Welcome to BBBike - your cycle journey planner! We'll help you find a nice, safe and short bike route in Stockton and around.

Please click on a street or point of interest (POI) to start the route search:


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10th Street
11th Street
12th Street
13th Street
1st Street

209 Motors
20th Street
21st Street
22nd Street
23rd Street
24 Hour Fitness
2nd Street

3rd Street

4th Street

5th Street

6th Street

76 Gas Station
786 Auto Sales
7th Street

8th Street

99 Cents Only Stores
99 Frontage Road
9th Street

A G Spanos Boulevard
A Greater Fellowship Church of God in Christ
A Street
AAA Septic Inc.
Abbey Court
Abbey Mist Street
Abbey Pointe Apartments
Abbott Court
Abbott Lane
Abby Place
ABC Radiators
ABC Transmission Inc.
Abeja Lane
Abercorn Street
Aberdeen Avenue
Aberdeen Court
Abernathy Court
Abigail Court
Abilene Way
Abrew Way
Abruzzi Circle
Abruzzi Court
Abundant Life Church
Acacia Avenue
Acacia Court
Acacia Street
Academy Court
Academy Drive
Academy Street
Acapulco Way
Access Street
Access Way
Accipiter Court
Ace Electric Motor
Ace Hardware
ACE Hardware Store
Ackerman Drive
Acorn Court
Acorn Meadows Lane
Acorn Way
Acura of Stockton
Ad Art Road
Ada Avenue
Adahmore Lane
Adaire Lane
Adalberto's Méxican Food Restaurant
Adam Street
Adams Elementary School
Adams Lane
Adams Street
Adelbert Avenue
Adesso Tailoring
Admiral Drive
Adobe Court
Adobe Lane
Adobe Way
Adora Drive
Adrienne Avenue
Adventist Health Lodi Memorial
Aft Court
Aften Court
Agapanthus Court
Agate Avenue
Agate Court
Agri Business Circle
Agusta Drive
Agusta Way
Ahii Sushi
Airport Way
Aksland Court
Aksland Drive
Al Fonseca
Al Fonseca Lane
Alabama Avenue
Aladdin Way
Alamo Court
Alamo Drive
Alan Avenue
Alan Goldfien Court
Alba Street
Albany Drive
Albany Street
Albarino Avenue
Albero Place
Albero Way
Albert Court
Albert Drive
Albert Way
Alberto's Auto Center
Albion Lane
Albrecht Street
Alcazor Way
Alcira Nunez Street
Alcott Place
Alden Glen Drive
Alder Avenue
Alder Glen Drive
Alder Place
Alder Street
Alder Tree Way
Aldwina Lane
Alee Lane
Alegre Drive
Alene Avenue
Aletsch Way
Alex G. Spanos Center
Alex Way
Alexa Court
Alexa Way
Alexander Gabriel Court
Alexandria Place
Alexis Lane
Alfa Romeo Court
Alfonso Lane
Alfred George Court
Alghero Drive
Alhambra Avenue
Alhambra Motel
Ali Court
Alicante Court
Alicante Drive
Alice Avenue
Alice Rible Court
Alice Road
Alice Street
Alisha Lane
Alitalia Way
All American Eyeglass Repair
All Christian Center
Alldrin Court
Allegheny Court
Allegheny Place
Allen Drive
Allenwood Court
Allston Way
Alma Street
Almaden Court
Almanor Circle
Almond Avenue
Almond Blossom Drive
Almond Court
Almond Drive
Almond Orchard Way
Almond Street
Almond Valley Christian Reformed Church
Almondwood Lane
Almondwood Place
Almondwood Road
Alpha Drive
Alpine Avenue
Alpine Drive
Alpine Road
Alpine School
Alps Avenue
Alta Sierra Street
Altamont Drive
Alter Custom Hair Design
Alto Way
Altoga Avenue
Alturas Avenue
Alum Rock Court
Alvarado Avenue
Alvarado Court
Alvarado Way
Alyce Court
Alyssa Place
Alzira Court
Amador Circle
Amador Drive
Amador Place
Amanda Court
Amande Court
Amaretto Drive
Amaretto Street
Amarillo Way
Amato Way
Amazing Grace Church True Tabernacle of God
Amber Leaf Way
Amber Place
Amber Way
Amberfield Circle
Amberwood Court
Amberwood Drive
Amberwood Way
Amblers Lane
Ambrosia Street
AMC Manteca 16
Amci Sushi
Amelia Drive
America's Tire
American Farms Avenue
American Red Cross
American Street
Americana Way
Americara Drive
Americas Best Value Inn
Americas Best Value Inn Stockton East Highway 99
Amesbury Court
Amethyst Court
Amethyst Drive
Amherst Drive


