ramp
Angus Macdonald Bridge Barrington Street Ramp
Angus Macdonald Bridge D Ramp
Angus Macdonald Bridge E Ramp
Angus Macdonald Bridge E Ramp
Angus Macdonald Bridge (https://www.hdbc.ca/macdonaldhistory/)
Angus Macdonald Bridge Walkway
Angus Morton Drive
Annandale Lane
Annie's Place Café & Catering
Anson Road
Antares Court
Apollo Court
Appian Way
Apple Street
Applewood Lane
Aquavista Lane,
Ardmore Tea Room
Aresnal Lane
Argus Drive
Argyle Fine Art
Argyle Street
Arklow Drive
Arlington Avenue
Arm Crescent East
Arm Crescent West
Arm Road
Armada Drive
Armament Road
Armbro Lane
Armdale Rotary
Armenia Drive
Armoyan Court
Armshore Drive
Armstrong Court
Armview Avenue
Armview Terrace
Army Museum
Arnold Drive
Art Gallery of Nova Scotia
Arthur Lismer Court
Arthur Street
Artillery Place
Artz Street
As You Like It
ASAP Bar & Grill
Ascot Street
Ash Lake Court
Ash Lake Loop
Ash Lake Loop Wilderness Trail
Ashburn Avenue
Ashburn Golf Club
Ashdale Avenue
Ashgrove Avenue
Ashley Drive
Ashton Lane
Ashwood Court
Aspen Way Crescent
Aspirations Hair Design
Aster Court
Astral Drive
Astral Drive Elementary School
Astral Drive Junior High School
Athabaskan Avenue
Athabaskan Lane
Atholea Drive
Athorpe Drive
Atikian Drive
Atlantic Eye Centre
Atlantic Gardens
Atlantic Street
Atlantic Superstore
Atlantic Superstore 0352
Atlantica Hotel Halifax
Atlee Court
Attenborough Crescent
Attica Furnishings Ltd.
Attwood Crescent
Atwood Terrace
Aubrey Terrace
Auburn Court
Auburn Drive
Auburn Drive High School
Audi Halifax
Aurora Avenue
Austen Drive
Autoport Avenue
Autumn Place
Avenger Place
Avenue Du Portage
Averill Street
Avery Avenue
Avondale Road
Azita Court

B-well Sushi and Cafe
Babies R Us
Baden Powell Centre
Badger Avenue
Baffin Boulevard
Baha Court
Bainbridge Court
Baker Drive
Bakers Drive
Balcomes Drive
Bald Eagle Place
Ballantrae Lane
Balmoral Road
Balsam Place
Balsam Street
Balwearie Lane
Banbury Close
Bancroft Drive
Bancroft Place
Bank of Montreal
Bank Of Montreal
Bank of Montreal
Bank of Montreal Building
Banks Court
Banook Avenue
Banook Canoe Club
Banshee Avenue
Barbara Drive
Bareng Court
Barkton Lane
Barnstead Lane
Baron Court
Barracks Drive (MapBox Satellite)
Barracuda Drive
Barrens Street
Barrington Place
Barrington St Greenway
Barrington Street
Barrington Street (13)
Barrington Street (3)
Barrington Street Connector
Barry Allen Drive
Bartin Road
Basil Avenue
Basin Farmer's Market
Basinview Drive
Bass Court
Basswood Run
Battery 18th Road
Bauer Street
Bay Rentals
Bayer's Lake Trail
Bayers Lake Mystery Walls
Bayers Lake Mystery Walls Trail
Bayers Road
Bayers Road (102)
Bayers Road Baptist Church
Bayne Street
Bayswater Road
Bayview Road
Beacon Street
Beals Crescent
Bearly's House of Blues and Ribs
Beaufort Avenue
Beaufort Drive
Beaver Crescent
Beazley Ball Field #2 -Little
Beazley Ball Field #3 Kinsman
Beazley Ballfield #1
Beazley Field Track
Beazley Park Basketball Court
Beckfoot Drive
Becks Way
Bed Bath and Beyond
Bedford Harbourwalk
Bedford Highway
Bedford Highway (1)
Bedford Highway (2)
Bedford Hills Road
Bedford Institute of Oceanography
Bedford Junior High School
Bedford Presbyterian Church
Bedford Public Library
Bedford Row
Bedford Sackville Greenway Connector
Bedford Street
Bedros Lane
Beech Street
Beech Tree Run
Beechwood Terrace
Behan Street
Bel Ayr Avenue
Bel Ayr Elementary Sportsfield
Belcher's Marsh
Belcher's Marsh Trail
Beldina Drive
Bell Aliant
Bell Road (102)
Bell Street
Bella Rose Arts Centre
Bellbrook Crescent
Belle Aire Terrace
Belle Street
Bellevista Drive
Bellevue Avenue
Bellroyal Court
Belmont Avenue
Belmont On The Arm
Belmont Road
Belvedere Drive
Ben Johnson Lane
Ben's Bakery
Benalder Lane
Benjamin Green Drive
Benjamin Moore
Bently Drive
Benview Drive
Beresford Road
Berkley Brae
Berkshire Close
Berlin Street
Bermuda Avenue
Bernard Street
Berncray Avenue
Berry Hill Drive
Berts Drive
Berwick Street
Best Buy
Best Choice Chinese Food
Best Street
Best Western Plus Chocolate Lake Hotel
BEST WESTERN PLUS Dartmouth Hotel & Suites
Beth Israel Synagogue
Bethany Gospel Chapel
Bethany United Church
Bethany Way
Bethel Avenue
Bethel United Baptist Church
Bethune Building
Better Than Her
Betty Drive
Betty Jane Court
Beverley Street
Bib N' Tucker
Bicentennial School
Bicycle Thief
Big Pony
Bikes by Dave
Bilby Street
Bilton Lane
Binnacle Court
Binney Street
Birch Cove Baptist Church
Birch Cove Lane
Birch Hill Estates
Birch Road
Birch Street
Birchdale Avenue
Birches Drive
Birchill Drive
Birchview Drive
Birchwood Court
Birchwood Drive
Birchwood Terrace
Birkdale Crescent
Birmingham Street
Biscuit General Store
Bishop Avenue
Bishop Street
Bishop's Cellar
Bishop's Landing North
Bishop's Landing South
Bisley Court
Bissett Road
Bistro Le Coq
Black Market
Black Street
Black Velvet Beauty Supplies
Blackberry Lane
Blanchard Crescent
Bland Street
Blenheim Terrace
Blessed Mother Teresa Parish
Bligh Street
Blink Bonnie Terrace
Bliss Street
Blockade Circle
Bloomfield Centre
Bloomfield Street
Bloomingdale Terrace
Blossom Court
Blowers Street
Blue Apples
Blue Iron
Blue Jay Street
Blue Jay Way
Blue Thistle Road
Blue Willow Court
Bluenose II
Bluenose Inn & Suites
Bluenose Laundromat
Bluenose Mini Mart
Bluestone Road
Bluewater Road
BMO Centre (Four Pad Arena)
Board Room Game Cafe
Boardroom Game Cafe
Boathouse Lane
Bobbleheads Pubs & Eatery
Bobolink Street
Body Mends
Bogside Gallery
Boland Road
Boling Green Crescent
Bolton Terrace
Bolwes Arena
Bonaventure Drive
Bonaventure Street
Bond Street
Boneheads BBQ
Bonita Drive
Bonnie Brae Drive
Bonnie Brae Trailer Park


Boomers Midtown Eatery
Booster Juice
Booth Street
Borden Avenue
Borden Street
Boreal Highland Path
Boscobel Road
Boston Pizza
Bosun Run
Botany Terrace
Bouclair home
Boulderwood Road
Boundary Road
Boundary Street
Bounty Fashion
Boutiiers Lane
Boutiliers Grove
Bow Street
Bower Road
Bowser Avenue
Bowsprit Close
Boyne Court
Boys and Girls Club's of Greater Halifax North Dartmouth Site
Brackley Place
Bradbury Lane
Bradford Place
Bradorian Drive
Bradshaw Pure Esthetics
Braeburn Road
Braeloch Court
Braemar Drive
Braemar Drive (318)
Braemount Drive
Braeside Court
Braeside Lane
Bramoso Gourmet Pizzeria
Brannon Drive
Bras D'Or Lane
Brave New World
Breathing Space Hair
Breeze Drive
Brenton Grill & Wine bar
Brenton Place
Brenton Street
Brentwood Drive
Brewer Court
Brewery Barber
Brian Drive
Briar Lane
Briar Place
Briarlynn Crescent
Briarwood Cresent
Briarwood Drive
Bridge Street
Bridges Street
Bridgeview Drive
Brigadier Court
Brigadoon Avenue
Bright Street
Brighton Avenue
Brightwood Avenue
Brightwood Golf and Country Club
Broad Street
Broadholme Lane
Broadway Street
Brock Street (B2Y)
Brockhurst Close
Brockwell Street
Brodick Lane
Bromley Road
Brompton Road
Bronze Creswent
Brook Street
Brook Trail
Brookdale Court
Brookdale Crescent
Brookfield Avenue
Brookhouse Road
Brookshire Court
Brookside Avenue
Brookview Drive
Broom Road
Brown Avenue
Brownlow Avenue
Bruce Street
Brule Street
Brunello Boulevard
Brunswick Place
Brunswick Street
Brussels Street
Brycedale Lane
Bryden Avenue
Bubba Ray's Sports Bar
Buckingham Street
Bud Bremner Field
Buddy Daye Street
Bulk Barn
Bunchberry Lane
Bunker Lane
Burbridge Avenue
Burgee Run
Burger King
Burke Building
Burke Street
Burley Court
Burnaby Lane
Burnhope Drive
Burns Drive
Burnside AT Greenway
Burnside Drive
Burnside Water Reservoir
Burrito Jax
Burton Ettinger School
Bus Only

