Welcome to BBBike - your cycle journey planner! We'll help you find a nice, safe and short bike route in Davis and around.

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10th Street
11th Street
12th Street
1st Street

2nd Street

3rd and U Cafe
3rd Street

4th Street

5th Street

6th Street


8th & Wake Apartments

9th Street

A Street
A Street Intramural Field
Acacia Lane
Academy Lane Apartments
Ace Hardware
Acer Street
Adams Street
Adams Terrace
Adeline Place
Adobe at Evergreen Apartments
Adrian Drive
Aggie Ace
Aggie Inn, Ascend Hotel Collection
Aggie Lane
Aggie Reuse Store
Aggie Village
Airport Road
Alameda Avenue
Albany Avenue
Albany Circle
Albion Place
Alder Place
Alegre Way
Alhambra Apartments
Alhambra Drive
Ali Baba Cafe
Alicante Street
Alice Street
All That Jazz
Allegre Apartments
Almeria Street
Almond Lane
Alpine Place
Alta Loma Street
Alto Court
Alumni Lane
Alvarado Avenue
Alvarado Parkside Apartments
Alvarado Sunset Apartments
Amador Avenue
Amapola Drive
Amar Court
Amherst Drive
Amoroso Place
Anderson Road
Angela Street
Antelope Avenue
Antioch Drive
Anza Avenue
Apiary Drive
Apple Lane
Arboretum Drive
Arboretum Headquarters
Arboretum Terrace
Arbors Clubhouse
Arena Drive
Arlington Boulevard
Arlington Farm Apartments
Armadillo Music
Arnold Street
Arroyo Avenue
Arroyo Court
Arroyo Pool
Art Building
Arthur Street
Artis Lane
Ascada Place
Ashland Terrace
Aspen Greenbelt off-leash dog park
Aspen Place
Aspen Village Apartments
Astoria Street
Atlantis Drive
Atrium Way
Atriums at La Rue Park Apartments
Auburn Drive
Audubon Circle
Aurora Avenue
Austin Street
Avila Bay
Avocet Avenue

B Street
B&L Bike Shop
Bahai Grove
Bainer Hall Drive
Baja Avenue
Balboa Avenue
Balsam Place
Bank of America
Banyan Place
Bar Bernardo
Barbera Place
Barcelona Avenue
Barista Brew Cafe
Barkley Street
Barony Place
Barry Road
Barthel Lane
Bates Drive
Bath & Body Works
Baywood Lane
Beacon Bay Place
Bearden Street
Becerra Way
Becker Road
Beckett Hall Circle
Bee Biology Road
Beech Lane
Belhaven Place
Bella Casa Street
Bellows Court
Bellows Street
Belmont Drive
Benbow Court
Bendita Court
Benicia Court
Benton Place
Bermuda Avenue
Bernini Street
Berryessa Lane
Best Western Palm Court Hotel
Best Western University Lodge
Bianco Court
Bidwell Street
Bienville Street
Big 5 Sporting Goods
Bike Barn
Bike Forth
Bike Path
Bio Brew
Bioletti Way
Birch Lane
Birch Lane Elementary School
Biscayne Bay Place
Bishop Place
Bistro 33
Black Bear Diner
Blackburn Drive
Blacksmith Road
Blanchard Lane
Blaze Pizza
Bliss Court
Blue Max Kart Club
Blue Ridge Road
Bluebird Place
Boathouse Avenue
Bodega Bay Place
Bollate Lane
Bombadil Lane
Bonnard Street
Boston Terrace
Botticelli Place
Boulder Place
Boxelder Place
Boyer Circle
Braddock Court
Brandywine Place
Bree Lane
Brentwood Place
Breton Avenue

bridge foundation

Bringhurst Lane
Broken Circle
Brooks Road
Brown Drive
Brush Creek Apartments
Bryant Place
Bryce Lane
Buchanan Street
Buckeye Lane
Bucklebury Road
Bucknell Drive
Bueno Drive
Bull 'N Mouth
Bum, Bum, You've Been Here Before
Burger King
Burger Patch
Burgers and Brew
Burma Eat
Burnett Place
Burr Street
Butte Place

