Willkommen beim Radroutenplaner BBBike! Wir helfen Dir, eine schöne, sichere und kurze Fahrradroute in Sheffield und Umgebung zu finden.

Klicke auf eine Strasse oder Point of Interest (POI), um die Routensuche zu starten:


12 Thornsett Road
142nd Fulwood Scout Group
151 Statement Living
1554 Cafe
18 hole Blue Monster Course
180 Shalesmoor
1864 and 2007 Sheffield Flood High Water Marks
192 Bar
1986 The Kebab Kafe
1st Choice
1st Choice Hair Cutz
1st Choice Security Solutions Ltd
1st Totley Scouts Hut

200 degree Coffee
212 Field Hospital HQ Sheffield
24/7 Fitness
284 Hair
2nd Time Around

39 Desserts
3L Industrial Supplies Ltd

400 Degree Celsius
46th Sheffield (St Paul's Norton Lees) Scout Hut

5 a side
5 Eleven
53 (First)
5A Tyres


7 Hills
7 Hills Blinds
7 Seas
7 Spices Balti
79th St Timothy's

A & G Passenger Boats Ltd
A A Rushton & Son Ltd
A Better Fit
A Cut Above
A Different Gear
A. J. Hurdley
A Little M-Tea 一點M茶
A Month of Sundays
A Road
A Touch of Style
A&E Entrance
A&M Dog Groomers
A&R Tradeprint
A1 Taxis
A57 Car Testing Centre
Aaliyah Fashion & Beauty
Aaron View
Abacus Accounting Services
Abbey Brook
Abbey Brook Close
Abbey Brook Court
Abbey Brook Drive
Abbey Crescent (S7)
Abbey Croft (S7)
Abbey Friar
Abbey Grange (S7)
Abbey Kitchen
Abbey Lane
Abbey Lane Dell
Abbey Lane Dell (S8)
Abbey Lane Post Office
Abbey Lane Primary School
Abbey Lane (S7)
Abbey Pharmacy
Abbey School
Abbey (Sheffield) Crown Green Bowls Club
Abbey View Drive
Abbey View Road (S8)
Abbeydale Brewery
Abbeydale DIY & Door Centre
Abbeydale Golf Club
Abbeydale Hall
Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet
Abbeydale Miniature Railway
Abbeydale MOT Centre
Abbeydale Park
Abbeydale Park Crescent
Abbeydale Park Rise
Abbeydale Pharmacy
Abbeydale Picture House
Abbeydale Road
Abbeydale Road South
Abbeydale Road South (S17)
Abbeydale Shoe Repairs
Abbeydale Supermarket
Abbeyfield Primary Academy
Abbeyfield Road
Abbots Meadow
Abbotsford Drive
Abbott's Cookshop
Abdy Road
Abell Street
Abingdon Gardens
Abney Close
Abney Drive
Abney Road
Abney Street

absolutely scooters

Abu Adam's
Acacia Avenue
Acacia Crescent
Acacia Road
Access Training Plaque
Accident Repair 20000 Ltd
Accident Repair Centre
Accident Solicitors Direct
Acclaimed Family Law
Ace Art Tattoo
ACE Business Centre
Acer Close
Ackworth Drive
Acorn Court
Acorn Croft
Acorn Damp Proofing
Acorn Drive
Acorn Hill
Acorn Inn
Acorn Pet Supplies
Acorn Street
Acorn Way
Acre Gate
Acre Lane
Acres Hill Community Primary School
Acres Hill Court
Acres Hill Footbridge
Acres Hill Lane (S9)
Acres Hill Road
Acres View
Acrewood Drive
Action Court
A.D Hairdressing
Adam's Barbershop
Adams Way (S62)
Adastral Avenue
Addison Road
Addy Close
Addy Drive
Addy Street
Adelaide Lane
Adelaide Road (S7 1SQ)
Adelphi Street
Adelphi Theatre
Aden Corner
Adkins Drive
Adkins Road
Adlington Crescent
Adlington Road
Admiral Biggs Drive
Admiral Rodney
Admirals Crest
Adrian Crescent
Adrian Lane
Adsetts Street
Adult & Community Training
Advanced Hair & Beauty
Advanced Manufacturing Compsite and Testing Centres
Advanced Manufacturing Park Technology Centre
Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre
Advanced Wellbeing Research Centre
Adventure Playground
AE Butterworth
A.E Hartley & Son
Aesthete Coffee + Kitchen
Aesthete Coffee and Kitchen
A.F. Dobson
Affordable Furnishings
Against The Grain
Agden Road
Age UK
Ai Noor
Ainscough Vanguard
Ainsley Road
Ainsty Road
Aintree Avenue
Air Haus
Air Mount Close
Air Raid Night
Air Training Corps 2000 (Eckington) Squadron
Aire Close
Airedale Road
Aireton Close
Aisthorpe Road (S8)
Aitken Road
Aizlewood Road


Akley Bank Close (S17)
Al Amir International Supermarket
Al Hamdu
Al Naseem
Al Sultan
Al Zahir
Al-Huda Islamic Centre
Al-Murad Tiles
Al-Rahman Mosque
Aladdins Cave
Alam Hill Books
Alam News
Alan King Pianos & Violins
Alaoma Cash And Carry
Alaoma Food Hub
Alara Bed & Breakfast
Albanus Croft
Albanus Ridge
Albany Avenue
Albany Road
Albany Street (S65)
Albert Road
Albert Street
Albert Terrace Road
Albion Road
Albion Row
Albion Street
Albion Works
Alcester Road
ALD Print & Design ltd
Aldam Close
Aldam Croft
Aldam Road
Aldam Way
Aldene Avenue
Aldene Glade
Aldene Road
Alder Chase
Alder Lane
Alder Road
Alderney Road
Alders Green
Alderson Avenue
Alderson Place
Alderson Road
Aldervale Close
Alderwood Close
Aldfield Way
Aldine Court
Aldine House
Aldred Close
Aldred Court
Aldred Road
Aldred Street (S65)
Aldwarke Close
Aldwarke Lane
Aldwarke Road
Alen's Classic Barbers
Alex Barbers
Alex Gage
Alex's Boutique
Alexandra Close
Alexandra Gardens
Alexandra Road
Alexandra's Cafe
Alexandreas Nail & Beauty Bar
Alexandria Centre
Alford Avenue
Alfred Denny Museum of Zoology
Alfred Dunham & Son Ltd Builders Merchants
Alfred Dunham & Son Ltd Funeral Directors
Alfred Road
Algar Close
Algar Crescent
Algar Drive
Algar Place
Algar Road
Ali Barber's
Ali's Hair & Cosmetics
Ali's News
Alicia Nyang
Alison Close
Alison Crescent
Alison Drive
Alison Law Solicitors
All Bar One
All Carrot No Stick
All Days
All Digital
All Dogs Grooming Parlour
All Hallows Church
All Nations
All Saints Church, Aston-cum-Aughton
All Saints Way
All Saints' Catholic High School
All Saints' Church
Allan Street (S65)
Alldred Crescent
Allen & Barnfield Chemists
Allen Gardens
Allen Road (S20)
Allen Sike Farm
Allen Street
Allen the Falcon
Allenby Close
Allenby Drive
Allendale Road
Allende Way
Allestree Drive
Alliance House
Allied Pharmacy - Firth Park Road
Allied Snooker Club
Allott Close
Allt Street
Alma Crescent
Alma Road
Alma Row
Alma Street
Almas Indian Brasserie
Almond Drive
Almond Glade
Almond Tree Road
Alms Hill Drive
Alms Hill Glade
Alms Hill Road
Almshill Crescent
Alney Place
Alnwick Drive
Alnwick Road
Alpenbury Precision Engineering Limited
Alpha Barbers
Alpha Hospital
Alpha Road
Alpina Way
Alpine Road
Alport Avenue
Alport Drive
Alport Grove
Alport Place
Alport Rise
Alport Road
Alric Drive
Als Goncha Bubble Tea
ALS Media
Alsing Road
Alton Close
A.M. News
Amana Bazaar
Amaro Lounge
Amberley Court
Amberley Street
Ambler Rise
Ambleside Close
Amen Corner
American Golf
American Pizza House
Amici & Bici
Amigo's 2
Amman Ice Cream & Dessert
Amos Road
Amusement Caterers
Anatolia Barbers
Ancient Wisdom
Andaa Home
Anderson Drive
Andover Street
Andre De Villiers
Andreas Hair Design
Andrew Boyden-Hare
Andrew Carr Farm
Andrew Flower Associates
Andrew Lane
Andrews Place
Andwell Lane
Andys Carpets
Angel Lane
Angel Street
Angelica's Cafe
Angells Cafe
Angelo Cerrone's
Angerford Avenue
Angleton Avenue
Angleton Close
Angleton Gardens
Angleton Green
Angleton Mews
Anglo Saxon
Angram Bank Primary School
Angram Road
Angram View
Anii Tasty Takeaway
Animals & Extras
Ann Street (S62)
Anna Roberts
Annat Place
Annesley Close
Annesley Road
Anns Grove Primary School
Anns Road
Anns Road North
Another Kind
Another Level
Ansell Road
Anson Grove
Anson Street
Anston Avenue
Anston Roofing Northern
Ant Marketing
ANT Marketing Ltd
Antalya Barber
Anthony Andrews
Antioch Community Church
Antler Grill and Wine
Antrim Avenue
Anush Convenience Store
Anvil Close
Anvil Crescent
Anytime Fitness
Anytime Sunbeds
Ao Thai Massage
AP Tyres
Apna Lahore
Apna Style
Apollo Interiors
Apollo Street
Applegarth Close
Applegarth Drive
Appleton Close
Appletree Nursery
Appliance Sales Spares & Repairs
Arabian Kitchen
Arabian Taste
Arbour Lane
Arbourthorne Fields
Arbourthorne Fish Bar
Arbourthorne Road
Archaeology at the Brightside Steelworks
Archcourt Ltd
Archdale Close
Archdale Road
Archdale School
Archer Drive
Archer Gate
Archer Lane
Archer Lane (S7)
Archer Mews
Archer Road
Archer Road Beer Stop
Archer Road MOT Centre
Archers Way
Archery Close
Archibald Road (S7 1RF)
Arcon Place
Arcubus Avenue
Ardmore Street
Ardron Walk
Ardron Way
Ardsley Avenue
Ardsley Close
Ardsley Drive
Ardsley Grove
Arena Court
Argyle Close (S8)
Argyle Road
Argyle Road (S8)
Argyll House
Aries Lighting
Arley Street
Arlington Avenue
Armadillo Self Storage
Arman Food Store
Armandos Scooters
Armer Street
Armistead Avenue
Armitage Road
Arms Park Drive
Armstead Road (S20)
Armthorpe Road
Army Reserve Centre
Arncliffe Drive
Arnold & Graham
Arnold Avenue
Arnold Laver
Arnold Road
Arnold Street
Arnside Road (S8)
Arnside Terrace (S8)
Arran Hill
Arran Road
Arras Street
Arslan´s Barber Shop
Arthington Street (S8)
Arthur Street
Artisan View (S8)
Arts Tower Cafe
Arundel Avenue
Arundel Close
Arundel Cottages
Arundel Crescent
Arundel Ex Servicemens Club
Arundel Gate
Arundel Lane
Arundel Road
Arundel Road Fisheries
Arundel Street
Ascot Street
Asda Café
Asda Express
Asda Opticians
Ash Close
Ash Crescent
Ash Grove
Ash House Lane (S17)
Ash Lane
Ash Street
Ash View
Ash Woods
Ashberry Gardens
Ashberry Road
Ashbourne Grove
Ashbourne Road
Ashbourne Way
Ashbury Drive
Ashbury Lane (S8)
Ashby Drive
Ashdell Lane
Ashdell Road
Ashdene Court
Ashdown Gardens
Asher Road
Ashes Lane
Ashfield Close
Ashfield Drive
Ashfield Way
Ashford Court
Ashford Road
Ashfurlong Close
Ashfurlong Drive
Ashfurlong Park
Ashfurlong Road (S17)
Ashgate Close
Ashgate Lane
Ashgate Road
Ashland Road
Ashland Road (S7 1RH)
Ashleigh Avenue
Ashleigh Court
Ashleigh Croft
Ashleigh Drive
Ashleigh Gardens
Ashleigh Place
Ashley Close
Ashley Grove
Ashley Lane
Ashley Rogers
Ashmore Avenue
Ashover Croft
Ashpool Close (S13)
Ashpool Fold
Ashpool Fold (S13)
Ashton Close
Ashtree Court
Ashurst Close
Ashurst Drive
Ashurst Place
Ashurst Road
Ashwell Grove
Ashwell Road (S13)
Ashwood Close
Ashwood Road
Ashwood Road (S62)
Ashworth Drive
Asia Palace
ASK Italian
Askam Court
Askam Road
Askham Way
Aslans Vapes
Aslan’s Kebab
Asline Road
Aspen Close
Aspen Road
Aspen Way
Asquith Road
Assembly of God Pentecostal Church
Assist UK Claims
Aster Close
Aston Academy
Aston All Saints Church of England Primary School
Aston Close
Aston Customer Service Centre
Aston Fence Junior and Infant School
Aston Fire Station
Aston Forge Court
Aston Hall Cricket Club
Aston Hall Hotel
Aston Hall Junior and Infant School
Aston Lane
Aston Library
Aston Lodge Primary School
Aston Park fire station
Aston Post Office
Aston Springwood Primary School
Aston Street
Aston-cum-Aughton Leisure Centre
Astwell Gardens
At the End Cafe
Athelstan Close
Athelstan Primary School
Athelstan Road
Athelstane Drive
Athersley Gardens
Atherton Close
Atherton Road
Athol House
Athol Road
Athron Drive
Atkin Place
Atkinsons Restaurant
Atkinsons Warehouse
Atlantic Crescent
Atlantic Drive
Atlantic Road
Atlantic Way
Atlas & Norfolk Crown Green Bowls Club
Atlas Street
Atlas Way
Attercliffe Car Company
Attercliffe Common
Attercliffe Cycleway
Attercliffe Pharmacy
Attercliffe Police Station
Attercliffe Post Office
Attercliffe Road
Attercliffe Spice
A.T.V Aerials
Au Village
Aubretia Avenue
Aubrey Senior Way
Auckland Avenue
Auckland Drive
Auckland Rise
Auckland Way
Audio Images
Audrey Road
Aughton Avenue
Aughton Close
Aughton Crescent
Aughton Drive
Aughton Junior Academy
Aughton Lane
Aughton Post Office
Aughton Recreation Ground
Aughton Road
Aughton Stores
Augustus Road
Aukley Road (S8)
Aunby Drive
Auntie Anne's
Austen Drive
Austin Close
Austin Court
Auto Detail
Auto Tek
Autocraft Services
Autohaus Dolby
Automatic Cars
Avenue Road (S7)
Avill Way
Avisford Drive
Avisford Road
Avocet Way
Avon Close
Avon Grove
Avon Mount
Avondale Road
Away We Go
Awesome Walls Sheffield
AXIS Architecture
Aylesbury Court (S9)
Aylesbury Crescent
Aylsham Drive
Aylward Close
Aylward Road
Aymer Drive
Aysgarth Rise
Aysgarth Road
Ayton Close
Azade Mini Market
Aztec Works

B & K Mistry
B Daniels Cars.
B More Local
B Road
B&M Bargains
B' Dazzled Bathrooms Ltd
B'reyt Dough
Babas Travel & Services
Babington Close
Babington Court
Babur Road
Baby Basics
Back Edge
Back Lane
Back Road
Backfield Rise
Backfields Passage
Backmoor Court
Backmoor Crescent (S8)
Backmoor Road (S8)
Bacon Lane
Baden Street
Badger Close (S13)
Badger Drive (S13)
Badger Estate
Badger House
Badger Place (S13)
Badger Rise (S13)
Badger Road (S13)
Badmaash Bites
Badsley Court
Badsley Moor Lane
Badsley Moor Lane NHS
Badsley Moor Lane (S65)
Badsley Primary School
Badsley Street (S65)
Badsley Street South
Bae hair
Bagel Shack
Bagley Road
Bagshaw's Road
Bagshawe Arms
Bagshawe Arms/Herdings Park Crown Green Bowls Club
Bagshot Street
Bailey Barracks
Bailey Bridge
Bailey Drive
Bailey House
Bailey Lane
Bailey Street
Baitul Afiyat Mosque
Baitul Mukarram Jame Masjid
Bake N Butty
Baker Drive
Baker Street
Bakers Hill
Bakers Lane
Bakers Yard
Bakewell Gardens
BAL Fashion Soccial
Balaclava Lane
Balaclava Road
Baldersons Ltd
Baldwin Street
Balfour Carpets
Balfour Drive
Balfour Road
Balk Lane
Ball Bridge
Ball Road
Ball Street
Ball Street Exchange Boxes
Ballard Hall Chase
Ballard Hall Court
Ballard Hall Mews
Ballifield Avenue
Ballifield Close
Ballifield Crescent
Ballifield Drive
Ballifield Place
Ballifield Primary School
Ballifield Rise
Ballifield Road
Ballifield Way
Balm Green
Balmain Drive
Balmain Road
Balmoral Crescent
Balmoral Crescent (S10)
Balmoral Glen (S10)
Balmoral Mews (S10)
Balmoral Road (S13)
Balmoral Way
Balti Ghar
Balti King
Baltic Lane
Baltic Road (S9)
Baltic Way
Bamboo Door
Bamboo Garden
Bamford Walk
Bamforth Building
Bamforth Street
Band Stand
Bank Close
Bank End Farm
Bank Farm
Bank House Chambers
Bank House Road
Bank Lane
Bank Side
Bank Street
Bank Terrace
Bank Top Road
Bank View
Bankfield Lane
Bankfield Road
Bankhouse Farm
Banks Way
Bankside Service Station
Bankwood Close
Bankwood Community Primary School
Bankwood Road
Banner Court
Banner Cross Drive
Banner Cross Garage
Banner Cross Hall
Banner Cross Health Hub
Banner Cross Methodist Church
Banner Cross Post Office
Banner Cross Road (S11)
Banner Cross Shoe Shop
Banner Crust
Bannerdale Close
Bannerdale Road
Bannerdale View
Bannham Road
Bar Kelham
Bar One
Barber & Sun
Barber Balk Close
Barber Balk Road
Barber Close
Barber Crescent
Barber Place
Barber Road
Barber Wood Road
Barber's Avenue
Barber's Crescent
Barber's Lane
Barberfields Farm
Barbot Hall Drive
Barbot Hill Road
Barbot Sandwiches
Bard Street
Barden Crescent
Bardolph Way
Bardwell Road
Barfield Avenue
Bargain Beds Centre
Bargain Beers
Bargain Booze
Bargain Booze Select Convenience
Barholm Road
Baring Road
Barkby Road
Barker's Place
Barker's Pool
Barker's Road
Barkers Furniture
Barlborough Footpath 22
Barlborough Footpath 23
Barlborough FP21
Barlborough Hall School
Barlborough Springs Fishery
Barlby Grove
Barley Hall Stables
Barley Mews
Barleywood Road
Barlow Drive
Barlow Group
Barlow Road
Barmouth Court Antiques Centre
Barmouth Road (S7)
Barnard Avenue
Barnardiston Road
Barncliffe Close (S10)
Barncliffe Crescent
Barncliffe Drive (S10)
Barncliffe Glen (S10)
Barncliffe Mewa
Barncliffe Mews
Barncliffe Road
Barnes Avenue
Barnes Court
Barnes Farm
Barnes Green Farm
Barnes Hall Road
Barnes Lane
Barnet Avenue
Barnet Road
Barnfield Avenue
Barnfield Close
Barnfield Drive
Barnfield House
Barnfield Road
Barnsdale Avenue
Barnsley Road
Barnsley Road Drive
Baron Street
Barrack Lane (S6)
Barrack Road
Barratt Homes "Momentum"
Barratt Homes "The Glassworks"
Barratt Road
Barretta Street
Barrie Crescent
Barrie Drive
Barrie Road
Barrow Road
Barrowby Road
Barry's Bar
Bartholomew Close
Bartin Close (S11)
Bartle Avenue
Bartle Drive
Bartle Road
Bartle Way
Bartlett Close
Bartlett Road
Bartolomé Cafe
Barton Road
Base Green Food & Wine
Base Green Motor Services
Basegreen Avenue
Basegreen Close
Basegreen Crescent
Basegreen Drive
Basegreen Place
Basegreen Road
Basegreen Way
Basford Close
Basford Drive
Basford Mews
Basford Place
Basford Street
Baslow Place
Baslow Road
Baslow Road News & Off-License
Baslow Road (S17)
Bassett Cottages
Bassett Houses
Bassett Lane
Bassett Place
Bassett Road
Bassingthorpe Farm
Bassingthorpe Lane
Bassledene Court
Bassledene Road
Bastock Road
Batemoor Ambulance Station
Batemoor Close
Batemoor Convenience Store
Batemoor Drive (S8)
Batemoor Place (S8)
Batemoor Road
Batemoor Road (S8)
Batemoor Walk
Bates Street
Batesquire (S20)
Bath Street
Bathrooms HQ
Batt Street
Batworth Drive
Batworth Road
Baulk Farm Close
Bawtry Gate
Bawtry Road
Bawtry Road Service Station
Baxter Close
Baxter Drive
Baxter Mews
Baxter Road
Baxters News
Bay Court
Bay Horse Inn
Bay Of Bengal
Bay Tree Avenue
Baysdale Croft
Bazley Road


BB’s Cafe
Beacon Close
Beacon Croft
Beacon Farm
Beacon Road
Beacon Way
Beaconsfield Road
Beale Way
Bean n Gone
Beanies Wholefood
Bear pit
Bear statue
Bear Tree Close (S62)
Bear Tree Records
Bear Tree Road (S62)
Bear Tree Street (S62)
Beauchamp Road
Beauchief Abbey
Beauchief Abbey Lane
Beauchief Baptist Church
Beauchief Close
Beauchief Drive
Beauchief Golf Club
Beauchief Grove
Beauchief Hall
Beauchief Rise (S8)
Beauchief Tennis Club
Beaufort Road
Beaumont Avenue
Beaumont Close
Beaumont Crescent
Beaumont Drive
Beaumont Mews
Beaumont Road North
Beaumont Way
Beautiful Nails
Beautiful You
Beauty at Parkhead
Beauty Beneath
Beauty Box
Beauty Diamond Nails
Beauty Hunters
Beaver Avenue
Beaver Close
Beaver Drive
Beaver Hill Park MUGA
Beaver Hill Road (S13)
Beccles Way
Beck Close
Beck Primary School
Beck Road
Becket Crescent
Becket Road
Beckton Avenue
Beckton Court
Beckton Grove
Beckwith Road
Bedale Close
Bedale Road
Bedford Road
Bedford Street
Bedgebury Close
Bedgrave Close
Beds For Everyone
Bee Pszczolka
Beech Avenue
Beech Crescent
Beech Grove
Beech Hill Road
Beech Way
Beeches Bank
Beeches Drive
Beeches Grove
Beeches Hollow
Beeches Road
Beechfern Close (S35)
Beechville Avenue
Beechwood Close
Beechwood Day Nursery
Beechwood Road
Beechwood Road (S35)
Beeden Close
Beehive Farm
Beehive Road
Beeley Street
Beeley Wood Lane
Beeley Wood Road
Beely Road
Beer Central
Beer Dog
Beeston Close
Beet Street
Beeton Road (S8)
Beevers Leigh (S65)
Beevers Road
Beighton Community Hospital
Beighton Crown Green Bowls Club
Beighton Gospel Hall
Beighton Marsh
Beighton Methodist Church
Beighton Nursery Infant School
Beighton Post Office
Beighton Road
Beighton Road East
Beighton Welfare Recreation Ground
Beighton Wok
Belcourt Road
Beldon Close
Beldon Court
Beldon Place
Beldon Road
Belford Close
Belford Drive
Belgrave Drive (S10)
Belgrave Place
Belgrave Road (S10)
Belgrave Square
Belgravia House
Belklane Drive
Bell Hagg
Bell Street
Bella Capelli
Bella Donna
Bella Italia
Bella Pizza
Bellamy Close
Bella’s Bakery
Bellefield Street
Bellhagg Road
Bellhouse Mews
Bellhouse Road
Bellhouse Road (S5)
Bellows Close
Bellows Road
Bello’s Nail
Bells Square
Bellscroft Avenue
Bellwood Court
Belmont Avenue
Belmont Street
Belmonte Gardens
Belper Road (S7)
Belsize Road (S10)
Belton Close
Belvedere Parade
Ben Close
Ben Greave
Ben Lane
Ben's Pizza
Bench La Cave
Benmore Drive
Bennet Cottage
Bennet Grange
Bennett Close
Bennett Street
Benson Road
Bent Hills Lane
Bent Lathes Avenue
Bentfield Avenue
Bentley Road
Bentley Street
Bentleyhall Farm
Benton Terrace
Benton Way
Bents Close
Bents Crescent
Bents Drive
Bents Farm
Bents Green
Bents Green Avenue
Bents Green Methodist Church
Bents Green Nurseries
Bents Green Nurseries, 0114 3211162
Bents Green Place
Bents Green Playing Field
Bents Green Post Office
Bents Green Pre-School
Bents Green Road
Bents Green School
Bents Lane
Bents Road
Bents View
Benty Lane
Berlin Calling
Berlin Calling Bottle Shop
Bernard Road
Bernard Street
Berners Close
Berners Drive
Berners Place
Berners Road
Bernshall Crescent
Berona House
Berresford Road
Berrisford Avenue
Berry Avenue
Berry Fold Farm
Berry Holme Close
Berry Holme Court (S35)
Berry Holme Drive
Berry Lane
Berrystorth Close
Bertram Road
Bespoke Blinds é Poles
Bessemer Place
Bessemer Road
Bessemer Way
Bessingby Road
Best Boy Bagels
Best Pizza
Best Western Cutlers Hotel
Best Western Plus Quays


Bet Extra
Bethany School
Bethel Road
Bethel United Church of Jesus Christ Apostolic
Bethesda Church
Betjeman Gardens
Beton Close
BetterYou Ltd
Beulah Road
Bevan Way
Bevercotes Road
Beverley Close
Beverley Street
Beverleys Road
Bevin Court
Bevin Place
Beza Hair & Beauty Salon
Bickerton House
Bickerton Road
Big and Tall
Big Baps
Big Daddy
Big Daddy's
Big Filla
Big Fish
Big Smoke
Big Tree
Big Yellow Self Storage
Bigby Way
Bignor Place
Bignor Road
Bike Rehab
Bill Hawes Recreation Ground
Billam Place
Billam Street
Billy Big Balls
Billy Clarke Fishing Tackle
Bilston Street
Bimshaw Quarry
Bin Hoden Trading Co
Binders Road
Binfield Road
Bingham & Brownes
Bingham Park Crescent
Bingham Park Road
Bingham Park Tennis Courts
Bingham Road (S8)
Bingley House Farm
Bingley Lane
Bingley Seat
Bingley Villa
Binsted Avenue
Binsted Close
Binsted Crescent
Binsted Croft
Binsted Drive
Binsted Gardens
Binsted Glade
Binsted Grove
Binsted Road
Binsted Way
Birch Avenue
Birch Close
Birch Crescent
Birch Farm Avenue (S8)
Birch Grove
Birch House Avenue
Birch House Way
Birch Road
Birchall Avenue
Birchen Close
Birches Fold
Birches Lane
Birchin Lee Farm
Birchitt Close
Birchitt Place
Birchitt Road
Birchitt View
Birchlands Drive
Birchtree Road
Birchvale Road
Birchwood Avenue
Birchwood Close
Birchwood Croft
Birchwood Drive
Birchwood Gardens
Birchwood Grove
Birchwood Rise
Birchwood Road
Birchwood View
Birchwood Way
Bird's Yard
Birdhouse Tea Bar and Kitchen
Birdwell Road
Birk Hill Infant & Nursery School
Birk's Green Farm
Birkbeck Court
Birkdale Clinic
Birkdale School
Birkdale School (Pre-Prep)
Birkdale School (Preparatory School)
Birkdale School Sports Ground
Birkendale Road
Birkendale View
Birkhill Convenience Store
Birklands Avenue
Birklands Close
Birklands Drive
Birks Avenue (S13)
Birks Road
Birks Wood Drive
Birley Carr Post Office
Birley Cottage
Birley Edge
Birley Edge Farm
Birley Farm
Birley Hall Farm
Birley Lane
Birley Moor Avenue
Birley Moor Bakery
Birley Moor Close
Birley Moor Crescent
Birley Moor Drive
Birley Moor Fire Station
Birley Moor Place
Birley Moor Road
Birley Moor Way
Birley Primary Academy
Birley Rise Crescent
Birley Rise Road
Birley Spa
Birley Spa Close
Birley Spa Drive
Birley Spa Lane
Birley Spa Primary Academy
Birley Stone
Birley Vale Avenue
Birley Vale Close
Birley View
Birley Wood Drive
Birley Wood Golf Club
Bisby Road
Bishop Gardens (S13)
Bishop Hill
Bishop Street
Bishop's House
Bishopdale Court
Bishopdale Drive
Bishopdale Rise
Bishops Caribbean Bistro
Bishops Close
Bishopscourt Road (S8)
Bishopsholme Close
Bishopsholme Road
Bishopstoke Court
Bismallah Food Store
Bitholmes Lane
Bittern View
BK Textiles
Black Carr Road
Black Hill Road
Black Lane
Black Swan Walk
Blacka Moor Crescent
Blacka Moor Road
Blacka Moor View
Blacka Moor View (S17)
Blackamoor Road
Blackbird Avenue
Blackbird Mews (S2 5DQ)
Blackbrook Avenue (S10)
Blackbrook Drive (S10)
Blackbrook Farm
Blackbrook Road
Blackburn & Wincobank Conservative Club
Blackburn Crescent
Blackburn Croft
Blackburn Drive
Blackburn Lane
Blackburn Meadows Nature Reserve
Blackburn Meadows Way
Blackburn Minimarket
Blackburn Primary School
Blackburn Road
Blackburn Valley Trail
Blackburne Street
Blackdown Avenue
Blackdown Close
Blacking shop
Blackmoor Crescent
Blackmore Street
Blacksmith Lane
Blackstock Close (S14)
Blackstock Crescent (S14)
Blackstock Drive (S14)
Blackstock Road
Blackstock Road (S14)
Blackthorn Avenue
Blackthorn Close
Blackthorn News And Food
Blackwell Close
Blackwell Court
Blackwell Place
Blades Superstore
Blagden Street
Blair Athol Road
Blake Close
Blake Grove Road
Blake Street
Blake Street Nature Park
Blake Street Nature Reserve
Blakeney Road (S10 1FD)
Bland Lane
Bland Street
Blast Lane
Blaxton Close
Blayton Road
Blenheim Close
Blenheim Mews
Blinds Blinds Blinds
Bloc Hair Studio
Blonk Street
Blood lust
Bloomers Cafe
Blossom Avenue
Blossom Crescent
Blue Ball
Blue Ball Inn
Blue Bell Inn
Blue Boy Street
Blue Man's Bower
Blue Mans Way
Blue Moon Cafe
Blue Ridge Close
Bluebell Close
Bluebell Road
Bluebell Road (S5)
Bluebell Wood
Bluebell Wood Lane
Blueberry Court
Bluebird Hill
Bluecoat Rise
Blyde Road
Blyth Avenue
Blyth Close
Blythes Garage
BMI Thornbury Hospital
BMX dirt jumps.
BMX Track
Boardman Avenue
Bobo Express
Boc Gases
Bocking Close
Bocking Hill
Bocking Lane
Bocking Rise
Boden Lane
Boden Place
Bodkin Cottage
Bodmin Street
Boggard Lane
Boiley Farm
Boiley Lane
Boiley Lane Bridge
Boland Road
Bold Street
Boldspirit Enterprise Ltd
Bole Hill
Bole Hill BMX Track
Bole Hill Close
Bole Hill Lane
Bole Hill Road
Bole Hill (S8)
Bolehill Farm
Bolehill Lane
Bolehill Lodge
Bolsover Road
Bolsover Road East
Bolsover Street
Bolton Street
Bomac Crown Green Bowls Club
Bonet Lane
Bonville Gardens
Booker Road
Boom Battle Bar
Booth Close
Booth Croft
Booth Place
Booth Road
Booth Street
Bootle Street
Bootle Street Open Space
Boots Opticians
Booze Buster
Booze Express
Boozer’s Buttress
Borden Electrics
Border View Farm
Borough Road
Borrowdale Avenue
Borrowdale Close
Borrowdale Drive
Borrowdale Road
Boston Castle
Boston Castle Grove
Boston Castle Terrace
Boston Park Crown Green Bowls Club (Former)
Boston Street
Bosvile Close
Bosville Road
Bosville Street
Boswell Close
Boswell Street
Bosworth Street
Botanical Road
Botham Street
Botsford Street
Boudoir Hair
Boujee Lounge
Boulsover Monument
Boundary Green
Boundary Mill Stores
Boundary Road
Boundary Walk
Bourne Road (S5)
Bow Bridge Close
Bow's Garage
Bowden Wood Avenue (S9)
Bowden Wood Close
Bowden Wood Crescent
Bowden Wood Drive (S9)
Bowden Wood Place
Bowden Wood Road
Bowdon Street
Bowen Drive
Bowen Road
Bower Close
Bower Cottage
Bower Lane
Bower Lane (S30)
Bower Road
Bower Spring
Bower Street Cementation Furnaces
Bowfield Road
Bowland Drive
Bowling Green Street
Bowling Pavilion
Bowman Close
Bowman Drive
Bowman Drive BMX and MTB Bike Track
Bowness Road
Bowood Road
Bowshaw Avenue (S8)
Bowshaw Close
Bowshaw Farm
Bowshaw View
Bowshaw View (S8)
Box'd Nutrition
Boxfill Self Storage
Boy and the Bird
Boyce Street
Boyland Street
Boynton Crescent
Boynton Road
Boynton Road West
Bracken Court
Bracken Hill
Bracken Moor
Bracken Moor Lane
Bracken Moor Sports And Social Club
Bracken Road
Brackenfield Grove
Brackley Street
Bradbury Street (S8)
Bradbury's Close
Bradfield Dungworth Primary School
Bradfield Place
Bradfield Road
Bradfield School
Bradfield Way
Bradgate Close
Bradgate Court
Bradgate House Close
Bradgate Lane
Bradgate Park/Masbrough/Kimberworth Veterans Crown Green Bowls Club
Bradgate Place
Bradgate Road
Bradgate W.M. Club
Bradlea Rise
Bradley Street
Bradman Walk
Bradmarsh Way
Bradshaw Avenue
Bradshaw Way
Bradstone Road
Bradway Close
Bradway Crown Green Bowls Club
Bradway Drive
Bradway Grange Farm
Bradway Grange Road
Bradway Pet Shop
Bradway Pharmacy
Bradway Post Office
Bradway Pre-School
Bradway Primary School
Bradway Road
Bradway Service Station
Bradwell Street (S2)
Braemore Road
Brailsford Avenue
Brailsford Road
Braithwell Road
Bramall Centre
Bramall Lane
Bramble Close
Bramdale Fireplaces
Brameld Road
Bramham Court
Bramham Road
Bramley Avenue
Bramley Close
Bramley Drive
Bramley Farm
Bramley Grange
Bramley Grange Crescent
Bramley Grange Primary School
Bramley Grange Rise
Bramley Grange View
Bramley Hall
Bramley Hall Farm
Bramley Hall Road
Bramley Lane
Bramley Mews
Bramley Moor Lane
Bramley Park
Bramley Park Close
Bramley Park Road
Bramley Road
Bramley Social Club
Bramley Sunnyside Infant and Junior School
Bramleyhill Farm
Brampton Avenue
Brampton Court
Brampton Lane
Brampton Meadows
Brampton Raceway
Brampton Road
Brampton Villa
Bramshill Close (S20)
Bramshill Court (S20)
Bramwell Close
Bramwell Court
Bramwell Drive
Bramwell Street
Bramwith Road
Brandon Street
Brandon Tool Hire Ltd
Brandreth Close
Brandreth Road
Bransby Street
Brantwood Specialist School
Brass Monkey
Brathay Close
Brathay Road
Bray Street
Brearley Avenue
Brearley Drive
Breathe Home Interiors
Brecks Crescent
Brecks Lane
Brecks Post Office
Brecon Close (S20)
Brecon Rise
Brenda's Fish & Chips
Brendan Ingle Way
Brentwood Avenue (S11)
Brentwood Hotel
Brentwood Road
Brentwood Tennis Club
Bressingham Close
Bressingham Road
Bretheren's Meeting Room
Brett Close
Bretton Close
Bretton Grove
Briar Court
Briar Road
Briarfield Avenue
Briarfield Crescent
Briarfield Road
Briarfields Lane
Briars Close
Briarwood Gardens
Briary Avenue
Briary Close
Brick Drive
Brick Street
Brickhouse Lane (S17)
Bricks and Bits Lego Store
Bridal & Menswear Hire
Bridal Belle
Bridby Street
Bridge Chapel
Bridge Hill
Bridge House
Bridge Inn
Bridge Inn Road
Bridge Street
Bridge-It Housing
Bridle Close
Bridle Crescent
Bridle Stile
Bridle Stile Close
Bridle Stile Gardens
Bridport Road
Brier Close
Brier Street
Brierly Road
Briers House
Briers House Lane
Brigadier Hargreaves Court
Briggs and Jones
Bright Horizons
Bright Meadow
Brightholmlee Court
Brightholmlee Lane
Brightholmlee Road
Brightmore Drive
Brighton Terrace Road
Brightside Colliery Memorial Wheel
Brightside Lane
Brightside Nursery and Infant School
Brightside Way
Brill Burger
Brimmesfield Close
Brimmesfield Drive
Brimmesfield Road
Brincliffe Crescent
Brincliffe Edge Close
Brincliffe Edge Road (S11)
Brincliffe Gardens
Brincliffe Hill
Brincliffe Towers
Brindle Mews
Brindley Close
Brindley Court
Brindley Crescent (S8)
Brindley Way
Brinkburn Close
Brinkburn Drive (S17)
Brinkburn Vale Road
Brinsford Road
Brinsworth Academy
Brinsworth and Canklow War Memorial
Brinsworth Auto Centre
Brinsworth Grange
Brinsworth Hall Avenue
Brinsworth Hall Crescent
Brinsworth Hall Drive
Brinsworth Hall Grove
Brinsworth Howarth Primary School
Brinsworth Lane
Brinsworth Manor Infant School
Brinsworth Playing Field
Brinsworth Post Office
Brinsworth Road
Brinsworth Social Club
Brinsworth Street
Brinsworth Whitehill Primary School
Brinsworth/Field View Crown Green Bowls Club
Bristol Road
Britannia Road
Britannia Way
British Gas
British Heart Foundation
British Heart Foundation Home Store
British Red Cross
British Transport Police
Britland Close
Britnall Street
Brittain Street
Broad Elms Close
Broad Elms Lane
Broad Inge Crescent
Broad Lane
Broad Oaks
Broad Street
Broad Street Lane
Broad Street News
Broad Street (S62)
Broad Street West
Broadcroft Close
Broadfield Close
Broadfield Court
Broadfield Hotel
Broadfield Mowers
Broadfield Road
Broadfield Way
Broadhead Flats Farm
Broadhead Road
Broadlands Avenue
Broadlands Close
Broadlands Crescent
Broadlands Croft
Broadlands Rise
Broadley Road
Broadway Avenue
Broadway Bowling Club
Broadway Burger Diner
Broadway East
Brocco Bank
Brocco Lane
Brocco On The Park
Brocco Street
Brockhurst Way
Brocklehurst Avenue (S8)
Brockwood Close (S13)
Brompton Road
Bromwich Road
Bronte Place
Bronze & Polished
Brook Close
Brook Court
Brook Drive
Brook Fold
Brook Green
Brook Hill
Brook House Junior
Brook Lane
Brook Lane Court
Brook Place - Phase 2
Brook Road
Brook Road (S8)
Brook Street
Brookdale Court
Brookdale Road
Brookfield Close
Brookfield Mews
Brookfield Road
Brookfield Yard
Brookhaven Way
Brookhill Post Office
Brookhill Private Nursery School
Brookhouse Close
Brookhouse Court
Brookhouse Drive
Brookhouse Hill
Brookhouse Road
Brooklands Avenue (S10)
Brooklands Crescent
Brooklands Croft
Brooklands Drive
Brooklands Garage
Brooklyn Place
Brooklyn Road
Brooklyn Road (S8)
Brooks Drive
Brookside Bank Road
Brookside Bridge
Brookside Close
Brookside Court
Brookside Farm
Brookside Lane
Brookside Pharmacy
Brookview Care Home
Brookview Court
Broom Avenue
Broom Chase
Broom Close
Broom Crescent
Broom Drive
Broom Green
Broom Grove
Broom Hall
Broom Lane
Broom Lane Post Office
Broom Riddings
Broom Road
Broom Royd
Broom Street
Broom Terrace
Broom Valley Community School
Broom Valley Road
Broom Walk
Broomcroft Park
Broomfield Court
Broomfield Grove
Broomfield Lane
Broomfield Road
Broomgrove Crescent
Broomgrove Gardens
Broomgrove Lane
Broomgrove Mews
Broomgrove Road
Broomhall Mini Market
Broomhall Nursery and Children's Centre
Broomhall Place
Broomhall Road
Broomhall Street
Broomhill A.T.E.
Broomhill Avenue
Broomhill Close
Broomhill Community Library
Broomhill Infant School
Broomhill Methodist Church
Broomhill Place
Broomhill Post Office
Broomhill Tavern
Broomhill Wood Fire Pizza & Grill
Broomscroft House
Broomspring Close
Broomspring Lane
Broomwood Close
Broomwood Gardens
Brotherton Street
Broughton House
Broughton Lane
Broughton Lane Roundabout
Broughton Road
Brow Crescent
Brown Bear
Brown Edge
Brown Edge Farm
Brown Edge Quarry (Disused)
Brown Hills Lane
Brown Lane
Brown McLeod
Brown Street
Brown Sugar
Brown's Cafe
Brown's Grill
Brownell Street
Brownhills Farm
Browning Close
Browning Court
Browning Drive
Browning Road
Browning Road Fish Bar
Brownlee Close
Brownlow Rocher
Browns Hills Lane
Broxholme Road (S8)
BRS Fires & Fireplaces
Bruce Road
Brunch Break
Brunel Way
Brunswick Community Primary School
Brunswick Drive
Brunswick Gardens
Brunswick Gardens Village
Brunswick House
Brunswick Road
Brunswick Street
Brunt Road
Brushfield Grove
Bryony Close
Bubba Bar
Bubnell Road
Bubwith Road
Buchanan Crescent
Buchanan Drive
Buchanan Road
Buck Wood View
Buckenham Drive
Buckenham Street
Buckingham Close
Buckingham Way
Buckthorn Close
Bud Lane
Building Centre
Bull's Head
Bullen Road
Bullfinch Close
Bungalows and Bears
Bungay Street
Bunker's Hill
Bunting Close (S8)
Bunting Nook (S8)
Burbage Close
Burbage Grove
Burbage Moor
Burcot Road (S8)
Burford Crescent
Burgen Road
Burger Buzz
Burger King
Burger Pizza Crepe
Burgess House
Burgess Road
Burgess Street
Burgon and Ball Ltd
Burgoyne Close
Burgoyne Road
Burkinshaw Avenue
Burlington Court
Burlington Glen
Burlington Grove
Burlington Road
Burlington Street
Burn Grove
Burnaby Court
Burnaby Crescent
Burnaby Green
Burnaby Street
Burnaby Walk
Burnaston Close
Burncross Drive (S35)
Burncross Grove (S35)
Burncross Recreation Ground
Burncross Road
Burnell Road
Burngreave Bank
Burngreave Library
Burngreave Pharmacy
Burngreave Road
Burngreave Street
Burngrove Place
Burns Court (S35)
Burns Drive
Burns Road
Burnsall Crescent
Burnside Avenue
Burnt Hill Lane
Burnt Stones Close
Burnt Stones Drive
Burnt Stones Grove
Burnt Tree Lane
Burntwood Crescent
Burrell Street
Burritos Y Mas
Burritos y Mas
Burrowlee House
Burrowlee Park Square
Burrowlee Road
Burrows Drive
Burrows (Rotherham)
Burrows Sheffield
Burton Building
Burton Lane
Burton Road
Burton Roofing Merchants
Burton Street
Burtons Buildings
Bus departures
Bushey Wood Road
Bushey Wood Road (S17)
Bushy Wood Grove
Busk Knoll
Busk Meadow
Busk Park
Butcher and Catch
Butchers Arms
Butchill Avenue
Bute Street
Butler Road
Butler Way
Butler's Balti House
Butlers Estate Agents
Butta la Pasta
Butterfly Nook
Buttermere Drive
Buttermere Road (S7)
Butterthwaite Crescent
Butterthwaite Farm
Butterthwaite Lane
Butterthwaite Road
Button & Bar
Button Hill (S11)
Butts Hill
Buzzard Banger
Byrley Road
Byron Avenue
Byron Drive
Byron House
Byron Road
Byron Road (S7 1RY)
Byron Wood Primary Academy

