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1 for 1 Pizza
1 For 1 Pizza
1 for 1 Pizza
1 For 1 Pizza
1 for 1 Pizza
1 for1 Pizza
10 Fourteen
10-21 SunRise Delivery
1000 Sushi Islands
107 Fourth Avenue Wine Bar & Café
10e Avenue Ouest
11:11 Vape
11e Avenue Ouest
12e Avenue Ouest
13 Fire Axes
13e Avenue Ouest
14 St. Laurent - Carlington
1435 Swimming Pool
168 Sushi
168 Sushi Asian Buffet
180 Food Market
1re Avenue Ouest
1re Rue
1st Avenue

20 The Driveway
200 Years in the Making
21 Blair <-> Canotek
2100 Walkley Road
220 Volt Depot
222 Lyon Tapas Bar
23 Rue des Estacades
24 Rue des Estacades
240 Sparks
270 Albert
2e Avenue Ouest
2e Rue
2nd Avenue

3 Brewers
3 Brewers - Restaurant & Microbrewery
3 Brothers Shawarma
3 Brothers Shawarma & Poutine
3 Nineteen
3 Sisters Bakeshop
3 Trees
30 Victoria
31 Rue des Estacades
35th Street Market Cafe
36 Pho Viet Cuisine
3e Avenue Ouest
3e Rue
3rd Avenue
3Sixty Dance and Fitness

4 Seasons Tire & Auto Spa
43 - Pine Grove Forestry Trail
45 & 46
4Cats Arts Studio
4e Avenue Ouest
4e Rue
4th Avenue

50 Laurier
50 (Winter Trail)
53 (Winter Trail)
5e Avenue Ouest
5e Rue

613 Loans
613 Medicinals
613 Motorsports
6e Avenue Ouest

7 Stars Shawarma
73 North Restaurant Lounge
7e Avenue Ouest

868 Massage
8e Avenue Ouest
8th Line Road
8th Line Road (27)

920 Dynes
9e Avenue Ouest
9th Line Road

A Brief History of Ottawa
A Celebration of Community
A Flat and A Box
A Freshwater Mariner
A Gym Tale
A Hardy Northerner
A. Lorne Cassidy Elementary School (CSDY)
A Modern Space
A Parting of the Waters
A Place For Us All
A Place to Nest, a Place to Reflect, Have a Seat
A Square for All Time
A Thing For Chocolate
A to Z Palace
A Typical Landscape
A View from Two Sides
A Voyageur's Guest House
A+ Auto Centre
A-Rivas Pawn Shop
A1 Mann Paving
A16 Automotive
AAA Meat Market & Groceries
Aahar - The Taste of India
Aaron Avenue
Abaca Way
Abbey Road
Abbey Ruins
Abbey Terrace
Abbeydale Circle
Abbeyhill Drive
Abbotsford House
Abbotsford Road
Abbott Street East
Abbott Street West
ABC Convenience Store
Aberdeen Street
Aberfeldy Street
Aberfoyle Circle
Abetti Ridge
Abiding Word Lutheran Church
Ability Studio
Abingdon Drive
Abitibi Crescent
Aboo's Auto Repair
Aboriginal Experiences
Above and Beyond
Abraar School
Absolute Comedy
Absolute Massage Therapy
Abu Thar al-Gofary Mosque, Ottawa
AC Delco Total Car Care
Acacia Avenue
Acacia Lane
Academic Hall
Académie de la Capitale
Academy of Martial Arts
Academy Private
Acadia Apartments
Acadian Garden
Acadie Court
Acceptance Place
Accessible Cash
Accolade Beauty Salon
Accolade Private
Accora Village
Accu-lift Flooring Systems
Accurate Shelving
Ace Mercado
Ace Street
Acklam Terrace
Acklands Grainger
Action Lock & Safe
Active Green + Ross
Acton Street
Ad Mare
Ada Barrington Private
Adam Baker Way
Adam's Airport Inn
Adams Avenue
Adamson Crescent
Adastra Road
Addison Street
Additionelle 14+
Adelaide Street
Adele Crescent
Adeline Street
Adencliffe Drive
Adirondack Drive
Adition Elle
Adley Road
Admiral Avenue
Adria Auto Centre
Adrienne Clarkson Public School (ACLA)
Adstock Heights
Adult Fun Superstore
Adult High School (ADLT)
Advanced Hearing Aid Clinic
Advanced Laser Clinic
Advanced Research Complex
Adàwe crossing
Aenos Food Services
Aero Drive
AF7 Auto
Afghani Kabob Express
Afram Auto Repair
Africa Slow Food
Afro-Carib Grocery
Afton Place
Agatha Street
Agave Grill
Ages Drive
Agincourt Road
Agincourt Road Public School (AGIN)
Agop's Bakery
Agora Bookstore
Agriculture Canada Research Plot
Ah-So Sushi
Ahearn Avenue
Ahlul-Bayt Islamic School
Ahora Mexican Cuisine
Aileron Private
Ainsley Drive
Aintree Place
Air Canada Cargo
Air Forces of British Commonwealth 1939–1945
Aird Place
Aire d'Accueil de Parc de la Gatineau/Welcome Area Gatineau Park
Airlie Place
Airplane Landing Viewing Area
Airport Parkway pedestrian bridge
Airport-Marina Road
Airycot Circle
Aiyara Thai Cuisine
Aja Market
Akenhead Crescent
Akerson Road
Akins Road
Akita Walk
Al Amir Grocery & Meat Shop
Al Basha
Al Farat Meat Shop
Al Kalaa ha lal meat
Al Madina Meat and Food Market
Al Manara
Al's Diner
Al-Mokhtar Food Centre
Alabaster Heights
Aladdin Convenience & Bakery
Aladdin Lane
Aladdin Pizza & Subs
Aladdin Villas
Alameda Way
Alanis Private
Alasken Drive
Albany Drive
Albatool Fatima Association
Alberni Street
Albert at Bay Suite Hotel
Albert Bouwers Circle
Albert Opticians
Albert St. Connector
Albert Street
Albert Street Education Centre (ALBE)
Albion Gardens
Albion Road
Albion Road (25)
Albion Road North
Albion Road South
Albion Sun Vista
Albion Woods
Alboro Crescent
Albury Crescent
Alcorn Music Studios
Aldburn Place
Aldea Avenue
Alder Crescent
Alderbrook Drive
Aldercrest Drive
Aldergrove Way
Aldershot Street
Alderwood Street
Aldgate Crescent
Aldridge Way
Aldworth Private
Alenmede Crescent
Alert Road
Alesther Street
Aleutian Road
Alex Laidlaw Co-op
Alex Polowin Avenue
Alex's Hot Dogs and Fries
Alexander Gamman Private
Alexander Mackenzie
Alexander Street
Alexandra Bridge
Alfa Street
Alfonso Hair Creations
Alfred Casson Way
Alfred Street
Algoma Road
Algonquin Avenue
Algonquin College
Algonquin Travel
Ali Baba bakery
AliCat Art Studio
Alice Street
Alicja Confections
Align Massage Therapy
Aline Avenue
Aline Hair Design
Alison Korn Private
Aljabal Bakery
Aljazeera Food Market
All About Kids
All About You
All Africa Market
All Books
All Dolled Up
All Nations Full Gospel Church
All Saints Anglican Church
All Saints High School
All Saints Lutheran Church
All Saints' Anglican Church
All Seasons Indian Catering
All Seasons restaurant
All Star Auto Centre
All That Glitters Bridal Salon
All You Can Eat
Allan Moore Place
Allan Place
Allanford Avenue
Allard Place
Allée Aspen
Allée Dadson
Allée des Frênes-Rouges
Allée du Févier
Allée Esdale
Allée Hackberry
Allée Higgerty
Allée Riley
Allegro DanceWorks
Allegro Ristorante
Allegro Way
Allen Boulevard
Allenby Road
Allendale Private
Alley Cats
Allgrove Way
Alliance Collision Recovery
Alliance Housing Co-op
Alliance Private
Allison Avenue
Allium Restaurant
Allium Street
Allo Allo Wireless
Alloway Crescent
Alloy Wheel Repair Specialists
Allright Automotive
Allure Hair Design
Allô Mon Coco
Alma Court
Almanda Walker-Marchand
Almond Lane
Alness Court
Alon Street
Along the boards
Alouette Private
Alpenglow Private
Alpha Art Gallery
Alpine Auto Parts
Alpine Avenue
Alpine Street
Alsa Hair Studio
Alsike Grove
Alson Mills Way
Alt Hotel Ottawa
Alta Juba Supermarket
Alta Vista
Alta Vista Baptist Church
Alta Vista Drive
Alta Vista Flowers
Alta Vista Public School (AVIS)
Alta Vista Ridge
Alta Vista Towers
Alterna Bank
Alterna Savings
Alterna Savings (00646)
Alterno Savings
Altha Avenue
Alti Place
Altitude Gym
Alton Street
Aluminum Renovators
Alumni Park
Alvin Road
AM Anecer fashion boutique
Amanda Avenue
Amanda Salon & Beauty Supply
Amano McGann
Amar Lane
Amarillo Drive
Amaya Private
Amazon Cafe
Ambassade du Vénézuela
Ambassador Avenue
Ambercrest Street
Amberdale Crescent
Amberglen Court
Amberlakes Drive
Amberly Court
Amberly Place
Amberwood Crescent
Amberwood Lounge & Eatery
Amberwood Village Golf and Country Club
Ambiance Drive
Ambler Lane
Ambleside Drive
Ambridge Way
Ambrose Drive
Amelia Place
American Goldfinch
American Graffiti Automotive Garage
Amesbrooke Drive
Amesbrooke Townhomes
Amethyst Crescent
AMH styie
Amherst Crescent
Amici Caffe
Amici Terrace
Amiens Street
Amigo Karting
Amita Crescent
AMJ Campbell
Ammex Fine Auto
Ammolite Street
Amnesty International
Amore Gelato
Amplify It
Amro Travel
Amulet Grove
Amundsen Crescent
Amuse Kitchen
Amy Street
Amy's World
Amyot Avenue
Analdea Drive
Anand Private
Ancaster Avenue
Ancient Beaches
Ancona Crescent
Ancroft Court
Andalos Shawarma
Andalusian Crescent
Andaz Ottawa Byward Market
Anderson Links
Anderson Road
Anderson Road (27)
Anderson Street
Andes Arts & Crafts
Andora Avenue
Andover Place
Andre Audet Avenue
Andre's Hair Designs & Nails
Andrea Crescent
Andrei Master Tailors
Andrew Alexander Court
Andrew Simpson Drive
Andy Shields Park Ice Rink
Anfield Crescent
Angela Private
Angelica Avenue
Angelo's Pizza
Angelo's Service Limited
Anglehart Avenue
Angry Dragonz
Angus Drive
Anik Boutique
Anik Way
Anika Arts & Flowers
Animals in War Dedication
Anishinabe scout
Anjana Circle
Anjou Private
Anka's Hair & Esthetics
Ann Street
Ann's Optical
Anna Avenue
Anna Hair Designs
Anna Thai cuisine
Annapolis Circle
Annex Residence
Annisettes Ridge
Annunciation of the Lord Parish
Annunciation Orthodox Cathedral
Anoka Street
Antares Drive
Anthony Avenue
Antigonish Avenue
Antique Court
Antler Avenue
Antochi Lane
Antonine Sisters
Anwatin Street
Anytime Fitness
AP Fitness
Apache Crescent
Apeldoorn Avenue
Apex Floral Distributors
Apollo Way
Apolydor Avenue
ApotheSOS Pharmacy
Appaloosa Drive
Apple Blossom Way
Apple Creek Crescent
Apple Hill Drive
Apple Lane
Apple Leaf Way
Apple Orchard Road
Apple Saddlery
Apple Tree Lane
Appleby Private
Applecrate Galleries
Applecross Crescent
Appledale Drive
Appleford Street
Applegate Private
Applegrove Court
Appleton Drive
Applewood Crescent
Aqua Sport
Aqua Valley
Aquamarine Private
Aquapass Place
Aquaview Drive
Aquilo Crescent
Ararat Court
Arbeatha Street
Arbor Green
Arbor Ridge
Arbordale Crescent
Arboretum Loop
Arbourwood Drive
Arbres Street
Arbuckle Crescent
Arbuste Avenue
Arc de triomphe
ARC Lounge
ARC The.Hotel Ottawa
Arc-en-ciel Catholic Elementary School (705047)
Arc-En-Ciel Street
Arch Street
Arch Street Public School (ARCH)
Archer Square
Archibald Street
Arco Way
Arcola Private
Arctic Tundra
Ardagh Gate
Ardea herodias
Ardell Grove
Arden Brooks Bridge
Arden Court
Ardmore Street
Ardor Construction & Sons
Arena Beaudry
Arena Cholette
Arena Frank-Robinson
Arena Isabelle-et-Paul-Duchesnay
Arena Jean-Paul-Sabourin
Arena Place
Arena Robert-Guertin
Arevco Lighting
Arey Tea & Coffee
Argana Restaurant
Argent Private
Argentum Hair
Argos Carpet
Argue Drive
Argyle Avenue
Aria Court
Ariana Kabab House
Ariana Kebab House
Ariel Court
Arista Court
Arizona Avenue
Arkell Street
Arkose Street
Arlington Avenue
Arlington Court
Arlington Five
Arlington Place
Armada Avenue
Armadale Crescent
Armagh Way
Armonia Private
Armstrong & Richardson's Shoes
Armstrong Street
Army Officers' Mess
Arncliffe Avenue
Arnhem Street
Arnold Auto Glass
Arnold Drive
Arnot Road
Aroma Espresso Bar
Aroma Pizzeria
Aroma Select
Around the Corner
Arriola Electronics
Arrisdale Court
Arrita Street
Arrowgrass Way
Arrowhead Place
Arrowsmith Drive
Arrowwood Drive
Art Bank
Art Flow Gallery
Art House Café
Art House Custom Framing
Art Is In Bakery
Art's Autobody
Arta Coffee House
Artesa Private
Arthur Crescent
Arthur Doughty
Arthur Lane North
Arthur Lane South
Arthur Murray Dance Studio
Arthur Street
Artistic Cake Design
Artistic Nails & Spa
Artistic Place
Arturo's Ristorante
Arum Korean Market
Arum Terrace
Arundel Avenue
Arya Food Market
Arz Lebanese Cuisine
Ascot Avenue
Ash Lane
Ash Street
Ash Valley Avenue
Ash Woodlot
Ashbourne Crescent
Ashbrook Lane
Ashburn Drive
Ashbury College
Ashbury Flooring
Ashbury Place
Ashbury Road
Ashby House Wellness Immersion
Ashcroft Court
Ashdale Avenue
Ashenvale Way
Ashford Drive
Ashgrove Crescent
Ashland Street
Ashley Cardill Lane
Ashley Homestore
Ashley Street
Ashmont Street
Ashmore Drive
Ashpark Crescent
Ashton Avenue
Ashwick Court
Ashwood Crescent
Asia Garden
Asia Massage Spa
Asia Wok
Asian Dragon
Asian Gourmet
Asian Palace
Asian Star
Asli Dining
Aspen Grove
Aspen Village
Aspen Village Circle
Aspenview Way
Asper Trail Circle
Aspire Pharmacy
Assaly Road
Assayyed Restaurant
Assemblee Evangelique De L'arriere Saison
Assemblée Évangélique de la Nouvelle Jérusalem
Assiniboine Drive
Assomption Street
Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral
Assumption School
Assured Bel-Air Collision Centre
Astelia Crescent
Aster Street
Astervale Street
Astolot Education Centre
Astoria Crescent
Astrolabe Place
Asturcon Street
Athans Avenue
Athena Gourmet Greek Imports
Athena Way
Athens Grill
Athlone Avenue
Athlone Avenue South
Atkins Street
Atkinson Gate
Atlantica Fine Jewellery
Atlantis Avenue
Atlantis Beauty Spa
Atmos Vapor Co
Atoll Street
Atomic Rooster
Attwood Crescent
Atwater Street
Au 4 Jeudi
Au Pied de la Tour Dépanneur
Au Royaume du Rat Musqué
Au Vieux Duluth
Aubépines Drive
Auberge des Arts
Auberge du Ruisseau
Auberge Old Chelsea B&B
Auberge un Pied a Terre
Auburn Ridge Drive
Auburn Street
Audio Mart
Audrey Avenue
Audubon Place
Auger Hollingsworth
August Lily Crescent
August Street
Augusta Street
Aulde Dubliner & Pour House
Aurèle G. Morin Baseball Diamond #1 (33148)
Aurèle G. Morin Baseball Diamond #2 (33147)
Aurele Street
Aurelius Food Co.
Auriga Drive
Aurora Crescent
Aurora Salon & Spa
Austin Court
Australia House
Authentic Vietnamese Pho House
Auto Beauty
Auto Racks
Auto Shack
Auto Star Service
Autopark Drive
Autopark Private
Autumn Court
Autumn Hill Crescent
Autumn Ridge Drive
Autumnfield Street
Autumnwood Street
Aux Délices
Aux Petits Lurons
Ava Road
Avalon Park
Avalon Place
Avalon Public School (AVAL)
Avant-Garde Bar
Avebury Drive
Aveia Private
Avenshire Gate
Avenue Alcianna
Avenue de la Citadelle
Avenue de la Colline
Avenue de la Drave
Avenue des Artisans
Avenue des Bosquets
Avenue des Bourgeons
Avenue des Bûcherons
Avenue des Calèches
Avenue des Champignons
Avenue des Entreprises
Avenue des Explorateurs
Avenue des Glaïeuls
Avenue des Gouverneurs
Avenue des Grands-Jardins
Avenue des Jonquilles
Avenue des Paysans
Avenue des Pivoines
Avenue des Saules
Avenue des Tilleuls
Avenue des Trappeurs
Avenue des Trèfles
Avenue des Voyageurs
Avenue du Bic
Avenue du Bois-Franc
Avenue du Cheval-Blanc
Avenue du Grand-Calumet
Avenue du Parc
Avenue du Pont
Avenue du Vallon
Avenue Frank-Robinson
Avenue Gatineau
Avenue Haydon
Avenue K
Avenue L
Avenue Lapointe
Avenue N
Avenue O
Avenue P
Avenue Q
Avenue R
Avenue Road
Avenue S
Avenue T
Avenue U
Avery Crescent
Aviation Parkway
Aviation Pathway
Aviation Private
Avico Video
Avignon Court
Avocado Street
Avon Lane
Avoncourt Way
Avondale Avenue
Avonhurst Avenue
Avonlea Road
Avonmore Crescent
Avro Arrow Private
Avro Circle
Avro Jetliner Private
Ax Auto Repair
Axel Crescent
Axis Way
Axminster Court
A.Y. Jackson Secondary School (AYJA)
Ayers Avenue
Ayla Auto Service
Aylen Avenue
Aylmer Avenue
Aylmer Marina
Aylmer Mosque
Ayton Lane
AZ Wireless
Azalea Lane
Aztec Way
Azure Street
Azurite Crescent

B&B Hydroponic Gardens
BAAN Thai Restaurant
Babaco Rug Gallery
Babies R Us
Babinos Gyro
Baby enRoute
Babylon Cafe
Bachman Terrace
Back Place Avenue
Baden Avenue
Badgeley Avenue
Badger Crescent
Baffin Avenue
Bagan Indian Food
Bagel -Bagel
Bagel Run
Baghlan Market
Baie Squaw
Baie-des-Castors Street
Baie-Verte Crescent
Bainbridge Avenue
Baintree Place
Baitun Naseer Mosque
Baja Burger
Bajan Street
Baker Street Cafe
Bakervale Drive
Bakewell Crescent
Bakker Court
Balbair Road
Balding Crescent
Baldwins Ottawa Upholstery
Balena Avenue
Balfour Avenue
Balharrie Avenue
Balikun Heights
Balinroan Crescent
Ball Diamond - Baseball (33004)
Ball Diamond - Baseball (33018)
Ball Diamond - Baseball (33047)
Ball Diamond - Baseball (33075)
Ball Diamond - Baseball (33080)
Ball Diamond - Baseball (33084)
Ball Diamond - Baseball (33093)
Ball Diamond - Baseball (33129)
Ball Diamond - Baseball (33132)
Ball Diamond - Baseball (33205)
Ball Diamond - Baseball West (33007)
Ball Diamond - East (33194)
Ball Diamond - Grassy Area (33227)
Ball Diamond - Lower Field Softball (33014)
Ball Diamond - North (33035)
Ball Diamond - Softball (33016)
Ball Diamond - Softball (33038)
Ball Diamond - Softball (33041)
Ball Diamond - Softball (33078)
Ball Diamond - Softball (33105)
Ball Diamond - Softball (33108)
Ball Diamond - Softball (33145)
Ball Diamond - Softball (33167)
Ball Diamond - Softball (33168)
Ball Diamond - Softball (33192)
Ball Diamond - Softball (4007)
Ball Diamond - Softball East (33033)
Ball Diamond - Softball East (Mini Pitch) (33224)
Ball Diamond - Softball (Minors) (33169)
Ball Diamond - Softball (Minors Only) (33037)
Ball Diamond - Softball North (33100)
Ball Diamond - Softball South East (33102)
Ball Diamond - Softball South West (33101)
Ball Diamond - Softball West (33034)
Ball Diamond - Softball West (33133)
Ball Diamond - South (33036)
Ball Diamond - T-Ball (33074)
Ball Diamond - Upper Field Baseball (33061)
Ball Diamond - West (33193)
Ball Diamond - (Youth) (33128)
Ball Diamond 01 - Baseball (33008)
Ball Diamond 01 - Baseball (33186)
Ball Diamond 01 - Baseball (4070)
Ball Diamond 01 - Minor Baseball (33026)
Ball Diamond 01 - North (3830)
Ball Diamond 01 - South (3814)
Ball Diamond 01 - T-Ball (33174)
Ball Diamond 01 (33055)
Ball Diamond 01 (33064)
Ball Diamond 01 (33117)
Ball Diamond 01 (33200)
Ball Diamond 01 (33222)
Ball Diamond 01 (3808)
Ball Diamond 01 (3818)
Ball Diamond 01 (3824)
Ball Diamond 01 (3856)
Ball Diamond 01 (3865)
Ball Diamond 01 (3871)
Ball Diamond 01 (3889)
Ball Diamond 01 (4005)
Ball Diamond 01 (4024)
Ball Diamond 01 (4074)
Ball Diamond 02 - Baseball (33009)
Ball Diamond 02 - Baseball (33187)
Ball Diamond 02 - North (3897)
Ball Diamond 02 - Softball (3832)
Ball Diamond 02 - Softball (4050)
Ball Diamond 02 - South (3831)
Ball Diamond 02 (33054)
Ball Diamond 02 (33065)
Ball Diamond 02 (33199)
Ball Diamond 02 (33223)
Ball Diamond 02 (3812)
Ball Diamond 02 (3817)
Ball Diamond 02 (3835)
Ball Diamond 02 (3846)
Ball Diamond 02 (3888)
Ball Diamond 02 (3893)
Ball Diamond 02 (3895)
Ball Diamond 02 (4004)
Ball Diamond 02 (4071)
Ball Diamond 02 (Women/Minor) (33116)
Ball Diamond 03 - Baseball (33053)
Ball Diamond 03 - Softball (4049)
Ball Diamond 03 - T-Ball (33002)
Ball Diamond 03 (3813)
Ball Diamond 03 (3816)
Ball Diamond 03 (Minors) (33118)
Ball Diamond 04 - Baseball (4048)
Ball Diamond 04 (4065)
Ball Diamond 05 - Minor Baseball (3868)
Ball Diamond 06 - Minor Baseball (3866)
Ball Diamond (33001)
Ball Diamond (33005)
Ball Diamond (33019)
Ball Diamond (33025)
Ball Diamond (33027)
Ball Diamond (33030)
Ball Diamond (33039)
Ball Diamond (33042)
Ball Diamond (33045)
Ball Diamond (33046)
Ball Diamond (33049)
Ball Diamond (33050)
Ball Diamond (33051)
Ball Diamond (33052)
Ball Diamond (33059)
Ball Diamond (33063)
Ball Diamond (33067)
Ball Diamond (33068)
Ball Diamond (33071)
Ball Diamond (33073)
Ball Diamond (33077)
Ball Diamond (33079)
Ball Diamond (33081)
Ball Diamond (33082)
Ball Diamond (33083)
Ball Diamond (33087)
Ball Diamond (33091)
Ball Diamond (33092)
Ball Diamond (33098)
Ball Diamond (33103)
Ball Diamond (33114)
Ball Diamond (33115)
Ball Diamond (33119)
Ball Diamond (33120)
Ball Diamond (33121)
Ball Diamond (33127)
Ball Diamond (33134)
Ball Diamond (33136)
Ball Diamond (33137)
Ball Diamond (33141)
Ball Diamond (33146)
Ball Diamond (33149)
Ball Diamond (33150)
Ball Diamond (33155)
Ball Diamond (33159)
Ball Diamond (33160)
Ball Diamond (33161)
Ball Diamond (33162)
Ball Diamond (33163)
Ball Diamond (33166)
Ball Diamond (33170)
Ball Diamond (33171)
Ball Diamond (33179)
Ball Diamond (33180)
Ball Diamond (33190)
Ball Diamond (33191)
Ball Diamond (33201)
Ball Diamond (33202)
Ball Diamond (33203)
Ball Diamond (33204)
Ball Diamond (33209)
Ball Diamond (33212)
Ball Diamond (33216)
Ball Diamond (33220)
Ball Diamond (33221)
Ball Diamond (33232)
Ball Diamond (33235)
Ball Diamond (36000)
Ball Diamond (3742)
Ball Diamond (3779)
Ball Diamond (3802)
Ball Diamond (3804)
Ball Diamond (3805)
Ball Diamond (3815)
Ball Diamond (3819)
Ball Diamond (3821)
Ball Diamond (3823)
Ball Diamond (3825)
Ball Diamond (3834)
Ball Diamond (3836)
Ball Diamond (3837)
Ball Diamond (3838)
Ball Diamond (3841)
Ball Diamond (3847)
Ball Diamond (3848)
Ball Diamond (3858)
Ball Diamond (3859)
Ball Diamond (3860)
Ball Diamond (3861)
Ball Diamond (3869)
Ball Diamond (3872)
Ball Diamond (3874)
Ball Diamond (3875)
Ball Diamond (3879)
Ball Diamond (3880)
Ball Diamond (3881)
Ball Diamond (3882)
Ball Diamond (3883)
Ball Diamond (3887)
Ball Diamond (3892)
Ball Diamond (4000)
Ball Diamond (4028)
Ball Diamond (4040)
Ball Diamond A - Baseball North (33090)
Ball Diamond B - Softball Central (33089)
Ball Diamond C - Softball South (33088)
Ball Diamond East (33029)
Ball Diamond (Minors) (33094)
Ball Diamond Softball North (33070)
Ball Diamond (T-Ball) (3827)
Ball Diamond West (33028)
Ball Diamond (Youth) (33062)
Ball Diamond/Dog Run (33013)
Ballance Drive
Ballantrae Way
Ballantyne Drive
Ballard Court
Ballard Drive
Ballinville Circle
Ballyboy Street
Ballycastle Crescent
Ballyhaise Street
Ballymore Avenue
Balmoral Drive
Balmoral Place
Balsam Drive
Balsam Fir
Balsam Manor
Balsam Street
Baltic Private
Balzac Lane
Bambeeno's Tuckshop
Bamboche Creole
Bambu (Asian Fusion)
Bamburgh Way
Banbury Crescent
Banc Sushi
Banchory Crescent
Bandelier Way
Baneberry Crescent
Banff Avenue
Banfield Agency
Bang On
Bangkok Thai Garden
Bangor Street
Bangs Street
Banh Mi Girl
Bank Note Private
Bank of Canada
Bank of Canada Museum
Bank of Montreal
Bank of Montreal (24426)
Bank of Montreal (29996)
Bank of Montreal (35456)
Bank of Montreal (38436)
Bank St. Pharmacy
Bank Street
Bank Street Chambers
Bank Street Tires & Auto Glass
Bankfield Road
Bankfield Road (8)
Bankview Place
Banner Road
Bannerhill Private
Banning Road
Bannock Crescent
Bannon Way
Banque de Montréal
Banque Laurentienne
Banque Nationale
Banque Scotia
Banting Crescent
Banting Way
Banton Street
Bantree Street
Bap by Raon Kitchen
Bar Burrito
Bar Buzz
Bar La Brass
Bar Laitier
Bar Laurel
Bar le Où... Quoi! Lounge urbain
Bar Lupulus
Bar Robo
Barbara Ann Private
Barber Paris

barber shop

Barber Shop
Barber Shop Cinq Sur Cinq
Barber Stop
Barber Street
Barberry Lane
Barcham Crescent
Barchester Way
Barclay Road
Barefoot Hostel
Barfield Road
Barholm Private
Baribeau Street
Barkmere Court
Barkwoods Court
Barley Mow
Barlyn Avenue
Barn Swallow Private
Barnaby Private
Barnes Crescent
Barnett Drive
Barney's Pizza
Barnhart Place
Barnsdale Road
Barnsley Private
Barnstable Drive
Barnstone Drive
Barnstormer Studio
Barnwell Crescent
Baroness Drive
Baroud Auto
Barra Avenue
Barracks Way
Barran Street
Barres and Wheels
Barrette Street
Barrhaven BMX Track
Barrhaven Child Care Centre
Barrhaven Community Police Centre
Barrhaven Crescent
Barrhaven Fellowship Christian Reformed Church
Barrhaven Hearing Clinic
Barrhaven Public School (BARR)
Barrhaven Tennis Club (7081)
Barrhaven United Church
Barrick Hill Road
Barrie Avenue
Barrington Park Ice Rink
Barrington Street
Barrister House
Barrow Crescent
Barry Burn Court
Barry Helman Crescent
Barry Mullen Park Ice Rink
Barry Street
Barrymore Lane
Barsona Place
Bartlett Private
Bartley Crescent
Barton Street
Bartonia Circle
Barwell Avenue
Barwood Flooring
Baseball East - Eagles Nest 2 (33110)
Baseball Town
Baseball West - Eagles Nest 1 (33109)
Basecamp Cafe
Baseline Court
Baseline Pharmacy
Baseline Road
Baseline Road (16)
Basford Crescent
Basil Macdonald Way
Basin Court
Baskin Robbins
Baskin Robins
Baslaw Drive
Bassano Street
Bassett Lane
Basswood Avenue
Basswood Crescent
Basswood trail
Bateau Place
Bateman Drive
Bathgate Court
Bathgate Drive
Bathurst Avenue
Baton Court
Baton Rouge
Batteries Expert
Battersea Crescent
Bavlie Avenue
Baxter Road
Bay Hill Ridge
Bay Ridge
Bay Rock Café
Bay Street
Baycrest Drive
Bayfield Avenue
Baylie Avenue
Bayne Avenue
Baynes Sound Way
Baypointe Crescent
Bayport Private
Bayrose Drive
Bayshore Drive
Bayshore Pharmacy
Bayshore Public School (BAYS)
Bayside Private
Bayswater Avenue
Bayview Public School (BAYV)
Bayview Road
Baywood Drive
Bazaar Outlet
BB Chips
BCU Financial
Beachview Private
Beacon Heights
Beacon Hill Motel
Beacon Hill South
Beacon Lite
Beacon Place
Beacon Roofing Supply
Beacon Way
Beaconfield Street
Beaconwood Drive
Beaconwood Hill Gardens
Beaconwood Village
Beaded Dreams
Beam Street
Beamish Crescent
Bearbrook Outdoor Pool
Bearbrook Park Ice Rink
Bearbrook Road
Bearman Street
Beatrice Drive
Béatrice-Desloges Catholic High School (705314)
Beattie Avenue
Beaucache Private
Beauchamp Avenue
Beauchamp Funeral Home
Beauclaire Drive
Beaucourt Place
Beaudelaire Drive
Beaudry Flowers
Beaudry Street
Beaufield Street
Beaufort Drive
Beaujolais Crescent
Beaulieu Place
Beauly Street
Beaumaris Drive
Beaumont Road
Beauparc Private
Beauregard Crescent
Beauséjour Community
Beauséjour Drive
Beausoleil Drive
Beauty on Bank
Beaver Avenue
Beaver Ridge
Beaver Tails
Beaver Trail
Beaverbrook Lane
Beaverbrook Outdoor Pool
Beaverbrook Road
Beaverhill Drive
Beaverhill Place
Beaverpond Drive
Beaverton Avenue
Beaverwood Road
Beckenham Lane
Beckett Crescent
Beckington Private
Beckstead Road
Beckta 2.0
Beckwith Road
Bedale Drive
Bédard Avenue
Bedbrooke Street
Beddington Avenue
Beddoe Lane
Bédèque Court
Bedford Crescent
Bedford Way
Beech Street
Beechcliffe Street
Beechfern Drive
Beechgrove Avenue
Beechgrove Garden
Beechmont Crescent
Beechwood Auto Service
Beechwood Avenue
Beechwood Avenue (44)
Beechwood Gastropub
Beechwood Oasis
Beechwood Village
Beela General Sewing & Alterations
Beer Art Treasures
Beer Store
Bégin Street
Begonia Avenue
Beijing Legend
Beirut Boulangerie et Traiteur
Bekkers Court
Bel Air Heights
Bel Air Park
Bel Fiore Flowers
Bel-Air Drive
Bel-Air Motel
Bélanger Avenue
Belcastle Court
Belcourt Boulevard
Belfast Auto
Belfast Road
Belford Crescent
Belgate Way
Belgrave Road
Belgreen Drive
Belisle Street
Beliveau Street
Belko Auto Body
Bell Centennial Arena
Bell High School (BELL)
Bell Média
Bell Mobility
Bell Park Street
Bell Sensplex
Bell Street North
Bell Street South
Bella Via Caffé Panino Gelato
Bella Vista
Bella Vista Drive
Bella Vista Estates
Bella's Bistro
Bellamy Street
Belle Notte Bed&Breakfast
Bellechasse Place
Belledune Street
Belleek Lane
Belleterre Street
Belleview Drive
Bellevue Avenue
Bellfield Street
Bellflower Private
Bellingham Place
Bellister Avenue
Bellman Drive
Bellmanor Court
Bello E Buono
Bellrock Drive
Bells Corner's Barber Shop
Bells Corners
Bells Corners Public School (BELC)
Bells Corners United Church
Belltown Dome
Bellweather's Vintage
Bellwood Avenue
Bellwood Estates
Belmont Avenue
Belmore Lane
Belton Avenue
Belval Crescent
Belvedere Crescent
Bemac Merivale
Ben Ben Restaurant
Ben Franklin Place Client Service Centre
Ben Royal Avenue
Ben Street
Ben's Auto Garage
Benchland Street
Beneci Pizza
Beneci Pizzeria
Benjamin Avenue
Benjamin Books
Benjamin Moore
Benji's Place
Benlark Road
Benlea Drive
Bennett Property Shop
Bennett Street
Bennington Street
Benny & Co.
Benny & Co
Benny's Bistro
Benoît Street
Bensinger Way
Benson Street
Bentbrook Crescent
Bentgrass Green
Bentley Avenue
Bento Nouveau Sushi
Bento Sushi
Bentworth Crescent
Bergamot Circle
Bergen Avenue
Bergeron Private
Bergeron Terrace
Bering Court
Berkley Avenue
Berkshire Way
Bermuda Avenue
Bernadette Place
Bernard Court
Bernard Grandmaitre Arena
Bernard Street
Bernard-Grandmaître Catholic Elementary School (769765)
Bernice Court
Bernier Terrace
Bérot Lane
Berrigan Drive
Berrigan Elementary School (BERR)
Berrigan Skateboard Park (35667)
Berrito Gringo
Berry Glen Park Ice Rink
Berry Glen Street
Berry Side Road
Berryman Pub
Bert G. Argue Drive
Berthsaida Hair Salon
Berton Place
Bertona Street
Bertona Tpwnhomes
Bertrand Street
Berwick Avenue
Berwin Holsteins
Beryl Private
Besos Pet Salon
Besserer Street
Best Beef Store
Best Buy
Best Friends School of Dog Training
Best Pizza
Best Price Auto
Best Way
Best Western Plus
Best Western Plus Ottawa City Centre
Best Western Victoria Park suite hotel
Beth Avenue
Bethamy Lane
Bethamy Woods
Bethany Baptist Church
Bethany United Church
Bethel Pentecostal Church
Bethune Condominium
Bethune Court
Bethune Way
Better Living Co-op
Better Used Cars
Betty Brite Cleaners
Between Friends
Bevan Avenue
Beverley Avenue
Beverly Street
Bevington Walk
Bexley Place
Beyond the Batter
Beyond the Pale Bewing Company
BF Vacuum Cleaner Centre
BGGO Boutique
Bibleway Ministries
Bibliothèque Angers
Bibliothèque Aurélien-Doucet
Bibliothèque Café
Bibliothèque de Gatineau
Bibliothèque de Riviera
Bibliothèque Guy-Sanche
Bibliothèque Lucy-Faris
Bibliothèque municipale de Gatineau
Bibliothèque municipale de Gatineau (Lucien Lalonde)
Bickerton Avenue
Bicyclettes de Hull
Bideford Street
Bidwell Street
Bie Street
Bien Pho
Bier Markt
Big Bone BBQ
Big Boy Auto Parts
Big Easy's Seafood and Steak House
Big H Restaurant
Big Joe's Convenience
Big Rig
Big Rig Brewery
Big Sky Private
Big Smoke Burger
Bijouterie L'Or d'Aimer
Bike Co-op
Bil Holland trail
Bilberry Creek Baptist Church
Bilberry Drive
Bill and Marion Atwell Baseball Diamond - East (4059)
Bill and Marion Atwell Baseball Diamond - West (4058)
Bill Holland Trail
Bill Holland trail
Bill Holland Trail
Bill Leathem Drive
Bill&Dave Computer Repair
Bill's trail
Billingham Crescent
Billings Avenue
Billings Bridge
Billings Estate
Billings Estate Museum
Billy Bishop Private
Binbury Way
Bingham Street
Bingham-McKellar Estates
Binh-Go Fries
Binning Court
Binscarth Crescent
Biogenie Aesthetics & Electrolysis
Birch Avenue
Birch Drive
Birch Hill Private
Birchbank Crescent
Birchdale Avenue
Birchfield Avenue
Birchland Crescent
Birchmount Drive
Birchtree Crescent
Birchtree II
Birchtree Park
Birchview Road
Birchwood Drive
Birdhill Avenue
Birdman Sound
Birdseye Terrace
Birdstone Avenue
Birkendale Drive
Birkenfels Road
Birkett Street
Birkhill Place
Birmingham Private
Bisan Auto Centre
Biscayne Crescent
Biscotti & cie
Bishop Hamilton Christian Montessori School (West)
Bishops Mills Way
Bissett Way
Bistro Boreal
Bistro Coqlicorne
Bistro L'Autre Oeil
Bistro Manchester
Bistro Ristoro
Bite Burger House
Bite This
Bits 'n Bytes (T222)
Bittern Court
Bittersweet Place
B.K. Sports Repair
BKK & Associates Law
Black Bear Way
Black Canary Drive
Black Cherry
Black Dog Bistro
Black Forest Lane
Black Forest Village
Black Friars Road
Black Gold Coffee
Black Maple Private
Black Nest
Black Rivers Place
Black Sage Crescent
Black Stallion Way
Black Tern Crescent
Black Willow Lane
Black's Side Road
Blackbird Falls
Blackbird Lane
Blackburn Arms Pub
Blackburn Avenue
Blackburn building
Blackburn Hamlet
Blackburn Hamlet Bypass (30)
Blackburn Hamlet Community Church
Blackburn Hamlet Library
Blackburn Skateboard Park (28005)
Blackburn Tennis Club (7427)
Blackcomb Private
Blackcreek Road
Blackdome Crescent
Blackheath Street
Blackhorse Court
Blackleaf Drive
Blackpool Lane
Blackshire Circle
Blacksmith Place
Blackstone Crescent
Blackthorne Avenue
Blackwell Street
Blair Court
Blair Estates
Blair Place
Blair Road
Blair Road (27)
Blais Road
Blake Boulevard
Blake Road
Blanchard Crescent
Blanding’s Turtles of the South March Highlands
Blasdell Avenue
Blazer Avenue
Bldg 16
Bldg 347
Bldg 469


Blenheim Drive
Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church
Blinds 613
Blinds to Go
Blinds with Flair
Bloc sportif
Blohm Court
Blohm Drive
Bloomfield Avenue
Bloomfields Flowers
Blooming Scents
Bloomingdale Street
Bloomington Street
Bloomsbury Crescent
Bloor Avenue
Blossom Drive
Blossom Park
Blossom Park Pharmacy
Blossom Park Public School (BLOS)
Blossom Trail Drive
Blossomfield Court
Blue Aster Street
Blue Bird Coffee
Blue Cactus
Blue Heron Co-op
Blue Heron Court
Blue Heron Trail
Blue Jay Crescent
Blue Moon Private
Blue Nile
Blue Nile Grocery Store
Blue Spruce Court
Blue Water Crescent
Blue Willow Crescent
Blue Willow Park Ice Rink
Bluebell Street
Bluebird Upcycled Style
Bluegill Avenue
Bluegrass Drive
Bluegrass Park Ice Rink
Blueheart Bay
Bluemeadow Way
Bluenose Private
Blueprint Home
Blueridge Court
Bluestone Private
Bluevale Lane
Blumen Studio
Blyth Academy
Blythdale Road
BMO Bank of Montreal (32196)
BMO Banque De Montréal
Boake Street
Board Lane
Boat Sight
Bob MacQuarrie Skateboard Park (SK8 Extreme Park) (28001)
Bob Thompson's Jewellers
Bobbie's Pizza & Subs
Bobby's Table
Bobcat Way
BOBITES Best Organic Bites
Bobolink Ridge
Boddington Street
Body & Soul MAGS
Body and Mind
Body and Soul
Body Basics 3000
Body Poets
Bogen Place
Bois-Vert Place
Boisbriand Crescent
Boisdale Walk
Boisfranc Circle
Boko Bakery
Boland Street
Bollywood Hair Design
Bolton Street
Bombay Garden
Bon Echo Crescent
Bonair Drive
Bonaventure Terrace
Bond Decor
Bond Street
Bondar Way
Bonds Decor
Bonfield Private
Bong Parlour
Bongard Avenue
Bonita Private
Bonnechere Drive
Bonner Street
Bonneville Crescent
Bonnie Crescent

boogie + birdie

Book Bazaar
Book Market
Books on Beechwood
Bookton Place
Boomerang Kids
Boone Crescent
Boone Plumbing & Heating
Booster Juice
Booth Street
Boothfield Park Ice Rink
Boothfield Street
Borbridge Avenue
Bordeau Grove
Borden Side Road
Borden Street
Borduas Court
Boreal Forest
Borealis Crescent
Borga Crescent
Borland Drive
Boro Exhibition
Borrisokane Road
Borthwick Avenue
Bortolotti Crescent
Bosque Crescent
Boss Shawarma & Grill
Boston Pizza
Botanica Private
Boteler Street
Botsford Street
Botsford Street South
Bottriell Way
Bou Bou Patate
Boubon Street Grill
Boucherie Méditéranée
Bouclair Maison
Boudreau Street
Bougie Doozy Candle
Boulangerie Dans Un Village
Boulder Way
Bouleaux Place
Boulevard Alexandre-Taché
Boulevard d'Amsterdam
Boulevard d'Europe
Boulevard de Carrefour
Boulevard de l'Aéroport
Boulevard de l'Amérique-Française
Boulevard de l'Hôpital
Boulevard de la Carrière
Boulevard de la Cité
Boulevard de la Cité-des-Jeunes
Boulevard de la Gappe
Boulevard de la Technologie
Boulevard de La Vérendrye Est
Boulevard de Lucerne
Boulevard des Affaires
Boulevard des Allumettières
Boulevard des Allumettières (148)
Boulevard des Grives
Boulevard des Hautes-Plaines
Boulevard des Trembles
Boulevard du Carrefour
Boulevard du Casino
Boulevard du Mont-Bleu
Boulevard du Mont-Royal
Boulevard du Plateau
Boulevard Fournier
Boulevard Gréber
Boulevard Hurtubise
Boulevard La Vérendrye Est
Boulevard La Vérendrye Ouest
Boulevard Labrosse
Boulevard Lionel-Émond
Boulevard Lorrain
Boulevard Lorrain (366)
Boulevard Louise-Campagna
Boulevard Maisonneuve
Boulevard Maloney Est (148)
Boulevard Maloney Ouest (148)
Boulevard Maloney Sidepath
Boulevard Montclair
Boulevard Moussette
Boulevard Riel
Boulevard Sacré-Coeur
Boulevard Saint-Joseph
Boulevard Saint-Joseph (105)
Boulevard Saint-Raymond
Boulevard Saint-René Est
Boulevard Saint-René Ouest
Boulevard Wilfrid-Lavigne
Boundary Road
Boundary Road (41)
Boundstone Way
Bourassa Street
Bourbon Street
Bourbon Street Grill
Bourcier Drive
Bourget Avenue
Bourk's Car Care
Bourne Street
Boutique FDB
Bouton D'Or Way
Bow Valley Drive
Bowbank Street
Bowen Street
Bowen Windows
Bower Street
Bowercrest Crescent
Bowesville Road
Bowhill Avenue
Bowling Alley
Bowman 's Bar & Grill
Bowman Road
Bowmoor Avenue
Bowmount Street
Boxwood Court
Boy Scouts Totem Pole
Boyce Avenue
Boycrest Street
Boyd Avenue
Boyd Lane
Boyer Road
Boylston Lane
Boz Hair Design
BP Hull B
Bracewood Way
Bracken Court
Braco Street
Brad's Court
Braddish Billings
Braddish Street
Braddock Private
Bradford Street
Bradgate Drive
Bradley Avenue
Bradley Cole Private
Bradley Farm Court
Bradley Green Court
Bradley Ridge Park Ice Rink
Bradley Side Road
Bradley Street
Bradshaw Crescent
Bradwell Way
Brady Avenue
Brae Crescent
Braeburn Place
Braecreek Avenue
Braemar Park
Braemar Street
Braeside Avenue
Bramasole Diner
Bramblegrove Crescent
Bramblewood Crescent
Brambling Way
Brampton Indian Food
Brampton Street
Branchwood Street
Brando Crescent
Brandy Creek Crescent
Brandywine Court
Brant Street
Branthaven Street
Brantwood Drive
Brasseur Crescent
Brassy Minnow Crescent
Bratislava Court
Brault et Martineau
Bravar Drive
Braydon Avenue
Bread & Sons
Bread By Us
Breadner Boulevard
Breakstone Road
Breakthrough Christian Ministries
Breanna Cardill Street
Brébeuf Street
Breccia Heights
Brechin Crescent
Breckenridge Crescent
Breezehill Avenue North
Breezehill Avenue South
Breezeway Drive
Breezewood Street
Breitling Court
Bremen Lane
Bren-Maur Road
Bren-Maur Road West
Brenda Crescent
Brennan Avenue
Brent Avenue
Brentmore Private
Brentwood Avenue
Bretby Crescent
Brett's Ice Cream
Bretton Place
Brettonwood Ridge
Brew Donkey
Brew It Boutique
Brewer Arena
Brewer Hunt Way
Brewer Pool
Brewer Way
Brezach Solutions
Brian Coburn Boulevard
Brian Crescent
Brian Dickson Law Library
Brian Good Avenue
Brian Kearns Ball Diamond 01 (3828)
Brian Kearns Ball Diamond 02 - T-Ball (4062)
Brian Kilrea Arena
Brianna Way
Briar Avenue
Briar Hill Drive
Briarcliffe Drive
Briarcliffe Heritage Conservation District
Briardale Crescent
Briarfield Crescent
Briargate Private
Briargreen Court
Briargreen Public School (BRGN)
Briarway Private
Brickland Drive
Bride Private
Bridge Street
Bridgeport Avenue
Bridgestone Drive
Bridgewater Terrace
Bridging an Expanding City
Bridle Court
Bridle Crest Court
Bridle Park Drive
Bridle Path Drive
Bridlegate Place
Bridleglen Crescent
Bridlewood Bible Chapel
Bridlewood Child Learning Centre
Bridlewood Community Church Of The Nazarene
Bridlewood Community Elementary School (BRWD)
Bridlewood Drive
Bridlewood Drug Mart
Bridlewood Skateboard Park (28019)
Bridlewood Trails
Briermoor Crescent
Brierwood Avenue
Brigade Avenue
Brigadier Private
Brigatine Avenue
Briggs Avenue
Brigham Way
Brighton Avenue
Brightside Avenue
Brigid's Alterations
Brigid's Well
Brigitta Street
Brilia Private
Brinton Avenue
Brio- bodywear
Brisbane Road
Brisebois Crescent
Brisote Lane
Brissac Way
Bristlecone Way
Bristling Crescent
Bristol Avenue
Briston Private
Briston Private Condos
Britannia Bay
Britannia Beach
Britannia Beach Apartments
Britannia Coffeehouse
Britannia Parkside
Britannia Road
Britannia United Church
Britannia Watersport Beach
Britannia Woods
Britannia Yacht Club (Tennis) (36401)
Britannia Yatch Club
British High Commission
Brito Street
Brittany Drive
Brittany Park
Brixton's British Pub
Broad Cove Crescent
Broad Oaks Court
Broad Street
Broadhead Avenue
Broadleaf Street
Broadmoor Avenue
Broadridge Crescent
Broadview Avenue
Broadview Public School (BROA)
Broadway Avenue
Broadway Bar & Grill
Broadway Bar&Grill
Broadways Bar & Grill
Brock Place
Brockington Court I
Brockington Court II
Brockington Crescent
Brockstone Crescent
Brodeur Crescent
Broken Oak Drive
Brome Crescent
Bromley Road
Bromley Road Baptist Church
Bromont Way
Bronson Avenue
Bronson Pizza
Bronson Place
Brook Lane
Brookbend Crescent
Brookdale Avenue
Brookfield High School (BROO)
Brookfield Pathway
Brookfield Road
Brookfield Road East
Brookhaven Court
Brookline Avenue
Brookmill Gardens
Brookmill Lane
Brookridge Crescent
Brooks Residences
Brookside Lane
Brookstone Street
Brookstreet Hotel
Brookwood Circle
Brother Wu
Brother's Beer Bistro
Brouage Way
Broughton Street
Broussailles Terrace
Brousseau Crescent
Brown Bear Daycare
Brown Loaf Bakery
Brown Street
Browning Avenue
Brownlee Road
Browns Cleaners
Broxburn Crescent
Bruce Levey Antique Auto Parts
Bruce Pit Dog Park
Bruce Street
Bruin Lane
Bruin Road
Brunel Street
Brunet Plus
Brunskill Way
Brunswick Street
Bruyère Continuing Care
Bruyère Street
Bryan's Appliances
Bryanston Gate Park Ice Rink
Bryant Street
Bryarton Street
Bryce Place
Brydon Court
Bryson Lane
Brûlé Avenue
Buanderie Mont-Bleu
Buchan Road
Buchanan Crescent
Buckingham Private
Bucknell Drive
Buckskin Way
Buckthorn Place
Budapest Crescent
Buell Street
Buena Vista Road
Buffalo Circle
Buffalograss Crescent
Bufflehead Way
Building 23
Building 26
Buja Barber Shop
Bujold Court
Bulat Court
Bulk Barn
Bullfrog Run
Bullman Street
Bullo Wireless & Exchange
Bullock Avenue
Bulrush Crescent
Bun Seto
Bunchberry Way
Bunting Lane
Burbot Street
Burdock Grove
Bureau en Gros
Burfield Avenue
Burger 101
Burger Burger
Burger Gate
Burger King
Burger Lovers
Burgers 'n Fries Forever
Burgers and Shakes
Burgers N' Fries Forever
Burgers on Beechwood
Burgess Avenue
Burgundy Lane
Burke Road
Burland Street
Burleigh Private
Burlington Crescent
Burloak Street
Burma Road
Burn Street
Burnaby Drive
Burnbank Street
Burnbrook Crescent
Burndale Road
Burnett's Grove Circle
Burnham Road
Burningtree Court
Burnley Court
Burns Ortho-Medical Supplies
Burnside Avenue
Burnside Building
Burnstead Crescent
Burnt Ember Way
Burnt Oak Drive
Burnt Tree Court
Burntwood Avenue
Burnview Crescent
Burris Lane
Burrito Borracho
Burrito gringo
Burrito Gringo Mexican Grill
Burrito Sensei
Burrito Shack
Burritts Rapids Place
Burrows Road
Burton Road
Burwash Landing Bay
Bush Drive
Buster's Bar & Grill
Butterfly Meadow
Butterfly Walk
Butternut Court
Button Court
Buttonbush Way
Buttonfield Place
Buttonwood Trail
Buxton Crescent
BuyBuy Baby
By Grace Food Market
By Ward Market Square
Byers Court
Byles Way
Bylot Court
Byng Drive
Byrd Crescent
Byron Avenue
Byron Estates apartments
Byron park pathway
Byron Place
Byron Street
ByronWest Estates
Bytown Barber Shop
Bytown Beauty Supply
Bytown Nuthouse
Bytown Vapes
Bytowne Cinema
Byward Bargain Centre
ByWard Blue Inn
Byward Cafe
Byward Food to Go
Byward Fruit Market
Byward Market Building
Bâton Rouge