C Street
Cabot Street
Cabrillo Avenue
Caceres Court
Caceres Way
Caddy Court
Cadiz Street
Cafe Bernardo
Caffe Italia
Cal Aggie Flying Farmers
Cal Davis Apartments
CAL FIRE Mobile Equiptment Facility
Calaveras Avenue
Calder Court
California Avenue
Calmia Place
Cambridge House
Cambridge Terrace
Camino Court
Campanilla Court
Campbell Place
Campbell Road
Camphor Lane
Cannery Avenue
Cannery Loop
Canoe Place
Cantrill Drive
Cape Cod Court
Cape Cod Street
Caprine Drive
Caravaggio Drive
Caravaggio Place
Cargo Coffee
Caribou Place
Caricia Drive
Carl's Jr.
Carlsbad Place
Carmelo Lane
Carob Place
Cascade Apartments
Cascade Place
Caspian Pink Terrace
Cassel Lane
Cassett Street
Catalina Drive
Cedar Place
Celadon Street
Celebrity Terrace
Center for Equine Health
Central Way
Cesar Chavez Elementary School
Cezanne Court
Chalupa Place
Chapman Place
Chateau Lane
Cherry Lane
Cherry Punch Terrace
Chesapeake Bay Avenue
Chestnut Place
Child Development Center
Chiles Road
Christ Church Davis
Christie Court
Chuy's Taqueria
Circle K
Citadel Drive
Citron Street
City Hall
City of Davis fuel station
Clara Lane
Claremont Drive
Clark Court
Clemson Drive
Cleveland Court
Cleveland Street
Cloud Forest Cafe
Clubhouse Drive
Coffee House
Coho Place
CoHo South Café
Colby Drive
Colgate Drive
Colina Court
College Park
Colorado Lane
Columbia Place
Colusa Avenue
Common Grounds Coffee
Community Center
Community Pool
Concha Place
Concord Avenue
Concord Place
Condor Court
Congregation Bet Haverim
Conquistador Way
Contained Research Facility
Cooks Collison
Coolidge Court
Coolidge Street
Cordova Place
Cork Place
Cornell Drive
Corona Drive
Cortez Avenue
Costa Verde Street
Cottage Circle
Cottonwood Court
Cottonwood Drive
Country Club Circle
Country Club Drive
County Road 100A
County Road 101A
County Road 102
County Road 104A
County Road 105
County Road 29
County Road 30
County Road 30B
County Road 31
County Road 32
County Road 32A
County Road 98
County Road 99
County Road 99D
Cousteau Place
Covell Gardens
Covell Place
Cowell Boulevard
Craig Armstrong Library
Craig Place
Cranbrook Court
Creekhollow Lane
Crepe Bistro
Cresta Court
Crocker Lane
Crystal Grove Lane
Cuarto Dining Commons
Cuarto Residence Halls
Cubre Terrace
Cultivé Frozen Yogurt
Cumberland Place
Curlew Street
Cushing Way
Cutter Place
CVS Pharmacy
Cypress Lane

D Street
Da Vinci Charter Academy
Da Vinci Court
Dairy Road
Dairy Road IM Field
Dairy Teaching and Research Facility
Dali Place
Danbury Street
Danbury Street Undercrossing
Danube Avenue
Dartmouth Place
Dave Pelz Bicycle Overpass
DaVinci Court Apartments
Davis Creamery
Davis Diamonds Gymnastics
Davis Golf Course
Davis Joint Unified School District (DJUSD)
Davis Little League complex
Davis Lutheran Church
Davis Musical Theater Company

davis natural gas fueling station

Davis Noodle City
Davis School for Independent Study (DSIS)
Davis Senior High School
Davis Shell
Davis Stadium 5
Davis Tire Pros
Davis Tower
Davis Trailer Park
Davis United Methodist Church
Davis Waldorf School
Davis's Piñata Mexican Grill
Days Inn by Wyndham Davis Near UC Davis
De Soto Place
Decatur Court
Del Mar Place
Del Oro Avenue
Del Oro Place
Del Rey Court
Del Taco
Del Valle Place
Delta of Venus
Denali Drive
Denison Drive
Deodara Court
Deodara Street
Diablo Avenue
Diego Place
Ding How
Dinosaur Place
Dobbins Field

