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100 Mile Bakery
10th and Mill Building
10th Place
10th Street
11th Place
11th Street
12th Street
13th & Olive
13th Street
14th & Main Market
14th Place
14th Street
15th Street
16 Tons Café
16 Tons Taphouse & Bottleshop
16-2-28.1 Road
16th Street
17th Place
17th Street
18th Street
1928 5th Street
1928 5th Street Townhomes
19th Street
1st Place
1st Street

20th Street
21st Street
221 BCE
22nd Street
23rd Street
24th Alley
26th and Olive Street Intersection Mural
28th Street
295 Tactical
2nd Street

30st Street
31st Street
33rd Street
34th Court
34th Street
35th Street
36th Court
36th Street
37th Place
37th Street
38th Street
39th Street
3rd Street

40th Street
41st Street
44th Street
49th State Loop
4th Street

52nd & Willamette Trailhead
52nd Place
53rd Place
53rd Street
541 Sushi Bar
54th Place
55th Place
55th Street
56th Place
56th Street
57th Street
58th Place
58th Street
5th Market Construction

60th Place
60th Street
61st Street
62nd Place
62nd Street
63rd Street
64th Place
64th Street
65th Place
65th Street
66 Motel
66th Place
66th Street
67th Place
67th Street
68th Place
68th Street
69th Place
69th Street
6th Street
6th Street Alley

70th Street
71st Place
71st Street
72nd Place
72nd Street
73Road Place
74th Place
74th Street
75th Street
76 Gasoline
7th Street

8th Street

9th Street

A Street
Aaron Lane
Abbie Lane
Abby Road
Abby's Legendary Pizza #14
Aberdeen Street
Abigail Lane
About nearby artwork.
Abra Auto Body
Acacia Avenue
Academy of Arts and Academics
ACE Buyers
Ace Truck Wash
Acorn Park Road
Acorn Park Street
Action Muffler
Adams Alley
Adams Elementary School
Adams Street
Addi's Diner
Addyson Creek Subdivision
Adelman Loop
Adidas Running Trail leg1
Adidas Running Trail leg2
Adidas Running Trail leg3
Adkins Farm
Adkins Street
Admiral Street
Aerial Way
Aerie Park Place
Agate Alley
Agate Alley Bistro
Agate Street
Ainsley Lane
Air Cargo Way
Airgas Welding & Safety Supply
Airport Road
Alameda Street
Alban Street
Albee's NY Gyros
Alberta Street
Alcona Street
Aldabra Street
Alden Lane
Alder Alley
Alder Branch Road
Alder Street
Alderbrook Lane
Alderwood Street
Aldridge Place
Alexander Loop
Alexandra Court
Alfaretta Drive
Alison Park Christian Church
All In One Smokeshop and Cigarettes
Alladin Way
Allan Bros. Beanery
Allane Lane
Allea Drive
Allen Avenue
Almaden Alley
Almaden Street
Along Came Trudy
Alphonse Avenue
Alpine Loop
Alsea Drive
Alta Vista Court
Altamont Street
Alton Baker BMX Track
Alton Baker Disc Golf Course
Alton Baker Dog Park
Alton Baker Dog Park Path
Altura Street
Alva Park Drive
Alyndale Drive
Amazon Alley
Amazon Ball Fields
Amazon Delta Trail
Amazon Dog Park
Amazon Parkway
Amazon Path
Amazon Path - East Amazon Extension
Amazon Runoff Trail
Amazon Skatepark
Amazon to Fern Ridge Trail
Amberland Avenue
Ambiance Salon
Ambleside Drive
Ambrosia Restaurant & Bar
American Mattress
Americas Best Value Inn Eugene
Amesbury Avenue
Amherst Way
Amirante Street
Amish Traditions
Amitage County Park Boat Launch
Amitage County Park Campground


Andersen Lane
Anderson Lane
Andover Street
Andrea Avenue
Angkor Cambodian Cafe
Ann Court
Ann’s Hair Studio
Antelope Way
Anthony Way
Antigua Drive
Antique Mall
Anton Court
Anytime Fitness

apartment A 3402 Kinsrow
apartment B 3406 Kinsrow
apartment C 3473 Kinsrow
apartment D 3462 Kinsrow
apartment E 3454 Kinsrow
apartment I 3434 Kinsrow
apartment J 3422 Kinsrow
apartment k 325 Marche Chase
apartment K 3414 Kinsrow
apartment L 3418 Kinsrow
apartment M 3390 Kinsrow
apartment M 350 Marche Chase
apartment N 360 Marche Chase
apartment O 3350 Kinsrow
apartment O 355 Marche Chase
apartment P 3330 Kinsrow
apartment Q 3310 Kinsrow
apartment R 3280 kinsrow
apartment S 3210 Kinsrow
apartment T 3170 Kinsrow
apartment U 3150 Kinsrow
apartment V 3130 kinsrow
apartment W 3110 Kinsrow

Apple Drive
Applewood Lane
Arbor Avenue
Arbor Drive
Arcadia Drive
Archie Street
Archwood Street
Arden Place
Ardendale Lane
Argon Avenue
Arline Way
Arlington Avenue
Armitage Connector
Armitage Park Frontage Road
Armitage Road
Armstrong Avenue
Arnold Avenue
Arondo Court
Arriving By Bike
Arrowhead Street
Arrowsmith Street
Arthur Court
Arthur Street
Arts and Technology Academy
Ascot Drive
Ash Street
Ash Way
Ashford Drive
Ashley Court
Ashley HomeStore
Ashley Lane
Ashley Loop
Aspen Street
Assumption Street
Aster Apartments
Aster Street
Astove Avenue
Atlantic Avenue
Atticus Way
Auction Way
Audel Avenue
Augusta Street
Austin Street
Austin Way
Autumn Avenue
Autzen Path
Autzen path
Autzen Service Road
Ava Street
Avalon Alley
Avalon Avenue
Avalon Street
Awbrey Farms
Awbrey Lane
Awbrey Park Elementary School
Awesome Taco
Ayres Road
Azalea Drive
Azure Street

B Street
Babcock Lane
Babe Ruth Drive
Back Walnut Orchard
Backlund Place
Baden Way
Bagel Sphere
Bailey Avenue
Bailey Hill Instructional Center
Bailey Hill Road
Bailey Lane
Bailey View Drive
Baja Fresh
Baker Boulevard
Balboa Street
Baldy View Lane
Balfour Street
Bampton Court
Bank of America
Bank of the Cascades
Banner Street
Banover Street
Banton Avenue
Bar M Drive
Barbados Drive
Barbara Lane
Barber Drive
Bardell Avenue
Barger Drive
Bari Trattoria Whiteacre
Barnes & Noble
Barrett Avenue
Barrington Avenue
Barry's Expresso & Deli
Barstow Avenue
Barton Drive
Barton Street
Baseline Equipment Company
Basketball Court
Bates Steakhouse
Batteries Plus Bulbs
Bauer Court
Bauer Lane
Baxter Road
Bayberry Salon
Baywood Street
Be Ell Place
Beacock Music
Beacon Drive West
Bean Street
Beaver Street
Bed Bath & Beyond
Bedford Way
Beebe Lane
Beech Place
Beech Street
Beer Garden
Belair Drive
Bell Avenue
Bella Terra Drive
Bellinger Boat Launch
Belmont Street
Beltline Road
Ben Franklin Crafts and Frame Shop (closed for more than a year)
Bendix Avenue
Benjamin Street
Bennett Lane
Benson Lane
Bent Tree Lane
Bentley Avenue
Beppe & Gianni's Trattoria
Berean Assembly of God
Beringer Court
Berkshire Street
Berntzen Road
Berry Lane
Berrywood Drive
Berwin Lane
Best Cash
Best Lane
Best Western Grand Manor Inn
Best Western Greentree Inn
Best Western New Oregon
Bethel Drive
Bethesda Lutheran Church
Bethesda Street
Betsy Lane
Betty Lane
Betty Niven Drive
Beverly Street
Big 5 Sporting Goods
Big Mouth Burritos
Big Town Hero
Bijou Art Cinemas
Bike Path
Bill & Tim's Barbeque
Bill Bowerman Tower
Billings Road
Birch Lane
Birchwood Avenue
Bizzy Jean's Donuts
Black Canyon Road
Black Oak Road
Black Wolf Supper Club
Blackburn Street
Blackfoot Avenue
Blackstone Court
Blackstone Street
Blacktail Drive
Blair Boulevard
Blanton Heights Road
Blanton Ridge Trail
Blanton Ridge Trailhead
Blanton Road
Blazer Avenue
Bloomberg Road
Blossom Street
Blue Heron Bicycles
Blue Heron Bridge
Blue Heron Bycicles
Blue Heron Lane
Blue Spruce Drive
Bluebell Court
Bluebelle Way
BMW of Eugene
Boardwalk Avenue
Bob Keefer Center
Bob Kilkenny Field
Bob Straub Parkway
Bobby Doerr Way
Bobolink Avenue
Bodenhamer Road
Boeing Drive
Bogart Lane
Bon Mi
Bon Vue Drive
Bond Lane
Bonnie Heights Road
Bonnie Lane
Bonnie View Drive
Boost Mobile
Booth Kelly Center
Booth Kelly Road
Booth-Kelly Trail
Borders Drive
Boston Lane
Bowmont Drive
Bowtie Avenue
Boyce Street
Brackenfern Road
Bradford Court
Bradley Drive
Bradley Way
Brae Burn Drive
Braeman Village
Braewood Lane
Brail's Expresso
Brail's on 5th
Brail's Restaurant
Bramblewood Lane
Brand's Road
Brandy Way
Braodway Connector
Bray Lane
Breezewood Avenue
Brentwood Avenue
Brett Loop
Brewer Avenue
Brewer Lane
Briana Lane
Briarcliff Drive
Briarcliff Place
Briars Street
Brickley Road
Bricks and Minifigs
Briggs Middle School
Bright Oaks Meats
Brighton Avenue
Bristol Street
Brittania Place
Brittany Street
Broadview Street
Broadway Street
Brockton Place
Brookdale Avenue
Brookhaven Way
Brooklyn Street
Brooks Cut Rate Auto Parts
Brookside Drive
Brookview Drive
Brookwood Street
Brotherton Avenue
Brower Avenue
Brown Lane
Bruce Way
Bryceler Drive
Buck Street
Buck Street Bridge
Buckingham Avenue
Buddy's Diner
Budget Lodge
Buena Vista Spanish Immersion Elementary School
Buff Way
Buffalo Exchange
Buffalo Wild Wings
Buford Access Road
Building 17
Building 38 Storage
Bumper Boats
Burger King
Burlington Avenue
Burlington Drive
Burlwood Street
Burnett Avenue
Burrito Amigos
Burrito Boy
Bushnell Lane
Busy Bee Cafe
Butte Lane
Butterfly Creek Lane
By-Gully Bike/Jog Path
Byron Street

