Welcome to BBBike - your cycle journey planner! We'll help you find a nice, safe and short bike route in CapeTown and around.

Please click on a street or point of interest (POI) to start the route search:


1 on Queens
10th Avenue
10th Street
11 Adderley
117 Kloof
11th Avenue
11th Road
11th Street
12th Avenue
12th Drive
12th Street
13th Avenue
13th Street
14th Avenue
14th Avenue Sports Ground
14th Street
15 Budock Road
15th Avenue
15th Street
169 Sushi, Pizza and Bar
16th Avenue
16th Street
17 Cotswold Drive
17th Avenue
17th Street
18 Farmersfield Village
18 Gangster Museum
1890 House of Sushi
18th Avenue
18th Street
19th Street
1st Avenue
1st Bergvliet Sea Scouts Hall
1st Camps Bay / Sea Point Scout Group
1st Claremont Scout Hall
1st Crescent
1st Meadowridge Scout Hall
1st Road
1st Rosebank Air Scouts
1st Street

2 Military Hospital
20th Avenue
20th Street
21st Avenue
21st Street
22nd Avenue
23rd Avenue
23rd Street
24 Beresford
24th Avenue
25th Avenue
26th Avenue
26th Street
27th Avenue
27th Street
28th Avenue
28th Street
29th Avenue
29th Avenue Park
29th Street
2nd Avenue
2nd Crescent
2nd Gate Way
2nd Hout Bay Scouts Hall
2nd Road
2nd Street
2nd Take

30th Avenue
30th Street
31 Waxwing
31st Avenue
32nd Avenue
32nd Street
33 South Backpackers Hostel
33rd Avenue
34onlincoln Guest House
34th Avenue
34th Street
35 On Rose
35th Avenue
36 on Canterbury
36th Avenue
39th Avenue
3@1 Business Centre
3Arts Village
3rd Avenue
3rd Crescent
3rd Road
3rd Street

40th Street
42nd Avenue
47th Street
4rooms Lodge
4th Avenue
4th Road
4th Street
4X4 Mega World
4x4 mega world

50 Road
50th Avenue
51st Avenue
58 on Lower
58th Avenue
5th Avenue
5th Road
5th Street

6 Hely
6th Avenue
6th Road
6th Street

7 Days Family Supermarket
7 Eleven Thornton
7 Landies
78 Birkenhead Drive
786 Dave Superette
786 Madina Mini Market
79 On Roeland
7th Avenue
7th Street

8th Avenue
8th Road
8th Street

9 South African Infantry Battalion
95 Keerom
9th Avenue
9th Road
9th Street

@Home Living Space

A. Franch Avenue
A. Jakob Road
A Laundry
A. Ngqika Avenue
A P Burger Avenue
A. Siwa Street
A. White Chemist
A-Type Grafix
Aachen Way
Aadil Moerat Walk
Aalwyn Avenue
Aalwyn Close
Aalwyn Road
Aalwyn Street
Aan die Weide
Aandbloem Street
Aandblom Avenue
Aandblom Close
Aandblom Road
Aandblom Square
Aandblom Street
Aandwind Street
Aarbei Close
Aarbossie Crescent
Aarde Street
Aardroos Crescent
Aardroos Street
Aaron Avenue
Aaron Crescent
Aaron Figaji Street
Aaron Road
Aasblom Square
Abalone Road
Abalone Street
Abbey Manor
Abbey Road
Abbey Street
Abbots Lane
Abbotsbury Avenue
Abbotsford Avenue
Abbotsford Place
Abbotsleigh Road
Abbotts College
Abbotts College Claremont
Abbotts College Milnerton
Abdulla Moosa Road
Abdurahman Street
Abe Sher Sports Complex
Abeille Ruche School
Abelia Avenue
Abelia Road
Abelia Street
Aberdare Road
Aberdare Street
Aberdeen Close
Aberdeen Crescent
Aberdeen Road
Aberdeen Street
Aberfeldy Road
Abingdon Road
Abington Avenue
Above Board
Aboyne Road
Abraham Avenue
Abraham Maseku Street
Abraham Riddle Street
Abraham Tiro Street
Abrahams Street
Abram Katz Avenue
Absolut Hair
Absolute Pets
Abundance Street
AC Exclusive Auto
A.C. Milan Road
Acacia Avenue
Acacia Circle
Acacia Park
Acacia Road
Acacia Street
Acacia Way
Academia Primary School
Academia Street
Academic Apparel Gowns & Robes
Academy Private School
Academy Road
Acanthus Circle
Acapulco Close
Acapulco Spur
Access Road
Access Way
Accord Crescent
Accordian Street
Accordion Street
Accordionstraat Primary School
ACD Vehicle Service/Repairs
Aces 'n Spades
Achievers Way
Achilles Close
Achilles Road
Achilles Way
Achmat Williams Street
Ackers Street
Acorn Academy
Acorn Close
Acorn House
Acorn Street
Acre Road
Acron Close
Acropolis Close
Acteon Road
Active Road
Active Sushi
Activist Cafe
Acton Close
Acton Road
A.D. Keet Road
Ada Avenue
Ada Close
Adam Close
Adam Road
Adam Street
Adam Tas Avenue
Adam Tas Street
Adamastor Road
Adamo Villas Road
Adams Fast-Foods
Adcock Street
Addax Crescent
Adderley Hotel
Adderley Street
Addis in Cape
Addison Road
Adelaar Street
Adelaide Mtiya Road
Adelaide Mtiya Street
Adelaide Road
Adele Street
Adelhof Street
Adelphi Centre
Aden Avenue
Adenandra Street
Aderem Close
Admin Office
Admirable Street
Admiral's Hill Drive
Admirals Walk
Admiralty B&B
Adonis Close
Adonis Street
Adriaanse Avenue
Adriaanse Library
Adrian Herbert Road
Adrian Louw Street
Adrian Road
Adriatic Bar
Adrienne Street
Adula Road
Adult World
Adventist Street
Aegir Brewery
Aegir Restaurant
Aerial Road
Aero Motors
Aerobat Street
A.F. Keen Drive
Afadjato Street
Affodil Street
Afram Road
Africa Padel V&A
African Bank
African Clothing Co.
African Eagle
African Family Farm
African Heart Backpackers
African Image
African Methodist Episcopal Church
African Nova
African Overlanders
African Trading Port
Afrika Siebritz Street North
Afrika Siebritz Street West
Afrikander Street
Afrikaner Close
Afrikaner Street
Afrique Du Sud Backpackers
Afsaal Street
Afya Pharmacy
A.G. Visser Street
Agaat Close
Agapanthus Avenue
Agapanthus Close
Agapanthus Crescent
Agapanthus Street
Agape Rehab
Agate Close
Agate Road
Agate Street
Agena Street
Agincourt Way
Agnes Crescent
Agnes Road
Agnes Zantsi Street
Agretjie Road
Agric Street
Agulhas Court
Agulhas Crescent
Agulhas Street
Ahaggar Street
Ahmed Kathrada Street
Ahmed Mohammed Geer Street
Ahmedeyah Road
Aida Close
Aiken Close
Aiken Road
Ailsa Road
Aimee Road
Ainsdale Street
Ainslie Road
Ainsty Walk
Aintree Avenue
Aintree Crescent
Aintree Road
Aintree Street
Airbus Street
Airco Street
Airfreight Road
Airlie Close
Airlie Lane
Airlie Place
Airlie Road
Airport Approach Road
Airport Fire Station
Airport Ring Road
A.J. West Street
Ajax Amsterdam Road
Ajax Way
Ajay Street
Akademia Avenue
Akademie Street
Akaratra Street
Akasia Avenue
Akasia Street
Akasia Substation
Akasiapark Primary School
Akbar Cafe
Akker Alley
Akker Road
Akkerboom Avenue
Akkerboom Road
Akkerboom Street
Akkerdal Avenue
Akkerdal Close
Akkerdraai Crescent
Akobo Court
Akro Coworking
Akron Close
Al Azhar Islamic High School
Al Bhasa Tuck Shop
Al Mare Close
AL Masjiduth Thanie Mosque
Al Sams Lock and Key
Al-Amin Supermarket
Al-Azilar Mosque
Al-Ikhlaas Library
Al-Jamia Uthmania Masjied
Alabama Avenue
Alabama Road
Alabama Square
Alabama Street
Alacrity Road
Alamein Road
Alamein Street
Alamo Road
Alan Street
Alard Road
Alaska Street
Alastair Street
Albacore Street
Alban Road
Albania Crescent
Albany Close
Albany Crescent
Albany Road
Albany Street
Albatros Avenue
Albatros Street
Albatross Road
Albatross Street
Albatross Way
Albermarle Street
Albert Claasens Street
Albert Lithuli Road
Albert Luthuli Crescent
Albert Luthuli Street
Albert Mogojane Street
Albert Philander Way
Albert Road
Albert Street
Alberta Street
Alberta Way
Albertina Sisulu Crescent
Alberton Close
Albertus Street
Albertyn Road
Albertyn Street
Albie De Waal Street
Albie Sachs Street
Albion Close
Albion Crescent
Albion Mill
Albion Road
Albion Springs
Albion Way
Albow Road
Albrecht Street
Albuca Avenue
Albuca Close
Albuca Crescent
Albury Crescent
Albus Drive
Alcantara Crescent
Alchemy Coffee Roasters
Alcis Road
Alcyone Road
Alde Road
Aldebaran Close
Aldebaran Crescent
Alder Close
Alder Court
Alder Street
Alderbrook Way
Aldersgate Crescent
Aldgate Street
Alduwa Road
Aldwins Avenue
Alef Crescent
Alers Hankey Crescent
Alert Car Parts
Aletta Walk
Alex On Fire Moto Bistro
Alex Preller Crescent
Alex Road
Alexander Avenue
Alexander Bar
Alexander Road
Alexander Sinton Secondary School
Alexander Street
Alexander Way
Alexandra Avenue
Alexandra Place
Alexandra Reservoir
Alexandra Road
Alexandra Street
Alexis Crescent
Alf Street
Alfalah Superette
Alfies path
Alfred Klaas Street
Alfred Krenz Close
Alfred Mall
Alfred Nzo Street
Alfred Road
Alfred Sharp Street
Alfred Street
Algarkirk Road
Algoa Crescent
Algoa Hof
Algoa Lane
Algoa Road
Algoa Street
Algoa Way
Alhambra Street
Aliam Drive
Aliam Street
Alibama Crescent
Alicante Avenue
Alice Close
Alice Road
Alice Street
Alicedale Primary School
Alices Ride
Alicia Crescent
Alima Court
Alison Close
Alison Court Public Open Space
Alison Road
Aliwal Road
Aliwal Street
Alk van Zyl Avenue
Alkin Street
All In The Kitchen Deli
All Saints Anglican Chapel
All Saints Cath. Church
All Saints Church
Allaman Street
Allamanda Street
Allan Boesak Street
Allan Busakwe Road
Allan Road
Allegro Close
Allegro Lane
Alleman Road
Allen Drive
Allen Place
Allen Way
Allenby Drive
Alleyne Street
Alliance Street
Allie's Mini Market
Allier Crescent
Allies Meat Market
Allies Road
Allison Road
Ally Square
Alma Close
Alma Road
Alma Street
Almar Road
Almeida Street
Almeria Road
Almeria Street
Almeria Way
Almond Close
Almond Crescent
Almond Road
Almond Street
Almond Terrace
Almond Way
Almonda Street
Almondbury Lane
Almora Circle
Almus Court
Alnwick Road
Alocasia Street
Aloe Court
Aloe Crescent
Aloe Junior High School
Aloe Lane
Aloe Secondary School
Aloe Street
Aloha Close
Alomzicht Close
Alouette Crescent
Alouette Road
Alpha & Omega Christian Fellowship
Alpha Angling Club
Alpha Crescent
Alpha Pharm
Alpha Pharm Broadway Pharmacy
Alpha Pinkster Protestante Sendingkerk
Alpha Road
Alpha School for Autistic Learners
Alpha Street
Alphen Close
Alphen Drive
Alphen Hill Road
Alphen Road
Alphen Street
Alphen Trail
Alphen Way
Alphonse Close
Alphonse Road
Alphonse Street
Alphonse Way
Alpina Road
Alpine Crescent
Alpine Deli & Eatery Durbanville
Alpine Primary School
Alpine Street
Alpine Way
Alps Circle
Alps Street
Als Road
Alsek Street
Alson Nkumbi Road
Alster Avenue
Alston Square
Alta Close
Alta du Toit Skool

alta sjiek charity shop

Altair Way
Altech Autopage
Altenburg Road
Alternator Avenue
Alto Avenue
Altona Grove
Altona Lodge
Altona Street
Altydbos Close
Altydgedacht Crescent
Aluminium SA (ASA)
Alveni Street
Alwin Street
Amadeus Drive
Amakholwa Road
Amalinde Way
Amanda Close
Amanda Glen
Amanda Road
Amanda Street
Amandel Avenue
Amandel Close
Amandel Drive
Amandel Lane
Amandel Road
Amandel Street
Amandel Way
Amandelboom Street
Amandla Street
Amani Close
Amanzi Crescent
Amarella Way
Amarylus Road
Amathemba School
Amatola Crescent
Amatola Way
Amazon AWS CPT - Atlantic
Amazon Place
Amazon Street
Ambassador Street
Amber Close
Amber Crescent
Amber Road
Amber Street
Amber Terrace
Amber Way
Amber Way Greenbelt
Amberfield Way
Amberley Road
Ambleside Close
Ambleside Crescent
Ambleside Road
Ambleside School
Ambrose Crescent
Ambrose Street
Amden Close
Amden Street
Amelia Close
Amelia Street
American express
American International School of Cape Town
Amethyst Crescent
Amethyst Road
Amethyst Street
Ametis Close
Amhurst Avenue
Amici - The Sandown
Amiens Way
Amigos Street
Amin's Barber Shop
Amista Crescent
Amity Way
Amla Close
Amore Ristorante Italiano
Amos Lengesi Crescent
Amour Street
Ampere Street
Amphion Street
Amphitheathre Path
Amphoria Close
Amplankeni Crescent
Amstel Road
Amstel Street
Amstelveen Street
Amsterdam Crescent
Amsterdam Road
Amsterdam Street
Amsterdam Way
Amundsen Street
Amur Road
Amy Biehl
Amy Biehl Road
Amy Close
An African Villa
An Arch for Arch
An-Nur Educational Centre
Anaboom Court
Anaboom Street
Anadale Road
Ananda Sanctuary
Ananwabisi Street
Anat Falafel & Shwarma
Anatomy Building
Anbi Close
Anchor Close
Anchor Way
Anchor-Alexander Place
Anchusa Close
Anchusa Frail Care
Andalusia Avenue
Andante Close
Andersen Street
Anderson Close
Anderson North Road
Anderson South Road
Anderson Street
Anderson West Road
Andes Street
Andes Way
Andile Jacobs Street
Andile Ndleleni
Andile Nose Street
ANDILE Primary School
Andile Walk
Andiswa Street
Andrag Street
Andre Groenewald Motors
Andrea Road
Andrew Foster Street
Andrew Losaba Memorial Church
Andrew Madi Street
Andrew Matshikwe Street
Andrew Mlangeni Avenue
Andrew Mlangeni Street
Andrew Murray Street
Andrew Road
Andrew Sinden Road
Andrew Street
Andrews Road
Andrews Street
Andries Kgejane Street
Andries Malgas Street
Andries Motsepe Street
Andries Pretorius Street
Andromeda Street
Andy Porter Street
Andy's Coffee
Aneesa's Fast Foods
Aneesa's Takeaway
Aneisberg Road
Anele Street
Anemone Avenue
Anemone Close
Anemone Road
Anemone Street
Anesta Avenue
Anette Close
ANEW Hotel Green Point
Anfield Road
Angas Road
Angavo Street
Angel Crescent
Angel Road
Angel Street
Angela Crescent
Angela Road
Angela Street
Angelica Drive
Angelier Street
Angelina Avenue
Angelina Close
Angelina Mghumla Street
Angels Cove Close
Angle Street
Angler Road
Anglesey Street
Anglican Church of the King
Anglo Auto
Angora Close
Angora Street
Angus Avenue
Angus Close
Angus Road
Angus Street
Animal Ocean Seal Snorkeling
Anita Crescent
Anita Road
Anker Crescent
Anker Street
Anmar Mansion
Ann Road
Anna Marie Drive
Anna Rosholt Jewellery
Anna-Marie Drive
Annabelle Close
Annandale Drive
Annandale Road
Annandale Street
Anne Barnard Way
Anne Crescent
Anne Lane
Anne Road
Anne Street
Anneberg Road
Anneke Road
Annemeit Street
Annerley Road
Annette Crescent
Annette Street
Annette Way
Annex Road
Anni Close
Annie Silinga
Annie Sillinga Street
Annie's Arms
Annondale Close
Annvon Road
Anreith Avenue
Anseba Court
Anson Close
Anson Street
Anstey Street
Anta Close
Antares Lane
Antares Link
Antelope Court
Antelope Road
Antelope Street
Anthea Close
Anthia Walk
Anthony Road
Antibe Street
Antibe Way
Antigua Close
Antipolis Place
Antipolis Road
Antipolis Way
Antoinette Street
Anton Anreith Avenue
Anton Fransch
Anton Fransch Street
Anton Road
Anton Street
Antonily Close
Antonino Close
Antonio de Lange Crescent
Antrim Road
Antrim Villa
Antshrike Street
Antwerp Road
Antwerpen Road
Anvil Close
Anysberg Road
Anzio Crescent
Anzio Road
AoG church
Apeldoorn Way
Apenide Road
Apex High School
Apex Primary School
Apies Street
Apile Close
Apile Crescent
Apollo Complex
Apollo Crescent
Apollo Link
Apollo Road
Apollo Street
Apollo Way
Apostle Road
Apostolic Church - Apostle Unity
Apostolic Faith Mission
Apostolic Faith Mission - Uitsig
Apostolic Faith Mission of South Africa
Appaloosa Crescent
Appaloosa Road
Appel Road
Appelbloeisel Avenue
Appeldoorn Road
Appeliefie Road
Appelkoos Street
Appia Close
Appian Way
Apple Close
Apple Lane
Apple Road
Apple Street
Appleby Street
Appledene Road
Appledoorn Road Park
Applemist Avenue
Applemist Road
Appollo Street
Approach Road
Apricot Close
Apricot Lane
Apricot Street
Apricot Way
Aquamarine Crescent
Aquanaut Lane
Aquarium Boulders
Aquarius Road
Aquifer Road
Aquila Close
Aquila Road
Aquila Street
Arab Close
Arabella Street
Arabian Crescent
Arago Crescent
Aragon Crescent
Aragon Street
Aramon Road
Arangieskop Street
Ararat Crescent
Arauna Way
Arba Street
Arbeids Road
Arbor Road
Arcadia Avenue
Arcadia Close
Arcadia High School
Arcadia Primary School
Arcadia Road
Arcadia Steps
Arcadia Street
Archer Avenue
Archer Close
Archer Crescent
Archers Green
Archers Square
Archie Street
Archie Way
Arctic Crescent
Arctotis Way
Arden Road
Ardennes Walk
Ardleigh Close
Ardleigh Road
Ardor Square
Arena Road
Arena Street
Arena Theatre
Arend Close
Arend Crescent
Arend Street
Arendkop Circle
Arendse Street
Arendskop Street
Argentina Street
Argo Close
Argo Road
Argonaut Street
Argyle Road
Argyle Street
Argyle Way
Argyll Road
Ariane Street
Ariel Street
Aries Close
Aries Drive
Aries Road
Aries Sports Field
Aries Street
Arinto Court
Arion Close
Aris House
Aris Souvlaki
Arisco Trading CC
Aristea Avenue
Aristea Close
Aristea Primary School
Aristea Road
Aristea Street
Aristia Close
Aristo Street
Arixoma Road
Arizona Road
Ark Valley
Arkansas Street
Arkwright Road
Arlene Street
Arlington Avenue
Arlington Crescent
Arlington Place
Arlington Road
Arlington Way
Armada Street
Armadale Road
Armadale Street
Armade Crescent
Armagh Road
Armenia Crescent
Armenia Place
Armenia Street
Armour Road
Armstrong Crescent
Armstrong Drive
Armstrong Road
Armstrong Street
Arnhem Close
Arnhem Street
Arnie Street
Arnies 24hr Breakdown Service
Arniston Close
Arniston Crescent
Arniston Place
Arno Road
Arnold Ofile Road
Arnold Road
Arnold Street
Arnold Street Dog Park
Arnold Way
Arnold Wilhelm Street
Aroma Liquor
Aroma Liquors
Aroma Street
Aron Qusheka Street
Aros Close
Arosi Crescent
Arosi Street
Arrabella Road
Arrat Crescent
Arrowhead Road
Arrowood Street
Arsenal Avenue
Arsenal Close
Arsenal Road
Arsenal Street
Art Admin
Art Cafe
Art it is
Art on The Bay Gallery - Ground Floor, The Promenade Camps Bay
Art Road
Artemis Road
Arthur Abrahams Avenue
Arthur Road
Arthur's Seat
Arthur's Seat Mansions
Arthurs Road
Artic Street
Artillery Road
Artillerymen's Memorial
Artisan Way
Artists Admin
Artscape Theatre Centre
Arum Avenue
Arum Close
Arum Close Street
Arum Lily Road
Arum Lily Street
Arum Road
Arum Street
Arum Way
Arundel Circle
Arundel Drive
Arundel Road
Arunside Place
Arvana Close
Arvon Crescent
Asacru Crescent
Asazi Close
Asaziwa Close
ASB Youngsfield
Asbas Street
Asbes Street
Ascencion Drive
Ascension Road
Aschat Road
Ascot Close
Ascot Grove
Ascot Hardware & Motor Spares
Ascot Knights Street
Ascot Lane
Ascot Mews
Ascot Mews Complex
Ascot Road
Ascot Street
Ascot Village
Ash Ceramics
Ash Close
Ash Cottages Close
Ash Green Avenue
Ash Grove Road
Ash Lane
Ash Street
Ash Valley
Ashanti Lodge
Ashanti Travel Centre
Ashbrook Crescent
Ashbrook Road
Ashbury Road
Ashby Manor Guest House
Ashby Road
Ashcroft Street
Ashdown Close
Ashers Pharmacy
Ashford Circle
Ashford Close
Ashford Road
Ashford Street
Ashleigh Kriel Street
Ashley Court
Ashley Crescent
Ashley Forbes Road
Ashley Kriel
Ashley Kriel Road
Ashley Road
Ashley Way
Ashraf Avenue
Ashstead Road
Ashton Park
Ashton Road
Ashtons Close
Ashtown Street
Ashville Crescent
Ashwin Crescent
Ashworth Crescent
Asmara Road
Aspden Road
Aspeling Crescent
Aspeling Road
Aspeling Street
Aspen Road
Aspidistra Road
Assegaai Avenue
Assegaai Court
Assegaai Road
Assegaaibos Avenue
Assegaaibos Street
Assemblies of God Goodwood
Assemblies of God Revival Temple
Assembly of Christian Bretheren
Assembly of God
Assembly of God Nyanga
Astana Street
Aster Avenue
Aster Crescent
Aster Place
Aster Road
Aster Street
Astley Street
Astra Avenue
Astra School
Astrid Close
Astron Energy
Astron Energy V&A Waterfront
Astronaut Close
Atakora Street
Atalante Way
Atbara Road
Athall Walk
Athan Street
Athburg Walk
Athdown Walk
Athems Road
Athena Avenue
Athena Complex
Athena Street
Athena Way
Athens Park
Athens Road
Athens Street
Atherstone Road
Atherstone Way
Athi Way
Athlone Athletics Baseball Club
Athlone Fisheries
Athlone Methodist
Athlone Pre-primary School
Athlone Road
Athlone School for the Blind
Athlone Secondary School
Athlone Street
Athlone Swimming Pool
Atholl Road
Atholl South Road
Athon Crescent
Athon Walk
Athry Walk
Athsur Walk
Athwood Crescent
Athwood Primary School
Athwood Road
Atkins Street
Atlantic Avenue
Atlantic Boat Club Marina
Atlantic Breeze Guest House
Atlantic Cafe
Atlantic Express
Atlantic Green Point Bowling Club
Atlantic Point Backpackers
Atlantic Road
Atlantic Skipper Street
Atlantic Street
Atlantic Surf
Atlantis Close
Atlas Avenue
Atlas Close
Atlas Crescent
Atlas Drive
Atlas Road
Atlas Street
Atlas Trading Co.
Atletiek Street
Atomic Street
Atrina Way
Attie van Wyk Skool
Attie van Wyk VGK Primary
Attlee Road
Aub Way
Auber Avenue
Auber Close
Aubrey Street
Aubrey Wicomb Avenue
Auburn Lane
Auburn Road
Auckland Street
Aucuba Street
Audi Centre Cape Town
Audi Centre N1
Audrey Road
August Street
Augusta End Road
Augusta Road
Augusta Street
Augusta's Way
Aulax Close
Aunty Sophy's Fruit & Veg
Aurea Close
Aurea Road
Aureole Close
Aureole Crescent
Aureole Road
Auric Street
Auriel Road
Auriel Way
Auriga Mews
Auriga Road
Aurora Crescent
Aurora Lane
Aurora Sands
Aurora Sands Road
Aurora Street
Austel Road
Austin Crescent
Austria Crescent
Austwick Road
Auto Care
Auto Centre Diepriver
Auto King
Auto Pedigree
Autumn Close
Autumn Street
Auwal Masjid
Avalon Auditorium
Avalon Close
Avalon Estate
Avalon Market
Avalon Road
Avante Crescent
Ave D. Hermet
Avebury Street
Avenger Road
Avenue Aesthetics
Avenue Alexandra
Avenue Bordeaux
Avenue Brittany
Avenue Charmante
Avenue Chateau
Avenue Circus
Avenue Coeur de Lion
Avenue Cordelia
Avenue de Berrange
Avenue de Chavonnes Avenue
Avenue de l'Hermite
Avenue de Longueville
Avenue de Mist
Avenue Deauville
Avenue des Huguenots
Avenue Disandt
Avenue Dreling Court
Avenue du Midi
Avenue Fontain Bleau
Avenue Francaise
Avenue Fresnaye
Avenue Grande
Avenue Koosani
Avenue La Caille
Avenue La Croix
Avenue Le Breton
Avenue Le Sueur
Avenue Lombardie
Avenue Marina
Avenue Marseilles
Avenue Massif
Avenue Montagne Close
Avenue Normandie
Avenue Normandy
Avenue Orleans
Avenue Protea
Avenue Road
Avenue Road Residence
Avenue Rouen
Avenue Saint Bartholomew
Avenue Saint Leon
Avenue Saint Louis
Avenue St Bartholomew
Avenue St Charles
Avenue St Denis
Avenue St Jeans
Avenue Street
Avenue Suzanne
Avery Avenue
Avery Crescent
Avery Road
Avey Road
Aviation Crescent
Avignon Close
Avignon Crescent
Avignon Estate
Avila Street
Avion Road
Avis Car Sales
AVN Fabric Shop
Avoca Road
Avocado Close
Avocado Street
Avocado Way
Avocet Court
Avocet Lane
Avocet Road
Avocet Street
Avon Close
Avon Road
Avon Street
Avondale Crescent
Avondale Road
Avondale Street
Avondale Terrace
Avondrus Street
Avondrust Avenue
Avondrust Circle
Avondrust Crescent
Avondrust Farm
Avondrust Lane
Avondrust Mews
Avondrust Street
Avonduur Road
Avonduur Street
Avonhoorn Crescent
Avonlea Close
Avonmouth Crescent
Avonmouth Road
Avontuur Avenue
Avontuur Close
Avonwood Avenue
Avonwood Close
Avonwood Primary School
Avonwood Road
Avonwood Sports Ground
Avro Avenue
AVTS Roadworthy Station
Awash Court
Awash Street
Awol Tours
Axios School of Skills
Axis Road
Axminster Road
Aylesbury Close
Aylesbury Crescent
Aylesbury Road
Ayliff Close
Ayre Close
Ayres Street
Ayreshire Close
Ayreshire Street
Ayrshire Close
Ayrshire Street
Ayton Road
A.Z. Berman Drive
Azalea Avenue
Azalea Close
Azalea Court
Azalea Crescent
Azalea Road
Azalea Street
Azalia Crescent
Azalia Street
Azana Street
Azania Crescent
Azhaan Cellular
Azure Crescent
Azurite Street
Azzawiya Masjid

B. February Street
B. Longo Road
B. Molokoane Road
B. Naude Street
B. Ndondo Avenue
Baakens Road
Baakens Way
Baakenskop Street
Baalen Road
Baardsuikerbos Street
Baart Street
Baartman Street
Baartmans Street
Baatjies Lane
Baatjies Road
Babbler Street
Babiana Close
Babiana Road
Babiana Street
Baby Boom
Baby City
Baca Avenue
Bacchos Road
Bach Avenue
Bach Close
Bach Close Villas
Bach Street
Back Close
Back Road
Bacon Link
Bada Close
Baden Close
Baden Lane
Baden Powell Drive
Badi Crescent
Badman Mgwacela Street
Badminton Crescent
Badsberg Crescent
Baeometra Close
Baghdad Cafe
Bagzane Road
Bagzane Street
Bahamas Crescent
Bahia Crescent
Bahrain Drive
Bahuda Street
Baia Seafood
Bailey Crescent
Bailey Way
Bailey's Kloof
Baileys Surf Shack
Bain Close
Bain Court
Bain Street
Baines Road
Bains Way
Bainsberg Close
Bainskloof Street
Baird Road
Baird Square
Baird Way
Bak Mei
Baker Close
Baker Road
Baker Street
Bakers City
Bakers Crescent
Bakersfield Estate
Bakersfield Street
Bakker Road
Bakker Street
Bakkiesblom Crescent
Bakossi Street
Bakoven Beach
Bala Street
Balco College / Falsebay College
Baldur Close
Baldwin Avenue
Baleia Road
Baleles Street
Baleni Close
Balers Way
Baley's Kloof
Balfour Avenue
Balfour Crescent
Balfour Road
Balfour Street
Balfour Way
Bali Beach
Bali Crescent
Balindlela Street
Balingen Lane
Balingen Place
Balintore Road
Ballina Street
Bally Green
Ballybunion Crescent
Balmhorn Street
Balmoral Avenue
Balmoral Close
Balmoral Heights
Balmoral Road
Baloyi Avenue
Balsillie Way
Baltic Street
Baltimore Street
Balu Parker Boulevard
Balvenie Avenue
Balvenie Close
Balvenie Primary School
Bambanani Road
Bambanani Street
Bambata Avenue
Bambayi Street
Bamberry Road
Bambi Road
Bambilanga Close
Bambisanani Street
Bamboeberg Road
Bamboeberg Way
Bamboesvlei Road
Bamboo Road
Bambury Close
Bamford Avenue
Bamford Close
Bamford Street
Bamford Walk
Banana Jam
Banana Road
Banana Street
Bancroft Street
Bandama Street
Bandiagara Road
Bangalore Avenue
Bangani Street
Bangiso Drive
Bangor Street
Banhoek Close
Banhoek Road
Banhoek Street
Bani Court
Banier Road
Baninzi Street
Banjo Road
Banjo Street
Banjo Walk
Bank Close
Bank of Athens
Bank Road
Bank Street
Bankot Road
Banks Burger
Banks Road
Banksia Close
Banksia Road
Bankview Close
Bannerman Close
Bannockburn Crescent
Bantam Street
Banti Crescent
Bantry Bay
Bantry Lane
Bantry Place
Bantry Road
Bantry Steps
Bantry Way
Bantu Holomisa Road
Bantu Street
Bantubathi Street
Banyana Avenue
Banzi Avenue
Banzi Street
Baobab Street
Baobab Way
Baphiwe Close
Baptist Street
Bar Keeper
Baraco Crescent
Baracouta Avenue
Barayi Street
Barb Crescent
Barbados Close
Barbados Way
Barbara Close
Barbara Masokola Street
Barbara Road
Barbarossa Road
Barbarossa Street
Barbary Way
Barbel Road
Barber Street
Barber's Range
Barberton Link
Barberton Road
Barberton Street
Barbestyn Street
Barbet Close
Barbet Road
Barbet Way
Barbette Road
Barbigera Road
Barbizon Close
Barbourne Road
Barcelona Cash Store
Barcelona Close
Barcelona Community Hall
Barcelona Street
Barcombe Road
Bardale High School
Bardale Road
Bardia Road
Barend Road
Barendilla Street
Barents Road
Barewood Close
Bargain Books
Barham Road
Baris Road
Baris Way
Barite Road
Bark Close
Bark Street
Barka Road
Barker Street
Barkis Road
Barkley Mews None
Barkley Road
Barkley Street
Barkly Avenue
Barkly Road
Barkly Way
Barlinka Avenue
Barlinka Place
Barlinka Road
Barlinka Way
Barlo World Tygervalley
Barlow Durbanville
Barmania Road
Barmbeck Avenue
Barn Road
Barna Close
Barnabas Street
Barnacle Close
Barnard Fuller Building
Barnard Hof
Barnard Road
Barnard Street
Barnet Molokwana Corner
Barnet Street
Barnett Road
Barney Molokoane Road
Barnham Avenue
Barnsley Close
Barnsley Street
Barnstaple Road
Barnyard Estate
Barnyard Road
Baro Crescent
Baron Street
Baronetcy Boulevard
Baronetcy Estate
Baronie Avenue
Baronne Street
Baronrath Road
Barons N1 City
Barque Close
Barrack Road
Barrack Street
Barracuda Crescent
Barracuda Street
Barracuda Way
Barrel Road
Barrie Ross Way
Barrington Road
Barrington Street
Barristers Grill & Cafe
Barron Street
Barrow Close
Barrow Road
Barrow Street
Barrowdale Close
Barry Avenue
Barry Crescent
Barry Hertzog Road
Barry Masipa Street
Barry Road
Bartel Road
Bartholomeus Close
Bartlett Bend
Bartlett Way
Bartolomeu Dias
Barton Close
Barton Street
Barwing Court
Barwon Street
Basakabini Street
Basalt Close
Basboom Street
Bascule Bridge
Bascule Whisky, Wine & Cocktail bar
Basel Basset Street
Bashee Avenue
Bashee Close
Bashee Court
Bashee Road
Basil Amos Zondi Street
Basil Crescent
Basil February Crescent
Basil February Street
Basil Fischer Street
Basil Road
Basil Way
Basket Lane
Basol Building
Basothong Mini Market
Bass Road
Bass Street
Bass Walk
Basset Road
Basset Street
Basset Way
Basson Road
Basson Street
Bassoon Street
Bastion Primary School
Bastion Road
Basuto Street
Bata Street
Batandwa Ndondo Road
Batavia Drive
Batavia Road
Batavia Special School
Batavia Street
Bateleur Crescent
Bateleur Road
Bateleur Square
Bateleur Way
Bates Drive
Bath Road
Bath Street
Batha Street
Bathanda Mdingi Street
Bathandwa Mdingi Crescent
Bathembu Crescent
Bathhurst Close
Bathurst Bend
Bathurst Road
Bathurst Street
Bathurst Way
Batis Road
Batis Street
Batiso Street
Batten Bend
Batten Lane
Battersea Bend
Battersea Close
Battery Crescent
Battle Ridge
Batts Road
Battswood Arts Centre
Batya Way
Bauhinia Close
Bauhinia Crescent
Bauhinia Road
Baviaans Close
Baviaanskloof Mountain Retreat Road
Baviaanskloof Road
Baviaanskloof Street
Baview Islamic Masjid
Bavumeleleni Educare
Bawa Street
Bax Avenue
Bax Close
Bax Street
Baxley Crescent
Baxter Avenue
Baxter Road
Baxter Street
Baxter Theatre Center
Baxter Way
Bay Beach Avenue
Bay Community Church
Bay Mews Estate
Bay Reflections
Bay Road
Bay View Avenue
Bay View Plumbing & Hardware
Bay Way
Bayana Close
Bayard Street
Baye du Bois Complex
Bayern Munich Road
Bayete Road
Bayford Bend
Bayiza Square
Bayne Street
Bayside Street
Bayswater Bend
Bayswater Road
Bayview Centre
Bayview Road
Baywater Crescent
Baywing Street
Baywood Road
Bazindlovu Close
Be-Dazzle Beauty Hair Salon
Beach Boulevard
Beach Break Lodge
Beach Club Boulevard
Beach Club Estate
Beach Court
Beach Crescent
Beach Estate Boulevard
Beach Road
Beachway Supermarket and Butchery
Beacon Hill Secondary School
Beacon of Hope Full Gospel Church
Beacon Road
Beacon Street
Beacon View Primary School
Beacon Way
Beaconsfield Road
Beacontree Lane
Beagle Way
Beak Road
Bean Dreaming
Bean There
Bean Tree Cafe
Bear Lane
Beatrice Close
Beatrix Road
Beatrix Street
Beatty Avenue
Beatty Road
Beau Art Lane
Beau Constantia
Beau Joubert
Beau Monde Crescent
Beau Vallon Village
Beaufighter Road
Beaufort Crescent
Beaufort Road
Beaufort Street
Beaulieu Place
Beaulieu Road
Beaumont Avenue
Beaumont Cottages
Beauvais Avenue
Beauvallon Sekondêre Skool
Beauville Crescent
Beaver Road
Beaver Street
Bebington Avenue
Beck Street
Becker Street
Beckham Street
Becott Road
Bed Centre
Bedford Road
Bedford Street
Bedford Way
Bedfordshire Close
Beech Crescent
Beech Street
Beechcraft Road
Beechcraft Street
Beechwood Close
Beechwood Street
Beefwood Crescent
Beefwood Road
Beethoven Close
Beethoven Court
Beethoven Crescent
Beethoven Road
Beethoven Street
Bega Road
Begania Street
Begonia Close
Begonia Road
Begonia Street
Beige Street
Bein Wine
Beira Road
Bekelentloko Street
Bel Air Drive
Bel Ombre
Bel Ombre Drive
Belacre Close
Belair Close
Belair Crescent
Belair Drive
Belami Avenue
Belami Drive
Belami Ridge
Belarus Street
Beldia Close
Belfast Road
Belgrave Road
Belgravia Avenue
Belgravia Day Care
Belgravia Road
Belgravia Secondary School
Belhar Drive
Belhar Gardens
Belhar Islamic Primary School
Belhar Main Road
Belhar Primary School
Belhar Road
Belhar SAPS
Belhar Secondary School
Belinda Road
Belinda Street
Belinda Walk
Bell Close
Bell Court
Bell Crescent
Bell Park Sports Fields
Bell Road
Bell Street
Bell Way
Bella Cassa
Bella Italia
Bella Mangia Pizzeria
Bella Mare Road
Bella Pizza & The Big Cheese
Bella Ria Street
Bella Rosa Street
Bella Rose Street
Bella Verona
Bella Vie
Bella Vie Complex
Belladonna Avenue
Belladonna Drive
Belladonna Street
Belladonna Way
Bellair Road
Bellair Street
Bellatrix Street
Bellbusk Crescent
Belle Avenue
Belle Constantia Close
Belle Ombre
Belle Ombre Road
Belle Street
Bellevliet Road
Bellevliet Street
Bellevue Avenue
Bellevue Drive
Bellevue Road
Bellevue Street
Bellevue Terrace
Bellevue Way
Bellhome Street
Bellingham Crescent
Bellingham Road
Bellini Close
Bellmore Avenue
Bellmunt Road
Bellona Close
Bellows Close
Belloy Street
Bellstart Lane
Bellville Athletics Stadium
Bellville Bowls Club
Bellville Church of Christ
Bellville Hoer Tegniese Skool
Bellville Magistrate's Court
Bellville Preparatory School
Bellville Primary School
Bellville Public Library
Bellville RFC
Bellville SAPS
Bellville Seventh-day Adventist Church
Bellville South
Bellville South High School
Bellville South Landfill
Bellville South Primary School
Bellville South Sports Ground
Bellville Sports Ground
Bellville Swimming Pool
Bellville Uitsig Dutch Reform Church
Bellville United Tennis Club
Bellville Velodrome
Bellvue Street
Bellwood Road
Belmont Avenue
Belmont Link
Belmont Park
Belmont Road
Belmont Street
Belmont Way
Belmor Primary School
Belmore Way
Belombre Road
Belper Road
Belrail Road
Belsay Road
Belthorn Estate
Belthorn Primary School
Belthorn Road
Beltra Close
Beluga Cape Town
Beluga of Constantia Guest House
Belvedere Avenue
Belvedere Circle
Belvedere Close
Belvedere End
Belvedere Mews
Belvedere Mews Street
Belvedere Place
Belvedere Road
Belvedere Street
Belville South SAPS
Belvue Primary School
Belyando Street
Bembe Road
Ben Avenue
Ben Dixen Road
Ben Moloise Crescent
Ben Nevis Road
Ben Ngalo Street
Ben Road
Ben Street
Ben Vorster Motors
Ben Zantsi Street
Benbow Avenue
Benbow Road
Benbow Street
Bend Road
Benetton Street
Benfica Road
Bengel Street
Bengezela Street
Benghazi Road
Benguela Avenue
Benguela Beach Complex
Benguela Close
Benigna Close
Benjamin Road
Benla Street
Bennett Street
Bennie Street
Bennie van der Merwe Street
Bennington Road
Benona Road
Benoni Close
Bent Way
Bentley Close
Bentley Crescent
Bentley Street
Bentwood Close
Benue Court
Benue Street
Benurban Road
Benyano Crescent
Berea Crescent
Beresford Road
Beresford Street
Beret Road
Berg Close
Berg en Dal Street
Berg Road
Berg Street
Berg-en Dal Estate
Bergbas Avenue
Bergbessie Square
Bergen Road
Bergendal Road
Berggans Road
Berghof Lane
Bergkruine Road
Bergridge Park
Bergrivier Close
Bergrivier Street
Bergroos Close
Bergroos Road
Bergroos Street
Bergshoop Crescent
Bergshoop Estate
Bergsicht Road
Bergsig Avenue
Bergsig Drive
Bergsig Primary School
Bergsig Street
Bergstroom Street
Bergtuin Circle
Berguitsig Road
Bergvielt Farm 1
Bergvielt Farm 2
Bergville Primary School
Bergvliet Congregational Church
Bergvliet High School
Bergvliet Methodist Church
Bergvliet Primary School
Bergvliet Road
Bergvliet Spar
Bergvliet Sports Association
Bergwagter Road
Bergwind Road
Bergzicht Circle
Bergzicht Crescent
Bergzicht Road
Bergzicht Street
Bergzig Street
Beriev Street
Beril Street
Berio Street
Berk Street
Berkeley Road
Berkeley Street
Berkley Place
Berkley Road
Berkley Street
Berkshire Boulevard
Berland Crescent
Berlin Square
Berlin Wall segment
Berman Street
Bermuda Close
Bermuda Crescent
Bermuda Pools
Bermuda Street
Bernadine Street
Bernadino Heights Secondary School
Bernard Avenue
Bernard Hass Street
Berne Avenue
Bernstein Road
Berol Street
Berold Road
Berold Street
Beroma Crescent
Berram Road
Berrie Crescent
Berry Lane
Berry Road
Berry Street
Berrypecker Street
Berth Court
Bertha Avenue
Bertha Crescent
Bertha Street
Bertha Walk
Bertie Avenue
Bertie Genade Street
Bertram Crescent
Bertram House
Bertram Place
Bertram Road
Bertrand Road
Bertrums Street
Berwick Road
Beryl Road
Beryl Street
Berzelia Close
Berzelia Crescent
Besemriet Street
Bessie Road
Bessie Street
Best Kiteboarding Africa
Best of Asia
Best Western Cape Suites Hotel
Bestenbier Avenue
Bester Road
Bet Irene
Beta Beach
Beta Close
Beta Road
Beta Street
Beth Street
Bethal Shortcut
Bethal Street
Bethanie Road
Bethany Church
Bethany Fellowship
Bethel Tabernacle Community Church
Bethels Street
Bethen Road
Bethesda Christian Fellowship
Bethesda Church Yard
Betsie Verwoerd Street
Betsy Street
Better Pets
Bettie Street
Bettina Close
Bettina Road
Betting World
Bettington Square
Betty Close
Betty Road
Betty Street
Betula Street
Between Us
Beukenhout Street
Beulah Terrace
Beulaland Street
Bev & Nic
Bevan Road
Bevan Way
Beveland Street
Beverley Close
Beverley Park Primary School
Beverley Road
Beverley Street
Beverly Close
Beverly Road
Beverly Street
Bexhill Road
Beyers Naude Avenue
Beyers Road
Bezuidenhout Street
Bhabhalaza Street
Bharu Street
Bhayi Avenue
Bhayi Road
Bheki Magubane Close
Bheki Mlangeni
Bhemye Crescent
Bhengu Street
Bhere Crescent
Bhira Road
Bhobhoyi Street
Bhofolo Avenue
Bhojini Close
Bhokwe Road
Bhompasi Road
Bhongweni Road
Bhonke Street
Bhthwali Road
Bhunga Avenue
Bhunga Square
Bhunga Street
Bhungane Road
Bibans Street
Bible House
Biccard Street
Bickley Road
Bicycle Crescent
Bicycle Express
Bicycle Maintenance Company (BMC)
Bida Crescent
Bideford Road
Bidvest Bank
Biedouberg Street
Bien Donne
Bien Donne Close
Bien Donne Street
Biesie Crescent
Biesie Street
Bietou Close
Bietou Road
Bietou Street
B.I.G Backpackers
Big Barrel Pub
Big Bay Boulevard
Big Block Boulder
Big Boy
Big Five Duty Free
Big Route
Big Save Cafe
Bigaba Street
Biggar Street
Bignonia Circle
Bignonia Close
Bignonia Street
Bigstone Street
Bigwin Road
Bika Nair Street
Bike Lane