dog on bike

Dogwood Street
Dolcini Lane
Dollar Tree
Donatello Court
Donato Lane
Donner Avenue
Donovan Court
Dos Coyotes
Dos Coyotes Border Cafe
Douglass Avenue
Drake Apartments
Drake Drive
Dresbach Way
Drew Avenue
Drew Circle
Drexel Drive
Drummond Avenue
Drummond Avenue Bike Tunnel
Drummond Lane
Drummond South
Duchamp Street
Duke Drive
Dunloe Brewing
Dutch Bros. Coffee

E Street
Eagle Place
Eagle View Court
Early Girl Terrace
East 14th Street
East 7th Street
East 8th Street
East Chiles Road
East Covell Boulevard
East Covell Boulevard;West Covell Boulevard
East El Macero Drive
East Oakside Place
East Quad Avenue
Eastlake Apartments
Edwards Family Athletic Center
Eel Avenue
Eel Place
Eggert Road
Eisenhower Street
El Cajon Avenue
El Campo Avenue
El Capitan Street
El Cemonte Avenue
El Dorado Place
El Macero
El Macero Cleaners
El Macero Country Club
El Macero Court
El Macero Drive
El Macero Village Apartments
El Paso Avenue
El Pescador Court
El Segundo Avenue
El Toro Bravo
El Toro Way
Elderberry Place
Elendil Lane
Eligio Lane
Elk Place
Ellington Apartments
Elm Lane
Elmwood Drive
Emerald Bay Drive
Encina Avenue
Engineering Bikeway
Ensenada Drive
Entrada Drive
Environmental Horticulture
Environmental Services Lane
Equador Place
Equestrian Lane
Equine Lane
Erma Lane
Escolar Court
Espana Court
Estaban Court
Estero Bay Court
Estrella Place
Eucalyptus Street
Eureka Avenue
Evans Court
Evening Bay Place
Evenstar Lane
Everglades Place
Evergreen Court
Executive Cleaners
Exeter Court
Explorit Science Center
Extension Center Drive
Eye On Mrak

F Street
F Street Dispensary
Fairway Estate Place
Fairway Estates
Falcon Avenue
Family Dollar
Faraday Avenue
Farallon Street
Faro Avenue
Farragut Circle
Feather Place
FedEx Office
Feline Road
Fermi Place
Fiesta Avenue
Fig Lane
Fig Place
Fillmore Court
Fillmore Street
Finch Street
First Baptist Church of Davis, California
First Church of Christ Scientist
Flamenco Place
Fleet Feet
Flicker Avenue
Florencia Place
Florinda Lane
Fluffy Donuts
Forbes Lane
Fordham Drive
Forever 21
Fortuna Court
Foundation Plant Services Office
Four Seasons Gourmet Chinese
FPS Cold Storage
FPS Trinchero Family Estates Building
Francisco Place
Fred T. Korematsu Elementary School
Fremont Court
Frontera Drive
Fuji Sushi Boat & Buffet
Full Circle
Fushion Fresh Cafe

G Street
Galileo Court
Gallagher Hall
Ganges Avenue
Ganges Place
Garden Court
Garfield Terrace
Garrison Street
Garrod Drive
Gas & Shop
Gateway Court
Gauguin Place
Gaviota Place
Gay Way
Gazelle Place
Genaro Place
Geneva Place
Georgetown Place
Georgia Place
Get Fit Davis
Glacier Drive
Glacier Place
Glacier Point Apartments
Glenn Place
Glide Drive
Glide Place Apartments
Goldberry Lane
Golden 1 Credit Union
Golden Sunray Terrace
Golfview Circle
Gong Cha
Goshawk Street
Grace Valley Christian Center
Gracepoint Davis Church
Grande Avenue
Great Clips
Greek Court
Green Zebra Terrace
Greene Terrace
Greenview Drive
Gregory Place
Grinnel Drive
Grinnel Place
Grocery Outlet
Grosbeak Court
Guava Lane
Guaymas Place
Gunrock Pub
Guthrie Place