C A Powis & Son
C A Reed
C. Pritchard & Son
C Road
C&J Motors Ltd
C3 Hope
Cable Bar
Cable Cafe
Cadman Court
Cadman Lane
Cadman Road
Cadman Street
Caesar's Camp
Caesars Palace
Cafe #9
Cafe & Sandwich Shop
Cafe 1828 (Medical School)
Cafe 313
Cafe 88
Cafe @ Riverside
Cafe Crucible
Café Des Amis
Cafe Express
Cafe Indus
Café Local
Café Marco
Cafe Masala
Cafe Me'n'u
Cafe Noor
Cafe Nort
Café O Yes
Cafe Plough
Caffè d'Amour
Caffè Massarella
Caffè Nero
Caffe Piazza
Caffe Tassili
Caffe Tucci
Caine Gardens
Cairn Home
Cairns Cottages
Cairns Road
Cairns Road (S20)
Caister Avenue
Cake Box
Caldbeck Grove
Calder Road
Calder Way
Calders Crescent
California Drive
California Fresh
Callow Drive
Callow Mount
Callow Place
Callow Road
Callywhite Lane
Calner Croft
Calver Way
Calvert Road
Camborne Close
Camborne Road
Cambridge Crescent
Cambridge Place
Cambridge Road
Cambridge Street
Cambridge Street (S65)
Cambron Gardens
Camdale Rise
Camdale View
Camelia Mews
Camelot Play Castle
Camm Street
Cammell Road
Camms Close
Camms CofE (Aided) Primary School
Campbell Drive
Campbell Street
Campbell Walk
Camping Lane
Campion Drive
Campo Lane
Campsall Drive
Canada Street
Canal & River Trust
Canal Bridge
Canal Street
Canalside View
Canary Court
Cancer Research UK
Candy Co.
Canklow Hill Road
Canklow Road
Canklow Road Post Office
Canklow Roundabout
Canklow Service Station
Canklow Washlands
Canklow Woods Primary School
Canning Street
Cannock Street
Cannon Close
Cannon Hall
Cannon Hall Road
Cannonthorpe Rise
Canterbury Avenue (S10)
Canterbury Close
Canterbury Crescent
Canterbury Drive
Canterbury Road
Cantilupe Crescent
Canton House
Canton King
Canton Orchard
Canton Wok
Cantonese Kitchen
Capel Street
Capital & Centric Eye Witness / Ceylon Works
Capland Properties
Car Hill
Car Vale Drive
Car Vale View
Caraway Grove
Carbrook Hall Road
Carbrook Hall Street
Carbrook Street
Card Factory
Card Zone
Cardew Close
Cardoness Drive
Cardoness Road
Cards And Gifts
Cardwell Avenue
Cardwell Avenue (S13)
Cardwell Drive (S13)
CARE Fertility clinic
Careers & Employability Centre
Caretakers House
Carfield Avenue
Carfield Lane
Carfield Place
Carfield Primary School
Caribbean Fusion
Caribbean Sports Club
Carlby Road
Carley Drive
Carlin Street
Carlingford Road
Carlisle Court
Carlisle Road
Carlisle Street
Carlisle Street East
Carlthorpe Grove
Carlton Avenue (S65)
Carlton Close
Carlton Club
Carlton Gate Drive
Carlton Park Hotel
Carlton Rise
Carlton Road
Carlton Way
Carmel Care Centre
Carmen's Kitchen
Carnaby Fisheries
Carnaby Road
Carnall's Autocentre Ltd
Carnarvon Street
Carpenter Croft
Carpenter Gardens
Carpenter Mews
Carpet Roll End Centre
Carphone Warehouse
Carr Bank Close
Carr Bank Drive
Carr Bank Lane
Carr Bridge
Carr Bridge Path
Carr Close
Carr Forge Close
Carr Forge Lane
Carr Forge Mount
Carr Forge Place
Carr Forge Road
Carr Forge Terrace
Carr Forge View
Carr Grove
Carr Head Road
Carr House Lane
Carr Houses
Carr Lane
Carr Lane Mews
Carr Road
Carr View Road
Carrcroft Court
Carrfield Court (S8)
Carrfield Drive (S8)
Carrfield Lane
Carrfield Road
Carrfield Street (S8)
Carriage shed
Carribean Spice
Carrill Drive
Carrill Road
Carrington Road
Carrington Street (S65)
Carrville Drive
Carrville Road
Carrville Road West
Carsick Grove
Carsick Hill Crescent
Carsick Hill Drive
Carsick Hill Road
Carsick Hill Way
Carsick View Road
Carson Mount
Carson Road
Cart Road
Carter Hall Lane
Carter Hall Road
Carter Knowle Avenue
Carter Knowle Junior School
Carter Knowle Road
Carter Lane Farm
Carter Lodge Avenue
Carter Lodge Drive
Carter Lodge Farm
Carter Lodge Place
Carter Lodge Rise
Carter Place
Carter Road
Carter Smith
Carterhall Farm
Carterknowle Methodist Church
Carterknowle Seventh Day Adventist Church
Cartmel Close
Cartmell Crescent (S8)
Cartmell Hill (S8)
Cartmell Road
Cartridge World
Carver Close
Carver Lane
Carver Place
Carver Street
Carver Way
Carwood Close
Carwood Grove
Carwood Road
Cary Grove
Cary Road
Casa Italia
Cash Converters
Cash Shop
Cassini Drive
Casson Drive
Castle Avenue
Castle Bents
Castle Croft Drive
Castle Dyke House
Castle Green
Castle Hill
Castle Hill Close
Castle Hill Court (S21 4DQ)
Castle Site
Castle Square
Castle Street
Castle View
Castlebeck Avenue
Castlebeck Croft
Castlebeck Drive
Castledale Croft
Castledale Grove
Castledale Place
Castledine Croft
Castledine Gardens
Castlegate Bridge
Castlerigg Way
Castlerow Close
Castlerow Drive
Castlerow View
Castleton Way
Castlewood Crescent (S10)
Castlewood Drive (S10)
Castlewood Road (S10)
Castor Road
Cat Lane
Cat Lane Bakery
Catch Bar Lane
Catcliffe Glass Cone
Catcliffe Post Office
Catcliffe Primary School
Catcliffe Road
Cathedral Archer Project
Cathedral Church of Saint Marie
Catherine Avenue
Catherine Road
Catherine Street
Catley Road
Catliffe/New Lonsdale/Black & Decker Crown Green Bowls Club
Catmell Court (S8)
Cattal Street
Causeway Gardens (S17)
Causeway Glade
Causeway Head
Causeway Head Road (S17)
Cave Street
Cavendish Avenue
Cavendish Close
Cavendish Court
Cavendish Motor Company
Cavendish Road
Cavendish Street
Cavill Road
CAWA Coffee
Cawdor Road
Cawdron Close
Cawdron Rise
Cawston Road
Cawthorne Close
Cawthorne Grove
Cawthorne Road
Caxton Lane
Caxton Road
CBC Computer Systems
Cecil Avenue
Cecil Road
Cecil Square
Cedar Avenue
Cedar Close
Cedar Grove
Cedar Nook
Cedar Vale
Cedar Way
Cedarwood Court
Cedric Crescent
Cee Bee's
Celandine Court
Celandine Gardens
Celandine Rise
Cello Coffee House
Celtic Court
Cemetery Avenue
Cemetery Road
Cemetery Road Baptist Church
Centenary Riverside Nature Reserve
Centenary Way
Central Avenue
Central Drive
Central Fire Station
Central Food & News
Central Food Halal Butcher
Central Garage
Central Lane
Central Methodist Church
Central News
Central Place (Student Roost)
Central Production Unit
Central Road
Central Snooker Club
Central Stores
Central United Reformed Church
Central Way
Centre in the Park
Centre Spot
Centurion Street
Century Chase
Century cues (snooker)
Century Motors
Century Street
Century View
CerTax Accounting
Chaat Cart
Chach Spark
Chaddesden Close
Chadwick Road
Chaff Close
Chaff Lane
Chaffinch Avenue
Chai & Churros
Chaii Nastha
Challenger Tyres
Challiner Mews
Challoner Green
Challoner Way
Chamberlain Court
Chambers Drive
Chambers Grove
Chambers Lane
Chambers Road
Chambers Valley Road
Chambers View
Champan Auto Electrical
Champion & Emmett
Champion Barbers
Champion Close
Champion Hire
Champion Road
Chancet Wood
Chancet Wood Close
Chancet Wood Drive
Chancet Wood Rise
Chancet Wood Road
Chancet Wood View
Chandler Grove
Chandos Crescent
Chandos Street
Channing Gardens
Channing Hall
Channing Street
Chantrey Obelisk
Chantrey Road
Chantreyland Meadow
Chantry House Nursery & Pre School
Chantry Inn
Chapel Antiques
Chapel Close
Chapel Hill
Chapel Lane
Chapel Road
Chapel Street
Chapel Street (S13)
Chapel Terrace
Chapel Walk
Chapel Way
Chapel Yard
Chapelfield Crescent
Chapelfield Drive
Chapelfield Lane
Chapelfield Mount
Chapelfield Place
Chapelfield Road
Chapelfield Way
Chapeltown Library
Chapeltown Post Office
Chapeltown Road
Chapeltown Roundabout
Chapeltown WMC
Chapelwood Meeting Room
Chapelwood Road
Chapman Close
Chapman Street
Chaps & Chicks
Chapter 1 Coffee
Charity Emporium
Charles Ashmore Road (S8)
Charles Brooks
Charles Clifford Dental Hospital
Charles H. Coward Ltd
Charles Lane
Charles Square (S35)
Charles Street
Charles Street Post Office
Charley's Pantry
Charlie Brown's
Charlie Browns
Charlotte Court
Charlotte Lane
Charlotte Motors
Charlotte Road
Charlotte Square
Charlton Brook Crescent
Charlton Clough
Charlton Drive
Charlton Hill Rise
Charm Carpets
Charnley Avenue
Charnley Close
Charnley Drive
Charnley Rise
Charnock Avenue
Charnock Crescent
Charnock Dale Road
Charnock Drive
Charnock Grove
Charnock Hall Primary Academy
Charnock Hall Road
Charnock Recreation Grounds
Charnock Ridgeway FC
Charnock View Road
Charnock Wood Road
Charnwood Court (S20)
Charnwood Grove
Charter Row
Charter Square
Chase Road
Chaska Chai
Chatfield Road
Chatham Street
Chatsworth Close
Chatsworth Park Avenue
Chatsworth Park Drive
Chatsworth Park Grove
Chatsworth Park Rise
Chatsworth Park Road
Chatsworth Place
Chatsworth Rise
Chatsworth Road
Chatterton Drive
Chaucer Close
Chaucer Road
Chaucer School
Chaucer Yard
Cheadle Street
Cheap Dates
Chef Ming
Chelmsford Avenue
Chelsea Court
Chelsea Heights
Chelsea Park Playground
Chelsea Rise
Chelsea Road
Chemist Lane
Chemistry Lane
Chemistry Waste
Cheney Row
Cherry Bank Road
Cherry Brook
Cherry Street
Cherry Street South
Cherry Tree Close
Cherry Tree Crescent
Cherry Tree Dell
Cherry Tree Drive
Cherry Tree Road
Cherry Walk
Cherry Wood Way
Chessel Close (S8)
Chester Court
Chesterfield Canal
Chesterfield Road
Chesterhill Avenue
Chesterton Court
Chesterton Road
Chesterton Way
Chesterwood Drive
Chestnut Avenue
Chestnut Avenue (S20)
Chestnut Close
Chestnut Court
Chestnut Drive
Chestnut Road
Chesworth Cues
Chevril Court
Chez Lahlou
Chiberworde Avenue
Chichester Road
Chick Fried
Chicken Bar
Chicken Stop
Children 1st Nursery
Chilli Aroma
Chilli Banana
Chilli Chickano'z
Chilli Flow 辣椒流
Chiltern Rise
Chiltern Road
China Cuisine
China Delight
China Garden
China Red
China Star
China Town
China Wok
Chinese 2 Night
Chinese Fireworks
Chinese Kitchen
Chinese Therapy Centre
Chinley Street
Chip Inn
Chip Shop
Chippingham Place (S9)
Chippingham Street
Chippinghouse Road
Chiropractic Works
Chiverton Close
Choco Latte
Cholera Monument
Chong Quing Resturant
Chop Suey House
Chorley Avenue (S10)
Chorley Drive (S10)
Chorley Place
Chorley Road (S10)
Chris Beech Quality Meats
Christ Church
Christ Church Central
Christ Church Dore Parish
Christ Church Fulwood
Christ Church Pitsmoor
Christ Church Road
Christ Church Stannington
Christ Church Swallownest
Christ Church Walkley
Christ Church, Hillsborough and Wadsley Bridge
Christchurch Avenue
Christian Life Centre
Christian Science Reading Room
Christian Scientist Church
Christine Clarke Clinic
Chuan Chuan Noodle
Church - Temple of Fun
Church Avenue (S62)
Church Close
Church Croft (S62)
Church Drive
Church Farm
Church Field Drive
Church Field Lane
Church Fields
Church Fold (S6)
Church Glebe (S6)
Church Hall
Church hall
Church Hall
Church Lane
Church Lane Green
Church Lane Mews
Church Lane (S17)
Church Lane (S20)
Church Mews
Church Of Christ
Church of God
Church of Saint Mary's
Church of St Mary The Virgin
Church of the Nazarene
Church On the Corner
Church Steps
Church Street
Church Street (S62)
Church View
Church View (S6)
Churchdale Mews
Churchdale Road
Churchfield House
Churchill Road
Churchill Way
Churchills Cafe Bistro
Churchills Dry Cleaners
Churchill’s Fish & Chips
Churro Statue
Cici Beds
Cinder Bridge Road
Cinder Hill Lane
Cinder Hill Lane (S30)
Cinder Lane
Cinderella Mini Market & Butcher
Cinderhill Lane (S8)
Cinderhill Road
Circle Close
Citizens Advice Bureau
Citrus Cafe
City Autos
City Burger
City Centre
City Electrical Factors
City Limits Dancentre
City Living
City Point
City Road
City Road Garage
City Road Motors
City Road Post Office
City Road Service Station
City Spice
Civic Centre
Claire Court
Claire's Kitchen
Clara Place
Claremont Crescent
Claremont House
Claremont Place
Claremont Street
Clarence Court
Clarence Hotel
Clarence Lane
Clarence Road
Clarendon Court
Clarendon Road
Clarendon Road (S10)
Clark & Partners
Clark Grove
Clarke Dell
Clarke Drive
Clarke Square
Clarke Street
Clarkegrove Road
Clarkehouse Road
Clarkson Street
Clarrie's Kitchen
Clay Lane
Clay Pit Lane
Clay Street
Clay Works
Clayfield Lane
Claypit Lane
Claypit Way
Claypool Court
Clayton Crescent
Clayton Hollow
Claywheels Lane
Claywood Drive
Claywood Road
Clean & Dry
Cleeve Hill Gardens
Clegg Gifford Insurance
Clement Mews
Clement Street
Clementson Road
Cleveland Street
Clever Clogs
Cliff Road
Cliff Street
Cliffe Farm Drive
Cliffe Field Road (S8)
Cliffe Hill
Cliffe House Road (S5)
Cliffe Park Playground
Cliffe Road
Cliffe View
Cliffe View Road
Cliffefield Road
Clifford All Saints C of E Primary School
Clifford All Saints CofE Primary School (Psalter Lane site)
Clifford Avenue
Clifford Road
Clifton Avenue
Clifton Bank
Clifton Community School
Clifton Crescent
Clifton Crescent North (S65)
Clifton Crescent South (S65)
Clifton Grove (S65)
Clifton Lane
Clifton Lane Roundabout
Clifton Lane (S65)
Clifton Mount (S65)
Clifton Park Museum
Clifton Park Visitors Centre (The Garden House)
Clifton Park/Rotherham Rebels/Albion Road Crown Green Bowls Club
Clifton Street
Clifton Terrace
Clifton United Methodist Church
Clinton Place
Clipstone Gardens
Clipstone Road
Clive Foot
Clock House Tea Room
Cloonmore Croft (S8)
Cloonmore Drive (S8)
Cloud Coffee
Cloud Electronics Ltd
Clough Bank
Clough Fields
Clough Fields Equestrian Centre
Clough Green
Clough Grove
Clough Lane
Clough Road
Clough Road Square
Clough Street
Clough Wood View
Cloughfields Cat Hotel
Clover Court
Clover Gardens
Clover Gardens Recreation Ground
Clover Green
Club Building
Club Garden Road
Club Garden Walk
Club House
Club Mill Road
Club Street
Clumber Rise
Clumber Road
Clun Road
Clun Street
Clyde Road
Co-op Food
Coach & Horses
Coach and Horses
Coach Road
Coal Aston
Coal Aston Methodist Church
Coal Pit Lane
Coalbrook Avenue
Coalbrook Grove
Coalbrook Road (S13)
Coaley Lane
Coalpit Lane
Coates Solicitors
Coates Street
Cob and Crumb
Cobden Place
Cobden Terrace
Cobden View
Cobden View Road
Cobnar Avenue
Cobnar Drive
Cobnar Gardens
Cobnar Road (S8)
Cobweb Bridge
Cockayne Place (S8)
Cockshot Lane
Cockshutt Avenue
Cockshutt Drive
Cockshutt Farm
Cockshutt Road
Cockshutts Lane
Code Sheffield
Coffee @ Moor Market
Coffee Boo
Coffee Central
Coffee on the Corner
Coffee Revolution
Coggin Mill Way
Cohens Chemist
Coisley Hill (S13)
Coisley Road (S13)
Coit Primary School
Coke Hill
Coke Lane
Colby Place
Colchester Road
Coldwell Hill
Coldwell Lane
Coleford Road
Coleman Street (S62)
Coleridge Primary
Coleridge Road
Colister Drive (S9)
Colister Gardens
Collard Manson
College Close
College Court
College Lane
College Park Close
College Road
College Road Roundabout
College Street
College Walk
Collegiate Crescent
Colley Avenue
Colley Close
Colley Crescent
Colley Drive
Colley Park Crown Green Bowls Club
Colley Road
Colley Road Post Office
Colley Working Men's Club
Colliers Close (S13)
Colliery Drive
Colliery Road
Collin Avenue
Collingbourne Avenue
Collingbourne Drive
Collingham Road
Collinson Road
Colourcraft Limited
Coltishall Avenue
Columbia Place
Colver Road
Colwall Street
Colwick Grove
Colwick Way
Come a Casa
Commerce Street (S35)
Commercial Street
Common Farm Close
Common Ground Community Centre
Common Lane
Common Lane (S11)
Companions Close
Compton Street
Computer Tech
Conalan Avenue
Concord Junior Academy
Concord Park BMX Track
Concord Park Crown Green Bowls Club
Concord Park Golf Club
Concord Road
Concord Sport Centre
Concord View Road
Concourse Way
Conduit Lane
Conduit Road
Conery Close
Cones Pet Supplies
Congress Street
Coningsby Road
Coniston Guest House
Coniston Road
Coniston Road (S8)
Coniston Terrace
Connect 1
Connelly Miele
Connor's Fruit Corner
Conrad Blandford
Conservatory Cast Systems Ltd
Constable Close
Constable Close (S14)
Constable Drive (S14)
Constable Place (S14)
Constable Road Post Office
Constable Road (S14)
Constable Way
Constable Way (S14)
Continental Foods
Convent Place
Convent Walk
Conway Crescent
Conway Street
Conyers Drive
Coo Hill (S13)
Cookes Pet Supplies
Cookies & Cream
Cooks Road (S20)
Cooks Wood Road
Cookson Close
Cookson Park Playground
Cookson Park Skatepark
Cookson Road
Coombe Place
Coombe Road
Cooper Building (east wing)
Cooper Building (west wing)
Cooperative Travel
Copa Caffè
Copley Place
Copper Beech Close (S20)
Copper Pot
Copper Street
Copperas House
Coppice Cottages
Coppice Gardens
Coppice House Farm
Coppice Lane
Coppice Rise
Coppice View
Coppin Square
Coppins Close
Coquet Avenue
Coral Close
Coral Drive
Coral Place
Coral Way
Corby Road
Corby Street
Corker Bottoms Lane
Corker Bottoms Recreation Ground
Corker Road
Corn Hill
Corn Mill Court
Corner Cabin
Corner Cafe and Restaurant
Corner House Nursery School
Corner Kitchen
Corner News
Corner Playhouse
Corner Shop
Corner Stop
Cornish Steelworks
Cornish Street
Cornish Way
Cornwell Close
Coronation Bridge
Coronation Drinking Fountain
Coronation Road
Corporation Street
Cortons Cuts
Cortworth Equestrian
Cortworth Lane
Cortworth Road (S11)
Corwen Place
Cossey Road
Costa Drive Thru
Costa Rica Pizza
Costco Fuel
Cotleigh Avenue
Cotleigh Close
Cotleigh Crescent
Cotleigh Drive
Cotleigh Gardens
Cotleigh Place
Cotleigh Road
Cotleigh Way
Cotswold Avenue
Cotswold Crescent
Cotswold Drive
Cotswold Road
Cottage Lane
Cottam Close
Cottam Road (S35)
Cottenham Road
Cottingham Street
Cotton Mill Row
Cotton Mill Walk
Cotton Street
Coultas Avenue
Coumes Farm
Countess Road
Counting house and stable
Country Garden
Countryside Way
County Hair Fashions
Coupe Road
Coupland Road
Courtyard Cafe
Coventry Building Society
Coventry Road
Cover Close
Coverdale Road (S7)
Cow and Calf
Cow Gap Farm Fishery
Cow Gap Lane
Cow Lane
Cow Rakes Close
Cow Rakes Lane
Coward Drive
Cowley Court
Cowley Drive
Cowley Gardens
Cowley Lane
Cowley Road
Cowley View Close (S35)
Cowley View Road
Cowley Way
Cowlishaw Road
Cowper Avenue
Cowper Crescent
Cowper Drive
Cox Place
Cox Road
Cozy Corner
Crabtree Avenue
Crabtree Close
Crabtree Crescent
Crabtree Drive
Crabtree Grange Sheltered
Crabtree Lane
Crabtree Place
Crabtree Road
Cradley Drive
Cradock Mews
Cradock Road
Craft & Berry
Craft and Dough
Craft Heaven
Crag Hill Crescent
Crag View Close
Crag View Crescent
Cragdale Grove
Craig Goodridge Travel
Craig Walk
Crakehall Road (S35)
Crampton & Moore
Crane Drive
Crane Road
Cranford Court
Cranford Drive
Cranworth Close
Cranworth Place
Cranworth Road
Crapper & Haigh
Cratcliffe Apartments
Craven Close
Craven Street
Crawford Controls Limited
Crawford Road (S8)
Crawshaw Avenue
Crawshaw Grove
Crawshaw Mews
Cream Street
Create Coffee
Creative Kids
Creator Hair
Creighton Avenue
Crescent Corner
Crescent Road
Cressbrook Road
Cresswell Road (S9)
Cresswell Road Subway
Crest Road (S5)
Crestwood Court (S5)
Crestwood Gardens (S5)
Creswell Crown Green Bowls Club
Creswell Drive
Creswick Avenue
Creswick Close
Creswick Greave
Creswick Greave Close
Creswick Greave Methodist Church
Creswick Lane
Creswick Road
Creswick Street
Creswick Way
Cricket Field Lane
Cricket Inn Crescent
Cricket Inn Road
Cricket Nets
Cricket View Road
Cricketers' Arms
Crimicar Avenue (S10)
Crimicar Close (S10)
Crimicar Drive (S10)
Crimicar Lane
Crispin Close
Crispin Drive
Crispin Gardens
Crispin Road
Croft Buildings
Croft Close
Croft Corner Nursery & Pre-School
Croft Farm
Croft House
Croft Lane
Croft Lea
Croft Road
Croft Street
Crofters Close
Crofton Avenue
Crofton Rise
Crofts Drive
Cromarty Rise
Cromer Close
Cromford Street
Cromwell Street
Crooked Cafe
Crooked Claw Tattoo
Crookes Chippy
Crookes Community Farm
Crookes Hardware
Crookes Post Office
Crookes Road
Crookes Social Club
Crookes Valley Park Bowls Club
Crookes Valley Road
Crookes Wmc Crown Green Bowls Club
Crookes Xpress
Crookesmoor Drive
Crookesmoor Road
Crosby Avenue
Crosby Road (S8)
Cross Allen Road (S20)
Cross and Birches Farm
Cross Bedford Street
Cross Burgess Street
Cross Chantrey Road (S8)
Cross Drive (S13)
Cross Gilpin Street
Cross Hill
Cross Hill Close
Cross House
Cross House Close (S35)
Cross House Road
Cross Lane
Cross Lane Mews
Cross Lane (S17)
Cross Myrtle Road
Cross Park Road (S8)
Cross Smithfield
Cross South Street
Cross Street
Cross Street (S13)
Cross Turner Street
Cross Walk
Crossfield Gardens
Crossfit Braze
Crossland Drive
Crossland Place
Crosspool & District Youth Sports Trust
Crosspool Fishbar
Crosspool Pharmacy
Crosspool Post Office
Crosspool Tavern
Crow Girl
Crow Royds
Crowder Avenue
Crowder Close
Crowder Crescent
Crowder Road
Crowland Road (S5)
Crown and Cushion
Crown Close
Crown Inn
Crown Place
Crowne Plaza Royal Victoria Sheffield
Crownhill Road
Crowther Place
Croydon Street
Crucible Corner
Crucible Fountain
Crucible furnaces
Crucible Way
Cruck Close
Cruise Road
Crummock Road (S7)
Crumpsall Drive
Crumpsall Road
Crumwell Road
Crunchy Pizza & Burger
Crusty Cob...
Cry Baby Tattoo
Cryers Chemist
Crystal Barber
Crystal Nails
Crystal Peaks Library
Crystal Peaks Post Office
Crystal Peaks Shopping Centre
CSI McKenzie Hughes Computers
Csk Motors
Cue Ball Snooker Club
Cull Row
Cullabine Road
Cumberland Crescent
Cumberland Street
Cundy Street
Cundy Upholstery
Cunliffe Street
Cupola Contemporary Arts
Cupola Lane
Cupola Yard
Cuppacha Bubble Tea
Curator's House Restaurant and Tea Rooms
Curlew Avenue
Curlew Field
Curlew Rise
Curlew Way (S2 5DQ)
Curry House Apna
Curry Master
Curtis Motor Accessories
Curzon Bar
Curzon Close
Custom Wizard Motorcycles
Customer Help Point
Cuthbert Bank Road
Cuthbert Cooper Place
Cutler Close
Cutler's Walk (River Sheaf Walk)
Cutlers Court
Cutlers Walk
Cutlers' Arms
Cutts Terrace
Cutz Evolution
Cyclops Street (S4)
Cypress Avenue
Cypress Close
Cypress Gate
Cypress Grove
Cyprus Road
Cyprus Terrace
Cyrus The Great

D Cups
D. G. Autos
D Road
Da Vincis Pizza
Daad Dheere
Daffodil Road
Dagnam Close
Dagnam Crescent
Dagnam Drive
Dagnam Place
Dagnam Road
Daisy Bank
Daisy Grove
Daisy Walk
Dalbury Road
Dalby Gardens
Dalby Grove
Dale Avenue
Dale Court
Dale Road
Dale Street
Dale's Top Trims
Daleview Road (S8)
Dalewood Avenue (S8)
Dalewood Drive (S8)
Dalewood Mobility
Dalewood Road (S8)
Dalmore Road
Dalroyd Lane
Dalton Court
Dalton Foljambe Primary School
Dalton Lane
Dalton Magna
Dam House
Dam Ings Lane
Damascus Bakery
Damasel Close
Damasel Lane
Damasel Road
Damer Street
Damflask Rowing Centre
Dance Unlimited
Danebrook Close
Danebrook Court
Danebrook Drive
Danewood Avenue
Danewood Croft
Danewood Gardens
Danewood Grove
Daniel Hill
Daniel Hill Court
Daniel Hill Mews
Daniel Hill Street
Daniel Hill Terrace
Daniel Hill Walk
Daniel Lane
Daniels Drive
Dannemora Drive
Danum Drive (S65)
Dapper Chaps
Dar Ul Aloom Saddiqia
Dara Street
Darcy Close
Darcy Road
Daresbury Close
Daresbury Drive
Daresbury Place
Daresbury Road
Daresbury View
Darfield Avenue
Darfield Close
Darley Close
Darley Grove
Darnall Charcoal Grill
Darnall Community Nursery
Darnall Drive
Darnall Fisheries
Darnall Horticultural And Folaral Club
Darnall Library
Darnall Pharmacy
Darnall Post Office
Darnall Road
Darnall Road Baptist
Darnall Service Station
Darnall Station Subway
Darnbrook Drive
Darnley Drive
Dart Square
Darwall Close
Darwent Lane
Darwin Close
Darwin Lane
Darwin Road
Dave's Fish Bar
Davian's Fish Bar
David Baldwin Way
David Close (S13)
David Daniel Davis
David Inman
David J Martin
David Lane
Davies Drive
Davis Close
Davis Street
Davy Crown Green Bowls Club
Davy Drive
Davy Grove
Davy's Sporting Club
Dawber Lane
Dawlands Close
Dawlands Drive
Dawson Avenue
Dawson's Fishing Tackle
Day Lewis
Day Lewis Pharmacy
Dayar E Madina
Daybell & Choo
Days Inn
Days to Remember
Days To Remember
De Houton Close
De La Salle Drive
De Mar Hair Studio
De Sutton Place
Dead Donkey
Dead Hare Barbers
Deadman's Hole Lane
Deakins Walk
Dean Lane
Dean's Family Butchers
Deane Field View
Deane Field Way
Deanhead Court
Deanhead Drive
Dearden Court
Dearne Court
Dearne Farm Foods
Dearne Street
Dearneside Fabrications
Dee Dee’s Cafe
Deep Lane
Deepcar St John's Church of England Junior School
Deepdale Road
Deepwell Avenue
Deepwell Bank
Deepwell Court
Deepwell Drive
Deepwell Mews
Deepwell View
Deer Leap Drive
Deer Park Close
Deer Park Flats
Deer Park Place
Deer Park Road
Deer Park View
Deer Park Way
Deer Shed
Deerlands Avenue
Deerlands Close
Deerlands Mount
Deira Drive
Delamere Close
Delf Road
Delf Street
Deli At The Don
Deli Express
Deli Shuss
Deli West
Delicious Clam
Delmar Way
Delph House Road
Delta Place
Delves Avenue
Delves Close
Delves Drive
Delves Lane
Delves Place
Delves Road
Delves Terrace
Den Bank Avenue
Den Bank Close
Den Bank Crescent
Den Bank Drive
Denaby Lane
Denby Street
Dene Close
Dene Crescent
Dene Lane
Dene Place
Dene Road
Denham Road
Denholme Close
Denise's Barbers Shop
Denman Street
Denmark Road
Dennis Williams Beauty Supply Trade Store
Denson Close (S2)
Dent Lane
Denton Road
Department of Clinical Psychology and Psychological Therapies
Derby Place
Derby Street
Derby Terrace
Derbyshire Court
Derbyshire Lane
Derbyshire Lane Fish Bar
Derbyshire Lane Pharmacy
Derbyshire Lane (S8)
Derbyshire Lane Service Station
Derek Dooley MBE
Derek Dooley Sports and Community Centre
Derriman Avenue (S11)
Derriman Close (S11)
Derriman Drive (S11)
Derriman Glen (S11)
Derriman Grove
Derwent Chase
Derwent Close
Derwent Crescent
Derwent Drive
Derwent Road
Derwent Street
Desi Cafe
Desk Space
Dessert Mania
Dessert Time
Destiny House Church
Deveron Road
Devon Road
Devonshire Arms
Devonshire Business Park
Devonshire Chippy
Devonshire Close
Devonshire Drive
Devonshire Glen
Devonshire Grove
Devonshire Lane
Devonshire Road
Devonshire Street
Devonshire Terrace Road (S17)
Dewar Drive (S7)
Dewhill Avenue
DIAH Home Brewing
Dial Close
Dial House Court
Dial House Road
Dial Way
Diane Lukeman Designs
Dibco Tools
Dickens Close
Dickens Road
Dickenson Court
Dickey Lane
Dickinson Road
Dickory Dock Nursery
Digby Close
Diggers Downhill
Dikelands Mount
Diners Delight
Dining Room
Dinnington Road
Diocese of Hallam Pastoral Centre
Direct Shop and Sew
Discount Office Furniture Centre
Dishwell Lane
Ditchingham Street
Division Lane
Division Street
Dixon Drive
Dixon Lane
Dixon Road
Dixon Street
D.J. Angling Centre
DJ's Sarni Bar
DJB Recycling
Djireh African Fashion Boutique
Djireh Air & Sea Cargo
DL Company
Dobb Lane
Dobbin Court
Dobbin Hill
Dobbs Close
Dobcroft Avenue
Dobcroft Close (S11)
Dobcroft Infant School
Dobcroft Road
Dobholme Farm
Dobroyd Avenue
Doctor Lane
Dodd Street
Dodds Close
Dodson Drive
Doe Lane
Doe Lea Farm
Doe Royd Crescent
Doe Royd Drive
Doe Royd Lane
Dog & Partridge
Dog Leg Bench
Dolce Gelateria
Doles Lane
Dolly's Pantry
Domine Lane
Dominoe Grove
Domo Restaurant
Don Avenue
Don Grange
Don Guiseppe's
Don Road
Don Saw Mills
Don Street
Don Valley Bowl Arc Furnace Charking Basket
Don Valley Hotel
Doncaster Gate
Doncaster Place
Doncaster Road
Doncaster Street
Donetsk Way
Donetsk Way Roundabout
Dong Fang Garden
Donnington Road
Donovan Close
Donovan Road
Dore & Totley United Reformed Church
Dore and Totley Golf Club
Dore Cafe
Dore Close (S17)
Dore Club
Dore Commemorative Plaque
Dore Hall Croft
Dore Lodge Gardens
Dore Masonic Hall
Dore Moor House
Dore Moor Inn
Dore Moor Nursery
Dore Optician
Dore Primary School
Dore Recreation Ground
Dore Road (S17)
Dore Sports/Hs Crown Green Bowls Club
Dore War Memorial
Doric Temple
Dorking Street
Dormer Sports/Greenhill Park Crown Green Bowls Club
Dorothy Pax
Dorothy Road
Dorset Street
Dos Amigos
Double Barrel Steakhouse
Double Dragon
Double Somersault
DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Sheffield Park
Douglas Road
Douglas Street
Douse Croft Farm
Douse Croft Lane
Dove Lane
Dovecote Lane
Dovecott Lea (S20)
Dovedale Road
Dovedale Road (S7)
Doveholes Drive
Dover Gardens
Dover Road
Dover Street
Dovercourt Road
Dowcarr Lane
Dowland Avenue
Dowland Close
Dowland Court
Dowland Gardens
Down to Earth
Down's Row
Downgate Drive (S4)
Downham Road
Downing Lane
Downing Road
Dr. Martens
DR PRP Limited
Dragon Bridge
Dragon City
Dragon Inn
Dragon Tattoo
Drake Close
Drake House Crescent
Drake House Lane West
Drake House Way
Drakehouse Lane
Drakehouse Lane (S20)
Drakehouse Mill
Dransfield Close
Dransfield Road
Draper's Dance
Dream Divers Ltd
Dream Doors
Dress 2 Impress
Drew Decor Store
Driver Street (S13)
Driving Range
Dronfield Antiques
Dronfield Baptist Church
Dronfield Civic Hall
Dronfield Henry Fanshawe School
Dronfield Infant School
Dronfield Junior School
Dronfield Leisure Centre Cafe
Dronfield Library
Dronfield Police Station
Dronfield Post Office
Dronfield Road
Dronfield Scout Activity Centre
Dronfield Sports Centre
Dronfield Stonelow Junior School
Dronfield Swimming Pool
Dronfield War Memorial
Dronfield Woodhouse
Dronfield Woodhouse Post Office
Dronfield Woodhouse Sports & Social Club
Droppingwell Farm Close
Droppingwell Road
Drover Close
Drummond Crescent
Drummond Road
Drummond Street
Drury Lane
Dry Cleaners & Launderette
Dry Cleaning Coin Launder
Dryden Avenue
Dryden Drive
Dryden Road
Dryden Way
DS Automobiles Limited
DSA Autocentre
Duchess Road
Duchess Road Open Space
Duckham Drive
Ducksett Lane
Dudley Road (S6)
Dudley St Motors
Dudley Street (S62)
Duffield Place (S8 0DS)
Dugdale Drive
Dugdale Road
Duke Crescent
Duke Lane
Duke Street
Dukes Lane
Dukes Pizza
Dukes Place
Dulux Decorator's Centre
Dumbleton Road
Dumpling City
Dun Fields
Dun Lane
Dun Street
Duncan Road
Duncan Street
Duncombe Street
Dundas Road
Dunedin Glen
Dunedin Grove
Dunella Drive
Dunella Place
Dunella Road
Dungworth Green
Dunkeld Road (S11)
Dunkerley Road
Dunlin Close
Dunlop Street
Dunmow Road
Dunninc Road
Dunninc Terrace
Dunston Farm
Dur Dur Store
Durham Lane
Durham Place
Durham Road
Durham Way
Durlstone Close
Durlstone Crescent
Durlstone Drive
Durlstone Grove
Durmast Grove
Durnan Grove
Durvale Court
Dutton Road
DVLA Sheffield
DWP Hartshead Square
Dyche Close (S8)
Dyche Drive
Dyche Lane
Dyche Lane (S8)
Dyche Place
Dyche Road
Dyche Road (S8)
Dycott Road
Dyke Vale Avenue
Dyke Vale Close
Dyke Vale Place
Dyke Vale Road
Dyke Vale Way
Dykes Hall Convenience
Dykes Hall Gardens
Dykes Hall Place
Dykes Hall Road
Dykes Lane
Dykes Lane News
Dykewood Drive
Dyson Holmes Farm
Dyson Holmes Lane
Dyson Place

