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1 Equinox
1 on One Espresso
167-178, Laundry
1883 Ginninderra Village

2 Equinox
2 Yummy BBQ Noodle House
203 Restaurant and Bar
210 Degrees
2150 - MTB
28 Mort

3 Equinox Thales
38 Espresso

4 Equinox
42 - MTB
42 Lines Letterpress
4th Seed

5 Star Duffy Store
5A Mechanical Repairs
5Star Handimarket

6 inch Farnham Telescope (1886)

7-Eleven Holt
7-Eleven Melba
7/11 Braddon
74 inch telescope (1922-2003) observatory ruin


99 Bikes

A. Baker
A bite to eat
A is for Alexander, B is for Bunyip, C is for Canberra
A White Dragon Paper Craft
A'Beckett Court
A'Beckett Street
A4 Hair Studio
Aaron Place

abandoned building

Abbeyfield House
Abbie Street
Abbot Close
Abbott Street
ABC Canberra
ABC Switchbacks
Abena Avenue
Aberconway Rise
Aberdeen Gardens
Aberfoyle Street
Abernethy Street
Abode - The Apartment Hotel
Abode Hotel
Aboriginal Dreamings Gallery
Absolon Place
ABT Computers
Acacia Drive
Acacia Gardens
Acacia Place
Academy Cadets Mess
Academy Close
Academy Library

access road (dead end)

Ace Sushi and Cafe
Achernar Close
Acraman Place
Acraman Place Playground
ACT Bahá’í Centre
ACT Bicycle Superstore
ACT Brakes
ACT Companion Dog Club
ACT Convenience
ACT ESA Training Facility Hume
ACT Garden of Remembrance
ACT Honour Walk
ACT Jewish Community
ACT Magistrates Court
ACT Memorial
ACT Model Car Racing Club Kambah
ACT Nursing Service
ACT Public Library Erindale
ACT Touch Association
ACTEW Long Gully Firetrail
ACTEW pump track
Actew Pump Track
ActewAGL House
ACTEWAGL/Service One Members Banking
Acton Early Childhood Centre
A.D. Hope Building
Ada Baker Street
Ada Evans Street
Ada Norris Avenue
Ada Place
Adair Street
Adam Place
Adams Court
Adams Place
Adams Street
Adamson Crescent
Adder Street
Addicted to Fabric
Addison Road
Adelaide Gardens
Adey Place
Adina Court
Adinda Street
Adkinson Close
Adlard Place
Administration Annexe
Administrative Office for the Seventh Day Adventist Church
Admiral Place
Adria Village
Advanced Instrumentation and Technology Centre
Advanced Tech Automotive
Adventure Street
Aerodrome Road
AFA House
Affleck Place
Agar Street
Agena Place
Aggie Place
Agnes Avenue
Agnew Street
Agonis Close
Ah Ket Rise
Ah Mouy Place
Ahern Place
Ahmatt Street
Aida Ball Circuit
Aikman Drive
Ainslie Avenue
Ainslie Bar & Bistro
Ainslie Church of Christ
Ainslie District Playing Fields (Majura Oval)
Ainslie Fire Station
Ainslie Flats
Ainslie Grove
Ainslie Houses Track
Ainslie IGA
Ainslie Link Trail
Ainslie Pharmacy
Ainslie Place
Ainslie Post Office
Ainslie Preschool
Ainslie Reservoir Track
Ainslie School
Ainslie Village
Ainsworth Street
Air Disaster Memorial
Aircraft fire trainer
Aird Place
Airey Crescent
AIS Aquatic Centre
AIS Arena
AIS Child Care Centre
Aitken Circuit
AJ's Leap
Ajana Gardens
Akame Circuit
Akma Place
Akubra Place
Akuna Street
Alabaster Gardens
Alabaster Street
Alamein Oval
Alan Ray Oval
Alan Watt Crescent
Alanbar Street
Aland Place
Alanson Place
Alanvale Street
Alarmon Crescent
Alawa Street
Albany Apartments
Albany Street
Albatross Crescent
Albemarle Building
Alberga Street
Albermarle Place
Albert Street
Albizia Place
Albury Court
Alchin Street
Alcohol And Drug Unit
Alcorso Vista
Alda Place
Aldcorn Place
Alder Close
Alderman Street
Alderson Place
Aldi Kippax
Aldous Street
Alec Hope Crescent
Alex Colley Crescent
Alexander Building
Alexander Curtains
Alexander Mackie Circuit
Alexander Maconochie Correctional Centre
Alexander Street
Alexandra Street
Alexandria Street
Alexandrina Drive
Alexandrina Drive - Pedestrian Parklands
Alfred Deakin
Alfred Deakin High School
Alfred Hill Drive
Alfred Place
Alfred Road
Alf’s Butchery
Algan Street
Ali Baba
Ali Babas
A.L.I.A. House
Alice Berry Street
Alice Clarke Street
Alice Crist Street
Alice Cummins Street
Alice Jackson Crescent
Alice Street
Alinda Place
Alinga Street
Alisa Camplin Place
Alison Gardens
ALIVE! Health and Fitness
Alka Park
All Saint's Anglican Church
All Saints
All Souls
Allambee Street
Allan McGrath Oval
Allan Place
Allan Street
Allara Street
Allardyce Street
Allawoona Street
Allchin Circuit
Allchin Court
Allen Place
Allen Street
Allergy Centre
Alleyne Close
Alli Place
Allison Place
Allman Circuit
Allnutt Crescent
Allott Place
Allport Street
Allsop Street
Allumba Street
Allwood Street
Allyn Close
Alma Close
Alpen Street
Alpha Hotel
Alphard Place
Alpine Grove
Alpine Motors
Alroy Circuit
Alsop Close
Alstonville Court
Alt Crescent
Altair Place
Alter Ego
Altree Court
Alumina Street
Alumni Relations & Philanthropy
Alura Place
Alvie Court
Am Authentic Thai Massage
AMA House
Amadeus Place
Amadio Place
Amagula Avenue
Amana Heights
Amangu Street
Amarina Street
Amaroo Ground 1
Amaroo Ground 2
Amaroo Place
Amaroo School
Amaroo Street
Amaryllis Street
Ambalindum Street
Ambara Place
Amberley Avenue
Amcal Jamison Pharmacy
Amcal Max
Amdahl Building
Amess Place
AMF Bowling
Amherst Street
Amicus Street
Amiet Street
Ammon Place
Amos Place
Amsinck Street
Amy Ackman Street
Amy Witting Street
Anakie Court
Anchorage Street
Andado Place
Andamooka Street
Andersch Street
Anderson Street
Andrews Street
Andruco Street
Anembo Street
Angas Court
Angas Street
Angel of the North
Angel Wings
Angles Court
Anglican Church
Anglican Church of the Good Shepherd
Angliss Place
Angophora Street
Angora Street
Ankaa Place
Anketell Street
Anlaby Court
Ann Harding Conference Centre
Anna Court
Anna Morgan Circuit
Annabelle View
Annan Close
Annand Place
Anne Clark Avenue
Anne Place
Anne Street
Annear Place
Anningie Place
Ansett Street
Anstey Street
Antares Crescent
Anthony Rolfe Avenue
Anti-Gravity - MTB
Antill Street
Antis Street
Anton’s Hair Studio
ANU Boat Club shed
ANU College
ANU Ionospheric Trail
ANU Law Library
ANU Law Link Theatre
ANU Medical School
ANU North Oval
ANU Preschool & Childcare Centre
ANU Sailing Club
ANU Shop
ANZAC Memorial Chapel of St Paul (RMC Chapel)
Anzac Parade
Anzac Parade Lookout
Anzac Park
Anzac Park East
Apollo Terrace
Apostolic Nunciature to Australia
Appel Crescent
Apperly Close
Applebox Place
Appleby Court
Appleford Avenue
Appletree House Occassional Care
Apsley Place
Aqua Harmony Swim School
Aqua Villas
Ara Place
Araba Place
Araba Street
Arabana Street
Arabanoo Crescent
Araluen Street
Aranda Ground 1
Aranda Ground 2
Aranda House Trail
Aranda link
Aranda Primary School
Aranda ridge walk
Aranda Scouts
Aranda Shops
Aranda Summit Track
Arawang Lane
Arawang Netball Association
Arawang Primary School
Arawang Saddle Fire Trail
ARB 4X4 Accessories
Arbour Residences
ARC Cinema
Arcadia Court
Arcadia Street
Arch of the Sun
Archdall Street
Archel Place
Archer Street
Archibald Street
Arden Place
Ardlethan Street
Argus Street
Argyle Court
Argyle Executive Apartments
Argyle Place
Argyle Square
Ariah Place
Arid Place
Arinya Street
Ariotti Street
Arkana Street
Arkell Place
Armada Street
Armatree Court
Armstrong Crescent
Armytage Circuit
Arndell Street
Arndt Street
Arnhem Place
Arnold Place
Arnott Place
Arnott Street
Aronson Crescent
Aroona Court

around Little Black Mountain

Arrabri Street
Arralumna House
Arrellah Place
Arrietta Close
Arris Lane
Arscott House
Arte Street
Arthaldo Court
Arthur Blakeley Way
Arthur Circle
Arthur Street
Arthur Tange Street
Arunta Court
Arunta Street
As You Like It
ASC Residence
Ascend Strength & Fitness
Ash Grove
Ash Place
Ash Street
Ashbrook Street
Ashburner Street
Ashburton Circuit
Ashby Circuit
Ashcroft Crescent
Ashford Gardens
Ashkanasy Crescent
Ashleigh Grove
Ashleigh Park
Ashley Drive
Ashley Gardens
Ashton Calvert Street
Ashton Street
Asia Bookroom
Asian Cafe
Asian groceries
Asian Noodle House
Asian Provisions
Aspen Ridge
Aspen Rise
Aspinall Street
Astelia Place
Astley Place
Aston Crescent
Astrolabe Street
Atalumba Close
Atherton Street
Athllon Court
Athllon Drive
Athllon Fire Trail
Atholbar Way
Atkins Street
Atkinson Street
Atlantic Street
Attiwell Circuit
Attorney-General’s Department
Attunga Street
Attunga Terraces
Au Lac Gourmet Vegetarian
Aubrey Lane
Aubrey Tow Court
Auburn Street
Audas Place
Audi Centre Canberra
Audrey Cahn Street
Augusta Place
Augustus Close
Auld Place


Aurora Avenue
Aurora Close
Aurora Place
Aussie Settler Motel
Austin Street
Australia Beauty Therapy Academy
Australia Post
Australian Academy of Science
Australian Army National Memorial
Australian Catholic University - Signadou Campus
Australian Centre for China in the World
Australian Centre for China in the World - The Lotus Hall
Australian Citizenship Affirmation
Australian College of Nursing Ltd
Australian Defence College
Australian Defence Force Academy
Australian Federal Police
Australian Federal Police College
Australian Hellenic Memorial
Australian Honours and Awards Secretariat
Australian Institute of Health and Welfare
Australian Local Government Association
Australian Management Control
Australian National Korean War Memorial
Australian National University
Australian Paralympic Commitee
Australian Phenomics Facility
Australian Property Institute
Australian Service Nurses National Memorial
Australian Sports Commission
Australian Staff Officers Centre
Australian Surgeons Building
Australian Universities Centre
Australian Vietnam Forces National Memorial
Australian War Memorial Treloar Technology Centre
Australians of the Year Walk
Australian–American Memorial
Australie Close
Australis Place
Austrian Australian Club
Auto Pro Parts Professionals
Auto Torque
Avalon Apartments
Avalon Court
Ave a Little Dab - MTB
Avenal Street
Avenue Hotel
Avery Place
Aviation House
Aviemore Lane
Avior Place
Avoca Place
Avon Place
Avonley Road
Axford Place
Axial Apartments
Axis Apartments
Axon Street
Ayers Place
Ayers Street
Ayers-Fowler Street
Ayrton Street
Azura Villas

Babbage Crescent
Bacchus Circuit
Bachelors Lane
Back in Balance
Backhouse Street
Backler Place
Bacon Street
Badcoe Street
Baddeley Crescent
Baden Place
Badenoch Crescent
Badger & Co
Badger Place
Badgery Street
Badham Street
Badimara Street
Bage Place
Bagot Street
Bags To Go
Bagster Place
Bailes Court
Bailey Crescent
Bailey Place
Bailey’s Corner
Baillieu Court
Baillieu Lane
Baillieu Lane Pedestrian Parkland
Bainbridge Close
Baines Place
Bainton Crescent
Bainton Place
Baird Place
Baitong Lao Food
Baker Crescent
Baker Garden
Baker Street
Baker Turko
Baker's Delight
Bakers Delight
Bakewell Street
Balamara Street
Balanu Place
Balbo Place
Balcombe Street
Bald Rock Lane
Baldessin Crescent
Baldessin Precinct Building (BPB)
Baldwin Drive
Balfour Crescent
Balgarup Street
Bali 2002 Memorial
Ball Street
Balladonia Place
Ballantyne Crescent
Ballarat Street
Ballard Place
Ballow Crescent
Balmain Crescent
Balmain Lane
Balmoral Gardens
Balmoral Park
Balonne Street
Balsillie Crescent
Balson Place
Bamblett Rise
Bambridge Parade
Bambridge Street
Bamford Street
Bamir Square
Banaga Place
Banambila Street
Banana Leaf
Bancks Crescent
Bancroft Street
Bandicoot Street
Bandjalong Crescent
Bandt Place
Banfield Street
Bangalay Crescent
Bangalay Street
Banggu Street
Banjine Street
Banjo Paterson Avenue
Banjo Paterson Garden Apartments
Bank House
Bank of Queensland
Banks Street
Banksia Court
Banksia Crescent
Banksia Drive
Banksia Gardens
Banksia Street
Bannen Lane
Banner Street
Bannerman Place
Bannister Gardens
Banvard Place
Banyalla Close
Bar Rochford
Baracchi Crescent
Barada Crescent
Baradine Gardens
Barak Court
Baratta Street
Barbara Jefferis Street
Barber Crescent
Barber Street
Barcaldine Lane
Barclay Gardens
Barclay Place
Barcoo Place
Bardi Place
Bardsley Place
Bareena Street
Barff Place
Bargain Books
Bargang Crescent
Barker Street
Barkley Park
Barkly Crescent
Barlee Place
Barlow Street
Barn Place
Barnard Circuit
Barnes Place
Barnet Close
Barnett Close
Barney Street
Barolits Street
Barr Place
Barracks Creek Path
Barracks Flat Drive
Barraclough Crescent
Barrallier Street
Barramundi Street
Barrenjoey Drive
Barrett Street
Barrier Street
Barrigan Place
Barrine Drive
Barrington Crescent
Barrio Roastery
Barritt Street
Barron Street
Barrow Place
Barry Drive
Barry Hawkes
Barsdell Place
Bartlet Place
Barton Cafeteria
Barton Court
Barton Tennis Club
Barunga Street
Barwell Place
Barwick Place
Barwon Street
Baseby Place
Basedow Street
Basham Street
Baskerville Street
Basketball and Netball Centre
Bass Gardens
Bass Street
Bassett Street
Bastin Place
Batchelor Street
Bateman Street
Bates Street
Bates Street Path
Bateson Road
Bath Place
Bathurst Place
Batman Street
Batterham Crescent
Battersby Circuit
Battle of Trafalgar Memorial
Battye Street
Baudin Street
Baudinette Circuit
Bauhinia Street
Baume Crescent
Bavay Place
Bavin Street
Baxter Loop
Bayldon Road
Bayles Street
Bayley Street
Baylis Place
Bayly Place
Bayonas Place
Bayside Court
Bazley Street
BB's Indo Turkish cuisine
BCF (Boating Camping Fishing)
Beach Place
Beaconsfield Street
Bead Street
Beadle Place
Beagle Street
Beal Place
Beale Crescent
Bean & Grain
Bean Crescent
Bean in the City
Beaney Street
Beanland Street
Beard Close
Beard Place
Beard Street
Beardsmore Place
Beasley Street
Beatham Close
Beattie Crescent
Beatty Crescent
Beauchamp Street
Beaufighter Street
Beaufront Court
Beaumaris Grove
Beaumont Close
Beaumont Court
Beaumont Crescent
Beaumont Terrace
Beaurepaire Crescent
Beautiful You
Beaver Galleries
Beaver Place
Becke Place
Becker Place
Bedbrook Street
Beddome Place
Bedervale Court
Bedford Street
Bednall Place
Bedourie Street
Bee Place
Beeby Street
Beech Place
Beecroft Street
Beedham Place
Beela Place
Beess & Co
Beeston Street
Beetaloo Court
Beetaloo Street
Bega Place
Beggs Place
Begonia Place
Beijing House
Beilby Place
Beirne Street
Beissel Street
Belah Place
Belah Street
Belbin Place
Belco Skate Park
Belco Switchbacks
Belconnen Ambulance and Fire and Rescue Station
Belconnen Baptist Church
Belconnen (Cohen Street Bus Station) - City (Bus Station) via Giralang & Kaleen
Belconnen (Cohen Street Bus Station) - Conder (Lanyon Marketplace) via City, Woden, Tuggeranong, Bonython & Banks
Belconnen (Cohen Street Bus Station) - Conder (Lanyon Marketplace) via City, Woden, Tuggeranong, Gordon & Banks
Belconnen (Cohen Street Bus Station) - Kingston (Canberra Railway Station) via Nicholls, Casey, Ngunnawal, Gungahlin, City, Russell & Barton
Belconnen (Cohen Street Bus Station) - Woden (Bus Station) via Bruce, O'Connor, Turner, Acton, City, Parkes, Barton, Forrest, Deakin, Hughes & Garran (Southbound)
Belconnen Court
Belconnen Golf Course
Belconnen High School
Belconnen High School Oval
Belconnen Learn-to-ride Centre
Belconnen Library
Belconnen Mall Post Office
Belconnen Model Aero Club BMAC
Belconnen Police Station
Belconnen Post Office Business Centre
Belconnen Premier Inn
Belconnen Presbyterian Church
Belconnen Salvation Army
Belconnen Ski N Board
Belconnen Soccer Club
Belconnen Tennis Club
Belconnen Theatre
Belconnen Way
Belconnen Way Hotel/Motel
Beleura Court
Belfield Crescent
Bell Place
Bell Street
Bell's Dry Cleaners
Bella Vista
Bellambi Place
Bellbird Loop
Bellbush Close
Bellchambers Music School
Belle Apartments
Bellear Gardens
Bellenden Street
Bellette Street
Bellevue Heights
Bellevue Terrace
Bellhouse Crescent
Bellinger Crescent
Bellingham Crescent
Bellona Court
Belmont Court
Belmont Village
Belmore Gardens
Beltana Avenue
Beltana Road
Bemboka Crescent
Bembrick Street
Bemm Place
Ben Blakeney Street
Ben Chifley Building
Ben Lomond Gardens
Benalla Court
Benalla Street
Benaroon Circuit
Benchmark Waters
Bendigo Bank
Bendigo Street
Bendora Avenue
Bendora Crescent
Benham Apartments
Benham Street
Benjamin Park
Benjamin Way
Benjamins Restaurant
Bennelong Crescent
Bennet Place
Bennet Street
Bennett Fire Trail
Bennett Place
Bennetts Close
Bennie Street
Benny Place
Bent Street
Bentham Street
Bentham Street Bar N Pizzas
Bentley Court
Bentley Place
Bentleys of Canberra
Berbet Street
Berghofer Court
Berkeley Gardens
Berkeley Street
Berkshire Gardens
Bernacchi Street
Berndt Way
Berne Crescent
Berne Place
Bernie’s From the Bay
Berra Close
Berrara Court
Berrigan Crescent
Berry Street
Bertel Crescent
Bertel Place
Bertie Close
Bertram Street
Berwick Place
Besant Street
Bessell Lane
Best Place
Best Western Central Motel & Apartments
Best Western Garden City Hotel
Best Western Sundown Motel Resort
Beston Place
Betche Place
Bethune Close

better for bikes

Better Music
Bettie McNee Street
Bettington Circuit
Bettong Avenue
Betts Place
Bev Lawson Street
Bevan Street
Beveridge Crescent
Beyond The Black Stump
Beyond The Frame
BFC Training Shed
Biala Place
Bianca Gardens
Bibb Place
Bibby Place
Bibendale Quality Meats
Bible Lane
Bica Photographics
Bicentenary Monument 1770-1970
Bicentennial Drive
Bicentennial National Trail
Bicentennial Park Lookout
Bickley Close
Biddell Place
Biddlecombe Street
Bidges Road
Bidia Place
Bidwill Close
Bielski Street
Biffin Street
Big Powerline Fire Trail
Big River Distilling
Big Splash Waterpark
Big W
Biggs Place
Biginelli Espresso
Bike Culture
Bilby Court
Bilby Place
Bilkurra Street
Bill Ferguson Circuit
Bill Leng Street
Billabong Street
Billson Place
Bilton Place
Bimbah Court
Bimberi Crescent
Bimberi Youth Justice Centre
Bimbi Close
Bimbiang Crescent
Bimbimbie Street
Binaburra Place
Binara Street
Bindaga Place
Bindaga Street
Bindel Place
Bindel Street
Bindi Street
Bindiri Place
Bindon Place
Bindubi Street
Bindugan Crescent
Bingara Place
Bingarra Gardens
Bingham Circuit
Bingle Street
Bingley Crescent
Binney Close
Binns Street
Binowee Place
Binya Place
Biology Place
Biraban Place
Birbai Place
Birch Building
Birch Grove
Birch Place
Birch Way
Bird Place
Birdseye Lane
Birdwood Place
Birdwood Street
Birie Place
Birnie Place
Birrell Court
Birrell Street
Birrigai Cafe
Birrigai Square
Birtles Street
Birubi Place
Bisdee Street
Bishop Place
Bishopsbourne Court
Bismarck Sea Road
Bissenberger Crescent
Bistro Nguyen's
Bittermann Street
Bittersweet Cafe
Bitumen Track
Bizant Street
BJ Hi-Fi Canberra City
Black Fire
Black Mountain Drive
Black Mountain Library
Black Mountain Lookout
Black Mountain Peninsula District Park
Black Mountain Rowing Club
Black Mountain School
Black Mountain Summit Walk
Black Pepper
Black Street
Black Sun II
Black Wallaby Loop Track
Blackall Avenue
Blackall Street
Blackberry Climb
Blackburn Street
Blackbutt Street
Blacket Street
Blackett Crescent
Blackham Street
Blackham Terrace
Blacklock Close
Blackman Crescent
Blackmore Street
Blacksnake Gully
Blackstone cafe
Blackwell Circuit
Blackwood Place
Blackwood Terrace
Bladon Lane
Blair Crescent
Blair Place
Blair Street
Blake Place
Blakely Row
Blakey Close
Blakey Gardens
Blaksmiths Lane
Blamely Place
Blamey Court
Blamey Crescent
Blamey Heights
Blamey Place
Blamey Place Medical Practice
Blanc Court
Blanche Place
Blancoa Place
Bland Place
Blandford Court
Blandon Place
Blaxcell Place
Blaxland Crescent
Bleachers Sports Bar
Bligh Street
Blinky Bill Early Childhood Centre
Block 1
Block 2
Block 3
Block 4
Block 5
Block A
Block B
Block C
Block D
Blood Rock
Blowering Street
Bloxham Street
Blu Ginger
Blue Dome
Blue Gum Community School
Blue Gums
Blue Gums Fire Trail