bus only

Bus Only
Bus Stop Theatre
Byron Crescent

Ca-Hoa Grocery
Cabin Coffee
Cabin Lake Trail
Cable Road
Cable Wharf
Cabot Back Lane
Cabot Place
Cabot Street
Cadet Road
Cafe Aroma Latino
Cafe Cempoal Calavera Negra
Cafe Chianti
Cafe Ristretto
Cain Street
Cairn Street
Cairndow Drive
Cairnwell Close
Caitland Court
Caldwell Road
Caldwell Road Elementary School
Caledonia Road
Calvary Tabernacle United Pentecostal Church
Calvin Presbyterian
Cambridge Drive
Cambridge Street
Cambridge Suites - Halifax
Camden Street
Camelot Lane
Cameron Street
Camilla Court
Camp Hill Cemetery
Camp Hill Power Plant
Camp Hill Veterans Memorial
Campbell Drive
Campeau Court
Canada Coast Guard Marine Communications and Traffic Services MCTS Halifax Harbour Traffic
Canada Food Inspection Agency
Canada Games Centre
Canada Post
Canada Post Burnside Sub Post Office
Canadian Diabetes Association
Canadian Forces Base Halifax - Dockyard
Canadian Forces Base Halifax -Stadacona
Canadian Forces Base Halifax Military Police Unit
Canadian Forces Base Halifax- Dartmouth Dockyard Annex
Canadian Tire
Canadian Tire Gas Bar
Canadian Tire Gas+
Canal Street
Canary Crescent
Canfield Court
Cannon Terrace
Canso Lane
Canterbury Close
Canterbury Place
Canterbury Street
Canton Garden
Capistrano Drive
Capri Court
Capstone Crescent
Captain Sub
Carbon Road
Caribbean Twist
Carisbrooke Lane
Carleton Street
Carlina Court
Carlisle Drive
Carlito's Cafe
Carlson Court
Carlson Wagonlit – Harvey’s Travel
Carlton Cards
Carlton Street
Carmichael Street
Carnaby Crescent
Carolyns Way
Carr Street
Carrefour Atlantic Emporium
Carriageway Court
Carriageway Crescent
Carrie Best Court
Carrington Place
Carroll Lane
Cartaret Street
Carters Road
Carver Street
Cascade Drive
Casino Nova Scotia
Cassandra Drive
Cassevechia Court
Castine Way
Castle Hill Drive
Castlebridge Lane
Castlepark Grove
Castlestone Drive
Castleton Crescent
Castlewood Drive
Catamaran Road
Catelina Court
Cathedral Lane
Catherine Street
Cathy Cross Drive
Cathy Lane
Cavalier Building
Cavendish Road
Caytyon Court
Cayuga Drive
Cecil Lane
Cedar Court
Cedar Crescent
Cedar Lane
Cedar Street
Cedarbank Terrace
Cedarbrae Lane
Cedarwood Drive
Celtic Drive
Centenial Building
Centennial Arena
Centennial Building
Centennial Pool
Central Avenue
Central Nova Scotia Correctional Facility
Central Street
Centre Street
CFB Shearwater
CFB Willow Park
CFB Windsor Park
CH Commons Track
Cha Baa Thai
Chabaa Thai
Chadwick Place
Chadwick Street
Chain Lake Drive
Chain of Lakes AT Greenway
Chain Rock Drive
Challenger Drive
Chamberlain Drive
Chameau Crescent
Champlain Court
Chapel at the University of King's College
Chapman Street
Chappell Street
Chapter House
Chapter Indigo
Charles Keating Drive
Charles P Allen High School
Charles Street
Charlies Lake trail
Charlois Court
Charlotte Drive
Charlotte Lane
Charlottetown Way
Charm Diamond Centres
Chartwell Lane
Chase Building of Math and Statistics
Chaswood Drive
Chateau Bedford
Chebogue Lane
Chebucto Inn
Chebucto Lane
Chebucto Road
Cheelin Chinese Food
Cheers Bar and Grill
Cheese Curds Burgers
Chelmsford Place
Chelsea Lane
Chelton Woods Lane
Cheltonham Court
Cherry Brook
Cherry Brook Road
Cherry Drive
Cherry Lane
Cherry Street
Cherrywood Drive
Chessvale Close
Chester & Felicity
Chester Avenue
Chestnut Lane
Chestnut Street
China Town
Chinook Court
Chipstone Close
Chisholm Avenue
Chittick Avenue
Chives Canadian Bistro
Choco Cafe & Chocolates by Design
Chocolate Lake Baseball Diamond
Chocolate Lake Beach
Chocolate Lake Road
Christ Church
Christie Court
Christopher Avenue
Christopher Cromwell Hair Design
Chrome Lane
Chrysler Avenue
Chung's Custom Tailoring
Church Court
Church Drive
Church of St. James
Church of the Holy Spirit
Church of the Nazarene
Church Street
Churchill Court
Churchill Drive
Churchill Terrace
Cineplex Cinemas Dartmouth Crossing
Cineplex Cinemas Oxford
Cineplex Cinemas Park Lane
Circassion Drive
Circle Drive
Circle K
Citadel Court
Citadel High School
Citadel Hill Access Road
City Mazda
Civic Centre
Claremont Street
Clarence Avenue
Clarence Street
Clarke Street
Clay Cafe
Clayton Park Drive
Clayton Park Junior High
Clayton Professional Centre
Clearview Crescent
Clearview Drive
Cleary Drive
Clement Street
Clermont Crescent
Cleve's Source for Sports
Cleve's source for sports
Cleveland Crescent
Cliff Street
Clifford Drive
Clifton Street
Clinical Research Centre
Clinton Avenue
Clipper Court
Cloverdale Road
Cloverfield Court
Clovis Avenue
Clubmen's Barber Shop
Clyde Street
Clysdale Drive
Coast Gas
Coast Tire
Coastal Inn
Coastal Inn Halifax
Coburg Coffee House
Coburg Road
Cocoa Street
Codroy Avenue
Codroy Crescent
Coffee Culture
Cogswell Street
Cogswell Street (102)
Cogswell Street Ramp
Colburn Walk
Colby Drive
Colby Elementary
Colby Village
Coldstream Run
Cole Drive
Cole Harbour
Cole Harbour - Woodside United Church
Cole Harbour District High School
Cole Harbour Place
Cole Harbour Road
Cole Harbour Road (207)
Coleman Court
Coleridge Court
Colford Avenue
Colindale Street
Colins Road
Collaborative Health Education Building- Kellogg Learning Commons
College Road
College Street
Collingwood Court
Collins Grove
Collins Grove Court
Collins Grove Ridge
Colonna Place
Colours Esthetics
Colpitt Lake Road
Columbo Drive
Columbus Back Lane
Columbus Place
Columbus Street
Comfort Inn Bayer's Lake
Comfort Inn Halifax
Comfort Lane
Command Court
Commission Street
Commodore Drive
Commons Inn
Compass Rose Court
Compton Avenue
Condo Sarto Playground
Condor Road
Connaught Avenue
Connaught Avenue (102;2)
Connaught Avenue (2)
Connolly Street
Connor Street
Cono Drive
Conrad Ballfield
Conrad Basketball Court
Conrose Avenue
Convenience Store
Convoy Ave RCF
Convoy Avenue
Convoy Run
Cook Avenue
Cool As A Moose
Copper Road
Coppermoon Court
Cora Breakfast and Lunch
Cork Street
Corner Store
Cornwall St YMCA Child Care
Cornwall Street
Cornwallis Street
Coronation Avenue
Coronation Crescent
Coronet Avenue
Corsair Drive
Costley Farm Trail
Cottage Hill Drive
Cottage Road
Countryview Drive
Countryview-Wright B Ramp
Countryview-Wright Ramp
Courtland Street
Courtney Road
Courtyard Halifax Downtown
Cousins Restaurant
Cove Lane
Coventry Lane
Covey Court
Covington Way
Cow Bay Road (322)
Cowie Hill Connector
Cowie Hill Road
Craigburn Court
Craigburn Drive
Craigmore Drive
Cranberry Crescent
Cranberry Drive
Cranbrook Street
Crane Lake Drive
Cranehill Road
Cranfield Crt
Cranston Avenue
Crawford Street
CRedit Union
Credit Union Atlantic
Creelman Drive
Creighton Street
Crescent Avenue
Crescent Street
Crest Drive
Crest Loop
Crest Road
Cresthaven Drive
Cresthaven Trail
Crestview Drive
Crestwood Place
Crichton Avenue
Crichton Park
Crichton Park Road
Crimp Court
Cromarty Drive
Cromwell Road
Crosby Street
Cross Road
Cross Street
Crossland Ice Trail
Crown Drive
Crows Nest Drive
Crozier Court
Crystal Drive
Cuddy Lane
Cuisack Street
Culrain Crescent
Cumberland Drive
Cunard Court
Cunard High
Cunard Street
Cunningham Drive
Curley Drive
Curry Village
Curtiss Road
Cut Contemporary Steak House & Urban Grill
Cutler Avenue
Cutter Drive

Dahlia Street
Dairy Queen
Dakin Drive
Dalhousie Association of Graduate Studies - Muse Cafe and Pub
Dalhousie Bookstore
Dalhousie Chemistry Building
Dalhousie Dentistry Building
Dalhousie Faculty of Architecture and Planning
Dalhousie Street
Dalhousie Student Union Building
Dalhousie University
Dalhousie University School of Architecture
Dalhousie University School of Architecture and Planning
Dalkeith Drive
Danforth Road
Danville Drive
Dartmoor Cresent
Dartmouth Avenue
Dartmouth Cenotaph
Dartmouth Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram
Dartmouth Commons Ballfield
Dartmouth East Community Center
Dartmouth Ferry Terminal
Dartmouth Gate
Dartmouth General
Dartmouth High Football Field
Dartmouth Main Post Office
Dartmouth Road (7)
Dartmouth Shopping Centre
Dartmouth Sportsplex
Dartmouth Waterfront Trail
Dartmouth Yacht Club
Daventry Lane
Dave’s Fruit & Vegetable Market
David Lawrence Salon
David Street
Davies Lane
Davis Street
Davison Street
Dawn Drive
Dawn Street
Dawson Street
Day Avenue
Deacon Street
Deal Street
Dee Dee's
Deep Water Church - North Street
Deepwood Crescent
Deerbrooke Drive
Defence Research and Development
Deganis Drive
Degaussing Lane
Delcraft Court
Dellridge Lane
Delmac Court
Delta Drive
Delta Halifax
Delta Halifax - Entrance & Reception
Delta Hotels by Marriott Barrington
Deluxe Dry Cleaners
Deluxe Drycleaning
Delwood Place
Demetreous Lane
Demone Street
Dentith Road
Depend On Me Child Care Centre
Desmond Avenue
Detergency Room
Devonshire Arena
Devonshire Avenue
Devonshire Street
Dewhurst Drive
DeWolf Court
Deyoung Drive
Dharma Sushi Restaurant
Diana Grace Avenue
Dickson Avenue
Dickson Building
Dickson Centre Outpatient Care
Dickson Street
Digby Crescent
Dillman Place,
Dillon Crescent
Dilly Dally Coffee Cafe
Dingle Road
Dingle Tower
Dipper Crescent
Disciples Way
Discovery Center
Discovery Drive
Divas Lane
Division Street
DND Bedford Range
Dobbin Lane
Doctors Eye Clinic
Dogwood Avenue
Dominion Court
Dominion Crescent
Domino's Pizza
Don Bayer Sports Field
Don Messer Court
Donald Court
Donald Lane
Donaldson Avenue
Donegal Drive
Donovon Drive
Donview Drive
Dora Q Japanese Cuisine
Dorey Avenue
Doris Diary Fine Designed Jewelry
Dorothea Drive
Dorothy Joyce Court
Double Track
Doug Smith Drive
Douglas Crescent
Douglas Drive
Doull Avenue
Dove Street
Dover Court
Dowell Drive
Down Home Dog
Downey Road
Downing Street
Downs Avenue
Downtown Dartmouth
Downtown Halifax
Downtown Pizza
Doyle Court
Doyle Street
Dresden Row
Driftwood Crescent
Drillio Crescent
Dronachy Lane
Drumdonald Road
Drummond Court
Drysdale Road
Dublin Street
Dubonnet Drive
Duck Pond Road
Dudley Street
Duffus Drive
Duffus Street
Duke Street
Dumbarton Avenue
Dunbar Lane
Dunbrack Street
Duncan Street
Dundas Street
Dundee Lane
Dunniker Road
Dunolly Street
Dunrobin Drive
Dunvegan Drive
Durham Way
Durty Nelly's
Dustan Lane
Dustan Street
Dutch village
Dutch Village Road