H Street
Hacienda Avenue
Hackberry Place
Halcon Place
Halifax Avenue
Hallmark Inn at UC Davis
Halsey Circle
Hamel Lane
Hamel Street
Hampton Drive
Hanlees Davis Chevrolet
Hanlees Davis Nissan
Hanlees Davis Toyota
Hanover Drive
Harding Terrace
Harper Jr. High School
Harrier Place
Hartley Street
Harvard Drive
Harvest Street
Harvey Way
Hatteras Place
Hattie Weber Museum of Davis
Haussler Drive
Hawthorne Lane
Health Sciences Drive
Heather Glen Apartments
Hedy Lane
Heirloom Street
Helmus Optometry
Hemlock Lane
Henri Court
Hepworth Drive
Hermosa Place
Heron Place
Hickey Pool
Hickory Lane
Hidalgo Place
Hidden Circle
Hilgard Lane
Hoag Place
Holiday Inn Express & Suites
Holly Lane
Holmes Junior High School
Homer Street
Honda House Visitor Center
Honey and Pollination Center
Hoopa Place
Hopkins Road
Hopper Place
Horizon Street
Hortaleza Place
Howard Field
Howard Way
Hubble Street
Hudson Court
Hudson Street
Huerta Place
Huku Bistro
Humboldt Avenue
Hunan Style
Hunt Way
Hutchison Drive
Hutchison IM Field
Hutchison Place
Hyatt House Davis
Hyatt Place UC Davis

I Street
Ike's Love and Sandwiches
Illusions Smoke Shop
Impala Place
Imperial Avenue
In-N-Out Burger
Inca Place
Inner Circle
Ipanema Place
Iris Place
Isla Place
Islamic Center of Davis
Isle Royale Lane


Ivory Pearl Terrace

J Street
J Street Apartments
Jack in the Box
Jack's Urban Eats
Jackson Sustainable Winery
Jacobsen Lane
Jade Street
Jalisco Place
Jamba Juice
Jardin Place
Jasmine Court
Javier Place
Jerome Street
Jiffy Lube
John Natsoulas Gallery
Joshua Tree Street
Juniper Place

K Street
Kaiser Permanente
Kalamazoo Place
Kaneko Lane
Kathmandu Kitchen
Kelly-Moore Paints
Ken's Bike & Ski
Kennedy Place
Kent Drive
Kestrel Place
Kind Farma
Kite Street
Klee Place
Kleiber Hall Drive
Kline Court
Koso Street

L. A. Moran Reforestation Center
L Street
La Canada Way
La Coruno Street
La Habra Court
La Mesa Court
La Paloma Court
La Paz Drive
La Playa Drive
La Quinta Inn & Suites Davis
La Rue
La Rue Park Apartments
La Rue Road
La Rue Road East
La Vida Way
Ladera Court
Lafayette Drive
Lago Place
Laguna Avenue
Lake Boulevard
Lake Terrace Circle
Lakeview Drive
Lamppost Pizza
Larue Way
Lassen Place
Latitude Restaurant
Laundry Room A
Laurel Place
Layton Drive
Lazi Cow
Le Chamois Apartments
Le Tournesol Apartments
Legend Terrace
Lehigh Drive
Lemon Lane
Leon Place
Leonardo Street
Leslie's Pool Supplies
Lessley Place
Let Them Eat Cake
Levee Road
Lillard Drive
Linden Lane
Lindo Place
Locust Place
Loop C (East)
Loop C (South)
Los Cerros Place
Los Robles Street
Louise Lane
Loyola Drive
Lucena Court
Lutheran Church of the Incarnation
Luz Place
Lyle Way
Lyndell Terrace
Lyndell Terrace Professional Center