E & D Steel
E-ACT Pathways Academy
Eadon Lockwood & Riddle
Eagle Lane
Eagle View
Eagleton Drive (S35)
Eagleton Rise
Earl Grey
Earl Marshal Road
Earl Marshall Guest House
Earl Street
Earl Way
Earldom Close
Earldom Drive
Earldom Road
Earldom Street
Earls Court
Early Bar
Earsham Street
Earth Claims
East and West
East Avenue
East Bank Place
East Bank Road
East Bank Way
East Bawtry Road
East Coast Road
East Crescent
East Dene
East Dene Primary
East Earsham Street
East Glade Avenue
East Glade Close
East Glade Crescent
East Glade Dell
East Glade Place
East Glade Road
East Glade Square
East Glade Way
East Grove Road
East Herringthorpe Post Office
East Hill Gardens
East Lodge
East Parade (S1 2ET)
East Road
East Vale Drive
East View Avenue
East View Terrace
Eastcroft Close
Eastcroft Drive
Eastcroft Glen
Eastcroft View
Eastcroft Way
Eastern Avenue
Eastern Crescent
Eastern Drive
Eastern Walk
Eastfield Place
Eastfield Road
Eastgate (S6)
Eastwood Fish & Chips
Eastwood Lane
Eastwood Mount
Eastwood Road
Eastwood (S6)
Eastwood Vale
Eastwood View
Easy Bathrooms
Easy Foods
Easy Tan

easyHotel Sheffield City Centre

Eat In
Eaton House Farm
Eaton Place
EBC Properties
Eben Street (S9)
Ebenezer Elliott
Ebenezer Place
Ebenezer Street
Eccles Street
Ecclesall All Saints
Ecclesall Garage
Ecclesall Lawn Tennis Club
Ecclesall Library
Ecclesall Lighting & Electrical Supplies
Ecclesall Logs
Ecclesall Motor Company
Ecclesall Primary School
Ecclesall Road
Ecclesall Road South
Ecclesall War Memorial
Ecclesall Woods Sawmill
Ecclesfield Business Centre
Ecclesfield Chinese Takeaway
Ecclesfield Close
Ecclesfield Court
Ecclesfield Grill
Ecclesfield Library
Ecclesfield Mews
Ecclesfield Parish Council
Ecclesfield Park Crown Green Bowls Club
Ecclesfield Police Station
Ecclesfield Primary School
Ecclesfield Priory
Ecclesfield Red Rose FC
Ecclesfield Road
Ecclesfield School
Ecclesfield Way
Ecclesfield Working Men's Club
Eccleshall Road South
Echo Cafe
Eckington Ambulance Station
Eckington Boys Football Club
Eckington Civic Centre
Eckington Friendship Hall
Eckington Junior School
Eckington Library and Information Centre
Eckington Methodist Church
Eckington News
Eckington Post Office
Eckington Road
Eckington School
Eckington Snooker Centre
Eckington Swimming Pool
Eckington Way
Edale Road
Eden Drive
Eden Glade
Eden Grove
Eden Hair
Eden Off Licence
Eden View
Edenhall Road
Edensor Road
Edenthorpe Dell
Edenthorpe Grove
Edge Bank
Edge Close
Edge End Farm
Edge Lane
Edge Mount
Edge Well Close
Edge Well Crescent
Edge Well Drive
Edge Well Place
Edge Well Rise
Edge Well Way
Edgebrook Road
Edgedale Motors
Edgedale Road (S7)
Edgedale Service Station
Edgefield Road (S7)
Edgehill Road (S7 1SP)
Edgemount Road
Edith Brooks Memorial
Edmund Avenue
Edmund Close
Edmund Court
Edmund Drive
Edmund Road
Edmund Road Business Centre
Edo Sushi
Edward Street
Edward Street Park
Edwin Road
Effingham Arms
Effingham Auto Centre
Effingham D.I.Y.
Effingham Lane
Effingham Road
Effingham Road Motor Co.
Effingham Square
Effingham Street
EGCA (Coal Aston)
Egerton Close
Egerton Lane
Egerton Road
Egerton Street
Egerton Walk
Ego at The Dore Moor Inn
Ego Mediterranean Restaurant and Bar
E.H. Middleton & Sons Decorators
Eight Foot Way
Eilam Close
Eilam Road
EIS Cafe
Ekin Street
El Greco
El Lupo's
El Paso
El. Substation
Elahi Jame Mosque
Elaine Davison
Elcroft Gadens
Elcroft Gardens
Elder Court
Elder Drive
Elderberries and Hazel
Elderberry Close
Eldertree Lodge
Eldertree Road
Eldon Road
Eldon Street
Eleanor Street
Electric Motor Suppliers Ltd
Electrical Wholesale Sheffield
Electricity Sub Station
Elgin Street
Elgitha Drive
Elim Christian Centre
Elim Pentecostal Church
Elios Coffee Lounge
Elite Beauty Clinic
Elite Wax Group
Elizabeth Road
Ella Road
Ellen Tree Close
Ellenbro Road
Ellerton Convenience
Ellerton Road
Ellesmere Food & News
Ellesmere Road
Ellesmere Road North
Ellesmere Road Post Office
Ellesmere Terrace
Ellesmere Walk
Elley Whitham
Ellin Street
Elliot Road
Elliott Court
Elliott Drive
Elliott Grove
Elliott Lane (S30)
Elliottville Street
Ellis Street
Ellison Street
Ellisons Road
Ellorslie Drive
Elm Close
Elm Crescent
Elm Drive
Elm Gardens
Elm Grove
Elm Lane
Elm Lane Fire Station
Elm Lane Post Office
Elm Lane (S5)
Elm Place
Elm Rise
Elm Road
Elm Road (S20)
Elm Tree Crescent
Elm Tree Farm
Elm Tree Police Station
Elm Tree Road
Elm View Road
Elmdale Close
Elmfield Avenue (S5)
Elmham Road
Elmhirst Drive
Elmore Kindergarten
Elmore Road
Elmville Avenue
Elmwood Drive
Elmwood Farm
Elsham Close
Elstree Drive
Elstree Road
Eltham Croft (S7)
Elton Lane
Elvaston Close
Elvaston Way
Elwood Road
Embankment Road
Emerson Close (S5)
Emerson Crescent
Emerson Drive
Emily Bridal
Emily Road
Emily Thatcher
Emin Supermarket
Emmanuel Anglican/Methodist Junior School
Emmanuel Church
Emmaus Catholic and CofE Primary School
Emmaus Secondhand Superstore
Empire Barbers
Empire Convenience Store
Empire News
Empire Road
Empire Road Roundabout
Endcliffe Avenue
Endcliffe Crescent
Endcliffe Edge
Endcliffe Glen Road
Endcliffe Grove Avenue
Endcliffe Hall
Endcliffe Hall Avenue
Endcliffe Park Cafe
Endcliffe Park Playground
Endcliffe Rise Road
Endcliffe Student Village
Endcliffe Terrace Road
Endcliffe Vale Avenue
Endcliffe Vale Road
Endcliffe Wheel Marker Post
Endfield Road
Endowood Road
Energy Alloys
Enfield Place
Engin’s Bar & Grill
English Institute of Sport Sheffield
English Language Teaching Centre, The University of Sheffield
English Martyrs Chapel
Ennerdale Avenue
Ennerdale Close
Ennerdale Drive
Enormous Art
Enterprise Way
Entrance lobby
Entwhistle Road
Enver's Bar and Grill
EPPiC Theatre
Epping Gardens
Epping Grove
Equity Law Chambers
Eric Eyre
Eric Eyre Funeral Service
Eric Gilberts
Eric Stead
Ernest Copley House
Ernest Hardy Court
Errington Avenue
Errington Crescent
Errington Road
Errington Way
Erskine Crescent
Erskine Road
Erskine View
Eskdale Close
Eskdale Road
Esperanto Place
Essendine Crescent
Essential beauty Clinic
Essex Road
Essington Bros Ltd.
Esso Tesco Fuel Station
Estate Road
Estone Drive
Etwall Way
Euchner UK
Euro Car Parts
Euro Cell
Euro Locksmith
Euro Motor Company
Eurobroid Ltd
Europa Avenue
Europa Close
Europa Court
Europa Drive
Europa Link
Europa View
Europa Way
Eva Ratcliffe House
Evans Cycles
Evans Halshaw Ford
Evans Halshaw Renault
Evans Street
Eve Kitchen
Evelyn Road
Evelyn Street
Ever Fresh
Everard Avenue
Everard Drive
Everard Glade
Everest Express
Everest Restaurant
Everingham Close
Everingham Crescent
Everingham Place
Everingham Road
Everton Road
Eves Fruit Stores
Evesham Close
EW Pearson and Sons
Ewden Valley
Ewers Road
Excel Computers
Exchange Gateway
Exchange Place
Exchange Street
Executive Boxes
Exeter Drive
Exeter Place
Exeter Way
Exley Avenue
Expert Bike Repair
Express Dial A Pizza
Extra Life Gaming Lounge
Extra Time
Eyam Road
Eyam Way
Eye of Needle
Eyncourt Road
Eyre Court
Eyre Crescent
Eyre Gardens
Eyre Lane
Eyre Lane Depot
Eyre Street

F & D Construction and Surfacing Ltd
F Funks
F W Wallace Ltd
F&W Collins Ltd
Fabian Way
Face Lift Barbers
Faces by AS Aesthetics
Faces of Park Hill
Factory 2050 Mk I
Factory 2050 MkII
Factory Floor
Fade & Blade
Fair View Drive
Fairbank Road
Fairbank View
Fairbarn Close
Fairbarn Drive
Fairbarn Place
Fairbarn Road
Fairbarn Way
Fairburn Gardens
Fairfax Drive
Fairfax Rise
Fairfax Road
Fairfield Close
Fairfield Heights
Fairfields Chase
Fairfields Grove
Fairfields Way
Fairholme Heights
Fairhurst Lane
Fairleigh Drive
Fairmount Gardens
Fairmount Nursery
Fairthorn Road
Fairview Road
Fairwinds Close
Fairy Pizza
Falafel House
Falafel King
Falcon Drive
Falcon Rise
Falcon Road
Falconer Farm
Falconer Lane
Falconer Way
Falding Street
Falkland Road
Fallon Road
Falmouth Road
Falstaff Crescent
Falstaff Road
Families Relief Recycle
Family Fish Bar
Family Shopper
Fancy Dress
Fancy Goods
Fane Crescent
Fanny Avenue
Fanshaw Avenue
Fanshaw Bank
Fanshaw Close
Fanshaw Drive
Fanshaw Gate Lane
Fanshaw Road
Fanshaw Way
Far Crescent
Far Dalton Lane
Far Field Road
Far House
Far Lane
Far Lane Convenience Store
Far Lane Post Office
Far Place
Far View Road (S5)
Faraday Road
Faranden Road
Farcroft Grove
Fardell Gardens
Farfield Inn
Farfield Road
Farish Place
Farlow Croft
Farlow Road
Farm Bank Road
Farm Close
Farm Crescent
Farm Fields Close
Farm Lane
Farm Road
Farm Road Social Club
Farm View Close
Farm View Drive
Farm View Gardens
Farm View Road
Farmoor Gardens
Farmoor Gardens (S20)
Farmstead Close
Farnaby Drive (S35)
Farnaby Gardens
Farnaby Road (S35)
Farndale Road
Farnley Avenue
Farnsworth Road
Farnsworth Ryecroft Farm
Farrar Road
Farrier Gate
Farriers Way
Farrington Court
Farwater Lane
Fast Signs
Fast Tan - Tan Centre
Fast Track
Fat Face
Fat Hippo
Fat Hippo Burger
Fathers Gardens
Favell Road
Fawcett Street
Fay Crescent
Feline Tattoo
Fell Road
Fell Street
Fellbrigg Road
Fellowsfield Way
Fence Farm
Fenlons Butties & Sugar Treats
Fenney Way
Fenton Croft
Fenton Drive
Fenton Fields
Fenton Road
Fenton Street
Fenton Way
Fentonville Street
Feoffees Road
Ferguson Street
Ferham Close
Ferham Park Avenue
Ferham Park (Treeton) Crown Green Bowls Club
Ferham Park/Rotherham Royal Mail/Barkers Park Crown Green Bowls Club
Ferham Primary School
Ferham Road
Fern Avenue (S20)
Fern Close
Fern Court
Fern Glen
Fern Glen Farm
Fern Hollow
Fern Road
Fern View Close
Fern View Grove
Fern Way
Fernbank Drive
Ferncroft Avenue
Ferndale Close
Ferndale Drive
Ferndale Rise
Ferndale Road
Fernlea Grove
Fernleigh Drive
Fernvale Walk
Ferrars Close
Ferrars Drive
Ferrars Road
Ferrars Way
Ferriby Road
Ferry Meadows
Fersfield Street
Festival Close
Fiddle Neck Lane
Field Close
Field Lane
Field Library
Field View
Field View Court
Field Way
Fielder Mews
Fieldhead Road
Fieldhouse Way
Fielding Drive
Fielding Grove
Fielding Road
Fieldsend Gardens
Fieldside Court
Fife Close
Fife Gardens
Fife Street
Fife Street Stores
Fife Way
Figtree Lane
Filey Lane
Filey Street
Filter Cottages
Filthy Gorgeous
Finch Close
Finch Rise
Finchwell Close
Finchwell Crescent
Finchwell Rise
Finchwell Road
Findon Crescent
Findon Place
Findon Road
Findon Street
Fine Fabrics
Fine Fittings Company
Finishing Touch
Finlay Road
Finlay Street
Fir Place
Fir Road
Fir Street
Fir Tree Drive
Fir Vale
Fir Vale Pharmacy
Fir Vale Place
Fir Vale Road
Fir Vale School
Fir View Gardens
Firbeck Road (S8)
Fircroft Avenue
Fircroft Road
Fired Arts
Firehouse Fitness
FirePit Rocks
Firs Farm
Firshill Avenue
Firshill Close
Firshill Crescent
Firshill Croft
Firshill Estate
Firshill Glade
Firshill Rise
Firshill Road
First Avenue
First Lane
First Start
Firth Close
Firth Drive
Firth Estates
Firth Park
Firth Park Academy
Firth Park Avenue
Firth Park Crescent
Firth Park Fish and Chicks
Firth Park Library
Firth Park Methodist Church
Firth Park Mini Market
Firth Park Road
Firth Park W.M.C.
Firth Street
Firthwood Avenue
Firthwood Close
Firthwood Drive
Firthwood Garage
Firthwood Road
Firtree Rise
Firvale Way
Fish & Chips
Fish & Kebab Bar
Fish and chips
Fish and Chips
Fish Bar
Fisher Close
Fisher Lane
Fishers Pet Stores
Fishing Republic
Fishponds Road
Fishponds Road West
Fishponds View
Fitness Superstore
Fitzalan Road
Fitzalan Square
Fitzalan Way
Fitzgerald Road
Fitzhubert Road
Fitzmaurice Road
Fitzroy Road
Fitzwalter Road
Fitzwilliam And Hughes
Fitzwilliam Court
Fitzwilliam Gate
Fitzwilliam Road
Fitzwilliam Square
Fitzwilliam Street
Fitzwilliam Street (S62)
Fitzwilliam Walk
Fitzwilliams Arms Hotel
Five Guys
Five Magics
Five Star Fish Bar
Five Trees Avenue
Five Trees Close
Five Trees Drive

five ways

Five Weirs Walk
Fivegates Farm
Fiveways Convenience Stores
Fiveways Therapy Centre
Flame Fusion
Flames of Sheffield
Flanders Court
Flanderwell Avenue
Flanderwell Court
Flanderwell Gardens
Flanderwell Lane
Flanderwell Primary School
Flash Farm
Flash Lane
Flask View
Flat Lane
Flat Street
Flatts Close
Flatts Lane
Flavourz Cafe
Flaxby Road
Fleet Lane
Fleming Gardens
Fleming Way
Fletcher Robinson Ltd
Fletcher's Bakery
Fleury Close
Fleury Crescent
Fleury Place
Fleury Rise
Fleury Road
Flockton Avenue
Flockton Crescent
Flockton Drive
Flockton Road
Flodden Street
Floodgate Drive
Flora Street
Florence Avenue
Florence Road
Flower Bowl
Flowers by Victoria
Flue Supplies
Fluffball Dog Grooming
Flying Dragon
Flying Fish
FM Stores
Focus & Move
Fold Farm
Folderings Lane
Folds Crescent (S8)
Folds Drive (S8)
Folds Lane
Folds Lane (S8)
Foley Street
Foljambe Drive
Foljambe Road
Foljambe Street
Folkwood Grove (S11)
Follett Road
Follow Your Dreams
Fone Fun Shop
Fones Activ
Fonez World
Food Fusion
Food Plus
Food Ranch
Food Target
Food Works


Footgate Close
Forbes Road
Ford Road
Ford Valley Farm
Foremark Road
Forest Close
Forest Edge
Forest Lodge
Forge Bakehouse
Forge Bakery
Forge Bridge
Forge Dam Cafe
Forge Dam Playground
Forge Hill
Forge Island
Forge Lane
Forge Road
Forge Valley Cycle Circuit
Forge Valley Footpath (1933)
Forge Valley School
Forge Way
Former Crinoline Bridge Inn
Former Hazlebarrow Primary School
Former John Lewis/Cole Brothers building
Formula One Autocentres
Forncett Street
Fornham Street
Forres Avenue
Forres Road
Forrester Close
Forrester's Lane
Fort Elbow
Fort Hill Road
Forth Avenue
Fortway Road
Forum Kitchen + Bar
Forward to Ethiopia
Fossdale Road (S7)
Foster Road
Foster Thorpe
Foster Way
Foster's Buildings
Foster's Off Licence (Bali News)
Fosters Cycles
Fosters House Furnishers
Foundry Cafe
Foundry Place
Foundry Street (S62)
Fountain Gardens
Fountains Crescent
Four Corners
Four Lanes
Four Rooms Antiques
Four Seasons
Four Wells Drive
Fox & Duck
Fox & Hounds
Fox and Hounds
Fox Close
Fox Glen Road
Fox Hagg Farm
Fox Hagg Farm Camp Site
Fox Hill
Fox Hill Close
Fox Hill Crescent
Fox Hill Drive
Fox Hill Place
Fox Hill Primary
Fox Hill Road
Fox Hill Way
Fox Holes Lodge
Fox House
Fox House Lane
Fox Lane
Fox Lane Court
Fox Lane View
Fox Road
Fox Street
Fox Walk
Fox Way
Fox's Yard
Foxcote Lea
Foxcroft Chase
Foxcroft Drive
Foxcroft Grove
Foxdale Avenue
Foxfield Close
Foxglove Road
Foxhall Lane
Foxhill Pharmacy
Foxhill Service Centre
Foxstone Way
Foxwood Avenue
Foxwood Drive
Foxwood Grove
Foxwood Road
Foys Solicitors
Frame-Ups Windows
Framed Interiors
Framlingham Place
Framlingham Road
France Road
France Street
Frances Street
Francis Crescent North
Francis Crescent South
Francis Drive
Francis Grove
Frank Hillock Field
Frank Place
Frank Wright Close (S2 3RE)
Frankie & Benny's
Frankly My Deer
Fraser Close
Fraser Crescent
Fraser Drive
Fraser Estate
Fraser Road
Fraser Walk
Frecheville Community Sports & Social Club
Frecheville Heath (a.k.a. The Crags)
Frecheville Library
Frecheville Park/Intake Noahs Ark Crown Green Bowls Club
Frecheville Post Office
Fred Edwards Park
Fred Mulley Road
Frederick Drive
Frederick Road
Frederick Street
Fredrick Street
Freedom Court
Freedom Hair
Freedom House
Freedom Road
Freeman Gardens (S35)
Freeman Road
Freemans Court
Freeston Place (S9 2LZ)
Frehiwet Habesha
Fresh & Fast
Fresh Choice Noodle Bar
Fresh Kitchen
Fresh Start Cafe
Fretson Close
Fretson Green
Fretson Park
Fretson Road
Fretson Road South
Fretwell Road
Friar Close
Frickley Road
Friers Croft
Frillys Boutique
Frith Close
Frith Road
Frithwood Drive
Frog & Parrot
Frog Walk
Frog Walk (Porter Brook Path)
Froggatt Lane
Frogmore Close
Frogpool Farm
Frogson Waste Management
Front Runner
Front Street
Frostings Close (S30)
Fulford Close
Fulford Place
Full Stop Cafe
Fullerton Crescent
Fullerton Drive
Fullerton Road
Fullwood Hall
Fulmar Way
Fulmer Road
Fulmere Crescent
Fulmere Road
Fulney Road
Fulton Road
Fulwood Chase (S10)
Fulwood Grange Farm
Fulwood Guildhall
Fulwood Hardware
Fulwood Head Farm
Fulwood Head Road
Fulwood House
Fulwood Lane
Fulwood Motor Company
Fulwood Old Chapel
Fulwood Road
Fulwood Sports Club
Fun Park
Funk D Punk
Funky Diva's
Furnace Hill
Furnace Lane (S13)
Furness Close
Furness Road
Furniss Avenue (S17)
Furniss Mews
Furniture Factory
Furniture Village
Furnival Close
Furnival Gate
Furnival Road
Furnival Square
Furnival Street
Furnival Way
Fusion Organic Cafe
Fusion Tyres

G. P. Autos
G's Motor Spares
Gaard Coffee Hide
Gails Bakery
Gainsborough Close
Gainsborough Road
Gainsford Road
Gallery 33
Galley Drive
Gallow Tree Road
Galsworthy Avenue
Galsworthy Road
Galway Close
Game Lane
Gamston Road
Gannow Close
Ganton Road


Garbroads Crescent
Garden Cafe and Sweets
Garden Centre
Garden Close
Garden Crescent
Garden Kitchen
Garden Lane
Garden Square
Garden Street
Garden Walk
Gardom Close
Garfield Mount
Garland Close
Garland Croft
Garland Drive
Garland Farm
Garland Mount
Garland Way
Garry Road
Garter Street
Garth Close
Gartrice Gardens
Gartrice Grove
Gashouse Lane
Gate Farm
Gate Inn
Gatefield House
Gatefield Road
Gateway Close
Gateway Court
Gateway Place
Gather Hair Collective
Gatling Guitars
Gatty Road
Gaunt Close
Gaunt Drive
Gaunt Drive (S14)
Gaunt Place
Gaunt Road
Gaunt Road (S14)
Gaunt Way
Gaunt Way (S14)
Gayton Road
Gazzards for Decorating
GB News
GB Wang Clinic
GD Machinery
GEA Denco Limited
GEC/Civil Service/UEF Shardlows Crown Green Bowls Club
Geer Lane
Geer Lane Farm
Gelato Passion
Gell Street
Genting Club
Gentleman Fox
Gents Division
Geoffs DIY
George & Dragon
George Marshall
George Place
George Street
George Wright Boutique Hotel
George's Sandwich Shop
Georgian Mews
Gerald Street
Gerard Avenue
Gerard Close (S8)
Gerard Road
Gerard Street (S8)
German Doner Kebab
Gerry's Bakery
Gerry’s Bakery
Gervase Avenue
Gervase Drive
Gervase Place
Gervase Road
Gervase Walk
GH White & Co
Gibbing Greaves Road
Gibbons Drive (S14)
Gibbons Walk
Gibbons Way (S14)
Gibraltar Buildings Apartments
Gibraltar Street
Gifford Road
Gigi's Cucina
Gilbert & Armstrong
Gilbert & Sons
Gilbert Street
Gilberthorpe Drive (S65)
Gilberthorpe Street (S65)
Gilder Volkswagen
Gill Close
Gill Croft
Gill Meadows
Gilleyfield Avenue
Gillot Dell
Gillott Lane
Gillott Road
Gilmour Avenue
Gilmours Coffee Shop
Gilpin Lane
Gilpin Street
Gin Bar
Gin House Farm
Gin House Lane Landfill Site
Ginhouse Lane
Giordano Pizza
Gipsy Lane
Gisborne Road
Glade Croft
Glade Lea
Gladstone Mews
Gladstone Road
Gladys Street (S65)
Glasshouse Lane
Glasshouse Street
Gleadless & District Conservative Club
Gleadless Avenue
Gleadless Bank
Gleadless Common
Gleadless Common Playground
Gleadless Court
Gleadless Drive
Gleadless Methodist Church
Gleadless Mount
Gleadless Post Office
Gleadless Primary School
Gleadless Rise
Gleadless Road
Gleadless Road (S2)
Gleadless United Reformed Church
Gleadless Valley
Gleadless View
Gleadless War Memorial
Glebe Close
Glebe Crescent
Glebe Road
Glebeland Close
Glen House
Glen Mount
Glen Road
Glen Vale
Glen View
Glen View Road
Glenalmond Road
Glencoe Drive
Glencoe Place
Glencoe Road
Glenholme Drive
Glenholme Place
Glenholme Road
Glenholme Way
Glenmill Carpets
Glenmore Croft
Glenorchy Road
Glentilt Road
Glenwood Court (S6)
Glenwood Crescent
Glenwood Drive (S6)
Glenwood Mews
Global Sewing
Global tax
Global Travel
Globe Steel Works Events Venue
Globe Works
Glossop Lane
Glossop Road
Glossop Row
Gloucester Crescent
Gloucester Road
Gloucester Street
Glover Road
Gnome Student Homes
Go Local
Go Local Extra
Go Outdoors
Goals (Indoor facilities)
Goathland Close (S13)
Goathland Drive (S13)
Goathland Place (S13)
Goathland Road (S13)
Goddard Hall Road
Godfrey Sykes Memorial
Godric Drive
Godric Green
Godric Road
Godstone Road
Gold Cut Barbers
Goldcrest Walk
Golden Ball
Golden Bird
Golden Bowl
Golden City
Golden Oak Dell
Golden Palace
Golden Plover
Golden Putter
Golden Schissors
Golden Star
Golden Stitches
Golden Taste
Goldsmith Drive
Goldsmith Road
Golf Fang
Golocal Convenience Store
Good Knight
Good Taste - the Sheffield Fair Trade shop
Good Vibrations
Good Vogue
Goodison Crescent
Goodison Rise
Goodwin Avenue
Goodwin Road
Goodwin Road (S8)
Goodwin Sports Centre
Goodwin Sports Hall
Goodyfield Farm
Goore Avenue (S9)
Goore Drive
Goore Road
Goose Court
Goose Lane
Goosebutt Court
Goosebutt Street
Goosecarr Lane
Goosecroft Avenue
Gordon Avenue (S8)
Gordon Road
Gordon Terrace
Gorgeous Hair and Beauty
Gorse Drive
Gorse Lane
Gorseland Court
Gorsey Brigg
Gorseybrigg Primary School and Nursery
Gosber Road
Gosber Street
Gosforth Crescent
Gosforth Drive
Gosforth Fields
Gosforth Fields Sports Association
Gosforth Green
Gosforth Lane
Gotham Road
Gough Close
Gourmet Curry House
Gower Street
Gower Way
Grace Church
Grace Owen Nursery School
Grace's Fabrics
Graffiti Bar and Kitchen
Grafton Street
Grafton Way
Graham Avenue
Graham Road
Graham Road (S10)
Graham Stuart Construction Ltd
Graham's Tyres
Grammar Street
Granary Café
Granby Road
Grand Interior Designs
Grand Kerala
Grange Avenue
Grange Cliffe Close (S11)
Grange Close
Grange Court
Grange Crescent
Grange Crescent Road
Grange Drive
Grange Farm Close
Grange Farm Drive
Grange Landfill (Droppingwell Tip)
Grange Lane
Grange Mill Lane
Grange Park Golf Course
Grange Road
Grange Road (S20)
Grange View Crescent
Grange View Fisheries
Grange View Road
Grant's Autos
Granville Lane
Granville Road
Granville Square
Granville Street
Granville Terrace
Grapes Inn
Grasby Court
Grasmere Road (S8)
Grassdale View
Grassington Close
Grassington Drive
Grassington Way
Grassmoor Close
Grassthorpe Road
Grattan Street
Grave of John Blake (Master Cutler)
Graven Close (S30)
Graves Health and Sports Centre
Graves Park Animal Farm
Graves Park Pitch & Putt
Graves Trust Homes
Gray Avenue
Gray Close
Gray Street
Grayson Close
Grayson Road
Grayson's Plumbing & Heating Supplies
Graysons Solicitors
Greasbro Road
Greasbrough Lane
Greasbrough Library
Greasbrough Park
Greasbrough Park Crown Green Bowls Club
Greasbrough Park playground
Greasbrough Post Office
Greasbrough Primary School
Greasbrough Road
Greasbrough Road (S62)
Greasbrough Street
Greasbrough Working Mens Club
Great Bank Road
Great Croft
Great Eastern Way
Great Park Road
Greatfold Farm
Greaves Close
Greaves Lane
Greaves Road
Greaves Street
Greaves Wealth Management
Greek Blue Sky
Greek Gods Cuisine
Greek Gyros
Green Acres
Green Bank Drive
Green Chase
Green Court
Green Cross
Green End Farm
Green Estates
Green Finch Close
Green Fold
Green Holdings
Green House Farm
Green Lane
Green Lane to Wood End
Green Lea
Green Leaves
Green Oak Avenue
Green Oak Crescent
Green Oak Drive
Green Oak Grove
Green Oak Road
Green Pastures
Green Rise
Green Street
Greenacre Close
Greenacre Way
Greenacres View
Greencroft Close
Greendale News
Greenfield Close
Greenfield Court
Greenfield Drive
Greenfield Gardens
Greenfield Grove
Greenfield Road
Greengate Close
Greengate Court (S35)
Greengate Lane
Greengate Lane Academy
Greengate Lane (S13)
Greengate Road
Greenhall Road
Greenhead Gardens
Greenhead Lane
Greenhill Avenue
Greenhill Main Road
Greenhill Methodist Church
Greenhill Parkway
Greenhill Pharmacy
Greenhill Post Office
Greenhill Primary School
Greenhill Road (S8)
Greenhill Skate Park
Greenhouse Lane
Greenhow Street
Greenland Cars
Greenland Close
Greenland Court
Greenland Drive
Greenland Road
Greenland Road (S9)
Greenland Road; Broughton Lane
Greenland View
Greenland Way
Greenock Street
Greens Car Spares
Greens Road
Greenside Mews
Greentop Circus Centre
Greenwood Avenue (S9)
Greenwood Close (S9)
Greenwood Crescent
Greenwood Drive
Greenwood Lane (S13)
Greenwood Road
Greenwood Way
Greetings Cafe
Greeton Drive
Gregg House Crescent
Gregg House Road
Greggs Outlet
Gregory Road
Grenfolds Road (S35)
Greno Crescent
Greno Gate
Greno View Road (S35)
Greno Wood Court (S30)
Greno Wood House
Grenobank Road
Grenomoor Close (S30)
Grenoside Grange Close
Grenoside Methodist Church
Grenoside Mount (S35)
Grenoside Park Crown Green Bowls Club
Grenoside Skate Park
Grenoside War Memorial
Gresham Avenue
Gresham Road
Gresley Road
Gresley Walk
Grey Matter
Greystock Crown Green Bowls Club
Greystock Street
Greystones Avenue
Greystones Close
Greystones Court
Greystones Crescent
Greystones Drive
Greystones Fish Bar
Greystones Grange
Greystones Grange Crescent
Greystones Grange Road
Greystones Hall Road
Greystones Pre-School
Greystones Primary School
Greystones Rise
Greystones Road
Greystones Road Post Office
Greystones Road Primitive Methodist Chapel
Greystones Store
Griffiths Close
Griffiths Road (S35)
Grill and Go
Grill House
Grimesthorpe Road
Grimesthorpe Road South
Grimesthorpe Works Goods Yard
Grimethorpe Wesleyan Reformed Church
Grimsell Close
Grimsell Crescent
Grimsell Drive
Grimsell Walk
Grinders Hill
Grinding hull
Grindlow Close
Grindlow Drive
Gringoz Pizza
Grizedale Avenue
Grizedale Close (S20)
Grosvenor Road
Grosvenor Square
Grouse Croft
Grouse Street
Grove and Hillsborough Park Crown Green Bowls Club
Grove Avenue
Grove House Court (S17)
Grove Road
Grove Road (S17)
Grove Road (S7)
Grove Square
Grove Tennis Club
Grove Walk
GSM World One
Guernsey House
Guernsey Road
Guest Place
Guest Road
Guest's Tea Room
Guilbert Avenue
Guild Road
Guildford Avenue
Guildford Rise
Guildford View
Guildford Walk
Guilthwaite Common Lane
Guilthwaite Crescent
Gulling Wood Drive
Gulliver's Valley Resort
Gun Lane
Gunsons Repair Services Ltd
Gurth Drive
Guzzle MicroPub
Gypsy Queen

