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1329 Salon & Spa




7 Day Nursery

805 Boba

99 Cents Only Stores

[private] Cynthia Wood Trail

A View of the World from Isla Vista
Aberdeen Avenue
Abigail Lane
Above All Aviation
Abrego Road
AC4 Fitness
Acacia Counseling & Wellness
Acacia Walk
Ace of Fade
Adair Drive
Adams Center for the Visual Arts
Adams Elementary School
Adams Road
Adelante Charter School
Adult Cottages B
Adult Cottages C
Aero Camino
Aero Partners, LLC
African Lions
Agana Drive
Aguila Avenue
Ah Juice Organics
Airport Motors
Alamar Avenue
Alamar Church of the Four Square Gospel
Alameda Avenue
Alameda Padre Serra
Alan Road
Albany Court
Alberta Avenue
Alcala Lane
Alcamo Place
Aldus Drive
Aleeda Lane
Alegria Road
Alessia Patisserie + Cafe
Alex Place
Alice F Schott Continuing Education Center
Alisa Lane
Alisal Road
Alisos Drive
All Saints by the Sea Episcopal Church
Allaire Street
Allan Herschel 3-Abrest Carousel
Alli Way
Allora by Laura
Almond Street
Alondra Drive
Alpha Chi Omega
Alpha Delta Pi
Alpha Gamma Omega
Alpha Phi
Alpha Thrift Store
Alpha Training School
Alphonse Street
Alpine Drive
Alston Lane
Alston Place
Alston Road
Alta Vista Road
Alto Drive
Alturas del Sol
Alvarado Place
Amador Avenue
Amalfi Way
Amapola Drive
Amapola Lane
Amarosa Street
Amazon Alexa
Amberly Place
America's Tire
American Avenue
American Eagle Outfitters
American Riviera Bank
Amherst Drive


Amy's Skin Care
Anacapa Street
Anapamu Street Footbridge
Anchor Drive
Ancona Avenue
Andalucia Building
Andamar Way
Andante Road
Anderson Lane
Anderson Systems
Andrew McFarland Place
Andrita Street
Andy Lane
Anita Lane
Anna's Bakery
Antioch University - Santa Barbara
Antone Road
Anza Drive
Apertivo Wine Bar
Apple Grove Lane
Apple Store
APS Turnout
Arango Drive
Arbolado Road
Arboleda Road
Arcady Road
Archer's Alley
Arden Road
Ardilla Drive
Ardmore Drive
Area 4
Area 5.1
Argonne Circle
Arguello Road
Arhnold Tennis Center
Arigato Sushi
Arlington Avenue
Arlington Theatre
Armas Canyon Road
Armington Hall
Armitos Avenue
Armitos Avenue (93117)
Armstrong Road
Arnold Place
Arriba Drive
Arriba Way
Arroqui Road
Arrow-Small World Camper Shells
Arroyico Lane
Arroyo Avenue
Arroyo Burro Beach
Arroyo Burro Trail
Arroyo Road
Arroyo Vista Drive
Art Classroom
Art, Design & Architecture Museum
Arts Library
Arundel Road
Asamblea De Dios Templo
Asegra Road
Ashdale Street
Ashley Avenue
Ashley Place
Ashley Road
Ashton Street
Asia Warren Skin Care
Asilomar Way
Aspen Way
Astoria Place
Atascadero Drive
Atasco Drive
ATG Auto Repair
Atlantic Court
Atlantic Lane
Atlas Fence Co. of Santa Barbara
August Place
Augusta Lane
Augustus Griggs Place
Auhay Drive
Auhay Lane
Aurora Avenue
Aurora Drive
Autocamp Santa Barbara
Avalon Avenue
Avania Inn of Santa Barbara
Avenida Ganso
Avenida Garza
Avenida Gorrion
Avenida Pequena
Aviano Avenue
Aviano Place
Avila Way
Avon Lane
Ayala Lane
Azalea Way

Backyard Bowls
Bagel Café
Baja Sharkeez
Bajada Grande
Bajada Lane
Baker Lane
Balboa Building
Balboa Drive
Baldwin Drive
Baldwin Road
Banana Republic
Banana Road
Banc of California
Bank of America
Bank Of The Sierra
Banner Avenue
Barber Shop
Barbieri Kempire
Barcelona Drive
Barefoot Boutique
Barger Canyon Road
Barker Pass Road
Barling Terrace
Barnsdall Rio Grande Gas Station
Barranca Avenue
Barranca Lane
Barrington Drive
Basketball Courts
Bassano Drive
Bath & Body Works
Bath Street
Baxter Street
Bay View Circle
Bayberry Lane
Beach City
Beach Club Road
Beach House Inn
Beachbreak Cafe
Beachside Bar & Cafe
Beachside Cafe
Beachwalk Apartments
Beaumont Way
Becknell Road
Bel Air Drive
Bella Drive
Bella Vista Drive
Bella Vista Polo Club
Bella Vista Ranch Trail
Bella Vista Road
Belluno Drive
Belmonte Drive
Ben Lomond Drive
Ben Page Youth Center
Bennett's Educational Material
Benton Avenue
Berkeley Road
Berkshire Terrace
Berkshire Terrace Apartments
Best Buy
BEST WESTERN Beachside Inn
BEST WESTERN PLUS Encina Lodge & Suites
Beth Messiah Congregation
Bethany Congregational Church
Bethel Church of God in Christ
Betty Drive
Bicycle Bob's
Big 5 Sporting Goods
Big Brand Tire
Big Sur Drive
Birch Walk
Birchwood Road
Birnam Wood Drive
Bishop Garcia Diego High School
Bithynia Road
Black Swan
Blaksley Boulder
Blaksley Library
Blanchard Street
Blast Taqueria
Blaze Pizza
Blenders in the Grass
Blenders In The Grass
Blenders In The Grass - 5 Points
Blue Water Hunter Dive Shop
Bluewater Grill
Bob Woolever's Tire Shoppe
Bodega Lane
Boeseke Parkway
Bolero Drive
Bolinas Way
Bollay Drive
Bolsa Chica Court
Bolton Walk
Bond Avenue
Bonita Plaza
Bonita Way
Bonnie Lane
Bonnymede Drive
Borton Drive
Botello Road
Boulder Ridge Road
Bradbury Street
Bradford Drive
Braeburn Drive
Braemar Drive
Brandon Drive
Brandon Elementary School
Brandy Melville
Brasil Arts Café
Brass Bear
Breakfast Café
Breakfast Culture Club
Breakwater Restaurant
Bregante Lane
Brenner Drive
Brent Street
Brentwood Way
Brinkerhoff Avenue
Brisas Del Mar, Inn At The Beach
Bristol Place
Broadmoor Plaza
Brooktree Road
Brophy Bros.
Buckthorn Road
Budget Blinds
Buena Vista Drive
Buena Vista Trail
Burns Place
Burtis Street
Burton Circle
Business/Communication Center
Butler Event Center
Butte Drive
Butterfly Beach
Butterfly Lane
Buttonwood Lane

