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$2 Shop

01 Architecture
03 Student Central
055 Penman House
06 Theatre, Acting
07 TV Studio
09 Finance Human Resources

10 Madden Street
100 Acre track
102 Hutchinsons Rd
108 Applied Technical Institute
111 Pacific Development
112 Education
115 Travel and Tourism
117 Copy Centre
133 Queens Cafe
139 Remuera Road
13; 19A
14th Tee Lookout
16 Security Centre
171 Puukenga
172 Concentrix/IBM Delivery Centre
174 Recreation Centre
177 Te Wharekai Manaaki
178 Marae
180 Student Central
183 Computing
19 On Park
1st Waikato Regiment NZ Wars memorial

2 Cheap Cars
200 Animal Emergency Centre
201 National Squash Centre
22 Northcross Drive Pool
23 Sport Performance Lab
25 Ml Cafe
27 School of Sport
277 Roti Corner

30 Madden
365 Mart
365 Sunhut
387 Tamaki
3Bees Takeaway

46 & York
47 Sport
496 Lunch Bar

51 Talk Link
540 Motel
58 Childcare Centre


7 Mart
7 Saint Vincent
7 Seven Mart
7 Zero Hot Roast Dinners
702 - Landcare Research
76 Design and Visual Arts
77 Convenience

8 on Nugent
88 Degree Chongqing Noodles
89 Quay street

98 Cafeteria


A Block
A Block and Offices

a la robe
a La Turca

A Little Shop
A Maori Figure in a Kaitaka Cloak
A Savoury Bakery
A Taste of Orient
A Touch of Glass
A&M Hair Studio
A1 Groceries
AA Auto Centre
AA Auto Service & Repair
AA Insurance
AA Liquor
AA Penrose
AA Service Centre
Aaronville Way
Aarts Avenue
Aashish Assembly (Indian)
Abaco on Jervois
Abattoir Lane
Abbey Street
Abbeygate Street
Abbotleigh Avenue
Abbotsford Terrace
Abbotsford Way
Abbotts Way
ABC $2 Mart
ABC Botany
ABC Epsom
ABC Onehunga
Abel Tasman Avenue
Abelia Place
Abella Court Motel
Abercrombie Street
Aberdeen Crescent
Aberdeen Road
Aberdeen Track
Aberfeldy Avenue
Aberfoyle Street
Aberley Road
Abilene Place
Abingdon Place
Abiru Crescent
About Face
Above and Beyond
Abra Kebab Ra
Abraham Place
Abruzzo Ristorante Italiano
Acacia Cottage
Acacia Road
Academy at Botany Motor Inn
Academy Cinemas
Accelerate: Driving NZ
Accent Drive

äccént on wine
access between Castor Bay and Beach Road

Access Road
Accolage Boulevard
Ace Bakehouse
Ace Place
Aces Bar
ACG Academic Colleges Group Pathways Campus
ACG Parnell College
ACG Parnell College Primary School
ACG Strathallan
ACG Sunderland
Achilles Crescent
Achilles Point Lookout
Acland Place
Aclare Place
Acmena Avenue
Acmena Lane
Acorn Cafe
Acorn Meadows Childcare
Acorn Montessori Children’s House
Acorn Street
Acorns of Clevedon
Acqua Place
Activ Worx
Active Explorers Early Learning Centre
ActivZone Indoor Sports Arena
Acton Place
Ada Street
Adair Place
Adam Street
Adam Sunde Place
Adams Road
Adamson Road
Addington Avenue
Addis Place
Addison Drive
Addison Street
Adel Place
Adelaide Street
Adelie Place
Adelphi Place
Aden Place
Adeys Place
Adina Lane
Adios Place
Aditi Close
Adlam Lane
Admin Golf Range
Administration Centre
Admiral Beatty Avenue
Admirals Court Drive
Adonis Place
Adriatic Avenue
Adriatic Food Bar
Adrienne Place
Adrigole Close
Advance Way
Advene Road
Adventure Playground
Advocate Place
Aecom House
Aero Place
Aeronautic Road
Aeroview Drive
Aerovista Place
Aetna Place
AF Building
Afrikaanse Christian Church (Auckland)
Afrikaanse Christian Church (Howick)
Afrikaanse Christian Church (North Shore) / East Coast Bays Leisure Centre
Afton Place
AG Building
Agapanthus Place
Agape International Mission
Agape Wesleyan Methodist Tongan / Jack Dickey Community Hall
Agar Place
Agathis Avenue
Agathis Rise
Agincourt Street
Agnew Place
Agria Avenue
AH Building
Ah Ssak Restaurant
Ahiriri Avenue
Aho Lane
Ahu Ahu Track
Ahunga Road
Ainsdale Place
Aintree Avenue
Aintree Place
Ainwick Road
Aio Wira Road
Air New Zealand Cargo
Air New Zealand Lounge
Air New Zealand Operations Centre
Air Scouts Hall
Air Training Corps
Airborne Road
Airdrie Road
Airedale Street
Airey Place
Airfield Road
Airforce Saddle Club
Airmens Lane
Airpark Drive
Airport Express
Airport Food Market
Airport Garden Inn
Airport Gateway Hotel
Airport Oaks
Airport Pizza and Kebabs
Airport Road
Airport Takeaways
Airport Travel Air Motor Inn
Aitken Terrace
AJ's Smile Supermarket
Ajadz Indian Cuisine
Ajax Street
AK Sky Cafe
AK West Motel
Akapuka Lane
Akarana Avenue
Akarana Avenue Kindergarten
Akarana Cafe
Akarana Golf Course
Akaroa Street
Akatarawa Street
Akatea Road
Akbar Durbar Takeaway
Akeake Lane
Akehurst Avenue
Akepiro Street
Akiraho Street
Akita Sushi
Aklander Rise
Ako Road
Akoranga Drive
Akoranga Drive Shared Path
Akoteu Tokaima'Ananga
Akshar Superette
Al Forno
Al Iqra - Papakura Islamic Centre
Al Madinah School
Al Maktoum Mosque
Al Manar Islamic Trust
Al Volo Pizzeria
Al's Deli
Al's Discount Furniture
Al's Mechanical Repairs
Al-Falaah Mosque - Masjid
Al-Masjid Al-Jamie
Al-Mustafa Jamia Masjid
Alabaster Drive
Aladdin Motel
Alamein Avenue
Alamein Road
Alamein Terrace
Alan Avenue
Alan John Place
Alan Tanner Reserve Look Out
Alan Wood Pond
Alana Place
Alanbrooke Crescent
Alaunia Place
Alba Road
Albacore Way
Albany Bakery
Albany Baptist Church / Albany Primary School
Albany Central Superette
Albany Chinese restaurant
Albany Domain
Albany Expressway
Albany Fire Station
Albany Hall
Albany Heights
Albany Heights Road
Albany Highway
Albany Homestay
Albany House
Albany Junior High School
Albany Kindergarten
Albany Liquor Centre
Albany Lodge and Conference Centre
Albany Memorial Library
Albany Presbyterian Church
Albany Primary School
Albany Primary School All Years playground
Albany Primary School Year 3 & 4
Albany Primary School Year 5 & 6 playground
Albany Road
Albany Senior High School
Albany South
Albany Stadium Pool
Albany Superette
Albany Toyota
Albany Village
Albany Village Dairy
Albany Village Laundry
Albany Village Library
Albatross Cafe
Albemarle Place
Alberon Place
Alberon Street
Albert Crescent
Albert Park Espresso
Albert Park South African War Memorial
Albert Pryor Avenue
Albert Road
Albert Road Shared Path
Albert Street
Alberta Street
Albertine Place
Alberton Avenue
Albertson Place
Albion Place
Albion Road
Albionvale Road
Albizia Avenue
Albrecht Avenue
Albury Avenue
Alcock Street
Alcove Place
Alderbury Way
Alderley Road
Alderman Drive
Alderman Place
Aldern Road
Aldersgate Road
Alderson Lane
Alderton Place
Aldo Place
Aldon Lane
Aldred Road
Alex Boyd Link
Alex Evans Street
Alexander Avenue
Alexander Bakery
Alexander Crescent
Alexander Street
Alexander Willis Crescent
Alexandra Park
Alexandra Park Function Centre
Alexandra Street
Alexia Place
Alexis Avenue
Alf Access Road
Alf Place
Alf Walker Place
Alford Street
Alfred Nathan House
Alfred Street
Alfriston Ardmore Road
Alfriston College
Alfriston Fish and Chips
Alfriston Road
Alfriston Road Bakery
Alfriston Road Superette
Alfriston School
Ali Place
Ali's takeaways - Halal
Alicante Avenue
Alice Place
Alice Street
Alicia Road
Alidade Place
Aliford Avenue
Alishas Cafe
Alison Avenue
Alison Road
All Hallows' Methodist Church
All Health
All Nations Church of the Nazarene / Church of the Nazarene (Korean)
All Nations Foursquare Church
All Saints Anglican Church
All Saints Chapel
All Saints' Community Centre
All Souls Church
Allegro Way
Allely House Restaurant and Function Centre
Allen Avenue
Allen Johnston Place
Allen Road
Allen Street
Allen's Village Pharmacy
Allenby Avenue
Allenby Park Hotel
Allenby Road
Allendale Rise
Allendale Road
Allender Drive
Allens Road
Allerton Place
Alliance Lane
Allington Road
Allison Ferguson Drive
Allison Street
Allium Avenue
Alloway Street
Allright Place
Allum Street
Alma Court
Alma Crescent
Alma Road
Alma Street
Almadale Place
Almay Place
Almaz Cafe
Almond Grove
Almond Place
Almorah Place
Almorah Road
Alnack Place
Alpers Avenue
Alpers Lodge
Alpha Street
Alpine Superette
Alston Avenue
Alta Terrace
Altair Place
Altar Cafe
Alten Road

alter'ego hair design

Alternative Coastal Walk
Altezano Brothers
Altezano Espresso
Altham Avenue
Altitude Drive
Alton Avenue
Alton Terrace
Altona Road
Altura Cafe
Alverston Street
Alvre Place
Alwyn Avenue
Alyssum Road
Al’s Deli
Al’s Mechanical Repairs
Amadeus Place
Amandale Avenue
Amano Bakery
Amante Crescent
Amapur Place
Amaretto Avenue
Amarillo Place
Amaru Road
Amatakiloa Gospel Church
Amazing Grace of Gethsemane Tongan
Amazon Parade
Ambar Ridge Avenue
Amber Crescent
Amber Glen
Amber Place
Amberfields Way
Amberley Avenue
Amberly Rise
Amberwood Drive
Amberwood Hospital and Rest Home
Ambler Avenue
Ambleside Drive
Ambrico Kiln
Ambrico Place
Ambridge Rose Villa Rest Home
Ambrose Lane
Ambrose Street
Ambrose's Bakery
Ambrosia Avenue
Ambury Avenue
Ambury Regional Park Picture Frame
Ambury Road
Amcal Manurewa Medical Centre
Amelia Earhart Avenue
Amelia Place
Amelia Place Lookout
Amera Place
Amerce Place
American Samoa
Amersham Way
Amery Place
Amesbury Rise
Amethyst Place
AMETI Panmure Roundabout
Amey Daldy Park
Amherst Place
AMI Netball Centre
Amigos Dairy Stationery And Lotto
Amiria Street
Amits Superette
Amokura Avenue
Amokura Street
Amon Avenue
Amphora restaurant
Amreins Road
Amsterdam Place
Amuri Place
Amy Street
Amylynn Place
Anaheim Boulevard
Anakiwa Place
Analie Place
Anarahi Place
Anawhata Beach
Anawhata Beach Track
Anawhata Road
Anchi's Takeaways
Anchor Place
Anchorage Drive
Anchorage Park Kindergarten
Anchorage Park School
Ancona Lane
Ancroft Street
Anda Place
Andalusian Way
Andara Close
Andelko Place
Ander Place
Anderson Avenue
Anderson Track
Anderson Way
Andersons Road
Andes Avenue
Andes Place
Andover Way
Andrea Place
Andrew Andrew
Andrew Baxter Drive
Andrew McKee Avenue
Andrew Road
Andromeda Crescent
Andros Place
Andrusha Place
Andy Crescent
Andy's Burgers & Bar
Angel Thai Restaurant
Angeline Place
Angelo Avenue
Angelo's Roast
Angels Cafe Espresso
Angels Childcare Centre
Angels Lane
Angiangi Crescent
Angkor Bakery
Angkor Hot Bread Shop
Angle Street
Anglers Way
Anglesea Street
Anglican Church of the Ascension
Angus Steak House
Angus Street
Anich Road
Anita Avenue
Anna Lane
Anna Watson Road
Annagary Rise
Annalong Road
Annamoe Place
Annan Street
Annandale Road
Anne Duncan Real Estate
Anne Maree Gardens
Anne McLean Drive
Anne Road
Anne Street
Annett Road
Annette Avenue
Annison Avenue
Annmarie Avenue
Anrath Close
Ansett Place
Anson Place
Anson Row
Ansty Place
Antalya Place
Antares Place
Antay Court
Anthony Place
Antilla Place
Antiochian Orthodox Church
Antique Alley
Anton Place
Antrim Crescent
Antrim Grove
Antych Place
Anure Place
Anytime Fitness Onehunga
ANZ Bank
ANZ Building
ANZ Highbrook
ANZ Royal Oak
ANZ Stoddard Road
Anzac Avenue
Anzac Court Motel
Anzac Road
Anzac Street
Anzac Valley Road
Aoraki Crescent
Aorangi Place
Aorere College
Aorere Street
Aotea Gifts - Britomart
Aotea Gifts Auckland-Downtown
Aotea Road
Aotea Square
Aotea Station Construction
Aotea Street
Aotearoa Credit Union
Aotearoa Terrace
Aoyama Sushi
Apa Street
Apihai Street
Apirana Avenue
Aplin Place
Apna Spice Grocery Store
Apollo Drive
Apollo Hotel Auckland
Apollo Motorhome
Aporo Drive
Aporo Tawhito Lane
Appaloosa Street
Appian Way
Apple Cars
Apple Orchard Korean Buffet Restaurant
Apple Orchard Way
Applebox Lane
Appleby Place
Appleby Road
Applemoors Way
AppleSeed Educare
Applewood Drive
Appleyard Crescent
Appliance Shed
April Place
Apsley Rise
Aqua Cafe
Aquarius Avenue
Ara - Kotinga
Ara Kahikatea
Ara Kakara Avenue
Ara Street
Ara Tai
Ara Tai Cafe
Ara Weiti Road
Arabi Street
Aragon Avenue
Arahanga Road
Arahia Street
Arahoe Road
Arahoe School
Aralia Road
Arama Avenue
Araminta Place
Aramoana Avenue
Aramutu Road
Aranui Rest Home and Hospital
Aranui Road
Arapito Road
Arapuni Avenue
Ararata Lane
Ararimu Road
Ararimu School
Ararimu Valley Road
Arataki Views Way
Arataki Visitor Centre
Arataki Visitor Centre Picture Frame
Aratonga Avenue
Arawa Avenue
Arawa Street
Arawai Terrace
Arbor Close
Arcadia Crescent
Arcadia Road
Arch Hill
Arch Hill Mountain Bike Trails
Archboyd Avenue
Archdall Street
Archer Rayner Place
Archers Eatery
Archers Road
Archers Sushi
Archibald and Shorter
Archibald Road
Architecture and Planning
Archlynn Road
Archmillen Avenue
Ardagh Place
Arde Place
Ardee Close
Arden Court
Ardkeen Place
Ardmore Field Station
Ardmore Quarry Road
Ardmore Road
Ardmore School
Ardys Workshop
Area 51
Arena Hotel
Argento Avenue
Argo Drive
Argus Place
Argyle Avenue
Argyle Road
Argyle Street
Argyle Terrace
Ari Lane
Aria Park
Aria Place
Aries Place
Arigna Place
Ariho Terrace
Ariki Place
Ariki Street
Arimu Road
Arion Drive
Arirang Rise
Aristotles Motel
Aristoy Close
ARK cafe
Arkley Avenue
Arlette Place
Arlington Street
Arlose Place
Armada Drive
Armadale Road
Armadillo Cafe
Armagh Road
Armani Cafe and Restaurant
Armein Road
Armour Road
Armoy Drive
Armstrong Farm Drive
Armstrong Motor Group
Armstrong Place
Armstrong Road
Army and Outdoors
Arney Crescent
Arney Road
Arnold Street
Arnwood Street
Aro Mato Place
Arodella Crescent
Aroha Avenue
Aroha Restaurant and Bar
Arohanui Christian Fellowship / Arohanui Christian Trust
Aroma Bakery and Cafe
Aroma Shed Cafe
Aronia Way
Aronui Terrace
Arorangi Rise
Arosa Place
Arotau Place
Around NZ
Aroy Thai
Arran Road
Arran Street
Arranmore Drive
Arrathorne Place
Arrenway Drive
Arron Street
Arrow Road
Arrowsmith Drive
Arrowsmith Road
ARST Community Hall
Art Gallery
Art Thai restaurant
Art Wok
Artemis Way
Artesia Close
Arthur Brown Place
Arthur Crescent
Arthur Mead Track
Arthur Place
Arthur Road
Arthur Rolfe Lane
Arthur Street
Arthur Street Bar & Grill
Arthur Superette
Artillery Drive
Artisan Bakery
Artisan Place
Artistry Lane
Artists Avenue
Artworks Community Theatre
Aruhe Street
Arum Cafe
Aruma Cafe
Aruna Place
Arundel Street
Arwen Place
AS Colour
ASB Bank
ASB Ellerslie
ASB Lunn Avenue
ASB Royal Oak
ASB Showgrounds
ASB Waterfront Theatre
Asbury Crescent
Ascania Place
Ascension Place
Ascent Street
Ascot Avenue
Ascot Epsom Motel
Ascot Hospital
Ascot Parnell
Ascot Road
Ash Avenue
Ash Road
Ash Street
Ashbourne Place
Ashby Avenue
Ashby Place
Ashby Roast
Ashby Superette
Ashcraig Court
Ashcroft Avenue
Ashdown Place
Ashfield Road
Ashgrove Road
Ashkirk Place
Ashland Place
Ashley Avenue
Ashley Laundromat
Ashley Superette
Ashley Takeaways
Ashlynne Avenue
Ashmere Lane
Ashmore Place
Ashs Superette
Ashton Avenue
Ashton Grove Ltd
Ashton Road
Ashurst Lane
Ashwell Street
Ashwood Avenue
Asian Food Hall
Asian Library
Asian Wok
Asics Drive
Askerne Drive
Askew Avenue
Askew Place
Asola Place
Aspatria Place
Aspen Street
Aspenwood Place
Aspiring Avenue
Asquith Avenue
Asquith Superettte
ASR Baptist Church
Assembly of Christ Church
Assembly of God Church
Assumption Parish
Assyrian Church
Astelia Place
Aster Place
Asthma Auckland
Asti Lane
Astley Avenue
Astley Superette
Aston Martin
Astor Motel
Astor Place
Astoria Place
Astra Bridal
Astral Place
Asuka restaurant
At 45
AT Cafe
Ata Road
Ataahua Lane
Atalanta Way
Atanga Avenue
Atarangi Road
Atareta Street
Atarua Gardens
Atawhai Lane
Atawhai Whenua Reserve
Athelstan Place
Athena Drive
Athenia Roma
Athenic Avenue
Athenry Place
Athens Road
Atherton Road
Athlone Road
Athol Morris Walkway
Athol Place
Athy Place
Atiu Place
Atkin Avenue
Atkinson Avenue
Atkinson Road
Atlantic Place
Atlantis Place
Atlas Bar and Eatery
Atlas House
Atlas Place
Atomic Coffee
Attwell Esplanade
Attwood Road
Attymon Lane
Atworth Way
Au Uso Kerisiano Samoa
Aua Lane
Aubergine Restaurant
Auburn Street
Auckland - Great Barrier Island (Tryphena) Vehicular Ferry
Auckland - Rakino Island
Auckland - Waiheke (Kennedy Point) Vehicular Ferry
Auckland Airport airfield expansion
Auckland airport airfield expansion
Auckland Airport Emergency Service Station
Auckland Airport Kiwi Hotel
Auckland Airport Lodge Motel
Auckland Areo Club
Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tāmaki
Auckland Baptist Tabernacle
Auckland Bible Church
Auckland Bowling Club
Auckland Bridge Club Inc.
Auckland Budget Cars
Auckland Camera Centre
Auckland Campervan
Auckland Central
Auckland Central Chinese Baptist Church
Auckland Central Library
Auckland Central Police Station
Auckland Central Samoan Seventh-Day Adventist Church
Auckland Central Taiwanese Presbyterian Church
Auckland Chinese Baptist Church
Auckland Chinese Methodist Church
Auckland Chinese Presbyterian Church
Auckland Chinese Seventh-Day Adventist Church
Auckland Christian Assembly
Auckland Church of the Almighty
Auckland City and Starship Childrens Hospitals
Auckland City Apartment Hotel
Auckland City Central Christian Centre
Auckland City Fire Station
Auckland City Hotel
Auckland City Oaks
Auckland City Surgical Services Limited
Auckland City Toyota
Auckland City Walk
Auckland Copy Shop
Auckland Council
Auckland Council Customer Service Centre
Auckland Council Manukau Service Centre
Auckland Council Service Centre
Auckland Deaf Society Incorporated
Auckland District Court
Auckland Domain
Auckland Domaon
Auckland Domestic Terminal
Auckland Evangelical Church
Auckland Ferry Pier 1 to Queen Street
Auckland Fijian Seventh-Day Adventist Church
Auckland First Fijian Assembly of God Fountain of Praise
Auckland Fish Market
Auckland Full Gospel Church
Auckland Full Gospel Manna
Auckland Girls Grammar School Childcare
Auckland Girls' Grammar School
Auckland Golf Course
Auckland Harbour Bridge Police Station
Auckland Hebrew Congregation
Auckland High Court
Auckland Hospital Main Building
Auckland Hospital Support (1)
Auckland Indian Sweets and Snacks
Auckland internarional backpacker.
Auckland International College
Auckland International YHA
Auckland Japanese Christian Church
Auckland Korean Full Gospel Church
Auckland Library of Tools
Auckland Malayalam Pentecostal Church
Auckland Maori Seventh Day Adventist Church
Auckland Marine Rescue Centre
Auckland Motor Vehicles
Auckland Netball Centre
Auckland Newmarket Motel
Auckland Night Market
Auckland Niuean Seventh-Day Adventist Church
Auckland Normal Intermediate
Auckland North Shore Motels and Holiday Park
Auckland Optomotrists
Auckland Outdoor Naturist Club
Auckland Piao Xiang Restaurant
Auckland Pier 1 to Bayswater
Auckland Pier 1 to Birkenhead
Auckland Pier 1 to Birkenhead, Northcote, Bayswater, Stanley Bay and Devonport
Auckland Pier 1 to Devonport
Auckland Pier 1 to Half Moon Bay
Auckland Pier 1 to Northcote
Auckland Pier 1 to Pine Harbour
Auckland Pier 1 to Stanley Bay
Auckland Pier 2 to Waiheke (Matiatia) via Devonport
Auckland Pier 2 to Waiheke (Mātiatia)
Auckland Pier 4 to Beach Haven and Hobsonville
Auckland Pier 4 to Gulf Harbour
Auckland Pier 4 to West Harbour
Auckland Prison
Auckland Region Women's Correctional Facility
Auckland Road
Auckland Samoan Assembly of God
Auckland School of Music
Auckland Secondary Schools’ Centre
Auckland Seventh-Day Adventist High School
Auckland Skin and Cancer Foundation
Auckland Society of Mechanical Engineers
Auckland South Correctional Facility
Auckland Spinal Rehabilitation Unit
Auckland Sunday Car Fair
Auckland Taiwanese Presbyterian Church
Auckland Takapuna Oaks
Auckland Tamil Church
Auckland to Birkenhead via Bayswater
Auckland Tongan New Life Church
Auckland Town Hall
Auckland Transport Ticket Office
Auckland Tuvalu Seventh-Day Adventist Church
Auckland Unitarian Church
Auckland University
Auckland University Press
Auckland Vision Baptist Church
Auckland War Memorial Museum
Auckland West Elim Church
Auckland Yang Moo Ree (Belmont) Baptist Church
Auckland Youth Sailing Club
Auckland Zoo
Auden Close
Audrey Luckens Lane
Audrey Road
August Place
Augusta Place
Augustus Terrace
Auld Street
Aulyn Drive
Aumangea Lane
Aumoe Avenue
Aunceston Rise
Aunty Las Thai Kitchen
Aura Apartment
Aura seaside
Auranga Development
Auranga Drive
Aurea Avenue
Aurecon House
Aurecon House Carpark
Aurora Avenue
AUSA House
Aussie Butcher
Auster Place
Austin Brave Place
Austin Road
AUT Akoranga Campus
AUT Library
AUT North
AUT South Campus
AUT Wellesley Student Apartments
Authentic Bakery Cafe
Authentic French Bakery and Cafe
Auto Pal Vehicle Servicing
Autobahn Cafe
Autobahn Mechanic
Automotive Repairs
Automotive Supplies NZ
Autumn Avenue
Autumn Blaze Street
Autumn Place
AV World
Ava Avenue
Avachi Kebab, Burger, Pizza
Avalon Court
Avalon Place
Avani Metropolis Hotel
Avanti Plus
Avanti Plus Waitakere
Aveline Place
Avenger Place
Avenham Walk
Avenue of Remembrance
Avenue Road
Avenue Road East
Averill Avenue
Averill Street
Averton Place
Aviano Close
Aviara Court
Aviation Display Hall
Aviation Drive
Aviation Security Service
Aviation Street
Aviation Workshop
Avice Street
Aviemore Dairy
Aviemore Drive
Aviemore Fruit and Veges Ltd.
Avis Avenue
Avoca Road
Avon Lane
Avon Street
Avondale Appliances
Avondale Bowling Club
Avondale Central Reserve
Avondale Christian Centre
Avondale Citizens Advice Bureau
Avondale College
Avondale Community Centre
Avondale Community Policing Centre
Avondale Family Chemist
Avondale Fire Station
Avondale Fishery
Avondale Food Market
Avondale Fresh
Avondale Home Bakery
Avondale Intermediate School
Avondale Islamic Centre
Avondale Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses
Avondale Library
Avondale Motor Inn
Avondale Motor Park
Avondale Mowers And Chainsaws
Avondale Primary School
Avondale Racecourse
Avondale Rest Home and Hospital
Avondale Road
Avondale Shoes
Avondale Spider
Avondale Super Value Supermarket
Avondale Superette
Avondale Takeaways
Avondale telephone exchange
Avondale Union Parish
Avonglen Court
Avonleigh Road
Avons Butchery
Avro Place
Awa Nursery
Awa Road
Awa Street
Awakeri Street
Awakeri Wetalnds
Awakino Place
Awakirihi Close
Awamarino Way
Awanohi Road
Awanui Rise
Awanui Street
Awarangi Rise
Awaroa Road
Awarua Crescent
Awaruku Road
Awataha Drive
Awataha Marae
Awatahi Place
Awatai Tennis Club
Awatea Road
Awatere Street
Awatiu Road
Awhenga Place
Awhina Street
Awhinatia Health Centre
Awhiorangi Promenade
Axis Coffee Co
Aydon Road
Aylesbury Street
Aylmer Court
Ayr Road
Ayr Street
Ayrshire Place
Ayrton Street
Ayton Drive
Azalea Avenue
Azalea Place
Azara Place
Aztec Place
Azure Grove
Azzurro Way

B M Roast
B&D Restaurant
B's Track
Baan Kaew
Baba Superette
Baber Drive
Babich Road
Babich Road North
Babington Place
Babu Takeaway
Bacardi Place
Bach'n Cafe
Backhurst Grove
Backpacker car world
Backyard Bar
Bacon's Lane
Bacot Place
Bad Wolf
Baddeley Avenue
Baden Powell Place
Bader Drive
Baffin Street
Bagley Street
Bagnall Avenue
Bahama Place
Bahari Drive
Baildon Road
Bailey Nelson
Bailey Road
Bailey Road School
Baileys Reserve
Bain Place
Baird Street
Bairds Mainfreight Primary School
Bairds Road
Bairds Road Bakery
Bairds Road Liquor Centre
Bairds Road Pricecutter
Bake Haven
Bake Haven Cafe
Bake Pod Bakery and Cafe
Baked & Beans
Bakehouse Cafe
Baker & Co
Baker Express
Baker Place
Baker Street
Bakerfield Place
Bakers Cafe
Bakers Delight
Bakers Dozen Bakery and Lunch Bar
Bakers Gallery
Bakers Kitchen
Bakery Lunch Bar
Baketown Bakery and Cafe
Balbriggan Rise
Bald Eagle Diner
Bald Hill Road
Baldwin Avenue
Baldwin Street
Baleden Lane
Balemi Way
Balfour Road
Balfour Street
Balfron Avenue
Balgowan Terrace
Ball Place
Balla Place
Ballance Avenue
Ballarat Street
Ballarat Street Paper Road
Ballast Lane
Ballater Place
Ballial Place
Ballin Street
Ballinabreen Road
Ballindrait Drive
Ballini Rise
Ballintra Close
Balloch Street
Ballybay Road
Ballyboe Place
Ballycullanie Place
Ballydonegan Rise
Ballyholey Drive
Ballyiffin Drive
Ballykerrigan Road
Ballymore Drive
Ballyroney Place
Ballyward Close
Balm Street
Balmain Road
Balmer Lane
Balmerino Place
Balmoral Bowls
Balmoral Community Policing Centre
Balmoral Fire Station
Balmoral Pharmacy
Balmoral Presbyterian Church
Balmoral Road
Balmoral School
Balmoral Seventh Day Adventist School
Balmore Place
Balnoon Place
Balrath Road
Baltersan Drive
Balthazar Road
Baltic Place
Baltimore Place
Baluchi Street
Balwyn Place
Bambina Cafe
Bambinos Early Childhood Centre
Bambinos St Lukes
Bamboo Grove
Bamboo House
Bamboo Kitchen
Bamfield Place
Bamford Place
Bampton Rise
Banbury Place
Bancroft Crescent
Band Rotunda
Bandon Close
Banff Avenue
Bang & Olufsen
Bangkok Rolled Ice Cream
Bangla Place
Bangor Street
Bank of Baroda
Bank of India
Bank of New Zealand
Bank of New Zealand ( BNZ )
Bank of New Zealand Building
Bank Street
Banks Road
Banksia Place
Bankside Street
Bankside Waldorf Apartments
Bannerman Road
Bannings Way
Bannister Place
Bannockburn Place
Banshire Close
Bantry Court
Banville Road
Banyan Drive
Bar 101
Bar 159
Bar Africa
Bar Eden
Baradene College of the Sacred Heart
Baraka Auto Services
Barbados Drive
Barbarich Drive
Barbary Avenue
Barber 2000
Barberry Lane
Barbershop Co.
Barberton Terrace
Barbour Road
Barcaldine Road
Barcelona House Tapas and Wines
Barclay Avenue
Barcroft Place
Bard Place
Bardia Road
Bardia Street
Bardsey Street
Barfoot & Thompson
Bari Lane
Barilla Dumpling
Baringa Place
Bark Road
Barker Rise
Barker's Groom Room
Barkes Place
Barlow Place
Barlow Road
Barmac Place
Barmaree Lane
Barn Paddock Campground
Barnard Place
Barnea Circle
Barnesmore Road
Barnett Crescent
Barnett Hall
Barney Way
Barneys Farm Road
Barnfield Place
Barnhill Crescent
Barnsley Place
Baronie Court
Barque Rise
Barr Place
Barrack Road
Barracuda restaurant Cafe and Bar
Barrel Inn
Barrels Close
Barrett Road
Barrhead Place
Barrie Avenue
Barrie Street
Barrington Road
Barrique Road
Barrister Avenue
Barron Drive
Barrowcliffe Place
Barrymore Road
Barrys Point Liquor Centre
Barrys Point Road
Barrys Road
Bartells Drive
Bartley Street
Bartley Terrace
Barton Street
Barton Street East
Barts Auto Services
Basalt Place
Base Backpackers
Basement Theatre
Basil Thai
Basilton Close
Basin View Lane

basketball Courts

Basque Road
Basra Drive
Bass Road
Bass Street
Bassant Avenue
Bassett Road
Basu Lounge
Bates Street
Batger Road
Bath Street
Bathurst Road
Batkin Road
Battalion Drive
Battenburg Place
Battersby Avenue
Battersby Funeral Services Ltd.
Battle Place
Battlen Place
Batty Road
Baulcomb Parade
Baumea Rise
Bavaria Bed & Breakfast Hotel
Baverstock Oaks School
Baverstock Road
Baverton Drive
Bawarchi NZ Ltd. T/a. Bawarchi Indian Food - Halal
Bawden Road
Baxter Street
Bay Convenience
Bay Engineer Supplies
Bay Park Place
Bay Road
Bay Sushi
Bayard Street
Bayfield Road
Bayfield School
Baylis Track
Bays Baptist Church
Bayside Avenue
Bayside Drive
Bayswater Avenue
Bayswater School
Bayswater Superette
Bayswater Takeaway
Bayview Road
Bayview School
Bayvista Drive
Baz Auto Services
BB cafe
BBQ Buffet Restaurant
BBQ Duck Cafe
BBQ Duck Palace
BBQ king
BBQ Noodles Bar
BBQ Noodles House
BBQ Restaurant
BDO Centre
Beach Access
Beach Bistro
Beach Front Lane
Beach Grove
Beach Haven
Beach Haven Community Hall
Beach Haven Hospital
Beach Haven Road
Beach Haven School
Beach Parade
Beach Pizza
Beach Road
Beach Road Cycleway
Beach Road Liquor
Beach Road Takeaway
Beach Valley Road
Beachcomber Kindergarten
Beachcroft Avenue
Beachlands Baptist Church
Beachlands Cafe
Beachlands Chartered Club
Beachlands Fine Wines and Spirits
Beachlands Library
Beachlands Maraetai Rugby Club
Beachlands Memorial Hall
Beachlands Road
Beachlands School
Beachlands Self Storage
Beachlands Superette
Beachlands Sushi
Beachlands Unichem Pharmacy
Beachlands Volunteer Fire Brigade
Beacholm Road
Beacon Avenue
Beacon Road
Beaconsfield Street
Beaconview Rise
Beagle Avenue
Beagle Cafe
Beale Place
Bean and Gone
Bean Grinding Cafe
Bean n Gone
Bean Place
Bean Rocks
Bear Park Early Childcare Centre
Bear Park Early Pre-School
Bear Park Pre-School and Infant Toddler Centre
Beard Papas
Beardmore Lane
Bearing Parade
Beasley Avenue
Beast & Butterflies
Beatrice Avenue
Beatrice Place
Beatrice Road
Beatrice Tinsley Crescent
Beatrix Street
Beatson Way
Beatty Avenue
Beatty Parade
Beatty Street
Beaubank Road
Beauchamp Drive
Beaudine Avenue
Beaufield Lane
Beaufords Function Centre
Beaufort Place
Beaumaris Way
Beaumont Convenience
Beaumont Street
Beaumonts Way
Beaumonts Way Extension
Beautiful Word of Life Tongan
Beautiphi Clinic
Beauty Sensations
Beazley Place
Beckenham Avenue
Becker Drive
Beckett Real Estate
Beckett Way
Beckham Place
Becroft Drive
Bed Bath & Beyond
Bed People
Bed Stop
Bed Store
Bede Place
Bedford Soda & Liquor
Bedford Street
Bedlington Avenue
Bedlow Place
Beds 4U
Beds R Us
Beech Cherry Way
Beech Way
Beechdale Crescent
Beeche Place
Beechwood Road
Beere Place
Beeston Crescent
Begbie Place
Beggs Way
Begonia Place
Beihlers Road
Beijing Cuisine
Beirut Court
Bejoy Rise
Bel Air Drive
Belaire Dairy
Belcher Street
Belcoo Crescent
Beldon Place
Belfast Street
Belfry Place
Belgate Place
Belgium Street
Belgrave Place
Belinda Avenue
Bell Avenue
Bell Road
Bella Bambina Ristorante
Bella Vista Apartments
Bella Vista Road
Bellagio Way
Bellamont Street
Bellamy Place
Bellard Place
Bellbird Arms Tavern
Bellbird Dairy and Lotto
Bellbird Rise
Bellbird Street
Bellbird Takeaway
Bellcroft Place
Belle Verde Drive
Belle Vue Avenue
Belleaire Court
Belleek Close
Bellevue Road
Bellfield / Opaheke Park
Bellfield Road
Bellgrove Place
Bellingham Road
Bellona Road
Bellota by Peter Gordon
Bellringer Road
Bells Road
Bellshill Close
Bellville Drive
Bellwood Avenue
Belmere Rise
Belmont Intermediate School
Belmont Liquor Centre
Belmont Park Racquets Club
Belmont Pharmacy
Belmont School
Belmont Superette
Belmont Terrace
Belmont Turkish Cafe
Belsera Court
Belsomet Place
Beltany Drive
Belvedere Court
Belvedere Street
Belvedere Tennis Centre
Bema Takeaway
Bemrose Place
Ben And Jerry's
Ben and Jerry’s
Ben James Drive
Ben James Path
Ben Lomond Crescent
Ben Lora Place
Ben Nevis Place
Benbow Street
Benchmark Drive
Bendale Place
Bendalls Lane
Bendemeer Place
Benders Avenue
Benfield Avenue
Benghazi Road
Benita Place
Benjack Place
Benjarong Thai restaurant
Benmore Place
Bennett Road
Bennett Street
Benson Road
Benson Road Bakery
Benson Road Dairy
Benthos Road
Bentinck Street
Bentleigh Avenue
Bentley Avenue
Bentley Avenue Pharmacy
Bentley Court
Bentley Road
Bentley Steps
Bento Japanese Restaurant
Benton Place
Benville Place
Benygloe Place
Beragh Place
Berba Lane
Berenice Lane
Beresford Avenue
Beresford Square
Beresford Street
Beresford Street Central
Beresford Street West
Berkeley Cinemas
Berkeley Road
Berkshire Terrace
Berlane Place
Berm Lane
Bermuda Road
Bernard Magnus Lane
Bernard Street
Berne Place
Bernie Edwards Place
Bernies Food Bar
Bernina Place
Bernish Place
Bernleigh Terrace
Beros Place
Berowald Place
Berrett Place
Berridge Avenue
Bert Knight Path
Bert Sutcliffe Retirement Village
Bert Wilson Place
Bertrand Road
Berwick Street
Berwyn Avenue
Beryl Place
Bessie Lane
Best Bake Bakery
Best Beds
Best Start
Best Start Sunkist Bay Kindy
Best Starts
Best Tandoori Cafe
Best Ugly Bagels
Best Western
Best Western Motor Lodge
BestStart Grey Lynn
BestStart Richmond Road
Beswick Place
Beth Shalom Progressive Synagogue
Bethany Bible Chapel
Bethel Prayer Centre / Assembly of God
Bethel Road
Bethells Road
Bethells Valley Rural Fire Station
Bethesda Fellowship Seventh-day Adventist Church
Bethesda Home and Hospital
Betsia Kebabs
Betsia kebabs
Betsland Crescent
Better Burger
Bettes Bar and Eatery
Bettina Place
Betts Avenue
Betula Place
Beulah Avenue
Beuty Mantra
Beverage Place
Beveridge Track
Beverly Place
Bevyn Street
Bexley Place
Bezar Place
Bhalla Fresh Bakehouse
Bian Sushi & Donburi
Bianca Court
Bible Baptist Church
Bibury Avenue
Bickerton Way
Bickleigh Grove
Bicknell Road
Biddick Road
Bien Izakaya
Big Beat Coffee Kitchen
Big Blue House Bed and Breakfast
Big Boy Takeaway
Big Fish
Big Fish Eatery
Big House restaurant
Big Johns Dairy
Big L Bakery Plus
Big Picture Wine
Big Sale
Big Sandwich
Big Sur
Big Tikka
Big Tree Cafe
Bight Road
Bikanervala Vegetarian restaurant
Bike Barn
Bikes and Barbers
Bikes And Beyond
Bikes and Beyond
Bilancia Place
Bilat Beetul Mosque (Masjid)
Bill Haresnape Track
Bill Phillip Place
Bill Stevenson Drive
Bill Walters Rise
Billabong Place
Billfish Cafe
Billington Avenue
Billy Goat Point track
Bin Bin Deluxe
Bin Inn
Binda Place
Bingara Place
Bingley Avenue
Binsted Road
Bintulu Place
Bionic Wasp
Biosecurity Depot
Biplane Street
Birch Park Lane
Birch Place
Birch Road
Birchdale Close
Birchfield Road
Birchlands Road
Birchlea Rise
Birchwood Grove
Bird Barn
Bird On A Wire
Birdcage Tavern
Birdsong Lane
Birdwood Avenue
Birdwood Crescent
Birdwood Road
Birdwood School
Birkdale Bible Chapel
Birkdale Intermediate School
Birkdale North School
Birkdale Primary School
Birkdale Road
Birkdale telephone exchange
Birkenhead Avenue
Birkenhead Baptist Church
Birkenhead Brewing Company Freehouse
Birkenhead College
Birkenhead Community Church
Birkenhead Drycleaners
Birkenhead Fire Station
Birkenhead Islamic Center
Birkenhead Library
Birkenhead Mall
Birkenhead Roast
Birkenhead School
Birkenhead Senior Citizens Association (Inc)
Birkenhead Transport Bus Depot
Birkenhead World War One memorial
Birkley Road
Birman Close
Birmingham Road
Biscay Place
Biscocho Cafe
Bishop Browne Place
Bishop Croke Place
Bishop Dunn Place
Bishop Fish and Chips
Bishop Lenihan Place
Bishop Pharmacy
Bishop Street
Bishop's Residence
Bishopgate Street
Bisley Street
Bittern Place


Bivouac Outdoor
BK Hostel
BK s Pioneer Motor Lodge
Black & Gold
Black Beech Crescent
Black Box Pizza
Black Bridge Big Tree Nurseries
Black Bridge Nurseries
Black Bull Liquor
Black Bull Sky Liquor
Black Gecko
Black Pepper
Black Rock
Black Rock Dam
Black Salt
Black Sands Lodge
Black Teal Close
Blackbird Lane
Blackbridge Road
Blackburn Road
Blackett Crescent
Blackgate Place
Blacklock Avenue
Blacks Road
Blackwood Drive
Blair Place
Blake Road
Blake Street
Blakeborough Drive
Blakewell Place
Blakey Street
Blampied Road
Blanche Way
Bland Place
Blanes Road
Blantyre Court
Blatina Drive
Blazin Char Grill
BLD Cafe
Bleakhouse Road
Blease Street
Bledisloe House
Bledisloe Lane
Bledisloe Street
Blenheim Street
Blethyn Place
Blewitt Court
Blind and Low Vision Education Network New Zealand Homai Campus
Bliss Court
Bliss Hair Salon
Blitza Pizza
Blockhouse Bay
Blockhouse Bay Baptist Church
Blockhouse Bay Community Church
Blockhouse Bay Intermediate School
Blockhouse Bay Library
Blockhouse Bay Road
Blockhouse Bay School
Blockhouse Bay telephone exchange
Blomfield Spa
Blondies All Day
Blondies Hairdressing Salon
Bloom Crescent
Bloom Fresh Fruit and Vege
Bloomfield Place
Blossom Lane
Blossoms Cafe
Blossoms Educare
Blow Hair Design
Blowers Place
Blu Hair Design
Blu Poké Shed
Blue Bell Minimart
Blue Chip Takeaways
Blue Cod Takeaways
Blue Gum Rise
Blue Lagoon Takeaway
Blue N Green
Blue Ocean Convenience
Blue Pacific Takeaway
Blue Rose
Blue Sea Laundromat
Blue Sea Laundry
Blue Spur Way
Bluebells Cakery
Bluebird Crescent
Bluefin Way
Bluegrey Avenue
Blueridge Close
Bluestone Rise
Bluestone Room
Bluewater Place
Bluff Terrace
Blumhardt Place
Blundell Place
Blush Convenience
Blythe Place
Blyton Lane
BMW Group NZ
BNZ Bank
BNZ Tower
Boakes Road
Boarding Centre
Boardman Lane
Boardwalk Rise
Boatshed Bay
Boatshed Gallery
Bob Charles Drive
Bob's Mowers
Bobs Way
Bocage Lane
Boderg Way
Bodi Place
Bodmin Place
Bodrum Kitchen
Boeing Place
Boffa Miskell
Bohola Rise
Bokeen Lane
Bolderwood Place
Boler Place
Bolina Crescent
Bollard Avenue
Bolliwood Indian restaurant
Bolliwood Restaurant
Bolton Place
Bolton Street
Bolton Street Cafe
Bolton Street Dairy
Bomb Point Drive
Bomber Lane
Bon Sushi
Bona Pizzeria
Bond Crescent
Bond Place
Bond Street
Bongard Road
Bonito Place
Bonnard Place
Bonnette Road
Bonnie Brae Road
Bonny Crescent
Bonsai Thai Cuisine

book shop closed

Booker Place
Boomerang Car Sales
Boomerang Superette
Boon Street
Boonchu Thai
Booralee Avenue
Boord Crescent
Boost Personality Laundromat
Boracay Garden Restaurant
Bordeaux Parade
Border Road
Borders Beyond Backpacker
Boric Food Market
Borich Road
Borlase Lane
Borneo Drive
Borris Close
Borrowdace Avenue
Borthwick Close
Boscawen Street
Bosco Verde
Bosnyak Drive
Bostock Place
Boston Bakery
Boston Hair and Body
Boston Road
Bosun Place
Botanic View
Botanical walkway
Botany Christian Centre
Botany Dairy
Botany Downs
Botany Downs Primary School
Botany Downs Secondary College
Botany Fellowship Assembly of God
Botany Garden and Orchard
Botany Honda
Botany Library
Botany Life Community Church
Botany Liquor Spot
Botany Lutheran Church
Botany Motor Inn
Botany Road
Botany Road Pharmacy
Botany Road Seafood Takeaways
Botany Road Superette
Botany Town Centre
Botany Way
BotanyLife Community Church
Botha Road
Bothwell Place
Botswana Butchery
Bottega Close
Bougain Avenue
Bougainvillaea Terrace
Boulevard Hotel
Boundary Drive
Boundary Road
Boundary Road Dairy
Boundary Run
Boundary Superette
Bounty Road
Bourke Street
Bourne Street
Bournemouth Avenue
Bournemouth Terrace
Bouzaid Way
Bow Place
Bowater Place
Bowden Road
Bowen Avenue
Bowen Lane
Bowen Street
Bowers Road
Bowling Avenue
Bowling Club
Bowls Sunnybrae
Bowman Road
Bowmore Close
Bowscale Place
Boy & Bird
Boy Walking
Boyce Avenue
Boyd Avenue
Boyd Road
Boyes Avenue
Boylan Road
Boyle Crescent
Boys Place
BP Bader Drive
BP Cavendish
BP Connect Mangere
BP East Tamaki
BP Flat Bush
BP Howick
BP Kumeu
BP Massey Road
BP Mount Smart
BP Opaheke
BP Ormiston
BP Pacific
BP Papakura
BP Shop
BP Station Road
BP Takanini
BP Weymouth
BP Whenuapai
Brabant Road
Brabham Place
Brachard Close
Bracken Avenue
Bradburns Pharmacy
Bradbury Road
Bradford Street
Bradley Lane
Bradleys Access
Bradnor Lane
Bradnor Meadows Drive
Brady Road
Braebank Lane
Braeburn Place
Braemar Road
Braemar Terrace
Braestar Court
Bragato Place
Brailsford Court
Brains Road
Bramble Lane
Bramley Drive
Brampton Court
Bramwell Place
Brancott Place
Brandon Road
Brandys Roast
Branston Avenue
Brashier Circle
Brassey Road
Braund Place
Brava Place
Bravery Road
Bray's Rise
Braystones Place
Bread & Butter
Bread and Butter Bakery
Bread of Life Assembly of God
Bread of Life Christian Church
Bread of Life (Samoan)
Breadwinner Bakery
Break and Escape
Break Time 24/7
Bream Revel Way
Brechin Place
Breenagh Place
Bremner Avenue
Bremner Road
Brennan Avenue
Brent Place
Brentford Place
Brenton Place
Brentwood Avenue
Brentwood Avenue Seventh Day Adventist Church
Breon Place
Brethren Church
Breton Road
Brets Boat Sales
Brett Avenue
Bretton Lane
Brew on Quay
Brewers Co operative
Brewster Avenue
Brian Avenue
Brian Berg Place
Brian Norton Track
Brian Slater Way
Brian Wood Lane
Brianna Place
Briar Lane
Briar Vale Place
Briar Way
Brick by Brick Cafe
Brick Street
Brickfield Way
Brickfield Way (1010)
Brickhouse Cafe
Brickhouse espresso bar
Bricklane Restaraunt
Brickworks Bay Road
Brickworks Cafe
Bridal Path
Briddock Way