E-Pin Grill House
Eagle Crescent
Eagle Lane
Eagle Place
Eaglewood Drive
Eaglewood Drive Elementary
Earleton Avenue
East Division Satellite Office
East of Montreal Consignment Dress Shop
East Perimeter Road
East Side Marios
East West
Eastbrook Avenue
Eastern Passage
Eastern Passage Baptist Church
Eastern Passage Cow Bay Lions Club 65
Eastern Passage Education Center
Eastern Passage Fire Station 16
Eastern Passage Post Office
Eastern Passage RCMP Satellite Office
Eastview Drive
Eastwood Court
Eastwood Terrace


Eaton Avenue
Ecole Beaubassin
Ecole Chebucto Heights School
Ecole Grosvenor Wentworth Park School
Ecole John W McLeod Fleming Tower School
Ecole Rockingham School
Ecole secondaire du Sommet
Economy Shoe Shop
Edenbank Terrace
Edgecombe Crescent
Edgehill Road
Edgewater Close
Edgewood Avenue
Edgewood United Church
Edible Arrangements
Edinburgh Street
Edmund Drive
Edna Lane
Edward Arab Avenue
Edward Cornwallis
Edward Drillo Park Tennis Court
Edward Lane
Edward Laurie Drive
Edward Street
Edwards Drive
Edwin Ford Court
Edzell Castle Circle
Efendy Turkish & Mediterranean Grill
EHS Dartmouth Paramedic Station
Eileen Stubbs Avenue
Eisener Boulevard
Eisner Cove Wetland
Eisner Cove Wetland East

ela! Greek Taverna

Elder Avenue
Elegant Touch Hair Design
Elgin Lane
Elgin Street
Eliza Ritchie Court
Elizabeth Drive
Elizabeth Street
Eljay Drive
Elle's Bistro
Ellen Drive
Ellenvale Avenue
Ellerslie Crescent
Elliot Street
Elliott Street
Ellis Court
Elm Grove Avenue
Elm Street
Elmore Drive
Elmwood Street
Elswick Street
Elwin Crescent
Elwood Drive
Emera / NS Power Headquarters
Emera Oval
Emma Court
Emmanuel Drive
Emmerson Street
Empress Court
Emscote Drive
En Vie
Encore Clothing
Endeavour Drive
Enterprise Customers
Epicurious Morsels
Eric Spicer Building
Erin Drive
Erindale Estates
Ernest Avenue
Ernie Lane
Ernst Avenue
Erskine Street
Esdaile Avenue
Esquire Motel
Esquire Restaurant
Essex Lane
Esso Gas Station
Esso On the Run
Esson Road
Estate Drive
Estates Road
Estelle Avenue
Estelle Drive
Ethel Court
Evandale Lane
Evans Avenue
Evans Court
Evelyn Wood Place
Everette Street
Evergreen Drive
Evergreen House
Evil Birch Wilderness Trail

ex-Texpark site for "Twisted Sisters"

Exceeding Reading Learning Centre
Express Lodge Motel

Fader Street
Fairbanks Centre
Fairbanks Street
Fairbanks Street Look off
Fairfax Drive
Fairfield Avenue
Fairfield Road
Fairmount Road
Fairview Avenue
Fairview Heights Elementary School
Fairview Junior High
Fairview Junior High Sports Field
Fairway Grove
Faith Tabernacle Church
Falcon Place
Falcon Run
Falkland Street
Fan's Chinese Restaurant
Fantastie Music Instruments
Fares' Sales Office
Farmers Dairy Lane
Farnham Gate Road
Farquharson Street
Farrell Hall
Farrell Street
Farthington Place
Fashions of India
Fast Fuel
Fast fuel
Fast Fuel
Fast Fuels
Fathom Court
Faulkner Drive
Faulkner Street
Fays Lane
Federal Avenue
Fenerty Road
Fenwick Medical Centre
Fenwick Street
Fenwick Tower
Fenwood Road
Ferguson Road
Ferindonald Close
Fern Avenue
Fern Lane
Fernbrook Court
Ferndale Drive
Fernhill Drive
Fernlilly Place
Fernwood Lane
Feruz Crescent
Fiddlers Green
Fielding Avenue
Fieldwood Circle
Findlay Community Centre Park Playground
Findlay Road
Finlay Drive
Finnian Road
Fire Hall Road
Fire Station 12
Fire Station 14
Fire Station 15
Fire Station 3
Fire Station 4
Fire Station 5
Fire Station 6
Fire Station 7
Fire Station 8 / HRPD
Firefly Terrace
Fireside Drive
Fireworks Gallery
First Avenue
First Choice Haircutters
First Congregational Church
First Street
Fisherman's Market
Five Fishermen
Flagstone Drive
Flamingo Drive
Flaunt Salon
Flaxcombe Court
Fleet Court
Fleetview Dr
Fleetview Drive
Fleetview Trail
Fleetview trail
Fleming Drive
Fleming Pathway
Flight Centre
Flinn Street
Flinn's Hill
Flint Street
Flip Burger
Floral Avenue
Florence Avenue
Florries Lane
Fluffy bittom babies
Flying Cloud Drive
Food Court of Spring Garden Place
Forbidden City Restaurant
Ford Street
Foreign Affair
Forest Court
Forest Hill Drive
Forest Hills
Forest Hills Parkway
Forest Lane
Forest Road
Forestgate Drive
Forestside Crescent
Forrest Avenue
Forrest Building Dalhousie University
Forrester Street
Fort George
Fort Massey
Fort Sackville Elementary
Fort Sackville Road
Fort Sackville Walkway
Forum Multi-Purpose Centre
Forward Avenue
Foston Street
Foulis Row
Foundry Lane
Fountain View Guest House
Four Mile Lane
Four Points by Sheraton Halifax
Fourth Street
Fox Hill Cheese & Dairy
Foxglove Lane
Foxgrove Lane
Foxtail Court
Fraggle Rock Road
Fran's Fish n' Chips
Frances Street
Francis Drive
Francklyn Street
Frank & Oak
Franklyn Court
Franklyn Street
Fraser Street
Frazee Avenue
Freak Lunchbox
Fred Keyes Court
Frederick Avenue
Frederick Street
Fredericks Lane
Freeman's Lil New York
French Masts Lane
Freshwater Trail
Fresian Ct
Fries & Co.
Frog Pond Trail
Fuller Terrace
Fulmar Avenue
Fundy Lane
Fury Drive
Future Inns Halifax
Fyne Lane

Gahan House
Gainsborough Place
Gainsborough Place footpath
Gainsbourough Place footpath
Galaxy Avenue
Gale Terrace
Galla Spa
Galway Road
Gammon Crescent
Gander Avenue
GAP Outlet
Garden Court
Garden Court Terrace
Garden Drive
Garden of Eat'n
Garden Street
Garden View Restaurant
Garland Avenue
Garnett Street
Garrick Lane
Garrison Brewery
Garrison Drive
Garrison Place
Garshan Road
Gary Martin Drive
Gary Martin Drive Trail
Gaston Road
Gateway Farm & Butcher Shop
Gateway Meat Market
Gateway Road
Gaudet Optical
Gearld B. Gray Memorial Arena
Geary Street
Gebhardt Street
Geldart Court
Geldert Street
Gem Lane
General Avenue
Genesis Salon
George Dauphinee Avenue
George Street
George's Island National Historic Site
Georgian Court
Geovex Court
Geox & Mahone Bay
Gerald Street
Gerard Hall
Gerrish Street
Gerry Lane
Gertrude Drive
Gestner Street
Giant Bicycle Halifax
Giant Tiger
Giberson Drive
Gibson Street
Giles Drive
Gingerbread Haus Bakery
Gladstone Avenue
Gladstone Professional Centre
Gladstone Street
Glazebrook Lane
Gleave Walk
Glebe Street
Glen Manor Drive
Glen Moir Terrace
Glenalva Court
Glenbourne Court
Glencoe Drive
Glenda Crescent
Glendale Road
Gleneagle Bakery
Gleneagle Way
Glenelg Court
Glenforest Drive
Glengary Drive
Glenmont Avenue
Glenmore Avenue
Glenn Avenue
Glenn Court
Glenn Drive
Glenora Avenue
Glenview Drive
Glenwood Avenue
Gloria Mccluskey Avenue
Gloster Road
Go Store
Gold Lane
Goldberg Computer Science Building
Golf Links Drive
Golf Links Road
Golf Town
Golf View Drive
Good Food Emporium
Gordon Avenue
Gordon Street
Gorsebrook Avenue
Gorsebrook Junior High School
Gorsebud Close
Gottingen Street
Gourmandises Chocolaterie
Gourok Avenue
Gouthro's No Frills
Government House
Governor's Loop
Governors Court
Governors Lake Drive
Grace Baptist Church
Grace Chapel
Grace United Church
Grafton Street
Graham Creighton Jr. High School
Graham Street
Grahams Grove, (318)
Grand Parade
Grandview Drive
Grandview Drive Group Home
Grandview Golf and Country Club
Grant Hill Lane
Grant Street
Granter Road
Granville Road
Granville Street
Graphite Drive
Graycourt Terrace
Great Wall Restaurant
Greco Pizza
Greek Village
Greely Court
Green Lane
Green Park Close
Green Road
Green Street
Green Village Lane
Greenbank Court
Greenborough Crescent
Greenhead Road
Greenmount Drive
Greennough Basketball Court
Greenoch Drive
Greenway Trail
Greenwich Drive
Greenwood Avenue
Greenwood Drive
Gregory Drive
Grenadier Drive
Griffin Place
Grimes Avenue
Grosvenor Road
Grove Street
Growing Place Early Education Centre
Guardian Pharmacy
Guardian Pharmasave
Guildford Avenue
Gulf Street
Gurholt Drive
Gus' Pub
Guy Street
Guysborough Avenue