C Aire
CA 144
Ca'Dario Cucina Italiana
Cabrillo Business Park
Cabrillo Pavillion
Cachuma Community Center
Cachuma Village
Cacique Street
Cadiz Court
Caesar Uyesaka Stadium
Cafeteria Road
Caire Circle
Cajé Café
Cajun Kitchen Cafe
Cal Coast Adventures
Cal Taco
Calabria Drive
Calaveras Avenue
Calden Overlook
Caleta Avenue
Cali-Fornio Pizzeria
Califia Court
California Closets
California Hobbies
California Street
California Tacos and Taproom
Calle Abierta
Calle Alamo
Calle Alella
Calle Almonte
Calle Amarillo
Calle Andalucia
Calle Anzuelo
Calle Aparejo
Calle Asilo
Calle Barquero
Calle Bello
Calle Boca del Canon
Calle Brevo
Calle Canon
Calle Capistrano
Calle Caridad
Calle Cedro
Calle Cerrito
Calle Cerrito Alto
Calle Cerro
Calle Cita
Calle Corte
Calle Cortita
Calle Cristobal
Calle Culebra
Calle de Los Amigos
Calle del Oro
Calle del Sol
Calle del Sur
Calle Elegante
Calle Esperanza
Calle Fresno
Calle Galicia
Calle Granada
Calle Hermoso
Calle Koral
Calle Las Brisas
Calle Laurda
Calle Linares
Calle Madera
Calle Malaga
Calle Manzanita
Calle Mariposa
Calle Mastil
Calle Montilla
Calle Morelia
Calle Noguera
Calle Palo Colorado
Calle Pinon
Calle Poniente
Calle Puerto Vallarta
Calle Real
Calle Real/Old Town Shuttle
Calle Reina
Calle Rinconada
Calle Rosales
Calle Sastre
Calle Serrento
Calle Sonia
Calle Soria
Calle Tania
Calvary Baptist Church
Calwell Snyder
Cambria Way
Cambridge Drive
Camden Place
Camellia Lane
Cameron Hall
Cameta Way
Camino Alto
Camino Alto Road
Camino Altozano
Camino Andaluz
Camino Calma
Camino Cascada
Camino Caseta
Camino Cerralvo
Camino Compana
Camino Contigo
Camino Corto
Camino Corto Open Space
Camino de la Aldea
Camino de la Gente
Camino de Vida
Camino del Mirasol
Camino del Remedio
Camino del Retiro
Camino del Rio
Camino del Roble
Camino del Rosario
Camino del Sur
Camino Galeana
Camino Laguna Vista
Camino Lindo
Camino Majorca
Camino Manadero
Camino Medio
Camino Meleno
Camino Molinero
Camino Palomera
Camino Pescadero
Camino Real Cinemas
Camino Real Playground
Camino Rio Verde
Camino Talavera
Camino Venturoso
Camino Verde
Camino Viejo
Camino Vista
Camino Viviente
Campanil Drive
Campbell Bridge
Camphor Place
Campus 880
Campus Cuts
Campus Point Coffee
Campus Pool
Canary, a Kimpton Hotel
Cannon Green Drive
Canon Drive
Cantera Avenue
Canyon Acres Drive
Canyon Trail
Capellina Way
Capri Drive
Captain Fatty's Brewery
Captain Jack's Tours & Events
Carbo Circle
Cardinal Avenue
Caretaker's Cottage
Carl's Jr.
Carlisle Way
Carlitos Café y Cantina
Carlo Drive
Carlton Way
Carmel Beach Circle
Carmelita Avenue
Carol Avenue
Caroldale Lane
Caroldale Place
Carosam Road
Carpentry & Paint Shop
Carpinteria Express
Carpinteria Street
Carriage and Western Art Museum of Santa Barbara
Carriage Hill Drive
Carriage Hill Lane
Carriage Museum
Carrizo Drive
Carroll Hall
Carson Street
Cary Place
Casa de la Guerra
Casa De Maria Entrance
Casa del Herrero
Casa Del Mar Inn
Casa Dolores
Casa Las Palmas
Caseta Way
Caseys Garage and Discount Smog Center
Casiano Drive
Casitas Fitness Center
Casitas Road
Casitas Village
Caspia Lane
Cass Place
Cass Renee
Castilian Drive
Castillo Inn at the Beach
Castillo Street
Cat Therapy
Catania Way
Cathedral Oaks
Cathedral Oaks County School Administration Building
Cathedral Oaks Fire Administrative Center
Cathedral Oaks Road
Cathedral Pointe Lane
Cathedral Vista Lane
Catherine Gee
CBC Apartments
CCBER Overlook
Cedar Lane
Cedar Vista
Celine Drive
Center Avenue
Centinela Lane
Central Church of Christ
Central Dining Room
Central Stores
Cerrito Lane
Cervantes Road
Cervato Way
Chabad at UCSB
Chadwick Way
Chambers Cottage
Chandler Street
Channel City Lumber
Channel Drive
Channel Islands Road
Channing Way
Chapala Market
Chapala Street
Chapel Street
Chapman Place
Char West Fish & Chips
Charles Schwab
Charlotte Lane
Chase Drive
Chase Palm Park Craft Center (Laguna Pump House)
Chateaux Elise
Chaucer's Books
Cheadle Overlook
Cheer's Liquor
Cheese Shop Santa Barbara
Chelham Way
Cheltenham Road
Cherimoya Way
Chilon Way
China King
Chinese Evangelical Free Church
Chino Street
Chiquita Road
Choppa Poke
Christ Lutheran Church
Christ the King Episcopal Church
Christian Science Reading Room
Christmas Tree Lane
Chromatic Gate, 1991
Chuck Wagner Memorial
Chumash Highway
Chuparosa Drive
Church of Christ
Church of God in Christ
Church of Religious Science
Church of the Open Bible
Cielito Lane
Cielo Avenue
Cieneguitas Road
Cima Del Mundo Road
Cima Linda Lane
Cinco Amigos
Cinderella Lane
Cintron Salon
Circle Drive
Citrus Avenue
City College Shuttle
City of Goleta
City of Goleta Police Marketplace Substation
Clara Vista Court
Claremont Road
Clarendon Court
Clark Hall
Clark Road
Clearview Road
Cleveland Avenue
Cleveland Elementary School
Cliff Drive
Cliff House
Clifford Street
Clifton Street
Clinton Terrace
Cloydon Circle
Coal Oil Point Reserve
Coal Oil Point Reserve Main Office
Coast & Olive
Coast 2 Coast Collection
Coast Community Church
Coast Village Circle
Coast Village Road
Coastal Resource Information Center
Coastline Christian Academy
Cobble Lane
Coco Palms
Cocopah Drive
Cody's Cafe
Coffin Family Trail
Colby Street
Cold - Hot Springs Connector
Cold Spring Elementary School
Cold Spring Road
Cold Spring Trail
Cold Stone Creamery
Cole Place
Coleman Avenue
Colfax Court
Colina Lane
College of the Queen of Peace Jesuit Novitiate
Coloma Drive
Colusa Drive
Colville Street
Commercial Ramp South
Community Christian School
Community Covenant Church
Community of Christ
Community West Bank
Compass Lane
Conception Memorial
Conchita Lane
Condor Express Whale Watching
Conejo Lane
Conejo Road
Congregation B'nai Brith
Connie Way
Connor Lane
Conserv Fuel
Constance Lane
Consuelo Drive
Continental Liquor
Cook Avenue
Cook Place
Cookie Plug
Cool Brook Lane
Cooper Road
Coral Street
Coral Tree Cafe
Coral Way
Coralino Road
Corazón cocina
Cordero Drive
Cordoba Road
Cordova Drive
Coromar Drive
Corona Del Mar
Corona Del Mar Water Treatment Plant Access Road
Coronada Circle
Coronado Butterfly Preserve
Coronado Drive
Coronel Place
Coronel Street
Corta Road
Corta Street
Cortez Way
Corto Camino Ontare
Cortona Drive
Cortona Point
Coruna Court
Cost Plus World Market
Costa Terraza
Costco Tire Center
Cota Lane
Cottage Grove Avenue
Cottage Hospital
Cottage Urgent Care
Cotton On
Country Club Drive
County Dump Road
County Engineering Building
County Firefighters Memorial
County Health
County Health/Fairview
County Office of Emergency Management
Court Place
Courtyard Cafe
Courtyard Santa Barbara Downtown
Covina Street
Covington Place
Covington Way
Cowles Road
Cox Store
Coyote Circle
Coyote Road
Craigmont Drive
Crane Country Day School
Creciente Drive
Creek Lane
Creek Trail System
Creekside Road
Cremona Drive
Crescent Avenue
Crescent Drive
Cresta Avenue
Crestline Drive
Crestwood Drive
Crestwood Place
Cristino's Bakery
Crosstown Shuttle
Crown Avenue
Crush Cakes Cafe
Crushcakes & Cafe
Cuervo Avenue
Cuesta Road
Cuesta Verde
Cumberland Drive
Cuna Drive
Curley Avenue
CVS Pharmacy
Cynthia Wood Trail
Cypress Walk

D'Angelo's Bakery
Daffodil Lane
Daley Street
Dalton Way
Danbury Court
Danforthe Drive
Danielson Road
Dank Bowl Kitchen
Dara Road
Dart Coffee Co.
Dartmoor Avenue
Dave's Dogs
Davenport Road
David L Reeves Medical Library
David Love Place
Davidson Library
Davis Place
Dawlish Place
Dawn Lane
Dawson Avenue
Day Drive
Days Inn - Santa Barbara
Daytona Drive
DCH Lexus of Santa Barbara
De la Guerra Place
De la Guerra Road
De la Guerra Terrace
De La Playa
De la Vina Street
De la Vista Avenue
De Paul Drive
Dean: a coffee shop
Dean: A Coffee Shop
Deane Chapel
Deane Hall
Dearborn Place
Debbie Road
Debra Drive
Deckers Brand Showcase
Deckers Way
Deep Sea Tasting Room
Deerhurst Drive
Deerpath Road
Déjà Vu Café
Del Canto Lane
Del Mar
Del Mar Avenue
Del Mar Place
Del Monaco Drive
Del Monte Avenue
Del Norte Drive
Del Norte Place
Del Oro Avenue
Del Playa Drive
Del Playa Rentals
Del Plebblo Cafe
Del Sol
Del Sol Avenue
Del Sol Vernal Pool Preserve
Delta Gamma
Delta Tau Delta
Dena Way
Dentro Drive
Depot Road
Derrick's Roofing
Designer Cuts
Devereux Beach
Devereux Hall
Devereux Slough
Devereux Way
Devon Place
Dexter Drive
Diamond Crest Center
Diamond Crest Court
Diana Lane
Diana Road
Dibblee Avenue
Dignity Moves shelter
Dillings's Link
Dimensional Millwork, Inc. Windows & Doors
Dinsmore Lane
Dioji K-9 Resort and Athletic Club
Direct Relief International
Discovery Drive
Distinctive Picture Framing
Dixon Street
Dixon's Goleta Self Storage
Dollar Tree
Dolores Drive
Dome House
Donze Avenue
Dora Lane
Dorado Drive
Dorking Place
Dorset Court
Dos Hermanos Road
Dos Pueblos High School
Douglas Lane
Dover Hill Road
Dover Lane
Dover Road
Downhill Trail
Downtown Apartments
Downtown Shuttle
Draughtsmen Aleworks
Draughtsmen Dieworks
Drexel Drive
Dublin's Sports Grill
Due Lune
Duke's Boxing & Fitness
Dulzura Drive
Duncan Road
Dune Coffee Roasters
Dunsmuir Way
Durham Place
Dutton Avenue

