BBBike @ World - Documentation

BBBike is a route planner for cyclists in Berlin. It is now ported to other cities around the world - thanks to the OpenStreetMap project!

Special features

  • find a nice, safe and short bicycle route in your city and around
  • more than 200 cities supported world wide
  • PDF hand out (print or store on a mobile phone)
  • support more than 17 maps from OpenStreetMap, Google, and Bing with different layers
  • suggestion service for street names and Point of Interests (POI)
  • search for renamed street names. In Berlin, the government change 30 street names every year
  • search for Point of Interests (POI), for train stations, schools, buildings, restaurants, sights etc.
  • export of GPS routes as GPX or KML
  • current weather and 5 day weather forecast
  • elevation profile of route
  • mobile phone version for any smart phone
  • multi-language support: Danish, German, English, Spanish, French, Croatian, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, and Chinese
  • up-to-date routing data from the OpenStreetMap projects, updated every week

There are 2 versions of BBBike, a web-based and a standalone.

Standalone Application

Get the full power of BBBike and download the standalone perl/tk version for your computer! Packages are available for MacOS, FreeBSD, Linux and Windows.

Android App

Unfortunately, there is currently no Android app.

iPhone App

A free BBBike iPhone app is availble in the iTune store. The city Berlin use the original BBBike data, the other cities are OSM based.

Other mobile devices

Please use the mobile version

Documentation and Development

In the Press

older press articles:, New York Times, cnet, Stiftung Warentest, Berliner Morgenpost, Berliner Zeitung, Deutschen Welle, Die Welt, Fietserbond, Freitag, Kölner Stadtanzeiger, Radio Eins, Radio MultiKulti, San Jose Mercury News, Stuttgarter Zeitung, Tagesspiegel, WDR5, c't,, iX, zitty, etc.

Books & Scholar

The original data of BBBike is used for educations and scientific research.

Map Data

BBBike @ World use map data by the OpenStreetMap Project. The database for BBBike @ World will be updated weekly on Wednesday afternoon. Please visit the OpenStreetMap Wiki how to participate in the project and update the map yourself!

You can download the OSM extracts from the BBBike download server.


Supported Browsers

Any modern browser which conforms to the W3C standards:
  • Firefox
  • WebKit based browsers: Safari, Google Chrome, mobile Safari
  • Opera
  • IE11/Edge

JavaScript is required for Google/OpenStreetMap map features or the street name suggestion service. Cookies are optional to save your preferences.

Source Code

The BBBike source code is available at


Known Problems

  • Routing: some streets are not connected at bridges
  • Berlin: many cool features are only available for Berlin
  • Internet Explorer 6 is not supported by Google Maps Version 3. Please use a modern browser. See section supported browsers.

What BBBike is not

  • BBBike was developed for short distance (5-15km) cycling in a town. Due the huge amount of data it is not possible to offer long distance routing between cities.
  • We do not offer routing for hiking or pedestrians. Sorry!

Releated Routing Cycle Sites

BBBike Tools & Services

See the page tools.

Bicycle tour reports