C Street
Caberet Lane
Cabriole Court
Cafe 440
Cafe and Noodle
Cafe Carpe Diem
Cafe Coffee Day

cafe esspresso

Cafe Lucky Noodle
Cafe Seoul
Cafe Siena
Cafe Yumm
Cafe Yumm!
Cal Young Middle School
Cal Young Road
Calgary Street
Calistoga Court
Calla Street
Calumet Ave
Calumet Avenue
Calumet Cir
Calumet Way
Calvary Open Bible
Calvin Street
Camas Ridge Elementary School
Cambon Street
Cambridge Oaks Drive
Cambridge Street
Camellia Court
Camellia Street
Camelot Avenue
Cameo Drive
Camp Creek Church
Camp Creek Road
Camp Harlow
Camrose Street
Canal Street
Candlelight Drive
Candlewood Suites Eugene Springfield
Cannabliss & Company, Sorority House
Cannery Orchard
Cannon Court
Canoe Canal Trail
Canoe Ridge Way
Canterbury Street
Cantrell Road
Canyon Drive
Cap Court
Cape Hatteras Drive
Capital Drive
Capri Apartments (Campus Quads)
Caprice Way
Carbona Street
Cardiff Street
Cardinal Way
Carl's Jr.
Carlton Street
Carmel Avenue
Carmel of Maria Regina Monastery
Carol Avenue
Carolyn Drive
Carriage Drive
Carriage Place
Carter Lane
Carthage Avenue
Carthage Court
Caruthers Road
Casanova Athletic Center
Cascade Auto of Springfield
Cascade BBQ
Cascade Court
Cascade Drive
Cascade Middle School
Cascade Peak Performance
Cascade Range
Cascara Drive
Caspian Mediterranean Cafe
Cassinia Court
Castelloe Avenue
Castle Drive
Castle Games
Castrey Street
Catalina Street
Cecil Avenue
Cedar Brook Drive
Cedar Ridge Drive
Cedar Road
Cedar, Sage & Roses
Cedarwood Drive
Centennial Boulevard
Centennial Christian Center
Centennial Elementary School
Centennial Loop
Centennial Market
Centennial Plaza
Centennial Steakhouse and Sports Bar
Center Way
Central Boulevard
Central Power Station
Central Presbyterian Church
Century Drive
Cesar Chavez Elementary School
Chad Drive
Chalk Lane
Chambers Alley
Chambers Street
Champ Court
Champagne Lane
Chancellor Lane
Chandler Avenue
Chao Pra Ya Resturant
Chapala's Mexican
Chapel Drive
Chapman Drive
Chapman Lane
Chardonnay Lane
Charlemagne at Fox Hollow Elementary School
Charlemagne Elementary School
Charles Way
Charlet Drive
Charley Lane
Charnelton Alley
Charnelton Street
Chasa Street
Chase ATM
Chase Gardens Cafe Bistro
Chase Street

chase village basketball court
chase village public volleyball court

Chase Village swimming pool

chase village swimming pool

Chateau Meadows Drive
Chateau Place
Chaucer Court
Chaucer Way
Cheba Hut
Cheek Street
Cherokee Drive
Cherry Avenue
Cherry Drive
Cheryl Street
Chesapeake Drive
Cheshire Avenue
Chestnut Drive
Chevy Chase Lane
Chevy Chase Street
Chick Street
Chicken Bonz
Chicken Shack
Chimney Rock Lane
Chinese Kitchen
Christian Way
Chuckanut Street
Chula Vista Boulevard
Chula's Restaurant & Cantina
Church of Christ
Churchill High School
Churchill Sports Park Tennis Courts
Churchill Street
Cimarron Place
Cinder Street
Cinderella Loop
Cindy Street
Cinemark 17
Cinnamon Avenue
Circle K
Citizen’s Bank
City of Destiny
City View Lane
City View Street
Clairmont Drive
Clark Alley
Clark Street
Classic Place
Clear Lake Road
Clear Vue Lane
Clearlake Road
Clearwater Lane
Cleveland Place
Cleveland Street
Cline Road
Clinton Drive
Cloudburst Way
Club Road
Club Way
Coach Way
Coachman Drive
Cobblestone Lane
Coburg Bottom Loop Road
Coburg City Hall
Coburg Community Charter School
Coburg Crossing Cafe
Coburg East Frontage Road
Coburg Industrial Way
Coburg IOOF Cemetery
Coburg Pizza Company
Coburg Road
Coburg Road North
Coburg Road Quarry
Coburg United Methodist Church
Cody Avenue
Coetivy Avenue
Coffee Plant Roaster
Coin Laundry
Colby Court
Cold Springs Way
Cole Way
Collectibles & More
College Hill
College Pro Painters
College View Road
Collier Drive
Collin Court
Colonial Drive
Colony Oaks Drive
Colony Pond Drive
Color of Beauty Tanning Salon
Colt Drive
Colton Way
Columbia Bank
Columbia Street
Columbine Street
Comfort Suites
Comfort Suites Eugene
Commerce Street
Commerce Street Bridge
Commercial Avenue
Commercial Street
Commodore Street
Common Grounds
Commons Drive
Community Faith Church
Compton Street
Concord Street
Cone Avenue
Conestoga Way
Conger Lane
Conger Street
Constantine Place
Cooks Garden Road
Cool Beanz Coffee
Cooperstown Avenue
Copping Street
Coraly Avenue
Corinthian Court
Corliss Lane
Cornbread Cafe
Cornell Way
Cornwall Avenue
Cornwall Court
Corona Street
Corral Court
Corral Drive
Cortland Lane
Corum Avenue
Corvallis Eugene Expressway
Corvette Lane
Corydon Street
Cosmoledo Street
Costco Gasoline
Costco Pharmacy
Cottonwood Avenue
Cottonwood Place
Country Club Parkway
Country Club Road
Country Lane
Country View Drive
Countryside Christian Fellowship
Countryside Lane
County Farm Road
Courtesy Inn Eugene
Courtney Place
Courtyard Eugene Springfield
Coventry Way
Covey Lane
CPFM Administration
CPFM Warehouse/ Shops
Craftsman Way
Craigmont Avenue
Crane Lane
Crater Lake Drive
Creative Minds Alternative School
Creekside Way
Crema & Bloom
Crenshaw Road
Crescent Avenue
Crescent Lake Drive
Crescent Meadows
Crest Drive
Crest Lane
Cresta de Ruta Street
Crestview Drive
Cricket Wireless
Crimson Avenue
Crocker Lane
Crocker Road
Crosby Avenue
Cross Avenue
Cross Place
Cross Street
Crossfire Family Resource Thrift Store
Crossfire Family Worship Center
Crossland Economy Studios - Eugene - Springfield
Crow Creek
Crow Road
Crown Avenue
Crowther Drive
Cubit Street
Cumberland Drive
Curry Street
Curtis Avenue
Cush Cafe
Custer Court
Custom Way
Cuthbert Amphitheater
Cycle Gear
Cynthia Court
Cypress Court

D Court
D Place
D Street
Dads' Gates Station
Daffodil Court
Dahlia Lane
Dairy Queen
Daisy Street
Dakota Street
Dale Avenue
Dalewood Street
Dalton Drive
Danebo Elementary School
Dani Street
Daniel Drive
Danna Court
Daphne Street
Dapple Court
Dapple Way
Dari Mart
Dark & Stormy
Darlene Avenue
Darlene Lane
Dartmoor Drive
David Avenue
David Minor Theater
Davis Street
Davis' Restaurant
Day Island Road
Dayna Lane
Days Inn Eugene Downtown/University
Deadmond Ferry Road
Dean Avenue
Debra Drive
Debra Sue Ct.
Debrick Road
Dee Court
Deer Trail Road
Deer Valley Drive
Deerbrush Way
Deerhorn Gift Baskets
Del Monte Avenue
Del Rio Street
Delay Drive
Dellwood Drive
Delmar Place
Delores Court
Delrose Avenue
Delrose Avenue Cul
Delrose Court
Delrose Drive
Delta Highway
Delta Oaks Drive
Delta Pines Drive
Delta Pit & Plant
Delta Street
Demarco Avenue
Densmore Road
Depue Street
Dery Road
Deschutes Avenue

describes nearby artwork & related history.
describes nearby artwork & related history

Devon Avenue
Devos Street
Dewey Street
Diamond Lake Drive
Diamond Ridge Loop
Diamond Street
Diane Street
Dibblee Lane
Dickey's Barbecue Pit
Dillard Access Road
Dillard Road
Discount Motorcycle Parts, Inc.
Division Avenue
Dixie Drive
Dizzy Dean's Donuts
Doc's Pad
Dogwood Drive
Dogwood Street
Dola Street
Dollar Tree
Domino's Pizza
Don Juan
Don Juan Avenue
Don Street
Donald Street
Dondea Street
Donegal Street
Donna Road
Donnalee Road
Donnelly Drive
Donner Place
Donohoe Avenue
Donovan Drive
Dorchester Lane
Doris Avenue
Dornoch Street
Dorris Ranch Living History Farm
Dorris Ranch Trailhead
Dorris Street
Dos Banderas
Dot Dodson's
Dot Dotson's Photo Finishing
Dotie Drive
Doug's Restaurant
Douglas Dr
Douglas Drive
Douthit Lane
Dove Lane
Dover Drive
Downing Street
Downtown Inn
Doyle Street
DQ Grill & Chill
Driftwood Bar & Grill
Driftwood Drive
Drummond Drive
Dry Creek Road
Dubens Lane
Dublin Avenue
Duck Horn Drive
Duck Island
Duck Store
Duck's Village
Duke Court
Duke Snider Avenue
Duke Street
Dulles Avenue
Dumas Drive
Durbin Street
Durham Avenue
Dutch Bros. Coffee
Dux Bistro