C Range
C&C Transmissions
C.A. Paradis/The Chef's Paradise
CAA Travel Store
Cabaret Lane
Cable Link
Cabot Street
Cabrelle Place
Cabris Crescent
Cacao 70

cacao 70

Cache Bay Crescent
Cadboro Road
Cadence Gate
Cadieux Way
Cadman's Bagel
Cadman's Montreal Bagels
Cadrian Walk
Caesar Avenue
Café 501
Café Alt
Café Aylmer
Cafe Bab El-Hara
Café Caco
Cafe Cristal
Cafe Dekcuf
Café Delish
Cafe Deluxe
Cafe Dijla
Café Hiraeth
Café la Brûlerie
Café La Tierra Co-op
Cafe Latte Cino
Cafe le Monde
Cafe Morala
Café Mulligan
Cafe My House
Cafe Nero
Cafe nostalgica
Cafe Orient
Café Qui Pense
Café Taché
Cafeteria/CHFC Gym
Caffe Mio
Caffine 1up
Cage aux sports
Cahill Drive
Cahill Drive West
Cahill Place
Cairine Court
Cairine Wilson Secondary School (CWIL)
Cairnsmore Circle
Caisse Desjardins
Caisse Desjardins de Hull
Caisse populaire Desjardins
Caithness Private
Calabar Court
Calais Court
Calaveras Avenue
Calder Avenue
Caldermill Private
Calderwood Way
Caldwell Avenue
Caldwell Community
Caledon Street
Calico Crescent
California Thai
Calla Lily Terrace
Callaghan Private
Callaway Court
Callisto Way
Calumet Lane
Calvary Baptist Church
Calvary Christian Reformed Church
Calvary Pentecostal Church
Calvert Street
Calvin Christian Reformed Church
Calvin Court
Calvington Avenue
Calwood Avenue
Calzavara Family Park Ice Rink
Camberley Street
Cambie Road
Cambior Crescent
Camborne Crescent
Cambray Lane
Cambrian Loop
Cambrian Road
Cambridge St Community Public School (CAMB)
Cambridge Street North
Cambridge Street South
Camden Private
Camelback Court
Camelia Avenue
Camelot Drive
Camelot Estates
Camelot Golf & Country Club
Cameo Drive
Camera Trading Company
Camerata Music
Cameron Avenue
Cameron Court
Cameron Harvey Drive
Cameron Street (35)
Camil Street
Camille Court
Caminiti Crescent
Camp Fortune
Camp Hither Hills
Campbell Avenue
Campbell Ford"
Campeau Drive
Campfield Court
Camping des Rives de l'outaouais
Campobello Drive
Campolina Way
Campus Avenue
Campus Pharmacy
Campus Protection
Campus Safety Services
Campus Walkway
Camrose Street
Camwood Crescent
Canada Agriculture and Food Museum
Canada Beading Supply
Canada Cartage
Canada Computers
Canada in a Basket
Canada Post
Canada Post Headquarters
Canada Post Office
Canada Revenue Agency
Canada Sagh Auto Sales
Canada's Four Corners
Canadian Auto Mall
Canadian Auto Parts Suppliers
Canadian Aviation and Space Museum
Canadian Building Trades Monument
Canadian Camera
Canadian Canine Training Academy
Canadian College of Health Leaders
Canadian Custom Automotive
Canadian Firefighters Memorial
Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA)
Canadian Heritage Garden
Canadian Joint Operations Command (CJOC)
Canadian Martyrs
Canadian Museum of Civilization
Canadian Museum of History
Canadian Museum of Nature
Canadian Museum of Science and Technology
Canadian Red Cross
Canadian Shield Avenue
Canadian Tire
Canadian Tire Centre
Canadian Tire Gas+
Canadian Tribute to Human Rights
Canadian United Pentecostal Church
Canadian Veterinary Medical Association
Canadian War Museum
Canal Lane
Canal Ritz
Canal Woods Terrace
Canary Restaurant
Canary Street
Canberra Place
Canbury Crescent
Candlewood Street
Candow Crescent
Canemore Crescent
Canfield Road
Canine Touch and Tell
CANLOAN Memorial
Canna Life
Cannabis Emporium
Cannon Crescent
Canotek Auto Services
Canotek Pharmacy
Canotek Road
Canotia Place
Canter Boulevard
Canterbury Avenue
Canterbury Beauty Salon
Canterbury High School (CANT)
Canterbury Recreation Complex
Canterbury Square
Canteval Terrace
Cantin Street
Cantina Sur
Cantors Bakery
Canvas Resto-Bar
Canyon Walk Child Care Centre
Canyon Walk Drive
Cap-Diamant Way
Capella Court
Capilano Drive
Capital Auto Parts
Capital Barber Shop
Capital Beauty Supply
Capital City Luggage Ltd
Capital City Pawn
Capital City Pools & Spas
Capital Cutlery Sharpening
Capital Diner Deli & Grill
Capital Dominion Radiator
Capital Drive
Capital Fare Cafe
Capital Golf Centre
Capital Haze
Capital Hill Hotel & Suites
Capital Home Medical Equipment
Capital Infocentre
Capital Optical
Capital Park
Capital Pathway
Capital Payday Loans
Capital Shawarma
Capital Stamp
Capital Transmission
Capreol Street
Caprice Court
Caprihani Way
Capsule Cafe
Capuchon Way
Car Quest Auto Parts
Car Star
Car-On Auto Sales
Cara Crescent
Caracara Drive
Caracole Way
Caravel Crescent
Carb Free Cafe
Carbery Drive
Carbrooke Street
Carda Creations
Cardiff Private
Cardigan Drive
Cardinal Court
Cardinal Creek Drive
Cardinal Creek Ice Rink
Cardinal Creek Karst
Cardinal Creek Trail
Cardinal Heights
Cardoness Private
Cardy Vacumes
Cargrove Private
Carhidel Court
Caribbean Service
Caribbean Sizzler
Caribbean Sweets & Treats
Caribou Avenue
Carillon Housing Co-Operative
Carillon Street
Carina Crescent
Carino Crescent
Carisbrooke Grove
Carkner Street
Carl Faulkner Ball Diamond (33069)
Carlaw Avenue
Carleton Avenue
Carleton Cathcart Street
Carleton Grill
Carleton Heights Curling Club
Carleton Heights Park Ice Rink
Carleton Heights Public School (CHEI)
Carleton Ice House
Carleton Memorial United Church
Carleton Square
Carleton Tennis Center (36399)
Carleton University
Carleton University Book Store
Carleton University Sign
Carling Avenue
Carling Avenue (38)
Carling Campus
Carling Flowers
Carling IDA Pharmacy
Carling Square
Carling Square, Tower I
Carlingwood Branch
Carlingwood Family Restaurant
Carlos Graphics
Carlos Pizza
Carlotta Avenue
Carlsbad Lane
Carlsbad Pizza
Carlsbad Springs
Carlsbad Variety
Carlsen Avenue
Carlson Wagonlit Travel
Carlyle Avenue
Carmella Crescent
Carmen Avenue
Carmichael Court
Carnegie Street
Carnelian Crescent
Carola Street
Caroline Avenue
Caroline Street
Caron Street
Carousel Crescent
Carp River Wetland Environmental Area
Carp Road
Carp Road (5)
Carpenter Co-op
Carpenter Way
Carpet Sense & Flooring
Carr Crescent
Carr Place
Carraway Private
Carrefour du Casino
Carriage Court
Carriage Hill Place
Carribean Exposure
Carrière Street
Carrigan Drive
Carrington Place
Carrison Drive
Carroll Court
Carronbridge Circle
Carrossier ProColor Moore
Carrots Buffet Boutique
Carruthers Avenue
Carsdale Avenue
Carson Grove Elementary School (CARS)
Carson Hills
Carson's Road
Carstar Express
Cartier Place Suites Hotel
Cartier Square Drill Hall
Cartier Street
Cartographe Street
Cartwright Road (6A)
Carver Place
Carwood Circle
Carz Doctor
Casa Grande Circle
Casa Grecque
Casa Mexico
Casabella Drive
Casaluna Pizza
Cascades Avenue
Caserne de pompiers numéro 2 – Calixte-Rouleau
Caserne Roland-Guertin
Caserta Place
Casey Avenue
Casgrain Court
Cash & Carry Carpet Centre
Cash 4 You
Cash for Games Canada
Cash Money
Cash Shop
Cash Street
Caskets, Urns, Monuments
CASM Reserve Hangar
Caspian Kabob
Casse Croute Maxi Frite
Cassels Street
Cassia Circle
Cassidy Road
Cassone Court
Castille Court
Castle Glen Crescent
Castle Harbor Court
Castle Hill Crescent
Castle Pines Way
Castlebrook Lane
Castlefield Avenue
Castlefrank Co-operative
Castlefrank Elementary School (CASF)
Castlefrank Road
Castlegarth Crescent
Castlegreen Private
Castlemore Street
Castlestone Way
Castlethorpe Crescent
Castleton Street
Castlewood Avenue
Castonguay Private
Castor Valley Elementary School (CVAL)
Cat's Pajamas
Catalina Drive
Catalpa Court
Catamount Court
Catchy Eyelash
Cathcart Mews
Cathcart Square
Cathcart Street
Cathedrale Saint-Joseph
Catherine Street
Catherine Street Auto
Catherwood Court
Catholic Elementary School Notre-Dame-des-Champs (735920)
Caton Street
Cats R Us
Cattail Way
Catterick Crescent
Cavalier Way
Cavallo Street
Cavan Street
Cavendish Road
Caverley Street
Cavesson Street
Cayenne Creative
Cayman Road
CBK Auto Repair
CBO Travel
CCC 121
CCC 135
C.C.C. 150
C.C.C. 160
CCC 175
CCC 18
CCC 184
CCC 235
CCC 252
CCC 259
C.C.C. 3
C.C.C. 40
CCC 430
CCC 453
CCC 464
CCC 522
C.C.C. 606
CCC 656
C.C.C. 70
CCC 96
CCOC Albert-Rochester
Ceci Cela
Cecil Avenue
Cecil Road
Cecil Rowat Lane
Cecil Walden Ridge
Cecilia Crescent
Cedar Acres Drive
Cedar Court
Cedar Creek Drive
Cedar Grove Court
Cedar Hedge Court
Cedar Lakes
Cedar Lane
Cedar Lane Terrace
Cedar Mills Road
Cedar Park Street
Cedar Road
Cedar Street
Cedar Valley Drive
Cedar Valley Lebanese food
Cedarbank Avenue
Cedarcrest Avenue
Cedarcroft Crescent
Cedarcroft Park Ice Rink
Cedardown Private
Cedarhill Drive
Cedarlakes Way
Cedarock Drive
Cedarow Court
Cedars & Co Food Market
Cedars & Co. Food Market
Cedarview Alliance Church
Cedarview Middle School (CEDR)
Cedarview Road
Cedarwood Drive
Cégep de l'Outaouais - Campus Félix-Leclerc
Celadon Salon & Spa
Celebration of Growth
Celebration Street
Celeste Way
Cell Doctor
Cell Phone Repair
Cell Phone Repair Centre
Cellini Court
Celtic Court
Celtic Ridge Crescent
Cenote Road
Centaur Riding School
Centennial Boulevard
Centennial Branch - Ottawa Public Library
Centennial Flame
Centennial Park Ice Rink
Centennial Public School (CNTL)
Center Street
Centerra Court
Cento Way
Central Avenue
Central Bierhaus
Central Experimental Farm
Central Expermental Farm
Central Park
Central Park Apartments Construction Site
Central Park Drive
Central Post Office
Centrale Bergham
Centrale de Chelsea
Centrale de Gatineau
Centrale de Hull 2
Centre Aqua Spa
Centre aquatique Paul-Pelletier
Centre Asticou
Centre Chretien Parole de Vie
Centre Christ en Action
Centre culturel du Vieux-Aylmer
Centre D'Achats Riviera
Centre d'exposition L'imagier
Centre de détention de Hull
Centre de formation professionnelle aux adultes Vision-Avenir
Centre des Petits D'Ottawa
Centre Educatif Tournesol
Centre for Bahai Studies
Centre Hospitalier Pierre-Janet
Centre Islamique de L'Outaouais
Centre Jules Léger
Centre Jules-Desbiens
Centre L'Arrimage
Centre L'Escale
Centre Nouvel-Horizon
Centre Pizza
Centre Éducatif Des Bécasseaux
Centrepark Drive
Centrepointe Cafe & Deli
Centrepointe Childcare Services
Centrepointe Drive
Centrepointe Laser Clinic
Centrepointe Theatre
Centres éducatifs les petits pinceaux
Centretown Donair & Pizza
Centretown Pharmacy
Centretown United Church
Centretown Veterinary Hospital
Centretown West Community Health Centre
Centrum Boulevard
Centrum Pharmacy
Centura Tile
Century Road East
CertainTeed Insulation
Ceylonia Restaurant
Ceylonta Restaurant
Cézanne Crescent
CFB Uplands
Chablis Park
Chackal Hearing Care Centre
Chadburn Avenue
Chado's New Auto Parts
Chahaya Malaysia
Chalet Principal
Chaleur Way
Chalice Court
Challenge Crescent
Chalmers Road
Chamberlain Avenue
Chambers Avenue
Chambord Private
Chamoun Auto Sales
Champa Thai
Champagne Avenue South
Champagne Bath Pool
Champagne dit Lambert
Champlain Avenue
Champlain Park
Champlain Park Ice Rink
Champlain Street
Champneuf Drive
Chancellor Court
Chancery Crescent
Chances R Restaurant
Chandler Avenue
Chantal Place
Chantal's Hot Fries
Chantenay Drive
Chantilly Gate
Chants-d'Oiseaux Way
Chapel Crescent
Chapel Hill Catholic School
Chapel Hill Park Ice Rink
Chapel of Grace
Chapel Park Private
Chapel Ridge Free Methodist Church
Chapel Street
Chapelier Private
Chaperal Private
Chapleau Avenue
Chapman Boulevard
Chapman Mills Drive
Chapman Mills Public School (CHAP)
Chapman Mills Transitway
Charbonneau Street
Chardon Driveway
Chardonnay Drive
Charest Way
Charing Cross Way
Charing Road
Charisma Private
Charkay Street
Charlebois Avenue
Charlemagne Boulevard
Charlemagne Child Care Services
Charles H. Hulse Public School (CHUL)
Charles Street
Charleston Street
Charleswood Avenue
Charlesworth Court
Charlevoix Street
Charley's Furniture
Charlie Bowins Skateboard Park (35050)
Charlie Chan
Charlie Rogers Place
Charlie's Auto Service
Charlie's Grocery
Charlotte Street
Charlotte-Lemieux Public Elementary School
Charlton Drive
Charmian Craven Child Care Centre
Charnwood Court
Charters Street
Chartley Private
Chartrand Avenue
Chartwell Avenue
Chartwell Kanata Retirement Residence
Chase Court
Chataway Avenue
Chateau Janeville
Chateau Lafayette
Chateau Royale
Chateau Vanier
Chateaux of Hunt Club
Chatelain Avenue
Chatham Garden
Chatr Mobile
Chatsworth Crescent
Chattaway Avenue
Chaucer Avenue
Chaudière Bridge
Chaudière Falls
Chaudière Falls Generating Station No. 2
Chaudière Falls Generating Station No. 4
Chaîne Court
Checkers Road
Checkpoint Software Technologies
Cheevers Crescent
Chelsea Drive
Chelsea Elementary School
Chelsea Fire Hall #1
Chelsea Plaza
Chelsea Public Library
Chelsea Shawarma & Pizza
Chelsea Town Hall
Cheltenham Private
Cheltonia Way
Chemin Adrien Renaud
Chemin Allen
Chemin Antoine-Boucher
Chemin Apollo
Chemin Asaret
Chemin Baillie
Chemin Barnes
Chemin Beamish
Chemin Beauséjour
Chemin Beausoleil
Chemin Berkly-Powell
Chemin Birch
Chemin Blanchette
Chemin Boischatel
Chemin Boisjoli
Chemin Boland
Chemin Booth
Chemin Braun
Chemin Brock
Chemin Bronson
Chemin Cadillac
Chemin Castelbeau
Chemin Cedar
Chemin Cedarvale
Chemin Centennial
Chemin Chamberlin
Chemin Champagnac
Chemin Chelbrook
Chemin Chelrod
Chemin Childs
Chemin Church
Chemin Club
Chemin Cochrane
Chemin Connor
Chemin Cook
Chemin Crescent
Chemin Cuzner
Chemin D'Amour
Chemin D'Auteuil
Chemin d'Aylmer
Chemin Daly
Chemin Davis
Chemin de Bellechasse
Chemin de Chambord
Chemin de Hollow Glen
Chemin de Kingsmere
Chemin de l'Abri-de-Bois
Chemin de l'Héritage
Chemin de l'Hôtel-de-Ville
Chemin de l'Étang
Chemin de la Belle-Terre
Chemin de la Colline
Chemin de la Côte-d'Un-Mille
Chemin de la Côte-du-Nord
Chemin de la Détente
Chemin de la Graduation
Chemin de la Mine
Chemin de la Montagne
Chemin de la Paix
Chemin de la Place-Charles
Chemin de la Savane
Chemin de la Station
Chemin de la Sucrerie
Chemin de la Vallée
Chemin De Montpelier
Chemin de Montréal Ouest (148)
Chemin Denis
Chemin des Artisans
Chemin des Boulders
Chemin des Castors
Chemin des Hauts-Bois
Chemin des Hauts-Vents
Chemin des Lilas
Chemin des Mélèzes
Chemin des Métiers
Chemin des Oies
Chemin des Terres
Chemin des Érables
Chemin Deschênes
Chemin Douglas
Chemin Drakon
Chemin du Barrage
Chemin du Bosquet
Chemin du Colonel-Martin
Chemin du Fer-à-Cheval
Chemin du Lac
Chemin du Lac-Beauchamp
Chemin du Lac-Leamy
Chemin du Lac-Meech
Chemin du Manoir
Chemin du Marquis
Chemin du Panorama
Chemin du Parc
Chemin du Pied-de-Vent
Chemin du Quai
Chemin du Ravin
Chemin du Sumac
Chemin du Sumac Ouest
Chemin du Vent
Chemin du Verger
Chemin Dubois
Chemin Dufresne
Chemin Duguay
Chemin Dunlop
Chemin Dunn
Chemin Dupras
Chemin Dupuis
Chemin Eardley
Chemin Eardley (148)
Chemin Eddie
Chemin Elm
Chemin Filiou
Chemin Fleury
Chemin Foley
Chemin Fonyo
Chemin Fortin
Chemin Francis
Chemin Fraser
Chemin Freeman
Chemin Garden
Chemin Gilmour
Chemin Grimes
Chemin Hall
Chemin Hendrick
Chemin Hickey
Chemin Highland
Chemin Hudson
Chemin Industriel
Chemin Jolicoeur
Chemin Juniper
Chemin Kawartha
Chemin Kelly
Chemin Kingsmere
Chemin Klock
Chemin Lacharité
Chemin Ladyfield
Chemin Laing
Chemin Larouche
Chemin Lattion
Chemin Lavigne
Chemin Lebaudy
Chemin Lévis-Poirier
Chemin Lilsam
Chemin Link
Chemin Lonergan
Chemin Loretta
Chemin Loretta Loop
Chemin Mackenzie-King
Chemin Maple
Chemin Maple Grove
Chemin Martin
Chemin Mary
Chemin Mayhew
Chemin McCaffrey
Chemin McConnell
Chemin McDermott
Chemin McKay
Chemin McNally
Chemin Meredith
Chemin Mike
Chemin Mill
Chemin Mongeon
Chemin Monhaffey
Chemin Moore
Chemin Morley-Walters
Chemin Mullen
Chemin Myre
Chemin Nathaniel
Chemin Nelson
Chemin Nordik
Chemin Notch
Chemin Old Chelsea
Chemin Olmstead
Chemin Omkar
Chemin Orama
Chemin Padden
Chemin Patrick
Chemin Pau
Chemin Pearce
Chemin Perry
Chemin Peter's Point
Chemin Pink
Chemin Plante
Chemin Preston
Chemin Quain
Chemin Queen's Park
Chemin Quero
Chemin Quipp
Chemin Rivermead
Chemin Robert-Stewart
Chemin Rockery
Chemin Saint-Thomas
Chemin Scholle
Chemin Scott
Chemin Seliner
Chemin Sherry
Chemin Simmons
Chemin Smith-Léonard
Chemin Solitude
Chemin St George
Chemin Summer
Chemin Susan
Chemin Swamp
Chemin Taché
Chemin Tamarack
Chemin Terry-Fox
Chemin Thomas-Sayer
Chemin Townline
Chemin Valleyview
Chemin Vallon
Chemin Vanier
Chemin Versant Sud
Chemin Vincent
Chemin Wallace
Chemin Welka
Chemin Whissell
Chemin Wilmer
Chemin Wright
Chenier Way
Chenoa Way
Chenoy's Deli
Cherington Crescent
Cherokee Way
Cherry Drive
Cherrywood Drive
Cheryl Gardens
Cheryl Road
Chesapeake Crescent
Chesella Street
Cheshire Road
Chesley Street
Chess Pizza
Chesswood Court
Chester Crescent
Chesterfield's Gastro Dinner
Chestermere Crescent
Chesterton Academy
Chesterton Drive
Chestnut Street
Cheswick Place
Chevalier Court
Cheverny Crescent
Cheverton Avenue
Chevrier Street
Chevron Place
Cheyenne Way
Chez Anh
Chez Francois
Chez Garry
Chez Jack
Chez Lam
Chez Leila
Chez Lucien
Chez Mo
Chez Monik
Chez Putters
Chez Tante Marie
Chez Tom
Chicago Private
Chickasaw Crescent
Chicken Ranch
Chicory Place
Chief Auto Repair
Children's Aid Society Headstart Nursery School
Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario
Children's Universe
Children's Village
Chilliwack Way
Chimney Hill Way
Chimo Drive
China Star
China Thai
Chinese Christian Church of Ottawa
Chinese dragon BBQ
Ching's Kitchen
Chinian Street
Chinook Crescent
Chip Stand

chip truck

Chip Wagon

chipmunk trail

Chippewa Avenue
Chips and Dairy
Chisholm Court
Chocolat Favoris
Chocolats Favoris
Cholette Crescent
Chomley Crescent
Chongqing Liuyishou Hotpot
Chopard Court
Chopin Place
Chouettes Lane
Chow Down
Chris Lee and Leandro Salon
Chris Lund Private
Chris Neil Rink
Chris Phillips Rink
Chris Tierney Private
Chriscraft Way
Christ Church Aylmer
Christ Church Bells Corners
Christ Church Cathedral
Christ Risen Lutheran Church
Christ the Saviour Orthodox Church
Christ's Chapel
Christa's Hair Design and Beauty Supplies
Christian Family Worship Centre
Christie Place
Christie Street
Christine Avenue
Christine's Pet Parlour
Christmas Train Store
Christopher Drive
Chrysalis Way
Chrysler Street
Church of God
Church of God of Prophecy
Church of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Church of the Ascension
Church of the Resurrection


Churches Roman Catholic, Notre-Dame De La Guadeloupe
Churchill Alternative School (CHUR)
Churchill Avenue North
Churchill Avenue South
Churchill Carling Day Care
Churchill Carling Daycare
Château Crescent
Château Pastry
Chêne Way
CIBC (00386)
CIBC (01006)
CIBC (01086)
CIBC (01096)
CIBC Banking Centre
CIBC Banking Centre (01396)
Cibc Drive Thru
Ciccio Ristorante
Cicely Terrace
Cielo Print Inc
Cimarron Crescent
Cinanni Court
Cindy Court
Cindy Hill Crescent
Cinema 9
Cinéma Aylmer
Cinéma Starcité Gatineau
Cineplex Cinemas Lansdowne and VIP
Cineplex Cinemas Ottawa
Cineplex Odeon Barrhaven Cinemas
Cineplex Odeon South Keys Cinemas
Cinestarz Orleans
Cinnabar Way
Circle K
Circle Place
Cirrus Way
Citadel Crescent
CitiGate Drive
Citiplace Drive
Citrine Street
City Centre Avenue
City of Ottawa Elections Office
City of Ottawa Nursery
City of Ottawa Snow Dump
City Park Drive
City Tailors
City View Centre
City View Curling Club
City View Tennis Club (27059)
City View United Church
Cityview Crescent
Civic Place
Claiborne Way
Claire Place
Clancy Street
Clapp Lane
Clare Gardens
Clare Street
Claremont Drive
Clarence Maheral Park Ice Rink
Clarence Street
Clarence Street East
Clarenda Street
Clarendon Avenue
Clarendon Lanes
Claret Court
Clarey Avenue
Claridge Drive
Claridge Icon Sales Centre
Clarington Avenue
Clark Park Playground
Clarke Avenue
Clarkson Crescent
Classic Shawarma
Claude Chip Wagon
Claude Street
Claudet Crescent
Claudette's Coiffure
Claver Street
Clay Court
Claymor Avenue
Claypot Asian Cuisine
Cleadon Drive
Clean Cut Barber Shop
Clear Skies Private
Clear Sky Vapes
Clearbrook Drive
Clearcrest Crescent
Clearview Avenue
Clearview Eyewear
Clearwater Crescent
Cleary Avenue
Clegg Street
Clelland Way
Clementine Boulevard
Clements Private
Clemow Avenue
Clendenan Crescent
Clenning Street
Cleopatra Drive
Clermont Crescent
Cléroux Crescent
Cleto Avenue
Cliff House
Cliffbrake Grove
Clifford Bowey Public School (CBOW)
Clifford Private
Clifton Road
Cline Crescent
Clinic Pharmacy An
Clintonia Street
Clio Street
Clocktower Brew Pub
Cloister Garden
Clonfadda Terrace
Clonrush Way
Clontarf Avenue

closed after 9PM

Closed for Construction
Closet Candy
Closse Way
Clothes by Muriel Dombret
Clothes Encounters of a Second Time
Clothier Court
Cloutier Street
Clovelly Road
Clover Food & Drink
Clover Street
Cloverdale Road
Cloverheath Crescent
Cloverhurst Farms
Cloverlawn Court
Cloverlawn Crescent
Cloverloft Court
Club Adventure
Club Citadelle
Club de Golf Champlain
Club de Golf Gatineau
Club de Golf Rivermead
Club de Golf Tecumseh
Club de Soccer d'Aylmer
Club Piscine
Clubmoss Avenue
Cluny Street
Clyde Avenue
Clydesdale Avenue
Co Cham
Co-op d'habitation De LaSalle
Co-op d'habitation Desloges
Co-op Jeanneville
Co-operative d'habitation Brebeuf
Coach Avenue
Coach House Gate
Coachman Crescent
Coady Co-op
Coady Way
Cobalt Avenue
Cobb Court
Cobble Hill Drive
Cobbler Court
Cobden Road
Cobourg Court
Cobourg Street
Coburn Avenue
Coburn Heights
Cochrane Street
CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice
Coconut Lagoon
Codd's Road
Cody Avenue
Coffee shop (offers Starbucks products)
Coffee Time
Cohen Avenue
Coiffure Chavoin
Coiffure du Progrès
Coiffure Nu
Coker Street
Colbert Crescent
Colchester Square
Coldrey Avenue
Coldwater Crescent
Cole Avenue
Cole Avenue South
Cole Porter Street
Coleford Place
Coleridge Street
Coleway Street
Colfax Street
Colindale Avenue
Collège catholique Franco-Ouest - École secondaire (694827;750107)
Collège catholique Mer Bleue (846435)
College Circle
Collège Saint-Joseph-de-Hull
Colley Street
Collier Crescent
Collington Street
Collingwood Crescent
Collins Avenue
Colliston Crescent
Colman Street
Colombine Driveway
Colombo Court
Colonel By Chicken
Colonel By Child Care Centre
Colonel By Drive
Colonel By Secondary School (COBY)
Colonial Road (28)
Colonnade Pizza
Colonnade Pizza and Restaurant
Colonnade Road
Colonnade Road North
Colonnade Road South
Colony Heights Road
Colony Square
Colorado Lane
Colore Nails
Colson Avenue
Colton Auto Repair
Coltrin Place
Coltrin Road
Columbia Avenue
Columbus Avenue
Colville Court
Combermere Lane
Comerford's Cigar Store
Comet Comics
Comfort Inn
Comfort Inn Ottawa East
Comfort Inn Ottawa West - Kanata
Comfort King
Comfrey Crescent
Commanche Drive
Commemorative Plaque for Lady Aberdeen
Commissioner Street
Commodore's Quay
Common Eatery
Community Bible Church
Community Channel
Community Christian School
Community Legal Clinic
Community of Christ
Community Pentecostal Church
Community Police Centre
Community Policing Centre
Como Crescent
Compact Music
Compass Street
Compata Way
Complete Hockey Development Centre
Complexe Branchaud-Briere
Complexe sportif Mont-Bleu
Compton Avenue
Computer Care Centre
Computer Onsite
Comstock Road
Comtech Credit Union
Conacher Gate
Conant Place
Concord Building
Concord Street North
Concord Street South
Concorde Motel
Concourse Gate
Condie Street
Condo Office
Condor Drive
Conductor Avenue
Confederation Court
Confederation Line LRT construction and staging area (central shaft)
Confederation line Path
Confederation Private
Conger's Jewelers
Congregation Machzikei Hadas
Congress of Aboriginal Peoples
Conifer Creek Circle
Conifères Crescent
Conlan Way
Conley Road
Conn Street
Connaught Avenue
Connaught Public School (CONN)
Connaught Range and Primary Training Centre
Connect Hearing
Connecticut Avenue
Connelly Place
Connemara Private
Connery Avenue
Connie's Custom Tailoring
Conniston Avenue
Conover Street
Conrad Avenue
Conroy Road
Conroy Road (125)
Conservatory Swimming pool
Constable Street
Constellation Drive
Constitution Building
Constitution Square
Consul Avenue
Continental Bagel
Continental Barber Shop
Continental Delicatessen
Continental Flooring
Continental Mushroom Farm
Continuing Education
Continuum Fitness
Contour Street
Contractor Entrance Road

contre‑monument « Place Oh! Francophone Anonyme d’Amérique »

Convair Private
Convent Gardens
Convent Glen Catholic School
Convent Glen Elementary School (CONV)
Conway Street
Cooks Mill Crescent
Cookshire Crescent
Cooley Automotive
Coolspring Crescent
Cooper Hill Road
Cooper Street
Cooper's Grill
Coopérative d'habitation Côté-Est
Cooperative D'Habitation LaFontaine
Coopérative d’habitation Parc Beausoleil
Cope Drive
Copeland Building
Copeland Park
Copernicus Street
Copiexpert Plus
Copper Spirits and Sights
Copperfield Crescent
Copperstone Kitchens
Copperwood Street
Copropriete Terrasse Eardley
Coquina Place
Cora's Breakfast & Lunch
Coral Avenue
Coral Berry Avenue
Coralbell Private
Coralroot Avenue
Corazon de Maiz
Corbridge Street
Cordell Court
Cordillera Street
Cordova Street
Cordukes Street
Corelli Way
Coriander Thai Cuisine
Corinth Private
Coriolis Court
Cork Street
Corkstown Outdoor Pool
Corkstown Road
Corktown Footbridge
Corley Private
Corliss Street
Corlyn Gate
Corlyon Street
Cormack Circle
Cornell Street
Corner Kitchen
Corner pub and Grill
Corner Store
CornerStone House of Refuge Apostolic Church
Cornerstone Private
Cornfield Crescent
Cornish Street
Cornwall Street
Corona Avenue
Coronation Avenue
Coronation Park
Coronet Avenue
Corpus Christi School
Corry Street
Corsham Avenue
Corsica Private
Corso Italia Heritage Mural
Cortleigh Drive
Corvus Court
Cosburn Avenue
Cosgrove Avenue
Cosmetic Laser Studio
Cosmic Adventures
Cosmic Place
Cosmo Mart
Costco Gasoline
Costello Avenue
Cotter's Crescent
Cottingham Street
Cottonwood Crescent
Couche Tard
Cougar Court
Coulson Court
Coulter Place
Councillor's Way
Country Club Drive
Country Glen Way
Country Lane East
Country Lane West
Country Place Chinese Restaurant
Country Place Park Ice Rink
Country Style
Country Trail Private
Country Walk Drive
Countryside Green
County Grill
County Line
County Style
Coupal Street
Coursier Crescent
Court House Lane
Courtenay Avenue
Courtice Avenue
Courtland Grove Crescent
Courtland Place
Courtney Road
Courtwood Crescent
Courtyard by Marriott Ottawa East
Courtyard Crescent
Courtyard Restaurant
Cousineau Street
Cove Island Terrace
Covehead Crescent
Coventry Road
Coventry Road (50)
Covington Place
Cow Lane
Cow Path
Cowan Crescent
Cowichan Way
Cowley Avenue
Cows Fly Home on Sunday
Cox Country Road
Cox Street
Coxford Street
Coyote Brush Lane
Coyote Crescent
Cozmos Souvlaki
Cozumel Private
Cozy Home Furniture
Cozy's Express
CPE Aux Trois Pommes
CPE des Premiers Pas
CPE Le Baluchon
CPE Le Chatelet
Crab Tree Street
Craft Beer Market
Craftsman Private
Craig Farm Drive
Craig Henry Drive
Craig Henry South
Craig Henry Tennis Club (27058)
Craig Street
Craigflower Lane
Craighall Circle
Craigmohr Court
Cramer Drive
Crane Street
Cranesbill Road
Crantham Crescent
Crave Tacos
Crawford Ball Diamond (33012)
Crawley Avenue
Crazy Loony
Crazy Nails
Crazy Pho You
Creations Gaetan
Creek Crossing Street
Creek's Edge
Creek's End Lane
CreekSide Bar & Grill
Creekview Way
Creekwood Crescent
Cremona Crescent
Creole Sensations
Crepe de Licious
Crepe Delicious
Crerar Avenue
Crescent Heights
Crescent Road
Cresswell Court
Crestdale Street
Cresthaven Drive
Cresthaven Park Ice Rink
Cresthill Street
Crestlea Crescent
Crestmont Place
Creston Valley Way
Crestview Outdoor Pool
Crestview Road
Crestway Drive
Crestwood Place
Crete Place
Crichlow Street
Crichton Street
Cricket Clubhouse
Crimson Gate
Cripple Creek Crescent
Crispin Private
Crispy Spring Roll
Crispy's Grill & Resto
Critter Jungle
Critter Jungle Carling
Crocodile Private
Crocus Avenue
Croft Street
Crofton Road
Croil Private
Croissant de la Paix
Croissant du Dôme
Croissant du Grand-Palais
Croissant Kilroy
Croissant Lelièvre
Croissant Rose
Croissant Soulière
Cromwell Drive
Crosby Private
Cross Avenue
Crosscut Terrace
Crossfield Avenue
Crossfit 613
Crossfit Closer
Crossfit Fortis
Crossing Bridge Court
Crossing Place
CrossKeys Place
Crosspoint Baptist Church
Crosspointe Avenue
Crosstown Traffic
Crowberry Street
Crown Crescent
Crown Pawn Boutique
Crown Pointe
Crownhill Street
Crownridge Drive
Crowsnest Avenue
Croxley Way
Croydon Avenue
Crust & Crate
Crystal Bay Centre for Special Education (CBTR)
Crystal Beach Drive
Crystal Beach Tennis Club (27023)
Crystal Park Crescent
Crystal Ridge Place
Crystal Street
CSN Orleans
Cuba Avenue
Cube Gallery
Cube, Lattice, Sphere, Wave
Cucina Barone
Cucina da Vito
Cuddle Down
Cue & Cushion
Cuisine & Passion
Culinaire d'Orléans
Cullen Court
Culloden Crescent
Cumberland Branch Library
Cumberland Curling Club
Cumberland Hub day care
Cumberland Place
Cumberland Private
Cumberland Ridge Drive
Cumberland Street
Cummings Avenue
Cummings Bridge
Cummings Villas
Cumorah Drive
Cunningham Avenue
Curlew Place
Curling Canada
Curly Lane
Curran Street
Currell Avenue
Currier Street
Curtis Private
Curves Gym
Customize It
Cuthbert Way
Cutts Private
CWG Footcare
Cycle Salvation
Cyclelogik - Powered by Caffeine
Cyclone Taylor Boulevard
Cymbeline Drive
Cynthia Court
Cypress Court
Cypress Garden
Cypress Gardens
Cyr Avenue
Cyrus Court
Cyrville Road
CÉGEP de l'Outaouais - Campus Gabrielle-Roy
Côte McKay
Côté Street
Côte-des-Neiges Road
Côte-Royale Crescent
C’est Japon À Suisha

D. J. Nels Plus
D. Roy Kennedy Public School (DRKE)
D&S Southern Comfort Bbq
D'aku Designs
D'Amour Crescent
D'Aoust Avenue
D'Arcy McGee High School
D'Arcy McGee's
D'Arcy Street
D'Erable Place
Da Nonna Maria
Daffodil Court
Daglan Crescent
Dagmar Avenue
Dagu Rice Noodle
Dahlia Avenue
Dairy Drive
Dairy Queen
Dairy Queen;Orange Julius
Daisy Private
Dakota Auto
Dakota Avenue
Dala Décor
Dale Avenue
Dalecroft Crescent
Dalehurst Drive
Dalewood Crescent
Dalhousie Street
Dalkeith Private
Dalkena Place
Dalkowski Private
Dallas Place
Dalmation Way
Dalriada Lane
Daly Apartments
Daly Avenue
Damas Supermarket
Damask Avenue
Damselfly Way
Dan Avenue
Dan Fournier Auto Repair
Dana's Indian Cuisine
Danaca Private
Danaher Drive
Danby Court
Dance Roots
Dancing Bear
Dandy Smoked Meat & Shawarma
Danforth Avenue
Daniel Avenue
Daniel McCann Street
Daniel O'Connell's Irish Pub
Danniston Crescent
Dante Avenue
Danzig Terrace
Daphne Crescent
D.A.R.A Tennis Club
Darcy McGee's
Darling Vintage
Darlington Private
Darly Place
Darrell Thomas Textiles
Dartmoor Drive
Dartmouth Avenue
Das Lokal
Data Centre Road
Dauphin Road
Dave Smith Crescent
Dave Stoddards Auto Service
Dave's Drum Shop
Dave's Used Bikes
Davenport Private
Daventry Crescent
David Drive
David Hollingsworth
David Thomas Lane
David's Pizza
Davidson Crescent
Davidson Drive
Davidson Road
Davidson's Jewellers
Davidson's Side Road
Davies Court
Davis Avenue
Davy Street
Dawn Tara Drive
Dawnlight Street
Dawson Avenue
Daybreak Street
Days Inn
Days Inn Downtown Ottawa
Dayton Crescent
Daze Street
De la Salle Public High School
Deacon Brodies
Dead End Street
Deakin Street
Dealership Drive
Dean Martin Crescent
Deancourt Crescent
Deauville Crescent
Deavy Way
Deborah Anne Kirwan Pool
Debra Avenue
Debra Dynes
Décarie Drive
Decarlo Garden
Deckdout Apparel
Décoeur Drive
Decona Terrace
Deeper Life Bible Chapel
Deer Moss Trail
Deer Park Road
Deer Valley Crescent
Deer View Avenue
Deerchase Court
Deercroft Avenue
DeerDrop Baypass
Deerfield Drive
Deerfox Drive
Deerhound Studio
Deerhurst Court
Deerlane Avenue
Deermeadow Drive
Deerpath Terrace
Deevy Street
Degas Court
Del Zotto Avenue
Delamere Drive
Delaware Avenue
Delegation of the European Union to Canada
Delegation of the Ismaili Imamat, Ottawa
Delia Crescent
Delicious Sichuan Cuisine
Delicious Steak House
Delilah Private
Delivery Sushi
Dell Avenue
Delmar Court
Delmar Drive
Delmeade Gate
Delong Drive
Delorme Avenue
Delridge Lane
Delson Drive
Delta City Centre
Delta Street
DeLuca Hair
Delusions of Grandeur
Deluxe Spa
Demers Chevrolet
Demeter Street
Demolished building
Dempsey Avenue
Den Haag Drive
Denali Way
Denbury Avenue
Denewood Crescent
Denham Way
Denise Avenue
Denison Crescent

dent tec

Denton Way
Denver Avenue
Denzil Doyle Court
Dépanneur 9
Depanneur Abes
Dépanneur Beau-Soir
Dépanneur Couche-Tard
Dépanneur Daniel
Dépanneur du Coin
Depanneur Lucerne
Dépanneur Séguin
Department of Communication
Department of National Defense Headquarters (NDHQ)
Department of Physics
Depper Place
Dépôt trois-formes
Derand Motorsports
Derby Place
Derby Street
Dermalaz Laser Clinic


Des Pins Catholic Elementary School (764264)
Des Pionniers Catholic Elementary School (703168)
Des Sentiers Public Elementary School
Des Voyageurs Catholic Elementary School (741671)
Descartes Street
Deschamps Avenue
Deschâtelets Avenue
Deschênes Rapids Lookout
Deschênes Street
Desi Price Club
Designer Shoe Warehouse
Designs by Ria
Desjardins Avenue
Desjardins Caisse Populaire
Desjardins Street
Desloges Private
Desmond Avenue
Desrosiers Street
Destiny Maker Church
Destiny Private
Details Home Apperal
Devario Crescent
Devine Road (8)
Devlin Crescent
Devon Street
Devonian Way
Devonshire Avenue
Devonshire Community Public School (DEVO)
Devonshire Place
Devonwood Circle
Dew Gate
DeWalt Factory Service
Dewberry Crescent
Dewberry Trail
Dewberry Trail (50)
Dewpura Jewellers
Dexter Drive
Diamond 1
Diamond 2
Diamond 3
Diamond 4
Diamond Jubilee Park Ice Rink
Diamond Jubilee Skateboard Park (35637)
Diamond Way
Diane Crescent
Dibblee Road
Diceman Crescent
Dickens Avenue
Dickinson Avenue
Dickinson Circle
Dickinson Street
Dickson Street
Dicom Express
Dicso BRGR
Didsbury Road
Dieppe Street
Different Habitats
Digby Street
Digby's Seafood Restaurant
Dilawri Used Car Superstore
Dimension Hair Design
Dino's Pizzeria
Dinty's Restaurant
Dirienzo & Saikaley Automotive Service
Disalvo Sports
Discount Hobbies
Discount Tobacco and Grocery Shop
Discover Pinecrest Creek
Discovery Crescent
Discovery Drive
Disegno Fine Jewellery
Display Laminating
Distinctive Audio
Distribution Lavoie
Divers Wearhouse
Diverse Salon & Spa
Diversity Barbershop
Divine Infant Parish Church
Divine Infant School
Divine Word Evangelical Lutheran Church
Divino Wine
Divisoria Market 2.0
Dixie Dairy
Dixie Street
Dixon Jewellers
DIY Cabinet Warehouse
DIY Garage
DIY Moto
DJW's Furniture
DK Hair & Spa
Do Good Food
Doane Street
Dobbie Street
Dobbin Co-op
Dobbin Lane
Dochart Terrace
Doctor Leach Drive
Dodder Key
Dog Grooming
Dog's Bedtime
Doggy Daycare & Pet Salon
Dogs Bedtime
Dogz Days
Doheny Street
Dolan Drive
Dolce Crescent
Dollar & More

dollar it!