bike park

Bikhwe Crescent
Bikhwe Road
Bikkur Cholim
Bila Street
Bilberry Crescent
Biljaart Street
Bill Bezuidenhout Avenue
Bill Peters Drive
Billy Close
Billy Crescent
Bilston Close
Bilston Road
Biltong Cafe
Bindeka Street
Binders Road
Binga Road
Binne Crescent
Binne Street
Binneman Street
Birch Close
Birch Court
Birch Road
Birch Street
Birchwood Lane
Birchwood Road
Bird hide
Bird Rock
Bird Street
Birdie Close
Birdwood Street
Birkdale Avenue
Birkdale Village
Birkdale Way
Birkenhead Crescent
Birkenhead Drive
Birkenhead Road
Birkenhead Street
Birkett Road
Birmingham Close
Birmingham Road
Birmingham Street
Bishop Close
Bishop Court
Bishop Crescent
Bishop Lavis
Bishop Lavis Congregational Church
Bishop Lavis Drive
Bishop Lavis Magistrates' Court
Bishop Lavis Primary School
Bishop Lavis Public Library
Bishop Lavis Secondary School
Bishop Lavis Sports Ground
Bishop Road
Bishop Street
Bishop Tutu Street
Bishoplea Road
Bishops Bend
Bishops Close
Bishops Court Street
Bishops School of Skills
Bishopscourt Drive
Bishopscourt Road
Bishopstone Road
Biskop Steps
Bisley Street
Bisschop Road
Bisset Road
Bisset Street
Bistro sixteen82
Bitiki Mosimane Street
Bitterappel Street
Bitterblaar Road
Bitterhout Street
Bittern Link
Bittern Road
Bivane Crescent
Biza Street
Bizerca Bistro
Bizet Road
Blaai Crescent
Blaauberg Court
Blaauberg Street
Blaauwberg Rank
Blaauwberg Road
Blaauwberg Street
Blaauwberg Therapy Centre
Blaauwklippen Close
Blaawklippen Street
Black Box Coffeeworks
Black Gum Street
Black Rhino Enduro Line
Black River Crossfit
Black River Park
Black Sheep
Black Street
Blackberry Close
Blackberry Crescent
Blackberry Mall
Blackberry Street
Blackbird Avenue
Blackbird Avenue West
Blackbird Street
Blackburn Close
Blackburn Major
Blackburn Ravine
Blackburn Street
Blackenny Street
Blackforest German Butcher
Blackhawk Crescent
Blackheath Baptist Church
Blackheath Lodge
Blackheath Primary School
Blackheath Road
Blackheath Secondary School
Blackpool Street
Blackrock Road
Blacksmith Way
Blackwell Lane
Blackwood Close
Blackwood Drive
Blackwood Road
Blackwood Street
Bladdernut Court
Blade Street
Bladgen Street
Blagden Street
Blair Road
Blair Street
Blake Street
Blaker Crescent
Blanc de Noir Street
Blanckenberg Street
Blank Books
Blank Street
Blanken Road
Blauwklippen Street
Blayi Street
Blende Road
Blenheim Road
Blenheim Way
Blesbok Avenue
Blesbok Crescent
Blesbok Road
Blesbok Street
Blessed Hope Full Gospel Church
Blessed Street
Bletterman Crescent
Blignaut Lane
Blinde Street
Blinkbaar Street
Blinkwater Close
Blinkwater Crescent
Blinkwater Hof
Blinkwater Pinacle
Blinkwater Ravine
Blinkwater Road
Blinkwater Street
Bliss Close
Bloch Street
Block A
Block B
Block B1
Block C
Block D
Block E
Block F
Block G
Block Road
Blockhouse Street
Blode Close
Blode Street
Bloekom Avenue
Bloekom Close
Bloekom Street
Bloekombos Primary School
Bloem Court
Bloem Street
Bloembosch Street
Bloemendal Avenue
Bloemendal Close
Bloemendal Crescent
Bloemendal Road
Bloemendal Street
Bloemendal Way
Bloemendal Wine Tasting
Bloemfontein Close
Bloemfontein Street
Bloemhof Crescent
Bloemhof Road
Bloemhof Street
Bloemkolk Street
Bloemspruit Way
Blom Street
Blombiesie Street
Blombos Close
Blombos Crescent
Blombos Road
Blombos Street
Blomendal Bistro
Blomhof Avenue
Blommenwerf Road
Blompot Street
Blomvlei Primary School
Blomvlei Road
Bloom Way
Blossom Lane
Blossom Street
Blossom Street Primary School
Blossom Tree Close
Blou Disa
Blou Road
Bloubekkie Street
Blouberg Heights
Blouberg Hills Estate Road
Blouberg International School
Blouberg Ridge Primary School
Blouberg Rise
Blouberg Road
Blouberg Villas
Bloubergrant High School
Bloubergrant Pre-Primary School
Bloubokkie Road
Bloubos Crescent
Blougom Avenue
Blouhaak Road
Bloukappie Crescent
Bloukeur Street
Blouklippen Complex
Bloukrans Road
Bloulelie Crescent
Blousuikerbos Road
Blouvlei Academy
Blue Bird Garage
Blue Bottle Liquor Store
Blue Crane Close
Blue Crane Crescent
Blue Crane Street
Blue Cut Hair Salon
Blue Dolphin Road
Blue Downs
Blue Downs Municipal Court
Blue Downs Way
Blue Fin Avenue
Blue Marlin Asian Cuisine & Sushi Bar
Blue Moon Montessori School
Blue Mountain Backpackers
Blue Mountain Village
Blue Ridge Sports Complex
Blue Rise Drive
Blue Route
Blue Valley Avenue
Blue Valley Close
Blue Water Resort
Blue Waters
Blue Waters Pavillion
Bluebell Close
Bluebell Square
Bluebell Street
Bluebell Way
Blueberry Hill
Blueberry Lane
Blueberry Road
Blueberry Street
Bluebird Street
Bluebottle Bottlestore
Bluefin Court
Bluefin Crescent
Bluegill Close
Bluegill Street
Bluegum Avenue
Bluegum Close
Bluegum Grove Way
Bluegum Lane
Bluegum Place
Bluegum Road
Bluegum Street
Bluff Crescent
Blumenau Avenue
Blumsbury Street
Blyde Court
Blyde Crescent
Blyde River Street
Blyde Street
Blyhoek Avenue
Blythewood Avenue
Blythwood Drive
Blyvoor Street
BMW - Auto Atlantic
Bo-Kaap Kombuis
Bo-Kaap Museum
Bo-Kaap (Schotschekloof)
Bo-Kaap Service Station
Bo-Kaap view
Board House
Boat Road
Boatard Street
Boater Close
Bob Ric Motors
Bobby Close
Bobby Street
Bobcat Street
Boboyi Close
Bobs Way
Bobs Way Cash Store
Bobypiek Street
Bodali Avenue
Bodega Ramen
Bodera Street
Bodmin Street
Bodraai Street
Bodrum Close
Boegoe Close
Boegoe Crescent
Boegoe Road
Boegoe Street
Boeing Road
Boeing Street
Boekenhout Crescent
Boekenhout Road
Boekenhout Street
Boekenhout Trail
Boeket Close
Boeket Crescent
Boekette Street
Boesak Road
Boeschoeten Road
Boets Place
Boetsap Street
Bofin Close
Bofors Circle
Bofors Public Open Space
Bogan Street
Bogey Road
Bognor Road
Bohemia Street
Bohemian Lofts
Boiler House
Boito Road
Bok Street
Bokbaai Avenue
Bokhosibakhe Ngilamane Street
Bokkemans Close
Bokkemanskloof guest cottage
Bokkemanskloof Road
Bokkeveld Avenue
Bokmakiere Street
Bokmakierie Avenue
Bokmakierie Road
Bokmakierie Street
Boland Bank
Boland Street
Boland Way
Boleka Crescent
Bolivia Way
Bollihope Crescent
Bolmear Road
Bolster Close
Bolt Avenue
Bolt Street
Bolton Road
Bolton Street
Bolus Avenue
Bolus Close
Bolus Road
Bombay India
Bombay Road
Bombay Street
Bomu Street
Bomvu Crescent
Bon Amis
Bon Bello Close
Bon Entree Street
Bon Esperance Crescent
Bon Street
Bonair Road
Bonakude Crescent
Bonatea Street
Bond Road
Bond Street
Bonfoi Close
Bonfoi Way
Bonga Drive
Bonga Lower Primary School
Bonga Street
Bonga Walk
Bongani Close
Bongani Hermanus Close
Bongani Magaga Close
Bongo Crescent
Bongolwethu Street
Bongos Street
Boniswa Street
Bonita Close
Bonita Crescent
Bonita Street
Bonitas Park
Bonito Close
Bonke Street
Bonkolo Drive
Bonn Road
Bonnie Brae
Bonnie Brae Avenue
Bonnie Close
Bonnybrack Street
Bonnyrigg Road
Bonsai Street
Bonsma Street
Bonsmara Street
Bonte Street
Bonteberg Road
Bontebok Avenue
Bontebok Crescent
Bontebok Road
Bontebok Street
Bonteheuwel Avenue
Bonteheuwel Baptist Church
Bonteheuwel Congregational Church
Bonteheuwel Mission Church
Bonteheuwel Public Library
Bonteheuwel Sekondêr
Bonteheuwel Sports Ground
Bonvana Street
Bonzai Close
Boog Street
Boogie Bar
Booi Road
Booi-Booi Street
Book Junction
Book Lounge
Boom Bend
Boom Road
Boom Street
Boomerang Street
Boompies Street
Boonzaaier Street
Booth Memorial Hospital
Booth Road
Bootlegger Coffe Co.
Bootlegger Coffee
Bootlegger Coffee Company
Bopha Close
Boquinar Industrial Area
Borcherds Quarry Road
Bordeaux Avenue
Bordeaux Close
Bordeaux Complex
Bordeaux Crescent
Bordeaux Street
Bordeaux Way
Borders Close
Bordon Road
Boreham Crescent
Borghorst Street
Borghurst Street
Borneo Close
Borneo Street
Bornite Road
Borok Street
Borriehout Street
Bortoli Crescent
Borzoi Crescent
Bos 400 wreck
Bosberg Road
Bosbok Avenue
Bosbok Crescent
Bosbok Road
Bosbok Street
Bosbokkie Street
Bosch En Dal Street
Bosch Lane
Bosch Street
Boschendal Close
Boschendal Crescent
Boschendal News Terrace
Boschendal Street
Boschendal Way
Boschenvale Road
Boschheuvel Street
Boschof Way
Bosduif Crescent
Bosduif Road
Bosheuwel Road
Boshof Avenue
Boshoff Road
Boshoff Street
Bosica Street
Boskloof Road
Boskykloof Road
Boslelie Road
Bosman Avenue
Bosman Street
Bosmansdam High School
Bosmansdam Primary School
Bosmansdam Road
Boso Street
Bosonia Street
Bossa Burgundy
Bossa Tyger Falls
Bossa Winelands
Bossuns Walk
Bostel Road
Boston Avenue
Boston Circle
Boston Neighborhood Laundry
Boston Primary School
Boston Road
Boston Street
Bosun Close
Bosuns Close
Bosuns Road
Bot Street
Bot Way
Botanical Society Building
Botany Lane
Boteti Street
Botfontein Road
Botha Street
Bothasig High School
Bothasig Police Station
Bothasig Post Office
Bothma Street
Bothmaskop Street
Bothwell Close
Bothwell Street
Botletle Crescent
Botletle Street
Botma Street
Botrivier Road
Botrivier Street
Bottelary Primary School
Bottelary Road
Bottelary Street
Bottelneus Road
Botterblom Avenue
Botterblom Close
Botterblom Crescent
Botterblom Street
Botterboom Street
Botterkloof Street
Bottlebrush Road
Bottlebrush Street
Bottom Road
Bottoman Sineli Street
Boucher Crescent
Bouchon bistro
Bougainville Avenue
Bougainville Street
Bougainvillea Close
Bougainvillia Street
Bouganvilla Street
Boulder Road
Boulevard Fisheries
Boulevard Park
Boulevard Square
Boundary Avenue
Boundary Drive
Boundary Primary School
Boundary Road
Bouquet Street
Bourbon Street
Bourgogne Complex
Bourgogne Street
Bourne Road
Bournemouth Bend
Bournemouth Road
Boven Close
Boveney Road
Bovlei Street
Bow Bend
Bow Street
Bow Wow
Bowden Road
Bower Road
Bower Street
Bowerbird Close
Bowler Street
Bowlers Avenue
Bowlers Way
Bowspirit Close
Bowsprit Street
Bowwood Road
Box Road
Boxelder Street
Boxwood Street
Boy Briers Road
Boy de Goede Circle
Boy de Goede Pick n Pay
Boyce Court
Boyce Street
Boyd Avenue
Boyes Drive
Boyle Close
Boyle Crescent
Boyle Street
Boyne Street
BP Cavendish
BP Durham
BP Erica Service Station
BP Express
BP Newlands
BP Osmans Service Station
BP Road
BP Shop
BP Westridge
BPM Toolcraft
Braam Fischer Street
Braambos Avenue
Braambos Close
Brabant Close
Brabant Road
Brabazon Court
Bracken Close
Bracken Heights
Bracken Street
Brackenfell Boulevard
Brackenfell Fire Station
Brackenfell Gas
Brackenfell High
Brackenfell Moedergemeente
Brackenfell Nature Reserve
Brackenfell Nursery
Brackenfell Primary
Brackenfell Rugby Club
Brackenfell SAPS
Brackenrite Close
Bradati Motors
Bradford Close
Bradley Road
Bradwell Road
Braefield Road
Braehead Road
Braemar Road
Braeside Road
Brahman Street
Brahms Circle
Brahms Road
Brahms Street
Braii place
Braille Road
Braille Trail
Brak Court
Brak Street
Brakbos Street
Brakes Super Service
Bramah Place
Bramble Close
Bramble Way
Bramble Way Primary School
Bramblewood Road
Bramley Road
Brampton Road
Brand Circle
Brand Road
Brand Street
Brander Lane
Brander Road Park Playground
Brander Square
Brandlelie Crescent
Brandon Close
Brandon Street
Brands Hatch Street
Brandt Way
Brandvlei Street
Brandwacht Street
Brandwag Road
Brandwag Way
Brandweer Street
Brandwood Road
Branksome Avenue
Brantfort Road
Brantwood Street
Braselton Road
Brass Street
Brassie Street
Bratton Way
Bravo Street
Bray Road
Brazilia Avenue
Brazilia Street
Bread Milk & Honey
Breakaway Café
Breakwater Lane
Bream Crescent
Bream Way
Breamer Road
Breckenridge Road
Brecon Street
Breda Street
Brederivier Avenue
Breë Street
Breede Court
Breede River Street
Breede Street
Breederivier Close
Breekhout Street
Breezand Road
Breitenbach Street
Bremen Close
Bremer Street
Brenda Close
Brenda Road
Brenda Street
Brenda Way
Brenham Close
Brent Road
Brentford Road
Brentwood Park
Brentwood Road
Brenwin Guest House
Bresee Avenue
Bresler Road
Breston Road
Bretagne Close
Breton Close
Breton Crescent
Breton Way
Brevet Road
Brevity Lane
Brew Coffee
Brewster Place
Brian Mansergh Close
Brian Road
Brian's Pub
Briana Avenue
Briar Avenue
Briar Road
Briar Way
Briard Way
Briardene Street
Brick lane eatery
Brickfield Road
Bridal Close
Bride & Co
Bridekirk Way
Bridge Close
Bridge Cycles
Bridge Island Complex
Bridge Place
Bridge Road
Bridge Street
Bridge Way
Bridges Play Centre
Bridgewater Street
Bridgitte Road
Bridle Close
Bridle Road
Bridle Street
Bridle Way
Bridleside Way
Bridlewood Close
Bridoon Close
Briffant Street
Brigade Road
Brigantine Place
Bright Horizons Early Learning Centre
Bright Light Montessori
Bright Lights Bouldering
Bright Street
Bright Student Learning Centre - Fish H
Brighton Crescent
Brighton Lane
Brighton Road
Brighton Street
Brigid Road
Brindle Close
Brink Close
Brink Crescent
Brink Road
Brink Street
Brinton Street
Briony Close
Brisbane Road
Bristleden Close
Bristol Close
Bristol Road
Britain Way
Britta Close
Brittanica Street
Brittany Close
Britten Road
Briza Road
Broad Close
Broad Road
Broad Walk
Broad Walk Square
Broadbill Street
Broadlands Close
Broadway Avenue
Broadway Circle
Broadway Gate
Broadway Road
Broadway Street
Broccoli Street
Brocken Crescent
Brocker Way
Brockhurst Road
Brockley Road
Brodie Road
Broken Road
Bromley Road
Brommaert Avenue
Brommaert Place
Brommersvlei Road
Brompton Avenue
Brompton Bend
Bromwell Street
Bromyard Road
Bronkhorst Street
Bronnies Way
Bronze Street
Broodboom Road
Broodboom Street
Brook Crescent
Brook Road
Brook Street
Brookdale Avenue
Brookdale Street
Brooke Street
Brookelands Close
Brookford Road
Brookland Crescent
Brooklyn Chest Hospital
Brooklyn Fire Road
Brooklyn Public Library
Brooks Crescent
Brookside Close
Brookwood Road
Broom Court
Brothers Supermarket
Broughton Close
Brounger Road
Brown Sea Close
Browne Street
Browning Road
Browning Street
Brownlow Road
Broxburn Road
Bruce Avenue
Bruce Road
Bruce Street
Bruchsal Way
Bruckner Street
Brudenell Road
Bruehl Way
Brug Street
Brunel Close
Brunhilde Road
Brunia Way
Bruno Street
Bruno's View
Brunswick Road
Brushwood Road
Brussels Close
Brut Crescent
Bruyns Road
Bryan Street
Bryant Street
Bryn Road
BT Games
Buall Walk
Bubblegum Street
Buccaneer Way
Buchan Road
Buchanan Road
Buchu Close
Buck Crescent
Buck Road
Buckeye Court
Buckhurst Road
Buckingham Close
Buckingham Road
Buckingham Way
Buckley Road
Buckley's Pub & Pool Bar
Buckner Road
Bucksburn Road
Buckthorn Court
Buckwheat Way
Buco Brackenfell
Bud Road
Budock Road
Buenos Aires Street
Buff Close
Buffalo Crescent
Buffalo Road
Buffalo Street
Buffalo Way
Buffelsberg Close
Buffelshoek Road
Buffelshoek Street
Bugle Street
Bugz Playpark
Buh Rein Drive
Buh-rein Drive
Buhan Street
Buhle Walk
Buhlungu Street
Buick Crescent
Build-It Hardware
Builders Express
Builders Warehouse

building site for new mosque
building, social club house

Buitekant Street
Buiten Crescent
Buiten Street
Buitendag Street
Buitengracht Drive
Buitengracht Road
Buitengracht Street
Buitenkant Street
Buitensorg Street
Buitenverwachting Road
Buitenzor Road
Buka Street
Buketraube Crescent
Bukettraube Close
Bukula Close
Bukwayo Street
Bula Street
Bulawayo Avenue
Bulawayo Close
Bulbinella Close
Bulbul Close
Bulelani Road
Bulelani Street
Bulembu Road
Bulembu Street
Bulgaria Street
Bulisa Street
Bullock Road
Bulrush Close
Bulrush Street
Bulten Way
Bulumko Secondary School
Bundoran Street
Bunka Ramen Bar
Bunker Road
Bunker Street
Bunkers Hill
Bunney Street
Buns Bakery
Bunsen Link
Bunting Close
Bunting Crescent
Bunting Street
Buntubakhe Street
Buoy Bend
Burbank Drive
Burchell Road
Burchell Street
Bureau Street
Buren Crescent
Buren High School
Buren Lane
Buren Road
Buren Street
Burg Road
Burg Street
Burgee Bend
Burger & Lobster
Burger Avenue
Burger King
Burger King Brackenfell
Burger King Haasendal
Burger Perfect
Burger Road
Burger Street
Burggraaf Road
Burgundy Close
Burgundy Crescent
Burgundy Drive
Burgundy Estate
Burgundy Luxury Apartments
Burgundy Road
Burgundy Street
Burham Road
Buried dragon skull
Burke Street
Burkea Crescent
Burlington Road
Burlington Street
Burma Lane
Burmeister Circle
Burnham Road
Burnley Road
Burnly Close
Burns Road
Burnside Road
Burnwood Bend
Burren Close
Bursa Way
Burton Close
Burton Street
Burtondale Road
Burtondale Street
Burwood Road
Bus ticket office
Busby Avenue
Bush Road
Bush Street
Bushbuck Road
Bushwood Road
Busia Close
Business Way
Busira Court
Buso Crescent
Busy Corner Meat Hyper
Busy Street
Butana Close
Butcherbird Street
Bute Road
Buti Avenue
Butia Road
Butler's Pizza
Buttercup Court
Buttercup Street
Butterfield Bend
Butterfly Art Project
Buttermere Road
Buttress Street
Butts Lane
Buttskop Road
Buukbay Close
Buuren Bastion
Buxton Avenue
Buyambo Street
Buyani Crescent
Buyapi Street
Buyela Street
Buyiswa Street
Buza Street
Buzzard Road
Buzzard Street
Bye Way
Byrnes Avenue
Byron Road
Byron Street
Bywater Street

C. Louis Leipoldt Street
C. Makhwethu Crescent
C. Zweni Street
Cabana Lodge
Cabernet Close
Cabernet Crescent
Cabernet Road
Cabernet Sauvignon Street
Cabernet Street
Cabernet Villas Complex
Cabin Close
Cabin in the Woods
Cable Close
Cableway Street
Cabot Links Road
Cabot Way
Cabral Street
Cabriere Street
Cabs Baking Supplies
Cacisa Close
Cactus Crescent
Cactus Road
Cactus Street
Cactusberry Lodge
Cadaba Street
Caddie Street
Cadillac Street
Cadiz Street
Cadmium Road
Cadotte Street
Caen Road
Caernarvon Crescent
Caernarvon Road
Caesar Street
Caesars Close
Caesars Drive
Cafda Book Shop
Cafda Primary School
Cafda Village
Café Adelph
Cafe Artois
Café Blouberg
Cafe Bonjour
Café Chameleon
Cafe De Mist
Cafe Dijon
Cafe Extrablatt
Café Frank
Cafe Grano
Cafe Latino
Cafe Manhattan
Cafe Neo
Café NUDE & Wild Eatery
Cafe Paradiso
Cafe Puka
Cafe Roux
Café Societi
Caffe Hausbrandt
Caffe Villagio
Cain Street
Cairn Close
Cairn Ravine
Cairnmount Avenue
Cajun Close
Caka Street
Cake Princess
Cala Close
Cala Crescent
Calais Road
Calamari Fisheries
Calamari King
Calanda Crescent
Calata Street
Calathea Road
Calcite Road
Calcium Road
Calcutta Street
Caleb Street
Caledon Close
Caledon Crescent
Caledon Road
Caledon Street
Caledon West Street
Caledonian Crescent
Caledonian Motors
Caledonian Road
Caledonian Spar
Calendula Close
Calendula Street
Calgary Crescent
Calgary Road
Calio Hair Designs
Call A Pizza
Callalelie Street
Callaway Street
Calling Academy
Callington Crescent
Calpurnia Street
Caltex Bergvliet
Caltex Silversands Service Station
Calula Street
Calvary Baptist Mission
Calvin Close
Calvin Street
Calvinia Street
Calvyn Street
Calypso Square
Cam Road
Camara House
Camargue Street
Cambelton Crescent
Camberley Crescent
Camberwell Road
Cambia Street
Cambier Road
Cambra Road
Cambridge Avenue
Cambridge Close
Cambridge Link
Cambridge Montessori School
Cambridge Place
Cambridge Road
Cambridge Street
Camdebo Street
Camdeboo Crescent
Camden Gate Close
Camden Green Crescent
Camden Street
Camden Walk
Camden Way
Camel Thorn Road
Camelia Close
Camelia Street
Camelia Way
Camellia Crescent
Camellia Street
Camelot Estate
Camelot Road
Camero Hair and Beauty Salon
Cameron Lane
Cameron Street
Cameronians Avenue
Cameroon Court
Cameroon Street
Camille Close
Camillia Close
Camissa Street
Camoens Avenue
Camomile Street
Camp Access Road
Camp and climb
Camp Ground Guest House
Camp Ground Road
Camp Joy Pool
Camp Joy Restoration Centre
Camp Road
Camp Street
Campbell Street
Campden Close
Campground Motors
Campground Road
Camphill Road
Camphor Avenue
Camphor Close
Camphor Crescent
Camphor Lane
Camphor Street
Camphor Tree Close
Camping Area
Camps Bay Beach
Camps Bay Cricket Club
Camps Bay Drive
Camps Bay Library
Camps Bay Park
Camps Bay Police Station
Camps Bay Post Office
Camps Bay Primary School
Camps Bay Retreat
Camps Bay Tidal Pool
Canal Close
Canal Drive
Canal Road
Canalside Road
Canary Crescent
Canary Island Street
Canary Street
Canberra Circle
Cancer Road
Canda Crescent
Candelabra Crescent
Candian Street
Candlewood Close
Candlewood Crescent
Candlewood Street
Cando Street
Candor Square
Candytuft Street
Cane Road
Canfer Road
Cangci Street
Canigou Avenue
Canna Road
Cannery Row
Cannes Street
Canning Crescent
Cannock Street
Cannon Close
Cannon Island Way
Cannon Island Way Extension
Cannon Road
Cannon Street
Cannons Creek Sports Field
Canoe Way
Canola Crescent
Canopus Street
Canterbury Close
Canterbury Corner
Canterbury Drive
Canterbury Road
Canterbury Square
Canterbury Street
Canvasback Road
Canyon Oaks Road
Canyon Street
Cap Michel Close
Cape Ash Crescent
Cape Cadogan
Cape Cash & Carry
Cape Diamond Hotel
Cape Dutch Gardens
Cape Eye Hospital
Cape Farmstall and Wine Emporium
Cape Flats Nature Reserve
Cape Flax Road
Cape Gate Decor Centre
Cape Gate Lifestyle Centre
Cape Gate Villas
Cape Grace
Cape Mail Hub
Cape Medical Museum
Cape Ocean Lodge
Cape of Storms Distilling Company
Cape Paradise Lodge
Cape Peninsula University of Technology (Architectural Technology)
Cape Peninsula University of Technology (Bellville Campus)
Cape Peninsula University of Technology (Catsville Residence)
Cape Peninsula University of Technology (District Six Campus)
Cape Peninsula University of Technology (Granger Bay Campus)
Cape Peninsula University of Technology (Melade House)
Cape Peninsula University of Technology (Mowbray Campus)
Cape Peninsula University of Technology (Ophthalmic Sciences)
Cape Peninsular Girl Guide Hall
Cape Point Vineyards
Cape Radio Flyers
Cape Riviera
Cape Royale Luxury Hotel & Spa
Cape Spice Emporium
Cape Standard Guest House
Cape Town
Cape Town - Tristan da Cunha
Cape Town Airport SAPS
Cape Town Baptist Church
Cape Town Central Fire Station
Cape Town Central Library
Cape Town City Hall
Cape Town City Mission Church
Cape Town Civic Centre Podium Block
Cape Town Civic Centre Tower Block
Cape Town Creative Academy
Cape Town Cruise Terminal
Cape Town Cyle Tour
Cape Town Diamond Museum
Cape Town Fish Market
Cape Town Forensics Chemist Laboratory
Cape Town Framed Gift
Cape Town High School
Cape Town Highlanders
Cape Town Holocaust Centre
Cape Town Hotel School
Cape Town Korean Church
Cape Town Lodge
Cape Town Marriott Hotel Crystal Towers
Cape Town Surfing
Cape Town Torah High School
Cape Town Tourism Centre
Cape Town VORTAC
Cape Union Mart Adventure Centre
Cape Union Mart Head Office
Cape Verde Drive
Cape Verdi Island Street
Cape Wheel
Cape Wickham Road
Capel Road
Capella Street
Caper Close
Capetown Backpackers
Capilano Road
Capital Drive
Capital Lane
Capital Place
Capitec Bank
Capitec Woodstock
Capri Road
Capri Way
Capriccio Arts Powered Pre-school
Capricorn Beach
Capricorn Boulevard North
Capricorn Boulevard South
Capricorn Crescent
Capricorn Drive
Capricorn Post Office
Capricorn Primary School
Capricorn Primary school
Capricorn Road
Capricorn Way
Caproni Close
Capstan Close
Captains Close
Capuchin Street
Car Rental
Car Rentals Return
Cara Cara Road
Cara Makwedinana Haas Road
Carabinier Road
Caracal Course
Caracara Street
Caracas Street
Caradale Primary School
Caravel Close
Caravel Road
Caravelle Road
Carbis Street
Carbon Street
Carbrook Avenue
Cardamon Avenue
Cardiff Castle Building
Cardiff Close
Cardiff Street
Cardinal Avenue
Cardinal Close
Cardington Close
Cardita Circle
Cardross Grant Street
Carel Marincowitz Street
Carey Close
Carey Slater Road
Carey Street
Cariad Road
Caribbean Crescent
Caribbean Street
Carignan Lane
Carinus Street
Carisbrook Close
Carisbrook Street
Carissa Circle
Carissa Close
Carissa Drive
Carissa Street
Carl Crescent
Carl Cronje
Carl Cronje Drive
Carl Street
Carl van Aswegen Road
Carla Lane
Carli Crescent
Carlier Crescent
Carlier Street
Carlisle Close
Carlisle Road
Carlisle Street
Carlow Road
Carlton Crescent
Carlton Lane
Carlton Place
Carlton Road
Carlyles on Derry
Carmel Fellowship Assemblies of God
Carmelite Convent Chapel
Carmen Crescent
Carmen Street
Carmen Villas
Carmichael Guesthouse
Carmine Drive
Carnaby Street
Carnarvon Close
Carnarvon Road
Carnarvon Street
Carnation Avenue
Carnation Close
Carnation Crescent
Carnation Square
Carnation Street
Carnation Way
Carne SA
Carnegie Street
Carney Close
Carnie Road
Carnival Court Backpackers
Carnoustie Drive
Carob Crescent
Carol Anne Way
Carol Close
Carol Crescent
Carol Street
Carola Way
Carolina Avenue
Carolina Street
Caroline's Fine Wine Cellar
Carols Place
Carp Close
Carp Road
Carr Hill Road
Carr Street
Carra Street
Carradale Road
Carreg Crescent
Carriage Street
Carrick Road
Carrick Street
Carrier Way
Carrington Avenue
Carrol Road
Carronnade Crescent
Carrot Road
Carrowmore Street
Cars @ 342
Carson Avenue
Carstens Street
Carter Road
Cartier Street
Caruso Lane
Carwash [246]
Carwell Road
Carwell Street
Cas Street
Casa Bello Crescent
Casa Labia Cultural Centre and Café
Casa Lingo Close
Casa Mia
Casa Nostra
Casa Toscana
Cascade Primary School
Cascade Street
Cash Crusaders
Cashel Avenue
Casino Road
Casino Street
Casper Avenue
Caspian Close
Caspian Place
Cassandra Road
Cassard Street
Cassel Road
Cassia Close
Cassia Link
Cassia Road
Cassia Street
Cassidy Street
Cassiem Street
Cassino Road
Cassis Salon de Thé
Cassius Make Street
Cast Anchor Way
Castle Bar Close
Castle Close
Castle Court
Castle Hotel Bar
Castle Inn
Castle Lane
Castle Lichtenstein
Castle Military Museum
Castle Rock Close
Castle Street
Castleton Way
Castletown Road
Castleview Close
Castleview Road
Castor Link
Castor Road
Cat And Moose
Catalam Close
Catalina Road
Catalina Street
Catalpa Court
Catamaran Crescent
Catamaran Road
Catbird Street
Catch 22
Catch 62
Catch of the Day
Caterham Crescent
Catfish Road
Catharina Avenue
Cathcart Road
Cathcart Street
Cathedral Crescent
Cathedral Peak Crescent
Cathedral Peak Street
Cathedral Street
Cathkin Crescent
Cathkin Peak Close
Cathkin Peak Road
Cathkin Road
Cathkin Secondary School
Cathleen Street
Catholic Archdiocese of Cape Town - Chancery
Catholic Church of the Most Holy Redeemer
Cathy Close
Cattle Baron
Cattle Baron Pinelands
Cattle Baron Saxenburg
Cattle Baron Steak Ranch
Catwalk International
Catzenellenbogen Bastion
Cauca Street
Cauldrons Crescent
Cause and Effect
Cauvin Close
Cauvin Road
Cavalcade Road
Cavaleria Street
Cavalla Court
Cavalla Crescent
Cavalleria Primary School
Cavally Street
Cavalry Crescent
Cavalry Way
Cavan Close
Cavan Road
Cave Close
Cave Peak Circle
Cave Peak Street
Cavell Road
Cavendich Close
Cavendish Connect
Cavendish Square
Cavendish Street
Cavenmore Road
Cavesson Street
Caxton Close
Caxton Crescent
Caxton Street
Caxton Way
Cayalli Road
Cayley Link
CBC St John's Parklands
CE Cape Town North
Ceba Street
Cebani Street
Cebo Close
Cebu Road
Cebula Street
Cecelia Way
Cecelo Crescent
Cecelo Street
Cecil Close
Cecil Crescent
Cecil George Phahle Street
Cecil John Rhodes
Cecil Morgan Drive
Cecil Morgan Street
Cecil Ngxito Street
Cecil Rhodes Avenue
Cecil Road
Cecil Road Primary School
Cecil Street
Cecilia Boulder
Cecilia Close
Cecilia Court
Cecilia Ridge
Cecilia Road
Cecilia Waterfall
Cecilia Way
Cedar Avenue
Cedar Close
Cedar Court
Cedar Crescent
Cedar House Education For Our Time
Cedar House Prep School
Cedar Primary School
Cedar Road
Cedar Street
Cedarberg Road
Cedarberg Street
Cedarwood Close
Cedarwood Street
Cederberg Street
Cederberg Way
Cegcwana Crescent
Cekeca Road
Cekiso Crescent
Cekiso Street
Ceku Street
Cela Close
Cele Street
Celebes Street
Celery Street
Celeste Street
Celestial Close
Celie Road
Cell C
Cell Shop
Cell Zone
Cellars Hohenort
Cellars Street
Cello Street
Celtis Close
Celtis Lane
Celtis Street
Celu Close
Celu Crescent
Celu Street
Celu Walk
Censor's office
Centani Road
Centaur Street
Centauri Street
Centaurus Road
Center for creative education
Centlivres Crescent
Central Avenue
Central Drive
Central Drive East
Central Drive North
Central Drive South
Central Drive West
Central Methodist Church
Central Park Primary School
Central Peak Circle
Central Square

central square

Central Street
Centre Close
Centre for Humanities Research (Greatmore Street Art and Humanities Hub)
Centre for the Book
Centre of Science and Technology
Centre Point
Centurion Road
Century Avenue
Century Boulevard
Century City
Century City Drive
Century Drive
Century Lake
Century Link
Century Place
Century Place Boulevard
Century Square
Century Way
Cephe Crescent
Cepne Close
Ceres Close
Ceres Road
Ceres Street
Ceresa Close
Ceresa Crescent
Cerise Road
Cerulean Crescent
Cess Court
Cessna Crescent
Cessna Street
Cestrum Street
Cetic Road
Ceylon Street
Cezela Street
Chablis Complex
Chablis Street
Chad Close
Chad Road
Chad Way
Chadwin Road
Chaffinch Close
Chaffinch Road
Chafutwena Road
Chaillu Road
Chaim Street
Chain Avenue
Chalaise Avenue
Chaldon Way
Chalet Court
Chalfont Road
Chalkwood House Nursery School
Challenger Street
Challenging Path
Chalumna Street
Chamberlain Road
Chamberlain Street
Chambi Close
Chamois Street
Chamorne Close
Champagne Street
Champagne Way
Chana Crescent
Chancellor Street
Chandos Crescent
Chane Road
Change Road
Chantal Close
Chantal Street
Chantecler Avenue
Chantecler Lane
Chantelle Street
Chantilly Close
Chantilly Road
Chaos Computers
Chapel Close
Chapel of Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament
Chapel Road
Chapel Road Extension
Chapel Street
Chapel Street Primary School
Chapinni Road
Chaplin Close
Chapman Crescent
Chapman Street
Chapman's Peak
Chapman's Peak Beach Hotel
Chapman's Peak Caravan Park
Chapman's Peak Drive
Chapmans Close
Chapmans Peak Street
Chappell Street
Chard Road
Chard Street
Chardonnay Close
Chardonnay Road
Chardonnay Street
Chardonny Road
Chari Crescent
Chari Street
Charing Crescent
Charity Road
Charl Malan Street
Charl Uys Street
Charles Calvert Road
Charles Close
Charles Drive
Charles Golding Street
Charles Grodes Crescent
Charles Lane
Charles Mhambi Street
Charles Mokoena Street
Charles Ndaba Road
Charles Park
Charles Peers Close
Charles Road
Charles Setsoba Street
Charles Stassen Street
Charles Way
Charlesville Street
Charlie Street
Charlie Wer Way
Charlo Street
Charlotte's Place
Charlottenburg Street
Charlton Zondo Street
Charm Street
Charmaine Close
Charmaine Street
Charnelle Street
Charnwood Avenue
Charnwood Close
Charnwood Crescent
Charnwood Road
Chart Close
Chart Farm
Chartley Road
Chas Booth Avenue
Chasa Close
Chase Close
Chaskalsohn Crescent
Chasmante Close
Chastetree Court
Chat Road
Chat Way
Chateau Avenue
Chateau Circle
Chateau Close
Chateaux Street
Chatelaine Crescent
Chatham Road
Chatham Street
Chatres Crescent
Chaucer Road
Chavoness Close
Chavonne Street
Chavonnes Battery Museum
Chavutweni Street
Chawuze Street
Che Guevara Road
Cheap Cheap Cellular Repair
Check Inn Hotel
Check Out
Checkers Centre
Checkers Hyper
Checkers Hyper N1 City
Checkers Liquor Shop
Cheddar Road
Cheers Pub & Grub
Cheers Sports Pub
Cheesewood Street
Cheetah Close
Cheetah Road
Chefs Warehouse
Chelmsford Close
Chelmsford Crescent
Chelmsford Road
Chelsea Avenue
Chelsea Crescent
Chelsea Estate
Chelsea Green
Chelsea Road
Chelsea Street
Chelsea Village Convenience Centre
Cheltenham Ridge
Cheltenham Road
Chemical City
Chemical Sciences building
Chemist Mlungu Street
Chemistry Road
Chene Close
Chenel Close
Chenel Place
Chenel Way
Chenin Blanc Street
Chenin Way
Chenoua Road
Chepstow Road
Chepstowe Road
Cherbourg Avenue
Cherelle Close
Cherish Street
Cherokee Street
Cherry Close
Cherry Hills Crescent
Cherry Lane
Cherry Laurel Close
Cherry Street
Cherry Way
Cherrywood Close
Cherrywood Road
Cheryl Carolus Road
Chesham Crescent
Chesham Road
Chess Close
Chess Road
Chess Street
Chester Close
Chester Drive
Chester Road
Chester Williams Way
Chesterfield Close
Chesterfield Road
Chesterfield Way
Chestnut Avenue
Chestnut Crescent
Chestnut Drive
Chestnut Lane
Chestnut Ridge
Chestnut Road
Chestnut Street
Chestnut Way
Cheveche Street
Cheviot Place
Cheviot Place Guest House
Chevrolet Crescent
Chevron Square
Chiappini Lane
Chiappini Street
Chibi Street
Chibini Road
Chicago Close
Chichester Close
Chichester Road
Chickadee Street
Chicken Licken
Chief Bambatha Crescent
Chief Close
Chief Maqoma
Chief Road
Chigwell Lane
Chigwell Road
Chikane Circle
Chikizwa Walk
Child Care [14]
Child Care [30]
Child Care [31]
Child Care [36]
Child Care [52]
Child Safe
Childrens Close
Childrens Road
Childrens Walk
Childrens Way
Chile Close
Chilled Squirrel
Chilli Street
Chilton Close
Chilworth Road
Chimes Street
Chimney Street
China Clothing Shop
China Mall
China Town
Chinaberry Court
Chinchilla rooftop Cafe & Bar
Chinese Martial Arts & Health Centre
Chingford Crescent
Chinn's Corner Pharmacy
Chinook Spur
Chippa Maloi Way
Chippenham Crescent
Chippenham Road
Chippies Prego
Chipstead Way
Chitha Street
Chitten Way
Chives Street
Choice Clothing
Choir Street
Chokeberry Road
Chopin Close
Chopin Street
Chops Biltong
Chris & Harry's Butcher
Chris Abraham Road
Chris Barnard Building
Chris Barry Avenue
Chris Hani Avenue
Chris Hani Circle
Chris Hani Crescent
Chris Hani Road
Chris Hani Secondary School
Chris Hani Street
Chris Nissan Close
Chrisanne Street
Chrismar Street
Chrismar Supermarket and Cafe
Chrismar Tennis Club
Chrismar Villas
Chrismas Tinto Street
Christ Church Constantia
Christ Church Kenilworth
Christ Church Tygerburg
Christ the King Cath. Church
Christ the Reconciler
Christ the Redeemer Church
Christel House SA
Christiaan Barnard Street
Christiaan Beyers Street
Christiaan De Wet Crescent
Christiaan Street
Christiaans Street
Christian Assemblies Ravensmead
Christian Avenue
Christian David Mor Primêre Skool
Christian Life Camps Bay
Christine Street
Christine Way
Christmas Tinto Street
Christopher Mampuru Street
Christopher Road
Christow Road
Chrome Close
Chrome Street
Chromite Road
Chrysler Crescent
Chudleigh Road
Chukker Road
Chukker Sports Ground
Chukumisa Street
Chuma Public Primary School
Chumani Road
Chumisa Street
Church Circle
Church Close
Church Gate Street
Church Hall
Church of England in SA
Church of Reconciliation
Church of St John the Evangelist
Church of St Mary Magdalene
Church of St Peter the Fisherman
Church of the Annunciation
Church of the Good Shepherd
Church of the Good Shepherd - Protea
Church of the Holy Name
Church of the Holy Nativity
Church of the Holy Nativity Blackheath
Church of the Holy Spirit
Church of the Nazarene
Church of the Resurrection
Church of the Resurrection Catholic Church
Church On Main - The Mill
Church On The Rise
Church Road
Church Square
Church Street
Church Way
Churchdown Lane
Churchill Close
Churchill Road
Churchill Service Centre
Churchill Square
Churchill Street
Chwela Street
Ciko Avenue
Ciko Street
Cilmor Street
Cincaut Road
Cincinnati Spur
Cinderella Crescent
Cindy Close
Cindy Lane
Cindy Road
Cineraria Crescent
Cinnabar Building
Cinnamon House
Cinnebar Street
Cinsaut Street
Circa Luxury Apartment Hotel On The Square
Circle K
Circle Road
Circle Way
Circuit Boulder
Circuit Street
Cirrus Road
Cirus Street
Cissie Gool Plaza
Cissy Gool Avenue
Citabatwe Crescent
Citrine Street
Citrus Street
City Bowl Market
City Centre
City Church Harfield
City Edge Residence
City Lodge
City Lodge Hotel Victoria and Alfred Waterfront
City Mission Educational Services
City of Cape Town - Plumstead
City of Cape Town Water and Sanitation
City Pass Cape Town
City with Soul
Civet Crescent
Civet Street
Civic hall
Civic Road
Civic Supermarket - Ravensmead
Civil Square
C.J. Langenhoven Road
C.J. Langenhoven Street
C.J. Nabe Way
C.L. Adams Avenue
Claasen Road
Claasens Avenue
Claassen Street
Claassens Road
Claire Street
Clairwood Avenue
Clairwood Close
Clairwood Crescent
Clam Lane
Clam Road
Clan Monroe Road
Clan Street
Clanwilliam Way
Clapham Crescent
Clapham Drive
Clara Anna Fontein
Clara Anna Fontein Boulevard
Clara Anna Square
Clara Road
Clare Crescent
Clare Park Avenue
Clare Road
Clare Street
Clareinch Post Office
Claremont Avenue
Claremont Baptist Church
Claremont Boulevard
Claremont Clinic
Claremont du Cap
Claremont High School
Claremont Hospital
Claremont Library
Claremont Main Road Mosque
Claremont Police Station
Claremont Primary School
Claremont Shul
Claremont Station Cafe
Claremont Tennis Club
Claremont Volkswagen
Clarence Road
Clarence Street
Clarenden Road
Clarendon Complex
Clarendon Crescent
Clarendon Hills
Clarendon Road
Clarendon Street
Clarens Road
Claret Close
Claret Road
Claret Street
Clarewyn Road
Clarica Street
Clariette Close
Clarinet Close
Clarinus Village (UCT)
Clark Road
Clarke Avenue
Clarke Primary School
Clarkes Place
Clarkia Street
Classic Butcher
Claude Road
Claudison's 2nd Hand Book Store
Clay Cafe
Clay Street
Clays Lane
Clayton Street
Clean-Pro Dry Cleaners
Cleaver Close
Cleek Street
Cleft Peak
Clement Way
Clements Kadalie Street
Clent Road
Clevedon Road
Cleveland Avenue
Cleveland Close
Cleveland Road
Cleveland Street
Clever Kids Learning Hub
Clevily Road
Cliff Road
Cliffoney Street
Clifford Avenue
Clifford Crescent
Clifford Road
Clifford Street
Clifton Close
Clifton Crescent
Clifton Road
Clifton Steps
Clifton Terrace
Clingendael Close
Clingford Lane
Clinic Street
Clinton Road
Clio Close
Clipper Crescent
Clipper Road
Clive Road
Clive Street
Clivia Avenue
Clivia Crescent
Clivia Road
Clivia Street
Clock Tower
Cloete Cellar building
Cloete Crescent
Cloete Road
Cloete Street
Cloetesdal Close
Cloner Close
Cloud 9 Boutique Hotel & Spa
Clove Street
Clovelly Avenue
Clovelly Country Club
Clovelly Road
Clover Crescent
Clover Lane
Clover Road
Club 9
Club Driveway
Club Street
Clunie Road
Clyde Close
Clyde Grocers
Clyde Pinelands Sports Ground
Clyde Road
Clyde Street
Clydebank Crescent
Clydebank Road
Clydesdale Crescent
C.M. van den Heever Street
CMS Motorcycles Pty Ltd.
Coach Road
Coastal Park Landfill Site
Coastlands Community Church
Coatbridge Crescent
Coates Street
Cob Close
Cobalt Crescent
Cobalt Road
Cobble Close
Cobbles Street
Cobblestone Road
Cobblestone Street
Cobern Street
Cobham plc
Cobia Crescent
Cobia Street
Cocekile Street
Cochrane Avenue
Cockle Close
Cockscomb Road
Coco Safar Seapoint
Cocoa Cha Chi
Cocoa Oola
Cococabana Way
Cocorico Street
Cocos Crescent
Cody Erasmus Road
Coenru Street
Coetzenberg Way
Coetzenburg Avenue
Coetzenburg Street
Coetzer Street
Coffee @ Curro
Coffee Couture
Coffee Crescent
Cogill Road
Cognac Close
Cognac Road
Coimbra Bakery & Cafe
Col'Cacchio Pizzeria
Cola Street
Colchester Crescent
Colchester End
Cole Street
Colebrook Court
Coleford Way
Coleman Street
Colenso Road
Coleridge Road
Colesberg Circle
Colesburg Street
Colette Close
Coley Street
Coligny Street
Colin Crescent
Colin Eglin Sea Point Public Library
Colin Road
Colin Street
Coline Williams Street
Colinton Road
Colleen Road
Colleen Way
College Avenue
College Road
College Service Road
Collen Road
Coller Road
Collette Close
Collings Road
Collingwood Building
Collingwood Road
Colneus Street
Colombar Close
Colombar Street
Colombard Close
Colombart Close
Colonel Cresswell Avenue
Colorado Avenue
Colorado Crescent
Colorado Road
Colorado Shopping centre
Colorado Street
Colosa Crescent
Colosseum Luxury Hotel
Colosseum Road
Colosseum Way
Coloured Houses
Colstan Road
Colstan Street
Colt Street
Columbia Street
Columbia Way
Columbine Avenue
Columbine Place
Columbine Road
Columbine Street
Columbus Crescent
Columbus Road
Columbus Street
Colwell Road
Colwell Street
Colwyn Road
Colyn Road
Combretum Avenue
Combrinck Street
Combrink Street
Come Brew
Comet Drive
Comet Road
Comet Street
Comity Street
Commandant Gideon Scheepers Close
Commander Barney Street
Commerce Way
Commercial Road
Commercial Street
Commission Assembly Church
Commmon Road
Commodore Road
Commodore Street
Commonwealth Street
Community 1 (local)
Community Hall
Community Motors
Como Road
Compacta Close
Compagne Street
Companion Lane
Companion Street
Company’s Garden Resturant
Compass Close
Compassberg Road
Complete Cyclist
Computer Mania
Computer Road
Comrade Coffee
Comrade Street
Comrie Road
Cona Street
Concert Boulevard
Concert Stage
Concerto Court
Concord Motors
Concord Street
Concord Way
Concorde Crescent
Concorde Road
Concorde Street
Concordia Crescent
Concordia Street
Condor Close
Condor Court
Condor Road
Condor Street
Conduit Road
Cone Crescent
Cone Flower Court
Cone Road
Cone Way
Conebush Close
Coneside Way
Confettibush Street
Confidante Street
Congo Court
Congo Road
Congregational Church Bellville
Conifer Cape
Conifer Close
Conifer Road
Conifer Street
Conifer Way
Coniston Avenue
Coniston Mews
Coniston Place
Coniston Road
Coniston Street
Coniston Way
Conmead Road
Conn Street
Connall Way
Connaught Road
Connection Street
Connemara Drive
Connemara Road
Connexxion Restaurant
Conningsby Street
Connoisseur Street
Connor Close
Conquest Road
Conrad Road
Conradie Better Living Model Exemplar Project
Conradie Street
Conroy Street
Consani Road