blue ink

Blue Metal Road
Blue Range Park
Blue Rock Close
Blue Tiles Road
Blue Tiles Walking Trail
Bluebell Glen
Bluebell Street
Blueberry Street
BlueGums townhouses
Bluestone Gardens
Bluett Place
Blumenthal Place
Blundell Place
Blundell Street
Blyth Place
Blythe Close
Boake Place
Boan Close
Board Place
Boas Place
Boathouse Lane
Bobby Pin Climb
Bocciarini Court
Bock Place
Bodalla Place
Boddington Crescent
Bodel Place
Body Place
Boehm Close
Boeing House
Boelke Place
Bog Track
Bogan Place
Bogs and Logs
Boiler House
Boiler House Lecture Theatre
Bokhara Circuit
Bolali Place
Bolden Place
Boldrewood Park
Boldrewood Street
Bolger Place
Bollard Street
Bolliger Place
Bolt Bar
Bolte Street
Bolton Place
Bombala Gardens
Bomber Command memorial
Bonarba Link
Bond Crescent
Bondfield Street
Boniwell Street
Bonner - Kingston (Canberra Railway Station) via Forde, Gungahlin, City, Russell & Barton
Bonner District Playing Fields
Bonney Street
Bonnor Close
Bonrook High
Bonrook Street
Bonshaw Road
Bontharambo Court
Bonthrone Street
Bonville Park
Bonwick Place
Bonython Street
Boobialla Street
Book Place
Bookplate ex libris
Boolee Street
Boolimba Crescent
Booloominbah Court
Boon Lane
Boonmanulla Oval
Booroolong Street
Booroondara Street
Boot Place
Boote Place
Boote Street
Booth Crescent
Booth Street
Boothby Place
Bootle Place
Bootmakers Lane
Border Track
Boree Place
Boreham Lane
Borella Street
Boronia Crescent
Boronia Drive
Boronia Gardens
Borrowdale House
Borrowdale Street
Borthwick Avenue
Bosch Place
Boscobel Court
Bosisto Place
Boswell Crescent
Bosworth Circuit
Botanical Bookshop
Botannical Gardens Track
Botany Café
Botany Street
Bothwell Gardens
Bott Crescent
Bottlebrush Place
Bottlenose Spar City West
Boucaut Place
Bouchard Place
Boucicault Place
Bougainville Street
Boult Place
Boulton Close
Boundary Road
Bourke Street
Bourne Street
Boustead Circuit
Bow Place
Bowden Crescent
Bowden Place
Bowen Drive
Bowen Place
Bower Place
Bowers Place
Bowes Place
Bowes Street
Bowler Place
Bowley Place
Bowling Place
Bowman Street
Bowman Villas
Bowser Place
Box Gum Margin
Box Place
Boy Wonder
Boyanton Street
Boyce Place
Boyd Street
Boyer Street
Boyland Close
Boyle Place
Boyne Place
BP Braddon
BP Express Chisholm
BP Express Phillip
BP Fyshwick
BP Lowe Street
BP Watson
Brache Place
Bracker Place
Bradbury Place
Braddon Court
Braddon Gardens
Braddon Park Views
Braddon Post Office
Braddon Service Centre
Bradfield Place
Bradfield Street
Bradley Court
Bradley Street
Bradman Stand
Brady Place
Braemar Gardens
Bragg Street
Braggett Street
Brahe Place
Braim Place
Brain Street
Braine Street
Brake Fast - MTB
Bramble Street
Bramston Street
Bramwell Bend
Brand Street
Branson Street
Brash Place
Brassey Street
Brassington Place
Braund Place
Bray Place
Braybrooke Street
Brazel Street
Brazilian Beauty
Brazillian Butterfly
BreakFree Capital Tower
Brebner Street
Bredbo Close
Breden Place
Breen Place
Breen Street
Breizh Cafe
Bremer Street
Brennan Court
Brennan Street
Brent Place
Brentnall Place
Breona Place
Brereton Street
Bretherton Fire Trail
Brewer Street
Brews ‘n’ All
Brewster Place
Brian Anderson Building
Brian Lewis Crescent
Briars Lane
Brice Place
Brickendon Court
Brickhill Place
Brid Place
Bride Place
Bridge Place
Bridge Street
Bridges Place
Bridgestone Select
Bridgette Gusterson Place
Brier Place
Brierly Street
Brierly’s Cafe
Brigalow Court
Brigalow Street
Briggs Street
Bright Consulting Building
Bright Street
Brill Place
Brimage Place
Brims Lane
Brindabella Christian College
Brindabella Circuit
Brindabella Court
Brindabella Park
Brindabella Specialist Centre
Brinkley Circuit
Brinsmead Street
Brisbane Avenue
Brissenden Street
Britten Jones Drive
Brittle Gum Track
Brittle Gums
Britton Place
Broad Place
Broadbent Street
Broadby Close
Broadhurst Street
Broadsmith Street
Broadway Apartments
Brockman Street
Brodie Place
Brodribb Street
Brodzky Place
Broinowski Place
Brolga Place
Bromby Street
Bromell Circuit
Bromham Street
Bromley Street
Brook Street
Brooke Place
Brookes Street
Brookfield Gardens
Brookman Street
Brooks Street
Broome Crescent
Broomfield Street
Brophy Place
Brophy Street
Brough Place
Broughton Place
Broughton Street
Broula Street
Broun Place
Brown Street
Brownbill Street
Browne Place
Brownlee Place
Brownless Street
Brownlow Place
Browns Trig Fire Trail
Brownsmith Crescent
Bruce Court
Bruce Dittmar Street
Bruce Five
Bruce Four
Bruce Gardens
Bruce One
Bruce Pipeline Fire Trail
Bruce Pipeline FT
Bruce Place
Bruce Ridge Early Childhood Centre and Preschool
Bruce Ridge Fire Trail
Bruce Ridge FT
Bruce Six
Bruce Street
Bruce Super Convenience Store
Bruce Take Away
Bruce Two
Bruce Waters
Bruche Road
Brudenell Drive
Bruggy Place
Brumbies Bakery
Brumby Street
Brumby's Bakery
Brumby’s Bakery
Brundle Place
Bruning Street
Brunnich Place
Brunswick Circuit
Brunton Street
Bruny Place
Brushtail Street
Bruxner Close
Bryan Hudson Street
Bryant Place
Bryce Place
BTW Communications Canberra
Buchanan Street
Buckingham Street
Buckland Street
Buckley Circuit
Buckman Place
Buckmaster Crescent
Budawang Building
Budd Place
Buddee Lane
Buddhist Thai Temple Of ACT
Buddys Convenience Store
Buderim Place
Budyan Court
Bugden Avenue
Buggy Crescent
Buik Place
Building 1
Building 1 Australian Army Band Headquarters
Building 13
Building 2
Building 23
Building 3
Building 401
Building 5
Building 6 COMCAR
Building Society House
Bulbar Street
Bulcock Place
Bulgar Creek
Bull Street
Bullala Court
Bulldozer Road
Buller Crescent
Bulletin Street
Bulli Place
Bulloak Street
Bullock Circuit
Bulloo Place
Bulwarra Close
Bunburung Close
Bunbury Street
Buncle Place
Bunda Building
Bunda Street
Bundeela Street
Bundey Street
Bundle's Hill
Bundock Place
Bunduluk Crescent
Buned Place
Bungaree Court
Bungaree Crescent
Bungendore Road
Bungey Street
Bungle Bungle Crescent
Bungonia Street
Bunima Crescent
Bunker Place
Bunnings Warehouse
Bunny Street
Buntine Crescent
Bunton Place
Bunya Close
Bupa Stirling
Bural Court
Burara Crescent
Burbidge Crescent
Burbie Street
Burbury Close
Burchill Lane
Burdekin Avenue
Burdekin Street
Burdon Place
Burford Place
Burgan Grove
Burgan Place
Burge Close
Burges Place
Burghers of Calais
Burgmann Anglican School - Forde Campus
Burgmann Anglican School Forde Oval
Burgmann Anglican School Valley Campus
Burgmann College
Buriga Street
Burin Street
Burke Crescent
Burkitt Street
Burmese Curry Place
Burn Place
Burn Street
Burnage Place
Burnell Place
Burnett Street
Burnie Street
Burns Centre
Burns Circuit
Burns Memorial
Burnside Street
Burnum Burnum Close
Burra Place
Burra Street
Burrai Place
Burraly Court
Burrangiri Crisis Respite Day Care
Burrell Street
Burrendong Street
Burrinjuck Crescent
Burrowa Street
Burrowes Place
Burrumarra Avenue
Bursaria Street
Burston Place
Burt Street
Burton & Garran Hall
Burton Close
Burton Place
Burton Street
Buru Close
Burundulla Gardens
Burvill Place
Busby Street
Buscombe Street
Bush Street
Bushby Place
Bushfire Memorial
Bushland Nature Walk
Bussau Close
Bussell Crescent
Butler Laboratory
Butler Place
Butterfish Street
Butterley Place
Butters Bridge
Butters Drive
Buttfield Street
Buttle Street
Butts 'N' Brew
Buvelot Picture Framers
Buvelot Street
Buxton Street
Buzacott Place
Buzo Gardens
Buzz Cafe and Grill
BWS Franklin
BWS Wanniassa
Byaduk Street
Byatt Place
Byles Place
Bym Porter Lane
Bynoe Place
Byram Place
Byrne Place
Byrne Street
Byrnes Place
Bywaters Street
Bywong Street

C & MA House
C block
Cabarita Terrace
Cabena Court
Caddy Place
Cade Place
Cadell Place
Cadell Street
Cadet Accommodation
Cafe 2617
Cafe 54
Cafe Charisma
Cafe Coffee
Cafe D’lish
Cafe eQ
Cafe Essen
Cafe Garema
Cafe Injoy
Cafe Ink
Cafe Mizzuna
Cafe Okrich
Café on Richmond
Caffyn Place
Cahalan Place
Cain Place
Cairns Street
Calaby Street
Caladenia Street
Calculus Lane
Calder Crescent
Calder Place
Caldwell Street
Caley Crescent
Callabonna Street
Callaghan Street
Callam Street
Callan Street
Callemonda Rise
Callide Street
Callitris Place
Callum Street
Caltex Queanbeyan
CALTEX service station
Caltex Star Mart Braddon
Caltex Star Mart Canberra Airport (Pialligo)
Caltex Star Mart Nicholls
Caltex Star Mart Queanbeyan
Caltex Woolworths Kippax Star Mart Holt
Caltex Woolworths Star Mart Kambah
Caltex Woolworths Star Mart Weston
Calthorpes House
Calvary Access Fire Trail
Calvary Church
Calvary Haydon Village
Calvary Health Care Business Support Facility
Calvary John James Hospital Service Road
Calvary John James Maternity Care
Calvary Public Hospital Bruce
Calvary Veteran’s Walking Track
Calvert Street
Calypso Cafe
Calyute Street
Cambage Street
Cambridge Gardens
Cambridge Street
Cambridge Townhouses
Camden Court
Camden Park
Camellia Place
Cameron Avenue
Cameron Gardens
Cameron Road
Cameron Street
Camfield Place
Camilleri Way
Camm Street
Cammack Lane
Cammeray Court
Camp Street
Campaspe Circuit
Campbell High School
Campbell Link Trail
Campbell Neighbourhood Oval
Campbell Pharmacy
Campbell Post Office
Campbell Primary School
Campbell Street
Camphorwood Close
Camping World
Campion Street
Can Tho
Canaway Place
Canberra Airport
Canberra Airport Terminal Building
Canberra and Region Visitors Centre
Canberra Archery Club
Canberra Avenue
Canberra Baptist Church
Canberra Beauty
Canberra Bikes & Kayaks
Canberra BMX Club
Canberra Bowling Club
Canberra Bridge Club
Canberra Centenary Trail
Canberra Christian Life Centre
Canberra Christian School
Canberra Club
Canberra Community Dialysis Centre
Canberra Connect
Canberra Croquet Club
Canberra Deakin Football Club
Canberra Eco Clean
Canberra Environment Centre
Canberra Equestrian Centre
Canberra Eye Hospital
Canberra Fire Museum
Canberra Fleet & Wholesale Centre
Canberra Foundation Stones
Canberra Girls Grammar School
Canberra Girls' Grammar School
Canberra Glass Works
Canberra Grammar School
Canberra Greyhound Racing Club
Canberra High School
Canberra House
Canberra Institute of Technology, Bruce Location
Canberra Institute of Technology, Fyshwick Location
Canberra Institute of Technology, Gungahlin Location
Canberra Institute of Technology, Southside Campus
Canberra Institute of Technology, Tuggeranong
Canberra Institute of Technology, Woden Location
Canberra International Church
Canberra International Golf Centre - Driving Range
Canberra International Golf Centre - Mini Golf
Canberra International Golf Centre - Pitch 'n' Putt
Canberra Labor Club
Canberra Lake Estate
Canberra Locksmiths
Canberra Masonic Homes
Canberra Model Aircraft Club CMAC
Canberra Montessori School
Canberra Mosque
Canberra Motorcycle Centre
Canberra National Adventist
Canberra Olympic Pool
Canberra Pho
Canberra Podiatry
Canberra Post Office
Canberra Raiders Training Ground
Canberra Regatta Course (Yarramundi Reach)
Canberra Reptile Zoo
Canberra Retreat B&B
Canberra Rowing Club
Canberra Rural Stock Feeds
Canberra Sand and Gravel
Canberra Scouts
Canberra Sikh Association
Canberra South Motor Park
Canberra Theatre
Canberra Times
Canberra Toyota
Canberra Toyota Phillip
Canberra University Innovations Centre
Canberra Walk in Aviary
Canberra Workwear
Candlebark Close
Candlebark Road
Cane Place
Cann Close
Cannan Crescent
Canning Street
Canopus Crescent
Cantamessa Avenue
Canterbury Crescent
Cantle Place
Cantor Crescent
Canty's Bookshop
Canty's Other Bookshop
Cape Cod
Cape Street
Cape York Street
Capel Place
Capella Crescent
Capertee Place
Capital Bible Church
Capital Brewing Co
Capital Centre
Capital Chemist
Capital Chemist Bruce
Capital Chemist Lyneham
Capital Chemist Mawson
Capital Chemist O'Connor
Capital Chemist Waramanga
Capital Circle
Capital Executive Apartment Hotel
Capital Golf Course
Capital Groceries
Capital Grooming
Capital Health Centre of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Capital Hill Apartments
Capital Honda
Capital Pathology
Capital Region Cancer Centre
Capital Subaru - Fyshwick
Capital Terrace
Capital Tower
Capital Trophies & Sportswear
CapitalEdge Church
Capitol Theatre Centre
Capon & Hubert
Capri Court
Captain Cook Crescent
Captain Cook Memorial Globe
Captains Flat Road

car dealer

Car Wash
Caragh Avenue
Carandini Street
Carara Close
Carbeen Street
Card Street
Cardew Crescent
Cardiac Arrest
Careel Street
Caremore Pharmacy
Caretaker’s Cottage
Carew Street
Carey Place
Cargelligo Street
Carina Street
Carinya Court
Carinya Street
Carl Street
Carla Court
Carleton Street
Carlile Court
Carlile Street
Carlton Place
Carman Loop
Carmichael Street
Carmody Street
Carnall Close
Carne Place
Carnegie Crescent
Carol Court
Caroline Chishlom High School
Caroline Place
Carolyn Galloway
Carolyn Jackson Drive
Carpark Track
Carpentaria Street
Carpet Court
Carr Crescent
Carramar Park
Carrawa Street
Carrington Street
Carrodus Street
Carroll Street
Carron Street
Carruthers Street
Carslaw Street
Carson Street
Carss Place
Carstairs Circuit
Carstensz Street
Carter Field
Cartledge Street
Cartwright Avenue
Cartwright Street
Carver Lane
Carvill Court
Carwoola Gardens
Carwoola Place
Carwoola Street
Cascade Street
Case Lane
Case Place
Casey House
Cash Street
Cashion Court
Cashman Street
Casilda Street
Casimaty Street
Cassia Crescent
Cassia Place
Cassidy Close
Cassidy Street
Cassidy's Arcade
Cassinia Street
Castan Street
Castieau Street
Castlereagh Crescent
Castlereagh Terrace
Castles Place
Castleton Crescent
Castley Circuit
Castor Place
Casuarina Grove
Casuarina Street
Casurina Climb
Catalano Street
Cataldo’s Salon
Catalina Drive
Catani Place
Cataract Street
Catchpole Street
Cathcart Close
Cato Cottages
Cato Place
Catts Place
Causeway Hall
Causley Lane
Cavanough Street
Cavenagh Place
Cavill Close
Cavill Terrace
Cawker Place
Cawthorn Crescent
Cayley Place
Cazaly Close
Cazneaux Crescent
CBD Dumpling House
CCG House
Cecil Place
Cecins Place
Cedar Place
Cedar Street
Cedrela Place
Ceduna Court
Centaurus Street
Centenary Obelisk
Centenary of Women’s Suffrage
Centenial Trail
Central Avenue
Central Cafe
Central Park
Central Store
Centre for Arab and Islamic Studies
Century Apartments
Century Court
Cervo Village
Cessnock Street
Cethana Place
CGS Rowing
Chaffcutters Lane
Chaffey Crescent
Chalet Court
Chalk Education
Challinor Crescent
Challis Street
Chalmers Place
Chamber of Commerce & Industry
Chambers Cafe
Chambers Street
Champ Place
Champion Place
Chan Street
Chance Street
Chancelry Building
Chandler Street
Chandler Street Church
Chang Co
Chanter Terrace
Chapman Cafe
Chapman Pharmacy
Chapman Primary
Chapman Street
Chappell Court
Chappell Street
Chapple Close
Chardonay Place
Charles Francis Lane
Charles Roach Lane
Charles Street
Charles Sturt University
Charles Weston Lane
Charles Weston School
Charleston Street
Charlick Place
Charlie's Corner
Charlotte Barton Street
Charlotte Street
Charlow Street
Charlton Street
Charnwood District Playing Fields
Charnwood Dunlop School
Charnwood Place
Charnwood Post Office
Charteris Crescent
Charteris Park
Charvin Court
Chaseling Street
Chataway Crescent
Chater Place
Chaton Place
Chats Cafe
Chatswood Court
Chatterbox Expresso Bar
Chau Kitchen
Chauffeur's Cottage
Chauvel Circle
Chauvel Court
Chauvel Street
Chave Street
Checchi Place
Cheeke Place
Cheel Place
Cheesecake Shop
Cheeseman Place
Chelsea Grove
Chelsea Village
Chelsworth Street
Chemist Warehouse
Cheney Place
Chermside Street
Cherry Place
Cherry Street
Cherry Tree Villas
Cherryburn Trail
Chester Close
Chevalier Street
Chevron Court
Chewings Street
Cheyne Place
Chicken Gourmet
Chidley Street
Chiesa Street
Chifley BBQ area
Chifley House
Chifley Place
Childe Place
Childers Cafe
Childers Street
Chillagoe Street
Chilton Street
China Plate
Chinese Embassy
Chinese Kitchen
Chinese Stone Lions
Chinese tea club
Chinese Therapy Centre
Chinner Crescent
Chipp Street
Chirnside Circuit
Chirnside Place
Chishlom Primary
Chisholm Family Tavern
Chisholm Fire Station
Chisholm Hair Works
Chisholm Newsagency
Chisholm Pizza & Take Away
Chisholm Post Office
Chisholm Street
Chiurch of St. John the Baptist
Choku Bai Jo
Chomley Court
Chong Co
Chowne Street
Chris X - MTB
Christ Church Hawker
Christ The Redeemer Mausoleum
Christian Lab
Christian Road
Christina Stead Street
Christopher Crescent
Chubb Place
Chubb Street
Chuculba Crescent
Chuditch Street
Chumleigh Close
Church Lane
Church of Latter Day Saints
Church of Saint Andrew
Chuter Street
Cilento Street
Cimba Lane
Cinema Center
Cintra Court
Citizenship Place
City (Bus Station) - Canberra Airport via Russell
City (Bus Station) - Fairbairn Park via Russell, Canberra Airport & Brindabella Park
City (Bus Station) - Majura Park via Campbell, ADFA & Campbell Park
City (Bus Station) - Woden (Bus Station) (Southbound)
City Canberra YHA
City Edge
City Market Chemist
City Point
City Police Station
City View
City Walk
City Walk Centre
City Walk Thai Massage
Citywest IGA
Civic Early Child Care Centre
Civic Guide
Civic Library
Civic Video
Clair Hill Court
Clairmont Place
Clambe Place
Clamp Place
Clancy Street
Clancy's Walking Track
Clara Close
Clara Place
Clare Burton Crescent
Clare Holland House Hospice
Clare Place
Clarence Park
Clarendon Court
Clarendon Street
Clarey Crescent
Clark Close
Clark Place
Clarke Street
Clarkson Street
Clarnette Place
Clarrie Hermes Drive
Classic Framing
Clavert Place
Claxton Crescent
Clay Street
Clayton Court
Clayton Place
Clear Street
Cleaver Street
Clegg Lane
Cleggett Street
Cleland Street
Clemenger Street
Clement Place
Clements Street
Clendinnen Street
Clermont Street
Clews Place
Clianthus Street
Clifford Crescent
Clifton Place
Climpson Place
Clingan Street
Clint Place
Clint Robinson Walk
Clisby Close
Clive Steele Avenue
Clode Crescent
Clode Place
Clonakilty Drive
Cloncurry Street
Clontarf Court
Clouston Street
Clovelly Apartments
Club Googong
Club House
Club Lime & Club Pink
Clubbe Crescent
Cluff Street
Clunies Ross Street
Clutsam Place
Clutterbuck Crescent
Clyde Finlay Street
Clyde Place
Clyne Place
Coachwood Avenue
Coal Court
Coaldrake Avenue
Coane Street
Coates Place
Cobar Place
Cobb Crescent
Cobbadah Street
Cobbett Place
Cobby Street
Coburn Place
Cockatoo Close
Cockatoo Switchbacks
Cockburn Street
Cockcroft Avenue
Cockerill Place
Cockington Green Gardens
Cockle Street
Coco's Hair
Cocoparra Crescent
Coffee Club
Coffee Guru
Coffee Lab
Coghill Close
Coghlan Street
Coglin Place
Cohen Sonny & Son
Cohen Street
Cohn Place
Coin Karaoke
Colbeck Street
Colbee Court
Colbee Court Pharmacy
Colbert Close
Colborne Place
Colbung Street
Cole Street
Colebatch Place
Colefax Place
Coleman Street
Coles Express
Coles Express Belconnen
Coles Express Braddon
Coles Express Charnwood
Coles Express Deakin
Coles Express Fyshwick
Coles Express Griffith
Coles Express Hawker
Coles Express Phillip
Coles Express Queanbeyan East
Coles Manuka
Coles Place
Coliban Place
Colishaw Building
Collaroy Street
Colleano Street
College House
College of Business and Economics
College Street
Collett Place
Collett Street
Collibert Court
Collick Place
Collicott Circuit
Collie Street
Collier Street
Collingridge Street
Collingrove Court
Collings Street
Collins Place
Collins Street
Collits Place
Collocott Crescent
Colmer Street
Colo Place
Colonial Court
Colquhoun Fire Trail
Colquhoun Street
Colton Place
Colverwell Crescent
Colville Street
Colvin Street
Combes Road
Combo Court
Comet Street
Comfort Inn Airport
Common Food
Common Grounds Gowrie
Commons Court
Commonwealth Bank
Commonwealth Bank Mawson
Commonwealth Motors
Commonwealth Solar Observatory
Communities@Work Galilee School Holder Campus
Community Orchard
Companion Crescent
Compass and Perspective
Compleat Angler
Computer Centre Building
Comrie Chambers
Comrie Street
Concertina Street
Concetta Street
Condamine Court
Condamine Street
Condell Street
Conder (Lanyon Marketplace) - City EXPRESS via Banks, Gordon & Kambah
Conder (Lanyon Marketplace) - City EXPRESS via Gordon & Kambah
Conder Street
Conference Centre
Conifer Avenue
Coningham Street
Coniston Street
Conjola Close
Conley Drive
Connah Street
Connelly Place
Conner Close
Connibere Crescent
Connor Place
Connorville Gardens
Conolly Place
Conon Court
Considine Close
Constance Road
Constance Stone Street
Constitution Avenue
Convine Street
Conway Place
Conway Street
Conyers Street
Coo Izakaya
Cooba Place
Coobina Place
Coode Street
Cooee Rise
Cooinda Court
Cooinda Hut
Cooinda Street
Cook Place
Cooke Street
Cookery Nook
Cookies Cycles
Cooks Street
Cooksey Place
Coolac Place
Coolebah Crescent
Cooleman Court Pharmacy
Cooleman Ridge BNT
Cooley Crescent
Coolgardie Street
Coolibah Crescent
Cooling Place
Cooling towers
Cooloola Street
Cooma Road Quarry
Cooma Street
Coombs Place
Coombs Shops
Coomera Street
Cooney Court
Cooper Fire Trail
Cooper Place
Coora Place
Coorong Pavilion
Cooyong Street
Cope Place
Copland Building
Copland Drive
Copland Lecture Theater
Copper Crescent
Copperfield Place
Coppin Place
Coppins Crossing Road
Coral Drive
Coral Place
Coral Sea Road
Coranderrk Street
Corbin Place
Cordeaux Street
Cordia Place
Coree Place
Coreen Place
Corella Place
Corey Place
Corin Court
Corin Place
Corinna Street
Corio Villa Court
Cork Oak Road
Cork Oak Track
Corkhill Street
Corlette Crescent
Cornelian Place
Cornelius Street
Cornercopia - MTB
Cornerstone Gungahlin
Cornish Place
Corona Place
Coronation Drive
Coronet Lane
Corporate Air
Corporate Traveller
Corps of Staff Cadets Mess
Correa Street
Corrigan Place
Corringle Close
Corroboree Hills
Corroboree Park
Corryton Gardens
Corser Close
Cory Place
Cosenza Villas
Cosgrove Street
Cosmo Building
Cosmopolitan Centre
Cossington Smith Crescent
Costco Gasoline
Cosy Crescent
Cottage Kitchen
Cottam Place
Cotter Court
Cotter Place
Cotter Road
Cotton On
Cotton Street
Cottonwood Park
Couldn't Be Bothered - MTB
Coulter Drive
Coulter Terrace
Coungeau Lane
Counihan Court
Counsel Street
Country Plaza Motel
Couranga Crescent
Courgette Restaurant
Courtice Close
Courtneidge Street
Courtney Street
Cousin Place
Coutie Place
Coutts Place
Couvreur Street
Coveney Street
Coverdale Street
Covington Crescent
Cowan Street
Cowcher Place
Cowdery Place
Cowie Place
Cowley Place
Cowlishaw Street
Cowper Street
Cox Street
Coxen Street
Coyne Street
Crace Coral Sea Memorial
Crace Grassland Nature Reserve
Crace Street
Crace Villas
Crackajack Way
Cracknell Street
Cradle Close
Crafer Place
Crago Place
Craig Building
Craig Place
Craigerne Gardens
Cramp Place
Crampton Place
Crane Place
Cranleigh School
Crasy Crab Walk
Craven Place
Crawford Centre
Crawford Crescent
Crawford Fund
Crawford Medical Centre
Crawford Street
Craydon Place
Creakin - MTB
Crear Street
Crease Place
Creative Image
Creed Place

creek climb
creek crossing

Creek Run

creek walk

Cremean Close
Cremin Close
Cressbrook Gardens
Crest Motor Inn
Crest Park Parade
Crest Road
Crestwood Apartments
Creswell Street
Crete Road
Crews Place
Crichton Crescent
Crick Place
Cricket Pitch
Cricket Street
Cricketers Lane
Crim Track
Crinigan Circle
Crinigan's Stone Hut
Crinoline Street
Crisp Building
Crisp Circuit
Crisp Street
Crocea Way
Crocker Place
Crockett Place
Crofts Crescent
Crofts Place
Croissant D'Or
Croke Place
Croll Street
Crombie Place
Cronin Street
Crook Place
Croquet Club of Queanbeyan
Cross Place
Cross Street
Crossley Close
Crossman Street
Croton Street
Crouch Place
Crowder Circuit
Crowe Place
Crowley Court
Crowne Plaza
Crowther Place
Crozier Circuit
Cruikshank Street
Crust Gourmet Pizza
Crust Pizza
CSIRO Discovery Centre
CSIRO Ginninderra
CSIRO Headquarters
CSIT Building
Cubillo Crescent
Cudgee Court
Cudgewa Lane
Cudmore Court
Cuff Link
Culgoa Circuit
Cullen Rise
Cullen Street
Cultivation Street
Culture Centre
Culture Centre of Serbia
Cumberlege Crescent
Cumbrae Place
Cumming Place
Cummins Court
Cumpston Place
Cunningham Close
Cunningham Street
Curlewis Crescent
Curlewis Ridge
Curley Street
Curr Place
Curran Drive
Currey Street
Currie Crescent
Currie Street
Currong Street North
Currong Street South
Curruthers Firetrail
Curtain Call
Curtain Place
Curtin District Playing Fields
Curtin Milk Bar & Pizza
Curtin Neighbourhood Oval
Curtin Place
Curtin Post Office
Curtin Primary
Curtis Place
Curzon Apartments
Cusack Place
Cuscaden Crescent
Cuscus Lane
Cussen Street
Custance Street
Cutbush Street
Cuthbert Circuit
Cuthbertson Crescent
Cutlack Street
Cutoff Drain Fire Trail
Cutty Sark Lane
Cuzens Place
Cycle City
Cycle Surgery
Cygnet Crescent
Cypress Place