Habitat for Humanity Restore
Haida Circle
Haig Street
Hair Artistic and Laser Center
Hair Attic
Hair by Bea
Hair Factory
Halef Court
Hali Deli
Hali kids
Haliburton Avenue
Halifax - Dartmouth Ferry
Halifax - Woodside Ferry
Halifax Alehouse
Halifax Armoury
Halifax Auto Sport
Halifax BMW
Halifax Central Junior High
Halifax Central Library
Halifax Christian Academy
Halifax Christian Church
Halifax Citadel Coffee Bar
Halifax Citadel National Historic Site
Halifax City Hall
Halifax Common Footway
Halifax Commons Skatepark
Halifax CSC
Halifax Cycles
Halifax Cycling Coalition Discount
Halifax Feast Dinner Theatre
Halifax Ferry Terminal
Halifax Folklore Centre
Halifax Forum
Halifax Grammar School
Halifax Harbour Bridges Mackay Toll Station
Halifax Harbour Inner Light
Halifax Historic Farmer's Market
Halifax Infirmary
Halifax Infirmary - Emergency Department
Halifax Infirmary main entrance 4900
Halifax Mac Store
Halifax North Memorial Library
Halifax North Memorial Public Library
Halifax Nova Scotia Temple
Halifax Port Authority
Halifax Provincial Courthouse
Halifax Public Gardens
Halifax (Queen Elizabeth II Health Science Centre
Halifax Region Fire Service Station: 17
Halifax Regional Police Headquarters
Halifax Regional Police Training Centre
Halifax Regional School Board
Halifax Seaport Market
Halifax Urban Greenway
Hallmark Crescent
Halls Road
Halo Lane
Hamachi Kita
Hamachi Mura
Hamachi Steakhouse
Hamachi Sushi
Hamilton Street
Hammonds Plains Road (213)
Hampshire Way
Hampstead Court
Hampton Green
Hampton Inn & Suites by Hilton Halifax - Dartmouth
Hampton Inn by Hilton Halifax Downtown
Hamshaw Drive
Hannebury Drive
Hanover Street
Hanson Drive
Happynest Antiques and Home Store
Harbour City Bar & Restaurant
Harbour Drive
Harbour House
Harbour Isle
Harbour Lane
Harbour Mews
Harbourview Drive
Harbourview Elementary
Hardisty Court
Hare Lane
Harlington Crescent
Harmes Drive
Harrington Drive
Harrington's VW Parts & Service
Harris Court
Harris Road
Harris Street
Hart Road
Hartlen Avenue
Hartlen Street
Harvard Drive
Harvard Street
Harvey Street
Hastings Drive
Hatchery Lane
Haute Street
Havelock Crescent
Havenbrook Hill
Hawk Terrace
Hawk Terrace (MapBox Satellite)
Hawthorn Street
Hawthorne Elementary Field
Hawthorne Elementary School
Hawthorne Street
Haystead Ridge
Hazelholme Drive
Hazelhurst Street
Hazelnut Court
Hearthstone Inn Halifax/Dartmouth
Heartwood Bakery and Cafe
Heather Road
Heatherwood Court
Heathland Way
Heathside Crescent
Hebden Court
Hector Gate
Heffler Street
Heinish Avenue
Helene Avenue
Helmsman Court
Hemlock Ravine
Hemlock Ravine - Downtown
Hemlock Street
Hemming Court
Henneberry Drive
Hennessy Back Lane
Hennessy Place
Hennessy Street
Henry Hicks Building
Henry House
Henry House Pub
Henry Street
Heppy's Pie Lady
Herbert Road
Herbert Street
Heritage Hideaway B&B
Heritage Hills Drive
Heritage Trail
Herring Cove Road
Herring Cove Road (349)
Hershey Road
Hester Street
HFX sports bar and grill
Hibernia Court
Hickory Lane
High Road
High Street
Highfield Park
Highfield Park Drive
Highfield Street
Highland Acres
Highland Avenue
Highland Crescent
Highland Park Junior High
Highway 111 Exit 1 E On Ramp
Highway 111 Exit 1 E Off and On Ramp
Highway 111 Exit 1 W
Highway 111 Exit 1 W On Ramp
Highway 111 Exit 1 W 2
Highway 111 Exit 1 W Off and On Ramp
Highway 7
Highway 7 (7)
Highway 7 (7, 107)
Highway 7 (7: 107)
Highway 7 (7:107)
Highway 7 (7;107)
Highwood Street
Higney Avenue
Hilchie Road
Hilford Street
Hillary Street
Hillcrest Avenue
Hillcrest Drive
Hillcrest Street
Hillcrest Volkswagen
Hillsboro Drive
Hillsburn Court
Hillside Avenue
Hillside Lane
Hillspire Grove
Hilltop Terrace
Hillview Drive
Hillwood Drive
Hilton Drive
Hines Road
Hinterland Run
Hirandale Crescent
Historic Properties
Hobson Lake Drive
Hobson's Lake trail
Hogan Crt
Holiday Inn
Holiday Inn Express & Suites Halifax-Bedford
Holland Avenue
Holland Street
Hollis Street
Holly Lane
Hollyhock Way
Hollyoake Lane
Holmes Lane
Holtwood Court
Holy Cones
Holy Trinity Emmanuel Church
Home Depot
Home Hardware
Home Outfitters
Homecrest Terrace
Homeward Avenue
Homewood Suites by Hilton Halifax-Downtown
Hood Street
Horace Loop
Horizon Court
Horizon Road
Hornes Lane
Hornes Road
Horse Lane
Horseshoe Lake Drive
Hostel backpackers
Houda Court
House of Halal
House of Mei Mei
Howard Avenue
Howe Hall Dal Card Office
Howe Street
HS Studio
Hubleys Drive
Hudson Way
Hugh Allen Drive
Hume Street
Hunani-T Cafe
Hungry Chilli
Hunter Street
Huntingdon Drive
Huron Crescent
Huskies Stadium
Huxley Close

I Love Sushi


Ida Street
Ideal Bikes
Idlewylde Road
Il Mercato
Ilsley Avenue
Ilsley Avenue
Immaculate Conception Church
Immanuel United Baptist Church of Westphal
Imo Lane
In a box
In Spring
Independent Mercantile Company
India Street
Indochine Banh Mi
Infirmary - VMB link
Inglewood Crescent
Inglewood Drive
Inglis Street
Inglis Street Elementary
Inkwell Modern Handmade Boutique & Letterpress Studio
Inner Flow
Innovation Drive
Inspector Court

interSPACE Resource Group

Inverary Drive
Inverness Avenue
Iona Presbyterian Church
Ira Settle Ballfield 1
Ira Settle Ballfield 2
Irises Flowers
Irishtown Road
Iroquois Drive
Irvin Cross Place
Irving / Circle K
Irving Gas Station
Irving OI
Irving Shipyard
Irving Street
Isabella Drive
Isaiah Lane
Islamic Association of Nova Scotia
Islandview Drive
Isleville Street
Isner Avenue
Isnor Drive
Ivanhoe Street
Ivany Place
Ives Cove
Ivivva Athletica
Ivivva Athletica;Goji's Frozen Yogurt
IWK Health Centre
IWK Health Centre AIS

JA Snow Funeral Home
Jack Astor's
Jack Fergusson Avenue
Jack's Lake Cutover Path
Jackson Road
Jacob Lane
Jade Dragon
James Street
James Winfield Lane
Jamieson Street
Jamieson Street,
Jane's Next Door
Janet's Flowers
Janice Ann Drive
Jasper Drive
Java Blend
Jaybe Drive
Jayden Drive
Jean Avenue
Jeep Crescent
Jennett Avenue
Jennifer's of Nova Scotia
Jennings Street
Jenny's Place
Jerry Lonecloud Trail
Jersey Drive
Jersey Jack Trail
Jerusalem Cafe
Jessies Pizza
Jessy's Pizza
Jessys Pizza
Jetty Road
Jiffy lube
Jiffy Lube
Jim's Family Restaurant
Jincheng Chinese Cuisine
Jishung Restaurant
JJ Mart
Joan Eleanor Drive
Joaquina Court
Joe Street
Joffre Street
John Brenton Drive
John Cross Drive
John Gorham Lane
John Parr Drive
John Ruben's Boutique Salon and Barber
John Savage Avenue
John Stewart Drive
John Street
Johnny K's Donair
Johnson Road
Johnston Avenue
Johnstone Avenue
Jon Jacques Court
Joseph Howe Building
Joseph Howe Drive
Joseph Street
Joseph Young Street
Joseph Zatzman Drive
Josephine Court
Joyce Avenue
Jubilee Junction
Jubilee Road
Julieanne E. O'Brien Memorial Ballfield
Julien’s Bakery and Café
Julies Walk
June Street
Juniper Crescent
Juno Tower
Just Us!

Kaleigh Drive
Kane Back Lane
Kane Place
Kane Street
Kapuskasing Street
Karen Court
Karen Drive
Kartbahn Racing
Kate Court
Katrina Crescent
Kaye Street
Kaytyon Court
Kearney Lake
Kearney Lake Road
Kebab Kitchen
Keddy Road
Keefe Drive
Keith House
Kelly Street
Kelvin Grove
Kempt Road
Kencrest Avenu
Kendall Court
Kennedy Court
Kennedy Drive
Kenneth C. Rowe Management Building
Kenny Street
Kent Avenue
Kent Building Supplies
Kent Street
Kentucky Fried Chicken
Kenwood Drive
Kenyatta Drive
Kerri Lea Lane
Keshen Goodman Public Library
Keyes Court
Keyport Avenue
Keyworth Lane
Kidston Road
Kilbirnie Lane
Kilgar Road
Killam Memorial Library
Killarney Drive
Killkee Gate
Kilteam Row
Kimberley Crescent
Kincardine Drive
King of Donair
King Street
King Street Fire Station
King Vapour
King's Palace
King's Wharf
Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses
Kingfisher Crescent
Kings Court
Kings Wharf Place
Kingsbury Way
Kingsley Close
Kingsmere Court
Kingston Crescent
Kirkcaldy Lane
Kirtland Court
Kissock Court
Kit Kat Pizza
Kitchen Design Plus
Kline Street
Knightsridge Drive
Knob Hill Crescent
Kohar Court
Krause Court
Krave Burger
Kuhn Road
Kuluna Court
Kyles Court

