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100 Gold Avenue Lofts
100th Street Southwest
102nd Street Northwest
102nd Street Southwest
106th Street
106th Street Northwest
106th Street Southwest
10th Court Northwest
10th Street Northwest
10th Street Southeast
10th Street Southwest
110th Street Southwest
114th Street Southwest
118th Street Northwest
118th Street Southwest
11th Street Northwest
11th Street Southeast
11th Street Southwest
122nd Street Southwest
12th Court Northwest
12th Street Northwest
12th Street Southeast
12th Street Southwest
12th Street Tavern
13th Street Northwest
13th Street Southeast
13th Street Southwest
140th Street Southwest
14th Court Northwest
14th Street Northwest
14th Street Southeast
14th Street Southwest
15th Court Northwest
15th Street
15th Street Northwest
15th Street Southeast
15th Street Southwest
16th Court Northwest
16th Street Northwest
16th Street Southwest
17th Court Northwest
17th Street Northwest
17th Street Southeast
17th Street Southwest
18th Street Northwest
18th Street Southeast
18th Street Southwest
19th Street Northwest
19th Street Southeast
19th Street Southwest
1st Street Northwest
1st Street Southeast
1st Street Southwest

2000 Vietnam Restaurant
20th Street Northwest
20th Street Southeast
21st Century Public Academy
21st Street Northwest
22nd Street Northwest
23rd Avenue Southeast
23rd Avenue Southwest
23rd Street Northwest
26th Street Southwest
27th Street Southwest
2G's Bistro
2nd Street Northwest
2nd Street Southeast
2nd Street Southwest

3 Angels Seventh-Day Adventist Church
3 story addition
30th Street Southwest
3500 Parking Lot
377th Air Base Wing (20604)
377th Communications Squadron (20449)
3rd Street
3rd Street Northwest
3rd Street Southeast
3rd Street Southwest

40th Street Southwest
41 - Main
45th Street Southeast
46th Street Northwest
46th Street Southwest
4701 Irving Apts
47th Street Northwest
47th Street Southwest
4801 Irving Blvd Apts
48th Street Southwest
49th Street Northwest
4th Street Northwest
4th Street Southeast
4th Street Southwest

5 Star Burgers
5 STAR day spa massage
50/50 Coffee
505 Vintage
50th Street Northwest
516 ARTS
51st Street Northwest
52nd Street Northwest
52nd Street Southwest
53rd Street Northwest
53rd Street Southwest
54th Street Northwest
55th Street Northwest
55th Street Southwest
56th Street Northwest
56th Street Southwest
57th Place Northwest
57th Street Northwest
57th Street Southwest
58 MXS Propulsion Flight
58 MXS Test Cell
58th Maintenance Group (1018)
58th SOW (1020)
58th SOW Engine Test Cell
58th Street Northwest
59th Street Northwest
59th Street Southwest
5th Court Northwest
5th Street Northwest
5th Street Southeast
5th Street Southwest

60th Street Northwest
60th Street Southwest
6100 Harper
61st Street Northwest
61st Street Southwest
62nd Street Northwest
62nd Street Southwest
63rd Street Northwest
63rd Street Southwest
64th Street Northwest
64th Street Southwest
65th Street Northwest
65th Street Southwest
66th Street Northwest
67th Street Northwest
67th Street Southwest
68th Street Northwest
68th Street Southwest
69th Street Southwest
6th Court Northwest
6th Street Northwest
6th Street Southwest

70th Street Northwest
7101 Jet Rd NE, Albuquerque, NM 87113
71st Street Northwest
72nd Street Northwest
750 Igloo Area
75th Street Northwest
75th Street Southwest
77 - Sleep Clinic
7th Court Northwest
7th Street Northwest
7th Street Southeast
7th Street Southwest

80th Street Northwest
81st Street Northwest
82nd Street Southwest
86th Street Southwest
88 Keys
898th Munitions Squadron
8th Court Northwest
8th Street Northwest
8th Street Southeast
8th Street Southwest

9 Mile Hill Landfill
90th Street Northwest
90th Street Southwest
9116 Silverwood Dr NE, Albuquerque, NM 87113
93rd Street Southwest
94th Street Northwest
94th Street Southwest
97th Northwest Street
97th Street Southwest
98th Street
98th Street Northwest
98th Street Southwest
99 Degrees Seafood Kitchen
999 Seafood Supermarket
9th Street Northwest
9th Street Southeast
9th Street Southwest

A Above & Beyond Auto Glass & Tint
A Avenue Southeast
A Few Old Things - Antiques & Collectibles
A Real Barbershop
A Street
A Street Southeast
A Taste of the Caribbean
A&A Signs
A&C Pro Wheels N Tires
A&Z Laundry
A-1 Self Storage
A-Plus Automotive
A1 Trophy Center
AAA Insurance
Aaron Court Southwest
Abajo Road Southeast
Abbey Court Northwest
Abbie Lane Southwest
Abbot Place Northwest
Abby Jean Place Northwest
Aberdeen Drive Southeast
Abeyta Road Southwest
Abierto Vista Circle Northwest
Abilene Avenue Southeast
Abique Drive
Abiquiu Place Northeast
Abis Court Northeast
Abitha's Metaphysical Shop
Abo Canyon Drive Northwest
Abo Street Southwest
ABQ BioPark (Aquarium)
ABQ BioPark (Tingley Beach)
ABQ BioPark: Zoo, Aquarium, Botanic Garden
ABQ Bite
ABQ Cleaners
ABQ Gold and Silver Exchange
ABQ Luggage and Zipper Repair
ABQ Olive Oil Company
ABQ RIDE Route 11 Lomas Boulevard
ABQ RIDE Route 155 Coors Boulevard
ABQ RIDE Route 157 Louisiana/Uptown/Montaño/NWTC
ABQ RIDE Route 198 98th Street/Dennis Chavez
ABQ RIDE Route 217 Downtown-Kirtland AFB Limited
ABQ RIDE Route 222 Rio Bravo-Sunport-Kirtland
ABQ RIDE Route 36 Rio Grande Boulevard/12th Street
ABQ RIDE Route 37 Rio Grande Boulevard/12th Street
ABQ RIDE Route 50 Airport/Yale/Downtown
ABQ RIDE Route 53 Isleta Boulevard
ABQ RIDE Route 54 Bridge Boulevard/Westgate
ABQ RIDE Route 6 Indian School Road
ABQ RIDE Route 66 Central Avenue
ABQ RIDE Route 766 ART Red Line
ABQ RIDE Route 777 ART Green Line
ABQ RIDE Route 8 Menaul Boulevard
ABQ RIDE Route 92 Taylor Ranch Express
ABQ RIDE Route 96 Crosstown Commuter
ABQ Uptown Growers Market @ Uptown
ABQ Uptown Village
AbqTours - History & Ghost Tours of Old Town
Abuquerque Public Library Special Collections
Acacia Gardens
Acacia Street Northwest
Academic Place Southeast
Academy Access Road
Academy Court Northeast
Academy Heights Apartments
Academy Hills Drive Northeast
Academy Knolls Drive Northeast
Academy Parkway East Northeast
Academy Parkway Northeast
Academy Parkway South Northeast
Academy Parkway West Northeast
Academy Pkwy North Northeast
Academy Post Office
Academy Ridge Court Northeast
Academy Ridge Drive Northeast
Academy Ridge East
Academy Ridge Place Northeast
Academy Ridge Road Northeast
Academy Road Northeast
Academy Street Northwest
Academy Trail Northeast
Acapulco Drive Northeast
Acapulco Tacos & Burritos
Access Road B Southeast
Access Road C Southeast
Access Road Northeast
Accipitrine Court Southeast
ACDelco Northeast Auto Electric
ACE Cash Express
Ace Hardware
Acequia Escondida Northwest
Acequia Trail Northwest
Acoma Elementary School
Acoma Road Southeast
Acoma Road Southwest
Acorn Apartments
Acton Court Northwest
Ada Court Northeast
Ada Place Northeast
Adams Place Southeast
Adams Street
Adams Street Northeast
Adams Street Southeast
Adat Yeshua Messianic Jewish Congregation
Adavanced Materials Laboratory
ADC Family Campus
Adele Place Northeast
Adelita Drive Northeast
Adina Lane Northwest
Adirondack Place Southeast
Admin & DOE Offices (802)
Admin Building
Admiral Dewey Avenue Northeast
Admiral Emerson Avenue Northeast
Admiral Halsey Drive Northeast
Admiral Lowell Avenue Northeast
Admiral Lowell Place Northeast
Admiral Nimitz Avenue Northeast
Admiral Rickover Drive Northeast
Adobe Acres Elementary School
Adobe Outpost Smoke Shop
Adobe Road Northwest
Adobe Rose Place Northwest
Adobe Theater
Adonai Road Nortwest
Adonis Court Northeast
Adrian Street Southwest
Adult Video
Advance Auto Parts
Advanced Manufacturing Processes Laboratory (878)
Aerosciences (864)
Aerospace Parkway Road Northwest
Aerostat Place Northeast
Aesop's Gables
Affinity Apartments
Affirmed Street Southwest
Affordable Auto Sales
AFOTEC (20130)
African American Performing Arts Center
African Theater
AFRL (405)
AFRL (497)
AFRL/RDLAS Advanced Electric Laser Branch (416)
AFSEC/AFIA Headquarters
Agate Avenue Northwest
Agate Hills Road Northwest
Agate Lane Northwest
Agave Florist
Agave Verde Way Northeast
AGC New Mexico Career & Economic Center
Agent Operations Western Command
Agnes Court Northeast
Agua Fria Court Northwest
Agua Sarca Court Northeast
Aguacate Drive Northwest
Aguila Street Northwest
Aida Road Northwest
AIHC Maintenance
AIHC Optometry
Air Force Institute Of Technology School Of Strategic Studies (20724)
Air Force Nuclear Weapons Center
Air Force Safety Center - Mishap Investigation Lab
Air Freight
Air Guard Drive Southeast
Air Park Road
Airbase Way
Aircraft Avenue Southeast
Aircraft Viewing Area
Airfield Operations Building (334)
Airman Leadership School
Airport Administration & Maintenance Building
Airport Drive Northwest
Airport Drive Southwest
Airport Service Road Southeast
Airway Road Southwest
Ajiaco Colombian Bistro
Ajloun Street Northwest
Akutan Court Northwest
Al Hurricane Pavilion
Al Quds Mediterranean Grill & Grocery
Al Street Northwest
Al's Beads and Silver
Aladdin Court Northwest
Alameda Bike Path
Alameda Boulevard Northeast
Alameda Boulevard Northwest
Alameda Crossing
Alameda Elementary School
Alameda Lt Route
Alameda Park Drive Northeast
Alameda Road
Alameda Road Northeast
Alameda Road Northwest
Alameda Trail
Alamillo Road Northwest
Alamo Avenue Southeast
Alamo Canyon Drive Southwest
Alamo Road Northwest
Alamogordo Drive Northwest
Alamogordo Place Northwest
Alamosa Elementary School
Alamosa Road Northwest
Alamosa Way Northwest
Alaska Place Northeast
Alb Guard Drive
Alba Place Northwest
Albany Court Northwest
Alberta Lane Northwest
Alberto Rosso Drive Northwest
Albuquerque Academy
Albuquerque Air Route Traffic Control Center
Albuquerque Ambulance Service Headquarters
Albuquerque Animal Emergency Clinic
Albuquerque Aquarium
Albuquerque Bernalillo County Government Center
Albuquerque BMX
Albuquerque Center for Peace & Justice
Albuquerque Center for Peace and Justice
Albuquerque Center for Spiritual Living
Albuquerque Chinese Baptist Church
Albuquerque Country Club
Albuquerque Dragway
Albuquerque Dukes
Albuquerque Fire Academy
Albuquerque Fire Department Rocket Ship
Albuquerque Fire Station 1
Albuquerque Fire Station 10
Albuquerque Fire Station 11
Albuquerque Fire Station 12
Albuquerque Fire Station 13
Albuquerque Fire Station 14
Albuquerque Fire Station 15
Albuquerque Fire Station 16
Albuquerque Fire Station 17
Albuquerque Fire Station 18
Albuquerque Fire Station 19
Albuquerque Fire Station 2
Albuquerque Fire Station 20
Albuquerque Fire Station 21
Albuquerque Fire Station 22
Albuquerque Fire Station 23 (future)
Albuquerque Fire Station 3
Albuquerque Fire Station 4
Albuquerque Fire Station 5
Albuquerque Fire Station 6
Albuquerque Fire Station 7
Albuquerque Fire Station 8
Albuquerque Fire Station 9
Albuquerque Forklift and Equipment
Albuquerque Health Care for the Homeless
Albuquerque High School
Albuquerque Hispano Chamber of Commerce
Albuquerque Hot Air Balloon Rides - Aerogelic Ballooning
Albuquerque Indian Center Annex Number 1
Albuquerque Journal
Albuquerque KOA Journey
Albuquerque Little Theatre
Albuquerque Main Library
Albuquerque Marriott Pyramid North
Albuquerque Metropolitan Arroyo Flood Control Authority
Albuquerque Metropolitan Court Offices;Albuquerque Metropolitan Court House
Albuquerque New Mexico Temple
Albuquerque Office of the City Clerk Records Center
Albuquerque Parks and Recreation Department Open Space Division Office
Albuquerque Pawn Shop
Albuquerque Police Academy
Albuquerque Police Department
Albuquerque Police Department - Southeast Area Command
Albuquerque Police Evidence Division
Albuquerque Post Office
Albuquerque Public Schools
Albuquerque Public Schools Mainentence Center
Albuquerque Regional Sports Complex
Albuquerque School of Excellence
Albuquerque Service Center
Albuquerque Shin-Budo Kai
Albuquerque Talent Development Academy
Albuquerque Tires
Albuquerque Tortilla Company
Albuquerque’s First Baptist Church
Alcalde Place Southwest
Alcazar Street Northeast
Alcazar Street Southeast
Aldea Avenue Northwest
Alder Drive Northwest
Alder Sons Automotive
Alderete Court Northwest
Alderman Drive Northwest
Aldo Leopold Trail
Aldo's New York Style Pizzeria
Aleesa Court Northeast
Alegria Court
Alegria Road Northwest
Alejandro Lane Northwest
Alejandro Northwest Street
Alene Court Northeast
Alexander Boulevard Northeast
Alexander Road Northwest
Alexandra Street Southwest
Alexandria Drive Northeast
Alexandria Road Northeast
Alexis Avenue Southwest
Alexis Court Southwest
Alfredo Garcia Court Northwest
Algiers Drive Northeast
Algodones Court Northeast
Algodones Street Northeast
Alhambra Avenue Southwest
Alicante Avenue Southwest
Alice Avenue Northeast
Alice Court Northeast
Alice King Community Charter School
Alice's Candy
Alien Brewepub
Aliso Drive Northeast
Aliso Drive Southeast
All Eyes On Me
All Is One Tattoo
All Saints of North America Orthodox Church
All Saints Road Northwest
All Sports Trophies
All Washed Up Laundromat
All World Travel
Allande Road Northeast
Allano Court Northwest
Allaso High Desert
Allaso Journal Center
Allegheny Court Northwest
Allegiance Street Northwest
Allegretto Trail Northwest
Allegro at Tanoan Apartments
Allegro Way Northwest
Allen Court Northwest
Allison Court Northeast
Alma Encantada Court Northwest
Almeria Drive Northwest
Aloe Street Northwest
Aloft Place Northeast
Alondra Lane Northwest
Aloysia Lane Northwest
Alpha Avenue Northwest
Alpha Court Northwest
Alpine Court Northeast
Alpine Meadows Lane Northwest
Alpine Road Southwest
Alpine Trail Street Northeast
Alps Way Northeast
Alquds Grocery
Alta Drive Northwest
Alta Loma Lane Northeast
Alta Mesa Northwest
Alta Monte Avenue Northeast
Alta Monte Avenue Northwest
Alta Monte Court Northeast
Alta Monte Place Northwest
Alta Vista Apartments
Alta Vista Court Southwest
Altar'd State
Altez Street Northeast
Altez Street Southeast
Altima Place Northwest
Alto Rey Court Northwest
Altos Court Southwest
Altos Way Southwest
Altura Avenue Northeast
Altura Dental Center
Altura Mesa Lane Northeast
Altura Place Northeast
Altura Vista Lane Northeast
Altura Vista Parkway Northeast
Aluminum Yucca
Alumni Drive Southeast
Alvarado Drive Northeast
Alvarado Drive Southeast
Alvarado Elementary School
Alvarado Place Northeast
Alvarado Square
Alvera Avenue Southwest
Alvera Court Southwest
Alwood Drive Northwest
Alydar Avenue Southeast
Alyssa Drive Southwest
Amadeo's Pizza
Amadeo's Pizza and Subs
Amado Street Northwest
AMAFCA Maintenance Road
AMAFCA Serice Road
Amalia Road Southwest
Amanda Street Southwest
Amara Vista Court Northwest
Amaranth Avenue Northwest
Amatista Street
Ambassador Inn Albuquerque
Ambassador Road Northeast
Amber Drive Northwest
Amberly Road Southwest
Amberside Road Northwest
Amberstone Road Southwest
Ambrosia Drive
AMC Albuquerque 12 + IMAX
America's Best Value Inn & Suites
American Automobile Association
American Drive Northeast
American Eagle Outfitters
American Heritage Drive Northeast
American Home Furniture
American Home Warehouse Plus
American Inn & Suites
American International Rattlesnake Museum
American Northwest Road
American Pride Cleaners
American Road Northwest
American RV Resort
American Society of Radiologic Technologists
American Wildlife Taxidermy
American Woman
AmericanHome Furniture & Mattress
Americare Court Northwest
Americas Best Value Inn
Americas Parkway Northeast
Amherst Drive Northeast
Amherst Drive Southeast
Amherst Place Northeast
Amigante Drive Northeast
Amigo Way Northeast
Amistad Road Northeast
Amman Avenue Northeast
Ammo Road
Ammo Road Southeast
Amole Drive Southwest
Amole Mesa Avenue Southwest
Amole Vista Street Southwest
Amor Drive Northwest
Amore Neapolitan Pizzeria
Amore Pizza
AMPM Salon
Amraam Court Northeast
Amy Avenue Northwest
Amy Biehl High School
Amy Kay Court Northwest
Amy Marie Court Northwest
An Hy Quan
Ana Court Northwest
Anacapa Avenue Northwest
Anaconda Street Southwest
Anador Court Northwest
ANAF Club Street Southeast
Anaheim Avenue Northeast
Analytical Solutions Incorporated
Anasazi Drive Northeast
Anasazi Leather Furniture
Anasazi Ridge Avenue Northwest
Anaya Rudolfo Elementary School
Anaya Street Southwest
Ancala Trail Northeast
Ancho Court Northwest
Anchor + Frame Hair Studio
Ancients Road
Ancora cafe
Andalucia Overture
Andalucia Villas
Andalusian Avenue Southwest
Andelucia Northeast
Anderson Abruzzo Balloon Museum
Anderson Avenue Southeast
Anderson Hill Avenue Southwest
Anderson Place Southeast
Andesite Drive Northwest
Andrea Circle Northwest
Andretti Avenue Southwest
Andrew Drive Northeast
Andrews Avenue Southwest
Andrews Lane
Andromeda Avenue Northwest
Angel Drive Northwest
Angel Fire Trail Northwest
Angel Massage
Angel Peak Northwest
Angelina Daisy Street Southwest
Angelina Place Northeast
Angels Care Salon
Angus Road
Angus Way Southwest
Aniceto Road Northwest
Animas Place Northwest
Aniston Court Northeast
Aniston Street Northeast
Ankara Drive Northeast
Ann Avenue Southwest
Anna Marie Place Southwest
Annapolis Court Northeast
Annapolis Drive Northeast
Annapolis Road Northeast
Annapurna's World Vegetarian Cafe
Annapurna's World Vegetarian Café
Annunciation Catholic School
Anodyne Pool Hall & Cocktails
Antares Road Northeast
Antelope Avenue Northeast
Antelope Circle Southeast
Antelope Dancer Trail Northeast
Antelope Run
Antelope Run Road Northeast
Antequera Road Northwest
Anthis Avenue Southeast
Anthony Lane Southwest
Anthony Place Southwest
Anthony Street Southwest
Anthropology Annex
Antique Specialty Mall
Antiques and Things
Antler Tool Road Southwest
Anton Circle Northeast
Antone Loop Road Southwest
Antonia Court Northwest
Antonio Drive Northeast
Antonio's Cafe & Cantina
Apache Avenue Northeast
Apache Avenue Northwest
Apache Court Northeast
Apache Place Northeast
Apache Plume Drive
Apache Plume Place Northeast
Apaltagua Drive Southwest
APD Coronado Community Police Substation
APD Don Perkins Public Safety Center
APD Officer Shawn McWethy Memorial Westside Area Command
APD University Area Command Substation
Apna Bazaar
Apodaca Street Southwest
Apollo Court Northwest
Apollo Drive Northwest
Appalachian Way Northeast
Appaloosa Drive Northwest
Appian Way Northeast
Apple Lane Northwest
Apple Nails
Apple Store
Apple Valley Avenue Southwest
Applewood Lane Northwest
Applewood Road
Appomattox Place Northeast
April Flower Place Southwest
April Flower Road Southwest
April Street Southeast
APS Aztec Complex
APS Bus Depot
APS McKinney Complex
APS Soccer Complex
Aqua Fresca Avenue Northwest
Aquamarine Road Northeast
Aquarius Avenue Northwest
Aqueduct Road Southeast
Arabella Drive Northwest
Arabian Drive Northwest
Arabian Place Northwest
Arada Lane Northwest
Aragon Road Southwest
Aragon Street Southeast
Arboleda Senda Northeast
Arbor Place Northeast
Arbor Road Northwest
Arbordale Lane Northwest
Arbustos Court Northeast
ARCA ­– Opening Doors
Arcadia Road Northeast
Arcadian Trail Northwest
Arch Court Northeast
Archery Shoppe
Arches Road Southeast
Archibeque Lane Northwest
Archuleta Drive Northeast
Ardmore Avenue
Arenal Road Southwest
Arenas Place Southeast
Arenoso Place Northwest
Arezzo Drive Northwest
Argon Avenue Northeast
Argonite Drive Northwest
Argus Avenue Northwest
Argyle Avenue Northeast
Ariana Halal Market & Cafe
Arias Avenue Northwest
Arios Avenue Northwest
Aritas Road Southwest
Arizona Place Northeast
Arizona Rose Drive Southwest
Arizona Street Northeast
Arizona Street Southeast
Arizona Tile
Arkansas Road Northwest
Arlington Avenue Northwest
Arlolane Avenue Southwest
Arlote Avenue Southeast
Armand Court Northwest
Armand Road Northwest
Armijo Elementary School
Armijo Place Southwest
Armijo Road Southwest
Armistice Road Northeast
Arno Marble Pump Station
Arno Street Northeast
Arno Street Southeast
Arriba Chihuas Taqueria Restaurant
Arriba Lane Southwest
ARRIVE Albuquerque
Arrowhead Avenue
Arrowhead Avenue Northwest
Arrowhead Pointe Apartments
Arrowpoint Road Northwest
Arrowsoul Trading Post
Arroyo Bend Drive
Arroyo Chamisa Road Northeast
Arroyo Crest Drive
Arroyo de Vista Northeast
Arroyo del Oso Avenue Northeast
Arroyo del Oso Elementary School
Arroyo Del Oso Golf Course
Arroyo del Oso Place Northeast
Arroyo del Oso Storage
Arroyo Del Sol
Arroyo Falls Street Northwest
Arroyo Hondo Street Southwest
Arroyo Lupine Circle Southeast
Arroyo Seco Street Northeast
Arroyo Villas
Arroyo Vista Apartments
Arroyo Vista Boulevard Northwest
Art Nails
Artemsia Avenue Southwest
Artesanos Court Northwest
Artesian Well
Arthur Drive Southwest
Arthur Lane Southwest
Artichoke Cafe
Artie Road Northwest
Artisan Art Supplies
Arts & Crafts Center
Arvada Avenue Northeast
Arvada Avenue Northwest
Arvilla Avenue Northeast
Arvilla Avenue Northwest
Arvilla Court Northeast
Arvilla Place Northeast
Asahi Express
Asbury Church
Asbury Court
Asbury Lane Northwest
Ash Court Southeast
Ash Street Northeast
Ash Street Southeast
Ashfall Place Northwest
Ashland Street Northwest
Ashley HomeStore
Ashley Lane Luxury Townhomes
Ashley Lane Northwest
Ashlynn la Northeast
Ashton Loop Northeast
Ashton Place Northeast
Asia Noodle Bar
Asian Grill
Asian Pear
Asian Spa
Aspen Avenue Northeast
Aspen Avenue Northwest
Aspen Court Northeast
Aspen Court Southeast
Aspen Drive Southeast
Aspen Glade Drive Northwest
Aspen Leaf Drive Northeast
Aspen Northeast
Aspenwood Avenue Northwest
Asper Court Northeast
Aspiration Lane Southwest
Aspire Way
Aspire Way Southwest
Assembly Building
Astair Avenue Northwest
Aster Court Southeast
Aster Road Southwest
ASUNM Southwest Film Center
At Home
AT&SF 2926
AT&T Building
Athens Drive Northeast
Atherstone Lane
Athletics Maintenance Building
Atkinson Avenue Northeast
Atlantic Avenue Southwest
Atlantic City Avenue Northeast
ATLAS-1 Termination Tower
ATLAS-I Trestle
Atlatil Drive
Atomic Cannon
Atrisco Drive Northwest
Atrisco Drive Southwest
Atrisco Elementary School
Atrisco Heritage Academy High School
Atrisco Place Northwest
Atrisco Ranch Road Southwest
Atrisco Vista Boulevard Northwest
Atrisco Vista Boulevard Southwest
Aubright Road Northeast
Auburn Avenue Northeast
Audi Albuquerque
Audio Express
Augusta Avenue Northeast
Auntie Anne's
Austin Avenue Northwest
Auto Body Concepts
Auto Hobby Shop (20206)
AutoNation Albuquerque
Autumn Breeze Road Southwest
Autumn Canyon Road Southwest
Autumn Rose Drive Northeast
Autumn Sage Court Southeast
Autumn Sage Drive Northwest
Autumn Sky Road Southwest
Autumn View Street Southwest
Autumnwood Place Southeast
Avalon Place Northwest
Avalon Road Northwest
Avanti Street Southwest
Avanyu Plaza
Avanzando Drive
Avanzando Road
Avenales Avenue Northeast
Avenida Alturas Northeast
Avenida Arturo Northwest
Avenida César Chávez Southeast
Avenida César Chávez Southwest
Avenida Charada Northwest
Avenida Cielito Northeast
Avenida Cristo Rey Northwest
Avenida Cuesta Northeast
Avenida Curvatura Northwest
Avenida de la Luna Northeast
Avenida del Oso
Avenida del Sol Northeast
Avenida Dolores Huerta Southwest
Avenida Estrada
Avenida Estrellita Northeast
Avenida la Barrana Place Northwest
Avenida La Barranca Court
Avenida la Barranca Northwest
Avenida la Costa Northeast
Avenida la Cuchilla Northwest
Avenida la Mirada Northwest
Avenida la Prestina Northeast
Avenida la Resolana Northeast
Avenida Las Campañas Northwest
Avenida Los Griegos Northwest
Avenida Madrid Northwest
Avenida Mañana Northeast
Avenida Nevada Northeast
Avenida Real Northwest
Avenida Serena Drive Northwest
Avenida Serena Place Northwest
Avenida Seville Northwest
Avenida Vista Cerros Northwest
Avenida Vista Sol Northwest
Avenida Vista Ventana Northwest
Aventura Court Northwest
Avenue Chiquita Northwest
Aviation Police
Avignon Court Northwest
Avital Northeast Drive
Avocet Road Northwest
Avon Street Northwest
Avondale Place Northwest
Away Place Northeast
Axis Aveda Salon
Axtell Street Southeast
Azaleas Road Northwest
Azar Place Northwest
Azor Lane Northwest
Aztec Court Northeast
Aztec Road Northeast
Aztec Road Northwest
Aztec Road Southwest
Aztec Village
Azuelo Avenue Northwest
Azuma Sushi & Teppan - San Mateo
Azure Avenue Northeast

B Avenue
B Avenue Southeast
B Street Southeast
B'nai Israel
B-58 fuel pod
Babbit Shop
Baby Deena
Baca Boys Cafe
Baca Lane Northeast
Baccarat Lane Northeast
Baco Noir Drive Southwest
Bad Ass Coffee
Badger Lane Southeast
Badger Mountain Trail Northwest
Baer Place Northwest
Baggie Drop
Bahama Buck's
Bahama Street Northeast
Baja Court
Baja Drive Northeast
Bajada Drive Northwest
Baker Avenue Northeast
Baker Court Northwest
Baker Lane Northeast
Baker Memorial Building
Baker's Automotive & Transmission
Balcon Court Northwest
Bald Eagle Road Northwest
Baldwin Avenue Northeast
Bale Seals Street Southwest
Balearic Avenue Southwest
Bali Court
Ballerina Court Northwest
Balloon Fiesta Parkway
Balloon Fiesta Parkway Northeast
Balloon Glow Lane Northeast
Balloon Museum Drive Northeast
Balloon Museum Parkway Trail
Balloon Park Road Northeast
Balsa Court Northeast
Balsa Place Northeast
Balsum Glade Road Northwest
Banana Republic
Bancroft Court Northeast
Band Saw Place Northwest
Bandelier Drive
Bandelier Drive Northwest
Bandelier Elementary School
Bandelier Hall Covered Walkway
Bandido Hideout
Baneberry Drive Northeast
Banff Drive Northeast
Bangkok Bite
Bangor Avenue Northwest
Banh Mi Coda
Bank of Albuquerque
Bank of America
Bank of America Night Depository
Bank of the West
Banter by Piercing Pagoda
Banyon Avenue Northwest
Bar Harbor Place Northeast
Bar Uno
Barbacoa El Primo
Barbados Avenue Southwest
Barbara Ellen Avenue Northeast
Barbara Loop Southeast
Barbara Place Northwest
Barbara Vista Avenue Southwest
Barbaro Drive Southeast
Barbed Wire Drive Southwest
Barber Place Northeast
Barber Studio
Barber' Knock
Barberry Street Southwest
Barboa Court Southwest
Barboa Place Southwest
Barboa Road Southwest
Barcelona Circle Southwest
Barcelona Elementary School
Barcelona Mhp
Barcelona Mobile Home Park
Barcelona Place Southwest
Barcelona Road Southwest
Barcelona Suites
Bareback Place Southwest
Barelas Coffee House
Barelas Court Southwest
Barelas Ditch
Barelas Street Southwest
Barlane Place Northwest
Barnes & Noble
Barnhart Court Northeast
Barnhart Street Northeast
Baronet Place Northeast
Barr Avenue Southeast
Barr Road Southwest
Barranca Drive Southwest
Barranca Vista Court
Barrett Avenue Northwest
Barro Road Southeast
Barstow Street Northeast
Bart Avenue Northeast
Bart Court Northeast
Bartlett Street Northeast
Bartolo Avenue Southwest
Bartolo Court Southwest
Bartolo Place Southwest
Barton Place Southwest
Bartonwood Place Northeast
Basalt Avenue Northwest
Basalt Peak Drive Northwest
Baseball Batting Cages
Baseball Field
Baseball Field Storage Facility
Basehart Southeast
Basha Street Northwest
Basil Court Northwest
Basil Leaf
Basin Creek Court Northwest
Basin Creek Trail Northwest
Basin Street Northeast
Basket Weaver Avenue
Basketball courts
Basswood Court Northwest
Basswood Drive Northwest
Bataan Death March Charter School
Bataan Drive Southwest
Bates Court Northwest
Bath & Body Works
Batteries Plus Bulbs
Battlecreek Street Northwest
Bauer Road Northeast
Baxter Court Northwest
Bay Court Northeast
Bay Mare Road Southwest
Baybrook Road Northwest
Bayita Lane Northwest
Baylor Drive Southeast
Bazan Court Southwest
Bazan Loop Northwest
Bazan Road Northwest
BCFD District 2
BCFD Station 30 (Former)
BCFR Station #66
Bea's Mexican Restaurant 2
Beach Road Northwest
Beacon Knoll Court Northwest
Beads Street Southwest
Beaker Road Southwest
Beall Court Southwest
Beall Road Southwest
Bear Canyon Arroyo Bridge
Bear Canyon Estates Senior Apts
Bear Canyon Lane Northeast
Bear Canyon Road Northeast
Bear Claw Road Northwest
Bear Dancer Trail Northeast
Bear Lake Way Northwest
Bear Lane Southwest
Bear Mountain Trail Northeast
Bear Valley Lane Northwest
Beargrass Court Northeast
Beatbox Beauty
Beauty In Wellness
Beauty Nails
Beauty Therapy
Beaver Creek Road Northwest
Beaver Mountain Trail
Beaver Trail Southeast
Beaverwood Court Northwest
Beck Drive Northeast
Bed Bath & Beyond
Bedrock at the Trails
Bedrock Court Northwest
Beebe Street Northeast
Beef Jerky
Beeson Street Southeast
Behavioral Health Crisis Center
Bel Air Court Northeast
Bel Air Drive Northeast
Bel Air Place Northeast
Bel Vedere Lane Northeast
Bel-Air Elementary School
Bel-Air Mission
Bel-Air Park Apartments
Belcher Avenue Northeast
Belcher Court Northeast
Believer's Center
Bell - Commerical Storm Station #37
Bell Avenue Southeast
Bell Avenue Southwest
Bell Park Circle Southeast
Bella Nail
Bella Pet Wash And Boutique
Bella Vista Baptist Church
Bella Vista Place
Bellamah Avenue Northeast
Bellamah Avenue Northwest
Bellamah Court Northeast
Bellaterra Street Northwest
Bellehaven Avenue Northeast
Bellehaven Court Northeast
Bellehaven Elementary School
Bellehaven Lane Northeast
Bellehaven Place Northeast
Bellevue Court Northwest
Bellevue Street Northwest
Bellflower Lane Northeast
Bellini Lane Northwest
Bellrose Avenue Northeast
Bellrose Avenue Northwest
Bellrose Court Northeast
Belmont Drive
Belnap Place Northwest
Belvedere Road Southeast
Ben E Keith Way Northwest
Ben Rios Field
Benavides Road Southwest
Benge Place Northwest
Benicia Lane Southwest
Benito Street Southwest
Benjamin Place Northeast
Benny Road Southwest
Benson Court Northwest
Bent Road Northeast
Bent Tree Drive Northwest
Bentley Court Northwest
Benton Avenue Northwest
Benton Street Northwest
Bentwood Trail Northeast
Benzer Pharmacy
Berean Baptist Church
Berkeley Place Northeast
Bermuda Drive Northeast
Bermuda Dunes Northeast
Bernado Court Northeast
Bernal Court Northeast
Bernalillo County 911 Dispatch Center
Bernalillo County Annex
Bernalillo County Emergency Operations Center
Bernalillo County Fire Station 30 (Los Ranchos)
Bernalillo County Fire Station 31 (North Valley)
Bernalillo County Fire Station 32 (Armijo)
Bernalillo County Fire Station 33 (South Valley)
Bernalillo County Fire Station 35 (NE Heights)
Bernalillo County Fire Station 36 (Osuna)
Bernalillo County Fire Station 38
Bernalillo County Fire Training Academy
Bernalillo County Metropolitan Court
Bernalillo County Public Safety Center
Bernalillo County Sheriff's Office Las Estancias Substation
Bernalillo County Wellesley Health Center
Bernalillo Place Southeast
Bernard Thomas Lane Southwest
Bernardino Road Northwest
Bernaval Place
Bernaval Road
Bernice Avenue Southeast
Bernice Avenue Southwest
Berquist Place Northwest
Berry Road Northwest
Berry Street Northeast
Berryessa Road Northeast
Beryl Court Northwest
Besler Lane Southwest
Bessom Lane
Best Buy
Best Choice Glass & Door
Best Western Airport Albuquerque InnSuites Hotel & Suites
Best Western Plus Executive Suites
Best Western Plus Rio Grande Inn
Betamorph E-Cigs
Beth Bivens' Home
Bethel Avenue Southeast
Bethel Church
Bethel Drive Southeast
Bette Clair Street Southeast
Betts Court Northeast
Betts Drive Northeast
Betts Place Northeast
Betts Street Northeast
Betty's Bath & Day Spa
Beulah Drive Southeast
Beverly Hills Avenue Northeast
Beverly Road Southwest
Bezemek Avenue Northwest
BIA Facility
Bianca Court Southwest
Bice Road Northwest
Big 5 Sporting Goods
Big Bend Road Northeast
Big Cottonwood Drive Southeast
Big Eye Adult Video
Big Horn Ridge Circle Northeast
Big Horn Ridge Court Northeast
Big Horn Ridge Drive Northeast
Big Horn Ridge Place Northeast
Big Lots
Big Pine Drive Northwest
Big Rock Drive Northwest
Big Sage Drive Northwest
Big Sky Drive Northeast
Big Springs Road Southwest
Biggs Avenue Southeast
Bighorn Road
Bike World
Bike-in Coffee
Bilboa Street Northwest
Bill Cody Drive Northwest
Bill Mauldin Street Southwest
Billy The Kid Road Southwest
Billy's San Mateo Automotive
Binbrook Road
Bing Place Northeast
Bingo Loop
Birch Court Southeast
Bird Song Used Books
Birdland The Hippie Store
Biroska Smoke Shop
Birria Estilo Zacatecas
Bisbee Place Northwest
Biscayne Drive Northeast
Bishop Court Southwest
Bison Springs Street Southwest
Bison Trail Northwest
Bitter Creek Drive Northwest
Bixby Street Northwest
Black Angus
Black Arroyo Road Northwest
Black Bear Loop Northeast
Black Bear Place Northeast
Black Bear Road Northeast
Black Canyon Street Northwest
Black Drive Northwest
Black Duck
Black Farm Lane Northwest
Black Gold Street Southeast
Black Hawk Drive Northeast
Black Hills Court Northeast
Black Hills Road Northeast
Black Mesa Coffee
Black Mesa Coffee Company
Black Pine Place Northeast
Black Ridge Drive Northwest
Black Rock Road Northwest
Black Sand Street Northwest
Black Stallion Road Southwest
Black Volcano Road Northwest
Black Willow Drive Northeast
Blackbird Coffee
Blackbird Drive Southwest
Blacksmith Shop
Blackstone Road Northeast
Blaine Road Southwest
Blair Court Northeast
Blair Drive Northeast
Blair Road Northwest
Blake Circle
Blake Road Southwest
Blake's Lotaburger
Blanco Drive Northwest
Blanda Court
Blanford Road Southwest
Blanket Flower Place Northeast
Blaze Pizza
Blaze Smoke Shop
Blazick Street Southwest
Blazing Star Court
Blazing Star Court Southeast
Blazing Star Road Southeast
Bledsoe Road Northwest
Bletcher Road Southwest
Blevin Court Northeast
Bliss Building
Bliss Sandwich Spot 'n More
Bloodstone Road Northeast
Blossom Place Northeast
Blossom Ridge at Anderson Hills
Blossom Ridge Estates
Blossom Wood Place Northwest
Blue Avena Avenue Southwest
Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Mexico
Blue Cypress Avenue Northeast
Blue Dove Place Northeast
Blue Feather Avenue Northwest
Blue Flax Court Northeast
Blue Gramma Road Northeast
Blue Heron Street
Blue Holly Court Northeast
Blue Meadow Trail Southwest
Blue Mesa Drive Northeast
Blue Moon Lane Northeast
Blue Pine Avenue Northwest
Blue Portal
Blue Quail Road Northeast
Blue Ribbon Road Southeast
Blue Ridge Place Northeast
Blue Sage Place Northeast
Blue Sky Street Southwest
Blue Stone Road Northwest
Bluebell Drive Northeast
Bluebell Place Northeast
Blueberry Lane Northwest
Bluebird Lane Northeast
Bluebonnet Circle Southeast
Bluebonnet Road
Bluebonnet Road Southeast
Bluecorn Maiden Court Northeast
Bluecorn Maiden Trail Northeast
Bluegrass Court
Bluestem Court
Bluethorn Court Southwest
Bluewater Drive
Bluewater Road Northwest
Bluewater Village Apartments
Bluff Street Northwest
Bluffs Edge Place Northwest
Bluffside Drive Northwest
Bluffside Place Northwest
Blume Street Northeast
Blumenshine Circle Southwest
Blush Road Northwest
Blush Salon & Spa
Boatright Drive Northeast
Bob McCannon Parkway Northwest
Bob White Lane Northeast
Bob's Burgers
Boba Tea Company
Bobby Foster Road
Bobby Foster Road Southeast
Bobcat Boulevard Northeast
Bobcat Hill Place
Bobcat Place Northeast
Bob’s Burgers
Boca Negra Canyon
Boca Negra Place Northwest
Boddy Road Southwest
Boe Lane Northeast
Boeing Airborne Laser Facility
Boeing Court Southeast
Boese Bros Brewing
Boese Brothers Brewery
Bogan Avenue Northeast
Bogart Court Northwest
Bogart Street Northwest
Bohemio Court Southwest
Boiler Shop
Bolack Drive Northeast
Bold Ruler Street Southeast
Bolling Avenue Southeast
Bombay Spice
Bombs Away Beer Company
Bona Terra Loop Northwest
Bona Terra Place Northwest
Bonaguidi Road Southwest
Bond Court Northwest
Bonita Plaza Northeast
Bonitas Roases Drive Northwest
Bonito Circle Southwest
Bonito Court Southwest
Bonito Place Southwest
Bonito Road Southwest
Bonito Sueños Court Northwest
Bonnie Ann Court Northeast
Bonnie Court Northeast
Bontierra Trail Northwest
Boone Street Northeast
Booster Station
Boot Barn
Boots & Bourbon
Borde Abierto Street Northwest
Boring Road Southwest
Borrego Creek Drive Northwest
Borrego Drive Southeast
Bosque Bakery
Bosque Brewing
Bosque Brewing Cottonwood
Bosque Brewing Public House
Bosque Burger
Bosque Circle Northwest
Bosque de Oro Drive Southwest
Bosque del Rio Lane Northwest
Bosque del Sol Lane Northwest
Bosque Entrada Trail Northwest
Bosque Meadows Place Northwest
Bosque Meadows Road Northwest
Bosque Plaza Lane Northwest
Bosque Pointe Avenue Southwest
Bosque Road Northeast
Bosque Running Shop Inc
Bosque School
Bosque Street Northwest
Bosque Verde Lane Northwest
Bosque Vista Drive Northeast
Boston Market
Botanero Guaymas
Boton de Oro Road Northwest
Bottger Mansion of Old Town
Botts Street Southeast
Boulder Canyon Road Northwest
Boulder Court Northwest
Boulder Street Northwest
Boulder Trail Northwest
Bouton Lane Nortthwest
Bouvardia Avenue Northwest
Bow and Arrow Brewing Company
Bowe Lane Southwest
Bowers Road Southwest
Bowie Road Southwest
Box Canyon Place Northwest
Boxing Bear Brewing Co Bridges on Tramway Taproom
Boxing Bear Corrales
Boxwood Avenue Northeast
Brackett Drive Southwest
Brackley Drive Northwest
Brad Place Northwest
Bradbury Drive Southeast
Bradford Place Northwest
Bradshaw Avenue Southeast
Brady Road Northwest
Brahma Drive Northwest
Brake Masters
Brake Masters #108
Brand Avenue Northeast
Branding Iron Drive Southeast
Brandon Court
Brandon Tree Apartments
Brandywine Loop Northeast
Brandywine Road Northeast
Brandywood Park Apartments
Braniff Avenue Northwest
Braveheart Drive Northwest
Brawley Road Northwest
Bray Court Northwest
Brayton Road Northwest
Brazos Court Northeast
Brazos Court Southeast
Brazos Place Southeast
Brazos Ridge Circle Northwest
Breckenridge Drive Northwest
Breckenridge Road Northwest
Breece Road Southwest
Breezy Court Northwest
Breezy Point Road Northwest
Brenda Avenue Northeast
Brenda Court Northeast
Brenda Street Northeast
Brendan Court Northwest
Brenton Drive Northwest
Brentwood Boulevard Northeast
Brentwood Court Northeast
Brentwood Gardens Apartments
Brentwood Hills Boulevard Northeast
Brentwood Park Drive Northeast
Brentwood Place Northeast
Bret Place Northeast
Breton Road Southwest
Brewer Fleet Fueling
Brezza Dolce Avenue Northwest
Brian Avenue Southwest
Brian Court Southwest
Brian Meadows Place Northwest
Brianna Loop Northeast
Brianne Avenue Northwest
Briar Ridge Avenue Northwest
Briarcliff Northeast
Briarwood Apartments
Briarwood Drive Northeast
Briarwood Place
Briarwood Terrace Northeast
Brick Light District
Bricks & Minifigs
Brickyard Pizza
Bridge Boulevard Southwest
BridgeCare ABA: Therapy For Autism
Bridgepointe Northeast
Bridgeport Road Northwest
Bridges Avenue Northwest
Bridges on Tramway
Bridgewater Place Northwest
Bridle Falls Avenue Southwest
Bridle Gate Trail Southwest
Bridle Street Northwest
Bridlewood Road Northeast
Bright Star Drive Northwest
Bright Way Northwest
Brighton Drive Northeast
Brindisi Place Northwest
Briscoe Ranch Trail
Bristlebrush Street Southwest
Bristol Doughnut
Bristol Street Northwest
Britt Court Northeast
Britt Street Northeast
Britt Street Southeast
Brittany Avenue Northeast
Brittlebrush Street Southwest
Broadbent Parkway Northeast
Broadcast Plaza Southwest
Broadmoor Avenue Northeast
Broadstone Apartments
Broadstone Estates
Broadstone Heights
Broadstone Highlands North
Broadstone Ladera Apartments
Broadstone Towne Center Apartments
Broadstone Way Southeast
Broadview Place Northwest
Broadway Boulevard
Broadway Boulevard Northeast
Broadway Boulevard Southeast
Broadway Boulevard Southwest
Brock Lane Northeast
Brockmont Avenue Northeast
Brockton Court Northeast
Broeas Drive Northwest
Broken Arrow Lane Northwest
Broken Bottle Brewery
Bromley Court Northwest
Brook Place Northeast
Brook Street Northeast
Brookdale Court Northeast
Brookhaven Place Northwest
Brookline Drive Northwest
Brookline Place Northwest
Brookstead Drive Northwest
Brookstone Drive Northwest
Brookville Street Northwest
Brookwood Street Northeast
Brother Mathias Place Northwest
Brother Road Southwest
Brown Drive Southwest
Browning Street Northeast
Brownsville Lane Northeast
Bruce Court Northwest
Brumo Southwest Lane
Brunswick Place Northwest
Brush Place Northeast
Brushfield Road Northwest
Brushwood Street Northeast
Brussels Avenue Northeast
Brussels Court Northeast
Bryan Avenue Northwest
Bryan Court
Bryan Court Southwest
Bryce Avenue Northeast
Bryce Canyon Street Southeast
Bryce Court Northeast
Bryn Mawr Drive Northeast
Bryn Mawr Drive Southeast
Bryn Mawr Northeast Drive
Bryn Mawr Place Northeast
Bubba's 33
Bubble Coffee and Tea
Buca di Beppo
Buck Court Northwest
Buck Island Road Southwest
Buck Trail Southeast
Buckboard Avenue Northeast
Buckboard Street Northwest
Buckeye Street Northwest
Buckhorn Avenue
Buckhorn Court Northwest
Bucking Bronco Trail Southeast
Buckingham Court Northwest
Buckskin Road
Budai Gourmet Chinese
Buds & Beans
Buen Provecho
Buena Ventura
Buena Ventura Court Northeast
Buena Ventura Place Northeast
Buena Ventura Road Northeast
Buena Vista Avenue Northwest
Buena Vista Drive Northeast
Buena Vista Drive Southeast
Buena Vista Northwest
Buenos Aires Place Northwest
Buff Springs Drive Northeast
Buffalo Circle Southeast
Buffalo Dancer Court Northeast
Buffalo Dancer Trail Northeast
Buffalo Exchange
Buffalo Grass Court Northeast
Buffalo Hills Drive Northeast
Buffalo River Road Southeast
Buffalo Wild Wings
Buffet King
Buglo Avenue Northwest
Build-A-Bear Workshop
Builders Direct
Bull Chicks
Bull Lea Drive Southeast
Burdock Street Northwest
Bureau of Indian Affairs
Bureau of Reclamation Albuquerque
Burgan Avenue Northeast
Burger 21
Burger King
Burgos Avenue Northwest
Burham Road Northwest
Burke Street Northeast
Burkett Avenue Northwest
Burlison Drive Northeast
Burma Drive Northeast
Burnhamwood Place Northeast
Burniece Street Southwest
Burroughs Lane Northeast
Burrowing Owl Street Southeast
Bursera Drive
Bursera Drive Northwest
Burton Avenue Southeast
Bush Court Southeast
Busher Street Southeast
Butch Cassidy Drive Southwest
Butler Avenue Northwest
Butler Lane Southwest
Butte Place Northwest
Butte Volcano Road Northwest
Butterfield Jewelers
Butterfield Trail Northwest
Butterfly Bush Street Southeast
Butterfly Drive
Butterfly Maiden Trail Northeast
Button Quail Avenue Northwest
Buttos Drive Northwest
Buy Buy Baby
Byron Avenue Southwest