conservation area

Consort Road
Consta Road
Constable Street
Constance Road
Constantia Baths
Constantia Close
Constantia Corner
Constantia Cottages
Constantia Crescent
Constantia Glen
Constantia Glen Wine Tasting
Constantia Main Road
Constantia Nek
Constantia Primary School
Constantia Road
Constantia Street
Constantia Uitsig
Constantia View
Constantia Village Lodge
Constantia Waldorf School
Constantiaberg Close
Constantiaberg Street
Constantiaberg West Ridge
Constatntiaberg Preprimary
Constitution Crescent
Constitution Street
Container Road
Contermans Kloof
Contermanskloof Airstrip (CLOSED)
Contermanskloof Road
Contessa's Cash Store
Continua Street
Contour Path
Control Room
Convent Road
Convention Square
Convention Street
Conway Close
Conway Court
Conway Street
Cook Road
Cook Street
Cooke Street
Cookies & Cream
Cool Runnings
Coombe Road
Cooper Close
Cooper Street
Coopers Close
Coornhoop Street
Coot Crescent
Coot Drive
Coot Road
Coot Way
Coot's Cove
Copacabana Cafe
Copeland Road
Copenhagen Way
Copland Close
Copper Road
Copperfield Road
Coppinwood Road
Coprosma Street
Copthall Road
Corah Street
Coral Close
Coral Crescent
Coral Grove
Coral Grove Road
Coral Road
Coral Street
Coral Tree Road
Coral Wetsuits
Corbonne Street
Corby Close
Cordega Road
Cordier Road
Cordier Street
Cordoba Avenue
Cordoba Street
Cordova Road
Corfu Avenue
Corfu Road
Corgi Road
Coriander Crescent
Coriander Street
Corination Bazaar
Cork Lane
Cork Oak Close
Cork Street
Cork Tree Road
Corlie Road
Cormorant Avenue
Cormorant Street
Cormorants Close
Corncrake Close
Cornelia Avenue
Cornelia Road
Cornelis Street
Cornelissen Crescent
Cornell Street

corner store

Cornflower Primary School
Cornflower Street
Cornhill Road
Corntail Street
Cornuta Avenue
Cornwall Place
Cornwall Road
Cornwall Street
Cornway Crescent
Cornwell Street
Corona Mews
Corona Road
Corona Street
Coronado Street
Coronation Avenue
Coronation Road
Coronet Court
Corporal Street
Corporation Street
Corpus Christi Cath. Church
Corridor Ravine
Corridor Road
Corridor Street
Corrie Road
Corsair Close
Corsair Crescent
Corsair Road
Corsey Corner
Corsica Close
Corsica Crescent
Corsica Street
Corumba Street
Corwen Street
Cosa Avenue
Cosmic Close
Cosmonaut Street
Cosmos Close
Cosmos Court
Cosmos Street
Cosmos Way
Cospartick Road
Cossal Crescent
Costa Mews
Cotswold Avenue
Cotswold Drive
Cotswold Street
Cottage Close
Cottage Lane
Cottage Motors
Cotte Road
Cotton Street
Cottonwood Court
Coucal Bend
Coucal Street
Couch Crescent
Coucou Street
Cougar Street
Councillor Road
Country Club Road
Country Lane
Country Places
Country Way
Court Road
Court Town Road
Courtesy Street
Courtrai Close
Courville Street
Coute Street
Covendon Road
Covent Close
Coventry Close
Coventry Road
Coventry Street
Covid Testing
Coway Street
Cowell Way
Cowley Close
Cowley Exhaust Systems
Cowley Street
Cowrie Close
Cowrie Crescent
Cox Crescent
Cox Street
Coyne Street
Cozy Beach
Cozy Corner
CPUT Survival Centre
Cqabi Street
Crab Apple Street
Cradick Close
Cradock Road
Cradock Street
Crag Street
Craig Road
Craig Street
Craighall Avenue
Craigrownie Road
Crake Close
Crammix Road
Cramond Road
Cranberry Crescent
Cranberry Way
Cranborne Road
Crane Close
Crane Crescent
Crane Road
Crane Street
Cranko Avenue
Cranko Road
Cranley Road
Cranmere Road
Crassula Avenue
Crassula Crescent
Crassula Road
Crassula Way
Crater Street
Craven Avenue
Craven Close
Cravenby Sports Field
Cravenby Street
Crawford Road
Crawley Crescent
Crazy Daizy Cakes & Coffee
Crazy Horse
Crazy Store
Crazy-e Store
Creative Nestling
Creative photo lab
Crecy Road
Cree Street
Creek Close
Creekside Road
Crematorium Road
Creon Close
Cres Twenty Five Road
Crescendo Road
Crescent Close
Crescent Road
Cresent Primary School
Cress Close
Cresswell Road
Cressy Road
Crest View
Crest Way
Crestview Close
Crestway Secondary School
Crete Close
Crete Road
Crete Street
Creusot Avenue
Crevasse Street
Cricket A
Cricket Crescent
Cricket field
Cricket Field Reddam
Cricket Nets
Crickets Gully Road
Crimson Road
Crinum Road
Crizier Road
Crocodile Way
Crocus Street
Croft Close
Croft Road
Crofton Road
Cromarty Close
Crombec Crescent
Cromer Road
Cronje Close
Croquet Road
Crosby Street
Cross Boulevard
Cross Campus Road
Cross Circle
Cross Close
Cross Cut Road
Cross Road
Cross Street
Cross Way
Crossbill Street
Croton Close
Croton Street
Crow Crescent
Crowbush Road
Crowie Lane
Crown Close
Crown Crescent
Crown Cycles
Crown Road
Crown Street
Crowndale Crescent
Croxteth Road
Crozier Close
Crudop Street
Cruiser Road
Crusader Crescent
Cruse Lane
Cruse Street
Crust Cafe
Crust Street
Cruythof Street
Crystal Grove
Crystal Grove Complex
Crystal Road
Crystal Secondary School
Crystal Towers Bridge
Crystal Towers Hotel & Spa
Crystal Way
CTI Durbanville Campus
Cuanza Street
Cuba Street
Cubango Street
Cubungu Street
Cuckoo Crescent
Cuckoo Road
Cuito Street
Cula Street
Culemborg Close
Culemborg Crescent
Culemborg Pharmacy
Culemborg Road
Culemborg Street
Cullin Street
Cullinan Hotel Road
Cullinan Street
Culloden Close
Culloden Road
Culm Road
Culture Wine Bar
Culver Street
CUM Books
Cumberland Avenue
Cumberland Road
Cumin Close
Cumin Street
Cummings Road
Cummunity 2 (regional)
Cumnor Avenue
Cumukala Street
Cumulus Road
Cunonia Street
Cup of Life coffee shop
Cupido Cloete Street East
Cupido Cloete Street West
Cupido Cloete West
Cupido Street
Curie Street
Curie Way
Curl Up & Dye
Curlew Close
Curlew Road
Curlew Street
Curlew Way
Curlewis Road
Curro Brackenfell
Curro Brackenfell Preschool
Curro Century City Private School
Curro Durbanville
Curro Durbanville - Assembly Hall
Curro Durbanville High School
Curro Foreshore
Curro Uitzicht Independent School
Curry Close
Curry Street
Curtis Road
Curtis Street
Curtiss Road
Curve Gear
Curve Space Studio
Cushat Close
Cussonia Street
Custody Street
Custom Street
Cutter Close
Cuttlefish Lane
Cuttlefish Road
Cuylerhof Close
Cwangco Crescent
Cwangco Street
Cwayi Crescent
Cyan Road
Cycad Crescent
Cycad Road
Cyclamen Close
Cyclamen Road
Cyclamen Street
Cycle Traders
Cycles direct
Cyclone Road
Cymbal Close
Cymbal Street
Cynaroides Avenue
Cynthia Crescent
Cynthia Road
Cynthia Street
Cyphia Close
Cyphia Street
Cypress Avenue
Cypress Close
Cypress Drive
Cypress Lane
Cypress Road
Cypress Street
Cypress Way
Cyprus Close
Cyprus Road
Cyprus Street
Cyster Lane

D. Nyembe Place
D. Zihlangu Avenue
D'Algarve Road
D'Almeida Avenue
D'Aria Function Venue
D'Aria Loop
D'Aria Wine Tasting
D'Urban Street
D'Vine Hub
D'Vine Terrace
D'Vine Terraces Complex
Da Gama Crescent
Da Gama Street
Da Gama's
Da Vinci Street
Da Vinci's
Da' Sweetie Spaza Shop
Daalder Street
Dabchick Close
Dabchick Quay
Dabchick Road
Dabua Crescent
Dabula Street
Dacres Avenue
Dada Crescent
Dada Drive
Dada Street
Dadamaba Street
Dade Street
Dadel Crescent
Daffodil Close
Daffodil Crescent
Daffodil Road
Daffodil Street
Daffodil Way
Dagbreek Avenue
Dagbreek Close
Dagbreek Road
Dagbreek Street
Dageraad Road
Dahlia Avenue
Dahlia Close
Dahlia on Regent
Dahlia Road
Dahlia Street
Dahra Road
Dainfern Road
Daintree Street
Dairy Close
Daisy Circle
Daisy Close
Daisy Court
Daisy Crescent
Daisy Hill Road
Daisy Road
Daisy Street
Daisy Way
Daitsh Street
Daiza Road
Daka Court
Daka Street
Dakota Close
Dakota Crescent
Dakota Road
Dakota Street
Dal Close
Dal Road
Dala Crescent
Dalbor Road
Dalby Close
Dale Avenue
Dale Close
Dale Crescent
Dale Road
Dale's Black Angus
Dalegarth Road
Daleway Road
Dalham Road
Dalia Street
Dalmore Road
Dalsig Complex
Dalsig Way
Dalton Road
Dalton Way
Daltondal Close
Dalziel Road
Dam Overseer
Dam Road
Dam View
Dambord Crescent
Dambuza Crescent
Damdamfado Street
Dameni Crescent
Dammert Street
Damon Street
Damsel Street
Dan King Road
Dan Pienaar Circle
Dan Pienaar Lane
Dan Pienaar Street
Dan Sohuwa Street
Dana Street
Danbury Close
Dandelion Street
Dandelion Way
Dane Street
Daneele Way
Danena Close
Danie Esterhuizen Street
Danie Theron Street
Danie Uys Street
Daniel Avenue
Daniel Close
Daniel Hechter
Daniel Street
Daniell Road
Daniels Crescent
Danker Street
Danster Crescent
Dante Close
Dante Road
Dante's Cove Crescent
Danube Road
Danube Street
Danube Way
Danza Road
Daphine Close
Daphne Crescent
Daphne Road
Daphne Street
Dapper Road
Darby Street
Darfur Street
Dargle Close
Darien Avenue
Darien Lane
Dario's Cafe
Dark Gorge
Darling Brew
Darling Close
Darling Road
Darling Street
Darrol Brodie Lane
Darrvin E-Bikes
Darter Crescent
Darter Lane
Darter Road
Darter Street
Dartford Drive
Dartford Way
Dartmoor Close
Dartmoor Road
Dartmouth Road
Darul Arqam Islamic High School
Darul Islam Mosque
Darwin Road
Darwin Street
Darwin Way
Dasi Road
Dasi Street
Dassen Road
Dassenberg Meadows
Dassenberg Path
Dassenberg Street
Dassenheuwel Lane
Dassie Close
Dassie Road
Dassie Street
Dassiebos Square
Dassiekop Close
Date Close
Date Court
Date Palm Street
Datsun Close
Dauphine Close
Dauphine Street
Dauphine Way
Dave's Service Station
Davenport Close
Davenport Road
Daventry Road
David Atkins Street
David Avenue
David Baird Crescent
David Close
David Fortune Street
David Lawrence Street
David Molefe Street
David Profit Street
David Road
David Street
David Way
David Webster Street
David Wilkinson Road
Davids Road
Davids Street
Davidson Street
Davies Avenue
Davis Road
Davis Street
Davison Road
Davy Link
Dawes Street
Dawid van Vuuren Close
Dawids Street
Dawlish Road
Dawn Avenue
Dawn Close
Dawn Patrol Shellhole Memorial Hall
Dawn Road
Dawning Street
Day Road
Dayaram Residence
Days Walk
Dayspring Crescent
Daytona Road
Daza Street
De Akkers
De Beer Street
De Boerin Street
De Broek Close
De Bron
De Bron Avenue
De Bron Road
De Buis Road
De Bussy Road
De Chevonnes Avenue
De Dam Close
De Dam Road
De Duin Avenue
De Eike Street
De Goede Hoop
De Goede Hoop Close
De Goewerneur
De Grasse Street
De Gredel Close
De Grendel
De Grendel Avenue
De Grendel High School
De Grendel Restaurant
De Grendel Road
De Gruchy Road
De Hague Close
De Haviland Street
De Havilland Street
De Hel Trail
De Hoek Close
De Hoop
De Hoop Avenue
De Hoop Crescent
De Hoop Road
De Hoop Street
De Houtman Street
De Hulk Way
De Jager Street
De Kelder
De Keur Avenue
De Kloof Close
De Kock Avenue
De Kock Street
De Korte Close
De Kuilen
De Kuilen High School
De Kuilen Primary School
De Kuilen Street
De la Cruz Street
De La Fontaine Avenue
De La Haye Avenue
De la Haye Avenue
De La Haye Villas
De la Rey Crescent
De la Rey Street
De La Roche Close
De Lange Street
De Leeuw Street
De Lille Square
De Lille Street
De Lorentz Street
De Maas Avenue
De Maas Crescent
De Maas Road
De Marcy Road
De Mist Avenue
De Mist Parking
De Mist Street
De Nieuwe Molen
De Noordhoek Hotel
De Oewer Street
De Oude Kaap
De Oude Schuur
De Oude Schuur Close
De Oude Schuur Complex
De Quellerie Road
De Reyger Road
De Rijger Street
De Roos Street
De Rust Avenue
De Smit Street
De Tafelberg Guest House
De Tijger Gemeente
De Tijger Primary School
De Tuin
De Tuin Crescent
De Tyger Fish City
De Tyger Kwikspar
De Tyger Pharmacy
De Tyger Road
De Viliers Field
De Ville Close
De Villiers Avenue
De Villiers Drive
De Villiers Road
De Villiers Street
De Vrije Zee Primary School
De Vygen Close
De Waal Park Bandstand
De Waal Road
De Waal Road Service Road
De Waal Street
De Wet 1st Road
De Wet 2nd Road
De Wet Marais Road
De Wet Road
De Wet Street
De Wilde Gans
De Wilger Road
De Wingerd Road
De Zicht
De'Ville Centre
Deacon Road
Deadwood Boulder
Dean Lane
Dean Street
Dean Street Arcade
Deauville Circle
Debaren Close
Debbie Close
Debden Avenue
Debeza Road
Debeza Street
Debonairs Express
Debonairs Pizza
Debora Close
Deborah Close
Debussy Crescent
Deck Street
Deckle Egde
Dee Dee Thai Therapy
Dee Road
Deel Close
Deer Close
Deer Park Cafe
Deer Park Drive East
Deer Park Drive West
Deer Road
Deerfield Close
Deerhurst Road
Defiant Crescent
Degree Street
Dekriet Road
Del Mar
Del Monte Avenue
Del Monte Close
Del Valle Crescent
Delaire Street
Delany Road
Delarey Street
Delaware Avenue
Delene Drive
Delft Church of the Nazarene
Delft Close
Delft Main Road
Delft North Primary School
Delft Primary School
Delft SAPS
Delft South Primary
Delft Street
Delft Technical High School
Delft-South Primary School
Delheim Close
Delheim Road
Delheim Street
Delhi Road
Deli Delish
Deli Pies
Delia Road
Delight Coffee
Delina Mini Market
Delingham Road
Delius Street
Dell Close
Dell Street
Della Street
Dellville Square
Dellwyn Road
Delmas Sibanyoni Street
Delos Road
Delphi Road
Delphinium Street
Delson Avenue
Delta Primary School
Delta Road
Delta Street
Deltec Batteries
Delville Wood Memorial
Delwyn Crescent
Dema Street
Demeter Street
Demisec Street
Democracy Way
Den Anker
Den Haag Street
Denbigh Road
Denchworth Close
Denchworth Crescent
Denchworth Road
Denchworth Road East
Deneys Way
Denham Road
Denholm Road
Denhume Way
Denise Circle
Denise Close
Denise Street
Denison Way
Denlyn Street
Denne Avenue
Denne Close
Denne Crescent
Denne Street
Denneboom Avenue
Denneboom Road
Dennebosch Close
Dennebosch Way
Denneburg Road
Dennedal Avenue
Dennedal Avenue East
Dennegeur Avenue
Dennegeur Avenue Primary School
Dennegeur Street
Dennekruin Road
Dennemere Baptist Church
Dennemere Drive
Dennemere Primary School
Dennemere Service Drive East
Dennemere Service Drive West
Dennesig Close
Dennesig Way
Dennia Place
Dennis Avenue
Dennis Nxu Street
Dennis Street
Denniston Close
Deno Street
Denton Street
Denton Terrace
Denver Close
Denver Road
Denyssen Road
Denza Street
Denzel Close
Deodar Road
Deodar Street
Deon Olckers Close
Department Road
Depsiton Crescent
Deptford Crescent
Deputy Road
Derbpu Road
Derby Avenue
Derby Close
Derby Mews Crescent
Derby Road
Derby Street
Derbyshire Crescent
Derek Road
Derheyn Crescent
Derna Road
Derrick Cloete Street
Derry Close
Derry Road
Derry Street
Derwent Crescent
Derwent Lane
Derwent Road
Derwent Way
Desande Road
Desere Street
Desert Crescent
Design Way
Designer Chair Warehouse
Desire of All Nations
Desmond Tutu Crescent
Desmond Tutu Street
Desre Road
Dessie Road
Destinatus Private Campus 1
Destinatus Private School
Detour Africa Tours and Safari
Detroit Crescent
Deurdrift Walk
Deutsche Internationale Schule Kapstadt
Deutz Road
Devi Road
Devil's Peak Brewing Company
Devil's Peak Brewing Company Taproom
Devil's Peak Way
Devils Peak Road
Devils Venster
Devilwood Crescent
Devon Air Close
Devon Close
Devon Crest Street
Devon Park Street
Devon Place
Devon Road
Devon Street
Devon Valley Way
Devonport Road
Devonshire Close
Devonshire Hill Road
Devonshire Road
Devonshire Street
Devotion Street
Dew Crisp Farms
Dewhurst Street
Dexter Close
Dexter Street
DF Malan Astro
DF MALAN High Performance Center
DF Malan High School
D.F. Malan Street
D.F. Malherbe Street
D.G. Martin Street
DG's Village Pub
Di Bishop Road
Diadem Lane
Diagonal Route
Diagonal Street
Diamant Crescent
Diamant Street
Diamond Crescent
Diamond Drive
Diamond Street
Diamond Way
Diamond's Discount Liquor
Diamont Street
Diana Close
Diana Link
Diana Road
Diana Street
Dianthus Road
Diary & Bakery
Dias Street
Dias Tavern
Diaz Avenue
Diaz Crescent
Diaz Road
Diaz Street
Dibana Road
Dibber Place
Dick Burton Street
Dick King Way
Dickens Close
Dickens Drive
Dickens Road
Dicks Street
Dickson Crescent
Dickson Street
Dicoma Close
Diconia Street
Didessa Street
Didi Street
Didiyela Street
Die Anker Street
Die Boer
Die Braak Square
Die Duine Primary School
Die Eike Lane
Die Erf Street
Die Oog
Die Plein
Die Rif
Die Rynse Kerk
Die Sending vir Christus Kerk
Diedrikkie Road
Diedrikkie Street
Dieman Road
Diemersdal Access Road
Diemersdal Close
Diemersdal Road
Diemersdal Street
Dien Street
Diep Crescent
Diep River Police Station
Diep Street
Dieppe Road
Dieprivier Street
Diepwater Main Road
Diepwater Street
Dierama Avenue
Diesel Road
Dietricht Road
Diggers Saloon
Digteby Crescent
Dijon Street
Dik Dikkie Road
Dika Street
Dike Street
Dikinyeka Square
Dikiza Road
Dikkop Crescent
Dikkop Road
Dikkop Way
Diliya Close
Dill Court
Dilo Street
Diluta Drive
Dimba Road
Dimbaza Road
Dimlang Street
Dinder Crescent
Dingaans Ridge
Dinghie Circle
Dingiso Crescent
Dingiso Street
Dingle Avenue
Dingle Road
Dinkel German Bakery
Dinoyane Street
Dinsley Road
Diocesan College
Diocesn College Pre-Prep
Dipidax Road
Dipka Road
Dipper Street
Dirk Adams Road
Dirkie Uys Street
Dirty Laundry
Disa Avenue
Disa Close
Disa Court
Disa Crescent
Disa Gorge
Disa Place
Disa Place Road
Disa Primary School (Bonteheuwel)
Disa Primary School (Hout Bay)
Disa River Road
Disa Road
Disa Street
Disa Way
Dischem N1 City
Dischem Pharmacy
Disco Street
Discovery Avenue
Discovery Drive
Discovery Road
Dissel Road
Distillers & Union
District 6
District Cafe
District Six
District Six Community Day Centre
District Six Guesthouse
District Six Museum
District Six Service Station
Dite's Fast Food Kitchen

ditto – ice cream & waffle house

Divine Heritage Christian College
Dixon Street
Dixton Road
Diya Road
Diya Street
D.J. Geldenhuys Street
D.J. Wood Street
D.J. Wood Way
Djebobo Street
Dlala Street
Dlali Street
Dlalo Crescent
Dlamini Alpheus Street
Dlamini Close
Dlamsha Street
Dlavu Close
Dlayedwa Street
Dlebe Close
Dleka Street
Dlelo Street
Dlephu Road
Dlova Street
Dludaka Close
Dobson Road
Docav Road
Dock House
Dock Road
Dockrail Road
Docks Mission Church
Doctor Abdurahman Avenue
Doctor Ervin Toms Street
Doctor Fabian Riberio Road
Doctor Fabian Riberio Walk
Doctor Juma Street
Doctor Moerat Street
Doctor Stephen Arendse Close
Doddington Way
Dodds Road
Dodington Place
Dodo Way
Dogwood Street
Dogz at Home Dog Training Centre
Doig Road
Dolabella Drive
Dolce Bakery
Dolfi Street
Dollarbird Road
Dollie Licks
Dolomiet Close
Dolomite Avenue
Dolomites Circle
Dolomites Road
Dolophini Street
Dolphin Beach Complex
Dolphin Beach Hotel
Dolphin Crescent
Dolphin Drive
Dolphin Educare Centre
Dolphin Inn Guest House
Dolphin Street
Dolphin Terrace
Dolphin Way
Doman Road
Dombeya Avenue
Dombeya Close
Dombeya Street
Dome of Remembrance
Domingo Road
Dominic Avenue
Dominican Grimley
Dominican School for the Deaf
Dominique Place
Dominique Street
Domino's Pizza
Domira Road
Don Carlos Street
Don Close
Don Donga Maseko Street
Don Road
Don Street
Donald Avenue
Donana Galo Street
Donato Street
Donax Drive
Doncaster Motors
Doncaster Road
Dondashe Street
Donegal Avenue
Donegal Street
Donell Way
Dongwe Street
Donkervliet Close
Donkin Avenue
Donkin Lane
Donkin Road
Donkin Way
Donna Street
Donne Street
Donnington Close
Donnington Road
Donough Road
Donovan Street
Dontsa Square
Dontsa Street
Dooby Scoo
Door De Kraal Avenue
Door De Kraal Lane
Door De Kraal Street
Doordrift Road
Doordrift Village
Doornhoek Street
Doornhof Close
DoorStopper Online Store
Dora Tamana
Dora Tamana Street
Dora Tamane Street
Dorado Street
Dorah Street
Dorah Tamane Street
Doral Close
Dorbyl Street
Dorchester Drive
Dorchester Superette
Dordogne Road
Dordrecht Road
Doreen Close
Doreen Road
Doreen Street
Dorelle Road
Dores Crescent
Doric Court
Doric Road
Doring Crescent
Doring River Street
Doring Road
Doringboom Street
Doris Road
Dorking Crescent
Dorman Place
Dorman Street
Dorman Way
Dormehl Lane
Dormehl Street
Dormer Avenue
Dormer Close
Dormershire Avenue
Dorothea Street
Dorothy Street
Dorothy Zihlangu
Dorothy Zihlangu Street
Dorp Street
Dorper Way
Dorrey Street
Dorris Street
Dorset Street
Dorsetshire Street
Dorwil Prag Close
Dos Santos Fish & Grill
Dosi Street
Double Store
Doublet Crescent
DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Cape Town - Upper Eastside
Doublom Close
Doublom Crescent
Doublom Street
Douglas Carr
Douglas Crescent
Douglas Mfoca
Douglas Place
Douglas Road
Douglas Road Primary
Douglas Road Primary School
Douglas Street
Dove Road
Dove Street
Dove Tree Court
Dovedale Way
Dover Road
Dover Street
Dowa Square
Dower Street
Downberg A Road
Downberg B Road
Downberg C Road
Downberg D Road
Downberg E Road
Downberg Road
Downberg Sports Field
Downes Way
DOWNEVILLE Primary School
Downing Close
Downing Crescent
Downing Link
Downing Street
Downs Way
Downwood Road
Doxa Deo Langeberg
Dozi Close
D.P. Marais Hospital
Dr. Mariam Herbalist
Dr. Nelson R. Mandela High School
Dr van der Ross Primary School
Draa Way
Draai Lane
Dragon skeleton
Dragon's Passage
Dragoon Avenue
Dragoon Road
Drake Crescent
Drake Street
Drakensberg Crescent
Drakensberg Street
Drakensberg Way
Drakenstein Circle
Drakenstein Road
Drakenstein Street
Drakenstein Way
Draklow Street
Draper Close
Draper Street
Draycott Avenue
Drayton Road
Dreamers Hobby Shop
Dreamland Vintage
Dressage Close
Dreyer Close
Dreyer Street
Dreyersdal Farm Road
Dreyersdal Park
Dreyersdal Road
Driebergen Road
Driebergen Street
Driebergen Way
Dried Fruit Store
Driefontein Lane
Driehoek Street
Driekoppen Road
Drift Road
Driftwood Cafe
Driftwood Pub
Driftwood Road
Drill Avenue
Drinking fountain for dogs and owners
Drive Thru
Driver Park
Driver Park Entrance
Driver Park North Exit
Driver Park South Exit
Driver Street
Driveshaft Centte
Drogheda Road
Dromedaris Square
Dromedaris Street
Drommedaris Avenue
Drommedaris Crescent
Drommedaris Road
Drommedaris Street
Drommedaris Way
Drongo Road
Drongo Street
Drosdy Close
Drossel Road
Drostdy Road
Drostdy Street
Drover Street
Druif Road
Drukkery Street
Drumbeat Charters
Drumblair Crescent
Drummer Road
Drummond Close
Drummond Road
Drummond Street
Drury Lane
Drury Road
Drury Street
Dry Cleaning 4 U
Dryden Street
Dryden Street Primary School
Drysdale Street
Du Noon
Du Noon Primary School
Du Plessis Avenue
Du Plessis Street
Du Preez Street
Du Toit Street
Du Toits Peak Street
Du Toitskloof Street
Du Ville Close
Dube Close
Dube Street
Dubi Street
Dublin Close
Dublin Road
Dublin Street
Dublin Street Mews
Dubu Crescent
Duchess Road
Duck Close
Duck Road
Duckitt Avenue
Dudadula Street
Dudgeon Road
Dudley Road
Dudula Road
Dudumashe Close
Duduzile Ndwashlana Street
Duet Close
Duet Crescent
Duff Street
Duif Street
Duiker Avenue
Duiker Close
Duiker Crescent
Duiker Drive
Duiker Gate Road
Duiker Island viewpoint
Duiker Lane
Duiker Ridge
Duiker Road
Duiker Street
Duiker Vlei Road
Duine Street
Duinebessie Crescent
Duinefontein Road
Duinhoop Avenue
Duinnebessie Street
Dukani Street
Duke Close
Duke Crescent
Duke Drive
Duke Mkhonto Street
Duke Qavane Street
Duke Road
Duke Street
Dulah Omar Street
Dulce Cafe
Dulicie September
Dullah Omar Street
Dulles Road
Dulverton Road
Dulwich Crescent
Dulwich Road
Duma Close
Duma Nokwe Road
Duma Service Station
Dumakude Close
Dumani Road
Dumas Street
Dumba Street
Dumbarton Road
Dumbe Street
Dume Zweni Street
Duminy Avenue
Duminy Road
Duminy Street
Dumisa Ntsebenza Street
Dumisani Mthandela Street
Dumont Street
Duna Crescent
Dunbar Street
Dunbarton Place
Duncan Road
Duncan Street
Dundas Crescent
Dundee Road
Dundee Terrace
Dundonald Street
Dundrum Road
Dune Drive
Dune Ridge Estate
Dune Road
Dune Street
Dunedin Avenue
Dunes Beach Restaurant & Bar
Dunes Crescent
Duneside Primary School
Dungannon Street
Dunkeld Avenue
Dunkeld Road
Dunkin' Donuts
Dunkirk Road
Dunkley House
Dunkley Street
Dunlin Close
Dunlop Lane
Dunlop Zone
Dunluce Avenue
Dunoon Masjid
Dunrobin Road
Dunsheen Road
Dunster Street
Duntaw Close
Duparc Road
Durance Street
Durant Road
Duranta Place
Durban Road
Durban Street
Durban Way
Durbanville Avenue
Durbanville Avenue Service Road
Durbanville Baseball Club
Durbanville Crescent
Durbanville Cricket & Hockey
Durbanville Fisheries
Durbanville Gemeente
Durbanville Golf Club
Durbanville High School
Durbanville Hills
Durbanville Hills Wine Estate
Durbanville Liquors
Durbanville Market
Durbanville Methodist Church
Durbanville Nature Reserve
Durbanville Nature Reserve Education Centre
Durbanville Preparatory School
Durbanville Primary School
Durbanville Public Library
Durbanville Racecourse
Durbanville Rugby Club
Durbanville SAPS
Durbanville Squash Club
Durbanville Street
Durbanville Tennis Club
Durbanville townhall
Durbell Pharmacy
Durbell Road
Durham Avenue
Durham Close
Durham Square Apartment Complex
Durham Street
Durham Way
Durheim Close
Durmonte Drive
Durmonte Village
Durnford Way
Durr Road
Durrell Street
Durvale Close
Dutch Consulate General
Dutch Reformed
Dutywa Street
Duvorak Street
Duxbury Road
Duze Close
Dwarhane Street
Dwars In Die Weg Close
Dwars Street
Dwars Way
Dwarsberg Road
Dwarseind Close
Dwesa Street
Dwyka Court
Dwyka Road
Dyakala Crescent
Dyakalashe Road
Dyakalashe Street
Dyakophu Close
Dyala Crescent
Dyalvane Crescent
Dyamala Road
Dyani Crescent
Dyasi Street
Dyke Close
Dyke Road
Dynamic Vision Wingfield Optical
Dynamo Moscow Road
Dynamo Way
Dyokani Road
Dyokhwe Street
Dyosi Street
Dysart Road
Dyushu Road
Dywabasi Street
Dywabasini Road
Dywabisini Avenue
Dywhi Street
Dywili Crescent
Dywilisi Close

E. Hewu Street
E L Harder Square
E. Mjodo Street
E. Qhamgana Street
E. Sula Street
E1942 Centenary Cricket Pavilion
EA Janari Primary School
Eagle Avenue
Eagle Close
Eagle Crescent
Eagle Lighting
Eagle Road
Eagle Rock Crescent
Eagle Street
Eagle Way
Eaglemont Crescent
Eagles Nest Crescent
Eagles Nest Viewpoint
Eagles Nest Wine Estate
Eagles Nest Wine Sales
Earl Court
Earl Street
Earls Place
Earlswood Close
Earlswood Road


Easson Road
East Bank Crescent
East City Cycles
East Close
East Drive
East Gate
East Lake Drive
East Lake Shopping Centre
East Light Way
East Link
East Maschalls Street
East Pier Road
East Quay Road
East Rock
East Street
East Way
Eastbank Road
Eastbourne Road
Eastclyde Road
Eastcourt Road
Easter Peak Primary School
Easter Peak Road
Eastern Food Bazaar
Eastfort Road
Eastlake Island Way
Eastlake Village Centre
Eastman Road
Eastry Road
Eastview Road
Eastville Primary School
Eastwood Close
Eastwood Drive
Eastwood Street
Eat @ Altydgedacht
Eaton Crescent
Eaton Road
Ebb and Tide Way
Ebb Avenue
Ebb Road
Ebelini Hall
Eben Dönges High School
Eben Donges Street
Eben Olivier Street
Eben Street
Ebenezer Community Church
Ebenezer Road
Ebenezer Uniting Reformed Church
Ebenhaeser Pentecostal Protestant Church
Ebony Close
Ebony Road
Ebony Street
Ebor Road
Ebrahim Hadji Crescent
Ebrahim Road
Ebrahim Street
Ebro Crescent
Ecco il Cafe
Echium Road
Echo Road
Echo Street
Echo Valley
Eckard Close
Eclipse Avenue
Eclipse Close
Eclipse Road
Ecuador Street
Edana Crescent
Eddy Road
Edelweis Retirement Centre
Edelweise Road
Edelweiss Avenue
Edelweiss Street
Eden Crescent
Eden Park
Eden Road
Edendale Primary School
Edgar Bullock Road
Edgar Road
Edge Church
Edge Road
Edge Unisex
Edgemead Bowling Club
Edgemead Drive
Edgemead High School
Edgemead Pre-Primary
Edgemead Primary School
Edgemead Tennis Club
Edgemead/Monte Vista Library
Edgemere Road
Edgeware Close
Edgeware Road
Edgewater Road
Edgewood Place
Edinburgh Close
Edinburgh Place
Edinburgh Road
Edison Crescent
Edison Drive
Edison Lane
Edison Road
Edison Way
Edmar Street
Edmond Rostand Way
Edmondia Close
Edmonton Close
Edmonton Road
Edmund Crescent
Edmund Street
Edna Close
Edna Street
Ednam Road
Ednille Close
Edo Sushi
Edrei Street
Eduardo Street
Educare Center
Educare Centre
Education Center
Edward Avenue
Edward Lotery Street
Edward Makele Street
Edward Place
Edward Primary School
Edward Road
Edward Roworth Crescent
Edward Street
Edwards Road
Eel Street
Eendrag Crescent
Eendrag Road
Eendrag Street
Eenhoorn Crescent
Eenhoorn Place
Eensgevonden Crescent
Eersriv Way
Eerste Avenue
Eerste River Hospital
Eerste River SAPS
Eerste River Sports Ground
Eerste Way
Eersteriver Way
Eersterivier Suid
Egglestone Road
Egham Road
Egmond Street
Egret Close
Egret Lane
Egret Road
Egret Street
Egret Way
Egrets Way
Egyptian Building
EHL House
Eidelberg Street
Eiffel Close
Eight Avenue
Eighteen Road
Eike Avenue
Eike Close
Eike Street
Eiken Court
Eikenbosch Street
Eikendal Road
Eikendal Sports Complex
Eikenhof Place
Eikenhof Street
Eikenhout Street
Eikerus Close
Eiland Square
Eileen Close
Einde Road
Eindhoven Primary School
Eindhoven Road
Einstein Street
Eire Street
Eiselin Street
Eisleben Road
Eisleben Road Primary School
Eksteen Avenue
Eksteen Street
Ekungeneni Street
Ekuphumleni Road
Ekuphumlweni Crescent
Ekuthuleni Primary School
El Adem Road
El Alamein Close
El Burro
EL Burro Taqueria Kloof Nek
El Camino Street
El Greeyo Roastery
El Mariachi
El Rome Pizza
Elaine Way
Eland Avenue
Eland Place
Eland Road
Eland Street
Eland Way
Elands Road
Elands Street
Elandskloof Street
Elandspad Street
Elandsrivier Street
Elbe Close
Elbe Lane
Elbe Street
Elbrecht Street
Elbrus Street
Elda Court
Eldene Primary School
Elder Street
Elderberry Street
Eldon Lane
Eldorado Crescent
Eldorado Road
Eleanor Road
Elective Student's Residence
Electra Crescent
Electra Street
Electric Road
Electron Road
Electron Street
Eleg Road
Elegance Road
Elektra Crescent
Elephant Street
Elephant's Eye Trail
Elevated Drop & Go Road
Eleven Ocean Road
Eleven Road
Elf Road
Elffers Road
Elfin Avenue
Elfin Close
Elgar Close
Elgar Street
Elgin Close
Elgin Free Range Chickens
Elgin Road
Elgin Terrace
Elgon Square
Elias Motsoaledi Crescent
Elijah Barayi Crescent
Elijah Barayi Road
Elijah Chauke Street
Elijah Loza Street
Elim Crescent
Elim Hall
Elim Street
Elise Road
Elishua Crescent
Elite Cash n Carry
Elizabeth Anne
Elizabeth Avenue
Elizabeth Close
Elizabeth Crescent
Elizabeth Drive
Elizabeth Lane
Elizabeth Parking
Elizabeth Road
Elizabeth Roos Street
Elizabeth Street
Elk Road
Elkanah House
Elkanah House Senior Primary
Ella Street
Elland Road
Ellerslie Road
Ellerton Primary School
Ellesmere Close
Elliot Avenue
Elliot Street
Elliot Waka Close
Ellis Park Crescent
Ellis Road
Elm Close
Elm Road
Elm Street
Elm Street Sports Ground
Elm Way
Elma Road
Elmarie Crescent
Elmarie Street
Elmtree Close
Elmwood Close
Elmwood Street
Eloff Street
Elpark Road
Elphinstone Avenue
Elphinstone Square
Elrin Close
Elrin Road
Els Street
Elsbury Primary School
Elsbury Way
Elsem General Trading
Elsenburg Avenue
Elsenburg Street
Elsendal Road
Elsie Manning Street
Elsie Street
Elsies Peak Road
Elsies River Day Hospital
Elsies River Halt
Elsies River High School
Elsies River Police Station
Elsies River Public Library
Elsies River Public Swimming Pool
Elsies Street
Elsjieskraal Road
Elson Road
Elstree Road
Elswood Place
Elswood Primêre Skool
Elswood Sekondêr
Elterman Road
Eltister Road
Eluvuyweni Street
ELUXOLWENI Primary School
Elva Road
Elvin Village Road
Elvy Street
Elwyn Road
Elwyn Road South
Elzeth Road
Emandz and Thweni
Emazizni Road
Emazotshoneni Road
Ember & Oak
Embers Close
Embhobheni Street
Emdeni Street
Emerald Close
Emerald Crescent
Emerald Drive
Emerald Place
Emerald Street
Emerald Terrace
Emerald Way
Emery Road
Emilia Close
Emily Close
Emily Hobhouse Street
Emizamen Hair Salon
Emma Close
Emma Lane
Emmanuel Anglican Church
Emmanuel Christian Academy
Emmanuel Church
Emmanuel Pinkster Sending Gemeentes
Emmas Close
Emms Drive
Emms Road
Emmy Street
Emoyeni Tavern
Empire Avenue
Empire cafe
Empire Gate
Empire Road
Emporium Centre Sunningdale
Empress Tree Street
Empumelelweni Close
Emu Court
ENA Cape Morganster
Enchor Road
Encotsheni Primary School
End Lane
End Street
End Way
Endeavour Street
Endevour Educare
Endive Street
Endurance Road
Energie Street
Energy Lane
Enfield Avenue
Enfield Road
Engel & Vőlkers
Engen - De Bron Convenience Centre
Engen De Tijger
Engen Quick Shop
Engen Quik Stop De Tijger
Engen Shop
Engen Sunningdale
Engen Sunset Beach
Engina Crescent
Engine Avenue
Engineering Mall
Engineering Way
Enkululekweni Primary School
Enkululekweni Street
Enoch Sontonga
Enoch Sontonga Road
Enoch Sontonga Street
Enoch Sontonga Way
Enslin Street
Ensor Street
Enterprise Way
Entokozweni Street
Entrance to Dairy Shed
Enviromental education center
Enza Circle
Eoan Avenue
Epic Bike Shop
Epic Enabled Guest House
Epping Assembly of God
Epping Avenue
Epping Circle
Epping Fire Station
Epping Forest
Epping Industria 1
Epping Industria 2
Epping Street
Epsom Close
Epsom Crescent
Epsom Drive
Epsom Road
Epstein Street
Epsten Crescent
Epsten Hof
Epsten Road
Epworth Road
Equator Crescent
Equity Street
E.R. Syfret Road
Erani Close
Erasmus Close
Erasmus Street
Erf 4385 (site for new mosque)
Erf 48076 - building site for college
Erf 5450 (site for new mosque)
Erfort Avenue
Eric Hewu Road
Eric Nduna Street
Eric Viljoen Road
Eric Way
Erica Avenue
Erica Buttress
Erica Close
Erica Crescent
Erica Drive
Erica Place
Erica Primary School
Erica Road
Erica Street
Erica Way
Erich Mayer Road
Erich von Bayer
Ericson Close
Ericson Road
Ericson Street
Erie Road
Erika Road
Erin Road
Ermelo Street
Ermington Crescent
Ermington Road
Erna Close
Ernest Curry Street
Ernest Esau Street
Ernest Modumo Street
Ernest Nondulo Street
Ernest Park
Ernest Road
Ernest Street
Ernie Batt Crescent
Erongo Street
Eros Close
Eros School
Eros Way
Ertjiebos Crescent
Ertjiehout Court
Ertjiehout Street
Erts Road
Escapé Restaurant & Bar
Escombe Road
Esdoring Crescent
Esdoring Street
Esher Street
Eshowe Close
Eshowe Road
Esk Way
Eskdale Road
Eskol Avenue
Eskom Road
Esmar Street
Esme Close
Esme Road
Espace Rose
España Burgundy Estate
Espel Close
Esperance Street
Esperanza Guest House
Esplanade Road
Esplanade Street
Essam Road
Essenhout Crescent
Essenhout Road
Essenhout Street
Essenhout Way
Essenwood Drive
Essex Close
Essex Road
Essex Street
Esslingen Way
Esso Road
Esteem Auto
Estelle Crescent
Ester Road
Esther Crescent
Esther Road

estilo hair

Estmil Close
Estmil Road
Estoril Road

eta College

Ethel Close
Ethel Road
Ethembeni Creche
Ethembeni Creche Street
Ethembeni Main Road
Ethembeni North Road
Ethembeni South street
Ethiopian Orthodox Church
Etna Crescent
Eton Road
Etona Street
Etosha Way
Eucalyptus Place
Eucalyptus Road
Eucean Street
Euclea Close
Euclid Close
Eugene Marais Avenue
Eugenie Crescent
Eulalia Street
Eunice Close
Euptellea Court
Eurecon Close
Eurecon Primary School
Eureka Close
Eureka Road
Eureka Street
Europa Link
Eustegia Way
Eustoma Crescent
Eva Street
Eva Walk
Evan Road
Evangelical Bible Church
Evangelical Lutheran Church Strand Street
Evangelie Strewers Sendingkerk
Evans Avenue
Evans Street
Eve Shoe Educare
Eveleigh Way
Eveline De Bruin Crescent
Evelyn Close
Evelyn Road
Evening Way
Event Medic
Everest Close
Everest Crescent
Evergreen Avenue
Evergreen Drive
Evergreen Lane
Evergreen Road
Everlasting Road
Everlasting Street
Eversdal Pre-Primary School
Eversdal Primary School
Eversdal Road
Eversdal Squash and Tennis Club
Eversham Road
Everton Street
Everview Suites
Evory Oak Street
Evremonde Road
Ewfield End
Exact Hardware
Excalibur Street
Excellent Foods
Excellent Meat Packers
Excelsior Close
Excelsior Primary School
Excelsior Road
Excelsior Secondary School
Excelsior Street
Exclusive Ambassadors Educare
Exclusive Books
Exel Close
Exemplary Street
Exeter Avenue
Exeter Lane
Exeter Road
Exeter Way
Exhibition Terrace
Exmoor Close
Exmouth Road
Exner Avenue
Exwin Road
Eybers Street
Eye Academy
Eyeberry Crescent
Eyton Road