D block
D'arcy Place


D'Hage Court
Da Nunzio Caffe Bar Ristorante
Dacomb Court
Dacre Street
Daglish Street
Dagmar Berne Street
Daily Market
Dainere Street
Daintree Crescent
Dairy Farmers Hill Lookout
Dairy Farmers Hill Track
Dairy Road
Daisy Loop
Dakin Place
Dakota Drive
Dalabon Crescent
Dalby Street
Dale Circuit
Dale Place
Daley Crescent
Daley Road
Dalgarno Close
Dalgleish Close
Dalkin Crescent
Dallachy Place
Dallachy Street
Dallas Place
Dalley Crescent
Dalman Crescent
Dalrymple Street
Dalton Place
Daly Street
Dalziel Street
Dam Fire Trail
Dam Track
Dam Wall Lookout
Damala Court
Damala Street
Dame Zara Street
Damn Bypass - MTB
Dampier Crescent
Dan Murphy's
Dance of the Secateurs
Dandenong Court
Dane Street
Dangar Place
Daniel Grove
Daniels Street
Danjera Lane
Dann Close
Dannevig Place
Danny Serena Ballpark
Danvers Place
Daplyn Close
Dapu Place
Daramalan College
Daramalan College Rowing Club
Darambal Street
Daramoolen Street
Darby Street
Dare Place
Dargie Street
Darke Street
Darley Place
Darling Court
Darling Street
Darlot Place
Darmody Place
Darmody Street
Darrell Place
Darrell Place FT
Dartnell Street
Darwin Avenue
Darwin Place
Darwinia Terrace
Dash Crescent
Daughters at Hall
Dave McInnes Road
Davenport Street
Davey Crescent
David Fleay Street
David Harper House
David Jones
David Madew Oval
David Miller Crescent
David Moses
David Street
David Temple House
David Walsh Avenue
David Warren Road
Davida Court
Davidson Street
Davies Place
Daviesia Down
Daviesia Up
Davis Street
Davison Place
Davison Street
Davitt Close
Davy Place
Dawar Place
Dawes Street
Dawn Crescent
Dawson Street
Day Place
Day Surgery Unit
De Baun Crescent
De Bortoli Street
De Burgh Street
De Chair Street
De Garis Place
De Gillern Place
De Graaff Gardens
De Graaff Place
De Graaff Street
De Grey Place
De Gruchy Place
De Largie Place
De Lissa Street
De Little Circuit
De Mestre Place
De Mole Street
De Salis Street
De Smet Court
De Smet Place
De Villier
De Vis Place
Deadgum Dam
Deadgum Dam - B Line
Deakin Chambers
Deakin Court
Deakin Early Childhood Centre
Deakin Fire Trail
Deakin Ground 1
Deakin Ground 2
Deakin House
Deakin Newsagency
Deakin Pharmacy
Deakin Post Office
Deakin Professional Centre
Deakin Reservoir Track
Deakin School for Early Learning
Deakin Sports Therapy Centre
Deakin Telephone Exchange
Deakin Thai Cuisine
Deakin Wellbeing House
Deakin West Post Office
Dean Place
Dean's Detour
Deane Street
Deasey Close
Deasland Place
Debenham Street
Decima Circuit
Decker Place
Dee Street
Deeban Place
Deeble Street
Deeks Health Foods
Deeley Place
Deep Creek
Deer Lane
Deffell Street
Define Hairdesign
Degraves Crescent
Delamere Street
Delamore Court
Delany Court
Delegate Street
Delma View
Delmar at Franklin
Delmar Crescent
Deloraine Street
Delprat Circuit
Delta Electric
Demaine Crescent

demolished building

Dempster Place
Dendy Cinema
Dendy Place
Denehy Place
Denham Place
Denigan Street
Denis Winston Walk
Denison Street
Denman Prospect
Denman Street
Dennes Place
Denning Place
Dennis Place
Dennis Street
Denny Street
Dennys Place
Denoon Street
Department of Earth and Marine Sciences
Department of Human Services
Department of Immigration and Border Protection
Derapet Road
Derham Court
Derrick Street
Derrilin Place
Derrima Road
Derry Street
Derwent Court
Derwent Park
Derwent Street
Desailly Crescent
Desalis Street
Descent to Dingo
Desert Mounted Corps Memorial
Desmond Lane
Desoto Street
Dethridge Street


Dettmann Close
Deuchar Close
Deumonga Court
Develin’s City Chemist
Devlin Street
Devonport Entry
Devonport Street
Dew Drop Inn
Dewar Place
Dewhurst Terrace
Dewok Noodle bar
Dexion Place
Dexter Street
Dharaban Road
Di Riddell Building
Diamantina Crescent
Diamond Street
Diane Barwick Street
Dianella Street
Dibbler Crescent
Dibbs Street
Dickins Street
Dickinson Street
Dickson - Woden (Bus Station) via Hackett, Ainslie, Braddon, City, Parkes, Barton, Forrest, Deakin & Curtin (Southbound)
Dickson - Woden (Bus Station) via Lyneham, O'Connor, Turner, City, Parkes, Parliament House, Deakin, Yarralumla & Hughes (Southbound)
Dickson 1
Dickson Aquatic Centre
Dickson Asian Noodle House
Dickson Cakes
Dickson College
Dickson Library
Dickson Memorial Baptist Church
Dickson Park
Dickson Parking Building
Dickson Place
Dickson Post Office
Dickson Road
Dickson Way
Diddams Close
Diddams Close Pedestrian Parkland
Diesendorf Street
Differential Specialists
Digby Circuit
Diggles Street
Digital 61
Dillon Close
Dillwynia Crescent
Dimby Street
Dinah Street
Dines Place
Dinnison Circuit
Dirrawan Gardens
Discount Chemist
Discount Hut
Discount Pharmacy
Discovery House
Discovery Street
Diselma Place
Disney Court
District of Stromlo
Dittmer Place
Dive Place
Divine and Delicious
Divine Court
Divine Motors
Division of Communications
Division of Science and Design
Dixie Place
Dixon Drive
Dixon Place
Dobbie Place
Dobbin Circuit
Dobie Place
Dobikin Street
Dobinson Place
Dobinsons Bakery Cafe
Dobson Place
Dobson Street
Docker Place
Dodd Place
Dodds Place
Dodgshun Court
Dods Place
Dodsworth Street
Dodwell Street
Doeberl Place
Dog Park
Doherty Place
Dolling Crescent
Dolly McGrath Street
Dolly Street
Domain on the Park
Domain Street
Dominion Circuit
Dominion Place
Domino's Mawson
Domino's Pizza
Dominos Florey
Dominos Pizza
Dom’s Coffee Bar
Don Place
Donald Horne Circuit
Donald Place
Donald Road
Donaldson Street
Donnan Street
Donnelly Lane
Donnison Place
Donoghoe Crescent
Donut King
Dookie Street
Dookie Street Track
Dooland Court
Doolette Place
Dooley Place
Doonkuna Street
Dooring Street
Dora Street
Dore Court
Doris Turner Street
Dorothy Green Crescent
Dorothy Tangney Place
Dorrit Black Crescent
Dorsch Street
Dosa Hut
Dot Butler Street
Double Dissolution
Double Shot Cafe-Expresso Bar
Douglas Place
Douglas Waterhouse Drive
Douglass Place
Douglass Street
Doutney Place
Dover Court
Dovey Place
Dow Street
Dowling Street
Dowling Track
Down Town Milk Bar
Downer Place
Downer Preschool
Downes Place
Downey Street
Downhill - G-20
Downhill - GLOC
Downhill - Triple Treat
Downhill - Up The Anti
Downhill - Vapour
Downhill - World Cup
Downing Place
Downward Place
Dowsett Field
Dowsley Place
Dowthwaite Street
Doyle Place
Doyle Terrace
Doyne Place
Dragon Street
Drake Brockman Drive
Drake Lane
Drake Street
Drakeford Drive
Drakeford Drive Overpass
Draper Crescent
Dream Design Build
Drevermann Street
Drew Street
Dreyer Street
Driftwood Lane
Drill Hall Gallery
Drive Thru
Driver Place
Drooka Crescent
Drosera Place
Drover Rise
Druitt Place
Drummer Street
Drummond Row
Dry Street
Dryandra Street
Drysdale Circuit
Du Faur Place
Du Faur Street
Ducane Street
Dudi Place
Dudley Street
Duff Place
Duffield Building
Duffield Graves
Duffield Place
Duffus Place
Duffy One sportsground
Duffy Place
Duffy Primary School
Duffy Street
Dugan Street
Dugdale Street
Dugong Way
Duhig Place
Duigan Place
Duigan Street
Dulfer Street
Dulverton Street
Dumaresq Street
Dumas Street
Dumolo Place
Dumpling Inn
Dunbar Street
Duncan Street
Dundalli Street
Dundas Court
Dungowan Street
Dunk Street
Dunkley Place
Dunlop Court
Dunlop Street
Dunn Place
Dunn Street
Dunnart Circuit
Dunnett Street
Dunoon Street
Dunphy Street
Dunrossil Drive
Dunstan Street
Duntroon Dairy Heritage Site
Duntroon House - Officers Mess
Duntroon Military Hospital
Durack Street
Duratone Hifi
Durham Castle Arms
Durkin Street
Durong Street
Durville Crescent
Dusk Ridge Park
Dusty Critter
Duterrau Crescent
Dutton Street
Duyfken Place
Dwyer Street
Dyara Close
Dyer Place
Dyindan Street
Dymphna Place
Dynamite Trail
Dyno Soars
Dyno Track (eroded)
Dyraaba Court
Dyring Place
Dyson Street
Dyte Place
Dyurra Gardens

E block
EA Down - MTB
Eade Street
Eady Street
Eagar Place
Eagle Circuit
Eales Place
Eardley Street
Earle Place
Earle Street
Early Acton Memorial
Early Doors Café
Early Street
East 132 KVA Track
East Bowl
East Place
East Road
East Row
East Row SupaIGA
Eastaugh Street
Easterbrook Place
Eastern Valley Gardens
Eastern Valley Oval
Eastern Valley Way
Eastlake Parade
Eastlakes Football Club
Eastlakes Gungahlin
Easty Street
Easy Fitness
Eat Me Drink Me
Eaton Place
Eaves Street
EB Games
Eba Street
Ebden Gardens
Ebden Street
Ebeling Court
Ebor Lane
Ebsworth Close
Eccles Circuit
Echidna Street
Echo Place
Ecidna Gap
Eckersley’s Art & Craft
Eckley Street
Eclipse House
Eddison District Park
Eddison Park Cenotaph
Eddison Park Skatepark
Eddison Place
Eddy Crescent
Eden Court
Edgar Street
Edge Apartments
Edge Place
Edgedale Crescent
Edgell Place
Edgeworth Parade
Edgley Place
Edie Payne Close
Edinburgh Avenue
Edison Gardens
Edith Place
Edkins Street
Edlington Street
Edman Close
Edmond Close
Edmondson Street
Edmondstone Place
Edmund Barton
Edmunds Place
Edna Ryan Lane
Edney Place
Edols Place
Edwards Street
Edwell Place
Edwin Hicks Way
Edwin Land Parkway
Edye Place
Eecen Road
Effective People
Efkarpidis Street
Egan Court
Egerton Close
Eggins Street
Eggleston Crescent
Eggleston Road
Ehrlich Circuit


Eildon Place
Eileen Good Street
El Dorado Steakhouse
El Torogoz
El Wazza Industries
Elabana Street
Elaine's Gourmet Pies
Elanora Place
Elanta Lane
Elaroo Place
Elder Street
Eldershaw Crescent
Eldon Place
Eldorado Street
Eldridge Crescent
Eleanor Dark Lane
Eleanora Street
Elevensies - MTB
Elimatta Street
Elischer Street
Elix Place
Eliza Street
Elizabeth Crescent
Elizabeth Jolley Crescent
Elkedra Close
Elkington Street
Ella Close
Ellen Place
Ellena Takeaway
Ellenborough Street
Ellenthorpe Court
Ellerton Drive
Ellerton Drive Extension
Ellery Crescent
Elliman Street
Ellinor Walker Street
Elliott Place
Elliott Street
Ellis Place
Ellis Street
Ellison Harvie Close
Ellwood Crescent
Elm Grove
Elm Way
Elmsall Court
Elmslie Place
Elouera Court
Elouera Flats
Elouera Street
Elsey Street
Elvire Gardens
Elvire Place
Elwick Place
Elyard Place
Embassy Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela
Embassy Democratic Republic of Timor Leste
Embassy of Austria
Embassy of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Embassy of Bulgaria
Embassy of Georgia
Embassy of Greece
Embassy of Hungary
Embassy of Ireland
Embassy of Italy
Embassy of Japan
Embassy of Lebanon
Embassy of Libya
Embassy of Mexico
Embassy of Mongolia
Embassy of Nepal
Embassy of North Macedonia
Embassy of Paraguay
Embassy of Portugal
Embassy of Romania
Embassy of Saudi Arabia
Embassy of Spain
Embassy of Sweden
Embassy of Switzerland
Embassy of the Argentine Republic
Embassy of the Czech Republic
Embassy of the Federal Republic of Serbia
Embassy of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan
Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran
Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands
Embassy of the Lao Peoples Democratic Republic
Embassy of the Philippines
Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan
Embassy of The Republic of Belarus
Embassy of the Republic of Chile
Embassy of the Republic of Colombia
Embassy of the Republic of Croatia
Embassy of the Republic of Cuba
Embassy of the Republic of Ecuador
Embassy of the Republic of Iraq
Embassy of the Republic of Korea
Embassy of the Republic of Peru
Embassy of The Republic of Poland
Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia
Embassy of the Republic of Tunisia
Embassy of the Republic of Zimbabwe
Embassy of the Russian federation
Embassy of the Slovak Republic
Embassy of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam
Embassy of the State of Kuwait
Embassy of the State of Qatar
Embassy of The Union of Myanmar
Embassy of the United Kingdom of Morocco
Embassy of the United States
Embassy of Ukraine
Embassy of United Arab Emirates
Embassy of Uruguay
Embley Street
Embling Street
Emerald Gardens
Emerald Way
Emerson Court
Emerton Street
Emery Crescent
Emery Street
Emily Bulcock Crescent
Emily Gardens
Emily Grove
Emmaus Christian School
Emmott Place
Emperor Court Chinese Restaurant
Empire Circuit
Empire on the Park
Emu Bank
Emu Run
En Burgh
Ena Noel Street
Encounter Street
Endeavour Gardens
Endeavour Grove
Endeavour House
Endeavour Street
Enderby Street
Endota Spa
Endrick Place
Endurance Avenue
Enfield Street
Engel Street
Engineering Building
English Court
English Grove
Enid Lyons Building
Enid Lyons Street
Ennis Place
Ennor Crescent
Enright Crescent
Entry to Jerra - MTB
Epacris Place
Epenarra Close
Eppalock Street
Epstein Street
Equestrian Park
Erdos Street
Eric De Salis Street
Eric Mawson Street
Eric Wright Street
Erin Court
Erin Street
Erindale Centre Post Office
Erindale Drive
Erindale Education and Recreation Complex
Erindale Grove
Erindale Neighbourhood Centre
Erindale Shopping Centre
Erldunda Circuit
Ernest Cavanagh Street
Ernest Street

eroded fire track
eroded fire trail
eroded MTB
eroded path

Errol Street
Erskine Loop
Erskine Street
Esk Place
Esmond Avenue
Esperance Street
Espresso Room
Essington Street
Esson Place
Estia Boutique Hair Salon
Eternity Church
Eternity House
Etheridge Street
Ethopia Down Under
Ethos House
Eton Place
Ettrick Street
Eucalypt Park
Eucalyptus Rise
Eucumbene Drive
Eugene Vincent Street
Eugenia Street
Eulalia Court
Eumarrah Street
Eungella Street
Eurabbie Street
Euree Street
Eureka Way
Eurobin Street
Euroka Place
Euroka Street
European Union Delegation
Eva West Street
Evadell Street
Evan Place
Evans Crescent
Evas Court
Evatt Butcher
Evatt IGA
Evatt Pharmacy
Evatt Primary School
Evatt Takeaway
Eve Langley Street
Eve Place
Eve Street
Evella Court
Evelyn Owen Crescent
Evelyn Parker Place
Everard Place
Everard Street
Evergood Close
Everson Street
Ewart Street
Ewers Lane
Ewing Street
Excalibur Street
Exford Court
Exhibition Park (epic) Camping Ground -
Exhibition Park in Canberra (EPIC)
Explorer Track
Ey Place
Eynesbury Court
Eyre Street

Faculty of Information Sciences and Engineering
Fadden Fire Trail
Fadden Hills Access
Fadden Hills Access 2511
Fadden Primary
Fadden Terrace
Fairbairn Avenue
Fairbairn Golf Course
Fairbairn Park Motorsport Complex
Fairbridge Crescent
Fairbrother Street
Fairfax Street
Fairfield Street
Fairhall Street
Fairlight Street
Fairmount Crescent
Fairvale River Trail
Fairview Gardens
Fairway Bunker
Fairway Park
Fairweather Circuit
Fairydale Street
Faithfull Circuit
Falkiner Place
Fallick Lane
Fallins Place
Fallon Street
Family Law Court
Fanning Place
Farley Lane
Farm Fresh
Farmer Place
Farmers Daughter
Farncomb Place
Farnell Place
Farr Place
Farran Street
Farrell Place
Farrelly Close
Farrer B&G Supermarket
Farrer Court
Farrer House Fire Trail
Farrer IGA
Farrer Place
Farrer Post Office
Farrer Primary School
Farrer Service Station
Farrer Shops
Farrer Street
Farrer Take Away & Cafe
Fast Street
Fat Goanna Cafe
Faucett Street
Faulding Street
Faulkner Court
Faulkner Place
Faunce Crescent
Faunce Street
Favco Place
Favenc Circle
Fawkner Street
Fawsitt Place
Fay Lane
Feakes Place
Feathertop Street
Fecca House
Federal Avenue
Federal Golf Club
Federal Highway Service Road
Federation Mall
Federation Park
Federation Rocks - National Rock Garden
Federation Square
Felix Lane
Fell Street
Fellows Bar
Fellows Bar & Cafe
Fellows Lane
Fellows Oval
Fellows Road
Fellows Street
Felstead Vista
Felton Street
Feltus Place
Fenceline - MTB
Fenix 2
Fenner Street
Fennessy Way
Fenston Place
Fenton Street
Fenwick Place
Ferdinand Place
Ferdinand Street
Fereday Street
Fergus Road
Fergus Street
Ferguson Circuit
Ferguson Place
Fergusson Crescent
Fern Hill Court
Fern Hill Playground
Fern Street
Fernando Street
Fernie Place
Fernyhough Crescent
Ferrari Court
Ferrett Circuit
Ferrier Place
Ferries and Events Information
Ferris Street
Fetherston Heights
Fetherston Place
Fewtrell Place
Fiaschi Street
Fidler Court
Field Street
Fielder Place
Fig & Olive
Figg Place
Fihelly Street
Filshie Close
Fimister Circuit
Fincantieri House
Fincham Crescent
Findlay Street
Finemore Street
Finey Close
Fingal Street
Finigan School of Distance Education
Finlay Place
Finlay Road
Finlayson Place
Finn Street
Finnerty Place
Finnish Lutheran
Finniss Crescent
Fiore’s Barber Shop
Fire and Water

fire track
fire trail

Fire Trail

fire trail

Fire Trail

fire trail

Fireplots FT
Firestone Pizzeria
Firethorn Place
Firing Range Road
First Canberra Scouts
First Choice Laundry
First Choice Liquor
Fishburn Street
Fisher newsagent
Fisher Parkland
Fisher Square
Fisher Street
Fisher Takeaway
Fisher Vietnamese Takeaway
Fisheries Research House
Fishlock Lane
Fisk Street
Fisken Crescent
Fison Street
Fitchett Street
Fitters’ Workshop
Fitton Close
Fitzalan Place
Fitzalan Street
Fitzgerald Street
Fitzgibbon Place
Fitzhardinge Crescent
Fitzherbert Place
Fitzmaurice Street
Fitzroy Pavilion
Fitzroy Street
Fitzsimmons Street
Five rivers indian cuisine
Fizelle Place
Flack Street
Flagstaff Street
Flagstone Street
Flanagan Street
Flavours of India
Flawless Boutique Skin Clinic
Fleay Place
Flecker Place
Fleetwood-Smith Street
Fleming Street
Flemington Road
Fletcher Place
Flierl Place
Flight Centre
Flinders Way
Floating Figure
Flockton Place
Flood Memorial
Flood Place
Flora Bassett Street
Flora Gardens
Flora Place
Florance Place
Florence Street
Florence Taylor Street
Florentine Circuit
Florey Bakery
Florey Court
Florey Drive
Florey Fine Meats
Florey Gardens
Florey Hair Design
Florey Medical Centre
Florey Neighbourhood Oval
Florey Newsagency
Florey Pharmacy
Florey Pre-School
Florey Primary
Florey Take-Away
Florina Building
Florina Place
Flos Greig Street
Flower Place
Flowerdale Place
Flude Lane
Flynn Drive
Foa Street
Fog Sculpture
Fogarty Place
Foley Place
Folingsby Street
Follett Street
Folvig Close
Food Co-op
Foord Place
Football House
Footpath Gatton to Marshall Streets
Footpath Spafford Crescent to Gatton Street
Foott Street
Forace Street
Forbes Street
Ford Street
Forde Place
Foreman Place
Foreshore Space

foreshore walk

Forest Court
Forest Drive
Forest Industries House
Forest Park
Forest Park Riding School
Forest Track (scenic)
Forest Trail
Forest View
Forestry Building
Forestry House
Forestry Street
Forlonge Street
Former Australia Federal Police Services Centre
Fornax Street
Forrest Chambers
Forrest Court
Forrest Early Childhood Centre
Forrest Hotel and Apartments
Forrest Place
Forrest Primary
Forrest Ridge
Forrest Tennis Club
Forster Crescent
Forsyth Place
Fortescue Place
Fortitude Street
Fortune Lane
Forwood Street
Foskett Place
Foskett Street
Fossey Street
Foster Place
Foster Street
Foundation Building
Foundation for Alcohol Research & Education
Four Corners Picture Framers
Foveaux Street
Fowles Street
Fox Place
Foxall Gardens
Foxall Place
Foxall Street
Foxlow Close
Foxton Crescent
Foy Street
Fractal Wave
Fraenkel Street
Frances Burke Street
Frances Court
Francesco's Cantina
Francis Court
Francis Forde Boulevard
Francis Street
Frangipani Place
Frank Fenner (1914 - 2010)
Frank Fenner Building
Frankland Street
Franklin Court
Franklin Early Childhood School
Franklin Street
Franks Place
Franz Bormann Close
Fraser - Tuggeranong (Bus Station) via Charnwood, Macgregor, Holt, Belconnen, City & Woden
Fraser - Tuggeranong (Bus Station) via Dunlop, Macgregor, Holt, Belconnen, City & Woden
Fraser IGA
Fraser Place
Fraser Primary School
Fraser Road
Fraser Tavern
Frater Crescent
Frayne Place
Fred Daly Avenue
Fred Johns Crescent
Fred Williams Crescent
Freda Bennett Circuit
Frederick Street
Free Place
Free Serbian Orthodox Church
Freebody Place
Freebury Street
Freehill Street
Freeling Crescent
Freestone Crescent
Fremantle Drive
French Street
Frencham Gardens
Frencham Place
Frencham Street
Freney Place
Freshwater Street
Fretwell Street
Frew Close
Frewin Place
Friend Place
Friendly Grocer
Friendly Grocery
Friendship Street
Friends’ Meeting House
Fristrom Crescent
Frith Road
Froggatt Street
Frome Street
Froresco Cafe
Frost Hollow to Forest Walk
Frost Place
Frugii Dessert Laboratory
Fry Place
Fryans Place
Fryar Place
Fuhrman Street
Fuji Xerox
Fujitsu House
Fulford Place
Fullagar Crescent
Fuller Street
Fullston Way
Fullwood Street
Fulton Muir Building
Fulton Street
Functions At Federation
Funder Street

funeral business

Furlong Road
Furneaux Street
Furphy Place
Furzer Street
Fussell Lane
Fyfe Place
Fyshwick Builders Suppliers
Fyshwick Fire Station
Fyshwick Gourmet Organic
Fyshwick Markets Pet Shop

