Welcome to BBBike - your cycle journey planner! We'll help you find a nice, safe and short bike route in Glasgow and around.

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1 Central Quay
1 (Johnstone Castle to Johnstone)
1 (Johnstone Castle to Johnstone via station)
1 (Johnstone to Johnstone Castle)
1 (Nitshill to Silverburn)
1 (Silverburn to Nitshill)
10 (Auchinairn to Silverburn)
10 (Foxbar to Hawkhead)
10 (Foxbar to Hawkhead via Spiersfield Court)
10 (Hawkhead to Foxbar)
10 (Hawkhead to Foxbar via Spiersfield Court)
10 O'Clock Shop
10 (Pollokshaws to Auchinairn)
100 (Clydebank to Parkhall)
100 (Linnvale to Parkhall)
100 (Parkhall to Clydebank & Linnvale)
101 (Auchenback to Braehead)
101 (Braehead to Auchenback)
101 (Monklands Hospital to Upperton)
101 (Upperton to Monklands Hospital)
103 (Barrhead to Glasgow)
103 (Glasgow to Barrhead)
1051 GWR
11 (Clydebank to Gartnavel Hospital)
11 (Gartnavel Hospital to Clydebank)
111 by Nico
117 (Carnbroe to Townhead)
117A (Coatbridge to Townhead)
118 (Duntocher to Gartnavel)
118 (Gartnavel to Duntocher)
121 (Govan to Govanhill)
121 (Govan to Victoria Infirmary)
121 (Victoria Infirmary & Govanhill to Govan)
124 (Cardonald to Govan Asda)
124 (Govan Asda to Cardonald)
128 (Glasgow to Stobhill Hospital)
128 (Stobhill Hospital to Glasgow)
1282 Members Club
132 (Coatbridge to Moodiesburn)
132 (Moodiesburn to Coatbridge)
132A (Coatbridge to Moodiesburn)
132A (Moodiesburn to Coatbridge)
14 (Fernhill to Rutherglen)
14 (Rutherglen to Fernhill)
141 (Gartnavel to Partick)
141 (Partick to Gartnavel)
142 (Auchinairn to Bishopbriggs)
142 (Bishopbriggs to Auchinairn)
142 (Bishopbriggs to Auchinairn school journeys)
147 (Kilsyth to Monklands Hospital)
147 (Monklands Hospital to Kilsyth)
147A (Kilsyth to Monklands Hospital)
15 (New South Glasgow Hospital to Summerston)
15 (Summerston to New South Glasgow Hospital)
153 (Cessnock to Silverburn)
153 (Glasgow to Silverburn)
153 (Silverburn to Cessnock)
153 (Silverburn to Glasgow)
15Glasgow Boutique B&B
16 (Coatbridge to Kirkwood)
16 (Drumchapel - New South Glasgow Hospital)
16 (Kirkwood to Coatbridge)
16 (New South Glasgow Hospital - Drumchapel)
17 (Duntocher to Glasgow Union St)
17 (Duntocher to Glasgow via Wellington St)
17 (Glasgow to Duntocher)
175th Glasgow Scout Group
178 (Kirkintilloch to Moodiesburn)
178 (Kirkintilloch to Moodiesburn omitting Westergreens)
178 (Kirkintilloch to Moodiesburn via Stepps)
178 (Moodiesburn to Kirkintilloch)
178 (Moodiesburn to Kirkintilloch via Stepps)
181 (Monklands Hospital to Upperton via Thrashbush)
181 (Upperton to Monklands Hospital via Thrashbush)
1820 Martyrs Monument
184 (Antonine Park to Whitecrook)
184 (Whitecrook to Antonine Park)
184A (Antonine Park to Clydebank)
1883 Guesthouse
19 (City Centre to Easterhouse)
19 (Easterhouse to City Centre)
19 (Johnstone to Paisley)
19 (Paisley to Johnstone)
1988 Glasgow Festival Sculpture
19A (City Centre - Robroyston)
19A (Robroyston - City Centre)
1C (Drumchapel to Glasgow)
1C (Glasgow to Drumchapel)
1st Bearsden BB Hall
1st XV pitch

2 (Baillieston to Faifley)
2 Central Quay
2 (Faifley to Baillieston)
2 Onslow Drive
20 (Gallowhill to Spateston via Floors Street)
20 (Gallowhill to Spateston via North Road)
20 (Spateston to Gallowhill via Floors Street)
20 (Spateston to Gallowhill via North Road)
20 (Spateston to Paisley via Floors Street & Bridge Street)
200 (Drumchapel to Linnvale)
200 (Linnvale to Drumchapel)
21 (Govan to Paisley)
21 (Govan to Paisley omitting Braehead)
21 (Paisley to Govan)
21 (Paisley to Govan omitting Braehead)
22 (Braehead to Silverburn)
22 (Silverburn to Braehead)
226 Gallowgate
23 (Erskine to Glasgow)
23 (Glasgow to Erskine)
237 South Street
23A (Erskine to Glasgow)
23A (Glasgow to Erskine)
240 (Carluke to Glasgow)
240 (Glasgow to Carluke)
241 (Cleland to North Motherwell)
241 (North Motherwell to Cleland)
245 (Coatbridge to Moodiesburn)
245 (Moodiesburn to Coatbridge)
245A (Coatbridge to Moodiesburn)
245A (Moodiesburn to Coatbridge)
247 (Kirkintilloch to Monklands Hospital)
247 (Monklands Hospital to Kirkintilloch)
2496 (Cumbernauld) Squadron
25 (Linthouse/New South Glasgow Hospital to Silverburn)
25 (Silverburn to New South Glasgow Hospital/Linthouse)
254 (Motherwell to Newarthill)
254 (Newarthill to Motherwell)
255 (Glasgow to Hamilton)
255 (Hamilton to Glasgow)
26 (Glasgow to Nethercraigs)
26 Hope Street
26 (Nethercraigs to Glasgow)
26 (Nethercraigs to Paisley)
266 (Hamilton to West Crindledyke)
266 (Shotts to Hamilton)
266 (West Crindledyke to Hamilton)
267 (Glasgow to Hamilton)
267 (Hamilton to Glasgow)
27 (Glasgow to Kilsyth)
27 (Kilsyth to Glasgow)
27, The Cricklewood
279 Cafe Bistro
29-35, San Vincenzo
299 (Bellshill to Strathcylde Business Park)
299 (Strathcylde Business Park to Bellshill)
2Go Cafe

3 (Coatbridge to Glenboig)
3 (Drumchapel to Govan)
3 (Glasgow to Neilston)
3 (Glenboig to Coatbridge)
3 (Govan to Drumchapel)
3 in 1 Plus
3 (Neilston to Glasgow)
3 rivers walk
3 Store
3, Bothwell Bowling Club
300 (Clydebank to Duntocher)
300 (Duntocher to Clydebank)
310 (Shettleston to Moodiesburn)
33 Station Road Millerston
333 Chinese Takeaway
34 (Auchinbee to Cumbernauld)
34 (Castlemilk to Govan)
34 (Cumbernauld to Auchinbee)
34 (Govan to Castlemilk)
343 (Cumbernauld to North Carbrain)
343 (North Carbrain to Cumbernauld)
344 (Croy to Kilsyth)
344 (Kilsyth to Croy)
344A (Croy to Twechar)
344A (Twechar to Croy)
346 (Cumbernauld to Wardpark)
346 (Wardpark to Cumbernauld)
348 (Carrickstone to Croy)
348 (Carrickstone to Croy express journeys)
348 (Croy to Carrickstone)
348 (Croy to Carrickstone express journeys)
348 (Croy to Carrickstone omitting Craigmarloch)
349 (Croy to Kilsyth)
349 (Kilsyth to Croy)
35 (Auchinbee to Cumbernauld)
35 (Cumbernauld to Auchinbee)
350B Cumbernauld Road
38 (Crookfur to Easterhouse)
38 (Easterhouse to Crookfur)
38 (Easterhouse to Spiersbridge)
38 (Easterhouse to Woodfarm)
38 (Glasgow to Kilbarchan)
38 (Glasgow to Spateston)
38 (Glasgow to Spateston off-peak route)
38 (Kilbarchan to Glasgow)
38 (Spateston to Glasgow)
38 (Spateston to Glasgow off-peak route)
38 (Spiersbridge to Easterhouse)
38 (Woodfarm to Easterhouse)
381 (Kilsyth to Twechar)
381 (Twechar to Kilsyth)
38A (Crookfur to Easterhouse Via Woodfarm)
38A (Easterhouse to Eastwood Toll)
38A (Spateston to Glasgow)
38B (Barlanark to Woodfarm)
38B (Woodfarm to Barlanark)
38C (Chryston to Woodfarm)
38C (Woodfarm to Chryston)
38E (Baillieston to Woodfarm)
38E (Woodfarm to Baillieston)
39 Steps
3D Cakes
3in1 xtra
3rd Generation Hair

4 (Crookfur to Knightswood)
4 (Knightswood to Crookfur)
4 Seasons
400 (Drumchapel to Partick)
400 (Partick to Drumchapel)
400m circuit
403 (Croy to Cumbernauld)
403 (Cumbernauld to Croy)
41 (Easterhouse to Glasgow)
42 (Calderbank to Coatbridge)
42 (Coatbridge to Calderbank)
43 (Easterhouse to Parkhead)
43 (Kilsyth to Cumbernauld)
43 (Parkhead to Easterhouse)
45 (Abronhill to Condorrat)
45 (Condorrat to Abronhill)
47 (Kirkintilloch to Milngavie)
47 (Milngavie to Kirkintilloch)
47A (Kirkintilloch to Milngavie)
47A (Milngavie to Kirkintilloch)
49 (Abronhill to Cumbernauld)
49 (Cumbernauld to Abronhill)
49 (Govan to Southpark)
49 (Southpark to Govan)
4A (Eaglesham to Knightswood)
4A (Knightswood to Eaglesham)

5 (Castlemilk to Glasgow)
5 (Glasgow to Castlemilk)
5 (Hattonrigg to Motherwell)
5 (Johnstone to Spateston)
5 (Motherwell to Hattonrigg)
5 (Spateston to Johnstone)
500 (City Centre to Glasgow Airport)
500 (Glasgow Airport to City Centre)
52 (Barrhead to Blackbyres)
52 (Blackbyres to Barrhead)
520 (Bishopton to Kingswood Road)
520 (Kingswood Road to Bishopton)
521 (Bishopton to Erskine)
521 (Bishopton to Erskine via HP)
521 (Bishopton to Erskine via Mains Hill)
521 (Erskine to Bishopton)
521 (Erskine to Bishopton via HP)
521 (Erskine to Bishopton via Mains Hill)
54 (Neilston to Paisley)
54 (Paisley to Neilston)
57 (Silverburn to Westerhill)
57 (Westerhill to Pollokshaws)
57A (Balornock to Kennishead)
57A (Kennishead to Balornock)

6 Degrees North
6 (East Kilbride to Mountblow)
6 (Mountblow to East Kilbride)
6 (Paisley to Silverburn)
6 (Silverburn to Paisley)
60 (Clydebank to Easterhouse)
60 (Clydebank to Easterhouse journeys avoiding Glasgow Fort)
60 (Easterhouse to Clydebank)
60 (Easterhouse to Clydebank journeys avoiding Glasgow Fort)
60 (Foxbar to Paisley)
60 (Paisley to Foxbar)
602 Squadron, RAuxAF
60A (Castlemains to Easterhouse)
60A (Castlemains to Easterhouse journeys avoiding Glasgow Fort)
60A (Easterhouse to Castlemains journeys avoiding Glasgow Fort)
61 (Foxbar to Paisley)
61 (Sandyhills to Summerston)
61 (Summerston to Sandyhills)
61A (Foxbar to Hillington)
61A (Hillington to Foxbar)
64 (Gallowhill to Phoenix Retail Park)
64 (Phoenix Asda to Gallowhill)
65 (Glasgow to Halfway)
65 (Halfway to Glasgow)
68 (Glasgow to Torrance)
68 (Torrance to Glasgow)
6A (Drumchapel to Glasgow)
6A (Glasgow to Drumchapel)
6B (Duntocher to Glasgow)

7 (Coatbridge to Townhead)
7 (Rutherglen to Summerston)
7 Spices
7 (Summerston to Rutherglen)
7 (Townhead to Coatbridge)
70 (Lochfield to Paisley)
70 (Paisley to Lochfield)
71 (Glasgow to Torrance)
71 (Torrance to Glasgow)
71A (Glasgow to Torrance)
71A (Torrance to Glasgow)
72 (Glasgow to Torrance)
72 (Torrance to Glasgow)
727 Fast Foods
74 (Castlemilk to Toryglen)
74 (Toryglen to Castlemilk)
75 (Castlemilk to Milton)
75 (Milton to Castlemilk)
757 (Clydebank to Paisley)
757 (Clydebank to Paisley Sunday route)
757 (Paisley to Clydebank)
757 (Paisley to Clydebank Sunday route)
7A (Summerston to Westburn)
7A (Westburn to Summerston)

8 (Carmyle to Partick)
8 (Johnstone to Linwood)
8 (Linwood to Johnstone)
8 (Partick to Carmyle)
81 (Clydebank to Duntocher)
81 (Duntocher to Clydebank)
81 (Duntocher to Linnvale)
81 (Linnvale to Duntocher)
81A (Duntocher to Linnvale)
81A (Linnvale to Duntocher)
84 (Kirkintilloch to Twechar)
84 (Twechar to Kirkintilloch)
84A (Kirkintilloch to Twechar)
84A (Twechar to Kirkintilloch)
84B (Banton to Kirkintilloch)
84B (Kirkintilloch to Banton)
89 (Glasgow to Kilsyth)
89 (Kilsyth to Glasgow)
89A (Glasgow to Torrance)
89A (Torrance to Glasgow)
89B (Glasgow to Lennoxtown)
89B (Glasgow to Strathkelvin Retail Park)
89B (Lennoxtown to Glasgow)
89B (Strathkelvin Retail Park to Glasgow)

9 (Glasgow to Paisley)
9 (Paisley to Glasgow)
9 Wiltonburn Road
91 Glasgow (Netherlee) Scout Group
94 (Knightswood to Maryhill)
94 (Maryhill to Knightswood)
9A (Braehead to Glasgow)
9A (Glasgow to Braehead)

@ Lunch

A & A Brothers
A & S Fresh Food
A & S Newsagents
A & S Scotland
A bientot
A Buchanan Memorials
A Dickson
A List
A Little Stu-Pot
A. Pastry Shop
A Place To Eat
A Play, A Pie, and A Pint
A. S. Electrics
A Warnock Butcher
A. Warnock Butcher
A Wier
A1 Comics
A1 Motor Spares
AA Continental
AA stores
AAA Motorcycles
AAH Pharmaceuticals
Ab Fab
Abandoned WW2 Anti-Aircraft Base
Abbey Chemist
Abbey Chemists
Abbey Close
Abbey Drive
Abbey Flooring
Abbey Inn
Abbey National House
Abbey Place
Abbey Road
Abbeycraig Road
Abbeydale Way
Abbeyfield House
Abbeygreen Street
Abbeyhill Street
Abbeylands Road
Abbortsford Place
Abbot Street
Abbots Terrace
Abbotsburn Way
Abbotsford Avenue
Abbotsford Brae
Abbotsford Court
Abbotsford Crescent
Abbotsford Drive
Abbotsford Gardens
AbbotsFord Lane
Abbotsford Place
Abbotsford Road
Abbotshall Avenue
Abbotsinch Road
Abbott Crescent
Abby's Fish Bar
Aberconway Street
Abercorn Avenue
Abercorn Bowling Club
Abercorn Bridge
Abercorn Crescent
Abercorn Drive (ML3 7EX)
Abercorn Drive (ML3 7EZ)
Abercorn Place
Abercorn Road
Abercorn Secondary School
Abercorn Street
Abercrombie Crescent
Abercrombie Crescent (G69)
Abercrombie Drive
Abercrombie Square
Abercromby Business Centre
Abercromby Crescent
Abercromby Drive
Abercromby Place
Abercromby Street
Aberdalgie Gardens
Aberdalgie Road
Aberdeen Road
Aberdour Court
Aberdour Street
Aberfeldy Avenue
Aberfeldy Street
Aberfoyle Street
Aberlady Road
Aberlady Street
Aberlady Way
Aberlour Place
Abernethy Avenue
Abernethy Drive
Abernethy Park
Abernethy Place
Abernethy Street
Abernethyn Road
Aberuthven Drive
Abiegail Place
Abington Circle
ABode Glasgow
Aboon The Brae
Aboukir Street
About Face
About Hair & Beauty
About Living
Aboyne Drive
Aboyne Street
Abronhill Parish Church
Abronhill Post Office
Abronhill Primary School
Abronhill Service Station
Absalom's Pillar
Absolute Roasters
AC Hotel
Acacia Drive
Acacia Place
Acacia Way
Academical Vaults
Academy Court
Academy Gardens
Academy Park
Academy Road
Academy Street
Academy Terrace
Access to / Egress from Cambuslang Park
Accord Avenue
Accord Crescent
Accord Hospice
Accord Place


Ace & Tate
Acer Crescent
Acer Drive
Acer Gardens
Acer Grove
Achamore Crescent
Achamore Drive
Achamore Gardens
Achamore Road
Achilles Heel
Achnasheen Road
Achray Convenience Store
Achray Drive
Achray Place
Achray Place (ML5)
Achray Road
Acid Bar
Acorn Court
Acorn Hotel
Acorn Street
Acre Drive
Acre Road
Acre Store
Acre Valley
Acre Valley Road
Acredyke Crescent
Acredyke Place
Acredyke Road
Acton Gardens
Ad Lib
Ad Lib (Merchant City)
Adam Avenue
Adam Supermarket
Adam Tandoori
Adam's Diner
Adam's News
Adams Court Lane
Adamslie Crescent
Adamslie Drive
Adamson Street
Adamswell (cottage)
Adamswell Street
Adamswell Terrace
Addie Street
Addiewell Place
Addiewell Street
Addison Grove
Addison Place
Addison Road
Adelaide Court
Adelaide Place Baptist Church
Adelaide Road
Adele Street
Adelphi Centre
Adelphi Nursery School
Adelphi Street
Adminstation Department, Area / Registration Office
Admiral Street
Admiralty Gardens
Admiralty Grove
Admiralty Place
Adult Shop
Advanced Manufacturing Innovation District Scotland (AMIDS)
Advie Place
Affric Avenue
Affric Drive
Afton Crescent
Afton Drive
Afton Gardens
Afton Road
Afton Street
Afton View
AG Glamour
Agamemnon Street
Agent Provocateur
Agnew Avenue (ML5)
Agnew Avenue (ML6)
Agnew Grove
Agnew Lane
Ahead of Time
Aidan's Brae
Aidan's Court
Aidans Brae Viewpoint
Aikenhead House
Aikenhead Road
Aikman Place
Aikman Road
Ailean Drive
Ailean Gardens
Ailish Crescent
Aillort Place
Ailort Avenue
Ailsa Avenue
Ailsa Court
Ailsa Crescent
Ailsa Drive
Ailsa Gate
Ailsa Place
Ailsa Road
Ainslie Avenue
Ainslie Road
Ainslie Road (G52 4RU)
Air Training Corps
Airbles Crescent
Airbles Drive
Airbles Farm Road
Airbles Road
Airbles Road Centre
Airbles Street
Aird's Lane
Airdale Avenue
Airdrei & Coatbridge Army Cadets
Airdrie & Coatbridge Islamic Centre
Airdrie Academy
Airdrie Baptist Church
Airdrie Bowling Club
Airdrie Clarkston Parish Church
Airdrie Convenience Store
Airdrie District Orange Social Club
Airdrie First Stop Shop
Airdrie Flowers
Airdrie Fresh Foods
Airdrie Golf Club
Airdrie Grain & Health Foods
Airdrie High Kirk
Airdrie Library
Airdrie Police Station
Airdrie Post Office
Airdrie Reformed Presbyterian Church
Airdrie Road
Airdrie Savings Bank
Airdrie Sheriff Court
Airdrie Telephone Exchange
Airdrie Town Hall
Airdriehill Farm
Airdriehill Road
Airdriehill Street
AirdriePhone and PC Shop
Airgold Drive
Airlie Avenue
Airlie Drive
Airlie Gardens
Airlie Lane
Airlie Road
Airlie Street
Airlink Industrial Estate
Airlour Road
Airth Drive
Airth Lane
Airth Way
Airthrey Avenue
Airthrey Lane
Aitchison Court
Aitchison Street
Aitken Close
Aitken Road
Aitken Street
Aitkenhead Avenue (ML5 5)
Aitkenhead Primary School
Aitkenhead Road
Aitkens of Dalmoak Mausoleum
Aj's Spice Corner
Al Furqan Mosque
Al Sham Nights Cafe
Al-Madina Foodstore
Alanya Grill
Alasdair Court
Alba Lodge Guest House
Alba Musick
Alba Way
Albans Crescent
Albany Avenue
Albany Drive
Albany Place
Albany Quadrant
Albany Road
Albany Street
Albany Terrace
Albany Way
Albert Avenue
Albert Bar
Albert Bridge
Albert Cottage
Albert Crescent
Albert Drive
Albert Lane
Albert Place
Albert Quadrant
Albert Road
Albert Street
Albert Terrace
Alberta Avenue
Alberta Crescent
Alberta Park
Alberta Place
Albion Gate
Albion Social Club
Albion Street
Album Pathway
Alcaig Road
Alcath Road
Alder Avenue
Alder Bank
Alder Convenience Store
Alder Court
Alder Gardens
Alder Gate
Alder Grove
Alder Place
Alder Road
Alderman Place
Alderman Road
Alderside Place
Alderston Place
Alderston Way
Aldersyde Avenue
Aldersyde Gardens
Aldersyde Place
Aldersyde Terrace
Aldton Avenue
Aldton Court
Aldton Park
Aldwych Cafe
Alea Casino
Alex Black Funeral Care
Alex Cameron
Alex Neil Cruyff Court
Alex Robertson Plumbing Supplies
Alexander Avenue
Alexander Balfour Gardens
Alexander Court
Alexander Crescent
Alexander Gardens
Alexander Gibson Court
Alexander Gibson Way
Alexander Grove
Alexander Hair Studio
Alexander Path
Alexander Place
Alexander Street
Alexander Terrace
Alexander Thomson
Alexander Wilson
Alexander ‘Greek’ Thomson
Alexandra Avenue
Alexandra Court
Alexandra Drive
Alexandra Gardens
Alexandra Gate
Alexandra House
Alexandra Parade
Alexandra Parade Primary School
Alexandra Park
Alexandra Park Golf Club
Alexandra Park Street
Alexandra Road
Alexandra Street
Alexandria Quadrant
Alford Avenue
Alford Place
Alford Quadrant
Alford Street
Alfred Lane
Alfred Terrace
Algie Street
Algoma Place
Ali Bros
Ali's Original
Alice Avenue
Alice Chinese Takeaway
Alice Rocks
Alice Street
Alice Terrace
Alien Gargoyle
Aline Court
Alisa Road
Alison Lea
Aliza's Beauty
All Bar One
All Car Body Shop
All floors
All Hallows Church / Inchinnan Parish Church (Ruins)
All Hallows Church (Inchinnan Parish Church) - Ruins
All Saints
All Saints Primary School
All Saints RC Secondary School
All Saints Scottish Episcopal Church
All Tots Day Care Centre
Alla Turca
Allan Avenue
Allan Court
Allan Glen Gardens
Allan Grove
Allan Hume Cabinet Makers
Allan McKenzie's Funeral Directors
Allan Place
Allan Street
Allan Street (ML5 5)
Allan's Corner
Allandale Avenue
Allander Avenue
Allander Crescent
Allander Drive
Allander Evangelical
Allander Flooring
Allander gardens
Allander House
Allander Leisure Centre
Allander Road
Allander Street
Allander Toll Roundabout
Allands Avenue
Allanfauld Road
Allanshaw Gardens
Allanshaw Grove
Allanshaw Street
Allanton Avenue
Allanton Drive
Allanton Gardens
Allanton Grove
Allanton Lea
Allanton Place (ML3 7PU)
Allanton Terrace
Allbany Crescent
Allen Way
Allerdyce Court
Allerdyce Drive
Allerdyce Road
Allers Plantation Trail
Allershaw Place
Allershaw Road
Allerton Gardens
Alleysbank Road
Allison Arms
Allison Avenue
Allison Drive
Allison Place
Allison Street
Allnach Place
Alloway Avenue
Alloway Court
Alloway Crescent
Alloway Drive
Alloway Gardens
Alloway Grove
Alloway Quadrant
Alloway Road
Alloway Terrace
Alma Street
Almada Building
Almada Lane
Almada Street
Almada Street Post Office
Almet Doors Ltd
Almond Avenue
Almond Bank
Almond Crescent
Almond Drive
Almond Place (ML5 2LR)
Almond Road
Almond Street
Almond Vale
Almond Way
Alness Crescent
Alness Street
Alness Terrace
Alness Way
Alnwick Crescent
Alona Hotel
Alpen Lodge
Alpine Bikes (Tiso)
Alpine Grove
Alpine Path
Alpine Walk
Alsatian Avenue
Alsh Terrace
Alston Avenue
Alston Bar & Beef
Alston Gardens
Altering Images
Altnacreag Gardens
Alton Farm
Alton Road
Altpatrick Gardens
Altum Building
Altyre Street
Alva Gardens
Alva Gate
Alva Place
Alvie Place
Alwyn Court
Alwyn Drive
Alyssum Crescent
Alyth Crescent
Alyth Gardens
AM Ducie Designer Florist
AM Malcolm Pharmacy
Aman Court
Amanda's Ironing 4U
Amarillo Cafe
Amaryllis West End
Amazing Nails
Ambassador Hotel
Amber Chinese Take Away
Amber Grove
Amber Terrace
Ambleside Rise
Ambrose Court
American Candy
American Candy World
American Diner
Amethyst Avenue
Amethyst Hair Studio
Amiry & Gilbride
Amiry & Gilbride Pharmacy & Travel Clinic
Amisfield Street
Amochrie Drive
Amochrie Glen
Amochrie Road
A.Monir Optician
Amore d'Italia
Amore To Go
Amran Tandoori
Amrik Singh
Amulree Place
Amulree Recreation Ground
Amulree Street
An Clachan
An Lèanag - Comhairle nan Leabhraichean
An Ruadh-Ghleann
Ancaster Drive
Ancaster Lane
Anchor Avenue
Anchor Bar
Anchor Crescent
Anchor Drive
Anchor Lane
Anchor Mills
Anchor Wynd
Ancroft Street
And So To Bed
And's Golden Fry
Anderson & McGuire
Anderson Court
Anderson Drive
Anderson Lane
Anderson Maguire
Anderson Maguire Funeral Directors
Anderson Road
Anderson Street
Anderson's Hair Salon
Anderston Bridge
Anderston Primary School
Anderston Quay
Andover Wynd
Andreson Maguire Funeral Directors
Andrew Avenue
Andrew Court
Andrew Drive
Andrew King
Andrew Paton Way
Andrew Sillars Avenue
Andrew Street
Andrew Ure Hall
Andrews Tile Showroom
Andy's Convinience Store
Andy's Snax
Anford Gardens
Anford Lane
Anford Place
Angel Brow Lounge
Angela MacKenzie
Angela Way
Angle Gate
Anglers Attic
Angus Avenue
Angus Avenue (ML3 7DA)
Angus Gardens
Angus Oval
Angus Place
Angus Street
Anime Gallery
Anish Place
Ann Court
Ann Street
Ann Summers
Ann's Fry
Annan Avenue
Annan Crescent
Annan Drive
Annan Glade
Annan Grove
Annan Street
Annandale Street
Annathill Farm
Annathill Farm Road
Annathill Gardens
Annbank Place
Annbank Street
Anne Avenue
Anne Avenue Playpark
Anne Crescent
Anne Kneilands Cairn Memorial
Anne's Mew
Anne's Pantry
Annerley Court
Annerley Place
Annette Street
Annette Street Primary School
Annfield Gardens
Annfield Place
Annick Drive
Annick Street
Annie Millers Bar
Anniesdale Avenue
Annieshill Farm Steadings
Annieshill View
Anniesland Crescent
Anniesland Library
Anniesland Pet Supplies
Anniesland Road
Anniversary Avenue
Annsfield Farm
Annsfield Road
Ansdell Avenue
Anson Street
Anson Way
Anstruther Street
Antigua Way
Antiques and Collectables
Anton's Fast Food
Antonine Avenue
Antonine Gardens
Antonine Gate
Antonine Primary School
Antonine Road
Antonine Shopping Centre
Antonine Sports Centre
Antonine Wall
Antonio's Take Away
Antwerp Diamond Co.
Anvil Tattoo
Anwoth Street
Anzio Lines (Army Reserve Centre)
Aparthotel Adagio Glasgow Central
Apex City of Glasgow
Apocom Kitchen
Apollo 23
Apollo Blinds
Apollo Crescent
Apostolic church
Appian Place
Appin Court
Appin Crescent
Appin Road
Appin Terrace
Appin Way
Apple Glasgow
Apple Pharmacy

apple Pharmacy

Apple Pharmacy
Appleby Grove (G69)
Appleby Street
Applecross Gardens
Applecross Quadrant
Applecross Road
Applecross Street
Appledore Crescent
Apsley Lane
Apsley Place
Apsley Street
Aqua Avenue
Aqua Court
Aquatec Motherwell
AR Workwear
Aran Lane
Aranthrue Crescent
Aranthrue Drive
Aray Street
Arbroath Avenue
Arbroath Grove
Arbuckle Place
Arbuckle Road
Arcadia Place
Arcadia Street
Arcan Crescent
Archangel 1608 Tattoo Studio
Archerfield Avenue
Archerfield Crescent
Archerfield Drive
Archerfield Grove
Archerhill Avenue
Archerhill Cottages
Archerhill Crescent
Archerhill Gardens
Archerhill Licensed Grocers
Archerhill Road
Archerhill Square
Archerhill Terrace
Archers Sleep Centre
Archers Sleepcentre
Archerscroft Way
Archiebald Place
Ard Road
Ard Street
Ardargie Drive
Ardargie Grove
Ardargie Place
Ardbeg Avenue
Ardbeg Crescent
Ardbeg Lane
Ardbeg Road
Ardbeg Street
Ardconnel Street
Arden Avenue
Arden Court
Arden Drive
Arden Place
Arden Post Office
Arden Road
Arden Street
Arden Terrace
Ardenclutha Avenue
Ardencraig Drive
Ardencraig Gardens
Ardencraig Place
Ardencraig Quadrant
Ardencraig Road
Ardencraig Street
Ardencraig Terrace
Ardenlea Street
Ardery Street
Ardessie Place
Ardessie Street
Ardfern Road
Ardfern Street
Ardgay Place
Ardgay Street
Ardgoil Drive
Ardgour Drive
Ardgowan Avenue
Ardgowan Drive
Ardgowan Street
Ardgowan Terrace
Ardgowan Terrace Lane
Ardholm Street
Ardhu Place
Ardlaw Street
Ardle Road
Ardlui Gardens
Ardlui Street
Ardmaleish Crescent
Ardmaleish Drive
Ardmaleish Road
Ardmaleish Street
Ardmaleish Terrace
Ardmay Crescent
Ardmillan Street
Ardmore Crescent
Ardmory Avenue
Ardmory Lane
Ardmory Place
Ardnahoe Avenue
Ardnahoe Place
Ardneil Road
Ardnish Street
Ardo Gardens
Ardoch Grove
Ardoch Road
Ardoch Street
Ardrain Avenue
Ardshiel Road
Ardsloy Lane
Ardsloy Place
Ardtoe Crescent
Ardtoe Place
Arduthie Road
Ardwell Road
Area 66
Argos Darnley in Sainsburys
Argosy Drive
Argosy Way
Argus Avenue
Argyle Bar
Argyle Crescent
Argyle Drive
Argyle Newsagents
Argyle Street
Argyle Tavern
Argyll Arcade
Argyll Avenue
Argyll Gardens
Argyll Hotel
Argyll Place
Argyll Road
Argyll Wind Tunnel
Argyll Wynd
Arigato Sushi
Arisaig Drive
Arisaig Place
Arisdale Crescent
Ark Lane
Arkaig Avenue
Arkaig Place
Arkaig Street
Arkelston Drive
Arkhouses Way
Arkle Terrace
Arkleston Crescent
Arkleston Drive
Arkleston Primary School
Arkleston Road
Arklet Road
Arklet Way
Arkwrights Way
Arlene's Munchie Box
Arlington Baths
Arlington Place
Arlington Street
Armadale Court
Armadale Path
Armadale Place
Armadale Street
Armour Avenue
Armour Court
Armour Drive
Armour Gardens
Armour Grove
Armour Path
Armour Place
Armour Square
Armour Street
Armstrong Crescent
Armstrong Grove
Armstrong Vehicle Centre
Army Reserve Centre
Arngask Road
Arnhall Place
Arnhem Street
Arnholm Place
Arnisdale Court
Arnisdale Gate
Arnisdale Place
Arnisdale Road
Arnisdale View
Arnisdale Way
Arniston Street
Arniston Way
Arnol Place
Arnold Avenue
Arnold Clark
Arnold Clark East Kilbride Toyota
Arnold Clark Giffnock BMW / MINI Service Centre
Arnold Clark Glasgow
Arnold Clark Paisley
Arnott Drive
Arnott Quadrant
Arnott Way
Arnprior Crescent
Arnprior Gardens
Arnprior Quadrant
Arnprior Road
Arnprior Street
Arnside Avenue
Arnton Grove
Arnwood Drive
Arondale Road
Aros Drive
Aros Lane
Around a Pound
Arran Avenue
Arran Drive
Arran Gardens
Arran House
Arran Place
Arran Road
Arran Sense of Scotland
Arran Terrace
Arran Way
Arranview Street
Arrochar Court
Arrochar Drive
Arrochar Street
Arrol Place
Arrol Road
Arrol Street
Arrol Wynd
Arronhill View
Arrotshole Court
Arrotshole Road
Arrowsmith Avenue
Art by Zaz
Art Hair Design
Art Nails
Arteries Gallery
Arthulie Inns
Arthur Avenue
Arthur Gardens
Arthur Henderson Avenue
Arthur Place
Arthur Road
Arthur Street
Arthur Walk
Arthurlie Avenue
Arthurlie Bowling Club
Arthurlie Drive
Arthurlie Gardens
Arthurlie House
Arthurlie Street
Arti San Toi
Artisan Roast
Arts Barber Shop
Artto Hotel
Arundel Drive
AS Car Service Centre
As proud as (2000)
Ascaig Crescent
Ascog Road
Ascog Street
Ascot Avenue
Ascot Court
Ascot Gate
Asda Café
Asda Express
Asda Living
Asda Petrol Station
Ash Grove
Ash Place
Ash Road
Ash Wynd
Ashbank Crescent
Ashburn Gardens
Ashburn Road
Ashburton Lane
Ashburton Park
Ashburton Road
Ashby Crescent
Ashcraig Secondary School
Ashcroft Drive
Ashdale Drive
Ashdene Street
Asher Road
Ashfield Place
Ashfield Road
Ashfield Stadium
Ashfield Street
Ashgill Place
Ashgill Recreation Centre
Ashgill Road
Ashgrove Place
Ashgrove Road
Ashgrove Street
Ashiestiel Court
Ashiestiel Place
Ashiestiel Road
Ashkirk Drive
Ashkirk Place
Ashland Avenue
Ashlea Drive
Ashlea Gardens
Ashley Ann Glasgow
Ashley Drive
Ashley Grove
Ashley Lane
Ashley Park
Ashley Place
Ashley Street
Ashmore Crescent
Ashmore Road
Ashoka Ashton Lane
Ashoka Finnieston
Ashoka Shak
Ashpark Primary School
Ashton Gardens (G69 8EF)
Ashton Gate
Ashton Green
Ashton Lane
Ashton Lane North
Ashton Road
Ashton Street
Ashton Way
Ashtree Court
Ashtree Grove
Ashtree House Hotel
Ashtree Road
Ashvale Crescent
Ashwood Gardens
Ashworth Terrace
Asia Style
Asian Fusion
Asian Grocery Shop
Asian Tandoori
ASK Italian
Aspen Drive
Aspen Gate
Aspen Grove (G69)
Aspen Place
Aspen Way (ML3 7NG)
Aspire Convenience Store
Asquith Place
Assemblies of God
Aster Drive
Aster Gardens
Ataa Jewellers
Athelstane Drive
Athelstane Road
Athena Way
Athol Lane
Athole Gardens
Athole Lane
Atholl Avenue
Atholl Court
Atholl Crescent
Atholl Drive
Atholl Gardens
Atholl Place
Atholl Place (ML5 4)
Atholl Street
Atholl Terrace
Atlantic Fast Food
Atlantic Square
Atlas Place
Atlas Road
Atlas Square
Atlas Street
Atlin Drive


Atrium Café
Atrium Coffee House
Atrium Court
ATS Euromaster
Attercliffe Avenue
Attlee Avenue
Attlee Road
Attow Road
Atwal's Fish & Chicken Bar
Atwals Mossend
Auburn Drive
Auburn Place
Auchan Crescent
Auchans Road
Auchenback Post Office
Auchenback Resource Centre
Auchenbothie Crescent
Auchenbothie Place
Auchencrow Street
Auchendavie Road
Auchendavie Steadings
Auchendavy Roman Fort
Auchengeich Colliery Disaster Memorial
Auchengeich Gardens
Auchengeich Miners Welfare
Auchengeich Road
Auchenglen Drive
Auchengreoch Avenue
Auchengreoch Road
Auchenhowie Road
Auchenkilns Junction
Auchenkilns Park
Auchenkilns Road
Auchenlarie Drive
Auchenlodment Primary School
Auchenlodment Road
Auchens Farm
Auchenstewart Court
Auchentibber Farm (Derelict)
Auchentibber Road
Auchentibber War Memorial
Auchentorlie House
Auchentorlie Quadrant
Auchentorlie Street
Auchentoshan Avenue
Auchentoshan Terrace
Auchentoshen Cottages
Auchinairn Bowling Club
Auchinairn Gardens
Auchinairn Gate
Auchinairn Road
Auchinairn Roundabout
Auchinairn Tavern
Auchinbee Farm Road
Auchinbee Way
Auchincampbell Road
Auchineden Court
Auchingill Place
Auchingill Road
Auchingramont Court
Auchingramont Road
Auchinlea Drive
Auchinlea Landfill
Auchinlea Playground
Auchinlea Road
Auchinlea Way
Auchinleck Avenue
Auchinleck Crescent
Auchinleck Drive
Auchinleck Gardens
Auchinleck Road
Auchinleck Terrace
Auchinloch Bowling Club
Auchinloch Grocers Off Sales
Auchinloch Primary School
Auchinloch Road
Auchinloch Street
Auchinraith Avenue
Auchinraith Primary School
Auchinraith Road
Auchinraith Terrace
Auchmannoch Avenue
Auchnacraig Early Education Learning Centre
Auchnacraig Road
Auchter Avenue
Auchter Road
Auckland Park
Auckland Place
Auckland Street
Auckland Wynd
Audio CP
Auds 'N' Ends
Auld Boat Hoose
Auld Cathkin
Auld Kirk Museum
Auld Kirk Road
Auld Store bar
Auld Street
Auld Terrace
Auld's Brae
Auldbar Road
Auldbar Terrace
Auldburn Place
Auldburn Road
Auldearn Close
Auldearn Road
Auldgirth Road
Auldhame Street
Auldhame Street (ML5)
Auldhouse Avenue
Auldhouse Community Church
Auldhouse Court
Auldhouse Gardens
Auldhouse Road
Auldhouse Terrace
Auldmurroch Drive
Auldyards Road
Aultbea Street
Aultmore Drive
Aultmore Drve
Aultmore Gardens
Aultmore Park
Aultmore Park Primary School
Aultmore Road
Aurora Avenue
Aurora Bella Boutique
Aurs Crescent
Aurs Drive
Aurs Glen
Aurs Place
Aurs Road
Aurs Road Upgrade and Realignment project
Aursbridge Crescent
Aursbridge Drive
Austen Lane
Austen Road
Austine Drive
Authentics Antiques
Auto Cruisers
Auto Glass Repair
Avalon Place
Avant Garde
Avanti West Coast Travel Centre
Avec Panache
Avellano Hair and Beauty
Avenel Road
Avenger Way
Avenu Cafe
Avenue End Drive
Avenue End Gardens
Avenue End Gate
Avenue End Primary School; Croftcroigahn Primary School; Kincardine Nursery School
Avenue End Road
Avenue Street
Avenuehead Farm
Avenuehead Road
Avenuepark Street
Aviemore Gardens
Aviemore Road
Avoch Street
Avon Avenue
Avon Bridge
Avon Drive
Avon Place (ML5)
Avon Road
Avon Street
Avonbank Crescent
Avonbank Road
Avonbar Court
Avonbrae Crescent
Avonbridge Drive
Avonbridge Hotel
Avondale Avenue
Avondale Drive
Avondale Gardens
Avondale Grove
Avondale Place
Avondale Street
Avonhead Avenue
Avonhead Gardens
Avonhead Place
Avonhead Road
Avonside Grove
Avonspark Gardens
Avonspark Place
Avonspark Street
Avril Haffron
Aylmer Road
Ayr Drive
Ayr Road
Ayr Street
Ayton Park North
Ayton Park South
Aytoun Drive
Aytoun Road
Azalea Gardens

B Main Sculptors
B&I Trading Company
B&M Bargains
B&M Garden Store
B&M Home Store
B&M Home Stores
BABA Tandoori
Babbage Court
Babbity Bowster
Babcock Crescent
Baby Loss Retreat Charity Shop
Babylon Avenue
Babylon Drive
Babylon Grill
Babylon Place
Babylon Road
Back Causeway
Back O Barns
Back O Dykes Road
Back o Loch Road
Back O'Hill Farm
Back O'Hill Road
Back Road
Back Row
Back Sneddon Street
Backmuir Crescent
Backmuir Place
Backmuir Road
Backmuir Wood Path
Bad Guy
Badenheath Park
Badenheath Place
Badenoch Road
Badger trail
Badger Wynd
Badguy Brand
Bag O' Nails
Bagel Mania
Bagla Newsagent
Bagnell Street
Bagno Design
Baguette Express
Bahamas Way
Bailey's Antiques
Bailie Drive
Bailie Fyfe Way
Baillie Drive
Baillie Gardens
Baillie Moss
Baillie Place
Baillie Wynd
Baillies Lane
Bailliesmuir Place
Baillieston Library
Baillieston Police Station
Baillieston Post Office
Baillieston Road
Baillieston St Andrew's Church
Baillieston Telephone Exchange
Bailside Farm
Bain Street
Bainsford Street
Baird Avenue
Baird Crescent
Baird Drive
Baird Gardens
Baird Hill
Baird Memorial Primary School
Baird Place
Baird Street
Baird's Brae
Bairds Crescent
Bairdsland View
Bait-Ur-Rahman Mosque
Bake 'n' flake
Baker Street
Bakewell Road
Balaclava Street
Balado Road
Balbeg Street
Balbeggie Street
Balblair Road
Balcarres Avenue
Balcary Place
Balcomie Street
Balcurvie Road
Baldernock Lynn
Baldernock Parish Church
Baldernock Parish Church Hall
Baldernock Primary School
Baldernock Road
Baldinnie Road
Baldorran Crescent
Baldovan Crescent
Baldovie Road
Baldragon Road
Baldric Road
Baldwin Avenue
Bale Avenue
Bale Court
Bale Lane
Balerno Circle
Balerno Drive
Balfleurs Street
Balfluig Street
Balfour Street
Balfour Terrace
Balfron Crescent
Balfron Drive
Balfron Place
Balfron Road
Balgair Drive
Balgair Gardens
Balgair Street
Balgair Terrace
Balgay House Road
Balglass Gardens
Balglass Street
Balgonie Avenue
Balgonie Drive
Balgonie Road
Balgonie Way
Balgonie Woods
Balgownie Crescent
Balgray Crescent
Balgray House
Balgray Road
Balgray Station
Balgray Tower
Balgraybank Street
Balgrayhill Concierge Office
Balgrayhill Road
Balgraystone Place
Balgraystone Road
Balgrochan House
Balintore Street
Baliol Lane
Baliol Street
Baljaffray Parish Church
Baljaffray Primary School
Baljaffray Road
Baljaffray Roundabout
Baljaffray Shopping Centre
Ballagan Place
Ballaig Avenue
Ballaig Crescent
Ballantay Quadrant
Ballantay Road
Ballantay Terrace
Ballantine Avenue
Ballantrae Crescent
Ballantrae Drive
Ballantrae Road
Ballantyne Brae
Ballantyne Drive
Ballater Crescent
Ballater Drive
Ballater Place
Ballater Street
Ballater Way
Ballayne Drive
Ballies Roundabout
Ballindalloch Drive
Ballindalloch Lane
Balliol Path
Balloch Gardens
Balloch Loop Road
Balloch Post Office
Balloch Road
Balloch Roundabout
Balloch View
Ballochmill Road
Ballochmyle Crescent
Ballochmyle Drive
Ballochmyle Gardens
Ballochmyle Place
Ballochmyle Wynd
Ballochney Drive
Ballochney Farm
Ballochney Road
Ballochney Street
Ballochnie Drive
Ballochnie View
Ballogie Road
Bally's Fruit & Veg
Balmartin Road
Balmeg Avenue
Balmerino Place
Balmoral Avenue
Balmoral Crescent
Balmoral Crescent (ML5 5)
Balmoral Drive
Balmoral Gardens
Balmoral Place
Balmoral Road
Balmoral Street
Balmore Bar
Balmore Coach House
Balmore Crescent
Balmore Drive
Balmore Golf Club
Balmore Newsagent
Balmore Place
Balmore Road
Balmore Square
Balmuildy Bridge
Balmuildy Primary School
Balmuildy Road
Balnagown Drive
Balornock Bowling Club
Balornock Primary School
Balornock Road
Balruddery Place
Balshagray Avenue
Balshagray Crescent
Balshagray Drive
Balshagray Lane
Balshagray Place
Balshagray Victoria Park Parish Church
Balta Crescent
Balti Club
Baltic Court
Baltic Place
Baltic Street
Baltic Street Adventure Playground
Balure Place
Balvaird Crescent
Balvaird Drive
Balvenie Drive
Balvenie Street (ML5 4JF)
Balvennie Drive
Balveny Avenue
Balveny Drive
Balveny Place
Balveny Street
Balvicar Drive
Balvicar Street
Balvie Avenue
Balvie Crescent
Balvie Grove
Balvie Road
BAM Glasgow
Bamboo Garden
Bammy Beverages
Banana Leaf West End
Banavie Lane
Banavie Road
Banavie Street
Banavie Terrace
Banchory Avenue
Banchory Crescent
Banchory Road
Baneberry Path
Banff Avenue
Banff Place
Banff Quadrant
Banff Street
Bang & Olufsen
Bangorshill Street
Banh Mi & Tea
Bank Avenue
Bank of India
Bank of Scotland
Bank Park
Bank Pub
Bank Road
Bank Roll
Bank Street
Bank Street (ML5 5)
Bank View
Bankbrae Avenue
Bankend Street
Bankfield Drive
Bankfoot Drive
Bankfoot Place
Bankfoot Road
Bankglen Road
Bankhall Street
Bankhead Avenue
Bankhead Avenue (ML5 5)
Bankhead Drive
Bankhead Farm
Bankhead Place
Bankhead Place (ML5 5)
Bankhead Primary School
Bankhead Road
Bankhead Way
Bankholm Place
Banknock Street
Banks Road
Banks Social Club
Bankside Avenue
Banktop Place
Bankview Crescent
Bankview Drive
Bannatyne Avenue
Bannatyne's Health Club
Bannen Court
Banner Drive
Banner Road
Bannercross Avenue
Bannercross Drive
Bannercross Gardens
Bannerman Drive
Bannerman High School
Bannerman Place
Bannoch Place
Bannockburn Place
Bantaskin Street
Bantawala by Masala Twist
Banton Place
Banyan Crescent
Bar 67
Bar 91
Bar Budda
Bar Gandolfi
Bar Hill Fort Bathhouse
Bar Hill Roman Fort
Bar Home
Bar One
Bar Roma
Bar Soba Merchant City
Bar Soba Mitchell Lane
Bar Ten
Bar Varia
Bar West
Bar Zero
Barassie Court
Barbados Green
Barbae Place
Barbana Road
Barbara B
Barbeg Crescent
Barbegs Crescent
Barbeque Kings
Barbeque Palace
Barber at the Cross
Barber Shop
Barberry Avenue
Barberry Crescent
Barberry Gardens
Barberry Place


Barbeth Farm
Barbeth Gardens
Barbeth Place
Barbeth Road
Barbeth Way
Barbour Way
Barbreck Road
Barcaldine Avenue
Barcaldine Terrace
Barcapel Avenue
Barcapel Farm
Barcapel Holm
Barcapel Holm Road
Barclay Avenue
Barclay Court
Barclay Drive
Barclay Road
Barclay Square
Barclay Street
Barcloy Place
Barcraigs Drive
Bard Avenue
Bardowie Street
Bardowie Street Gospel Mission
Bardowie Tennis Club
Bardrain Avenue
Bardrain Road
Bardrill Drive
Bardykes Road