Dollar It!
Dollar ou Deux
Dollar Tree
Dollard Street
Dolman Ridge Road
Dolomite Street
Dolphin Tale Child Care
Dolsot Cafe
Domaine Du Parc
Domaine Perrault
Domalatchy Place
Domestic Foods
Domicile Sales Office
Dominican University College
Dominion Avenue
Dominion Chalmers United Church
Dominion City Brewing Company
Dominion Tavern
Dominique Levesque Bridal
Domino's (10419)
Domino's Pizza
Domus Crescent
Don Brown Private
Don Cherry's
Don Gamble arena
Don Reid Drive
Don Street
Donald St Pharmachoice
Donald Stackhouse Private
Donald Street
Donat Street
Doncaster Road
Dondale Street
Donegal Road
Donland Avenue
Donna Bella
Donna Street
Donnelly collision center
Donnelly Ford Lincoln
Donnelly Used Autoplex
Donnington Place
Donors List Monument
Donovan Court
Donwel Drive
Dora Crescent
Dorado Way
Doral Park
Doraty Lane
Dorchester Avenue
Dorey Court
Dorima Street
Dorion Avenue
Doris Avenue
Dorland Crescent
Dorothea Drive
Dorothy Nails
Dorset Drive
Dorset Heights
Dorval Avenue
Dosa, Inc.
Dossetter Way
Double Happiness Food & BBQ
Douglas Avenue
Douglas Street
Doulton Gate
Douvris Martial Arts
Douvris Martial Arts and Fitness
Dove Court
Dovehaven Street
Dover Crescent
Dovercourt Avenue
Dovercourt Co-op
Dovetail Heights
Dow Street
Dow's Lake Road
Dow's Lake Tailoring
Dowd Jewelry Supply & Beading
Dowdall Crescent
Dowitcher Grove
Dowler Avenue
Downed Woody Debris
Downey Road
Downing Street
Downpatrick Road
Downsview Crescent
Downtown Bed & Breakfast
Downtown Cobbler
Downtown Outreach Bible Chapel
Downtown Pizza
Dowser Street
Doyon Avenue
Dozois Road
Dr. Bumper
Dr. Ernest Couture Child Care
Dr. F. J. McDonald Catholic School
Dr. Nicole Bruinsma
Draffin Court
Dragon Dining Lounge
Dragon Fortune
Dragon Park Drive
Dragona Flooring
Dragonfly Walk
Drainie Drive
Drake Avenue
Draper Avenue
Draper Place
Drapery Plus Decor
Drayton Private
Dream Court
Dreamcatcher Place
Dreamland Cafe
DreamLand Cafe
Dresden Crescent
Dressage Avenue
Dressler Drive
Drew Avenue
Driftwood Crescent
Driscoll Drive
Driving Range
Drolet Street
Drouin Avenue
DRRC Ottawa Research Centre
DRUG Store Pharmacy
Drumheller Place
Drumlins Avenue
Drummond Street
Drummond's Gas
Drumso Street
Drury Lane
Dry Cleaning
Drysdale Street
Du Barry
Du Bois Avenue
Du Buisson Crescent
Du Clairvaux Road
Du Domaine Street
Du Gouverneur Drive
Du Grand Bois Avenue
Du Palais Street
Du Plateau Street
Du Sommet Place
Dubai Cafe
Duberry Street
Dublin Avenue
Ducharme Boulevard
Duchess Avenue
Duchess Crescent
Duclos Avenue
Duff Crescent
Dufferin House
Dufferin Road
Duford Drive
Duford Street
Dugas Court
Duhamel Street
Duke Street
Dulux Paints
Dumas Street
Dumaurier Avenue
Dumouchel Meat & Deli
Dumoulin Way
Dumpling Bowl
Dumpling? Dumpling!
Dun Skipper Drive
Dunbar Court
Dunbarton Court
Dunblane Way
Dunbrack Street
Duncairn Avenue
Duncan Place
Dundalk Private
Dundas Street
Dundee Avenue
Dundegan Drive
Dundonald Drive
Dunedin Lane
Dunelm Street
Dunes Square
Dunforest Terrace
Dunham Street
Dunkirk Crescent
Dunlevie Avenue
Dunlin Ridge
Dunloe Avenue
Dunlop Court
Dunlop Public School (DUNL)
Dunn Street
Dunn's Express
Dunn's Famous
Dunn's Famous Deli
Dunn's Famous Deli & Steakhouse
Dunnderosa Golf Club
Dunnet Court
Dunning Road (35)
Dunning-Foubert Elementary School (DUNN)
Dunollie Crescent
Dunoon Place
Dunrobin Avenue
Dunston Terrace
Duntroon Circle
Dunvegan Road
Duplante Avenue
Dupont Gold Pawn Shop
Dupont Street
Dupuis Street
Durant Court
Durbin Court
Durham Private
Durocher Street
Dusk Private
Dusserre Street
Dusty Miller Crescent
Dutch Groceries & Giftware
Dutchmans Way
Dutton Crescent
Duval Lane
Duvernay Drive
Dwellingham Private
Dwight Crescent
Dwight Place
Dylan Way
Dymon Storage
Dynasty Cafe & Bar
Dynes Road
DZN Centre

E Financial Group
E T Cafe
Eady Court
Eagle Automotive
Eagle Chase Court
Eagle Crest Heights
Eagle Lane
Eagle Ridge
Eagle Rock Way
Eaglehead Crescent
Eagleson Flooring
Eagleson Manor
Eagleson Manor II
Eagleson Road (49)
Eagleview Street
Ealing Street
Earl Armstrong Arena
Earl Armstrong Road
Earl Grey Drive
Earl Mulligan Drive
Earl Of March Secondary School (EARL)
Earle Street
Earlscourt Crescent
Earlton Private
Early Years Centre
Early Years Centre Ottawa West-Nepean
Earnscliffe Grove
Earnscliffe Official Residence British High Commissioner to Canada
East Acres Road
East Adams Street
East Diamond (33031)
East Gate Alliance Church
East Healey Avenue
East India Company
East of Eden Bed and Breakfast
East Orkney Private
East Penn Canada
East Side Mario's
East Side Marios
East Street
East Wind
Eastboro Avenue
Eastbourne Avenue
Eastcliffe Way
Eastern Hemlock
Eastern Peatlands Flux Station Access
Eastern White Pine
Eastfield Street
Eastgate Avenue
Eastlane Road
Eastman Avenue
Eastop Counters
Eastpark Drive
Eastport Drive
Eastvale Court
Eastvale Drive
Eastvale Park Ice Rink
Eastview Baptist Church
Eastview Pizza
Eastview Street
Eastview Travel
Eastwood Park
Eastwood Place
Easy Financial


Eaton Street
Eazy Ca$h
Eazy Cash
EB Games

ebb & flo

Ebb + Flow
Ebony Circle
Eccles Street
Echo Audiology
Echo Drive
Echo Pond Way
Echowoods Avenue
Eckerson Avenue
Eclipse Asian Cuisine
Eclipse Crescent
Eclipz Hair Studio
Econ Medical
Econo Lodge Downtown
Economie Inc
Eddy Pipes
Eddy's Diner
Eddy's Quick Lunch
Eden Avenue
Edenbridge Court
Edenbrook Court
Edenvale Drive
EdenWylde by Tartan Homes
Edgar Street
Edgar-Brault Street
Edgard and Sofi home
Edge Hill Place
Edgebrook Road
Edgecliffe Avenue
Edgecombe Street
Edgefield Terrace
Edgeland Place
Edgemont Avenue
Edgemoore Crescent
Edgeware Drive
Edgewater Street
Edgewood Avenue
Edgeworth Avenue
Edible Arrangements
Edina Street
Edinburgh Place
Edison Avenue
Edith Avenue
Edmond Avenue
Edoko Japanese Steak House
Eds Car Repair
Edsons Auto Repair
Edward Street
Edwin Crescent
Egan Road
Egg Roll Plus
Eggroll Factory


Eglantine Driveway
Eglise Baptiste Evangelique Du Bon Berger
Eglise De Dieu
Eglise de Jesus Christ
Eglise Evangélique Baptiste Eben-Ezer
Eglise Evangelique Du Nazareen
Eglise Heritage
Eglise Missionaire Christ
Ego Terrace
Egret Way
Eiffel Avenue
Eighth Street
Eileen Crescent
Eisenhower Crescent
Ekko de Brasil
El Camino
El Camino Street
El Paseo Court
El Shaddai Church
El Toro Pizza
Elaine Drive
Elan Vital
Elder Street
Elderberry Terrace
Elderfield Court
Elderwood Trail
Eldo Street
Ele Bridal Alterations
Eleanor Drive
Electric Street
Electro Pulse
Electronic Cigarette
Elegance Auto Spa
Elegant Cleaners
Elegant Hair Skin Care
Element Private
Elfin Grove
Elgin Apartments
Elgin Beer Project
Elgin Jewellers
Elgin Street
Elgin Street (91)
Elgin Street Diner
Elgin Street Public School (ELGI)
Elie's Barber Shop
Elie's Hair Stylists
Elijah Court
Elisa G.
Elite Barber Shop
Elite Contract Furniture
Elite Draperies
Elite Luxury Car Sales
Elite Private
Eliza Crescent
Elizabeth Avenue
Elizabeth Cosgrove Private
Elizabeth Wyn Wood Alternate Program (Nepean) (ELIW)
Elk Island Court
Elke Drive
Elkwood Drive
Ella Street
Ellen Avenue
Ellendale Crescent
Ellery Crescent
Ellesmere Place
Elliot Avenue
Ellis Private
Ellisson Way
Ellsworth Lane
Elm Park Avenue
Elm Printing
Elm Street
Elm Street West
Elma Street
Elmazaj Lebanese Restaurant
Elmbank Crescent
Elmdale Avenue
Elmdale Lane
Elmdale Lawn Bowling Club
Elmdale Public School (ELMD)
Elmdale Tennis Club
Elmdale Tennis Club (27054)
Elmgrove Avenue
Elmhurst Street
Elmira Drive
Elmira Gardens
Elmlea Drive
Elmlea Gate
Elmridge Drive
Elmridge Gardens
Elmridge Tennis Club (7428)
Elmside Avenue
Elmsley Crescent
Elmsmere Road
Elmvale Co-op
Elmvale Gardens
Elmwood Avenue
Elmwood School
Elsett Drive
Elsie Street
Elsinore Lane
Elstree Avenue
Elterwater Avenue
Elvaston Avenue
Elvina Street
Elvis Lives Lane
Elwood Street
E.M. Tailors & Dry Cleaners
Emard Crescent


Embassy Federal Republic of Germany
Embassy Hotel and Suites
Embassy of Afghanistan
Embassy of Algeria
Embassy of Algeria Consular Section
Embassy of Argentina in Ottawa
Embassy of Austria
Embassy of Benin
Embassy of Brazil in canada
Embassy of Burkina Faso
Embassy of Cuba, Ottawa
Embassy of Denmark
Embassy Of Egypt
Embassy of Finland
Embassy of France
Embassy of Gabon
Embassy Of Greece
Embassy of Guinea
Embassy of Hungary
Embassy of Indonesia
Embassy of Iraq
Embassy of Japan
Embassy of Madagascar
Embassy of Mexico
Embassy of Mongolia to Canada
Embassy of Myanmar
Embassy of Nepal in Ottawa
Embassy of philippine
Embassy of Romania
Embassy of Sri-Lanka
Embassy of Sudan
Embassy of Sweden
Embassy of Switzerland
Embassy of the Czech Republic
Embassy of the Democratic Republic of the Congo
Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands
Embassy of the People's Republic of China in Ottawa
Embassy of the Republic of Armenia
Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria in Canada
Embassy of the Republic of Croatia
Embassy of the Republic of Korea
Embassy of the Republic of Poland
Embassy of the Republic of Turkey
Embassy of the State of Kuwait
Embassy of the United States, Ottawa
Embassy of Togo
Embassy of Ukraine to Canada
Embassy Of Ukraine-Consular Section
Embassy of Vietnam
Embassy of Vietnam - Commercial Section
Ember Glow Court
Ember Hair Retreat
Emerald Avenue
Emerald Gate Avenue
Emerald Links Drive
Emerald Links Golf Club
Emerald Meadows
Emerald Meadows Drive
Emerald Nails & Spa
Emerald Plaza Branch
Emerald Pond Private
Emery Court
Emily Carr Middle School (EMCA)
Emily Street
Emmanuel Alliance Church
Emmanuel Apostolic Church
Emmanuel United Church
Emmerson Avenue
Emperor Avenue
Empire Avenue
Empire Grove Street
Employment and Financial Assistance Centre
Empress Avenue
Empress Avenue North
Empress Fashion Boutique
Emslie Avenue
Ena Lane
Enclave Walk
Encore Private
End Of The Roll
Endless Beauty Salon
Enfield Avenue
Engine Pro
Englewood Place
Enigma Private
Ensatina Crescent
Entegra Street
Enterprise Avenue
Entrance Outdoor Pool
Entrepreneur Crescent
Entrust Datacard
Envoy Auto Sales
Epicerie Atlas
Epicerie De La Savane
Epicerie Generale Du Parc
Epicerie Laberge
Epicurean Munchie Truck
Epiphany Anglican Church
Epworth Avenue
Equator Coffee
Equestrian Drive
Equidae Stables
Equine Way
Equus Way
Erbmill Lane
Eric Crescent
Eric Czapnik Way
Eric Maloney Way
Erie Avenue
Erin Crescent
Erinbrook Crescent
Erindale Drive
Erinlea Court
Erinwoods Circle
Erling's Variety
Ernest Avenue
Ernesto's Barber Shop
Ernie Brady Lane
Erratic Field
Erskine Place
Escade Drive
Escallonia Court
Escape Bicycle Tours/Retro-Rides
Escape Clothing
Escarpment Crescent
Espace 33
Espace Banya
Espace Canin
Espin Heights
Espirito Santo
Esplanade Avenue
Esplanade Laurier
Espresso Private
Esprit Drive
Esquimault Avenue
Essential Health Massage Therapy
Essex Street
Esson Place
Esson Street
Estelle Crescent
Esterbrook Drive
Esterlawn Private
Esther Street
Esthetics By Lucie
Esthetique Jana
Estonian Embassy in Ottawa
Esturgeon Street
Etesian Street
Ethel Street
Ethier Avenue
Etta Street
Ettrick Crescent
Eucalyptus Circle
Euclid Avenue
Eugene Forsey
Eugene Street
Eureka Avenue
Euro-Image Hair Studio


Europa Private
EuroPro Automotive
Eva Taylor Court
Eva Taylor Private
Evangeline Flowers
Evangeline Street
Evans Avenue
Evans Boulevard
Evans Place
Evanshen Crescent
Evanshen Place
Eve Street
Evelyn Avenue
Evelyn Powers Private
Evelyn Street
Evening Shadow Avenue
Events Board
Evenwood Private
Ever Best Computer
Evered Avenue
Everest Private
Everest Restoration
Everglade Way
Evergreen Drive
Evergreen Place
Everlasting Crescent
Everton Way
Everyday Pizza & Pasta
Evo Studio
EVOO Greek Kitchen
Evropa Holistic Studio Spa
Ewing Street
Excursion Way
Exeter Drive
Exhibition Way
Expedia Cruise Ship Centre
Expedia CruiseShipCentres
Experimental Farm Pathway
Explorer Lane
Extended Stay Canada - Ottawa
Extraoridinary Baby Shoppe
Extreme Pita
Eye Bright Crescent
Eye (Z)

eyeDOCS Westboro

Eyes in the Glebe

F. Trottier Construction
Fab baby gear
Fabgear 64
Fable Street
Fable VII
Fabulous Nails
Facial Angle
Faculty of Law
Fades International
Fair Deal Travel
Fair Oaks Crescent
Fairbairn Street
Fairbanks Avenue
Fairchild Private
Faircrest Road
Fairdale Avenue
Fairfax Avenue
Fairfield Inn&Suites
Fairfield Park Ice Rink
Fairfield Street
Fairglen Mews
Fairgreen Avenue
Fairhaven Way
Fairhill Crescent
Fairlakes Way
Fairlawn Avenue
Fairlawn Park
Fairlea Court
Fairlea Crescent
Fairlea Park Housing Cooperative
Fairlea Park Ice Rink
Fairlop Way
Fairmeadow Crescent
Fairmont Avenue
Fairpark Drive
Fairstone Financial
Fairview Avenue
Fairview Lane
Fairway Trading
Fairweather Street
Fairwinds Terrace
Faisans Gate
Faith Evangelical Lutheran Church
Falabella Street
Falafel on Wheels
Falaise Road
Falcon Auto Repair
Falcon Avenue
Falcon Ridge Golf Course
Falconcrest Court
Falk Avenue
Falkirk Crescent
Fall Family Furniture
Fallengale Crescent
Falling Star
Fallingbrook Community Elementary School (FLBR)
Fallingbrook Park Ice Rink
Fallingbrook Ridge
Fallingwater Circle
Fallis Avenue
Fallow Court
Fallowfield Pharmasave
Fallowfield Road (12)
Fallview Court
Falmouth Gate
Falwyn Crescent
Fameflower Street
Familiar Faces


Famille-Laporte Avenue
Family Brown Lane
Family Reception Centre
Famlit Court
Fanshaw Avenue
Fantail Walk
Fantastic Tailors & Cleaners
Fantasy Nails
Fanterra Way


Far Jano
Faraday Street
Fardon Way
Farhat's Bakery
Farincourt Crescent
Farlane Boulevard
Farley Mowat Public School (FMOW)
Farm Boy
Farm Boy Inc. Home Office
Farm Gate Crescent
Farmbrook Crescent
Farmer's Pick
Farmers Way
Farmers Way North
Farmfield Crescent
Farming in The Greenbelt
Farmington Avenue
Farnham Crescent
Farnsworth Avenue
Farnworth Manor
Farrah's Hair Studio
Farrar Road
Farrell Street
Farriers Lane
Farrow Street
Fashion Nails
Fashion Stitch
Fashion United
Fast Out
Fat Albert's
Fat Alberts
Fatboys Southern Smokehouse
Father and Sons
Fattoush Lady
Faubert Street
Faulkner Trail

feast + revel

Feather Lane
Feather Moss Way
Feather Sound Terrace
Featherfoil Way
Featherston Drive
Featherston Drive Public School (FEAT)
Feathertop Lane
Fee Street
Feeding a City
Feldspar Crescent
Felicia Crescent
Felicity Crescent
Feline Café
Fellows Road
Felstead Garden
Fencerow Way
Fender Factory
Fenerty Court
Fenmore Street
Fentiman Avenue
Fenton Road
Fergus Crescent
Ferguslea Lane
Ferguson Street
Ferland Street
Ferme Chrétien
Ferme Rouge
Fern Avenue
Fern Casey Street


Fernando Cellini
Fernbank Crossing
Fernbank Road
Fernbrook Place
Ferncroft Crescent
Ferndale Avenue
Ferngrove Gate
Fernhill Road
Fernhill School
Fernleaf Crescent
Fernside Street
Fernwood Drive
Ferry Road Lane
Fessenden Way
Festival Japan
Festive Private
Fetterly Drive
Fiazza Fresh Fired
Ficko Crescent
Fiddlehead Street
Field Street
Fieldberry Private
Fieldcrest Avenue
Fieldfair Way
Fieldgate Drive
Fielding Court
Fielding Drive
Fielding Drive Public School (FDRI)
Fieldown Street
Fieldrow Street
Fieldstone Crescent
Fiesta Avenue
Fiesta Manila Bakery
Fiesta Ottawa
Fife Crescent
Fifeshire Crescent
Fifth Avenue
Figaro Coffee House
Figure 8 & Hockey One Skate Specialists
Fil's diner
Fil's Furniture
Filion Crescent
Filles de la Sagesse
Fillmore Crescent
Filtration Plant Lane
Finch Private
Finchley Drive
Findlay Avenue
Findlay Creek
Findlay Creek Drive
Findon Gate
Fine Crescent
Fine Grooming
Fine Men's Clothing
Fine's Flowers
Finescale Way
Finish Master
Finland Private
Finlayson Crescent
Finn Court
Finnigans Pub
Finrod Court
Finter Street
Fiore Apparel
Fir Street
Fire of God
Fire Station 25
Fire Station 33
Fire Station 44
Fire Station 46
Fire Station 52 (52)
Fire Station 54
Fire Station 94
Firefighters in Action (Series)
Firefly Lane
Firehouse Subs
Fireside Crescent
Firestone Crescent
Fireweed Trail
Firewood Private
First Avenue
First Avenue Public School (FIRS)
First Baptist Church Ottawa
First Care Pharmacy
First Choice HairCutters
First Choice Locksmith
First Church of Christ, Scientist
First Class Auto
First Fret Music School
First Geodetic Survey Station National Historic Site
First Hair Salon
First Journey Montessori
First Line Road
First Memorial Funeral Services
First Place Alternate Program
First Street
First United Church
Firwood Crescent
Fish Market
Fisher Avenue
Fisher Park Ice Rink
Fisher Park Public School / Summit Alternate School (FISH)
Fisher Park, Water Park
Fit 4 Less
Fit for Life
Fitness Depot
Fitness Equipment of Ottawa
Fitz Fries
Fitz's Classic Grill
Fitzgerald Road
Fitzpatrick Street
Five Guys
Five Stars Panini
Fix Auto Collision
Fix Auto Ottawa Airport
Fixall Auto
Flamborough Way
Flanders Street
Flannery Drive
Flapjack's Canadian Diner
Flat Sedge Crescent
Flavours of Kerala
Fleet Street
Fleming Avenue
Fletcher Circle
Fletcher Wildlife Garden
Fleur Tea House
Fleuriste Mont-Bleu
Flewellyn Road
Flight Centre
Flight Private
Flint Court
Flinthill Way
Flintridge Crescent
Flock of Fancies
Flodden Way
Flooding detour
Floor Coverings International
Flooring Liquidators
Flora Footbridge
Flora Hall Brewing
Flora Street
Floral Place
Florence Child Care
Florence Street
Florette Street
Florida Avenue
Florizel Avenue
Flower Avenue
Flower Mania
Flowers Talk
Flowertree Crescent
Flowing Creek Circle
Fluid3 Colour Concept Salon
Fly Boyz Boutique
Flying Piggy's
Focus Scientific
Foley Avenue
Folison Street
Folkstone Court
Folkway Gate
Fondation québécoise du cancer
Fontenay Court
Fontenay Crescent
Food Mood
Foolish Chicken
Fooshin Jewelry & Watch Repair
Foothills Drive
For Everyone A Garden
For the Road
Forbes Avenue
Forbes Beauty
Fordell Avenue
Fordham Private
Forest Creek Drive
Forest Gate Way
Forest Green Crescent
Forest Heights Avenue
Forest Hill Avenue
Forest Lea Drive
Forest Park Avenue
Forest Ridge
Forest Ridge Place
Forest Street
Forest Street South
Forest Valley Drive
Forest Valley Elementary School (FVAL)

forest walk

Forest Water Way
Forestbrook Street
Forestcrest Street
Forester Crescent
Forestglade Crescent
Forestglen Crescent
Forestgrove Drive
Forestlane Private
Forestview Crescent
Forets Avenue
Forge Cards And Cosplay
Forge Street
Forillon Crescent
Forlan Drive
Forman Avenue
Former Animal Disease Research Institute
Former Beachburg Subdivision
Former Ottawa City Hall
Forsey Street
Forsyth Lane
Fortier Street
Fortune Drive
Fortune Lake lookout
Forward Avenue
Forward Dance Academy
Foster Farm
Foster Street
Foster's Sport Centre
Fosterbrook Way
Foubert Court
Foulis Crescent
Fountain Gate
Fountain Place
Fountainhead Drive
Four Points by Sheraton
Four Seasons Auto
Four Seasons Cookhouse
Four Seasons Drive
Fourth Avenue
Fourth Avenue Baptist Church
Fox & Feather Pub and Grill
Fox Crescent
Fox Hollow Crescent
Fox Hunt Avenue
Fox Street
Fox Valley Road
Foxbar Avenue
Foxborough Private
Foxden Place
Foxfield Drive
Foxglove Place
Foxhall Way
Foxhill Way
Foxhound Way
Foxleigh Crescent
Foxlight Circle
Foxmeadow Lane
Foxridge Way
Foxrun Lane
Foxtail Avenue
Foxview Place
Foxwell Street
Foxwood Court
Framing & Art Centre
Framingham Crescent
Frances Street
Francis Canada
Francis Fuels
Franco Garage
Franco-Cité Catholic Secondary School (705233)
Francojeunesse Public Elementary School
Frank And Oak
Frank Bender Street
Frank Cauley Way
Frank Clair statue
Frank Finnigan Way
Frank Kenny Road
Frank Kenny Road Extension
Frank MacDonald Fastball Diamond (8259)
Frank Nighbor Place
Frank Ryan Catholic Intermediate School
Frank Ryan Park Ice Rink
Frank Street
Frankie's Deli
Franklin Cathcart Crescent
François Street
Fraser Avenue
Fraser Cafe
Fraser Fields Way
Fraser Park
Fraser School House
Fratelli Westboro
Fratton Way
Frattoria Caffe Italia
Fréchette Street
Fred G. Barrett Arena
Frederick Banting Alternate Program (Stittsville) (BANT)
Frederick Place
Free Methodist Church Fifth Avenue
Freedom Mobile
Freedom Private
Freeport Drive
Freeworld Tattoo
French Hill Road
Frenette Street
Frenz Convenience Store
Fresh Air Experience
Fresh Ink Tattoo
Fresh Mart
Freshly Sequeezed Yogurt Delight
Freshly Squeezed
Freshwater Way
Friar Gate
Friel Street
Friendly Crescent
Friends Coffee
Fringewood Drive
Fringewood North
Fringewood South
Frisby Tire
Frisby Tire Co.
Frissons & Bonbons
Frobisher Lane
Frontenac Street
Frontier Road
Frontline Financial Credit Union
Frost Avenue
Fry Guyz
Fry Time
Fuel Bar
Fulham Court
Full Cycle
Full House Asian Cuisine
Full Start Chinese Food
Fulla Shawarma
Fuller Street
Fullerton Avenue
Fulton Avenue
Fundy Tactical
Funeral Co-operative of Ottawa
Furby Avenue
Furlong Crescent
Furness Way
Fusion House
Fusion Yunnan
Future Amazon Warehouse
Future école 035
Future Path

future path

Future site of 'Gladstone Village - Old PWGSC Oak Street Complex
Future Skin
Futuric Kitchens

G. M. Bertrand
Gabbro Crescent
Gable Private
Gablefield Private
Gabrial Auto Sales
Gabriel Pizza
Gabriel Street
Gabriel's Express
Gabrielle Roy French Public School
Gabriola Way
Gaddis Court
Gadwell Court
Gaga Patate
Gage Crescent
Gagnon Court
Gaines Drive
Gainsborough Avenue
Gainsborough Avenue North
Gainsbourg Bistro-Brasserie
Galatina Way
Galaxie Avenue
Galaxy Camera
Galaxy Construction
Galena Court
Galerie Côté Créations
Galerie St-Laurent + Hill
Gales Lane
Gallantry Way
Galleon Lane
Galleria Circle
Gallery 101
Gallica Court
Galloway Drive
Galo Piri Piri
Galston Private
Galt Street
Gamma Court
Gannet Street
Ganon Preschool
Garand Place
Garden Glen Private
Garden of Crystals
Garden Park Lane
Garden Place
Gardengate Way
Gardenia Court
Gardenvale Road
Gardenview Private
Gardenway Drive
Gardenway Park Ice Rink
Garderie Imagine
Garderie Mira
Garderie Mont-Bleu
Garderie Petits Créatifs
Garderie Providence
Garderie Éducative Les Petits Écolo
Gardner Street
Garfield Avenue
Garland Street
Garlic King
Garneau Catholic High School (710903)
Garneau Street
Garner Avenue
Garrick Court
Garrison Street
Garrity Crescent
Garwood Avenue
Gary Avenue
Gas Station
Gaspé Avenue
Gate Lodge
Gateau Neo
Gatesbury Street
Gateshead Avenue
Gatespark Private
Gatestone Private
Gateview Road
Gateville Private
Gateway News
Gateway Newstand
Gateway Road
Gatineau Fire Station
Gatineau Honda
Gatineau Hyundai
Gatineau Nissan
Gatineau Park
Gatineau Park Chelsea entrance
Gatineau Park Lookout
Gatineau Park Pinic Area
Gatineau Park Visitor Centre
Gatineau Police Aylmer sector station
Gatineau Police Headquarters
Gatineau Police Hull sector station
Gatineau View Crescent
Gaultois Avenue
Gauthier Street
Gavin Street
Gaynor Place
Gazebo Street
Gaïa Medispa
Gear Head
Geddes Way
Gee Bees Honey
Gee-Gees Field
Gelatini Gelato
Gelderland Private
Gemini Way
Gemlie Pools
General Avenue
General Bearing Service
General Burns Outdoor Pool
General Burns Tennis Club (27028)
General Gardens
General Nutrition Centers
General Sir Arthur Currie
General Vanier Public School (GVAN)
Generation Court
Genest Outdoor Pool
Genest Street
Geneva Street
Genévriers Street
Gentian Heights
Gentle Gate Crescent
Geoffrey Street
Géographe Terrace
George McLean Park Ice Rink
George Street
George Street West
George Watts Lane
George-Étienne-Cartier Catholic Elementary School (864730)
Georges Meatshop
Georges Vanier Catholic School
Georges Vanier Drive
Georgeton Private
Georgian Private
Georgie's Pizza&Subs
Georgina Drive
Geosynthetic Systems
Gerald Street
Geranium Walk
Gerardia Lane
Gerben Street
Gerry Lalonde Drive
Gershwin Private
Gervais Court
Gervais Electronics
Gervin Street
Gesner Court
Get Go
Getty Automotive Services


Ghana House Cuisine
Ghost Armor
Giant Carpet & Flooring
Giant Cedars Crescent
Giant Ottawa
Giant Panda
Giant Tiger
Gibbard Avenue
Gibford Drive
Gibson Street
Gifford Street
Gigi's Market
Gil Automotive
Gilbert Avenue
Gilberte-Paquette Avenue
Gilbey Drive
Gilboa Place
Gilchrist Avenue
Gill Avenue
Gilles Street
Gillespie Crescent
Gilligan Road
Gilmour Street
Gimli Court
Gina's Cafe
Gingras Court
Ginko Garden Chinese Food
Ginseng Terrace
Giovanni's Snack Bar
Giroux Road
Gisèle-Lalonde Public High School
Giver 150 playground
Glabar Park
Glacier Street
Gladecrest Court
Gladeview Private
Gladewoods Place
Gladiola Place
Gladstone Avenue
Gladstone Community Church
Gladstone Golden Grill
Gladstone Lounge
Gladu Street
Gladwin Crescent
Glam Fairy Hair Extensions
GlAmor Group
Glamorgan Drive
Glamorous Nails & Spa
Glamour Nails & Spa
Glandriel Crescent
Glandriel Park Ice Rink
Glas' Florist
Glasford Street
Glasgow Crescent
Glasgow Street
Glashan Public School (GLAS)
Glass Menders
Glastonbury Walk
Glatfelter Gatineau
Glebe Apothecary
Glebe Avenue
Glebe Collegiate Institute (GLEB)
Glebe Court
Glebe Emporium
Glebe Meat Market
Glebe Montessori School
Glebe Optical Co.
Glebe Parents' Daycare
Glebe Smoke Shop
Glebe St. James United Church
Glebe Tailoring
Glebe Trotters
Glebes Barber Shop
Gleeson Way
Glen Abbey Crescent
Glen Avenue
Glen Cairn
Glen Cairn Outdoor Pool
Glen Cairn Public School (GLNC)
Glen Cairn Tennis Club (27014)
Glen Cairn United Church
Glen French Fries (chip truck)
Glen Knolls Drive
Glen Meadows Circle
Glen Oaks Circle
Glen Ogilvie Public School (GLNO)
Glen Park Drive
Glen Street
Glenarden Court
Glenbrae Avenue
Glenbrook Way
Glencairn Avenue
Glencoe Street
Glendale Avenue
Glendenning Drive
Glendevon Court
Glendore Street
Gleneagles Avenue
Glenfern Avenue
Glenfield Drive
Glengarry Road
Glenhaven Private
Glenhurst Crescent
Glenlivet Avenue
Glenmanor Drive
Glenmore Street
Glenmoriston Avenue
Glenmount Avenue
Glenn Hadrell Co-op
Glenora Street
Glenridge Road
Glenrill Place
Glenrose Court
Glenroy Gilbert Drive
Glenside Terrace
Glenview Avenue
Glenwood Avenue
Glenwood Drive
Gloaming Crescent
Global Auto Sales
Global Child Care Services
Global Laser
Global Pet Foods
Globe Mags & Cigars
Globo shoes
Gloria Avenue
Gloria's Pizza
Gloucester Glen
Gloucester High School (GLOU)
Gloucester Presbyterian Church
Gloucester Street
Glue Pot
Glynn Avenue
Go 4 Greek
Go For Sushi
Go Gi Ya
Go Trip Holidays
Goddard Street
Gold Crescent
Gold Door Inn
Gold Lobby
Gold Scissors
Golden Ash Lane
Golden Avenue
Golden Baquette Bakery
Golden BBQ Grill
Golden Bowl
Golden Bubbles
Golden Capital Chinese Food
Golden Crust Pizzeria
Golden Hair Beauty Supply
Golden India Restaurant
Golden Palace
Golden Restaurant
Golden Sedge Way
Golden Springs Drive
Golden Star Chinese Food
Golden Thai
Golden Treasures
Goldenbrook Way
Goldeneye Way
Goldenrod Driveway
Goldenstar Private
Golders Green Lane
Goldfinch Drive
Goldgate Private
Goldline Curling
Goldora Private
Goldridge Drive
Goldstar Motors
Goldthorpe Private
Goldwing Autocare
Goldwood Private
Golf Club Touraine
Golf Town
Golflinks Drive
Golfview Estates
Golfworks Canada
Gongfu Bao
Good Earth Coffeehouse
Good Eats
Good Life Fitness
Good M Tailor
Good Shepherd Barrhaven
Good Shepherd Catholic School
Good Street
Good Times Bar & Grill
Goodfellow Cleaners
Goodfellow Court
GoodHealth Pharmasave
Goodies Fine Catering
GoodLife Fitness
Goodlife Fitness
GoodLife Fitness
Goodlife Fitness
Goodness Gracious Cafe
Goodwin Avenue
Goodwood Drive
Goose River Avenue
Gooseberry Place
Gordon Pratt Crescent
Gordon Street
Gore Private
Goren Avenue
Gosnell Terrace
Gospel Oak Drive
Gossamer Street
Gosset Street
Goth Avenue
Gotham Private
Gothenburg Private
Gothwood Place
Gotta Paint
Gougeon Street
Gough Road
Goulbourn Forced Road
Goulbourn Lawn Bowling Club
Goulbourn Middle School (GOUL)
Goulbourn Museum
Goulbourn Skateboard Park (28017)
Goulburn Avenue
Goulburn Crescent
Goulburn Recreation Complex
Gould Street
Goulding Crescent
Goward Drive
Gowrie Drive
GQ Barber
Grace Baptist Church
Grace Monuments
Grace Presbyterian Church
Grace Street
Grace Tailoring
Graceland Court
Gracewood Crescent
Gracie's Brew Pub & Music Hall
Gracious Light Christian Centre
Grady Crescent
Grafton Crescent
Graham Avenue
Graham Ball Softball Diamond (8265)
Graham Creek
Graham Creek Private
Grainstone Way
Grammercy Park
Grammond Circle
Granada Drive
Granata Music
Grand Avenue
Grand Canal Street
Grand Cedar Court
Grand Escalier
Grand Gala Drive
Grand Harbour Court
Grand Manan Circle
Grand Tech Auto
Grand Tully Way
Grand Vista Circle
Grand-Chêne Court
Grandcourt Drive
Grande Allée
Grandeur Avenue
Grandfield Lane
Grandir ensemble
Grandlea Terrace
Grandmaître Street
Grandpark Circle
Grandpré Court
Grands-Champs Way
Grandview Road
Grange Avenue
Grangemill Avenue
Granite Court
Granite Curling Club of West Ottawa
Granite Ridge Drive
Granite Transformations
Grant & Dawn
Grant Alternative School (GRAN)
Grant Carman Drive
Grant st Garage
Grant Street
Grant-Toole Way
Granton Avenue
Granville Avenue
Granville Street
Grapefern Terrace
Graphite Road
Grasmere Crescent
Grassland Terrace
Grassy Plains Drive
Gravelle Crescent
Gray Crescent
Gray Willow Place
Grayburn Way
Grayson Street
Great /Escape Outfitters
Great Hobbies
Great Lakes Avenue
Great Men Barber
Great Oak Private
Greater Gatineau Elementary School
Greatwood Crescent
Greco Fitness
Greco Lean & Fit
Greco on Bank
Greek on Wheels
Greek Orthodox Church
Greek Plus
Greek to Go
Greely Creek Estates
Greely Elementary School (GRLY)
Greely Hot Pizzeria
Greely Lane
Greely Orchard
Greely Post Office
Greely Village Centre
Greely West Ball Diamond (33208)
Greely West Drive
Green Acres
Green Avenue
Green Creek Drive
Green Dragon Gift Shop
Green Fresh Supermarket
Green Gables Lane
Green Houses
Green Lane Farms
Green Oasis
Green Papaya
Green Rebel
Green Spirit
Green Street
Green Valley Crescent
Greenacre Crescent
Greenbank Community Church
Greenbank Road
Greenbank Road (13)
Greenbanner Place
Greenbelt Church
Greenbelt Pathway
Greenbelt Pathway East
Greenbelt Pathway West
Greenbelt Research Farm
Greenbelt Trail (NCC 10)
Greenbelt West Pathway
Greenbelt Western Pathway
Greenboro Crescent
Greenboro Day Care Centre
Greenboro Pathway
Greenboro Pharmacy
Greenboro Skateboard Park (28018)
Greenbriar Avenue
Greencrest Place
Greenfield Avenue
Greenfields Gastro Public House
Greenhaven Crescent
Greenhawk Equestrian
Greenhill Way
Greenlawn Crescent
Greenlawn Park Skating Rink
Greenlawn Playground
Greenpointe Drive
Greenridge Street
Greensand Place
Greenside Avenue
Greensway Avenue
Greenvale Lane
Greenview Avenue
Greenway Park
Greenway Park Lane
Greenwich Avenue
Greenwood Avenue
Greer Street
Greg Christie's Ski and Cycle Works
Gregale Lane
Gregg Street
Gregory Court
Gregory's Leather
Grenadier Way
Grenadine Street
Grenfell Crescent
Grenfell Tennis Club - Grenfell Glen Site (27056)
Grenfell Tennis Club - Pineglen Site (27055)
Grengold Way
Grenoble Crescent
Grenon Avenue
Grenwich Circle
Greta Leeming Studio of Dance
Greta's Organic Gardens
Grey Nuns Drive
Grey Seal Circle
Grey's Creek Road
GreyHawk Golf Club
Greynam Court
Greyrock Crescent
Greystone Village
Greystone Village Sale Centre
Greywood Drive
Grif & Graf
Griffith Way
Grill Forty One Restaurant & Bar
Grill Master Express
Grill Works
Grillades Kenayah
Grinder Powerhouse
Grives Crescent
Groningen Street
Groomer's Touch
Gros Morne Court
Grosvenor Avenue
Grounded Kitchen
Grouse Avenue
Grouse Nest
Grove Avenue
Grovehurst Drive
Grovemont Drive
Grumpy's Pub & Eatery
GS Battery
Guardian Angels School
Guardian Grove
Guardian Pharmacy
Guardian White Cross dispensary
Guava's Shawarna
Guelph Private
Guernsey Place
Guertin Avenue
Guest Services
Guigues Avenue
Guilbault Automotive & Tire Discount Center
Guildwood Court
Guilford Court
Guinness Crescent
Gulf Place
Gurdwara Road
Gus Hair Design and Spa
Gus Kitchen & Bath
Guthrie Street
Guy Harrison - Violin Maker
Guy Street
Gwynne Avenue
GXX Inc.
Gym Max
Gyrfalcon Crescent

H&R Block
H&R Pizza
Ha Long Fish & Seafood Market
Ha Noi Pho
Haanel Drive
Habesha Restaurant
Habibi Pizza & Pies
Habitat Terrace
Habitations Raymond-Brunet
Hackett Street
Hackney Private
Hadalyna Bakery
Haddington Crescent
Hadley Circle
Haig Drive
Haileybury Street
Hair by Adamo
Hair Creations&Aesthetics
Hair Dynamic
Hair Essentials
Hair Fellas
Hair Fellas Barbershop
Hair Junkie
Hair Lounge
Hair Motions
Hair Studio 204
Hair Tango
Hair Tech 2000
Hair Today, Dye Tomorrow
Hairmosa Salon
Hairtech Coiffure
Haki's Fashion
Hakim Optical
Haldi East Indian Cuisine
Half Moon Bay
Half Moon Bay Public School (NHMB)
Haliburton Heights
Haliburton Park
Halifax Drive
Halkirk Avenue
Hall Road
Hall Street
Halldon Place
Halldorson Crescent
Hallendale Street
Halley Street
Hallmark Place
Hallowell Court
Halmont Drive
Halpenney Way
Halstead Street
Halton Terrace
Halyard Way
Hambledon Court
Hamelin Crescent
Hamildale Farms
Hamilton Avenue North
Hamilton Avenue South
Hamilton Gault's (PPCLI)
Hamilton Road
Hamilton Yards Baseball Diamond (33197)
Hamilton Yards Softball Diamond (33198)
Hamlet Road
Hammill Court
Hampel Crescent
Hampstead Place
Hampton Avenue
Hampton Inn by Hilton Ottawa
Hampton Inn by Hilton Ottawa Airport
Hampton Paints
Hamsa Street
Hanabi Japanese Cuisine


Hanbury Street
Hancock Crescent
Hand & Stone
Handa Travel
Handyman Personnel
Haney Avenue
Hank Rivers Drive
Hanlon Avenue
Hanlon Baseball Diamond (33229)
Hannah Street
Hanover Court
Hansen Avenue
Hanson Court
Happy Carrot
Happy Goat
Happy Goat Coffee
Happy Lam
Happy Wheelz
Harbin Restaurant
Harbour Landing Private
Harbour View Street
Harcourt Avenue
Harding Road
Hardstone Grill
Hardy Avenue
Hardy Mattress
Hare Avenue
Hareg Cafe & Variety
Haresfield Court
Harkness Avenue
Harlequin Crescent
Harlowe Crescent
Harmany Avenue
Harmattan Avenue
Harmer Avenue North
Harmer Avenue pedestrian bridge
Harmer Avenue South
Harmon Way
Harmony Hair Design
Harmony Restaurant
Harness Lane
Harold Fisher
Harold H. Dent Rest Area
Harper Avenue
Harrier Lane
Harrington Court
Harriot Private
Harris Law Office
Harris Place
Harrison Street
Harrogate Place
Harrold Place
Harrowsmith Way
Harry Douglas Drive
Hart Avenue
Hart Road
Hartford Place
Harthill Way
Hartin Street
Hartington Place
Hartland Street
Hartleigh Avenue
Hartman Crescent
Hartsmere Drive
Hartwell Road
Haru Izakaya
Harvard Avenue
Harvest Crescent
Harvest Grove Drive
Harvest Valley Avenue
Harvey Street
Harwick Crescent
Harwood Avenue
Haslemere Avenue
Hastings Avenue
Hastings Street
Hasty Market
Hasty Mart
Hatchley Road
Hatfield Crescent
Hathaway Drive
Hatton Place
Haughton Avenue
Hauteview Crescent
Havelock Street
Haven Baptist Church
Haven Books
Haven Dream Esthetics
Havenhurst Crescent
Havenwood Trail
Hawk Crescent
Hawkbirch Street
Hawkeswood Drive
Hawkmere Way
Hawks Landing Crescent
Hawkshaw Crescent
Hawkstone Gate
Hawktree Ridge
Hawley Crescent
Hawthorne Avenue
Hawthorne Avenue (Pretoria Bridge)
Hawthorne Public School (HAWT)
Hawthorne Road
Hawthorne Road (32)
Hawthorne United Church
Haxby Private
Haydon Circle
Hayes Street
Haylett Private
Haylock Way
Haymarket Street
Haywood Crescent
Haze Bong Shop
Hazel Street
Hazeldean Branch - Ottawa Public Library
Hazeldean Florist
Hazeldean Road
Hazeldean Road (36)
Hazelnut Crescent
Hazelwood Way
HBK Hair Concepts
Headingly Crescent
Heads Up Barber Shop
Health Smart Pharmacy
Health Treasure Pharmacy
Healthy Choice Massage Therapy
Healthy Meal Plan
Healthy Pets HQ
Hear Canada
Hear Fine
Hearing Health Clinic
Hearn Crescent
Hearst Way
Heart & Crown
Heart and Crown Pub
Hearthstone Place
Heartleaf Private
Heartwood Kitchen
Heath Street
Heathcliffe Court
Heather Crowe
Heather Glen Court
Heather Way
Heathercrest Private
Heatherington Road
Heatherlyn Crescent
Heatherstone Crescent
Heatherwood Drive
Heathrow Private
Heathwood Gate
Heaton Avenue
Hector-Hotte Way
Hedge Drive
Hedgerow Lane
Heenan Terrace
Heidi Street
Helen Rapp Way
Helena Street
Hélène-Campbell Road
Helenium Lane
Helix Hearing Care
Helix Hearing Care Clinic
Hella Clothing
Helm Circle
Helmsdale Drive
Hemford Private
Hemlo Crescent
Hemlock and Moss
Hemlock Crescent
Hemlock Road
Hemmingwood Way
Henbury Way
Henderson Avenue
Hendon Way
Hendrick Farm
Hendrick Park Bridge
Hendrick Park Entrance
Hendrick Park Trail
Hendricus Private
Hendrie Court
Hendrix Restaurant Equipment & Supplies
Heney Street
Henfield Avenue
Henley Street
Henn Drive
Hennepin Street
Hennessy Crescent
Henri Lauzon Street
Henry Farm Drive
Henry Goulburn Way
Henry Harbour Monument
Henry Larsen Elementary School (HENL)
Henry Munro Middle School (HENM)
Henry Street
Henry Walker Grove
Hepatica Way
Hepburn Court
Herb & Spice
Herbal Magic
Herberts Corners Road
Hereford Place
Heritage Academy
Heritage Court
Heritage Glen Drive
Heritage Green
Heritage Grove Crescent
Heritage Maple Way
Heritage Park Crescent
Heritage Public School (HERI)
Herlihey Way
Heron Park Ice Rink
Heron Park North Sawmill Creek Path
Heron Road
Heron Road (16)
Herridge Street
Herrington Court
Herschel Crescent
Herwig Place
Herzberg Road
Hesse Crescent
Hewitt Court
Hewitt Way
Hexham Road
Heysham Lane
HI Ottawa Jail Hostel
Hi Tronics
Hi-Tech Mobile Repairs
Hialeah Drive
Hiawatha Park Road
Hibiscus Way
Hiboux Street
Hickory Street
Hickory Street Bridge
Hickson Crescent
Hickstead Way
Hidden Meadow Avenue
Hidden Valley Private
Higgins Road
High Commission for the Republic of Kenya in Ottawa
High Commission for Trinidad & Tobago
High Commission of Brunei, Ottawa
High Commission of India
High Commission of Malaysia
High Commission of Pakistan
High Commission Of The United Republic Of Tanzania
High Fives Sports Pub
High Road
High Street
Highburn Crescent
Highbury Park Drive
Highbury Park Drive Bypass
Highcroft Avenue
Highcroft Drive
Highfield Crescent
Highgate Road
Highland Avenue
Highland Collison Centre
Highland Park Lawn Bowling Club
Highland Park Wesleyan Church
Highland Terrace
Highlander Pub
Highmont Court
Highpark Crescent
Highpointe Crescent
Highridge Avenue
Highwood Private
Higwood Drive
Hilda Road
Hilda Street
Hill Street
Hillary Avenue
Hillary's Cleaners
Hillcrest Avenue
Hillcrest Avenue South
Hillcrest Drive
Hillcrest High School (HILL)
Hillcrest Road
Hillhurst Place
Hilliard Avenue
Hillman Marsh Way
Hillmillar Street
Hillmount Crescent
Hillpark High Street
Hillsboro Private
Hillsdale Court
Hillsdale Road
Hillside Drive
Hillsview Place
Hilltop Drive
Hillview Road
Hilson Avenue
Hilson Avenue Public School (HILS)
Hilton Garden Inn
Hilton Garden Inn Ottawa Airport
Hilton Lac-Leamy
Hime Crescent
Hinchey Avenue
Hincks Lane
Hindley Street
Hindonburg Market
Hines Road
Hing Lung Chinese Food
Hinterland Court
Hinton Avenue North
Hinton Avenue South
Hintonburg Connection
Hiram Drive
HMA Pharmacy
HMCS Bytown
HMCS Carleton
Hoang Lan Jewelry
Hobart Crescent
Hobblebush Street
Hobbs Avenue
Hobin Street
Hobson Road
Hochelaga Rental Homes
Hochelaga Street
Hockey Sushi
Hoda Fashion Store
Hodge Crescent
Hodge's Service Centre
Hodgins Street
Hodgson Court
Hog Back Falls
Hog's Back
Hog's Back Park
Hog's Back Restaurant
Hog's Back Road
Hogan Street
Hogarth Avenue
Hogs Back Locks Crossing
Hokkaido Ramen Express
Hokkaido Sushi
Holborn Avenue
Holgate Court
Holiday Inn
Holiday Inn & Suites Ottawa Kanata
Holiday Inn Express
Holiday Inn Express & Suites
Holiday Inn Ottawa East
Holitman Drive
Holitzner Way
Holland Avenue
Holland Cross Condominium (CCC #476)
Holland's Pizzeria
Hollington Street
Hollow Glen
Hollow Trail Gate
Hollowbrook Drive
Holly Acres Road
Holly Lane
Holly Ridge
Hollybrook Crescent
Holmes Crescent
Holmwood Avenue
Holt Crescent
Holtz Spa
Holy Cross Parish
Holy Cross School
Holy Family Mausoleum
Holy Family School
Holy Korean Martyrs Parish
Holy Redeemer Roman Catholic Parish
Holy Redeemer School
Holy Spirit Catholic Church
Holy Spirit School
Holy Trinity Bukovynian Orthodox Chapel
Holy Trinity Catholic High School
Holy Voice
Home Children
Home Day Care
Home Depot
Home Hardware
Home is Where the Heart Is
Homeless Jesus
Homestay Greenboro
Homestead Street
Hometown Sports Grill
Homewood Suites by Hilton Ottawa Airport
Homewood Suites Ottawa Downtown
Hon Thomas Ahearn P.C.
Honey Gables
Honey Gables Drive
Honeysuckle Private
Honeywell Avenue
Honeywood Court
Honfleur Street
Hong Kong Chinese Food
Hong Kong Express
Hong's Cafe
Hooper Street
Hop 'N Vine
Hope Drive
Hope Side Road
Hopetown Street
Hopewell Avenue
Hopewell Avenue Public School (HOPE)
Hopkins Road
Hopkinton Street
Horace Court
Horizon-Jeunesse Catholic Elementary School (701688)
Hornchurch Lane
Horner Drive
Horsdal Private
Horseshoe Crescent
Horseshoe Pitch
Horton Street
Hoskins Crescent
Hospital Link Multi Use Pathway
Hospital Link MUP
Hospital Link MUP (future 2018)
Hospital Link Road
Hospital Link Road (http://ottawa.ca/en/city-hall/planning-and-development/alta-vista-hospital-link)
Hospital Link Road (http://ottawa.ca/en/city-hall/planning-and-development/transforming-ottawa/alta-vista-hospital-link-project-overview)
Host Indian Cuisine
Hostyle Conditioning

hot dog stand

Hot Springs Way
Hótel Deschênes
Hotspot Mobile Repairs
Houlahan Street
Houle Sports
House of Barons
House of Barons Barbers
House of Canvas
House of Georgie
House of Grace for All Nations
House of Greek
House of Lasagna
House of Pizza
House of Pizza Plus
House of TARG
House of the Great Blue Heron
Houston avenue bar & grill
Houston Crescent
Howard Court
Howard's Pawn Shop
Howden Avenue
Howe Street
Howick Place
Howick Street
Howland Avenue
Howlett Street
Hoylake Crescent
HS Auto Repair