Gabi Place
Gabriel Avenue
Gabriel Gardens
Gabriel Place
Gaby Place
Gadali Crescent
Gage Place
Gaggin Place
Gair Place
Gairdner Circuit
Galali Place
Galan Place
Galaxias Street
Galbu Place
Gale Street
Galibal Street
Gall Place
Gallagher Close
Gallagher Crescent
Gallagher Street
Galleghan Circuit
Gallipoli Road
Galmarra Street
Galore Street
Galu Vista
Galvin Place
Galway Gardens
Galway Place
Gamban Square
Gambell Road
Gamburra Street
Game Court
Gamor Street
Gang Gang
Gang-Gang Court
Gangele Street
Gannon Place
Gara Place
Garanya Court
Garanya Street
Gard Place
Garden of Australia Dreams
Garden Terraces
Gardener's Cottage
Gardening Supervisor
Gardiner Street
Garema Centre
Garema Place
Gari Place
Garis Place
Garland Avenue
Garland Place
Garling Street
Garner Place
Garrad Court
Garran Centre
Garran Dry Cleaner
Garran Fire Trail
Garran Friendly Grocers
Garran Neighbourhood Oval
Garran Newsagency
Garran Pharmacy
Garran Place
Garran Post Office
Garran Primary School Pre School
Garran Road
Garran-teed Meats
Garrard Street
Garratt Street
Garraway Crescent
Garrett Place
Garrick Street
Garrong Avenue
Garryowen Drive
Garsia Street
Garth Close
Gartside Street
Gary Owen Drive
Garzoli Rise
Gas Pipeline Track
Gascoyne Circuit
Gasking Close
Gate bypass
Gatehouse Place
Gatliff Place
Gatton Street
Gatty Place
Gatty Street
Gauci Street
Gaunson Crescent
Gaunt Place
Gavin Long Street
Gavin Place
Gawler Crescent
Gay Place
Gaya Spa
Gecko Way
Geebung Place
Geegeela Street
Geehi Place
Geelong Street
Geerilong Gardens
Geeves Court
Gehrs Close
Geijera Place
Geikie Street
Geils Court
Gelane Street
Gell Street
Gellatly Place
Gellert Street
Gellibrand Street
Gemmell Place
General Bridges Drive
General Bridges Grave
Genge Street
Genoa Street
Gentile Street

gentle climb

Gentle Nails
Geoff Bardon Street
Geological TimeWalk
George Harcourt Inn
George Simpson Park
George Street
George Turner House
George Tyson Drive
George's Great Gash
Georgetown Terrace
George’s Liquor Stable
Georgia Court
Georgian Mews
Georgina Crescent
Gepp Place
Gerald Street
Geraldton Crescent
Gerard Court
Gerhards Quality Cars
German Embassy
Gerogery Place
Gerrard Place
Gething Place
Getting Crescent
Giannis Cafe
Giant mushroom playground
Gibb Place
Gibbes Place
Gibbes Street
Gibbons Street
Gibbs Place
Giblin Place
Giblin Street
Gibson Street
Gidabal Street
Gidgee Street
Gidja Place
Gidjili Place
Gidleigh Court
Giffen Close
Gifford Place
Gifford Street
Gilbert Street
Gilday Place
Giles Street
Giliruk Crescent
Gill Street
Gillen Street
Gillespie Street
Gillies Street
Gillman Place
Gillott Street
Gilmore Crescent
Gilmore Place
Gilmore Primary
Gilmore Road
Gilruth Street
Giltinan Place
Gingana Place
Gingana Street
Gingera Street
Ginn Street
Ginninderra Christian Church
Ginninderra Creek Access Trail
Ginninderra Drive
Ginninderra Drive Slip Lane
Ginninderra Grove
Ginninderra Havens
Ginninderra Heights
Ginninderra Peninsula District Park
Ginninderra Village
GIO Stadium Canberra
Giordano Street
Gipps Street
Giralang Ground 2
Giralang Parklands
Giralang Primary School
Girl Guides ACT & South East Region
Girls Blouse - MTB
Girrahween Street
Girrawheen Street
Givens Street
Gizmos The Sirius Cafe
Gladman Close
Gladstone Street
Gladys Lister Street
Glasgow Place
Glasgow Street
Glass Place
Glassey Place
Glasshouse Lane
Gleadow Street
Glebe Avenue
Glebe Park Picnic Site
Gledden Street
Gleeson Place
Glenbawn Place
Glenbrook Lane
Glencross Street
Gleneagles Court
Glenelg Street
Glenmaggie Street
Glenn McGrath Street
Glenn Place
Glennie Place
Glenora Court
Glenora Drive
Glenorchy Street
Glide Ride
Glider Crescent
Global Cafe & Bar
Gloria Jean's Coffees
Gloria Jeans
Glossop Crescent
Glover Street
Glow Worm Grove
Gluyas Street
Glyde Place
Glynn Place
Glynn Street
Goa Place
Goble Street
Goddard Crescent
Goddess Athena Paparis Ranch Olive Grove
Godfrey Street
Godson Place
Goessling Place
Gold Creek Road
Gold Creek Station
Gold Creek Terrace
Gold Creek Tourist Resort
Goldbloom Street
Golden Age Motor Inn
Golden Grove
Golden King Restaurant
Goldie Place
Goldman Street
Goldner Circuit
Goldsbrough Close
Goldstein Crescent
Goldsworthy Place
Golf Course Villas
Golgerth Street
Goliath Court
Gollan Street
Gonzaga Place
Good Bros
Good Shepherd Primary School
Goodchild Street
Goode Street
Goodenia Street
Goodhart Crescent
Goodman Street
Goodparla Street
Goodrick Street
Goodstart Early Learning
Goodstart Early Learning Centre Turner
Goodstart Early Learning Garran
Goodwin Place
Goodwin Retirement Village
Goodwin Street
Googong Dam Lookout
Googong Road
Googong Sales Office
Goolabri Drive
Goolara Place
Goolwa Place
Gooreen Street
Gooromond Park Equestrian Centre
Gooroo Fire Trail
Goorooyarroo Lane
Goossens Place
Gordon Avenue
Gordon Close
Gordon Street
Gordon Withnall Crescent
Gore Street
Gorman Crescent
Gormanston Crescent
Gormly Grove
Gornall Street
Gorrie Close
Gosman Close
Gossan Gardens
Gossan One FT
Gossan Seven FT
Gossan Six
Gossan Six FT
Gossan Three FT
Gossan Two FT
Gosse Street
Goudie Place
Gouger Street
Goulburn Place
Goulburn Street
Gould Building
Gould Street
Gouldsmith Street
Gourgaud Street
Government House Lookout
Governor Place
Govett Place
Gow Street
Gowrie Court
Gowrie District Playing Fields
Gowrie Drive
Gowrie Primary School
Goyder Street
Gozzard Street
GP Medical
Grace @ Forde
Grace Perry Street
Grace Place
Graceland Court
Grady Place
Gradys Autos
Graham Place
Graham Street
Grainger Circuit
Grampians Street
Grand Manor Motor Inn
Grand United Building
Granites Street
Grannall Street
Grant Crescent
Granville Close
Grassland Track
Grassy Track
Grattan Court
Gratton Place
Gratwick Street
Graves Place
Gravity Circle
Gravity Wave Building
Gray Place
Grayson Street
Graziers Road
Great Melbourne Telescope (1868-2003) observatory ruin
Greater Union Manuka
Green Bamboo
Green bamboo
Green Grove
Green Haven Court
Green Rose Park
Green Street
Greenbank Avenue
Greene Place
Greenhood Place
Greenleaf Park
Greenleigh Central Canberra Motel
Greenman Street
Greenough Circuit
Greenside Bunker
Greenup Close
Greenvale Street
Greenway Ambulance Station
Greenway Childcare and Education Centre
Greenway Cove
Greenway Offices
Greenway Street
Greenway Waters
Greenway Waters Suites
Greenwich Park
Greenwood Street
Greeves Street
Gregan Larkham Stand
Gregg Place
Gregory Street
Gregson Place
Greig Place
Grenville Court
Grevillea Lodge B&B
Grevillea Park
Grevillea Place
Grevillea Street
Grey Street
Gribble Street
Grice Place
Grieve Place
Griffin Hotel
Griffin Place
Griffith Place
Griffith Vietnamese Restaurant
Griffiths Street
Grigson Place
Grill'd Canberra Centre
Grimes Street
Grimmett Close
Grimstone Place
Grimwade Street
Gritten Street
Griver Place
Grocott Lane
Grono Place
Groom Place
Groom Street
Groote Place
Grose Street
Grosvenor Street
Grote Place
Ground House
Grounds Crescent
Grout Place
Grove Place
Grover Crescent
Grund Place
Gruner Street
Grylls Crescent
Gryphons Caffe Bar
Gsell Place
Guard house
Guardian Place
Gubbity Street
Gudgenby Close
Guest Place
Guginya Crescent
Guguru Place
Guilfoyle Street
Guinness Fire Trail
Guinness Place
Guise Place
Guise Street
Gula Place
Gulgong Place
Gullett Street
Gullifer Street
Gulwan Street
Gum Street
Gummeroo Pavilion
Gumnut Place Child Care
Gumtree Park
Gundara Street
Gundaroo Drive
Gundaroo Drive duplication
Gundulu Place
Gungaderra Creek Cycle Path
Gungaderra Homestead
Gungahlin (Bus Station) - City (Bus Station) NON STOP
Gungahlin (Bus Station) - Fyshwick (Canberra Outlet Centre) via City, Russell, Barton & Kingston
Gungahlin Children's Centre
Gungahlin College
Gungahlin Drive
Gungahlin Enclosed Oval
Gungahlin Hill Reserve Loop Track
Gungahlin Hill Track
Gungahlin Joint Emergency Services Centre
Gungahlin Lakes Community and Golf Club
Gungahlin Leisure Centre
Gungahlin Mosque
Gungahlin Place
Gungahlin Place East
Gungahlin Place West
Gungahlin Police
Gungahlin Post Office
Gungahlin Public Library
Gungahlin Square
Gungahlin Telephone Exchange
Gungahlin Uniting Church and Community Centre
Gungahlin Volunteer Rural Fire Brigade
Gungurra Crescent
Gunn Street
Gunning Place
Gunyan Place
Guraguma Street
Gurd Street
Gurindiji Man
Gurnai Place
Gurner Place
Gurner Street
Gurney Place
Gurrana Street
Gurrang Avenue
Gurrit Place
Gurubun Close
Gustin Street
Guthridge Crescent
Guthrie Street
Guy Place
Guzman y Gomez Canberra Centre
Gu’s Place
Gwen Harwood Lane
Gwen Meredith Loop
Gwydir Square
Gwynne Street
Gye Place
Gymea Street
Gymkhana Road
Gymnastics Centre

H W Arndt Building
Habgood Place
Hack Street
Hackett Corner
Hackett Gardens
Hackett House Track
Hackett Houses Track
Hackett Houses Track (North)
Hackett Houses Track (South)
Hackett IGA
Hackett Neighbourhood Oval
Hackett Place
Hackett Preschool
Hacking Crescent
Haddon Court
Haddon Street
Hadow Place
Haenke Street
Haezlett Street
Hagelthorn Street
Hagen Place
Hagon Place
Haig Park
Haig Tower
Haigh Place
Hain Place
Haines Street
Hair By Charles
Hair Connection
Hair in the City
Hair Nilesh
Hair Place
Hake Street
Hakea Crescent
Hakea Street
Halal Poultry
Hale Crescent
Hale Place
Hales Street
Halford Crescent
Halfrey Circuit
Halifax Close
Hall Best Lane
Hall BNT campsite
Hall Horse Paddock 1
Hall Metal Fabricators
Hall Post Office
Hall School Museum
Hall Servo (Hall Service Station)
Hall Showground
Hall Showground Equestrian Park
Hall Street
Hall Telephone Exchange
Hall Volunteer Rural Fire Brigade
Hallen Close
Hallenstein Lane
Hallett Place
Halley Street
Halligan Place
Halloran Close
Halloran Drive
Halloran Drive Oval
Hallstrom Circuit
Halpern Street
Haly Place
Ham Place
Hambidge Crescent
Hambledon Court
Hamblin Place
Hambly Place
Hamelin Crescent
Hamer Street
Hamersley Place
Hamilton Grove
Hamilton Park
Hamilton Place
Hamilton Row
Hamiltons Townhouse Motel
Hamlet Place
Hammett Place
Hammond Close
Hampden Place
Hampton Circuit
Hampton Court
Hampton Gardens
Hancock Library East Wing
Hancock Library West Wing
Hancock Street
Hancocks Road
Handcock Crescent
Hangari Kimchi
Hanger Lane
Hanley Street
Hanlon Crescent
Hann Street
Hanna Neumann
Hanna Place
Hanna Street
Hannaford Street
Hannah Place
Hannah Witton Lane
Hannah Witton Lane (East)
Hannah Witton Lane (West)
Hannam Place
Hannan Crescent
Hannan Gardens
Hannan Place
Hanrahan Crescent
Hansel & Gretel
Hansen Circuit
Hanson Place
Hanworth Street
Happy Wanderer
Happy’s Restaurant
Harbison Crescent
Harcourt Park
Harcourt Street
Hardey Place
Hardie Close
Harding Street
Hardman Street
Hardwick Crescent
Hardwicke Place
Hardwicke’s House
Hardy Place
Harem Turkish Restaurant
Hargrave Street
Hargraves Crescent
Harker Place
Harkness Street
Harland Place
Harman Place
Harold White Avenue
Harper Close
Harper Street
Harpur Place
Harpur Street
Harricks Crescent
Harrington Circuit
Harriott Street
Harris Park Pre School
Harris Place
Harris Scarfe
Harris Street
Harrison Green
Harrison Road
Harrison School
Harrison Street
Harrow Street
Harry Hartog
Harry's Auto Care
Hart Close
Hart Street
Hartigan Street
Hartley Street
Hartog Street
Hartt Place
Harvester Street
Harvey Norman
Harvey norman
Harvey Street
Harwood Court
Haseler Court
Haskett Place
Hassall Street
Hassell Place
Hastings Court
Haswell Place
Hatch Place
Hatfield Street
Hattersley Court
Haugh Place
Haus Lane
Havard Street
Haven Street
Haverfield Place
Haviland Street
Hawdon Place
Hawdon Street
Hawke Butchery
Hawke Terrace
Hawken Street
Hawker College
Hawker Gardens
Hawker Ground 1
Hawker Ground 2
Hawker Newsagency
Hawker Pharmacy
Hawker Place
Hawker Post Office
Hawker Street
Hawker Village Bakery
Hawkesbury Crescent
Hawkesworth Place
Hawkins Close
Hawksbill Street
Hay Street
Hayball Place
Hayden Close
Haydon Catholic Centre
Haydon Drive
Haydon-Allen Building
Haydon-Allen Lecture Theatre
Hayes Crescent
Hayes Street
Hayley Close
Hayley Court
Hayley Crescent
Hayley Street
Haynes Place
Haystack Crescent
Hayter Place
Hayward Place
Hayward Street
Hazel Smith Crescent
Hazel Street
Hazelgrove Street
Hazelton Street
Hazelwood Street
HC Coombs Lecture Theatre
Headdy Place
Heading Place
Heads from the North
Heagney Crescent
Heales Place
Health and Well-Being Centre
Healy Place
Healy Street
Heard Street
Hearn Street
Hearne Street
Heath Place
Heath Run
Heather and Arthur Shakespeare Square
Heather Street
Heatherbelle Place
Heatherdale Street
Heaton Place
Heavens Court
Hebblewhite Street
Hector McIntosh Grove
Hector Place
Hedditch Court
Hedger Street
Hedland Circuit
Hedley Street
Heffernan Street
Heights Road
Heighway Street
Helby Street
Helemon Street
Helen Leonard Crescent
Helen Turner Street
Helens Court
Hellenic Club
Hellenic Club carpark
Hellenic Club Civic
Hellings Place
Hellmund Street
Hello Cafe
Hellyer Street
Helman Close
Hely Street
Hemmant Street
Henderson Road
Henderson Street
Hendry Close
Heney Close
Henley Pavilion
Hennessy Street
Henning Place
Henry Kendall Street
Henry Place
Henry Street
Henry Sutton Circuit
Henshall Way
Henslowe Place
Hensman Place
Hensman Street
Henty Gardens
Henty Street
Hepburn Place
Herbert Crescent
Herdson Place
Here and Now
Herington Street
Heriot Place
Heritage Close
Heritage Early Childhood Centre
Herman Close
Hero Sushi
Heronswood Court
Herrgott Street
Herring Place
Herron Crescent
Herschell Circuit
Hertz Place
Hervey Place
Hesba Brinsmead Street
Heseltine Street
Hester Place
Hetherington Circuit
Hewett Crescent
Hewlett Circuit
Heydon Crescent
Heydon Place
Heymann Place
Heysen Street
Hibberd Crescent
Hibberson Street
Hibbins Place
Hibiscus Crescent
Hickey Court
Hickey Road
Hickory Place
Hicks Street
Hickson Place
Hide-Out - MTB
Hidey Ho
Higgerson Street
Higgins Crescent
Higgins Place
Higgins Post Office
Higgs Place
High Commission for the People's Republic of Bangladesh
High Commission of Cyprus
High Commission of India
High Commission of Malta
High Commission of Pakistan
High Commission of Samoa
High Commission of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka
High Commission of the Federal Republic of Nigeria
High Commission of the Kingdom of Tonga
High Commission of the Republic of Botswana
High Commission of the Republic of Fiji
High Commission of the Republic of Ghana
High Commission of the Republic of Kenya
High Commission of the Republic of Mauritius
High Commission of the Republic of Uganda
High Commission of the Republic of Vanuatu
High Court of Australia
High Place
High Street
Higham Place
Highbar Street
Highett Street
Highgate Lane
Highland Close
Higinbotham Street
Hilda Kincaid Crescent
Hilder Street
Hiles Place
Hill Arches
Hill Corner
Hill Lane
Hill Station
Hill Street
Hillbar Rise
Hillcrest Street
Hillebrand Street
Hillside Court
Hillside Gardens
Hillside Lane
Hillside Villas
Hilltop Court
Hilltop Views
Hillview Park
Hilton Close
Hilton Court
Himalayan Cedar Road
Himalayan Cedar Track
Hinchcliffe Place
Hinckley Place
Hincksman Street
Hinde Street
Hinder Street
Hindmarsh Drive
Hindmarsh Drive Offramp
Hindmarsh Track
Hinkler Street
Hirschfeld Crescent
Hirst Avenue
Hirst Place
Historic Engineering Marker
HMAS Canberra Memorial
HMAS Harman
Hoad Place
Hoadley Street
Hoban Place
Hobart Avenue
Hobart Place
Hobbs Street
Hobby Place
Hobday Place
Hobler Place
Hobson Place
Hoddinott Street
Hoddle Garden
Hodel Place
Hodgeman Street
Hodges Street
Hodgkinson Street
Hodgson Crescent
Hodgson Place
Hoff Place
Hog's Breath Cafe
Hogan Place
Hog’s Breath Cafe
Hohnen Street
Holborow Avenue
Holden Crescent
Holden Place
Holden's Creek
Holder Early Childhood Centre
Holder Pharmacy
Holder Place
Holder Street
Holder Wetlands Information
Holder wetlands information
Hole 1 Green
Holland Street
Holley Place
Hollingsworth Street
Hollows Circuit
Holman Street
Holmes Crescent
Holroyd Street
Holt Ground 1 (101)
Holt Ground 2 (202-205)
Holt Ground 2 (206-209)
Holt Ground 3
Holt Place
Holt Playing Fields
Holt Primary School
Holtermann Place
Holtze Close
Holwell Street
Holy Rosary Church
Holy Trinity Church
Holy Trinity Primary School
Holyman Street
Homann Place
Homburg Street
Home Run - MTB
Homestead Garden
Homestead Grove
Homestead Park
Homeview Junction
Hone Place
Honeysett View
Honor Thwaites Track
Honyong Crescent
Hood Place
Hooke Place
Hooker Street
Hooley Place
Hoolihan Street
Hooper Crescent
Hooper Place
Hooton Street
Hoover Road
Hope Family Health & Sports Clinic
Hope Lane
Hope Marland Park
Hope Street
Hopegood Place
Hopetoun Circuit
Hopkins Road
Hopkins Street
Hopman Place
Hopwood Place
Horan Place
Horbury Street
Horgan Lane
Horizon Avenue
Horne Place
Horneville Street
Horrocks Street
Horse paddock
Horse Park Drive
Horse Track
Horsham Park
Horsley Crescent
Horton Close
Hoseason Street
Hosking Place
Hoskins Street
Hospital Road
Hot and Bothered
Hot Lantern
Hotel Queanbeyan
Hotham Crescent
Hotspur Street
Houghton Place
House of Cars
Housley Street
Houston Street
Hovea Place
Hovea Street
Hovell Street
Howard Street
Howarth Place
Howchin Place
Howe Crescent
Howell Place
Howey Place
Howie Court
Howitt Place
Howitt Street
Howmans Street
Howse Street
Hoy Place
Hoyts Belconnen
Hoyts Woden
HSA House
Hubbe Street
Huddart Court
Huddy Street
Hudson Place
Hudson Square
Hudson Street
Huelin Circuit
Huffer Close
Hugh Gilchrist Street
Hugh McKay Crescent
Hughes Baptist Church
Hughes Crescent
Hughes Flats
Hughes Oval 1
Hughes Place
Hughes Preschool
Hughes Primary School
Hughes Takeaway
Hughson Place
Hull Place
Human Resources Division
Humble Court
Humffray Street
Humphris Place
Hungry Jack's
Hungry Jacks
Hunt Place
Hunt Street
Hunter Close
Hunter Street
Huon Place
Hurley Street
Hurrell Street
Hurwood Place
Hutcheon Place
Hutcheson Street
Hutchins Street
Hutchison Circuit
Hutchison Crescent
Hutt Street
Hutton Street
Huxham Place
Huxley Place
Huyer Street
Hyatt Park
Hybon Avenue
Hyde Place
Hyland Place
Hyndes Crescent
Hyne Place
Hynes Place
Hyson Place
Hytten Place

I love NY
Ian Baird Lane
Ian Campbell Road
Ian Mudie Lane
Ian Nicol Street
Ian Potter Crescent
Ian Potter House
Ian Ross Building
Ibbott Lane
Ibis Budget Canberra
Ibis Street
Ibis Styles Canberra
Ibis Styles Canberra Eaglehawk
Icely Place
Ida Birchall Crescent
Ida Lane
Idriess Lane
IGA Deakin
IGA Drakeford
IGA Kingston
IGA Melba
IGA X-press
Igera Place
Ijong Street
Ik ook
Ikara Close
Ike’s Motors
Il Portico
Illawarra Court
Illidge Place
Illingworth Street
Iloura Child Care and Education Centre
Iluka Gardens
Iluka Street


Imlay Place
Immanuel Community Church
Impact Comics
Ind Place
Independent Liquor Retailers
Indi Close
Indian Affair
Indian Pantry
Indigo North
Infinity Towers
Information Services Branch
Ingamells Street
Ingleside Road
Inglewood Street
Inglis Place
Ingold Street
Ingram Street
Inkerman Street
Inkster Street
Inlander Crescent
Inman Place
Inner North Dog Park
Inner North Playschool
Inner South Dog Park
Innes Street
Innovative Hair & Body
Insley Street
InSPIRE Centre
Institue for Applied Ecology
Interlaken Court
International Car Repairs
International House
Investigator Street
Inwood Place
Iora Place
Iori Plus


Ipima Street
Ippia Place
Ipswich Street
Ireland Place
Irene Avenue
Iron Bar
Iron Chef Chinese and Malaysian Restaurant
Iron Knob Street
Iron Place
Ironbark Circuit
Ironside Street
Irvine Street
Irving Street
Irwin Street
Isa Street
Isaacs Drain Fire Trail
Isaacs House Trail
Isaacs Houses Track
Isaacs Ridge Nature Reserve
Isaacson Street
Isabel Flick Street
Isabella Drive
Isabella Street
Isabel’s Dog Grooming
Isbister Street
ISCA House
Isherwood Street
Isis Close
Islamic School of Canberra
Isles Place
Isonet House


Israel Consulate
Itchy & Scratchy - MTB
Iterra Grove
Ivar Villas
Ive Place
Ives Court
Ivo Whitton Circuit
Ivory Street
Ivy Cafe
Ivy Flowers
Ivy Kent Street

J & R Bakery
Jabal's Halal Meats / Gundaroo Growers
Jabanungga Avenue
Jacana Park
Jacaranda Drive
Jack Fleming Place
Jack Ryan Street
Jack Street
Jacka Crescent
Jacka Place
Jackie Howe Crescent
Jackson Street
Jacob Place
Jacobs Court
Jacobs Street
Jacoby Place
Jaeger 1
Jaeger 3
Jaeger 5
Jaeger 6
Jaeger 8
Jaeger Circuit
Jagara Street
Jalanga Crescent
Jalanga Place
James Court
James Darling House
James Harrison Street
James Kirk Street
James McAuley Crescent
James Place
James Scott Close
James Street
Jamie's Italian
Jamieson Crescent
Jamison Centre Post Shop
Jamison Oval
Jamison Plaza
Jamison Plaza News
Jamison Takeaway
Jamison Travel
Jamrozik Street
Janari Place
Jandamarra Street
Janga Place
Janine Haines Terrace
Jansz Crescent
Jaques Place
Jardine Street
Jardine Terrace
Jarman Place
Jarrah Street
Jarrahdale Street
Jaru Place
Jarvis Place
Jasmine Garden
Jasmine House
Jasper Myrtle
Jauncey Court
JAX Quickfit Tyres
Jazz Apple Cafe
JB Chifley Building
JB Hifi
Jean Macnamara Street
Jeanette Place
Jeanne Young Circuit
Jeannie Gunn Street
Jeff Snell Crescent
Jeffcott Place
Jefferis Street
Jeffery Place
Jeffries Street
Jegorow Street
Jelbart Street
Jellicoe Street
Jemalong Street
Jenke Circuit
Jenkins Street
Jenkinson Street
Jenks Place
Jenner Court
Jennifer Rankin Lane
Jennings Street
Jenolan Street
Jens Place
Jensen Place
Jensen Street
Jenyns Place
Jerilderie Court
Jerra Store & Cafe
Jerra Takeaway
Jerra Twist - MTB
Jerra Village
Jerrabomberra Avenue
Jerrabomberra Brigade
Jerrabomberra Grassland Reserve - Canberra Nature Park
Jerrabomberra Hill Road
Jerrabomberra Hotel
Jerrabomberra Oval
Jerrabomberra Parkway
Jerrabomberra Public School
Jerrabomberra Tennis Courts
Jerramalee Road
Jerrems Crescent
Jersey Street
Jervois Street
Jess Place
Jessie Street
Jessop Place
Jessup Place
Jesus is Lord Church
Jevons Place
Jewel of India
Jewell Close
Jewels and Pearls
JG Crawford Building
Jim Murphy Cellars
Jim Murphy's
Jimbour Court
Jimmy's Place
Jinas Cafe
Jindabyne Gardens
Jindabyne Street
Jindalee Crescent
Jindivik Place
Jinka Street
JJJ’s Fysh
JMA Psychology Canberra
Joan Bradley Street
Joan Long Street
Jobson Place
Jocelyn Brown Street
Joe's Thai Food
Joes Motorcycles
Johanna Moore Avenue
John Bull Street
John Cahill Court
John Cardiff Close
John Cleland Crescent
John Cleland Gardens
John Close
John Cory Road
John Crawford Crescent
John Curtin and Ben Chifley,
John Curtin Road
John Curtin School of Medical Research
John Eales Road
John Flynn House
John Gordon Walk
John Gorton Building
John Gorton Drive
John Gorton Drive (SR)
John Holt Street
John James Healthcare Campus
John James Loop
John James Medical Centre
John Knight Flying Fox
John Knight Memorial Park
John McEwen Crescent
John McEwen House
John McGrath Ford
John Winter Street
John Young Crescent
Johno's takeaway
Johns Place
Johnson Place
Johnston Street
Jolimont Tourist Centre
Jolly Street
Jones Place
Jonsson Court
Jordan Place
Jordan Street
Jordon Place
Jorgensen Street
Jose Place
Joseland Street
Joseph Place
Josephson Street
Joske Place
Jowett Street
Joy Cummings Place
Joyce Place
Joyner Crescent
Joyner Place
Joynton Smith Drive
Juad Place
Judd Place
Judith Wright Street
Judkins Street
Judy McConchie
Jukes Place
Jukes Street
Julia Flynn Avenue
Julia Flynn Garden
Julia Gardens
Juliana Place
Julius Road
Julius Street
Jull Place
Jumbuck Crescent
Junee Street
Junella Court
Just in time
Just Place
Just Turkish
Justice Kelly Street
Justinian Street
Jutland Street
Juwin Street