Barez Super Market
Barfillan Drive
Bargain Buys
Bargain Store
Bargain Wool Shop
Bargany Court
Bargany Place
Bargany Road
Bargaran Road
Bargarran Post Office
Bargarran Road
Bargarran Roundabout
Bargarron Drive
Bargeddie Parish Church
Bargeddie Pharmacy
Bargeddie Post Office
Bargeddie Primary School
Bargeddie Street
Barhill Lane
Barhill pub
Barhill Road
Barhill Way
Barholm Avenue
Barholm Crescent
Barholm Drive
Barholm Square
Barholm Street
Barke Road
Barkly Terrace
Barlae Avenue
Barlanark Avenue
Barlanark Close
Barlanark Crescent
Barlanark Drive
Barlanark Greyfriars Church of Scotland
Barlanark Place
Barlanark Road
Barlia Drive
Barlia Gardens
Barlia Grove
Barlia Row
Barlia Street
Barlia Terrace
Barlia Way
Barloch Avenue
Barloch Road
Barloch Street
Barlogan Avenue
Barlogan Quadrant
Barmore Crescent
Barmore Drive
Barmore Wynd
Barmulloch Community Centre and Library
Barmulloch Post Office
Barmulloch Primary School
Barmulloch Road
Barn Court
Barn Drive
Barnard Gardens
Barnardo's Donation Centre
Barnbeth Road
Barncluith Avenue
Barncluith Court
Barncluith Road
Barncluith Road (ML3 7DQ)
Barnes Road
Barnes Street
Barness Place
Barnfield Place (G77 6YZ)
Barnfield Wynd
Barnfield Wynd (G77 6FH)
Barnflat Court
Barnflat Street
Barnhill Court
Barnhill Drive
Barnkirk Avenue
Barns Street
Barnsford Avenue
Barnsford Bridge
Barnsford Road
Barnstormers Airfield
Barnswood Place
Barnton Street
Barnwell Street
Barnwell Terrace
Barochan Crescent
Barochan Place
Barochan Road
Barochan Way
Baron Court
Baron Place
Baron Road
Baron Samedi's
Baron Street
Baron's Path Road
Baronald Drive
Baronald Gate
Baronald Street
Barone Drive
Baroness Drive
Baronhall Drive
Barons Gate
Barons Road
Baronscourt Drive
Baronscourt Gardens
Baronscourt Road
Barony Court
Barony Drive
Barony Gardens
Barony Grove
Barony Place
Barony Wynd
Barr Avenue
Barr Crescent
Barr Grove
Barr Place
Barr Street
Barr Terrace
Barra Avenue
Barra Beds and Furniture
Barra Crescent
Barra Drive
Barra Gardens
Barra Place
Barra Road
Barra Street
Barrachinnie Inn
Barrachnie Avenue
Barrachnie Court
Barrachnie Crescent
Barrachnie Grove
Barrachnie Park
Barrachnie Place
Barrachnie Road
Barrack Street
Barrangary Road
Barrangary Roundabout
Barras Bites
Barras Newsagents
Barras Shed Company
Barraston Farm
Barraston House
Barraston Road
Barrbridge Road
Barrhead Bowling Club
Barrhead Evangelical Church
Barrhead Fire Station
Barrhead Foundry
Barrhead High School
Barrhead Library
Barrhead Methodist Church
Barrhead Police Station
Barrhead Post Office
Barrhead Road
Barrhead Services
Barrhead Telephone Exchange
Barrhead Travel
Barrhill Cottages
Barrhill Court
Barrhill Road
Barrhill Terrace
Barrie Avenue
Barrie Quadrant
Barrie Road
Barrie Street
Barriedale Avenue
Barriedale Crescent
Barrieswall Farm
Barrington Drive
Barrisdale Road
Barrisdale Way
Barrland Court
Barrland Drive
Barrland Street
Barrmill Road
Barrochan Road
Barronsfield Grange
Barrowfield Drive
Barrowfield Gardens
Barrowfield Gate
Barrowfield Place
Barrowfield Street
Barrowland Ballroom
Barrwood Place
Barrwood Street
Barry Gardens
Barscube Terrace
Barshaw Close
Barshaw Court
Barshaw Drive
Barshaw Park Cafe
Barshaw Park Golf Course
Barshaw Place
Barshaw Road
Barskiven Circle
Barskiven Road
Barterholm Road
Bartholomew Street
Bartiebeith Road
Bartonhall Road
Bartonshill Crescent
Bartonshill Drive
Bartonshill Gardens
Barwood Drive
Barwood Road
Bascule Bridge
Bashoor Foodstore
Basil Grove
Basket Craig
Basket Craig (c. 135 feet)
Basket Highway
Basket Kilns (destroyed)
Bassett Avenue
Bassett Crescent
Bath Lane
Bath Street
Bathgate Street
Bathgo Avenue
Bathlin Crescent
Batson Street
Battle of Langside
Battle Place
Battlefield Avenue
Battlefield Gardens
Battlefield Pharmacy
Battlefield Rest
Battlefield Restorations
Battlefield Road
Battlefield Road Post Office
Battles Burn Drive
Battles Burn Gate
Battles Burn View
Bavaria Brauhaus
Bavelaw Street
Baxter Brae
Baxter Wynd
Bay Leaf
Bay Willow Court
Bayfield Avenue
Bayfield Terrace
Bayne's Family Bakers
Bazaar Street
Bazzar Bar
BB's Coffee and Muffins
BBQ Wrap Salad
Be Healthy
Beacon of Hope
Beacon Place
Beaconsfield Road
Beard Crescent
Beardmore Business Centre
Beardmore Park Steam Hammer
Beardmore Place
Beardmore Sculpture
Beardmore Street
Beardmore Way
Bearford Drive
Bears Way
Bearsden Academy
Bearsden Baptist Church
Bearsden Barber
Bearsden Bowling Club
Bearsden Community Hub
Bearsden Cross
Bearsden Cross Dry Cleaners
Bearsden Early Years Centre
Bearsden Golf Club
Bearsden Lawn Tennis Club
Bearsden Nails & Spa
Bearsden Primary School
Bearsden Road
Bearsden Snowsports Club
Bearsden Telephone Exchange
Beasdale Lane
Beat 6
Beaton Road
Beaton Walk
Beatrice Drive
Beatrice Gardens
Beatson Wynd
Beattock Street
Beattock Wynd
Beatty Street
Beaufort Avenue
Beaufort Drive
Beaufort Gardens
Beauly Crescent
Beauly Drive
Beauly Place
Beauly Place (ML5 4)
Beauly Road
Beaumartin The Cottage
Beaumont Gate
Beauty @ 71 Main Street
Beauty and Hair Lounge
Beauty Boutique
Beauty by Amy
Beauty By Zarona
Beauty Inc.
Beauty Spot
Beauty Spot by Pat Macpherson
Beauty Within
Beaver Car Audio
Beckett Drive (G69 9FL)
Beckfield Crescent
Beckfield Drive
Beckfield Gate
Beckfield Grove
Beckfield Place
Beckfield Walk
Beckford Lane
Beckford Lodge
Beckford Primary School
Beckford Street
Bedale Road
Bedcow View
Bedford Avenue
Bedford Lane
Bedford Street
Bedlam Paintball & Lasertag Cumbernauld
Bedlay Castle
Bedlay Court
Bedlay Place
Bedlay View
Bedlay Well
Beds Glasgow
Bee's Knee
Beech Avenue
Beech Avenue (with agricultural ridge)
Beech Crescent
Beech Drive
Beech Gardens
Beech Grove
Beech Grove (G69 8JB)
Beech Place
Beech Road
Beechbank Avenue
Beeches Avenue
Beeches Road
Beeches Terrace
Beechgrove Avenue
Beechgrove Quadrant
Beechgrove Street
Beechlands Avenue
Beechlands Drive
Beechmount Road
Beechwood Avenue
Beechwood Court
Beechwood Crescent
Beechwood Drive
Beechwood Gardens
Beechwood Grove
Beechwood Lane
Beechwood Lea
Beechwood Nursery School
Beechwood Place
Beechwood Road
Beechworth Drive
Beecraigs Way
Beecroft Place


Beil Drive
Beirut Star
Beit Zaman
Beith Drive
Beith Road
Beith Street
Beith Way
Belford Court
Belford Grove
Belgowan Street
Belgrave Lane
Belgrave Street
Belgrave Terrace
Belhaven Court
Belhaven Hotel
Belhaven Nursery School
Belhaven Park
Belhaven Place
Belhaven Road
Belhaven Skate Park
Belhaven Terrace
Belhaven Terrace Lane
Belhaven Terrace West
Belhaven Terrace West Lane
Believer Tattoo
Bell Drive
Bell Green East
Bell Green West
Bell Grove
Bell o`The Brae Monument
Bell Quadrant
Bell Street
Bell Telephone Exchange
Bell View
Bell's Flowers
Bella Fresca
Bella Italia
Bellahouston Academy
Bellahouston Drive
Bellahouston Lane
Bellahouston Leisure Centre
Bellahouston Nursery
Bellahouston Post Office
Bellahouston Sports Centre cafe
Bellahouston Velodrome
Bellairs Place
Bellas Place
Bellaville Grove
Bellcraig Court
Belle's Beauty
Belleisle Avenue
Belleisle Street
Bellevue Avenue
Bellevue Road
Bellfield Court
Bellfield Crescent
Bellfield Drive
Bellfield Road
Bellfield Street
Bellfield Street Footbridge
Bellflower Avenue
Bellflower Court
Bellflower Gardens
Bellflower Grove
Bellflower Place
Bellgrove Hotel (closed)
Bellgrove Premier Convenience
Bellgrove Street
Bellrock Close
Bellrock Court
Bellrock Crescent
Bellrock Street
Bellrock View
Bells Bar
Bellscroft Avenue
Bellsdyke Road
Bellsfield Drive
Bellshaugh Court
Bellshaugh Gardens
Bellshaugh Lane
Bellshaugh Place
Bellshaugh Road
Bellshill Academy
Bellshill Bowling green
Bellshill Fire Station
Bellshill Golf CLub
Bellshill Golf Club
Bellshill Post Office
Bellshill Road
Bellshill Shopping Centre
Bellshill Telephone Exchange
Bellside Inn
Bellside Road
Bellside Roundabout
Belltrees Crescent
Bellview Court
Bellvue Crescent
Bellvue Way
Bellway Homes Janefield St
Bellwood Street
Bellziehill Farm
Bellziehill Road
Belmont Avenue
Belmont Court
Belmont Crescent
Belmont Drive
Belmont House School
Belmont Lane
Belmont Road
Belmont Street
Belses Drive
Belses Gardens
Belstane Place
Belstane Road
Belsyde Avenue
Beltane Park
Beltane Street
Beltonfoot Way
Beltrees Avenue
Beltrees Crescent
Beltrees Road
Belvedere Avenue
Belvidere Avenue
Belvidere Bowling Club
Belvidere Crescent
Belvidere Drive
Belvidere Gate
Belvidere Road
Belvidere Terrace
Belvidere Village
Belvoir Place
Bemersyde Avenue
Bemersyde Road
Ben Aigan Place
Ben Alder Drive
Ben Buie Way
Ben Donich Place
Ben Edra Place
Ben Garrisdale Place
Ben Glas Place
Ben Hope Avenue
Ben Laga Place
Ben Lawers Drive
Ben Ledi Avenue
Ben Ledi Crescent
Ben Loyal Avenue
Ben Lui Drive
Ben Lui Place
Ben Macdui Gardens
Ben More Drive
Ben Nevis Road
Ben Nevis Way
Ben Oss Place
Ben Uird Place
Ben Vane Avenue
Ben Venue Road
Ben Venue Way
Ben View Terrace
Ben Vorlich Drive
Ben Vorlich Place
Ben Wyvis Drive
Benalder Street
Benarty Gardens
Benbecula Access Trail
Benbow Road
Bencaelau Road
Bencroft Drive
Benford Avenue
Benford Knowe
Bengairn Street
Bengal Place
Bengal Street
Benhar Place
Benholm Street
Benn Avenue
Bennan Square
Bennie Place
Benny Lynch Court
Benson Street
Bensons for Beds
Benston Road
Bent Crescent
Bent Recreation Ground
Bent Road
Bentfoot Road
Benthall Street
Bentinck Grange
Bentinck Street
Bentley Hotel
Bents Road
Benvie Gardens
Benview Road
Benview Street
Berelands Crescent
Berelands Place
Beresford Avenue
Berits & Brown
Berkeley Street
Berkeley Terrace Lane
Berkley Drive
Bernadette Crescent
Bernadette Street
Bernard Path
Bernard Street
Bernard Terrace
Berneray Street
Bernisdale Drive
Bernisdale Gardens
Bernisdale Place
Berridale Avenue
Berriedale Avenue
Berriedale Path
Berriedale Quadrant
Berriedale Terrace
Berryburn Place
Berryburn Road
Berryhill Crescent
Berryhill Drive
Berryhill Place
Berryhill Primary School
Berryhill Road
Berryknowe Avenue
Berryknowes Avenue
Berryknowes Drive
Berryknowes Lane
Berryknowes Place
Berryknowes Road
Bertram Drive
Bertram Street
Bervie Street
Berwick Crescent
Berwick Drive
Berwick Place
Berwick Street
Bespoke Barber
Bessemer Drive
Best Buds Florist
Best Chippy
Best Foot Forward
Best Kebab
Best Nails Airdrie
Best Wishes
Best Wishes Cards & Gifts
Best-One (Tollcross Road)
Better Bodies
Betula Drive
Bevan Grove
Beveridge Terrace
Beverley Road
Bevin Avenue
Bevin Court
Beyond the Fringe
Bib and Tucker
Bibi's Cantina
Biddy's Tea Room
Bideford Crescent
Big Heids
Big Licks
Big Mouth Cafe Co
Big Slope
Biggar Road
Biggar Street
Bigton Street
Bike Bump Loop

bike for good west

Bike Love
Bike Town
Bill's Tool Store
Bill's Workwear
Billings Road
Billy Bilsland
Billy Connolly
Billy McNeill
Bilsland Avenue
Bilsland Close
Bilsland Court
Bilsland Drive

bilson eleven

Binend Road
Bing Soul
Binnie Place
Binniehill Road
Binns Road
Birch Avenue
Birch Brae
Birch Close
Birch Crescent
Birch Drive
Birch Grove
Birch Grove View
Birch Knowe
Birch Mount Court
Birch Place
Birch Quadrant
Birch Road
Birch Street
Birch View
Birch Way
Birchend Drive
Birchend Place
Birchfield Drive
Birchfield Road
Birchlea Drive
Birchtree Road
Birchview Drive
Birchwood Avenue
Birchwood Drive
Birchwood Grove (G69)
Birchwood Place
Birchwood Road
Bird & Blend Tea Co. Glasgow Shop
Birdsfield Drive
Birdsfield Street
Birdston Bank Farm
Birdston Drive
Birdston Road
Birgidale Road
Birgidale Terrace
Birkbeck Court
Birkdale Court
Birken Road
Birkenshaw Road
Birkenshaw Street
Birkenshaw Way
Birkhall Avenue
Birkhall Drive
Birkhill Avenue
Birkhill Gardens
Birkhill Road
Birkmyre Road
Birkshaw Brae
Birkshaw Place
Birkwood Court
Birkwood mansion
Birkwood Place
Birkwood Street
Birmingham Road
Birnam Avenue
Birnam Crescent
Birnam Gardens
Birnam Place
Birnam Road
Birness Drive
Birnie Road
Birniehill Road
Birnock Avenue
Birny Hill Court
Birrell Corrance Funeral Directors
Birrell Road
Birrens Road
Birsay Road
Bishop Gardens
Bishop Lane
Bishop Loch Court
Bishop Loch Gardens
Bishop Street
Bishop's Palace Memorial Pillar
Bishopbriggs Academy
Bishopbriggs Bowling Club
Bishopbriggs Community Fire Station
Bishopbriggs Golf Club
Bishopbriggs Golf Range
Bishopbriggs Leisuredrome
Bishopbriggs Telephone Exchange
Bishopbriggs War Memorial Hall
Bishopburn Drive
Bishopmill Place
Bishopmill Road
Bishops Gate
Bishops Park
Bishopsgate Drive
Bishopsgate Gardens
Bishopsgate Place
Bishopsgate Road
Bishopton Library
Bishopton Parish Church
Bishopton Post Office
Bishopton Primary School
Bissell Crescent
Bissett Crescent
Bite Me
BKK Café
Blacader Drive
Black & Lizars Optometrists
Black & Lizars
Black & lizars
Black and Lizars
Black Bull
Black Cobra Tatoo
Black Dove
Black Grouse Grove
Black Pine Coffee Co.
Black Rooster
Black Rooster Peri Peri
Black Rooster Piri Piri
Black Sheep Coffee
Black Street
Blackadder Place
Blackband Terrace
Blackbog road
Blackbrae Cottages
Blackbraes Avenue
Blackbraes Field Path
Blackbraes Road
Blackburn Crescent
Blackburn Square
Blackburn Street
Blackbyres Court
Blackbyres Road
Blackcircles Pitstop Glasgow
Blackcraig Avenue
Blackcraig Brae
Blackcroft Avenue
Blackcroft Gardens
Blackcroft Road
Blackcroft Terrace
Blackdyke Road
Blackfarm Road
Blackfaulds Farm
Blackfaulds Road
Blackford Road
Blackfriars Court
Blackfriars of Bell St
Blackfriars Primary School
Blackfriars Road
Blackfriars Street
Blackhall Lane
Blackhall Street
Blackhill Bowling Club
Blackhill Court
Blackhill Crescent
Blackhill Drive
Blackhill Farm
Blackhill Gardens
Blackhill Place
Blackhill Road
Blackhouse Avenue
Blackhouse Gardens
Blackhouse Road
Blackie Street
Blackland Grove
Blacklandmill Bowling Club
Blacklands Farm
Blacklands Place
Blacklands Road
Blacklands Stable
Blacklaw Drive
Blacklaw Lane
Blacklaw Primary School
Blackmoor Place
Blackmoss Drive
Blackness Street (ML5 4NJ)
Blackridge Farm
Blacksey Burn Drive
Blacksey Burn Drive (G53 7SX)
Blackstone Avenue
Blackstone Crescent
Blackstone Road
Blackstoun Avenue
Blackstoun Oval
Blackstoun Road
Blackswell Lane
Blackthorn Avenue
Blackthorn Grove
Blackthorn Road
Blackthorn Roundabout
Blackthorn Street
Blackthorn Wynd
Blacktongue Farm
Blacktongue Farm Road
Blackwood Avenue
Blackwood Gardens
Blackwood Road
Blackwood Roundabout
Blackwood Street
Blackwood Terrace
Blackwood West Roundabout
Blackwoods Crescent
Bladda Lane
Bladerunners Unisex Hair
Blades Court
Bladnoch Drive
Blaeloch Avenue
Blaeloch Drive
Blaeloch Terrace
Blaeshill Road
Blaiklands Crescent
Blair and Sheridan
Blair Atholl Crescent
Blair Atholl Gardens
Blair Atholl Gate
Blair Atholl Grove
Blair Bridge
Blair Crescent
Blair Gardens
Blair Grove
Blair Path
Blair Road
Blair Road (ML5)
Blair Street
Blairathol Wynd
Blairatholl Avenue
Blairatholl Gardens
Blairbeth Drive
Blairbeth Mews
Blairbeth Road
Blairbeth Terrace
Blairbuie Drive
Blairdardie Drive
Blairdardie Primary School
Blairdardie Road
Blairdenan Avenue
Blairdenon Drive
Blairgowrie Road
Blairgrove Court
Blairhall Avenue
Blairhill and Dundyvan Parish Church
Blairhill Avenue
Blairhill Place
Blairhill Street
Blairholm Drive
Blairlinn Cottages
Blairlinn Road
Blairlinn View
Blairlogie Street
Blairmore Avenue
Blairpark Avenue (ML5)
Blairskaith Quarry
Blairston Avenue
Blairston Gardens
Blairtum Drive
Blairtum Park
Blairtummock Place
Blairtummock Road
Blake Road
Blancolo Tattoo
Blane Drive
Blane Street
Blane Valley
Blanefield Gardens
Blantyre Court
Blantyre Crescent
Blantyre Drive
Blantyre Farm Road
Blantyre Gardens
Blantyre Leisure Centre
Blantyre Library
Blantyre Mill Road
Blantyre Miners Welfare
Blantyre Muir (SSSI)
Blantyre Old Parish Church
Blantyre Post Office
Blantyre Road
Blantyre Street
Blantyre Telephone Exchange
Blantyre War Memorial
Blaven Court
Blawarthill Parish Church
Blawarthill Street
Blazin Fadez
Bleasdale Road
Blenheim Avenue
Blessed John Duns Scotus RC Church
Bling & Beds
Blitz Clothing
Bllue Nile Style
Bloc Hotel
Bloc Pop Up
Blochairn Place
Blochairn Road
Block 2
Block 3
Block 4
Block 5
Bloom Drive
Blooms for Flowers


Blue Bay
Blue Dog
Blue Lagoon
Blue Lobster
Blue Sky
Blue Star Social Club
Bluebell Drive
Bluebell Gardens
Bluebell Place (ML5 2FW)
Bluebell Walk
Bluebell Way
Bluebell Wynd
Blueberry Place
Bluebird Cafe
Bluevale Street
Blush Hair & Beauty
Blush Studio Glasgow
Blyth Place
Blyth Road
Blythswood Avenue
Blythswood Care
Blythswood Drive
Blythswood Hill
Blythswood Holm
Blythswood Road
Blythswood Square
Blythswood Street
BMX park
BMX track
BMX Track
Bo Peep's
Bo'ness Road
Bo'Vine Meats & Wines
Board Walk
Bobbi Brown
Bobbi D's
Bobbins Gate
Boclair Academy
Boclair Avenue
Boclair Brae
Boclair Crescent
Boclair House Hotel
Boclair Road
Boclair Street
Bodach's Kitchen
Bodden Boo
Boden Quadrant
Boden Street
Bodmin Gardens
Body & Mind Salon
Body Bronzing
Body By Amy
Body Cut
Boffi Village
Bogany Terrace
Bogbain Road
Bogfoot Road
Boghall Grove
Boghall Place
Boghall Road
Boghall Street
Boghead Road
Bogleshole Road
Bogleshole Road Bridge
Bogmoor Place
Bogmoor Road
Bogs View
Bogside Farm
Bogside Road
Bogside Street
Bogton Avenue
Bogton Avenue Lane
Boiler House
Bolerno Avenue
Bolerno Crescent
Bolerno Gardens
Bolerno Place
Bolerno Wynd
Boleyn Road
Bolivar Terrace
Bolton Drive
Bombay Blues
Bombay Cottage
Bombay Dreams
Bon Accord
Bon Accord Road
Bon Accord Square
Bon Vivant
Bonawe Street
Bond Court
Bond Drive
Bond Jewellery
Bond Place
Bonded Warehouse
Bonds Drive
Bonds Hair Design
Bonhill Street
Bonkle Gardens
Bonkle House
Bonkle Road
Bonnaughton Road
Bonnie Prince Charlie
Bonnybroom Nursery School
Bonnyholm Avenue
Bonnyholm Gardens Care Home
Bonnyrigg Drive
Bonnyton Cottage
Bonnyton Moor Road
Bonyton Avenue
Booker Wholesale
Boolers Cafe
Boom Battle Bar
Boon Drive
Booth Walk
Boots Opticians
Boquhanran Place
Boquhanran Road
Borden Lane
Borden Road
Border Way
Bore Road
Boreland Drive
Boreland Place
Borgie Crescent
Borland Road
Born In Scotland
Born in Scotland
Borron Street
Borthwick Drive
Borthwick Place
Borthwick Street
Bosco Terrace
Bosfield Corner
Bosfield Place
Bosfield Road
Boswell Court
Boswell Drive
Boswell Park
Boswell Square
Bosworth Road
Botanic Crescent
Boteco Do Brasil
Bothlin Court
Bothlin Drive
Bothlin Road
Bothlyn Avenue
Bothlyn Crescent
Bothlyn Road
Bothwell Bridge Hotel
Bothwell Castle Golf Club
Bothwell Deli
Bothwell Dry Cleaners
Bothwell Evangelical Church
Bothwell House
Bothwell Lane
Bothwell Library
Bothwell Mews
Bothwell Parish Church
Bothwell Park Farm
Bothwell Park Road
Bothwell Place
Bothwell Post Office
Bothwell Primary School
Bothwell Road
Bothwell Salon
Bothwell Street
Bothwell Telephone Exchange
Bothwell Tennis Club
Bothwellhaugh Cemetery
Bothwellhaugh Pavilion
Bothwellhaugh Quadrant
Bothwellhaugh Road
Bothwellhaugh Roman Bathhouse
Bothwellpark High School
Bothwellpark Place
Bothwellpark Road
Bothwellshields Cottage
Bothwellshields Road
Bothwellsields Farm
Bothy Coffee
Boulevard Self Drive
Bourhill Court
Bourne Court
Bourne Crescent
Bourne Street
Bourock Parish Church
Bourock Square
Bourtree Crescent
Bourtree Road
Boutique Chic Fashions
Bouverie Street
Boux Avenue
Bowden Drive
Bowden Grove
Bowden Park
Bower Building
Bower Street
Bowerwalls Place
Bowes Crescent
Bowfield Avenue
Bowfield Crescent
Bowfield Drive
Bowfield Path
Bowfield Place
Bowhill Crescent
Bowhill Road
Bowhouse Drive
Bowhouse Farm
Bowhouse Gardens
Bowhouse Road
Bowhousebrae Road
Bowling Court
Bowling Green Grove
Bowling Green Lane
Bowling Green Road
Bowling Green Street
Bowling Green View
Bowling Hall
Bowling Shop & Snack
Bowling Street
Bowman Street
Bowmont Gardens
Bowmont Hill
Bowmont Place
Bowmont Terrace
Bowmore Crescent
Bowmore Gardens
Bowmore Place
Bowmore Road
Bowmore Way
Bowyer Vennel
Box Office
Boyd Drive
Boyd Street
Boydstone Path
Boydstone Place
Boydstone Road
Boyle Street
Boylestone Quarry
Boylestone Road
Boyndie Street
Bozmar Polish Shop


Brabloch Crescent
Brabloch Park
Bracadale Drive
Bracadale Gardens
Bracadale Grove
Bracadale Road
Bracco Road
Bracken Street
Bracken Terrace
Brackenbrae Avenue
Brackenbrae Road
Brackenhill Crescent
Brackenhill Drive
Brackenhill Road
Brackenhirst Road
Brackenknowe Road
Brackenrig Crescent
Brackenrig Road
Brackla Avenue
Braco Avenue
Bradan Avenue
Bradda Avenue
Bradfield Avenue
Bradley Court
Bradshaw Crescent
Brady Crescent
Brae Gate
Braebrun Drive
Braeburn Place
Braedale Avenue
Braedale Crescent
Braedale Place
Braeface Road
Braefield Drive
Braefoot Avenue
Braefoot Court
Braefoot Crescent
Braefoot Lane
Braehead Avenue
Braehead Crescent
Braehead Drive
Braehead Farm
Braehead Place
Braehead Quadrant
Braehead Road
Braehead Roundabout
Braehead SFO Enterprises
Braehead Street
Braemar Avenue
Braemar Bar
Braemar Court
Braemar Crescent
Braemar Drive
Braemar Gardens
Braemar Road
Braemar Street
Braemar View
Braemore Gardens
Braemount Avenue
Braemount Care Home
Braes Avenue
Braes O Yetts Drive
Braes O' Yetts
Braeside Avenue
Braeside Crescent
Braeside Crescent (G69)
Braeside Drive
Braeside Gardens
Braeside Place
Braeside Road
Braeside Street
Braeval Way
Braeview Avenue
Braeview Drive
Braeview Gardens
Braeview Place
Braeview Road
Braid Avenue
Braid Square
Braid Street
Braidbar Farm Road
Braidbar Primary School
Braidbar Quarries
Braidbar Road
Braidcraft Place
Braidcraft Road
Braidcraft Terrace
Braidenhill Farm
Braidenhill Road
Braidfauld Gardens
Braidfauld Place
Braidfauld Street
Braidfield Farm
Braidfield Grove
Braidfield Road
Braidholm Crescent
Braidholm Lane
Braidholm Recreation Ground
Braidholm Road
Braidhurst High School
Braidhurst Street
Braidpark Drive
Braids Circle
Braids Court
Braids Drive
Braids Gait
Braids Road
Braidwood Place
Braidwood Street
Braille Crescent
Braille Drive
Brailsford Drive
Brain Freeze
Bramah Avenue
Bramble Gardens
Bramble Wynd
Brambling Court
Brambling Path
Brambling Road
Bramley Drive
Bramley Place
Branchal Road
Branchalfield Drive
Branchalmuir Crescent
Branchock Avenue
Brancumhall Golf Development Centre
Brancumhall Recreation Area
Brancumhall Road
Brancumhall Swing Park
Brancumhall Woodland Footpath
Brand Place
Brand Street
BrandMax Designer Outlet
Brandon Arcade
Brandon Drive
Brandon Gardens
Brandon Gate
Brandon Hair Consultants
Brandon Parade South
Brandon Place
Brandon Street
Brandon Way (ML5 5)
Brandy Burn
Brankholm Brae
Brankholm Gardens
Brankholm Lea
Branklyn Close
Branklyn Court
Branklyn Crescent
Branklyn Grove
Branklyn Place
Brannan's Bakery
Brannock Avenue
Brannock High School
Brannock Park
Brannock Place
Brannock Road
Brass Monkey
Brasserie at Òran Mór
Brassey Street
Brave Barbers
Bravissimo, Pepperberry
Bravo Pizza Chef
Brawsome Bagels
Bray Controls (UK) Ltd
Bread & Butter
Bread Meats Bread
Breadalbane Crescent
Breadalbane Gardens
Breadalbane Street
Breadie Drive
Brechin Road
Brechin Street
Breck Avenue
Brediland Primary School
Brediland Road
Bredin Way
Bredisholm Crescent
Bredisholm Drive
Bredisholm Road
Bredisholm Road (G69)
Bredisholm Terrace
Brendan Pettit
Brendan Way
Brenfield Avenue
Brenfield Drive
Brenfield Road
Brennan Crescent
Brent Avenue
Brent Court
Brent Drive
Brent Gardens
Brent Road
Brent Way
Brentwood Avenue
Brentwood Drive
Brentwood Square
Brereton Street
Bressay Close
Bressay Grove
Bressay Place
Bressay Road
Brethren's Meeting Room
Breval Crescent
Brew & Q
Brewers Fayre
Brewery Street
Brewster Avenue
Brewster Wynd
Brian Michie Opticians
Briar Drive
Briar Gardens
Briar Grove
Briar Neuk
Briar Road
Briar Rose Beauté
Briar Walk
Briarcroft Drive
Briarcroft Place
Briarcroft Road
Briarlea Drive
Briarwell Lane
Briarwell Road
Briarwood Court
Briarwood Gardens
Briarwood Road
Brick Lane
Brickfield Crescent
Brickfield Street
Brickworx Bar & Brasserie
Brides in the City
Bridge Bog
Bridge of Sighs
Bridge of Weir Road
Bridge Of Weir Road
Bridge of Weir Road
Bridge Street
Bridge View
Bridgeburn Drive
Bridgeford Avenue
Bridgegate Path
Bridgend Crescent
Bridgend Place
Bridgeton Barbers
Bridgeton Express
Bridgeton Family Learning Centre
Bridgeton Health Centre Pharmacy
Bridgeton Library
Bridgeton Post Office
Bridgeton Saint Francis in the East
Bridgeton Telephone Exchange
Bridgewater Place
Bridgeway Court
Bridgeway Place
Bridgeway Road
Bridgeway Terrace
Bridie Terrace
Brig O'lea Terrace
Brigbrae Avenue
Brigham Place
Bright Mobile
Bright Street
Brighton Place
Brighton Street
Brightside Avenue
Brigside Gardens
Brinell Crescent
Brisbane Court
Brisbane Lane
Brisbane Road
Brisbane Street
Brisbane Terrace
Britannia Inn
Britannia Panopticon
British Heart Foundation
British Red Cross
British Transport Police
Briton Street
Brittain Way
Broad Cairn Court
Broad Square
Broad Street
Broadcroft Hotel
Broadcroft Road
Broadholm Street
Broadlees Cottage
Broadleys Avenue
Broadlie Court
Broadlie Drive
Broadlie Road
Broadmeadow Road
Broadmoss Avenue
Broadstone House
Broadwood BMX Track
Broadwood Drive
Broadwood Farm
Broadwood Gymnastics
Broadwood Leisure Centre
Broadwood Roundabout
Brock Oval
Brock Place
Brock Road
Brock Terrace
Brockburn Crescent
Brockburn Place
Brockburn Road
Brockburn Terrace
Brocklinn Park
Brockville Street
Brodick Avenue
Brodick Drive
Brodick Place
Brodick Street
Brodie Drive
Brodie Gardens
Brodie Grove
Brodie Park Avenue
Brodie Park Crescent
Brodie Park Gardens
Brodie Place
Brodie Road
Brodie Way
Brogan Crescent
Bron Way
Bronde Beauty Salon
Bronze Waves
Brook Street
Brook Street Studios
Brookfield Avenue
Brookfield Corner
Brookfield Drive
Brookfield Gardens
Brookfield Gate
Brookfield Place
Brookfield Road
Brooklands Avenue
Brooklands Cafe & Take-away
Brooklea Drive
Brooklime Drive
Brooklime Gardens
Brooklyn Place
Brooks Drive
Brookside Street
Broom Avenue
Broom Church
Broom Crescent
Broom Drive
Broom Gardens
Broom Parish Church
Broom Place
Broom Road
Broom Road East
Broom Terrace
Broomburn Drive
Broomcroft Road
Broomdyke Way
Broomfield Avenue
Broomfield Court
Broomfield Crescent
Broomfield Drive
Broomfield Lane
Broomfield Place
Broomfield Road
Broomfield Street
Broomfield Terrace
Broomfield Walk
Broomhill Avenue
Broomhill Church
Broomhill Community Church
Broomhill Crescent
Broomhill Drive
Broomhill Farm Mews
Broomhill Gardens
Broomhill Gate
Broomhill Lane
Broomhill Launderette & Dry Cleaners
Broomhill Lawn Tennis & Squash Club Clubhouse
Broomhill Place
Broomhill Primary School
Broomhill Tennis and Squash Club
Broomhill Terrace
Broomhouse Crescent
Broomhouse Drive
Broomieknowe Drive
Broomieknowe Gardens
Broomieknowe Road
Broomielaw pontoon
Broomknoll Church Court
Broomknoll Street
Broomknowes Avenue
Broomknowes Road
Broomlands Avenue
Broomlands Court
Broomlands Crescent
Broomlands Gardens
Broomlands Lane
Broomlands Road
Broomlands Street
Broomlands Way
Broomlea Crescent
Broomlea Primary School
Broomlee Road
Broomley Drive
Broomley Lane
Broomloan Crescent
Broomloan Place
Broomloan Road
Broompark Avenue
Broompark Circus
Broompark Crescent
Broompark Drive
Broompark Lane
Broompark Road
Broompark Street
Broomside Crescent
Broomside Street
Broomstone Avenue
Broomton Close
Broomton Road
Broomvale Drive
Broomward Drive
Brora Crescent
Brora Drive
Brora Gardens
Brora Green
Brora Road
Brora Street
Brother Walfrid
Broughton Drive
Broughton Gardens
Broughton Place
Broughton Road
Brouster Gate
Brouster Hill
Brouster Place
Brown Avenue
Brown Court
Brown Opticians
Brown Place
Brown Road
Brown Street
Brown Street North
Brown Street South
Brown Walk
Brown's Lane
Brownhill farm
Brownhill Road
Brownieside Farm
Brownieside Place
Brownieside Road
Brownlee Road
Brownlie Street
Brownlow Road
Brownsburn Road
Brownsdale Road
Brownsfield Crescent
Brownsfield Road
Brownshill Avenue
Brownside Avenue
Brownside Crescent
Brownside Drive
Brownside Grove
Brownside Mews
Brownside Road
Brownsland Court
Browside avenue
Bruce Avenue
Bruce Hotel
Bruce Place
Bruce Road
Bruce Street
Bruce Street Baths
Bruce Terrace
Brucefield Place
Brunel Court
Brunel Way
Brunstane Road
Brunswick Lane
Brunswick Street
Brunton Street
Brunton Terrace
Bruntsfield Avenue
Bruntsfield Gardens
Brutti Compadres
Bryan Street
Bryce Place
Brydson Place
Brymart Motors
Bryony Wynd
Bryson Court
Bryson Street
BTT Fabrication
Bubbas Tattoo Studio
Buccleuch Avenue
Buccleuch Drive
Buccleuch Lane
Buccleuch Street
Buchan Green
Buchan Road
Buchan Street
Buchan Terrace
Buchanan and Campbell
Buchanan Avenue
Buchanan Business Centre
Buchanan Court
Buchanan Crescent
Buchanan Drive
Buchanan Gate
Buchanan Grove
Buchanan High
Buchanan House
Buchanan Lodge Care Home
Buchanan Mews
Buchanan Place
Buchanan Quarter
Buchanan Street
Buchanan Street Subway Station
Buchanan Way
Buchandyke Petrol Station
Buchandyke Quarry (disused)
Buchandyke Road
Buchley Farm
Buchlyvie Gardens
Buchlyvie Nursery School
Buchlyvie Road
Buchlyvie Street
Buck's Bar
Buckie Walk
Buckingham Court
Buckingham Drive
Buckingham Street
Buckingham Terrace
Bucklaw Gardens
Bucklaw Place
Bucklaw Terrace
Buckley Street
Bucksburn Road
Buckthorne Place
Bud Neill (Lobey Dosser)
Budgett Brae
Budhill Avenue
Budshaw Avenue
Budshaw Farm Road
Buffalo Bill
Build-A-Bear Workshop
Builders Merchants
Bull Road
Bullands Coffee House
Bulldale Court
Bulldale Place
Bulldale Road
Bulldale Street
Buller Close
Buller Crescent
Bullionslaw Drive
Bulloch Avenue
Bullwood Avenue
Bullwood Court
Bullwood Drive
Bullwood Gardens
Bullwood Place
Bun-sgoil Ghàidhlig a’ Challtainn
Bun-sgoil Ghàidhlig Bhaile a' Ghobhainn
Bunbury Terrace
Bunessan Street
Bunhouse Road
Bunny & Bear
Bunsgoil Ghàidhlig Ghleann Dail
Buon Appetito
Burger King
Burger King Drive Thru
Burgh Bar
Burgh Hall Lane
Burgh Hall Street
Burgh Lane
Burgh Primary School
Burghead Drive
Burghead Place
Burgher Street
Burleigh Gardens
Burleigh Place
Burleigh Road
Burleigh Street
Burley Place
Burlington Avenue
Burlington Gardens
Burmola Street
Burn Crescent
Burn Place
Burn Terrace
Burn View
Burn's Crescent
Burnacre Gardens
Burnawn Gardens
Burnawn Grove
Burnawn Place
Burnbank Bowling Club
Burnbank Centre
Burnbank Drive
Burnbank Gardens
Burnbank Lane
Burnbank Library
Burnbank Place
Burnbank Post Office
Burnbank Quadrant
Burnbank Road
Burnbank Street
Burnbank Terrace
Burnblea Gardens
Burnblea Street
Burnbrae Avenue
Burnbrae Drive
Burnbrae Farm
Burnbrae Gardens
Burnbrae Place
Burnbrae Road
Burnbrae Roundabout
Burnbrae Street
Burncleuch Avenue
Burncrooks Avenue
Burncrooks Court
Burndyke Court
Burndyke Square
Burnet Path
Burnet Rose Court
Burnet Rose Gardens
Burnet Rose Place
Burnett Court
Burnett Crescent
Burnett Road
Burnfield Avenue
Burnfield Cottages
Burnfield Drive
Burnfield Gardens
Burnfield Road
Burnfoot Crescent
Burnfoot Drive
Burnfoot Road
Burnhall Path
Burnhall Place
Burnhall Road
Burnhall Street
Burnham Road
Burnham Terrace Post Office
Burnhead Post Office
Burnhead Road
Burnhead Street
Burnhill Quadrant
Burnhill Street
Burnhouse Avenue
Burnhouse Brae
Burnhouse Crescent
Burnhouse Road
Burnhouse Street
Burniebrae Road
Burnlip Road
Burnmouth Place
Burnmouth Road
Burnock Place
Burnpark Avenue
Burns Avenue
Burns Bar
Burns Court
Burns Drive
Burns Gardens
Burns Grove
Burns Lane
Burns Park
Burns Path
Burns Pharmacy
Burns Road
Burns Statue
Burns Street
Burnshot Walk
Burnside Avenue
Burnside Bowling Club
Burnside Court
Burnside Crescent
Burnside Gardens
Burnside Gate
Burnside Grove
Burnside Hotel
Burnside Lane
Burnside McPhee Opticians
Burnside Post Office
Burnside Primary School
Burnside Quadrant
Burnside Road
Burnside Street
Burnside View
Burnside Walk
Burntbroom Drive
Burntbroom Gardens
Burntbroom Street
Burnwood Drive
Burra Gardens
Burrell Cafe
Burrell Court
Burrell's Lane
Burrelton Road
Burrito Cantina
Burroughs Club
Burte Court
Burton Lane
Busby Bowling Club
Busby Church
Busby Hotel
Busby Library
Busby Lower Mill Associated Building
Busby Place
Busby Primary School
Busby Road
Busby Telephone Exchange
Busby Tennis Club
Bush Crescent
Bushes Avenue
Bushes Primary School
Busheyhill Street
Bute Avenue
Bute Crescent
Bute Drive
Bute Gardens
Bute Lane
Bute Place
Bute Road
Bute Street
Bute Terrace
Butler Wynd
Butterbiggins Road
Butterburnpark Street
Buttercup Crescent
Buttercup Path
Buttercup Place
Buttered Up
Butterfield Place
Butterfly Kisses
Buyrite Convenience Store
By the way
Byars Road
Byramsmuir Road
Byrebush Road
Byres Avenue
Byres Boutique
Byres Crescent
Byres Road
Byres Road Barbers
Byres Road Garage
Byresknowe Lane
Byrestone Avenue
Byron Court
Byron Street
Byshot Street