Hu Tieu Mi Gia
Hubbard Crescent
Hudson Avenue
Huismans Road
Hull Adult Education Centre
Hull Nissan
Hulse Playfair & Mcgarry
Human Care
Human Computer Interaction Building
Humber Place
Humble & Harris
Hume Street
Hummingbird Crescent
Humphrey Plaza
Humphrey Way
Hung Fatt Chinese Food
Hung Mein
Hung Sum Restaurant
Hungarian Monument
Hungerford Gate
Hunt Club Estates
Hunt Club Flats
Hunt Club Phase II
Hunt Club Place
Hunt Club Private
Hunt Club Road
Hunt Club Road (32)
Huntcliff Place
Huntclub Flooring
Hunter's Glen Crescent
Hunter's Point Crescent
Hunter's Pointe
Hunter's Public House
Hunter's Run Drive
Hunter's Run Gate
Hunterbrook Street North
Huntersfield Drive
Hunterswood Crescent
Huntingdale Court
Huntingdon Court
Huntings End Avenue
Huntley Avenue
Huntley Road (5)
Huntmar Drive
Huntmaster Lane
Huntridge Private
Huntsman Crescent
Huntsman Park Ice Rink
Huntsville Drive
Huntview Estates Condo
Huntview Private
Huntwood Court
Huong's Vietnamese Bistro
Hurdman Road
Hurley's Grill
Huron Avenue North
Huron Avenue South
Huron trail
Hutcheon Avenue
Hutchison Avenue
Hutton Avenue
HWY Shawarma and Pies
Hyannis Avenue
Hybrid Pharm
Hyde Park Way
Hyde Street
Hydro King
Hydro Ottawa
Hydro Ottawa Maple Grove Operations Centre
Hydro Road
Hydrobase Ottawa / Gatineau
Hylands Golf Course
Hyssop Street
Hôpital de Gatineau
Hôpital de Hull
Hôpital Montfort (Montfort Hospital)
Hôtel Clarion
Hôtel de Ville de Gatineau
Hôtel V

I & N Auto Repair

i Cook Persian Cuisine

I love Kickboxing
I See Optometry
I Shall Travel
I-Med Cannabis
Ian G. Scott Courtroom
IBA Lac Deschênes-Ottawa River
Iber Road
Iberica Travel
Iberville Street
IBI Tech Solutions
Ichiban Bakery
Iconic Cafe

iCook Pho You

I.D.A. Bell Pharmacy
I.D.A. Pleasant Park pharmacy
Ida Rocheleau Place
Ida Street
Ideal Coffee
Ideal Village Co-op
Idlewild Private
Iglesia Ni Cristo
Ikonic Phone Repairs
Il Forno Tuscano
Il Negozio Italian food
Il Negozio Nicastro
Il Paradiso Spa
Il Primo
Il Vagabondo Ristorante
Il Vicolo
Ilkley Crescent
Illinois Avenue
Imad Barber Shop
Images on Bank
Imagination Station Childrens' Learning Centre
Imagination Station Preschool
Imagination Station Preschool and Toddler Daycare
Imagine Cinemas
Iman Ali (As) Masjid
Imilio's Pizzeria
Immaculata High School
Immaculate Heart of Mary Roman Catholic Church
Impact Auto Body
Impala Crescent
Impasse Berthe-Morisot
Impasse Charles-Chénier
Impasse Coco-Jarry
Impasse d'Aiguebelle
Impasse d'Anticosti
Impasse de Boussac
Impasse de Brest
Impasse de l'Acajou
Impasse de l'Aiglon
Impasse de l'Esplanade
Impasse de l'Excursion
Impasse de l'Oiselet
Impasse de la Bastide
Impasse de la Butte
Impasse de la Calcite
Impasse de la Chanterelle
Impasse de La Costa
Impasse de la Côte-d'Or
Impasse de la Descente
Impasse de la Gare-Talon
Impasse de la Licorne
Impasse de la Pommeraie
Impasse de la Roseraie
Impasse de la Silice
Impasse de la Victorienne
Impasse de Lorraine
Impasse de Mérignac
Impasse de Moulis
Impasse de Vérone
Impasse des Abysses
Impasse des Broussailles
Impasse des Conifères
Impasse des Cornouillers
Impasse des Fauvettes
Impasse des Iris
Impasse des Lilas
Impasse des Régates
Impasse des Roitelets
Impasse des Vents
Impasse Donat-Dagenais
Impasse du Brouillard
Impasse du Cadet
Impasse du Canotage
Impasse du Catamaran
Impasse du Chardonnay
Impasse du Courant
Impasse du Cyclone
Impasse du Kayak
Impasse du Marais
Impasse du Pampéro
Impasse du Paysage
Impasse du Quai
Impasse du Rameur
Impasse du Saros
Impasse du Sillon
Impasse du Solano
Impasse Emerson
Impasse Hercule
Impasse Hubert-Bergeron
Impasse Jean-Duceppe
Impasse John-Roney
Impasse Lady-Colborne
Impasse Lionel-Limoges
Impasse Marcel-Richard
Impasse Oscar-Goulet
Impasse Paul-Bourget
Impasse Paul-David
Impasse Roger-Parizeau
Impasse Serge-Garant
Impasse Simon-Hill
Impasse Vaillant
Impasse Vladislav-Ehlers
Imperial Auto
Imperial Avenue
Imperial Barber Shop
Imperial Barbershop
Imperial Building
Impressive Landscape
In Context
In The Air - The Knife Throwing Guild
In-Style Auto
Incredible home
Indcum Road
India Cafe
India Curry and Kebab House
India Palace
Indian Boutique & Dress Making
Indian Curry House
Indian express
Indian Punjabi Clay Oven
Indian Road
Indica Street
Indicator 03
Indigo Street
Industrial Avenue (30)
Industrial Avenue (RR-30)
Industrial Cleaning Supplies
Infinity Flooring
Infusion Private
Inge Crescent
Ingersoll Crescent
Inglewood Place
Ingram Crescent
Initial Auto & Accessories
Ink Plus
Inkster Street
Inky Design and Print
Inlet Private
Inner Beauty
Innercity Fast Auto Sales
Innes Park Complex
Innes Park Way
Innes Road
Innes Road (30)
Innes Road Golfland
Innesbrook Court
Innovation Drive
Innovation Skateboard Park (35299)
Innswood Drive
Inovo Medical
Insmill Crescent
Interdependencies #2
International Beauty Depot
International Cheese & Deli
International News
Interstate All Battery Center
Inuvik Crescent
Inverary Drive
Inverkip Avenue
Inverness Avenue
Inverness Park Ice Rink
Invisible Cinema
Inwood Drive
Iona Street


Ipswich Terrace
Ira Morgan Way
Irene Crescent
Irene Place

iRepair Pro

Iris Street
Irish Rose Crescent
Irma Private
Iron North Studio
Ironside Court
Ironstone Court
Iroquois Road
Irving Avenue
Irving Greenberg Theatre Centre
Irving Rivers
Irwin Gate
Irwin Miller Street
Isabella Pizzeria
Isabella Street
Isabelle Mode
Isbister Avenue
Isidore Street
Islam Care Center
Islam Care Centre
Islamic Shia Ithna Asheri Asociation of Ottawa
Island Creek Private
Island Flava
Island Grill
Island Lodge Road
Island Park Crescent
Island Park Drive
Island Park Estates
Island Park Mews
Island View Drive
Islay Private
Ismaili Imamat building
Ismaili Jamat Khana
Issam Private
Istanbouli Shawarma House

iTan Studios

Iva Street
Ivan's Meat and Deli
Ivanhoe Avenue
Ivany Way
Iveson Drive
Ivy Crescent
Ivy Green Way
Ivylea Street
Izakaya Shingen

J & J Wines
J. A. Dulude Arena
J. D. Adam
J. H. Putman Public School (JHPU)
J N Pizza
J N Sports Bar
J&M Desa Expert
J'Adore Beauty Bar
J.A. Laporte Flowers & Nursery
Jabbany Salon
Jack Aaron Drive
Jack Astor's
Jack Charron Arena (Kanata)
Jack Donohue Public School (JDON)
Jack Pine Crescent
Jack Pine Trail
Jack Purcell Dog Park
Jack Purcell Lane
Jack Purcell Park Ice Rink
Jackman Terrace
Jackson Avenue
Jackson Court
Jackson Stitt Circle
Jacob Motors
Jacqueline Crescent
Jade Lane
Jade Yi's Kitchen
Jadeland Restaurant
Jado Barbershop
Jaguar Private
Jalna Court
Jambo Restaurant
James Cummings Avenue
James Fletcher
James Fletcher (1852-1908)
James Lewis Avenue
James Long Court
James Naismith Drive
James Street
Jami Omar
Jamie Avenue
Jamieson Street
Jamison Avenue
Jana Fox Facials
Janet Way
Janex Automotive
Janine Adamyk
Janka Private
Jansen Road
Japanese Village Steak House
Jardin des Cascades
Jardin Private
Jardins Chartrands
Jardins McConnell
Jarlan Terrace
Jars Mode
Jarvis Drive
Jask salon & Spa
Jasmine Court
Jasmine Crescent
Jason Drive
Jasper Avenue
Jatoba Private
Java Street
Javad's Auto Repair
Jay Avenue
Jay Street
Jay's Pizza & Poutine
Jays Care Field (33125)
JC Levesque Trucking
JCC Pool
Je veux la lune
Jean Coutu
Jean Coutu Post Office
Jean Park Road
Jean-Jacques-Lussier Private
Jean-Paul II Catholic Elementary School (156159)
Jean-Robert-Gauthier Catholic Elementary School (705136)
Jean-Talon Street
Jeanne D'arc Village
Jeanne-d'Arc Boulevard North
Jeanne-d'Arc Boulevard South
Jeanne-Mance Street
Jeanne-Sauvé Public Elementary School
Jeanneville Private
Jefferson Street
Jeffrey Avenue
Jehovah's Witnesses Kingdom Hall Complex
Jemruss Private
Jenkins Hardwood Flooring
Jennifer Lane
Jennifer McGahan Interiors
Jenny Private
Jenscott Private
Jeremiah Kealey Street
Jeremiah Place
Jérémie J. Audette Splash Pad - Portobello Park (36263)
Jerome Jodoin Drive
Jerrilynn Crescent
Jersey Street
Jersey Tea Circle
Jessica Private
Jester Court
Jim Durrell Recreation Centre
Jim Licari Automotive
Jim Tubman Chevrolet
Jimmy the Greek
Jimmy The Greek
Jimmy the Greek
J.M. Walkley Dining Lounge
Jo Jo’s Pizza
Jo-Jo's Pizzeria
Joan Of Arc Academy
Joan Street
Joanne Avenue
Jobin Crescent
Jockvale Elementary School (JOCK)
Jockvale Road
Jodi Court
Joe Fresh
Joe Mamma Cycles
Joe's Barber Shop
Joe's Fish Market
Joe's Pizza
Joe's pizza & subs
Joe's Sport Barber Shop
JOEY Lansdowne
JOEY Rideau
Joeys Urban
Joffre-Bélanger Way
Johannes Street
John Fluevog
John G. Diefenbaker Building
John George Diefenbaker
John Juan
John McCrae Secondary School (MCRA)
John Paul II Catholic School Park
John Quinn Road
John Sidney Crescent
John Street
John Sutherland Drive
John Young Elementary School (JOHN)
John's Diner
Johnny Canuck's
Johnny Farina Restaurant
Johnny Leroux Stittsville Community Arena
Johnny Razor Barbershop
Johnston Drive
Johnston Road
Johnwoods Street
Jojo's Pizzeria
Joliffe Street
Jolley Cut Way
Jolliet Avenue
Jonathan Pack Street
Jonny Canuck's
Jonny Canucks
Jonquille Way
Jopet Automotive
José de San Martín
Joseph Circle
Joseph Cyr Street
Joseph Drouin Avenue
Joseph Tailoring
Joseph's Beauty Salon
Joshua Street
Journeyman Street
Joy Creations
Joyce Crescent
JP's Fries
J.T.'s Military Surplus
Juanita Snelgrove Park Ice Rink
Jubilee Apostolic United Pentecostal Church
Jubilee Townhomes
Judge Street
Judy Laughton
Judy Nails
Jugo Juice
Juice Monkey
Jules Leger Pathway
Jules-Léger Drive
Julian Avenue
Julian of Norwich Anglican Church
Juliana Road
Julie-Payette Public Elementary School
Juliette Avenue
Juluca's Bistro Cafe
Jumbo Restaurant
Jump Street
Junction Avenue
June Court
June Grass Street
Juneberry Lane
Juniper Court
Juniper Street
Juno Avenue
Jus Boost
Just Food Farm
Just Wok
Justice Annex
Justin Avenue
JV Studios

K Beauty Bar
K Hair Lounge
K&R Auto Body Shop
K2 Martial Arts
Ka Familia
Kabul Food Market
Kadeer Way
Kahenaat Beauty Salon
Kakulu Road
Kal Tire
Kal's Auto Service
Kaladar Avenue
Kaladar Business Centre
Kaladar Park Ice Rink
Kalbrook Street
Kalmeo 1
Kalmeo 2
Kal’s Pizza
Kama Place
Kamloops Avenue
Kamouraska Circle
Kanata Academy
Kanata Avenue
Kanata Baptist Church
Kanata Cleaners
Kanata Collision
Kanata Commons Private
Kanata Community Christian Reformed Church
Kanata Electronics
Kanata Ford
Kanata Golf Club
Kanata Highlands Public School (NKNS)
Kanata Housing Co-op
Kanata Montessori School
Kanata Music Acadamy
Kanata Nail Studio
Kanata Noodle House
Kanata Opticians
Kanata Rockeries Private
Kanata Sailing Club
Kanata Sushi
Kanata United Church
Kane Terrace
Kanellos Consulting
Karara the Indian Takeout
Karara: The Indian Takeout
Karen Way
Karendale Street
Karib Auto Centre
Karsh Drive
Karson Konstruction
Karters' Korner Go Karts & Mini Golf
Karters' Korner Mini Golf
Karuna Cafe
Karuna Natural Wears
Kasbah Village Moroccan Cuisine
Kat & Kraken
Kathleen Crescent
Katimavik Elementary School (KATI)
Katimavik Outdoor Pool
Katimavik Road
Katnick Way
Kavanaugh Garage
Kay Street
Kayburn Avenue
Kaymar Drive
Kearnsley Way
Keats Avenue
Kedgewick Court
Keefer Street
Keenan Avenue
Keewatin Crescent
Kehillat Beth Israel Congregation
Kehoe Street
Keighley Circle
Keith & Le Dry Cleaning Plant
Keith Crescent
Kelco Car Care
Kelden Crescent
Kelly Avenue
Kelly Farm Drive
Kelly Funeral Home
Kelly Marie Drive
Kelly's Barber & Beauty
Kelly's Boutique
Kelowna Street
Kelsey Street
Kelso Private
Keltie Private
Kelvin Crescent
Kemp Drive
Kemp Park
Kemp Woodlands
Kemplane Court
Kempster Avenue
Kempton Private
Ken Steele Court
Kenaston Street
Kendall Avenue
Kender Avenue
Kendron Lane
Kenilworth Street
Kenins Crescent
Kenmare Place
Kennacraig Private
Kennedy Lane East
Kennedy Lane West
Kennevale Drive
Keno Way
Kenora Street
Kensington Avenue
Kenson Park
Kent Massage
Kent Street
Kent Towers
Kentmare Crescent
Kenton Avenue
Kentsdale Drive
Kentucky Lane
Kenwood Avenue
Kenzie Street
Keppler Crescent
Kerr Avenue
Kerria Walk
Kerry Crescent
Kesler Avenue
Kessel Run
Kestrel Street
Keswick Drive
Kettering Private
Kettleby Street
Kettleman's Bagel
Kettleman's Bagel Co.
Kettlewell Way
Kevin Avenue
Kevin Crescent
Kevin's Auto Care
Keyrock Drive
Keys Way
Keystone Court
Keyworth Avenue
KFC / Taco Bell
KFC/Taco Bell
KFC;Taco Bell
Khalil Barbershop
Khamsin Street
Khao Thai
Khao Yum
Khymer Court
Kiddie Kobbler
Kiddy Town Warehouse
Kidgrove Garden
Kids & Company
Kids Kingdom
Kidus Gabriel Eritrean Orthodox
Kiki Lebanese Pineview Pizza
Kiko Sushi Bar
Kilbarron Road
Kilbarry Crescent
Kilbirnie Drive
Kilbirnie Park Ice Rink
Kilbirnie to Damselfly Path
Kilborn Avenue
Kilborn Pharmacy
Kilborn Place
Kilby Lane
Kildare House
Kildonan Avenue
Kilkenny Place
Killarney Drive
Killdeer Bay
Killeen Avenue
Killymoon Way
Kilmar Crescent
Kilmarnock Way
Kilmory Crescent
Kilrae Street
Kilreen Lane
Kilspindie Ridge
Kilt Court
Kim Thanh
Kim`z Salon
Kimball Court
Kimberley Road
Kimberley Wilson Bridal
Kimberly Opical
Kimberwick Crescent
Kimbolton Crescent
Kimdale Street
Kimini Drive
Kimito Private
Kimmins Court
Kimpton Drive
Kimway Crescent
Kinalea Crescent
Kincaid Court
Kincardine Drive
Kindersley Avenue
Kindle Court
Kindred Shop and Studio
Kinetic Clock
Kinetic Way
King Arthur Street
King Edward Avenue
King George Street
King Kabab & Shawarma
King Mountain Trail
King Shawarma
King's Creek Lane
King's Palace
Kingbird Court
Kingbrook Drive
Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses
Kingfisher Crescent
Kinghaven Crescent
Kinghorn Crescent
Kinglet Way
Kings Grove Crescent
Kings Landing Private
Kingsbridge Private
Kingsbury Avenue
Kingscourt Lane
Kingsdale Avenue
Kingsford Court
Kingsford Crescent
Kingsland Private
Kingsley Road
Kingsmere Avenue
Kingsmill Street
Kingston Avenue
Kingsview Lane
Kingsview Park
Kingsway Golf and Country Club
Kingswell Street
Kingwood Lane
Kinloch Court
Kinmount Private
Kinnear Street
Kinross Private
Kinsella Park Ice Rink
Kinsmen Baseball Diamond (33182)
Kintail Court
Kintyre Private
Kinzua Road
Kiowa Private
Kipling Street
Kipp Street
Kippen Place
Kippewa Drive
Kirby Road
Kirchoffer Avenue
Kirena Esthetique
Kirkland Private
Kirkpatrick Court
Kirkstall Avenue
Kirkstone Private
Kirkwood Avenue
Kitchen Craft Cabinetry
Kitchen Interiors.ca


Kitchener Avenue
Kitchens & Bathrooms First
Kitchens by Design
Kitchissippi United Church
Kitimat Crescent
Kitoman Crescent
Kitsilano Court
Kittansett Court
Kittiwake Drive
Kiwanis Court
Klein Court
Klipperz Barber Shop
Klondike Road
Kluane Ridge
Kneaded Touch Massage Therapy
Knights Drive
Knightsbridge Road
Knockaderry Crescent
Knoll Terrace
Knollsbrook Drive
Knotridge Street
Knott Crescent
Knotwood Court
Knowlton Drive
Knox Crescent
Knox Presbyterian Church
Knox United Church
Knoxdale Public School (KNOX)
Knoxdale Road
Knudson Drive
Kobold's Corner
Kochar Drive
Kochin Kitchen

kochu sushi and korean food

Kodiak Street
Koffman Court
Kohilo Crescent
Koichi Ramen
Kokanee Gate
Kolab Hair Project
Kollbec Gatineau Chrysler Jeep
Kona Lane
Kool Runnings
Korean Cultural Centre
Korean House
Korean Palace
Koreana Restaurant
Kothu Rotti
Koyman Galleries
Kozy Nest Restaurant
Kristin Way
Kristy's Restaurant
Krown Rust Protection Centre
KS on the Keys
Kuhring Street
Kuidaore Izakaya
Kungfu Bistro
KVR Performance
Kwakiutl Totem
Kwakwaka'wakw Totem Pole
Kyle Avenue
Kyoto Sushi

L&Z Pizza et Kebab
L'Alternative Public High School
L'Ange Cafe & Mustard Shop
L'Ecole Guiges and Regulation 17
L'Enclave Montfort
L'Odyssée Public Elementary School
L'Oncle Ho
L'Écologie du Marais
L'Étoile-de-l'Est Catholic Elementary School (865648)
La Balade des Douceurs
La belle et le boeuf
La Belle Poutine
La biodiversité du marais
La Bocca Juice
La boite à grains
La Bonita
La Boutique
La Brioche
La Brochette
La Cabaña
La Catrina
La Chapelle Street
La Cigale
La Cite Private
La Cocina
La Colombe Pharmacy
La Coupe Courante
La Crémière
La Creppa Restaurant
La Cucina
La Découverte Catholic Elementary School (705390)
La Dolce Vita
La Favorita
La Kabane
La maison Acadienne
La Maison du Kouign-Amann
La Maison Szechuan
La Mode
La Mode du Dollar et Plus
La Montagne Connector
La Noodle
La Nouvelle Scène
La p'tite épicerie
L.A. Pai Gallery
La Pataterie Hulloise
La Pergola
La Piazza Courtyard & Lounge
La Porto A Casa

la prep

La Roma Restaurant
La Rotande
La Source
La Source Individualized Instruction Catholic Elementary School (703753)
La Sporthèque de Hull
La Strada
La Tanqueria Bonita
La tombe de Philemon Wright
La Trappe à Fromage
La Vérendrye Catholic Elementary School (725536)
La Vérendrye Drive
La Vie En Rose Entrepôt
Labelle Street
Labrador Crescent
Labrie Avenue
Lacasse Avenue
Lacewood Court
Lacolle Way
Lacombe Drive
Lacroix Avenue
Lacroix Source for Sports
Lacroix Sports
Ladane Computer
Laderoute Avenue
Ladouceur Street
Lady Ellen Place
Lady Evelyn Alternative School (LEVE)
Lady Grey Drive
Ladybirds Crescent
Lafarge Canada
Lafayette Private
Lafontaine Avenue
Laframboise Place
Lafrance Drive
Laguna Street
Lai Lai Chinese Restaurant
Lajoie Street
Lake Forest Walk
Lake Trail Road
Lakebreeze Circle
Lakehurst Road
Lakepointe Drive
Lakeridge Drive
Lakes Park Drive
Lakeshore Drive
Lakeside Avenue
Lakeview Park Ice Rink
Lakeview Public School (LAKE)
Lakeview Terrace
Lakeway Drive
Lakewood Trails
Lalande Terrace
Lalemant Street
Lambert Drive
Lambeth Walk
Lambton Avenue
Lamees Pizza
Laming Street
Lamira Street
Lamoureux Catholic Elementary School - Individualized Instruction (725633)
Lamoureux Drive
Lamplighters Drive
Lampman Crescent
Lamprey Street
Lanark Avenue
Lancaster Auto Centre
Lancaster Auto Sales
Lancaster Road
Lanceleaf Way
Lancelot Drive
Lancer Avenue
Landmark Cinemas 24 Kanata
Landover Crescent
Landry Street
Landstar Automotive
Landswood Way
Lang's Road
Langelier Avenue
Langevin Avenue
Langford Crescent
Langholm Crescent
Langlois Sound
Langrell Crescent
Langstrom Crescent
Lanigan Crescent
Lansdowne Playground
Lansdowne Road North
Lansdowne Road South
Lansdowne Skateboard Park (35120)
Lansfield Way
Lanthier Drive
Lao Village Co-op
Laperriere Avenue
Lapointe Fish Warehouse
Lapointe Seafood Grill & Sushi
Lapointe Street
Lapointe's Seafood Grill
Laporte Street
Laramie Crescent
Larcastle Circle
Larch Crescent
Larch Street
Larchwood Avenue
Largo Crescent
Larimar Circle
Larivière Crescent
Lark Lane
Larkhaven Crescent
Larkin Drive
Larkin Street
Larkshire Lane
Larkspur Drive
Larmond Avenue
Laroche Park Ice Rink
Larose Avenue
Larouche Street
Larsen Court
Larue Mills Place
Lasalle Street
Laser la Candela
Laser Street
Lashes & Nails
Lassiter Terrace
Latchford Road
Lathe Drive
Latour Crescent
Lats Private
Lauder Drive
Laughlin Circle
Laumann Court
Launay Avenue
Laundry Majestic
Laura Private
Lauraleaf Crescent
Laurel Hair Studio
Laurel Street
Laurel Street East
Laurel Valley Court
Laurelwood Place
Laurence Avenue
Laurentian House
Laurentian Place
Laurentian Place East
Laurentide Road
Laurie Court
Laurie Lane
Laurie's Auto Body
Laurier Avenue East
Laurier Avenue West
Laurier Coffee & Bakery
Laurier Computers
Laurier Guest House
Laurier House
Laurier Office Mart
Laurier Optical
Laurier-Carrière Catholic Elementary School (734314)
Laurin Crescent
Laurin Monuments
Lauzon Street
Lava Java
Laval Street
Lavergne Street
Laverie St-Charles Laundromat
Laverock Bay
Lavigne Court
Lavina Crescent
Lavoie Street
Lavonne Court
Lawler Crescent
Lawn Avenue
Lawn Bowling
Lawnsberry Drive
Lawrence Freiman Lane
Lawson Avenue
Laxford Drive
Laxton Crescent
Laysieng Couturier
Lazard Street
Laziza Pizza
Lazy Nol Court
LCI Ottawa Medi Spa
Le Bac a Frites
Le Bac Tacos
Le BBQ Shop
Le Buffet des continents
Le Café
Le Café Méditerranéen
Le Carrefour Adult School
Le Casablanca
Le Centre de préservation de Bibliothèque et Archives Canada
Le coin du capitaine
Le Creuset
Le design floral
Le Forum
Le foubrac
Le Germain Hotel Ottawa
Le Grenier
Le M&R
Le Magasin Général
Le Marais
Le Marché du Store
Le Matinal
Le Mien Craft Noodle
Le Moulin
Le Moulin De Provence
Le Moulin de Provence
Le Palais Libanais
Le Parc des Pins
Le Petit Chicago
Le Petit Salon
Le Phare Elementary School (PHAR)
Le Prélude Public Elementary School
Le Pub Chelsea
Le Pub Du Bon Vivant
Le Pêle-Mêle resto/bar sportif
Le Quick Pick
Le Ravin Bleu
Le Resto
Le Roi Pastry & Bakery
Le Ruisseau Circle
Le Snack Attack
Le Spot
Le Stena sur Notre-Dame
Le Style
Le Trillium Public Elementary School
Le Troquet
Le's Jewellery
Leacock Drive
Leacock Lane
Leacross Private
Leamington Way
Leanne Street
Leaside Avenue
Leather & Luggage
Leather Leaf Terrace
Leatherwood Crescent
Leaver Avenue
Lebanese Palace
Lebanese Village Bakery
Leblanc Drive
Leblond Street
LeBoutillier Avenue
Lebreton Flats
Lebreton Street North
Lebreton Street South
Lebrun Street
Lecanto Terrace
Leckie Private
Leclair Crescent
Leclair Decor
Ledbury Avenue
Ledbury Park Ice Rink
Leduc Crescent
Lee Ga
Lee Matasi Gallery
Leeming Drive
Lees Avenue
Lees Campus, University of Ottawa
Lees Greek and Pizza
Lees Market
Leetom Crescent
Leeward Street
Lefebvre Way
Legacy Road
Legacy Skateboard Park (28016)
Legault Street
Legends Barber Shop
Legget Avenue
Legget Drive
Legrand Crescent
Leigh Crescent
Leighton Terrace
Leikin Drive
Leimerk Court
Leisure Days
Leita Place
Leitrim Detachment Ottawa Police Services
Leitrim Montessori Preschool
Leitrim Road
Leitrim Road (14)
Leitrim Wetland
Lejeune Drive
Lemay Crescent
Lemieux Street
Lemoine Street
Lemon Grass
Lemon Grass Thai
Len Lunney Crescent
Lena Avenue
Lenester Avenue
Lennon Drive
Lennox Park Avenue
Lenore Place
Lentini Way
Leon Katz Public Tennis Courts (3787)
Leona Avenue
Léonard Avenue
Leone's Service Centre
Leopolds Drive
Lepage Avenue
Lerner Way
Lerta Way
Les Brasseurs du Temps
Les Centres jeunesse de l'Outaouais
Les Chevaliers de Colomb du Québec
Les Flavoureux
Les Grillades
Les Jardins des Montfort
Les Jardins des Peres-Blancs
Les Jardins Radisson
Les Moulins La Fayette
Les Saisons Café
Les Suites
Les Suites Hotel
Les Suites Victoria
Les Éditions du Vermillon
Leslie Avenue
Leslie Park Public School (LESP)
Lest We Forget The Wilderness
Lester B. Pearson Catholic High School
Lester Bowles Pearson
Lester Road
Letchworth Road
Letourneau Street
Lett Street
Levac Drive
Levadia Avenue
Leveche Way
Level One
Level Six
Leverton Road
Levesque Rolland & Fils
Lévis Avenue
Levy Private
Lewer Street
Lewis Street
Lewiston Avenue
Lexington Smokehouse & Bar
Lexington Street
Lexus Resto Bar
Leyland Private
Li's Fusion
Liam Maguires
Liard Street
Liberty Way
Libnan Bakery
Libnan Bakery & Shawarma
Libra Street
Librairie Du Soleil
Librarie Réflexion
Library and Archives Canada
Library of Parliament
Library Road
Lichen Avenue
Lieutenant Colonel John By
Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae Monument
Lieutenant's Pump
Life in The Spirit Fellowship
Life of Pie
Life Sciences Research Building
Lifecentre Kanata
Lifesaving Society
Lift Lane
LIFT Resto Lounge
Light of India Restaurant
Lightfoot Place
Ligne Roset
Lil Negril
Lilac Lane
Lilac Nails & Spa
Lilas Private
Lili Pies
Lilibet Crescent
Lilith Street
Lillico Drive
Lilly Jewellery
Lily Lane
Lily Pond Street
Lim Bangkok Grocery
Lima Way
Lime Kiln Trail
Limebank Road
Limnos Lane
Linaria Walk
Lincoln Avenue
Lincoln Heights Road
Linda Thom Gold Medal
Lindbergh Private
Linden Terrace
Linden Walk
Lindenlea Road
Lindenlea Tennis Club (3758)
Lindenpark Private
Lindenshade Drive
Lindhurst Crescent
Lindsay Street
Lindt Chocolate Shop
Lineage Art
Lino's on York
Linton Park
Linton Road
Lionel Private
Lipizzaner Street
Lipstan Avenue
Liquid Impact Tattoos
Liquor Store Party Bar
Lisa Ann Desserts
Lisa Avenue
Lisa Beauty Salon
Lisbon Street
Lisgar Collegiate Institute (LISG)
Lisgar Road
Lisgar Street
Liska Street
Lismer Crescent
ListenUp! Canada
Liston Crescent
Little Acorn Early Learning Centre
Little Caesar's
Little Caesars
Little Deer Walk
Little Dry Creek Place
Little Garden Restaurant
Little India Cafe
Little Jo Berry's Bakery
Little Latin America
Little London Private
Little Mac's
Little Munchkins Daycare
Little Pickles & Poppets
Little Ray's Reptile Zoo
Little Road
Little Scholars
Little Scholars Montessori
Little Turkish Village
Little Victories Coffee
Littlerock Street
Littlewood Court
Liu's Cuisine
LIV towns at Monahan Landing
LIVE! on Elgin
Liveoak Crescent
Liverpool Court
Livery Street
Living Colour Tattoo
Living Lighting
Living Praise Ministries
Livingstone Avenue
Livorno Court
Lloyd Graham Avenue
Lloyd Street
Lloydalex Crescent
Loasa Lane
Lobelia Way
Loblaw warehouse
Loblaws Pharmacy
Local Heroes
Local Public Eatery
Loch Isle Road
Lochaber Avenue
Locheland Crescent
Lochhouse Walk
Lochnaw Private
Lockhart Avenue
Lockhart Avenue North
Lockhart Estates
Lockhaven Private
Lockmaster Crescent
Lockmaster's House
Locksley Lane
Lockview Road


Locust Ridge
Lodge Road
Loeb Building
Loeper Street
Loft Salon
Loft Urban Salon
Lofts at Tribeca
Log bench
Log Farm
Logan Avenue
Logperch Circle
Logs End
Loire Drive
Lois Avenue
Lois N' Frema's
Lois N' Frima's
Lokoya Street
Lola Barber Shop
Lola Street
Lola's Confectionery
Lombardo Drive
London Arms
London Terrace
Lone Meadow Trail
Lone Star
Lone Star Ranch
Lone Star Texas Grill
Loney Crescent
Long & McQuade
Long & McQuade Musical Instruments
Long Acres Street
Long Bow Gate
Long Gate Court
Long Island Aquatic Club
Long Island Road
Long Long Noodles
Long Meadow Way
Long Park Tennis Club (27027)
Long Point Circle
Long Tall Sally
Longboat Court
Longden Place
Longfeilds Stn 2A Access Ramp
Longfields Drive
Longfields Pharmacy
Longfields Skateboard Park (28015)
Longfields Stn 1A Access Ramp
Longfields-Davidson Heights Secondary School (LDHS)
Longhearth Way
Longleaf Drive
Longman Crescent
Longpré Street
Longshadow Street
Longshire Circle
Longwater Street
Longwood Avenue
Lonsdale Road
Look Beyond
Lookout Drive
Loomis Upholstery
Loon Lane
Loosestrife Way
Lopseed Place
Loranger Court
Lord Aylmer Elementary School
Lord Byng Way
Lord Elgin
Lord Halifax Place
Lord Stanley Cup Monument
Lords Manor Lane
Loreka Court
Lorelli Service Centre Ltd
Lorenzo Bar & Grill
Lorenzo's Pizzeria
Lorenzo's Restaurant
Lorenzos's Pizza
Loretta Avenue North
Loretta Avenue South
Lorne Avenue
Lorne Greene Way
Lorne Murphy Foods
Lorraine Avenue
Lorry Greenberg Drive
Lorusso Hair Salon
Losino Crescent
Lost Marbles!
Lotta Avenue
Lottery Kiosk
Lotus Centre
Lotus Chinese Food
Lotus Court
Lotus Street
Loudmouth Design & Printhouse
Louie's Pizza
Louis Lane
Louis Pizza Express
Louis Saint Laurent Building
Louis St. Laurent
Louis Toscano Drive
Louis-Pasteur Private
Louis-Riel Drive
Louis-Riel Public High School
Louisa St. connector
Louisa Street
Louisa Street West
Louisbourg Crescent
Louise Street
Louiseize Road
Louisiana Avenue
Lounge Panorama
Lourdes Way
Love your Skin
Lovell Lane
Lovitt Road
Lowen Drive
Lower Byron Avenue
Lower Charlotte Street
Lower Saxony Show Stables
Lowertown Brewery
Lowrey Street
Loyal Hill Crescent
Loyal Order of Moose Ottawa Lodge
Loyer Street
Loyola Avenue
Loyola Court
Luc Clearoux
Luc Street
Lucas Nault Hair Studio
Luciano Foods
Lucille Way
Lucinda Crescent
Lucky 7 Take Out
Lucky Dragon
Lucky Dragon Chinese Restaurant
Lucky Fortune Chinese Food
Lucky King Chinese Food
Lucky Panda Fine Chinese
Lucky Star Chinese food
Ludgate Court
Ludgate Crescent
Ludlowe Street
Luesby Crescent
Luke Hart Hall
Lulu Shawarma & Grill
Lumberman Way
Lumen Spas+Sunrooms
Luminescence Way
Luna Spa
Lunenberg Crescent
Lunergans Pub & Eatery
Lunetterie F.Thomé
Luxe Auto Lounge
LUXE Bistro
Luxe Hair & Fashion
Luxe Spa
Luxx Deli Bistro
Lyall Street
Lyan Pharmacy
Lycée Claudel
Lydia Beauty Salon
Lydia Way
Lyman Street
Lynch Street
Lynda Lane
Lyndale Avenue
Lyndale Corner Food Mart
Lyndale Hair Design
Lynhar Road
Lynhaven Crescent
Lynhurst Avenue
Lynn Valley Terrace
Lynn's Tailoring
Lynnwood Gardens
Lynwood Avenue
Lynwood Manor
Lynwood Park Private
Lynwood Tennis Club (27020)
Lynx Crescent
Lyon Street North
Lyon Street South
Lyra Drycleaning
Lysander Place
Lytle Avenue
Lyttleton Garden
L’Orée du Bois

M & D Food Mart
M Fitness
M Line
M&J Tropical
M&M Food Market
M&M Meats
Ma Cuisine
Maass Gate
Maberly Way
Mac Street
Mac's Sushi
Macara Crescent
Macartney Farms Cash&Carry
Macassa Circle
MacDonald Street
MacDonald-Cartier Academy
Macfarlane Avenue
MacFarlane Road
Machon Sarah High School (for girls)
MacKay Lake Estates
MacKay Street
MacKay United Church
Mackay Walk
MacKay Way
Mackenzie Avenue
Mackenzie cycle track
Mackenzie Drive
MacKenzie Estate
Mackenzie King Bridge
Mackenzie King Estate
Mackenzie King Tearoom
Mackenzie-King Estate
Mackinnon Road
MacLaren Street
MacLaren's on Elgin
Maclean Street
Macnabb Place
Macneil Court
MacOdrum Library
Macoun Circle
Macy Boulevard
Mad Radish
Madaket Private
Madawaska Drive
Madden Court
Madelon Drive
Madhu Crescent
Madison Avenue
Madonna Della Risurrezione
Madrid Avenue
Maestro Avenue
Maestro Barbershop
Mafeking Avenue
Magasin Bon Marché
Magic Molecule
Magic Morning Way
Magic Scissors
Magnacharge Battery
Magnolia Street
Magnus Avenue

magpie Jewellery

Magpie Jewelry
Magpie Street
Magwood Avenue
Mahatma Gandhi
Mahogany Harbour Lane
Mai Mai Salon
Mailes Avenue
Main Library
Main St. Pub
Main Street
Main Street Cafe
Main Street Cellar Restaurant & Bar
Main Street Grill & Pizzeria
Main Street Oasis
Maintenance Building
Maison de thé CHA YI
Maison Samorn
Maisonneuve Street
Maitland Avenue
Majestic Cleaners & Laundry
Majestic Drive
Majestic Laundromat & Dry cleaner
Major Road
Major Street
Make Sew Create
Maker House Co.
Makerspace North
Maki Park Ice Rink
Maki Place
Malabar House
Malachigan Crescent
Malahat Way
Malak Pastry
Malak Street
Malartic Avenue
Malcolm Place
Malden Square
Malen Framing
Malenka Originals
Malhotra Court
Malibar Boulevard
Malibu Terrace
Malkowski Street
Mall Information
Mallard Avenue
Malmo Private
Maloja Way
Malone Crescent
Malone's Lakeside Grill
Malvern Child Care
Malvern Drive
Mama Goddess
Mama Rosa Pizzeria
Mamie Clafoutis
Mamma Grazzi's Kitchen
Mamma Teresa
Mammoth Steppe
Man with Two Hats
Man'oushi Charcoal Grill
Managing Red Pine
Manchester Avenue
Manchester Street
Manchu Wok
Mancil Drive
Mancini Way
Mancuso Court
Mandalay Street
Mandaloun Resto Lounge
Mandarin Restaurant
Mandor Crescent
Mandy's Cafe
Mane Image Hair Studio
Manège Militaire de Salaberry
Manège Street
Mango's Shawarma
Mangrove Crescent
Manhattan Crescent
Manitou Drive
Manju Street
Manly Court
Mann Avenue
Mannering Court
Manning Court
Mannington Court
Mano City Pizza
Manoir Blackburn
Manor Avenue
Manor Park Barbour
Manor Park Estates
Manor Park Ice Rink
Manor Park Public School (MPAR)
Manor Village
Manordale Park Ice Rink
Manordale Public School (MAND)
Manorgate Place
Manorhill Private
Manorwood Crescent
Manotick Arena
Manotick Art Gallery
Manotick Curling Center
Manotick Legion - Branch 314
Manotick Main Street (13)
Manotick Montessori
Manotick Natural Market
Manotick Office Pro
Manotick Post Office
Manotick Public School (MATK)
Manotick Remembrance Park
Manotick Ridge Estates
Manotick Skateboard Park (28003)
Manotick Station Road
Manotick Tennis Club (27016)
Manotick United Church
Manse Road
Mansel Crescent
Mansfield Avenue
Mansfield Avenue North
Mansfield Road
Manshu Wok
Manson Deluxe Cleaners
Mantovani 1946
Maple Auto Repair
Maple Avenue
Maple Court
Maple Drive
Maple Grove Road
Maple Key Private
Maple Lane
Maple Lane East
Maple Leaf Souvenirs & Cigars
Maple Park Private
Maple Place
Maple Ridge
Maple Ridge Crescent
Maple Ridge Elementary School (MRID)
Maple Run Avenue
Maple Stand Way
Maple View Crescent
Maple, Beech, White Birch
Maplecrest Avenue
Maplehill Way
Maplehurst Avenue
Maplewood Avenue
Marabrooke Street
Marais de Touraine
Maralisa Street
Marathon NE
Marathon NW
Maravista Drive
Marble Arch Crescent
Marble Canyon
Marble Crescent
Marble Slab
Marble Slab Creamery