E 43rd Ave
E Court
E Street
Eagle View Drive
Earlasue Street
East 10th Alley
East 10th Avenue
East 11th Avenue
East 12th Alley
East 12th Avenue
East 13th Alley
East 13th Avenue
East 14th Alley
East 14th Avenue
East 14th Street
East 15th Avenue
East 16th Avenue
East 17th Alley
East 17th Avenue
East 18th Alley
East 18th Avenue
East 19th Alley
East 19th Avenue
East 20th Avenue
East 21st Alley
East 21st Avenue
East 22nd Alley
East 22nd Avenue
East 23rd Alley
East 23rd Avenue
East 24th Avenue
East 24th Place
East 25th Avenue
East 25th Avenue Path
East 25th Place
East 26th Avenue
East 27th Avenue
East 28th Avenue
East 29th Avenue
East 29th Place
East 2nd Alley
East 2nd Avenue
East 30th Avenue
East 31st Alley
East 31st Avenue
East 32nd Alley
East 32nd Avenue
East 33rd Alley
East 33rd Avenue
East 34th Alley
East 34th Avenue
East 34th Place
East 35th Avenue
East 35th Place
East 36th Avenue
East 36th Place
East 37th Avenue
East 38th Avenue
East 39th Avenue
East 39th Place
East 3rd Avenue
East 40th Avenue
East 41st Avenue
East 42nd Avenue
East 43rd Avenue
East 44th Avenue
East 46th Avenue
East 47th Avenue
East 48th Avenue
East 49th Avenue
East 4th Avenue
East 50th Avenue
East 53rd Avenue
East 5th Avenue
East 6th Avenue
East 7th Alley
East 7th Avenue
East 8th Alley
East 8th Avenue
East Amazon Drive
East Amazon Protected Bikeway
East Anchor Avenue
East Bank Path
East Beacon Drive
East Briarcliff Lane
East Broadway
East Broadway Alley
East Campus Graduate Village
East Delaney Street
East Dixon Street
East Enid Road
East Game Farm Road
East Hatton Avenue
East Hillcrest Drive
East Hilliard Lane
East Howard Avenue
East Irwin Way
East Lincoln Way
East Locust Street
East Lone Oak Loop
East Macy Street
East Maple Street
East Maynard Avenue
East McKenzie Street
East Mill Street
East Park Street
East Pearl Street
East Portland Street
East Rosewood Avenue
East Side Baptist Church
East Thomas Street
East Van Duyn Street
East Wilshire Drive
Eastway Drive
Eastwood Lane
Easy A Smoke Shop
Easy Lane
Eaton Drive
Echo Hollow City Park Courts
Echo Hollow Road
Echo Lane
Eclipse Court
Econo Lodge
Econo Lodge Eugene
Ed Cone Boulevard
Eddystone Place
Edendale Lane
Edenvale Road
Edgehill Road
Edgemont Way
Edgewater Drive
Edgewood Community Elementary School
Edgewood Drive
Edie Drive
Edison Elementary School
Edison Street
Edna Way
Edwards Drive
Egge Road
Eirann's Bistro
El Bonita Place
El Camino Street
El Centro Avenue
El Charro
El Kiosco
El Kora
El Manor Avenue
El Paso Taqueria
El Pato Verde
El Pique
El Rancho Drive
El Rey Family Mexican
El Roble Avenue
El Super Burrito
El Taco Express
El Tio Pepe
El Torito
El Toro Court
Elanco Avenue
Elderberry Loop
Elderberry Street
Eldon Schafer Road
Eldridge Avenue
Elephant's Trunk Toys
Elinor Street
Elizabeth Page Elementary School
Elizabeth Street
Elk Avenue
Elkay Drive
Elkhorn Drive
Ellen Avenue
Ellie Lane
Ellington Drive
Elliot Lane
Ellis Court
Ellsworth Street
Elm Drive
Elm Lake Circle
Elmira Road
Elsena Drive
Elwing Avenue
Elwood Court
Elwood Drive
Elysium Avenue
Em Ray Drive
Emerald Baptist Church
Emerald Business Systems
Emerald Dance Center
Emerald Express
Emerald Park Drive
Emerald Place
Emerald Street
Emily Lane
Emmaus Lutheran Church
Empire Buffet
Empire Park Drive
Empress Avenue
Enchantment Drive
Endurance Bridge
Episcopal Church Resurrection
Equiano Coffee Co.
Erin Way
Erma Court
Escalante Street
Espresso Coffee House
Espresso Roma
Essex Lane
Essex Lane Alta Vista
Estate Court
Estate Drive
Ethan Court
EUG Airfield Maintainance Shop
Eugen Springfield Fire Station 4
Eugene Airport-Mahlon Sweet Field
Eugene Asian Market
Eugene Bethel Station
Eugene Bible College
Eugene Christian Fellowship
Eugene Christian School
Eugene Country Club
Eugene Country Club Tennis Courts
Eugene Crossfit
Eugene Electric Bicycles
Eugene Faith Center
Eugene Family YMCA
Eugene Fire Station
Eugene Flight Center
Eugene Flower Home
Eugene Glass Roots
Eugene OG
Eugene Post Office
Eugene Public Library
Eugene Public Works Maintenance
Eugene Springfield Fire Station 11
Eugene Springfield Fire Station 3
Eugene Springfield Lock & Safe
Eugene Steam Plant
Eugene Sudbury School
Eugene Swim & Tennis Club
Eugene Swim and Tennis Club
Eugene Swim and Tennis Club Courts
Eugene Urology Institute
Eugene Waldorf School
Eugene's Best Tamales
Eugene, Cascades & Coast - Travel Lane County
Eugreen Health Center
Euphoria Chocolate Company
Euro-Asian Automotive
Eva’s Lingerie Etc.
EVEN Hotel Eugene
Everest Loop
Evergreen Drive
Evergreen Indian Cuisine
Evergreen Village at Delta Ridge
Evolution Gaming
EWEB Bike Path
Excaliber Lane
Exclusively Adult
Executive Motel
Executive Parkway
Exeter Avenue
Exmoor Place
Express Inn and Suites
Eyemart Express
Eyrie Lane

F Place
F Street
Fairfield Avenue
Fairfield Elementary School
Fairhaven Street
Fairmount Boulevard
Fairoaks Drive
Fairway Drive
Fairway Loop
Fairway Place
Fairway View Drive
Falcon Drive
Falcon Wood Village
Falling Sky Brewing House
Falling Sky Pizzeria
Falling Sky Pour House and Deli
Family School
Far Horizons Montessori School
Far Man
Farm House Drive
Fayette Avenue
Federal Lane
Federal Place
FedEx Office
Fell Place
Fenster Street
Fergus Avenue
Fern Ridge Path
Fern Ridge Bicycle Path
Fern Ridge Path
Fern Way
Ferndale Drive
Fernhill Court
Fernhill Loop
Ferry Alley
Ferry Lane
Ferry Street
Fetlock Court
Fetters Loop
Fiddler's Green
Fieldcrest Road
Fieldstone Court
Fiesta Drive
Figueroa Street
Filbert Lane
Filbert Meadows Way
Filbert Street
Fillmore St.
Fillmore Street
Fin's Drive In
Finch Lane
Fine Arts Studios
Fir Acres Drive
Fir Cove Lane
Fir Grove
Fir Lane
Fircrest Drive
Fire and Spice
Fire House Coffee
Fire Station #5, City of Springfield
Fire Station 12
Firehouse Subs
Fireside Court
Firestone Drive
Firland Boulevard
Firs Bowl
First Baptist Church of Eugene
First Christian Church
First Christian Church of Springfield
First Church of Christ, Scientist
First Interstate Bank
First National Taphouse
First Tech Federal Credit Union
Firth Avenue
Firwood Way
Fisherman's Market

fitness center

Five Guys
Flagstaff Street
Flamingo Avenue
Flint Ridge Avenue
Flintlock Street
Flintridge Avenue
Floral Avenue
Floral Hill Drive
Floral Hill Trail
Foch Street
Food Mart
Foothill Drive
Forest Blvd
Forest Lane
Formac Avenue
Forrester Way
Forsythia Drive
Forsythia Street
Four Oaks Grange Road
Fox Glen Avenue
Fox Hollow Road
Fox Meadow Road
Fox Pine Lane
Foxboro Lane
Foxglove Avenue
Foxtail Drive
Frank Parrish Road
Franklin Boulevard
Franklin Boulevard East
Franklin Center
Franz Bakery Outlet
Fred Meyer
Frederick Court
Freedom Lane
Fremont Avenue
Frequent Vibrationz
Fresh Marketcafe
Friendly Alley
Friendly Street
Friendly Street Church of God
Friendly Street Market
Frigon Avenue
Frogs Leap Lane
Frohnmayer Bridge
Frontier Drive
FSA Ceramics
FSA Metalsmithing & Jewelry
FSA Sculputure
Fuchsia Street
Fuji Lane
Full City Roasters
Fuller Avenue
Fulvue Drive
Funagain Games
Funke Road
Futura Street
Future Building Site
Future Construction

G Street
Galaway Court
Gambino’s Hut
Game Farm Road
GAR Memorial Plot
Garden Avenue
Garden Valley Road
Garden Way Trail
Gardenia Place
Gardenia Way
Garfield Street
Garnet Street
Garryana Lane
Garson Lane
Garth Lane
Gas Lamp Street
Gateway Loop
Gateway Post Office
Gateway Street
Gateway Taphouse
Gateways High School
Gay Street
GCR Tires & Service
Gem Avenue
Gen X
Gent Street
Gent's Trail
George Court
Gerald Avenue
Gerlinger Hall
Geyser Peak Place
Giant Burger
Gilbert Street
Gilham Elementary School
Gilham Park/Parkinglot
Gilham Road
Gilham School Path
Gillespie Cemetery
Gimpl Hill Road
Gimpl Way
Ginger Avenue
Ginkgo Way
Glacier Drive
Glacier Street
Glen Haven Road
Glen Mar Avenue
Glen Oak Drive
Glenwood Boulevard
Glenwood Drive
Global Delights
Glory Drive
Goat Orchard
Goats Road
Gold Lake Circle
Golden Avenue
Golden Garden Street
Golf course
Golf Course Road
Gonyea Road
Good Times Cafe & Bar
Goodpasture Island Road
Goodpasture Loop
Goodwill Boutique
Goodwill Computer Store
Goodwill Donation Center
Goodyear Street
Goose Cross Lane
Gossler Road
Gould Avenue
Grab 'n' Go Marketplace
Grace Baptist Church
Grace Drive
Graduate Eugene
Graham Drive
Graham Field
Granary Pizza Co.
Grand Canyon Drive
Grand Cayman Drive
Grand Street
Grand View Drive
Grand Vista Drive
Granite Place
Grant Alley
Grant Street
Grant Street Path
Grateful Meds
Graves Lane
Gray's Garden Center
Graystone Loop
Great Blue Heron
Great Clips
Great Harvest Bakery
Great Wall
Greek Paradise
Green Acres Road
Green Gear Cycling, Inc. dba Bike Friday
Green Hill Road

green hill walking trails

Green Island Road
Green Lane
Green Villa Lane
Greenbriar Street
Greenfield Avenue
Greenhill Humane Society Grounds
Greenleaf Avenue
Greenleaf Juicing Company
Greentree Way
Greenvale Drive
Greenview Street
Greenway Bike Bridge
Greenwich Avenue
Greenwood Street
Greg Way
Greiner Street
Grimes Street
Grit Kitchen and Wine
Grizzly Avenue
Grocery Outlet
Grouse Street
Grove Street
Grovedale Drive
Growler Guys
Grumman Drive
GuestHouse Inn & Suites Eugene / Springfield
Guitar Center
Guy Lee Elementary School
Guy Lee Park Tennis Courts
Gypsy Lane

