Welcome to BBBike - your cycle journey planner! We'll help you find a nice, safe and short bike route in Cambridge and around.

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1+1 Rougamo
1-60 George Nuttall Close
10 Acre Field
114, 112
116, 118
12-14 Grange Road (Queens' College)
121 Café
12th Cambridge Scout Group
181A Huntingdon Road
181B Huntingdon Road
196 Mill Road
1st & 3rd Trinity Boat Club
1st Balsham Scouts

24 Hour Club

301 Huntingdon Road
303 Huntingdon Road

45, 47

5 Blends Coffee House
5b Herschel Road (Clare Hall)

800 Wood


A & B Guest House
A. & I. Lask
A farmstead revealed
A Garratt-Quinton Memorial
A K Hair
A Pattern of Life
A. Waller & Son
A&J Cartech
A1 Tyres
Abacus Day Nursery
Abberley Wood
Abbey Bowling Club
Abbey College Cambridge
Abbey Court
Abbey Gardens
Abbey Lane
Abbey Leisure Centre
Abbey Lounge
Abbey Place
Abbey Road
Abbey Street
Abbey Tyre Company
Abbey Walk
Abbeyfield Girton Green
Abbeyfield Guest House
Abbots Close
Abbots Way
Abercorn Place
Aberdeen Avenue
Abington House
Abrahams Close
Abubakr Siddiq Islamic Centre
Acacia Guest House
Ace Day Nursery
Acer House B & B
Acorn Avenue
Acorn Court
Acorn Garage
Acorn Guest House
Acorn House
Acrefield Drive
Acton Way
Ada Lovelace Road
Adam and Eve Street
Adam Hair & Beauty
Adams Court (CB25 9PP)
Adams Road
Adams Road Bird Sanctuary
Adamson Berekoff
Adaptive Services Ltd
ADC Theatre
Adcroft Piece
Addenbrooke's Road
Addenbrooke's Road Cycleway
Addenbrookes-Great Shelford cycleway
Addenbrookes-Great Shelford Cycleway
Addenbrookes-Great Shelford cycleway
Addenbrookes-Great Shelford Cycleway
Addenbrookes-Trumpington Footpath
Adean Road
Adkin's Corner
Adrian Way
Afro European Beauty Centre
Agnes Smith Lewis & Margaret Dunlop Gibson
Agora at The Copper Kettle
Aingers Lane
Aingers Road
Ainsworth Court
Ainsworth Place
Ainsworth Street
Airport Cycleway
Airport House
Airport Way
Aisle A
Aisle B
Aisle C
Aisle D
Aisle E
Aisle G
AIV Europe
Akeman Street
Al Casbah
Al Noor Grocers
Al Pomodoro
Alan Percival Court
Alan Turing
Albemarle Way
Albert Road
Albert Street
Albion Row
Albion Yard
Alder Court
Alder Lodge
Alec Rolph Close
Alex Wood House
Alex Wood Road
Alfred Close (CB1 7BW)
Ali's Car Sales
Alibabas Hair Studio
Alice Bell Close
Alice Way
Alington House (B&B)
All Angels Park Phase 2 (Linden Homes)
All Saints
All Saints & St Andrew (Kingston Parish Church)
All Saints Gardens
All Saints Harston
All Saints (Landbeach Parish Church)
All Saints (Lolworth Parish Church)
All Saints (Longstanton Parish Church)
All Saints Road
All Saints (Teversham)
All Saints' Church
All Saints' (Haslingfield Parish Church)
All Saints' Passage
All Seasons
All Seasons Guest House
All Souls Lane
Allbutt Way
Allen Court
Allen's Close
Allenbell B&B
Alliance Court
Allicky Farm
Allington Close
Allix Grove
Allotment Shop
Alluring Nails & Tanning
Almond Close
Almond Grove
Almoner's Avenue
Almoners' Avenue
Alpha Milton Guest House
Alpha Road
Alpha Terrace
Alpine Glasshouse
Alstead Road
Alwyne Road
Ambassador Lodge
Amber Lodge B&B
Ambrose Way
Ambulance entrance
Ambulance Parking
American Candy Store
American Cemetery
American Cemetery Chapel
Amwell Road
Ancaster Way
Anchor Fish Bar
Anchor Road
Anchor terrace
Ancient Meadows
Ancient rivers and enclosures
Ancient Shepherds
Anderson Road
Angel Beauty Parlour
Angle End
Anglers Way
Anglesey Abbey
Anglesey Abbey Visitor Centre
Anglia Ruskin University -Faculty of Health, Social Care & Education
Anglia Ruskin University (Cambridge Campus)

angliEAR Hearing

Angus Close
Animal Recovery Block C (Research Station)
Ann Summers
Anne Campbell Building
Anns Road
Anstey Hall Farm
Anstey Hall Lodge
Anstey Way
Antelope Way
Anton Croft Newsagents
Antwerp Cottages
Anvil Close
Anya Lois Hair
Apollo Way
Apple Research
Apple Store
Apple Tree Close
Apple Tree Park Home Estate
Appleton Way
Appletree B&B
Appletree Close
Applewood Close
Apthorpe Street
Apthorpe Way
Aragon Close
Arber Close
Arbory Trust Memorial Lodge
Arbury Court Library
Arbury Court Post Office
Arbury Lodge Guest House
Arbury Primary School
Arbury Road
Arbury Road Baptist Church
Arcadia Gardens
Archers Close
Archery Field
Archie Rogers hair & beauty
Archway Court
Archway House B&B


Arden Road
Ardross Court
Area Café
Argent Road
Argyle Street
Ariadne Wrapped
Arlington Manor
Armistice Close
Armitage Way
Armshold Farm Airstrip
Army Reserve
Army Reserve Centre
Arnold Close
Arnold's Farm
Arran Close
Art Gecko
Art of Flooring
Arthur Rank
Arthur Rank Hospice
Arthur Rank Hospice Shop
Arthur Street
Artique Galleries
Artist House Cambridge
Arts Picturehouse
Arts Theatre
Arundel Close
Arundel House Hotel
Ascham Road
Ash Co-op - Argyle Street Housing Co-operative Ltd
Ash Tree Court
Ash View
Ashbury Close
Ashbury Terrace
Ashcroft Court
Ashen Green
Ashfield Road
Ashley Hotel
Ashley House
Ashley Way
Ashmead Drive
Ashtead Court
Ashworth Park
Ask Tech
Aspen 2
Asplins Farm
Assisi Guest House
Aster Way
Aston House
Aston Terrace
Astra Zeneca Travel Hub
Atcost Building
Atherton Close
Atkins Close
Auckland Court
Auckland Road
Augers Road
Augustus Close
Aurora Vaping and Headshop
Austin Court (CB4 2AX)
Austin Drive
Auto Now
Auto Windscreens
AutoKare Motors
Autumn House B&B
Avalon Way
Avocet cleaning services
Avocet Road
Award Leisure
Ayah Villa
Aylesborough Close
Aylesbray Lodge Guest House
Aylesford Way
Aylestone Road
Ayres Drive

B Tap Baron
B&B, Lois Farrow, Cambridge
Baan Thai Street Food Restaurant
Babbage House
Babraham C of E Primary School
Babraham Hall
Babraham Institute Cycleway
Babraham Road
Baby Unicorns Nursery
Back Lane
Badcock Road
Badgers Holt
Badminton Close
Bael's Acre
Baggot Hall
Baggot Hall Farm
Bagot Place
Bailey Mews
Baits Bite Lock
Baitul Mu'eed
Baker Lane
Bakers Close
Bakers Field
Bakery Close
Baldock Way
Baldwin Manor
Ball Sculpture
Ballard Close
Balsham Cricket Pitch
Balsham Post Office
Balsham Road
Balsham Stores & Post Office
Banana Leaf
Banana Leaf Sweet & Savoury
Bancroft Close
Bancroft Farm
Bandon Road
Bandon Road Shared Use Path
Banff Close
Bang & Olufsen
Banhams Close
Banner Road
Bannold Court
Bannold Drove
Bannold Road
Banworth Lane
Baptist Church Hall
Bar -OH
Bar Close
Bar Hill
Bar Hill Church
Bar Hill Community Primary School
Bar Hill cycleway
Bar Hill Junction
Bar Hill Library
Bar Hill Playground
Bar Hill Post Office
Bar Hill Pre-School
Bar Hill School Field
Bar Hill Village Green
Bar Lane
Barker Bros
Barker Close
Barker Way
Barkers Bakery
Barley Mow
Barn Ground
Barn Health & Leisure
Barn Road
Barnabas Court
Barnard Way
Barnes Close
Barnfield Close
Barnwell Baptist Church
Barnwell Barbers
Barnwell Drive
Barnwell East Nature Reserve
Barnwell Junction
Barnwell Library
Barnwell Meadows Wildlife Site
Barnwell Road
Baron of Beef
Barracuda Fish Bar
Barrington CofE VC Primary School
Barrington Pavillon
Barrington Road
Barrington Wind Mill
Barrons Way
Barrow Close
Barrow Road
Barston Drove
Bartlam Library / Quarry Whitehouse Auditorium
Barton Baptist Church
Barton Bicycles
Barton Bowls Club
Barton Church of England VA Primary School
Barton Close
Barton Court
Barton cycleway
Barton House
Barton Post Office
Barton Recreation Ground
Barton Road
Barton Road cycleway
Barton Sports & Social Pavilion
Bartons Close
Bassett Close
Bateman House
Bateman Mews
Bateman Street
Bateson Road
Battle Gate Road
Baycliffe Close
Bayford Place
Bays Close
BBQ Grill n Bar
Be Regal
Beach Farm
Beach Road
Bead Road
Beadle Industrial Estate
Beadsmore Drive
Beagle Road
Beales Way
Bearsden Avenue
Beatrice Court
Beaufort Place
Beaulands Close
Beaumont Crescent
Beaumont Road
Beche Court
Beche Road
Beche Way
Bechecomber's Hair
Beck Brook Farm
Bedlam Farm
Bedlam Farm grain store
Beech Close
Beech Drive
Beech Farm
Beech Farm B&B
Beechwood - The Birdlings
Beechwood Avenue
Beggs and Partners
Belbin Way
Beldam's Close
Belgrave Road
Bell Hill
Bell Road
Bella Italia
Bellatrix development (Biological Support Building)
Belle Vue
Bells Court
Belmont Place
Belmore Close
Belvoir Road
Ben's Cookies
Benchmarx Kitchens and Joinery
Bendish Lane
Bendyshe Way
Bene't Close
Bene't Street
Benians Court
Bennell Court
Bennell Farm
Bennett Way
Benny's Way
Benson House
Benson Place
Benson Street
Bensons for Beds
Bensteads End
Bentinck Street
Bentinck Terrace
Bentley Road
Bergholt Close
Bermuda Road
Bermuda Terrace
Berwick Place
Beryl's Bridge
Beta Avenue
Beth Shalom Reform Synagogue
Betjeman House
Betty and Gordon Moore Library
Between the Lines
Beverley Way
Bewick Bridge Community Primary School
Beyer Road

beyond thinking

Bhachu Drive
Bibimbap House
Big Chef's Hot Dog
Big T Caravan Park
Big Yellow Self Storage
Biggin Abbey Farm
Biggin Lane

bike shed

Bike Station
Bill Briggs Court
Birch Close
Birch Trees Road
Bird Farm Road
Bird's Pasture Farm
Birdlines Manor Farm
Birds Farm
Birdwood Road
Biscotti Di Debora
Bishop Way
Bishop's Court
Bishop's Road
Bishops Court
Bishops Road
Black Cat Café
Black Droveway
Black Horse
Black Horse Inn
Blackberry Droveway
Blackberry Way
Blackhall Road
Blackmoor Head Yard
Blackthorn Close
Blackwells Caravan Site
Blanford Walk
Blanford Walk (CB4 3NQ)
Blazing Saddles
Blenheim Close
Blenheim Rise
Blenheim Way
Blinco Grove
Bliss Way
Block G, Library
Block H
Blocks A, B & C
Blocks D, E & F
Blood of Angels
Blossom Street
Blue Ball Inn
Blue Boar Court (Trinity College)
Blue Lion
Blue Lion Close
Blue plaque: Royal Society of Chemistry publishing
Bluebell 1
Bluebell Woods Caravan Park
Blythe Way
BM Kempton Ltd
BMX Park
BMX Track
Boathouse Court
Bob Hopper & Co
Body Image
Bolton's Warehouse
Bone Sculpture
Boost Juice Bar
Boot Lane
Boots Opticians
Borley Brothers
Borley Way
Borsch To Go
Bosserts Way
Boswell & Son
Bosworth Road
Botanic Garden Shop
Botany Foodie
Botolph Lane
Bottisham Airfield Museum
Bottisham Brasserie
Bottisham Community Primary School
Bottisham Hall
Bottisham Heath Stud
Bottisham Lock
Bottisham Pharmacy
Bottisham Post Office
Bottisham Pumping Station
Bottisham Telephone Exchange
Bottisham Vehicle Services
Bottisham Village College
Bould Brothers Coffee
Boundary Court
Bounds Campsite
Bourn Bridge
Bourn Bridge Road
Bourn Road
Bourne Road
Bowers Croft
Bowns Bis
Box Café
BP Harston Service Station
Brackenbury Manor
Brackley Close
Brackyn Road
Bradfield Court
Bradford's Close
Bradmore Lane
Bradmore Street
Bradrushe Fields
Bramley Court
Bramley Way
Brampton Road
Branch Road
Branch Sculpture
Brandon Court
Brandon Place
Brandon Tool Hire
Brasley Bridge
Bravo Cafe and Patisserie
Braybrooke Place
Bread and Meat
Breckenwood Road
Brentwood Close
Brentwood Court
Brethren's Meeting Room
Brethrens Meeting Hall
Brewery Tap
Brickfields (City Church Cambridge)
Brickfields House (City Church Cambridge)
Bridewell Road
Bridge Close
Bridge Cycles
Bridge Lane
Bridge Road
Bridge Street
Bridges Patisserie
Bridle Way
Bridleway 12
Brierley Walk
Brigettine Square
Bright Horizons
Bright Horizons Day Nursery and Preschool
Bright Shadows Point
Brimley Road
Brinkley Road
Britannia Walk
Britannic Way
British Heart Foundation
British Heart Foundation Home Store
British Red Cross
Britten Place
Broad Lane
Broad Street
Broadway Cycles
Broadway Dry Cleaners
Bronze Horse
Bronze House Sculpture
Brook Close
Brook End Close
Brook End Close Play Area
Brook Farm
Brook Lane
Brooke’s Beauty & Spa
Brookfield Cottage
Brookfield Road
Brookfields Hospital
Brooklands Avenue
Brooklands Court
Brooklyn Court
Brooks Road
Brookside Lane
Brothers Place
Broughton Memorial Hall
Brownlow Road
Browns - Cambridge
Broxbourne Close
Brunswick Cottages
Brunswick Court
Brunswick Gardens
Brunswick Nursery School
Brunswick Terrace
Brunswick Walk
Buchan House
Buchan Street
Buck's Lane
Bucking Way Road
Bucking Way Road Roundabout
Buckingham & Stanley
Buckingham Road
Budleigh Close
Buffalo Way
Building 1
Building 1&2
Building 2
Bull's Farm
Bullen Close
Bullman Grove
Bulstrode Gardens
Bulteel Close
Bunkers Hill
Burdeley's Way
Burdett House
Burger King
Burgess Road
Burgess's Drove
Burgh Hall
Burgh Hall Farm
Burgoyne's Farm Close
Burgoyne's Road
Buristead Road
Burkett Way
Burkitt Lane
Burkitt Walk
Burleigh Arms
Burleigh Phone & Vape Shop
Burleigh Place
Burleigh Street
Burling Court
Burling Walk
Burlton Road
Burnham Close
Burnt Close
Burnt Farm
Burr Bridal
Burrell's Field (Trinity College)
Burrell's Walk
Burrough Field
Burwash Food Hall
Burwash Manor
Burwell Road
Bury Court
Bury Farm
Bury Road
Bus/bike spine road
Bush Close
Bush Farm
Bush Field
Bushes & Pits
Busway Cycle Path
Busy Bees Nursery
Butch Annie's
Butcher Close
Butcher's Lane
Butler Way
Butler's Way
Butt Lane
Buttercup Road
Buttercups Pre-School
Butterfly Day Nursery
Butterfly Hair Salon
Button End
Buxhall Farm
Byard Art
Bye's Farm
Byron Square
Byron's Lodge