Amsterdam Place
Amy Court
Amy Drive
Amy Way
Ana Street
Anacapa Way
Anacapri Drive
Analitis Drive
Anastasia Lane
Ancestry Street
Anchor Place
Anderson Avenue
Anderson Street
Andover Way
Andrea Avenue
Andrew Lane
Andrew Street
Andromeda Court
Andromeda Way
Angel Court
Angel Drive
Angel's Beauty Salon
Angel's Mufflers & Radiators
Angelico Circle
Angelina Court
Angelina Lane
Angelina's Spaghetti House
Angier Road
Anise Court
Anita Street
Ann Gabriel Lane
Ann Marie Court
Ann Marie Drive
Anna Drive
Annabelle Court
Annapolis Quay Circle
Anne Street
Annie Court
Annie Way
Annunciation Cathedral
Anola Lane
Ansel Adams Elementary School
Anselma Street
Ansley Drive
Antelope Ct.
Anteros Avenue
Anthony Avenue
Antigua Lane
Antioch Way
Antler Court
Antoine Court
Antonia Court
Antonio Way
Aosta Court
Apache Drive
Apollo Court
Apostolic Pentecostal Church
Apostolic Tabernacle
Appalosa Court
Appalosa Way
Appenzel Lane
Appenzel Place
Appian Way
Apple Blossom Way
Apple Drive
Apple Grove Avenue
Appleleaf Lane
Appleton Court
Appleton Way
Applewood Court
Applewood Drive
Appling Circle
April Place
April Way
Aptos Lane
Aquarius Avenue
Aquos Pools
Arabian Place
Aragon Court
Arapaho Court
Arapaho Way
Arata Road
Arbor Avenue
Arbor Brook Drive
Arbor Court
Arbor Way
Arboreal Way
Arbuckle Avenue
Arcade Avenue
Arcade Street
Arcadia Place
Arcata Court
Arch Airport Road
Arch Road
Archerdale Road
Arches Court
Arcos Way
Ardelle Avenue
Arden Lane
Argillite Avenue
Argonaut Street
Argonne Drive
Arguello Drive
Argyle Court
Aries Place
Arizona Avenue
Arkansas Place
Arkose Street
Arlington Drive
Arlington Place
Arlington Road
Armor Drive
Armstrong Drive
Armstrong Road
Arnaudo Lane
Arnell Place
Arrianne Drive
Arriba Road
Arrigone Way
Arrigotti Lane
Arrow Street
Arrowbrook Court
Arrowhead Drive
Arrowood Drive
Arrowsmith Drive
Arrowwood Court
Arroyo Hondo Circle
Arroyo Seco Way
Arroyo Way
Artese Lane
Arthur Court
Arthur Nate Haugh Drive
Arthur Place
Artistry Nails
Artistry Street
Arundel Court
Arvilla Court
Ash Court
Ash Drive
Ash Lane
Ash Street
Ash Tree Way
Ashbridge Lane
Ashbrooke Lane
Ashburn Drive
Ashbury Way
Ashford Avenue
Ashley HomeStore
Ashley Lane
Ashlynn Way
Ashtree Way
Ashwood Court
Askland Drive
Askren Court
Askren Drive
Aso Taro Road
Aspen Drive
Aspen Grove Drive
Aspen Street
Aspenwood Avenue
Aspenwood Lane
Assunta Court
Aster Court
Aster Lane
Asti Court
Astin Drive
Astor Drive
Atchenson Court
Atchenson Street
Atchley Walkway
Atchley Way
Athena Drive
Athens Court
Athens Street
Atherton Drive
Atherton Island Place
Atherton Road
Atkins Road
Atkinson Road
Atlanta Church
Atlanta Circle
Atlanta Court
Atlanta Drive
Atlantic Avenue
Atlantic Oak Lane
Atlas Court
Atlee Street
Auburn Hill Court
Audrey Drive
Audubon Drive
August Elementary School
Augusta Pointe Drive
Augusta Street
Augustus Court
Aurora Court
Aurora Street
Aurora Way
Austin Road
Auto Avenue
Auto Center Circle
Auto Center Road
Auto Plaza Drive
Autumn Chase Ci
Autumn Court
Autumn Knoll Lane
Autumn Lane
Autumn Meadow Lane
Autumn Oak Place
Autumn Oaks Street
Autumn Rain Drive
Autumn Way
Autumnwood Avenue
Ava Julianna Way
Avalanche Court
Avalon Avenue
Avalon Drive
Avalon Lane
Avanti Way
Avena Avenue
Avena Road
Avendale Drive
Avenue A
Aviation Drive
Avila Court
Avila Street
Avo Way
Avon Avenue
Avon Street
Awahnee Court
Awani Drive
Ayers Avenue
Aylesford Lane
Azalea Drive
Azalea Street
Azalea Way
Azevedo Avenue
Azevedo Drive
Aztec Avenue
Aztec Lane
Azure Court