C Salon
C'Mon Inn
C'mon Inn Hot Pot
Cabin Barbers
Cable Depot Road
Cadder Court
Cadder Parish Church
Cadder Place
Cadder Primary School
Cadder Road
Cadder Roundabout
Cadder Way
Cadderburn Drive
Cadell Gardens
Cadoc Street
Cadogan Street
Cadzow Avenue
Cadzow Bridge Square
Cadzow Castle (ruin)
Cadzow Crescent (ML5 5)
Cadzow Drive
Cadzow Green
Cadzow Industrial Estate
Cadzow Lane
Cadzow Parish Church
Cadzow Park
Cadzow Street
Cafe 13
Cafe 81
Café Alba
Cafe Alba
Cafe Andaluz
Cafe Antipasti
Cafe Avanti
Cafe Buena Vida
Cafe Circa
Cafe Cossachok
Cafe Crème
Café D'Jaconelli
Cafe Deja Vu
Café Eataliano
Café fairful
Café Fame
Cafe Fish
Café Françoise
Cafe Gandolfi
Cafe Hula
Cafe Ibiza
Cafe India
Cafe JJ
Cafe La Padella
Cafe Lona
Cafe Manzil
Cafe Mariana
Café Mille
Cafe Noor
Café on the canal
Café Picolino
Cafe Prego
Cafe Reeshah
Cafe Roma
Cafe Romana
Cafe Romeros
Cafe Royal
Cafe Sejuiced
Cafe Shabab
Café Sono
Cafe Sorelle
Café Source
Cafe Source Too
Cafe Su
Cafe Swiss
Cafe Tagoo
Cafe Toscana
Cafe Vanilla
Cafe Walk
Cafe Wander
Cafe Zaregol
Cafe Zecchino
Caffe & Caffe
Caffe 'l'ombrellone
Caffe C
Caffé Euro
Caffe Monza
Caffe Mulberry
Caffè Nero
Caffè Parma
Cail Bruich
Cailhead Drive
Caird Drive
Caird Gardens
Caird Park
Caird Street
Caird Terrace
Cairn Avenue
Cairn Court
Cairn Drive
Cairn Grove
Cairn Place
Cairn Street
Cairn View
Cairnban Street
Cairnbrook Road
Cairncraig Street
Cairncross Place
Cairndow Avenue
Cairndow Avenue Lane
Cairndow Court
Cairndow Place
Cairndyke Crescent
Cairngorm Court
Cairngorm Crescent
Cairngorm Gardens
Cairngorm Road
Cairnhill Avenue
Cairnhill Circus
Cairnhill Court
Cairnhill Crescent
Cairnhill Drive
Cairnhill Place
Cairnhill Road
Cairnhill View
Cairnhope Avenue
Cairnlea Drive
Cairnlea Gardens
Cairnlea Road
Cairnmuir Road
Cairnoch Hill
Cairnryan Crescent
Cairns Avenue
Cairns Church
Cairns Drive
Cairns Primary School
Cairns Road
Cairns Street
Cairnsmore Drive
Cairnsmore Road
Cairnswell Avenue
Cairnswell Place
Cairntoul Court
Cairntoul Drive
Cairntoul Place
Cairnwell Gardens
Cairnwood Drive
Caithness Road
Caithness Street
CALA Aurs Meadows
CALA Sequoia Meadows
Cala Sona Court
Calabar Court
Calabash African Restaurant
Calcots Place
Caldarvan Street
Caldeen Road
Calder Avenue
Calder Bridge
Calder Drive
Calder Gate
Calder Parish Church
Calder Parish Church Hall
Calder Place
Calder Road
Calder Stores
Calder Street
Calder view
Calder View
Calderbank Guesthouse
Calderbank Parish Church
Calderbank Primary School
Calderbank Road
Calderbank Terrace
Calderbank View
Calderbrae Drive
Calderbraes Avenue
Calderbraes Golf Club
Calderbridge Primary and Nursery
Caldercruix Convenience Store
Caldercruix Post Office
Caldercruix Road
Caldercuilt Primary School
Caldercuilt Recreation Ground
Caldercuilt Road
Calderglen and Sanderson High Schools
Calderglen Avenue
Calderglen Road
Calderglen Road Football Pitches
Calderpark Avenue
Calderpark Court
Calderpark Crescent
Calderpark Gardens
Calderpark Place
Calderpark Road
Calderpark Terrace
Calderrigg Place
Calderside Academy
Calderside Grove
Calderside Place
Calderside Road
Caldervale High School
Caldervale Street
Calderview Avenue
Calderwood Avenue
Calderwood Baptist Church
Calderwood Castle
Calderwood Castle Avenue (North Drive)
Calderwood Castle Lawn
Calderwood Castle South Drive (former)
Calderwood Court
Calderwood Drive
Calderwood Falls Lower Path
Calderwood Falls Upper Path
Calderwood Gardens
Calderwood Glen viewpoint
Calderwood Horse Mausoleum (ruins)
Calderwood Inn
Calderwood Linn Access (Historic Jacobs Ladder)
Calderwood Lodge & St Clare's Primary Schools
Calderwood Mausoleum (ruins)
Calderwood Post Office
Calderwood Primary School
Calderwood Road
Calderwood Trail
Caldron Bog
Caldwell Avenue
Caldwell Golf Club
Caldwell Golf Course
Caldwell Grove
Caldwell Halls
Caldwell Parish Church
Caldwell Quadrant
Caledon Lane
Caledon Street
Caledonia Avenue
Caledonia Books
Caledonia Bowling Club
Caledonia Court
Caledonia Drive
Caledonia Food Club
Caledonia Primary School
Caledonia Road
Caledonia Road Free Church
Caledonia Square
Caledonia Street
Caledonia Taekwondo Health and Fitness Centre
Caledonia Walk
Caledonia Way
Caledonia Way East
Caledonia Way West
Caledonian Avenue
Caledonian Court
Caledonian Crescent
Caledonian Gate (ML5)
Caledonian Gifts
Caledonian Road
Caledonian Rock Shop
Caledonian Travel
Caley Brae
Calfhill Road
Calfmuir Road
Calgary Park
Calgary Place
Calgary Street
Calico Close
Calico Crescent
Calico Place
Calico Road
Calithea Studios
Calla Beauty
Callaghan Crescent
Callaghan Wynd
Callander Clearances
Callander Road
Callander Street
Callanish Crescent
Callieburn Court
Callieburn Road
Callon Street
Cally Avenue
Calside Avenue
Calside Court
Calton Bar
Calton Books
Calton Community Fire Station
Calton Entry
Calton Kitchen
Calvay Crescent
Calvay Place
Calvay Road
Cambourne Road
Cambridge Avenue
Cambridge Crescent
Cambridge Road
Cambridge Street
Camburn Street
Cambus Newsagent
Cambus Place
Cambusdoon Road
Cambuskenneth Gardens
Cambuskenneth Place
Cambuslang Baptist Church
Cambuslang Court
Cambuslang Credit Union
Cambuslang Gate
Cambuslang Golf Club
Cambuslang Karting
Cambuslang Library
Cambuslang Miners Memorial
Cambuslang MOT Centre
Cambuslang Police Station
Cambuslang Post Office
Cambuslang Road
Cambuslang Rugby Club
Cambuslang Telephone Exchange
Cambuslang Way
Cambusmore Place
Cambusnethan North Church
Cambusnethan Old Parish Church
Cambusnethan Primary School
Cambusnethan Street
Cambusnethan Telephone Exchange
Camden Terrace
Camellia Drive
Camelon Crescent
Camelon Street
Cameron Avenue
Cameron Bell
Cameron Court
Cameron Crescent
Cameron Drive
Cameron Road
Cameron Square
Cameron Street
Cameron Way
Cameronian Place
Camerons Hair
Camlachie Street
Camp Knowe
Camp Road
Camp Street
Campanile Hotel
Campbell Avenue
Campbell Close
Campbell Crescent
Campbell Drive
Campbell House
Campbell Lane
Campbell Place
Campbell School & Riding
Campbell Street
Camphill Avenue
Camphill Bowling Club
Camphill Court
Camphill Earthwork
Camphill Gardens
Camphill House
Camphill Vaults
Campion Road
Camps Crescent
Campsie Avenue
Campsie Court
Campsie Crescent
Campsie Drive
Campsie Gardens
Campsie Meadows
Campsie Place
Campsie Road
Campsie Street
Campsie View
Campsie View (G69)
Campsie View School
Campston Place
Camsdale Avenue
Camstradden Drive East
Camstradden Drive West
Camstradden Primary School
Camus Place
Canal Avenue
Canal Court
Canal Gardens
Canal Lane
Canal Road
Canal Station
Canal Street
Canal Terrace
Canberra Avenue
Canberra Court
Canberra Drive
Canberra Primary School
Cancer Research UK
Cander Rigg
Candren Road
Candren Way
Candy Wars
Candymill Lane
Candytoft Wynd
Canmore Place
Canmore Street
Cannich Drive
Cannich Place
Canniesburn Court
Canniesburn Drive
Canniesburn Quadrant
Canniesburn Road
Canniesburn Square
Canniesburn Toll
Cannock Grove (ML5)
Canon Court
Canonbie Avenue
Canonbie Lane
Canonbie Street
CANS Local
Canterbury Wynd
Cantieslaw Drive
Canting Way
Canton Chinese Take Away
Canton Chinese Takeaway
Canton House
Canyon Road
Caol Court
Capel Avenue
Capel Grove
Capelrig Drive
Capelrig Gardens
Capelrig House
Capelrig Lane
Capelrig Pub
Capelrig Road
Capelrig Street
Capercaillie Crescent
Caplaw Road
Caplethill Road
Cappuccino Cafe
Caprice Café
Caprington Place
Caprington Street
Captain Catch
Captain's Catch
Captain's Walk
Cara Drive
Cara Road
Caradon Crescent
Caravelle Gardens
Carbarns East
Carbarns Road
Carbarns West
Carbarnswood Orchard
Carberry Court
Carberry Road
Carbeth Road
Carbeth Street
Carbisdale Street
Carbon Footprints Nursery
Carbost Street
Carbrain Gully
Carbrain Primary School
Carbrain Totem
Carbrook Street
Card Depot
Card Factory
Cardarrach Street
Cardean Road
Cardell Avenue
Cardell Crescent
Cardell Drive
Cardell Road
Carden's Knowe
Cardiff Court
Cardinal Newman High School
Cardinal Winning Secondary School
Cardon Square
Cardonald Conservation Area
Cardonald Court
Cardonald Drive
Cardonald Gardens
Cardonald Library
Cardonald Place Road
Cardonald Post Office
Cardonald Primary School
Cardosi's Espresso Bar
Cardosi's No. 4
Cardow Road
Cardowan Drive
Cardowan Moss Local Nature Reserve
Cardowan Park
Cardowan Road
Cardrona Street
Cardross Court
Cardross Place
Cardross Street
Cards and Gifts
Cardwell Street
Cardyke Street
Cardyke Way
Carens Babywear
Careston Place
Carey Gardens
Carfin Community Play Park
Carfin Road
Carfin Street
Carfrae Street
Cargill Place
Cargill Property Maintenance
Cargill Square
Carham Crescent
Carham Drive
Caribou Green
Carillon Road
Carino Lingerie
Carisbrooke Crescent
Carlaverock Road
Carleith Avenue
Carleith Primary School
Carleith Quadrant
Carleith Terrace
Carleston St
Carleston Street
Carleton Court
Carleton Drive
Carleton Gate
Carlibar Avenue
Carlibar Drive
Carlibar Gardens
Carlibar Primary School
Carlibar Road
Carlile Place
Carlisle Road
Carlisle Street
Carloway Court
Carlowrie Avenue
Carlton Court
Carlton Food Bar
Carlton George
Carlton Place
Carlyle Avenue
Carlyle Drive
Carmaben Road
Carment Drive
Carmichael Path
Carmichael Place
Carmichael Street
Carmuirs Drive
Carmunnock Bypass
Carmunnock Lane
Carmunnock Parish Church
Carmunnock Primary School
Carmunnock Road
Carmunnock Roundabout
Carmyle Army Reserve Centre
Carmyle Avenue
Carmyle Bowling club
Carmyle Gardens
Carmyle Nursery
Carmyle Parish Church
Carmyle Post Office
Carmyle Primary School
Carna Drive
Carnaby Street
Carnarvon Street
Carnbroe Primary School
Carnbroe Road
Carneddans Road
Carnegie Hill
Carnegie Place
Carnegie Road
Carnlea Garage
Carnoch Street
Carnock Crescent
Carnock Crescent Playground
Carnock Gardens
Carnock Road
Carnoustie Court
Carnoustie Crescent
Carnoustie Place
Carnoustie Street
Carntyne & Riddrie Credit Union
Carntyne Gardens
Carntyne Grove
Carntyne Path
Carntyne Place
Carntyne Post Office
Carntyne Primary School
Carntyne Road
Carntyne Square
Carntynehall Road
Carnwadric Church
Carnwadric Road
Carnwath Avenue
Caroline Street
Carolside Avenue
Carolside Drive
Carolside Gardens
Carolside Primary School
Carousel Crescent
Carpal Place
Carpet Appeal
Carpet King
Carphone Warehouse
Carr Quadrant
Carradale Crescent
Carradale Gardens
Carradale Place
Carradale Street
Carrbridge Crescent
Carrbridge Drive
Carresbrook Avenue
Carriage and Castles
Carriagehill Avenue
Carriagehill Court
Carriagehill Drive
Carrick Court
Carrick Crescent
Carrick Drive
Carrick Gardens
Carrick Grove
Carrick Place
Carrick Quay
Carrick Road
Carrick Street
Carrick Vale
Carrick View
Carrickarden Road
Carrigan's Blantyre
Carrington Street
Carrock Road (ML5 2FU)
Carroglen Gardens
Carroglen Grove
Carroll Crescent
Carron Court
Carron Crescent
Carron Drive
Carron Place
Carron Street
Carron Way
Carronhall Court
Carronhall Drive
Carronhall Gardens
Carronhall Grove
Carrour Gardens
Carsaig Drive
Carsaig Loan
Carscallan Road
Carse View Drive
Carsegreen Avenue
Carstairs Street
Carswell Gardens
Carswell Lane
Carswell Road
Cart Lane
Cart Mill Family Centre
Cart Street
Cartbank Gardens
Cartbank Grove
Cartbank Road
Cartcraigs Road
Carter's Cafe
Cartha Crescent
Cartha Queens Park Rugby Club
Cartha Street
Cartridge Connect
Cartsbridge Parish Church
Cartsbridge Road
Cartside Avenue
Cartside Drive
Cartside Place
Cartside Quadrant
Cartside Quadrant Shared Use Path (White Cart Cycle Route)
Cartside Road
Cartside Street
Cartvale Lane
Cartvale Road
Cartview Court
Carvale Avenue
Casa Blanca
Casey's To Go
Cash Converters
Cash Generator
Cashel Coffee & Dry Goods
Caskie Drive
Caspian Kebabs
CASS art
Cassels Grove
Cassels Street
Cassidy Drive
Cassiltoun Gardens
Cassley Avenue
Cassley Way
Castle Avenue
Castle Chimmins Avenue
Castle Chimmins Road
Castle Court
Castle Crescent
Castle Drive
Castle Farm
Castle Fine Art
Castle Gait
Castle Gardens
Castle Gate
Castle Golf Driving Range
Castle Grove
Castle Hill
Castle Lawn North Access
Castle Mains Road
Castle Newsagent
Castle North Riverside Walkway
Castle Place
Castle Quadrant
Castle Road
Castle Square
Castle Street
Castle Superstore
Castle View
Castle Way
Castle Wynd
Castlebank Court
Castlebank Crescent
Castlebank Drive
Castlebank Gardens
Castlebank Place
Castlebank Street
Castlebank Street Service Station
Castlebank Villas
Castlebay Drive
Castlebay Place
Castlebay Street
Castlebrae Gardens
Castlecroft Gardens
Castlefern Crescent
Castlefern Road
Castlefield Court
Castleglen Road
Castlehead High School
Castlehead Parish Church
Castlehill Crescent
Castlehill Drive
Castlehill Farm
Castlehill Farm Road
Castlehill Green
Castlehill House
Castlehill Lodge
Castlehill (Motte & ditches)
Castlehill Primary School
Castlehill Road
Castlelaw Gardens
Castlelaw Street
Castlemains Crescent
Castlemains Road
Castlemilk Arcade
Castlemilk Crescent
Castlemilk Drive
Castlemilk High School
Castlemilk Police Office, Strathclyde Police
Castlemilk Pool
Castlemilk Post Office
Castlemilk Road
Castlemilk Terrace
Castlemilk Wood Path
Castlemount Avenue
Castleton Avenue
Castleton Crescent
Castleton Drive
Castleton Grove
Castleton Primary School
Castleview Avenue
Castleview Drive
Castleview Place
Category Is Books
Caterpiller Lane
Cath Meadow
Cathay Cuisine
Cathay Street
Cathburn Road
Cathcart Baptist Church
Cathcart Castle
Cathcart Castle Drive
Cathcart Castle Golf Clubhouse
Cathcart Castle Golf Course
Cathcart Court
Cathcart Crescent
Cathcart Home Bakery
Cathcart Old Parish Church
Cathcart Old Parish Church Tower
Cathcart Place
Cathcart Police Station
Cathcart Road
Cathcart Trinity Church
Cathcart United Free Church
Cathedral House Hotel
Cathedral Precinct
Cathedral Primary School
Cathedral Square
Cathedral Street
Catherine Henderson Design
Catherine Street
Catherine Way
Cathkin Avenue
Cathkin Braes Golf Course
Cathkin Braes MTB Track (Blue)
Cathkin Braes MTB track (Green)
Cathkin Braes Ringwork Feature
Cathkin Bypass
Cathkin Drive
Cathkin Gate
Cathkin Golf Club
Cathkin High School
Cathkin House
Cathkin Marsh Seasonal Highlights
Cathkin Marsh Wildlife Reserve
Cathkin Place
Cathkin Post Office
Cathkin Primary School
Cathkin Road
Cathkin Roundabout
Cathkin View
Cathkinview Place
Cathkinview Road
Catrine Court
Catrine Crescent
Catrine Gardens
Catrine Place
Catrine Road
Cats Protection Kirkintilloch Adoption Centre
Catter Gardens
Cauldstream Place
Causeway Hide
Causewayside Crescent
Causewayside Street
Causeyside Street
Cavanata Place
Cavendish Drive
Cavendish Place
Cavendish Street
Cavin Drive
Cavin Road
Cavindish Place
Cawder Golf Club
Cawder Place
Cawdor Crescent
Cawdor Way
Cayton Gardens
Caza Barbers
C.C. Barber & Stylist
CC Cun 'n' Curl
CC Music
CCW Clothing
CDK Global
Cecil Street
Cedar Avenue
Cedar Court
Cedar Crescent
Cedar Drive
Cedar Gardens
Cedar Grove (G69)
Cedar Lane
Cedar Nursery
Cedar Place
Cedar Road
Cedar Street
Cedar Walk
Cedarwood Avenue
Cedric Place
Cedric Road


Celebrations Cards and Gifts
Cell Links
Celtic Football Club Ticket Office
Celtic Social Club
Celtic Store
Celtic Street
Cemetery Road
Centenary Avenue (ML6)
Centenary Court
Centenary Crescent
Centenary Gardens
Centenary Hide
Centenary Quadrant


Central Avenue
Central Bar
Central Cafe
Central Garage
Central Grove
Central Park
Central Park View
Central Path
Central Pharmacy
Central Road
Central Way
Centre Block
Centre Lodge
Centre Park Court
Centre Street
Centre Street (ML5 2)
Centre Way
Centreholm Roundabout
Centurion Place
Centurion Way
Ceres Gardens
Ceres Place
Cessnock Newsagent
Cessnock Pharmacy
Cessnock Road
Cessnock Street

cha cha G'z

Chaakoo Bombay Cafe


Chakwal Tandoori
Chalet artist studios
Challum Drive
Chalmers Court
Chalmers Crescent
Chalmers Drive
Chalmers Gate
Chalmers Street
Chamberlain Lane
Chamberlain Road
Chameleon Tattoo
Champion Life Church
Chancellor Street
Chancellors Hall
Changing Pavilion
Chantinghall Gardens
Chantinghall Road
Chantinghall Terrace
Chapel Court
Chapel Crescent
Chapel House
Chapel Lane
Chapel Place
Chapel Road
Chapel Street
Chapelbank Drive
Chapelbank Drive (ML5 2FS)
Chapelcross Avenue
Chapelhall Library
Chapelhall Post Office
Chapelhall Primary School
Chapelhill Road
Chapelknowe Road
Chapelside Avenue
Chapelside Primary School
Chapelside Road
Chapelton Avenue
Chapelton Gardens
Chapelton Road
Chapelton Street
Chaplet Avenue
Chapman Avenue (ML5 2)
Chapman Street
Chappell Street
Chapter House Cafe
Charcoals Peri Peri
Charing Cross Guest House
Charing Cross Lane
Charing Cross Post Office
Charles Avenue
Charles Crescent
Charles Frazer Quality Meats
Charles Quadrant
Charles Rennie Mackintosh
Charles Stewart
Charles Street
Charleson Row
Charleston Square

charlies perfect paws pet grooming spa and boutique

Charlotte Avenue
Charlotte Place
Charlotte Street
Charlotte Tilbury
Charn Terrace
Charnwood Avenue
Chartwell Road
Chassels Street
Chateau Grove
Chatelherault Avenue
Chatelherault Crescent (ML3 7PZ)
Chatelherault House
Chatelherault Inn
Chatelherault Primary School & Nursery
Chatelherault Visitor Centre
Chatelherault Walk
Chatton Street
Chatton Walk
Cheapside Street
Cheeky Moo's
Chelmsford Drive
Chelsea's Brows
Chelsey Mclaine
Cherry and Heather
Cherry Bank
Cherry Crescent
Cherry Grove (G69)
Cherry Pie Tattoo and Piercing
Cherry Place
Cherry Walk
Cherry Wood Crescent
Cherrybank Gardens
Cherrybank Road
Cherrybank Walk
Cherryridge Drive (G69)
Cherrytree Drive
Cherrytree Gardens
Cherrywood Road
Chesné Hair
Chest, Heart & Stroke Boutique
Chest, Heart & Stroke Scotland
Chester Street
Chesterfield Avenue
Chesterfield Gardens
Chesters Crescent
Chesters Mews
Chesters Place
Chesters Road
Chestnut Avenue
Chestnut Crescent
Chestnut Crescent (ML3 7HD)
Chestnut Drive
Chestnut Grove
Chestnut Lane
Chestnut Place
Chestnut Roundabout
Chestnut Street
Chestnut Way
Cheviot Avenue
Cheviot Court
Cheviot Crescent
Cheviot Drive
Cheviot Gardens
Cheviot Gardens (G61 4QS)
Cheviot Road
Cheviot Street
Chez Nous
Chicken Cottage
Chicken Hut
Chiko's Turkish Barber
Chiko's Turkish Barbers
Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services
ChiliHut Motherwell
Chilli Bite
Chilli Cottage
Chin Chin
China Buffet King
China Chef
China Cottage
China Garden
China Gourmet
China Hut
China Sea
Chinese Take Away
Chirmorie Crescent
Chirmorie Place
Chirnside Place
Chirnside Road
Chirnsyde Primary School
Chisholm Avenue
Chisholm Drive
Chisholm Place
Chisholm Street
Chloe Cushion
Chrighton Green
Chris Muldoon Barbers
Chriss Avenue
Christ the King Catholic Church
Christ the King Church Hall
Christ The King Primary School
Christ the King RC Church
Christadelphian Hall
Christchurch Drive
Christchurch Place
Christian Friendship Centre
Christian Street
Christie Couture
Christie Lane
Christie Place
Christie Street
Christie The Baker
Christina Reilly Hair & Makeup
Christine's on the Green
Christine's Quality Cooked Meats & Sandwich Bar
Christine's Way
Christopher Street
Chrystal Bell & Co
Chryston High School
Chryston Parish Church
Chryston Primary School
Chryston Road
Chryston War Memorial
Chung's Finest Cantonese Cuisine Take-away
Chunky Chicken
Chunky Dunks
Church Avenue
Church Court
Church Crescent
Church Drive
Church Hall
Church Hill
Church Lane
Church of Christ
Church of Mossneuk
Church of Scotland
Church of St. Teresa of Lisieux
Church of the Nazerene
Church Office
Church on the Hill
Church Place
Church Road
Church Street
Church View
Church View Gardens
Church Wynd
Churchill Avenue
Churchill Crescent
Churchill Drive
Circa Carrino
Circus Drive
Circus Place
Circus Place Lane
Citadel Place
Citation Taverne & Restaurant
Citizen Lane
CitizenM Hotel
Citizens' Theatre
Citrus Crescent
City Barbers
City Centre Comics
City Chambers East
City Halls & Old Fruitmarket
City Heating Spares
City Kids Adventure Play Centre
City Laundry Services
City of Glasgow College Orchard
City Wall House
Cityford Burn Path
Cityford Crescent
Cityford Drive
CitySightseeing Glasgow
Civic Centre
Civic Square
Civic Street
Civic Way
Clachan Drive
Clachan Way
Claddens Holdings
Claddens Place
Claddens Quadrant
Claddens Street
Clair Road
Claire Street


Clairinsh Gardens
Clairmont Gardens
Clamp Road
Clamps Grove
Clamps Terrace
Clamps Wood
Clanrye Drive
Clapperhow Road
Clare Street
Claremont Avenue
Claremont Drive
Claremont Gardens
Claremont House
Claremont Parish Church
Claremont Pass
Claremont Place
Claremont Street
Claremont Terrace
Claremont Terrace Lane
Claremount Avenue
Claremount View
Clarence Crescent
Clarence Drive
Clarence Gardens
Clarence House Nursery
Clarence Lane
Clarence Square
Clarence Street
Clarendon Place
Clarendon Road
Clarendon Street
Clarinda Court
Clarinda Place
Clarion Crescent
Clarion Road
Clark Place
Clark Street
Clark Street Deli
Clark Way
Clarks Dairy
Clarkson of Glasgow
Clarkston Avenue
Clarkston Baptist Church
Clarkston Bowling and Tennis Club
Clarkston Carpet Centre
Clarkston Community Centre
Clarkston Cycle Centre
Clarkston Drive
Clarkston Fire Station
Clarkston Footbridge
Clarkston Hall
Clarkston Library
Clarkston Main Post Office
Clarkston Office
Clarkston Petrol Station
Clarkston Pharmacy
Clarkston Primary School
Clarkston Road
Clarkston Scout Hall
Clarkston Toll
Clarkwell Road
Clarkwell Terrace
Classic India
Classroom Close
Classy Chicks & Tatoos
Clathic Avenue
Claud Road
Claude Avenue
Claudius Crescent
Clavens Road
Claverhouse Place
Claverhouse Road
Clavering Street East
Clavering Street West
Clay Court
Clay Crescent
Clay Crescent Playground
Clay Road
Claybank Steps
Clayhouse Road
Claymore Training Centre
Claypotts Road
Clayslaps Road
Claythorn Avenue
Claythorn Circus
Claythorn Court
Claythorn Park
Claythorn Street
Claythorn Terrace
Claythorn Ward
Clayton Crescent
Clayton Hotel
Clayton Path
Clayton Place
Clayton Terrace
Clean Fades
Clearfield Avenue
Cleddans Crescent
Cleddans Farm
Cleddans Road
Cleddans View
Cleddens Court
Cleek Avenue
Cleeves Primary School
Cleeves Quadrant
Cleeves Road
Cleghorn Street
Cleish Avenue
Cleland Hospital
Cleland Lane
Cleland Library
Cleland Parish - Church of Scotland
Cleland Place
Cleland Post Office
Cleland Primary School
Cleland Road
Cleland Street
Cleland Telephone Exchange
Clelland Avenue
Clement Drive
Clerwood Street
Clesga Grub
Cleuch Gardens
Cleuch Road
Cleutit Heugh (Deil's Pulpit)
Cleveden Crescent
Cleveden Crescent Lane
Cleveden Deli
Cleveden Drive
Cleveden Drive Lane
Cleveden Gardens
Cleveden Lane
Cleveden Place
Cleveden Road
Cleveden Secondary School
Cleveland Lane
Cleveland Place
Cleveland Street
Clever Clogs Nursery
Cliff Road
Cliff Walk
Clifford Gardens
Clifford Lane
Clifford Path
Clifford Place
Clifford Street
Cliffvale Road
Clifton Parish Church
Clifton Place
Clifton Road
Clifton Street
Clifton Terrace
Clincart Road
Clincarthill Parish Church
Clincarthill Road
Clippens Road
Clive Christian Furniture Scotland
Cliveden Drive
Cloan Avenue
Cloan Crescent
Clober Farm Lane
Clober Golf Course
Clober Primary School
Clober Road
Cloberfield Gardens
Cloberhill Road
Cloch Street
Clochbar Avenue
Clochbar Gardens
Clock Bar
Clock Tower Court
Clockenhill Place
Cloister Avenue
Closeburn Street
Clossfoot Place
Cloth Street
Cloudberry Place
Clouden Road
Cloudhowe Terrace
Clouston Court
Clouston Lane
Clouston Street
Clova Place
Clova Street
Clover Crescent
Clover Place
Cloverbank Gardens
Cloverbank Nursery
Cloverbank Street
Cloverhill Place
Cloverhill Terrace
Cloverhill View
Club 300 Glasgow South
Club Cuts
Club House
Club house
Club House
Clugston Court
Clunie Place
Clunie Road
Cluny Avenue
Cluny Drive
Cluny Gardens
Cluny Villas
Clutha Place
Clutha Street
Clyde and Loch Lomond Cycleway
Clyde Arc
Clyde Avenue
Clyde Carpets
Clyde Cottage
Clyde Cruising Club
Clyde Cycle Park
Clyde Drive
Clyde Gate
Clyde Gateway
Clyde Hostel
Clyde House
Clyde Ironing
Clyde Place
Clyde Place Lane
Clyde Property Estate Agent
Clyde River Link Ferry
Clyde Road
Clyde Street
Clyde Street (ML5)
Clyde Terrace
Clyde Tunnel
Clyde Valley Avenue
Clyde Valley High School
Clyde View
Clyde View Court
Clyde View Lane
Clyde Walkway
Clyde Walkway Flood route
Clyde Waterfront and Renfrew Riverside (CWRR) project
Clyde Way
Clydebank and District Golf Course
Clydebank Bowling Club
Clydebank Central Church
Clydebank Co-op
Clydebank Co-operative
Clydebank Fire Station
Clydebank High School
Clydebank Leisure Centre
Clydebank Police Office
Clydebank Post Office
Clydebank Rugby Club
Clydebank Sea Cadets
Clydebank Telephone Exchange
Clydebank Town Hall
Clydebank United Free Church
Clydebank Waterfront Parish Church
Clydebrae Drive
Clydebrae Street
Clydeford Drive
Clydeford Road
Clydeholm Road
Clydemill Place
Clydemuir Primary School
Clydeneuk Drive
Clydeport Ltd
Clydesdale Avenue
Clydesdale House
Clydesdale Place
Clydesdale Road
Clydesdale Road Post Office
Clydesdale Street
Clydeside Expressway
Clydeside Motor Factors Ltd
Clydeside Road
Clydesmill Drive
Clydesmill Fire Station
Clydesmill Grove
Clydesmill Place
Clydesmill Road
Clydeview School
Clydeview Terrace
Clydeway Golf Range
Clynder Street
Clyth Drive
CM Optical
Co-op Food
Co-Op Funeralcare
Coal Mine
Coalburn Park
Coalburn Road
Coalburn Street
Coalhall Avenue
Coalhill Street
Coatbank Street
Coatbank Way
Coatbridge & Wishaw United Reformed Church
Coatbridge Baptist Church
Coatbridge Business Centre
Coatbridge Community Orchard
Coatbridge Fire Station
Coatbridge High School
Coatbridge Indoor Bowling Centre
Coatbridge Middle Parish Church
Coatbridge Outdoor Sports Centre
Coatbridge Police station
Coatbridge Post Office
Coatbridge Road
Coatbridge Road (G69)
Coatbridge Road (ML5)
Coatbridge Road (ML5 2)
Coatbridge Telephone Exchange
Coatdyke Post Office
Coathill Farm Road
Coathill Hospital
Coathill House
Coathill Street
Coatholm Nursery
Coats Crescent
Coats Drive
Coats Gardens
Coats Observatory
Coats Street
Coatshill Avenue
Cobbett Road
Cobblerigg Way
Cobbleton Road
Cobden Crescent
Cobden Road
Cobington Place
Cobinshaw Street
Coburg Street
Cochno Brae
Cochno Gardens
Cochno House
Cochno Observatory
Cochno Road
Cochno Stone
Cochno Street
Cochno Town Farm
Cochran Avenue
Cochran Street
Cochrane Castle Golf Club
Cochrane Castle Primary School
Cochrane Square
Cochrane Street
Cockburn Place
Cockels Loan
Cockenzie Street
Cockhill Way
Cockmuir Street
Coddington Crescent
Coffee & Cream
Coffee Boy
Coffee Corner
Coffee House
Coffee Patisserie
Coffee Pattisier
Cogan Place
Cogan Road
Cogan Street
Coia Hairdressing
Coia's Butchers
Coia's Cafe
Colbert Street
Colbreggan Court
Colbreggan Gardens
Colchester Drive
Coldingham Avenue
Coldstream Crescent
Coldstream Drive
Coldstream Grove
Coldstream Place
Coldstream Road
Coldstream Street
Cole Road
Colebrooke Lane
Colebrooke Place
Colebrooke Street
Colebrooke Terrace
Coleford Court
Coleridge Avenue
Colfin Street
Colgrain Avenue
Colgrain Terrace
Colgrave Crescent
Colin Fergusson
Colin Fergusson Pharmacy
Colinbar Circle
Colinslee Avenue
Colinslee Crescent
Colinslee Drive
Colinslee Estate
Colinslie Road
Colinton Gardens
Colinton Place
Colintraive Avenue
Colintraive Crescent
Coll Avenue
Coll Drive (ML5 5)
Coll Lea
Coll Place
Coll Street
Colla Gardens
Collections Garden
College Gardens
College Gate
College Milton
College Street
College Way
Collegelands Student Accomodation
Collessie Drive
Collie Wynd
Collier Street
Colliertree Road
Colliery Cafe
Colliery Gate
Colliery Place
Colliery Road
Colliery Street
Collin's Tyres
Collina Quadrant
Collina Street
Collins Building
Collins Street
Collree Gardens
Collylinn Road
Colmonell Avenue
Colonsay Avenue
Colonsay Crescent
Colonsay Drive
Colonsay Road
Colquhoun Avenue
Colquhoun Drive
Colquhoun Park
Colquhoun Park Primary School
Colquhoun Road
Colson Place
Colston Avenue
Colston Drive
Colston Gardens
Colston Grove
Colston Path
Colston Place
Colston Road
Colston Row
Colston Terrace
Colston Wellpark Parish Church
Colt Avenue
Colt Place
Colt Terrace
Coltmuir Crescent
Coltmuir Drive
Coltmuir Gardens
Coltmuir Street
Coltness Bridge
Coltness Drive
Coltness High School
Coltness Lane
Coltness Memorial Church
Coltness Road
Coltness Street
Coltpark Avenue
Coltpark Lane
Coltsfoot Drive
Coltswood Kennels
Coltswood Road
Columba Club
Columba Court
Columba Crescent
Columba Path
Columba Street
Columbia Place
Columbia Way
Colvend Avenue
Colvend Drive
Colvend Lane
Colvend Street
Colville Close
Colville Court
Colville Drive
Colwood Avenue
Colwood Gardens
Colwood Place
Colwood Square
Colwyn Court
Combe Quadrant
Comboni Missionaries - Verona Fathers
Comedie Road
Comely Bank
Comelypark Place
Comelypark Street
Comet Way
Commerce Street
Commercial Court
Commercial Road
Committee Room No.9
Common Green
Common Wheel
Commonhead Avenue
Commonhead Lane
Commonhead Mining Disaster
Commonhead Road
Commonhead Street
Commonhill Gardens
Commonside Street
Commonwealth Arena
Commore Avenue
Commore Drive
Commore Place
Community Avenue
Community Market Garden Pilot Project
Community Place
Community Road
Community Treatment Centre for Brain Injury
Company Shop
Compass Gallery
Compass Housing Association
Compound Road
Compton Court
Comrie Crescent
Comrie Road
Comrie Street
Cona Street
Conacher Drive
Concrete sculpture
Condie Crescent
Condor Crescent
Condor Glen
Condorrat Library
Condorrat Parish Church
Condorrat Post Office
Condorrat Primary School
Condorrat Ring Road
Condorrat Road
Condorrat Service Station
Condorrat Turning Circle
Condorrat Vehicle Repair
Condorrat War Memorial and Social Club
Coney Drive
Conference Room
Conflict Garden
Congress Road
Congress Way
Conifer Place
Conisborough Close
Conisborough Gardens
Conisborough Place
Conisborough Road
Coniston Crescent
Coniston Drive
Conistone Crescent
Conival Close
Connal Street
Connal Street Affordable Housing
Connell Crescent
Connell Grove
Conniston Street
Connor Road
Connor Street
Connor Walk
Conon Avenue
Conservation Place
Consett Lane
Consett Street
Consoles & Gadgets
Constantine Way
Constarry Road
Consul Way
Contemporary Garden
Contin Place
Continental Super Store
Control Centre
Conval Way
Convent Crescent
Convent Road
Conway Court
Cook and Indi's Worldbuffet
Cook Crescent
Cook Street
Coolgardie Green
Coolgardie Place
Coop Funeral Care Airdrie
Cooper Bros
Cooper Crescent (ML3 7FQ)
Cooper Gardens
Cooper's Well Street
Cooperage Court
Cooperage Place
Copland Place
Copland Quadrant
Copland Road
Coplaw Court
Coplaw Street
Copper wood Crescent
Copper Wood Wynd
Copperfield Lane
Coppertrees Bar & Grill
Copperwood Court
Copperworks Housing Co-operative
Copsewood Crescent
Coral Reef
Coralmount Gardens
Corbett Court
Corbett Gate
Corbett Place
Corbett Street
Corbett Wynd
Corbie Place
Corbiston Way
Cordia Response Centre
Cordiner Lane
Cordiner Street
Corkerhill Farm
Corkerhill Gardens
Corkerhill Place
Corkerhill Road
Corkerhill Shunter's Bothy
Corlaich Avenue
Corlaich Drive
Corless Court
Cormack Avenue
Cormorant Drive
Corn Mill Road
Corn Street
Cornaig Road
Cornalee Gardens
Cornalee Place
Cornalee Road
Cornel Crescent
Cornelia Street
Cornelian Terrace
Corner Bikes
Corner Chippy
Cornet Gardens
Cornfield Court
Cornfoot Crescent
Cornhill Drive
Cornhill Street
Cornish Court
Cornmill Court
Cornock Crescent
Cornock Street
Cornwall Avenue
Cornwall Service Yard
Cornwall Street
Cornwall Street South
Cornwall Way
Coronation Court
Coronation Place
Coronation Road
Coronation Road East
Coronation Street
Coronation Way
Corpach Place
Corpus Christi Primary School
Corpus Christi RC Church
Corra Linn
Corran Avenue
Corran Street
Correen Gardens
Corrie Court
Corrie Drive
Corrie Grove
Corrie Place
Corrie View
Corrour Road
Corse Road
Corsebar Avenue
Corsebar Crescent
Corsebar Drive
Corsebar Lane
Corsebar Road
Corsebar Way
Corsehill Crescent
Corsehill Place
Corsehill Street
Corselet Road
Corsemill Court
Corsewall Avenue
Corsewall Street
Corsford Drive
Corsock Avenue
Corsock Street
Corson Court
Corston Street
Cortachy Place
Cortmalaw Avenue
Cortmalaw Close
Cortmalaw Crescent
Cortmalaw Gardens
Cortmalaw Gate
Cortmalaw Grove
Cortmalaw Loan
Cortmalaw Road
Coruisk Drive
Corum Estate Agents
Corunna Bowling Club
Corunna Street
Corvus Place
Coshneuk Road
Cosmetic Dentures
Cosmic Cherubs
Cosmic Coppers
Cosmic Fox Tattoo Company
Cosmic Phones
Cosmo Ceramics
Costa Coffee Drive-Thru
Costa Drive Thru
Costco Fuel Station
Cosy Corner
Cotswold Outdoor
Cottage 10
Cottar Street
Cotterell & Co
Cottiers Bar and Restaurant
Cottiers Theatre
Cotton Avenue
Cotton Street
Cotton Vale
Cotton's Bar
Cottongrass Court
Cottonmill Court
Cottonrake Cafe
Coulin Gardens
Coulter Avenue
Coulter Avenue (ML5)
Coulter Court
Coulters Crescent
Council Offices
Countess Gate
Country Baskets
Country Shop
Countrywide North
County Avenue
County Place
County Square
Couper Institute Library
Couper Place
Couper Street
Coursington Crescent
Coursington Gardens
Coursington Place
Coursington Road
Coursinton Bridge
Court Knowe
Court Knowe Quarry
Courthill Avenue
Courtyard by Marriott
Courtyard by Marriott Glasgow SEC
Coustonholm Road
Couther Quadrant
Covan Bridge
Covanburn Avenue (ML3 7PX)
Covenant Place
Covenanter Memorial
Covenanters Way
Coventry Drive
Cover Stitch Alterations
Cowal Crescent
Cowal Drive
Cowal Road
Cowal Street
Cowan Avenue (PA5 8FG)
Cowan Crescent
Cowan Lane
Cowan Park Play Area
Cowan Road
Cowan Street
Cowan Wilson Avenue
Cowan Wynd
Cowcaddens Fire Station
Cowcaddens Road
Cowden Brae
Cowden Drive
Cowden Street
Cowdenhill Circus
Cowdenhill Place
Cowdenhill Road
Cowdenmill Cottages
Cowdenmoor Farm
Cowdray Crescent
Cowgate Pharmacy
Cowglen Golf Club
Cowglen Road
Cowie Place
Cowlairs Road
Cox Industrial
Coxdale Avenue
Coxhill Street
Coxton Place
Coyle Drive
Coylton Crescent
Coylton Road
Crabb Quadrant
Craggan Drive
Crags Avenue
Crags Crescent
Crags Road
Cragwell Park
Craig & Rose
Craig Gardens
Craig Hill
Craig of Neilston
Craig Place
Craig Road
Craig Street
Craig Terrace
Craigalbert Centre
Craigallian Avenue
Craiganour Lane
Craigard Place
Craigash Quadrant
Craigash Road
Craigash Road Post Office
Craigbank Carehome
Craigbank Drive
Craigbanzo Street
Craigbarnet Avenue
Craigbarnet Crescent
Craigbarnet Road
Craigbo Avenue
Craigbo Court
Craigbo Drive
Craigbo Place
Craigbo Road
Craigbo Street
Craigbog Avenue
Craigburn Avenue
Craigburn Crescent
Craigburn Place
Craigburn Street
Craigcrest Place
Craigdhu Avenue
Craigdhu Farm Cottages
Craigdhu Primary School
Craigdhu Road
Craigdhu Wedge
Craigdonald Place
Craigellan Road
Craigelvan Avenue
Craigelvan Court
Craigelvan Drive
Craigelvan Gardens
Craigelvan Grove
Craigelvan Place
Craigelvan View
Craigenbay Crescent
Craigenbay Road
Craigenbay Street
Craigencart Court
Craigend Circus
Craigend Close
Craigend Court
Craigend Crescent
Craigend Drive
Craigend Drive (ML5 5)
Craigend Drive West
Craigend Gardens
Craigend Licensed Grocer
Craigend Newsagets
Craigend Place
Craigend Road
Craigend Street
Craigend View
Craigendmuir Drive
Craigendmuir Holiday Park
Craigendmuir Place
Craigendmuir Road
Craigendmuir Street
Craigendon Oval
Craigendon Road
Craigends Farm
Craigends Road
Craigenfeoch Avenue
Craigens Road
Craigfaulds Avenue
Craigfell Court
Craigflower Gardens
Craigflower Road
Craighalbert Church
Craighalbert Road
Craighalbert Roundabout
Craighalbert Way
Craighall Quadrant
Craighall Road
Craighaw Street
Craighead Avenue
Craighead Drive
Craighead Place
Craighead Road
Craighead Street
Craighead Way
Craighill Drive
Craighill Grove
Craighirst Drive
Craighirst Road
Craighlaw Avenue
Craighlaw Drive
Craigholme School
Craighouse Street
Craigie Drive
Craigie Park
Craigie Place
Craigie Street
Craigiebar Drive
Craigieburn Gardens
Craigieburn Road
Craigiehall Avenue
Craigiehall Crescent
Craigiehall Place
Craigiehall Street
Craigiehall Way
Craigielaw Walk
Craigielea Crescent
Craigielea Drive
Craigielea Park
Craigielea Road
Craigielea Street
Craigielinn Avenue
Craigievar Avenue
Craigievar Court
Craigievar Crescent
Craigievar Place
Craigievar Street
Craiglea Place
Craiglea Terrace
Craigleith Street
Craiglinn Gardens
Craiglinn Park Road
Craiglinn Roundabout
Craiglockhart Crescent
Craiglockhart Drive
Craiglockhart Place
Craiglockhart Street
Craigmaddie Gardens
Craigmaddie Glamping
Craigmaddie Road
Craigmaddie Terrace Lane
Craigmarloch Avenue
Craigmarloch Lodge
Craigmarloch Post Office
Craigmarloch Roundabout
Craigmillar Avenue
Craigmillar Place
Craigmillar Road
Craigmochan Avenue
Craigmont Drive
Craigmont Street
Craigmore Place
Craigmore Road
Craigmore Street
Craigmount Avenue
Craigmount Street
Craigmuir Court
Craigmuir Crescent
Craigmuir Drive
Craigmuir Gardens
Craigmuir Place
Craigmuir Road
Craigmuir Road (Right of Way)
Craigmuir Way
Craigneith Castle
Craigneith Copse (destroyed)
Craigneith Court
Craigneith Crags
Craignestock Place
Craignethan Drive
Craignethan Road
Craigneuk Avenue
Craigneuk Road
Craigneuk Street
Craignish Lane
Craignure Crescent
Craignure Road
Craigpark Drive
Craigpark Filling Station
Craigpark Masters
Craigpark Post Office
Craigpark Street
Craigpark Way
Craigs Avenue
Craigsheen Avenue
Craigside Court
Craigside Place
Craigside Road
Craigsmill Wynd
Craigson Place
Craigston Road
Craigswood Crescent
Craigswood Drive
Craigswood Gardens
Craigswood Gate
Craigswood Place
Craigswood Way
Craigton Avenue
Craigton Crescent
Craigton Drive
Craigton Gardens
Craigton Place
Craigton Primary School
Craigton Road
Craigton Street
Craigton Village
Craigtower Road
Craigvale Crescent
Craigvicar Gardens
Craigview Avenue
Craigview Road
Craigview Terrace
Craigwell Avenue
Crail Close
Crail Crescent
Crail Place
Crail Street
Crammond Avenue
Crammond Avenue (ML5 5)
Cramond Drive
Cramond Terrace
Cranborne Road
Cranbrooke Drive
Cranhill Beacon
Cranhill Post Office
Cranhill Primary School; Bellrock Nursery School
Cranhill Tandoori
Cranhill Telephone Exchange
Crannog Care Home
Crannog Road
Cranston Avenue
Cranston Street
Cranworth Lane
Cranworth Street
Crarae Avenue
Crarae Place
Crash memorial
Crathes Court
Crathie Drive
Crathie Place
Crathie Quadrant
Craw Road
Craw Wood (Old Copse)
Crawford Avenue
Crawford Crescent
Crawford Drive
Crawford Gardens
Crawford Hill
Crawford Lane
Crawford Road
Crawford Street
Crawfurd Drive
Crawfurd Gardens
Crawfurd Road
Crawhill Drive
Crawriggs Avenue
Crazy Chef's
Crazy wok
Creamery Road
Creanich House
Create ED Wee Gallery and Gift Shop
Creative Art
Creative Cutz
Creature Comforts
Crebar Drive
Crebar Street
Credon Drive
Credon Gardens
Cree Avenue
Cree Gardens
Cree Place
Creed Grove
Creighton Grove
Creran Court
Creran Crescent
Creran Drive
Crescent Grove
Crescent Newsagent
Crescent Road
Cresham Drive
Cressdale Avenue
Cressdale Court
Cressdale Drive
Cressland Drive
Cressland Place
Cresswell Grove
Cresswell Lane
Cresswell Place
Cresswell Street
Cresswell Terrace
Cressy Street
Crest Avenue
Crestlea Avenue
Creston Wynd
Crew Clothing Company
Crichton Street
Crichtons Cairn Drive
Crieff Avenue
Criffell Gardens
Criffell Road
Crighton Shoes
Crighton Wynd
Crimea Street
Crinan Crescent
Crinan Gardens
Crinan Place
Crinan Road
Crinan Street
Crindledyke Crescent
Cripps Avenue
Croft Crescent
Croft Gardens
Croft Licenced Grocers
Croft Road
Croft Walk
Croft Way
Croft Wynd
Croftbank Avenue
Croftbank Crescent
Croftbank Gate
Croftbank Street
Croftburn Drive
Croftcot Avenue
Croftcroighn Close
Croftcroighn Court
Croftcroighn Drive
Croftcroighn Gardens
Croftcroighn Gate
Croftcroighn Place
Croftcroighn Road
Croftend Avenue
Croftend Lane
Croftfood Gardens
Croftfoot Cottages
Croftfoot Crescent
Croftfoot Drive
Croftfoot Place
Croftfoot Primary School
Croftfoot Quadrant
Croftfoot Road
Croftfoot Street
Croftfoot Telephone Exchange
Croftfoot Terrace
Croftfoot United Free Church
Crofthead Cottages
Crofthead Crescent
Crofthead Place
Crofthead Road
Crofthead Street
Crofthill Avenue
Crofthill Road
Crofthouse Drive
Croftmont Avenue
Croftmoraig Avenue
Crofton Avenue
Crofton Drive
Crofton Square
Crofton Street
Crofton Way
Crofton Wynd
Croftpark Avenue
Croftpark Crescent
Croftpark Road
Croftpark Street
Croftside Avenue
Croftspar Avenue
Croftspar Court
Croftspar Drive
Croftspar Gate
Croftspar Grove
Croftspar Place
Croftwood Avenue
Croftwood Road
Crogal Crescent
Cromalt Crescent
Cromarty Avenue
Cromarty Crescent
Cromarty Gardens
Cromarty Place
Cromarty Road
Crombie Gardens
Cromdale Square
Cromdale Street
Cromdale Way
Cromer Gardens
Cromer Way
Cromlet Drive
Cromlix Grove
Crompton Avenue
Cromptons Grove
Cromwell Lane
Cromwell Street
Crona Drive
Cronberry Quadrant
Cronberry Terrace
Cronin Place
Crookdyke Court
Crooked Lum
Crookedshields Road
Crookfur Cottage Homes
Crookfur Drive
Crookfur Post Office
Crookfur Primary School
Crookfur Road
Crookfur Roundabout
Crookston Avenue
Crookston Bowling Club
Crookston Castle
Crookston Court
Crookston Drive
Crookston Gardens
Crookston Grove
Crookston Path
Crookston Place
Crookston Primary School
Crookston Quadrant
Crookston Road
Crookston Terrace
Crookstonhill Path
Crosbie Drive
Crosbie Lane
Crosbie Street
Crosbie Wood
Cross Arthulie Street
Cross Arthurlie Primary School
Cross Arthurlie Street
Cross Gates
Cross Law [Crossbasket]
Cross Road
Cross Stobbs
Cross Stobs Bottle Shop
Cross Stobs Inn
Cross Stone Place
Cross Street
Crossans Butchers Ltd
Crossbank Avenue
Crossbank Crescent
Crossbank Drive
Crossbasket Road
Crossbow Gardens
Crossburn Avenue
Crossburn Cottages
Crossburn Roundabout
Crossflat Crescent
Crossford Drive
Crossgates Avenue
Crosshill Avenue
Crosshill Drive
Crosshill Mews
Crosshill Post Office
Crosshill Road
Crosshill Street
Crosshill Wynd
Crosslee Street
Crosslees Drive
Crosslees Park
Crosslees Road
Crossloan Road
Crossloan Road Post Office
Crossloan Terrace
Crossmill Avenue
Crossmill Industrial Park
Crossmyloof Gardens
Crossmyloof Mansions
Crossmyloof Square
Crosspoint Drive
Crosstobs Road
Crossview Avenue
Crossview Place
Crovie Road
Crow Avenue
Crow Lane
Crow Road
Crow Tavern
Crow Wood Golf Course
Crow Wood Road
Crow Wood Terrace
Crowflat View
Crowflats Road
Crowflats/Lady Isle
Crowhill Crescent
Crowhill Drive
Crowhill Quadrant
Crowhill Road
Crowhill Street
Crowlin Crescent
Crown Avenue
Crown Circus
Crown Gardens
Crown Road North
Crown Road South
Crown Street
Crown Street (ML5)
Crown Terrace
Crowne Plaza Hotel
Crownhall Place
Crownhall Road
Crownhill Court
Crownpoint Autoservices
Crownpoint Road
Crownpoint Sports Centre
Crowwood Crescent
Crowwood Drive
Crowwood Hotel
Crowwood Road
Crowwood Roundabout
Croy Avenue
Croy Bank Court
Croy Place
Croy Post Office
Croy Quarry
Croy Road
Croyhill View
Cruachan Avenue
Cruachan Drive
Cruachan Road
Cruachan Street
Cruachan Way
Cruden Street
Crum Avenue
Crusader Avenue
CTD Tiles
Cubie Street
Cubitt Court
Cuckoo Boutique
Cuckoo Way
Cuddies Walk
Cue Here Pool Hall & Bar Lounge
Cuilhill Road
Cuillin Place
Cuillin Way
Cuillins Lane
Cuillins Road
Cuilmuir Terrace
CUK Audio
Culbin Drive
Cullen Lane
Cullen Place
Cullen Road
Cullen Street
Cullion Way
Culloch Road
Cullochrig (Farm)
Cullochrig Road
Culloden Avenue
Culloden Street
Culrain Gardens
Culrain Street
Culross Hill
Culross Lane
Culross Place
Culross Street
Culross Way
Cult Road
Cultburn Farm
Culterfell Path
Cults Street
Culvain Avenue
Culzean Avenue
Culzean Crescent
Culzean Drive
Culzean Place
Cumberland Place
Cumberland Place (ML5 5)
Cumberland Street
Cumbernauld Academy
Cumbernauld Car Sales
Cumbernauld Cycles
Cumbernauld Free Church
Cumbernauld Library
Cumbernauld New Town Hall
Cumbernauld Police Office
Cumbernauld Road
Cumbernauld Theatre
Cumbernauld United Reformed Church
Cumbrae Court
Cumbrae Crescent
Cumbrae Drive
Cumbrae Place
Cumbrae Road
Cumbrae Street
Cumlodden Drive
Cumming Drive
Cummock House
Cumnock Drive
Cumnock Road
Cunard Court
Cunard Street
Cuningar Loop footbridge
Cunningair Drive
Cunningham Drive
Cunningham Gardens
Cunningham Road
Cunningham Street
Cunninghame Road
Cup and Ring Marked Rock
Cup Tea Lounge
Cuparhead Avenue
Curfew Road
Curle Street
Curlew Court
Curling Bar
Curling Crescent
Curling Pond Place
Curlinghaugh Crescent
Curran Avenue
Currer Avenue
Currie and Quirk Opticians
Currie Place
Currie Street
Curriefield View
Curry Cottage
Curry Express
Curry House
Curry Pot
Curtis Avenue
Curzon Street


Custom Inc
Cut From The Factory Floor
Cut n' Crew
Cut Price Local
Cut Steak House
Cut Steakhouse
Cute Kidz Clothing
Cuthbert Street
Cuthbertson Primary School
Cuthbertson Street
Cuthelton Drive
Cuthelton Street
Cuthelton Terrace
Cutthroat J's
C.W Easylease Ltd
Cycle Form
Cycle Lane
Cypress Avenue
Cypress Court
Cypress Grove (G69)
Cypress Lane
Cypress Road
Cypress Street
Cypress Way
Cyprian Drive
Cyprus Avenue
Cyress Road
Cyril Crescent
Cyril Place
Cyril Street