C & M Hair & Beauty
Cabbage Moor
Cadet Center
Cadwin Field
Cafe 24
Cafe @Abantu
Cafe Aristo
Cafe Blue Sage
Café Bread & Butter
Cafe Camtown
Cafe in the Park
Cafe Oriental
Caffè Nero
Cage Hill
Caithness Court
Caius Boat Club
Caius Terrace
Caldecote Primary School
Caldecote Village Hall
Caledon Way
Calf Shed (Park Farm)
Callander Close
Calverley's Brewery and Tap Room
Calvery's Ode To Tobacco
Calvin Klein
Cam Causeway
Cam Conservators
Cam Home and Garden
Cam Sailing Club
Cam Sight
Cam Spice
Cam Towpath
Cambourne Telephone Exchange
Cambridge & County Bowling Club
Cambridge '99s Rowing Club
Cambridge - Foxton - Melbourn - Royston
Cambridge Aero Club
Cambridge Airport Fire Station
Cambridge Airport terminal
Cambridge Artworks
Cambridge Audi
Cambridge Bee
Cambridge Biomedical Campus
Cambridge Blue
Cambridge Book & Print Gallery
Cambridge Building Society
Cambridge Business Park Security
Cambridge Car Sales
Cambridge Caravans
Cambridge Castle
Cambridge Central Library and Learning Centre
Cambridge Central Mosque
Cambridge Central PO
Cambridge Central Telephone Exchange
Cambridge Cherry Hinton Caravan and Motorhome Club
Cambridge Children's Hospital
Cambridge Churches Homeless Project
Cambridge City Barbers
Cambridge Coffee Academy
Cambridge Commercial Park
Cambridge Community Church
Cambridge Contemporary Art
Cambridge Contemporary Crafts
Cambridge Contour Clinic
Cambridge Cookery School Café and Deli
Cambridge Cooling Services
Cambridge County Court
Cambridge Crown Court
Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre
Cambridge Deer Company
Cambridge Discount Electrical
Cambridge Discount Heating and Plumbing
Cambridge Distillery
Cambridge Fire Station
Cambridge Floral Designs
Cambridge FootGolf Centre
Cambridge Framing Centre
Cambridge Funeral Services
Cambridge Gateway from India
Cambridge Gin Laboratory
Cambridge Golf Driving Range
Cambridge Gourmet Grill
Cambridge Health At Work
Cambridge Heart and Lung Research Institute
Cambridge Ice Arena
Cambridge Indian Supermarket
Cambridge International School
Cambridge International School and Holme Court School
Cambridge Jewish Student Centre
Cambridge Joint ex-Services & Royal Mail Social Club
Cambridge Judge Business School
Cambridge Lakes Golf Course
Cambridge Lawn Tennis Club
Cambridge Lea Hospital (Spire)
Cambridge Leather Bags
Cambridge Leisure Park
Cambridge Lexus
Cambridge Live Tickets
Cambridge Local
Cambridge Lock & Safe
Cambridge Magistrates Courts
Cambridge Market Research Ltd
Cambridge Master Locksmiths
Cambridge Maths School
Cambridge Meridian Golf Club
Cambridge Meridian Golf Course
Cambridge Model Engineering Society miniature railway
Cambridge Movement Surgical Hub
Cambridge Museum of Technology
Cambridge Nails and Spa
Cambridge Newspapers
Cambridge Park
Cambridge Performance Tyres
Cambridge Phone Hub
Cambridge Place
Cambridge Polymer Roofing
Cambridge Private Hospital (Orwell Grange)
Cambridge Publications Ltd
Cambridge Quality Meats Ltd.
Cambridge Quranic Centre
Cambridge Re-Use
Cambridge Refrigeration Technology
Cambridge Register Office
Cambridge Retail Park Site Security Office
Cambridge Road
Cambridge Rugby Union Football Club
Cambridge Rules
Cambridge Salvation Army
Cambridge School of Beauty Therapy
Cambridge Science Centre
Cambridge Science Park
Cambridge Sea Scouts
Cambridge South
Cambridge Spiritualist Centre
Cambridge Square
Cambridge Stanford Park
Cambridge Station Car Park
Cambridge Station Car Park (car lane and cycle route)
Cambridge Station Car Park (cycle route)
Cambridge Station Car Park (pedestrian route)
Cambridge Steiner School
Cambridge storage limited
Cambridge Swift Tower
Cambridge Tap
Cambridge Tourist Information Centre
Cambridge Tps
Cambridge Travel Centre
Cambridge Trunks Telephone Exchange
Cambridge Union Society
Cambridge United Club Shop and Ticket Office
Cambridge University Athletics Sports Ground
Cambridge University Canoe Club
Cambridge University Catholic Chaplaincy, Chapel of St John Fisher
Cambridge University Library
Cambridge University Press Bookshop
Cambridge University Real Tennis Club
Cambridge University Royal Naval Unit
Cambridge University Rugby Union Football Club
Cambridge Upholsterer
Cambridge Vehicle Services
Cambridge Walk
Cambridge Water Company
Cambridge Wine Merchants
Cambridge Working Mens Club
Cambridgeshire Army Cadet Training Centre
Cambridgeshire Guided Busway
Cambridgeshire Rowing Association
Cambs Antiques Centre
Camcycle - Cambridge Cycling Campaign
Camden Court
Camdene & Honeysuckle Croft
Cameron Road
Cammel Walk
Campbell Avenue
Campbell House
Campbell Lane
Campbell Street
Camping Close
Campkin Road
Campkins Future Vision
Camps Close
Campus Cycle Hub
Camrowers / Cambridgeshire Rowing Association Boathouse
Camside Farm
Camside View
Camstead Homes
Canal Path
Cancer Research UK
Canners Close
Cannon Court
Cantab Millennium
Cantabrigian (Cantabs) Rowing Club
Cantelupe Farm
Cantelupe Road
Canterbury Close
Canterbury Street
Capper Road
Capstan Close
Capstone Fields (Hill)
Car Craft
Car Dyke
Car Dyke Road
Caravans, Small RV's
Caravere Close
Caraway Road
Card Factory
Cardyke Farm
Caribou Way
Carisbrooke Court
Carisbrooke Road
Carla Nizzola
Carlos BBQ
Carlton Lodge
Carlton Way
Carlyle Road
Carmine Road
Carolina Guest House
Caroline Hart Walk
Caroline Place
Carpenter's Arms
Carpenters Arms
Carrara Farm

carrara farm cottages

Carrera Bungalow
Carrick Close
Carrot Ground
Carter Bridge
Carter Bridge ramp
Casa Maramureseana
Casey's Yard
Castle Court
Castle Court (Clare College)
Castle End Mission
Castle Food and Wine
Castle Row
Castle School
Castle School Shop
Castle Street
Castle Street Methodist Church
Catchall Farm Cottages
Catharine Street
Catherine Jones
Catholic Church of Our Lady and the English Martyrs
Cattell's Lane
Caudle Corner Farm
Cave Industrial
Cavendish Avenue
Cavendish Canteen
Cavendish Court
Cavendish Crocodile
Cavendish III
Cavendish Laboratory
Cavendish Place
Cavendish Road
Cavendish Way
Cavesson Court
CB1 Cambridge Nails
CBS Automotive
Cecil Instruments
Cedar Court
Cedar Road
Cedar Walk
Celandine 6
Celik's Mensroom
Cemetery Chapel
Centenary Building
Centennial Hotel
Central Avenue
Central Cinema
Centre for Agronomy
Centre for Material Culture
Centre for Mathematical Sciences (University of Cambridge)
Century Close
Cenu Cacao
Chadwick Court
Chalfont Close
Chalk Glade
Chalk Grove
Chalk Hill
Chalkwells Way
Challis Close
Challis Green
Chalmers Road
Chamberlin Court
Chambers Drive
Champion of the Thames
Champneys Walk
Chancellors Court (Block A)
Chancellors Court (Block B)
Chancellors Court (Block C)
Chancellors Court (Block D)
Chancellors Walk
Chandos Farm
Chandrakala and Mansukhlal Shah Building
Chantry Close
Chapel Close
Chapel Court
Chapel Hill
Chapel Lane
Chapel Meadows
Chapel Orchard
Chapel Road
Chapel Street
Chapelfield Way
Chaplen Street
Chaplin's Close
Chaplin's Close Day Centre
Chapman Court
Chapmans Close
Charger Road
Chariot Way
Charity Farm
Charles Babbage Road
Charles Street
Charles Tyrwhitt
Charlie Chan
Charterhouse Bridge
Chartfield Road
ChassisCab DAF
Chaston House
Chaston Road
Chatsworth Avenue
Chaucer Close
Chaucer Road
Cheason Walk
Cheddars Lane
Chedworth Street
Cheeky Monkeys Play Barn
Chelwood Road
Cheney Way
Chequers Close
Chequers Road
Cherry Bounds Road
Cherry Close
Cherry Gardens
Cherry Hinton
Cherry Hinton Baptist Church
Cherry Hinton Brook
Cherry Hinton Church of England Primary School
Cherry Hinton Constitutional Club
Cherry Hinton Library
Cherry Hinton Mini Market
Cherry Hinton Opthalmic Opticians
Cherry Hinton Pharmacy
Cherry Hinton Post Office
Cherry Hinton Rec.
Cherry Hinton Road
Cherry Hinton Road Post Office
Cherry Hinton Telephone Exchange
Cherry House
Cherry Orchard
Cherry Tree Avenue
Cherry Tree Spire
Cherry Trees
Cherry's Corner
Cheryl's News
Chesterfield Road
Chesterton Bowling Club
Chesterton Carpets
Chesterton Community College
Chesterton Hall Crescent
Chesterton Indoor Bowls Club
Chesterton Lane
Chesterton Methodist Church
Chesterton Mills
Chesterton Post Office
Chesterton Post Office & Off Licence
Chesterton Primary School
Chesterton (Pye's) Recreation Ground
Chesterton Rec. Path
Chesterton Road
Chesterton Road News Agents
Chesterton Sports Centre
Chesterton Towers
Chesterton WMC
Chestnut Close
Chestnut Grove
Chestnut Meadow
Chestnut Rise
Chevington Stud
Chicken Cottage
Chicken Rush
Chieftain Way
Chigwell Court
Childerley Farm
Childerley Gate
Childerley Gate Services
Chill #02
Chinese Canteen
Chisholm Trail Jetty
Chivers Farms Ltd
Chivers Way
Chocolat Chocolat
Chris Abell Nursery
Chris's Bikes
Christ Church of St Andrew The Less
Christ the Redeemer Church
Christ's College Boat Club
Christ's College Chapel
Christ's College Library
Christ's College (University of Cambridge)
Christ's Lane
Christadelphian Hall
Christchurch Street
Christian Science Reading Room
Christopher Marlowe & John Fletcher
Christopher Spokes Building
Chung Hwa
Church Close
Church End
Church Farm
Church Green

church hall

Church Lane
Church Meadow
Church of Christ, Scientist, Cambridge
Church of the Assumption (Harlton Parish Church)
Church Rate Walk
Church Road
Church Rooms
Church Street
Church View
Church Walk
Church walk
Churchfield Avenue
Churchfield Court
Churchill College Library
Churchill College Sports Ground
Churchill College (University of Cambridge)
Churchill Road
Churchill, King's, Selwyn College Boat Clubs
Circus Drive
Citi 2
City Kebab
City of Cambridge Rowing Club
City of Zion Church
City Road


Clamp Optometrists
Clara Dorothea Rackham
Clara Rackham Street
Claran Guest House
Clare Boat Club
Clare Close
Clare College Chapel
Clare College Sports Ground
Clare College (University of Cambridge)
Clare Court
Clare Drive
Clare Farm
Clare Hall (University of Cambridge)
Clare Road
Clare Street
Clarendon Fine Art
Clarendon Road
Clarendon Street
Clarian House B & B
Clarins Skin Spa
Clarke's Bridge
Clarkson Close
Clarkson Road
Clay Close Lane
Clay Farm
Clay Farm Community Garden building
Clay Farm Drive
Clay Farm Skate Park
Clay Street
Claygate Road
Clayhithe Road
Clayton Hotel Cambridge
Clearview Park
Clerk Maxwell Road
Clerk's Piece
Click & Collect
Clifton Road
Clifton Way
Clint Hill
Clive Hall Drive
Cliveden Close
Clover 8
Clover Court
Co-op Food
Coach Drive
Coach HGV Long diagonal
Coach House Court
Coach House Lane
Cobb's Wood Farm
Cobholm Place
Cobs Bakery
Cockburn Street
Cockcroft Place
Cockerell Road
Cockerton Road
Cockfen Lane
Cockle Close
Coco Couture
Codon Court
Cody Road
Coe Fen
Coe's Court
Coe's Fruit and Juice stall
Coffee by Real Eating Co
Coffee Tree
Coggeshall Close
Coin holes made by children
Cold War bunker
Coldham's FitStop
Coldham's Lane play area
Coldhams Grove
Coldhams Lane
Coldhams Lane Cycle Bridge
Coldhams Lane Pond
Coldhams Place
Coldhams Road
Coleridge Community College
Coleridge Road
Coles Lane
Coles Road
Coles Road Recreation Ground
Coles Way
Colin's Bank
Collections London
College Close
College Crescent
College Farm
College Farm Court
College Fields
College Library
College Road
College Terrace
Colleges Nursery School
Collier Recreation Ground
Collier Road
Collier Way
Colliers Lane
Coltsfoot Close
Colville Primary School
Colville Road
Colwyn Close
Comar Mews
Comberton Baptist Church
Comberton Bowls Club
Comberton Library
Comberton Pavilion
Comberton Playgroup
Comberton Post Office
Comberton Recreation Ground
Comberton Road
Comberton Telephone Exchange
Comberton Village College
Comfrey Court
Coming Home
Commercial End
Common House
Common Lane
Common Lane Farm
Community Cafe
Community Orchard
Community Square
Compass House
Compass House (Anglia Ruskin University)
Compasspoint Cross-Paths
Computer Laboratory Café
Concorde Auto Center
Conder Close
Conduit Head Road
Coniston Road
Conkers Stores
Conqueror House
Consort Avenue
Construction in Aluminium
Consul Court
Control Tower
Convent Drive
Conway Close
Conybeare Road
Cook Close
Cooke Curtis & Co
Cooke Walk
Cooke's Field (CB25 9GP)
Cooks Pasture
Cooper & Sons
Cooperative Funeral Services
Copel Close
Coppice Avenue
Copse Close
Copse Way
Cordic Ltd.
Corfe Close
Corfield Court (St John's College)
Corn Exchange Street
Corn Lane
Cornell Court
Corner House
Cornwell Road
Corona Road
Coronation Avenue
Coronation Close
Coronation Mews
Coronation Place
Coronation Street
Corpus Christi College Chapel
Corpus Christi College Sports Ground
Corpus Christi College (University of Cambridge)
Corpus Christi, Girton, Sidney Sussex and Wolfson College Boat Clubs
Corpus Playroom
Corrie Road
Cosin Court (Peterhouse)
Cosy Nook Caravan Park
Coton Bowls Club
Coton Church of England (Voluntary Controlled) Primary School
Coton Countryside Reserve
Coton Farm Shop
Coton House
Coton Orchard Café
Coton Orchard Garden Centre
Coton Path
Coton Post Office
Coton Reserve
Coton Road
Coton Village Sign
Cotswold Outdoor
Cottage Industrial Estate
Cottenham Racecourse
Cottenham Road
Cottenham Sawmills
Cottenham Village College
Cotton's Field
Coulson Close
Coulson Garage
Council Farm
Country Traditionals
Courtland Avenue
Courtney Way
Covent Garden
Coville Farm
Cow Lane
Cowley Park
Cowley Park Road
Cowley Road
Cowley Road (cycleway)
Cowley Road Garage
Cowper Road
Cox J H Motor Engineers Ltd
Cox's Close
Cox's Drove
Cozy Stay Cambridge
Cozzi & Boffa Wines
Crab Apple
Crabtree & Evelyn
Crafts Hill Barn Bed & Breakfast
Crafts Hill Telephone Exchange
Crafts Way
Craister Court
Cramer Pelmont
Cranes Lane
Cranesbill Close
Cranleigh Close
Cranmer Road (CB3 9BL)
Cranney Droveway
Cratherne Way
Craven Close
Crawford Close
Crescent Figure
Crescent Park
Cresswell Close
Cresta Quality Cleaning
Cricket Nets
Cricket Training Nets
Cripps Court (Magdalene College)
Cripps Court (Selwyn College)
Crispin Close
Crispin Place
Croft Centre
Croft Close
Croft Close Set-Aside
Croft Gardens
Croft Lane (CB24 3AA)
Croft Lodge
Croftholme Lane
Cromarty Place
Crome Ditch Close
Cromwell Newsagents
Cromwell Road
Cromwell Takeaway
Crosfield Court
Cross Lane Close

cross of All Saints' Church

Cross Street
Crossways Communitea Cafe
Crossways Garage
Crossways Gardens
Crowland Way
Crown & Punchbowl
Crowthorne Close
Crusoe Bridge
Crystal Hotel
Cuba Libre
Cuckoo Drift
Cuckoo Hill Farm
Cuckoo Lane
Cudworth Cottage
Cunningham Close
Curry Flame
Curry King
Curry Queen
Custom Ink
Cut Price Carpets
Cutter Ferry Bridge
Cutter Ferry Close
Cutter Ferry Lane
Cutter Ferry Path
Cutthroat Lane
Cycle Centric
Cycle King Discount Cycles
Cygnets Milton Pre-School
Cyprus Kebab
Cyprus Road
Côte Brasserie