marc | kitchen

Marcasite Road
Marcay Street
Marcel Electric
Marcel Street
Marcell Brazlau Top Soil Sand
Marcella Drive
March Academy
March House Spa
March Road
March Road (49)
March Tennis Club (27033)
March Valley Road
Marchand Electrical
Marchand Street
Marchant Drive
Marchbrook Circle
Marche Afrique
Marché Roger Brazeau
Marché Way
Marchwood Hole 1
Marchwood Hole 2
Marchwood Hole 3
Marchwood Hole 4
Marchwood Hole 5
Marchwood Hole 6
Marcie's Cafe
Marco Lane
Marco Street
Marconi Avenue
Marcoux Drive
Marcove Partitions
Mardi Gras
Mardil Court
Marenger Street
Mareth Way
Margrave Avenue
Marguerite Avenue
Maria Goretti Circle
Maricona Way
Marie Antoinette & Co.
Marie Street
Marie-Curie Private
Marie-Curie Public Elementary School
Marie-Rose Turcott
Marielle Court
Marier Avenue
Mariette Street
Marigold Crescent
Marilyn Avenue
Marina Leblanc
Marina Pharmacy
Marinescape Aquarium
Marinoff Way
Mario's Food Centre
Mario's Garage
Marion Avenue
Marion Street
Mariposa Avenue
Mariposa Crescent
Maritime Travel
Maritime Way
Marius-Barbeau Catholic Elementary School (753157)
Marjan Crescent
Marjolaine Street
Mark Avenue
Markdale Terrace
Market Accessories
Market Cleaners
Market Organics
Market Street
Marketplace Avenue
Markham Avenue
Markham Flooring
Markland Crescent
Markwell Crescent
Markwick Crescent
Marlborough Avenue
Marley Crescent
Marlin Private
Marlin Travel
Marlowe Crescent
Marnie Private
Maroma Street
Marquardt Printing
Marquette Avenue
Marquis Avenue
Marrissa Avenue
Marronnier Court
Marsala Crescent
Marsden Place
Marsh lookout
Marsh Sparrow Private
Marsha Park Ice Rink
Marshall Avenue
Marshall Court
Marshes Village
Marshfield Street
Marsilea Place
Marson Street
Mart Circle
Martello Drive
Martha Avenue
Marthou Beauty Salon
Martin Avenue
Martin Luther Church
Martin Trophies
Martingale Court
Martinique Lane
Marwood Court
Mary Anne Drive
Mary Drive
Mary Honeywell Elementary School (MARY)
Mary Jane Crescent
Mary Janes
Marygrove Circle
Maryland Avenue
Maryvale Academy of Ottawa
Masha Allah Boutique
Mashkig Avenue
Masjid Ar-Rahman
Masjid Bilal, Islamic Society of Cumberland
Masjid Taqwa
Maskinongé Crescent
Mason Street
Mason Terrace
Mason-Dixon Kitchen + Bar
Masonbrook Street
Massage in the Market
Massana 1
Massana 2
Massey Lane
Massicotte Brothers
Massicotte Lane
Master Fine Jewelers
Master John
Masters 'n Dogs
MasterZ Studio
Matador Private
Matar Food Centre
Matar Kabob House
Matar Meat Shop
Matheson Road
Mathieu Way
Matnik Spa Therapy
Matt Anthony field
Mattagami Street
Mattamy Place
Mattawa Crescent
Matthews Avenue
Mattice Avenue
Mattingly Way
Mattress City Plus
Mattress Mart
Maud Street
Maureen Lane
Maurice Convenience Store
Maurice Street
Maurice-Lapointe Public Elementary School
Maurya Court
Maverick's Donut
Mavis Street
Max Keeping Bridge
Maxi & Cie
Maxim Hair Design
Maxime Barber Shop
Maxime Street
Maxton Private
Maxwell Bailey Private
Maxwell Bridge Road
Maxwell Road
May Court Bargain Box
May Street
May's Garden Restaurant
Maya Market
Maybank Street
Maybrook Place
Mayfair Avenue
Mayfair Avenue South
Mayfair Park
Mayfair Theatre
Mayfield Street
Mayflower Private
Mayfly Crescent
Mayford Avenue
Mayo Avenue
Mayors Way
Mayrene Crescent
Mayview Avenue
Maywood Street
Mazari Crescent
Mazenod Avenue
Mazon Street
MB Auto
MC Halal Grocery
McAdam Crescent
McAllister Ball Diamond (33010)
McAllister Private
McArthur Avenue
McArthur Medical Centre
Mcarthur Motors
McArthur Tailors & Drycleaners
McBride Street
McBrien Street
McCallum Drive
McCallum Street
McCann Street
McCarney Gate
McCarthy Automotive
McCarthy Park Ice Rink
Mccarthy Road
McClellan Road
McClintock Way
McClintock's Dream
McCloskey road
McClure Crescent
McConville's Garage
McCooey Lane
McCooeye Lane
McCormick Street
McCrank's Cycle
McCuaig Drive
McCurdy Drive
McDermot Court
McDonald's Express
McDonell Crescent
McEachern Crescent
McElroy Drive
McEwen Avenue
McFadden Road
McGarry Terrace
McGee's Inn
McGibbon Drive
McGill Private
McGillivray Street
McGuinty Law
McIntosh Factory Store
McIntosh Place
McIntosh Way
McKellar Avenue
McKellar Park Apartments
McKendry Drive
McKendry Park Ice Rink
McKenna Casey Drive
McKeown Drive
McKeown Farm Road
McKinley Drive
McKitrick Drive
McKoena Law
McLaughlin Crescent
McLean Crescent
McLennan Way
McLeod Optometry
McLeod Street
McMahon Avenue
McManus Avenue
McMartin Street
McMaster Avenue
McMurdo Court
McNabb Park Ice Rink
McNabb Recreation Centre
McNaughton Avenue
McPeake Place
McPhail Memorial Baptist Church
McQuaig Street
McRae Avenue
McRobie Avenue
McWatters Road
MD Charlton
MD Master Auto
Meach Private
Meadgate Gate
Meadow Drive
Meadow Glade Garden
Meadow Lane Road
Meadow Park Place
Meadow's Lunch
Meadowbank Drive
Meadowbreeze Drive
Meadowbrook Road
Meadowcreek Circle
Meadowcroft Crescent
Meadowfield Place
Meadowglen Drive
Meadowhawk Crescent
Meadowhill Crescent
Meadowlands Drive
Meadowlands Drive East
Meadowlands Drive West
Meadowlands Public School (MEAD)
Meadowlark Road
Meadowlilly Road
Meadowmist Court
Meadowshire Way
Meadowvale Lane
Meadowview Crescent
Meaghan Private
Meakin Hill I
Meakin Hill II
Meandering Brook Drive
Meat Press
Meath Street
Meatings Barbecue
MEC Bicycle Workshop
Medford Street
Medhurst Drive
Medical Pharmacies
Medical Pharmacy
Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy
Medina Fried Chicken
Medjo-Da Hair Cutting
Médoc Court
Meech & Munch
Megabite Cafe
Meilleur Private
Mekong Asian Cuisine
Melanie Crescent
Melanie Hair Cutters
Melanie Lyne
Melanson Crescent
Melbourne Avenue
Meldrum Avenue
Melette Crescent
Melfa Circle
Melfa Crescent
Melfort Street
Melgund Avenue
Melllo's Coffee Shop
Mélodie Street
Melrose Avenue
Melrose Avenue South
Melva Avenue
Melville Drive
Melwood Avenue
Memorial Grove
Mendes Collision Centre
Mendes Toyota
Menorca Drive
Menten Place
Meow! That's Hot
Mer Bleu Bog Trail
Mer Bleue Golf
Mer Bleue Miniputt
Mer-Bleue Road
Mercado Latino
Meredith Centre
Merganser Street
Meriam Print
Meridian Place
Merivale Centennial Arena
Merivale Fish and Seafood Grill
Merivale Gardens
Merivale High School (MERI)
Merivale Noodle House
Merivale Road
Merivale United Church
Merkel Drive
Merkley Drive
Merkley Supply
Merkley Supply Ltd.
Merles Lane
Merlin Court
Merlot Way
Mermaid Pools & Hot Tubs
Mermaid Pools and Hot Tubs
Merner Avenue
Merrill Street
Merriman Avenue
Merritt Avenue
Merry Dairy
Merry Marry
Mersey Drive
Merton Street
Mervyn Healey Court
Mésanges Drive
Messor Crescent
Meta Esthétique
Metcalfe Barber Shop
Metcalfe Branch
Metcalfe Curling Club
Metcalfe Golf Course
Metcalfe Holiness Church
Metcalfe Pharmacy
Metcalfe Pizza
Metcalfe Post Office
Metcalfe Public School (METC)
Metcalfe Street
Metcalfe Variety
Metco Petroleum
Meteor Avenue
Metis Voyageur Development Fund
Metric Circle
Metro Automotive
Metro Music
Metropole Private
Metropolitan Bible Church
Metropolitan Restaurant
Metz Court
Metz Crescent
Meubles La Détente
Meunier's Barber Shop
Mexicali Rosa's
Mexigo Cabana
Mezzanotte Bistro Italiano
MF Food Mart
M.F. McHugh Education Centre
MG Law
MGO Auto Repair
MHK Sushi
Mia's Indian Cuisine
Michael Cowpland Drive
Michael Street
Michael Street North
Michaëlle-Jean Public Elementary School
Michaelsem Street
Michel Circle
Michel Riel Private
Michel's Baguette
Michèle Drive
Michele Heights
Michèle Park Ice Rink
Michigan Avenue
Mickelberry Crescent
Micmac Street
Mico Paint
Mid Pines Grove
Mid-East Foods
Midbec Ottawa
Middle Street
Middleton Drive
MidEarth Travel
Midinah Gate
Midland Crescent
Midnight and Neighbourhood
Midnight Private
Midpark Way
Midsummer Terrace
Midway Avenue
Midwood Private
Miele Gallery
Mika Street
Mike Channing Softball Diamond (33184)
Mike's Garden Harvest
Mike's Place
Mikinak Road
Milan Nails
Milano Auto Body
Milano Pizza
Milano Pizzeria
Milano's Pizza
Milbank Lane
Miles Crescent
Milestones Lansdowne
Milk Shop
Mill Hill Road
Mill Street
Mill Street Brew Pub
Millars Sound Way
Millbrook Crescent
Millburn Crescent
Millcraft Crescent
Millcreek Court
Mille Fiore
Millenium Floor Covering
Millennium Blossoms
Millennium Boulevard
Millennium Convenience
Miller's Oven
Millford Avenue
Millgreen Crescent
Millman Court
Millrise Lane
Millroad Way
Millstream Way
Millview Street
Millwood Court
Milne Crescent
Milne Place
Milner Downs Crescent
Milo Mode
Milos Pastry
Milton Road (85)
Mimi's In Manotick
Mimosa Avenue
Mina Lane
Minaki Avenue
MindWare Academy
Mini Confectionary
Mini Golf Gardens
Mini Ottawa
Minnesota's Billiards Pub
Minnetonka Road
Mino Mart
Minogue Crescent
Minoterie Ridge
Minto Field (34252)
Minto Place
Minto Professional and Technical Centre (705373)
Minto Recreation Complex
Minto Skating Centre
Minto Sports Complex
Minuette Place
Minute Storage
Minuteman Pres
Mion Court
Mirabeau Terrace
Miraj Trading
Miramichi Street
Miranda Private
Miriam Avenue
Miro Way
Mishawashkode Street
Miss Gail's Hair Creation
Miss Ottawa Street
Mission Inn Grove
Mission Trail Crescent
Missyabit Drive
Mister Muffler
Misto Find Food Shop & Eatery
Mistral Way
Mistwell Lane
Misty Morning Lane
Mitch Owens Road
Mitch Owens Road (25)
Mitch Owens Road (8)
Mitchell Street
MJM Vacuums
Mlacak Centre
Mobile Snap
Mobile Surgeons
MobileNet Plus
Mobility Lab IFC
Moca Cafe
Moca Loca
Moca Loca Café
Mocha Private
Mockingbird Drive


Moda Hair Design
Moda Maio
Modern Dry Cleaners
Modern Hairstyling
Modern Niagara
Moderno Barber Shop
Moe's BBQ and Smokehouse
Moe's Pizza
Moe's Touch
Moffatt Drive
Moffatt Pond Court
Mohawk Crescent
Mojave Crescent
Molenaar Private
Moloughney Park Ice Rink
Mom Shawarma
Mona Avenue
Mona Reza
Monaco Custom Interiors
Monaco Place
Monardia Way
Moncao Lane
Moncton Road
Mondavi Street
Mondego Terrace
Monet Court
Money Mart
Money Mega Mart
Mongolian Hot Pot
Mongolian Village
Monica Crescent
Monique Avenue
Monk Street
Monkey Around Play & Learn Centre
Monkey Joe's
Monkland Avenue
Monroe Avenue
Monseigneur-Lemieux Avenue
Monsignor Paul Baxter School
Monson Crescent
Monson deluxe cleaners
Mont Liban Bakery & Shawarma
Montagu Place
Montana Way
Montana's Cookhouse & Saloon
Montana's Steakhouse
Montargis Circle
Montauk Private
Montavista Avenue
Montblanc Private
Montcalm Street
Montcerf Court
Montclair Avenue
Montcrest Drive
Montebello Lane
Montée Chauret
Montée Dalton
Montée de la Source (307)
Montée des Cerisiers
Montée des Érables
Montée Gabriane
Montée Juniper
Montée Mineault
Montée Paiement
Montée Saint-Amour
Monteith Street
Montereau Avenue
Monterey Drive
Monterossa Street
Montfort Catholic Elementary School (732397)
Montfort Street
Montgomery Street
Montmère Avenue
Montmorency Way
Montpellier Place
Montréal Road
Montreal Road Pumping Station
Montrésor Way
Montrose Avenue
Montserrat Street
Monument de la Francophonie
Monument to Canadian Aid Workers
Monument to Fallen Diplomats
Moo Shu Ice Cream
Mood Moss Flowers
Moodie Drive
Moodie Drive (59)
Moodie Manor
Moody's Motors
MoonDog Pub and Grill
Mooney Avenue
Mooney's Bay Beach
Mooney's Bay Place
Moonseed Lane
Moorcroft Road
Moorpark Avenue
Moorside Cottage
Moorside Private
Moorvale Street
Moose McGuire's Irish Pub & Grill
Moose McGuire's Pub&Grill
Morala Trading
Morals Village
Morel Private
Morenz Terrace
Moresby Drive
Moretto Court
Morewood Crescent
Morgan Street
Morgan's Grant
Morgan's Grant Way
Morgante Menswear Limited
Moria Court
Morin Street
Morisset Avenue
Morisset Library
Morley Boulevard
Morning Owl
Morning Owl Coffeehouse
Morningside Lane
Morningstar Way
Morningsun Crescent
Morningview Street
Morrena Road
Morris Formal Wear
Morris Home Hardware
Morris Street
Morrison Drive
Morrison Gardens
Morrison's Beauty Salon
Mort's Pub
Mortimer Private
Morton Drive
Mory Street
Mosaic Private
Moscow Tea Room
Moselle Crescent
Mosgrove Avenue
Moss Court
Moss Grove Street
Moss Hill Trail
Moss Kent Dickinson
Mossdale Street
Mosswood Court
Mostly Danish
Mostly Danish Furniture
Motel Adam
Motel Du Chevalier
Motel Le Châteauguay
Motel Montcalm
Motel Ritz
Mother India
Mother McGuinty's Irish Pub
Mother Teresa High School
Motion Specialties
Motor Express Ottawa
Motor Sports World
Motor Works Private
Motortek Electric
Mount Nebo Way
Mount Pleasant Avenue
Mount Zion Church of the Firstborn
Mountain Ash Drive
Mountain Crescent
Mountain Granite
Mountain Meadows Crescent
Mountain Meadows Park Ice Rink
Mountain Sorrel Way
Mountaingoat Yoga
Mountainside Crescent
Mountainview Avenue
Mountbatten Avenue
Mountshannon Drive
Moussa Mini Market & Meat Shop
Movati Athletic
Movati Athletic Kanata
Movies n' Stuff
Moving Surfaces
Mowat Farm
Mowat Street
Mowatview Court
Moxie's Grill & Bar
Moxley Private
Mozart Court
Mozza Pizza
Mr B's-March House Restaurant
Mr. Big and Tall
Mr. Cheezy Pizza
Mr Gas
Mr Gas (87)
Mr Gas Ltd
MR Kitchens
Mr. Kurokawa
Mr. Lube
Mr. Mechanic
Mr. Mic
Mr. Mozzarella
Mr. Panino
Mr. Pho
Mr. Pretzel
Mr. Pretzels
Mr. Shawarma
Mr Smoke
Mr. Smoke
Mr. Sub
Mr. Tire Garage
Mr. Tires Ottawa
MRC des Collines-de-l'Outaouais
Mr.Gas Ltd
Mrs. Tiggy Winkle's
Mucho Burrito
Mucho burrito
Mucho Burrito
Mud Creek Crescent
Mud Lake Trail
MuGoongHwa Garden
Muirfield Garden
Muirland Avenue
Mukut Restaurant
Mulberry Crescent
Mulder Avenue
Mulkins Street
Mullcraft Crescent
Mulligan Park
Mulligan Street
Mulligans Golf Bar
Mullin Private
Multi Luminaire
Mulvagh Avenue
Mulvihill Avenue
Munro & Scullion
Murdock Gate
Muriel Street
Murray Gair Private
Murray Street
Murray's Hair

murraymilne photography

Musalla As-Sahaba
Musalla Darul-Imaan
Musée Canadien de l'histoire
Musée canadien de la Nature
Musée de l'auberge Symmes
Muskan Street
Muskego Crescent
Muskoka Avenue
Mustang Street
Mutchmor Public School (MUTC)
Mutchmor Road
Mutual Street
My Auto
My Favorite Chinese Food
My Fitness Canada
M.Y Food Mart
My Gym
My Hang
My Kitchens
My Sweet Tea
My Thai Village
My Tires and Rims
Myers Chevrolet Buick GMC
Mykonos Crescent
Myrand Avenue
Myrle Avenue
Mystery Park
Mystic Private
Mystiko Greek Kitchen
Myth and Evidence
Myths, Legends, and Heroes

N Ring Road
N& I Salon
N.A.C. Auto Centre
Nacarat Street
Nacho Cartel
Nadolny Sachs Private
Naestle Toll House Cafe
Nagel Avenue
Nairn Street
Naismith Crescent
Nakina Way
Nakota Way
Namaste India
NaNa Nails
Nanaimo Drive
Nancy Avenue
Nancy Hair Studio
Nancy Smith Private
Nani Shawarma
Nanook Court
Nanook Crescent
Nantes Street
NAPA Auto Parts
Naples Avenue
Napoléon Way
Napoli's Café
Napoli's Pizzeria
Narbonne Court
Nashdale Drive
Naskapi Drive
Nat's Bread
Natalie Way
Nate's Diner
Nathan Court
Natick Gate
National Aboriginal Veterans Monument
National Association of Friendship Centres
National Automotive Services
National Bank
National Bank (03141)
National Bank of Canada
National Capital Commission Driveway
National Gallery of Canada
National Holocaust Monument
National Press Building
National Rent To Own
National Rent-To-Own Furniture
National Research Council
National Sports
National Trust for Canada
National War Memorial
Nationwide Restaurant Equipment
Natural Food Pantry
Nature Trail Crescent
Nature Will Reclaim You
Nature's Buzz Health Food
Nature's Care
Nature's Care Health Products
Naughton Street
Nautica Private
Nautilus Plus
Navaho Apartments
Navaho Drive
Naval Rod is Station 1940-1947
Navan Curling Club
Navan Dump
Navan Road
Navan Road (28)
Navin cenotaph
Navy Private
NCC LeBreton Flats
NCC trail 32A
NCC trail 32B
NCC trail 32D
NDHQ North Tower
Needham Crescent
Neepawa Avenue
Neighbour's Coffee
Neighbourhood Perspectives
Neighbourhood Way
Neighbours Coffee
Neil Avenue
Neil Way
Neilus Lane
Nelford Court
Nelson Mandela Court
Nelson Street
Nepean Baptist Church
Nepean Bay
Nepean High School (NEPE)
Nepean Lawn Bowls Club
Nepean Medical Pharmacy
Nepean Sailing Club
Nepean Sportsplex
Nepean Street
Nepean Street West
Nepean Trail
Nepean Transmission
Nepean Woods South
Neptune Way
Nerta Street
Nesbitt Place
Nesbitt Street
Ness Street
Nesting Way
Nestleton Street
Nestow Drive
Netley Circle
Nettleship Court
Network Access Road
Neville Street
New Alliance Evangelical Centre
New China Chinese Food
New City Garage
New Deighton Crescent
New Edinburgh Pharmacy
New Edinburgh Square
New Edingburgh Pharmacy
New Era Combat Sports
New Highway Inn Motel
New Hong Kong Chinese Restaurant
New Hong Shing
New Liskeard Crescent
New Look Studio
New Mee Fung
New Mukut Restaurant
New Orchard Avenue
New Orchard Avenue North
New Pho Bo Ga La
New Queen Restaurant

new subdivision

New Sun (Joy Maclaren)
New Town Chinese Cuisine
New Wave Spa
New Wine Church
New World
New York Fries
New Yorker Court
New Zealand High Commission
Newark Street
Newborough Crescent
Newburgh Place
Newbury Avenue
Newcarlisle Crescent
Newcastle Avenue
Newfoundland Pub
Newgale Street
Newhaven Street
Newland Drive
Newlook Eye Wear
Newlook Eyewear
Newman Avenue
Newmarket Street
Newport Crescent
Newton Lane
Newton Street
Ng's Cuisine
Niagara Drive
Nicastro Foods
Nice For You Nails & Spa
Nichol's Creek Lane
Nicholas Street
Nicholson Avenue
Nick Adams Road
Nick Motors
Nick's Automotive Service
Nick's Barber Shop
Nick's Confectionary
Nick's Service Centre
Nickels Deli & Bar
Nickerson Way
Nicol Street
Nicolet Way
Nicolls Island Road
Nigerian High Commission
Night Patrol
Nightfall Street
Nighthawk Crescent
Nightingale Street
Nightshade Place
Niki Way
Nina's Optical / Dr. Fu Eye Exam
Nine to Five Coffee
Nino Marte Flooring
Nipigon Way
Nippon Sushi
Nittany Crescent
Niven's Place
Niverville Private
No Frills Pharmacy
Noble Crescent
Noblesse Avenue
Nobleton Avenue
Noblewood Way
Noel Street
Nokham Thai
Nolan Avenue

nom nom

Nonius Street
Noodle's Invitation
Nora Street
Noranda Avenue
Norberry Crescent
Norca Restaurant & Bar
Nordic Way
Nordstrom Ebar
Nordstrom Rack
Noren Avenue
Norfolk Avenue
Norgold Crescent
Norice Street
Norm Childs Park Ice Rink
Norman Gleadow Private
Norman Johnston School Outdoor Rink
Norman Johnston Secondary Alternate Program (NJOH)
Norman Street
Normandy Crescent
Nortel Drive
North & Navy
North Bluff Drive
North Bowesville Road
North Dogsled
North Drive
North Harrow Drive
North of 7 Distillery
North River Road
North Riverside Drive
North Street
Northampton Drive
Northcote Place
Northdale Street
Northern Art Glass
Northgate Street
Northgraves Crescent
Northlands Drive
Northpark Drive
Northside Road
Northview Road
Northwest Passage
Northwestern Avenue
Northwestern United Church
Northwind Street
Nortoba Crescent
Norton Avenue
Norview Crescent
Norway Crescent
Norway Spruce Street
Norweigan Ambassadorial Residence
Norwich Way
Norwood Avenue
Not Your Father's Barber
Notman Way
Notre Dame De Lourdes
Notre Dame High School
Notre-Dame Cathedral Basilica
Notre-Dame Street
Notting Hill Avenue
Nottingham Court
Noura Beauty
Nouvelle école élémentaire catholique au coeur d'Ottawa
Nova Lux Way
NT Beauty & Nails
NTB - National Tire & Battery
Nu Caribbean
NU Grocery
Nufortune Chinese Food
Nuggett Drive
Numi Lash & Brow
Nut tree trail
Nutella Cafe
Nutgrove Avenue
Nutting Crescent
Nutty Greek Bake Shop
Nuvo Optometry

O Paradis Esthetique Ltd
O'Brien Beach
O'Brien Beach Path
O'Brien House
O'Brien's Eatery & Pub
O'Connor Bikeway
O'Connor Street
O'Connor's Irish Pub
O'Donnell Court
O'Grady Street
O'Grady's Outpost
O'Keefe Court
O'Meara Street
O'Toole Road
OAC Café
OAC Health Centre and Spa
Oak Grove Street
Oak Meadows Drive
Oak Park Private
Oak Street
Oakbriar Crescent
Oakbrook Circle
Oakburn Road
Oakcrest Way
Oakdale Avenue
Oakdean Crescent
Oakes Wood
Oakfern Crescent
Oakfield Crescent
Oakglade Avenue
Oakham Ridge
Oakhaven Private
Oakhill Road
Oakhurst Crescent
Oakland Avenue
Oaklawn Crescent
Oakley Avenue
Oakmont Court
Oakmore Place
Oakridge Boulevard
Oakside Crescent
Oakvale Avenue
Oakview Avenue
Oakwell Drive
Oakwood Avenue
Oasis Private
Oat Couture
Oat Straw Way
Oban Private
Oberon Street
Objective Memory
Oblats Avenue
OC Transpo
Oc Transpo
Oc Transpo Drivers' Lounge
OCC 751
Occo Kitchen
OCCO Kitchen
OCH Lebreton Flats
Ocho Rios
OConnor Confectionary
Octave Grove
OCTranspo Ticket Office
OCTranspo TPSS
Odessa Way
Off-Leash Area
Off-leash dog park
Offenbach Lane
Office of Campus Sustainability
Official Residence of the Speaker of the House of Commons
Ogden Street
Ogilvie Court
Ogilvie Gardens
Ogilvie Gate
Ogilvie Pizza
Ogilvie Road
Ogilvie Walk Crescent
Ogilvy Square
Oh Basil!
Oh so Good
Oh So Good
Ohio Street
Oil Changers
Okanagan Drive
Okee Street
Ola Cocina
Old Carp Road
Old Carriage Court
Old Colony Road
Old Country Gate
Old Crow Way
Old Field
Old Innes Road
Old Irving Place

old Kingsmere road

Old Lakeview Avenue
Old Lilac Lane
Old Mill Way
Old Montreal Road
Old Montreal Road (35)

old NDMC

Old Orchard Crescent
Old Ottawa East
Old Ottawa South
Old Ottawa West
Old Prescott Road
Old Prospect Road
Old Richmond Road
Old Riverside Drive
Old Second Line Road
Old St. Patrick Street
Old Sunset Boulevard
Old Tenth Line Road
Old Town Private
Oldfield Street
Olga Street
Olga's Deli
Olive and Chili
Oliver's Pub and Patio
Ollie Quinn
Olly Fresco's
Olly Fresco's Food Market
Olmstead Street
Olreans Golf Centre
Olympia Crescent
Olympic Way
Omer-Deslauriers Public High School
Omer-Lacasse Avenue
OMS Montessori
ON Auto
On Scene FX
On The Green Mini Golf
On Top of the world
Onassa Circle
One Eleven Student Housing
One Flock One Shepherd Church
One Hour Cleaners
One Hundred Foot Line
One in Ten
Oneida Terrace
Onigam Street
Onondaga Court
OnRoute auto sales
Onslow Crescent
Ontario Auto Glass
Ontario Court of Justice
Ontario Medical Supply
Ontario Provincial Police (OPP)
Ontario Street
Ontario Transmission
Oops Express
Opal Lane
Open Rice
OpenConcept Consulting Inc.
Openings are Opportunities
Optical Excellence
Optimiste Park Ice Rink
Optique Prestige
Opus Barber Shop
Opus Street
Orange Blossom Private
Orange Julius
Orange Theory
Orangeville Street
Orchard Avenue
Orchard Hollow Drive
Orchardview Avenue
Orchid Drive
Orchid Sushi
Orford Crescent
Orient House
Orient Park Drive
Oriental Charm
Oriental Chu Shing
Origin Trade
Orillia Street
Oriole Avenue
Oriole Drive
Oriska Way
Orkney Private
Orlando Avenue
Orléans Boulevard
Orleans Bowling
Orléans Branch
Orléans Client Service Centre
Orleans Fruit Farm
Orleans Martial Arts
Orléans Montessori
Orleans Optometry
Orleans Printing
Orleans Shawarma
Orléans Tennis Club (27008)
Orleans Travel and Cruise Centre
Orleans United Church
Orleans Vacuums
Orleans Village
Orleans Wood Elementary School (ORLW)
Ormes Place
Orpheus Musical Theatre
Orr Street
Orrin Avenue
Orthodox Community Ohev Yisroel
Ortona Avenue
Orvigale Road
Orville Kemp Street
Orville Street
Osborne Street
Oscar Peterson
Oscar Peterson (Pianist, 1925-2007)
Osgoode Link Pathway
Osgoode Street
Osgoode Township High School (OSGO)
Osgoode-Leitrim Multi-use Pathway
Osnabrook Private
Osprey Crescent
Ossington Avenue
Othello Avenue
Otherside Tattoo
Ottawa Academy
Ottawa Adventist School
Ottawa Agape Chinese Alliance Church
Ottawa Airport Plane Spotting
Ottawa Art Gallery
Ottawa Athletic Club
Ottawa Autocare
Ottawa Backpackers Inn
Ottawa Bagelshop and Deli
Ottawa Bahá'í Centre
Ottawa Beauty Supply Company
Ottawa Canine School
Ottawa Cash&Carry
Ottawa Children's Montessori Centre
Ottawa Chinatown Arch
Ottawa Chinese Alliance Church
Ottawa Chinese Bible Church
Ottawa Chinese United Church
Ottawa Christian School
Ottawa Cigar Emporium
Ottawa City Hall
Ottawa City Hall Heritage Building
Ottawa Clutch & Automotive
Ottawa Community Housing Office
Ottawa Compassion Clinic
Ottawa Court House
Ottawa Curling Club
Ottawa Diwan Furniture
Ottawa Driveshaft & Steering
Ottawa East Seventh-day Adventist Church
Ottawa Family Cinema
Ottawa Fire Fighters
Ottawa Fire Station 12
Ottawa Fire Station 13
Ottawa Fire Station 2
Ottawa Fire Station 21
Ottawa Fire Station 22
Ottawa Fire Station 24
Ottawa Fire Station 32
Ottawa Fire Station 34
Ottawa Fire Station 35
Ottawa Fire Station 36
Ottawa Fire Station 37
Ottawa Fire station 41
Ottawa Fire Station 42
Ottawa Fire Station 43
Ottawa Fire Station 51
Ottawa Fire Station 53
Ottawa Fire Station 56
Ottawa Fire Station 57
Ottawa Fire Station 93
Ottawa Fire Station No. 23
Ottawa Fire Station No. 55
Ottawa Flowers
Ottawa Furniture Outlet
Ottawa Gospel Hall
Ottawa greenbelt trail
Ottawa Gymnastics Centre
Ottawa Hospital - Civic Campus
Ottawa Hospital - General Campus
Ottawa Hospital Riverside Campus
Ottawa Hunt and Golf Club
Ottawa Inn
Ottawa Inuit Children's Centre
Ottawa Islamic Centre & Assalam Mosque
Ottawa Jewish Community School
Ottawa Kabab
Ottawa Kennedy Flower Shop
Ottawa Korean Community Church
Ottawa Laptop
Ottawa Leather Goods
Ottawa Library (Greely Branch)
Ottawa Little Theatre
Ottawa Lowertown Community Centre and Pool
Ottawa Marriott Hotel
Ottawa Massage Chairs
Ottawa Medical Pharmacy
Ottawa MediSpa
Ottawa Mennonite Church
Ottawa (Metcalfe ) client services
Ottawa Montessori School
Ottawa Muslim Association
Ottawa New Edinburgh Club (35587)
Ottawa Paramedic Service Post
Ottawa Perogies
Ottawa Pet Food Co-Op
Ottawa Pianos
Ottawa Pizza
Ottawa Plaza Inn
Ottawa Polce
Ottawa Police Headquarters
Ottawa Police Service Records Management
Ottawa Police Station
Ottawa Premium Discounts
Ottawa Public Library - Alta Vista Branch
Ottawa Public Library - Beaverbrook
Ottawa Public Library - Elmvale Acres Branch
Ottawa Public Library - Greenboro Branch
Ottawa Public Library - Nepean Centrepointe Branch
Ottawa Public Library - Sunnyside Branch
Ottawa Public Library Manotick Branch
Ottawa Public Library North Gloucester Branch
Ottawa Reformed Presbyterian Church
Ottawa River
Ottawa River Pathway
Ottawa River Plaque
Ottawa River Recreational Pathway
Ottawa Rowing Club
Ottawa School of Art
Ottawa Seventh-Day Adventist Church
Ottawa Sewing Centre
Ottawa Shawarma
Ottawa Shine
Ottawa Skin Clinic
Ottawa South Groceteria
Ottawa Special Events
Ottawa Stand Up Paddleboard
Ottawa Suzuki Strings
Ottawa Technical Secondary School (OTLC)
Ottawa Tekky Talks
Ottawa Tennis & Lawn Bowling Club
Ottawa Tennis and Lawn Bowling Club (36405)
Ottawa Textiles
Ottawa Tire Rack
Ottawa Tires and Rims
Ottawa Torah Centre Chabad
Ottawa Torah Institute High School (for boys)
Ottawa Transmission
Ottawa Ultimate Fields
Ottawa Victory Christian Academy
Ottawa Vietnamese Alliance Church
Ottawa West Community Support
Ottawa “Streat” Gourmet
Ottawa-Carleton Detention Centre
Ottawa-Carleton District School Board Program
Ottawa-Carleton Trailway Map
Otten Drive
Ottenbrite Crescent
Otter Tail Crescent
Otterson Court
Otterson Drive
Ouellette Park Ice Rink
Our Fence
Our Lady Of Assumption
Our Lady of Assumption
Our Lady of Fatima
Our Lady Of Fatima School
Our Lady of Lavang Parish
Our Lady of Lourdes Shrine
Our Lady of Mount Carmel
Our Lady Of Mount Carmel School
Our Lady Of Peace School
Our Lady Of Victory School
Our Lady Of Wisdom School
Our Saviour Lutheran
Overberg Way
Overbrook Bon Logis
Overdale Drive
Overlake Drive
Overland Drive
Overton Drive
Owl Drive
Owl Valley Drive
Owls Cabin Avenue
Ox Head Restaurant
Ox Head Restaurant 2
Oxalis Crescent
Oxbow Avenue
Oxer Place
Oxford Street
Oxygen Medispa
Oyster Bay Court

Paardeburgh Avenue
Pacer Place
Pacific Avenue
Pack Street
Paddington Court
Paddington Private
Paddler Way
Paddock Way
Paddy Lane
Page Callan Flooring
Pagé Road
Paine Avenue
Paisley Avenue
Pak India Restaurant
Palace Street
Palason Billiards
Palen Avenue
Palermo Express
Palermo's Pizzaria
Palestine Embassy in Canada
Palfrey Way
Palings Private
Palisade Street
Palki Cuisine of India
Palladium Drive
Palladium Drive (RR 88)
Pallister Court
Pallister Private
Palm Street
Palmadeo Drive
Palmer Avenue
Palmerston Drive
Palmeto Court
Palmyra Guardian Pharmacy
Palomino Drive
Palsen Street
Palton Avenue
Pamilla Street
Pampero Crescent
Pamplona Private
Pana Road
Panago Pizza
Panama Avenue
Pancho Villa
Panda Garden Buffet
Panda Vacations
Panera Bread (205105)
Panet Street
Panisset Avenue
Panorama Private
Panoramic Ridge
Pansy Avenue
Papa Joe's Pizza
Papa Joe's Pizzeria
Papa Sam's
PapaJack Popcorn
Paper Papier
Paper Studio
Papillon Boutique
Papillon Place
Par-La-Ville Circle
Parade Drive
Paradise Crescent
Paradise Poké
Paradise Spa & Tanning
Paragon Avenue
Paramedic Post
Paramount Fine Foods
Parasol Court
Parc André Laurendeau Park
Parc du Lac Beauchamp
Parc Du Village Street
Parc Jean-Gardy-Bienvenu
Parc Jules-Verne
Parc Jules-verne
Pardo Fine Furniture
Pardo Travel
Parent Avenue
Parish Private
Parisien Street
Park Avenue
Park Glade Way
Park Grove Drive
Park Lane

park path

Park Place
Park Road
Park Street
Park Vista
Park Wooden Bridge
Parkcrest Court
Parkdale Avenue
Parkdale Baptist Church
Parkdale Montessori School
Parkdale United Church
Parker Avenue
Parker Clean
Parkfield Crescent
Parkglen Court
Parkglen Drive
Parkhaven Avenue
Parkhill Circle
Parkhurst Boulevard
Parkin Circle
Parkland Crescent
Parklane Court
Parkmount Crescent
Parkridge Crescent
Parkrose Private
Parkside Crescent
Parkview Court
Parkview Road
Parkway Drive
Parkway Park
Parkway Park Ice Rink
Parkway Pharmacy
Parkway Road
Parkway Road Pentecostal Church
Parkwood Crescent
Parkwood Hills Presbyterian Church
Parliament Road
Parlor Place
Parma Ravioli
Parmalea Crescent
Parnell Avenue
Paroisse de l'Ange-Gardien
Paroisse Saint-Paul
Paroisse Sainte-Maria-Goretti
Paroisse Sainte-Trinité de Gatineau
Paroisse St-Alexandre
Paroisse St-Rémi
Paroisses Catholiques Romaines
Paroisses Catholiques Romaines (Ottawa)
Paroisses Catholiques Romaines, Sainte-Marie
Parr Avenue
Parsia Travel
Parsons Ridge Road
Parthia Avenue
Parti Pizza
Partners Auto Parts
Partridge Drive
Party City
Pascal Place
Paseo Private
Passageway Private
Pasticceria Gelateria Italiana
Pat Flesher Furs
Pat's Fresh Cut Fries
Patch Way
Paterson Hall
Path to 1435 Parking Lot
Pathfinder Way
Pathway Private
Patinoire du Sacré-Coeur
Patio Shop
Patola Private
Patricia Avenue
Patricia Avenue North
Patrick McGahern Books
Patriot Place
Patro Street
Pattermead Crescent
Patterson Avenue
Patton Street
Patty Boland's
Patty's Pub
Paul Anka Drive
Paul Avenue
Paul Benoit Driveway
Paul Métivier Drive
Paul-Émile-Lamarche Avenue
Paula Crescent
Pauline-Charron Place
Paulos Barbershop
Pavillon catholique Mer Bleue (752899)
Pavona Street
Paw-Rific Spa
Paxton Lane
Payette Drive
Paysanne Beauty Salon
PC Perfect
Peace Latvian Evangelical Lutheran Church
Peace Tower
Peace Tower Church
Peace Way
Peacekeeping Monument
Peach Gardens
Peach Tree Lane
Peacock Crescent
Pearl Dace Crescent
Pearl Dry Cleaning and Alterations
Pearl House
Pearl Medica
Pearl of India
Peary Way
Pebble Beach Court
Pebble Court
Pebble Creek Crescent
Pebble Road
Pebble Trail Way
Pebblewoods Drive
Pedal Easy
Pedigree Street
Peel Street
Peerless Street
Pegasus Crescent
Peikoff Crescent
Pelee Street
Pelican Cleaner§
Pelican Fishery & Grill
Pelican Street
Pelkey Court
Pella Windows
Pellan Crescent
Pellan Way
Pellerin Place
Pemberton Clea
Pemberton Crescent
Pembina Private
Pender Street
Penderbrook Avenue
Pendra Way
Penelope Street
Penency Terrace
Penfield Drive
Penguin Pick-up
Penhill Avenue
Peniel Church
Pennant Avenue
Pennard Way
Pennington Lane
Penny Drive
Penny Drive West
Pennyroyal Crescent
Penrith Street
Pensacola Court
Pentecostal Community Church
Pentland Crescent
Pentland Place
Pentry Lane
People Power Boutique
Pépin Court
Peppergrass Road
Pepperidge Way
Pepperrall Crescent
Pepperville Crescent
Percheron Way
Percifor Way
Percival Crescent
Percy Street
Perdrix Crescent
Père-Charlebois Avenue
Peregrine Crescent
Perennial Way
Pères-Blancs Avenue
Perez Crescent
Perfect Books
Perfection Satisfaction Promise
Perfectly Prehistoric
Performance Auto Care
Perkins Family Restaurant Bakery
Perkins Street
Perley Court
Perrault Road
Perrier Avenue
Perrin Avenue
Perry Street
Perrywood Lane
Persis Grill
Perthshire Private
Pesto's Italian Deli
Pet Circus
Pet Palace
Pet Valu

pet valu

Pet Valu
Peter D Clark Long Term Care Home
Peter Devine's
Peter Harkness Lane
Peter Knippel Garden Centre
Peter Morand Crescent
Peter Street
Peterson Place
Petit Bill's Bistro
Petit Peru
Petite Lane
Petra Private
Petrichor Crescent
Petrie Island Beach
Petrie Lane
Petro Serve
Pettapiece Crescent
Petty Street
Pham Le Kitchen
Pharm Can
Pharma City Drugstore
Pharma Plus
Pharma Plus Drugmart #1255
Pharmachoice Hunt Club Pharmacy
Pharmacie Banville et Haddad
Pharmacie Brisson Pharmacy
Pharmacie Isabelle Ménard
Pharmacie Jean Coutu
Pharmacie Jean Coutu #199
Pharmacie Jean Coutu #277
Pharmacie Jean Coutu #286
Pharmacie La Paix
Pharmaprix #1858
Pharmasave Cyril Pharmacy
Pheasant Run Drive
Philemon Wright High School
Phillip Drive
Philnor Street
Philo Auto Service
Philosopher Private
Philsar Street
Pho 2015
PHO 99 Beef Noodle Soup Restaurant
Pho Bac Oriental Cuisine
Pho Bo Ga 1
Pho Bo Ga 2
Pho Bo Ga King
Pho Bo Ga La
Pho Bo Ga Truc
Pho By Night
Pho Haven
Pho Hoa Nam
Pho Hoan
Pho La Express
Pho La Fusion
Pho May
Pho Mi Bo Ga
Pho Moonlight
Pho Phu Chau
Pho Thi Fusion
Pho Thi Noodle Soup
Pho Thu Do
Pho Truc Lien
Pho Tuan
Pho V
Pho Viet Taste Restaurant
Pho Vietnam
Phoenecia Travel
Phoenix Crescent
Phoenix Du Vietnam
Phoenix Glass & Aluminum
Phoenix Rising
Phu Yen
Phucket Royal
Phulero Dola Flowers
Phuoc Loi Orient Grocery
Phylis Street
Physical Recreation Centre
Piazza Circle
Picasso Drive
Piccadilly Avenue
Piccadilly Avenue North
Pickering Place
Pickford Court
Pickford Drive
Pickles & Poppets
Pickwick Drive
Picnic Area
Picnic Area A
Picnic Area B
Picnic Area C
Picnic Area D
Picnic Area E
Picnic Area F
Picnic Area G
Picnic Area H
Picnic Area I
Picnic Area J
Picnic Area K
Picnic Area L
Picnic Area M
Picnic Area N
Picnic Area O
Picnic Area P
Picnic Area Q
Picnic Area R
Picnic Area S
Picnic Area T
Picollo Grande
Picolo Grande
Picton Avenue
Picture Plus
Picture Works
Pie Xii Street
Piedmont Place
Pierino Scarfo Salon
Pierre Elliott Trudeau Elementary School
Pierre's Barber Shop
Pierre-Elliott-Trudeau Catholic Elementary School (688762)
Pierre-Savard Catholic Secondary School (832670)
Pietro's Corner
Piety Hill Way
Pig Alley
Pigeon Terrace
Piggy Market
Pike Park Ice Rink
Pike Street
Pili Pili Grilled Chicken
Pillett Street
Pilos Restaurant
Pimlico Crescent
Pimlico Place
Pimprenelle Terrace
Pin Cherry Grove
Pin Rouge Way
Pinard Way
Pinawa Circle
Pine Bluff Trail
Pine Grove Bible Church
Pine Grove Forest
Pine Hill Drive
Pine Meadows
Pine Needles Court
Pine Tree Court
Pine Vista Drive
Pinecone Trail
Pinecrest Creek Pathway
Pinecrest Deli
Pinecrest Public School (PINE)
Pinecrest Road
Pinecrest Terrace Community
Pineglade Crescent
Pineglen Crescent
Pinehurst Avenue
Pineland Avenue
Pinelock Street
Pinelopi's Greek Kitchen
Pinepoint Drive
Pinery Court
Pinetrail Crescent
Pineview Court
Pineview Municipal Golf Course
Pineview Park Ice Rink
Pineview Road
Pinewood Crescent
Ping Fat Lee
Pinhey Forest
Pinhey Street
Pink Lake
Pink Lake viewpoint
Pink Lake: Today and Tomorrow
Pinnacle Street
Pins & Needles
Pins Place
Pinson Private
Pintail Terrace
Pinto Court
Pints & Quarts
Pionniers Private
Pipeline Commercial
Piper Crescent
Piperville Road
Piscine Bisson
Piste 12
Piste 25
Piste 26
Piste 31
Piste 35
Piste 35A
Piste 64 (Raquette)
Piste 65 (Raquette)
Piste 66 (Raquette)
Piste 67 (Raquette)
Piste 9
Pita Bell Kebab
Pita Pit
Pittaway Avenue
Pixley Private
Pizza 9
Pizza A la Casa and Greek
Pizza All'Antica
Pizza Corner
Pizza de Luigi
Pizza Hull
Pizza Hut
Pizza Italie
Pizza La Cite
Pizza La Différence
Pizza Lovers
Pizza Mia
Pizza Pizza
Pizza Plateau
Pizza Power
Pizza Presto
Pizza Shark
Pizzaro's Italian Ristorante
Pizzeria Riverview Plus
Place de la Berge
Place de la Proue
Place de la Soeur-Élisabeth-de-Hongrie
Place de Ville, Tower A
Place de Ville, Tower B
Place de Ville, Tower C
Place des Sorbiers
Place du Centre
Place du Moulin
Place du Parc
Place Issler
Place Juniper
Place Lutz
Place Nelson-Morin
Place-d'Orléans Drive
Placel Road
Placid Street
Plainfield Court
Plainhill Drive
Plainridge Crescent
Planet Botanix
Planet Coffee
Planet Fitness
Planet of Sound
Plank Street
Plant & Curio
Plant Recreation Centre
Plante Drive
Plaque re ice storm of 1998
Platinum Tattoos
Plato's Closet
Play Food & Wine
Play It Again Sports
Playfair Drive
Playfair Park Ice Rink
Playtime Daycare Center
Plaza Court
Pleasant Park Baptist Church
Pleasant Park Public School (PPAR)
Pleasant Park Road
Pleasantview Court
Pleasures N' Treasures
Plesser Street
Ploughed Field : Hillside, Circuit
Plover Lane
Plum Tree Crescent
Plumas Gate
Plumber Avenue
Plunkett Court
Plus1 Performance
Plymouth Street
Plyomax Fitness Centre
Poanco Furniture
Pocketz Billiards
Pocono Crescent
Poets Pathway
Poets' Pathway
Pointe Gatineau
Poissons d'importance
Poland Ambassadorial Residence
Polanyi Road
Polish Home Army Airmen World War II
Polish Nail Bar
Polka Delicatessan
Polo Lane
Polytek Street
Polyvalente de l'Érablière
Polyvalente Le Carrefour
Pomerleau Excavation
Pommel Crescent
Pommes Place
Pommiers Private
Pond Street
Ponderosa Street
Pondhawk Way
Pondhollow Way
Pondside Private
Pondview Crescent
Pont Alexandra
Pont de la Chaudière
Pont du Portage
Pont Lady-Aberdeen
Pont Mãwandòseg bridge
Pont Noir
Pontiac Street
Poole Creek Crescent
Pooler Avenue
Pooley's Bridge
Pop Star Karaoke
Popes Lane
Popeye's Louisiana Chicken
Popeye's Louisiana Kitchen
Popeye's Lousiana Chicken
Poplar Grove Campground
Poplar Grove Golf Club
Poplar Street
Poplarwood Avenue
Poplin Street
Popplewell Crescent
Population Hair Salon
Portadown Crescent
Portage Avenue
Portage Bridge
Portage Bridge cycle track
Portal Street
Porter Place
Porter Street
Portico Way
Portland Avenue
Portman Crescent
Portobello Boulevard
Portobello Park Ice Rink
Portraits Now
Portrush Avenue
Post Office - Pharma Plus
Post Office - Shoppers
Post Office-Shoppers
Post Road
Postal Station C
Postcards from the Piazzas
Posto Locale
Pot & Pantry
Potter Drive
Potter's Key
Potts Private
Potvin Avenue
Poulin Avenue
Pour Boy - Somerset
Poutine Parlour
Poutine Truck
Powell Avenue
Power Asphalt
Power Marketing
Power Road
Powers Enclave
Prado Private
Prairie Grassland
Prairie Street
Prairies Avenue
Pratt Avenue

precise pharmacy

Precision Auto
Precision Autoworks
Precision Laser
Precsion Paintwork & Collision Centre
Prem Circle
Premier Avenue East
Premier Avenue West
Premier Esthetics
Première moisson
Premium Vintages
Prescott Russell Trail Link
Presland Mews
Presland Road
Presse Café
Presse Cafe
Prestige Circle
Preston Barber Shop
Preston Food Market
Preston Newstand
Preston Street
Prestone Drive
Prestwick Drive
Pretoria Avenue
Pretoria Place Restaurant
Pretty Fly
Pretty Handsome
Pretty Pots Flower Shop
Pretty Street
Priam Way
Prim Barber Shop
Prima Cafe
Prime Burger Bar
Prime Choice Auto Parts
Primrose Avenue
Primrose Avenue East
Prince Albert Street
Prince Ali Bakery
Prince Charles Road
Prince Gourmet
Prince Of Peace School
Prince of Wales Complex
Prince of Wales Complex Roadway
Prince Of Wales Drive
Prince of Wales Falls
Prince Shawarma
Prince Street
Princess Avenue
Princess Louise Drive
Princess Patricia Way
Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry Memorial
Princess Shawarma
Princeton Avenue
Princiotta Street
Prindiville Street
Printers Plus
Prio Auto Sales
Priory Green
Priory Lane
Priscilla Street
Pritchard Drive
Privé Spa
Pro Hockey Life
Pro Hockey Life Ottawa
Pro Printers
Pro Shop
Pro-Fit Tailoring
Proactive Pharmacy
Produce Depot
Professional Barber
Programme de langue internationale à l'élémentaire
Progress Place
Prohibition Public House
Proletariat Kitchen
Promed Pharmacy
Promenade Avenue
Promenade Champlain
Promenade Crescent
Promenade de la Gatineau
Promenade du Lac-des-Fées
Promenade du Lac-Fortune
Promenade du Lac-Leamy
Promenade du Portage
Promenade Lakeview
Promenade Oval

promenade Sentier du Parc de la Gatineau

Promenade Wychwood
Pronto Food Mart
Prophetic Cutz
Prospect Avenue
Prospero the Book Company
Protection of the Holy Virgin Memorial Church
Protocol Floral Express
Proud Walk
Proulx Drive
Provence Avenue
Provender Avenue
Providence Academy Antonine Sisters
Providence Place
Provincial Police Lane
Provost Drive
Pruches Avenue
Prudhomme Private
PSI Print Solutions
Pub 101
Pub Italia
Public Tennis Courts (27000)
Public Tennis Courts (27001)
Public Tennis Courts (27003)
Public Tennis Courts (27004)
Public Tennis Courts (27005)
Public Tennis Courts (27006)
Public Tennis Courts (27009)
Public Tennis Courts (27010)
Public Tennis Courts (27011)
Public Tennis Courts (27017)
Public Tennis Courts (27018)
Public Tennis Courts (27019)
Public Tennis Courts (27021)
Public Tennis Courts (27024)
Public Tennis Courts (27029)
Public Tennis Courts (27030)
Public Tennis Courts (27031)
Public Tennis Courts (27032)
Public Tennis Courts (27034)
Public Tennis Courts (27035)
Public Tennis Courts (27039)
Public Tennis Courts (27040)
Public Tennis Courts (27042)
Public Tennis Courts (27043)
Public Tennis Courts (27045)
Public Tennis Courts (27046)
Public Tennis Courts (27047)
Public Tennis Courts (27048)
Public Tennis Courts (27049)
Public Tennis Courts (27050)
Public Tennis Courts (27051)
Public Tennis Courts (27053)
Public Tennis Courts (27062)
Public Tennis Courts (27064)
Public Tennis Courts (27065)
Public Tennis Courts (27067)
Public Tennis Courts (3166)
Public Tennis Courts (34744)
Public Tennis Courts (35117)
Public Tennis Courts (35118)
Public Tennis Courts (35617)
Public Tennis Courts (35821)
Public Tennis Courts (36397)
Public Tennis Courts (36403)
Public Tennis Courts (36408)
Public Tennis Courts (36409)
Public Tennis Courts (3703)
Public Tennis Courts (3707)
Public Tennis Courts (3708)
Public Tennis Courts (3710)
Public Tennis Courts (3720)
Public Tennis Courts (3722)
Public Tennis Courts (3724)
Public Tennis Courts (3725)
Public Tennis Courts (3735)
Public Tennis Courts (3736)
Public Tennis Courts (3737)
Public Tennis Courts (3744)
Public Tennis Courts (3747)
Public Tennis Courts (3748)
Public Tennis Courts (3751)
Public Tennis Courts (3755)
Public Tennis Courts (3756)
Public Tennis Courts (3760)
Public Tennis Courts (3762)
Public Tennis Courts (3767)
Public Tennis Courts (3769)
Public Tennis Courts (3773)
Public Tennis Courts (3776)
Public Tennis Courts (3786)
Public Tennis Courts (3788)
Public Tennis Courts (3791)
Public Tennis Courts (3792)
Public Tennis Courts (3798)
Public Tennis Courts (3799)
Public Tennis Courts (4051)
Public Tennis Courts (7103)
Pudgyboy's Diner
Puffin Court
Pulford Crescent
Pullen Avenue
Pullman Avenue
Pump house
Pumpkinseed Crescent
Purchase Crescent
Pure Gelato
Pure Harmony Salon & Nails
Pure Kitchen
Pure Power Juice Bar
Purewater Total Home Leisure
Purolator Shipping Centre
Purple Cow Chocolate & Ice Cream
Purple Finch Crescent
Purple Urchin
Purrdy Paws
Putman Avenue
Putting Edge
PWGSC Rideau Falls Powerhouse
Pygmalion Spa