Ka Sushi Ramen
Kable Lane
Kaeppel Place
Kaga Place
Kaigas Street
Kailine Court
Kalang Place
Kaldi Coffee
Kaleen Bakery
Kaleen Bar and Bistro
Kaleen Chemist
Kaleen Cubby House
Kaleen Family Take Away
Kaleen Flowers
Kaleen High School
Kaleen Horse Paddock
Kaleen Pizza
Kaleen Post Office
Kaleen Preschool
Kaleen Primary School
Kaleen Professional Centre
Kalgoorlie Crescent
Kalianna Street
Kallara Close
Kallaroo Road
Kalma Way
Kama Dam Walk
Kama River Walk
Kambah Cycles
Kambah District Playing Fields - 2
Kambah Early Childhood Centre
Kambah Fire Station
Kambah Firestorm Storytree
Kambah Ground 1
Kambah Ground 3
Kambah Hair Centre
Kambah Indoor Sports Centre
Kambah Inn
Kambah Pool
Kambah Pool Road
Kambah Tennis Club
Kambah to Cotter Walking Track
Kambalda Crescent
Kambalda Gardens
Kanangra Court
Kanangra Place
Kanbi Place
Kane Place
Kangaroo Close
Kanooka Street
Kapiu Place
Kappakoola Street
Kapunda Street
Kapyong Field
Kapyong Road
Karabar High School
Karabar Post Office
Karabar Street
Karamu Street
Karawatha Place
Kardang Street
Kareela Court
Kareelah Vista
Karelia Park
Karingal Court
Karla Place
Karloan Street
Karloo Street
Karney Place
Karney Street
Karralika Firetrail
Karri Crescent
Karri Street
Karrugang Circuit
Karuah Street
Kashmir House
Kate Crace Street
Kate Slatter Walk
Kate Street
Kater Close
Katherine Avenue
Kathleen Street
Kathleens Park
Kathner Street
Katie Bender
Katie Stow Lane
Katoomba Street
Kats Camp - MTB
Katz Place
Kauper Street
Kavanagh Street
Kavangal Circuit
Kavel Street
Kay Close
Kay Place
Kaye Place
Kaye Street
Kayser Place
Keach Close
Kealman Road
Keane Place
Keaney Street
Kearne Place
Keartland Street
Keats Place
Keeling Place
Keenan Street
Keene Place
Keep Co
Keesing Street
Keewong Street
Keily Close
Keira Street
Keith Street
Keith Tournier Memorial Enclosed Oval
Kellaway Street
Kellermann Close
Kellett Street
Kelleway Avenue
Kelleway Gardens
Kelleway Terraces
Kelliher Drive
Kellway Street
Kelly Place
Kelpie Place
Kelsall Place
Keltie Street
Kelvin Court
Kemal Atatürk Memorial
Kembla Street
Kemble Court
Kemmis Street
Kemp Close
Kempton Court
Kemsley Place
Ken Tribe Street
Kendall Avenue
Kendall Avenue North
Kendall Lane
Kendall Place
Kendrew Street
Kennards Hire
Kennedy Avenue
Kennedy Street
Kennerley Street
Kenneth Bailey Building
Kenneth Place
Kenny Place
Kenny's Asian Noodle House
Kensington Gardens
Kent Street
Kent Street Trail
Kentish Lane
Kentucky Grove
Kenyon Circuit
Kenyon Court
Kenyon Park
Kepert Place
Keppel Street
Kerferd Street
Kernot Street
Kerr Place
Kerridge Street
Kerrigan Street
Kerry Saxyby-Junna Street
Kerry Street
Kershaw Place
Kesteven Street
Kett Street
Kettle Street
Kevin Curtis Crescent
Kevin Street
Kevins Place
Key Street
Keyar Street
Keys Crescent
Keysor Place
KFC Hawker
KFC Phillip
Khull Crescent
Kiah Place
Kibby Place
Kickstart Expresso
Kidd Place
Kidman Close
Kids Club
Kidstart Education & Activity Centre
Kidston Crescent
Kieran Place
Kiewa Street
Kilburn Close
Kilby Crescent
Kilduff Street
Kilgariff Street
Kilgour Place
Killara Apartments
Killard Street
Killymoon Court
Kilmeny Close
Kimberley Gardens
Kim’s Groceries
Kinalung Place
Kinchela Crescent
Kindler Place
King Edward Terrace
King Fook
King George Terrace
King George V memorial
King of Curries
King Street
King Street Cafe
Kingdom 5 Tongan cafe
Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses
Kingham Place
Kings Avenue
Kings Avenue Offramp
Kings Avenue Onramp
Kings Canyon Street
Kings Highway
Kings Terrace
Kingsbury Street
Kingsford Smith Drive
Kingsford Smith School
Kingsland Parade
Kingsley Chicken
Kingsley Place
Kingsley Street
Kingsley's Chicken

kingsley's chicken

Kingsmill Street
Kingston Court
Kingston Grind
Kingston Hotel
Kingston Library
Kingston Manor
Kingston Mews
Kingston Park Apartments
Kingston Pines
Kingston Place
Kingston Street
Kingston Terrace
Kingston Tower
Kinkead Street
Kinkora Place
Kinleyside Crescent
Kinloch Circuit
Kinlyside Avenue
Kinn Thai
Kinsella Street
Kintore Crescent
Kipax Post Office
Kippax (Bus Station) - Belconnen (Community Bus Station) via Latham & Florey
Kippax (Bus Station) - Tuggeranong (Bus Station) via Belconnen, City & Woden
Kippax (Bus Station) - Tuggeranong (Bus Station) via Latham, Florey, Belconnen, City & Woden
Kippax Curry House
Kippax Health Centre
Kippax Place
Kippax Post Office
Kippax Public Library
Kippax Uniting Church
Kippax Veterinary Hospital
Kirby Place
Kirinari Early Childhood Centre
Kirinari Street
Kirkcaldie Circuit
Kirke Close
Kirkham Place
Kirkland Circuit
Kirkpatrick Street
Kirkston Court
Kirkton Street
Kirribilli Grove
Kirwan Circuit
Kissane Crescent
Kitchen King Grocer’s
Kitchener Street
Kitson Place
Kitty McEwan Circuit
Kleinig Street
Klevin Spain
Kmart Tyre & Auto Service Belconnen
Kmart Tyre & Auto Service CE Braddon
Kmart Tyre & Auto Service CE Deakin
Kmart Tyre & Auto Service CE Hawker
Kmart Tyre & Auto Service CE Manuka
Kmart Tyre & Auto Service CE Phillip
Kmart Tyre & Auto Service CE Town Centre
Kmart Tyre & Auto Service CE Wanniassa
Kmart Tyre & Auto Service Fyshwick
Kmart Tyre & Auto Service Gungahlin
Kmart Tyre & Auto Service Queanbeyan
Kmart Tyre & Auto Service Tuggeranong
Kmart Tyre and Service Centre
Knaggs Crescent
Kneeshaw Street
Knibbs Street
Knight Place
Knoll Lookout branch track
Knoll Place
Knorr Street
Knowles Place
Knox Street
Koala Close
Kobada Close
Koerstz Street
Koffee O'clock
Kogarah Lane
Koko Black
Kokoloco Dance Studio
Kondelea Way
Kookaburra Ridge
Koonalda Street
Koora Court
Koorong Place
Kootara Crescent
Kootingal Street
Kopi Lane
Kopi Tiam
Kosciuszko Avenue
Kosciuszko Pavilion
Kowa Place
Kowari Close
Kowen Place
Kowen Road
Krantzcke Circuit
Krastev Street
Krause Place
Krefft Street
Krichauff Street
Kriewaldt Circuit
Kruse Place
Kubbadang Street
Kubura Place
Kudyera Place
Kuhn Place
Kulgera Street
Kultarr Lane
Kumm Place
Kumon Gungahlin Education Centre
Kunapalari Street
Kunzea Street
Kunzea Street Fire Trail
Kuringa Drive
Kurrajong Street
Kurralta Court
Kurrama Close
Kurria Place
Kurundi Place
Kuttabul Place
Kwik Kopy
Kyabra Place
Kyeema Street
Kylie Tennant Street

La Belle Apartments
La Cantina
La Florentina Hot Bake
La Perouse Street
La Piazza
La Rustica
La Trobe Close
Labella Salon
Labor Club
Lacewing Street
Lacey Place
Lachlan Cafe
Lachlan Street
Lachlanvale Court
Lackey Place
Ladies & Gents
Lads Place
Lady Denman Drive
Lady Nelson Place
Lady With Flowers
Laffan Street
Lafferty Place
Lahiff Place
Laidlaw Place
Laidley Place
Lake Front
Lake Resort
Lake Tuggeranong College
Lake Tuggeranong Sea Scouts
Lake View Court
Lakeland Court
Laker Crescent
Lakeside Leisure Centre
Lakeside Mews
Lakeview Court
Lakeview Gardens
Lakeview Terrace
Laksa House
Lalor Street
Laman Place
Lamb Place
Lambell Close
Lambert Place
Lambert Street
Lambeth Close
Lambie Place
Lamble Place
Lambrick Lane
Lambrigg Court
Lambrigg Street
Lamington Street
Lamond Place
Lampard Circuit
Lanaba Street
Lancaster Drive
Lancaster Place
Lance Hill Avenue
Landale Place
Lander Crescent
Landor Place
Landsborough Street
Lane Place
Lane Poole Place
Lang Street
Langdon Avenue
Lange Place
Langley Place
Langridge Street
Langton Crescent
Langtree Crescent
Lanigan House
Lanley Square
Lanne Place
Lansdown Crescent
Lansell Circuit
Lanterne Rooms
Lanyon Drive
Lapsley Street
Laptz Close
Larakia Street
Larcombe Crescent
Lark Place
Larooma Court
Larpent Street
Lascelles Circuit
Laseron Place
Latham Oval
Latham Preschool
Latham Primary School
Lathlain Street
Launceston Street
Laura Court
Laura Place
Laurel Place
Lauren Jackson Walk
Laurence Close
Laurens Street
Laurie Place
Lava Espresso
Lavan Place
Lavarack Road
Lavater Place
Lavender Lane
Lavender Lane Child Care Centre Gungahlin
Laver Place
Laverton Avenue
Laverty Pathology
Lavery Place
Lawes Place
Lawley Place
Lawley Street
Lawrence Close
Lawrence Court
Lawrence Crescent
Lawrenson Circuit
Lawry Place
Lawson Crescent
Lawson Place
Laycock Place
Lazar Place
Lazarus Crescent
Lazarus Place
Lazy Dog - MTB
Le Beaute Lounge
Le Bon Melange
Le Gallienne Street
Le Hunte Street
Le Souef Crescent
Lea Place
Leach Street
Leagues Motel
Leahy Close
Leake Place
Leal Place
Leane Street
Learmonth Drive
Learmonth Fire Trail
Leason Close
Leavold Place
Leck Street
Lecture Theatre North, Staff Development Unit, Equity Office
Lecture Theatre South
Lee Place
Lee-Steere Crescent
Leeper Place
Leeton Street
Lefroy Street
Legacy House
Leggatt Street
Legge Road
Legge Street
Leggo Place
Leichhardt Street
Leighton Street
Leisler Place
Leist Street
Leita Court
Leith Place
Lelta Place
Lemon Grass Thai
Lempriere Crescent
Len Barratt Street
Len Waters Street
Lena Court
Lenane Street
Lendon Place
Lenehan Street
Lennard Street
Lennock Motors
Lennon Place
Lennox Crossing
Leonard Close
Leonard Huxley Building
Leong Kitchen
Leonora Gardens
Leonora Street
Lerra Street
Les Bistronomes
Les Edwards Street
Leslie Dwyer Street
Leslie Street
Lester Terrace
Lett Place
Letters Street
Leven Street
Leveque Street
Leverrier Crescent
Levey Place
Levi Place
Levien Street
Levine Street
Lewers Close
Lewin Street
Lewis Street
Lex Banning Street
Lexcen Avenue
Lexus of Canberra
Leycester Place
Leyden Ridge
Lhotsky Street
Liardet Street
Licensed Grocer on Balmain
Liddell Street
Lidgett Place
Lidia Perin Day Hospital
Lidia Perin Medical Centre
Life Cycle
Life Gate
Lifestream Christian Fellowship
Liffey Circuit
Ligar Place
Ligertwood Street
Light Street
Lightfoot Crescent
Liguria Crescent
Lilley Street
Lillipilli Street
Lilly Park
Lily Place
Limb Circuit
Limbunya Street
Limburg Way
Lime Kiln Road
Lime Thai Restaurant
Limestone Avenue
Limestone Drive
Limestone Gardens
Limestone House
Limestone Track
Linaria Place
Lincoln Close
Lincoln Place
Lind Close
Lindrum Crescent
Lindsay and Edmunds
Lindsay Pryor Street
Lindsay Street
Lindwall Place
Line Place
Linear Park Playground
Lines Street
Ling Place
Linger Place
Lingiari Court
Link Trail
Linke Crescent
Linn Street
Linnaeus Building
Linnaeus Way
Linq Apartments
Lintott Lane
Lionel Murphy Building
Lionel Rose Street
Lipman Street
Lipscomb Place
Liquor Legends Hawker
Lisa Chinese Restaurant
Lister Crescent
Litchfield Place
Lithgow Street
Little Chef Cafe
Little Garran
Little Noodle Box
Little Pickle
Little Place
Little Powerline Trail
Little Seymour
Little Sprout
Little Vintage Beauty Salon
Littlejohn Lane
Liverpool Street
Liversidge Court Apartments
Liversidge Street
Livingston Avenue
Liz O'Neill Street
Lizard Lane
Lizzie Street
Llewellyn Hall
Lloyd Place
Lo Brow
Loban Court
Lobb Place
Lobelia Close
Lobelia Street
Local Liquor
Local Press Cafe
Loch Street
Lochbuy Street
Lochee Place
Lochiel Street
Lock Place
Lockhart Place
Lockwood Place
Lockyer Street
Lodder Place
Loddon Street
Loder Place
Loftus Apartments
Loftus Street
Lofty Close
Log Run
Logan Street
Logue Place
Lokrum Gardens
Lollipop’s Playland
Loma Rudduck Street
Lomandra Place
Lomandra Street
Lomatia Place
Lomax Street
Lomman Place
Lonah Court
London Circuit
London Court
Lonergan Drive
Long Gully Road
Long Place
Long Tan Road
Longden Way
Longerenong Street
Longford Street
Longley Place
Longman Street
Longmore Crescent
Longreach Court
Longstaff Street
Longworth Place
Lonsdale Street
Lonsdale Street Cyclery
Lonsdale Street Roasters
Loomes Lane
Looranah Street
Lord Street
Lorimer Place
Lorn Road
Lorna Lippmann Lane (East)
Lorne Place
Lorraway Street
Lort Place

lost path

Lost River Produce

lost track

Loton Place
Louat Place
Louisa Briggs Circuit
Louisa Lawson Crescent
Louise Sauvage Place
Love Shack
Love Street
Loveday Crescent
Lovegrove Place
Lovekin Place
Lovelock Court
Lovely Close
Lovett Close
Lovett Tower

low gradient traverse

Low Place
Lowanna Street
Lowe Court
Lowe Street
Lowenstein Lane
Lower Beacon Track
Lower Quarry Fall - MTB
Lower Woodland Track
Lowerson Place
Lowrie Street
Loxton Place
Lubke Street
Lubuma Place
Luc Longley Walk
Lucas Place
Luckins Place
Lucky Shot Espresso
Lucy Gullett Circuit
Luehmann Street
Luffman Crescent
Luke Street
Lukey Place
Lukin Place
Lum Loy Lane
Lumeah Street
Lumholtz Place
Lumiere Apartments
Lunn Place
Lupus Place
Lutana Street
Luther Place
Lutwyche Street
Luxton Street
Lyall Crescent
Lycett Street
Lycos Street
Lyell Street
Lyle Place
Lynch Street
Lynd Place
Lyndon Court
Lyndon Street
Lyne Place
Lyneham Hair Fashions
Lyneham High School
Lyneham IGA
Lyneham Newsagency
Lyneham Pide Hut
Lyneham Pizza Bar
Lyneham Post Office
Lyneham Preschool
Lyneham Primary School
Lyon Place
Lyons Church of Christ
Lyons Early Childhood School
Lyons Fire Trail
Lyons Neighbourhood Oval
Lyons Place
Lyrebird Place
Lysaght Street
Lyster Place
Lyttleton Crescent
L’Homme Men Hairstylist

Mabel Miller Lane
Mabo Boulevard
Macadam Street
Macadamia Close
MacAlister Crescent
Macalpine Close
Macandie Street
Macarthur Actew Fire Trail
Macarthur Avenue
MacArthur Park
Macarthur Place
Macartney Crescent
Macbain Street
Macca's Newsagency
Maccallum Circuit
Macdermott Place
MacDonald Avenue
Macdonald Place
Macdonnell Street
Macdowell Street
Macedon Crescent
Macedonian Church
Macfarlan Place
MacFarland Crescent
MacFarland Place
Macfarlane Burnet Avenue
Macfaull Place
Macgillivray Street
Macgregor Street
Macindoe Place
Macintyre Place
Mackaness Place
Mackay Crescent
Mackellar Crescent
Mackellar Place
Mackennal Street
MacKenzie Street
Mackey Place
Mackie Crescent
Mackillop Catholic School
Mackinnon Street
Mackinolty Street
Macknight Place
Maclachlan Street
Maclagan Street
Maclaurin Crescent
Maclean Street
Macleay Apartments
Macleay Street
Macleod Court
Maclurcan Street
Macnally Street
Macnaughton Street
Macneil Place
Maconochie Crescent
Macpherson Street
Macquarie Court
Macquarie Discount Pharmacy
Macquarie Place
Macquarie Primary School
Macquarie Street
Macqueen Place
MacQuoid Place
Macquoid Street
Macrobertson Street
Macroryncha Track
Macrossan Crescent
Mactier Place
Macumba Place
Macvitie Place
Madden Place
Maddison Close
Maddison Square
Madge's Maze - MTB
Madgwick Street
Madi Way
Madigan Gardens
Madigan Street
Madsen Place
Mag Hut
Mag Place
Magarey Place
Magennis Place
Magenta Square
Magic Roundabout
Magna Carta Monument
Magnet Court
Magnet Mart
Magnolia Close
Magnolia Mews
Magpie Rock
Magrath Crescent
Magrath Place
Maher Lane
Mahon Place
Mahony Chambers
Mahony Court
Maiden Street
Maidment Place
Main Mulligans Trail
Mainoru Place
Maintenance Shed
Mainwaring Rich Circuit
Mair Place
Maitland Park
Maitland Street
Maiya Street
Majura Avenue
Majura Break
Majura Horse Trail
Majura Key
Majura Lane
Majura Park Recreation Centre
Majura Place
Majura Primary School
Majura Road
Makin Mattresses
Makin Place
Mal Meninga Stand
Malahide Gardens
Malangi Street
Malara Street
Malcolm Place
Malcolm Road
Malcolm Vale Road
Maldon Court
Malindi Place
Maling Place
Malkara School
Mall Road West
Mallee Crescent
Mallee Pavilion
Mallee Place
Mallett Street
Maloney Street
Maltby Circuit
Malton View
Mama Rias
Mama's Trattoria
Mamak Corner
Mamuka Newsagency
Mana Place
Manchaster Court
Mandurah Place
Manhattan Court
Manhattan on Moore
Manifold Place
Manity Court
Mann Place
Manna Close
Mannheim Street
Manning Clark Crescent
Manning Street
Manor Apartments
Mansfield Court
Mansfield Gardens
Mansfield Place
Mantle Street
Manton Place
Mantra on Northbourne
Manu Place
Manuka Circle
Manuka Hill
Manuka Park
Manuka Pool
Manuka Post Office
Manuka Swimming Pool
Manuka Terrace
Maple Crescent
Maplestone Place
Mapleton Avenue
Mara Place
Maraar Place
Maranatha Mews
Maranboy Street
Maranoa Street
Maranunga Crescent
Marawa Place
Maray Place
Marchant Circuit
Marconi Crescent
Marcus Clarke Street
Marcus Faunce Street
Marcus Street
Mareeba Street
Maretimo Court
Margany Close
Margaret Street
Margaret Whitlam Pavilion
Margeurita Motel
Margrie Lane
Marguerita Place
Maria Place
Maria Smith Lane
Maria's Cafe-a-Roma
Maribynong Primary School
Maribyrnong Avenue
Maribyrnong Preschool
Marie Dalley Street
Marie Little Crescent
Marie Pitt Street
Marie Reay Teaching Centre
Marien Place
Marika Street
Marilyn Place
Mariner Place
Mariners Court
Marion Mahony Griffin Lookout
Maris King Street
Maris Street
Marist College Canberra
Marjorie Barnard Lane
Mark Place
Mark Viduka Walk
Markell Place
Market Street
Markham Street
Marks Place
Marlee Place
Marlock Street
Marlowe Street
Marmion Place
Marou Place
Marqua Place
Marr Street
Marrakai Street
Marrawah Street
Marrett Street
Marri Street
Marril Street
Marron Way
Marsden Street
Marsh Place
Marshall Street
Marston Place
Martel Street
Martens Crescent
Martin Street
Martindale Gardens
Martyn Close
Marulda Street
Marungul Avenue
Mary Court
Mary Davis Lane
Mary Gillespie Avenue
Mary Hall Circuit
Mary Help of Christians Parish
Mary Kitson Street
Mary Potter Circuit
Mary Street
Maryborough Street
Masala Hut
Mason Street
Masonic Temple
Massey Street
Massie Place
Masson Street
Masterman Street
Masters Place
Mata Hari
Mataranka Street
Matcham Place
Mather Street
Mathieson Crescent
Mathison Place
Mathoura Court
Matilda Street
Matina Street
Matthews Place
Matzek Place
Mauger Place
Maughan Crescent
Mauldon Street
Mault Place
Maund Place
Maurice Place
Mavi Turkish Gourmet
Mavis Latham Street
Mawalan Street
Mawby Street
Mawson Asian Grocery
Mawson Court
Mawson District Playing Fields
Mawson Drive
Mawson Gardens
Mawson Majura Track
Mawson Pharmacy
Mawson Place
Mawson Primary School
Mawson Three
Mawson Track
Max Brenner
Max Brenner Chocolate Bar
Max Henry Crescent
Max Jacobs Avenue
Max Purnell Street
Maxwell Street
Maxworthy Street
May Gibbs Place
May Maxwell Crescent
May Mills Close
May Street
Maydena Gardens
Mayer Court
Mayfair Apartments
Mayfair Espresso
Maygar Street
Maynard Street
Mayne Street
Mayo Street
MBE Canberra
McAlpine Place
McArthur Place
McAulay Place
McAuliffe Court
McBeath Place
McBryde Crescent
McCabe Crescent
McCann Street
McCarthy Place
McCaughey Street
McCawley Street
McCay Place
McClaughry Place
McClelland Avenue
McClemans Street
McClintock Street
Mcclung Street
McClure Place
McClure Street
McClymont Way
McColl Street
McCombie Street
McConchie Circuit
McConnel Crescent
McCormack Place
McCormack Street
McCoy Circuit
McCrae Street
McCubbin Street
McCulloch Street
McCullock Place
McDermott Street
McDonald Place
McDonald Street
McDonald's Drive Thru
McDonalds Charnwood
McDonalds Molonglo
McDonnell Close
McDougall Street
McDowall Place
McEacharn Place
McEachern Crescent
Mcelhone Court
McEwan Avenue
McGee Place
McGhie Place
McGill Street
McGinness Street
McGivern Crescent
McGlinn Place
McGovern Street
McGowan Crescent
McGowan Place
McGowan Street
McGowen Close
Mcguiness Place
McHenry Street
McHugh Street
McIlveen Place
McIlwraith Close
McInnes Lane
McInnes Place
McInnes Street
McIntosh Street
McIntyre Crescent
McIntyre Place
McIntyre Street
Mcintyre Street
McKail Crescent
McKain Place
McKay Gardens
McKay Gardens Professional Centre
McKay Lane
McKay Street
McKeahnie Lane
McKeahnie Street
McKeahnies Fire Trail
McKean Place
McKellar Gardens
McKellar Wetlands
McKenna Street
McKenzie Street
McKibbin Place
McKid Court
McKillop Circuit
McKinlay Place
McKinlay Street
McKinnon Street
McLachlan Crescent
McLachlan Street
Mclaren Crescent
McLarty Court
McLean Place
McLellan Place
Mcleod Place
McMahon Court
McMaster Street
McMichael Terrace
McMillan Crescent
McMillan Gardens
McMinn Close
McNamara Street
McNeil Place
McNicoll Place
McNicoll Street
McNolty Place
McPhail Place
McPhee Place
McPherson Street
McQuade Close
Mcquoids Bicentennial Trail
McRae Place
McRitchie Circuit
McShane Place
McTaggart Crescent
McTavish Street
McWhae Circuit
McWhae Gardens
Meacham Place
Mead Street
Meagher Place
Meares Place
Meatways Butcher
Mecca Bah
Meda Close
Medhurst Crescent
Medical Centre
Medical Superintendents’ Building
Medicare Local
Medicines Australia
Medina Highgate
Medina Serviced Apartments
Medina Street
Medley Street
Medlin Street
Medworth Crescent
Mee Sing
Mee Sushi
Mee's Sushi
Meech Place
Meehan Close
Meehan Gardens
Meerup Street
Meg's Toy Box
Mega Bites Cafe
Megalong Crescent
Meiklejohn Place
Mein Place
Meki Modern Hair
Melaleuca Place
Melba Court
Melba Place
Melba Street
Melba Telstra Exchange
Melbourne Avenue
Melbourne Building
Meldrum Street
Melia Place
Mellington Loop
Mellor Circuit
Melomys Circuit
Melrose Automobiles
Melrose Drive
Melrose Gardens
Melrose High School
Melrose Mews
Melrose Place
Melrose Village