E-Business Center
Ealand Place
Earl Warren Show Grounds
East Alamar Avenue
East Anapamu Street
East Arrellaga Street
East Beach
East Beach Courts
East Cabrillo Boulevard
East Calle Crespis
East Calle Laureles
East Campus Center Office 3
East Campus Center Office 4
East Campus Classroom 14
East Campus Classroom 15
East Campus Classroom 16
East Campus Classroom 17
East Campus Classroom 18
East Campus Classroom 19
East Campus Classroom 20
East Campus Classroom 4
East Campus Classroom 5
East Campus Classroom 6
East Canon Perdido Street
East Carrillo Street
East Constance Avenue
East Cota Street
East De la Guerra Street
East de la Guerra Street
East Figueroa Street
East Fork Cold Spring Trail
East Gutierrez Street
East Haley Street
East Islay Street
East Junipero Street
East Las Tunas Road
East Los Olivos Street
East Mason Street
East Micheltorena Street
East Mission Street
East Montecito Place
East Montecito Street
East Mountain Drive
East Ortega Street
East Padre Street
East Pedregosa Street
East Pepper Lane
East Pueblo Street
East Quinto Street
East SB
East Side Social Center Catholic Welfare Bureau
East Sola Street
East Street
East Valerio Street
East Valley Lane
East Valley Road
East Verhelle Road
East Victoria Street
East Yanonali
East Yanonali Street
East-West Promenade
Easton Aqueduct Trail
Eastside Branch Santa Barbara Public Library
ECC 1-3
ECC 40-43
Eckles Road
Eco Friendly Cleaners
ECONO autocenter
Ed Clark Easement
Eddie Matthews Field
Edgecliff Lane
Edgemound Drive
Edgewater Way
Edgewood Drive
Edison Access
Edison Access Road
Edison Avenue
Edison Catway
Ediston Catway
Education Office
Educational Addition A
Educational Addition B
Edward "Bud" Girard
Edward Spaulding Auditorium
Edwards Place
Eight Zero Five
Eileen Way
Ekwill Street
El Arco Drive
El Bosque Road
El Caminito Road
El Camino de la Luz
El Camino Presbyterian Chruch
El Camino Ratel
El Camino School
El Caserio
El Centro
El Cielito Road
El Colegio Road
El Embarcadero Road
El Encanto Road
El Encanto, A Belmond Hotel, Santa Barbara
El Escorial Villas
El Estero
El Faro
El Gaucho Road
El Greco Road
El Monte Drive
El Montecito Presbyterian Church
El Nido Lane
El Paseo
El Pollo Loco
El Prado Place
El Prado Road
El Rancho Elementary School
El Rancho Hacienda
El Rancho Road
El Rodeo Road
El Sitio
El Sueno
El Sueno Road
El Vedado Lane
Elderberry Drive
Elegant Nail & Salon
Eleven Oaks Lane
Elings Aquatic Center
Elings Field #1
Elings Field #2
Elings Field #3
Elings Field #4
Elings Meadow
Elings Park
Elings Park Tennis Courts
Elise Place
Elise Way
Elizabeth Street
Elkus Walk
Ella Lane
Ellings Performing Arts Center
Ellwood Beach
Ellwood Beach Drive
Ellwood Canyon Road
Ellwood Elementary School
Ellwood Ranch Road
Ellwood Ridge Road
Elmhurst Place
Emanuel Chapel
Emanuel Lutheran Church
Embarcadero Apartments
Embarcadero del Mar
Embarcadero del Norte
Embarcadero Hall
Embarcadero Municipal Improvement District
Emerson Avenue
Emerson Hall
Emerson Street
Emily Lane
Emmanuel Lutheran Church
Empty Bowl
Encina Lane
Encina Meadows Apartments
Encina Road
Encore Drive
Ennisbrook Loop
Ennisbrook Trail
Ensenada Avenue
Enterprise Fish Company
Entrada de Santa Barbara
Entrance Road
Eos Lounge
Equestrian Avenue
Eric Kreb's Auto Repair
ESL Center
Essex Street
Estero Road
Estrella Drive
Ethnic Breads
Eucalyptus Avenue
Eucalyptus Hill Circle
Eucalyptus Hill Drive
Eucalyptus Hill Road
Eucalyptus Lane
Euclid Avenue
European Wax Center
Evalita Lane
Evans Avenue
Evanston Place
Evergreen Drive
Evergreen Terrace East
Evergreen Terrace West
Evonshire Avenue
Exeter Place
Extended Stay America
Eye & Vision Care

Fair Eyes
Fairfax Road
Fairview Gardens
Fairview Motors Brakes & Alignment
Fairwood Lane
Faith Baptist Church
Faith Mission
Fala Bar
Fallen Forest
Family LIfe Fellowship Church
Famous Nails
Fantastic Sams
Fanucchi Circle
Farren Road
Fasano Way
Fathom Way
Fawn Place
Fearing Trail
Feather Hill Road
Featherhill Road
Federal Drug
Fellowship Circle
Fellowship Lane
Fellowship Road
Fennic Fox
Ferguson Center
Fernald Point Lane
Fernando's Smog Check
Ferrara Way
Ferrelo Place
Ferrelo Road
Field + Fort
Fielding Graduate University
Fiesta Cash & Loans
Fiesta Cinema
Fig Avenue
Figueroa Mountain Brewing Company
Finders Keepers
Fine Fabrics
Finney Street
Finney's Crafthouse
Fir Tree Place
Fire lane
Fire/Access Road
Firenze Place
Firestone Road
First Baptist Church
First Christian Church
First Church of Christ, Scientist
First Congregational Church
First Presbyterian Church
First Republic Bank
First Southern Baptist Church
First Ukrainian Evangelical Baptist Church
First United Methodist Church
Five Points Shopping Center
Fleischmann Field
Fletcher Street
Flora Vista Drive
Food Bank- Santa Barbara
Foodland Market
Foothill Elementary School
Foothill Lane
Foothill Road
Fordham Place
Forest Drive
Formosa Drive
Fortuna Lane
Fortuna Road
Fortunato Way
Four Seasons Resort: The Biltmore Santa Barbara
Fowler Road
Foxen Drive
Frances Street
Franceschi Park Lane
Franceschi Road
Franciscan Inn
Francisco Drive
Franella Road
Franklin Elementary School
Frazier Lane
Frederic Lopez Road
Frederick Lopez Road
Free Methodist Church
Freehaven Drive
Freeman Place
Fremont Place
French Quarter Apartments
Fresco Cafe
Frey Way
Friar Lane
Friendship Missionary Baptist Church
Frog Bar and Grill
Fuel Depot
Fuera Lane

Gallery 113
Game Seeker
Gamma Phi Beta
Gap Kids
Garcia Road
Garden Street
Garret's Old Fashioned Breakfast-Lunch Restaurant
Garvin Theater
Gatehouse Road
Gateway Educational Services
Gato Avenue
Gaviota Street
Gayley Walk
Gazebo trail
Georgetown Road
Gerard Drive
Gerona Way
Get Faded Salon & Spa Isla Vista
Giant Sequoia: The Big Tree of the Sierras
Gibraltar Road
Gibralter Community Center
Gibralter Village
Gift Store
Gillespie Street
Gillespie Way
Girard Trail
Glen Albyn Drive
Glen Annie Golf Club
Glen Annie Road
Glen Oaks Drive
Glenbrook Street
Glendessary Lane
Glenview Road
Global Leadership Center
Global Leadership Center North
Global Leadership Center South
Goat Tree
Gold Coast Dairy
Golden Gate Avenue
Goleta Branch Library
Goleta Building Materials
Goleta Church of God in Christ
Goleta Coffee Company
Goleta Express
Goleta Pier
Goleta Post Office
Goleta Presbyterian Church
Goleta Slough Ecological Reserve
Goleta Transmissions and Auto Repair
Goleta Valley Athletic Club
Goleta Valley Cottage Hospital
Goleta Valley Junior High School
Goleta Valley Optical
Goleta Valley Paint
Goleta Valley Sheriff Station
Golf Road
Good Heart Recovery
Good Shepherd Lutheran Church
Good Time Clock
Goodland Barber Shop
Goodland Kitchen
Gould Lane
Grace Baptist Church
Grace Church of Santa Barbara
Grace Lutheran Church
Grade & High School
Granada Circle
Grand Avenue
Graphiq (FindTheBest)
Gravilla Drive
Gray Avenue
Great Clips
Great Pacific Ice Cream Co
Greater Hope Baptist Church
Green Coast
Green Cuisine
Green Lane
Green Meadow Road
Green Ridge Lane
Greencastle Circle
Greensboro Street
Greenwell Avenue
Greenworth Place
Greggory Way
Greyhound Bus Station
Grocery Outlet
Grove Lane
Guadalupe School
Guante Circle
Guava Avenue
Gwyne Avenue

Hacienda Court
Hacienda Drive
Hacienda Way
Haley Hotel
Halkirk Street
Hampton Inn & Suites
Hana Kitchen
Handlebar Coffee Roasters
Hanna Drive
Harbor Hills Drive
Harbor Hills Lane
Harbor House Inn
Harbor Market
Harbor Snack Shack
Harbor View Drive
Harbor View Inn
Harbor Way
Harder Stadium
Harding Elementary School
Hardinge Avenue
Harmon Street
Harriet Miller Picnic Area
Harrold Avenue
Harry's Plaza Cafe
Hartley Place
Harvard Lane
Haskell's Beach
Hastings Drive
Hatlen Theater
Hats Unlimited
Health & Fitness Center
Health Center
Hearing Consultants of California
Helena Avenue
Helena Avenue Bakery
Hello Bag
Hempstead Avenue
Hendrys Beach
Henley Gate
Hermosa Road
Hermosillo Road
Hibachi Steak House & Sushi Bar
Hidden Lane
Hidden Oaks Road
Hidden Valley Lane
High Grove Avenue
High Ridge Lane
High Road
Highland Drive
Hill Road
Hillcrest Road
Hillsboro Street
Hillsboro Way
Hillside House Cerebral Palsy School
Hillside Road
Hillview Drive
Hilton Garden Inn
Hispanic Baptist Church
Hitchcock Ranch Road
Hitchcock Way
Hixon Road
Hochaya Tea House
Hochman Family Plaza
Hodges Lane
Hoka One One
Holiday Hill Road
Holiday Inn Express Santa Barbara
Holiday Lodge
Hollipat Center Drive
Hollister Avenue
Hollister Brewing Company
Hollister Elementary School
Hollister Street
Hollister Trail
Hollister Village Apartments
Holly Road
Holmcrest Road
Holy Resurrection Orthodox Church
Home Demo
Homebase Partnership
Honor Farm Road
Hope Ranch
Hope Ranch Tennis Courts
Hope School
Hope Terrace
Horse Trail
Hosmer Lane
Hot Springs Fireroad
Hot Springs Hotel
Hot Springs Lane
Hot Springs Road
Hot Springs Trail
Hot tub
Hotel Indigo Santa Barbara
Hotel Milo Santa Barbara
Hotel Santa Barbara
Howard School
Hubba-Hubba Lane
Hudson Drive
Hummus Republic
Humphrey Road
Hunt Drive
Huntington Drive
Hutash Street
Hyatt Place Santa Barbara
Hyatt Santa Barbara