C de Baca Lane Northwest
C Fit Nutrition
C J Court Southwest
Caballero Drive Southeast
Caballero Parkway Northwest
Caballo Canyon Drive Northeast
Caballo de Fuerza Road Southeast
Cabernet Street Southwest
Cabezon Road
Cabin Court Northwest
Cabrillo Circle Northwest
Cache Creek Drive Northwest
CACI Building
Cactus Avenue Northwest
Cactus Flower Drive Northwest
Cactus Hills Place Northwest
Cactus Point Drive Southwest
Cactus Pointe Drive Northwest
Cactus Trail Road Northwest
Cacy Avenue Northwest
Caddie Street Northwest
Cadillo Lane
Cadiz Street Northwest
CAE/RSDL (859)
Caesar's Mexican & Greek
Caesars Palace Drive Northwest
Cafe Chill
Cafe Da Lat
Cafe Istanbul
Cafe Laurel
Cafe Lush
Cafe Nom Nom
Cafe Trang
Cagua Drive Nordtheast
Cagua Drive Northeast
Cagua Drive Southeast
Cagua Place Northeast
Cairo Drive Northeast
Caitlin Court Northwest
Cake's Nightclub
Calabacillas Court
Caley Avenue Northwest
Calhoun Avenue Southeast
Calhoun Drive Northeast
Caliber Drive Southwest
Calico Place Northwest
California Pizza Kitchen
California Street Northeast
California Street Southeast
Calistoga Avenue Northeast
Callandrais Street Northwest
Callaway Circle Northeast
Calle Abajo Way Southwest
Calle Acanta Northwest
Calle Adolanto Northeast
Calle Alameda Northeast
Calle Alava Northwest
Calle Alba Northwest
Calle Alegre Northwest
Calle Alegria Northeast
Calle Allegro Northwest
Calle Alma Northwest
Calle Almeria Northeast
Calle Alta Northeast
Calle Amado Northeast
Calle Amor Southeast
Calle Amorada Court Northwest
Calle Arbol Northwest
Calle Armonia Northeast
Calle Arroyo Seco Northwest
Calle Avila Northwest
Calle Avion
Calle Azul Southeast
Calle Azulejo Northwest
Calle Barbarita Northwest
Calle Bella Northwest
Calle Bonito Northeast
Calle Bosque Court
Calle Calma Northeast
Calle Canta Northwest
Calle Carino Northeast
Calle Carisma Northeast
Calle Castano Court Northeast
Calle Castano Northeast
Calle Cedro Northeast
Calle Cereza Northeast
Calle Chamisa Northwest
Calle Chulita Northwest
Calle Cielo Southwest
Calle Comodo Northeast
Calle Contento
Calle Corazon Court Northwest
Calle Cordoba Northwest
Calle Coronado Southeast
Calle Corta Southwest
Calle Corvo Northeast
Calle Cuervo Northwest
Calle Cumbre Northwest
Calle de Alondra Northwest
Calle De Amole
Calle de Carino Northeast
Calle de Celina Northwest
Calle de Cielo Northeast
Calle de Cobre Northeast
Calle de Daniel Northwest
Calle de Deborah Northwest
Calle de Elena Northwest
Calle de Entrada Northwest
Calle de Estella Northwest
Calle de Gabriel Northeast
Calle de la Luz Northwest
Calle de la Noche Northeast
Calle de Laura Northwest
Calle de Los Hijos Northwest
Calle de Luna Northeast
Calle de Oro Northeast
Calle de Panza Northwest
Calle de Plata Northeast
Calle de Rafael Northeast
Calle de Real Northwest
Calle de San Mateo
Calle de Sancho Northwest
Calle de Sandias Northeast
Calle de Tierra Northeast
Calle De Vida Northwest
Calle del Campo
Calle del Contento Northeast
Calle del Corte Northeast
Calle del Estavan Northwest
Calle del Fuego
Calle del Monte Northeast
Calle del Oso Place Northeast
Calle del Pajarito Northwest
Calle del Prado Southwest
Calle del Ranchero Northeast
Calle del Rey Northwest
Calle Del Rio Southwest
Calle del Sol Northeast
Calle del Sueño Way Southwest
Calle del Vista Northwest
Calle Dichoso Court Northwest
Calle Diez Northwest
Calle Divina Northeast
Calle Dolce Northwest
Calle Elena Northeast
Calle Encina Northeast
Calle Ensueno Northwest
Calle Espana Northwest
Calle Facio Northwest
Calle Feliz Northwest
Calle Fuerte Northeast
Calle Gandia Northwest
Calle Garza Northeast
Calle Giralda Northwest
Calle Grande Northwest
Calle Hermosa Place Northwest
Calle Hidalgo Northwest
Calle Laguna Northeast
Calle Leon Northwest
Calle Linda Street Northwest
Calle Loma Parda Northwest
Calle Los Vecinos Northwest
Calle Maravilla Court Northwest
Calle Margarita Northeast
Calle Merida Northwest
Calle Meseta Northeast
Calle Mirlo Narthwost
Calle Montana Northeast
Calle Montaña Northeast
Calle Monte Aplanado Northwest
Calle Navario Northwest
Calle Nortena
Calle Nortena Northwest
Calle Nuestra Northwest
Calle Nueve Northwest
Calle Obispo Northwest
Calle Ocho Northwest
Calle Olas Altos Northeast
Calle Olivo Northeast
Calle Otono Northeast
Calle Pajaro Azul Northwest
Calle Paraiso Northeast
Calle Parasol Northwest
Calle Pequeno
Calle Perdiz Northwest
Calle Perro Road Northwest
Calle Petirrojo Northwest
Calle Picaflor Northwest
Calle Pino Northeast
Calle Pinon Northwest
Calle Placido Northwest
Calle Plata
Calle Playa del Sol Northeast
Calle Primera Northwest
Calle Pueblo Pinado Northwest
Calle Quieta Northwest
Calle Redonda Lane Northwest
Calle Redonda Northwest
Calle Rosa Northwest
Calle Salinas Southwest
Calle San Blas Northeast
Calle Santiago Northeast
Calle Serena Northwest
Calle Sna Ysidro Northwest
Calle Sol Se Mete Northwest
Calle Sombra Northwest
Calle Sonrisa Northeast
Calle Tesoro Northwest
Calle Tranquilo Northwest
Calle Vadito Northwest
Calle Verde Southeast
Calle Vigo Northwest
Calle Vista Este Northwest
Calle Vizcaya Northwest
Calle Zagal Northeast
Callejon Drive Northeast
Callow Street Northeast
Calvacade Road Southeast
Calvary Chapel of Albuquerque
Calvary Christian Academy
Calyx Court Northwest
Calyx Drive Northwest
Cam De Paz Northwest
Cam Fella Street Southeast
Camanito Alley Godon
Cambria Road Northwest
Cambridge Place Northeast
Cambrils Drive Northwest
Camden Court Northwest
Camelback Road Northwest
Camellia Court Southwest
Camelot Place Northeast
Cameo Drive Southeast
Camero Avenue Northeast
Cameron Street Northwest
Camille Avenue Northwest
Camillo Lane Northwest
Caminito Alegre
Caminito Coors Northwest
Caminito Court Northeast
Caminito del Lado Northwest
Caminito Drive Northeast
Camino Alameda Southwest
Camino Alderete Northwest
Camino Alto
Camino Alto Court Northwest
Camino Alto Northwest
Camino Amparo Northwest
Camino Aplauso Northwest
Camino Arbustos Northeast
Camino Azul Northwest
Camino Bello Southwest
Camino Caballette Northwest
Camino Campo
Camino Canada Northwest
Camino Capilla Northwest
Camino Capistrano Northeast
Camino Casa Northeast
Camino Cepillo Northwest
Camino Cerrito Southeast
Camino Cometa Northeast
Camino Contento Northwest
Camino Corto Northwest
Camino de Aguila Northwest
Camino de Amador Northwest
Camino de Compania Northwest
Camino de Esperanza Southwest
Camino de la Luna Northwest
Camino de la Sierra Northeast
Camino de Las Brisas
Camino de Los Hijos Northwest
Camino de Luciano Northwest
Camino de Monte Northeast
Camino de Salud
Camino de Salud Northeast
Camino de Suerte Northwest
Camino del Arrebol Northwest
Camino del Bosque Northwest
Camino del Los Artesanos Northwest
Camino del Norte Northeast
Camino Del Oeste Northwest
Camino del Oso Northeast
Camino del Prado Northwest
Camino del Rey Northeast
Camino del Rio Northwest
Camino del Sol Northeast
Camino Del Tren Southeast
Camino del Valle Southwest
Camino del Venado Northwest
Camino Don Diego Northeast
Camino Ecuestre Northwest
Camino Español Northwest
Camino Floretta Northwest
Camino Gusto Northwest
Camino la Morada Northwest
Camino Los Cerros
Camino Los Luceros
Camino Montaño Northeast
Camino Osito Northeast
Camino Paisano Northwest
Camino Perfecto Northeast
Camino Placido Northeast
Camino Quieto Northwest
Camino Ranchitos Northwest
Camino Raso Northwest
Camino Real Court Northeast
Camino Rosario Northwest
Camino Sacramento Northeast
Camino San Martin Court Southwest
Camino San Martin Southwest
Camino Sandia Northeast
Camino Servicio Road Northeast
Camino Soledad Northwest
Camino Vega Verde Northwest
Camino Viento Northwest
Camino Vista Northwest
Camp Verde Street Northwest
Campaña Court Southwest
Campbell Court Northwest
Campbell Farm Lane
Campbell Road Northwest
Campfire Lane Northwest
Campo de Maiz Road Northwest
Campo del Oso Avenue Northeast
Campo del Sol Avenue Northeast
Campo Norte Way Northeast
Campos Tire Shop
Campus Boulevard Northeast
Campus Compacts Apartments
Campus Road Northeast
Campus Utility Plant
Can Dela Court
Canada del Oso Place Northeast
Canada Place Northwest
Canada Vista Place Northwest
Canal Road Southwest
Canario Court Northwest
Canary Lane Northeast
Canavio Place Northwest
Cancelar Drive Northeast
Cancer Research Facility
Candelaria Road Northeast
Candelaria Road Northeast (Frontage)
Candelaria Road Northeast (Frontage Road)
Candelaria Road Northwest
Candelarias Lane Northwest
Candelia Avenue Northwest
Candelita Court Northeast
Candice Jewelry
Candilo Road
Candle Glow Drive Northeast
Candle Lane Northeast
Candlelight Court Northeast
Candlelight Drive Northeast
Candlestick Drive Northeast
Candlewood Court Northeast
Candlewood Suites Albuquerque
Candy Court Southwest
Candy Lady
Canelo Court Northwest
Canis Avenue Northwest
Canna Drive Northeast
Cannon Road Southwest
Cannonade Court Southeast
Cannoncito Drive Northwest
Canoan Village Apts
Canon de Arrowhead Apartments
Canoncito Place Northeast
Canoncito Place Northwest
Canopy Loop
Cantacielo Drive Northwest
Cantana Street Northwest
Cantariello Court Northwest
Cantata at the Trails Apartments
Canteen Brewhouse
Canteen Taproom
Canter Street Southwest
Cantera Drive Northwest
Canyon Cliff Road Northwest
Canyon Court Northeast
Canyon Creek Drive Northeast
Canyon Crest Place Northeast
Canyon Edge Trail Northeast
Canyon Gate Trail Southwest
Canyon Hills Drive Northeast
Canyon Pointe Court Northeast
Canyon Ridge Place Northeast
Canyon Rim Drive Northeast
Canyon Run Road Northeast
Canyon Sage Drive Northeast
Canyon Trail Southwest
Canyon Vista Drive Northeast
Canyon Wren Court Southeast
Canyonlands Court Southeast
Canyonlands Place Southeast
Canyonlands Road Southeast
Canyonview Court Northeast
Canyonview Place Northeast
Capistrano Court Northeast
Capitan Drive Northeast
Capitol Drive Northeast
Capri Court Northwest
Capricillo Road Northwest
Capricorn Place Northwest
Caprock Road Northwest
Captain D's
Capulin Road Northeast
Car Crafters
CAR West
Caracara Avenue Northeast
Caracol Street Northwest
Caramel Drive Northeast
Carbondale Court Northwest
Cardenas Drive Northeast
Cardenas Drive Southeast
Cardenas Place Northeast
Cardiff Avenue Northeast
Cardigan Court Northwest
Cardinal Street Northwest
Carefree Avenue Northwest
CareMore Chiropractic
Caresso Loop Southwest
Carfax Place Southwest
Cargo Avenue Northeast
Caribou Avenue Northeast
Carizzo Road Northwest
Carl Court Northeast
Carl Hatch Place Northwest
Carl Mart
Carl's Jr.
Carla Court Southwest
Carla Street Southwest
Carlisle Avenue Southeast
Carlisle Baptist Church
Carlisle Boulevard Northeast
Carlisle Boulevard Southeast
Carlisle Gym
Carlisle Place Southeast
Carlisle Square Condominiums
Carlito Road Northeast
Carlito Road Northwest
Carlos Court Southwest
Carlos Rey Circle Southwest
Carlos Rey Drive Southwest
Carlos Rey Elementary
Carlos Road Northeast
Carlos Road Northwest
Carlota Road Northwest
Carlsbad Court Northwest
Carlton Street Northwest
Carmel Avenue Northeast
Carmel Court Northeast
Carmel Mesa Trail Southwest
Carmelita Drive Northeast
Carmelito Loop Northeast
Carmellia Court Southeast
Carmellia Drive Southeast
Carmen Road Northwest
Carmona Road Northwest
Carmony Road Northeast
Carney Avenue Northwest
Carniceria Chihuahua
Carol Place Northeast
Carol Street Northeast
Carolina Street Northeast
Carousal Avenue Northwest
Carraro Court Northwest
Carreta Drive Northwest
Carriage Road Northeast
Carrick Street Northwest
Carrie Place Southeast
Carrington Road Northeast
Carriveau Avenue Northeast
Carrizon Plain Drive Southwest
Carruthers Road Northeast
Carson Mesa Road Northwest
Carson Road Northwest
Carson Trail Northwest
Cartagena Avenue Southwest
Cartouche Drive Southeast


Casa Alvarado Apartments
Casa Amarilla Road Northwest
Casa Azul Court Northwest
Casa Blanca Drive Northwest
Casa Blanca market
Casa Bonita Apartments
Casa Bonita Drive Northeast
Casa de Benevites
Casa de Luz Court Northwest
Casa de Vida Drive Northeast
Casa del Norte Court Northeast
Casa del Norte Drive Northeast
Casa Del Norte Drive Northeast
Casa del Oso Northeast
Casa Del Rey
Casa del Rio Tr Northwest
Casa Elena Drive Northeast
Casa Esencia
Casa Esperanza
Casa Feliz Drive Northeast
Casa Florida Place Northwest
Casa Grande Avenue Northeast
Casa Grande Court Northeast
Casa Grande Place Northeast
Casa Gris Court Northwest
Casa Hermosa Drive Northeast
Casa Ladera Townhomes
Casa Linda Court Northwest
Casa Linda Northwest
Casa Loma Northeast
Casa Maria Road Northeast
Casa Morena Court Northwest
Casa Negra Court Northwest
Casa Roja Place Northwest
Casa Talavera
Casa Tierra
Casa Tierra Street Northeast
Casa Tomas Road Northeast
Casa Verde Avenue Northwest
Casa Vistosa Court Northwest
Casador del Oso Northeast
Casaus Southwest
Cascada Azul Place Northwest
Cascada Road Northwest
Cascade Park Avenue Northwest
Cascade Place Northwest
Cascajo Drive Northeast
Casey Jones Place
Casita Vista Court Northwest
Casita Vista Place Northwest
Casitas Court Southwest
Casitas de Colores
Casitas de Palomas Apatments
Cassandra Street Southwest
Cassidy Drive Northwest
Cassidy Road Northwest
Cassiopeia Avenue Northwest
Cassiopeia Street Northwest
Castanada Street Southwest
Castaneda Road Northwest
Castellano Court Southeast
Castellano Road Southeast
Castellow Avenue Southwest
Castillo Street Southwest
Castle Dome Place Northwest
Castle Megastore
Castle Place Southeast
Castlerock Court Northwest
Catalina Court Southwest
Catalina Place Southwest
Catalina Street Northwest
Catalonia Court Northwest
Catamount Drive Northwest
Caterpillar Court Southeast
Cathedral Church of Saint John
Cathleen Groves Memorial Childrens Library
Cathy Avenue Northeast
Catopia Cat Cafe
Catron Avenue Southeast
Catron Court Southeast
Catskill Way Northeast
Cattail Court Southwest
Cattail Willow Avenue Northeast
Cattelya Road Northwest
Caughran Place Northeast
Cave Creek Lane Northwest
Cavenaugh Drive Northwest
Cavett Street Southwest
Cayenne Drive Northwest
Cayetana Place Northwest
Cayman Court Northwest
Cañada Village Apartments
CBD Boutique
CCC Road Trail (2)
Cebolla Creek Way Northwest
Cebolleta Court Southwest
Cecilia's Cafe
Cedar Canyon Court Northeast
Cedar Canyon Place Northeast
Cedar Canyon Road Northeast
Cedar Court Southeast
Cedar Creek Drive
Cedar Creek Drive Northwest
Cedar Hill Court Northeast
Cedar Hill Lane Northeast
Cedar Hill Place Northeast
Cedar Hill Road Northeast
Cedar Hills Place Court North
Cedar Ridge Drive Northeast
Cedar Springs Drive Northwest
Cedar Springs Place Northwest
Cedar Street Northeast
Cedar Street Southeast
Cedar Waxwing Place Northwest
Cedarbrook Avenue Northeast
Cedarbrook Court Northeast
Cedarbrook Place Northeast
Cedarcroft Road Northwest
Cedarwood Avenue Northwest
Ceja Vista Apartments
Ceja Vista Road Southwest
Celestial Avenue Northwest
Cellaxes Phone Repair
CellAXS Phone Repair
Cenaroca Court Northeast
Cenote Road Southwest
Centennial Library
Center for Global Security and Cooperation
Center for the Arts
Centifolia Drive Northeast
Central & Unser Library
Central Avenue
Central Avenue Northeast
Central Avenue Northwest
Central Avenue Southeast
Central Avenue Southwest
Central Desert Behavioral Health Hospital
Central Grill and Coffeehouse
Central Library
Central New Mexico Community College Bookstore
Central New Mexico Community College Main Campus
Central Plant
Central Seventh-Day Adventist Church
Central United Methodist Church
Central Utility Building
Centre Avenue Southeast
Centro Familiar Boulevard Southwest
Century Rio 24 Plex and XD
Cerrillos Road Southwest
Cerro Alto Southwest
Cerro Alto Way
Cerro Azul Place
Cerro Crestado Drive Northwest
Cerro Largo Place Northwest
Cerro Vista Road Southwest
Cerro Vista Southwest
Cerros de Morado Southeast
Cerros Place Northwest
Cesar Chavez Community Charter School
Chaco Canyon Drive Southwest
Chaco Canyon Lane Northeast
Chaco Cliff Trail Southeast
Chaco Mesa Road Northwest
Chaco Ridge Place
Chaco Road Northeast
Chaco Terrace
Chacoma Place Southwest
Chacon Place Northwest
Chadwick Road Northwest
Challedon Drive Southeast
Chalmers Street Southwest
Chama Street Northeast
Chama Street Southeast
Chamaigne Court Southeast
Chambers Place Northeast
Chambers Road Northeast
Chamblee Court Northeast
Chambourcin Road Southwest
Chamisa Court Northwest
Chamisal Lane Northwest
Chamisal Road Northwest
Chamiza Elementary School
Chamizal Lateral Service Road
Champs Sports
Chance Court Northwest
Chandelle Court Northeast
Chandelle Loop Northeast
Chandler Drive Northwest
Chantilly Road Northwest
Chanute Street Southeast
Chapala Court Northeast
Chapala Drive Northeast
Chapala Place Northeast
Chaparral Circle Northwest
Chaparral Court Northwest
Chaparral Elementary School
Chaparral Lane
Chaparral Street Northwest
Chaparro Drive Northwest
Chapel Court Northwest
Chapel Drive Northwest
Chaplin Street Northwest
Chapman Lane Northwest
Chappell Drive Northeas
Chappell Drive Northeast
Chappell Road Northeast
Chaps Street Southwest
Charette Drive
Charger Trail Northeast
Charla Court Southeast
Charlene Avenue Southeast
Charles Place Northwest
Charles S. Gara Public Safety Center
Charles Wells Pumping Station
Charleston Street Northeast
Charleston Street Southeast
Charlevoix Street Northwest
Charley's Records and Tapes
Charleys Philly Steaks
Charlie's Hunting and Fishing Specialists
Charlotte Court Northeast
Charlotte Russe
Charwood Road
Chase Ranch Road Southwest
Chata's Kitchen
Chateau Drive Northeast
Chatter Paint
Chavez Loop
Chavez Road Northwest
Cheba Hut
Check 'n Go
Check Mate
Checkmate Payday Loans
Cheeba Hut
Chelon Place Northwest
Chelton Court Northeast
Chelwood Boulevard Northeast
Chelwood Court Northeast
Chelwood Drive Northeast
Chelwood Elementary School
Chelwood Park
Chelwood Park Boulevard Northeast
Chelwood Place Northeast
Chelwood Road Northeast
Chelwood Trail Northeast
Chenoa Road Northwest
Cheraz Road Northeast
Cheraz Street Northeast
Cherokee Court Northwest
Cherokee Road Northeast
Cherokee Road Northwest
Cherry Blossom Lane Northeast
Cherry Hills Drive Northeast
Cherry Hills Library
Cherry Hills Loop Northeast
Cherry Hills Place Northeast
Cherry Hills Road Northeast
Cherry Lane Northwest
Cherry Sage Northeast Court
Cherrydale Court Northwest
Cherrywood Avenue Northwest
Chesapeakem Road Northwest
Chester Lane Southwest
Chetwood Lane Southwest
Cheyenne Court Northwest
Chianti Avenue Southwest
Chicago Pizza Kitchen
Chickadee Lane Northeast
Chico Road Northeast
Chicobush Drive Northwest
Chicory Drive Northwest
Chihuahua Avenue Northeast
Childers Drive Northeast
Chile Addict
Chile Chicken
Chile Konnection
Chilled Water Plant
Chilli Drive Northwest
Chilte Pine Road Northwest
Chimayo Drive Northwest
Chimney Butte Gallery
China Casa
China Luck
Chinese Culture Center & Lin's Martial Arts Academy
Chinlee Avenue Northeast
Chiricahua Court Southeast
Chiricahua Street Southeast
Chisholm Trail Northwest
Chitalpa Place Northeast
Chocolate Cartel
Choctaw Trail Northwest
Chokecherry Court Southeast
Cholla Place Southeast
Chris Court Northwest
Chris Custom Sewing and Alterations
Christ Lutheran Church
Christ Ray Of Hope Lutheran
Christa's Excellent Auto, LLC
Christian Heritage Academy
Christian Science Reading Room
Christine Duncan Charter School
Christine Street Northeast
Christopher & Banks
Christopher James Hair+Skin
Christopher Road Southwest
Christy Avenue Northeast
Christy Mae's Restaurant
Chuck E. Cheese
Chuckar Drive Southwest
Chuckwagon Trail Northwest
Chula Vista Place Northeast
Church of Saint Peter Anglican Catholic
Church of the Good Shepherd
Church Street Cafe
Church Street Northwest
Church's Chicken
Churchhill Road Southwest
Churchill Lane Southwest
Chuze Fitness
Cibola High School
Cibola Loop Northwest
Cibola Village Apartments
Cibola Village Drive Northeast
Cibolos del Río Grande
Cicadia Road Southeast
Cider Orchard
Cielito Azul
Cielito Court Northeast
Cielito Lindo
Cielito Lindo Avenue Northeast
Cielito Lindo Court Northwest
Cielito Lindo Place Northwest
Cielo Court
Cielo Grande Northeast
Cielo Oeste Place Northwest
Cielo Vista del Norte
Cielo Vista del Sur Northwest
Cienega Court Northwest
Cienega Road Northwest
Cila Salon
Cimarron Road Northwest
Cimino Road Northwest
Cinder Cone Drive Northwest
Cinder Place Northwest
Cindy Drive Northeast
Cinema Cafe & Roaster
Cinemark Movies West 8 (closed)
Cinnamon Cafe
Cinnamon Drive Northwest
Cinnamon Morning
Cinnamon Sugar & Spice Cafe
Cinnamon Tree Apartments
Circ Apartments
Circle K
Circulo del Monte Northeast
Circulo Fioretta Northwest
Circulo Gallegos Northwest
Circulo Largo Court Northeast
Circulo Largo Drive Northeast
Cirrus Drive Northwest
Cisco Road Northwest
Cita Street Northwest
Citadel Apartments
Citation Drive Southwest
City Lights Drive Northeast
City of Albuquerque Support Annex
City View Drive Southwest
City Vista Southwest
Ciudad Court Northeast
Civic Plaza
Civil Engineering
Claire Court Northwest
Claire Lane Southwest


Clancy Drive Northeast
Clara Vista Drive Northeast
Claremont Avenue Northeast
Claremont Avenue Northwest
Claremont Court Northeast
Claremont Place Northeast
Claridge Place Northwest
Clarita Way Southwest
Clark Avenue Southeast
Clark Carr Loop Southeast
Clark Carr Road Southeast
Clark's Pet Emporium
Clarks Fork Road Northwest
Classic Avenue Northeast
Classic Century Square
Classroom 2020
Classroom A
Classroom G1 & G2
Claudine Street Northeast
Clavelas Northwest
Clay Street Southeast
Clayton Street Southwest
Clear Road Southwest
Clear Street Southwest
Clearwater Court Northwest
Clearwater Street Northwest
Cleghorn Court Northwest
Cleghorn Road Northwest
Clemente Court Southwest
Clemente Place Southwest
Clemente Street Southwest
Cleopatra Court Northeast
Cleopatra Place Northeast
Cleveland Middle School
Cliff Base Drive Northwest
Cliff Base Trail
Cliff Dweller Road
Cliff House Drive
Cliff Road Northwest
Cliff Rose Drive Northeast
Cliff's Amusement Park
Cliffbrush Lane Northeast
Clifford Avenue Northeast
Cliffrose Court Northeast
Cliffrose Drive Northeast
Cliffrose Road Northwest
Cliffside Court Northwest
Cliffside Drive Northwest
Cliffview Avenue Northwest
Clifton Avenue Southeast
Clinton Anderson Street Northwest
Clinton Boulevard Southwest
Cloud Court Northwest
Cloudburst Drive Northwest
Cloudcroft Drive Northwest
Cloudcroft Road Northwest
Clouddevil Place Northwest
Cloudview Avenue Northeast
Cloudy Road Northwest
Clover Lane Southwest
Cloverleaf Apartments
Club Cholla Court Northeast
Club Court Northwest
Club Drive Southwest
Club Road Southeast
Clyde & Carrie Tingley
Clyde Hotel
Clyde Street Northwest
CNM Main Campus
CNM Road Northeast
Coachman Street Northeast
Coal Avenue
Coal Avenue Southeast
Coal Avenue Southwest
Coal Avenue Theater
Coal Place Southeast
Cobble Peak Road Northwest
Cobblestone Place Northeast
Coblat Drive Northwest
Coble Court Southwest
Coca Northwest
Cochise Lane Southwest
Cochiti Court Northwest
Cochiti Drive Northwest
Cochiti Elementary School
Cochiti Road Southeast
Cochiti Street
Cochiti Trail
Cocina Azul
Cockatiel Drive Southwest
Cockatoo Lane Northeast
Coconino Road Southeast
Coda Place Northeast
Cody Court Northwest
Cody Street Northwest
Coe Court Northeast
Coe Drive Northeast
Colby Court Northwest
Cold Creek Avenue Northwest
Cold Stone Creamery
Cole Springs Drive Southwest
Coles Road Northwest
Colfax Avenue Northeast
Colima Avenue Northwest
Colinas Avenue Northeast
Colleen Avenue Northeast
Colleen J. Maloof Administration Building
Colleens Way Northeast
College Heights Drive Northwest
College Street Northwest
Collet Park Elementary School
Collet Street Northeast
Collier Court Northeast
Collision Center
Colobel Avenue Southwest
Colonade Court Northwest
Colonial Circle Northeast
Colony Place
Colony Place Northeast
Colorado Court Northeast
Colorado Street Northeast
Colores Classrooms
Colt Lane Southeast
Colt Road Northeast
Columbia Apartments
Columbia Drive Northeast
Columbia Drive Southeast
Columbian Aparments
Columbine Avenue Northeast
Columbine Drive Northeast
Columbus Circle Northwest
Colville Road Southeast
Comanche Boulevard Northeast
Comanche Court Northeast
Comanche Elementary School
Comanche Road Northeast
Comcast Cable Store
Cometa Court Northeast
Cometa Place Northeast
Comfort Inn
Comfort Inn & Suites
Comfort Suites
Comfrey Road Northwest
Comic Warehouse
Comida Buena
Commerce Drive Northeast
Commercial Street Northeast
Commercial Street Southeast
Commons Avenue Northeast
Commons North Lane Northwest
Community Lane Southwest
Como Drive Northwest
Compa Court Northeast
Compa Customs
Compadre Court Northeast
Compadre Lane Northeast
Compass Bank
Compass Drive Northwest
Compass Rose
Compound North Court Northwest
Computer Science Research Institute
Computer Services of Albuquerque
Conchas Court Northeast
Conchas Road
Conchas Street Northeast
Conchas Street Southeast
Concord Place Southwest
Concordia Road Northeast
Conder Lane Northwest
Condershire Drive
Condershire Drive Southwest
Condesa Court Northwest
Condesa Drive Northwest
Conditioned by Kelly Tekin.com
Condor Drive Northwest
Coneflower Drive Northwest
Conejo Road Northeast
Conesooga Drive Southeast
Conestoga Drive Northwest
Conestoga Drive Southeast
Confederate Drive Northeast
Congregation Albert
Congress Avenue Northwest
Conifer Avenue Northwest
Conita Real Avenue Southwest
Conn's HomePlus
Connecticut Street Northeast
Connemara Avenue Southwest
Conner Avenue Southeast
Conner Court Northeast
Conrad Avenue Northwest
Conrado Lane
Constance Place Northeast
Constitution Avenue Northeast
Constitution Avenue Northwest
Constitution Court Northeast
Constitution Place Northeast
Construction and Demolition Debris Landfill
Consuelo Lane Northwest
Consuelo Place Northwest
Consuelo Point Street Northeast
Contess Road Northwest
Continental Arms Apartments
Continental Loop Southeast
Contreras Place Northwest
Cook Avenue Southwest
Cook Court Northeast
Cook Ranch Place Southwest
Cooke Canyon Drive Northwest
Cool Springs Drive Southwest
Cool Springz Trampoline Park
Cooperative Education Services
Coors Boulevard
Coors Boulevard Bypass Northwest
Coors Boulevard Northwest
Coors Boulevard Southwest
Coors Frontage Road
Coors Frontage Road Northwest
Coors Park
Coors Place Southwest
Coors Ranch
Coors Trail Northwest
Copeland Drive Southwest
Copeland Place Southwest
Coppell Northeast Court
Copper Avenue Northeast
Copper Avenue Northwest
Copper Building
Copper Canyon Cafe
Copper Creek Court Southwest
Copper Grass Court Northeast
Copper Lounge
Copper Mountain Trail Northwest
Copper Place Northeast
Copper Rose Street Northeast
Copper Roses Court
Copperfield Drive Northeast
Copperhead Court Northeast
Copperleaf Trail Northeast
Copperwood Drive Northeast
Coppice Drive Northwest
Coral Bell Lane Northeast
Coral Community Charter School
Coral Court Northwest
Coral Dawn Road Northeast
Coral Gate Lane Southwest
Coral Satin Court Northeast
Coralita Court Northeast
Cordelia Street Southwest
Corder Lane Northwest
Cordero Avenue Northeast
Cordero Mesa Drive
Cordoniz Street Northwest
Cordova Avenue Northeast
Cordova Avenue Northwest
Cordova Court Northeast
Cordova Place Northwest
Corel Drive Southwest
Corfield Lane Southwest
Corfield Place Southwest
Corianda Court Northwest
Corn Mountain Place Northwest
Cornelia Court Southwest
Cornell Drive Northeast
Cornell Drive Southeast
Corona Avenue
Corona Avenue Northeast
Corona Drive Northwest
Corona Loop Northeast
Corona Ranch Road Southwest
Coronado Avenue Northeast
Coronado Dog Park
Coronado Lane Northeast
Coronado Mall
Coronado Mall Loop Northeast
Coronado Mall Northeast
Coronado Road
Coronado Road Northeast
Coronado School
Coronado Terrace (HOA)
Coronado Villa Retirement Resort
Coronado Village Trailer Park
Coroval Place
Coroval Road
Corral Drive Southwest
Corrales bike path
Corrales Ditch Trail
Corrales Laundromat
Corrales Road
Corrales Road Northwest
Corregidor Drive Southwest
Corriz Drive Southwest
Corsair Drive
Corsica Road Northwest
Corsico Place Northwest
Cortaderia Place Northeast
Cortaderia Street Northeast
Corte Adelina Street Southwest
Corte Alcazar Northwest
Corte Alzira Northwest
Corte de Aguila Northwest
Corte de Azucena
Corte de Calabaza
Corte de Chamisa Northwest
Corte de Loma Northwest
Corte de Pimienta
Corte de Ristra Northwest
Corte del Caballo Northwest
Corte Del Sol Northwest
Corte del Viento Northwest
Corte Dorada Street Northwest
Corte Eduardo Southwest
Corte Eduardo Street Southwest
Corte Elicia Street Southwest
Corte Florentino Street Southwest
Corte Ocaso Northeast
Corte Plateada Northwest
Cortez Drive Southwest
Corto Bonito Northwest
Corto Court Northwest
Cortona Lane Northeast
Corundum Court Northwest
Cosmos Drive Southwest
Costa Almerie Drive Northwest
Costa Blanca Avenue Northwest
Costa Bravo Avenue Northwest
Costa Calida Avenue Northwest
Costa del Sol Northeast
Costa Garraf
Costa Maresme Drive Northwest
Costa Uasca Drive Northwest
Costa Uerde Drive Northwest
Costco Gasoline
Costilla Drive
Cote Avenue Northeast
Cottontail Street Southwest
Cottonwood Apartments
Cottonwood Café
Cottonwood Court Northwest
Cottonwood Court Southeast
Cottonwood Dog Park
Cottonwood Drive
Cottonwood Drive Northwest
Cottonwood Loop Northwest
Cottonwood Mall
Cottonwood Montessori
Cottonwood Northeast
Cottonwood Park Drive Northwest
Cottonwood Place
Cottonwood Road Northeast
Cottonwood Springs Trail
Cougar Lane Southeast
Cougar Loop Northeast
Cougar Run Court Southeast
Coulson Drive Northeast
Coulterville Northwest
Count Fleet Street Southeast
Country Club Court Northwest
Country Club Lane Northwest
Country Club Market
Country Club Northeast
Country Cove Place Northwest
Country Dan's Furniture & Sleep Gallery
Country Glen Court Northwest
Country Hills Court Northwest
Country Knoll Court Northwest
Country Manor Place Northwest
Country Meadows Drive Northwest
Country Sage Drive Northwest
Country View Road Southwest
Countryside Lane Northwest
Countryside Mobile Home Park
Countrywood Drive Northeast
Countrywood Road Northeast
County Line BBQ
Court de Apio Northwest
Courtesy Loans
Courtney Avenue Northeast
Courtyard Drive Northeast
Cove Court Northwest
Covenant Presbyterian Church
Covenant United Methodist Church
Covered Wagon
Covered Wagon Avenue Southeast
Covey Road Northwest
Covina Place Northwest
Cowboys & Indians
Cox American Car Care Center
Coyote Canyon Place Northwest
Coyote Creek Trail Northwest
Coyote Grill
Coyote Lane Southeast
Coyote Loop
Coyote Run Road Northeast
Coyote Trail
Coyote Willow Avenue Northeast
Coyote Willow Family School
Coytoe Trail
CPC Admin
CPC Cafeteria
CPC Chaparral #6
CPC Chimayo #5
CPC Cibola #4
CPC Cimarron Clinic
CPC Education
CPC Gila #3
CPC Jemez
CPC Shop
Crabapple Court
Crabtree Court Northwest
Cracker Barrel
Crackin' Crab Seafood Boil
Craft Republic
Cranberry Court Northwest
Cranbrook Street Northeast
Crandall Road Southwest
Crane Drive Southwest
Crazy Fish
Creamland Dairies
Creamland Dairy
Creamland sign
Creative Jewelers
Creek Place Northwest
Creek Street Northeast
Creekwood Avenue Northwest
Creggs Street Northwest
Crepe Myrtle Road Southwest
Crescent Drive Northwest
Crespin Avenue Northeast
Cresswell Road Southwest
Crest Avenue Southeast
Cresta del Sur Court Northeast
Cresta Luna Court Northeast
Cresta Park Avenue Northwest
Crested Butte Drive Northeast
Crested Moss Road Northeast
Crestline Avenue Northeast
Crestmont Drive Northwest
Crestridge Apartments
Crestridge Avenue Northwest
Crestridge Court Northwest
Crestview Christian Academy
Crestview Drive Southwest
Crestview Place Southwest
Crestwood Avenue Northeast
Crick Avenue Southeast
Cricket Hill Drive Northeast
Cricket Place Southwest
Cricket Wireless
Crimson Avenue Northwest
Crimson Glory Road Northeast
Crimson Rose Lane Southwest
Cripple Creek Road Northwest
Criss Road Southwest
Cristalino Road Southwest
Cristo Rey Court Southwest
Cromwell Avenue Southeast
Cromwell Avenue Southwest
Crooked Creek Avenue Northwest
Crop Field
Crosscut Drive Northwest
Crosslands Albuquerque - Northeast
Crossroads Motel
Crossroads of Albuquerque
Crossroads Place Southeast
Crown Point Court Northwest
Crown Ridge Road Northwest
Crown Road
Crowne Plaza Albuquerque
Croyden Avenue Northwest
Cruising San Mateo I
Cruz Street Southwest
Crystal Growth Facility - Center for High Tech Materials
Crystal Mountain Way Northwest
Crystal Ridge Road Southwest
Crystal Street Northwest
Crystalaire Avenue Northwest
CU Auto Sales
Cuadro Street Southeast
Cuarzo Avenue
Cuatro Apartments
Cuatro Cerros Trail Southeast
Cuatro Milpas Road Southwest
Cuba Road Northwest
Cubero Drive Northeast
Cuchillo Road Northwest
Cuervo Court Northwest
Cuervo Drive Northeast
Cuervo Place Northwest
Cuesta Arriba Court Northeast
Cuesta Place Northwest
Cuesto Abajo Court Northeast
Cueva del Oso Northeast
Cueva Escondida Northwest
Cuevita Court Northeast
Cullen Lane Northeast
Culture Drive Northeast
Culture Ink
Cumberland Place Northwest
Cumberland Road Northwest
Cumbre del Sur Court Northeast
Cumbres Street Northeast
Cumulus Place Northwest
Curly's Quick Stop
Curry Avenue Northeast
Curry Leaf
Curt Walters Court Northeast
Custom Cleaners
Custom T's Factory
Cutler Avenue Northeast
Cutler Avenue Northwest
Cutler Court Northeast
Cutler Place Northeast
Cutter Aviation
Cutter Road
Cutter Road Northeast
Cutting Avenue Northwest
CVS Pharmacy
CVS Pharmacy (Closed)
CVS Pharmacy (closed)
Cyan Court Northwest
Cyber Engineering Research Laboratory
Cycle Cave Inc
Cycle Gear
Cydni Court Northeast
Cygnus Avenue Northwest
Cyn's Salon
Cynthia Court Northwest
Cynthia Loop Northwest
Cyonus Avenue Northwest
Cypress Circle Southwest
Cypress Drive Southwest
Cypress Point Way Northeast