B Street
Baba Bazaar Fruitstand
Babcock Lane
Bacarra Street
Bacchetti Road
Bach Court
Bach Drive
Back Bay
Back Bay Drive
Bacon Island Road
Bacon Street
Bagel Deli-Cafe
Bagello Court
Bailey Drive
Bailey Park Street
Bailey Place
Bainbridge Place
Bainbridge Way
Bait & Tackle
Baja Court
Bajo Street
Baker Drive
Baker Place
Baker Road
Baker Street
Baker Way
Balboa Avenue
Balboa Drive
Baldwin Court
Baldwin Lane
Baldy Dr
Balfour Drive
Ballard Court
Ballew Drive
Ballico Drive
Balmy Court
Balsam Court
Balsam Drive
Baltimore Place
Balzo Street
Banana Republic
Bancroft Way
Bandoni Court
Bandoni Drive
Bandoni Lane
Banff Avenue
Banff Court
Bank of America
Bank of America Financial Center
Bank of Stockton
Bank of the West
Banner Avenue
Banner Street
Banta Elementary School
Banta Post Office
Banta Road
Banyon Drive
Bar Lupita's
Barba Road
Barbados Circle
Barbados Court
Barbara Street
Barbara Terry Boulevard
Barbara Way
Barbaresco Circle
Barcelona Avenue
Barcelona Court
Barcelona Drive
Bard Drive
Bardolino Court
Barge Court
Bari Court
Barkley Lane
Barnacle Court
Barnes & Noble
Barons Court
Barre Avenue
Barrett Court
Barrington Way
Barrymore Street
Bartlett Court
Bartram Run Court
Bartram Run Way
Basalt Court
Basil Drive
Basil Leaf Street
Basil's Spirit's & Sandwiches
Basilica Drive
Basilicae Way
Basin Street
Baskin Robin's
Bass Pro Drive
Bass Pro Shops
Bass Road
Bassett Court
Bassoc Tennis Center
Bastille Court
Batten Road
Batteries Plus Bulbs
Battleview Court
Battleview Place
Baumbach Lane
Baun Fitness Center
Baun Garden
Baxter Walkway
Baxter Way
Bay Court
Bay Harbor Drive
Bay Standard
Bay View Circle
Bayberry Court
Bayberry Drive
Bayberry Lane
Bayliner Court
Bayliner Drive
Bayon Restaurant
Bayonne Court
Bayou Court
Bayra Matias Court
Baywood Way
Bea Hackman Court
Beachcomber Drive
Beachley Street
Beacon Port Way
Bear Creek Bike Ph
Bear Creek Furniture
Bear Creek High School
Bear Creek Road
Bear Creek Way
Bearclaw Place
Beardsley Avenue
Beardsley Lane
Beatrice Avenue
Beau Pre Street
Beaufort Avenue
Beck Circle
Beckford Court
Beckford Street
Beckman Elementary School
Beckman Road
Bedford Lane
Bedford Road
Bedlow Drive
Beech Avenue
Beecher Road
Beechnut Avenue
Beechwood Court
Beeler Street
Begonia Place
Behaven Court
Bel Air Court
Bel Air Street
Belconte Drive
Bella Court
Bella Lago Way
Bella Place
Bella Terra Drive
Bella Vina Way
Bella Vista Drive
Bella's Bakery
Bellcastle Drive
Bellchase Drive
Bellchase Road
Belle Avenue
Belle Court
Belle Glade Lane
Bellettini Court
Belleview Street
Bellini Court
Bellini Way
Belmont Drive
Belmont Place
Belvedere Avenue
Bemina Court
Ben Lane
Benedict Drive
Benedino Circle
Bengal Lane
Benjamin Place
Bennets Mill Court
Bennets Mill Way
Bennett Drive
Bennington Court
Bennington Street
Bensen Street
Benson Drive
Bent Willow Way
Bentley Court
Benton Court
Berea Apostolic Church
Berea Baptist Church of Morada
Bergamo Circle
Berghold Vineyards
Bergthold Court
Bergthold Street
Berkeley Avenue