F. Baart Walk
F. Chikane Close
F. Dodovu Street
F. Maxakatha Street
Fabian Avenue
Fabric World
Fabriek Street
Factory Road
Factreton Avenue
Factreton Primary School
Fadiela Street
Faerie Garden
Fafan Street
Fair Deal
Fair Seat Lane
Fairbairn Road
Fairbairn Street
Fairbairn Way
Fairbridge Mall
Fairbridge Mall Parking
Fairbridge Road
Faircape Hospital
Fairdale High School
Fairdale Road
Fairfield Close
Fairfield Place
Fairfield Road
Fairfield Street
Fairfield Street North
Fairfield Street South
Fairfield Villas
Fairhaven Avenue
Fairmead Road
Fairmont Close
Fairmont High School
Fairmount Secondary School
Fairmount View
Fairview Avenue
Fairview Close
Fairview Crescent
Fairview End
Fairview Primary School
Fairview Road
Fairview Street
Fairway Avenue
Fairway Close
Fairway Road
Fairway Street
Fairway Way
Fairways Close
Fairweather Road
Fairwinds Road
Fairwood Close
Fairwood Road
Fairy Wren Street
Fairydene Street
Fairyland Educare
Faith Close
Faith Street
Faku Ntoyi Street
Faku Street
Falcon Avenue
Falcon Close
Falcon Crescent
Falcon Road
Falcon Street
Falcon Way
Falcon's Crest Street
Falkland Close
Falla Street
Falmouth Building
Falmouth Road
False Bay College
Falstaff Crescent
Falstaff Road
Falstaff Street
Fame Street
Fame Wood Road
Familie Lane
Family Supermarket
Famous Bean Cafe
Famous Kalahari Biltong
Fana Crescent
Fanaphi Street
Fani Street
Fanie Jacobs Street
Fanie Theron Primary School
Fanshawe Road
Fantail Street
Fantasy Cars CC
Fantasy Foodz
Farad Street
Faraday Court
Faraday Road
Faraday Street
Faraday Way
Fareham Street
Fargo Trading Co.
Farm Close
Farm Crescent
Farm Road
Farmersfield Road
Farmersfield Village
Farmfield Road
Farndon Crescent
Farnmouth Road
Farnworth Street
Farquhar Road
Farrar Street
Farrier Street
Farriers Crescent
Farriers Way
Farrington Street
Fassie Street
Fast N Fresh Pizzas & More
Fat Cactus
Fat Cats and Dogs
Fat Harry's
Fat Pony
Father Curran Crescent
Father Trevor Huddleston Street
Fathom Road
Fatima Way
Fato Road
Faull Road
Faulman Road
Fauna Road
Faure Close
Faure Street
Faurea Street
Faust Close
Fawcett Way
Fawcett's Avenue
Fawley Terrace
Fawlty Pool
Fawlty Towers
Fawlty Towers Crag
Fawn Road
Fay Close
Fay Street
Fayker Road
Faymo Close
Feale Close
Feather Lane
Feather Street
Featherhead Road
Febani Road
Fechters Close
Federal Road
Fedora Close
Feige Street
Feldhausen Avenue
Feldhausen Road
Feldhausen Street
Felicia Close
Felicia Street
Felicity Crescent
Felix Street
Felixberg Road
Felixberg Street
Feljisi Road
Fell Close
Fellowship church
Fellowship Street
Femela Avenue
Femela Street
Fennel Close
Fennel Crescent
Fenoe Street
Fenton Road
Fenwick Street
Fenyang Street
Ferdinand Street
Ferdinando's Pizza
Fergus Street
Ferguson Street
Fern Close
Fern Road
Fern Street
Fern Way
Ferndale Drive
Ferndale Nursery
Ferndale Primary School
Ferndale Road
Ferndale Street
Ferness Road
Fernglen Street
Ferngrove Close
Ferngrove Drive
Fernkloof Crescent
Fernkloof Street
Fernside Way
Fernwood Avenue
Fernwood Close
Fernwood End Close
Fernwood Labyrinth
Fernwood Road
Fernwood Street
Fernwood Track
Fernwood Way
Feroza Adam Road
Ferrari Crescent
Ferrier Close
Ferrous Street
Ferrule Avenue
Ferry Way
Ferrymans Tavern
Fesi Street
Festa Park
Fester Avenue
Festile Street
Festival Road
Fever Tree Street
Feyenoord Way
Feza Street
Fezeka Secondary School
Fezeka Street
Fiat Close
Fiawa Close
Fick Close
Fick Road
Fick Street
Ficus Close
Ficus Road
Ficus Street
Fiddlewood Close
Fiddlewood Road
Fidel Castro Street
Fidelio Crescent
Field A
Field Avenue
Field Close
Field Crescent
Field Gate
Field Street
Fieldview Road
Fife Road
Fiford Crescent
Fifteen Crescent
Fig Road
Fig Street
Figaro Crescent
Figaro Street
Figbird Way
Figtree Close
Fikizolo Road
Fikizolo Street
Filbert Street
Filbert Way
Filia School
Fillies Road
Fillmore Road
Fillmore Street
Film City Boulevard
Fimi Street
Finch Close
Finch Crescent
Finch Way
Finchley Road
Findon Street
Fine Chemicals Corporation
Finistere Road
Fink Road
Finn Close
Finn Road
Finsbury Avenue
Fiona Close
Fiona Crescent
Fiongart Crescent
Fir Avenue
Fir Close
Fir Grove
Fir Lane
Fir Road
Fir Street
Fir Way
Fircrest Road
Firdale Avenue
Firdale Road
Firdale Way
Fire lookout

fire tower

Firebag Street
Firefly Road
Fireman's Arms
Firethorn Road
Firethorn Street
Firfield Road
Firgrove Crescent
Firgrove Road
Firgrove Service Road
Firgrove Way
Firgrove Way Service Road
Firlands Road
Firmount Road
Firs Avenue
First Battery Centre Tokai
First trading site in Cape Town
Firth Road
Firtree Street
Fisant Close
Fisant Street
Fisantekraal Industrial Road
Fischer Street
Fish & Chips
Fish Court
Fish Crescent
Fish Eagle Close
Fish Eagle Road
Fish Eagles Way
Fish n Chips
Fish on the Rocks
Fish Road
Fisher Avenue
Fisher Street
Fisheries Muizenberg
Fisherman's Bend
Fisherman's Catch
Fisherman's Lane
Fisherman's Way
Fishermans Lane
Fishermans Quay
Fishermans Road
Fishermans Walk
Fishermans Way
Fishers Road
Fiskaal Close
Fiskaal Road
Fitshane Street
Fitzgerald Street
Fitzherbert Road
Fitzherbert Street
Fitzmaurice Avenue
Fitzpatrick Road
Fitzpatrick Street
Fitzroy Street
Fivaz Street
Five Road
Five Star Mediterranean Barber Shop
Five Ways
Fiya Road
Flack Road
Flag Bashielo Street
Flagstaff Close
Flambor Road
Flamboyant Place
Flamboyant Road
Flame Close
Flame Street
Flame Tree Close
Flamingo Close
Flamingo Court
Flamingo Crescent
Flamingo Lodge
Flamingo Road
Flamingo Street
Flamingo Vlei
Flamingo Way
Flamink Close
Flanders Road
Flanders Walk
Flash Cellular
Flat Mountain Coffee Ritualist
Flat Road
Flatrock Suites
Flavia Way
Fleet Street
Fleetwood Avenue
Fleetwood Close
Fleming Road
Fleming Street
Fleming Way
Flesk Road
Fleur de Cap Street
Fleur Drive
Fleur Road
Flight Centre
Flight Road
Flint Road
Flintdale Road
Flintlock Street
Flodden Way
Flooring Depot
Flora Bay Resort
Flora Close
Flora Road
Flora Street
Floreal House
Floreat Primary School
Florence Avenue
Florence Crescent
Florence Street
Flores Street
Florida Close
Florida High School
Florida Park
Florida Road
Florida Street
Floriskraal Street
Flounder Crescent
Flourish Bistro
Flower Close
Flower Gate
Flower Street
Flowerbush Street
Flowerdale Lane
Flowerpecker Street
Flowers Close
Flute Street
Flute Way
Fluweelblom Square
Fluweeltjie Crescent
Fluweeltjie Road
Flycatcher Road
Flycatcher Street
Flying Brick
Foam Road
Fodo Crescent
Folk Cafe
Folkestone Way
Follies Street
Folokhwe Crescent
Folosi Street
Fondokor Street
Foni Street
Fontana Street
Fontein Place
Fontein Road
Fontein Way
Fonteinbos Street
Fontenay Complex
Fontenay Street
Fonteyn Close
Fontuin Avenue
Fontuin Street
Food And Connect
Food Inn India
Food Lover's Market
Food Lover's Market Bothasig
Food Lover's Market Kuilsrivier
Food Lovers Market
Food Lovers Market N1 City
Food Point
Foot Gear
Foot Path 2
Foot Path 3
Foot Path 4
Foot Path 5
Foot Path 6
Foot Path 7
Foot Path 8
Footsteps Educare
Forata Drive
Forbes Avenue
Forbes Crescent
Forbes Road
Forbin Street
Forcados Street
Ford Calata Street
Ford Street
Foregate Square
Forel Road
Forest Avenue
Forest Bank Avenue
Forest Close
Forest Crescent
Forest Drive
Forest Drive Extension
Forest Drive Service Road
Forest Glade Complex
Forest Glade Pharmacy
Forest Glade Road
Forest Heights High School
Forest Heights Primary School
Forest Hill Avenue
Forest Hill Road
Forest Hills Close
Forest Hills Drive
Forest Lane
Forest Place
Forest Retreat Guest House
Forest Road
Forest Row
Forest Street
Forest Village
Forest Village Leadership Academy
Forester Close
Forester's Arms
Forester's House
Foresters Close
Foresters Road
Foresters Walk
Forfar Road
Forgate Street
Fork Tapas & Pinchos Bar
Former Primary School

former Rhodes Memorial Tea Room

Formosa Road
Formosa Street
Formosa Way
Forneria Italia
Forres Preparatory School
Forridon Street
Fort Calata Road
Fort Calata Walk
Fort iKapa Military Base
Fort Road
Fort Simon Close
Fort Street
Fort Worth Road
Fort Wynyard
Fort Wynyard Street
Fortesque Road
Forth Road
Forth Street
Fortitude Street
Fortress Street
Fortuin Road
Fortuin Street
Fortuna Road
Foster Street
Foucault Road
Fouche Road
Fouche Way
Foundation Street
Founders Field
Founders Way
Foundry Road
Fountain Crescent
Fountain Drive
Fountain Rez
Fountain Road
Fountain Square
Fountainhead Avenue
Fountains Hotel
Fountains Place
Four Road
Four & Twenty Cafe & Pantry
Four Road
Four Rosmead
Fourie Road
Fourie Street
Fourland Close
Fourteen Road
Fouza Physiotherapy
Fowes Road
Fowzia Close
Fox Plain
Fox Road
Fox Street
Foxbat Street
Foxglove Circle
Foxglove Crescent
Foxglove Road
Foxglove Street
Foxhallow Close
Foxhound Street
Foxtail Lily Court
Foxwold Street
Foyle Close
Foyle Road
Frame-Ace Art&Deco
Framesby Street
Framing Place
Franc Street
France Close
France Street
Francie van Zijl Drive
Francie van Zyl Boulevard
Francina Street
Francios Road
Francis Albert Avenue
Francis Crescent
Francis Road
Francis Street
Francis Way
Francisca Lane
Franck Street
Francke Street
Francois Road
Francois Street
Francolin Close
Francolin Crescent
Francolin Road
Francolin Street
Francolin Way
Francolin's Way
Francor Bakery
Frangipani Road
Frangipani Street
Frank Avenue
Frank Louw Avenue
Frank Reid
Frank Road
Frank Robb Street
Frank Street
Frankenthal Crescent
Frankey's Diner
Frankfort Road
Frankfort Street
Franklin Joshua Street
Franklin Road
Franklin Street
Franklin Way
Franklinia Court
Frans Close
Frans Conradie Drive
Frans Conradie Service Street
Frans Druif Road
Frans Hals Street
Frans Maroney Street
Frans Oerder Crescent
Franschhoek Close
Franschhoek Crescent
Franschhoek Road
Franschoek Street
Fransdruif Road
Franshoek Street
Franssen Street
Frantz Road
Franz Square
Fraser Road
Fraser Street
Fratellli Palmieri
Fraîche Ayres Cafe and Restaurant
Freaks Cafe
Frean Road
Fred Adams Road
Fred Page Road
Freda Close
Freda Road
Fredas Lane
Frederica Road
Frederick Road
Frederick Sellidon Street
Frederick Selous Avenue
Frederick Street
Fredericks Close
Fredericks Street
Free Bird
Freedom Bakery
Freedom Square
Freedom Street
Freedom Way
Freeman Street
Freemans Street
Freesia Avenue
Freesia Close
Freesia Road
Freesia Street
Freiburg Lane
Frere Avenue
Frere Close
Frere Road
Frere Street
Freredale Road
Fresh Laundromat
Fresh Stop
Fresh Stop
Fresnaye Sports Club
Frey Close
Freylina Lane
Friar Crescent
Friars Road
Frick Street
Frieda Locke Crescent
Friend of God
Friend Street
Friendly 7 Eleven
Friendly 7-11
Friendly Grocer
Friendly Way
Friendship Road
Friesland Crescent
Friesland Street
Frigate Close
Frigate Road
Fringe Tree Street
Frinton Road
Fritz Rabe Street
Fritz Sonnenberg Road
Fritz Spilhaus Avenue
Fritz Street
Fritz Way
Froetang Crescent
Frogmore Road
Frogmouth Street
Frolich Close
Frome Crescent
Frome Road
Froom Road
Frost Close
Frost Drive
Fruit & Veg
Fruit & Veg Kwa Malume
Fruit 'n Veg City
Fruit and Veg City
Fruit and Veges
Fryde Road
Frylinck Street
Fuchia Close
Fuchsia Place
Fuchsia Road
Fuchsia Street
Fudo Street
Fudukile Bambi Court
Fudumele Crescent
Fukuse Street
Fukutha Road
Fula Street
Fulham Avenue
Fulham Crescent
Fulham Road
Full Gospel Church of God
Full Gospel Church of God in S.A.
Fuller Crescent
Fuller Place
Fuller Road
Fuma Close
Fumana Street
Fumba Street
Funani Crescent
Funda Close
Fundana Street
Fundayo Street
Fundisa Street
Fundiswa Close
Funo Close
Funza Street
Fuphi Street
Furlong Drive
Furniture shop
Furnus Wines & Tasting
Furry Friends Grooming Parlour
Fuschia Street
Futha Crescent
Futhe Street
Futheni Close
Futhi Street
Future's Academy
Fuya Street
F.W. de Klerk Boulevard
FW de Klerk Street
Fyn Restaurant
Fynbos Close
Fynbos Crescent
Fynbos Lifestyle Estate
Fynbos Street
Fynbos Walk
Fynbosch Close
Fynn Close

G. Nake Street
G. Ntamo Street
G. Shope Road
G1 Oncology
Gaba Street
Gabada Street
Gables Crescent
Gables Way
Gabon Street
Gabriel Crescent
Gabriel Place
Gabriel Road
Gabrieli Street
Gaby Road
Gadi Street
Gaeta's Italian Pizza
Gaff Close
Gaff Street
Gaffeesa's Fisharies
Gaga Street
Gagalegusha Street
Gaia Waldorf School
Gaika Street
Gail Arendse Avenue
Gail Close
Gail Crescent
Gail Road
Gainsborough Street
Gala Close
Gala Street
Galanga Street
Galaxy Close
Galaxy Crescent
Galaxy Street
Galaxy Way
Galaxy way playgroung
Galbessie Street
Galela Street
Galena Road
Galeni Street
Galilee Close
Galilee Court
Galilee Road
Galilee Walk
Galileo Road
Galileo Street
Gallant Street
Galleon Close
Galleon Road
Gallery Circle
Gallery Lane
Gallinule Beach
Gallinule Close
Gallinule Street
Gallop Way
Galloway Close
Galloway Street
Galloway Theatre
Gallows Hill Road
Galptie Lane
Galton Road
Galtonia Street
Galway Court
Galway Road
Galway Street
Gama Crescent
Gamay Street
Gambaga Street
Gambia Court
Gambia Street
Gambonia Road
Gamka Court
Gamka Crescent
Gamka River Crescent
Gamka Street
Gamsa Close
Gamsa Street
Gamtoos Close
Gamtoos Crescent
Gamtoos Road
Gamtoos Street
Gamtoosrivier Street
Gamtriya Road
Gamza's Fish and Chips
Ganci Close
Gandi Hlekani Street
Ganesh Restaurant
Ganga Street
Ganges Close
Gangqeni Road
Gangstar Cafe
Gani Street
Ganna Street
Gannabos Avenue
Gannet Court
Gannet Link
Gannet Street
Ganton Close
Gantouw Crescent
Gantsho Crescent
Ganymede Street
Ganzekraal Street
Gap Lodge
Gaqa Street
Gaqawuli Godolozi
Garcia Close
Garcia Crescent
Garda Close
Garda Road
Garden Cities Substation
Garden Close
Garden Court Nelson Mandela Boulevard
Garden Court Victoria Junction
Garden Crescent
Garden Drive
Garden Lane
Garden Street
Garden Way
Gardener Street
Gardeners Way
Gardenia Avenue
Gardenia Circle
Gardenia Crescent
Gardenia Lane
Gardenia Primary School
Gardenia Street
Gardenia Way
Gardens Bowling Club
Gardens Close
Gardens Commercial High School
Gardens CPUT Rugby Club
Gardens Lawn Tennis Club
Gardens Presbyterian Church
Gardens Shul
Gardiner Road
Gardiner Street
Gardner Street
Garfield Road
Gariep Crescent
Garingboom Street
Garland Street
Garlandale Crescent
Garnet Close
Garnet Crescent
Garnet Road
Garnet Road South
Garret Street
Garrick Road
Garrick Walk
Garrison Church
Garrison Road
Garron Avenue
Garth Avenue
Garton Road
Gary Kirsten Oval
Gary Road
Gary's Surf
Gasela Street
Gash Crescent
Gate 2
Gate Green
Gatesville Road
Gateway Close
Gateway Crescent
Gateway Street
Gatley Road
Gatwick Street
Gavin Street
Gawa Samuels Street
Gawe Street
Gawie Street
Gawula Street
Gawuleteta Street
Gay Street
Gaya Street
Gazala Crescent
Gazala Road
Gazania Close
Gazania Crescent
Gazania Road
Gazania Street
Gazania Way
Gazelle Close
Gazelle Road
Gazelle Street
Gazi Street
Gcaba Crescent
Gcada Street
Gcawu Street
Gcegceleya Avenue
Gcilishe Crescent
Gcinikhaya Qotywa Crescent
Gcisa Street
Gcobani Road
Gcuwa Street
Gear Junkie
Gearing Road
Geba Crescent
Geba Street
Gebele Street
Gebevu Road
Gebhardt Street
Geduld Road
Geelblombos Road
Geelblommetjie Street
Geelbos Close
Geelbos Crescent
Geelbos Road
Geelbos Square
Geelhout Avenue
Geelhout Crescent
Geelhout Road
Geelhout Street
Geelkleur Street
Geelmelkhout Close
Geelmelkhout Street
Geland Road
Gelato Mania
Gelb Crescent
Gelder Close
Gelem Street
Gelmar Close
Geloof Street
Geluks Road
Gelvandale Street
Gem Road
Gemane Street
Gemini Road
Gemini Street
Gemini Way
Gemsbok Avenue
Gemsbok Road
Gemsbok Street
Genadendal Residence
Genadendal Street
Gene Louw Primary School
General Ben Viljoen Lane
General C. C. Froneman Close
General Chris Muller Crescent
General E. R. Snyman Close
General F. A. Grobler Street
General G. H. Gravett Close
General Hendrik Lategan Street
General Hendrik Schoeman Street
General J. H. Olivier Lane
General J. J. Pienaar Close
General Jaap van Deventer Street
General Jan Christian Smuts Memorial
General Janssens Street
General L. A. Lemmer Close
General L. A. S. Lemmer Close
General Lucas Meyer Lane
General M. W. Mijburgh Close
General Manie Maritz Street
General P. H. Roux Crescent
General P. J. Liebenberg Crescent
General Piet Cronje Street
General Schalk Burger Close
General Street
General Wynand Malan Close
Generation Sandown Institute
Generation School
Generator building
Geneva Close
Geneva Crescent
Geneva Drive
Geneva Road
Geneva Street
Genevieve Close
Genoa Close
Genoa Crescent
Genoa Way
Genootskap Road
Gents Close
Gents Mile
Genubie Way
George Attorneys
George du Plessis Close
George Enslin Crescent
George Mthusi Street
George Nolan Road
George Road
George Smit Road
George Starck Road
George Street
George Walk
George Way
Georgia Crescent
Georgia Drive
Georgia Street
Georgian Close
Gerald Morkel Street
Gerald Street
Geraldine Crescent
Geranium Avenue
Geranium Crescent
Geranium Road
Geranium Street
Gerard Road
Gerard Square
Gerbera Close
Gerbera Crescent
Gerefordeerde Laerskool
Gereformeerde Laerskool Bellville
Gerit Maritz Street
German Club Cape Town
German International School Cape Town - Tygerberg
Germiston Road
Gerrie Avenue
Gerrie Corner
Gerrits Street
Gerry Ferry Crescent
Gerryts Street
Gershon Avenue
Gert Kotze Street
Gert van Rooyen Avenue
Gerties Way
Gertrude Street
Gesiggie Close
Gesiggie Street
Gettys Close
Geya Crescent
Geyer Road
Geysler Crescent
Ggxakaxa Street
Ghaap Street
Ghabarna Close
Giant Durbanville
Giants Castle Crescent
Gibbons Street
Gibbs Close
Gibraltar House
Gibraltar Street
Gibson Avenue
Gibson Home
Gibson Road
Gideon Malherbe Crescent
Gideon Road
Gideonskop Street
Gidimi Close
Gidimi Street
Gie Road
Giel Basson Drive
Gifberg Close
Gihon Christian School
Gilbert Street
Gild Lane
Gildale Close
Gilgil Street
Gili Street
Gilia Street
Gill Crescent
Gill Road
Gilles Botbyl
Gillian Street
Gilmore Street
Gilmour Circle
Gilmour Close
Gilmour Hill Road
Gilo Street
Giloi Crescent
Gilpet Motors
Gilquin Crescent
Gilray Road
Gilwell Close
Gimlet Close
Ginkgo Court
Ginnetta Street
Ginya Street
Giraffe Crescent
Giraffe Street
Giri Court
Girling Court
Gironde Way
Girvan Road
Giwu Close
Giyogiyo Road
Giyogiyo Street
GKN Sinter Metals
Glade Road
Gladiator Road
Gladiator Street
Gladiola Close
Gladiola Road
Gladioli Crescent
Gladioli Street
Gladiolus Avenue
Gladiolus Close
Gladiolus Crescent
Gladiolus Road
Gladiolus Street
Gladstone Avenue
Gladstone Nqulwana Street
Gladstone Road
Gladstone Street
Glamis Close
Glamorgan Cricket Club
Glanville Avenue
Glanville Road
Glaren Road
Glasgow Close
Glashout Road
Glasshouse Nursery
Glastonbury Drive
Glaudina Drive
Glaudina Road
Glebe Road
Gledholt Road
Gleemoor Independent Docks Mission Church
Gleemoor Road
Glen Abbey Road
Glen Alpine Mini Market
Glen Alpine Way
Glen Avenue
Glen Avon
Glen Avon Close
Glen Beach
Glen Choral
Glen Choral Street
Glen Close
Glen Cove Street
Glen Crescent
Glen Daries Street
Glen Darrach Road
Glen Devon
Glen Dirk
Glen Eagle Way
Glen Eagles Close
Glen Esk
Glen Gariff Terrace
Glen Garry
Glen Ive
Glen Ive Crescent
Glen Lily Drive
Glen Oak Link
Glen Oak Street
Glen Road
Glen Walk
Glen Way
Glenbawn Close
Glenbawn Way
Glenboig North Street
Glenboig South Road
Glenboig South Street
Glenbrae Avenue
Glencaird Road
Glencarol Street
Glenco Street
Glencoe Avenue
Glencoe Crescent
Glencoe Road
Glendale Crescent
Glendale Secondary School
Glendale Street
Glendower Close
Glendower Street
Glendyrr Walk
Gleneagle Crescent
Gleneagles Close
Glenferrie Road
Glengariff Road
Glengarry Retail village
Glenhaven Avenue
Glenhof Road
Glenhurd Street
Glenhurst Road
Gleniffer Street
Glenlilly Crescent
Glenluce Crescent
Glenook Avenue
Glenpine Way
Glenroth Road
Glenside Close
Glenside Road
Glenthorne Lane
Glenugie Avenue
Glenwood Close
Glenwood Place
Glenwood Road
Glenwood Way
Gletwyn Farm
Gletwyn Street
Glider Crescent
Glider Street
Gllo Street
Global Hardware and Roofing
Gloriana Street
Gloriosa Street
Glory Restoration Assembly Parklands
Glossderry Road
Gloster Street
Gloucester Avenue
Gloucester Lane
Gloucester Road
Gloucester Street
Gloxinia Street
Gluck Street
Gluckman Avenue
Glucose Way
Glynn Street
Glynnville Terrace
Glyogiyo Street
Go DriveIn
Goba Street
Gobe Court
Gobo Street
Gobozana Road
God's Grace Takeaway
Goda Street
Godetia Road
Godolozi Street
Godongwana Street
Goede Hoop Avenue
Goede Hoop Road
Goede Square
Goedehoop Street
Goedemoed Road
Goedgedacht Drive
Goedgedacht Street
Goedverwacht Street
Goeie Hoop Primary School
Goeie Hoop Street
Goeiehoop Road
Goewerneur Street
Gogaza Street
Gogman Street
Gogoza Street
Gogwana Street
Gold Restaurant
Gold Road
Gold Street
Goldbel Street
Goldberg Close
Golden Acre
Golden Chain Court
Golden Fish
Golden Gate Way
Golden Grove
Golden Grove Estate
Golden Grove Primary School
Golden Hill Road
Golden Mole
Golden Road
Golden Street
Goldenrain Way
Golders Green Road
Goldfinch Street
Goldie's Deli
Goldmark Street
Goldsmith Road
Goldstein Street
Goldwagon Part (GW)
Golf Circle
Golf Course Road
Golf Driving Range
Golf Park Road
Golf Road
Golfers Club
Goliath Street
Golide Street
Golomi Street
Gomti Street
Gona Street
Gondolier Close
Gongo Street
Goniwe Street
Gonoti Street
Gontsana Close
Gontsana Street
Gonubie Road
Gonubie Street
Good Hope
Good Hope Christian Centre
Good Hope High School
Good Hope Meat Hyper
Good Hope Primary School
Good Hope Road
Good Hope Seminary High School
Good Hope Seminary Junior School
Good Hope Street
Good Shepherd
Good Shepherd Cath. Church
Good Shepherd Church
Good Things
Goodenough Avenue
Gooderson Road
Goodeve Crescent
Goodhope Tires
Goodison Park
Goodman Gallery
Goodman Road
Goodwell Z. Botha Street
Goodwood Baptist Church
Goodwood City Hall
Goodwood Civic Centre
Goodwood Fire Station
Goodwood Library
Goodwood Magistrate's Court
Goodwood Methodist Church
Goodwood Park Primary School
Goodwood Police Station
Goodwood Post Office
Goodwood Presbyterian Church
Goodwood Prison
Goodwood Sports Club
Goodwood Sports Ground
Goodwood Street
Goodwood Supermarket & Fisheries
Goodwood Traffic Department
Goodwoodpark Crèche Cum Pre-Primary
Goose Green Lodge
Goose Road
Gooseberry Lane
Gooseberry Street
Goosefoot Court
Gophe Crescent
Goqoza Street
Goran Road
Gordon Bandon Street
Gordon Lane
Gordon Road
Gordon Searle Close
Gordon Searle Street
Gordon Street
Gordons Gymnastics Club
Gore Street
Gorge Road
Gorge Street
Gorila Street
Gorlay Road
Gorleston Road
Gosa Close
Gosforthpark Way
Goshawk Road
Goshawk Street
Goske Street
Gospel Church of Power
Gospel Street
Gosport Road
Gosworth Crescent
Gotel Street
Gotha Street
Gothic Road
Goud Ad Street
Goud Crescent
Goud Road
Gouda Street
Goudblom Street
Goude Street
Goudini Close
Goudini Crescent
Goudini Road
Goudwilger Street
Gougem Road
Goulburn Street
Gouldbourne Road
Gourikwa Crescent
Gourits Close
Gourits Street
Gouritz Close
Gouritz Crescent
Gouritz Road
Gouritz Street
Gourley Road
Gourmand Street
Gourmet Burger
Gousblom Avenue
Gousblom Close
Gousblom Crescent
Gousblom Road
Gousblom Street
Govan Mbeki Road
Goverment garage
Government Avenue

government recretional land

Government Road
Governor Walk
Governor's Lane
Governors Walk
Gow Street
Goya Street
GP Tyres & Mags
Gpaza Close
Gqabi Crescent
Gqadu Crescent
Gqaji Street
Gqaqini Close
Gqatsa Crescent
Gqaza Road
Gqobhoka Crescent
Gqogqora Crescent
Gqoloma Road
Gqoloma Street
Gqora Street
Gqorha Close
Gqudu Street
Gqugula Crescent
Gqumashe Road
Gqwirha Street
Graaf's Pool
Graaff Avenue
Graaff Road
Graaff Way
Graafland Street
Graanendal Shopping Centre
Grabouw Close
Grace Baptist Church
Grace Church
Grace Evangelical Bible Church
Grace of God International Church
Grace Presbyterian Church
Grace Primary School
Grace Road
Grace Square
Grace Street
Grace Vulliamy Street
Graduate Street
Grafiet Crescent
Graham Avenue
Graham Road
Grain Road
Grainger Close
Grampus Street
Gran's Coffee Shoppe
Grand Africa Café & Beach
Grand Café & Society
Grand Canyon Way
Grand Central Shopping Centre
Grand Duc Street
Grand National Boulevard
Grand Street
Grand Vue Avenue
Grand Vue Road
Grand West Rank
Grande Bay Complex
Grandeur Estate
Grandiflora Road
Grange Avenue
Grange Court
Granger Bay Boulevard
Granger Bay Harbour
Granger Bay Road
Graniet Close
Graniet Road
Graniet Street
Granite Close
Grant Close
Grant Road
Grant Street
Granula Place
Grape Close
Grape Lane
Graph Avenue
Graphic Design Building
Graphite Street
Grasklokkie Road
Grasmere Road
Grasmere Street
Grass Ridge Place
Grass Street
Grassdale High School
Grassfield Road
Grassmead Road
Grassquit Street
Grassridge Street
Grassy Park
Grassy Park High School
Grassy Park Library
Gray Close
Gray Road
Gray Street
Gray's Inn Road
Grayling Crescent
Great Brak Close
Great Choice Guest House
Great Circle Road
Great Dutch Crescent
Great Dutch Street
Great Fish Avenue
Great Fish Close
Great Fish Crescent
Great Indian Curries
Great Kei Road
Great War Memorial Cross
Greatmore Street
Grebe Gully
Grebe Road
Grebe Street
Greef Street
Greek Orthodox Cathedral of St George
Green / Red Route
Green Acres Avenue
Green Acres Road
Green Close
Green Corridor
Green Pastures Road
Green Petroleum
Green Point
Green Point Lighthouse
Green Point Park Dog Park
Green Point Self Catering Studios
Green Point Track
Green Road
Green Route
Green Route Access
Green Sleeves Way
Green Street
Green Valley Close
Green Way
Greenacres Close
Greenacres Road
Greenbank Road
Greendale Walk
Greenfield Circle
Greenfield Close
Greenfield Crescent
Greenfield Road
Greenfields Corner
Greenfields Crescent
Greenfields Street
Greenfire Lodge Cape Town
Greenford Road
Greenhaven Church
Greenhaven Road
Greenhill View
Greenhill View Road
Greenlands Primary School
Greenlawn Square
Greenleaf Place
Greenmarket Square
Greenpop Eco-Education Hub
Greens Close
Greens Pass
Greenshank Close
Greenshank Drive
Greenside Close
Greenturf Road
Greenville Close
Greenville Road
Greenville Terrace
Greenway Close
Greenway Drive
Greenway Road
Greenways Road
Greenwich Close
Greenwich Grove
Greenwich Road
Greenwood Crescent
Greenwood Road
Greenwood Street
Greenwood Walk
Gregory Road
Gregory Street
Greinhout Street
Grenada Close
Grens Street
Grenville Avenue
Gresham Road
Gretel Road
Gretna Green
Grey Avenue
Grey Cottage Road
Grey Crescent
Grey Rhebok
Grey Street
Grey's Pass
Greybeard Road
Greyland Road
Greyling Street
Greylock Street
Greymaur Street
Greymead Street
Greys Crescent
Greyton Road
Greyvenstein Road
Greyville Close
Greyville Street
Gridelin Crescent
Grieg Close
Grieg Road
Grieta Road
Grieve Crescent
Griffith Mxenge Street
Griffiths Mxenge
Griffon Street
Grimm Road
Grimsby Road
Grindal Avenue
Grindal Close
Grindal Crescent
Grindrod Intermodal Container Depot
Grisnez Road
Gro Villa Crescent
Grobler Street
Groen Street
Groenall A Walk
Groenall B Walk
Groenall Walk
Groenberg Road
Groenberg Street
Groendal Way
Groeneveld Road
Groenewald Road
Groeneweide Street
Groenewoud Street
Groenhof Close
Groenkloof Street
Groenland Crescent
Groenland Street
Groenpoort Walk
Groenvlei High School
Groenvlei Road
Groeveld Avenue
Groevenbeek Avenue
Grohub. Horticulture Grow Store and Cafe
Groot Constantia
Groot Constantia Road
Groot Constantia Winery
Groot Crescent
Groot Salze
Groot Schuur Way
Grootboom Street
Grootbosch Close
Groote Kerk
Groote Schuur
Groote Schuur Avenue
Groote Schuur Drive
Groote Schuur Hospital
Grootkop Road
Gross Road
Grosskopf Street
Grosvenor Avenue
Grosvenor Close
Grosvenor Place
Grosvenor Road
Grosvenor Square
Grosvenor Street
Grosvenor Way
Grotties Child Care Centre
Grotto Close
Grotto Crescent
Grotto Road
Grotto Way
Ground Art Caffe
Ground Culture Cafe and Deli
Ground Rose Road
Ground Zero
Groundwork Street
Grove Avenue
Grove Building
Grove Crescent
Grove Exchange
Grove House
Grove Primary Grade R
Grove Primary School
Grove Road
Grove Street
Grove Walk
Grub & Vine
Grumman Close
Grumman Street
Grumpy & Runt
Grundel Avenue
Grundheim Street
Grysbok Road
Grysbok Street
Guard House: Gate
Guardian Road
Guava Close
Guava Road
Gubanxa Crescent
Gubayo Crescent
Gubu A Street
Gubu Street
Guernsey Close
Guernsey Street
Guernsley Close
Guesthouse esCape
Guevara Street
Gugulethu Seven Memorial
Gugulethu Seven Street
Gugulethu Sports Complex
Guguletu SAPS
Guia Road
Guildford Place
Guildford Road
Guinea Fowl Crescent
Guinea Fowl Way
Guineafowl Street
Guineas Crescent
Guinevere Avenue
Guitar Road
Guitar Street
Gulden Road
Gulf Street
Gulfstream Avenue
Gull Close
Gull Crescent
Gull Road
Gull Street
Gullane Crescent
Gulley Crescent
Gulliver Road
Gully Road
Gumbe Street
Gumbi Close
Gumede Street
Gumtree Lane
Gumtree Road
Gumtree Way
Guna Close
Gunners Circle
Gunning Street
Gunqwa Street
Guquka Crescent
Gurnard Street
Gusha Close
Gushu Walk
Gustav Preller Street
Gusto Cafeteria
Guwa Close
Guyana Street
Gwaai Way
Gwabeni Crescent
Gwada Street
Gwadana Close
Gwadu Crescent
Gwala Street
Gwalia Road
Gwam Crescent
Gwangqa Street
Gwangwa Road
Gwava 1 Road
Gwava 2 Road
Gwava 3 Road
Gwava Road
Gwayi Road
Gwayi Street
Gwaza Crescent
Gwebindlala Street
Gwebu Street
Gwegweleza Crescent
Gwelo Goodman Crescent
Gwili Street
Gxaka Road
Gxalaba Street
Gxasheka Avenue
Gximfiza Crescent
Gxiya Road
Gxiya Street
Gxojane Road
Gxokwe Crescent
Gxotha Crescent
Gxwala Street
Gymkhana Street
Gympie Street
Gypsum Road
Gypsy Café
Gyrfalcon Way

H. J. Kroneberg Primary School
H. Joseph Street
Haakdoring Street
Haakon Close
Haarlem Avenue
Haarlem Close
Haarlem Road
Haarlem Street
Haarlem Way
Haas Coffee
Haasendal Boulevard
Haasendal Close
Habibia Primary School
Habibia Road
Habibia Soofie Saheb Masjied
Habibia Sport Field
Habile Street
Hacienda Coastal Mexican
Hackberry Court
Hackensack Street
Hackius Street
Hackney Close
Hackney Crescent
Hackney Lane
Hackney Road
Hadeda Street
Hadfield Way
Hadi Crescent
Hadji Ebrahim Crescent
Hadley Close
Hadley Street
Haelhoek Road
Hafele Road
Hagar Street
Haig Avenue
Haig Road
Haina Street
Hair & Beauty Bar
Hair & Nail Salon
Hair Channel
Hair Clinic
Haiti Walk
Hajos Lodge
Hajos Lodge (main house)
Hakea Street
Halath Road
Halath Walk
Haldane Road
Halesie Close
Halfway Street
Hali Close
Halifax Road
Halifax Street
Halite Road
Hall Road
Hall Street
Hallans Road
Hallans Walk
Halleria Crescent
Halleria Street
Halley Bend
Halleys Street
Hallwel End
Halman Lane
Halman Walk
Halt Road
Halyard Road
Halyard Walk
Hamachi Sushi
Hamba Street
Hambayo Street
Hambo Street
Hamburg Road
Hamburg Street
Hamerkop Crescent
Hamilton Close
Hamilton Crescent
Hamilton Heights Close
Hamilton Road
Hamilton Street
Hamlet Close
Hamman Road
Hamman Street
Hammer Road
Hammerhead Street
Hammerkop Road
Hampden Avenue
Hampden Close
Hampshire Close
Hampstead Close
Hampstead Heath Way
Hampstead Road
Hampton Avenue
Hampton Close
Hampton Road
Hampton Square
Hamstrung Boulder
Hanall Walk
Hanam Street
Hanbury Avenue
Hancock Street
Handel Close
Handel Road
Handel Street
Handel Way
Handicap Road
Handley Page
Hanekam Road
Hanekam Street
Hanekom Crescent
Hanepoot Crescent
Hang Ten Road
Hangana Close
Hangana Street
Hangberg Street
Hanging Meadow
Hanging Meadow Drive
Hangklif Street
Hangklip Hof
Hangklip Road
Hani Street
Hanley Road
Hanlyn Crescent
Hanlyn Road
Hannah Magerman Street
Hannes Louw Drive
Hanover Avenue
Hanover Park
Hanover Park Avenue
Hanover Road
Hanover Street
Hans & Lloyd
Hans & Lloyd Coffee
Hans Aschenborn Road
Hans Ras Road
Hans Street
Hans Strijdom Avenue
Hans Strydom Street
Hansel Road
Hansen Road
Hantamberg Road
Hantams River Street
Hantams Street
Hantamsberg Street
Hants Road
Happiness Street
Happy Boy
Happy Faces Play School
Happy Hounds
Happy Rhino Hotel
Happy Shopping
Happy Valley Primary School
Harare Kidz ECD
Harare Public Library
Harare SAPS
Harbot Close
Harbour Arch
Harbour Arch Blvd
Harbour Bridge Hotel & Suites
Harbour Close
Harbour Edge
Harbour House
Harbour Lights
Harbour Lightsn Lane
Harbour Master
Harbour Road
Harcourt Road
Hard Rock Cafe: Cape Town
Hardekool Street
Hardepeer Road
Harding Road

hardware store

Hardwick Road
Hardy Close
Hare Street
Harem Pants Company
Hares Avenue
Hares Crescent
Harfield Harriers
Harfield Place
Harfield Road
Harfield Village 2 bedroom townhouse airbnb
Harfield Village Motors
Hargraves Road
Haring Road
Harlem Avenue
Harlequin Road
Harley Davidson
Harley Street
Harliquin Close
Harman Road
Harmans Road
Harmonica Street
Harmonie Avenue
Harmonie Road
Harmonie Street
Harmony Close
Harmony Estate Road
Harmony Primary School
Harmony Road
Harmony Street
Harmony Way
Harmsworth Place
Harold Close
Harold Cressy High School
Harold Road
Haroldene Road
Harolds Bar & Terrave
Haroon Road
Harp Street
Harpenden Road
Harpford Avenue
Harpford Close
Harpuisboom Crescent
Harrier Place
Harrier Road
Harrier Street
Harrier Way
Harriers Road
Harries Street
Harrington Halaal
Harrington Street
Harrington Way
Harrington's Dry Cleaners
Harris Drive
Harris Road
Harrod Drive
Harrongate Street
Harrow Road
Harry Gwala
Harry Gwala Crescent
Harry Gwala Road
Harry Gwala Street
Harry Stodel Street
Harry Street
Harry's Supermarket
Hart Nursery
Hart Road
Hartbees Street
Hartebees Road
Hartebees Street
Hartenberg Street
Hartenbosweg Way
Hartleyvale Hockey Stadium
Hartleyvale Road
Hartleyvale Stadium
Hartog Street
Harts Court
Harts Street
Hartt's Dental Laboratory
Hartwood Avenue
Harvard Close
Harvard Drive
Harvard Street
Harvest Café and Deli
Harvest Crescent
Harvest Street
Harvest Time Ministries
Harvester Primary School
Harvester Way
Harvey Road
Harwood End
Hasana Crescent
Hashe Street
Hassel Street
Hastings Road
Hastings Street
Hastula Way
Hatfield Road
Hatfield Street
Hath Street
Hattford Street
Haul Road
Haupt Street
Hauptville Circle
Haven Crescent
Haven Drive
Havenga Street
Haverhill Crescent
Hawaii Avenue
Hawaii Road
Hawaii Way
Hawe Square
Hawekwa Street
Hawford Street
Hawk Crescent
Hawk Road
Hawke Road
Hawker Street
Hawking Street
Hawkins Avenue
Hawks Close
Hawkwood Lane
Hawling Crescent
Hawston Road
Hawthorden Road
Hawthorne Close
Hawthorne Crescent
Hawthorne Road
Hawthorne Way
Hay Lane
Hay Road
Hay Street
Hayden Street
Haydn Crescent
Haydn Street
Hayes Road
Hayfield Crescent
Hayi Street
Hayle Street
Haylett Way
Hayro Road
Haytor Road
Haywood Road
Hayworth Road
Hazel Close
Hazel Crescent
Hazel Road
Hazel Street
Hazeldane Road
Hazeldene Avenue
Hazeldene Close
Hazeldene Primary School
Hazeldene Way
Hazelwood Road
Hazendal Close
He Sheng Restaurant
Head of prison's office
Head Road
Headfort Avenue
Headingly Way
Health Bear Coffee Bar
Health Bear Fast-food
Health Economics Unit
Health Sciences Library
Heart of Cape Town Museum
Heath Circle
Heath Court
Heath Road
Heath Street
Heathcote Avenue
Heather Avenue
Heather Road
Heather Street
Heather Way
Heatherdale Avenue
Heatherdale Primary School
Heatherley Road
Heatherton Road
Heatherton Street
Heathfield High School
Heathfield Primary School
Heathfield Road
Heathrow Road
Heaven Coffee Shop
Heaven’s Nest Child Care and Recreation Centre
Hebron Christian Academy
Hebron Crescent
Hebron Street
Hector Avenue
Hector Crescent
Hector Petersen
Hector Petersen Residence
Hector Peterson Avenue
Hector Road
Hedge Lane
Heemstede Drive
Heere Street
Heerengracht Boulevard
Heerengracht Road
Heerengracht Street
Heerenzicht Road
Heerlik Road
Heide Close
Heide Road
Heide Street
Heidehof Close
Heidelberg Road
Heidelberg Street
Heideveld Baptist Church
Heideveld Primary School
Heideveld Road
Heideveld Sekondêr
Heideveld Sports Ground
Heifer Street
Heilbot Road
Heinkel Crescent
Heinkel Road
Heinz Park Drive
Heinz Park Primary School
Heinz Road
Hek Road
Hekla Crescent
Helder Road
Helderberg Close
Helderberg Crescent
Helderberg Primary School
Helderberg Radio Flyers
Helderberg Road
Helderberg Street
Helderrant Street
Heldersig Road
Heldersig Street
Helderzicht Close
Helderzicht Street
Heldray Road
Helen Close
Helen Joseph
Helen Joseph Road
Helen Joseph Street
Helen Khuzwayo Street
Helen Street
Helen Suzman Boulevard
Helena Close
Helena Crescent
Helena Road
Helena Street
Helene Avenue
Helgarda Avenue
Helios Circle
Helios Close
Hella Crescent
Hellenburgh Road
Hellenic Court
Helliger Lane
Helling Street
Helmet Street
Helmsley Crescent
Helmsley End
Helmsley Way
Helot Street
Help a Rural Child Charity Trust
Help The Rural Child
Helpmekaar Street
Helshoogte Road
Helvetica Street
Helwan Road
Hely Hutchinson Avenue
Hely Street
Hem Close
Hem Drive
Hemlock Court
Hemlock Street
Hempe Street
Hemyock Road
Hendon Road
Hendon Street
Hendricks Avenue
Hendricks Crescent
Hendrik Pierneef Crescent
Hendrik Potgieter Street
Hendrik Smith Street
Hendrik Street
Hengelaar Street
Henham Street
Henley Court
Henley Road
Henlo Park Crescent
Hennie Fortuin Crescent
Hennie Webber Street
Hennie Winterbach Street
Hennop Road
Henriques Close
Henry Harold Welch Pearson
Henry Thompson Close
Henshawe Road
Henshell Road
Henwick Road
Henze Street
Henzekile Street
Heraldry Street
Herandien Street
Herba Road
Herbert Baker Street
Herbert Penny Road
Herbert Road
Herbert Street
Herbrand Street
Hercules Drive
Hercules Road
Hercules Street
Hercules Way
Hereford Road
Hereford Street
Herman Road
Herman Steeg
Herman Street
Hermanos Barber Shop
Hermes Close
Hermes Road
Hermes Street
Hermes Way
Hermina Avenue
Hermina Place
Hermit Street
Hermitage Road
Hermitage Street
Hermitage Way
Hermon Crescent
Hermon Street
Herode Close
Herold Road
Heron Close
Heron Court
Heron Cove Complex
Heron Crescent
Heron Place
Heron Point Crescent
Heron Road
Heron Street
Heron Walk
Heron Way
Herring Street
Herschel Close
Herschel Girls' Preparatory School
Herschel Girls' Senior School
Herschel Road
Herschel Street
Herschel Walk
Herschel Way
Herta Crescent
Herta Erna Avenue
Herta Louw Street
Herte Road
Hertford Road
Herton Villas
Hertslet Street
Hertzog Boulevard
Hertzog Road
Hertzog Road West
Hertzog Street
Herzlia Constantia Primary
Herzlia School
Heseldon Road
Hess Road
Hester Lane
Hester Street
Heuningbos Crescent
Heuningsberg Street
Heuningtee Avenue
Heuwel Street
Heuwelkruin Close
Heuwelkruin Street
Heuwelsig Street
Heuwelzicht Street
Heuwilsig Street
Hewett Avenue
Hewitt Street
Hex Crescent
Hex Street
Hexagon Crescent
Hexrivier Road
Hexrivier Street
Hexrivierberg Crescent
Heytor Road
Hhgobo Close
Hi Fi Corp
Hibiscus Avenue
Hibiscus Crescent
Hibiscus Road
Hibiscus Square
Hibiscus Street
Hibiscus Way
Hickman Crescent
Hickory Court
Hickory Road
Hickory Street
Hidalgo Street
Hidayatul Islam College
Hiddingh Ascension
Hiddingh Avenue
Hiddingh Hall
Hiddingh Road
Hiddingh Road Park
Hiddingh Square
Higgins Street
Higgo Crescent
Higgo Road
High Cape
High Cape Avenue
High Cape Two Complex
High Constantia
High Court Close
High Level Road
High Riding Close
High Road
High Street
High Tea
High Trees Way
High Wycombe
Highbury Primary School
Highbury Road
Highbury Way
Highclere Street
Highcliffe Crescent
Highfield Road
Highfield Street
Highgate Street
Highgrove Road
Highland Close
Highlands Avenue
Highlands Close
Highlands Complex
Highlands Drive
Highlands Lodge
Highlands Primary School
Highmoor Avenue
Highstead Road
Highway Road
Highwick Avenue
Highwick Drive
Highworth Road
Hikneut Street
Hiland Crescent
Hilaris Close
Hilary Close
Hilary Crescent
Hilary Drive
Hilary Street
Hilary Way
Hilda Close
Hilda Crescent
Hilda Road
Hildalan Lane
Hildalan Road
Hildebrand Street
Hildene Road
Hill Climb Ocean Contour Path
Hill Close
Hill Park Lane
Hill Road
Hill Street
Hillbrow Road
Hillcrest Estate
HIllcrest House
Hillcrest Primary School
Hillcrest Road
Hillcrest Way
Hillrise Crescent
Hillrise Way
Hillsdale Road
Hillside Primary School
Hillside Road
Hillside Terrace
Hillsong Church Century City
Hillstar Avenue
Hilltop Lane
Hillview Avenue
Hillview Road
Hillview Street
Hillwood Avenue
Hillwood Primary School
Hillwood Road
Hilmar Road
Hilton Road
Hilyard Street
Himalaya Close
Himalaya Crescent
Himalaya Road
Hind Avenue
Hindle High School
Hindle Primary
Hindle Road
Hinta Street
Hintsa Avenue
Hintsa Ka Phalo
Hippo Boutique Hotel
Hippo Club
Hippo Crescent
Hippo Drive
Hippokrates Residence
His People Church
HK Computers
H.L. de Villiers Road
Hlafuna Street
Hlahla Close
Hlakula Street
Hlala Street
Hlamba Street
Hlanga Crescent
Hlanganani Street
Hlankomo Road
Hlankomo Street
Hlathi Crescent
Hlati Street
Hlebo Street
Hlehla Street
Hlela Street
Hlelo Crescent
Hlengisa Primary School
Hlengisa Street
Hlewele Crescent
Hlika Street
Hlikihla Street
Hlobo Crescent
Hlobo Street
Hlohla Close
Hlola Street
Hlomela Street
Hlonela Street
Hlongwane Crescent
Hlontlo Street
Hlosi Drive
Hlosi Road
Hlotywa Street
Hlubi Street
Hlula Street
Hlungulu Court
Hlungulu Crescent East
Hlungulu Crescent West
Hlungulu Road
Hlungulu Street
Hlungulu Walk
Hlutha Crescent
H.O. de Villiers Street
Hob Nobs
Hobe Close
Hobe Crescent
Hobe Street
Hobhouse Street
Hobohobo Road
Hobohobo Street
Hobson Court
Hobson Street
Hockenheim Drive
Hockey Close
Hockey Crescent
Hockey Road
Hode Close
Hodi Road
Hodna Street
Hoek Close
Hoek Street
Hoepoe Close
Hoepoe Street
Hoerikwaggo Trail
Hoërskool Bellville
Hoërskool Jan van Riebeeck
Hoërskool Voortrekker
Hof Street
Hoff Street
Hoffman Avenue
Hoffman Street
Hofmeyer Avenue
Hofmeyer Lane
Hofmeyer Road
Hofmeyer Street
Hofmeyr Road
Hofmeyr Street
Hogarth Street
Hogsback Road
Hoheizen Crescent
Hoheizen Street
Hohenhort Avenue
Hohenhort Way
Hoho Close
Hoist Avenue
Hokey Poke
Hokolo Street
Holbein Street
Holborn Crescent
Holden Street
Holden Way
Holderness Road
Holheim Close
Holiday Inn Cape Town
Holiday Inn Express
Holland Avenue
Holland Bakery
Holland Road
Holland Street
Holley Crescent
Holley Way
Hollow Court
Holloway Road
Holly Close
Holly Crescent
Holly Road
Holly Street
Hollyhock Avenue
Hollyhock Road
Hollywood Crescent
Hollywood Street
Holmdene Road
Holmes Road
Holmfirth Road
Holomisa Street
Holst Street
Holy Cross Catholic Church
Holy Cross Church
Holy Cross Convent School
Holy Cross Educare
Holy Cross High School
Holy Cross RC Primary School
Holy Cross Sisters' School
Holy Family Cath. Church
Holy Family of Nazareth Cath. Church
Holy Spirit Centre
Holy Trinity Cath. Church
Holzaphel Street
Homba Road
Hombeam Way
Homberg Street
Home Bao
Home Bar and Restaurant
Home Express
Home Group
HomeBase Cape Town Backpackers
Homeleigh Avenue
Homer Road
Homer Street
Homeria Road
Homerton End
Homestead Avenue
Homestead Road
Homestead Way
Homtini Street
Honalulu Street
Honest Chocolate
Honey Badger
Honey Close
Honeycomb Montessori Pre-School
Honeyguide Street
Honeyside Road
Honeyside Road West
Honeysuckle Crescent
Honeysuckle Street
Honeysuckle Walk
Honeywell Road
Honeywort Street
Hong Kong Kitchen
Honiton Road
Honnet Way
Honolulu Road
Honono Crescent
Honors Place
Hood Road
Hood Street
Hoogeberg Crescent
Hoogekraal Street
Hooggelegen Close
Hooggelegen Road
Hoogstede Street
Hooke Street
Hooked On Fish
Hoole Close
Hoop Street
Hoopenberg Street
Hoopoe Avenue
Hoopoe Street
Hoosain Parker Street
Hop Road
Hope Crescent
Hope of Africa Junior Christian College
Hope Road
Hope Street
Hope Street Market
Hopeville Street
Hopkins Street
Hopley Road
Hopscotch Street
Hoptree Court
Horak Avenue
Horak Street
Horeb Street
Horison Avenue
Horison Street
Horizon Child Youth Care Centre
Horizon Motors (Sasol)
Horizon Street
Horn Court
Hornbill Crescent
Hornbill Road
Hornsey Road
Horseshoe Close
Horsesugar Court
Horsham Bend
Horstley Crescent
Horticultural Garden
Hose Walk
Hospital Road
Hospital Street
Hostel Street
Hotagterklip Crescent
Hotel 303 Sea Point
Hotel Graeme
Hotel on St. Georges
Hotel on the Promenade
Hou Moed Avenue
Houghton Lane
Houghton Place
Houghton Road
Houhoek Close
Houmoed Street
House & Home
House of H
House of Machines
Hout Bay
Hout Bay Beach
Hout Bay BP Express
Hout Bay Coffee
Hout Bay Fire Station
Hout Bay Food Market
Hout Bay Heights
Hout Bay International School (Senior Campus)
Hout Bay Main Road
Hout Bay Manor
Hout Bay Museum
Hout Bay Office National
Hout Bay Police Station
Hout Bay Post Office
Hout Bay Primary School
Hout Bay Public Library
Hout Bay Riding School
Hout Bay Service Station
Hout Bay Shopping Centre
Hout Bay Yacht Club
Hout Bay Yacht Club Marina
Hout Street
Houtbaai Secondary
Houtkapper Street
Houtkloof Close
Houtman Road
Houtman Street
Houwhoek Street
Hove Road
Hove Villas
Howard Bowls Club
Howard Centre
Howard Centre Motors
Howard Davis Road
Howard Drive
Howe Close
Howe Street
Howick Close
Howick Road
HowzitChina Galleries
Hoyiya Street
H.P. van Vuuren Road
Hubbard Street
Hubbel Street
Hubble Street
Hudson Close
Hudson Road
Hudson Street
Hudsons - The Burger Joint (Kloof)
Hugenoot Street
Hugenot Close
Hugh Masekela Crescent
Hughenden Estate
Hughenden Street
Hughes Road
Hugo Avenue
Hugo Close
Hugo Naude Close
Hugo Naude Crescent
Hugo Naude Street
Hugo Road
Hugo Street
Hugon Road
Huguenot Avenue
Huguenot Close
Huguenot Primary School
Huguenot Street
Huguenot Way
Huilbos Road
Huis Kerkenberg
Huising Avenue
Huising Street
Huisrivier Crescent
Hull Street
Huluhulu Street
Humber Close
Humber Street
Humberstone Road
Humbolt Avenue
Humby Road
Hume Street
Humerail Street
Humewood Drive
Humility Close
Hummingbird Crescent
Hummingbird Street
Hummock Circle
Hungry Lion
Hunt Close
Hunt Road
Hunter Avenue
Hunter Street
Hunters Green
Hunters Way
Huntingdon Crescent
Huntingdon Road
Huntley Street
Hurley Road
Huron Street
Hurricane Road
Hurricane Street
Hurter Avenue
Husami Close
Husami Masjid (Cravenby Mosque)
Husami Road
Hussar Street
Huster Machine Tool Company
Hutchinson Avenue
Hutchinson Road
Hutton Road
Huxley Drive
Huxley Street
Hyacinth Avenue
Hyacinth Primary
Hyacinth Primary School
Hyacinth Road
Hyacinth Street
Hyatt Regency Cape Town
Hybiscus Street
Hyde Park
Hyde Park (C)
Hyde Park Primary School
Hyde Road
Hyde Street
Hydra Street
Hydrangea Street
Hydro Street
HYGIvit Laundromat
Hypercut Men's Grooming Studio
Hypermed Pharmacy
Hyundai Culemborg
Hyundai Select Pre-owned