D (Drama)
D H Thomas
D. Murphy Optician
D S Smith Recycling Centre


Daedalus on Wheels
Dairy Way
Daisy Close
Dale Way
Dalton Square
Dame Mary Archer Way
Damms Pastures
Dane Drive (CB3 9LP)
Danesbury Court
Daniels Park
Danse Gwenedour
Dao Cafe
Daphmoir Close
Darien Meadow
Darling Paddock
Darwin College (University of Cambridge)
Darwin Drive
Darwin Green
Darwin Green One
Dashwood House
Dave's Plants
Davey Close
Davey Crescent
David Bull Way
David Clulow
David Lloyd Cambridge
David Parr House Visitor Centre
David Rayner Centre
David Street
Davy Road
Daws Close
Daws Lane
Day 1
Days Meadow

days of ashwell

De Freville Avenue
De Freville Court
De Freville Engineering
De Freville Manor
De Freville Road
De Luca Cucina
Deacon Drive
Dead Man's Alley
Deadmans Corner
Deakin Centre
Deal Grove
Dean Court
Dean Drive
Decorative fencing
Delamere Close
Deluna Café
Denbigh ward
Denis Wilson Court
Dennis Road
Denny End Road
Denson Close
Dental Surgery
Department of Engineering (University of Cambridge)
Department of Veterinary Medicine (Vet School)
Derby Road
Derby Stores
Derby Street
Dernford Farm
Dernford House
Dernford Nook
Dernford Nook Lane
Derwent Close
Desmond Avenue
Desmond's Close
Devil's Dyke
Devonshire Arms
Devonshire Mews
Devonshire Road
D.H.F Stabler
Diamond Close
Diamond Jubilee Walk
Dimmock Road
Dining Hall
Dino's Barbers
Discovery Building
Discovery Centre Drop Off
Discovery Drive
Discovery House
Discovery Way
Discovery Way Playarea
Ditchburn Place
Ditton Fields
Ditton Fields Rec
Ditton Hall
Ditton Lane
Ditton Meadows
Ditton Pharmacy
Ditton Walk
Divided Circle
DLM Autos
DNA Double Helix
DNA Double Helix 1953
Dobblers Inn
Dobson Way
Dock Lane
Docky Barn Café
Doctors Close
Dodds Mead
Dodford Lane
Dog Kennel Close
Dogget Lane
Doggett Road
Dolphin Close
Dolphin Way
Domenico Di Martino
Donkey Lane
Dorothy Hodgkin Building
Dorral Dean
Dorset House
Double Helix
Double Seven
Douglas House
Dove Drive
Dovecote Bakery
Dovecote Barn
Dovehouse Court
Dover Street
Dowding Avenue
Dowding Way
Down House Drive
Downham's Lane
Downing Close
Downing College Boat Club
Downing College Chapel
Downing College Sports Ground
Downing College (University of Cambridge)
Downing Court
Downing Park
Downing Place
Downing Place United Reformed Church
Downing Site (University of Cambridge)
Downing Street
DPA Architects
Dr. Martens
Drake Way
Drama Studio
Drayton Close
Drayton Road
Dresden Villa
Driving Test Centre
Drosier Road
Drove bridge
Drummer Street
Drury Avenue
Dry Drayton
Dry Drayton C of E Primary School
Dry Drayton Cricket Ground
Dry Drayton Road
DS Smith Recycling
Ducati Cambridge
Duchess of Cambridge
Duck End
Dudley Road
Duke of Cambridge
Dukes Court
Dukes Meadow
Dulcedo Social
Dulux Decorator's Centre
Dumpling Farm
Dundee Close
Dungate Lane
Dunmowe Way
Dunmowes Manor
Dunsmore Close
Durnford Way
Durrant Close
Dutch Barn (Catch Hall Farm)
Dutch Barn (Park Farm)
Duxford House
DW Refrigeration
Dwyer-Joyce Close
Dye's Hair & Beauty
Dyke's End

Eachard Road
Eagle Street (CB1 2GL)
Earl of Beaconsfield
Earl of Derby
Earl Street
Earthbound: Plant
East Anglia's Children's Hospices
East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices
East Barnwell Scout Centre
East Drive
East Hertford Street
East House
East Meadow
East of England CO-OP
East of England Co-op
East Pit
East Road
East Road (cycle contraflow)
East Road (cycleway)
East Road (shared-use path)
East Roast Coffee
East Way
Eastern Sports Hub (planned)
Eaton Close
EC Autocare
Eccles Close
Eccleston Place
Echos from the Fair
Eclipse Bakery
Eco Bee
Ed's Easy Diner
Eddeva Park
Eddington Avenue
Eddington Nursery
Eddington Place
Ede & Ravenscroft
Eden Chapel
Eden House
Eden Street
Eden Street Backway
Edendale Close
Edinburgh Avenue
Edinburgh Road
Edmund Close
Edward Street
Edwinstowe Close
EF International Language Schools
Egerton Close
Egerton Road
Egremont Road
Egremont Road Play Area
Eights Marina
Ekin Close
Ekin Road
Ekin Walk
EKO Kitchen
El Mexicana
ELA Active Impington
Eland Way
Elder Close
Electric Bike Sales
Electric Center
Elegant Atelier
Elegant Nails & Tanning
Elfleda Road
Elizabeth House
Elizabeth Way
Elizabeth Woodcock
Ellesmere Road
Ellis Brigham
Ellis House
Ellis Road
Ellison Close
Ellison Lane
Elm Drive
Elm Road
Elm Street
Elmfield Road
Elms Avenue
Elston Interiors
Elsworth House
Elsworth Place
Elsworth Road
Elsworth Telephone Exchange
Eltisley Avenue
Ely Place
Ely Road
Ely View
Emery Road
Emery Street
Emmanuel Boat Club
Emmanuel College Chapel
Emmanuel College Library
Emmanuel College Sports Ground
Emmanuel College (University of Cambridge)
Emmanuel Road
Emmanuel Street
Emperor Court
Emperors' Walk
Endeavour Building
Endeavour House
Endurance House
Energy Centre
Engledow Drive
English Heritage
Ennisdale Close
Enniskillen Road
Enterprise Building
Enterprise House
Entomological Field Station
Equiano Bridge
Equine Fertility Unit (Research Station)
Equine Therapy Centre
Erasmus Close
Ernest Doe & Sons Ltd
Ernest Jones
Espresso Lane
Espresso Library
Esquires Barbers
Essex Close
Essex House
Evans Cycles
Evans Way
Evelyn Partners
Evening Court
Everlast Gyms
Eversden Close
Eversden Road
Eversden's Community Orchard
Evolution Court
Evolve Coffee & Bar
Exeter Close
Exeter Close Play Area
Exhaust Unlimited
Eyre Group

Faculty of Education
Fair Court
Fair Green
Fair Street
Fairbairn Road
Fairfax Road
Fairfield End
Fairhaven Close
Fairhaven stone masons
Fairsford Place
Fairview Grove
Fairways Guest House
Falcon Barber
Falcon Park
Falcon Road
Falkner Road
Falmouth Avenue
Falmouth Close
Fanshawe Road
Farehurst Park (under construction)
Farfield House
Farm Close
Farm Cottage
Farmer's Row
Farmers End
Farmstead Close
Farriers Way
Farringford Close
Farrow and Ball
Fassage Close
Fat Face
Fata Morgana Teahouse
Faulkner Close
Fawcett Primary School
Fawcett Road
Feed Store and Garaging (Research Station)
Fellows' Building (A,B)
Fellows' Walk
Felton Street
Fen Ditton
Fen Ditton High Street
Fen Ditton Horningsea cycleway
Fen Ditton Primary School
Fen Ditton Village Hall
Fen Lane
Fen Rivers Way
Fen Road
Fen Technology
Fen View Court
Fendon Close
Fendon Road
Fenleigh Close
Fennec Close
Fenner's Cricket Ground
Fenner's Cricket School
Fenner's Pavilion and Clubhouse
Fenners Groundsman's Hut
Fenners Hotel
Ferdy's Hair and Beauty
Ferndale Rise
Fernlea Close
Ferrars Way
Ferry Lane
Ferry Path
Field Lane
Field Road
Field Row
Field View
Field Way
Fielding Industrial Estate
Fieldstead Farm
Figure in a Shelter
Finch Road
Finch's Close
Finch's Field
Fiona's Cafe
Fireaway Pizza
Fired Earth
Fish & Chips
Fish n Chick n
Fisher Street
Fisher's Lane
Fison Road
Fitzbillies Bridge Street
Fitzgerald Place
Fitzroy Grill
Fitzroy Lane
Fitzroy Street
Fitzwilliam College Boat Club
Fitzwilliam College Playing Field
Fitzwilliam College (University of Cambridge)
Fitzwilliam Museum
Fitzwilliam Pharmacy
Fitzwilliam Road
Fitzwilliam Street
Five Acres
Five Guys
Five Trees Court
Flack End
Flag field
Flames Kebab
Flaming Wok
Flamsteed Close
Flamsteed Road
Flat Iron
Flat Planet Cycles
Flavour Station
Flaxon Glade
Fleam Dyke
Fleam Dyke Pumping Station
Fletcher Avenue
Fletcher's Terrace
Fletcher's Way
Flock Café
Florey Terrace
Flower Street
Flying Tiger Copenhagen
Focus School
Fone World
Fontana Beauty
Fontwell Avenue
Footpaths around Histon and Impington
Forbes Close
Forbes Close Play Area
Forbes Mellon Library
Forbidden Planet
Fordwich Close
Forest Road
Forester Road
Forge End
Former farm or light industry

former pavilion, Christ's and Sidney Sussex sports ground

Former quarry site
Formula One Autocentres
Forster Court
Fort St George
Fort St George Bridge
Fortescue Road
Forty Acre Droveway
Forty Acre Road
Forum Court
Forum House
Forvie Site (University of Cambridge)
Fossey Field
Foster Lane
Foster Road
Fountain Lane
Four Lamps Roundabout
Four Seasons
Fowler Avenue
Fowlmere Road
Fox Road
Fox's Bridge Farm
Fox's Close
Fox's Way
Foxcotte Farm
Foxcotte Fencing
Foxglove 2
Foxglove Way
Foxton House
Foxton Road
Francis Court
Francis Crick Avenue
Francis Darwin Court
Francis Passage
Franco Manca
Frank Lee Leisure and Fitness Centre
Frank's Burgers
Frank's Lane
Frankie & Benny's
Frankie's Salon
Frankies Snack Bar
Franklin Gardens Sales & Information Centre
Fraser Hart
Fraser Road
Fratelli Hair
Fred Hoyle
Free School Lane
Freemasons' Hall
French's Road
Friars Close
Friesland farm
Frog End
Frogs Hall
Froment Way
Fromont Close
Fudge Kitchen
Fulbourn Centre
Fulbourn Fen NR
Fulbourn Hospital
Fulbourn Hospital (psychiatric)
Fulbourn Kebab
Fulbourn Lodge
Fulbourn Old Drift
Fulbourn Old Drift (East)
Fulbourn Playground
Fulbourn Post Office
Fulbourn Primary School
Fulbourn Recreation Ground
Fulbourn Road
Fulbourn Telephone Exchange
Fulbourn United Reform Church
Fulbourn Windmill
Fulbourne Antiques & Interiors
Fulbrooke Road
Full Circle
Fuller Way
Fuller's Field
Furlong Way
Further Field
Future planned development site
Future Town Centre

G. David
G. Nice and Sons
Gainsborough Close
Galfrid Close
Galfrid Road
Galton Road
Game Larder
Gap Kids
Garden Café, Gilmour Suite
Garden Court
Garden Fields
Garden Kitchen at Kettle's Yard
Garden Lecture Room
Garden Walk
Gardens Department
Garlic Row
Garner Close
Garret Hostel Lane
Garret Hostel Lane Bridge
Garrod Street
Garrod Street Substation
Garry Drive
Gas Works War Memorial
Gatehouse Road
Gateway Square
Gayton Close
Gayton Farm
Gazeley Road
Gazelle Way
GD Designer Style Hire
Geldart Street
Gem Tech
General Aviation Centre and FBO
General Purpose Implement Shed (Yarmouth Farm)
Genome Close
Gentle Groom
Geoffrey Bishop Avenue
Geography Equipment Store
George Inn
George IV Street
George Mackenzie House
George Nuttall Close
George Pateman Court
George Pateman Court Community Centre
George Street
George's Way
Gerard Close
Gerard Road
German Church of Cambridge and Eastanglia
German Tech