D R Design Bathrooms Ltd
D&G Autocare
Da Carlo
Da Vinci
Daddy Marmalades
Daer Avenue
Daer Way
Daffodil Drive
Daffodil Walk
Daffodil Way
Dairsie Court
Dairsie Gardens
Dairsie Street
Dairy Gardens
Daisy Drive
Daisy Place
Daisy Street
Dakala Court
Dakat Bar & Grill
Dalbeattie Braes
Dalbeattie Drive
Dalbeattie Grove
Dalbeattie Way
Dalbeth Road
Dalby Grove
Dalcraig Crescent
Dalcross Pass
Dalcross Street
Dalcross Way
Dalcruin Gardens
Daldowie Avenue
Daldowie Drive
Daldowie Road
Daldowie Street
Dale Avenue
Dale Court
Dale Drive
Dale Street
Dale Way
Dales Cycles
Daleview Avenue
Daleview Drive
Daleview Grove
Dalfoil Court
Dalgarroch Avenue
Dalgety Drive
Dalgleish Avenue
Dalgleish Drive
Dalgleish Place
Dalhousie Gardens
Dalhousie Lane
Dalhousie Mini Market
Dalhousie Street
Dalilea Drive
Dalilea Gardens
Dalilea Place
Dalintober Street
Dalkeith Avenue
Dalkeith Road
Dalmacoulter Court
Dalmacoulter Road
Dalmahoy Drive
Dalmahoy Street
Dalmally Street
Dalmarnock Bridge
Dalmarnock Court
Dalmarnock Drive
Dalmarnock MOT Centre
Dalmarnock Primary School
Dalmarnock Road
Dalmary Drive
Dalmellington Court
Dalmellington Drive
Dalmellington Road
Dalmeny Avenue
Dalmeny Drive
Dalmeny Gate
Dalmeny Park Country House Hotel
Dalmeny Road
Dalmore Crescent
Dalmore Drive
Dalmore House
Dalmuir Barber Shop
Dalmuir Barclay Church
Dalmuir Library
Dalmuir Municipal Golf Course
Dalmuir Post Office
Dalnair Place
Dalnair Street
Dalness Close
Dalness Crescent
Dalness Cross
Dalness Street
Dalnottar Avenue
Dalnottar Drive
Dalnottar Gardens
Dalnottar Hill Road
Dalnottar Interchange
Dalnottar Terrace
Dalreoch Avenue
Dalriada Crescent
Dalriada Drive
Dalriada Street
Dalry and North Johnstone rail trail
Dalry Gardens
Dalry Place
Dalry Road
Dalry Street
Dalrymple Crescent
Dalrymple Drive
Dalrymple Drive Children's Play Area
Dalserf Court
Dalserf Crescent
Dalserf Gardens
Dalserf Place
Dalserf Street
Dalsetter Avenue
Dalsetter Crescent
Dalsetter Drive
Dalsetter Place
Dalshannon Farm
Dalshannon Place
Dalshannon Road
Dalshannon View
Dalsholm Avenue
Dalsholm Bridge
Dalsholm Place
Dalsholm Road
Dalskeith Avenue
Dalskeith Crescent
Dalskeith Road
Dalswinton Street
Dalton Avenue
Dalton Court
Dalton Hill
Dalton Street
Dalveen Court
Dalveen Drive
Dalveen Quadrant
Dalveen Street
Dalveen Way
Dalwhinnie Avenue
Dalwhinnie Place
Daly Gardens
Dalzell Avenue
Dalzell Drive
Dalzell House
Dalziel Court
Dalziel Crescent
Dalziel Drive
Dalziel Estate
Dalziel Gait
Dalziel Golf Course
Dalziel Grove
Dalziel Park Hotel
Dalziel Path
Dalziel Place
Dalziel Road
Dalziel Street
Dalziel Way
Damaged Society
Damhead Farm
Damshot Crescent
Damshot Road
Danby Road
Dandelion Café;Dandelion Cafe
Dandy's Delicatessen
Danes Avenue
Danes Crescent
Danes Drive
Danes Lane North
Danes Lane South
Daniel Mclaughlin Place
Dapper Dandy
Dargarvel Avenue
Dargarvel Path
Dargavel Avenue
Dargavel Development
Dargavel House
Dargavel Road
Dark Crow Tattoo
Darkwood Court
Darkwood Crescent
Darkwood Drive
Darleesrig Gardens
Darleith Street
Darley Place
Darluith Road
Darnaway Avenue
Darnaway Drive
Darnaway Street
Darngavil Road
Darnick Street
Darnley Bowling Club
Darnley Court
Darnley Court Care Home
Darnley Crescent
Darnley Gardens
Darnley Mains Road
Darnley Mill Crescent
Darnley Place
Darnley Primary School
Darnley Road
Darnley Street
Darnley United Free Church of Scotland
Darragh Green
Darroch Crescent
Darroch Drive
Darroch Timlin
Darroch Way
Dart Avenue
Dartford Street
Darvel Crescent
Darvel Drive
Darvel Grove
Darvel Street
Darwin Avenue
Darwin Place
Darwin Road
Dashing Dolls by Lyndsey
Data Centre
Dava Street
Davaar Drive
Davaar Place
Davaar Road
Davaar Street
Daventry Drive
David Cassidy Opticians
David Corbett Hairdressing
David Court
David Dale Business Centre
David Dale Gallery & Studios
David Donnelly Place
David Gray Drive
David Livingstone
David Livingstone Footbridge
David Livingstone Memorial Primary School
David Livingstone Museum
David Lloyd Clubs
David Lloyd Clubs Rouken Glen
David Lloyd Rouken Glen Golf Club
David McLaughlin
David Place
David S Mason
David Shaw Way
David Street
David Street (ML5)
David Way
Davidson Crescent
Davidson Gardens
Davidson Lane
Davidson of Ruchill Mausoleum
Davidson Place
Davidson Quadrant
Davidson Street
Davidston Place
Davie Cooper
Davie's Acre
Davieland Road
Davies Quadrant
Davington Drive
Daviot Street
Davis Track Hire Ltd
Dawn Homes - Mayfield Development
Dawson Avenue
Dawson Place
Dawson Road
Day Today

day today

Day Today
Day Today express
Day Today Express
Day-Today Convenience Store
Day-Today express
Day-Today Express
Day-Today express
Day-today express
Day-Today Express
Day-Today express
Day-Today Express
Day-Today express
Days Inn
De La Mare
Deaconsbank Avenue
Deaconsbank Crescent
Deaconsbank Gardens
Deaconsbank Grove
Deaconsbank Place
Deaconsbrook Lane
Deaconsbrook Road
Deaconsgait Way
Deaconsgrange Road
Deaf Blind Scotland
Deafhillock Roundabout
Dealston Road
Dean Court
Dean Crescent
Dean House
Dean Park
Dean Park Avenue
Dean Park Drive
Dean Street
Dean's pharmacy
Deanbank Road
Deanbrae Street
Deanfield Quadrant
Deanpark Nursery School
Deanpark Road
Deans Avenue
Deans Mini-Market
Deanside Road
Deanston Avenue
Deanston Bakery
Deanston Drive
Deanston Gardens
Deanston Grove
Deanston Park
Deanstone Place
Deanstone Walk
Deanwood Avenue
Deanwood Road
Debra Charity Shop
Decent Sweets
Dechmont Avenue
Dechmont Farm
Dechmont Gardens
Dechmont Place
Dechmont Road
Dechmont Street
Dechmont Training Area
Dechmont View
Decorum Hair & Beauty
Dee Avenue
Dee Crescent
Dee Drive
Dee of Calder
Dee Street
Dee Terrace
Deedes Street
Deep Dale
Deepdene Road
Deer Park
Deer Park Court
Deer Park Place
Deer Ridge Drive
Deerdykes Court North
Deerdykes Court South
Deerdykes Place
Deerdykes Road
Deerdykes Roundabout
Deerdykes View
Deeside Place
Dehli Lane
Del Tutto Salon
Delamere Grove
Delaney Wynd
Delfburn Piggery
Delhi Avenue
Delicious Corner
Dell Anita's
Dellburn Street
Delny Place
Delricos …café
Delvin Road
Dempsey Road
Den Bak Avenue
Denbeath Court
Denbeck Street
Denbrae Street
Denewood Avenue
Denham Street
Denholm Crescent
Denholm Drive
Denholm Green
Denholm Terrace
Denmark Close
Denmark Street
Denmilne Path
Denmilne Road
Denmilne Street
Dennistoun Baptist Church
Dennistoun Bar-B-Que
Dennistoun Barbers
Dennistoun Chartiy Shop
Dennistoun Early Years Centre
Dennistoun Library
Dennistoun New Parish Church
Dental Laboratory
Denture Lab
Deoch & Dorus
Der Berliner
Deramore Avenue
Derby Gate
Derby Street
Derby Terrace Lane
Derby Wynd
Dermontside Close
Dervaig Gardens
Dervaig Street
Dervaig Wynd
Derwent Drive
Derwent Street
Desi Curry Palace
Design House
Designer Cakes By Paige
Despard Avenue
Despard Gardens
Destination Planet Travel
Destiny Church
Deveron Avenue
Deveron Crescent
Deveron Road
Deveron Street
Deveron Street (ML5 2)
Devil of Brooklyn
Devine Court
Devine Grove
Devlin Grove
Devol Crescent
Devon Drive
Devon Gardens
Devon Place
Devon Street
Devon Walk
Devon Way
Devoncove Hotel
Devondale Avenue
Devonhill Avenue
Devonport Park
Devonshire Gardens
Devonshire Gardens Lane
Devonshire Terrace
Devonshire Terrace Lane
Devonview Place
Devonview Street
Dewar Close
Dewar Drive
Dewar Gate
Dewar House
Dewar Road
DGG Transport
DHV Nails & Spa
Di Maggio's
Di Maggios
Di Mambro’s Deli
Dial A Snack
Dial House
Diamond Angels
Diamond Street
Diamond Touch
Diana Avenue
Diana Quadrant
Diane Flavell
Dick Street
Dickens Avenue
Dickens Grove
Dicks Park
Dickson Chemist
Dickson's Chemist
Differ Avenue
Dilwara Avenue
Dimity Street
Dimsdale Crescent
Dimsdale Road
Dinard Drive
Dinart Street
Dinduff Street
Dini Pizza and Espresso Bar
Dining In
Dinmont Avenue
Dinmont Crescent
Dinmont Place
Dinmont Road
Dinnet Street
Dino's Cafe
Dinwiddie Street
Dinyra Place
Dipple Place
Dirleton Avenue
Dirleton Court
Dirleton Drive
Dirleton Gate
Dirleton Place
Discount Motoring
Discount Store
Discounted Beds & Furniture
Discover Glasgow
Display House
Disqu Blu
Disraeli Crescent
Disraeli Way
District Court

disused Highlatt access track

Divernia Way
Dixon Avenue
Dixon Gate
Dixon Place
Dixon Road
Dixon Street
DLL Robertson Chemist
Dobbie's Loan
Dobbie's Loan Place
Dobbies Court
Dochart Avenue
Dochart Crescent
Dochart Drive
Dochart Gardens
Dochart Oval
Dochart Street
Dochart Way
Docherty Chemist
Dock Street
Dock Street South
Dodhill Place
Dodside Gardens
Dodside Place
Dodside Road
Dodside Street
Dodside Toll
Dog Grooming: Dog Beauty by Sylvia
Dog Grooms
Dog Star Path
Dogs Buddy
Dolan Street
Dollan Aqua Centre
Dollar Park
Dollar Terrace
Dolphin Road
Dolphington Avenue
Dom Polski
Dominica Green
Don Avenue
Don Court
Don Drive
Don Street
Donald Dewar
Donald Dewar Sports Centre
Donald MacKinnon Avenue
Donald Terrace
Donald Way
Donaldson Crescent
Donaldson Drive
Donaldson Green
Donaldson Place
Donaldson Street
Donaldswood Park
Donaldswood Road
Doncaster Street
Done Decor
Donearn and The Cottage
Döner Haus
Donhoe Court
Donnelly Way
Donnies Brae
Donoghue Terrace
Donut King
Doon Crescent
Doon Place
Doon Road
Doon Side
Doon Street
Doon Way
Doonfoot Court
Doonfoot Gardens
Doonfoot Road
Doppio Malto
Dora Street
Dorain Road
Dorchester Avenue
Dorchester Court
Dorchester Place
Dorian Drive
Dorian Wynd
Dorlin Road
Dormanside Court
Dormanside Gate
Dormanside Grove
Dormanside Place
Dormanside Road
Dornal Avenue
Dornford Avenue
Dornford Road
Dornie Court
Dornie Drive
Dornie Way
Dornoch Avenue
Dornoch Court
Dornoch Drive
Dornoch Place
Dornoch Road
Dornoch Street
Dornoch Way
Dorran Cottage
Dorset Street
Dosk Avenue
Dosk Place
Double Hedges Road
Doublet Court
DoubleTree by Hilton Glasgow Strathclyde
DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Glasgow Central
Dougalston Avenue
Dougalston Crescent
Dougalston Gardens North
Dougalston Gardens South
Dougalston Road
Dougalston Woodland Walk
Dougan Drive
Douglas Academy
Douglas Alexander Kiltmakers
Douglas Arms
Douglas Avenue
Douglas Court
Douglas Crescent
Douglas Drive
Douglas Gardens
Douglas Gate
Douglas (Glasgow) Telephone Exchange
Douglas Lane
Douglas Muir
Douglas Muir Drive
Douglas Muir Gardens
Douglas Muir Place
Douglas Muir Road
Douglas Muir Roundabout
Douglas Park BMW
Douglas Park BMW Glasgow
Douglas Park Cottages
Douglas Park Crescent
Douglas Park Golf Club
Douglas Park Lane
Douglas Park MINI
Douglas Place
Douglas Road
Douglas Sillars
Douglas Street
Douglas Street Nursery
Douglas View
Dougray Place
Dougrie Close
Dougrie Drive
Dougrie Drive Lane
Dougrie Gardens
Dougrie Place
Dougrie Road
Dougrie Street
Dougrie Terrace
Doulton Road
Doune Crescent
Doune Gardens
Doune Gardens Lane
Doune Quadrant
Doune Terrace
Dounepark Way
Dove Street
Dove Wynd
Dovecot Drive
Dovecote Road
Dovecote View
Dovecothall Roundabout
Dovecothall Street
Dover Street
Dow Place
Dowan Road
Dowanfield Road
Dowanhill Street
Dowanhill Tennis Club
Dowanside Lane
Dowanside Road
Down To Earth
Downcraig Drive
Downcraig Grove
Downcraig Road
Downcraig Terrace
Downfield Drive
Downfield Gardens
Downfield Play Park
Downfield Street
Downie Close
Downie Street
Downiebrae Road
Downs Street
Dowrie Crescent
Dr. Connolly I Presume?
Dr. Martens
Dr Noodles
Dr. Thomas Graham
Dr Tyre
Draffen Street
Dragon Inn
Dragon Inn Cantonese
Drake Street
Drakemire Avenue
Drakemire Drive
Dreghorn Street
Drimnin Road

drinks express

Drive Licensed Grocer
Drive Road
Driving Range
Drochil Street
Drochil Way
Dromore Street
Drop Off / Pick Up Zone A
Drop Off / Pick Up Zone B
Drop Off / Pick Up Zone C
Drove Hill
Drum and Monkey
Drum Mains Park
Drumbathie Road
Drumbeg Drive
Drumbeg Path
Drumbeg Place
Drumbeg Road
Drumbeg Terrace
Drumboe Avenue
Drumbottie Road
Drumbottie Stores
Drumbow Farm
Drumbowie Crescent
Drumbowie View
Drumby Crescent
Drumby Drive
Drumby Service Station
Drumby Service Station Shop
Drumcarn Drive
Drumcavel Lodge
Drumcavel Quarry
Drumcavel Road
Drumchapel Amateurs Club
Drumchapel Citizens Advice Bureau
Drumchapel Gardens
Drumchapel High School
Drumchapel Housing Cooperative
Drumchapel Place
Drumchapel Road
Drumchapel Roundabout
Drumchapel Swimming Pool
Drumchapel Telephone Exchange
Drumchapel Tennis Club
Drumclair Place
Drumclog Avenue
Drumclog Gardens
Drumclog Moor
Drumcross Place
Drumcross Road
Drumfearn Place
Drumfearn Road
Drumfin Avenue
Drumgelloch Street
Drumglass Farm
Drumglass Steadings
Drumglass View
Drumgray Avenue
Drumgray Drive
Drumgray Gardens
Drumgray Lane
Drumgrew Bridge
Drumgrew Roundabout
Drumhead Lane
Drumhead Place
Drumhead Road
Drumilaw Crescent
Drumilaw Road
Drumilaw Way
Drumin Court
Drumlaken Avenue
Drumlaken Court
Drumlaken Street
Drumlanrig Avenue
Drumlanrig Crescent
Drumlin Drive
Drumlochy Road
Drummond Avenue
Drummond Court
Drummond Drive
Drummond Gardens
Drummond Hill
Drummond Place
Drummond Way
Drummore Avenue
Drummore Primary School
Drummore Road
Drumnessie Court
Drumnessie Road
Drumnessie View
Drumore Avenue
Drumover Drive
Drumoyne Avenue
Drumoyne Circus
Drumoyne Drive
Drumoyne Place
Drumoyne Post Office
Drumoyne Quadrant
Drumoyne Road
Drumoyne Square
Drumpark Primary School
Drumpark Street
Drumpellier Avenue
Drumpellier Care home
Drumpellier Christian Fellowship
Drumpellier Court
Drumpellier Crescent
Drumpellier Gardens
Drumpellier Golf Club
Drumpellier Golf Course
Drumpellier Grove
Drumpellier Home Farm
Drumpellier Place
Drumpellier Road
Drumpellier Street
Drumreoch Drive
Drumreoch Place
Drumriggend Road
Drumry Road
Drumry Road East
Drums Avenue
Drums Crescent
Drums Road
Drumsack Avenue
Drumsack Farm
Drumsargard Road
Drumshangie Moss
Drumshangie Place
Drumshangie Street
Drumshaw Drive
Drumvale Drive
Drury Street
Drury Street Bar & Kitchen
Dryad Street
Dryburgh Avenue
Dryburgh Gardens
Dryburgh Hill
Dryburgh Lane
Dryburgh Place
Dryburgh Road
Dryburgh Street
Dryburgh Walk
Dryburn Avenue
Dryden Street
Drygrange Road
Drymen Place
Drymen Road
Drymen Street
Drymen Wynd
Drynoch Place
Drysdale Street
DUA Textiles
Duart Drive
Duart Drive (G74 4BJ)
Duart Street
Duart Way
Dubbs Road
Dubton Street
Duchall Place
Duchess Court
Duchess Place
Duchess Road
Duchray Drive
Duchray Lane
Duchray Street
Duck Club
Duck's Walk
Dudley Drive
Dudley Lane
DUDS Vintage Clothing
Duffus Place
Duffus Street
Duffus Terrace
Duffy Hairdressing
Duich Gardens
Duisdale Road
Duke of Iron
Duke of Wellington
Duke Street
Duke Street Post Office
Duke Wynd
Duke's Court
Duke's Road
Duke's Umbrella
Dukes Barber
Dukes Gate
Dukes Place
Dukes Road (G69)
Dullatur Golf Course
Dulnain Street
Dulsie Road
Dulux Centre
Dulux Decorator Centre
Dumbarton Drive
Dumbarton Road
Dumbarton Way
Dumbeth Bowling Club
Dumbreck Avenue
Dumbreck Court
Dumbreck Path
Dumbreck Place
Dumbreck Riding School
Dumbreck Road
Dumbreck Square
Dumbrock Road
Dumbuckhill Quarry
Dumfries Crescent
Dumgoyne Avenue
Dumgoyne Drive
Dumgoyne Gardens
Dumgoyne Place
Dumpling Monkey
Dun Park
Dunagoil Gardens
Dunagoil Place
Dunagoil Road
Dunagoil Street
Dunalastair Drive
Dunan Place
Dunard Gate
Dunard Primary School
Dunard Road
Dunard Street
Dunard Way
Dunaskin Mill
Dunaskin Street
Dunavon Place
Dunbar Avenue
Dunbar Avenue (ML5 5)
Dunbar Drive
Dunbar Hill
Dunbar Lane
Dunbar Place
Dunbar Road
Dunbar Street
Dunbeath Avenue
Dunbeath Grove
Dunbeith Place
Dunbeth Avenue
Dunbeth Court
Dunbeth Moss
Dunbeth Nursery
Dunbeth Road
Dunblane Drive
Dunblane Place
Dunblane Street
Dunbrach Road
Dunbreck Avenue
Duncan Avenue
Duncan Court
Duncan Lane
Duncan Lane North
Duncan Lane South
Duncan Street
Duncan Yacht Chandlers
Duncanrig Crescent
Duncanrig Secondary School
Duncansby Drive
Duncansby Road
Duncarnock Avenue
Duncarnock Crescent
Duncarron Terrace
Dunchattan Place
Dunchattan Street
Dunchurch Road
Dunclutha Drive
Duncolm Place
Duncolm View
Duncombe Avenue
Duncombe Street
Duncraig Crescent
Duncrub Drive
Duncruin Street
Duncruin Terrace
Duncryne Avenue
Duncryne Gardens
Duncryne Place
Dundaff Hill
Dundas Avenue
Dundas Court
Dundas Drive
Dundas House
Dundas Lane
Dundas Place
Dundas Street
Dundasvale Court
Dundasvale Grocers
Dundasvale Road
Dundee Drive
Dundee Path
Dundonald Avenue
Dundonald Crescent
Dundonald Drive
Dundonald Place
Dundonald Post Office
Dundonald Road
Dundonald Street
Dundrennan Drive
Dundrennan Road
Dundyvan Church
Dundyvan Gardens
Dundyvan Gate
Dundyvan Lane
Dundyvan Path
Dundyvan Road
Dundyvan Street
Dundyvan Way
Dune London
Dunearn Place
Dunearn Street
Dunedin Court
Dunedin Drive
Dunedin Terrace
Dunellan Avenue
Dunellan Court
Dunellan Crescent
Dunellan Drive
Dunellan Gardens
Dunellan Grove
Dunellan Place
Dunellan Road
Dunellan Street
Dunellan Way
Dungavel Gardens
Dungeonhill Road
Dunglass Avenue
Dunglass House
Dunglass Lane
Dunglass Lane North
Dunglass Lane South
Dunglass Place
Dunglass Road
Dunglass Service Station
Dunglass Square
Dungoil Avenue
Dungoil Road
Dungoyne Street
Dunira Street
Dunivaig Road
Dunkeld Avenue
Dunkeld Drive
Dunkeld Gardens
Dunkeld Lane
Dunkeld Place
Dunkeld Street
Dunkenny Place
Dunkenny Road
Dunkirk Street
Dunlin Court
Dunlin Way
Dunlop Auto Store
Dunlop Avenue
Dunlop Close
Dunlop Court
Dunlop Crescent
Dunlop Gardens
Dunlop Gate
Dunlop Grove
Dunlop Place
Dunlop Street
Dunlop Wynd
Dunmore Drive
Dunmore Street
Dunn Square
Dunn Street
Dunnachie Drive (ML5 5)
Dunnachie Place
Dunnet Avenue
Dunnet Court
Dunnichen Gardens
Dunnikier Walk
Dunnock Place
Dunnottar Court
Dunnottar Crescent
Dunnottar Street
Dunollie Place
Dunolly Drive
Dunolly Street
Dunottar Avenue
Dunottar Place
Dunphail Drive
Dunphail Road
Dunragit Street
Dunree Place
Dunrobin Avenue
Dunrobin Court
Dunrobin Crescent
Dunrobin Drive
Dunrobin Place
Dunrobin Road
Dunrobin Street
Dunrod Hill
Dunrod Street
Duns Crescent
Duns Path
Dunscore Brae
Dunside Drive
Dunsiston Road
Dunskaith Place
Dunskaith Street
Dunsmore Road
Dunsmuir Street
Dunster Gardens
Dunswin Avenue
Dunsyre Place
Dunsyre Street
Duntarvie Avenue
Duntarvie Close
Duntarvie Crescent
Duntarvie Drive
Duntarvie Gardens
Duntarvie Grove
Duntarvie Place
Duntarvie Pre-school Assessment & Development Centre
Duntarvie Road
Dunterlie Avenue
Dunterlie Court
Dunterlie Playground
Duntiblae Road
Duntiglennan Road
Duntillan Farm
Duntilland Avenue
Duntilland Road
Duntocher Road
Duntocher Roman fort
Duntocher Trinity Parish Church
Duntreath Avenue
Duntreath Drive
Duntreath Gardens
Duntreath Grove
Duntroon Street
Dunure Drive
Dunure Place
Dunure Street
Dunvegan Avenue
Dunvegan Drive
Dunvegan Place
Dunvegan Quadrant
Dunwan Avenue
Dunwan Place
Durban Avenue
Durham Gardens
Durham Street
Durhambank Orchard
Durisdeer Drive
Durness Avenue
Duror Drive
Duror Road
Duror Street
Durris Gardens
Durrockstock Crescent
Durrockstock Road
Durum Lane
Durward Avenue
Durward Court
Durward Crescent
Duthie Park Gardens
Duthie Park Place
Duthil Street
DVD Box Office
DW Sports Fitness
Dyce Avenue
Dyce Lane
Dyer's Lane
Dyer's Wynd
Dyework Lane
Dyfrig Street
Dyke Road
Dyke Road Post Office
Dyke Street
Dykebar Avenue
Dykebar Crescent
Dykebar Hospital
Dykehead and East Kittochside
Dykehead Crescent
Dykehead Lane
Dykehead Road
Dykehead Road (G69)
Dykehead Square
Dykehead Street
Dykemuir Place
Dykemuir Quadrant
Dykemuir Street
Dynasty Newsagents
Dysart Court
Dysart Drive
Dysart Way

E Waste Solutions
E&C Hair
Eadie Drive
Eagle Avenue
Eagle Crescent
Eagle Lodge
Eagle Street
Eagles Crescent

eagles dare

Eaglesham Court
Eaglesham Path
Eaglesham Place
Eaglesham Road
Earl Avenue
Earl Haig Road
Earl Lane
Earl of Mar Golf Course
Earl Place
Earl Street
Earl's Gate
Earl's Hill
Earlbank Avenue
Earlbank Lane North
Earlbank Lane South
Earls View
Earlsburn Road
Earlspark Avenue
Earlston Avenue
Earlston Crescent
Earlston Place
Earlston Street
Early Learning Centre
Early Learning Unit
Earlybraes Drive
Earlybraes Gardens
Earn Avenue
Earn Crescent
Earn Road
Earn Street
Earnock Avenue
Earnock Covenanter Memorial
Earnock Gardens
Earnock Road
Earnock Service Station
Earnock Street
Earnside Street
Earthship Path
Easdale Drive
Easdale Path
Easdale Place
Easdale Rise
East Academy Street
East Avenue
East Balgrochan Farm
East Bank Farm
East Barns Street
East Bath Lane
East Belmont
East Brackenrig Road
East Buchanan Street
East Campbell Street
East Coffee Shop
East Crindledyke
East Dean Street
East Dunbartonshire Council Headquarters
East End Bicycle Workshop
East End Polish Deli
East Fulton Primary School
East Gate
East Gate (ML5 2)
East George Street
East Glebe Terrace
East Greenlees Avenue
East Greenlees Crescent
East Greenlees Drive
East Greenlees Gardens
East Greenlees Grove
East Greenlees Road
East Hamilton Street
East High Street
East Kilbride
East Kilbride Expressway
East Kilbride Fire Station
East Kilbride Golf Club Clubhouse
East Kilbride Golf Course
East Kilbride Old Parish Church
East Kilbride Police Station
East Kilbride Post Office
East Kilbride Road
East Kilbride Sports Club (Calderglen)
East Kilbride Thistle
East Lane
East Lodge
East Mains
East Mains Baptist Church
East Mains Road
East Mall
East Millichen
East Milton Grove
East Milton Primary School
East Monkland Court
East Muckcroft
East Muirhouses
East Nerston
East Nerston Court
East Nerston Farm Cottages
East Nerston Grove
East Park School
East Ren Taxis
East Renfewshire Barrhead Office
East Renfrewshire Golf Club
East Renfrewshire Islamic Centre
East Road
East Rogerton
East Scott Terrace
East Springfield Terrace
East Star
East Stewart Gardens
East Stewart Place
East Stewart Street
East Stewart Street (ML5)
East Thomson Street
East Thornlie Street
East Titwood
East Wellbrae Crescent
East Wellbrae Road
East Wellington Street
Eastbank Academy
Eastbank Drive
Eastbank Place
Eastbank Primary School
Eastbank Rise
Eastburn Crescent
Eastburn Place
Eastburn Road
Eastcote Avenue
Eastcroft Terrace
EastEnd Autos
Eastend Avenue
Eastend Radiators
Easter Auchinloch
Easter Avenue
Easter Balmuildy
Easter Blairskaith
Easter Cadder
Easter Crescent
Easter Dunsyston Farm
Easter Fannyside
Easter Farm
Easter Flucher
Easter Garngaber Road
Easter Greenrig Farm
Easter Hawhill Gate
Easter Hawhill Wynd
Easter Mews
Easter Moffat Farm
Easter Moffat Golf Course
Easter Queenslie Road
Easter Road
Eastergreens Avenue
Easterhill Place
Easterhill Street
Easterhouse Baptish Church
Easterhouse Fire Station
Easterhouse Masonic Hall
Easterhouse Place
Easterhouse Police Station
Easterhouse Post Office
Easterhouse Road
Eastern Delight
Eastern Palace
Easterton Avenue
Easterton Drive
Easterwood Crescent
Easterwood Place
Eastfield Avenue
Eastfield Primary School and Nursery Class
Eastfield Road
Eastfield Terrace
Easthall Place
Eastlea Place
Eastmuir Primary School
Eastmuir Street
Easton Place
Eastside Roundabout
Eastvale Place
Eastwood Avenue
Eastwood Crescent
Eastwood Drive
Eastwood Golf Course (closed)
Eastwood High School
Eastwood High School Pool & Games Hall
Eastwood Parish Church
Eastwood Park Avenue
Eastwood Park Drive
Eastwood Park Leisure
Eastwood Park Road
Eastwood Road
Eastwood Theatre
Eastwood Toll
Eastwood View
Eastwoodhill Grove
Eastwoodmains Road
Easy Laundry


Eat @e's

eat café

Eatalia Kitchen


Eats and Treats
Ebenezer Congregational Church
Ebenezer Evangelical Church
Ebenezer Hall
Eccles Street
Eckford Street
Ecosse Fork Lifts
Eda Turkish Restaurant
Eday Street
Edderton Place
Edderton Way
Eddie Boyle Close
Eddington Drive
Eddlewood Bowling Club
Eddlewood Court
Eddlewood Path
Eddlewood Place
Eddlewood Public Hall
Eddlewood Road
Eddlewood Sports Barn
Eden Court
Eden Drive
Eden Gardens
Eden Grove
Eden Lane
Eden Park
Eden Place
Eden Street
Edenhall Court
Edenhall Grove
Edenwood Street
Edgam Drive
Edgar Crescent
Edgar Drive
Edge Farm
Edgefauld Avenue
Edgefauld Drive
Edgefauld Place
Edgefauld Road
Edgehill Lane
Edgehill Road
Edgemont Park
Edgemont Street
Edinbarnet Primary School
Edinbeg Avenue
Edinbeg Place
Edinburgh Drive
Edinburgh Road
Edinburgh Road Post Office
Edington Gardens
Edington Street
Edison Court
Edison Street
Edmiston Drive
Edmonton Terrace
Edmund Kean
Edrom Court
Edrom Street
Edward Avenue
Edward Graham
Edward Place
Edward Street
Edward Street (G69)
Edwin Street
Edzell Court
Edzell Drive
Edzell Gardens
Edzell Place
Edzell Street
Edzell Street (ML5 5)
Egidia Avenue
Egilsay Church
Egilsay Crescent
Egilsay Place
Egilsay Street
Egilsay Terrace
Eglinton Avenue
Eglinton Court
Eglinton Drive
Eglinton Street
Egmont Park
Eighth Street
Eildon Crescent
Eildon Drive
Eildon Road
Eileen Cake
Eileen Gardens
Eilidh's Boutique
EJ Car Service & Repairs
El Baraka
El Capo
El Gusto
El Perro Negro Finnieston
Elba Artisan Gallery
Elcho Street
Elder Crescent
Elder Drive
Elder Grove
Elder Grove Avenue
Elder Grove Court
Elder Grove Place
Elder Street
Elder Way
Elderpark Gardens
Elderpark Grove
Elderpark Street
Elders Way
Elderslie Golf Club
Elderslie Hall
Elderslie Post Office
Elderslie Street
Elderslie Wallace Bowling Club
Eldin Place
Eldon Gardens
Eldon Street
Electric Artz Tattoo
Elegance & Beauty
Elegance Hair and Beauty
Elenaor Aitkenhead Hair & Beauty Lounge
Elgin Avenue
Elgin Gardens
Elgin Place
Elgin Road
Elgin Terrace
Elgin Way
Elibank Street
Elie Drive
Elie Road
Elie Street
Elim Church
Eliot Crescent
Eliot Terrace
Elison Court
Elite Barbers' Gang
Elizabeth Adams
Elizabeth Crescent
Elizabeth Quadrant
Elizabeth Street
Elizabeth Wynd
Elizabethan Way
Ell Crescent
Ella Gardens
Ella Por La Belleza
Ellangowan Court
Ellangowan Road

ellen conlin hair & beauty

Ellergreen Road
Ellerslie Crescent
Ellerslie Path
Ellerslie Road
Ellerslie Street
Ellesmere Street
Elliot Avenue
Elliot Court
Elliot Crescent
Elliot Drive
Elliot Place
Elliot Street
Ellis Drive
Ellis Street
Ellis Way
Ellisland Avenue
Ellisland Crescent
Ellisland Drive
Ellisland Gardens
Ellisland Road
Ellismuir Drive
Ellismuir Farm Road
Ellismuir Place
Ellismuir Road
Ellismuir Street
Ellismuir Way
Elliston Avenue
Elliston Crescent
Elliston Drive
Ellon Drive
Ellon Grove
Ellon Way
Elm Avenue
Elm Bank
Elm Church
Elm Court
Elm Crescent
Elm Drive
Elm Gardens
Elm Lane East
Elm Lane West
Elm Lea
Elm Quadrant
Elm Road
Elm Street
Elm View Court
Elm Walk
Elm Way
Elma's Hair Stylists
Elmbank Avenue
Elmbank Crescent
Elmbank Gardens
Elmbank Street
Elmbank Street Lane
Elmfoot Grove
Elmira Road
Elmore Avenue
Elmore Lane
Elmpark Grove
Elmscroft Nursery School
Elmslie Court
Elmtree Gardens
Elmvale Primary School
Elmvale Row
Elmvale Street
Elmwood Avenue
Elmwood Court
Elmwood Gardens
Elmwood Lane
Elphin Street
Elphinstone Crescent
Elphinstone Place
Elphinstone Road
Elrig Road
Elspeth Gardens
Elswick Drive
Eltham Street
Elvan Place
Elvan Street
Embo Drive
Emerald Terrace
Emerson Road
Emerson Road West
Emilia Cafe
Emily Drive
Emma Burke Newman
Emma Jay Road (ML4)
Emmanuals Chip Shop
Empire Bar
Empire Cinema
Empire Way
Emporio Armani
Enable Glasgow: Fortune Works
Endfield Avenue
Endrick Bank
Endrick Drive
Endrick Gardens
Endrick Street
Energy Centre
Engineering Pavilion
Engineering Way
English Row
English Street
Ennisfree Road
Ensay Street
Enterkin Street
Enterprise Rent-a-car
Enterprise Way
Envy Bar
Enzo's Fish & Chips Pizzeria
Epicures of Hyndland
Equestrian Centre
Equi's Ice Cream
Eredine Place
Eriboll Crescent
Eriboll Place
Eriboll Street
Ericht Road
Eriska Avenue
Eriskay Avenue
Eriskay Crescent
Eriskay Drive
Eriskay Place
Ernest Jones
Ernest Wynd
Erradale Place
Erradale Street
Errogie Street
Errol Gardens
Erskine Avenue
Erskine Bible Centre
Erskine Bridge Hotel
Erskine crannog
Erskine Crescent
Erskine Ferry Road
Erskine Golf Club
Erskine Leisure Centre
Erskine Library
Erskine Parish Church
Erskine Road
Erskine Square
Erskine Swimming Pool
Erskine Telephone Exchange
Erskine View
Erskinefauld Road
Ervie Street
Escape Glasgow
Esdaile Court
Esk Avenue
Esk Dale
Esk Drive
Esk Street
Esk Way
Eskbank Street
Eskdale Drive
Eskdale Road
Eskdale Street
Esme Anne Children's Boutique
Esmond Street (G3 8SN)
Espedair Street
Espieside Crescent (ML5)
Esquires Coffee
Essence of Beauty
Essenside Avenue
Essex Drive
Essex Lane
Esslemont Avenue
Estate Quadrant
Estate Road
Esteem Beauty


Etive Avenue
Etive Court
Etive Crescent
Etive Drive
Etive Place
Etive Street
Etna Street
Etna Way
Eton Lane
Ettrick Avenue
Ettrick Court
Ettrick Crescent
Ettrick Drive
Ettrick Hill
Ettrick Oval
Ettrick Place
Ettrick Street
Ettrick Way
Eunice Whyte
Euro Car Parts
Euro Hostel Glasgow
European Supermarket
Eusebi Deli
Eusebi's Barbers
Evan Crescent
Evan Drive
Evan's Path
Evangelical Church
Evans Cycles
Evans Halshaw Ford
Evans Halshaw Ford Motherwell
Evans Place
Evanton Drive
Evanton Place
Ever Clinic
Everard Court
Everard Drive
Everard Place
Everard Quadrant
Eversley Street
Everton Road
Every Bloomin' Thing
Everyday Loans
Everyday Oriental Supermarket
Evie Wynd
Ewart Crescent
Ewart Drive
Ewart Gardens
Ewart Terrace
Ewe Avenue
Ewing Court
Ewing Place
Ewing Street
Ewing Walk
Exact Eyecare
Excelsior Park
Excelsior Street
Exchange Place
Exeter Drive
Exeter Lane
Exeter Street
Expert Stitches
Express Ironing
External School Building
External Store
Extra Supermarket
EyebrowLady Glasgow
Eynort Street
Eyrepoint Court

Fabric Bazaar
Fabu Lou's Beauty
Factory Road
Fagan Court
Faifley Parish Church
Faifley Road
Fair Oaks
Fair Wind Way
Fairbairn Crescent
Fairburn Street
Fairchild Avenue
Fairefield Farm House
Fairfax Avenue
Fairfield Court
Fairfield Drive
Fairfield Gardens
Fairfield Heritage Centre
Fairfield Place
Fairfield Street
Fairford Drive
Fairhaven Avenue
Fairhaven Road
Fairhill Avenue
Fairhill crescent
Fairhill Place
Fairholm Avenue
Fairholm Street
Fairley Street
Fairlie Park Drive
Fairlie Road
Fairway Avenue
Fairways View
Fairweather Hall
Fairweather Place
Fairyknowe Court
Fairyknowe Gardens
Faisal Foodstore
Falafel to Go
Falcon Court
Falcon Crescent
Falcon Drive
Falcon Road
Falcon Terrace
Falcon Terrace Lane
Falconbridge Road
Falconer Terrace
Falfield Street
Falkland Avenue
Falkland Crescent
Falkland Drive
Falkland Lane
Falkland Park
Falkland Place
Falkland Place (ML5 4)
Falkland Street
Falloch Drive
Falloch Road
Fallow Grove
Fallside Avenue
Fallside Road
Fallside School
Falside Avenue
Falside Road
Family Assessment and Contact Centre
Family Halal Butcher
Family Shopper Paisley
Fanny Trollopes Bistro
Fannyside Road
Fantasyworld Window Blinds
Fara Street
Faraday Avenue
Faraday Retail Park
Faraho Hany save
Farie Street
Farm Court
Farm Crescent
Farm Lane
Farm Park
Farm Road
Farm Street
Farm Terrace
Farm Wynd
Farme Castle Court
Farme Colliery Engine
Farmeloan Road
Farmers Gate
Farmgate Square
Farmington Avenue
Farmington Gardens
Farmington Gate
Farmington Grove
Farmtrack Road
Farne Drive
Farnell Street
Farrier Court
Farrow & Ball
Fashion Nails
Faside Drive
Faskally Avenue
Faskin Crescent
Faskin Place
Faskin Road
Faskine Avenue
Faskine Cottages
Faskine Crescent
Fasque Place
Fast Fashion
FastEQ Engineering
Fastnet Street
Fat Buddah
Fat Buddha Store
Fat Face
Fat Hippo
Fauldhouse Way
Faulds Drive
Faulds Gardens
Faulds Street
Fauldshead Road
Fauldsmeadon Bridge
Fauldspark Crescent
Fauldswood Crescent
Fauldswood Drive
Faulkner Grove
Fawn Gardens
Fayre Play
Fazil King
Fearnach Place
Fearnmore Road
Fellow Glasgow Residents
Fellsview Avenue
Felton Place
Fendoch Street
Fenella Street
Fennsbank Avenue
Fenton Place
Fenwick Drive
Fenwick Place
Fenwick Road
Ferclay Street
Fereneze Avenue
Fereneze Crescent
Fereneze Drive
Fereneze Golf Club
Fereneze Grove
Fereneze Inn
Fereneze Road
Fergus Avenue
Fergus Court
Fergus Drive
Fergus Gardens (ML3 7DF)
Fergus Lane
Ferguslie Cricket Club
Ferguslie Library
Ferguslie Park
Ferguslie Park Avenue
Ferguslie Park Crescent
Ferguslie Walk
Ferguson Avenue
Ferguson Crescent
Ferguson Drive
Ferguson Street
Ferguson Way
Fergusons of Airdrie
Fergusson Place
Fergusson Road
Ferguston Road
Fern Avenue
Fern Drive
Fern Grove
Fern Lane
Fern Street
Fern Way
Fernan Street
Fernbank Avenue
Fernbank Street
Fernbrae Avenue
Fernbrae Way
Ferncroft Drive
Ferndale Court
Ferndale Drive
Ferndale Gardens
Ferndale Place
Ferness Oval
Ferness Place
Ferness Road
Ferness Street
Ferngrove Avenue
Fernhill & Cathkin Church
Fernhill Grange
Fernhill Place
Fernhill Road
Fernhill School
Fernie Gardens
Ferniegair Hall
Fernieshaw Road
Fernington Place
Ferninigton Place
Fernlea Road
Fernleigh Place
Fernleigh Road
Fernside Walk
Fernslea Avenue
Ferry Fryer
Ferry Lodge
Ferry Nice Food
Ferry Road
Ferry Village Playground
Ferryden Street
Ferrymill House
Fersit Court
Fersit Street
Festival Court
Festival Gate
Fetlar Court
Fetlar Drive
Fettercairn Avenue
Fettercairn Gardens
Fettercairn Place
Fettes Street
Fiddlers Elbow
Fiddoch Court
Fidra Street
Field Grove
Field Marshal Lord Clyde
Field Road
Field Street
Fielden Place
Fielden Street
Fieldhead Drive
Fieldhead Square
Fieldmouse Way
Fieldmouse way
Fife Avenue
Fife Crescent
Fife Drive
Fife Gardens
Fife Way
Fifth Avenue
Fifth Road
Fifty Pitches Place
Fifty Pitches Road
Fifty Pitches Way
Finagal Road
Financial Services Council Tax and Housing Benefit Sevice
Finart Crescent
Finart Drive
Finaven Gardens
Finch Drive
Finch Grove
Finch Place
Finch Way
Findhorn Avenue
Findhorn Court
Findhorn Place
Findhorn Street
Findlay Memorial Church
Findlay Street
Findlay Terrace
Findochty Place
Findochty Street
Fingal Avenue
Fingal Lane
Fingal Street
Fingalton Mill
Fingalton Road
Fingask Street
Finglas Avenue
Finglen Gardens
Finglen Place
Fingleton Avenue
Finhaven Street
Finlarig Street
Finlas Place
Finlas Street
Finlay Dr
Finlay Drive
Finlay Rise
Finlayson Drive
Finlayson Quadrant
Finlaystone Street
Finnart Square
Finnart Street
Finnie Wynd
Finnieston Clothing
Finnieston Quay
Finnieston Square
Finnieston Street
Fins Aquatics & Pet Supplies
Finsbay Lounge
Finsbay Street
Fintaig Lane
Fintrie Terrace
Fintry Avenue
Fintry Court
Fintry Crescent
Fintry Drive
Fintry Gardens
Fir Court
Fir Grove
Fir Park Street
Fir Place
Fir View
Firbank Avenue
Firbank Quadrant
Firbank Terrace
Firdon Crescent
Fire Station Tower
Firefly Lane
Fireplace World
Firethorn Drive
Firhill Avenue
Firhill Complex
Firhill Court
Firhill House
Firhill Road
Firhill stadium
Firhill Street
Firpark Close
Firpark Court
Firpark Primary ASN School
Firpark Road
Firpark Secondary School
Firpark Street
Firpark Terrace
Firshescoates Avenue
First Avenue
First Choice General Store
First Class Barbers
First Gardens
First Physio Glasgow
First Road
First Stop
First Stop Shop
First Street
First Terrace
Firtree Place
Firtree Road
Firwood Court
Firwood Drive
Firwood Road
Fischer Gardens
Fish & Chicken Bar
Fish & Chips doon the lane
Fisher Avenue
Fisher Court
Fisher Crescent
Fisher Drive
Fisher Way
Fishescoates Avenue
Fishescoates Gardens
Fitzalan Court
Fitzalan Drive
Fitzalan Road
Fitzpatrick Way
Fitzroy Grove
Fitzroy Lane
Five Guys
Five South
Flag Bridge
Flanders Street
Flanigan Grove
Flavell Place
Flax Road
Flaxfield Grove
Flaxmill Avenue
Flaxmill Grove
Flaxmill Grove (G68 9FX)
Fleet Avenue
Fleet Street
Fleming Avenue
Fleming Court
Fleming Place
Fleming Road
Fleming Street
Fleming Way
Flemington Hallside Parish Church
Flemington Road
Flemington Street
Flemington Way
Flemmington Farm
Flenders Avenue
Flenders Road
Fleurs Avenue
Fleurs Road
Flight Centre
Flight Club
Flinders Place
Flloyd Street
Floak Place
Floors Farm Road
Floors Road
Floors Street
Floorsburn Crescent
Flora Gardens
Floral Haven
Florence Drive
Florence Gardens
Florence Street
Florence Street Resource Centre
Florentine House
Florida Avenue
Florida Cafe
Florida Crescent
Florida Drive
Florida Gardens
Florida Square
Florida Street
Florish Road
Flour Mill Wynd
Flower Fusion
Flower Station
Flowerdale Place
Flowerhill Street
Fluchter Road
Flures Avenue
Flures Crescent
Flures Drive
Flures Place
Flying Duck
Flying Start Nursery
Flying Tiger Copenhagen
Flynn Gardens
Fochabers Drive
Fogo Place
Foinaven Drive
Foinaven Gardens
Foinaven Way
Fone 4 U Western Union Transfer
Fone Star
Food & Fodder
Food 2 Go
Food Fillas
Food Forty Six
Food on Parade
Food Plus
Food to go
Food Van
Foodfillas On The Corner
Foodies By SDX
Foong Yik
Foot Locker
Foot Solutions
Football Tennis (unofficial)
Footfield Road

footplough strips

For Fika Sake
For Fudge Shakes
Forbes Drive
Forbes Hall
Forbes Place
Forbes Street
Forbidden Planet
Ford Road
Forde Opticians
Fordneuk Street
Fordoun Street
Fordyce Street
Fore Row
Fore Street
Foremount Terrace Lane
Forensic Lane
Forest Avenue
Forest Drive
Forest Gardens
Forest Lane
Forest Park
Forest Place
Forest Road
Forest View
Forestfield Gardens
Foresthall Crescent
Foresthall Drive
Forfar Avenue
Forfar Crescent
Forgan Gardens
Forge Crescent
Forge Drive
Forge McDonalds
Forge Place
Forge Road
Forge Row
Forge Street
Forge Street Tyre Centre
Forge Way
Forgehill Crescent
Forget Me Not
Forgewood Path
Forgewood Road
Forglen Street
Fork n' Knife Café
Formal (Remote) Wilderness Landscape Feature
Formby Drive

former Acorn Park Care Home
former Calderwood Lodge Primary School

Former Countrywide North
Former Estate Offices & Stables site
Former Garscadden Depot
Former Gartcosh Industrial Estate
Former Glenmavis Gas Storage Facility
Former Meadowside Granary
Former Mid Netherton Farm
Former Newmains Primary School
Former Philips Factory Site
Former Red Road Flats
Former ROF Bishopton
Former school
Former Shawbridge Arcade
Former St Brigid's Primary School
Former Stuart Hotel
Former Victoria Infirmary
Former Village Manse
Former Western Infirmary
Forres Avenue
Forres Crescent
Forres Gate
Forres Quadrant
Forres Street
Forrest Drive
Forrest Gate
Forrest Street
Forrestburn Road
Forrester Court