Bridge Avenue
Bridge Climb and Bungy
Bridge Community Church
Bridge Court
Bridge Fruit and Veg
Bridge Mini Mart
Bridge Street
Bridge View Road
Bridgefield Crescent
Bridgehead Cove
Bridgens Avenue
Bridgeview Road
Bridgewater Road
Bridgman Avenue
Brigade Road
Brigantine Drive
Brigham Creek Road
Brigham Lane
Brigham Street
Brigham Young Drive
Bright Sparks
Bright Star Laundry
Bright Street
Brighton Road
Brighton Terrace
Brightside Hospital
Brightside Road
Brightwell Street
Brilliant Street
Brinlack Drive
Briody Terrace
Brisbane Street
Bristol Road
Britannia Place
British Isles
Britomart Country Club
Britomart Place
Britomart Place Cycleway
Brittany Drive
Brittas Place
Britton Avenue
Brixton Road
BRM Cycles
Broadfield Street
Broadhurst Drive
Broadhurst Road
Broadview Place
Broadwood Rise
Broberg Lane
Brockton Avenue
Brockton Place
Brodie European
Brodie Road
Brolly Lane
Broman Place
Bromeliad Path
Bromley Place
Brompton Drive
Brompton Place
Bronte Place
Bronwylian Drive
Bronwyn Place
Bronzewing Terrace
Brook Haven Rise
Brook Street
Brookby Road
Brookby School
Brookdale Road
Brooke Ridge Rise
Brooke Road
Brooke Tyson Ritual
Brookfield Avenue
Brookfield Road
Brookfield Street
Brookland Place
Brooklyn Avenue
Brooks Way
Brookvale Lane
Brookview Drive
Brookwood Drive
Broomfields Road
Brosna Place
Brothers Beer
Brothers Brewery
Brothers Street
Brouder Place
Brough Road
Brougham Place
Brown Kiwi
Brown Street
Browne St
Brownhill Road
Brownie Road
Browning Street
Browns Avenue
Browns Bay
Browns Bay Beach
Browns Bay Beach access
Browns Bay Bowling Club
Browns Bay Dairy
Browns Bay Fisheries
Browns Bay Fresh
Browns Bay Holiday
Browns Bay Liquor Centre
Browns Bay Mens Bowling Club
Browns Bay Police Station
Browns Bay Presbyterian Church
Browns Bay Racquets Club
Browns Bay Road
Browns Bay School
Browns Lane
Browns Road
Browns Road Superette
Browns Road Track
Browns Saint Heliers Cafe
Bruce Amies Pharmacy
Bruce Lee Sushi & Roll
Bruce Lee Sushi and Roll
Bruce Maclaren Superette
Bruce Mason Centre
Bruce Mclaren gas gate station
Bruce McLaren Intermediate School
Bruce McLaren Road
Bruce Place
Bruce Pulman Drive
Bruce Road
Bruce Roderick Drive
Bruce Street
Bruckless Drive
Brumbie Way
Brumbys Bakery
Brunch Bakery Espresso
Brunner Road
Brunswick Rise
Brunton Place
Brussells Place
Bryan Road
Bryant Place
Bryant Road
Brydon Place
Bryers Place
Brylee Drive
Bryn Mawr Place
Brynbela Court
Bubble & Squeak Lanundromat
Bubble Tea Cafe
Bubbles Laundromat
Buccaneer Street
Buchanan Rehabilitation and Carrington Haemodialysis
Buchanan Road
Buchanan Street
Buck Taylor Track
Buckingham Crescent
Buckland Road
Bucklands Beach
Bucklands Beach Bakery
Bucklands Beach Guest House
Bucklands Beach Intermediate
Bucklands Beach Liquor Centre
Bucklands Beach Primary School
Bucklands Beach Road
Bucklands Beach Superette
Bucklands Beach Yacht Club
Bucklands Beach Yacht Club [Junior Sailing]
Bucklands Espresso Lounge
Buckley Avenue
Buckley Road
Buckley Road Dairy
Buckley Road Foodstore
Buckleys Track
Budgen Street
Budock Road
Buffalo Cafe
Building 135
Building 501
Building 502
Building 503
Building 504
Building 505
Building 509
Building 511
Building 621
Building 623
Building 632
Building 813
Building 814
Building 818
Building Blocks Early Learning Centre
Buisson Glade
Bukem Place
Bula Restaurant
Bullens Road
Buller Crescent
Buller Street
Bullock Track
Bulwer Street
Bun Hut
Bunbeg Crescent
Buncrana Place
Bundena Place
Bundoran Way
Bunga Raya
Bungalo Cafe
Bungalore Place
Bungalow 8
Bungalow Avenue
Bungard Road
Bunker Rise
Bunkys Way
Bunlin Road
Bunnings Warehouse
Bunnings Warehouse New Lynn
Bunnythorpe Road
Buon Venuti
Buona Sera Ristorante
Bupa Hillsborough Care Home
Bur Oak Terrace
Burbank Avenue
Burbank Bakery
Burbank Foodmarket
Burbank Wholesale Meats
Burbridge Road
Burch Street
Burden Lane
Burford Place
Burger Bach
Burger Boy
Burger Burger
Burger Fuel
Burger Geek
Burger King
Burger Wisconsin
Burgess Road
Burgoyne Street
Burgundy Park Avenue
Bürkert Fluid Control Systems
Burleigh Street
Burlington Place
Burnaston Court
Burndale Terrace
Burnett Avenue
Burnham Road
Burnley Terrace
Burns Avenue
Burns Lane
Burns Street
Burnsall Place
Burnside Avenue
Burnside Court
Burnside Road
Burrell Avenue
Burrell Road
Burrell Road extension
Burrett Avenue
Burrows Avenue
Burswood Drive
Burt Road
Burton Street
Burtons Drive
Burtt Road
Burundi Avenue
Burwood Crescent
Bus Station
Busbridge Place
Busby Street
Buscomb Avenue
Bush Markers
Bush Road
Bush Track
Bush View Lane
Bushfield Drive
Bushglen Court
Bushlake Way
Bushlands Park Drive
Bushlands Place
Bushmans Grill
Bushpark Place
Business Parade North
Business Parade South
Busing Avenue
Busy Bee Laundromat
Busy Oven Bakery
Butcher Jacks
Bute Road
Butia Avenue
Butler Avenue
Butley Drive
Butter Chicken House
Buttercup Place
Butterfly Creek
Butterworth Avenue
Butterworth Drive
Buttle Street
Buxton Street
Buy The Way
Byblos Place
Byers Walk
Byrne Place
Byron Avenue
Byron Drury Way

C Block
C&C Family Takeaway
C3 Church
C3 Church Howick / Howick Christian City Church
Cabbage Tree Swamp Drive
Cabeleigh Drive
Cabello Place
Cabernet Crescent
Cable Bay
Cable Bay Beach
Cable Bay Lane
Cable Bay Vineyards
Cable Bay Vineyards Verandah
Cable Road
Cade Place
Cadenza Place
Cadiz Place
Cadman Avenue
Cadness Place
Cadness Street
Cadwil Drive
Caen Road
Cafe 39
Cafe 47
Cafe @ Vicky One
Cafe Amzy
Cafe Anatolia
Cafe and Sushi Bar
Cafe BBQ Duck
Cafe Burlesque
Cafe Byzantium
Cafe Casablanca
Cafe Cesar
Cafe Chatz
Cafe Club
Cafe Crema
Cafe Della Piazza
Cafe Eight
Cafe Eleven
Cafe Forte
Cafe Greco
Cafe Hanoi
Cafe Jam
Cafe Kai Ora
Cafe Karadeniz
Cafe Korero
Cafe Lava
Cafe Lincoln
Cafe Massimo
Cafe Melba
Cafe Miko
Cafe Monet

café Mont Mount Eden

Cafe on Kohi
Cafe Palomino
Cafe Paris
Cafe Poppin
Cafe poppin
Cafe Redwoods
Cafe Restaurant "French Rendez-vous"
Cafe Sofra
Cafe Sushi
Cafe Tasca
Cafe Viet
Cafe Windsor
Caffe e Cucina
Caffreys Avenue
Cahill Place
Cahir Place
Cain Road
Cain Tattoo
Cairnbrae Court
Cairngorm Place
Cairnsvale Rise
Caithness Place
Cajero Place
Cake & Co
Cake Passion Cafe and Shop
Cake shop
Cakes and Ladders
Calais Terrace
Calcite Avenue
Caldbeck Rise
Caldecote Place
Calder Place
Caldera Drive
Caldwell Place
Caldwells Road
Caldwells Road East
Caledonian Place
Calendar Girls
Caley Court
Calgary Street
Calgary Superette
Caliban Place
California Burrito
California Place
Callender Place
Calliope Road
Calliope Road Cafe
Calliope Road Shared Path
Calliope Sea Scout Group
Calliope Superette
Callis Avenue
Callum's Bakery
Calluna Crescent
Calman Place
Caltex Birkdale
Caltex Karaka
Caltex Leabank
Calthorp Close
Caltra Place
Calumet Way
Caluzzi Bar and Cabaret
Calvary Bible Baptist Church
Calvary Chapel Assembly of God (Fijian)
Calvary Chapel Auckland
Calvary Community Co Seventh-Day Adventist Church
Calvary Indian Assembly of God
Calvary Tongan
Calvary Tongan Assembly of God
Calvert Avenue
Calvert Street
Calvin Place
Calypso Place
Calypso Way
Cambells Bay beach
Camberley Court
Cambodian Takeaway
Cambourne Road
Cambrai Avenue
Cambria Road
Cambrian Crescent
Cambric Place
Cambridge Lane
Cambridge Outlet Store
Cambridge Road
Cambridge Terrace
Camden Place
Camden Road
Camellia Place
Camelot Arms Motel
Camelot Place
Cameo Court Road
Camera and Camera
Camera Warehouse
Cameron Place
Cameron Street
Camerton Close
Camilla Grove
Camira Place
Camith Close
Camp Morley
Camp Road
Camp Sladdin
Camp X Place
Campbell Crescent
Campbell Free Kindergarten
Campbell Glade
Campbell Park Tennis Club
Campbell Place
Campbell Road
Campbells Bay
Campbells Bay beach
Campbells Bay School
Campbells Bay Tennis Club
Camphora Place
Campian Place
Campile Close
Campus Kabab
Camrose Place
Camwell Close
Canada Lane
Canada Street
Canal Road
Canary Place
Canaveral Drive
Canberra Avenue
Cancer and Blood Services
Candia Road
Candlestick Place
Cane Road
Canini Grove
Canning Crescent
Canoe Lane
Canon Place
Canonbie Place
Canongate Street
Canterbury Park Lane
Canterbury Place
Cantina Avenue
Canton Cafe
Canton Grill
Canton Restaurant
Cantora Avenue
Cantua Close
Canyon Drive
Cape Horn Road
Cape Road
Capella Place
Capilano Place
Capistrano Mews
Capital Place
Capri Place
Capriana Drive
Capricorn Place
Capriole Crescent
Capstan Court
Capstick Road
Captain Mitchell Drive
Captain Rings Drive
Captain Scott Road
Captain Springs Road
Captain Street
Captains Close
Captains Retreat
Car dealers

car fair

Car Pro
Caragh Place
Caram Place
Caravelle Close
Carberry Lane
Carbery Place
Carbine Road
Carbisdale Road
Carbon Garage
Carder Court
Carder Holland Way
Cardiff Road
Cardigan Street
Cardinal Place
Cardrona Place
Cards n Magz
Cardwell Street
Care Centre
Care Chemist
Care Plus Pharmacy
Carex Way
Carey Place
Cargill Street
Caribbean Drive
Carillon Place
Carina Crescent
Caringbah Drive
Carinthia Restaurant and Patissiere
Carisbrook Crescent
Carl Place
Carl's Jr.
Carlas Way
Carlaw Park Avenue
Carlaw Park Cafe
Carlaw Park Student Village
Carlie Street
Carlile House
Carlile Orphanage
Carling Avenue
Carlingford Drive
Carlinka Place
Carlisle Road
Carlisle Street
Carlos Drive
Carls Jr.
Carlson School
Carlton Crescent
Carlton Gore Road
Carlton Gore Road Cycleway
Carlton Party Hire
Carlton Street
Carmel Avenue
Carmel College
Carmelite Monastery
Carmen Avenue
Carmen Jones
Carmont Place
Carmont Street
Carn Place
Carnac Place
Carnarvon Avenue
Carnarvon Private Hospital
Carnelian Court
Carnell Lane
Carniew Place
Carnmore Place
Carnoustie Drive
Caro's Wines
Carol Lee Place
Carole Crescent
Carolina Place
Caroline Street
Carolyn Street
Caronia Crescent
Carousel Crescent
Carpenter Road
Carr Road
Carriage Close
Carriages Cafe
Carrick Glen Avenue
Carrick Place
Carrickdawson Drive
Carrie Street
Carrigans Close
Carrington Road
Carringtons Cafe
Carrs Place
Carruth Road
Carruth Road Bakery
Carruth Takeaways
Carrygawley Road
Carter Place
Carter Road
Carters Lane
Carters Road
Cartmel Avenue
Cartwright Road
Carver Place
Carwyn Place
Casa del Gelato
Casa Del Gelato
Casa Del Mar
Casabella Court
Cascade Avenue
Cascade Kauri Picture Frame
Cascade Motors
Cascade Street
Cascade View Track
Cascades Bakery and Cafe
Cascades Kindergarten
Cascades Laundromat
Cascades Liquor Spot
Cascades Motel
Cascades Road
Cascades Superette
Caserta Place
Cash Converters
Cashel Place
Casheltown Way
Cashmere Place
Cashmore Place
Casio G Factory
Caspar Road
Caspian Close
Cassandra Grove
Cassia Place
Cassidy Eyecare
Cassino Street
Cassino Terrace
Castaing Crescent
Castellina Drive
Castle Drive
Castle Street
Castlebane Drive
Castlederg Drive
Castledine Crescent
Castlefinn Drive
Castleford Street
Castlehill Court
Castlemaine Close
Castlepoint Avenue
Castleton Drive
Castleton Street
Castleview Lane
Castlewood Grove
Castor Bay
Castor Bay beach
Castor Bay Road
Casuarina Road
Catalina Bay Drive
Catalina Cafe
Catalina Crescent
Catania Place
Catch 22 Takeaway
Catch A Fish
Catch the Fire - Auckland
Cathay Lane
Cathedral of Saint Patrick And Saint Joseph
Cathedral Place
Catherine Lodge Retirement Lodge
Catherine Street
Catholic Chapel of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and Saint John Fisher
Catholic Church of Saint Francis and Saint Therese
Catholic Church of Saint John the Baptist
Catkin Crescent
Catlins Place
Cato Peart Road
Caton Road
Catrina Avenue
Catton Crescent
Caughey Place
Caughey Smith Preston Hospital
Caulton Street
Causeway Road
Cautley Street
Cavalli Road

cave A Vin

Cave Rock Track
Cavendish Drive
Caversham Drive
Cavock Road
Cawley Street
Cayman Place
Ceasar Place
Cebalo Place
Cebel Place
Cecil Beatt Place
Cecil Road
Cecil Sushi
Cedar Centre Birkdale & Beachhaven Anglican Church
Cedar Grove
Cedar Heights Avenue
Cedar Park Motor Lodge
Cedar Park Superette
Cedar Road
Celadon Place
Celebrity Cuts
Celeste Place
Celia Place
Celina Place
Cell Block
Cellar Court
Cellarmans Street
Cellbridge Place
Celmisia Place
Celsmere Lane
Celtic Crescent
Cenotaph Road
Centaur Close
Centennial Place
Centennial Track
Centorian Drive
Central Auckland Specialist School
Central Avenue
Central Bakery
Central Car Repair
Central Christian & Missionary Alliance Church
Central Fruit Supplies
Central Laundry
Central One
Central Park Bakery
Central Park Cafe
Central Park Drive
Central Park Wines and Spirits
Central Road
Central Superette
Central Terrace
Centre Court
Centre Street
CEO Cafe
Ceramco Park Bakery
Ceramco Place
Ceramic Lane
Cereal Killa Cafe
Ceres Court
Cesari Place
Cession Community Church
Cessna Lane
Cessna Place
Cetona Court
Cezanne Place
CH Barker Simplicity Funerals
Cha Chi's Takeaway
Chabad House
Chablis Place
Chada Thai
Chadlington Avenue
Chadwick Crescent
Chaffinch Road
Chaise Lange
Chale Place
Chalet Chevron
Chalfont Street
Challen Close
Challenger Street
Challinor Crescent
Challinor Street
Chalmers Street
Chamade Place
Chamari Close
Chamberlain Park Golf Course
Chamberlain Road
Chamberlain Street
Chan's Takeaway
Chancellor Place
Chancery Bistro
Chancery Square
Chancery Street
Chand Indian
Chandler Avenue
Chands Indian Restaurant
Chands Superette
Chang Gaow
Chang Thai
Channel View Road
Channing Crescent
Chantal Place
Chantelle Place
Chaophraya Thai restaurant
Chapel Bar and Bistro
Chapel Downs School
Chapel Downs Supermarket
Chapel of Faith in The Oaks
Chapel of the Good Shepherd
Chapel Park Superette and Lotto
Chapel Road
Chapel Street
Chapletown Drive
Chaplin Street
Chapman Road
Chapman Street
Char Grill
Char grill
Char Grill
Charann Place
Charcoal Burger
Chard Place
Chardon Place
Chardonnay Rise
Chargrilled Lamb Shoulder BBQ
Charisma Place
Charity Shop
Charlenne Close
Charles Dickens Drive
Charles Fox Place
Charles Heaphy Lane
Charles Henry Way
Charles Miller Court
Charles Nalden Lane
Charles Prevost Drive
Charles Road
Charles Street
Charlestown Drive
Charlie & George Cafe
Charlie Baxters
Charlie K Lunch Bar
Charlie's Bar
Charlotte Street
Charlton Avenue
Charmaine Road
Charms Roast
Charnley Grove
Charntay Avenue
Charros restaurant
Charta Place
Chartwell Avenue
Chartwell Liquor Spot
Chartwell Pharmacy
Chaska Sweets n Snacks
Chat Thai Takeaway
Chateau Kiwi
Chateau Mosquito Track
Chateau Rise
Chatfield Avenue
Chatfield Place
Chatham Avenue
Chatham Road
Chatswood Grove
Chatsworth Crescent
Chatters Laundromat
Chatters Laundry
Chaucer Place
Chaucer School
Chaytor Street
Chayward Place
Cheam Place
Checkerberry Court
Chedworth Drive
Cheers Liquor
Cheers NZ Liquor
Cheesecake Shop
Cheeseman Place
Chelburn Crescent
Chelmsford Avenue
Chelmsley Avenue
Chelsea Avenue
Chelsea House
Chelsea Kindergarten
Chelsea School
Chelsea View Drive
Cheltenham Beach
Cheltenham Beach access
Cheltenham Dairy and Milk Bar
Cheltenham Road
Chemist Warehouse
Chems Kingsland Pharmacy
Chequers Avenue
Cheriton Lane
Cheriton Road
Cherrie Road
Cherrington Road
Cherry Bomb Hair Design
Cherry Grove
Cherry Hill
Cherry Lane
Cherry Road
Cherry Tree Place
Cherrywood Crescent
Cherub Place
Cheryl Place
Cheshire Street
Chesley Place
Chester Avenue
Chester Lane
Chesterfield Avenue
Chesterton Terrace
Chestnut Road
Chettle Court
Chev Mini Mart
Chev's Garden
Cheval Drive
Cheverton Place
Cheviot Street
Chevis Place
Chevron Place
Chiania Place
Chianti Close
Chiasso coffee roasters
Chibnall Place
Chica Place
Chichester Cottage
Chichester Cottage Lane
Chichester Drive
Chicken Bites - Halal
Chicken Deli
Chicken Madness Cafe
Chicken Republique
Chieftain Rise
Chiftley Suites
Chiko Restaurant and Cafe
Chil Body And Hair
Chilcott Road
Child Care Center
Childers Road
Childrens Neighbourhood Park
Childsplay Unlimited
Chill Out Thai restaurant
Chilli Bar and Eatery
Chilli Indian Cuisine
Chiltern Crescent
Chilton Place
Chin Wags Restaurant and Bar
China Castle
China Steamboat
Chine Place
Chinese Alliance Christian Church / International Christian Centre
Chinese Cuisine BBQ Takeaway
Chinese Food and Fish and Chips
Chinese Food Fish & Chips Burgers
Chinese Grocery
Chinese Hotpot
Chinese Restaurant
Chinese Restourant
Chinese Takeaway
Chingford Close
Chip Grove
Chippendale Crescent
Chippewa Place
Chipping Dale
Chisbury Terrace
Chisholm Place
Chislehurst Street
Chivalry Road
Chivarly Foodmarket
Chloe Place
Chocolate Boutique
Chocolate cafe
Choice Avenue
Choice Bakery and Cafe
Choice Curry Indian Cuisine
Choice Food Bar
Choice Kids
Choice Liquor
Choice Plaza Backpackers
Chois Restaurant
Chon Thong Thai Cafe
Chong Qing
Chongqing Cuisine
Chonny Crescent
Chorley Avenue
Chorus House
Chow Foo Restaurant
Chrisarda Place
Chrisco Mansion
Christ Church
Christ Church Ellerslie
Christ The King
Christ The King Catholic School
Christ The King Parish
Christadelphian Hall
Christella Street
Christensen Place
Christian Agape Centre
Christian Centre Svet
Christian Family Church NZ
Christian Outreach Centre / Full Gospel Assembly
Christian Road
Christian Spiritualist Church of the Golden Light
Christie Street
Christies Track
Christina Avenue
Christini Street
Christlife Assembly of God (Samoan)
Christmas Road
Chrome Place
Chrysalis Early Learning Centre
Chua Tri Duc
Chukka Grove
Chunkys Takeaways
Church Bay Road
Church by the Seashore
Church Crescent
Church of Christ
Church of Christ New Zealand
Church of Christ South Auckland
Church of Good Shepherd
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
Church of Saint Alban the Martyr
Church of Samoa
Church of the Ascension
Church of the Holy Sepulchure
Church of the Nazarene
Church of The Nazarene
Church of the Nazarene
Church of the Nazarene - Oak Tree Fellowship
Church of the Saviour
Church of the Seashore
Church on the Rock
Church Road
Church Street
Church Street Childcare Centre
Church Street East
Church Street Reserve
Church Unlimited
Church View Road
Churches Avenue
Churchill Avenue
Churchill Park School
Churchill Road
Churchill Street
Churchill Street shared path
Churchouse Road
Churton Memorial
Churton Street
Cibo Parnell
Cicada Road
Cie France Bakery
Cindy Place
Cinema Road
Cinnabar Place
Cinnamon Cafe
Cinnamon Road
Cinta Malaysian
Cintra Lane
Cintra Place
Ciprian Place
Circus Circus
Cirrus Way
Citation Way
Citizen Park Kingsland
Citizens Hall
Citril Place
Citron Court
City Club Terrace
City Convenience Store
City Convenience Superette
City Dance
City Garden Lodge
City Gate Church
City Gospel Seventh-Day Adventist Church
City Impact Church
City Impant Church
City Liquor Spot
City Mart
City Of Sails Motel
City of Views Superette
City Parks Services
City Pizza
City Presbyterian Church
City Rail Link
City Rail Link Karangahape Station
City Rail Link Mount Eden
City Rail Link Mt Eden
City Rail Link Site Office
City Road
City Roast
City Side Baptist Church
City Star

city travellers

City Travellers
City View Terrace
City Works Depot
Citylife Auckland
Cityview Place
Civic Crescent
Civic Theatre
Civil Place
Civita Court
Clady Drive
Clairville Crescent
Clamp Grounds
Clapton Place
Clare Place
Claremont Street
Claremont Way
Clarence Road
Clarence Street
Clarendon Road
Claresholm Place
Claret Place
Clarice Place
Claridge Street
Clarion Place
Clark Bush Track
Clark Road
Clark Street
Clark Street West
Clarke Road
Clarks Beach
Clarks Beach Golf Course
Clarks Beach Holiday Park
Clarks Beach Holiday Park Swimming Pool
Clarks Beach Precinct
Clarks Beach Road
Clarks Beach Store
Clarks Beach Takeaways
Clarks Beach Waterfront Estate
Clarks Beach Yacht Club
Clarks Lane
Clarks Lane Footbridge
Clarkson Crescent
Clarrie Wills Way
Clarrys Cafe
Classic Bake House
Classic Bakehouse
Classic Bakery
Classic Cafe
Classic Cuts
Classic Grove
Classic Taste Indian Takeaway
Classrooms 1-4
Classrooms 6-10
Claude Avenue
Claude Brookes Drive
Claude Road
Claverdon Drive
Clavoy Place
Clay Lane
Claybrook Road
Clayburn Road
Clayden Shuttleworth Street
Claymore Street
Claypit Lane
Clayton Avenue
Clayton Park School
Clayton Road
Clayton Street
Claywest Place
Clearview Heights
Clearwater Cove
Cleary Road
Cleary Terrace
Cleaver & Co.
Cleaver & Co
Cleek Road
Cleghorn Avenue
Cleland Crescent
Clematis Avenue
Clements Street
Clemow Drive
Clemow's Lane
Clemway Place
Clendon Avenue
Clendon Bakery
Clendon Baptist Fellowship
Clendon Fish and Chips
Clendon Foodmarket
Clendon Laundry
Clendon Liquor
Clendon Park School
Clendon Pharmacy
Clendon Place
Clendon Tongan Fellowship
Clensmore Place
Cleve Road
Clevedon / Marne Road roundabout
Clevedon / Marne Road roundaboutlevedon Road
Clevedon A&P Showgrounds
Clevedon Cafe
Clevedon Dairy
Clevedon District Centre
Clevedon Kidz
Clevedon Presbyterian Church
Clevedon Road
Clevedon Scenic Reserve
Clevedon Scenic Reserve Track
Clevedon Scenic Reserve Viewpoint
Clevedon School
Clevedon Seafoods
Clevedon Superette
Clevedon Takanini Road
Clevedon Takeaways
Clevedon Village Pharmacy
Clevedon Volunteer Fire Brigade
Clevedon-Kawakawa Road
Cleveland Road
Cliff Avenue
Cliff Road

cliff top path

Cliff Top Walkway
Cliff View Drive
Clifford Court
Clifford Road
Clifton Court
Clifton Lane
Clifton Road
Clinic 41
Clinker Place
Clinker Street
Clinton Avenue
Clipper Place
Clist Crescent
Clive Dicks
Clive Road
Clocktower Visitor Information Centre
Cloghan Close
Cloghfin Place
Clomell Drive
Clonbern Road
Clonmany Road
Cloonlyon Drive
Cloud 9
Cloud 9 Convenience
Cloud Way
Clouston Street
Clovelly Road
Clover Drive
Clover Kitchen
Clover Park
Clover Park Community House
Cloverfields Drive
Cloverly Crescent
Clovernook Road
Club Hangar
Club Lane
Club Road
Club Sandwich Lunch and Cafe
Clunie Place
Clutha Crescent
Clyde Road
Clyde Road Superette
Clyde Street
Clydesdale Avenue
Clyma Place
Clyro Place
Clyside Avenue
CM Roast Meals
Co-operative Bank
Coach Road
Coachman Drive
Coal Mine Road
Coast Garden Drive
Coastal Court
Coastal Mini Mart
Coastal Track
Coastal walk
Coastal Walk
Coastal Walkway
Coastview Lane
Coates Avenue
Coates Avenue Butcher
Coates Crescent
Coates Road
Coatesville Heights
Coatesville School
Coatesville-Riverhead Highway
Cobana Place
Cobblers Lane
Cobblestone Lane
Cobden Street
Cobham Crescent
Cobra Liquor
Coburg Street
Cochran Glade
Cochran Road
Cochrane Road
Cockayne Crescent
Cockburn Street
Cockle Bay
Cockle Bay Kindergarten
Cockle Bay Road
Cockle Bay School
Cockle Bay Tennis Club
Coco Cafe
Coco's Cantina
Cocoa House
Codrington Crescent
Coen Sushi
Coey Place
Coffee and Ride
Coffee General
Coffee Home
Coffee Pen
Coffee Tea and Co.
Coffee to Wake the Dead
Coffee Zoo
Cognac Place
Coin Laundry
Coin Save
Colchester Avenue
Coldham Crescent
Cole Place
Colegrave Place
Coleman Avenue
Colenso Place
Coleraine Place
Coleridge Street
Coles Avenue
Coles Crescent
Coles Place
Coletta Lane
Colin Kerr-Taylor Memorial Reserve
Colin Maiden Park
Colin Shaw Lane
Colin Street
Colin Wild Place
Coliseum Drive
Collard Place
Colleen Court
Colleen Norma Place
College Hill
College Road
Collett Road
Collie Street
Collier Drive
Collings Drive
Collingwood Street
Collins Street
Colliston Rise
Colmar Road
Colomba Bakery
Colombia Bakery
Colonel Barton Glade
Colonel Nixon Street
Colonial Motel
Colonial Road
Colorado Place
Colours of Korean BBQ Buffet
Colson Lane
Colt Place
Colum Place
Columbia Crescent
Columbia Mini Mart
Columbia Place
Columbia Road
Columbus Coffee
Colway Place
Colwill Kindergarten
Colwill Road
Colwill School
Comans Track
Combes Road
Comet Crescent
Comfortably Numb
Comida Cafe Bistro
Comins Crescent
Command Lane
Commanders Avenue
Commerce Street
Commercial Bay
Commercial Road
Commercial Vehicle Testing Facility
Commissariat Road
Commodore Drive
Commodore Parry Road
Commonsense organic
Community Constable
Community Hall
Community Kindergarten
Community Lane
Community Police
Community Police Centre
Community Probation Services
Como st Cafe
Como Street
Compass Accommodation
Compass Place
Compass Point Way
Compton Street
Con Bryan Track
Conacher Close
Concepts Way
Concert Chamber
Conch Kitchen & Bar
Concord Place
Concorde Superette
Condliffe Place
Condor Place
Coney Lane
Conference Centre
Congergational Christian Church Samoa
Congregational Christian Church of Samoa
Congregational Christian Church of Samoa Mangere
Congregational Church of Samoa [NZ]
Congregational LMS Samoan Church
Congreve Place
Conifer Bakery and Cafe
Conifer Grove
Conifer Grove Dairy
Conifer Grove Kindergarten
Conifer Grove Pharmacy
Conifer Grove School
Conifer Lane
Coniston Avenue
Connaught Street
Connect Baptist Church
Connect Track
Connell Street
Connemara Court
Connolly Avenue
Conrad Drive
Constable Lane
Constance Place
Constellation Avenue
Constellation Drive
Constitution Hill
Construct House
Consulate of Switzerland
Contact Lane
Contessa Drive
Conti Drive
Continental Bakery
Continental Cars Ferrari
Continental Cars Mercedes-Benz
Contingency Road
Controlled Mine Path
Convair Crescent
Convamore Lane
Convoy Lane
Conway Road
Coo Japanese Kitchen
Cook Island Christian Church
Cook Islands Seventh-day Adventist Church
Cook Street
Cooladawson Drive
Cooladerry Place
Coolaghy Drive
Coombe Avenue
Cooper Crescent
Cooper Place
Cooper Road
Cooper Street
Cooper Tyres
Cooper's Creek Cellar Door
Cooper's Creek Winery
Cooperage Avenue
Coote Way
Copeland Street
Copley Street
Copper Lane
Copperbeech Walk
Copperfield Terrace
Coppins Road
Copplestone Place
Copsey Place
Copthorne Hotel
Coptic Place
Copy Colour Printing
Coquille Place
Coral Crescent
Coral Tree Avenue
Corban Avenue
Corbett Scott Avenue
Cordelia Place
Cordis, Auckland
Cordoba Court
Corfield Way
Corin Avenue
Corinth Street
Corinthian Drive
Corkill Place
Cormack Street
Cornelian Crescent
Cornell Court
Corner Bakery
Corner Bar
Corner Burger
Corner Cafe
Corner Jacks
Cornerstone Drive
Cornwall Cricket Club
Cornwall Park
Cornwall Park Avenue
Cornwall Park Bistro
Cornwall Park Cafe
Cornwall Park Creamery
Cornwall Park District School
Cornwall Park Motor Inn
Cornwall Park Superette
Cornwall Place
Cornwall Road
Cornwall Street
Cornwallis Beach
Cornwallis Road
Cornwallis Street
Cornwallis Wharf
Coroglen Avenue
Corokia Place
Corolu Place
Coromandel Cacti
Coromandel Crescent
Coromandel Road
Coronation Restaurant and Cafe
Coronation Road
Coronation Street
Coronet Lane
Coronet Place
Corporate Men's Haircuts
Corran Place
Correa Court
Corregidor Place
Corrella Road
Corric Hill
Corricvale Way
Corriedale Place
Corrofin Drive
Corsair Crescent
Corsair Lane
Corsair Street
Corsica Way
Corta Bella Place
Cortina Place
Corunna Avenue
Corunna Road
Corveen Crescent
Corwen Place
Cory Road
Corys Electrical
Cosgrave Road
Cosgrave Superette
Cosgrove School
Cosmo Cafe
Cosmo Place
Cossey Road
Costa Cafe
Costa Viva Crescent
Costar Place
Coster Motors
Costley Street
Cosy Place
Cotswold Lane
Cottage Lane
Cottam Grove
Cotter Avenue
Cottesmore Place
Cottingham Crescent
Cottle Motors & Auto Electrix
Cottle Road
Cotton on
Cotton Place
Cotton Street
Cottonsoft Limited
Cottrell Place
Coty Place
Coubray Place
Couldry Street
Coulter Road
Coulthard Terrace
Council Terrace
Councillors Drive
Counsel Terrace
Countdown Auckland City
Countdown Auckland Metro
Countdown Auckland National Distribution Centre
Countdown Browns Bay
Countdown Glen Innes
Countdown Greenlane
Countdown Grey Lynn
Countdown Helensville
Countdown Highland Park
Countdown Howick
Countdown Lincoln Road
Countdown Lynfield
Countdown Mangere Mall
Countdown Meadowbank
Countdown Mount Wellington
Countdown Mt. Eden
Countdown Onehunga
Countdown Sylvia Park
Countdown Te Atatu
Countess Lane
Country Corner
Country Fried Chicken
Country Road
Countryside Way
County Road
Coupland Court
Courage Road
Courageous Place
Courant Place
Court Crescent
Court House Grocer
Court Town Close
Courtenay Crescent
Courthouse Lane
Courtland Avenue
Courts Lane
Courtvale Place
Courtyard Cafe
Cousins Road
Cove Lane
Covenant Presbyterian Church
Coventry Way

cover to observation post

Covic Avenue
Covil Avenue
Covina Place
Cowan Street
Cowan Track
Cowell Place
Cowie Street
Cowley Place
Cowper Street
Cox Street
Cox's Bay Hoop
Cox's Creek Walkway
Coxhead Road
Coxhead Takeaways
Coxton Lane
Coyle Street
Crab Shack
Crabb Fields Lane
Cracka Jack Dairy
Cracroft Street
Cradock Street
Crafer Way
Craft Kitchen
Crafty Baker
Craiburn Street
Craig Place
Craig Road
Craigavon Drive
Craigbank Avenue
Craigs Way
Crail Court
Cramond Drive
Crampton Place
Cranberry Place
Cranbrook Mews
Cranbrook Place
Cranford Drive
Cranmere Crescent
Crannich Place
Crannog Fen
Cranston Street
Cranwell Street
Cranwells Pharmacy
Crater Rim Track
Cratloe Lane
Craven A
Craw Campsite
Crawford Avenue
Crayford Street East
Crayford Street West
Cream Cafe
Creamer Avenue
Creamery Road
Crecy Place
Creda Road
Creek Lane
Creek Street
Creeve Place
Creggan Crescent
Creightons Road
Cremorne Reserve
Cremorne Street
Crenshaw Opticians and Optometrists
Crescent Dairy
Crescent Hills Court
Crescent Road
Crescent Road East
Crescent Road West
Cresta Avenue
Crestlands Place
Crestview Place
Crestview Rise
Crete Avenue
Cretian Crescent
Crewe Close
Crichton Terrace
Cricket Avenue
Cricket court 3
Cricket courts 1 & 2
Cricklade Terrace
Cricklewood Street
Crieff Place
Crimson Park
Crispe Road
Crispian Place
Criterion Street
Crockett Lane
Crocombe Crescent
Crocus Place
Crocus Road
Croft Lane
Croft Poles
Croftfield Lane
Croftview Road
Cromdale Avenue
Cromer Place
Crompton Road
Cromwell Street
Cron Avenue
Cronin Place
Cronshaw Road
Crook & Flail
Crooks Road
Crop Coffee and Eatery
Crosby Road
Croskery Road
Cross Bar
Cross Market
Cross Street
Crossandra Drive
Crossbridge Road
Crossfield Road
Crossland Place
Crossroads Methodist Church
Crosties Crescent
Crowhurst Street
Crown Butcher
Crown Centre
Crown Crescent
Crown Hill Close
Crown Hill Fish and Chips
Crown Hill Liquor
Crown Hill Superette
Crown Hotel
Crown Lane
Crown Lynn Place
Crown Street
Crown Superette
Crowne Plaza
Crows Road
Crowther Street
Croydon Dairy
Croydon Road
Crudge Street
Cruickshank Crescent
Cruise Connections
Cruise Lane


Crum Avenue
Crummer Road
Crumpys Ice Cream
Crusher Pipe Track
Crusoe Motor Lodge
Crusty Hot Bread Kitchen
Crustys Pizza Burger
Cryers Road
Crystal Automotive
Crystal Avenue
Crystal Laundromat
Crystal Mini Mart
Crystal Mountain
Crystal Palace
Cube Bar and Cafe
Cuff Cafe
Cuisine India
Cuisine India Takeaway
Culdaff Place
Cullen Avenue
Cullinan Avenue
Cullwick Road
Culperry Road
Cultures, Languages and Linguistics Building
Culver Terrace
Cumber Lane
Cumberland Avenue
Cumbrian Place
Cumin Indian Cafe
Cumulus Way
Cunard Street
Cunliffe Place
Cunningham Place
Cunnolds Lane
Cupboard Love
Cupid Bar
Curacao Place
Curlew Bay Road
Curlew Place
Curran Street
Currell Way
Currey Crescent
Currie Avenue
Curry Affair
Curry Club
Curry Guru
Curry Leaf
Curry Leaf Indian restaurant
Curry Mahal
Curry Of India
Curry Palace
Curry Sutra
Curry Village
Curry Village Indian Restaurant
Curry Zone
Curry's Lane Cycle Route
Currys Lane
Curtis Road
Curzon Street
Cushla Place
Cusine India
Customs House
Customs Street East
Customs Street West
Cut Price Superette
Cuthbert Road
Cuthbert Way
Cuthill Close
Cuthill Reservoir
Cutler Street
Cutlers Walk
Cutter Place
Cutting Club
Cutts Crescent
Cutty Grass Track
Cutty Sark Road
Cyclades Place
Cyclamen Road
Cyclarama Crescent
Cyperus Street
Cypress Cafe
Cypress gardens
Cypress Place
Cyprus Takeaways
Cyril Crescent
Cyril French Drive
Cyril Kay Road

D &D Bakery and Cafe
D Block
D H Supermarket - Chinese Grocery
D'urville Heights
Da Vinci Place
Da Vinci's
Dacre Street
Dae Heung Korean Baptist Church
Daffodil Drive
Daffodil Street
Dagenham Street
Dahlia Drive
Dahua Central
Dahua Supermarket
Daikoku Albany
Daily Bread
Dainton Place
Dairy Flat
Dairy Flat Highway
Dairy Flat School
Dairy Plus
Dairy Road
Dairy Stream Road
Dairyland Drive
Daiso Japan
Dak Hanmari Korean BBQ
Dak Hanmari Restaurant
Dakota Avenue
Dakota Lane
Dalcross Drive
Daldy Street
Daldys Bush Lane
Dale Crescent
Dale Road
Dalgety Drive
Dalgety Lunch Bar
Dalkeith Place
Dallan Place
Dallas Place
Dallinghoe Crescent
Dallow Place
Dally Terrace
Dalma Court Motel
Dalmahoy Place
Dalmatia Place
Dalmeny Close
Dalray Avenue
Dalry Place
Dalton Electrical
Dalton Street
Dalwhinnie Parade

daMas Kino - Halal _ kebab n Charcoal Chicken

Damian Way
Dampier Street
Damson Place
Dan and Anna Deluxe Superette
Dan's Traditional Barber Shop & Shave Parlour
Dana Place
Danbury Drive
Danby Court
Danga Lane
Danica Esplanade
Daniel Avenue
Danielle Place
Danish Delight
Dannemora Drive
Dannemora Kindergarten
Danny Doolan's
Danske Mobler
Danske Mobler Furniture
Dante's Pizzeria
Dantes Pizzeria Napoletana
Dante’s Pizzeria
Danube Lane
Daphne Harden Lane
Daphne Road
Daphne Street
Dapple Place
Darby Street
Darcy Place
Daria Place
Darimouth Place
Darion Drive
Darley Way
Darlington Place
Darnell Crescent
Darren Crescent
Darwin Lane
Data Way
Datura Place
Dauntless Lane
Dave Gallaher
Daventry Street
Davern Lane
David Avenue
David Beattie Place
David Carnegie Road
David Jones
David Lange Care Home
David Rogers Lane
David Street
David's Emporium
Davidson Road
Davies Avenue
Davies Drive
Davies Road
Davin Bakery Cafe
Davington Way
Davis Crescent
Davis Funeral Home
Davis Funerals
Davis Law Library
Davita Place
Dawn Kitchen
Dawn Persson
Dawn Place
Dawnhaven Drive
Dawood Place
Dawson Road
Dawson Road Superette
Dawson School
Day Street
Dayspring Way
Daytona Road
Dazzling Paws
DB Breweries Ltd
DD Music
Ddup Cafe
De Bloge Place
De Fontein Belgian Beer
De Grand
De Havilland Drive
De Havilland Lane
De Havilland Road
De Hot Bar And Grill
De La Salle College
De Luen Street
De Post
De Quincey Terrace
De Thiery Place
De Val Drive
Deacon Point
Deacon Road
Deacon Road East
Deadlock Dave Locksmiths
Dean Street
Deane Avenue
Deanna Drive
Deas Place
Deborah Hatton Lane
Deborah Place
Debron Avenue
Deco Eatery
Dedwood Terrace
Dee Place
Deele Close
Deep Creek Brewing Co.
Deep Creek Brews and Eats
Deep Creek Road
Deepak Lane
Deerfield Place
Deering Place
Def Store
Defence Armament Depot
Defender Crescent
Deirdre Place
Del Mar Court
Delamare Court
Delamore Drive
Delargey Avenue
Delegats Wine Estate
Delemere Place
Delhi Heart
Delhi Heights Restaurant and Bar
Delhi Zaika Takeaway
Deli @ 125
Deli Bake
Delicious Cakes And Pastry Shop
Delicious Fish and Chips
Delicious Food Store
Delight Cafe
Delight Pizza
Delisle Place
Dell Avenue
Dell Road
Dell Way
Della Place
Dellwood Avenue
Delmont Close
Delphine Close
Delray Place
Delta Avenue
Delwyn Lane
Demeter Street
Demolition Deli
Dempsey Street
Denarius Lane
Denbigh Avenue
Denby Lane
Denby Street
Dene Court Lane
Denehurst Drive
Denim Place
Denize Road
Denning Place
Dennis Avenue
Dennis Road
Denny Avenue
Dent Place
Denver Avenue
Denyer Place
Deodar Place
Department of Corrections
Der Metz Restaurant and Bar
Derby Downs Place
Derby Street
Derbyshire Lane
Derg Place
Derna Road
Derrett Place
Derrimore Heights
Derry Street
Derryveagh Lane
Derwent Crescent
Derwent Street
Des Swann Drive
Desford Place
Desi Dhamaal
Desmond Place
Dessert Cafe
Destino Court
Destruction Gully Track
Detro Street
Deuxberry Avenue
Devana Court
Deverell Place
Deveron Road
Devon Dairy
Devon Lane
Devon on the Wharf
Devon Road
Devon Street
Devon Superette
Devonport Beach
Devonport Bowling Club
Devonport Car Company
Devonport Fire Station
Devonport Health and Gym
Devonport Kindergarten
Devonport Library
Devonport Methodist Church & Centre
Devonport Museum
Devonport Pharmacy
Devonport Power Station Building
Devonport School
Devonport Sea Cottage
Devonport South African War peace memorial
Devonport Wharf
Devonport Wharf access
Devonshire Reserve Playground
Devonshire Road
Devore Street
Dewan Lane
Dewhurst Place
Dewsbury Terrace
Dexter Avenue
DH Supermarket
D.H. Supermarket
Dhaka Lane
Di Bella
Di Mare
Diabetes Services
Diamond Galleria
Diamond Horse Takeaways
Diamond Lane
Diamond Street
Diamond Takeaways
Diamonds on Richmond
Diana Drive
Diana Place
Dianne Louise Drive
Dianthus Place
Dicey Reillys
Dick Smith Electronics
Dickens Street
Dickey Street
Dickson Road
Dida Park Drive
Didas Food Store
Didas Wine Lounge
Diehl's Bakery
Dignan Street
Dignity Street
Dillimore Avenue
Dillon Crescent
Dilworth Avenue
Dilworth Motel
Dilworth School
Dilworth Terrace
Dinaric Lane
Ding Ding Xiang Hotpot
Ding Dong Lounge
Dingle Road
Dinglebank Road
Dingwall Place
Dining @ Nanking
Dinning Road
Diocesan School for Girls
Diomede Street
Dione Place
Diorella Drive
Diorella Superette
Diosma Place
Dirty laundry
Discount Food Bazaar
Discount Foodmarket
Discount Laundromat
Discount Liquor Store
Discount Mall
Discount Superette
Discount Supermarket
Discount Tire
Discount Vapor and Dairy
Discoveries Educare
Disley Road
Disraeli Street
Dissmeyer Drive
Dittmer Place
Diver's Rock
Diversey Lane
Divich Avenue
Divide Loop
Divine Lane
Divino Pizzeria
Dixie Browns
Dobi Express Laundry
Dock Street
Dockside Lane
Dodo Sushi & Donburi
Dodson Avenue
Doidge Street
Dolan Place
Dolbear Street
Dolbel Place
Dole Place
Dollar Dealers
Dollar Saver
Dollar Store
Dolphin Lane
Dolphin Street
Dolphin Theatre
Domain and Ayr
Domain Deli
Domain Drive
Domain Lane
Domain Lodge
Domain Nursery and Depot
Domain Road
Domain Street
Domain Walk
Domett Avenue
Dominion Bakery
Dominion Liquor Spot
Dominion Road
Dominion Road Bulk Foods
Dominion Road East Safe Cycle Route
Dominion Road Extension
Dominion Road Methodist Church
Dominion Road Pharmacy
Dominion Road Postshop
Dominion Road School
Dominion Road West Safe Cycle Route
Dominion Street
Dominion Superette
Domino Pizza
Domino's Forrest Hill
Domino's Pizza
Dominoes sculpture
Dominos Pizza
Don Buck Primary School
Don Buck Road
Don Buck Road Shared Path
Don Buck Superette
Don Croot Street
Don McKinnon Drive
Don Oliver Fitness Centre
Don Place
Don Street
Donald Bruce Road
Donald Crescent
Donald McLean Track
Donaldson Drive
Doncaster Street
Donegal Park
Donegal Park Drive
Donegal Street
Donegan Place
Dong De Moon
Donnell Avenue
Donnelly Street
Donnor Place
Donnybrook Road
Donovan Avenue
Donovan Liquor
Donovan Street
Donzella Place
Don’t Dream It’s Over
Doolan Brothers
Doone Place
Door of Hope Assembly of God
Dora Street
Doraval Place
Dorchester Liquor
Dorchester Street
Dorchester Superette
Doreen Avenue
Doreen Williams Way
Dorendia Place
Dorento Cafe
Dornwell Road
Dorothy Road
Dorothy Winstone Centre
Dorricott Avenue
Dorrington Place
Dorrit Lane
Dorset Street
Dorsyd Way
Dos Amigos
Dosa Plaza
Dosina Place
Double Happy BBQ
Double Happy Takeaway
Double Nine Lunch Bar
Double Rainbow Cafe
DoubleTree Hilton Karaka
Doug Goodwin Place
Doughty Place
Douglas Alexander Parade
Douglas Avenue
Douglas Road
Douglas Street
Douglas Track and Field
Doulbe Dutch Fries
Dove Place
Dover Place
Dovey Place
Dowd Place
Dowdens Lane
Dowling Place
Downer Street
Downing Street
Downpatrick Drive
Downsview Road
Downtown Dairy
Downtown ferry basin redevelopment
Downtown Second Hand Trade
Dr. Martens
Dr Pickering Avenue
Dr Rudi's Rooftop Brewing Co
Dragon Boat Restaurant
Dragon Horse Takeaway
Dragon Horse Takeaways
Dragonfly Way
Dragons Gourmet
Drake Street
Dreadlocks Auckland
Dreadon Avenue
Dreadon Road
Dream Centre West
Dream Hands
Dreamers Cafe
Dreamlands Track
Dreaver Way
Dreifuss Place
Dress Smart Onehunga
Dressage Lane
Drew Street
Driscoll Place
Drive Town
Driver Road
Drivesure Vehicle Testing
Drivesure Vehicle Testing Browns Bay
Drivesure Vehicle Testing Station
Driving Range
Drome View Place
Dromoland Drive
Dromora Close
Dromorne Road
Drop-off Zone
Drover Close
Drovers Way
Drower Road
Druces Road
Drumbeg Close
Drumbuoy Drive
Drumconnell Drive
Drumfad Road
Drumkeen Place
Drummond Drive
Drumnaconagher Drive
Drumquin Rise
Drumston Place
Drury Community Library
Drury Hills Road
Drury Lane
Drury Motor Lodge
Drury Presbyterian Church
Drury School
Drury South Industrial Precinct
Drury Sports Complex
Drury Street
Dry & Tea
Dry Path
Dryden Avenue
Dryden Place
Dryden Street
Drysdale Place
Duart Avenue
Dublin Street
Duchess Way
Duck Duck Goose
Duckworth Road
Dudding Avenue
Duders Avenue
Duders Beach
Dudley Road
Duffy Road
Duggan Avenue
Duin Lane
Duke Street
Duke Street Superette
Dukes Midway Lodge
Dulcie Place
Dulwich Place
Dumas Place
Dumpling Box
Dunaff Place
Dunbar Road
Dunbarton Drive
Dunblane Boarding House
Duncan Avenue
Duncan Dale
Duncan MacLean Link
Duncan Rise
Duncumb Street
Dundale Avenue
Dundas Place
Dundee Place
Dundonald Street
Dunedin Street
Dungarvon Place
Dunholme Road
Dunkerron Avenue
Dunkin' Donuts
Dunkineely Road
Dunkin’ Donuts
Dunkirk Road
Dunkirk Terrace
Dunlop Lane
Dunlop Road
Dunloy Place
Dunn Place
Dunn Road
Dunnotar Road
Dunoon Close
Dunraven Place
Dunrobin Place
Dunstall Place
Dunstan Place
Dunter Sports Bar
Duntrune Road
Dunvegan Rise
Durbin Court
Durey Road
Durham Lane
Durham Street
Durham Street East
Durham Street West
Durrant Place
Dutch Delight
Duxfield Drive
Dyke Road
Dynamic Kidz
Dysart Lane

E Block
E Japanese restaurant and Bar
Eagle Spares
Eaglehurst Road
Eaglemont Drive
Eaglen Place
Eagleson Street
Ealing Crescent
Earl Richardson Avenue
Earl Road
Earle Street
Earls Court
Earlshall Drive
Earlsworth Road
Early Bird Bakery
Early Connections
Early Explorers Childcare Centre
Earlywood Road
Earnoch Avenue
Earnslaw Crescent
Earthsong Eco-Neighbourhood
East Auckland Christian Life Centre
East Auckland Seventh-Day Adventist Church
East Berm Road
East City Chinese Wesleyan
East City Corps Salvation Army
East City Life Church
East City Wesleyan Church
East Coast Bakery
East Coast Bays Fire Station
East Coast Bays Fire Station (Proposed)
East Coast Bays Library
East Coast Bays Rugby League Club
East Coast Liquor
East Coast Road
East Coast Road Shared Path
East Lane
East Med
East Park Superette
East Ponsonby
East Street
East Tamaki
East Tamaki Community Hall
East Tamaki Heights
East Tamaki Laundromat
East Tamaki Pharmacy
East Tamaki Road
East Tamaki Samoan Seventh-Day Adventist Church
East Tamaki School
East Tunnel Mouth Track
Eastbourne Road
Eastburn Street
Eastcare Pharmacy
Eastcliffe Road
Eastdale Road
Easter Parade
Eastern Beach
Eastern Beach Road
Eastern Front
Eastfield Avenue
Eastgate Christian Centre
Eastglen Road
Eastland Road
Easton Park Parade
Eastpark Bakery and Cafe
Eastreef Court
Eastridge Court
Eastside Bakehouse
Eastvale Close
Eastview Baptist Church
Eastview Road
Eastview Road Extension
Eastwood Rise
Easy Tiger
Easy Wash Laundromat
Easy Way Laundry
Eat Box
Eat mi Vietnamese Street Food
Eating House Bar
Eaton Road
EB Games
Eban Avenue
Ebanjane Way
Ebbeke & Co.
Ebenezer Pentecostal Church
Ebenezer Way
Ebony Place
Eccles Place
Echelon Place
Eclipse Place
Eco Travel