D Avenue Southeast
D Reed Court Northeast
D Street Southeast
Dairy Queen
Daisy Massage
Daisy Summer Avenue Southwest
Dakota Ridge Road Southwest
Dakota Street Northeast
Dakota Street Southeast
Dale Avenue Southeast
Dallas Street Northeast
Dallas Street Southeast
Damacio Road Northwest
Dan Avenue Southeast
Dan Patch Road Southeast
Dana Court Northeast
Dana Point Drive Northeast
Dancing Eagle Avenue Northeast
Dancing Eagle Court Northeast
Dancing Horse Lane
Dancing Star Way Northwest
Dandas Drive Northwest
Dane's Deli
Daniel Circle Northwest
Daniel Road Northwest
Danielito Avenue Northwest
Danlar Colision
Danlar Collision
Danny's Auto Service
Dante Lane Northwest
Danube Court Northeast
Danube Drive Northeast
Dark Mesa Avenue Northwest
Darling Avenue Southeast
Darlington Place Northwest
Dartmouth Drive Northeast
Dartmouth Drive Southeast
Dartmouth Place Southeast
Daskalos Drive Northeast
Datum Street Southwest
Dave & Buster's
Dave's High Desert Grill
Davenport Street Northwest
David Court Northwest
David Court Southwest
Dawn Patrol Trail Northeast
Dawn View Drive Northeast
Dayflower Drive
Daylilly Court Southeast
Days Inn
Days Inn & Suites by Wyndham Airport Albuquerque
Days Inn & Suites by Wyndham Albuquerque North
Days Inn by Wyndham Albuquerque Downtown
Days Inn West Albuquerque
Daytona Road Northwest

db Woodcraft

DC Alterations
De Anza Drive Southwest
De la Cruz Northwest
De Leon Court Northeast
De Soto Street Southeast
De Trevis Street Southwest
De Vargas Loop Northeast
De Vargas Road Southwest
De Vita Road Southwest
Dean Drive Southwest
Deanna Street Northeast
Deborah Avenue Northwest
Deborah Lane Northeast
Decatur Avenue Southeast
Decker Avenue Northwest
Dee Drive Northeast
Deep Blue Scuba
Deer Canyon Avenue Northeast
Deer Dancer Trail Northeast
Deer Drive Northeast
Deer Lodge Place Southeast
Deer Lodge Road Southeast
Deer Trail Court Northeast
Deer Trail Place Northeast
Deer Valley Trail Northwest
Deerbourne Road Northwest
Deerfield Road Northwest
Deergrass Circle Northwest
Defense Information Systems Agency (323)
Defined Fitness
Deja Vu Consignment Shop
Del Agua Court Northeast
Del Aker Road Northwest
Del Arroyo Avenue Northeast
Del Campo Place Northeast
Del Carmen Street Northwest
Del Castillo Building
Del Chaparral Court Northeast
Del Cielo Drive Northwest
Del Frate Place Northwest
Del Fuego Circle
Del Fuego Circle Northeast
Del Mar Street Northeast
Del Mastro Court Southwest
Del Mastro Drive Southwest
Del Monte Court Southwest
Del Monte Trail Southwest
Del Norte Baptist Church
Del Norte Drive Southwest
Del Norte High School
Del Norte Sports and Wellness Outdoor Pool
Del Oeste Drive Northwest
Del Oeste Road
Del Oso Court Northeast
Del Pasado Northwest
Del Rey Avenue Northeast
Del Rey Place Southwest
Del Rey Road Southwest
Del Rio Apartments
Del Rio Road Southwest
Del Sol Park Drive Northwest
Del Sur Drive Southwest
Del Taco
Del Webb at Mirehaven
Del Webb Lane Northwest
Delamar Avenue Northeast
Delamar Avenue Northwest
Delamar Loop Northwest
Delamar Place Northwest
Delano Avenue Northeast
Delano Place Northeast
Delaware Street Northeast
Delbert Avenue Northwest
Delforado Drive Southwest
Delgado Drive Southwest
Delhi Street Northeast
Delia Road Northwest
Delia Road Southwest
Delicado Place Northeast
Delicias Cafe
Delilah Drive Southwest
Dell Haven Street Southwest
Della Longa Lane Northeast
Della Road Northeast
Dellwood Court Northeast
Dellwood Road Northeast
Dellyne Avenue Northwest
Dellyne Court Northwest
Delmar Court Northeast
Delmar Drive Northeast
Delta Court Northwest
Deluvina Drive Southwest
Deluvina Place Southwest
Delvitto Court Northeast
Demica Place Northeast
Deming Court Northeast
Democracy Road Northeast
Dempsey Drive Northeast
Denali Road Northeast
Deneen Drive Northwest
Denise Avenue Southeast
Denise Court Northeast
Dennig Chavez Avenue Northwest
Dennis Chavez Avenue Northwest
Dennis Chavez Boulevard
Dennis Chavez Boulevard Southwest
Dennis Chavez Elementary School
Dennis Chavez Federal Building
Dennison Road Southwest
Denton Road Southwest
Denver Mattress
Department of Motor Vehicles
Deployment Control Center (980)
Derby Court Northwest
Derickson Avenue Northeast
Dermatology Building
Derramadera Avenue Northeast
Derringer Court Southwest
Derry Court Northwest
Descanso Road Southeast
Deschutes Street Southeast
Descollado Road Northwest
Desert Bloom Avenue Northwest
Desert Bloom Court Northwest
Desert Bloom Street Northwest
Desert Bluff Drive Southwest
Desert Breeze Drive Southwest
Desert Cactus Drive Southwest
Desert Canyon Place Southwest
Desert Classic Lane Northeast
Desert Court Northeast
Desert Dawn Court Northeast
Desert Dawn Drive Northeast
Desert Dreamer Street Northwest
Desert Drive Southwest
Desert Dusk Court Northeast
Desert Eagle Road Northeast
Desert Flower Place Northeast
Desert Forest Northeast
Desert Fox Way Northeast
Desert Garden Lane Southwest
Desert Gardens Estates
Desert Greens Golf Course
Desert Hills Place Northeast
Desert Holly Place Southeast
Desert Lake Way Northeast
Desert Lark Place Northeast
Desert Maize Drive Southwest
Desert Mesa Road Southwest
Desert Mist Drive Southwest
Desert Moon Place Northeast
Desert Morning Road Southwest
Desert Mountain Road Northeast
Desert Orchid Drive Southeast
Desert Palms Mobile Home Park
Desert Paper and Envelope
Desert Park Apartments
Desert Pine Avenue Southwest
Desert Plastics
Desert Pointe Avenue Southwest
Desert Rain Road Northwest
Desert Ranch Street Southwest
Desert Range Drive Southwest
Desert Ridge Middle School
Desert Ridge Road Southwest
Desert Ridge Trails
Desert Rim Road Southwest
Desert Rock Drive Southwest
Desert Rose Avenue Northeast
Desert Rose Direct
Desert Sage Court Northwest
Desert Sand Place Northwest
Desert Sands
Desert Sands Inn & Suites
Desert Shadow
Desert Sky Avenue Northeast
Desert Smoke Shop
Desert Song Drive Northeast
Desert Spirit Road
Desert Springs Church
Desert Springs Court Southwest
Desert Springs Drive Southwest
Desert Star Road Northeast
Desert Sun Road Northeast
Desert Sunrise Road Northeast
Desert Surf Circle Northeast
Desert Tree Drive Southwest
Desert View Drive
Desert Willow
Desert Willow Family School
Desert Willow Road
Desert Wood Drive Southwest
Desert Zinnia Court Northeast
Design Center
Development Road
Devils Tower Street Southwest
Devita Road
Devon Lane
Devon Self-Storage
DG's Deli
DG's Deli & Market
Dhalia Avenenue Southeast
Diablotrail Place Northwest
Dialogue Brewing
Diamantes Northwest
Diamond Mesa
Diamond Mesa Trail Southwest
Diamond Place Southwest
Diamond Publishing
Diamondback Drive Northeast
Diana Place Northeast
Dick's Sporting Goods
Dickerson Drive Southeast
Dickey's Barbecue Pit
Diego's New Mexican Fusion
Diers Road Northwest
Dietz Court Northwest
Dietz Farm Circle Northwest
Dietz Farm Road Northwest
Dietz Loop Northwest
Dietz Place Northwest
Dina Nelson
Dina Nelson Road
Diolinda Lane Southwest
Diomedea Lane Northwest
Diomedia Lane Northwest
Dion's Pizza
Dippin' Dots
Discount Tire
Disney Place Northeast
Distributed Mission Operations Center (942)
Disused Universe Road
Dixon Road Southeast
DMC Logistics
Dobson Lane Northeast
Docena Place Northwest
Doctor Martin Luther King Junior Avenue Northeast
Dodd Place Northeast
Dodge Avenue Northwest
Dodge Court Northwest
Dodge Trail Northwest
DOE Albuquerque Operations Office
Doe Lane Southeast
Dog House
Dog House Drive In
Dogo's VIP
Dogwood Trail Northeast
Dollar General
Dollar Store
Dollar Tree
Dolly Avenue Southwest
Dolomite Road Northwest
Dolores Drive Northwest
Dolores Drive Southwest
Dolores Gonzales Elementary School
Domenici Hall (Mind Imaging)
Domingo Baca Road Northeast
Domingo Road Northeast
Dominic Tool
Dominion Road Northwest
Domino Drive Southeast
Don Andres Court Southwest
Don Andres Place Southwest
Don Andres Road Southwest
Don Anres Place Southwest
Don Aragon Drive Southwest
Don Cipriano Court Northeast
Don Diego Circle
Don Diego Street Northeast
Don Drive Northeast
Don Fernando Avenue Northwest
Don Fernando Road Northwest
Don Francisco Place Northwest
Don Gabal Loop Northwest
Don Gabal Place Northwest
Don Gaspar Drive Northeast
Don Giovanni Place Northwest
Don Isidro Lane Northwest
Don Juan Court Northwest
Don Juan Loop Northwest
Don Luis Court Southwest
Don Luis Road Southwest
Don Onofre Trail Northwest
Don Pablito Place Southwest
Don Pablo Northwest
Don Pancho Road Northwest
Don Pedro Northwest
Don Pedro Padilla Road Southwest
Don Quixote Apartments
Don Quixote Court Northwest
Don Quixote Drive Northwest
Don Reynaldo Street Southwest
Don Santos Street Southwest
Don Tomas Lane Northeast
Don Xavier Avenue Southwest
Dona Adelina Avenue Southwest
Dona Ana Road Northwest
Dona Angelica Avenue Southwest
Dona Arcelia Street Southwest
Dona Barbara Avenue Southwest
Dona Carmen Street Southwest
Dona Delia Avenue Southwest
Dona Elena Drive Southwest
Dona Katalina Drive Southwest
Dona Linda Place Northwest
Dona Luisa Street Southwest
Dona Marguerita Avenue Northeast
Dona Rowena Avenue Northeast
Dona Teresa Place Southwest
Donahoo Court Northeast
Donald Road Southwest
Donette Court Northeast
Donette Place
Donia Avenue Northwest
Donna Court Northeast
Donut Mart
Dooley Street Northwest
Dora Avenue Northwest
Dorado Court Southeast
Dorado Drive Southeast
Dorado Heights Apts
Dorado Place Southeast
Doris Avenue Southeast
Doris Steider Street Northeast
Doroteo Place Northeast
Dorothy Lois Court Northeast
Dorothy Place Northeast
Dorothy Street Northeast
Dorothy Street Southeast
Doty Drive Southwest
Double Eagle
Double Eagle Airport Road Northwest
Double Eagle Elementary
Double Eagle Northeast
Double Shelter Group Area
DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Albuquerque
Douglas Court
Douglas Macarthur Road Northeast
Douglas Macarthur Road Northwest
Dover Court Northwest
Dover Place Northwest
Dover Road Southwest
Dover Street Northwest
Down N Dirty Seafood Boil
Downburst Avenue Northwest
Downey Street Northeast
Downtown Albuquerque
Downtown Books & Beans
Downtown Distillery
Downtown Inn
Downtown Liquor and Food Mart
DQ Grill & Chill
Draco Avenue Southwest
Draft & Table
Dragon House Chinese Cuisine
Dragoon Road Northwest
Dragway Street
Dragway Street Southeast
Drake Avenue Northwest
Drake Court Northwest
Draxton Avenue Southwest
Drayton Street Northeast
Dream Weaver Drive Northwest
DreamStyle Remodeling
Dreamy Way Drive Northwest
Driftwood Avenue Northwest
Driftwood Drive
Driftwood Place Northwest
Drinking Fountain Trail (207)
Driscoll Avenue Northeast
Driver's Den
Drolett Drive Northwest
Dru Avenue Southeast
Drury Inn & Suites Albuquerque North
Dry Creek Place Northwest
Dry Gulch Road Southwest
Dry Heat Comedy Club
DTRA (20676)
DTRA Museum
Duchess Drive Northeast
Duerksen Road Northwest
Duero Place Northwest
Duerson Trail Southwest
Duffer Place Northwest
Duggan's Coffee
Duke Avenue Southwest
Duke City Auto Body
Duke City Dent
Duke City Kitchen
Duke City Street Southeast
Duke Lane Northwest
Dumas Drive Northeast
Dunbar Street Northwest
Dunes Court Southeast
Dunes Place Southeast
Dunes Road Southeast
Dungan Street Northeast
Dunhill Avenue Southwest
Dunlop Avenue
Duran House
Duran's Central Pharmacy
Durand Road Southwest
Duranes 2
Duranes Drive Northwest
Duranes Elementary School
Duranes Road Northwest
Durango Court Northeast
Durant Avenue Northeast
Durham Street Northwest
Duro Court Northeast
Duskfire Drive Northwest
Dust Lake Drive Northeast
Dustin Court Northwest
Dusty Miller Road Southeast
Dusty Rose Road Northeast
Dusty Trail Court Northwest
Dutch Bros. Coffee
Dutch Bros Coffee
Dwight's Glass & Mirror
DXL Men's Apparel
Dyan Street

E Street Southeast
Eagle Avenue Northwest
Eagle Canyon Road Northeast
Eagle Creek Drive Northeast
Eagle Crest Avenue Northeast
Eagle Dancer Trail Northeast
Eagle Eye Drive Northwest
Eagle Feather Drive Northeast
Eagle Fork Road Northwest
Eagle Hills Drive Northwest
Eagle Launch Drive Northeast
Eagle Man
Eagle Mesa Road Northeast
Eagle Nest Court Northeast
Eagle Nest Drive Northeast
Eagle Point Apts
Eagle Pointe
Eagle Ranch Apartments
Eagle Ranch Apartments Clubhouse Pool
Eagle Ranch Apartments Main Office
Eagle Ranch Apartments North Basketball Court
Eagle Ranch Apartments North Volleyball Court
Eagle Ranch Road Northwest
Eagle Ridge Court Northeast
Eagle Ridge Drive Northeast
Eagle Ridge Lane Northeast
Eagle Ridge Place Northeast
Eagle Ridge Road Northeast
Eagle Ridge Terrace Northeast
Eagle Rock Avenue Northeast
Eagle Springs Drive Northeast
Eagle Talon Drive Northeast
Eagle View Avenue Northeast
Eagle Vista Drive Northeast
Eagle Way Northwest
Eagles Nest Condominiums
Eakes Bates Road Northwest
Eakes Court Northwest
Eakes Road Northwest
Eames Road Southwest
Earthbound Trading Company
East Drive Northeast
East End Addition
East Frontage Road
East Gate Foursquare Church
East Gym Indoor Pool
East Meadowlark Lane
East Ridge Street
East Rim Drive Northwest
East San Jose Elementary School
East Sandia Circle Southeast
East Side Shoppette
East West Ayurveda and Massage
Easterday Drive Northeast
Eastern Avenue Southeast
Eastern Child Development Center
Eastern Hills Baptist Church
Eastern Hills Christian Academy
Eastford Place Northwest
Easton Place Northwest
Eastrange-Piedra Vista
Eastridge Court Northeast
Eastridge Drive Northeast
Eastridge Place Northeast
Eastridge Trail Northeast
Eastview Avenue Southwest
Eastwood Avenue Northwest
Easy Court Northwest
Easy Goer Road Southeast
Easy Place Northwest
Easy Street Northwest
Echo Canyon Avenue Northwest
Echo Valley Lane Northwest
Eclipse Aerospace
Econo Lodge
Econo Lodge Downtown
Econo Lodge East
Econo Lodge Old Town
Econo Lodge West
Ed Hillsman Trail
Eddie Bauer
Eddy Avenue Northeast
Eden Court Northeast
Eden Drive Northeast
Edgebrook Place Northwest
Edgewood Drive Northwest
Edgewood Northwest
Edie Place Northwest
Edison Road Northwest
Edith Boulevard Northeast
Edith Boulevard Southeast
Edmon Road Northeast
Edmund G. Ross Elementary School
Edmunds Street Southeast
Edna Avenue Northwest
Eduardo Road Southwest
Eduardo Y Juanita Court Northwest
Education Place Northwest
Edward Court Northeast
Edward Gonzales Elementary School
Edwardo Avenue
Edwards Drive Northeast
Edwina Avenue Northeast
Edwina Court Northeast
Effex Patio
Egret Court Southwest
Eiffel Avenue Southwest
Eileen Avenue Southeast
Eileen Street Southeast
Einstein Bagels
Einstein Bros. Bagels
Eisenhower Area
Eisenhower Middle School
Ekarma Drive Northwest
El Aguila Place Northwest
El Alahambra Circle
El Alhambra Circle Northwest
El Bordo Drive Southwest
El Bruno's Restaurante y Cantina
El Caballero Drive Southwest
El Cajon Court Northwest
El Caminito Northwest
El Camino
El Camino Dining Room
El Camino Hermosa Drive Northeast
El Camino Real
El Camino Real Academy
El Camino Real Street Northeast
El Camino Verde
El Centro Familiar Boulevard Southwest
El Cerquito Northwest
El Charro Place Southwest
El Conde Avenue Northeast
El Corte Cajon Northeast
El Corte Miramar Northeast
El Corto Drive Southwest
El Cuervo ABQ
El Don Motel
El Dorado Bakery
El Dorado Barber Shop
El Dorado Drive Northwest
El Dorado Place Northeast
El Encanto Place Northeast
El Ensueno Circle Northeast
El Ensueno Road Northeast
El Llano Lane Northwest
El Malecon Road Northwest
El Marta Court Northeast
El Mero Mero
El Modelo
El Modelo Carry Out Mexian Food
El Modesto Court Northeast
El Monte Lane Northeast
El Moro Lane Southwest
El Morro Road Northeast
El Navajo Road Southwest
El Navajo Street Southwest
El Nido Court Northwest
El Ohim Court Northwest
El Ojito Court Northwest
El Oriente Road Southwest
El Papatura
El Paraiso Road Northeast
El Paraiso Road Northwest
El Paseo Drive Northwest
El Patio
El Patio Rio
El Patron
El Patron North
El Patron Road Southwest
El Pinto
El Piñon Road Southwest
El Portal Road Northwest
El Porvenia
El Porvenir Circle Southwest
El Prado Road Northwest
El Pueblo Apartments
El Pueblo Road Northeast
El Pueblo Road Northwest
El Rancho Drive Southwest
El Rancho Grande
El Rancho Mobile Home Park
El Rey Drive
El Rey Liquours
El Rey Road Southeast
El Rey Theater
El Rito Avenue Northwest
El Segundo Avenue Northeast
El Serano Court Southwest
El Shaddai Street Northwest
El Solindo Avenue Northeast
El Solindo Court Northeast
El Super
El Tesaro Escondido Northwest
El Toboso Drive Northwest
El Toro Northeast
El Toro Place Northwest
El Vado Avenue Northeast
El Vado Court Northeast
El Vado Drive
El Zarandeado
Elaine Place Northeast
Elata Court Northeast
Elder Court Southwest
Elderberry Court Northeast
Elderwood Drive Northwest
Eldora Chocolate
Eldorado Heights
Eldorado High School
Eldridge Road Northwest
Electric Avenue Southeast
Electrical Vault
Electronic Parts Co.
Elena Circle Southwest
Elena Drive Northeast
Elena Gallegos Access Road
Elena Gallegos Information Center
Elena Gallegos Place Northeast
Elevada Trail Northeast
Elfego Baca Drive Southwest
Elfego Road
Elfego Road Northwest
Eli Braids and Beauty Supply
Eliyah Court Northwest
Elizabeth Street Northeast
Elizabeth Street Southeast
Elk Creek Road Northeast
Elk Drive Southeast
Elk Horn Drive Northeast
Elk Ridge Road Northeast
Ellen Court Northeast
Ellington Drive Southwest
Elliot Court Northwest
Elliot Road Northwest
Ellis Avenue Southeast
Ellis Place Northeast
Ellison Drive Northwest
Ellison Road Northwest
Ellison Street Northeast
Elm Court Southeast
Elm Drive Northeast
Elm Street Northeast
Elm Street Southeast
Elmhurst Drive Northwest
Elmwood Drive Northeast
Elna Court Northeast
Elona Drive Northeast
Eloy's New Mexican Restaurant
Elvin Avenue Northeast
Elvin Place Northeast
Elwood Drive Northwest
Elwood Place Northeast
Elyse Place Southeast
Embarcadera Drive Southwest
Embassy Suites Albuquerque
Embudito Canyon
Embudito Drive Northeast
Embudito Trail (192)
Embudito View Court Northeast
Embudo Canyon
Embudo Channel Maintenance Road
Embudo Channel Trail
Embudo Court Northeast
Embudo Drive Northeast
Embudo Horse Bypass (193A)
Embudo Snow Park Crossing
Embudo Towers
Embudo Trail (193)
Emcore Fiber Optics
Emerald Drive Northwest
Emerald Massage
Emerald Sky Avenue Southwest
Emerson Elementary School
Emily Street Northeast
Emily's Salon
Emmason Drive Southwest
Emmason Road Southwest
EMNRD Forestry Division Office
Emory Oak Place
Emory Point Avenue Northeast
Emperor Drive Northeast
Empire Board Game Library
Empire Nails
Encantada at Santa Monica
Encantado Road Northeast
Enchanted Botanicals
Enchanted Park
Enchanted Sky Lane Northeast
Enchanted Valley Circle Northwest
Enchanted Valley Place Northwest
Enchanted Valley Road Northwest
Encino Place Northeast
Encino Road Southwest
Encino Terrace
Enclave Apts
Enclave Lane
Enclave Way Northeast
Encompass Health Rehabilitation Hospital of Albuquerque
Endee Road Northwest
Enebro Street Northeast
Energy and Environmental Laboratory (823)
Enfield Court Southwest
Engle Drive Northeast
Englewood Drive Southeast
Ensenada Place Northwest
Entrada Beltran Northwest
Entrada Bonita Street Southwest
Entrada Place Northwest
Entrada Vista Avenue Northwest
Environmental Education Building
Equestrian Court Northwest
Equestrian Drive Northwest
Erbbe Street Northeast
Eric Court Northeast
Eric Drive Northeast
Erin Street Northeast
Erin's Place
Erlitz Drive Northwest
Ermemin Street Northwest
Erna Fergusson Library
Ernesto Court Northeast
Ernie Pyle Library
Ernie Pyle Middle School
Eroy Street Southwest
Erratic Street Southwest
Ervien Lane Southwest
Erwin Place Northwest
Erwin Street Southeast
Escalante Avenue Southwest
Escarpa Drive Northwest
Escarpment Avenue Northwest
Escavada Street Southwest
Escena Street Southeast
Escencia Street Northwest
Escobar Court Southwest
Escondida Lane
Escoviel Street Northwest
Escuela Road Southwest
Esequiel Road Southwest
Esmeraldo Drive Northwest
Espalin Road
Espaseo Verde Road Northwest
Española Street Northeast
Española Street Southeast
Espejo Road Southwest
Espejo Street Northeast
Esperanza Community Bicycle shop
Esperanza Court Northwest
Esperanza Drive Northwest
Espira Court Northwest
Espira Drive Northwest
Esquire Court Northeast
Essex Drive Northwest
Estancia Drive Northwest
Estates at Academy
Estates Drive Northeast
Estes Park Avenue Northwest
Esther Avenue Northeast
Estibo Street Northwest
Estrada Court Northeast
Estrella Brillante Street Northwest
Estrellita del Norte Road Northeast
Ethel Avenue Southwest
Ethlyn Avenue Southeast
Eton Avenue Southeast
Eubank Boulevard
Eubank Boulevard Northeast
Eubank Boulevard Northeast Frontage
Eubank Boulevard Northeast Frontage Road
Eubank Boulevard Southeast
Eubank Elementary School
Eucariz Avenue Southwest
Euclid Avenue Northeast
Euclid Court Northeast
Euclid Northeast Avenue
Eugene Court Southeast
Eugene Field Elementary School
Eulalia Drive Southwest
Eurozone Food Distributors
Evangelical Christian Center
Evangeline Avenue Northeast
Evangeline Court Northeast
Evans Road Southwest
Evansdale Road Northwest
Eve Court Northeast
Evelyn Court Northeast
Evening Fire Street Southwest
Evening Sky Way
Everest Apothecary
Everest Cannabis Co.
Everest Eyebrow Threading
Evergreen Drive Southwest
Everitt Court Northwest
Everitt Road Northwest
Everton Avenue Northeast
Evesham Road Northwest
Evita Way Southwest
Exalting Jesus Fellowship
Exalting Jesus Fellowship Youth Center
Executive Drive Northeast
Executive Hills (HOA)
Executive Hills Lane Southeast
Executive Ridge Drive Northeast
Explosive Component Facility (905)
Expo New Mexico
Extended Stay America
Extra Space Storage
Eye Associates
Eyebrow Designer 51
Eyebrow Threading Studio
Eyota Drive Northwest
Ez Mezquite Market

F Avenue Southeast
Facials & Waxing By Brenda
Facilities IT (886)
Facio Court Southwest
Factory Edge Clothing
Fairbanks Place Northeast
Fairbanks Road Northeast
Fairchild Avenue Southeast
Faircroft Road Northwest
Fairfax Court Northwest
Fairfax Drive Northwest
Fairfield Greens Court Northeast
Fairfield Inn & Suites
Fairfield Inn & Suites Albuquerque North
Fairfield Place Northwest
Fairhaven Avenue Southwest
Fairington Way Northeast
Fairmont Court Northwest
Fairmont Drive Northwest
Fairoak Trail Northeast
Fairway Road Northwest
Faith Bible Church
Faith Comes by Hearing
Faith Court Northeast
Faith Lutheran Church
Falcon Drive Southeast
Falcon Place Southeast
Fallas Paredes Discount Family Clothing Store
Fallbrook Place Northwest
Fallout Shelter
Falls Creek Trail Northwest
Family Dollar
Family Health University Clinic & Pharmacy
Family Picnic Site
Family Road Southwest
Famous Footwear
Famous Nails
Fantozzi Court Southwest
Fantozzi Road Southwest
Farina Alto
Farinosa Avenue
Farm and Table
Farm House
Farola Drive Northwest
Farragut Drive Northeast
Fashion Dalary
Fast Fix Jewelry and Watch Repairs
Fast Market
Fastest Emissions
Fat T's Barbecue
Fat Tire Cycles
Father Sky Court Northeast
Father Sky Street Northeast
Fawn Trail Southeast
Fay Street Southwest
Faye Avenue Northeast
Faye Place Northeast
FBO Office
Feast Kings
Feather Dalea Avenue
Feather Edge Street Southwest
Feather Rock Place Northwest
Feathertop Road Southwest
Federal Aviation Administration
FedEx Office
Fee Area Sign
Feed and Seed Modern General
Felas Court Southwest
Felicitas Road Southwest
Felix Tafoya Road
Feliz Lane Southwest
Feliz Way Southwest
Fellowship Baptist Church (historic)
Fence Post
Fennel Court Southeast
Fentiman Place Southeast
Fentman Place Southeast
Fenton Drive
Fenton Lake Road Northwest
Fenwick Place Southwest
Ferguson Avenue Southeast
Fern Spring Drive Southwest
Ferndale Road Southeast
Fernleaf Court Northwest
Ferrari Custom Auto Tint
Ferris Avenue Southwest
Ferro Road Southwest
Fiat of Albuquerque
Field & Frame
Field Drive Northeast
Field Hawk Trail Northwest
Field Street Southwest
Fieldstone Avenue Northwest
Fiesta Dancers
Fiesta Park Street Northwest
Fiesta Subaru
Fiesta Volkswagen
Fiesta’s New Mexican Food
Figaro Drive Northwest
Figueroa Court Northeast
Figueroa Drive Northeast
Figueroa Street Northeast
Fiji Court Northwest
Filipino Hawaiian Food
Final Stitch
Finch Drive Southwest
Fine Arts & Design Library
Fineland Drive Northwest
Finish Line
Fir Northeast
Fire Training Tower
Firehouse Subs
Firenze Drive Northwest
Firenze Pizzeria
Firestone Lane Northeast
Firewheel Road Northwest
Firman Court Southwest
First American Bank
First Baptist Church of Alameda
First Baptist Church of West Albuquerque
First Baptist Church of West Albuquerque Grounds
First Christian Church
First Church of Christ, Scientist
First Congregational Church
First Convenience Bank
First Financial Credit Union
First National Rio Grande
First Spanish Fruit Avenue Baptist Church
First Unitarian Campus
First United Methodist Church
Firwood Avenue Northwest
Fit and Fabulous
Fit Shop
Fitness Center West (585)
Fitness Superstore
Fitzgerald Road Northwest
Five Below
Five Guys
Five Points
Five Points Place Southwest
Five Points Road Southwest
Five Points School
Five Star Anime
Five Star Burgers
Fivestar Jewelry Inc.
Flag Athletic Field
Flagstaff Drive Northwest
Flagstone Place Northwest
Flame of Hope
Flamez Burgers and More
Flamingo Avenue Northwest
Flashy Nails
Flat Rock Court Northwest
Fleetwood Northeast
Flightway Avenue
Flint Axe Street Southwest
Flint Court Northwest
Flint Ridge Trail Southeast
Flint Rock Road Northwest
Flintlock Court Southwest
Flip Flop Shops
Flip Lane Southwest
Flix Brewhouse
Flojo Lane
Floor & Decor
Floor Covering Interiors
Flor de Mayo Place Northwest
Flor de Rio Court Northwest
Flor del Rey Northwest
Flor del Sol Place Northwest
Flor Silvestre Northwest
Flora Street Southwest
Flora Vista Avenue Southwest
Flora Vista Drive Southwest
Floral Chapel
Floral Drive Northeast
Floral Place Northwest
Floral Road Northwest
Florence Avenue Northeast
Florence Place Northeast
Floretta Drive Northwest
Florida Street Northeast
Florida Street Southeast
Flower Place Northeast
Flowers Road
Floyd Avenue Southwest
Flying J
Flying J Travel Plaza
Flying Roadrunner Bakery
Flying Star
Flying Star Cafe
Flying Star Cafe Corrales
Flynn Avenue Northwest
FM Annex
Fogel Law Firm
Fogo de Chão
Follow The Sun Tours
Folsum Drive
Fonner Drive Southeast
Fontana Place Northeast
Fonzi’s Barber Shop
Food Mart
Food Truck
Foot Locker
Football by Fanzz
Football Practice Field
Foothill Drive Southwest
Foothill Lane Southwest
Foothill Road
Foothill Road Southwest
Foothills Barber Shop
Foothills Canyon Northeast
Foothills Trail (365)
Foraker Court Northwest
Foraker Place Northwest
Ford Street Southeast
Fordham Drive Northwest
Forecast Court Northwest
Forego Road Southeast
Foreign Aide
Forest Hills Court Northeast
Forest Hills Drive Northeast
Forest Road 333
Forest Road 333D
Forest Road 333E
Forest Road Northwest
Forestal Court Northwest
Forever 21
Fork and Fig
Forman Road Southwest

former Coronado Airport

Former Werner-Gilchrist House
Forrester Avenue Northwest
Forsythe Road Southwest
Fort Twenty
Fortuna Road Northwest
Forty Niners Street Northeast
Fossil Ridge Place Northwest
Fossil Road Northwest
Foster Court Southwest
Foster Ranch Street Southwest
Foster Street Southeast
Fostoria Road Northeast
Fountain Court Northwest
Fountain Hill Lane Northeast
Fountain Plaza Northeast
Four Hills
Four Hills Court Southeast
Four Hills (HOA)
Four Hills Road Southeast
Four Hills Village
Four Mile Road Southwest
Four Winds Travel Center
Four Wing Court
Fox Briar Court Northwest
Fox Hill Drive Southwest
Fox Hill Place Southwest
Fox Hollow Place Northwest
Fox Lane Southeast
Fox Point Avenue Northeast
Fox Sparrow Trail Northwest
Foxford Avenue Northwest
Foxford Court Northwest
Foyt Drive Southwest
Framing Concepts
Francella Drive
Frances Avenue Southeast
Frances Street Northeast
Francisca Road Northwest
Franciscan Friars of the Renewal
Franciscan Street Northeast
Frank Avenue Southeast
Frank L. Horan City Hall
Frank Place Northeast
Frank's Famous Chicken & Waffles
Franklin Avenue Southeast
Franklin Court Southwest
Frantz Drive Northeast
Franz Huning Avenue Southwest
Franzen Road Southwest
Fraser Drive Southeast
Fred Harvey Avenue Southeast
Frederick Court Northwest
Frederick Lane Southwest
Frederick Place Northwest
Free People
Freedom Court Northeast
Freedom High School
Freedom Way
Freedom Way Northeast
Freeman Avenue Northwest
Freeway Inn
Freeway Liquors
Freeway Place Northeast
Fremont Ellis Court Northeast
Fremont Place Northwest
French Funerals and Cremations
French Quarter Apartments
French Quarter Motel
French Road
Fresam Street Southwest
Fresca Court Northwest
Fresh Water Road Southwest
Fresno Way Northeast
Fresquez Lane Northeast
Frieda Street Northeast
Friendly Court Northwest
Friendly Place Northwest
Fringe Hair Studio
Fringe Sage Court Northeast
Fritzie Street Northwest
Frock Star Vintage
Front Royal Court Northwest
Frontage Road
Frontage Road Southwest
Frontier Avenue Northeast
Frontier Mart
Frontier Restaurant
Frost: A Gelato Shop
Fruit Avenue Northeast
Fruit Avenue Northwest
FSS Movie Theater
Fuentes Barber Shop
Fuentes Road Southwest
Full Moon Avenue Northwest
Fulmer Drive Northeast
Fulton Court Northeast
Funky Olive
Funky Olive Design Company
Furman Avenue Northwest
Furman Court Northwest
Furniture City
Future Zuni-Penn Pond