Iaiqua Lane
Ice in Paradise
Icon Gardens


Idyll Mercantile

iGeeks iPhone Repair

Iglesia de Cristo
IHSP Santa Barbara
Immaculate Heart College
Impact Hub
In-N-Out Burger
Indian Hills Road
Indigo Interiors
Indio Muerto Street
Indo China Market
Information Kiosk
Inn by the Harbor
Innovation Place
Insomnia Cookies
Institution Ale Company
Interdisciplinary Center
Interior Cabinet Corporation
International Academy of Santa Barbara Library
International Education Center
International Food Market
Interventional Psychiatry Association
Invierno Drive
Inwood Drive
Inwood Place
IPT Acroamatics
Iris Avenue
Irvine Lane
Isabella Lane
Isla Vista
Isla Vista Beach
Isla Vista Bicycle Boutique
Isla Vista Community Bike Center
Isla Vista Elementary School
Isla Vista Food Cooperative
Isla Vista Market
Isla Vista Recreation & Park District
Isla Vista Shuttle
Isla Vista Theater
Island Oak Lane
Island Seed & Feed
Island View
Island View Drive
Island View Outfitters + Screen Printing
Isleta Avenue
Italian Pottery Outlet
Itsuki Japanese Restaurant
IV Deli Mart

J Road
Jacaranda Lane
Jack in the Box
Jack Peres Place
Jake Boysel Multipurpose Pathway
Jamba Juice
James Road
Jameson Community Center
Jameson Village
Jean Lane
Jeff Elings Drive
Jefferson School
Jelinda Drive
Jenna Drive
Jennings Avenue
Jerry Harwin Parkway
Jerry's Pollofino
Jersey Mike's Subs
Jesmary Lane
Jesusita Lane
Jesusita Trail
Jesusita Trailhead
Jiffy Lube
Jimeno Road
JJ's Liquor
John Donaldson Place
John Dunn Gourmet Dining Room
Joseph Sexton House
JR Richards Gymnasium
JSB Cafe
Juana Maria Avenue
Juanita Avenue
Jubilee Christian Church
Judge for Yourself Cafe
Jules by the sea
Juniper Walk
Junipero Plaza
Junipero Serra Hall
Jurkowitz Theater
Juvenile Hall Road

Kaiser Avenue
Kaleidoscope Flowers
Kalley Drive
Kamala Way
Kanaloa Seafood
Kappa Alpha Theta
Kappa Kappa Gamma
Kappa Sigma
Kaptain's Firehouse BBQ
Karl Storz Drive
Karpeles Manuscript Library Museum
Katlin Place
Keg N Bottle
Keister Place
Kellogg Elementary School
Kellogg Place
Kellogg Tennis Courts
Kellogg Way
Kenmore Place
Kent Place
Kentia Avenue
Kenwood Circle Road
Kenwood Road
Keo Drive
Kern Drive
Kernohan's Toys
Kestrel Lane
Key Point Credit Union
Kids World
Killer B Fitness
Killer Shrimp Restaurant & Bar
Kim Nails & Spa
Kimball Street
Kimberly Avenue
King Daniel Lane
Kings Way
Kingston Avenue
Kinman Avenue
Kirby Crossing
Kirk Drive
Kiwanis Meadows
Kiwi's Auto Repair
Knoll Circle Drive
Knollwood Drive
Kodiak Avenue
Kowalski Avenue
Kristen Court
Kroeber Walk
Kyle's Kitchen

L&L Hawaiian Barbecue
L'Antica Pizzeria
L'Aquila Lane
La Arcada Barber Shop
La Arcada Building
La Barbara Drive
La Buena Tierra
La Cadena Street
La Casa de Maria Conference and Retreat Center
La Cima Road
La Colina Classroom
La Colina Classroom & Office
La Colina Junior High School
La Colina Offices
La Colina Road
La Combadura Road
La Coronilla Drive
La Cresta Circle
La Cuesta Continuation High School
La Cuesta High School
La Cumbre Circle
La Cumbre Country Club
La Cumbre Hills Lane
La Cumbre Middle School
La Cumbre Plaza Lane
La Entrada
La Espada Drive
La Flecha Lane
La Gama Way
La Goleta Road
La Jolla Drive
La Josa Road
La Ladera Road
La Lita Lane
La Loma
La Loma Way
La Marina
La Milpita Road
La Mirada Drive
La Paloma Avenue
La Patera Elementary School
La Patera Place
La Paz Avenue
La Paz Road
La Plata
La Playa Field
La Rada
La Ramada Drive
La Riata Lane
La Roda Avenue
La Salle Road
La Salsa
La Super-Rica
La Torre Building
La Venta Drive
La Vereda Lane
La Vereda Road
La Vista del Oceano
La Vista Grande
La Vista Road
La Vuelta Road
Ladera Lane
Ladera Street
Lado Drive
Lago Drive
Lagoon Road
Laguna Apartments
Laguna Blanca Drive
Laguna Blanca School
Laguna Street
Lama Dog
Lambert Road
Lanark Street
Lancaster Place
Langlo Ranch Road
Langlo Terrace
Lao Wang
Larchmont Place
Largura Place
Larry's Auto Parts
Las Alturas Circle
Las Alturas Road
Las Amigas Children's Cottage A
Las Amigas Children's Cottage B
Las Armas Road
Las Barrancas Trail
Las Barrancas Trailhead
Las Canoas Lane
Las Canoas Place
Las Canoas Ridge Way
Las Canoas Road
Las Cruces Court
Las Encinas Lane
Las Encinas Road
Las Encinas Road West
Las Entradas Drive
Las Gaviotas
Las Manos Lane
Las Olas Avenue
Las Olas Drive
Las Ondas
Las Palmas Drive
Las Perlas Drive
Las Positas Meadows
Las Positas Road
Las Positas Road Multiuse Path
Las Rosas Lane
Las Tunas Road
Lassen Drive
Lassen Place
Lassen's Health Food
Lasuen Road
Laurel Canyon Road
Laurel Walk
Lawrence M Parma School for Handicapped Children
Lawrence Street
Lazy Acres
Le Reve Organic Spa
Leadbetter Beach
Leasing Center
Lee Drive
Leeds Lane
Legends Salon
Lemon Grove Lane
Lemon Tree Inn
Les Marchands Wine
Leslie Drive
Levi's Cowboy Kingdom
Lewis & Clark
Lewis Chapel Christian Methodist Episcopal Church
Lexington Avenue
Liberty Street
Library Avenue
Library Plaza
Lido Way
Lighthouse Coffee
Lighthouse Place
Lighthouse Road
Lighthouse Way
Lilac Drive
Lilac Patisserie
Lillie Avenue
Lillys Taqueria
Lily's Taqueria
Lincoln Road
Lincoln School
Lincolnwood Drive
Lincolnwood Place
Linda Drive
Lindito Lane
Lindmar Drive
Linfield Place
Lingate Lane
Lira Place
Litchfield Lane
Litchfield Place
Little Rainbow Foot Spa
Live Oak Lane
Live Oaks Road
Live on Del Norte
Living Faith Center
Llano Avenue
Lloyd Avenue
Lobero Theatre
Loma Alta Drive
Loma Media Road
Loma Street
Loma Vista Avenue
Lomita Road
Longboard Court
Longboards Grill
Longfellow Road
Longshore Place
Lookout Park Road
Loreto Place
Lorinda Place
Lorinda Way
Lorraine Avenue
Los Agaves
Los Aguajes Avenue
Los Alamos Avenue
Los Alamos Place
Los Alturas Continuation High School
Los Arroyos
Los Carneros Swim Club
Los Carneros Way
Los Feliz Drive
Los Patos Way
Los Pinos Drive
Los Pueblos Road
Los Robles Lane
Los Verdes Drive
Lotte Lehmann Concert Hall
Lou Dillon Court
Lou Dillon Lane
Louis Lowry Davis Recreation Center
Louisa Avenue
Loureyro Road
Lovely Spa & Nails
Lowell Way
Lowena Drive
Lower Hyde
Lower Romero Trail
Lower Toro Canyon Ridge Trail
Lower Westside/SBCC
Loyola Drive
Lucinda Lane
Lucky Dragon
Lucky Penny
Lucky Puppy Optical
Lugar de Sueños
Lugar del Consuelo
Lugar Tranquilo
Luna Grill
Luneta Plaza
Lure Fish House
Luria Library
Lyon Place
Lyric Lane