Berkeley Street
Berkshire Court
Berkshire Drive
Berkshire Lane
Bermuda Lane
Bermuda Place
Bern Avenue
Bern Way
Bernal Drive
Bernay Court
Bernay Drive
Bernice Avenue
Bernini Court
Bernstein Avenue
Bernt Avenue
Berrendo Lane
Berry Avenue
Berry Cove Lane
Berryessa Drive
Berverdor Avenue
Berwick Way
Beryl Drive
Bess Place
Bessemer Avenue
Bessle Avenue
Best Buy
Best Road
Best Sandwiches & Smoothies
Best Western
Best Western I-5 Inn & Suites
Best Western Plus Heritage Inn
Beta Basketball Court
Beth Lane
Bethany Community Church
Bethany Road
Bethany Temple
Bethel Assembly of God Church
Bethel Open Bible Church
Bethel Southern Baptist Church
Bethel Wayside Chapel
Bethlehem Church of God in Christ
Betty Lane
Betty Mae Court
Betty Mae Drive
Beverly Place
Bewick Drive
Beyer Lane
Bible Methodist Church
Bible Temple Church of God in Christ
Bidwell Place
Bidwell School
Bieghle Alley
Bieghle Street
Big 5 Sporting Goods
Big Bear Drive
Big Horn Court
Big League Dreams
Big Lots
Big Oak Circle
Big Oak Court
Big Sky Way
Big Sur Street
Bigelow Way
Bigworm's Bakery and Deli
Bijou Court
Billy Court
Bing Street
Bingham Lane
Birch Avenue
Birch Drive
Birch Run Way
Birchbrook Street
Birchwood Court
Birchwood Drive
Birchwood Lane
Birchwood Street
Bird Avenue
Bird Lane
Bird Road
Birdsong Place
Birmingham Court
Birmingham Way
Bishop Street
Bishop way
Bismark Avenue
Bismark Place
Bixby Way
Bizzibe Street
Black Bear Diner
Black Butte Circle
Black Diamond Way
Black Oak Way
Black Pine Way
Black Rose Lane
Black Rose Tattoo Parlor
Blackbird Court
Blackbird Place
Blackfoot Way
Blackhawk Court
Blackhawk Way
Blackoak Court
Blackoak Drive
Blackslough Landing
Blackswain Place
Blackwood Avenue
Blackwood Court
Blain Avenue
Blair Avenue
Blair Court
Blake Circle
Blakeley Swimming Pool
Blanche Court
Blausanne Lane
Blaze Pizza
Blodgett Court
Bloom Way
Bloomfield Drive
Blossom Circle
Blossom Court
Blossom Drive
Blue Anchor Lane
Blue Fox Way
Blue Gill Court
Blue Grass Drive
Blue Heron Court
Blue Heron Drive
Blue Lace Court
Blue Lupine Lane
Blue Oak Lane
Blue Ridge Circle
Blue Sky Drive
Blue Spruce Court
Blue Teal Place
Blue Tees Drive
Blueberry Court
Bluebird Street
Bluefield Drive
Bluejay Way
Bluff Drive
Blush Street
Boardwalk Drive
Boatswain Court
Bob Hope Theatre
Bob Way
Bobcat Lane
Bockmon and Woody Electric
Bodega Lane
Bodeson Court
Boeing Way
Boesch Drive
Bogarin Lane
Bogetti Lane
Boggiano Road
Boley Drive
Boleyn Court
Bolton Lane
Bonaire Circle
Bonanza Drive
Bonanza Way
Bonchon Chicken
Bond Way
Bondy Lane
Bonifacio Drive
Bonnie Court
Bonnie Lane
Bonniebrook Drive
Bono Lane
Boo Lane
Boost Mobile
Boot Barn
Borba Road
Bordeau Drive
Bordeaux Avenue
Bordeaux Lane
Bordona Lane
Boreal Drive
Borgia Court
Bosch Avenue
Bosco Lane
Boston Avenue
Bottoms Up
Boudin SF
Boulder Avenue
Boulder Creek Circle
Boulder Creek Court
Boulder Ridge Court
Boulware Court
Bouma Lane
Bounty Place
Bourbon Street
Bowie Way
Bowling Court
Bowling Street
Bowman Road
Bowser Road
Boxcar Drive