G Avenue Southeast
G by Guess
G Money's Smoke Shop
Gabaldon Drive Northwest
Gabaldon Place Northwest
Gabbro Avenue Northeast
Gable Lane Northeast
Gable Street Northwest
Gabriel Road Southwest
Gail Ryba Memorial Bridge
Gait Street Southwest
Galacia Street Southeast
Galataneau Street Northwest
Galatin Court Northwest
Galaxia Park Drive Northwest
Galaxia Way Northeast
Galaxy Nail & Spa
Gale Court Northwest
Galena Street Southeast
Galeras Street Northwest
Gallant Fox Road Southeast
Gallatin Place Northwest
Gallegos Road Southwest
Galleon Drive Northwest
Galles Chevrolet
Galleta Road Northwest
Galley Avenue Northwest
Gallileo Street Northwest
Gallinas Avenue Northeast
Gallup Avenue Southwest
Gambel Oak Court Northeast
Gamers Anonymous
Ganado Court Southeast
Gap Kids
Garcia Honda
Garcia Infiniti
Garcia Mortuary
Garcia Road Northeast
Garcia Road Northwest
Garcia Road Southwest
Garcia Street Northeast
Garcia Street Southeast
Garcia Subaru
Garcia's Kitchen
Garden Gate Lane Southwest
Garden Park Circle Northwest
Garden Park Road Northwest
Garden Road Southwest
Gardenbrook Place Northwest
Gardenia Road Southwest
Garduño Drive Northwest
Garfield Avenue Southeast
Garfield Gospel Chapel
Garfield Market
Garland Court Southwest
Garnet Avenue Southwest
Gary Court Northeast
Gary Lane Southwest
Gaslight Lane Southwest
Gaspar Drive Northeast
Gateway Lane Northwest
Gatewood Avenue Southwest
Gavilan Place Northwest
Gavin Road Northwest
Gaviota Northwest
Gayle Lane Southwest
Gazelle Place Northeast
GDE Vintage
Gecko's Bar & Tapas
Geiger Road Southwest
Gelfand Place Northwest
Gem Court Southwest
Gem Pointe Road Southwest
Gemini Avenue Northwest
Gemini Court Northwest
Gemstone Road Southwest
Gen X
Gene Avenue Northeast
Gene Avenue Northwest
Gene Court Northwest
Gene Gilbert Manor
Gene's Service Center
General Arnold Street Northeast
General Bradley Street Northeast
General Chennault Street Northeast
General Chennault Street Southeast
General Hodges Street Northeast
General Hodges Street Southeast
General Kearny Court Northeast
General Kearny Drive Northeast
General Marshall Street Northeast
General Patch Street Northeast
General Patch Street Southeast
General Purpose Warehouse Area
General Somervell Court Northeast
General Somervell Street Northeast
General Somervell Street Southeast
General Stillwel Street Northeast
General Stillwell Street
General Stillwell Street Northeast
General Vandenburg Street
Geneva Drive Northwest
Genghis Grill
Genoa Street Northeast
Gentry Lane Southwest
Genuine Cannabis
Genuine Paints - Automotive & Industrial
Geode Road Northwest
Geomechanics (849)
George Drive Southeast
George I. Sanchez Collaborative Community School
George J. Maloof Memorial Air Park
George Road Southeast
George Street Southwest
Georgene Drive Northeast
Georgetown Avenue Northwest
Georgia O'Keeffe Drive Northeast
Georgia O'Keeffe Elementary School
Georgia Street Northeast
Georgia Street Southeast
Geothermal Research (851)
Gerald Avenue Southeast
Gerald E. Cline Memorial Police Substation
Gerris Avenue Southeast
Gertrude Zachary Jewelry
Gettysburg Road Northeast
Ghiradelli Street Northeast
Ghost Flower Trail Northeast
Ghost Ranch Street Southwest
Giacomo Avenue Southeast
Giant Red Arrow
Gibb Road Southwest
Gibson Boulevard
Gibson Boulevard Southeast
Gibson Boulevard Southwest
Gibson Food Mart
Gibson's Auto Body Shop
Giddings Avenue Northeast
Gila Cliff Drive Southwest
Gila Gulch Road Southwest
Gila Road Northeast
Gilbert L. Sena Charter High School
Gill Street Northeast
Gillingham Drive Northwest
Gilmer Place Northeast
Ginger Court Northwest
Giomi Place Northwest
Girard Boulevard Northeast
Girard Boulevard Southeast
Girard Church
Girard Court Northeast
Girard Place Northeast
Giraudo Place Southwest
Giron Family Vision Gallery
Girona Avenue Northwest
Gisele Drive Northeast
Glacier Bay Street Southeast
Glacier Road Northwest
Gladden Avenue Northeast
Gladden Court Northeast
Gladiolas Place Northwest
Gladstone Drive
Gladys Court Northeast
Glass Rock Road Northwest
Glassman Building
Glazer Road Northwest
Gleason Avenue Northwest
Glen Canyon Court Northeast
Glen Canyon Road Northeast
Glen Mohr Lane Northwest
Glen Oak Northeast
Glenarbor Court Northwest
Glenbrook Place Northwest
Glencroft Avenue Northwest
Glenda Court Northwest
Glendale Avenue Northeast
Glendale Place Northwest
Glendale Road Northwest
Glendora Drive Northeast
Glenlochy Way
Glenn Drive Southeast
Glenridge Park Lane Northeast
Glenridge Place Northwest
Glenrio Road Northwest
Glentunnet Way
Glenwood Court Northwest
Glenwood Drive Northwest
Glenwood Hills
Glenwood Hills Court Northeast
Glenwood Hills Drive Northeast
Glenwood Pointe Lane Northeast
Global Beauty Supply
Global Storage
Globe Furniture
Globe Street Northwest
Globe Willow Avenue Northeast
Globus Court Northwest
Gloria Court Northeast
Gloria Place Northeast
Glorieta Street Northeast
Glow Road Southeast
Glynview Court Northwest
GN Services Inc.
Go West Road Northwest
Go! Calendars/Games
God's House Church
Goddard Street Southeast
Goff Boulevard Southwest
Gold and Silver
Gold Avenue Southeast
Gold Avenue Southwest
Gold Buyers of New Mexico
Gold Rush Drive
Gold Rush Trail Northwest
Gold Street Growers Market
Golden Aster Road Northeast
Golden Avenue Northwest
Golden Barrel Road Northwest
Golden Chopstix
Golden Corral
Golden Crown Panaderia
Golden Eagle Drive Northeast
Golden Eagle Place Northeast
Golden Fleece Trading Company
Golden Gate Avenue Northeast
Golden Gate Court Northeast
Golden Glow Lane Northeast
Golden Glow Way Northeast
Golden Meadow Drive Northwest
Golden Pride
Golden Rod Circle Southeast
Golden Sky
Golden Smoke Road
Golden Smoke Road Southeast
Golden Smoke Southeast
Golden Spike Drive Northwest
Golden View Drive Southwest
Goldenrod Drive Northeast
Goldenseal Avenue Northwest
Goldenseal Court Northwest
Goldenthread Drive Northeast
Goldfield Place
Goldfinch Court Southwest
Goldust Nail Lounge
Golf Course Parking Lot Road
Golf Course Road Northwest
Golf Course Road Southeast
Goliad Court Northwest
Goliad Street Northwest
Golinda Road Southwest
Golondrina Northwest
Gomez Avenue Northeast
Gomez Drive Northwest
Gondola Gulch
Gondola Way Northeast
Gonzales Road Southwest
Gonzales Well #3
Good 2 Go
Good Feet
Goodrich Avenue Northeast
Gooseberry Road Northwest
Gordon Snidow Court Northeast
Gore Avenue Southeast
Gorrion Street Northwest
Gorry Court Northwest
Goshawk Avenue Northwest
Gosset Lane
Got Greens
Government Fuels Distribution
Governor Bent Elementary School
Grace Baptist Chapel
Grace Church ABQ
Grace Court
Grace Court Northeast
Grace Lutheran Church
Grace Street Northeast
Grace Vigil Road Southwest
Graceland Drive Northeast
Graceland Drive Southeast
Gracia Court Northeast
Graduate Drive Southeast
Grady Court Northeast
Grady Place Northeast
Grama Court Northwest
Gran Quivira Road Northwest
Granada Court Southwest
Granada Hills Court Northeast
Granada Hills Drive Northeast
Granada Road Southwest
Granada Terrace Apartments
Granby Court Northwest
Grand Avenue Northeast
Grand Canyon
Grand Court Northeast
Grand Mesa Road Southeast
Grand Opening Foot Massage
Grand Teton
Grande Boulevard Southeast
Grande Court Northwest
Grande Drive Northwest
Grande Vista Court Northwest
Grande Vista Place Northwest
Grandma Warner's K&I Diner
Grandview Drive Southeast
Grandview Motel
Grange Avenue Northwest
Granite Avenue Northeast
Granite Avenue Northwest
Granite Mountain Loop Northwest
Granite Point Trail Southeast
Granite Trail (11)
Granite View Drive Northwest
Grant Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Church
Grant Middle School
Grant Place Northeast
Grant Road
Grape Arbor Court Northeast
Grape Avenue Southeast
Grape Circle
Grape Circle Southeast
Grape Harvest Court Northeast
Grape View Court Northeast
Grape Vine Court Northeast
Grasshopper Drive Southwest
Grassland Drive Southwest
Grassy Court Southwest
Gravity Park
Gray Hills Road Northeast
Gray Ranch
Grayrock Place Northeast
Grayson Road Northwest
Grayware Road Southwest
Great Clips
Great Place Northeast
Grecian Avenue Northwest
Grecian Lane Northwest
Green Acre Place
Green Meadows Drive Northwest
Green Mesa Road Northwest
Green River Place Northwest
Green Valley Court Northwest
Green Valley Drive Southeast
Green Valley Place
Green Valley Road Northwest
Greenarbor Road Northeast
Greenbrier Road Northeast
Greene Avenue Northwest
Greenhouse Place Southeast
Greenly Avenue Northeast
Greenmont Court Northeast
GreenTree Inn Albuquerque North
Greenview Medical Cannabis Evaluations
Greenview Northeast
Greenwich Road Southwest
Greenwood Street Northeast
Gretta Court Northeast
Gretta Street Northeast
Greythorn Road Southwest
Greywolf Road Southwest
Griegos Elementary School
Griegos Place Northwest
Griegos Road Northeast
Griegos Road Northwest
Griffon Drive Northwest
Griggs Court Northeast
Grogan Street Northwest
Groman Court Northeast
Gros Ventre Court Northwest
Groundsel Road Northwest
Groundstone Road Southwest
Grouse Ridge Drive Northeast
Grove Place Southeast
Grove Street Northeast
Grove Street Southeast
Grover Court Southwest
Gruber Avenue Northeast
Gruet Winery
Gschwind Place Southwest
Guaca Guaca Tacos
Guadalajara Avenue Northeast
Guadalupe Church Street Northwest
Guadalupe Circle Northwest
Guadalupe Court Northwest
Guadalupe del Prado Street Northwest
Guadalupe Lane Northwest
Guadalupe Northwest Trail
Guadalupe Place North
Guadalupe Trail Northwest
Guadiana Place Southwest
Guava Tree Cafe
Guaymas Place Northeast
Guerilla Graphix
Guerrilla Graphix
Guesthouse International
Guitar Vista
Gulfstream Street Southeast
Gulton Court Northeast
Gun Club Road Southwest
Gunn Avenue Southwest
Gunnison Place Northwest
Gurvle Road Northwest
Guthrie Avenue Southwest
Gutierrez Road Northeast
Guzman Avenue Southwest
Gwin Road Southwest
Gymnastics Drive Northwest
Gyro Shack
Gyros Mediterranean
Gyspy Drive Northeast

H Avenue Southeast
H Street Southeast
H&R Block
Habershaw Road Northwest
Hacienda del Rio
Hacienda Drive Northwest
Hacienda Road Northwest
Hackamore Avenue Southwest
Hackamore Place Southwest
Hackberry Trail Southeast
Hackney Road Northeast
Hagen Road Northeast
Hager Avenue Southeast
Hagerman Avenue Northeast
Hagland Avenue Northeast
Hagland Place Northeast
Hahn Court Northeast
Haines Avenue Northeast
Haines Avenue Northwest
Haines Place Northeast
Hair Addiction
Hair by Leonardo
Hair Bye Billie Jo
Hair Quest
Hair Salon
Hairs to You
Hale Circle Southwest
Hale Corporate Office
Half Moon Way Southwest
Hall Court Southwest
Hallmark Avenue Northeast
Hallmark Court Northeast
Hallston Trail Northwest
Halter Drive Southwest
Halyard Road Northwest
Hamilton Avenue Southeast
Hamlet Court Northeast
Hampton Avenue Northeast
Hampton Inn & Suites Albuquerque - Coors Road
Hampton Inn & Suites Albuquerque Airport
Hampton Inn & Suites Albuquerque North/I-25
Hampton Inn Albuquerque - University/Midtown
Hanalei Avenue Northeast
Hancock Court Northeast
Hanger Road Southeast
Hangers Cleaners
Hanna Studio Addition
Hannah's Salon
Hannett Avenue Northeast
Hannett Avenue Northwest
Hannett Court Northeast
Hannett Place Northeast
Hanosh Court Southeast
Hanover Road Northwest
Hans Wittler's Automotive
Happy Accidents
Happy Days Motor Company
Happy Hocker Pawn Shop
Happy Nails
Harbor Freight Tools
Harbor Road
Hardened Security Building
Hardin Court Northeast
Hardin Drive Northeast
Hardin Drive Southeast
Hardin Field
Hardin Street
Hardware Drive Northeast
Hardy Avenue Southwest
Hardy Court Southwest
Harmon Lane Southwest
Harmony Lane Northwest
Harold Place Northeast
Harper Court Northeast
Harper Drive Northeast
Harper Place Northeast
Harper Road Northeast
Harpers Ferry Court Northwest
Harrier Avenue Northwest
Harrier Hawk Avenue Southeast
Harrier Hawk Drive Northeast
Harrington Road
Harris Road Southwest
Harrison Middle School
Harrisonburg Court Northwest
Hartford Place Northwest
Hartline Road Southwest
Hartman Drive Southwest
Harvard Court Northeast
Harvard Drive Northeast
Harvard Drive Southeast
Harvest Lane Northwest
Harvest Maiden Way Northwest
Harvest Moon Street Northwest
Harvey Girls
Harwood Art Center
Harwood Art Center and Montessori
Harwood Avenue Northeast
Harwood Church
Harwood Court Northeast
Harwood Lateral Path
Harzman Road Southwest
Hastings Drive Northeast
Hatch Drive Northwest
Hatteras Place Northwest
Hattiesburg Avenue Northwest
Hausamann Brewhaus
Havana House Cigars
Havana Restaurant
Haven Skate Shop
Havenwood Court Northwest
Havenwood Road Northwest
Havesu Avenue Northwest
Hawaiian West Travel Inc
Hawk Drive Southwest
Hawk Eye Road Northeast
Hawking Drive Souotheast
Hawkins Facility
Hawkins Street Northeast
Hawks Landing Subdivision
Hawks Perch Avenue Northeast
Hawkwatch Road Northwest
Hawthorn Avenue Northeast
Hawthorn Suites by Wyndham Albuquerque
Hawthorne Court
Hay Field
Hayden Place Northwest
Hayes Drive Northwest
Hayley Court Northeast
Hazardous Waste Management Facility
Hazeldine Avenue Southeast
Hazeldine Avenue Southwest
Headingly Avenue Northeast
Headingly Avenue Northwest
Headingly Court Northeast
Headline Boulevard Northeast
Health Care Associates
Health Leadership High School
Health Sciences Center Library and Information Center
Heart and Sole Sports
Heart Hospital of New Mexico
Hearth Drive Northwest
Hearthstone Road Northwest
Heather Lane Southwest
Heather Place Southwest
Heavenly Way Northwest
Heights Church of Christ
Heights Cumberland Presbyterian Church
Heights First Church of the Nazarene
Heights Key Lock & Safe
Heights Road Northeast
Heights Seventh Day Adventist Church
Helen Court Southwest
Helen Hardin Street Northeast
Hello Deli
Helmick Place Northeast
Helzberg Diamonds
Hemlock Avenue Northwest
Hemlock Court Southeast
Henderson Avenue Southeast
Hendola Drive Northeast
Hendren Building
Hendren Lane Northeast
Hendrix Avenue Northeast
Hendrix Court Northeast
Hendrix Road Northeast
Hendrix Road Northwest
Henrie Place Southwest
Henry Circle Southwest
Hensch Avenue Northeast
Heritage Court Northeast
Heritage Farm
Heritage Nails & Spa
Heritage Orchard
Heritage Place Northeast
Heritage Tattoo
Heritage Way Northeast
Herman Roser Avenue Southeast
Hermanson Place Northeast
Hermit Peak Avenue Northwest
Hermosa Creek Drive Southwest
Hermosa Drive Northeast
Hermosa Drive Southeast
Hernandez Road
Hernandez Road Northeast
Herndon Street Northeast
Heron Court Southwest
Heron Drive
Heron Road Southwest
Herrera Road Northwest
Herrera School Buses and Coaches, Inc.
Herriette Wyeth Drive Northeast
Hertz Drive Southeast
Hertz Equipment Rental
HF Site
Hiawatha Court Northeast
Hiawatha Drive Northeast
Hibiscus Trail
Hickam Avenue Southeast
Hickory Court Northeast
Hickory Farms
Hidalgo Circle Northwest
Hidden Spring Avenue Southwest
Hidden Valley Court Northeast
Hidden Valley Drive Southeast
Hidden Valley Road Northeast
Hideaway Lane Southeast
High and Dry Brewing
High Assets Way Northwest
High Canyon Trail Northeast
High Desert
High Desert Art and Frame
High Desert Bicycles
High Desert Cafe
High Desert RV Park
High Desert Street Northeast
High Desert Vapes
High Desert Yoga
High Noon Restaurant & Saloon
High Place Court Northwest
High Point Court Northeast
High Range Road Southwest
High Ridge Place Northeast
High Street Northeast
High Street Southeast
Highland Avenue Southeast
Highland Baptist Church
Highland High School
Highland HS Performing arts Center
Highland Park Circle Southeast
Highland Pharmacy
Highland Post Office
Highpoint Sports & Wellness Center
Highrock Place Northeast
Highway Supply LLC
Hiland Theater
Hilda Court Northwest
Hildegarde Drive Northeast
Hill Court Northeast
Hill Street Southwest
Hillcrest Avenue Northwest
Hillcrest Church
Hillcrest Park Condominiums
Hilldale Loop
Hilldale Road Northeast
Hilldale Trail
Hillsboro Court Northwest
Hillshire Place Northwest
Hillside Street Northwest
Hillspire Avenue Northwest
Hillspire Court Northwest
Hilltop Place Northeast
Hillview Court Northeast
Hilton Avenue Northeast
Hilton Avenue Northwest
Hilton Garden Inn
Hilton Garden Inn Albuquerque Uptown
Hilton Garden Inn Albuquerque/Journal Center
Hilton Place Northeast
Himalayan Way Northeast
Hines Drive Northeast
Hinkle Family Fun Center
Hinkle Street Southeast
Hip Stitch
Hirsch Avenue Southeast
Hirsch Drive Southeast
Historic Martineztown
History & Ghost Tours of Old Town
Hiway House
Hobby Lobby
Hodgin Elementary School
Hoffman Drive Northeast
Hoffmantown Church
Hogan's Automotive
Hogle Road Northeast
Hokona Place Northwest
Holbrook Street Northeast
Holiday Avenue Northeast
Holiday Breeze Place Northeast
Holiday Court Northeast
Holiday Inn Express
Holiday Inn Express & Suites
Holiday Inn Express & Suites Albuquerque East
Holiday Inn Express Balloon Fiesta Park
Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites Albuquerque Airport
Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites Midtown
Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites Albuquerque Airport - Univ Area
Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites Albuquerque North I-25
Holiday Park
Holiday Park Community Center
Holiday Travel Trailers
Hollis Street Northeast
Hollow Spirits Distillery
Holly Avenue Northeast
Hollyleaf Road Northwest
Hollywood Avenue Northwest
Holm Burson Drive Northwest
Holmes Pizza and Arcade
Holy Cow
Holy Cross Lutheran Church
Holy Family Catholic Church
Holy Ghost Catholic Church
Holy Ghost Catholic School
H.O.M.E Gently Used Furniture
Home Valencia
Home2 Suites
Home2 Suites by Hilton Albuquerque/Downtown-University
Homeland Road Northwest
HomeLife Furniture
Homesite Lane Northwest
Homestead Circle Northwest
Homestead Road Northeast
Homestead Trail Northwest
Homewood Suites
Homewood Suites by Hilton Albuquerque Airport
Homewood Suites by Hilton Albuquerque-Journal Cente
Hondo Valley Place Southwest
Honeck Court Southwest
Honest John Launcher
Honey Locust Avenue Northwest
Honey Locust Court
Honeylocust Place Northwest
Honeysuckle Drive Northeast
Hong Kong Buffet
Hood Road Northwest
Hookah Star Lounge & Grill
Hooper Road Southwest
Hoover Middle School and John Baker Elementary School
Hope Christian Elementary School
Hope Christian Middle School
Hope Christian School
Hope Court Northeast
Hope Evangelical Free Church
Hope Place Northeast
Hope Village
Hopewell Lane Southwest
Hopi Road Northeast
Hopper Pub
Hops Court Northwest
Horacio Court Northeast
Horacio Place Northeast
Horizon Academy West
Horizon Boulevard
Horizon Boulevard Northeast
Horizon Village
Horizon Way Northeast
Hornbill Court Southwest
Horned Owl Drive Northeast
Horse and Angel
Horse Haven Lane Northwest
Horseshoe Trail Southeast
Horton Access Road
Horton Lane Northwest
Hoshor Avenue Southeast
Hospital Loop Northeast
Hot Dog on a Stick
Hot Flash Glass
Hot Heads Barber Shop
Hot Topic
Hotel Albuquerque
Hotel Andaluz
Hotel Avenue Northeast
Hotel Circle Northeast
Hotel Parq Central
Howard Johnson by Wyndham Albuquerque Midtown
Howard Johnson Express Inn Albuquerque
Howard Street Northwest
Hoyle Road Northeast
Hubb City Outlet
Hubbard Street Southeast
Huber House
Hubert H Humphrey Elementary School
Hudson Avenue Northwest
Hudson Circle Northwest
Huerfano Road Northeast
Huerto Avenue Northwest
Huff Road
Hugh Graham Road Northeast
Hughes Avenue Northeast
Hughes Road Southwest
Humble Coffee
Humbolt Street Southeast
Hume Avenue Northeast
Hummingbird Road
Hummock Road Northwest
Huning-Highland Historic Neighborhood
Hunter Bower Lumber
Hunter Court Southwest
Hunter Southwest Court
Hunters Ridge Apartments
Huntington Drive Northeast
Hupmobile Court Northeast
Hupmobile Drive Northeast
Hurley Drive Northwest
Huron Court Southeast
Hurricane's Restaurant and Drive-In
Huyana Drive Northwest
Hyatt Place Albuquerque / Uptown
Hyatt Place Albuquerque Airport
Hyatt Regency Albuquerque
Hyder Avenue Southeast
Hội Thánh Tin Lành Báp-Tít Albuquerque;Vietnamese Baptist Church of Albuquerque

I Street Southeast
I-40 Trail
Ian Avenue Northwest
Ibex Avenue Northeast
Ibis Court Southwest
ICE Detention Center
Ichi Ban Japanese Restaurant
Icon Bistro
Icon Cinema 11
Icon Cinemas San Mateo
Ida Place Northeast
Ideal Eyebrow Threading
Idlewilde Lane Southeast
Igloo Area
Ignacio Court Northwest
Il Vicino
Iliff Road Northwest
Illinois Street Northeast
Immaculate Conception Catholic Church
Immanuel Church
Immanuel Lutheran School
Immanuel Presbyterian Church
Immigration and Customs Enforcement
Imperata Street Northeast
Imperial Building
Imperial Court Northeast
Imperial Motel (closed)
IN AND OUT Barber Shop
Ina Drive Northeast
Inca Court Northeast
Inca Street Northeast
Independence Drive Northwest
Independent Vulnerability Assessment Facility
India Palace
Indian Farm Lane Northwest
Indian Hills Street Northwest
Indian Place Drive Northeast
Indian Place Northeast
Indian Plaza Drive Northeast
Indian Pueblo Cultural Center
Indian School Northwest
Indian School Road Northeast
Indian School Road Northwest
Indian Springs Drive Northeast
Indian Trail Northeast
Indian View Place Northeast
Indiana Street Northeast
Indiana Street Southeast
Indigo Avenue Northeast
Indigo Court Northeast
Indigo Drive Northwest
Indigo Sky Trail Southwest
Indoor Practice Facility
Indoor Tennis Dome
Industrial Avenue Northeast
Inez Drive Northeast
Inez Elementary School
Infora Hair Studio
Information, Ticket & Travel Office (ITT)
Inglesia Congregational Unida
Ingram Road Southwest
Inman Court Northeast
Inniskillin Avenue Southwest
Innovation Parkway Southeast
Innsbrook Court Northeast
Inside Out
Insomnia Cookies
Inspiration Drive Southeast
Inspiration Subdivision
Institutional General Plant Projects (705)
Insurance Building
Integrated Materials Reference Laboratory (897)
Integrity Building
Intel Drive Southeast
Interceramic Tile
Interfaith Bible Church
International District
International District Library
International Drive Southeast
Interstate Batteries
InTown Suites Albuquerque
Inwood Court Northwest
Ion Beam Laboratory (720)
Iona Road Southwest
Ira Sprecker Road Southeast
Irbid Road Northeast
Irene Avenue Northeast

iRepair Xpert

Iris Road Northwest
Irish Mist Road Northeast
Iron Anchor Tattoo Parlor
Iron Avenue Southeast
Iron Avenue Southwest
Iron Cafe
Iron Gate Trail Southwest
Iron Rock Drive Northwest
Ironside Avenue Northeast
Ironstone Street Southwest
Ironwood Court Southeast
Ironwood Drive Northwest
Iroquois Place Northeast
Irving Boulevard Northwest
Irving Road Northwest
Irwin Street Northeast
Isabel Road Southeast
Isla Place Northeast
Islamic Center of New Mexico
Isle Royale Court Southeast
Isle Royale Place Southeast
Isle Royale Road Southeast
Isleta Boulevard Southwest
Isotopes Park
Ivy Place Southeast
Ivy Place Southwest
Ivylawn Court Northwest
Izabel Road Southwest
Izzat Court Northeast

J. R. Willis House and La Miradora Apartments
J Street Southeast
Ja Court Northwest
Jacal Court
Jack in the Box
Jackie Street Northeast
Jackrabbit Street Northeast
Jacks Creek Drive Northwest
Jackson Middle School
Jackson Road Southwest
Jackson Street Northeast
Jackson Street Southeast
Jackson Wink MMA Academy
Jaclyn's at the Promenade
Jacobo Drive Northeast
Jacobson Lane Northwest
Jaconita Place Southwest
Jacs Lane Northeast
Jade Chinese Restaurant
Jade Drive Northwest
Jade Park Avenue Northeast
Jaffa Road Northeast
Jagged Peak Road Northwest
Jal Place Northwest
Jalisco Road Northwest
Jamaica Drive Northeast
Jambo Cafe
Jamers Place Northwest
James Avenue Northeast
James Avenue Northwest
James Joseph Dwyer Memorial Substation
James Monroe Middle School
James Moore Street Southeast
James Place Northeast
Jameson Street Northwest
Jamestown Road Northwest
Jamesway Drive Southwest
Jane Court Northeast
Jane Place Northeast
Jane Street Northeast
Janis Drive Northeast
Japanese Kitchen Sushi Bar
Jaral Cabin
Jaral Canyon Road
Jaral Spur
Jaral Trail (204)
Jarales Court Northwest
Jaramillo Road Southwest
Jarash Place Northeast
Jardin Plaza Northeast
Jardin Road Southwest
Jarmel Drive Northwest
Jarosa Creek Place Northwest
Jasmine Street Northwest
Jason Circle Southeast
Jason Court Northeast
Jason E. Waggoner Street Southwest
Jason Place Northeast
Jason's Deli
Jasons Way Northeast
Jasper Drive Northeast
Java Joe's
Javelina Road Southwest
Javier Way Southwest
Jaynes Road Southwest
Jazmin Place Northwest
JC Penney Home Store
JC's New York Pizza Department
JCM Automotive Services
Jean Parrish Court
Jeanne Court Northeast
Jeannedale Drive Northeast
Jeannette Avenue Southwest
Jefferson Lane Northeast
Jefferson Middle School
Jefferson Plaza Northeast
Jefferson Street
Jefferson Street Northeast
Jefferson Street Southeast
Jeffery Avenue Northeast
Jemez Street Northeast
Jenaro Court Southwest
Jenaro Street Southwest
Jennie Court Southwest
Jennie Road Southwest
Jennifer Drive Northeast
Jenny Avenue Southwest
Jenny Court Southwest
Jensen Court Northeast
Jensen Drive Northeast
Jenson Court Northeast
Jericho Nursery
Jerkey by Art
Jerry Cline Tennis Center
Jerry Glazer Road Northwest
Jerry Road Southwest
Jerrys Place
Jersey Mike's Subs
Jerusalem Street Northwest
Jesse James Drive Southwest
Jesse's Barber Shop
Jessica Court Northwest
Jessie Drive Northeast
Jesus Christ
Jesus Street Southeast
Jet Road Northeast
Jet Stream Road Northwest
Jetty Court Northwest
Jewel Cave Road Southeast
Jewel Lane Northeast
Jewel Place Northeast
Jewett Drive Northeast
Jib Drive Northwest
Jicarilla Place Northeast
Jiffy Lube
Jiles Drive Northeast
Jill Patricia Street Northwest
Jillian Trail Northeast
Jim Morley Theater
Jim's 66 Muffler and Auto SXervice
Jim's Automotive
Jimmy Carter Middle School
Jimmy John's
Jinja Bar and Bistro
Jitter's Coffee Shop
Jo Ann Place Northeast
Jo Lane Northeast
Joan Hill Place Northeast
JOANN Fabrics and Crafts
Joanne Court Southwest
Joe Dan Place Northeast
Joe M. Lucero Hillside
Joe Montoya Place Northwest
Joe Sanchez Road Southwest
Joel Court Southwest
Joel Place Southwest
Joel Street Southwest
Joelle Road Northeast
Joem Lane Northwest
Johannas Sevy Drive Southwest
John A. Gordon Albuquerque Complex
John A. Price Law Enforcement Center
John Adams Middle School
John Carrillo Memorial Substation
John D. Gunther Field
John E. Brown Juvenile Justice Center
John Henry Court Southeast
John Lewis Antique Mechanical Repair
John Milne House
John Southeast Street
John Street Southeast
John Thomas Drive Northeast
John Thomas Jewelers
Johncock Avenue Southwest
Johnson Center
Johnson Field
Johnson Gym
Johnville Place Northeast
Joint Navigation Warfare Center
Joli Court Northeast
Jones Place Northwest
Jones Surplus
Jonson Gallery
Jordan Avenue Northeast
Jornada Street Southwest
JoS. A. Bank
Joseph Road
Joseph Sharp Court Northeast
Joseph Sharp Street
Joshua Tree Place Southeast
Joshua Tree Southwest
Journal Center
Journal Center Boulevard Northeast
Journeys Kidz
Joy Junction Road Southwest
Joy Place Northeast
Joyce Drive Northeast
Joyful Nails and Spa
Juan Road
Juan Tabo Boulevard Northeast
Juan Tabo Boulevard Southeast
Juan Tabo Cabin
Juan Tabo Cabin Trail (205)
Juan Tabo Canyon
Juan Tabo Canyon Trail (4)
Juan Tabo Community Church
Juan Tabo Hills
Juan Tabo La Luz Link (81)
Juan Tabo Picnic Sites
Juan Tabo Place Northeast
Juan Tabo Public Library
Juan Valdez Street Southeast
Juanita Drive Southwest
Juanita Lane Northwest
Jubiliation Wine & Spirits
Judi's Old & Antique Dolls
Judith Lane Southwest
Judy Court
Judy Place Northeast
Juice It Up!
Julene Street Northeast
Julia Lane Southwest
Julian Avenue Southwest
Julian Robles Street Northeast
Julie Place Northeast
Julie Romero Drive Southwest
Julie Street Northeast
Julie's Hair Studio
Juliet Court Northwest
Junco Place Northwest
June Court Northeast
June Street Northeast
Juneberry Street Northwest
Juniper Canyon Trail Northeast
Juniper Court Southeast
Juniper Hill Court Northeast
Juniper Hill Loop Northeast
Juniper Hill Place Northeast
Juniper Hill Road Northeast
Juniper Northeast
Juniper Road Northwest
Jupiter Street Northwest
Just Suits
Just Urban Smoke Shop
Justice Avenue Northeast
Justin Drive Northwest
Justin Tyme Barber Shop
Justo Road Southwest
Juxtaposed Boutique
JV Baseball Field
JV Softball Field

K Avenue
K South Avenue Southeast
K Street Southeast
K-9 Field


Kabob House
Kachina Peak Trail Northwest
Kachina Place Northeast
Kachina Street Northwest
Kafka Place Northwest
Kaibab Road Southeast
Kaiser Mill Road Northwest
Kanaga Drive Northwest
Kandace Drive Northwest
Kane Court Northwest
Kap Street Northeast
Karak Road Northeast
Karen Avenue Northeast
Karlson Drive Northeast
Karrol Street Southwest
Karsten Court Southeast
Karthala Avenue Northwest
Kaseman Court Northeast
Kashmir Street Northeast
Kass Trail Court
Kass Trail Street Northeast
Katchina Apartments
Kathleen Avenue Northeast
Kathryn Avenue Southeast
Kathryn Circle Southeast
Katie Street Northeast
Katrina Drive Southwest
Katrina Ice Cream Shop
Katson Avenue Northeast
Kaufman's Coffee and Bagels
Kawaii Boba Cafe
Kay Jewelers
Kayenta Place Northwest
Kaylon Drive Southeast
Kayser Mill Road Northwest
Kea Avenue
Kearny Trail Northwest
Keel Avenue Northwest
Keeling Street Northwest
Keely Road Southeast
Keeping Drive Northwest
Keesha Jo Avenue Southeast
Keleher Avenue Northwest
Kellers Meat Market
Kellia Lane Northeast
Kelly Ann Road Northeast
Kelly Avenue Northeast
Kelly Avenue Southwest
Kelly Liquors
Kelly Liquours
Kelly Road Southwest
Kelly's Liquors
Kelsey Road Southwest
Kelso Court Southeast
Kendra Scott
Kendra's Paramedical Skin Care
Kennard Avenue Southeast
Kennedy Middle School
Kensington Drive Northwest
Kent Avenue Northwest
Kentucky Court Northeast
Kentucky Street Northeast
Kentucky Street Southeast
Kentwood Avenue Northwest
Kenwood Court Northwest
Kenyan Place Northwest
Kenyenta Place Northwest
Keplar Street Northwest
Kestrel Court Northwest
Keswick Road Northwest
Ketch Drive Northwest
Kettle Road Northwest
Keva Juice
Kevin Court Northwest
Key Grab
Key West Drive Northeast
Keystone Drive Northeast
Khamsin Drive Northwest
Kia at Fiesta
Kibo Drive Northwest
Kickstand Cafe and Cycles
Kids Foot Locker
Kielich Avenue Northeast
KII Boutique
KIlauea Avenue Northwest
Killington Road Northwest
Kilmer Avenue Northwest
Kimberlite Drive Northwest
Kimberly Court Northwest
Kimela Court Southwest
Kimela Drive Southwest
Kimmick Drive Northwest
Kimo Drive Northeast
Kimo Theater Historic Site
Kindred Hospital - Albuquerque
King Court Northeast
King Rail Court Southwest
King Road Southeast
Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses
Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses-Valley View and Sierra Vista
Kingfisher Court Northwest
Kingman Street Northwest
Kings Canyon Place Southeast
Kings Canyon Road Southeast
Kings Court Southwest
Kings Row Street Northeast
Kingsbury Road Southwest
Kingston Avenue Northeast
Kingsway Court Northwest
Kinley Avenue Northeast
Kinley Avenue Northwest
Kinley Court Northeast
Kinley Place Northeast
Kinney Court Southeast
Kinney Street
Kinney Street Southeast
Kiowa Avenue Northeast
Kipuka Drive Northwest
Kirby Court Northeast
Kirby Street Northeast
Kirk Lane Southwest
Kirks Court Northwest
Kirkview Drive Southwest
Kirsten Road Southwest
Kirtland Addition
Kirtland AFB Law Enforcement Desk (20220)
Kirtland AFB Visitors Center
Kirtland Air Force Base Chapel
Kirtland Air Force Base FamCamp
Kirtland Air Force Base Fire Station 1
Kirtland Air Force Base Fire Station 3
Kirtland Air Force Base Fire Station 5
Kirtland Air Force Base Fitness Center (East)
Kirtland Air Force Base Library
Kirtland Base Housing
Kirtland Commissary
Kirtland Consolidated Support Center (20245)
Kirtland Credit Union
Kirtland Drive Southeast
Kirtland Elementary
Kirtland Exchange
Kirtland Indoor Pool
Kirtland Inn Reception
Kirtland Outdoor Pool
Kirtland Road Southeast
Kirtland Underground Munitions Maintenance and Storage Complex
Kiska Street Northwest
Kit Carson Avenue Southwest
Kit Carson Elementary School
Kitrin Road
Kitts Lane Northwest
Kiva Auditorium
Kiva Booster Station
Kiva Drive Southeast
Kiva Street Northwest
Klip Joint Barber Shop
Klondike Street Northeast
Knead Dough Bar
Knight Road Northeast
Knights Inn Albuquerque
Knightsway Avenue Northwest
KNME Store & Development
Knollwood Drive Northeast
Knotts Landing Court Northwest
Knox Court Northeast
Knox Place Northeast
Kochis Road Northwest
Kokopelli Court Northwest
Kokopelli Drive Northwest
Kokopelli Road Northwest
Kola Court Northwest
Kolache Factory
Korean BBQ
Korean United Methodist Church in Albuquerque
Kosmos Performance Space
Koyama Sushi
Kraft Court Southwest
Krick Court Northeast
Krider Drive Northeast
Krim Drive Northeast
Krispy Kreme
Kriss Place Northeast
Krista Drive Northeast
Krogh Court Northwest
Krung Thai
Kuana Street Northwest
Kukri Chicken
Kung Fu Tea
Kyana Nail Spa
Kyle Road Northwest