H Street
Hackamore Way
Haig Street
Hailey Court

hair salon

Hallett Street
Hallmark Lane
Hamble Avenue
Hambletonian Drive
Hamilton Avenue
Hamilton Street
Hamlet Lane
Hamlin Middle School
Hammer Field
Hammer Lane
Hammock Street
Hampshire Lane
Hampton Way
Hancock Drive
Hank's II
Hanover Street
Hansen Lane
Happy Lane
Happy Lane path
Harbor Drive
Harbor Freight Tools
Hardy Avenue
Harlow Road
Harmon Lane
Harold Street
Harpers Court
Harriett Street
Harris Alley
Harris Place
Harris Street
Harrison Bridge
Harshels Court
Hartman Lane
Harvard Drive
Harvest Community Church
Harvest Lane
Harvey Avenue
Hastings Street
Hatfield Street
Hatfield-Dowlin Complex
Hathaway Avenue
Hatton Avenue
Haven Street
Haviture Way
Hawaiian Time
Hawkins Lane
Hawthorne Avenue
Hayden Bridge Place
Hayden Bridge Road
Hayden Bridge Tap House
Hayden Bridge Way
Hayden Early Learning Center
Hayes Alley
Hayes Street
Hayes Street Path
Hayward Field
Hazel Court
Hazel King Collections
Hazelnut Lane
Heath Drive
Heather Way
Heathman Drive
Heathrow Drive
Heins Court
Heitzman Way
Helen Street
Hemlock Street
Henceforth Lane
Henderson Avenue
Hendricks Hill Drive
Hendricks Hill Road
Hendricks Ridge Drive
Henry Court
Herald Lane
Hereford Road
Heritage Avenue
Heritage Family Restaurant
Heritage Oaks Drive
Herman Street
Heywood Avenue
Hickory Avenue
Hidden Meadows Dr
Hideaway Bakery
Hideaway Court
Higgens Petrolium
High Alley
High Maintenance
High Ranch Drive
High Street
Highbanks Road
Highbury Lane
Higher Ground
Highland Drive
Highland Oaks Drive
Highland Trail
Highway 99 North
Highway 99 South
Hileman Lane
Hill Road
Hillaire Street
Hills Creek Road
Hillview Baptist Church
Hillview Lane 1
Hillview Lane 2
Hilo Drive
Hilton Drive
Hilton Garden Inn Eugene / Springfield
Hilyard Alley
Hilyard St.
Hilyard St Market
Hilyard Street
Hionda Avenue
Hiwan Court
Hobbs Drive
Hodsdonsdale Lane
Hodson Lane
Holden Court
Hole In The Wall
Holeman Avenue
Holiday Coin Laundry
Holiday Inn Eugene - Springfield
Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites Eugene
Holiday Inn Express Springfield
Hollis Lane
Hollow Way
Holly Avenue
Holly Street
Hollyhock Lane
Hollyview Avenue
Holt Elementary School
Home Source Family Charter
Homestead Place
HomeTown Buffet
Honeycomb Drive
Honeycomb Salon and Spa
Honeysuckle Lane
Honeywood Street
Hong Kong Restaurant
Honolulu Avenue
Hoover Lane
Hop Valley Brewing
Hop Valley Brewing Company
Hope Loop
Horizon Road
Horn Lane
Hosanna Dance Studio
Hosanna Lane
Hot Mama's Wings
House for Phineas Gage
House of Chen
House of Records
Howard Avenue
Hoya Lane
Hoyt Avenue
HT Spa & Massage
Hubbard Lane
Huckleberry Street
Hughes Street
Hult Center for the Performing Arts
Humble Bagel/ Humble Beagle
Hummingbird Lane
Hunington Avenue
Hunsaker Lane
Hunters Glen Drive
Huntinton Avenue
Huntley Court
Hush Dispensary
Hutch's Bicycle Stores
Hutch's Bicycles
Hutton Street
Hwy 99 Path
Hyacinth Court
Hyacinth Street
Hyatt Place Eugene/Oakway Center
Hyde Lane
Hyland Auto Sales

I Love Rocks
I Street
I-5 Path
Idle Wheels
Ilex Court
Immanuel Lutheran
Impala Avenue
Imperial Street
Inavale Street
Industrial Avenue
Ingalls Way
Inglewood Avenue
Inland Way
Inn At The 5th
Innsbrook Way
Insomnia Cookie
Inspriation Point Drive
Intake Eugene Waterworks
Interior Street
International Court
International Way
Intersections Plaza
Inwood Lane
Ione Avenue
Iowa Street
Iron Horse Road
Ironwood Street
Irving Court
Irving Elementary School
Irving Market
Irving Road
Irvington Drive
Isabelle Street
Island Court
Island Street
Ivanhoe Avenue
Ivy Avenue
Ivy Glen Drive
Ivy Street
Izakaya Meiji Company
Izakaya Oyazi

J Mechling Road
J Street
Jack in the Box
Jackalope Lounge
Jackson Street
Jacob Lane
Jacobs Drive
Jacobs Lane
Jade Avenue
Jade West apatments
Jamba Juice
Jambo Smoke Shop
James Lane
James Madison Middle School
James Monroe Middle School
James Road
Jameson's Bar
Jane Sanders Stadium
Janelle Way
Janisse Street
Jannette Court
Janus Court
Janus Street
Jaqua Concert Hall
Jasmine Street
Jason Street
Jasper Lowell Road
Jasper Park Drive
Jasper Park Road
Jasper Post Office
Jasper Ridge Airstrip
Jasper Road
Jasper Store
Jasper Store Fuelstation
Jasper-Wallace Cemetery
Java Generations
Jay Street
Jayhawk Court
Jayne Street
JC's Laundry
Jean Court
Jefferson Alley
Jefferson Street
Jeffrey Way
Jenny Lane
Jeppesen Acres Road
Jeppesen Avenue
Jerry Street
Jersey Mike's Subs
Jessen Drive
Jessen Path
Jessica Drive
Jessica Lane
Jessica Street
Ji's Market
Jiffy Lube
Jill Avenue
Jimmy John's
Joe's Burgers
Joe's Truck and Trailer Supply
Joey's Pizza
John Day Drive
John Day Loop
John F Kennedy Junior High School
John F Kennedy Middle School
Johnson Lane
Jonquil Avenue
Jordan Drive
Josephine Street
Josh Street
Judkins Point Connector #2
Judkins Road
Juhl Street
Jules Place
Jung's Mongolian Grill
Juniper Lane

Kaiser Avenue
Kalapuya Talking Stone
Kalmia Lane
Kalmia Street
Kampus Barber
Karyl Avenue
Kathleen Court
Kathryn Avenue
Katy Lane
Keeler Avenue
Keeney Street
Keiper Avenue
Keith Way
Keller Lane
Keller Street
Kelley Drive
Kellmore Street
Kellogg Road
Kelly Boulevard
Kelly Lane
Kelly’s Appliances
Kelsey Lane
Kelso Street
Ken Neilsen Road
Kendall Auto Mall
Kendall Subaru
Kendra Street
Kenmore Street
Kenray Loop
Kent Lane
Kentwood Drive
Kervon Court
Kevington Avenue
Key Court
Kickit Vapors
Kiev Street
Kildare Street
Killer Burger
Kimberly Circle
Kimberly Drive
Kimwood Place
Kincaid St.
Kincaid Street
King Arthur Court
King Edwards Court
King Henry Court
Kings North Street
Kings West Street
Kingsbury Avenue
Kingsley Court
Kingsley Road
Kingston Way
Kingswood Avenue
Kinney Loop
Kinsrow Avenue
Kintyre Street
Kintzley Avenue
Kinwood Road
Kipling Way
Kirk Avenue
Kirsten Street
Kismet Way
Kistler Lane
Kiva Grocery store
Klamath Court
Klamath Street
Kloutz Road
Knapp Lane
Knave Street
Knecht's Auto Parts
Knickerbocker Bridge
Knight Avenue
Knight Campus Construction
Knight Library
Knob Hill Lane
Knoop Avenue
Knoop Lane
Knox Road
Kodiak Street
Kokkeler Road
Kona Street
Korbel Street
Korea House
Kourt Drive
Kremont Avenue
Kristen Court
Kruse Way
Kun Fusion

L Street
La Casa Street
La Darrah Street
La Granada
La Lone Road
La Oficna Restaurant
La Perla
La Porte Drive
La Velle Wine Bar & Grille
Labona Drive
Lady Lane
Laird Lane
Laird Road
Lake Drive
Lake Isle Court
Lake Isle Drive
Lake Isle Terrace
Lake Park Drive
Lake Shore Drive
Lakeland Way
Lakeridge Drive
Lakeridge Loop
Lakeridge of Eugene
Lakeside Drive
Lakeview Drive
Lakewood Court
Laksonen Loop
Lamar Lane
Lambert Street
Lamplite Lane
Lancaster Drive
Lancelopt Way
Landmark Lane
Lane Community College
Lane County Behvioral Health
Lane County Circuit Court
Lane County Fairgrounds Parking Lot
Lane County Historical Museum
Lane County Juvenile Detention Center
Lane ESD
Lane Events Center
Lane School
Lane Transit District - Eugene Station
Lane Transit District - River Road Station
Lane Transit District Customer Service Center
Langers Lane
Langton Avenue
Lansdown Road
Lanson Lane
Lantana Avenue
Laralee Street
Larch Street
Lariat Drive
Lariat Meadows Drive
Lariat Mesa
Larksmead Lane
Larkspur Avenue
Larkspur Loop
Larkwood Place
Larkwood Street
Larry Lane
Lasater Avenue
Lassen Lane
Lassen Street
Latitude 10
Latour Lane
Latus Motors
Laughing Planet
Laura Street
Laurel Avenue
Laurel Hill Drive
Laurelhurst Drive
Laurelwood Golf Course
Laurelwood Lane
Laveta Lane
Law Lane
Law Library Cafe
Lawing Way
Lawnridge Avenue
Lawrence Alley
Lawrence Street
Lazy Avenue
LCC Baseball Field
LCC Softball Field
Le Cafe Maison
Lea Avenue
Learning Time Day School
Leavitt Lane
Leda Way
Lee’s Mongolian Grill
Legacy Street
Leghorn Avenue
Leigh Street
Lemery Lane
Lemming Avenue
Lemuria Street
Lenore Drive
Lenore Loop
Lenox Road
Leo Harris Parkway
Leona Court
Leonards Way
Leopold Drive
Leota Street
Les Schwab Tire Center
Lester Avenue
Level Lane
Level Up Arcade
Lewis Avenue
Lexington Avenue
Leyton Lane
Liberty Street
Liberty Tax
Lilac Lane
Lillian Street
Lillis Cafe
Lily Avenue
Limerick Avenue
Lincoln Alley
Lincoln Street
Linda Avenue
Linda Lane
Lindale Drive
Linden Avenue
Linden Way
Lindley Lane
Lindner Lane
Link Road
Linnea Avenue
Linwood Street
Liquor Store
Lisa Court
Lithia Toyota
Lithia Toyota of Springfield
Little Big Burger
Little Lily
Little's Market
Littlewood Drive
Living History Village
Livingston Avenue
Lobelia Avenue
Loch Drive
Lochaven Avenue
Lochmoor Place
Lockheed Drive
Locust Street
Lodenquai Lane
Lodgepole Court
Logan Street
Lok Yaun
Loma Linda Drive
Loma Linda Lane
Lombard Street
Lomond Avenue
London Court
London Hair Studio
Lone Oak Avenue

lone Oak Avenue

Lone Oak Avenue
Lone Oak Way
Long Island Drive
Longfellow Place
Longridge Drive
Longview Street
Loop Lane
Lorane Highway
Lord Byron Place
Lorella Avenue
Lorella Court
Loretta Way
Lorie Court
Lorne Loop
Los Altos Lane
Los Faroles
Los Potrillo Mexican Restaurant & Bar
Lotus Garden
Louis Street
Louvring Lane
Loy Avenue
Lube It USA
Luckey Lane
Lucky Lil's
Ludgate Drive
Luella Street
Luna Salon
Lund Drive
Lupine Street
Lydick Way
Lyle Hatfield Riverside Trail
Lynn Lane
Lynnbrook Drive