Boxwood Court
Boynes Lane
Boys & Girls Club
Bozzano Road
Braden Avenue
Bradford Circle
Bradford Street
Bradley Lane
Bradson Court
Brady Road
Braeburn Lane
Braghetta Lane
Brahms Court
Bramblewood Avenue
Bramblewood Court
Brandeis Court
Branden Place
Brando Court
Brandon Lane
Brandon Street
Brandt Road
Brandt Road Way
Brandywine Court
Brandywine Drive
Brandywine Street
Brannon Drive
Brannon Tire
Branson Court
Branstetter Place
Brantly Way
Brattle Place
Brea Avenue
Breaker Way
Breckinridge Way
Breiens Way
Brenda Lee Drive
Brennan Place
Brent Avenue
Brentwood Drive
Brentwood Way
Brevia Inn
Briar Lane
Briarcliff Drive
Briarwood Court
Briarwood Place
Briarwood Way
Brichetto Road
Brick and Tile Circle
Bridalveil Circle
Bridewell Avenue
Bridge Cross Court
Bridge Place
Bridgeport Circle
Bridgeport Lane
Bridgeton Avenue
Bridgeton Way
Bridgetown Drive
Bridgeview Lane
Bridgewater Circle
Bridgewood Court
Bridgewood Drive
Bridle Path
Bridlewood Circle
Brienz Way
Brigadoon Walk
Briggs Avenue
Briggs Way
Brigham Street
Bright Road
Brighton Drive
Brighton Way
Brisbane Place
Bristol Avenue
Bristol Lane
Bristow Street
Brittany Court
Brittany Lane
Brittanyann Lane
Britton Avenue
Broadmoor Drive
Broadridge Way
Broadway Avenue
Broadwell Court
Brocchini Lane
Brock Elliott Elementary School
Broderick Way
Brodie Way
Bronzon Road
Brook Dale Way
Brook Falls Circle
Brook Hollow Circle
Brook Valley Circle
Brook Valley Place
Brookfield Avenue
Brookhaven Lane
Brookhurst Boulevard
Brooks Lane
Brookside Country Club
Brookside Drive
Brookside Field
Brookside Road
Brookside School
Brookside Stockton
Brookstone Avenue
Brookview Drive
Brookview Lane
Brookwood Way
Broughton Drive
Brovelli Lane
Brown Lane
Brown Road
Brownstone Avenue
Brownstone Court
Brows Arch
Bruce & Jack's Auto Service
Bruella Road
Brumby Road
Brunswick Road
Brush Creek Drive
Bryan Avenue
Bryant Court
Bryant Drive
Bryce Way
Buchanan Court
Buchanon Lane
Buck Road
Buckeye Street
Buckeye Way
Buckhorn Court
Buckhorn Drive
Buckhorn Exchange
Buckingham Drive
Buckingham Way
Buckinghorse Court
Buckinghorse Drive
Buckley Cove Way
Buckner Court
Buckskin Place
Bud Court
Buddy Holly Drive
Budget Inn
Budiselich Road
Budweiser Court
Buena Tierra Drive
Buena Vida Court
Buena Vista
Buena Vista Avenue
Buena Vista Drive
Buffalo Wild Wings
Bugatti Court
Build-A-Bear Workshop
Building K
Bullpine Road
Bungalows Drive
Bunker Hill Drive
Bunker Lane
Buoy Court
Bur Oak Place
Burge Road
Burger King
Burgundy Court
Burgundy Drive
Burgundy Lane
Burke Bradley Drive
Burkett Avenue
Burl Hollow Drive
Burlington Drive
Burlington Place
Burney Falls
Burnham Circle
Burnham Court
Burnham Road
Burns Cutoff Road
Burns Place
Burns Way
Burnside Way
Burton Street
Burton Way
Bus Lane
Busca Drive
Bush Court
Bush Street
Busman Drive
Buthmann Avenue
Butler Court
Butler Drive
Butte Way
Buttercup Drive
Buttercup Lane
Buttercup Place
Button Avenue
Buttonwillow Avenue
Buttrick Lane
Buzzards Bay Way
Buzzini Court
Byron Road