getBeauty by Ramona Ristea

G.F.T. Davis & Co Pharmacy
Ghost Island
Gibson Close
Gibson House
Gifford's Close
Gift Smith
Giggling Squid
Gilbert Close
Gilbert Road
Giles & Co
Gillies Close (CB5 8ZD)
Gilmerton Court
Gilmour Road
Gilpin Place
Gilpin Road
Gilroy Interiors Awnings
Gin House Flowers
Giovanni's caffe and pizzeria
Girton Baptist Church
Girton College Chapel
Girton College Library
Girton College Sports Ground
Girton College (University of Cambridge)
Girton FP 8
Girton Glebe Primary School
Girton Golden Goose Railings
Girton Golf Club
Girton Mobile Service
Girton Recreational Ground
Girton Road
Girton Service Station
Girton Telephone Exchange
Girton-Histon footpath
Gisborne Road
Gladstone Way
Glanville Road
Glasshouse 1
Glasshouse 2
Glasshouse 3
Glebe Close
Glebe Farm
Glebe Farm Drive
Glebe Lane
Glebe Road
Glebe Way
Glenacre Close
Glenalmond Avenue
Glenmere Close
Glenville Close
Glisson Road
Global Self Drive
Glyn Hopkin Fiat and Jeep
Glyn Hopkin Nissan
GMT Monument Orwell
Go Glass
Godden Auto Services Limited
Godesdone Road
Goding Way
Godwin Close
Godwin Way
Gog Magog Cottages
Gog Magog Farm Cafe
Gog Magog Golf Club
Gog Magog Hills Farm Shop
Gog Magog Vineyard
Gog Magog Way
Gogs Halfway House
Golden Ball Inn
Golden Bridge
Golden Crown
Golden Dragon
Golden House
Golden Noodle Bistro
Golden Stitches
Golden Tanning
Golden Wok
Goldie Boathouse (University of Cambridge Boat Club)
Golding Road
Gonville & Caius College Chapel
Gonville & Caius College Sports Ground
Gonville & Caius College (University of Cambridge)
Gonville and Caius College Hostel
Gonville and Caius College Library and Archives
Gonville Hotel
Gonville Place
Good Technology
Goodwin Farm
Goose Cross
Goose Hall Farm
Gordons Close
Gosling Way
Gough Way (CB3 9LN)
Gould Barbers
Gourmet Burger Kitchen
Gourmet Coffee Bar & Kitchen
Gow Leys
Grab & Go
Grace Crescent
Grace's Accessories
Graduate Cambridge
Grafton Drive
Grafton End
Grafton Street
Graham Road
Grain Close
Grain Store (Catch Hall Farm)
Grain Store (Park Farm)
Grain Store (Yarmouth Farm)
Granary Court
Grand Arcade
Grandfather, Grandson and Dog
Grandridge Close
Grange Drive
Grange Farm
Grange Park Residence
Grange Road
Grange Road cycleway
Granham's Road
Granhams Close
Granhams Court
Granta Place
Granta Terrace
Grantchester House
Grantchester Meadows
Grantchester Meadows cycleway
Grantchester Recreation Ground
Grantchester Road
Grantchester Street
Grape Britannia
Grasmere Gardens
Grass Maze
Grassy Corner Caravan Site
Gray Road
Grayling Close
Grayway Close
Great and Little Shelford C of E (Aided) Primary School
Great Close
Great Drove
Great Eastern Street
Great Eversden
Great Gate
Great Lane
Great Northern Road
Great Saint Mary, The University Church
Great Shelford
Great Shelford Library
Great Shelford Post Office
Great Wilbraham
Great Wilbraham Churchyard
Great Wilbraham CofE Primary School
Great Wilbraham Common
Great Wilbraham Hall Farm
Great Wilbraham Post Office
Great Wilbraham Road
Greater Foxes
Grebe Court
Green Bank Road
Green Dragon
Green Dragon Bridge
Green End
Green End Guest House
Green End Road
Green End Road (cycleway)
Green Head Road
Green Lane
Green Man
Green Man Lane
Green Park
Green Side
Green Street
Green's Road
Greenacres Park
Greenfield Close
Greenford Close
Greengates Court
Greenhalgh Building
Greenham Trading
Greenhouse Park Innovation Centre
Greens of Soham
Greensand Avenue
Greenwich Barns
Greenwich Building
Greenwich Court
Greenwich Meridian Line
Greg's Cycles
Gregory Park Mews
Gregory Park North
Gregory Park South
Grenadier Walk
Gresham Place
Gresham Road
Gretton Court
Gretton School
Greville Road
Grey Way
Greystoke Court
Greystoke Road
Grieve Court
Grill Brothers
Grill House
Groovy Garage
Grosvenor Court
Grounds Café Hut Milton Country Park
Grounds Café Milton Country Park
Grove Close
Grove Cottages
Grove Lane
Grove Road
GSF Car Parts
Guest Road
Guided Busway bridleway
Guided Busway cycleway
Guildhall Place
Guildhall Street
Gunhild Close
Gunhild Close Play Area
Gunhild Court
Gunhild Way
Gunnell Close
Gunning Way
Gurney Way
Gutter Bridge
Gutteridge Building
Gwydir Cottages
Gwydir Enterprise Centre
Gwydir Mews
Gwydir Street
Gymfinity Kids
Gypsy Moth Lane

H&T Pawnbrokers
Hackers Farm Shop
Hackers Fruit Farm Shop
Haddows Close
Hadleigh Court
Haggis Farm Cottages
Haggis Farm Interchange
Haggis Gap
Hair Waves
Hair Wellbeing
Hairs & Graces
Halatte Gardens
Hale Avenue
Hale Street
Halfords Autocentre
Halifax Road
Haling Way
Hall Crescent
Hall Drive
Hall End
Hall Farm
Hall Farm Road
Hallmark Hotel Cambridge
Halls of Cambridge
Hamden Guest House
Hamilton Road
Hammonds Road
Hampden Gardens
Hanami Cafe & Restaurant
Hangar 2
Hangar 20
Hangar 22
Hangar 5
Hangar 6
Hank's Dirty
Hanover Close
Hanson Cement
Hanson Court
Harbour Avenue
Harcombe Road
Harding Close
Harding Way
Hardwick and Cambourne Community Primary School
Hardwick Interchange
Hardwick Post Office
Hardwick Road
Hardwick Sports and Social Club
Hardwick Street
Hare & Hounds
Harebell 3
Harebell Close
Harlton Millennium Sign
Harlton Road
Harmony Hair
Harmony Hair and Beauty Salon
Harness Close
Harpur's Cafe
Harradine Street
Harriet Kelsall
Harriets Café Tearooms
Harris Close
Harris Road
Harrison Drive
Harry Scott Court
Harry Williams & Sons Funeral Directors
Harry's Bed & Breakfast
Harshel Court
Harston & Newton Community Primary School
Harston Baptist Church
Harston Community Orchard and Meadow
Harston Manor
Harston Mill
Harston Rec
Harston Road
Harston ROC Post
Harston Telephone Exchange
Harston Village Hall
Harston War Memorial
Harston-Trumpington cycleway
Hartington Grove
Hartley Close
Hartree Lane
Harvest Cambridge
Harvest Road
Harvest Way
Harvey Court (Gonville & Caius College)
Harvey Goodwin Avenue
Harvey Goodwin Court
Harvey Goodwin Gardens
Harvey Jones Kitchens
Harvey Lane
Harvey Road
Harvey Road Campus (Gonville & Caius College)
Harvey Way
Harvey's Droveway
Haslingfield Endowed Primary School
Haslingfield Methodist Church
Haslingfield Post Office
Haslingfield Road
Haslingfield Skatepark
Hat & Rabbit
Hatherdene Close
Hatley Court
Hatton's Road
Hattons Road
Hauxton Meadows housing development
Hauxton Mill
Hauxton Primary School
Hauxton Road
Hauxton Sports Ground
Haverhill Road
Haviland Way
Hawk's Way
Hawkey Road
Hawkins Road
Hawthorn Avenue
Hawthorn Way
Hawthorne Road
Hay Lane
Hayfield Avenue
Haymarket Road
Hays End
Hayster Drive
Haywards of Cambridge, Girton Garage
Hayzen Close
Hazel Walk
Hazell Street
Hazelwood Close
Hazelwood Close Post Office
HE Center
Head Office
Headford Close
Headington Close
Headington Drive
Headlake Drove
Headley Gardens
Headly Street
Heartea Cherry
Heath Farm
Heath House
Heath Road
Heavenly Desserts
Hector Pieterson Play Area
Hedgerley Close
Heffer Close
Heidelberg Gardens
Helen Close
Helen's Hair & Nails
Hemingford Road
Henley Road
Henley Way
Henry Morris Road
Henslow Mews
Henty Close
Hepworth Farm
Herbert Street
Herbies American Diner
Hercules Close
Hercules Meets Galatea
Hereward Close
Hereward Road
Hering Road
Heritage School
Hermitage and Kings Mill Meadows
Heron Walk
Heron's Close
Herring's Close
Herschel Road
Hertford Street
Heslerton Way
HGV only
Hi Sweety
Hicks Lane
Hidden Hearing
Hidden Rooms Cocktail Lounge & Events Venue
High Back Lands
High Barns
High Cross
High Ditch Road
High Green
High Street
Highdene Road
Highfield Avenue
Highfield Farm
Highfield Farm Touring Park
Highfield Gate
Highfield Road
Highfields Caldecote
Highfields Court
Highfields Road
Hightown Drove
Highworth Avenue
Hilda Street
Hildersham Road
Hill Farm
Hill Field
Hill View
Hillfield Road
Hills Avenue
Hills Road
Hills Road (146) Post Office
Hills Road (cycleway)
Hills Road Post Office
Hills Road Sixth Form College
Hills Road Sixth Form College sports ground
Hills Road Sports & Tennis Centre
Hills View
Hillstead Farm
Hilton Cambridge City Centre
Hilton Farm
Hind Loders
Hine's Meadow
Hines Close
Hines Lane
Hinton Avenue
Hinton House
Hinton Road
Hinton Way
Histon & Impington Community Orchard
Histon & Impington Royal British Legion Club
Histon and Girton Wood, Histon
Histon and Impington Brook Primary School
Histon and Impington Park Primary School
Histon Baptist Church
Histon Barbershop
Histon Bowls Club
Histon Chop Shop
Histon Cricket Club
Histon Early Years Centre (nursery school)
Histon Football Club
Histon Interchange
Histon Library
Histon Manor
Histon Methodist Church
Histon Ophthalmic Opticians
Histon Post Office
Histon Road
Histon Road Recreation Ground
Histon Salvation Army Church
Histon Sector Police Station
Histon Telephone Exchange
Historic Crane Base
Hoadly Road
Hoback Farm
Hobart Road
Hobson Avenue
Hobson Road
Hobson Road Play Area
Hobson Square
Hobson Street
Hobson's Conduit Monument
Hobsons Acre
Hobsons Passage
Hoffer Bridge
Hoffer Brook Farm
Holbein Farm
Holben Close
Holbrook Road
Holiday Inn Express
Holland & Barrett
Holland Street
Hollmans Close
Hollyoak Vet Surgery
Holm oak avenue
Holme Close
Holme Court School
Holme Way
Holy Trinity
Holy Trinity (Balsham Parish Church)
Holy Trinity (Bottisham Parish Church)
Holyrood Close
Home Close
Home End
Home Farm
Home from Home
Home Meadow
Homefield Close
Homerton Children's Centre
Homerton College Library
Homerton College Orchard
Homerton College (University of Cambridge)
Homerton House
Homerton Street
Honest Burgers
Honey Hill
Honey Hill Cottage
Honey Hill Mews
Honeysuckle 5
Honeysuckle Lane
Hong Kong Fusion
Hooper Street
Hooper Street link
Hop Bine Drive
Hope Community Church
Hope Street
Hope Street Yard
Hopkins Close
Hornbeam 1
Hornet Road
Horningsea Cemetery
Horningsea Playground
Horningsea Pottery
Horningsea Road
Horse Chestnut Avenue
Horse Grave Godolphin Arabian (c. 1724 – 1753)
Horse Paddock
Horse Pens (Research Station)
Hot Numbers
Hotel Chocolat
Hotel du Vin & Bistro
House of Spice
House of Wizard
House Sparrow
Howard Close
Howard Road
Howdens Joinery
Howells Way
Howes Close Sports Ground
Howes Place
Howgate Road
Howlett Way
H.R.H. The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh Statue
Huddleston Way
Hudson Close
Hughes Hall
Hughes Hall Library
Hugo Boss
Hulatt Road
Humberstone Road
Humble Lane
Humphreys Road
Humphreys Road play area
Humphries Way
Humpty Dumpty Pre-School
Hunters Close
Hunting Grove
Huntingdon Road
Huntingdon Road Sports Fields
Huntley Close
Huntsman Road
Hurdle Hall
Hurdleditch Road
Hurdlehall Drove
Hurrell Road
Hurrell's Row
Hurry's Close
Hurst Park Avenue
Hut 1
Huxley Row
Hyatt Centric Cambridge

Ian Stevens
Ibis Cambridge Central Station
IC Coiffeur
Iceni Way


Icknield Way Marker Stone
Iconic Signs
Ida Darwin Hospital
IJC Plumbing and Heating
Il Barbiere
Il Mercanto
Il Piccolo Mondo
Imagine Health & Spa


Impala Drive
Impetts Lane
Impington International Sixth Form
Impington Lane
Impington Village College
Implement Shed (Catch Hall Farm)
In Cha
Indian Kitchen
Indian Mini Market
Indian Palace
Indigo Coffee House
Indoor Arena
Ingleton Wood
Inner Space
Inside Out
Inspire Health & Fitness
International Glaciological Society (IGS)
Inverness Close
IoA Path
Irena Spence & Co
Iris & Violet
Iron Age and Roman farms
Ironworks development
Istanbul Barbers


Ittou Noodle Bar
Ivan Clark's Corner
Iver Close
Ivett & Reed
Ivett's Close
Ivett's Lane
Ivy Court
Ivy Field
Izaak Walton Way

J J Thomson Avenue
J&M Oriental Supermarket
Jack of Clubs Farm
Jack Warren Green
Jack's Gelato
Jacklin Close
Jacks on Trinity
Jackson Close
Jackson Cox Opticians
Jackson Road
Jade Fountain
Jafar Mirza Building
Jaggard's Farm
Jagged Edge Barbers
Jags Newsagent
James Carlton Close
James Nurse Close
James Street
James Street Hairdressers
Jane Brown Close
Jane Coston Bridge
Jane Seymour Hair Fashions
Janes Court
Janet Jones Walk
Janus House
Japas Bento Box
Jardines Pharmacy
Jasmine (Chinese & Thai)
Jasmine Court
Jason Farm
Jaws Fish & Chips
JD Sports
Jeab's Thai
Jedburgh Close
Jedburgh Court
Jeeves Acre
Jemporium Vintage
Jenyns Close
Jermyn Close
Jesus College Boat Club
Jesus College Chapel
Jesus College Squash courts
Jesus College (University of Cambridge)
Jesus Green Lido
Jesus Green Playarea
Jesus Lane
Jesus Lane Friends Meeting House (Quaker Meeting House)
Jesus Lock
Jesus Terrace
Jet Centre terminal
Jet Photographic
JH Fitness Academy
Jo Malone
John Banks Group
John Banks Honda Service
John Beazor
John Clarke Court
John Lewis of Hungerford
John Street
John's Bikes
Johnson Drive
JoJo Maman Bébé
Jolley Ford Court
Jolley Way
Jopling Way
Jordan's Yard
Joseph Cheaney & Sons
Josiah Court
Jubilee Avenue
Jubilee Close
Jubilee Cycleway Cycle Arch
Jubilee Garden
Jubilee Orchard
Jubilee Square
Juic'it Up
Julian Hairstyling
Junes B&B
Jupiter Way
Just for Pets
Just Rust
Just Tanning
Just Tyres