I. A. Laatief
I. Jacobs Street
I love my laundry
Ian Close
Ian Road
Ian Taylor Road
Iapilkoso Way
Ibex Street
Ibhokisi Street
Ibhola Street
Ibhubesi Road
Ibimbi Road
Ibis Close
Ibis Court
Ibis Crescent
Ibis Road
Ibis Street
Ibis Way
Ibiza Way
Iboni Road
Ibuzi Road
Ica Lane
Icaneshini Street
Icarus Close
Icarus Way

ice dream

Iceland Crescent
Icelekwane Street
Icelu Road
Ichataza Crescent
Icola Street
Icon Luxury Apartments
ID Mkize Senior Secondary School
Ida Close
Ida Mntwana Crescent
Idada Avenue
Idaho Avenue
Idaho Street
Idalia Road
Idaliya Street
Idwele Road
Ieglaasi Nieyah Primary School
Ifafa Crescent
Ifleyity Street
Iforas Street
Ifubesi Street
Igalufa Crescent
Igiyo Giyo Street
Igiyogiyo Road
Igqili Street
Igqwaka Street
Igubu Street
Igwetha Street
Igxiya Street
Ihlabankomo Street
Ihluhluwe Street
Ihobe Street
Ihobohobo Street
Ihobolo Road
Ihoki Walk
Ihosy Crescent
Ijoni Walk
Ikamvalethu Secondary School
IkamvaYouth - Makhaza Branch
IkamvaYouth - Nyanga Branch
Ikatali Street
Ikhala Street
Ikhozi Street
Ikhusi Primary School
IKHWEZI leSIZWE Primary School
Ikostina Street
Ikrikethi Street
Ikwelera Street
Il Leone
Ilanda Street
Ilex Avenue
Ilex Close
Ilex Lane
Ilex Road
Ilford Street
Iligwa Street
Ilili Avenue
Ilitha Park
Ilitha Road
Ilkley Crescent
Illinois Street
Illovo Avenue
Illovo Street
Ilovane Close
Imadolo Street
Imam Haron Road
Imam Solomons Close
Imatong Street


Imba Street
Imbala Street
Imbasa Primary School
Imbeko Road
Imbiba Road
Imbodla Road
Imboniso Road
Imbumba Road
Imfene Court
Imhoff Avenue
Imhoff Street
Imitha Yesizwe
Imizamo Yethu
Imizamo Yethu Library
Imizamo Yethu Township Museum
Immaculata (R.C.) Secondary School
Immaculate Conception Catholic Church
Immerzicht Road
Imola Street
Impala Close
Impala Crescent
Impala Road
Impala Street
Impala Way
Impangele Street
Impati Crescent
Imperial Close
Imperial Primary School
Imperial Street
Imperial Toyota
Imperial Yacht Club & Peninsula Canoe Club
Impukumthi Crescent
Impumelelo Road
Impungutye Close
Impunzi Street
Imtuthuzelo Street
Imvumelwano Primary School
Imvuvu Close
In Memoriam
Inari Place
Inception Street
Incholm Place
Inciba Street
Inciniba Street
Incoba Street
Indaba Explorations
Independent Armchair Theatre
Independent Congregational Church
Independent Dutch Mission Church
Independent Order of True Templars
India Venster
Indian Road
Indigo Close
Indigo Crescent
Indigo Drive
Indlovu Road
Indlovu Street
Indlulamthi Crescent
Induland Avenue
Induland Crescent
Induli Trail Signpost
Industria Ring Road
Industria Street
Industrial Road
Industrie Street
Industry Road
Industry Street
Industry Way
Indwe Close
Indwe Road
Indwe Street
Indwe Walk
Inez Avenue
Inez Road
Infanta Crescent
Infante Street
Infantry Way
Info Cafe
Informal Road
Informal Settlement
Inga Close
Inga Road
Ingabangaba Road
Ingci Crescent
Inge Close
Ingle Road
Ingleside Road
Ingqabe Crescent
Ingqanga Road
Ingqanga Street
Ingqangqolo Close
Ingqura Street
Ingrid Road
Ingulube Street
Ingusa Crescent
Ingwe Close
Ingwe Drive
Ingwe Road
Ingwe Street
Injinel Walk
Injova Road
Inkabave Street
Inkanga Street
Inkanini Primary School
Inkblom Crescent
Inkblom Street
Inkonjane Street
Inkonzo Yamarhabe
Inkqubela Street
Inkululeko Road
Inkwenkwezi Secondary School
Inkwenkwezi Street
Inkwili Close
Inkwili Street
Inkxankxadi Crescent
Inn On The Square
Innes Close
Innesfree Close
Innesfree Way
Innis Road
Innisfree Close
Innisfree Road
Inniskillen Road
Inqabe Close
Inqalu Road
Inqgaza Close
Inqilo Road
Inqilo Street
Inqununu Road
Inspan Street
Inspire Durbanville
Intaba Road
Intaka Island
Intambane Street
Integrity Street
Intendele Street
Intenetya Street
Intengu Street
Inter Continental Hair Salon
Inter Milan Road
Intercare Medical & Dental Centre
Internal Road
International School of Cape Town
International Service Station
Internationale Schule
Intethe Close
Inthlabati Road
Intini Close
Intlanganiso Secondary School
Into the Blue Scuba
Intshayelelo Primary School
Intshinga Avenue
Intshukumo Secondary School
Intsikizi Street
Intuku Road
Invader Close
Invermark Crescent
Inverness Avenue
Inverness Lane
Invery Place
Inxanxadi Street
Inyanga Street
Inyoka Street
Inyoni Street
Iolite Street
Iona Street
Ionian Crescent
Iorenji Street
Iowa Street
Ipanema Street
Ipere Street
Ipesika Street
Ipikoko Street
Ipiyano Street
Ipolsa Street
Iprotiya Road
Ipsting Road
Ipswitch Road
Iqhayiya Secondary School
IQRA Academy
Iqwara Street
Ireland Street
Irene Close
Irene Court
Irene Road
Irene Spar-CapeTown
Irene Street
Irene Way
Irene's House-Capetown
Iris Close
Iris Road
Iris Street
Irista Primary
Irma Stern Close
Irma Stern Museum
Irmas Lane
Iron Close
Iron Street
Ironwood Close
Ironwood Road
Ironwood Street
Ironwood Way
Irozi Street
IRT Lane
Irvine Street
Irwell Street
Irwinton Road
Isa Driving School
Isaac Way
Isabel Avenue
Isabel Road
Isabel Street
Isabella Drive
Isabella Street
Isadlunge Close
Isadore Cohen Place
Isagwityi Street
Isak Close
Isaly Road
Isango Road
Isaphepha Street
Isatyaba Street
Isavi Close
Iscor Street
Ishack Road
Isicathamiya Street
Isidungamsi Road
Isikhangati Street
Isikhokelo Primary School
Isikhova Street
Isikhukhukazi Street
Isikhwenene Street
Isikrokro Street
Isikwatsha Street
Isilimela Secondary School
Isinqolamthi Street
Isiphingo Avenue
Isiphingo Street
Isiphiwo Primary School
Isis Drive
Isithebe Road
Isithethi Walk
Islamia Mosque Masjid Al-Furqaan
Island Club Road
Island Road
Island View
Islington Crescent
Ismore Way
Isoka Crescent
Isomi Close
Isotope Street


Italian Pizza
Italian Road
Italy Street
Ithekwana Road

iThemba Primary School

Ithemba Street
Ititshala Street
Itsaris Street

itsitsa Primary School

Itsitsa Street
Itsomo Street
Ivan Road
Ivan's Terrace
Ivanhoe Road
Ivanhoe Street
Ivanhoe Way
Ivatala Street
Ives Street
Ivo Chunnet Street
Ivoorhout Street
Ivory Close
Ivory Street
Ivukuthu Close
Ivuzi Crescent
Ivy Close
Ivy Gcina Road
Ivy Lane
Ivy Price Road
Ivy Road
Ivy Street
Ivydene Avenue
Ixalanga Road
Ixhama Close
Ixia Avenue
Ixia Close
Ixia Court
Ixia Lane
Ixia Link
Ixia Place
Ixia Road
Ixia Street
Ixilongo Street
Izakaya Matsuri
Iziko Maritime Centre
Iziko Slave Lodge
Iziko South African Museum
Izuba Street
Izzy Burger

J and B House
J. Galloweni Road
J. Makateng Street
J. Modise Street
J. Naidoo Avenue
J. Nontula Crescent
J. Nontulo Street
J&K Cellular
Jabavu Street
Jaberhon Crescent
Jacamar Court
Jacana Crescent
Jacana Lane
Jacana Street
Jacana Way
Jacaranda Avenue
Jacaranda Close
Jacaranda Crescent
Jacaranda Street
Jacaranda Way
Jack Black Brewery
Jack Close
Jack Craig Street
Jack Crow Street
Jack Hammer's
Jack Heath Crescent
Jackal Road
Jackhalsvlei Road
Jackie Quin Street
Jackson Crescent
Jackson Masala Street
Jackson Mbali Street
Jackson Street
Jacktree Road
Jaco Street
Jacob Baloyi Street
Jacob Molokwane Street
Jacob Street
Jacob van Dyk Avenue
Jacob's Ladder Pre-School
Jacobi Street
Jacobs Ladder
Jacobs Road
Jacobs Street
Jacobus Road
Jacqueline Street
Jacques Close
Jad Way
Jade Adams Crescent
Jade Close
Jade Crescent
Jade Lane
Jade Street
Jaffers Fuel
Jafta Street
Jagersfontein Avenue
Jagersfontein Lane
Jagger Road
Jagger Walk
Jaggers Bowls Club
Jagters Street
Jakalashi Road
Jakaranda Avenue
Jakaranda Road
Jakaranda Street
Jakes Gerwel Drive
Jakkalsvlei Avenue
Jakop Regop Street
Jali Close
Jalist Street
Jama Street
Jamaica Close
Jamaica Me Crazy
Jamaica Street
Jamaica Way
Jamaicaweg Primary School
Jameah Masjid
James Barry Avenue
James Caird Road
James Close
James Crescent
James Masemini Street
James Road
James Street
James Walton Crescent
James Weave Barber
Jameson Avenue
Jameson Mngomezulu Road
Jameson Road
Jameson Street
Jamie Way
Jamieson Close
Jamieson Road
Jamieson Street
Jammie Steps
Jan Burger Sports Ground
Jan Cilliers Street
Jan Dissels Road
Jan Hofmeyer Street
Jan Kemp Street
Jan Kriel Garage & Panel Shop
Jan Kriel School
Jan Smuts Drive
Jan Smuts Road
Jan Smuts Street
Jan van Eck Road
Jan van Riebeeck Avenue
Jan van Riebeeck Drive
Jana Street
Janari Road
Janda Crescent
Jane Avenue
Jane Lane
Jane Street
Janet Close
Janey Close
Jani Crescent
Janie Street
Janjira Eye Care
Janjira Motor City
Jankel Close
Janni Road
Jannie Engelbrecht Street
Jannie Rossouw Street
Jannies Pub
Jansen Crescent
Jansen Hall
Jansen Road
Jansen Street
Janssen Road
Janssen Street
Janssens Avenue
Janya Close
Japanese Koi Fish Lookout
Japhta K. Masemola Road
Japonica Crescent
Japonica Street
Japonica Walk
Japonika Avenue
Japonika Road
Japonika Way
Jappie Road
Japura Street
Jaques Goniwe Street
Jarisch Road
Jarvis Close
Jarvis Street
Jarvis Way
Jasmin Crescent
Jasmin Road
Jasmine Close
Jasmine Lane
Jasmine Street
Jasmyn Close
Jasmyn Road
Jasmyn Street
Jasmyn Way
Jason Bakery
Jason Crescent
Jason Pedro Avenue
Jason Road
Jason Sushi & Restaurant
Jasper Street
Jasper Way
Java Avenue
Java East Street
Java West Street
Javelin Street
Javu Close
Jaxa Street
Jay Road
Jaza Street
Jazz Street
J.B. Marks Road
JC Brasserie
J.C. Smuts
Jéan Restaurant
Jean Simonis Road
Jean Simonis Street
Jean Street
Jean Welz Close
Jeanette 2 Road
Jeanette Eva Schoon Street
Jeanette Street
Jeanne Crescent
Jebel Close
Jebel Street
Jeff Masemola Street
Jeffcoat Avenue
Jefferson Road
Jeffrey Close
Jeffrey Crescent
Jehova's Witnesses Kingdom Hall
Jehovah's Witness
Jehovah's Witnesses Church

jehovahs witness

Jejane Street
Jellicoe Avenue
Jena Close
Jengqa Crescent
Jenkins Road
Jenkinson Street
Jenner Close
Jennifer Close
Jennifer Street
Jenny Court
Jenny Court Complex
Jenny Lane
Jenny Lane Duplexes
Jenny Schreiner Street
Jenny Schreiner Walk
Jensen Street
Jeppe Street
JEQ Campus
Jeram Avenue
Jeripiko Road
Jerome Avenue
Jerry Modisanna Close
Jerry's Burger Bar
Jerry's Burgers
Jersey Street
Jesmond Road
Jesse Crescent
Jessi Close
Jessica Close
Jessica Road
Jessica Street
Jessie Street
Jet Street
Jet Wash
Jetstar Crescent
Jetty 1
Jetty Road
Jetty Street
Jewel Crescent
Jewel of East
J.F. Cilliers Street
J.G. Meiring High School
Jiba Crescent
Jiehout Close
Jig Avenue
Jika Street
Jikanisi Street
Jikeka Crescent
Jikela Street
Jikeleza Close
Jikizinto Street
Jikwa Street
Jikwana Road
Jill Road
Jim Fouche Avenue
Jim Francis Road
Jingi Street
Jip de Jager Drive
Jip De Jager Drive
Jip de Jager Drive
Jiza Street
JJ Hall and staff education
J.K. Mtyekisane Street
Joan Close
Joan Road
Joan Street
Joanna Street
Joanne Road
Jobela Road
Jobela Street
Jockey Close
Jockey Road
Jodium Close
Jody Close
Jody Philips Road
Joe Fish
Joe Gqabi
Joe Gqabi Street
Joe Hattingh
Joe Hattingh Street
Joe Mark Boulevard
Joe Marks Boulevard
Joe Modise Street
Joe Nzinga Gqabi Street
Joe Simon Street
Joe Slovo Crescent
Joe Slovo Park
Joe Slovo Park Sports Field
Joe Slovo Street
Joe Soap Laundromat
Johan Road
Johanna Close
Johanna Road
Johannes Meintjies Road
Johannes Street
Johannes Tengani Street
Johanneson Road
John Bridgeman Road
John Craig Hall
John Dory's Fish & Grill
John Dronsfield Crescent
John Dube Street
John Dykman Crescent
John Gainsford Street
John Gampe Street
John Graham Primary School
John Heddon Street
John Jansen Public Open Space
John Jansen Road
John Konile Street
John Laguma Road
John Mhlongo Street
John O'Connor Premium Cycling Store
John Pama Primary School
John Peters Close
John Ramsay Avenue
John Road
John Saunders Close
John Street
John T. Jabavu Road
John Tyers Close
John Vorster Avenue
John Wycliffe Christian School
John X. Merriman Street
Johndown Road
Johndown Walk
Johns Road
Johnson Crescent
Johnson Ngwevela Street
Johnson Qona Street
Johnson Street
Johnston Avenue
Johnston Road
Johnturf Walk
Johnvlei Walk
Joico Rock Paper Scissors
Joja Close
Joli Crescent
Jolily Close
Jolly Roger Pirate boat cruises
Jolobe Road
Jolton Street
Jonah Crescent
Jonas Street
Jonathan Road
Jones Makgotsi Street
Jones Street
Jonga Street
Jonker Street
Jonkershoek Road
Jonkershoek Street
Jonkman Street
Jool Street
Joolay Road
Jooste Road
Jooste Street
Joostenberg Drive
Joostenberg Road
Jopie Fourie Street
Jordaan Close
Jordaan Street
Jordan Street
Jordan Wine Estate
Jordane Circle
Jorgens Avenue
Jorgensens Avenue
Joseph Andersen Street
Joseph Avenue
Joseph Circle
Joseph Close
Joseph Daku Close
Joseph M. Tola Street
Joseph Malaza Street
Joseph Mayoli Close
Joseph Mayoli Street
Joseph Spoe Ndlovu Street
Joseph Stone Theatre
Josephine Road
Joshua Doore
Joshua Generation
Joshua Generation Church
Jou Ma Se Kos
Joubert Avenue
Joubert Crescent
Joubert Road
Joubert Steps
Joubert Street
Joy Avenue
Joy Close
Joy Crescent
Joyce Close
Joyce Modimeng Street
Joyce Ndinisa Road
Joyce Ordbrown Crescent
Joyce Street
Joyi Twalimfene Street
J.S. Klopper Primary School
Juanita Road
Jubba Street
Jubilant Place
Jubilee Close
Jubilee Community Church
Jubilee Crescent
Jubilee Road
Jubilee Street
Jubilee Village Road
Judge Street
Judith Street
Judo Street
Judy Way
Juela Crescent
Juice Juice Baby
Jujuba Court
Jukskei Court
Jukskei Crescent
Jukskei Street
Jula Street
Julayi Crescent
Julia Road
Julian Walk
Juliana Street
Juliana Veld North Road
Juliana Veld South
Julie te Groen Bird Information Centre
Juliet Close
Julilee Centre
Julius Jordan Avenue
Julius Jordan Street
Julius Road
Julius T. Matolengwe Street
Julius Tsolo Street
Juma Street
Jumbo's Spaza Shop
Jumu'a Mosque of Cape Town
Junction Peak Street
Junction Road
Junction Street
June Road
June Street
Jungfrau Crescent
Jungle Road
Jungle Walk
Juni Street


Junior College
Juniper Crescent
Juniper Lane
Juniper Road
Juniper Street
Junker Crescent
Junkers Road
Juno Road
Jupiter Close
Jupiter Road
Jupiter Street
Jury Street
Just Chute me
Just Letting
Just PCs
Just Timber Boards & Hardware
Justice Walk
Justicia Crescent
Justifina Crescent
Justin Crescent
Justin Road
Justin Street
Justin Way
Jute Crescent
Jutland Avenue
Jutland Road
Juventus Crescent
Juventus Street
Juweel Close
J.W. Theron Street
Jwambi Street
J.Z. Fuku Way
J.Z. Ndaliso Street

K Auto Sales
K. Didiza Street
K. Siko Street
K1 Sushi
Ka Lok
Kaab Mount Street
Kaalkop Street
Kaap Street
Kaapse Draai
Kaapse Vlak
Kaapzicht Close
Kaapzicht Road
Kaapzicht Street
Kaba Road
Kabega Street
Kabeljou Close
Kabeljou Road
Kadalie Close
Kadam Street
Kaduna Way
Kaelyn Close
Kafue Street
Kafue Way
Kagera Street
Kagu Way
Kahlanu Street
Kairos Primary
Kaizer Street
Kakapo Close
Kakapo Street
Kakaza Crescent
Kakhulu Street
Kala Walk
Kalako Street
Kali Avenue
Kalipa Crescent
Kalk Bay Kam
Kalkfontein Primary School
Kalkoen Road
Kalkoentjie Road
Kalksteenfontein Primêre Skool
Kalkutta Street
Kalmah Street
Kalmen Way
Kalo Road
Kalossie Close
Kalossie Crescent
Kalossie Street
Kalsiet Street
Kalusta Road
Kama Street
Kamanassie Road
Kamassi Avenue
Kamassie Street
Kamberg Court
Kambro Road
Kamdeboo Street
Kameel Street
Kameelboom Street
Kameeldoring Crescent
Kameeldoring Street
Kameroen Street
Kamfer Road
Kamhout Street
Kamiesberg Crescent
Kamiesberg Road
Kamieskroon Road
Kamili Coffee Shop
Kamille Crescent
Kamma Avenue
Kamp Street
Kanala Lane
Kanarie Road
Kanarie Street
Kandandlovu Road
Kandelaar Close
Kaneelblom Crescent
Kaneelblom Street
Kanéla Café
Kanfer Street
Kanferboom Street
Kanferfoelie Street
Kanga Close
Kango Close
Kani Close
Kanna Avenue
Kanna Road
Kannabas Crescent
Kannabast Crescent
Kannemeyer Primary School
Kannemeyer Street
Kanonberg Boulevard
Kanonberg Crescent
Kanonberg Street
Kanonier Crescent
Kanonkop Street
Kanonkop Way
Kansas Crescent
Kantbos Close
Kantbos Crescent
Kanti Street
Kantolo Crescent
Kapa Close
Kapalua Street
Kapenhoek Road
Kapokberg Crescent
Kapokblom Street
Kapokkie Street
Kappertjie Street
Kaptein Street
Kapteinsklip Majiet
Kaptstadt Brauhaus
Karakal Road
Karakul Crescent
Karakul Park
Karakul Street
Karas Street
Karatara Avenue
Karate Crescent
Karbonaat Close
Karbonkel Road
Karbonkelberg Street
Karbonkelberg Traverse
Kardouw Crescent
Karee Close
Karee Road
Karee Street
Kareeboom Avenue
Kareeboom Road
Kareedou Road
Karen Road
Karen Street
Karg Road
Kariba Street
Kariega Court
Kariega Road
Kariga Street
Karkuni Street
Karli Place
Karlsbad Close
Karmel Street
Karneool Street
Karonje Street
Karoo Road
Karoo Street
Karoobos Street
Karoopoort Street
Karos Street
Karpas Street
Karper Road
Karper Street
Kasai Crescent
Kasai Street
Kasai Way
Kasba Street
Kasigau Street
Kaskazi Kayaks & Adventure
Kasouga Road
Kasrils Street
Kasselsvlei Komprehensiewe Hoërskool
Kasselsvlei Primary School
Kasselsvlei Road
Kastaiing Street
Kasteel Crescent
Kasteel Road
Kasteel Street
Kasteelberg Close
Kasteelberg Road
Kasteelpoort Street
Kasteelpoort Way
Kasteelspoort Path
Kat Court
Kat Street
Katana Crescent
Katanga Street
Katberg Crescent
Katberg Street
Katdoring Crescent
Katdoring Street
Kathleen Road
Kati Street
Katie Martin Way
Katjiepiering Road
Katrine Harries Close
Katryn Joyce Schoon Street
Katzenellenbogen Crescent
Katzenellenbogen Road
Katzenellenbogen Street
Kauai Health Food
Kaufela Road
Kaunda Street
Kavalier Road
Kavalier Street
Kavanagh's Hair & Beauty
Kawana Crescent
Kawana Road
Kay Close
Kay-Dee Educare Centre
Kaya Road
Kayla Court
Kaymor Street
Kayser Avenue
Kayter Road
Kazinga Street
Keast Street
Keats Road
Kebbi Court
Kedah Road
Keel Close
Keenwä Restaurant and Pisco Bar
Keerom Street
Keeromsberg Street
Keert de Koe
Keerweder Road
Keerweder Street
Kehrwieder Street
Kei Apple Grove
Kei Apple Lane
Kei Apple Road
Kei River Crescent
Kei Road
Kei Street
Keisergracht Street
Keisergracht Way
Keisi Crescent
Keith Road
Keizersgracht Road
Kekkel En Kraai
Kelkiewyn Close
Kelkiewyn Street
Kelly Industrial
Kelly's Green
Kelna Street
Kelpgull Road
Kelsey Road
Kelvin Road
Kelvin Street
Kemms Road
Kemp Road
Kempark Pharmacy
Kempen Street
Kempenfelt Road
Ken Close
Ken Court
Ken dry cleaners
Ken Dry Cleaners
Ken Heights Road
Kenali Close
Kendal Road
Kendal Road Service Road
Kendall Street
Kenhardt Road
Kenilworth Avenue
Kenilworth Community Presbyterian Church office
Kenilworth Crescent
Kenilworth Methodist Church
Kenilworth Motors
Kenilworth Post Office
Kenilworth Presbyterian
Kenilworth Road
Kenilworth Street
Kenilworth Vetinary Clinic
Kenilworth Village
Kenmar Crescent
Kenmere Primary School
Kenmore Road
Kennemer Close
Kenneth Mzati Street
Kenneth Road
Kennetjie Street
Kennington Close
Kennington Street
Keno Street
Kenridge Avenue
Kenridge Dog Park
Kenridge NG
Kenridge Primary School
Kenrock Country Estate
Kensal Close
Kensal Road
Kensington Close
Kensington Crescent
Kensington Place
Kensington Police Station
Kensington Road
Kensington Secondary School
Kensington Swimming Pool
Kent Avenue
Kent Close
Kent Cottrell Close
Kent Crescent
Kent Road
Kent Street
Kent Way
Kentucky Avenue
Kentucky Street
Kenwil Drive
Kenwood Circle
Kenwood Road
Kenya Grove
Kepler Street
Keppel Road
Kerk Road
Kerk Street
Kern Crescent
Kerner Close
Kerner Road
Kerrem Street
Kerry Road
Kersaint Crescent
Kersboom Street
Kersboom West Street
Kersbos Street
Kershout Close
Kershout Road
Kershout Street
Kestel Street
Kestrel Close
Kestrel Road
Kestrel Street
Kestrel Way
Keswick Street
Keswick Way
Ketch Close
Ketch Road
Kethelo Street
Kettley Way
Keuka Street
Keur Street
Keurberg Road
Keurboom Avenue
Keurboom Close
Keurboom Crescent
Keurboom Nursery School
Keurboom Place
Keurboom Road
Keurboom Street
Keurboom Way
Keurtjie Avenue
Keurtjie Close
Keurtjie Crescent
Kevin Avenue
Kew Garden Close
Kew Road
Kewridge Way
Kewuti Crescent
Key and Lock Service
Key Link
Key Way
Keyser River Drive
Keyser Street
Keysers Crescent
Keysers Road
KFC DriveThru
KFC Haasendal
KFC Thornton
Kgati Street
Khabo Street
Khadi Crescent
Khakakhaka Street
Khakisa Street
Khala Street
Khalfe Road
Khali Street
Khalima Street
Khalipha Crescent
Khalisa Street
Khamango Street
Khangelani Close
Khankanya Street
Khanya Crescent
Khanya Road
Khanya Street
Khanyisa Street
Khanyisa Waldorf School
Khao Hom Thai
Khawuleza Street
Khawuta Street
Khaya Walk
Khayamnandi Street
Khayelitsha District Hospital
Khayelitsha Hospital
Khayelitsha Magistrate's Court
Khayelitsha SAPS
Khayelitsha Station Rank
Khayni Close
Khephu Street
Khethelo Crescent
Khetho Street
Khethokutke Street
Khetsha Road
Khetsha Street
Khetshe Close
Khetshe Road
Khokhela Crescent
Khokho Street
Kholmanzi Street
Khonkxa Street
Khonza Street
Khosi Street
Khozi Crescent
Khozi Drive
Khozi Street
Khozi Walk
Khuhla Crescent
Khula Crescent
Khulani Road
Khulani Street
Khuliza Crescent
Khulula Street
Khumalo Street
Khumbula Crescent
Khumbulani Street
Khumbuza Crescent
Khumshile Crescent
Khuni Close
Khupha Street
Khuphela Street
Khuphelo Street
Khupiso Street
Khusela Crescent
Khuseleka Street
Khuselo Crescent
Khuselo Street
Khusi Street
Khusta Tavern
Khuthaza Street
Khuthele Street
Khwababa Street
Khwahlaza Street
Khwai Street
Khwapha Street
Khwaza Street
Khwazela Street
Khwazile Street
Khwebe Street
Khwebula Road
Khwebula Street
Khwezana Crescent
Khwezi Avenue
Khwezi Crescent
Kiaat Close
Kiaat Crescent
Kiaat Road
Kiaat Street
Kiaat Street Park
Kiara Village
Kibi Crescent
Kibido Street
Kid's Kingdom Pre-School Centre
Kiddz Buzz Educare
Kido Kids
Kidz Zone Clothing Store
Kiepersol Close
Kiepersol Crescent
Kiepersol Place
Kiepersol Street
Kies Lane
Kieskamma Close
Kiewiet Close
Kiewiet Road
Kiewiet Street
Kiewiet Way
Kildare Close
Kildare Lane
Kildare Road
KIldonan Close
Kildonan Road
Kilgetty Road
Kilimanjaro Street
Killarney Race Track
Killarney Road
Killarney Street
Killdeer Street
Kiln Close
Kiln Street
Kim Road
Kimberley Hotel Bar
Kimberley Road
Kimberley Street
Kimberley Way
Kind Regards
Kind To Hearing
Kinder Road
Kine Crescent
Kine Park Drive
Kinetic Way
King Air Boulevard
King Arthur Avenue
King Edward Road
King George Street
King Langalibalele Drive
King Sobhuza Street
King Street
King's Blockhouse
King's Cafe
King's School
Kingboom Close
Kingdom Hall of Jehova's Witnesses
Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witness
Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses
Kingfisher Avenue
Kingfisher Close
Kingfisher Crescent
Kingfisher Lane
Kingfisher Road
Kingfisher Street
Kingfisher Walk
Kinghall Avenue
Kingna Road
Kings and Queens Educare
Kings Boxing Gym
Kings Close
Kings Place
Kings Road
Kings Street
Kings Way
Kingsbarns Road
Kingsbury Crescent
Kingsbury Hospital
Kingsbury Park
Kingsbury Way
Kingshaven Street
Kingsland Court
Kingsley Road
Kingsmead Avenue
Kingsmead Close
Kingsmead Way
Kingston Close
Kingston Road
Kingston Street
Kingsway Close
Kingsway Road
Kingswood Close
Kinkel Road
Kinkel Street
Kinkleway Avenue
Kinnoull Road
Kinsale Road
Kipengere Street
Kipling Avenue
Kipling Link
Kipling Road
Kipling Street
Kiran Road
Kirby Way
Kirchen Crescent
Kirkia Close
Kirkland Road
Kirkwood Road
Kirsch Street
Kirsten Crescent
Kirsten Street
Kirsten's Kickass Ice Cream
Kirstenbosch Avenue
Kirstenbosch Drive
Kirstenbosch Provision Store
Kirstenbosch Tea Room
Kirstenhof Police Station
Kirstenhof Primary School
Kirstenhof Supermarket
Kisch Street
Kismet Avenue
Kison Street
Kitchener Road
Kitchener Street
Kite Link
Kite Road
Kitesurfers Drive
Kitty Hawk Road
Kitui Street
Kiwi Street
Kiwu Road North
Kiyane Crescent
Klaas Road
Klaasenbosch Drive
Klaasenbosch Trail
Klaasenbosch Trail North bank
Klaassenkop Close
Klaassens Road
Klapperbos Close
Klapperbos Street
Klaproos Street
Klaradyn Street
Klarinet Avenue
Klarkia Street
Klassens Street
Klaver Street
Klavier Street
Klawervlei Crescent
Klawervlei Street
Klein Baai Close
Klein Bottelary
Klein Bron Road
Klein Constantia Road
Klein Constantia Winery
Klein Leeukoppie Estate
Klein Street
Klein Visserhok Road
Klein Wassenaar Road
Klein Zevenwacht Estate
Kleinbegin Street
Kleinberg Road
Kleinberg Street
Kleinbosch Crescent
Kleinbosch Road
Kleinbron Estate
Kleindal Close
Kleineweide Street
Kleingeluk 1 Complex
Kleinhof Road
Kleinkaap Lane
Kleinsmidt Street
Kleintuin Way
Kleinvlei Road
Kleinvlei Sports Ground
Kleinzee Street
Klepper Street
Klidale Crescent
Klip Road
Klip Street
Klipbok Street
Klipdoring Street
Klipfontein Primary School
Klipfontein Road
Klipfontein Road Ext
Klipfontein Service Road
Kliphout Road
Klipkers Road
Klipper Road
Kliprug Close
Kliprug Office
Klipspringer Road
Klipspringer Street
Klipvygie Crescent
Kloof Avenue
Kloof Corner
Kloof Corner Ridge
Kloof Corner Street
Kloof Corner Window
Kloof Nek Circle
Kloof Nek Grocer
Kloof Nek Road
Kloof Road
Kloof Street
Kloof Street House
Kloof Street Library
Kloof Street Motors
Kloofnek Superette
Kloofzicht Street
Kloppers Sport Cape Gate
Klosser Street
KLS Consulting Engineers
Kmdt Sarel Haasbroek Close
Knead Bakery
Knead Bakery & Restaurant
Knife's Edge
Knight's Bridge
Knight's Inspiration
Knight's Ridge Apartment Complex
Knightbridge Avenue
Knights Ridge
Knights Street
Knobwood Street
Knokke Avenue
Knole Park Avenue
Knorhoek Road
Knox Nduku Street
Knuppelhout Street
Knutsford Road
Knysna Close
Knysna Oyster Company
Knysna Road
Koala Street
Koan Street
Kob Road
Kobe Sushi
Kobodi Street
Kobompo Street
Kobongaba Road
Kodwa Street
Koeberg Close
Koeberg Lane
Koeberg Primary School
Koeberg Road
Koeberg Service Road
Koedoe Road
Koedoe Street
Koegelenberg Street
Koekoek Street
Koelenhof Close
Koelenhof Street
Koena Road
Koets Street
Koffiepeer Street
Kofu Street
Kogelberg Road
Kogelberg Street
Kohling Street
Koi Street
Kok Way
Kokaboom Road
Kokerboom Crescent
Kokerboom Street
Kokkewiet Street
Kokoboom Close
Kokoti Street
Kolanisi Street
Kolaro Crescent
Kolbe House University Chaplaincy
Kolgans Close
Kolgans Street
Kolia Road
Kolkenberg Street
Kollege Street
Kolnicks Factory Outlet
Kolping Guest House
Kolping Society of South Africa
Komani Road
Komati Close
Komati Crescent
Komati Foods
Komati Street
Kombela Crescent
Komeet Street
Komlossy Street
Kommandant J. C. Lotter Street
Kommandeur Street
Kommissaris Street
Komos Street
Kompanje Street
Kompanjie Road
Kompanjie Street
Koms Street
Kondile Close
Kongo Way
Kontiki Avenue
Kontiki Road
Kontoer Street
Koodoo Street
Kool Avenue
Koolhout Close
Koonap Street
Koop Street
Koopman Road
Koopmans Avenue
Koopmans-de Wet House
Koornhof Street
Koornhoop Road
Koorsboom Crescent
Koorsboom Street
Koos Sadie Primary School
Kooyonga Road
Koper Street
Koperkring Road
Koppies Road
Koppiesdam Road
Koraal Close
Koraal Street
Koraal Street Park
Koraalboom Road
Koraalboom Street
Koranna Street
Korean Soju Restaurant
Korfbal Street
Korhaan Close
Korhaan Road
Korhaan Street
Korhaan Way
Koring Crescent
Koring Road
Koringblom Crescent
Koringblom Street
Korne Close
Kornet Avenue
Korsten Crescent
Kort Road
Kort Street
Kortgedacht Close
Korvette Close
Korvette Road
Koshwana Road
Kosie's Place
Kosmos Road
Koster Close
Kota Close
Kotane Street
Koti Street
Kottler Street
Kotze Road
Kotze Street
Kotzee Road
Kouga Street
Kouga Way
Kowie Close
Kowie Road
Koyo Crescent
Koyo Street
Kraai Close
Kraai Street
Kraai Way
Kraaibos Close
Kraaifontein AME Primary
Kraaifontein Fire and Rescue
Kraaifontein High School
Kraaifontein Public Library
Kraaifontein SAPS
Kraaifontein Town Hall
Kraal Road
Kraanvoel Street
Krakeel Street
Kramat of Sayed Mahmud
Kramat Road
Kransduiwen Close
Kranskop Court
Kranskop Road
Krause Street
Krazy Kiwi Butchery
K.R.C. Suiting
Krebe Street
Kremer Road
Kremetart Avenue
Kremetart Street
Kreupelboom Road
Kreupelbosch Way
Kreupelhout Avenue
Kreupelhout Close
Kreupelhout Street
Krice Street
Kriebos Link
Krieger Road
Krieket Road
Kriel Road
Kriel Street
Krige Street
Kringhout Street
Krinkhout Street
Krisant Circle
Krisant Close
Krisant Road
Krisante Road
Krisante Street
Krishna Rabilali Close
Krisnic Avenue
Kristal Court
Kristal Street
Kristie Mei
Kritzinger Road
Kritzwald Road
Krokodil Close
Krom Crescent
Krom Elbow Lane
Krom Road
Krom Street
Kromboom Road
Kromboom Service Road
Kromriver Close
Kronedal Road
Kronendal Crescent
Kronendal Primary School
Kronendal Retirement Village
Kronendal Road
Kronendal Service Station
Kronendal Street
Kroning Street
Kronkel Street
Kroon se Bos
Kroonden Road
Kroondenne Road
Kroonenburg Square
Krotoa Sanctuary
Kroumirie Street
Kruger Road
Kruger Street
Kruin Street
Kruinzicht Crescent
Kruiphout Street
Kruipmol Crescent
Kruis Road
Kruis Street
Kruisbessie Close
Kruisvallei Street
Kruitvat Avenue
Krupp Avenue
Kruppelhout Street
Kruskal Avenue
Kruskal Circle
Kruyer Street
Krynauw Street
Ksour Street
KTM Cape Town
Kuba Street
Kubekuhle Street
Kubusie Street
Kudu Avenue
Kudu Road
Kudu Way
Kufa Road
Kufayayo Street
Kuhle Street
Kuilenhof Court
Kuils River Caravan Park
Kuils River Magistrate's Court
Kuils River Police Station
Kuils River Primary
Kuils River Squash Club
Kuils River Technical Secondary School
Kuils Road
Kuilsrivier Gholf
Kuiper Street
Kuipers Kraal Street
Kuiseb Street
Kukhanya Crescent
Kukhanya Street
Kukhanyile Publ Primary School
Kula Crescent
Kulani Secondary School
Kuluxhobo Street
Kume Crescent
Kumkani Street
Kumquat Street
Kumua Square
Kunene Circle
Kunene Crescent
Kunene Road
Kunene Street
Kunene Way
Kunshani Motors
Kunyembelekile Street
Kuphumleni Street
Kuqala Avenue
Kurper Close
Kurper Road
Kuruman Court
Kuruman Street
Kurze Road
Kurze Street
Kusasa Road
Kusile Street
Kuta Close
Kuyasa Crescent
Kuyasa Library
Kuyasa Primary School
Kuyehlela Close
Kuyper Crescent
Kuyper Street
Kwagga Street
Kwaito Street
Kwaker Close
Kwakho Street
Kwakhona Street
Kwalimanzi Walk
Kwalumanzi Close
Kwamakhutha Road
Kwanda Mphahlawa Walk
Kwando Street
Kwanele Street
Kwango Crescent
Kwanza Sands Minerals
Kwartel Street
Kwarts Street
Kwaza Street
Kwazakhele Crescent
Kwedi Zingelwa Street
Kweker Way
Kwekwez Close
Kwela Street
Kwelikangotshe Close
Kwelikangotshe Crescent
Kwelikangotshe Road
Kwenxura Street
Kweper Avenue
Kweper Close
Kweper Street
Kweper Way
Kwepile Road
Kwepile Street
Kwepili Street
Kwezi Road
Kwezi Street
Kwik Spar
Kwikkie Close
Kwikkie Street
Kwikstert Close
Kwindla Street
Kyalami Drive
Kyalami Street
Kylah Close
Kylemore Close
Kylemore Road
Kyoto Garden Sushi