M J Chase Road
M. Jacobs
M Street
M&G Collision Specialists
Mackin Avenue
Maclay Drive
Madera Street
Madison Alley
Madison Street
Madrona Drive
Maesner Street
Magic Circle
Mahalo Drive
Mahe Avenue
Mahlon Avenue
Mahogany Lane
Mahonia Lane
Maia Loop
Main Street
Mainwood Drive
Malabar Drive
Malibu Way
Mallard Avenue
Mallory Lane
Manchester Drive
Mandy's Family Restaurant
Mangan Street
Mangon Road
Mann Orchard
Manola's Thai Cuisine
Manor Drive
Mansfield Street
Manzana Street
Manzanita Street
Maple Drive
Maple Elementary School
Maple Garden
Maple Island Farm Road
Maple Island Road
Maple Street
Maple Tree
Mar Loop
Maranta Street
Marathon Coach
Marche Chase Drive
Marcola Road
Marcum Lane
Margaret Street
Marie Callenders's Restaurant & Bakery
Marie Lane
Marilyn Court
Marion Lane
Marist High School
Marjorie Avenue
Market of Choice
Market Street
Marlboro Lane
Marlow Lane
Marquet Way
Marquise Way
Marshall Avenue
Martha Court
Martin Luther King Jr. Parkway
Martin Luther King Junior Boulevard
Martin Street
Martingale Street
Martinique Avenue
Marvin Drive
Mary Lane
Mary Lee Lane
Masonic Cemetary Service Rd. 1
Masonic Cemetary Service Rd. 2
Master Donuts
Matt Drive
Matthews Road
Mattress Firm
Mattress Super Store
Maverick Avenue
Max's Tavern
Maxwell Connector
Maxwell Road
Mayfair Lane
Mayfair Street
Maynard Avenue
Mayor Court
Maywood Avenue
McBeth Road
McCarty Loop
McClure Lane
McCornack Elementary School
McCumber Lane
McDonald Court
McDonald Lane
McDonald Theater
McDougal Lane
McGowen Creek Road
McGowen View Lane
McKendrick Street
McKenna Drive
McKenzie Crest Drive
McKenzie Drift
McKenzie Glass
McKenzie Highway
McKenzie Power Equipment
McKenzie River Lodge
McKenzie Roofing
McKenzie View Drive
McKenzie-Willamette Medical Center
McKenzieview Drive
McKinley Court
McKinley Street
McLean Boulevard
McLean Court
McMenamins East 19th Street Cafe
McMenamins High Street Brewery & Café
McMenimin's North Bank
McMillan Street
McMorran Street
McMorrott Lane
McNaull Drive
McPherson Place
McTavish Court
McTavish Lane
McVay Highway
McVay Highway Connection #1
McVay Highway Connection #2
McVay Interchange Frontage Road
Meadow Butte Loop
Meadow Lane
Meadow Park Basketball Courts
Meadow Pointe Lane
Meadow Road
Meadow View Drive
Meadow View School
Meadowood Drive
Meadowvale Court
Meadowview Road
Mecca Avenue
Medina Street
Mediterran Network
Megan Way
Mehr Avenue
Melanie Lane
Mellowood Court
Melrose Loop
Melvina Way
Membrillio Latin Kitchen
Memory Lane
Menlo Loop
Merche Museum Cafe
Meredith Court
Merewether Street
Meriau Lane
Merlin Way
Merlot Avenue
Merrill Court
Merry Lane
Merryhill Court
Merryvale Road
Mesa Avenue
Messiah Lutheran Church
Metolius Drive
Mia Lane
Miami Lane
Mica Street
Michael Lane
Middle Fork Willamette Path
Middle Fork Willamette River Path
Miles Way
Milky Way
Mill Alley
Mill Race Path
Mill Race Path (about)
Mill Street
Miller Paint Co.
Millrace Drive
Millrace Studio 1
Millrace Studio 2
Millrace Studios
Milo Way
Milrace Studio 3
Milton Lane
Mimi Street
Mimosa Avenue
Minda Drive
Mineral Way
Mini Market
Mini Pet Mart
Minick Lane
Minnesota Street
Mint Avenue
Mint Meadow Way
Mira Court
Miramar Street
Miramonti Drive
Mirror Pond Way
Mission Avenue
Mississippi Avenue
Missy Lane
Mist Court
Mistletoe Street
MOD Pizza
Modoc Street
Moe's Tavern
Mohawk Boulevard
Mohawk Community Church Cemetery
Mohawk Elementary School
Mohawk Tavern
Molly Lane
Monaco RV
Mondavi Lane
Monroe Alley
Monroe City Park Foot Path
Monroe Street
Montara Way
Montclaire Lane
Montclaire Way
Montebello Avenue
Montecello Drive
Monterey Avenue
Monterey Lane
Montreal Avenue
Montview Way
Monya Lane
Moon Lee Lane
Moon Mountain Court
Moon Mountain Drive
Moore Street
Morely Loop
Morgan Place
Morning Glory Cafe
Morning View Drive
Morningside Drive
Morse Street
Moses Pass
Moshofsky Center
Moss Road
Moss Street
Motel 6 Eugene North - Springfield
Motel 6 Eugene South - Springfield
Mount Baldy Lane
Mount Val Vue Lane
Mount Vernon Cemetary Road
Mount Vernon Elementary School
Mount Vernon Road
Mountain Ash Boulevard
Mountain Terrace
Mountain View Drive
Mountaingate Drive
Movassaghi Plastic Surgery & Ziba Medical Spa
Mr. Formal
Mucho Gusto
Mullinex Road
Murin Street
Murnane Street
Murry Drive
Museum of Natural and Cultural History
Musket Street
My Classy Cowgirl
My-de Court
Myers Road


Myoak Drive
Myrna Avenue
Mystic Lane
Mystical Mayhem

N Court
N Street
Nadeau Lane
Nadeau Road
Nadine Avenue
Nadine Court
Nail Salon
Naismith Boulevard
Nancy Avenue
Nantucket Avenue
Naomi Court
Napa Creek Drive
Napa Valley Lane
Natchez Court
Natoma Street
Natural Grocers
Nature's Pet Market Eugene - South Willamette
Naya's Taqueria
Nearby Nature Park Host
Nebraska Street
Nectar - Whiteacre
Nectar Cannabis
Nectar Way
Needham Road
Nehalem Drive
Nelson Lane
Neptune Avenue
Neslo Lane
Nestucca Loop
New Day Bakery
New Hope Christian Fellowship
New Life Church
Newcastle Street
Newman Street
Newman's Fish Co.
Newsong Church on the Hill
Nicholas Drive
Nighthawk Lane
Nightingale Street
Nike Running
Ninkasi Tasting Room
Nirvana Street
Nite Inn - Eugene
Nixon Street
Noah Street
Nob Court
NoDak Green Prairie
Nolan Street
Noodle Head
Noodle n Thai
Noodles & Company
Norbert Lane
Norkenzie Christian Church
Norkenzie Road
Norman Avenue
Normandy Way
Nortech Computers
North 10th Street
North 12th Street
North 14th Street
North 15th Street
North 16th Street
North 17th Place
North 17th Street
North 18th Street
North 1st Street
North 20th Street
North 21st Street
North 22nd Street
North 23rd Street
North 24th Street
North 25th Place
North 25th Street
North 26th Place
North 26th Street
North 27th Street
North 28th Street
North 30th Street
North 31st Street
North 32nd Street
North 33rd Street
North 34th Street
North 35th Court
North 35th Place
North 35th Street
North 36th Street
North 37th Street
North 38th Place
North 38th Street
North 39th Street
North 3rd Place
North 3rd Street
North 42nd Street
North 43rd Place
North 48th Street
North 49th Street
North 51st Street
North 52nd Place
North 52nd Street
North 53rd Place
North 53rd Street
North 54th Street
North 55th Place
North 55th Street
North 56th Place
North 57th Street
North 5th Street
North 6th Street
North 73Road Street
North 9th Street
North Adams Street
North Alley
North Arthur Street
North Bank Path
North Bertelsen Road
North Brooklyn Street
North Cedar Street
North Clarey Street
North Cleveland Street
North Cloverleaf Loop
North Coburg Industrial Way
North Coleman Street
North Concord Street
North Danebo Avenue
North Delta Highway
North Diamond Street
North Emerald Street
North Eugene High School
North Game Farm Road
North Garden Way
North Garfield Street
North Grand Street
North Grove Court
North Harrison Street
North Jackson Street
North Jefferson Street
North Lawrence Street
North Lincoln Street
North Madison Street
North McKinley Street
North Miller Street
North Modesto Drive
North Monroe Street
North Park Avenue
North Park Community Church
North Pierce Street
North Polk Street
North Pond Road
North Seneca Road
North Shasta Loop
North Skinner Street
North Springfield
North Street
North Terry Street
North Van Buren Street
North Van Duyn Street
North Walnut Road
North Washington Street
North Water Street
North Way
North Willamette Street
Northgreen Apartment Homes
Northridge Avenue
Northridge Way
Northrop Drive
Northrop Lane
Northview Boulevard
NorthWest Burgers
Northwest Christian University

northwest community credit union

Northwest Community Credit Union
Northwest Expressway
Northwest R.V. Supply
Norwich Avenue
Norwood Street
Nottingham Avenue
Nova Street
Novs Massage
Nueve Street
Nugget Way
Nursery Orchard
NW Community Credit Union