melt deli

Melville Hall
Melville Place
Melvin Place
Memorial Archade
Menalon Court
Menindee Drive
Menkar Close
Menkens Court
Mentha Place
Menzel Crescent
Menzie Place
Menzies Terrace
Mercer Place
Merchant Navy Memorial
Merchants Lane
Mercure Canberra
Meredith Circuit
Meredith Street
Merfield Place
Merici College
Merlin Crescent
Mermaid Street
Meroula Street
Merrang Court
Merriman Crescent
Merrit Place
Mersey Place
Mertz Place
Messenger Street
Meston Place
Metcalf Street
Metcalfe Street
Methven Place
Metro Cafe
Mewton Place
Mexican Water Goddess
Meyers Place
Meymott Place
Meyrick Place
Mezzalira Ristorante
Miago Court
Mialli Place
Michael Klim Place
Michael Milton Place
Michael Parade
Michaelis Court
Michel's Patisserie
Michell Street
Michelle Martin Walk
Michie Street
Mick Shann Terrace
Mid City Motor Inn
Middle FT
Middle Road
Middle Street
Middle Track
Middleton Circuit
Midwinter Place
Miena Place
Miethke Place
MIG Electronics
Mikes Meats
Milapuru River Trail
Milari Street
Mildenhall Place
Mildura Street
Mileham Street
Miles Franklin Preschool
Miles Franklin Primary School
Miles Place
Miles Road
Milford Street
Military Administration Building
Miljanovic Street
Milk Crate
Millar Place
Millard Place
Millen Street
Miller Street
Millhouse Crescent
Millicer Place
Millpost Close
Mills and Grills
Mills Place
Mills Road
Mills Street
Milne Bay Road
Milson Street
Mimosa Court
Mimosa Gardens
Minchin Place
Minda Place
Mindarie Street
Mineschaft descent
Ming's Pantry
Ming’s Restaurant
Minimbah Court
Ministry Menswear
Minns Place
Minnta Gardens
Minnta Place
Minos Village
Mint @ Forrest
Mint Oval
Mint Road
Minter Ellison Building
Minter Place
Minty Grove
Mirams Place
Miranda Place
Mirani North
Mirani South
Mirbelia Crescent
Mirning Crescent
Mirrabei Drive
Mirrabucca Crescent
Mirri Close
Mirrool Street
Mirror Image
Mirror Image Beauty
Mirror Link
Missing Link
Mission Street
Missionaries of God’s Love
Mitchell Business Centre
Mitchell Street
Mitta Place
Mizura Villas
Mobil Giralang
Mobil Spence
Mobius Strip
Mobourne Street
Moby Dicks Tavern
Mocan & Green Grout
Mocatta Place
Mockridge Crescent
Modern Skin Care Centre
Moe’s Barber
Moir Place
Mokambo Caffe
Mokare Street
Mokoan Place
Mol Crescent
Molesworth Street
Molineaux Place
Mollison Street
Molloy Crescent
Molonglo Crossing Fire Track
Molonglo Crossing Fire Trail
Molonglo Drive
Molonglo Gorge Road
Molonglo Mall
Molonglo Street
Molonglo Valley
Molonglo Volunteer Rural Fire Brigade
Molvig Street
Mona Vale Court
Monaghan Place
Monaro Crescent
Monaro Highway
Monaro Highway Onramp
Monaro Street
Monash Drive Track
Monash Hair & Beauty
Monash Mews
Monash Pre School
Monash Primary School
Moncrieff Street
Monfries Place
Monitor Lane
Monk Place
Monkey Wrench Cycles
Monkman Street
Monson Place
Montagu Place
Montebar Row
Monterey Apartments
Monterey Road
Montford Crescent
Monty Place
Moodie Street
Moogerah Street
Moonah Place
Moondarra Street
Moonlight Avenue
Moonta Place
Moor Place
Moore Street
Moorehead Place
Moorhouse Street
Moorish on Moore
Moorong Street
Mooyi Place
Moran Place
Morant Circuit
Morehead Street
Morell Close
Morella Avenue
Moresby Street
Morey Place
Morgan Crescent
Morgan Place
Morgs Moto - MTB
Moriarty Street
Morisset House
Morisset Road
Morisset Street
Morley Way
Mornington Street
Moroak Street
Moroney Street
Morphett Street
Morphy Place
Morrell Place
Morris Close
Morris Street
Morris West Street
Morrison Circuit
Morrison Place
Morrison Street
Morrissey Street
Morrow Street
Morshead Drive
Morshead Drive Offramp
Morshead Drive Onramp
Mort Street
Mortimer Lewis Drive
Mortlock Circuit
Morton Street
Moruya Circuit
Mosaic Apartments
Moseley Place
Moses Place
Mosman Court
Mosman Place
Moss Street
Moten Street
Mother Teresa Primary School
Motorini Scooters
Mott Street
Mouat Street
Moubray Place
Moulden Court
Moulder Court
Moule Place
Mount Ainslie Drive
Mount Majura Road
Mount Majura Vineyard
Mount Neighbour Horse Paddock
Mount Pleasant Lookout
Mount Reedy Road
Mount Rogers Primary School
Mount Rogers Reserve
Mount Stromlo Lookout
Mount Stromlo Observatory
Mount Stromlo Observatory administration
Mount Stromlo Road
Mount Taylor Court
Mount Taylor Zig Zag
Mount Vernon Drive
Mountain Road
Mountain View Track
Mountbatten Park
Mountevans Street
MountView Estate
Moura Place
Moutain Creek Wholefoods
Mowatt Street
Mower Place
Mowle Place
Moy Place
Moyes Crescent
Moynihan Street
Mr Squiggle
Mr Sushi
Mrs Lows Fire Trail
MSATT Telescope
Mt Ainslie Quarry
Mt Ainslie Summit Trail
Mt Majura Winery
Mt Stromlo Satellite Laser Ranging Facility
Mt Taylor Hill Climb
Mt Taylor Zig Zag
Mt Wanniassa Fire Trail
Mt Warning Crescent
MTB (eroded)
Muck Raker
Mudge Place
Mudhouse Coffee Bar
Mudie Place
Muecke Place
Mueller Street
Mugga Lane
Mugga Way
Mugglestone Place
Muir Place
Muirhead Place
Mulanggari Gardens
Mulanggari Grasslands Nature Reserve
Mules Place
Mulga Street
Mulgara Loop
Mull Place
Mullagh Place
Mullan Street
Mullen Place
Mulleun Close
Mulley Street
Mulligans Flat Road
Mulligans South Trail
Mulligans Villas
Mullins Place
Mulloon Street
Multi-Sport Facility
Mulvany Place
Mulvey Place
Mulwala Lane
Mum's Spot - MTB
Mummery Terrace
Mundang Crescent
Mundawari Circuit
Munga Place
Mungga-Iri House
Munjuwa Street
Munro Place
Munro Road
Munro Street
Mura Close
Murchison Street
Murden Street
Murdoch Street
Muresk Street
Muriel Stewart Circuit
Murndal Court
Murphy Crescent
Murphy Street
Murranji Court
Murranji Street
Murray Avenue
Murray Crescent
Murray House
Murray Street
Murray’s Bakery
Murrell Place
Murruba Place
Murrumbidgee Discovery Trail
Murrumbidgee Golf Club
Murrung Crescent
Murty Street
Murulla Lane
Musca Place
Muscio Place
Museum Cafe
Museum of Australian Democracy
Musgrave Street
Musgrove Street
Musik Lane
Musquito Street
Musson Close
Mustang Avenue
My Cafe
My Friend
My Gourmet Delights
My Pide Corner
My Rainbow Dreams Vegetarian Cafe
Myall Street
Myalla Gardens
Myers Place
Myola Street
Myrtle Close
Myrtle Street

Naas Close
Nabarlek Street
Naccho House
Naden Place
Nagara Street
Nagel Place
Nairn Place
Naismith Place
Nakala Place
Namadgi Circuit
Namadgi Hills
Namadgi School
Namadgi School Pre-school Unit
Namai Place
Namatjira Drive
Namatjira Drive Access
Nambucca Street
Namoi Place
Nancy Cato Street
Nanda Place
Nando's Canberra City
Nangari Street
Nangi Place
Nangle Place
Nangor Street
Nankervis Street
Nannine Place
Nanson Place
Nanya Close
Napier Close
Napier House
Napper Place
Napthali Close
Narambi Street
Narden Street
Nardoo Crescent
Narellan Street
Nares Crescent
Nari Street
Narrabundah Ballpark
Narrabundah College
Narrabundah Community Garden
Narrabundah Early Childhood School
Narrabundah IGA
Narrabundah Lane
Narrabundah Long Stay Caravan Park
Narrabundah Longstay Park Road
Narrabundah Post Office
Narrabundah Primary School
Narrabundah Velodrome
Narrambla Terrace
Narran Street
Narryer Close
Narupai Street
Nash Place
Nassau Place
Nathan Street
Nation Capital Private Hospital
National Archives of Australia
National Archives of Australia Cafe
National Archives Preservation Facility
National Australia Bank
National Capital Ballet School
National Capital Exhibition
National Carillon
National Centre for Australian Children's Literature
National Circuit
National Computational Infrastructure
National Convention Centre
National Dinosaur Museum
National Disability Services
National Emergency Services Memorial
National Equestrian Centre
National Farmers Federation House
National Hockey Centre
National Library of Australia
National Museum Mitchell Repository
National Police Memorial
National Rock Garden
National Rowing Centre of Excellence
National Service
National Surveyors House
National Worker’s Memorial
Natural health food shop and cafe
Nature Fire Trail
Navratil Street
Naylor Close
Naylor Street
Neales Street
Nealie Place
Neanderthal - MTB
Needham Place
Neela Indian Grocery
Neeld Place
Negus Crescent
Neighbours Horse Paddock Road
Neil Currie Street
Neil Fuller Place
Neil Harris Crescent
Neil Place
Neilsen Place
Neilson Street
Nellie Hamilton Avenue
Nelson Place
Nelumbo Street
Nemarang Crescent
Nepean Place
Neptune Street
Nereida Gardens
Nest 2
Nest 3
Nest III
Netherlands Australia Memorial
Netspeed Velocity Internet
Nettie Palmer Lane
Nettlefold Street
Neumann Place
Neumayer Street
Nevertire Street
Nevile Place
Neville Bonner Primary School
Neville Gare Street
Neville Place
New Acton Residential & Art Precinct
New Apartments
New Apostolic Church
New Intelligence
New Leaf
New Shanghai Chinese
New South Wales Crescent
New Wing Chinese
New Zealand High Commission
New Zealand Memorial
NewActon Pavilion
Newbery Crescent
Newbigin Place
Newbold Lane
Newbu Place
Newcastle House
Newcastle Street
Newchurch Street
Newdegate Street
Newell Street
Newington Place
Newland Street
Newlands Street
Newlop Street
Newman Crescent
Newman Street
Newman-Morris Circuit
Newmarch Place
Neworra Place
Newsom Street
Newstead Street
Newton Street
Ngaraka: Shrine for the Lost Koori
Ngunawal Drive
Ngunnawal 1
Ngunnawal Centre
Ngunnawal IGA
Ngunnawal Primary School
Nibbles Convenience Store
Niblo Place
Nicholas Street
Nicholii Loop
Nicholls Chinese Food
Nicholls Place
Nichols IGA
Nichols Street
Nichols Takeaway & Pizza
Nicholson Crescent
Nick Ellis Place
Nickel Street
Nicklin Crescent
Nicolle Court
Nicolle Place
NICTA Building
Night Shift - MTB
Nikola Park
Nimbera Street
Nimbin Street
Nimbus Place
Nimmitabel Place
Nimmitabel Street
Nimmo Place
Nimrod Road
Nina Murdoch Crescent
Ningaloo Street
Nish Place
Niugini Arabica
Nivison Place
No 1 Oval
No. 34 Squadron RAAF
No Name Lane
Noakes Court
Noala Place
Noala Street
Noble Close
Noble Palace
Noble Place
Noblet Gardens
Noddle Bar
Noffs Crescent
Nolan Lane
Nomad Drive
Nona Place
Noonan Place
Noonan Street
Noongale Court
Norfolk Street
Norman Fisher Circuit
Norman Place
Norman Street
Normanby Crescent
Norris Hair & Beauty Plus
Norrish Place
Norriss Street
Norse Road
North @ Lyneham
North Ainslie Preschool
North Ainslie Primary School
North Bar
North Belconnen Baptist Church
North Bowl
North Bruce FT
North Canberra
North Canberra Baptist Church
North Canberra Osteopathy And Remedial Massage
North Curtin Preschool
North Face
North Mcquoids Fire Trail
North Mitchell Grasslands
North Place
North Point
North Range
North Road
North Science Road
North South Link
North Taylor FT
North Terrace
Northam Street
Northbourne Avenue
Northbourne Oval
Northcliffe Place
Northcote Crescent
Northcott Drive
Northcott Street
Northern Avenue
Northgate Gardens
Northgate security entrance
Northmore Crescent
Northside Express
Northside Physiotherapy & Sportscare Centre
Norton Road
Norton Street
Notaras Lane
Notepad Place
Nott Street
Nouveau Apartments
Nouvelle Court
Novar Street
NSW Government
Nudurr Drive
Nugent Close
Nuleri Street
Nullagine Street
Nullarbor Avenue
Nulsen Circuit
Numbat Place
Numeralia Drive
Numeralla Street
Nunan Crescent
Nungara Place
Nungara Street
Nunki Place
Nursery Lane
Nursing Sciences Building
Nuyts Street
Nyah Place
Nyawi Place
Nyeena Place
Nymagee Place
Nyora Place
Nyrang Street

O'Brien Place
O'Connell Street
O'Connor Cooperative School
O'Connor District Playing Fields, O'Connor 1
O'Connor District Playing Fields, O'Connor 2
O'Connor Enclosed Oval, O'Connor 3
O'Connor Post Office
O'Connor Tennis Court
O'Connor Uniting Church
O'Dea Place
O'Dowd Street
O'Grady Place
O'Hagan Street
O'Halloran Circuit
O'Hanlon Place
O'Hanlon Road
O'Hara Place
O'Hea Street
O'Loghlen Street
O'Malley Park
O'Malley Reservoir Track
O'Mara Place
O'Meara Place
O'Neil Street
O'neill Street
O'Neils Irish Pub
O'Reilly Place
O'Reilly Street
O'Rourke Place
O'Rourke Street
O'Shanassy Street
O'sullivan Road
O'Sullivan Street
Oak Grove
Oak Place
Oakes Street
Oakey Fireline Track
Oakey Heights
Oakey Hill Scouts
Oakmont Ridge
Oakover Circuit
Oakridge Apartments
Oaks Estate
Oaks Estate Road
Oaktree Mews
Oasis for Hair
Oatley Court
Oats Place
Obad Street
Oberon Close
Observatory Apartments
Obstacle course
Ocean Fresh
Octans Close
Octoman Street
Octy Place
Oddie Telescope (1909-2003) observatory ruin
Odern Place
Odgers Lane
Off Ya Tree
Office & Waiting Room
Office Essential
Office of Legislative Drafting and Publishing
Officer Crescent
Officer Place
Officers Mess
Ogden Close
Ogg Place
Ogilby Crescent
Ogilby Terrace
Ogilvie Automotive
Ogilvie Crescent
Ogilvie Place
OK Massage
Oke Street
Olary Street
Old Bus Depot Markets
Old Canberra House
Old Canberra House Tennis Court
Old Canberra Inn
Old Caswell Drive
Old Coach Road
Old Cooma Road
Old Duffy Descent
Old Duffy Descent (A Line)
Old Federal Golf Track
Old Fence Firetrail
Old Gold Mines Road
Old Gundaroo Road
Old Joe Fire Trail
Old Kambah Fire Trail
Old Kambah Trip Track
Old Kowen Road
Old Long Gully Road
Old Pipeline - MTB
Old Quarry Road
Old Quarry Track
Old Residences
Old Street
Old Sydney Road
Old Tip Track
Old Tip Track (Summit Access)

old track

Old Tsr Track
Old Weetangera Road
Old Well Station Road
Old Well Station Track
Oldershaw Court
Oldfield Circuit
Oldfield Road
Oldfields Lane
Oldham Court
Oleander Court
Oleria Street
Olga Masters Street
Olive Place
Oliver Street
Olliff Place
Olney Place
Olympia Motel
Olympus Way
Omonoia Building
On Forbes
On The Rivet
On The Road Again
ONA Coffee House
One Canberra
One Sydney
Onians Place
Onkaparinga Crescent
Only About Children
Onred restaurant
Onslow Court
Onslow Street
Onya Bike
Oodgeroo Avenue
Open Door Clothing Store
Oporto Weston
Opperman Avenue
Optus Centre
Oracle Gym & Pool
Orana Reserve - Dunn Street
Orana Reserve - Longden Way
Orana Steiner School
Orange Bean
Orara Lane
Orchard Place
Orchid & Vine Florist
Orchid Avenue
Orchid Track
Ord Street
Ordell Street
Oriental Bakery Hawker
Oriental Inn
Oriental Terrace
Orion Place
Orkney Place
Ormerod Place
Ormiston Circuit
Ormond Court
Ormond Street
Ormsby Place
Orr Street
Ortloff Place
Osborne Place
Osburn Drive
Osmand Street
Osprey Street
Ossa Place
Oster Place
Otto Terraces
Ottoman Cuisine
Otway Street
Otway Terrace
Ouaida Street
Our Cleaners
Outback Jacks
Outback Street
Outdoor Chapel
Outhwaite Street
Outlook Place
Outreach (Public) Telescope observatory
Oval 1
Oval 4
Oval 5
Oval 6
Oval 7
Oval Number One
Ovens Street
Overall Avenue
Overbury Street
Overflow Street
Overture Hall
Owen Crescent
Owen Dixon Drive
Owen Street
Oxford Quarters
Oxley Court
Oxley Early Learning Centre
Oxley Street
O’Connor Ridge Nature Reserve

P. J. O'Reilly's
Pacific Canberra
Packer Street
Packham Place
Padbury Place
Padbury Street
Paddle steamer Enterprise
Pademelon Street
Padthaway Gardens
Paech Place
Page Oval
Page Place
Page Street
Page Tavern
Paget Street
Pahlman Street
Pain Management
Paint Place
Painter Place
Painter Reservior Track
Paisley Street
Pajong Street
Palace Electric
Palana Place
Palette Cafe
Paling Place
Pallin Street
Palm Court
Palmer Close
Palmer Street
Palmers Grove
Palmerston District Preschool
Palmerston IGA
Palmerston Lane
Palmerston Pizza & Food Bar
Palmerville Village Historic Site
Paloona Place
Pambula Street
Panda Chinese Restaurant
Pandanus Street
Pannamena Crescent
Panshanger Gardens
Panton Street
P.AP. Moran Building
Pape Street
Paperbark Lawn
PappaRich Canberra Centre
Papua New Guinea High Commission
Paquita Street
Paradise Gardens
Paradise Waters
Paragon Court
Parbery Street
Parc Villas
Parer Place
Parer Street
Parilla Street
Park Central
Park Side
Park Street
Park Terrace
Park View
Parker Street
Parkes map
Parkes Place
Parkes Place West
Parkes Way
Parkes Way Onramp
Parkhill Business Centre
Parkhill Street
Parkin Street
Parkinson Street
Parklands Estate
Parkside Court
Parkview at Jacka
Parkview Cafe
Parkview Court
Parkview Crescent
Parkway Motor Inn
Parkwood Road
Parliament Drive
Parnell Place
Parnell Road
Paroo Place
Parr Place
Parramatta Street
Parry Place
Parsley Street
Parsons Street
Partridge Street
Party Line
Party Line Climb
Paschke Place
Pasco Street
Pasley Place
Pasmore Close
Paspaley Street
Pastries on Perry
Patanga Gardens
Patchett Street
Paterick Place
Paterson Parade
Paterson Street
Patey Street
Pathology and Maternity
Patrick Brick Court
Patrick White Circuit
Patten Street
Patterson Hall - RMC HQ
Pattinson Crescent
Paul Coe Crescent
Paul Place
Paul Truebridge Path
Paull Place
Paul’s Centre
Pavilion Avenue
Pavo Place
Pavonia Street
Pawsey Circuit
Payne Place
PCYC Turner
Peace Monument
Peacock Place
Peake Place
Pearce Avenue
Pearce Foodworks
Pearce Neighbourhood Oval
Pearce Street
Pearcey Place
Pearlman Street
Pearse Place
Pearson Place
Pearson Street
Peat Place
Pedder Street
Pedders Suspension
Peden Place
Pedrail Place
Peel Street
Peeler Place
Peg Minty Crescent
Peisley Lane
Peken Place
Pelham Close
Pelham Place
Pelican Grove
Pell Place
Pelle Street
Pellew Street
Pelsart Street
Pemberton Place
Pembroke Terraces
Pemulwuy Street
Pender Street
Pendred Street
Penfold Street
Pennefather Street
Penneshaw Gardens
Penney Place
Penny University
Penrhyn House
Penrhyn Street
Pentland Street
Penton Place
Peony Place
People Bank
Pepe’s Paperie
Pepper Lunch
Pepper Place
Peppercorn Way
Peppered Prawn
Peppermint Grove
Peppers Gallery Hotel
Peppin Place
Peppin Terrace
Pera Place
Perch Street
Percival Court
Percival Hill Fire Trail
Percival Street
Percy Begg Circuit
Percy Crescent
Percy Douglas Lane
Perier Place
Periscope Place
Perkins Place
Perricoota Gardens
Perry Drive
Persian Walnut Road
Perth Avenue
Perunga Rise
Pescott Lane
Peter Baume Building
Peter Cullen Way
Peter Karmel Building
Peter Yorke Building
Peters Street
Petersilka Street
Pethard Road
Pethebridge Street
Petherick Street
Petre Place
Petre Street
Petria Thomas Walk
Petrie Plaza
Petrie Street
Petterd Street
Pettifer Place
Pettit Place
Peugeot Of Canberra
Pewsey Vale Court
Phantom Street
Pharmacy Health
Pharmacy House
Phat Burger Cafe
Phelan Place
Phelp Court
Philip Hodgins Street
Philip Place
Phillimore Place
Phillip Antiques
Phillip Avenue
Phillip Coin-op Laundry
Phillip Fire Station
Phillip Gardens
Phillip Head Services
Phillip Law Street
Phillip Oval
Phillip Radiator Service
Phillip Swimming and Ice Skating Centre
Phillipa Weeks Street
Phillips Place
Phillis Place
Philp Place
Phippard Court
Phipps Close
Phipson Street
Pho Hub
Pho Phu Quoc
Phoenix Place
Phyllis Ashton Circuit
Phyllis Frost Street
Physics Building
Physics Lecture Theatre
Physics Link Building
Pialligo Avenue
Pickering Street
Pickles Auctions Canberra
Pickles Street
Pickup Close
Pickworth Street
Picton Close
Piddington Street
Pieman Crescent
Piesse Place
Pigdon Place
Pigot Street
Piguenit Close
Piitt Street
Pike Place
Pikler Rise
Pilates Canberra
Pilbara Place
Pildappa Street
Pilgrim House
Pilgrim Poles
Pill Place
Pillar Place
Pilliga Street
Pindari Crescent
Pindari Gardens
Pine Grove
Pine Place
Pine Vale
Pinefield Court
Pink Place
Pinkerton Circuit
Pinkerton Court
Pinkstone Place
Pinnacle Central Track
Pinnacles Street
Pinnaroo Street
Pinner Place
Pinoak Place
Pinterry Place
Pinto Court
Pinto Villas
Pioneer Street
Pipe Flat
Pipeclay Street
Pipeline Track
Piper Street
Pipistrelle Street
Pirani Place
Pirie Street
Pistachio Dining
Pistol Australia
Pita Pit
Pitcairn Street
Pitch Black
Pither Close
Pitman Street
Pitt Place
Pixie Lane
Pizza Artigiana
Pizza Bar
Pizza Capers
Pizza Gusto
Pizza Hut
PJ O'Reillys
Plan B - MTB
Plant Road
Platt Place
Platypus Court
Platypus Place
Play School - MTB
Playfair Place
Playoust Place
Pleasance Place
Plimsoll Drive
Plowman Place
Plummer Street
Plumwood Street
Plunkett Street
Poate Street
Pobje Lane
Pockley Close
Pod Playground
Podium Way
Poets Lane
Pohlman Street
Point Cook Avenue
Pokana Circuit
Polilight Street
Polish White Eagle Club
Pollack Street
Pollen Cafe
Pollock Street
Polwarth Circuit
Pomeroy Street
Ponsford Place
Pony Lane
Pooch Hoot - MTB
Poole Place
Pooley Street
Poolside Cool Pools of Canberra
Pope Street
Popes Electrical & Data Supplies
Poplar Crescent
Pork Barrel
Port Arthur Street
Port Jackson Apartments
Port Jackson Circuit
Porter Street
Portias Place
Portrait Café
Portsea Field
Portsmouth Avenue
Portus Place
Postle Circuit
Pot Belly
Potoroo Street
Potters Lane
Potts Place
Pound Street
Powell Field
Powell Street
Powell’s Stockfeeds
Power Line Link Track
Power Line Track

power line track

Power Street
Powerline East Track
Powerline Firetrail
Powerline Trail
Powerline West Track
Powers Place
Powlett Street
Powley Street
Pownall Street
Poyitt Street
Poynton Street
Praed Place
Pratt Place
Pre-school unit
Precision Engineering Centre
Preiss Place
Prell Place
Prendergast Street
Prescott Street
Preston Street
Prevost Place
Price Place
Priceline Pharmacy
Priddle Street
Pride Auto Accessories
Pridham Street
Priestley Place
Prime Minister's Lodge
Prime Television Broadcast Centre
Primmer Court
Prince Palace Chinese
Pring Place
Pringle Street
Prink Hairdressing
Printers Way
Prior Place
Pro Hart Avenue
Proby Place
Proctor Street
Propsting Street
Proserpine Circuit
Prospect Court
Prostyle Building
Proud Place
Proud Street
Proust Place
Prout Place
Provan Street
Provis Place
Provost Stump Road
Pryton Close
PSW Schoolwear
Psychiatric Services Unit
Public Place
Pudney Street
Pulleine Crescent
Pullen Street
Pulp Kitchen
Punch Place
Punyibah Street
Purdie Street
Purdue Street
Pure Oxygen Cafe
Purser Street
Putt Lane
Pye Laboratories
Pye Place
Pyke Place