La Frasca Restaurant
La Pierre Crescent
L.A Smith's Convenience Store
Labrador Avenue
Lacewood Drive
Lacomb Drive
Lady Hammond Road
Lady Luck
Lady Slipper Drive
Lahey Road
Lake Banook Trail
Lake Banook Trail (G. Fraser. Conrad. Bridge)
Lake Charles Drive
Lake City Motel
Lake Drive
Lake Loon
Lake Loon Crescent
Lake Loon Road
Lake Major
Lake Major Road
Lake Major Water Treatment Plant
Lake Walkway
Lakecrest Drive
Lakefront Road
Lakehigh Crescent
Lakehill Drive
Lakelands Boulevard
Lakemist Court
Lakeridge Crescent
Lakeshire Crescent
Lakeshore Park
Lakeshore Park Playground
Lakeshore Park Terrace
Lakeshore Park Trail
Lakeside Drive
Lakeside Park Drive
Lakeside Terrace
Lakeview Avenue
Lakeview Drive
Lakeview Point Road
Lakewater Court
Lakewood Court
Lambert Lane
Lamont Terrace
Lanark Street
Lanarkshire Court
Lancaster Drive
Landrace Crescent
Landsburg Road
Landsdown Drive
Lang Optometry
Langbrae Drive
Langdon Drive
Langilles Lane
Langley Avenue
Lanigan Court
Lansdowne Drive
Lanshaw Close
Lansing Court
Lantana Terrace
Larch Street
Larry O'Connell Field
Larry Uteck - Water Terminal
Larry Uteck Boulevard
Lasalle Court
Lashburn Place
Lauder Way
Lauderdale Court
Laurel Lane
Laurelcrest Drive
Laurentian Drive
Laurentide Drive
Laurie Drive
Laurier Street
Lawlor Crescent
Lawnsdale Drive
Lawnwood Avenue
Lawnwood Extension
Lawrence Street
Lawson Avenue
Lawton's Drug Store
Lawton's Drugs
Lawtons Drugs
Layla's Mediterranean Cuisine
Layton Road
LDM: Lisa Drader-Murphy
Le bistro by Liz
Le Chateau
Lea Street
Leacock Court
Lead Road
Leaman Drive
Leaman Street
Leander Drive
Leblanc Court
LeBrun Recreation Centre
Lee Valley Tools
Lee's Nails
Leeds Street
Leicester's Deli
Lemarchant Street
Lemlair Row
Lenora Lane
Leppert Street
Lethbridge Avenue
Letson Court
Lewis Drive
Lewis Street
Lexington Avenue
Leyland Grove
LF Bakery
Life Salon & Spa
Life Science Centre
Life Sciences Research Institute
Lighthouse Gallery
Lilac Street
Lillian Drive
Lily Pond Way
Limardo Drive
Limerick Road
Lincoln Cross
Lincoln Drive
Linden Court
Linden Lea
Linden Street
Lindenwood Terrace
Lindola Place
Lindsay Hill
Lindt Outlet
Lindy Lane
Lion & Bright
Lion's Head Tavern
Liquid Gold
Liscomb Court
Lister Drive
Litchfield Crescent
Little Caesers
Little Fox Lane
Lively Court
Liverpool Street
Livingstone Back Lane
Livingstone Place
Livingstone Street
LK Yarns
Lloyd Fox Avenue
Local Source Market
Lochaber Court
Lochiel Circle
Lochmoor Lane
Locke Street
Locks Road
Lodge Court
Lodge Crescent
Lodge Drive
Lodge Road
Logiealmond Close
Lois Lane
Lombardy Lane
London Street
Londra Court
Long & McQuade
Long and McQuade musical school
Long Lake Drive
Long Lake Wilderness Trail
Lookoff Lane
Loon Terrace
Loonview Lane
Loop Road Walk
Loppie Close
Lord Dalhousie Drive
Lorne Avenue
Lorne Drive
Lorraine Street
Lorway Drive
Lot Six Bar & Restaurant
Loughborough Lane
Louis Court
Louisburg Lane
Louise Avenue
Louise Court
Lovell Lane
Lovett Lake Court
Lovett Street
Lowe Court
Lower Deck Bar & Grill
Lower Water Street
Lowery Court
Luann Drive
Lucien Drive
Lucknow Street
Lugar Court
Lundy Drive
Lundys Lane
Lyle Street
Lynch Estates Court
Lynch Street
Lyngby Avenue
Lynn Drive
Lynn Road
Lynwood Drive
Lynwood Lane
Lyon Street
Lyons Avenue

M&M Meat Shops
Ma Belle's Cafe
Mabou Avenue
Macara Street
MacDonald Avenue
Macdonald Bridge Bike Lane
Macdonald Bridge cyclepath
Macdonald Street
MacDonalds Beach Road
Macdonalds (Drive-Thru)
Macdougall Street
MacKay Street
MacKay's Pharmachoice
MacKeen Tower
Mackenzie Building
Mackenzie Street
Mackintosh Street
Maclaughlin Road
MacLean Avenue
Macleod Drive
Macnab Avenue
Macrae Avenue
Madeira Crescent
Madeline Place
Madison Drive
Magazine Hill (7)
Magnificent Avenue
Magog Court
Mailing Street
Main Ave Small Option
Main Avenue
Main Road (322)
Main Street
Main Street (7)
Main Street Ballfield
Mainland North Linear Parkway
Maintenance Shed
Maitland Street
Major Street
Malrooney Building
Mama Gratti’s Deli & Market
Mandaville Court
Manhattan Pizza
Mann Street
Manor Drive
Manor Lane
Manor Park
Manorhouse Furniture
Maple Drive
Maple Grove Avenue
Maple Lane
Maple Ridge Estates
Maple Road
Maple Street
Maplehurst Drive
Maplewood Drive
Maplewood Lane
Marble Slab Creamery
Marcs Way
Margaree Parkway
Margaret Road
Margate Drive
Marginal Road
Marilyn Drive
Marine Parade
Mariner Close
Marion McCain Arts and Social Sciences Building
Maritime Centre
Maritime Conservatory of Music
Maritime dance Academy
Maritime Frame-It
Maritime Motel
Maritime Museum of the Atlantic
Maritime Muslim Academy
Maritime Travel
Marjorie Ann Drive
Mark A. Hill Accessibility Centre
Market Street
Marketplace Drive
Marketway Lane
Marks (formerly Marks Works Warehouse)
Marlborough Avenue
Marlborough Woods
Marlwood Drive
Marquee Ballroom
Marriott Harbourfront
Marriott Hotel
Marriott Street
Marshall Street
Martello Street
Martlet Place
Marvin Street
Mary Fenton Court
Mary Jane's Smoke Shop
Mary's Place Cafe
Mascarene Drive
Mashawee Mediterranean Grill
Mason Street
Massachusetts Avenue
Masthead Court
Mathers Court
Matthew Francis Court
Mawiomi Place
Maxwell Avenue
Maxwell's Plum
May Street
Maybank #1
Maybank #2
Maybank #3
Mayfield Drive
Mayfield Street
Mayflower Curling Club
Mayflower Street
Maynard Street
Mayo Street
Mayor Avenue
McAlpine Avenue
McCarthy Street
McClure Close
Mccormacks Lane
Mcculloch Court
McCully Street
McCurdy Avenue
McFatridge Road
Mckay Lane
Mclean Street
Mclennan Avenue
Mcmullen Road
Mcnab Drive
McNabs Cove
McNally Building
McNeil Street
Mcquade Lake Crescent
McQuillan Lane
Meadow Walk
Meadowbrook Drive
Meadowlark Crescent
Meadowview Sreet
Medavie Blue Cross
Medford Street
Medicine Shoppe
Medina Court
Medway Court
Mellor Avenue
Melody Drive
Melrose Avenue
Melrose Crescent
Melton Avenue
Melva Street
Melville Avenue
Melville Cove
Melvin Road
Melwood Avenue
Memorial Drive
Memorial Lane
Mengoni Avenue
Menz & Mollyz
Merchant Court
Meridian Court
Merit Travel
Merkel Back Lane
Merkel Place
Merkel Street
Merrill Drive
Merrimac Drive
Merson Avenue
Metro Mitsubishi
Metro Pizza
Metro Self Storage
Mexicali Rosa's
Mezza (lebanese kitchen)
Mic Mac Mall
Michael Lane
Michael Wallace Elementary School
Michaels, The Arts and Crafts Store
Micmac Boulevard
Micmac Drive
Micmac Mall
Micmac Street
MicMac Tavern
Micmac Village
Mid-East Food Centre
Midas Muffler
Middle Street
Midyat Court
Mill Court
Mill Lane
Mill Run
Millbrook Avenue
Millcove Londrymat
Millers Road
Millview Avenue
Millwood - Halifax
Milsom Street
Milverton Road
Minato Sushi Japanese Restaurant
Minshull Drive
Mitchell Court
Mitchell Street
Mix Fresh Kitchen
Moira Street
Moirs Mill Road
Momoya Restaurant
Mona Parson Drive
Monaghan Drive
Monarch Drive
Monastery Lane
Money Mart
Monique Avenue
Monster Comic Lounge
Monster Lane
Mont Blanc Cannon
Mont Blanc Terrace
Mont Street
Montague Drive
Montague Gold Mines
Montague Mines Road
Montague Road
Montebello Drive
Montgomery Court
Montgomery Court Playground
Montrose Crescent
Moore Road
Moosehead Cold Beer Store
Moran Street
Morash Drive
Morningfield Lane
Morningside Drive
Morris Avenue
Morris Drive
Morris East
Morris Lake Drive
Morris Street
Morse's Tea Building
Mosher Drive
Moss Court
Mott Street
Mount Edward 1
Mount Edward 2
Mount Edward Ballfield
Mount Edward Road
Mount Hope Avenue
Mount Hope Seniors Rentals
Mount Olivet Cemetery
Mount Pleasant Avenue
Mount Portobello Road
Mount Royal Court
Mountain Ash Court
Mountain Avenue
Mountain Road
Mountbatten Avenue
Moxie's Classic Grill
Mr. Chang's Chinese Food Emporium
Mt Edward Road Park
Mu Lan Tea House - Closed
Mulgrave Lane
Mumford Bus Terminal
Mumford Road
Murdoch Avenue
Muriel Avenue
Murray Hill Drive
Murray Place
Murray Street
My Humps
My Mothers Bloomers
Myers Lane
Myra Road
Myrer Drive
Myrtle Street
MysteryByte Computers