H Boldock
H R Cars
H S Eyecare
H&T Pawnbrokers
H20 Bathroom Solutions
Habberjam Farm
Habershon Drive
Habershon Road
Hackenthorpe 66kV/11kV Substation
Hackenthorpe Hall Nursery
Hackenthorpe Post Office
Hackness Lane
Hackthorn Road (S8)
Haddon Close
Haddon Rise
Haddon Street
Haddon Way
Haden Street
Hadfield Cawkwell Davidson
Hadfield Close (S9)
Hadfield Street
Hadfield View
Hadleigh Close
Hadrian Road
Haelo Mansion
Hafiz Store
Hagg Hill
Hagg Hill (S6)
Hagg Lane
Haggard Road
Hagglers Corner
Haggstones Drive
Haggstones Road
Hague Avenue
Hague Lane
Hague Lane (S35)
Hague News
Haigh Moor Close
Haigh Moor Road
Haigh Moor Way
Haighenfield Farm
Hail Mary Drive
Hail Mary top path
Hair & Scalp Consultancy
Hair All Day
Hair by Design
Hair Healers
Hair St Pauls
Hair Stylist
Hair Union
Halal Meat Centre
Halal Sunday Munch
Halcyon Close
Haldane Road
Hale Street
Halesworth Road
Half Moon
Halfords Auto Centre
Halfords Autocentre
Halfway Close
Halfway Drive
Halfway Gardens
Halfway Junior School
Halfway Nursery Infant School
Halifax Hall
Halifax Hall Gate House
Halifax Road
Hall Close
Hall Close Avenue
Hall Court
Hall Crescent
Hall Croft
Hall Farm
Hall Farm Close
Hall Farm Mews
Hall Grove
Hall Lane Farm
Hall Meadow Croft
Hall Meadow Drive
Hall Meadow Grove
Hall Mews
Hall Park Head
Hall Park Hill
Hall Park Mount
Hall Road
Hall Street
Hall View
Hall Wood Road
Hallam Barbers
Hallam Ceramics
Hallam Chase
Hallam Close
Hallam Court
Hallam Cricket Club
Hallam Grange Close
Hallam Grange Crescent
Hallam Grange Croft (S10)
Hallam Grange Crown Green Bowls Club
Hallam Grange Rise (S10)
Hallam Grange Road (S10)
Hallam Hills
Hallam Lane
Hallam Place
Hallam Plumbing Supplies
Hallam Primary School
Hallam Road
Hallam Rock
Hallam Square
Hallam Way
Hallamgate Road
Hallamshire Close (S10)
Hallamshire Court
Hallamshire Drive
Hallamshire Golf Club
Hallamshire Hotel
Hallamshire House
Hallamshire Physiotherapy
Hallamshire Proprietary Crown Green Bowls Club
Hallamshire Road (S10)
Hallamshire Tennis and Squash Club
Hallcar Street
Hallcliffe Farm
Hallfield Farm
Hallfield Head Farm
Hallfield House
Hallgate Road
Halliwell Close
Halliwell Crescent
Hallow Gate
Hallowmoor Road
Halls Court
Hallside Court (S20)
Hallwood Rise
Hallworth Walk
Hallyburton Close
Hallyburton Drive
Hallyburton Road
Halmark Goldsmiths
Halo Nails
Halsall Avenue (S9)
Halsall Drive (S9)
Halsall Road
Halsbury Road
Halton Court
Ham Jam Carribean Barbers
Hamilton Road
Hammerton Close
Hammerton Road
Hammond Street
Hampden View Church
Hampstead Green
Hampton by Hilton
Hampton Road
Hamza Supermarket
Hancock Cars
Hand forges
Handley Street
Handmade Burger Co.
Hands Road
Handsome Hare
Handsworth Avenue
Handsworth Charcoal Grill
Handsworth Convenience Store
Handsworth Crescent
Handsworth Dry Cleaners
Handsworth Fish Bar
Handsworth Grange Close
Handsworth Grange Community Sports College
Handsworth Grange Crescent
Handsworth Grange Drive
Handsworth Grange Road
Handsworth Grange Way
Handsworth Iron Works
Handsworth Methodist Church
Handsworth Post Office
Handsworth Recreation Ground
Handsworth Rectory
Handsworth Road
Handsworth Social Club
Hangingwater Close
Hangingwater Road
Hangingwater Stores
Hangram Lane
Hangram Lane Farm
Hangthwaite Close
Hanley Close
Hanmoor Road
Hannah Road (S13)
Hanoi 75
Hanover Square
Hanover Street
Hanson Road
Hanwell Close
Happy Garden
Happy House
Happy Lemon
Happy Panda
Harbord Road (S8)
Harborough Avenue
Harborough Close
Harborough Drive
Harborough Rise
Harborough Road
Harborough Way
Harbury Street (S13)
Harcourt Crescent (S10)
Harcourt Rise
Harcourt Road
Harcourt Terrace
Hard Lane
Hardcastle Drive
Hardcastle Gardens
Hardcastle Gardens (S13)
Hardcastle Road
Hardcastle Road (S13)
Hardcores Building & Paving Supplies
Hardie Place
Hardie Street
Harding Avenue
Harding Close
Harding Court
Hardware Pet and Garden
Hardwick Close
Hardwick Crescent
Hardwick Grange
Hardwick Grange Farm
Hardwick Hall Farm
Hardwick Lane
Hardwick Street
Hardwicke Road
Hardy Place
Hardy's Gunsmiths
Hare & Hounds
Hare Hills Lane
Hare on the Park
Harefield Road
Harehills Road
Harewood Grove
Harewood Way
Hargrave Place
Harland Café
Harland Road
Harland Works
Harlech Close
Harlech Fold (S10)
Harlech Green (S10)
Harlech Grove
Harlech Grove (S10)
Harlech Mead (S10)
Harleston Street
Harley Road (S11)
Harley Street Cosmetic
Harlington Way
Harmer Lane
Harmony Way
Harney Close
Harold Croft
Harold Street
Haroon Barber Shop
Harpers Fashion
Harphams News Agents
Harrington Road
Harris Grove
Harris Quarries
Harris Road
Harrison Cameras
Harrison Lane
Harrison Road
Harrison Street
Harrogate Road
Harrop Drive
Harrop Lane
Harrow Street
Harrowden Road
Harry Brearley Building
Harry Firth Close
Harry's Fish Bar
Harry's General Store
Hart Hill
Hartford Close (S8)
Hartford Road
Hartford Road (S8)
Harthill Bakery
Harthill Crown Green Bowls Club
Harthill Footpath 1
Harthill Footpath 30
Harthill Footpath 5
Harthill Lane
Harthill Primary School
Harthill Road
Hartington Avenue (S7)
Hartington Close
Hartington Court
Hartington Road
Hartington Road (S7)
Hartland Avenue
Hartland Avenue (S20)
Hartland Court
Hartland Drive
Hartley Brook Avenue
Hartley Brook Primary School
Hartley Brook Road
Hartley Brook Road Post Office
Hartley Lane
Hartley Street
Hartopp Avenue
Hartopp Close
Hartopp Drive
Hartopp Road
Hartshead House
Hartshead Square
Hartwell Home
Harvest Lane
Harvest Road
Harvest Works
Harvey Clough Mews (S8)
Harvey Clough Road (S8)
Harvey Road
Harvey Street
Harwell Road
Harwich Road
Harwood Close
Harwood Drive
Harwood Gardens
Harwood Street
Hasina's Special Balti House
Haslam Crescent
Haslehurst Road
Hass Barbers
Hassop Close
Hassop Court
Hastilar Close
Hastilar Road
Hastilar Road South
Hastings Grange
Hastings Mount (S7)
Hastings Road (S7)
Hatfield Academy
Hatfield House Court
Hatfield House Croft
Hatfield House Lane
Hatfield House Lane Methodist Church
Hatfield School House
Hathaway Court
Hatherley Road
Hathersage Road
Hatton Road
Haugh Green
Haugh Lane (S11)
Haugh Road
Haughton Road (S8)
Hause of Skin
Havanas Takeaway
Havelock Bridge
Havelock Street
Haven Farm No 1
Haven Farm No 2
Haven Hill Road
Haven-Lea Day Nursery
Havercroft Place
Havercroft Road
Havercroft Terrace
Hawes Way
Hawk and Dove
Hawk Hill Lane
Hawk Works Business Centre
Hawke Close
Hawke Street
Hawkins Avenue
Hawkshead Avenue
Hawkshead Road
Hawksley Avenue
Hawksley Mews
Hawksley Rise
Hawksley Road
Hawksworth Close
Hawksworth Road
Hawley Street
Hawleys Tyres
Hawleys Tyres & Exhausts
Haworth Bank
Haworth Crescent
Haworth Lane
Hawthorn Avenue
Hawthorn House
Hawthorn Mews
Hawthorn Road
Hawthorne Avenue
Hawthorne Close
Hawthorne Cottage
Hawthorne Mews
Hawthorne Place
Hawthorne Street
Hawthorne Terrace
Haxby Close
Haxby Place
Haxby Street
Haybrook Court (S17)
Haydon Grove
Hayes Court
Hayes Drive
Hayes House
Hayfield Crescent
Hayfield Drive
Hayfield Place
Hayfield View
Hayland Street
Haysden Lane
Haythorne Way
Haywood Avenue
Haywood Close
Haywood Lane
Hazel Avenue
Hazel Croft
Hazel Grove
Hazel Road
Hazel Way
Hazelbadge Crescent
Hazels Market
Hazelshaw Farm
Hazelwood Drive
Hazelwood Way
Hazlebarrow Close
Hazlebarrow Court
Hazlebarrow Crescent
Hazlebarrow Crescent (S8)
Hazlebarrow Drive (S8)
Hazlebarrow Farm
Hazlebarrow Grove
Hazlebarrow Road
Hazlebarrow Road (S8)
Hazlehurst Close
Hazlehurst Farm
Hazlehurst Lane
Hazzlewood Electronics
HB-I Workwear
Headford Gardens
Headford Grove
Headford Mews
Headford Street
Headland Drive
Headland Road
Headline Artisan
Headlines Elite @ The Park
Health and Wellbeing
Healthy Living
Heart of Sicily
Heart of the City II
Heart of the City II Gaumont Building & Raddisson Blu
Hearth & Home
Heartlands Close
Heath Avenue
Heath Road
Heathcote Street (S4)
Heather Close
Heather Lea Avenue (S17)
Heather Lea Place
Heather Road
Heatherlee Farm
Heathfield Road
Heaton Close
Heatons Bank
Heavenly Body
Heavenly Desserts
Heavygate Avenue
Heavygate Road
Hector's House
Heeley Bank Road
Heeley City Farm
Heeley City Farm - Farm Kitchen
Heeley Green
Heeley Parish Church
Heeley Post Office
Heeley Retail Park
Heeley School
Heeley Skin Clinic
Heeley Swimming Baths
Heeley White Horse
Heels &Keys
Heighton View
Heist Brew Co.
Hell's Kitchen
Hellaby View
Helliwell Lane
Hello Student Trippet Lane
Helmsley Avenue
Helmsley Close
Helmton Drive (S8)
Helmton Road
Helston Rise
Hemmingway Close
Hemper Grove
Hemper Lane
Hemsworth Road
Hemsworth Road (S8)
Hen & Chickens
Henderson's House
Hendon Street
Henger Barbershop
Henley Avenue (S8)
Henley Grove Road
Henley Lane
Henley Rise
Henley Way
Henpepper Farm
Henry Court
Henry Street
Henry’s Cafe
Henson Street
Heppenstall Lane
Hepworth Drive
Herbal & Massage
Herbert Road (S7 1RL)
Herbert Street
Herdings Community and Heritage Centre
Herdings Court
Herdings Road
Herdings Twin Towers
Herdings View
Hereford Street
Hereward Road (S5)
Hereward's Road
Heritage Oaks Healthcare
Heritage Park School
Hermitage Street
Heron and Fish
Heron Close
Heron Foods
Heron Hill
Herries Avenue
Herries Drive
Herries Place
Herries Road
Herries Road Drive
Herries Road South
Herries Salon
Herringthorpe Avenue
Herringthorpe Close
Herringthorpe Grove
Herringthorpe Junior School
Herringthorpe Lane
Herringthorpe Playing Fields
Herringthorpe United Reformed Church
Herringthorpe Valley Road
Herschell Road
Hesley Bar
Hesley Court
Hesley Grange
Hesley Grove
Hesley Lane
Hesley Lodge
Hesley Mews
Hesley Road
Hesley Terrace
Heslow Grove
Hessey Street
Hessle Road
Hewer Court
Hewitt Place
Hey Potato!
Heyhouse Drive
Heyhouse Way
Hibberd Place
Hibberd Road
Hickmott Road
Hicks Street
Hicks Street Fish and Chips
Hides Street
High Bank
High Court
High Greave
High Greave Avenue
High Greave Court
High Greave Junior School
High Greave Motors
High Greave Place
High Greave Road
High Green
High Green Auto Centre
High Green Club
High Green Methodist Church
High Green Post Office
High Green Primary School
High Hazel Court
High Hazel Crescent
High Hazel Road
High Hazels Close
High Hazels House
High Hazels Junior School
High Hazels Mead
High Hazels Nursery Infant Academy
High Hazels Park/Mather Halfway House Crown Green Bowls Club
High House Farm Court
High House Terrace
High Lane
High Matlock
High Matlock Avenue
High Matlock Road
High Riggs Nursery
High Stone Place
High Storrs Close
High Storrs Crescent
High Storrs Drive
High Storrs Rise
High Storrs Road
High Storrs School
High Street
High Street Hair Nails and Beauty
High Street Lane
High Street Mews
High Street Open Space
High Street (S17)
High Street (S20)
High Street (S62)
High Trees
High View
High Wray Close (S11)
Highcliffe Drive
Highcliffe Place
Highcliffe Road
Highfield Avenue
Highfield Bungalow
Highfield Drive
Highfield Lane
Highfield Library
Highfield Mews
Highfield Place
Highfield Post Office
Highfield Rise
Highfield Road
Highfield Spring
Highfield Square
Highfield Trinity Church
Highfield View
Highgate Day Nursery
Highgate Fisheries
Highlow View
Highmoor Avenue
Highnam Crescent Road
Highthorn Road
Highton Street
Highwood Place
Hilary Way
Hill Close
Hill Crest Road
Hill Side
Hill Street
Hill Top Chapel
Hill Top Close
Hill Top Crescent
Hill Top Drive
Hill Top Farm
Hill Top Lane
Hill Top Lane (S35)
Hill Top Rise
Hill Top Road
Hill Turrets Close
Hill View East
Hill View Road
Hillcote Close
Hillcote Drive
Hillcote Mews
Hillcote Rise
Hillcrest Drive
Hillcrest Rise
Hillcrest Road
Hillcrest Way
Hilldrecks View
Hillfoot Bridge
Hillfoot Court
Hillfoot Metals
Hillfoot Road
Hills Farm
Hills Road
Hillsborough Arena
Hillsborough Baptist Church
Hillsborough Barracks Memorial
Hillsborough Chinese
Hillsborough Disaster Memorial
Hillsborough Exchange
Hillsborough Fish Bar
Hillsborough Grill
Hillsborough Grove
Hillsborough House Library
Hillsborough Leisure Centre
Hillsborough MPRC
Hillsborough Park Playground
Hillsborough Pharmacy
Hillsborough Place
Hillsborough Post Office
Hillsborough Primary School
Hillsborough Pump Track
Hillsborough Remberance Marker
Hillsborough Road
Hillsborough Sports Arena
Hillsborough Tabernacle Union Church
Hillsborough Tap
Hillsborough Trinity Methodist Church
Hillside Avenue
Hillside Court
Hillside Green
Hilltop Green
Hilton Drive
Hind Road
Hinde House 2-16 Academy
Hinde House Crescent
Hinde House Croft
Hinde House Lane
Hinde House School
Hinde Street
Hindewood Close
Hing Lung
Hirst Common Lane (S6)
Hirst Drive
HL Brown Jewellers
Hob Lane
Hobart Street
Hobson Avenue
Hobson Way
Hodder Court
Hodgson Street
Hog Roast Sandwiches
Holberry Close
Holberry Gardens
Holberry Playground
Holborn Avenue
Holbourne Grove (S35)
Holbrook Avenue
Holbrook Close
Holbrook Drive
Holbrook Green
Holbrook Rise
Holbrook Road
Holderness Drive
Holdings Road
Holdworth House Farm
Holdworth Lane
Hole in the Wall Farm
Holgate Avenue
Holgate Crescent
Holgate Drive
Holgate Meadows School
Holgate Road
Holiday Inn
Holiday Inn Express Sheffield City Centre
Holkham Rise
Holland & Barrett
Holland Close
Holland Place
Holland Road
Holland Street
Hollen House
Hollies Kitchen
Hollin Bush
Hollin Busk Lane
Hollin Edge Lane
Hollin Hall
Hollin Hill Farm
Hollin House Lane
Hollin Moor Lane
Hollin Road
Hollinberry Lane
Hollindale Drive
Holling Croft
Holling Hill Lane
Hollings Lane
Hollingswood Way
Hollins Close
Hollins Drive
Hollins Lane
Hollinsend Avenue
Hollinsend Cricket Club
Hollinsend Methodist Church
Hollinsend Park Crown Green Bowls Club
Hollinsend Place
Hollinsend Road
Hollis Close
Hollis Croft
Hollis Croft (Student Roost)
Hollow Gate
Hollow Lane
Holly Close
Holly Crescent
Holly Gardens
Holly Grove
Holly Hagg Community Farm Alpacas
Holly House
Holly House Farm
Holly House Lane (S35)
Holly Lane
Holly Mount
Holly Street
Holly Terrace
Hollybank Avenue
Hollybank Close
Hollybank Crescent
Hollybank Drive
Hollybank Road
Hollybank Way
Hollybush Street
Hollythorpe Crescent (S8)
Hollythorpe Rise (S8)
Hollythorpe Road (S8)
Hollywell Close
Hollywood Bowl
Hollywood Nail Salon
Holm Close
Holm Flatt Street (S62)
Holm Oak Close
Holme Close
Holme Farm
Holme Fish Bar
Holme Lane
Holme Lane Farm
Holme Lane Motor Co.
Holme Lane Motors
Holme Oak Way
Holme Wheel Marker Post
Holmefield Farm
Holmes Crescent
Holmes Farm
Holmes Lane
Holmes Road
Holmesdale Close
Holmesdale Convenience Store
Holmesdale Infant School and The Avenue Nursery
Holmesdale Road
Holmesfield Grove
Holmesfield Road
Holmhirst Close
Holmhirst Drive
Holmhirst Drive (S8)
Holmhirst Pre-School
Holmhirst Road (S8)
Holmhirst Way
Holmley Bank
Holmley Lane
Holmshaw Drive
Holmshaw Grove
Holt House Farm
Holt House Grove
Holt House Grove (S7)
Holt House Infant School
Holts View
Holtwood Road
Holy Cross, Gleadless Valley Church
Holy Green
Holy Trinity
Holy Trinity Church
Holy Trinity, Millhouses
Holyoake Avenue
Holyrood Avenue (S10)
Holyrood Rise
Holyrood View (S10)
Holywell Heights (S4)
Holywell Road
Holywood Nail Bar
Home Accommodation
Home And Fragrance
Home Bargains
Home Design HQ
Home Pet Supplies
Homestead Close
Homestead Drive
Homestead Road
Hometown Designs
Honey & Fig
Honeydew Way
Honeysuckle Road
Hong Kong
Hong Kong Garden
Hong Kong House
Honky Tonky
Hoober Avenue (S11)
Hoober Court
Hoober Field
Hoober Lane
Hoober Road (S11)
Hoober View
Hood Hill
Hoodhill Road
Hoole Lane
Hoole Road
Hoole Street
Hoong Too
Hooton Lane
Hooton Road
Hooton Roberts
Hop Hideout
Hope Fields
Hope Road
Hope Street
Hope Street Extension
Hopedale Road
Hopefield Avenue
Hopefield Evangelical Church
Hopwood House
Hopwood Lane
Horace Street
Horbury Common
Horbury Lane
Hornbeam Close
Hornbeam Road
Horndean Road
Horner Road
Horninglow Close
Horninglow Road
Hornthorpe Road
Horse & Jockey
Horse and Rider
Horse Croft Lane
Horseman Lane
Horseman Square
Horseshoe Close
Horseshoe Gardens
Horsewood Road
Horsley Croft (S36 2AU)
Horton Close
Horton Drive
Host Central Quay - Student Accommodation Sheffield
Hot Chilli
Hot Kitchen
Hot Yoga
Hotel Mercure Sheffield Kenwood Hall & Spa
Houndkirk Moor
Houndkirk Road
Houndkirk Tor (False)
Houndkirk Tor (Proper)
Hounsfield Crescent
Hounsfield Lane
Hounsfield Road
Housing Development
Housley Lane
Housley Park
Houstead Road
Hoveringham Court
How St Cafe
Howard Building
Howard Lane
Howard Road
Howard Street
Howarth Drive
Howarth Road
Howbrook Close
Howbrook Lane
Howden Avenue
Howden Road
Howdens Joinery
Howdike Lane
Howell's Solicitors
Howells Solicitors
Howlett Close
Howlett Drive
Howson Close
Howson Road
Hoyland Road


HSBC Sports Ground
HSS Hire
Hua Mei Oriental Supermarket
Huang Lou Xing
Hub Hair Design
Hucklow Drive
Hucklow Primary School
Hucklow Road
Hudson Road
Hudson Road (S13)
Hudson's Kitchen
Humphrey Road
Humphries Avenue
Hundall Lane
Hunger Hill Lane
Hunger Hill Road
Hungerhill Close
Hungerhill Road
Hungry Buddha
Hunsdon Road
Hunshelf Lane
Hunshelf Road
Hunsley Street
Hunstone Avenue (S8)
Hunter Hill Road
Hunter House Farm
Hunter House Road
Hunter Road
Hunter's Bar
Hunter's Bar Infant School
Hunter's Bar Junior School
Hunters Gardens
Hunters Lane
Huntingdon Crescent
Huntingtower Road
Huntley Grove
Huntley Road
Huntsman Close
Huntsman Drive
Huntsman Road
Hurl Drive
Hurlfield Avenue
Hurlfield Court
Hurlfield Drive
Hurlfield Road
Hurlingham Close (S11)
Hurricane Avenue
Hurrier Place
Hursley Close
Hursley Drive
Hurst Green
Hurst Green (S35)
Hut Lane
Hutchinson Court
Hutchinson Lane
Hutchinson Road
Hutchinsons Motors
Hutcliffe Drive (S8)
Hutcliffe Wood Road
Hutcliffe Wood View
Hutton Park Campus
Hutton Road
H.V. Apartments
Hyacinth Close
Hyacinth Road
Hyde Park Flats
Hyde Park Terrace
Hyde Park Walk
Hydra Business Park
Hydra Way
Hymn to Ninkasi

I Candy Hair and Beauty
I Love You Will U Marry Me
I+D Heath
Ibbotson Road
Ibbotson Wheel Marker Post
Ibis Budget
IC Cafe


IceSheffield Cafe
Ickles Roundabout
Ickles Way
Icknield Way
Idas Road
Ideal Hairdresser
Idsworth Road
Iftim Boutique
Igloo Accommodation
Il Forno


Ilkley Crescent
Ilkley Road
Illeys Food Store
Illingworth Library (NHS only)
ILM Enterprise
Immaculate Conception Catholic Primary


Imogen's Imagination
Imperial Buildings
Imperial Close
Imrie Place
Imtinan Mini Market
In A Pickle
In and Out
In House Pizza
Independent Benz Repairs Ltd
Indian Chef
Indian Kitchen
Indie-go Resurrection
Industry Auto Services
Industry Road
Industry Street
Industry Tap
Infield Lane
Infinity Nails
Infirmary Road
Information Commons
Information Desk
Ingelow Avenue
Ingfield Avenue
Ingle Boxing Gym
Ingleborough Croft
Ingleby Close
Inglewood Avenue
Inglewood Court
Inglewood Dell (S20)
Ingram Court
Ingram Road
Ingshead Avenue
Init Burgers
Inkersall Drive
Innovation Way
Innovative Interiors
Insight UK
Inspire hair studio
Intake Fish Bar
Intake Methodist Church
Intake Post Office
Intake Primary School
Integrated Civil and Infrastructure Research Centre (ICAIR)
Intelligent Facility Solutions Ltd
Interchange Cafe
Interiors 13
Interlink Express
International Mix Potraviny


Ironbridge Convenience Store
Ironside Close
Ironside Place (S14)
Ironside Road
Ironside Road (S14)
Ironside Walk
Ironstone Crescent
Ironstone Drive
Irving Street
Irwin Mitchell
Isabella's Bar & Restaurant
Island Close
Islay Street
Isobel Bowler Sports Ground
Istanbul Barbers
IT Business Solutions
Italia Uno
Italian Express
Italian Home Designs
Italian Kitchen
Italian Pasta Express
Italian Taste
Itchy Pig
It’s All About Eco
IV Vitamin & Therapy Lounge
Ivanbrook Close
Ivanhoe Avenue
Ivanhoe Mews
Ivanhoe Road
Ivory House Hotel
Ivy Cottage Lane
Ivy Court (S8)
Ivy Drive
Ivy Farm Croft
Ivy Grove
Ivy Hall Road
Ivy Lane
Ivy Park Road
Ivyside Close
Ivyside Gardens
Izzza by Naz

J E James
J. F. Wilson Cycle Manufacturer
J. H. Mann - Fishmonger
J J Autos
J P News&Booze
J S Parker Ltd
J Shaw Antiques
J W Young (Butchers) Ltd
J&A Photography
J&N Carpets
Jaan Kebab House
Jack In A Box
Jack Lane
Jack's Sandwich Stop
Jackey Lane
Jackie's Professional Haildresser
Jacko's Restaurant and Takeaway
Jackson Crescent
Jackson Way
Jacky's Lane
Jacob Way
Jacobs Close (S5)
Jacobs Drive (S5)
Jaded Heart
Jafa International Store
Jah's Off License
Jaipur Tandoori House
Jamaica Street
James Andrew Close
James Andrew Crescent
James Andrew Croft
James Hargreaves
James Street
James Street (S9)
James Walton Court
James Walton Drive
James Walton Place
James Walton View
Jamesons Tea Rooms
Jamia Masjid
Jamia Masjid Abu Bakr Mosque
Jamia Masjid Ghausia
Jamia Mosque
Jane's Kitchen
Janson Street
Janson Street Roundabout
Jardine Close
Jardine Street
Jarrow Road
Jasmine Avenue
Jasmine Gardens
Jasmine House
Jaunty Avenue
Jaunty Close
Jaunty Crescent
Jaunty Drive
Jaunty Lane
Jaunty Mount
Jaunty Place
Jaunty Road
Jaunty View
Jaunty Way
Jay Lane
Jay's Junk Shop
JC Lettings
JD Gyms
JD Kitchen
JD Sports
JE James e-Bike and Brompton Premier Store
Jedburgh Drive
Jedburgh Street
Jeffcock Place
Jeffcock Road
Jeffery Crescent
Jeffery Green
Jeffery Street
Jemia Mosque
Jenkin Avenue
Jenkin Close
Jenkin Drive
Jenkin Road
Jenkin Wood Close
Jenkinson Marshall
Jennings Close
Jepson Road
Jericho Street
Jermyn Avenue
Jermyn Close
Jermyn Crescent
Jermyn Drive
Jermyn Way
Jersey Road
Jerusalem Cafe Shop
Jessamine Road
Jessell Street (S9)
Jessica Nails
Jessop Street
Jessop West Cafe
Jessop West Exhibition Space
Jessops Riverside
Jesus College Rotherham Doorway
Jew Lane
Jewel City
Jewitt Road
J.G. Graves Building
Ji The Chicken Shop
Jiang Tea
Jimmy Monkey
Jimmy's Kitchen
JJ Thompson
Joan of Arc
Job Lot
Job Lot Cash & Carry
Jobcentre Plus
Jockell Drive
Joe Shaw
John Banner Building
John Bee
John Calvert Road
John Carr
John Crawshaw's Butchers
John Eatons Almshouses
John Fairest Funeralcare
John Haslam's Donkey
John Heath & Sons
John Heath and Sons
John Hibbard Avenue (S13)
John Hibbard Close (S13)
John Hibbard Crescent (S13)
John Hibbard Rise (S13)
John Street
John Trickett House
John Ward Street
John's Van
Johnson Court
Johnson Lane
Johnson Street
Johnsons Courtyard
Joiner Lane
Joiner Street
Jojo's General Store
Jolly Avenue
Jolly Frier
Jolly Miller
Jonas Hotel
Jordan Crescent
Jordanthorpe Food & Wine
Jordanthorpe Green (S8)
Jordanthorpe Hall Farm
Jordanthorpe Library
Jordanthorpe Parkway
Jordanthorpe Post Office
Jordanthorpe View
Joro Restaurant
Joselin Court
Joseph Road
Joseph Stone Court
Joseph Street
Joseph William Thornton
Josephine Road
Joshua Road
Josselin Court
Jowitt Road
JTP Architects
Jubb Close
Jubilee Centre
Jubilee Crescent
Jubilee Road
Jubilee Sports and Social Club
Jubilee Street
Judd Close
Judith Road
Juice Presso
Juke and Loe
Jukeboxes Direct
Julian Road
Julian Way (S9 1GD)
Julie Bradbury Designs
Jumble Lane
Jumble Road
Jumbo Chinese Take Away
Jump Inc
Junction Road
Junction Road News
Junction Road (S13)
June Road
Juniper Rise
Just Cuts
Just Natural
Just Trade Windows Ltd
J’s Barber Shop

K News
K tea
K&G Jewellers
K's Memorials
K26 Cars
K9 Butcher
Kafe Stannington
Kamz n Sams
Karen's Diner
Kashmir Gardens
Kashmir Grill
Kashmiri Aroma
Kate Beaumont
Katherine Road
Kathy's Tea Room
Katie Bell
Katie Daley Makeup Academy
Katie Marie’s
Katie O'Brien's
Katie Peckett
Katie's Kafe
Kay Crescent
Kaye Place
Kearsley Road
Keats Road
Kebabish Express
Kebabish Original
Kebabish Resturant
Keepers Close
Keetons Hill
Keir Place
Kelford School
Kelham Barber
Kelham Central
Kelham Deli
Kelham Gardens
Kelham Island
Kelham Island Brewery
Kelham Island Museum
Kelham Island Museum Cafe
Kelham Island Tavern
Kelham Kitchen and Wine Bar
Kelham Mills
Kelham Square
Kelham Weir
Kelly Antique Lighting
Kelvin Court
Kelvin Steels
Kemp Close
Kemps Craft Bakery
Kempwell Drive
Kenbourne Grove
Kenbourne Road
Kendal Drive
Kendal Place
Kendal Road
Kenilworth Place
Kennedy Road (S8)
Kenneth Street
Kenninghall Close
Kenninghall Drive
Kenninghall Mount
Kenninghall Road
Kensington Chase (S10)
Kensington Court (S10)
Kensington Drive (S10)
Kensington Park (S10)
Kent Avenue
Kent House Close
Kent Road
Kenwell Drive
Kenwood Avenue
Kenwood Bank
Kenwood Court
Kenwood Park Road
Kenwood Rise
Kenwood Road
Kenyon Alley
Kenyon Street
Keppel Drive
Keppel Heights
Keppel Place
Keppel Road
Keppel View Road
Kerwin Close
Kerwin Drive (S17)
Kerwin Road (S17)
Kestrel Avenue
Kestrel Close
Kestrel Drive
Kestrel Green
Kestrel Rise
Keswick Close
Keswick Crescent
Kettle Black
Kettlebridge Road
Kettlebridge Road (S2)
Ketton Avenue (S8)
Kevin Williams
Kew Court
Kew Crescent
Key Cutting
Key News & Stores
Keyworth Place
Keyworth Place (S13)
Keyworth Road
Khalid's Afro Vision Haircut
Khan Darbar
Khans Khazana
Khartoum Road
Khyber Diner
Kia's Pastaria
Kickboxing Academy
Kids around the world
Kids Klobber


Kildale Gardens
Kildonan Grove
Killamarsh Infant School
Killamarsh Junior School
Killamarsh Juniors Athletic Club
Killamarsh Lane
Killamarsh Library
Killamarsh Post Office
Killamarsh sports centre
Kiln Hill
Kiln Road
Kiln Street
Kilnhurst Ings Nature Reserve
Kilnhurst Primary School
Kilnhurst Road
Kilnhurst St Thomas' CofE Primary Academy
Kilton Hill
Kilton Place
Kilvington Avenue
Kilvington Crescent
Kilvington Road
Kim's Mini Market
Kimberley Street
Kimberly Court
Kimberworth Castle
Kimberworth Community Primary School
Kimberworth Library
Kimberworth Park Road
Kimberworth Post Office
Kimberworth Road
Kin's Kitchen
Kinder Gardens (S5)
King Cod
King Crepes
King Ecgbert Road (S17)
King Ecgbert School
King Edward Swimming Pool
King Edward VII School (Lower School)
King Edward VII Upper School
King Edwards
King Henry
King James Street
King Street
King's Croft
King's Shisha Store
Kingdom Hall
Kingdom Hall Of Jehovah's Witnesses
Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses
Kingfield Kindergarten
Kingfield Road
Kingfisher Grove
Kingfisher Rise
Kings Centre
Kings Coppice (S17)
Kings Deli and Sandwiches
Kings Gate
Kings Mews
Kingscroft Close
Kingsforth Lane
Kingsforth Road
Kingsley Court
Kingsley Park Avenue (S7)
Kingsley Park Grove (S11)
Kingston Street
Kingswood Avenue
Kingswood Building
Kingswood Close
Kingswood Croft
Kingswood Grove
Kingswood Hall
Kinharvie Road
Kinnaird Avenue
Kinnaird Place
Kinnaird Road
Kinsey Heights
Kinsey Road
Kipling Road
Kiran Tandoori Hut
Kirby Close
Kirby Lane
Kirk Edge Avenue
Kirk Edge Drive
Kirk Edge Road
Kirk Street
Kirkby Avenue
Kirkby Drive
Kirkby Road
Kirkby View
Kirkby Way
Kirkcroft Avenue
Kirkcroft Close
Kirkcroft Drive
Kirkcroft Lane
Kirkdale Crescent
Kirkdale Drive
Kirklands Drive
Kirkstall Close
Kirkstall Road
Kirkstead Abbey Mews
Kirkstead Gardens
Kirkstead Gardens (S13)
Kirkstead Road
Kirkstone Road
Kirton Road
Kitchen Craft Design
Kitchen hut
Kitchen King
Kitchen S10
Kitchens & Fitting
Kiveton Charcoal Grill
Kiveton Park Football Club
Kiveton Park Infant School & Nursery
Kiveton Park Library
Kiveton Park Meadows Junior School
Kiveton Park Post Office
Klick Photopoint
Knab Close
Knab Croft
Knab Farm Shop
Knab Rise
Knab Road (S11)
Knapton Avenue
Knaresborough Close
Knaresborough Road (S7)
Knoll Close
Knoll Top Farm
Knowle Close
Knowle Croft
Knowle Green
Knowle Lane
Knowle Road
Knowle Top
Knowles & Son
Knowles Avenue
Knox Boxing Gym
Knutton Crescent
Knutton Rise
Knutton Road
Koko Nail Bar
Koko Restaurant
Kollective Coffee and Kitchen
Kommune Bar
Konecranes UK Limited
Korean Totem Poles
Korner Cafe
Kossar Mall
Krebs Cafe
Krispy Kod
Krispy Kreme
KSpace Serviced Apartments
KTN Food & Wine
KumQuat Mae
Kurdish Charcoal Grill
Kurdistan Charcoal Grill
Kurdstan Restaurant
Kutrite Works
Kwik Fit
Kwik Fit Service
Kye Lane
Kyle Close
Kyle Crescent
Kynance Crescent

L J Opticians
La Bottega
La Coppola
La Lumiere's
La Luna
La Mama
La Patisserie
La Perle
La Piazza
La Porchetta
La Vaca
Labaratory for Verification and Validation (LVV)
Laburnum Avenue
Laburnum Close
Laburnum Grove
Laceby Close
Ladies Spring Court
Ladies Spring Drive
Ladies Spring Grove
Lady Bank View
Lady Canning's Blue Steel
Lady Canning's Cooking on Gas
Lady Ida's Drive
Lady Oak Road
Lady Oak Way
Lady Wharncliffe's Road
Lady's Bridge
Ladybank Road
Ladybower Summer
Ladycross Place
Ladysmith Avenue
Laird Avenue
Laird Drive
Laird Road
Lakeside Cafe
Lakeside Close
Lamb Drive
Lamb Hill Close
Lamb Road
Lambcroft Lane
Lambcroft View
Lambcroft View (S13)
Lambert Street
Lamberts Lane
Lambrell Avenue
Lambrell Green
Lana Pizza
Lancaster Street
Lancing Road
Land & Sea Meal House
Landseer Close
Landseer Close (S14)
Landseer Court
Landseer Drive (S14)
Landseer Place (S14)
Landseer Walk
Lane 7
Lane End
Lane End Road
Lane End View
Lane Head
Lane Head Close
Lane Head Farm
Lane Head Road
Lang House Farm
Lang Ji Wraps
Langdale Drive
Langdale Road (S8)
Langdon Road
Langdon Street
Langlands Garden Centre
Langley Close
Langsett Avenue
Langsett Close
Langsett Crescent
Langsett Grove
Langsett Rise
Langsett Road
Langsett Road North
Langsett Road South
Langsett Walk
Langton's Antiques & Collectables
Lansbury Avenue (S35)
Lansbury Court
Lansbury Place
Lansbury Road
Lansdowne Chapel
Lansdowne Estate
Lansdowne Road
Lantern Theatre
Lapwater Drive
Lapwater Farm
Lapwater Road
Lapwater Walk
Lapwing Vale
Lar Investments
Larch Avenue
Larch Grove
Larch Hill
Larch Mews
Larch Road
Lark Street
Larkhill Close
Larkin Grove
Larkspur Close
Las Iguanas
Laser Credit Union
Late Shopper
Latham Square
Lathe Road
Lathkill Close
Lathkill Road
Lauder Street
Laudsdale Close
Laudsdale Road
Laughton Road
Launce Road
Laundry Point
Laureate Court
Laurel Avenue
Laurel Close
Laurel Drive
Lavender Way
Laverack Street
Laverdene Avenue
Laverdene Close
Laverdene Drive
Laverdene Road
Laverdene Way
Laverock Way
Lavinia Road
Lavka Nails
Law Brothers
Lawns Wood Gardens
Lawrence Brothers Maltby Ltd.
Lawrence Close
Lawrence Drive
Lawrence Street
Lawson Road
Lawton Lane
Laxey Road
Laycock Avenue
Laycock House
Laycock Sports Crown Green Bowls Club
Laycocks Sports Club
Le Bistro
Le Blé
Le Crunch
Le Petit Cafe
Lea Road
Leabrook Road
Leadbeater Drive
Leadbeater Road
Leader Court
Leader Road
Leader Road Garage
Leadmill Road
Leadmill Street
Leake Road
Leamington Street
Lease Gate Road
Leatham Avenue
Leather Wheel Marker Post
Leaton Close
Leavy Greave
Leavy Greave Road
Leawood Place
Ledsham Road
Ledstone Road
Lee Avenue
Lee Bank Farm
Lee Croft
Lee Field Close
Lee Moor Lane
Lee Road
Leebrook Avenue
Leebrook Court
Leebrook Drive
Leebrook Place
Leecroft House
Leedham Close
Leedham Road
Leeds Building Society
Leeds Road
Lees Hall Avenue (S8)
Lees Hall Golf Club
Lees Hall Place
Lees Hall Road (S8)
Lees House Court (S8)
Lees Nook (S8)
Legends of the Lane
Legion Drive
Leicester Street
Leicester Villa Farm
Leigh Street
Leighton Drive
Leighton Place
Leighton Road
Leighton Road Convenience Store
Leighton View
Leisure United Sheffield Graves
Lembas - Vegetarian & Vegan Wholesaler
Lemon & Pepper Grillz
Lemongrass Thai Street Food
Lemont Road
Lennon Flag -- Collective Wish-Making
Lennox Road
Lenthall Infant and Nursery School
Lenton Street
Leonard Close
Leonard Kyte Recreation Ground
Leonardo Hotels
Leopold Chambers
Leopold Hotel
Leopold Street
Leopold Way
Leppings Lane
Lescar Lane
Lescar Road
Leslie Road
Lestermoor Avenue
Let's Sushi
Letard Drive
Letsby Avenue
Letwell Way
Level Up
Leverick Drive
Leverton Drive
Leverton Gardens
Leverton Way
Leveson Street
Lewis Francis Blackburn Bray Solicitors
Lewis Road
Leybourne Road
Leyburn Drive
Leyburn Grove
Leyburn Road (S8)
Leyfield Road
Liberty Close
Liberty Drive
Liberty Foods
Liberty Hill
Liberty Place
Liberty Road
Library Close
Library Theatre
Lichfield Way
Lichford Road
Lichford Road Open Space
Lidget Close
Lidget Lane
Life In Our Woodlands
Lifford Street
Lightfoot Wines
Lightwood Farm
Lightwood Lane
Lightwood Lane Farm
Lightwood Road
Lighwood Road
Lilac Farm Close
Lilac Grove
Lilac Road
Lilac Road (S20)
Lilian Street
Lilian Street South
Lillies Coffee Shop
Limb Hill
Limb Lane
Limb Lane (S17)
Limbrick Close
Limbrick Road
Lime Close
Lime Grove
Lime Grove (S35)
Lime Road
Lime Street
Lime Tree Avenue
Lime Tree Crescent
Limelight Presentation Systems
Limestone Cottage Lane (S6)
Limpsfield Junior School
Limpsfield Road
Linaker Road
Linburn Road
Lincoln Street
Lincoln Street (S9)
Lincroft Drive
Linden Avenue
Linden Avenue (S8)
Linden Court
Linden Road
Lindholme Gardens
Lindley Road
Lindley Street
Lindsay Avenue
Lindsay Convenience
Lindsay Crescent (S5)
Lindsay Drive (S5)
Lindsay Nursery
Lindsay Place
Lindsay Road
Lindum Drive
Lindup Road
Linear Recruitment
Lingfoot Avenue (S8)
Lingfoot Close (S8)
Lingfoot Crescent (S8)
Lingfoot Drive (S8)
Lingfoot Place (S8)
Lingfoot Walk
Lings Lane
Lingwell Croft Avenue
Link Road
Linkswood Road
Linley Bank Close
Linley Lane
Linnet Mount
Linnet Way
Linscott Road (S8)
Lipp Avenue
Lisle Road
Lismore Road (S8)
Lister Avenue
Lister Close
Lister Crescent
Lister Drive
Lister Lane
Lister Place
Lister Road
Lister Street (S65)
Lister Way
Listerdale Junior Academy
Little Boba Cafe
Little China
Little Common Lane
Little Common Lane (S11)
Little Don Cycleway Link (Upper Don Trail)
Little Fell Road
Little Greene
Little Holme Farm
Little Imp Pre-School
Little Italy
Little Jack's Corner
Little Kelham
Little Kelham Square
Little Kelham Street
Little Lane
Little London Bodyworks
Little London Place
Little London Road
Little Lou's Fish and Chips
Little Matlock Gardens
Little Matlock Way
Little Norton Avenue
Little Norton Drive
Little Norton Lane
Little Norton Way
Little Parkside Farm
Little Snack Bar
Little Treasures
Littledale Convenience Store
Littledale Road
Littlemoor Avenue
Littlewood Drive
Littlewood Road
Liu & Company
Liverpool Street
Livesey Street
Living Waters
Livingston Road
Livingstone Road
Livsey Street
Lizzie Lane
Lloyd Street
Lloyds Bank
Lloyds Banking Group
Lloyds Pharmacy
Lo Pharmacy
Lo's Pharmacy
Loakfield Drive
Local Europe
Local Legend
Local Polish Catholic Mission
Lock House Road
Lock Lane
Lock Street
Lock Up Barber
Locke Drive
Locksley Drive
Lockton Close
Lockwood Close
Lockwood Road
Lodge Close
Lodge Drive
Lodge Hill Drive
Lodge Lane
Lodge Lane Park
Lodge Moor
Lodge Moor Apartments
Lodge Moor Camp - WWI and II POW Camp.
Lodge Moor Post Office
Lodge Moor Road
Lodge Way
Logan Road
Loganberry Close
Loicher Lane
Lomas Close
Lomas Lea
London Connection
London Road
London Way
Long Acre View
Long Acre Way
Long Hing
Long jump track
Long Lane
Long Line
Long Line Farm
Long Meadows
Long Road
Long Walk
Longacre Close
Longcroft Avenue
Longcroft Crescent
Longcroft Road
Longfellow Drive
Longfellow Fold
Longfield Drive
Longfield Road
Longford Close
Longford Crescent
Longford Drive
Longford Road
Longford Spinney
Longlands Avenue
Longlands Drive
Longley Ambulance Station
Longley Avenue West
Longley Close
Longley Crescent
Longley Drive
Longley Farm View
Longley Hall Grove
Longley Hall Rise
Longley Hall Road
Longley Hall Way
Longley Lane
Longley Park Sixth Form Academy
Longley/Longley Park Crown Green Bowls Club
Longstone Crescent
Longwood Close
Lonsdale Road
Look both ways
Loosemore Drive
Lopham Close
Lopham Street
Lord Nelson
Lord Street
Lorne Close
Lost in West Bar
Lotte on the edge
Louden Close
Louden Road
Lound Infant School
Lound Junior School
Lound Road
Lound Side
Lounge 418
Louth Road
Love & Best Wishes
Love and Best Wishes
Love Coffee
Love Koffee
Love Street
Lovell Street
Lovely House
Lovetot Avenue
Lovetot Road
Lovingly Restored
Low Ash Farm
Low Coppice Farm
Low Edges Road Post Office
Low Fold Farm
Low Hirst Farm
Low Holdworth
Low Lane
Low Matlock
Low Matlock Lane
Low Riddings
Low Road
Low Wood Close
Lowburn Road
Lowedges Close
Lowedges Crescent
Lowedges Drive
Lowedges Fire Station
Lowedges Fish Bar
Lowedges Fried Chicken
Lowedges Junior Academy
Lowedges Place
Lowedges Road
Lower Hirst Farm
Lower Meadow Primary School
Lower The Gallery
Lowes Paint & Wallpaper Supplies
Lowfield Avenue
Lowfield Community Primary School
Lowfield Court
Lowfield Mini Market
Lowhouse Road
Lowood Club
Lowther Road
Loxley Court
Loxley Driving Range
Loxley Edge
Loxley Heights
Loxley House
Loxley House Farm
Loxley Methodist Church
Loxley New Road
Loxley Nurseries
Loxley Park
Loxley Park Care Home
Loxley Primary School
Loxley Recreation Ground
Loxley Road
Loxley Sports Bar and Grill
Loxley Valley Community Farm
Loxley View Road
Loxley Village
Loxley Water Treatment Works
Loy Close
LP Record Store
Lucas Street
Lucknow Court
Lucky Star
Lucky Tea
Lucy Pastorelli
Ludlow Home & Garden Supplies
Lugton Opticians
Luke Lane
Lumb Lane
Lumley Street
Lumley Street (S9)
Lump Lane
Luna Croft
Lunch 'N Brunch
Lunch Stop
Lund Road
Lundwood Close
Lundwood Drive
Lundwood Grove
Lung Fung
Lupton Crescent
Lupton Drive
Lupton Road
Lush Bathrooms
Lushous Beauty by Terri
Luterel Drive
Luxe Beauty
Luxe Beauty Lounge
Lydgate Court
Lydgate Hall Crescent
Lydgate Infant School
Lydgate Junior School
Lydgate Lane
Lyme Street
Lyminster Road
Lyminton Lane
Lymister Avenue
Lyncroft Close
Lyndhurst Road
Lynmouth Road
Lynn Place
Lynn's Asian Food Specialist
Lynne's Pantry
Lynne's Warehouse
Lynthorpe Joinery
Lynton Avenue
Lynton Road
Lynwood Close
Lyon + Feather
Lyon Works
Lyons Close
Lyons Road
Lyons Street
Lyonz Den
Lysander Place
Lytton Avenue
Lytton Court
Lytton Crescent
Lytton Drive
Lytton Road