M & J Engineering
M. Special Brewing Company
Macadamia Lane
MacKenzie Park Dog Park
Madam Lu
Madera Drive
Madrid Road
Madrona Drive
Madrona Walk
Magdalena Place
Magna Vista Street
Magnolia Avenue
Magnolia Barber Shop
Magnolia Liquors
Mail Boxes Etc.
Mail Center
Mail Services
Maintenance Shop
Malaga Drive
Maley Drive
Maleza Way
Mallard Avenue
Malva Avenue
Manchester Place
Mandarin Drive
Mandarin Palace
Manderina Court
Manitou Circle
Manitou Lane
Manitou Road
Manley House
Manzanillo Drive
Manzanita Village
Maple Street
Mar Monte Hotel
Marbury Drive
Margo Street
Maria Ygnacia Lane
Maria Ygnacio Bike Path
Maria Ygnacio Route
Mariana Way
Maricopa Drive
Marilla Avenue
Marilyn Way
Marina Beach Motel
Marina Drive
Marine Diving Technology
Mariposa Drive
Mariposa Lane
Mariquita Drive
Mark Villa
Market Place Drive
Marketplace Drive
Marlborough Drive
Marquard Terrace
Marsh Trail East
Marsh Trail North
Marsh Trail West
Marstone Lane
Marvac Electronics
Marymount Drive
Marymount School
Marymount Way
Masala Spice Indian Cuisine
Mason Beach Inn
Mateo Court
Mathilda Drive
Matilija Pure Water
Matorral Circle
Matorral Way
Matthews Street
Mattress Mike Furniture Gallery
May Court
Mayrum Street
Mc Kinley Street
McCaw Avenue
McDonald Place
McKinley Elementary School
McMenemy Trail
Meadow Lane
Meadow Wood Lane
Meadowlace Court
Meadowlark Lane
Meadows Lane
Medcliff Road
Medio Road
Meigs Road
Mellifont Avenue
Melody Road
Melville Winery
Memory Lane
Men's Wearhouse
Mendocino Drive
Mentor Road
Mercedes Lane
Mercury Lounge
Merida Drive
MeridianGroup Real Estate Management
Meru Lane
Mesa Burger
Mesa Lane
Mesa Lane Steps
Mesa Produce
Mesa Road
Mesa School Lane
Mesa Verde
Mesa Verde Drive
Mesa/La Cumbre
Metro Entertainment
Metropolitan Metro 4 Theatre
Metropolitan Paseo Nuevo 4 Cinemas
Metropulos Fine Foods Merchant
Middle Road
Milk & Honey Tapas
Mills Way
Mimosa Lane
Miner's Ace Hardware
Minh Ly's Nails
Mint Lane
Mira Monte Avenue
Mira Vista Avenue
Miracanon Lane
Miradero Drive
Miradero Lane
Miramar Avenue
Miramar Beach
Miramar Lane
Miramesa Drive
Miramonte Drive
Mirano Drive
Miss Behavin'
Mission Audio/Video
Mission Canyon
Mission Canyon Catway
Mission Canyon Lane
Mission Canyon Road
Mission Oaks Lane
Mission Park Drive
Mission Ready Mix
Mission Ridge Road
Mission Santa Barbara
Mister Softee
Miyata Lane
Mobil Mart
Moby Dick Restaurant
Mockingbird Lane
Modena Way
Modern Laundry
Modoc Preserve
Modoc Road
Modoc Road Multiuse Path
Mohawk Road
Mojo Asian Fusion Café
Momouth Avenue
Monarch Cleaners
Monarch Hair Studio
Mono Drive
Monroe Elementary School
Mont's Sports Bar
Montalvo Way
Montara Place
Monte Cristo Lane
Monte Drive
Monte Vista Elementary School
Monte Vista Lane
Monte Vista Road
Montecio Coffee Shop
Montecito Academy
Montecito Bank
Montecito Bank & Trust
Montecito Bank and Trust
Montecito Branch Santa Barbara Public Library
Montecito Country Club
Montecito Country Mart
Montecito Covenant Church
Montecito Fire Station 1
Montecito Ranch Lane
Montecito Union Elementary
Montecito Union Elementary School
Montecito Village Grocery
Monterey Pines
Monterey Pines Street
Monterey Street
Montesorri Center School
Montessori Childrens Home
Montgomery Street
Montrose Place
Montrose Way
Moore Road
Morada Lane
More Mesa Beach
More Mesa Drive
More Ranch Road
More Road
Moreno Road
Moreton Bay Fig Tree
Moreton Bay Lane
Morgan Lane
Morrison Avenue
Motel 6
Motel 6 Goleta, CA - Santa Barbara
Mother Stearns Candy Company
Motion X Corporation
Motor Way
Mount Calvary Monastery
Mount Calvary Road
Mountain Air Sports
Mountain Avenue
Mountain Drive
Mountain View Drive
Mountain View Elementary School
Mountain View Ranch
Mountain View Road
Muirfield Drive
Mulberry Avenue
Multimedia Arts and Design Academy
Municipal Tennis and Pickleball Center
Murchison Physical Education Complex
Murrell Road
Music Academy of the West
Music Alley
Music Classroom
Myrtle Avenue

N&S Expressions
Naan Stop
Nancy Voskyul Prayer Chapel
Napa Lane
Naranjo Drive
Natasha Contemporary Womens Clothing
Nathan Road
National/Enterprise Goleta
Natoma Avenue
Natural Cafe
Nature Reserve Caretaker Trailer
Navigator Way
Nectarine Avenue
Neighbor Tim's BBQ
Neil Park Avenue
Nespor's University Auto House
New Covenant Worship Center
New Horizons
Newcastle Avenue
Newcastle Circle
Newport Drive
Newton Road
Nicholas Lane
Nidever Road
Night Lizard
Nimita's Cuisine
Ninos Way
Nirvana Road
Niños Drive
Noble Massage Spa
Noel Court
Nogal Drive
Nogales Avenue
Nopalitos Way
Norma Way
Norman Firestone Road
Norman Lane
North Alisos Street
North Arboleda Road
North Calle Cesar Chavez
North Campus Open Space
North Cañada Street
North Ellwood Station Road
North Fairview Avenue
North Fork Cold Spring Trail
North Hope Avenue
North Jameson Lane
North Kellogg Avenue
North La Cumbre Road
North la Patera Lane
North Los Carneros Road
North Milpas Street
North Nopal Street
North Olive Street
North Ontare Road
North Patterson Avenue
North Quarantina Street
North Salinas Street
North Salsipuedes Street
North San Antonio Road
North San Marcos Road
North Soledad Street
North South Connector
North Turnpike Road
North Voluntario Street
Northgate Drive
Northridge Estates
Northridge Road
Northview Road
Nothing Bundt Cakes
Notre Dame Academy of Santa Barbara
Notre Dame School
Novelles Developmental Services
Nu image - Nails & Spa
Nueces Drive

O' My Sole
O'Connor Pest Control
Oak Avenue
Oak Berry
Oak Creek Canyon Road
Oak Crest Drive
Oak Glen Drive
Oak Grove Drive
Oak Grove Lane
Oak Park
Oak Park Lane
Oak Park Tennis Courts
Oak Ridge Road
Oak Road
Oak Springs Lane
Oak Street
Oak View Lane
Oak Walk
Oasis Christian Center

oat bakery

Obern Trail
Observation Terrace
Ocean Aire Marine Electronics
Ocean Oaks Road
Ocean Road
Ocean View Avenue
Ocean Vista Lane
Ocean Walk Faculty Housing
Ocean Walk Lane
Oceano Avenue
Oceanview Avenue
Ochard Park Lane
Office of Apartment Living
Offshore Place
O.K. Storage
Old Coast Highway
Old Glen Annie Place
Old Little Theatre
Old Mill Road
Old Mission
Old Navy
Old Oak Place
Old Pueblo Trail
Old Ranch Drive
Old Town Coffee
Old Town Goleta Police Station
Old Town Village
Old Wharf Trading Company
Oleander Place
Olive Avenue
Olive Mill Lane
Olive Mill Road
Olive Road
Olive Street
Oliver Road
Olney Street
On The Alley
On the Alley
One Plant
Only in Santa Barbara
Onward Art & Design
Opal Restaurant & Bar
Open Air Bicycles
Oramas Road
Orange Avenue
Orange Blossom Lane
Orange Grove Avenue
Orange Tree Inn
Orchard Avenue
Orchard Park Lane
Orchid Drive
Orella Street
Orena Street
Orfalea Family Children's Center
Orilla Del Mar Drive
Oriole Road
Orizaba Lane
Orizaba Road
Oro Verde open space
Ortega Bike Path
Ortega Hill Road
Ortega Hill Trail
Ortega Ranch Lane
Ortega Ranch Road
Ortega Ridge Road
Ortega Ridge Trail
Ortega Street Footbridge
Ortho Mattress
Osito Court
Otono Drive
Our Lady of Guadalupe Church
Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church
Our Lady of Mount Carmel School
Our Lady of Sorrows Church
Overlook Bocce Ball
Overlook Lane
Overpass Road
Owen Road
Oxford Place