Qatar Embassy
Quai Belle Isle
Quail Drive
Quail Ridge
Quail Run Avenue
Qualicum Street
Quality Life Services
Quality Living Housing Co-op
Quarry Co-op Phase II
Quarry Coop
Quarry Pillar
Quarry Ridge Drive
Quarry Road
Quarter Horse Street
Quartet Avenue
Quartier Vanier
Quartz Crescent
Que Huong
Québec Street
Queen Anne Crescent
Queen Elizabeth Driveway
Queen Elizabeth II
Queen Elizabeth Place
Queen Elizabeth Public School (QELI)
Queen Mary St Public School (QMAR)
Queen Mary Street
Queen Nails
Queen of Angels Adult School
Queen Street
Queen Towers
Queen Victoria
Queen Victoria Street
Queen's Laundry
Queen's Pharmacy
Queens DS
Queensbury Drive
Queenscourt Crescent
Queensdale Avenue
Queensgrove Road
Queensline Drive
Queensview Cafe
Queensview Drive
Queensway Carleton Hospital
Queensway Terrace North
Queensway Terrace South
Queenswood Crescent
Queenswood Ridge Park Ice Rink
Queenswood United Church
Queenswood/Fallingbrook Tennis Club - Kinsella (27002)
Queenswood/Fallingbrook Tennis Club (27007)
Quelque Chose
Quelque Chose Patisserie
Quelque Chose Pâtisserie
Quesnel Drive
Quetico Private
Quick Glass
Quickie Convenience Store
Quickie Post Office
Quigg Private
Quigley Hill Road
Quik Eats
Quill Street
Quincaillerie Chelsea
Quincy Avenue
Quinlan Road
Quinn Crescent
Quinn Farm
Quinn Road
Quinn's Ale House
Quinn's Pointe Field (34882)
Quinndale Dairy Farm
Quinnfield Way
Quinpool Crescent
Quinterra Court
Quinton Street
Quito Private
Quitters Coffee
Quizno's Subs

R Bayview
R Carleton N.
R Carleton S.
R Carling
R Fallowfield
R Greenboro
R Mooney's Bay
R&G Eastern Roofing
R.A. Centre
Rabbit Hole
Raccourci entre Ch. Francis et Ch. Solitude
Rachael Avenue
Rachel's Garden
Radcliffe Gate
Radford Court
Radhika Court
Radiant Private
Radisson Hotel Ottawa Parliament Hill
Radisson Way
Radstock Private
Radway Terrace
Raffeallo Street
Rafidain Jewelry
Raftsman Lane
Raftus Square
Ragin' Cajun
Raglan Avenue
Rahul Crescent
Raidy Printing
Railmarket Private
Railway Street
Rainbow Crescent
Rainbow Minerals
Rainbow Street
Rainforest Drive
Rainier Street
Rainrock Crescent
Rainsford Avenue
Raintree Drive
Raj Terrace
Raleigh Street
Ralph & Sons Diner
Ralph Hennessy Avenue
Ralph Street
Ralph's Sports Bar
Ralphpark Street
Ralston Street
Ramada Inn
Ramada Ottawa On The Rideau
Ramar Lane
Ramelton Private
Ramparts trail
Ramsayville Road
Ramsayville Road (43)
Ramsey Crescent
Ramsgate Private
Ramsgrange Street
Ranchwood Way
Rancourt Park Ice Rink
Rand Avenue
Randall Avenue
Randall James Drive
Randboro Crescent
Range Road
Rangeland Avenue
Rangeview Avenue
Rangoon Restaurant
Ranita Crescent
Rankin Street
Rankin Terrace
Rannoch Private
Rapid Auto Detailing
Rapids-View Street
Rassi Coiffure
Rastila Crescent
Ratan Court
Raven Avenue
Raven Road
Raven's Meadow
Ravendale Way
Ravenhill Avenue
Ravenhill Avenue East
Ravenscroft Court
Ravenswood Way
Ravine Park Map
Ravine Way
Ravins Place
RAW Pulp + Grind
Raw Pulp and Grind
Ray Friel Recreation Complex
Ray Wilson Road
Rayburn Street
Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton Park
Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton Park (35535)
Raymond Street
Raymond-Labrosse Street
Rayner's Lane
Raytek Print&Copy Centre
Raywal Cabinetes
RB Computing - shopRBC.com
RBC (1098)
RBC (909)
RBC (9277)
RBC Banque Royale
RBC Royal Bank
RCAF Officers' Mess
RCCG Faith Chapel
RCMP A Div Parliament Hill Det
RCMP Curling Club
RCMP Long Island Camp


Re-Read Used Books
Readi Set Go
Ready Way
Real Canadian Superstore
Real Studio
Reality Check
Reaney Court
Reaneyhill Way
Reardon Private
Rebecca Crescent
Rebel Petal
Rebound Spa & Esthetics
Récolte Private
Rector Avenue
Red Castle Ridge
Red Door Provisions
Red Grill
Red Lobster
Red Maple
Red Maple Crescent
Red Oaks Trail
Red Pepper Thai-Viet
Red Pine
Red Pine Wood
Red Rock Lane
Red Salon & Spa
Red Spruce Street
Red Velvet
Red Willow Drive
Redberry Court
Redbridge Crescent
Redcar Crescent
Redcliff Avenue
Redding Way
Redeemer Alliance Church
Redeemer Christian High School
Redenda Crescent
Redfern Avenue
Redfield Avenue
Redfox Place
Redpath Drive
Redpine Drive
Redstone Lane
Redtail Private
Redwin Street
Redwood Avenue
Reed's Ice Cream
Reeves Crescent
Reflections Salon
Reformed Pentecostal Church
Regatta Avenue
Regency Court
Regency Terrace
Regency Tower
Regent Street
Régimbald Road
Regiment Avenue
Regina Street
Regina Street Public School (REGI)
Regino's Pizza
Regional Road 174 (174)
Regis Avenue
Reid Avenue
Reid Haven Road
Reid Heating and Cooling
Reiki Spiritual Awakening
Rein Terrace
Reindeer Way
Reine-des-Bois Catholic Elementary School (705365)
Relais Plein Air
Relax Time
Relaxa 1
Reliable Auto
Reliable Parts
Rema Convenience Store
Rembrandt Road
Remedy's RX
Remedy's Rx
Remembrance Crescent
Remic Avenue
Remic Rapids Rock Sculptures
Remington Way
Remnor Avenue
Remora Way
Renaissance Drive
Renaud Road
Renderos Latin Market
Rene Crescent
Rene's Corner
René-Doré Way
Renee Levesque Bijoux Mode
Renfield Road
Renfrew Avenue
Renoir Court
Renouf Avenue
Renova Private
Renshaw Avenue
Rental Office
Renu Massage Therapy & Spa
Renu Spa
Repentigny Drive
Republic of Angola


Research Private
Residence Inn by Marriott Downtown Ottawa
Residence Inn Ottawa Airport
Residence Villa Aylmer
Resolute Way
Respect RX
Respect Rx Pharmasave
Rest Area
Restaurant 18
Restaurant Casse-Croute
Restaurant des Auvents
Restaurant International
Restaurant Lotus Royal Thai
Restaurant Vision Éclair
Resto Bistro Rumeur
Resto du Progrès
Restoring Diversity and Structure
Resurrection Lutheran Church of Orleans
Resurrection of our Lord Catholic Parish
Retirement Suite
Reubens Court
Revell Court
Revell Drive
Revelstoke Drive
Reverie Private
Revives Brow Art
Revol Road
Rex Avenue
Rexall Drug Store
Rexall Pharma Plus
Rexall Pharma Plus (1149)
Rexall Pharmacy
Rexall PharmaPlus (380)
Rexton Street
Reynolds Drive
Reynolds Restaurant
Reza Jewelers
Rhapsody Lane
Rhea Place
Rheaume Williams Kalbfleisch Chartered Accountants
Rhodes Candy
Rhodes Court
Rhodes Crescent
Rialto Way
Ricardo Street
Ricardo's Pizza
Riccioli Hair Salon
Riccioli Salon
Rice & Roll Sushi
Rice Avenue
Rich Little Drive
Richard Avenue
Richard Circle
Richard Pfaff Secondary Alternate Program
Richard Street
Richardson Avenue
Richardson Ridge Nature Trail
Richardson Side Road
Richcraft Hall
Richelieu Avenue
Richelieu Court
Richelieu Hardware
Richer Drive
Richlin Crescent
Richmond Hair Studio
Richmond Plaza Motel
Richmond Road
Richvale Street
Rick Hansen Crescent
Rickey Place
Rickshaw Studios
Rico's Barber Shop
Riddell Avenue North
Riddell Avenue South
Rideau Barber Shop
Rideau Bend Crescent
Rideau Canal Celtic Cross
Rideau Canal Eastern Pathway
Rideau Canal Locks
Rideau Canal Locks Crossing
Rideau Canal Western Pathway
Rideau Canoe Club
Rideau Carleton Raceway
Rideau Carlton Raceway
Rideau Cellphone
Rideau Centre Information
Rideau Centre Security
Rideau Cove Court
Rideau Curling Club
Rideau Falls
Rideau Forest
Rideau Forest Drive
Rideau Garden Drive
Rideau Gate
Rideau Glen Drive
Rideau Hall Visitor Centre
Rideau Heights Campground
Rideau Heights Drive
Rideau Heights Lane
Rideau High School (RIDE)
Rideau Library
Rideau Park United Church
Rideau Pharmacy
Rideau Restaurant
Rideau River Drive
Rideau River Eastern Pathway
Rideau River Estates
Rideau River Lane
Rideau River Mup
Rideau Road
Rideau Shore Court
Rideau Sports Centre
Rideau Street
Rideau Terrace
Rideau Trail
Rideau Valley Drive (13)
Rideau Valley Drive North (13)
Rideaucrest Drive
Rideauview Bible Chapel
Rideauview Terrace
Rideout Crescent
Ridge Road
Ridgebrook Drive
Ridgebrook Estates
Ridgeburn Gate
Ridgecrest Place
Ridgedale Street
Ridgefield Crescent
Ridgegate Street
Ridgelea Place
Ridgemont Avenue
Ridgemont High School (RIDG)
Ridgepark Private
Ridgevalley Drive
Ridgeway Way
Ridgewood Avenue
Riding Way
Ridingview Crescent
Ridley Boulevard
Riel Street
Rifle Road
Riga Private
Right Stitch Alteration & Dry Cleaning
Riley Avenue
Rinaldo Hair Designers & Spa
Rinaldo's Hair Designers and Spa
Ring Lane
Ring Road
Rings Etc.
Rio Nails
Rio Spa
Riocan Avenue
Rioja Street
Riopelle Court
Ripplerock Private
Risborough Court
Rita Avenue
RItche Ball Diamond (33011)
Ritchie Street
Rite Cut Barber Shop
River Bend Drive
River Garden Private
River Landing Avenue
River Lane
River Mist Road
River Oaks Court
River Pizza
River Ridge Crescent
River Road (19)
River Rock Avenue
River Run Avenue
River Run Park Ice Rink
River trail
Riverbank Court
Riverboat Heights
Riverbreeze Street
Riverbrook Road
Rivercrest Drive
Riverdale Avenue
Riverdown Drive
Riverfront Court
Rivergate Way
Riverglen Biodynamic Farm
Rivergreen Crescent
Rivermill Crescent
Riversedge Crescent
Riverset Crescent
Rivershore Crescent
Riverside Crescent
Riverside Drive
Riverside Drive (19)
Riverside Drive (30)
Riverside Montessori Pre-School
Riverside Pizzeria
Riverside Pub
Riverside South
Riverside South Jazz
Riverstone Drive
Riverton Park
Rivertree Street
Riverview & Coronation Estates
Riverview Alternative (RIVE)
Riverview Court
Riverview Gardens
Riverview Park
Riverview Park Lane
Riverwalk Manotick
Riverwood Estate
Riviera Drive
Rivière des Outaouais

rixxx Adult

R.J. Kennedy Arena & Community Hall
RMB Automotive Services
RMR Tire Garage
Roan Kitchen
Roanoke Street
Roast 'n' Curries
Roast Cafe
Roast n' Brew
Rob Roy Avenue
Rob's Music
Robarts Crescent
Roberge Crescent
Robert Baldwin and Sir Louis-Hippolyte Lafontaine
Robert Barr Field (34232)
Robert Bateman Public School (RBAT)
Robert E. Wilson Public School (REWI)
Robert F Legget
Robert Grant Avenue
Robert Hopkins Public School (RHOP)
Robert Kemp Street
Robert Street
Roberta Bondar Public School (RBON)
Roberta Crescent
Roberto Pizza
Robertson Court
Robertson Hall
Robertson Rent All
Robertson Road
Roberval Avenue
Robillard Hearing Centre
Robillard Private
Robin Crescent
Robin Lane
Robina Avenue
Robinson Avenue
Robinwood Place
Roblyn Way
Robson Court
Roch Carrier Elementary School (RCAR)
Roche Place
Rochefort Circle
Rochester Heights
Rochester Pub and Gallery
Rochester Street
Rock Avenue
Rock Junction
Rock n' deli
Rockcliffe Driveway
Rockcliffe Marina
Rockcliffe Montesorri
Rockcliffe Park
Rockcliffe Park Library
Rockcliffe Park Pavillion
Rockcliffe Park Public School (ROCK)
Rockcliffe Photo
Rockcliffe Road
Rockcliffe Way
Rockcress Garden
Rockfield Crescent
Rockhurst Road
Rockin' Johnny's
Rockin' Johnny's Diner
Rockingham Avenue
Rockledge Road
Rockliffe Pathway
Rockrose Way
Rockson Crescent
Rockway Crescent
Rockwood Street
Rocky Harbour Crescent
Rocky Hill Drive
Rocky Mountain Chocolate
Rocky Point Road
Rocky Ridge Court
Rocque Street
Rodeo Drive
Rodin Way
Rodney Crescent
Rodney Farm Drive
Roger Guindon Avenue
Roger Neilson Way
Roger Road
Roger's Italian Bistro
Roger-Saint-Denis Catholic Elementary School (753203)
Roku bar + bites
Roland Michener Drive
Roland Michener Public School (RMIC)
Roland Printing
Rolland Avenue
Rolling Brook Drive
Rolling Meadow Crescent
Rolling River Crescent
Rollos Street Eats
ROMA Barber Shop
Roma Confectionary
Roman Avenue
Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Ottawa
Romeo's Pizza
Romina Street
Romulus Private
Ron Kolbus Private
Ron Maslin Playhouse
Ron Maslin Way
Rona L'Entrepôt
Ronald Avenue
Rondeau Place
Rondel Street
Rongail Street
Room 104
Rooney's Lane
Roosevelt Avenue
Roost & Grills
Rooster's Coffeehouse
Roper Avenue
Rosa's Alterations and Repairs
Rose Bowl Steakhouse
Rose Nails
Rose Street
Roseanne Lane
Rosebella Avenue
Rosebery Avenue
Rosebud Private
Rosecliffe Court
Rosedale Avenue
Rosefire Drive
Rosegarden Crescent
Roseglen Private
Rosehill Avenue
Roselawn Court
Rosemary Garden
Rosemead Farm
Rosemeade Place
Rosemere Avenue
Rosemount Avenue
Rosemount Library
Rosenfeld Crescent
Rosenthal Avenue
Rosethorn Way
Rosetta Avenue
Roseview Avenue
Rosewind Court
Rosewood Avenue
Rosewood Estates
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Rue Adélard-Bastien
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Rue Alfred-De Musset
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Rue Alice
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Rue Alie
Rue Aline
Rue Allard
Rue Alonzo-Carrière
Rue Alphonse-Daudet
Rue Alphonse-Lusignan
Rue Amherst
Rue Amyot
Rue André-Boisvert
Rue André-Larue
Rue André-Malraux
Rue André-Mathieu
Rue André-Ménard
Rue Anka
Rue Anna
Rue Antoine
Rue Arbutus
Rue Archambault
Rue Ardouin
Rue Arial
Rue Armour
Rue Arthur-Buies
Rue Arthur-Croteau
Rue Arthur-Fecteau
Rue Arthur-Graveline
Rue Arthur-Guertin
Rue Arthur-Quesnel
Rue Arthur-Rimbaud
Rue Arthur-Whelan
Rue Arthur-Wistaff
Rue Asselin
Rue Atawe
Rue Atholl-Doune
Rue Atmec
Rue Aubin
Rue Aubry
Rue Audet
Rue Auguste-Mondoux
Rue Auguste-Renoir
Rue Augustin-Thibault
Rue Aumond
Rue Aurora-Lafleur
Rue Bagot
Rue Balsam
Rue Bancroft
Rue Barber
Rue Barette
Rue Baribeau
Rue Basswood
Rue Beauchamp
Rue Beauchemin
Rue Beaudoin
Rue Beaulac
Rue Beaumont
Rue Beauparlant
Rue Beauséjour
Rue Beauvais
Rue Bédard
Rue Bégin
Rue Bel-Air
Rue Belcourt
Rue Bélec
Rue Bélisle
Rue Bell
Rue Belleau
Rue Bellehumeur
Rue Bellevue
Rue Belmont
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Rue Benoît
Rue Bérard
Rue Bériault
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Rue Bernier
Rue Berri
Rue Bertha
Rue Berthe
Rue Berthiaume
Rue Berthier
Rue Bertille-Paiement
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Rue Bienvenue
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Rue Binet
Rue Birch
Rue Bisson
Rue Bissonnette
Rue Blais
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Rue Boisé des Mûriers
Rue Boisvert
Rue Boland
Rue Bombardier
Rue Bonhomme
Rue Booth
Rue Borduas
Rue Boucher
Rue Boucherville
Rue Boudria
Rue Boulay
Rue Boult
Rue Bourgeau Nord
Rue Bourgeau Sud
Rue Bourget
Rue Bourque
Rue Boyer
Rue Boyes
Rue Brady
Rue Brazeau
Rue Breadner
Rue Brébeuf
Rue Breboeuf
Rue Brian
Rue Brigham
Rue Broad
Rue Broadway Est
Rue Broadway Ouest
Rue Brodeur
Rue Brook
Rue Brosseau
Rue Bruchési
Rue Brunet
Rue Bruyère
Rue Burke
Rue Burns
Rue Buteau
Rue Butternut
Rue Cadieux
Rue Camille
Rue Camille-Gay
Rue Campeau
Rue Carle
Rue Carmen
Rue Caron
Rue Cartier
Rue Cathcart
Rue Cavanagh
Rue Cavelier-De la Salle
Rue Cayer
Rue Cedar
Rue Céline
Rue Chagnon
Rue Chamberland
Rue Champagne
Rue Champlain
Rue Champêtre
Rue Chapel
Rue Charbonneau
Rue Charles-Albanel
Rue Charles-Bagot
Rue Charles-Baudelaire
Rue Charles-Carrière
Rue Charles-Church
Rue Charles-Desnoyers
Rue Charles-Devlin
Rue Charles-Hornidge
Rue Charles-Symmes
Rue Charlevoix
Rue Charpentier
Rue Charron
Rue Chartier
Rue Chartrand
Rue Chateaubriand
Rue Chaudière
Rue Chauveau
Rue Chestnut
Rue Chevalier
Rue Chiasson
Rue Chimo
Rue Cholette
Rue Chomedey
Rue Chopin
Rue Chouinard
Rue Christophe-Colomb
Rue Cinq-Mars
Rue Claire
Rue Clarence
Rue Claude
Rue Claude-Lafrenière
Rue Claude-Monet
Rue Clément
Rue Clermont
Rue Cléroux
Rue Cloutier
Rue Coallier
Rue Coleman
Rue Colette
Rue Connaught
Rue Conrad-Valéra
Rue Conroy
Rue Corbeil
Rue Cormier
Rue Corriveau
Rue Coulombe
Rue Coulonge
Rue Courcelette
Rue Courchesne
Rue Court
Rue Courtemanche
Rue Cousineau
Rue Couture
Rue Craik
Rue Crémazie
Rue Crevier
Rue Croteau
Rue Cypress
Rue Côté
Rue D'Aiguillon
Rue d'Albanel
Rue d'Albion
Rue d'Alençon
Rue d'Alma
Rue d'Alsace
Rue d'Amalthée
Rue d'Andromède
Rue d'Angers
Rue d'Anjou
Rue d'Antibes
Rue d'Anvers
Rue D'Aoust
Rue d'Argenteuil
Rue d'Arizona
Rue d'Artois
Rue d'Augier
Rue d'Augusta
Rue d'Auvergne
Rue d'Avignon
Rue d'Edmonton
Rue d'Ellesmere
Rue d'Entrecasteaux
Rue d'Hadera
Rue d'Hochelaga
Rue d'Olier
Rue d'Orléans
Rue d'Orly
Rue d'Orsay
Rue d'Orsonnens
Rue d'Oslo
Rue d'Outremont
Rue d'Évry
Rue Dalhousie
Rue Dalpé
Rue Damien
Rue Damphousse
Rue Daniel
Rue Daniel-Johnson
Rue Dansereau
Rue Dauphinais
Rue David-Gaulin
Rue David-Laviolette
Rue Davidson Est
Rue Davidson Ouest
Rue Davies
Rue de Bandol
Rue de Barcelone
Rue de Batiscan
Rue de Bazin
Rue de Beauce
Rue de Beauchastel
Rue de Beaudet
Rue de Beauharnois
Rue De Beaumarchais
Rue de Beaumont
Rue de Beauport
Rue de Beausoleil
Rue de Beaussier
Rue de Beauvallon
Rue de Bécancour
Rue de Bellefeuille
Rue de Beloeil
Rue de Bergerac
Rue de Bernay
Rue de Biencourt
Rue de Biscaye
Rue de Blainville
Rue de Boisbriand
Rue de Boisclerc
Rue de Bonaventure
Rue de Boulogne
Rue de Bourassa
Rue de Bourdon
Rue de Bourgneuf
Rue de Bourgogne
Rue de Bretagne
Rue de Brignoles
Rue de Bristol
Rue de Britannia
Rue de Brome
Rue de Bromont
Rue de Brouage
Rue de Bruxelles
Rue De Bruyne
Rue de Calais
Rue de Callière
Rue de Callisto
Rue de Calumet
Rue de Camarat
Rue de Canadel
Rue de Candiac
Rue de Cannes
Rue de Cap-aux-Meules
Rue de Carillon
Rue de Carteret
Rue de Cassiopée
Rue de Cassis
Rue de Castagnier
Rue de Castillon
Rue de Castillou
Rue de Cavaillon
Rue de Cavalière
Rue de Chaliers
Rue de Chalifoux
Rue de Chambly
Rue de Chapleau
Rue de Charente
Rue de Charlemagne
Rue de Charny
Rue de Chaumont
Rue de Chaville
Rue de Chazel
Rue de Chenonceau
Rue de Cherbourg
Rue de Cherisy
Rue de Châteaufort
Rue de Cléricy
Rue de Cognac
Rue de Colbert
Rue de Condé
Rue de Contes
Rue de Cotignac
Rue de Courbevoie
Rue de Courville
Rue de Côtéville
Rue de Deauville
Rue de Dieppe
Rue de Dijon
Rue de Dolbeau
Rue de Donnacona
Rue de Dorval
Rue de Drapeau
Rue de Duberger
Rue de Dublin
Rue de Dubuc
Rue de Dubuisson
Rue de Duchesnay
Rue de Dunière
Rue de Dunkerque
Rue de Duparquet
Rue de Duvernay
Rue de Fabre
Rue de Faillon
Rue de Faribault
Rue de Fayence
Rue de Fénelon
Rue de Fermont
Rue de Fleurimont
Rue de Foix
Rue de Foligny
Rue de Fontainebleau
Rue de Fontenelle
Rue de Forestville
Rue de Forillon
Rue de Fournière
Rue de Francfort
Rue de Fréjus
Rue de Fréville
Rue de Fribourg
Rue de Fronsac
Rue de Galifet
Rue de Gallichan
Rue de Ganymède
Rue de Gascogne
Rue de Gaspé
Rue de Genève
Rue de Gentilly
Rue de Granby
Rue de Grande-Entrée
Rue de Grandpré
Rue de Granet
Rue de Grenoble
Rue de Grondines
Rue de Gênes
Rue de Honfleur
Rue de Joliette
Rue de Jonquière
Rue de Joutel
Rue de Juan-les-Pins
Rue de Jupiter
Rue de Kamouraska
Rue de l'Abbé-Desautels
Rue de l'Abbé-Ginguet
Rue de l'Abbé-Mangin
Rue de l'Abbé-Murray
Rue de l'Acadie
Rue de l'Acropole
Rue de l'Aigle
Rue de l'Albatros
Rue de l'Alliance
Rue de l'Alouette
Rue de l'Amble
Rue de l'Anse
Rue de l'Anse-aux-Bateaux
Rue de l'Apogée
Rue de l'Aquilon
Rue de l'Aquitaine
Rue de l'Arc-en-Ciel
Rue de l'Arche
Rue de l'Argile
Rue de l'Art-Contemporain
Rue de l'Art-Moderne
Rue de L'Assomption
Rue de l'Astre
Rue de l'Astrolabe
Rue de l'Atmosphère
Rue de l'Aube
Rue de l'Auberge
Rue de l'Automne
Rue de l'Aviron
Rue de l'Embellie
Rue de l'Emerald
Rue de l'Empire
Rue de l'Entaille
Rue de l'Escalade
Rue de l'Escale
Rue de l'Escalier
Rue de l'Escarpement
Rue de l'Estérel
Rue de l'Hémisphère
Rue de l'Hiver
Rue de l'Horizon
Rue de l'Hôtel-de-Ville
Rue de l'Oasis
Rue de l'Oie-Blanche
Rue de l'Orbite
Rue de l'Orée-des-Bois
Rue de l'Orignal
Rue de l'Ours-Noir
Rue de l'Union
Rue de l'Éboulis
Rue de l'Éclaircie
Rue de l'Éclipse
Rue de l'Élan
Rue de l'Épée
Rue De L'Épée
Rue de l'Épervier
Rue de l'Équateur
Rue de l'Équinoxe
Rue de l'Érablière
Rue de l'Été
Rue de l'Étoile
Rue de la Baie
Rue de la Barque
Rue de la Berline
Rue de la Blanche
Rue de la Bourgade
Rue de la Bourrasque
Rue de la Boussole
Rue de la Brise
Rue de la Brunante
Rue de la Canipco
Rue de la Caraque
Rue de la Cédrière
Rue de la Chimère
Rue de la Châteauguay
Rue de la Châtelaine
Rue de la Cime
Rue de la Cité-Jardin
Rue de la Civilisation
Rue de la Clairière
Rue de la Clématite
Rue de la Colonie
Rue de la Comète
Rue de la Comptine
Rue de la Confédération
Rue de la Constellation
Rue de la Coopération
Rue de la Cordillère
Rue de la Corse
Rue de la Cortland
Rue de la Coulée
Rue de la Coupole
Rue de la Course
Rue de la Croisée
Rue de la Côte-des-Neiges
Rue de la Côte-Sainte-Catherine
Rue de la Fabrique
Rue de la Falaise
Rue de la Ferblanterie
Rue de la Fleur-de-Lys
Rue de la Fondrière
Rue de la Forge
Rue de la Forteresse
Rue de la Fougère
Rue de la Frégate
Rue de la Fuji
Rue de la Futaie
Rue de la Galaxie
Rue de la Galéasse
Rue de la Galène
Rue de la Galère
Rue de la Gironde
Rue de la Gravité
Rue de la Guadeloupe
Rue de la Laiterie
Rue de la Littérature
Rue de la Lobo
Rue de la Loire
Rue de La Malbaie
Rue de la Marelle
Rue de la McIntosh
Rue de la Méditerranée
Rue de la Mine
Rue de la Mouture
Rue de la Nébuleuse
Rue de la Normandie
Rue de la Nouvelle-France
Rue de la Nova
Rue de la Péribonka
Rue de la Petite Ourse
Rue de la Petite-Nation
Rue de la Petite-Ourse
Rue de la Place-de-Templeton
Rue de la Plaine
Rue de la Planète
Rue de La Pocatière
Rue de la Pointe-Pelée
Rue de la Pointe-Taillon
Rue de la Reine-Victoria
Rue de la Reine-Élisabeth Est
Rue de la Reine-Élisabeth Ouest
Rue de la Ridelle
Rue de la Rivière
Rue de La Rochelle
Rue de la Rosée
Rue de la Sablière
Rue de la Sablonnière
Rue de la Sainte-Mélanie
Rue de la Sapinière
Rue de La Sarre
Rue de la Sarthe
Rue de la Seigneurie
Rue de la Sève
Rue de la Sittelle
Rue de la Soeur-Jeanne-Marie-Chavoin
Rue de la Soeur-Éléonore-Potvin
Rue de la Soeur-Éna-Charland
Rue de la Spartan
Rue de la Sterne
Rue de la Terrasse
Rue de la Terrasse-David
Rue de la Terrasse-du-Ruisseau
Rue de la Terrasse-Eardley
Rue de la Tire
Rue de la Tortue
Rue de la Tourbière
Rue de la Vaudaire
Rue de la Yamaska
Rue de Lacaune
Rue de Lachine
Rue De Lanaudière
Rue de Langelier
Rue de Lannion
Rue de Lanoraie
Rue de Laperrière
Rue de Laprairie
Rue de Laterrière
Rue de Lausanne
Rue de Lavandou
Rue de Laverdière
Rue de Lenoir
Rue de Lérins
Rue de Levens
Rue de Liesse
Rue de Lisieux
Rue de Liverpool
Rue de Londres
Rue de Longueuil
Rue de Loranger
Rue De Lorimier
Rue de Lotbinière
Rue de Louisbourg
Rue de Lourdes
Rue de Louvicourt
Rue de Lusignan
Rue de Luze
Rue de Lyon
Rue de Madiran
Rue de Magog
Rue de Malartic
Rue de Maltais
Rue de Mandelieu
Rue de Maniwaki
Rue de Maremme
Rue de Maria
Rue de Maricourt
Rue de Mars
Rue de Marseille
Rue de Massicotte
Rue de Masson
Rue de Matane
Rue de Matapédia
Rue de Maucaillou
Rue de Mégantic
Rue de Melbourne
Rue de Menton
Rue de Mercure
Rue de Milan
Rue de Mingan
Rue de Mirabel
Rue de Miramas
Rue de Mistassini
Rue de Monaco
Rue de Mont-Laurier
Rue de Montcerf
Rue de Monte-Carlo
Rue de Montebello
Rue de Montfort
Rue de Montmagny
Rue de Montpellier
Rue de Morency
Rue de Moscou
Rue de Mougins
Rue de Munich
Rue de Mâcon
Rue de Namur
Rue de Nantel
Rue de Nantes
Rue de Naples
Rue de Navarre
Rue de Neuchâtel
Rue de Nevers
Rue de Nice
Rue de Noranda
Rue de Notre-Dame-de-I'lle
Rue de Notre-Dame-de-I'Île
Rue de Notre-Dame-de-l'Île
Rue de Parenchère
Rue de Parme
Rue de Pélissier
Rue de Percé
Rue de Pergame
Rue de Picardie
Rue de Piedmont
Rue de Pierrefonds
Rue de Pigalle
Rue de Pincourt
Rue de Plaisance
Rue de Pointe-Gatineau
Rue de Poitiers
Rue de Pont-Rouge
Rue de Pontbriand
Rue de Port-Daniel
Rue de Port-Royal
Rue de Portneuf
Rue de Porto
Rue de Pradet
Rue de Provence
Rue de Rainville
Rue de Rayol
Rue de Reims
Rue de Richmond
Rue de Rimouski
Rue de Roberval
Rue de Rochefort
Rue de Roquebrune
Rue de Roquemont
Rue de Roquevaire
Rue de Rotterdam
Rue de Rouen
Rue de Rougemont
Rue de Roulier
Rue de Rouville
Rue de Rupert
Rue de Sabrevois
Rue de Sagard
Rue de Saint-Auban
Rue de Saint-Brieuc
Rue de Saint-Malo
Rue de Saint-Marin
Rue de Saint-Pétersbourg
Rue de Saint-Prime
Rue de Saint-Raphaël
Rue de Saint-Rémy
Rue de Saint-Tropez
Rue de Saint-Vallier
Rue de Saint-Éloi
Rue de Saint-Émilion
Rue de Sainte-Maxime
Rue de Sainte-Monique
Rue De Salaberry
Rue de Salernes
Rue de Salins
Rue de Sanary
Rue de Sancerre
Rue de Saturne
Rue de Saumur
Rue de Sauternes
Rue de Savoie
Rue de Senneville
Rue de Sérignan
Rue de Seyne
Rue de Sillery
Rue de Sorel
Rue de Soulanges
Rue de Stockholm
Rue de Strasbourg
Rue de Tadoussac
Rue de Tellier
Rue de Terrebonne
Rue de Toulon
Rue de Toulouse
Rue de Touraine
Rue de Tourelle
Rue de Tours
Rue de Tracy
Rue de Trigance
Rue de Troyes
Rue de Turin
Rue de Valcourt
Rue de Valence
Rue de Varennes
Rue de Vauquelin
Rue de Vence
Rue de Vendée
Rue de Vendôme
Rue de Vénus
Rue De Verchères
Rue de Verdun
Rue de Vernon
Rue de Versailles
Rue de Ville-Marie
Rue de Villebois
Rue de Villefranche
Rue de Vimy
Rue Décarie
Rue Décosse
Rue Demaison
Rue Demers
Rue Demontigny
Rue Denise-Friend
Rue Denise-Pelletier
Rue Derwin
Rue des Abénaquis
Rue des Abricotiers
Rue des Algonquins
Rue des Alizés
Rue des Alluchons
Rue des Anciens
Rue des Archanges
Rue des Attikameks
Rue des Açores
Rue des Balbuzards
Rue des Beaux-Arts
Rue des Bécassines
Rue des Becs-Scie
Rue des Bérets
Rue des Boulonnais
Rue des Braves-du-Coin
Rue des Busards
Rue des Calabrais
Rue des Camélias
Rue des Canotiers
Rue des Capucines
Rue des Caravelles
Rue des Carouges
Rue des Caspiens
Rue des Cèdres
Rue des Cerisiers
Rue des Chantiers
Rue des Chardonnerets
Rue des Chasseurs
Rue des Chevreuils
Rue des Chouettes
Rue des Châteaux-des-Bois
Rue des Chênes
Rue des Conifères
Rue des Coquelicots
Rue des Dahlias
Rue des Draveurs
Rue des Dunes
Rue des Engoulevents
Rue des Escoumins
Rue des Estacades
Rue des Farfadets
Rue des Fauvettes
Rue des Fées
Rue des Feuillus
Rue des Feux-Follets
Rue des Flandres
Rue des Fleurs
Rue des Fondateurs
Rue des Forages
Rue des Forgerons
Rue des Framboisiers
Rue des Frères-Vachon
Rue des Frênes
Rue des Galeries
Rue des Genévriers
Rue des Géraniums
Rue des Goélands
Rue des Grands-Châteaux
Rue des Graves
Rue Des Groseilliers
Rue des Groseilliers
Rue des Haubans
Rue des Hautes-Rives
Rue des Hauts-Bois
Rue des Hirondelles
Rue des Hurons
Rue des Hydrangées
Rue des Hêtres
Rue des Iroquois
Rue des Jacinthes
Rue des Laurentides
Rue des Lavandes
Rue des Lipizzans
Rue des Lotus
Rue des Louveteaux
Rue des Lutins
Rue des Magnolias
Rue des Malards
Rue des Mangliers
Rue des Manoirs
Rue des Marguerites
Rue des Marouettes
Rue des Marronniers
Rue des Martinets
Rue des Mélèzes
Rue des Merisiers
Rue des Mésanges
Rue des Migrateurs
Rue des Mineurs
Rue des Montagnais
Rue des Montgolfières
Rue des Monts
Rue des Narcisses
Rue des Navigateurs
Rue des Noisetiers
Rue des Noyers
Rue des Obiers
Rue des Oblats
Rue des Oeillets
Rue des Oliviers
Rue des Orchidées
Rue des Ormes
Rue des Outaouais
Rue des Palominos
Rue des Parulines
Rue des Patriotes
Rue des Pensées
Rue des Perce-Neige
Rue des Percherons
Rue des Perdrix
Rue des Pinacées
Rue des Pins
Rue des Pinsons
Rue des Pionniers
Rue des Pluviers
Rue des Poiriers
Rue des Pommetiers
Rue des Pommiers
Rue des Prés
Rue des Pruniers
Rue des Pyrénées
Rue des Rapides
Rue des Récollets
Rue des Rédemptoristes
Rue des Résineux
Rue des Roches
Rue des Roseaux
Rue des Rossignols
Rue des Sables
Rue des Saisons
Rue des Sarcelles
Rue des Scouts
Rue des Sources
Rue des Spiritains
Rue des Sucres
Rue des Thuyas
Rue des Tourterelles
Rue des Tulipes
Rue des Ursulines
Rue des Vétérans
Rue des Vieux-Moulins
Rue des Vignobles
Rue des Violettes
Rue des Écureuils
Rue des Églantiers
Rue des Épinettes
Rue des Étudiants
Rue Desaulniers
Rue Deschamps
Rue Deschênes
Rue Desforges
Rue Desjardins
Rue Desrosiers
Rue Désy
Rue Deveault
Rue Dickens
Rue Dinant
Rue Docteur-J.-Cousineau
Rue Dollard-Des Ormeaux
Rue Dollard-des-Ormeaux
Rue Dominion
Rue Dompierre
Rue Donald-Saint-Jacques
Rue Doré
Rue Dorion
Rue Doucet
Rue Doug-Kelley
Rue Douglas
Rue Dozois
Rue Drummond
Rue du Barry
Rue Du Barry
Rue du Barsac
Rue du Beaujolais
Rue du Beaupré
Rue du Bécasseau
Rue du Belvédère
Rue du Blizzard
Rue du Bois-Joli
Rue du Bordeaux
Rue du Borée
Rue du Bruant
Rue du Butor
Rue du Buzet
Rue du Cabernet
Rue du Caire
Rue du Calvados
Rue du Campagnard
Rue du Canard
Rue du Carcajou
Rue du Caribou
Rue du Carnavalet
Rue du Caveau
Rue du Centaure
Rue du Centenaire
Rue du Centre
Rue du Chablis
Rue du Chalet
Rue du Chalumeau
Rue du Chambertin
Rue du Chanoine-Carrière
Rue du Chevalier-De Rouville
Rue du Chianti
Rue du Chinook
Rue du Château
Rue du Châtelet
Rue du Chêne-Rouge
Rue du Cidre
Rue du Claret
Rue du Colibri
Rue du Collège
Rue du Colonial
Rue du Conservatoire
Rue du Contrefort
Rue du Corail
Rue du Cormoran
Rue du Cosmos
Rue du Coteau
Rue du Couguar
Rue du Couvent
Rue du Crépuscule
Rue du Croiseur
Rue du Cumulus
Rue du Curé-André-Préseault
Rue du Curé-Armand-Larocque
Rue du Curé-Labelle
Rue du Curé-Robert
Rue du Cyclisme
Rue du Cygne
Rue du Désert
Rue du Domaine-Champêtre
Rue du Drakkar
Rue du Duché
Rue du Dôme
Rue du Faisca
Rue du Fanion
Rue du Faubourg
Rue du Fer
Rue du Firmament
Rue du Frimas
Rue du Fusain
Rue du Gabbro
Rue du Geai-Bleu
Rue du Génois
Rue du Gisement
Rue du Glenbow
Rue du Glissoir
Rue du Golf
Rue du Gouvernail
Rue du Grand-Hunier
Rue du Grand-Pic
Rue du Grand-Ruisseau
Rue du Granite
Rue du Graphite
Rue du Grès
Rue du Grésil
Rue du Handicap
Rue du Harfang-des-Neiges
Rue du Havre
Rue du Héron
Rue du Hibou
Rue du Huard
Rue du Jockey
Rue du Joran
Rue du Languedoc
Rue du Limousin
Rue du Loiret
Rue du Long-Sault
Rue du Loup-Gris
Rue du Louvre
Rue du Luxembourg
Rue du Lynx
Rue du Lys
Rue du Malbec
Rue du Maquis
Rue du Marchand
Rue du Marché
Rue du Marigot
Rue du Martin-Pêcheur
Rue du Médoc
Rue du Méridien
Rue du Merle
Rue du Merlot
Rue du Météore
Rue du Mica
Rue du Minervois
Rue du Mirage
Rue du Mistral
Rue du Mont-Fleuri
Rue du Mont-Luc
Rue du Moselle
Rue du Muguet
Rue du Muscatel
Rue du Musée
Rue du Mûrier
Rue du Navire
Rue du Nordet
Rue du Panorama
Rue du Parcours
Rue du Patrimoine
Rue du Pavillon
Rue du Père-Béland
Rue du Père-Bériault
Rue du Père-Eugène-Cauvin
Rue du Phare
Rue du Pinot
Rue du Pirée
Rue du Plateau-Beaulieu
Rue du Plateau-du-Réservoir
Rue du Plein-Air
Rue du Polder
Rue du Prado
Rue du Prince-Albert
Rue du Prince-Arthur
Rue du Prince-de-Condé
Rue du Prince-de-Galles
Rue du Printemps
Rue du Progrès
Rue du Quartz
Rue du Raton-Laveur
Rue du Ravin
Rue du Ravin-Bleu
Rue du Renard
Rue du Rhône
Rue du Riesling
Rue du Rivage
Rue du Rocher
Rue du Roussillon
Rue du Ruisseau
Rue du Sablon
Rue du Saguenay
Rue du Sahara
Rue du Satellite
Rue du Shamal
Rue du Silex
Rue du Sirocco
Rue du Solstice
Rue du Sommelier
Rue du Sommet
Rue du Sous-Bois
Rue du Souvenir
Rue du Stratus
Rue du Sucrier
Rue du Sulky
Rue du Talus
Rue du Tamarac
Rue du Tartan
Rue du Terroir
Rue du Totem
Rue du Tournoi
Rue du Triathlon
Rue du Tropique
Rue du Vaisseau
Rue du Val-Perché
Rue du Verger
Rue du Vermont
Rue du Versant
Rue du Versant-Nord
Rue du Vieux-Port
Rue du Vieux-Rouet
Rue Du Vigneau
Rue du Virgilier
Rue du Vison
Rue du Voilier
Rue du Zénith
Rue du Zéphyr
Rue du Zodiaque
Rue Dubé
Rue Dubeau
Rue Dubois
Rue Ducerre
Rue Ducharme
Rue Ducheschay
Rue Duciaume
Rue Dufferin
Rue Dugas
Rue Duguay
Rue Duhamel
Rue Duluth
Rue Dumais
Rue Dumas
Rue Dumont
Rue Dumontier
Rue Dumouchel
Rue Dupuis
Rue Duquesne
Rue Duquette Est
Rue Duquette Ouest
Rue Durocher
Rue Dussault
Rue East
Rue Eastern
Rue Eddy
Rue Edgar-Chénier
Rue Edgar-Degas
Rue Edgewood
Rue Edmond
Rue Edna
Rue Edward
Rue Edward-Cooper
Rue Edward-Langton-Quirk
Rue Elgin
Rue Elizabeth
Rue Ellard
Rue Elm
Rue Elzéar
Rue Ernest-Charron
Rue Ernest-Gaboury
Rue Essiambre
Rue Eugène-Dagenais
Rue Eugène-Lortie
Rue Eugène-Trinquier
Rue Eva
Rue Evelyn
Rue F.-Béland
Rue F.-X.-Bouvier
Rue Falardeau
Rue Farley
Rue Farmer
Rue Faubert
Rue Félix-Leclerc
Rue Félix-Renaud
Rue Fernand-Arvisais
Rue Filiatreault
Rue Florian-Thibault
Rue Fontaine
Rue Foran
Rue Forest
Rue Forget
Rue Forgie
Rue Fortier
Rue Fortin
Rue Frank-Lynch
Rue François
Rue François-De Lévis
Rue François-Morin
Rue Fréchette
Rue Fred-Forsythe
Rue Froment
Rue Front
Rue Frontenac
Rue Gabriel-Constantineau
Rue Gabriel-Lacasse
Rue Gabrielle-Roy
Rue Gagnon
Rue Galipeau
Rue Gamelin
Rue Garneau
Rue Garnier
Rue Gaston-Lallement
Rue Gauthier
Rue Gendron
Rue Généreux
Rue Genest
Rue Georges-Bilodeau
Rue Georges-Dor
Rue Georges-Dumas
Rue Georges-Lebel
Rue Georges-Vanier
Rue Georges-Walker
Rue Gérald-Dubois
Rue Gérard-Binette
Rue Geres
Rue Gilbert-Garneau
Rue Gilles
Rue Giroux
Rue Glaude
Rue Glenholm
Rue Glenwood
Rue Gordon
Rue Goudie
Rue Gouin
Rue Goulet
Rue Goyette
Rue Graham
Rue Graham-Greig
Rue Gratton
Rue Graveline
Rue Gravelle
Rue Green Valley
Rue Greene
Rue Groulx
Rue Guay
Rue Guertin
Rue Guigues
Rue Guilford-Booth
Rue Guillemette
Rue Guimond
Rue Guindon
Rue Guy-Millette
Rue Hadley
Rue Hamel
Rue Hanson
Rue Harcourt-Church
Rue Harold
Rue Harris
Rue Hart
Rue Harvey
Rue Hawthorne
Rue Hébert
Rue Hector-Leblanc
Rue Hélène-Boullé
Rue Hélène-Duval
Rue Helenore
Rue Hemlock
Rue Henri-Dunant
Rue Henri-Gauthier
Rue Henri-Laflamme
Rue Henri-Lessard
Rue Henri-Matisse
Rue Henri-Rollin
Rue Hervé
Rue Hervé-Simoneau
Rue Hétu
Rue Hill
Rue Hillcrest
Rue Hillside
Rue Hilltop
Rue Hillview
Rue Hinchey
Rue Holmes
Rue Homier
Rue Honoré
Rue Honoré-Mercier
Rue Hormidas-Dupuis
Rue Houle
Rue Howard
Rue Hubert
Rue Hudson
Rue Hupé
Rue Hurd
Rue Iberville
Rue Idola-Saint-Jean
Rue Irène
Rue Isaac-Jogues
Rue Isabelle
Rue Isidore-Ostiguy
Rue Jacques-Buteux
Rue Jacques-Cartier
Rue Jacques-Gervais
Rue Jacques-Philion
Rue Jacques-Poulin
Rue James-Byrne
Rue James-Murray
Rue Jean-Chénier
Rue Jean-Dallaire
Rue Jean-De La Fontaine
Rue Jean-Delisle
Rue Jean-Gascon
Rue Jean-Lépine
Rue Jean-Lesage
Rue Jean-Louis-Malette
Rue Jean-Louis-Morin
Rue Jean-Marc
Rue Jean-Paul-Poirier
Rue Jean-Paul-Sartre
Rue Jean-Perrin
Rue Jean-Proulx
Rue Jean-Racine
Rue Jean-René-Monette
Rue Jean-Talon
Rue Jeanne-d'Arc
Rue Jeanne-Mance
Rue Jeannine-Grégoire-Ross
Rue Joanette
Rue Joanisse
Rue Jobin
Rue Joe-Archambault
Rue Joffre
Rue Jogues
Rue John
Rue John-Egan
Rue John-Gibeault
Rue Johnston
Rue Jolicoeur
Rue Joly
Rue Jos-Montferrand
Rue Joseph-Baker
Rue Joseph-Bélanger
Rue Joseph-Demontigny
Rue Joseph-Galipeau
Rue Joseph-McDonald
Rue Joseph-Roy
Rue Jubilee
Rue Jules-Bordet
Rue Jules-Léger
Rue Jules-Verne
Rue Jumonville
Rue Juneau
Rue Juniper
Rue Katimavik
Rue Kehoe
Rue Kent
Rue King
Rue La Fayette
Rue La Madeleine
Rue La Québécoise
Rue Labelle
Rue Labrie
Rue LaCasse
Rue Lachapelle
Rue Lacombe
Rue Lacroix
Rue Laferrière
Rue Laflamme
Rue Laflèche
Rue Lafleur
Rue Lafontaine
Rue Lafortune
Rue Lafrance
Rue Lafrenière
Rue Lahaie
Rue Lake
Rue Lalande
Rue Lalemant
Rue Lamarche
Rue Lambert
Rue Lamoureux
Rue Lamy
Rue Lanctôt
Rue Landreville
Rue Landry
Rue Langlois
Rue Laniel
Rue Laprade
Rue Larabie
Rue Laramée
Rue Larcher
Rue Larente
Rue Laroche
Rue Larose
Rue Larouche
Rue Lasalle
Rue Laure
Rue Laurel
Rue Laurent-Paris
Rue Laurentien
Rue Laurette-Routhier
Rue Laurier
Rue Laval
Rue Lavallée
Rue Lavictoire
Rue Lavigne
Rue Laviolette
Rue Le Baron
Rue Le Ber
Rue Le Breton
Rue Le Gallois
Rue Le Loutre
Rue Le Marquis
Rue Le Roy
Rue Le Vasseur
Rue Leblanc
Rue Leboeuf
Rue Leclerc
Rue Leduc
Rue Légaré
Rue Legault
Rue Léger
Rue Leguerrier
Rue LeGuerrier
Rue Lemaire
Rue Lemay
Rue Lemieux
Rue Lemoyne
Rue Léo-Smith
Rue Léonard-Fortin
Rue Léopold
Rue Léry
Rue Lesage
Rue Lessard
Rue Léveillé
Rue Lévesque
Rue Lévis
Rue Limbour
Rue Lina
Rue Lionel-Groulx
Rue Lionel-Renaud
Rue Lloyd
Rue Lois
Rue Longview
Rue Lord-Aylmer
Rue Lortie
Rue Louis
Rue Louis-Bisson
Rue Louis-Colin
Rue Louis-Cousineau
Rue Louis-Fréchette
Rue Louis-Hébert
Rue Louis-Hémon
Rue Louis-Jolliet
Rue Louis-Riel
Rue Louis-Roy
Rue Louis-Saint-Laurent
Rue Lucien-Brault
Rue Lucien-Desjardins
Rue Lucien-Gendron
Rue Lucienne-Bourgeois
Rue Luck
Rue Lucrèce-Borgia
Rue Ludger-Duvernay
Rue Lynn
Rue Lyse-Daniels
Rue Madaire
Rue Madore
Rue Magnus Est
Rue Magnus Ouest
Rue Maillard
Rue Main
Rue Major
Rue Mance
Rue Mangin
Rue Marcel-Chaput
Rue Marcelle-Ferron
Rue Marcotte
Rue Marcoux
Rue Marengère
Rue Marguerite-Bourgeoys
Rue Marguerite-D'Youville
Rue Marianne
Rue Maricourt
Rue Marie-Bernard
Rue Marie-Burger
Rue Marie-Crevier
Rue Marie-Curie
Rue Marie-Guyart
Rue Marie-Le Franc
Rue Marie-Louise-Coulombe
Rue Marie-Victorin
Rue Marinier
Rue Marlene-Goyet
Rue Marquette
Rue Marsolet
Rue Marston
Rue Martel
Rue Martin
Rue Martin-Perrier Nord
Rue Martin-Perrier Sud
Rue Martineau
Rue Mary
Rue Massé
Rue Maude
Rue Mauriac
Rue Maurice
Rue Maurice-Beaudoin
Rue Maurice-Duplessis
Rue Maurice-Martel
Rue Maurice-St-Louis
Rue Max
Rue May
Rue Mayburry
Rue Mayer
Rue McDougall
Rue McElroy
Rue McLean
Rue McMillan
Rue Meilleur
Rue Melgund-Bouchard
Rue Mercier
Rue Merlin
Rue Metcalfe
Rue Meunier
Rue Michaud
Rue Michel-Parizeau
Rue Micheline
Rue Middle
Rue Migneault
Rue Milks
Rue Millar
Rue Miron
Rue Mitchell
Rue Molière
Rue Monast
Rue Moncion
Rue Mondoux
Rue Monette
Rue Monseigneur-Beaudoin
Rue Monseigneur-Forbes
Rue Monseigneur-Lemieux
Rue Montcalm
Rue Montgomery
Rue Montmartre
Rue Montmorency
Rue Montpetit
Rue Montreuil
Rue Moore
Rue Moreau
Rue Morin
Rue Mozart
Rue Mulligan
Rue Murphy
Rue Murray
Rue Mutchmore
Rue Nancy-Elliott
Rue Napoléon-Groulx
Rue Neil-O'Donnell
Rue Nelligan
Rue Nelson
Rue Nicolet
Rue Nilphas-Richer
Rue Nobert
Rue Noël
Rue Normand
Rue North
Rue North Arm
Rue Norval-Jones
Rue Notre-Dame
Rue O'Brien
Rue O'Farrell
Rue O'Hagan
Rue Oak
Rue Oakwood
Rue Octave-Crémazie
Rue Olida
Rue Onésime
Rue Osborne
Rue Oscar
Rue Oscar-Guertin
Rue Oscar-Ladouceur
Rue Osgoode
Rue Oster
Rue Oxford
Rue P.-Labine
Rue Papineau
Rue Paquette
Rue Paquin
Rue Paradis
Rue Parent
Rue Paris
Rue Parisien
Rue Park
Rue Parker
Rue Pasteur
Rue Paul-Berthiaume
Rue Paul-Claudel
Rue Paul-Gauguin
Rue Paul-Laframboise
Rue Paul-Sabatier
Rue Paul-Verlaine
Rue Paulin
Rue Pearson
Rue Pelletier
Rue Perras
Rue Perrot
Rue Peter
Rue Pharand
Rue Philéas-Legault
Rue Philias-Fortin
Rue Philips
Rue Pierre-Corneille
Rue Pierre-De Ronsard
Rue Pierre-Debain
Rue Pierre-Lafontaine
Rue Pierre-Ménard
Rue Pierre-Papin
Rue Pierre-Pauzé
Rue Pierre-Radisson
Rue Pilgrim
Rue Pilon
Rue Pine
Rue Plaza
Rue Plessis
Rue Plouffe
Rue Poirier
Rue Polaire
Rue Poplar
Rue Potvin
Rue Poullart
Rue Poupore
Rue Prentiss
Rue Prévost
Rue Principale
Rue Prud'homme
Rue Queen
Rue Quévillon
Rue R.-H.-Lalonde
Rue R.-Rollin
Rue Racicot
Rue Racine
Rue Radisson
Rue Radmore
Rue Ragueneau
Rue Raoul
Rue Raoul-Roy
Rue Ratier
Rue Raymond
Rue Raymond-Montpetit
Rue Reinhardt
Rue Rémi
Rue Renaud
Rue René
Rue René-Marengère
Rue René-Paulin
Rue René-Roger
Rue René-Tassé
Rue René-Thérien
Rue Richard
Rue Richard-Helmer
Rue Richelieu
Rue Richer
Rue Riopelle
Rue Rita
Rue Ritchie
Rue Riverview
Rue Riviera
Rue Robert-Corbett
Rue Robert-Dorion Est
Rue Robert-Dorion Ouest
Rue Robert-Martial
Rue Robert-Mongeon
Rue Robert-Pilon
Rue Robert-Savoie
Rue Robert-Wright
Rue Roberta-Unwin
Rue Robillard
Rue Robinson
Rue Robitaille
Rue Rochon
Rue Rodolphe
Rue Roger-Poitras
Rue Roland-Tremblay
Rue Rolland
Rue Rollet
Rue Roméo-Gendron
Rue Rosenes
Rue Rouleau
Rue Rousseau
Rue Routhier
Rue Roy
Rue Royal-Brassard
Rue Royale
Rue Ryan
Rue Sabourin
Rue Saint-Alexandre
Rue Saint-André
Rue Saint-Antoine
Rue Saint-Arthur
Rue Saint-Cyr
Rue Saint-Damase
Rue Saint-Denis
Rue Saint-Dominique
Rue Saint-Exupéry
Rue Saint-Florent
Rue Saint-François
Rue Saint-François-Xavier
Rue Saint-Georges
Rue Saint-Germain
Rue Saint-Henri
Rue Saint-Hyacinthe
Rue Saint-Jacques
Rue Saint-James
Rue Saint-Jean
Rue Saint-Jean-Bosco
Rue Saint-Jean-De Brébeuf
Rue Saint-Josaphat
Rue Saint-Louis
Rue Saint-Louis (307)
Rue Saint-Luc
Rue Saint-Marc
Rue Saint-Mathieu
Rue Saint-Maurice
Rue Saint-Médard
Rue Saint-Onge
Rue Saint-Patrice
Rue Saint-Paul
Rue Saint-Rédempteur
Rue Saint-Rosaire
Rue Saint-Sauveur
Rue Saint-Yves
Rue Saint-Étienne
Rue Sainte-Bernadette
Rue Sainte-Hélène
Rue Sainte-Marie
Rue Sainte-Marthe
Rue Sainte-Rosalie
Rue Sainte-Rose
Rue Sainte-Thérèse
Rue Sainte-Ursule
Rue Sainte-Yvonne
Rue Samuel-Edey
Rue Sanctuaire
Rue Sanscartier
Rue Saratoga
Rue Schingh
Rue Schryer
Rue Scott
Rue Séguin
Rue Servant
Rue Sherbrooke
Rue Shortley
Rue Sigouin
Rue Skyridge
Rue Smiley
Rue Smith
Rue Spruce
Rue Stéphane
Rue Stuart
Rue Sumac
Rue Sunset
Rue Suzanne
Rue Sylvain
Rue Sylvestre
Rue Symmes
Rue Talbot
Rue Talon
Rue Taschereau
Rue Tassé
Rue Tavernier
Rue Taylor
Rue Tessier
Rue Tétreau
Rue Thérèse
Rue Thériault
Rue Thérien
Rue Thomas
Rue Thomas-Kelly
Rue Thompson
Rue Tiberius
Rue Tony
Rue Touchette
Rue Traversy
Rue Trépanier
Rue Trottier
Rue Trudeau
Rue Turgeon
Rue Turner
Rue Tyler
Rue Vaive
Rue Valencia
Rue Valin
Rue Vallières
Rue Valpin
Rue Vassal
Rue Vaudreuil
Rue Vianney
Rue Victor-Beaudry
Rue Victor-Charlebois
Rue Victor-Hugo
Rue Victoria
Rue Vienneau
Rue Viger
Rue Villeneuve
Rue Vincent-Legris
Rue Vivaldi
Rue Voltaire
Rue Walter-Herbert
Rue Washington
Rue Watt
Rue Wellington
Rue Wells
Rue Wilfrid-Latour
Rue Wilfrid-Villeneuve
Rue Willard
Rue William-Davis
Rue Williams
Rue Williamson
Rue Winston-Churchill
Rue Woods
Rue Wright
Rue Xavier
Rue Yvon-Chénier
Rue Yvon-Pichette
Rue Édouard-Charette
Rue Édouard-Ellis
Rue Édouard-Gagnon
Rue Élisabeth-Bruyère
Rue Éliza-Simon
Rue Émard
Rue Émile
Rue Émile-Bond
Rue Émile-D'Auray
Rue Émile-Ducharme
Rue Émile-Pelletier
Rue Émile-Zola
Rue Étienne-Brûlé
Rue Éva
Ruelle Apollo
Ruelle du Capitaine-Duval
Ruelle du Como
Ruelle du Spoutnik
Ruelle Jean-Gardy-Bienvenu
Ruelle Sans Nom
Rueter Street
Ruff House
Rumford Drive
Running Room
Rupert Street
Rushford Private
Rushmore Road
Rushton Road
Ruskin Street
Russell Avenue
Russell Gardens
Russell Heights
Russell Road
Russell Road (26)
Russell Road (32)
Russell Street
Russet Terrace
Russian Trade Mission
Rustic Drive
Rustic Hills Crescent
Rustwood Private
Rutgers Private
Ruth E. Dickinson Branch - Ottawa Public Library
Ruth Street
Ruth Wildgen Park Ice Rink
Rutherford Court
Rutherford Crescent
Rutherford Way
Rutherglen Terrace
Rutlege Street
Ryan Drive
Ryder Street
Ryeburn Drive
Ryerson Avenue
Ryerson Tennis Club (27044)
Ryland Street
Rywalk Circle
Rôtisserie St-Hubert