M A Tooling
M. L. Wiles
M&A Hair and Beauty
M&A Pharmacy
M&S Cafe
M&S Foodhall
M3 Lettings
Maa Ji
Mabel Street
Mace Thorpe Hesley
Machin Drive
Machins Court
Machon Bank
Machon Bank Road
Mackenzie Crescent
Mackenzie Street
Mackinnon Avenue
Madehurst Gardens
Madehurst Rise
Madehurst Road
Madehurst View
Madina Store
Mafeking Place
Maggie May's
Magic Pizza
Magna Close
Magna Crescent
Magna Lane
Magna Science Adventure Centre
Magna Way
Magnetic Systems
Magpie Grove
Mahon Avenue
Maida Vale
Maidenhead Aquatics
Maidstone Road
Mail Boxes Etc.
Main Avenue
Main Road
Main Street
Main Street Convenience Store
Mair Court
Majuba Street
Makkah Fresh Foods
Makki Jamia Mosque
Malham Gardens
Malham Grove
Malham Place
Maliha's Boutique
Malin Barber Shop
Malin Bridge Inn
Malin Bridge Primary School
Malin Road
Malinda Street
Malinder Close
Mallard Close
Mallard Drive
Mallory Avenue
Mallory Road
Malon Way
Maltby Street
Malting Lane
Maltkiln Street
Malton Drive
Malton Street
Maltravers Close
Maltravers Crescent
Maltravers Place
Maltravers Road
Maltravers Terrace
Maltravers Way
Malvern Drive
Malvern Road
Malvern Way
Mama Mia Pepe
Mamas & Leonies
Mamsbury Engineering Ltd
Man Friday
MAN Vehicles
Manager's office
Manchester Road
Mandarin Palace
Mandeville Street
Maneee Thai Therapy
Mangham Road
Mangham Way
Manhattan Motorcycle
Manners Street
Mannin News & Wine
Manor Approach
Manor Close
Manor Community Childcare Centre
Manor Court
Manor Crescent
Manor Drive
Manor Estate Social Club
Manor Farm Close
Manor Farm Court
Manor Farm Mews
Manor Farmhouse
Manor House
Manor House Road
Manor Laith Road
Manor Lane
Manor Library
Manor Lodge
Manor Lodge Community Primary and Nursery School
Manor Oak Place
Manor Oaks Close
Manor Oaks Court
Manor Oaks Drive
Manor Oaks Gardens
Manor Oaks Place
Manor Oaks Road
Manor Oaks Studios
Manor Park Avenue
Manor Park Centre
Manor Park Close
Manor Park Court
Manor Park Crescent
Manor Park Drive
Manor Park Fisheries
Manor Park Place
Manor Park Post Office
Manor Park Rise
Manor Park Road
Manor Park Way
Manor Place
Manor Playing Fields
Manor Post Office
Manor Road
Manor Top Fish Bar
Manor Training & Resource Centre
Manor View
Manor View Farm
Manor Way
Mansel Avenue
Mansel Crescent
Mansel Primary
Mansel Road
Mansfield Drive
Mansfield Road
Mansfield Road Carpets
Mansfield View
Mansion House Farm
Manton Street
Manvers Close
Manvers Road
Maple Court
Maple Croft Crescent (S5)
Maple Croft Road (S5)
Maple Drive
Maple Grove
Maple Leaf Nursery
Maple Place
Maple Road
Maplebeck Drive
Maplebeck Road
Maplewood Avenue
Mappin Central Wing
Mappin Street
Mappins Road
Mapplebeck Road (S35)
Marble Makeup Studio
Marble Players
March Bank
March Flatts Road
March Street
Marcham Drive
Marchwood Avenue
Marchwood Drive
Marchwood Road
Marcliff Close
Marcliff Crescent
Marcliff Lane
Marco's New York Italian
Marden Road
Margaret Close
Margaret Street
Margate Drive
Margate Street
Margetson Crescent
Margetson Crescent Post Office
Margetson Drive
Margetson Road
Marie Curie
Marigold Close
Marion Road
Marishells Chippy
Mark Bujko Designs
Mark Jenkinson & Son
Mark Lane
Markazi Jamia
Markbrook Drive
Market Place
Market Street
Market Street (S13)
Markfield Drive
Markham Terrace
Marks & Spencer
Marks & Spencer Cafe
Marlborough Rise
Marlborough Road
Marlcliffe Community Primary School
Marlcliffe Road
Marlfield Croft
Marlow Close
Marlowe Close
Marlowe Drive
Marlowe Road
Marmadukes - The Sorting Office
Marmaris Barber
Marmion Road
Marmion Road (S11)
Marples Close
Marples Drive
Marquis Crown Green Bowls Club
Marr Terrace
Marrick Court
Marrion Road
Marriott Lane
Marriott Place
Marriott Road
Marrison Drive
Marsden Lane
Marsh Auto Parts
Marsh Avenue
Marsh Close
Marsh House Road
Marsh Lane
Marsh Lane Primary School
Marsh Street
Marsh View
Marshall Close
Marshall News
Marshall Road (S8)
Marston Garage
Marston Road
Marstone Crescent
Martin Close
Martin Court
Martin Crescent
Martin Johnson
Martin Kemp
Martin Lee
Martin Lee Car Sales
Martin Rise
Martin Scriven
Martin Street
Martins Good To Go
Martyn Kemp
Martyn Kemp Opticians
Mary Street
Mary's Pantry
Maryhill Close
Masala Express
Masborough and Thornhill Community Centre
Masbro Gym & Fitness Centre
Masbrough Street
Masbrough Transport Club
Masefield Road
Masjid Abu Bakr
Masjid Mohammed
Mason Avenue
Mason Crescent
Mason Drive
Mason Grove
Mason Lathe Road
Mason's Barbershop
Masonic Hall
Massey Road (S13)
Master Barber
Masters Crescent
Masters Road
Mather Avenue
Mather Court (S9)
Mather Crescent
Mather Drive
Mather Road (S9)
Mather Walk (S9)
Matilda Lane
Matilda Street
Matilda Street Business Centre
Matilda Way
Matlock Road
Matlock Way
Matthew Street
Matthews Drive
Matthews Fold (S8)
Matthews Lane (S8)
Mattress Online
Maun Way
Mauncer Crescent (S13)
Mauncer Drive (S13)
Mauncer Estate
Mauncer Lane
Maurice Street
Mavi Ruya
Mawfa Avenue (S14)
Mawfa Crescent (S14)
Mawfa Drive (S14)
Mawfa Lane
Mawfa Road
Mawfa Road (S14)
Mawfa Walk
Max Spielmann
Maxey Place
Maxfield Avenue
Maxwell Street
Maxwell Way
May Road
May Tree Close
May Tree Croft
May Tree Lane
Maycock Avenue
Mayfair Court
Mayfield Heights
Mayfield Road
Mayflower Court
Maynard Road
MB Products Ltd
McCague Motor Services
McKay's Kitchen
McKenzie Way
McLarens Tyres
McLoughlin Way
McManus Avenue
Me Me
Meadow Avenue
Meadow Bank Avenue
Meadow Bank Farm
Meadow Bank Road
Meadow Close
Meadow Crescent
Meadow Croft
Meadow Drive
Meadow Farm
Meadow Farm Cattery
Meadow Gate Avenue
Meadow Gate Lane
Meadow Grove
Meadow Grove Road
Meadow Head Close
Meadow Head Drive
Meadow Head Post Office
Meadow House Drive
Meadow Street
Meadow Terrace
Meadow View Drive
Meadow View Primary School
Meadow View Road
Meadowbank Close
Meadowbank Road
Meadowcroft Close
Meadowcroft Gardens
Meadowcroft Glade
Meadowcroft Rise
Meadowgate Close (S20)
Meadowgate Park
Meadowhall Bus Station
Meadowhall Drive
Meadowhall Road
Meadowhall Way
Meadowhead Avenue
Meadowhead Christian Fellowship
Meadowhead Funeral Home
Meadowhead Meats
Meadowhead School Academy Trust
Meadowhead Sports Ground/Graves Park/Sheffield Transport Crown Green Bowls Club
Meadway Drive
Meals Corner
Med Food Co
Med+ Bee
Medico-Legal Centre
Medieval Mayhem
Medigold Health
Medina Mosque
Medina Stores
Meditteranean Street Food
Medlock Close
Medlock Crescent
Medlock Croft
Medlock Drive
Medlock Road
Medlock Way
Medway Close
Meersbrook Avenue (S8)
Meersbrook Bank Primary School
Meersbrook Bank Primary School Nursery
Meersbrook Bowling Club Ltd
Meersbrook Park Church
Meersbrook Park Crown Green Bowls Club
Meersbrook Park Road
Meersbrook Road
Meetinghouse Croft
Meetinghouse Croft (S13)
Meetinghouse Lane
Meetinghouse Lane (S13)
Mekyll Close
Melbeck Court
Melbourn Road
Melbourne Avenue
Melciss Road
Melfort Glen
Melhaven Way
Mellington Close (S8)
Mellor Lea Farm Chase
Mellor Lea Farm Chase (S35)
Mellor Lea Farm Close (S35)
Mellor Lea Farm Drive
Mellor Lea Farm Drive (S35)
Mellor Lea Farm Garth (S35)
Melrose Close
Melrose Cottages
Melrose Grove
Melrose Road
Melton Court
Melton Grove
Melville Drive
Memi's Coffee House
Memorial to 1864 Sheffield Flood
Memorial to 2007 Sheffield Flood
Memorial to crew of USAAF B17 'Mi Amigo'
Mendip Rise
Merali Lettings
Merbeck Drive
Merbeck Grove (S35)
Merchants Crescent, Exchange Street
Merchants Crescent, Victoria Quays
Mercia Drive
Mercia School
Mercure Sheffield Parkway Hotel
Mercure Sheffield St. Paul's Hotel and Spa
Meredith Road
Merlin Theatre
Merlin Way
Merryton Crescent
Mersey Way
Merton Lane
Merton Rise
Merton Road
Mesters Tap
Metcalfe Avenue
Methley Close
Methodist Church Dore
Metis Apartments
Metis Statue
Metro Bank
Meynell Community Primary School
Meynell Crescent
Meynell Road
MHT Trading
Michael Carlisle Centre
Michael Fogg
Michael Spencer Jewellers
Mick & Jennys
Mick's Grade A Meats
Mickley Farm
Mickley Lane
Middle Avenue
Middle Birchitt Farm
Middle Drive
Middle Eastern Shawarma
Middle Hay Close
Middle Hay Place
Middle Hay Rise
Middle Hay View
Middle Lane
Middle Lane Post Office
Middle Lane (S35)
Middle Lane (S65)
Middle Lane South
Middle Ox Close
Middle Ox Gardens
Middle Peak Way
Middle Place
Middlecliff Close
Middlecliff Court
Middlecliff Rise
Middlefield Close (S17)
Middlefield Croft (S17)
Middlefield Road
Middlefields Drive
Middleton Lane
Middleton Road (S65)
Middlewood Ambulance Station
Middlewood Chase (S6)
Middlewood Church
Middlewood Drive
Middlewood Drive East
Middlewood Late Shopper
Middlewood Lodge
Middlewood Park Crown Green Bowls Club
Middlewood Rise (S6)
Middlewood Road
Middlewood Road North
Middlewood Road Post Office
Midfield Road
Midhill Crescent
Midhill Road (S2)
Midhurst Road
Midhurst Road (S6)
Midland Road
Midland Street
Midvale Avenue
Midvale Close
Milburn Court
Milburn Grove (S20)
Milden Road
Mile Oak Road
Miles Close
Miles Road
Milestone Park
Milestone Way
Milford Street
Milgrove Crescent
Milk Street
Milky Bar
Mill Close
Mill Court
Mill Dyke Close
Mill Farm
Mill Hill
Mill House
Mill Lane
Mill Lane Farm
Mill Meadow Close
Mill Meadow Gardens (S20)
Mill Road
Mill Road Close
Mill Road Fisheries
Mill Spring House
Mill Street
Mill View Farm
Mill Wood View
Millais Rise
Millbank Close
Millbank Close (S35)
Milldale Road
Millenium Spices
Millennium Gallery
Millennium Square
Miller & Carter
Miller & Carter Sheffield by Innkeeper's Collection
Miller Croft (S13)
Miller Dale Drive
Miller Road
Miller Street
Millfield Poultry Farm
Millfold Rise
Millhouses Corn Mill
Millhouses Court (S11)
Millhouses Glen (S11)
Millhouses Lane
Millhouses Lane (S7)
Millhouses Methodist Church
Millhouses Park Cafe
Millhouses Park Crown Green Bowls Club
Millhouses Park Garage
Millhouses Park Kiosk
Millhouses Post Office
Millhouses water play
Million Hair
Millmoor Juniors Football Club
Millmoor Lane
Millmount Road (S8)
Millowners Arms
Millstone Close
Millstone Drive
Millthorpe Road
Milner Close
Milnrow Crescent
Milnrow Drive
Milnrow Road
Milnrow View
Milo's Diner
Milton Close
Milton Lane
Milton Road
Milton Street
Minden Close
Miners Arms
Mini Works
Minna Road
Minor Injuries Unit
Minster Close
Minster Road
Mint Leaf
Minto Road
MIR Restaurant
Mirage Vape Store
Mirror Mirror
Miss Samanthas Vintage
Mister T's
Mister Vape
Mitchell Road (S8)
Mitchell Street
Mitchell Way
Mitchells Wines
MJ Dressmaker & Designer
MKM Building Supplies Trade Shop
Mo Joe Deli
Moat Close
Moat Lane
Mobile Sheffield
Mobile World
Modernist Mural
Moffatt Road
Mojito Bar
Molineaux Close
Molineaux Road
Molloy Place (S8)
Molloy Street (S8)
Molly Limpets
Molly Malones Irish Tavern
Molly's Cafe & Deli
Momma Katz
Mona Avenue
Mona Road
Monckton Road
Moncrieffe Road
Mong Kok
Monk Bar
Monk's Path
Monkey Club Sports Bar and Kitchen
Monks Close
Monkwood Infant School
Monkwood Primary School
Monkwood Road
Monmouth Street
Monroe's Unisex Hair Salon
Montague Street
Montego Bay
Monteney Crescent
Monteney Gardens
Monteney Park
Monteney Primary School
Monteney Road
Montfort Drive
Montgomery Avenue
Montgomery Close
Montgomery Drive
Montgomery Road
Montgomery Terrace Road
Montgomery Theatre
Montrose Place
Montrose Road
Monument Coffee
Moo Lab
Moonshine Lane
Moonshine Way
Moor Bags and Luggage
Moor Cafe
Moor Cobbler
Moor Crescent
Moor Edge Farm
Moor End Road
Moor Farm Avenue
Moor Farm Garth
Moor Farm Rise
Moor Fisheries
Moor Lane North
Moor Lane South
Moor News
Moor Oaks Road
Moor Perfume
Moor Road
Moor Rugs
Moor Top Road
Moor Valley
Moor Valley Close
Moor View Drive
Moor View Golf Centre
Moor View Road
Moor View Terrace
Moorbank Close
Moorbank Court
Moorbank Drive
Moorbank Road
Moorcroft Avenue (S10)
Moorcroft Close (S10)
Moorcroft Drive (S10)
Moorcroft Road (S10)
Moordale View
Moore Street
Moorfield Avenue
Moorfield Close
Moorfield Farm
Moorfield Grove
Moorgate Acoustics
Moorgate Avenue
Moorgate Chase
Moorgate Grove
Moorgate Lane
Moorgate Road
Moorgate Street
Moorhouse Close
Moorhouse Lane
Moorland Place
Moorland View
Moorlands Crescent
Moorside Close
Moorside Farm
Moorside (S10)
Moorsyde Avenue
Moorsyde Crescent
Moorthorpe Bank
Moorthorpe Dell
Moorthorpe Drive
Moorthorpe Gardens
Moorthorpe Gate
Moorthorpe Green
Moorthorpe Rise
Moorthorpe View
Moorthorpe Way
Moortop Farm
Moorview Court
Moorview Farm
Moorview Lane
Moorwinstow Croft
Moorwood Equine Club at Moorwood Farm
Moorwood Lane
Moorwood's Farm
Moorwoods Avenue
Moorwoods Lane
Moray Place
Mordaunt Road
More Hall Lane
More Hall View
More Posh than Dosh
Morgan Avenue
Morgan Close
Morgan Road
Morland Bank
Morland Close
Morland Drive
Morland Place
Morland Road
Morley Close
Morley Road
Morley Street
Morpeth Gardens
Morpeth Street
Morrall Road
Morris Avenue
Morrison Academy
Morrisons Cafe
Morrisons Daily
Morrisons Pharmacy
Morse Way
Mortain Road
Morthen Hall
Morthen Hall Lane
Morthen Lane
Morthen Road
Morthen View
Mortimer Street
Mortimer's Cafe
Mortlake Road
Mortomley Close
Mortomley Croft
Mortomley Hall Gardens
Mortomley Lane
Morton Gardens
Morton Lane
Morton Mount
Morton Place (S35)
Mosborough Hall Drive
Mosborough Hall Hotel
Mosborough Methodist
Mosborough Miners Welfare
Mosborough Moor
Mosborough Pizza & Kebab House
Mosborough Post Office
Mosborough Primary School
Mosborough Road
Mosborough Through The Ages
Mosborough, Elim Church
Moscar Cottages
Moscar Wheel
Moscrop Close (S13)
Mosley Lane
Moss Beck Court
Moss Close
Moss Drive
Moss Farm
Moss Grove
Moss House Court
Moss Road
Moss Valley Meadow
Moss View
Moss Way
Moss Way Open Space
Mossbrook School
Mossbrook School - Chancet Site
Mossdale Avenue
MOT Centre
Motehall Drive
Motehall Place
Motehall Road
Motehall Way
Mother Hubbard's
Mother of God
Mother's Ruin
Motor World
Moulin Roty
Mount Lebanon
Mount Pleasant Close
Mount Pleasant Community Centre
Mount Pleasant Road
Mount Road
Mount Street
Mount Tabor Methodist Church
Mount View Avenue (S8)
Mount View Gardens
Mount View Lodge
Mount View Methodist Church
Mount View Poultry Farm
Mount View Road (S8)
Mountain Warehouse
Mountbatten Drive
Mountenoy Road
Mountford Croft (S17)
Mouse Park Gate
Mousehole Close
Mousehole Lane
Mowbray Accounting
Mowbray Gardens
Mowbray Place
Mowbray Street
Mowgli Street Food
Mowson Crescent
Mowson Drive
Mowson Hollow
Mowson Lane (S30)
Moxon Close
Mr & Mrs Cod
Mr Chai
Mr. Chris Carpets
Mr Clutch Autocentre
Mr. Exhaust & Tyres
Mr Gon
Mr Miyagi Revolving Sushi and Noodle Bar
Mr Personality
Mr. Pizza
Mr Slators
Mr Toffs
Mr Wilson's
Ms Mistry's
MS Sports
MT Garage
MT Tyres
MTB dirt jumps.
MTB route map
Mucha Lucha
Mucky Pups
Mulberry Close
Mulberry Road
Mulberry Street
Mulberry Upholstery
Mulberry Way
Mulehouse Road
Mundella Place (S8)
Mundella Primary School
Mungy Lane
Munro Close
Munsborough Lane
Munsbrough Lane
Munsbrough Rise
Murdock Road
Murray & Webster Quality Meats
Murray Road
Murrayfield Drive
Musaids Soft Drinks
Muscle Fusion
Muse Shoes
Musgrave Crescent
Musgrave Drive
Musgrave Place
Musgrave Road
Musgrove Avenue
Mushroom Lane
Music Junkee
Muskoka Avenue
Muskoka Drive
Muslim Welfare House
My Blue Skies
My Chicken Express
Myers Avenue
Myers Grove Lane
Myers Lane
Myers Tyres
Mylnhurst Preparatory School and Nursery
Mylnhurst Road (S11)
Mylor Road
Myrce Way
Myrtle Close
Myrtle Crescent
Myrtle Drive
Myrtle Grove
Myrtle Road
Myrtle Springs Drive
Myton Road

N Grayson
Nabeel Court
Nacro The Crime Reduction Charity
Nafis Fast Food
Nags Head


Nairn Drive
Nairn Street
Najah Djibouti Fashion
Nam Song
Naomi’s Corner
Napier Street
Napoleans 拿破崙的
Napoli Centro
Narrow Twitchell
Narrow Walk
Naseby Street
Nathan Court
Nathan Drive
Nathan Grove
Nathan Richardson Hair
Nathan's Crafts and Tearoom
National Blinds
National Emergency Services Museum
National Fairground & Circus Archive
National Probation Service
National Rail
National Tyres and Exhausts
Natural Health Spa
Natural Spice
Natural World Mural
Nature's Way
Naylor Grove
Naylor Road
Naylor Street
Nazir Solicitors
NCP Solly Street
Nearcroft Road
Needham Way
Neepsend Bridge
Neepsend Lane
Neepsend Social Club & Canteen
Neepsend Triangle
Neiche Style
Neil Davis Repairs
Neill Road
Nelson Close
Nelson Place
Nelson Road
Nelson Street
Neon Fish
Nesfield Way
Ness’ Caffe


Nether Avenue
Nether Crescent
Nether Edge
Nether Edge Bowling Club
Nether Edge Club
Nether Edge Crown Green Bowls Club
Nether Edge Garage
Nether Edge Herbarium
Nether Edge Hospital
Nether Edge Market
Nether Edge Pizza Company
Nether Edge Primary School
Nether Edge Road
Nether Edge Road Post Office
Nether Green Infant School
Nether Green Junior School
Nether Green Methodist Church
Nether Green Surgery
Nether Haugh
Nether Lane
Nether Ley Avenue
Nether Ley Court
Nether Ley Croft (S35)
Nether Ley Gardens
Nether Oak Close (S20)
Nether Oak Drive (S20)
Nether Oak View
Nether Road
Nether Shire Lane
Nether Spurgear Wheel Marker Post
Nether Wheel Row
Netherfield Close
Netherfield Lane
Netherfield Road
Netherfield View
Netherfold Farm
Nethergreen Avenue
Nethergreen Court
Nethergreen Gardens
Nethergreen Road
Nethermoor Avenue
Nethermoor Close
Nethermoor Drive
Nethermoor Lane
Netherthorpe Close
Netherthorpe House- Art Therapy
Netherthorpe Lane
Netherthorpe Place
Netherthorpe Primary School
Netherthorpe Street
Netherwood Avenue
Nettleham Road
Network Church Sheffield, Philadelphia Campus
Neville Close
Neville Drive
Neville Road
Neville Street
New Bridge Inn
New Brinsworth Road
New Chachies
New Cod on the Block
New Cross Drive
New Cross Walk
New Cross Way (S13)
New Droppingwell Road
New Edward Street
New Era Square
New Hing Wah
New Image
New India Garden
New Jasmine House
New Jumbo Chinese Take Away
New Leaf
New Look
New Loon Fung
New May House Farm
New Meadows
New Mill Bank
New Mill Bank Farm
New Orchard Road
New Road
New Roomstyle
New Rooster Chicken and Pizza
New Ruskin Buildings
New School Close
New School Court
New School Road
New South Farm
New Street
New Street Bus Link
New Street Lane
New Testament Church of God
New Whitelow Farm
New Wok
New Wortley Road
New York Deli
New York Tavern
New York Way
New Zing Vaa
New Zips
Newark Street
Newbiggin Close (S62)
Newbiggin Drive (S62)
Newbould Crescent (S20)
Newbould Lane
Newburn Drive
Newbury Road
Newcastle Street
Newcroft Close (S20)
Newent Lane
Newfield Court
Newfield Crescent (S17)
Newfield Croft (S17)
Newfield Farm Close
Newfield Green Library
Newfield Green Post Office
Newfield Green Road
Newfield Lane
Newfield Place
Newfield Secondary School & Talbot Special School
Newgate Close
Newhall Avenue
Newhall Road
Newhill Lane
Newholme Farm
Newington Drive
Newington Road
Newlands Avenue
Newlands Drive
Newlands Grove
Newlands Road
Newman Close
Newman Court
Newman Drive
Newman Road
Newman Road (S5)
Newman School
Newmarch Street
News @ Moor Market
Newsam Road
Newsham Road (S8)
Newstead Avenue
Newstead Close
Newstead Drive
Newstead Grove
Newstead Road
Newstead Way
Newstyle Barber
Newton Business Centre
Newton Chambers Road
Newton Close
Newton Croft
Newton Drive
Newton Gardens
Newton Lane
Newton Place
Newton Road
Newton Street
Newton Vale
Next Chapter Books
Next Home
Niagara Conference and Leisure Centre
Niagara Road
Niagra Crown Green Bowls Club
Nibbles Pizza
Nicholas James Barbershop
Nichols Road
Nichols Signs
Nicholson Place
Nicholson Road
Nickerwood Drive
Nickerwood Farm
Nickleby Court
Nidd Road
Nidd Road East
Nidderdale Place
Nidderdale Road
Nightingale Close
Nightingale Court
Nightingale Croft
Nightingale Road
Niko Niko
Nile Market
Nile Street
NINE56 Ltd
Ninja Warrior UK Adventure
Nisa Local
Nissan - Bristol Street Motors
NJ Leeson
No 1 Chinese Takeaway
No. 14
No Name Bistro
No.1 Chinese Takeaway
Noah's Ark
Noble and Wylie
Nodder Road
Noehill Place
Noehill Road
Noodle Doodle
Noodle Inn
Noodle Inn 面馆
Nook End
Nook Farm
Nook Lane
Nook Lane Junior School
Noor Al Hadi Mosque
Noor Apartments
Noose and Gibbet Inn
Norborough Road
Norbrook Way
Norburn Drive
Norbury Court
Norfolk Arms
Norfolk Bridge
Norfolk Community Primary School
Norfolk Hill Croft (S30)
Norfolk Hill (S35)
Norfolk Park
Norfolk Park Avenue
Norfolk Park Drive
Norfolk Park Road
Norfolk Park Students Residence
Norfolk Park/Granville Crown Green Bowls Club
Norfolk Road
Norfolk Row
Norfolk Street
Norfolk Way
Norgreave Way
Norman Street
Normancroft Crescent
Normancroft Drive
Normancroft Way
Normandale Avenue
Normandale Road
Normanton Gardens
Normanton Grove
Normanton Hill
Normanton Spring Close
Normanton Spring Court
Normanton Spring Road
Normanville Avenue
Norrel's Croft
Norrels Drive
Norrie Waite & Slater
Norris Road
Norroy Street
Norstead Crescent
North Bank
North Church Business Center
North Church Street
North Crescent
North Drive
North Farm Court
North Hill Road
North Lane
North Pitt Street
North Place
North Quadrangle
North Quadrant
North Quadrant (S5)
North Quay Drive
North Road
North Street
North Town
North Yard
Northcote Avenue
Northcote Avenue (S2)
Northcote Road
Northern Avenue
Northern Campus Cafe
Northern Common
Northern Domestic Appliances
Northern General Hospital
Northern Monkey
Northern Perk
Northern Powerboats
Northern Thai
Northfield Avenue
Northfield Close
Northfield Court
Northfield Junior School
Northfield Lane
Northfield Recreation/Three Horseshoes Crown Green Bowls Club
Northfield Road
Northfield/Bolehills Rec/Academicals Crown Green Bowls Club
Northlands Road
Northside Carpets
Northumberland Road
Northwood Drive
Northwood Drive (S6)
Northwood Place (S6)
Northwood (S6)
Norton Aerodrome (disused)
Norton Avenue
Norton Church Glebe (S8)
Norton Church Road
Norton Church Road (S8)
Norton Finance
Norton Free Church of England Primary School
Norton Green Close (S8)
Norton Hall
Norton Hammer Lane
Norton Hammer Lane (S8)
Norton House Country Club
Norton Lane
Norton Lane (S8)
Norton Lees
Norton Lees Close
Norton Lees Crescent (S8)
Norton Lees Glade (S8)
Norton Lees Hall
Norton Lees Lane
Norton Lees Road
Norton Lees Road (S8)
Norton Lees Square (S8)
Norton Mews (S8)
Norton Nurseries
Norton Oakes Cricket Club
Norton Park
Norton Park Avenue (S8)
Norton Park Crescent
Norton Park Crescent (S8)
Norton Park Drive (S8)
Norton Park Road (S8)
Norton Park View (S8)
Norton Water Tower
Norwood Avenue
Norwood Bridge
Norwood Close
Norwood Cottage Tea Rooms
Norwood Crescent
Norwood Drive
Norwood Fish Bar
Norwood Grange Drive
Norwood Grange Way
Norwood Place
Norwood Post Office
Norwood Road
Norwood Street
Nose To The Grindstone
Noshys Lounge
Notre Dame City Learning Centre
Notre Dame High School
Nottingham Cliff
Nottingham House
Nottingham Street
Novotel Sheffield Centre
Nowill Court (S8)
Nowill Place (S8)
N.T. News
Nuffield Health Fitness & Wellbeing
Numark Pharmacy
Nunnery Court
Nunnery Crescent
Nunnery Drive
Nunnery Square Police Station
Nunnery Terrace
Nursery Drive
Nursery Grove
Nursery Lane
Nursery Road
Nursery Street
Nursery Street Foot Bridge
Nut Bar
Nutt Case
Nuttall Place
Nxt Level

O'Brien Fey Opticians
O'Keh Café
Oak Apple Walk
Oak Close
Oak Dene Way
Oak Farm
Oak Furnitureland
Oak Hill Close
Oak Hill Road
Oak House Fisheries
Oak Lea
Oak Lodge Farm
Oak Lodge Road
Oak Meadows
Oak Mews
Oak Park
Oak Road
Oak Road (S20)
Oak Street
Oak Terrace
Oak Tree Close
Oak Tree Court
Oakbank Close
Oakbank Court (S17)
Oakbrook Court
Oakbrook Electrical
Oakbrook Independent Coffee Co
Oakbrook Pharmacy
Oakbrook Road
Oakbrook Road (S11)
Oakdale Place
Oakdale Road
Oakdale Road (S7 1SL)
Oaken Wood Close
Oaken Wood Road
Oakes Green
Oakes Park View (S14)
Oakes Street
Oakfern Grove
Oakham Drive
Oakhill Road
Oakholme Mews
Oakholme Road
Oakland Court
Oakland Road
Oaklands Court
Oakley Road
Oaks Farm
Oaks Fold
Oaks Fold Avenue
Oaks Fold Road
Oaks Lane
Oaks Road
Oakwood Avenue
Oakwood Crescent
Oakwood Drive
Oakwood Grove
Oakwood Hall Drive
Oakwood High School
Oakwood Road East
Oakwood Road West
Oakworth Close
Oakworth Drive
Oakworth Grove
Oakworth View
Oasis Academy Don Valley
Oasis Academy Fir Vale
Oasis Academy Watermead
Oates Avenue
Oates Close
Oates Street
Oats Orchard
Occupation Lane
Occupation Road
Occupation Road (S62)
Ocean Blue
Ochre Dike Close
Ochre Dike Lane
Ochre Dike Lane Playing Fields
Ockley Farm
Octavia Close
Odeon Luxe
Odom Court
OEC Sheffield

of the wild

Off Licence
Off the Rails
Office 130
Ogden Place
Oil Mill Fold
OISOI Gathering
Oisoi Oriental Food Market
Olam-D Kitchen

old Baslow Road

Old Baslow Road
Old boiler house
Old Brewery Court
Old Clifton Lane (S65)
Old Colliery Way
Old Conduit
Old Coroner's Court Apartments
Old Cottage Close (S13)
Old Crown
Old Crown Inn
Old Dam House
Old Droppingwell Road
Old Flatts Farm - Pet Crematorium
Old Fleur-de-Lys
Old Fulwood House
Old Fulwood Road
Old Garden Drive
Old Hall Close
Old Hall Drive
Old Hall Lane
Old Hall Mews
Old Hall Road
Old Harrow Inn
Old Hay Close
Old Hay Close (S17)
Old Hay Gardens
Old Hay Gardens (S17)
Old Hay Lane
Old Hay Lane (S17)
Old Hussar Alley
Old Lane
Old Mother Redcap
Old Number Eight
Old Park Avenue
Old Park Road
Old Quarry Avenue
Old Queen's Head
Old Ravenfield
Old Red Lion
Old Retford Road
Old School Close
Old School Croft
Old School Drive (S5)
Old School House
Old School Lane
Old Sheffield Road
Old Station Drive (S7)
Old Street
Old Town Hall
Old Warren Vale
Old Warren Vale (S62)
Old Wheel
Old Wheel Farm
Old Wortley Road
Old Yew Gate
Oldale Close (S13)
Oldale Court (S13)
Oldale Grove (S13)
Oldbrick Place
Oldfield Avenue
Oldfield Close
Oldfield Grove
Oldfield Road
Oldfield Terrace
Oldgate Lane
Oldwell Close
Oli's Patisserie & Diner
Olive Close
Olive Cottage
Olive Crescent
Olive Grove
Olive Grove Road
Olive Grove Sandwich Bar
Olive House
Olive Road
Oliver Bonas
Oliver Road (S7)
Olivers Drive
Olivers Mount
Olivers Way
Olivet Road
Olivet Road (S8)
Olivia Blake MP
Olivia's Townhouse
OLP Office & Laboratories
Omega Court
Omega Food
On 2 Wheels
On Fire Inc
On The Spot Tyres
Onchan Road
One Four One
One More Slice
One Shop UK Ltd
One Stop
One Stop East Dene
Onesacre Road
Onesmoor Bottom
Onesmoor Road
Only The Vape
Onslow Road
Ooops a Daisy
Orange Street
Orchard Close
Orchard Crescent
Orchard Croft
Orchard Flatts Crescent
Orchard House
Orchard Lane
Orchard Lane (S20)
Orchard Lea Drive
Orchard Lee
Orchard Place
Orchard Road
Orchard Square
Orchard Street
Orchard Way
Orchard Wells
Orchid Crescent
Orgreave Close
Orgreave Crescent
Orgreave Drive
Orgreave Lane
Orgreave Place
Orgreave Rise
Orgreave Road
Orgreave Way
Oriel Road (S10)
Oriental Rug Shop
Original Jamaican Jerk Centre
Ormes Meadow
Ormesby Close
Ormesby Way
Ormond Close (S8)
Ormond Drive (S8)
Ormond Road
Ormond Road (S8)
Ormond Way (S8)
Orpen Drive (S14)
Orpen Way
Orphanage Road
Osbert Drive
Osbert Road
Osberton Place
Osberton Street
Osberton Way
Osborn Drive
Osborne Avenue
Osborne Close
Osborne Court
Osborne Mews
Osborne Road
Osgathorpe Crescent
Osgathorpe Drive
Osgathorpe Road
OSL Cutting Technologies
Osmaston Road
Osmund Road
Osprey Gardens
Osprey Road
Osumnd Road
Oswestry Road (S5)
Otley Walk
Otter Street
Oughtibridge Brass Band
Oughtibridge C.C.
Oughtibridge Chapel
Oughtibridge Hall
Oughtibridge Lane
Oughtibridge Post Office
Oughtibridge Primary School
Oughtibridge Store
Oughtibridge Valley (Housing)
Oughtibridge Valley Link
Oughton Way
Oulton Avenue
Our Choice
Our Cow Molly
Our Cow Molly at Cliffe House Farm
Our Lady of Beauchief and Thomas of Canterbury
Our Lady of Lourdes
Our Lady Queen Of Heaven And St Oswalds.
Our Shop
Our Zero Waste Shop
Ouse Road
Ouseburn Croft
Ouseburn Road
Ouseburn Street
Outpatients 1
Outram Road
Outwood Academy City
Oval Road
Over the Yardarm
Overcroft Rise
Overdale Gardens
Overdale Rise (S17)
Overend Close (S14)
Overend Drive (S14)
Overend Road (S14)
Overend Way
Oversley Street
Overton Road
Owen Close
Owen Place
Owen Walk
Owler Brook Primary School
Owler Car Farm
Owler Car Lane
Owler Gate
Owler Lane
Owler Lane (S4)
Owlerton Evangelical Church
Owlerton Green
Owlerton Stadium
Owlet House
Owlings Place
Owlings Road
Owls Megastore
Owlthorpe Avenue
Owlthorpe Close
Owlthorpe Drive
Owlthorpe Greenway
Owlthorpe Grove
Owlthorpe Lane
Owlthorpe Rise
Ox Close Avenue
Ox Hill
Oxclose Drive
Oxclose Lane
Oxclose Park Gardens
Oxclose Park Rise
Oxclose Park Road
Oxclose Park Road North
Oxclose Park View
Oxclose Park Way
Oxford Close
Oxford Street
Oxley & Coward
Oxley Court
Oxley Grove
Oxspring Bank
Oxted Road
OYO Metropolitan Hotel
Oyster Self Storage
Ozmen Extra
Ozmen Local