Kaldor Court
Kalimera B&B
Kan Zaman
Kapitza House
Kash Stores and Post Office
Katana Haircutters For Men
Kathleen Elliott Way
Kay Hitch Way
Keates Road
Kefford House
Keith Day Road
Kelsey Crescent
Kelsey Kerridge Sports Centre, Queen Anne Terrace
Kelvin Close
Ken's Way
Kendal House Court
Kendal Way
Kendrew Place
Kenko Kitchen
Kent Way
Kerb Kollective
Kerridge Close
Kerry's Field
Kerry's Yard
Kesters Close
Kestrel Rise
Kett's Oak
Kettle Cottage
Kettle's Yard
Kettle's Yard Gallery
Kettles Close
Keynes Road
Khang's Fish Shop
Kidman & Sons
Kidman's Yard
Kidmans Close
Kids Classics
Kids Unlimited Nursery
KIKO Milano
Kilmaine Close
Kim's Bulgogi
Kimberley Road
Kindersley Crescent
Kineya Mugimaru
King Street
King Street Collective
King Street Post Office
King Street Run
King William IV
King's Church
King's College and Selwyn College Sports Ground
King's College bar
King's College Chapel
King's College School
King's College (University of Cambridge)
King's College Visitor Centre
King's Dough
King's Grove
King's Hedges Learner's Pool
King's Meadow
King's News
King's Parade
King's Road
Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses
Kingfisher Gardens
Kingfisher Way
Kings Convenience Shop
Kings Court
Kings Farm
Kings Grove
Kings Head
Kings Hedges Drive
Kings Hedges Primary School
Kings Hedges Road
Kings Hedges Road Post Office
Kings Lane
Kings Meadows
Kings Mill Lane
Kings Road
KingsGate Community Church
Kingsley Walk
Kingsmead Caravan Park
Kingston Arms
Kingston Play Area
Kingston Road
Kingston Street
Kingston Village Orchard
Kingsway Cambridge Lakes Golf Course
Kingsway Cycles
Kingsway Flats
Kingsway Kebab
Kinnaird Way
Kinross Road
Kinsman Way
Kiosk on the Green
Kirby Road
Kirby Terrace
Kirkby Close
Kirkwood House
Kirkwood Road
Kitchen Bridge
Kitchen Lane
Knapp Rise
Knightly Avenue
Knights Way
KOTA Kitchen + Bar
Krispy Kreme
KT Car Care
Kumar Pharmacy

kung woo

Kurt Geiger
Kwik Fit

L2S2 data2inform
La Dispensa
La Latina
La Maison du Steak
La Margherita
La Mimosa
La Pergola Cambridge
La Pizzetta
La Raza
La Reina Café
Laburnum Close
Lacies Farm
Lady Jane Court
Lady Jermy Way
Lady Margaret Boat Club (St John's College)
Lady Margaret Road
Laird Hatters
Lakeside Café
Lakeside Coffee Shop
Lambert Smith Hampton
Lambing Shed (Park Farm)
Lambourn Close
Lambourne Road
Lambs Cross Farm
Lammas Field
Lan Hong House
Landbeach & Milton Baptist Church
Landbeach Road
Landbeach Village Hall
Lander Close
Landmark International School
Laney Meadow
Langdale Close
Langdon House
Langham Road
Lansdowne Road
Lantern House Guest House
Lanthorn Stile
Lantree Crescent
Lapwing Avenue
Lapwings Close
Large Slurry Tank (Park Farm)
Lark Rise
Larkin Close
Larmor Drive
Las Iguanas
Lash&Glo Beauty
Latham Close
Latham Road
Latimer Close
Laundress Green
Laundress Lane
Laundry Farm (University of Cambridge)
Laundry Lane
Lauriston Place
Lavender Road
Lawrance Lea
Lawrence Close
Lawrence Way
Lawrence Weaver Road
Lawson Close
Laxton Avenue
Laxton Way
Le Creuset
Le Patissier
Leaden Hill
Leah Manning Building
Leah Manning Close
Leckhampton (Corpus Christi College)
Lee's Way
Leech & Sons
Leeland Gardens
Leete Road
Leete's Lane
Leeway Avenue
Legate Walk
Legion Court
Lemur Drive
Lennox Walk
Lensfield Road
Lents Way
Leonard Close
Leper Chapel of St Mary Magdalene
Les Ward Greengrocers
Lesanna Farm
Leventon House B&B
Levitt Lane
Lewis' Barbershop
Lexington Close
Ley Grove Cottages
Ley Rectory Farm
Leyburn Close
Leys Avenue
Leys Road
Leys Sports Centre
Leys Walk
LGBTQ+ 'Rainbow' flag
Lichfield Road
Light Blue Travel
Lil Speed Walk
Lilac Close
Lilac Court
Lilac End
Lilac Rose
Lilley Close
Lilywhite Drive
Lime Avenue
Lime Kiln Close
Lime Kiln Road
Lime Tree Close
Limedale Close
Limes Road
Linda Sinclair Building
Linden Close
Lingholme Close
Lingrey Court
Link Road
Linton Road
Lion & Lamb
Lion Yard
Lisa court
Lisle Walk
Little Abington
Little America Farm
Little and Great Eversden
Little Barn
Little Eversden
Little Fen Drove
Little Germany
Little Meadow
Little Petra
Little Seoul
Little Shelford
Little Shelford Farm
Little Shelford Memorial Hall
Little St Mary's Church
Little St Mary's Lane
Little Waitrose
Little Wilbraham
Little Wilbraham churchyard
Little Wilbraham Road
Live & Let Live
Livermore Close
Livestock Store 1 (Catch Hall Farm)
Livestock Store 2 (Catch Hall Farm)
Livestock Store 3 (Catch Hall Farm)
Lloyds Bank
Loch Fyne
Locking Piece
Lode Avenue (CB25 9PX)
Lode Chapel
Lode Post Office
Lode Road
Lode Water Mill
Lode with Longmeadow
Lodemoor Drove
Lodes Way
Lodeside Mobile Home Park
Lodge Close
Lofty Close
Logan's Meadow
Logan's Way
Lomas Farm
London Road
Lone Tree Avenue
Lone Tree Grove
Long Acre
Long Drove
Long Green
Long Lane
Long Meadow
Long Meadow Road
Long Reach House
Long Reach Road
Long Road
Long Road Sixth Form College
Longfield Barns
Longstanton Post Office & Stores
Longstanton Road
Longworth Avenue
Look Ahead
Loose Box Garage (Park Farm)
Lord Ashcroft Building
Lord's Ground Drove
Lordsbridge Arena
Lordship Close
Lordship Farm
Loris Court
Lost In Vinyl
Lot M3
Lotfield Street
Lothbury House
Loughton Court
Louis Cha (Jin Yong) stone
Love Lane
Lovell Road
Lovers Walk
Loves Close
Low Close
Low Fen Drove Way
Lowbury Crescent
Lower End
Lower Farm
Lower Hinge Farm
Lower Park Street
Luard Close
Luard Road
Lucerne Close
Lucketts Close
Lucy Cavendish College (University of Cambridge)
Ludlow Lane
Lug Fen Droveway
Lui's Barbershop
Lyndewode Road
Lyndhurst Close
Lynfield Lane
Lynton Way
Lynwood House
Lysander Close

M C Body Centre
M&H General Stores
M&S Simply Food
Ma'riahhair Salon
Macaulay Avenue
Macaulay Square
Mace Express
Macfarlane Close
Machine Mart
Mackays of Cambridge Ltd
Mackenzie Road
Made to Measure 2017
Madingley Hall
Madingley Parish Council Playground
Madingley Rise
Madingley Rise Site (University of Cambridge)
Madingley Road
Madingley Road Kebab
Madingly Mulch
Madras Road
Magdalene Close
Magdalene College Chapel
Magdalene College (University of Cambridge)
Magdalene Street
Magnolia Close
Magog Down
Magog Farm Barns
Magrath Avenue
Maidenhead Aquatics
Maido House
Maids Causeway
Mail Boxes Etc.
Mailes Close
Main Street
Main Walk
Maintenance Department
Maintenance Workshop
Maio Road
Maison Clement
Maitland Avenue
Maitland Robinson Library
Malcolm Bowie Bathing Pool
Malcolm Place
Malcolm Street
Malden Close
Mallets Road
Mallows Close
Malta Road
Maltern Close
Malthouse Way
Malting Lane
Maltings Close
Maltings Yard
Malton Road
Maltsters Way
Malvern Road
Man & Dog
Mandarin Stone
Mander Portman Woodward
Mander Way
Mandrill Close
Mane Event hairdressers
Mane Lounge
Maners Way
Manhattan Drive
Manning Way
Manor Barn
Manor Close
Manor Crescent
Manor Farm
Manor Farm Close
Manor Farm Road
Manor Field
Manor House
Manor House Farm
Manor Lane
Manor of Brays, medieval (site of)
Manor Park
Manor Park Field
Manor Place
Manor Road
Manor Street
Manor Walk
Mansel Court
Mansel Way
Mansfield Close
Mansfield Way
Manure Pad (Park Farm)
Maple Close
Maple Court
Mappin & Webb
Marc Jason
March Lane
March's Close
Marco Di Lauro
Mardler Close
Marfield Court
Marfleet Close
Margaret Wright Community Orchard
Maria Björnson Outdoor Theatre
Mariner's Way
Marion Close
Maris Green
Maris House
Maris Lane
Mark's Way
Market Hill
Market House
Market Passage
Market Rise
Market Square
Market Street
Markham Close
Marleigh Avenue
Marleigh Lane
Marleigh Nursery
Marleigh Primary Academy
Marlowe Road
Marmalade Lane
Marmalade Street
Marmora Road
Marsh Close
Marshall Body Shop
Marshall Group
Marshall Hyundai
Marshall Road
Marshall SEAT
Marshall Specialist Vehicles
Marshall's Close
Martin Road
Martin's Stile Lane
Martindale Way
Martingale Close
Martins Way
Mary Ward House (St Mary's School)
Mary's Greengrocers
Maryland Avenue
Masjid Al Ikhlas & Cambridge Islamic Centre
Mason Road
Mason's Court
Mason's Garden
Master's Lodge
Mathematical Sciences Café
Matthew Parker Close
Maurizio Dining & Co.
Mawson Pace
Mawson Road
May Pasture
May's Avenue
Mayfield Primary School
Mayfield Road
Mays Way
Maythorpe Road
MB Hair Studio
Mead Avenue
Mead View
Meadow Court
Meadow Farm
Meadow Farm Close
Meadow Primary School
Meadow Triangle
Meadow View
Meadow Way
Meadow Way / Queens Close Resident Manager
Meadowcroft Way
Meadowlands Road

medieval village

Mediterranean BBQ
Meeting House
Melbourne Place
Melvin Way
Memorial Court (Clare College)
Memorial Orchard
Memorial to Bottisham Commanding Officer Thomas Christian
Memorial to William Ison
Memorial WW1 and WW2
Menzies Cambridgeshire Golf Club
Mercado Central
Mercers Row
Mere Way
Mereway Farm
Meridian Close
Meridian Court
Meridian Drive
Meridian Golf hole #1
Meridian House
Meridian Marker
Meridian Primary School
Merrington Place
Merry Vale
Merton Park
Merton Road
Merton Street
Merton Walk
Metcalfe Road
Metro Bank
Mica Hardware
Michael Beaumont Butchers
Michaelhouse Cafe
Mid Anglia School of Flying
Middle Farm
Middle Field
Middle Green
Middle Way
Middleton Close
Middletons Steakhouse & Grill
Midfield Lodge
Midhurst Close
Midsummer Common Community Orchard
Midsummer House
Midsummer Meadows
Midsummer Place
Mikey's Food Box
Mile Road
Milford Street
Milk & More Depot
Mill Court
Mill Drove
Mill End Close
Mill End Road
Mill Farm
Mill Hill
Mill House
Mill Lane
Mill Lane (Pembroke College)
Mill Park
Mill Quern
Mill Road
Mill Road Baptist Church
Mill Road Cemetery
Mill Road Cemetery Chapel
Mill Road Community Centre
Mill Road Funeral Care
Mill Street
Mill Way
Millards Lane
Millcroft Court
Millennium Green
Millennium Path
Miller's Road
Millers Music
Millers' Way
Millfield Farm
Millie's Cookies
Millies Cookies
Milliner's Cottage
Millington Lane
Millington Road
Millington Road Nursery School
Mills Lane
Milne Avenue
Milner Close
Milner Road
Milstein Exhibition Centre
Milton Arms
Milton Avenue
Milton Avenue (cycleway)
Milton C of E Primary School
Milton Children's Hospice
Milton Community Centre
Milton Country Park Orchard
Milton FC
Milton Hall
Milton House Take Away
Milton Post Office
Milton Road
Milton Road cycleway
Milton Road Library
Milton Road Pharmacy
Milton Road Primary School
Milton Scout Hut
Milton Spice
Miltons Walk
Minerva Way
Mingle Lane
Mint Velvet
Minter Close
Missleton Court
Misty Meadows
Mitchell Lodge Farm
Mitwell Close
MKC Computers
Mo Malik's
Mobile Building
Mobile Solutions
Mobility and Cycle Hub
Moda Barbers
MODA Barbers
Mohak Cafe
Molewood Close
Molton Brown
Monarch Coin Laundry
Monbretia Motors
Moncrieff Close
Monkey Puzzle Day Nurseries
Montague Road
Montfort Way
Montgomery Road
Montreal Road
Montreal Square
Montrose Close
Moonstone, Arrows and Obelisk
Moor Barns Farm
Moor Barns Farm Cottages
Moor Close
Moor Drove
Moore Close
More's Meadow
Morello Place
Morland Terrace
Morley Memorial Primary School
Morley's Place
Morris Close
Morrisons Daily
Mortimer Road
Mortimer Road (Gonville & Caius College)
Mortlock Avenue
Mosque Mill Rd
Moss Bank
Moss Bros
Moss Drive
Mother and Child
Motion Sickness Project Space
Motoworks Cambridge
Mount Pleasant
Mount Pleasant Walk (CB3 0BW)
Mountain Warehouse
Mountford Close
Mowbray Road
Mowlam Close
Moyne Close
Mr George
Mr Ho
Mr Polito's
Mr Simms Olde Sweet Shoppe
Mr Taco
MRAO One-Mile Telescope
MT Roofing & Scaffolding
Mud Lane
Mulberry 1
Mulberry 2
Mulberry Close
Mullard Radio Astronomy Observatory
Mumford Building
Mumford Theatre
Muncey Walk
Munro Building Services
Murdoch House
Murray Edwards College Library
Murray Edwards College (University of Cambridge)
Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology
Museum of Classical Archaeology and Faculty of Classics, University of Cambridge
Museum of Zoology
Musgrave Drive
Musgrave Farm
Musgrave Way
Muslim Prayer Room
Mutlow Hill Tumulus

N K Jank Dispensing Chemist
Namaste Village
Nanna Mexico
Napier Street
Napp Sports and Social Club
Narrow Close
Narrow Lane
Natal Road
National Extension College Cafe
National Metal Recycling
Natural Health
Nature Road
Neal Drive
Neale Close
Neal’s Yard Remedies
Neath Farm Court
Nebi Tari
Needham Research Institute
Nelson Court
Neon Sheep
Neptune Close
Nether Grove
Netherhall Farm
Netherhall Way
Netley Lodge
Neville Road
New Apostolic Church
New Barn House
New Barns Farm
New Bit
New Close
New Court
New Cross Farm
New Dairy Unit (Park Farm)
New Farm
New Farm Road
New Fields Mobile Home Park
New Golden Buddha
New Look
New Museums Site (University of Cambridge)
New Park Street
New Pit Glasshouses
New Road
New School Road
New Shardelowes Farm
New South Court
New Square
New Stock Pen (Research Station)
New Street
New Vitrum Building
Newell Walk
Newingham Crescent
Newmarket Road
Newmarket Road roundabout (subway)
Newmarket Road roundabout (subway ramp)
Newmarket Road (shared-use path)
Newnham (Cambridge) Bowls Club
Newnham College Library
Newnham College Sports Ground
Newnham College (University of Cambridge)
Newnham Croft Primary School
Newnham Croft Social and Sports Club
Newnham Croft Street
Newnham Drove
Newnham Road
Newnham Scout and Guide Centre
Newnham Walk
Newton Court
Newton Cricket Ground
Newton Road
Nicholas Anthony
Nicholson Way
Nigel Gawthrope Court
Nightingale Avenue
Nightingale Park MUGA
Nightingale recreation ground
Nine Chimneys Lane
Nine Wells Road
Nines Global Buffet
Nisa Local
Nixon's Hall
NJ Groceries
No. 30
Nonesuch House
Noodle Republic
Noodles Plus +
Norfolk Street
Norfolk Street Bakery
Norfolk Terrace
Norman Industrial Estate
Norman Moore Pond
Norman Park
Norman Way
Normandy Close
Normanton Way
North Arbury Chapel
North Building
North Cambridge Academy
North China Dumpling
North Cottages
North Court
North Court (Emmanuel College)
North Farm
North Lodge Park
North Shoes
North Street
North Terrace
North West Cambridge proposed development
Northampton Street
Northern Swavesey Roundabout
Northfield Avenue
Northfield Farm
Northrop Road
Northstowe Phase 2
Northstowe Phase 3
Northumberland Close
Norton Close
Norwich Street
Notun Bangla Bazar
Nuffield Close
Nuffield Health Cambridge Hospital
Nuffield Health Fitness & Wellbeing
Nuffield Road
Numark Pharmacy
Nuns Orchard
Nuns Way
Nursery Close
Nursery Walk
Nursery Way
Nutters Close
Nuttings Road