Quaife Place
Quain Street
Quale Gardens
Quality Hotel Dickson
Quality Hotel Woden
Quamby Place
Quandong Street
Quarry Road
Quarry Track
Quarry Track Loop (East)
Quayle Place
Que Lane
Queanbeyan Ambulance Station
Queanbeyan and District Historical Museum
Queanbeyan Bowling Club
Queanbeyan City Council Library
Queanbeyan Court House
Queanbeyan East
Queanbeyan East Primary
Queanbeyan Fire Station
Queanbeyan High School
Queanbeyan Hospital
Queanbeyan Indoor Sports Centre
Queanbeyan Police Station
Queanbeyan Pool
Queanbeyan Post Shop
Queanbeyan Printing Museum
Queanbeyan Public School
Queanbeyan Racecourse
Queanbeyan RFS station
Queanbeyan River Trail
Queanbeyan Riverside Caravan Park
Queanbeyan South Primary School
Queanbeyan Visitor Information Centre
Queanbeyan West
Queen Elizabeth Terrace
Queen Victoria Terrace
Queenbar Road
Quenda Close
Questacon Technology Learning Centre
Quick & Go
Quick Street
Quilpie Crescent
Quinane Avenue
Quince & Almond
Quinlivan Crescent
Quinn Street
Quiros Street
Quist Place
Quokka Pavilion
Quokka Street
Quoll Place
Quong Tart Avenue
Quons Kitchen

R Alinga Street
R Canberra
R Canberra Railway Museum
R Dickson Interchange
R Elouera Street
R EPIC and Racecourse
R Ipima Street
R Macarthur Avenue
R Nullarbor Avenue
R Phillip Avenue
R Queanbeyan
R Swinden Street
R Well Station Drive
R&R Fabricare
R2 Cafe
Rabaul Lane
Radford College
Radford College Rowing Club
Radford FT
Radiata Road
Rae Street
Rafferty Street
Rag Holmes Street
Ragless Circuit
Railway Avenue
Railway Street
Rainbow Motel
Rainbow Place
Raine Place
Rainforest Gully
Rainforest Walk
Raisbeck Rise
Raiwalla Court
Rake Hoe
Ramage Place
Rama’s Restaurant
Ramsay Place
Randall Close
Randell Street
Randwick Road
Ranken Loop
Ranken Place
Rankin Street
Rankine Place
Raoul Place
Raoul Wallenberg
Rapanea Street
Raphael Close
Rapke Place
Rasa Sayang
Rason Place
Rasp Street
Ratcliffe Crescent
Rats of Tobruk Memorial
Rattigan Street
Raw Place
Rawlings Place
Raws Crescent
Rawson Street
Ray Ellis Crescent
Rayment Place
Raymond Place
Raymond Street
Rayner Place
Rayner Road
Read Place
Real Estate House
Real Place
Rechelle Hawkes Place
Rechner Place
Reconciliation Place
Recovery and Swimming Centre
Recyclery ANU Bike Co-Op
Recycling Circuit
Recycling Road
Red Brick Espresso
Red Cedars Motel
Red Centre Garden
Red Chilli Sichuan
Red Cross House
Red Cross Shop
Red Hill
Red Hill Drive
Red Hill Lookout
Red Hill Post Office
Red Hill Primary - Pre-School
Red Rocks Gorge
Red Rooster
Redbank Street
Redcliffe Street
Reddall Close
Redfern Street
Redford Gardens
Redgrave Place
Redruth Street
Redshaw Street
Redwater Place
Redwood Avenue
Reece Plumbing Centre
Reed Street North
Reed Street South
Rees Place
Reeve Close
Reeves Street
Reformed Church of Canberra
Refshauge Crescent
Reg Saunders Way
Regatta Point Lookout
Regelia Court
Regency Square
Regent Drive
Regent Terrace
Rehfisch Close
Reibey Place
Reid Court
Reid Park
Reid Place
Reid Pre School
Reid Tennis Club
Reliance Street
Remembrance Park
Remi Food & Wine Bar
Renal Home Therapies
Rene Street
Renfree Street
Renmark Street
Rennie Street
Renny Place
Renouf Street
Rentoul Place
Renwick Street
Repertory Lane
Resch Lane
Research and Research Training Office
Research Library of the National Museum of Australia
Research School of Chemistry
Reserve Bank of Australia
Reservoir Fire Trail
Reservoir Link Track
Reservoir Ridge FT
Rest area
Reuther Place
Reuther Street
Reveley Crescent
Revill Place
Revolution CD
Reynell Place
Reynolds Street
Reynolds Telescope (1924-2003) observatory
R.G. Menzies Library
RG Menzies Walk
Rheinberger Centre & St Peter Chanel’s Church
Rhodes Place
Ricardo Street
Ricardo's Cafe
Rice Place
Ricetta Cafe
Rich Place
Rich Street
Richard Avenue
Richards Street
Richardson Building
Richardson Street
Richman Place
Richmond Avenue
Richmond Place
Richmond Street
Richter Close
Rickard Place
Rickards Street
Rickerby Street
Rickman Street
Riddel's Curse
Riddell Court
Ridding Street
Ridge Townhouses
Ridge Trail

ridge walk

Ridgeway Road
Ridley Street
Rienits Place
Rigby Street
Rigel Place
Riggall Place
Riley Close
Riley Place
Rimmer Street
Rinegolde Park
Ringarooma Circle
Ringrose Crescent
Riordan Street
Rischbieth Crescent
Risdon Place
Rise and Shine Canberra Cafe
Risson Street
Ritchie Place
Ritchie Street
River Drive
River Kwai
River Road
River Street
Rivers SES
Rivers Street
Rivers Volunteer Rural Fire Brigade
Riversdale Court
Riverside Lane
Riverside Plaza
Riverview Cottage
Rivett Grove
Rivett Newsagency
Rivett Oval
Rivett Place
Rivett Street
Rivett Street Track
RMC Cafe Duntroon
RMC Museum
Roarty Street
Robe Street
Robert Campbell Road
Robert Comb Gardens
Robert Klippel
Robert Menzies
Roberts Street
Robertson Street
Robinia Place
Robinson Street
Robson Street
Robyn D. Elliot Homoeopath
Rochford Street
Rock Garden
Rock Music
Rock Xylophone
Rocklands Street
Rockley Dog Park
Rockley Oval
Rockley Parade
Rockwood Street
Roden Cutler Drive
Roderick Street
Rodway Street
Roe Street
Roebuck Street
Rogan Street
Roger Bartholomew
Rogers Street
Rohan Rivett Crescent
Rolfe Classic
Rolfe Motors
Rolfe Place
Rolfe Subaru
Rolland Place
Rolls Choice
Rolls Street
Rollston Street
Rolph Place
Roma Mitchell Crescent
Roman Catholic Church
Ron Hoy Street
Ron Reynolds Training Centre
Ronald Walker Street
Roni Ellis Lane
Roof Rack City
Rooney Place
Rooth Place
Roper Place
Rosanna Street
Rosary Primary School
Rose Cottage
Rose Court
Rose Place
Rosebery Street
Roseby Street
Rosedale Gardens
Rosedale Park
Rosella Street
Rosenberg Street
Rosenthal Street
Rosevear Place
Rosewood Estate
Rosewood Glen
Rosewood Park
Rosewood Place
Roseworthy Crescent
Rosman Circuit
Ross Road
Ross Smith Crescent
Ross Street
Rossarden Street
Rossell Place
Rossi Place
Rosson Place
Rotary Cottage
Rothera Street
Roti House Malaysian
Roughley Place
Rounsevell Street
Rous Crescent
Rouse Place
Rouseabout Street
Rowallan Place
Rowan Street
Rowatt Lane
Rowe Place
Rowell Place
Rowland House
Rowland Rees Crescent
Rowland Street
Rowley Place
Rowley Road
Rowntree Crescent
Roxburgh Street
Roy Corrigan Close
Royal Australian Air Force Memorial
Royal Australian Mint
Royal Australian Navy Memorial
Royal Canberra Hospital memorial
Royal Danish Embassy
Royal Embassy of Cambodia
Royal Hotel
Royal Life Saving House
Royal Military College
Royal Norwegian Embassy
Royal Regiment of Australia Artillery Memorial
Royal Thai Embassy
Royale Travels
Rubbo Crescent
Rubeo Street
Rubicon Restaurant
Rubicon Street
Rubin Place
Rubinstein Street
Rubuntja Street
Ruby Chinese
Ruby Hunter Rise
Ruby Vale Gardens
Ruchi South Indian Cuisine
Ruckus Expresso Bar & Cafe
Rudall Street
Rudd Street
Rudd Street Centre
Rudder Place
Rufus Place
Rule Street
Rumbelow Court
Rumker Place
Rundle Place
Rupp Place
Rural and Remote Health
Rural Health
Rusden Place
Rusden Street
Ruse Street
Russell Drive
Russell Hill Early Learning Centre
Russell Place
Russell Street
Rusten Street
Rusty Robertson Place
Ruth Alsop Lane
Ruth Bedford Street
Ruth Dobson Street
Rutherford Crescent
Ruthven Street
Rutledge Place
Rutledge Street
Ruwoldt Place
Ryan Street
Ryder Place
Rydges Capital Hill
Rydges Lakeside
Rylah Crescent
Ryle Place
Rylstone Crescent
Rymill Place
Ryrie Street

S Gungahlin Place
S Manning Clark North
S Mapleton Avenue
Sabine Close
Sachse Place
Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School
Saddle World
Saddlers Lane
Sadleir Place
Sadlier Street
Saigon Bakery Mawson
Saigon Restaurant
Sainsbury Street
Saint Demetrios
Saint Germain
Saint John the Apostle
Saint Josephs Catholic
Saint Josephs Primary
Saint Mark
Saint Mark Church
Saint Nicholas
Saint Peter and Paul Catholic Church
Saitara Thai
Sakyamuni Buddhist Centre
Salamander Court
Salcole Street
Sale Place
Salem Childrens Centre
Salisbury Street
Salkauskas Crescent
Salmon Place
Salmond Street
Salomons Place
Salsola Street
Salt Apartments
Saltbush Street
Salter Place
Salvado Place
Salvation Army
Salvation Army Canberra City Temple
Salvation Army Gungahlin
Salvation Army Hall
Salzer Street
Samaria Street
Sambell Place
Sammy's Kitchen
Sampson Close
Samson Place
Samuels Court
Samuels Crescent
Sanamere Street
Sandakan memorial
Sandalwood Street
Sanderson Close
Sandes Place
Sandford Street
Sandover Circuit
Sands Place
Sanford Place
Sanger Street
Sangster Place
Santa Barbara Court
Santa Fe
Santalum Street
Santospirito Street
Santry Place
Sapling Street
Sarah Street
Saraton Building
Sargeant Place
Sargood Street
Sarre Street
Sarson Street
Sassafras Crescent
Sassy Hair
Satay Kitchen
Satchell Place
Saunders Street
Savery Street
Savige Place
Savige Street
Savigny Place
Saville Close
Savings House
Savo Road
Saw Place
Sawmill Circuit
Sax Place
Saxby Close
Sayce Place
Sayer Place
Saywell Place
Scaddan Place
Scarborough House
Scarborough Street
Scarlett Street
Scattergood Place
Schaffer Place
Schauer Lane
Scherger Drive
Schey Place
Scheyville Oval
Schinckel Place
Schlam Place
Schlich Street
Schlink Place
Schoales Place
Schomburgk Street
Schonell Circuit
School of Art
School of Art Library
School of Business
School of Engineering & Information Technology
School of Humanities and Social Sciences
School of Languages and International Education
School of Music Library
School of Physical, Environmental & Mathematical Sciences
Schoolhouse Lane
Schow Place
Schubert Place
Schuler Place
Schutt Street
Schwarz Place
Science Central Building
Science Road
Scobie Place
Scoble Place
Scochelle Park
Scollay Street
Scoop Wholefoods
Scotford Street
Scott Street
Scotts Boundary Track
Scotts Crossing
Scottsdale Street
Scout Hall
Scouts ACT Branch Office
Scouts Art Centre
Scratchley Place
Scrivener Building
Scrivener Dam Lookout
Scrivener Street
Scullin Gardens
Scullin Oval
Scullin Place
Sculpted Form
Sculptor Street
Sculpture Garden Restaurant
Scurry Street
Seaborn Place
Seafood Fresko
Seahorse Street
Seal Place
Searle Place
Seasalt Dining
Seated Lady
Seaver Street
Sebastian Court
Seccombe Place
Seddon Place
See Place
Seek & Find
Seekamp Street
Seery Street
Seiffert Oval
Seitz Place
Selby Place
Selection Street
Selema Court
Selfe Street
Sellbach Street
Selleck Street
Sellheim Avenue
Sellwood Street
Selwyn Street
Senate Tennis Courts
Senger Lane
Sentry Crescent
Seoul & Ko
Serenity on Gould
Sergents Mess
Serpentine Street
Serra Place
Serventy Street
Service One
Service Street
Services Road
Settlement Drive
Seventh-Day Adventist Church
Severne Crescent
Severne Street
Sew Simple
Sewell Place
Sexton Street
Seymour Place
SG Fleet

sgfleet House

Shabby Attic
Shackell Place
Shackleton Circuit
Shackleton Park
Shain Place
Shakespeare Crescent
Shand Place
Shandon Place
Shane Kelly Walk
Shanghai Dumpling House
Shann Place
Shannon Circuit
Shannon Grove
Shapiro Street
Shara Place
Sharland Place
Sharp Place
Sharwood Crescent
Shaw Living
Shaw Place
She-Oak Place
Shea Street
Sheaffe Street
Shearer Place
Shedden Street
Sheedy Lane
Sheehan Street
Sheehy Street
Shell Coles
Shellshear Place
Shenton Crescent
Shepherd Court
Shepherd Street
Shepherd's Lookout walking track
Shepherdson Place
Sheppard Street
Sheraton Court
Sherbrooke Street
Sheridan Park
Sherlock Street
Sherratt Place
Sherwin Place
Sherwood Gardens
Shewcroft Street
Shiels Place
Shiers Place
Shiga Street
Shine Dome
Shingleback Street
Shipard Place
Shirley Street
Shirlow Place
Shirra Close
Shoalhaven Avenue
Shoalhaven Villas
Shogun Teppanyaki
Sholl Place
Shoobridge Circuit
Shore Place
Shore View
Short Place
Shortland Crescent
Shorty's Hippo Co Live Jazz
Shout Place
Shred X
Shrivell Circuit
Shropshire Street
Shumack Street
Siam Senses
Siam Twist Restaurant & Cafe
Sibosado Street
Sidaway Street
SievX Memorial
Silkway International Persian & Oriental Carpets
Silky Oak Circle
Silva Avenue
Silver Fox Bar and Grill
Silver Gums
Simmie Place
Simmons Place
Simon Place
Simonetti Street
Simons Close
Simpson Optometry
Simpson Street
Sims Place
Simson Place
Sin Yau Garden
Sinclair Street
Singleton Crescent
Singleton Gardens
Sinnett Place
Sip Coffee Bar
Sir Harold Raggatt Drive
Sir Otto Frankel Building
Sir Roland Wilson Building
Sir Victor Smith Oval
Siren Bar & Restaurant
Sirius Building
Sirius Cafe
Sirius Place
Siroset Close
Sisely Street
Site for the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran
Sitwell Street
Sizzle Cafe
Skardon Street
Skeats Street
Skene Street
Skermer Street
Skertchly Place
Skewes Street
Skinner Street
Skipper Close
Skirving Place
Skuta Place
Sky Plaza
Sladen Place
Slant 6
Slater Place
Slaven Mazda
Sleepy Hollow
Sleigh Place
Slessor Crescent
Slick Rock
Slight Place
Sliprail Street
Sloane Place
Slovenian Club
Slowey Place
Sly Place
Small Place
Smalley Circuit
Smart Place
Smith Street
Smiths Alternative Bookshop
Smitten Kitten
Smooth Sailing
Smorgon Street
Smyth Place
Snake Park
Snapper Crescent
Snodgrass Crescent
Snowball Place
Snowden Place
Snowgum Place
Snowy Place
Soccer Players
Society of Christ
Socks Trail
Soi-8 Thai on Griffith
Solace Creations
Solander Place
Solar Village

solarhub ACT Netball Centre

Solartint Window Tinting Specialists
Solly Place
Sollya Place
Solomon Crescent
Solomon Islands High Commission
Solong Street
Solus Place
Somercotes Court
Somers Crescent
Somerset Park
Somerset Street
Somerville Street
Sommerlad Place
Sonder Close
Song Canteen
Sophia Street
Sorell Street
Sorlie Place
Soroptimist Point
Sorrell Place
Sorrento Court
Soul Patterson Chemist
Sound Pillar
Soundy Close
Soutar Place
Souter Place
South Bowl
South Break
South Canberra
South Canberra Netball Association
South Lawn Avenue
South Oval
South Queen Place
South Road
South Science Road
South Tip FT access
Southam Place
Southbar Road
Southcott View
Southee Place
Southern Avenue
Southern Break
Southern Cross Apartments
Southern Cross Club
Southern Cross Drive
Southern Cross Early Childhood School
Southern Cross House
Southern Cross Pitch 'n' Putt
Southern Cross Stadium
Southern Cross Village Garran

southern traverse

Southside Community Services
Southwell Park
Southwell Place
Southwell Street
Sovereign Hill
Soward Way
Sowden Street
Space 2
Spafford Crescent
Spain Place
Spalding Street
Spanish Australian Club Inc.
SPAR Forde
Spar Supermarket
Sparkes Close
Speaker’s Square
Spears Place
Spec Place
Spence - Belconnen (Community Bus Station) via Melba & Florey
Spence - Tuggeranong (Bus Station) via Melba, Florey, Belconnen, City & Woden
Spence Musalla
Spence Place
Spencer Street
Spendelove Street
Spensley Place
Sphinx Street
Spica Street
Spice Corner
Spice Of Life
Spice World
Spider Hill Track
Spiers Place
Spigl Street
Spin Doctor
Spinifex Street
Spinnaker Island
Spintex Street
Spirit Levels
Spit Shack
Spitfire Avenue
Splayd Close
Spoering Street
Spofforth Street
Spongolite Street
Sport and Recreation Centre
Sport Science and Sports Medicine
Sporting Shooters Association of Australia Shooting Complex
Sports Centre and Pool
Sports Union Extension
Sports Visitor Centre
SportsCare and Physiotherapy
Spowers Circuit
Sprent Street
Spring Garden Chinese Restaurant
Spring Valley Court
Spring Way
Springbank Island
Springbank Rise Dog Park
Springbank Rise Playground
Springbett Street
Springfield Court
Springvale Court
Springvale Drive
Springvale Gardens
Springvale Track
Sproule Circuit
Spry Place
Squire Place
SRES Geography Building
SSAA Club Room
St Aidans Court
St Andrews Court
St Anthony’s Parish Primary
St Augustine's Catholic Church
St Barnabas, Charnwood
St Bede's Primary School
St Benedict's Primary School
St Benedicts
St Bridgid's Church
St Christophers
St Christopher’s Cathedral
St Clair Place
St Clare's College
St Davids Close
St Edmund's College
St Francis Xavier College
St George
St. George
St George Bank
St George’s
St Gregory's Primary School
St John Ambulance Australia (ACT)
St John Crescent
St John Paul II College
St John The Apostle Primary
St John Vianney's Primary School
St Johns Anglican Church
St Johns Schoolhouse Museum
St Jude's Primary School
St Judes Church
St. Kliment of Ohrid
St Lukes Anglican Church
St Margaret's Uniting Church
St Mark's National Theological Centre
St Matthew's Catholic Church
St Matthew's Primary School
St Michael's
St Michaels Primary School
St Monica's
St Monica's Primary School
St Ninian’s Uniting Church
St Patrick's Roman Catholic Church
St Paul's Ginninderra Anglican Church
St Peter's
St Peters
St Peters Memorial
St. Philip's
St Simons
St Stephens Anglican Church
St Thomas Aquinas Primary School
St Thomas More's Primary School
St. Thomas the Apostle
St Vincent De Paul
St Vincent de Paul
St Vincent de Paul Society Shop
St Vincent's Primary School
St Volodymyr’s Church
STA Travel
Staaten Crescent
Stacy Street
Stadium Fire Trail
Stadium FT
Staff Cadet Avenue
Staffordshire Terraces
Stan Davey Rise
Stanbury Close
Stand By Me
Standbridge Place
Stanfield Close
Stanford Terrace
Stang Place
Stanley Park
Stanley Street
Stanner Circuit
Stantke Place
Stapley Court
Stapylton Street
Star Close
Star Kebab House
Star Mart
Starke Street
Starlight Apartments
Starling Place
Starritt Place
StarTrack Express
State Circle
Statesman Hotel
Station Stop Cafe
Statton Street
Staughton Place
Staverton Place
Stawell Street
Stedman Place
Steel Place
Steele Street

steep climb

Steep Fire Trail
Steep Street
Steffanoni Circuit
Stein Place
Steinfeld Court
Steinwedel Street
Stella Place
Stenhouse Close
Step Track
Stephen Hodge Criterium Cycling Circuit
Stephen House
Stephen Street
Stephens Place
Stephens Road
Stepping out…
Sternberg Crescent
Sterry Place
Steve Irwin Avenue
Stevens Break
Stevenson Street
Stewart Crescent
Sticht Place
Stieglitz Circuit
Stiles Automotive
Still Street
Stillwell Place
Stirling Avenue
Stirling Childcare & Education Centre
Stirling Ground Four
Stirling Ground One
Stirling Ground Three
Stirling Ground Two
Stitches of Canberra
Stitch’n Time
Stivens Lane
StMary MacKillop College Wanniassa Campus
Stobie Place
Stockade Training Centre
Stockdale Street
Stockdill Drive
Stockman Avenue
Stockyard Creek Park
Stokes Street
Stone Fort
Stone Place
Stonehaven Circuit
Stonehaven Crescent
Stonehouse Street
Stonewall Cafe
Stonor Place
Stopford Crescent
Stops Place
Storey Gardens
Storey Street
Storkey Place
Stornaway Road
Story Place
Stott Street
Stow Place
Stowport Avenue
Strachan Place
Stradbroke Street
Strahan Row
Straight, No Chaser
Stralia Place
Strangways Street
Strathnairn Arts Community
Strathnairn Homestead
Strathnairn Place
Strathnairn The Link
Strayleaf Crescent
Street Place
Street Theatre
Streeton Drive
Strehlow Place
Stretton Crescent
Strickland Crescent
Stride Lane
Stringybark Bushland Reserve
Stringybark Drive
Strom Street
Stromlo Cottage
Stromlo Crescent
Stromlo Equestrian Centre
Stromlo Forest Park Pavillion
Stromlo Gardens
Stromlo High School
Stromlo Leisure Centre
Stromlo Park
Stromlo Pipeline Road
Stromlo Place
Stromlo Terrace
Strong Place
Stroud Gardens
Stroud Place
Strzelecki Crescent
Strzelecki Place
Sts Peter & Paul Primary School
Stuart O’Grady Street
Stuart Street
Stuckey Place
Studio Moda
Studley Street
Stumm Place
Stump Jump Crescent
Sturdee Crescent
Sturgess Place
Sturt Avenue
Stutchbury Street
Stutt Street
Styles Place
Styles Street
Styx Close
Suchi Bay
Sudradjat Street
Sue Geh Circuit
Sue's Kitchen
Sugarloaf Circle
Sullivan Crescent
Sullivans Creek Road
Sully Place
Sulman Place
Sulwood Actew Track
Sulwood Drive
Sulwood Fire Trail
Summerfield Close
Summerland Circuit
Summers Place
Summerville Crescent
Summit Apartments
Summit Fire Trail
Summit Fitness Equipment
Summit Track
Sumner Place
Sumo Salad
Sun Doo
Suncorp Bank
Suncorp Woden
Sundew Crescent
Sundown Drive
Sunnybar Parade
Sunshine Loop
Super D
Superfine Cafe
Supply Place
Suraci Place
Surprize Place
Surveyor Place
Surveyor Street
Surveyor’s Hut
Sustainability Street
Sutcliffe Street
Sutton Place
Sutton Primary School
Sutton Road
Suttor Street
Swagman Street
Swain Street
Swainsona Street
Swallow Street
Swallowtail Road
Swan Asian Grocery
Swan Place
Swans Place
Sweet Bones Vegan Cafe
Sweet Place
Sweetgum Place
Swift Place
Swinden Street
Swinger Hill
Swinney Street
Swoop - MTB
Sycamore Street
Sydney Avenue
Sydney Building
Sydney Region Flora
Sykes Place
Sylvia Curley Road
Syme Crescent
Symers Street
Symonds Street
Symons Street
Symonston Correctional Centre
Symphony Park
Synergy Apartments
Synergy Building
Syron Place
Szilassi Polyhedron