Edbrooke Drive
Eddowes Street
Eden Crescent
Eden Epsom Tennis & Squash Club
Eden Espresso Bar
Eden Foods

eden foods

Eden Garden Cafe
Eden Healthcare Village
Eden Heights Apartments
Eden Heights Superette
Eden Kebab
Eden Kebabs
Eden Noodles Cafe
Eden Park Bed and Breakfast
Eden Park Liquor Store
Eden Park Motel
Eden Park Superette
Eden Street
Eden Sushi
Eden Tech
Eden Terrace
Eden Terrace Liquor
Eden View Road
Eden-Epsom Pharmacy
Edendale Primary School
Edendale Road
Edendale Superette
Edenvale Crescent
Edenvale Park Road
Edgar Pearce Place
Edgars Road
Edge Kingsland
Edgelea Centre
Edgerley Avenue
Edgerton Road
Edgewater College
Edgewater Drive
Edgewood Way
Edgeworth Road
Edgware Road
Edinburgh Avenue
Edinburgh Foodmarket
Edinburgh Liquor Centre
Edinburgh Street
Edinburgh Student Hostel
Edingale Court
Edison Place
Edith Street
EDL Fasteners
Edmonton Avenue
Edmonton Primary School
Edmonton Road
Edmund Hillary Avenue
Edmund Hillary Retirement Village
Edmund Hillary School
Edmund Street
Edney Lane
Edo Sushi
Edorvale Avenue
Edsel Street
Edsel Way
Eduardos Pizza and Pasta
Edukids Flat Bush
Edward Avenue
Edward Jonkers Drive
Edward Jonkers Reserve
Edward Street
Edward Wayte Place
Edwards Avenue
Edwards Road
Edwin Freeman Place
Edwin Roberts Norfolk Island Pines
Edwin Street
Edzell Close
EFKS Otahuhu Hall
Eggs and More
Eglinton Avenue
Eglon Street
Egremont Street
Egret Court
Eiffel En Eden
Eiger Place
Eight Degree Restaurant and Bar
Eighth View Avenue
Eileen Lane
Eion Scarrow Village
EJ Osborne Lane
El Bethel Samoa Baptist Church
El Greco
El Humero
El Kobar Drive
El Sizzling Chorizo
El-Shaddai Worship Centre
Elam Street
Elana Court
Elcoat Avenue
Elder Place
Elderberry Road
Elderwood Lane
Eldon Road
Eldon Street
Eleanor Place
Eleanor Way
Electic Boutique
Elective Surgery Centre
Electra Place
Electric Bike Team
Elegance Chinese restaurant
Elephant Wrestler
Elevate Church
Elevation Street
Elgar Street
Elgin Boarding House
Elgin Street
Elias Court
Elie Place
Elim Christian Centre
Elim Christian Centre - City
Elim Christian Centre - East
Elim Christian Centre - South
Elim Christian Chapel
Elim Christian College - Junior Campus
Elim Christian College - Senior Campus
Elimar Drive
Elisa Lane
Elizabeth Avenue
Elizabeth Campbell Complex
Elizabeth Dairy
Elizabeth Drive
Elizabeth Knox Home and Hospital
Elizabeth Knox Place
Elizabeth Place
Elizabeth Street
Elizabethan Gardens
Elkstone Place
Ellangowan Road
Ellen Avenue
Ellen Street
Ellerslie Automotive
Ellerslie Bible Chapel
Ellerslie Domain
Ellerslie Events Centre
Ellerslie Fire Station
Ellerslie Fresh Mart
Ellerslie Kindergarten
Ellerslie Liquor Centre
Ellerslie Masonic Centre
Ellerslie Panmure Highway
Ellerslie Park Road
Ellerslie Racecourse Drive
Ellerslie Recreation Centre
Ellerslie School
Ellerslie Supermarket
Ellerslie telephone exchange
Ellerslie Tyre & Allignment
Ellerslie War Memorial Community Centre
Ellerslie-Panmure Highway
Ellerton Road
Ellesmere Crescent
Ellett Road
Ellice Road
Elliot Bakery and Cafe
Elliot Stables
Elliot Street
Elliot Superette
Elliot Way
Elliott Avenue
Elliott Funeral Services
Elliott Rose Avenue
Elliott Street
Ellis Avenue
Ellis Avenue Superette
Ellison Place
Elm Haven
Elm Park School
Elm Street
Elmdon Road
Elmdon Street
Elmira Place
Elmore Road
Elmstone Avenue
Elmwood Place
Elmwood Village
Eloise Place
Elphinstone Avenue
Elrita Place
Els Close
Elsa Lane
Elsfield Place
Elsie Morton Place
Elsmore Crescent
Elsted Place
Elstree Avenue
Elstree Dairy
Elstree Pharmacy
Eltham Road
Elvira Place
Elwarth Way
Elwood Place
Elwyn Close
Ely Avenue
Embassy Place
Embleton Close
Embling Place
Emerald Heights
Emerald Street
Emerald Way
Emerson Road
Emerson Street
Emery Grove
Emilia Nixon Lane
Emily Lane
Emily Place
Emily Smith Road
Emirau Place
Emlyn Place
Emma Court
Emmanuel Christian Centre
Emmanuel Church
Emmanuel Victory Christian Life
Emmanuel Victory Christian Life Centre
Emmerdale Avenue
Emmett Street
Emory Drive
Empire Road
Empire Tavern
Empress Garden Restaurant
Empress of India
Empressa Heights
Emu Point Walkway
Emyvalie Place
Enchantment Lane
Enclosure Bay Beach
Encore Fashion Recycle
Encounter Christian Centre
Endeavour Street
Enderby Drive
Endoscopy, Laparoscopy and Bariatrics
Endymion Place
Enfield Street
Engineering Tower
England Street
English Oak Drive
English Roast
Enid Place
Enjoy Inn Chinese
Enjoy Korean Restaurant
Ennerdale Lane
Ennis Avenue
Ennismore Road
Ensign Place
Ensor Place
Enterprise Drive
Enterprise Street
Entrican Avenue
Enuamanu Road
Envirofill North
Environmental Education Centre
Envirowaste Greenmount
Epolitos Pizzeria
Epping Road
Epping Street
Epsom Avenue
Epsom Baptist Church
Epsom Bowls
Epsom Community Mosque
Epsom Fish and Chips
Epsom Girls' Grammar School
Epsom Kebabs
Epsom Library
Epsom Liquor Centre
Epsom Methodist Church
Epsom Motel
Epsom Motor Inn
Epsom Normal Primary School
Epsom Pharmacy
Epsom Plunket Clinic
Epsom Presbyterian Church
Epsom Samoan Assembly of God
Epsom Village
Epworth Avenue
Equestrian Training
Equippers Auckland City
Equippers Manukau
Equippers North Shore
Equity Office
Equus Lane
Era Superette
Erangi Place
Erawan Thai Restaurant
Erceg Way
Erewhon Place
Eric Armishaw Boardwalk
Eric Armishaw Coastal Walkway
Eric Armishaw Playground
Eric Armishaw Reserve Walkway
Eric Baker Place
Eric Farley Drive
Eric Gifford Drive
Eric Leigh Hunt Track
Eric Paton Way
Eric Price Avenue
Eric Rush Place
Erica Road
Erima Avenue
Erin Park Rest Home and Hospital
Erin Park Retirement Village
Erin Street
Erins Way
Erne Crescent
Ernest Davis Steps
Ernest George Drive
Ernie Mays Street
Ernie Pinches Street
Eroni Clarke Close
Errigal Close
Erson Avenue
Ervine Place
Es Cafe
Escott Road
Eskdale Road
Eskdale Road Bridge
Eske Place
Esmeralda Avenue
Esmonde Road
Esmonde Road Shared Path
Espada Place
Espalier Drive
Esperance Road
Esperanto Road
Esplanade Road
Esplanade Superette
Espresso Bar
Espresso Beans Cafe
Espresso Coffee
Espresso Coffee School
Espresso Garden Cafe
Espresso Workshop
Esquires Cafe
Esquires Coffee
Essex Road
Essex Street
Essington Place
Esslin Road
Estate Way
Estelle Place
Estrella Damm
Estuary Road
Estuary View Road
Estuary Views
Etc Computers
Eterna Place
Eternal Christian Fellowship
Ethel Street
Etherege Place
Etherton Drive
Eton Avenue
Ettrick Lane
Ettrick Place
Etwall Court
Eucalyptus Drive
Eucalyptus Place
Eugen Place
Eugenia Rise
Eulogy Place
Eunans Close
Euro Cafe
Euro Patisserie Torbay
Euro Pizza & Takeaway
Euro Roast
Eurobake Espresso Bakery and Cafe
Euston Road
Ev Perry Way
Evan Street
Evanda Crescent
Evandale Street
Evangel Christian Assembly
Evangelical Formosan Church of Central Auckland
Evangelical Formosan Church of New Zealand
Evans Place
Evans Road
Evelina Lane
Evelyn Place
Evelyn Road
Evelyn Street
Event Cinemas
Event Cinemas Queen Street
Event Cinemas Westgate
Everdell Guest House
Everest Dine
Everest Street
Everglade Drive
Everglade Samoan Assembly of God
Everglade School
Everglade Takeaway
Evergreen Baptist Church
Evergreen Rise
Everil Orr Village
Everingham Place
Everitt Road
Everitts Takeaway
Everlea Place
Eversleigh Hospital
Eversleigh Road
Everton Place
Every Nation Auckland City
Every Nation Christian Church
Eves Pantry
Evesham Avenue
EVO Cycles
Ewart Road
Ewbank Place
Ewen Alison Avenue
Ewen Place
Ewen Street
Ewenson Avenue
Ewhurst Place
Ewing Road
Ewington Avenue
Excelsa Place
Exchange Lane
Exeter Place
Exeter Place Park
Exeter Road
Exhibition Drive
Exler Place
Exminster Street
Exmoor Road
Exmouth Road
Exmouth Street
Exotic Place
Experience Motorcycles
Express Office Depot
Expression Church / The Life Church
Extreme Edge
Extreme PC
Eynsham Court
Eyre Street
Eyton Kay Road
Ez Health
EZ Wash Laundromat
Ez Wash Laundromat
Ezmeralda's Cafe n Kebabs - Halal
Ezmereldas Cafe
Ezycash Loans

F Block
Faapotopotoga Au uso Kerisiano / Otahuhu Gospel Hall
Faber Avenue
Fabulous Home Staging
Fact Tree Cafe


Factory Road
Fair Mall
Fair Price Laundromat
Fairbairn Place
Fairbanks Place
Fairburn Road
Fairburn School
Fairchild Avenue
Fairclough Road
Fairdale Avenue
Fairdale Place
Fairdene Avenue
Fairey Place
Fairfax Avenue
Fairfax Avenue Track
Fairfax Media
Fairfield Lane
Fairford Avenue
Fairhill Place
Fairholme Avenue
Fairholme Tennis Club
Fairlands Avenue
Fairlea Road
Fairleigh Avenue
Fairlight Place
Fairmount Road
Fairsea Place
Fairview Avenue
Fairview Drive
Fairview Heights
Fairview Lifestyle Village
Fairview Road
Fairway Drive
Fairy Falls Track
Faith Bullock Place
Faith Family Baptist Church
Faith Fijian Assembly of God
Faith Grove
Faith Revival Centre
Faithful Drive
Faiva Whole Body Meats
Fakatouato Language School
Falabella Lane
Falcarragh Crescent
Falcon Crescent
Falcon Road
Falcon Street
Faldo Drive
Fale Pasifika
Fale Pasifika Labs (274)
Faletoi Hall
Falkirk Street
Fallow Street
Falls Restaurant
Falls Road
Fallsbrook Lane
Falmouth Street
Falstaff Place
Falstone Lane
Family Church
Family Supermarket
Fancourt Street
Fanshawe Street
Fantail Crescent
Faraday Street
Faram Place
Farang Cafe
Fareti Place
Farley Road
Farm Cove
Farm Cove Bakery
Farm Cove Chinese
Farm Cove Intermediate School
Farm Cove Intermediate School Gymnasium
Farm Cove Liquor Centre
Farm Cove Superette
Farm Fresh Supermarket
Farm Road
Farmdale Court
Farmer Street
Farmhouse Lane
Farnborough Crescent
Farnham Street
Farnol Street
Faro Fresh Mount Eden
Farquhar Road
Farr Road
Farrand Road
Farrar Street
Farrelly Avenue
Farringdon Dairy and Takeaway
Farringdon Street
Farro Fresh
Farro Place
Farwood Drive
Fast Horse Takeaway
Fat Boys Tavern
Fat Camel
Fat Camel Bar
Fatafehi Place
Fateh Fresh
Father Ted's
Fathom Place
Fatman's Revenge
Faulder Avenue
Faulkner Road
Fausett Road
FAV Parnell
Favona Foodmarket
Favona Kindergarten
Favona Road
Favona School
Fawcett Road
Fay Close
Fayette Place
Fearnley Grove
Fearon Avenue
Feasegate Street
Featherston Crescent
Federal @ Wolf Coffeehouse.
Federal Delicatessen
Federal Street
Federal Street Cycleway
Feeny Crescent
Felgrove Street
Felicia Place
Felicity Place
Felix Street
Fellbrook Street
Felstead Street
Felton Mathew Avenue
Feltwell Place
Fenceline Track
Fenchurch Liquor
Fenchurch Street
Fenchurch Superette
Fencible Cottage
Fencible Drive
Fencible House
Fencible Place
Fencibles United AFC
Fencotie Place
Fender Place
Fentham Road
Fenton Circus
Fenton Street
Fenton Terrace
Fenwick Avenue
Fergs Kayaks
Ferguson Avenue
Ferguson Bar
Ferguson Intermediate School
Ferguson Laundromat
Ferguson Road
Ferguson Street
Ferguson Superette
Ferguson Takeaways
Ferguson Walkway
Fergusson Avenue
Fergy Crescent
Fermanagh Place
Fermi Lane
Fern Avenue
Fern Glen Road North
Fern Glen Road South
Fern Place
Fernaig Street
Fernbank Lane
Fernbird Place
Fernbrook Close
Ferncroft Street
Ferndale House
Ferndale Road
Ferndown Avenue
Ferndown Track
Ferner Avenue
Fernglen Bed & Breakfast
Fernglen Garden Bush Walk
Ferngrove Avenue
Fernhaven Place
Fernhill Drive
Fernhill Playground
Fernhill Way
Fernielea Cafe
Fernielea Park Drive
Fernlea Rise
Fernleigh Avenue
Fernloche Place
Fernly Rise
Ferntree Terrace
Fernwood Grove
Fernwood Place
Ferry Cafe
Ferry Parade
Ferryhill Road
Fetu Oso Lane
Fetu Pupula Place
Fetuao Hall
Fhloston Paradise
Ficino Preschool
Ficino School
Fickling Avenue
Fickling Convention Centre
Fidelis Street
Fidelity Life
Fielding Crescent
Fielding Road
Fields Lane
Fields Parade
Fields Road
Fieldstone Court
Fiesta Drive
Fiesta Kitchen
Fife Street
Fifeshire Street
Fifth Avenue
Fig and Plum
Figaro Crescent
Figtree Terrace
Fiji - Curry House - Halal
Fiji - Halal
Fika With Me
Filemu Lane
Filgate Street
Filter Track
Finbar Close
Finch Cafe
Finch Street
Finchley Road
Findlay Street
Fine Food Takeaway
Fine Indian Restaurant
Finely Printing
Finlay Place
Finlayson Avenue
Finlayson Laundry
Finlayson Liquor
Finlayson Park School
Finlayson Superette
Finlayson Takeaway
Finlow Drive
Finn Place
Finnerty Avenue
Finsbury Place
Fintona Place
Fintry Place
Fiorano Place
Fiori Care
Fir Street
Firebreak Road
Firle Place
First Avenue
First Church Cook Islands Assembly of God
First Glass Wine and Spirits
First Millennium Hair Design
First Presbyterian Church
First Presbyterian Church of Saint Andrew
First Steps
First View Avenue
Firth Crescent
Firth Road
Firth Street
Fish & Chips
Fish and Chippery
Fish and Chips
Fish and Chips and Chinese
Fish and Friends
Fish Fish
Fish Lane
Fish Stop
Fisher and Paykel Auditorium
Fisher Building
Fisher Crescent
Fisher House Cafe and Bar
Fisher Parade
Fisher Point Drive
Fisher Street
Fishermans Rock
Fisherton Street
Fishwicke Lane
Fishy Busniess Fish And Chips
Fitchburg Place
Fitzgerald / Ramarama / Quarry Road roundabout
Fitzgerald Road
Fitzherbert Avenue
Fitzpatrick Place
Fitzpatrick Road
Fitzroy Street
Fitzwater Place
Fitzwilliam Drive
Five Rams Sculpture
Five restaurant and Bar
Five Stags
Fjord Way
Flagstaff Lane
Flagstaff Place
Flagstaff Terrace
Flambe - Halal
Flame Burger - Charcoal Chicken - Halal
Flame Gourmet Pizza and Burger
Flame Gourmet Pizza and Pasta
Flame Pizza - Halal
Flamingo Court
Flanagan Road
Flanders Street
Flanshaw Road
Flanshaw Road School
Flat Bush
Flat Bush Bakery
Flat Bush Kindergarten
Flat Bush Laundromat
Flat Bush Road
Flat Bush School
Flat Bush School Road
Flat Bush Superette
Flaunty Place
Flavia Close
Flavia Place
Flavours of India
Flax Place
Flax Point Track
Flaxdale Street
Flaxfield Lane
Fleet Street
Fleetwood Drive
Fleming Street
Fletcher House
Fletcher Road
Fletcher Street
Fleur Avenue
Fleur Road
Flight 605
Flight Centre
Flight Path Motocross Park
Flight Place
Flinders Place
Flint Way
Flintridge Drive
Flora Place
Floral Clock
Florence Carter Avenue
Florence Daly Place
Florette Espresso
Florida Place
Florrie McGreals
Flotilla Place
Flounder Road
Flourishing Cafe
Flower Street
Flower Traders
Flowers of Franklin
Floyd Road
Floyd's Lane
Fluvial Lane
Flying Burrito Brothers
Flying Eagle Takeaway
Flying Fox
Flying Horse Takeaway
Flying Moa
Flying Out
Flying Start Kindergarten
Flynn Street
FM Cafe
Foch Avenue
Fokker Bros.
Foley Place
Foley Quarry Road
Folkes Lane
Folkestone Street
Follies Way
Fong Mei Cafe
Fong Road
Fono Crescent
Fontenoy Street
Fonteyn Street
Food Bar
Food Court - Aunthentic Ethnic Foods
Food For Less
Food for Thought Cafe
Food For Thought Café
Food Me-n-u
Food Shack
Food Station
Food to Go
Food Truck Garage
Food Village
Foodies Lunch Bar and Cafe
Foodland Superette
Fool's Gold
Foot Path join Philson Terrace and Beach Road
Football Road
Foote Street
Foothills Lane
Footwide Place
Forbes Espresso Bar
Forbes McCammon Drive
Forbes Road
Forbes Street
Forbury Place
Forde Way
Fordham Street
Fordyce Avenue
Foreshore Heritage Walk - Station 2
Foreshore Lane
Foreshore Walk
Forest Eatery + Cafe
Forest Furniture
Forest Hill Road
Forest View Lane
Forestry Road
Forfar Road
Forge Bar and Nightclub
Forge Way
Fork Road
Forlong Rise
Formby Avenue
Forme Day Spa

former Ponsonby Fire Station

Formosa Court
Formosa Golf Resort
Forrest Funeral Services
Forrest Hill
Forrest Hill Liquor Centre
Forrest Hill Motors
Forrest Hill Pharmacy
Forrest Hill Presbyterian Church
Forrest Hill Road
Forrest Hill Road Shared Path
Forrest Hill School
Forrest Hill Tennis Centre
Forster Place
Forsythe Place
Fort Greene
Fort Lane
Fort Lincoln Loop
Fort Richard Road
Fort Street
Fort Street Union
Fort Takapuna
Forte Convenience
Forte Laundromat
Fortuna Buffet Restaurant
Fortuna Inn Takeaway
Fortuna Place
Fortune Fountain Restaurant
Fortunes Road
Fortyfoot Lane
Fossil Bay Rudolf Steiner Kindergarten
Foster Avenue
Foster Place
Foster Road
Foundation On George
Foundation Place
Foundries Lane
Fountain Avenue
Fountains Chapel
Fountains Funerals
Four Aces
Four Seas Takeaways
Four Seasons Restaurant
Four Square
Four Trees
Fourth Avenue
Fourth View Avenue
Fowey Avenue
Fowey Lodge Bible School
Fowlds Avenue
Fowler Avenue
Fowler Street
Fox Street
Foxbridge Lane
Foxglove Road
Foxlaw Street
Foxley Place
Foxtrot Parlour
Foyle Place
Framalda Place
Fran Andrews Drive
Fran Char Leni Cafe
France Street
Frances Bryers Road
Frances Street
Francesca Pizzeria
Francesca Place
Francesco Drive
Francis Curtis Avenue
Francis Ryan Close
Francis Street
Franco Lane
Franco's La Panetteria
Frangipani Avenue
Franich Street
Frank Bunce Grove
Frank Evans Place
Frank Gill Road
Frank Grey Place
Frank Mappin Drive
Frank Newton Road
Frank Nobilo Drive
Frank Place
Frank Street
Franklin Avenue
Franklin Road
Franklyne Road
Franshell Crescent
Fraser Avenue
Fraser Court
Fraser Macdonald Unit
Fraser Park
Fraser Road
Frater Avenue
Fratley Avenue
Frazen Avenue
Fred Ladd Way
Fred Taylor Drive
Fred Thomas Drive
Fred Thomas Drive Shared Path
Fred White Drive
Fred Woodward Place
Freda Place
Frederick Green Place
Frederick Reece Drive
Frederick Street
Fredrick Hanson Road
Freds Fine Foods
Free Bird
Free Wesleyan Church of Tonga
Free Wesleyan Church of Tonga [NZ]
Freedom Furniture
Freedom Lane
Freelance Terrace
Freeland Avenue
Freeman & Grey
Freeman Way
Freeman's Bay Hoops
Freemans Bay
Freemans Bay Community Centre
Freemans Bay Pharmacy
Freemans Bay Playcentre
Freemans Bay School
Freemont Street
Freer Street
Freesia Way
Freestone Place
Freight Place
Fremantle Place
Fremlin Place
French Bay
French Bay Yacht Club
French Cafe
Frenchys Lunch Bar
Frenz Drive
Fresco Cafe
Fresh & Save
Fresh 'n' Go
Fresh 'n' Save
Fresh and More
Fresh and Save - Chinese grocery store
Fresh Bake Bakery
Fresh Bite
Fresh Choice
Fresh Choice Supermarket
Fresh Collective Alberton
Fresh Fish and Chips
Fresh Fish Market
Fresh Fish Takeaway
Fresh French Deli
Fresh fruits and veges
Fresh n More
Fresh Point
Fresh Tea Wood restaurant
Fresh Valley
Fresh Vege Mart
Fresha Fruit and Veges
Freshfields Road
Freshland Drive
Freshney Place
Fresho Fruit and Vegetables
Fresil Lane
Freya Place
Freyberg Avenue
Freyberg Community School
Freyberg Place
Freyberg Restaurant
Freyberg Road
Friar Close
Fricker Way
Frida Cocina Mexicana Tequila and Bar
Friedlanders Road
Friends Meeting House
Friends Restaurant
Friesian Drive
Frieston Road
Fringe Cafe
Frisken Road
Frizell Street
Frobisher Way
Frolic Cafe
Frontier Lane
Frosses Place
Frost Road
Frostbite Place
Fruit & Vege
Fruit and Vege
Fruit and Vege Warehouse
Fruit Lane
Fruit World
Fruiter Lane
Fruitlands Road
Fruitvale Road
Fruitvale School
Fry Baby
Fu Bar
Fu Lin Kitchen
Fu Ying Men Restaurant
Fuchsia Place
Fuel tanks
Fuji Xerox Hockey Centre
Full Um Tum Lunch Bar
Fuller Lane
Fullers Ticket Office
Fulljames Avenue
Fulmar Way
Fulmen Place
Fulsun Group
Fulton Crescent
Funnell Place
Furley Place
Furneaux Way
Furniture NOW
Fuschia Lane
Fuselage Lane
Fuselage Road
Fusion Restaurant
Fusion Road
Fuyo Takeaway
Fuze Cafe
Fyfe Avenue
Fynes Avenue
Fyvie Avenue

G Block
G J Furniture
Gabador Place
Gables Kitchen and Bar
Gadsby Lodge
Gadsby Road
Gadsby Supermarket
Gadsby Takeaway, Pizza and Bakery Ltd .
Gaede Terrace
Gails Drive
Gainsborough Street
Gairloch Place
Gala Cafe
Gala Place
Galápagos tortoise
Galatea Terrace
Galatos Street
Galaxie Dairy
Galaxy Drive
Galaxy Pizza
Galbraith Street
Galbraith's Alehouse
Galbraiths Alehouse
Galilee Avenue
Gallaher Street
Gallantry Crescent
Gallery Cafe
Gallipoli Drive
Gallipoli Place
Gallony Avenue
Galloway Crescent
Galloway Road
Galora Close
Galsworthy Place
Galvan Avenue
Galway Bay Terrace
Galway Street
Gambare Place
Gambia Place
Game Place
Gamma computers
Ganba Burger Bar
Gane Lane
Ganges Avenue
Gangnam Style Bbq
Ganley Terrace
Gannet Point
Ganymede Place
Garadice Road
Garcia Place
Garden Lane
Garden Place
Garden Restaurant
Garden Road
Garden Terrace
Gardenia Grove
Gardens of Government House Auckland
Gardiner Grove
Gardner Avenue
Gardner Road
Gardner Road Kindergarten
Gardone Terrace
Garelja Road
Garfield Road
Garfield Street
Garin Way
Garland Road
Garmons Way
Garner Place
Garnet Dairy
Garnet Road
Garnet Road Cycleway
Garnet Station
Garrett Place
Garrison Avenue
Garrison Public House
Garrison Takeaway
Garry Road
Garside Place
Garth Place
Garton Drive
Garus Avenue
Garvie Road
Gary Crescent




Gasoline Alley
Gasoline Alley Service
Gasoline Alley Services
Gassie Close
Gateway Avenue
Gateway Church
Gateway Church - Onehunga
Gatland Road
Gatman Street
Gaunt Street
Gavin Street
Gavinike Place
Gaye Crescent
Gaylands Place
Gaylord Place
Gaynor Street
Gazelle Avenue
Gecko Road
Geddes Terrace
Gee Place
Geek Phone Repair
Geeks on Sainsbury
Gelato & Torta
Gelderland Way
Gemini Bar
Gemini Place
Gemmayze Street
Gemscott Crescent
Gendo Avenue
General Buildings
General Library
General Library | University of Auckland
General Public
Genesis Place
Geneva Place
Gengis Khan
Gengis Khan Mongolian BBQ and Buffet
Geoffrey Place
Geoffrey Road
Geoffrey Roberts Road
Geological walkway
Geordie Street
George Avenue
George Bolt Memorial Drive
George Bourke Drive
George Cole Lane
George Deane Place
George Fraser Gallery
George Giles Walkway
George Herring Place
George Laurenson Lane
George McCullagh Reed
George McWhirter Avenue
George Street
George Terrace
George Town Drive
Georgia Terrace
Georgina Street
Geraldine Place
Geraldine Road
Geranium Avenue
Gerard Way
Gerbic Place
Gerda Place
Gerolds Place
Gerona Crescent
Gerontius Glade
Gerrard Beeson Place
Gerrard Street
Gerrard Way
Gerwyn Place
Get Fresh
Get Fresh Halal Meats and Seafood
Ghazal Indian
Ghost Car Smash
Ghost Donkey
Giampieros Kitchen
Giani Court
Giarni Place
Gibbia Way
Gibbons Road
Gibbons Track
Gibbs Crescent
Gibbs Road
Gibbston Crescent
Gibraltar Crescent
Gibraltar Street
Gibson Place
Gidran Street
Gifford Avenue
Gifford Lane
Gifford Road
Gifford Street
Gift World
Gigi Place
Gila Place
Gilberd Place
Gilbert Avenue
Gilbert Hall Way
Gilbert Road
Gilbert Road Superette
Gilbert Road Takeaway
Gilbransen Road
Giles Road
Gilfillan Street
Gilford Place
Gilgit Road
Gill Avenue
Gill Crescent
Gillan Place
Gillard Place
Gillespie Road
Gillett Place
Gilletta Road
Gilliam Street
Gillies Avenue
Gillies Avenue Office Park
Gillies Hospital
Gillies Road
Gills Avenue
Gills Road
Gilnockie Close
Gilpin Place
Gilston Avenue
Giltrap Audi
Giltrap Audi Preowned
Giltrap Skoda
Gina Avenue
Gina's Italian Kitchen
Ginders Drive
Ginger Crunch Cafe
Ginger Italian Cuisine
Ginger Snap
Gingernut Place
Ginko Place
Giraffe Early Learning Centre
Girasol Cafe
Girrahween Drive
Girvan Terrace
Gladding Place
Glade Lane
Glade Place
Glade Place to Valley Road Track
Gladfield Lane
Gladstone Pharmacy
Gladstone Primary School
Gladstone Road
Gladstone Wines Beers and Spirits
Gladwin Road
Gladys Avenue
Glamorgan Drive
Glamorgan Road
Glamorgan School Pool
Glanmire Place
Glanville Terrace
Glanworth Place
Glasgow Avenue
Glasgow Terrace
Glass Road
Glass Road Superette
Glasshouse Lane
Glasson Avenue
Glassonby Road
Glastron Place
Glastry Close
Gleanor Avenue
Glen Atkinson Street
Glen Avenue
Glen Bay Close
Glen Close
Glen Eden
Glen Eden Bakehouse Cafe
Glen Eden Baptist Church
Glen Eden Commumity and Recreation Centre
Glen Eden Community House
Glen Eden Fire Station
Glen Eden Foodbar
Glen Eden Fruit Shop
Glen Eden Intermediate School
Glen Eden Kebab
Glen Eden Laundromat
Glen Eden Library
Glen Eden Primary School
Glen Eden RSA
Glen Eden Salvation Army Corps Church and Community Centre
Glen Eden Superette
Glen Eden Takeaway
Glen Eden telephone exchange
Glen Esk Place
Glen Innes
Glen Innes Bakery and Cafe
Glen Innes Islamic Centre
Glen Innes Kindergarten
Glen Innes Library
Glen Innes Liquor Centre
Glen Innes Police Station
Glen Innes Pool and Leisure Centre
Glen Innes Price Cutter
Glen Innes Samoan Assembly of God
Glen Innes School
Glen Innes Seventh Day Adventist Church
Glen Marine Parade
Glen Norman Avenue
Glen Oaks
Glen Osborne Terrace
Glen Road
Glen Taylor School
Glen Vista Place
Glenae Lane
Glenalmond Road
Glenarden Way
Glenarm Avenue
Glenavon School
Glenbervie Crescent
Glenbrae Glade
Glenbrae School
Glenbrook Road
Glenbrook Street
Glenburn Place
Glenburn Rest Home and Hospital
Glenbury Place
Glenbush Place
Glencalder Place
Glencoe Road
Glencourt Place
Glencullen Place
Glendale Road
Glendawn Place
Glendene Avenue
Glendene Congregational Church
Glendene School
Glendene Superette
Glendene Village Pharmacy
Glendhu Road
Glendon Avenue
Glendowie Bowling Club
Glendowie College
Glendowie Kindergarten Grounds
Glendowie Montessori Pre School
Glendowie Presbyterian Church
Glendowie Road
Glendowie School
Gleneagles Grove
Glenesk Road
Glenfell Place
Glenfern Road
Glenferrie Place
Glenfield 7 Day Pharmacy
Glenfield Bakery
Glenfield Baptist Church
Glenfield Bowling Club
Glenfield College
Glenfield Community Policing Centre
Glenfield Dairy
Glenfield Fast Food
Glenfield Grehyounds Rugby League
Glenfield Hair Design
Glenfield Intermediate School
Glenfield Kindergarten
Glenfield Library
Glenfield Mall
Glenfield Optometrist
Glenfield Pool and Leisure Centre
Glenfield Presbyterian Church
Glenfield Primary School
Glenfield Road
Glenfield Senior Citizens Centre
Glenfinn Place
Glenford Lane
Glengarry Mini Market
Glengarry Road
Glengarry Wines
Glengarry Wines and Beers
Glengarry Wines and Spirits
Glengowan Place
Glenhaven Place
Glenlea Place
Glenmall Place
Glenmall Roast
Glenmary Place
Glenmore Road
Glennandrew Drive
Glennis Place
Glenoaks Rise
Glenora Dairy
Glenora Road
Glenorchy Street
Glenpark Place
Glenreagh Place
Glenross Drive
Glenroy Place
Glenshee Place
Glenside Avenue
Glenside Crescent
Glenties Lane
Glentui Road
Glenvale Place
Glenvar Close
Glenvar Ridge Road
Glenvar Road
Glenveagh Drive
Glenveagh Park Drive
Glenview Road
Glenvil Lane
Glenwood Avenue
Glesan Place
Gleway Cafe
Glidepath Road
Gloaming Place
Global Culture
Global Sandwich
Globe Bar
Glomax Super Tailor
Gloria Avenue
Gloria Cafe
Gloria Jean's
Gloucester Court
Gloucester Park Road
Gloucester Road
Glover Road
Glucina Avenue
Glucina Place
Glynn Street
Glynnbrooke Street
Goad Crescent
Goble Road
Godden Crescent
Godfrey Place
Godley Lane
Godley Road
Godwin Court
Godwit Lookout
Godwit Place
Goh Place
Gold Coast Takeaways
Gold Liquor Centre
Gold Star Bakery
Gold Street
Golden Apple Supermarket
Golden Arches Place
Golden Avenue
Golden Bakehouse
Golden Bakery
Golden Bridge Takeaway
Golden City Takeaway
Golden Dragon BBQ
Golden Fork Takeaway
Golden Fortune Chinese Restaurant
Golden Garden Chinese
Golden Grove School
Golden Jade
Golden Key Takeaway
Golden Kings Restaurant and Takeaway
Golden Kit Bakehouse
Golden Morning Drive
Golden Palace Takeaway
Golden Pond Road
Golden Roast
Golden Silk
Golden Steamboat
Golden Streak Bakery
Golden Sun Takeaways
Golden Swallow Takeaways
Golden Town Takeaways
Golden Wok
Golden Wok Takeaway
Golders Place
Goldfinch Rise
Goldflats Lane
Goldie Bush Walkway
Goldie Estate Vineyard
Goldie Street
Goldnib Place
Goldsmith Road
Goldstar Auckland Airport Motel
Goldstine Place
Golf Avenue
Golf Road
Golf Road Dairy
Golf Warehouse
Golf Warehouse Driving Range
Golfland Drive
Golflands Motel
Gollan Road
Gollan Road Pedestrian Walkway
Gong Cha bubble tea
GONG CHA Lorne 貢茶
Gooch Place
Good Deal
Good Food Takeaway
Good Home Public House
Good Home restaurant
Good Horse Takeaway
Good life
Good Luck Seas Takeaways
Good Morning Dairy
Good News Church Manukau City
Good News Cook Islands Emmanuel Faith Fellowship
Good News Family Church
Good NZ Grocer
Good Seeds Children's Centre
Good Seeds Early Childhood Education Centre
Good Shepherd Parish
Good Shepherd School
Good to go
Good Well BBQ Restaurant
Goodall Street
Goode Brothers
Goodfellow Lane
GoodFor (package free shop)
GoodFor Wholefoods Refillery
Goodland Drive
Goodland Street
Goodman Place
Goodness Gracious Cafe
Goodwin Avenue
Goodwin Drive
Goodwood Drive
Goodwood Heights
Goodys Takeaway
Gopal's Dairy
Gordal Place
Gordon Avenue
Gordon Harris The Art & Graphic Store
Gordon Road
Gordon Stanley Drive
Gore Street
Gore Street Lane
Gorgeous You
Gorilla Kitchen
Goring Road
Gorkha Kitchen
Gorrie Avenue
Gorst Lane
Gortin Close
Gortnest Place
Gosford Drive
Gospel Heights
Gosper Road
Gosport Place
Gossamer Dairy
Gossamer Drive
Gossamer Liquor
Gossamer Liquor Spot
Gossamer Mini Mart and Lotto
Gossip Hair
Gothic Place
Gourmet BBQ Takeaway
Gourmet Foodbox
Gourmet Meat & Spices Ltd - Halal
Gourmet Noodle House
Gourmet Wok Takeaway
Government House Auckland (Birchlands)
Governor Fitzroy Place
Gow Street
Gowing Drive
Goyal Lane
Grace Assembly Auckland
Grace Communion International
Grace Community Church
Grace Community Pre School
Grace Hill Drive
Grace International / His International Mission
Grace Street
Gracechurch Drive
Graceview Way
Graceville Lane
Gradi Pizza
Graeme Angus Chemist
Graeme Avenue
Graeme Avenue Chemist
Graeme Avenue Superette
Grafton Bridge
Grafton Gully cycleway
Grafton Gully Cycleway
Grafton Mews
Grafton Pharmacy
Grafton Road
Grafton United Cricket Club
Graham Avenue
Graham Bell Avenue
Graham Collins Drive
Graham Road
Graham Street
Graham Tagg Close
Grahame Breed Drive
Grahame Street
Grainger Road
Grains Bakery
Grammar School Road
Grampian Road
Granada Place
Grand Drive
Grand Harbour Chinese Restaurant
Grand Mercure
Grand View Road
Grande Avenue
Grande Vue Dairy
Grande Vue Road
Grandifolia Road
Grandison Crescent
Grandstand Road North
Grandstand Road South
Grange Laundromat
Grange Lodge Motel
Grange Manor
Grange Road
Grange Road South
Grange Superette
Granger Road
Grangers Restaurant
Grangewood Close
Granite Place
Gransna Lane
Grant Avenue
Grant Street
Grantham Road
Granville Drive
Grassfield Place
Grassmere Road
Grassways Avenue
Grattan Place
Graven Court
Gray Avenue
Gray Crescent
Grayson Avenue
Graysons Lane
Great Barrier Road
Great Hall
Great North Bakehouse
Great North Road
Great South / Waihoehoe / Norrie Road roundabout
Great South Bakehouse
Great South Road
Great South Road Shared Path
Great South Road shared path
Great South Road Shared Path
Great South Road shared path
Great South Road Shared Path
Great South Road (Takanini) Shared Path
Great Tong Takeaways
Great Value Mart
Grebe Street
Greco Cafe
Green Apple Cafe and Bakery
Green Bay
Green Bay Auto Services
Green Bay Fruit and Vege
Green Bay Fruit and Vegies
Green Bay High School
Green Bay Kindergarden
Green Bay Life Church
Green Bay Mowers and Chainsaws
Green Bay Pharmacy
Green Bay School
Green Bay Superette
Green Bay Takeaways
Green Bay Vet
Green Lane
Green Lane East
Green Lane Liquor Centre
Green Lane West
Green Mobile Repair
Green Park Motel
Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand
Green Pastures Christian Centre
Green Road
Green Street
Green Time
Greenan Drive
Greenbank Drive
Greenberry Drive
Greenbough Lane
Greenbrooke Drive
Greendale Spur
Greenfield Road
Greenfinch Road
Greenhaven Avenue
Greenhill Crescent
Greenhithe Bakery
Greenhithe Hub
Greenhithe Liquor
Greenhithe Road
Greenhithe School
Greenhithe Village Hall
Greenhithe Volunteer Fire Brigade
Greenhouse Road
Greenithe War Memorial Park
Greenlane Central
Greenlane Christian Centre
Greenlane Clinical Centre
Greenlane East
Greenlane Interchange
Greenlane Manor Motel
Greenlane Motor Inn
Greenlane Presbyterian Church
Greenleaf Way
Greenlink Rise
Greenmeadows Avenue
Greenmeadows Intermediate School
Greenmeadows Laundromat
Greenmeadows Superette
Greenmount Drive
Greenock Road
Greenpark Road
Greenridge Court
Greenslade Crescent
Greenstone Place
Greenvalley Lodge
Greenvalley Rise
Greenview Park Village
Greenville Avenue
Greenway Place
Greenwich Place
Greenwich Way
Greenwood Bakehouse
Greenwood Road
Greenwoods Close
Greers Road
Gregg Place
Gregory Place
Gregory Road
Grenache Way
Grenada Avenue
Grenada Superette
Grenadine Place
Grendon Road
Grendon Road - Landing Road Walkway
Greta Banks Place
Gretel Place
Gretna Green
Gretton Court
Greville Road
Grevillea Court
Grey + Wild
Grey Lynn
Grey Lynn Bakehouse
Grey Lynn Community Church
Grey Lynn Fine Wines and Spirits
Grey Lynn Fire Station
Grey Lynn Fish and Chips
Grey Lynn Greenway
Grey Lynn Library
Grey Lynn Lodge
Grey Lynn Presbyterian
Grey Lynn Pump Track
Grey Lynn Returned Services Club
Grey Lynn School
Grey Lynn Superette
Grey Lynn Tavern
Grey Lynn Turkish Kebab
Grey Street
Grey Warbler Road
Greydene Place
Greyfriars Eden Epsom Presbyterian Church
Greys Avenue
Gribblehirst Road
Gridco Road
Griffen Park Road
Griffin Avenue
Griffiths Place
Griggs Road
Grill and Shakes
Grimshaw Place
Grivelle Street
Grosvenor Street
Grotto Street
Ground Effect
Ground Zero
Grove Lane
Grove Road
Grove Way
Grovelands Way
Growers Lane
Grundy Place
Gu Xiang Malaysian Restaurant
Guang Zhou
Guang Zhou Hot Pot
Guard Crescent
Guardwell Terrace
Gubb Place
Gudgeon Street
Guide Place
Guildford Place
Guiniven Avenue
Guinness Place
Gulf Crest
Gulf Place
Gulf View Road
Gull Lane
Gull Papakura
Gull Wiri
Gulliver Place
Gum Road
Gum Spear Road
Gumdiggers Lane
Gundry Street
Gunn Way
Gunner Drive
Guns and Flagstaff
Gunson Road
Gunson Street
Gunton Drive
Gurtin Road
Gusto at the Grand
Gustoso Kitchen
Guthrey Place
Guyon Street
Guys Road
Gwenand Place
Gwendoline Avenue
Gwilliam Place
Gymnasium 1
Gymsport and Recreation Centre
Gyoza Bar
Gypsy Moth Place
Gypsy Moth Street
Gypsy Tea Room