C E Dixon Street
C R Fisher Farm
C Street
CA 12
CA 120
CA 12;CA 88
CA 12;CA 88;J5
CA 26
CA 88
Cabana Court
Cabana Way
Cabe Road
Cabernet Lane
Cabin Creek Street
Cabot Avenue
Cabral Motors
Cabral Place
Cabrillo Circle
Cabrillo Court
Cabrillo Drive
Cache Avenue
Cactus Street
Cadle Road
Cadmia Street
Cafe Dazzling
Cal Drive
Cal Rio Place
Cala Vita Place
Calafia Court
Calais Court
Calandria Street
Calariva Drive
Calaveras Avenue
Calaveras Court
Calaveras Drive
Calaveras River Bike Path
Calaveras River Bike Ph
Calaveras Street
Calcite Avenue
Caleb Circle
Calero Hills Lane
Calhoun Avenue
Calhoun Way
California Avenue
California Check Cashing Stores
California Donuts and Deli
California Furniture Outlet
California Inn
California Street
Calivirgin-Coldani Olive Ranch
Calla Drive
Calla High School
Callaway Circle
Calle Norte
Callerton Avenue
Calloway Court
Caltrans Lodi Maintenance Station
Calvary Baptist Church
Calvary Bible Church
Calvary Chapel
Calvary Communtiy Church
Calvary Presbyterian Church
Calvary Reformed Church
Calvary Tabernacle
Calvert Street
Camanche Lane
Camara Way
Cambodian Restaurant
Cambra Lane
Cambria Court
Cambria Drive
Cambridge Drive
Cambridge Place
Cambridge Way
Camden Court
Camden Place
Camelback Street
Camelia Court
Camellia Court
Camellia Drive
Camellia Lane
Camelot Court
Camelot Drive
Cameo Street
Cameron Lane
Cameron Way
Camilla Court
Camilla Street
Camino Court
Camino del Sol
Camino Real Drive
Camish Place
Campfire Kitchen
Camphor Street
Camphor Way
Campora Way
Canal Boulevard
Canal Drive
Canal Street Grill
Canby Oak Drive
Candido Court
Candlewood Court
Candlewood Drive
Candlewood Suites Lodi
Candlewood Way
Candy Lane Walk
Canepa Road
Canepa's Lube & Oil
Cannella Court
Cannella Drive
Canoe Pass Lane
Canterbury Drive
Canterbury Way
Canvasback Lane
Canvasback Way
Canyon Court
Canyon Creek Drive
Canyon Oak Lane
Canyon Way
Canyonlands Road
Cape Breton Lane
Cape Cod Circle
Cape Cod Drive
Cape York Court
Capell Drive
Capellino Court
Capetown Lane
Capistrano Avenue
Capital Donuts
Capitol Avenue
Capitol Furniture
Capitola Circle
Capps Way
Capri Bar and Grill
Capri Court
Capricorn Court
Capstan Drive
Capstone Way
Car wash
Car Wash Route
Caran Avenue
Cardente Way
Carder School
Cardiff Place
Cardinal Avenue
Cardinal Court
Cardinal Street
Cardoza Road
Carey Court
Caribbean Circle
Caribrook Way
Carignane Court
Carina Drive
Carl Lane
Carl's Jr.
Carla Court
Carleta Place
Carlin Road
Carlisle Court
Carlisle Way
Carlo Way
Carlton Avenue
Carlton Way
Carly Drive
Carmel Avenue
Carmel Circle
Carmel River Court
Carmel Way
Carmellia Street
Carmelo Avenue
Carmen Court
Carnaby Road
Carnation Way
Carnegie Court
Carnegie Library
Carnegie Street
Carnelian Drive
Carnelian Street
Carogold Lane
Carol Ann Court
Carol Ann Drive
Carol Louise Lane
Carol Street
Carolina Circle