O Hara Catholic School
O&E Autobody
O'Reilly Auto Parts
Oak Alley
Oak Court
Oak Crest Road
Oak Drive
Oak Grove Drive
Oak Hill Drive
Oak Knoll Trail
Oak Leaf Drive
Oak Meadows Place
Oak Patch Road
Oak Point Road
Oak Springs Lane
Oak Street
Oak Trail
Oakdale Avenue
Oakdale Drive
Oakdale Street
Oakfern Road
Oakleigh Lane
Oakmont City Park Playground
Oakmont Way
Oakshire Drive
Oakshire Public House
Oakville Crossing
Oakway Golf Clubhouse
Oakway Golf Course
Oakway Road
Oakway Terrace
Oakwood Drive
Obie Street
Obsidian Avenue
Ocean Garden
Ocean Street
Odell Lake Drive
Off the Waffle
Off The Waffle
Ogle Avenue
Ohio Street
Oishii Sushi
Oksanna Street
Old Airport Road
Old Coburg Road
Old Dillard Road
Old Fire Break Trail
Old Maxwell Road
Old Mohawk Road
Old Navy
Old Orchard Lane
Old Road Trail
Old Springfield IOOF Cemetery
Old Willamette Highway
Old Willamette Highway South
Olive Alley
Olive Garden
Olive Street
Olympic Circle
Olympic Street
Ono Avenue


Onyx Place
Onyx Street
Opaca Court
Opal Lane
Opportunity Center
OR 126
OR 99
Orchard Street
Orchid Lane
Oregon Air and Space Museum
Oregon Air and Space Museum (oasm)
Oregon Arts Supply
Oregon Avenue
Oregon Cannabis Outlet
Oregon Community Credit Union
Oregon Contemporary Theatre
Oregon Department of Human Services
Oregon Electric Station
Oregon Hillel
Oregon Railway and Navigation Company Bridge
Oregon Social Learning Center
Oregon State Police
Oriental Spa
Original Roadhouse Grill
Oriole Street
Oroyan Avenue
Orr Lane
Osage Street
Oscar Street
Osprey Drive
Otto Street
Our Saviour's Lutheran Church
Our Sewing Room
Outback Automotive
Outback Steakhouse
Outdoor sculpture
Overbrook Lane
Owen Loop North
Owen Loop South
Owl Road
Owosso Bike Bridge
Owosso Drive
Oxbow Way
Oxford Court
O’Briens Place

Pachysandra Place
Pacific Avenue
Pacific Cascade Credit Union
Pacific Cascade Federal Credit Union
Pacific Pride
Paddock Drive
Page Park Tennis Courts
Paget Avenue
Paideia Avenue
Paige Avenue
Pak Mail
Palace Street
Palm Tree
Palmer Avenue
Palomino Drive
Pam Street
Panda Express
Panda Loop
Panera Bread
Panorama Drive
Panorama Road
Papa John's
Papa Murphy's
Papa's Pizza Parlor
Papa’s Pizza Parlor
Pape Kenworth
Papé Material Handling
Paradise Court
Paramount Sewing & Vacuum
Parish Street
Park Avenue
Park Forest Drive
Park Grove Drive
Park Hills Drive
Park Ridge Lane
Park Street
Park Street Cafe
Park Terrace
Parker Lane
Parker Place
Parker Street
Parkgrove Apartments
Parking and Transportation Building
Parking Lot
Parklane Circle
Parkside Drive
Parkside Lane
Parkside Mobile Village
Parkview Drive
Parkway Inn Eugene
Parkway Road
Parkwood Drive
Parliament Street
Parnell Drive
Parnell Loop
Parsons Avenue
Partridge Way
Party Downtown
Pasture Road
Path on the 6th
Path Weg II
Patricia Street
Patriot Way
Patterson Alley
Patterson Court
Patterson Manor
Patterson Street
Pattison Street
Paul's Bicycle Way of Life
Paula Court
Payne Drive
Peace Health Medical Center University District
Pearl Alley
Pearl Street
Peascod Drive
Pebble Court
Peel Lane
Peets Road
Peever Street
Pegasus Pizza
Peppermint Lane
Peppertree Drive
Perdue Loop
Peregrine Street
Peridot Way
Perini Street
Perry Street
Pershing Street
Peter DeFazio Bridge
P.F. Chang's
Pheasant Boulevard
Philips Street
Phoenix Inn
Pico Street
Piedmont Street
Pieology Pizzeria
Pier 1 Imports
Pierce Parkway
Pierce Street
Pig & Turnip
Pileated Trail
Pilgrim's Way Bookstore & Tea Room
Pine Canyon Drive
Pine Forest Drive
Pine Ridge Place
Pine Street
Pine View Court
Pinecrest Drive
Pinedale Avenue
Pinehurst Street
Pinerock Drive
Pinewood Terrace
Pinot Noir Lane
Pinto Way
Pinyon Street
Pioneer Court
Pioneer Parkway East
Pioneer Parkway West
Pioneer Pike
Piper Lane
Piper Sonoma Street
Pit Stop
Pitchford Avenue
Pizza Hut
Pizza hut & Wingstreet
Pizza Hut;Wing Street
Pizza Pipeline
Pizza Research Institute
Pizza Shop on 19
PK Park
Plank Town Brewing Company
Plato's Closet
Play It Again Sports
Pleasant Street
Plum Way
Plumtree Drive
Polar Avenue
Polk Alley
Polk Street
Poltava Street
Pond Lane
Ponderosa Court
Pool Road
Poplar Street
Port Street
Portland Alley
Portland Street
Postal Way
Potter Alley
Potter Place
Potter Street
Pottery Barn
Powder River Drive
Powderhorn Street
Powell Plaza
Powell Street
Powers Street
Prairie Road
Prall Lane
Pranee’s Pump Cafe
Pranz Place
Prasad Court
Praslin Street
Pre's Rock
Pre's Trail
Premier RV Resort
Premier Street
Prescott Lane
President Street
Preston Street
Prestwich Place
Primrose Street
Prince Lane
Prince Puckler's Gourmet Ice Cream
Prince Pucklers Ice Cream
Princess Avenue
Princeton Drive
Private Pool
Probert Lane
Prohibition Falls Cannabis
Prospect Drive
Providence Street
Provincial Way
Pumice Place
Purisima Drive

Q Street
Quackenbush Building
Quail Meadow Way
Quail Ridge Lane
Quaker Street
Quality Inn & Suites
Quarry Ck pedestrian bridge
Quarry Lane
Quarry Road
Quartz Avenue
Quebec Street
Queen Tattoo
Queens East Street
Queens Way
Quest Drive
Quick Mart
Quick Stop Cannabis
Quick Trip Market
Quiet Lane
Quinalt Street
Quince Street

R R Baker Road
R Street
Raber Road
Railroad Boulevard
Rainbow Beauty Boutique
Rainbow Drive
Rainbow Loop
Rainbow Valley Road
Rainier Building
Rainier Drive
Raintree Way
Raleighwood Avenue
Rambling Drive
Ranch Corral Drive
Ranch Drive
Ranchito Mexican Grill
Ranchwood Drive
Randall Street
Randy Lane
Rankin Lane
Ransom Court
Rapp Street
Rare Earth Organics
Rasor Avenue
Rathbone Road
Raven Oaks Drive
Rayner Avenue
Real Estate Northwest Inc.
Rears Manufacturing
Recovery Way
Red Barn Natural Grocery
Red Box
Red Cedar Court
Red Lion Inn & Suites
Red Lobster
Red Robin
Red Rooster Barber Shop
Red Wagon Creamery
Red's Superior Automotive
Reding Avenue
Redrock Way
Redwood Drive
Reflections of a Summer Day
Regal Cinemas
Regal Court
Regency Drive
Regency Inn
Regent Avenue
Regina Street
Relax the Back
Renne Street
Rennie's Landing
Replay Toys
Residence Inn Eugene

residential spa center

Restwell Road
Revell Street
Rexius Trail
Reynolds Drive
Rhine Way
Rhododendron Street
Rich Brooks Field
Richard Avenue
Richard E. Wildish Community Theater
Richard K. Sherman Management Center
Richardson Cap Company
Richland Street
Ridge Court
Ridge Crest Drive
Ridgefield Street
Ridgeline Drive
Ridgeline Montessori School
Ridgeline Trail
Ridgemont Drive
Ridgeview Elementary School
Ridgeview Road
Ridgeway Drive
Ridgewood Drive
Ridgley Boulevard
Riggs Street
Riley Lane
Ring Of Fire
Rio Glen Drive
Rio Vista Avenue
Risden Place
Risdon Lane
Rite Aid
River Avenue
River Glen
River Heights Drive
River Hills Drive
River Island Estates
River Knoll Way
River Loop 1
River Loop 2
River Loop One
River Play Discovery Village Playground
River Pointe Drive
River Pointe Loop
River Ridge Golf Course
River Road
River Road Baptist Church
River Road Elementary School
River Road Station
River Roofing
Riverbend Avenue
Riverbend Coffee Company
Riverbend Drive
Riverbend Elementary School
Rivercrest Drive
Riverfront Parkway
Riverplace Drive
Riverside Trail
Riverstone Lane
Rivertown Townhouses
Riverview Boulevard
Riverview Street
RiverWalk Cafe & Deli
Riverwalk Loop
Riverwood Drive
Riviera Court
Road 16-2-28
Roan Drive
Roanoke Avenue
Roaring Rapids Pizza
Rob Olive Jr. State Farm Insurance
Robbie Street
Robert Street
Roberts Court
Roberts Road
Roberts Supply
Robin Avenue
Robin Hood Avenue
Robyn LaVassaur - Summit Funding Inc.
Rockcress Road
Rockridge Court
Rockridge Drive
Rockridge Loop
Rockrose Lane
Rockwood Street
Rocky Lane
Rocky Road Drive
Rodeway Inn
Rodney Court
Roland Way
Romania Warehouse
Rombauer Road
Rome Lane
Ron's Island Grill
Roosevelt Boulevard
Roosevelt Path
Roper Road
Rosa Parks Path
Rose Blossom Drive
Rose Court
Rose Garden Path
Rose Lane
Rosebay Street
Rosemary Avenue
Rosemont Way
Rosetta Avenue
Rosewood Avenue
Ross Lane
Rossmore Street
Rosy Turn
Round Table Pizza
Roundup Drive
Rowan Avenue
Royal Avenue
Royal Caribbean Way
Royal Chateau Apartments
Royal Inn
Royalann Lane
Ruby Avenue
Ruskin Street
Russet Drive
Rustic Court
Rustic Place
Ruth Lane
Rutledge Street
RV Glass Solutions
Ryan Street