L Street Southeast
L-3 Communications
La Anita Avenue Northwest
La Arista Place
La Bajada Court Northwest
La Bajada Road Northwest
La Barranca Avenue Northeast
La Bienvenida Place Northwest
La Boheme Drive Northwest
La Brea Street Northeast
La Cabañita
La Cabra Court Southeast
La Cabra Drive Southeast
La Camila Road Northeast
La Canada Drive Northwest
La Cantera Apartments
La Casa Bella
La Casa Bonita Northeast
La Caverna Avenue Northeast
La Chamisal Lane Northwest
La Charles Avenue Northeast
La Charles Drive Northeast
La Cienega Lane Northwest
La Cienega Street Northwest
La Colonia Drive Northwest
La Comunidad Northwest
La Condesa Avenue Northeast
La Corrida Road Northeast
La Costa Drive Northeast
La Cuentista
La Cuesta
La Cueva Avenue Northeast
La Cueva Community Police Substation
La Cueva High School
La Cueva HS Track and Field
La Cueva Lane Northeast
La Cueva PA Service Roads
La Cueva Picnic Site
La Cueva Road (FR 333B)
La Cueva Trail (83)
La Cueva Trail Northeast
La Cumbre Brewing
La Cumbre Brewing West
La Diferencia Meat Market
La Donna Lane Northeast
La Entrada Southeast
La Espina Place Northeast
La Faisanes Road Southwest
La Fiesta Drive Northeast
La Finca Bowls
La Fonda Court Southwest
La Fonda del Bosque
La Fonda Drive Southwest
La Font Road Southwest
LA Guelaguetza Mexicana
La Habra Lane Northeast
La Hacienda Drive Northeast
La Hacienda Place Northeast
La Jara Court Northeast
La Jara Northwest
La Jolla Place Northeast
La Joya Place Northwest
La Junta Road Southwest
La Loma Drive Southwest
La Lucena Avenue Northeast
La Luna
La Luz de Cielo
La Luz Del Sol
La Luz del Sol Northwest
La Luz Drive Northwest
La Luz Trail (137)
La Luz Trail Northeast
La Madeleine French Bakery & Cafe
La Madera Road Northeast
La Mancha Court Northwest
La Mancha Drive Northwest
La Mancha Place Northwest
La Mariposa Place Northeast
La Media Road Southwest
La Merced Avenue Northwest
La Merced Place Northwest
La Merido Avenue Northeast
La Mesa
La Mesa Court Northwest
La Mesa Elementary School
La Mesa Neighborhood Community Garden
La Mesita Road Northeast
La Mexicana
La Michoacana
La Milpita Street Northeast
La Mirada Place Northeast
La Mirada Place Northwest
La Mirage Apartments
La Montanita
La Montanita Co-op
La Montañita Co-op Nob Hill
La Montañita Co-op Rio Grande
La Mora Lane Southwest
La Morada Place Northwest
La Orilla Road Northwest
La Paloma Apartments
La Paloma Court Northwest
La Paloma Road Northwest
La Palomita Road Northeast
La Paz Drive Northwest
La Pinata Place Northeast
La Placita
La Plata Road Northwest
La Playa Street Northeast
La Plaza Drive Northwest
La Poblana Road Northwest
La Posada Drive Southwest
La Puente Street Northeast
La Quiche Parisienne
La Quinta Inn & Suites Albuquerque Journal Center NW
La Quinta Inn & Suites Albuquerque Midtown
La Quinta Inn & Suites Albuquerque West
La Quinta Inn Albuquerque Northeast
La Rambla Street Northwest
La Rocca Court Northwest
La Rocca Road Northwest
La Ronda Place Northeast
La Rueda Court Northwest
La Sala Cuadra Northeast
La Sala del Centro Northeast
La Sala del Este Northeast
La Sala del Norte Northeast
La Sala del Oeste Northeast
La Sala del Sur Northeast
La Sala Grande Northeast
La Sala Redonda Northeast
La Salita
La Salle Place Northwest
La Scala
La Semilla Way
La Senda Lane Northwest
La Sierrita Road
La Sirenita
La Sombra Road Southwest
La Subida Street Northwest
La Terra Bella Road Northwest
La Terraza Senior Apartments
La Tierra Court Northeast
La Trattoria
La Traviatta Place Northwest
La Tuna Place Southeast
LA Underground
La Vega Court Southwest
La Vega Drive Southwest
La Venita Avenue Northwest
La Ventana Apts
La Ventura Court Northwest
La Veta Court Northeast
La Veta Drive Northeast
La Vida de Jean Southwest
La Vida de Ryan Southwest
La Vida Llena Senior Apts
La Vida Nueva Apartments
La Vida Nueva del Este Southwest
La Vida Nueva del Norte Southwest
La Vida Nueva del Oeste
La Vida Nueva del Oeste Southwest
La Vida Nueva del Sur Southwest
La Villita Circle Northeast
La Villita Court Northeast
La Villita Place Northeast
La Villita Road Northeast
La Villita Tres Northeast
La Vista Court Northwest
La Vista Grande Drive Northeast
La Vista Grande Place Northeast
Lace Road Southeast
Lacy Spine Road Northwest
Ladera Bike Path
Ladera Court
Ladera Disc Golf Course
Ladera Drive
Ladera Drive Northwest
Ladera Golf Course
Ladera Vista Apartments
Ladrillo Place Northeast
Ladron Drive Northwest
Ladrones Court Southwest
Ladrones Place Southwest
Lafayette Drive Northeast
Lafayette Place
Lafayette Place Northeast
Lafying Street Northeast
Lagrima de Oro Road Northeast
Laguayra Drive Northeast
Laguna Boulevard Northwest
Laguna Boulevard Southwest
Laguna Burger
Laguna Niguel Drive Northeast
Laguna Seca Lane Northwest
Lahar Avenue Northwest
Lake Avenue Southwest
Lake Isabella Way Northwest
Lake Tahoe Road Northwest
Laker Drive
Lakeshore Drive Northeast
Lakespur Court Southeast
Lakeview Place Southwest
Lakeview Road Southwest
Lakewood Avenue Northwest
Lala Gean Lane Southwest
Lalia Gene
Lamar Avenue Northwest
Lamberton Place Northeast
Lamonica Road Southwest
Lamp Post Circle Southeast
Lamplighter Lane Northeast
Lamy Street Northwest
Lanceleaf Court
Land of Enchantment Photography Art Gallery
Landau Street Northeast
Landman Drive Northeast
Landman Place Northeast
Landmark Street Northwest
Landon Lane Southwest
Landry Avenue Northwest
Landscape Solutions
Lane Court Northwest
Lanes End Northwest
Laney Avenue Southwest
Lang Avenue Northeast
Langham Southeast
Lanier Drive Southeast
Lansing Drive Southwest
Lantana Avenue Northwest
Lantern Road Northeast
Lapis Drive Southwest
Lara Drive Northeast
Laramie Drive Northwest
Larchmont Drive Northeast
Largo Court Northwest
Largo Vista Street Northwest
Lariat Avenue Northwest
Lariat Path
Lark Avenue Southwest
Larkin Lane Southwest
Larkspur Lane
Larnaca Road Northeast
Larrazolo Lane Northeast
Larrazolo Road Southwest
Larry H. Miller American Toyota Albuquerque
Larry H. Miller Casa Chrysler Jeep
Larry H. Miller Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram Albuquerque
Larry H. Miller Hyundai Albuquerque
Larry H. Miller Southwest Hyundai Albuquerque
Larry H. Miller Toyota Albuquerque
Laru Ni Hati
Las Animas Avenue Northeast
Las Brisas Apartments
Las Cadenas Road Northwest
Las Calabazillas Road Northeast
Las Camas Road Northeast
Las Casitas Court Northeast
Las Casitas Court Northwest
Las Casitas Northeast
Las Casitas Street Northeast
Las Colinas Lane Northeast
Las Colinas Place Northeast
Las Crestas Drive Northwest
Las Cruces Street Northeast
Las Diamantes
Las Estancias Court Southwest
Las Estancias Drive Southwest
Las Estancias Way Southwest
Las Glorietas Southwest
Las Golondrinas Court Northwest
Las Hermanas Street Northwest
Las Humanas Road Northwest
Las Lomas Road Northeast
Las Lomitas Drive Northeast
Las Mananitas Apartments
Las Nubes Street Northwest
Las Nutrias Road Northwest
Las Palmas Street Northwest
Las Puertas Event Space
Las Terrazas
Las Terrazas Street
Las Trampas Way Northwest
Las Vegas Avenue Northeast
Las Vegas Drive Southwest
Las Ventanas Road Northwest
Lassen Court Southeast
Lasso Street Southwest
Laster Avenue Northeast
Latigo Avenue Southwest
Latin American & Iberian Institute
Latir Mesa Road Northwest
Latta Building
Lau's Lane
Laura Court Southwest
Laura Lee Place Northwest
Laurel Circle Southeast
Laurel Court Southeast
Laurel Drive Southeast
Laurel Loop Northeast
Laurel Place Northeast
Laurelwood Parkway Northwest
Lauren Avenue Southwest
Laurene Court Northwest
Lava Bluff Drive Northwest
Lava Reach Avenue Northwest
Lava Rock Drive Northwest
Lavaland Elementary School
Lavender Lace Court Northeast
Lawrence Court Northeast
Lawrence Drive Northeast
Lawson Court
Lawton Street
Lawton Street Northwest
Layton Avenue Northeast
Layton Court Northeast
Layton Loop Northeast
Layton Place Northeast
Lazo Street Northwest
Lazy Brook Court Northeast
Lazy Day Drive
Lazy Day Drive Southwest
Lazy H Motel
Le Chantlly
Le Paris French Bakery
Le Peep Restaurant
Le Troquet
Lead Avenue
Lead Avenue Southeast
Lead Avenue Southwest
Leah Court Northeast
Leah Drive Northeast
Leander Avenue Northeast
Leanne Street Northeast
Learning Road Northwest
Leasing Office
Leatherwood Lane Northwest
Lee Acres
Lee Court Northwest
Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry
Lee Place Northwest
Leeward Drive Northwest
Legacy Church
Legal Economics
Legends Avenue Northwest
Leggings and Scarves
Leggings Park
Legion Road Northeast
Lehr Place Northwest
Lejano Avenue Northeast
Lemitar Place Northeast
Lemmons Lane Northeast
Lena Drive Southwest
Leno Road Northwest
Lento Way Northwest
Leo Place Northeast
Leo Road Southwest
Leon Court Northwest
Leona Lane Southwest
Leona Street Northeast
Leonard Street Southeast
Leonora Drive Northwest
Leopoldo Road Northwest
Leslie Nails and Spa
Leslie Place Northeast
Leslie's Pool Supplies
Leslynne Drive Northeast
Lester Drive Northeast
Leta Road Northeast
Letterman Avenue Southeast
Levi Lane
Levy Court Northwest
Levy Gallery
Lew Wallace Drive Northeast
Lew Wallace Elementary School
Lewis Avenue Southeast
Lewis Avenue Southwest
Lewis Court Northwest
Lewisburg Court Northwest
Lewisburg Drive Northwest
Lexie Lane Northeast
Lexington Avenue Northeast
Lexington Court Northeast
Lexington Place Northeast
Lexus of Albuquerque
Leyendecker Road Northeast
Leymon Court Northwest
LGM-118 Peacekeeper
LGM-25C Titan II
LGM-30 Minuteman
Libby Avenue Southwest
Liberty Drive Northeast
Liberty Gems & Minerals
Libia Street Northeast
Lieber's Luggage
Life Tabernacle
Lifestyle Apartments
Lift-Off Lane
Lightning Simulation Facility
Lilac Drive Northwest
Lillian Place Northeast
Lilly Barrack
Lily Avenue Southeast
Lily Marie's Coffee Company
Lima Court Northeast
Lima Place Northeast
Limestone Avenue Northeast
Lin's Grand Buffet
Lincoln Road Northeast
Linda Court Northwest
Linda Lane Southwest
Linda Place Southwest
Linda View Court Northeast
Linda View Place Northeast
Linda Vista Avenue Southeast
Linden Lane Northeast
Lindgren Lane Northwest
Lindo Mexico Grill and Seafood
Lindsay Place Southwest
Lindy's Diner
Linear Park Trail
Link Street Northwest
Linn Avenue Northeast
Linn Way Northeast
Lioness and Cubs
Lipizzan Avenue Southwest
Lirios Street Northwest
Lisa Court
Lisa Court Northeast
Lisa Lane
Lisa Road Southwest
Lito Road Northwest
Little Anita's
Little Anita's Grill
Little Anita’s
Little Bear Coffee
Little Caesars
Little Joe Place Northwest
Little Madrid
Little Park Street Northwest
Little Turtle Townhouses
Littleton Avenue Northwest
Live Oak Court Northeast
Live Oak Lane Northeast
Live Oak Loop Northeast
Live Oak Place Northeast
Live Oak Road Northeast
Liz Home Decor
Lizard Tail Brewing
Llano Court Northwest
Llano del Sur Southeast
Llano Encantado Northwest
Llano Vista Avenue Southwest
Llave Lane Northeast
Lloyd Shaw Dance Center
Lobelia Road Northwest
Lobo Baseball Field
Lobo Court Northeast
Lobo Head Sculpture
Lobo Place Northeast
Lobo Scooter II
Lobo Scooters
Lobo Sculpture
Lobo Softball Field
Lobo Tennis Club
Lobo Theater
Lobo Trot Court Southeast
Lobo Village Maintenance
Lobo Village Student Apartments
Loch Side Lane Northeast
Lochnager Lane Northwest
Lockhaven Lane Northeast
Lockwood Court
Locura Place Southwest
Locura Road Southwest
Locust Northeast
Locust Place Northeast
Locust St Southeast
Locust Street Northeast
Locust Street Southeast
Lodestone Trail
Lofts at Albuquerque High
Loftus Avenue Northeast
Logan Road Northwest
Lola Drive Northeast
Lolli and Pops
Lollie's New Mexican Food
Loma Alta Court Northwest
Loma de Caliza Northeast
Loma del Cielo Northwest
Loma del Norte Road Northeast
Loma del Rey
Loma del Rey Neighborhood Association
Loma Fuente Avenue Northwest
Loma Hermosa Court Northwest
Loma Hermosa Drive Northwest
Loma Hermosa Place Northwest
Loma Larga Road
Loma Linda Place Southeast
Loma Pedregosa Northwest
Loma Vista Drive Northeast
Loma Vista Place Northeast
Lomas Boulevard Northeast
Lomas Boulevard Northwest
Lomas Court Northeast
Lomas de Atrisco Road Northwest
Lomas Tramway Branch
Lomas Verdes Avenue Northeast
Lombard Lane Northeast
Lombardy Drive Northeast
Lombardy Road Northwest
Lona Lane
Lona Lane Northeast
London Avenue Southwest
Lone Draw Street Southwest
Lone Mountain Avenue Southwest
Lone Pine Drive Southwest
Lone Prarie Avenue Southwest
Lone Tree Road Southwest
Long John Silver's
Long John Silvers
Long Mesa Place Northwest
Longfellow Elementary School
Longford Village East
Longhair Records
LongHorn Steakhouse
Longmont Place Northwest
Longview Drive Northwest
Longwalk Street Northwest
Loon Creek
Loop One Northwest
Loop Road Southeast
Loop Trail 402
Lopez Road Southwest
Lora Court Northwest
Lorelei Lane Northeast
Loren Avenue
Lorete Road Northwest
Lori Place Northeast
Loris Drive Southwest
Lorman Place Southeast
Loro Avenue Northwest
Lorraine Court Northeast
Lorretta Drive Northwest
Los Abuelos Place Southwest
Los Alamos Avenue Southwest
Los Alisos Court Northwest
Los Alisos Place Northwest
Los Altos Church
Los Altos Golf Course
Los Altos Park
Los Altos Place Southwest
Los Anayas Road Northwest
Los Arboles Avenue Northeast
Los Arboles Avenue Northwest
Los Arboles Court Northeast
Los Arboles Lane Northeast
Los Arboles Place Northeast
Los Arboles Road Northeast
Los Arboles Verdes Road
Los Campos
Los Candelarias
Los Cansados Court Northwest
Los Cansados Road Northwest
Los Cantos Avenue Northwest
Los Cerros Road Northwest
Los Compadres
Los Compadres Street Northwest
Los Cuates
Los Cuates Del Norte
Los Diamantes Subdivision
Los Duranes
Los Faisanes Court Southwest
Los Faisanes Road Southwest
Los Griegos
Los Griegos Library
Los Hermanos Court Northeast
Los Jardines
Los Jardines Place Northwest
Los Lagos Northeast
Los Luceros Road Northwest
Los Lunas Drive Northeast
Los Manzanis Road Northwest
Los Metates Road Northwest
Los Nietos Court Northwest
Los Olivos Mexican Restaurant
Los Padres Place Southeast
Los Padres Street Southeast
Los Picaros Road Southeast
Los Pinos Fly & Tackle Shop Shop
Los Poblanos Circle Northwest
Los Poblanos Court Northwest
Los Poblanos Lane Northwest
Los Poblanos Place Northwest
Los Poblanos Ranch Lane Northwest
Los Prados de Guadalupe Northwest
Los Prados Drive Northwest
Los Prados Road Northwest
Los Pueblos Road Northwest
Los Puentes Drive Southwest
Los Ranchos de Albuquerque
Los Ranchos Elementary
Los Ranchos Road Northeast
Los Ranchos Road Northwest
Los Reyes Court Northwest
Los Riscos Road Northwest
Los Ritos Court Northwest
Los Santos Road Northwest
Los Serranos Court Northwest
Los Sueños Court Northwest
Los Tomases Drive Northwest
Los Trechos Court Northeast
Los Tretos Street Northwest
Los Valles Drive Northwest
Los Viejitos Street Northwest
Los Viejos Drive Southwest
Los Volcanes Road Northwest
Los Volcanoes Road Northwest
Lost Arrowhead Drive Southwest
Lost Desert Drive Southwest
Lost Dutchman Avenue Northeast
Lost Dutchman Drive
Lost Spring Drive Southwest
Lotus Health Chinese Massage
Louanne Lane Northwest
Louise Place Northeast
Louisiana Boulevard Northeast
Louisiana Boulevard Southeast
Louisiana Purchase
Louisiana Retail Post Office
Lounge 201
Lovato Road Southwest
Love Avenue Northeast
Love Road Southwest
Love Weld
Love's Carl's Jr
Lovejoy Lane Southwest
Lovelace Biomedical Research Institute North
Lovelace Medical Center
Lovelace Rehabilitation Hospital
Lovelace Road Southeast
Lovelace Westside Hospital
Lovelace Women's Hopsital
Loveland Drive Northwest
Loving Road Northwest
Lowe Street Northeast
Lowell Elementary School
Lowell Elementary School (part)
Lowell Street Northeast
Lower Meadow Avenue Southwest
Lower Meadow Trail Southwest
Lower Terrace Circle Northeast
Lowes Foods
Lowry Avenue Southeast
Loyal Order of Moose
Loyola Avenue Northeast
Loyola Place Northeast
Luana Street Northeast
Lucaya House Apartments
Lucca Avenue Southwest
Lucca Lane Southwest
Lucerne Street Northeast
Lucero Road Southwest
Lucia Street Southwest
Lucille Drive Northeast
Lucky Boy Hamburgers
Lucky Brand
Lucky Goose
Lucky Massage Spa
Lucky Nails & Spa
Lucretia Street Southwest
Lucyle Place Northwest
Luecking Park Northeast
Luella Anne Court Northeast
Luella Anne Drive Northeast
Luke Circle Northwest
Lulac Avenue Northwest
Lulu's Kitchen
Lumber Avenue Northeast
Luminoso Northwest Drive
Luna Azul Avenue Southwest
Luna Boulevard Northwest
Luna Circle Northwest
Luna del Oro Court Northeast
Luna del Oro Road Northeast
Luna Ladera Avenue Southwest
Luna Nuestra Northwest
Luna Park Street Northwest
Luna Road
Luna Road Southwest
Lundy Lane Southwest
Lupe's Antojitos
Lura Place Southwest
Lutes Court
Luther House
Luthy Circle Northeast
Luthy Court Northeast
Luthy Drive Northeast
Luthy Place Northeast
Luttrell Court Northeast
Luxury Nails
Luxury Rentals
Luz de Amanecer Drive Northwest
Luz de la Luna Place Northwest
Luz De Lucero Lane Northeast
Luz de Lumbre Road Northwest
Luz del Dia Drive Northwest
Luz del Dia Place Northwest
Luz del Sol Court Northwest
Luz del Sol Place Northwest
Lykes Drive Northeast
Lyman Road Southwest
Lynch Court Northwest
Lynch Place Northwest
Lyndale Lane Northwest
Lyndon B. Johnson Middle School
Lyndsi Avenue Northwest
Lynette Court Southwest
Lynn Court Southeast
Lynn McKenzie Path
Lynn Road Southeast
Lynne Court Northeast
Lynnhaven Place Northwest
Lynwood Drive Northwest
Lynx Loop Northeast
Lyons Road Northwest
Lyria Road Northwest

M Avenue
M Street Southeast
M&F Auto
M&F Auto Sales
M&M Smoke Shop
M'Tucci's Bar Roma
M'tucci's Twenty Five
M203 Range
Mabry Avenue Northeast
Mabry Court Northeast
Mabry Drive Northeast
Mabry Lane Northeast
MAC Cosmetics
Mac Lane Southeast
Mac's La Sierra
Macallan Road Northeast
MacArthur Elementary School
Macaw Trail
Macbeth Court Northeast
Macdill Street Southeast
Machine Shop
Maciel Northwest Drive
Mackland Avenue Northeast
Maclauchlan Lane
Macnish Drive Northeast
Mad-Kat Apartments
Maddux Court Northwest
Maddux Place Northwest
Madeira Court Apartments
Madeira Drive Northeast
Madeira Drive Southeast
Madeira Place Northeast
Madeline Drive Northwest
Madison Court Northeast
Madison Middle School
Madison Place Southeast
Madison Street Northeast
Madison Street Southeast
Madras Drive Northeast
Madre Avenue Northeast
Madre Court Northeast
Madre Drive Northeast
Madrid Drive Northeast
Madrina Court Northwest
Mae Avenue Southwest
Mafraq Street Northwest
Magdalena Lane Southwest
Maggies Avenue Northeast
Magic Avenue
Magic Mist Road Northeast
Magic Nails
Magid Street Northwest
Magin Street Southeast
Magma Place Northwest
Magnolia Court Northeast
Magnolia Drive Northeast
Magokoro Japanese
Mahlon Avenue Northeast
Mahogany Place Northeast
Mahonia Road Northwest
Maiden Grass Road Northwest
Mail Room
Main Bank
Main Event
Main Street
Main Street Northwest
Mainsail Drive Northwest
Maisel's Indian Trading Post (closed)
Maisey Court Southwest
Majesty Court Northwest
Major Avenue Northwest
Mak's Quick Fire Kitchen
Makain Place Northwest
Malachite Drive Southwest
Malaga Drive Northeast
Malaguena Lane
Malaguena Lane Northeast
Mallard Avenue Northwest
Malpais Park Avenue Northwest
Mama's Minerals
Mammoth Way Northwest
Man O War Street Southeast
Man's Hat Shop
Mananita Lane Northwest
Manchester Court Northwest
Manchester Drive Northwest
Manchester Place Northwest
Mancos Street Northwest
Mandalay Express
Mandarin Place Northwest
Mandy Road Southwest
Manganite Court Northwest
Mangos Sports Bar and Grill
Mangus Trail Northeast
Manhattan Place Northwest
Manheim New Mexico
Manistee Street Southeast
Manitoba Court Northeast
Manitoba Drive Northeast
Manitoba Street Northeast
Mankin Street Northeast
Mano Trail
Manor Court Northeast
Manresa Drive Northwest
Mansfield Place Northwest
Manual Cia Court Northeast
Manual Cia Place Northeast
Manuel Avenue Southwest
Manuel Lujan Jr. Exhibit Complex
Manuel Sanchez Place Southwest
Manuel Torres Lane Northwest
Manzana del Sol Lane Northwest
Manzanillo Avenue Northeast
Manzanillo Loop Northeast
Manzanita Northeast
Manzano Base
Manzano Court Northwest
Manzano High School
Manzano Manor
Manzano Mesa Apartments
Manzano Mesa Elementary
Manzano Mesa Elementary School
Manzano Post Office
Manzano Street Northeast
Manzano Vista Apartments
Manzano Vista Avenue Southeast
Maple Court Southeast
Maple Street Northeast
Maple Street Southeast
Maplewood Drive Northwest
Maravillas Drive Northwest
Marbella Apartments
Marbella Drive Northwest
Marble Avenue Northeast
Marble Avenue Northwest
Marble Brewery
Marble Place Northeast
Marble Stone Drive Northwest
Marburger Baseball Field
Marcadas Road Northwest
Marcella Place Northeast
Marcella Street Northeast
Marcia Drive Northwest
Marcneta Court
Marcos Lane Northeast
Marcotto Lane Northwest
Mares Road Southwest
Margaret Place
Margerita Court Southwest
Maria Circle Northwest
Maria Court Southeast
Maria Way Southwest
Mariah Court Northwest
Mariah Road Northwest
Mariano Trail Southwest
Maricopa Drive Southwest
Marie Hughes Elementary
Marie Park Drive Northeast
Marie Place Northwest
Marigold Court Northwest
Marigold Drive Northeast
Marigold Drive Northwest
Marigot Court Northwest
Marigot Road Northwest
Marilyn Avenue Northeast
Marin Drive Northwest
Marina Gate Trail Northeast
Mariner Lane Northeast
Mario's Pizzeria & Ristorante
Mariola Place Northeast
Mariposa Court Northwest
Mariposa Gallery
Mariposa Place Northwest
Mariposa Road Southeast
Mariposa Street Northwest
Mariposa Trail
Marisco's Alta Mar
Mariscos La Playa
Mark Armijo Academy
Mark Drive Northeast
Mark Pardo
Mark Pardo SalonSpa
Mark Twain Elementary School
Markana The Peaks
Markana Uptown Apartments
Market Building
Market Road Northwest
Marla Drive Northeast
Marlborough Avenue Southwest
Marlowe Court Northeast
Marlowe Road Northeast
Marmac Avenue Northeast
Marna Lynn Avenue Northwest
Maroa Street Northwest
Marquesan Place Northeast
Marquette Avenue Northeast
Marquette Avenue Northwest
Marquette Drive Northeast
Marquette Northwest Avenue
Marquette Place Northeast
Marquez Lane Southwest
Marquis Court Northeast
Marquis Drive Northeast
Marriott Albuquerque
Marriott Drive Northeast
Marriott Parkway Northeast
Marron Circle Northeast
Mars Road Northeast
Marseille Place Northeast
Marshall Building
Marshall Court Northeast
Marston Road Southwest
Marta Road Northwest
Martha Street Northeast
Martin Court Northeast
Martin Place Northwest
Martin Road Northwest
Martin Road Southwest
Martinez Drive Northeast
Martinez Lane Northeast
Martinez Lane Northwest
Martinez Place Northwest
Martinez Road Southwest
Martingale Lane Southeast
Martinsburg Road Northwest
Marva Place Southeast
Mary Ann Binford Elementary
Mary Ann Lane
Mary Avenue Southwest
Mary Ellen Court Northeast
Mary Ellen Place Northeast
Mary Ellen Street Northeast
Mary Francis School
Maryetta Drive Southwest
Marys Way Northwest
MAS Mission Achievement and Success Charter School
Masks Y Mas
Massage Envy
Massage Therapist
Master Cleaners
Masters Drive Northeast
Mastertech Automotive Services
Masthead Street Northeast
Mata G Vegetarian Kitchen
Mata Ortiz Drive Southwest
Matador Avenue Southeast
Matador Drive Northeast
Mataro Road Northwest
Mateo Prado Court
Mateo Prado Northwest
Mather Avenue Northeast
Mather Avenue Southeast
Matheson Elementary School
Matheson Park
Matheson TriGas
Mati Jewelers
Matia Court Northeast
Matrix Fine Art
Matthew Avenue Northeast
Matthew Avenue Northwest
Matthew Place Northwest
Mattox Sculpture Center
Mattress Firm
Matunda Cafe
Mauna Loa Drive Northwest
Maverick Court Southeast
Maverick Lane Southeast
Maverick Trail Southeast
Maxim Court Northwest
Maximillian Road Northwest
Maxine Street Northeast
Maxwell Museum of Anthropology
Maxwell Street Southeast
Maya Court Northeast
Mayflower Road Northeast
Mayhill Court Northwest
Mayo Street Northwest
Maywood Road Southeast
Mazatian Drive Northeast
Mc Call Court Northeast
Mc Cracken Road Southwest
Mc Duffie Circle Northeast
Mc Earl Avenue Southeast
Mc Ewen Court Southwest
Mc Kee Court Northeast
Mc Knight Avenue Northeast
Mc Knight Avenue Northwest
Mc Mullen Drive Northwest
Mc Nerney Avenue Northeast
McAlister's Deli
McBride's Springs
McCana-Hubbell Building
McCloskey Drive Southwest
McCollum Elementary School
McCoy Place Northeast
McCracken Road Southwest
McCurley Hearing Design
McDonald Road Northwest
McDonnell Street Southeast
McIlhaney Dairy
McKay Northeast
McKee Drive Northeast
McKinley Middle School
McKinney Drive Northeast
McKnight Avenue Northwest
McLeod Road Northeast
McMahon Boulevard Northwest
McMullen Avenue Northwest
McNary Court Northwest
Meade Avenue Southwest
Meade Place Southwest
Meade Road Southwest
Meadow Gate Trail Southwest
Meadow Green Court Southeast
Meadow Green Street Southeast
Meadow Hill Northeast
Meadow Lake Place Northwest
Meadow Road Southwest
Meadow Street Southwest
Meadow View Court Northwest
Meadow View Place Northwest
Meadowbrook Avenue Northwest
Meadows Mobile Home Park
Meadowview Drive Northwest
MECCA - Record Shop
Mechem Street Southeast
Mechenbier Lane Southwest
Medford Court Northwest
Media Arts Collaborative Charter School
Medical Arts Avenue Northeast
Medical Arts Plaza
Medicine Bow Place Southeast
Medicine Bow Road Southeast
Medinah Lane Northeast
Megafauna Road Southwest
Mehran Lofts
Mel Smith Court Northeast
Mel Smith Road Northeast
Melinda Avenue Southwest
Melissa Ann Street
Memorial Hall
Men's District
Men's Wearhouse
Menaul Boulevard
Menaul Boulevard Northeast
Menaul Boulevard Northeast (Frontage Road)
Menaul Boulevard Northwest
Menaul Extension Northwest
Menaul Road Northeast
Menaul School
Mendius Avenue Northeast
Mendocino Court Northeast
Mendocino Drive Northeast
Mendoza Avenue Northeast
Mendoza Court Northeast
Meoqui Court
Mercado Corner Store
Mercantile Avenue Northeast
Mercedes-Benz of Albuquerque
Mercury Circle Southeast
Mercury Drive Southeast
Meridian Place Northwest
Merion Circle Northeast
Merissa Lane Northeast
Meriwether Avenue Northeast
Merle Drive Northeast
Merlida Court Southwest
Merlida Street Southwest
Merlot Drive Southwest
Merrimac Court Northeast
Merritt Avenue Southwest
Mervosh Avenue Southwest
Mervosh Place Southwest
Mesa Alegre Avenue Northwest
Mesa Antigua Place Northwest
Mesa Arenoso Drive Southwest
Mesa Arriba Avenue Northeast
Mesa Arriba Court Northeast
Mesa at Anderson Hills
Mesa Azul Street Northwest
Mesa Bonita Court Northwest
Mesa de Arena Northwest
Mesa De Oro Northwest
Mesa del Oso Road Northeast
Mesa Del Rio Street Northwest
Mesa Drive Southeast
Mesa Dura Drive Northwest
Mesa Encantada Court Northwest
Mesa Escondida Court Northwest
Mesa Grande Place Southeast
Mesa Linda Drive Northeast
Mesa Marcada Court Northwest
Mesa Mariposa Place Northwest
Mesa Point Trail
Mesa Pointe Road Southwest
Mesa Prieta Court Northwest
Mesa Provisions
Mesa Rain Road Northwest
Mesa Ridge Apartments
Mesa Ridge Road Northwest
Mesa Rincon Drive Northwest
Mesa Road Northwest
Mesa Solana Place Northwest
Mesa Sombra Place Northwest
Mesa Springs Avenue Southwest
Mesa Street Southeast
Mesa Sunset Avenue Southwest
Mesa Terraza Place Northwest
Mesa Top Multi Use Trail
Mesa Top Road Northwest
Mesa Verde Apartments
Mesa Verde Avenue Northeast
Mesa Viejo Street Southwest
Mesa Viento Road Northwest
Mesa View Park
Mesa View United Methodist Church
Mesa Village
Mesa Vista Road Northeast
Mesa Vista Southwest
Mesawood Place Northwest
Mescalero Court Northeast
Mescalero Road Northeast
Mescalero Road Northwest
Mesilla Street Northeast
Mesilla Street Southeast
Mesita Cliff Road Northeast
Mesquite Court Southwest
Mesquite Drive Northeast
Mesquite Drive Northwest
Mesquite Place Southwest
Mesquite Wood Drive Northwest
Messervy Avenue Northeast
Messiah Lutheran Church
Messina Drive Southwest
Metal the Store
Mete Sol Drive Northwest
Meteor Court Northwest
Meteorite Museum
Metro Barber
Metro by T-Mobile
Metro Family Cuts
Metro Lane Northeast
Metropolitan Community Church of Albuquerque
Metzgar Road Southwest
Meylert Road Northeast
Mezcal Circle Northwest
Mezzano Lane Southwest
Mi Cordelia Drive Northwest
Mia Street Northeast
Miami Road Northwest
Mica Place Southwest
Michael Emery Trail
Michael Hughes Drive Northeast
Michael Kors
Michael Thomas Coffee
Michelangelo Lane Northwest
Michelle Loop Northeast
Michelle Place Northwest
Michelle Road Southwest
Michelle Street Southwest
Michelle's Italian and Pizzeria
Mickelsen Avenue Southeast
Micklesen Avenue Southeast
Microlith Road Southwest
Microsoft Original Headquarters Plaque
Microtel Inn & Suites by Wyndham Albuquerque West
Mid Rio Grande Conservancy District
Midge Street Northeast
Midnight Vista Avenue Northwest
Midtown Place Nordthest
Midtown Road Northeast
Midway Park Boulevard Northeast
Midway Park Place Northeast
Midway Place Northeast
Miera Drive Northwest
Miguel Court
Mijas Drive Northwest
Mijo's Tattoos
Mijos Tattoos and Piercings
Mike Judge Street Southwest
Mike's Jerky
Mikell Court Northwest
Milan Court Southwest
Milano Street Northwest
Mildred Avenue Northwest
Mildred Street Northeast
Miles Pump Station
Miles Road Southeast
Milky Way Street Northwest
Mill Road Northwest
Miller Circle Northwest
Mills Canyon Road Northwest
Millstream Place Northwest
Millwood Court Northwest
Milne Field
Milne Road Northwest
Milne Stadium
Milton Court Northwest
Milton Road Northwest
MIM-14 Nike Hercules
Mimbres Canyon Place Northeast
Mimbres Street Southwest
Mimi Court Northwest
Mimi's Cafe
Mimosa Court Northeast
Mimosa Place Northeast
Minaret Drive Southwest
Mindful Beauty
Mindy Lane Southwest
Minehead Court Northwest
Minehead Street Northwest
Miner Avenue Southwest
Minge Road Northwest
Minion Street Northwest
Ministerio Hispano Del Norte Baptist Church
Minnie Street Southwest
Mint Place Northwest
Minuteman Drive Northeast
Mira Sol Road
Mirabella Heights Apartments
Miracerros Place Northeast
Mirador Drive Northwest
Mirador Road Northwest
Mirage Court Northwest
Miramara Drive
Miramon Avenue Southwest
Mirandela Northwest
Mirandela Road Northwest
Mirandy Court Northeast
Mirapi Street Northwest
Mirasol Avenue Northwest
Mirasol Court Northwest
Mirasol Place Northwest
Miravista Place Southeast
Mirehaven Parkway Northwest
Mirehaven Trail
Mirto Street Northeast
Mis Abuelitas
Miss A
Missile Defense Agency (20200)
Mission Avenue Elementary School
Mission Avenue Northeast
Mission Hill Drive Northeast
Mission Ridge Drive Northwest
Mistletoe Court Southeast
Mistral Drive Northwest
Misty Sage Court Northwest
Mitchell Avenue Southeast
Mitchell Elementary School
Mitchell Road Southeast
MK-17 bomb
MK-53 bomb
Moab Lane Northeast
Moana Apartments
Mobile Home Park
Mobile Screen and Glass
Mobility Processing Center (981)
Mocho Avenue Northeast
Mocho Lane Northeast
Mocho Place Northeast
Mock Heather Road Northwest
Mock Place Northeast
Model Pharmacy
Modern Art
Modesto Avenue Northeast
Mogollon Drive Northwest
Mojave Aster Northeast
Mojave Court Northwest
Mojave Street Northwest
Molas Road Northwest
Molina's Cafe
Molino Court Southwest
Molino Way Southwest
Molly Brown Avenue Northeast
Molokai Street Northeast
Molten Place Northwest
Molten Rock Road Northwest
Monachos Road Southeast
Monaco Drive Northeast
Monahiti Place Northeast
Monarch Drive Northeast
Moncloa Court Northwest
Moneda Drive Northwest
Monell Drive Northeast
Mongollow Way Northeast
Monhatil Place Northeast
Monica L Salazar Liscensed Masaage Therapist
Monica Lane Northwest
Monica's El Portal
Monitor Drive Northeast
Monk Court Northwest
Monolith Drive Northwest
Monroe Court Northeast
Monroe Northeast Street
Monroe Place Southeast
Monroe Street Northeast
Monroe Street Southeast
Monsoon Place Northwest
Mont 44 Apartments
Montano Acura
Montara Court Northwest
Montaño Lane
Montaño Plaza Drive Northwest
Montaño Pointe Place Northwest
Montaño Pointe Road Northwest
Montaño Road Northeast
Montaño Road Northwest
Montbel Loop Northeast
Montbel Place Northeast
Montclaire Drive Northeast
Montclaire Drive Southeast
Monte Alto Court Northeast
Monte Alto Drive Northeast
Monte Alto Place Northeast
Monte Bello Court Northwest
Monte Carlo Drive Northwest
Monte Carlo Steakhouse;Monte Carlo Package Liquors
Monte de Neve Drive Northwest
Monte Frio Drive Northwest
Monte Largo Court Northeast
Monte Largo Drive Northeast
Monte Largo Hills
Monte Rosso Place Northwest
Monte Serrano Northeast
Monte Verde Drive Northeast
Monte Vista Boulevard Northeast
Monte Vista Elementary
Monte Vista Elementary School
Monte Vista Fire Station
Montecito Court Northwest
Montecito Estates
Montecito Northeast Heights Apartments
Montecito Vistas Subdivision
Montego Place
Montera Place Northwest
Monterey Avenue Southeast
Monterey Baptist Church
Monterey Bay Court Northwest
Monterey Cove Avenue Northwest
Monterey East Avenue Northeast
Monterey Motel
Monterey Pier Drive Northwest
Monterey Shoe Repair
Monteria Street Northwest
Montessa Park
Montessori of the Rio Grande Charter School
Montezuma Elementary School
Montford Street Northwest
Montgomery Boulevard Northeast
Montgomery Church of Christ
Montgomery Frontage Northeast
Montgomery Manor Apartments
Montgomery Parkway Loop Northeast
Montgomery West Parkway Northeast
Monticello Drive Northwest
Montoya Road Northwest
Montoya Street Northwest
Montreal Street Northeast
Montrose Place Southwest
Monument Drive Northwest
Moon Eagle Drive Northeast
Moon Glow Court Northeast
Moon Ridge Trail Northeast
Moon Shadows
Moon Street Northeast
Moon Street Southeast
Moon Tree Court Northeast
Moon Valley Court Northeast
Moonbeam Court Northeast
Moondance Place Northeast
Moonlight Court Northeast
Moonlit Rose Drive Southwest
Moonrise Avenue Southwest
Moonstone Drive Northeast
Mor Furniture
Mora Place Southwest
Mora Road Southwest
Morenci Avenue Northeast
Morgan Lane Northwest
Morina Court Northeast
Morning Dew Street Southwest
Morning Glory Road Northeast
Morning Mist Avenue Northeast
Morning Star Court Northeast
Morning Star Drive Northeast
Morning Sun Trail
Morning Sun Trail Southwest
Morningrise Place Southeast
Morningside Drive Northeast
Morningside Drive Southeast
Morningside Place Southeast
Morningstar Lane
Morocco Court Northeast
Morocco Drive Northeast
Morocco Road Northeast
Morris Court Northeast
Morris Field
Morris Place Northeast
Morris Rippel Place Northeast
Morris Street Frontage Northeast
Morris Street Northeast
Morris Street Northeast of Bike Path
Morris Townhome Apartments
Morrissey Street Southwest
Morrow Avenue Northeast
Morrow Road Northeast
Mortano Road Northwest
Mosca Court Northwest
Moses Kountry Health Foods
Mosher Court
Mosquero Avenue Northeast
Mosquero Court Northwest
Mosquero Place Northwest
Mossman Place Northeast
Mossman South
Motel 1
Motel 6
Motel 6 Albuquerque - Carlisle
Motel 6 Albuquerque - Coors Road
Motel 6 Albuquerque - I-40 - San Mateo
Motel 76
Mothership Alumni
Motique @ Nob Hill
Motor Car Shop
Motor Pool (20356)
Mount Carmel Northeast
Mount Everest Avenue Northeast
Mount Hood Trail Northwest
Mount Olive Missionary Baptist Church
Mount Rainier Drive Northeast
Mount Rose Way Northwest
Mountain Gate
Mountain Gate Lane Southwest
Mountain Hawk Drive Northeast
Mountain Haze Road Northeast
Mountain Laurel Circle
Mountain Laurel Circle Southeast
Mountain Park Place Northwest
Mountain Place Northeast
Mountain Ridge Court Northeast
Mountain Road Northeast
Mountain Road Northwest
Mountain Road Place Northeast
Mountain Run Apartments
Mountain Shadow Road Northeast
Mountain View Avenue Northeast
Mountain View Elementary School
Mountain Vista Apartments
Mountain West Court Southeast
Mountaineer Road Southeast
Mountainside Parkway
Mountainside Parkway Northeast
Mountainside Way Northeast
Mountaintop Drive Southwest
Mountvale Avenue Northwest
Moutain Ridge Place Northeast
Movie & Music Posters
Moxi Hair Studio
Moya Road Northwest
Mr. B's Paint & Body Shop
Mr. Pete Barber Shop
Mr. Powdrell's Barbecue
Mr. Sushi
Mrgcd Bank
Mrs. B's Pawn Shop
Muir Drive Northwest
Mulberry Park Apartments
Mulberry Street Northeast
Mulberry Street Southeast
Mule Deer Lane Southwest
Mullen Road Northeast
Mullen Road Northwest
Mullhacen Place Northwest
Multimedia Center (20140)
Multipurpose/Senior Center
Mundo Court Northeast
Munitions Bunkers
Munitions Bunkers (Igloo)
Muniz Road Southwest
MUNS Haul Road
Murcia Avenue Northwest
Muriel Street Northeast
Murifield Court Northeast
Murphy Express
Murray Road Southeast
Murrelet Drive Northeast
Muscatel Avenue Northeast
Museum of Albuquerque Library
Museum of Southwestern Biology
Music Mart
Musical Theatre Southwest Center for Theatre
Mustang Lane Northwest
Mustang Ridge Road Southwest
Mustang Trail Southeast
MVD Express
MVD Why Wait?
My Moms
Myers Road Northwest
Myra Place Northeast
Myrtle Drive Southwest

N Avenue Southeast
Nabors Road Northwest
Naciemieto Street Northwest
Nacional Road Northwest
Nakomis Court Northeast
Nakomis Drive Northeast
Namaste Road Northwest
Namath Avenue Northwest
Nambe Avenue Northeast
Nambe Court Northeast
Nambe Lane Northeast
Nambe Road Northeast
Nancy Street Southwest
Nandina Court Northwest
Nandina Court Southeast
Nandina Way Southeast
NAPA Auto Parts
Napa Road Northeast
Napa Valley Road Northeast
Naples Street Northeast
Napoli Place Northwest
Nara Visa Court Northwest
Nara Visa Road Northwest
Narcisa Court Northwest
Narcisco Court Northeast
Narcisco Street Northeast
Narcissus Place Southeast
Nardos Road Northwest
Naruto Ramen
Nasci Drive Northeast
Nashua Road Southeast
Nashville Avenue Southwest
Nasrullah Street Southeast
Nassau Drive Northeast
Nassif Court Northwest
Natalie Avenue Northeast
Natalie Avenue Northwest
Natalie Court Northeast
Natalie Janae Lane Northeast
Natalie Northeast
Nathan Street Southeast
National Dance Institute of New Mexico
National Institute of Flamenco & Conservatory of Flamenco Arts
National Museum of Nuclear Science & History
National Museum of Nuclear Science and History
National Training Center
National Weather Service - Albuquerque, NM
Nationwide Street Northwest
Native Dancer Road Southeast
Native Flower Drive Southwest
Native Flower Place Southwest
Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary Catholic Church
Nativo Lodge
Natural Grocers
Nature Theater
Nature's Secret CBD
Navajo Elementary School
Navajo Street
Navajo Willow Drive Northeast
Navarra Way Southeast
Navy Operational Support Center (20616)
NCO Academy (916)
NCO Bypass Southeast
NE Frontage Road Northwest
Neal Avenue Northeast
Neal Lane Southwest
Neat Lane Southwest
Nebo Street Northeast
Nebula Court Northwest
Ned Street Northeast
Neetsie Drive Southwest
Neighborhood Church
Nelle Avenue Northeast
Nelson Place Northwest
Nemesia Place Northeast
Neo Szechuan
Neon Avenue Northeast
Neptune Street Northwest
Nerisa Court Southwest
Netherwood Park
Netherwood Park Church of Christ
Neutron Generator Facility (870I)
New 2 Look
New Beginnings Church
New Cave Northwest
New City Church
New College of Nursing and Population Health
New Covenant Church
New Dawn Court Northeast
New Dawn Road
New Dawn Road Northeast
New Fairfield Drive Northeast
New Futures High School
New Hampshire Street Northeast
New Hampton Road Northeast
New Hope Baptist Church
New Life Presbyterian Church
New Mexico Air National Guard
New Mexico Air National Guard (1055)
New Mexico Commision for the Blind
New Mexico Court of Appeals
New Mexico Donor Services
New Mexico Educators Credit Union
New Mexico Educators Federal LCredit Union
New Mexico Escape Room
New Mexico Holocaust Museum and Gellert Center for Education
New Mexico Home Builders Association
New Mexico Hospital Association
New Mexico Human Services Department Income Support Division
New Mexico Law Center
New Mexico Madonna of the Trail
New Mexico Motor Vehicle Division
New Mexico Museum of Natural History & Science
New Mexico School for the Blind & Visually Impaired
New Mexico School For the Deaf
New Mexico Scuba Center
New Mexico Slaughter House
New Mexico State Bar Association
New Mexico State Police
New Mexico State Road 528
New Mexico State Road 528 Northwest
New Mexico Steam Locomotive and Railroad Historical Society
New Mexico Tea Company
New Mexico Title Loans
New Mexico United Shop
New Mexico Water Science Center
New Mexico Workman's Compensation Administration
New Mexico Youth Diagnostic and Development Center
New Presbyterian Tower
New Vista Avenue Northwest
New Vistas Avenue Northwest
New Vistas Court Northwest
New West Place Northeast
New York Avenue Northwest
New York Avenue Southwest
New York Hair & Nails
Newcomb Avenue Northeast
Newport Court Southeast
Newton Place Northeast
Nexus Brewery and Restaurant
Niagara Avenue Northeast
Niagara Northeast Court
Nick & Jimmy's
Nickel City
Nickel Street
Nicklaus Drive Southwest
Nico Trail
Nicolas Road Northwest
Nicole Court Southwest
Nido Gavilan Street Northwest
Night Hawk Road
Night Rose Avenue Northwest
Night Shadow Avenue Northwest
Night Sky Lane Northeast
Night Whisper Road Northwest
Nightingale Court Northwest
Nightshine Street Northwest
Nikanda Road Northeast
Niquel Place Northwest
Nita Place Northeast
NM 556
NM Gas Company
NM Human Services Department Income Support Division
NM Regional Computer Forensic Laboratory
NMAS Wellness Center
NMDOT District 3 Hilltop Office
NMOSE District 1 Office
No Worries Complete Auto & AC Service
Noah Avenue Southwest
Nob Hill
Nob Hill Barber Shop
Nob Hill Body and Soul Center
Nob Hill Growers Market
Nob Hill Music
Noble Drive Northeast
Noble Place Northeast
Nobody Calls Me Chicken
Noche Clara Avenue Northwest
Noche Vista Drive Northwest
Nogal Place Northwest
Noisy Brook Northwest
Noisy Valley Winery
Nolina Court Northwest
Noon Ranch
Noor Avenue Northeast
Nordica Street Northeast
Nordstrom Rack
Noreen Court Northeast
Noreen Drive Northeast
Nori Japan
Norma Drive Northeast
Norman Avenue Northeast
Normandy Trail
Norte Vista Road Northwest
North Albuquerque Acres
North Canyon Road Southwest
North Court
North de Baca Circle Southwest
North Diversion Trail
North Domingo Baca Dog Park
North Domingo Baca Park Climbing Wall
North Domingo Baca Skate Park
North Domingo Baca Small Dog Park
North Domingo Baca Squash Courts
North Golf Course Club House
North Hills
North Hills Boulevard Northeast
North Oakland Court Northeast
North Plaza Street Northwest
North Renaissance Boulevard Northeast
North Ridge Avenue
North Rim Road Northeast
North Santa Fe
North Seven Bar Drive Northwest
North Star Elementary School
North Star Trail Northwest
North Street Southwest
North Valley
North Valley Library
Northeast Church of Christ
Northeastern Boulevard Northeast
Northern Diversion Channel Trail
Northern Diversion Trail
Northern Sky Avenue Northeast
Northern Trail Northwest
Northfield Court Northwest
Northland Avenue Northeast
Northlands Drive Southeast
Northpoint Charter School
Northpointe Drive Northwest
Northridge Avenue Northeast
Northridge Court Northeast
Northridge Drive Northeast
Northridge Place Northeast
Northrop Grumman
Northview Lane Northwest
Northwest Area Command Substation
Northwest Circle Northwest
Northwest Modular Skatepark
Northwest Mourning Dove Place
Northwind Drive Southwest
Northwood Court Northwest
Norwich Court Northwest
Nothing Bundt Cakes
Notre Dame Drive Northeast
Nova Court Northwest
Noval Place Northwest
Novel Point Coffee
Now We're Cooking
Nowicki Lane
Nuanes Lane Southwest
Nube Blanca Northeast
Nuclear Engineering Laboratory
Nueva Espana Court Northwest
Nueva España
Nueva Pierda Street Northwest
Nueva Sevilla Northwest
Nueva Vista Apartments
Nuevo Contemporary
Nuevo Hacienda Northwest Lane
Nuez Court Northeast
Nugget Avenue Northeast
Nugget Court Northeast
Nugget Street Northeast
Nugget Street Southeast
Nusenda Community Stadium
Nutrias Place Southwest
Nuves Court Northwest