Forrestfield Crescent
Forrestfield Gardens
Forrestfield Street
Forsyth Glazing
Forsyth Street
Fort Street
Forteviot Avenue
Forteviot Place
Forth and Clyde Canal Glasgow Spur Towpath
Forth and Clyde Canal Towpath
Forth Avenue
Forth Court
Forth Crescent
Forth Grove
Forth Road
Forth Street
Forth Terrace
Forties Court
Forties Crescent
Forties Gardens
Forties Way
Fortingall Avenue
Fortingall Place
Fortingall Road
Fortrose Court
Fortrose Garden
Fortrose Nursery School
Fortrose Street
Fortune Palace
Forum Place
Fossil Grove
Fossil House
Fosters Family Funeral Directors
Foswell Drive
Foswell Place
Fotheringay Lane
Fotheringay Road
Foulburn Road
Foulis Lane
Foulis Street
Foulsykes Road
Foundry Boys' Church
Foundry Lane
Foundry Road
Foundry Street
Fountain Avenue
Fountain Bar
Fountain Crescent
Fountain Drive
Fountainwell Drive
Fountainwell Gardens
Fountainwell Grove
Fountainwell Path
Fountainwell Road
Fountainwell Terrace
Fourth Avenue
Fourth Gardens
Fourth Street
Fowlis Drive
Fox Grove
Fox Street
Foxbar Crescent
Foxbar Drive
Foxbar Library
Foxbar Road
Foxes Grove
Foxglove Court
Foxglove Gardens
Foxglove Grove
Foxglove Place
Foxglove Road
Foxhills Place
Foxknowe Gardens
Foxley Street
Foy Garden
Foyers Terrace
Frank Cross
Frank's Barbers
Frankfield play area
Frankfield Road
Frankfield Street
Frankfort Street
Frankie & Benny's
Franklin Drive
Franklin Place
Franklin Street
Fraser Avenue
Fraser Building
Fraser Crescent
Fraser Gardens
Fraser Pharmacy
Fraser River Tower
Fraser Street
Frazer River Tower
Frazer Street
Freak Boutique
Frederick Boulevard
Frederick Street
Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland
Freedom Church
Freeland Court
Freeland Crescent
Freeland Drive
Freeland Place
Freeland Road
Freelands Crescent
Freelands Road
Freeneuk Lane
Freeneuk Wynd
Freesia Court
Freland Grove
French Street
Freuchie Street
Frew Street
Friar Avenue
Friar's Croft
Friars Court Road
Friars Place
Friars Way
Friarscourt Avenue
Friarscourt Lane
Friarshall Gate
Friarton Road
Friel Optician and Optometrists
Friendly Stores Off Sales
Friends Meeting House
Friends of Monkland Canal
Friends of Springburn Park HQ
Friendship Grove
Friendship House and Café
Frood Street
Frozen Kiosks
Fruin Avenue
Fruin Drive
Fruin Rise
Fruin Road
Fruin Street
Fruit Junction
Fruit Lane
Fruits of Life
Fuel Juice Bar
Fulbar Avenue
Fulbar Court
Fulbar Crescent
Fulbar Gardens
Fulbar Lane
Fulbar Road
Fulbar Street
Full Circle Bakes
Fullar Gate
Fullarton Avenue
Fullarton Drive
Fullarton Lane
Fullarton Park Hotel
Fullarton Place
Fullarton Road
Fullarton Street
Fullers Gate
Fullerton Street
Fulmar Park
Fulton Drive
Fulton Gardens
Fulton Road
Fulton Street
Fulwood Avenue
Fulwood Bridge
Fulwood Place
Funeral Directors S.Sim & Son
Funky Monkeys
Furniture Reuse Centre
Furniture T Go
Furrow Court
Furrow Crescent
Fuschia Hair
Fuse Youth Cafe
Future Residential Development
Fyne Avenue
Fyne Court
Fyneart Street
Fyneburn Gardens
Fynloch Place
Fyvie Avenue
Fyvie Crescent
FZKartel Motors Ltd

G Gate Furniture
G-Star Raw
G3 Growers
G33 Hair Studio
G4 Security
G40 Cafe
Gabbro Crescent
Gables Pub
Gabriela Prom Dresses
Gadburn School
Gadie Avenue
Gadie Street
Gadloch Avenue
Gadloch Gardens
Gadloch Street
Gadloch View
Gadsburn Court
Gadshill Street
Gadwall Grove
Gailes Park
Gain And Shankburn Road
Gain Road
Gainburn Court
Gainburn Crescent
Gainburn Gardens
Gainburn Place
Gainburn View
Gainside Road (ML5 2)
Gair Crescent
Gairbraid Avenue
Gairbraid Court
Gairbraid Parish Church
Gairbraid Place
Gairbraid Terrace (G69)
Gairloch Gardens
Gala Avenue
Gala Crescent
Gala Street
Galashiels Avenue
Galbraith Crescent
Galbraith Drive
Galbraith Drive (PA5 8FF)
Galdenoch Street
Gallacher Avenue
Gallacher Court
Gallagher Court
Gallan Avenue
Gallery Grove
Galletly Tubbs
Gallow Green Road
Galloway Avenue
Galloway Court
Galloway Drive
Galloway Road
Galloway Street
Galloway Terrace
Gallowflat Street
Gallowflat Tumulus
Gallowgate Flooring
Gallowhill Avenue
Gallowhill Court
Gallowhill Grove
Gallowhill Primary School
Gallowhill Road
Galston Avenue
Galston Court
Galston Street
Galt Place
Galvin Garages
Game XP
Gamrie Drive
Gamrie Gardens
Gamrie Road
Gannochy Drive
Gantock Crescent
Gara Road
Garbethill Muir
Garden Cottage
Garden Machinery Services
Garden Square Walk
Gardenhall Court
Gardenhall Inn
Gardenia Gate
Gardenia Grove
Gardenside Avenue
Gardenside Crescent
Gardenside Grove
Gardenside Place
Gardenside Road
Gardenside Street
Gardner Grove
Gardner Street
Gardyne Street
Gareloch Avenue
Garfield Avenue
Garfield Drive
Garfield House Hotel
Garfield Place
Garfield Street
Garforth Road
Gargrave Avenue
Garion Drive
Garlieston Road
Garmouth Court
Garmouth Gardens
Garmouth Place
Garmouth Street
Garnet Street
Garnetbank Primary School
Garnethill Stores
Garnethill Street
Garnethill Synagogue
Garnett Hall
Garngaber Avenue
Garngaber Court
Garngaber Place
Garngad Tandoori Takeaway
Garnheath East Path
Garnheath West Path
Garnie Avenue
Garnie Crescent
Garnie Lane
Garnie Oval
Garnie Place
Garnieland Road
Garnkirk Lane
Garnkirk Terrace
Garnock House
Garnock Park
Garnock Street
Garnqueen Crescent
Garrell Way
Garrick Avenue
Garrick Court
Garrioch Crescent
Garrioch Drive
Garrioch Gate
Garrioch Quadrant
Garrioch Road
Garriochmill Road
Garriochmill Way
Garrion Street
Garrionburn Farm
Garrowhill Drive
Garrowhill Primary School
Garry Avenue
Garry Drive
Garry Street
Garscadden Green
Garscadden Road
Garscadden Road South
Garscube Bridge
Garscube Link
Garscube Mill
Garscube Road
Garscube Sport Pavillion
Gartartan Road
Gartcarron Hill
Gartcloss Farm
Gartcloss Road
Gartcolt Cottage
Gartcolt Place
Gartconnell Drive
Gartconnell Gardens
Gartconnell Road
Gartconner Avenue
Gartconner Primary School
Gartcosh Nature Reserve
Gartcosh Primary School
Gartcosh Road
Gartcosh Social Club
Gartcosh Walk
Gartcraig Hair Studio
Gartcraig Newsagent & Grocer
Gartcraig Place
Gartcraig Road
Gartcraig Street
Gartcraig Xpress
Garten Walk
Gartferry Avenue
Gartferry Road
Gartferry Street
Gartfield Street
Gartgill Cottage
Gartgill Road
Garth Drive
Garth Street
Garthamlock and Craigend Parish Church of Scotland
Garthamlock Road
Garthland Drive
Garthland Lane
Gartlea Avenue
Gartlea Road
Gartlea Road (ML6 9JL)
Gartliston Farm
Gartliston Road
Gartliston Terrace (G69)
Gartloch Avenue
Gartloch Cottages
Gartloch Court
Gartloch Hospital
Gartloch Road
Gartloch Way
Gartly Street
Gartmill Crescent
Gartmore Gardens
Gartmore Lane
Gartmore Road
Gartmore Terrace
Gartmorn Grove
Gartnavel General Hospital
Gartnavel Royal Hospital
Gartness Drive
Gartness Farm
Gartness Road
Gartocher Drive
Gartocher Road
Gartocher Terrace
Gartons Road
Gartsherrie Avenue
Gartsherrie Bowling Club
Gartsherrie Holm Farm
Gartsherrie Road
Gartshore Crescent
Gartshore Gardens
Gartshore Road
Garturk Street
Gartverrie Cottage
Gartverrie Farm
Gartverrie Gardens
Garvald Court
Garvald Street
Garvard Way
Garve Avenue
Garvel Crescent
Garvel Drive
Garvel Place
Garvel Road
Garvie & Co
Garvin Lea
Garvock Drive
Garwhitter Drive
Gary Eusebi's
Gas Street
Gasgow Club Whitehill
Gasgow Green Cycle Track
Gask Place
Gate Lodge
Gatehead Avenue
Gatehead Crescent
Gatehead Drive
Gatehead Grove
Gatehead Wynd
Gatehouse Building
Gatehouse Street
Gateside Avenue
Gateside Crescent
Gateside Gardens
Gateside Road
Gateside Street
Gateside Way
Gateson House
Gateway Court
Gathering Ground
Gaughan Quadrant
Gauld Grove
Gauldry Avenue
Gauze Street
Gavin Street
Gavin's Mill
Gavin's Mill Road
Gavinburn Cottages
Gavinburn Farm
Gavinburn Gardens
Gavinburn Place
Gavinburn Primary School
Gavinburn Street
Gavins Road
Gavinton Street
Gayne Drive (ML5 2)
Gean Court
Gear Bikes
Gear Terrace
Geary Street
Gebbie Way
Geddes Hill
Geddes Road
Gelston Street
Gemmel Place
General RC model airfield
General's Bridge
General's Gate
Generals Bridge
Gennaro's Fish and Chips
Gentle Row
Gents Barbers
George Avenue
George Boyd Architechtural Ironmongery
George Crescent
George Lane
George Mann Terrace
George Mewes Cheese
George Place
George Reith Avenue
George Square
George Stewart Gardens
George Street
George V Bridge
George View
George's Barbers
Georgina Sheward
Gerard Place
German Doner Kebab
Gerry Rafferty Drive
Gerry Weber
Gertrude Place
Getter Grove
Ghillies Lane
GHK agricultural contractor
Gibb Street
Gibbon & Wilson
Gibbon Crescent
Gibson Crescent
Gibson Quadrant
Gibson Road
Gibson Street
Gideon Robinson
Giffnock and Newlands Hebrew Congregation
Giffnock North Amateur Athletic Club
Giffnock Park Avenue
Giffnock Police Station
Giffnock Primary School
Giffnock Public Library
Giffnock South Parish Church
Giffnock Telephone Exchange
Giffnock Tennis Club
Giffnock URC
Giffnock Village Store
Giffnock War Memorial
Gifford Drive
Gifford Place
Gifford Wynd
Gift Shop
Gigha Quadrant
Gilbert Street
Gilbertfield Castle
Gilbertfield Farm
Gilbertfield Place
Gilbertfield Road
Gilbertfield Street
Gilbertfield Wynd
Gilbride Pharmacy
Gilchrist Lynch
Gilchrist Street
Gilchrist Way
Gilfillan Place
Gilhill Street
Gill Farm
Gill Road
Gillburn Grange
Gillburn Street
Gillian Copeland
Gillies Crescent
Gillies Lane
Gilligan's Way
Gilmartin Road
Gilmerton Street
Gilmore Place
Gilmour Avenue
Gilmour Crescent
Gilmour Drive
Gilmour Place
Gilmour Street
Gilmourneuk Path
Gilmourton Crescent
Gilt Edged
Gimmerscroft Crescent
Gin 71
Gin Blossoms Flower Shop
Ginger Browns
Girasoli Barber Shop
Girasoli Ladies
Girdons Way
Girthon Street
Girvan Crescent
Girvan Street
Girvan Terrace
Gisborne Drive
Glacier Energy
Glad Cafe
Gladney Avenue
Gladsmuir Road
Gladstone Avenue
Gladstone Court
Gladstone Drive
Gladstone Street
Glaive Road
Glam Beauty Rooms
Glam Hair & Beauty
Glamis Avenue
Glamis Court
Glamis Crescent
Glamis Drive
Glamis Gait
Glamis Gardens
Glamis Lane
Glamis Place
Glamis Road
Glamorize Secrets Hair Salon
Glanderston Avenue
Glanderston Court
Glanderston Drive
Glanderston Gate
Glanderston Mains
Glanderston Road
Glasgow Accies' grounds
Glasgow Airport Flying School
Glasgow Airport Police
Glasgow and Edinburgh Road
Glasgow and Lanarkshire Battalion Army Cadet Force
Glasgow Angling Centre
Glasgow Appliances
Glasgow Audi
Glasgow Audio
Glasgow Bed Centre
Glasgow Bike Hive
Glasgow Bridge
Glasgow Caledonian University
Glasgow Cathedral
Glasgow (CCTV) Operations Centre
Glasgow Central Mosque
Glasgow Central Telephone Exchange
Glasgow Centre For The Deaf
Glasgow Children's Hospital Charity
Glasgow City Antiques
Glasgow City Chambers
Glasgow City Church
Glasgow City Free Curch
Glasgow Club Easterhouse
Glasgow Club Gorbals
Glasgow Club Haghill
Glasgow Club Holyrood
Glasgow Club Milton
Glasgow Club North Woodside
Glasgow Club Springburn
Glasgow Club Tollcross
Glasgow Collective
Glasgow Commonwealth Games 2014 sculpture
Glasgow Community & Safety Services / Future City Glasgow
Glasgow Creative
Glasgow Dental Hospital
Glasgow Denture Studio
Glasgow Evangelical Church
Glasgow Film Theatre
Glasgow Floors
Glasgow Fort
Glasgow Garden Festival Art Installation
Glasgow Gifts and Souvenirs
Glasgow Golf Club (Killermont Course)
Glasgow Green Cycle Dirt Track
Glasgow Green Football Centre
Glasgow Green Grocers
Glasgow Harbour Terraces
Glasgow Homeopathic Hospital
Glasgow House
Glasgow Humane Society
Glasgow Hutchesons Aloysians(GHA) Rugby Club
Glasgow Independent Funeralcare
Glasgow Indoor Bowling Club
Glasgow Laundry Services
Glasgow Marriott Hotel
Glasgow Nails
Glasgow National Hockey Centre
Glasgow North West Police Station
Glasgow Pawnbroking
Glasgow Plantmama
Glasgow Police Museum
Glasgow Post Office
Glasgow Property and Investment Centre
Glasgow Radiator
Glasgow Rangers FC
Glasgow Reform Synagogue
Glasgow Reformed Presbyterian Church
Glasgow Renewable Energy and Recycling Centre
Glasgow Road
Glasgow Road (ML5)
Glasgow Road (ML5 5)
Glasgow Road Post Office
Glasgow Rowing Club
Glasgow Royal Infirmary
Glasgow Science Centre
Glasgow Scout Shop
Glasgow Sheriff Court and Justice of the Peace Court
Glasgow ski and snowboard centre
Glasgow South Ambulance Station
Glasgow South Christadelphian Church
Glasgow South Telephone Exchange
Glasgow Springburn Park Driving Test Centre
Glasgow Street
Glasgow Sweet Centre
Glasgow Sweet House
Glasgow Tango Studio
Glasgow Tower
Glasgow University Library Research Annexe
Glasgow Urban Hotel
Glasgow Vintage Vehicle Trust
Glasgow Wholesale Markets
Glasgow Women's Library
Glasgow Youth Hostel
Glasgow Zine Library
Glasgow's Panda
Glassel Road
Glasserton Place
Glasserton Road
Glassford Street
Glasshouses Cafe
Glaswegian Auto Enterprise
Glaudhall Avenue
Glebe Avenue
Glebe Avenue (ML5 5)
Glebe Court
Glebe Crescent
Glebe Hollow
Glebe Lane
Glebe Place
Glebe Road
Glebe Street
Glebe Wynd
Gleddoch Close
Gleddoch Court
Gleddoch Gate
Gleddoch Road
Gledstane Road
Glen Affric
Glen Affric Avenue
Glen Affric Way
Glen Alby Place
Glen Almond
Glen Arroch
Glen Avenue
Glen Avon Drive
Glen Bervie
Glen Cally
Glen Cannich
Glen Carron
Glen Clova
Glen Clova Drive
Glen Clunie
Glen Clunie Drive
Glen Clunie Place
Glen Cona Drive
Glen Court
Glen Court (ML5 5)
Glen Creran Crescent
Glen Crescent
Glen Dene Way
Glen Derry
Glen Dessary
Glen Devon
Glen Dewar Place
Glen Doll
Glen Doll Road
Glen Douglas Drive
Glen Drive
Glen Dye
Glen Eagles
Glen Esk
Glen Esk Drive
Glen Etive Place
Glen Falloch
Glen Falloch Crescent
Glen Farg
Glen Farrar
Glen Feshie
Glen Finlet Crescent
Glen Fruin Place
Glen Fyne Road
Glen Gairn
Glen Gairn Crescent
Glen Gardens
Glen Garry
Glen Gavin Way
Glen Grove
Glen Isla
Glen Isla Avenue
Glen Isla Quadrant
Glen Kyle Drive
Glen Lane
Glen Lednock Drive
Glen Lee
Glen Lethnot
Glen Livet Place
Glen Livet Road
Glen Lochay Gardens
Glen Loy Place
Glen Luce Drive
Glen Luss Drive
Glen Luss Gardens
Glen Luss Place
Glen Lyon
Glen Lyon Court
Glen Lyon Road
Glen Lyon Walk
Glen Mallie
Glen Mark
Glen Mark Road
Glen More
Glen Moriston
Glen Moriston Road
Glen Moy
Glen Muir Road
Glen Nevis
Glen Nevis Place
Glen Noble
Glen Ogilvie
Glen Ogle Street
Glen Orchy Drive
Glen Orchy Place
Glen Orchy Road
Glen Ord Road
Glen Orrin Way
Glen Place
Glen Prosen
Glen Quoich
Glen Rannoch Drive
Glen Rinnes Drive
Glen Road
Glen Rosa Gardens
Glen Roy Drive
Glen Sannox Drive
Glen Sannox Grove
Glen Sannox Loan
Glen Sannox View
Glen Sannox Way
Glen Sannox Wynd
Glen Sax Drive
Glen Shee
Glen Shee Avenue
Glen Shee Crescent
Glen Shirva Road
Glen Street
Glen Tanner
Glen Tarbert Drive
Glen Tennet
Glen Terrace
Glen Turret
Glen Urquhart
Glen View
Glen Walks
Glenacre Crescent
Glenacre Drive
Glenacre Grove
Glenacre Road
Glenacre Street
Glenacre Terrace
Glenafton Grove
Glenafton View
Glenallan Terrace
Glenalmond Road
Glenalmond Street
Glenapp Avenue
Glenapp Place
Glenapp Road
Glenapp Street
Glenarklet Crescent
Glenarklet Drive
Glenartney Road
Glenashdale Way
Glenavon Court
Glenavon Road
Glenbank Avenue
Glenbank Drive
Glenbank Road
Glenbarr Street
Glenbervie Place
Glenboig Christian Fellow ship
Glenboig Community Gardens
Glenboig Cottages
Glenboig Farm
Glenboig Farm Road
Glenboig House
Glenboig New Road
Glenboig Parish Church
Glenboig Pharmacy
Glenboig Post Office
Glenboig Primary School
Glenboig Road
Glenboig Roundabout
Glenbrittle Drive
Glenbrittle Way
Glenbuck Avenue
Glenbuck Drive
Glenburn Avenue
Glenburn Baptist Church
Glenburn Close
Glenburn Crescent
Glenburn Gardens
Glenburn Lane
Glenburn Library
Glenburn Pre-Five Centre
Glenburn Road
Glenburn Street
Glenburn Terrace
Glenburn Way
Glenburnie Place
Glencairn Avenue
Glencairn Court
Glencairn Drive
Glencairn Gardens
Glencairn Lane
Glencairn Primary School
Glencairn Road
Glencairn Street
Glencalder Crescent
Glencally Avenue
Glencleland Road
Glenclora Drive
Glencloy Street
Glencoats Drive
Glencoats Primary School
Glencoe Drive
Glencoe Place
Glencoe Road
Glencoe Street
Glenconner Way
Glencorse Road
Glencorse Street
Glencraig Street
Glencroft Avenue
Glencroft Road
Glencryan Road
Glencryan School
Glendale Avenue
Glendale Crescent
Glendale Drive
Glendale Grove
Glendale Place
Glendale Street
Glendale Wynd
Glendaruel Avenue
Glendaruel Road (G73 5PY;G73 5PZ)
Glendarvel Gardens
Glendee Gardens
Glendee Road
Glendeveron Way
Glendevon Place
Glendevon Square
Glendinning Road
Glendoick Place
Glendorch Avenue
Glendore Street
Glendoune Road
Glenduffhill Road
Gleneagles Drive
Gleneagles Gardens
Gleneagles Gate
Gleneagles Lane North
Gleneagles Lane South
Gleneagles Park
Glenelg Crescent
Glenelg Path
Glenelg Quadrant
Glenelm Place
Glenesk Crescent
Glenesk Place
Glenfarg Court
Glenfarg Crescent
Glenfarg Road
Glenfarg Street
Glenfarm Road
Glenfield Avenue
Glenfield Crescent
Glenfield Gardens
Glenfield Grange
Glenfield Grove
Glenfield Road
Glenfinnan Drive
Glenfinnan Grove
Glenfinnan Place
Glenfinnan Road
Glenfruin Crescent
Glenfruin Road
Glengariff Way
Glengarriff Road
Glengarry Drive
Glengavel Crescent
Glengavel Gardens
Glengowan Primary School
Glengowan Road
Glengoyne Court
Glengoyne Drive
Glengyre Place
Glengyre Street
Glenhead Crescent
Glenhead Drive
Glenhead Engineering
Glenhead Park
Glenhead Road
Glenhead Street
Glenheath Drive
Glenholme Avenue
Glenhouse Crescent
Glenhove Road
Glenhove Shop
Gleniffer Avenue
Gleniffer Braes
Gleniffer Court
Gleniffer Crescent
Gleniffer Drive
Gleniffer High School
Gleniffer Hotel
Gleniffer Road
Gleniffer View
Glenisla Avenue
Glenisla Street
Glenkirk Drive
Glenlee Primary School
Glenlee Street
Glenlora Drive
Glenlora Terrace
Glenluce Drive
Glenluce Gardens
Glenluce Terrace
Glenluggie Road
Glenlui Avenue
Glenluss Place
Glenlyon Court
Glenlyon Place
Glenmalloch Place
Glenmanor Avenue
Glenmanor Primary School
Glenmare Avenue
Glenmavis Road
Glenmavis Street
Glenmill Avenue
Glenmill Crescent
Glenmill Drive
Glenmill Road
Glenmill Way
Glenmore Avenue
Glenmore Place
Glenmore Road
Glenmoss Avenue
Glenmuir Avenue
Glenmuir Court
Glenmuir Crescent
Glenmuir Drive
Glenochil Road
Glenorchard Road
Glenpark Avenue
Glenpark Gardens
Glenpark Street
Glenpark Terrace
Glenpatrick Road
Glenraith Path
Glenraith Road
Glenraith Square
Glenraith Walk
Glenrigg Court
Glenshee Court
Glenshee Gardens
Glenshee Street
Glenshee Terrace
Glenshiel Avenue
Glenshira Avenue
Glenside Avenue
Glenside Drive
Glenspean Place
Glenspean Street
Glentanar Drive
Glentanar Place
Glentanar Road
Glentarbert Road
Glentore Quadrant
Glentrool Gardens
Glenturret Street
Glentyan Drive
Glentynan Place
Glenview Avenue
Glenview Crescent
Glenview Place
Glenview Street
Glenvilla Circle
Glenvilla Crescent
Glenvilla Place
Glenvilla Road
Glenvilla Wynd
Glenville Avenue
Glenville Gate
Glenville Terrace
Glenwell Street
Glenwood Avenue
Glenwood Court
Glenwood Drive
Glenwood Family Centre
Glenwood Gardens
Glenwood Path
Glenwood Place
Glenwood Road
Glidden Court
Glitter Bomb
Globe Cafe
Gloria Jean's
Gloucester Avenue
Gloucester Street
Glow 'n' Shine
G.McAllister Funeral Directors
Go Outdoors
Goals Drumchapel
Gockston Road
Goddard Place
Gogar Place
Gogar Street
Gogna Jewellers
Goil Avenue
Goil Way
Gold Bar
Gold Coast Lane
Gold Lounge
Goldberry Avenue
Goldcrest Court
Golden Apple
Golden Bowl
Golden Bull
Golden City
Golden Fry
Golden Goose
Golden Jubilee Conference Hotel
Golden Jubilee National Hospital
Golden Kitchen
Golden Leaf Take Away
Golden Mobile PC Expert
Golden Panda
Golden Phoenix
Golden Razor & Scissors
Golden Scissors Turkish Barber
Golden Sea
Golden Spoon
Golden Star
Golden Sun
Goldenacre Place
Goldenhill Bowling Pavilion
Goldenhill Court
Goldenhill Primary School
Goldie Road
Golf Avenue
Golf Course Road
Golf Drive
Golf Place
Golf Road
Golf View
Golfhill Drive
Golfhill Primary School
Golfhill Quadrant
Golfhill Road
Golfview Drive
Golfview Place
Golspie Avenue
Golspie Street
Golspie Way
Good House
Good Times Roll
Goodfellows New York
Goodockhill Farm
Goody Cupboard
Gopher Avenue
Gorbals Boys
Gorbals Christian Centre
Gorbals Library and Real Learning Centre
Gorbals Street
Gordon Avenue
Gordon Crescent
Gordon Drive
Gordon Lane
Gordon McMaster Gardens
Gordon Place
Gordon R Brown
Gordon Road
Gordon Street
Gordon Street Coffee
Gordon Terrace
Gordon Wilson Art
Gordons Chemists
Gorebridge Street
Gorely Place
Gorget Avenue
Gorget Place
Gorget Quadrant
Gorse Drive
Gorse Place
Gorsehall Street
Gorstan Place
Gorstan Street
Gosford Lane
Gosh! Hair Design
Gospel Hall
Goudie Street
Gough Lane
Gough Street
Gourlay Drive
Gourlay Ln
Gourlay Street
Gourock Street
Govan & Linthouse Parish Church
Govan Community Bike Workshop
Govan Cross Shopping Centre
Govan High School
Govan Old Parish Church
Govan Police Office
Govan Post Office
Govan Road
Govan Road Campus - External Building
Govan Road Campus - Modular Unit
Govan Telephone Exchange
Govan-Partick Bridge
Govanhil Trinity
Govanhill Library
Govanhill Nursery School
Govanhill Street
Gowan Brae
Gowan Place
Gowanbank Gardens
Gowanbank Primary School
Gowanlea Avenue
Gowanlea Drive
Gowanlea Terrace
Gower Street
Gower Terrace
Gowkhall Avenue
Goyle Avenue
Goyle Bridge
Grace & Favour
Grace and Flavour
Grace Avenue (G69)
Grace Baptist Church Govan
Grace Street
Grace Wynd
Grado Avenue
Graeme Court
Graeme Pharmacy
Graeme Reid Hair Studio
Graffham Avenue
Grafton Place
Graham Avenue
Graham Drive
Graham House
Graham of Capelrig Monument
Graham Place
Graham Square
Graham Street
Graham Terrace
Graham's Auto Centre
Grahame House Hostel
Grahamsdyke Place
Grahamsdyke Road
Grahamshill Avenue
Grahamshill Street
Grahamston Court
Grahamston Crescent
Grahamston Park
Grahamston Place
Grahamston Road
Grain & Grind
Grain and Grind
Grainger Road
Grainger Way
Grammar School Walk
Grampian Avenue
Grampian Court
Grampian Crescent
Grampian Meats
Grampian Place
Grampian Road
Grampian Street
Grampian Way
Gran Street
Granby Lane
Grand Stand
Grandtully Drive
Grange Avenue
Grange Court
Grange Gardens
Grange Hotel
Grange Road
Grange Street
Grangeneuk Gardens
Grannoch Place
Granny Gibbs
Grant Arms
Grant Court
Grant Interiors
Grant Place
Grant Street
Grantholm Avenue
Grantlea Grove
Grantlea Terrace
Grantley Gardens
Grantley Street
Granton Court
Grantown Avenue
Grantown Gardens
Grants Avenue
Grants Crescent
Grants Place
Grants Way
Granville Court
Granville Street
Grathellen Court
Gray Drive
Gray Street
Gray's Road
Grayline Avenue
Grayling Road
Graypaul Ferrari Glasgow
Grayshill Road
Grayston Manor
Great Dovehill
Great George Lane
Great George Street
Great Hamilton Street
Great Kelvin Lane
Great Western Cafe
Great Western Road
Great Western Terrace
Great Western Terrace Lane
Greater Easterhouse Alcohol Awareness Project
Greater Govan Credit Union
Greaves Sports
Grebe Drive
Green Bridge Path
Green Chill
Green Close
Green Dale
Green Gardens
Green Gates
Green Gates Indian
Green Gym
Green Living
Green Place
Green Rig
Green Road
Green Street
Green Wynd
Greenacres Bed & Breakfast
Greenacres Court
Greenacres Drive
Greenacres Mini-Market
Greenacres Roundabout
Greenacres View
Greenacres Way
Greenan Avenue
Greenbank Avenue
Greenbank Cafe
Greenbank Church
Greenbank Church Tower
Greenbank Courtyard
Greenbank Drive
Greenbank Garden
Greenbank Gate
Greenbank Road
Greenbank Road (ML2 8JW)
Greenbank Street
Greendyke Street
Greenend Avenue
Greenend Place
Greenend View
Greenfarm Road
Greenfaulds Crescent
Greenfaulds High School
Greenfaulds Road
Greenfield Avenue
Greenfield Crescent
Greenfield Drive
Greenfield Place
Greenfield Quadrant
Greenfield Recreation Ground
Greenfield Road
Greenfield Street
Greenfieldmuir Road
Greenfinch Avenue
Greengairs Avenue
Greengairs Bowling Club
Greengairs Parish Church
Greengairs Primary School
Greengairs Road
Greengairs War Memorial
Greenhall Place
Greenhead Moss Community Nature Park
Greenhead Moss Stratigraphic Stairway
Greenhead Road
Greenhead Street
Greenhill Avenue
Greenhill Court
Greenhill Crescent
Greenhill Drive
Greenhill Farm
Greenhill Primary School
Greenhill Road
Greenhill Street
Greenhills Road
Greenholm Avenue
Greenholme Street
Greenkeepers Garages
GreenKnowe Drive
Greenknowe Road
Greenknowe Street
Greenlaw Avenue
Greenlaw Business Centre
Greenlaw Court
Greenlaw Crescent
Greenlaw Drive
Greenlaw Gardens
Greenlaw Path
Greenlaw Place
Greenlaw Road
Greenlaw Roundabout
Greenlaw Street
Greenlaw Terrace
Greenlea Road
Greenlea Street
Greenlees Gardens
Greenlees Grove
Greenlees Old Tollhouse
Greenlees Park
Greenlees Road
Greenlees Way
Greenloan Avenue
Greenmoss Place
Greenmount Road
Greenoakhill Avenue
Greenoakhill Court
Greenoakhill Crescent
Greenoakhill Gate
Greenoakhill Place
Greenoakhill Quarry
Greenoakhill Road
Greenock Avenue
Greenock Road
Greenpark Court
Greenrig Street
Greenrigg Road
Greenrigg Street


Greens Avenue
Greens Crescent
Greens Road
Greenshields Road
Greenside Crescent
Greenside Farm
Greenside Garden Centre
Greenside Place
Greenside Road
Greenside Street
Greentree Drive
Greenview Church
Greenview Street
Greenways Avenue
Greenways Court
Greenwood Avenue
Greenwood Connection Stairs
Greenwood Court
Greenwood Crescent
Greenwood Drive
Greenwood Grove
Greenwood Quadrant
Greenwood Road
Greer Quadrant
Greetings on the Hill
Greggs Outlet
Gregory Place
Grenada Court
Grenada Place
Grenadier Gardens
Grenadier Park
Grenlaw Garage
Grenville Drive
Gresham View
Greyfriars Road
Greyfriars Street
Greylag Place
Greys International Hairdresser
Greystone Avenue
Greystone Gardens
Greywood Street
Gribben & Sneddon Funeral Directors
Gridwoods Bar
Grierson Lane
Grierson Street
Grieve Croft
Grieve Road
Griffin Avenue
Griffin Place
Griffith Lane
Griffon Crescent
Griqua Terrace
Gritter turning point
Grogarry Road
Grossart Street
Grosvenor Crescent
Grosvenor Lane
Grosvenor Terrace
Grouse Avenue
Grove Park
Grove Way
Grove Wood
Groveburn Avenue
Grovepark Court
Grovepark Gardens
Grovepark Place
Grovepark Street
Grubs Up
Grudie Street
Grunting Growler
Gryfebank Avenue
Gryfebank Close
Gryfebank Crescent
Gryfebank Way
Gryfewood Crescent
Gryfewood Way
Gryffe Crescent
Gryffe Street
GT Motor Engineering
GTW Storage
Guava Health
Guernsey Place

guide hut

Guidi Pharmacy
Guidmans Road
Guido's Coronation Retaurant
Guildford Drive
Guildford Street
Guitar Guitar
Guitar Guitar Digital
Gulabi Photo
Gullane Drive
Gullane Street
Gullion Park
Gullion Park Basketball Court
Gun Store/Workshop
Gunn Mews
Gunn Quadrant
Gusto & Relish
Guthrie Court
Guthrie Drive
Guthrie Place
Guthrie Street
Guy's Inn
GWS Wislon
Gyle Place

H. Samuel
H&I News Agents
H&T Pawnbrokers
Ha'penny Bridge
Ha'penny Bridge House
Haberlea Avenue
Haberlea Gardens
Haddington Way
Haddock's Fish Bar & Spicy Hut
Haddow Grove
Haddow Street
Hadrian Terrace
Hagen Drive
Hagg Crescent
Hagg Place
Hagg Road
Haggler Lane
Haggmuir Farm
Haggs Castle
Haggs Castle Golf Course
Haggs Gate
Haggs Lane
Haggs Road
Haggswood Avenue
Haghill Primary School Construction Site
Haghill Road
Hagmill Crescent
Hagmill Road
Haig Drive
Haig Street
Hailes Avenue
Hailfax Way
Haining Road
Haining Wynd
Hair & Beauty by Sasscia
Hair & Beauty Lounge
Hair & Body
Hair 2000
Hair Ae The Dug
Hair and Rays
Hair Beau
Hair By Hanlon
Hair by Lesley
Hair by Linda
Hair by Tracy Quinn
Hair Co
Hair Design
Hair Design by Danielle Flores
Hair Designs
Hair dot Com
Hair Garden
Hair Kaylee
Hair Magic
Hair Style Barbers
Haircare by Charlotte
Hairdresser and Barber
Hairgel's Turkish Barbers
Hairmyres Drive
Hairmyres Hospital
Hairmyres Park
Hairmyres Roundabout
Hairmyres Station
Hairmyres Street
Hairst Street
Hairstyle Zone
Halbeath Avenue
Halbert Street
Haldane Lane
Haldane Place
Haldane Street
Haldon Grove
Halfmerk Lane
Halfmerk North
Halfmerk South
Halfmerke Primary School
Halfords Autocentre
Halfway Bouling Club
Halfway Telephone Exchange
Halfwayhouses Post Office
Halgreen Avenue
Halidon Avenue
Halkirk Gate
Hall Farm
Hall Place
Hall Road
Hall Street
Hallbrae Street
Hallcraig Street
Halley Court
Halley Drive
Halley Place
Halley Square
Halley Street
Hallforest Street
Hallhill Crescent
Hallhill Road
Halliburton Road
Halliburton Terrace
Hallidale Crescent
Hallinan Gardens
Hallmark Hotel
Halloween Pend
Hallrule Drive
Hallside Avenue
Hallside Boulevard
Hallside Court
Hallside Crescent
Hallside Drive
Hallside Gardens
Hallside Newhouse Farm
Hallside Place
Hallside Primary School
Hallside Road
Hallside Steelworks
Hallydown Drive
Halo Hair Studio
Halpin Close
Halton Gardens
Haltons Path
Hamden Mini Market
Hamersley Place
Hamilcomb Road
Hamilton Academical Club Shop
Hamilton Auto
Hamilton Avenue
Hamilton Bandstand
Hamilton Baptist Church
Hamilton Bikes (Repairs & Shop)
Hamilton Bowling Club
Hamilton Cenotaph
Hamilton College
Hamilton Crescent
Hamilton Drive
Hamilton Drive Lane
Hamilton Driving Test Centre
Hamilton Fire Station
Hamilton Gardens
Hamilton Golf Club
Hamilton Grammar School
Hamilton Grove
Hamilton House
Hamilton Ice Rink
Hamilton Mausoleum
Hamilton Old Parish Church
Hamilton Palace Sports Ground
Hamilton Palace Sports Grounds
Hamilton Park
Hamilton Park Avenue
Hamilton Park North
Hamilton Park South
Hamilton Place
Hamilton Police
Hamilton RFC
Hamilton Road
Hamilton Sheriff Court
Hamilton South Parish Church
Hamilton Street
Hamilton Telephone Exchange
Hamilton Terrace
Hamilton Town House Library
Hamilton View
Hamilton West Parish Church
Hamilton West Ticket Office
Hamiltonhill Claypits Local Nature Reserve
Hamiltonhill Crescent
Hamiltonhill Gardens
Hamiltonhill Road
Hampden Bowling Club
Hampden Drive
Hampden Lane
Hampden Primary School
Hampden Terrace
Hampton by Hilton Glasgow Central
Hampton by Hilton Hamilton Park
Handel Place
Handley Place (G69 9FJ)
Hangingshaw Place
Hannah Gardens
Hannay Street
Hanoi Bike Shop
Hanover Close
Hanover Street
Hanson Park
Hanson Street
Hapland Avenue
Hapland Road
Happy Chiness Meals Carry Out
Happy Chippy
Happy Days
Happy Days Too Nursery
Happy Days Too Private Nursery
Happy Hands Fancy Braids
Happy House
Happy Inn
Happy Shopper
Happy Talk
Harbour Lane
Harbour Place
Harbour Road
Harburn Place
Harbury Place
Harcourt Drive
Hard Rock Cafe
Hardgate Drive
Hardgate Gardens
Hardgate Place
Hardgate Post Office
Hardgate Road
Hardgate Roundabout
Hardie Avenue
Hardie Street
Hardlines Glasgow
Hardmuir Gardens
Hardmuir Road
Hardridge Avenue
Hardridge Place
Hardridge Road
Hardware Cut Price Store
Hardware Hut
Hardware Stores
Hardy's Hardware
Harebell Wynd
Harefield Drive
Harelaw Avenue
Harelaw Crescent
Harelaw Fishery
Harelaw Road
Hareshaw Road
Harestanes Gardens
Harestanes Primary School
Harestone Crescent
Harestone Road
Hareton Place
Harfield Drive
Harfield Gardens
Harhill Street
Harkins Avenue
Harland Street
Harlaw Gardens
Harlequin Court
Harley Street
Harmetray Street
Harmony Place
Harmony Row
Harmony Square
Harmsworth Street
Harnett Wynd
Harold Place (G77 6XA)
Harold's Barber Shop
Harper Crescent
Harport Street
Harriet Place
Harriet Street
Harrington Road
Harris Close
Harris Crescent
Harris Drive
Harris Gardens
Harris Place
Harris Quadrant
Harris Road
Harrison Drive
Harrow Court
Harrow Place
Harrowslaw Drive
Harry Corry
Hart Street
Hartfield Crescent
Hartfield Terrace
Hartlaw Crescent
Hartree Avenue
Hartstone Place
Hartstone Road
Hartstone Terrace
Hartwood Gardens
Harty's @ The Fourways
Harvest Drive
Harvester Avenue
Harvey Street
Harvey Way
Harveys & Reid Furniture
Harvie Avenue
Harvie Street
Harvies Bar
Harwood Gardens
Harwood Street
Hasta Mañana
Hastie Street
Hatfield Drive
Hathaway Drive
Hathaway Lane
Hathaway Street
Hathersage Avenue
Hathersage Drive
Hathersage Gardens
Hatrack Building
Hatton Gardens
Hatton Lea
Hatton Path
Hatton Place
Hatton Terrace
Hattonrig Road
Hattonrigg Road
Haugh Place
Haugh Road
Haughburn Place
Haughburn Road
Haughburn Terrace
Haughhead Bridge
Haughview Road
Haughview Terrace
Havannah Street
Havelock Lane
Havelock Laundrette
Havelock Park
Havelock Street
Hawana cafe lounge
Hawbank Road
Hawick Avenue
Hawick Drive
Hawick Street
Hawk Avenue
Hawkhead Avenue
Hawkhead Bowling Club
Hawkhead Bridge
Hawkhead Estate
Hawkhead Road
Hawkhead Village
Hawksland Walk (ML3 7NX)
Hawkwood Road
Hawthorn Avenue
Hawthorn Cottage
Hawthorn Court
Hawthorn Crescent
Hawthorn Drive
Hawthorn Gardens
Hawthorn Hill
Hawthorn House Care Home
Hawthorn Housing Co-op
Hawthorn Path
Hawthorn Place
Hawthorn Quadrant
Hawthorn Road
Hawthorn Street
Hawthorn Terrace
Hawthorn Walk
Hawthorn Way
Hawthorn Way (ML5 2FT)
Hawthornden Gardens
Hay Avenue
Hay Crescent
Hayburn Crescent
Hayburn Gate
Hayburn Lane
Hayburn Place
Hayburn Street
Hayfield Court
Hayfield Street
Hayhill Place
Hayhill Road
Hayle Gardens
Haylynn Street
Haymarket Street
Hays Travel
Haystack Place
Hayston Court
Hayston Crescent
Hayston Golf Course
Hayston Road
Hayston Street
Haywood Street
Hazel Arms
Hazel Avenue
Hazel Dene
Hazel Field Grove
Hazel Gardens
Hazel Grove
Hazel Lodge
Hazel Park (ML3 7HH)
Hazel Road
Hazel Terrace
Hazel Wood
Hazelbank Walk
Hazeldean Crescent
Hazeldean House
Hazelden Equestrian Centre
Hazelden Gardens
Hazelden Mains
Hazelden Park
Hazelden Road
Hazeldene Nursery
Hazellea Drive
Hazelwood Avenue
Hazelwood Drive
Hazelwood Gardens
Hazelwood Grove (G69)
Hazelwood Road
Hazelwood Road pavement
Hazelwood School
Hazlitt Gardens
Hazlitt Place
Hazlitt Street
HD Optics
Headhouse Court
Headhouse Green
Headstart Nursery
Health Centre
Heart of Gold
Heath Avenue
Heathcliff Drive
Heathcliffe Avenue
Heathcot Avenue
Heathcot Place
Heather Avenue
Heather Bed
Heather Drive
Heather Gardens
Heather Place
Heather Street
Heather Way
Heather Wynd
Heatherbank Avenue
Heatherbank Drive
Heatherbank Grove
Heatherbank Walk
Heatherbell Road
Heathery Knowe
Heathery Knowe Primary School
Heathery Knowe Road
Heathery Knowe Site Road
Heathery Lea Avenue
Heathery Road
Heatheryford Gardens
Heatheryknowe Road
Heathfield Avenue
Heathfield Drive
Heathfield Farm
Heathside Road
Heathwood Drive
Hecla Avenue
Hecla Avenue Post Office
Hecla Place
Hecla Square
Hector Road
Hedgies Unisex Hair Stylists
Helen Anderson
Helen Nail & Beauty
Helen Street
Helen's Unisex Barbers
Helena Place
Helensburgh Drive
Helenslea Cottage
Helenslea Place
Helenvale Court
Helenvale Flats
Helenvale Street
Helix Building
Hello Student Accommodation, Willowbank
Helmi's Patisserie
Helmsdale Avenue
Helmsdale Close
Helmsdale Drive
Helve Place
Hemlock Street
Henderland Drive
Henderland Road
Henderson Avenue
Henderson Court
Henderson Street
Henrietta Street
Henry Bell Monument
Henry Healy
Henry Quadrant
Henry Street
Henrys Škoda Glasgow
Hepburn Hill
Hepburn Road
Herald Avenue
Herald Grove
Herald Way
Herbert Street
Herbertson Grove
Herbertson Street
Heriot Avenue
Heriot Crescent
Heriot Primary School
Heriot Road
Heritage Court
Heritage View
Heritage View (ML5)
Heritage Way
Heritage Way (ML5)
Herma Street
Hermes Way
Hermiston Avenue
Hermiston Gardens
Hermiston Place
Hermiston Road
Hermitage Avenue
Hermitage Crescent
Hermitage Crescent (ML5 4)
Herndon Court
Heron Court
Heron Drive
Heron Place
Heron View
Heron Way
Herries Road
Herriet Street
Herriot Street
Herschell Street
Hertford Avenue
Hess Grove
Hetherington Building
Hewi's River
Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Hexham Gardens
Heys Street
Hi Tea
Hi-flyers Balloons
Hi-Tech Computers
Hickman Street
Hickman Terrace
Hickory Crescent
Hickory Street
Hidden Dram
Hidden Hearing
Hidden Teahouse
Hielan Jessie
HiFi Corner
High Balornock
High Beeches
High Blantyre
High Blantyre Primary School
High Blantyre Road
High Blochairn
High Calside
High Carntyne Parish Church
High Coats
High Common Road
High Court of Justiciary
High Craig Quarry
High Craighall Road
High Craigton
High Craigton House
High Earnock
High Kirk View
High Mains
High Mair
High Malletsheugh
High Moss Grove
High Palacecraig
High Parish Church
High Parks Crescent
High Parksail
High Patrick Street
High Possil meteorite
High Road
High Street
High Street Pharmacy
High Walton
Highburgh Drive
Highburgh Road
Highburnside Avenue
Highcraig Avenue
Highcroft Avenue
Highcross Avenue
Higherness Way
Highfield Avenue
Highfield Court
Highfield Crescent
Highfield Drive
Highfield Grove
Highfield Place
Highfield Road
Highgrove Court
Highgrove Road
Highgrove Wynd
Highland Avenue
Highland Garden
Highland Road
Highstonehall Road
Highwood Gardens
Hilary Drive
Hilda Crescent
Hilhead Road
Hill Avenue
Hill Court
Hill Crescent
Hill Crest