S Street
Sabrina Avenue
Sacred Heart Medical Center at Riverbend
Saddle Place
Sage Street
Saigon Cafe
Saint Andrew's Drive
Saint Croix Street
Saint Helena Street
Saint Kitts Avenue
Saint Lucia Street
Saint Matthews Episcopal Church
Saint Paul Parish School
Saint Street
Saint Thomas Street
Salista Place
Sally Beauty Supply
Sally Way
Salty Way
Sam Bonds
Sam R Street
Sam's Auto Service
Sanborn Avenue
Sand Avenue
Sand Trap Lane
Sanders Street
Sandra Lane
Sandstone Way
Sandy Drive
Sanford Road
Santa Anita Court
Santa Clara
Santa Clara Avenue
Santa Clara Church
Santa Clara Fire Department
Santa Rosa Street
Santiago Court
Santiam Avenue
Sarah Lane
Saratoga Street
Satre Lane
Satre Street
Saville Avenue
Savona's Bitchin' Bohemian Boutique
Saxon Way
Scandia Street
Scenic Drive
Schmunk's Tire Center
Schnorenberg Lane
School Gymnasium
Science Factory
Science Library Cafe
Scott Road
Scottdale Street
Scotts Glen Drive
Sean Street
Seavey Loop Road
Seavey Way
Secret Passage
Sedona Drive
See's Candies
Selby Way
SELCO Community Credit Union
Selco Community Credit Union
SELCO Community Credit Union
SELCO Credit Union
Seneca Avenue
Seneca Road
Senger Lane
Sequential Biofuels
Sequential Biofuels Station #1
Sequoia Avenue
Sequoia Court
Serena Way
Serenity Lane
Seward Avenue
Seymour Street
Shadow Drive
Shadow View Drive
Shadow Wood Drive
Shadows Drive
Shady Loop
Shady Loop Drive
Shadylane Drive
Shalar Court
Shamrock Avenue
Shamrock Court
Shane Court
Shane Drive
Shannon Street
Sharon Way
Shasta Middle School
Shasta View Street
Shaughnessy Lane
Sheffield Court
Sheldon Branch Eugene Public Library
Sheldon High School
Sheldon High School Tennis Courts
Sheldon Pool & Fitness Center
Sheldon Station
Sheldon Village Loop
Shelley Lane
Shelley Street
Shelton Avenue
Shelton Mcmurphey Boulevard
Shenstone Drive
Sheraton Drive
Sherra Lane
Sherwin-Williams Paint Store
Sherwood Place
Shields Avenue
Shiloh Street
Shire Court
Shirley Street
Shoreline Way
Side Bar
Side Pocket Tavern
Side Street
Sierra Street
Siesta Lane
Sigma Phi Epsilon
Siletz Street
Silhouette Street
Silver Lace Terrace Apartments
Silver Lane
Silver Lea Court
Silver Meadows Drive
Silver Oak Drive
Silverado Trail
Simeon Court
Simeon Drive
Simeon Street
Simply Cycle
Sisters View Avenue
Sizzle Pie
Skinner City Farm
Skip Court
Skipper Avenue
Skopil's Cleaners
Skopil's Dry Cleaner
Sky Bluff Drive
Sky High Drive
Sky Park Court
Sky Park Way
Skyline Boulevard
Skyline Park Loop
Skyview Lane
Sladden City Park Tennis Court
Smith Family Books
Smith Family Bookstore
Smith Lane
Smith Loop
Smith Way
Smith-Weyerhauser Cemetery
Smithoak Street
Snell Street
Snelling Drive
Snowberry Road
Solar Charging Station
Solar Heights Drive
Solar Peak Drive
Soldier’s Memorial
Soloman Loop
Somerset Court
Sonoma Drive
Sony Loop
Sorrel Way
Soul Flow Ride Shop
Soundsational Car Audio
South 10th Street
South 11th Street
South 14th Street
South 15th Street
South 16th Street
South 17th Street
South 18th Street
South 19th Street
South 20th Street
South 21st Street
South 22nd Street
South 23rd Street
South 26th Street
South 28th Street
South 2nd Street
South 31st Place
South 32nd Place
South 32nd Street
South 34th Place
South 34th Street
South 35th Street
South 37th Place
South 37th Street
South 38th Street
South 39th Place
South 39th Street
South 3rd Street
South 40th Court
South 40th Place
South 40th Street
South 41 Street
South 41st Court
South 41st Place
South 41st Street
South 42nd Place
South 42nd Street
South 43rd Place
South 43rd Street
South 44th Place
South 44th Street
South 45th Place
South 45th Street
South 46th Street
South 47th Place
South 47th Street
South 48th Place
South 48th Street
South 49th Place
South 49th Street
South 4th Street
South 50th Place
South 51st Place
South 51st Street
South 52nd Place
South 52nd Street
South 53rd Street
South 54th Street
South 55th Place
South 55th Street
South 56th Street
South 57th Place
South 57th Street
South 58th Street
South 59th Street
South 5th Street
South 60th Street
South 61st Street
South 63rd Street
South 66th Court
South 66th Place
South 67th Court
South 67th Place
South 67th Street
South 68th Court
South 68th Place
South 68th Street
South 69th Place
South 69th Street
South 6th Street
South 70th Place
South 70th Street
South 71st Street
South 72nd Place
South 72nd Street
South 73Road Street
South 79th Street
South 7th Street
South 8th Street
South 9th Street
South A Street
South Ash Street
South B Street
South Bank Path
South Bertelsen Road
South C Street
South Cloverleaf Loop
South Coleman Street
South D Street
South Danebo Avenue
South E Court
South E Street
South Eugene High School
South F Street
South G Street
South Garden Way
South Harrison Street
South Lambert Street
South Louis Lane
South M Street
South Mill Street
South Miller Street
South Modesto Drive
South Park Street
South Redwood Drive
South Ridge Drive
South Ridgeway Road
South Seneca Road
South Shasta Loop
South Skinner Street
South Stuart Way
South Willamette Street
Southpointe Drive
Southridge Court
Southside Post Office
Southview Drive
Southway Loop
Southwood Lane
Souza Court
Souza Street
Space Age
Sparrow Café
Spearmint Street
Spencer Butte Middle School
Spencer Court
Spencer Glenn Drive
Spencers Crest
Sport Clips
Sports Authority
Sports Way
Sprague Road
Sprague Street
Spring Boulevard
Spring Creek Drive
Spring Creek Elementary School
Spring Garden
Spring House
Spring Knoll Drive
Spring Meadows Avenue
Spring Terrace Drive
Spring Valley Assisted Living
Springdale Avenue
Springfield Beverage Shoppe
Springfield Boot & Shoe Repair
Springfield Chamber of Commerce
Springfield City Hall
Springfield Express Lube
Springfield Fire & Life Safety - Thurston Station
Springfield High School
Springfield Inn & Suites
Springfield Justice Center
Springfield Mobile Home Park
Springfield Museum
Springfield Police Department
Springfield Post Office
Springfield Public Library
Springfield Quarry
Springwood Drive
Spur Place
Spyglass Drive
SQ Hub
St Charles Street
St. Clair Ln
St Ives Lane
St. John
St. Joseph Place
St. Mary Catholic Church
St. Mary's Episcopal Church
St. Paul Catholic Church
St. Thomas More
St. Vincent de Paul
St. Vinne's Donation Store
St. Vinnie's Retail Store and Donation Center
St. Vinnie’s
Stadium Automotive
Stafford Cemetery
Stafford Court
Stagecoach Road
Stags Leap Court
Stallings Lane
Stansby Way
Stapp Drive
Stark Court
Stark Street
Starry Lane
Startouch Drive
Station 1
Steelhead Brewing Company
Stellar Way
Stephanie Kilkenny Field
Stephens Drive
Sterling Court
Sterling Drive
Sterling Woods Drive
Stevens Lane
Stevenson Way
Steve’s Breakfast
Stevi Shay Lane
Stewart Road
Stillman Avenue
Stone Creek Drive
Stonecrest Drive
Stonegate Street
Stonehaven Street
Stonewood Drive
Stoney Ridge Road
Stony Brook Way
Stop & Shop Mini Market
Storey Boulevard
Stratford Street
Strathmore Place
Strome Court
Studio apt.
Studio One Cafe
Stults Avenue
SuBo Sushi Burritos
Suburban Avenue
Sue Ann Court
Suffolk Court
Sugarpine Circle
Summer Lane
Summer Oaks
Summerfield Avenue
Summit Avenue
Summit Boulevard
Summit Orthotics and Prosthetics
Summit Sky Boulevard
Summit Terrace Drive
Sun Automotive
Suncatcher Way
Suncrest Avenue
Sundance Lane
Sundance Natural Foods
Sundance Street
Sunderman Road
Sundial Road
Sunny Drive
Sunnyside Drive
Sunnyview Lane
Sunridge Drive
Sunrise Asian Market
Sunrise Boulevard
Sunset Alley
Sunset Drive
Sunset Hills Memorial Gardens
Sunset View Rollie Loop
Sunset View Street
Sunshine Acres Drive
Sunshine Acres Place
Suntrek Drive
Sunview Street
Super 8 Springfield/Eugene
Super Supplements
Super Taco
Surrey Lane
Susan Street
Sushi Island
Sushi Pier
Sushi PURE
Sushi Station
Sushi Ya
Sussex Street
Suzanne Way
Swain Lane
Swan Court
Swank Court
Swearinger Road
Swede Johnson Stadium
Sweet Basil Express
Sweet Gum Lane
Sweet Leaf Cannabis
Sweet Life
Sweet Life Patisserie
Sweet Tree Farms
Sweetbriar Lane
Sweetwater Lane
Sweetwaters on the River
Swenson Lane
Sy's Pizza
Sycamore Street
Sylvan Street
Symantec Employee Basketball Court
Symphony Drive
Szechuan Chinese