P&N Accountants
PA Jewellery
Pace Financial Management
Paces Campus
Paces School for Conductive Education
Pack Horse Lane
Packmans Close
Packmans Way
Paddock Close
Paddock Crescent
Paddock Drive
Paddock Way
Paddy Power
Padley Walk
Padley Way
Page Hall
Page Hall Pharmacy
Page Hall Road
Page Hall Road Post Office
Pagenall Drive
Pagets Builders Merchants
Painted Fabrics
Painted Fabrics Residential Home
Pak Hoo House
Palace Express
Pales Wood Gate
Palgrave Crescent
Palgrave Road
Palm Hollow Close
Palm Lane
Palm Street
Palmer Road
Palmer Street
Palmers Way
Palmerston Road
Pan and Animals
Panda Cafe
Panda Fresh
Panda Store
Pangolin Craft Beer
Papa Ciccio's
Papa John's
Papa's Fish & Chips
Paper Kisses
Paper Mill Road
Paper Rack
Parade Chambers
Paradise Lane
Paradise Lost
Paradise Square
Paradise Street
Paris Pizzaria
Parish Centre
Park Avenue
Park Close
Park Crescent
Park Drive
Park Farm
Park Grange Court
Park Grange Croft
Park Grange Drive
Park Grange Mount
Park Grange Rise
Park Grange Road
Park Grange View
Park Grove
Park Head Court
Park Hill
Park Hill Farm
Park Hill Gardens
Park Hill Plinths
Park hill Plinths
Park Hill Plinths
Park Hill Provisions
Park Lane
Park Lane Court
Park Library Centre
Park Mount
Park Nook
Park Place
Park Road
Park Road Mews
Park Spring Drive
Park Spring Grove (S2 3QU)
Park Spring Way
Park Steels Junior FC
Park Street
Park Terrace (S35)
Park Vale Drive
Park View
Park View Avenue
Park View Court
Park View Road
Parker Way
Parker's Lane
Parker's Road
Parker's Ya
Parkers Lane
Parkfield Court
Parkfield Place
Parkfield Road (S65)
Parkgate Close
Parkgate Croft
Parkgate Drive
Parkgate Fisheries
Parkgate Indian Restaurant
Parkgate Inn
Parkgate Mobility
Parkgate Motability
Parkgate Service Station
Parkgate Superstore & Off Licence
Parkhall Lane
Parkhead Crescent
Parkhead Cricket Club
Parkhead Hall
Parkhead Post Office
Parkhead Road
Parkhouse Court
Parkhouse Lane
Parkland Crescent
Parklands Equestrian Centre
Parklands View
Parkside Close
Parkside Farm
Parkside Lane
Parkside Mews
Parkside Road
Parkside Way
Parkson Road
Parkstone Delph
Parkway Avenue
Parkway Close (S9)
Parkway Crown
Parkway Drive
Parkway Drive (S9)
Parkway Fire Station
Parkway Link
Parkway Man (Iron Henry)
Parkway Rise (S9)
Parkwood E-ACT Academy
Parkwood Karting
Parkwood Landfill
Parkwood Road
Parkwood Road North
Parkwood Springs gun emplacement
Parliament Street
Parrot Mural
Parsley Hay Close
Parsley Hay Drive
Parsley Hay Gardens
Parsley Hay Road
Parson Cross
Parson Cross Church of England Primary School
Parson Cross Park Crown Green Bowls Club
Parson Cross Pharmacy
Parson Cross Post Office
Parson Cross Road
Parsonage Close
Parsonage Court
Parsonage Crescent
Parsonage Street
Partridge Close
Partridge Place
Partridge View
Party On
Party Parlour
Parwich Court
Pasam Kebab
Passhouses Road
Pasture Grove
Pat Midgley Lane
Pat O'Brien
Pat Ward Removals
Patchwork Garden
Paternoster Row
Patmore Road
Patriot Games
Patterdale Close
Patterdale Grove
Pattinson Bros. Ltd.
Paul Stanley
Pav & Changing
Pavilion Lane
Pavilion Way
Pavillion Court
Paxton Court
Paxton Lane
Pay Per Week Store
Payler Close
Payne Crescent
PC Properties
Peace Funerals
Peace/Love Bar/Cafe
Peaches and Preen
Peacock Close
Peacock Lodge Farm
Peak Close
Peak Dale Drive
Peak Pharmacy
Peak Square
Peak Studio
Peakdale Crescent
Peaks Mount
Peaks Sports Bar
Peakstone Mews
Pear Street
Pear Tree Avenue
Pear Tree Close
Pear Tree Lodge
Pear Tree Road
Pearce Road (S9)
Pearce Walk
Pearl Motors
Pearl Road
Pearl Street
Pearls Bubble Tea
Pearson and Earl's Barbershop
Pearson Place
Pearson's Close
Peashill Street
Peat Farm
Peat Pits Lane
Peatfield Road
Pebleygrove Farm
Peck Hall Farm
Peckham Road
Pedley Avenue (S20)
Pedley Close
Pedley Drive
Pedley Grove
Pee's Pantry
Peel Monument
Peel Street
Peel Terrace
Peggy Lane
Peji's 3
Pembrey Court (S20)
Pembroke Crescent
Pembroke Street
Pen Nook Close
Pen Nook Court
Pen Nook Drive
Pen Nook Gardens
Pen Nook Glade
Pendeen Road
Pendle Croft
Penelope's Pit Stop
Penistone Road
Penistone Service Station
Penley Street
Penns Road
Penny Black
Penny Engine Lane
Penny Hill Farm
Penny Hill Lane
Penny Lane
Pennywise Cleaners
Pennywise Dry Cleaners
Penrhyn Road
Penrith Close
Penrith Crescent
Penrith Road
Penrose Place (S13)
Pentagon Jeep
Pentagon Kia
Pentagon Vauxhall
Pentecostal Church
Penthorpe Close
Pentland Gardens
Pentland Road
Penton Street
Penwood Walk
Penyghent Close
Pepper Close
Pepper Greenhouse
Peppercorn Way
Perch Bottleshop
Perch Kitchen
Percy Street
Peregrine Way
Perfect Fit
Perfection Hair Studio
Perfume Shop
Perigree Road (S8)
Periwood Avenue
Periwood Close
Periwood Drive
Periwood Estate
Periwood Grove
Periwood Lane
Perkyn Road
Perkyn Terrace
Persian Bakery
Pet Company
Petal Accessories
Peter Cusworth
Peter Street
Peterborough Close (S10)
Peterborough Drive (S10)
Peterborough Road
Pete’s Chippy
Petre Drive
Petre Lane
Petre Street
Pets Are Pals
Pets at Home
Petworth Drive
Peveril Close
Peveril Road
Pexton Road


Phat Buns
Pheasant Lane
Philadelphia Drive
Philadelphia Gardens
Philadelphia Grove
Philadelphia Wesleyan Reform Church
Philip Lane
Philip Turnor Antiques
Philips Road
Phillimore Community Primary School
Phillimore Road
Phillips Road
Phoenix Grove
Phoenix Pavilion
Phoenix Riverside
Phoenix Road
Phoenix Sports and Social Club
Phone Extras
Phone Geekz
Phone World
Piano Drum and Guitar Centre
Piccadilly Road
Pickard Crescent
Pickard Drive
Pickering Crescent
Pickering Road
Picking Lane
Pickmere Road
Pickwick Drive
Picture House Social
Pie Cafe
Piece End
Piece End Close
Pigeon Bridge Way
Pighills Lane
Pike & Heron
Pike Road
Pilgrim Street
Pilkington Yard
Pinch Mill Lane
Pinchfield Court
Pinchfield Holt
Pinchfield Lane
Pinchmill Hollow
Pinchwell View
Pine Close
Pine Croft
Pine shop
Pine Walk
Pinecroft Way
Pinewood Close
Pinfold Lane
Pinfold Street
Pingle Avenue
Pingle Head
Pingle Lane
Pingle Road
Pingle Road (S7)
Pingles Crescent
Pinner Road
Pinstone Street
Pint, Paws and Pale Outlaws
Pipe House Lane
Piper Close
Piper Court
Piper Crescent
Piper House ruins
Piper Lane
Piper Road
Pipeyard Lane
Pipworth Community Primary School
Pipworth Grove
Pipworth Lane
Pipworth Road
Piri Fino
Pisa Pizza
Pisgah House Road
Pit Lane
Pit Stop
Pitch & putt course
Pitcher & Piano
Pitchford Lane
Pithouse Lane
Pitsmoor Adventure Playground
Pitsmoor Methodist Church
Pitsmoor Off Licence
Pitsmoor Road
Pitstop Auto Care
Pitt Close
Pitt Lane
Pitt Shopp
Pitt Street
Pivotal Fitness
Pizza & Co
Pizza & Kebab
Pizza 4 You
Pizza Amour
Pizza Bar
Pizza Central
Pizza City
Pizza Cottage
Pizza Hot
Pizza Hut
Pizza Hut Delivery
Pizza Kasra
Pizza King
Pizza Mania
Pizza Master
Pizza Max
Pizza Palace
Pizza Paz
Pizza Pronto
Pizza Venice
Pizze R'Us
Pizzeria Italia


Plaice the Fish
Plain Bear
Plane Drive
Planet Pizza
Plank Gate
Plantation Road (S8)
Plantin Rise
Platform _ Apartments
Platinum Lounge & Bar
Platt Street
Platts Drive (S20)
Platts Lane
Play Cafe
Pleasant Close
Pleasant Road
Pleasley Road
PLM Auto Centre
Plover Court
Plover Croft
Plowright Close
Plowright Drive
Plowright Mount
Plowright Way
Plum Tree Cottage
Plumb Leys
Plumbley Hall Mews
Plumbley Hall Road
Plumbley Lane
Plumbley Lane Farm
Plumbleywood Lane
Plumper's Road
Plus Studio
Plymouth Road
PN Alarms
Police Dog Training School
Polka Court
Pollard Avenue
Pollard Crescent
Pollard Road
Pollard Street
Pollitt Close
Polski Sklep
Poly Tunnels
Pomm Pom
Pomona Street
Pond Close
Pond Hill
Pond Road
Pond Street
Ponds Forge International Sports Centre
Ponds Forge Olympic Swimming Pool
Pool Square
Poole Road (S9)
Pop-up Cafe
Popadom Express
Popeyes Pizza
Popeye’s 2
Poplar Avenue
Poplar Avenue (S20)
Poplar Close
Poplar Drive
Poplar Farm
Poplar Glade
Poplar Grove
Poplar Nook
Poplar Road
Poplar Way
Popple Street
Poppy Place
Portable Stage UK
Porter Bookshop
Porter Brook
Porter Brook Gallery
Porter Brook Path
Porter Brook Trail
Porter Brook View
Porter Cottage
Porter Croft Church of England Primary Academy
Portland Avenue
Portland Court
Portland House
Portland Lane
Portland Road
Portland Street
Portland Works Little Sheffield
Portobello Lane
Portobello Street
Portsea Road
Portway Close
Posh FX
Pot shop and charge room
Potter Hill
Potter Hill Lane (S35)
Potterdyke Avenue
Potters Gate
Potters Gate (S35)
Potters Way
Pottery Close
Pottery Lane
Pottery Road
Poucher Street
Pounds World £1
Povey Farm
Powell Drive
Powell Street
Power Generator
Powley Road
Poynton Avenue
Poynton Way
Poynton Wood Crescent
Poynton Wood Glade
Practical Control Ltd
Premier Doors
Premier Inn
Premier Inn Sheffield City Centre (Angel Street)
Premier Inn Sheffield City Centre (St Mary's Gate)
Premier Whitehouse Convenience Store
Premier, Steve's Convenience Shop
Prescott Road
President Way
Presto Pizza
Preston Street
Prestwich Street
Prestwood Gardens
Pret A Manger
Priestley Avenue
Priestley Street
Prime Bathrooms
Prime Chicken
Prime Mover
Prime Pizza
Primrose Avenue
Primrose Close
Primrose Crescent (S20)
Primrose Drive
Primrose Hill
Primrose Lane
Primrose Walk
Prince Edward Primary School
Prince Of Wales
Prince of Wales Hotel
Prince of Wales Road
Princes Street
Princess Road
Princess Street
Pringle Road
Prior Royd Farm
Priory Avenue
Priory Close
Priory Court
Priory Place
Priory Road
Priory Terrace
Priory Way
Pritchard Close
Pro-Roll Ltd
Proctor Place
Professional Barber
Progress Drive
Project 6
Prominence Way
Pronto Fast Food
Pronto Pizza
Proper Pasty
Property Plus
Prospect Close (S66 1TX)
Prospect Court (S62)
Prospect Diagnostics Ltd
Prospect Drive
Prospect Farm
Prospect Place
Prospect Road
Prospect Road (S2)
Providence Road
Providence Street
Provincial House (Hello Student)
Provincial Park
Pryor Automotive
Pryor Marking Technology
Pryor Mede
Psalter Court
Psalter Lane
Psalters Lane
Pub Play Area
Pub Run
Public Footpath
Pudding Poke
Punch Stores
Purbeck Court
Purbeck Grove
Purbeck Road
Purdy's DIY & Kitchens
Pure Aesthetics
Pure on Raw
Pure Panjabi
Pye Bank CofE Primary School
Pye Bank Drive
Pye Bank Road

Q Tattoo
QashQai Kitchen
QC’s Bagel Bar
Quail Rise
Quaker Meeting House
Quality Tyres
Quarry Close
Quarry Farm
Quarry Field Lane
Quarry Fields
Quarry Hill
Quarry House
Quarry Lane
Quarry Road
Quarry Street
Quarry Vale Grove
Quarry Vale Road
Quarryfield Road
Quay Oak & Pine Furniture Ltd
Quba Education Centre
Queen Mary Grove
Queen Mary Mews
Queen Mary Rise
Queen Mary Road
Queen Stay
Queen Street
Queen Street Mews
Queen Victoria Road
Queen's Row
Queen's Tower
Queens Avenue
Queens Head
Queens Road
Queens Road (S20)
Queensgate (S35)
Queensway Court
Queenswood Close (S6)
Queenswood Court
Queenswood Drive
Queenswood Drive (S6)
Queenswood Gate (S6)
Queenswood Road (S6)
Quiet Lane
Quiet Lane (S10)
Quintec Court
Quix News

R & M
R & R Fresh Foods
R. A. Legget
R Chapeltown
R Darnall
R Dore and Totley
R Dronfield
R Kiveton Bridge
R Meadowhall Interchange
R. Mortimer & son
R Rotherham Central
R Sheffield
R. Smith & Sons
R Woodhouse
Raby Street
Race Lane
Racker Way
Radford Street
Radley Avenue
Radnor Close (S20)
Raeburn Close
Raeburn Close (S14)
Raeburn Place
Raeburn Road (S14)
Raeburn Way
Rag n Bone
Raheem Jewellers
Rail Departures
Rail Mill Way
Rails House
Rails Road
Railway Avenue
Rainbow Avenue
Rainbow Chinese
Rainbow Close
Rainbow Crescent
Rainbow Drive
Rainbow Forge Primary Academy
Rainbow Gelato
Rainbow Grove
Rainbow Hill
Rainbow Place
Rainbow Road
Rainbow Way
Rainforest Graphics Ltd
Rainstorth Farm
Rainworth Škoda
Raisen Hall Place
Raisen Hall Road
Rak Mak Mak Thai Food
Raleigh Drive
Raleigh Road
Ralph Thickitts
Ralston Court
Ralston Croft
Ralston Grove
Ralston Place
Ramblers Way
Rampton Road
Ramsden Road
Ramsey Road
Ranby Road
Randall Place
Randall Street
Randerson Drive
Ranelagh Drive (S11)
Ranfield Court
Range Road
Rangeley Road
Rani's Garments
Ranmoor A.T.E.
Ranmoor Cliffe Road
Ranmoor Crescent
Ranmoor Deli
Ranmoor Friery
Ranmoor Gardens
Ranmoor Motor Company
Ranmoor Park Road
Ranmoor Pharmacy
Ranmoor Rise
Ranmoor Road
Ranmoor Serviced Apartments
Ranmoor Student Village
Ranmoor Tandoori
Ranskill Court
Ranworth Road
Ranya Tailor
Raseby Avenue
Raseby Close
Raseby Place
Rassams Creamery
Ratcliffe Road
Raven Drive
Raven Edge
Raven Meadows
Raven Road
Ravencar Farm Bed & Breakfast
Ravencar Road
Ravencarr Road
Ravenfield Close
Ravenfield Lane
Ravenfield Primary Academy
Ravenscroft Avenue
Ravenscroft Close
Ravenscroft Court
Ravenscroft Crescent
Ravenscroft Drive
Ravenscroft Oval
Ravenscroft Place
Ravenscroft Road
Ravenscroft Way
Ravenswood Drive
Ravensworth Close
Rawlins Court
Rawmarsh Ashwood Primary School
Rawmarsh Children's Centre
Rawmarsh Community Library
Rawmarsh Community School
Rawmarsh Foods/Earl Grey Crown Green Bowls Club
Rawmarsh Hill (S62)
Rawmarsh Methodist Church
Rawmarsh Police Station
Rawmarsh Post Office
Rawmarsh Road
Rawmarsh Rosehill Junior School
Rawmarsh Ryecroft Infant School
Rawmarsh Sandhill Primary School
Rawmarsh St Josephs Junior Football Club
Rawmarsh Thorogate Junior and Infant School
Rawson Bathrooms
Rawson Close
Rawson Road
Rawson Spring Road
Rawson Spring Way
Rawson Street
Rawsons Bank
Raxet Retail
Raybould Road
Raynald Road
Raynor Sike Lane
Raza-E-Mustafa Mosque
RD Shopfitting Ltd
Real Taste
Reality in Hair
Reaper Crescent
Rear Access To Deep Lane
Rear Access To Deep Lane (S5)
Reasby Avenue
Rebel Studio
Record Collector
Rectory Close
Rectory Drive
Rectory Gardens
Rectory Road
Rectory Street
Red Arrow Electrical Distribution
Red Barbershop
Red Bull
Red Hill
Red Lane
Red Lion
Red Lion Yard
Red Oak Lane
Red Rose
Red Sea
Red Sea Cafe
Redbrook Croft
Redbrook Grove
Redcar Road
Redfern Avenue
Redfern Court
Redfern Drive
Redfern Grove
Redgrave Place
Redland Lane
Redmarsh Avenue
Redmires Lane
Redmires Lodge
Redmires Playing Field
Redmires Road
Redmires Way (S10)
Redrock Road
Redscope Crescent
Redscope Primary School
Redscope Road
Redthorn Road
Redwood Avenue
Redwood Glen
Redwood Lane
Reedham Drive
Reflections Photography
Refmet Ceramics Ltd
Regather Trading Cooperative
Regent Street
Regent Terrace
Regents Way
Reggae Kitchen
Rehabilitation Centre
Reignhead Primary School
Remar UK
Remedy Physio
Remington Avenue
Remington Drive
Remington Road
Remount Road
Remount Way
Renathorpe Road
Rencliffe Avenue
Reneville Close
Reneville Crescent
Reneville Drive
Reneville Road
Reney Avenue
Reney Crescent
Reney Drive
Reney Road
Renishaw Avenue
Renishaw Hall
Renishaw Park Golf Club
Renishaw Park Golf Course
Rennaissance House Mews
Renshaw Close
Renshaw Road
Renville Close
Renway Road
Repton Place
Reresby Crescent
Reresby Drive
Reresby Road
Reservoir Road
Restoration Plug
Retail Therapy
Retford Road
Revell Close
Revell Grange
Revill Lane (S13)
Revolution Records
Rex Avenue
Reynard Lane
Reynolds Close
Rhodes Avenue
Rhodes Drive
Rhodes Street
Rhubarb Shed Cafe
Rhyme and Reason Bookshop
Rhymer's Roundabout
Rhythm & Booze
Rhythm n' Food
Ribble Croft
Ribble Way
Ribblesdale Drive
Riber Close
Ribston Court
Ribston Mews
Ribston Place
Ribston Road
Ricardo's Cafe and Bistro
Rice Inn
Richard Road
Richards Court
Richards Road
Richards Way
Richardson's DIY
Richer Sounds
Richmond Avenue
Richmond Barber
Richmond Church
Richmond Court
Richmond Farm Mews
Richmond Fisheries
Richmond Grove
Richmond Hall Avenue
Richmond Hall Crescent
Richmond Hall Drive
Richmond Hall Road
Richmond Hall Way (S13 8)
Richmond Hill Road
Richmond Medical Centre
Richmond Park Avenue
Richmond Park Close
Richmond Park Crescent
Richmond Park Croft
Richmond Park Crown Green Bowls Club
Richmond Park Drive
Richmond Park Grove
Richmond Park Rise
Richmond Park Road
Richmond Park View
Richmond Park Way
Richmond Place
Richmond Road
Richmond Street
Richmond Way
Richworth Road
Rickett Field Farm
Ricknald Close
Ricky's Fashions
Riddings Close
Rider Road
Ridge Court
Ridge Road
Ridge View Close
Ridge View Drive (S9)
Ridgehill Avenue
Ridgehill Grove
Ridgeway Arms
Ridgeway Close
Ridgeway Courtyard
Ridgeway Craft Centre
Ridgeway Crescent
Ridgeway Drive
Ridgeway Moor
Ridgeway Primary School
Ridgeway Road
Riding Close
Rig Close
Rig Lane
Riggs Butchers
Riggs High Road
Riggs Low Road
Ring O Firs Farm
Ringinglow Close
Ringinglow Gardens
Ringinglow Road
Ringstead Avenue
Ringstead Crescent
Ringwood Crescent
Ringwood Drive
Ringwood Grove
Ringwood Lane
Ringwood Road
Ripley Street
Ripley's Repairs
Ripon Street
Ripon Way
Rippon Court
Rippon Crescent
Rippon Road
Rising Deer
Rising Street
Rising Sun
Risto-Deli 2 Terre
Rivelin Bank
Rivelin Bank Pumping Station
Rivelin Edge
Rivelin Fire Station
Rivelin House
Rivelin Lodge
Rivelin Park Cafe
Rivelin Park Crescent
Rivelin Park Drive
Rivelin Park Road
Rivelin Primary School
Rivelin Primary School Sports Pitch
Rivelin Quarries
Rivelin Road
Rivelin Street
Rivelin Terrace
Rivelin Valley Chair
Rivelin Valley Paddling Pools
Rivelin Valley Road
Rivelin View
Rivelin Way
River Bank
River Don Works
River Sheaf Walk
River Terrace
River View Road
Riverdale Avenue
Riverdale Drive
Riverdale Park
Riverdale Road
Rivermead Drive
Riverside Cafe
Riverside Close
Riverside Fish & Chips
Riverside House
Riverside Way
Rix Road
Roach Road
Robert. D. Salon
Robert Ogle
Robert Road
Robert Street
Roberts Close
Roberts Grove
Robertshaw Crescent
Robertson Drive
Robertson Road
Robey Street
Robey Street General Store
Robin Court
Robin Hood
Robin Hood Chase
Robin Hood Road
Robin Lane
Robin Place
Robin Wood Nature Trail
Robinbrook Lane
Robinets Road
Robins and Day - Sheffield North
Robins Close
Robinson Avenue
Robinson Road
Robinson Street
Roche End
Rocher Avenue
Rocher Bridge
Rocher Close
Rocher Grove
Rocher Lane
Rochester Close
Rochester Drive (S10)
Rochester Road
Rock Christian Centre Lighthouse
Rock Mount Road
Rock n Rollers
Rock Street
Rockbridge Commodities Ltd
Rockcliffe Road
Rockingham Arms
Rockingham Avenue
Rockingham Close
Rockingham Gardens
Rockingham Gate
Rockingham Junior and Infant School
Rockingham Lane
Rockingham Professional Development Centre
Rockingham Road
Rockingham Street
Rockley Road
Rockwood Close
Rocky Horror's
Rod Moor Road
Roden Way
Rodger Road (S13)
Rodger Street
Rodman Drive
Rodman Street
Rodney Hill
Rodwell Close
Roe Gate
Roe Lane
Roebuck Road
Roebuck Tavern
Roehampton Rise
Rojean Road
Rokeby Drive
Rokeby Road
Roland Arms
Rolands Close
Roller Disco / Ice Rink
Rolleston Road
Rollin Drive
Rolling Acres
Rolls Crescent
Roma International Mini Market
Roman Court
Roman Crescent
Roman Ridge Road
Romandale Gardens
Romney Close
Romney Gardens
Romsdal Road
Ronald Road
Ronksley Crescent
Ronksley Road
Rookery Bank
Rookery Chase
Rookery Close
Rookery Dell
Rookery Rise
Rookery Vale
Roper Hill
Rosa Road
Rosalind Watchorn Solicitors
Rosamond Avenue
Rosamond Close
Rosamond Drive
Rosamond Glade
Rosamond Place
Roscoe Bank
Roscoe Court
Roscoe Drive
Roscoe Mount
Roscoe Road
Roscoe Road Liquor Store
Roscoe View
Rose & Crown
Rose Avenue
Rose Close
Rose Court
Rose Crescent
Rose Drive
Rose Garden Cafe
Rose Garden Playground
Rose Garth Avenue
Rose Hill
Rose Hill Avenue
Rose Hill Close
Rose Hill Drive
Rose Hill Mews
Rose Hill View
Rose Mead
Rose Way
Rosebery Street
Rosedale Avenue
Rosedale Close
Rosedale Gardens
Rosedale Road
Rosedale Way
Rosehill Avenue
Rosehill Park Leaf Sculpture
Rosehill Road
Rosehill (Victoria)/Victoria Park (Rawmarsh) Crown Green Bowls Club
Roselle Street
Rosemary Road
Rosemary Road (S20)
Roses the Bakers
Roses The Bakers
Rosewell Court
Rosewood Drive
Roslin Road
Ross Court
Ross Street
Rosser Avenue
Rossetti Mount
Rossington Road
Rossiter Road
Rosslyn Avenue
Rothay Road
Rothbury Close (S20)
Rothbury Court
Rothbury Way
Rother Crescent
Rother Road
Rother Terrace
Rother Valley Driving Range
Rother Valley Watersports and Activity Centre
Rother Valley Way
Rother View Close
Rother View Gardens
Rother View Road
Rotherham and Barnsley Mind
Rotherham Aspire
Rotherham Bridge
Rotherham Cancer Care Centre
Rotherham Civic
Rotherham Close
Rotherham Fire Station
Rotherham FreeBee
Rotherham General Hospital
Rotherham Golf Club
Rotherham Hockey Club
Rotherham Hospice
Rotherham Hospital Urgent Care Center/A&E
Rotherham IYSS
Rotherham Leisure Complex
Rotherham Massage Practice
Rotherham Minster
Rotherham Pentecostal Church
Rotherham Post Office
Rotherham Road
Rotherham Road North
Rotherham Roundwalk
Rotherham Rugby Club (Titans) and Rotherham Town Cricket
Rotherham School of Gymnastics
Rotherham Sight & Sound
Rotherham Street
Rotherham Town Hall
Rotherham United Training Complex
Rotherham Visitor Centre
Rotherham Wind Hydrogen Station
Rotherhill Close
Rothermoor Avenue
Rotherside Road
Rotherstoke Close
Rothervale Close
Rotherway Roundabout
Rotherwood Avenue
Rotherwood Crescent
Rotherwood Road
Rotunda Business Centre
Rough Lane
Roughwood Primary School
Roughwood Road
Roughwood Way
Roundel Street
Roundhills Cottages
Rounds News
Roundseats Farm
Roundwood Court
Roundwood Golf Club
Roundwood Grove
Roundwood Pavillion
Roundwood/Green Lane Crown Green Bowls Club
Rowan Close
Rowan Drive
Rowan Road
Rowan Tree Close
Rowan Tree Dell
Rowan Tree Road
Rowborn Drive (S30)
Rowdale Crescent
Rowel Bridge
Rowel Lane
Rowena Drive
Rowland Road
Rowland Street
Rowlands Pharmacy
Rowley Way
Rowsley Drive
Rowsley Street
Roxton Avenue
Roxton Road (S8)
Roxy Ball Room
Royal Exchange Apartments
Royal Hallamshire Hospital
Royal Lounge
Royal Oak
Royal Tagine
Royale Close
Royce Tranlational Centre (RTC)
Royd Court
Royd Lane
Royd Nursery and Infant School
Roydfield Close
Roydfield Drive
Roydfield Grove
Royds Avenue
Royds Close Crescent
Royds Moor Hill
Royston Avenue
Royston Close
Royston Croft
Royston Grove
RSPCA Sheffield
Rubans Convenience Store
Ruby Cook Recreation Ground
Ruby House
Ruby Lane
Ruby's Cafe
Rudy's Neapolitan Pizza
Rudyard Road
Rufford Court
Rufford Rise
Rugby Street
Rundle Drive
Rundle Road
Rupert Road
Rural Lane
Rural Lane Crown Green Bowls Club
Rushby Street
Rushdale Avenue
Rushdale Mount
Rushdale Road
Rushdale Terrace
Rushey Close
Rushley Avenue (S17)
Rushley Close (S17)
Rushley Court
Rushley Drive (S17)
Rushley Road (S17)
Ruskin Buildings
Ruskin Square
Russell Close
Russell Court
Russell Hutton
Russell Road
Russell Scott Backpackers Hostel
Russell Street
Russell's Bicycle Shed
Rustic Court
Rustlings Lawn Tennis Club
Rustlings Pantry
Rustlings Road
Ruth Square
Ruthin Street
Rutland Arms
Rutland Park
Rutland Road
Rutland Street
Rutland Way
Ryan Drive (S13)
Ryan Place
Ryburn Road
Rydal Cresent
Rydal Road (S8)
Rydalhurst Avenue
Rye Bank
Rye Cottage
Rye Lane
Rye Lane Cottage
Ryecroft Farm
Ryecroft Glen Road
Ryecroft Mill
Ryecroft Road
Ryecroft View (S17)
Ryefield Gardens
Ryefields Gardens
Ryegate Crescent
Ryegate Road
Ryeview Gardens
Ryhill Drive
Ryle Road
Rylstone Court
Rylstone Grove

S & S Stores
S R Raja
S11 Carpets & Flooring
S2 Ladies Hair and Beauty
S20 Sandwich Bar
S6 Kebabish
Sabir's Grill
Saccomando's Garage
Sackerville Terrace
Sackville Road
Sacred Cow
Sacred Heart School
Saddler Avenue
Saddler Close
Saddler Green
Saddler Grove
Saigon 68
Sainsbury's Local
Saint Aidan's and Saint Luke's Church
Saint Andrew
Saint Ann's Road
Saint George's Terrace
Saint James Row
Saint James' Street
Saint John's, Deepcar
Saint Luke's
Saint Margaret
Saint Mark's Crescent
Saint Mary the Virgin
Saint Mary's
Saint Mary's Church
Saint Mary's Square
Saint Matthew's Church
Saint Paul Close
Saint Paul's Place
Saint Peter and Saint Oswald
Saint Thomas Philadelphia Training Centre and Office
Saint Vincent's House
Saint Wilfrid's Centre
Saint Wilfrid's Road
Saint Withold Avenue
Saints Peter and Paul
Sale Hill
Saleem's Barbershop
Sales, Repairs and Spares
Salisbury Road
Salmon of Steel
Salmon Street
Salon 130
Salon 229
Salsbury Court
Salt & Vinegar
Salt 'N' Vinegar
Salt Box Grove (S30)
Salt Box Lane
SALT Sheffield
Salvation Army Citadel
Salvation Army LifeHouse
Salvation Army Sheffield Citadel
Salvini Hair
Samad Cottage
Samborne Square
Samehill Farm
Sams Barber Shop
Samson Street
Samt's Asian Glam Boutique
Samuel Close
Samuel Drive
Samuel Place
Samuel Plimsoll
Samuel Road
Samuel Worth Chapel
San Lorenzo
Sanam Kebabish
Sandal Court
Sandalwood Rise
Sandbeck Court
Sandbeck Place
Sandbed Road
Sandbergh Road
Sandby Court (S14)
Sandby Croft (S14)
Sandby Drive (S14)
Sandeby Drive
Sanderson Street
Sandford Grove Road
Sandhill Close
Sandhill Post Office
Sandhill Road
Sandown Close
Sandpiper Road
Sandringham Avenue
Sandringham Place
Sandringham Place (S10)
Sandringham Road
Sands Close
Sandstone Avenue
Sandstone Close
Sandstone Drive
Sandstone Road
Sandstone Road Post Office
Sandwich Corner
Sandwich Division
Sandwich Junction
Sandwich Stop
Sandy Acres Close (S20)
Sandy Acres Drive (S20)
Sandy Flat Lane
Sandy Lane
Sandygate Grange Drive
Sandygate Grove
Sandygate Lane
Sandygate Park
Sandygate Park Crescent
Sandygate Park Road
Sandygate Road
Sang Lung
Sarah Fashions
Sarah Street
Sark Road (S2)
Satay Yo! Beer
Saul and Jackson
Saunders Place
Saunders Road
Sauté Spicy Chicken
Savage Lane (S17)
Savile Street
Savile Street East
Saville Road
Saville Street
Savoy Autocentres
Saw Grinders Union
Sawdon Road
Saxon Avenue
Saxon Road
Saxonlea Avenue
Saxonlea Court
Saxonlea Crescent
Saxonlea Drive
Saxton Drive
Saxton Mee
Scammadine Close
Scarborough Road
Scargill Croft
Scarlett Oak Meadow
Scarsdale Grange
Scarsdale Road
Scarsdale Road (S8)
Scattergood & Johnson Lyd
Schofield Road
Scholes Cricket Club
Scholes Field Close
Scholes Green
Scholes Lane
Scholes Rise
Scholes View
Scholey Road
Scholey Street
School Avenue
School Close
School Green Lane
School Grove
School Hill
School House
School Lane
School Lane Close (S8)
School Lane (S8)
School Road
School Road (S20)
School Street
Schoolfield Drive
Sci-Tek Snack Shack
Scotia Close
Scotia Drive
Scotia Works
Scotland Street
Scott Close
Scott Road
Scott Road Store
Scott Street
Scott Way
Scotts Pantry
Scovell Avenue
Scowerdons Close
Scowerdons Drive
Scraith Wood Drive
Scrooby Drive
Scrooby Lane
Scrooby Place
Scrooby Street
Scrummy Bitees
Scullion and Scott
Sea Breeze Terrace
Seabrook Road
Seagrave Avenue
Seagrave Crescent
Seagrave Drive
Seagrave Road
Searby Road
Seasons Beauty Salon
Seasons Cafe
Seasons Gallery
Seaton Close
Seaton Crescent
Seaton Field
Seaton Place
Seaton Way
Sebastian View
Second Hand Centre
Second Lane
Sedan Street
Sedge Close
Sedgley Road
Sefton Road
Selborne Road
Selborne Street
Selby Close
Selby Road
Seldom Seen Engine House
Select & Save
Selig Parade
Sellars Road
Sellers Street
Selly Oak Grove
Selly Oak Road
Selwyn Street
Senior Road
Seniors Place
Seraphic Academy
Seraphins of Abbeydale
Serlby Lane
Sette Colli
Seven Hills Pharmacy
Seven Hills School
Seven Hills Tyres Ltd
Seven Seas
Sevenairs Fold (S20)
Sevenairs Road
Sevenairs View (S20)
Sevenfields Court
Sevenfields Lane
Seventh Day Adventist Church
Severn Court
Severn Road
Severnside Drive
Severnside Gardens
Severnside Gardens (S13)
Severnside Place
Severnside Walk
Sew Easy
Sewell Road
Sexton Drive
Seymore Road
Shaftesbury Square
Shafton Road
Shahi Kebabs
Shakespeare Road
Shaldon Grove
Shanghai Garden
Sharman Close
Sharpe Avenue
Sharpfield Avenue
Sharps Fruits
Sharrard Close
Sharrard Drive
Sharrard Grove
Sharrard Road
Sharrow Chiropody Clinic
Sharrow Lane
Sharrow Lane Roundabout
Sharrow Nursery, Infant and Junior School
Sharrow Pharmacy
Sharrow Street
Sharrow Vale Hardware
Sharrow Vale Post Office
Sharrow Vale Road
Sharrow View
Shauns Home Improvement
Shaw Hill Farm
Shaw Road
Shaw Street
Shaws (Ironmongers) Ltd
Shawsfield Road
Sheaf Bank
Sheaf Gardens
Sheaf House
Sheaf House Beer Garden
Sheaf Quay
Sheaf Skips
Sheaf Sports & Trophies
Sheaf Training
Sheaf Works Chimney
Sheards Close
Sheards Drive
Sheards Way
Shearman Avenue
Shearwood Road
Shed 11
Sheep Cote Road
Sheepcote Road
Sheephill Farm
Sheephill Road
Sheepskulls 2
Sheffield & District Law Society
Sheffield Antiques
Sheffield Assay Office
Sheffield Authors Showcase
Sheffield Bakery
Sheffield Business Park Phase 2
Sheffield Cancer Information Hub
Sheffield Car Centre
Sheffield Car Shop
Sheffield Cat Shelter
Sheffield Cathedral
Sheffield Children's Hospital
Sheffield Chinese Christian Church
Sheffield Christadelphian Hall
Sheffield City Archives
Sheffield City Centre Self Storage
Sheffield City Hall
Sheffield City Substation
Sheffield City Trust
Sheffield Combined Court & Family Hearing Court
Sheffield Cutlery Shop
Sheffield Deer Park
Sheffield DIY
Sheffield Engine Services Ltd
Sheffield Girls' Infant School and Snowdrops
Sheffield Grand Mosque
Sheffield Hallam University
Sheffield Hallam University City Campus
Sheffield Hallam University Collegiate Campus
Sheffield Hallam University Nursery
Sheffield Hallam University Sports Park
Sheffield Hallamshire Rugby
Sheffield High School (Junior School)
Sheffield High School (Senior School)
Sheffield High School (Sixth Form)
Sheffield Hospitals Charity
Sheffield Inclusion Centre
Sheffield Interchange Travel Centre
Sheffield Judo Club
Sheffield Kitchen Outlet
Sheffield Kitchen Supplies
Sheffield Lane
Sheffield Lane Top W.M.C.
Sheffield Late Night Pharmacy
Sheffield Magistrates' Court
Sheffield Makers
Sheffield Nails
Sheffield Olympic Legacy Stadium
Sheffield Organic Growers
Sheffield Park Academy
Sheffield Parkway
Sheffield Pro Golf
Sheffield Road
Sheffield Road (S13)
Sheffield Road;Bradmarsh;Sheffield Road
Sheffield Samaritans
Sheffield Service Station
Sheffield Space Centre
Sheffield Springs Academy
Sheffield Stock Exchange
Sheffield Store
Sheffield Super Store
Sheffield Sustainable Kitchens
Sheffield Tap
Sheffield the Home of Football
Sheffield Tigers Sports Ground
Sheffield Transport Sports Club
Sheffield Travel
Sheffield Trophy Centre
Sheffield United Ticket Office
Sheffield Venetian Blind Co
Sheffield Viking Sailing Club
Sheffield War Memorial
Sheffield Water Works Company
Sheffield Wednesday Ticket Office
Sheffield Window Centre
Sheffield Works Department Sports and Social Club
Sheffield's Historic City Center
SheffTech Mobile Phone & PC Repairs
Sheger Resturant
Sheldon Lane
Sheldon Road
Sheldon Row
Sheldon Street
Sheldrake Close
Shell Woodall (North)
Shell Woodall (South)
Shelley Drive
Shelley Road
Shells Coffee Shop
Shenstone Drive
Shenstone Road
Shepcote Lane Police Station/Custody Suite
Shepherd Drive
Shepherd Street
Shepherd Wheel
Shepley Croft
Shepley Spitfire
Shepperson Road
Sherburn Gate
Sherde Road
Shere Khan
Sheridan Drive
Sheringham Close (S35)
Sherwood Chase
Sherwood Crescent
Sherwood Glen (S7)
Sherwood Road
Shiloh Homeless Daycare
Shiloh United Church
Shine Health Academy
Shining Bank
Ship Hill
Ship Inn
Ship Rock
Shipman Court
Shipton Street
Shiraz Pizza
Shire Brook Valley
Shirebrook Road
Shirecliffe Close
Shirecliffe Fish Bar
Shirecliffe Lane
Shirecliffe Road
Shirefreen News 'n' Booze
Shirefreen UJnited Reformed Church
Shiregreen Cricket Club
Shiregreen Lane (S5)
Shiregreen Service Station
Shiregreen Terrace
Shiregreen United Reformed Church
Shirehall Crescent
Shirehall Road
Shireoaks Road
Shirland Close
Shirland Court
Shirland Lane
Shirland Mews
Shirland Place
Shirley Road
Shoe repairs
Shoe Zone
Shooter's Grove Primary School
Shopper's Rest
Shore Lane
Shoreham Avenue
Shoreham Drive
Shoreham Pharmacy
Shoreham Road
Shoreham Street
Shoreham Street Post Office
Shorland Drive
Short Lane
Shortbrook Bank
Shortbrook Close
Shortbrook Croft
Shortbrook Drive
Shortbrook Primary School
Shortbrook Road
Shortbrook Way
Shortridge Street
Shorts Lane
Shoulder of Mutton
Showcase KTV
Showroom Cafe Bar
Showroom Cinema
Shrewsbury Road
Shrewsbury Terrace
Shrogswood Road
Shubert Bridge
Shubert Close
Shude Hill
Sicey Avenue
Sicey Lane
Sicily Pizza
Sicklebrook Farm
Sicklebrook Lane
Siddall Street
Sidling Hollow
Sidling Plantation
Sidney & Matilda
Sidney Street
Sidons Close
Siemens Close
Sigma IT Services Limited
Silk Boutique
Silkstone Close
Silkstone Crescent
Silkstone Drive
Silkstone Place
Silkstone Road
Silver Birch Avenue
Silver Hill Road (S11)
Silver Mill Road
Silver Pan
Silver Street
Silver Street Head
Silverdale Close (S11)
Silverdale Crescent (S11)
Silverdale Croft (S11)
Silverdale Gardens
Silverdale Glade
Silverdale Road
Silverdale Road (S11)
Silverdale School
Silverdale School Field
Silvermoor Drive
Silverwood Close
Silverwood Colliery
Silverwood Crown Green Bowls Club
Silverwood Pharmacy
Simboti Butchery
Simcrest Avenue
Simmonite Road
Simpkins Sweets
Simply Aquatics
Simply Drinks
Simply Local
Simply Skate Arena
Sims Street
Singh Food & Wines
Singh's Premier
Singleton Crescent
Singleton Grove
Singleton Road
Sir Charles Ronald Ironmonger
Sir Wilfrid Newton House
Sisi Pizza
Site Gallery