hill fort rampart

HIll of Chryston
Hill Path
Hill Place
Hill Road
Hill Street
Hill Terrace
Hillary Avenue
Hillbrae Street
Hillcrest Avenue
Hillcrest Court
Hillcrest Drive
Hillcrest Road
Hillcrest Street
Hillcrest Terrace
Hillcroft Terrace
Hillend Crescent
Hillend (farm)
Hillend Lane
Hillend Road
Hillfield Brae
Hillfield Drive
Hillfoot Avenue
Hillfoot Court
Hillfoot Crescent
Hillfoot Drive
Hillfoot Gardens
Hillfoot Road
Hillfoot Service Station
Hillfoot Street
Hillhart Coffee Co.
Hillhead Avenue
Hillhead Baptist Church
Hillhead Bookclub
Hillhead Crescent
Hillhead Drive
Hillhead High School
Hillhead Library
Hillhead Place
Hillhead Primary School
Hillhead Road
Hillhead Roundabout
Hillhead Street
Hillhead Terrace
Hillhouse Court
Hillhouse Crescent
Hillhouse Library
Hillhouse Parish Church
Hillhouse Post Office
Hillhouse Road
Hillhouse Street
Hillhouse Terrace
Hillington Estate Bowling Club
Hillington Estate Post Office
Hillington Gardens
Hillington Interchange
Hillington Park Circus
Hillington Primary School
Hillington Quadrant
Hillington Road
Hillington Road South
Hillington Terrace
Hillkirk Place
Hillkirk Street
Hillkirk Street Lane
Hillman Crescent
Hillman Road
Hillneuk Avenue
Hillneuk Drive
Hillpark Avenue
Hillpark Drive
Hillpark School
Hillpark Secondary School
Hillrigg Avenue
Hillsborough Lane
Hillsborough Road
Hillside Avenue
Hillside Cottages
Hillside Cotts
Hillside Court
Hillside Crescent
Hillside Drive
Hillside Gardens Lane
Hillside Grove
Hillside Lane
Hillside Park
Hillside Place
Hillside Quadrant
Hillside Road
Hillside Terrace
Hillswick Crescent
Hilltop Avenue
Hilltop Primary School
Hilltop Road
Hilltree Court
Hillview Court
Hillview Crescent
Hillview Drive
Hillview Gardens
Hillview Place
Hillview Primary School
Hillview Road
Hillview Street
Hilton Court
Hilton Garden Inn Glasgow City Centre
Hilton Gardens
Hilton Glasgow
Hilton Park
Hilton Park Golf Course
Hilton Road
Hilton Terrace
Hilton View
Hiltonbank Street
Himalayan Dine
Hinshaw Street
Hinshelwood Drive
Hinshelwood Place
Hirsel Place
Hirst Road
Historic Stables
HMP Barlinnie
HMP Low Moss
Ho Ho Ho
Ho Wong
Ho's Chinese Takeaway
Hobart Crescent
Hobart Quadrant
Hobart Road
Hobart Street
Hobden Street
Hoddam Avenue
Hoddam Terrace
Hoey Drive
Hogan Court
Hogan Way
Hogarth Avenue
Hogarth Crescent
Hogarth Drive
Hogarth Gardens
Hogg Avenue
Hogg Road
Hogg Street
Hogganfield Court
Hogganfield Park and Local Nature Reserve
Hogganfield Park Play Area
Hogganfield Pitch & Putt
Hogganfield Street
Hole 1
Hole 2
Hole 4
Hole 5
Hole 6
Hole 7
Hole 8
Hole 9
Hole Marsh
Holeburn Lane
Holeburn Road
Holehills Drive
Holehills Place
Holehouse Brae
Holehouse Drive
Holehouse Road
Holehouse Terrace
Holiday Inn
Holiday Inn Express
Holland & Barrett
Holland Street
Hollandbush Grove
Hollandhurst Road
Hollinwell Road
Hollowfield Crescent
Hollowglen Road
Hollows Avenue
Hollows Crescent
Holly Brook
Holly Drive
Holly Grove
Holly Place
Holly Street
Hollybank Place
Hollybank Street
Hollybrook Academy
Hollybrook Place
Hollybrook Street
Hollybush Avenue
Hollybush Road
Hollyhill Grove
Hollywood Bowl
Hollywood Hairstyles
Hollywood Nails
Hollywood Nails & Spa
Holm Avenue
Holm Crescent
Holm Forge Bridge
Holm Gardens
Holm Lane
Holm Place
Holm Street
Holmbank Avenue
Holmbrae Avenue
Holmbrae Road
Holmbyre Court
Holmbyre Gate
Holmbyre Road
Holmbyre Terrace
Holmes Avenue
Holmes Quadrant
Holmfauld Road
Holmfauldhead Drive
Holmfauldhead Place
Holmhead Crescent
Holmhead Place
Holmhead Road
Holmhill Avenue
Holmhills Drive
Holmhills Gardens
Holmhills Grove
Holmhills Place
Holmhills Road
Holmhills Terrace
Holmlea Court
Holmlea Road
Holms Crescent
Holms Place (G69 8BX)
Holmston Avenue
Holmswood Avenue
Holmwood Avenue
Holmwood Gardens
Holmwood House
Holstein Avenue
Holy Cross Church Hall
Holy Cross High School
Holy Cross Primary School
Holy Cross RC Church
Holy Family
Holy Family & St Ninian
Holy Family Primary School
Holy Name RC Church
Holy Trinity and St Barnabas Church
Holyrood Crescent
Holyrood Quadrant
Holyrood Secondary School
Holyrood Street
Holytown Parish Church
Holytown Primary School
Holytown Road
Holytown Telephone Exchange
Holytown War Memorial
Holywell Street
Home & Garden World1
Home Bargains
Home Essentials
Home Farm Bridge
Home furnishing store
Home Hardware
Home Store & More
Home Wok
Homecare & Hardware
Homer Place
Honey & Salt
Honey Bee
Honey... I Shrunk The Kids I'm Sorry!
Honey Moon
Honeybee Avenue
Honeybog Road
Honeycomb Hair & Beauty
Honeydew Drive
Honeysuckle Court
Honeysuckle Crescent
Honeysuckle Drive
Honeywell Avenue
Honeywell Court
Honeywell Crescent
Honeywell Drive
Honeywell Grove
Honeywell Place
Hong Kong
Hong Kong Christian Church in Glasgow
Hong Kong House
Hood Street
Hook & Catch
Hooked on Wool
Hookie Street
Hoolet Row Path
Hoolet's Nest
Hooper Place
Hoover Drive
Hope Church Coatbridge
Hope Jewellery
Hope Street
Hope United
Hopefield Avenue
Hopefield Gardens
Hopehill Gardens
Hopehill Road
Hopeman Avenue
Hopeman Drive
Hopeman Road
Hopeman Street
Hopepark Drive
Hopepark Marsh
Hopetoun Place
Hopetoun Terrace
Hopkin's Brae
Horatius Street
Horn of Africa
Horn Please
Hornal Road
Hornbeam Drive
Hornbeam Road
Horndean Court
Horne Street
Hornock Cottages
Hornock Road
Hornshill Drive
Hornshill Farm Road
Hornshill Roundabout
Hornshill Street
Horse Shoe Lane
Horse Shoe Road
Horselethill Road
Horseshoe Bar
Horslet Street
Horsley Brae
Horthorn Road
Hospital Boulevard
Hospital Drive
Hospital Road
Hospital Street
Hot 'n' Tasty Snacks
Hot Chillies Takeaway
Hot Cross Bakery & Deli
Hot Masala
Hot Tanning Salon
Hot Tub Hostel
Hot Wok
Hotel Albion
Hotel Chocolat
Hotel Du Vin
Hotel Indigo
Hotspur Street
Houldsworth Bowling Club
Houldsworth Centre
Houldsworth Lane
Houldsworth Street
Houlihan Pharmacy
House for an Art Lover
House of Cashmere

house of Cashmere

House of Flavours
House of Highlands
House of India
House of Shah
Househillmuir Crescent
Househillmuir Place
Househillmuir Road
Househillwood Crescent
Househillwood Road
Housel Avenue
Housing and Social Work Services, Airdrie Locality
Houston Court
Houston Place
Houston Road
Houston Street
Houston Terrace
Houstoun Square
Howard Avenue
Howard Court
Howard Street
Howat Street
Howden Avenue
Howden Drive
Howden Place
Howdens Joinery
Howdens Joinery Co.
Howe Gardens
Howes Street
Howford Primary School
Howford Road
Howgate Avenue
Howgate Road
Howieshill Avenue
Howieshill Road
Howlet Place
Howletnest Road
Howson Lea
Howson View
Howth Drive
Howth Terrace
Hoy Avenue
Hoy Gardens
Hoylake Park
Hoylake Place
Hozier Crescent
Hozier Place
Hozier Street
Hub Sports
Hudson Terrace
Hudson Way
Hugh Black's & Sons
Hugh McIver Avenue
Hugh Murray Grove
Hughenden Drive
Hughenden Gardens
Hughenden Lane
Hughenden Road
Hughenden Sports Ground
Hughenden Terrace
Hugo Boss
Hugo Close
Hugo Gate
Hugo Hugo
Hugo Street
Hugs N Stuff
Hulks Road
Humane Relief Society
Humbie Court
Humbie Gate
Humbie Grove
Humbie Lawns
Humbie Road
Hume Drive
Hume Place
Hume Road
Hume Street
Humpback Bridge
Hungry Ollie
Hunston Avenue
Hunt Hill
Hunt Hill Roundabout
Hunter Brothers Memorial
Hunter Drive
Hunter Hill Avenue
Hunter Hill Road
Hunter House Cafe (Long Calderwood Farmhouse)
Hunter Place
Hunter Primary School
Hunter Road
Hunter Road Roundabout
Hunter Street
Hunterfield Drive
Hunterian Art Gallery
Hunterian Museum
Hunters Crescent
Hunters Grove
Hunters Place
Hunterscraig Drive
Huntersfield Road
Huntershill Court
Huntershill House
Huntershill Place
Huntershill Playing Field
Huntershill Road
Huntershill Street
Huntershill Way
Hunthill Lane
Hunthill Place
Hunthill Road
Hunting Lodge Gardens
Huntingdon Road
Huntingdon Street
Huntingtower Road
Huntly Avenue
Huntly Court
Huntly Drive
Huntly Drive (ML5 5)
Huntly Gardens
Huntly Path
Huntly Quadrant
Huntly Road
Huntly Terrace
Huntsmans Ride
Hurlet Cottages
Hurlet Road
Hurlethill Court
Hurlford Avenue
Hurly Hawkin
Hurrier Drive
Hutcheson Road
Hutcheson Street
Hutchesons' Grammar School
Hutchesons’ at Pollok Park
Hutchesontown Bowling Club
Hutchinson Place
Hutchinson Road
Hutchison Drive
Hutchison Place
Hutchison Street
Hutton Drive
Huttons Drive
Huxley Place
Hyacinth House
Hyde 'N' Seek Nursery
Hydepark Street
Hyndal Avenue
Hyndland Avenue
Hyndland Books
Hyndland Bowling Club
Hyndland Parish Church
Hyndland Post Office
Hyndland Primary School
Hyndland Road
Hyndland Secondary School
Hyndland Street
Hyndlee Drive
Hyndshaw Road
Hyslop Place
Hyslop Street

I Am Nomad
I Chai
I Chai Express
I Love You Desserts & Coffee Shop
I&D Cant

i2i Optometrists

Iain Drive
Iain Road
Ian Bannen Theatre
Ian Smith Court
Ian's Carpets


Ibis Budget

ibis budget Glasgow Cumbernauld

Ibis Glasgow City Centre
Ibis Styles Glasgow Centre George Square

ibis Styles Glasgow Centre West

Ibrox Library
Ibrox Parish Hall
Ibrox Primary School & Nursery Class
Ibrox Street
Ibrox Telephone Exchange
Ibrox Terrace
Ibrox Terrace Lane
Ibroxholm Avenue
Ibroxholm Oval
Ibroxholm Place
I.C Hair & Beauty




Icon Hair and Beauty
Ida Quadrant
Iddesleigh Avenue
Ideal Textiles
I.J. Mellis
Il Capo's Italian Ristorante & Bar
Il Cappuchino
Ilay Avenue
Ilay Court
Ilay Road
Image Gallery


Imlach Place
Immaculate Heart of Mary
Imperial Drive
Imperial Place
Imperial Way
Inch Garvie
Inch Keith
Inch Marnock
Inch Murrin
Inchbelle Farm
Inchbrae Road
Inchburn Drive
Inchcolm Gardens
Inchcolm Place
Inchcruin Place
Inchfad Crescent
Inchfad Drive
Inchfad Grove
Inchfad Place
Inchgarvie Loan
Inchgower Place
Inchgower Road
Inchinnan Cruising Club
Inchinnan Drive
Inchinnan Parish Church
Inchinnan Primary School
Inchinnan Road
Inchkeith Place
Inchlaggan Place
Inchlee Street
Inchmoan Place
Inchmurrin Avenue
Inchmurrin Drive
Inchmurrin Gardens
Inchmurrin Place
Inchneuk Farm
Inchneuk Path
Inchneuk Road
Inchnock Avenue
Inchoch Grove
Inchoch Street
Incholm Lane
Incholm Street
Inchrory Place
Inchwood Court
Inchwood Place
Inchwood Road
Incl Lounge
Incle Street
Independent Glass
India Drive
India Palms
India Quay
India Street
Indian bite
Indian by Nature
Indian Cottage
Indian Gallery
Indian Ocean
Indian Place
Indian Platform
Indiana Dome
Indigo Early Years
Indigo Sun
Indulgence Hair & Beauty
Industry Street
Inex Homecare Ltd
Infinity Motorcycles
Infirmary Way
Inga Street
Ingerbeck Avenue
Ingleby Drive
Inglefield Court
Inglefield Gardens
Inglefield Street
Ingleneuk Avenue
Inglestone Avenue
Inglewood Crescent
Inglis Place
Inglis Street
Ingliston Country Club
Ingliston Drive
Ingliston Equestrian Centre
Ingliston House
Ingram Street
Inishail Road
Initiative Road
Ink'd Tattoos
Inkerman Road
Inkwood Way
Inn Deep
Inn House Brewery
Innellan Gardens
Innellan Place
Innerleithen Drive
Innermanse Quadrant
Innerwick Drive
Innes Court
Innis & Gunn Beer Kitchen
Inside Out
Instyle Fabrics
Instyle Sofas
Interaction with Water
International Asbestos Memorial
International Avenue
International Brigades Memorial
International Mobile Phone Centre
International Parcel Service
International Phone Centre
International Workers Memorial Day
Inver Road
Inveraray Gardens
Inverary Drive
Inveravon Drive
Invercanny Drive
Invercanny Place
Inverclyde Gardens
Invercree Walk
Inveresk Place
Inveresk Quadrant
Inveresk Street
Inverewe Avenue
Inverewe Drive
Inverewe Gardens
Inverewe Place
Inverewe Way
Invergarry Avenue
Invergarry Court
Invergarry Drive
Invergarry Gardens
Invergarry Grove
Invergarry Place
Invergarry Quad
Invergarry View
Inverglas Avenue
Invergordon Avenue
Invergordon Place
Invergyle Court
Invergyle Drive
Inverkar Drive
Inverlair Avenue
Inverlair Drive
Inverlair Oval
Inverleith Crescent
Inverleith Street
Inverlochy Crescent
Inverlochy Road
Inverness Street
Inveroran Drive
Invershiel Road
Invershin Drive
Inverurie Street
Invervale Avenue
Investment Drive
Investment Way
Inzievar Terrace


Iona Avenue
Iona Crescent
Iona Drive
Iona Gardens
Iona Lane
Iona Place
Iona Place (ML5 2LE)
Iona Quadrant
Iona Ridge
Iona Road
Iona Street
Iona Walk
Iona Way


Iris Avenue
Iris Path
Iron Works Viewpod
Irongray Street
Ironstone Road
Irvine Court
Irvine Crescent (ML5)
Irvine Drive
Irvine Street
Irvine Terrace
Irving Avenue
Irving Court
Irving Quadrant
Isa Jewellers
Isabel's Supasew
Isabella Elder Building
Isabella Gardens
Isan Thai
Iser Lane
Isla Avenue
Isla's Barbeers
Islamic Education Trust Cumbernauld
Island of Sky Candle Company
Island Road
Islay Avenue
Islay Court
Islay Crescent
Islay Drive
Islay Quadrant
Islay Road
Islay Way (ML5 5)
Isobel Mair School

iSTECH Solutions

Italian Couture
Italian Job Express
Ivanhoe Crescent
Ivanhoe Drive
Ivanhoe Road
Ivanhoe Road Post Office
Ivory Hotel
Ivy Cottage
Ivy Gardens
Ivy Grove
Ivy in the Park
Ivy Place
Ivy Road
Ivy Terrace
Ivy Way
Ivybank Avenue

J & H Cairns
J Brown & Sons
J. Cibelli
J Headridge and Co
J Martin
J. Morrison & Son Quality Butchers
J Wilson & Co Power Tool Hire
J&J Store
J&L Barbers
J&S Motorcycle Clothing & Accessories
J&S Nails and Beaty Salon
J&W Carpets
J.A. Hogarth
Jac's Cafe
Jack Snipe
Jack Street
Jack's Road
Jackie Kay Plaza
Jackson Church of Scotland
Jackson Court
Jackson Crescent
Jackson Drive
Jackson Place
Jackson Street
Jackson the Taylor
Jackson Upholsterer
Jackson's Bar
Jackton Police Training College
Jackton Road
Jacob's Ladder Way
Jacobite Place
Jacqueline Ann
Jacqueline Daly Interiors
Jade Garden Takeaway
Jade House
Jade Valley
Jagged Edge Tattoo & Piercing Studio
Jagger Gardens
Jaipur Indian Takeaway
Jam Jar
Jamaica Drive
Jamaica Street
Jameel Poultry Limited
James Aiton Primary School
James Arthur
James Buchanan
James Chapman Butchers
James Dempsey Court
James Dempsey Gardens
James Dunlop Gardens
James Goold Hall
James Gray Street
James Hamilton Drive
James Healy Drive
James Lumsden
James Margey Hair
James Martin Fountain
James Mathieson
James McKechnie Avenue
James Morrison Street
James Murdie Gardens
James Murray Statue
James Nisbet Street
James Oswald
James Porter and Sons
James Pringle Weavers
James Robertson Kiltmaker
James Sherry Funeral Directors
James Street
James View
James Watt
James Watt Avenue
James Watt commemorative boulder
James Watt Place
James Watt Road
James Watt Street
James Weir Grove
James White of Overtoun
James Wilson
James's Park
Jamieson court
Jamieson Court
Jamieson Drive
Jamieson Street
Jan Allan Jewellery
Jan Superstore
Jane Place
Jane Rae Gardens
Jane's Brae
Janebank Avenue
Janefield Avenue
Janefield Place
Janefield Street
Janesmith Street
Janet Hamilton Memorial
Janetta Street
Janice Stevens Independent Funeralcare
Japanese Garden
Jardine Street
Jardine Terrace
Jarvie Avenue
Jarvie Way
Jasmin Chinese
Jasmine House
Jasmine Place
Java Street
Java the Hut
Jaybe's Dennistoun Bar-B-Que
Jazz Cut
JD Beauty & Spa
JD Gyms
JD Sports
Jean Armour Drive
Jean Cameron of Glen Dessary Grave Memorial
Jean Cameron's Grave
Jean Maclean Place
Jeanette Avenue
Jedburgh Avenue
Jedburgh Drive
Jedburgh Gardens
Jedburgh Place
Jedburgh Street
Jeddah Food Store
Jedworth Avenue
Jedworth Road
Jeely Piece Club
Jellicoe Street
Jelly Hill
Jemima Puddledogs
Jenkins Court
Jennie Lee Drive
Jenny's Well Nature Reserve
Jennyswell Court
Jennyswell Road
Jerome Grove
Jervis Terrace
Jerviston Court
Jerviston Road
Jerviston Street
Jessica Elegant Nails & Beauty
Jessie Street
Jessiman Square
JG Cycles
J.H.C. Suttie & Co


Jigsaw Nursery
Jilt's Bar
Jim K's Gents Barbers
Jim's Food and Wine
Jimmy Egypt and Sons Musical Instruments
Jimmy "Jinky" Johnstone
Jimmy Johnstone
Jinty McGinty's
JJ's Barber
JJ's Off Sales
JMB Travel Ltd
Jo Malone
Joanna Goodbite
Joanna Terrace
Jobcentre Plus
Jocelyn Square
Jock Shaw Drive
Jock Stein
Jock Stein Sports Centre
Jograb Ventures
John Aiken Memorial Fountain
John Allan
John Bowers Hair
John Bowman Gardens
John Brannan Way
John Brannon Way
John Brown Place
John Browns
John Burnside Drive
John Deere Nairn Brown (Glasgow) Ltd
John Greig
John Hendry Photography​
John Hendry Road
John Knox Monument
John Knox Street
John Lang Street
John Lewis
John MacLean Memorial
John Marshall Drive
John Martin's Barber Shop
John Mcewan Way
John Muir Way
John Murray Court
John Neilson Avenue
John Ogilvie Crescent
John Paul Academy
John Paul II Primary School
John Robb & Son
John Smith Court
John Smith Gardens
John Smith Gate
John Smith Pool
John Stewart Jewellers
John Street
John Street (ML3 7EU)
John Struthers Boardwalk
John Witherspoon
John Wright Centre
John's Bar
John's Household Store
Johnsburn Drive
Johnsburn Road
Johnshaven Street
Johnson Drive
Johnston Avenue
Johnston Farm
Johnston Jewellers
Johnston Road
Johnston Street
Johnstone Avenue
Johnstone Baptist Church
Johnstone Bowling Club
Johnstone Castle
Johnstone Crescent
Johnstone Drive
Johnstone Fire Station
Johnstone High School
Johnstone Library
Johnstone Police Office
Johnstone Post Office
Johnstone Road
Johnstone Street
Johnstone Telephone Exchange
Johnstone Terrace
Johnstone Town Hall
Jojo Macs
JoJo Maman Bébé
Jolly Rogers Tattoo
Jonathan Harvey Funeral Directors
Jones Bootmaker
Jones Wynd
Jonquin Lane
Joppa Street
Jordan Motor Engineers
Jordan Place
Jordan Street
Jordanhill Bowling Club
Jordanhill Crescent
Jordanhill Drive
Jordanhill Lane
Jordanhill Parish Church
Jordanhill School
Jordanvale Avenue
Jowitt Avenue
Joy Bowl
J.P. Mackie
JP Stores
JPH Barber Shop
JPR Bathrooms
JR Volkswagen Centre
JT Rochead
Jubilee Bank
Jubilee Building - A&E
Jubilee Court
Jubilee Gardens
Jubilee Path
Jubilee Terrace
Juice Garden
Julian Avenue
Julian Court
Julian Lane
Julie Lamont
Julius Walk
Jumbo Chinese Takeaway
Juniper Court
Juniper Drive
Juniper Grove (ML3 7HQ)
Juniper Place
Juniper Road
Juniper Terrace
Juno Street
Jupiter Street
Jura Avenue
Jura Court
Jura Drive
Jura Gardens
Jura Place
Jura Quadrant
Jura Road
Jura Street
Jura Terrace
Jura Wynd
Jura Wynd (ML5 2)
Jurassic Park Minigolf
Just Hair
Just Jents
Just Moon
Just Tan It

K. Ali Newsagent
K. C. McKenna
K Park Training Academy
K Street Café
K&C Tyres
K&Z Halal Meat & Grocers
K-Woodlands HQ
K-Woodlands Info Board
Ka Pao
Kaf Coffee

kaf goods

Kaim Drive
Kam Wa Cuisine
Kama Sutra
Kandy Krunch
Kangaroo Self Storage
Kaplan Residences
Karol Path
Kasbah Street
Kashmir Avenue
Kateswell Drive
Katewell Avenue
Katewell Place
Katherine Park Lane
Katherine Street
Katrine Avenue
Katrine Crescent
Katrine Drive
Katrine Place
Katrine Place (ML5 2LP)
KATS Convenience Store
Kay Gardens
Kay Street
Kaya Tattoo
Kaystone Road
Keal Avenue
Keal Crescent
Keal Drive
Keal Place
Keane Path
Kear Campus
Kearn Avenue
Kearn Gardens
Kearn Place
Keats Park
Kebab City
Kebab Shop
Kebbuckston Place
Keen Grove
Keir Crescent
Keir Drive
Keir Hardie Avenue
Keir Hardie Court
Keir Hardie Drive
Keir Hardie Memorial Primary School
Keir Hardie Place
Keir Street
Keir's Walk
Keith Avenue
Keith Court
Keith Quadrant
Keith Street
Kelbourne Crescent
Kelbourne Park Primary School
Kelbourne Street
Kelburn Grove
Kelburn Street
Kelburne Cricket Club
Kelburne Drive
Kelburne Gardens
Kelburne Oval
Kelhead Avenue
Kelhead Drive
Kelhead Path
Kelhead Place
Kellie Grove
Kells Place
Kellts Barbers
Kellys Karpets
Kelso Avenue
Kelso Crescent
Kelso Drive
Kelso Gardens
Kelso Place
Kelso Quadrant
Kelso Street
Kelton Street
Kelvin Avenue
Kelvin Court
Kelvin Crescent
Kelvin Drive
Kelvin Gardens
Kelvin Hall
Kelvin Hall Cafe
Kelvin Hotel
Kelvin House
Kelvin Hydrodynamics Laboratory
Kelvin Pharmacy
Kelvin Place
Kelvin Road
Kelvin Road North
Kelvin Street
Kelvin Terrace
Kelvin Timber
Kelvin View
Kelvin Walkway
Kelvin Way
Kelvinbridge Roundabout
Kelvindale Buildings
Kelvindale Community Playpark
Kelvindale Court
Kelvindale Gardens
Kelvindale Place
Kelvindale Post Office
Kelvindale Primary School
Kelvindale Road
Kelvindale Road (G12 0)
Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum
Kelvingrove Bandstand
Kelvingrove Café
Kelvingrove Hotel
Kelvingrove Park Ranger Centre
Kelvingrove Skatepark
Kelvingrove Store
Kelvingrove Street
Kelvinhaugh Gate
Kelvinhaugh Place
Kelvinhaugh Primary School
Kelvinhaugh Street
Kelvinside Academy
Kelvinside Avenue
Kelvinside Drive
Kelvinside Gardens
Kelvinside Gardens East
Kelvinside Gardens Lane
Kelvinside Grove
Kelvinside Hillhead Parish Church
Kelvinside Memorial Church
Kelvinside Terrace South
Kelvinside Terrace West
Kely Hair Studio
Kember & Jones
Kemp Avenue
Kemp Court
Kemp Street
Kempsthorn Crescent
Kempsthorn Place
Kempsthorn Road
Kendal Avenue
Kendal Drive
Kendoon Avenue
Kenilburn Avenue
Kenilburn Crescent
Kenilworth Avenue
Kenilworth Court
Kenilworth Crescent
Kenilworth Drive
Kenilworth Road
Kenley Place
Kenley Road
Kenley Way
Kenmar Gardens
Kenmar Road
Kenmar Terrace
Kenmore Gardens
Kenmore Road
Kenmore Street
Kenmore Way
Kenmuir Avenue
Kenmuir Road
Kenmuir Street
Kenmuiraid Place
Kenmuirhill Gardens
Kenmuirhill Gate
Kenmuirhill Road
Kenmure Avenue
Kenmure Crescent
Kenmure Drive
Kenmure Gardens
Kenmure Lane
Kenmure Road
Kenmure Street
Kenmure Way
Kennedar Drive
Kennedy Avenue
Kennedy Drive
Kennedy Gardens
Kennedy Hairstylist
Kennedy Path
Kennedy Street
Kennelburn Road
Kenneth Road
Kennihill Quadrant
Kennishead Avenue
Kennishead Farm
Kennishead Place
Kennishead Road
Kennisholm Avenue
Kennoway Crescent
Kennoway Drive
Kenny's Music
Kennyhill Square
Kensington Court
Kensington Drive
Kensington Gate
Kensington Gate Lane
Kensington Hair Spa & Blow Bar
Kensington Place
Kensington Road
Kent Drive
Kent Road
Kent Street
Kentallen Road
Kentigern Terrace
Kentmere Close
Kentmere Drive
Kentmere Place
Keppel Drive
Keppoch Campus.
Keppoch Nursery
Keppoch Street
Keppochhill Drive
Keppochhill Place
Keppochhill Road
Keppochhill Way
Ker Road
Kerfield Place
Kerr Crescent
Kerr Drive
Kerr Gardens
Kerr Place
Kerr Street
Kerrera Drive
Kerrera Place
Kerrera Road
Kerry Grove
Kerry Place
Kerrycroy Avenue
Kerrycroy Place
Kerrycroy Street
Kerrylamont Avenue
Kershaw Street
Kersland Drive
Kersland Lane
Kersland School
Kersland Street
Kesh Place
Kessington Drive
Kessington Farm Way
Kessington Road
Kessington Square
Kessock Drive
Kessock Place
Kestrel Court
Kestrel Place
Kestrel Road
Kestrel View
Kestrel Wynd
Kethers Lane
Kethers Street
Kettlehill Farm
Kevan Scott, Jeweller and Goldsmith
Kew Gardens
Kew Lane
Kew Terrace
Key Store
Keys Galore
Keystone Avenue
Keystone Quadrant
Keystone Road
KeyStore Baldwin Avenue
Keystore Express
KeyStore Express
KFC Drive Thru
KG Coffee Shop
Khan Superstore
Khazra Central Mosque
Kibble Education & Care Centre
Kick Pitch
Kids around
Kidston Place
Kidston Terrace
Kierhill Playing Fields
Kierhill Road
KIKO Milano
Kilbarchan Road
Kilbarchan Street
Kilbeg Terrace
Kilberry Street
Kilbirnie Place
Kilbirnie Street
Kilbowie Cemetery
Kilbowie Place
Kilbowie Primary School
Kilbowie Road
Kilbowie Roundabout
Kilbreck Gardens
Kilbrennan Drive
Kilbrennan Road
Kilbride Hospice
Kilbride Terrace
Kilbride View
Kilburn Grove
Kilburn Place
Kilcarty Drive
Kilchattan Drive
Kilchoan Road
Kilcloy Avenue
Kildale Way
Kildare Place
Kildary Avenue
Kildary Road
Kildermorie Place
Kildermorie Road
Kildonan Court
Kildonan Drive
Kildonan Place
Kildonan Street
Kildrostan Street
Kildrum Primary School
Kildrum Road
Kildrum Roundabout
Kildrummy Drive
Kildrummy Place
Kilearn Road
Kilearn Way
Kilfinan Street
Kilgarth Drive
Kilgarth Road
Kilgarth Street
Kilhurn Grove
Kilkeel Avenue
Kilkerran Court
Kilkerran Drive
Kilkerran Park
Kilkerran Way
Killean Crescent
Killearn Crescent
Killearn Drive
Killearn Square
Killearn Street
Killearn Way
Killermont Avenue
Killermont Bridge
Killermont House
Killermont Meadows
Killermont Parish Church
Killermont Primary School
Killermont Road
Killermont Street
Killermont View
Killiegrew Road
Killin Court
Killin Drive
Killin Street
Killoch Avenue
Killoch Drive
Killoch Glen
Killoch Lane
Killoch Road
Killoch Way
Kilmailing Road
Kilmair Place
Kilmaluag Terrace
Kilmany Drive
Kilmany Gardens
Kilmardinny Avenue
Kilmardinny Crescent
Kilmardinny Drive
Kilmardinny Gate
Kilmardinny Grove
Kilmari Gardens
Kilmarnock Road
Kilmartin Place
Kilmaurs Drive
Kilmaurs Street
Kilmeny Crescent
Kilmichael Avenue
Kilmore Crescent
Kilmore Grove (ML5 4)
Kilmorie Drive
Kilmory Avenue
Kilmory Drive
Kilmuir Close
Kilmuir Crescent
Kilmuir Drive
Kilmuir Road
Kilmun Street
Kilmurry & Co
Kilnburn Road
Kilncroft Lane
Kilncroft Mews
Kilnside Lane
Kilnside Road
Kilnwell Quadrant
Kiloran Gardens
Kiloran Grove
Kiloran Place
Kiloran Street
Kilpatrick Avenue
Kilpatrick Braes
Kilpatrick Court
Kilpatrick Crescent
Kilpatrick Drive
Kilpatrick Gardens
Kilpatrick Hills
Kilpatrick School
Kilpatrick Way
Kilsyth Road
Kiltarie Crescent
Kiltearn Road
Kilts & Cashmere
Kilty Kilty
Kilvaxter Drive
Kilwinning Crescent
Kilwynet Way
Kimberley Gardens
Kimberley Street
Kimchi Cult
Kinalty Road
Kinarvie Crescent
Kinarvie Gardens
Kinarvie Place
Kinarvie Road
Kinarvie Terrace
Kinbuck Street
Kincaid Field
Kincaid Gardens
Kincaid House Hotel
Kincardine Drive
Kincardine Place
Kincardine Square
Kincath Avenue
Kinclaven Avenue
Kinclaven Gardens
Kinclaven Place
Kincraig Street
Kinder Handl
Kinellan Road
Kinellar Drive
Kinfauns Drive
King Court
King Edward Lane
King Edward Road
King George Court
King George Gardens
King George Park Avenue
King George Place
King George V Memorial Playing Fields
King George Way
King George's Field
King Henry's Knowe
King of Bling
King Place
King Street
King's Avenue
King's Bridge
King's Crescent
King's Drive
King's Gardens
King's Inch Drive
King's Inch Road
King's Inch Way
King's Lodge
King's Park
King's Park Avenue
King's Park Primary School
King's Park Road
King's Park Secondary School
King's Place
King's Road
Kingarth Lane
Kingarth Street
Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses
Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses
Kingfisher Avenue
Kingfisher Bridge
Kingfisher Court
Kingfisher Crescent
Kingfisher Drive
Kingfisher Road
Kinghorn Drive
Kinglas Court
Kinglas Road
Kings Crescent
Kings Drive
Kings Inch Place
Kings Lounge Shisha Bar
Kings Park
Kings Park Convenience Store
Kings Park Diner Cafe & Takeaway
Kings Park Lane
Kings Park Off Sales
Kings View
Kingsacre Road
Kingsbarns Drive
Kingsborough Gardens
Kingsborough Gate
Kingsborough Lane
Kingsborough Lane East
Kingsbrae Avenue
Kingsbridge Crescent
Kingsbridge Drive
Kingsburgh Drive
Kingsburn Drive
Kingsburn Grove
Kingscliffe Avenue
Kingscourt Avenue
Kingsdale Avenue
Kingsdyke Avenue
Kingsford Avenue
Kingsford Court
Kingsheath Avenue
Kingshill Avenue
Kingshill Cottages
Kingshill Drive
Kingshouse Avenue
Kingshurst Avenue
Kingsknowe Drive
Kingsland Crescent
Kingsland Drive
Kingsland Lane
Kingsland View
Kingsley Avenue
Kingsley Court
Kingslynn Drive
Kingslynn Lane
Kingsmuir Drive
Kingspark Mews
Kingston Avenue
Kingston Grove
Kingston Place
Kingston Road
Kingston Street
Kingsway Court
Kingsway Gardens
Kingsway Service Station
Kingswood Drive
Kingswood Road
Kingussie Drive
Kiniver Drive
Kinkell Gardens
Kinloch Avenue
Kinloch Drive
Kinloch Road
Kinloch Street
Kinloss Place
Kinmount Avenue
Kinmount Lane
Kinnaird AVenue
Kinnaird Crescent
Kinnaird Drive
Kinnaird Place
Kinnear Road
Kinneil Place
Kinnell Avenue
Kinnell Crescent
Kinnell Place
Kinnell Square
Kinning Park
Kinning Park Complex
Kinning Park Convenience Store
Kinning Park Parish Church
Kinning Park Treatment Works
Kinning Perk Coffee House
Kinning Street
Kinnoul Gardens
Kinnoul Lane
Kinnoull Place
Kinpurnie Road
Kinross Avenue
Kinross Park
Kinsail Drive
Kinsbridge Park Gardens
Kinstone Avenue
Kintail Gardens
Kintessack Place
Kintillo Drive
Kintore Park
Kintore Road
Kintra Street
Kintyre Avenue
Kintyre Crescent
Kintyre Crescent (ML5 5)
Kintyre Drive
Kintyre Gardens
Kintyre House
Kintyre Road
Kintyre Street
Kipland Walk
Kippen Drive
Kippen Street
Kippford Place
Kippford Row
Kippford Street
Kippford Terrace
Kippford Way
Kipps Avenue
Kipps Farm
Kirby Gardens
Kirk Crescent
Kirk Glebe
Kirk Lane
Kirk Place
Kirk Road
Kirk Street
Kirkaig Avenue
Kirkandrews Place
Kirkbean Avenue
Kirkbriggs Primary School
Kirkburn Avenue
Kirkcaldy Road
Kirkconnel Avenue
Kirkconnel Drive
Kirkconnel Road
Kirkcudbright Place
Kirkdale Drive
Kirkdene Avenue
Kirkdene Bank
Kirkdene Crescent
Kirkdene Grove
Kirkdene Place
Kirkfield Bank Way
Kirkfield Gardens
Kirkfield Road
Kirkford Road
Kirkhall Road
Kirkhaven Church Hall
Kirkhill Avenue
Kirkhill Bowling Club
Kirkhill Crescent
Kirkhill Drive
Kirkhill Gardens
Kirkhill Gate
Kirkhill Golf Course
Kirkhill Grove
Kirkhill House
Kirkhill Place
Kirkhill Primary School
Kirkhill Road
Kirkhill Street
Kirkhill Terrace
Kirkhope Drive
Kirkinner Road
Kirkintilloch Baptist Church
Kirkintilloch Fire Station
Kirkintilloch Golf Club
Kirkintilloch High School
Kirkintilloch Leisure Centre
Kirkintilloch Police Station
Kirkintilloch Post Office
Kirkintilloch Road
Kirkintilloch Roman fort
Kirkintilloch Telephone Exchange
Kirkintilloch Town Hall
Kirkland Grove
Kirkland Street
Kirklandneuk Playing Fields
Kirklandneuk Post Office
Kirklandneuk Primary School
Kirklandneuk Road
Kirklands Crescent
Kirklands Drive
Kirklands Hospital
Kirklands Place
Kirklands Road
Kirkle Drive
Kirklea Gardens
Kirklee Bridge
Kirklee Circus
Kirklee Gardens
Kirklee Gardens Lane
Kirklee Gate
Kirklee Place
Kirklee Quadrant
Kirklee Quadrant Lane
Kirklee Road
Kirklee Terrace
Kirklee Terrace Lane
Kirkliston Street
Kirkmaiden Way
Kirkmichael Avenue
Kirkmichael Gardens
Kirkmuir Drive
Kirkness Street
Kirknewton Street
Kirkoswald Drive
Kirkoswald Road
Kirkpatrick Drive
Kirkpatrick Street
Kirkriggs Avenue
Kirkriggs Gardens
Kirkriggs View
Kirkriggs Way
Kirks 2
Kirkshaw Court
Kirkshaws Avenue
Kirkshaws Club
Kirkshaws Place
Kirkshaws Primary School
Kirkshaws Road
Kirkstall Gardens
Kirkstone Close
Kirkstyle Crescent
Kirkstyle Lane
Kirkstyle Place
Kirksyde Avenue
Kirkton Avenue
Kirkton Crescent
Kirkton Gate
Kirkton Mill
Kirkton Park
Kirkton Place
Kirkton Road
Kirkton View Play Park
Kirktonfield Crescent
Kirktonfield Drive
Kirktonfield Place
Kirktonfield Road
Kirktonholme Gardens
Kirktonholme Mains
Kirktonholme Primary School
Kirktonholme Road
Kirkvale Court
Kirkvale Crescent
Kirkvale Drive
Kirkview Avenue
Kirkview Court
Kirkview Crescent
Kirkview Gardens
Kirkville Place
Kirkwall Avenue
Kirkwell Road
Kirkwood Avenue
Kirkwood Place
Kirkwood Road
Kirkwood Street
Kirky Bazar1
Kirky Puffer
Kirn Street
Kirriemuir Avenue
Kirriemuir Circle
Kirriemuir Gardens
Kirriemuir Place
Kirriemuir Road
Kirtle Drive
Kirtle Place
Kirtonholme Crescent
Kiru’s Off Sales
Kishorn Place
Kiss & Make-Up
Kitchen Architect
Kitchener Street
Kitchens International
Kittoch Bridge
Kittoch Place
Kittoch Street
Kittoch Valley Walkway
Kittochside Farm
Kittochside Road
Kittochside Village
Kitty O'Shea's
Klanorian's Freight Forwarders
Klassicks Motor Company
Klondike Court
KMT Car Group
Knapdale Street
Knight's Rest Guest House Scotland
Knights Gate
Knights Grove
Knightsbridge Street
Knightscliff Temple Credit Union
Knightscliffe Avenue
Knightswood Anniesland Trinity Church
Knightswood Baptist Church
Knightswood Church
Knightswood Congregational Church
Knightswood Court
Knightswood Fire Station
Knightswood Free Church of Scotland (continuing)
Knightswood Golf Course
Knightswood Inn
Knightswood Library
Knightswood Park Tennis
Knightswood Pitch & Putt
Knightswood Post Office
Knightswood Primary School
Knightswood Road
Knightswood Secondary School
Knightswood St Margaret's Parish Church
Knightswood Terrace
Knivysbridge Place
Knock Drive
Knock Way
Knockburnie Road
Knockhill Drive
Knockhill Lane
Knockhill Road
Knockhorn Lane
Knockmilly Place
Knockside Avenue
Knollpark Drive
Knowe Crescent
Knowe Road
Knowe Street
Knowehead Cottage
Knowehead Drive
Knowehead Gardens
Knowehead Road
Knowehead Terrace
Knowenoble Street
Knowes Avenue
Knowes Road
Knowes View
Knowetap Street
Knowetop Avenue
Knowetop Primary School
Knox Place
Knox Street
Koelschip Yard
Koh-I-Noor - Indian
Koh-I-Noor Restaurant
Koivisto Guitars & Repair
Kolor King
Kool Ba
Krazy Kutz
Krispy Kreme
KS Barbers
Kuala Lumpur Lane
Kuechen Harmonie
Kuldrum Parish Church
Kurdish Kobane
Kurdish Schwarma
Kurdish Style
Kurdistan supermarket
Kurry Korner
Kurry Lounge
KVN barbers
Kwik Fit
Kyle Court
Kyle Drive
Kyle Grove
Kyle Place
Kyle Quadrant
Kyle Road
Kyle Square
Kyle Street
Kyle Wynd
Kyleakin Drive
Kyleakin Road
Kyleakin Terrace
Kylemore Crescent
Kylemore Crescent Post Office
Kylepark Avenue
Kylepark Crescent
Kylepark Drive
Kylerhea Road
KZ Hair

La Belle Allee
La Belle Laundrette
La Belle Place

la bianca

La Bodega
La Bonne Auberge
La Bronze
La Cala
La Casa del Caffe
La Contrada
La Crosse Terrace
La Dolce Vita
La Fiorentina
La Gelatessa - Gelato & Coffee
La Lanterna
La Laterna West End
La Parada
La Pasionaria
La Pastina Deli
La Riviera
La Ronde
La Rotunda
La Rouge
La Vita
La Vita Spuntini
Laberge Gardens
Laboratorio Espresso
Laburnum Avenue
Laburnum Crescent
Laburnum Gardens
Laburnum Grove
Laburnum Lea
Laburnum Place
Laburnum Road
Lachlan Crescent
Lacy Street
Lade Terrace
Ladeside Close
Ladeside Drive
Ladhope Place
Lady Ann Crescent
Lady Anne Street
Lady Bells Moss
Lady G
Lady Glen Avenue
Lady Glen Crescent (G77 6UB)
Lady Isle Crescent
Lady Jane Gate
Lady Jolly Court
Lady Lane
Lady Mary Walk (ML3 7NY)
Lady Nancy Crescent
Lady Watson Gardens
Lady Wilson Street
Ladyacres Way
Ladybank Court
Ladybank Drive
Ladybank Gardens
Ladybank Place
Ladyburn Street
Ladyhill Drive
Ladykirk Crescent
Ladykirk Drive
Ladykirk Way
Ladyloan Avenue
Ladyloan Court
Ladyloan Gardens
Ladyloan Grove
Ladyloan Place
Ladymuir Circle
Ladymuir Crescent
Ladysmith Street
Ladywell Business Centre
Ladywell Primary School
Ladywell Quarry Scarp
Ladywell Road
Ladywell School
Ladywell Street
Lagavulin Road
Laggan Quadrant
Laggan Road
Laggan Terrace
Lagom Kitchen
Lagos Lane
Laguna Wynd
Laidlaw Avenue
Laidlaw Gardens
Laidlaw Service Station
Laidlaw Street
Laidon Road
Laigh Bent Playing Fields
Laigh Park View
Laigh Road
Laighcartside Street
Laighlands Road
Laighlyoch fail dyke enclosure
Laighlyoch Farm (ruins)
Laighmuir Street
Laighpark Avenue
Laighstonehall Road
Laightoun Court
Laightoun Drive
Laightoun Gardens
Lainshaw Drive
Laird Grove
Laird Place
Laird Street
Lairds Gate
Lairds Hill
Lairdsland Primary School
Lairg Drive
Lairg View
Lairhills Road
Lamb Street
Lamberton Drive
Lambhill Bridge
Lambhill News Agent and Takeway
Lambhill Post Office
Lambhill Quadrant
Lambhill Street
Lambie Avenue
Lambie Crescent
Lambourne Crescent
Lamerton Road
Lamington Road
Lamlash Crescent
Lamlash Place
Lamlash Square
Lammermoor Avenue
Lammermoor Crescent
Lammermoor Drive
Lammermoor Gardens
Lammermoor Place
Lammermoor Road
Lammermoor Terrace
Lammermuir Court
Lammermuir Drive
Lammermuir Gardens
Lammermuir Way
Lamont Avenue
Lamont Road
Lampmaker Dr
Lanark Avenue
Lanark Road
Lanark Street
Lanarkshire Association for Mental Health
Lanarkshire Credit Union
Lanarkshire Hydroponics
Lancaster Avenue
Lancaster Crescent
Lancaster Crescent Lane
Lancaster Road
Lancaster Terrace
Lancaster Terrace Lane
Lancaster Way
Lancefield Quay
Lancefield Street
Land Rover
Landemer Drive
Landemer Gait
Landressy Place
Landressy Street
Landscape Gardeners Glasgow
Landsdowne Gardens
Landsdowne Gardens (ML3 7DH)
Lanfine Drive
Lanfine Road
Lang Avenue
Lang Place
Lang Street
Langa Street
Langbank Farm
Langbank Holdings
Langbank Street
Langbar Crescent
Langbar Gardens
Langbyres Road
Langcraigs Court
Langcraigs Drive
Langcraigs Primary School
Langcraigs Terrace
Langcroft Avenue
Langcroft Drive
Langcroft Park
Langcroft Place
Langcroft Road
Langcroft Terrace
Langdale Avenue
Langdale Road
Langdale Street
Langdales Avenue
Langfaulds Crescent
Langfaulds Farm
Langfaulds Primary School
Langfaulds Roundabout
Langford Drive
Langford Place
Langhaul Avenue
Langhaul Court
Langhaul Place
Langhaul Road
Langhill Drive
Langholm Court
Langholm Crescent
Langholm Drive
Langlade Road
Langlands Avenue
Langlands Court
Langlands Drive
Langlands Place
Langlands Road
Langlea Avenue
Langlea Court
Langlea Drive
Langlea Gardens
Langlea Grove
Langlea Road
Langlea Way
Langlees Avenue
Langley Avenue
Langloan Crescent
Langloan Place
Langloan Primary School
Langloan Street
Langlook Crescent
Langlook Place
Langlook Road
Langmuir Avenue
Langmuir Road
Langmuir Road (G69)
Langmuir Way (G69)
Langmuirhead Road
Langness Road
Langoreth Avenue
Langrig Road
Langshot Street
Langside Avenue
Langside Cafe
Langside Court
Langside Drive
Langside Gardens
Langside Lane
Langside Library
Langside Parish Church
Langside Parish Church Orchard
Langside Pharmacy
Langside Place
Langside Primary School
Langside Road
Langside Street
Langside Synagogue
Langside Telephone Exchange
Langstile Place
Langstile Road
Langton Cottage
Langton Crescent
Langton Gardens
Langton Gate
Langton Lee
Langton Place
Langton Road
Langtree Avenue
Lanrig PLace
Lanrig Road
Lansbury Gardens
Lansdowne Bar & Kitchen
Lansdowne Crescent
Lansdowne Crescent Lane
Lantana Grove
Lanton Drive
Lanton Path
Lanton Road
Lappin Street
Lapsley Avenue
Lapwing Avenue
Lapwing Crescent
Lapwing Drvie
Lapwing Road
Larbert Street
Larch Avenue
Larch Close
Larch Court
Larch Crescent
Larch Gait
Larch Grove
Larch Grove (ML3 7NF)
Larch Place
Larch Road
Larch Square
Larchfield Avenue
Larchfield Court
Larchfield Crescent
Larchfield Drive
Larchfield Gardens
Larchfield Grove
Larchfield Place
Larchfield Road
Larchgrove Avenue
Larchgrove Place
Larchgrove Road
Larchwood Terrace
Largie Road
Largo Lane
Largo Place
Larid & McMillan (Dignity)
Lark Way
Larkfield Centre
Larkfield Court
Larkfield Drive
Larkfield Gate
Larkfield Road
Larkfield Street
Larkhall Circuit
Larkin Gardens
Larkin Way
Larkspur Drive
Larkspur Place
Larocca Lane
Las Iguanas
Lascar Place
Lashley Grove
Lasswade Street
LaTeaDOH Food - Shop - Coffee
Latherton Drive
Latimer Court
Latimer Gardens
Latimer Path
Lauchlin Place
Lauchope Road
Lauchope Street
Lauder Court
Lauder Crescent
Lauder Drive
Lauder Gardens
Lauder Green
Lauder Lane
Lauder Street
Lauderdale Drive
Lauderdale Gardens
Lauderdale Lane
Laughland Drive
Laundrette Revolution
Laundry Express
Laundry Hut
Laundry Lane
Lauranne Place
Laurel Avenue
Laurel Bank
Laurel Court
Laurel Drive
Laurel Gait
Laurel Gardens
Laurel Grove
Laurel Lane
Laurel Park Close
Laurel Park Gardens
Laurel Place
Laurel Street
Laurel Way
Laurel Wynd
Laurelbank Road
Lauren View
Lauren Way
Laurence Court
Laurence Drive
Laurence Gardens
Laurie Ross
Laurieston Crescent
Laurieston Road
Laurieston Way
Lauriestone Place
Lauriston Grove
Lavelle Drive (ML5)
Lavendar Garden
Lavender Blue
Lavender Court
Lavender Crescent
Lavender Drive
Lavender Street
Laverock Avenue (ML3 7DD)
Laverock Road
Laverock Terrace
Laverockhall Street
Law Bowling Club
Law Christian Fellowship
Law Drive
Law Farm
Law Gospel Hall
Law Hospital (site of)
Law Knowe (Neolithic & Bronze Age burial monument)
Law Knowes (Bronze Age)
Law Parish Church
Law Place
Law Post Office
Law Roundabout
Law Street
Law View
Lawers Drive
Lawers Road
Lawfield Avenue
Lawhill Avenue
Lawhill Road
Lawhope Mill Road
Lawknowe Court
Lawknowes Gardens
Lawmoor Road
Lawmoor Street
Lawmope Mill Road
Lawmuir Crescent
Lawmuir Farm
Lawmuir Place
Lawmuir Primary School
Lawmuir Road
Lawn Park
Lawn Street
Lawrence Avenue
Lawrence Street
Lawrie Place
Lawrie Street
Lawson Avenue
Lawst Coffee
Lawweir Road
Laxford Avenue
Laxford Place
Laxford Road
Laxton Drive
Lay Tea
Laymoor Avenue
Laymoor Drive
Laymoor Gardens
Laymoor Place
Laymoor Square
Laymoor Walk
Laymoor Way
Le Froy Gardens
Le Froy Lane
Le Petit Coq
Lea Avenue
Lea Rig
Leabank Avenue
Lead Church
Leadburn Road
Leadburn Street
Leader Street
Leaend Road
Leander Crescent
Learigg Road
Learmont Place
Leathem Place
Leathen Place
Leather by Morgan
Leckethill Avenue
Leckethill Court
Leckethill Place
Leckethill View
Leckie Court
Leckie Drive
Leckie Street
Ledaig Place
Ledaig Street
Ledard Road
Ledcameroch Crescent
Ledcameroch Park
Ledcameroch Road
Leddy's Walk
Ledgowan Place
Ledi Drive
Ledi Road
Ledmore Drive
Lednock Road
Ledvinka Crescent
Lee Avenue
Lee Crescent
Lee Palace
Lee Place
Lee's Court
Lee's Diner - Home Made Food
Lee's Place
Leebank Drive
Leechlee Road
Leechman Gardens
Leefield Drive
Leehill Road
Lees Burn Court
Leesburn Place
Leeside Road
Leeward Circle
Leewood Drive
Lefroy Street
Legbrannock Avenue
Legbrannock Crescent
Legbrannock Farm
Legbrannock Road
Legends Bar
Leggate Way
Leggatston Avenue
Leggatston Drive
Leggatston Place
Leggatston Road
Leglen Wood Crescent
Leglen Wood Drive
Leglen Wood Gardens
Leglen Wood Place
Leglen Wood Road
Leicester Avenue
Leighton Court
Leighton Street
Leishman Place
Leitchland Road
Leith Street
Leithland Avenue
Leithland Road
Leithland Road Post Office
Lembert Drive
Lemon Tree
Len's Self Storage
Lendal Place
Lendale Lane
Lendalfoot Gardens
Lendel Place
Lenihall Drive
Lenihall Terrace
Lennon Butchers
Lennox Avenue
Lennox Crescent
Lennox Drive
Lennox Gardens
Lennox Gate
Lennox House
Lennox Lane East
Lennox Lane West
Lennox Place
Lennox Road
Lennox Street
Lennox Terrace
Lentran Street
Leny Street
Lenzie Academy
Lenzie Bowling Club
Lenzie Car Services
Lenzie Gate
Lenzie Library
Lenzie Meadow Primary School
Lenzie Moss Nature Reserve
Lenzie Old Parish
Lenzie Osteopathic Clinic
Lenzie Place
Lenzie Road
Lenzie Rugby Football Club
Lenzie Street
Lenzie Tennis Club
Lenzie Terrace
Lenzie Union Parish Church
Lenzie Way (G21 3TB)
Lenziemill Road
Leo's Quick Save
Leonard Grove
Leonardo Hotel Glasgow - Formerly Jurys Inn
Leonardo Inn Hotel Glasgow West End
Lesley Quadrant
Leslie Avenue
Leslie Road
Leslie Street
Lesmuir Drive
Lesmuir Place
Let's Wok 'n' Roll
Letham Court
Letham Drive
Letham Oval
Letham Road
Lethamhill Crescent
Lethamhill Golf Course
Lethamhill Place
Lethamhill Road
Lethbridge Place
Letherby Drive
Letheron Drive
Lethington Avenue
Lethington Place
Lethington Road
Lethington Tower
Lets Eat
Letterfearn Drive
Letterfearn Road
Letterickhills Crescent
Lettuce Catering
Lettuce Eat
Level 11 Coffee
Leven Avenue
Leven Court
Leven Drive
Leven Place
Leven Quadrant
Leven Road
Leven Road (ML5 2)
Leven Square
Leven Street
Leven Terrace
Leven Valley
Leven Way
Levern Bridge Court
Levern Bridge Grove
Levern Bridge Place
Levern Bridge Road
Levern Bridge Way
Levern Crescent
Levern Gardens
Levern Grove Court
Levern Hall
Levern Walkway
Levern Way
Leverndale Court
Leverndale Road
Levernside Avenue
Levernside Crescent
Levernside Road
Levernside/West Arthurlie
Lewis Avenue
Lewis Crescent
Lewis Drive
Lewis Gardens
Lewis Grove
Lewis Place
Lewis Street
Lewiston Drive
Lewiston Place
Lewiston Road
Lexwell Avenue
Leyden Court
Leyden Gardens
Leyden Street
Leyland Avenue
Leyland Road
Leyland Wynd
Leys Park
LG Pharmacy
Li Hua
Liam's Lane
Liath Avenue
Liath Dub
Libberton Way
Libellula Boutique
Liber8 Health and Leisure
Liberton Street
Liberty Avenue (G69)
Liberty Road
Libo Avenue
Libo Place
Library at GoMA
Library Gardens
Library Lane
Library Road
Liby Liby
Lickprivick Road
Liddel Road
Liddell Grove
Liddell Street
Liddell's Court
Liddesdale Avenue
Liddesdale Pharmacy
Liddesdale Place
Liddesdale Road
Liddesdale Square
Liddesdale Terrace
Liddoch Way
Life Store
Lifestyle Express
Lifestyle express
Lifestyle Express
Lifestyle groceries
Liff Gardens
Liff Place
Lightburn ELC
Lightburn Hospital
Lightburn Place
Lightburn Road
Lighting World
Lilac Avenue
Lilac Crescent
Lilac Gardens
Lilac Grove
Lilac Hill (ML3 7HG)
Lilac Place
Lilac Wynd
Lilias Centre
Lillieleaf Drive
Lilly's Chinese Take Away
Lillyburn Place
Lillyloch Gardens
Lily Close
Lily Gardens
Lily Street
Lily's Cuisine
Lily's House of Beauty
Lilybank Avenue
Lilybank Gardens
Lilybank Gardens Lane
Lilybank Lane
Lilybank Road
Lilybank Street
Lilybank Terrace
Lilybank Terrace Lane
Lilybank Wynd
Lilyburn Care Home
Lim's Oriental Groceries
Lime Avenue
Lime Crescent
Lime Grove
Lime Kiln
Lime Lane
Lime Place
Lime Street
Lime Tree Lane
Limecraigs Avenue
Limecraigs Crescent
Limecraigs Road
Limegrove Street
Limekilns Drive
Limekilns Road
Limekilns Street
Limelands Quadrant
Limeside Avenue
Limeside Gardens

limestone quarry (disused)