M Street
Mace Boulevard
Madera Court
Madrid Court
Madrid Street
Madrone Lane
Madrone Place
Madson Place
Magellan Street
Magnolia Place
Magpie Street
Maidu Place
Make Fish
Malaga Avenue
Mallorca Lane
Manet Place
Manna Korean BBQ
Manzanita Lane
Maple Lane
Marden Drive
Marguerite Montgomery Elementary School
Marguerite Montgomery Elementary South Davis Satelite Branch (Yolo County Library)
Marina Circle
Mariposa Circle
Market Avenue
Martin Luther King Continuation High School
Marvel Stripe Terrace
Mary L. Stevens-Davis Branch (Yolo County Library)
Matisse Street
Mattress Firm
Meadowbrook Drive
Mello Place
Menlo Drive
Merced Drive
Mercedes Avenue
Mercedes Court
Merganser Place
Mesquite Drive
Michelangelo Place
Middle Golf Drive
Miller Drive
Mills Drive
Mint Street
Mishka's Cafe
Miwok Place
Mockingbird Place
Modoc Place
Monarch Lane
Mondavi Center
Mondavi Center Admin
Mono Place
Monte Vista Avenue
Montefrio Lane
Monterey Avenue
Montevista Place
Montgomery Avenue
Moore Boulevard
Morris Fountain
Morris Way
Morro Bay Avenue
Motel 6 Davis, CA - Sacramento Area
Mountain Mike's
Mr Pickle's Sandwich Shop
Mrak Hall Drive
Muir Woods Place
Mulberry Lane
Myrtle Place

N Street
Nandina Place
Nantucket Terrace
Natural Food Works and Farmer's Kitchen Cafe
Navajo Street
Nevelson Court
Newman Catholic Center
Newman House
Newport Terrace
Newton Court
Nido Terrace
Noah's Bagels
Norte Avenue
North Campus Way
North Dairy Road Bikeway
North Davis Elementary School
North Davis Farms Road
North Diameter Drive
North El Macero Drive
North Field Court
North Levee Road
North Quad
North Sage Street
Notre Dame Drive
Nugget Markets
Nutmeg Lane

O'Reilly Auto Parts
Oak Avenue
Oakenshield Road
Oakside Drive
Oceano Way
Oeste Drive
Ohlone Street
Okeefe Place
Old City Hall
Old Davis Bikeway
Old Davis Road
Oleander Place
Olive Drive
Olive Drive Barber Shop
Olive Tree Lane
Oliver Wendell Holmes Junior High School
Olympic Drive
Orange Lane
Orchard Park Apartments
Orchard Park Circle
Orchard Park Drive
Orchard Park Greenhouse Complex
Orchard Road
Oriole Avenue
Oshio Cafe
Ottowa Avenue
Outer Circle
Ovejas Avenue
Overhill Lane
Oxford Circle
Oxford Parkside Apartments
Oyster Bay Avenue

Pachamama Coffee
Pacific Drive
Palm Place
Pamplona Avenue
Panda Express
Panera Bread
Papa Murphy's
Par Circle
Parkside Apartments
Parkside Drive
Parkway Circle
Pastal Way
Patwin Elementary School
Patwin Road
Peach Place
Pecan Place
Pedrick Road
Peet's Coffee
Pena Drive
Pence Gallery
Pennsylvania Place
Penny Place
Pepperdine Court
Peregrine Avenue
Perennial Terrace
Persimmon Terrace
Pet Food Express
Peter J Shields Avenue
Petra Court
Philz Coffee
Pho King 4 Restaurant
Picasso Avenue
Pierce Lane
Pine Lane


Pinnacles Place
Pinnacles Street
Pintail Place
Pioneer Elementary
Pismo Court
Pistachio Court
Piñon Apartments
Play Fields Park
Plum Lane
Point Reyes Place
Pole Line Road
Pollock Court
Pomo Place
Pomona Drive
Ponderosa Place
Ponteverde Lane
Poplar Lane
Poppy Lane
Portage Bay Apartments
Portage Bay East
Portage Bay West
Portola Court
Portola Street
Portsmouth Avenue
Prado Lane
Preethi Indian Cuisine
Primate Center Administration
Primero Grove Apartments
Primero Grove Community
Princeton Place
Public Storage
Puma Street
Purdue Drive
Putah Creek Lodge Drive
Putah Creek Parkway