site of Guest & Chrimes Ltd

Sitwell Arms
Sitwell Drive
Sitwell Grove
Sitwell Infant School and Sitwell Junior School
Sitwell Lane
Sitwell Park Golf Course
Sitwell Park Road
Sitwell Place
Sitwell Road
Sitwell Service Station
Sitwell Street
Sitwell Vale
Sitwell View
Siver Birch Childrens Centre
Sivilla Road
Six AM Tackle and Bait
Sizzlers Cafe
SK Market Mix Potraviny
Skellow Close
Skelton Close (S13)
Skelton Drive (S13)
Skelton Grove
Skelton Lane
Skelton Lane (S13)
Skelton Rise
Skelton Road (S8)
Skelton Walk
Skelton Way
Skelwith Close
Skelwith Drive
Skelwith Road
Skew Hill
Skew Hill Lane
Skew Hill (S3)
Skin Expert
Skinnerthorpe Road
Skinni Kitchen
Skipsea Road
Skipton Building Society
Skipton Road
Skye Edge Avenue
Skye Edge Road
Skye Pharmacy
Skylark Close
Slack Fields Lane
Slacks Lane
Slaidburn Avenue
Slate Street (S2)
Slayleigh Avenue
Slayleigh Delph (S10)
Slayleigh Drive (S10)
Slayleigh Farm
Slayleigh Lane (S10)
Slayleigh Lane/Fullwood (Sheffield) Crown Green Bowls Club
Sleaford Street
Sledgate Drive
Sledgate Lane
Slingsby Place
Slinn Street
Slitting Mill Lane
Sloade Lane
Slug & Lettuce
Slug Art Ltd
SM World Travel
Small Plants
Smallage Farm
Smallage Lane
Smalldale Road
Smash Burger Hut & Cookiehut
SMC Bikes
Smeaton Close
Smeaton Street
Smelter Wood Avenue
Smelter Wood Close
Smelter Wood Crescent
Smelter Wood Drive
Smelter Wood Lane
Smelter wood Place
Smelter Wood Rise
Smelter wood Road
Smelter Wood Way
Smeltings Farm
Smile Canvas Prints
Smilter Lane
Smith & Tissington
Smith Street
Smithey Close
Smithfield Passage
Smithfield Road
Smiths Autos
Smiths Family Butcher
Smithy Carr Avenue
Smithy Carr Close
Smithy Close
Smithy Croft
Smithy Fold Lane
Smithy Wood Crescent
Smithy Wood Drive
Smithy Wood Road
Smithy Wood Road (S8)
Smith’s Estate and Lettings
Smitten 迷恋
Smoke BBQ
Smokey Sam's
Snail Hill
Snaithing Lane
Snaithing Park Close
Snaithing Park Road
Snake Chinese Cafe
Snape Hill
Snape Hill Close
Snape Hill Crescent
Snape Hill Drive
Snape Hill Gardens
Snape Hill Lane
Snapehill Crescent
Snig Hill
Snooty Catz
Snow Lane
Snowberry Close
Snowdon Farm
Snowdon Lane
Snowdon Way
Snuff Mill Garages Ltd.
Snuff Mill Lane
So Grounded
Soap House Lane (S13)
Soaper Lane
Sofa Store Direct
Solar Utilities Ltd
Solly Street
Solly Street Arch
Solly Street Cafe
Solway Rise
Somercotes Road
Somerset Road
Somerset Street
Somerville Terace
Somerville Terrace
Something Brew Inn
Sondec Cycles
Sopewell Road
Sorby Road
Sorby Row
Sorby Street
Sorby Way
Sorrel Road
Sorrel's Cocoa Bakery
Sorrelsykes Close
Sothall Close (S20)
Sothall Court
Sothall Food & Wine
Sothall Green
Sothall Green Farm
Sothall Mews
Sothall Pharmacy
Sough Hall Avenue
Sough Hall Close
Sough Hall Crescent
Sough Hall Road
Soul Fire Studios
South Court
South Crescent
South Grove
South Lane
South Lodge
South Parade
South Quadrangle
South Quay Drive
South Road
South Road (S35)
South Road Spiritualist Church
South Sheffield Church
South Street
South Street Convenience Store
South Street Kitchen
South Street Park Amphitheatre
South Vale Drive
South View
South View Close
South View Crescent
South View Rise
South View Road
South View Terrace
South Yorkshire Ducting Supplies
South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive
South Yorkshire Police
South Yorkshire Police Command Centre
South Yorkshire Police Headquarters
South Yorkshire Transport Museum
South Yorkshire Transport Trust
South Yorkshre Police Operations Complex
Southall Street
Southbourne Court
Southbourne Road
Southcote Drive
Southcroft Gardens (S7)
Southcroft Walk (S7)
Southend Place
Southend Road
Southern Fried Chicken
Southern Light Community Church
Southey Avenue
Southey Close
Southey Crescent
Southey Drive
Southey Green Close
Southey Green Garage
Southey Green Primary School and Nurseries
Southey Green Road
Southey Hall Drive
Southey Hall Road
Southey Hill
Southey Library
Southey Methodist Church
Southey News
Southey Place
Southey Rise
Southey Social Club
Southey Walk (S5)
Southgate Court
Southgrove Road
Southlands Way
Southpaw Fitness
Southsea Road (S13)
Southwell Gardens
Southwell Road
Southwest Business Centre
Southwood Grove (S6)
Southwood (S6)
Southworth Place
Spa Brook Close
Spa Brook Drive
Spa House
Spa Lane Croft (S13)
Spa Lane (S13)
Spa View Avenue
Spa View Community Church
Spa View Drive
Spa View Place
Spa View Road
Spa View Road Post Office
Spa View Terrace
Spa View Way
Spa Well Crescent
Space 205
Spalton Road
Spar Express
Spartan House
Spartan Motor Factors
Specialised Tools and Equipment Ltd
Speedy Gonzales
Speeton Road
Spencer Court
Spencer Drive
Spencer Green
Spencer Road
Spenser Road
Spice & Rice
Spice Rack
Spice Villa
Spicey Conice
Spick & Span
Spicy Bites
Spider Man
Spider Park
Spider Park Playground
Spinkhill Avenue
Spinkhill Drive
Spinkhill Lane
Spinkhill Road
Spinney Close
Spinning Discs
Spital Chippy
Spital Express
Spital Hill
Spital Lane
Spital Street
Spitewinter Farm
Spitfire Road
Spofforth Road
Spoon Glade
Spoon Lane
Spoon Mews
Spoon Oak Lea
Spoon Way
Spooner Drive
Spooner Road
Spoonhill Road
Sport Shack
Sport Sheffield
Sports Box
Sports Lounge
Sportsman Inn
Spot On Windows
Spotlight Hair & Beauty
Spotswood Close
Spotswood Drive
Spotswood Mount
Spotswood Place
Spotswood Road
Spout Copse
Spout House Farm
Spout Lane
Spout Spinney
Spring Close Court
Spring Close Dell
Spring Close Mount
Spring Close View
Spring Croft
Spring Grove Gardens
Spring Hill
Spring Hill Road
Spring House Road
Spring Lane
Spring Street
Spring View Road
Spring Water Avenue
Spring Water Close
Spring Water Drive
Springfield Avenue
Springfield Close
Springfield Close (S7)
Springfield Drive
Springfield Farm
Springfield Glen
Springfield Road
Springfield Road (S7)
Springfield Way
Springvale Close
Springvale Road
Springvale Walk
Springwell Avenue
Springwell Crescent
Springwell Drive
Springwell Grove
Springwell Grove (S20)
Springwood Avenue
Springwood Court
Springwood Gardens
Springwood Lane
Springwood Road (S8)
Sprouts Supermarket
Spruce Avenue
Spruce Rise
Spurr Street
S.R. Raja Continental Foods
SSSI Meadow
St Aidan's Avenue
St Aidan's Drive
St Aidan's Place
St Aidan's Rise
St Aidan's Road
St Aidan's Way
St Alban
St Alban's Church
St Alban's CofE (Aided) Primary School
St Alban's Way
St Albans Close
St Albans Court
St Albans Drive (S10)
St Albans Road (S10)
St Andrew Road
St. Andrew's Church
St Andrew's Close
St Andrew's CofE Methodist (Aided) Primary School
St Andrew's Psalter Lane Church
St Andrew's Road
St Andrews Close
St Andrews Community Church
St Andrews Road
St Andrews Walk
St Ann's Primary School
St Ann's Road
St Ann's Roundabout
St Anthony Road
St. Anthony Road
St Anthony's Catholic Church
St. Augustine’s Parish Church / Christchurch Endcliffe
St Barnabas Lane
St Barnabas Road
St Bart's Church
St Bede's Catholic Primary School
St. Bede's Parish Church
St Bede's Road
St Benedicts Court
St Bernard & St Cecilia
St Bernard's Catholic High School
St Catherine of Siena
St Catherine's Catholic Church
St Catherine's Catholic Primary School
St Cecilia
St Chad's
St. Charles Street
St. Clements Court
St Columba
St Cuthbert
St Cuthberts
St Cyprian
St David Road
St Davids Drive
St Edmund's Avenue
St Elizabeth Close
St Elizabeth Close (S2 3GZ)
St Francis
St. Francis Close
St Francis Close
St Gabriel's Church
St George
St George Road
St. George's Church
St George's Close
St George's Community Health Centre
St George's Farm
St Georges Drive
St Gerard's
St Gerard's Catholic Primary School
St Giles
St Giles CofE Primary School
St. Giles Square
St Helen Road
St. Helens Close
St Hilda Close
St Ives Drive
St James & St Christopher
St. James Church
St James Church
St James Church, East Dene
St James House
St James View
St. James Walk
St James Woodhouse
St James' Court
St James' Drive
St Joan Avenue
St John
St John Cross Farm
St John Fisher Primary, A Catholic Voluntary Academy
St John the Baptist
St John the Evangelist
St John the Evangelsist Abbeydale
St John's Avenue
St. John's Church
St John's ChurchHall
St John's Close
St John's Court
St John's Ranmoor
St John's Road
St Johns Avenue
St Johns Buildings
St Johns Church
St Johns Green Post Office
St Johns Road
St Johns Wort
St Joseph's Catholic Primary School
St Joseph's Church
St Joseph's Primary School
St Joseph's Road
St Josephs
St Lawrence Church
St Lawrence Glebe
St Lawrence Road
St Leonard's Avenue
St. Leonard's Church
St. Leonard's Day Nursery
St Leonard's Lane
St Leonard's Place
St Leonard's Road
St. Leonards Court
St. Leonards Croft
St Luke
St Luke's
St Luke's Church
St Luke's Hospice
St Luke's Pre-School Nursery
St Lukes
St. Lukes Hospice Shop
St Margaret Avenue
St Margaret's Road
St Marie's School
St Mark Road
St Mark's
St Mark's Church
St. Mark's, Grenoside
St. Marks
St Martin Close
St Mary
St Mary Crescent
St Mary Magdalene’s Church
St Mary's Catholic Club
St Mary's Catholic Primary School
St. Mary's Church
St Mary's Church
St Mary's Church of England Primary School
St. Mary's Close (S30)
St Mary's Drive
St. Mary's Lane
St Mary's Parish Church
St Mary's Primary School
St Mary's Road
St Mary's View
St Matthias Road
St. Michael's Crescent
St Michael's Road
St Michaels Close
St Michaels Crescent
St Nicolas
St Nicolas Road
St Oswalds Way
St Patrick Road
St Patrick's Catholic Voluntary Academy
St Paul Close
St Paul's
St Paul's Parade
St Paul's Place
St Pauls
St Pauls, Masbrough
St Peter
St Peter Avenue
St Peter's Close
St Peters
St Peters Place
St Peter’s Church
St Philip
St Philip's Lane
St Philip's Road
St Polycarp's
St. Quentin Close
St. Quentin Drive
St. Quentin Mount
St. Quentin Rise
St. Quentin View
St Ronan's Road
St Saviour
St Stephen's Christian Spiritualist Church
St Stephen's Church
St Stephen's Drive
St Stephen's Road
St. Stephen's Walk
St Swithun
St Theresa of the Child Jesus R.C. Church
St Theresa's Catholic Primary School
St Thomas
St Thomas Church Wincobank
St Thomas More
St Thomas More Catholic Primary
St Thomas Of Canterbury Preschool
St Thomas of Canterbury School
St Thomas Philadelphia Chapel
St Thomas Philadelphia Conference Centre
St Thomas Philadelphia Playtime Centre
St Thomas Philadelphia Teaching Hall
St Thomas Road
St Thomas Street
St Timothy's Church
St Veronica Road
St Vincent's
St Vincent's Catholic Church
St Vincent's Mission Hub
St Vincent's Place
St Vincent's Place (Unite Students)
St. Wandrilles Close
St Wilfrid's Catholic Primary School
St William of York
Stacey Bank
Stacey Bank Farm
Stacey Drive
Stacey Lane
Stacye Avenue (S13)
Stacye Rise (S13)
Stadium Court
Stadium Way
Staff Roi Gambol
Stafford Close
Stafford Crescent
Stafford Drive
Stafford Lane
Stafford Road
Stafford Street
Stafford Way
Staffordshire Arms
Stag Close
Stag Crescent
Stag Lane
Stag Launderette & Dry Cleaners
Stag Roundabout
Stag Willow Close
Staindrop Close (S35)
Staindrop Lodge Hotel
Staindrop View
Stainmore Avenue (S20)
Stainton Road
Stair Road
Stalker Lees Road
Stalker Walk
Stalker Walk (Porter Brook Path)
Stalker Walk (Porter Brook Trail)
Stamford Road
Stamford Street
Stamper Discs Ltd
Stanage Rise
Standall Close
Standish Avenue
Standish Bank
Standish Close
Standish Drive
Standish Gardens
Standish Road
Standish Way
Standon Crescent
Standon Drive
Standon Road
Staneford Court
Stanfield Ash Farm
Stanford Road
Stanhope Road
Staniforth Avenue
Staniforth Cottages
Staniforth Crescent
Staniforth Mini Market
Staniforth Road
Stanley Grove
Stanley Hill
Stanley Lane
Stanley Road
Stanley Street
Stannington Crown Green Bowls Club
Stannington Glen
Stannington Infant School
Stannington Library
Stannington Methodist Church
Stannington Post Office
Stannington Rise
Stannington Road
Stannington Road Post Office
Stannington Ruffs
Stannington View Road
Stanton Crescent
Stanwell Avenue
Stanwell Close
Stanwell Street
Stanwell Walk
Stanwood Avenue
Stanwood Crescent
Stanwood Drive
Stanwood Methodist Church
Stanwood Mews
Stanwood Road
Staple Green
Star Brauty Brow & Lash Bar
Star City Hair Salon
Star Inn
Star Nails
Star Toys & Kitchen
Star Upholstery
Starbuck Farm
Starbucks Drive-Through
Starling Mead
Starnhill Close
Station Cafe
Station Hotel
Station Lane
Station Road
Station Road (S13)
Staton Avenue (S20)
Statue of James Montgomery
Statue of King Edward VII
Staveley Lane
Staveley Road
Stay Fresh Barbers
STC Sheffield
Stead Street
Steade Road
Steadfast Auto Centre
Steam engine
Steam Yard
Steel City Crown Green Bowls Club
Steel City DH
Steel City (Future Generation)
Steel City Garage
Steel City Gymnastic Club
Steel City Marketing
Steel City Recreation Ground
Steel Henge
Steel Hill
Steel Inn Café
Steel Moon
Steel Road
Steel Street
Steelers Sports Bar
Steelhouse Lane
Steers Beers
Steers Convenience Store
Stein Haus
Stemp Street
Stenton Road
Stephen Drive
Stephen Hill
Stephen Hill Methodist Church
Stephen Hill Road
Stephen Lane
Stephenson Way
Stepney Street
Stepping Lane
Steps Community Nursery
Steps Neurological and Trauma Rehabilitation Centre
Steps to Health Walk Metal Statue
Sterling Restorations
Sterndale Road (S7)
Steven Close
Steven Crescent
Steven Mangle Close
Steven Place
Stevenson Drive
Stevenson Road
Stevenson Way
Steventon Road
Stewart Road
Stewarts Road
Still Common!
Stirling Way
Stirrings Place
Stitch Express
STM Automotive
Stock Exchange
Stock Road
Stock's Lane
Stockarth Lane (S30)
Stockarth Place (S35)
Stocks Green Court
Stocks Green Drive
Stocks Hill
Stocksbridge Cricket Club
Stocksbridge Golf Club
Stockton Close
Stockwell Avenue
Stockwell Lane
Stoddart Way
Stoke Street
Stokes Tiles
Stone Close
Stone Crescent
Stone Delf (S10)
Stone Grove
Stone Hill Drive
Stone Lane
Stone Leaf
Stone Road
Stone Street
Stone the Crows
Stoneacre Avenue
Stoneacre Close
Stoneacre Drive
Stoneacre Rise
Stonecliffe Close
Stonecliffe Road
Stonecroft Road
Stonedale Close
Stonegravels Croft
Stonegravels Way
Stoneley Close
Stoneley Crescent
Stoneley Dell
Stoneley Drive
Stonelow Crescent
Stonelow Playing Fields
Stonelow Road
Stonely Brook
Stonerow Way
Stones Inge
Stonewood Court
Stonewood Grove
Stoney Croft Road
Stoney Gate
Stoneycroft Road
Stony Lane
Stony Ridge Hotel
Stony Ridge Road
Stony Walk
Stoops Yard
Stop Inn 21
Stop Inn Time
Stopes Road
Store Street
Storrs Bridge Lane
Storrs Carr
Storrs Green
Storrs Green Cottages
Storrs Green Farm
Storrs Hall Road
Storrs House Boarding Cattery
Storrs Lane
Storrs Mill
Storth Avenue
Storth Cottage
Storth Hollow Croft
Storth House Farm
Storth Lane
Storth Lane (S10)
Storth Oaks
Storth Park (S10)
Stortholme Mews
Stothard Road
Stour Lane
Stovin Close
Stovin Drive
Stovin Gardens
Stowe Avenue (S7)
Stradbroke Avenue
Stradbroke Close
Stradbroke Crescent
Stradbroke Drive
Stradbroke Furnishings
Stradbroke Place
Stradbroke Post Office
Stradbroke Post Office & Convenience Store
Stradbroke Primary School
Stradbroke Recreation Ground
Stradbroke Road
Stradbroke Road (S13)
Stradbroke Way
Strafford Place
Strafford Road
Stratford Road
Strathtay Road
Straw Lane
Strawberry Avenue
Strawberry Jennel
Strawberry Lee Farm
Strawberry Lee Lane
Strawberry Student Homes
Street Art Tattoos
Street Farm Close
Street Lane
Streetfield Crescent
Strelley Avenue (S8)
Strelley Road (S8)
Stretton Road
Stringers Croft
Strip the Willow
Strouts Way
Struan Road
Strutt Road
Stuart Grove
Stuart Road
Stuart's Fruit & Veg
Stubbin Close
Stubbin Lane
Stubbin Road
Stubbing House
Stubbing House Lane
Stubbing Lane
Stubbs Crescent
Stubbs Walk
Stubley Close
Stubley Croft
Stubley Drive
Stubley Hollow
Stubley Lane
Stubley Place
Studfield Crescent
Studfield Drive
Studfield Grove
Studfield Hill
Studfield Rise
Studfield Road
Studio 62
Studley Court
Studmoor Road
Stumperlowe Avenue
Stumperlowe Close
Stumperlowe Crescent Road
Stumperlowe Crescent Road (S10)
Stumperlowe Croft (S10)
Stumperlowe Hall Chase
Stumperlowe Hall Road
Stumperlowe Hall Road (S10)
Stumperlowe Lane
Stumperlowe Mansions
Stumperlowe Park Road (S10)
Stumperlowe View
Stupton Road
Sturge Croft
Sturton Croft
Sturton Road
Style Council


Stylist Barber Shop
Stylistique Hair Design
Styr Bistro
Styring House
Sudbury Drive
Sudbury Street
Suffolk Lane
Sugar Xpress
Sultan Lounge
Sumerley Green Farm
Summer Lane
Summer Street
Summerfield Road
Summerfield Street
Summerhouse Drive
Summerley Lower Road
Summerley Road
Summerwood Croft
Summerwood Lane
Summerwood Place
Summit House
Sumner Road
Sun House
Sun Kiss
Sun Kong
Sun Yee
Sundaes Gelato
Sunderland Street
Sundew Croft
Sundew Gardens
Sundown Place
Sundown Road
Sunflower Grove
Sunningdale Mount (S11)
Sunny Bank
Sunny Bank Farm
Sunny Bank Road
Sunny Bank (S35)
Sunny Meadows Nursery
Sunnybank Crescent
Sunnyvale Avenue
Sunnyvale Road
Sunrise Groceries
Sunset Pizza
Sunshine Deli
Supa Snax
SuperNatural Nails
Supertram staff toilet
Supreme Nails
Surbiton Street
Surena Pizza
Surf City
Surrey Lane
Surrey Place
Surrey Street
Sushi Daily Sheffield
Sushi Express
Sushi Gormet
Sussex Road
Sussex Street
Suthard Cross Road
Sutherland Road
Sutherland Street
Sutton Street
Swale Drive
Swale Gardens
Swale Road
Swaledale Road
Swallow Crescent
Swallow Lane
Swallow Wood Close
Swallow Wood Court (S13)
Swallow Wood Road
Swallownest Baptist Church
Swallownest Fish Bar
Swallownest Primary School
Swallownest TV's
Swallows and Damsens
Swamp Walk
Swan Road
Swan Street
Swanbourne Place (S5)
Swanbourne Road (S5)
Swarcliffe Road
Sweeney Hair
Sweeny 4
Sweet Ladies
Sweet Panda
Sweetie Desserts
SWFC Training Ground
Swift Fit Autocentre
Swift Pharmacy
Swift Rise
Swift Road
Swift Way
Swifte Road
Swinburne Place
Swindon House/Spartons Crown Green Bowls Club
Swinnock Lane
Swinton Academy
Swinton Street
Switalskis Solicitors
Sycamore Avenue
Sycamore Court
Sycamore Drive
Sycamore Farm
Sycamore Farm Close
Sycamore House Road
Sycamore Road
Sycamore Street
Sycamore Suites
Sydney Road
SYFRS Central Stores
SYFRS Workshop
Syke Cottage
Sykehouse Cottages
Sykehouse Farm
Sykehouse Lane
Sykes Court
Sylvester Avenue
Sylvester Gardens
Sylvester Street
Sylvia Close (S13)
Symonds Avenue
Symons Crescent
Synergy Building
Synter Land Rover

T & G's
T. Bates
T J Smith &Son (Grinding Services) Ltd
T K Nails
T4 Tea For U
Tabby Teas
Tack House
Taco Bell
Taco Mex
Tadcaster Crescent
Tadcaster Road
Tadcaster Way (S8)
Tailoring Castle
Talbot Crescent
Talbot Gardens
Talbot Place
Talbot Road
Talbot Street
Talbot’s Upholstery
Talmont Road
Tandoori Hut
Tanfield Road
Tanfield Way
Tango Ice Blast
Tankersley Park Golf Course
Tannery Close (S13)
Tannery Park Play Area
Tannery Street (S13)
Tansley Drive
Tansley Street
Tanya Moiseiwitsch Playhouse
Tap & Barrel
Tapas Revolution
Taplin Road
Tapton Bank
Tapton Cliffe
Tapton Court
Tapton Crescent Road
Tapton Hall
Tapton Hill Congregational Church
Tapton Hill Road
Tapton House Road
Tapton Mews
Tapton Mount Close
Tapton Park Mount
Tapton Park Road
Tapton School
Tapton Walk
Taptonville Court
Taptonville Crescent
Taptonville Road
Tara Springs Park
Target Housing
Tarn Thai
Tasker Road
Taste Of China
Taste of China
Taste Of Thailand
Taste the Orient
Taste The Orient
Tasty Bite
Tasty House
Tasty Kebabs
Tasty Meals
Tasty Peri Peri
Tasty Plaice
Tasty Shawarma
Tasty Thai Takeaway
Taunton Avenue
Taunton Grove
Taverner Close (S35)
Taverner Croft
Taverner Way
Tavistock Road
Tawny Drive
Taxwise Accounts
Tay Close
Tay Street
Taylor & Co
Taylor Emmett
Taylor Taylor Barbershop
Taylor Taylor Hairdresser
Taylor Wimpey "Fusion at Waverley"
Taylor's Unisex Hair Design
Taylors Close
Taylors Lane
T.C’s Mini Mart
TDH Fabrications
Tea And Toast
Tea with Percie
Technik Autos
Tee Cut
Teesdale Road
Telephone Exchange
Televideo Ltd
Telford Way
Templar Close
Temple Close
Temple Crescent
Temple Meats Limited
Temple Park Centre
Temple Road
Templeborough Biomass
Ten Acre Road
Ten Acres Farm
Tenacious Tattoo
Tenaya Wine
Tennyson Road
Tenter Street
Tenterden Road
Terminus Road (S7)
Terrace Goods
Terrace Road (S62)
Terrace Walk
Terrey Road
Territorial Army Centre
Terry Street
Tesco Cafe
Tesco Express
Tesco Extra
Tesla - Sheffield
Tetney Road
Teynham Drive
Teynham Road
TGI Friday's
Thackeray Avenue
Thackery Farm
Thai Chadaa
Thames Avenue
Thames Street
Thanestead House
That's The Spirit
The Oak House
The 3 Feathers
The Abbey
The Accessory Box
The Admiral
The Admiral 2
The Admiral Fish & Chips
The Albert
The Albion
The Aldwarke Acorn
The Ale Club
The Ale House
The Alex
The Alma
The Alma Tavern
The Alternative Store
The Angel
The Anvil
The Apple Shack!
The Appletree
The Arcade
The Artisans Yard
The Asplands
The Avenue
The Bakers Shop
The Balk
The Ball
The Ball Inn
The Bankers Draft
The Banner Cross
The Barber Shop
The Barncliffe Stoop and The Ancient Road
The Barrel Inn
The Basement
The Bath Hotel
The Bay Horse
The Beacon
The Beagle
The Bear
The Bed Shop
The Beeches
The Beefeater
The Beekeeper
The Beer Engine
The Beer House
The Beer House S6
The Beer Stop
The Beestro
The Belfry
The Bellfields
The Benjamin Huntsman
The Bessemer
The Best
The Bhaji Shack
The Big Gun
The Birley
The Birley Academy
The Black Bull
The Blackstock
The Blake Hotel
The Blessed Trinity
The Blind Monkey
The Bloomery
The Blue Stoops
The Bluecoat
The Bochum Bell
The Body Shop
The Boston Arms
The Botanist
The Bothy at Wentworth
The box room
The Brambles
The Brew House
The Briary Hotel
The Bridal House
The Bridge
The Bridge Inn
The Bridleway
The Britannia
The British Oak
The Brook
The Brookhouse Florist
The Brothers Arms
The Brow
The Brow Lounge
The Brush and Easel
The Bungalows
The Butchers Shop
The Butchers Shop at Underwoods
The Buttie Hut
The Cafe At The Corner
The Carlton Hotel
The Castle
The Cathedral of Higher Praises Community Church
The Causeway
The Cavalier
The Cavendish
The Centre
The Chakra Lounge
The Chantrey Arms
The Chantry Hotel
The Chapel Jewellers
The Chase
The Chequers
The Cherry Tree
The Childrens Hospital Charity
The Church House
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
The Church of St. James the Great, Norton
The Cider Hole
The Circle
The Circle Friery
The Claremont Hospital
The Climbing Works
The Closed Shop
The Club House
The Clubhouse
The Co-operative Bank
The Co-operative Food
The Co-operative Funeralcare
The Co-operative Travel
The Coach House
The Coach Houses
The Cock Inn
The Coffee Room
The Coffee Rooms
The Colin
The Combhouse
The Commercial
The Common
The Common Room
The Common Room Arcade
The Consort Hotel
The Copper Kettle
The Coppice
The Copse
The Corner Cafe
The Corner Shop
The Cottage
The County
The Courtyard
The Cremorne
The Crescent
The Crescent East
The Crescent West
The Cricket Inn
The Croft
The Crofts
The Cross Daggers
The Cross Scythes
The Crossways
The Crow Inn
The Crowded House
The Crown
The Crown & Glove
The Crown Inn
The Crucible
The Crusty Cob
The Cumberland
The Curry Spoon
The Cut
The Cut Barber Stop
The Cutting Crew
The Cutting Mill
The Cutting Room
The Dale
The Dandelion Clock
The Dark Horse
The Delightful Touch
The Dell
The Depot
The Depot Bakery
The Depot Climbing Centre
The Devonshire Arms
The Dial (S5)
The Diamond Kitchen
The Diamond Library
The Doctor's Orders
The Dore
The Dove and Rainbow
The Dram Shop
The Drawbridge
The Drive
The Dronfield Arms
The Dronfield Deli
The Dropping Well
The Earl Marshall
The Earl of Strafford
The Eastwood View
The Easy Barber
The Easy Barbers
The Ecig People Ltd
The Effing Sandwich Shop
The Everest Inn
The Factory At The End Of Our Street
The Fairway
The Fairway (S10)
The Fairways
The Fat Cat
The Fizz Bar
The Flash
The Floow
The Florentine
The Florist
The Fold
The Food Warehouse
The Forest
The Foresters
The Forge
The Forge Marker Post
The Forty Foot
The Fox Inn
The Foxwood
The Framery
The Francis Newton
The Front Parlour
The Front Room
The Frostings
The Fuller Monty
The Fulwood Ale Club
The Furnace
The Furnival
The Garage
The Garage Door Company
The Garden House Nursery School
The Gardeners Rest
The Garrison
The Garrison Hotel
The Gateway
The Geographical Assosciation
The George
The Glade
The Glastonbury Guest House
The Glen
The Globe
The Golden Lion
The Gorse
The Graduate
The Granary
The Grange
The Grapes
The Great Central Railway War Memorial
The Greedy Greek Deli
The Greek Grill House
The Greek Village
The Green
The Green Dragon
The Green House
The Green Room
The Green Shop
The Greenway
The Grennel Mower
The Greyhound
The Greystones
The Griffs
The Grind Cafe
The Grove
The Gym
The Hair Bar
The Hair Rooms
The Hairband
The Hammer & Pincers
The Handsworth Inn
The Hanover
The Happy Shopper
The Hardy Pick
The Harlequin
The Harley
The Harritt
The Hawthornes
The Haynook
The Head of Steam
The Heartspace Cafe
The Heavenly Nights Guest House
The Hidden Gem
The Hide Coffee Shop
The High House
The Highcliffe Club
The Hill Top Hotel
The Hillsborough Club
The Hind
The Hogshead
The Hollow
The Hollybush
The Holmes Post Office
The Holt Cafe
The Holy Spirit Church
The Horse & Tiger
The Horse and Groom
The Howard
The Immaculate Conception
The Inn at Troway
The Ironworks Apartments
The Itchy Pig
The Jolly Farmer
The Jolly Friar
The Journey Centre
The Junction
The Kelham Arcade
The Kelham Flea
The Keppels
The Kimberworth Park
The King and Miller
The Kingfield Centre
The Kitchen Factory
The Kitchen Gallery
The Kitchen Store
The Knoll
The Lane
The Lanes
The Larder
The Lawn
The Lawns
The Lea
The Learning Zone
The Lescar
The Library
The Light
The Lime Avenue
The Lime Lounge Cafe
The Lings
The Link Community
The Little Haven Micro Bar
The Little Mesters Cafe
The Little School House
The Lizard Lounge
The Local
The Lodge
The Lodge House
The Log Shop
The Lomas Hall
The Lost & Found
The Lucky Fox
The Lyceum Theatre
The Magic Sunflower
The Mail Coach
The Makers Emporium
The Maltings
The Manor Barn
The Manor Castle
The Manor House
The Manor House Nursery and Pre-School
The Marcel Wave
The Market Chippy
The Marquis
The Martins Guest House
The Masons Arms
The Meadows
The Meads (S8)
The Meadway
The Mediterranean Restaurant
The Memorial Chapel
The Men of Fulwood
The Merrie Monk
The Methodist Church Birley Carr
The Methodist Church in Firth Park
The Methodist Church, Chapeltown
The Mews
The Michael Church
The Midland Inn
The Milestone
The Mill Dam
The Millhouses
The Ministry
The Mogul Room
The Mohul
The Money Shop
The Monkwood
The Monkwood Beer Garden
The Moor
The Moss
The Mossbrook
The Motte
The Mount
The Mount Pleasant
The Museum
The Music Factory Entertainment Group
The Nailmakers Arms
The National Videogame Museum
The Natural Bed Company
The New Anglers
The New Barrack Tavern
The New Inn
The Nook
The Noor Foods
The Norfolk Arms
The Normanton
The Norton
The Nottingham
The Nursery Shop
The Nursery Tavern
The Oakes
The Oakes Holday Centre
The Oaks
The Old Crown Inn
The Old Dairy and The Meadows
The Old Grindstone
The Old Shoe
The Old Stables
The Old Vicarage
The Old Woodyard
The Old Workshop
The Olive Lounge
The Orange Bird
The Orchard
The Outpost
The Oval
The Owls Nest
The Oxbow
The Pack Horse
The Paddock
The Paddocks
The Painted Teapot
The Parade
The Parish Church of the Ascension
The Park
The Parrot Club
The Pastures
The Pasty Shop
The Peacock Inn
The Pearl
The Pebley
The Pewter Pot
The Pheasant
The Pheasant Inn
The Phoenix
The Phoenix Inn
The Pieces North
The Pieces South
The Pines
The Pines (S10)
The Pitches Sports Club
The Pitsmoor
The PitStop
The Pizza Paradise
The Plaice To Be
The Plantin
The Plaza
The Plough
The Point
The Porter Pizza Company
The Portobello Center
The Post Office Cafe
The Potato and Pie shop
The Potato Oven
The Prince of Wales
The Princess Royal
The Print & Copy Shop
The Printroom
The Priory
The Proud Potato
The Psalter
The Public
The Punch Bowl
The Purple Lobster
The Quadrant
The Queen
The Queen's Ground
The Queens
The Queens Head
The Railway
The Railway Hotel
The Rain Garden
The Ranch
The Range
The Ranmoor Inn
The Raven
The Ravenfield Arms
The Ravine
The Rawson Spring
The Real Computer Shop
The Rec
The Red Deer
The Red Lion
The Rhinoceros
The Richmond
The Ridge (S10)
The Ridgeway
The Ring O' Bells
The Rising Sun
The Rivelin
The Riverside
The Robin Hood Inn
The Rock Store
The Rookery
The Rookery Playground
The Rose & Crown
The Rose House
The Rosegarth
The Rotherham Hospice Charity Shop
The Rowan School
The Royal
The Royal Hotel
The Royal Oak
The Royd
The Rutland Hotel
The Sacred Heart
The Salon
The Salvation Army
The Salvation Army - Parkgate
The Salvation Army - Rotherham
The Salvation Army Sheffield Castle
The Sandwich Shack
The Sandwich Shop
The Sandwichery
The Savage Sister
The Scarsdale Hundred
The Scout and Guide Shop
The Shakey
The Sheaf Island
The Sheaf View
The Sheffield Lighting Company
The Shelter
The Sherwood
The Shiny Sheff
The Ship Inn
The Shiregreen Arms
The Snog
The Spinney
The Sportsman
The Sportsman Inn
The Springvale
The Square
The Square East
The Square West
The Stables Cafe
The Stack Lounge
The Stag
The Stags Head
The Stags Head Play Area
The Station Gym
The Statutes
The Steadlands
The Steel Cauldron
The Steel Foundry
The Steel Steps
The Stocks
The Storyteller
The Strad
The Street Food Chef
The Street Food Chef Mexican Canteen
The Sub Station
The Summer House
The Sun
The Swan
The Sword Dancer
The Tabard
The Taj Mahal
The Tea Studio
The Tearoom
The Tearoom in Cliffe Park
The Teller
The Temperance Hall
The Terminus Tavern
The Thompson Dance Studios
The Three Cranes Inn
The Three Horeshoes
The Three Tuns
The Towers
The Trade Centre UK
The Tramshed
The Travellers
The Treehouse Board Game Cafe
The Turkey Oak Avenue
The Turnbull
The Twentylands
The Two Rivers
The Umbrella Company (Sheaf) Ltd.
The Union
The University Arms
The University of Sheffield AMRC
The Vagrants' Quarters
The Vibe
The Victoria
The Victory Club
The View Deli Vegetarian and Vegan Cafe
The Vikingleas
The Village Cafe
The Village Shop
The Village Store
The Village Tea Room
The Vine
The Waggon & Horses
The Wagon & Horses
The Walkley Cottage
The Walkley Press
The Walled Garden
The Wantley Dragon
The Wapping
The WareHouse
The Washington
The Waverley
The Wednesday Tap
The Welcome Inn
The Well
The Wellington
The Wellway
The Wentworth
The Wentworth Beer Garden
The Wharncliffe
The Wharncliffe Arms
The Wheel
The Whins
The White Hart
The White Horse
The White Lion
The White Swan
The Wildcard
The William Fry
The Willows
The Wilton
The Wine Seller
The Winter Green
The Wisewood Inn
The Woman in Me
The Wonky Labrador
The Woodbourne Hotel
The Woodman
The Woodseats Palace
The Woodway
The Wool Baa
The Works
The Yard
The York
Therapy Hair and Beauty
Think Sandwich
Thirlmere Drive
Thirlmere Road (S8)
Thirlwell Road
Thirteen Pins
Thomas & Holloway
Thomas Bakers
Thomas Cook
Thomas Fencing
Thomas Lane
Thomas Street
Thompson Close
Thompson Gardens
Thompson Hill
Thompson Road
Thompson Travel
Thoresby Close
Thoresby Road
Thorn House Farm
Thorn House Lane
Thorn Road
Thornborough Close
Thornborough Place
Thornborough Road
Thornbridge Avenue
Thornbridge Close
Thornbridge Crescent
Thornbridge Drive
Thornbridge Grove
Thornbridge Lane
Thornbridge Place
Thornbridge Rise
Thornbridge Road
Thornbridge Way
Thornbrook Close
Thornbrook Gardens
Thornbrook Mews
Thorncliffe Arms
Thorncliffe Close
Thorncliffe Cricket & Social Club
Thorncliffe Lane (S35)
Thorncliffe Leisure Centre
Thorncliffe Road
Thorncliffe Sports Club
Thorncliffe View
Thorncliffe/High Green Playing Fields Crown Green Bowls Club
Thorndale Rise
Thorne Road (S7 1RG)
Thornhill Avenue
Thornhill Cafe & Takeaway
Thornhill Edge
Thornhill Primary School
Thornsett Gardens
Thornsett Road
Thornton Place
Thornton Street
Thornton Terrace
Thorntree Close
Thorntree Road
Thornwell Lane
Thorogate (S62)
Thorp Close
Thorpe Avenue
Thorpe Common
Thorpe Drive
Thorpe Field Mews
Thorpe Green
Thorpe Hesley
Thorpe Hesley and High Green Cricket Club
Thorpe Hesley Fish Bar
Thorpe Hesley Infant School
Thorpe Hesley Interchange
Thorpe Hesley Library
Thorpe Hesley Primary School
Thorpe House Avenue
Thorpe House Rise
Thorpe House Road (S8)
Thorpe Road
Thorpe Street
Thorpefield Close
Thorpefield Drive
Thorpes News
Thou Art
Three Bells Close
Three Cranes Boutique Hotel
Three Hills Close
Three Joes
Three Magpies
Threshfield Way
Thrush Avenue
Thrush Street
Thrybergh Academy
Thrybergh Fullerton Church of England Primary Academy
Thrybergh Hall Road
Thrybergh Lane
Thrybergh Primary School
Thrybergh View
Thryft House Farm
Thundercliffe Grange
Thundercliffe Road
Thurcroft Infant School
Thurstan Avenue
Thybergh Park Club House
Thyme Cafe
Tiber View
Tickhill Drive
Tideswell Road
Tideswell Walk
Tidewell Court
Tiger Play
Tiger Sugar
Tiger Works
Tile Depot
Tilford Road
Tillotson Close (S8)
Tillotson Rise
Tillotson Rise (S8)
Tilly's Cafe
Tilt forge
Tim Hortons
Tim Hyde
Timber Specialists Sheffield Ltd
Timber Windows of Sheffield
Timbo Garden
Time Architects
Time CafeBar
Time To Eat
Tin Tin
Tinker Lane
Tinker Road
Tinsley Community Center
Tinsley Green
Tinsley Meadows Primary School
Tinsley Park
Tinsley Park Close
Tinsley Park Golf Course and Wood
Tinsley Park Road
Tinsley Post Office
Tinsley Rec/Tinsley Wmc Crown Green Bowls Club
Tinsley Sports and Social Club
Tinsley Youth Club
Tiny Shop
Tipton Street
Tissington Drive
Titans Boxing
Tithe Barn Avenue (S13)
Tithe Barn Close (S13)
Tithe Barn Estate
Tithe Barn Lane
Tithe Barn Lane (S13)
Tithe Barn Way (S13)
Titterton Close
Titterton Street
Tivey Road
TK Maxx
T.L. Killi's
Toad Lane
Toad Walk (Porter Brook Trail)
Toby Carvery
Toby Inn
Tockwith Road
Today's Catch
Todwick Grange
Todwick Parish Crown Green Bowls Club
Todwick Primary School
Todwick Road (S8)
Toffs Hair
Tofts Lane
Toftwood Avenue
Toftwood Road
Togdeere Cafe
Tokyo Thai
Toll Bar Avenue
Toll Bar Close
Toll Bar Drive
Toll Bar Road
Toll House Mead
Tom Hill
Tom Lane
Tomlinson & Windey Funeral Service
Tony Butterworth
Tony Mather Car Repairs
Tooker Road
Tools Of The Trade
Top Cut
Top Cut Barber
Top Farm
Top Field Lane
Top Gift
Top Nails
Top Road
Top Side
Top Taste
Top Terrace
Top Tree Way
Topcars of Sheffield
TopJump Inflatable Park
Toppham Drive
Toppham Road
Toppham Way
Toppolis Takeaway
Topps Tiles
Tor Way
Torbay Road
Torksey Road
Torksey Road West
Torres Pumps
Torry Court
Torwood Drive
Total Extraction Solutions
Total Rebuild Gym
Totally Fabulash
Totley All Saints Church of England Voluntary Aided Primary School
Totley Bents Recreation Ground
Totley Brook
Totley Brook Close
Totley Brook Croft (S17)
Totley Brook Glen (S17)
Totley Brook Grove (S17)
Totley Brook Road (S17)
Totley Brook Way (S17)
Totley Deli and Cafe
Totley Grange Close
Totley Grange Drive
Totley Grange Road
Totley Grove
Totley Hall
Totley Hall Croft
Totley Hall Drive
Totley Hall Farm
Totley Hall Lane
Totley Hall Mead
Totley Hall Park
Totley Lane
Totley Library
Totley Memorial Garden
Totley Moor
Totley Moss
Totley Primary School
Totley Rifle Range
Totley Rise Methodist Church
Totley Rise Post Office
Totley War Memorial
Touch Of Silk
Tower Garage
Tower Rise
Town End Avenue
Town End Farm
Town End Road
Town Field Lane
Town Fields Avenue
Town Lane
Town Street
Town Wok
Townend Avenue
Townend Close
Townend Farm
Townend fish Bar
Townend Florist
Townend Lane
Townend Street
Townfield Head Farm
Towngate Grove
Towngate Road
Townhead Farm
Townhead Road
Townhead Road (S17)
Townhead Street
Toybox Nursery
Toyne Street
Tracey's Sandwich Bar
Traceys Unisex Hair Dressers
Tracy's Quality Fruit & Veg
Tracy’s Kitchen
Traditional Windows
Trafalgar Fisheries
Trafalgar Road
Trafalgar Street
Train Park
Train Times
Trans Pennine Trail
Transform Hub
Translational Energy Research Centre (TERC)
Trap Lane
Trapper Way
Travel & More
Travel Information
Travel Information Centre
Travellers Inn
Travellers Rest
Travelodge Sheffield Richmond
Travey Road
Travis Perkins
Travis Place
Trawlers Catch
Treaton News
Tree Lane
Tree Root Walk
Treefield Close
Treeton Baptist Church
Treeton Church of England Primary School
Treeton Cricket & Football Club
Treeton Lane
Treeton No 10
Treeton No 11
Treeton No 19
Treeton No 9
Treeton Parish Church
Treeton Pizza Express
Treeton Post Office
Treeton Way
Treeton/Old Pit Lane Crown Green Bowls Club
Treetops Nursery & Pre-School
Treetown Crescent
Treherne Road
Trent Villas
Trent Grove
Trent Street
Trentham Close
Trenton Close (S13)
Trenton Rise (S13)
Treswell Crescent
Trickett Edge Farm
Trickett Road
Trinity Croft CofE Primary Academy
Trinity Methodist Church
Trinity Methodist Church Ecclesfield
Trinity Street
Trinity URC
Triple Point Brewery
Triple Point Brewery Bar
Tripolina Falafel
Trippet Lane
Tristford Close
Trouble Wood Lane
Trough Drive
Troutbeck Road (S7)
Troway Hill Farm
Trowayhall Farm
True Loves
True North Brew Co.
Trueman Drive
Truman Grove
Truswell Avenue
Truswell Road
Tuck News
Tudor Close
Tudor Place
Tudor Square
Tudor Street
Tufts Carpet Specialists
Tuk Tuk Thai Street Food
Tulip Tree Close (S20)
Tullibardine Road
Tummon Road
Tummon Street
Tunnel Tap
Tunwell Avenue
Tunwell Drive
Tunwell Greave
Turie Avenue
Turie Crescent
Turner Close
Turner Hire & Sales
Turner Lane
Turner Museum of Glass
Turner Street
Turners Lane
Turnip & Thyme
Turnpike Croft
Turnshaw Avenue
Turnshaw Farm
Turnshaw Road
Turret House
Turtle Bay
TV Discount Centre
Twelve O'Clock Court
Twelvetree Furnishings
Twenty Two
Twentywell Drive
Twentywell Lane
Twentywell Rise
Twentywell Road
Twentywell View
Twickenham Close
Twickenham Court
Twickenham Crescent
Twickenham Glade
Twickenham Glen
Twickenham Grove
Twigg Bros Recovery
Twinkle Toes
Twisted Burger Company
Twitchill Drive (S13)
Two & Six Micropub
Two Dinners Ignatiu
Two Happy Feet
Two Sheds
Two Steps
Two Thirds
Tyas Road
Tye Road
Tyler Street
Tyler Way
Tylney Road
Tynker Avenue
Tyrah's Touch Beauty Bar
Tyzack Road