Limetree Avenue
Limetree Court
Limetree Crescent
Limetree Drive
Limetree Quadrant
Limeview Avenue
Limeview Crescent
Limeview Road
Limeview Way
Limewood Place (G69)
Limitless Coffee House
Linacre Drive
Linacre Gardens
Linburn Academy
Linburn Place
Linburn Road
Linclive Roundabout
Lincoln Avenue
Lincoln Court
Lincoln Path
Lincuan Avenue
Lind Place
Linda Janes
Linda's Kitchen
Lindean Drive
Linden Avenue
Linden Drive
Linden Lea
Linden Place
Linden Street
Lindores Avenue
Lindores Drive
Lindores Drive Local Shops
Lindores Place
Lindores Street
Lindrick Drive
Lindsay Court
Lindsay Drive
Lindsay Grove
Lindsay House
Lindsay Place
Lindsay Road
Lindsaybeg Court
Lindsaybeg Lane
Lindsaybeg Road
Lindum Crescent
Lindum Street
Linenfields Pointer
Linfern Road
Ling Place
Linghope Place
Lingley Avenue
Linhope Place
Links Café
Links Road
Linksview Road
Linkwood Avenue
Linkwood Crescent
Linkwood Drive (G15 7TU)
Linkwood Gardens
Linkwood Grove
Linkwood Place
Linkwood Road
Linlithgow Gardens
Linlithgow Place
Linn Brae
Linn Crescent
Linn Drive
Linn Gardens
Linn Gate
Linn Park Gardens
Linn Park Golf Course
Linn Pre-School Assessment and Development Centre
Linn Valley View
Linndale Drive
Linndale Gardens
Linndale Grove
Linndale Oval
Linndale Road
Linndale Way
Linnet Drive
Linnet Place
Linnet Road
Linnet Way
Linnhe Avenue
Linnhe Crescent
Linnhe Drive
Linnhe Place
Linnhead Drive
Linnhead Place
Linnpark Avenue
Linnvale Primary School
Linnview Avenue
Linnview Court
Linnview Drive
Linnwell Crescent
Linrigg Road
Linside Avenue
Lint Coble Nature Trail
Lint Mill Road
Lint Mill Way
Lintfield Loan
Linthaugh Nursery School
Linthaugh Road
Linthaugh Terrace
Linthouse Buildings
Linthouse Drive
Linthouse Housing Association
Linthouse Road
Lintie Road
Lintlaw Drive
Lintmill Terrace
Linton Place
Linton Street
Linwood Avenue
Linwood Court
Linwood High School
Linwood Road
Linwood Sports Centre
Linwood Terrace
Linzi's Luscious Locks
Lion and Star
Lion Bank
Lion Mews
Lipton Gardens
Liquor Barn
Liquor City
Liquor Direct
Lisa Hair Studio
Lisa O'Brien
Lismore Avenue
Lismore Drive
Lismore Drive (ML5 5)
Lismore Hill
Lismore Place
Lismore Road
Lister Building
Lister Gardens
Lister House
Lister Place
Lister Road
Lister Street
Lister Street Bowls
Lister Way
Lithgow Avenue
Lithgow Crescent
Lithgow Drive
Lithgow Place
Little Angels
Little Balvie
Little Curry House
Little Dovehill
Little Dripps Cottage
Little Drum Road
Little Drumgray Wynd
Little Earnock
Little Fishes Nursery
Little India
Little Italy
Little John Gardens
Little Learner´s Nursery
Little Mill Court
Little Mill Lane
Little Mill Place
Little Red Riding Hood
Little Royal Cafe
Little Sisters of the Poor. St Joseph's
Little Steak House
Little Street
Little Toasties
Little VIPs
Little's Barbers
Little's Funeral Service
Littlehill Golf Course
Littlehill Street
Littleholm Place
Littlemill Avenue
Littlemill Crescent
Littlemill Drive
Littlemill Gardens
Littlemill Way
Littleston Gardens
Littleton Drive
Littleton Park
Littleton Street


Livingston Drive
LIvingston Drive
Livingston Lane
Livingstone Avenue
Livingstone Boulevard
Livingstone Crescent
Livingstone Drive
Livingstone Place
Livingstone Street
LLoyd Avenue
Lloyd Court
Lloyd Drive
Lloyd Street
Lloyd's Pharmacy
Lloyds Street
Loanbank Place
Loanbank Quadrant
Loancroft Avenue
Loancroft Gardens
Loancroft Gate
Loancroft Place
Loanfoot Avenue
Loanfoot Road
Loanhead Avenue
Loanhead Crescent
Loanhead Lane
Loanhead Road
Loanhead Street
Lobnitz Avenue
Local Shop
Local Store
Locavore CIC, Leftfield community market garden
Loch Achray Gardens
Loch Achray Street
Loch Assynt
Loch Awe
Loch Awe Place
Loch Brora Crescent
Loch Drumpellier Visitor Centre
Loch Fyne
Loch Goil
Loch Grove
Loch Hill
Loch Laidon Street
Loch Laxford
Loch Lea
Loch Long
Loch Loyal
Loch Maree
Loch Meadie
Loch Naver
Loch Park
Loch Primary School
Loch Road
Loch Shin
Loch Street
Loch Striven
Loch Torridon
Loch View
Loch View Golf Course
Loch Voil Street
Loch Way
Lochaber Drive
Lochaber Place
Lochaber Road
Lochaline Avenue
Lochaline Drive
Lochalsh Drive
Lochalsh Place
Lochan Path
Lochan Way
Lochar Crescent
Lochar Place
Lochard Drive
Lochay Street
Lochbrae Drive
Lochbridge Road
Lochbroom Court
Lochbroom Drive
Lochbuie Lane
Lochburn Crescent
Lochburn Gardens
Lochburn Gate
Lochburn Pass
Lochburn Road
Lochdochart Gardens
Lochdochart Road
Lochearn Crescent
Lochearnhead Road
Lochearnhead Road / Dunalastair Drive Green Space
Locheil Gate
Lochend Avenue
Lochend Community High School
Lochend Crescent
Lochend Drive
Lochend Garden Centre
Lochend Learning Community
Lochend Path
Lochend Road
Lochend Road (cycleway)
Lochend Street
Locher Avenue
Locher Crescent
Locher Gait
Locher Gardens
Locher Place
Locher Walk
Locher Way
Locherburn Avenue
Locherburn Grove
Locherburn Place
Lochfauld Farm
Lochfauld Road
Lochfield Bowling Club
Lochfield Crescent
Lochfield Drive
Lochfield Gardens
Lochfield Post Office
Lochfield Primary School
Lochfield Road
Lochgarry Way (ML5 5)
Lochgilp Street
Lochgoin Avenue
Lochgoin Gardens
Lochgreen Place
Lochgreen Street
Lochgrog Roundabout
Lochhead Avenue
Lochiel Road
Lochiel Terrace
Lochinch Place
Lochinch Recreation Ground
Lochinch Road
Lochinvar Road
Lochinvar Stores
Lochinver Crescent
Lochinver Drive
Lochinver Grove
Lochlea Avenue
Lochlea Road
Lochlea Way
Lochleven Lane
Lochleven Road
Lochlibo Avenue
Lochlibo Crescent
Lochlibo Crescent Playground
Lochlibo Road
Lochlibo Terrace
Lochmaben Crescent
Lochmaben Road
Lochmaddy Avenue
Lochnagar Drive
Lochnagar Road
Lochore Avenue
Lochranza Court
Lochranza Crescent
Lochrin Street
Lochside Avenue
Lochside Crescent
Lochside Sailing Club
Lochside Street
Lochsloy Court
Lochview Crescent
Lochview Drive
Lochview Gardens
Lochview Gate
Lochview Nursery School
Lochview Path
Lochview Place
Lochview Quadrant
Lochview Road
Lochview Wynd
Lochway Hotel
Lochwood Cottages
Lochwood Loan
Lochwood Street
Lochy Avenue
Lochy Gardens
Lochy Place
Lochy Street
Lock 27
Locke Grove
Locker 1012
Locker Hyndland
Lockerbie Avenue
Locket Yett View
Lockhart Avenue
Lockhart Court
Lockhart Drive
Lockhart Place
Lockhart Street
Lockhart Terrace
Locks Street
Locksley Avenue
Locksley Court
Locksley Crescent
Locksley Place
Locksley Road
Locksley Way


Lodge Coltswood Glenboig No.1067
Lodge Kenmuir 570
Lodge Knightswood No. 1445
Lodgehill Moss
Log cabin
Logan Avenue
Logan Drive
Logan Gardens
Logan Street
Logandale Avenue
Loganlea Drive
Logans Primary School
Logans Road
Loganswell Drive
Loganswell Gardens
Loganswell Place
Loganswell Road
Logie Park
Logie Square
Loks Bar & Kitchen
Lomax Street
Lomond Avenue
Lomond Court
Lomond Court (ML5)
Lomond Crescent
Lomond Drive
Lomond Gardens
Lomond Grove
Lomond Place
Lomond Road
Lomond Street
Lomond View
Lomond Way
Lomondside Avenue
London Avenue
London Drive
London Lane
London Road
London Road Police Station
London Street
London Way
Long Calderwood Primary School
Long Magazine
Long Row
Longay Place
Longay Street
Longcroft Drive
Longden Street
Longfaulds Place (G68 9GX)
Longford Street
Longmorn Place
Longmuirhead Farm
Longniddry Gardens
Longriggend Road
Longstone Place Play Area
Longstone Road
Longwalk Crescent
Longwill Terrace
Lonmay Drive
Lonmay Place
Lonmay Road
Lonsdale Avenue
Look Good Feel Good
Lookers Land Rover Lanarkshire
Loon Fung Cantonese Restaurant
Loop & Scoop
Lora Drive
Lord Darnley's Play Place
Lord Kelvin
Lord Lister
Lord Lounsdale
Lord Nelson Bar
Lord of the Fries
Loretto Place
Loretto Street
Lorimer Crescent
Lorman Curry House
Lorn Avenue
Lorn Place
Lorne Crescent
Lorne Drive
Lorne Gardens
Lorne Hotel
Lorne Place
Lorne Road
Lorne Street
Lorraine Gardens
Lorraine Gardens Lane
Lorraine Road
Loskin Drive
Lossie Crescent
Lossie Street
Lost Chord
Lost World Coffee Co.
Lothian Crescent
Lothian Drive
Lothian Gardens
Lothian Street
Lothian Way
Lotus Crescent
Lotus House
Lotus Lebanese
Lotus Vegan Cuisine
Loubcroy Place
Loud & Clear
Louden Hill Drive
Louden Hill Gardens
Louden Hill Place
Louden Hill Road
Louden Hill Way
Louden Street
Louden Tavern
Loudon Gardens
Loudon Grove
Loudon Road
Loudon Street
Loudon Terrace
Loudonhill Avenue
Louis Grace
Louise Gardens
Louisville Avenue
Lounsdale Avenue
Lounsdale Crescent
Lounsdale Drive
Lounsdale Grove
Lounsdale Place
Lounsdale Road
Lounsdale Way
Lourdes Avenue
Lourdes Secondary School
Lovat Avenue
Lovat Drive
Lovat Place
Love Bites
Love Drive
Love Street
Love the Optician
Love those Lashes
Lovers' Loup
Low Balornock
Low Blochairn
Low Borland
Low Borland Way
Low Broadlie Road
Low Crescent
Low Flenders Road
Low Palacecraig
Low Parksail
Low Patrick Street
Low Quarry Gardens
Low Road
Low Walton
Low Waters
Low Waters Road
Lower Auchingramont Road
Lower Bourtree Drive
Lower Carbarns
Lower Mill Garage
Lower Mill Road
Lower Millgate
Lower Plaza
Lower Whitecraigs
Lowland Court
Lowland House (Army Reserve Centre)
Lowmoss Roundabout
Lowndes Court
Lowndes Street
Lowther Avenue
Lowther Terrace
Loyal Avenue
Loyal Gardens
Loyal Place
Loyal Sons of Govan, Orange Lodge
Loyne Drive
Luath Street
Lubas Avenue
Lubas Place
Lubnaig Drive
Lubnaig Gardens
Lubnaig Place
Lubnaig Road
Lubnaig Walk
Luckenhill Drive
Luckingsford Avenue
Luckingsford Drive
Luckingsford Road
Lucky 7 Canteen
Lucky Cat Tattoo
Lucky Cottage
Lucky Oriental
Lucky Star Chinese Takeaway
Lucky's Little Stars
Lucy Brae
Luffness Gardens
Lugar Drive
Lugar Place
Lugar Street
Luggage Point
Luggie Avenue
Luggie Bridge
Luggie View
Luggiebank Place (G69)
Luggiebank Road
Luggieburn Walk
Luing Road
Luke & Jack
Luma Gardens
Lumgair's Barbershop
Lumloch Court
Lumloch Drive
Lumloch Gardens
Lumloch Street
Lumloch Way
Lumsden Lane
Lumsden Street
Luna Local
Luna Rossa
Lunan Drive
Lunan Place
Luncarty Place
Luncarty Street
Lunderston Close
Lunderston Drive
Lunderston Gardens
Lundie Gardens
Lundie Street
Lunestone Court
Lupe Pintos
Lushious Hair & Beauty
Luss Brae
Luss Road
Lusset Glen
Lusset Road
Lusshill Terrace
Luv Cafe
Luxe Skin
Lybster Crescent
Lybster Way
Lychee oriental
Lye Brae
Lyell Grove
Lyell Place
Lyle Crescent
Lyle Place
Lyle Road
Lyle Square
Lylesland Court
Lylesland Parish Church
Lyman Drive
Lymburn Street
Lymekilns Road
Lyn Blair
Lyndale Place
Lyndale Road
Lyndhurst Gardens
Lyndhurst Gardens Lane
Lyne Croft
Lyne Street
Lynebank Grove
Lynebank Place
Lynedoch Crescent
Lynedoch Crescent Lane
Lynedoch Place
Lynedoch Street
Lynedoch Terrace
Lynn Drive
Lynnburn Avenue
Lynne Drive
Lynnhurst Bar & Restuarant
Lynnhurst Hotel
Lynnwood Road
Lynton Avenue
Lyon Crescent
Lyon Road
Lyoncross Avenue
Lyoncross Crescent
Lyoncross Road
Lyons Quadrant
Lysa Vale Place
Lytham Drive
Lytham Meadows

M & A
M & G Tyre Distributors
M Football Training academy
M Nanif & Son Supersave
M&D Green
M&D Green Auchinairn Pharmacy
M&D Green Pharmacy (Kennyhill)
M&D's Building
M&D's Theme Park
M&N Bros
M&S Café
M&S Foodhall
M&S Outlet
M&S Simply Food
M11 (Clydebank to Gartnavel Hospital)
M11 (Gartnavel Hospital to Clydebank)
M2 (Croftfoot to Toryglen)
M2 (Toryglen to Croftfoot)
M3 (Glasgow to Milton)
M3 (Milton to Glasgow)
M60 (Clydebank to Drumchapel)
M60 (Drumchapel to Clydebank)
Mabel Street
Mac Callum Drive
Mac's Barbers
Macadam Gardens
Macadam Place
Macallan Mews
Macarthur Avenue
Macarthur Court
Macarthur Crescent
Macarthur Drive
Macarthur Gardens
Macarthur Wynd
Macauley Way
Macbeth Place
Macbeth Street
Macbon Chemist
Maccrimmon Park
MacDairmid Drive
MacDonald Avenue
Macdonald Crescent
MacDonald Grove
Macdonald Street
MacDonald Street
Macdougal Drive
MacDougal Quadrant
Macdougall Street
MacDowall Street
Macdowall Street
Macduff Place
Macduff Street
Mace Road
MacEdonian Grove
Macfarlane Crescent
Macfarlane Road
Macfie Place
Macgillivray Avenue
Macgillivray Avenue.
Macgregor & Macduff
Macgregor Court
MacGregor Fine Art
MacGregor Jewllers
MacGregor's Ale and Pie Howff
Machine Mart
Machrie Crescent
Machrie Drive
Machrie Road
Machrie Street
Macinnes Drive
Macintosh Place
Macivor Crescent
Mack Chicken
Mack Street
MacKean Street
Mackeith Street
Mackenzie Gardens
Mackenzie Terrace
Mackie Eyecare
Mackie Pharmacy
Mackie's Mill Road
Mackin Childcare - Private Day Nursery for Children
Mackintosh Building
Mackintosh Court
Mackintosh Tower
MacLaren Place
Maclay Residences
Maclean Court
Maclean Grove
Maclean Place
MacLean Square
MacLean Street
Maclean Street
Maclehose Road
MacLellan Road
MacLellan Street
MacLeod Crescent
Macleod Place
Macleod Street
Macleod Way
MacMillan Gardens
MacNamee Gardens
Macneill Drive
Macneill Gardens
MacNeish Way
Macnicol Court
Macnicol Park
Macnicol Place
MacNiven House
Macpherson Park
Macrae Gardens
Macrimmon Place
Macrius Way
MacTaggart Road
Made from Grapes
Made in Paisley
Madhras Dosa
Madina Newsagents
Madison Avenue
Madison Lane
Madni Halal Foods
Madras Cafe
Madras Cottage
Madras Palace
Madras Place
Madras Street
Maestro Hair
Mafeking Park
Mafeking Street
Mafeking Terrace
Mag's Corner
Magdalen Way
Maggie Lawson Court
Maggie's Centre - Elizabeth Montgomerie Building
Magna Street
Magnolia Drive
Magnolia Gardens
Magnolia Place
Magnolia Street
Magnolia Terrace
Magnus Crescent
Magnus Road
Mahon Court
Maida Street
Maidenhill Grove
Maidenhill Primary School
Maidens Avenue
Maidland Road
Mail Boxes Etc.
Mailboxes Etc.
Mailerbeg Gardens
Mailing Avenue
Main Drive
Main Road
Main Street
Main Street Kitchen
Main Street Library
Main Street (ML4)

main through path

Mainhill Avenue
Mainhill Drive
Mainhill Place
Mainhill Road (G69)
Mains Avenue
Mains Castle
Mains Drive
Mains Estate
Mains Hill
Mains of Balgray
Mains of Balgray Road
Mains Place
Mains River
Mains Road
Mains Wood
Mainshill Avenue
Mainshill Gardens
Mair Street
Maitland Drive
Maitland Place
Maitland Street
Majestic Laundrette
Majestic Wine
Makeup Studio
Maki & Ramen
Makka Food Store
Malaga Tapas
Malcolm Gardens
Malcolm Insulation Supplies
Malcolm Street
Maldron Hotel Glasgow City
Malik General Store
Malin Place
Mallaig Place
Mallaig Road
Mallaig Way
Mallard Crescent
Mallard Road
Mallard Way
Malleable Gardens
Malleny Grove
Malletsheugh Road
Malletsheugh Wynd
Malloch Crescent
Malloch Place
Malloch Street
Mallon Grove
Mallot's View
Malone & Fox
Malta Terrace
Maltbarns Street
Malthurst Service Station
Malvern Court
Malvern Way
Mambeg Drive
Mamore Place
Mamore Street
Manchester Drive
Manchester Place
Manderston Court
Manderston Meadow
Mandors Fabric Store
Mandrel Drive
Mango Optical
Manhatten Fish & Chicken
Manitoba Crescent
Mannering Court
Mannering glacial rocks
Mannering Road
Mannoch Place
Manor Drive
Manor Gate
Manor Glen
Manor Park Avenue
Manor Park Grove
Manor Road
Manor View
Manor Way
Manresa Place
Manscroft Place
Manse Avenue
Manse Avenue (ML5 5)
Manse Brae
Manse Court
Manse Gardens
Manse Lane
Manse Mews
Manse Place
Manse Road
Manse Road (G69)
Manse Road Gardens
Manse Street
Manse View
Mansefield Avenue
Mansefield Crescent
Mansefield Road
Mansel Street
Mansewood Road
Mansfield Drive
Mansfield Road
Mansfield Street
Mansion Court
Mansion Street
Mansionhouse Avenue
Mansionhouse Court
Mansionhouse Drive
Mansionhouse Gardens
Mansionhouse Grove
Mansionhouse Road
Manus Duddy Court
Map Sauchiehall Street
Maple Avenue
Maple Bank (ML3 7HE)
Maple Crescent
Maple Drive
Maple Grove (G69)
Maple Place
Maple Quadrant
Maple Road
Maple Tree Court
Mar Avenue
Mar Drive
Mar Gardens
Mar Hall Avenue
Mar Hall Hotel
March Street
Marchbank Gardens
Marchburn Drive
Marchfield Avenue
Marchfield Drive
Marchglen Place
Marchmont Gardens
Marchmont Terrace
Marco's Cafe India
Marcos II Takeaway
Maree Drive
Maree Gardens
Maree Road
Marfield Street
Margaret Avenue
Margaret Drive
Margaret Gardens
Margaret Place
Margaret Road
Margaret Street
Margaretta Buildings
Marguerite Avenue
Marguerite Drive
Marguerite Gardens
Marguerite Grove
Marian Drive
Marie Brown at Home
Marie Curie
Marie-Clare Cake Design
Marigold Avenue
Marina Court
Marina Cycles
Marina Minimarket
Marina Way
Marina's Mutts
Marine Crescent
Marine Gardens
Mariners Wynd
Marion Street
Mariscat Road
Marius Crescent
Marjory Drive
Marjory Road
Markdow Avenue
Market Road
Market Square
Market Street
Markethill Road
Markethill Roundabout
Marks & Spencer
Marlach Place
Marlborough Avenue
Marlborough Lane North
Marlborough Lane South
Marlborough Park
Marldon Lane
Marlfield Gardens
Marlow Street
Marlow Terrace
Marmaris Barbers
Marmaris Turskish Barber Shop
Marmion Crescent
Marmion Drive
Marmion Mural
Marmion Place
Marmion Road
Marne Street
Marnoch Drive
Marnock Terrace
Maroney Drive
Marquis Avenue
Marquis Bar
Marquis Gate
Marrswood Green
Marsh Hide
Marshall Grove
Marshall Lane
Marshall Street
Marshall Street (ML5 5)
Marshall's Lane
Marshalls Men's Stylist
Marston's Inn
Mart Street
Martha Street
Marti's Unisex Hair Salon
Martin Court
Martin Crescent
Martin Place
Martin Street
Martin Street (ML5)
Martin's Garage
Martin's Newsagent
Martins Quality Butcher
Martyn Grove
Martyn Street
Martyr's Public School
Martyrs Monument
Martyrs Place
Martyrs' Sandyford
Martyrs' Stone
Marwick Street
Mary Barbour Statue
Mary Brogan Florist
Mary Drive
Mary Glen
Mary Glen Brae
Mary McCreadie Fashion Alterations
Mary Rae Road
Mary Russell School
Mary Slessor Wynd
Mary Square (G69)
Mary Street
Mary Young Place
Mary's Meals
Maryhill Burgh Halls
Maryhill Community Fire Station
Maryhill Funeral Care
Maryhill Funeral Services
Maryhill Gospel Hall
Maryhill Library
Maryhill Old Parish Church Graveyard
Maryhill Parish Church
Maryhill Police Station
Maryhill Post Office
Maryhill Road
Maryhill Shopping Centre
Maryhill Telephone Exchange
Maryhill Tyres
Maryknowe Road
Maryland Drive
Maryland Gardens
Maryston Place
Maryston Road
Maryston Street
Maryville Avenue
MaryVille Caravan Site
Maryville Lane
MaryVille View
Marywell Path
Marywood Square
Masala King
Masala Twist
Mason Gardens
Mason Lane
Mason Street
Masonfield Avenue
Masonic Hall
Mast Lane
Master Barber
Master Ji's
Masterton Street
Masterton Way
Mata Hari
Matherton Avenue
Mathieson Crescent
Mathieson Road
Mathieson Street
Mathieson Terrace
Matilda Road
Mauchline Avenue
Mauchline Court
Mauchline Drive
Mauchline Stores
Mauchline Street
Mauchline Wynd
Maukinfauld Court
Maukinfauld Gardens
Maukinfauld Road
Mauldslie Drive
Mauldslie Street
Maule Drive
Mausoleum Drive
Mausoleum of Major Archibald Douglas Monteath
Maverton Building
Mavis Bank
Mavis Valley Road
Mavisbank Gardens
Mavisbank School
Mavisbank Street
Mavisbank Terrace
Mavor Avenue
Mavor Court
Mavor Roundabout
MAX Mens Grooming
Max Spielmann
Maxholme Nursery School
Maxim 4
Maxim 5
Maxton Avenue
Maxton Crescent
Maxton Grove
Maxwell Avenue
Maxwell Court
Maxwell Crescent
Maxwell Drive
Maxwell Drive Post Office
Maxwell Gardens
Maxwell Grove
Maxwell Lane
Maxwell Mearns Castle Church
Maxwell Place
Maxwell rd.
Maxwell Road
Maxwell Street
Maxwell Terrace
Maxwellton Avenue
Maxwellton Court
Maxwellton Gate
Maxwellton Place
Maxwellton Primary School
Maxwellton Road
Maxwellton Street
Maxwelton Road
May Gardens
May Road
May Street
May Terrace
May Wynd
Maybank Lane
Maybank Street
Mayberry Crescent
Mayberry Gardens
Mayberry Grange
Mayberry Grove
Mayberry Place
Maybole Crescent
Maybole Drive
Maybole Gardens
Maybole Grove
Maybole Place
Maybole Street
Mayburn Place
Mayfield Avenue
Mayfield Licenced Grocer
Mayfield Place
Mayfield Road
Mayfield Street
Mc Chans
Mc Neil Place
MC Print
McAllister Avenue
McAlpine Street
Mcardle Avenue
Mcarthur Park
McArthur Street
McAslin Court
McAslin Street
Mcbride Avenue
Mcbride Path
McCabe Opticians
McCallum Avenue
McCallum Court
McCallum Gardens
Mccallum Grove
Mccallum Place
McCallum Way
McCallum's Cafe
Mccardle Way
McCarrison Road
Mccash Place
Mccloy Gardens
McClue Avenue
McClue Lane
McClue Road
McCormack Gardens
McCracken Avenue
McCracken Drive
Mccreery Street
McCulloch Avenue
McCulloch Street
McCulloch Way
McDiarmid Park Playground
McDonald Avenue
McDonald Crescent
McDonald Drive
McDonald Gate
Mcdonald Place
McDonald Place
McDonald View
McDonald Way
Mcdonald's Bakers
McDougall's Kitchen
Mcewan Gardens
McFarlane Place
McFarlane Street
McGahey Drive
McGarry Hair Design
McGavigans Way
Mcghee Street
McGinn of the Calton
Mcgoldrick Place
McGowan Place
McGown Street
McGrath Opticians
McGregor Avenue
Mcgregor Avenue
McGregor Path
McGregor Road
McGregor Street
Mcgrigor Road
McGuire Gate
McGurk Way
McInnes Court
McInnes Place
McInnlay Grove
McIntosh Court
McIntosh Gardens
McIntosh Quadrant
McIntosh Street
McIntosh Way
McIntyre Place
McIntyre Street
Mcintyre Terrace
McIver Street
McKay Court
McKay Crescent
Mckay Grove
Mckay Place
McKay Place
Mckay Place
Mckechnie Street
McKees Hair and Beauty
McKelvie Crescent
McKenna Drive
Mckenzie Avenue
Mckenzie Gate
McKenzie Street
McKeown Gardens
McKerrell Street
McKinley Court
McKinley Place
McLaren Avenue
McLaren Court
McLaren Crescent
McLaren Drive
Mclaren Gardens
McLaren Grove
McLaren Place Building
McLaurin Crescent
McLays Guest House Glasgow
McLean Drive
McLean Place
Mcleeland Drive
McLees Lane
McLellan Galleries
McLennan Street
McMahon Drive
McMahon Grove
McMillan Gardens
McMillan Grove
McMillan Road
McMonagles Fish & Chips
McNab Crescent
McNair Street
Mcneil Avenue
McNeil Drive
McNeil Gardens
McNeil Street
McNish Pharmacy
McParland Park
McParland Way
Mcphail Avenue
McPhail Street
McPhater Street
McPhee Court
Mcpherson Crescent
McPherson Drive
Mcpherson Street
McPherson Street
McShane Court
Mcshannon Grove
Mcsparran Road
McTaggart Crescent
Mculloch Way
McVey Place
Meadhan Path
Meadow Avenue
Meadow Drive
Meadow Lane
Meadow Rise
Meadow Road
Meadow Road Cafe
Meadow Street
Meadow View
Meadow Walk
Meadow Way
Meadowbank Lane
Meadowbank Place
Meadowburn Avenue
Meadowburn Primary School
Meadowburn Primary School Orchard
Meadowburn Road
Meadowell Street
Meadowfield Place
Meadowhead Avenue
Meadowhead Road
Meadowlands Place
Meadowpark Street
Meadows Avenue
Meadows Drive
Meadowside Avenue
Meadowside Gardens
Meadowside Place
Meadowside Quay Walk
Meadowside Street
Meadowside Street Access 2
Meadowside Street Access 3
Meadowview Road
Meadowwell Street
Mealkirk Street
Mealybrae Road
Mearns Barbers
Mearns Bowling Club
Mearns Castle
Mearns Castle Golf Academy
Mearns Castle High School
Mearns Court
Mearns Cross Barber
Mearns Dry Cleaners
Mearns Kirk
Mearns Laundry Room
Mearns Library
Mearns Parish Kirk
Mearns Pharmacy
Mearns Primary School
Mearns Road
Mearns Way
Mearns Workshop
Mearnscroft Gardens
Mearnscroft Road
Mearnskirk House
Mearnskirk Road
Mearnskirk Roundabout
Mearnswood Lane
Mearnswood Manor
Mearnswood Place
Meat at Joe's
Meat Hook
Meat Meet
Med Lounge
Medical Block
Medicines Manufacturing Innovation Centre
Medlar Court
Medlar Road
Medrox Gardens
Medwin Court
Medwin Gardens
Medwin Street
Medwyn Street
Meek Place
Meet and Eat
Meeting House Lane
Megan Gate
Megan Street
Meigle Road
Meikle Avenue
Meikle Crescent
Meikle Dripps
Meikle Drumbreck
Meikle Drumgray Road
Meikle Earnock
Meikle Earnock Road
Meikle Hareshaw Farm
Meikle Road
Meikle's Convenience Store
Meiklehill Court
Meiklehill Loan
Meiklehill Road
Meiklerig Court
Meiklerig Crescent
Meikleriggs Bowling Club
Meikleriggs Court
Meikleriggs Drive
Meiklewood Road
Melbourne Avenue
Melbourne Court
Melbourne Green
Melbourne Place
Melbourne Street
Meldon Place
Meldrum Gardens
Meldrum Mains
Meldrum Street
Melford Avenue
Melford Road
Melford Way
Melfort Avenue
Melfort Court
Melfort Gardens
Melfort Road
Mellerstain Drive
Mellerstain Grove
Mellor Place
Mellow Moods
MellowDee Bar
Melness Grove
Melness Place
Melrose Avenue
Melrose Court
Melrose Crescent
Melrose Gardens
Melrose Music School
Melrose Place
Melrose Road
Melrose Street
Melrose Terrace
Melvaig Place
Melvich Way
Melvick Place
Melville Crescent
Melville Drive
Melville Gardens
Melville Park
Melville Street
Memel Street
Memorial to Prince Albert
Memorial to Queen Victoria
Memorial Way
Memory Lane Flowers
Memory Stone
Memus Avenue
Men international
Mennock Court
Mennock Drive
Mennock Street
Menock Road
Menteith Avenue
Menteith Drive
Menteith Gardens
Menteith Place
Menteith Road
Menzies Distribution Ltd
Menzies Drive
Menzies Place
Menzies Road
Mercat Cross
Merchant Chippie
Merchant City
Merchant City Barbers
Merchant City Inn
Merchant City Music
Merchant City Post Office
Merchant City Print
Merchant Court
Merchant Gate Gallery
Merchant Lane
Merchant Pride
Merchant Square
Merchiston Avenue
Merchiston Drive
Merchiston Oval
Merchiston Street
Mercure Hotel
Merkland Court
Merkland Drive
Merkland Local Nature Reserve
Merkland Outdoor Recreation Centre
Merkland Place
Merkland Road
Merkland School
Merkland Street
Merksworth Way
Merlewood Avenue
Merlin Avenue
Merlin Way
Merlin Wynd
Merlinford Avenue
Merlinford Crescent
Merlinford Drive
Merlinford Way
Merlins Bar
Merrick Gardens
Merrick Terrace
Merrick Way
Merry Court
Merry Street
Merryburn Avenue
Merrycrest Avenue
Merrycroft Avenue
Merryland Place
Merryland Street
Merrylee and Our Lady of the Annunciation Primary Schools
Merrylee Crescent
Merrylee Parish Church
Merrylee Park
Merrylee Park Avenue
Merrylee Road
Merrylee Road Housing Scheme
Merrylee Telephone Exchange
Merrylees Road
Merrystone Court
Merrystone Street
Merrystown Drive
Merryton Avenue
Merryton Bridge
Merryton Gardens
Merryton Road
Merryvale Avenue
Merryvale Place
Merton Drive
Meryon Gardens
Meryon Road
Mesart Hair Design
Met Tower
Methil Court
Methil Street
Methil Way
Methlick Avenue
Methuen Road
Methvan Terrace
Methven Avenue
Methven Place
Methven Road
Methven Street
Metro Sandwich Co.
Metropole Lane
Mews Lane
Mexita Express
Mey Court
Mey Place
MFG BP Glasgow Airport
MGAC Glasgow
Mharsanta - Restaurant & Bar
Miami Brow Boutique
Miami Nail Boutique
Michael Kors
Michael Mcparland Drive
Michael Rogers
Michael Terrace
Michael's Place
Micklehouse Oval
Micklehouse Place
Micklehouse Road
Micklehouse Wynd
Mid Carbarns
Mid Craigton
Mid Hartfield Farm
Mid Lettrick Farm Cottage
Mid Lettrick Farm Road
Mid Lettrick Mill (Ruins)
Mid Park
Mid Road
Mid Uplaw
Mid-Wharf Street
Midas Place
Midcroft Avenue
Middle Monument
Middle Ward Street
Middlemuir Avenue
Middlemuir Road
Middlerigg Road
Middlesex Gardens
Middlesex Street
Middleton Drive
Middleton Farm
Middleton Place
Middleton Road
Middleton Street
Midfaulds Avenue
Midhope Drive
Midland Street
Midlem Drive
Midlem Oval
Midlock Medical Centre
Midlock Street
Midlothian Drive
Midton Crescent
Midton Street
Midtown Way
Midtown way
Midtown Way
Migvie Place
Mihai Barber
Milan Street
Milano Steak House
Milanos Barber Shop
Milburn Place
Milford Court
Milford Street
Mill Court
Mill Crescent
Mill Dam Road
Mill Grove
Mill Loan
Mill of Cart Way (PA5 8FH)
Mill Place
Mill Rise
Mill Road
Mill Street
Mill Street Station
Mill Vennel
Mill Walk
Mill Way
Millands Avenue
Millar Grove
Millar Place
Millar Street
Millar Terrace
Millarbank Street
Millard Avenue
Millars Place
Millarston Avenue
Millarston Drive
Millbank Avenue
Millbank Circle
Millbank Court
Millbank Road
Millbeg Crescent
Millbeg Place
Millbrae Avenue
Millbrae Court
Millbrae Court (ML5 5)
Millbrae Crescent
Millbrae Gardens
Millbrae Road
Millbrix Avenue
Millburn Avenue
Millburn Centre
Millburn Court
Millburn Crescent
Millburn Drive
Millburn Gardens
Millburn Road
Millburn Street
Millburn Way
Millcroft Road
Milldam Road
Millennium Bridge
Millennium Court
Millennium Gardens
Millennium Grove
Millennium Hotel Glasgow
Millennium Milepost Glasgow Queen Street Station
Millennium Pavilion
Miller & Carter
Miller Close
Miller Drive
Miller Gardens
Miller Lane
Miller Primary School
Miller Street
Miller Walk
Miller's Place
Millerbank Street
Millerfield Place (ML3 7EP)
Millerfield Road
Millersneuk Avenue
Millersneuk Court
Millersneuk Crescent
Millersneuk Drive
Millersneuk Primary School
Millersneuk Road
Millerston Avenue
Millerston Church
Millerston Post Office
Millerston Street
Millfield Avenue
Millfield Crescent
Millfield Drive
Millfield Gardens
Millfield Hill
Millfield Lane
Millfield Meadows
Millfield Place
Millfield View
Millfield Walk
Millfield Wynd
Millford Drive
Millgate Avenue
Millgate Court
Millgate Crescent
Millgate Road
Millhall Court
Millheugh Place
Millholm Road
Millhouse Crescent
Millhouse Drive
Millichen Road
Millie's Cafe
Millie's Cookies
Milliken Dovecote
Millport Avenue
Millroad Drive
Millroad Gardens
Millroad Street
Millstream Court
Millstream Crescent
Millview Crescent
Millview Meadows
Millview Place
Millview Terrace
Millwood Street
Milnbank Street
Milncroft Place
Milncroft Road
Milne Court
Milne Way
Milner Lane
Milner Road
Milngavie and Bearsden Sports Club
Milngavie Bowling Club
Milngavie Community Education Centre
Milngavie Community Fire Station
Milngavie Fitness & Wellbeing Gym
Milngavie Golf Course
Milngavie Police Station
Milngavie Primary School
Milngavie Road
Milngavie Telephone Exchange
Milngavie Town Hall
Milngavie United Free Church
Milngavie Youth Centre
Milnpark Gardens
Milnpark Street
Milnwood Crescent
Milnwood Drive
Milovaig Avenue
Milovaig Street
Milrig Road
Milroy Gardens
Milton Avenue
Milton Brae
Milton Community Nursery
Milton Court
Milton Douglas Road
Milton Drive
Milton Gardens
Milton Hill
Milton Library
Milton Library and Learning Centre
Milton Mains Court
Milton Mains Road
Milton Place
Milton Post Office
Milton Road
Milton Street
Milton Supermarket
Milton Terrace
Miltonbank Primary School
Milverton Avenue
Milverton Grange
Milverton Road
Mina Gents
Minard Road
Minard Way
Minch Way
Mincher Crescent
Mindy's Mini Market
Minella Gardens
Mineral Railway Path
Miners Way
Miners' Memorial
Minerva Street
Minerva Way
Ming's Cuisine
Mingarry Lane
Mingarry Street
Mingulay Crescent
Mingulay Place
Mingulay Street

mini moments

Ministers Park
Minmoir Road
Minstrel Road
Mint & Lime Bar
Mint Pharmacy
Mintlaw Way
Minto Avenue
Minto Crescent
Minto Park
Minto Street
Minton Way
Mireton Street
Mirin Drive
Mirin Wynd
Mirren Drive
Mirrlees Drive
Mirrlees Lane
Mirror Mirror
Mirror On The Wall
Mission Gardens
Mission Place
Mister Singh's India
Mitchel's TV Services
Mitchell Avenue
Mitchell Court
Mitchell Drive
Mitchell Gardens
Mitchell Grove
Mitchell Lane
Mitchell Library
Mitchell Road
Mitchell Street
Mitchell Street (ML5 5)
Mitchell Way
Mitchell's Hair Studio
Mitchison Road
Mitre Court
Mitre Gate
Mitre Lane
Mitre Lane West
Mitre Road
Mixed Garden
Mixed Up Records
MJ Heraghty
MJs Brasserie
ML3 Bar+
Mo's Barber
Mo's Convenience Store
Mo's Spicy Cottage
Moat Avenue
Mobile Expert
Mobile Forge
Mobile Heaven
Mobile Magic