Quail Street
Quarter Circle

R Davis
Radcliffe Drive
Rainbow City
Rainier Street
Raintree Place
Raising Cane's
Raja's Tandoor
Ralph Waldo Emerson Junior High School
Ramble Road
Ramita Terrace
Rancho Yolo
Raphael Place
Rec Pool
Recreation Pool Bath House
Red 88 Noodle Bar
Red Currant Terrace
Redbud Drive
Redbud Montessori
Redbud Place
Redrum Burger
Redwood Lane
Reed Drive
Regal Holiday 6
Regan Hall Bikeway
Regan Hall Circle
Regatta Court
Regatta Lane
Regis Drive
Regis Lane
Renoir Avenue
Research Park Drive
Residence Inn Sacramento Davis
Rialto Lane
Rice Lane
Richards Boulevard
Rifle Range
Rio Grande Street
Risling Court
Rite Aid
Rivendell Lane
River City Bank
Rivera Place
Road 30;Levee Road
Road 35
Road C-2A
Road D-5
Road D-6
Road E-2B
Road E-3A
Road E-4A
Road E-4B
Robert E. Willett Elementary School
Robert Mondavi Institute for Wine & Food Science
Robin Place
Robinia Place
Rockwell Court
Rockwell Drive
Rodin Place
Rogers Street
Rondo Place
Roos Street
Rosario Street
Rosewood Park Apartments
Roualt Street
Round Table Pizza
Route 42A
Route 42B
Rowe Place
Rubicon Avenue
Rushmore Lane
Russell Boulevard
Russell Field
Russell Park
Russell Park Apartments
Rutgers Drive

Sage Street
Sage Street Cafe
Sage Street Market
Sage Street Restaurant
Saint Elias Place
Saint James Catholic Church
Saint James rectory
Salamanca Court
Salar Raja - Lyon Real Estate
Salem Avenue
Sam Len Hillel House
Sam's Mediterranean Cuisine
San Gallo Terrace
San Jeronimo Terrace
San Marino Drive
San Miguel Way
San Rafael Street
San Ramon Drive
San Sebastian Street
San Tomas Street
Sandpiper Drive
Sandy Circle
Santa Cruz Way
Santa Paula Way
Santa Rosa Street
Santiago Lane
Sapphire Court
Saratoga Place
Saratoga West Apartments
Sargent Court
Satander Court
Schmeiser Avenue
Scripps Drive
Seabright Avenue
Seal of the University
Secret Bay Street
See No Evil Hear No Evil
Segundo Dining Commons
Segundo Electric Vehicle Garage
Segundo Residence Halls
Seine Avenue
Sequoia Place
Seville Court
Seville Street
Shah's Halal Food
Shanghai Town
Sharon Avenue
Sharps & Flats Apartments
Shasta Drive
Sheep Pen Alley
Shelter Cove Avenue
Shelter Cove Place
Shenandoah Place
Shepards Lane
Shilling Robotics - FMC
Shire Lane
Sierra Madre Way
Silo Market
Silver Dragon
Simmons Way
Sisley Court
Sit Lo Saigon
Slatter's Court
Slayback Ranch Lane
Sloan Street
Snack Shack
Snyder Drive
Soccer Bikeway
Sodexho Coffee
Softball Field
Sol at West Village
Solano Park Apartments
Solano Park Circle
Solito Street
Sophia's Thai Kitchen
South Campus Way
South Davis Storage
South Diameter Drive
South El Macero Drive
South Levee Road
Southfield Court
Spafford Street
Sparks Lane
Sparrow Court
SPCA Yolo County Thrift Store
Spokes Grill
Spring Street
Sprocket Bikeway
Spruce Lane
St James chancery office
Stadium Way
Stanford Drive
Stanford Place
Station 31
Station 32
Station 33
Stebbins Lane
Steve's Pizza
Stone Poem
Stonegate Village Apartments
Straloch Road
Strawberry Terrace
Strelitzia Fllowers
Student Farm
Studio K
Sudwerk Brewing Co. The Dock
Sundance Apartment Management Office
Sundance Apartments
Sunrise Court
Sunset Court
Suntree Apartments
Sushi Unlimited
Sutter Davis Hospital
Sweetbriar Road
Swift Chrysler Jeep Dodge
Swingle Drive
Sycamore Lane
Sycamore Lane Garden Apartments
Sycamore Park Cyclists Overcrossing
Symposium Restaurant & Pizza House
Syracuse Court