S & R Flooring Concepts
S Ring Road
S&G Fries
S&S Fries
Sa Auto Repair
Saaaby's Beautique & Microblading
SAAB Gas Centre
SAAB Gas Station
SAAB Salon Spa
Sabai Thai
Sable Ridge Drive
Sable Run Drive
Sablewood Place
Sablon Court
Sabourin Road
Sachs Forest Place
Sackville Street
Sacramento Drive
Sacred Heart High School
Sadar Private
Saddle Crescent
Saddleback Crescent
Saddlebrook Street
Saddlehorn Crescent
Saddleridge Drive
Saddlesmith Circle
Sadler Crescent
Safari Court
Saffron Court
Safi Fine Foods
Sagamore Court
Sage Crescent
Sage Designs
Sage Massage Therapy
Sagebrush Crescent
Saginaw Crescent
Sahara Dunes Shawarma
Sai Crescent
Saigon Boy Noodle House
Saigon Court
Saigon Meats & Vegetables
Saigon Pho
Saigon Restaurant
Saini Travel
Saint Aloysius Gonzaga Church
Saint Bernard Roman Catholic Church
Saint Charbel
Saint Elias Antiochian Orthodox Cathedral
Saint Francis of Assisi Church
Saint James Leitrim Anglican Church
Saint Jean de Brebeuf
Saint Leopold Mandic Croatian Church
Saint Matthew Romanian Orthodox Church
Saint Patrick's Basilica
Saint Peter's Evangelical Lutheran Church
Saint Stefan Serbian Orthodox
Saint Tekle Haimanot Ethiopian Orthodox Church
Saint Xenia Russian Orthodox Church
Saint-François-d'Assise Catholic Elementary School (793027)
Saint-Joseph d'Orléans Catholic Elementary School (703095)
Saint-Rémi Catholic Elementary School (752625)
Sainte-Bernadette Catholic Elementary School
Sainte-Geneviève Catholic Elementary School (861871)
Sainte-Marie Catholic Elementary School (709646)
Saints Peter and Paul Melkite Catholic Church
Saks Fifth Avenue OFF 5TH
Sala Thai
Salaberry Street
Salang Restaurant
Sale Barn Road
Salina Street
Salisbury Place
Salon 548
Salon Bliss
Salon Coupe de Ville
Salon Elegance
Salon Jacques
Salon Noir Spa
Salon Nouveau Style
Salon Rouge
Salon Salwa
Salon Unique & Barber Shop
Salt Lounge
Salter Crescent
Salter Square
Saltspring Private
Salvation Army
Salvation Army Thrift Store
Salzburg Drive
Sam Alterations
Sam Reno Lighting
Samaha Auto
Samantha Eastop Avenue
Samar Kabab House
Samara Place
Sami's Garage
Samir Ghalem Art Studio
Samo Wood
Sample Road
Sampson Private
Samuel de Champlain statue
Samuel Drive
Samuel Mann Avenue
Samuel-Genest Cathollic Middle School (695955)
San Marino Pizza
San Mateo Drive
San Remo Private
Sanctuary Private
Sand Cherry Private
Sandalwood Drive
Sandcastle Drive
Sandcliffe Terrace
Sanderling Court
Sandford Fleming Avenue
Sandgate Ridge
Sandhamn Private
Sandhead Terrace
Sandhill Road
Sandhurst Court
Sandman Crescent
Sandpiper Court
Sandra Avenue
Sandridge Road
Sandringham Court
Sandstone Court
Sandwalk Private
Sandwell Crescent
Sandy Avenue
Sandy Beach Court
Sandy Forest Place
Sandy Hill
Sandy Hill Arena
Sandy Hill Child Care
Sandy Hill Cleaners
Sandy Hill Co-op
Sandy Hill Lounge and Grill
Sandy Hill Park Ice Rink
Sandy Oaks Drive
Sandy's Soft Serve
Sanford Avenue
Sang video coin wash
Sangria Way
Sanibel Private
Sankofa Book Store
Sansonnet Street
Sansotei Ramen
Santa Anna Lane
Santa Cruz Private
Santolina Street
Saoirse Spa
Saphir Avenue
Sapinier Street
Sapins Garden
Sappers Ridge
Sappers Staircase
Sapporo Sushi
SAQ Classique
SAQ Séléction
Sara Beauty
Sara Court
Sarabella Street
Sarah Billings Place
Saratoga Place
Saroughi International Taekwon-do
Sarrazin Way
Saslove's Meat Market
Sasloves Meat
Saturn Crescent
Sauble Drive
Saudi Arabia Embassy
Saudi Arabian Cultural Bureau
Saulnier Lane
Sault Street
Saunders Avenue
Saunderson Drive
Saunderson Roofing
Sauterne Park
Savage Drive
Savard Avenue
Saville Apartments
Saville Row
Savoy Place
Savuto Way
Sawchuk Terrace
Sawmill Creek Crescent
Sawmill Creek Elementary School (SAWM)
Sawmill Creek Estates
Sawmill Creek Housing Co-op
Sawmill Creek Path
Sawmill Creek path connection
Sawmill Creek Pathway
Sawmill Private
Sawyer Way
Saxony Crescent
Saxton Private
Say Cheese
Scala Avenue
Scala Park Ice Rink
Scampton Drive
Scarlet Court
Scarlett's Dinner Theatre
Scatterbrain Gifts
Scentimental Flowers
Sceptre Way
Scharf Lane
Scharfgate Drive
Scharfield Road
Schneider Road
Schnitzel Works
Scholars Court
Scholastic Drive
School Lane
School playground
Schoolhouse Private
Schoolyard Private
Schooner Crescent
Schouten Drive
Schroeder Crescent
Schubert Circle
Scissons Road


Scobie Crescent
Scone Witch
Scooter Rooter
Score Pizza
Scorpion's Sting Studio
Scotia Place
Scotiabank (68106)
Scotiabank (98756)
Scotiabank Theatre Ottawa (formerly SilverCity Gloucester)
Scotland Private
Scott Street
Scott ToKessey Baseball Diamond (33183)
Scott-Dupuis Way
Scottanne Street
Scotthill Apartments
Scotty's Corner Diner
Scottys's Auto Body
Scout Street
Scova Crescent
Scrim's Florists
Scrivens Drive
Scrivens Street
Scully Way
Sea King Restaurant
Seabrook Floral
Seabrooke Drive
Seabury Gate
Season's Pizza
Seaway Store
Sebring Avenue
Second Avenue
Second Avenue Sweets
Second Cup
Second Cup Coffee
Second Editions Used Book Store
Second Glance
Secord Avenue
Sedgebrook Way
Sedona Street
Seed to Sausage
Seeley's Bay Street
Séguin Street
Selby Avenue
Select Car Sales
Select Tailors & Dry Cleaning
Selene Way
Selhurst Avenue
Selkirk Street
Sellers Way
Selloff Vacations
Selwyn Crescent
Selwyn Place
Selye Crescent
Sen Asian Cuisine
Sen's House
Sénateurs Way
Seneca 41
Seneca Street
Senhor Santo Cristo Church
Senio Avenue
SENS Rink of Dreams
Sentier / Trail #11
Sentier Capucine
Sentier culturel
Sentier de Bella
Sentier de l'Île
Sentier de la Rivière Gatineau Pathway
Sentier de la Rivière-Gatineau
Sentier de la Sucrerie
Sentier des Caryers - Hickory Trail
Sentier des Pionniers
Sentier des Pionniers Pathway
Sentier des Voyageurs
Sentier des Voyageurs Pathway
Sentier des Voyageurs Pathway (Temporarily Closed)
Sentier des Voyageurs (Temporarily Closed)
Sentier du Corridor-Champlain
Sentier du Lac Leamy Pathway
Sentier du Lac Pink Lake Trail
Sentier du Lac-des-Fées
Sentier du Lac-des-Fées Pathway
Sentier du Parc de la Gatineau
Sentier du Parc de la Gatineau Park Pathway #15
Sentier du Parc de la Gatineau Park Trail #30 (30)
Sentier du Parc de la Gatineau Parkway
Sentier du Parc-de-la-Gatineau
Sentier du Parc-de-la-Gatineau (5)
Sentier du Ruisseau Leamy Pathway
Sentier du Ruisseau-de-la-Brasserie Pathway
Sentier du Ruisseau-Leamy
Sentier du Ruisseau-Leamy (27)
Sentier Horizon
Sentier Lauriault Trail
Sentier Private
Sentier Sophie
Sentier Waterfall Trail
Sentier/Trail #1
Sentier/Trail #1 (1)
Sentier/Trail #17
Sentier/Trail #23
Sentier/Trail #36 (36)
Sentier/Trail #8
Seoul Mart
Sequoia Co-op
Sequoia Drive
Séraphin-Marion Private
Séraphin-Marion Public Elementary School
Serena Way
Serenade Crescent
Serenity Avenue
Serins Lane
Seriously Twisted Cafe & Bakery
Serra Ridge
Servantes de Jésus-Marie
Service Center
Service de police de la ville de Gatineau - Quartier général
Service de sécurité incendie
Service régional de la formation professionelle en Outaouais
Seth Private
Settler's Ridge Way
Seven Convenience
Severn Avenue
Severn Avenue Public School (SEVE)
Sew for It
Sewell Way
Sewing & Alteration
Sewing King
Seymour Avenue
Seyton Drive
Seyton Gardens
SG Printing
Shaan Curry House
Shack's Kitchen & Catering
Shackleford Way
Shadehill Crescent
Shadetree Crescent
Shadow Court
Shadow Hill Crescent
Shadow Ridge
Shadow Ridge Drive
Shady Branch Trail
Shady Grove Street
Shafali Bazzar
Shafie Food Centre
Shahrazad Restaurant
Shakespeare Street
Shakewood Street
Shalom Street
Shamandura Lane
Shamir Avenue
Shamrock Place
Shandon Avenue
Shane Street
Shanegal Crescent
Shanel Place
Shanghai 360
Shanghai One
Shanghai Restaurant
Shanly Private
Shannel Hair Design
Shannon Street
Shannondoe Crescent
Shaolin Kung Fu Centre
Shaping the Landscape
Share The Flame
Sharel Drive
Shark Club
Sharma Travel Agency
Sharon Avenue
Sharp Street
Shasta Street
Shatner Gate
Shaughnessy Crescent
Shauna Crescent
Shaw Court
Shawarma Andalos
Shawarma Bits
Shawarma Byte
Shawarma Chef
Shawarma De Roza
Shawarma Deluxe
Shawarma Express
Shawarma Heaven
Shawarma House
Shawarma King
Shawarma Master
Shawarma Palace
Shawarma Planet
Shawarma Prince
Shawarma Rosana
Shawarma Royal
Shawarma Shish
Shawarma Station
Shawarma Village
Shawglen Way
Shawinigan Street
Shawondasee Street
Shea Road
Sheahan Crescent
Shean Architecture Studio
Shearer Crescent
Shearwater Court
Shearwater Private
Sheba Private
Sheenboro Crescent
Sheffield Auto Services
Sheffield Glen Park Ice Rink
Sheffield Road
Shefford Court
Shefford Houses
Shefford Road
Shehyn Lane
Shekarchi Express
Sheldon Avenue
Sheldrake Drive
SHELF: 759 - 760
Shellbrook Way
Shelley Avenue
Sheng Shen Catholic Church
Shenkman Arts Centre
Shepody Circle
Sheppard's Glen Avenue
Sheraton Ottawa Hotel
Sherbourne Road
Sherbrooke Avenue
Sheridan Avenue
Sherk Crescent
Sherman Drive
Sherring Court
Sherring Crescent
Sherry Lane
Sherway Drive
Sherwin Williams
Sherwin-Willams Paint
Sherwin-William Paints
Sherwin-Williams Paint Store
Sherwin-Williams Paints
Sherwood Drive
Sherwood Market & Deli
Sherwood Street
Shetland Way
Shields Drive
Shifa Restaurant
Shillington Avenue
Shiloh Holiness Church
Shimmerton Circle
Shining Star Circle
Shinka Sushi Bar
Shinleaf Crescent
Shinny Avenue
Shipley Crescent
Shiraz Market
Shiregreen Drive
Shirley Avenue
Shirley Boulevard
Shirley's Brook Drive
Shirleys Bay
Shirleys Creek
Shish Kabab House
Shoe Box
Shop N' Shop
Shopper's Drug Mart
Shoppers Drug Mart
Shoppers Drug Mart #0988
Shoppers Drug Mart (1254)
Shoppers Drug Mart (1442)
Shoppers Drug Mart (632)
Shoppers Drugmart
Shoppers Drugmart (1433)
Shoppers Home Health Care
Shoppers Post Office
Shoppers Simply Pharmacy
Shore Street
Shoreham Avenue
Shoreline Drive
Short cut
Short Story
Shortcut via parking lot
Shorty's Sandwich Shop
Shouldice Berry Farm
Shouldice Crescent
Shylo Crescent
Shyne On
Siam Bistro
Siam Kitchen
Sibelle Salon
Siblings Place
Sicard Way
Sidney Cook Lane
Sidney Drive
Sidney Street
Sienna Private
Siesta Court
Sieveright Avenue
Sieveright Park Ice Rink
Sigma Court
Silbrass Private
Silhouette Hair Design
Silk Road
Silk Road Flower Rain
Silk Road Foods
Silkie Locks Hair Design
Sillery Place
Silly Billy's
Silva Court
Silver 7 Martial Arts
Silver Aspen Crescent
Silver Automotive
Silver Bark Avenue
Silver City Food Market
Silver Dragon
Silver Horse Crescent
Silver Line
Silver Maple Lane
Silver Pines Crescent
Silver Sage Avenue
Silver Scissors Salon
Silver Seven Road
Silver Spoon
Silver Spoon Express
Silver Spruce Way
Silver Star Private
Silver Street
Silver7 Martial Arts
Silverado Crescent
Silverbell Crescent
Silverbirch Street
Silverlace Private
Silverline Tattoo
Silvermoon Crescent
Silverstar Automotive
Silverstone Way
Silverthorn Court
Silvertip Lane
Silvertree Place
Silverwing Computer
Silverwood Road
Silvestri Crescent
Sima Hair Studio
Simard Drive
Simcoe Street
Simon Bolivar
Simona Hair & Esthetics
Simoneau Way
Simplicity Dry Cleaning
Simply Biscotti
Simply Therapy Inc.
Simply Tile
SimplyRaw Express
Simpson Road
Simran Private
Sims Avenue
Sinbad Bakery
Sinclair Street
Sing Hing Restaurant
Singal Street
Singer Place
Singing Pebble Books
Singleton Way
Sinix Media Group
Sioux Crescent
Sipan Tires and Rims
Sir Frederick Banting Driveway
Sir George-Étienne Cartier
Sir Guy Carleton Secondary School (SGCA)
Sir Guy Carleton Street
Sir John A
Sir John A. Macdonald
Sir John A. Macdonald Building
Sir John Carling Building (demolished)
Sir Robert Borden High School (SRBH)
Sir Robert Laird Borden
Sir Vape a Lot
Sir Vape-A-Lot
Sir Wilfrid Laurier
Sir Wilfrid Laurier Secondary School (SWIL)
Sir Winston Churchill Public School (SWIN)
Sir-George-Étienne-Cartier Parkway
Siren Private
Sirocco Crescent
Sirois Avenue
Sis 2 Spa
Siskin Court
Sisters of Charity of Ottawa - Convents
Sit for a While, In the Garden, and Watch the Parade
Sitar Indian Restaurant
Sittelle Private
Sixth Line Road
Sixth Street
Sizzle n' Grill
SK Auto Repair
Skating Court
Skead Street
Skeena Avenue
Skela Foods
Sketchs Ink

ski classic 29

Skid Row
Skipping Stones
Skipton Road
Skuce Private
Sky Zone Ottawa
SkyExpress Travel
Skyline Chalet
Skyline Trail
Skyview Private
Skyway Homes
Skyway Street
Slack Road
Slade Crescent
Sladen Avenue
Slapshot Way
Slate Street
Slater Street
Slater Street Market
Slattery's Field Street
Sleaford Gate
Sleep Country
Sleepy Cedars Family Campground
Slemon Private
Slemon Street
Slidell Street
Sloan Avenue
Slovak Republic Embassy in Canada
Small Street Barbecue Restaurant
Smart choice
Smirle Avenue
Smith Road
Smithers Crescent
Smoke Effex
Smoke F/X
Smoke Signalz
Smoke's Poutinerie
Smokes Poutinerie
Smoketree Crescent
Smokwana Convenience Store
SmoQue Shack
Smudge Beauty Bar
Smugglers Court
Smyth Road
Snack bar
Snack Express
Snake Island Road (6)
Snap Fitness
Snapdragon Private
Snippers, Maitre Coiffeur
SNMC Center & Masjid
Snobby's Barbershop
Snow Birds-Face of our Community
Snow Goose
Snow Goose Street
Snow Street
Snowberry Way
Snowdon Street
Snowmobile Trail Map
Snowshoe Crescent
Snowy Owl Trail
So Good Restaurant
Sobeys Pharmacy
Sobeys Urban Fresh
Soccer Canada
Social Sciences Research Building
Social Thai
Soderlind Street
Soho Crescent
Sojourn Street
Solace Court
Solandt Road
Solano Terrace
Solaris Drive
Soldats-Riendeau Street
Soleil Avenue
Soleil des Iles
Solera Circle
Solstice Way
Solva Drive
Som Tum Thai
Somero Private
Somerset connector
Somerset Hair Studio
Somerset Street East
Somerset Street West
Somerset Travel Agency
Somerset View
Somme Street
Sonata Place
Sonesta Circle
Song Sparrow Street
Songbird Private
Soni Hair Design
Sonia Court
Sonic Private
Sonnet Crescent
Sonny's Bar & Grill
Soper Place
Sophia Esthetic
Soprano's Pizza
Sora Way
Sorento Street
Sorrel Driveway
Sotek Graphics
Soul City Apparel
Soul Stone
Soup 'ER' Sandwich
Soup Guy Cafe
South African High Commission
South African War
South Asian Supermarket
South Beach Boulevard
South Block Whiskey Bar
South Branch Street
South Centrepointe
South Dogsled
South Frontage
South Gloucester United Church
South Haven Place
South Hull Elementary School
South Island Park Drive
South Keys
South Keys Code
South Keys Greenboro School Age Program
South Keys Place
South Keys Station connection
South March Public School (SMPS)
South Pointe Manotick
South River Drive
South Side Mobile Home Park
South St. Burger
South St Burgers
South Street
South Sunset Drive
South Village
South Village Drive
Southam Hall
Southam Way
Southampton Court
Southbridge Street
Southclark Place
Southcrest Private
Southdown Court
Southern Drive
Southern Hills Court
Southfield Way
Southgate Baseball Diamond (33111)
Southgate Carpets
Southgate Road
Southgate Square
Southland Crescent
Southminster United Church
Southmore Drive East
Southmore Drive West
Southpark Drive
Southpointe Avenue
Southport Drive
Southvale Crescent
Southview Crescent
Southwood Drive
Southwood Place
Souvlaki Bar
Sovereign Avenue
Sovereign Building
Spa Junkie
Spa Shangrila
SpaceMan Music
Spadina Avenue
Spadina Place
Spalding Avenue
Spanish Embassy
Spanning Generations
Sparkle Street
Sparkling Lake Way
Sparkman Avenue
Sparks Street
Sparrow Way
Spartan Avenue
Spartan Grove Street
Spartina Street
Sparx Massage
Spearman Lane
Specialized Auto Image
Spectra Premium
Spectrum Kitchen & Bath Design
Speedy Glass
Speers Crescent
Spencer Street
Spero Esthetics
Spic & Span #1 Dry Cleaners
Spic and Span Cleaners
Spicebush Place
Spicy House
Spiffy Car Care
Spikemoss Place
Spin Kitchen & Bar
Spindle Way
Spindrift Circle
Spinney Way
Spiritwood Drive
Spitfire Private
Splash Pad - Aladdin Park (31014)
Splash Pad - Andrew Haydon Park (36291)
Splash Pad - Arnott Park (31596)
Splash Pad - Bandmaster Park (36277)
Splash Pad - Banner Park (31077)
Splash Pad - Barrington Park (31089)
Splash Pad - Beacon Hill North Recreation Centre (31986)
Splash Pad - Bearbrook Park and Pool (32568)
Splash Pad - Beechcliffe Park (31119)
Splash Pad - Big Bird Park (35687)
Splash Pad - Billy Bishop Park (36274)
Splash Pad - Blue Willow Park (32552)
Splash Pad - Bluegrass Park (36275)
Splash Pad - Boothfield Park (35597)
Splash Pad - Bordeleau Park (31200)
Splash Pad - Bradley Ridge Park (36271)
Splash Pad - Brewer Park (31181)
Splash Pad - Brookshire Park (36294)
Splash Pad - Butterfly Park (36293)
Splash Pad - Calzavara Family Park (35603)
Splash Pad - Canterbury Park (34770)
Splash Pad - Cardinal Creek Community Park (36286)
Splash Pad - Cardinal Glen Park (31437)
Splash Pad - Cedarcroft Park (31259)
Splash Pad - Celebration Park (36284)
Splash Pad - Centrepointe Park (32670)
Splash Pad - Champagne Park (31432)
Splash Pad - Chapel Hill Park (31401)
Splash Pad - Chapman Mills Park (32297)
Splash Pad - Charing Park (31285)
Splash Pad - City Centre Park (36261)
Splash Pad - Claudette Cain Park (36292)
Splash Pad - Crownridge Park (35071)
Splash Pad - Cumberland Millennium Sports Park (35591)
Splash Pad - Cummings Park (36295)
Splash Pad - Cyrville Park (31804)
Splash Pad - Delorme Park (31389)
Splash Pad - Diamond Jubilee Park (36269)
Splash Pad - Dr. John Hopps Park (32551)
Splash Pad - Elmridge Park (31488)
Splash Pad - Emerald Woods Park (31018)
Splash Pad - Fairfield Park (36262)
Splash Pad - Fairlea Park (34772)
Splash Pad - Fallingbrook Park (31512)
Splash Pad - Fisher Park (34773)
Splash Pad - Fountainhead Park (35073)
Splash Pad - Four Seasons Park (32118)
Splash Pad - Gardenway Park (31548)
Splash Pad - Gérald Poulin Park (31810)
Splash Pad - Glebe Memorial Park (31555)
Splash Pad - Glen Park (31591)
Splash Pad - Greenbank Park (31579)
Splash Pad - Greenboro Park Community Centre (31216)
Splash Pad - Half Moon Bay Park (36290)
Splash Pad - Haliburton Park (35911)
Splash Pad - Harrold Place Park (36289)
Splash Pad - Hiawatha Park (31883)
Splash Pad - Hibiscus Park (35072)
Splash Pad - Hintonburg Park (32273)
Splash Pad - Inverness Park (35593)
Splash Pad - Jasmine Park (31650)
Splash Pad - Joe Jamieson Park (31146)
Splash Pad - Joseph Vézina Park (35068)
Splash Pad - Kaladar Park (31668)
Splash Pad - Ken Ross Park (32651)
Splash Pad - Kilbirnie Park (36279)
Splash Pad - Kilreen Park (32143)
Splash Pad - Kiwanis Park (36288)
Splash Pad - Kristina Kiss Park (34769)
Splash Pad - Laroche Park (31100)
Splash Pad - Lawson Park (31721)
Splash Pad - Leslie Park (32669)
Splash Pad - Lincoln Heights Park (31740)
Splash Pad - Littlerock Park (35599)
Splash Pad - Mancini Park (35501)
Splash Pad - Manor Park (31176)
Splash Pad - Marcel Beriault Park (32200)
Splash Pad - McCarthy Park (31918)
Splash Pad - Meadowbrook Park (Gloucester) (31809)
Splash Pad - Millstone Park (35601)
Splash Pad - Montgomery Memorial Park (31764)
Splash Pad - Morrison Park (32668)
Splash Pad - Mountain Meadows Park (36276)
Splash Pad - Nault Park (36260)
Splash Pad - New Edinburgh Park (36259)
Splash Pad - North Vineyard Park (32330)
Splash Pad - Ouellette Park (35069)
Splash Pad - Owl Park (36273)
Splash Pad - Palmerston Park (31865)
Splash Pad - Piazza Dante Park (36287)
Splash Pad - Pioneer Plains Park (34777)
Splash Pad - Plouffe Park (32714)
Splash Pad - Primrose Park (36270)
Splash Pad - Provence Park (36283)
Splash Pad - Queensway Park (31065)
Splash Pad - Queenswood Heights Centennial Park (31427)
Splash Pad - Queenswood Ridge Park (31954)
Splash Pad - Regatta Park (36272)
Splash Pad - Richcraft Recreation Complex - Kanata (34774)
Splash Pad - Roy Duncan Park (31299)
Splash Pad - Roy Park (31817)
Splash Pad - Russell Boyd Park (34771)
Splash Pad - Sheffield Glen Park (32141)
Splash Pad - Sieveright Park (32063)
Splash Pad - Silverbirch Park (32124)
Splash Pad - Sir Wilfrid Laurier Park (31279)
Splash Pad - St. Ambroise Park (35595)
Splash Pad - Stanstead Park (32176)
Splash Pad - Stonehenge Park (32189)
Splash Pad - Summerhill Park (35605)
Splash Pad - Thornecliffe Park (32431)
Splash Pad - Tierney Park (36280)
Splash Pad - Turtle Park (36282)
Splash Pad - Vista Park (34768)
Splash Pad - Walden Park (36278)
Splash Pad - Walter Baker Park (32259)
Splash Pad - Water Dragon Park (36285)
Splash Pad - Westcliffe Park (32446)
Splash Pad - Whitehaven / George C. Brown Park (35273)
Splash Pad - Whiterock Park (31776)
Splash Pad - Winterwood Park (32708)
Splash Pools and Spas
Splash Wave Pool
Splinter Crescent
Sport Exchange Outaouais
Sporting Life
Sporting Life Lansdowne
Sports 4
Sports experts
Spot Plus
Spratt Park Ice Rink
Spratt Road
Spring Court
Spring Cress Drive
Spring Garden Avenue
Spring Grove Lane
Spring Rolls Go
Spring Street
Spring Valley Drive
Spring Valley Trails
Springbeauty Avenue
Springbrook Drive
Springcreek Crescent
Springdale Crescent
Springfield Mews
Springfield Road
Springhill Road
Springhurst Avenue
Springland Drive
Springridge Drive
Springroll House Café
Springrun Place
Springton Crescent
Springtree Place
Springwater Drive
Springwood Circle
Sproule Street
Spruce Meadows Drive
Spruce Street
Spruce Street West
Sprucewood Place
Spur Avenue
Spyglass Ridge
Squashberry Lane
Squire Drive
Sri Chimnoy Statue
St. Aidan's
St. Alban's Anglican Church (Ottawa)
St. Albans Court
St. Albertus Pfarrgemeinde
St. Alexi Walk
St. Ambroise Street
St. Andre Drive
St. Andrew School
St. Andrew Street
St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church
St. Andrews Circle
St. Andrews Presbyterian Church
St. Anne School
St Anthony Hall
St. Anthony of Padua
St. Anthony School
St. Anthony Street
St. Augustine School
St. Barbara Street
St. Barnabas Church,
St. Bartholomew's Church
St. Basil's Parish
St. Benedict School
St. Bernard School
St. Bernard Street
St. Brigid School
St. Brother André Catholic School
St. Catherine of Siena Roman Catholic Parish
St. Catherine School
St. Cecilia School
St. Charles Food Market
St. Charles Street
St. Claire Avenue
St. Clare School
St. Clement Parish
St. Columba Anglican Church
St. Daniel School
St. David & St. Martin Presbysterian Church
St. Dominic School
St. Dunstans Place
St. Elizabeth Ann Seton School
St. Elizabeth Church
St. Elizabeth School
St. Emily School
St. Francis of Assisi School
St. Francis Street
St. Francis Xavier High School
St. Gabriel
St. Gabriel School
St. Gemma School
St. George School
St. George's Parish
St. Georges Co-op
St. Georges Street
St. Giles
St. Gregory School
St. Gregory School Outdoor Rink
St. Helen's Place
St. Helen’s Anglican Church
St Hubert
St. Hubert Express
St. Hyacinth (SW Jacka) Polish Parish
St Ignatius Martyr Church
St. Isabel Catholic Elementary School
St. Isidore School
St. James School
St. James Tennis Club (3204)
St. James' Anglican Church
St. Jerome School
St. John Lutheran Church
St. John Paul II School
St. John Street
St. John the Apostle Parish
St. John the Apostle School
St. John The Baptist Ukrainian Catholic Shrine
St John the Evangelist
St. John XXIII School
St. John's Anglican
St. John's Bell
St. Joseph Boulevard
St. Joseph Boulevard (34)
St. Joseph High School
St. Joseph's
St. Joseph's Adult School
St. Jovite Ridge
St. Jude's Mission International
St. Kateri Catholic Elementary School
St. Kateri Tekakwitha School
St Laurent Auto Service & Boby Shop
St Laurent Library
St. Laurent Square
St. Laurent Towers
St. Leonard School
St Louis Bar & Grill
St. Louis Bar&Grill
St. Louis Drive
St Louis Wings
St. Lucia Place
St. Luke Lutheran Church
St. Luke School
St. Luke School, (Nepean)
St Luke's Anglican Church
St. Margaret Mary
St. Margaret's Anglican Church
St. Marguerite d'Youville School
St. Mark High School
St Marks Bus Lane
St. Marks the Evangelist
St. Martha's Brasserie
St. Martha's Brasserie D'Orleans
St. Martin De Porres Church
St. Martin de Porres School
St. Martin's Anglican Church
St. Mary
St. Mary Pharmacy
St. Mary School
St. Mary's
St Mary's Anglican Church
St. Matthew High School
St. Matthew's
St. Matthias Anglican Church
St. Maurice Church
St. Michael and All Angels Anglican Church
St. Michael School
St Monica
St. Monica Catholic School
St. Moritz Court
St. Nicholas Adult High School (Central Campus)
St. Nicholas Adult High School (West Campus)
St. Patrick School
St. Patrick Street
St. Patrick's Adult School
St. Patrick's High School
St. Patrick's Intermediate School
St. Paul Avenue
St. Paul High School
St. Paul Lutheran
St. Paul Street
St. Paul Syriac Catholic Church
St. Paul's Anglican
St. Paul's-Eastern United Church
St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church
St. Peter and St. Paul's
St. Peter High School
St. Peter Street
St. Peter's Parish
St. Peter’s Court
St. Pierre Street
St. Pius X High School (Ottawa)
St. Remy Drive
St. Rita School
St. Rose of Lima School
St. Stephen School
St Stephen's
St. Stephen's Anglican Church
St. Stephen's Presbyterian Church
St. Stephen's Street
St. Theresa Rectory
St. Theresa Roman Catholic Church
St. Theresa School
St Thomas Anglican Church
St. Thomas D'Aquin
St. Thomas More School
St. Thomas the Apostle
St. Timothy's Presbyterian Church
St. Vincent de Paul
St Vincent Hospital
St-Bruno Street
St-Denis Street
St-Emmanuel Terrace
St-Germain Crescent
St-Jacques Street
St-Jean Street
St-Jérôme Crescent
St-Laurent Academy
St-Laurent Boulevard
St-Laurent Boulevard (26)
St-Laurent Boulevard Community
Stable Way
Stableview Way
Stadaconé Row
Stade Pierre-Lafontaine
Stafford Road
Stag Shop
Stagecoach Road (25)
Staghorn Green
Staghorn Sumac
Stairs to Rockcliffe Road
Stallion Crescent
Stalwart Crescent
Stamford Private
Stan's Diner
Standard Life Centre I
Standard Life Centre II
Stanley Avenue
Stanleyfield Crescent
Stanmore Street
Stanstead Road
Stanton Road
Stanwood Drive
Stapledon Crescent
Star Health Spa
Star Top Road
Starbucks Coffee
Starcross Street
Stardust Motel
Starflower Lane
Stargazer Crescent
Starling Crescent
Starr Gymnastics & Fitness
Stars Car Sales
Stars Palace
Starwood Road
Starz Salon & Spa
State Farm
State Street
Staten Way
Statewood Drive
Station Boulevard
Station Express
Station H
Station Road
Stationnement incitatif Sainte-Rose-de-Lima
Statue de Maurice Richard
Ste. Agathe Park
Ste-Anne Avenue
Ste-Cécile Street
Ste-Monique Street
Ste-Thérèse Lane
Steacie Drive

steak & sushi

Steam Locomotive
Steamer Lane
Steamline Street
Stedman Street
Steel Street
Steele Park Private
Steele's Restaurant
Steenbakkers Private
Steep Rock Crescent
Steeple Chase Drive
Steeple Hill Crescent
Steepleview Crossing
Steggall Crescent
Stella Beauty Salon
Stella Crescent
Stella Luna Café
Stella Luna Gelato Café
Steller Street
Stelling Place
Stephan Hair Design
Stephanie Anne Drive
Stephanie Avenue
Stephano's Menswear
Stephanotis Hair
Stephen Leacock Public School Outdoor Rink
Stephen Leacock Public School (SLEA)
Sterling Howie Firehall (Station 81)
Sternes Private
Steve MacLean Public School (SMAC)
Steve's Music Store
Stevenage Drive
Stevens Avenue
Stevenson Avenue
Steventon Crescent
Stewart Street
Stikine Drive
Stiles Crescent
Still Meadow Way
Still Water Drive
Stinson Avenue
Stirling Avenue
Stirrup Place
Stitt Street
Stittsville Cenotaph
Stittsville Childcare Centre
Stittsville Hair Design
Stittsville IDA Pharmacy
Stittsville Main Street
Stittsville Main Street (5)
Stittsville Public Library
Stittsville Public School (STIT)
Stittsville Station
Stittsville Walk
Stockholm Private
Stockport Private
Stockton Drive
Stojko Street
Stokes Crescent
Stomping Ground
Stone Cove Crescent
Stone Crescent
Stone Dust Path
Stone House Court
Stone Park Lane
Stone Quarry Private
Stone School Road
Stone Soup Foodworks
Stonebank Crescent
Stoneboat Crescent
Stonebriar Drive
StoneChurch Way
Stonecrest Park Ice Rink
Stonecroft Terrace
Stonecrop Avenue
Stoneface Dolly's
Stoneface Dollys
Stonefield Private
Stonegate Park I
Stoneham Place
Stonehaven Drive
Stonehedge Park
Stonehenge Crescent
Stonehenge Park
Stonehill Court
Stonehurst Avenue
Stoneleigh Street
Stonemeadow Drive
Stonepath Crescent
Stonepointe Avenue
Stoneridge North
Stonewall Wilde's
Stoneway Drive
Stonewick Heights
Stoney Lane
Stoney Pond Court
Store Safe.ca
Storefront School
Stormont Street
Stormwind Avenue
Stowe Court
Stowgrass Crescent
Straby Avenue
Straby Estate
Stradwick Avenue
Strandherd Drive
Strasbourg Street
Stratas Court
Strategy Games & Accessories
Stratford Avenue
Strathaven Private
Strathbury Street
Strathcarron Crescent
Strathcona Avenue
Strathcona Heights
Strathcona's Folly
Strathearn Court
Strathmore Boulevard
Strathmore Towers Building A Pool
Strawberry Blonde Bakery
Streambank Street
Streamside Crescent
Streamwood Lane
Street Art
Street Treats
Strikers Billiards
Stroget Private
Stroked Ego
Stromness Private
Structure Furniture & Accessories
Stuart Kettles Street
Stubbe Chocolates
Studio 360
Studio 4 Pattes
Studio 50
Studio B
Studio de Coiffure Elegance
Studio Eli
Studio Elite
Studio Esthetics
Studio Fuzion
Studio Heads
Studio Me Hair Design
Studio Sixty Six
Stuewe Drive
Stuffed Burgers
Sturbridge Private
Stursberg Way
Style Mobile
Subaru Outaouais
Subito Sandwich