mobile technicians

Mochrum Road
Moda Hair Salon
Modern Institute
Moffat Court
Moffat Gardens
Moffat Mills
Moffat Place
Moffat Road
Moffat Street
Moffat View
Mogarth Avenue
Moidart Avenue
Moidart Court
Moidart Crescent
Moidart Gardens
Moidart Place
Moidart Road
Moir Street
Molendinar Café
Molendinar Close
Molendinar Gardens
Molendinar Street
Molendinar Terrace
Mollie Brown
Mollins Court
Mollins Road
Mollinsburn Inn
Mollinsburn Road
Mollinsburn Street
Molly Malone's
MOLSO Hair Salon
Momento Mori
Monach Road
Monar Drive
Monar Street
Monart Place
Moncreiff Parish Church
Moncrieff Avenue
Moncrieff Gardens
Moncrieff Street
Moncrieffe Road
Moncur Street
Moness Drive
Money Grove
Money Station
Money-Saver Foodstore
Monifieth Avenue
Monikie Gardens
Monkcastle Drive
Monkland Avenue
Monkland Street
Monkland Terrace
Monkland View
Monkland view Crescent (G69)
Monklands Baby and Family Clothing Aid
Monklands Court Avenue
Monklands Pharmacy & Permunery
Monks Road
Monks Statue
Monksbridge Avenue
Monkscourt Avenue
Monkscroft Avenue
Monkscroft Court
Monkscroft Gardens
Monkton Brae
Monkton Crescent
Monkton Drive
Monkton Gardens
Monmouth Avenue
Monreith Avenue
Monreith Road
Monreith Road East
Monroe Drive
Monroe Place
Montague Lane
Montague Street
Montalto Avenue
Montclair Place
Montego Green
Monteith Drive
Monteith Gardens
Monteith House
Monteith Path
Monteith Place
Monteith Row
Montford Avenue
Montford House
Montfort Gate
Montfort Park
Montgarrie Street
Montgomerie Arms
Montgomery Avenue
Montgomery Crescent
Montgomery Drive
Montgomery Place
Montgomery Road
Montgomery Street
Montraive Street
Montrave Street
Montreal Park
Montrose Avenue
Montrose Court
Montrose Crescent
Montrose Drive
Montrose Gardens
Montrose Lane
Montrose Place
Montrose Road
Montrose Street
Montrose Terrace
Monument Drive
Monument Grocers
Monument to SS Daphne
Monymusk Gardens
Monymusk Place
Moodiesburn Post Office
Moodiesburn Street
Moon Nail Bar
Moonstar Travel
Moor Road
Moorburn Avenue
Moorburn Place
Moorcroft Drive
Moorcroft Road
Moore Drive
Moore Gardens
Moore Park Gospel Hall
Moore Street
Moorfield Crescent
Moorfield Road
Moorfoot Avenue
Moorfoot Drive
Moorfoot Street
Moorfoot Way
Moorhen Place
Moorhill Crescent
Moorhill Road
Moorhouse Avenue
Moorhouse Street
Moorland Drive
Moorlands Walk
Moorpark Avenue
Moorpark Drive
Moorpark Place
Moorpark Post Office
Moorpark Square
Mor Mews
Mora Bar and Kitchen
Morag Avenue
Morag Riva Court
Moraine Avenue
Moraine Circus
Moraine Drive
Moraine Place
Morar Avenue
Morar Court
Morar Crescent
Morar Drive
Morar Place
Morar Road
Morar Street
Morar Terrace
Moravia Avenue
Moray Avenue
Moray Court
Moray Drive
Moray Gardens
Moray Gate
Moray Place
Moray Quadrant
Mordaunt Street
Moredun Crescent
Moredun Drive
Moredun Playing Field
Moredun Road
Moredun Street
Morefield Road
Morgan Mews
Morgan Stanley
Morgan Street
Morgan Wynd
Morgan's Cafe
Morina Gardens
Morion Road
Moriston Court
Morley Street
Morna Lane
Morning, noon and night
Morningside Primary School
Morningside Road
Morningside Street
Morrin Street
Morris Crescent
Morris Path
Morris Road
Morris Street
Morrishall Road
Morrison Court
Morrison Gardens
Morrison Quadrant
Morrison Street
Morrison Way
Morrisons Cafe
Morrisons Daily
Morrisson's Bed centre
Morriston Crescent
Morriston Park Drive
Morriston Street
Morton Avenue
Morton Drive
Morton Gardens
Morton Place
Morton Rolls Factory
Morton Street
Morton Wynd
Mortons T-Shirts
Morven Avenue
Morven Court
Morven Drive
Morven Gait
Morven Gardens
Morven Gate
Morven Road
Morven Street
Mosesfield House
Mosesfield Street
Mosob Bar & Restaurant
Mosque Avenue
Moss Avenue
Moss Cottage Path
Moss Drive
Moss General Store
Moss Knowe
Moss Pharmacy
Moss Road
Moss Road Newsagents
Moss Street
Moss-side Road
Mossacre Road
Mossbank Avenue
Mossbank Crescent
Mossbank Drive
Mossbank Road
Mossbeath Crescent
Mossbeath Gardens
Mossbeath Grove
Mossbell Road
Mossburn Road
Mossburn Street
Mosscastle Road
Mossdale Court
Mossdale Gardens
Mossend Lane
Mossend Primary School
Mossend Street
Mossgiel Avenue
Mossgiel Crescent
Mossgiel Drive
Mossgiel Gardens
Mossgiel Place
Mossgiel Road
Mossgiel Terrace
Mosshall Drive
Mosshall Grove
Mosshall Road
Mosshall Street
Mosshead Primary School
Mosshead Road
Mossheights Avenue
Mosshill Road
Mosside Off Road Track
Mosside Place
Mossknowe Gospel Hall
Mossland Drive
Mossland Road
Mosslands Road
Mossneuk Avenue
Mossneuk Crescent
Mossneuk Cycle Path
Mossneuk Drive
Mossneuk Park
Mossneuk Primary School
Mossneuk Road
Mossneuk Street
Mosspark Avenue
Mosspark Baptist Church
Mosspark Boulevard
Mosspark Drive
Mosspark Lane
Mosspark Oval
Mosspark Parish Church
Mosspark Primary School & Nursery Class
Mosspark Road
Mosspark Square
Mosspark track
Mossside Avenue
Mossside Farm
Mossvale Community Church
Mossvale Lane
Mossvale Nursery
Mossvale Path
Mossvale Primary School
Mossvale Road
Mossvale Square
Mossvale Street
Mossvale Terrace
Mossvale Walk
Mossvale Way
Mossview Crescent
Mossview Lane
Mossview Quadrant
Mossview Road
Mosswater Local Nature reserve
Mosswater Wynd
Mosswell Road
Mossywood Court
MOssywood Court
Mossywood Place
Mossywood Road
Mostly Vinyl Micky
MOT Centre
Mote Hill
Mote Hill Court
Mote Hill Grove
Mote Hill Road
Motel One
Mother India
Mother India's Cafe
Motherwell Cathedral
Motherwell Concert Hall
Motherwell Fire Station
Motherwell Heritage Centre
Motherwell Pharmacy
Motherwell Police Station
Motherwell Road
Motherwell Street
Motherwell Telephone Exchange
Motherwell Theatre
Motoring World
Moulin Circus
Moulin Place
Moulin Road
Moulin Terrace
Mount Anann Crescent
Mount Annan Court
Mount Annan Drive
Mount Cameron Drive North
Mount Cameron Drive South
Mount Cameron Primary School
Mount Ellen
Mount Ellen Newsagents
Mount Florida
Mount Florida Pharmacy
Mount Florida Primary School & Nursery Class
Mount Harriet Avenue
Mount Harriet Drive
Mount Lockhart
Mount Lockhart Place
Mount Pleasant
Mount Pleasant Drive
Mount Street
Mount Stuart Street
Mount Vernon
Mount Vernon Avenue
Mount Vernon Bowling & Tennis Club
Mount Vernon Primary School
Mountain Bike Course (disused)
Mountain Bike Skills Zone
Mountain Trail View
Mountain Warehouse
Mountainblue Street
Mountblow Road
Mountblow Sports Pavilion
Mountgarrie Road
Mountvernon Avenue
Mournian Way
Mousa Park
Mowbray Avenue
Mowgli Street Food
Moxy Glasgow
Moxy Glasgow SEC
Moyne Road
Moyra Jane's Brassiere
Mr Central Heating
Mr Chef
Mr Cut
Mr Jim's
Mr Kebab
Mr. Pretzels
Mr Rice
Mr T's
Mr&Mrs Tailor
Mrs. Falafel
MTB Trail
Muckcroft Road
Mud & Glory
Muffin Break
Mugdock Road
Muir Street
Muir Street Primary School
Muir Terrace
Muirbank Avenue
Muirbank Gardens
Muirbrae Road
Muirbrae Way
Muirburn Avenue
Muircroft Drive
Muirdrum Avenue
Muirdyke Road
Muirdyke Road (ML5)
Muirdykes Avenue
Muirdykes Crescent
Muirdykes Road
Muiredge And Jersey Road
Muiredge Court
Muiredge Primary School
Muirend Avenue
Muirend Pavilion
Muirend Road
Muirfield Court
Muirfield Crescent
Muirfield Meadows
Muirhall Terrace
Muirhead Avenue
Muirhead Bridge
Muirhead Court
Muirhead Drive
Muirhead Gardens
Muirhead Gate
Muirhead Grove
Muirhead Post Office
Muirhead Road
Muirhead Street
Muirhead Terrace
Muirhead Way
Muirhill Avenue
Muirhill Court
Muirhill Crescent
Muirhouse Avenue
Muirhouse Drive
Muirhouse Farm
Muirhouse Lane
Muirhouse Park
Muirhouse Primary School
Muirhouse Road
Muirhouse Street
Muirkirk Drive
Muirlees Crescent
Muirmadkin Road
Muirmaillen Avenue
Muirpark Avenue
Muirpark Drive
Muirpark Street
Muirpark Terrace
Muirshiel Avenue
Muirshiel Court
Muirshiel Crescent
Muirside Avenue
Muirside Place
Muirside Road
Muirside Street
Muirskeith Crescent
Muirskeith Place
Muirskeith Road
Muirton Drive
Muiryfauld Drive
Muiryhall Street
Muiryhall Street East
Mulben Crescent
Mulben Place
Mulben Terrace
Mulberry Crescent
Mulberry Drive
Mulberry Road
Mulberry Square
Mulberry Wynd
Mull Avenue
Mull Court
Mull Quadrant
Mull Street
Mullardoch Street
Mullen Court
Multan Tandoori
Mulvey Crescent
Munch Glasgow
Mungall Newsagent
Mungo Park
Mungo Place
Munley Way
Munlochy Road
Munro Court
Munro Lane
Munro Lane East
Munro Optometrists
Munro Place
Munro Road
Murano Crescent
Murano Place
Murano Street
Murano Street Student Accommodation
Murchison Drive
Murdo's Corner Shop
Murdoch Avenue
Murdoch Drive
Murdoch Place
Murdoch Road
Murdoch Square (ML4 1TJ)
Murdostoun Castle Service Road
Murdostoun Gardens
Murdostoun Road
Murdostoun Terrace
Murdostoun View
Mure Park
Mure Place
Muriel Lane
Muriel Street
Murray Court
Murray Crescent
Murray Grove
Murray Hall
Murray House Brownfield Site
Murray Path
Murray Place
Murray Primary School
Murray Pumping Station (Scottish Water)
Murray Red Ash Pitch
Murray Road
Murray Street
Murray Terrace
Murray Walk
Murrayfield Drive
Murrayfield Street
Murrin Avenue
Murroes Road
Muscle Box O'Hanlon
Musgrove Place
Muslin Street
Muttonhole Road
MX hairdesign
My Home Bakery
My Home Bakery (East End)
My Space
My Treat
Mybster Place
Myers Court
Myers Crescent
Myles & Co
Myres Road
Myreside Court
Myreside Crescent
Myreside Drive
Myreside Gate
Myreside Street
Myreside Way
Myrie Gardens
Myrtle Avenue
Myrtle Drive
Myrtle Hill Lane
Myrtle Park
Myrtle Place
Myrtle Road
Myrtle Square
Myrtle Street
Myrtle View Road
Myrtle Walk
Myvot Avenue
Myvot Road

N240 (Glasgow to Cleland)
N267 (Glasgow to Hillhouse)
N57 (Glasgow to Pollok)
N57 (Glasgow to Robroyston)
N60 (Glasgow to Easterhouse)
N7 (Glasgow to Rutherglen)
N75 (Glasgow to Castlemilk)
N9 (Glasgow to Paisley)
Nab Store
Naburn Gate
Nad's Store
Nafees Halal Meat
Nagle Gardens
Nails and Beauty Supplies
Nairn Avenue
Nairn Crescent
Nairn Drive
Nairn Place
Nairn Quadrant
Nairn Street
Nairnside Place
Nairnside Road
Naismith Street
Naismith Walk
Naked Soup
Nakodar Grill
Nansen Street
Napier Court
Napier Drive
Napier Gardens
Napier Hill
Napier Lane
Napier Place
Napier Road
Napier Square
Napier Street
Napier Terrace
Napiershall Lane
Napiershall Place
Napiershall Street
Naproch Place
Naseby Avenue
Naseby Lane
Nasmyth Avenue
Nasmyth Place
Nasmyth Road
Nasmyth Road North
Nasmyth Road South
Nassau Place
Nasz Sklep
National Badminton Centre
National Bank Lane
National Court
National Crescent
National Drive
National Library of Scotland at Kelvin Hall
National Manufacturing Institute Scotland
National Museum of Rural Life
National Piping Centre
National Tyres and Autocare
National Youth Theatre of Scotland
Natural Balance
Natural Outdoor Play Area
Nature Corner
Nature Play
Nature Trail
Nature walk
Natuzzi Editions
Navar Place
Naver Street
Naylor Lane
Naysmyth Bank
NCE Switchgear
NCF Living

ncf Living

Neal's Yard Remidies
Ned Donaldson House
Neidpath Avenue (ML5 4)
Neidpath Place
Neidpath Road East
Neidpath Road West
Neighbourhood Office
Neil Gordon Gate
Neil Street
Neilsland Drive
Neilsland Oval
Neilsland Primary School
Neilsland Road
Neilsland Square
Neilsland Street
Neilson Court
Neilson Street
Neilston Avenue
Neilston Bowling Club
Neilston Court
Neilston House
Neilston Leisure Centre
Neilston Library
Neilston Parish Church
Neilston Pharmacy
Neilston Post Office
Neilston Primary School
Neilston Quarry
Neilston Rd
Neilston Road
Neilston Road Post Office
Neilston Skatepark
Neilston War Memorial
Neilvaig Crescent
Neilvaig Drive
Neilvaig Path
Neistpoint Drive
Nel & Co
Nelson Avenue
Nelson Crescent
Nelson Family Jewelers
Nelson Mandela Place
Nelson Place
Nelson Street
Nelson Terrace
Nelson's Monument
Neoclassical Stone Pillars
Neon Gecko
Neptune Street
Neptune Way
Nerston Road
Nerston Village
Nerstonmill Mill lands (Holmpark)
Ness Drive
Ness Gardens
Ness Road
Ness Street
Ness Terrace
Nethan Avenue
Nethan Gate
Nethan Place
Nethan Street
Nether Auldhouse Road
Nether Kirkton Avenue
Nether Kirkton Farm
Nether Kirkton View
Nether Kirkton Way
Nether Kirkton Wynd
Nether Pollok Playing Fields
Netherbank Road
NetherBank Road
Netherburn Avenue
Netherburn Gardens
Netherby Drive
Nethercairn Place
Nethercairn Road
Nethercliffe Avenue
Nethercraigs Court
Nethercraigs Drive
Nethercraigs Road
Netherdale Crescent
Netherdale Drive
Netherdale Road
Netherfield Street
Nethergreen Crescent
Nethergreen Road
Nethergreen Wynd
Netherhall Road
Netherhill Avenue
Netherhill Cottages
Netherhill Crescent
Netherhill Road
Netherhill Way
Netherhouse Avenue
Netherhouse Place
Netherhouse Road
Netherinch Way
Netherlee and Stamperland Parish Church
Netherlee Barbers
Netherlee Court
Netherlee Nursery Acorns
Netherlee Nursery Saplings
Netherlee Place
Netherlee Playground
Netherlee Post Office
Netherlee Primary School
Netherlee Road
Netherlee Stone Beach
Nethermains Avenue
Nethermains Road
Netherpark Avenue
Netherplace Crescent
Netherplace Estate
Netherplace Farm
Netherplace Road
Netherton Avenue
Netherton Court
Netherton Drive
Netherton Farm Lane
Netherton Gardens
Netherton Mains
Netherton Primary School
Netherton Road
Netherton Square
Netherton Street
Nethervale Avenue
Netherview Road
Netherwood Avenue
Netherwood Court
Netherwood Grove
Netherwood Place
Netherwood Road
Netherwood Way
Nethy Way
Nettl Argyle Street Studio
Network House
Network Steels
Neuk Avenue
Neuk Drive
Neukfoot Lane
Nevis Avenue
Nevis Court
Nevis Drive
Nevis Road
Nevis Way
New Abbey Road
New Age Fitness
New Anand
New Ashtree Street
New Avenue Living
New City Road
New Corner
New Craig Road
New Easterhouse Mosaic
New Edinburgh Road
New General Store
New Golden Bell
New Harbour Way
New Horizon Recovery Cafe
New Inchinnan Road
New Inn
New Jade House Chinese Takeaway
New Kilpatrick
New Kirk Road
New Kirky Mahal
New Lairdsland Road
New Lane
New Look
New Luce Drive
New Market Cafe
New Monkland Parish Church
New Monkland Primary School
New Morven Bar
New Moy Street
New Park Street
New pathway
New Pearl of India
New Pearson Hall (Army Reserve Centre)
New Plymouth
New Road
New Rutherglen Road
New Sneddon Street
New St Andrew's Parish Church
New Stevenston
New Stevenston Orange Hall
New Stevenston Pharmacy
New Stevenston Post Office
New Stevenston Primary School
New Stevenston Road
New Street
New Tweedie Hall and Library
New Victoria Hospital
New View Crescent
New View Drive
New View Place
New Way
New Wok
New Wynd
Newark Drive
Newark House
Newark Place
Newarthill Primary School
Newarthill Road
Newbank Court
Newbank Gardens
Newbank Road
Newbattle Avenue
Newbattle Court
Newbattle Gardens
Newbattle Place
Newbattle Road
Newbold Avenue
Newburgh Street
Newcastleton Drive
Newcraigs Drive
Newcroft Drive
Newdyke Avenue
Newdyke Road
Newfield Close
Newfield Court
Newfield Crescent
Newfield Lane
Newfield Path
Newfield Place
Newfield Square
Newford Cottages
Newford Farm
Newford Grove
Newgrove Gardens
Newhall Street
Newhaven Road
Newhaven Street
Newhills Road
Newhills Secondary School
Newhouse Drive
Newhouse Road
Newhouse Roundabout
Newhousemill Road
Newhousemill Workers Cottages (Pipers Raw)
Newhut Road
Newington Street
Newlandcraigs Avenue
Newlandcraigs Drive
Newlands Drive
Newlands farm
Newlands Gardens
Newlands Home Bakery and Cafe
Newlands Lawn Tennis Club
Newlands Nursery
Newlands Place
Newlands Road
Newlands South Church
Newlands Street
Newlands Wynd
Newlandsfield Road
Newlandsmuir Road
Newliston Drive
Newlyn Place
Newmains & St Brigid's Primary School
Newmains and District Credit Union
Newmains Avenue
Newmains Post Office
Newmains Primary School
Newmains Road
Newmains War Memorial
Newmark Pharmacy
Newmill Road
Newmilns Gardens
Newmilns Street
Newnham Road
Newpark Crescent
Newrose Avenue
News & Chews
News & Views
News 24
News Express
News extra 24hr
News Plus
Newshot Drive
Newshot Island Local Nature Reserve
Newstead Gardens
Newton Arms
Newton Avenue
Newton Avenue Playground
Newton Brae
Newton Court
Newton Drive
Newton Farm
Newton Farm phase 2E
Newton Farm phase 2F
Newton Farm phase 2H
Newton Farm phase 2I
Newton Farm phase 2K
Newton Farm phase 2L
Newton Farm Primary School
Newton Farm Road
Newton Grove
Newton Hotel
Newton Mearns
Newton Mearns Baptist Church
Newton Mearns Parish Church
Newton Mearns Synagogue
Newton Mearns Telephone Exchange
Newton Place
Newton Road
Newton Station Road
Newton Station Subway
Newton Street
Newton Terrace
Newton Terrace Lane
Newton Village
Newton Way
Newtongrange Avenue
Newtongrange Gardens
Newtonlea Avenue
Newtyle Drive
Newtyle Place
Newtyle Road
Next Home
Next Outlet
NFU Mutual
NG's Dynasty Chinese & Cantonese Cuisine
NHS Clarkston Court
Niamh Court
Nic's NYC Deli & Donuts
Nice 'n' Sleazy
Nicholas Street
Nicholson Street
Nick's Italian Grill
Nico's Cafe Bar
Nicol Steet
Nicol Street
Nicola innes Hair and Beauty
Nicolson Court
Nicos Fast Food
Nidderie Motors
Niddrie Road
Niddrie Square
Niddry Street
Nido St. James - Student accomodation
Nigel Gardens
Nigel Street
Nigg Place
Night Star
Nightingale Place
Nike Factory Store
Niki Jones
Nikka Drive
Nile Barbers
Nimmo Drive
Nimmo Place
Nina Coletta
Nine Months Later
Ninewells Avenue
Ninian Crescent
Ninian Road
Ninian's Rise
Nippon Kitchen
Nisa Extra
Nisa Local
Nisbet Street
Nisbett Place
Nisbett Street
Nissen Place
Nith Drive
Nith House
Nith Path
Nith Quadrant
Nith Street
Nithsdale Crescent
Nithsdale Drive
Nithsdale Place
Nithsdale Road
Nithsdale Street
Nithsdale Underpass
Nitro Slushes
Nitshill Post Office
Nitshill Road
Niven Street
No. 1 Boutique
No 40
No 63
No 79
No1 Style Studio
No.1 Tyre Service
Noble Grove
Noble Primary School
Noble Road
Nobles Place
Nobles View
Noldrum Avenue
Noldrum Gardens
Nom Nom
Noma Living
Non Viet
Nonna Ginas
Nonna Said...
Noodle King
Noodle Stop


Noor Tandoori
Norbreck Drive
Norby Road
Nordic Crescent
Nordic Gardens
Nordic Grove
Noremac Way
Norfield Drive
Norfolk Court
Norfolk Crescent
Norfolk Street
Norham Street
Norman Holmes
Norman MacLeod Crescent
Norman Street
Norse Lane North
Norse Lane South
Norse Place
Norse Road
North and South Road
North Arkleston
North Avenue
North Bank Place
North Bank Street
North Barr
North Barr Avenue
North Biggar Road
North Blochairn
North Bridge Street
North British Road
North Broomknowes
North Bute Street
North Caldeen Road
North Calder Drive
North Calder Grove
North Calder Heritage Trail
North Calder Place
North Calder Road
North Campbell Avenue
North Canal Bank Street
North Carbrain Road
North Claremont Lane
North Claremont Street
North Corsebar Road
North Court
North Court Lane
North Craigton
North Croft Street
North Dean Park Avenue
North Douglas Street
North Drive
North Drive trail
North Dryburgh Road
North Dumgoyne Avenue
North Elgin Place
North Elgin Street
North Erskine Park
North Frederick Path
North Frederick Street
North Front
North Gardner Street
North Glasgow Advice Centre
North Glasgow College s/s
North Glasgow Credit Union
North Gower Street
North Grange Road
North Greenlaw Way
North Hanover Street
North Hill of Dripps
North Hillhead Road
North Iverton Park Road
North Kelvin Meadow
North Kelvinside Primary School
North Kilmeny Crescent
North Lane
North Linrigg Farm
North Lodge
North Lodge Avenue
North Lodge Road
North Mains
North Medrox
North Moraine Lane
North Motherwell
North Motherwell Post Office
North Myvot
North Orchard Street
North Park Avenue
North Park Terrace
North Portland Street
North Porton Road
North Road
North Road Nursery
North Service Yard
North Square
North Star Cafe
North Street
North View
North Wallace Street
North Walton
North Woodside
North Woodside Road
Northall Quadrant
Northampton Drive
Northampton Lane
Northbank Avenue
Northbank Road
Northbank Street
Northbrae Drive
Northbrae Farm
Northbrae Place
Northbrae View
Northburn Avenue
Northburn Place
Northburn Road
Northburn Street
Northcraig Drive
Northcroft Road
Northfield Street
Northgate Quadrant
Northgate Road
Northinch Court
Northinch Street
Northland Avenue
Northland Drive
Northland Gardens
Northland Lane
Northmuir Drive
Northmuir Road
Northpark Avenue
Northpark Street
Northpark Terrace
Northumberland Street
Northwood Close
Northwood Drive
Northwood Gate
Northwood Terrace
Northwood Wynd
Norval Street
Norwich Drive
Norwood Avenue
Norwood Drive
Norwood Park
Norwood Terrace
Notre Dame Primary School
Nottingham Avenue
Nottingham Lane
Novar Drive
Novar Gardens
Novar Nursery School
Novar Street
Nu Cafe
Nuffield Health Fitness & Wellbeing
Nuffield Health Glasgow Hospital
Number 10 Hotel
Number 16
Number Ten
Nuneaton Street
Nurseries Road
Nursery Avenue
Nursery Lane
Nursery Place
Nursery Street
Nursery Times
Nutberry Court
Nutberry Crescent
NY Slice

O Sole Mio
O' Cathain
O' Wood Avenue
O'Donnell Drive (ML3 7FQ)
O'Donnell Gardens (ML3 7)
O'Donnell Way (ML1 1AD)
O'Neill Avenue
O2 ABC Glasgow
Oak Avenue
Oak avenue
Oak Crescent
Oak Drive
Oak Fern Drive
Oak Fern Grove
Oak Furnitureland
Oak Grove
Oak Lea (ML3 7NJ)
Oak Manor
Oak Park
Oak Place
Oak Road
Oak Street
Oak Wynd
OAKA Supercity
Oakbank Avenue
Oakbank Crescent
Oakbank Drive
Oakbank Street
Oakburn Avenue
Oakburn Crescent
Oakburn Early Years Centre
Oakdene Avenue
Oakdene Crescent
Oakfield Avenue
Oakfield Drive
Oakfield Lane
Oakfield Road
Oakgrove Primary School
Oakhill Avenue
Oaklea Crescent
Oakley Drive
Oakley Terrace
Oakridge Crescent
Oakridge Road (G69)
Oakshaw Brae
Oakshaw Street East
Oakshaw Street West
Oakshaw Trinity Church
Oaktree Gardens
Oakwood Avenue
Oakwood Court
Oakwood Crescent
Oakwood Drive
Oakwood Drive (ML5 5)
Oakwood Primary School
Oates Gardens
Oatfield Street
Oatlands Gate
Oatlands Square
Oatlands Square (G5 0GZ)
Oban Court
Oban Drive
Oban Lane
Oban Place
Oban Way
Observatory Lane
Observatory Road
Obsession of India
Occupation Gardens
Ocean Nail & Beauty
Ocean Park Chinese Takeaway
Ocean Wok
Ocein Drive
Ochel Path
Ochil Drive
Ochil Place
Ochil Road
Ochil Street
Ochil View
Ochiltree Avenue
Ochiltree Crescent
Ochiltree Drive
Ocho On The Canal
Odeon Luxe - Glasgow Quay
Off Grid Kids Area
Off Sales
Off the Hook
Off the Lead Dog Park
Off the Lead Dog Park - Harris
Off the Lead Dog Park - Jura
Off the Lead Dog Park - Skye
Off the Rails

off-licence sales

Office Accommodation
Officer's Club
Officers Club
Ogilvie Place
Ogilvie Street
Ola's Barber Shop and Beauty
Old Abattoir
Old Aisle Road
Old Allers Bridle Path
Old Anniesland
Old Avon Bridge
Old Avon Road
Old Balmore Road
Old Barn
Old Barns Road
Old Bars Drive
Old Biggar Road
Old Bore Road
Old Bothwell Road
Old Cadrig Way
Old Castle Gardens
Old Castle Gate
Old castle gate
Old Castle Newsagent
Old Castle Road
Old Chainlink Road
Old Church Gardens (G69)
Old Coach Road
Old Course of Markethill Road
Old Dalmarnock Road
Old Dalnottar Road
Old Drove Road
Old Drumchapel
Old Dumbarton Road
Old Duntiblae Road
Old Edinbarnet
Old Edinburgh Road
Old Farm Road
Old Farm Track
Old Gartloch Road
Old Glasgow Road
Old Govan Road
Old Greenlaw Way
Old Greenock Road
Old Hagg Mill
Old Humbie Road
Old Kilpatrick
Old Kilpatrick Post Office
Old Lindsaybeg Road
Old Mains
Old Manse
Old Manse Gardens
Old Manse Road
Old Meadow Walk
Old Mill Court
Old Mill Gate
Old Mill Lane
Old Mill Road
Old Mill View
Old Mine Nature Park
Old Monkland
Old Monkland Primary School
Old Monkland Road (ML5 5)
Old Newhousemill Manse
Old Parish Church
Old Pit Bing
Old Playfield Road
Old Polmadie Road
Old Quarrelton School
Old Quarrier's Path (disused)
Old Quarry Lane
Old Quarry Lane (G68 9FZ)
Old Quarry Road
Old Road
Old Rutherglen Road
Old Salty's
Old School Court
Old Shettleston Road
Old Sneddon Street
Old Stable Row
Old Stable Yard (Being Restored)
Old Station Court
Old Street
Old Swan
Old Toll Bar
Old Toll Garage
Old Toll Holm
Old Tower Road
Old Union Street
Old Water Works
Old well
Old Wood Road
Old Woolies Discount Store
Old World Terraced Garden
Old Wynd
Oldbar Crescent
Oldbar Gate
Oldbar Road
Oldbar Road (G53 7HJ)
Oldbar Square
Older Upper Falls Trail
Oldhall Road
Olifard Avenue
Oliphant Crescent
Oliphant Oval
Olive bank
Olive Street
Oliver Bonas
Oliver's Cafe
Olivier Bonas
Olympia Court
Olympia Fish and Chips
Olympia Street
OMG Decorative Surfaces
Omoa Road
On A Wall Near You
One A The Square Brasserie
One Devonshire Gardens
One O One
One One
One Shot
One Stop


Onlibe Computers & Laptops
Onslow Court
Onslow Drive
Onslow Drive Day Nursery
Onslow Road
Onslow Square
Ontario Park
Ontario Place
Onyx Street
Opal Moon
Open Cast Coal Mine
Oppidum of Calderwood
Optical Express
Optima Building
Options Hair Studio
Oran Gardens
Oran Gate
Oran Place
Oran Street
Orange Halls Springburn
Orange Lodge
Orbiston Drive
Orbiston Gardens
Orbiston Place
Orbiston Post Office
Orbiston Road
Orbiston Square
Orbiston Street
Orbital Court
Orbital House
Orbital Road opening memorial
Orcades Drive
Orchard Avenue
Orchard Brae
Orchard Court
Orchard Drive
Orchard Field
Orchard Green
Orchard Grove
Orchard Park
Orchard Park Avenue
Orchard Park Centre
Orchard Park Hotel
Orchard Park Nursery
Orchard Path
Orchard Place
Orchard Primary School
Orchard Street
Orchard Street Play Area
Orchardhill Parish Church
Orchardhill Tower
Orchardton Road
Orchid Garden
Orchid Grove
Orchid Place
Orchid Way
Orchill Drive
Orchy Avenue
Orchy Court
Orchy Crescent
Orchy Drive
Orchy Gardens
Orchy Street
Orefield Place
Oregon Place
Oregon Street
Organic Garden
Oriental Cuisine
Oriental Cuisine Cary Out
Oriental Express
Oriental Food Store & Halal Butchers
Oriental Garden
Oriental Gourmet
Oriental Herbs
Orion Place
Orion Way
Orkney Place
Orkney Quadrant
Orkney Street
Orleans Avenue
Orleans Lane
Orlington Court
Ormiston Avenue
Ormiston Drive
Ormiston Lane
Ormiston Lane North
Ormiston Lane South
Ormonde Avenue
Ormonde Court
Ormonde Crescent
Ormonde Drive
Ornsay Street
Oronsay Court
Oronsay Crescent
Oronsay Gardens
Oronsay Place
Oronsay Road
Oronsay Square
Orr Square
Orr Street
Orr Terrace
Orton Place
Orwell Wynd
Osborne Crescent
Osborne Street
Osbourne Court
Oscar Automotive Repairs
Oscar Bar & Kitchen
Oso Pretty
Osprey Crescent
Osprey Drive
Osprey Lane
Osprey Playpark
Osprey Road
Osprey View
Oss Quadrant
Ossian Avenue
Ossian Road
Ossian Way
Osteria Piero
Oswald Street
Oswald Street Book Shop
Oswald Street Tattoo Club
Oswald Walk
Otago Framers
Otago Lane
Otago Lane North
Otago Park
Otago Street
Otago Vintage
Ottawa Crescent
Otter Grove
Otterburn Drive
Otterswick Place
Ottoman Coffeehouse
Our Holy Redeemer Primary School
Our Holy Redeemer RC Church
Our Lady & St Francis Primary School
Our Lady & St George's Church Hall
Our Lady & St George's RC Church
Our Lady & St Helen's Hall
Our Lady & St Helen's RC Church
Our Lady & St Joseph
Our Lady & St Joseph's Primary School
Our Lady and St Anne's Primary School
Our Lady of Good Counsel
Our Lady of Loretto Primary School
Our Lady of Lourdes back Hall
Our Lady of Lourdes Front Hall
Our Lady of Lourdes Primary School
Our Lady Of Lourdes Primary School
Our Lady of Lourdes RC Church
Our Lady Of Peace Primary School
Our Lady of Peace Primary School; Barlanark Family Learning Centre
Our Lady of Perpetual Succour RC Church
Our Lady of the Assumption
Our Lady Of The Missions Primary School
Our Lady Of The Rosary Primary School & Nursery Class
Our Lady's High School
Outdoor Pursuits
Outlaw Tattoo's
Over Johnstone Drive
Overbrae Gardens
Overbrae Place
Overdale Avenue
Overdale Gardens
Overdale Place
Overdale Street
Overlea Avenue
Overlee Family Centre
Overlee House
Overlee Road
Overlee Wynd
Overnewton Place
Overnewton Square
Overnewton Street
Overton Crescent
Overton Road
Overton Street
Overtoun Bridge
Overtoun Drive
Overtoun House
Overtoun Road
Overtown Avenue
Overtown Place
Overtown Road
Overtown Street
Overwood Drive
Owen Avenue
Owen Park
Owen Street
Owendale Avenue
Owens Bar
Ox and Finch
OX and Finch
Oxfam Books
Oxfam Bookshop
Oxfam Boutique
Oxfam Music Shop
Oxford Drive
Oxford House
Oxford Lane
Oxford Road
Oxford Street
Oxford Street Newsagent
Oxgang Place
Oxgang Primary School
Oxgang Roundabout
Oxton Drive
Oykel Crescent
Oykel Drive
Oykel Gate
Oykel Walk

Pacific Drive
Pacific Quay
Paddock Street
Paddy Malarky's
Paddy Power
Paesano Pizza West End
Pagazzi Lighting
Pagoda Men's Shed
Paidmyre Crescent
Paidmyre Gardens
Paidmyre Road
Pailis Crescent
Paisley Abbey
Paisley Cenotaph
Paisley Central Library
Paisley Fire Station
Paisley Golf Club
Paisley Grammar School
Paisley Indoor Bowling Club
Paisley Lagoon Centre
Paisley Local Market
Paisley Mill Service Station
Paisley Moss Local Nature Reserve
Paisley Museum and Art Galleries
Paisley Post Office
Paisley Road
Paisley Road West
Paisley Sheriff Court
Paisley South Link Route
Paisley St George's Causeyside
Paisley Telephone Exchange
Paisley Town Hall
Paisley West Church
Palace Farm
Palace Grounds Road
Palace Royal
Palacecraig Street
Palacerigg Cottages
Palacerigg Golf Club
Palacerigg Visitor Centre
Paladin Avenue
Palermo Street
Palladium Place
Palm Place
Palmer Avenue
Palmer Court
Palmerston Place
Panda House
Pandora Way
Pandora's Box
Panini Express
Pankhurst Place
Panmuir Cresent
Panmure Close
Panmure Gate
Panmure Place
Panmure Street
Panther Drive
Panton Avenue
Paolo & Jo's Hair
Papa John's
Papamacs Deli Bistro
Paper Kisses
Paper Plane
Paper Rack
Papercup Coffee Company
Papercup Coffee Roasters
Pappin Drive
Paprika Grill House
Para Para
Parade Laundrette
Parade Park
Paradise Bar
Paragon Drive
Parcville Way
Parfery Way
Park Avemue
Park Avenue
Park Bank
Park Bar
Park Brae
Park Burn Court
Park Centre
Park Circus
Park Circus Lane
Park Circus Place
Park Court
Park Crescent
Park District
Park Drive
Park Gardens
Park Gardens Lane
Park Gate
Park Gate Place
Park Glade
Park Green
Park Grove
Park Hill
Park Holme Court
Park Inn
Park Lane
Park Lane Tavern
Park Lea
Park Mains
Park Mains High School
Park Mains Post Office
Park Moor
Park Parish Church
Park Path
Park Place
Park Quadrant
Park Ridge
Park Road
Park Road (G69)
Park Road Laundrette
Park Road Pharmacy
Park Street
Park Street South
Park Terrace
Park Terrace East Lane
Park Terrace Lane
Park Top
Park United Reformed Church
Park View
Park View Primary School
Park Way
Park Winding
Park Wood
Parkbrae Avenue
Parkbrae Drive
Parkbrae Gardens
Parkbrae Gate
Parkbrae Lane
Parkbrae Place
Parkburn Avenue
Parkdale Grove
Parkdale Way
Parker's Holm (Calderside Holm)
Parkgate Supermarket
Parkgrove Avenue
Parkgrove Terrace
Parkgrove Terrace Lane
Parkhall Road
Parkhall Street
Parkhall Terrace
ParkHaus Interiors
Parkhead Calton Parish Church
Parkhead Congregational Church
Parkhead Hospital
Parkhead Laundry Services
Parkhead Library
Parkhead Post Office
Parkhead Street
Parkhill Drive
Parkhill Road
Parkhill Secondary School
Parkholm Avenue
Parkholm Drive
Parkholm Gardens
Parkholm Lane
Parkholm Quadrant
Parkhouse Road
Parklands Avenue
Parklands Cottage
Parklands Hotel
Parklands Oval
Parklands Road
Parklands View
Parklands Way
Parklee Drive
Parkmanor Avenue
Parkmanor Green
Parkmeadow Avenue
Parkmeadow Way
Parkneuk Road
Parkneuk Street
Parkour Coatbridge
Parks View
Parksail Drive
Parkside Gardens
Parkside Place
Parkside Road
Parksprings Care Centre
Parkvale Avenue
Parkvale Crescent
Parkvale Drive
Parkvale Gardens
Parkvale Way
Parkview Avenue
Parkview Court
Parkview Crescent
Parkview Drive
Parkview Primary School
Parkville Drive
Parkville Road
Parkway Court
Parkway Place
Parkwood Lea
Parkwood Terrace
Parliament Road
Parnell Street
Parnie Street
Parry Terrace
Parson Street
Parsonage Row
Parsonage Square
Partick Aquatics and Reptiles
Partick Baptist Church
Partick Bowling Club
Partick Bridge Street
Partick Burgh Hall
Partick Curling Club Clubhouse
Partick Free Church
Partick Free Church of Scotland (Continuing)
Partick Laundrette
Partick Library
Partick Methodist Church
Partick Pharmacy
Partick Police Station
Partick Post Office
Partick South Parish Church
Partick Street
Partick Tailors
Partick Trinity Parish Church
Partickhill Avenue
Partickhill Bowling Club
Partickhill Court
Partickhill Lane
Partickhill Road (G11 5AB)
Partridge Place
Party House
Past Aois
Pasta House
Pastéis Lisboa
Paterson Place
Paterson Street
Paterson Terrace
Paterson Walk
Paterson's Laun


Path between Tassie Place and Whitemoss Grove
Path to Tombs
Pather Post Office
Pather Street
Pathhead Farm
Pathhead Gardens
Pathhead Road
Pathology Lane
Patna Court
Patna Street
Paton Court
Paton Street
Paton's Place
Patricia Fergoson MSP
Patricia's Paws
Patrick Meechan Hair Definition
Patrick Street
Patrickbank Crescent
Patrickbank Gardens
Patrickbank View
Patrickbank Wynd
Patterson Drive
Patterton Drive
Patterton Farm (former)
Patterton Range Drive
Patterton Range Gate
Patterton Range Path
Patterton Range Street
Patterton Range Way
Patterton Tower
Pattison Street
Paul McCarroll House Of Travel
Paul Smith
Paul's Quality Butcher
Pauli Flix
Pauline Books & Media
Pauls & Zapatitos
Pauls Fast Foods
Pavers Shoes
Pavilion Court
Pavilion Theatre
Pavilion Way
Pavillion Youth Cafe
Paxton Court
Paxton Crescent
Payne Street
Peace Doves
Peach Court
Peaches Wax Bar
Peacock Avenue
Peacock Drive
Peacock Technology
Peacock Way
Peacock Wynd
Pear Grove
Pear Tree Drive
Pearce Institute Cafe
Pearce Lane
Pearce Lodge
Pearce Street
Pearl Chinese takeaway
Pearl Street
Pearse Park
Pearson Drive
Pearson Place
Peartree Mobile Home Park
Peat Road
Peathill Avenue
Peathill Street
Peatpotts Farm
Peckham's Deli
Pedal Zone
Pedlars Way (Cadgerloan)
Pedmyre Lane
Peebles Drive
Peebles Path
Peel Avenue
Peel Brae
Peel Castle
Peel Glen
Peel Glen Gardens
Peel Glen Road
Peel Lane
Peel Park
Peel Park Place
Peel Park Roundabout
Peel Place
Peel Road
Peel Street
Peep o` Day(siteof)
Pegasus Avenue
Pegasus Road
Peking House
Peking Palace
Pelham Court
Pelican Cafe
Pembroke Street
Pembury Crescent
Pencaitland Drive
Pencaitland Grove
Pencaitland Place
Pendale Rise
Pendeen Crescent
Pendeen Place
Pendeen Road
Pendicle Crescent
Pendicle Road
Pendle Court (G69 8EE)
Penfold Crescent
Penguin Baby Knitwear
Penicuik Drive
Penicuik Lane
Penicuik Place
Penicuik Street
Penicuik Way
Penilee Road
Penilee Terrace
Peninver Drive
Penkill Avenue
Penman Avenue
Pennan Place
Penneld Road
Pennine Grove
Penny Black
Penny Crescent
Penny Gate
Penny Pharmacy
Penny Place
Pennycress Drive
Pennyroyal Court
Penrith Avenue
Penrith Drive
Penryn Gardens
Pensioners Action Group East Action Centre
Penston Road
Pentland Avenue
Pentland Court
Pentland Crescent
Pentland Drive
Pentland Place
Pentland Road
Pentland School
Pentland Way
Penzance Way
Peockland Gardens
Peockland Place
People's Palace
Peoria chicken
Pepe Piri Piri
Pepe's Piri Piri
Pepe's piri piri
Peploe Drive
Peppery Horse
Perch & Rest Coffee
Perchy path
Perchy View
Percy Drive
Percy Road
Percy Street
Peregrine Gardens
Perfect Glazing
Perfect Nails
Peri Peri Bites
Peri Peri Hub
Perran Gardens
Persimmon Homes
Perth Avenue
Perth Crescent
Perth Lane
Perth Street
Pescado Tapas
Peter D Stirling Road
Peter Ivins Eye Care
Peter's Barbers
Peter's Gate
Peters Home Style
Peters Store Newsagents
Petersburn Family Learning Centre
Petersburn Place
Petersburn Road
Petersburn Supermarket
Petersburn Terminus
Petershill Business Centre
Petershill Drive
Petershill Park
Petershill Road
Peterson Drive
Peterson Gardens
Peterson Park Post Office
Petition Place
Pets 'N' Things
Pets at Home


Petticoat Lane
Pettigrew Street
Petty Court
Peugeot Showroom
Peveril Avenue
Peveril Court
Pharonhill Street
Phase Eight
Philip Court
Philip Lang Cycles
Philip Murray Road
Philip's Garage
Philips Walk
Philips Wynd
Philipshill Gate
Philipshill Grove
Philipshill Road
Phillies of Shawlands
Phoenix Crescent
Phoenix House
Phoenix Park Sculpture
Phoenix Place
Phoenix Road
Phone Fix
Phone Garage
Phone Options
Phone's Guru
Photography Workshop
Phở 79
Piccadilly Street
Piccolo Mondo
Picketlaw Drive
Picketlaw Farm Road

pickled ginger

Picnic Area
Picolo Mondo
Picton Grove
Picture framers and Art Gallery
Pie Pie
Piershill Street
Pikeman Road
Pikie Mushroom Circle
Pillans Court
Pilmuir Avenue (G44 3HX)
Pilmuir Holdings
Pilmuir Private Road
Pilmuir Quarry
Pilmuir Road
Pilrig Street
Pilton Road
Pin Point
Pinch of Taste
Pine Avenue
Pine Crescent
Pine Grove
Pine Grove (G69)
Pine Lawn
Pine Mews
Pine Park
Pine Place
Pine Quadrant
Pine Road
Pine Street
Pineta Drive
Pineview Court
Pinewood Avenue
Pinewood Court
Pinewood Place
Pinewood Square
Pink Nail & Beauty

pink peacock די ראָזעווע פּאַווע

Pink Petal
Pinkerton Avenue
Pinkerton Lane
Pinkston Drive
Pinkston Road
Pinkston Watersports Centre
Pinmore Place
Pinmore Street
Pinochet RR Engine - Nae Pasaran Memorial
Pins & Needles
Pinwherry Drive
Pinwherry Place
Pioneer Gardens
Pioneer Grove
Pioneer Park
Pioneer Place
Pioneer Way
Piper Alpha Memorial
Piper Drive (ML5 2FY)
Piper Road
Pipers Tryst Hotel
Pir Palace
Pirie Park
Pirie Park Primary School
Pirnmill Avenue
Pit Road
Pit Way
Pitcairn Crescent
Pitcairn Grove
Pitcairn Place
Pitcairn Street
Pitcairn Terrace
Pitcaple Drive
Pitch and Putt
Pitlochry Drive
Pitlochry Place
Pitmedden Road
Pitmilly Road
Pitreavie Court
Pitreavie Place
Pitt Street
Pittenweem Path
Pixi Hair & Beauty
Pizza Bar
Pizza Crolla
Pizza Hut
Pizza Hut Delivery
Pizza Mario's
Pizza Punks
Pizzeria & Chip Chik Inn
Pladda Road
Pladda Street
Plains Primary School
Plaintrees Court
Plane Place
Planetree Place
Planetree Road
Plant Blonde
Plant Street
Plantain Grove
Plantation Avenue
Plantation Grove
Plantation Laundrette
Plantation Park Gardens
Plantation Parkway
Plantation Quay
Plantation Quay Pontoon
Plantation Road
Plantation Square


Platthorn Court
Platthorn Drive
Platthorn Road
Play Away Nursery
Play It Again Records
Play Park
Playfair Street
Plaza Tower
Pleaknowe Crescent
Pleamuir Place
Plean Street
Pleasance Street
Pleasance Way
Plenshin Court
Plough Court
Plough Drive
Plover Way
Plymouth Brethren Church
Po Boys
Poa San Chinese Takeaway
Pochard Way
Poet's View
Point A
Pointhouse Place
Pointhouse Road
Pointpark Crescent
Police Scotland
Police Scotland Operational Support Division
Polish Deli
Polish Shop Kujawiak
Polish Taste
Pollick Avenue
Pollick Farm
Pollick Farm Lane
Pollock Avenue
Pollock Road
Pollock Street
Pollok Avenue
Pollok Castle
Pollok Country Park
Pollok Drive
Pollok Earthwork
Pollok Golf Course
Pollok House
Pollok Lane
Pollok Park Visitor Centre
Pollok Place
Pollok Post Office
Pollok Telephone Exchange
Pollok Terrace
Pollok Tumulus
Pollokshaws Bowling Club
Pollokshaws Library
Pollokshaws Living Housing Development
Pollokshaws Methodist Church
Pollokshaws Road
Pollokshields Church of Scotland
Pollokshields Primary School
Pollokshields Square
Polmadie Bridge
Polmadie Community Fire Station
Polmadie Road
Polmadie Services
Polmadie Street
Polnoon Avenue
Polquhap Court
Polquhap Gardens
Polquhap Place
Polquhap Road
Polski Sklep
Polski Supermarket
Polson Drive
Polsons Crescent
Polwarth Lane
Polwarth Street
Pomona Place
Poochie Parlour
Poplar Avenue
Poplar Crescent
Poplar Drive
Poplar Place
Poplar Street
Poplar Way
Poplin Street
Poppy Gardens
Poppy Lane
Porchester Street
Port Dundas
Port Dundas Place
Port Dundas Road
Port Street
Porta Via
Portabello Road
Portal Road
Portal Steel frame buidling
Portcullis House
Porter Street
Porterfield Road
Porters Well
Portia Place
Portland Arms
Portland High School
Portland Park
Portland Place
Portland Road
Portland Square
Portland Street
Portland Way
Portman Motors
Portman Street
Portmarnock Drive
Portpatrick Road
Portreath Road
Portree Avenue
Portree Crescent
Portree Place
Portsoy Avenue
Portsoy Place
Portugal Street
Portwell Mews
Posh Pets
Possil Marsh Nature Reserve
Possil Road
Possil Telephone Exchange
Possilpark Library & Learning Centre
Possilpark Parish Church
Post Gate
Post Office in Convenience Store
Potassels Road
Potrail Place
Potter Close
Potter Grove
Potter Place
Potter Street
Potter Walk
Potterhill Avenue
Potterhill Road
Potters Way
Potts Way
Powburn Crescent
Powdertec Glasgow
Power House
Power League
Powfoot Street
Powrie Street
Practice Bay
Precious Metal Works
Precious Petals
Prehistoric linear earthwork
Premier Express
Premier Inn
Premier Inn - Newton Mearns
Premier Inn Bearsden
Premier Inn Braehead
Premier Inn Cumbernauld
Premier Inn Glasgow City Centre (George Square) hotel
Premier Inn Milngavie
Premium Gate
Prentice Lane
Prentice Road
Prepare to Party
Prestige Floors
Preston Place
Preston Street
Prestwick Place
Prestwick Street
Pret A Manger
Price Commercial Vehicle Repair Centre
Price Cutters
Priceless Computing
Pride of Glasgow
Priestfield Street
Priesthill and Nitshill Parish Church
Priesthill Avenue
Priesthill Crescent
Priesthill Gardens
Priesthill Park
Priesthill Road
Priesthill United Reform Church
Priestknowe Roundabout
Priestley Way
Prima Place

primal roast

Primavera Bistro
Prime Vapour
Primo and Sons
Primrose Avenue
Primrose Court
Primrose Crescent
Primrose Place
Primrose Street
Prince Albert Road
Prince Charlie
Prince Edward Street
Prince of Wales Bridge
Prince of Wales Gardens
Prince Place
Prince's Gardens
Prince's Gardens Lane
Prince's Place
Prince's Terrace
Prince's Terrace Lane
Princes Gardens Lane
Princes Gate
Princes House
Princes Park
Princes Square
Princes Street
Princess Bar
Princess Crescent
Princess Drive (G69)
Princess Nails
Princess Road
Pringle Wynd
Print & Copy
Print centre
Print Culture
Print Works Bridge
Printers Place
Printers' Land
Printwell Colour Printers
Priorscroft Bowling Club
Priorwood Court
Priorwood Gardens
Priorwood Gate
Priorwood Place
Priorwood Road
Priorwood Way
Priory Avenue
Priory Drive