H and H Automotive
H Morris Funeral Services
H&M Sylvia Park
Ha Crescent
Haast Street
Habibi Cafe
Habitat Cafe
Habitat Place
Habitual Fix
Hackett Street
Hadas's Place
Haddad Kebab
Haddington Drive
Haddon Street
Hadfield Avenue
Hadfield Street
Hadfield Street Reserve
Hadley Wood Drive
Hadlow Terrace
Hagen Close
Hague Place
Haig Avenue
Haigh Access Road
Hailes Road
Hain Avenue
Haipara Close
Hair Cafe & Co
Hair Division
Hair Essentials
Hair Magic
Hair Master
Haka Hotel
Haka Lodge Backpackers
Hakanoa Street
Hakaro Way
Hakawai Avenue
Hakea Place
Haki Wihongi Place
Hakinakina Drive
Haku Road
Halal Fried Chicken
Halal Meat inside store
Halal Shop inside
Halberg Street
Halcombe Place
Halcyon Place
Halder Place
Hale Crescent
Halesowen Avenue
Half Court
Half court
Half Moon Bay
Half Moon Bay - Waiheke (Kennedy Point) Vehicular Ferry
Half Moon Bay Beach
Half Moon Bay Marina
Half Moon Rise
Halford Place
Haliday Place
Halifax Avenue
Hall Avenue
Hall Avenue Liquor Centre
Hall Road
Hallam Street
Hallberry Road
Hallertau Brewbar and Restaurant
Halleys Place
Halloran Place
Halls Access
Hallyburton Sports Club Inc.
Halong Vietnamese restaurant
Halsey Drive
Halsey Drive School
Halsey Road
Halsey Road Foodmarket
Halsey Street
Halsey Street Kitchen
Halstead Place
Halston Road
Halswell Street
Halver Road
Halyard Place
Hamana Street
Hamblyn Place
Hamburg Sud House
Hamer Street
Hames Terrace
Hamill Road
Hamilton Beach Reserve
Hamilton Place
Hamilton Road
Hamish Place
Hamlin Road
Hammer Hardware
Hammer Hardware Store
Hammond Place
Hamon Avenue
Hampervale Place
Hampstead Road
Hampton Drive
Hampton Heights
Hamurana Place
Han Cook Galbi Korean restaurant
Han Court
Han Yang
Han's Dairy
Hana Sushi
Hancocks Cafe
Hand Road
Handley Avenue
Handmade Burgers
Hands of Hope Christian Centre
Handy Warehouse
Hanene Street
Hanford Place
Hangahai Road
Hangar Access Road
Hangar Lane
Hanham Road
Hanikura Street
Hanlon Crescent
Hanly Close
Hanna Korean Restaurant
Hannah Road
Hannigan Drive
Hanover Place
Hans Street
Hansan Vietnamese
Hansan Vietnamese Kitchen
Hansen Close
Hansen Place
Hanson Place
Hansworth Place
Hanui Place
Hapai Lane
Hape Drive
Hapimana Street
Hapori Lane
Happeace Lane
Happy Cafe
Happy Days Buffet restaurant
Happy Horse Takeaway
Happy KTV Bar and Restaurant
Happy Snappa
Happy Table
Happy Takeaways
Hapua Street
Hapukupuku Avenue
Harakeke Road
Harakeke Terrace
Harania Avenue
Harapaki Road
Harbour Lights Close
Harbour Ridge Drive
Harbour Street
Harbour View Motel
Harbour View Pharmacy
Harbour View Road
Harbour View Terrace
Harbourside Church
Harbourside Court
Harbourside Drive
Harbourview Drive
Harbutt Avenue
Harcourt Street
Hard Beech Street
Hard To Find Bookstore
Hardens Lane
Hardie Street
Harding Avenue
Hardinge Street
Hardington Street
Hardley Avenue
Hardware Cafe
Hare Krishna School
Harewood Street
Harford Place
Hargest Terrace
Hargreaves Street
Hariata Street
Harkin Close
Harkness Road
Harlan Pepper
Harley Close
Harley Road
Harleys Lunch Bar
Harlow Crescent
Harlston Road
Harlston Superette
Harmel Road
Harmony Avenue
Harmony Eatery
Harobed Place
Harold Street
Haronui Road
Haroto Street
Harper Street
Harrier Place
Harriet Street
Harrington Road
Harris Road
Harris Road Bakery
Harris Road Dairy
Harris Road Pharmacy
Harrison Avenue
Harrison Mews
Harrison Road
Harrod Street
Harrow Place
Harrowglen Drive
Harry Dodd Road
Harry Dreadon Road
Harry Human Heights
Harry Ward Place
Harrybrook Road
Harrys Kitchen Cafe
Hart Road
Hartfield Rise
Hartland Avenue
Hartles Place
Hartley Terrace
Hartway Grove
Haru Japanese Cuisine
Haru Sushi
Harvard 147
Harvard Lane
Harvard Place
Harvard Street
Harvest Baptist Church Manurewa
Harvest Christian Church
Harvest Drive
Harvest Time Fellowship
Harvest Whole Foods
Harvey Electronics
Harvey furnishings
Harvey Norman
Harvey Place
Harwell Place
Harwood Crescent
Harwood Road
Harwood Street
Hasbury Avenue
Haseler Crescent
Haslett Street
Hassan Drive
Hastie Avenue
Hastings Parade
Hastings Road
Hastings Street
Haszard Road
Hatfield Place
Hatherley Place
Hatherlow Street
Hato Road
Hattaway Avenue
Haughey Avenue
Hauiti Road
Haultain Street
Haumia Way
Haunui Way
Hauraki Corner Cellars
Hauraki Corner Pharmacy
Hauraki Crescent
Hauraki Road
Hauraki School
Hautoa Lane
Hautu Drive
Havana Place
Havelle Avenue
Havelock Avenue
Haven Crest
Haven Drive
Haven Sushi
Havenwood Place
Haverstock Road
Hawaiki Street
Hawea Road
Hawera Road
Hawkdun Drive
Hawke Crescent
Hawke Scout Hall
Hawkins Entertainment and Conference Centre
Hawkins Street
Hawkley Close
Hawthorn Dene Historic Country Cafe
Hawthorne Lane
Hawthorne Place
Hay Park School
Hay Place
Hay Road
Haycock Avenue
Hayden Street
Haydn Avenue
Hayes Place
Hayes Road
Hayfield Way
Hayley Lane
Hayman Home and Hospital
Hayman Place
Hayman Street
Hayr Road
Hays Creek Road
Hayward Road
Hayward Wright Lane
Hazards Road
Hazel Avenue
Hazel Glen
Hazeldene Place
Hazelmay Place
Hazelmere Road
He Ana Way
He Puna Waiora Mental Health Unit;North Shore Dialysis Centre
Hea Road
Headcorn Place
Headin ' Home
Headland Drive
Headquarters Restaurant and Bar
Headsail Drive
Healing Hands Massage Therapy
Health 2000 Royal Oak
Health New Lynn Pharmacy
Health Road
Healy Road
Heaphy Street
Heard Road
Hearth Street
Heartland Bank
Heartland Hotel Auckland Airport
Heath Avenue
Heathberry Close
Heathcote Road
Heathdale Crescent
Heather Place
Heather Street
Heatherbank Street
Heatherleigh Rise
Heathglen Place
Heathridge Place
Heaton Grove
Heavenly Way
Heb Place
Hebe Place
Hebron Christian College
Hebron Road
Hector Street
Heda Loop
Hedge Row
Hedgehog Bikes
Hedgehog House Early Learning Centre
Hedley Road
Heenans Way
Hees Garden Seafood Restaurant
Heidi Crescent
Heidi Superette
Heights Bakery and Cafe
Heights Laundromat
Hekatara Place
Heke Street
Hekerua Bay Beach
Hekerua Lodge Backpackers
Hekerua Road
Helen Place
Helen Ryburn Place
Helena Street
HelenScott Pharmacy
Helensville Christian Life Centre / Magnify Church
Helensville Information Centre
Helensville Library
Helensville Liquor Centre
Helensville Post Office Building
Helensville Primary School
Helensville Riverside Walkway
Helensville Rugby Club
Helensville Volunteer Fire Brigade
Helga Crescent
Helianthus Avenue
Helicon Place
Helios Place
Hell Pizza
Hell Pizza Glenfield
Hell's Pizza
Hellabys Road
Helleur Road
Hello Mister
Hello Sunshine
Hello World
Hellyers Creek Foreshore Reserve Walkway
Hellyers Street
Helms Place
Helvetia Drive
Hemi Street
Hemi Tapu
Hemington Street
Hemsway Place
Henderson Baptist Church
Henderson Bowling Club
Henderson Creek shared path
Henderson Croquet Club
Henderson Discount Pharmacy
Henderson Fire Station
Henderson High School
Henderson Intermediate School
Henderson Methodist Church
Henderson North School
Henderson Place
Henderson Price Cutters
Henderson Primary School
Henderson RSA
Henderson Samoan Seventh-Day Adventist
Henderson Seventh-Day Adventist Church
Henderson South School
Henderson Squash Courts
Henderson Valley
Henderson Valley Pharmacy
Henderson Valley Road
Henderson Valley School
Hendon Avenue
Hendrika Court
Hendry Avenue
Henehan Crescent
Heng Kee Restaurant
Henley Road
Henri coffee & food
Henriette Place
Henry Blyth Lane
Henry Partington Place
Henry Rose Place
Henry Street
Henry's Takeaways
Henshaw Avenue
Henshaw Avenue Apartments
Henslowe Place
Henson Road
Henwood Road
Hepburn Park
Hepburn Road
Hepburn Street
Hepburn Superette
Hepper Street
Hera Street
Herald Island
Herald Island Library
Herald Place
Herbert Pollard Drive
Herbert Road
Herbert Street
Hercules Drive
Herd Road
Herdman Street
Hereford Street
Herekino Street
Heremai Street
Heretaunga Avenue
Heri Lane
Heritage Auckland
Heritage Estate
Heritage Rise
Heritage Tower
Heritage Way
Hermes Road
Hermitage Street
Herne Bay
Herne Bay Beach
Herne Bay Cruising Club
Herne Bay Petanque Club
Herne Bay Ponsonby Rackets Club
Herne Bay Road
Heroes for Sale
Heron Place
Herons Way
Herrings Cove Place
Herringson Avenue
Hertford Street
Hesketh Street
Hetana Street
Hetherington Road
Hettig Track
Heversham Place
Hewlett Road
Hewson Street
Heybridge Street
Heyford Close
Heyington Way
Heywood Crescent
Hibernian Drive
Hibiscus Crescent
Hibiscus Place
Hickman Takeaway
Hickory Avenue
Higgs Road
High and Dry Laundromat
High Five Cafe and Bar
High Rise Bakery
High Road
High Street
High Street Courts
High Tide Seafood
High Track
High Trees Place
High Wire Charitable Trust Gymnasium
Highbrook Drive
Highbrook Ti Rakau Esplanade Walkway
Highbury Butcher
Highbury Bypass
Highbury Fisheries
Highbury Optometrists
Highbury Street
Highcliffe Road
Highfields Terrace
Highgate Place
Highgrove Lane
Highgrove Retirement Village and Patrick Ferry House
Highland Avenue
Highland Park
Highland Park Drive
Highland Park Kindergarten
Highland Park Library
Highland Road
Highlight Parade
Highway Dairy
Highway Liquor Centre
Highway Supermart
Highway View Lane
Highwic Avenue
Highwood Grove
Hihi Avenue
Hiki Street
Hikihiki Drive
Hikuawa Road
Hikurangi Street
Hikuwai Plaza
Hilborn Road
Hilda Road
Hill / Stratford Road roundabout
Hill Crescent
Hill Park Bakery
Hill Park Superette
Hill Rise
Hill Road
Hill Road Pharmacy
Hill Street
Hillary Crescent
Hillary Dairy
Hillary Development
Hillary Heights
Hillary Heights Avenue
Hillcrest Avenue
Hillcrest Central Pharmacy
Hillcrest Family Superette
Hillcrest Grove
Hillcrest Road
Hilldene Road
Hilling Street
Hillman Place
Hillpark Kindergarten
Hillpark School
Hills Cafe
Hills Road
Hillsboro Bowls
Hillsborough Baptist / Hills Church
Hillsborough Dairy
Hillsborough Fruit Vege and Groceries
Hillsborough Heights
Hillsborough Liquor Centre
Hillsborough Park
Hillsborough Pharmacy
Hillsborough Playcentre
Hillsborough Primary School
Hillsborough Road
Hillsborough Takeaway
Hillsborough Wines and Spirits
Hillsborough zone substation
Hillsdale Road
Hillside Community Church
Hillside Crescent North
Hillside Crescent South
Hillside ITM
Hillside Road
Hilltop Road
Hilltop Street
Hilltop Superette
Hilltop Takeaways
Hillview Avenue
Hillview Road
Hillwell Drive
Hilstan Place
Hilton Auckland
Hilton Close
Hilton Place
Himalaya Crescent
Himalaya Drive
Himalayan Takeaway
Himikera Avenue
Hinaki Street
Hinau Road
Hinau Street
Hinckley Court
Hind Street
Hindmarsh Street
Hinekohu Street
Hinemoa Street
Hinemoa Terrace
Hinerau Street
Hingaia Peninsula School
Hingaia Road
Hinge Cafe
Hinoki Way
Hinton Place
Hippie Shop
Hira Way
Hirere Road
Hirimate Place
Hiriri Avenue
His Image Bible Church
Hiseman Lane
Historical walkway
Hitchcock Crescent
Hitchcock Road
Hitori Street
Hiwihau Place
Hiwinui Road
HKD Chinese Seafood Restaurant
Hoani Glade
Hobart Crescent
Hobby Avenue
Hobday Place
Hobie Court
Hobill Avenue
Hobman Place
Hobs Point Convenience
Hobson Bay Marina
Hobson Bay Walkway
Hobson Cafe
Hobson Drive
Hobson Drive Dairy
Hobson Drive Laundromat
Hobson Heights Road
Hobson Indian Takeaway
Hobson Liquor
Hobson Road
Hobson Roast
Hobson Street
Hobson Street Liquor Centre
Hobson Street substation
Hobsonville Bakery and Cafe
Hobsonville Hall
Hobsonville House Bed and Breakfast
Hobsonville Kindergarten
Hobsonville Kitchen Cafe and Eatery
Hobsonville Marina
Hobsonville Point
Hobsonville Point Buckley B residential development
Hobsonville Point Cafe
Hobsonville Point Early Learning Centre
Hobsonville Point Information Centre
Hobsonville Point Pharmacy
Hobsonville Point Primary School
Hobsonville Point Road
Hobsonville Point Secondary School
Hobsonville Point Wharf
Hobsonville Road
Hobsonville RSA
Hobsonville School
Hobsonville Yacht Club
Hocken Place
Hockey sand turf
Hog Heaven
Hogans Road
Hogarth Rise
Hoheria Road
Hohipere Street
Hokianga Street
Hokioi Street
Hokonui Road
Hokowhitu Road
Holborn Place
Holbrook Place
Holbrook Street
Holdaway Avenue
Holden Place
Holdens Road
Holder Place
Holdsworth Avenue
Holgate Avenue
Holgate Road
Holiday Bakery
Holiday Inn Auckland Airport
Holiday Road
Holland Avenue
Holland House
Holland Road
Hollinbrigg Place
Holloway Place
Hollowout Street
Holly Street
Holly Way
Hollyford Drive
Hollyhock Place
Hollywood Avenue
Hollywood Bakery
Hollywood Bakery and Espresso
Hollywood Bakery Espresso
Hollywood Cafe
Hollywood Cafe Espresso
Hollywood Cinema
Hollywood Dairy
Hollywood Metro
Hollywood Takeaways
Holman Road
Holmes Drive
Holmes Drive South
Holmes Road
Holroyd Place
Holsten Place
Holt Avenue
Holy Cross Cathloic Church
Holy Cross Catholic Church / Holy Cross Parish
Holy Cross Catholic School
Holy Cross Church
Holy Cross Parish
Holy Cross Seminary
Holy Shot
Holy Trinity Anglican Church
Holy Trinity Cathedral
Holy Trinity Catholic Primary School
Holy Trinity Memorial Park
Holy Trinity Memorial Park NZ Wars memorial
Holy Trinity Parish Hall
Holy Word Church of Auckland
Holyoake Place
Homai Bakery
Homai Bowling Club
Homai Kindergarten
Homai Laundrette
Homai School
Homai Street
Homai Superette


Home Bakery
Home Bay Beach
Home Buwawa
Home Pharmacy
Home Place
Home Street
Home Track
Homestay Accommodation
Homestead Cafe
Homestead Drive
Homestead Hill Lane
Homestead Motor Lodge
Hometown Superette
Homewood Place
Homey Taste restaurant
Hona Avenue
Honan Place
Honda Cars Newmarket
Honey & Herbs NZ
Honey Bear
Honey Bones
Honey Cafe
Honey Place
Honeysuckle Lane
Hong Ka BBQ restaurant
Hong Kong Bakery
Hong Kong Garden Takeaway
Hong Kong Kitchen
Hong Kong Takeaways
Hong Won Takeaway
Hong Yuan
Honour Road
Honowai Street
Hooker Place
Hooks Lane
Hooks Road
Hooten Place
Hooton Drive
Hope Centre
Hope Farm Avenue
Hope for the Nations
Hope Place
Hope Street
Hopetea Street
Hopetoun Alpha
Hopetoun Street
Hopetoun Street extension
Hopkins Crescent
Hopohopo Lane
Hoppers Garden Bar
Hopuni Way
Horizon View Road
Horizon Way
Horlicks Place
Hornbill Drive
Hornes Lane
Hornsey Avenue
Horo Road
Horoeka Avenue
Horoeka Track
Horomia Road
Horopito Street
Hororata Road
Horotutu Road
Horse & Trap
Horse Track
Horsefields Drive
Horseshoe Bush Rd Walk
Horsham Place
Horsman Road
Horton Avenue
Horwell Place
Hosanna World Harvest Church Central
Hosking Place
Hoskings Access
Hoskins Avenue
Hospice Shop
Hospital Dairy
Hospital Road
Hostel Access Road
Hot Bread Kitchen
Hot Roast Meals
Hotel De Brett
Hotel Grand Chancellor
Hoteo Avenue
Hotpot BBQ
Hotpot Buffet
HotShot Espresso
Hotspur Place
Hotunui Drive
Hoturoa Place
Houghton Street
Houghton Track
Houhere Close
Houhora Street
Houpara Street
House Avenue
House of Bread Tongan Assembly of God
House of Chocolate
House of Grace
House of Grace Family Church
House of Kebab
House of Travel
Houses in Dairy Flat
Housing New Zealand
Houston Place
Houston Road
Howard Hunter Avenue
Howard Road
Howden Lane
Howe Street
Howell Crescent
Howick Bakehouse
Howick Baptist Church
Howick Baptist Home and Hospital
Howick Bowling Club
Howick Bridge Club
Howick Childrens and Youth Theatre
Howick Chinese Takeaway
Howick Club Inc.
Howick College
Howick Community Church
Howick Croquet Club
Howick Domain
Howick Fire Station
Howick Fresh
Howick Golf Club
Howick House Pharmacy
Howick Information Services
Howick Intermediate School
Howick Leisure Centre
Howick Library
Howick Little Theatre
Howick Motor Lodge
Howick Pakuranga Cricket Club
Howick Pakuranga Netball Centre
Howick Police Station
Howick Primary School
Howick Roast Chicken
Howick RSA
Howick Squash
Howick Village Cafe
Howith Street
Howlett Street
Howlett Walkway
Hoya Court
Hoylake Place
Hoyts Cinemas
Hoyts Wairau Park
HP Nails
Huahua Crescent
Huapai Bottle -O
Huapai Dairy
Huapai District School
Huapai Fresh Mart
Huapai Golf Course
Huapai Street
Huapai Tavern
Huapai Triangle
Huarahi Pai Road
Huas Restaurant
Huawei Centre
Hub West
Huber Street
Hubert Henderson Place
Huckleberry Farms Royal Oak
Huckleberry Organic Grocery
Hudson Bay Road
Hudson Street
Hueglow Rise
Hugh Brown Drive
Hugh Green Drive
Hugh Latimer Drive
Hugh Redgrove
Hugh Wilson Road
Hughdene Place
Hughes Terrace
Hughs Way
Hugo Boss
Hugo Johnston Drive
Hui Kee Kitchen Takeaway
Hui Lane
Huia Dam Intake Tunnel
Huia Dam Road
Huia Lodge
Huia Lookout
Huia Residence
Huia Ridge Track
Huia Road
Huia Settlers Museum
Huia Store
Huia Street
Huia Volunteer Fire Brigade
Huihui Lane
Huka Road
Hukanui Crescent
Huke Lane
Hukihuki Drive
Hull Place
Hulme Court
Hulme Place
Hulse Avenue
Hum Cafe
Humariri Street
Humber Place
Humbug Cafe
Hume Drive
Humphrey and Turner Associates Travel
Humphrey Kemp Avenue
Humphreys Place
Hundalee Lane
Hundred Years Restaurant
Huntaway Lane
Hunter Fish Shop
Hunter Road
Hunterns Inn
Hunters Bula Takeaway
Hunters Corner Curry House
Hunters Park Drive
Hunters Plaza
Hunterville Court
Hunting Hill Vineyard
Huntington Drive
Huntington Park Drive
Huntingtree Avenue
Huntly Avenue
Huntly Road
Hunts Pharmacy
Hunua Road
Huriaro Place
Huringa Road
Huritao Lane
Hurley Place
Huron Street
Huron Street Cafe
Hurst Street
Hurstbourn Priors
Hurstmare Superette
Hurstmere Road
Hurstmere Road Cycleway
Hurstmere Road Streetscape Upgrade
Hurstwood Place
Huruhi Bay
Huruhi Road
Huruhuru Road
Hutchinson Avenue
Hutchinson Superette
Hutchinsons Road
Hutt Road
Hutton Street
Hutukawa Road
Huxley Place
Hyde Road
Hyde Street
Hyderabad Kitchen
Hydra Place
Hyland Dairy
Hyperion Drive
Hyspecs Drive
Hythe Terrace
Hywell Place
Hāpine Lane
Hātai Lane

I E Produce
I love Thai Food
I Mart
I'm Not A Barber


Ian Jones Court
Ian Marwick Place
Ian McKinnon Drive
Ian McKinnon Drive Cycleway
Ian Morrison Road
Ian Place
Ian Sage Avenue
Ian Wells Track
Iberia Place
Ibis Budget
Icarus Place
Icebreaker Outlet store Albany
Icebreaker Shop
ICL Graduate Business School
Icoco Cafe
Icon Restaurant and Bar
Idaho PLace
Ideal Health
Idesia Place
Idlewild Avenue
Idlewild Laundromat
Idlewild Superette
Idris Court
Idyll Place
Ifield Court
Iglesia Ni Cristo
Igloo Place
Ihaka Place
Ihumata Road
Ihumatao Quarry Road
Ihumatao Road
Ihumatao walkway
IIMS building
IJS Seafood
Ikes Emporium

iko iko

Il Mee Restaurant
Ilam Lane
Ilex Place
Ilford Crescent
Iliad Place
Illana Place
Imam Halal Meats
Imam Reza Mosque
Imatra Place
Imelda Road
Imji Hair Studio
Imjin Place
Immaculate Conception Parish
Immanuel City Church
Imogene Way
Impala Place
Imperial Buildings
Imperial Lane
Imperial Palace
Imperial Place
Imrie Avenue
Inagh Close
Inaka Place
Inca Place
Inchinnam Road
Incline Track
Index Place
India Big Bazaar
India Express
India Gate
India restaurant and Bar
Indian Accent
Indian Accent Restaurant and Bar
Indian Cafe and Takeaway
Indian Christian Life Centre
Indian Express
Indian Flame
Indian Grill
Indian Hut
Indian Kitchen Restaurant
Indian Mahharani
Indian Pepper
Indian Sapphire
Indian Summer
Indian Taj
Indian Valley Restaurant
Indochine Kitchen
Indus Place
Industry Bar
Industry Road
Infantry Lane
Infidel Place
Infiniti Dealership
INFLITE Helicopters
Inga Road
Ingleby Place
Inglewood Street
Inglis Street
Ingram Crescent
Ingram Road
Ingram Street
Ink Bar
Inkerman Street
Inkster Street
Inland Road
Inlet Road
Inn Field Sports Bar
Innisfree Drive
Innismara Avenue
Innisowen Place
Inspire Church / Albany City Church
Inta Liquor
Intent Outdoors
International Baptist Church
International Lodge
International Terminal
International Walkway of Trees
Intrepid Crescent
Intrepid Place
Inver Street
Inverary Avenue
Inverell Avenue
Invermay Avenue
Inverness Road
Inwood Street


Iona Avenue
Iona Place
Iona Presbyterian Church
Iorangi Place
Iota Place
Ipswich Place
Ipukarea Street
Ira Street
Ireland Place
Ireland Road
Ireland Street
Irene Avenue
Irene's Hair Salon
Irirangi Road
Iris Place
Iris Watch
Irongate Avenue
Ironstone Place
Irvine Place
Irving Place
Irwin Road
Irwins Access
Is Is Liquor Spot
Isaac Place
Isbister Lane
Isherwood Place
Isitt Road
Islamic Ahlulbayt Foundation of New Zealand
Island Bay Beach
Island Bay Road
Island Gelato
Island Gelato Company
Island Joe's Hawaiian BBQ
Island Road
Island View Road
Island View Terrace
Islay Place
Islet Road
Islington Avenue
Islington Bay
Islington Bay Road
Islington Street
Ismail Superette
Isobel Road
Isola Place
Israel Avenue
Istanbul Shawarma


Isuzu Utes New Zealand Ltd
Italia Grove

iTi Espresso Bar

Ivan Ward Centre
Ivan's Takeaway
Ivanhoe Road
Ivanhoe Road South
Ivon Road
Ivory Egg (NZ) Ltd
Ivos Lunch Bar
Ivy Place
IWash Laundromat
Iwinuku Crescent
Ixia Place
Ixia Street

J Block
J Golf NZ
Jaan Mediterranean Cafe and Takeaway
Jacanas Place
Jacaranda Avenue
Jacaranda Cafe
Jacinta Grove
Jack Browne Place
Jack Christie Drive
Jack Clark Parade
Jack Conway Avenue
Jack Dickey Community Centre
Jack Farrell Place
Jack Hinton Drive
Jack Lachlan Drive
Jack Paterson Road
Jack Place
Jack Pringle Skate Park
Jack Seabrook Road
Jack Tar
Jackson Street
Jacob's Ladder
Jacobs Ladder Bridge
Jacobs Way
Jadan Supermarket
Jade Avenue
Jade Court
Jadetown Uyghur Cuisine
Jadewynn Drive
Jadon Close
JaeDee Court
Jaemont Avenue
Jaggers Walk
Jail House
Jairam's Dairy & Flower Shop
Jalaram Dairy
Jam Lunch Bar
Jamaica Blue
Jamaica Place
James Cook Crescent
James Cook High School
James Evans Drive
James Fletcher Drive
James Fletcher House
James Laurie Street
James Paige Lane
James Place
James Preston Avenue
James Road
James Scott Place
James Street
James Sushi
James Tyler Crescent
James Walter Place
James Way
Jamies Cafe
Jammen Drive
Jan Higgins Place
Jan Place
Jana Place
Jandell Crescent
Jane Cowie Avenue
Jane Eyre Drive
Jane Gifford Place
Jane Maree Road
Jane York Place
Janese Place
Janet Clews Place
Janet Place
Janet Street
Janine Place
Janome Place
Janway Avenue
Japan Mart
Japan mart central
Japan Mart City Central
Japanese Cuisine Restaurant
Japanese Restaurant and Bar
Japonica Drive
Jarman Road
Jarrah Place
Jarvis Way
Jasmine Flora Design
Jasmine Knoll
Jasmine Place
Jason Avenue
Jasper Avenue
Java House Cafe
Javelin Place
Jax Munster Inn

jay car

Jay Court
Jaycar Electronics
Jaylo Place
Jayne Place
Jays Fresh Mart
Jays Road
Jays Supermarket
Jazzinn Cafe
JB Hi-Fi
JB Hi-fi Home
JC Fresh Fruit and Vege
JC Kitesurf & SUP
Jean Alma Lane
Jean Batten Place
Jean Batten School
Jean Mackay Place
Jeanette Place
Jeff Place
Jefferson Street
Jeffery Reeve Crescent
Jeffs Road
Jelas Drive
Jelicich Court
Jellicoe Parade
Jellicoe Park
Jellicoe Park Dairy
Jellicoe Road
Jellicoe Street
Jenanne Place
Jenelin Road
Jenkins Place
Jenner Place
Jennifer Place
Jennings Street
Jenny's Lunch Bar
Jern Place
Jeroboam Loop
Jerpoint Drive
Jerram Street
Jerry Green Road
Jersey Avenue
Jervois Rd Hoops
Jervois Road
Jervois Steak House
Jesmond Road
Jesmond Terrace
Jess underground kitchen
Jess' Underground Kitchen
Jessel Street
Jessie Rise
Jessika Place
Jessmae Place
Jessop Street
Jesters Pies
Jet Park Hotel
Jetts 24 Hour Fitness
Jetts Fitness
Jever Place
Jewel of Bombay
Jezero Drive
JG Pizza Point
JH Discount Store
JHC Fruit and Vege
Jill Place
Jillian Drive
Jillteresa Crescent
Jim Rhind Place
Jim Titchener Parade
Jimmy Ward Crescent
Jin Hai Wan Restaurant
Jinzzaroo Korean Restaurant
Jitta'z Coffee Drive-Thru
Jiu Zhou BBQ Restaurant
JJ House backpackers
JK Computers
JK Kitchen
JK Supermarket
JK Takeaways
JL s Recipe
Joan Street
Joanna Lee Lane
Joanne Place
Jodie Place
Joe F Stanley Place
Joe's Barbershop
Joe's Bridge
Joels Fish and Chips
John Andrew Ford
John Andrew Mazda
John Bracken Way
John Brian Drive
John Broad Place
John Brooke Crescent
John Chan Takeaway
John Court Street
John Davis Road
John Downs Drive
John F Kennedy Place
John Gill Road
John Glenn Avenue
John Goulter Drive
John Gray Street
John Hindmarsh Road
John Hogg Pharmacy
John Jennings Drive
John Kinder Theological Library
John Lister Close
John Logan Campbell memorial
John Logan Campbell Monument
John Main Drive
John McDonald Lane
John Rymer Place
John Shaw Drive
John Stokes Terrace
John Street
John Walker Drive
John Walker Promenade
John Webster Place
John Wigglesworth Sports Centre
Johnny Barr's
Johns Lane
Johns Lunch Bar
Johnston Road
Johnstone Street
Johnstones Road
Jolin Shanghai Restaurant
Jolson Road
Jolyn Place
Jomac Place
Jomard Terrace
Jonathan Place
Jones Road
Jonkers Road
Jontue Place
Joong Wha Ru
Jopard Place
Jordan Avenue
Jordan Road
Jorges Grill
Joseph Banks Terrace
Joseph Dunstan Drive
Joseph Hammond Place
Joseph Kokich Avenue
Joseph McDonald Drive
Joseph Street
Josh Road
Joshua Carder Drive
Joshua Place
Josie Lane
Joval Place
Joy Bong Thai
Joy Dairy
Joy Street
Joyce Adams Place
Joyce Fisher Preschool
Joyce Place
Joyful Chinese restaurant
Joyful News Wesleyan Fellowship
JP Print
JR Panel And Paint
JT Automotive &Tyres
Jubaea Place
Jubilee Avenue
Jubilee Building
Jubilee Crescent
Jubilee Plaque
Jubilee Sports Centre
Jubilee Walk
Jucy Hotel
Judge Richardson Drive
Judge Street
Judges Bay Footbridge Viewpoint
Judges Bay Road
Judith Place
Judkins Crescent
Jugglers Pizzeria
Juice Bar
Juice Bar Superette
Juilan Lofts and Zachary Moaveni Plastic Surgeons
Juke Joint BBQ
Jukes Place
Juleez Kitchen
Julia Place
Julia Way
Julian Place
Julian Street
Juliana Way
Julie Ann Dairy
Julie's Pharmacy
Juliet Avenue
Juliet Place
Jumento Place
Junction Road
June Place
Juneau Place
Junior Junction
Junior Junction Childcare Centre
Juniper Road
Jupiter Street
Jurassic Ridge Vineyard
Jury Place
Just Enterprises Ltd T/a. Just Samosas & Caterers - Halal
Just Funerals
Just Kebabs
Just Laptops
Just Like Martha
Just Mart
Just Meat
Just Water International
Justamere Place
Justin Place
Jutland Rd Superette
Jutland Road
Jutland Street
Juvena Place
Jyoti Good News Assembly of God

K Block
K Mart
K Rd Dairy
K Road Food Workshop
K Road Groceries
K Road Liquor Centre
K Road Mart
Kaakaho Road
Kaanapali Place
Kabana Indian Cuisine
Kabardin Street
Kabo Rae
Kadicheeni Mansion
Kadina Place
Kaea Lane
Kagura Sushi
Kahala Place
Kahawairahi Drive
Kahika Grove
Kahika Lunch Bar
Kahika Road
Kahikatea Close
Kahikatea Place
Kahu Road
Kahu Street
Kahui Parade
Kahurangi Place
Kai Pasifika
Kai Reka
Kaiawa Street
Kaihoe Lane
Kaihu Street
Kaihua Terrace
Kaikoura Street
Kaimahi Road
Kaimai Avenue
Kaimanawa Road
Kaimata Street
Kaimoana Street
Kain Street
Kainga Lane
Kaipara Coast Highway
Kaipara College
Kaipara Crescent
Kaipara Portage Road
Kaipara Road
Kaipara Tavern
Kaipara View Road
Kaipatiki Park Playground
Kaipatiki Road
Kaipiho Lane
Kairali South Indian Restaurant
Kairanga Street
Kaiseki Japanese Restaurant
Kaitarahiki Bay Beach
Kaitawa Street
Kaitiaki II (Trustee)
Kaitiaki Road
Kaitune Drive
Kaiwhiria Lane
Kaka Street
Kakabeak Way
Kakamatua Beach Walk
Kakamatua Inlet Track
Kakano Early Childhood Centre
Kakano Road
Kakapo Place
Kakariki Avenue
Kaki Lane
Kalberry Place
Kalgan Place
Kallaroo Place
Kallista Place
Kallu Crescent
Kalmia Street
Kalmore Place
Kama Place
Kamahi Street
Kamaka Road
Kamal Indian Cuisine Cafe
Kaman Seasprite Road
Kamana Road
Kamara Road
Kamara Walk
Kambalda Street
Kami Sushi
Kampung Style Malaysian Cafe
Kamulla Court
Kanda Restaurant
Kanda Sushi Grill
Kandy Bakery and Cafe
Kaneke Place
Kanera Road
Kanga Lane
Kaniere Place
Kano Way
Kanohi Terrace
Kanona way
Kanono Road
Kanorau Place
Kanturk Close
Kanuka Road
Kanuka Street
Kanuka Way
Kapai Laundromat
Kapai Road
Kapara Street
Kapia Drive
Kapiti Place
Kaponga Crescent
Kapua Street
Kapuarangi Lane
Kapuka Road
Kapuni Road
Karachi Burger and Kebab
Karaka Convenience
Karaka Country Retreat
Karaka Harbourside
Karaka North Road
Karaka Park Place
Karaka Road
Karaka School
Karaka School Lane
Karaka Sports Park
Karaka Street
Karamatura Campground
Karamatura Track
Karamu Street
Karanga Plaza
Karangahape Road
Karangahape Road Cycleway
Karangahape Rocks
Karapiti Place
Karehu Place
Karekare Beach
Karekare Road
Karekare Surf Club
Karemoana Drive
Karen Road
Karengo Street
Karepiro Bay Beach
Karepo Crescent
Karetai Crescent
Karetu Road
Kari Lane
Kari Street
Kari Street Nursery
Karihi Road
Karika Place
Karin's Garden Villa Bed & Breakfast
Karina Place
Karina Williams Way
Karishma Food market
Karo Place
Karo Road
Karokaro Road
Karori Crescent
Karoro Court
Karson Place
Karu Street
Kaseng Place
Kashmir Indian Restaurant
Kashmir Road
Kasia Close
Kassa Rise
Katana Lane
Katatai Street
Katavich Place
Kate Hunt Path
Kate Sheppard Avenue
Kate Sheppard Walkway
Kath Henry Lane
Kathleen Street
Kathryn Avenue
Kati Grill
Katipo Road
Katoa Street
Katote Close
Katrina Place
Katsubi Donburi
Katui Street
Kauai Avenue
Kaumatua Place
Kauri Amber Road
Kauri Bush Rise
Kauri Crescent
Kauri Drive
Kauri Flats School
Kauri Glen Road
Kauri Grove Drive
Kauri Grove Track
Kauri Gum Store Cafe
Kauri Heart Avenue
Kauri Lane
Kauri Loop Road
Kauri Park School
Kauri Point Road
Kauri Road
Kauri road
Kauri Road
Kauri Steps
Kauri timber dam
Kauri timber Dam
Kauri View Road
Kauriki Terrace
Kaurilands Community Kindergarten
Kaurilands Road
Kaurilands School
Kaurilands Superette
Kaurilands Takeaway
Kaurimu Rise
Kautami Avenue
Kavanagh Place
Kawa Drive
Kawai Purapura Retreat Centre
Kawai Rise
Kawaka Street
Kawakawa Place
Kawana Street
Kawapani Lane
Kawau Road
Kawe Marie Lane
Kaweka Street
Kawerau Avenue
Kawiti Avenue
Kay Drive
Kay Road
Kaya Korean Cuisine
Kayeleen Place
Kayle Glen
Kaze Sushi
KB Bakery Cafe
Kea Place
Kealy Road
Keanes Road
Kearney Place
Kearns Drive
Keate Place
Keating Rise
Keats Place
Kebab 149
Kebab Cafe
Kebab King
Kebab Lovers
Kebab Serai
Kebab Station
Kebab Stop
Kebabs - Halal n takeaways
Kebabs Aladdin
Kebabs and Burgers
Kebabs Delight
Kebabs of Turkey
Kebabs on Maskell
Kebabs on Queen
Kebabs Sensation
Kebabz n Kurrienz
Keddle House
Kedgley Intermediate School
Kedgley Road
Keegan Drive
Keel Street
Keeling Road
Keenagh Rise
Keeney Court
Kegworth Place
Keiha Crescent
Keith Avenue
Keith Hay Drive
Keith Park
Keith Smith Avenue
Kelburn Lane
Keldale Place
Kelkirk Street
Kell Drive
Kellaway Drive
Kellett Road
Kellow Place
Kells Place
Kelly Place
Kelly Road
Kelly Street
Kelly Tarlton's Sea Life Aquarium
Kellys Road
Kelman Road
Kelmarna Avenue
Kelmore Place
Kelpie Lane
Kelsey Crescent
Kelso Court
Kelston Boys High School
Kelston Community Church
Kelston Deaf Education Centre
Kelston Food Market
Kelston Girls College
Kelston Intermediate School
Kelston Pharmacy
Kelston Primary School
Kelston Street
Kelston Wine
Kelvin Crescent
Kelvin Fruit and Vege
Kelvin Hart Drive
Kelvin Meats
Kelvin Road
Kelvin Road School
Kelvinside Terrace
Kelvyn Grove
Kelwyn Road
Kemble Close
Kemp Road
Kemp's Department Store
Kempthorne Crescent
Ken San
Ken Turner Motors
Kendall Court
Kenderdine Lane
Kenderdine Road
Kendrick Place
Kenley Heights
Kenley Place
Kenmure Avenue
Kennards Hire
Kennards Self Storage
Kennedy Avenue
Kennedy Park
Kennedy Point Road
Kennedy Point Vineyard
Kennedy Road
Kennedys Road
Kenneth Avenue
Kenneth Myers Drive
Kenneth Small Crescent
Kenneth Small Place
Kennington Drive
Kenny Hair Design
Kenny Road
Kensington Avenue
Kensington Dairy
Kensway Drive
Kent Road
Kent Street
Kent Terrace
Kentia Way
Kentigern Close
Kenton Lane
Kentucky Street
Kentville Place
Kenwick Place
Kenwyn Street
Kenyon Avenue
Kepa Bush - Saint John's Ridge Track
Kepa Road
Kepa Road Dairy
Kepler Place
Keppell Street
Keppoch Court
Kerekin Drive
Kerema Way
Kerepi Street
Kereru Grove
Kereru Park Campus
Kereru Place
Kereru Rise
Kereru Street
Kereru Track
Keretene Place
Kerewhenua Crescent
Keri Anne Place
Keri Hills Superette
Keri Hills Takeaway
Keri Vista Rise
Kerlin Crescent
Kern Place
Kern Road
Kerr Street
Kerr Taylor Avenue
Kerria Place
Kerridge Close
Kerrs Road
Kerry Dell
Kerry Place
Kerrydale Road
Kerrykeel Drive
Kerrymaria Place
Kerswill Place
Keru Place
Kervil Avenue
Kerwyn Avenue
Kerwyn Liquor Store
Kerwyn Lunch Bar
Keryn Place
Keshvara Road
Kestev Drive
Kesteven Avenue
Kestrel Place
Keswick Close
Kettle Street
Ketu Court
Ketu Way
Kevale Place
Keven Road
Kevin Court
Kevins Laundromat
Kew Lane
Kewa Road
Key and Cartridge
Keyhole Viewpoint
Keys Street
Keys Terrace
Keystone Avenue
Keywella Drive
KFC Drive Through
KFC Henderson
Khaleel Place
Khandallah Place
Khanz Restaurant
Khartoum Place
Khyber Food Market
Khyber Pass Road
Khyber Tandoori
Kia Aroha College
Kia Kaha Karangahape
Kia Ora Road
Kiano Place
Kibblewhite Avenue
Kibo Japanese Restaurant
Kidd Road
Kiddy Winks Kindy
Kidney Fern Glen
Kids At Play
Kids Kampus
Kiekie Road
Kiernan Place
Kikorangi Lane
Kilbaha Close
Kilcadden Road
Kilcar Place
Kilcooley Road
Kildare Avenue
Kildare Road
Kilduff Place
Kilear Close
Kilgour Terrace
Kilham Avenue
Kilimanjaro Drive
Kilkelly Avenue
Kilkenny Drive
Killarney Avenue
Killarney Drive
Killarney Street
Killeen Place
Killick Place
Killington Crescent
Killybegs Drive
Killygordon Place
Kilmacrennan Drive
Kilmarnock Avenue
Kilsyth Way
Kiltole Drive
Kim Bakery
Kimber Hall Avenue
Kimberley Road
Kimberly Grove
Kimdale Place
Kimiora Street
Kimpton Road
Kimptonfields Court
Kimptons Road
Kimptons Track
Kina Place
Kincora Lane
Kincraig Place
Kinder Place
Kindercare Learning Centres - Sylvia Park
Kindergarten Drive
King Bakery and Lunch Bar
King Dick's Liquor Mart
King Edward Avenue
King Edward Parade
King Edward Parade Shared Path
King Edward Street
King George Avenue
King of India
King of Kings Church
King Pin Superette
King Richard Place
King Street
King Tut Restaurant
King's Plant Barn
King's Restaurant
King's School
Kingdale Road
Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses
Kingdom Hall of Jehovas Witnesses
Kingdom Life Ministries Christian Centre
Kingdom Life Ministries Worship Centre
Kingdom Sushi
Kingdon Street
Kingfisher Grove
Kingfisher Place
Kings BBQ Restaurant
Kings Cafe
Kings College
Kings Corner
Kings Dumpl
Kings Foodmart
Kings Garden Cafe
Kings House Restaurant
Kings Plant Barn
Kings Plant Barn Remuera
Kings Plant Barn Westlake
Kings Road
Kings Roast
Kingsclere Place
Kingseat Fruit and Vege
Kingseat Road
Kingseat Store
Kingsford Home Bakery
Kingsford Place
Kingsford Primary School
Kingsford Road
Kingsford Smith Place
Kingsford Takeaway
Kingsgate Place
Kingshaven Close
Kingsland Avenue
Kingsland Bakery
Kingsland Lodge
Kingsland Social
Kingsland Terrace
Kingsland Trinity Methodist Church
Kingsley Street
Kingston Food Centre
Kingston Street
Kingsview Road
Kingsway Avenue
Kingsway Road
Kingswood Road
Kingussie Place
Kinleith Way
Kinloch Avenue
Kinmont Rise
Kinnard Lane
Kinross Street
Kinsale Avenue
Kintara Drive
Kinvig Place
KiNZ East Tamaki
KiNZ Mission Heights
KiNZ Sandringham
Kiokio Street
Kiosk Road
Kip McGrath Education Centre
Kipling Avenue
Kippure Close
Kira Road
Kirby Street
Kiri Place
Kiri Te Kanawa Theatre
Kirihipina Lane
Kirikiri Drive
Kirikiri Lane
Kiritoa Street
Kirk Street
Kirkaldy Street
Kirkbride Road
Kirkdale Place
Kirkella Crescent
Kirklow Place
Kirkmay Place
Kirkwood Place
Kiroms Convenience Store
Kirrama Place
Kirrie Avenue
Kirton Crescent
Kissling Place
Kita Road
Kitchen Studio
Kitchen Things
Kitchener Road
Kitchener Street
Kite Road
Kite Works
Kitekite Falls
Kitekite Track
Kitemoana Street
Kitenga Road
Kitenui Avenue
Kiteroa Terrace
Kitewaho Road
Kitewao Street
Kitirawa Road
Kitson Place
Kittiwake Drive
Kittyhawk Lane
Kittyhawk Way
Kivell Close
Kiwi Airport Backpackers
Kiwi bank
Kiwi Bank n Post Office
Kiwi Clean Laundrette
Kiwi Esplanade
Kiwi Experience - Hop On/Off Bus
Kiwi Hot Baker
Kiwi House
Kiwi International Hotel
Kiwi Laundry Co
Kiwi Liquor
Kiwi Moa Accessway
Kiwi Motel
Kiwi on Queen
Kiwi Pure Laundry
Kiwi Road
Kiwi Road (1022)
Kiwi Roast
Kiwi Self Storage
Kiwi Street
Kiwi Superette
Kiwi Supertots Learning Centre
Kiwi Tamaki Road
Kiwiana Souvenirs
Kiwiki mart
Kiwikiwi Place
Kiwitahi Road
Kiwitea Street
Kiwitown Bakery
Kiwiyo Frozen Yogurt
KK Liquor
KK Malaysian
KK Takeaway
KL Laundry
Kmart - Manukau
Knight Avenue
Knights Access
Knights Close
Knights Drive
Knights Inn Motel
Knights Road
Knightsbridge Drive
Knightsbridge Motor Lodge
Knightsbridge Village
Knox Road
Knutzen Track
Ko & Ki Sushi
Ko Lane
Ko Roa Lane
Ko Street
Ko's Dumplings
Koa Street
Koangi Street
Koeke Road
Kofte Eatery
Koha Sushi
Kohanga Road
Kohekohe Street
Kohekohe Track
Kohi Fish and Chips
Kohi Kai Place
Kohi Tennis Club
Kohia Terrace
Kohia Terrace School
Kohia Way
Kohimarama Beach
Kohimarama Presbyterian Church
Kohimarama Road
Kohimarama School
Kohinoor Avenue
Kohinoor Indian Cuisine
Kohinoor restaurant
Kohiwi Road
Kohu Road
Kohuhu Lane
Kohukohunui Lane
Koiora Road
Kokako Grove
Kokako Rise
Koki Road
Kokiri Street
Koko Mews
Kokopu Lane
Kokotaua Lane
Kokowai Parade
Kolmar Laundry
Kolmar Road
Kolmar Super Seven
Komako Place
Komanawa Lane
Komaru Street
Kona Crescent
Kong's Kitchen
Konica Minolta
Konini Avenue
Konini Road
Konini School
Konoba Avenue
Kookaburra Place
Kopakopa Lane
Kopara Place
Kopi Lane
Kopi Place
Kopiko Road
Kopio Malaysian restaurant
Kopu Place
Kopuru Road
Kora Avenue
Koraha Road
Koraha Street
Korako Drive
Korari Street
Korari Way
Korau Road
Korcula Place
Kordel Place
Korean Alliance Church of Auckland
Korean BBQ Restaurant
Korean Catholic Church of the Holy Family
Korean Charcoal BBQ restaurant
Korean Cuisine
Korean Presbyterian Church of Auckland / The Auckland Korean Church Community Center
Korean Restaurant
Korean Seventh-Day Adventist Church
Koreaunts restaurant
Korere Terrace
Korihi Drive
Korimako Avenue
Korma Lane
Korma Road
Kornaway Dairy
Koroheke Road
Korokino Road
Korokio Lane
Koromiko Street
Koropa Road
Koropiko Lane
Korora Road
Kororo Street
Korotaha Terrace
Korowai Manaaki youth justice residence
Koru Lounge
Koru School
Koru Street
Kota Lane
Kotae Road
Kotahi Road
Kotare Avenue
Kotinga Avenue
Kotiri Kindergarten
Kotiri Street
Kotuku Crescent
Kotuku Lane
Kotuku Street
Kouka Road
Koura Track
Kouras Place
Kowhai Avenue
Kowhai Grove
Kowhai Intermediate School
Kowhai Loop
Kowhai Road
Kowhai Street
Kowharu Road
Kowhatu Road
Kowi Chicken
Kowloon Takeaway
Kreem Cafe
Kreem Espresso Pizza
Kriletich Drive
Krisley Court
Krispy Kreme
Kristin Lane
Kristin School
Krung Thep
KS Chicken
Ksenia Drive
Ku Bick
Kuaka Drive
Kuaka Place
Kuaka Road
Kuataika Track
Kuataika Trig
Kuawa Drive
Kudu Road
Kuhanui Drive
Kukupa Road
Kukutai Lane
Kumanu Lane
Kumar Place
Kumas Bowl Sushi
Kumerahou Street
Kumeu Baptist Church
Kumeu Cellars
Kumeu Garden Hub
Kumeu Library
Kumeu Motors
Kumeu Play Centre
Kumeu PostShop
Kumeu Produce Market
Kumeu River Wines
Kumeu Sports Club
Kumeu telephone exchange
Kumeu Tyres
Kumeu Valley Estate Events Centre
Kumeu Volunteer Fire Brigade
Kumeu/Huapai Police
Kumukumu Road
Kunzea Place
Kupari Place
Kuparu Street
Kupe Street
Kupenga Lane
Kura Place
Kura Track
Kurahaupo Street
Kuranui Place
Kuripaka Crescent
Kurnell Drive
Kurt Brehmer Walkway
Kurt Lane
Kurukshetra Indian restaurant and Takeaway
Kushi Takeaway
Kuurae Crescent
Kwality Halal meat Shop
Kwality Mini Bazaar
Kwang Yum Baptist Church
Kyeemagh Street
Kyle Road
Kylie Court
Kyo-ya Japanese Restaurant
Kyou Sushi
KZ1 Yacht
Kākaho Road
Kākatai Lane
Kāpia Road
Kōtuitui Place
Kōtuitui Street

L il Abners
L'Espresso Cafe
La Bella Road
La Boulangerie Delice
La Couronne Cake Boutique
La Dolce Caffe
La Dolce Vita
La Fourchette Cafe and Restaurant
La Kasbah Grill House
La Noisette
La Pasta
La Perouse Street
La Porchetta
La Roche Place
La Rosa
La Rosa Street
La Trattoria
La Trobe Street
La Trobe Track
La Tropezienne
La Tropezienne Bakery Cafe
La Veta Avenue
La Vista
LabPlus and Mortuary
Laburnum Road
Lacebark Court
Lachlan Place
Ladd Road
Ladies Bay Beach
Ladies Mile
Lady Allum Village
Lady Elizabeth Home , Hospital and College
Lady Fisher Place
Lady Mappin Walk
Lady Marie Drive
Lady McKenzie Mews
Lady Ruby Drive
Lady Siotara Hall
Ladybird Lane
Lagonda Rise
Lagoon Drive
Lagoon Leisure Centre
Lagoon Track
Lagoon Way
Lai Thai restaurant
Lai Yuen Takeaway
Laidlaw Way
Laing Road
Laingfield Terrace
Laingholm Baptist Church
Laingholm Beach Dairy
Laingholm Beach Takeaway
Laingholm Central
Laingholm Drive
Laingholm Primary School
Laingholm Volunteer Fire Brigade
Laingrange Place
Laings Road
Laird Thomson Track
Laishley House
Lake Drive
Lake Dumplings
Lake Panorama Drive
Lake Pupuke Drive
Lake Road
Lake Road Barbers
Lake Road Dairy
Lake Road Superette
Lake View Road
Lake Wainamu Track
Lakeridge Close
Lakes Golf Course
Lakeside Drive
Lakeside Specialist Centre
Lakeside Walk
Lakeview Apartments
Lakeview Kindergarten
Lakeview Superette
Lakewood Court
Lalanga Lane
Lalele Organic Vegan Gelato and Sorbet
Lalele Vegan Ice cream
Lam Terrace
Lamb on the Wall
Lamberg Close
Lambeth Road
Lambie Drive
Lambie Fish n Chips
Lambie Laundromat
Lambir Place
Lamborn Drive
Lambrown Drive
Lamia Place
Lammermoor Drive
Lampire Mart
Lanark Place
Lanark Street
Lancaster Road
Lancelot Place
Lancewood Avenue
Lancia Way
Lancing Road
Landette Road
Landfill Access Road
Landing Drive
Landing Road
Landmark Drive
Landon Avenue
Landop Terrace
Landow Place
Landrover and Jaguar
Landsberg Way
Landscape Dairy
Landscape Road
Landsdale Place
Landseer Place
Landvale Court
Lane Cameron Place
Lane Road
Langana Avenue
Lange Mews
Langiola Drive
Langkawi Restaurant
Langley Road
Langstone Place
Langton's Kiosk
Language Hub Ltd
Lanham Lane
Lanier Place
Lanigan Street
Lannan Road
Lansdown Avenue
Lansdown Place
Lansdowne Street
Lansell Drive
Lansford Crescent
Lantana Lodge
Lantana Road
Lantern Court
Lapilli Lane
Lappington Road
Laquinta Place
Larch Street
Larchwood Avenue
Large Kauri Walk
Largo Lane
Larissa Avenue
Lark Lane
Larkin Place
Larkspur Court
Larmer Drive
Larne Avenue
Larnoch Road
Larnoch Superette
Larsen Road
Larsen Street
Laser Place
Lasque Place
Lastel Place
Latham Avenue
Lathrope Road
Latimer Street
Latitude 36 Restaurant and Bar
Lauchlan Avenue
Laud Avenue
Lauder Road
Lauderdale Road
Launch Road
Laundromat and Dry Cleaner
Laundry Doctor
Laundry Plus
Laundry Services
Laundry World
Laura Street
Laurel Oak Drive
Laurel Street
Laurelia Place
Lauren Grove
Laurence Stevens Drive
Laurenson Road
Laureston Avenue
Laurie Avenue
Laurie Drive
Lauries Walk
Laurina Road
Lauris Place
Lauriston Avenue
Lava cave
Lava Caves Track
Lavas Place
Lavelle Road
Lavender Close
Lavender Court
Lavender Garden Lane
Lavender Hill
Lavery Place
Lavey Road
Lavie En Rose
Lavina Court
Lavinia Crescent
Law Street
Lawford Place
Lawler/Sattleday Cottage
Lawndale Place
Lawrence Crescent
Lawrence Place
Lawrence Street
Lawry Street
Lawson Creek Street
Lawson Way
Laxon Avenue
Laxon Terrace
Layard Street
Lazurite Drive
Le Chef
Le Coz Road
Le Desir Bar and Brasserie
Le Garde Manger
Le Havre Place
Le Pettie cafe
Le Roy Terrace
Le Royal Bakery
Le Vietnamese
Leabank Kindergarten
Leabank School
Leabank Superette
Leabank Wholesale Meats
Leadership Crescent
Leaf & Loaf
Leafield Crescent
Leaming Place
Leamington Road
Leander Road
Learmonth Avenue
Learn-to-Ride Track
Learning Corner
Learning Tree Early Childcare Centre
Leaside Lane
Leatham Crescent
Leatherwood Road
Leaver Place
Lebanese Cafe
Leburn Crescent
Lee Hong Smorgasbord
Lee Street
Leebank Crescent
Leek Street
Lees Cove
Leeson Place
Leewood Place
Legacy Drive
Legal Research Foundation
Legends Barber
Leggett Lane
Leicester Hall
Leicester Parade
Leiden Place
Leigh Terrace
Leighton Street
Leila Place
Leilani Place
Leinster Street
Leith Court
Leith Way
Leixlep Lane
Lekk Bakery
Lema Place
Lemington Road
Lemnos Place
Lemon Grass Thai and Malaysian
Lemon Grove Lane
Lemon Tree Lane
Lemonwood Place
Len Garlick Place
Len Ireland Drive
Lendenfeld Drive
Lendic Avenue
Leneford Drive
Lenihan Street
Lenore Road
Leo Street
Leon Leicester Avenue
Leonard Isitt Drive
Leonard Isitt Drive Extension
Leonard Place
Leonard Road
Leonards Gourmet
Leone Terrace
Les Mills
Lesa Annis Place
Leslie Avenue
Leslie Place
Lester Lane
Lester Street
Letterkenny Place
Levaut Place
Leveloff Road
Leven Lane
Levene Place
Levesque Street
Levonia Store
Levonia Street
Levy Road
Lewann Lane
Lewin Road
Lewis Lane
Lewis Road
Lewis Street
Lewis Younie Road
Lewisham Street
Lex Avenue
Lexall Care
Lexham Gardens Rest Home and Hospital
Lexington Drive
Lexus Auckland City
Leybourne Circle
Leys Crescent
Leyton Way
LG House
Li'l Champs Montessori Learning Centre
Liam Place
Liang's Hot Pot Restaurant
Liban Superette
Libby's Fine Jewellery
Liberal Catholic Church of Saint Francis
Liberation Road
Liberty Christian Church
Liberty Crescent
Libnai Avenue
Libra Street
Library Lane
Library Lane Pharmacy
Library/Information Centre
Lichfield Road
Lidcombe Place
Liddell Street
Liddesdale Place
Liddy Place
Lido Cinema
Lieutenant Lane
Life Builders
Life Central
Life Childcare Centre
Life Church
Life Expressions Fellowship
Life in Piha
Life North
Life Pharmacy
Life pharmacy
Life Pharmacy
Lifewise Merge Café
Liffey Drive
Lifford Place
Light Weight O
Lighthouse Christian Fellowship
Lighthouse Early Learning Centre
Liky Liky Cafe
Lil Champs Early Learning Centre
Lilac Grove
Lilac Lane
Lilburn Crescent
Lile Roma Woodfired Pizza
Liley Place
Lilford Place
Lili Chen Way
Lilian Place
Lilley Terrace
Lillington Road
Lilliput Mini Golf
Lilybank Crescent
Lilys Garden
Lim Chhour Supermarket
Lim Gardens & Orchard
Lim Sum Fruit & Vege
Lim Supermarket Centre
Lime Cafe
Lime Crescent
Lime Espresso Bar and Eatery
Lime Hill Rise
Limeburners Close
Limerick Place
Limmer Place
Limond Street
Lims Fast Food
Lincoln Close
Lincoln Court Motel
Lincoln Fresh
Lincoln Garden Close
Lincoln Green Hotel and Conference Centre
Lincoln Heights School
Lincoln Kindergarten
Lincoln Park Avenue
Lincoln Road
Lincoln Road Bible Chapel
Lincoln Road Dairy
Lincoln Road Interchange project
Lincoln Road Pharmacy
Lincoln Street
Linda Place
Linda Worth Path
Linden Street
Lindis Place
Lindsay Place
Line Road
Lingarth Street
Lingfield Street
Lingham Crescent
Linicro Place
Link Drive
Link Pharmacy
Link Road
Link track
Links Road
Linley Place
Linnet Place
Lintaine Place
Linthorpe Crescent
Linwood Avenue
Linwood Road
Lion Place
Lion Surf Shop Piha
Lions Lodges
Lippiatt Road
Lipscombe Avenue
Lipton Grove
Liquid Experience
Liquid Self Service Laundromat
Liquidambar Drive
Liquor Baron
Liquor Centre
Liquor City
Liquor Galaxy
Liquor Heaven
Liquor King
Liquor Land
Liquor Legends
Liquor Library
Liquor Park
Liquor People
Liquor shop
Liquor Spot
Liquor Store
Liquor Town
Liquor Zone