T Street
Ta Ra Rin
Tabor Street
Taco Bell
Taco Grande
Taco Time
Taft Street
Tahsili Street
Tailored Coffee Roasters
Taito Street
Talisman Street
Talon Street
Tamarack Street
Tan Republic
Tandy Court
Tandy Turn
Taney Street
Tanner Park Drive
Tap & Growler
Taqueria El Trenecito
Tarpon Street
Tarton Place
Taste of India
Tasty Chongqing
Tasty Thai
Tasty Thai Campus
Tatum Lane
Taylor Street
Taylor's Bar & Grill
Taylor's Bar and Grill
Taz Lane
Teaching and Learning Center
TEC Equipment
Tempa Street
Tennyson Avenue
Teralee Lane
Terese's Place
Teriyaki Boy
Terpene Station
Terra Linda Avenue
Terrace Trail
Terrace View Drive
Terresa Avenue
Terry Street
Thames Street
The Alibi Tavern
The Artist's Palette Studio
The Atrium
The Barn Light
The Baron's Den
The Bier Stein Bottle Shop & Pub
The Campbell House Inn And Restaurant
The Cannery
The Church in Eugene
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
The Clothes Horse
The Cooler
The Corner Market
The Daily Grind
The Dancing Weasel Toy Store
The Dough Co.
The Duck Store at the EMU
The Elk Horn Brewery
The Filling Station
The Flying Squirrel
The Glenwood
The Greener Side
The Herbal Connection
The Hive on High
The Home Depot
The Horsehead Bar
The Human Bean
The Jail
The Knit Shop
The Kozy Kitchen
The Lather Shoppe
The Original Pancake House
The Paddock
The Pearl
The People's Wellness Center
The Pioneer
The Pioneer Mother
The Rink Exchange
The RV Store
The Shutterbug
The Taste of India
The UO Duck
The UPS Store
The Vintage
The Washburne Cafe
The Web Zone
The Wireless Source
The Woolworth
Theo's Coffee House
Theona Drive
Thomas Street
Thomason Lane
Thomsen's Market
Thornberry Street
Throne Drive
Thunder Cloud Drive
Thunderbird Street
Thurston Christian Church
Thurston High School
Thurston Hills Trail
Thurston Hills Trail Access Road
Thurston Middle School
Thurston Post Office
Thurston Road
Tiara Street
Tiburon Lane
Tigertail Road
Tilden Street
Timber Lane
Timberbrook Way
Timbercrest Road
Timberline Drive
Time Out Tavern
Tinamou Lane
Tiny Art Gallery #1
Tiny Art Gallery #2
Tipton Avenue
Tivoli Avenue
TJ Maxx
TJ's Provisions
Todd Street
Tokyo Ramen
Tom's Market
Tomahawk Court
Tomahawk Lane
Tomahawk Place
Top Crop
Torero's Family Mexican Restaurant
Torr Avenue
Torrington Avenue
Toshi's Ramen
Tovey Drive
Townshend's Tea Company
Townshend's Teahouse
Track Town Pizza
Trader Joe's
Tradition Alley
Trail #1
Trail #24
Trail 1 4
Trail 4
Trail Avenue
Trap Lane
Travel Lane County
Travelcard Commercial Fueling
Travelers Inn Eugene
Travis Avenue
Tree Farm Road
Tres Mil
Trev's Sports Bar & Grill
Trevon Street
Triad Machinery
Tribute Way
Trillium Street
Trinity Baptist Church
Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church
Triple Oaks Drive
Troy Way
True Value Hardware
Tsunami Books
Tugman Park Path
Tulip Street
Tulip Tree
Turnbull Lane
Turtle Lane
Turtles and The Loft
Twenty After Four
Twin Buttes Road
Twin Elms Drive
Twin Oaks Elementary School
Two info signs, bench, and viewpoint.
Two Rivers - Dos Rios Elementary School
Tyinn Street
Tyler Street
Tyson Lane

U Street
Ulta Beauty
Ume Grill Onigiri House
Umpqua Avenue
Umpqua Bank
Union Street
Union Terrace
University Alley
University Health Center Expansion
University House Arena District
University Inn & Suites Eugene
University of Oregon
University of Oregon Police Dept
University Square
University Street
Unthank Street
Upper Camp Creek Road
Upstart Crow Studios
Uptown Asian Grocery
U.S. Bank
U.S. Bank Center

V Street
VA Healthcare Center
Val Halla Street
Valentine Court
Valley Butte Drive
Valley Forge Drive
Valley Meadows Court
Valley River Center Parking Lot
Valley River Drive
Valley River Inn
Valley River Way
Valley View Avenue
Van Avenue
Van Buren Street
Van Duyn
Van Duyn Court
Van Duyn Road
Van Duyn Road Connection #2
Van Duyn Street
Van Fossen Court
Van Ness Street

vanilla jill's

Vapor HQ
VCA Mckenzie Animal Hospital
Ventura Avenue
Vera Drive
Verbena Drive
Verdehill Drive
Verizon Wireless
Vernal Street
Vernon Way
Vero Espresso House
Veronica Lane
Very Little Theater
Veteran's Building
Victoria Lane
Victorian Way
Videra Drive
View Lane
Viewmont Avenue
Villa Way
Village Avenue
Village Plaza Loop
Villard Alley
Villard Street
Vincent Street
Vine Maple Street
Vineyard Hill Drive
Vintage Way
Vintner Lane
Violet Lane
Virgil Avenue
Virginia Avenue
Vishnu India Imports
Vista Heights Lane
Vitus Lane
Viva! Vegetarian Grill
Von Klein Apartments
Voodoo Doughnut

W Street
Wagner Street
Waite Street
Wakefield Court
Waldo Lake Drive
Wales Drive
Walker Avenue
Wallace Creek Road
Wallace Lane
Wallis Street
Wallis Street Bridge
Walnut Avenue
Walnut Lane
Walnut Place
Walnut Ridge Drive
Walnut Road
Walnut Street
Walton Avenue
Walton Lane
Wandering Goat Cafe
Ware Lane
Warren Street
Warrington Avenue
Warwick Lane
Washington Alley
Washington City Park Tennis Courts
Washington Federal
Washington Street
Water Street
Waterbrook Way
Waterfront Construction
Watermark Court
Watermark Drive
Waterstone Drive
Watkins Lane
Watson Drive
Waverly Street
Wayback Burgers
Wayne L. Morse United States Courthouse
Wayside Lane
Wayside Loop
Weaver Road
Webfoot Bar & Grill
Webster Street
Wedgewood Drive
Welcome Inn Eugene
Welcome Way
Weldon Lane
Wellington Street
Wells Fargo
Wellsprings Friends School
Wemberly Way
Wendell Lane
Wendover Street
Wesley Foundation Campus Ministry
West 10th Alley
West 10th Avenue
West 10th Place
West 11th alley
West 11th Alley
West 11th Avenue
West 12th Alley
West 12th Avenue
West 12th Avenue Connector
West 13th Alley
West 13th Avenue
West 13th Place
West 14th Alley
West 14th Avenue
West 14th Avenue Path
West 14th Court
West 14th Place
West 15th Avenue
West 15th Court
West 16th Alley
West 16th Avenue
West 16th Way
West 17th Avenue
West 18th Avenue
West 18th Place
West 19th Avenue
West 19th Place
West 1st Alley
West 1st Avenue
West 20th Avenue
West 21st Avenue
West 22nd Avenue
West 23rd Avenue
West 23rd Place
West 24th Aveneue
West 24th Avenue
West 24th Place
West 25th Alley
West 25th Avenue
West 25th Place
West 26th Avenue
West 26th Place
West 27th Avenue
West 27th Place
West 28th Avenue
West 28th Place
West 29th Avenue
West 29th Place
West 2nd Alley
West 2nd Avenue
West 30th Avenue
West 31st Avenue
West 34th Avenue
West 34th Place
West 35th Avenue
West 35th Place
West 36th Avenue
West 37th Avenue
West 38th Avenue
West 39th Avenue
West 3rd Alley
West 3rd Avenue
West 40th Avenue
West 44th Avenue
West 4th Alley
West 4th Avenue
West 52nd Avenue
West 5th Alley
West 5th Avenue
West 6th Avenue
West 7th Alley
West 7th Avenue
West 7th Place
West 8th Alley
West 8th Avenue
West 8th Place
West 9th Alley
West 9th Place
West A Street
West Amazon Drive
West Anchor Avenue
West Azalea Avenue
West B Street
West Bank Path
West Bank Trail
West Broadway
West Broadway Alley
West C Street
West Centennial Boulevard
West Coast Bank
West D Street
West Dean Avenue
West Dixon Street
West E Street
West End Tavern
West Enid Road
West F Street
West Fairview Drive
West G Street
West Game Farm Road
West H Street
West Hillcrest Drive
West Hilliard Lane
West Hillside Drive
West I Street
West Irwin Way
West J Street
West K Street
West L Street
West Lone Oak Loop
West M Street
West McKenzie Street
West Myoak Drive
West N Street
West Olympic Street
West Park Street
West Port Street
West Q Street
West Quinalt Street
West Side Post Office
West Trail
West Van Duyn Street
Westbrook Way
Westec Drive
Wester Street
Western Drive
Westfall Court
Westleigh Street
Westmoreland Disc Golf Course
Westover Drive
Westside Baptist Church
Westward Ho Avenue
Westwood Lane
Wetlands Brew Pub Sports Bar
Weyerhaeuser Road
Weyerhauser Road
Wheeler Pavillion
Whirled Pies Pizzeria & Bottle Shop
Whisper Lane
Whitaker School
Whitbeck Blvd Connector
Whitbeck Boulevard
White Horse Tavern
White Oak Drive
Whiteaker Street
Whitney Lane
Whitsell Lane
Whitten Drive
Whitworth Lane
Whole Foods Market
Why Worry Lane
Wickham Court
Wide Site Street
Wilbur Avenue
Wilbur Connector
Wilcox Family Field
Wild Duck
Wildcraft Cider Works
Wildflower PNW
Wildflower Trail
Wildish Lane
Wildwood Street
Wilkes Drive
Wilkie Street
Wilkinson House
Willa Street
Willagillespie Road
Willakenzie Road
Willamalane Park Swim Center
Willamalane Park Tennis Courts
Willamette Alley
Willamette Christian School
Willamette High School
Willamette Leadership Academy
Willamette Street
Willamette Valley Awards
Willhi Street
Williamette Alley
Williams Street
Williamsburg Way
Willicade Court
Willie's Lebanese and Northwest Cuisine
Willona Drive
Willona Park
Willow Avenue
Willow Creek Circle
Willow Creek Road
Willow Springs Street
Willowbrook Street
Willowdale Drive
Willowwood Apts Access
Wills Court
Wilmington Court
Wilshire Lane
Wilson Court
Wilson Drive
Wilson Street
Wimbledon Place
Winchester Way
WinCo Foods
Winco Foods
Wind Veil
Windsor Circle East
Windsor Circle West
Windsor Court
Winery Lane
Wingate Street
Winslow Avenue
Winston Place
Wintercreek Court
Wintercreek Drive
Wisade Thai Food
Wisconsin Street
Wisteria Street
Wolf Meadows Lane
Wolles Place
Wood Avenue
Woodacres Drive
Woodcrest Drive
Wooden Way
Woodfield Station
Woodhill Drive
Woodland Acres Lane
Woodland Drive
Woodlane Drive
Woodlawn Avenue
Woodleaf Lane
Woodruff Street
Woodsboro Street
Woodside Drive
Woodson Court
Woodson Loop
Woodson Street
Woodstone Place
Woodview Avenue
Wooly Mammoth
Word and Spirit International Church
WorkSource Lane
Worth Road
Wylie Creek Place
Wynant's Family Health Foods
Wyndham Court

Y Way
Yenta Avenue
Yogi Way
Yogurt Extreme
Yolanda Avenue
Yolanda Elementary School
York Street
Yorkshire Avenue
Yujin Gakuen Elementary School
Yvonne Street

Zachary Lane
Zane Lane
Zebrafish International Resource Center
Zinfandel Lane
Zinnia Street
ZIRC Annex
Zoe Avenue
Zumwalt Street