Nabob Court
Nadia Drive
Naka Beauty Salon
Naka Hair
Nantucket Avenue
Narrow Espresso
Narrowleaf Grove
Natural Karaoke
Nature's Cove
Nausett Crescent
Nauss Bicycle Shop
Nautilus Aquatics and Hobbies
Navara Crescent
Navicula Lane
Needham recreation center
Needham Street
Needs Convenience
Needs Convienence
Neilson Drive
Nelson Avenue
Nelson Place
Nelson's Trailer Park,
Nelsons Landing Boulevard
Neptune Crescent
Neptune Theatre
Ness Lane
Nestor Crescent
New Apostolic Church
New Covenant Ministries
New Field Under Construction
New Hope Baptist Church
New Scotland Yard Emporium
Newberry Court
Newbery Street
Newcastle Street
Newcastle Street (B2Y)
Newton Avenue
Niche Supper Club Lounge
Nicholson Drive
Nickle Road
Nicole Court
Nieforth Furniture
Nighthawk Lane
Nightingale Drive
Nine Mile Drive
Niobe Gate Bridge
Nivens Avenue
No Frills
Noodle Nook
Noodle Sushi Tofu
Nootka Avenue
Norah Lane
Norbec Lane
Norbert's Good Food
Noreast Barber
Norm Newman Drive
Norman Crescent
Normandy Drive
North Street Ramp
North Brewing Company
North End
North Green Road
North Magazine
North Mountain Pie Company
North Park Street
North Preston
North Preston Road
North Ridge Road
North Street
North West Arm Drive
Northbrook Bible Chapel
Northcliffe Lane
Northumberland Lane
Northwest Arm
Northwest Arm Path
Northwood Terrace
Norwood Street
Notting Court
Nottingham Street
Nova Centre
Nova Court
Nova Pharmacy and Convenience
Nova Scotia Community College - Waterfront Campus
Nova Scotia Community College Akerley Campus
Nova Scotia Crystal
Nova Scotia Hospital
Nova Scotia Liquor Comission
Nova Scotia Liquor Commission
Nova Scotia Medical Examiner Service
Nova Scotia Museum of Natural History
Nova Scotia RCMP Headquarters
Nova Scotia Rehab Centre
Nova Scotia Store
Nova Terrace
Novalea Centre
Novalea Drive
Novawood Drive
Nowlan Street
NS Rehabilitation Centre
NSLC (Nova Scotia Liquor Comission)



O'Brine Street
O'Donnell Hennessey Student Centre
O'Regan's Lexus Toyota Halifax
O'Regan's Mercedes-Benz
O'Regans Chevrolet Cadillac
O'Regans Nissan Halifax
Oak Lane
Oak Street
Oakburn Court
Oakdale Court
Oakdale Crescent
Oakland Road
Oakleigh Avenue
Oakley Avenue
Oakmount Drive
Oakridge Drive
Oakwood Avenue
Oakwood Court
Oasis Pub and Eatery
Oathill Crescent
OBB (One Block Barbershop)
Oceanlea Drive
Oceanview Drive
Oceanview School Road
Ochterloney Street
Ocono Court
Oddfellow's Barber Shop/Pro Skateboards
Odell Drive

off the Grill

Ogilvie Street
Ohara Drive
Oland Court
Oland Crescent
Old 'Dutch' Church
Old Birch Road
Old Coach Road Trail
Old Ferry Road
Old German Road
Old Lawrencetown Road
Old Miller Road
Old Navy
Old Red Barn
Old Sambro Road (306)
Old Triangle
Olive Avenue
Oliver Street
Olivet Street
Olympic Community Hall
OneBlock Barber Shop
Ontario Street
Opa Greek Taverna
Opal Court
Orcadian Court
Orchard Street
Ordnance Road
Organic Earth Market
Oriole Street
Orion Court
Orkney Drive
Orovel Court
Orphan Books
Osborne Avenue
Osborne Street
Otago Drive
Otter Lake Court
Otter Lake Drive
Our Saviour Church
Outrigger Crescent
Oval Pavillion
Overall Collision and Custom Restoration
Overdale Lane
Owen Drive
Oxford Street

P Thomas Drive
Pacific Avenue
Pacific Street
Paget Lane
Palace Nightclub
Paladin Lane
Palisade Place
Palmer Hill Road
Panavista Drive
Panorama Lane
Panorama Trail
Paper Mill Lane
Park Avenue
Park Lane
Park Lane Mall
Park Victoria Apartments
Park West School
Parkdale Avenue
Parkedge Crescent
Parker Court
Parker Street
Parkhill Road
Parkland Avenue
Parkland Drive
Parkmount Close
Parkstone Road
Parkstone Terrace
Parkvale Cresent
Parkview Lane
Parkway Drive
Parkwood Terrace
Parmbelle Lane
Partridge Lane
Passport Photo
Patricia Lynn Court
Patricia Road
Patricia Street
Patrick Lane
Patterson Street
Paul David Court
Paul Stulac Cigars Smoke on the Water
Pauline Crescent
Pavilion 20
Paxton Drive
Payzant Avenue
PCWizrd Computer Solutions
Peace Court
Peace Park Pavillion
Peachtree Hill
Peakview Way
Pearl & Daisy
Pearl City
Pearl Drive
Pearl Street
Pearle Vision
Pearson Drive
Pebblecreek Crescent
Peddlers Way
Pelzant Street
Pembroke Court
Penhorn Drive
Penhorn # 1 Ballfield
Penhorn # 3 Ballfield
Peninsula Place
Pennington Street
Penny Avenue
Pepperell Street
Percy Street
Peregrine Cresent
Pernix Court
Perron Drive
Perth Drive
Perth Street
Pet Valu
Pete's Fine Foods
Pete's Frootique
Peter Lowe Avenue
Petro Canada
Pets Unlimited
Pettipas Drive
Peverill Court
Pewter Lane
Phat's Barber Shop
Phil's Seafood
Philip Louis Pratley
Philip Street
Phillips Lane
Phở Hoang Minh
Picnic Landing
Piece of Cake Bakery and Cafe
Pier 21
Pier 21 Immigration Annex
Pier 22
Piers Avenue
Pilchers Flowers
Pilot's Pub
Pine Hill Crescent
Pine Hill Drive
Pine Hollow
Pine Street
Pinecrest Drive
Pinegrove Drive
Pinehaven Drive
Pinehill Road
Pineridge Drive
Pinewood Crescent
Pinewood Drive
Pinewood Terrace
Pink Mascara Accessories
Pino's Hair Studio
Pioneer Avenue
Pioneer Court
Pipeline Loop
Piper Street
Pita Pit
Pizza Delight
Pizza Girls
Pizza Hut
Pizza Land
Pizza Pizza
Pizza Tomaso
Pizza Town
Plan B
Plateau Crescent
Plaza Drive
Pleasant Street
Pleasant Street (322)
Pleasant Street (322) (B2Y)
Plymouth Road
Plymouth Street
Pogue Fado
Point Pleasant Drive
Pollys Lane
Pompano Court
Pondicherry Crescent
Poonam Court
Poor's Farm Road
Poplar Drive
Poplar Street
Porsche of Halifax
Port of Wine
Port of Wines by NSLC
Port Wallis United Church
Portia White Court
Portland Estates
Portland Estates Boulevard
Portland Estates Boulevard West
Portland Hills AT Greenway
Portland Hills Drive
Portland Place
Portland Street
Portland Street (207)
Portside Lane
Poseidon Court
Power Street
Power Terrace
Preamble Footwear
Premium Auto
Prentice Lane
Prescott Drive
Prescott Street
Press Gang
Preston Street
Prestwick Close
Primal Kitchen
Primrose Street
Prince Albert Road
Prince Albert Road (7)
Prince Andrew High School
Prince Andrew High School Field
Prince Arthur Avenue
Prince Arthur Junior High School
Prince Arthur Street
Prince Edward Estates access
Prince Edward Trail
Prince George Hotel
Prince Joe Castle
Prince of Wales Drive
Prince Street
Prince William Street
Princes Walk
Princess Auto
Princess Margaret Boulevard
Princess Nails
Princess Place
Princess Place Shortcut
Princeton Lane
Pro Cycle
Pro-Cathedral of Saint Aidan
Project 9
Promise Grove
Propeller Brewing Company
Props floral design
Prospect Road (333)
Prospectors Loop
Provider Road
Province House
Province of Nova Scotia
Provincial Building
Provo Wallis Street
Provost Street
Pryor Street
Public Archives of Nova Scotia
Public Garden connector
Public Garden Path Connector
Public Garden Path connector to Spring Garden at Uncommon Grounds
Public Garden Trail around Uncommon Grounds
Public Gardens Connector
Public Gardens Trail
Public Gardens Trail Connector
Public Gardens Trail (Entrance from South Park)
Pulsifer Court
Punch Bowl Drive
Puncher Avenue
Purcells Cove Road
Purcells Cove Road (253)

Q&Q Homestyle
QEII Hospital (Camp Hill site)
QEII Hospital (VG site)
Quarry Road
Quarrystone Drive
Queen Square
Queen Street
Queen's Marque
Quickplus Convenience Store
Quindora Crescent
Quingale Place
Quinn Court
Quinn Street
Quinpool Road (102)
Quinpool Road (3)
Quinpool Shoe Repair
Quinpool Shopping Centre access

R Halifax (VIA)
Raccoon Lane
Race Auto
Radcliffe Drive
Raddall Avenue
Radisson Hotel
Ragged Lake Boulevard
Ragus Road
Raines Mill Road
Rainforth Avenue
Rainmaker Drive
Rainnie Drive
Raithpark Lane
Raleigh Court
Ralph Devlin Drive
Ralph Edward Court
Ralston Avenue
Ralston Building (CBSA)
Ramada Plaza Dartmouth Park Place
Ramsbrook Court
Ramsgate Lane
Randall Avenue
Randall Street
Randhawa Court
Randolph Street
Rannoch Road
Ranya Lane
Raptor Way
Ratinaud French Cuisine
Rattling Avenue
Ravenrock Lane
Ravenscraig Drive