L. Dike Street
L. Eleni Road
L. Mbuli Street
L. Ngoyi Street
L R Computers
L. Yeko Close
L'Amandine Complex
La Belle Road

la boheme

La Boheme Avenue
La Boheme Close
La Boheme Road
La Boheme Street
La Bri Close
La Bri Street
La Camargue
La Camargue Road
La Cases Road
La Champagne Close
La Colombe
La Constance Crescent
La Contenta Road
La Cotte Crescent
La Cotte Street
La Couronne Street
La Dauphine Street
La Dauphne Close
La Domaine Crescent
La Gratitude
La Gratitude Pre-Primary
La Gratitude Road
La Grenadine Petit Hotel
La Menara
La Merci 1
La Merci 2
La Montagne Complex
La Morita Crescent
La Motte Close
La Motte Crescent
La Motte Road
La Motte Street
La Paloma Boulevard
La Parada
La Parada Constantia Nek
La Parada V&A Waterfront
La Paris Close
La Perla
La Petite Tarte
La Pinta Street
La Provence
La Provence Avenue
La Provence Close
La Provence Complex
La Provence Crescent
La Provence Road
La Provence Way
La Rambla Avenue
La Rhone Complex
La Rhone Street
La Rhone Way
La Roche Close
La Rochelle
La Rochelle Crescent
La Rochelle Park
La Rochelle Pre-Primary
La Rochelle Road
La Rochelle Street
La Romantica
La Rosera Street
La Rozette Road
La Sagra Road
La Scala
La Scala Road
La Splendida
La Tête
La Veritas Close
La Vigne Educational House
La Ville Bella Ombre
Labia Theater
Labiance Primary School
Labiance Street
Labisa Close
Labounere Street
Lacre Road
Lacus Street
Ladbrook Street
Ladies en Laaities Kleuterskool
Ladies Mile Extension
Ladies Mile Road
Ladies Mile Serivce Road
Ladies Mile Service Road
Lady Anne Avenue
Lady Anne Walk
Lady Hamilton
Lady May Street
Laerskool Bellville Primary
Laerskool Belville-Noord
Laerskool Jan van Riebeeck
Laerskool Labiance
Laerskool Parow-Oos
Laerskool Simon van der Stel
Laetitia Street
Lagan Street
Lager Crescent
Lagonda Crescent
Lagoon Beach
Lagoon Beach Hotel and Spa
Lagoon Gate Drive
Laguna Road
Lahey Street
Lahinch Road
Lahlangubo Close
Lahleka Street
Laibach Road
Laidlaw Lane
Laidlaw Road
Laindon Street
Laingsberg Road
Lair Avenue
Lake Close
Lake Road
Lake View Road
Lakefield Circle
Lakeman Crescent
Lakeshore Drive
Lakeshore Road
Lakeside Fire Station
Lakeside Pharmacy
Lakeside Pinnacle
Lakeside Pinnacle Path
Lakeside Place
Lakeside Ridge
Lakeside Street
Lakeside Strip mall
Lakeview Drive
Lakeview Lane
Lakpypie Close
LAL Cape Town
Lali Close
Lali Street
Lalo Street
Lambatha Close
Lambatha Road
Lambert Road
Lambeth Close
Lamento Close
Lamyeni Road
Lancashire Close
Lancashire Road
Lancaster Road
Lancaster Street
Lancer Close
Landa Street
Landau Close
Landdros Street
Landdrost Street
Lande's Hardware
Landela Street
Landelani Street
Landri Crescent
Landros Avenue
LandsCape Art Garden Centre
Landseer Road
Landskron Street
Landskroon Crescent
Landskroon Street
Landzela Crescent
Lang Street
Langa Crescent
Langa Indoor Multipurpose Sports Centre
Langa Indoor Sports Centre
Langa Massacre Road
Langa Methodist Church
Langa Secondary School
Langa Sports Ground
Langa Street
Langanci Street
Langbeentjie Close
Langdon Street
Lange Road
Lange Street
Langeberg Avenue
Langeberg Ridge
Langeberg Road
Langemere Close
Langemere Street
Langenhoven Street
Langeni Street
Langerman Avenue
Langevlei Road
Langgedacht Close
Langham Street
Langkloof Close
Langkloof Way
Langley Road
Langley Way
Langton Road
Languedoc Road
Langverwacht Road
Langverwacht Street
Lansburg Road
Lansdowne Eagles Baseball and Softball Club
Lansdowne Motors
Lansdowne Police Station
Lansdowne Post Office
Lansdowne Road
Lansdowne Tennis Club
Lansdowne Wb Road
Lansia Walk
Lansing Road
Lansman Walk
Lansport Road
Lansry Walk
Lansta Road
Lanston Road
Lanston Walk
Lansur Road
Lantana Court
Lantana Primary School
Lantana Road
Lantana Street
Lanternheide Square
Lanyon Road
Lanzerac Avenue
Lanzerac Close
Lanzerac Crescent
Lanzerac Road
Lanzerac Street
Lara Close
Larch Court
Larch Road
Largo Crescent
Largo Road
Lariat Close
Larimar Street
Lark Close
Lark Court
Lark Crescent
Lark Lane
Lark Road
Lark Street
Larkan Street
Larkspur Road
Larkspur Square
Larkspur Street
Larmenier Village
Larne Road
Las Vegas Cafe
Las Vegas Crescent
Lascelles Street
Lasea Street
Lasswade Road
Last Road
Lategan Road
Latin Street
Latonyanda Road
Latrobe Road
Latvan Road
Latvia Street
Lauda Road
Laughtons Hardware
Laundry & Dry Cleaning
Laundry and Water
Laundry Dry Cleaning
Laune Close
Laura Close
Laura Road
Laura Street
Laurel Court
Laurel Lane
Laurel Road
Laurel Street
Laurence Dale Road
Laurentia Way
Laurier Close
Laurier Road
Laurimer Road
Laurinda Crescent
Laurus Street
Lausanne Crescent
Lava Close
Lavalle Street
Lavalles Way
Lavande Avenue
Lavender Close
Lavender Crescent
Lavender Hill
Lavender Hill High School
Lavender Lane
Lavender Place
Lavender Road
Lavender Street
Lavenham Road
Laventel Road
Laventelboom Street
Lavinia Close
Lavis Crescent
Lavisrylaan Primary School
Law Enforcement
Law Road
Lawe Close
Lawley Road
Lawrence Close
Lawrence Road
Lawrence Street
Lawson Road
Lawula Street
Lawulo Road
Layard Road
Lazio Street
Lazuli Road
L.C. Steyn Crescent
Le Chasseur
Le Domaine Street
Le Grange Road
Le Mans Road
Le Mont Close
Le Petit Vignoble
Le Riche Close
Le Rouge
Le Rouge Complex
Le Roux Avenue
Le Roux Lane
Le Roux Street
Le Sage Close
Le Sueur Avenue
Lea Pre-Primary
Lea Road
Leader Street
Leadville Way
Leadwood Street
Leafmore Road
League Road
Leander Place
Leander Road
Leander Way
Leaner Street
Leather Oak Street
Leatherwood Street
Lebanese Bakery
Lebanon Way
Lebensraum Street
Lebombo Crescent
Lebombo Way
Lecture Hall Garden of Extinction
Leda Close
Ledge Street
Ledore Road
Lee Bazalek Road
Lee Road
Lee Street
Lee's Chinese
Leeds Close
Leeds Crescent
Leeds Street
Leek Street
Leerdam Bastion
Leerdam Close
Leerdam Crescent
Leerdam Lane
Leerdam Road
Leerdam Street
Leervis Close
Leetchfield Crescent
Leeu Road
Leeu Street
Leeubekkie Close
Leeubekkie Crescent
Leeubekkie Square
Leeubekkie Street
Leeuberg Road
Leeufontein Street
Leeukloof Drive
Leeukop Street
Leeukoppie Road
Leeuwen Street
Leeuwendal Crescent
Leeuwenhof Crescent
Leeuwenhof Road
Leeuwenhof Street
Leeuwenvoet Road
Leeuwkop Lane
Leeuwkop Road
Legas Road
Legato Road
Legend Place
Legend Place Complex
Legends Pub
Legs and Lashes
Lehana Crescent
Lehar Street
Leibro Road
Leicester Crescent
Leicester Grove
Leicester Road
Leicester Square
Leicester Street
Leiden Avenue
Leiden Avenue Primary School
Leiden Primary School
Leiden Secondary School
Leimen Way
Leinster Road
Leinster Street
Leipold Street
Leipoldt Park Street
Leipoldt Street
Leipoldt Way
Leistner Street
Leith Hill Road
Leith Road
Leith Street
Lekker Vegan
Lekkerwater Street
Lekoma Way
Lelala Avenue
Lelala Crescent
Lelia Road
Lelie Road
Lelie Street
Leliebloem Crescent
Leliefontein Road
Lelieveld Road
Lelyfontein Close
Lembede Crescent
Lembede Street
Lembethe Anthony Street
Lemena Avenue
Lemena Crescent
Lemoen Crescent
Lemoenduif Street
Lemoenkloof Close
Lemoenshoek Crescent
Lemon Lane
Lemur Street
Lena Close
Lena Crescent
Lenchman Street
Lengezi Street
Lennin Street
Lennon Road
Lennox Street
Lenon Melani Street
Lens Lane
Lensie Road
Lente Road
Lente Street
Lentedal Road
Lentegeur Secondary School
Lentelus Avenue
Lenton Drive
Leo Close
Leo Road
Leo Street
Leon Meyer Street
Leon Park Street
Leon Road
Leon Terrace
Leonard Radu Road
Leonard Street
Leonsdale Primêre Skool
Leopard Close
Leopard Rock Estate
Leopard Street
Leo’s Wine Bar
Lepanto Close
Lepanto Way
Lepelhout Street
Lephahlala Road
Lepota Marayi Close
Leraar Street
Lerato Ponoane Street
Lerjet Street
Lerotholi Avenue
Les-Mar Crescent
Lesaja Sexwala Road
Leseia Street
Lesibane Street
Lesley Charnock Gallery and Studio
Lesley Mesina Street
Lesley Mesina Walk
Leslie Crescent
Leslie Lane
Leslie Road
Lesperance Street
Lest We Forget
Lester Road
Lesvos Supermarket
Let's Learn English
Leta Spaza Shop
Letaba Crescent
Letaba Road
Letaba Street
Letchworth Drive
Letchworth Road
Letrus Street
Letsatsi Mosala
Letsitele Road
Letterstedt Road
Lettie Terrace
Lettie Walk
Leucadendron Street
Leuven Street
Levana Primary School
Level 4
Level 5
Lever Street
Lewende Woord
Lewies Road
Lewin Road
Lewin Street
Lewis Drive
Lewis Road
Lewisham Way
Lexi Close
Lexus Cape Town City
Ley Road
Leyden Road
Leyden Street
Leyte Place
Leytonstone Road
Lezard Bleu Guest House
Liaanel Street
Liandri Close
Liberator Street
Libertas Avenue
Libertas Close
Libertas Road
Libertas Street
Liberty Court
Liberty Grocers
Liberty Road
Liberty Street
Libomvini Close
Libra Close
Libra Crescent
Libra Road
Library Lane
Library Road
Librisa Spa
Lichfield Avenue
Lichi Street
Lichtenburg Road
Liddesdale Avenue
Liddle Street
Lidford Road
Lido Bar
Liederman Road
Liedla Street
Lierman's Road
Liesbeeck Close
Liesbeeck Crescent
Liesbeeck River Trail
Liesbeeck Street
Liesbeek Avenue
Liesbeek Crescent
Liesbeek Parkway
Liesbeek Primary School
Liesbeek River Trail
Liesbeek Road
Liesbeek Road West
Liesbeek Way
Liesbeek West Road
Liesbeel Trail
Life Grand Cafe
Life of Christ Ministries
Life Peninsula Eye Hospital
Lifestyle Living
Lifestyle Pharmacy
Lifestyle Surfshop
Lifestyles on Kloof
Lighthouse Chapel International
Lighthouse Farm Lodge Backpackers
Lightning Road
Lightning Street
Liguster Street
Lilac Circle
Lilac Close
Lilac Crescent
Lilac Place
Lilac Road
Lilac Street
Lilford Road
Lilian Avenue
Lilian Nqoyi Street
Lilian Road
Lilian Street
Lilie Street
Lilium Street
Lille Street
Lillian Ngoyi Crescent
Lillian Ngoyi Drive
Lillian Walk
Lilly Street
Lilongwe Street
Lily Close
Lily Kate Crescent
Lily Road
Lily Street
Lily Way
Lilydale Crescent
Lilydale Road
Lilypond Close
Lima Street
Limanie Street
Limber Lost
Limberlost Road
Lime Close
Lime Lane
Lime Road
Lime Tree Cafe
Limerick Road
Limerick Street
Limiet Street
Limietberg Crescent
Limnos Bakers
Limonium Street
Limpet Close
Limpet Crescent
Limpet Lane
Limpet Street
Limpopo Avenue
Limpopo Crescent
Limpopo Road
Limpopo Street
Limpopo Way
Lin Xiong Seafood
Linaria Close
Linaria Crescent
Linaria Street
Lincluden Road
Lincoln Close
Lincoln Crescent
Lincoln Drive
Lincoln Road
Lincoln Street
Lincoln Way
Lincolnfields Crescent
Linda Avenue
Linda Close
Linda Road
Linda Street
Linda Way
Lindani Crescent
Linde Road
Lindela Road
Lindela Street
Lindelwa Street
Linden Court
Linden Hof
Linden Park
Linden Street
Linden Way
Lindenberg Avenue
Lindentree Close
Lindentree Street
Lindeshof Road
Lindevista Lane
Lindi Phahle Street
Lindi Way
Lindie Crescent
Lindley Court
Lindley Road
Lindley Way
Lindsay Crescent
Lindsay Street
Lindt Street
Lindum Close
Liner Close
Linga Street
Linge Crescent
Lingen Street
Lingfield Close
Lingfield Crescent
Lingkon's Superette
Link Avenue
Link Close
Link Crescent
Link N. Road
Link Road
Link Street
Link Way
Linkoping Road
Links Drive
Links Road
Linkwood Street
Linnet Street
Linnet Way
Linray Road
Linton Close
Linus Road
Lion Battery
Lion Close
Lion Crescent
Lion Street
Lionel Road
Lionel Solomons Boulevard
Lions Head Path
Lions Head Street
Lions Paw Road
Lions Way
Lipla Close
Lipton Road
Liquid Amber Street
Liquor City Claremont
Lisa Jane Crescent
Lisboa Street
Lisbon Street
Liscard Road
Liscard Street
Lisie Augis Crescent
Liskeard Road
Lismore Avenue
Lismore Close
Lismore Terrace
Lista Crescent
Lister Lane
Lister Road
Lister Way
Lister's Place
Listowell Road
Liszt Road
Liszt Street
Litchie Road
Litekem Pharmacy
Litha Primary School
Little Bosch
Little Darlings
Little Eden
Little Glen Nature Area
Little Lions Head Road
Little Orchard Nursery
Little Penguins Day Care Centre
Little Road
Little Rock Road
Little Scotia
Little Sgrumpy Jack Sports Bar
Little Street
Little Theatre
Littlewood Primary School
Littlewood Road
Littlewood Street
Littlewood Way
Littlewort Trail
Live Bait
Liverpool Close
Liverpool Crescent
Liverpool Road
Liverpool Street
Living Hope
Living Stream Pentecostal Church
Livingstone Avenue
Livingstone High School
Livingstone Road
Livingstone Street
LIWA Primary School
Liwa Street
Liza Street
Lizethile Dyani Close
Lizo Nkonki
Lizo Nkonki Crescent
Lizo Nkonki Road
Lizo Nobhanda Street
Llandudno Road
Lloyd Street
Loader Street
Loading Bay
Loanada Street
Loarti Road
Loba Close
Lobelia Close
Lobelia Lane
Lobelia Road
Lobelia Street
Lobenstijn Street
Lobi Close
Locals Pub
Locarno Road
Loch Road
Loch Street
Loch Venus Road
Lochiel Road
Lochner Road
Lockerby Road
Lockerby Street
Lockheed Crescent
Lockheed Street
Lockwood Road
Loco Road
Locust Court
Lodestar Street
Lodewyk Crescent
Lodewyk Road
Lodge de Goede Hoop
Lodge Road
Lodger Road
Lodwar Street
Loeloeraai Street
Loerie Avenue
Loerie Close
Loerie Road
Loerie Street
Loerie Way
Loeven Terrace
Loevenstein Park
Loevenstein Villas Street
Loevensteyn Guesthouse
Loewe Road
Lofdal Baptist Church
Lofdal Close
Loftus Crescent
Loftus Park
Loftus Road
Logan Way
Loganberry Close
Loganberry Lane
Loganberry Plain
Loganberry Street
Loganberry Way
Logies Bay Road
Logna Close
Logone Crescent
Logrunner Street
Lohengrin Street
Lohr Crescent
Loire Close
Lola's Cafe
Loliwe Street
Lolo Mkonto Street
Loma Street
Lomami Crescent
Loman Road
Lombard Road
Lombard's Terra
Lomela Court
Lomond Crescent
Lomond Street
Londa Street
Londoloza Street
London Circle
London Close
London Road
London Street
London Way
Londonderry Road
Lonedown Road
Long Acre Close
Long Acre Street
Long Grove Mews
Long Place
Long Street
Long street
Long Street Backpackers
Long Street Baths
Long Tom Place
Longchamp Close
Longchamp Way
Longclaw Court
Longclaw Drive
Longden Avenue
Longevity Street
Longfellow Road
Longhorn Road
Longi Street
Longi Walk
Longkloof Circle
Longkloof Road
LongKloof Shortcut
Longkloof Studios
Longmarket Street
Longmead Street
Longmore Crescent
Longo Street
Longridge Crescent
Longueville Way
Longway Close
Longwood Close
Longwood Road
Lonngren Road
Lonsdale Road
Lonsdale Way
Lonwabo Street
Lood Street
Loods Square
Looksmart Ngudle Street
Loop Road
Loop Street
Loots Street
Loquat Avenue
Loquat Walk
Lords Avenue
Lords Street
Lords Walk
Lorea Close
Lorea Street
Lorelei Road
Lorenza Close
Loret Avenue
Lorient Close
Lorikeet Road
Lorna Street
Lorraine Avenue
Lorraine Close
Lorrimer Street
Lorton Road
Losack Avenue
Loskop Street
Loskopdam Street
Lothian Road
Lotter Fields
Lotterberg Street
Lottering Close
Lotus Close
Lotus Crescent
Lotus Place
Lotus River
Lotus River Primary School
Lotus Road
Lotus Street
Lotus Way
Lotz Street
Louber Close
Loubser Crescent
Loubser Street
Loughton Avenue
Louis Avenue
Louis Botha
Louis Botha Avenue
Louis Botha Way
Louis Close
Louis Crescent
Louis Glassman Road
Louis Gradner Street
Louis Thibault Drive
Louis Trichardt Square
Louis Trichardt Street
Louis van Zyl Jukskei Saal
Louis' on the Block
Louisa & Friends Hair Designers
Louise Crescent
Louise Street
Louisvale Road
Louisvale Street
Loumar Road
Loup Street
Loura Road
Lourens Way
Lourie Way
Lourieboom Close
Lourier Primary School
Lourier Street
Louw Lane
Louw Road
Louw Street
Louwtjie Rothman Street
Louwville Street
Lovat Road
Love Cape Town
Love Coffee
Love thy Neighbour
Lovebird Walk
Lovedale Avenue
Lovedale Close
Lovemore Street
Loveren Street
Lovers Walk
Loviso Avenue
Low Road
Low Seam Boulder
Low Street
Lowa Street
Lower 5th Avenue
Lower Bath Road
Lower Breë Street
Lower Burg Road
Lower Burg Street
Lower Cable Station
Lower Church Street
Lower Collingwood Road
Lower Crossroads Road
Lower Crossroads Street
Lower Desert
Lower Faure Street
Lower Hilton Road
Lower Hope Road
Lower Kelvin Road
Lower Klipfontein Road
Lower Kloof corner link
Lower Kloof Road
Lower Long Street
Lower Loop Street
Lower Main Road
Lower Nursery Road
Lower Park Lane
Lower Piers Road
Lower Plein Street
Lower Rochester Road
Lower School Street
Lower Scott Road
Lower Street
Lower Trill Road
Lower Wrensch Road
Lower York Road
Lowestoft Street
Lowlands Avenue
Lowry Close
Lowry Cole Avenue
Loxton Road
Loxton Street
Loza Close
LR Service Center
LT Discount paint Wholesalers
Lualaba Crescent
Luangwa Street
Lubbe Street
Lubelwana Street
Luberon Crescent
Lucas Street
Lucerne Crescent
Lucerne Place
Lucerne Road
Lucius Way
Luckhoff Street
Lucky Bao
Lucky Fish & Chips
Lucullus Road
Lucy's Lane
Ludel Close
Ludgate Road
Ludidi Crescent
Ludlow Road
Ludo Close
Ludwe Street
Lugard Street
Lugmag Avenue
LUHLAZA Secondary School
Luhlu Street
Luikie Street
Luiperd Crescent
Luisa Way
Lukannon Drive
Lukas Street
Luke Road
Luke Street
Lukhanyo Square
Lukhanyo Street
Lukwart Crescent
Lukwart Street
Lula Street
Lulamile Crescent
Lulamile Dantile Street
Luleka Street
Lullaby Lane
Lully Street
Lulwane Street
Lulworth Road
Lulworth Way
Luma Street
Luma Villa
Lunaire Street
Lunar Close
Lunar Crescent
Lunar Road
Lunde Street
Lundi Street
Lungisani Street
Luntu Crescent
Luphuwana Street
Lupin Crescent
Lupin Road
Lupin Street
Lupine Road
Lusitania Fisheries
Lusitania Road
Lusitania Square
Lute Close
Lute Lane
Lütge Gallery
Lutgens Road
Luthando Street
Luthango Crescent
Luther Road
Lutho Close
Luthuke Walk
Luthuli Avenue
Luton Road
Luton Street
Lutshaba Street
Luvo Street
Luvua Way
Luvuyo Crescent
Luvuyo Drive
Luvuyolwethu Crescent
Luxmi Street
Luxolo Road
Luxor Crescent
Luxurama Theatre
Luyanda Street
Luyolo Close
Luyolo Crescent
Luyolo Street
Luzon Close
Luzuko Drive
Luzuko Street
Lwalwa Crescent
LWANDLE Primary School
Lwandle Road
Lwayiphi Street
Lwazi Street
Lweni Crescent
Lwesine Street
Lycée Français du Cap
Lycium Street
Lydenburg Street
Lydia Mzamane Street
Lydia Street
Lydia Way
Lyell Street
Lyle Road
Lymington Close
Lympleigh Road
Lynath Walk
Lynburg Road
Lyndale Road
Lyndhurst Road
Lyndon Crescent
Lyne Road
Lynedoch Court
Lynette Close
Lynfrae Avenue
Lyngean Road
Lyngrove Street
Lynn Street
Lynne Close
Lynstone Walk
Lynton Road
Lynton Way
Lynwood Crescent
Lynwood Road
Lynwood Way
Lynx Close
Lynx Road
Lynx Way
Lyra Road
Lyra Street
Lyrebird Street
Lysander Street
Lysander Way
Lytton Street

M. Baba Street
M. Booi Street
M. Ceshemba Street
M. Dyantyi Street
M. Gigiby Crescent
M. Kafi Street
M. Kotane Avenue
M. Mabhida Street
M. Maqana Street
M. Mbewana Street
M. Mpogo Street
M. Oliphant Road
M. Sityatha Street
M. Tohalisi Street
M. Xhinti Street
M-Kem Medicine City
M-PIRE Music
MA Number Plates
Maanskynkop Street
Maartblom Close
Maartblom Street
Maartens Guesthouse
Maartlelie Crescent
Maas Street
Maasbanker Road
Maasdam Street
Mabaleng Way
Mabel Road
Mabel Street
Mabel Way
Mabeleni Close
Mabelentombi Close
Mabhabhela Fruit and Veg
Mabille Park
Mabille Street
Mabindisa Crescent
Mabophe Square
Mabophe Street
Mabuwa Street
Macartney Street
Macassar Road
Macaw Close
Macaw Street
Macbeth Street
Macduff Street
MacGregor Street
Machibini Road
Mackensie Road
Mackenzie Street
Maclear Crescent
Maclear Road
Maclear Street
Maclear Way
Mactra Way
Madagascar Crescent
Madagascar Island Street
Madaka Crescent
Madam Taitou
Madayi Crescent
Made In SA
Madeira Close
Madeira Crescent
Madeira Drive
Madeira Street
Madelaine Street
Madeleine Street
Madelief Street
Madeliefie Close
Madeliefie Street
Madge Road
Madiba Circle
Madiba Crescent
Madikane Crescent
Madikawe Street
Madison Close
Madison Crescent
Madison Drive
Madison Lane
Madison Road
Madison Square
Madliwe Walk
Madoda Chamgwana Street
Madonna Street
Madonnalelie Crescent
Madontsela Shop
Madressa [19]
Madrid Road
Madrid Street
Madubela Road
Madubula Street
Maestricht Street
Mafadi Crescent
Mafeking Road
Mafunga Crescent
Mafunka Crescent
Magalies Crescent
Magalies Road
Magaliesberg Crescent
Magaliesberg Road
Magaret Street
Magasyn Crescent
Magcanya Road
Magda Road
Magda Street
Magdouw Street
Magellaan Street
Maggie Laubser Close
Magica Roma
Magnet Theatre
Magnifica Avenue
Magnolia Close
Magnolia Crescent
Magnolia Road
Magnolia Street
Magnum Street
Magol Way
Magpie Crescent
Magqaza Crescent
Magrieta Street
Magrietjie Close
Magubudela Street
Magwaza Close
Magwentshu Street
Mahali Road
Maharaj Street
Maharani's Tasty Food
Mahillon Road
Mahlangu Street
Mahlasela Street
Mahlatini Street
Mahler Road
Mahler Street
Mahobe Circle
Mahobe Drive
Mahogany Circle
Mahogany Close
Mahogany Crescent
Mahogany House
Mahogany Road
Mahogany Street
Mahogany Way
Mahonie Street
Maiden Street
Maidstone Crescent
Maidstone Road
Mail Street
Main Avenue
Main Drive
Main Path
Main Road
Main Road Close
Main Road Service Road
Main Street
Maindy Road
Maine Close
Mainland China Supermarket
Mains Avenue
Mainstay Way
Mainstream Avenue
Mainstream Shopping Centre
Maisel Street
Maitland Garden Village
Maitland High School
Maitland Police Station
Maitland Road
Maize Lane
Majid Maahir
Majola Cash Store
Majorca Crescent
Majuba Way
Makabeni Road
Makalu Street
Makana Crescent
Makana Square
Makarena Road
Makatesi Street
Makazi Street
Makeba Close
Makelani Street
Makeleni Street
Maker Station
Makgambu Street
Makgatho Crescent
Makhandlela Crescent
Makhanya Crescent
Makhaye Street
Makhaza Furniture
Makhohliso Crescent
Makholwa Crescent
Makhosi Crescent
Makhosi E. Magadlela Street
Makhulu Crescent
Makinana Street
Makou Road
Makriel Road
Makro Store Cape Gate
Makuzeni Road
Makvy Close
Makwelo Street
Malabar Close
Malabar Crescent
Malaga Crescent
Malamba Way
Malambo Street
Malan Crescent
Malan Street
Malandalahla Crescent
Malanje Road
Malanshoogte Road
Malati Crescent
Malawi Road
Malbec Close
Malbec Road
Malcolm Road
Maleberry Street
Maleo Court
Malgas Crescent
Malgas Road
Malgas Street
Malherbe Road
Mali Crescent
Mali Road
Malibongwe Boulevard
Malibongwe Drive
Malibu Sekondêr
Malibu Street
Malibu Village
Malifa Street
Malindi Crescent
Malines Avenue
Malinga Crescent
Malio Street
Malithi Close
Maliti Street
Maliza Street
Mallard Close
Mallard Court
Mallard Street
Malleson Road
Mallet Road
Mallow Street
Malmesbury Road
Malmesbury Street
Malombo Lechaba Way
Malone Avenue
Malta Close
Malta Park
Malta Road
Maltby Road
Malton Road
Malton Way
Malume Crescent
Malunga Road
Maluti Crescent
Maluti Road
Maluti Street
Malva Close
Malva Road
Malva Street
Malvern Crescent

mama africa

Mama Mimi's Bakery and Pizzeria
Mama Roma
Mama Roma Tralloria
Mamas Guest Lodge
Mambo's Plastic Warehouse
Mambo's Plastics
Mampi Close
Mamre Street
Man and Tree House
Manakaza Street
Manakin Street
Mananase Vdlebe Street
Mananga Street
Manatoka Avenue
Manatoka Road
Manchester Road
Manchester Street
Mandara Road
Mandel Road
Mandela Drive
Mandela Park (Makaya)
Mandela Rhodes Place
Mandela Street
Mandingue Road
Mandla Crescent
Mandla Henson Daka Close
Mandla Road
Mandolin Close
Mandolin Street
Mandoline Square
Mandrel Place
Manenberg Avenue
Manenberg High School / Manenber secondary school
Manenberg Methodist Church
Manenberg SAPS
Mangaan Street
Mango Ginger
Mango Street
Mangold Street
Mangondia Street
Mangoro Crescent
Mangxaba Road
Mangxanda Street
Manhattan Close
Manhattan Park
Manhattan Street
Mania Street
Manie Street
Manie's Barber Hair Salon
Manila Bar
Manitoba Close
Manitoba Road
Manitou Crescent
Mankahlana Street
Mankankaza Levinson Close
Mankayi Close
Mankayi Crescent
Mankayi Street
Manly Road
Manlyn Walk
Manna Epicure
Mannenberg Swimming Pool
Mano Street
Manor Avenue
Manor Gardens Complex
Manor House
Manor Road
Manrose Street
Mansell Road
Mansfield Road
Manson Road
Mansveldt Road
Manta Road
Manta Way
Mantashe Street
Manuels Street
Manus Gerber Street
Manyano Avenue
Manyano High School
Manyano Lane
Manyano Road
Manyano Street
Manzana Road
Manzi Street
Manzini Street
Manzini Walk
Manzomthombo Secondary School
Maori Road
Mapasa Street
Maphongwana Avenue
Maphongwana Street
Mapika Street
Maple Avenue
Maple Close
Maple Court
Maple Creek Drive
Maple Crescent
Maple Lane
Maple Park
Maple Street
Maple Way
Mapolo Road
Maprin Road
Maputo Street
Maputo Way
Maqoma Street
Mara Avenue
Mara Road
Marabi Street
Maraca Street
Maracaibo Street
Marais Road
Marais Street
Maraishof Close
Maralize Crescent
Maranatha Street
Maranello Close (7441)
Maranello Villas
Maranon Street
Marasi Street
Marathon Road
Marathon Street
Marauder Road
Maravia Road
Marbella Street
Marble Close
Marbon Close
Marc's Table
Marcel's Frozen Yoghurt
Marcel's frozen yogurt
Marcella Crescent
Marchal Crescent
Marchmont Avenue
Marchmont Road
Marcia Street
Marco Close
Marconi Beam
Marconi Beam Primary School
Marconi Close
Marconi Crescent
Marconi Road
Marconi Street
Marconi Way
Marcos African Place
Marcy Street
Mare Street
Mareb Street
Marechale Way Post Office
Maree Close
Maree Street
Marela Close
MAReSOL Restaurant
Margaret Avenue
Margaret Close
Margaret Place
Margaret Road
Margaret Street
Margate Road
Margot Street
Marguerite Close
Marguerite Road
Margy Keegen Close
Marhambeni Close
Marhamncwa Street
Maria Street
Mariam's Kitchen
Marian RC Secondary School
Marico Court
Marico Road
Marico Street
Marie Crescent
Marie Street
Mariendahl Avenue
Mariendahl Lane
Mariete Close
Marietjie Crescent
Mariett Street
Marigold Court
Marigold Road
Marigold Street
Marigold Way
Marike De Klerk Street
Marilyn Street
Marimba Crescent
Marimba Street
Marina Cafe
Marina Crescent
Marina Da Gama
Marina Road
Marinda Avenue
Marinda Crescent
Marine Circle
Marine Drive
Marine Drive Service Road
Marine Equipment Supplies
Marine Protected Area
Marine Research Aquarium
Marine Road
Mariner Close
Mariner Way
Marinus Avenue
Marinus Street
Marion Avenue
Marion Close
Marion Crescent
Marion Institute
Marion Street
Marist Way
Maritime Port of Entry Control Centre (MPECC)
Maritime Street
Maritz Street
Marius Road
Marivy Avenue
Marivy Street
Mark Mvala Street
Mark Road
Mark Solomon
Mark Street
Mark's Bicycle Workshop
Market Road
Market Street
Market Toyota Culemborg
Markham Crescent
Markham Road
Markhams Building
Marks Street
Marks Tyam Crescent
Marlboro Mews
Marlboro Road
Marlborough Mews
Marlborough Street
Marlborough Way
Marlbrook Road
Marley Street
Marlin Crescent
Marlin Lane
Marlin Street
Marloth Road
Marloth Street
Marlow Road
Marmer Street
Marmion Road
Marne Avenue
Marne Road
Maro Way
Maroela Close
Maroela Road
Maroela Street
Maroela Way
Maroon Road
Marquise Drive
Marquisite Street
Marra Street
Marrianna Crescent
Mars Close
Mars Road
Mars Street
Mars Way
Marsala Close
Marsch Street
Marsden Road
Marseille Close
Marseilles Way
Marsh Crescent
Marsh Road
Marshall Avenue
Marshall Road
Marshrose Road
Marston Road
Martell Street
Marten Crescent
Marten Street
Martha Road
Martha Street
Martha Williams Street
Marthinus van Shalkwyk Main Road
Martin Adams Street
Martin Close
Martin Hammerschlag Way
Martin Luther Street
Martin Petersen Street
Martin Road
Martin Street
Martin's Bakery
Martindale Avenue
Martine Street
Martingale Avenue
Martingale Close
Martius Way
Marula Street
Marvello Road
Marwil Close
Mary Kihn School
Mary Road
Maryland Avenue
Maryland Street
Masakhane Mnguyi Way
Masakhane Road
Masakhe Square
Masakhe Street
Masaleni Crescent
Masawabi Primary
Masemola Street
Mashie Street
Masibambane Crescent
Masibambane Street
Masibambisane High School
Masikhanye Centre
Masikhule Street
Masimini Street
Masinga Street
Masiphathisane Crescent
Masiphathisane Street
Masithembane Crescent
MASIVUKE Primary School
Masiyile Senior Secondary School
Masiza Street
Masizakhe Street
Masjid Ahmediyah
Masjid Ar-Rashideen
Masjid Boorhaanol Islam
Masjid IbaaDur-Ragmaan
Masjid Ighwatul Islam
Masjid Mohammediyah
Masjid Ummah
Masjidul Falaah
Masjidul Kareem
Masjidul Kauthar
Masjidul Quds
Masjied Khaleel
Masjiedu Galeelier Rahmaan
Maskam Crescent
Maskerblom Crescent
Maslamoney Road
Masohwabe United Methodist Church
Masoka Street
Mason Close
Masondo Street
Masque Theatre
Massey Avenue
Massinger Road
Masson Road
Mast Mews
Master Organics
Masterman Crescent
Masters Way
Matanzima Road
Matapan Avenue
Matapan Road
Mataro Road
Matata Street
Matchless Road
Mater Dei Cath. Church
Matesla Polokela Street
Mateta Street
Mathaba Crescent
Mathambiso Street
Mathei Street
Mathew Road
Mathias Close
Mati W. Lefuma Street
Matie Street
Matikwane Seroto Street
Matilda Road
Matilla Place
Matiloshe Street
Matinyane Street
Matlabas Crescent
Matlock Street
Matolengwe Crescent
Matomela Street
Matopo Road
Matopos Crescent
Matroos Road
Matroos Square
Matroos Street
Matroosberg Crescent
Matroosberg Holy Trinity RC Primary School
Matroosberg Street
Matroosbergweg Primary School
Matroosfontein Primary School
Matroosfontein Sports Ground
Matruh Road
Matshoba Crescent
Matshoba Street
Matsikama Street
Matsooa Street
Matt's Pizzas
Matterhorn Crescent
Matthee Street
Mattheus Street
Matthew Goniwe
Matthew Goniwe Avenue
Matthew Goniwe Street
Matthew Road
Matumi Street
Matutu Street
Matveld Street
Matwa Close
Matyhold Street
Maud Summer Close
Maui Crescent
Maui Road
Maureen Avenue
Maureen Crescent
Maurice Road
Mauritius Crescent
Mauritius Road
Mauritius Street
Mauritius Way
Mava Close
Mavis Road
Mavis Street
Mavu Road
Mavuso Mthimkhulu Road
Mawisa Street
Mawson Avenue
Max Bagels
Max Road
Max Sisulu Street
Maxama Street
Maxhegwana Street
Maxhob Asebisho
Maximillian Street
May Road
May Street
Mayas Hardware Litha Park
Mayas Hardware Mandalay
Mayataza Street
Maybank Road
Maybrook Street
Maybury Road
Maydon Road
Mayedwa Street
Mayenne Road
Mayer Street
Mayezana Street
Mayfair Avenue
Mayfair Close
Mayfair Crescent
Mayfield Avenue
Mayflower Place
Mayflower Road
Mayibuye Road
Mayibuye Street
Maynard Close
Maynard Road
Maynard Street
Maynardville Open-Air Theatre
Mayonga Crescent
Maytime Road
Maytime Way
Mazarine Crescent
Maze Boulders
Maze Street
Mazibula Street
Mazinyo Close
Mazizi Magekaza Close
Mazizi Street
Mazoe Court
Mazwembe Street
Mazwi Vilakazi Road
Mazzur Street
Mbabala Close
Mbali Street
Mbalula Street
Mbambo Street
Mbane Street
Mbangandlala Crescent
Mbangele Street
Mbangele Walk
Mbango Road
Mbaqanga Street
Mbashe Crescent
Mbashe Street
Mbeki Road
Mbeki Street
Mbeko Street
Mbekweni Street
Mbembesi Road
Mbesa Crescent
Mbethankunzi Street
Mbeya Street
Mbhambho Street
Mbhashe Road
Mbhongisa Avenue
Mbila Avenue
Mbila Close
Mbila Street
Mbindini Avenue
Mbini Street
Mbira Street
Mbiyozo Road
Mbizana Road
Mbizo Close
Mbolwa Crescent
Mbombosi Street
Mbomvane Street
Mbona Street
Mbongi Street
Mbongisa Street
Mbongolo Drive
Mbotyi Street
Mbovane Street
Mboya Close
Mboya Crescent
MBT Bishop Lavis
Mbulu Street
Mc Beukes Street
Mc Donalds
Mc Manus Close
Mcambalaleni Road
Mcaphukiso Avenue
McBride Lane
McCarthy Road
McCarthy Toyota
McCrawl Street
McDonald Road
McDonald Street
McDonald's Glengarry
McDonald's Kuils River Drive-Thru
McDonalds DriveThru
Mcewula Street
McGregor Close
McGregor Street
McGuinness Street
Mchana Road
Mchane Street
Mchenge Close
Mchewula Road
Mchobololo Street
McIntyre Cafe& Supermarket
McIntyre Road
McKenzie Street
Mckinley Road
McLaren Drive
McLean Road
McManus Street
Mcnaght Kwanini Street
Mcosana Road
Mcosana Street
MCSA (Cape Town Section)
MCSA Table Mountain Hut
Mcwangele Street
M.D. Ntlanganiso Street
Mdlambila Close
Mdlambila Street
Mdlebe Street
Mdlotane Road
Mdlwamba Crescent
Mdolombo Street
Mdubi Drive
Mdubi Street
Mduduzi Guma Close
Mduli Close
Mduli Street
Mdumbi Street
Mdushane Close
M.E. Rothman Street
Mead Way
Meadow Avenue
Meadow Circle
Meadow Close
Meadow Court
Meadow Fields
Meadow Lane
Meadow Mews Complex
Meadow Road
Meadow Way
Meadowmont Road
Meadowridge Baptist Church
Meadowridge Bowling Club
Meadowridge Guide Hall
Meadowridge Library
Meadowridge Pharmacy
Meadowridge Primary School
Meadowridge Service Station
Meadowridge Shopping Centre
Meadowridge Tennis Club
Meander Way
Mears Center
Meat the Butcher
Meath Road
Meath Street
Mechanical Way
Mechau Street
Medburn Road
Medi-Cross Pharmacy
Medical Centre
Medical Research Council
Mediclinic Cape Gate
Mediclinic Cape Town
Mediclinic Durbanville Hospital
Mediclinic Louis Leipoldt
Mediclinic Panorama
Medies Sports Fields
Medina Road
Medinah Road
Mediplace Pharmacy
Mediterranean Avenue
Mediterranean Street
Mediterranean Villa
Medlar Street
Medoc Road
Medusa Court
Medway Crescent
Medway Road
Meebos Street
Meelas Street
Meeltou Crescent
Meerendal Boutique Hotel
Meerendal MTB Entrance Path
Meerendal Road
Meerendal Street
Meerenhof Road
Meerenhof Way
Meerhof Avenue
Meerhof Close
Meerhof Street
Meerlust Close
Meerlust Street
Meermin Road
Meersig Close
Meersig Road
Meeting Point
Meeu Street
Megan Lane
Megan Street
Mehashe Crescent
Mehlomakhulu Lane
Mehlomakhulu Street
Meidoring Street
Meiring Street
Meiringspoor Street
Meja Crescent
Mela Street
Melani Crescent
Melani Street
Melba Lane
Melba Road
Melbourne Close
Melbourne Road
Melchior Street
Melck Crescent
Melck Street
Melina Street
Melk Road
Melkboom Road
Melkboom Street
Melkbos Road
Melkbos Street
Melkhout Avenue
Melkhout Close
Melkhout Crescent
Melkhout Road
Mellheim Road
Mellingtons Lodge
Mellish Road
Mellish Street
Melo Avenue
Melodie Road
Melody Square
Melody Street
Melody Walk
Melody Walk Shopping Centre
Melomed Gatesville Private Hospital
Melomed Mitchells Plain Private Hospital
Melomed Private Hospital
Melomed Private Hospital Bellville
Melon Road
Melon Street
Melrose Road
Melrose Street
Melrose Walk
Melt Brink Street
Melton Primary School
Melton Road
Meltonle Parking
Melville Road
Melvin Street
Mema Road
Memani Avenue
Memani Crescent
Memel Close
Memel Road
Memento Drive
Memeza Street
Memorial Hall
Memorial Tree
Memuru Street
Mendelsohn Avenue
Mendelson Road
Mendi Avenue
Mendi Close
Mendoza Street
Mendu Road
Mene Crescent
Menin Avenue
Menlo Crescent
Mensey Road
Menta Close
Mentz Crescent
Meppel Close
Mercantile Road
Merchants on Long
Mercure Street
Mercury Close
Mercury Crescent
Mercury Road
Mercury Way
Meresteyn Street
Meridian Pinehurst Private School
Meridian Road
Merigold Crescent
Merino Street
Merion Road
Merlin Crescent
Merlin Lane
Merlin Road
Merlin Street
Merlot Avenue
Merlot Close
Merlot Pharmacy
Merlot Spar
Merlot Street
Merlot Way
Mermaid Lane
Mernoelen Crescent
Meron Crescent
Merrick Street
Merriman Crescent
Merriman Lane
Merriman Road
Merriman Street
Merriment Crescent
Merry Rocks
Merrydale Avenue
Merrydale Primary School
Mersa Street
Mersey Close
Meru Road
Merwe Street
Merwede Road
Merwede Street
Mesani Road
Meseta Road
Mesfort Close
Metaal Street
Metal Lane
Metal Road
Meteor Close
Meteor Road
Meteor Way
Meteren Crescent
Metlane Close
Metro Industrial Township
Metro Organics
Metro Pizza
Metropolitan African Methodist Episcopal Church Mitchells Plain
Metropolitan Evangelistic
Metropolitan Golf Course
Metropolitan Life Park
Metropolitan Road
Metropolitan Street
Meulen Close
Meurant Road
Mew Way
Mexico Spur
Meyboom Avenue
Meyer Street
Meyrick Avenue
Me’Kasi Coffee
Mfeketo Crescent
Mfene Close
Mfene Street
Mfihlakalo Close
Mfonomfono Street
Mfula Close
Mfula Street
Mfuleni Avenue
Mfuleni High School
Mfuleni Primary School
Mfuleni Road
Mfundisi Street
Mfundisweni Street
Mfundo Street
Mfusa Street
Mga Close
Mgababa Street
Mganto Road
Mgha Street
Mghayi Street
Mghele Close
Mgidi Street
Mgoqi Close
Mgqagi Close
Mgqashiyo Street
Mgqibela Street
Mgquma Close
Mgulwana Street
Mguqulwa Close
Mguyi Court
Mgwalai Road
Mgwalana Road
Mgwanda Street
Mgwenya Close
M.H. Goldschmidt Avenue
Mhianga Close
Mhimhi Close
Mhla Street
Mhlaba Street
Mhlabatshane Crescent
Mhlangeni Street
Mhlatuze Road
Mhlawuli Place
Mhlawuli Street
Mhlazana Crescent
Mhlom Street
Mhlontlo Street
Mhlophe Crescent