Pacific Avenue
Pacific Coast Drive
Pacific Oaks
Pacific Oaks Road
Pacific Premier Bank
Pacific View
Pacifica Graduate Institute
Pacifica Suites
Padaro Beach Path
Padaro Lane
Paddle Sports Center
Padova Drive
Pala Lane
Palace Court
Palermo Drive
Palisades Drive
Palm Avenue
Palm Park Beach House (Chase Palm Park Center)
Palm Tree Lane
Palo Alto Drive
Paloma Drive
Palomino Ridge Lane
Palomino Road
Palos Verdes Drive
Pampas Avenue
Panache Bridal
Panchita Place
Panda Express
Panorama Place
Paquita Drive
Para Grande Lane
ParadICE Hawaiian Shave Ice & Ice Cream
Paragon Martial Arts Academy
Pardall Center
Pardall Road
Pardall Tunnel
Parejo Circle
Parejo Drive
Park Circle
Park Hill Lane
Park Lane
Park Lane Reservoir
Park Place
Parker Pass Road
Parker Way
Parkhurst Drive
Parks Road
Parkway Drive
Parkwood Place
Parma Park Map
Pasado Road
Paseo Almeria
Paseo Cameo
Paseo del Descanso
Paseo del Ocaso
Paseo del Pinon
Paseo del Refugio
Paseo Ferrelo
Paseo Los Santos
Paseo Nuevo Metropolitan Theatres
Paseo Orlando
Paseo Palmilla Las
Paseo Redondo
Paseo Rio
Paseo Tranquillo
Paso Robles Drive
Paterna Road
Patricia Lane
Patterson Avenue
Patterson Place Apartments
Paxton Court
Payeras Street
Payton Street
Peabody Charter Elementary School
Peace Monument
Peach Grove Lane
Pebble Beach Drive
Pebble Hill Drive
Pebble Hill Lane
Pebble Hill Place
Pedernal Avenue
Peet's Coffee
Pembroke Avenue
Pembroke Court
Pemm Place
Pennell Road
Penny Lane
Penske Truck Rental
Pepper Lane
Pepperdine Court
Peppergrass Court
Peregrina Road
Pereza Circle
Periwinkle Lane
Perkins Trail
Perry Court
Pershing Park Tennis Courts
Persimmon House
Pescadero Drive
Pescadero Place
Pesetas Lane
Peter Bakewell Trail
Petersen Plaza
Petit Valentien
Phamous Café
Phelps Road
Philinda Avenue
Physical Plant
Pi Beta Phi
Picacho Lane
Picasso Road
Picay Lane
Pickles & Swiss
Picnic Area
Pico Avenue
Piedmont Road
Piedras Drive
Pierpoint Avenue
Pierpont Avenue
Pierre Lafond
Pilgrim Terrace Drive
Pimiento Lane
Pine Avenue
Pine Drive
Pine Hall
Pine Spring Lane
Pine Tree Lane
Pine Tree Place
Pine Tree Ranch
Pineapple Game - Santa Barbara
Pink Browny
Pintura Drive
Pipeline Place
Piro Lane
Pismo Beach Circle
Pitos Street
Pitzer Court
Pizza Mizza Parlor & Arcade
Pizza My Heart
Pizzeria Veloce
Placencia Street
Placer Drive
Placido Avenue
Plateau Trail System
Play It Again Sports
Playa Azul
Plaza Aleman
Plaza del Monte
Plaza Drive
Plaza Rubio
Plumas Avenue
Pocket Shop
Poinsettia Way
Point Market
Polished Nail Spa
Pollinators All Around Us
Pollock Theater
Polo Club Main Road
Pomar Lane
Pomona Court
Pond Trail
Ponderosa Way
Poppyfield Place
Por la Mar Circle
Por la Mar Drive
Por La Mar Drive
Por La Mar Nursery
Porter Hall
Porter Theatre
Porter Trail
Portesuello Avenue
Portofino Way
Portola Lane
Posilipo Lane
Positas Place
Powers Avenue
PPG Paints
Precious Slut
Precision Auto Body
Precision Motorcycle Service
Presidio Avenue
Presidio Liquor Market and Deli
Presidio Motel
Primavera Road
Princeton Avenue
Pritchett Trail
Pritzlaff Conservation Center & Gallery
Private Railcar Spurs
Prop & Decor Outlet
Prospect Avenue
Public Storage
Public Trail Easement
Pueblo Avenue
Pueblo Del Rey Funeral Services
Pueblo Vista Road
Puente Drive
Puente Plaza
Puerto Drive
Puesta del Sol
Punta Gorda Street

QAD Inc.
QAD Trail
Quail Grove
Quality Inn Santa Barbara
Quantum Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
Queen Ann Lane
Quinientos Street

R Goleta
R Santa Barbara
R Zoo Train
Raddue Avenue
Rainbow School
Ralphs Pharmacy
Rametto Lane
Rametto Road
Ramitas Road
Ramming Way
Ramona Lane
Rancheria Street
Ranchito Vista Road
Rancho Asoleado Drive
Rancho Estates
Ranchyard and History Education Center
Randall Road
Randolph Road
Raptor's Perch
Rattlesnake Canyon
Rattlesnake Connector Trail
Ravenscroft Drive
Reagan Ranch Center
Recreation Center
Red Kettle Coffee
Red Pepper Chinese Food Express
Red Rose Lane
Red Rose Way
Reddick Street
Redwood Way
Reed Court
Reef Court
Reif Apartments
Renaissance Consignment
Renaud's Patisserie and Bistro
Republic Elevator
Reservoir Trail
Residence Inn
Residential Service
Rex Place
Rey Road
Reynolds Hall
Rhoads Avenue
Rialto Lane
Ribera Drive
Ricardo Avenue
Richardson Avenue
Richelle Lane
Richie's Barber Shop
Richland Drive
Ridge Lane
Ridge Trail
Ridge Trail System
Ridgecrest Drive
Rigo's Windows & Patio Doors
Rincon Brewery
Rincon Vista Road
Rinconada Building
Rinconada Road
Rio Vista Drive
Rip Curl Place
Ripley Street
Ritchies Place
Rite Aid
Riven Rock Road
Riverblue Salon Spa
Riviera Market
Riviera Theatre
Rob Gym
Robbie Circle
Robbins Street
Robert Marxmiller Place
Robert Troup Road
Roberto Avenue
Robin Hill Road
Roble Drive
Roble Lane
Rochester Way
Rock Gate Road
Rockbridge Road
Rockcreek Road
Rockfire Grill
Rockshop Academy
Rockwood Drive
Rocky Nook Park Trail
Rocoso Way
Rode Room
Rodeo Room
Rogers Drive
Rolling Brook Lane
Romaine Drive
Romero Canyon Road
Romero Canyon Trailhead
Romero Reservoir
Ronda Drive
Roosevelt Elementary School
Root Burger
Roris Organic Ice Cream
Rosa Linda Way
Rosario Drive
Rosarita Lane
Rose Avenue
Rose Garden Inn
Rose Lane
Rosemary Lane
Rosemead Street
Rosewood Miramar Beach Hotel
Rossier Lane
Rossmore Road
Rothbury Place
Royal Linda Drive
Rubio Road
Rud's Mexican
Rudy's Mexican
Russell Carr Field
Rusty's Pizza
Rusty's Pizza Parlor
Ruth Avenue
Rutherford Street