ravine centre 1
ravine centre 2

Ravine Park Crescent
Ravine Trail
Ravines Drive
Raymond Street
Raymoor Drive
Rays Trailer Court Road
RBC - Royal Bank of Canada
RCMP - Cole Harbour Detachment
RCMP Preston Office
Real Canadian Wholesale Club
Rector Street
Red Fern Terrace
Redbank Road
Redden Court
Redden Lane
Reddy Drive
Redwood Avenue
Reed Court
Regal Road
Regal Road United Baptist Church
Regency Drive
Regency Park Drive
Regent Drive
Regent Road
Regina Terrace
Relish Gourmet Burgers
Remington Crescent
Renaissance South
Renfrew Street
Rent Point Road
Research Drive
Research in Motion
Reserve Road
Residence Inn Halifax Downtown
Retreat Avenue
Revana Pizza
Revival Tabernacle Church
Rexdale Avenue
Rhuland Street
Ribbon of Love
Rice Residence
Rich Forest
Richards Drive
Richardson Drive
Richmond Street
Ridding Road
Ridge Valley Road
Ridge Valley Towers
Ridgecliff Middle School
Ridgecrest Drive
Ridgepark Lane
Ridgestone Court
Ridgevale Drive
Ridgewood Court
Ridgewood Drive
Rifle Range Lane
Riley Road
Ristorante a Mano
Ritcey Crescent
Ritchie Drive
River Lane
Riverview Cresent
Rixdale Drive
Rizzo's pizza
Robar Drive
Robert Allen Drive
Robert Annie Lane
Robert Burns Drive
Robert Drive
Robert Lane
Robert Murphy Drive
Roberts Street
Roberts Street Social Centre
Robie Street
Robin Street
Robin's Donuts
Roblea Drive
Robyn's Dairy Bar
Rochdale Place
Rockbottom Brewery
Rockcliffe Drive
Rockcliffe Street
Rockhaven Court
Rockhaven Drive
Rockhead Court
Rockingham Guardian
Rockingham Loop
Rockingham United Church
Rocklin Court
Rocklin Drive
Rocklyn Road
Rockmanor Drive
Rockpoint Court
Rockwood Avenue
Rocky Lake Drive (2)
Rocky Lake Quarry
Rodney Road
Rodney Terrace
Rogers Drive
Roleika Drive
Romans Avenue
Ronald Court
Roode Court
Roome Street
Roosevelt Drive
Ropewalk Lane
Rose Street
Rose Way
Rosebank Avenue
Rosecroft Drive
Rosedale Avenue
Rosedale Drive
Rosehedge Lane
Rosehill Drive
Rosehurst Close
Rosemeade Avenue
Rosemount Avenue
Roseway Court
Rosewood Court
Rosewood Lane
Roslyn Drive
Roslyn Road
Ross Lane
Ross Road (328)
Ross Street
Rossi Drive
Route 2 Roadhouse
Rowan Court
Rowe Avenue
Roxbury Court
Roxham Close
Roxton Road
Roy Archibald Drive
Roy Crescent
Royal Bank
Royal Bank of Canada
Royal Canadian Legion Vimy 217
Royal Canadian Mounted Police
Royal Masts Way
Royal Nova Scotia Yacht Squadron
Royal Pine Avenue
Royale Boulevard
Royalfern Way
Royalvue Court
Royles Avenue
Ruben Court
Rufus Avenue
Running Room
Russell Lake Drive
Russell Street
Rusty Hinges
Ruth Drive
Ruth Goldbloom Drive
Rutledge Street
Ryan Duffy's Steakhouse
Ryan Gate
Ryland Avenue

Sabra Court
Sackville - Halifax
Sackville Landing
Sackville Street
Sackville Street (102)
Sacred Heart
Sagewood Lane
Saguenay Place
Saint Andrews
Saint Andrews Anglican Church
Saint Antonios
Saint David's Hall
Saint Ignatius Catholic Church
Saint Lou's Gentlemen's Barbershop
Saint Margaret's Bay Road (3)
Saint Matthew's
Saint Paul's Roman Catholic
Saint Peter's Church
Saint Thomas More Parish
Saintt Peter's Anglican Church
Sakura Susi House
Salmon River Drive
Salmon River Terrace
Salon117 hair design
Salter Street
Salter's Gate
Salvation Army
Salvation Army Fairview Chapel
Salzburg Place
Sam's Seafood
Samuel Danial Drive
Samuel Terrace
Samuel Walker Drive
Sandhurst Close
Sandlewood Terrace
Sandra Court
Sandy Lake Trail
Saraguay Place
Sarah Crescent
Sarah Street
Saratoga Drive
Sarnia Avenue
Sarto Drive
Sarty Lane
Saskatoon Drive
Savona Court
Scanway Bakery
Scarfe Court
Scarlet Road
Schnare Street
School Avenue
School Street
School Trail
Schulich School of Law at Dalhousie University
Schultz Field
Science Park Drive
Scot Street
Scotch Pine Road
Scotia Drive
Scotia Square
Scotia Tire
Scotia Tower
Scotiabank Studio
Scotiabank Theatre Halifax
Scotsburn Avenue
Scott Drive
Scott Manor House
Scott Street
Sea King Drive
Seafire Avenue
Seaforth Street
Seafury Drive
Seapoint Road
Searwater Yacht Club
Seasons at Atlantica
Seasons Motor Inn
Seaview Avenue
Seawall Walkway
Sebastian Back Lane
Sebastian Place
Sebiastian Street
Second Cup
Second Gallery
Second Street
Sedgemoor Court
SEG Consulting
Seldon Street
Selig Street
Selma Drive
Senobe Aquatic Club
Sentinel Square
Sentry Court
Serocco Crescent
Serop Crescent
Serpentine Avenue
Serpentine Road
Service Dog Area
Service Road
Seton Road
Settle Street
Sexton Gym
Seymour Street
SG Cosmetics
Shaar Shalom Synagogue
Shady Lane
Shaffleburg Run
Shale Lane
Shalimar Crescent
Shamrock Drive
Shamrock Lane
Shannon Park
Shari Ann Court
Sharleen Court
Sharons Place
Shasta Lane
Shaughnessy Place
Shaunslieve Drive
Shaw Crescent
Shawarma Stop
Shawinigan Road
Shearwater Area
Shearwater Aviation Museum
Shearwater Flyer Trail
Shearwater Post Office
Sheiling Lane
Shell Rapid Lube
Shepherd Road
Sheppards Run
Sheraton Four Points
Sherbrooke Drive
Sheridan Street
Sherwin-Williams Paints
Sherwood Street
Shipyard Road
Shirley Street
Shopper's Drug Mart 166
Shoppers Drug Mart
Shoppers drug mart
Shoppers Drug Mart
Shore Avenue
Shore Drive
Shore Road
Shore Road Look-off
Shoreham Lane
Shoreview Drive
Short Street
Showtime Video and Variety Mart
Shrewsbury Road
Shubenacadie Canal AT Greenway
Shubenacadie Canal Greenway
Shubenacadie Canal Trail
Shubie Campground
Shubie Drive
Sicilian Pizza
Side Road
Sievert Tobacco
Silistria Drive
Silver Dragon Restaurant
Silver Terrace
Silvers Lane
Silvers Road
Silverwood Terrace
Simcoe Place
Simmonds Drive
Simmonds Road
Simpsons Landing
Sinclair Street
Sinnot Hill Park Look Off
Sioux Road
Sir Charles Tupper Medical Building
Sir James Dunn Building
Sirius Crescent
Six Mile Falls
Skeena Lane
Skeena Street
Sky Sail Court
Skylark Street
Skyvue Terrace
Slayter Street
Sleeman Cold Beer Store
Sleep Country
Smallwood Avenue
Smart Set
Smiling Goat
Smiling Goat Organic Espresso Bar
Smith Avenue
Smith Lane
Smith Street
Smiths Road
Snappy Tomato's Pizzeria
Sneaker's Trail
Snowy Owl Drive
Sobeys Panavista
Sock It To Ya
Soled Out Sneakers
Solutions Drive
Somerset Avenue
Somerset Street
Son Community Church
Song's Korean Food
Sophia Crescent
Sophia Street
Sophies Place
South Armcrescent Street
South Bland Street
South East Passage
South End Baptist Church
South End Florist
South Magazine
South Park Street
South Ridge Circle
South Street
South Woodside Elementary School Park
Southampton Drive
Southbrook Crescent
Southdale Street
Southdale-North Woodside School .
Southgate Drive
Southhaven Close
Southill Drive
Southwood Drive
Sovereign Crescent
Spar Crescent
Sparkling Pools And Spas
Sparks Road
Spectacle Lake Drive
Speedy Auto Service
Spence Drive
Spencer Avenue
Spice Condominiums
Spider Lake Connector
Spider Lake Road
Spikenard Street
Spinnaker Drive
Splice Training
Split Crow
Spring Avenue
Spring Garden Café
Spring Garden Place
Spring Garden Road
Spring Street
Springhill Road
Springvale Avenue
Springvale Elementary
Spruce Lane
Spruce Street
Spruce View Drive
Sprucewood Court
Spry Avenue
Squadron Crescent
Squires Lane
St. Agnes Junior High School
St Albans Anglican Church
St. Andrew United Church
St Andrews Avenue
St. Anthony's Catholic Chruch
St Cecelia Drive
St Clair Avenue
St Clement's Church
St. George's Anglican
St. George's Lane
St. Laurent Place
St. Laurent Trail
St. Louis Bar & Grill
St. Luke's Anglican Church
St Margarets Bay Road (3)
St. Mary's Basilica
St Mary's University
St Matthias Street
St Mena's Coptic Orthodox
St Michaels Avenue
St Paul's Church
St. Paul's Parish House
St Pauls Street
St Peter's Anglican Church
St Pius X
St Stephen's School
St Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church
St Vincent de Paul
Staff of Life Bakery and Cafe
Stairs Back Lane
Stairs Memorial United Church
Stairs Place
Stairs Street
Stanbury Street
Stanfield Avenue
Stanfield's Pro Hockey Underwear
Stanford Street
Stanhope Street
Stanley Back Lane
Stanley Place
Stanley Street
Staples Business Depot
Star Anise Vietnamese Noodle
Starboard Drive
Starboard Place
Stardust Motel
Stardust Motel Timberlea
Starling Street
Starr Lane
States Lane
Station Road
Stayner's Wharf
Steak & Stein
Steak and Stein
Steed Court
Steel Volkswagen
Steele Hyundai
Stephen Cross Drive
Stephen Street
Sterns Court
Steve-O-Renos Cappucino
Stevens Road
Stevens Road United Baptist Church
Stewards Court
Stirling Drive
Stockleigh Place
Stockton Ridge
Stone Avenue
Stone Gate Drive
Stone Hill Place
Stone Pizza
Stone Terrace
Stonegate Court
Stoneham Court
Stonehaven Crescent
Stonehaven Road
Stoneridge Court
Stoneybrook Court
Stonington Park
Stonington Park Trail
Strange Adventures
Stratford Drive
Stratford Way
Strath Lane
Strathaven Close
Strawberry Hill Street
Stream Path
Stuart Graham Drive
Stuart Harris Drive
Stubborn goat
Studley Avenue
Su Nails & Spa
Suffolk Close
Sullivan Street East
Sullivan Street West
Sullivan Terrace
Sullivans Hill
Sulphur Road
Sumac Lane
Summer Field Way
Summer St. to Bell Rd. Shortcut
Summer Street
Summit Heights Road
Summit Place
Summit Street
Sun City Tanning Studio
Sunny Brae Avenue
Sunnybrae Avenue
Sunnydale Avenue
Sunnydale Cresent
Sunnyside Restaurant
Sunnyside Too
Sunrise Beach,
Sunrise Hill
Sunset Avenue
Sunset Drive
Superstore At the Pumps
Superstore Fuel
Supplement King
Surrey Way
Susan Place
Sushi Nami Royale
Sushi You & Me
Susie Lake Crescent
Sussex Street
Sutherland Terrace
Suzuki Japanese Restaurant
Swaine Street
Swallow Street
Swan Crescent
Swanton Drive
Sweet Hereafter
Sweet Pea Boutique
Swiss Chalet
Swordfish Drive
Sybyl Court
Sylvan Learning
Symonds Road
Symonds Street
Szechuan Restaurant