Oak Court
Oak Crescent
Oak Lane
Oak Tree Avenue
Oak Tree Court
Oak Tree Way
Oakington & Westwick
Oakington Baptist Chapel
Oakington Business Park
Oakington CofE Primary School
Oakington Community Orchard
Oakington Post Office
Oakington Road
Oakington Tomato Farm
Oaklands Nursery
Oakley Lodge B&B
Oakley Terrace
Oates Way
Oatlands Avenue
Observatory Drive
Occupation Road
Ocean Supermarket
Offa Lea


Ohayo Sushi
Old Addenbrooke's Site (University of Cambridge)
Old Bar Drove
Old Bicycle Shop
Old chalk pit
Old Chesterton Allotment Society Limited
Old Chesterton Substation
Old Crown
Old Farm Close
Old Forest
Old Forge
Old Forge Way
Old Mill Close
Old Mills Road
Old Rectory Drive
Old School Court
Old School Lane
Old Spring
Old Ticket Office
Old Wadlow
Old Wimpole Road
Oldfield Farm
Olive Tree Cafe
Oliver Bonas
Omar Faruque Mosque and Cultural Centre
One Love Lane
One Stop
One Tree Road
Ongar Court
Optical Express
Orchard Avenue
Orchard Close
Orchard Cottage
Orchard Drive
Orchard Estate
Orchard Farm
Orchard Mobility
Orchard Park
Orchard Park Community Primary School
Orchard Park Sports Centre
Orchard Park Wildflower Bank
Orchard Road
Orchard Service Station
Orchard Street
Orchard Way
Orchid Fare
Order Collection only
Orwell Clunch Pit
Orwell Furlong
Orwell House
Orwell Methodist Church
Orwell Post Office
Orwell Recreation Ground
Orwell Road
Orwell Terrace
Osborne House
Oslar's Way
Osprey Drive
Osslip 9
Oswald Terrace
Otter Close
Otter Gardens
Outdoor Arena
Overbrook Farm
Overhill Close
Overhill Close Play Area
OWL Bikes
Owlstone Croft
Owlstone Croft (Queens' College)
Owlstone Road
Ox Meadow
Oxbow Place
Oxfam Bookshop
Oxford Archaeology East
Oxford Road
Oyster Row
Oz Alterations & Repairs

Pace Fuelcare
Paddock Close
Paddock Unit
Paddock Way
Paddy Power
Page's Farm
Pages Close
Paget Close
Paget Road
Pagram Way
Painted Plough
Pakenham Close
Palmers Walk
Pamplin Court
Panther Way
Panton Arms
Panton Hall
Panton Street
Papa John's
Papworth Hospital Staff Accommodation
Papworth Road
Paradise Street
Parish Centre
Parish Church of the Good Shepherd
Parish Pound
Park Avenue
Park Crescent
Park Drive
Park End
Park Farm
Park Farm Barn (Park Farm)
Park Farmhouse (Park Farm)
Park House
Park Lane
Park Parade
Park Street
Park Street Church of England Primary School
Park Terrace
Parker Library
Parker Street
Parker's Piece - wildflower meadow
Parker's Terrace
Parkers Barbershop
Parkers Tavern
Parkside Community College
Parkside Place
Parkside Police Station
Parkside Pools
Parkside Sixth
Parkview Guest House
Parlour Close
Parr Close
Parsonage Barns
Parsonage Close
Parsonage Street
Parsons Court
Partridge Close
Partridge Drive
Partridge Hall Farm
Party Mania
Partyman World of Play
Patagonia Way
Pates Close
Patisserie Valerie


Pavilion Court

pavilion (Leys playing fields)

Payton Way (CB25 9NS)
Peacock Drive
Peacock Way
Peake's Court
Peaks Storehouse
Pearce Close (CB3 9LY)
Pearces Yard
Pearl Close
Pearmain Court
Pearmains Close
Pearson Close
Pearson Court
Peas Hill
Pease Way
Peasgood & Skeates
Peking Restaurant
Pelham Court
Pelican Pre-preparatory School
Pemberton Arms
Pemberton House
Pemberton Place
Pemberton Terrace
Pembroke Avenue
Pembroke College Boat Club
Pembroke College Chapel
Pembroke College Library
Pembroke College Sports Ground
Pembroke College (University of Cambridge)
Pembroke College's War Memorial
Pembroke Court
Pembroke New Cellars
Pembroke Street
Pembroke Way
Pen Close
Penarth Place
Penarth Place (CB3 9LU)
Pendrick Close
Penfold Farm
Penn Farm Studios
Pentlands Close
Pentlands Court
Pepys Close
Pepys Court
Pepys Library
Pepys Terrace
Pepys Way
Percheron Close
Perne Avenue
Perne Close
Perne Library
Perne Road
Perne Road's Co-Operative Food
Perowne Street
Perry Court
Perse Playing Fields
Perse Preparatory School playing fields
Perse School Playing Fields
Perse Way
Pershore Road
Persian Tribal Rugs
Peter Cowell Close
Peter Goodin Close
Peter Taylor House
Peterhouse Boat Club
Peterhouse Chapel
Peterhouse Library and Theatre
Peterhouse Mews
Peterhouse (University of Cambridge)
Petersfield CofE Aided Primary School
Petersfield Mansions
Petersfield Pharmacy
Pettit's Close
Pettitt's Close
Pettitt's Lane
Petty Cury
Petworth Street
Peverel Close
Peverel Road
Peymans Cambridge City Rooms
Pharmacie Cafe
Phase 12 Trumpington Meadows
Phase 2b (Keepmoat Homes)
Pheasant Drive
Pheasant Rise
Philippa Fawcett Drive
Physic (Oakington Therapy Centre)
Pick Up Set Down
Pickfords Self Store
Pickwicks Sandwich Bar
Pieces Court
Pieces Lane
Pieces Terrace
Pierce Lane
Pig Farrowing Unit (Research Station)
Pig Lane
Piggy Lane
Pightle Close
Pike's Walk
Pilgrim's Way
Pine Court
Pinfold Well Lane
Pink Elephant
Pink's Close
Pinnington Close
Pioneer House
PiP Architecture
Piper Road
Pippin Drive
Pippin Walk
Pixel Wall
Pizza Hut
Pizza Hut Delivery
Pizza Pilgrims
Pizza Town
Plantation Avenue
Plantation Cottage
Plantation House
Plantation Road
Playful Seating
Plough & Fleece
Plough Inn
Ploughmans Way
Plum Tree Close
Plum Tree Hair & Beauty
Plumb Center
Plumb City
Plymouth Close
Pod Orłem
Polaris Pharmacy
Polarn O. Pyret
Pole Barn (Yarmouth Farm)
Polonia Club
Pool Way
Poor's Well
Poorsfield Road
Pop-up Cafe
Poplar Close
Poplar Hall
Poplar Road
Poplar Villas
Poplar Way
Poppy Close
Porkers Lane
Porsche Centre Cambridge
Porson Court
Porson Road
Porter Road
Porter Road LAP
Porthmore Close
Porthmore Way
Portland Arms
Portland Place
Portobello Lane
Portugal Place
Portugal Street
Portway Road
Post Office Terrace
Poulter Walk
Pound Close
Pound Drift
Pound Hill
Pound Way
Powell Close
Premier Inn
Premier Inn Cambridge City East
Premier Inn Cambridge North (Girton)
Premier Travel
Preston Close
Pret A Manger
Pretoria Road
Priam's Way
Primary Court
Prime's Close
Prime's Corner
Primo Cycles
Primo Cycles - Grand Arcade
Primrose Close
Primrose Croft
Primrose Farm Road
Primrose Lane
Primrose Street
Prince Regent
Princess Drive
Priors Close
Priory Road
Priory Street
Pritchard Walk
Proctor Drive
Proposed Cancer Research Hospital development
Proposed residential area
Prospect Row
Prospects Trust Farm Shop
Providence Way
Pryor Close
PTM Professional Music Technology
Puddicombe Way
Pump House (Park Farm)
Pump Lane
Punch Farm
Purbeck Road
Pure Living
Pychard Road
Pye Alley
Pym Court

QiT Solutions
Quainton Close
Quality Tattoos
Quarry Lane
Queen Anne Terrace
Queen Edith Chapel
Queen Edith Primary School
Queen Edith's Way
Queen Emma Place
Queen Emma Primary School
Queen's Close
Queen's Head
Queen's Road
Queen's Road (shared-use path)
Queen's Way
Queens Close
Queens Court
Queens Head
Queens Lane
Queens Meadow
Queens Way
Queens' College and Magdalene Boat Clubs
Queens' College and Robinson College Sports Ground
Queens' College Chapel
Queens' College Library
Queens' College (University of Cambridge)
Quern House
Quiken path
Quince Road
Quincentenary Library
Quip & Curiosity
Quy Court
Quy Hall
Quy Interchange
Quy Mill Hotel
Quy Post Office
Quy Road
Quy Water Bridge
Quy Waters

R Cambridge
R Cambridge North
R H Partnership Architects
R Shelford
R Waterbeach
Rachel Close
Rackham Close
Radcliffe Court
Radegund Road
Radhika Flowers
Railway Avenue
Railway Close
Railway Lodge
Railway Street
Railway Vue
Rain garden
Rainbow Day Nursery
Raja Tandoori
Rampton Drift
Rampton Road
Ramsden Square
Randal Way
Rank Brothers
Rank Building
Ransome Close
Rapid Response Sawston Station
Raspberry Pi
Ratford's Yard
Rathmore Close
Rathmore Club
Rathmore Road
Ravenscroft House
Ravensworth Gardens
Rawlyn Close
Rawlyn Court
Rawlyn Road
Rayleigh Close
Rayments Garage
Rayson Way
Rayyan Supermarket
Reach Road
Real Eating Co.
Recreation Close
Rectory Close
Rectory Farm
Rectory Farm Chalet
Rectory Farm Lane
Rectory Farm Road
Rectory Farm Tea Shop
Rectory Farmhouse
Rectory Lane
Rectory Terrace
Red Cross Lane
Red Fringe
Red Hill Close
Red Hill Lane
Red House Farm
Red Lion
Red Roofs
Redfern Close
Redfield House
Redgate Road
Redlands Road
Redmore Way
Reed Close
Regatta Court
Regency Autos
Regency Guest House
Regency Square
Regent Farm
Regent Hotel
Regent Street
Regent Terrace
Reilly Way
Relevant Record Café
Religious Society of Friends Meeting House
Renard Way
Rene Court
Repton Gardens
Resbury Close
Resource Centre
Restaurant 22
Resurrection Lutheran Church
Reubens Road
Revolution Health and Fitness
Rexbury Court
RGC Silage Clamps (Park Farm)
Rhadegund Cottages
Rhee Meadow
Rialto Close
Ribston Way
Rice Boat
Richard Foster Road
Richard Howe Way
Richard Stebbings Funeral Service
Richmond Road
Richmond Terrace
Rickard Close
Riddy Close
Ridge and Furrow
Ridgefield Primary School
Ridgeons Centenary Park
Ridgeway Corner
Ridley Hall Chapel
Ridley Hall Road
Ridley Hall Theological College
Rigby & Peller
Ring Fort Road
Rio Salon & Barber
Rivar Place
River Bar & Kitchen
River Farm Stables
River Island
River Lane
River Meadow
River Side
River View
Riverside Meadows
Riverside Place
Riverview Park
Robert Graham
Robert Jennings Close
Robert May Close
Robert May Close play area
Roberts Way
Robin Close
Robin Hood
Robin's Lane
Robinson College Chapel
Robinson College Library
Robinson College (University of Cambridge)
Robinson Court
Robinson Way
Robson Court
Rocco's Bikes
Rock Road
Rock Road Library
Rocker's Steak House
Rocking Horse
Roe's Close
Roedeer Close
Roger Ascham Library Site
Roger Parker Associates
Rogers Road
Rogue Barber
Roland Close
Roll Inn
Roman Courts
Roman Drift
Roman Hill
Roman Road Singletrack
Romsey 'R'
Romsey Mews
Romsey Mill Charity Shop
Romsey Rec Children's Area
Romsey Recreation Ground
Romsey Road
Romsey Terrace
Romsey Town Labour Club
Romsey Town Post Office
Ronald Rolph Court
Rookery Close

rooms 101-112
rooms 201-209
rooms 301-306
rooms 401-404

Roost Cafe & Bar
Roosters Lodge
Rope Walk
Rosa's Bed and Breakfast
Rose and Crown House
Rose Barn Cottages
Rose Cottage
Rose Crescent
Rose Villa
Roseford Chapel
Roseford Road
Rosehip Road
Roseleigh Farm
Rosemary Lane
Rosemary Newsagents
Rosemary Road
Ross Street
Rotana Cafe
Rotary Centenary Lamp
Rotherwick Way
Rothleigh Road
Round Church
Round Church Street
Roundhouse Close
Rowan Close
Rowan Court
Rowan's Field
Rowans Hill
Rowles Way
Rowley Gardens
Rowley Lane
Rowlinson Way
Roxburgh Road
Royal British Legion
Royal Cambridge Hotel
Royal Oak
Royal Spice
Royal Standard
Royal Voluntary Service Cafe
Royal Way
Royston Lane
RSPCA Bookshop
RT Vehicle Solutions
Rudduck Way
Rulos Barbers
Rumbles Fish Bar
Running Fox Walks board 1
Running Fox Walks board 10
Running Fox Walks board 2
Running Fox Walks board 3
Running Fox Walks board 4
Running Fox Walks board 5
Running Fox Walks board 6
Running Fox Walks board 7
Running Fox Walks board 8
Running Fox Walks board 9
Rupert Brooke
Rush Grove
Rush Hairdressers
Rushden Close
Ruskin Gallery
Russell & Bromley
Russell Court
Russell Street
Russet Court
Russet Walk
Russian Orthodox Church of St Edmund
Rustat Avenue
Rustat Close
Rustat Road
Rutherford Road
Rutland Close
Rutland Cycling
Ryder & Amies
Ryle Road
Ryle Yard