O Ramen
O Street
O'Niell's Irish Pub
O'Niell's Pub
O'Reilly Auto Parts
Oahu Drive Northeast
Oak Butte Road Northeast
Oak Court Southeast
Oak Hill Northeast
Oak Ridge Court Northeast
Oak Street Northeast
Oak Street Southeast
Oak Tree Park Apartments
Oakbrook Drive Northwest
Oakcrest Place Northwest
Oakdale Place Northwest
Oakham Drive Northwest
Oakland Avenue Northeast
Oakland Court Northeast
Oakland Estates
Oakland Heights Drive Northeast
Oakledge Court Northwest
Oakmont Road Northeast
Oakridge Street Northwest
Oakwood Homes
Oakwood Place Northeast
Oasis Apartments
Oasis Canyon Road Northwest
Oasis Drive Southwest
Oasis Indoor Sports Arena
Oasis Vape
Oaxaca Zapotec House
Observation Deck
Observation Site
Obsidian Street Northeast
Ocala Street Southeast
Occidental Life Building
Ocean Breeze Drive Northeast
Oceola Road Southeast
Oconee Court Southeast
Ocotillo Court Northeast
Ocotillo Court Southwest
Odelia Road Northeast
Odessa Court Southwest
Odin Road Southwest
Odlum Drive Southeast
Off Broadway
Office Boulevard Northeast
Office Depot
Office of the Second Judicial District Attorney
Ogle Avenue Southeast
Ojai Street Northeast
Ojito Mesa Street Northwest
Ojo Feliz Street Southwest
Ojo Sarco Street Southwest
Ojos Azul Court Northwest
Ojos Locos
Ojos Negros Drive Northwest
Ojos Prieto Drive Northwest
Old Airport Road Northwest
Old Airport Terminal
Old Armijo School
Old Aspen Road Southwest
Old Atrisco Road
Old Caballero Drive Southwest
Old Car Garage
Old Coors Drive Southwest
Old Coors Road Southwest
Old Cottonwood Avenue Southwest
Old Glory Court Northeast
Old Los Padillas School
Old Mesa Drive Northwest
Old Mill Street Northwest
Old Navy
Old Orchard Lane Northeast
Old Ouray Road Northwest
Old Pecos Trail Northeast
Old Posse Trail Nothwest
Old Tower Road Southeast
Old Town
Old Town Community Substation
Old Town Hat Shop
Old Town Hobbies and Games
Old Town Olive
Old Town Pizza Parlor
Old Town Road Northwest
Old Town Station United States Post Office
Old Town T-Shirt Company
Ole Court Northeast
Olive Garden
Oliver Ross Drive Northwest
Olivine Street Northeast
Olivo Court Northeast
Olivo Street Northeast
Olo Yogurt Studio
Olsen Place Northwest
Olympia Cafe
Olympia Road Northwest
Olympic Court Northwest
Olympic Place Northwest
Olympic Street Northwest
Olympus Alameda
Olympus Encantada Luxury Apartments
Olympus Northpoint
Omaha Street Northeast
Omni Arms
On The Flip
On The Spot Embroidery & More
Onava Court Northeast
One Central
OneMain Financial
Ongais Avenue Southwest
Onyx Court Northwest
Ooh! Aah! Jewelry
Opal Jewell Drive
Opal Mist Court Southwest
Opal Place Northeast
Opalo Drive Northwest
Open Range Avenue Southwest
Open Sky Drive Northwest
Open Space Trail
Open Space Visitor Center
Ophelia Avenue Northwest
Opportunity Road Northeast
Oralee Street Northeast
Orchard Court Northwest
Orchard Gardens Road Southwest
Orchard Mesa Trail Southwest
Orchard Place Northwest
Orchid Thai
Ordinance Street
Ordnance Street
Oregon Trail Northwest
Orfeo Trail Northwest
Organic Books
Ori Allan
Oriental Gifts
Oriente Avenue Northeast
Original Barber & Beauty Salon
Original Duke City Ink
Oriole Court Southwest
Orion Avenue Northwest
Orlando Place Northeast
Ornella Lane Northwest
Oro Real Drive Northeast
Oro Valley Road Northwest
Oro Viejo Northwest
Oro Vista Road Northwest
Orphelia Avenue Northeast
Orr Avenue Northeast
Ortega Court Northwest
Ortega Road Northeast
Ortega Road Northwest
Ortiz Court Northeast
Ortiz Drive Northeast
Ortiz Drive Southeast
Ortiz Place Townhomes Apartments
Oryx Place Northeast
Osage Avenue Southwest
Osage Orange Place Northeast
Osage Place
Osage Place Southwest
Osage Road Southwest
Oscura Street Northwest
Osita Court Northeast
Oso Abrazo Drive Northeast
Oso Corridor Place Northwest
Oso Court Northeast
Oso Escondido Drive Northeast
Oso Feliz Drive Northeast
Oso Grande
Oso Grande Court Northeast
Oso Grande Place Northeast
Oso Grande Road Northeast
Oso Park Condos
Oso Park Road Northeast
Oso Redondo Northeast
Oso Rico Road Northeast
Oso Ridge Place Northwest
Oso Vista Avenue
Osprey Road Southwest
Osuna Apartments
Osuna Court Northeast
Osuna Elementary School
Osuna Nursery
Osuna Place Northeast
Osuna Road Northeast
Osuna Road Northwest
OT Hall
Otero Avenue Northeast
Otero Mesa Road Southwest
Othello Court Northeast
Other Mothers
Otono Court Northwest
Otra Vez Court Northwest
Ottawa Road Northeast
Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Church
Our Lady of Fatima Catholic School
Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church
Our Lady of Guadalupe Fransiscan Province
Our Lady of Lavang Catholic Church
Our Lady of Mount Carmel
Our Lady of Mount Carmel Monastary
Our Lady of Perpetual Help
Our Lady of the Annunciation Catholic Church
Our Lady of the Assumption Catholic Church
Our Lady of the Assumption Catholic School
Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary Catholic Church
Ouray Off-leash Dog Park
Ouray Road Northwest
Outback Steakhouse
Outdoor Pool
Outdoor Recreation and Supply


Outpost CooLLOOP Ice ARenas
Outpost Perfomance Space
Outpost Performance Space
Oveja Court Southeast
Overland Street Northeast
Overlook Apartments
Overlook Drive Northeast
Overture Albuquerque
Owen Road Southwest
Owl Cafe
Owl Court Southeast
Oxbow North
Oxbow North Trail Northwest
Oxbow Village Lane Northwest
Oxford Avenue Southeast
Ozark Street Southeast
Oñate Court Northeast
Oñate Elementary School
Oñate Place Southwest
Oñate Street Northeast

P Street Southeast
P'tit Louis Bistro
Paakweree Boulevard Southwest
Paakweree Homes
Pablito Northwest Place
Pablo Court Northeast
Pacaya Drive Northwest
Pace Road
Pace Road Northwest
Pacheco Lane Northwest
Pacific Avenue Southeast
Pacific Avenue Southwest
Pacific Desk Building
Pacific Paradise
Packaway Road Northwest
Packie's Bar
Pacmillo Place Southwest
Paddington Northeast
Padilla Road Southwest
Padilla's Mexican Kitchen
Padre Court Northeast
Padre Roberto Road Northwest
Paese Place Northwest
Paganica Way Northeast
Page 1 Books
Page Avenue Northeast
Pago Place Northwest
Pagosa Drive Northwest
Paige Place Northeast
Paintbrush Drive Northeast
Paintbrush Road Southeast
Painted Lady Bed & Brew
Painted Pony Court Northwest
Painted Pony Drive
Painted Pony Trail Northwest
Painted Rock Drive Northwest
Painted Sky Elementary School
Painted Sky Place Northwest
Paisano Court Northeast
Paisano Street Northeast
Paja Place Northeast
Pajarito Middle School
Pajarito Road
Pal-Kat Apartments
Pala Mesa Court Northeast
Palacio del Rio Grande Northwest
Palacio Real Avenue Northwest
Palacio Road
Palazzo Road Northwest
Palermo Street Northwest
Paleta Bar
Paleteria La Michoacana
Palisades Drive Northwest
Palm Avenue Southwest
Palm Circle Southeast
Palm Lane Southwest
Palm Springs Avenue Northeast
Palm Springs Court Northeast
Palm Yucca Drive Northeast
Palma Place Northwest
Palmer Court
Palmilla Place Northwest
Palmyra Avenue Northwest
Palo Alto Avenue Southeast
Palo Alto Drive Northeast
Palo Court Northeast
Palo Duro Avenue Northeast
Palo Duro Avenue Northwest
Palo Verde Drive Northeast
Palo Verde Drive Northwest
Palo Verde Place
Palomar Avenue Northeast
Palomar Court Northeast
Palomas Avenue Northeast
Palomas Court Northeast
Palomas Drive Northeast
Palomas Drive Southeast
Palomas Meadow
Palomas Park Avenue Northeast
Palomino Drive Northwest
Palomino Place Northwest
Palomita Court Northwest
Pam Drive Southwest
Pamela Marie Way Northeast
Pamela Place Northeast
Pampas Drive Southeast
Pampas Place Southeast
Pamplona Street Northwest
Pan American Freeway Northeast
Pan American Northeast
Pan American Place Northeast
Panas Lane Northwest
Panda Break Zen Massage Spa and Salon
Panda Express
Panda Express Drive-Thru
Pandora Lane
Panera Bread
Panicum Road Northwest
Panmunjon Road Northwest
Panola Street Southwest
Panorama Heights Apartments
Panorama Loop Northeast
Panorama Place Northeast
Papa Felipe's Mexican Restaurant
Papa Frank's
Papa John's
Papa Murphy's
Papagayo Road Northwest
Papaya Court Northeast
Papaya Place Northeast
Paper Flower Place Northeast
Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen
Paradise Boulevard Northwest
Paradise Christian School
Paradise Hills
Paradise Lane Southwest
Paradise Liquors
Paradise Road Southwest
Paradise View Condos
Paradiso Townhomes
Paragon Court Northwest
Paramount Court Northeast
Paris Avenue Northeast
Parish Library
Parisian Way Northeast
Park Avenue Northwest
Park Avenue Southwest
Park Court
Park Heights Road Northwest
Park Hill Avenue Northwest
Park Lane Northwest
Park North Street Northwest
Park Pointe Place Northwest
Park Ridge Road Northwest
Park South Place Northwest
Parkland Circle Southeast
Parkland Place Southeast
Parkland View Drive Northwest
Parkland View Street
Parkside Drive Northeast
Parkside Place Southeast
Parktree Place Northeast
Parkview Avenue Northeast
Parkview Place Northeast
Parkway Drive Northwest
Parkwest Drive Northwest
Parkwest Trail
Parkwood Drive Northwest
Parnelli Drive Southwest
Parrot Loop Northwest
Parrot Run Road Northeast
Pars Cuisine
Parsifal Court Northeast
Parsifal Place Northeast
Parsifal Street Northeast
Parsons Street Northeast
Particle Beam Fusion Facility (981)
Party City
Pasadena Northeast
Pasaje Place Northwest
Paseo Alameda Northeast
Paseo Apartments
Paseo de Ladera Northwest
Paseo de las Montanas Trail
Paseo de las Montañas Trail
Paseo del Bosque Northwest
Paseo del Bosque Trail
Paseo del Canto Drive Southwest
Paseo del Mar Northeast
Paseo del Norte
Paseo del Norte Boulevard Northeast
Paseo del Norte Boulevard Northwest
Paseo del Norte Frontage Road 1
Paseo Del Norte Frontage Road 1
Paseo Del Norte Frontage Road 2
Paseo Del Norte Frontage Road 3
Paseo Del Norte Frontage Road Northeast
Paseo del Norte Northwest
Paseo del Norte Trail
Paseo del NorteTrail
Paseo del Oso Northeast
Paseo del Prado Northwest
Paseo del Rey Northeast
Paseo del Rey Northwest
Paseo del Sol Northeast
Paseo F Montes Vigil
Paseo Mobile Home Park Road Northeast
Paseo Verde Road Northeast
Paseo Vista Northeast
Pasión Latin Fusion
Paso del Puma Place Northeast
Paso Fino Avenue Southwest
Paso Fino Place Southwest
Pasquale Drive Northwest
Passion Church
Past Present & In-Between
Pastime Avenue Northwest
Pastorcito Drive Northwest
Pastura Place Northwest
Pat D'Arco Highway
Pathway Avenue Northeast
Pato Road Northwest
Patricia Circle Northwest
Patricia Drive Northeast
Patrician Design
Patrick Avenue Northwest
Patrick Place Northwest
Pattie Lane Southeast
Patton Road Southwest
Paulette Road Southwest
Pauline Street Northwest
Pauza Drive Southwest
Pavlon Place Northwest
Pavo Street Southwest
Pawnee Creek Trail Northeast
Pawnee Street Northeast
Payne Road Southwest
Payson Court Northwest
Payton Trail Southwest
Paz Place Southwest
Peachtree Place Northeast
Peacock Drive Southwest
Peak Avenue Southwest
Peak Vista Avenue Northeast
Peaks at Sandia View Apartments
Pear Bloss Lane Southwest
Pear Drive Southwest
Pear Road Southwest
Pearl Street Southwest
Pebble Beach Drive Northeast
Pebble Court Northwest
Pebble Road Northwest
Pebble Stone Place Northeast
Pecan Avenue Southwest
Pecos Place Southwest
Pecos Trail Northwest
Pedregoso Court Southeast
Pedregoso Place Southeast
Pedroncelli Court Northwest
Pedroncelli Road Northwest
Pedros Northwest Place
Peerless Tires
Pegasus Place Northwest
Peggio Northwest Avenue
Pei Wei
Pejman Way Northwest
Pelican Court Southwest
Pella Windows & Doors
Penasco Northwest
Penelope Place Northeast
Penfield Gallery
Penfield Lane Northeast
Pennsylvania Circle Northeast
Pennsylvania Court Northeast
Pennsylvania Court Southeast
Pennsylvania Lane Northeast
Pennsylvania Place Northeast
Pennsylvania Street Northeast
Pennsylvania Street Southeast
Peno Place Northwest
Penstemon Court
Pentura Drive Northwest
Peony Court
People's Bank
Peoria Street Northwest
Pep Boys
Pepperdine Street Northeast
Peppertree Place Northeast
Peppertree/Royal Oak
Pepperwood Court Northwest
Pepperwood Drive Northwest
Pequeno Road Northwest
Peralta Road Northeast
Perea's New Mexican Restaurant
Peregrine Road Northeast
Perez Road Southwest
Perfectly Imperfect
Performance Bicycle
Perfume Boutique
Perico's Burritos & Tacos
Peridot Avenue Southwest
Perimeter Circle Southeast
Periwinkle Court Northwest
Periwinkle Court Southeast
Periwinkle Path
Perry Manufacturing
Perry Road Southwest
Perseus Avenue Northwest
Pershing Avenue Southeast
Pershing Park
Persimmon Avenue Northeast
Persimmon Court Northeast
Petaluma Drive Northeast
Pete V. Domenici National Security Innovation Center (898)
Pete V Domenici United States Court House
Pete's Landscaping and Materials
Peter Hurd Street Northeast
Peter Piper Pizza
Peteski Avenue Southeast
Petirrojo Road Northwest
Petosky Street Northwest
Petra Court Northeast
Petra Pointe Northwest
Petroglyph Avenue Northwest
Petroglyph Elementary School
Petroglyph Estates
Petroglyph National Monument
Petroglyph National Monument Visitor Center
Petronas Avenue Southwest
Petros Avenue Northwest
Petty Drive Southwest
Pexa Street Northeast
P.F. Chang's
PGM-11 Redstone Rocket
PGM-17A Thor
PGM-19 Jupiter
Pheasant Avenue Northwest
Pheasant Hill Drive Northeast
Pheasant Run Drive Southwest
Phillips 66
Phillips Drive Southwest
Pho 79
Pho Kobe
Pho Linh
Phoenix Avenue Northeast
Phoenix Avenue Northwest
Phoenix Place Northwest
Photinia Place Northwest
Photovoltaic Systems
Photovoltaic Systems Evaluation Lab West
PHS PRESNow 24/7 Urgent and Emergency Care
Phyllis Street Northeast
Physical Therapy Clinic (832)
Picardia Place Northwest
Pickard Avenue Northeast
Pickard Court Northeast
Pico La Cueva Place Northeast
Picos Oeste Street Northwest
Pictograph Road Southwest
Pictor Drive Northwest
Picture Rock Place Northwest
Piedra Blanca Street Northeast
Piedra Colina Court Northwest
Piedra Court Northwest
Piedra Dubujo
Piedra Grande Place Northeast
Piedra Larga Place Northeast
Piedra Lisa Canyon Trail
Piedra Lisa Street Northeast
Piedra Lumbre Road Northwest
Piedra Negra Street Northeast
Piedra Quemada Road Northwest
Piedra Road Northwest
Piedra Roja Street Northeast
Piedra Rosa Street Northeast
Piedra Vista Road Northeast
Piedras Marcadas North Rim Trail
Piedras Marcadas Trail
Piedras Marcadas Trail South
Piedras Road Northeast
Pierce Arrow Road Northeast
Piermont Drive Northeast
Pierre Drive Southwest
Pike Street Southeast
Pilabo Street Northwest
Pilar Avenue Southwest
Pilares Road Northwest
Pilgrim Court Northeast
Pillars of the Park
Pilot's Parkway
Pima Avenue Northwest
Pima Drive Northwest
Pima Place Northwest
Pimentel & Sons Guitar Makers Inc
Pimenton Drive Northeast
Pimenton Place Northeast
Pimlico Place Southwest
Pinatuba Place Northwest
Pincher Creek Drive Southwest
Pine Butte Road Northeast
Pine Canyon Place Northeast
Pine Forest Place
Pine Park Place Northeast
Pine Ridge Avenue Northeast
Pine Springs Court Northeast
Pine Street Northeast
Pine Street Southeast
Pine Top Lane Northeast
Pine Vista Avenue Northeast
Pinecrest Drive Northwest
Pinehurst Avenue Northeast
Pineleaf Place Northwest
Pinewood Drive Northwest
Pinewood Estates

pinkman’s residence

Pinnacle Court Northeast
Pinnacle Peak Court Northwest
Pinnacle Peak Drive Northwest
Pinnacle View Drive Northeast
Pinnacle View Place Northeast
Pino Arroyo Court Northeast
Pino Avenue Northeast
Pino Pond Court Northeast
Pino Ridge Court Northeast
Pino Ridge Place
Pino Trail (140)
Pinos Altos Avenue Northeast
Pinot Noir Avenue Southwest
Pintado Court Northwest
Pinto Lane Northeast
Pinto Place Southwest
Pintura Place Northwest
Pioneer Place Northwest
Pioneer Trail Northeast
Pipe Spring Street Southwest
Pipestone Road Southwest
Pirate Tea
Piru Boulevard Southeast
Pisa Drive Northwest
Pisces Court Northwest
Pistachio Street Southwest
Pithos Road Southwest
Pitoche Place Southwest
Pitt Court Northeast
Pitt Place Northeast
Pitt Street Northeast
Pittard Drive Southwest
Pizza 9
Pizza 9 South Valley
Pizza Castle
Pizza Hut
Pizza Hut Delivery
Pizza Hut Express
Pizzo Drive Northwest
Piñon Altos Road Northwest
Piñon Azul Street Northwest
Piñon Blanco Road Northwest
Piñon Court Northwest
Piñon Creek Court Southeast
Piñon Creek Road Southeast
Piñon Creek Trail Southeast
Piñon Dulce Road Northwest
Piñon Encantada Trail Northwest
Piñon Flats Road Northwest
Piñon Grande Road Northwest
Piñon Hill Place Northeast
Piñon Jay Court Northwest
Piñon Northeast
Piñon Park Court Northwest
Piñon Ridge Street
Piñon Verde Road Northwest
Piñon Vista Court Northeast
Piñon Wood Avenue Northwest
PJ's Motorcycles
Placer Creek Court Northeast
Placer Drive Northeast
Placid Avenue Northeast
Placido Drive Northeast
Placido Martinez Northeast Court
Placitas Road Northeast
Placitas Road Northwest
Placitas Roca Northwest
Planet Fitness
Planeta Court Northeast
Plano Court Northwest
Plant 1
Plant 1 Area
Plant 3 Area
Plant 4
Plant 4 Area
Plants of the Southwest
Planty Sweet
Plateau Lane Northwest
Plateau Place Northwest
Platero Place Northwest
Platinum Apartments
Platinum Street
Plato's Closet
Platt Place Northwest
PLAY Disc Golf
Playground No. 4
Plaza David Chavez Apartments
Plaza de la Noche Northeast
Plaza de Tranquilidad Northeast
Plaza Del Sol
Plaza Gifts
Plaza Olas Altos Northeast
Plaza Paseo Street Northwest
Plaza San Blas Northeast
Plaza Vizcaya Northwest
Pleasant Avenue Northwest
Pleasenton Drive Southeast
Plum Cafe Asian Grill
Plum Street Northwest
Plumas Road Southeast
Plumberry Road Northwest
Plume Road Northwest
Plunkett Drive Northwest
Plymouth Rock Road Northeast
PNC Bank
PNM Building
Poblanos Court Northwest
Poco Cerro Court Southeast
Poco Loco Drive Southwest
Pocono Road Southeast
Poe Street Northeast
Poinsettia Court Southeast
Poinsettia Place Southeast
Pointe Road Southwest
Pojoaque Road Northeast
Pojoaque Road Northwest
Poki Poki Cevicheria
Polamar Road Northwest
Polaris Street Northwest
Police Administration Building
Police Farm Road Southeast
Police Farms Road Southeast
Polish Spa Lounge
Pollen Springs Drive Northeast
Pollitos con papas
Polmelo Place Northwest
Polo Place Northwest
Polvadera Place Northeast
Polvo del Oro Place Northwest
Pompano Place Southeast
Ponderosa Avenue Northeast
Ponderosa Avenue Northwest
Ponderosa Brewing Company
Ponderosa Brewing El Vado Taproom
Ponderosa Court Northeast
Ponderosa Northeast
Pony Express Trail Northeast
Pony Hills Place Northwest
Pool Street Northwest
Pool Works
Pop-Up Dumpling House
Popcorn Cannery
Pope Valley Drive Northeast
Popejoy Hall
Popejoy Street Southeast
Poplar Lane Southwest
Popo Drive Northwest
Poppy Place Northwest
Pops Place Southwest
Por Vida Coffee
Por Vida Tattoos
Porlamar Court Northwest
Porlamar Road Northwest
Port Road Northwest
Portales Street Northeast
Porto Street Southwest
Portofino Court Southwest
Portofino Drive Northwest
Portulaca Drive Northwest
Posada Court Southeast
Post Office (20216)
Potato Corner
Potentilla Court Northwest
Potomac Court Northeast
Potter's House Christian Center
Pottery Barn
Powder Court Northwest
Powell Road Southwest
Power Development Laboratory (894)
Power Ford
Powerderhorn Court Southwest
Powerline Road
Poza Rica Court
Prairie Avenue Northeast
Prairie Clover Place Southeast
Prairie Court Northeast
Prairie Dunes Northeast
Prairie Falcon Avenue Northwest
Prairie Hill Place Northwest
Prairie Hills Apartments
Prairie Loft Way Northeast
Prairie Night Lane Northwest
Prairie Road Northeast
Prairie Road Southeast
Prairie Sage Drive Northwest
Prairie View Road Northwest
Prairie Vista Drive Northeast
Precision Masonry Inc
Premium Cannabis
Prenda de Oro Drive Northwest
Prenda de Plata Northwest
Presbyterian Healthcare - Rev. Hugh Cooper Center
Presbyterian Hospital
Presbyterian Kaseman Hospital
Presbyterian Rust Medical Center
Prescott Court Northwest
Prescott Drive Northwest
President Place Northeast
Presidential Drive Northeast
Presidio at Northeast Heights Apartments
Presidio Place Southwest
Presley Place Northeast
PRESNow 24/7 Urgent and Emergency Care
Prestige Court Northwest
Prestina Place Northeast
Presto Way Northwest
Preston Trail Northeast
Prestwick Northeast
Prickly Brush Lane Northwest
Prickly Pear Street Northwest
Priestly Place
Priestly Road
Prima Entrada Street Northwest
Primary Standards Laboratory (827)
Prime Therapeutics
Primrose Court Northeast
Primrose Court Southeast
Primrose Drive Northwest
Prince of Peace Catholic Community
Prince Street Southeast
Princess Jeane
Princess Jeanne Avenue Northeast
Princeton Court Northeast
Princeton Drive Northeast
Princeton Drive Southeast
Prisma Hair Co.
Pristine Court Northeast
Pristine Drive Northeast
Private Road
Pro Nails
Processing & Environmental Technology Laboratory (701)
Procopio Court Southwest
Procopio Lane Southwest
Procopio Place Southwest
Professional Building
Project Drive Southeast
Promenade Avenue Northeast
Pronghorn Road Southwest
Propane Road
Property Control Receiving Section (957)
Propps Drive Northeast
Propps Street Northeast
Prospect Avenue Northeast
Prospect Avenue Northwest
Prospect Court Northeast
Prospect Mobile Home Park
Prospect Place Northeast
Prospector Way
Prospector Way Northwest
Prospectors Ridge
Prosperity Avenue Southeast
Prosperity Southeast
Provo Court Northeast
Provo Place Northeast
Pruitt Drive Northeast
Public Safety Building
Puccini Trail Northwest
Pueblo Bonito Court Northwest
Pueblo Grande Tr Northwest
Pueblo Harvest Cafe
Pueblo Luna Drive Northwest
Pueblo Place Northwest
Pueblo Solano Road Northwest
Pueblo Verde Northeast
Puerco Ridge Northwest
Puerta Del Sol Apartments
Puerto Del Sol Golf Course
Puesta del Sol Trail Southwest
Puffin Court Southwest
Puffin Street Southwest
Puma Place Northeast
Pumice Ridge Road Northwest
Pumice Street Northeast
Pumpkin Road Northwest
Punta Alta Avenue Northwest
Punta de Vista Drive Northeast
Punta de Vista Place Northeast
Pupuseria y Restaurant Salvadoreno
Purcell Drive Northeast
Purdue Place Northeast
Pure Nootropics
Purified Water To Go
Puritan Court Northeast
Purple Canyon Drive Southwest
Purple Cone Road Southwest
Purple Fringe Road Southwest
Purple Rock Place Southwest
Purple Sage Avenue Northwest
Purple Sage Trading
Pyrenees Court Northwest
Pyrite Place Northwest

Q Street Northeast
Qbee Nails
Quail Court
Quail Creek Court Northeast
Quail Hollow Northeast
Quail Pointe Drive Northwest
Quail Ridge
Quail Ridge Drive Northwest
Quail Road Northwest
Quail Run Court Northeast
Quail Run Drive
Quail Run Drive Northeast
Quail Run Loop Northeast
Quail Run Road Northeast
Quail Springs Place Northeast
Quailbrush Drive Northwest
Quailwood Drive Northeast
Quaker Heights Place Northwest
Quaking Aspen Place
Quaking Aspen Place Northeast
Quality Baits & Pond Fish
Quality Buick GMC
Quality Foods
Quality Inn
Quality Inn & Suites Albuquerque - Gibson Blvd
Quality Inn & Suites North Albuquerque
Quality Inn and Suites of Albuquerque
Quality Lube LLC
Quality Screen Print Corp.
Quarai Avenue Northeast
Quarry Road Northwest
Quarter Horse Lane Northwest
Quarterhorse Lane Northwest
Quarters Discount Liquors
Quartz Drive Southwest
Quartzite Avenue Northwest
Quasar Street Northwest
Quebec Drive Northeast
Quebrada Lane Northeast
Quebrada Place Northeast
Queen of Heaven Catholic Church
Queen of Heaven Catholic School
Queen's Point Manor Apartments
Queens Court Northeast
Queens Way Northeast
Quemado Court Northeast
Quemado Drive
Quemado Drive Northeast
Quentin Place Northeast
Quern Road Southwest
Querque Hotel
Quesadilla Grille
Questa Court Southwest
Quetzal Drive Southeast
Quick Stop
Quiet Desert Drive Southwest
Quiet Lane Southwest
Quilts Ole
Quimera Trail Southeast
Quincy Place Southeast
Quincy Street Northeast
Quincy Street Southeast
Quintana Drive Northeast
Quintessence Road Northeast
Quirks Lane
Quiznos Subs and Sandwiches

R Africa Train Station
R Albuquerque
R Aquarium/Garden Station
R Asia Train Station
R Bernalillo County/International Sunport
R C Gorman Avenue Northeast
R Los Ranchos/Journal Center
R Montaño
R Sandia Pueblo
R Street
Rabadi Castle Avenue Northwest
Rabbit Brush Avenue Northwest
Rachel Road
Rachel Road Southeast
Racheleigh Road Northeast
Radcliffe Road Northwest
Rael Court Northwest
Rael Road Northwest
Rael Street
Rael Street Southwest
Rafael Cruz Avenue Northwest
Rafael Road Southwest
Rafelita Lane Northwest
Rain Place Northwest
Rainbow Boulevard
Rainbow Boulevard Northwest
Rainbow Boulevard Southeast
Rainbow Court Southeast
Rainbow Road
Rainbow Street Northwest
Rainer Way Northeast
Rainmaker Road Southwest
Rainridge Court Northeast
Rainspot Street Northwest
Raintree Drive Northeast
Rainwater Road Southwest
Raising Cane
Raising Cane's
Ralph Avenue Northeast
Ralph Court Northeast
Ralph Road Northwest
Ram Trail Southeast
Ramada Convention Center
Ramada Plaza By Wyndham
Ramah Drive Northwest
Raman Trail
Ramirez Road Southwest
Ramona Avenue Northwest
Ramsey Lane Northwest
Ramtha Street
Ranch Court Southeast
Ranch Trail Southeast
Rancher Road Southwest
Ranchitos Loop Northeast
Ranchitos Road Northeast
Ranchitos Road Northwest
Ranchitos Village
Rancho Alegre Road Northwest
Rancho Bonito Drive Northwest
Rancho Bravo Drive Northwest
Rancho Center Northwest
Rancho Centro Court Northwest
Rancho Cielo Northwest
Rancho Colina Northwest
Rancho de Palomas Drive Northeast
Rancho de Palomas Park Playground
Rancho del Cerro Drive Northeast
Rancho del Oro Place
Rancho del Rey Road Northeast
Rancho del Rio Drive Northeast
Rancho Diego Place Northeast
Rancho Dorado Court Northwest
Rancho Encanto Road Northwest
Rancho Felice Court Northwest
Rancho Grande Place Northwest
Rancho Guadalupe Trail Northwest
Rancho Gusto Northwest
Rancho Ladara Road Northeast
Rancho Ladera Road Northeast
Rancho Largo Court Northwest
Rancho Largo Road Northwest
Rancho Lindo Court Northwest
Rancho Lucido Northwest
Rancho Milagro Road
Rancho Mirage Drive
Rancho Paraiso Northwest
Rancho Pleno Northwest
Rancho Quieto Court Northwest
Rancho Redondo Northwest
Rancho Road
Rancho Santa Fe Place Northeast
Rancho Seco Road Northwest
Rancho Seguro Northwest
Rancho Sereno Road
Rancho Solano Court Northwest
Rancho Sueño Court Northwest
Rancho Vecino Court
Rancho Ventoso Court Northwest
Rancho Verano Court
Rancho Verde
Rancho Viejo Court Northwest
Rancho Vista Place Northeast
Rancho Vistoso Northwest
Rancho West Place Southwest
Ranchwood Drive Northwest
Randolph Avenue Southeast
Randolph Court Southeast
Randolph Drive Southwest
Randolph Road Southeast
Randy Briggs Indoor Tennis Dome
Randy Lane Southwest
Range Café
Range Cafe (closed)
Range Café (closed)
Range Road Southwest
Range Trail Southwest
Ranger Rd SE
Rankin Lane Northeast
Rankin Road Northeast
Rapallo Court Northwest
Raphael Way Northwest
Rapture Body Jewelry
Rasberry Way Northeast
Raton Avenue Southeast
Raven & Blues Coffeehouse & Cafe
Raven Lane Southwest
Raven Ridge Drive Northeast
Ravenwood Court Northwest
Ravenwood Lane Northwest
Ravenwood Place Northwest
Rawhide Avenue Southwest
Rawlings Road Northeast
Ray Barr Road Southwest
Ray Street Northeast
Ray's 3 Smoke Shop
Rayado Place Northwest
Rayita de la Luna Lane
Raymond Drive Northeast
Raymond G. Murphy VA Medical Center
Rayner Drive Northwest
Raynolds Avenue Southwest
Rayo del Sol Drive Southwest
Raytheon KTech Corporation
R.D. & Joan Dale Hubbard Clubhouse
Re Clover Street Northwest
Readlight Tattoo
Reaves Road Southwest
Reba Avenue Southwest
Rebecca Court Southwest
Rebel Donut
Rebel Donuts
Rebonito Court Northeast
Rebonito Road Northeast
Red Bloom Road Northwest
Red Bluff Street Southwest
Red Bud Court Southeast
Red Butte Place Northwest
Red Door Brewing
Red Finch Court Northwest
Red Hawk Road Northeast
Red Horse BnB
Red Lobster
Red Mesa Avenue Southwest
Red Mile Road Southeast
Red Mountain Road Northwest
Red Oaks Loop Northeast
Red Polard Court Northwest
Red River Court Northwest
Red River Road Northwest
Red Robin
Red Robin Drive Southwest
Red Robin Road Southwest
Red Rock Deli
Red Rock Park Avenue Northwest
Red Rock Road Southwest
Red Rock Roasters
Red Roof Inn
Red Rum Court Southeast
Red Sky Court Northeast
Red Sky Place Northeast
Red Sky Road Northeast
Red Stone Road Northwest
Red Sun Road
Red Tail Court
Red Velvet Cafe
Red Yucca Avenue Northeast
Red, Inc. Communications
Redberry Street Northwest
Redbud Street Northwest
Redeemer Lutheran Church
Redlands Road Northwest
Redmont Road Northeast
Redondo Court Northeast
Redondo Court Northwest
Redondo Drive Northeast
Redondo Peak Drive Northwest
Redondo South Drive Northeast
Redondo West Drive Northeast
Redpoll Road Northwest
Redroot Street Northwest
Redwing Place Southeast
Redwood Drive Northwest
Redwood Northeast
Reese Street Northeast
Refuge Church Worship Center
Regal Cinemas Winrock 16 IMAX & RPX
Regal Mist Loop Southwest
Regal Ridge Drive Northeast
Regal UA High Ridge
Regent Avenue Northeast
Regina Apartments
Regina Circle Northwest
Regina Drive Northwest
Regina Place Northwest
Regina Road Northwest
Reginald Chavez Elementary
Reilly Court Southwest
Reina Court Northeast
Reina Drive Northeast
Relampago Street Northwest
Religious Education
Remarque/New Grounds Print Workshop
Rembert Trail Southwest
Remco Bolts
Rempas Court Northwest
Rempas Drive Northwest
Renaissance Fine Picture Framing
Renard Place Southeast
Rencher Street Southeast
Renee Avenue Northeast
Reo Road Northeast
Republic Drive Northeast
Research Road Southeast
Residence Inn Albuquerque Airport
Residence Inn by Marriott Albuquerque North
Retail Therapy ABQ
Retama Court Southeast
Retinas Place Northwest
Retreat Candelaria Apts
Revel Entertainment Center
Revelry Salon
Revere Place Northeast
Revi Don Drive Northeast
Revived Skin and Hair Studio
Rex Court Northeast
Rex's Burgers
RHEPP I (986)
Rhode Island Place Northeast
Rhode Island Street Northeast
Rhode Island Street Southeast
Rhonda Avenue Southwest
Rialto Avenue Southwest
Ribera Street Southwest
Ricardo Road Northwest
Rice Avenue Northwest
Ricegrass Place
Rich Court Northeast
Richard A. Harper Memorial Field
Richard R. Barr Hall
Richard's Mexican Restaurant
Richfield Avenue Northeast
Richie B's Pizza
Richland Hills Drive
Richmond Drive Northeast
Richmond Drive Southeast
Richmond Hill Road Northwest
Richmond Place Northeast
Richwood Road
Ridge Place Northeast
Ridge Pointe Loop Northeast
Ridge Rock Avenue Northwest
Ridge Stone Drive Southwest
Ridge Top Court Northwest
Ridge Vista Drive Northeast
Ridgecircle Drive Northwest
Ridgecrest Christian Church
Ridgecrest Circle Southeast
Ridgecrest Drive
Ridgecrest Drive Southeast
Ridgecrest Loop Southeast
Ridgecrest Place Southeast
Ridgefield Avenue Northeast
Ridgefield Court Northeast
Ridgefield Place Northeast
Ridgeley Avenue Northeast
Ridgeline Avenue Northeast
Ridgemont Avenue Northwest
Ridgerunner Road Northwest
Ridgeside Trail Southwest
Ridgeview Drive Northwest
Ridingcircle Road Northwest
Riesling Street Southwest
Rigel Street Southwest
Right Space Storage
Rigoletto Road Northwest
Riley Road Southwest
Rim Court Southwest
Rim Drive Southwest
RIM-2 Terrier
Rimera Avenue Northwest
Rimrock Circle Northwest
Rincon Court Northwest
Rincon del Rio Court Northwest
Rincon Place Northwest
Rincon Road Northwest
Rinconada Canyon Trail
Rinconado Lane Southwest
Riner Court Southwest
Rio Abajo Road Southeast
Rio Arriba Avenue Southeast
Rio Avenue Southwest
Rio Azul Lane Northwest
Rio Bonito Drive Southwest
Rio Bravo Boulevard Southeast
Rio Bravo Boulevard Southwest
Rio Bravo Brewing Company
Rio Bravo Skatepark
Rio Camino Avenue Southwest
Rio Canon Avenue Southwest
Rio Canon Court Southwest
Rio Cebolla Court Northwest
Rio Chiquito Court Northwest
Rio Clara Avenue Southwest
Rio Colorado Court Northwest
Rio Colorado Road Northwest
Rio Corto Avenue Southwest
Rio del Norte Court Northwest
Rio del Sole Court Northwest
Rio Encantado Court Northwest
Rio Fonda Avenue Southwest
Rio Fonda Court Southwest
Rio Galisteo Northwest
Rio Grande Automotive
Rio Grande Body Works
Rio Grande Bosque
Rio Grande Boulevard
Rio Grande Boulevard Northwest
Rio Grande Boulevard Southwest
Rio Grande Brew Pub & Grill
Rio Grande Counseling and Guidance Services
Rio Grande Court Northwest
Rio Grande Credit Union
Rio Grande Cutthroat Trout
Rio Grande del Sol Court Northwest
Rio Grande High School
Rio Grande Lane Northwest
Rio Grande Nature Center State Park Visitor Center
Rio Grande Place Northwest
Rio Grande Trading
Rio Guadalupe Place Northeast
Rio Haciendas
Rio Hondo Drive Northeast
Rio Largo Drive Southwest
Rio Las Vacas Road Northwest
Rio Linda Drive Southwest
Rio Los Pinos Drive Northwest
Rio Lucio Road Northwest
Rio Madre Avenue Southwest
Rio Madre Court Southwest
Rio Mariea Drive Southwest
Rio Maule Drive Southwest
Rio Orilla Lane Northwest
Rio Penasco Court Northwest
Rio Piedras Street
Rio Plata Drive Southwest
Rio Pueblo Drive Northwest
Rio Puerco Trail Southwest
Rio Rancho City Limits
Rio Rojo Avenue Southwest
Rio Salado Court Northwest
Rio Salado Drive Northwest
Rio San Diego Place Southwest
Rio Seco Drive Southwest
Rio Segura Avenue Northwest
Rio Senda Drive Southwest
Rio Trumperos Court Northwest
Rio Valle Avenue Southwest
Rio Verde Place Northwest
Rio Vista Circle Southwest
Rio Vista Court Southwest
Rio Vista Drive Southwest
Rio Vista Place Southwest
Risa Springs Drive Southwest
Risen Savior Catholic Community
Risen Savior Catholic School
Rising Star Chinese Eatery
Rising Star Place Northeast
Rita Court Northeast
Rita Drive Northeast
Riva Ridge Court Southeast
River Loop Trail
River Place Northeast
River Ridge Avenue Northwest
River Street Northeast
Rivera Lane
Riverbend Avenue Southwest
Riverdale Lane Northwest
Riverfront Road Northwest
Riverhill Drive Northwest
Riverside Funeral Home
Riverside Levy Trail
Riverside Park Mobile Home Community
Riverside Plaza Lane Northwest
Riverside Ramble
Riverside Road Northwest
Riverside Road Southwest
Riverside Trail
Riverton Drive Northwest
Riverview Court Northwest
Riverview Drive Northwest
Riverview Place Northwest
Riverview Road Northwest
Riviera Place Northeast
Riviera Road Northeast
Riviera Southwest Court
Rivulet Drive Southwest
Road Northeast
Roadrunner Auctions
Roadrunner Lane Northeast
Roadrunner Lane Northwest
Roadrunner Lounge (944)
Roan Avenue Southwest
Roanoke Avenue Northwest
Roaring Fork Place Northwest
Robby Avenue Southwest
Robel Drive Northeast
Roberston & Sons Violin Shop
Robert Dale Drive Northeast
Robert F. Kennedy Charter School
Roberta Place Northeast
Roberto's Le Salon
Roberts Street Northeast
Robertson Southwest
Robin Avenue Northeast
Robin Circle Southwest
Robin Meadow Road Northwest
Robin Road Northwest
Robotics (895)
Robs Place Northeast
Roca Fiel Northwest
Rocinada Lane Southwest
Rock Daisy Court Northwest
Rock Point Place Northeast
Rock Ridge Court Northeast
Rock Ridge Drive Northeast
Rock Springs Road Southwest
Rock Squirrel Avenue Southeast
Rock View Drive Northwest
Rockcliff Boulevard Northwest
Rockcliff Court Northwest
Rockcress Court Northwest
Rockcress Drive Northwest
Rocket Hair Studio
Rocket Kitchen
Rockingham Court Southeast
Rockrose Road Northeast
Rocksberg Court Northeast
Rocksberg Street Northeast
Rockway Court Northwest
Rockwood Road Southwest
Rocky Crest Drive Northwest
Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory
Rocky Mountain Drive Northwest
Rocky Point Court Northeast
Rocky Road Southwest
Rocky Top Drive Southeast
Rodeo Avenue Southwest
Rodeway Inn
Rodeway Inn Albuquerque
Rodey Avenue Southeast
Roehl Court Northwest
Roehl Road Northeast
Roehl Road Northwest
Rogers Avenue Northeast
Roll Avenue
Roll Cloud Drive Northwest
Roller Skate City
Rolling Hill Road Northeast
Rolling Ridge Drive Southwest
Rolling Rock Place Southwest
Roma Avenue Northeast
Roma Avenue Northwest
Romadora Lane Southwest
Romana Avenue Southeast
Romano's Macaroni Grill (closed)
Romero Street Gallery
Romero Street Northwest
Ron Bell Injury Lawyers
Ron Peterson Firearms
Ronald Gardenswartz Jewish Commuinity Center of Greater Albuquerque
Ronald McDonald House Charities
Ronan Court Northeast
Ronda de Lechusas Street Northwest
Root 66 Food Truck
Roots Salon
Rosa Parks Road Northwest
Rosalba Street Northeast
Rosalee Northwest Road
Rosales Northwest
Rosalinda Drive Northeast
Rosario Place Northwest
Rosas Avenue Northeast
Rosas Court Northeast
Rose Avenue Northwest
Rose Drive Northeast
Rose Garden Chinese Cuisine
Rose Park Avenue Northwest
Rose Place Southwest
Rose Quartz Avenue Northwest
Rose Rock Road Northwest
Rose Tree Place Northeast
Rose's Southwest Papers
Roseberry Road Southwest
Rosebud Drive Northwest
Rosecliff Avenue Northwest
Rosefinch Drive Northwest
Rosemary Court Southeast
Rosemary Drive Northwest
Rosemont Avenue Northeast
Rosemont Avenue Northwest
Rosendo Court Southwest
Rosendo Garcia Road Southwest
Rosenwald Building Historic Site
Rosette Drive Northwest
Rosewood Avenue Northwest
Rosewood Court Northwest
Rosewood Road Northeast
Rosie Court Southwest
Rosita Place Southwest
Ross Avenue Southeast
Ross Court Southeast
Ross Place Southeast
Rossmoor Road Southwest
Rosson Court Southeast
Rotary Park Basketball Half Courts
Rotary Park Playground
Rough Rider Road Northeast
Rough Rock Road Northwest
Round Rock Road Southwest
Round Up Place Southwest
Route 66 Cleaners
Route 66 Diner
Route 66 Hostel
Route 66 Lounge
Route 66 Self Storage
Routes Bicycle Rentals and Tours
Rover Avenue Northeast
Rowe Avenue Northwest
Rowen Road Southwest
Roxbury Lane Northeast
Roy Avenue
Roy E. Disney Center for Performing Arts
Royal Birkdale Northeast
Royal Crest Court Northeast
Royal Drive Northeast
Royal Oak Avenue Northeast
Royal Oak Court Northeast
Royal Oak Drive Northeast
Royal Oak Place Northeast
Royal Oak Street Northeast
Royal Point Court Northeast
Royal Ridge Court Northeast
Royal Troon Northeast
Royal Winslow Place Northeast
Royalglo Loop Northeast
Royalty School
Royene Avenue Northeast
Royene Court Northeast
Rozinante Court Northwest
Rozinante Drive Northwest
Ruben's Grill Mexican Restaurant
Ruby Pointe Street
Ruby Street
Ruby Street Northeast
Rude Boy Cookies
Rudolfo Anaya North Valley Library
Rudy Road Southwest
Rudy's Auto Repair
Rudy's Country Store & Bar-B-Q
Rudy's Texas Bar-B-Q