mia col'cacchio

Mia's Spice World
Miami Close
Miami Way
Mica Hardware
Micawber Road
Michael Frank Hamlyn Street
Michael Hendricks Street
Michael Maphongwana Close
Michael Mapongwana
Michael Mlente Street
Michael Mqulwana Road
Michael Oak Waldorf School
Michael Richmond Close
Michael Stevenson Gallery
Michael Storer Avenue
Michael's Kitchen & Bar
Michaelen De Koker Road
Michaelis School of Fine Art
Michaelis van Sander Avenue
Michel Walk
Michele Crescent
Michelle Avenue
Michelle Street
MIchells Plain Court
Michiel Laubscher Crescent
Michigan Street
Michigan Way
Micklefield School
Micro Street
Microchem Lab Services
Mida Crescent
Midas Court
Midas Crescent
Middel Road
Middel Street
Middelberg Close
Middelberg Street
Middelton Close
Middelvlei Complex
Middelvlei Street
Middenrak Street
Middestad Mall
Middle Avenue
Middleton Close
Middleton Road
Midhurst Way
Midmar Caltex
Midmar Liquors
Midmar Road
Midnight Street
Midsea Way
Midship Road
Midville Centre
Midway Road
Midway Street
Midwood Avenue
Midwood Close
Mielieheide Close
Mighty Small
Mignon Street
Mika Street
Mike Pienaar Boulevard
Mike’s Sports
Mikro Park
Mikro Road
Mikro Street
Milagro Lane
Milan Road
Milan Street
Milando Crescent
Milano Crescent
Milano Way
Mildred Holo Street
Mildred Road
Mildred Street
Mile End Road
Mile End Road North
Miles Road
Milford Road
Milford Street
Military Road
Milk Beach
Milkwood Crescent
Milkwood Street
Milky Lane
Milky Lane and Co
Milky Way
Milky Way Drive
Mill Cove Crescent
Mill Creek Crescent
Mill Park Close
Mill Road
Mill Street
Millbank Road
Milldene Avenue
Milldene Road
Miller Road
Miller Street
Miller's Thumb
Millettia Street
Millin Road
Mills Street
Millstone Close
Millvale Road
Millwood Street
Milne Street
Milner Avenue
Milner Close
Milner Road
Milner Street
Milner Way
Milnerton Baptist Church
Milnerton Bowling Club
Milnerton Civic Centre
Milnerton Close
Milnerton Drive
Milnerton Fire Station
Milnerton High School
Milnerton Mall
Milnerton Playhouse Theatre
Milnerton Police Station
Milnerton Pre-Primary
Milnerton Primary School
Milnerton Ridge
Milnerton Tennis Club
Milnerton Waterpark
Milton Lane
Milton North Road
Milton Road
Milton Street
Milton Way
Miltons Motors
Mimetes Valley
Mimi Street
Mimosa Avenue
Mimosa Close
Mimosa Crescent
Mimosa Primary School
Mimosa Road
Mimosa Street
Mimosa Way
Mina Crescent
Mina Road
Minato Japaness Restaurant
Mincing Lane
Minerva Court
Minerva Crescent
Minerva Road
Minerva Street
Minerwa Street
Minette Close
Mingerhout Street
Mini - Auto Atlantic
Mini Avenue
Mini Street
Minister Road
Minister Walk
Ministrel Road
Minixi Drive
Minnesota Road
Minnow Street
Mino Circle
Minor Street
Minorca Avenue
Minos Road
Minstrel Close
Minstrel Crescent
Minstrel Street
Minstrel Way
Mint Road
Mint Street
Mintwood Street
Miracle Road
Mirage Avenue
Mirage Crescent
Mirage Road
Miramar Street
Miramonte Street
Miranda Ngculo Road
Miranda Ngculu Street
Miranda Street
Miranda Way
Mirbey Road
Miriam Street
Miriam Villas Complex
Mirt Street
Mirte Crescent
Misgav Mansions
Mispel Road
Mispel Street
Misrole Avenue
Mission Road
Mississippi Close
Mississippi Way
Missouri Crescent
Missouri Street
Mistletoe Road
Mistral Close
Misty Cliffs Street
Misty Street
Mitcham Street
Mitchell Avenue
Mitchell Close
Mitchell Heights Primary School
Mitchell Road
Mitchell Street
Mitchell's Plain District Hospital
Mitchell's Plain High School
Mitchell's Plain Magistrate's Court
Mitchell's Plain Primary
Mitchell's Plain SAPS
Mitchell's Scottish Ale House Victoria & Alfred Waterfront
Mitchell's Way
Mitchells Plain
Mitchells Plain Fire Station
Mitchells Plain Hospital
Mitchells Plain United Church
Mitford Road
Mithani Street
Mitre Close
Mituba Street
Mitumba Road
Miur Close
Miur Road
Miya Road
M.J. Sinclair Crescent
Mjazo Close
Mjekula Crescent
Mjikeliso Crescent
Mjobi Street
Mkalipi Street
Mkgoro Street
MKHANYISELI Primary School
Mkhanyisi Maphuma Street
Mkhoba Street
Mkholwane Crescent
Mkhombe Street
Mkhonto Street
Mkhosana Street
Mkondweni Avenue
Mkonto Crescent
Mkutsulwa Street
Mkuze Street
Mkwili Street
Mlalandle Road
Mlalazi Road
Mlambo Street
Mlanjeni Close
Mlanjeni Street
Mlatha Crescent
Mlenzana Street
Mlenzane Close
Mlonji Close
Mlonji Street
Mlonzi Crescent
Mlonzi Street
Mlukwana Road
Mmeli Street
Mmemzi Street
Mmutlane Matthew Street
Mnama Street
Mnandi Close
Mnandi Road
Mnandi Swimming Pool
Mnandi Textiles & Design
Mncedisi Street
Mndayi Close
Mnenge Crescent
Mnenge Street
Mnga Street
Mngazi Street
Mngeele Street
Mngeni Street
Mngomezulu Street
Mngoundwana Street
Mninawa Crescent
Mnkcunkcuzo Road
Mnqabaza Street
Mnqanqeni Street
Mnqayi Crescent
Mnqayi Street
Mnqcunube Street
Mnquma Street
Mntunzi Street
Mnumelwano Street
Mnyaluza Road
Mnyama Street
Mnyamanzi Street
Mnyango Close
Mobile Road
Moca Road
Mocke Road
Mockingbird Road
Modder Street
Modderdam North South Road
Modderdam Road
Mode de Vie
Mode de Vie Complex
Modena Road
Modern Auto Midas
Modise Street
Moepel Close
Moerdyk Street
Mofala Crescent
Moffat Circle
Moffat Putego
Moffat Putego Road
Moffat Street
Mogod Road
Mogol Road
Mohale Road
Mohawk Street
Mohr Road
Moira Road
Moira Street
Mojo Hotel
Moka Street
Mokoba Street
Mokolo Crescent
Mokone Primary School
Molecule Street
Molefe Street
Molenaarsberg Road
Molenvliet Road
Moletsane Crescent
Moline Street
Molinera Street
Molinera Way
Molly Brown Road
Mollymawk Street
Molokisi Daniel Close
Molokoane Street
Molopo Close
Molopo Court
Molopo Road
Molopo Street
Molten Toffee
Molteno Close
Molteno Road
Molteno Street
Molteno Way
Mon Repos Crescent
Mona Crescent
Monaco Road
Monaco Street
Monani Crescent
Monarch Close
Monarch Road
Monarch Street
Monastery Road
Monclavia Crescent
Mondale High School
Monde Street
Monet Avenue
Mongesi Road
Mongoose Meander
Mongoose Road
Mongoose Street
Monica Street
Monica Way
Monica's Beauty Emporium
Monique Crescent
Monkey Plum Close
Monkey Valley Resort
Monkwood Road
Monmouth Avenue
Mono Crescent
Monopoly Crescent
Monowarr Road
Monrepo Close
Monroe Road
Monrovia Circle
Monrovia Close
Mons Avenue
Monsoon Road
Mont Blanc Crescent
Mont Blanc Street
Mont Serrat
Montage Close
Montagne Avenue
Montagu Avenue
Montagu Drive
Montagu Drive Primary School
Montagu Street
Montagu Way
Montagu's Gift Primary School
Montague Action Arena & Bounce World
Montague Drive
Montague Fruits and Nuts
Montague Gardens
Montague Place
Montague Road
Montagus Gift Road
Montaine Close
Montana Primary School
Montana Road
Montana Street
Montaque Street
Montbard Complex
Montcello Street
Montclair Drive
Monte Bello Street
Monte Carlo Street
Monte Pescali
Monte Rosa Street
Monte Vista
Monte Vista Boulevard
Monte Vista Primary School
Monte Vista Primary Sports field
Monte Vista Tennis Club
Montebello Avenue
Montego Bay
Montego Close
Monterey Avenue
Monterey Drive
Monterey Pines Crescent
Monterey Pines Road
Monterey place
Monterey Road
Monterey Way
Montessori Connect Primary
Montevideo Close
Montfleur Avenue
Montini Street
Montley Road
Monto Rosso
Monton Street
Montpellier Close
Montreal Avenue
Montreal Drive
Montreal Drive Extension
Montreal Mews
Montreal Road
Montreux Avenue
Montrose Avenue
Montrose Close
Montrose Cricket Club
Montrose Guest Cottage
Montrose Street
Montrose Terrace
Montsho Mokgabudi Street
Montura Close
Monty Road
Monument Park High School
Monwabisi Resort
Monwabisi Sport and Recreation Centre
Monwabisi Street
Monwabisi Swimming pool
Monza Road
Monza Street
Moody Crescent
Mooi Street
Mooigezicht Street
Mooiplaas Hiking Trail
Mooiverwacht Complex
Mooizicht Close
Moolenberg Road
Moolman Close
Moolman Road
Moolman Street
Moon Close
Moonan Crescent
Moonbeam Crescent
Moondust Walk
Moonshine Tavern
Moonstone Close
Moonstone Crescent
Moonstone Street
Moor Street
Moore Road
Moore Street
Moorhen Crescent
Moorhen Road
Moorland Crescent
Moorsom Avenue
Moosa Walk
Mopane Street
Mopanie Close
Mopanie Crescent
Mopanie Road
Mopanie Street
Moraea Street
Moravian Church in South Africa
Moravian Church in South Africa - Herrnhut
Moravian Church South Africa
Moravian Hill Chapel
Moraviese Kerk Bontemel Wel
Moray Crescent
Moray Place
Moray Way
More Asphalt (Pty)
Moredou Street
Moreland Terrace
Morella Street
Moreson Avenue
Moreson Close
Morester Road
Morfontaine Way
Morgan Crescent
Morgan Cushie Way
Morgan Way
Morganza Crescent
Morgenhof Close
Morgenhof Road
Morgenrood Road
Morgenson Primary School
Morgenster Close
Morgenster Hoogte
Morgenster Road
Morgenster Road Nature Sensitive Area
Morgenster Street
Morgenzon Close
Morgenzon Street
Morillon Way
Moringa Way
Morkel Road
Morkel Street
Morley Road
Morley Street
Mornay Road
Mornay Street
Morning Ford Road
Morning Glory Road
Morning Star Drive
Morning Street
Morning View
Morningford Road
Morningside Road
Moro Gelato
Moroka Street
Morom Road
Moroto Road
Morpeth Road
Morris Close
Morris Road
Morris Shell Drive
Morris Street
Morris Way
Morrison Jewellers
Morse Close
Mortimer Road
Mortimer Street
Mortlake Road
Morton Road
Morton Way
Morungole Road
Morven Road
Mosbach Way
Moselle Street
Moseneke Street
Moses Cafe
Moses Kotane Crescent
Moses Kotane Walk
Moses Kottler Crescent
Moses Mabhida Road
Moses Mabida Street
Moses Madiba Crescent
Moses Street
Moshesh Primary School
Mosheshi Avenue
Mosman Road
Mosque Lane
Mosque Road
Mosque Shafie
Mosquito Lane
Mosquito Road
Moss Street
Mossel Street
Mosselbaai Street
Mosselbank Road
Mosselbankrivier Drive
Mosselle Road
Mossie Avenue
Mossie Crescent
Mossie Road
Mossie Street
Mossop Street
Mostert Street
Mostert's Mill
Mostertshoek Street
Moth Street
Mother City Motors
Mother in Law
Motherland Coffee
Motlanthe Street
Motlatse Road
Moto Close
Motorcycle Labs
Motorcycle World
Motorport Constantia
Motso Mokgabundi Street
Motte Close
Mouille Point
Mouille Point Adventure Playground
Mouille Point Drive
Mouille Point Minigolf
Mouille Point Promenade
Mount Clare Street
Mount Close
Mount Fletcher
Mount Fuji Avenue
Mount Kenya Close
Mount Nelson Road
Mount Nelson Steps
Mount Pleasant Road
Mount Pleasant Steps
Mount Prospect Drive
Mount Rhodes
Mount Rhodes Drive
Mount Road
Mount Royal Way
Mount Street
Mount View Secondary School
Mountain Avenue
Mountain Close
Mountain Crescent
Mountain Manor
Mountain Manor Appartments
Mountain Manor Backpackers
Mountain Pool
Mountain Road
Mountain Road Primary School
Mountain Rose Road
Mountain Street
Mountain View Crescent
Mountain View Drive
Mountain View Framing
Mountain View Road
Mountain View Village
Mountain View Villas
Mountainash Way
Mountbatten Avenue
Mountview Road
Mourne Road
Mousebird Close
Mouton Street
Movie Matters
Mowbray Baptist Church
Mowbray Bowling Club
Mowbray Halaal Foods Take-Aways
Mowbray Police Station
Mowbray Post Office
Mowbray Presbyterian Church
Mowbray Public Library
Mowbray Road
Mowbray Townhall
Moy Close
Moya Road
Moyo Close
Mozart Avenue
Mozart Close
Mozart Crescent
Mozart Street
Mozart Way
Mpampira Walk
Mpangele Crescent
Mpangele Road
Mpangele Street
Mpangele Walk
Mpantoy Crescent
Mpayina Walk
Mpazane Street
Mpembe Close
MPENDULO Public Primary School
Mpengeni Street
Mpenjati Road
Mpeta Road
Mpetha Street
Mpetsheni Crescent
Mphandle Street
Mpho Road
Mphunzane Street
Mpilo Street
Mpilonde Close
Mpinga Square
Mpofu Street
Mpolweni Road
Mpompoza Street
Mpozolo Street
Mpuku Street
Mpukumpa Street
Mpumelelo Rwarwa Street
Mpumelelo Street
Mpumi Street
Mpumie Street
Mpungutye Close
Mpungutye Street
Mpunzi Crescent
Mpunzi Street
Mputi Road
Mpuzi Close
MQ's Workshop
Mqandane Walk
Mqanduli Street
Mqaqoba Street
Mqha Street
Mqhamkana Street
Mqhayi Close
Mqoboka Street
Mqokolo Street
Mqokotho Avenue
Mquma Road
Mqwashle Close
Mr Chan
Mr. Fish
Mr Foo
Mr Foo's
Mr Jeff
Mr Laundry
Mr Lin's Sushi & Thai
Mr Price
Mr Price Home
Mr Price Sport
Mr Suit Hire
Mr Video
Mrabalala Road
Ms. K's
M.S. Ntsholo Street
Mseki Primary School
Msele Close
Msengana Street
Msenge Street
Mshumpela Way
Msimang Street
Msimbithi Road
Msingizane Street
Msobomvu Drive
Msunduzi Street
Msutwana Street
Mswi Street
Mtamvuna Street
Mtati Street
Mtembeko Street
Mtengeli Crescent
Mthanthi Street
Mthathi Crescent
Mthathi Road
Mthathi Street
Mthawelanga Street
Mthembu Close
Mthethi Street
Mthetho Ntlanganiso Street
Mthi Street
Mthingwevu Road
Mthobeli Street
Mthombe Crescent
Mthombe Street
Mthombo Street
Mthonjeni Street
Mthubi Crescent
Mthuma Road
Mthuma Street
Mti Street
Mtobo Street
Mtsha Street
Mtshato Street
Mtshawu Road
Mtshaya Cash Store
Mtsi Street
Mtsimbi Close
Mtyityaba Street
Mtyobile Street
Muammer Gaddafi Street
Much Binding Close
Much Binding Road
Muchinga Road
Mug & Bean
Mug & Bean. On the Move
Mugabe Street
Mugg & Bean
Muhammadeyah Islamic Primary School
Muhammedeya Islamic Primary School
Muhavura Road
Muiden Street
Muir Close
Muir Road
Muir Street
Muisvoel Street
Muizenberg Crag
Muizenberg Hebrew Congregation
Muizenberg Junior School
Muizenberg Library
Muizenberg Medical Practice
Muizenberg Police Station
Mulanje Road
Mulberry & Prince
Mulberry Gardens
Mulberry Gardens Complex
Mulberry Mall
Mulberry Plain
Mulberry Street
Mulberry Way
Mulder Close
Muldoon's Cafe & Take-Aways
Muller Road
Muller Street
Muller's Optometerists
Mullet Close
Mullet Crescent
Mulvihal Road
Mum Close
Munich Road
Munnik Laas Street
Munster Road
Munt Street
Munwa Court
Munyati Street
Murati Close
Muratie Close
Murdine Street
Murex Street
Muriel Close
Muriel's Munchies
Muritz Close
Muritz Place
Muritz Way
Murray Crescent
Murray Road
Murray Street
Murrayfield Close
Murrayfield Street
Murton Road
Murtz Close
Musante Close
Muscadel Mews
Muscadel Mews Complex
Muscadel Road
Muscat Close
Muscat Lane South
Muscat Road
Muscat Way
Muscovy Road
Mushet Crescent
Mushet Manor
Musica Megastore
Musjid ul Bahr
Muska Place
Muskateer Road
Musket Road
Mussel Crescent
Mussel Lane
Mussel Road
Mustang Circle
Mustang Close
Mustang Street
Mustang Way
Muswell Hill Road
Mutley Road
Mutual Walk
Mutual Way
Muurbal Street
Mvambo Street
Mvelisho Street
Mvetshane Street
Mvezo Close
Mvica Road
Mvimbi Street
Mvomvo Street
Mvubu Close
Mvubu Road
Mvula Primary School
Mvumvu Street
Mvundla Avenue
Mvundla Crescent
Mvundla Street
Mvuzo Crescent
Mwahla Street


Mxhamli Street
Mxhomi Road
Mxinwa Close
Mxolisi Hempe Road
Mxolisi Mbali Close
Mxolisi Petani Street
Mxolisi Phetani (Site C)
Mxolisi Walk
My Domain
My Domain Express
My Hearing
Myataza Close
Myburgh Close
Myburgh Road
Myburgh's Waterfall Ravine
Myderd Street
Mydrecht Street
Myer Road
Myezo Crescent
Myhof Road
Mykonos Taverna
Mymoena Crescent
Myn Road
Myna Way
Mynhardt Close
Mynie Road
Myoli Street
Myolo Crescent
Myra Street
Myrica Close
Myrica Road
Myrtle Road
Myrtle Street
Mythological Landscape
Mzabalazo Street
Mzala Street
Mzali Crescent
Mzamka Street
Mzamo Crescent
Mzamo Walk
Mzamomhle Street
Mzane Street
Mzazi Road
Mzimkulu S. Dakuse Street
Mzimvubu Street
Mzintlava Street
Mziwabantu Close
Mzoli's Place
Mzomtsh Close
Mzondi Street
Mzonke Jack
Mzoxolo Crescent
Mzukisi Skweyiya Road
Mzuzu Crescent
Mzwakhe Mbuli Place
Mzwandile Fassie Close
Mzwandile Road
Mzwanele Vasi Street
Môreson Street

N 109
N. Aggett Avenue
N. Hoboshe Street
N. Mgogoshe Street
N'Dabeni Road
Naan Better
Naartjie Court
Naartjie Street
Nabileyo Street
Naboom Road
Naboom Street
Nabucco Road
Nabygelegen Street
NAC Cape Tafelsig
NAC Grassy Park South
Nadia Close
Nadine Marthinisen Street
Nadouwberg Crescent
Nagel Crescent
Nagona Street
Nagtegaal Street
Naguil Slot
Nahoon Avenue
Nahoon Close
Nahoon Street
Nahum Street
Naidoo Street
Nakanye Street
Naki Street
Naledi Crescent
Nalikamva Primary School
Nama Close
Namakwa Street
Namaqua Place
Namaqua Road
Namaqua Street
Namar Road
Nambuzane Street
Namesia Road
Namuli Road
Nana Close
Nanana Street
Nando's Brackenfell
Nandos Parow
Nango Road
Nangoma Street
Nannabessie Crescent
Nanodi Close
Nansen Road
Nansen Street
Nantes Close
Nantes Place
Nantes Street
Nantucket Close
Nanze Crescent
Naomi Close
Naomi Street
Napier Close
Napier Crescent
Napier Road
Napier Street
Naples Close
Naples Street
Napoleon Close
Napoli Avenue
Nares Road
Nares Street
Narona Pizza
Narsing Street
Naruna Crescent
Narva Street
Narvik Road
Narwahl Street
Nassau Avenue
Nassau Bastion
Nassau Crescent
Nassau Road
Nassau Street
Nastergal Crescent
Nastiatium Street
Nasturtium Road
Nata Court
Natal Fig Close
Natal Street
Natalie Crescent
Natalie Street
Natchez Crescent
Nathan Mallach Street
Nathaniel Street
Nathaniel Way
National Council of Provinces
Natmeat Road
Nature's Gate 2
Naude Street
Nautica Charters
Nautical Crescent
Nautilus Road
Nautilus Street
Nautilus Way
Navaho Spur
Naval Command Centre
Naval Supply Depot WINGFIELD
Navarre Crescent
Navarre Street
Navic Street
Navigation Aid Dome
Nazareth House Chapel
Nazareth House Close
Nazary House
Nazeena Isaacs Library
Nazo Street
NB Cycles
Nbokwenza Close
Nbukwane Street
Ncama Street
Ncanashe Crescent
Ncanda Avenue
Ncanda Road
Nceba Avenue
Ncede Close
Ncede Road
Ncede Street
Ncedo Street
Nceduluntu Crescent
Ncethezo Street
Nciba Street
Ncinci Crescent
Ncindi Street
Nciniba Close
Nciniba Road
Nciniba Street
Nciphisa Street
Ncoma Street
Ncome Road
Ncora Street
Ncotsheni Street
Ncumo Road
Ncwadi Crescent
Ncwina Street
Ndaba Street
Ndabakazi Road
Ndabambi Crescent
Ndabambi Road
Ndabaninzi Avenue
Ndabelawu Close
Ndabeni Road
Ndabeni Street
Ndamane Avenue
Ndawo Street
Ndela Road
Ndemba Crescent
Ndibela Street
Ndibele Road
Ndiki Close
Ndima Close
Ndima Street
Ndingo Street
Ndinisa Street
Ndlambe Street
Ndlamu Street
Ndlanzi Road
Ndlebe Street
Ndlela Close
Ndleleni Street
Ndlovu Crescent
Ndlovu Road
Ndlulamthi Street
Ndoda Street
Ndodwa Street
Ndoi Street
Ndolo Crescent
Ndondo Street
Ndongeni Crescent
Nduli Crescent
Nduli Street
Ndum Ndum Street
Ndumiseni Close
Nduna Road
Ndunge Street
Ndwabasi Street
Ndwana Crescent
Ndyebo Street
Ndyondyo Street
Neath Road
Neave Street
Nebelia Street
Nebo Primary School
Nebo Street
Nebraska Street
Nebula Crescent
Nebula Road
Neckar Close
Neckar Crescent
Nectar Close
Nectar Road
Nectarine Street
Ned Doman High School
Nederberg Crescent
Nederberg Drive
Nederburg Close
Nederburg Road
Nederburgh Street
Nederduitse Gereformede Sendingkerk Bellville-Oos
Nederduitse Gereformeerde Kerk - Bellville-Wes
Nederduitse Gereformeerde Kerk Bellville
Nederduitse Gereformeerde Kerk Tamboerskloof
Nederduitse Gereformeerde Sendingkerk
Nederduitse Gereformeerde Sendingkerk Maitland
Nederland Street
Neels Bothma Street
Neethling Close
Neethlingshof Street
Neetling Street
Neetlings Close
Neiderlands Lane
Neighborgood CBD
Neighborhood Butcher
Neighbourhood Restaurant Bar & Lounge
Neil Close
Nel Street
Nelani Crescent
Neliswa Close
Nellie Crescent
Nellie Road
Nellie Spilhaus Street
Nelson Mandela Boulevard
Nelson Mandela's prison cell
Nelson Road
Nelson Street
Nelson's Eye Grill & Restaurant
Nemencha Road
Nemesia Close
Nemesia Crescent
Nemesia Street
Nemo Close
Nenceba Street
Nepeta Street
Neptune Crescent
Neptune Road
Neptune Street
Neptunes Corner Drive
Nereide Street
Nerina Crescent
Nerina Primary School
Nerina Road
Nerina Street
Nerina Way
Nerine Avenue
Nerine Close
Nerine Road
Nerine Street
Nero Close
Nero Crescent
Nero Link
Nero Street
Nerve Square
Nest Deli
Nestor Court
Netball Courts
Netball Crescent
Netcare Blaauwberg Hospital
Netcare Christiaan Barnard Memorial Hospital
Netcare Kuils River Hospital
Netcare N1 City Hospital
Nethi Close
Neto Street
Netreg Road
Nettleton Ridge
Nettleton Road
Neutron Street
Neva Close
Nevada Road
Nevada Street
Never @ Home
Neville Crescent
Neville Lewis Crescent
Neville Riley Road
Nevin Street
New Apostolic Church
New Apostolic Church - Uitsig
New Apostolic Church Bonteheuwel Central
New Apostolic Church District Six
New Apostolic Church Observatory
New Apostolic Church of South Africa
New Apostolic Church of Southern Africa - Eureka
New Apostolic Church Salberau
New Apostolic Church Southern Africa
New Apostolic Church Southfield
New Apostols Church
New Baden Powell Drive
New Church Street
New Close
New Crossroads
New Eisleben Road
New Eisleben Secondary School
New Forest Crescent
New Haven
New Jerusalem Salon
New Market Junction
New Mill Road
New Nooiensfontein Drive
New Ottery Road
New Park Road
New Somerset Hospital
New Street
New trail / bypass
New Way
New York Bagels
New York Close
Newark Road
Newberry Lane
Newberry Square
Newbury Close
Newbury Crescent
Newcastle Close
Newcastle Street
Newcross Way
Newell Close
Newent Street
Newfields Crescent
Newfields Primary School
Newfields Road
Newington Street
Newlands Avenue
Newlands Café
Newlands Close
Newlands Forrest Picnic Site
Newlands Link
Newlands Ravine
Newlands Ravine Scree
Newlands Road
Newlands Street
Newlands Swimming Pool
Newman Road
Newmans Avenue
Newmarket Road
Newmarket Street
Newport Close
Newport Crescent
Newport Market & Deli
Newport Road
Newport Street
Newry Street
News Bar
News Cafe
Newton Avenue
Newton Close
Newton Drive
Newton Road
Newton Street
NG Church Heidekoppie
N.G. Gemeente Vasco
NG Gemeente Welgemoed
NG Kerk
N.G. Kerk Brackenfell-Wes
NG Kerk De Eike Kuilsrivier
NG Kerk La Rochelle
NG Kerk Monte Vista
NG Kerk Proteahoogte
NG Kerk Thornton
Nga'Nga'Na Street
Ngaba Ngaba Crescent
Ngabe Walk
Ngacu Crescent
Ngada Road
Ngada Street
Ngambu Street
Ngangane Street
Ngapha Street
Ngcikiza Road
Ngcingci Crescent
Ngcingci Walk
Ngcingcu Street
Ngcingwana Street
Ngcisininde Crescent
Ngcobo Close
Ngcobo Street
Ngculu Street
Ngcungcu Crescent
Ngcungcu Road
Ngcungcu Street
Ngcwalazi Drive
Ngemani Close
Ngemntu Street
Ngena Street
Ngenge Crescent
Ngentla Close
Ngenxa Street
Ngesi Close
Ngesi Crescent
Ngesi Road
Ngesi Square
Ngesi Street
Ngetu Crescent
Nghakatgha Road
Ngoabe Crescent
Ngoma Close
Ngomso Street
Ngong Road
Ngonyama Crescent
Ngonyama Road
Ngonyama Street
Ngotwane Road
Ngoye Street
Ngoyi Street
Ngqabe Road
Ngqabe Street
Ngqangqolo Crescent
Ngqangqolo Street
Ngqasa Crescent
Ngqawa Street
Ngqelani Close
Ngqiba Street
Ngqina Street
Ngqonbela Street
Ngquba Street
Ngqunce Close
Ngqunga Street
Ngqungqulu Road
Ngqusha Crescent
Ngqwangi Drive
Ngulube Road
Nguru Road
Ngwamza Crescent
Ngwamza Street
Ngwamza Walk
Ngwanza Road
Ngwe Crescent
Ngwenya Street
Ngwenya Walk
Ngwenye Crescent
Ngwetha Close
Ngwetha Street
Ngweventsha Road
Ngwevu Road
Ngxakaxa Road
Ngxalanga Street
Ngxalathi Street
Ngxama Street
Ngxangxasi Street
Ngxangxosi Street
Ngxatha Street
Ngxazozo Street
Ngxobongwana Close
Ngxokozweni Crescent
Ngxotho Close
Ngxwabangu Street
Ngxwaru Street
Ngzangxosi Road
Nhlanhla Crescent
Nhombe Close
Niagara Street
Niagara Way
Niblick Street
Nice Road
Nice Street
Nice View Fruit and Veg
Nicholas Close
Nicholette Street
Nicholls Street
Nick Kearns Avenue
Nico Avenue
Nico Dirk Close
Nicobar Road
Nicol Street
Nicola Close
Nicolaas Arends Avenue
Nicole Avenue
Nicole Street
Nicolette Close
Niekerks Lane
Nielsen Street
Nieman Street
Nieshout Street
Nietgewek Avenue
Nieuhof Road
Niger Close
Nightingale Road
Nightingale Street
Nightingale Way
Nightjar Crescent
Nightjar Street
Nikkel Street
Nile Close
Nile Street
Nile Way
Nili Crescent
Nimba Road
Nimbus Way
Nimrod Crescent
Nina Avenue
Nina Street
Nine Flowers Guest House
Nine Miles Surf Club
Nine Road
Nineteen Road
Nippon Street
Nippon Sushi
Nirvana Street
Nirvana Way
Nish Nush
Nita Close
Nita Spilhaus Crescent
Nita Street
Nitida Avenue
Nitida Close
Nitida Crescent
Nitida Road
Nitida Winery
Nivenia Close
Niyaaz Crescent
Niyaziwa Close
Nja Close
Njabulo Street
Njala Crescent
Njala Street
Njalaboom Street
Njazidja Street
Njelele Way
Njenjese Street
Njezu Street
Njike Close
Njimba Avenue
Njokwana Square
Njoli Avenue
Njoli Street
Njonga Crescent
Njongo Avenue
Njongo Street
Njwele Street
Njwiza Road
Nkali Crescent
Nkamela Street
Nkanga Crescent
Nkani Close
Nkani Street
Nkanti Street
Nkanyezi Street
Nkawu Close
NKAZIMLO Primary School
Nkcazo Street
Nkcukacha Street
Nkeleketha Street
Nkenjane Street
Nkholo Crescent
Nkholo Place
Nkinga Close
Nkobi Street
Nkohla Crescent
Nkomo Drive
Nkomo Road
Nkomo Street
Nkomo Way
Nkonjana Close
Nkonjana Street
Nkonjane Crescent
Nkonjane Street
Nkonjane Walk
Nkonjane Way
Nkonki Crescent
Nkonki Lizo Street
Nkonkwa Crescent
Nkonya Crescent
Nkosazana Street
Nkosi Street
Nkosiy Miza Street
Nkovu Street
Nkowane Street
Nkqo Street
Nkqubela Crescent
Nkqubela Street
Nkruma Street
Nku Close
Nkukhu Street
Nkukhwini Road
Nkulu Street
Nkululeka Street
Nkulumo Road
Nkundane Close
Nkunkwana Road
Nkunzane Street
Nkuthalo Drive
Nkuthazo Street
Nkwenkwezi Crescent
NNK Stadium
No Entry
No Entry sign
No5 Silo
Noag se arkie
Noah Road
Noah Street
Nobahle Street
Nobantu Close
NOBANTU Primary School
Nobel Street
Nobel Way
Nobevu Crescent
Nobhanda Road
Nobiya Road
Nobiya Street
Noble Circle
Noble Road
Nobom Street
Nobongile Crescent
Nobuhle Street
Nobuhle Way
Nobulali Street
Nocawe Street
Nochulu Crescent
Nodasa Street
Nodliwa Street
Noel Street
Noeline Crescent
Nogoaza Crescent
Nokilane Close
Nokwanda Close
Nokwazi Square
Nokwe Street
Nola Crescent
Nolibele Street
Noll Avenue
Nolloth Place
Nolloth Road
Nolubabalo Street
Noludwe Street
Nolungile Primary School
Nolusapho Nkohla Street
Noluthando Road
Noluvuyo Street
Nolwana Way
Nolwandle Street
Nolwibili Street
Nom Nom
Nomad Road
Nomakula Street
Nomalizo Mkonto Street
Nomaqisa Street
Nomatse Street
Nomaweni Street
Nomazi Street
Nombewe Street
Nombewu Close
Nomeve Close
Nomfazi Ndamane Street
Nomkosi Mini Close
Nompemvana Crescent
Nompumelelo Crescent
Nompumelelo Road
Nomrwabayi Crescent
Nomsa Maphongwana Street
Nomsobo Street
Nomthandazo Peter Close
Nomvencu Street
Nomyayi Court
Nomyayi Drive
Nomyayi Road
Nomyayi Street
Nomzamo Mongolo Street
Nomzamo Road
Nondaz Crescent
Nondindwa Street
Nondlwana Road
Nondlwane Street
Nondumiso Close
Nondumiso Street
Nondzaba Crescent
None Street
Nongalwana Crescent
Nongauza Crescent
Nongcangcazela Crescent
Nongqai Close
Nongqause Road
Nongwingwi Crescent
Nongwingwi Walk
Nonkonyana Street
Nonkxwe Street
Nonkxwe Walk
Nonqane Crescent
Nonqubela (Site B)
Nontobeko Steleki Street
Nontsele Crescent
Nonvaniso Close
Noodle Box
Nooiensfontein Road
Nooitgedacht Complex
Nooitgedacht Drive
Nooitgedacht Primary School
Nooitgedacht Road
Nooitgedacht Street
Noon Gun
Noord Road
Noord Street
Noordelik Avenue
Noordhoek Crag
Noordhoek Deli
Noordhoek Lookout
Noordhoek Main Road
Noordhoek Manor
Noordhoek Outdoor Centre
Noordhoek Road
Noordland Street
Noordpol Crescent
Noordsig Road
Noordzee Street
Noorsdoring Crescent
Noqandula Street
Noqwatha Street
Nord Street
Norden Street
Nordenfeldt Avenue
Nordhoek Minor
Nordhoek West Ridge
Nordic Crescent
Noreen Avenue
Norfolk Close
Norfolk Lane
Norfolk Road
Norfolk Street
Norfolk Way
Norita Crescent
Norma Close
Norma Road
Norma Road Primary School
Norma Street
Norma Way
Norman Avenue
Norman Close
Norman Goodfellows
Norman Grove
Norman Henshilwood High School
Norman Road
Norman Street
Normandi Close
Normandi Street
Normandie Close
Normandie Crescent
Normandy Crescent
Norseman Crescent
North Avenue
North Bank Lane
North Bayou
North Bridge Road
North Close
North End Street
North Entrance Road
North Gate Business Park Road
North Lane
North Link
North Oaks Avenue
North Road
North Star
North Street
North Walk
North Way
North West Road
Northdale Way
Northern Crescent
Northfield End
Northfield Place
Northpine Drive
Northridge Crescent
Northsea Street
Northshore Drive
Northumberland Avenue
Northumberland Close
Northumberland Street
Northumbria Road
Northway Primary School
Northway Road
Northwood Primary School
Norton Dingle Close
Norton Dingle Drive
Norton Square
Norton Street
Norton Way
Norval Foundation
Norwalk Road
Norway Street
Norwich Avenue
Norwich Drive
Norwood Central Primary School
Norwood Methodist Church
Norwood Road
Norwood Street
Nosethu Street
Noshipho Street
Nosibulele Street
Nosiseko Preschool
Nossob Court
Not So Famous (NSF)
Nothabile Square
Nottingham Close
Nottingham Road
Nottingham Square
Nottinghill Crescent
Notwari Street
Nouga Street
Nourse Avenue
Nouveau Estate
Nova Close
Nova Constantia Road
Novonia Road
Nowanga Street
Nowowo Street
Noxolo Street
Noxolo Xauka Primary School
Noyes Pharmacy
Nozinga Street
Noziqhamo Street
Nqabara Street
Nqabarha Crescent
Nqakula Street
Nqawe Street
Nqawu Street
Nqico Walk
Nqila Street
Nqilo Street
Nqilomathi Street
Nqmrhwabayi Street
Nqu Road
Nqubekhaya Maqhekeza Street
Nqwebeba Street
Nqwenela Street
Nqwilo Crescent
N.R. Mandela Road
Nsikazi Street
Ntaba Street
Ntabankulu Street
Ntabazokhwahlambo Road
Ntabeko Street
Ntabesinayi Road
Ntabetafile Close
Ntabetafile Crescent
Ntabethemba Road
Ntabethemba Street
Ntakazana Road
Ntakobusi Crescent
Ntambanane Street
Ntambanani Road
Ntando Close
Ntegu Walk
Ntenetya Street
Ntengu Street
Nthombeni Way
Ntingui Road
Ntingui Street
Ntini Street
Ntlabathi Street
Ntlakohlaza Close
Ntlakohlaza Road
Ntlakohlaza Street
Ntlalo Road
Ntlandlolo Road
Ntlanganisela Close
Ntlanganiso Crescent
Ntlangano Crescent
Ntlanzi Street
Ntlazane Road
Ntlemenza Crescent
Ntloko Close
Ntloko Street
Ntlolokotshane CLose
Ntlolokotsheni Road
Ntlolokshane Street
Ntlongonane Road
Ntloyiya Road
Ntobelwano Street
Ntoleni Road
Ntomntwana Street
Ntonga Street
Ntongambini Street
Ntongana Crescent
Ntongana Road
Ntoyabo Street


Ntselamanzi Crescent
Ntsele Street
Ntsethe Street
Ntshangase Street
Ntshatshonga Road
Ntshawu Road
Ntshili Street
Ntshiyane Road
Ntshiyane Street
Ntsikelelo Sokupa Road
Ntsiki Fishery
Ntsikisi Street
Ntsikizi Avenue
Ntsikizi Road
Ntsikizi Street
Ntsinde Street
Ntsitsa Street
Ntsodwa Street
Ntsokolo Close
Ntsusa Close
Ntsutshini Close
Ntubeni Road
Ntukwane Street
Ntungele Crescent
Ntunja Street
Ntunuka Street
Ntutyana Street
Ntuyane Crescent
Ntwana Street
Ntwasahlobo Primary School
Ntyatyambo Street
Nü Health Food Café
Nu Metro
Nu-Crane Pharmacy
Nude Food
Nude Foods
Nugget Street
Nukanuka Street
Nukwa Close
Nungu Crescent
Nursery Buttress
Nursery Lane
Nursery Ravine
Nursery Road
Nursery Street
Nursery Way
Nurture Square
Nurul Houda Masjied
Nurul Islam Mosque
Nurul Mogammadiah Masjied
Nutans Avenue
Nutcracker Close
Nuttall Road
Nuwerus Street
Nuwetuin Close
Nuxia Close
Nuxia Street
Nuy Court
Nwabisa Road
Nwanedi Road
Nxala Street
Nxanxadi Close
Nxanxadi Crescent
Nxanxadi Street
Nxanxadi Walk
Nxanxashe Close
Nxawuni Street
Nxiba Close
NY 10
NY 100
NY 102
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Nyakatyha Street
Nyakenye Street
Nyakrila Road
Nyakrili Street
Nyala Crescent
Nyala Road
Nyamakazi Street
Nyameko Primary School
Nyamende Close
Nyamzane Street
Nyandeni Crescent
Nyanga Junction
Nyanga Library
Nyanga Rugby Sports Ground
Nyanga Street
Nyaniso Crescent
Nyasa Road
Nyathi Avenue
Nyathi Street
Nyatyambo Crescent
Nyavula Street
Nyebelele Street
Nyerere Street
Nyhila Street
Nyhundu Street
Nyibiba Close
Nyibiba Street
Nyika Street
Nyiki Road
Nyman Street
Nyoka Close
Nyongweni Close
Nyuthu Crescent
Nzhelele Street
Nzinziniba Street
Nzo Street
Nzondelelo Avenue
Nzula Crescent
Nzwanekazi Street
Nzwitye Close

O. Nqubelani Road
O. Nqubelani Street
O on Kloof
O'Bell Close
O'Kennedy Street
O'Kulis Street
O'Leary Close
O'Okiep Road
O'ways Teacafé
Oak Avenue
Oak Close
Oak Court
Oak Creek Crescent
Oak Farm Crescent
Oak Land Crescent
Oak Lane
Oak Place
Oak Road
Oak Street
Oak Way
Oakburn Crescent
Oakburn Place
Oakburn Road
Oakbury Crescent
Oakbury Lane
Oakbury Road
Oakdale Circle
Oakdale Montessori
Oakdale Road
Oakdale Sport Club
Oakdale Street
Oakdale Way
Oakfield Road
Oakhill Church
Oakhill Road
Oakhurst Avenue
Oakhurst Close
Oakhurst Farmstall
Oakland Hills Road
Oaklands High School
Oakley Road
Oakmont Road
Oakridge Avenue
Oakridge Close
Oaks Field
Oaktree Lane
Oaktree Pre- School
Oaktree Road
Oakvale Road
Oakwood Close
Oakwood Crescent
Oakwood Lane
Oakwood Road
Oakwood Village
Oasis Cafe
Oasis Crescent
Oasis Lane
Oasis Retirement Village
Oasis Road
Oasis Second Hand Books
Oasis Street
Oasis Water
Oasis Water Cape Town | Goodwood
Oatlands Close
Oban Road
Obelisk Road
Obelisk Walk
Oberon Crescent
Oberon Way
Oboe Close
Oboe Street
Obol Street
Obs Books
Observatory Bottle Store
Observatory Junior School
Observatory Methodist Church
Observatory Petrol Station
Observatory Road
Observatory Swimming Pool
Observatory War Memorial
Obviouzly Armchair Backpackers
Obz Cafe
Ocean Basket
Ocean Spirit Avenue
Ocean Street
Ocean View Cottage
Ocean View Drive
Ocean View House
Ocean View Path
Ocean Village Close
Ocean Way
Oceana Amethyst Way
Oceana Emerald Way
Oceana Power Boat Club (OPBC)
Oceana Ruby Way
Oceana Sapphire Way
Oceanus Way
Ochna Street
Ochre Road
Octopus Road
Octovale Street
Odendaal Road
Odette Street
Odin Close
Odin Drive
Odorata Avenue
Oerder Road
Oerder Street
Off The Backpackers Hotel
Off the Gluten Path
Offenbach Close
Ogun Court
Ohio Avenue
Ohio Street
Ohlanga Crescent
Ohlsson Way
Oise Street
OJ Refrigeration Sales and Repair
Ojihipa Street
OK Bazaars
OK Foods
OK Fram Fresh
OK Furniture
OK Mini Mark
OK Mini Market
OK Mini Market De Tijger
OK Mini Mart
OK Mini-Mart
OK Minimark
OK Minimark Claremont
OK Minimark Thornton
OK Minimart
Okapi Close
Okapis Street
Okavango Crossing Shopping Centre
Okavango Road
Oki Close
Okinawa Close
Okkerneut Avenue
Okkerneut Street
Okkie van Sensie Street
Oktoberlelie Crescent
Olaf's Guest House
Old Admin Building
Old Ale House Villains
Old Apostolic Church
Old Apostolic Church of Africa
Old Apostolic Church of Africa - Ravensmead Central
Old Boyes Drive
Old Cape Farm Road
Old Cathedral School
Old Cottage Road
Old Farm Road
Old Faure Road
Old Foundry Hotel
Old Kendal Close
Old Kendal Road
Old Klipfontein Road
Old Lansdowne Road
Old Main Road
Old manganese mine
Old Marine Drive
Old Mill Road
Old Mutual Drive
Old Mutual Hockey Club
Old Mutual Sports Club
Old Nectar Road
Old Nectar Way
Old Nooiensfontein Drive
Old Nooiensfontein Road
Old Oak Bowling Club
Old Oak Park
Old Oak Parking
Old Oak Road
Old Paarl Road
Old Postile Church
Old Railway Track
Old Rocket House
Old Silvermine tented camp
Old Slave Tree Memorial
Old Stanhope Road
Old Stellenbosch Road
Old Strandfontein Road
Old Town House Museum
Old Trafford
Old Trafford Road
Old Wagon Road
Old Warehouse
Olden Close
Oldenland Street
Oldfield Road
Oldham Road
Oldwood Road
Olea Close
Olea Street
Oleander Close
Oleander Crescent
Oleander Road
Oleander Street
Oleander Way
Olga Ncivata
Olga Road
Olieboom Road
Oliehout Road
Olien Street
Olienhout Avenue
Olienhout Place
Olienhout Road
Olienhout Street
Olifantrivier Street
Olifants Crescent
Olifants Road
Olifants Street
Olifantsberg Close
Olifantshoek Street
Olifantsoog Street
Olifantsrivier Avenue
Olifantsrivier Close
Olinia Road
Olinia Street
Oliphant Street
Oliphants Crescent
Olive Close
Olive Grove Road
Olive Road
Olive Schreiner Street
Olive Schreiner Way
Olive Street
Oliver Crescent
Oliver Reginald Tambo Avenue
Oliver Reginald Tambo Road
Oliver Road
Oliver Street
Oliver Tambo Avenue
Oliver Tambo Crescent
Oliver Tambo Drive
Olivia Close
Olivia Way
Olivier Street
Olivine Road
Olwethu Road
Olwethu's Nyama Shop
Olyf Avenue
Olyfberg Road
Olympia Road
Olympic Avenue
Olympic Close
Olympic Crescent
Olympic Cycles
Olympic Locksmiths
Olympic Sports Club
Olympics Street
Olympus Complex
Olympus Drive
Olympus Road
Olyven Street
Olyvenbosch Close
Omar Road
Omar Street
Ombersley Road
Omega Crescent
Omega Street
Omnia Avenue
Omo Court
Omo Crescent
Omsambeet Street
Omuramba Road
On Main Supermarket
On the Rocks
Onderbos Plein
Onderbos Road
Ondine Close
One and Only
One Plus
One Road
Ongegund Street
Oniks Close
Oniks Street
Onrus Court
Onrust Street
Ons Huisie
Ons Winkel
Onse Jan Place
Ontario Road
Ontario Way
Ontong Way
Onverwacht Beheerliggaam Street
Onverwacht Street
Onyx Apartment Hotel
Onyx Crescent
Onyx Road
Onze Molen
Onze Molen Road
Oom Daan Se Plaas
Oop Street
Oorbietjie Street
Oortjie Road
Oos Street
Oostenberg Street
Oostergrens Road
Oosterland Crescent
Oosterland Road
Oostersee Superette
Oosterzee Boulevard
Oosterzee Heights
Oosterzee Street
Oosthuizen Street
Opaal Street
Opal Lane
Opal Road
Opal Way
Opal Way Greenbelt
Open Door Restaurant
Open Space (special open space)
Opera Close
Ophir Road
Oppelskop Crescent
Opperman Street
Opstal Close
Opstal Road
Orange Avenue
Orange Close
Orange Crescent
Orange Guest House
Orange Kloof pumphouse
Orange Kloof tented camp
Orange Kloof Trail
Orange Road
Orange Street
Orangia Road
Oranje Avenue
Oranje Bastion
Oranje Road
Oranje Service Centre
Oranje Street
Oranjekloof Avenue
Oranjekloof Moravian School
Oranjekloof Road
Oranjerivier Close
Orbea Close
Orbit Road
Orbit Street
Orca Concept Store
Orchard Avenue
Orchard Close
Orchard Heights
Orchard Hills Close
Orchard Hills Way
Orchard Place
Orchard Road
Orchard Street
Orchard Way
Orchestra Street
Orchid Close
Orchid Crescent
Orchid Road
Orchid Street
Ord Crescent
Oregon Avenue
Oregon Oak Street
Oregon Way
Orenji Close
Orff Street
Organ Street
Orgidee Road
Oribi Avenue
Oribi Close
Oribie Road
Oriele Crescent
Orient Road
Orient Service Station
Orient Street
Original Sushi & Asian Food
Original T-Bag Design
Orinoco Circle
Oriole Road
Oriole Street
Orion Church International
Orion Road
Orion Street
Orion Way
Orkes Close
Orkney Close
Orkney Street
Orlando Close
Orlando Road
Orlando Street
Orlando Way
Orly Close
Orms Print Room
Ormskirk Street
Ornata Street
Orpen Lane
Orpen Road
Orphan Lane
Orphan Street
Orpheus Close
Orpheus Crescent
Orrel Avenue
Orrel Street
Orrscroft Road
Orthotic and Prosthetic Centre
Oryx crescent
Oryx Road
Oryx Street
Osborn Square
Osborne Road
Osborne Street
Oscar Close
Oscar Mpeta Street
Oscar Mpetha
Oscar Mpetha Road
Oscar Mpetha Street
Osirus Way
Oslin Street
Oslo Crescent
Osprey Close
Osprey Court
Osprey Road
Osprey Street
Ossian Road
Osteria Tarantino
Osterley Road
Ostrich Crescent
Ostrich Road
Osumo Food Naturally
Oswald Street
Oswell Road
Otago Way
Otello Crescent
Othello Close
Oti Close
Ottawa Avenue
Otter Close
Otter Crescent
Otter Point
Otter Road
Otter Street
Otters Creek
Otters Walk
Ottery Fire Station
Ottery Hillstar Traffic Police
Ottery Islamic Society Mosque
Ottery Road
Ottery Road (Methodist) Primary School
Ottery Road Service Road
Ottery Youth Care and Education Centre
Otto Close
Otto du Plessis Drive
Otto Du Plessis Drive
Otto du Plessis Drive
Otto du Plessis Parking
Otto Meyer Avenue
Otto Street
Ou Kaapse Weg
Ou Kraal Way
Ou Meul
Ou Meul Bakery and Cafe Pinelands
Ou Wingerd Road
Ouberg Road
Oude Molen Close
Oude Molen Road
Oude Molen Stables
Oude Molen Street
Oude Molen Technical High School
Oude Post Close
Oude Schip Avenue
Oude Skip Road
Oudebrug Close
Oudedam Street
Oudehout Street
Oudekloof Street
Oudekraal Road
Oudevlei Road
Oudewerf Close
Oudtshoorn Road
Ouhout Meubels
Ouhout Street
Oui Bar & KTCHN
Oumakappie Close
Ounu Cafe
Oupa Monareng Street
Ouplaas Crescent
Our Lady Help of Christians Catholic Church
Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Church
Our Lady of Good Counsel Cath. Church
Our Lady of Good Hope Cath. Church
Our Lady of Perpetual Help
Our Lady of Perpetual Help Cath. Church
Our Lady of the Annunciation Cath. Church
Our Lady of the Assumption Cath. Church
Our Lady of the Rosary Cath. Church
Our Lady of the Visitation Cath. Church
Our Lady Queen of Peace Cath. Church
Our Lady Star of the Sea Cath. Church
Ourora Street
Out Of Africa
Out Of China
Outdoor Warehouse
Outdshoorn Way
Outeniekwa Street
Outeniekwaberg Street
Outeniqua Circle
Outeniqua Crescent
Outeniqua Street
Outer Orange Kloof Ring Road
Outlook Jetty
Outlook Street
Ouwe Griet Close
Oval East Street
Oval North High School
Oval North Street
Oval South Street
Oven Baked Pizzeria
Oven Door
Over Hout Bay
Overdale East Road
Overdale West Road
Overhout Road
Overland Motorrad
Overmeer Street
Overseer's Cottage
Overton Road
Oviston Way
Owen Drive
Owen Lane
Owen Madikane Street
Owen Road
Owen Street
Owerbosch Close
Owl Close
Owl Street
Owl's Rest Road
Oxalis Crescent
Oxalis Street
Oxbow Crescent
Oxbow Lane
Oxenham Court
Oxford Arms
Oxford Close
Oxford Crescent
Oxford Road
Oxford Square
Oxford Street
Oxley Avenue
Oxpecker Road
Oxpecker Way
Oyster Close
Oyster Lane
Oyster Street
Oystercatcher Road
Oystercatcher Street