S & G Cycles
Saberton Close
Sable Close
Sackville Close
Sadlers Close
Saffron Laundry
Saffron Road
Saffron Way
Sailing into the Future
Sainfoin Close
Sainsbury's Cherry Hinton Road Local
Sainsbury's Local
Saint Andrew's
Saint Andrew's Churchyard
Saint Andrew's Street
Saint Andrew’s Café
Saint Giles
Saint Mary's (Swaffham Bulbeck Parish Church)
Saint Mary's, (Hardwick Parish Church)
Saint Neots Road
Saint Nicholas (Great Wilbraham Parish Church)
Saint Peter (Coton Parish Church)
Saint Theresa's
Saint Vigor (Fulbourn Parish Church)
Sala Thong
Salisbury Arms
Salisbury Place
Salmon Lane
Salon 262
Salon at Number 5
Salon by Alwalton Hall
Salon Services
Samaan Restaurant
Samian Close
Samuel Smiley
Samworth Close
Sancton Wood School
Sanders Lane
Sandwick Close
Sandy Lane
Sandy Park (CB4 1TH)
Saplings (Nursery School)
Save the Children
Savoy Tailors Guild
Sawston Bowls Club
Sawston Community Fire Station
Sawston Free Church
Sawston Hall
Sawston Library
Sawston Parish Council Offices
Sawston Post Office
Sawston Road
Sawston Rovers FC
Sawston Telephone Exchange
Sawston Village College
Sawston War Memorial
Sawston-Babraham cycleway
Saxon Close
Saxon Road
Saxon Street
Saxon Way
Sayle House
Scarsdale Close
Schlumberger Gould Research Center
Scholars Walk
School Building
School Court
School Hill
School House
School Lane
Science Centre
Science Park Telephone Exchange
Scotland Close
Scotland Drove
Scotland Farm
Scotland Road
Scotsdales Garden Centre
Scotsdowne Road
Scotts Yard
Scott’s All Day

scout hut

Scout Hut
Scout Hut path
Scroope Terrace Site (University of Cambridge)
Sea Tree
Seaby's Yard
Searle Street
Searle's Meadow
Second Hand Bookshop

security hut

Sedgwick Museum of Earth Sciences
Sedgwick Street
Sedley Court
Sedley Taylor Road
Seekings Close
Seeleys Court
Sefton Close
Selsingen Way
Selwyn Close
Selwyn College Chapel
Selwyn College (University of Cambridge)
Selwyn Gardens
Selwyn House
Selwyn Road
Senate House Hill
Senate House Passage
Sense Aroma
Seoul Plaza
Serena Jewellery
Setting Out 2017
Seven Days
Seven Oaks
Seven Wolves
Severn Place
Sew Knit Craft
Sewerage Pumping Station
Sewing (Andy Cap)
Seymour Street
Shadow Figures
Shadows in The Moonlight Mural
Shaftesbury Road
Shan's Green End Convenience Store
Sheep Walk
Sheep's Green
Sheep's Green Bridge
Sheeps Green Learner Pool
Shelford Bottom Cottages
Shelford Deli
Shelford Free Baptist Church
Shelford Lodge
Shelford Park Avenue
Shelford Road
Shelford Rugby Club
Shelford Winners
Shell Newnham
Shelly Garden
Shelly Row
Sheltered Housing Centre
Shepherd's Close
Shepherd's Way LEAP
Shepherds Close
Sheppard Way
Shepreth Road
Sherbourne Close
Sherbourne Court
Sherlock Close
Sherlock Road
Shingay Lane
Ship Lane
Shipp's Field
Shirley Close
Shirley Community Primary School
Shirley Grove
Shirley Road
Shoe Garden
Short Street
Showground Close
Showground Road
Shrewsbury Road
Shuttercraft Cambridge
Shuttle Road
Side Hill
Side O'Hill
Sidgwick Avenue
Sidgwick Buttery
Sidgwick Site
Sidney Farm Road
Sidney Gardens
Sidney Street
Sidney Sussex College (University of Cambridge)
Sidney Sussex Library
Signorelli's Deli
Silver Acre
Silver Street
Silver Street & Mill Lane Site
Silverdale Avenue
Silverdale Close
Silverwood Close
Simpers Walk
Simpson's Lane
Sir Isaac Newton
Site of Lime's Farm Romano-British settlement
Site of the Future Civic Hub
Six Bells
Six Mile Bottom
Six Mile Bottom Sports & Social Club
Six Mile Bottom Telephone Exchange
Six Six Bar
Skoda Vindis
Sky Station
Skylark Road
Sladwell Close
Slate Hall Farm Road
Sleaford Play Area
Sleaford Street
Sleford Close
Slid Lane
Small Fry
Small Green
Small Slurry Tank (Park Farm)
Smart Services Barber
SmokeWorks Tap
Snake Lane
Snakey Path
Snappy Snaps
Snowdrop 4
So Scrumptious
Soap and Clay
Sofiegeorgia Beauty Lounge

sole & duck

Somerset Close
Somerset Road
Somervell Court
Song Thrush
Sorbus Walk
Sorrento Hotel
South Green Road
South Lane
South Road
South Site Store 3
South Street
Southacre Close
Southacre Drive
Southbrooke Close
Southcote/Dovecote/Orchard End/Moat House
Southern Access Road
Southern Swavesey Roundabout
Southfield Farm
Southgates (CB4 1GJ)
Southside Court
Southwell Drive
Sovereign Place
Space NK
Spalding Way
Spaldings Lane
Speedwell Close
Spens Avenue (CB3 9LS)
Spindle Close
Spine Path
Spinney Drive
Spinney Road
Spinney Road Play Area
Sports Direct
Sports Hall
Sports Pavilion
Spring Close
Spring Drive
Spring Lane
Spring Restaurant
Springbank ward
Springfield Road
Springfield Terrace
Springhill Stables
Springstead Village phase 1
Spurgeon's Cottage
Spurgeons Avenue
Spurgeons Close
Spy Missions
Square and Compasses
Squash and Badminton Courts (St Catharine's College)
Squash Court
Squash Courts
Squire Law Library
Squires Close
SRM Roofing Merchants
St Alban's Catholic Primary School
St Albans Road
St Andrew
St Andrew and St Mary (Grantchester Parish Church)
St Andrew (Girton Parish Church)
St Andrew (Histon Parish Church)
St Andrew (Oakington Parish Church)
St Andrew The Great
St Andrew The Less
St Andrew (Toft Parish Church)
St Andrew's Arcade
St Andrew's Close
St Andrew's Glebe
St Andrew's Hall
St. Andrew's Hill
St Andrew's House
St Andrew's (Impington Parish Church)
St Andrew's Park
St Andrew's Road
St Andrew's Street Baptist Church
St Andrew's Way
St Andrew, Chesterton
St Andrews Cottages
St Anthony's Walk
St Audrey's Close
St Augustine's
St Barnabas
St Barnabas Court
St Barnabas Road
St Bartholomew's Court
St Bede's Inter-Church School
St Bedes Crescent
St Bedes Gardens
St. Bene't
St. Botolph
St Catharine's College and Christ's College Sports Ground
St. Catharine's College Boat Club
St Catharine's College Chapel
St Catharine's College Library
St Catharine's College (University of Cambridge)
St Catharine's Hall
St Catharine's Road
St Catharine's Square
St Chad's (St Catharine's College)
St Christopher's Avenue
St Clement's
St Columba's Halls
St Cyriac and St Julitta
St David's House
St Edmund's College
St Edmund's (Hauxton Parish Church)
St Edmund's Way
St Edward King and Martyr
St Edward's Passage
St Eligius Place
St Eligius Street
St Etheldreda (Reach Parish Church)
St Faith's School
St George (Six Mile Bottom Parish Church)
St George, Chesterton
St Georges Court
St Georges Way
St Helen's
St James
St James (Lode Parish Church)
St John the Evangelist
St John the Evangelist (Little Wilbraham Parish Church)
St John The Evangelist (Waterbeach Parish Church)
St John's Close
St John's College Chapel
St John's College Library
St John's College Playing Fields
St John's College (University of Cambridge)
St John's Lane
St John's Place
St John's Road
St John's Street
St Kilda Avenue
St Laurence Catholic Primary School
St Laurence's
St Luke
St Luke's CofE Primary School
St Luke's Street
St. Luke's Street
St Margaret (Newton Parish Church)
St Margaret's Mount
St Margaret's Road
St Margaret's Square
St Mark's Court
St Mark's (Newnham Parish Church)
St Martin
St Mary and St Michael (Trumpington Parish Church)
St Mary (Great Eversden Parish Church)
St Mary Magdalene
St Mary (Sawston Parish Church)
St Mary (Stow-cum-Quy Parish Church)
St Mary the Virgin
St Mary The Virgin (Caldecote Parish Church)
St Mary The Virgin, Great Shelford
St Mary's
St Mary's Church
St Mary's Court
St Mary's Junior School
St Mary's Passage
St Mary's Road
St Mary's School
St Mary's School & Homerton College Sports Ground
St Mary's Street
St Mary's (Swaffham Prior Parish Church)
St Matthew
St Matthew's Court
St Matthew's Gardens
St Matthew's Primary School
St Matthew's Street
St Michael
St Michael Street
St Michael Street Play Area
St Michael's Court (Gonville & Caius College)
St Michaels
St Michaels Lane
St Paul's
St Paul's Place
St Paul's Road
St Paul's Walk
St Pauls CofE VA Primary School
St. Peter & Paul
St Peter (Babraham Parish Church)
St Peter (Barton Parish Church)
St Peter (Boxworth Parish Church)
St Peter's
St. Peter's Field Park
St Peter's (Horningsea Parish Church)
St Peter's Road
St Peter's Street
St Peter's Terrace
St Peters Field
St Philip Howard Catholic Church
St Philip's Church
St Philip's CofE Aided Primary School
St Philip's Road
St Radegund
St Regis (Clare College)
St Stephen's Place
St Thomas Close
St Thomas's Hall
St Thomas's Road
St Thomas's Square
St Tibb's Row
St Vigor's Road
St Vincent de Paul
St Vincents Close
Stable Rooms
Stables and Pens (Research Station)
Stables and Stores (Yarmouth Farm)
Stables Yard
Stacey Lane
Stacey Road
Stack Yard Court
Staff house
Staff House 1
Staff House 2
Staffordshire Gardens
Staffordshire Street
Stagecoach 13
Stagecoach 13A
Stallan Close
Stallan Close Play Area
Stamps Direct Cambridge
Stanbury Close
Stanesfield Close
Stanesfield Road
Stanley Avenue
Stanley Court
Stanley Road
Stanley Webb Close
Stansfield Gardens
Stansgate Avenue
Stanway Close
Stapleford Community Primary School
Stapleford Parish Pit
Stapleford Rec
Star Drive
Stargoose Close
Starling Close
Starr End
Stars Barber
Start your journey
Station Court
Station Master's Office
Station Place
Station Road
Station Road Garage
Station Square
Station Square - de-facto cycle route
Station Tavern
Steak and Honour
Stearne's Yard
Steeplechase Drove
Stem + Glory
Stephen Folkes memorial playing field
Stephen Perse Foundation Art Block
Stephen Perse Foundation Latham Road Sports Ground
Stephen Perse Junior School (Fitzwilliam Building)
Stephen Perse MD
Stephen Perse Nurseries
Stephen Perse Nursery Madingley
Stephen Perse Nursery (Shaftesbury House)
Stephen Perse Senior School
Stephen Perse Sixth Form
Stepney Bros
Sterling Designs
Sterndale Close
Sterne Close
Sternes Way
Steven Eagell Toyota
Steven Eagell Toyota Cambridge
Stevenson Court
Stewart House
Stickfast Place
Stir Bakery
Stirling Close
Stirling Road
Stitch Express
Stocks Close
Stocks Lane
Stockwell Street
Stokes Close
Stolen Liquor Loft and Restaurant
Stone Bridge
Stone Bridge Farm
Stone Shards
Stone Street
Stone Terrace
Stone Yard Centre
Stonebridge Lane
Stonehill Road
Stoney Lane
Storebox Self Storage
Storey's Field Cricket Pitch
Storey's Way
Storeys Field Playground
Stott Gardens
Stourbridge Common
Stourbridge Grove
Stow Court
Stow Road
Stow-Cum-Quy Village Hall
Strangeways Research Laboratory
Strangeways Road
Stratfield Close
Strathcarron Court
Strawberry Field
Strawberry Fields Retirement Villiage
Street Way
Stretten Avenue
Strutt & Parker
Strympole Way
Student Castle
Student Castle Cambridge
Studio 30
Study Centre
Stukeley Close
Stukeley Close (CB3 9LT)
Stulpfield Road
Sturmer Close
Sturton Street
Substation Library Site
Sudeley Grove
Suez Road
Summer Court
Sun & Beauty Studios
Sun Street
Sunclose Farm
Sunclose Summer Fruit farm shop
Sunderlands Avenue
Sunflower Cafe
Sunflower Street
Sunglass Hut
Sunmead Walk
Sunny Bridge Farm
Sunrise Chinese Medicine (太和中医馆)
Sunset Lounge
Sunset Square
Supanee Court
Super Kebab House
Sussex Street
Sutton Close
Swaffham Bulbeck
Swaffham Bulbeck Benedictine Priory
Swaffham Bulbeck Church of England Primary School
Swaffham Bulbeck Lode bridge
Swaffham Bulbeck Post Office
Swaffham Heath Road
Swaffham Prior
Swaffham Prior Church of England Primary School
Swaffham Prior House
Swaffham Road
Swaine Adeney Brigg
Swallow Gardens
Swann's Road
Swann's Terrace
Swavesey Link Road
Swaynes Lane
Sweaty Betty
Sweet Tea
Sweetbriar 7
Sweetpea Way
Swifts Close
Swifts Corner
Swifts Library & Meeting Room

swimming pool

Swinhoe House
Swirles Court (Girton College)
Sycamore Close
Sycamore House
Sycamores Community Building
Sycamores Recreation Ground
Sylvester Road
Symonds Close
Symonds Lane