Ruele Sun Corporation
Ruffian Court Southeast
Ruffin Avenue Southwest
Ruger Road Southwest
Ruidoso Court Northeast
Ruidoso Road Northeast
Ruiz Lane Northwest
Running Bear Avenue Southeast
Running Bird Place Northwest
Running Water Circle Southeast
Rural Sourcing Inc
Rushing Brook Avenue Southwest
Russell Drive Northwest
Russian Sage Court
Rust is Gold
Rustler Court Northwest
Rustler Road Northwest
Rusty Road Northwest
Rusty Taco
Rusty Tacos
Ruth Avenue Northeast
Rutherford Lane Northeast
Rutledge Street Northeast
Ruyi Massage
Ryan Patrick Drive Northwest
Ryan Place Northwest
Ryno Court Southwest

S Street Southeast
S Y Jackson Elementary School
Saavedra Road Southwest
Sabina Street Northeast
Sabinal Drive Northwest
Sabino Loop Southwest
Sabo Street Northeast
Sabre Court
Sabrosa Drive Northeast
Sacate Alto Street Northwest
Sacate Avenue Northwest
Sacate Blanco Avenue Southwest
Sachs Body Modification
Sacred Heart Catholic Church
Sacred Heart Parish
Sacred Journey
Saddle Street Southwest
Saddleback Road Northwest
Saddlebrook Avenue Northwest
Sadie's of New Mexico
Sadora Road Southwest
Safe House
Safelite AutoGlass
Safford Place Northwest
Sage Canyon Apartments
Sage Crest Drive
Sage Hill Court Northwest
Sage Point Court Northeast
Sage Pointe
Sage Ranch Court
Sage Road Southwest
Sagebrush Court Southeast
Sagebrush Northeast
Sagebrush Path
Sagebrush Trail Southeast
Sagebrush.cc Community Church
Sagewood Court Southeast
Sagittarius Drive Northwest
Saguaro Court Southwest
Saguaro Road Northwest
Sahar Court Northeast
Sahara Express
Sahara Middle Eastern Eatery
Sahara Motel
SAHQ Academy Charter School
Saigon City Restaurant
Saigon Express
Saint Andrew Presbyterian Church
Saint Andrew's Court Northeast
Saint Anne Catholic Church
Saint Anne School
Saint Anne's Northeast
Saint Anthony Church
Saint Anthony Place
Saint Bernadette Catholic Church
Saint Charles Borromeo Catholic Church
Saint Charles Borromeo Catholic School
Saint Clair Street Northeast
Saint Court Northeast
Saint Croix Drive Northwest
Saint Cyr Avenue Southeast
Saint Edwin Catholic Church
Saint Francis Hall
Saint Francis Road Northwest
Saint Francis Xavier Catholic Church
Saint Francis Xavier School
Saint James Place Southwest
Saint John XXIII Catholic Community
Saint Joseph on the Rio Grande Catholic Church
Saint Joseph's Avenue Northwest
Saint Joseph's Drive Northwest
Saint Joseph's Place Northwest
Saint Josephine Bakhita Center
Saint Josephs Northwest Place
Saint Jude Thaddeus Catholic Church
Saint Magdalene of Canossa Multi-Purpose Center
Saint Marks-on-the-Mesa Episcopal Church
Saint Mary Catholic School
Saint Mary's Drive Northeast
Saint Marys Avenue Northeast
Saint Marys Drive Northeast
Saint Pius X High School
Saint Stephen's United Methodist Church
Saint Street Northeast
Saint Therese Catholic School
Saint Therese of the Infant Jesus Catholic Church
Saint Thomas Aquinas University Parish
Saint Timothys Lutheran Church
Saint Vincent Academy
Saiz Road Northwest
Sakura Sushi and Grill
Sala de Tomas Drive Northwest
Sala Thai
Salado Creek Street Southwest
Salamanca Northwest
Salazar Court Southeast
Salazar Funeral Home and Crematory
Salazar Mortuary
Salem Road Northeast
Salida Road Northwest
Salinas Street Southeast
Sally Ann Lane Northeast
Sally Beauty
Salome Drive Northwest
Salon 31
Salon Goat
Salon Studio 2
Salon Studios 3
Salt and Board
Salt Cedar Trail Northwest
Salt Gap Road Northwest
SaLT of the Earth Massage Therapy
Saltbrush Court Northeast
Saltbrush Court Southeast
Saltbrush Road Southwest
Saltillo Street Northwest
Salvador Road Southwest
Salvage Yard
Salvator Road Southeast
Sam Bowen Court Southwest
Sam Bratton Avenue Northwest
Sam's Club
Samantha Drive Northeast
Samar Road Northeast
Samara Road Northwest
Sammy Lane Southwest
Samon's Electric & Plumbing
Samsara Massage Spa
San Adan Avenue Northwest
San Agustine Street Northwest
San Andres Avenue Northeast
San Andres Avenue Northwest
San Antonio Condominiums
San Antonio Drive Northeast
San Antonio Place Northeast
San Antonio Street Northwest
San Benito Street Northwest
San Bernardino Avenue Northeast
San Bernardino Drive Northeast
San Bernidino Avenue Northeast
San Blas Place Northwest
San Brisas Street
San Carlos Court Southwest
San Carlos Road Southwest
San Clemente Avenue Northwest
San Cristobal Road Southwest
San Diego Avenue Northeast
San Diego Avenue Southeast
San Diego Court Northeast
San Felipe de Neri Catholic Church
San Felipe de Neri Catholic School
San Felipe Street Northwest
San Fernando Place Northwest
San Fidel Road Northwest
San Francisco Place
San Francisco Road Northeast
San Francisco Road Northwest
San Francisquita Court Northwest
San Gabriel Area
San Gabriel Court Northeast
San Gabriel Road Northeast
San Gavilon Street Northeast
San Gregorio Drive Northwest
San Ignacio Catholic Church
San Ignacio Court Northeast
San Ignacio Road
San Ildefonso Drive Northwest
San Isidro Court Northwest
San Isidro Street Northwest
San Jacinto Avenue Northeast
San Jacinto Boulevard Southeast
San Joaquin Avenue Southeast
San Jon Court Southwest
San Jorge Avenue Northwest
San Jose Avenue Southeast
San Jose Catholic Church
San Juan Avenue Northeast
San Juan Place
San Juan Road Northeast
San Leon St Southwest
San Lorenzo Avenue Northwest
San Lorenzo Place Northwest
San Luis Obispo Avenue Northeast
San Luis Place Northwest
San Luis Rey Place Northeast
San Marcial Street Northwest
San Marcos Place Northeast
San Marino Court Northeast
San Marino Place Northeast
San Marino Road Northeast
San Marle Salon
San Martin Place Northwest
San Mateo Boulevard Northeast
San Mateo Boulevard Southeast
San Mateo Lane Northeast
San Mateo Place Northeast
San Miguel Court Northeast
San Miguel Del Bosque Apartments
San Nicholas Avenue Northwest
San Pablo Street Northeast
San Pablo Street Southeast
San Pasquale Avenue Northwest
San Pasquale Avenue Southwest
San Patricia Drive Northwest
San Patricio Avenue Southwest
San Pedro Boulevard Southeast
San Pedro Court Northeast
San Pedro Drive Northeast
San Pedro Drive Southeast
San Pedro Library
San Pedro Smoke Shop
San Pedro Village
San Rafael Avenue Northeast
San Rafael Avenue Southeast
San Rafael Court
San Rafael Place Northeast
San Rio Court
San Rio Place Northwest
San Saulo Road Southwest
San Tesoro Street Northeast
San Timoteo Avenue Northwest
San Venito Place Northwest
San Venito Road Northwest
San Vicente Avenue Northeast
San Victorio Avenue Northeast
San Ygnacio Place Southwest
San Ygnacio Road
San Ygnacio Road Southwest
Sanchez Road Northwest
Sancho Panza Way Southwest
Sand Cherry Place Northeast
Sand Rock Street Northwest
Sand Sage Drive
Sand Springs Circle Northwest
Sand Springs Road Northwest
Sand Verbena Trail Northeast
Sandalwood Place Northeast
Sandcreek Street Northwest
Sanderling Road Northwest
Sandhurst Drive Northwest
Sandia Area Credit Union
Sandia Area Federal Credit Union
Sandia Baptist Church
Sandia Base Elementary School
Sandia Cafeteria
Sandia Church
Sandia Collision
Sandia Court Northwest
Sandia Crest Pizza
Sandia Cycles
Sandia Federal Credit Union
Sandia Glow Court Northeast
Sandia Golf Club
Sandia Heights
Sandia Heights Drive Northeast
Sandia Heights Road Northeast
Sandia High School
Sandia Laboratory Federal Credit Union
Sandia Laboratory Federal Credit Union Tech Park Branch
Sandia Lane Northwest
Sandia Mountain Trail Area
Sandia Peak Aerial Tramway
Sandia Peak Aerial Tramway Terminal
Sandia Peak Hotel
Sandia Point Road Northeast
Sandia Police Department
Sandia Preparatory School
Sandia Presbyterian Church
Sandia Pueblo Southern Border
Sandia Ridge Place Northeast
Sandia Road Northwest
Sandia Safe & Lock
Sandia Shadows
Sandia Sunset Avenue Southeast
Sandia Sunset Street Northwest
Sandia Swimming Pool
Sandia Trail South
Sandia View Road Northwest
Sandia Vista
Sandia Vista Drive Northeast
Sandia Way Northwest
Sandle Loop
Sandler Court Northeast
Sandler Drive Northeast
Sandlewood Drive Northwest
Sandman Drive Northwest
Sandmark Road Northwest
Sandoval Court Northeast
Sandpiper Drive Southwest
Sandpoint Road Northwest
Sandra Avenue Northeast
Sandstine Rim Drive Northwest
Sandstone Place
Sandstone Place Southeast
Sandstone Rim Drive Northwest
Sandstone Trails at Anderson Heights
Sandwater Road Northwest
Sandy Creek Road Southwest
Sandy Drive Northwest
Sandy Flats Avenue Southwest
Sandy Ridge Road Southwest
Sandy Spring Avenue Southwest
Sandy Spring Drive Southwest
Sandy Trail Road Southwest
Sanford Avenue Southwest
Sangre de Cristo Catholic Church
Sanitary Lift Station #5
Santa Ana Avenue Southeast
Santa Anita Road Southwest
Santa Barbara Road Northeast
Santa Catalina Avenue Northwest
Santa Catarina Court Northwest
Santa Clara Avenue Southeast
Santa Clara Trail
Santa Clarita Street Northeast
Santa Cruz Avenue Southeast
Santa Elena Street Northeast
Santa Fe Avenue Southeast
Santa Fe Avenue Southwest
Santa Fe Brewing Co. Taproom
Santa Fe Trail Northwest
Santa Fe Village
Santa Isabel Court Northwest
Santa Lucia Street Northwest
Santa Maria Avenue Southwest
Santa Maria Court Northeast
Santa Maria Court Northwest
Santa Marisa Street Northeast
Santa Martha Court Northeast
Santa Monica Avenue Northeast
Santa Monica Avenue Southeast
Santa Paula Avenue Northeast
Santa Rachel Street Northeast
Santa Rita Place Northeast
Santa Rosa Avenue Southwest
Santa Rosalia Street Northwest
Santa Susana Place Northeast
Santa Susana Road Northeast
Santa Teresa Street Northwest
Santala Place Northwest
Santander Street Southwest
Santo Domingo Street Northwest
Santo Domingo Trail North
Santo Domingo Trail South
Santo Lina Trail Northwest
Santo Tomas Court Northwest
Santolina Drive Northwest
Santuario de San Martin de Porres Catholic Church
Sapphire Street Southwest
Sarabande Bed & Breakfast
Saragossa Street Northwest
Sarah Court Northwest
Sarah Lane Northwest
Sarasota Street Northeast
Saratoga Court Northwest
Saratoga Drive Northwest
Saratoga Place Northwest
Saratori's Pastry Shoppe
Sardinia Drive Northeast
Sarita Northwest Avenue
Sarracino Place Northwest
Sartan Way Northeast
Sasebo Street Northeast
Satellite Coffee
Satellite Coffie
Satellite Street Northwest
Satlin Salon
Saturn Court Northeast
Saturn Place Northeast
Saturnia Road Northwest
Saul Bell Road Northwest
Saunders Road Southwest
Sausalito Drive Southwest
Sauvignon Street Northeast
Sauza Drive Southwest
Savon Cash & Carry Flowers
Savory Fare Cafe, Bakery & Catering
Savoy Drive Northwest
Sawgrass Place Northwest
Sawmill Road Northwest
Sawmill Village 1741-1761
Sawsan Road
Sawtooth Street Southeast
Saxton Court Northwest
Scarlet Bloom Drive Southwest
Scarlet Gem Court Northeast
Scarlet Knight Street Northeast
Scarlet Place Northwest
Scarp Way Southwest
SCARS (855)
Scenic Drive Northwest
Schell Court Northeast
Schell Place Northeast
Schiff Auditorium (825)
Schist Avenue Northeast
School on Wheels
School On Wheels Alternative High School
Schooner Drive Northwest
Schulte Road Northwest
Schumacher Street Northwest
Scoresby Drive Northeast
Scoria Drive Northwest
Scorpio Avenue Northwest
Scott Avenue Southeast
Scottish Broom Road Southwest
Scotts Place Northeast
Scottsdale Avenue Northwest
Scotty Court Southwest

scrubs & beyond

Sea Biscuit Drive Southeast
Sea Breeze Street Northwest
Sea Foam Street Northwest
Seaborn Drive Southwest
Seagull Street Northeast
Seaside Road Northwest
Seasonal pool
Seasons 52
Seattle Slew Avenue Southeast
Seco Court
Secondhand Treasures
Secret Oasis Avenue Southwest
Secret Valley Court Southwest
Secret Valley Drive Southwest
Secretariat Avenue Southeast
Secretariat Street Southwest
Security Forces Admin (926)
Sedan Road Northwest
Sedge Avenue Northwest
Sedge Creek Road
Sedona Drive Northeast
Sedrev Road Northeast
See's Candies
Sego Cox Northeast
Segovia Avenue Northwest
Segunda Street Northwest
Seidler Natatorium
Selerno Street Northwest
Self Serve Sexuality Resource Center
Selfridge Avenue Southeast
Seligman Avenue Northeast
Sellers Drive Northeast
Selway Place Northwest
Seminole Road Northeast
Sena Northwest Road
Sena Road Northwest
Sena Street Southwest
Senac Place Northeast
Sendero Road Northwest
Seneca Drive Northwest
Sentido Place Northeast
Sentinal Court Northeast
Sentinel Self Storage
Sentry House
Sepulveda Avenue Northeast
Sequoia Court Northeast
Sequoia Court Northwest
Sequoia Place Northwest
Sequoia Road Northwest
Serafian's Oriental Rugs
Serena Circle Northeast
Serenata Place Northwest
Serendipity Day School
Serenity Body Spa
Serenity Court Southeast
Serenity Hills Place
Serenity Hills Place Southeast
Sereno Drive Northeast
Sergio's Bakery
Serna Road Northwest
Serpent Street
Serpentine Court Northwest
Serrano Pointe Avenue Northwest
Sesame Street Southwest
Seteria Road Northwest
Setter Drive Northeast
Settlement Way Northwest
Sevano Circle Northeast
Seven Bar Elementary School
Seven Bar Loop Northwest
Seven Bar Loop Road Northwest
Seven Clover
Seven Falls Court Southwest
Seven Falls Place Southwest
Seven Springs Northwest
Severo Road Southwest
Sevilla Avenue Northwest
Seville Place Northwest
Sgt. Andrew F. Tingwall Aviation Facility
Sgt Pepper Court
Shadetree Drive Southwest
Shadow Avenue Northwest
Shadow Hills
Shadow Leader Place Southeast
Shadow Mountain Road Northeast
Shadow Ridge
Shadow Ridge Drive Northwest
Shadow Rock Road Northwest
Shadowcast Road Southwest
Shady Lane Southwest
Shadyside Drive Southwest
Shaffer Court Southeast
Shaheen Court Northeast
Shale Avenue Northeast
Shamrock Foods Foodservice Warehouse
Shamrock Way Northwest
Shana Street Southwest
Shangri La Court Northwest
Shannon Loves Flowers
Shannon Place Northwest
Shannon Street Northeast
Shard Court Southwest
Shard Road Southwest
Shari Vista Road Southwest
Shark Reef Cafe
Sharon Drive Northeast
Sharpp Spur Street Southwest
Shasta Road Southwest
Shaw Drive Southwest
Shawarma Express
Shawna Street Northwest
Shawndra Drive Southwest
Shawnee Court Southeast
Shawnee Place Southeast
Shay Road Northeast
Shear Madness Haircuts for Kids
Sheffield Place Northwest
Shelburn Road Southwest
Shelby Avenue Southwest
Sheldon Street Southeast
Shelly Rose Road Northwest
Shenandoah Drive
Shenandoah Place Northeast
Shepard Place Northeast
Shepard Road Northeast
Shepherd of the Valley Presbyterian Church
Sheraton Albuquerque Airport Hotel
Sheraton Albuquerque Uptown
Sheridan Street Northwest
Sherman Avenue Southeast
Sherre Drive Northeast
Sherry Ann Road Northwest
Sherwood Drive Northwest
Sherwood Street Northeast
Shetland Place Southwest
Shi Yazhi Sage Gallery & Studio
Shields Southeast
Shiloh Drive Northeast
Shiloh Place
Shiloh Place Northeast
Shipman Road Southwest
Shiprock Drive Northwest
Shiraz Road Southwest
Shire Street Southwest
Shirk Court
Shirk Lane Southwest
Shirlane Place Northeast
Shirley Street Northeast
Shirley Street Southeast
Shoe Palace
Shoe Show
Shogun Sushi
Shone Avenue Southwest
Shooting Range Park Road Northwest
Shooting Star Street Northwest
Shop on the Corner
Shorewood Drive Northwest
Shorewood Northwest Drive
Short Hop Road
Short Street Northeast
Shoshone Road Northeast
Showlow Street Northwest
Shropshire Place Northwest
Siboney Loop Northeast
Sicily Road Northwest
Side Effex
Sidetrack Brewing
Sidewinder Drive Northeast
Sidney Avenue Northeast
Siegel Select Albuquerque
Siembra School
Sienna Street Northwest
Sierra Altos Place Northwest
Sierra Azul Avenue Northeast
Sierra Bonita Avenue Northeast
Sierra Bonita Place Northeast
Sierra Court Northeast
Sierra Drive Northeast
Sierra Drive Southeast
Sierra Grande Avenue Northeast
Sierra Hill Drive Northwest
Sierra Larga Drive Northeast
Sierra Linda Avenue Northwest
Sierra Madre Drive Northeast
Sierra Meadows Apartments
Sierra Morena Street Northwest
Sierra Nevada Circle Northwest
Sierra Oscura Avenue Northeast
Sierra Place Northeast
Sierra Place Southeast
Sierra Ranch
Sierra Rica Drive Northwest
Sierra Sky Avenue Southwest
Sierra Vista Court Northeast
Sierra Vista Elementary School
Sierra Vista Street Northwest
Sierra Vista West
Siesta Place Northeast
Sigma Chi Road Northeast
Sign & Image Factory
Signal Avenue Northeast
Signal Court Northeast
Signal Pointe Lane
Signature Hair Studio
Siguard Court Northeast
Silas Court
Silent Meadows Place Southwest
Silica Avenue Northwest
Silk Road Connection
Silk Tassel Rooad Northwest
Silkwood Avenue Northwest
Silver Arrow Drive Northwest
Silver Avenue Southeast
Silver Avenue Southwest
Silver Charm Road Southeast
Silver Creek Road Northwest
Silver Dollar Street Southeast
Silver Family Geology Museum
Silver Fox Drive Southeast
Silver Grade Court
Silver Hair Road Northwest
Silver Lofts
Silver Mesa Street Northwest
Silver Moon Lodge Apartments
Silver Moon Road Northwest
Silver Peak Place Northeast
Silver Saddle Road Northeast
Silver Sage Drive Northeast
Silver Sage Road
Silver Sage Road Southeast
Silver Sky Court Southwest
Silver Sky Drive Southwest
Silver Spur
Silver Star Drive Southwest
Silver Street Market
Silver Tree Drive Southwest
Silverado Apartments
Silverado Avenue Southwest
Silverberry Circle
Silverberry Circle Southeast
Silverberry Road Southeast
Silverberry Road Southwest
Silvercrest Court Northwest
Silveroak Lane Northeast
Silverthorne Road Northwest
Silverton Drive Northwest
Silverway Southeast
Silverway Circle
Silverway Circle Southeast
Silverwood Drive Northeast
Simi Lane Northeast
Simms Avenue Southeast
Simms Building
Simms Court Southeast
Simms Park Road
Simon Court Southwest
Simon Drive Northwest
Simonds Street Northwest
Simone Roberts & Weiss P.A.
Simpier Lane Southwest
Simply Amish
Sin Nombre Court Northeast
Sincho Avenue Northwest
Singapore Circle Northeast
Singer Boulevard Northeast
Singing Arrow
Singing Arrow Avenue Southeast
Singletary Drive Northeast
Sinners and Saints
Sioux Street Northwest
Sipapu Avenue Northwest
SIPI Library
Sir Baton Road Southeast
Sirius Avenue Southwest
Sirocco Place
Sirocco Place Northwest
Sister Bar
Site of historic Alameda Pueblo
Situla Road Southwest
Skiff Drive Northwest
Sky Court Circle Northeast
Sky Valley Way Northeast
Sky Watchers Street Northwest
Skybrook Drive Northwest
Skylark Lane
Skylight Avenue Southwest
Skyline Court Northeast
Skyline Ridge Court
Skyline Road Northeast
Skyline View Court
SkyStone Apartments
Skytower Street Southwest
Skytrail Court Northwest
Skyview Avenue Northeast
Skyview Crest Road Northwest
Skyview Place Northeast
Skyway Court Southwest
Skyway Trading
Slate Avenue Northeast
Slate Avenue Northwest
Sleep Disorders Center
Sleep Inn
Sleep Number
Sleeping Bear Drive Northwest
Sleepy Nights Road Northwest
Slice & Dice Pizza
Slice Parlor
Slice Parlor NE Heights
Slick Rock Court Northwest
Sliver Garden Apartments
Sloan Circle Southwest
Sloan Court Southwest
Sloan Place Southwest
Slow Burn Coffee Roasters
Slumber Court Northwest
Smarty Jones Street Southeast
Smith Avenue Southeast
Smith Plaza
Smith's Food and Drug
Smith's Fuel Center
Smith's Gas
Smith's gas station
Smiths Food and Drug Fuel Center
Smiths Pharmacy
Smoke City Smoke Shop
Smoke Signals
Smokerise Avenue Northwest
Smokey Mountain Trail Northeast
Smokey Mountain Way Northeast
Snack Attack
Snack Bar
Snack King
Snakedance Court
Snapdragon Road Northwest
Snaproll Street Northeast
Snipes Road Southwest
Snow Avenue Northeast
Snow Court Northeast
Snow Creek Court Northwest
Snow Heights Boulevard Northeast
Snow Vista Boulevard Southwest
Snow Vista Channel Trail
Snowberry Street Northwest
Snowbird Drive Northwest
Snowflake Court Northwest
Snowflake Drive Northwest
Snowheights Circle Northeast
Snowmass Way Northeast
Snowridge Court Northeast
Snowy Egret Place Northwest
Snowy Owl Drive
Snyder Street Southeast
Soar Distribution Ltd
Soaring Eagle Drive Northeast
Sobra Court Southeast
Social Hall
Social Security Administration Building
Socorro Street Northwest
Soda Spring Lane Northwest
Sofia Polito Lane Southwest
Soft Surroundings
Softball Field
Softball Field Bleachers and Press Box
Softball Home Team Facility
Sol de Vida Northwest
Sol Poniente Road Northwest
Sol Rio Court Northwest
Sol Vita Court Northeast
Solano Court Northeast
Solano Drive Northeast
Solano Drive Southeast
Solano Place Northeast
Solar Building
Solar Road Northwest
Sole Grande Road Northwest
Sole Rosso Court Northwest
Soledad Court Southeast
Solitude Road Southwest
Soltana Court Southwest
Solterra Place Northeast
Sombra del Monte Church
Sombra del Monte Elementary School
Sombra Del Oso Apartments
Sombra del Rio Northwest
Sombra Place Northwest
Sombrero Loop Northeast
Sombrillo Avenue Southwest
Somerset Drive Northwest
Somerset Park Apartments
Somos Destinations
Sonata Drive Northeast
Sonesta ES Suites
Sonoma Avenue Northwest
Sonoma Valley Drive Northeast
Sonora Avenue Northwest
Sonrisa Place Northeast
Sonterro Avenue Northwest
Sonya Avenue Southwest
Soo Bak
Sooner Trail Northwest
Soplo Road Southeast
Soria Avenue Northwest
Sorrel Lane Southwest
Sorrento Drive Northwest
Soto Avenue Northwest
Soul Harvest Ministries
Soula Drive Northeast
South Branch Street Southwest
South Broadway Cultural Center
South Broadway Library
South Canyon Road Southwest
South Dale Drive Southwest
South de Bace Circle Southwest
South Lomas Channel
South Plaza Street Northwest
South Point Trail
South Pointe Village
South Renaissance Boulevard Northeast
South Ridge Avenue
South Ridge Court Northwest
South Rim Road Northeast
South Sandoval Street Northeast
South Santa Fe Trail
South Sky Street Northwest
South Valley
South Valley Economic Development Center
South Valley Growers' Market
South Valley Swimming Pool
South Washroom
South Wood Court Northwest
South's Mobile Villa
Southeast Circle Northwest
Southern Avenue Southeast
Southern Avenue Southwest
Southern Boulevard Southeast
Southfield Drive Southwest
Southfort Drive Southwest
Southgate Road Southeast
Southpointe Drive Northwest
Southwest Cactus
Southwest Capital Bank
Southwest Collections
Southwest Federal Credit Union
Southwest Gastroenterology Associates
Southwest Hispanic Research Institute and Chicano Studies
Southwest Self Storage
Southwestern Gold, Inc.
Southwestern Indian Polytechnical Institute
Southwood Court
Soutwestern Polytechnic Institute Road
Sox Empire
Spain Road Northeast
Spanish Bit Street Northeast
Spanish Broom Avenue Northwest
Spanish Broom Court Northwest
Spanish History Museum
Spanish Pointe Place Northwest
Spanish Sun Avenue Northeast
Sparetime Grill
Sparkle Truck (closed)
Sparkling Mobile Detailing
Sparrow Hawk Court Southeast
Speakman Drive Southeast
Spence Avenue Southeast
Speronelli Road Northwest
Spinnaker Drive Northwest
Spinning Wheel Road Northwest
Spirit Drive Southeast
Spirit of the Desert
Spirit Trail Place Northeast
Spirock Lane
Sport Clips
Sportsman's Warehouse
Spotted Pony
Spotted Pony Street Southwest
Sprenger Drive Northeast
Spring Avenue Northeast
Spring Canyon Drive Southwest
Spring Creek Court Northeast
Spring Creek Drive Northeast
Spring Creek Lane Northeast
Spring Creek Place Northeast
Spring Flower Place Southwest
Spring Flower Road Southwest
Spring Park Apartments
Spring Sage Court Southwest
Spring Sage Road Southwest
Spring Vale Road Northwest
Spring Valley Circle Southwest
Springcroft Road Northwest
Springer Southeast
Springfield Drive Northeast
Springhill Drive Northwest
SpringHill Suites Albuquerque North/Journal Center
SpringHill Suites Albuquerque University Area
Springwood Road Northwest
Sprouts Farmers Market
Spruce Street Northeast
Spruce Street Southeast
Spruce Street Southwest
Sprunk Road Northeast
Spur Court Northwest
Spur Street Northeast
Spyglass Hill Lane Northeast
Squatters Lane Northwest
Squeezed! Juice Bar
St. Andrew Lutheran
St Anthony Apartments
St. Chad's Episcopal Church
St. Clair Winery & Bistro
St. George Greek Orthodox Church
St. John's Thrift Shop
St. John's United Methodist Church
St Joseph's Hospital Complex
St Josephs Court Northwest
St. Luke Lutheran Church
St. Luke Preschool
St. Mark's Montessori School
St. Paul's Lutheran Church
St. Paul's United Methodist Church
St. Vilncent DePaul Thrift Store
Stacked Sandwich
Stackers Burgers
Stadium Boulevard Southeast
Stadium Package Liquors
Stadium Super Market
Stadler Avenue Northwest
Stafford Avenue Northwest
Stafford Place Northwest
Stag Horn Drive Northwest
Stage 1
Stage 2
Stagecoach Lane Southeast
Stagecoach Road Southeast
Stalgren Court Northeast
Stallion Drive Northwest
Stampede Drive Southwest
Standard Diner
Standfier Court Southwest
Standing Rock Northwest
Stanford Drive Northeast
Stanford Drive Southeast
Stanley Drive Northwest
Stanton Optical
Star Avenue Northwest
Star Bright Cleaners
Star Bright Road Northwest
Star Gazer Avenue Northwest
Star Kachina Street Northwest
Star Tattoo
Starboard Road Northwest
Stardust Court Northeast
Stardust Drive Northeast
Starfire Place Northwest
Starlight Drive
Starlily Road Northwest
Starry Moon
Starshine Street Northeast
Starwood Drive Northwest
State Employees Credit Union
State Route 2471 Northeast
Station Court Northwest
Staubach Avenue Northwest
Staunton Place Northwest
Stay Gold
Staybridge Suites Albuquerque - Airport
Staybridge Suites Albuquerque North
Steamboat Street Southeast
Steel Bender
Stela Street Southwest
Stella Lane Southwest
Stella Road Southwest
Steller Court Northwest
Stephan Road Southwest
Stephanie Drive Northeast
Stephen Moody Road Southeast
Sterling Road Southwest
Stern Drive
Stetson Drive Southwest
Steve Schiff Post Office
Stevens Drive Northeast
Steward Street Northwest
Sticky Rice Grilled Chicken
Stillbrooke Avenue Northwest
Stilwell Place Northeast
Stinson Street Southwest
Stirrup Court Southwest
Stock Drive Southeast
Stockbridge Avenue Northwest
Stockman's Grill
Stone Age Climbing Gym
Stone Canyon Road Northeast
Stone Court Northwest
Stone Creek Avenue Northwest
Stone Gate Way Southwest
Stone Hedge Court Northwest
Stone Hills Road Northwest
Stone Mountain Bead Gallery
Stone Mountain Drive Northwest
Stone Mountain Place Northwest
Stone Peak Road Northwest
Stone Ridge Drive Northwest
Stone Street Northeast
Stone Street Northwest
Stonebridge Drive Northwest
Stonebridge Trail Northwest
Stonebrook Place Northwest
Stoneham Place Northwest
Stonehaven Drive Northwest
Stonehollow Place Northwest
Stoneway Drive Northwest
Stonewood Drive Northwest
Stoney Bluff Court
Stoney Place Northeast
Stoneybrook Apartments
Stony Creek Road Southwest
Stonybrook Place Northwest
Storm Cloud Avenue
Storm Cloud Avenue Northwest
Stormson Lane Southwest
Storrie Drive
Storrie Place Northeast
Story Rock Street Northwest
Storyteller Road Northwest
Stoughton Place Northwest
Stovall Court Northeast
Stovall Place Northeast
Stover Avenue Southwest
Stowe Road Northwest
Strasburg Court Northwest
Strata Tuscano Northeast
Strater Street Northwest
Stratford Avenue Northwest
Stream Court Northeast
Stream Stone Avenue Northwest
Stream Street Northeast
Stripes & Burritos Co
Stripes Burrito
Stripes Burrito Co
Stripes Burritos and Coffee
Strong-Thorne Funeral Services
Stronghurst Alternative School
Stuart Road Northwest
Student Veterans of UNM
Studio 21
Studio 519
Studio 6 Albuquerque N
Studio J
Stutz Drive Northeast
Style America
Suburban Extended Stay
Suejeto Road Northwest
Suerte Place Northeast
Suffolk Avenue Southwest
Suffolk Court Southwest
Sugarbear Court Northwest
Sukhmani Home
Sukhmani Home Warehouse
Sukhmani Jewelry
Sulky Drive Northeast
Sullivan Court Northwest
Sumac Circle Southeast
Sumac Drive Northwest
Summer Avenue Northeast
Summer Avenue Northwest
Summer Breeze Drive Northwest
Summer Hill Lane Northwest
Summer Night Place Northwest
Summer Place Northeast
Summer Ray Court Northwest
Summer Ray Drive Northwest
Summer Ray Road Northwest
Summer Ridge Drive Southwest
Summer Ridge Road Northwest
Summer Road
Summer Shower Place Northwest
Summer Wind Place Northeast
Summercrest Road Northwest
Summerfield Court Southwest
Summerfield Drive Southwest
Summerfield Place Southwest
Summerlin Road Northwest
Summerside Drive Southeast
Summersville Drive Northwest
Summertree Road Northeast
Summerwood Court Northwest
Summerwood Drive Northwest
Summerwood Road Northwest
Summit Drive Northeast
Summit Hills Drive Northeast
Summit Hills Place Northeast
Summit Hills Road Northeast
Summit Park Road Northwest
Summit Place Northeast
Sun Avenue Northeast
Sun Avenue Southwest
Sun Canyon Lane Southwest
Sun Chaser Trail Southwest
Sun Court Southwest
Sun Cove Road
Sun Gate Trail Southwest
Sun God Drive Southwest
Sun Loans
Sun Mountain Trail Southwest
Sun Pointe Park Apartments
Sun Valley Drive Southwest
Sun View Drive Northwest
Sunbeam Road Southwest
Sunbear Drive Southwest
Sunbird Court Southwest
Sunbird Drive Northwest
Sunbird Road Southwest
Sunbow Avenue Southwest
Sunburst Road Southwest
Sunchase Apartments
Sunchaser Trail Southwest
Suncreek Village Apartments
Suncrest Avenue Southwest
Suncrest Court Southwest
Suncup Court Northwest
Sundance Drive Southwest
Sundance Estates
Sundance Trail Northwest
Sundancer Drive Northwest
Sundeck Court Southwest
Sundew Court Northwest
Sundial Place Southwest
Sundisk Drive Southwest
Sundoro Place Northwest
Sundoro St Northwest
Sundown Place Southeast
Sundowner Apartments
Sundrop Place Northwest
Sundrops Place Southeast
Suneast Drive Southwest
Sunfish Avenue Southwest
Sunflower Company
Sunflower Drive Southwest
Sungate Estates
Sunglass Hut
Sunglow Road Northeast
Sunhorn Place Northwest
Sunland Circle Northwest
Sunlight Lane Southwest
Sunlight Peak Street Northwest
Sunningdale Avenue Northeast
Sunningdale Court Northeast
Sunningdale Place Northeast
Sunny Brook Street Northeast
Sunny Circle Southwest
Sunny Day Court Northwest
Sunny Day Place Northwest
Sunny Morning Drive Northwest
Sunny Sky Lane Southwest
Sunnyslope Road Southeast
Sunnyslope Street Southwest
Sunport Boulevard
Sunport Boulevard Southeast
Sunport Court Southeast
Sunport Loop Southeast
Sunport South
Sunray Court Northwest
Sunray Road Northwest
Sunridge Avenue Southwest
Sunridge Road Southwest
Sunrise Bank
Sunrise Court Southwest
Sunrise Drive Southwest
Sunrise Place Southeast
Sunrise Ranch Street Southwest
Sunrise South Apartments
Sunrise Trail Place Northeast
Sunrise West Drive Southwest
Sunrose Drive Northwest
Sunset Canyon Drive Northeast
Sunset Canyon Place Northeast
Sunset Canyon Route
Sunset Drive Northeast
Sunset Drive Southwest
Sunset Farm Place Southwest
Sunset Farm Road Southwest
Sunset Gardens Road Southwest
Sunset Mesa School (K-5th Grade Campus)
Sunset Mesa School (Preschool)
Sunset Place Southwest
Sunset Ridge Place Northeast
Sunset Road Southwest
Sunset Street Southeast
Sunset View Elementary School
Sunset West Avenue Southwest
Sunshine Mesa Drive Northwest
Sunshine Place Southwest
Sunshine Road Southwest
Sunshine Terrace Southeast
Sunshine Theatre
Sunshine West Plaza Drive Southwest
Sunspot Road Southwest
Sunstar Boulevard Southwest
Sunstar Loop
Sunstar Loop Southwest
Sunstone Drive Northwest
Suntrail Road Northwest
Sunup Street
Sunup Street Southeast
Sunward Drive Southwest
Sunwest Drive Southwest
Sunwise Avenue Southwest
Suny Bay Road Southeast
Super 8
Super 8 by Wyndham
Super 8 by Wyndham Albuquerque West/Coors Boulevard
Super Sabre Drive
Supernova Street Northwest
Supper Rock
Supper Rock Drive Northeast
Supreme Court Northeast
Sur Vista Road Northwest
SureStay by Best Western
Surplus City
Surrey Road Northeast
Susan Avenue Southeast
Sushi Freak
Sushi Hana
Sushi King
Sushi Xuan Asian Grill
Susie Raymos Maron Elementary School
Sustainment Facility
Susy Street Southwest
Sutter Mill Street Northwest
Sutton Street
Suzanne Lane Southeast
SW Property Pros Inc
Swallow Drive Southwest
Swank Hair & Nails
Sweet Cup Boba and Coffee
Sweet Dreams Drive Northwest
Sweet Sparrow Market boutique
Sweet Tomatoes
Sweetbrier Avenue Northwest
Sweetwater Court Northwest
Sweetwater Drive Northwest
Sweetwater Place Northwest
Swing Trail
Swiss Alps Bakery and Cafe
SWOP Cannabis
Sycamore Square
Sycamore Street Northeast
Sycamore Street Southeast
Sydney Lane Northwest
Sylvia Lane
Sylvia Place Southwest
Sylvia Road Southwest
Szechwan Chinese Restaurant