Lisa Marie Court
Lisa Rise
Lisburn Avenue
Liscooly Place
Lismore Place
Lismore Way
Lisnoble Road
Lisnoe Avenue
Lissleton Drive
Listack Drive
Lister Street
Liston College
Liston Crescent
Liston Street
Litchfield Place
Litten Road
Little & Friday
Little & Friday Cafe
Little Big Cafe
Little Bird Unbakery
Little Easy
Little Feet Preschool
Little Frog
Little George Street
Little Goodies Cafe Espresso
Little High Street
Little Huia
Little India
Little Italy Restaurant
Little Jimmy Bar and Eatery
Little King Cafe
Little Oak Bakery
Little Oak Cafe and Bakery
Little Oaks
Little Oneroa Beach
Little Oneroa Store
Little Oneroa Takeaways
Little Palm Beach
Little Queen Street
Little Scholars Early Learning Centre
Little Sheep Mongolian Hotpot
Little Sister Cafe
Little Star Takeaway
Little Sweetie
Little Tokyo Sushi
Little Turkish Cafe
Little Wonders, Childcare Centre
Little World Early Childcare
Littlejohn Street
Live Fish
Liverpool Street
Livery Lane
Living Hope Worship Centre
Living Simply
Living Stream Road
Living Water Onehunga (Tongan)
Living Water Worship Centre
Living Waters AOG Church
Living Waters International Baptist Church / Balmoral Baptist Church
Living Waters Otara Baptist Church
Livingstone Evangelism Church
Livingstone Street
Lixuan 1st homestay
Lizzie Lane
Lloyd Avenue
Lloyd Elsmore Hockey Stadium
Lloyd Elsmore Pool and Leisure Centre
Lloyd Road
Loafers Bakery
Lobelia Rise
Local Butcher
Local Fresh
Locarno Avenue
Loch Street
Lochend Place
Lochiel Road
Lochinver Road
Locke Avenue
Locket Road
Lockhart Place
Lockheed Street
Lockington Avenue
Lockingtons Pharmacy
Lockyer Road
Loco Pizza
Lodge Lane
Lodge Papatoetoe
Loft Place
Log Cabin
Log cross link
Log Race Road
Logan Terrace
Logans Track
Lois Lane
Lolim Place
Lolipops Educare
Lollipops Early Child Learinig
Lollipops Early Childcare Learning
Lollipops Educare
Lollipops Oteha Valley
Lollipops Preschool
Loloma Drive
Lomas Place
Lomas Way
Lombard Street
Lombardia Way
Lomeer Way
Lomond Street
London Dairy
London Salon
London Street
London Superette
Lone Kauri Road
Lone Star
Lone Star Albany
Lone Star Cafe
Lone Tree Avenue
Lonely Track Road
Lonestar Cafe
Long Bay
Long Bay Baptist Church
Long Bay Beach
Long Bay College
Long Bay Drive
Long Bay Primary School
Long Bay Regional Park Picture Frame
Long Bay residential development
Long Bush Road
Long Drive
Long Rainbow Takeaway
Long Road
Long Road Track
Long Room Bar
Long Shot Espresso Bar
Long Street
Longbill Place
Longburn Road
Longbush Road
Longfellow Parade
Longford Park
Longford Park Drive
Longford Park Road
Longford Street
Longreach Drive
Longshore Drive
Longview Rise
Longwood Place
Lonsdale Street
Look Sharp
Look Sharp Store
Look Tea
Lookout Bush
Lookout Drive
Lookout Track
Loomb's Hotel Site
Loop Road
Loop Track
Lopdell House
Lord Auckland
Lord Freyberg
Lord Kitchener
Lord Of The Fries
Lord's Church of Auckland
Lorelei Place
Lorena Place
Lorenzo Way
Loreto Heights
Lori Place
Lorien Place
Lorikeet Place
Loris Place
Lorne Street
Lorraine Avenue
Lost gardens walk
Lothian Brae
Lotus Garden Restaurant
Lotus Lane
Lotus Walk
Lough Derg Place
Loughanure Place
Loughinisland Place
Loughros Place
Louis Adolphus Durrieu
Louis Braille Lane
Louise Place
Lounge of Rememberance
Louvain Avenue
Louvain Place
Love a Duck BBQ Restaurant
Love Cuisine
Love Exposure
Love of Jesus Church
Lovegrove Crescent
Lovell Court
Lovelock Avenue
Lovely Lane
Lovers Lane
Lovers Walk
Low Tide Access
Low Tide Path
Low Tide Route
Low Track
Lowburn Place
Lowe Street
Lowell Place
Lower Albert Street
Lower Albert Street Bus Station
Lower Bush Track
Lower Domain Drive
Lower Don Buck Superette
Lower Hobson Street
Lower Jeffs Road
Lower Loop
Lower Municipal Place
Lower Nelson Street
Lower Pipeline Track
Lower Tunnel Vision
Lowery Avenue
Lowtherhurst Road
Luana Way
Luanda Drive
Lucas Creek View Way
Lucas Heights
Lucas Lane
Lucas Place
Lucas Point
Lucas Way
Lucca Crescent
Lucerne Road
Lucia Glade
Lucienne Drive
Lucija Street
Lucinda Place
Luckens Coastal Walk
Luckens Road
Lucknow Place
Lucky Bakery
Lucky Cafe
Lucky Fortune
Lucky Seafood Restaurant
Lucky Star Restaurant
Lucky Star Takeaway
Lucky Takeaways
Lucky Wok Takeaway
Lucy Lane
Ludlow Terrace
Luff Place
Luicci Barber
Luke Place
Luke Street
Luke Street East
Lukes Cafe
Lumbarda Drive
Lumino Lane
Luna Place
Lunch Bar
Lunn Avenue
Lunn Avenue Superette
Lupetti Rise
Luplau Crescent
Lupton Road
Lurgan Drive
Lurline Avenue
Luscious Cafe
Lush Avenue
Lushington Place
Lusitano Drive
Lutana Place
Lutner Reserve track
Luton Avenue
Luxor Place
Lv Yang Cun Shanghai
Lydford Place
Lydia Avenue
Lydiard Place
Lyell Court
Lyford Crescent
Lyford Reserve Dry Pond
Lyle Superette
Lymington Castle
Lympne Lane
Lynbrooke Avenue
Lynch Street
Lyncroft Street
Lyndale Place
Lynden Avenue
Lyndhurst Road
Lyndhurst Street
Lyndock Street
Lyndon Place
Lynette Place
Lynfield College
Lynfield Community Church
Lynfield Pharmacy
Lynfield Place
Lynfield Superette
Lynfield Tennis Club
Lynley Place
Lynmore Drive
Lynn Mall
Lynn Place
Lynn Road
Lynngate Place
Lynnray Dairy
Lyns Bakery
Lynton Masters Lane
Lynton Road
Lynwood Road
Lyon Avenue
Lyon Road
Lyons Avenue
Lyren Place
Lysander Crescent
Lytham Lane
Lyttelton Avenue
Lytton Street
LZ Kitchen

M block
M Social Auckland
M&M Food Mart
M&M Takeaway
M&S Convenience
M2 Hair Salon
Maadi Place
Maaka Place
Mabbett Lane
Mac Roast
Macadamia Close
MacAulay Street
Mack Place
Mackay Drive
MacKelvie Street
MacKenzie Street
Mackwell Road
Mackwood Place
Macky Avenue
Maclaurin Chapel
MacLaurin Street
Macleans College
Macleans Primary School
MacLeans Road
MacMillan Walkway
MacMurray Road
MacNay Way
MacNean Drive


MacPherson Street
Macrocarpa Place
Macs Brewbar
MacWhinney Drive
Mad Butcher
Mad Dogs and Englishmen
Mad Mex
Mad Mex Wynyard Quarter
Madam Woo
Madame George
Madame Jojos
Madang Korean
Maddaford Road
Madden Avenue
Madden Street
Made in Nippon
Madeira Lane
Madeira Place
Madigan Place
Madinah Halal Meats
Madison Place
Madrona Place
Mae Glong Thai
Mae Nam Khong
Magascene dairy
Magdalen Place
Magee Place
Magellan Place
Maghera Drive
Magic Chef
Magic Kingdom Childcare
Magic Way
Magiger Takeaway
Magilligan Close
Magma Crescent
Magnetite Lane
Magnolia Avenue
Magnolia Place
Magnolia Terrace
Magnolia Track
Magnolia Way
Magnum Drive
Magpie Lane
Mahalo Avenue
Mahana Road
Mahara Avenue
Maharajas Takeaway
Maheke Street
Maher Road
Mahi Road
Mahia Road
Mahina Place
Mahinga Lane
Mahinga Place
Mahoe Avenue
Mahoe Road
Mahoe Walk
Mahoenui Valley Road
Mahon Place
Mahon Way
Mahoney Drive
Mahuhu Crescent
Mahunga Drive
Mahuru Street
Mahuta Grove
Mahutonga Avenue
Mahy Place
Maich Road
Maida Vale
Maidstone Place
Maidstone Street
Maika Lane
Mail Avenue
Main Beach Takapuna
Main Highway
Main Loop
Main Oval
Main Road
Mainston Road
Maioro Street
Mairangi & Castor Bays Presbyterian Church
Mairangi Bay
Mairangi Bay Bakery
Mairangi Bay Beach
Mairangi Bay Bowling Club
Mairangi Bay Community Church
Mairangi Bay Dairy and Lotto
Mairangi Bay Fine Wines
Mairangi Bay School
Maire Street

maison vauron

Maitland Place
Majesty Place
Major Sprout
Makamaka Lane
Makepiece Place
Maketu Road
Maki Mono
Maki Street
Maki Yaki
Makiri Street
Mako Networks Ltd.
Mako Street
Makora Avenue
Makora Road
Makoto Sushi
Maks Liquor Spot
Makura Road
Malabar Drive
Malae Fesila Fai Hall
Malae O Fatugatiti
Malahide Drive
Malam Street
Malaspina Place
Malaysia and Singapore Cuisine
Malaysian Noodle and Rice House
Malbec Place
Malborough Oval
Malcolm Calder Road
Malcolm Place
Malcolm Street
Maldon Court
Maleme Avenue
Malibu Grove
Malin Place
Mall Convenience
Mallard Place
Malloy Place
Malmo Place
Malolo House
Malone Road
Malones Tavern
Malory Street
Malte Brun Place
Malters Place
Malvern Road
Malvina Place
Mama Loco
Mama Park's
MaMa's Pizza and Kebab
Mamaku Street
Mamaku Track
Mamari Road
Mamaris Kebabs
Mamata Bakehouse
Mamie Street
Mamma Mia
Mamuku Drive
Mana Lane
Mana Place
Manaaki Circle
Manahau Lane
Manaia Place
Manapau Street
Manapouri Place
Manara Place
Manatu Lane
Manatu Street
Manawa Road
Manawatere Way
Manchester Drive
Mandarin Chinese Takeaway
Mandarin Palace Seafood Restaurant
Mandarin Place
Mander Place
Mandeville Place
Mandica Place
Mandival Avenue
Manea Lane
Manee Thai
Manene Street
Manga Street
Mangahoe Road
Mangakura Road
Mangal Indian restaurant
Mangarata Avenue
Mangatiti Street
Mangemangeroa Walkway
Mangere Arts Centre
Mangere Bakery
Mangere Baptist Church
Mangere BBQ Takeaway
Mangere Brews
Mangere Bridge
Mangere Bridge Library
Mangere Bridge Pharmacy
Mangere Bridge Playcentre
Mangere Bridge School
Mangere Bridge Tavern
Mangere Central School
Mangere College
Mangere Cut Price Liquor
Mangere East
Mangere East Baptist Church
Mangere East Community Centre
Mangere East Congregational Church
Mangere East Laundrette
Mangere East Library
Mangere East Methodist Church
Mangere East Primary School
Mangere Fire Station
Mangere Fresh Supermarket
Mangere Methodist Church
Mangere Pacific Island Presbyterian
Mangere Police Station
Mangere Presbyterian Church
Mangere Refugee Resettlement Centre
Mangere Road
Mangere Samoan Assembly of God
Mangere Samoan Seventh-Day Adventist Church
Mangere Seventh Day Adventist Church
Mangere Tongan Brethern Church
Mangere Town Centre Library
Mangere Town Square
Mangere West Kindergarten
Mangerton Lane
Mangiamo Cafe
Mangos Place
Mangrove Lane
Manhattan Heights
Manhattan Superette
Manisha Superette
Manly Esplanade
Manna Foodbar
Manna Kitchen
Manna Park Seventh-Day Adventist Church
Manna Thai Restaurant
Mannering Place
Mannikin Place
Manning Rise
Manohar Dairy
Manon Crescent
Manor Inn Motel
Manor Park
Manor Place
Manresa Close
Manse Road
Mansfield Street
Mansion Court
Manston Road
Mantis Lane
Mantra restaurant
Mantra Road
Manu Place
Manu Street
Manu Tapu Drive
Manui Place
Manuia Road
Manuka Dairy
Manuka Fish & Chips
Manuka Grove
Manuka Loop
Manuka Primary School
Manuka Reserve Dog Park
Manuka Reserve Playground
Manuka Road
Manukau Bakehouse
Manukau Bar View Walk
Manukau Central Kindergarten
Manukau Christian School
Manukau City AFC
Manukau City Baptist Church
Manukau City Funeral Services
Manukau City Tongan Assembly of God
Manukau Coastal Walkway
Manukau Community Corrections
Manukau Congregational Church
Manukau Cruising club
Manukau Elim Christian Church
Manukau Gateway Motel
Manukau Heights Motor Lodge
Manukau Heritage Walk
Manukau Institute of Technology
Manukau Institute of Technology (Manukau Campus)
Manukau Library
Manukau Liquor Centre
Manukau Lunch Bar
Manukau Medical Pharmacy
Manukau Motor Lodge
Manukau Pharmacy
Manukau Police Station
Manukau Road
Manukau Rovers Rugby-Football Club
Manukau Station Road
Manukau SuperClinic
Manukau Timber Company Heritage Trail
Manukau Toyota
Manurere Avenue
Manurewa Assembly of God
Manurewa Baptist Church
Manurewa Bible Church
Manurewa Central Primary School
Manurewa Community Corrections, Corrections Department farmland
Manurewa Cosmopolitan Club
Manurewa Croquet Club
Manurewa East
Manurewa East School
Manurewa Fire Station
Manurewa Foodmarket
Manurewa Fruit and Vege Market
Manurewa High School
Manurewa Intermediate School
Manurewa Library
Manurewa Lifecare Rest Home and Hospital
Manurewa Marae
Manurewa Methodist Church / Manurewa Methodist Parish
Manurewa New Life Church
Manurewa Pool and Leisure Centre
Manurewa RSA
Manurewa Samoan Seventh-Day Adventist Church
Manurewa Seafood
Manurewa Seventh Day Adventist Church
Manurewa South School
Manurewa Squash Club
Manurewa Tennis Club
Manurewa West School
Manuroa Road
Manuroa Superette
Manutara Avenue
Manutewhau Road
Manutewhau Walk
Manuwai Road
Mapau Road
Mapiu Street
Maple Lane
Maple Street
Maplesden Drive
Mapou Road
Mappin Place
Mara Street
Mara Waina Place
Marae Road
Maraetai Bakery and Cafe
Maraetai Beach
Maraetai Beach Boating Club
Maraetai Beach SChool
Maraetai Bowling Club
Maraetai Coast Road
Maraetai Drive
Maraetai Heights Road
Maraetai Library
Maraetai Lucky Takeaways
Maraetai School Road
Maraetai Wines
Marama Avenue
Marama Street
Maramara Road
Marangai Place
Maranui Avenue
Marara Road
Marau Crescent
Marawhara Walk
Marbella Crescent
Marbella Drive
Marbeth Court
Marble Place
Marc Ellis Place
Marcel Bakery
Marcel Place
Marcellin College
Marcello's Cafe
Marco Place
Marco Polo Avenue
Marco Polo Roasts
Marconi Place
Mardell Avenue
Marei Road
Marendellas Drive
Marengo Parkway
Mareth Street
Marewa Road
Marewa Street
Margan Avenue
Margan Place
Margan Superette
Margaret Avenue
Margaret Henry Crescent
Margaret Place
Margaret Road
Margaret Street
Margaret Williams Drive
Margate Road
Margot Street
Marguerita Place
Maria Assumpta Catholic Church / Maria Assumpta Parish
Maria Street
Mariana Place
Marie Avenue
Marie Costello Way
Marie Crescent
Marigold Place
Marina Heights
Marina Road
Marina Thai
Marina View Drive
Marina View School
Marine Garden Crescent
Marine Industry Association New Zealand
Marine Lane
Marine Parade
Marine Parade North
Marine Parade Reserve Beach
Marine Parade South
Marine Park Avenue
Marine Square
Marine Terrace
Mariner Lane
Mariner Street
Mariners Road
Mariners View Road
Marinich Drive
Marinich Drive South
Marino Place
Marinoto Child and Family Services
Marion Avenue
Marion Place
Mariposa Avenue
Mariposa Crescent
Mariri Road
Marist Catholic School
Marist College
Marist School
Maritime Museum
Maritime Terrace
Marjorie Jayne Crescent
Mark Carter Place
Mark Edgar Place
Mark Edward Drive
Mark Ford Drive
Mark Road
Mark Williams Place
Markedo Place
Marken Place
Market Cove Road
Market Lane
Market Place
Market Road
Market Road Kitchen
Markham Place
Markham Road
Markovina Vineyard Estate
Marlborough Avenue
Marlborough Crescent
Marlborough Kindergarten
Marlborough School
Marlborough Skatepark
Marlborough Street
Marlene Avenue
Marlin Street
Marlon Lane
Marlowe Road
Marmion Street
Marne / Settlement Road roundabaout
Marne Road
Maroa Road
Maroubra Place
Marphona Crescent
Marquette Avenue
Marr Road
Marriott Road
Mars Avenue
Marsden Avenue
Marsden Street
Marsh Avenue
Marshall Laing Avenue
Marshall Laing Primary School
Marsics Street
Marston Street
Martha Lane
Martin Avenue
Martin Avenue Superette
Martin Crescent
Martin Jugum Lane
Martin Place
Martin Road
Martin Takeaways
Martin Williams Funeral Directors
Martingale Drive
Maru Road
Marua Road
Marua Road Cafe
Marvel Grill
Marvon Downs Avenue
Marwan Crescent
Mary Ann Road
Mary Atkin Reserve Walkway
Mary Dreaver Street
Mary Forgham Drive
Mary Place
Mary Poynton Crescent
Mary Street
Maryann Place
Marybeth Place
Marydale Drive
Maryland Street
Marywil Crescent
Masako Restaurant
Masala Restaurant
Mascot Avenue
Mascot Avenue Bible Chapel
Masefield Avenue
Masefield Beach
Masefield Street
Masjid Abu Bakr Al Saddiq
Masjid As-Salam
Masjid At-Taqwa
Masjid Ayesha
Masjid e Abu Huraira
Masjid e Umar
Maskell Lotto and Convenience
Maskell Street
Maskell Street Bakehouse
Maskell Street Dairy
Maskell Street Liquor
Mason Avenue
Mason Clinic
Mason Street
Masons Avenue
Masons Road
Masport NZ
Massey Athletic Club
Massey Avenue
Massey Bakehouse
Massey Bakery and Cafe
Massey Birdwood Settlers Hall
Massey Catholic Parish Church / Saint Pauls Parish
Massey Community Church
Massey Community Hub
Massey East
Massey High School
Massey Junction
Massey Library
Massey Methodist Church
Massey Park Pools
Massey Police
Massey Presbyterian Church
Massey Primary School
Massey Road
Massey Superette
Massey telephone exchange
Massey University
Massey University Business School
Massey University Design School
Massey University House
Massey West
Massine Place
Master and Apprentice
Master Chinese Restaurant
Master Chinese Takeaway
Master Dumpling
Masters Place
Masterton Road
Masu by Nic Watt
Matagofie Samoan Assembly of God / Mt Wellington Samoan Assembly of God
Matahae Drive
Matai Road
Matairangi Avenue
Mataki Way
Matakohe Road
Matama Road
Matamata Place
Matangi Road
Matanui Street
Mataoho Lane
Matapan Road
Matapana Road
Matapouri Road
Matarangi Road
Matarau Road
Mataroa Road
Matarua Way
Matata Drive
Matata Street
Matatea Road
Matatika Rise
Matatua Street
Matau Rise
Mataura Place
Matawalu Place
Matchett Way
Mate's Vineyard
Mates Rates Takeaways
Matheson Street
Matheson Way
Matiere Road
Matiki Job Site
Matiki Road
Matilda Place
Matimati Place
Matipo Primary School
Matipo Reserve
Matipo Road
Matipo Street
Matisse Drive
Matomato Lane
Mattalie Place
Matterhorn Crescent
Matthews Road
Matthias Place
Matti B's
Mattson Road
Matua Ngaru School
Matua Place
Matua Road
Matuhi Grove
Matuhi Rise
Matuka Lane
Matuku Place
Matāwhanga Drive
Maude Street
Maugham Drive
Maui Grove
Maui Pomare Street
Maui Street
Mauku Lane
Maunatul Islamic Centre
Maunder Place
Maungakiekie Avenue
Maungakiekie Golf Course
Maunganui Road
Maungarei Road
Maungaroa Lookout Track
Maungauika/North Head
Maungauika/North Head access
Maungawhau / Mount Eden path
Maungawhau Road
Maungawhau School
Maungawhau Tennis Courts
Maunsell Road
Maunsell Road Extension
Maunu Road
Mauranui Avenue
Maureen Close
Mauretania Place
Maurice Borich Avenue
Maurice Borich Place
Maurice Paykel Place
Maurice Road
Maurice Street
Maurice Wilson Avenue
Mavis Place
Mawkes Lane
Mawney Road
Mawson Avenue
Max Care Pharmacy
Max Convenience Store
Max Health Store
Maxfield Place
Maxine Place
Maxted Road
Maxwell Avenue
Maxwells Drycleaning
Maxwelton Drive
May Avenue
May Potter Close
May Road
May Road Liquor Spot
May Road School
Mayall Avenue
Maybeck Road
Maybelle Place
Maybole Drive
Mayburn Road
Maybury Street
Mayer Place
Mayfair Crescent
Mayfair Drive
Mayfair Foodmarket
Mayfair Place
Mayfair Supermarket
Mayfair Village
Mayfield Bakery
Mayfield Kindergarten
Mayfield Primary School
Mayfield Road
Mayfield Superette
Mayflower Close
Mayfly Lane
Mayn Avenue
Maynard Place
Mayo Road
Mayoral Drive
Maypark Crescent
Mays Road
Mays Road Superette
Mays Street
Maytime Street
Mayville Avenue
Maywood Crescent
Mazuran Place
Mazzeh Kebab
McAlister Place
McAnnalley Street
McArthur Avenue
McAuley High School
McBreen Avenue
McBride Lane
McBurney Place
McCahill Views
McCahon Place
McCall Place
McCallum Industries
McCathie Drive
McCauley Lane
McCaw Avenue
McClintock Road
McClymonts Road
McColl Street
McCormick Road
McCracken Road
McCrae Way
McCreadies Campsite
McCrystal Avenue
McCulloch Road
McCullough Avenue
McDivitt Street
McDivitt Superette
McDonald Crescent
McDonald Place
McDonald Road
McDonald Street
McDonald's Auckland Airport Domestic
McDonald's Clendon Park
McDonald's Constellation Drive
McDonald's Drive-Through
McDonald's Kelston
McDougall Street
McDowell Crescent
McEldowney Road
McEldownie Road
McElwain Lookout Track
McEntee Road
McEntee Street
MCentral Serviced Apartments
McEwan Street
McEwin Motor Group
McFadzean Drive
McFarland Lane
McFarland Street
McFetridge Place
McGee Street
McGehan Close
McGinty Street
McGiven Place
McGlashen Place
McGowan Street
McGreal Place
McGregor Street
McHardy Place
McHughs Of Cheltenham
McIlroy Avenue
McInnes Road
Mcintosh Road
McIntyre Road
McKay Place
McKean Avenue
McKean Avenue Takeaways
McKean Road
Mckenzie Bay Road
McKenzie Bay Road
McKenzie Reserve
McKenzie Road
McKeown Rise
McKinley Road
McKinnon Bakehouse
McKinnon Lane
McKinnon Street
McKinnon Superette
McKinstry Avenue
McKinstry Superette
McKittrick Avenue
McLachlan Memorial
McLaren Park
McLaren Park Pharmacy
McLaughlins Road
McLean Avenue
McLean Street
McLennan Road
McLeod Road
McManus Place
Mcmenamin Place
McMiken Road
McMillan Place
McMurray Road
McNab Street
McNaughton Avenue
McNaughton Kindergarten
Mcnaughton Way
McNicol Homestead
McNicol Road
McPhail Street
McPherson Road
McPike Road
McQuarrie Avenue
McQuoid Place
McQuoids Road
McRae Road
McRobbie Road
McVilly Road
McWhirter Place
McWhirters Farm Lane
Me & Chef
Me Coffee
Mea Culpa
Mead Street
Meadow Crescent
Meadow Restaurant Cafe and Bar
Meadow Street
Meadowbank Bakery
Meadowbank Community Centre
Meadowbank Corner Chemist
Meadowbank Dairy
Meadowbank Fruit and Veges
Meadowbank Kindergarten
Meadowbank Pizzeria
Meadowbank Road
Meadowbank Roast
Meadowbank School
Meadowbank Wines and Spirits
Meadowcourt Drive
Meadowcroft Way
Meadowland Drive
Meadowlands Methodist Community Church
Meadowlands Shopping Centre
Meadowood Community Centre
Meadowood Community House
Meadowood Drive
Meadowridge Drive
Meadowvale Avenue
Meadowvale Rise
Meanda Gardens
Mears Place
Meat King
Mebis Way
Mecca Cosmetica
Mechanics Bay
Med Kitchen
Medallion Drive
Medicines to Midnight
Medina Place
Mediterranean Cafe and Restaurant
Mediterranean Way
Medplus Pharmacy
Medvale Avenue
Medway Road
Meet Fresh
Megan Avenue
Megha Superette
Meharg Place
Mehfil Indian
Mehfil Indian restaurant
Meilland Place
Mekong Baby
Mekong Neua
Melanesia Road
Melba Street
Melford Street
Melgran Avenue
Melia Grove
Meliora Place
Melissa Place
Mellefont Close
Melleray Place
Mellick Place
Melling Street
Mellons Bay
Mellons Bay Beach
Mellons Bay Road
Mellons Bay School
Melmore Place
Melness Place
Melody Belle Street
Melody Hairdressers
Melody Lane
Melrose Liquor Spot
Melrose Road
Melrose Road East
Melrose Street
Melrose Superette
Melrose Takeaway
Melt Bar
Melt Icecream
Melton Road
Melview Place
Melville Place
Melville Street
Memorial Avenue
Memorial Drive
Memorial Park Lane
Memorial Steps
Men Tatz
Menary Street
Menear Lane
Menen Place
Menzies Place
Meola Reef Dog Park
Meola Road
Mepal Place
Merani Street
Mercari Cafe
Mercari Way
Mercer Bay Loop Track
Mercer Bay Track
Merchant Avenue
Merchants Liquor
Merchants Venice
Mercury Lane
Mercury Theatre
Mercy Ascot Hospital
Mercy Hospice Auckland
Mercy Parklands Hospital & Retirement Home
Mercy Radiology
Meredith Street
Merewhira Road
Merfield Street
Merida Place
Meridian Court
Merino Avenue
Meritage Lane
Merivale Avenue
Merlot Heights
Merlot Way
Merriefield Avenue
Merrill Place
Mersey Place
Merton Avenue
Merton Road
Merton Street
Merv Clarke Lane
Mervan Street
Merville Avenue
Merwood Lane
Meryl Avenue
Mescal Street
Mesiana Temple Methodist Church
Messengers of Jesus Christ Church Assembly of God
Metalman Engineering Ltd
Metcalfe Road
Meteor Place
Meteor Road
Methodist Centre of the West
Methodist Church
Methodist Church Centre
Methodist Church of New Zealand
Methodist Church of Samoa [NZ]
Methuen Road
Metric Place
Metro Adventure Backpackers
Metro Mount Albert Sports Club
Mettam Drive
Mettle Lane
Mewburn Avenue
Mexicali Fresh
Mexican Café
Mexican Specialities
Mexican with a Mission
Mexico Bakery
Mexico Food & Liquor
Meynell Court
Meyrick Place
Mezze Bar
Mia's Cafe
Miami Avenue
Miami Computers
Miami Parade
Miami Price Cutter
Miami Street
Micawber Place
Michael Bosher Way
Michael Foley Place
Michael Hill
Michael Horton Drive
Michael Jones
Michael Jones Drive
Michael Joseph Savage Memorial
Michael Park School
Michael Richard Place
Michaels Avenue
Michelangelo's Moses
Michelle Place
Michelle Thomas Lane
Michie's Automotive Services
Mickle Street
Mid Track
Midday Counter Superette
Middle School West Auckland
Middle Street
Middlefield Drive
Middlemore Crescent
Middlemore Hospital
Middlemore Lodge
Middlemore Motel
Middlemore Road
Middlemore Superette
Middlesex Road
Middleton Road
Midgley Road
Midhurst Avenue
Midtown Mini Supermarket
Midvale Place
Midway Avenue
Midway Motel
Miha Road
Mihi Lane
Mihini Road
Mika Court
Mikasa Place
Mike Dennis Lane
Mikes Roast Takeaways
Mikko Shoes
Mikoikoi Crescent
Milan Drive
Milan Motors Ltd.
Milan Road
Milano Boulevard
Milanos Ltd T/A Milano's Pizza & Grilled Chicken - Halal
Milanos Pizza
Mildmay Road
Mildon Road
Mile Place
Miles Avenue
Milestone Bar
Milestone Direct Ltd.
Milestones Trophies And Engraving
Milford Baptist Church
Milford Beach
Milford Bowling Club
Milford Cruising Club Inc
Milford Drycleaners
Milford Fine Wines and Spirits
Milford Hair Design
Milford Liquor Centre
Milford Nutritional Pharmacy
Milford Park Place
Milford Reserve
Milford Road
Milford School
Milford Tennis Club
Mili Way
Mili Way South
Milich Terrace
Milk Bar on Brigham
Milk Tea
Mill End
Mill Flat Road
Mill Grove
Mill Road
Millais Accessway
Millais Street
Millard Street
Millbrook Road
Millcroft Lane
Millen Avenue
Millen Place
Millennium Institute of Sport
Millennium Place
Miller Resort
Miller Road
Miller Street
Miller's Lane
Millfield Lane
Millhouse Drive
Millhouse Pharmacy
Milliken Avenue
Millington Place
Millisle Place
Mills Lane
Millstone Lane
Millstream Drive
Milson Drive
Milton Road
Miltonia Avenue
Milwaukee Place
Mimosa Place
Minaret Drive
Minerva Avenue
Minerva Terrace
Ming Chef
Minhas Road
Mini Garage
Mini Market
Mini Siam
Minister Lane
Ministry of Education
Ministry of Social Development
Miniver Street
Mink Cafe
Minnehaha Avenue
Minnie Street
Minos Pizza Restaurant
Minto Road
Minton Place
Mintwood Place
Mira Place
Mira Street
Mirabell Place
Miracle of Life
Mirage Place
Miraka Place
Miramar Place
Miranda Street
Mirchis Restaurant
Miri Road
Miriam Corban Heights
Miriam Place
Miro Place
Miro Road
Miro Street
Miromiro Street
Mirovale Place
Mirrabooka Avenue
Mirrabooka Liquor Centre
Mirrabooka Superette
Mirwill Road
Miss Clawdy Kitchen
Miss Q's
Mission Bay
Mission Bay Beach
Mission Bay Boarding House
Mission Bay Cafe
Mission Bay Liquor Centre
Mission Bay Women's Bowls Club
Mission Christian Centre
Mission Hall
Mission Heights
Mission Heights Drive
Mission Heights Junior College
Mission Heights Primary School
Mission View Drive
Mistletoe Place
Mistral Place
Misty Place
Misty Valley Drive
Mitchell Road
Mitchell Street
Mitchelson Street
Mithai Cafe
Mitre 10
Mitre 10 Mega
Mitre 10 Mega Albany
Mitre 10 Mega Henderson
Mitre 10 Mega Mt Wellington
Mitre10 Mega
Mittal Lane
Miuwa Cafe
Mix Moon
Mizen Court
Mizpah Road
Mizpah Seventh-Day Adventist Church
MK Takeaway
MLC Cafe and Bar
MNI Tech
Moa Avenue
Moa Road (1022)
Moa Street
Moana Avenue
Moana Nui A Kiwa Pool and Leisure Centre
Moana Terrace
Moata Place
Moata Road
Mobil Corner Takeaways
Mobil Don Buck
Mobil Royal Road
Mobil Superette
Modena Crescent
Modicum Cafe
Moehau Road
Moemoea Avenue
Moffitt Place
Mohair & Possum
Mohaka Way
Mohill Place
Moho Lane
Mohua Avenue
Mohuperuru Lane
Moira Street
Moire Park Pump Track
Moire Road
Moire Road Community Hall
Mojo Café
Mojo Durham
Mojo's Dairy
Mokau Street
Moki Place
Moko Lane
Mokoia Road
Mokomoko Bridge
Mokoroa Falls Lookout
Mokoroa Falls Track
Mokoroa Stream Track
Mokoroa Valley Road
Molesworth Place
Moller Street
Molley Green Place
Mollusc Road
Mollyhawk Place
Mollys Pre School
Moloko Coffee Kitchen
Momo Japanese Restaurant
Momo Tea
Momoho Lane
Momona Road
Mon Desir Place
Mona Avenue
Mona Vale
Monaco Place
Monaghan Avenue
Monahan Road
Monarch Avenue
Monash Place
Moncrieff Avenue
Monde Place
Mondrian Building
Monet Grove
Mongolian Barbeque Buffet
Mongorry Place
Monier Place
Monique Place
Monivea Place
Monkton Close
Monkton Place
Monmouth Street
Mono Place
Mons Avenue
Monsoon Coffee
Monsoon Poon
Monsoon Thai Restaurant
Mont Le Grand Road
Montana Avenue
Montana Place
Montanez Drive
Montclair Rise
Monte Cassino Place
Monte Cecilia School
Montecito Place
Montego Place
Monteith Crescent
Montel Avenue
Monterey Avenue
Monterey Cinemas
Monterey Street
Montgomerie Road
Montgomery Avenue
Montgomery Crescent
Monthien Thai Restaurant
Montilla Place
Montmere Avenue
Montressor Place
Montrose Street
Montrose Terrace
Monument Dairy
Monument Motor Lodge
Monument Road
Monument Track
Mood Kitchen
Moontide Road
Moor Avenue
Moor Park
Moore Street
Moore Street Laundromat
Moorgreen Heights
Moravale Lane
Moray Place
Mordane Place
More FM Tennis Park
Moreland Road
Morepork Street
Morestead Avenue
Morewa Place
Morewood Lane
Morgan Street
Morice Place
Morlie Place
Morning Bakery and Cafe
Morning Star Place
Morning Star Preschool
Morningside Church of Christ
Morningside Drive
Morningside Lodge
Morpeth Place
Morrie Laing Avenue
Morriggia Place
Morrin Road
Morrin Street
Morris Avenue
Morrison Avenue
Morrison Court
Morrison Funeral Home
Morrisons Funeral Home
Morrow Avenue
Morrow Street
Mortimer Pass
Morton Avenue
Morton Street
Morton Way
Morvern Road
Moselle Avenue
Mosman Place
Moss Crescent
Mossford Green
Mossop Rise
Mostyn Street
Motatau Road
Motel 384
Mother of Perpetual Help Catholic Church / Glendowie Parish
Moti Mahal
Motions Road (1022)
Moto Japanese Restaurant

motor inn

Mott Lane
Mottletop Espresso
Motu Moana Scout Camp
Motu Place
Motu Road
Motukaha Road
Motukaraka Bank
Motukaraka Drive
Motutapu Island Road
Motutapu Walkway
Mount Albert
Mount Albert Aquatic Centre
Mount Albert Baptist Church
Mount Albert BBQ Noodle House
Mount Albert Community And Leisure Centre
Mount Albert Croquet Club
Mount Albert Dairy
Mount Albert Grammar School
Mount Albert Indian Takeaway
Mount Albert Islamic Centre
Mount Albert Kindergarten
Mount Albert Laundromat
Mount Albert Library
Mount Albert Lodge Motel
Mount Albert Methodist Church / Mount Albert Methodist Parish
Mount Albert Motor Inn
Mount Albert Presbyterian Church
Mount Albert Primary School
Mount Albert Road
Mount Albert Senior Citizens Rooms
Mount Albert Superette
Mount Albert Tennis Club
Mount Albert Village Pharmacy
Mount Albert War Memorial Hall
Mount Albion Rise
Mount Blanc Place
Mount Carmel Place
Mount Carmel School
Mount Donald McLean Road
Mount Donald McLean Walk
Mount Eden
Mount Eden Bakery and Lunch Bar
Mount Eden Bowling Club
Mount Eden Convenience Store
Mount Eden Corrections Facility
Mount Eden Cycles
Mount Eden Hockey Club
Mount Eden Kindergarten
Mount Eden Liquor
Mount Eden Methodist Church
Mount Eden Normal Primary School
Mount Eden Pharmacy
Mount Eden Road
Mount Eden Summit
Mount Hobson Lane
Mount Hobson Middle School
Mount Hobson Road
Mount Lebanon Crescent
Mount Lebanon Lane
Mount Pleasant Road
Mount Richmond Drive
Mount Richmond Hotel
Mount Richmond School
Mount Roskill
Mount Roskill Baptist Church
Mount Roskill Early Childhood Centre
Mount Roskill Fire Station
Mount Roskill Grammar School
Mount Roskill Intermediate School
Mount Roskill Library
Mount Roskill Liquor Centre
Mount Roskill Police Station
Mount Roskill Primary School
Mount Roskill Road
Mount Roskill telephone exchange
Mount Roskill Tongan Assembly of God / Sandringham Christian Family Church
Mount Royal Avenue
Mount Saint John Avenue
Mount Saint Marys Church
Mount Smart Bakery
Mount Smart Laundrette
Mount Smart Liquor
Mount Smart Road
Mount Smart Superette
Mount Smart Takeaways
Mount Street
Mount Taylor Drive
Mount Wellington Community Church
Mount Wellington Fire Station
Mount Wellington Highway
Mount Wellington Rugby Club
Mountain Beech Rise
Mountain Road
Mountain Road Food Bar
Mountain Road Pricecutter
Mountain View Mews
Mountain View Road
Mountain View School
Mountainside Lutheran Church
Mountbatten Avenue
Mountbatten Place
Mountfield Terrace
Mountfort Street
Mountjoy Place
Mountwell Crescent
MOVE Vape Lounge
Moville Drive
Mowbray Place
Moxham Grove
Moy Place
Moycullien Lane
Moyle Place
Moyrus Crescent
Mozaic Cafe
Mozaik Cafe
Mozeley Avenue
Mr Big Pan
Mr Bon Bakery and Cafe
Mr. Bread
Mr Bun Bakery and Cafe
Mr. Greens
Mr. India
Mr. K Butcher and BBQ
Mr Meats
Mr. Meats
MR Motors Group
Mr Pot Taiwanese Hotpot BBQ
Mr Suds Laundromat
Mr Sushi
Mr. T's
Mr. Zhous Dumplings
Mr Zhou’s Dumplings
Mrs Bun & Dumpling
Mrs. Higgins
Mrs. Korea
Mrs Sushi
Mrs Wash Laundromat
Mt Albert Breakthrough Assembly of God
Mt Albert Signal Box
Mt Annan Breakthru Christian Life Centre
Mt Carmel Assembly of God
Mt Eden Pool: Dean Greenwood Swim School
Mt hobson dairy
Mt Olive Tongan Assembly of God
Mt Roskill Fresh Supermarket
Mt Roskill Motor Inn
Mt Roskill Safe Routes
Mt Wellington Assembly of God
Mt Wellington Kindergarten
Mt Wellington Motel
Mt Wellington Police
Mubeen Enterprises Ltd. T/a. Khan's Halal Butchery
Mud Pie Deli
Mudbrick Vineyard
Muddy Farmer
Mudgeways Road
Mui Japanese Restaurant
Muir Avenue
Muir Road
Muirfield Street
Muirlea Drive
Muka Close
Mulan Restaurant (was Royal Thai Restaurant)
Mulberry Place
Mulgan Street
Mulgan Way
Mull Place
Mullafin Road
Mullagh Place
Mullet Bay Acess Track
Mullins Road
Mulroy Place
Multose Drive
Mulu Place
Mulvaney Crescent
Mundra Food Market
Munford Lane
Munroe Lane
Munroe Road
Munros Road
Munstead Place
Mural Place
Murano Place
Murchison Road
Murder Burger
Murdoch Road
Murdoch Street
Muriel Place
Muriels View Lane
Murillo Place
Muripara Avenue
Muritai Road
Muriwai Road
Muriwai Valley Road
Murphys Law
Murphys Park Drive
Murphys Road
Murray Becroft Avenue
Murray Halberg Park
Murray Halberg Retirement Village
Murray Road
Murray Street
Murray Way
Murrayfield Lane
Murrays Bay
Murrays Bay Intermediate School
Murrays Bay School
Murvale Drive
Musashi Japanese Bar and restaurant
Muscat Place
Muse Cafe
Museum Circuit
Museum of Transport and Technology
Museum of Transport and Technology (MOTAT 2)
Music Planet
Music Works
Musick Point Road
Musick Point Stairs Viewpoint
Mutetai Road
Mutiara Malaysian Restaurant
Mutu Street
Muzza's Pies
My Bakery
My Bar
My Blitz
My Coffee Break
My Kitchen
My Kitchen Express
My Laundry
Myeong Dong
Myers Bakery
Myers Kindergarten
Myers Park Caretaker's Cottage
Myers Road
Myland Drive
Myna Place
Myra Evelyn Grove
Myrtle Street
Mākete Crescent
Māngere Bridge
Māngere Lagoon Path
Māori Hall

Nacton Lane
Nad Place
Nadine Place
Nafanua Community Hall
Nagle Place
Nagra Lane
Nairn Place
Nakhle Place
Namaste Delhi
Namaste Express
Namaste Express Indian restaurant
Namata Road
Namsan Close
Nan Place
Nana Bakery Lunch Bar
Nana Thai Restaurant
Nancy Wake Street
Nandana Drive
Nandi Lane
Nandina Avenue
Nanleen Rise
Nans Walk
Naomi Place
Napa Court
Napier Avenue
Napier Lane
Napier Street
Naples Way
Napoleon Avenue
Napuka Road
Narada Place
Narcissus Drive
Narek Place
Nari Sushi
Narm Thong Thai restaurant
Narrow Neck
Narrow Neck Beach
Narrow Neck Beach Cafe
Nash Glass
Nash Road
Nassau Court
Nassipour Way
Nata Portugese Bakery
Natalie Place
Natasha Lane
Natcha Thai
Nathan Close
National Car Removal & Car Parts
National Mini Storage
Native Addiction
Natural Baker
Natural Bakery
Natural Pharm
Natural Steps Early Childhood Centre
Naturally Kids
Naturals Bake and Coffee
Nature Trail
Natzka Road
Naul Place
Naumai Street
Naval Sports Complex
Navan Place
Navarre Road
Navigational Owl
Navigator Place
Naviti Place
Navy Museum
Navy Museum Cafe
Navya Superette
Naylors Drive
Naynay Fast Food
Nea Place
Neal Avenue
Neales Lane
Neales Road
Neals Superette
Nearco Street
Neco Sushi
Nectar Avenue
Nectarine Way
Nedlands Place
Neelam Superette
Neems Place
Neesons Way
Nehu Street
Neighbourhood House
Neighbours Restaurant
Neil Avenue
Neill Boak Place
Neilon Place
Neilpark Drive
Neilson Street
Neligan Avenue
Neligan House
Nellie Drive
Nelson Avenue
Nelson Cafe
Nelson Road
Nelson Street
Nelson Street Cycleway
Nephin Place
Nephrite Lane
Neptune Avenue
Neptune Cafe and Bar
Neptune Seafood
Neralee Court
Nereus Place
Nerissa Place
Nerita Place
Nesdale Avenue
Neta Grove
Netball Manurewa
Netball North Harbour
Netherlands Avenue
Netherton Street