T & J Tyres
T. Patton Ltd
Ta Bouche
Tabrum Close
Taco Bell
Tadlow Granary
Tai Yuen
Taj Tandoori
Talking T's
Tamarin Gardens
Tandoori Palace
Tania Bhangoo Permanent Makeup and Beauty Studio
Tanning World
Tapi Carpets
Taste from Hungary
Tattoo Agent 108
Taunton Close
Taversham Pond
Tavistock Road
Tawa Kitchen
Tawa Lounge
Taylor Library
Tea House
Teasel Way
Tebbit Street
Tebbit's Way
Technology Block
Ted Baker
Tedder Way
Templar Walk
Temple Court
Temple End
Temple Lodge
Templemore Close
Temporary Closure
Ten Acre Place
Tenby Close
Tenison Avenue
Tenison Court
Tenison Road
Tenison Towers
Tennis Court Road
Tennis Court Terrace
Terrington House
Tesco Express
Tesco Instore Pharmacy
Tesco Petrol Station
Tesco Pharmacy
Test Area
Teversham C of E VA Primary School
Teversham Drift
Teversham Motors
Teversham Road
Teversham Telephone Exchange
Teversham Way
Teynham Close
Thanh Binh
Thatchers Wood
The Abbey
The Alex
The Alma
The Anchor
The Arc
The Art of Meat
The Avenue
The Avenue Apartments
The Barber Shop
The Barbers Cambridge
The Barn
The Barn Owl
The Barnwell Sentence
The Bath House
The Baulk
The Baulks
The Beach Fryer
The Beauty Spot
The Beauty Studio
The Beeches
The Bell
The Bellbird Primary School
The Bicycle Ambulance
The Bike Depot - Outspoken
The Bikeman
The Bird or Worm?
The Black Bull
The Black House
The Blue Moon
The Boathouse
The Body Shop
The Boot
The Bourns
The Bowling Green
The Box
The Box Room Board Game Cafe
The Brambles
The Brewers Inn
The Brickhouse
The Bridge
The Bridge Guest House
The Broadway
The Brook
The Bumps
The Bun Shop
The Bungalow
The Burger Priest
The Business Centre
The C3 Church
The Cam
The Cam Foundry
The Cambridge Brew House
The Cambridge Building Society
The Cambridge Cheese Company
The Cambridge Chop House
The Cambridge Flower Shop
The Cambridge Guest House
The Cambridge Hair & Nail Co
The Cambridge Mikvah
The Cambridge Oven
The Cambridge Room pop-up space
The Cambridge Satchel Company
The Cambridge to St Ives Railway
The Cambridgeshire Care Home
The Carlton Arms
The Castle Bar
The Castle Inn
The Catch
The Causeway
The Cenacle
The Centre (Comberton Baptist Church)
The Centre for Computing History
The Chantry
The Chapel at Churchill College
The Charity Shop
The Chef & Spices
The Chequers
The Chestnuts
The Children's Society
The Chimney
The Church In Toft (Methodist)
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
The Clarendon Arms
The Close
The Co-operative Food
The Cocks and Hens Cambridge Tennis
The Codfather
The Coffee House
The Coppice
The Cornway
The Covert
The Crescent
The Cricketers
The Croft
The Cube
The Cutman
The Dale
The Davey Field
The Department of Magical Gifts
The Dole
The Douglas Finlay Museum of College Life
The Dower House (The Old Rectory)
The Drift
The Dumpling Tree
The Eagle
The Edge Cafe
The Edge Café
The Edinburgh Woollen Mill
The Elm Tree
The Elms
The Emperor
The Empress
The Energy Centre (AstraZeneca)
The Entertainer
The Eversdens Recreation Area
The Fairway
The Fellows House Cambridge, Curio Collection by Hilton
The Fen Causeway
The Fields Early Learning Centre
The Firs
The Flower Project
The Flying Wok
The Footpath
The Fox
The Fragrance Shop
The Free Press
The Fruit Shop
The Galfrid School
The Garden Restaurant
The Gate House
The Gate Lodge
The Geldart
The Geographer
The Golden Helix
The Golden Hind
The Gowers
The Grafton Post Office
The Grain & Hop Store
The Granary
The Grange
The Grange Farm
The Grange Fields
The Granta
The Grapes
The Greek Orthodox Church of Saint Athanasios
The Green
The Green Man
The Green Road
The Greyhound
The Grove
The Grove Primary School
The Hall
The Hamiltons
The Haven
The Hawks
The Hawtreys
The Haymakers
The Hectare
The Hemlocks
The Herbtender
The Histon Village Fryer
The Hive Antiques and Collectables
The Hole in the Wall
The Homing
The Hoops
The Horse Pond
The House
The Hythe
The Icknield Primary School
The Indian Ocean
The Ivy
The Ken Davison Playing Field
The Kimono Nail Studio
The Knapp
The Lab
The Ladz
The Lane
The Lanes
The Larder
The Lawns
The Lawson Gallery
The Lensfield Hotel
The Leys and St Faiths playing fields
The Leys School
The Light Cinema
The Limes
The Little Gift Shop on the Corner
The Locker
The Lodge
The Long Barn
The Loop
The Lord Byron Inn
The Luzio Building
The Lynx
The Mall
The Mallards
The Manor Bed & Breakfast
The Manor Florist
The Maples
The Marque
The Marven Centre
The Maypole
The Mazles
The Meadow
The Meadows
The Mensroom Barbers
The Mermaid
The Mews
The Mill
The Milton Flower Shop
The Missing Sock
The Missons
The Mitre
The Mount
The Mowbray
The Museum of Cambridge
The Navigator
The Netherhall School and The Oakes College
The New Barn
The New Library
The Newton’s Tree
The North Face
The Oak Bistro
The Oakington and Westwick Sports Pavilion
The Oakington Martyrs’ Graves
The Oaks
The Old Butchers Coffee Shop
The Old Chemist Shop
The Old Granary
The Old Horse-Yard
The Old Maltings
The Old Oast House
The Old Post Office
The Old School Guest House
The Old Schools
The Olive Grove
The Orator
The Orchard
The Orchards
The Paddock
The Paddocks
The Parlour
The Pastures
The Perfume Shop
The Perse Prep School
The Perse School
The Perse Upper School
The Petersfield
The Pickerel
The Pightle
The Pines
The Pint Shop
The Pizza Company
The Plough
The Polar Museum
The Pound
The Precincts
The Private Shop
The Prow
The Punter
The Quadrant
The Quarter
The Queen Edith
The Red Bull
The Red Mug
The Redwoods
The Regal
The Retreat
The Rock
The Rodings
The Roman landscape
The Roman Road
The Rookery
The Rose
The Rowans
The Royal Albert Homes
The Royal Papworth Hospital
The Rules of Cambridge University Football Club
The Salon
The Salon Morris & Bowling
The Salvation Army
The Secret Garden
The Senate
The Seven Stars
The Shed
The Ship
The Sierpinski Tree
The Sinclair Building
The Spinney
The Spinney Primary School
The Square
The Squire's Field
The St. Giles' War Memorial
The Stable
The Stables Paddock
The Stakings
The Sun
The Swimmers
The Sycamores
The Tailor’s Cat
The Taka
The Tea Room
The Temple
The Terrace
The Three Horseshoes
The Tiffin Truck
The Tins
The Tipsy Vegan
The Tivoli
The Toft Shop
The Tram Depot
The Tram Shed
The Tree of Life
The Triangle Building
The Valley
The Valley / St Thomas Close
The Venetian
The Vicarage
The View Madingley
The Vines
The Water Towers
The Waterman
The Westering
The Wheatsheaf
The White Acre
The White Company
The White Horse
The Wilbrahams Memorial Hall
The Wild Place
The Willows
The Wine Rooms
The Wing development
The Woodyard
The Works
The Wrestlers
The Young Darwin
Theories of Home
Thetford Terrace
Thirkill Court
Thirleby Close
Thirsty Cambridge
Thistle Street
Thoday Street
Thomas Christian Way
Thomas Road
Thomas Sabo
Thomas William
Thompson's Lane
Thorleye Road
Thornhill Place
Thornton Close
Thornton Court
Thornton Road
Thornton Way
Thorny Way
Thorofare Lane
Thorpe Way
Three Corner Plantation
Three Horseshoes
Three Joes Sourdough Pizza
Thrifts Walk
Thruffle Way
Thulborn Close
Tiger Moth Lane
Tile Giant
Tillyard Way
Timber Works
Tindalls Art
Tinkers Lane
Tippler's Drove
Tiptree Close
Titch Street
Tiverton Way
Toad Acres
Todd Street
Toft Lane
Toft Millennium beacon
Toft Post Office
Toft Way
Tom Amey Court
Tom Howley
Tomas Kitchen Living
Tomorrow, Today
Toni & Guy
Toni & Remi
Top Gift
Top Nails Cambridge
Topcliffe Way
Topham Way
Topiary Tree
Topper Street
Tothill Road
Tottenhoe Court
Tower Drive
Tower Road
Town and Gown
Town Close
Town Close Footpath
Town End Farm
Town Green Road
Town Street
Town's End
Townsend Close
Track to Cricket Field
Trafalgar Road
Trafalgar Street
Trafalgar Way
Trailer of Life
Transport House
Travellers Rest
Travelodge Cambridge Central
Travelodge Cambridge Newmarket Road
Travis Perkins
Tredegar Close
Tredgold Lane
Trevone Place
Tribune Court
Trinity Bridge
Trinity Centre
Trinity Close
Trinity College Chapel
Trinity College Old Field Sports Ground
Trinity College (University of Cambridge)
Trinity Gate (Hill)
Trinity Hall Boat Club
Trinity Hall Chapel
Trinity Hall Sports Ground
Trinity Hall (University of Cambridge)
Trinity House
Trinity Lane
Trinity Place (CB3 0UT)
Trinity Street
Tripos Court
Trockel Ulmann & Freunde
Trotter & Deane
True, for Alan Turing
Truffles the Pig
Trumpington Community College
Trumpington Community Orchard
Trumpington cycleway
Trumpington Gallery
Trumpington Hall
Trumpington Meadows Primary School
Trumpington Mews
Trumpington Park Primary School
Trumpington Place
Trumpington Road
Trumpington Street
Trumpington Street Post Office
Trumpington Telephone Exchange
Trust Court
Tu Casa
Tubney Fen
Tucker Gardner
Tunbridge Close
Tunbridge Court
Tunbridge Lane
Tunwell's Court
Tunwells Lane
Turf Farm
Turing Locke
Turing Way
Turner Close
Turner Crescent
Turnpike Orchard
Turntable pivot cone CB1
Turpyn Court
Turvill Place
Tuscan Court
Tweedsmuir Court
Twelve Acres
Twickenham Court
Two Elements Uniting to Form a Contract
Two Little Cats
Two Pots Farm
Tyndale House Residential Centre for Biblical Research

Uffen Way
Under 5's Playground
Underfives Roundabout
Unicorn House
Union Lane
Union Road
Unity Court
University Arms
University Barns
University Chemical Laboratory
University Cycles
University Grocers & Newsagents
University Library Custodian's Lodge
University of Cambridge Museums Shop
University of Cambridge Primary School
University of Cambridge Sports Centre
University Tennis Club
Unwin Square
Up & Running
Uphall Road
Upper Crust
Upper Gwydir Street
Upper Heath Farm
Urban Butterfly
Urban Chai
Urban Hair
Urban Larder
Urban Outfitters
Urgent Care Cambridge
Urwin Gardens
Utton's Drove

Vacuum Cleaner Centre
Valerian Court
Vales Place
Valiant Lane
Valley Farm
Vans & Cars
Varsity Hotel
Vawser Way
Vegetable Garden
Velos Walk
Ventress Close
Ventress Farm Court
Vera's Way
Verulam Way
Vet Nursing
Vicarage Avenue
Vicarage Close
Vicarage Drive
Vicarage Lane
Vicarage Meadow
Vicarage Terrace
Vicarage Way
Victoria Avenue
Victoria Bed & Breakfast
Victoria Drive
Victoria Homes
Victoria Park
Victoria Road
Victoria Street
Victoria's Secret Pink
Victory House
View Farm Close
Viking Fish & Chips
Viking Way
Villa Court
Villa Place
Villa Road
Village Institute
Village Pharmacy
Village Pump
Village Shop and Post Office
Village Sign
Vindis Volkswagen Dealers
Vine Close
Vinery Hair Studio
Vinery Park
Vinery Road
Vinery Stores
Vinery Way
Vineyard Place
Vineyard Walk
Vinter Terrace
Violet Close
Virgin Media
Virgin Money
Virido Residential Area
Vision Express
Visitor Centre
Visitors Building
Vue Cambridge

W Cafe & Bar
Wacky Hair Co
Waddelow Road
Wadloes Footpath
Wadloes Road
Wadlow Farm
Waggon & Horses
Wagstaff Close
Wakelin Avenue
Walden Way
Walker Court
Walkling Way
Wallis & Son LTD
Walnut Close
Walnut Court
Walnut Drive
Walnut Tree Avenue
Walnut Tree Way
Walpole Road
Walton Way
Wandlebury Cycle Track
Wandlebury Orchard
Wandlebury Ring (Iron Age Hill Fort)
Wandlebury to Babraham Research Park Cycleway
Wang Gui Ren
War Memorial
War memorial
War Memorial
Warboys Close
Ward Road
Warkworth House
Warkworth Street
Warkworth Terrace
Warren Close
Warren Road
Warriors' Walk
Warwick Road
Warwick Urn
Washpit Lane
Water Lane
Water Street
Water Street (cycleway to towpath)
Water View
Waterbeach Abbey, site of (1294-1359)
Waterbeach Baptist Church
Waterbeach Basketball Court
Waterbeach Bowls Green
Waterbeach Community Primary School
Waterbeach Kebab
Waterbeach Military Heritage Museum
Waterbeach Park
Waterbeach Pharmacy
Waterbeach Road
Waterbeach Salvation Army
Waterbeach Skate Park
Waterbeach Telephone Exchange
Waterbeach Tennis Courts
Waterbeach Toddler Playground
Waterbeach Village Stores
Watermans Road
Watsons Yard
Wavell Way
Waverley Park
Waves Health & Leisure Club
Way Lane
Weavers Field
Webb Building
Webb Close
Webber & Co
Wedd Close
Wedgewood Drive
Wedgewood Farm
Weirs Drove
Weirs Farm
Welbrook Court
Welchs Crescent
Weldit Services
Welfare Pharmacy
Well Pharmacy
Wellbrook Way
Wellington Close
Wellington Court
Wellington Passage
Wellington Street
Wellington Way
Wells Close
Welstead Road
Wentworth Road
Wenvoe Close
Wesley House
Wesley House Chapel
Wesley Methodist Church
West Café
West Cambridge Nursery
West Cambridge Site
West Cambridge University Post Office
West Cornwall Pasty Co.
West Court
West Court (Clare Hall)
West Croft
West Drive
West Green
West Hub Café
West Hub Library
West Hub Newsagents
West Mall
West Manor
West Road
West Street
West View
West Walk
West Wickham Road
West-Bye Lane
Westbourne Farm
Westbrook Business Park
Westbrook Drive
Westcott House
Westcott House Chapel
Westfield Farm
Westfield Lane
Westfield Road
Westland Terrace
Westley Road
Westminster College
Westminster College Bounds
Westmoor Avenue
Weston Grove
Westwick Farm
Westwick Hall
Wetenhall Road
Wex Photo Video
Whale Café
Whale Of A Time
Wheatcases' Bridge
Wheatsheaf Way
Wheeler Street
Wheeler's Close
Wheeler's Way
Wheelwright Way
Whewells Court (Trinity College)
Whipple Museum of the History Of Science
White Drove Way
White Fen
White Fen Drove
White Field Way
White Hart Country Inn
White Hill Farm
White Horse
White Lion
White Pits
White Room Beauty Lounge
White Rose Walk
White Stuff
White Swan
Whitegate Close
Whitehill Close
Whitehill Road
Whitehouse Lane
Whitelocks Drive
Whiteway Drove
Whitfield Close
Whitgift Road
Whitmore Way
Whittard of Chelsea
Whittington Road
Whittle Avenue
Whittlesford Road
Whittlesford-Sawston cycleway
Whitton's Farm
Whitwell Drift
Whitwell Farm
Whitwell Way
Whole Way
WHSmith Local
Whybrow Road
Whymans Lane
Whytford Close
Wicken Fen Wild Camping
Widnall Close
Wilberforce Road
Wilbraham Fen Circular Walk
Wilbraham Quarry Waste Management Facility
Wilbraham Rec
Wilbraham Road
Wilbrahams Community Orchard
Wilbrahams’ Hall Social Club
Wilco Motorist Discount Store
Wilcon H.E.
Wild Diner
Wilderspin Close
Wilding Walk
Wildlife Trust Office
Wileman Way
Wiles Close
Wilkin Street
Wilkinson Place
Willers Lane
William Pitt the Younger
William Smith Close
Williams Stores
Willis Road
Willow Court
Willow Crescent
Willow Farm
Willow Grove
Willow Place
Willow Walk
Willow Ward
Willow Way
Willow Way Rec
Wilshers Garage
Wilsmere Down Farm
Wilson Close
Wilson Court
Wilson Way
Wilson's Road
Wimpole Road
Winchmore Drive
Windermere Close
Winders Lane
Windlesham Close
Windmill Close
Windmill Drive
Windmill Grange
Windmill Hydrotherapy Pool
Windmill Lane
Windsor Research Unit
Windsor Road
Winfield Chinese Supermarket
Winfold Road
Wingate Close
Wingate Way
Winners Oriental Store
Winship House
Winship Road
Winstanley Court
Wisbeach Close
Wisbey's Yard
Wisteria Barn
W.J. Brown & Son
Woburn Close
Wolfson College (University of Cambridge)
Wolfson Court (formerly part of Girton College)
Wollaston Lodge 1
Wollaston Lodge 2
Wollaston Road
Wolsey Way
Wolsey Way (CB1 3JQ)
Wood Barn Farm
Wood Green Charity Shop
Wood Walk
Woodbarn Farm
Woodcock Close
Wooden Sleeper Art/Wildlife Viewing Area
Woodfield House
Woodfield Road
Woodhall Lane
Woodhead Drive
Woodhouse Way
Woodland Road
Woodland Walk
Woodland Wishes
Woodlands Close
Woodlands court
Woodlands Park
Woodlands Road
Woodlark Road
Woodman Way
Woodpecker Way
Woodside Cottage (Park Farm)
Woodvale Lodge
Woodward Drive
Woody Green
Woodyard Cottage
Woolf Institute
Woollards Lane
Woottens Close
Wootton Way (CB3 9LX)
Worcester Avenue
Wordsworth Grove
Workshop and Store (Park Farm)
World Conservation Monitoring Centre
Worsted Lodge
Worth House
Worts Farm
Worts Farm Barn
Worts Meadow
Worts' Causeway
Wren House
Wright's Close
Wrights Grove
WS Atkins
W.T. Stepney & Sons Ltd
WT's Sports Bar
Wulfstan Court
Wulfstan Way
WW 2 Squash Court
Wychfield (Trinity Hall)
Wycliffe Road
Wymund Way
Wynborne Close
Wynford Way

Xing Fu Tang
Xu Zhimo memorial

Yad's Barber
Yarmouth Farm
Yarrow Road
Yash News & Off Licence
Yeoman Drive
Yew Tree Farm
YHA Cambridge
Yi Fang Tea
Yim Wah Express
Yippee Noodle Bar
YO! Sushi
Yole Farm
YOLO Hair Design
York Street
York Terrace
Yorkshire Building Society
Young Stock Building (Park Farm)
Young Street
Youngman Avenue
Youngman Close
Your Dumplings
Yu Garden

Zara Indian Cuisine
Zetland Walk
Zhonghua Traditional Snacks
Zi's Piri Piri
Zion Baptist Church