P K Le Roux Street
P. Kgosane Street
P. Molefe Avenue
P. Ndleko Street
Paalen Court
Paalkrans Street
Paardeberg Close
Paardeberg Crescent
Paardeberg Street
Paardekop Road
Paarden Eiland
Paarden Eiland Road
Paarl School
Paarl Street
Paarlberg Crescent
Paarlberg Street
Pacific Avenue
Pacific Road
Pacific Street
Packer Avenue
Packer Street
Paddington Place
Paddington Road
Paddock Avenue
Paddock Close
Paddock Crescent
Paddock Drive
Paddock Lane
Paddock Place
Paddock Road
Paddock Street
Paddock Terrace
Paddy Close
Padloper Road
Padrone Crescent
Pagan Road
Paganini Close
Paganini Crescent
Pagasvlei Road
Page Lane
Page Square
Page Street
Pagoda Close
Pagoda Crescent
Paige Way
Pakalolo Table View
Pakhuis Street
Palala Crescent
Palala Street
Palatine Road
Palermo Close
Palermo Crescent
Palermo Way
Palestrina Street
Palidor Street
Paling Lane
Palisa Crescent
Pall Mall Way
Palladium Street
Pallotti Road
Palm Avenue
Palm Close
Palm Crescent
Palm Garden Retreat
Palm Grove Centre
Palm Park
Palm Park Primary School
Palm Road
Palm Sands
Palm Street
Palm Tree Mosque
Palma Street
Palmboom Close
Palmboom Crescent
Palmboom Road
Palmchat Court
Palmer Road
Palmer Street
Palmerston Road
Palmetto Close
Palmetto Street
Palmieda Street
Palmiet Avenue
Palmiet Close
Palmiet Road
Palmiet Street
Palmietrivier Street
Palmtree Court
Palmyra Road
Paloma Street
Palomino Road
Palomino Street
Palomino Way
Pam Road
Pama Close
Pama Crescent
Pama Road
Pamela Close
Pampas Street
Pampiri Road
Pampoenkraal Lane
Pan African Market
Pan Crescent
Panama Close
Panama Jacks
Panama Street
Panarotti's Pizza Pasta
Panarottis Pizza
Panda Place
Pandoer Road
Pandor Street
Pandora Road
Pangwa Crescent
Pani Close
Pani Street
Panorama Avenue
Panorama Creche
Panorama Crescent
Panorama Drive
Panorama Laerskool
Panorama Pharmacy
Panorama Road
Pansey Street
Pansy Crescent
Pansy Street
Panther Close
Panther Street
Panton Road
Pantsula Street
Papawer Street
Papaya Street
Papaz Bistro
Papegaai Road
Papegaaiberg Close
Papenboom Grove
Papendorf Road
Paperbark Close
Paperbark Street
Paphama Mhlakana Street
Papierblom Crescent
Papierblom Street
Papillon Road
Papkuil Close
Papkuilsvlei Road
Pappea Street
Paprika Street
Papu Square
Papu Street
Par Close
Parade Crescent
Parade Ring Road
Parade Street
Paradise Place
Paradise Road
Paradise Street
Paradise View Road
Paradys Street
Paraffin Dealer
Paraglider Launch
Paragliding launch site
Paragon Street
Paraguay Crescent
Parakeet Street
Parana Crescent
Paratus Avenue
Pare Road
Parents' Accomodation
Parin Road
Paris Cape Town
Paris Maru Close
Paris Road
Paris Street
Paris Way
Parish Road
Parish Street
Park 'n Shop Shopping Centre
Park Avenue
Park Avenue Methodist Church
Park Close
Park Close Complex
Park Crescent
Park Drive
Park Glen Complex
Park Green
Park House Road
Park Inn by Radisson
Park Inn by Radisson Cape Town Foreshore
Park Island Bird Hide
Park Island Quay
Park Island Way
Park Lane
Park Manor Complex
Park Mews
Park Mews Street
Park Road
Park Road Mosque
Park Service Drive
Park Side Complex
Park Street
Park View Complex
Park View Heights
Park Villa Road
Park Villas Complex
Parkchester Avenue
Parkcity Supermarket
Parkdene Primary School
Parkdene Road
Parker Avenue
Parker Street
Parkers Walk
Parkfields Primary School


Parkhill Place
Parkhurst Primary School
Parkiet Road
Parkin Street
Parking Protea North Wharf & ENSafrica
Parkla Avenue
Parklands College
Parklands College Sandown
Parklands Main Road
Parklands Walk
Parklane Fast Food
Parklane Playground
Parkside Road
Parktown Service Station
Parkvale Primêre Skool
Parkview Close
Parkview Place
Parkview Terrace
Parkway Close
Parkwood Avenue
Parkwood Primary School
Parkwood Street
Parkwood Walk
Parkwood Way
Parkzicht Close
Parliament Avenue
Parliament Lane
Parliament Street
Parma Crescent
Paros Place
Parow Arms & Ammo
Parow Bowling Club
Parow Centre
Parow Centre Parking
Parow Golf Course
Parow High School
Parow Municipal Court
Parow North
Parow North Primary School
Parow North Swimming Pool
Parow Post Office
Parow Public Library
Parow Radio Control Car Club
Parow Regional Court
Parow Road
Parow Street
Parow Tennis Club
Parow Valley Primary School
Parow Valley Swimming Pool
Parow West Primary School
Parowdise Place
Parrot Street
Parry Road
Parsifal Crescent
Parsley Close
Parsley Crescent
Parsley Road
Parson Crescent
Parsons Crescent
Partridge Road
Partridge Street
Partridge Way
Parys Close
Pasadena Road
Pasadena Square
Pasadena Way
Pascal Street
Pascali Street
Pascall Lane
Pasita Street
Passerina Street
Pasteur Hof
Pasteur Road
Pasteur Street
Pastorale Avenue
Pastorie Street
Pasture Road
Patani Street
Pateni Walk
Paterson Street
PathCare MediClinic Cape Town
Pati Place
Paton Road
Patou Road
Patricia Close
Patrick Mosedi Street
Patrick Vundla Street
Patriot Street
Patrol Street
Patron Square
Patrys Crescent
Patrys Square
Patrys Street
Patrysblom Close
Pats Place
Patterson Street
Patton Street
Patula Court
Patula Crescent
Pau Street
Paua Street
Paul Andrew Close
Paul Avenue
Paul Bothner Music
Paul Close
Paul de Groot Street
Paul Kruger Avenue
Paul Kruger Street
Paul Mauser
Paul Road
Paul Sauer Street
Paul Street
Pauli Road
Pauline Close
Paulsberg Road
Paulsberg Street
Paulus Road
Paulus Street
Paulus Walk
Pavilion Rotary Park
Pavillion Place
Pavillion Road
Pavo Street
Payina Crescent
Payina Road
Payiya Street
Payne Road
Peace Road
Peace Street
Peach Close
Peach Lane
Peach Road
Peach Street
Peach Tree
Peach Tree Crescent
Peacock Glass
Peacock Road
Peacock Superette
Peak Child Nimble
Peak Close
Peak Drive
Peak Road
Peak Service Station
Peak Studios
Pear Circle
Pear Close
Pear Lane
Pear Way
Pearce Road
Pearl Close
Pearl Crescent
Pearl Street
Pearl Way
Pearson Avenue
Pearson House
Pearson Road
Pearston Street
Pebble Brook Close
Pecan Street
Pecan Way
Peck Way
Peck's Valley
Pecos Street
Pecos Walk
Peddie Road
Pedersen Crescent
Pedro Road
Peerboom Avenue
Peerhof Close
Peerless Park
Peffers Street
Pegasus Close
Pegasus Road
Pegnanto Close
Pekalmy Road
Peki Street
Pela Street
Pelargonium Street
Pelegrini Street
Pelham Street
Pelican Close
Pelican Drive
Pelican Heights Sports Grounds
Pelican Park
Pelican Park High School
Pelican Park Primary School
Pelican Park Sunni Masjid
Pelican Road
Pelican Street
Pelican Walk
Pelican Way
Pelikaan Hof
Pelikaan Road
Pelikaan Street
Pelikan Circle
Pelikan Park Community Hall
Pelikan Park Library
Pelikan Park Mall
Pelikan Park Primary School Hall
Pelikan Park Primary School Sports Field
Pelikan Park Substation
Pelikan Road
Pella Road
Pellpark Primary School
Pembroke Lane
Pembroke Place
Pembroke Street
Pembury Crescent
Pembury Street
Pen Duick Street
Pen Kotze Avenue
Penarth Road
PenCafe Stationers
Pende Street
Pendennis Place
Pendennis Road
Pendle Crescent
Pendoring Avenue
Pendoring Crescent
Pendoring Road
Pendoring Street
Pendragon Street
Penelope Close
Pengem Road
Penguin Crescent
Penguin Place
Penguin Road
Penguin Street
Pengwini Street
Penhurst Road
Penina Crescent
Peninsula Drive
Peninsula Funerals
Peninsula Road
Penlyn Avenue
Penlyn Estate
Pennant Close
Penning Road
Penny Branch Road
Penny Close
Penny Gum Street
Penny Lane
Penny Lane Complex
Pennywistle Street
Penrith Road
Penrose Road
Penryn Street
Penta Lane
Pentecostal Revelation Church of God
Pentrich Road
Pentz Drive
Pentz Lane
Pentz Street
Penzance Avenue
Penzance Road
Peony Close
People's Church
Pep Application Software
PEP Home
Peperboom Crescent
Peperboom Street
Peperbos Close
Peperdruif Street
Pepper Club on the Beach
Pepper Lane
Pepper Place
Pepper Street
Pepper Tree Cafe
Pepper Tree Circle
Pepper Tree Square Complex
Peppershrike Street
Peppertree Lane
Peppertree Road
Perceiving Freedom
Percival Road
Percy Ralarala Street
Percy Road
Percy Street
Perde Street
Perdeberg Close
Perdeberg Street
Perdebos Close
Perdebos Road
Perdekloof Street
Perdekop Close
Pere Close
Pere Road
Pereira Crescent
Perelberg Crescent
Perfect 10
Perfect Pools
Perfecta Road
Peridot Crescent
Peridot Road
Perivale Road
Periwinkle Close
Periwinkle Lane
Periwinkle Road
Perkins Street
Perky Pets
Perl of Hout Bay
Perla Street
Perle Street
Perlemoen Road
Permanently Perfect - Beauty Salon
Perold Street
Perpetua House
Perrault Road
Perry Avenue
Perryn Street
Pers Close
Pers Road
Perseus Road
Perseverance Road
Perseverance Secondary School
Perseverance Tavern
Persian Close
Persian Street
Perth Close
Perth Road
Perth Street
Peru Street
Pesika Road
Pesto Close
Pet Buddies
Pet Stop Vet Shop
Peta Walk
Petal Primary School Road
Petal Street
Peteni Close
Peter Barlow Drive
Peter Charles Street
Peter Cloete Avenue
Peter Lamb Close
Peter Mokaba Crescent
Peter Mokaba Street
Peter Road
Peter Street
Peterfield Road
Peterhof Close
Peterhof Road
Peters Way
Petersen Street
Petra Road
Petrea Lane
Petrea Street
Petrel Close
Petricia Road
Petro Road
Petrus Crescent
Petrusa Street
Petticoat Lane
Petunia Court
Petunia Crescent
Petunia Primary School
Petunia Road
Petunia Street
Peugeot Crescent
Peyton Place
Phakama Secondary School
Phakama Street
Phakamani Road
Phakamani Street
Phakamile Joya Street
Phakamisa Crescent
Phakamisa Street
Phala Crescent
Phallans Walk
Phalo Avenue
Phamba Street
Phambaniso Street
Phambile Road
Phambili Crescent
Phanda Crescent
Phandla Street
Phandle Street
Phangela Crescent
Phantom Crescent
Phantom Rose
Phaphani Street
Pharao Lane
Pharela Avenue
Pharmacy City
Pharmacy Spar
Phatha Close
Phathele Street
Phawu Street
Phazama Street
Pheasant Road
Pheasant Way
Phefumla Crescent
Pheka Street
Phela Close
Phelandaba Street
Phendula Crescent
Phenyane Street
Phepha Street
Phesantekraal Street
Phesheya Close
Phethi Street
Phezantekraal Winery & Restaurant
Phezolo Street
Phezukomkhono Road
Phikisa Close
Phikisa Street
Phila Ndwandwe Street
Philakuzenzela Street
Philander Crescent
Philemon Mahlakola Street
Philemon Road
Philimon Biyela Street
Philip Kgosana Drive
Philipha Close
Philippi - Farmland
Philippi East police station
Philippi East Public Library
Philippi Plaza
Phillans Walk
Phillip Crescent
Phillip Road
Phillip Street
Phillip's Mobile
Phillip's Tavern
Phillipines Road
Phillips Road
Phillips Street
Philmau Road
Phimpi Street
Phisley Road
Phlox Close
Phlox Street
Pho House
Phoenix Crescent
Phoenix Secondary School
Phoenix Street
Phola Park Road
Pholani Street
Pholile Street
Phomello Street
Phosa Crescent
Phosa Street
Phosisa Street
Photographic Repairs
Phucula Street
Phuhliso Street
Phumelelani Street
Phumla Crescent
Phumlani Street
Phumza Street
Phupha Crescent
Phyllis Jowell Jewish Day School
Phyllis Road
Phyllis Way
Piano Crescent
Piano Street
Piazza Armerina Road
Picadilly Avenue
Picardie Avenue
Picardy Way
Picasso Crescent
Picasso Street
Piccadilly Close
Piccadilly Crescent
Piccadilly Way
Piccolo Close
Piccolo Posticino Hout Bay
Piccolo Street
Pichulik Watershed V&A Waterfront
Pick & Pay
Pick & Pay Express
Pick & Pay Hypermarket
Pick 'n Pay
Pick 'n Pay Clothing
Pick 'n Pay Epping Local
Pick 'n Pay Super
Pick A Bargain
Pick and Pay Express
Pick and Save Supermarket
Pick n Pay
Pick n Pay Centre
Pick n Pay Claremont
Pick n Pay Clothing
Pick n Pay Express
Pick n Pay Family
Pick n Pay Liqour
Pick n Pay Liquor
Pick n Pay Liquor Store
Pick n Pay Liquors
Pick n Pay Local
Pick n Pay Panorama
Pick n Pay Plumstead
Pick n Pay QualiSave
Pickerill Street
Picketberg Street
PicknPay Liquor
PicknPay Liquors
Pickwick Road
Picnic Cafe and Deli
Picton Street
Piculet Street
Pie City
Pie King
Pieke Road
Pieke Street
Pienaar Road
Pienaar Street
Pier Place
Pierneef Close
Pierneef Road
Pierneef Street
Piers Road
Piet Fransman Street
Piet Grobler Street
Piet Joubert Street
Piet My Vrou Avenue
Piet My Vrou Road
Piet My Vrou Street
Piet Retief Square
Piet Retief Street
Piet's Biltong
Pieter Street
Pieter Uys Circle
Pieter Wenning Crescent
Pieterse Close
Pietersen Road
Pietersielie Crescent
Pietro Street
Pigall restaurant
Pike Close
Pike Crescent
Piketberg Street
Pikkewyn Road
Pikkewyn Street
Pikkieland Creche
Pikoko Road
Pikolo Walk
Pilanes Close
Pilansberg Road
Pilatus Road
Piley Rees
Pillans Road
Pillay Street
Pilot Close
Pilot Way
Pimplol Close
Pin Oak Crescent
Pin Oak Lane
Pin Oak Road
Pinaster Way
Pincushion Close
Pine Acre
Pine Avenue
Pine Close
Pine Crescent
Pine Garden
Pine Grove Road
Pine Mews Close
Pine Mews Crescent
Pine Road
Pine Street
Pine Way
Pinecliff Road
Pinedene Primary School
Pinedene Road
Pinedene Road West
Pinehill Avenue
Pinehurst Centre
Pinehurst Close
Pinehurst Drive
Pinehurst Road
Pinelands Baptist Church
Pinelands Bowling Club
Pinelands Congregational Church
Pinelands Islamic Centre
Pinelands Methodist Church
Pinelands Montessori
Pinelands NG Kerk
Pinelands North Primary School
Pinelands Presbyterian Church
Pinelands Public Library
Pinelands SAPS
Pinelands Tennis Club
Pinelands Town Hall
Pinelaw Road
Pinetree Avenue
Pinetree Crescent
Pinetree Way
Pineway Road
Pinewood Avenue
Pinewood Crescent
Pinewood Drive
Pinewood Park
Pinewood Road
Pingora Street
Pinkster Sending R.S.A.
Pinnacle Crescent
Pinnacle Place
Pinnochio Creche
Pinoak Road
Pinot Blanc Road
Pinot Noir Street
Pinotage Close
Pinotage Road
Pinotage Street
Pinscher Way
Pintail Crescent
Pintail Street
Pinto Road
Pioneer Road
Pioneer Street
Pionier Street
Pipe Track
Pipe Track (alternative route, closed off)
Piper Crescent
Piper Street
Pippit Close
Piriet Close
Pirobella Close
Pisa Close
Pisa Way
Pisces Crescent
Pisces Road
Pistache Street
Pitlochry Road
Pitso's Kitchen
Pitt Road
Pitt Street
Pitta Court
Pittisporum Street
Pittosporum Avenue
Pittwell Matshikwe Way
Pivaan Close
Pivert Street
Pivot Close
Pixie Playland Preschool
Pixie Street
Pixley Seme Street
Pizza Cafe
Pizza Connection
Pizza Hut
Pizza Perfect
Pizza Piazza
Pizza Shed
Pizza Shed Bree
Plaaitjie Street
Plaatjies Street
Placecol Sea Point
Plakkaten Road
Plakkies Street
Plane Avenue
Plane Street
Planet Close
Planet Road
Planet Street
Plant Sales
Plantanus Street
Plantasie Street
Plantation Primary School
Plantation Road
Plantation Street
Planter Green
Planter Way
Plataan Road
Plataan Street
Platdoring Crescent
Plate Road
Plateau Street
Platinum Close
Platinum Crescent
Platinum Drive
Platinum Motorcycles
Platinum Pets
Platinum Road
Plato Road
Platoon Road
Platteklip Close
Platteklip Crescent
Platteklip Gorge
Platteklip Square
Platteklip Street
Platteklip Visitor Centre
Platteklip Wash Houses
Plattekloof Glen
Plattekloof Road
Plattekloof Street
Plax Pharmacy
Play Area
Play Street
Plaza Express Foods
Pleasant Place
Pleasant Street
Pleasant Way
Plein Road
Plein Street
Plein Tree Street
Plender Avenue
Plettenberg Road
Plettenberg Street
Pliny Street
Plough Road
Ploughmans Crescent
Plover Close
Plover Court
Plover Road
Plover Street
Plover Walk
Plover Way
Plubstead Post Office
Pluimbos Close
Plum Close
Plum Crescent
Plum Lane
Plum Road
Plum Street
Plum Tree Street
Plumbago Avenue
Plumbago Close
Plumbago Crescent
Plumbago Street
Plumer Road
Plumpton Street
Plumstead Electrical
Plumstead Fisheries
Plumstead High School
Plumstead Municipal Building
Plumstead Preparatory School
Plumstead Public Library
Plumtree Avenue
Plumtree Close
Pluto Close
Pluto Lane
Pluto Road
Pluto Street
Plympton Road
Pniel Road
Pocock Street
POD Camps Bay
Poekoe Close
Poets' Corner
Poinsettia Street
Point Break Apart Hotel
Point Jewellery Exchange
Point Street
Pointer Close
Pointer Way
Pointsetia Way
Pokkiesdoring Crescent
Polar Crescent
Polaris Close
Polaris Road
Polaris Street
Poleman Street
Polka Close
Polkadraai Road
Polkadraai Strawberry Farm
Pollen Road
Pollen Street
Pollsmoor Prison
Pollsmoor Road
Pollux Close
Pollux Road
Polo Close
Polo Road
Polo Street
Pomegranate Street
Pomela Crescent
Pompon Street
Ponderosa Way
Pondicherry Avenue
Pondicherry Close
Pongo Street
Pongola Close
Pongola Crescent
Pongola Street
Ponie Close
Ponoshe Crescent
Pontac Road
Pontac Street
Pontac Way
Pontiac Street
Pooke Road
Pool International
Poole Street
Poort Street
Pop Up Tyres
Pope Street
Popham Street
Poplar Avenue
Poplar Close
Poplar Crescent
Poplar Road
Poplar Street
Poplar Way
Poponi Crescent
Popoyi Street
Poppy Street
Poproos Crescent
Populace Street
Populier Close
Populier Street
Porath Walk
Porcupine Close
Porcupine Way
Porsche Centre Cape Town
Port Close
Port Jackson Lane
Port Jackson Road
Port Jackson Street
Port Place
Port Road
Port Street
Port View House
Portadown Road
Portalia Pizzeria & Deli
Portavue Drive
Portavue Primary School
Portberg Street
Portcullis Drive
Porter Road
Porter Street
Porterfield Road
Porterville Crescent
Portford Road
Portia Close
Portia Primary School
Portland Crescent
Portland Primary School
Portland Road
Portland Secondary School
Portland Street
Portman Road
Portmarnock Crescent
Porto Road
Portobello Close
Portobello Place
Portobello Road
Portrush Road
Portswood Road
Portulaca Avenue
Portulaca Crescent
Poseidon Street
Possen Road
Post Office
Postern Road
Postern Way

postile church

Postma Street
Potato Trails
Potberg Road
Potez Road
Potgieter Crescent
Potomac Place
Potsdam Road
Potters Lane
Pottinger Road
Pou Street
Poublom Square
Poussion Street
Pouter Street
Powell Road
Powell Street
Power Street
Powerful Street
Poyser Estate None
Poyser Road
P.P. Smit Sports Ground
Pragstompie Street
Prairie Court
Prata Morena
Prayer Room
Premier Close
Premier Clothing Factory Shop
Premier College
Premier Motors
Premier Road
Presence Road
Preserve Square
President Brand Street
President High School
President Kruger Street
President Motors
President Reitz Street
President Steyn Street
President Street
President Swart Street
Prestige Drive
Prestwich Lane
Prestwich Memorial
Prestwich Street
Prestwich Street Primary School
Pretorius Crescent
Pretorius Road
Pretorius Street
Price Drive
Price Street
Pride Pools
Prideaux Road
Prieska Road
Priestley Street
Prima Avenue
Prima Crescent
Prima Vera Crescent
Primi Piatti
Primrose Avenue
Primrose Crescent
Primrose Park
Primrose Park Primary School
Primrose Street
Primula Avenue
Primula Drive
Primula Street
Prince Alfred Crescent
Prince Arthur Road
Prince Avenue
Prince Charles Road
Prince George Drive
Prince George Drive Service Road
Prince George Primary School
Prince Henry Crescent
Prince of Wales Blockhouse
Prince Place
Prince Road
Prince Street
Prince Street 259
Prince William Street
Princes Road
Princes Square
Princess Alice Avenue
Princess Anne Avenue
Princess Avenue
Princess Beach Estate
Princess Drive
Princess Elizabeth Street
Princess Margaret Street
Princess Path
Princess Road
Princess Royal Street
Princess Street
Princess Vlei Road
Princeton High School
Princeton Street
Principle Street
Pringle Close
Pringle Place
Pringle Road
Pringle Way
Priniah Close
Prinizia Avenue
Prins Crescent
Prinshof Street
Prinskasteel Close
Prinsloo Street
Printers Way
Printzia Close
Prior Roger Close
Priory Park
Priory Road
Priscilla Crescent
Priscilla Mngeni Street
Priscilla Road
Priska Close
Prison of Robert Sobukwe
Pristine Street
Privateer Road
Privet Avenue
Privet Road
Privet Street
Produ-Co Fresh Vegetables
Product Street
Produksie Street
Proland Park
Promenade Road
Pronto House [61]
Proot Road
Proot Street
Prospect Hill Road
Prospect Road
Prospect Terrace
Prospect Way
Prosperity Crescent
Prosperity Road
Prospur Centre
Protea Avenue
Protea Cape Castle Waterfront
Protea Close
Protea Crescent
Protea Heights Academy
Protea Heights Spar
Protea Hotel Cape Town Sea Point
Protea Hotel Durbanville
Protea Hotel Fire & Ice!
Protea Hotel Island Club
Protea Hotel North Wharf
Protea Hotel Traverse
Protea Hotel Tyger Valley
Protea Primary School
Protea Road
Protea Street
Protea Vallei
Protea Way
Proteaheights NG Church
Protem Street
Proton Crescent
Proton Road
Provenance Street
Provence Avenue
Provence Close
Provence Street
Provident Street
Provident Street North
Provident Street South
Province Sports
Provision Street
Pru Way
Prudence Way
Pruim Close
Pruim Kring Crescent
Pruim Street
Pruimbas Crescent
Prunis Close
Prunis Street
Prunus Street
Puccini Street
Pudi Close
Puffer Street
Puffin Crescent
Puffin Way
Pugsli Road
Pula Road
Pule Raboroko Road
Pulpit Rock
Puma Elsiesrivier
Puma Street
Pumeza Street
Pungue Street
Punt Close
Punt Road
Punt Street
Punters Way
Pupil Street
Purcell Street
Purcell Way
Purdey Road
Purdue Crescent
Pure Elixir
Purity Square
Purley Street
Purple House Accommodations
Puteoli Street
Putman Street
Putney Avenue
Putney Road
Putter Road
P.W. Mama Way
Pypie Close
Pypie Street
Pypies Square
Pyramid Close
Pyramid Street
Pyrenees Street
Pyrite Street

Qabaka Crescent
Qagane Road
Qala Close
Qamba Crescent
Qamba Street
Qamela Street
Qampi Crescent
Qanda Street
Qandani Street
Qaqa Close
Qaqamba Street
Qasana Close
Qebengwana Street
Qebeyi Street
Qezo Road
Qhaga Street
Qhama Street
Qhatha Street
Qhawe Street
Qhayiya Street
Qhekena Street
Qhekezana Street
Qhela Crescent
Qhimgqoshe Crescent
Qhimgqoshe Road
Qholorha Close
Qhotyane Close
Qhude Close
Qhude Crescent
Qhula Crescent
Qhwahashi Road
Qhwayela Crescent
Qikelela Street
Qilaq's Rest trail
Qinqa Street
Qobo Street
Qokelela Street
Qokelwa Crescent
Qomiliso Crescent
Qomoyi Street
Qonce Crescent
Qonda Street
Qondile Street
Qoqonga Street
Quad Building
Quaffee Rostery
Quail Crescent
Quail Road
Quaker House Cape Town
Quaker Peace Centre
Quality Office Furniture
Quality Street
Quantock Road
Quantum Close
Quarry Close
Quarry Hill Road
Quarry path
Quarry Road
Quartz Street
Quasar Crescent
Quay Four
Quays Complex
Quayside Complex
Qubaka Crescent
Quebec Road
Quebel Road
Queen Avenue
Queen Bess Road
Queen Bess Street
Queen Close
Queen Guinevere Street
Queen Road
Queen Street
Queen Victoria
Queen Victoria Road
Queen Victoria Street
Queen's Blockhouse
Queen's Park High School
Queens Avenue
Queens Close
Queens Drive
Queens Gate
Queens Park Avenue Park
Queens Park Dog park
Queens Park Road
Queens Road
Queens Way
Quellerie Street
Quendon Mansions
Quendon Road
Quentins at Oakhurst
Quest Corsair
Quest Road
Quick Road
Quick Shop
Quick Spar
Quiet Close
Quiet Street
Quietude Street
Quigley Road
Quince Court
Quince Crescent
Quincy Crescent
Quincy Street
Quintas Close
Quintus Way
Quitas Take Aways
Quiver Street
Qumango Street
Qumba Crescent
Qumbela Street
Qumbo Road
Qumbu Street
Qumra Street
Qunube Road
Qunube Street
Quo Vadis Road
Quoin Crescent
Ququzele Street
Qwabe Street
Qwesha Street

R Acacia Park
R Athlone
R Avondale
R Belhar
R Bellville
R Blackheath
R Bonteheuwel
R Brackenfell
R Cape Town Station
R Century City
R Chempet
R Chris Hani
R Claremont
R Crawford
R De Grendel
R Diep River
R Eerste River
R Eikenfontein
R Elsies River
R Esplanade
R False Bay
R Faure
R Fisantkraal
R Goodwood
R Harfield Road
R Hazendal
R Heathfield
R Heideveld
R Kapteinsklip Station
R Kenilworth
R Kentemade
R Khayelitsha
R Koeberg Road
R Kraaifontein
R Kuils River
R Kuyasa
R Lakeside
R Langa
R Lansdowne
R Lavistown
R Lentegeur
R Maitland
R Mandalay
R Melton Rose
R Mitchell's Plain
R Monte Vista
R Mowbray
R Muizenberg
R Mutual
R Ndabeni
R Netreg
R Newlands
R Nolungile
R Nonkqubela
R Nyanga
R Observatory
R Oosterzee
R Ottery
R Paarden Eiland
R Parow
R Pentech
R Philippi
R Pinelands
R Plumstead
R Retreat
R Rondebosch
R Rosebank
R Salt River
R Sarepta
R. Sobukwe Street
R Southfield
R St James
R Steenberg
R Steurhof
R Stikland
R Stock Road
R The "Blue Train"
R Thornton
R Tygerberg
R Unibell
R Vasco
R Wetton
R Wittebome
R Woltemade
R Woodstock
R Wynberg
R Ysterplaat
Raadt Street
Raan Street
Raap Street
Raapenberg Road
Raapkraal Crescent
Raapkraal Road
Raats Complex
Raats Drive
Raats Street
Rabbi Mirvish Avenue
Rabia Park Street
Racaza Street
Race Course Road
Racecourse Road
Rachel Bloch Avenue
Rachel Dick Street
Rachel Street
Racing Park
Rad Blue
Rada Street
Radar Close
Radar Road
Radebe Street
Radial Road
Radient Close
Radisson Blu Hotel and Residence Cape Town
Radisson Blu Hotel Waterfront
Radisson Red Hotel
Radium Hall
Radnor Street
Radyn Close
Raeburn Street
Rael Street
Rafael Lebanese Café
Raft Road
Raglan Avenue
Raglan Street
Rahad Way
Rahmaniyeh Primary School
Rail Court
Railway Avenue
Railway Crescent
Railway Lane
Railway Level Crossing
Railway Road
Railway Street
Rainbow Close
Rainbow Lane
Rainbow Lodge
Rainbow Montesorri School
Rainbow Road
Rainbow Street
Raith Gourmet
Rajah Crescent
Rajah Road
Raleigh Road
Rallim Preparatory
Ralnathi Close
Ralph Crescent
Ralph Street
Ramaphosa Street
Rambler Road
Rambler Street
Ramblewood Road
Rambling Rose
Ramenas Close
Ramenas Square
Ramokolo Street
Ramola Avenue
Ramone Avenue
Ramone Road
Ramphal Singh Street
Ramsey Road
Ramsgate Road
Ranch Court
Ranch Meat
Ranch Road
Rancke Road
Rand Road
Rand Street
Ranee Street
Ranelagh Road
Ranelagh Street
Range High School
Range Primary School
Range Road
Ranger Close
Ranger Crescent
Rangers Road
Ranisi Drive
Rankie Road
Rankin Way
Ranksuikerbos Road
Ranksuikerbos Street
Ranunculus Street
Raphael Crescent
Rapide Street
Rarabe Avenue
Rascke Street
Ratanga Lodge Guest House
Ratanga Road
Ratel Close
Ratel Street
Ratelklip Close
Rathfelder Avenue
Rathgar Street
Rathmine Street
Ratling Road
Ratnagiri Walk
Ravel Street
Raven Close
Raven Road
Raven Street
Raven Way
Ravens Close
Ravensberg Avenue
Ravenscourt Road
Ravenscraig Road
Ravensmead Public Library
Ravensmead Road
Ravensmead Road West
Ravensmead Sekondêr
Ravensmead Swimming Pool
Ravensteyn Road
Ravenswood Road
Ravensworth Road
Ravine Road
Ravine Street
Ravlee Street
Raw and Roxy
RAW Espresso Bar
Rawbone Street
Rawe Close
Rawe Street
Rawson Street
Ray Alexander Street
Ray Close
Ray Street
Rayden Road
Raymond Ackerman Avenue
Raymond Circle
Raymond Mhlaba Crescent
Raymond Street
Raymond Suttner Crescent
Rayner Road
RDP Computers
Reactor Street
Read Street
Reading House
Ready, steady, grow montesorri
Reagon Crescent
Real Madrid Road
Reaper Green
Rebecca Close
Rebecca Crescent
Reception office
Recife Crescent
Recreation Road
Recreation Way
Red Alder Crescent
RED cafe
Red Cross War Memorial Children's Hospital
Red Cross War Memorial Children's Hospital: Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
Red River Crescent
Red River Primary School
Red River Road Sports Fields ("The Greens")
Red River Street
Red River Walk
Red Roman Way
Red Roots Pre-Primary
Red Rose Road
Red Sea Shop
Red Sea Street
Red Sofa Cafe
Red Watch Fire Services
Redbay Court
Redberry Close
Redberry Street
Redbud Court
Redcliffe Close
Redcliffe Crescent
Redcliffe Road
Reddam Avenue
Reddam House Atlantic Seaboard
Reddam House Durbanville College
Reddam House Primary
Reddam Pharmacy
Reddy Avenue
Redeemed Church of Christ Dennemere
Redemption Burgers
Redemption Café
Redfin Court
Redgum Avenue
Redlands Road
Redmilkwood Crescent
Redpoll Street
Redshank Close
Redstone Crescent
Redtail Crescent
Redthorn Street
Redwood Close
Redwood Road
Redwood Street
Reece Smith Road
Reed Street
Reef Avenue
Reeler Centre
Reen Avenue
Reenberg Road
Reenen Court
Reenen Lane
Reese Drive
Refinery Road
Reform Close
Reform Road
Reform Street
Reformed Church in Africa
Reformed Gospel Mission Church
Reformed Old Apostolic Church
Regal Avenue
Regal Convenience Centre
Regan Close
Regency Crescent
Regent Burger Bar
Regent Circus
Regent Close
Regent Mews
Regent Road
Regent Square
Regent Street
Reggae Street
Reggie Hadebe
Reggie September Street
Regiment Way
Regina Coeli Cath. Church
Regina Coeli (R.C.) Primary School
Regina Etson Road
Regina Way
Regis Green
Regis Road
Regulus Drive
Regulus Lane
Rehobe Street
Rehoboth Community Life Centre
Reid Street East
Reid Street West
Reier Crescent
Reier Street
Reiger Road
Reiger Street
Reigersdaal Road
Reijger Avenue
Reijger Crescent
Reindeer Close
Reindeer Crescent
Reinhardt Moolman Close
Reitz Road
Reitz Street
Remac Dance Fashions
Rembrandt Crescent
Rembrandt Road
Rembrandt Street
Remhoogte Street
Reminder Close
Remington Close
Remington Road
Remo Close
Remus Street
Rendezvous Crescent
Rene Street
Renee Avenue
Renee Close
Renfrew Close
Renfrew Street
Renoster Crescent
Renoster Road
Renoster Street
Renoster Walk
Renosterbos Place
Renosterbos Road
REO Family Pharmacy
Repens Crescent
Repulse Road
Resandon Avenue
Reserve Peak
Reserve Peak Street
Reservoir Street
Residence Road
Resort Road
Rest For Guest
Resthaven Drive
Restio Close
Restio Crescent
Restio Road
Reston Way
Retief Road
Retreat CHC
Retreat Civic Centre
Retreat Dental
Retreat East Rank
Retreat Electrical Wholesalers
Retreat Railway Police Station
Retreat Road
Retreat Swimming Pool
Retzia Road
Reuben Beyile Road
Reuben Beyile Street
Reuben Kaye Road
Reuter Street
Rev. A. M. Qagisa Road
Rev. A. M. Sishuba Street
Rev. Marawu Road
Rev. Mbambezeli Road
Revel Close
Revel Fox Close
Reverend Calata Crescent
Reverend Gqiba Street
Reverend Marawu Crescent
Reverend Stofile Street
Reverie Social Table
Revolution Cycles
Revolution Records
Reyger Road
Reyger Street
Reyger Way
Reygersdal Avenue
Reygersdal Close
Reygersdal Street
Reyido Close
Reynolds Street
Rhaboksberg Street
Rhanisi Close
Rhanisi Road
Rharhabe Street
Rheazicht Road
Rhebok Close
Rheebok Crescent
Rheebok Street
Rheede Lane
Rheede Street
Rheezicht Close
Rhemus Street
Rhenius Road
Rhigala Street
Rhine Boulevard
Rhine Close
Rhine Road
Rhino Crescent
Rhintyela Street
Rhode Crescent
Rhodes Avenue
Rhodes Close
Rhodes Drive
Rhodes Memorial
Rhodes Road
Rhodes Street
Rhodes' Gift
Rhodesia Road
Rhodesia Square
Rhonda's Manor
Rhone Close
Rhone Street
Rhone Way
Rhos Street
Rhus Street
Rhynheath Way
Ria Avenue
Ria Street
Rialto Street
Riana Street
Ribbok Road
Ribbok Street
Ribbokskloof Close
Rica Louw Avenue
Ricardo Road
Richard Allen Street
Richard Crescent
Richard Lakey Road
Richard Manuel Close
Richard Street
Richelieu Street
Richie Avenue
Richmond Avenue
Richmond Centre
Richmond Close
Richmond Grove
Richmond Northern Close
Richmond Place
Richmond Road
Richmond Southern Close
Richmond Street
Richmond Way
Richter Street
Richwood 7-11
Richwood Crescent
Richwood Educare Creche
Richwood Road
Rick Turner Street
Rick's Americain;Rick's Cafe Americain
Ricketts Drive
Ricketts Street
Ridderspoor Street
Rideau Crescent
Rider Haggard Street
Riders Green
Ridge Court
Ridge Peak Street
Ridge Road
Ridge Street
Ridge Walk
Ridge Way
Ridgecrest Street
Ridgedale Crescent
Ridgemoor Street
Ridgeview Close
Ridgeville Primary School
Ridgeway Road
Ridgeworth Drive
Ridgeworth Park
Riebeeckstraat Primary School
Riebeek Lane
Riebeek Street
Riempies Restaurant
Riesling Close
Riesling Road
Riesling Street
Riet Close
Riet Street
Rietbok Avenue
Rietbok Crescent
Rietbok Road
Rietbok Street
Riethaan Crescent
Riethaan Road
Rietpoel Street
Rietvlei Avenue
Rietvlei Crescent
Rietvlei Park Complex
Rietvlei Road
Rifle Range Road
Rifle Road
Rifstone Road
Rigel Road
Rigoletto Close
Rigoletto Crescent
Rijks Way
Rijswijk Street
Riley Crescent
Riley Street
Rim Track
Rimini Street
Ring Crescent
Ring Road
Ringview Crescent
Ringwood Drive
Ringwood Road
Ringwood Street
Rio Avenue
Rio Grande Primary School
Rio Grande Street
Rio Grande Walk
Rio Street
Riparia Street
Ripelby Road
Ripple Close
Risedale Close
Rissik Close
Rissik Street
Ristorante Posticino
Rita Street
Rita Toto Way
Ritchie Street
Rite Price Supermarket
Ritterhout Street
Ritters Road
River Bend Road
River Boulder
River Close
River Crescent
River Road
River Street
River Walk
Rivergate Drive
Riverhill Place
Riverine Close
Riverlodge Backpackers
Rivermead Crescent
Rivers Edge Road
Rivers End Road
Riversdale Close
Riversdale Road
Riversdale Way
Riverside Auto
Riverside Close
Riverside Crescent
Riverside Drive
Riverside Estates
Riverside Mews
Riverside Road
Riverside Terrace
Riverstone Road
Riverton Close
Riverton Crescent
Riverton Primary School
Riverton Road
Riverton Street
Riverview Complex
Riverview Lodge
Rivetts Pharmacy - Ravensmead
Riviera Road
Riviera Way
Riviersonderend Street
Road 34
Road Lodge
Road Street
Roada Road
Roadrunner Street
Roaland Terrace
Roan Avenue
Roan Road
Roas Road
Roast and Co.
Roath Street
Robben Island Airfield
Robben Island Ferry
Robben Island Jetty Museum
Robben Island photo point
Robben Island Prison
Robben Island Street
Robben Island Village
Robbie Street
Robert Avenue
Robert Baloi Street
Robert Carr Avenue
Robert Leshoro Close
Robert Mcbride Street
Robert Road
Robert Sobukhine Close
Robert Sobukhwe
Robert Sobukwe Road
Robert Sobukwe Street
Robert Street
Roberts Avenue
Roberts Road
Robertson Lane
Robertson Road
Robertson Street
Robin Court
Robin Hood
Robin Island Street
Robin Lane
Robin Road
Robin Street
Robin Trust Sub-acute and Rehab Unit
Robindale Way
Robins Road
Robins Way
Robinson Avenue
Robinson Crescent
Robinson Road
Robinson Street
Robinson Way
Robor Crescent
Robsend Street
Robyn Crescent
Robyn Park Close
Robyn Road
Robyn Street
Robyn's way
Robyn's Weir
Rocastle Close
Rochea Close
Rochefort Close
Rochefort Garden Village
Rochefort Way
Rochelle Way
Rochester Close
Rochester Road
Rock Road
Rock Street
Rock Sushi Thai
Rocket Lane
Rocket Road
Rockford Road
Rockhill Way
Rockies Circle
Rockies Road
Rocklands Avenue
Rocklands Bar & Restaurant
Rocklands Centre
Rocklands High School
Rocklands Old Apostolic Church
Rocklands Primary School
Rocklands Public Library
Rocklands Road
Rocklands Sports Centre
Rocklands Town Hall
Rockley Road
Rocky Close
Rocky Mountains Street
Roco Mamas
Rod Close
Rode Vos Road
Roderick Way
Rodger Street
Rodgers Avenue
Roding Close
Rodney Park
Rodney Street
Rodwell Road
Roeland Square
Roeland Street
Roella Close
Roella Crescent
Roer Street
Roger Street
Rogers Street
Rogge Street
Roggebaai Main Substation
Roggebaai Square
Roggeveld Road
Rogland Street
Rohm Road
Rohrer Street
Rokeby Road
Roker Close
Roker Park
Roket Crescent
Rolbal Crescent
Rolbal Street
Rolen Crescent
Rolihlahla Road
Rolisusu Crescent
Roller Street
Rolling Wood Surf Shop
Roma Close
Romain Court
Roman Lane
Roman Road
Roman Street
Roman's Pizza
Romane Road
Romans Pizza
Romany Walk
Rome Close
Rome Road
Romelia Crescent
Romelia Way
Romeo and Vero Vegan Butcherie
Romeo Crescent
Romeo Street
Romney Road
Romney Street
Rompe Street
Romulus Street
Rona Court
Ronald Avenue
Ronald Close
Ronald Mapua Street
Rondeberg Crescent
Rondeberg Road
Rondebosch Common
Rondebosch East
Rondebosch East Primary School
Rondebosch East Toyota
Rondebosch Oval
Rondebosch Police Station
Rondebosch Public Library
Rondebosch Town Hall
Rondebosch United Church
Rondebosch United Play Centre
Rondebosh Sports Club
Rondewash Laundry
Rondo Way
Rondolo Close
Ronell Crescent
Ronelle Street
Ronleigh Road
Ronnie Kasrils Street
Rontree Avenue
Rontree Close
Roodeberg Street
Roodebloem Road
Roodebloem Studios
Roodehek Street
Roodehek Terrace
Roodekranz Road
Roodezand Road
Roodezicht Complex
Rooi Karee Street
Rooibekkie Street
Rooiberg Crescent
Rooibok Street
Rooibos Road
Rooiels Close
Rooiels Road
Rooiels Street
Rooihout Road
Rooikappie Close
Rooikaree Lane
Rooikat Close
Rooikat Connector
Rooikrans Avenue
Rooikrans Road
Rooikrans Sports Ground
Rooikrans Street
Rooikrantz Street
Rooisuikerkan Street
Rooivalk Close
Rook Cycles
Roome Crescent
Roome Road
Roos Close
Roos Laan
Roos Road
Roos Street
Rooseboom Street
Roosendaal Road
Roosevelt Road
Roosmaryn Crescent
Roosmaryn Road
Roostou Crescent
Roosvygie Close
Roozeboom Street
Rope World
Rorke Road
Rosa Hope Crescent
Rosa Street
Rosa's Bakery
Rosalind Street
Rosalyn Road
Rosamond Street
Rosanna Crescent
Roscommon Road
Rose Avenue
Rose Close
Rose Crescent
Rose Innes Road
Rose Innes Street
Rose Lane
Rose Lodge
Rose Mount Avenue
Rose Petal Road
Rose Place
Rose Road
Rose Street
Rose Way
Rosebank Angus Road
Rosebank Junior School
Rosebank Methodist Church
Rosebank Place
Rosebank Progress Private College
Rosebank Theatre
Roseberry Avenue
Roseberry Road
Rosedale Estate
Rosedene Lodge
Rosedene Road
Rosedon Road
Roseland Road
Rosemary Crescent
Rosemary Florist
Rosemary Road
Rosenburg Close
Rosendal High
Rosendal Primary School
Rosendal Street
Rosendale Road
Rosenow Street
Rosequartz Street
Rosete Way
Rosetta Roastery
Rosetta Roastery Cafe
Roseville Road
Rosewood Circle
Rosewood Close
Rosewood Drive
Rosewood Road
Rosewood Street
Rosini Crescent
Roslin Close
Roslyn Road
Roslyn Street
Rosmead Avenue
Rosmead Central Primary School
Ross Road
Ross Sea
Ross Street
Rossal Road
Rossignol Street
Rossini Court
Rossini Street
Rossiter Street
Rossouw Close
Rossouw Drive
Rotherfield Road
Rothesay Place
Rothesay Road
Rothschild Boulevard
Roto Street
Rotsho Street
Rotterdam Road
Rotterdam Street
Rottingdean Road
Rouge Close
Rougemont Close
Roughmoor Road
Roulon Street
Round House Road
Rouwkoop Avenue
Rouwkoop Road
Roux Street
Rouxton Crescent
Rouxton Road
Rouxville Close
Rouxville Primary School
Rover Road
Rover Street
Rovos Rail Tours
Rowallan Crescent
Rowallan Road
Rowan Avenue
Rowan Lane
Rowena Street
Roxana Road
Roxy late night
Roy Campbell Crescent
Roy De Vries
Roy Road
Roy Road East
Royal Ascot
Royal Atlantic Hotel
Royal Avenue
Royal Cape Golf Club
Royal Cape Yacht Club
Royal Crescent
Royal Observatory, Cape of Good Hope
Royal Road
Royal Road Sports Ground
Royal Street
Royal Windsor Road
Royale Eatery
Royland Crescent
Roysten Vasey Boulder
Royston Close
Royston Crescent
Royston Road
Rozendal Crescent
Rozendal Road
Rozenfontein Street
RSEC Security Equipment Centre Pty Ltd
Rua Bartholemew Dias Street
Rua Vasco da Gama Plain
Rubber Tree Court
Rubens Road
Rubens Street
Rubicon Boulevard
Rubicon Road
Rubusana Avenue
Ruby Close
Ruby Crescent
Ruby Estate
Ruby Road
Ruby Terrace
Ruby Way
Ruby Way Greenbelt
Ruchill Road
Rudolph Street
Rue Amazon Street
Rue de la Bri Close
Rue Des Benir Close
Rue Emmy Road
Rue Foche
Rue Robert Street
Rue Ursula Street
Ruens Street
Rufanes Road
Rufiji Street
Rugby A Chalet
Rugby Park Crescent
Rugby Road
Rugby Street
Rugley Road
Ruimte Road
Ruined Oppelskop Fire Watch
Ruiter Court
Ruiters Crescent
Ruiters Street
Ruitershoogte Avenue
Rule Road
Rumpler Street
Rune Close
Runge Street
Rungwe Street
Runkel Crescent
Runners Green
Runners Way
Rupert Crescent
Rupert Street
Rupert Way
Ruritania Avenue
Rus In Urbe Avenue
Rusacre Road
Ruschia Lane
Rush Fe Close
Rushmore Way
Rushy Close
Ruskin Road
Ruskin Square
Ruskin Villas Complex
Rusper Street
Russel Close
Russel Crescent
Russel Harvey Crescent
Russel Street
Russell Street
Russian Olive Road
Rust en Vrede
Rust en Vrede Avenue
Rust en Vrede Close
Rust en Vreugd
Rust Street
Rusten Close
Rustenberg Drive
Rustenberg Pharmacy
Rustenberg Road
Rustenberg Street
Rustenburg Avenue
Rustenburg Close
Rustenburg Pharmacy
Rustendal Road
Rustfontein Street
Rusthof Avenue
Rusthof Crescent
Rusthof Street
Rustic Close
Rustic Road
Rusticana Street
Rustig Street
Rutger Crescent
Rutger Street
Ruth Close
Ruth First Crescent
Ruth First Road
Ruth Mompati Street
Ruth Prowse Close