Nevada Avenue
Nevill Road
Neville Street
Nevis Place
New Bond Street
New Brew Bar and Restaurant
New Brighton Road
New Canton Kitchen
New Dawn Lane
New Day Espresso
New Delhi
New Deli Cafe
New Eat Asian
New Euro Roast
New Golden Horse Chinese restaurant
New Haven Motel
New Hong Kong Takeaway
New Hope Chinese Church
New Hope Fellowship
New Idea
New Inn Pizza
New Life Samoan Christian Fellowship
New Lynn
New Lynn Bakehouse
New Lynn Bible Chapel
New Lynn Congregational Church
New Lynn Fresh
New Lynn Islamic Centre
New Lynn Memorial RSA
New Lynn Police
New Lynn Samoan Seventh-Day Adventist Church
New Lynn School
New Lynn telephone exchange
New Lynn to Avondale Shared Path
New Lynn War Memorial
New Lynn War Memorial Library
New Lynn West Pharmacy
New Moon Takeaways
New North Road
New Quarry Access Road
New Ruby Restaurant and Takeaway
New Save
New Street
New Windsor
New Windsor Bakery
New Windsor Dairy
New Windsor Pharmacy
New Windsor Road
New Windsor School
New World
New World Browns Bay
New World Manurewa
New World Metro Queen Street
New World Stonefields
New Zeal Superette
New Zealand Bloodstock
New Zealand Centre for Conservation Medicine
New Zealand Chinese Christian Church
New Zealand Chinese Mission Church
New Zealand Institute of Studies
New Zealand International Convention Centre
New Zealand Maritime Museum
New Zealand Onnuri Church
New Zealand Post
New Zealand Samigipen Korean Church of Auckland
Newark Place
Newbegin Place
Newbliss Crescent
Newburn Road
Newbury Place
Newbury Street
Newcastle Terrace
Newell Street
Newfound Way
Newham Place
Newhaven Street
Newhaven Terrace
Newhook Lane
NewHope Community Church
Newington Road
Newinn Crescent
Newland Grove
Newman Hall
Newmarket Childcare
Newmarket International Motor Inn Auckland
Newmarket Playcentre
Newmarket Police Station
Newmarket Post Shop
Newmarket Primary School
Newnham Lane
Newport Place
Newry Close
Newsome Street
Newstead Avenue
Newton A-Z Pharmacy
Newton Central School
Newton Liquor Store
Newton Pacific Island Presbyterian Church
Newton Road
Newton Road Pharmacy
Newtons Cafe
Nga Hau E Wha [Four Winds]
Nga Iwi School
Nga Oho
Nga Waka Place
Ngahere Terrace
Ngahue Crescent
Ngahue Drive
Ngahura Street
Ngaio Avenue
Ngaio Lane
Ngaio Road
Ngaio Street
Ngaire Avenue
Ngaire Avenue Chapel Church
Ngaiwi Street
Ngakau Aroha Lane
Ngake Street
Ngake Walkway
Ngakoro Road
Ngakoroa Road
Nganui Avenue
Ngaoho Place
Ngapawa Street
Ngapipi Road
Ngapora Street
Ngapuhi Road
Ngarahana Avenue
Ngarimu Road
Ngaroma House Drive
Ngaroma Road
Ngata Street
Ngataringa Road
Ngataringa Tennis Club
Ngatiawa Street
Ngatira Place
Ngatira Tennis Club
Ngatoa Place
Ngauruhoe Street
Niagara Crescent
Niagara Place
Niall Burgess Road
Niccol Avenue
Nice Food Takeaway
Niche Hair Design
Nicholas Gibbons Drive
Nicholas Road
Nicholas Street
Nicholls Lane
Nicholson Avenue
Nicholson Place
Nick Johnstone Drive
Nickies Thai Cuisine
Nickleby Place
Nicola Place
Nicolas Avenue
Nield Road
Nielsen Place
Nier Place
Nigel Langston way
Nigel Road
Niger Street
Night Fall Way
Night n Day
Nightingale Road
Nihill Crescent
Nihotupu Dam Road
Nikau Link Track
Nikau Road
Nikau Street
Nikau Superette
Nikau Walk
Nikau Way
Nikko Japanese Restaurant
Niko's Pizza
Nile Road
Nile Road Medical Centre
Nile Road Superette
Nils Andersen Road
Nimrod Place
Nimstedt Avenue
Nina Place
Ninja Sushi
Nino Motors
Ninth View Avenue
Nirmal Place
Nirvana Indian restaurant
Nirvana Way
Nishiki Cafe
Nissan Place
Nita Place
Nitefun 98 Bar and Restaurant
Niu Lane
Niue Hall
Niue Makatu'uma'u New Life Church
Nixon Avenue
Nixon NZ Wars memorial
Nixon Road
Nixon Street
NJK Asian Supermarket
No 1 Chicken
No. 1 Tools
No 6 Cafe
No.1 Pancake
Noall Street
Nobilo Road
Noble Court
Nocky Takeaway
Nocky Takeaways
Noel Burnside Road
Noel Leeming
Noel Leeming Queen Street
Noel Place
Noel Taylor New Zealand Training Hall of Fame
Noel Williams Place
Noeleen Street
Nogat Avenue
Nohanga Lane
Nohoanga Road
Nola Crescent
Nola Dawn Avenue
Nola Road
Nolan Road
Nomads Auckland
Noodle Box Roast
Noodle Canteen
Noodle Express
Noodle Heaven
Nor'east Drive
Nor'East Drive
Norana Avenue
Norana Esplanade Walkway
Norcross Avenue
Nordon Place
Norfolk Close
Norfolk Pine Lodge
Norfolk Place
Norfolk Street
Norglen Lane
Norgrove Avenue
Norm Pellow Drive
Norma Avenue
Norman Close
Norman King Square
Norman Lesser Drive
Norman NG Building
Norman Road
Norman Spencer Drive
Normanby Road
Normanby Road East
Normandy Place
Normans Hill Road
Normanton Street
Norrie Avenue
Norrie Road
Norrie Smith Avenue
North Avenue
North Candia Road
North Harbour Chapel
North Harbour Hockey Stadium
North Harbour Pharmacy
North Harbour Pre School
North Harbour Seventh-Day Adventist Church
North Harbour Sports And Country Club
North Lane
North Piha
North Piha Beach
North Piha Campsite
North Piha Road
North Place
North Road
North Shore Church Of Christ
North Shore Croquet Club
North Shore Fijian Christian Fellowship
North Shore Golf Course
North Shore Hospital
North Shore Islamic Centre
North Shore Leisure Centre
North Shore New Life Church
North Shore Policing Centre
North Shore Rugby Club
North Shore Squash Club
North Titirangi
North Way
North West Route
North Wharf Promenade
Northall Road
Northboro Road
Northbridge Hospital
Northbrook Close
Northcote Baptist Church
Northcote Central
Northcote College
Northcote Hotel
Northcote Intermediate School
Northcote Kebabs
Northcote Laundromat
Northcote Library
Northcote Masonic Centre
Northcote Methodist Church / Saint Luke's Methodist Church
Northcote Motel
Northcote Point
Northcote Point wharf track
Northcote Road
Northcote Road Shared Path
Northcote School
Northcote Tavern
Northcote to Birkenhead
Northcote War Memorial Hall
Northcrest Way
Northcroft Street
Northcross Church
Northcross Drive
Northcross Hot Bread
Northcross Intermediate School
Northcross Phamacy
Northcross Price Cutter
Northcross Takeaway
Northcross Your Community Church
Northern Busway
Northern Corridor Improvements
Northern Depot
Northern Pathway Cycleway
Northern Rata Place
Northern Steamship
Northfield Road
Northgrove Avenue
Northland Street
Northpark Avenue
Northridge Terrace
Northside Bakehouse
Northside Drive
Northumberland Avenue
Northwestern Cycleway
Northwestern Cycleway Extension
Northwestern Motorway
Northwick Place
Northwood Avenue
Norton Place
Norval Road
Norwalk Crescent
Norwest Liquor
Norwich Street
Norwood Drive
Norwood Road
Nosh Food Market
Notch Place
Notley Street
Noton Road
Notre Dame Way
Notting Hill
Nottingham Place
Nottingham Street
Noumea Place
Nourish Cafe
Novak Place
Novar Place
Novotel Auckland Airport
Nu to U
Nuclear Free Aotearoa
Nuffield Lane
Nuffield Street
Nuffield Street Cafe
Nugent Street
Nugget Avenue
Nui Mana Place
Nuinga Lane
Number 1 Pitch
Number 2 Pitch
Number 3 Khyber Reservoir
Number 3 Turf
Number 5
Number 5 Khyber Reservoir
Number 6 Khyber Reservoir
Number One Shoes
Nun Rock
Nuneaton Drive
Nutsey Avenue
Nykki Place
Nypa Way
Nyssa Place
NZ Bank & Post Office
NZ Bus North Shore Depot
NZ Butcher
NZ Clearance Store
NZ Convenience Store
NZ Convenience store
NZ Deli
NZ Gift Souvenir Shop
NZ Good Neighbor Church
NZ Indian Flame
NZ Kebabs
NZ Kwang Lim Methodist Church
NZ Muscle
NZ Natural
NZ Pizza
NZ Police South Motorway Base
NZ Post
NZ post
NZ Post
NZ Post Shop
NZ Red Cross K'rd
NZ Rock Shop
NZ Safety
NZ Uniforms
NZ Wholesale Meats
NZDF Clark House
NZDY (Drury Airfield)

O Sushi
O' Hagan's
O'Brien Road
O'Casey Place
O'Connell Street
O'Connell Street Bistro
O'Connor Street
O'Donn Avenue
O'Donnell Avenue
O'Halloran Road
O'Meara Street
O'Neill Street
O'Neills Avenue
O'Neills Road
O'Rorke Hall
O'Rorke Road
O'Rorke Street
O'Ryans Irish Bar
O'Shannessey Street
Oak Bark Drive
Oak Grove
Oak Lane
Oak Manor Drive
Oak Road
Oak Street
Oak Valley Road
Oak View Terrace
Oakdale Road
Oakfield Avenue
Oakford Park Crescent
Oakhaven Place
Oakhurst Avenue
Oakland Avenue
Oakland Liquor
Oakland Road
Oaklands Road
Oakleaf Drive
Oakleigh Avenue
Oakley Avenue
Oakley Creek Walkway
Oakley Creek Waterfall
Oaklynn School
Oakmont Place
Oakpark Place
Oakridge Way
Oaktree Avenue
Oaktree Kindergarten
Oaktree Motel
Oakville Avenue
Oakway Drive
Oakwood Grove
Oasis Road
Oates Road
Oban Road
Obelin Close
Obelus Road
Oberon Place
Objects We Love
Observation Green
Occhiali Optical
Ocean Blue Convenience
Ocean Breeze Avenue
Ocean Road
Ocean Tong Dak Takeaway
Ocean View Crescent
Ocean View Road
Oceania Place
Oceans Cafe
Oceanz Seafood
Ochre Place
Ockhams Street
Ockleston Landing
Odessa Crescent
Odessa Mini Mart
Odette Road
Odin Place
Odlin Campsite
Odlin Timber Track
Odyssey Cafe
Odyssey House School
Off Broadway Theatre
Off the Fringe Hair Studio
Offenhauser Drive
Officers' Houses
Ogilvie Crescent
Oh Calcutta
Ohau Court
Ohinerangi Beach
Ohinerau Street
Ohira Place
Ohiwa Road
Oioi Road
OK Gift Shop Auckland
Okahu Bay Beach
Okahu Street
Okahuiti Wetland Walkway
Okareka Place
Okaroro Drive
Okataina Street
Okawa Avenue
Okewa Road
Okoka (Dead Dog) Bay
Okra Espresso Lounge
Okura Bush Walkway
Okura River Road
Old Arts Building
Old Barn Road
Old Barracks Lawn
Old Central School Hall
Old Chapel
Old Choral Hall
Old Coach Road Track
Old Coach Way
Old Courthouse (Seniornet)
Old Elephant House
Old Fire Station
Old Folks Ass.
Old Forest Hill Road
Old Government House
Old Hospital Road
Old Jail House Central Park
Old Lake Road
Old Mill Road
Old Māngere Bridge replacement project
Old North Road
Old Orchard Lane
Old Park Place
Old Ponsonby Post Office
Old Post Office Museum
Old Railway Road
Old Takapuna Library
Old Te Atatu Road
Old Titirangi Road
Old Villa Way
Old Wairoa Road
Old Wairoa Superette
Oldham Place
Ole Alefa Ma Le Omeka
Olea Road
Oleander Point
Olena Avenue
Olive Crescent
Olive Grove
Olive Indo Nepali Eatery
Olive Prayer Centre
Olive Road
Olive Street
Olive Tree Motel
Olive's Pizza
Oliver Road
Oliver Street
Oliver Twist Avenue
Olivers Bakery
Olives Pizza
Olivia 's
Ollies Burgers & Ice Cream
Olsen Avenue
Olwyn Place
Olympic Place
Olympus Street
OM's Grocery Mart
Oma Rāpeti
Omagh Avenue
Omahu Road
Omana Avenue
Omana Beach
Omana Beach Road
Omana Esplanade
Omana Heights Drive
Omana Road
Omanawanui Track
Omaru Lane
Omega Rental Cars - Auckland Airport Car Hire
Omega Street
On the Rocks
Ondine Place
One Club Cafe
One Sip Coffee
One Stop Auto Services
One Stop Convenience
One Stop Superette
One Superette
One Tree Hill
One Tree Hill College
One Tree Hill Community Kindergarten
One Tree Hill Pharmacy
One Tree Hill Summit
Onedin Place
Onehunga Bakehouse
Onehunga Bible Fellowship / Onehunga Bible Chapel
Onehunga Bowling Club
Onehunga Cafe
Onehunga Co-operating Parish / Grey Street Cooperating Church
Onehunga Community House
Onehunga Community Link
Onehunga Family Pharmacy
Onehunga Fire Station
Onehunga Harbour Road
Onehunga High School
Onehunga Islamic Centre
Onehunga Jewellers
Onehunga Library
Onehunga Liquor Store
Onehunga Mall
Onehunga Mall Superette
Onehunga Neighbourhood Eatery
Onehunga Playcentre
Onehunga Plunket
Onehunga Police Station
Onehunga Primary School
Onehunga Roasts
Onehunga RSA Bowling Club
Onehunga telephone exchange
Onehunga Workingmens Club
Onehunga-Cuthbert Kindergarten
Onekiritea Road
Onemana Way
Onepoto Cycleway
Onepoto Domain Kids Bike Park
Onepoto Road
Onepoto School
Oneroa Bay Villas
Oneroa Beach
Oneroa Bed and Breakfast
Oneroa Road
Oneroa Village Lane
Oneroa Volunteer Fire Brigade
Onetaunga Road
Onewa Road
Onewa Road Shared Path
Onewa Road to Waterfall track
Ong Gojip Korean restaurant
Ongaonga Lane
Ongaruanuku Hut
Ons Dorp Village
Onslow Avenue
Onslow Road
Onyx / Tatua on Eden
Opaheke Road
Opaheke School
Opaheke Superette
Opal Avenue
Opal Close
Opal Lounge
Opanuku Campsite
Opanuku Pipeline Track
Opanuku Road
Opanuku Walkway
Opawa Crescent
Opened Stone
Ophir Street
Opito Way
Opoka Street
Opou Road
Optimist Place
Opua Street
Opus House
Oracle Drive
Oraha Road
Orakau Avenue
Orakau Road
Orakei Bakehouse
Orakei Baptist Church
Orakei Basin Walkway
Orakei Bay
Orakei Kindergarten
Orakei Marina
Orakei Mini Mart
Orakei Post Centre and Superette
Orakei Presbyterian Church
Orakei Road
Orakei School
Orakei Tennis Club
Orakei Wharf Viewpoint
Orams Road
Oran Road
Oranga Avenue
Oranga Community Centre
Oranga Dairy
Oranga Kindergarten
Oranga Primary School
Oranga Takeaways
Oranga Tamariki - Ministry for Children
Orange Coronation Hall
Orangewood Drive
Oratau Place
Oratia Church
Oratia District School
Oratia Drive
Oratia Kindergarten
Oratia Settlers Hall
Oratia Stream Shared Path
Oratia Superette
Oratu Place
Orb Avenue
Orbit 360° Dining
Orbit Drive
Orbit Place
Orbitz Cafe
Orcades Place
Orchard Lane
Orchard Rise
Orchard Road
Orchard Street
Orchard Terrace
Orchid Place
Orchid Rise
Oregon Avenue
Oregon Park
Oregon Place
Oreil Avenue
Oreti Place
Orewa Street
Orford Lane
Organic Grocery Fruit and Veges
Oriana Avenue
Oriental Takeaway
Original Bakehouse
Orinda Close
Orion Health
Orion Place
Orion Point Retirement Village
Orion Street
Orly Avenue
Orly Avenue Supeette
Ormiston Activity Centre
Ormiston Cafe
Ormiston Community Baptist Church
Ormiston East Bridge
Ormiston Junior College
Ormiston Police Station
Ormiston Primary School
Ormiston Road
Ormiston Senior College
Ormiston Superette
Ormiston Town Centre (Under Construction)
Ormiston West Bridge
Ormonde Road
Orne Street
Oro Cafe
Orohena Close
Orona Place
Orongo Rest Home
Oroua Place
Orowaru Avenue
Orphan's Kitchen
Orpheus bay
Orpheus Drive
Orpheus Graves
Orpheus Graves Walk
Orpheus Park
Orpheus Park (to)
Orpheus Place
Orrell Place
Orsova Place
Orton Street
Oruamo Place
Oruarangi Airport Tongan Assembly of God
Oruarangi Road
Orukuwai Lane
Orumano Place Walkway
Orvieto Cafe
Orville Place
Orwell Road
Osborne Place
Osborne Pools
Osborne Street
Oscar Lunchbar
Oscar Road
Osman Street
Osmond Court
Osprey Street
Ostend Road
Ostend Store
Osterley Way
Ostrich Road
Ostro Brasserie and Bar
Oswald Close
Otago Place
Otahuhu 7 Day Chemist
Otahuhu Badminton Club Inc.
Otahuhu Bakehouse
Otahuhu Business Centre
Otahuhu College
Otahuhu Community Baptist Church
Otahuhu Congregational Church
Otahuhu Fire Station
Otahuhu First World War Memorial
Otahuhu Fruit Mart
Otahuhu Intermediate School
Otahuhu Kindergarten
Otahuhu Laundromat
Otahuhu Library
Otahuhu Lifestyle Community
Otahuhu Methodist Church
Otahuhu Mosque
Otahuhu Police Station
Otahuhu Primary School
Otahuhu Seventh-Day Adventist Church
Otahuhu Tongan Assembly of God
Otahuri Crescent
Otaimako Place
Otakau Road
Otaki Lane
Otaota Way
Otara Christian Fellowship
Otara Community Preschool
Otara Court
Otara Fire Station
Otara Flea Market
Otara Fresh Fish
Otara Hot Bread
Otara Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses
Otara Library
Otara Pacific Island Presbyterian Church
Otara Pool and Leisure Centre
Otara Road
Otara Seventh-Day Adventist Church
Otara Tongan Assembly of God
Otara Vege Land
Oteha Valley Liquor Centre
Oteha Valley Road
Oteha Valley Road Extension
Oteha Valley School
Othello Drive
Otira Street
Otitori Bay Road
Otto Road
Otto Woo Eatery
Otto Woo Noodle Bar
Otway Hendrick Lane
Oue Road
Our City Church Waitakere
Our Lady of Fatima Parish
Our Lady of Lourdes
Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish
Our Lady of the Assumption
Our Lady Of The Sacred Heart
Our Lady of the Sacred Heart School
Our Lady Star of the Sea Catholic Church
Our Lady Star of the Sea School
Our Local
Outer Oval
Outhwaite Lane
Outlook Road
Outrigger Place
Oven Fresh Bakery
Overlea Road
Overnight Accommodation
Overton Road
Owairaka Avenue
Owairaka District School
Owairaka Kindergarten
Owairoa Primary School
Owen G. Glenn Building
Owen's Buildings
Owenbeg Rise
Owens restaurant and Bar
Owens Road
Owens Superette
Owhanake Beach
Owl Court
Oxford Road
Oxford Terrace
Oxley Avenue
Oxton Road
Oyster & Chop
Oyster Bar
Oystergrove Road
Ozich Avenue
Ozone Coffee Roasters

P K Superette
Paasha Turkish Takeway
Paashas Turkish Kitchen
Pacific Bakery
Pacific Bar & restaurant
Pacific Business Trust
Pacific Christian School
Pacific Daisy Lane
Pacific Foodtown
Pacific Fresh
Pacific Gardens
Pacific Gardens Centre Drive
Pacific Gospel Mission Church
Pacific Islands Childcare Centre
Pacific Laundromat
Pacific Liquor
Pacific Parade
Pacific Place
Pacific Rise
Pacific Superette
Pacifica Foods
Pacifica Laundromat
Packham Place
Packspur Drive
Pad Thai
Paddington Street
Paddock to Pantry
Padfield Place
Pae Lane
Paerimu Street
Paetahi Lane
Paewai Road
Page Point
Paget Street
Pah Homestead
Pah Road
Pahadi Pearl Indian Restaurant and Takeaway
Pahaki Street
Pahekeheke Road
Pahi Place
Pahurehure Liquor Centre
Pahurehure Pharmacy
Pahurehure Superette
Pahurehure Takeaways
Paice Avenue
Paihere Street
Paihia Road
Paikea Street
Paine Place
Paisley Place
Paisley Place Recreation Reserve
Paisley Street
Paitry Place
Pajaro Place
Pak 'n Save
Pak 'n' Save
Pak 'n' Save Fuel
Pak n Save
Pak N' Save Fuel
Pak N' Save Mangere
Pak'n Save Sylvia Park
Pak'nSave Fuel
Pak'nSave Lincoln Road
Pak'nSave Mount Albert
Pakaraka Drive
Pakenham Street East
Pakenham Street West
Paketai Lane
Pakira Avenue
Pakuranga Amateur Athletic and Harrier Club
Pakuranga Bakery
Pakuranga Baptist Church
Pakuranga Chinese Baptist Church
Pakuranga Christian Fellowship
Pakuranga Christian Fellowship Church
Pakuranga College
Pakuranga Community Hall
Pakuranga Fresh Fish Takeaway
Pakuranga Golf Club
Pakuranga Heights
Pakuranga Heights School
Pakuranga Intermediate
Pakuranga Library
Pakuranga Liquor
Pakuranga Liquor Centre
Pakuranga Liquor Spot
Pakuranga Mini Mart
Pakuranga Motor Lodge
Pakuranga Park Village
Pakuranga Plaza
Pakuranga Road
Pakuranga Samoan Assembly of God
Palando Place
Palawan Place
Palazzo Close
Palermo Place
Palisade Place
Pallant Street
Palliser Lane
Pallister Drive
Palm Avenue
Palm Bar
Palm Beach
Palm Beach Fish and Chips
Palm Beach Store
Palm Court Bakery Cafe
Palm Court Drive
Palm Road
Palm Supermarket
Palm Walk
Palmcrest Grove
Palmer Avenue
Palmer Crescent
Palmers Garden Centre
Palmers Planet
Palmers Road
Palmerston Road
Palmetto Place
Palms Bar and restaurant
Palmyra Way
Paloma Court
Palomino Drive
Palomino Pharmacy
Pamela Place
Pamir Road
Pams Corner Dairy
Pamu Road
Pan Pacific Gospel Church
Panahi Lane
Panakenake Way
Panama Road
Panama Road School
Panapa Drive
Panda Kitchen
Panda Takeaway
Pandora Place
Paneika Lane
Pankhurst Place
Panmure Auto Clinic
Panmure Bridge School
Panmure District School
Panmure Fish and Chips
Panmure Fresh Aisa Supermarket
Panmure Library
Panmure Liquor Spot
Panmure Methodist Church New Zealand
Panmure Pharmacy
Panmure Samoan Assembly of God
Panmure Super Horse Takeaway
Panmure Takeaway
Panmure Train Kiosk
Panmure Wines and Spirits
Pannill Place
Panorama Road
Pantera Way
Panto Track
Panzic Place
Paora Street
Papa Orchard Drive
Papa Place
Papahia Street
Papahou Lane
Papaka Drive
Papaku Road
Papakura Anglican Church
Papakura Art Gallery
Papakura Bakehouse
Papakura Baptist Church
Papakura Bible Chapel
Papakura Central School
Papakura City Football Club
Papakura Contract Bridge Club
Papakura Court House
Papakura covered walkway
Papakura Croquet Club
Papakura East Presbyterian Church
Papakura Fire Station
Papakura Fish and Takeaway
Papakura Fresh Mart
Papakura High School
Papakura Intermediate School
Papakura Kindergarten
Papakura Leisure Centre
Papakura Liquor
Papakura Masonic Centre
Papakura Military Camp
Papakura Monument
Papakura Motor Lodge & Motel
Papakura Museum
Papakura Netball Centre
Papakura Normal School
Papakura Police Station
Papakura Private Hospital
Papakura RSA
Papakura Seventh Day Adventist Church
Papakura Supervalue Supermarket
Papakura Support & Counselling
Papakura Tavern
Papakura Toyota
Papakura Wesleyan Church
Papakura–Clevedon Road
Papango Street
Papareia Road
Paparoa Road
Papas Italian Eatery
Papatahi Place
Papatoetoe Bakehouse
Papatoetoe Bible Church
Papatoetoe Cambodian Christian Fellowship
Papatoetoe Centennial Pools
Papatoetoe Central School
Papatoetoe Clubrooms
Papatoetoe Cosmopolitan Club
Papatoetoe East School
Papatoetoe Elim Church
Papatoetoe Fire Station
Papatoetoe Fruit Shop
Papatoetoe Funeral Cottage
Papatoetoe High School
Papatoetoe Hot Bread
Papatoetoe Intermediate School
Papatoetoe Islamic Centre
Papatoetoe Kindergarten
Papatoetoe Library
Papatoetoe Mini Mart
Papatoetoe North School
Papatoetoe Police Station
Papatoetoe Private Hospital
Papatoetoe Recreation Ground
Papatoetoe RSA
Papatoetoe Rugby Football Club
Papatoetoe Samoan Assembly of God
Papatoetoe Seventh-Day Adventist Church / Calvary Community Seventh Day Adventist Church
Papatoetoe South School
Papatoetoe Town Hall
Papatoetoe West School
Papatupu Way
Papaview Road
Papaya Lane
Paper Moon Cafe
Paper Plus
Paper Plus Royal Oak
Paper Plus Select Helensville
Paper Power
PappaRich Auckland
Para Close
Parachute Crescent
Parade Way
Paradice Ice Skating
Paradise BBQ Garden
Paradise Dine In
Paradise Place
Paradise Superette
Paradise Takeaway
Paragon Avenue
Paragon Restaurant
Parahau Road
Parallel Imported
Paramount Cafe
Paramount Drive
Paramu Avenue
Parani Court
Paraone Crescent
Pararaha Campsite
Pararaha Coastal Route
Pararaha Valley Track
Pararekau Island Estate
Pararekau Road
Pararā Way
Parata Street
Parau Street
Parau Track
Parawai Crescent
Parbhubhai Maken Lane
Parekura Peak
Paremoremo Creek
Paremoremo Road
Paremuka Court
Parenga Lane
Parera Place
Paretaiuru Road
Parfitt Street
Paripari Street
Paris Mount Eden Bakery
Paris Place
Parish Line Road
Parish of Saint Therese
Parisian Tie Factory
Paritai Drive
Parituhu Beachstay
Parity Place
Park Avenue
Park Avenue Residences
Park Estate Road
Park Estate School
Park Gardens
Park Gate Avenue
Park Green Avenue
Park Hill Road
Park Hyatt
Park Hyatt Hotel
Park Lane
Park Lane Motor Inn
Park Lane Motor Lodge
Park Point
Park Point coastal walkway
Park Point Drive
Park Regis
Park Residences
Park Rise
Park Road
Park Road Kitchen
Park Views Lane
Parkcrest Drive
Parkdale Road
Parked Up
Parker Avenue
Parker Crescent
Parker Road
Parker Street
Parker Track
Parkfield Terrace
Parkgate Superette
Parkhaven Drive
Parkhaven Hospital
Parkhead Place
Parkhill Road
Parkinson Avenue
Parkinson Lookout
Parklands Avenue
Parklane Drive
Parklane Village
Parkridge Way
Parkside Cafe
Parkside Road
Parkside Street
Parkstone Place
Parkvale Grove
Parkview Place
Parkway Arcade
Parkway Drive
Parkwood Place
Parlane Drive
Parliament Street
Parma Place
Parnell Baths
Parnell Branch Library Building
Parnell City Lodge
Parnell Fire Station
Parnell Gourmet Pizza
Parnell Inn
Parnell Kebab
Parnell Laundry
Parnell Library
Parnell Pines Hotel
Parnell Rise
Parnell Road
Parnell School
Parnell Student Village
Parnell Superette
Parnell Village Workshop
Parr Road North
Parr Road South
Parr Terrace
Parramatta Place
Parrish Road
Parrs Cross Bakery and Cafe
Parrs Cross Road
Parry Road
Parry Street
Parsons Road
Parsons Walkway
Partners in Crime
Partridge Street
Paruru Avenue
Pasadena Avenue
Pasadena Bakery
Pasadena Dairy
Pasadena Intermediate School
Pasadena Walkway
Pascoe Street
Pasha Kebabs
Pasifika Halal Meats
Paso Fino Crescent
Pasqua Cafe
Passito Pizza
Pasteur Place
Pat O'Connor Place
Pat's Garage
Pataka Close
Pate Crescent
Patea Place
Pateke Drive
Patel and Patel Superette
Patel Superette
Paterae Lane
Paterson Mews
Patete Lane
Patey Street

path between Arthur Street and Beachcroft Avenue
path between Epsom Ave and gillies Ave
path between Whitby Cres and View Road

Patience Way
Patiki Road
Patisserie Palomino
Patiti Parade
Paton Avenue
Patons Road
Patrice Place
Patricia Anne Bakery
Patricia Place
Patrick Rice Drive
Patrick Street
Patrol Lane
Patros Place
Patsy O'Hara Place
Patterson Street
Patteson Avenue
Patts Avenue
Patuone Avenue
Patuone Place
Paturoa Road
Paua Place
Paul Matthews Road
Paul Money Hi Fi and Home Theatre
Paul Place
Paul Stevenson Place
Paulange Place
Pauline Place
Paulownia Place
Paunui Street
Pavan Dairy
Pavilion Drive
Pavlova Cake Shop
Pavola Grove
Pawa Place
Pax Avenue
Paykel Avenue
Paynes Lane
PB Tech
PB Technologies
PBTech Downtown
PC Bakery and Lunch Bar
Peace Avenue
Peace Pillars
Peach Hill Road
Peach Parade
Peach Pit
Peach Road
Peaches and Cream
Peachgrove Road
Peachstone Lane
Peachwood Grove
Peacock Street
Peacocks Early Learning Centre
Peak Road
Pearce Street
Pearl Baker Drive
Pearl Garden Restaurant
Pearn Crescent
Pearn Place
Pearson House
Pearson Road
Peart View
Peary Road
Peat Way
Pebble Beach Place
Pecan Place
Pecks Cottage Bakery and Cafe
Pecks Plumbing Plus
Pedersen Place
Pedlar Place
Peek Street
Peel Street
Peel to Pip
Peepeke Crescent
Peerless Avenue
Peet Avenue
Pegasus Bed and Breakfast
Pegasus Place
Pegler Avenue
Pegler Drive
Peguero Place
Pehalo Talagi Hall
Peihana Road
Peihinga Road
Pekapeka Track
Peketua Street
Pelargonium Terrace
Pelham Avenue
Pelican Lane
Pelorus Place
Pember Reeves Street
Pemberton Avenue
Pembroke Crescent
Pembroke Street
Pembrook Street
Penang Cafe n Restaurant
Penang Georgetown Cafe
Penbury Place
Pencaitland Drive
Pencarrow Avenue
Pendene Place
Penderford Place
Penders Place
Pendlebury Street
Pendrell Road
Penfold Place
Peng Place
Penguin Drive
Penguino Ice Cream
Penihana Place
Penina Lane
Peninsula Bakehouse
Peninsula Foodmarket
Peninsula Kitchen
Peninsula Pricecutter
Peninsula Primary School
Peninsula Road
Penion Drive
Pennant Street
Pennell Place
Penney Avenue
Penning Road
Penny Lane's Bake Shop
Penny Takeaway
Pennycook Place
Pennygale Close
Pennys Bakery
Pennys Fish and Chips
Penpen Xiang Restaurant
Penrhyn Road
Penrose Buildings
Penrose Panel and Roofing
Penrose Road
Penruddocke Road
Pentecostals of Auckland, West Auckland
Pentland Avenue
Penwood Close
Penzance Road
Peony Mews
Pepene Avenue
Pepito Silverio
Pepler Street
Pepper Board Indian Restaurant and Bar
Pepperdine Place
Percival Gull Place
Percival Parade
Percival Street
Percy Millen Drive
Percy Street
Percy Winstone Lane
Pere Street
Peregrine Place
Perehia Road
Perekia Street
Perendale Close
Peretao Rise
Perfection Nails and Spa
Peridot Place
Periko Way
Peripatus Track
Perotti Place
Perris Road
Pershore Place
Persia Kebab
Persimmon Place
Perth Street
Pertosa Drive
Pesaro Place
Pescara Point
Petal Lane
Peteli Samoan Church
Peter Boles Pharmacy
Peter Buck Road
Peter Maire Technology Centre
Peter Mulgrew Street
Peter Terrace
Peterhouse Place
Peters Lane
Peterson Road
Petersons Road
Petra Shawarma
Petrel Place
Petrie Place
Petticoat Lane
Pettit Place
Peverill Crescent
Pharlap Crescent
Pharlap Drive
Pharm Care Pharmacy
Pharmacy 455
Pharmacy 72
Pharmacy Plus
Pheasant Lane
Pheasant Road
Phelps Place
Philadelphia Avenue
Philip Keith Rise
Philip Place
Philip Street
Philippe's chocolate&French pastries
Phillip Avenue
Phillip Parade
Phillip Road
Phillipa Place
Philomel Crescent
Phils Kitchen
Philson Terrace
Philson Terrace and Beach Road Foot Path
Phnom Penh Restaurant
Pho Bay Vietnamese
Pho Bien Vietnamese Restaurant
Pho Kitchen
Pho Pho Vietnamese Restaurant
Pho Saigon
Phoebe Meikle Place
Phoenicia Court
Phoenix BBQ Eatery
Phoenix Place
Phone Clinic
Photinia Place
Photo Shack
Phui Huia path
Phuket Thai Takeaway
Phyllis Street
Piako Street
Picallilly Cafe
Picasso Drive
Piccadilly Place
Piccolo Court
Pick a part
Pick N Pay
Pickaberry Avenue
Pickens Crescent
Pickett Avenue
Pickles Cafe
Pickwick Parade
Picnic Point Road
Picton Street
Picton Street Surgery
Picture Framing Company
Picturesque Drive
Pie Face
Piehole Cafe
Pier 3
Pierce Road
Piermark Drive
Pigeon Bakery
Pigeon Mountain Kindergarten
Pigeon Mountain Primary School
Pigeon Mountain Road
Pigeonwood Lane
Piha Beach House
Piha Beach Stay
Piha Bowling Club
Piha Library
Piha Motor Camp
Piha Pre School
Piha Road
Piha RSA
Piha Store
Piha Surf Accommodation
Piha Surf Shop
Piha Valley Track
Piha Volunteer Fire Brigade
Pihoihoi Place
Pikao Place
Pike Place
Piki Street
Piki Thompson Way
Pikitea Road
Piknic Kitchen And Deli
Piko Lane
Pilkington Road
Pilot Drive
Pilsdon Place
Pimento Place
Pin Oak Drive
Pinati's Keke Pua'a
Pinchos Bar Pizza
Pine Avenue
Pine Harbour
Pine Harbour Marina
Pine Harbour Parade
Pine Hill Crescent
PIne Lane
Pine Ridge Terrace
Pine Street
Pine Terrace
Pinebrook Lane
Pinedale Place
Pinefield Road
Pinehill Butchery
Pinehill Liquor Centre
Pinehill School
Pinehurst Place
Pinehurst School
Pineridge Condominiums
Pinero Place
Pinesong Drive
Pinesong Village
Pinetone Road
Pineview Lane
Pinewood Dairy
Pinewood Grove
Pinewood Street
Pink Spot Dairy
Pinot Lane
Pinotage Place
Pintner Place
Pintxos Tapas Bar
Pioneer Lane
Pioneer Motor Lodge
Pioneer Pie Company
Pioneer Street
Pioneer's Mini Mart
PIPC Tamaki
Pipeline Road
Pipeline Track
Piper Place
Pipipi Crescent
Pipitea Place
Pipitiwai Drive
Pippen Court
Pirangi Street
Piri Place
Pirihonga Road
Piringa Court
Piringa Lane
Piringa Street
Piripiri Crescent
Piripiri Point Drive
Piriti Drive
Piriti Place
Pisces Road
Pistachio Place
Pit Stop
Pita House - Halal
Pita House City
Pita Pit
Pita Pit Wairau Road
Pitcairn Place
Pitch Bar and Sound
Pitcher Place
Pitfire Place
Pititi Lane
Pitlochry Place
Pito Place
Pitoitoi Avenue
Pitoitoi Drive
Pitt Avenue
Pitt Road
Pitt Street
Pitt Street Cycleway
Pitt Street Food Court
Pitt Street Methodist Church
Pittville Place
Piwakawaka Close
Piwakawaka Street
Piwakawaka Track
Piwari Place
Pixie Place
Pizza - Halal n Takeaways - Shashee
Pizza and Curry Corner
Pizza and Kebab
Pizza and Pasta
Pizza Club
Pizza Express
Pizza Express Albany
Pizza Express Otahuhu Ltd - Halal
Pizza Home
Pizza Hut
Pizza Hut Express
Pizza Hut Glenfield
Pizza Hut Kelston
Pizza Landing
Pizza Pasta Kebab Grill
Pizza Pizza
Pizza To Go
PK Furniture
Pla Thong Thai
Placemakers Mt Wellington
Plane Street
Plantarama Garden Centre
Plantation Avenue
Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery
Platina Street
Platinum Rise
Platter Cafe Bar and restaurant
Play area
Playfair Road
Playhouse Theatre
Plaza Barbers
Plaza Coffee Lounge
Plaza Drive
Plaza Laundromat
Plaza Superette
Pleasant Place
Pleasant Road
Pleasant Street
Pleasant View Road
Plover Road
Plumer Street
Plumley Crescent
Plumpton Avenue
Plumstead Rise
Plunket Avenue
Plunket Avenue Lunch Bar
Plunket Road
Plus Pacific Tower
Pluto Place
Plymouth Crescent
Plymouth Place
PMA Global
Poacher Guest House
Poaka Avenue
Poaka Place
Poaka Road
Pocket Bar
Pocock Lane
Podgora Avenue
Poenamo Hotel
Pohue Avenue
Pohuehue Lane
Pohutakawa Loop
Pohutukawa Avenue
Pohutukawa Coast Pharmacy
Pohutukawa Drive
Pohutukawa Glade
Pohutukawa Kidz
Pohutukawa Motors
Pohutukawa Parade
Pohutukawa Place
Pohutukawa Road
Pohutukawa track
Poinsettia Place
Point Chevalier
Point Chevalier Arcade
Point Chevalier Beach
Point Chevalier Chinese Takeaway
Point Chevalier Cooperating
Point Chevalier Fresh
Point Chevalier Library
Point Chevalier Memorial RSA
Point Chevalier Road
Point Chevalier Rugby League Football Club
Point Chevalier Sailing Club
Point Chevalier School
Point Chevalier Tennis Club
Point England
Point England Bakery
Point England Road
Point England School
Point England Superette
Point Erin Pool
Point Resolution Viewpoint
Point Ridge Avenue
Point Superette
Point View Drive
Point View Link
Point View School
Point View Superette
Pokapu Street
Poké Bar
Poké Poké
Poland Road
Polandson Place
Polaris Place
Pole Line Track
Police Recruiting
Political Studies Houses
Pollard Lane
Pollen Street
Polo Lane
Polo Prince Drive
Polygon Road
Polynesian Taste
Pomaria Road
Pomaria Road School
Pomelo Road
Pomona Road
Pompalier Tennis Club
Pompallier Terrace
Ponderosa Dairy
Ponderosa Drive
Ponderosa Foodmart
Pondview Lane
Ponga Road
Ponga Street
Ponsonby Backpackers
Ponsonby Baptist Church
Ponsonby Bowling Club
Ponsonby Central
Ponsonby Cruising Club
Ponsonby Food Room
Ponsonby Fresh Fish and Chips
Ponsonby Intermediate School
Ponsonby Montessori Kindergarten
Ponsonby Nails
Ponsonby Police Station
Ponsonby Pool Hall
Ponsonby Primary School
Ponsonby Road
Ponsonby Road Bistro
Ponsonby Seventh-Day Adventist Church
Ponsonby Social Club
Ponsonby Terrace
Ponsonby zone substation
Ponui Place
Pony Club horse trail
Pony Express
Pony Park Place
Pooks Road
Pooks Road Takeaways
Pool Doctor
Pooley Street
Pop Fiction
Pop Inn Dairy
Pop-up Globe
Popas Pretzels
Popes Road
Poplar Steps
Popokatea Drive
Poppies Kindergarten
Poppy Vale
Porana Road
Porchester Road
Porchester Road / Airfield Road roundabout
Porchester Road / Manuroa Road roundabout
Porchester Road / Walters Road roundabout
Porchester Superette
Poronui Street
Poroporo Place
Porritt Avenue
Portadown Avenue
Portage Ecoway
Portage Road
Portal Place
Porteous Dell
Porter Avenue
Porter Crescent
Porterfield Road
Porterhouse Grill
Porters Avenue
Portland Buildings
Portland Public House
Portland Road
Portman Road
Portobello Place
Portofina Place
Portofino Point
Portrush Lane
Portsea Place
Portsmouth Street
Poruru Close
Posa Avenue
Poseidon Place
Possum Lane
Post and More/New Zealand Post
Post Office
Post office
Post Shop
Post SHop
Post Shop
Postman Road
Postshop Auckland Airport
Potai Road
Potaka Lane
Potatau Street
Potiki Place
Poto Street
Potter Avenue
Potter Road
Pottery Crescent
Potts Road
Poturi Streams Avenue
Pounamu Avenue
Pounamu Place
Poutawa Lane
Poutini Place
Powell Lane
Powell Place
Powell Street
Powercourt Drive
Powley Retirement Village
Powrie Reserve Playground
Powrie Street
Poynton Terrace
Prague Bar and Cafe
Praise Be, The New Testament Assembly of God
Prangley Avenue
Pratt Street
Pratts Road
Pre School
Prebble Place
Premier Avenue (1022)
Premwood Road
Prentice Place
Prenzel of Whitford
Presbyterian Church
Presbyterian Church of Scotland
Prescott Street
President Avenue
President Hotel
Prestige Place
Preston Avenue
Preston Court
Preston Road
Prestwick Place
Pretty Posies
Price and Quality
Price Crescent
Price Cutter
Prices Road
Prictor Street
Pride of India Restaurant
Priestley Drive
Prime Road
Prime Supermarket
Primes Lane
Primrose Lane
Primrose Place
Prince Regent Drive
Princes Avenue
Princes Street
Princes Street East
Princess Maria Place
Princess Street
Princeton Apartments
Princeton Parade
Pringle Park Bowling Club
Pringle Road
Prior Place
PRIZM Digital - NZ
Prochem Pharmacy
Proctor Place
Prodigy Early Childhood Centre
Prodrive Golf
Progress Automotive
Progressive Way
Project Legacy
Promise School
Propeller Avenue
Prosford Street
Prospect School
Prospect Terrace
Prosper Way
Prospero Terrace
Proteus Place
Provenance Matua Valley Eatery and Store
Provence Esplanade
Providence Presbyterian Church
Provis Way
Provost Lane
Provost Street
Proximity Apartments
Pua Street
Puaka Road
Puaki Drive
Puawai Place
Puawairua Te Kohanga Reo
Public Thoroughfare through Lumley Centre with Lift
Puhakehake Place
Puharu Way
Puhi Huia Path
Puhi Huia path
Puhi Huia Road
Puhinui Flow
Puhinui Park
Puhinui Road
Puhinui School
Puhinui Station Interchange
Puhinui Steram trail
Puhinui Stream
Puhinui Stream access
Puhinui Stream Forest Trail
Puhinui Stream trail
Puka Street
Pukaki Road
Pukatea Avenue
Puke Road
Pukehana Avenue
Pukeiti Road
Pukekiwiriki Pa
Pukekiwiriki Place
Pukeko Food Store
Pukeko Place
Pukekohe Golf Course
Pukemarino Road
Pukematekeo Track
Pukemiro Street
Pukenui Road
Pukeora Avenue
Pukeora Road
Pukerangi Crescent
Pukeroa Place
Puketaha Road
Puketapapa Street
Puketea Street
Puketiro Road
Puketitiro Street
Puketutu Rise
Puketāpapa Local Board Office
Pukewhero Rise
Pullman Lodge
Pullum Street
Pulman Arena
Pulman Place
Puma Drive
Puna Street
Punga Road
Punga Street
Puninga Lane
Punjab Food and Spices
Punjab Palace
Punjabi Kitchen
Puoro Street
Pupuke Golf Course
Pupuke Road
Purapura Lane
Purata Place
Purchas Hill Drive
Purchas Road
Pure Convenience
Purei Lane
Purei Rise
Pureora Place
Purewa Road
Puriri Avenue
Puriri Drive
Puriri Ridge Track
Puriri Road
Puriri Street
Puriri Track
Purley Place
Puroto Street
Puruatanga Drive
Pushkar Indian
Pushon Place
Putaki Drive
Putaputaweta Track
Putiki Road
Putiki Street
Putini Road
Putiputi Way
Putney Place
Putney Way
Putter Place
Puweto Avenue
Pyatt Crescent
Pycroft Place
Pyramid Place
Pyrite Street
Pākoro Close
Pūtohe Road

Q Laundromat
Q Theatre
Q Theatre Cafe Bar
Q-Liquor Centre
Q4 Recreation Area
QF Tav
QMB Computers
Quadrangle Building A
Quadrangle Building B
Quadrant Road
Quail Drive
Quailty Hotel Parnell
Quarry Access
Quarry Road
Quarter Masters Quadrant
Quarters Lane
Quartley Place
Quattro Avenue
Quay Park Medical Centre
Quay Street
Quay Street Autos ltd
Quay Street Cycleway
Quay West
Quba Square
Quebec Road
Quedley Court
Queen Mart
Queen Mary Avenue
Queen Nail
Queen Natalie Place
Queen Street
Queen Street Backpackers
Queen Street Cycleway
Queen Street Shared Path
Queen Victoria
Queens Arcade
Queens Arcade Building
Queens Avenue
Queens Drive
Queens Kebab
Queens Parade
Queens Road
Queens Road Superette
Queenstown Road
Queen‘s Ferry
Quennell Avenue
Quentin Avenue
Quest Carlaw Park
Quest Hotel Apartments
Quest on Beaumont
Quest on Queen
Quest Terrace
Quibray Place
Quick Bites
Quick Picks Convenience
Quick Snack Lunch Bar
Quickstop Superette
Quiet Street
Quincey Place
Quinlan Cottage
Quinlan Street
Quinns Road
Quintal Place
Quona Avenue
Qwiki Convenience