Sabado Tarde Road
Saddle Rock Trail
Sage Hill Road
Saigon Noodle House
Saigon Restaurant
Saint Alban's Place
Saint Andrews Presbyterian Church
Saint Ann Drive
Saint Anthonys Seminary
Saint Athanasius Orthodox Church
Saint Charles Place
Saint Francis Way
Saint George Place
Saint Ives Place
Saint James Drive
Saint Josephs Street
Saint Mark's University Parish
Saint Mary's Lane
Saint Marys Seminary
Saint Michaels University Episcopal Church
Saint Paul African Methodist Episcopal Church
Saint Raphael Catholic Church
Saint Raphael School
Saint Vincent Avenue
Sales and Administration
Salida del Sol
Salinas Place
Salisbury Avenue
Sally Port
Salt Creek Place
Salvar Road
Sam's To Go
Sama sama kitchen
Samarkand Drive
San Andres Street
San Angelo
San Anselmo Way
San Antero Place
San Antonio Creek Road
San Antonio Creek Trail
San Antonio Creek Trail Connector
San Anzio Way
San Ardo Way
San Bari Way
San Benito Way
San Bergamo Drive
San Bernardo Place
San Blanco Drive
San Blas Place
San Carlos Road
San Carpino Drive
San Cassino Way
San Clemente Apartments
San Clemente Avenue
San Como Way
San Diego Road
San Dimas Avenue
San Domingo Drive
San Federico Avenue
San Felipe Drive
San Fermo Drive
San Fernando Drive
San Gabriel Lane
San Gonzalo Avenue
San Gordiano Avenue
San Jano Drive
San Joaquin Loop
San Joaquin North Villages
San Joaquin Tower Villages
San Jose Lane
San Juan Place
San Julian Avenue
San Julian Place
San Julio Avenue
San Lazaro Way
San Leandro Lane
San Leandro Park Road
San Leandro Place
San Lorenzo Drive
San Lucas Way
San Marcos Court
San Marcos Foothills Preserve
San Marcos High School
San Marcos Nursery
San Marino Drive
San Martin Way
San Mateo Avenue
San Miguel Avenue
San Milano Drive
San Napoli Drive
San Nicolas Avenue
San Onofre Road
San Pablo Lane
San Pascual Street
San Patricio Drive
San Pedro Lane
San Pesaro Drive
San Pica Way
San Rafael Avenue
San Rafael Hall
San Ramon Drive
San Remo Drive
San Ricardo Drive
San Rodrigo Avenue
San Roque Branch
San Roque Church
San Roque Road
San Roque School
San Rossano Drive
San Simeon Drive
San Vicente Drive
San Ysidro Lane
San Ysidro Road
San Ysidro Rock
San Ysidro Trail
San Ysidro Trailhead
Sand Castle Place
Sand Point Road
Sanderling Lane
Sanders House
Sandpiper Drive
Sandpiper Golf Course
Sandpiper Lane
Sandpiper Lodge
Sandpiper Mobile Home Park
Sands Beach
Sandspit Road
Sanford Court
Sansum Clinic Foothill Medical & Surgical Center Podiatry
Santa Ana Avenue
Santa Ana Place
Santa Angela Lane
Santa Anita Road
Santa Barabara County Fire Department Station #17
Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara Airport Historic Terminal
Santa Barbara Airport Terminal
Santa Barbara Auto Refinishing
Santa Barbara Aviation
Santa Barbara Behavioral Health
Santa Barbara Bowl
Santa Barbara Business College
Santa Barbara Channel
Santa Barbara Charter School
Santa Barbara City Fire Department Station #7
Santa Barbara City Hall
Santa Barbara Club
Santa Barbara College of Oriental Medicine
Santa Barbara Community Church
Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital
Santa Barbara County Administration Building
Santa Barbara County Courthouse
Santa Barbara County Fire Department Headquarters
Santa Barbara County Fire Department Station #11
Santa Barbara County Fire Department Station #12
Santa Barbara County Fire Department Station #13
Santa Barbara County Fire Department Station #14
Santa Barbara County Fire Department Station #15
Santa Barbara County Jail
Santa Barbara County Psychiatric Health Facility
Santa Barbara Craft Ramen
Santa Barbara Cryotherapy
Santa Barbara Fire Station 1
Santa Barbara Fish Market
Santa Barbara Gas
Santa Barbara Golf Course
Santa Barbara Harbor
Santa Barbara High School
Santa Barbara Historical Museum
Santa Barbara Historical Society Library
Santa Barbara Honda
Santa Barbara Junior High School
Santa Barbara Lawn Bowls Club
Santa Barbara Maritime Museum
Santa Barbara Metropolitan Transit District
Santa Barbara Middle School
Santa Barbara Museum of Art
Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History
Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History Sea Center
Santa Barbara News & Gifts
Santa Barbara Police Department
Santa Barbara Polo & Racquet Club
Santa Barbara Post Office
Santa Barbara Public Library
Santa Barbara Roasting Company
Santa Barbara SC
Santa Barbara Screen & Shade
Santa Barbara Shellfish Company
Santa Barbara Shores Drive
Santa Barbara Street
Santa Barbara Sunrise RV Park
Santa Barbara Surfing Museum
Santa Barbara Visitor Center
Santa Barbara Visitors Information Center
Santa Barbara West Mobile Park
Santa Barbara Wine Collective
Santa Barbara Yacht Club
Santa Barbara Zoological Gardens
Santa Catalina Avenue
Santa Catalina Hall
Santa Clara Way
Santa Claus Beach
Santa Claus Lane
Santa Claus Lane Bike Path
Santa Cruz Boulevard
Santa Cruz Market
Santa Elena Lane
Santa Fe Place
Santa Felicia Drive
Santa Isabel Lane
Santa Lucia
Santa Marguerita Drive
Santa Marguerita Way
Santa Maria Lane
Santa Monica Way
Santa Paula Avenue
Santa Rita Circle
Santa Rosa Avenue
Santa Rosa Lane
Santa Rosa Place
Santa Rosalia Way
Santa Susana Avenue
Santa Susana Place
Santa Teresita Drive
Santa Teresita Way
Santa Ynez Apartments
Santa Ynez Court
Santa Ynez Street
Santecito Drive
Santiago Road
Santo Mezcal
Santo Tomas Lane
Santorini Island Grill
Saratoga Court
Satellite SB
Savona Avenue
SB Fire Station 2
SB Fire Station 3
SB Fire Station 4
SB Fire Station 5
SB Fire Station 6
SB Fire Station 8
SB Nail Bar
SB Printer
SBA Long-Term Parking Lot Entrance
SBA Parking Shuttle
SBCC Campus Store
SBCC East Campus Cafeteria
SBCC Theater Tickets
Scarlett Begonia
SCE Power Line Service Road
Scenic Drive
School Bus Lane
School House Road
Schulte Lane
Science Lane
Scott O'Leary Stadium
Scripps Crescent Street
Sea Breeze
Sea Cove Lane
Sea Gull Drive
Sea Ledge Lane
Sea Ranch Drive
Sea Star Court
Seacoast Yachts
Sears Street
Seaside Apartments
Seaview Road
Seaway Drive
Second Baptist Church
Secret bai
Secret Garden Inn & Cottages
Segovia Road
Selrose Lane
Selwyn Circle
Senda Verde
Senseeker Engineering Inc.
Sentar Road
Sequoia Walk
Serafin Way
Serena Avenue
Serena Park
Serena Road
Serenidad Place
Serenity Way
Serpolla Drive
Serra Vista Lane
Sespe Lane
Seven Bar & Kitchen
Seventh Day Adventist School
Seville Road
Sewing Classroom
Shadow Hills Boulevard North
Shadowbrook Drive
Shalhoob Meat Co
Shalhoob Meat Co.
Shamrock Avenue
Shasta Lane
Shear Image Hair Design
Shearton Way
Sheffield Drive
Shelby Street
Sheridan Avenue
Sheriff Training Center
Sherman Road
Sherwood Drive
Shintori Sushi
Shirrell Way
Shoreline Cafe
Shoreline Drive
Shoup Place
Sieroty Center
Sierra Madre Court
Sierra Madre Drive
Sierra Madre Road
Sierra Street
Sierra Vista Road
Sigma Phi Epsilon
Signature Air Support
Silkberry Lane
Silver And...
Silver Fern Court
Silverwood Townhomes
Silvestre Road
Simpson Houe Inn
Simpson House Inn
Sinaloa Drive
Singer's Big & Tall
Sit'n Sleep
Site of WWII Japanese Attack
Six Pak
Sizzling Lunch
Skate One
Skofield Park Road
Skyline Circle
Skyline Way
Skyview Drive
Sleep Number
Slough Road
SM Foothills Preserve Trail
Smart & Final
Smart & Final Extra!
SMHS Auditorium
Sneaker Time
Snowy Plover Roost
Social Security Administration
Softball Field
Softball Stadium
Soho restaurant & Music club
Solana Court
Soledad Avenue
Solimar Lane
Somerset Drive
Sommer Lane
Sonoma Avenue
Sonora Drive
Sonriente Road
Sontag Place
Sora Court
SOS Liquor
South Alisos Street
South Calle Cesar Chavez
South Cañada Street
South Coast Church
South Coast Deli
South Coast Railroad Museum
South Ellwood Station Road
South Entrance Kiosk
South Fairview Avenue
South Glen Annie Road
South Hope Avenue
South Jameson Lane
South Kellogg Avenue
South La Cumbre Lane
South la Cumbre Road
South La Cumbre Road
South La Patera Lane
South Los Carneros Road
South Milpas Street
South Olive Street
South Ontare Road
South Parcel
South Patterson Avenue
South Quarantina Street
South Salinas Street
South San Antonio Road
South San Marcos Road
South Soledad Street
South Turnpike Road
South Voluntario Street
Sovine Gymnasium
Spanish Garden Inn
Specialty Tool and Bolt
Spectrum Athletic Club
Sperling Preserve
Spindrift Lane
Spiritualist Church
Sports Pavillion
Spring Road
Spring Street
Springbrook Court
Sprouts Farmers Market
Spruce Drive
Spudnuts Donuts
Spur Valley Road
St. Barbara
St. George and Associates
Stacy Lane
Stadium Road
Stadium Tennis Courts
Standard Remarketing
Stanford Place
Stanley Drive
Stanwood Drive
Stanwood Trail System
State & Fig
State Street
State Street Beverages
State Street Cafe
Stearns Wharf
Steck Circle
Sterrett Avenue
Stevens Park Trail
Stevens Road
Stinson Way
Stoddard Lane
Stone Meadow Lane
Stonehouse Lane
Storke Family Apartments
Storke Field
Storke Ranch
Storke Ranch Open Space Map
Storke Road
Storke Wetland
Story Place
Stow Canyon Road
Stow House
Strehle Lane
Student Transportation of America
Su's Bowl
Suellen Court
Sueno Road
Sumerland Beach Cafe
Sumida Gardens Apartments
Sumida Gardens Lane
Summerland Beach
Summerland Elementary
Summerland Elementary School
Summerland Fire Station # 2
Summerland Heights Lane
Summerland Loop Trail
Summerland Post Office
Summerland Presbyterian Church
Summit Lane
Summit Road
Sungate Ranch Road
Sunridge Circle
Sunrise Hill Lane
Sunrise Vista Way
Sunset Avenue
Sunset Drive
Sunset Motel
Sunset Road
Super 8 by Wyndham Santa Barbara/Goleta
Super Cuca's Carnicería
Super Cucas
Superior Court of California
Surf N Wear's Beach House
Surf View Drive
Surfrider Way
Surrey Place
Susan Quinlan Doll & Teddy Bear Museum & Library
Sushi GoGo
Sushi Teri
Sushi Thyme
Sussex Court
Sutton Avenue
Sweet Jane
Sweet Rain Place
Sweetwater Way
Sycamore Avenue
Sycamore Canyon Road
Sycamore Grove
Sycamore Lane
Sycamore Terrace
Sycamore Vista Road
Sycamore Walk
Sylvan Drive