Tabbara Crescent
Taber Place
Tadgell Place
Taggart Terrace
Taggerty Street
Tait Place
Taj Agra
Taj Agra Indian & Pakistani
Tak Kee Roast Inn
Talbot Street
Tall Trees
Tall Trees Canberra
Tall Trees Park
Tallara Parkway
Talpa Road
Tamar Street
Tamar Track
Tamarac Gardens
Tamarind Place
Tambo Street
Tamborine Close
Tambreet Street
Tana Place
Tanami Street
Tanda Place
Tanderra Crescent
Tandy Close
Tangari Street
Tange Place
Tangles Hair Design
Tank Street
Tankee Place
Tanner Place
Tantalum Street
Tantangara Street
Tanumbirini Street
Taplin Place
Taplow Street
Tarago Place
Tarana Street
Tardent Street
Taree Gardens
Tari Close
Tarilta Court
Tarling Street
Taronga Place
Taroona Place
Tarquine Hair Salon
Tarra Glade
Tarra Place
Tarrabool Street
Tarraleah Crescent
Tarrant Crescent
Tasker Place
Tasman Place
Tasman Terraces
Tasmania Circle
Tasuke Japanese Noodle Place
Tate Street
Tattersall Crescent
Taubman Street
Tauchert Street
Tauss Place
Taverner Street
Tay Street
Taylor Court
Taylor Horse Paddock Road
Taylor Horse Track
Taylor Place
Taylor Primary School
Taylor Street
Taylor View
Tazé Mediterranean Cuisine
Tazewell Circuit
Tea Gardens
Tea Tree Close
Teachers Mutual Bank
Teague Street
Teak Place
Teakle Place
Tebbutt Place
Ted Richards Street
Teddybears Childcare Centre
Ted’s Camera Shop
Teece Place
Teesdale Place
Telecom Trail
Telfer Street
Telita Street
Telopea Park
Telopea Park School
Telopea Place
Telstra Exchange
Telstra Mawson Exchange
Temora Place
Tempe Crescent
Temperley Street
Temple Gate
Temple Terrace
Templeton Street
Tench Street
Tennant Place
Tennant Street
Tennyson Crescent
Tennyson Drive
Tepper Circuit
Terang Gardens
Terewah Circuit
Terminal Avenue
Terminal Avenue Lower
Terminal Avenue Upper
Terminal Velocity (Stromlo Pipeline Rd)
Terra Fima
Terrara Close
Terrigal Crescent
Terry Close
Terry Connolly Street
Terry White Chemists
Tesselaar Street
Thadoona Street
Thai Chiang Rai
Thai Cornar
Thai Garden
Thai Spice
Thake Place
Tharwa Road
That Gelato Place
The 'One' Hub
The Ambassador
The Anglican Church of St Alban The Martyr
The ANU School of Art Gallery
The Archer
The Astin Apartments
The Astor
The Astronomer
The Avenue
The Baker at Sutton
The Banc
The Basement
The Bentley
The Berwick
The Bike Track
The Billington
The Birdwalk
The Blue Olive
The Boat House by the Lake
The Bowery
The Bradfield
The Brewery Room
The Bridge
The Brother's Oven
The Butcher Shop
The Canadian Flagpole
The Canberra Church
The Canberra College
The Canberra Hospital
The Cartridge Factory
The Causeway
The Cedars
The Chair Guys
The Charcoal Restaurant
The Civic Pub
The Clock Doc
The Coffee Grounds Cafe
The Conservatory
The Corner
The Courtyard Cafe
The Crescent
The Crest
The Creswell Residences
The Cupping Room
The Cyclery
The Daily Grind
The Deck

the descent

The Domain
The Dowling Apartments
The Elms
The Embassy of Democratic People's Republic of Algeria
The Empire Apartments
The Entrance
The Establishment
The Fairways
The Farm
The Fish Shack
The Flash
The Flute Bakery
The Four
The Freycinet
The Front Cafe and Gallery
The G Spot
The Gables
The Galilee School
The Gallery
The Garden
The Gardens
The Gardens @ Fadden
The Gateway
The Gideons International in Australia National Office
The Glass House Cafe
The Glebe
The Gods @ Hedley Bull
The Good Guys
The Grange
The Green Shed
The Green Underground Shed
The Griffin
The Gumnut Cafe
The Hangar
The Havens
The Heights
The Henry
The Heritage
The Hermitage
The Hideout
The Holford
The Hub
The Hungry Buddha
The Jamieson Apartments

the Jerra Fine Asian Cuisine

The Juice Kitchen
The Kennedy
The Knox made in Watson
The Labyrinth
The Link Fire Trail
The Links
The Lloyd
The Lobby
The Lonsdale Centre
The Mawson Club
The Metropolitan
The Mews
The Mill House Cafe
The Monet
The Mountain
The Music Learning Centre
The National
The Nut Shoppe
The Oaks
The Pancake Parlour
The Park
The Pedlar
The Pier
The Pines
The Pines Avenue
The Pinnacle Notice Board
The Playhouse
The Prickly Poodle
The Prince
The Promenade
The Promontory
The Q
The Ride Shop
The Ridge
The Ridge Restaurant
The Ridgeway
The Runners Shop
The Saffron Room
The Salvation Army National Secretariat
The Sanctuary
The Scar Dogpark
The Senator
The Shearing Shed
The Shores
The spine
The Spot Kiosk
The Stables
The Strand
The Street Theater
The Terrace
The Thai House
The Torquay
The Vail
The Valley Avenue
The Valley Homestead
The Vanguard
The Verge
The Village Cabins
The Village Well Monument
The Waterfront
The Wattle Snack Bar
The Willo Link
The Woden School
The Yarralumla Gallery and The Oaks Brasserie
The York
Thea Astley Crescent
Theatre 3
Themeda Place
Theo's Ainslie Take Away
Theodore Street
Theo’s Takeaway
Therkelsen Lane
Thermopylae Lane
Therry Place
Therton Place
Thesiger Court
Thesiger House
Thiele Gardens
Thips Thai
Thirriwirri Street
Thistle Lane
Thom Crescent
Thomas Charles George Weston
Thomas Place
Thomas Royal Gardens
Thomson Street
Thorn Place
Thornhill Crescent
Thornley Place
Thornton Place
Thornton Road
Thoroughbred Park
Thorpe Avenue
Thorpe Street
Thozet Place
Threlfall Street
Threlkeld Lane
Thring Place
Thring Street
Throsby Close
Throsby Court
Throsby Crescent
Throsby Lane
Throssell Street
Thunder Circuit
Thurbon Road
Thurlow Place
Thurralilly Street
Thwaites Crescent
Thynne Street
Tia Close
Tiegs Place
Tien Vietnamese
Tiernan Place
Tilden Place
Tilley Devine's Cafe
Tilley Place
Tillyard Drive
Timbarra Crescent
Timber Top
Timboram Street
Timbs Street
Time Capsule
Time Hair Design
Times Square
Timmys Kitchen
Timor-Leste Road
Tinaroo Place
Tindal Lane
Tindale Street
Tinderry Circuit
Tinetti Close
Tingha Place
Tinline Place
Tinsmith Lane
Tip FT
Tipiloura Street
Tipper Place
Tippett Street
Tipping Place
Tipsy Bull
Tiptree Crescent
Tishler Street
Titanga Court
Titheradge Place
Titus Place
Tivey Place
Tiwi Place
TK Maxx
TLC Cycles
Toad Hall
Tobermorey Place
Tobin Place
Tobruk Road
Tocal Court
Tocumwal Lane
Todd Street
Todd Woodbridge Place
Toft Street
Tokara Street
Toll Transport
Tolmer Place
Tom Bass Terrace
Tom Nicholas Crescent
Tom Place
Tom Price Street
Tomasetti Crescent
Tommy & Me
Tompsitt Court
Tompsitt Drive
Tompson Street
Toms Crescent
Toner Street
Tong Place
Tonic Espresso
Toohey Place
Toolagal Place
Toolambi Street
Toole Place
Tooma Place
Toomey Place
Tooms Place
Toona Place
Toorale Terrace
Tooroonga Crescent
Tooth Street
Top Bargains
Top Cat Upholstery & Interiors
Top of the Kent
Top Shop
Toppano Street
Topra Street
Torpy Place
Torrens Community Hall
Torrens Court
Torrens Early Learning Centre
Torrens Houses Fire Trail
Torrens Place
Torrens Primary School
Torrens Street
Torrens Tennis Club
Torrens/Pearce Newsagency
Torres Street
Toscan Dinn Funerals
Totara Road
Totem poles
Totom House
Totterdell Court
Totterdell Loop
Totterdell Street
Tourism House
Tourist Hotel
Toutcher Street
Tovey Place
Tow Street
Town Centre Estate
Town Centre Vikings Rugby Club
Towncentre Estate
Towner Place
Towns Crescent
Townsend Place
Townshend Street
Townson Crescent
Townsville Street
Tozer Place
Track and Field Facility
Tradelink Bathroom Kitchen Laundry Showroom
Tradesmen's Union Club
Traditional Chinese Massage
Traeger Court
Traeger Street
Trafalgar Terrace
Traill Place
Traine Court
Tralee Street
Tranquil Waters
Trask Street
Traverse - MTB
Traynor Court
Treacy Place
Tredwell Street
Tree of Knowledge
Treehouse in the Park Early Learning Centre
Treharne Place
Trek Bike Store
Treloar Crescent
Trenerry Street
Trenwith Close
Trephina Street
Trevillian Quay
Trevs @ Dickson
Trickett Street
Trigg Place
Trilogy Apartments
Trimmer Place
Trinca Street
Trinculo Place
Trinculo Place Park
Trinity Christian School
Trist Street
Tristania Street
Triton Street
Trixies Tricky Twist
Trophy Link
Trott Place
True North
Truebridge Street
Truganini Place
Trumble Street
Trumper Street
Truscott Street
Trussell Place
Tryon Street
Tsoulias Street
Tuart Place
Tubb Place
Tubman Place
Tucana Street
Tuck Place
Tuckey Place
Tudawalli Place
Tudor Place
Tuffin Lane
Tuggeranong Arts Centre
Tuggeranong Baptist Church
Tuggeranong Business Centre
Tuggeranong Child Care & Education Centre
Tuggeranong Community Centre
Tuggeranong Creek Fire Trail
Tuggeranong Delivery Centre
Tuggeranong Library
Tuggeranong Police Station
Tuggeranong Post Office
Tuggeranong Skate Park
Tuggeranong Softball & Recreation Association
Tuggeranong Town Park Beach
Tuggeranong Valley Leagues Club (Buffalos)
Tuggeranong Vikings BMX Park
Tuggeranong Youth Centre
Tulaba Close
Tullaroop Street
Tulloch Place
Tully Boundary Trail
Tully Place
Tully Street
Tungun Street
Tunney Crescent
Tupelo Coffee Co.
Tura Park
Turbayne Crescent
Turkish Delight
Turkish Embassy
Turkish Kebab & Pizza
Turkish Pide House
Turkish Pide Restaurant
Turkish Pizza House
Turnbull Place
Turner Grove
Turner Place
Turner School
Turner Tennis Club
Turon Place
Tuross Close
Turrana Street
Turtle Rock Street
Tuscany Village
Tweed Gardens
Tweed Place
Twelvetrees Crescent
Twilight (2004)
Twine Place
Two Before Ten
Two Dogs - MTB
Two Figures
Two for Joy
Two For Joy
Two Piece Reclining Figure - No. 9
Two Sisters Lao Thai
Two Sisters Motel
Two Sister’s Restaurant
Twynam Street
Tyagarah Street
Tycho Street
Tyenna Close
Tyers Street
Tyre Plus
Tyrrell Circuit
Tyson Street
Tytherleigh Street

UC Lodge
UCU Sports & Fitness Centre
Ukrainian Catholic Centre
Ukrainian Catholic Church of St Michael
Ukrainian Orthodox Centre
Ullamulla Crescent
Ulm Place
Ulm Street
Ultimo Street
Ulva Place
Ulverstone Street
Ulysses Circuit
Umbagong stepping stones
Umina Place
UN National High Commission Refugees
Unaipon Avenue
Undara Lane
Underwood Street
Undoolya Street
Uni Pub
United Amaroo
United Kambah
United Petroleum Amaroo
United Petroleum Fyshwick
United Petroleum Kambah
Uniting Church
Uniting Church in Australia
Uniting Church of St. James
Universal Dance Academy
University Avenue
University Drive
University Drive North
University Drive South
University House
University of Canberra
University of Canberra Public Hospital
University of Canberra Senior Secondary College Lake Ginninderra
Unwin Avenue
Unwin Street

up and over
upgrade of intersection to traffice lights

Upper Quarry Fall - MTB
Upper Quarry Track
Upper Woodland Track
Upton Street
Uralba Court
Urambi Gardens
Urambi Gully Fire Trail
Urambi Village
Urangarra Place
Urban Bean
Urban FT
Urban Hair
Urban Pantry
Uren Place
Uriarra Road
Urila Street
Ursula Hall
Utz Street

V Spot Cafe
Vacant Store
Vagabond Crescent
Valder Place
Vale Place
Valinucci Decor Collection
Vallance Place
Valley Court
Valley Diagnostic Centre
Valley Track
Valley View Court
Valley View Park
Valleyfield Court
Valli Place
Van Pelt Place
Vancouver Street
Vandyke Street
Vane Place
Vangeli Manufacturing Jewellers
Vansittart Crescent
Vanzetti Crescent
Vanzwan House
Varne Street
Vasey Crescent
Vasse Place
Vaughan Close
Vaughan Gardens
Vaziri Consulting Engineer
Veale Street
Vega Court
Vela Place
Velacia Place
Vellacott Street
Venables Place
Venn Place
Verbrugghen Street
Verco Street
Vercoe Place
Verdon Street
Verge Place
Verity Lane
Verney Place
Veronica Place
Verran Place
Verreaux Crescent
Veryard Lane
Vessel of (Horti)cultural Plenty
Vest Place
Vesta Place
Vibe Hotel Canberra Airport
Vicars Street
Vice-Chancellor's Residence
Vickers Crescent
Vickery Street
Victa Place
Victor Chang Street
Victor Place
Victoria Owen Circuit
Victoria Street
Victoria Terrace
Victory Place
Video Ezy
Vietnam House
Vietnamese Bakery
Vietnamese Village Inn
View Court
Viidikas Street
Viizar Cafe
Viki Wilson Place
Vikings Health and Fitness Centre
Villa Nova
Village Cafe
Village Centre
Village Creek Centre
Village Creek Preschool
Village Vue
Villaret Street
Vincent Place
Vincent Street
Viner Place
Viola Place
VIP Pies
Visitor's Centre
Visitors Centre
Vista Apartments
Visual Arts
Vivian Bullwinkel Way
Vogelsang Place
Voke Lane
Volpato Street
Von Guerard Crescent
Vosper Street
Vowels Crescent
Vowels Road
Vroland Lane
Vue Apartments

Waddell Place
Waddhir Place
Wade Street
Wadeye Street
Wadham Place
Wagga Street
Waghorn Street
Wagi Bridge
Waikerie Court
Waine Place
Wairuna Court
Waite Place
Waite Street
Wakefield Avenue
Wakefield Gardens
Wakelin Circuit
Wakool Circuit
Walder Street
Waldock Street
Wales Street
Walga Place
Walhallow Street
Walker Crescent
Walker Lane
Walker Street
Walking on the moon (2007)
Walking path
Walking Track Adjacent To Hindmarsh Dive, Duffy
Walkley Place
Wall Place
Wallabalooa Street
Wallaby Motel
Wallaby Place
Wallace Place
Wallaman Street
Wallangara Street
Wallcliffe Flats
Wallen Place
Waller Crescent
Waller Place
Waller Road
Walling Street
Wallis Place
Walpiri Place
Walpole Crescent
Walsh Place
Walsh's Hotel
Walt n Burley
Walter Burley Griffin Terrazzo
Walter Close
Walter Crocker Crescent
Walter Hood Lane
Walton Street
Walu Place
Walu Street
Walyer Street
Wambaya Crescent
Wambo Close
Wambool Street
Wanaga Place
Wanawong Court
Wanderer Court
Wanderlight Avenue
Wandoo Street
Wangalo Lane
Wanganeen Avenue
Wanganeen Court
Wangara Crescent
Wangara Street
Waniassa Street
Wanliss Street
Wanniassa 1
Wanniassa 2
Wanniassa Hills Nature Reserve
Wanniassa Hills Primary
Wannon Lane
Want Place
WAP Apartments
War (Bellona)
Warabin Crescent
Waraker Street
Waramanga Beauty Spot
Waramanga General Store Newsagency
Waramanga Place
Waramanga Post Office
Waranga Place
Waratah Gardens
Waratah Street
Warburton Street
Warby Place
Ward Place
Ward Road
Wardell Place
Wardill Close
Ware Place
Ware Street
Wargi Place
Wargila Place
Wark Place
Wark Street
Warland Place
Warm Up - MTB
Warner Place
Warragamba Avenue
Warrai Place
Warrambool Close
Warramoo Crescent
Warrego Circuit
Warren Place
Warring Place
Warrock Court
Warroo Street
Warrumbul Street
Warwick Street
Wassell Place
Watchorn Close
Waterfall Drive
Waterfield Place
Waterfront Seafood Restaurant
Waterhouse Street
Waterloo Street
Waterman Place
Waters Edge Restaurant
Waterview Gardens
Waterworth Street
Watkin Street
Watkins Street
Watling Court
Watling Place
Watson Chemist
Watson Place
Watson Post Office
Watson Preschool
Watson Street
Watson SupaIGA
Watson Takeaway
Watt Field
Watt Place
Watt Street
Watterson Place
Wattle Brae Court
Wattle Flat Road
Wattle Happen
Wattle Place
Wattle Street
Wattles Court
Watts Street
Waugh Close
Way Street
Wayal Place
Waygoose Street
Waylen Place
Wearing Street
Weatherburn Place
Weathers Street
Weavell Place
Weaver Place
Webb Place
Webber Place
Weber Place
Webster Street
Weddin Circuit
Wedge Crescent
Wedge Gardens
Wedgwood Close
Weedon Close
Weemaes Way
Weeroona Gardens
Weeroona Place
Weetangera Gardens
Weetangera Place
Weetangera Playground
Weetangera Primary School
Weetman Place
W.E.H. Stanner Building
Wehl Place
Weigall Place
Weingarth Street
Weipa Place
Weir Place
Welch Place
Weld Street
Well Station
Well Station Drive
Well Station Track
Wellesley Street
Wellington Place
Wellington Street
Wells Gardens
Wells Road
Wells Station Heights
Welsby Place
Welsh Place
Wendouree Court
Wendouree Drive
Wendy Ey Place
Wenholz Street
Wenlock Street
Wentworth Avenue
Wentworth Court
Wentworth Gardens
Werocata Street
Werong Close
Werribee Crescent
Werriwa Defence Facility
Wes Whitten Building
Wesley Music Centre
Wesley Uniting Church
West 132 KVA Track
West Avenue
West Belconnen Ambulance and Fire & Rescue Station
West Belconnen Leagues Club
West Belconnen Warriors
West Bowl
West Deakin Hellenic Bowling Club
West Point
West Queanbeyan Primary School
West Row
West Street
Westall Place
Westbourne Woods
Westbury Circuit
Westerman Street
Western Break
Western Powerlines FT
Western Rise
Western Wedgetail
Westfield Shopping Centre
Westgarth Street
Westhoven Street
Weston Auto Centre
Weston Club
Weston Creek
Weston Creek Children’s Centre
Weston Creek Physiotherapy
Weston Creek Presbyterian Church
Weston Creek Uniting Church
Weston Oakey Track
Weston Park Railway
Weston Park Road
Weston Scout Hall
Weston Street
Weston Track
Weston Valley Archery Club
Westpac Bank
Westpac Branch
Westridge Terrace
Whalan Place
Wharf Road
What the Pho
Whatmore Court
Wheadon Street
Wheat and Oats
Wheatley Street

wheelchair access

Wheeler Crescent
Whelan Street
Whim Street
Whinham Place
Whiskers Lane
Whispering Pines
Whistler Place
White Avenue
White Crescent
White Gums
White Rabbit
Whitelaw Street
Whitelegge Close
Whiteman Street
Whiteside Court
Whitfeld Street
Whitfield Circuit
Whitham Place
Whitington Street
Whitmore Crescent
Whitney Place
Whittell Crescent
Whittle Street
Whitton Close
Whitton Place
Whitty Crescent
Wholesale Sleeper Company
Whyalla Street
Whyman Lane
Whyte Place
Wickens Place
Wickerslack Crag
Wickerslack Lane
Wickham Crescent
Wide Brown Land
Wig & Pen
Wighton Terrace
Wignall Place
Wilari Place
Wilbow Street
Wilcox Place
Wild Duck Restaurant
Wild Place
Wild Porcini
Wild Street
Wildberry Cafe
Wilden Street
Wildman Street
Wilenski Street
Wilf Crane Crescent
Wilga Place
Wilgabar Way
Wilkie Place
Wilkins Street
Wilkinson Street
Willara Close
Willcock Place
Willemsen Close
Willesee Rise
William Clemens Street
William Cooper Avenue
William Herbert Place
William Hovell Drive
William Hudson Crescent
William Slim Drive
William Street
William Webb Drive
William Wilkins Crescent
Williams Lane
Williams Street
Williamson Street
Willis Street
Willmetts Street
Willo link
Willoughby Crescent
Willoughby Gardens
Willow Close
Wills Street
Willyama Place
Wilmot Crescent
Wilpena Street
Wilshire Street
Wilsmore Crescent
Wilson Street
Wiltja Court
Wilton Place
Wilton Road
Wiluna Street
Wimbaliri Street
Wimmera Street
Winarlia Lane
Winch Lane
Winchcombe Court
Winchcombe Lane
Winchester Place
Winchester Police Centre
Winchester Street
Winder Place
Windeyer Court
Windeyer Street
Windich Street
Windjana Street
Windradyne Street
Windsor Garden
Windsor Park
Windsor Terrace
Wingrove Court
Winnecke Street
Winnungu Nimmityjah Aboriginal Health Service
Winser Crescent
Winstanley Street
Winston Churchill
Winston Churchill Memorial Trust
Winter Place
Winter Street
Wintergarden Restaurant
Winton Place
Winyu Close
Winyu House
Wirangu Place
Wirilda Crescent
Wirilda Street
Wirraway Crescent
Wirrega Place
Wirria Circuit
Wisdom Place
Wisdom Street
Wise Street
Wiseman Street
Wishart Crescent
Wisteria Close
Withers Place
Withnell Circuit
Witt Place
Wittenoom Crescent
Wizard Street
Woden Automotive Services
Woden (Bus Station) - Belconnen (Cohen Street Bus Station) via Garan, Hughes, Deakin, Forrest, Barton, Parkes, City, Acton, Turner, O'Connor & Bruce (Northbound)
Woden (Bus Station) - Dickson via Curtin, Deakin, Forrest, Barton, Parkes, City, Braddon, Ainslie & Hackett (Northbound)
Woden Christian Bookshop
Woden Early Childhood Centre
Woden Florist
Woden Library
Woden Police Station
Woden Post Office
Woden Squash Centre
Woden Town Square
Woden Tradesman's Union Club
Woden Valley Alliance Church
Woden Valley Child Care Centre
Woden Valley Glass
Woden Valley Gymnastics
Woden Valley Specialist Centre
Woinarski Place
Wok It Up
Wolff Crescent
Wolgal Place
Wollaston Place
Wollongong Street
Wolstenholme Street
Womba Place
Wombat Junction
Wombeyan Street
Wonder Meals
Wonga Street
Wongoola Close
Wongoola Close Lookout
Wonna Street
Wood & Coal
Wood Avenue
Wood Duck Inn
Wood Place
Woodberry Avenue
Woodbridge Court
Woodburn Street
Woodgate Street
Woodger Parade
Woodger Place
Woodgrove Court
Woodhill Link
Woodhouse Place
Woodland Park
Woodland Track
Woodleigh Park
Woodley Court
Woodman Place
Woodridge Place
Woods Lane
Woods Place
Woolcock Street
Woollahra Gardens
Woolley Building
Woolley Street
Woolls Street
Woollum Crescent
Woollum Place
Woolmers Court
Woolner Circuit
Woolnough Street
Woolrych Street
Woolshed Lane
Woolworths Caltex Queanbeyan
Woolworths Charnwood
Woolworths Dickson
Woolworths Franklin
Woolworths Hawker
Woolworths Kippax
Woolworths Liquor
Woolworths Petrol
Woralul Street
Worgan Street
Workshop Road
Workshop ruins (-2003)
Wormald Street
Woronora Street
Worrall Street
Worrell Place
Wragge Place
Wray Place
Wrenfordsley Place
Wrest Street
Wrixon Street
Wrong-Un - MTB
Wunderlich Street
Wunderly Circuit
Wurth Place
Wuruma Place
Wyangala Street
Wyatt Place
Wyatt Street
Wybalena Grove
Wycombe Street
Wyena Court
Wylarah Court
Wylde Place
Wyles Place
Wylie Street
Wylly Place
Wyndham Avenue
Wynn Place
Wynn Street
Wynne Street
Wynter Place
Wyola Place
Wyselaskie Circuit

xchange on London

Xenica Street
Xin's Kitchen Chinese Food
XS Hair

Yabby Way
Yabsley Place
Yagan Place
Yaldwyn Place
Yale-Columbia Refractor Telescope (1952-2003) observatory ruin
Yalga Close
Yalgan Place
Yallourn Street
Yallum Gardens
Yamba Club
Yamba Drive
Yamba Place
Yamba View
Yambina Crescent
Yampi Place
Yanco Place
Yanda Street
Yandell Way
Yanga Court
Yantara Street
Yapunyah Street
Yarra Street
Yarralumla Bakery
Yarralumla Bay
Yarralumla BNT campsite
Yarralumla Court
Yarralumla Ground 1
Yarralumla Ground 2
Yarralumla Nursery
Yarralumla Pharmacy
Yarralumla Primary School
Yarralumla Shores
Yarralumla Tennis Club
Yarralumla Turkish Pide House
Yarramundi Reach
Yarrawonga Street
Yarrow Place
Yarrow Street
Yass Road
Yat Bun Tong dumpling house
Yate Gardens
Yates Way
Yeend Avenue
Yelland Place
Yellow Belly Cafe
Yellowfin Street
Yeomans Street
Yerra Court
Yerrabi Place
Yerradhang Street
Yerralee Road
YHA Access FT
Yiman Street
Yinnar Street
Yirawala Street
YMCA Canberra Auxiliary
YMCA Learning Centre
Yogi's Kitchen
Yolla Place
Yoornie Way
York Apartments
Yorktown Terrace
Yorston Street
Young Street
Yowani Country Club
Yowani Heights
Yuille Place
Yule Street
Yule Villas
Yum Thai
Yumba Avenue
Yumi Townhouses
Yuranigh Court
Yuruga Close
Yuyu Street

Zagreb Court
Zakharov Avenue
Zali Steggall Walk
Zamia Place
Zanci Street
Zara Gardens
Zeal Place
Zeehan Street
Zeidler Street
Zelling Street
Zelman Place
Zorzi Street
Zouki Cafe
Zucchini Bros
Zwar Place
Zygy's Barber Shop