R Glen Eden
R Helensville Railway Station
R Homai
R Huapai
R Manukau
R Manurewa
R New Lynn
R Papakura
R Puhinui
R Sturges Road
R Takaanini
R Te Mahia
R The Strand
R Waitakere
Ra Ora Drive
Raams Dairy and Convenience Store
Raamuri Road
Rabbit Cafe
Rabone Street
Racecourse Parade
Rachael Place
Radcliffe Street
Raddock Place
Radiata Lane
Radius Arran Court Home and Hospital
Radnor Road
Rae Road
Raeben Avenue
Raelene Place
Raetihi Crescent
Raewyn Place
Raglan Street
Ragley Street
Rahanui Road
Rahiri Road
Rahopara Street
Rahotu Way
Rahui Road
Railside Avenue
Railway Enthusiasts Society Inc.
Railway Lane
Railway Street
Railway Street West
Rainbow Path
Rainbow Place
Rainbow's End
Raines Avenue
Raines Avenue Foodmarket and Lotto
Rainford Street
Rainforest Express
Rajan Place
Rajas Indian Restaurant and Bar
Rajwadi Indian
Rakaia Rise
Rakau Street
Rakich Place
Rakino Way
Rakiraki Place
Rako Place
Raleigh Place
Raleigh Road
Raleigh Street
Ralph Eagles Place
Ralph’s Bar & Eatery
Rama Road
Ramada Suites by Wyndham Auckland Manukau Pacfic Centre
Ramarama Road
Ramarama Road Realignment
Ramarama School
Rambler Crescent
Rame Road
Ramelton Road
Ramen Do
Ramen Lab
Ramen Takara
Ramillies Place
Ramlax Dairy
Ramoana Mews
Ramonda Close
Ramp Road
Rams New Windsor Superette
Ramsey Street
Ramsgate Street
Ramsgate Terrace
Ramwall Place
Ranch Avenue
Ranchhod Building
Ranchhod House
Randal Place
Randolph Street
Randwick Park
Randwick Park Community House
Randwick Park School
Randwick Place
Ranfurly Dairy
Ranfurly Evergreen Motel
Ranfurly Road
Ranfurly Road West
Ranfurly Village
Rangataua Place
Rangatira Road
Range Road
Range View Road
Rangemore Track
Ranger Place
Rangeview Intermediate School
Rangeview Road
Rangi Avenue
Rangi Road
Rangiatea Road
Rangihina Road
Rangimarie Road
Rangiora Road
Rangipawa Road
Rangitane Place
Rangitata Place
Rangitiki Crescent
Rangitira Avenue
Rangitopuni Road
Rangitoto Avenue
Rangitoto College
Rangitoto Road
Rangitoto Superette
Rangitoto Terrace
Rangitoto View Road
Rangitoto Wharf
Rangitāmiro Place
Rangiwai Road
Ranier Street
Rankin Avenue
Rankin Avenue Shared Path
Ranleigh Road
Ransom Smyth Drive
Ranui Avenue
Ranui Bakery
Ranui Baptist Church
Ranui Chinese Takeaway
Ranui Community Library
Ranui Laundromat
Ranui Pharmacy
Ranui Playcentre
Ranui Road
Ranui Samoan Assembly of God
Ranui Samoan Open Brethren
Ranui School
Ranui Station Road
Ranum Road
Rapaki Place
Rapallo Place
Raphael Place
Raphoe Place
Raphoe Road
Rapley Place
Rapson Road
Rara Lane
Rarahu Place
Rarahu Road
Raranga Lane
Rarangi Road
Rarawa Street
Rarawaru Creek
Rarere Road
Raroa Terrace
Ras Vatika Cafe
Rashni Road
Raspberry Tarts
Rata Road
Rata Street
Rata Vine Drive
Rata Vine Foodmarket
Rata Vine Takeaway
Ratanui Street
Rathgar Road
Rathgar Road Pharmacy
Rathgar Road Takeaway
Rathgar Super Seven
Rathlin Street
Rathmar Drive
Rathmines Road
Rathmullen Place
Rationalist House
Rattan Spice Mart
Rattana Thai restaurant and Bar
Rattray Street
Rauaruhe Road
Rauhuia Crescent
Raukura Lane
Raumati Road
Raumoata Road
Raupapa Street
Raupo Street
Raurenga Avenue
Rauta Way
Rautahi Terrace
Rautangi Road
Rautara Street
Rautawhiri Reserve
Rautawhiri Road
Ravello Rise
Raven Avenue
Ravenhill Cafe
Ravenna Way
Ravensdale Rise
Ravenstone Place
Ravenwood Drive
Ravine Lane
RAW at Waiheke
Raw Essentials
Raw Power
Rawalpindi Street
Rawene Avenue
Rawene Road
Rawhiti Dairy
Rawhiti Road
Rawhitiroa Road
Rawiri Place
Rawiri Stream Restoration
Rawson Way
Ray Emery Drive
Ray Small Drive
Ray Street
Raye Freedman Library
Rayland Motel
Rayma Place
Raymond Grace Avenue
Raymond Road
Raymond Street
Raymond Terrace
Rayner Road
Razeens Fast Food and Takeaway
Reagan Road
Real Fruit Ice Cream
Real Groovy Records
Real Kebabs and Takeways
Realm Place
Rearhill Lane
Rebecca Rise
Rebel Sport
Rebel Sports
Recovery Road
Recreation Centre
Recreation Drive
Recreational loop short cut
Recreational Services
Recycle Boutique
Red Bluff Rise
Red Chilli Indian
Red Cross
Red Cross Shop Glenfield
Red Earth Bar and Eatery
Red Elephant Thai Cuisine
Red Hill
Red Hill Road
Red Hills Bakery
Red Hills Road
Red Maple Lane
Red Oak Place
Red Pig
Red Shed Lane
Red Shed Palazzo
Red Sun Takeaway
Redcastle Drive
Redcoat Place
Redcrest Avenue
Redeemer Grace Presbyterian Church
Redfern Lane
Redhill School
Redhill Superette
Redhills Development
Reding Street
Redlands Grove
Redmond Street
Redmount Place
Redoubt North Primary School
Redoubt North Wesleyan Church
Redoubt Road
Redoubt Road - Mill Road Corridor
Reduced to Clear
Reduced To Clear Onehunga
Redvale Landfill
Redvale Rise
Redwing Street
Redwood Drive
Redwoods Golf Course
Reed Road
Reef Place
Reefton Place
Reelick Avenue
Reeves Avenue
Reeves Road
Reflection Drive
Reformed Church of Avondale
Reformed Church of the North Shore
Reformed Presbyterian Church of Bucklands Beach
Reg Pearce Way
Reg Savory Place
Regal Dry Cleaners
Regal Drycleaners
Regal Nails Spa and Salon
Regal Place
Regalwood Place
Regatta Bar & Eatery
Regatta Road
Regency Place
Regent Fisheries
Regent Street
Regents Park Place
Regia Close
Regiment Road
Regina Street
Regis Lane
Rehia Road
Rehua Place
Reid Road
Reihana Street
Reiman Street
Reimers Avenue
Reinga Place
Reinheimer Place
Reins Road
Reipae Street
Reliable Way
Reliance Crescent
Reliance Mini Mart
Relko Crescent
Remana Crescent
Rembrandt Place
Reme Place
Remedy Coffee
Remu Place
Remuera Baptist Church
Remuera Bowling Club
Remuera Chinese Methodist Church
Remuera Fire Station
Remuera Fish and Chips
Remuera Intermediate School
Remuera Library
Remuera Medical Chambers
Remuera Motor Park
Remuera Primary School
Remuera Road
Remuera Samoan Seventh-Day Adventist Church
Remuera Upland Motors
Remuremu Street
Remurera Club
Remus Place
Rena Place
Renall Street
Renata Crescent
Rendall Place
Rendcomb Place
Rene Place
Renfrew Avenue
Renlee Place
Rennie Drive
Reno Way
Renoir Street
Renown Avenue
Renton Road
Renway Rise
Renwick Street
Repehina Road
Rere Close
Rerehua Lane
Reremanu Place
Reremoana Primary School
Rerewai Place
Reseda Place
Resene Color Shop
Resene ColorShop
Resene Colour Shop
Reserva Crescent
Residential Link Road
Residential Village 313
Resolute Way
Resthaven Funerals
Retirement Village
Retreat Drive
Revel Avenue
Revel Cafe
Revelry Bar
Reverie Place
Reverse Bungy
Rewa Hard
Rewa Road
Rewa Street
Reward Place
Rewarewa Road
Rewi Road
Rewi Street
Rewiti Avenue
Rewiti Street
Rex Lane
Reybert Place
Reydon Place
Reyland Close
Reynard Terrace
Reynella Drive
Reynolds Place
RH Laundromat
Rheingold Place
Rhine Place
Rhinevale Close
Rhodes Avenue
Rhonda Place
Rhone Avenue
Rhyde Street
Rhythm Cafe
Rialto Court
Rialto Newmarket
Ribblesdale Road
Ribbonwood Crescent
Ribier Restaurant
Ribot Place
Ricardo Court
Riccarton Way
Rice Burger Ex
Rice Crescent
Rice Kitchen
Rich Heart
Richard Avenue
Richard Farrell Avenue
Richard Frederick Way
Richard Halse Drive
Richard Hill Close
Richard Pearse Drive
Richard Petterd Way
Richard Road
Richard Street
Richards Avenue
Richards Road
Richardson Motors
Richardson Place
Richardson Road
Richardson Takeaway
Richberry Cafe
Richbourne Street
Richfield Crescent
Richmond Avenue
Richmond Road
Richmond Road Cafe
Richmond Road Laundromat
Richmond Road Mini Mart
Richmond Road School
Richmond Road Superette
Richmond Superette
Richmond Yacht
Richoux Bakery
Richoux Patisserie
Rickards Place
Rickers Lane
Rickshaw Eddy's
Riddell Road
Ride Way
Ridge Road
Ridge Road Track
Ridge Track
Ridge Valley Drive
Ridgefield Lane
Ridgeline Way
Ridgemount Rise
Ridgeview School
Ridgeway Place
Ridgewood Crescent
Ridings Road
Riechelmann Court
Rielly Place
Rienzo Drive
Riesling Place
Rifleman Rise
Right Cuisine
Right Track Sports Cafe
Riki Road
Riksha Place
Rimini Place
Rimu Hostel
Rimu Path
Rimu Rise
Rimu Road
Rimu Street
Rimutaka Place
Ring Terrace
Ringa Matau Road
Ringamaui Place
Ringwood Street
Rio Cafe
Riordan Lane
Ripa Street
Ripe Delicatessen
Ripeka Lane
Riplington Road
Ripon Crescent
Rippleside Place
Riria Crescent
Ririno Place
Riro Street
Riroriro Close
Riroriro Road
Riroriro Track
Rise n Shine Cafe
Riserra Drive
Rishi Way
Rising Parade
Rising Stars Childcare Centre
Risk Road
Rissington Avenue
Ristorante Italiano Andrea
Rita Meredith Road
Ritchie Crescent
Rito Place
Ritz Restaurant and Bar
River Road
River Terrace
River Walking Track
Riverbank Road
Riverboat Lane
Riverglade Parkway
Riverhead Bowling Club
Riverhead Flour Mill
Riverhead Montessori School
Riverhead Point Drive
Riverhead Road
Riverhead School
Riverhills Avenue
Riverhills Early Learning Centre
Riverhills School
Riverina Avenue
Riverina School
Riverland Road
Riverlea Avenue
Riverlea Road
Riverpark Crescent
Riversdale Road
Riverside Avenue
Riverside Foodmarket
Riverstone Road
Riverton Drive
Riverton Liquor
Riverview Road
Riviera Drive
Riviera Place
Rivoli Place
Rivulet Way
Riwai Street
Rixon Place
Rizal Reserve
RJ Pantry
RK Convenience Store
RNT Motors
RNZAF Base Auckland
RNZAF Base Auckland sports field
RNZAF Golf Club
RNZYS Youth Programme
Ro Caffe
Roa Avenue
Road Transport Workshop
Roadley Avenue
RoadRunners Cafe
Roadside Kebabs
Roanoke Way
Roast Cuisine
Roast Dinners
Roast Dinners and Fried Chicken
Roast Dinners and Takeaways
Roast House
Roast Hut
Roast Wok
Roast World
Roband Avenue
Robb Street
Robbers Burger
Robbies Road
Robert Allan Way
Robert Burke Place
Robert Burns
Robert Hall Avenue
Robert Harris
Robert Might Road
Robert Ross Place
Robert Sale Rise
Robert Skelton Place
Robert Street
Roberta Avenue
Roberton Road
Roberts Avenue
Roberts Road
Roberts Road Superette
Robertson Road
Robertson Road School
Robin Brooke Drive
Robin Lane
Robina Court
Robinson Road
Robley Crescent
Robson Street
Roby Street
Robyn Place
Rocco & Rouge
Rochas Place
Rochdale Avenue
Rochester Crescent
Rock Daisy Crescent
Rock Isle Road
Rocket Kebabs
Rocket Lab
Rocket Park
Rocket Superette
Rockfield Cafe
Rockfield Liquor Shop
Rockfield Motel
Rockfield Road
Rockfield Superette
Rocklands Avenue
Rocklands Hall
Rockridge Avenue
Rockwood Place
Rocky Nook Avenue
Rocky Nook Bowls
Rocky Superette
Rockys restaurant and Cafe
Rockyyz Food Mart
Rockyyz Mini Mart
Rod Milner Motors Limited
Rod Place
Rodd & Gunn
Rodeo Drive
Rodez Function and Conference Centre
Rodney Road
Rodney Street
Rodney Wayne
Roell Place
Rogan Avenue
Rogan Street
Rogers Avenue
Rogers Road
Rogers Way
Rohea Place
Rohi Place
Roick Parade
Roland Hill
Roland Road
Roll N Sushi
Roll Sushi
Rollerson Street
Roma Coffee Roasters
Roma Road
Romani Cafe
Romford Road
Romilly Court
Romney Place
Romola Street
Romulus Place
Ron Driver Place
Ron Keat Drive
Rona Avenue
Ronaki Road
Ronald Algie Place
Ronald Macdonald House
Ronald Macken Place
Ronald Place
Ronald Trotter House
Ronayne Street
Rondorlyn Place
Rongo Road
Rongomai Road
Rongomai School
Ronnies Cafe
Ronwood Avenue
Rook Place
Roops Vegetarian
Roosevelt Avenue
Ropata Avenue
Rope Road
Ropere Street
Rorida Lane
Ros Bake Bakery
Rosa Place
Rosalind Road
Rosamund Avenue
Rosandich Drive
Rosca Lane
Roscommon Bakery
Roscommon Kindergarten
Roscommon Road
Roscommon School
Rose Cottage
Rose Garden Lane
Rose Hellaby House
Rose Park Hotel
Rose Road
Rose Track
Roseanne Road
Rosebank Park Domain
Rosebank Peninsula
Rosebank Peninsula Church
Rosebank Road
Rosebank School
Rosebay Rise
Roseberry Avenue
Roseborough Place
Roseburn Place
Rosecamp Road
Rosedale Avenue
Rosedale Bus Station
Rosedale Dairy
Rosedale Motel
Rosedale Plaza Restaurant
Rosedale Road
Rosedale to Unsworth heights
Rosedale to Unsworth hieghts
Rosedale Village Rest Home and Hospital
Rosehill College
Rosehill Drive
Rosehill Intermediate School
Rosehill Laundromat
Rosehill School
Rosehill Takeaway
Roselands Cafe
Roselawn Place
Rosella Grove
Rosella Place
Rosella Road
Rosella Road Superette
Roseman Avenue
Rosemary Avenue
Rosemary Lane
Rosemead Park
Rosemead Place
Roseneath Place
Roseneath Road
Rosepark Crescent
Rosetta Court
Rosetti Rise
Roseville Street
Rosewarne Crescent
Roseway Place
Rosewell Crescent
Rosewood Place
Rosewood Road
Rosier Road
Rosier Superette
Rosina Place
Roskill Bike Kitchen
Roskill Dairy
Roskill Fellowship / Roskill Chapel
Roskill Healthcare Pharmacy
Roskill South
Roskill South Kindergarten
Roskill Way
Roskill Youth Zone
Roslyn Farm Street
Roslyn Road
Roslyn Terrace
Rosmini College
Ross Avenue
Ross Lane
Ross Martin Court
Ross Place
Ross Pomodor Pizzeria
Ross Reid Place
Ross Street
Rossa Cafe
Rosses Place
Rossgrove Bible Chapel
Rossgrove Terrace
Rossini Court
Rossmay Terrace
Rossmore Terrace
Rostrevor Avenue
Rosyth Avenue
Rota Place
Rotary Centennial track
Rotary Walkway
Rothery Road
Rothesay Bakehouse
Rothesay Bay
Rothesay Bay cliff top walk
Rothesay Bay Road
Rothesay Bay Superette
Rothesay Road
Rothesay Street
Rothwell Avenue
Rothwell Place
Rotoiti Avenue
Rotoma Rise
Rotomahana Terrace
Rotoroa Island Centre
Rotti Hut
Rotu Drive
Rotuman Wesleyan Church
Roukai Lane
Round the Clock Superette
Roundel Crescent
Rountree Place
Route 16 Cafe
Routhmore Street
Routley Drive
Rowan Court
Rowan Muir Community Centre
Rowan Road
Rowan Terrace
Rowandale Avenue
Rowandale School
Rowe Street
Rowena Crescent
Rowendale Dairy & Superette
Rowlands Avenue
Rownedale Takeways
Roxborough Place
Roxburgh Street
Roxy Terrace
Roy Douglas Place
Roy Maloney Drive
Royal Arch Place
Royal Auckland Golf Club
Royal Bakehouse
Royal Bakery and Takeaway
Royal Challenge Restaurant and Bar
Royal Cusine
Royal Fresh Fruit & Vege
Royal Heights
Royal Heights Dairy
Royal Heights Pharmacy
Royal Horse Takeaway
Royal Kebab - Halal ( 625-8755 )
Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron
Royal Oak
Royal Oak 7 day Urgent Pharmacy
Royal Oak Bakery
Royal Oak Baptist Church
Royal Oak Childcare Centres
Royal Oak Intermediate School
Royal Oak Liquor Centre
Royal Oak PostShop
Royal Oak Primary School
Royal Oak Roundabout
Royal Oak Samoan Assembly of God
Royal Oak Seventh Day Adventist Church
Royal Oak Shopping Mall
Royal Oak War Memorial Swimming Pool
Royal Park
Royal Road
Royal Road School
Royal Roast
Royal Save Mart
Royal Siam
Royal Spice
Royal tea - bubble tea
Royal Terrace
Royal View Road
Royal Viking Way
Royalle Mews
Royalpark Place
Roys Road
Roysfield Lane
Royston Street
Royton Avenue
Rua Road
Ruahine Street
Ruaiti Road
Ruan Thai
Ruang Thong Thai
Ruang Thong Thai 2
Ruapehu Street
Ruapotaka School
Ruarangi Road
Ruatea Street
Ruawai Road
Rubens Lane
Ruby Red
Ruby Street
Rude Boy
Rudolf Steiner School Titirangi
Rugby field
Rugby Road
Ruhanui Lane
Ruka Lane
Ruku Street
Rukumoana Place
Rukutai Street
Runa Place
Runciman Road
Runnell Street
Rupa's Cafe
Rupeke Place
Rupi Court
Rupu Way
Ruru Street
Ruru Track
Rush Creek Drive
Rush Green Bakery and Cafe
Rush Place
Rush Velo
Rushbury Place
Rushgreen Avenue
Ruskin Street
Russel's Gourmet Pizza
Russell Avenue
Russell Avenue North
Russell Road
Russell Street
Russett Grove
Russian Orthodox Church of the Resurrection of Christ (ROCOR)
Rustic Avenue
Rutgers Place
Ruth Street
Rutherford College
Rutherford Primary School
Rutherford Street
Rutherford Terrace
Rutland Road
Rutland Street
Ruze Vida Drive
RV Dairy
RV Super Centre
Ryan Place
Ryan's Road
Ryburn Road
Rydal Drive
Ryden Place
Rydges Hotel
Rye Court
Ryehill Close
Ryle Street
Rylock Place
Ryman Healthcare Village
Rymer Place
Rāpeti Lane
Rāpoi Lane
Rātā – A true survivor

S block
Sabana Place
Sabi Place
Sabot Place
Sabre Place
Sabulite Road
Sabulite Superette
Sachel Place
Sackville Street
Sacred Heart
Sacred Heart College
Sacred Kingfisher Road
Saddleback Crescent
Saddleback Rise
Saddleton Road
Sadgrove Terrace
Saeroun Church
Safe Store
Saffron Foods
Saffron Street
SAFS - South Auckland Funeral Services
Sagar Indian restaurant
Sagar Lane
Sage Road
Sager Midgley Road
Sages Indian
Sahil Indian Cuisine
Sai Motel
Sai Street
Sai Superette
Saidia Place
Saigon Bakery
Saigon Cafe and restaurant
Sailfish Drive
Sailors Corner
Sailplane Services Ltd
Sails Restaurant
Sainsbury Road
Saint Addai Chaldean Catholic Church
Saint Aidan's Presbyterian Church
Saint Aidans Anglican Church
Saint Aidans Presbyterian Church
Saint Albans Avenue
Saint Andrew's Church
Saint Andrews Church
Saint Andrews Church Centre / Howick Presbyterian Church
Saint Andrews Community Presbyterian Church
Saint Andrews Presbyterian Church
Saint Andrews Road
Saint Andrews Village
Saint Anne's Catholic School
Saint Annes Crescent
Saint Anthony Mangere Bridge Parish
Saint Aubyn Street
Saint Augustine Anglican Church
Saint Austell's Uniting Parish
Saint Barnabas Anglican Church
Saint Benedict's Parish
Saint Benedicts Church
Saint Benedicts Street
Saint Bernadette Catholic Church
Saint Christopher Hospital
Saint Clair Park
Saint Clair Place
Saint Columba Anglican Church
Saint Columba Centre
Saint Columba Presbyterian Church
Saint Cuthbert's College
Saint Cycles
Saint David's in the Fields
Saint David's Presbyterian
Saint Davids Anglican
Saint Dionysius Indian Orthodox Church
Saint Dominic's Catholic Church
Saint Dominic's College
Saint Dominics School
Saint Elias Catholic Church
Saint Elizabeth Anglican
Saint Elmo Rise
Saint Frances Church
Saint Francis Crescent
Saint Francis de Sales and All Souls Catholic Church
Saint Francis De Sales Street
Saint Francis Retreat Centre
Saint Francis School
Saint George Motel
Saint George Pharmacy Ltd.
Saint George Street
Saint George Superette
Saint George's Church
Saint Georges Anglican Church
Saint Georges Bay Road
Saint Georges Presbyterian Church
Saint Georges Road
Saint Heliers
Saint Heliers Bay Road
Saint Heliers Bay telephone exchange
Saint Heliers Beach
Saint Heliers Fire Station
Saint Heliers Fruit Mart
Saint Heliers Library
Saint Heliers Mini Mart
Saint Heliers Wines and Spirits
Saint Hildas Anglican
Saint Honore's Bakery
Saint Ignatius Catholic School
Saint James Anglican Church
Saint James Street
Saint James Suites
Saint Jerome Avenue
Saint Joesph's Catholic School
Saint John Ambulance
Saint John Anglican Church
Saint John the Baptist
Saint John the Evangelist
Saint John the Evangelist Catholic Church
Saint John Vianney Catholic Church
Saint John's Hospital
Saint John's School
Saint Johns Bush Track
Saint Johns Lounge
Saint Johns Methodist Ponsonby
Saint Johns Presbyterian Church
Saint Johns Road
Saint Joseph & Joachim Parish
Saint Joseph's Catholic Church
Saint Joseph's Catholic School
Saint Joseph's Parish
Saint Joseph's School
Saint Jude Street
Saint Jude's Church / St Jude's Anglican Parish
Saint Julia Court
Saint Kentigern Boys' School
Saint Kentigern College
Saint Kentigern Girls' School
Saint Kevins Arcade
Saint Leo's Catholic School
Saint Leonards Bakery
Saint Leonards Beach
Saint Leonards Road
Saint Leonards Road School
Saint Lucia Place
Saint Luke's Presbyterian Church / The Community of Saint Luke
Saint Lukes Anglican Church
Saint Lukes Road
Saint Lukes Tyre and Mechanical
Saint Malachys Church
Saint Margaret's Anglican Church
Saint Margaret's Hospital
Saint Margaret's Presbyterian Church
Saint Margarets Anglican Church
Saint Mark's Catholic Church
Saint Mark's School
Saint Marks Anglican Church
Saint Marks Coptic Orthodox Church
Saint Marks Presbyterian
Saint Marks Road
Saint Marks Surgical Centre
Saint Maroun Rise
Saint Martin Presbyterian Church
Saint Martin's Anglican Church At Saint Chad
Saint Martins Lane
Saint Mary by the Sea Anglican
Saint Mary MacKillop Catholic School
Saint Mary's Catholic Church
Saint Mary's Catholic School
Saint Mary's Church / Saint Mary's Cooperating Parish
Saint Mary's College
Saint Mary's Road
Saint Mary's School
Saint Mary's, Immaculate Conception
Saint Mary's-in-Holy Trinity
Saint Marys Assyrian Church of the East
Saint Marys Bay
Saint Marys Catholic Church / Saint Marys Papakura Parish
Saint Marys Church / St Mary's Parish
Saint Marys Close
Saint Marys Pre School
Saint Matthew's Church
Saint Matthew-in-the-City
Saint Matthias Anglican Church
Saint Michael's Avenue
Saint Michael's Catholic Church
Saint Michael's School
Saint Michaels and All Angels Anglican Church
Saint Ninians Church
Saint Oswald's Anglican Church
Saint Oswalds Road
Saint Patrick's School
Saint Patrick's Square
Saint Patricks Catholic Church
Saint Paul Anglican Church
Saint Paul Street
Saint Paul's Primary School
Saint Pauls
Saint Pauls Anglican Church / Saint Pauls in the Park
Saint Pauls Methodist Church
Saint Pauls of Devonport
Saint Pauls Presbyterian
Saint Pauls Presbyterian Church
Saint Pauls, The Parish of Milford
Saint Peter Chanel
Saint Peter's Anglican Church
Saint Peter's College
Saint Peters Anglican Church
Saint Peters Catholic Church
Saint Philip's Anglican
Saint Pierre Sushi
Saint Pierre's Sushi
Saint Pius X Catholic School
Saint Simon Place
Saint Stephen's Chapel
Saint Stephen's Presbyterian Church
Saint Stephens Avenue
Saint Therese School
Saint Thomas Anglican
Saint Thomas Dairy
Saint Thomas More Parish
Saint Thomas'
Saint Thomas's School
Saint Vincent Avenue
Saint Vincent de Paul Church
Saintly Lane
Saints Court
Saione Parish Methodist Church
Saioni Wesleyan Church
Sakana Sushi
Sake Bar Icoo
Sake Bar Nippon
Sakebar Nippon
Saku Saku Restaurant
Sal Rose
Sal's Pizza
Salamanca Road
Salas Place
Sale & Pepe
Sale Street
Salem Place
Saleyard Road
Saleyard Street
Saleyards Road
Salford Crescent
Salima Talagi Street
Salisbury Road
Salisbury Street
Salisbury Superette
Sally Crescent
Saloon Bar
Sals Pizza
Saltaire Street
Saltburn Road
Saltmarsh Road
Salvation Army
Salvation Army - Furniture
Salvation Army / Amazing Grace Fellowship Church
Salvation Army Community Church
Salvation Army Family Store
Salvation Army Shop
Sal’s Pizza
Sam Place
Sam Wrigley Street
Samara Place
Sambrooke Crescent
Sammy's Lounge
Samoa House
Samoa House Lane
Samoan Assemblies of God
Samoan Assemblies of God Church
Samoan Assembly of God
Samoan Baptist Church Papatoetoe
Samoan Methodist Church
Samoan Open Brethren
Samoan Presbyterian Church
Samoan Revival Christian Centre
Sample Road
Sampson Lane
Sams Kitchen
Sams Roasts
Samuel Cassidy Avenue
Samuel Cross Place
Samuel Place
Samuel's Lane
Samwoo Vietnamese Cafe
San Ambrosio Rise
San Angelo Court
San Antonio Way
San Bernadino Drive
San Carlo Court
San Casello Rise
San Diego Court
San Domingo Rise
San Fernando Way
San Ignacio Court
San Jose Rise
San Lorenzo Rise
San Luis Place

san Marco Rise

San Marino Drive
San Marino Drive West
San Martin Place
San Pablo Way
San Pedro Place
San Prospero Crescent
San Valentino Drive
San Vito Place
Sanbells Kitchen
Sancta Maria Catholic Primary School
Sancta Maria College
Sancta Maria Place
Sanctuary Point
Sand Bar
Sanda Road
Sandalwood Place
Sandbrook Avenue
Sandeep Jeewan Church
Sanders Avenue
Sanders reserve Kids loop
Sanders Reserve kowhai loop
Sanders Reserve recreational loop (4km)
Sanders Road
Sanderson Lane
Sandford Street
Sandford Way
Sandgate Avenue
Sandhurst Rise
Sandiacre Way
Sandown Road
Sandpiper Grove
Sandra Avenue
Sandra Dairy
Sandrine Avenue
Sandringham Bowling Club
Sandringham Food Market
Sandringham Laundromat
Sandringham Liquor Centre
Sandringham Lodge
Sandringham Road
Sandringham Road Extension
Sandringham Samoan Assembly of God
Sandringham Superette
Sandspit Road
Sandstone Road
Sandwich Factory Lunch Bar
Sandwick Drive
Sandy Bay
Sandy Bay Road
Sandy Lane
Sandys Parade
Saneh Thai
Sanft Avenue
Sangeet Indian Cuisine
Sanitarium Health Food Company
Santa Ana Drive
Santa Cruz Drive
Santa Fe Accommodation
Santa Monica Place
Santa Rosa Terrace
Santhiya's Restaurant
Santiago Crescent
Santorini Rise
Santos Place
Sapperton Drive
Sapphire Place
Sapwood Crescent
Saracen Way
Sarah Place
Sarah Selwyn
Sarah Todd Lane
Sarajevo Place
Saralee Drive
Saran Place
Sarap Buffet Restaurant
Saratoga Avenue
Sarawia Street
Sarazen Drive
Sari Place
Sarona Avenue
Sarsfield Street
Sarteano Drive
Sartors Avenue
Satchell Place
Saturn Place
Satya Indian restaurant
Satya South Indian restaurant
Satyavan Temple
Saul Liquor Store
Saunders Place
Sauterne Road
Sauvignon Avenue
Savage Street
Savannah Street
Save Mart
Saver Supermarket Manukau Ltd - Halal
Savill Drive
Savill Link
Savill Superette
Savina Court
Savona Drive
Savoy Road
Sawmill Road
Saxon Street
Saybrook Place
Sayegh Street
Sayes Close
Scale Marine Modellers Inc.
Scalini Ristorante
Scalzo Food Industries
Scanlan Street
Scanlen Terrace
Scarboro Terrace
Scarborough Lane
Scarborough Terrace
Scarlet Drive
Scarlet Oak Drive
Scarlett Slimms and Lucky
Scarlock Avenue
Scene Lane
Scenic Dairy
Scenic Drive
Scenic Drive to Konini Road Track
Scenic Hotel
Scenic Lookout Airport Runway
Sceptre Place
Scherff Road
Schnapper Rock
Schnapper Rock Road
Schofield Street
Scholars Cafe
School Access Footpath
School Dairy
School Hall
School of Dance
School of Fish Childcare
School Office
School Pool
School Road
Schoolside Road
Schoombie Drive
Schopolo Place
Scoria Crescent
Scorpio Place
Scorpion Liquor
Scotia Place
Scotland Street
Scotsmoor Drive
Scotstoun Place
Scott Avenue
Scott Point
Scott Point School
Scott Road
Scott Street
Scotts Road
Scottsfield Drive
Scottys Accommodation
Scout Avenue
Scowns Way
Scramble Lane
Scrarecrow Grocer
Screen Road
Scribbles Early Education Centre
Scrubby Dubby Laundromat
Sea Cow
Sea Spray Drive
Sea View Terrace
Sea Vista Apartments
Sea Vista Avenue
Sea Vista Holiday Cottage
Seabar Place
Seabreeze Motel
Seabreeze Road
Seabrook Avenue
Seabrook Avenue Cycle Path
Seachange Crescent
Seacliffe Avenue
Seacliffe Road
Seacombe Road
Seacrest Drive
Seadrome Residential Home and Hospital
Seafield View Road
Seafood Paradise
Seafood restaurant
Seaford Place
Seaforth Avenue
Seaglen Place
Seagrove Road
Seahorse Place
Seakens Way
Sealand Place
Sealord Place
Sealy Road
Seamart Seafood
Sean Fitzpatrick Place
Seaplane Lane
Searidge Rise
Searle Street
Seascape Road
Seaside Avenue
Seasons Market
SEAT Store
Seaton Road
Seattle Espresso
Seaview Avenue
Seaview Road
Seaview Terrace
Seaward Place
Seaway Road
Seawind Way
Sebastians Cafe
Seccombes Road
Secoia Crescent
Second Avenue
Second View Avenue
Secret Kitchen
Secret Thai Garden
Secretariat Place
Seddon Avenue
Seddon Street
Sefton Avenue
Segar Avenue
Segedin Place
Seibel Road
Seine Road
Sel Peacock Drive
Selago Place
Selak Convenience Store
Selak Place
Selbourne Street
Selby Square
Selcourt Road
Select Pizza
Select Tyre And Auto Service
Seleni Hall
Self Service Laundromat
Selfs Road
Selkirk Road
Selsey Lane
Selwood Road
Selwyn Anglican Church
Selwyn Avenue
Selwyn Chapel
Selwyn College
Selwyn Court
Selwyn Crescent
Selwyn Heights Village
Selwyn House
Selwyn Library
Selwyn Oaks
Selwyn Ridge Track
Selwyn Road
Selwyn Street
Selwyn Village
Semadeni Lane
Semillon Avenue
Sen Vietnamese Kitchen
Sena Place
Senator Drive
Seneca Court
Senecio Place
SeniorNet Glenfield
Sentinel Road
Sentosa Place
Seon Place
Seoul Butchery
Seoul Trading House
September Place
Septimus Place
Sequoia Place
Serai Place
Serengeti Restaurant
Serenity Place
Seresin Crescent
Sergeant Road
Sergeants Way
Serjeant Street
Serl Place
Serrano Place
Serrata Place
Serrita Avenue
Service Lane
Servo Cafe, restaurant and Bar
Serwayne Place
Sesame Grove
Seton Place
Sette Bello Pizzeria Italia
Settlement Road
Settlement Road Bakery
Settlement Road Kindergarten
Settlement Superette
Settlers Avenue
Settlers Country Manor
Settlers Cove
Seven Mart
Seven Oaks Drive
Seven Star Restaurant and Bar
Seven to Eleven Superette
Seventh Day Adventist
Seventh Day Baptist Church
Seventh View Avenue
Severn Street
Sevilla Place
Seville Superette
Sexton Place
Seychelles Street
Seymour Avenue
Seymour Road
Seymour Street
SG Coffee
SH 16
SH 20A
SH-18 Cycleway
Sha Xian Snack
Shaan Way
Shackleton Road
Shaddock Street
Shadwell Place
Shaftesbury Avenue
Shah - Ji
Shah Lane
Shah Place
Shahi Dawat
Shahi Indian Restaurant
Shahrzad Kebab
Shakepeare's Tavern
Shakespare Rd Fish & Chips
Shakespeare Bakery
Shakespeare Road
Shakespeare Road Shared Path
Shaky Isles
Shaky Isles Cafe
Shale Avenue
Shalimar Place
Shalom Celebration Centre
Shalom Court Boutique Home and Hospital
Shamiana Indian Cafe
Shamiana Indian House
Shamrock Cottage Cafe
Shamrock Drive
Shamrock Lane
Shamrock Park
Shanaway Rise
Shandon Street
Shang Lee
Shanghai Lils
Shanghai Restaurant
Shanghai restaurant
Shankill Place
Shannon Place
Shao Lin Massage
Shaolin Kung Fu Noodle
Shaolin Kungfu Noodles
Sharivari Place
Sharkey Street
Sharland Ave Superette
Sharland Ave Takeaways
Sharland Avenue
Sharon Road
Sharp Bush Track
Sharpe Road
Sharpen and Repair
Sharples Place
Shaw Road
Shaw Street
Shaw Way
Shawcross Avenue
Shayla Place
Shea Terrace
Shearer Street
Shearwater Rise
Shed 10
Shed 23
Shed 36
Sheddings Lane
Shede Restaurant
Sheehan Avenue
Sheehan Road
Sheehan Street
Sheffield Place
Sheinkin Restaurant and Cafe
Shelby Lane
Shelby Place
Sheldon Place
Shelduck Way
Shelly Bay Road
Shelly Beach
Shelly Beach Parade
Shelly Beach Road
Shelly Park
Shelly Park Primary School
Shelter Drive
Shenandoah Avenue
Shens Takeaway
Shens Takeaways
Shenton Place
Shepherds Lane
Shepherds Park Retirement Village
Shepherds Road
Sheppard Avenue
Shera Road
Sheralee Dairy
Sheralee Place
Sherbourne Road
Sheridan Drive
Sheridan Lane
Sherie Place
Sheriff Place
Sherpa Place
Sherrybrooke Place
Sherson Willis
Sherwood Avenue
Sherwood Grove
Sherwood School
Shetland Street
Shibata Rise
Shifnal Drive
Shiloh Ministries
Shiloh Way
Shiloh Wesleyan Church
Shingleton Lane
Shipherds Avenue
Shipherds Close
Ships Grab
Shipton Place
Shipwright Lane
Shiraz Bar
Shiraz Place
Shirley Avenue
Shirley Day Lane
Shirley Road
Shiv Sai Superette
Shoal Bay Road
Shoe Clinic
Shoe Science
Shogun Japanese Restaurant
Shona Place
Shooters Saloon
Shop n Save
Shore City Takapuna
Shore Community Church
Shore Elim
Shore Grace
Shore Road
Shore Road Cafe
Shore Road Superette
Shore Sushi Japanese Cuisine
Shorecare Pharmacy
Shorecare Urgent Care Northcross
Shoreham Street
Short And Steep
Short Road
Short Street
Shortland Street
Shortt Avenue
Shorwell Street
Shots n' Broc.
Showa Cafe
Shree Superette
Shreeji Takeaway
Shrewsbury Avenue
Shri Shirdi Saibaba Centre
Shrule Place
Shubh Takeaway
Shum Island Fruit and Veges
Shut The Front Door
Siam Thai
Siam Thai Massage
Sid Place
Sidart Restaurant
Sidewalk Takeaway
Sidey Avenue
Sidmouth Street
Sidney Wallingford Way
Siedeberg Drive
Siena Place
Sierra Cafe
Sierra Coffee
Sierra Street
Sierra Way
Siesta Motel
Sikkim Crescent
Sileni Place
Silicon Tree
Silk Road Sushi Bar
Silkwood Crescent
Silkwood Grove
Silky Otter
Silo Apartments
Silo Cinema
Silo Marina
Silvana Drive
Silver Beech Street
Silver Bell Food Bar
Silver Birch Rise
Silver Creek Road
Silver Fern Backpackers
Silver Lake Takeaway
Silver Moon Road
Silver Oaks Inn
Silver Road
Silvereye Road
Silverstone Place
Silverton Avenue
Silverwood Drive
Sime Road
Simkin Avenue
Simkin Superette
Simla Mirch Restaurant
Simmental Crescent
Simmonds Avenue
Simmonds Lane
Simon Ellice Drive
Simon Owen Place
Simple Storage Soultions
Simply Beds
Simply Fresh
Simply Machines
Simpson Road
Sims Kitchen
Sims Road
Sinclair Street
Sing Tao Chinese Takeaways
Singleton Avenue
Sinton Road
Sinton Road East
Siota Crescent
Sioux Road
Sir Douglas Bader Intermediate School
Sir Dove-Myer Robinson
Sir Edmund Hillary Collegiate
Sir Edmund Hillary Library
Sir George Grey
Sir Keith Park Avenue
Sir Keith Park School
Sir Lincoln Drive
Sir Lloyd Drive
Sir Neil Waters Lecture Theatres
Sir Owen G Glenn National Aquatic Centre
Sir Peter Blake Parade
Sir William Avenue
Sir William Jordan Recreation Centre
Sir Woolf Fisher Drive
Sires Parkway
Sirius Place
Siska Place
Sispara Place
Sistema Plastics Limited
Sisters On Wakelin
Siwalai Thai Massage & Spa
Sixteen Tun
Sixth Sense Bar and Club
S.K Autos
Skanda Crescent
Skate Park
Skate park
Skeates Avenue
Skelligs Drive
Skelton Avenue
SKHY Apartments
Skilgate Avenue
Skilling Place
Skinner Road
Skip Lane
Skipper Avenue
Skippy Patuwai Lane
Skipton Street
Skua Road
Sky Café
Sky Horse Takeaways
Sky jump
Sky Tower
Skybird Place
Skyblue Superette
SkyCity Grand Hotel
SkyCity Theatre
Skye Road
Skyla Place
Skylark Road
Skymart Superette
Skyway Lodge
Sleeping Class
Sligo Place
Slim Place
Slip Track
Slipper Avenue
Sloane Street
Smale Street
Smales Road
Small Kauri Early Childhood Education
Smallfield Avenue
Smart Horse
Smart PC
Smart Superette
Smart Sushi
Smash It
Smedley Street
Smile Dessert
Smile Mart
Smile Superette
Smile Supermarket
Smiles Supermarket
Smiley Dairy
Smiley Mart
Smith & Smith
Smith Crescent
Smith Road
Smith Street
Smithfield Lane
Smiths Avenue
Smiths City
Smiths Road
Smoove - Dungarees
Smythe Road
Snack Shop Superette
Snacker Convenience Store
Snake Necked Turtle
Snakes And Ladders Playground
Snave Place
Snax Cafe
Sneaky Hand Job
Snell Avenue
Snell Place
Snooker World
Snow White Laundromat
Snowden Place
Snows Lane
Soak&Suds Laundrette
Soar Printing
Soaring Bird Drive
Social Sciences Building
Socials Coffee
Socials Laundromat
Soddozai NZ Limited T/a. Premium Meats Halal
Sofitel Auckland Viaduct Harbour
Sofs Lane
Softwood Avenue
Sohlue Place
Sohum Place
Solan Drive
Solana Court
Solar Eatery & Bar
Solar Road
Soldiers Memorial Walkway
Soldiers Way
Sole Fry Fish and Chips
Solea Road
Solent Street
Solid Rock Church
Solidus Lane
Soling Place
Solitaire Lane
Soljak Place
Soljan Drive
Soljans Place
Soljans Winery and Cafe
Sollum Road
Solo Place
Solstone Place
Solveig Place
Solvit Road
Solway Road
SoMang Korean Church
Somerfield Street
Somerset Road
Somerton Rise
Somervell Presbyterian Church
Somerville Intermediate School
Somerville Road
Sommerville Liquor Centre
Sommerville Special School
Sommet Place
Soneri Close
Song Do
Song Kee Fruit and Vege
Songbird Cafe
Songline Road
Sonia Avenue
Sonja Drive
Sonnenberg Way
Sonoma Crescent
Sonterra Close
Sopheara Cambodian restaurant and Bar
Sophia Close
Sophia Place
Sophie Lane
Sophora Place
Sophora Way
Sorbonne Close
Sorrel Crescent
Soul Bar and Bistro
Soul Sushi
Soul Thai
Sound Around Car Audio
Sounds of Sea
South Auckland Bible Church
South Auckland Fijian Assembly of God
South Auckland Motors Manukau
South Auckland Samoan Seventh-Day Adventist Church
South Auckland Seventh-Day Adventist School
South Auckland Tongan Seventh-Day Adventist Church
South Battery - observation post
South British Insurance Company Building
South City Bakery
South Eastern Busway
South Eastern Highway
South Indian Cuisine
South Kensington Way
South Lynn Road
South Pacific Place
South Pacific Road
South Piha Beach
South Street
South Superette
South Titirangi
South Titirangi Road
South-East Asia Habitat Redevelopment
Southbound Record Shop
Southdown Lane
Southern Bakehouse
Southern Corridor Cycleway
Southern Corridor Improvements
Southern Cross Auckland Surgical Centre
Southern Cross Campus
Southern Cross Hospital
Southern Cross Road
Southern Cross Senior School
Southern Fried Chicken
Southern Isthmus Cycleway
Southern Superette
Southgate Place
Southgate Superette
Southmall Bakery
Southmall Fruit and Vegetables
Southmall Manurewa
Southmall Pharmacy
Southpark Place
Southview Place
Sovereign Place
Sovereign Street
Spacca Pizza
Spalding Rise
Spargo Road
Spark NZ
Sparkle Laundromat
Sparkling Laundromat
Sparky Road
Sparrow Place
Spartan Road
SPCA Op Shop
Speakers Corner
Spears Place
Special Pot
Specialist Medical and Surgical Centre
Spedding Road
Speed King Laundromat
Speedy Crescent
Speight Road
Spenbrooke Road
Spence Road
Spencer on Byron
Spencer Road
Spencer Street
Spencer Terrace
Sperry Place
Speyside Crescent
Spice Bazaar
Spice Corner
Spice Star Indian Takeaway
Spice Star Takeaway
Spice Turkish Kebabs
Spice World Food Mart
Spices & Flavor
Spices Supermarket
Spices Thai
Spices Thai restaurant and Bar
Spicy Hotpot
Spicy House
Spicy Palace restaurant
Spillers Hammer Hardware
Spin Cycle Laundry
Spine Road
Spinella Drive
Spinlay Road
Spinnaker Drive
Spirit of Blockhouse Bay
Splendid Takeaway
Splendour Close
Splish Splash
Spode Place
Spoonbill Place
Spooner Lane
Sport and Recreation Interim Facility
Spotted Dove Road
Spragg Bush Track
Spragg Monument
Spraggs Monument Track
Spray Rise
Spriggs Lane
Spring Bakery
Spring Garden Avenue
Spring Grove
Spring Street
Spring Valley Place
Springbank Lane
Springcombe Road
Springcrest Drive
Springfield Road
Springfield Street
Springhill Lane
Springhill Road
Springleigh Avenue
Springs Bakery
Springs Of Life Church
Springs Road
Springside Drive
Springside Place
Springvale Drive
Springwater Vale
Springwood Place
Sproston Avenue
Sprott Road
Spruce Place
Squadron Drive
Square Convenience Store
Squirrel Lane
Srah Place
Sri Ganesh Food Spices
Sri Mahkota
Sri Penang
Srpska Pravoslavna Crkva
SS Supermarket
SSS Superette
SSYC restaurant
St Andrew's Church
St Andrews Way
St Anne's Catholic Church
St Annes Foreshore
St Catherine Crescent
St Chad's Anglican Church
St Chad’s Anglican-Methodist Church
St Davids Street
St Francis de Sales Church
St Heliers Presbyterian Church and Community Centre
St Heliers School
St Ignatius Catholic Church
St Ives Terrace
St James Anglican Church
St James Avenue
St John National Headquarters
St John the Baptist
St John the Baptist Church
St John the Evangelist Catholic School
St John's Church
St John's the Evangelist Church
St Johns
St Joseph's Parish
St Leger Close
St Luke's Catholic Community
St Lukes Anglican Church and Community Center
St Margaret Place
St Margarets Church Shop
St Peter's Anglican Church
St Peters Street
St Pierre Sushi
St. Pierre Sushi

st pierre sushi

St Pierre's Sushi & Bento Bowl
St Pierres Sushi
St Pius X Parish
St Stephen's Church
St Therese Parish
St Thomas More Lane
St Vincent Avenue
Stable Lane
Stables Theatre
Stack Street
Stadium Drive
Stadium Lane
Stadium Road
Stadium Road (1022)
Staff Car Park
Staffa Street
Stafford Avenue
Stafford Road
Stafson Lane
Staincross Street
Stained Skin Tattoo
Staines Avenue
Stainton Place
Stairway Stationers
Staley Road
Stallard Place
Stamford Crescent
Stamford Park Road
Stamford Plaza Auckland
Stan Wright Road
Stanaway Street
Stancombe Road
Standage Lane
Standen Avenue
Standing Room
Standish Place
Stanford Street
Stanhope Road
Stanhope Road School
Stanley Avenue
Stanley Bakery
Stanley Bay School
Stanley Bay Wharf
Stanley Beach
Stanley Black And Decker
Stanley Bowling Club
Stanley Point
Stanley Point Road
Stanley Road
Stanley Street
Stanmore Road
Stanniland Street
Stansfield Place
Stanton Terrace
Stanway Place
Stanwell Street
Stapleford Crescent
Staples New Zealand
Star Cafe
Star Cafe Seafood Restaurant
Star Convenience
Star Drycleaning
Star Hotel
Star Kebab
Star Laundromat
Star Place
Star Superette
Star Sushi
Starbucks Coffee
Stardon Place
Starforth Place
Starlet Lane
Starlight Cove
Starling Place
Stars Bakery
Starship Childrens Hospital
Starwood Superette
Starz Convenience Store
State Avenue
State Dairy
State Highway 16
State of Grace Funerals
Staten Place
Statesman Street
Station Bay Access Track
Station Cafe
Station Road
Station Road Dairy
Station Road Lunch Bar
Station Square
Station Street
Stationery City
Statue Of A Cloaked Woman
Staveley Avenue
Staverton Crescent
Stay True Tattoo
Steak Pasta Pizza Ristorante
Steam Hauler Track
Steamer Place
Stedfast Park
Stedman Place
Steed Road
Steel Road
Steele Street
Steen Place
Steeple Rise
Steins Avenue
Stella Drive
Stella Place
Stella Rise
Stellamaris Way
Stellata Court
Stephanie Close
Stephen Avenue
Stephen Lysnar Place
Stepping Stones
Sterling Avenue
Sterling Street
Steve's Chinese and European
Steven Street
Stevenson Road
Stevenson Way
Stevensons Crescent
Stevies Lane
Stewart Avenue
Stewart Gibson Place
Stewart Place
Stewart Road
Stewart Street
Sticky Fingers Cafe & Catering
Stihl Shop
Stilwell Road
Stirling Sports
Stirling Street
Stitchbird Close
Stitchbird Crescent
Stock Street
Stockton Place
Stoddard Fruit Centre
Stoddard Place
Stoddard Road
Stokes Avenue
Stokes Road
Stolen Summer
Stolford Crescent
Stoll Place
Stone Oven Bakery and Cafe
Stone Street
Stonebrooke Lane
Stonedge Lane
Stonedon Drive
Stonefields Avenue
Stonefields Heritage Trail
Stonefields Palermo
Stonefields School
Stonegate Close
Stonehill Drive
Stoneleigh Court
Stonemason Avenue
Stoneridge Terrace
Stonex Road
Stoney Creek Drive
Stoneybridge Lane
Stoneybridge Market
Stoneyroyd Gardens
Stop n Save
Stop N Save Grocery
Storage Box
Storage King
Storm Liquor
Stormont Place
Stormwater Construction Shaft
Stormwater Pumping Station Construction
Stornaway Drive
Stott Avenue
Stottholm Road
Stovetops coffee van
Stow Place
Strabo Place
Strachan Road
Stranolar Drive
Stranraer Crescent
Stratford Avenue
Stratford Road
Stratford Street
Strathaven Road
Strathfield Lane
Strathmoor Drive
Strathnaver Crescent
Stratton Lane

strawberry garden

Streamview Way
Stredwick Drive
Strid Road
Strip Road
Stripe Cafe
Strong Street
Stroud Place
Struan Place
Strundeen Close
Stuart Street
Stubbs Place
Stud Way
Student Central
Student Village
Studfall Street
Studholme Street
Studio 246
Studio One – Toi Tū
Stumpys Pizza
Sturdee Road
Sturdee Street
Sturges Avenue
Sturges Road
Sturges Road Kindergarten
Sturm Avenue
Styak Street
Styca Place
Style Mart
Stylish Hair And Beauty
Su Zhe Restaurant
Subaru Of New Zealand
Subritzky Avenue
Suburbs RFC
Subway Kelston
Subway Road
Suckling's Lane
Suda Place
Sudan Avenue
Sudeley Street
Sudima Hotel
Sudoku Traditional Hotpot
Suffolk Close
Suffolk Street
Sugar N Cup
Sugar Principle
Sukumen Shanghai Restaurant
Sullivan Avenue
Sulphur Beach Road
Sultan Street
Sumich Place
Sumit Superette
Summer Bakery
Summer Street
Summerfield Early Learning Centre
Summerfield Lane
Summerfield Villas
Summerhill Place
Summerland Drive
Summerland Primary School
Summermist Drive
Summerset at Karaka
Summerset by the Park
Summerset on Monterey Park
Summit Cafe
Summit Drive
Summit Road
Summit Track
Sumner Street
Sun and Moon Laundromat
Sun Horse Takeaways
Sun Island
Sun Orchid Avenue
Sun Place
Sun Tasty BBQ Takeaways
Sun Wing Tai Superstore
Sun World Chinese Restaurant
Sunburst Lane
Sunburst Street
Suncrest Drive
Sunderland Avenue
Sunderland Street
Sunderlands Road
Sunflower Cafe
Sunflower Thai Vegetarian Restaurant
Sunglade Grove
Sungrove Rise
Sunhaven Avenue
Sunhill Garden Center
Sunhill Road
Sunkist Bay Road
Sunlands Drive
Sunline Avenue
Sunningdale Street
Sunny Brae Crescent
Sunny Crescent
Sunny Dairy
Sunny Takeaway
Sunnybrae Dairy
Sunnybrae Normal School
Sunnybrae Road
Sunnybrae Takeaway
Sunnydale Place
Sunnyfield Crescent
Sunnyhaven Avenue
Sunnyhill Crescent
Sunnyhills School
Sunnylaw Place
Sunnymead Road
Sunnynook Bakery
Sunnynook Baptist Church
Sunnynook Dairy
Sunnynook Dry Pond
Sunnynook Fast Food
Sunnynook Kindergarten
Sunnynook Liquor Centre
Sunnynook Pre School
Sunnynook Primary School
Sunnynook Road
Sunnypark Avenue
Sunnyridge Place
Sunnyside Crescent
Sunnyside Road
Sunnyside Tennis Club
Sunnyvale Kindergarten
Sunnyvale Road
Sunnyvale School
Sunnyvale Superette
Sunnyview Avenue
Sunnyview Road
Sunpark Place
Sunray Avenue
Sunrise Avenue
Sunrise Bakery
Sunrise Cafe
Sunrise Lane
Sunrise Laundromat
Sunset Motel
Sunset Rest Home and Hospital
Sunset Restaurant & Bar
Sunset Road
Sunset Superette
Sunset View Road
Sunshine Boulevard
Sunshine Lane
Sunshine Place
Sunview Dairy
Sunvista Avenue
Sunvue Road
Sunward Rise
Supa Fruit
Supa Fruit Mart
Supa Supermarket
Supa Value Papakura
Supa Value Supermarket
Supa Value Supermarket Otara
Super Cheap Auto
Super Food Market
Super Liquor
Super Mart
Super Save
Super Saver
Super Saver Food Mart
Super Value
Super Wash Laundromat
Super Wok
Supercheap Auto
Supercity - Halal meats Ltd
Supercity Towing
Superclinic Road
SuperValue Palomino
Supply Store
Supreme Liquor
Surat Place
Surf 'n Snow Backpackers
Surfdale Beach
Surfdale Road
Surgery South
Surman Place
Surrey Crescent
Surrey Crescent Cycleway
Surrey Street
Survila Street
Surville Place
Susanne Place
Sushi & Don
Sushi & Roll
Sushi 5000
Sushi Ami
Sushi Asahi
Sushi Break
Sushi Delight
Sushi Don
Sushi Edge
Sushi Factory
Sushi Gallery
Sushi Go Round
Sushi House & Donburi
Sushi Ichiban
Sushi Juice
Sushi Kim Chef
Sushi Lounge
Sushi Me
Sushi Milford
Sushi Pac
Sushi Plus
Sushi Samurai
Sushi San
Sushi Takeaway
Sushi Takeaways
Sushi Today
Sushi Tomi
Sushi Torbay
Sushi Train
Sushi Ya
Sushi Zen
Sushi, Fish and Chips
Sushi-Ya Sushi
Sussex Street
Sussex Terrace
Sutcliffe Place
Sutherland Road
Suthys Lunch Bar
Sutties Lane
Sutton Avenue
Sutton Crescent
Sutton Park School
Sutton Road
Suwyn Place
Suzetta Place
Suzys Fish and Chips
Swaffield Bakery and Lunch Bar
Swaffield Road
Swaffield Superette
Swaffield Wines and Spirits
Swag Barbershoppe
Swagat Indian
Swainston Road
Swallow Bakery
Swallow Drive
Swamp Kauri Grove
Swamp Track
Swan Crescent
Swan Hill Drive
Swan Lane
Swan's Dairy
Swanson Memorial RSA
Swanson Oaks
Swanson Pharmacy
Swanson Pipeline Track
Swanson Road
Swanson Road Dairy
Swanson School
Swanson Street
Swanson Superette
Swanson Village Wines and Spirits
Sweat Shop
Swedish Furniture
Sweet As
Sweet Chilli
Sweet Secret Cake House
Sweetie Cafe
Swift Avenue
Swinburne Street
Swindon Close
Swinton Close
Swirling Bull
Swiss Cafe and Bakery
Swordfish Place
Sycamore Drive
Sycamore Street
Sydenham Road
Sydney Owen Road
Sydney Street
Sykes Road
Sylvan Avenue
Sylvan Avenue East
Sylvan Avenue West
Sylvan Crescent
Sylvan Glade
Sylvan Park Avenue
Sylvan Superette
Sylvan Valley Avenue
Sylvania Crescent
Sylvester Avenue
Sylvia Ashton Warner Library
Sylvia Park
Sylvia Park Motel
Sylvia Park Playground
Sylvia Park Road
Sylvia Park School
Sylvia Road
Sylvias Bakery
Symonds Liquor
Symonds Street
Symonds Street NZ Wars memorial
Syntax Place
Syracuse Place
Syrah Crescent