U + Mart
U Been Framed UPVC
Ue' Paisa'
UK Airsoft
UK Bullion
UK News
UK Pizza
UK Vacs
UK Welder
Ulley Crescent
Ulley Hall Farm
Ulley Lane
Ulley Road
Ulley View
Ullswater Avenue
Ullswater Close
Ullswater Drive
Ullswater Park
Ullswater Place
Ulrica Drive
Ultimate Bathrooms
Ulverston Road (S8)
Uncle Jeez
Uncle Sams Chuck Wagon
Under Tofts Model Farm
Underbank Chapel
Undercliffe Road
Underhill Farm
Underhill Lane (S6)
Underwood Meats
Underwood Road
Unemployed Gods
Uni Central (L4)
Unicorn Crafts
Union Jack
Union Bridge
Union Drive
Union Lane
Union Road
Union St Coffee & Street Food
Union Street
Union Street Post Office
Unionist Club
Unit 1 Homewares
Unite The Union
United Carpets
United Carpets And Beds
United Fried Chicken
United Homes
United Living
United Office Products
Unity Place
Universal Pizza & Kebab
University and College Union Sheffield HQ
University Concourse
University Health Centre
University of Sheffield
University of Sheffield - Bradfield Environment Centre.
University of Sheffield Drama Studio
University of Sheffield Logistics
University of Sheffield Transformer
Unstone Street
UoS Colfield Swimming Pool
UoS Estates Storage
UoS Security Services
Up & Running
Uplands Way
Upper Albert Road
Upper Allen Arch
Upper Allen Street
Upper Birchitt
Upper Castle Folds
Upper Chapel
Upper Clara Street
Upper Crust
Upper Don Trail
Upper Don Trail (Beeley Wood)
Upper Gate
Upper Hanover Street
Upper Haugh
Upper Haugh Cricket Club
Upper Hirst Farm
Upper Ley Court
Upper Ley Dell
Upper Millgate
Upper Rye Close
Upper The Gallery
Upper Valley Road (S8)
Upper Whiston
Upper Whiston Close
Upper Whiston Lane
Upper Wincobank Undenominational Chapel
Upper Wortley Road
Uppergate Road
Upperthorpe Cafe
Upperthorpe Fish Bar
Upperthorpe Glen
Upperthorpe Library
Upperthorpe Medical Centre
Upperthorpe Post Office
Upperthorpe Road
Upperthorpe Villas
Upping Stone
Upwell Hill
Upwell Lane
Upwell Street
Upwell Street Pharmacy
Upwell Super Mini Market
Upwood Road
Urban Choola
URBAN Fresh Burgers & Fries
Urban Pizza
Urban Rasoi
Urban Social
Usman's Supermarket
UTC Sheffield Olympic Legacy Park
Utilita Arena Sheffield
Utopia Nails
Uttley Close
Uttley Croft
Uttley Drive

V Martin
V or V
Vainor Road
Vale Avenue
Vale Close
Vale Court
Vale Crescent
Vale Grove
Vale Road
Valentine Close
Valentine Crescent
Valentine Road
Valentino's Pizza
Valentinos Pizzeria
Valley Cleaning
Valley Drive
Valley Park School Cycle Track
Valley Park/Grasshoppers/Stag/Tabard Crown Green Bowls Club
Valley Road
Valley Road Garage
Valley View
Valley View Close
Vantage Drive
Vantage Pharmacy
Vape City
Vapour Boutique
Varanasi Inn
Varley Gardens
Varsity Apartments
Vaughton Hill
Vaux Tyres
Vauxhall Close
Vauxhall Road
Vegetable Growing Area
Velocity Village
Ventnor Place
Venus Court
Verdant Way
Verdon Street
Verdon Street Enterprises
Vere Road
Verelst Avenue
Vernon Delph
Vernon Drive
Vernon Road
Vernon Terrace
Vesey Street
Vessey Close Farm
Via Moto
Via Veneto
Vicar Lane
Vicar Lane (S13)
Vicarage Close
Vicarage Crescent (S35)
Vicarage Lane
Vicarage Lane (S17)
Vicarage Road
Vickers Crescent
Vickers Drive
Vickers Road
Victor Road
Victor Street
Victoria Avenue (S65)
Victoria Bath
Victoria Close
Victoria Court
Victoria Hall
Victoria Junction
Victoria Memorial Stone
Victoria Monument
Victoria Obelisk
Victoria Quays
Victoria Quays (North Quay)
Victoria Road
Victoria Road (S20)
Victoria Station Road
Victoria Street
Victoria Street (S3)
Victoria Villas
View Road
Vikinglea Close
Vikinglea Drive
Vikinglea Glade
Vikinglea Road
Village Café
Village Fisheries
Village Fuit & Veg
Village Garden Centre
Village News
Villiers Close
Villiers Drive
Vincent Road
Vine Close
Vine Grove Court
Vine Grove Gardens
Violet Avenue (S20)
Violet Bank Road
Virgin Active
Virgin Media
Virgin Money
Virgo Nails
Vision Express
Vision Windows
Vitty Alexander
Vivian Road
VN Nails Salon
Vocation & Co
Voice of God Fellowship
Voices of Alma
Volpe Coffee Shop and Bistro
Volt Salon
Vulcan Road

W & M E French
W Cake or Bread
W. Hibbert & Co Ltd
W Northend
Wa Ding
Wa Ding Canteen
Wacky Warehouse
Wadbrough Road
Waddington House
Waddington Way
Wade Close
Wade Meadow
Wade Street
Wadsley Bridge A.T.E.
Wadsley Bridge Post Office
Wadsley Church
Wadsley Court
Wadsley Fossil Tree
Wadsley Grove
Wadsley House
Wadsley House Social Crown Green Bowls Club
Wadsley Jack
Wadsley Lane
Wadsley Park Crescent
Wadsworth Avenue
Wadsworth Close
Wadsworth Drive
Wadsworth Road
Wadworth Rise
Wagg Lane
Wagon Bistro
Wagon Road
Wah King
Wah Man
Wai Hong
Wainwright Avenue
Wainwright Crescent
Wainwright Road
Waite & Rose Cafe
Waiting Room
Wake Road
Wake Smith
Walden Road
Walders Avenue
Walders Low
Wales High School
Wales Parish Crown Green Bowls Club
Wales Place
Wales Primary School
Wales Road
Wales Square War Memorial
Walesmoor Avenue
Waleswood Cricket Club
Waleswood Road
Waleswood Sports Cricket Club
Waleswood View
Waleswood Way
Walford Road
Walk N Talk
Walker Close (S30)
Walker Lane
Walker Road
Walker Street
Walker View
Walkers Lane
Walking Man
Walkley Bank Allotment Society
Walkley Bank Close
Walkley Bank Road
Walkley Beer Company
Walkley Crescent Road
Walkley Ebeneezer
Walkley Lane
Walkley Library
Walkley News
Walkley Primary School
Walkley Road
Walkley Street
Walkley Terrace
Walkley TV Service
Walkworth Farm
Wallace Farm
Wallace Road
Waller Road
Walling Close
Walling Road
Wallingfield Court
Wallis Way
Walnut Drive
Walnut Place
Walpole Grove
Walseker Lane
Walsh's Irish Sports Bar
Walshaw Grove
Walshaw Road
Walter Lane
Walter Street
Waltham Gardens
Waltheof Road
Walton Close
Walton Road
Wang Bao
Wannop Street (S62)
Wansfell Road
War Memorial
Warburton Close
Warburton Gardens
Warburton Road
Ward Place
Ward Street
Warde-Aldam Crescent
Warden Street
Wardlow Road
Wards of Troway
Wards Pitmoor/Abbeyfield Park Crown Green Bowls Club
Wardsend Road
Wareham Court
Wargames Emporium
Warley Road
Warm & Cosy Fires Ltd
Warminster Close (S8)
Warminster Crescent (S8)
Warminster Drive (S8)
Warminster Gardens
Warminster Place
Warminster Road (S8)
Warner Road
Warrall Business Supplies Ltd
Warren Avenue
Warren Crescent
Warren Drive
Warren Gardens
Warren Hill
Warren House Close
Warren House Farm
Warren James
Warren Lane
Warren Mount
Warren Rise
Warren Road
Warren Street
Warren Vale
Warren Walk
Warreners Drive
Warrington Road
Warris Close
Warris Place
Warty Lounge
Warwick Street
Warwick Street South
Warwick Terrace
Wasdale Avenue
Wasdale Close
Wash Lane Bridge
Washfield Crescent
Washfield Lane
Washford Road
Washington Road
Watan Curry House
Watch Street (S13)
Water Lane
Water Mint
Water Play
Water Slacks Close (S13)
Water Slacks Drive (S13)
Water Slacks Lane
Water Street
Water Tower
Waterall Brothers
Watercliffe Meadow Community Primary School
Waterfall Close
Waterfield Mews
Waterford Road
Waterhouse Close
Waterloo Walk
Waters Edge Cafe
Waterside Drive
Waterside Gardens
Waterslacks Road (S13)
Watersmeet Road
Waterthorpe Close
Waterthorpe Crescent
Waterthorpe Gardens
Waterthorpe Glade
Waterthorpe Glen
Waterthorpe Greenway
Waterthorpe Rise
Waterway Lane
Watery Street
Wath Road
Watkin Close
Watkin Jones Building
Watkin Jones Group
Watkinson Gardens
Watoto Pre-School
Watson Close
Watson Glen
Watson Road
Watsons' Walk
Watt Lane
Wave Kitchen
Waverley Avenue
Waverley Central Park
Waverley Cottages
Waverley Junior Academy
Waverley Lane
Waverley Road
Waverley View
Waverley Walk (S60 8BB)
Wax inc
Wayford Avenue
Wayland Road
WD Motors
We Buy Any Car
W.E. Harrison
We Were Never Derelict
Weakland Close
Weakland Crescent
Weakland Drive
Weakland Way
Weavers Chase
Weavers Close
Webb Avenue
Webbs Avenue
Webhelp Contact Centre
Webster Close
Webster Crescent
Webster Street
Wedgewood Close
Weedon Street
Weetwood Drive
Weetwood Road
Weigh Lane
Welbeck Close
Welbeck Drive
Welbeck Mews
Welbeck Road
Welbury Gardens
Welby Place
Welcome To Kelham
Welcome To The River Sheaf Walk
Welcome To Woolley Woods
Weldricks Pharmacy
Welfare Pharmacy
Welham Drive
Well Croft
Well Drive
Well Green Road
Well Lane
Well Meadow
Well Meadow Drive
Well Meadow Street
Well Pharmacy
Well Road
Well Totley -Baslow Road
Well View Road
Welland Close
Wellbourne Close
Wellcarr Road (S8)
Wellcliffe Close
Wellesley Road
Wellfield Close
Wellfield Road
Wellgate Mount
Wellgate Place
Wellgate Post Office
Wellgate Terrace
Wellhead Road
Welling Way
Wellington Express
Wellington Place (S9)
Wellington Road
Wellington Street
Wells Richardson Chartered Accountant
Welney Place
Welwyn Close
Welwyn Road
Wenlock Street
Wensley Close
Wensley Court
Wensley Croft
Wensley Estate
Wensley Gardens
Wensley Green
Wensley Road
Wensley Street
Wensleydale Drive
Wensleydale Road
Wentworth Avenue
Wentworth Close
Wentworth CofE Junior and Infant School
Wentworth Court
Wentworth Drive
Wentworth Gardens
Wentworth Pet & Aquatic Centre
Wentworth Place
Wentworth Post Office
Wentworth Road
Wentworth View
Wesley Avenue
Wesley Court
Wesley Hall
Wesley House
Wesley Lane
Wesley Nicholls Limited
Wesley Road
Wesleyan Reform Church
Wesleyan Reform Union
Wessex Gardens (S17)
West 10
West Avenue
West Bank Lane
West Bar
West Bar Green
West Bar Square
West Bawtry Road
West Close
West Don Street
West End Farm
West End Fisheries
West End Hotel
West End View
West Farm Lane
West Hall Fold
West Hill
West House
West Lane
West Lane Nurseries
West Packaging
West Park Drive
West Quadrant
West Street
West Street Lane
West Street Live
West Street Off Licence
West Street Post Office
West Street (S20)
West Vale Grove
West View Close (S17)
West View Lane (S17)
West View Road
West Warren Lane
Westbank Close
Westbourne Road
Westbourne School
Westbourne School (Junior School)
Westbourne School (Senior School)
Westbrook Court
Westbrook Bank
Westbrook Road
Westbury Avenue
Westbury Street
Westby Crescent
Westcott Mews
Westcroft Crescent (S20)
Westcroft Drive
Westcroft Gardens (S20)
Westcroft Glen
Westcroft Grove
Western Bank
Western Bank Library
Western Road
Westfield Avenue
Westfield Barn (Whirlow Hall Farm Trust)
Westfield Centre
Westfield Crescent
Westfield Grove
Westfield House
Westfield Mews (S62)
Westfield Northway
Westfield Northway (S20)
Westfield Road
Westfield Road (S62)
Westfield School
Westfield Southway
Westfield Terrace
Westgate Riverside
Westgate Tyres & MOT centre
Westhill Lane
Westhorpe Fields Road
Westland Close
Westland Gardens
Westland Grove
Westland Road
Westminster Avenue (S10)
Westminster Close (S10)
Westminster Crescent (S10)
Westmoreland Street
Westnall House
Westnall Road
Westnall Terrace
Weston Park Hospital
Weston Street
Weston Tower
Weston View
Westover Road
Westside Financial
Westthorpe Road
Westways Primary School
Westwell Place
Westwick Convenience Store
Westwick Crescent
Westwick Grove
Westwick Road
Westwood Avenue (S6)
Westwood Close (S6)
Westwood Court
Westwood Road
Wet Lands
Wetherby Court
Wetherby Drive
Wharf Road
Wharf Street
Wharfedale Drive
Wharncliffe Arms
Wharncliffe Avenue
Wharncliffe Chase
Wharncliffe Close
Wharncliffe Crags
Wharncliffe Farm
Wharncliffe Road
Wharncliffe Side
Wharncliffe Side Post Office
Wharncliffe Side Primary School
Wharncliffe Street
Wharton Avenue
Wheata Drive
Wheata Place
Wheata Road
Wheatacre Road
Wheatacre Road Substation
Wheatcroft Road
Wheatfield Crescent
Wheathill Street
Wheatley Grove
Wheatley Road
Wheatleys Fish and Chips
Wheats Lane
Wheel Lane
Wheel Lane (S30)
Wheelchair Anglers Platform
Wheeldon Street
Wheldrake Road
When Butter met Sugar
Whernside Avenue
Whinacre Close (S8)
Whinacre Place (S8)
Whinacre Walk
Whinfell Court
Whinmoor Road
Whinmoor Road (S5)
Whirlow Chapel Road
Whirlow Court Road
Whirlow Croft
Whirlow Elms Chase
Whirlow Farm Mews (S11)
Whirlow Grange
Whirlow Grange Avenue (S11)
Whirlow Grange Drive (S11)
Whirlow Green
Whirlow Grove
Whirlow Hall Farm
Whirlow Hall Farm Shop
Whirlow Hall Farm Trust
Whirlow Lane
Whirlow Mews (S11)
Whirlow Mill
Whirlow Park Road
Whirlow Spirituality Centre at the Chapel of the Holy Spirit
Whirlow Wheel
Whirlowdale Close
Whirlowdale Crescent (S7)
Whirlowdale Rise
Whirlowdale Road
Whiston Brook View
Whiston Convenience Store
Whiston Forge Cricket Club
Whiston Grange
Whiston Green
Whiston Grove
Whiston Junior and Infant School
Whiston Manorial Barn
Whiston Parish Church Cricket Club
Whiston Vale
Whiston Worrygoose Junior and Infant School
Whitby Road
White Acres Farm and Livery
White Boar Tattoo
White Croft
White Croft Works
White Hart
White Hart Corner
White Hart Inn
White House Farm
White Lane
White Lane Service Station
White Rose
White Rose Works
White Thorns Close
White Thorns Drive
White Thorns View (S8)
White's Lane
Whiteacres Farm
Whitebeam Close
Whitecroft Crescent
Whitegate Walk
Whitehall Road
Whitehead Avenue
Whitehill Avenue
Whitehill Drive
Whitehill Lane
Whitehill Road
Whitehill Willow
Whitehouse Court
Whitehouse Lane
Whitehouse Road
Whiteley Field Lane
Whiteley Lane
Whiteley Wood Close
Whiteley Wood Cottage
Whiteley Wood House
Whiteley Wood Road
Whiteley Woods and Highcliffe Hotel Crown Green Bowls Club
Whiteleys Avenue
Whitelow Farm
Whitelow Lane
Whiteways Close (S4)
Whiteways Drive (S4)
Whiteways Grove (S4)
Whiteways Primary School
Whiteways Road (S4)
Whitfield Road
Whitfield Road (S10)
Whitham Road
Whiting Street (S8)
Whitley Carr
Whitley Cricket Club
Whitley Croft
Whitley Grange
Whitley Hall Farm
Whitley Hall Hotel
Whitley Lane
Whitley Lane Farm
Whitley View
Whitley View Road
Whitley Wood Hall Outdoor Activity Centre
Whittle Way
Whitwell Street
Whitworth Lane
Whitworth Pharmacy
Whitworth Road
Whole Fried Chicken
Whybourne Grove
Whybourne Terrace
Wicker Lane
Wicker Mobility Shop
Wicker News & Groceries
Wicker Pharmacy
Wicker Tyres
Wickersley C.I. Crown Green Bowls Club
Wickersley Court
Wickersley Late Night Pharmacy
Wickersley Methodist Church
Wickersley Northfield Primary School
Wickersley Old Village Cricket Club
Wickersley Post Office
Wickersley Road
Wickersley Roundabout
Wickersley S.C. Crown Green Bowls Club
Wickersley School and Sports College
Wickfield Close
Wickfield Drive
Wickfield Grove
Wickfield Road
Widdop Close
Widdop Croft
Wigfull Road
Wigley Farm
Wignall Avenue
Wigs and Warpaint
Wilcox Close
Wilcox Road
Wild Avenue
Wild Bank Place
Wild Colour
Wild Rice
Wilding Close
Wilding Way
Wilford Smith Solicitors
Wilfred Close
Wilfred Drive
Wilfred Street
Wilfrid Road
Wilkinson Lane
Wilkinson Street
Willan Drive
Willbury Drive
William Close
William Crescent
William Hill
William Layne Reading Room
William Levick Primary School
William Street
Williams Electrical
Williamson Road
Willingham Close
Willingham Gardens
Willington Road
Willis Road
Willoughby Street
Willow Avenue
Willow Beck
Willow Close
Willow Court
Willow Crescent
Willow Drive
Willow Garth
Willow Grove
Willow Road
Willow Tree Memorial
Willow Tree Way
Willow Walk
Willowdale Rise
Willowgarth Avenue
Wilson Avenue
Wilson Carlile
Wilson Drive
Wilson Place
Wilson Road
Wilson Street
Wilson's Cafe
Wilson's Snuff Mill
Wilsons Carpets
Wilstrop Road
Wilthorpe Gardens
Wilton Close
Wilton Court
Wilton Gardens
Wilton Lane
Wilton Place
Win Fat
Winchester Avenue
Winchester Crescent
Winchester Drive
Winchester Road
Winchester Way
Winco Road
Wincobank Avenue
Wincobank Avenue (S5)
Wincobank Close
Wincobank Fish Bar
Wincobank Hill Fort
Wincobank Hotel
Wincobank Lane
Wincobank Nursery and Infant Academy
Wincobank Post Office
Wincobank Road
Winder Avenue
Windermere Road (S8)
Windle Court
Windle House Farm
Windmill Court
Windmill Greenway (S20)
Windmill Hill Lane
Windmill Hill Primary School
Windmill Lane
Windrush Way
Windsor Close
Windsor Drive
Windsor Rise
Windsor Road
Windsor Street
Windy House Lane
Windy Ridge
Wine Rack
Wing Wah
Wingerworth Avenue
Wingfield Academy
Wingfield Close
Wingfield Crescent
Wingfield Post Office
Wingfield Road
Wingin' It
Winifred Street
Winkley Terrace
Winlea Avenue
Winn Close
Winn Drive
Winn Gardens
Winn Grove
Winney Hill
Winney Lane
Winsford Road
Winster Road
Winter Gardens
Winter Hill Lane
Winter Street
Winterhill Pharmacy
Winterhill Road
Winterhill School
Winterhill Young Peoples Centre
Winterton Gardens
Wire Mill Marker Post
Wiseton Road
Wisewood And District Horticultural Society
Wisewood Avenue
Wisewood Community Primary School
Wisewood Junior Football Club
Wisewood Juniors Sports Ground
Wisewood Lane
Wisewood Methodist Church
Wisewood Place
Wisewood Post Office
Wisewood Road
Wisewood Sports Centre
Wish Again
Wishing Well Green
Wisteria Gardens
Withens Avenue
Within Reason
Witney Street
Wizard Gitaurs
Wizard Guitars
Woburn Place
Wok N Pan
Wok this Way
Wok Wonder
Wokie Box
Wolfe Drive
Wolfe Road
Wollaton Avenue
Wollaton Drive
Wollaton Road
Wollen Lane
Wolseley Road
Wolseley UK Limited
Wolverley Road
Women of Steel Statue
Wonderful Chinese Takeaway
Wong Ting
Wong's Kitchen
Wood Bank
Wood Cliffe
Wood Close
Wood Croft
Wood End
Wood Fold
Wood Funeral Service
Wood Hill
Wood Lane
Wood Lane Close
Wood Lane House
Wood Nook Farm
Wood Road
Wood Royd Road
Wood Seats
Wood Spring Court (S4)
Wood Street
Wood Terrace
Wood View Terrace
Woodall Lane
Woodall Road
Woodall Road South
Woodall Way
Woodbank Crescent (S8)
Woodbank House
Woodbank Road
Woodbourn Hill
Woodbourn Road
Woodbourn Road Stadium
Woodburn Drive
Woodburn Footbridge
Woodbury Close
Woodbury Road
Woodcock Close
Woodcock Farm
Woodcock Place
Wooden Structure
Woodend Close
Woodend Drive
Woodend Farm
Woodfarm Avenue
Woodfarm Close
Woodfarm Drive
Woodfarm Place
Woodfield Road
Woodfoot Road
Woodgrove Road
Woodhead Road
Woodhead Way
Woodholm Place
Woodholm Road (S11)
Woodhouse Avenue
Woodhouse Close
Woodhouse Court
Woodhouse Crescent
Woodhouse Fish Bar
Woodhouse Gardens (S13)
Woodhouse Green
Woodhouse Lane
Woodhouse Lane Roadabout
Woodhouse Lane (S20)
Woodhouse Library
Woodhouse Mill Post Office
Woodhouse Mill Recreation Ground
Woodhouse Mill WMC
Woodhouse Pantry
Woodhouse Pharmacy
Woodhouse Pizza
Woodhouse Post Office
Woodhouse Road
Woodhouse View
Woodhouse Washlands
Woodhouse West End Bowling Club
Woodhouse West End W.M.C.
Woodhouse West Primary School
Woodlaithes Road
Woodland Burial
Woodland Close
Woodland Coffee Stop
Woodland Cottage
Woodland Court
Woodland Drive
Woodland Heights
Woodland Place
Woodland Rise
Woodland Road (S8)
Woodland View
Woodland View Road
Woodland Way
Woodlands Avenue (S20)
Woodlands Chase (S61 3DQ)
Woodlands Close
Woodlands Farm
Woodlands Primary School
Woodleys Avenue
Woodman House Cafe
Woodnook Grove
Woodpecker Close
Woodrove Avenue
Woodrove Close
Woodseats Baptist Church
Woodseats Close (S8)
Woodseats Dog Grooming Salon
Woodseats Evangelical Church
Woodseats Farm
Woodseats Fisheries
Woodseats House Road
Woodseats Kebab
Woodseats Laundrette
Woodseats Library, Doctor's Surgery and Lloyds Pharmacy
Woodseats Methodist Church
Woodseats Mews (S8)
Woodseats Police Station
Woodseats Post Office
Woodseats Primary School
Woodseats Road
Woodseats Road (S8)
Woodside Avenue
Woodside Court
Woodside Lane
Woodside Walk
Woodside Workplace Health & Wellbeing
Woodstock Road
Woodthorpe Bakery
Woodthorpe Crescent
Woodthorpe Hall
Woodthorpe Hall Farm
Woodthorpe Primary School
Woodthorpe Recreation Ground
Woodthorpe Road
Woodvale Road
Woodview Road
Woofindin Avenue
Woofindin Road
Wooldale Close
Wooldale Croft
Wooldale Drive
Wooldale Gardens
Wooley Tyres
Woolley Wood Road
Wootton Court
Worcester Close (S10)
Worcester Drive (S10)
Worcester Road
Wordsworth Avenue
Wordsworth Close
Wordsworth Court
Wordsworth Crescent
Wordsworth Drive
Wordsworth Tavern
Workers' cottage
Workhouse Green
Workhouse Lane
Works 57
Works gallery
Workshop Coffee
Worksop Road
World Peace Cafe
Worldwide Candy Company
Worral Avenue
Worrall Drive
Worrall Hall
Worrall Independent Chapel
Worrall Post Office
Worrall Recreation Ground
Worrall Road
Worrall Road News
Worrygoose Lane
Worrygoose Roundabout
Worthing Road (S9)
Wortley Court
Wortley Drive
Wortley Mews
Wortley Road
Wosskow Brown
Wostenholm Road
Wow Barbers
Wragby Road
Wragg Road
Wraggy's Fish and chips
Wreakes Lane
Wren Bank
Wren Crescent
Wren Kitchens
Wren Park Close
Wright Bros Partnership Ltd
Wrights Hill
Wulfric Close
Wulfric Place
Wulfric Road
WW1 Firing Range
WW1 War Memorial
Wyatt Avenue
Wybourn Community Primary & Nursery School
Wybourn Hall Drive
Wybourn House Road
Wybourn Terrace
Wybourne Childrens Centre
Wychwood Croft
Wychwood Glen
Wychwood Grove
Wycliffe Congregational Church
Wycliffe Independent Church
Wyedale Croft (S20)
Wyming Brook Drive
Wynsors World of Shoes
Wynyard Road
Wyvern Gardens

Xtreme Mobiles

Yama Sushi
Yamas Greek Restaurant
Yardley Square
Yarlside Close
Yarmouth Street
Yarncliffe House Farm
Yates Close
Ye Olde Cross Scythes
Yee Kwan Ice Creamery
Yehetian Spicy Hotpot
Yella Brick Road
Yellow Lion
Yeomans Road
Yepss Fresh
Yesss Electrical
Yew Greave Crescent
Yew Lane
Yew Tree
Yew Tree Drive
Yewlands Academy
Yews Close
Yews Farm
Yews Fold
Yews Lane
Yo Yo
Yoga Sanctuary
Yoredale Avenue
York and Lancaster Regiment War Memorial
York Lane
York Rise
York Road
York Street
Yorkshire Building Society
Yorkshire Decorators Centre
Yorkshire Electric Scooters
Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Training Centre
Yorkshire Natural History Museum
Yorkshire Terrier
Yorkshire Water Rivelin WTW
Yorkstone Close
You & Me Both Mate
You Want Beef
Youlgreave Drive
Young Street
Youngs Clarkson Baptiste Solicitors
Your Choice
Your Coop Travel
Your Kids Arround the World
Yours Food and Wine
Youth Club
YPG Coffee Shop
Yum Yum
Yum Yum Bites
Yummy Plaza

Zaap Thai
Zamor Crescent
Zara Tailors
Zefis Coffee Lounge
Zest Centre
Zeva's Diva's
Zina Super Cut
Zion Lane
Zion Place
Zion United Reformed Church
Zippys Sandwich Bar
Zizus Barbers
Zoe's Cafe