Taco Del Mar
Tacoma Drive
Taishan Asian Grocery
Take It Outside
Takouhie Court
Talahasse Avenue
Talay Thai
Tall Trees Lane
Tamara Drive
Tamarack Drive
Tamerlane Court
Tangmere Court
Tangmere Crescent
Tantling Crescent
Taranaki Drive
Tarmac Road
Tayberry Court
Taylorwood Lane
TD Bank
TD Canada Trust
TD Canada trust
TD Canada Trust
Telus Mobility
Temple Bar
Terminal Road
Ternan Gate
Terra Nova Avenue
Terrance Court
Terrebonne Court
Thackeray Close
Thai Ivory Cuisine
The 244
The Adventure Outfitters
The Ambassador
The Argyle
The Atrium
The Auction House
The B. P. Corner News
The Berkeley
The Best Little Hair House
The Bike Pedaler
The Bitter End
The Bobcat Run
The Bristol
The Brooklyn Warehouse
The Carleton
The Chessvale
The Clay Cafe
The Cliffwalk
The Clothes Horse Fashion Boutique
The Cocoon Bout-ique
The Company House
The Cutting Garden
The Daylesford
The Deck Box
The Dog Run
The European Pantry
The Fickle Frog
The Foggy Goggle Restaurant & Bar
The Garden South Park Inn
The Grainery Food Co-op
The Great Wall
The Grenville
The Halliburton
The Halliburton Hotel
The Harwick
The Head Shoppe
The head shoppe
The Heritage House Hostel
The Horseshoe
The Hydrostone Cafe
The Ikebana Shop
The James
The Juice Press
The Last Gamestore
The Last Word Bookstore
The Lateral Trail
The Loop Craft Cafe
The Loose Cannon
The Lord Nelson Hotel & Suites

the Lower Deck

The Lower Deck
The Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy
The middle spoon desserterie & bar
The Monkey Show
The Music Room
The New Landing
The No Name Cafe
The Nook
The Old Apothecary Bakery
The Old Triangle Irish Pub
The Orient
The Other Bean
The Paper Chase
The Plaza
The Puffin Gallery
The Real Estate Mall
The Red Stag
The Roxbury
The Shoe Company
The Source
The Stubborn Goat
THe Thompson Building
The Trillium
The Unicorn
The University of King's College
The University of King's College [Chapel Bay (pic 1-4)] , [Alexandra hall (pic5) ], [A&A Building (pic6) ]
The Vault
The Village at Bayers Road
The Vines
The Warwick
The Wave
The Waverley Inn
The Westin Nova Scotian
The Wooden Monkey
The Woodsy Run
Theakston Avenue
Theodore Too
Theodore Tugboat
Theresa McNeil Grove
Things Engraved
Third Street
Thistle Street
Thomas Raddall Drive
Thompson Street
Thorne Avenue
Thornhill Drive
Thornvale Avenue
Thornvale Terrace
Tian Phat Asian Grocery
Tidewater Lane
Tidewinds Lane
Tim Horton's
Tim Hortons
Timberlea Village Parkway
Timmonds Cove
Tin Cresent
Tiny Angels
Titus Street
Tobermory Road
Tobin Drive
Tobin Street
Tony's Pizza
Tony's Variety
Tophill Road
Topple Drive
Topsail Boulevard
Topsail Court
Torrington Drive
Touch of Gold
Tourism Information
Tower Hill Road
Tower Road
Tower Terrace
Towerview Drive
Town Clock
Toxic Blossom
Toys R Us
Tracker Road
Trafalgar Court
Trailwood Place
Tramway Building
Transom Drive
Travelers Motel
Treaty Gas
Trelyn Road
Tremont Drive
Tremont Street
Trenholme Street
Trentonian Lane
Trident Booksellers and Cafe
Trident Lane
Trider Cresent
Trilliam Terrace
Trillium Court
Trimble Court
Trinah Court
Trinity Avenue
Trinity Way
Triple A
Trollope Street
Troop Avenue
True North Crescent
Tug's Pub
Tulip Street
Tulloch Way
Tummell Drive
Tupper Grove
Tupper Street
Turkish Delight
Turn Around Temp Other
Turnberry Lane
Turner Drive
Turnmill Drive
Tutor Court
Twilight Lane
Twin Lane
Twin Oaks Road
Twisted Muse
Two if By Sea
Two if By Sea Cafe

Ultramar Pipeline Cardlock
Ultramar, 5450 Inglis Street
Ummah Masjid
Uncommon Grounds
Unia Estates
Uniacke Street
Union Street
United Church of Canada Bedford
United Pentecostal Church of Dartmouth
University Avenue
University of King's College
Upper Governor Street
Upper Water Street
Uptown Salon and Spa
Urban Outfitters
Utility Tattoo/2b Theatre
Utopia Lane

Vacation Nails and Spa
Val Street
Valet Parking
Valkyrie Crescent
Valley Road
Valleyfield Road
Valleyford Avenue
Value Village
Vanessa Drive
Vanier Residence
Vanier Way
Vaughan Lane
Veith Street
VeloLab Cycles Works
Venice Court
Venture Run,

venus envy

Venus Envy
Veritas Catholic Books and Gifts
Vernon Street
Vestry Street
Veterans Avenue
Veterans Memorial Lane
Via Rail Halifax Station
Vicky Crescent
Victoria Building
Victoria Gardens
Victoria General Building
Victoria Park
Victoria Park Playground
Victoria Road
Victoria Road (322)
Victory Lane
Video Difference
Vidito Drive
Vienna Street
View Street
ViewPoint Gallery
Village Crescent
Vimy Avenue
Vina's Jewellers
Vincent Street
Vinnie's Pub
Virginia Avenue
Viridian Drive
Viscaya Place
Visitor Information
Vitality Day Spa
Vivian Lane
Vivian's Way
Vogue Men's Wear
Vogue Optical
Volvo of Halifax

W Suites Apartments
Waegwoltic Avenue
Waegwoltic Club
Wagner Avenue
Walcot Run
Walden Place
Walker Street
Wallace McCain Learning Commons
Wallace Street
Wallingham Street
Wallnut Hall
Walmart Supercenter
Walmart Supercentre
Walnut Street
Walsh Court
Waltdale Drive
Walter Havill Drive
Walters Street
Walton Drive
Wamphray Crescent
Wanda Lane
War memorial
Ward Avenue
Wardour Street
Warren Street
Warrior Avenue
Warwick Lane
Wasabi House
Washmill Lake Court
Washmill Lake Drive
Waterfield Court
Waterfront Drive
Waterfront Place
Waterfront Warehouse
Waterloo Street
Waterside Terrace
Watervista Lane
Watt Street
Waverley Inn
Waverley Road (318)
Waverly Terrace
Wax On
Waynewood Drive
WCB Nova Scotia
Webster Terrace
Weddall Avenue
Wedgewood Avenue
Wedgewood Court
Wedgewood Motel
Weight Watchers
Welch Lane
Weldon Law Building (Schulich School of Law)
Wellington Street
Welsford Street
Wembley Place
Wendover Close
Wendy's / Tim Horton's
Wenlock Grove
Wentworth Drive
Wentworth Loop
Wentworth Street
West End United Baptist Church
West Street
Westbrook Avenue
Western Union
Westerwald Street
Westfield Crescent
Westgate Drive
Westgrove Place
Westmount Playground
Westmount School
Westmount Street
Weston Court
Westphal Drug Store & Canada Post
Westphal Way
Westridge Drive
Westwood Drive
Wexford Road
Weybridge Lane
Weyburn Road
Wheatstone Heights
Whebby Terrace
Wheelhouse Road
Whimsical Avenue
Whimsical Lake Crescent
Whiskey's Lounge
White Birch Lane
White Dove Court
White Glove Terrace
White Street
Whitehall Crescent
Whopper MTB trails
Whynder Lake Road
Whynette Place
Wilbert Devoe Crescent
Wilbur Court
Wilcot Lane
Wild Leek Food & Juice Bar
Wildwood Avenue
Wildwood Boulevard
Wilfred Jackson Way
Wilfred Joseph Drive
Wilkinson Avenue
Wilkinson Avenue Paramedic Station
Willett Street
William Borrett Terrace
William Hunt Avenue
William Street
Williams Avenue
Williams Lake Road
Williams Street
Willis Lane
Willow Hill Range
Willow Street
Willowbend Court
Willowdale Drive
Willowdale Terrace
Wilmington Court
Wilson Boulevard
Wilson's Gas Stop
Wilton Crescent
Wimbledon Road
Winchester Avenue
Windcrest Terrace
Windermere Road
Windflower Court
Windgate Lane
Windmill Crossing
Windmill Road
Windmill Road (7)
Windrock Drive
Windsor Street
Windsor Street (2)
Windsor Terrace
Windstone Close
Windward Avenue
Winona Crescent
Winston Place
Winter Street
Winwick Road
Wired Monk
Withrod Drive
Wok Box
Wolfe Crescent
Wong's Palace Restaurant
Wood Avenue
Wood Court
Woodbank Terrace
Woodbine Avenue
Woodbury Drive
Wooden Monkey
Woodhaven Close
Woodill Street
Woodland Avenue
Woodland Avenue (118)
Woodlawn Medical Clinic
Woodlawn Road
Woodlawn Road;Caledonia Road
Woodlawn Shopping Plaza
Woodlawn United Church
Woodside Avenue
Woodside Bowlarama
Woodside Tavern
Woodsmere Close
Woodward Crescent
Woozles Children's Bookstore
World Tea House
World Trade and Convention Centre
Wournell Drive
Wren Street
Wright Avenue
Wright Avenue Ramp A
Wrights Cove Road
Wyatt Road
Wyndcrest Drive
Wyndholme Avenue
Wyndrock Drive
Wyse Road
Wyse Road Laundy

Yale Street
Yanjing Chinese Restaurant
Yeadon Street
Yeh Frozen Yogurt
York Lane
York Street
Yorks Lane
Yorkshire Ave Extension
Yorkshire Avenue
You Like It Chinese
Young Avenue
Young Back Lane
Young Street
Your Father's Moustache
Yuk Yuk's Comedy
Yukon Street

ZEN Chinese Food
Zwicker's Gallery