T B Catron Avenue Northwest
T Street
Taco Bell
Taco Cabana
Taco Sal Mexican Food
Taco Tote! Albuquerque
Taft Court Northwest
Taft Middle School
Tahiti Court Northeast
Tahiti Place Northeast
Tahiti Street Northeast
Tahoe Place Northeast
Tahoe Street Northeast
Taj Mahal
Tako Ten
Takumi Restaurant
Talang Street Northwest
Talara Place Northwest
Talea Court Northeast
Talin Market World Food Fare
Talisman Path
Tall Peak Court Northwest
Talladega Street Southeast
Tallado Court Northwest
Tallsman Drive Northwest
Tally Ho Avenue Northwest
Talmadge Avenue
Talos Court Southwest
Tamarac Drive Northeast
Tamarac Trail Northeast
Tamarisk Place Northwest
Tamariz Drive Northwest
Tambora Street Northwest
Tammaron Place Northeast
Tanager Drive Southwest
Tanbark Court Northwest
Tangerine Place Northwest
Tanglewood Place Northwest
Tanner Chaney Gallery
Tanoan Drive Northeast
Tanoan East
Tansion Northeast Court
Tanzanite Drive Northwest
Taos at The Trails
Taos II at The Trails
Taos Mountain Way Northwest
Taos Place Southwest
Tapatio Drive Northwest
Tapia Boulevard Southwest
Tapia Place Southwest
Tara Court Northeast
Tara Drive Northeast
Target Lane Northwest
Tarrington Drive Northwest
Tasco Drive Northeast
Tascosa Lane Northwest
Tassy Court Southeast
Taurus Avenue Northwest
Taurus Court Northwest
Tauton Road Northwest
Taylor Avenue Northeast
Taylor Middle School
Taylor Ranch
Taylor Ranch Apartments
Taylor Ranch Drive
Taylor Ranch Drive Northwest
Taylor Ranch Library
Taylor Ranch Road Northwest
Taylor Ridge Road Northwest
Taylor'd Ranch Barber Shop
Teagan Northeast Court
Teakwood Drive Northwest
Teakwood Trail Northeast
Teal Road Southwest
TEAM Technologies
Tecolote Northwest
Tejana Mesa Place Northeast
Telegraph Hill Apartments
Telephone Pioneer Museum
Telesfor Drive Southwest
Telesfor Sanchez Road Northwest
Telluride Court Northwest
Telstar Loop Northwest
TEMA Furniture
Temile Hill Place Northeast
Tempe Avenue Northwest
Tempest Drive Northwest
Temple Baptist Academy
Templeton Avenue Southwest
Temporary Residential Housing
Tempur-Pedic Parkway Northwest
Tenabo Road Northwest
Tennessee Place Northeast
Tennessee Place Southeast
Tennessee Street Northeast
Tennessee Street Southeast
Tennis Court Northwest
Tennyson Street Northeast
Tent Rocks Drive Northwest
Teodocio Road Northwest
Teodoro Court Northwest
Teodoro Road Northwest
Tephra Avenue Northwest
Tercera Street Northwest
Teree Street Southwest
Teresa Court Northwest
Teresa's Frame Shop
Teresina Court Northwest
Teriyaki Chicken Bowl
Termuous Eldorado Drive
Terra Bella Court Northwest
Terra Dolce Avenue Northwest
Terra Forte Road Northwest
Terrace Street Northeast
Terrace Street Southeast
Terracita Lane Southeast
Terracotta Place Southwest
Terragon Drive Northeast
Terragon Place Northeast
Terragonna Road Northwest
Terraza Drive Southeast
Terrazas Road Northwest
Terrene Hookah Lounge
Territorial Road Northwest
Terry Court Northeast
Terry Road Southwest
TESLA (961)
Tesoro Place Northeast
Tessa Drive Northwest
Test Cell Road
Tesuque Court Northwest
Tesuque Drive Northwest
Tesuque Road Northeast
Teton Place Northwest
Tewa Court Northeast
Tewa Drive Northeast
Texas Roadhouse
Texas Street Northeast
Texas Street Southeast
Teypana Road Northwest
Thai Boran
Thai Cuisine II
Thai Heritage and Vegan
Thai House Restaurant
Thai Kitchen
Thai Spice
Thai Street
Thai Tip
Thai Vegan
Thais Street Northwest
Thaxton Avenue Southeast
The 25 Way Northeast
The Albuquerque Museum of Art & History
The Apothecary
The Arbors Apartments
The Aspens Apartments
The Aubry
The Back Porch Day Spa
The Banque Lofts
The Beach Apartments
The Beauty Shop
The Bell Keepers
The Bike Coop
The Blessed Virgin Mary
The Blu Orchid Spa
The Box Performance Space
The Breaking Bad Store ABQ
The Brew
The Burrito Lady
The Burrow Cafe
The CBD Boutique
The Cell Theatre
The Cheesecake Factory
The Children's Place
The Christmas Shop
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints: Bear Canyon Ward
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
The Cleanery
The Columbia West Aparments
The Container Store
The Daily Grind
The Desert Compass
The Downs Albuquerque
The Eclectic Cave
The Enclave at Vista Montebella
The Farmacy
The Fragrant Leaf
The Fuel Stop
The Gallery ABQ
The Grand Lodge Library & Museum
The Grass Station
The Grove Cafe
The Guild Cinema
The Herb Store
The Hide Away (closed)
The Highlands at Anderson Hills
The Home Depot
The Indoor Flea Market
The Jerky Shop
The Journey Fellowship
The Lakes Apartments
The Landmark Apartments Homes
The Lane at 25 Northeast
The Library
The Little Bike Shop
The Lock Shop
The Meadows at Anderson Hills
The Melting Pot
The Montebello on Academy
The Mountain Dojo
The North Face
The Orchards at Anderson Heights
The Paleta Bar
The Pearl Apartments
The Pit
The Place in Nob Hill
The Portals Apartments
The Press Room Cafe
The Q at Nob Hill Apartments
The Quilt Works, Inc.
The Range Café
The Remedy Day Spa
The Rescue
The Right Image Barber Shop
The Salt Yard West
The Salvation Army
The Savoy
The Scuba Shop
The Shop
The Shop at Old Town
The Taproom at Old Town
The Thrift Shop
The Towers Apartments
The Trails Dog Park
The UPS Store
The View ABQ
The Village at Rio Rancho
The Villas at Uptown
The Vitamin Shoppe
The Vortex Theatre
The Wheels Museum
The Whole Enchilada
The Zone
Theresa Place Northeast
Thicc Pizza Co
Thicket Street Northwest
Thiel Court Northwest
Third Central Plaza
Thistle Avenue Northwest
Thistledown Road Southeast
Thomas Court Northeast
Thomas Drive Northeast
Thomas Lane Northwest
Thomas Place Northeast
Thomas Village
Thomas Village Patio Homes
Thompson Lane Southwest
Thompson Loop Northwest
Thompson Road Northwest
Thomte Road Northeast
Thor Road Southwest
Thorn Court Southeast
Thornton Avenue Northeast
Thornwood Drive Northwest
Thoroughbred Drive Southwest
Three Fountains Apts.
Thrift Shop
Thunder Basin Road Southeast
Thunder Road Northwest
Thunderbird Café (861)
Thunderbird Circle Northwest
Thunderbird Court Northwest
Thunderbird Dining Facility
Thunderbolt Drive Northwest
Thur Shan Drive
Tia B's La Waffleria
Tia Betty Blue's
Tia Christina Drive Northwest
Tia Juanita's
Tia Juanita's New Mexican
Tiburon Heights
Tiburon Street Northeast
Ticonderoga Road Northeast
Tieran Northeast Court
Tierra Alegra Drive Northeast
Tierra Amada Street Northwest
Tierra Amarilla Northwest
Tierra Antigua Elementary School
Tierra Antigua Street Northeast
Tierra Bonita Place Northeast
Tierra de la Luna Drive Southwest
Tierra del Oro Southwest
Tierra del Oso Drive Northwest
Tierra del Oso Place Northwest
Tierra del Rio Northwest
Tierra del Sol Avenue Southwest
Tierra del Sol Northwest
Tierra Dorado Drive Southwest
Tierra Drive Northwest
Tierra Encantada Court Northeast
Tierra Linda Place Northeast
Tierra Luna Court Northwest
Tierra Madre Court Northwest
Tierra Montana Place Northeast
Tierra Montanosa Court Northeast
Tierra Montañosa Drive Northeast
Tierra Monte
Tierra Monte Court
Tierra Monte Drive
Tierra Monte North Trail
Tierra Monte South Trail
Tierra Monte Subdivision
Tierra Monte West Trail
Tierra Morina Place Northeast
Tierra Oscura Street Northwest
Tierra Pintada Boulevard Northwest
Tierra Pointe Apartments
Tierra Prieta Avenue Northwest
Tierra Sandia Court Northwest
Tierra Serena
Tierra Serena Place Northeast
Tierra Verde Court
Tierra Verde Place
Tierra Vida Place Northwest
Tierra Vieja Street Northwest
Tierra Vista Avenue Northwest
Tierra Viva Court
Tierra Viva Place Northwest
Tierra West Drive
Tierra West Estates
Tierre del Rio Northwest
Tiffany Bud Court Northeast
Tiffany Road Southwest
Tigers Eye Road Northwest
Tigerwood Court Northwest
Tijeras Arroyo Golf Course
Tijeras Arroyo Golf Course Pro Shop
Tijeras Avenue Northeast
Tijeras Avenue Northwest
Tijeras Creek Road Northwest
Tile Mart
Tiley Drive Northeast
Tim's Place
Timan Avenue Northwest
Timan Place Northwest
Timarron Drive Southwest
Timber Ridge Road Northwest
Timberfalls Road Northwest
Timberidge Place Northwest
Timberline Avenue Northwest
Timonium Drive Southeast
Timothy Court
Tina Drive Northeast
Tingley Drive Southwest
Tinnin Road Northwest
Tino's Tacos
Tint Pros / Platinum Auto Wraps
Tintara Avenue Southwest
Tiny Grocer ABQ
Tiny Home Village
Tio Carlos Court Southwest
Tioga Road Northwest
Tiovivo Circle Northwest
Tippet Street Northeast
Titanium Street
Titino Co
Title Alliance Of New Mexico LLC
Titleist Drive Northeast
Tivoli Avenue Northeast
Tiwa Building
Tiwa Mart
TJ Hardware.
TJ Maxx
TLC Plumbing, HVAC & Electrical
To Ranch
Tobacco Road Southwest
Tocal Street
Todd Street Northeast
Todos Santos Street Northwest
Tohatchi Trail Northwest
Tokachi Drive Northwest
Tokay Road Northeast
Tokay Street Northeast
Toledo Street Northwest
Tolleson Avenue Northwest
Toltec Road Northeast
Tom Bolack Memorial Dog Park
Tom Tenerio Park Soutwest Road
Tomas Court Northwest
Tomas Court Southwest
Tomas Street Southwest
Tomasita Court Northeast
Tomasita Elementary School
Tomasita Street Northeast
Tomasita's ABQ
Tombstone Road Northwest
Tome Court Northwest
TOMI Sushi & Ramen
Tomlinson Drive Southeast
Tompiro Road Northwest
Toni & Guy
Tony Hillerman Library
Tony Hillerman Middle School
Tony Road Southwest
Tony Sanchez Drive Southeast
Tony's RV Service
Top Tier Barber Shop
Topacio Street Northwest
Topanga Court Northeast
Topaz Avenue Northwest
Topeka Street Southeast
Topke Court Northeast
Topke Place Northeast
Topper Town
Tor Lane Northeast
Toratolla Court Northwest
Toreador Drive Northeast
Torin Drive Northeast
Tornasol Lane Northeast
Toro Street Southeast
Torpedo Place Northwest
Torrance Street Southeast
Torrent Drive Northwest
Torreon Avenue Southeast
Torreon Drive Northeast
Torretta Drive Southwest
Torribio Drive Northeast
Torriso Court Southwest
Tortosa Drive Northwest
Tortuga Way Southwest
Tosca Road Northwest
Toscali Court Southwest
Toscana Street Northwest
Total Wine
Tottle Avenue Northwest
Toucan Place Northwest
Toulon Drive Northeast
Tourmaline Drive Northwest
Tourmaline Road Northeast
Tovar Place Southwest
Tow Diehm Athletic Facility
Tower Plaza Building
Tower Road Southwest
Towne Center Lane Southeast
Towne Park
Towne Park Drive Northeast
TownePlace Suites
TownePlace Suites Albuquerque North
TownePlace Suites Albuquerque Old Town
Towner Avenue Northeast
Towner Avenue Northwest
Townsend Avenue Southwest
Townsend Place Southwest
Toyo Auto Services, Inc.
Trace Way Avenue Northwest
Track & Field Facilities Storage
Tractor Brewing Company
Tractor Brewing (Nob Hill Tap Room)
Tractor Brewing Wells Park
Tracy Court Northeast
Tracy Street Northeast
Tradehome Shoes
Trader Joe's
Tradewind Road Northwest
Trading Post Trail Southeast
Trail 230
Trail 230A
Trail 285
Trail 288
Trail 305
Trail 305A
Trail 344
Trail 365A
Trail 366
Trail 375
Trail 400
Trail 401
Trail 401a
Trail 505
Trail 66
Trail Boss Drive Northwest
Trail Court Northwest
Trail Foothills Trail (365)
Trail Gate Way Southwest
Trail Ridge Road Northeast
Trail Vista Court
Trailhead Road Northeast
Trailing Place Northwest
Trails End Street Northwest
Trailwind Road Northeast
Training Facility
Tram Tower 1 Trail
Tramway Boulevard Northeast
Tramway Boulevard Southeast
Tramway Circle Northeast
Tramway Community Church
Tramway Frontage Road
Tramway Highpoint (HOA)
Tramway Hills Road
Tramway Knoll Place
Tramway Lane Court Northeast
Tramway Lane Northeast
Tramway Loop Northeast
Tramway Place Northeast
Tramway Ridge Drive Northeast
Tramway Road
Tramway Road Northeast
Tramway Terrace Court Northeast
Tramway Terrace Loop Northeast
Tramway Terrace Loop Northeast 1
Tramway Terrace Loop Northeast 2
Tramway Terrace Loop Northeast 3
Tramway Terrace Northeast
Tramway Terrace Place Northeast
Tramway Trail
Tramway Trail (82)
Tramway Vista Court 2
Tramway Vista Court Northeast
Tramway Vista Drive Northeast
Tramway Vista Loop Northeast
Tramway Vista Place Northeast
Tranquilino Court Northeast
Tranquilo Road Northeast
Transition Services
Transport for Christ
Transport Street Southeast
TranZitions Hair Salon
Travelodge Albuquerque West
Travertine Drive
Travilla Drive Northwest
Travina Court Southwest
Travis Road Northwest
Treasure Court Northwest
Treasure House
Treasure Stone Drive Southwest
Tree Line Avenue
Tree of Life
TREE of LIFE Massage
Treeline Avenue Northwest
Trellis Drive Northwest
Tres Alamos Trail Northwest
Tres Caminos Aparments
Tres Gracias Drive Northwest
Tres Lucerous Court Northwest
Tres Pinos Lane Northwest
Tres Ritos Street Southwest
Tres Vistas Court Northwest
Tres Vistas Road Northwest
Tres Volcanes Community Collaborative School
Trevi Place Northwest
Trevino Loop Northwest
Treviso Court Northeast
Tri H
Triana Place Northwest
Triangle Park Police Substation
Tricia Road Northeast
TriCore Labs
Trieste Court Northwest
Trifecta Coffee Company
Trillium Trail Northeast
Trimble Boulevard Northeast
Trinidad Street Northeast
Trinity Baptist Church
Trinity Christian Academy
Trinity Place Northwest
Trinity United Methodist Church
Tristani Road Southwest
Trocadero Place Southwest
Trombino's Bistro Italiano
Tropical Smoothie Cafe
Trotter Road Southwest
Troy Court Northeast
Troy Place Northeast
Troy's Barber Shop
Tru by Hilton Albuquerque North I-25
Tru Lane Southwest
Truchas Drive Northeast
Truchas Peak Drive Northwest
True Barbershop
True Value
True Value Hardware
Trujillo Road Southwest
Truman Avenue Southeast
Truman Middle School
Truman Street Northeast
Truman Street Southeast
Trumbull Avenue Southeast
Trumbull Avenue Southwest
Trumbull Village
Tucker Avenue Northeast
Tucson Road Northwest
Tuffs Court Northwest
Tulane Drive Northeast
Tulane Drive Southeast
Tulane Place Northeast
Tularosa Trail Northeast
Tulip Drive Northeast
Tulip Street Southwest
Tulipan Road Northwest
Tully's Italian Deli and Meats
Tumbleweed Northwest
Tumulus Drive Northwest
Tuna Place Northwest
Tundra Swan Court Northwest
Tunnabora Avenue Southwest
Turing Drive Southeast
Turing Road Southeast
Turnberry Lane Northeast
Turner Court Northeast
Turner Drive Northeast
Turner Place Northeast
Turquoise Avenue Northeast
Turquoise Court Northeast
Turquoise Museum
Turquoise Place Northeast
Turquoise Street Northwest
Turquoise Trail Brewing
Turtle Dove Lane Northeast
Turtle Trail
Tuscany Court Northwest
Tuscany Drive Northwest
Tuscarora Road Northwest
Tuxedos Shoes Veils
Twilight Trail Northeast
Twillight Vista Southwest
Twin City Optical
Twin Harbor Avenue Northwest
Twin Oaks Drive Northwest
Twin Peaks
Twisted Branch Street Northeast
Twisters Burgers & Burritos
Two Boys Donuts
Two Fools Tavern
Two Hands
Two Loop Northwest
Two Rock Road Northwest
Two Woodward Center
Tyler Road Northeast
Tyler Road Northwest
Tyndall Court Southwest
Tyrone Avenue Northwest
Tyson Place Northeast

U Mound Trail
U Neek Findings
U Street
UGM-27 Polaris
Ulta Beauty
Ultimate Home
Um Road Northwest
Umber Leaf Lane Southwest
Union 505 Apartments
Union Savings Bank
Union Square Office Building
Union Square Street Southeast
Union Street Northeast
Union Way
Unionville Court Northwest
Unique Motor Sports
Unitas Court Northwest
Unitas Lane Northwest
United Fit
United Pentecostal Church
United States Department of Energy National Atomic Museum Library
United States Indian School
United States Job Corps School
United States Post Office
Unity of Albuquerque and Rio Rancho
Universal Industrial Quarry
Universe Boulevard Northwest
University Art Museum
University Boulevard Northeast
University Boulevard Southeast
University Heights United Methodist Church
University Laundromat
University Lodge
University of New Mexico
University of New Mexico Cancer Research
University of New Mexico Championship Golf Course
University of New Mexico Hospital
University of New Mexico Main Substation
University Of New Mexico North Campus
University of New Mexico North Golf Course
University Of New Mexico South Campus
University Pawn
University Stadium
University Village
University Village Mobile Homes
Unleashed Sports Nutrition
UNM Bookstore
UNM Campus Observatory
UNM Carrie Tingley Hospital
UNM Children's Campus
UNM Children's Psychiatric Center
UNM Childrens Psychiatric Hospital Mimbres School Library
UNM Continuing Education
UNM Continuing Education South
UNM Eye Clinic
UNM Information Technology Services
UNM Medical Legal Bookstore
UNM Rentals
UNM School of Law Library
UNM Support Building 1
UNM Support Building 2
UNM Ticket Office
UNMH Parking Services
Unser Boulevard
Unser Boulevard Northwest
Unser Boulevard Southeast
Unser Boulevard Southwest
Unser Frontage Road
Upland Court Northeast
Upland Drive Northeast
Upper Canyon Court
Upper Meadow Avenue Southwest
Upper Soccer Field
UPS Customer Center
Uptown Boulevard Northeast
Uptown Bride
Uptown Loop Road Northeast
Uptown Post Office
Uptown Square Apartments
Urban 360 Pizza, Grill and Tap House
Urban Air Trampoline and Adventure Park
Urban Hotdog
Urban Outfitters
Urban Wear
Urban Wellness
Urraca Street Northwest
Urracea Street Northwest
Ursa Avenue Northwest
US 66 Hist
US Army Reserve
U.S. Bank
US Department of Homeland Security
US Eagle Credit Union
U.S. Eagle Federal Credit Union
U.S. Forest Service Region 3 Office
US Governent Fuel Point
US Veterans Hospital Loop
US Veterans Hospital Loop Southeast
USAF Admin Building
USAF Pararescue School
USS Bullhead Dog Park
Utah Place Southeast
Utah Street Northeast
Utah Street Southeast
Ute Road Northeast
Ute Road Northwest
Utility Access (Pipeline Rd)
Utility Access Road
Utility Shack
Utilty Access Road
Uva Court
Uva Road

V Roast Bistro
V Street
V Wang Cafe
V-750 Dvina
Vagio Place Northwest
Vail Avenue Southeast
Vail Court Southeast
Vail Place Southeast
Valdez Court Northeast
Valdez Drive Northeast
Valdora Avenue Southwest
Valencia Apartments
Valencia Drive Northeast
Valencia Drive Southeast
Valencia Park Apartments
Valencia Place Northeast
Valentino Street Northwest
Valerian Place Northeast
Valerie Place Northeast
Valero Corner Store
Valetta Avenue Northwest
Valiente Road
Valle Alegre
Valle Allegre
Valle Alto Court Northwest
Valle Bonita Lane Northwest
Valle Bosque Northwest
Valle Caldera Road Southwest
Valle de Atrisco Apartments
Valle del Sol Court Southwest
Valle del Sol Road Northwest
Valle Lane Northwest
Valle Prado
Valle Rio Trail Northwest
Valle Romantico Northwest
Valle Santo Trail Northwest
Valle Verde Road Northwest
Valle Vidal Place Southwest
Valle Vista Drive Northwest
Valle Vista Elementary School
Vallecito Drive Northwest
Vallecitos Drive
Vallejo Place Northeast
Valley Apartments
Valley Forge Place Northeast
Valley Forge Road Northeast
Valley Garden Circle Southwest
Valley Gardens Circle Southwest
Valley Gardens Drive Southwest
Valley Gate Way Southwest
Valley Haven Court Northwest
Valley High Avenue Southeast
Valley High School
Valley High Street Southwest
Valley Lane Southwest
Valley Park Drive Southwest
Valley Pool Road Northwest
Valley Road Southwest
Valley View Drive
Valley View Drive Northwest
Valley View Drive Southwest
Valley Vista Southwest
Valliantt Printing
Valplano Road Southeast
Valtierra Court Southwest
Valtierra Place Southwest
Valverde Drive Southeast
Valverde Place Southwest
Valverde Road Southwest
Van Buren Middle School
Van Buren Place Southeast
Van Buren Street Northeast
Van Christoper
Van Christopher Drive Northeast
Van Cleave Place
Van Cleave Road Northwest
Van Court Southwest
Van Noyes Drive Southeast
Vancouver Avenue Northwest
Vaquero Street Southwest
Varsity Football Practice Field
Varsity Softball Field
Vasilion Place Northwest
Vassar Drive Northeast
Vassar Drive Southeast
Vassar Place Northeast
VCA Veterinary Care Animal Hospital and Referral Center
Vecchio Drive Northwest
Vega Verde Street Southwest
Vega Vista Drive Northwest
Velarde Court Northwest
Velarde Road Northwest
Velma Court Northeast
Velma Place Northeast
Venado Tires
Vendaval Avenue Northwest
Venice Avenue Northeast
Ventana al Sol at Ventana Ranch West
Ventana Azul Avenue Northwest
Ventana Cielo Avenue Northwest
Ventana Court Southwest
Ventana Highlands
Ventana Hills Road Northwest
Ventana Ranch
Ventana Ranch Apartments
Ventana Ranch Elementary
Ventana Ranch Road
Ventana Ranch Road Northwest
Ventana Ridge Road Northwest
Ventana Road Northwest
Ventana Sol Drive Northwest
Ventana Verde Drive Northwest
Ventana Village Road Northwest
Ventana West Parkway Northwest
Ventanita Court Northwest
Ventanna Oeste Northwest
Venticello Drive Northwest
Ventose Place Northwest
Ventura Avenue
Ventura Avenue Northeast
Ventura Court Northeast
Ventura Place Northeast
Ventura Street Northeast
Venus Court Northeast
Vera Road Southwest
Veranda Road Northeast
Veranda Road Northwest
Verano Court Northwest
Verbena Court Northeast
Verbena Place Northeast
Verde Road Southwest
Verdi Way Northwest
Verizon Wireless Call Center
Vermejo Drive Northwest
Vermejo Park Drive Southwest
Vermejo Park Southwest
Vermillion Court Northwest
Vermont Street Northeast
Vermont Street Southeast
Vernon Court Northwest
Vernon Drive Southeast
Verona Street Northwest
Veronica Drive Northeast
Versailles Avenue Northeast
Versatile Vitality
Vertical Church
Vervain Drive Northwest
Vesuvius Place Northwest
Vesuvius Street Northwest
Veteran's Olde Curio and Thrift Shoppe
Veterans Administration Cooperative Studies Program Clinical Research Pharmacy
Via Apartments
Via Bueno Northeast
Via Cadiz Court Northwest
Via Chamisa Northeast
Via Conejo Northeast
Via Contenta
Via Corta del Sur Northwest
Via Corta Street Southwest
Via De Calma Northeast
Via de Luna Northeast
Via de Paz Northeast
Via Del Cerro Northeast
Via del Oro Southwest
Via del Sol Northeast
Via Del Sueño Northeast
Via Desierto Northeast
Via Elegante Northeast
Via Feliz Northeast
Via Granada Place Northwest
Via Macduffee Road Northeast
Via Madrid Court Northwest
Via Madrid Drive Northwest
Via Oreada
Via Porto Road Northwest
Via Posada Street Southeast
Via Puente Southwest
Via Sandia Condos
Via Sereno
Via Seville Court Northwest
Via Seville Road Northwest
Via Tomas Northeast
Via Verde
Via Verde Southwest
Via Villegas Northwest
Via Vista Mesa Northwest
Via Vista Norte
Via Vista Parque Northwest
Via Vista Street Southeast
ViaSat Teleport
Vibe Tribe
Vic Road Northeast
Vicenzia Drive Northwest
Vicic Road Northwest
Vick's Vittles
Vickrey Drive Northeast
Vicksburg Drive Northwest
Victor Circle Northeast
Victor Road
Victoria Drive Northwest
Victoria Falls Drive Northeast
Victoria's Secret
Victory Outreach Church
Vida Nueva Senior Apartments
Vida Verde Lane Northeast
Vidal Place Northeast
Vienna Drive Northeast
Vierra Avenue Southwest
Viet Taste
View Court Northeast
Viewcrest Place Northeast
Vigil Lane Southwest
Vigil Place Southwest
Vigil Street Northeast
Vigo Avenue Southwest
Viking Drive Southwest
Villa Camilla Northeast
Villa Campo Northeast
Villa Canela Court Northwest
Villa Celaje Northeast
Villa Chamisa
Villa Chamisa Northeast
Villa Christina Road Northwest
Villa Clavel Northeast
Villa Coralles Northeast
Villa de San Felipe Apartments
Villa del Oeste
Villa del Rey Northeast
Villa Del Valle Northeast
Villa Doro Way Northwest
Villa Drive Northeast
Villa Encantada
Villa Firenze
Villa Guadalupe Northwest
Villa La Charles Apartments
Villa Lila Northeast
Villa Lirio Northeast
Villa Loma Lane
Villa Los Ranchos Northeast
Villa Margarita Northeast
Villa Myriam
Villa Rosado Northeast
Villa Sandia Northeast
Villa Sandia Place Northeast
Villa Sandia Road Northeast
Villa Serena Place Southwest
Villa Sonrisa Northeast
Villa Tulipan Northeast
Villa Ventosa Northeast
Village 1
Village 2
Village 3
Village 4
Village 5
Village 7
Village at Avalon Apartments
Village Avenue Northeast
Village Green
Village Green Drive Northeast
Village Inn
Village Park
Village Pizza
Village Salon Studios 1
Villagio Avenue Northwest
Villanueva Drive Northeast
Villarrica Street Northwest
Villas de la Terraza Apartments
Villas del Cielo Dog Park
Ville Court Northeast
Villegas Lane Sothwest
Vina de la Gracia
Vina del Sol Drive Northeast
Vinca Trail Northeast
Vincent Court Northwest
Vinemont Place Northwest
Vineyard Ridge Court Northeast
Vineyard Ridge Road Northeast
Vineyard Road Northeast
Vineyard Road Northwest
Vinnie Road Southwest
Vintage 423
Vintage Drive Northeast
Vintner Court Northeast
Vintner Drive Northeast
Vinton Street Southwest
Viola Road Southwest
Violet Orchid Trail Southwest
Violet Street Southwest
Violetas Road Northwest
Virginia Court Southeast
Virginia Street Northeast
Virginia Street Southeast
Virgo Court Northwest
Virgo Street Northwest
Visalia Way Northeast
Visitor Center
Vist Cumbre Road Northwest
Vista Abajo Drive Northeast
Vista Alameda Northeast
Vista Alegre Street Northwest
Vista Alta Road Northwest
Vista Bella Place Northwest
Vista Bonita Northeast
Vista Bosquejo Road
Vista Campo Road Northeast
Vista Cantera Lane Northwest
Vista Casitas Drive Northwest
Vista Cedro Court Northeast
Vista Cielo Avenue Northwest
Vista Clara Loop Northwest
Vista Court Northeast
Vista de Luz Drive Northwest
Vista de Pso Road Northwest
Vista del Angel Southwest
Vista del Arroyo Avenue Northeast
Vista del Bosque Drive Northwest
Vista del Cam Street Southwest
Vista del Cerro Northeast
Vista del Escuela Place Northeast
Vista del Monte Northeast
Vista Del Mundo
Vista Del Norte Condos
Vista del Norte Drive
Vista del Norte Drive Northeast
Vista Del Norte Drive Northeast
Vista del Oso Court Northeast
Vista Del Prado Northwest
Vista Del Pueblo
Vista del Rancho Road Northeast
Vista Del Rey Northeast
Vista del Rio Road Southwest
Vista Del Sol Apartments
Vista del Sol Court Northwest
Vista del Sol Drive Northwest
Vista Del Sol Drive Northwest
Vista del Sur Street Northwest
Vista del Valle Street Southwest
Vista Dibujo Road
Vista Encantada
Vista Faisan Trail Northwest
Vista Fuente Road Northwest
Vista Grande
Vista Grande Drive Northwest
Vista Larga Avenue Northeast
Vista Larga Court Northeast
Vista Lejana Northeast
Vista Loop Southwest
Vista Manzano Avenue Southwest
Vista Maravillosa Northwest
Vista Montano Street Northwest
Vista Monte Drive Northeast
Vista Montecito
Vista Oakland Court Northeast
Vista Oeste Northwest
Vista Oriente Street Northwest
Vista Penasco Avenue Southwest
Vista Place Southeast
Vista Point Court Northeast
Vista Real Lane Southwest
Vista Sandia Drive Northwest
Vista Sandia Equestrian Park Northeast
Vista Sandia Northeast
Vista Sandia Street Northwest
Vista Sierra Street Northwest
Vista Terraza Drive Northwest
Vista Valle Avenue Northwest
Vista Verde Place Northwest
Vista Veril Drive Northwest
Vista Vieja Road Northwest
Vistas Drive Northeast
Vistazo Place Southeast
Vito Romero Road Southwest
Vivaldi Trail Northwest
Vivian Drive Northeast
VLF Antenna Array
Volcanes Commons Apartments
Volcano Road Northwest
Volcano Vista High School
Volponi Drive Southeast
Volunteer Street Northeast
VP Fuels (closed)
VTec Complete Auto & Repair Service
Vulcan Road Northwest
Vulcan Vista Drive Northeast

W Drive Southeast
Wade Circle Northeast
Wade Street Northeast
Wadi Musa Drive Northeast
WaFd Bank
Waffle House
Wagner Drive Southeast
Wagner Rents
Wagon Gate Trail Southwest
Wagon Mound Court Northwest
Wagon Mound Drive Northwest
Wagon Mound Trail Northwest
Wagon Train Drive Southeast
Wagontrain Court Southeast
Wagonwheel Street Southeast
Wainwright Manor
Walden Lane Northeast
Waldie Road Southwest
Wales Avenue Northeast
Walker Drive Northeast
Walker Drive Southeast
Walker Street Southeast
Walkerway Northeast
Wallace Drive Northeast
Wallace Street Southeast
Walmart Garden Center
Walmart Neighborhood Market
Walmart Pharmacy
Walmart Supercenter
Walnut Avenue Southwest
Walnut Canyon Road Southwest
Walnut Creek Drive Northeast
Walter Bambrook Place Northeast
Walter Northeast Street
Walter Street Northeast
Walter Street Southeast
War Admiral Drive Southeast
Ward Drive Northwest
Ward Place Southeast
Ward Road Southwest
Warehouse Area
Warm Sands Court Southeast
Warm Sands Drive Southeast
Warm Sands Trail Southeast
Warm Springs Road Northwest
Warm Stone Street Northwest
Warm Wind Place Northwest
Warpath Traders
Wasatch Road Southeast
Wash Tub - Laundromat
Washington Place Northeast
Washington Speedwash Coin-op Laundry
Washington Street Northeast
Washington Street Southeast
Watch! Sports Lounge & Grill
Water Drive Southwest
Water Stone Road Southwest
Water Tank
Water To Go
Water Well
Waterbury Avenue Northwest
Waterbury Place Northwest
Watercress Drive Northeast
Waterfall Drive Southeast
Waterford Place Northeast
Waterfront Apartments
Waterlily Court Southeast
Watershed Drive Northwest
Watson Drive Southeast
Waverly Drive Northwest
Way Cross Avenue Northwest
Wayne Road Northwest
Waynesboro Place Northwest
Waynesboro Road Northwest
Weck's Select
Wedgewood Avenue Northwest
Wedgewood Court Northwest
Weems Avenue Southwest
Weems Gallery and Framing
Weimer Court Northeast
Welcome to Burque
Wellesley Court Northeast
Wellesley Drive Northeast
Wellesley Drive Southeast
Wellesley Place Northeast
Wellington Northeast
Wellington Place Apartments
Wells Drive Northeast
Wells Fargo
Wells Fargo Trail Northwest
Wells Street Southeast
Wellsburg Avenue Northwest
Wellsburg Court Northwest
Wellspring Avenue Southeast
Welton Court Northeast
Welton Drive Northeast
Weminuche Road Northwest
Wendell Road Southwest
Wenk Road Southwest
Wenonah Avenue Southeast
Wentworth Northeast
Wesley Court
Wesley Foundation
Wesmeco Drive Southeast
Wesson and Arnold
West Applewood
West Bluff Street Northwest
West Central Route 66 Visitor Center
West Cliff Road Northwest
West Frontage Road
West Glen Drive Southwest
West Lake Drive Northeast
West Lea Drive Southwest
West Meadow Drive Southwest
West Meadowlark Lane
West Mesa Aquatic Center
West Mesa Community Center
West Mesa High School
West Mesa Market
West of Westland
West Park Apartments
West Plateau Road Northwest
West Ridge Street
West Rim Drive Northwest
West Road
West Sandia Circle Southeast
West Sandia Drive Southeast
West Side Shoppette
West Sky Street Southwest
West Wind
Westbound Avenue Southwest
Westbrook Drive Northwest
Westburg Street Northwest
Westcliff Road Northwest
Westcourt Place
Westcreek Place Northwest
Westdale Way Northwest
Westerfeld Drive Northeast
Western Avenue Southwest
Western Breeze Court Northwest
Western Meadows Court Northwest
Western Meadows Road Northwest
Western Ridge at Ventana Ranch West
Western Skies Drive Southeast
Western Trail Northwest
Western View Diner & Steak House
Westford Place Northwest
Westgate Dog Park
Westgate Heights Public Library
Westgate Lane Northwest
Westgate Park Plaza Southwest
Westhaven Street Northwest
Westlake Drive Northeast
Weston Place Northwest
Westover Place Northwest
Westpointe Drive Northwest
Westridge Court
Westridge Place
Westridge Place Northwest
Westside Boulevard Northwest
Westside Boulevard Southeast
Westside Community Center
Westside Drive Northwest
Westview Avenue Northeast
Westview Court Northeast
Westward Lane Northwest
Westwind Street Northeast
Westwood Avenue Northwest
Westwood Village Apartments
Wexford Drive Northwest
Wheeler Avenue Southeast
Wheelwright Avenue Northwest
Which Wich?
Whimbrel Court Southwest
Whippoorwill Lane Northeast
Whisper Drive Southwest
Whisper Mesa Street Southwest
Whisper Pointe Street Southwest
Whisper Ridge Drive Northwest
Whispering Bean
Whispering Sands Apartments
Whispering Sands Court Southeast
Whispering Street Southwest
Whisperwind Street Northwest
Whisperwood Court Northeast
Whisperwood Place Northeast
Whistler Avenue Northwest
White barn
White Cloud Street Northeast
White Dove Street Southeast
White House Black Market
White Oaks Drive Northeast
White Pine Place Northeast
White Reserve Avenue Southwest
White Rim Place Northeast
White Rock Place Northeast
White Squall Drive Northwest
White Street Northeast
White Wash Trail
White Wash Trail South Approach
Whitehorn Street Southwest
Whiteman Drive Northwest
Whitetail Drive Northeast
Whitetail Road Northeast
Whitewood Court Northeast
Whiting Cleaners
Whiting Road Southwest
Whiting's Coffee
Whitten Trail Southwest
Whittier Elementary School
Whole Foods Market
Whole Hog Café Albuquerque
Wickenburg Street Northwest
Wickshire Road Northwest
Wigs Wigs Wigs
Wilbur Avenue Southwest
Wilbur Road Southwest
Wild Birds Unlimited
Wild Dunes Avenue Northwest
Wild Horse Trail Southeast
Wild Olive Avenue Northeast
Wild Onion Avenue Northwest
Wild Turkey Drive
Wild West T's
Wilda Drive Northwest
Wilda Place Northwest
Wilda Road Northwest
Wilderness Place Northeast
Wilderness Trail Northeast
Wildfire Road Northwest
Wildlife Trading Company
Wildwood Court Northeast
Wildwood Lane Southwest
Wildwood Lann Northeast
Wilford Road Southwest
Wilkinson Road Southwest
Will McKenzie Path
Willard Road Northwest
William Moyers Avenue Northeast
William Street Southeast
Williams Street Southeast
Williamsburg Road Northwest
Willis Place Southwest
Willow Bend Avenue Northeast
Willow Canyon Trail Northwest
Willow Court Southeast
Willow Creek Place Northwest
Willow Road Northeast
Willow Road Northwest
Willow Run Drive Northeast
Willow Springs Road Northeast
Willow View Lane Northwest
Willow Wood
Willow Wood Drive Northwest
Willowbrook Place Northwest
Willys Knight Drive Northeast
Wilma Road Northwest
Wilmoore Drive Southeast
Wilshire Avenue Northeast
Wilshire Court Northeast
Wilshire Drive Southwest
Wilson Hurley Court Northeast
Wilson Hurley Place Northeast
Wilson Hurley Street
Wilson Middle School
Wilson Place Northeast
Wilson Stadium
Wilway Avenue Northeast
Wimbledon Drive Northeast
Winans Drive Northeast
Winchester Street Northwest
Wind Cave Drive Northwest
Wind Caves Way Northwest
Wind Mountain Road Northeast
Wind Ridge Drive Northwest
Wind River Street Southeast
Windmill Court Northwest
Windmill Road
Windover Road
Window Peak Road Northwest
Window Rock Court Northwest
Windsong Place Southwest
Windsong Road Southwest
Windsor Place Northeast
Windward Drive Northwest
Winema Court Southeast
Wing Basket
Wing Man
Wing Tyme Boba Tea
Wingate Avenue Northwest
Wings Gone Wild
Winn Drive Southwest
Winnetka Court Northeast
Winona Court Northeast
Winrock Loop Northeast
Winrock South
Winrock Villas Condos
Winslow Place Northwest
Winter Avenue Northeast
Winter Haven Road Northwest
Winter Sage Road Southwest
Wintergreen Apartments
Winterwood Park (HOA)
Winterwood Place Southeast
Winterwood Way Southeast
Wisconsin Street Northeast
Wisconsin Street Southeast
Wise Pies
Wisteria Court Southeast
Witcher Avenue Northeast
Wolcott Avenue Northeast
Wolf Creek Road Southeast
Wolf's Head Tattoo
Wolfberry Place Northeast
Wolfe's Bagels
Wolters Place Northeast
Wolverine Drive Northwest
Women's Resource Center
Wood Court Northeast
Wood Duck Drive Southwest
Woodal Street Northeast
Woodbridge Drive Northwest
Woodburne Road Northwest
Woodcroft Drive Northwest
Woodford Drive Northeast
Woodford Place Northeast
Woodhaven Drive Northeast
Woodhill Drive Northwest
Woodhollow Place Northwest
Woodland Avenue Northeast
Woodland Avenue Northwest
Woodleaf Drive Northeast
Woodmar Lane Northeast
Woodmont Avenue Northwest
Woodquail Drive Northwest
Woodridge Drive Northeast
Woodrose Road Northwest
Woodside Trail Northwest
WoodSpring Suites Albuquerque
Woodstar Avenue Northwest
Woodstork Court Northwest
Woodward Connector
Woodward Court Northeast
Woodward House
Woodward Place Northeast
Woodward Road
Woodward Road Southeast
Woodward Road Southwest
Woodwind Drive Northeast
Workspace Dynamics
World Finance
World Market
World of Tile
Worldwide Automotive, Inc.
Wrangler Street Southwest
Wren Lane Northeast
Wren Walk Drive Northeast
Wynview Court Northwest
Wyoming Boulevard Northeast
Wyoming Boulevard Northeast (Frontage Road)
Wyoming Boulevard Southeast
Wyoming Place Northeast
Wyoming Road Northeast (Frontage Road)
Wyoming Service Center
Wyoming Terrace

x Estates

Xuan Asian

Y Mart
Yakima Road Southwest
Yale Boulevard Northeast
Yale Boulevard Southeast
Yankee Candle
Yankee Drive Northeast
Yarbrough Place Northwest
Yarwood Street Northeast
Yasmine's Cafe
Yawkey Way Northeast
Yeager Drive Northeast
Yeller Sub
Yellow Pine Lane Southwest
Yellowood Court Southeast
Yellowstone Road Northeast
Yerba Road Southwest
Yes Natural Nail Salon
Yes Organic Boutique and Spa
Yorba Linda Drive Southeast
Yorktown Avenue Northeast
Yosemite Drive Northeast
Young Avenue Southwest
Yucatan Drive Northeast
Yucca Annex
Yucca Circle Northwest
Yucca Drive Northwest
Yucca Hills Court Northwest
Yucca House Apartments
Yucca Loop
Yucca Northeast
Yucca Place Northwest
Yucca Ridge
Yucca Road
Yucca Street Southeast
Yuma Court Northwest
Yuma Road Southwest
Yvonne Marie Drive Northwest
Yvonne Marie Place Northwest

Z-Machine (983)
Zafiro Street Northwest
Zaltana Road Northwest
Zambra Place Northeast
Zanjero Road Southeast
Zapateco Street Northwest
Zaragoza Street Southwest
Zarzamora Northwest
Zarzuela Avenue Northwest
Zearing Avenue Northwest
Zearing Place
Zelkova Circle Southeast
Zena Lona Court Northeast
Zena Lona Street Northeast
Zendo Coffee
Zephyr Place Northwest
Zia Elementary School
Zia Rifle and Pistol Club
Zia Road Northeast
Zia Trail
Zia True
Zickert Place Northwest
Zickert Road Northwest
Ziggi’s Coffee
Zimina Drive Northwest
Zimmerman Avenue Northeast
Zimmerman Library
Zinc Wine Bar and Bistro
Zinfandel Avenue Northeast
Zinnia Northwest
Zion Court Northeast
Zircon Place Southwest
Zorro Lane Southeast
Ztrip Taxi Office
Zuni Apartments
Zuni Elementary School
Zuni Road Southeast
Zurich Place Northeast

Élan Santa Monica

A- Massage