T Galleria by DFS
T White's Bikes
T. White’s Bikes & The Secondhand Bike Shop
T&C Drycleaners
T&T Childrenswear
T-Hut and bubble tea
T-Mark Supermarket
T2 - tea shop
Taatahi Street
TAB Royal Oak
Tabago Place
Tabitha Crescent
Tableau Place
Tacitus Place
Taco Bell
Tacoma Road
Tacon Place
Tactics Sports Bar
Tadley Court
Tae Hwa Ru
Tae Neung Korean BBQ restaurant
Taeaofou i Puaseisei Preschool
Tagalad Road
Tagata Way
Tagor Street
Taha Road
Tahaki Road
Tahapa Crescent
Taharoto Road
Tahatai Road
Tahatai Street
Tahetoka Lane
Tahetoka Street
Tahi Terrace
Tahinga Lane
Tahinga Street
Tahingamanu Road
Tahora Avenue
Tahu Crescent
Tahuhu Road
Tahuna Street
Tahuri Road
Tai Crescent
Tai Ping
Tai Ping Asian supermarket
Tai Ping Supermarket
Tai Ping Superstore
Tai Ping Trading Co
Tai Ping Trading Co. Ltd
Tai Poutini Polytechnic
Taiaapure Street
Taiaha Street
Taiapa Road
Taiapa Valley Road
Taiere Terrace
Taihiki Road
Taikata Road
Taikata Superette
Taiki Lane
Taiko Court
Taimana Place
Tainui Motors
Tainui Road
Tainui Street
Tainui Terrace
Taioma Crescent
Taipan Place
Taipari Road
Tairanga Lane
Tairere Crescent
Tait Place
Tait Street
Taitaia Lane
Taitapu Street
Taitimu Drive
Taitokerau Way
Taitua Drive
Taiwanese Cuisine
Taka Street
Takahe Avenue
Takahe Road
Takanini Bakehouse
Takanini Community Church
Takanini Fish Mart
Takanini Liquor
Takanini Liquor Spot
Takanini Lodge
Takanini Park Motor Lodge
Takanini Pharmacy
Takanini Road
Takanini School
Takanini School Road
Takanini Super Value Supermarket
Takanini Superette
Takanini Tongan Assembly of God
Takapu Street
Takapuna Athletic Club
Takapuna Bar
Takapuna Beach
Takapuna Beach Centre
Takapuna Beach Holiday Park
Takapuna Beach Play Area
Takapuna Bible Chapel
Takapuna Boat Ramp
Takapuna Boating Club
Takapuna Bowling Club
Takapuna Croquet Club
Takapuna Cycle Route
Takapuna Dairy
Takapuna Fire Station
Takapuna Fish Shop
Takapuna Golf Course
Takapuna Grammar School
Takapuna Landing
Takapuna Library
Takapuna Liquor Spot
Takapuna Methodist Church
Takapuna Motor Lodge
Takapuna Normal Intermediate School
Takapuna Pharmacy
Takapuna Police Station
Takapuna School
Takapuna War Memorial
Takarunga Road
Takatu Place
Takau Street
Take Note
Takerei Way
Taketonga Road
Takitimu Street
Takrouna Lane
Taksim Turkish Kitchen
Takutai Avenue
Takutai Street
Talavera Place
Talay Thai
Talented Tots Childcare
Talga Court
Tallington Crescent
Talmar Place
Tama Quadrant
Tamahere Drive
Tamaki Avenue
Tamaki Bay Drive
Tamaki College
Tamaki Community Church
Tamaki Drive
Tamaki Drive Cycleway
Tamaki Drive Shared Path
Tamaki Primary School
Tamaki telephone exchange
Tamar Place
Tamariki Avenue
Tamatea Avenue
Tamatimu Lane
Tamiro Road
Tamora Lane
Tampin Road
Tamure Road
Tamworth Close
Tan's Kitchen
Tana Thai Restaurant
Tanah Merah Drive
Tandem Ministries
Tandoori Flame
Tandoori Hut
Tandoori Mahal
Tandoori Nights
Tane Road
Tane Street
Tanekaha Road
Tanekaha Street
Tang Du Style Restaurant
Tangai Lane
Tangaroa College
Tangaroa Street
Tangata Lane
Tangelo Place
Tangihua Street
Tanglewood Place
Tango Place
Tania Place
Taniwha Street
TANK Juice
Tank Juice Bar
Tank site
Tannaghmore Drive
Tanners Road
Tannock Place
Tanoa Place
Tanpopo Ramen
Tansley Avenue
Tanta Mera Espresso
Tanuki's Cave
Taonga Wesleyan Community
Taonui Street
Tapora Street
Tapu Road
Tapuwae Way
Tara Road
Tarahanga Street
Taraire Drive
Taraire Road
Taraire Track
Tarakoi Road
Taramea Street
Taranaki Road
Taranto Place
Tarantula House
Taranui Place
Tarapiroe Avenue
Tarapuka Road
Tarara Lane
Tararua Street
Tarata Court
Tarata Crescent
Tarata Street
Taratoa Street
Tarawera Terrace
Taremaro Place
Target Bakehouse
Target Court
Target Education
Target Road
Target Road Bakery
Target Road Primary School
Target Street
Tarndale Grove
Tarnica Road
Taro Leaf
Taro Plantation
Taroka Close
Tarrant Road
Tarras Road
Tart Bakery
Taruke Crescent
Taruna Lane
Tasman Avenue
Tasman Care Home
Tasman Drive
Tasman Lookout Track
Tasman View Road
Taste Buds
Taste Cafe
Taste of Korea Foodmarket
Taste Of Samoa
Taste of Sri Lanka
Tasteful Bakehouse Cafe
Tasti Hut
Tasting China Restaurant and Bar
Tasty Food Restaurant and Cafe
Tasty Kebab Ltd - Halal
Tasty Kiwi Bakehouse
Tatariki Street
Tatau Way
Tate Grove
Tate Place
Tattler Road
Tatua Place
Tatyana Place
Tau Drive
Tauhara Street
Tauhinu Road
Tauhinu Sea Scout Group
Taukari Road
Taumanu Reserve to Bamfield Place boardwalk
Taumata Road
Taumata Track
Taunton Terrace
Tauoma Crescent
Taupaki Hall
Taupaki Road
Taupaki School
Taupata Street
Taupiko Place
Taupinga Way
Taupo Street
Taurarua Terrace
Taurikura Way
Taurima Avenue
Taurus Crescent
Tautaiao Lane
Tautari Street
Tauwaka Crescent
Tavern Lane
Tavistock Street
Tavua Lane
Tawa Crescent
Tawa Drive
Tawa Road
Tawa Street
Tawaki Avenue
Tawari Road
Tawari Street
Tawariki Street
Tawatawa Street
Tawavale Crescent
Tawera Avenue
Tawera Road
Tawhia Drive
Tawhiri Road
Tawini Road
Tay Street
Taylor Road
Taylor Street
Taylor's Bay
Taylors College
Taylors Road
Taynith Place
Te Aho Mātua Road
Te Ahuahu Road
Te Akau Crescent
Te Akitai Green
Te Anau Place
Te Ao Lane
Te Aparangi Crescent
Te Aparangi Road
Te Apunga Place
Te Ara I Whiti / The Lightpath
Te Ara Ki Uta Ki Tai
Te Ara Manawa
Te Ara O Tiriwa
Te Ara Tahuhu Walkway
Te Aramanu Crescent
Te Araroa Drive
Te Arawa Street
Te Arikinui Pullman Hotel
Te Aroha Avenue
Te Arohanui Way
Te Atatu Baptist Church
Te Atatu Bible Chapel
Te Atatu Butcher
Te Atatu Community Centre
Te Atatu Congregational Church
Te Atatu Fire Station
Te Atatu Fruit and Vege
Te Atatu Holy Family Catholic Church / Holy Family Parish
Te Atatu Intermediate School
Te Atatu Kindergarten
Te Atatu Memorial RSA
Te Atatu Motors
Te Atatu Peninsula
Te Atatu Peninsula Library
Te Atatu Road
Te Atatu Road Stormwater Pond
Te Atatu South
Te Atatu Takeaways
Te Atatu Union Church / Te Atatu Union Parish
Te Atatu zone substation
Te Aute Ridge Road
Te Aute Road
Te Awapu Crescent
Te Ha o Hine Place
Te Hana Road
Te Henga (Bethells Beach)
Te Henga Road
Te Henga Walkway
Te Hihi
Te Hihi Lane
Te Hihi School
Te Hiko Way
Te Hoe Grove
Te Horeta Road
Te Huruhi Primary School
Te Irirangi Drive
Te Kaainga Rua
Te Kahu Place
Te Kainga Way
Te Kanawa Crescent
Te Kapua Drive
Te Karaiti Te Pou Herenga Waka
Te Kare Road
Te Kauri Place
Te Kawa Road
Te Kawau Pass
Te Kawerau a Maki pou
Te Kea Place
Te Koa Road
Te Koha Road
Te Kohanga Reo
Te Kohanga Reo O Te Rangimaria
Te Kowhai Place
Te Kura Akonga O Manurewa
Te Kura Kaupapa Maori O Te Raki Paewhenua School
Te Kura Kaupapa Māori O Hoani Waititi Marae
Te Kura Kaupapa Māori o Mangere
Te Kura Kaupapa Māori o Pūau Te Moananui-ā-Kiwa
Te Kura Kaupapa Māori o Te Kōtuku
Te Kura Road
Te Makuru Lane
Te Mana Hospital
Te Manawa
Te Marama Road
Te Matariki Clendon Community Centre and Library
Te Matariki Clendon Library
Te Matauranga
Te Matuku Bay Oysters
Te Motu Way
Te Mura Crescent
Te Māra Road
Te Napi Drive
Te Ngakau Waiora Mercy Spiritiuality Centre
Te Nohotu Road
Te Okoriki Lane
Te One Place
Te Oneroa Way
Te Oranui Way
Te Pai Centre
Te Pai Place
Te Papapa
Te Pene Beach
Te Pene Road
Te Pou
Te Puna Hauora Health Clinic
Te Purengi
Te Puru Community Centre
Te Puru Drive
Te Pāpapa School
Te Ra Road
Te Ranu Place
Te Rerenga-ora-iti
Te Rito Road
Te Roera Place
Te Taou Crescent
Te Tiki Road
Te Toi Uku Clay Works
Te Tokaroa Reef
Te Toki Road
Te Uho O Te Nikau Primary School
Te Unuhanga-a-Rangitoto / Mercer Bay
Te Wananga o Aotearoa
Te Wharau
Te Wharau Drive
Te Whau Pathway
Te Whau vineyard
Te Wiata Place
Te Wānanga - Downtown Public Space
Te-Ihu-a-Mataoho Beach
Tea and Coffee Espresso Bar
Tea Total Cafe
Teak Grove
Teal Crescent
Teal Way
Tecoma Street
Ted William Street
Teddybear Lane
Teed Street
Teed Street Larder
Teelin Place
Tegal Road
Teitei Rise
Tekapo Rise
Telco Tower maintenance
Telephone Exchange
Telephone Road
Telford Avenue
Tellin Close
Telpher Street
Telstar Place
Temata Lane
Temperate House
Temple of Meng Leng Trust
Temple Street
Templeton Place
Tempo Place
Temporary Access
Temporary Access Road
Temporary Link Road
Temuka Gardens
Temuri Place
Ten On Ten Indian Takeaway
Tenbless Court
Tendercare Laundry
Tennessee Avenue
Tennis Court
Tennis court 1
Tennis court 2
Tennis court 3
Tennis Courts
Tennis Lane
Tennyson Avenue
Tennyson Street
Tensing Place
Tenterden Avenue
Teo Lane
Tephra Boulevard
Tepid Baths
Tercel Place
Teretere Lane
Terminal Exit Road
Terminus Dairy
Tern Place
Terra Cat - Auckland
Terra Nova Street
Terracotta Drive
Terrasini Drive
Terry Place
Terry Smyth Drive
Terry Street
Terry Street Bible Chapel
Terrylyn Drive
Tesla Place
Tetbury Place
Tete Lane
Tetley Road
Tetra Waldorf Apartments
Tetrarch Place
Teuila Grove
Teviot Place
Texas Chicken
Texture Cafe
Thai 2 Go
Thai Cafe and Bar
Thai Chef restaurant
Thai Chef's Restaurant
Thai Chefs Restaurant
Thai Cuisine
Thai Family Restaurant
Thai Fast Food
Thai Food
Thai Friends
Thai Heng Fresh Market
Thai Heng Fruit & Vege
Thai Heng Garden and Orchard
Thai Heng Grow
Thai House
Thai Isaan restaurant
Thai Jasmine
Thai Kai
Thai Kitchen
Thai Lemon
Thai Me Up
Thai Passion
Thai Passion Takeaway
Thai Peninsula
Thai Rain Forest
Thai Silver
Thai Smile 2
Thai Street
Thai Thai
Thai Thong Dee Bakehouse
Thai Torbay
Thai Traditional restaurant
Thai Train
Thai Village Restaurant
Thalia Place
Thames Street
Thanet Avenue
Thatcher Street
The 1 2 3 Mart
The Abbey Bar and Kitchen
The Activist
The Albany
The Albion
The Albion Hotel
The Alex Bar and Eatery
The Anchorage
The Ancient Mariner
The Anglican Church Of Saint Barnabas
The Archive Wine Bar
The Asian Delight
The Attic Bar and restaurant
The Avenue
The Baby Factory
The Backyard
The Bakehouse
The Baker's Cottage
The Band Rotunda
The Bar
The Barbers Room
The Bay Cafe
The Bays Rise
The BBQ King
The Bean
The Beekeepers Wife
The Beer Spot
The Beresford
The BK Hairdressing
The Blacksmith Eatery and Bar
The Block
The Blockhouse
The Blowhole
The Blue Breeze Inn
The Bottle - O
The Bottle-O
The Bottle-O Royal Oak
The Boulevard
The Brae
The Bramble
The Bridgeway
The Brigham Restaurant and Cafe
The Brook
The Brownzy
The Burbs Eatery
The Burger Shack
The Burgerie
The Cage
The Cake Stall
The Caker
The Camera Store
The Carpark
The Carvery
The Cat And Fiddle
The Cavalier
The Chamberlain
The Cheesecake Shop
The Chef
The Chicken
The Chiller;Caffe Greco
The Chip Basket
The Chip Shop
The Chippy
The Chosen Bun
The Christian Community
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
The Claddagh
The Clare Inn
The Classic Comedy Club
The Clevedon Hotel
The Close
The Cloud
The Co-operative Bank
The Coffee Club
The Coffee Club Wairau Junction
The Collins Cafe
The Commons
The Concourse
The Conservatory
The Cooperative Bank
The Corner Bar
The Corner Bar and Restaurant
The Corner Barber Shop
The Corner Cafe
The Corner Cone
The Corner Restaurant and Bar
The Corner Store
The Cottage
The Cottage Accommodation
The Cottage Kindergarten
The Counter
The Courtyard Sports Bar
The Cozy Cafeteria
The Crescent
The Crest

the cupboard

The Cut Co
The Dairy
The Dark Horse
The Department Store
The Destructor
The Dog's Bollix
The Dominion
The Dream Convention Centre
The Drive
The Eagle
The Edinburgh Castle
The Elephant Thai
The Empire
The Enclave
The Esplanade
The Esplanade Hotel
The Fabric Store
The Fairy Light Shop
The Fancy Bakery
The Father's House
The Fiddler
The Fire Station
The Fireplace
The First Tongan Assembly of God
The Fish And Chip Shop
The Fish and Chip Shop
The Fish and Chippery
The Fish Pot Cafe
The Fishmonger
The Flagship Marina Restaurant and Bar
The Flaming Onion
The Flaming Tandoori
The Flying Burrito Brothers
The Flying Pizza
The Food Vault
The Fox
The Frais Cafe
The Framers Guild
The Franklin
The Fridays Studio
The Fridge
The Furlong

the fusion of beauty /barber

The Galleries
The Gap Viewpoint
The Garden Party
The Garden Shed
The Gardens
The Gardens Liquor Centre
The Gardens School
The Garnet Road Foodstore
The Gate
The Glade Path
The Glass Goose
The Glebe
The Glen
The Golden Promise
The Golfer’s Club
The Good Home
The Gourmet
The Grand Hotel
The Grange Golf Club
The Grange Golf Course
The Great Cafe
The Great Cyrus Pizza and Kebab
The Great Thai
The Great Tong
The Great Tong Takeaways
The Green
The Green Grocer / Cafe
The Grill
The Grill by Sean Connolly
The Grind
The Grotto
The Grove
The Hadlow
The Hangar Bar
The Hangi Shop
The Harlequin
The hemp store
The Hemp Store Cafe
The Hereford
The Heritage
The Homestead Community House and Church
The Hotel Britomart
The House of Rugby
The Intersection / Avondale Baptist Church / Jukibbum Baptist Church
The Isaac
The Island Grocer
The Italian Job
The Junction Eatery
The Keep
The Kimchi Project
The Kind Project
The Kiosk
The Knoll
The Landing
The Landing Restaurant and Bar
The Landmark
The Lantern Chinese restaurant
The Laundry Factory
The Lea
The Leys Institute
The Light Church
The Lighthouse
The Lime Tree Cafe
The Link
The Lister Building
The Little Cake Kitchen
The Little Oven
The Little Steps
The Lodge Bar
The Loft
The Lookout
The Loop Duty Free
The Loop Uniforms
The Love Store by GiGi
The Lula Inn
The Lumsden Freehouse
The Mad Butcher
The Mad Fisherman Fishmarket
The Malt
The Market Road Masonic Hall Fraternity
The Meat Room
The Melanesian Martyrs' Memorial Church of Saint Andrew's
The Melanesian Martyrs' Memorial Church of St Andrews
The Mews
The Middle
The Midnight Baker
The Milford Centre
The Mill Bakehouse
The Mission
The Model Shop
The Muses Jewellery
The Mustard Kitchen
The New Zealand Coffee Co.
The Next Station Cafe
The Nightingale
The No Fuss Bar and Eatery
The Noodle House
The North Face
The Oakroom
The Oaks
The Occidental
The Old Lolly Shop
The One Food Market
The Orchard
The Orchards
The Oval
The Paddington
The Page Corner
The Parade
The Parkhouse
The Piery
The Piha Cafe
The Pines
The Pizza Box
The Playhouse
The Point
The Point Chevalier Beach Cafe
The Pond
The Ponsonby
The Postman's Leg
The Potter Children's Garden
The Powerstation
The Poynton
The Premium Barber
The Print Shop
The Prom
The Promenade

the quadrant

The Raw Kitchen
The Red Monkey
The Refreshment Room
The Rise
The Rise Development
The River Christian Church
The Riverhead
The Rock Shop
The Rosebowl
The Roundabout Bar and Brasserie
The Royal Oak Trading Co.
The Rudder on Hauraki
The Rumpus Room
The Salon Hair Makeup Brows
The Sanctuary On Richmond
The Sands Restaurant
The Sandwicherie
The Sebel
The Shelf
The Shore Hifi Company
The Shucker Brothers
The Speights Ale House
The Spice Rack Indian Kitchen
The Spinney
The Stall
The Station
The Station Backpackers
The Station Crescent
The Steel Works
The Store
The Store on Koni
The Strand
The Strand Arcade
The Strand Cafe
The Strand Tavern
The Streams Community Church
The Street Food Collective
The String Workshop
The Stylish Man
The Sugar Club
The Sugarloaf
The Surrey Hotel
The Surrey Pub
The Sushi
The Tap House
The Taste
The Taste of India
The Tasting Shed
The Terrace
The Terry Jarvis Centre
The Thai Archer
The ToolShed
The Toybox
The Track
The Triangle
The Tuning Fork
The Unbakery
The Uniform Shoppe
The Valley Kindergarten
The Vape Shed

the vegan store

The Vegas Girl
The Viaduct Grill
The Vic
The Village Bar and Kitchen
The Village Butcher
The Village Pizzeria
The Wardroom Cafe
The Warehouse
The Warehouse Sylvia Park
The Warehouse Way
The Water Shed
The Watering Hole
The Way
The Waypoint
The Westhaven Cafe
The White House Entertainment Centre
The White Rabbit
The Wild Rose
The Williamson Cafe
The Wine Barrel
The Wine Box Restaurant
The Wintergarden Pavillion
The Wishing Tree Early Learning Centre
The Zing restaurant and Bar
The Zookeepers's Son
Theban Place
Thelma Crescent
Theodora Place
Thip Thai
Third Avenue
Third Fairway Place
Third View Avenue
Thirlmere Rise
Thirsty Dog Tavern & Café
Thirsty Liquor
This That Cafe
Thistle Close
Thistledew Place
Thom Street
Thomas Avenue
Thomas Hamer Place
Thomas Hunter Lane
Thomas Peacock Place
Thomas Rea Place
Thomas Rielly Avenue
Thomas Road
Thompson Park Road
Thompson Road
Thompson Street
Thompson Terrace
Thomson Street
Thorley Street
Thorn Place
Thornbill Rise
Thornbury Crescent
Thorne Bay
Thorne Bay Beach
Thornhill Place
Thornlow Street
Thornlow Takeaways
Thornton Green
Thornton Road
Thoroughbred Liquor Centre
Thorp Street
Thorps Quarry Road
Three Brothers Food Mart
Three Kings
Three Kings Automotive
Three Kings Barbers
Three Kings Congregational Church
Three Kings Grove
Three Kings Laundromat
Three Kings Liquor
Three Kings Liquor Centre
Three Kings Plaza
Three Kings Quarry
Three Kings School
Three Kings Takeaway
Three Kings telephone exchange
Three Kings Tennis Pavilion
Three Lamps
Three Muses
Three Oaks Drive
Thrift Way
Thuja Street
Thurso Lane
Thurston Place
Thyme Court
Thyme Out Cafe
Ti Kouka Lane
Ti Kouka Place
Ti Nana Crescent
Ti Rakau Drive
Ti Rakau Drive Superette
Tia Road
Tiaka Place
Tiaki Lane
Tiakina Road
Tiamana Creek Road
Tianze Dumpling House
Tiari Place
Tibbs House
Tiber Road
Tidal Road
Tidal Steps
Tidal View Road
Tide Close
Tides Restaurant and Cafe
Tidey Road
Tiel Lane
Tiffany Close
Tiger Drive
Tiger Moth Lane
Tiger Moth Street
Tiger Motors
Tigers Curry and Pizza
Tihema Lane
Tihi Street
Tiikapa Lane
Tika Street
Tikati Rise
Tiki Street
Tikka Tango Eatery and Bar
Tilberg Street
Tilbrook Place
Tilbury Place
Tilden Avenue
Tilden Street
Tilia Place
Tilly Lane
Tilton Opie Pattinson
Timandra Place
Timaru Place
Timatanga Community School
Timatanga Rise
Timber Place
Timberly Road
Timbermill Road
Timbuktu Deli
Time Out
Timewell Lane
Timmer Road
Timothy Place
Tims Crescent
Tims Roast Takeaway
Timu Road
Tina Place
Tinaku Road
Tindall Crescent
Tington Avenue
Tinkler Place
Tinley Street
Tinopai Road
Tinturn Place
Tioro Lane
Tip Top Bread Auckland
Tipa Drive
Tipau Street
Tipene Place
Tipene's Takeaway
Tipparost Thai Restaurant
Tippett Street
Tipu Road
Tir Conaill Avenue
Tiramarama Way
Tirau Place
Tiraumea Drive
Tiri Place
Tiri Road
Tiri Tiri Road
Tiri View Place
Tiri View Road
Tirimoana Road
Tirimoana School
Tiriwa Drive
Tiro Street
Tirohanga Avenue
Tirohanga Whānui
Tirohunga Drive
Tironui Road
Tironui Station Road East
Tironui Station Road West
Tiroroa Avenue
Tirotai Crescent
Tisdall Crescent

tita jean maghopoy house

Titahi Street
Titai Street
Titch Place
Titchener Street
Titchmarsh Court
Titchmarsh Crescent
Titi Street
Titiko Place
Titirangi Baptist Church
Titirangi Beach
Titirangi Beach Road
Titirangi Bowling Club
Titirangi Fire Station
Titirangi Fried Chicken
Titirangi Indian Kitchen
Titirangi Kindergarten
Titirangi Library
Titirangi Life Church
Titirangi Pharmacy
Titirangi Play Centre
Titirangi Presbyterian Church
Titirangi Primary School
Titirangi Road
Titirangi Soldiers Memorial Church
Titirangi Super Seven
Titirangi Super Value
Titirangi Theatre
Titirangi Village Roundabout
Titirangi Wines and Spirits
Titiwai Place
Titoki Avenue
Titoki Montessori School
Titoki Place
Titoki Street
Titoki Way
Tiverton Road
Tivoli Court
Tiwai Road
Tizard Road
Tizard Road Ferry Track
TNC Fried Chicken
Toanui Road
Toatoa Place
Tob Coffee
Tobago Place
Tobruk Crescent
Tobruk Road
Toby Jug
Toby Jug Inn
Tobys Seafood
Tobys Seafood Takeaway
Todd Place
Tofu Shop
Toheroa Street
Tohunga Crescent
Toi Toi Place
Toi Turama Photography Centre
TOIA - Otahuhu Pool and Leisure Centre
Toitoi Circle
Tokai Place
Tokatai Road
Tokatoka Lane
Tokay Place
Tokhi Kebab and Pizza
Tokomaha Lane
Tokomaru Street
Tokyo Bakery
Tokyo Bar
Tokyo Bay
Tolben Place
Tole Bowl
Tole Street
Toledo Avenue
Tolich Place
Tollana Road
Tolvah Place
Tom Pearce Drive
Tom Yum Goong Restaurant
Tom Yum Thai
Tomes Lane
Tomintoul Place
Tomlin Place
Tomlinson Street
Tommy Gunn
Tomo Japanese Restaurant and Bar
Tomo No Ura Sushi
Tomo Street
Tomonga Way
Tomtit Lane
TomTom Bar & Eatery
Tomuri Co Floral Designs
Tomuri Place
Tonar Street
Tongan Methodist Church
Tongan Methodist Church Ponsonby
Tongan Methodist Fellowship
Tongan New Jerusalem Assembly of God
Tongan Revival Centre
Tongan Seventh-Day Adventist Church
Tongariro Street
Tongeren Square
Tongue & Groove Cafe
Tonic Room
Tonkin + Taylor
Tonkin Drive
Tonks Street
Tonson Place
Tonu'u Court
Tonuitanga Street
Tony Segedin Drive
Tony Sidler Walk
Tony Street
Tony's Takeaways
Tony's Tyre Service
Tonys Lord Nelson Restaurant
Tonys Lunch Bar
Tonys Tyres New Lynn
Tooley Street
Tools barn
Toomer Place
Top Dairy
Top in Town: Food City
Top Kids
Top Notch Takeaway
Top of Target Takeways
Top Road
Top Star Bakery
Top Ten Thai Takeaway
Top Well Bakery
Top World Bakery Cafe
Topaz Place
Topland Drive
Topliss Drive
Toporoa Street
Topping Court
Topwell Bakery
Torbay Dairy
Torbay Fruit Shop
Torbay Heights
Torbay Kindergarten
Torbay Liquor Centre
Torbay Sailing Club
Torbay Takeaway
Torea Tai Road
Torelesse Road
Torino Street
Torkar Road
Tornado Place
Tornish Drive
Toro Churro
Toro Lane
Toroa Street
Toroa Terrace
Torokina Place
Toropapa Close
Torpedo 7
Torpedo 7 - Outdoor Sports
Torpedo7 Outlet
Torquet Restaurant
Torrance Street
Torrens Road
Torrington Crescent
Toru Street
Tory Street
Tosca & Salome
Tosca Lane
Tosca Place
Toscana Dairy
Toscana Drive
Toshi Japanese restaurant
Toso Way
Total Health
Totara Avenue
Totara Grove
Totara Haeata Lane
Totara Heights
Totara Lodge South Auckland Hospice
Totara Loop
Totara Meadows Court
Totara Park Pools
Totara Park Takeaways
Totara Road
Totara Track
Totara Vale
Totaravale Drive
Totaravale Playcentre
Totoya Buffet
Toucan Bar & Bistro
Touhou Road
Tour Lane
Tourist Road
Tourmalin Place
Toutouwai Lane
Towai Road
Towai Street
Towbridge Place
Tower Bakers
Tower Hill Apartments
Tower Superette
Towle Place
Town Centre Drive
Town Grill Bar and Kitchen
Town Hall Lane
Town Hall Tattoo
Townley Place
Township Hall
Township Road
Towra Place
Toybox on Rawhiti
Tracey Terrace
Traceys Walk
Trader Street
Trading Place
Traditional Chinese Hotpot
Trafalgar House Cafe
Trafalgar Motors
Trafalgar Road
Trafalgar Street
Traffic Road
Tralee Terrace
Tram Barns
Tram Valley Road
Tramway Road
Tran Bakehouse Cafe
Tran Cafe
Tranent Road
Tranmere Road
Tranquil Glade
Tranquility Rise
Transplant House
Transport Place
Trattoria restaurant and Cafe
Travel Corner
Travellers Inn Motel
Travellers International Motor Inn
Travers Place
Travis View Drive
Treagon Place
Treasury Place
Treats on Triton
Trecarne Street
Tree Fern Trail
Tree View Avenue
Treeline Lane
Treestump Road
Treetops Way
Trelawn Place
Trelawny Place
Trelise Cooper
Treloar Crescent
Trembath Avenue
Treneary Lane
Trengove Place
Trent Road
Trent Street
Trentham Road
Trenton Avenue
Trenwith Street
Trev Road
Trevaughn Glade
Treviso Place
Trevola Street
Trevone Place
Trevor Hosken Drive
Tri Fusion Cafe
Triangle Laundromat
Triangle Road
Trias Road
Tributary Parade
Tribute Loop
Trident Place
Trig Road
Trigg Road
Trimdon Street
Trimmer Terrace
Trinco Place
Trinidad Road
Trinidad Street
Triniti of Silver Cafe
Trinity at Waiake
Trinity Close
Trinity Methodist Church
Trinity Place
Trinity Presbyterian Church
Trinity Street
Tripoli Bakehouse
Tripoli Liquor Centre
Tripoli Road
Tripoli Super Seven
Trish Clark Gallery
Tristram Avenue
Triton Avenue
Triton Drive
Triumph Road
Trojan Crescent
Tromie Place
Troon Place
Troop Road
Tropical House
Tropicana Drive
Trossach Place
Trotting Course Drive
Trotting Terrace
Trounson Avenue
Troup Funeral Home
Trovare Place
Troy 's Link
Troy Place
Truck Weighbridge
True Food and Yoga
True Jesus Church
Trugood Drive
Truman Street
Truro Road
Truscott Place
Trust Place
Try it Out Vietnamese Restaurant
Try Us - Vietnamese
Tsar Court
TSB Bank
Tua Place
Tuaiwi Street
Tuakana Street
Tuakiri Street
Tuakura Way
Tuamaka Lane
Tuangi Road
Tuangi Street
Tuaone Court
Tuarangi Road
Tuarongo Road
Tuata Street
Tuatini Place
Tuatua Road
Tuck Nathan Drive
Tucks And Bao
Tudor Court Motor Lodge
Tudor Park Drive
Tudor Place
Tudor Road
Tudor Street
Tudward Glade
Tuhaere Street
Tuhimata Street
Tui Brae
Tui Crescent
Tui Glen Road
Tui Park
Tui Place
Tui Road
Tui Street
Tui Track
Tui Vale Road
Tukutuku Lane
Tulagi Place
Tulays Kitchen
Tulbo Ne
Tullis Place
Tulloch Place
Tumanaka Place
Tumbridge Place
Tumu Road
Tuna Place
Tuna Roa Bridge
Tunis Road
Tunnel Campsite
Tunnel Head
Tupa Street
Tupaki Place
Tuperiri Road
Tupu Youth Library
Turakina Street
Turama Road
Turanga Road
Turbine Way
Turbo Tech
Turehu Road
Turin Place
Turitea Place
Turkish Kebab and Burger
Turnberry Drive
Turnbull Road
Turner Road
Turner Street
Turo Turo Cafe
Turpin Road
Turret Lane
Turua Rise
Turua Street
Turutu Place
Tusac Place
Tuscan Place
Tuscany Way
Tussock Avenue
Tutanekai Street
Tute Lane
Tutere Road
Tutti Fruiti
Tutuki Street
Tuturiwhatu Lane
Tutuwhatu Crescent
TVS Superette
Tweed Street
Twenty Seven Names
Twenty Three


Twilight Road
Twin Court
Twin Oaks Drive
Twin Parks Rise
Twin Peaks Track
Twin Wharf Road
Twisted Tomato
Two Jays Takeaway
Tyburn Lane
Tyburnia Avenue
Tye Road
Tyldens Road
Tyler Street
Tyndale Park Christian School
Tyndel Road
Tyndrum Place
Tyne Road
Tynor Place
Tyre World
Tyres & Mechanical Repairs
Tyrian Close
Tyrico Close
Tyrone Street
Tytus Place
Tāmure Place
Tāroa Lane
Tātahi Lane
Tōrea Place
Tūhono Street

U Mart Hawada
U Save
U Thai Restaurant
U-Neek Cutz
UBS University Bookshop
Ubud Bali
Udall Place
Udys Road
Uenuku Lodge
Uenuku Way
Uku Lane
Ulay Place
Uldale Place
Ullrich Place
Ullswater Place
Ulster Road
Ultima Place
Ulua'i Ekalesia Nasareta Samoa NZ
Uma Grove
Umbria Lane
Umbriel Lane
Umere Crescent
Umiya Sushi
Umu Place
Una Street
Uncle Mans Malaysian
Uncle Pat's Liquor
Underpass Closed
Underwood Street
Undine Street
Unga Place
Uni Convenience
Uni House

uni house dry cleaning

Uni-Health Pharmacy
Unichem Eastridge Pharmacy
Unichem Glen Eden
Unichem Hill Park
Unichem Leabank
Unichem Mission Bay
Unichem Pharmacy
Unichem Rangatira Pharmacy
Unichem Royal Oak Mall Pharmacy
UniLodge Auckland
Union Green
Union Jacks
Union Post
Union Road
Union Street
Unitec Albany Campus
Unitec Institute of Technology
Unitec Waitakere
United Autolion Ltd
United Church of Tonga
United Video
Unity Books
Unity Drive
Unity Drive North
Unity of Nations
Unity Road
Universal Buildings
Universal Drive
University Bookshop
University Hall
University Hall Apartments
University of Auckland
University Of Auckland
Unsworth Drive
Unsworth Heights
Unsworth Reserve Playgrpund

untouchable world

Upham Road
Upland Burger and Kebab
Upland Cafe
Upland Liquor Spot
Upland Road
Upper Bush Track
Upper Crust Bakery & Espresso
Upper Harbour Drive
Upper Harbour Primary School
Upper Huia Dam Track
Upper Loop
Upper Municipal Place
Upper Nihotupu Walk
Upper Nile
Upper Pipeline to lower pipeline connection
Upper Queen Street
Upper Queen Street Cycleway
Upper Tunnel Vision
Upper Waikumete Walk and Cycleway
Uppingham Crescent
Upton Street
Uptown Free House
Uptown Mini Mart
Upwood Place
Uranga Lane
Urban Flowers
Urban Grove
Urban Jungle Cafe
Urban Pharmacy
Urban Soul Cafe and Bistro
Urban Spice
Urban Turban
Urbanaut Brewery and Cellar Door
Urlich Drive
Urney Drive
Urquhart Road
Ursula Place
Uruhau Close
Urumaraki Avenue
Urunga Plaza
Ussher Place
Ussher Track
Utting Street
Uxbridge Arts Centre
Uxbridge Road

V Market
Vadam Road
Vagus Place
Vailima Way
Valdale Road
Valdena Avenue
Valder Avenue
Valderama Drive
Valdese Rise
Vale Road
Valecrest Place
Valencia Place
Valentine Street
Valentines Mount Eden
Valentines Restaurant
Valentines Staioners
Valerie Crescent
Valetta Place
Valhalla Drive
Valiant Street
Valkyria Place
Valkyrie Lane
Vallance Place
Valley Bakery
Valley Laundromat
Valley Liquor
Valley Road
Valley Road International Church
Valley Road to Dudding Park track
Valley Superette
Valley View Road
Valley Wine Merchant
Valnera Close
Valonia Dairy
Valonia Street
Valour Lane
Valron Road
Value Fresh
Van Dyke Place
Van Rixel Drive
Vanbrugh Place
Vancouver Avenue
Vandeleur Avenue
Vanden Place
Vanderbilt Parade
Vanessa Crescent
Vanguard Road
Vanhest Way
Vantage Bar
Vardon Road
Vari Place
Varlene Terrace
Vasi Drive
Vaughan Crescent
Vaughan Park
Vaughans Road
Vause Street
Vauxhall Road
Vauxhall Road Shared Path
Vauxhall School
Vazey Way
Veagh Place
Vector Wero Whitewater Park
Vega Place
Vege Heaven
Vege Oasis
Vege Storm
Vehicel Inspection NZ (VINZ)
Vehicle Testing Station
Vela Place
Velma Road
Velmar Dairy
Velvet Burger
Velvet Crescent
Velvet Gypsy
Velvet Superette
Veneta Close
Venice Italian Restaurant
Ventnor Road
Ventura Street
Venus Place
Vera Road
Verandahs Backpackers Lodge
Verbena Bar & Bristro
Verbena Road
Vercoe Street
Verdale Circle
Verdi Street
Verdo Nails
Verdot Close
Verena Place
Verissimo Drive
Verley Rise
Vermeer Place
Vermont Place
Vermont Street
Verner Place
Vernon Street
Vero Building
Verona Avenue
Verona Bar and Restaurant
Verona Place
Veronica Street
Verran Road
Verrans Corner Superette
Verrans Espresso & Food
Vesca Place
Vespa Road
Vestey Drive
Vetori Place
Vevo Foodstore
Viaduct Cafe
Viaduct Events Centre
Viaduct Harbour Avenue
Vialou Lane
Vic Butler Street
Vic Park Cafe
Vic Watson Way
Vicente Place
Vickerman Street
Vickers Crescent
Victa Lane
Victor Street
Victoria Avenue
Victoria Avenue Butcher
Victoria Avenue Fruit Supply
Victoria Avenue School
Victoria Avenue Superette
Victoria Road
Victoria Road Shared Path
Victoria St Lotto & Newsagents
Victoria Street
Victoria Street Bistro
Victoria Street East
Victoria Street West
Victoria Street West Post Shop
Victoria Street Wine and Spirits
Victoria Superette
Victoria University of Wellington
Victorious Hope Assembly of God
Victory Buildings
Victory Christian Fellowship
Victory Outreach Church of Auckland
Victory Road
Vida Place
Vidal Way
Video Ezy
Vidiri Court
Vienna Place
Vienna Row
Viera Drive
View Motors
View Ridge Drive
View Road
View Road Dairy
Viewland Avenue
Vigo Place
Vigour Lane
Viking Avenue
Villa Court
Villa Maria Winery
Village Bakehouse
Village Butchery
Village Co-op
Village Dairy
Village Drive
Village Fields Road
Village Foodmarket
Village Kebabs
Village Papatoetoe
Village Way
Villanova Place
Villarosa Lane
Villino Place
Vilma Place
Vimy Place
Vin Alto Drive
Vin Santo Lane
Vina Place
Vincent Lane
Vincent Mangano Road
Vincent McGrath Crescent
Vincent Road
Vincent Street
Vincent Street Auto Centre
Vincent Street Superette
Vincents Chinese restaurant
Vinceroy Place
Vinci Court
Vine Street
Vine Street Bakery
Vine Street Super Discounters
Vinegar Lane
Vinewood Drive
Vineyard Road
Vinifera Place
Vinistra Road
Vinny Laundromat
Vino Cina Heights
Vino's Bar
Vinograd Drive
Vintage Drive
Vinter Terrace
Vintners Close
Viola Avenue
Viola Place
Violet Street
Violet Wood Dining Hall
Vireya Court
Virginia Avenue East
Virginia Avenue West
Virginia Street
Virgo Place
Viridian Lane
Viscount Learning Community
Viscount Street
Vision Dannemora Gardens
Vision Mundial Sin Fronteras
Vision Place
Visitor Centre
Visitor Information Center
Vista Cafe
Vista Crescent
Vista Place
Vitasovich Avenue
Vitex Lane
Vittoria Terrace
Viva Dance Studios
Vivaldi Place
Vivian Wilson Drive
Vivo Hair & Beauty
Vivo Hair & Beauty Mairangi Bay
Vivo hair and beauty
Vivo Hair Salon
VNT Bakery and Lunch Bar
Vodanovich Road
Vogel Lane
Vogler Drive
Vogwill Road
Volante Avenue
Volare Italian restaurant
Volcanic Street
Volkner Place
Volleyball court
Volt Apartments
Volt Convenience
Volta Place
Voltaire Court
Von Sturmer Street
Vonnell Place
VOV Fast Food
VR Bakers Restaurant
VTNZ Westgate
Vui Talitu Way
Vulcan Lane
Vulcan Lane Bagels
Vulture's Lane

Waari Avenue
Waddell Avenue
Waddon Place
Wade Avenue
Wade Street
Wades Road
Wades Walkway
Wadier Place
Waekahu Road
Waenganui Road
Waerenga Place
Wagener Place
Wah Lee
Wahanui Road
Waharau Lane
Wahine Street
Wai Iti Place
Wai o Taiki Bay
Wai Place
Waiake Beach
Waiake Street
Waiana Avenue
Waianiwa Place
Waiapu Lane
Waiari Road
Waiarohia Place
Waiata Avenue
Waiata Shores
Waiata Shores Development
Waiatarua Community Hall
Waiatarua Community Library
Waiatarua Road
Waiatarua Volunteer Fire Brigade
Waiatarua Wetlands
Waiatarua Wetlands Reserve
Waiau Beach
Waiau Pa
Waiau Pa Road
Waiau Pa School
Waiau Pa Volunteer Fire Brigade
Waiau Street
Waihanga Way
Waiheke Bike Hire
Waiheke Bowling Club
Waiheke Community Art Gallery
Waiheke High School
Waiheke Island Anglican Church
Waiheke Island Baptist Church
Waiheke Island Community Cinema
Waiheke Island Resort
Waiheke Library
Waiheke Police Station
Waiheke Radio 88.3 and 107.4 FM
Waiheke Tourism Information
Waiheke Unlimited
Waihi Way
Waihoehoe Road
Waihou Crescent
Waikaraka Cycleway
Waikarapupu Bay
Waikare Road
Waikarekare Lane
Waikaremoana Place
Waikato Place
Waikaukau Road
Waikohanga House
Waikokota Lane
Waikomiti Street
Waikopua Road
Waikoukou Valley
Waikoukou Valley Road
Waikowhai Bush Walkway
Waikowhai Intermediate School
Waikowhai Primary School
Waikowhai Road
Waikowhai Superette
Waikumete gas gate station
Waikumete Road
Waikura Drive
Waima Crescent
Waima Crescent to Boyelyn Road Pathway
Waima Street
Waima Superette
Waimahia Avenue
Waimai Avenue
Waimana Avenue
Waimana Road
Waimanu Awa Road
Waimanu Bay Drive
Waimarie Road
Waimarie Street
Waimarie Street Reservoir
Waimarino (District Mental Health Services)
Waimarino Road
Waimate Street
Waimauku Childcare Centre
Waimauku Fresh World
Waimauku Kindergarten
Waimauku Playcentre
Waimauku RSA
Waimauku School
Waimauku Station Road
Waimauku Village Pharmacy
Waimea Lane
Waimoana Close
Waimoko Glen
Waimumu Road
Waimuri Close
Waimāhia Intermediate School
Waina Drive
Wainoni Avenue
Wainoni Heights
Wainui Avenue
Wainwright Avenue
Waiohua Road
Waione Avenue
Waione Court
Waiouru Road
Waipa Street
Waipana Street
Waipani Road
Waipapa Crescent
Waipareira Avenue
Waipareira House
Waipokapu Place
Waipouri Road
Waipuia Place
Waipuna Hotel & Conference Centre
Waipuna Road
Waipuna Road East
Wairakei Street
Wairangi Street
Wairata Place
Wairau Avenue
Wairau Intermediate School
Wairau Junction
Wairau Paint Centre
Wairau Road
Wairau Valley Special School
Wairepo Street
Wairepo Swamp Walk
Wairere Avenue
Wairere Road
Wairerer Road
Wairiki Road
Wairiki Road Dairy
Wairoa Road
Wairua Road
Waitai Road
Waitakere Area Police
Waitakere Central Library
Waitakere College
Waitakere Community Resource Centre
Waitakere Dam Access Road
Waitakere District Court
Waitakere Estate
Waitakere Hospital
Waitakere Kindergarten
Waitakere Lane
Waitakere Primary School
Waitakere Railway Station
Waitakere Road
Waitakere RSA
Waitakere Superette
Waitakere Tramline
Waitakere Tramline track
Waitakere View Road
Waitakere Volunteer Fire Brigade
Waitaki Street
Waitamata Backcare Bedding
Waitangi Road
Waitapu Road
Waitara Road
Waitati Place
Waitaua Street
Waite Avenue
Waitemata Back Care Beds
Waitemata City Sports Club
Waitemata Cricket Club
Waitemata Drive
Waitemata Drive West
Waitemata Golf Club
Waitemata Golf Club House
Waitemata Plaza
Waitemata Road
Waitemata Seagulls Rugby League Football and Sports Club
Waitemata Specialist Centre
Waitemata Street
Waitoa Street
Waitomo Avenue
Waitoro Lane
Waitoru Reserve Track
Waituarua Drive
Waitā Lane
Waka Ama Road
Waka Moana Drive
Waka Nathan Way
Waka Street
Wakaaranga School
Wakanui Street
Wakaroa Avenue
Wakatipu Street
Wake Road
Wakefield Road
Wakefield Street
Wakelin Bakery
Wakelin Road
Wakeling Avenue
Walden Place
Waldorf Apartment
Waldos Way
Walford Road
Walia Superette
Walker Kauri Track
Walker Road
Walking Bus Track
Walkway International - Domestic Terminals
Wallace Drive
Wallace Road
Wallace Road Superette
Wallace Street
Wallath Road
Wallen Road
Waller Avenue
Waller Street
Wallingford Street
Wallis Cycles
Walls & Roche Pharmacy
Walls Road
Wallson Crescent
Wally Nola Place
Walmer Road (1022)
Walmsley Road
Walnut Lane
Walnut Road
Walpole Avenue
Walpole Street
Walsall Street
Walsh Brothers Place
Walsh Road
Walter Frank Drive
Walter Haddrell Crescent
Walter Little Way
Walter MacDonald Street
Walter Merton Road
Walter Ruddock Avenue
Walter Street
Walter Strevens Drive
Walters Road
Waltham Street
Walton Street
Walworth Avenue
Wanaka Place
Wanderers Bar
Wando Lane
Wang Da Restaurant
Wang Ji
Wang Korea Food Market
Wanganella Place
Wanganella Street
Wanganui Avenue
Wanita Place
Wanstead Way
Waokauri Place
Wapiti Avenue
Wapiti Sports Bar
War Memorial
War Memorial Hall
Waratah Street
Warbler Crescent
Warborough Avenue
Ward Crescent
Ward Street
Ward Terrace
Warden Place
Ware Place
Warehouse Stationary
Warehouse Stationery
Warehouse Stationery Manukau
Warf Road Takeaways
Warimu Place
Warman Road
Warnboet Lane
Warner Park Avenue
Warning - low tide crossing only
Warnock Street
Warrant Officer Lane
Warren Avenue
Warren Way
Warrington Road
Warspite Street
Waru Lane
Warwick Avenue
Warwick Street
Wash Station
Washaholic Laundromat
Washing Well Laundromat
Washington Avenue
Wasp Hangar Road
Waste Management (Corporate Office)
Wastewater Pump Station
Wastney Road
Wat Khemaraphirataram
Watchfield Close
Watchman's Lane
Watchmans Road
Watea Road
Watene Crescent
Watene Road
Water Street
Waterbank Crescent
Waterbury Place
Watercare Clovernook Shaft
Watercare Coastal Walkway
Watercare House
Watercare Northern Interceptor
Watercare Northern Interceptor Drilling Site
Watercare Northern Interceptor Pipeline Construction
Waterfall to Valley Road track
Waterford Retirement Village
Waterford Way
Waterfront Road
Waterfront Road Reserve
Waterhole Swimming Centre
Waterlea Avenue
Waterlea School
Waterlily Street
Waterloo Quadrant
Waterloo Road
Waterloo Street
Waters Funerals
Waters Place
Watersfield Place
Waterstone Way
Waterton Place
Waterview Bakery
Waterview Coffee Project
Waterview Connection Lookout
Waterview Downs
Waterview Kindergarten
Waterview Laundromat
Waterview Methodist Church
Waterview Primary School
Waterview Road
Waterview Road East
Waterview Road West
Waterview Shared Path
Waterview Superette And Lotto
Waterview Walkway
Watervista Place
Watford Street
Watling Street
Watson Avenue
Watson Place
Watsonia Way
Watt Street
Wattle Bay
Wattle Downs
Wattle Downs Golf Course
Wattle Downs North Path
Wattle Downs South Path
Wattle Farm Road
Wattle Park Development
Wattle Road
Wattle Street
Watts Road
Wautaiti Drive
Waverley Avenue
Waverley Street
Wawatai Drive
Waylen Place
Waymau Lane
Wayne Drive
Wayne Francis Drive
Wayne Place
WCT Paintball Riverhead Forest
Weatherly Drive
Weatherly Road
Weaver Avenue
Webb Place
Webber Street
Webster Avenue
Webster Lane
Wedding Place
Wedgwood Avenue
Weetman Drive
Wei Xiao Bao
Weir Lane
Weka Road
Weka Street
Welby Place
Welcome Eatery
Welcome Place
Weld Street
Weldene Avenue
Well Hung Butchery
Welland Place
Wellesley Road
Wellesley Street East
Wellesley Street Post Shop
Wellesley Street West
Wellfield Drive
Wellgarth Street
Wellington Road
Wellington Street
Wellingtons Restaurant & Bar
Wellpark Avenue
Wells Road
Welsh Hills Road
Welsh Memorial Library
Welsh Street
Wembley Road
Wendell Place
Wendover Road
Wendy Fashion
Wendy Road
Wendy's Drive-Through
Wenlock Place
Wentwood Place
Wentworth Avenue