Taco Bell
Tahoe Place
Tallow Place
Tamarack Lane
Tanager Avenue
Tandem Properties
Tangella Terrace
Tanglewood Apartments
Taqueria Davis
Taqueria El Burrito
Taqueria Guadalajara
Taste of Thai
Tau Beta Pi Bent
Tavernetti Bell
Tea List
Tea Place
Teabo Café
Temple Coffee
Temple Drive
Tender Learning Care
Tennis Court Lane
Tercero Dining Commons
Tercero Hall Bikeway
Tercero Hall Drive
Tercero Residence Halls
Tern Place
Terracina Apartments
Thai Canteen
The Avid Reader
The Bike Barn
The Colleges At La Rue
The Davis Beer Shoppe
The Domes
The Dumpling House
The Good People Farms
The Graduate
The Green
The Habit Burger Grill
The Hotdogger
The Old Teahouse
The Paint Chip
The Posh Bagel
The Printer
The Solstice Apartments
The Spoke
The Stealth Angel
The Trees Apartments
The U Apartments
The UPS Store
The Vine Inn Davis
Tiber Avenue
Tierra Linda Place
Tilia Street
Tim Spencer Alley
Titan II Rocket Engine
Titian Place
Toad Hollow
Toad Hollow Dog Park
Toomey Weight Room
Topsail Place
Torrey Street
Toyon Place
Trader Joe's
Trawler Place
Trinita Terrace
Trotter Way
Tufts Street
Tulane Drive
Tulip Lane

UC Davis Bookstore
UC Davis Former Landfill
UC Davis Health Stadium
UC Davis Lacrosse Field
UC Davis Store
UC Davis West Campus
UCD Cyclist Overcrossing

umpire shed and announcer booth

Union Bank
Union Drive
United States Post Office
University Avenue
University Court Apartments
University Covenant Church
University Honda
University of Beer
University of California, Davis: Center for Equine Health
University Park Inn and Suites
University Retirement Community
U.S. Bicycling Hall of Fame

Valdora Street
Valencia Avenue
Valerosa Way
Van Damme Drive
Van Gogh Street
Vander Hamm Tire Center
Varsity Theatre
Vassar Drive
Vela Place
Veranada Terrace
Verona Terrace
Via Colonna Terrace
Via del Sol Terrace
Via Verde Terrace
Via Verdi Terrace
Victoria Place
Vigo Court
Village Bakery
Village Pizza & Grill
Village Square
Villanova Drive
Villaverde Lane
Vine Street
Vineyard Lane


Vista Way
Vistosa Court
Vistosa Street

Wahl Way
Wake Forest Drive
Walnut Lane
Walnut Park Dog Area
Washoe Street
Watermelon Music
Waxwing Place
Wellesley Place
Wells Fargo
West 14th Street
West 8th Street
West Chiles Road
West Covell Boulevard
West Health Sciences Drive
West Oakside Place
West Quad Avenue
West Shore Street
West Village
Westernesse Road
Westfield Terrace
Westlake IGA Market
Whaler Avenue
Whistler Court
White Sands Lane
Whittier Drive
Willow Lane
Willowbank Road
Windy Lane
Wintun Place
Wisteria Way
Wok of Flame
Woodbury Lane
Woods Circle
Woodstock's Pizza
Wren Street
Wright Boulevard
Wyatt Theater
Wyeth Court

Xi Square

Yakitori Yuchan
Yale Drive
Yana Place
Yeti Restaurant
Yin And Yang
Yolo Berry
Yolo Federal Credit Union
Yukon Street

Zamora Lane
Zaragoza Street
Zia's Delicatessen