Subway (24245)
Subway (4731)
Subway (48858)
Subway (5877)
Subway (68140)
Subway (7618)
Sudbury Avenue
Sue Holloway Drive
Suffolk Street
Suflex Stucco Design
Sugar Cane Lane
Sugar Creek Way
Sugar Maple
Sugar Maple Drive
Sugar Marmalade
Sugar Pine Crescent
Sugar Skull Studio
Sugarbush Court
Suite Thirteen Hair Design
Sukhothai Restaurant
Sula Wok
Sulky Way
Sullivan Avenue
Sultan Street
Sumac Street
Summer Days Walk
Summer of 99 Cafe
Summer Sky Street
Summerfields Crescent
Summergaze Street
Summerhays Restaurant
Summerhill Park Ice Rink
Summerhill Street
Summerlands Crescent
Summerline Gate
Summershade Private
Summerside Public School (NAES)
Summerview Terrace
Summerville Avenue
Summerwalk Place
Summerwind Crescent
Summit Avenue
Summitview Drive
Sumner Street
Sun Vista Private
Sunburst Street
Suncrest Drive
Sundae School
Sundance Court
Sundback Lane
Sunderland Street
Sundew Court
Sundown Crescent
Sundragon Way
Sunflower Private
Sunglass Hut International
Sunita Crescent
Sunland Drive
Sunlight Oil
Sunlit Circle
Sunmax Pizza
Sunmax Supermarket
Sunmeadow Street
Sunningdale Way
Sunny Brae Avenue
Sunny Cleaners & Alterations
Sunny Court
Sunnybrooke Drive
Sunnycrest Drive
Sunnydale Street
Sunnymede Avenue
Sunnyridge Crescent
Sunnyside Avenue
Sunnyside Barber Shop
Sunnyside Drive
Sunnyside Wesleyan Church
Sunnyview Holiday
Sunray Crescent
Sunridge Lane
Sunrise Avenue
Sunrise Motors
Sunset Boulevard
Sunset Cove Circle
Sunset Grill
Sunset Lakes
Sunshine Auto Service
Sunshine Crescent
Sunvale Way
Sunview Drive
Sunwood Crescent
Super A Nails
Super Automotive Car Sales
Super C
Super Duper Pizza
Super Fashion
Super Food Market
Super Men's
Super Sales Auto
Super Sam Barbershop
Super Stop
Super Stop Convenience
Super Sweet Mart
Super Vacs
Superclub Vidéotron Montée Paiement
Superhot LA
Superior Court
Supper Works
SupperWorks Kanata
Supply and Demand
Supreme Advocacy
Supreme Kabob House
Surf Side
Surgenor Chevrolet Buick GMC Cadillac

surgenoy national leasing

Surplus Furniture & Mattress Warehouse
Surplus Furniture Warehouse
Surplus Warehouse
Surrey Avenue
Surrey Lane
Surrey Place
Susan Street
Sushi 88
Sushi Go
Sushi Kan
Sushi shop
Sushi Shop
Sushi Teriyaki
Sushi Umi
Sushi Village
Sushi Zone
Sussex Drive
Sutcliffe Terrace
Sutherland Restaurant
Sutton Place
Suya Palace
SuzyQ Doughnuts
Swain Avenue
Swallowtail Crescent
Swan's Garage
Swans Way
Swans Way South
Swansea Crescent
Sweet Basil
Sweet Bite
Sweet Castle
Sweet Grass Circle
Sweet Jesus
Sweetbay Circle
Sweetbriar Circle
Sweetclover Way
Sweetfern Crescent
Sweetflag Street
Sweetland Avenue
Sweetnam Drive
Sweetvalley Drive
Sweetwater Lane
Swilken Burn
Swimming Nation Canada
Swimming Pool for Strathmore Towers Building B
Swing Stage
Swiss Chalet
Swiss Chatlet
Swiss Hotel
Switch Grass Crescent
Switch Hitter
Switzer Avenue
Sycamore Drive
Sylvan Avenue
Sylvester Street
Sylvie Terrace
Syrian Embassy
Systemhouse Street

T & J Style Kitchen
T&K Auto
T&T Fries
T's Pub
T-Ball (33017)
T-Ball (33040)
T-Ball (33060)
T-Ball (33138)
T-Ball (33139)
T-Ball (33154)
T-Ball (33206)
T-Ball (33214)
T-Ball (33234)
T-Ball (4025)
T-Ball Diamond (3884)
Tabaret Street
Table 40
Table 85
Table Sodam
Tabor Avenue
Tabor Luxury Apartments
Taché Way
Tackaberry Lane
Taco Bell / KFC
Taco Lot
Tacom Circle
Tactik Paintball
Tadley Private
Taffy Lane
Taft Street
Taggart Family Y
Tai Ping Restaurant
Taj Court
Taj Indian Cuisine
Taj Mahal
Take Another Bite
Takeout King
Talay Thai
Talback Place
Talcy Crescent
Tall Oak Private
Tall Pines Private
Tall Tree Cycles
Tallgrass Lane
Talltree Crescent
Tallwood Drive
Tamara Way
Tamarack Design Centre
Tamarack Place
Tamarisk Court
Tamblyn Crescent
Tammela Court
Tammy Street
Tampa Avenue
Tanager Bay
Tandalee Crescent
Tang Coin Laundry
Tangerine Bank
Tangerine Pizza
Tanglewood Drive
Tanglewood Park Ice Rink
Tanglewood Square
Tangmere Court
Tango Trail
Tanguay Court
Tank Action
Tanmount Way
Tanner Crescent
Tapadero Avenue
Tapestry Drive
Tapiola Court
Tapiola Crescent
Tapley Place
Tapp Court
Taproom 260
Taqueria Kukulkan
Tara Drive
Taradale Drive
Taras Shevchenko
Target Auto
Target Golf - Driving Range
Tarquin Crescent
Tartan Drive
Tartaruga Lane
Tatouage Delux
Tattersall Way
Tattoo & Art Emporium
Taunton Place
Taurus Place
Tauvette Street
Tavern on the Falls
Tavern on the Hill
Taverne Whip
Tavistock Road
Tawney Road
Taxiway Private
Tay Street
Taylor Creek Drive
Taylor Creek Pharmacy
Taylor Lane
Tayside Private
Tbooth Wireless
TBooth Wireless
Tbooth Wireless
TD Bank
TD Canada Trust
Td Canada Trust
TD Canada Trust
TD Canada Trust (268)
TD Canada Trust (2831)
TD Canada Trust (2916)
TD Canada Trust (3409)
TD Place
TD Place Stadium
Tea Store
Teakdale Avenue
Teakwood Court
Teal Crescent
Tealwood Place
Teamsters Local 91
Tease Tea
Teasel Way
Teaze Hair
Teaze Spa
Tecumseh bicycle path
Tecumseh Street
Ted Grant Private
Ted Kelly Lane
Tedder Avenue
Tedwyn Drive
Teena Colleen Private


Teeswater Street
Teevens Drive
Telesat Court
Telford Avenue
Telmon Street
Telus Building
Temagami Drive
Temby Private
Temiskaming Crescent
Tempest Drive
Temple Israel (Reform)
Templeford Avenue
Templeton Street
Tempo Street
Ten Sushi
Ten Sushi Japanese Restaurant
Ten Thousand Villages
Tennant Way
Tennessy Willems


Tennis Centre
Tennis Centre West Ottawa
Tennis Courts - Hillcrest High School (36402)
Tennis Courts - Rideau High School (36407)
Tennis Courts - Ridgemont High School (36410)
Tennis Courts - Woodroffe High School (36400)
Tennyson Street
Tenth Line Road
Tenth Line Road (47)
Teranga Restaurant
Terence Matthews Crescent
Teriyaki Experience
Terminal Avenue
Teron Road
Terra 20
Terra Plants & Flowers
Terrace Drive
Terrace Supérieure
Terrane Place
Terranova Drive
Terrapin Terrace
Terrasse du Domaine
Terrasses de la Chaudière
Terravita Private
Terre-des-Jeunes Catholic Elementary School (861480)
Terrebonne Drive
Terrence Hoey Private
Terry Fox Drive
Terry Fox Elementary School (TFOX)
Terry Fox Memorial Sculpture
Terry Fox Stadium
Terry Street
Teskiwa Crescent
Teslin Court
Tessouat - Anishinabe (Algonquin) chief / chef anishinabe (algonquin)
Tewin Circle
Tewsley Drive
Texture Hair Salon
Thad Johnson Private
Thai Coconut
Thai Express
Thai Flame
Thai Go
Thai Lannan Cuisine
Thai Plus
Thai To Go
Thames Court
Thames Street
Thana Markets
Thare Crescent
Thatcher Street
Thaï Express
The 19th Tee
The 19th Tee Mini Putt
The Albion Rooms
The Alternative Adult Store
The Arrow and Loon
The Back Woodlot
The Barley Mow
The Barley Mow Pub
The Barn Medical Dispensery
The Bay
The Beacon Learning Centre
The Bear
The Beautiful Stone House
The Beer Store
The Bent Coin
The Billings House
The Birdhouse Garden
The Birth of Gatineau Park
The Bistro
The Black Irish Pub
The Black Thorn
The Black Tomato
The Black Walnut Bakery
The Blended Berry
The Blind Store
The Bliss Health and Beauty Spa
The Blurry Pixel
The Boat House
The Book Market
The Book Worm
The Bowl
The Bradley Gracious Retirement Living
The Brass Monkey
The Brew Table
The Brick
The Bridge
The Brig
The Bronson Bridge
The Brooke Barbershop
The Brookfield Restaurant
The Brownstones on the Canal
The Bungalows of Chapel Hill
The Burbs
The Business Inn & Suites
The Buzz Restaurant

the caf

The Cake Shop
The Canadian Role in the Defence of Hong Kong
The Captain's Boil
The Car Clinic
The Carleton Tavern
The Cash Stream
The Cat's Meow Spa Hair
The Cave Barbershop
The Chandlery
The Children's Centre
The Children's Place
The Chip Shop
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
The Clarendon Tavern
The Clip Joint
The Clocktower Brew Pub
The Clothes Secret
The Clusters
The Cock & Lion Pub
The Comic Book Shoppe
The Conroy Pub
The Cool Red Room
The Corner Cafe
The Country Grocer
The Cove Tuck Shop
The Crazy Horse Stonegrill Steakhouse and Saloon
The Crichton Street Gallery
The Cross
The Cross Bar Restaurant
The Crystal Dawn
The Cupcake Lounge
The Cutting Room
The Cutting Shack
The Cyclery
The Depot
The Digester Tower
The Draft Pub
The Driveway
The DryCleaning Co
The Earl of Sussex
The Electrical and Plumbing Store
The Element High School
The Elmdale Oyster House & Tavern
The Embassy of the Russian Federation in Canada
The Empire Barbershop
The Emporium
The Ensuite
The Fabric & Upholstery Shop
The Fallowfield United Church
The Famous Five
The Famous OWL of Minerva
The Filling Station
The Flag Shop
The Fleck Fountain
The Fourth Stage
The Foxhole
The Free Store
The French Baker
The Fry
The Gables at Beacon Hill
The Gallery
The Garage
The Garden of Light
The Gates of Fairlea
The Gifted Type
The Gilmour Inn
The Gladstone
The Glebe
The Grand Pizzeria & Bar
The Gray Whale
The Great Canadian Poutinerie
The Greek Souvlaki Shack
The Green Door Restaurant
The Greenboro Pathway
The Greenhouse
The Greens
The Greenwoods Academy
The Grounds Café
The Guest Room
The Hair Committee
The Hair Salon
The Hair Shops
The Handmade Bride
The Hardwood Outlet
The Haunted Walk of Ottawa
The Haven
The Heart and Crown
The Hemp Company
The Herb and Spice Wellness Shop
The Highlands
The Hill Bakehouse And Deli

the Hintonburg Hairhouse

The Hintonburg Public House
The Hobby Centre
The Horn of Africa
The House of Cheese
The Iceberg
The Inkspot
The Innes Convenience Store
The Jack Ketch
The James St Pub
The Jewel
The Joy of Gluten Free
The Keg
The Keg Manor
The King Eddy
The King Edward Bed & Breakfast
The King Lebanese Restaurant
The Kitchen Design Company
The Kitchen Exchange
The Koven
The Landmark
The Links at Stonebridge
The Listening Tree
The Little School
The Living Room
The Loft Board Game Lounge
The Long-Legged Wader
The Lookout Bar
The Lost Child
The Lotus Cafe
The Lucky House
The Magic Fryer
The Manors
The Maple Hall
The Market
The Market's Barber
The Marshes Golf
The Masters Drive
The May Court Club of Ottawa
The Meadows Golf and Country Club
The Mechanics of Gauging a Trade
The Metcalfe Hotel
The Mews Lane
The Mill Tavern
The Ministry of Coffee
The Ministry of Coffee and Social Affairs
The Miskin
The Modern Shop
The Mongolian Village
The Moonroom
The Neighbourhood Pub
The Nile Voyageurs
The Noodle House
The North Forest
The Nuden
The Nutrition Company
The Official Residences
The Onondaga
The Orange Monkey Bar & Billiards
The Organic Salon
The Oriental House
The Ottawa Church of God
The Ottawa Flower Shop
The Ottawa Skin Clinic
The Pampered Pet
The Papery
The Parkway
The Parliament Pub
The PC Room
The Perley and Rideau Veteran's Health Centre
The Pho Shack
The Pines
The Pinnacle at Kanata Lakes
The Play House Learning Centre
The PlaySpace
The Polish Combatants Association
The Pomeroy House
The Pond Beach
The Preferred Workroom
The Prescott
The Printing House
The Queens Hair Studio
The Rainbow Bistro
The Record Centre
The Rectory Art House
The Red Apron
The Red Lion
The Redeemed Christian Church of God
The Rideau Trail
The Riversides
The Rockcliffe Island Lodge
The Rockery Private
The Rowan
The Rox
The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada
The Royal Oak
The Royce
The Sam Group
The Sandwich Stop
The Savoy Brasserie
The Scone Witch
The Scottish and Irish Store
The Senate Sports Tavern & Eatery
The Senate Tavern
The Sharpening Shoppe
The Shawarma Kitchen
The Shawarma Place
The Shoe Company
The Shore Club

the Soca Kitchen and Pub

The Sofa Bed Store
The Sound Post
The Source
The South Lawn Tent
The Southern Cross
The Spa
The Spirit of OC Transpo
The Standard Tavern
The Sticks Restaurant
The Stonehouse Hall
The Sugar Lady Spa
The Sugar Shack
The Table
The Tea Party
The Ten Spot
The Theatre
The Third
The Three Watchmen
The Totem Pole of Canada
The Tulip Café
The Turning Point
The Turning Pointe

the unrefined olive

The Upkeep Shoppe
The UPS Store
The Vanitea Room
The Vault Bistro
The Villas
The Waverley
The Wellington Diner
The Wellington Gastropub
The West Village
The Westin Ottawa
The Westwood Retirement Residence
The Whalesbone
The Whalesbone Sustainable Oyster & Fish Supply
The White Horse Restaurant
The Wok Chinese Food
The Wood on Wellington
The Works


Theo Motors
Theresa Private
Thessaly Circle
Théâtre Action
Théâtre de l'Île
Thi Fusion
Thibault Street
Thicket Way
Thiessen Crescent
Thimbleberry Row
Think Kitchen
Third Avenue
Third Street
Thirsk Street
Thistle Crescent
Thistledown Court
Thistleleaf Crescent
Thomas D'Arcy McGee
Thomas D'Arcy McGee Assassination location
Thomas D'Arcy McGee Catholic School
Thomas More Private
Thomas Spratt Place
Thomas Street
Thompson Jewelers
Thomson Street
Thorburn Private
Thorin Court
Thornbury Crescent
Thorncliff Place
Thorncliffe Court
Thorndale Drive
Thorne Avenue
Thornecrest Street
Thornhedge Court
Thornton Avenue
Thornwood Road
Thorold Road
Thorson Avenue
Thread Illustrators
Three Tarts
Thresher Avenue
Thrift Store
Thrush Court
Thunder Road
Thunderbird Crescent
Thunderbird Drive
Thunderbolt Street
Thurlow Street
Thurston Drive
Thyme & Again Creative Catering and Take Home Food Shop
Thyme maternité
Thyme Maternité
Tiber Gate
Tickled Pink
Tierney Drive
Tierra Street
Tiffany Crescent
Tiffany Place
Tiffon Place
Tigerlily Private
Tighe Street
Tiki Ming
Tiles of Time
Tillbury Avenue
Tillbury Avenue West
Tilleuls Private
Tillsonburg Street
Tilson Street
Tim Horton
Tim Hortons
Tim hortons
Tim Hortons (101675)
Tim Hortons (102177)
Tim Hortons Drive Through
Timbercrest Ridge
Timberland Terrace
Timberline Private
Timberline Townhomes
Timbermill Street
Timberslide Street
Timbertrail Terrace
Timberview Way
Time Flow
Time Sharpening 2011
Time Square Building
Timm Drive
Timothy Court
Tinseltown Christmas Emporium
Tintern Drive
Tiny Hoppers
Tiny Hoppers Children's Centre
Tiny Hoppers Daycare
Tipperary Private
Tire Bay
Tire "N" Rim City
Tisbury Private
Tischart Crescent
Tisdale Crescent
Titan Private
Titanium Private
Tiverton Drive
Tivoli Private
Tizita Bakeshop
TLC Grooming
To Do Done
Tobermory Crescent
Tobin Avenue
Toboggan Hill
Todric’s Restaurant
Tofino Private
ToFu Performance
Tokyo Grill
Tokyo Shop
Tokyo Sushi
Tom Brown Arena
Tom Roberts Road
Tomaso Grilled Pizza & Panini
Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
Tomkins Farm Crescent
Tommary Drive
Tommy Hilfiger
Tommy's Restaurant
Tompkins Avenue
Tompkins Housing Co-op
Tompkins Street
Tonilee Drive
Tony Capomes Italian grill
Tony D'angelo Construction
Tony George Place
Tony Nail Spa
Tony's Pizza
Tony's Place
Tool Shed
Tooney Drive
Tooth and Nail Brewing Company
Top Cut
Top Nails
Top of the Hill Bakery
Top of the World
Topaze Avenue
Topham Terrace
Topley Crescent
Topper's Pizza
Toppers Pizza
Torah Academy of Ottawa
Torbec Avenue
Torcastle Way
Torino Grill
Torino Terrace
Tormey Street
Toro Taqueria
Toronto Street
Torovin Private
Torquay Avenue
Torrey Pines Court
Torrington Place
Torsa Court
Toss & Grill Bistro
Total Battery
Total Fence
Total Home Consignment
Totem Drive
Totteridge Avenue
Touch of Style Salon
Touch Of Style Salon Barber
Toulon Street
Toulouse Crescent
Tourelle Drive
Tourisme Outaouais
Tourmaline Crescent
Tournesols Court
Tours Place
Tower Hill Crescent
Tower Road
Towhee Place
Town & Country Uniforms
Town Shoes
Towngate News
Townsend Drive
Toyota Gatineau
Toys R Us
Tracin Street
Tracker Private
Traction Heavy Duty Parts
Tracy Avenue
Trade Street
Tradesman Road
Tradewinds Drive
Trafalgar Crescent
Trafford Lane
Trail 1 Ridge Road (1)
Trail 13
Trail 14
Trail 18
Trail 19 (19)
Trail 1B
Trail 2
Trail 20
Trail 20 (20)
Trail 21
Trail 22
Trail 23 (23)
Trail 25 - 3.5km
Trail 27
Trail 27 (27)
Trail 28
Trail 3
Trail 34
Trail 36 (36)
Trail 4
Trail 40
Trail 41
Trail 42
Trail 6
Trail 7
Trail 9
Trail Road
Trail Side Circle
Trail View
Trailgate Street
Trailsedge Way
Trailview Private
Trailway Circle
Train à Vapeur Hull-Chelsea-Wakefield
Train à Vapeur Hull–Chelsea–Wakefield
Trainyards Drive
Tralee Road
Tramontana Place
TranDee Hair Studio
Tranquil Gate
Trans Canada Trail
Trans-Canada Trail Ottawa
Transitway (Closed)
Transportation Safety Board of Canada
Trapper's Road
Trappist Lane
Trattoria Tevere
Travellers Haven Motel
Travelodge Ottawa Hotel & Conference
Traverse Drive
Travis Street
Treadway Private
Treadwell Road
Treasures Anew Consignment
Treaty Court
Trebla Way
Trechelle Private
Tree Canada
Tree planted by Dutch princess Christina
Tree planted by Dutch Queen and King
Tree stump chair
Trees for Wildlife
Treetop Court
Tréflières Garden
Trelawny Private
Trellis Court
Tremblay Road
Trembling Aspen
Trend Arlington Tennis Club (27026)
Trendy Nails
Trendy Optical
Trenholm Lane
Trent Street
Trenton Avenue
Trépannier Lane
Tresa Court
Trestle Street
Trevor Crescent
Treymore Court
Tri Optical
Triangle Street
Tribeca Private
Tribute to the Allumettières
Trigoria Crescent
Trilby Court
Trille-des-Bois Public Elementary School
Trillium Avenue
Trillium Bakery
Trillium Elementary School (TRIL)
Trillium floral designs
Trillium line Pathway
Trillium Park Skateboard Park (28004)
Trillium Pathway
Trillium Pathway connector
Trillium Woods Trail
Triluxury Automotive
Trim Road
Trim Road (28)
Trim Road (57)
Trimble Crescent
Trims Salon & Spa
Trinity Anglican Church
Trinity Church of the Nazarene
Trinity Drive
Trio Lounge
Triole Street
Tripp Crescent
Tristan Court
Triton Place
Trojan Avenue
Trophées Gravure
Tropical Garden
Tropical Heat
Tropicana Private
Tropicks Hair Care
Trotting Way
Troubadour Books & Records


Trove Consignment Boutique
Troy Court
True Bijoux
True Cell
True Loaf Bread Company
Trump Avenue
Truro Street
Trustee M. Curry Park Ice Rink
Trusty Bay
TTQ Travel
Tubman Crescent
Tucana Way
Tucker’s Marketplace
Tudor Place
Tukan Restaurant
Tulane Crescent
Tulip Crescent
Tulip Tree Way
Tullamore Street
Tulum Crescent
Tunbridge Court
Tundra (for Barnett Newman)
Tundra Swan Bay
Tungsten Terrace
Tunis Avenue
Tunney's Pasture Driveway
Tunney's Pasture Pumping Station
Tupello Way
Tupper Avenue
Turgeon Private
TURN rotisserie + kitchen
Turnberry Road
Turnbull Avenue
Turnbull School
Turner Crescent
Turnstone Court
Turquoise Crescent
Turret Court
Turtle Point Private
Turtleback Way
Tuscan Private
Tutti Frutti
Tutto Pasta
TV's Fries
Twayblade Avenue
Tweed Avenue
Tweedsmuir Avenue
Twin Elm Road
Twin Falls Place
Twin Lakes Avenue
Twin Leaf Court
Twin Terrace
Twinflower Way
Twiss & Weber
Twist 1.5. Alex Wyse
Twist Way
Two Six {Ate}
Twyford Street
Tybalt Crescent
Tyburn Court
Tylee Private
Tyndall Street
Tyne Court
Tyros Shawarma&Donair
Tyrrell Place

UB Nails & Spa
UFO House
Ullswater Drive
Ulster Crescent
Ultimate Automotive
Ultimate Car Shop
Umi Sushi & Teriyaki
UNA 186
UNAM Canada
Uncle Ali's Super Market
Une Forget Particuliere
Unfinished Sun Dial
Unicorn Avenue
Unicorn Spa
UniglassPlus Ziebart
Union 613
Union Eleven Photographers
Union St. Roundabout Basketball Court (34823)
Union Street
Union Street Kitchen Cafe


Unique Auto
Unique Beauty Spa
Unisex Hair Studio
United Arab Emirates Embassy
United Avenue
United Furniture Wharehouse
United rental
United-Pentecostal Church
Universal Tattoo
Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México: Escuela de Extensión en Canadá
Université du Québec en Outaouais
Université Private
University Bar & Grill
University of Ottawa
University of Ottawa Law Library
University Road
Unknown Future Connection
Unlocking Hog's Back History
Unsung Hero
Until Next Time
Untitled 1977
Untitled benches
Upcountry Drive
Uplands Court
Uplands Court II
Uplands Drive
Upminster Way
Upney Drive
Uppa Kutz
Upper Canada Speciality Hardware
Upper Crust Sandwich & Deli
Upper Lorne Place
Upper Otterson Place
Uproar Interiors
UPS Customer Centre
UPS Store
Uptown Sox
Upward Dog Yoga Centre
Upwood Street
Urban Barn
Urban Cowboy Food Truck
Urban Design Co.
Urban Indian Cafe
Urban Juice Press
Urban Outfitters
Urban Turf Landscape Solutions
Urbancrest Private
Urbandale Design Centre
Urbandale Drive
Urbisci Lane
Urbisci Private
Utah Street
Uxbridge Crescent

V N Printing
Vaan Drive
Vachon Avenue
Val-d'Or Gate
Valade Crescent
Vale Street
Valecrest Court
Valemont Street
Valenceville Crescent
Valencia Street
Valerie Street
Valewood Crescent
Valiant Street
Valiants Memorial
Valin Park Ice Rink
Valin Street
Valley Drive
Valley Field Crescent
Valley Flowers
Valley Ridge Street
Valley Siding & Windows
Valley Squire Furniture
Valley Stream Drive
Valley View Little Animal Farm
Valleystream Tennis Club (7107)
Valleyview Road
Valleywood Place
Vallier Way
Valmarie Avenue
Valour Building
Valour Drive
Value Hunter's Corner
Value Inn
Value Village
Van Houtte Cafe Bistro
Van Lang Private
Van Rens Street
Van Vliet Road
Vancouver Avenue
Vanessa Terrace
Vanguard Drive
Vanhurst Place
Vanier Community Church
Vanier Cooperative School Age Program
Vanier Grill
Vanier Library
Vanier Map
Vanier Museopark
Vanier Parkway
Vanier Parkway (19)
Vanier Pharmacy
Vanier Road
Vanna Hair Design
Vanson Avenue
Vanstone Drive
Vantage Drive
Vape Shop


Vaper Town
Vaping Story and Smoke
Värdera Café And Lounge
Varennes Boulevard
Varette Building
Varley Drive
Vast Auto Distribution
Vaughan Street
Vay's Hair Studio
Vedette Way
Veena Way
Veery Lane
Veggie Trail Farms
Velvetleaf Lane
Vendevale Avenue
Vendôme Street
Venice Nail & Spa
Ventanna Way
Ventnor Way
Venus Avenue
Venus Beauty Supplies
Venus Envy
Veolia Environmental Services
Vera Street
Veranda Court
Veranda d'Or
Verbena Crescent
Verchères Street
Verdon Private
Verger Place
Vermeer Way
Vermillion Drive
Vermont Avenue
Vernon Avenue
Veronica Place
Versailles Academy
Versailles Private
Versilia Drive
Vertical Reality
Vertigo Records
Vespa Hair Design
Vesta Street
Veteran Avenue
Vezina & Vezina
Vezina Place
Via 613 Pizza&Shawarma
Via Amalfi Street
Via Campanale Avenue
Via Chianti Grove
Via Cibo
Via Mattino Way
Via Modugno Place
Via Park Place
Via San Marino Street
Via Slack
Via Verona Avenue
Vice Versa
Vick Avenue
Vickers Way
Victoire Boutique
Victor Street
Victor Victor
Victoria Building
Victoria Heights
Victoria Heights Crescent
Victoria Street (6)
Victoria Tower Bell
Victoria Trattoria
Victory Gardens Private
Vieille-Caserne Private
Vienna Terrace
Viens avec moi
Viet Express
Viet Thai Restaurant
Vietnam Palace
Vietnamese Kitchen
Vieux Chemin
View on the River
Viewbank Road
Viewmount Drive
Viewmount Woods
Viewpointe Private
Vigneault Street
Viking Drive
Villa Crescent
Villa Madina
Villa Pizzeria N' The Greek Place
Villa Toyota
Village Centre Place
Village Court
Village des Valeurs
Village Green
Village Normandie
Village on the Green
Village Riviera
Village Walk Private
Villalucia Supper Club
Villandry Street
Villeneuve Private
Villeroy Crescent
Vilnius Avenue
Vimont Court
Vimy Memorial Bridge
Vimy Place
Vimy Ridge Public School (FCRE)
Vina Unisex Hair Design
Vinbella Winery
Vince Drive
Vincent Massey Avenue
Vincent Massey Public School (VMAS)
Vincent Street
VINCI School
Vinette Crescent
Vineyard Drive
Vintage Lane
Vintage Wings of Canada / Ailes d'époque du Canada
Vinters Cellar Ottawa
Violet Street
Virgil Road
Virgin Mobile
Virginia Drive
Visa Court
Viscount Alexander Public School (VALE)
Viscount Avenue
Viseneau Drive
Vision Plus
Vision Saddlery
Vision Street
Visitation centre
Visons Place
Vista Barrett Private
Vista Christopher Private
Vista John Private
Vista Park Ice Rink
Vista Patrick Private
Vista Tara Private
Vista Villagio Street
Vistapark Drive
Vistapointe Drive
Visualization & Simulation Building
Vital Medicinals
Vital Pharmacy
Vite Vite Patates Frites
Vittoria in the Village
Vittoria Street
Vittoria Trattoria
Viva Esthetics
Vivati Clothing for Men
Vivera Place
Vivian's Flowers
Vivianna Day Spa
Vivy Nails
Vizard Street
VJ'S Pub & Bar
Voila Gluten Free Bakeree
Voix Visuelle
Volare Travel Agency
Volkswagen Outaouais
Voluntary Aid Detachments
Volvo Trucks
Vorlage Drive

votre Marché local

Vox Populi
Voyages Rideau
Voyageur Drive

W. Erskine Johnston Public School (WEJN)
Wabi-Sabi Yarn Store
Wabiskaw Private
Waddion Drive
Wade Court
Wadell Court
Wading Pool - Agincourt
Wading Pool - Alda Burt
Wading Pool - Alexander
Wading Pool - Alvin Heights
Wading Pool - Balena
Wading Pool - Bearbrook
Wading Pool - Bel Air
Wading Pool - Bellevue Manor
Wading Pool - Brantwood
Wading Pool - Britannia
Wading Pool - Canterbury
Wading Pool - Carleton Heights
Wading Pool - Cecil Morrison
Wading Pool - Champlain
Wading Pool - Chaudiere
Wading Pool - Crestview
Wading Pool - Dutchie's Hole
Wading Pool - Elizabeth Manley
Wading Pool - Entrance
Wading Pool - Ev Tremblay
Wading Pool - Frank Licari
Wading Pool - Frank Ryan
Wading Pool - General Burns
Wading Pool - Glen Cairn
Wading Pool - Greenboro
Wading Pool - Hampton
Wading Pool - Hawthorne
Wading Pool - Heron
Wading Pool - Iona
Wading Pool - Jules Morin
Wading Pool - Kingsmere
Wading Pool - Kiwanis
Wading Pool - Lions
Wading Pool - Lisa
Wading Pool - McKellar
Wading Pool - McNabb
Wading Pool - Michèle
Wading Pool - Optimiste
Wading Pool - Overbrook
Wading Pool - Owl
Wading Pool - Parkdale
Wading Pool - Parkway
Wading Pool - Pauline Vanier
Wading Pool - Pushman
Wading Pool - Raven
Wading Pool - Reid
Wading Pool - Rideauview
Wading Pool - Ruth Wildgen
Wading Pool - Sandy Hill
Wading Pool - St. Luke's
Wading Pool - St. Paul's
Wading Pool - Strathcona
Wading Pool - Sylvia Holden
Wading Pool - Weston
Wading Pool - Windsor
Wading Pool - Woodroffe
Waffle Villa
Wah Shing Store
Wainfleet Street
Wake Private
Walden Drive
Walden Park
Walgate Avenue
Walker Road
Walkley Gardens
Walkley Road
Walkley Road (74)
Walkley Road Bungalows
Wall Road
Wall Sound
Wall Space Framing
Wall Space Gallery
Wallace Court
Wallaceburg Court
Wallack Galleries
Wallack Private
Waller Street Mall
Wallford Way
Wallsend Avenue
Wally Kasper Private
Walnut Court
Walsh Avenue
Walsingham Private
Walter Baker Skateboard Park (28002)
Walter Baker Sports Centre
Walter Street
Waltham Street
Walton Court
Wan's Chinese Food
Wanaki Road
Wandee Thai Cuisine
Wang's Noodle House
Wanstead Gate
War of 1812 Monument
Warbler Bay
Warbonnet Drive
Ward 14
Warden Avenue
Wareham Street
Warmstone Drive
Warner Colpitts Lane
Warnock Court
Warren Avenue
Warrington Drive
Warrior Street
Warsaw Polish Deli
Warwick Place
Wasabi Japanese Restaurant And Sushi Bar
Washington Avenue
Waste Connections of Canada
Watch Clinic
Watchhorn Grove
Water Mart
Water Planet
Water's Edge Way
Waterbend Lane
Waterbridge Drive
Watercolours Way
Waterdown Street
Waterfall Lane
Waterfern Way
Waterford Drive
Waterford Way
Waterlilly Way
Watermusic Bay
Waterpark Place
Watershield Ridge
Waterside Court
Waterthrush Crescent
Waterton Crescent
Waterview Court
Water’s Edge
Watson Street
Watson's Pharmacy
Watters Road
Watterson Street
Watts Creek Pathway
Watts Street
Wattsford's Lookout
Wave Hair Salon
Wavell Avenue
Waverley Law Offices
Waverley Street
Waverley Street West
Waxwing Drive
Way Street
Wayling Avenue
Waymark Crescent
Wayne Avenue
Waypoint 28 L
Waypoint 28 M
Waypoint 28G
Waypoint 28K
Waypoint 28N
Wayside Court
W.E. Gowling Public School (WEGO)
Weatherall Meat Market Incorperated
Weatherston Street
Weatherwood Crescent
Weaver Crescent
Webb Street
Webbs Motel
Webster Avenue
Wedel Touch of Europe
Wedgewood Crescent
Wedgewood Park
Weefolk Playhouse
Weekly Flowers
Weeping Willow Lane
Wei's Noodle House
Weight Watchers
Weir Road
Welby Court
Welcome Back Restaurant
Welcome to Pine Grove Forest
Welcome to Pink Lake
Welcome to the Greenbelt
Weldon Drive
Welkin Crescent
Welland Street
Wellesley Avenue
Wellfleet Crescent
Wellings of Stittsville
Wellington Barber Shop
Wellington Child Care Centre
Wellington Cleaners
Wellington Eatery
Wellington Marbles: Hydrant and Agave at Clarendon
Wellington Seafood
Wellington Street
Wellington Street West
Wells Street
Wellsmere Court
Wellwood Street
Welsh Private
Wembley Avenue
Wendell Avenue
Wendler Terrace
Wendover Avenue
Wentworth Avenue
Wersch Lane
Wesley Avenue
Wesley Clover Parks Campground
Weslock Way
Wesmar Drive
Wessex Road
West Avenue
West Baseball Diamond (33181)
West Beach Way
West End Kids
West Healey Avenue
West Hunt Club Road
West Ottawa Streetscape
West Presland Road
West Ridge Drive
West River Drive
West Softball Diamond (33185)
West Street
West Village Private
Westboro Academy
Westboro Beach
Westboro Beach Yacht Club Café
Westboro cenotaph
Westboro Flooring & Decor
Westboro House of Barbers
Westboro Housing Cooperative Inc
Westboro Infinity Nails
Westboro Kiwanis Park Ice Rink
Westboro Montessori School Campus 1
Westboro Montessori School Campus 2
Westboro Studio
Westboro Village Pharmasave
Westbourne Avenue
Westbury Road
Westchester Court
Westcliffe Road
Westdale Avenue
Westend Laser Clinic & Medical Aesthetics
Western Avenue
Western Pathway
Western Quebec School Board
Western Signs & Line Painting
Western Trail
Western Transitway
Westfield Crescent
Westgate Barber Shop
Westhall Way
Westhaven Crescent
Westhill Avenue
Westlane Road
Westmeath Crescent
Westminster Avenue
Westminster Presbyterian Church
Westmoreland Avenue
Westmount Avenue
Weston Drive
Weston Park Ice Rink
Westover Crescent
Westpark Drive
Westphalian Avenue
Westpointe Crescent
Westport Crescent
Westvalley Private
Westview Apartments
Westview Avenue
Westward Way
Westwater Crescent
Westwind Public School (WEST)
Westwinds Place
Westwood Drive
Westwood Hills
Wetland Meadows
Wexford Way
Weybridge Drive
Weybridge Park Ice Rink
Weyburn Street
Weymouth Court
Whaley Ridge
Whalings Circle
Wharhol Private
Wheatfield Crescent
Wheatland Avenue
Wheatley Court
Wheeler Street
Whelan Drive
Whernside Terrace
Whetstone Crescent
Whimbrel Way
Whippoorwill Drive
Whispering Winds Way
Whispers Pub and Eatery
Whitburn Crescent
Whitby Avenue
Whitby Lane
White Alder Avenue
White Arctic Avenue
White Birch
White Birch Drive
White Cedar Street
White Clover Private
White Oak Drive
White Pine Court
White Sands Golf Course and Practice Center
White Spruce
White Street
Whitechapel Crescent
Whitecliffs Avenue
Whiteford Way
Whitegate Crescent
Whitehaven / George C. Brown Park Ice Rink
Whitehaven Crescent
Whitehaven Pharmacy
Whitehill Avenue
Whitemarl Drive
Whiterock Street
Whiteside Way
Whitestone Drive
Whitewater Street
Whitewood Avenue
Whithorn Avenue
Whitmore Avenue
Whitney Drive
Whittaker Crescent
Whitton Crescent
Whitton Place
Whole Foods
Whole Health Pharmacy
Whyte Side Road
Wick Crescent
Wicked Garage Auto Sales
Wicked Wanda's Adult Emporium

wicker emporium

Wickham Court
Wicklow Drive
Widgeon Way
Wiffen Private
Wigan Drive
Wiggins Private
Wigston Private
Wilber Avenue
Wilbrod Coin Laundry
Wilbrod Street
Wilbury Road
Wild Calla Way
Wild Fern Way
Wild Iris Avenue
Wild Oat Bakery
Wild Senna Way
Wild Shore Crescent
Wild Willy's Plants & Flowers
Wild Wing
Wildberry Court
Wildbriar Way
Wildcarrot Crescent
Wildcliff Way
Wilderness Way
Wildflower Drive
Wildmint Square
Wildpine Court
Wildwood Avenue
Wilf & Ada's
Wilfred Murray Park Ice Rink
Wilhaven Drive
Wilhelmina Place
Wilkie Drive
Willard Street
Willeth Avenue
William E. Hay Centre - Youth Detention Centre
William Lindsay Grove
William Lyon Mackenzie King
William McEwen Drive
William Street
William's Court
William's Walk
Willie's Chinese Food
Willingdon Road
Willis Rhodeniser Private
Willow Aster Circle
Willow Avenue
Willow Brook Way
Willow Creek Circle
Willow Gardens Crescent
Willow Glen Drive
Willow Street
Willow Suites
Willowbark Drive
Willowburn Street
Willowdale Avenue
Willowdusk Street
Willowmere Way
Willowview Way
Willwood Crescent
Willy's Pizza
Willys Pizza
Wilmont Avenue
Wilshire Avenue
Wilson Street
Wilton Crescent
Wilton Lane
Wiltshire Circle
Wimbledon Way
Win Tai Market
Winbro Private
Wincanton Drive
Winchester Drive
Windance Crescent
Windbrook Crescent
Windchime Crescent
Windcrest Court
Windermere Avenue
Windeyer Crescent
Windfield Crescent
Windflower Way
Windgate Crescent
Windhurst Drive
Winding Lane
Winding Way
Windmill Lane
Windsong Avenue
Windsor Avenue
Windsor Park Ice Rink
Windsor Park Village
Windsor Park Village Pool
Windswept Private
Windways Crescent
Windwood Place
Windy Lane
Wine Bottega
Wine Garden
Wine Kitz
Wine rack
Wine Rack
Winfield Avenue
Wing Hing Chinese Food
Wing Lee
Wing's Chinese Food
Wingale Housing Co-Op
Wingale Private
Wingate Drive
Wingham Place
Winlock Crescent
Winnards Perch Way
Winnegreen Court
Winner House Chinese
Winnington Avenue
Winona Avenue
Winslow Court
Winsome Terrace
Winston Avenue
Winston Chandelier
Winter Rose Lane
Winter trail 42
Winterberry Way
Winterburn Terrace
Winterfell Private
Wintergreen Drive
Winterhaven Drive
Winterport Way
Winterspring Ridge
Winther Avenue
Winthrop Court
Winthrop Private
Wireless ER
Wireless Revolution
Wireless Wave
Wiseman + Cromwell
Wiseman Crescent
Wishbourne Road
Wisteria Crescent
With Love Bridal Boutique
Witherspoon Crescent
Withrow Avenue
Wittingham Drive
Wix Mart
W.J. Bell Park
W.O. Mitchell Elementary School (MITC)
W.O. Stinson
Wolfe Lane
Wolfe Point Court
Wolfe Point Way
Wolff Street
Wolffdale Crescent
Wolfgang Drive
Woliston Crescent
Wolmsley Crescent
Wolverine Private
Wolverton Crescent
Won Ton House
Wonder is the Beginning of Wisdom
Wong's Place
Wood Acres Grove
Wood Aster Bay
Wood Avenue
Wood Avenue West
Woodbine Place
Woodbriar Way
Woodburn Drive
Woodbury Crescent
Woodchase Street
Woodcliffe Private
Woodcrest Road
Woodfern Court
Woodfield Court
Woodfield Drive
Woodford Way
Woodgate Way
Woodglen Crescent
Woodglen Gate
Woodhaven Heights
Woodhill Crescent
Woodhurst Crescent
Woodland Avenue
Woodland Court
Woodland Place
Woodlawn Avenue
Woodmill Terrace
Woodmount Crescent
Woodpark Way
Woodridge Crescent
Woodroffe Avenue
Woodroffe Avenue Public School (WOOE)
Woodroffe High School (WOOS)
Woodroffe United Church
Woodrow Avenue
Woods Lake Road
Woodsia Avenue
Woodside Court
Woodside Drive
Woodson Street
Woodstock Street
Woodstream Drive
Woodthrush Green
Woodvale Green
Woodview Crescent
Woodward Avenue
Woodward Drive
Woodway Avenue
Woodwind Crescent
Woody Point Drive
Workman Avenue
World Burgers
World Expedition
World of Maps
World of Tea
Wortham Way
Worthington Private
Wow Wing House
WOW! mobile boutique
WOW! Mobile Boutique
Wrangler Circle
Wrap n Roll
Wren Road
Wrenwood Crescent
Wright Street
Wright-Scott House
Wurtemburg Street
Wycliffe Street
Wyldewood Street
Wylie Avenue
Wyman Crescent
Wyman Place
Wyndale Crescent
Wynford Avenue
Wynridge Place
Wytenburg Gate

X-Pression Hardward Floors
Xclusive Auto
Xiang Zi
Xtreme Pizza

Ya Habibi
Yakiniku One
Yakko Takko
Yale Avenue
Yale Industries
Yalla Yalla
Yang Sheng Restaurant
Yardley's Antiques
Yarmouth Crescent
Yarrow Driveway
Yarwood Court
Yaseen Halal Pizza
Yaseen Pizza
Yellow Birch
Yellow Birch Street
Yellow Warbler
Yellowcress Way
Yellowstone Court
Yellowtail Walk
Yellowthroat Crescent
Yen Fung Ding
Yeung's Auto
Yewfield Court
Yi Chang Tang
Yimin Dim Sum House
Ying Wah


Yoho Drive
Yolkowski Monuments
Yorgo's Greek Food and Pizza
York Mills Drive
York St Public School (YORK)
York Steps
York Street
York Street Spa
Yorkberry Gate
Yorks Corners Road
Yorkville Street
Yorkwood Place
You Loans Corp
Young Israel of Ottawa
Young Road
Young Street
Young Street East
Young's Farm Way
Young's Pond Court
Your Choice Boutique
Your Credit Union
Your Independent Grocer
Yousuf Karsh
Youville Centre
Youville Drive
Yuk Yuk's Comedy Club
Yule Manor Co-op
Yummy Meat Pies

Z6 Urban Lofts
Zac's Diner
Zachary Street
Zaidan Drive
Zak's & Tony's Hair Studio
Zak's Cantina
Zak's Diner
Zaky Grill
Zapper Motors
Zarka Auto Sales
Ze Kitchen
Zed's Garage
Zeidan Park
Zelikovitz Leathers
Zen Martial Arts and Fitness Centre
Zena Street
Zephyr Avenue
Zesty Market
Zesty Mart
Zida Academy
Ziegler Street
Zip lines and aerial parks
Zip lining and Aerial Park at Camp Fortune
Zizis Kitchen
Zoé's Lounge
Zoey Nails and Spa
Zokol Crescent
Zoureen's Cafe
Zu Hair Designs
Zuni Grill

ça va de soi

Ève Café

École Carle
École Côte-du-Nord
École de l'Amérique-Française
École de l'Escalade
École de l'Odyssée (Jean XXIII)
École de l'Odyssée* (Saint-René-Goupil)
École de la Montée
École de la Traversée (Lavigne)
École de la Traversée* (Ste-Maria-Goretti)
École de Touraine (George-Étienne-Cartier)
École de Touraine (Riviera)
École de Touraine* (Riviera)
École des Belles-Rives
École des Cavaliers
École des Cépages
École des Deux-Ruisseaux
École des Rapides-Dechênes
École des Tournesols
École des Trois-Portages
École des Trois-Saisons
École Du Bois Joli
École du Dôme
École du Lac-des-Fées
École du Marais
École du Nouveau-Monde (Saint-Rosaire)
École du Nouveau-Monde*(Renaud)
École du Parc-de-la-Montagne
École du Plateau
École du Vallon
École du Vieux-Verger
École du Village
École élémentaire catholique Alain-Fortin (731385)
École élémentaire catholique Notre-Place (796656)
École élémentaire catholique Sainte-Anne (860573)
École Euclide-Lanthier
École Francojeunesse
École Internationale du Mont-Bleu
École internationale du Mont-Bleu
École L'Oiseau Bleu
École La Sablonnière
École La Source
École Le Petit Prince
École Le Tremplin
École Massé
École primaire Jean-de-Brébeuf
École Raymond
École Sacré-Coeur
École Saint-Jean Bosco
École Saint-Paul
École Saint-Rédempteur
École secondaire catholique Paul-Desmarais (758231;685986)
École secondaire de l'Île
École secondaire du Versant
École secondaire Grande-Rivière
École secondaire Mont-Bleu
École Élémentaire publique Centre-Nord
Édifice Crémazie
Édifice Jos-Montferrand
Édouard-Bond Individualized Instruction Catholic Elementary School (786634)
Éducation permanente
Éducation sans frontiers - éte
Église adventiste du septième jour francophone d’Ottawa
Église chrétienne du Plateau
Église de Saint-Bonaventure
Église de Saint-Claude
Église évangélique baptiste d’Ottawa
Église Evangelique Source De Vie
Église Nouvel Espoir
Église Sacré-Coeur
Église Saint-Mathieu
Église Street
Église Unie St-Marc
Élisabeth-Bruyère Catholic Elementary School (705055)
Émerillon Ridge
Émile Zola
Émond Street
Épinettes Avenue