Tabano Hollow Open Space
Tabano Way
Tabor Lane
Taco Bell
Tajo Drive
Tallant Road
Tamar Central Coast Shawarms
Tangerine Falls
Tangerine Falls Unmaintained Area
TAP Thai Cuisine
Taqueria El Pastorcito
Tecfen Medical
Technology Drive
Tecolote Avenue
Tehama Drive
Teledyne Admininstration
Teledyne Manufacturing
Tellina Way
Temple Bnai Brith
Temple Street
Ten Fourteen Santa Barbara St
Tenaya Market
Tepic Place
Terni Lane
Terrace Road
Terrace Vista Lane
Tesla Santa Barbara-Hitchcock Way
Thames Court
The Aladdin Apartments
The B Boutique
The Bluffs
The Chalet
The Chandlery
The Children's Centennial Maze
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
The Claeyssens Center
The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf
The Corner Store
The Crafter's Library
The Creekside Inn
The Cruisery
The Daily Grind
The Dirty Dog
The Elings Loop
The Fairways
The Fess Parker - Hilton Resort
The garden
The Good Lion
The Granada Theatre
The Grove
The Habit Burger Grill
The Hideaway
The Hitchcock Cinema & Public House
The Home Depot
The Honey B
The Honor Bar
The Hungry Cat
The Imperial
The Inn at East Beach Hotel
The Java Station
The Lark
The Little Things Bakery
The Lovin' Spoonful
The Mail Box
The Meadows Apartments
The Miramar Market
THE NailSpa
The Natural Cafe
The Nugget
The Painted Cabernet
The Patio Cafe
The Pauper's Cemetery
The Pit
The Red Piano
The Riv
The Shade Store
The Shop
The Shopkeepers
The Store
The Study Hall
The Sweeps Apartments
The Towbes Group
The University Tropicana Apartments
The Upham Hotel & Country House
The UPS Store
The Village at Los Carneros
The Vitamin Shoppe
The Wayfarer
The Well
The Willow Tree
Thomas Avenue
Thornwood Drive
Thousand Steps
Throne Court
Tiburon Bay Lane
Tiburon Place
Tierra Bella
Tierra Cielo Lane
Tila Place
Tinker Way
Tinker's Burgers
Tino's Italian Grocery
Tisha Court
Todos Santos Lane
Tollis Avenue
Toltec Drive
Toltec Place
Toltec Way
Toluca Court
Tom and Meg Names Aquatics Center
Tondi Gelato
Torero Road
Torino Drive
Torito Road
Tornoe Road
Toro Canyon
Toro Canyon Off Leash Area
Toro Canyon Park Road
Toro Canyon Road
Toro Canyon Road (93108)
Toro Canyon Trail
Toro Ridge Open Space
Toro Ridge Trail
Torrey Pines Drive
Torrey Place
Touran Lane
Town and Country Inn
Townend Place
Toyon Drive
Traci Drive
Trader Joe's
Transfer Avenue
Trattoria Mollie
Treasure Drive
Tree Farm Lane
Tremonto Road
Trestles Place
Tri County Office Furniture
Tri-County Produce
Trigo Road
Trinity Episcopal Church
Trinity Evangelical Lutheran
Trocha Way
Tropic Drive
Trudi Drive
True Zero
Trussell-Winchester Adobe
Tuckers Grove
Tunnel Road
Tunnel Trail
Tuolumne Drive
Turnpike Hair Studio
Turnpike Route
Tuscany Oaks Trail
Twin Lakes Golf Course
Twin Oak Road
Twin Ridge
Twinridge Road
Tye Road

Ucen Road
UCSB Bookstore
UCSB Express
UCSB Greenhouses
UCSB Labyrinth
UCSB Pavillion Gym
Uhlan Court
Ukiah Street
Ulta Beauty
Ultra Countertops
Uncle Rocco's NY Pizza
Union Ale
Union Bank
Union Bank (The Private Bank)
Union Street
United Cerebral Palsy Group Home
United Family Association Thrift Shoppe
United Pentecostal Church
United states bankruptcy court
United States Forest Service CA-LPF E-46
United States Post Office
Unity of Santa Barbara
University Chevron
University Drive
University of California Police Department
University U.M. Church
Upper Hyde
Uptown Barber Shop
Urban Optics
Urban Outfitters
U.S. Coast Guard - Marine Safety Detachment Santa Barbara

Vala Drive
Valdez Avenue
Valdivia Drive
Valencia Avenue
Valencia Drive
Valencia Road
Valentino's Take 'N Bake Pizza
Vales Street
Validation Ale
Valley Club of Montecito
Valley Club Road
Valley Club Trail
Van Sande Structural Consultants, Inc.
Vape & Cigar
Vaquerito Place
Vaquero Lane
Varley Street
Varsity Bike Shop
Vega Drive
Velo Pro Cyclery
Veloz Drive
Venado Drive
Venitia Lane
Venoco Road
Ventura Drive
Vera Cruz Avenue
Verano Drive
Verde Vista Drive
Verdugo Place
Verdura Avenue
Vereda Cordillera
Vereda del Ciervo
Vereda del Padre
Vereda Galeria
Vereda Leyenda
Vereda Nueva
Vereda Parque
Vereda Pradera
Vernal Avenue
Vernon Road
Verona Avenue
Veronica Place
Veronica Springs Road
Veterans Memorial Building
Via Abajo
Via Abrigada
Via Airosa
Via Alba
Via Alegre
Via Alicia
Via Andorra
Via Bendita
Via Bolzano
Via Brigitte
Via Brocha
Via Campobello
Via Carisma
Via Carretas
Via Cayente
Via Chaparral
Via Clarice
Via Corona
Via Covello
Via del Cielo
Via Del Rey
Via Dichosa
Via Diego
Via Docena
Via el Cuadro
Via el Encantador
Via Encanto
Via Esparto
Via Esperanza
Via Fiori
Via Fruteria
Via Gaitero
Via Gennita
Via Glorieta
Via Granada
Via Hierba
Via Huerto
Via Jacinto
Via Laguna
Via Lara
Via Las Brisas
Via Lee
Via Lemora
Via Los Padres
Via Los Santos
Via Lucero
Via Maestra 42
Via Manana
Via Maria
Via Merano
Via Messina
Via Miguel
Via Nieto
Via Orquidia
Via Parva
Via Piccoli
Via Presada
Via Ravenna
Via Real
Via Regina
Via Roblada
Via Rojo
Via Roma
Via Rosa
Via Rosita
Via Rubi
Via Rueda
Via Salerno
Via Senda
Via Sevilla
Via Sinuosa
Via Tranquilo
Via Trento
Via Trepadora
Via Vistosa
Via Zorro
Viajero Drive
Vices & Spices
Victor the Florist
Victoria Court
Victoria Street
Victoria's Secret
Vieja Drive
Vieja Valley Elementary School
Villa Avenue
Villa Drive
Villa Rosa Inn
Village Auto Repair
Village Lane
Village Service Station
Village Terrace
Village Way
Vincente Way
Vincenti Place
Vine Avenue
Vineyard Road
Vintage Ranch Lane
Viola Lane
Violet Lane
Virginia Lane
Virginia Road
Viscaino Road
Visitor Center
Vista Arroyo
Vista Bahia
Vista Buena Road
Vista Clara Road
Vista de la Cumbre
Vista de la Mesa Drive
Vista de la Playa
Vista de la Playa Lane
Vista del Campo
Vista del Mar Drive
Vista Del Monte
Vista del Pueblo
Vista Elevada
Vista Linda Lane
Vista Madera
Vista Oceano Lane
Vista Pacifica
Vista Vallejo
Viva Oliva
Viva Santa Barbara
Volante Place
Vons 2109 Truck Service Ramp
Vons Chicken
Voskuyl Library

Wabi Sabi
Wade Court
Wagner Chiropractic
Wagon Wheel Drive
Wahoo's Fish Taco
Wake 25
Wake Campus SBCC
Wakefield Road
Waldorf School of Santa Barbara
Waldorf School of Santa Barbara (Upper Campus)
Waldron Avenue
Wallace Avenue
Walnut Avenue
Walnut Lane
Walnut Park Drive
Walnut Park Lane
Walnut Place
Walnut Road
Ward Drive
Ward Memorial Boulevard
Warwick Place
Washington Elementary School
Waterfront Shuttle
Waterhouse Gallery
Wavecrest Court
Wayside Village
Weddle Industries
Welch-Ryce-Haider Funeral Chapel
Weldon Place
Weldon Road
Wellington Avenue
Wells Fargo
Wentworth Avenue
Wessex Court
West Alamar Avenue
West Anapamu Street
West Arrellaga Street
West Beach
West Beach Courts
West Beach Inn
West Cabrillo Boulevard
West Calle Crespis
West Calle Laureles
West Campus
West Campus Apartments
West Campus Cafeteria
West Campus Conference Center
West Campus Playground
West Campus Point Drive
West Campus Point Faculty Housing
West Campus Point Lane
West Campus Stables
West Canon Perdido Street
West Carrillo Street
West Constance Avenue
West Cota Street
West Creative Studies
West de la Guerra Street
West Figueroa Street
West Fork Cold Spring Trail
West Gutierrez Street
West Haley Street
West Islay Street
West Junipero Street
West Los Olivos Street
West Marine
West Mason Street
West Micheltorena Street
West Mission Street
West Montecito Street
West Mountain Drive
West Ortega Street
West Padre Street
West Park Lane
West Pedregosa Street
West Pueblo Street
West Quinto Street
West SB
West Sola Street
West Valerio Street
West Victoria Street
West Wind
West Yanonali Street
Western Avenue
Westmont College
Westmont College Store
Westmont Fitness Center
Westmont Garden
Westmont Ridley-Tree Museum of Art
Westmont Road
Westmoreland Place
Westwood Drive
Whimbrel Lane
White Avenue
White Rose Lane
Whitman Street
Whitney Avenue
Whittier Drive
Whittier Hall
Whole Foods Market
Wild Side Smoke Shop
William L Moffett Lane
Williams Way
Williamson Center
Willina Lane
Willow Glen Place
Willow Springs Apartments
Willow Springs Lane
Willow Walk
Willowglen Road
Willowgrove Drive
Wilson Avenue
Wilson Plumbing Inc.
Wilson School
Wilson Street
Wiman Trail
Winchester Canyon
Winchester Canyon Road
Winchester Circle
Winchester Drive
Winchester Place
Winding Creek Lane
Winding Way
Windsor Avenue
Windsor Court
Windsor Way
Winslow Maxwell Overlook
Winther Way
Winthrop Court
Wood Shop
Woodale Lane
Woodland Drive
Woodland Loop Trail
Woodland Trail
Woodleaf Lane
Woodley Court
Woodley Road
Woodstock's Pizza
Woody's BBQ
World Fuels
World War II Aviator's Memorial
Wyant Road
Wye Road
Wylde Works
Wyola Road

X-Tech Systems

Yani Skin Care Santa Barbara
Yankee Farm Road
Yaple Avenue
Yellow Belly Tap
Yield Hill Way
Yolo Lane
Yona Redz
York Place
Your Place
Yuba Lane

Z's Taphouse
Zeta Beta Tau
Zeta Phi Rho
Zeta Psi
Zink Avenue
Zink Place
Zodos Bowling and Beyond
Zoo Train Lane
Zuzu Candies