Carolina Street
Carolyn Weston Boulevard
Carousel Circle
Carousel Court
Carpenter Road
Carreen Court
Carriage Drive
Carriage House Street
Carrie Street
Carrigane Way
Carrington Circle
Carrol Lane
Carroll Avenue
Carson Avenue
Carson Place
Carter's Pet Mart
Casa Furniture
Casa Furniture 2
Casa Place
Cascade Court
Caserta Court
Casper Court
Casper Lane
Cass Court
Cass Lane
Cast Iron Trading
Castaway Court
Castelina Way
Castellon Way
Casterbridge Drive
Castillo Way
Casting Lane
Castle Court
Castle Oaks Drive
Castle Road
Castle School
Castle Street
Castlebright Avenue
Castlebrook Court
Castlewood Avenue
Cat Tail Drive
Catalina Place
Catalpa Court
Catamaran Court
Catamaran Way
Cathedral Circle
Cathedral of Miracles
Catherine Lane
Catmint Street
Cava Place
Cavalier Place
Cave Lane
Cavendish Court
Cayman Court
Cayman Drive
Cayuga Court
Cayuga Drive
Caywood Drive
Cece's Art Studio
Cecelio Way
Cedar Avenue
Cedar Court
Cedar Lane
Cedar Mountain Drive
Cedar Ridge Court
Cedar Ridge Drive
Cedar Valley Drive
Cedar Way
Cedarbrook Way
Cedarglen Court
Cedarwood Court
Celebration Christian Center
Celebration Drive
Cemetery Lane
Centennial Drive
Center Street
Centerpiece Lane
Central Avenue
Central Branch Stockton-San Joaquin County Public Library
Central Church of Christ
Central Coffee Co.
Central Court
Central Elementary School
Central Fire Station
Central Pacific Street
Central Park Drive
Central Seventh Day Adventist Church
Central United Methodist Church
Central Valley Auto Tech
Central Valley Dermatology
Centre Court Drive
Century Assembly Church
Century Bakery
Century Boulevard
Century Place
Cerro Verde Way
Cerruti Street
Cesar Chavez High School
Cesar Chavez High School football field
Cezanne Lane
Chablis Drive
Chablis Lane
Chablis Way
Chadron Court
Chadsworth Street
Chadwick Place
Chaffin Place
Chagall Lane
Chamberlain Street
Chambord Drive
Chambord Place
Champagne Court
Champagne Drive
Champagne Lane
Chan Family Health Learning Center and Clinics
Chandra Way
Chanelle Court
Channel Drive
Channel Street
Chantel Lane
Chantilly Court
Chaparral Court
Chaparral Way
Chapel Hill Circle
Chapel Hill Court
Chapel Lane
Chapelle Court
Chaplin Court
Chapman Oak Drive
Chardonnay Lane
Chardonnay Way
Chariot Court
Charlemagne Court
Charlemagne Lane
Charles Avenue
Charles Harris Farm
Charles Street
Charleston Court
Charleston Place Apartments
Charleston Way
Charleys Philly Steaks
Charlotte Court
Charmaine Court
Charming Way
Charter Way
Chartville School
Chase Court
Chasseral Way
Chateau Court
Chateau Drive
Chatfield Circle
Chatfield Court
Chatsworth Circle
Chatsworth Court
Chattan Court
Chauncy Circle
Cheaper Cigarettes
Check Into Cash
Checotah Circle
Chelmsford Way
Chelsea Place
Chelsea Way
Cheney Court
Chenin Blanc Drive
Cherbourg Court
Cherbourg Way
Cheri Court
Cherise Way
Cherokee Lane
Cherokee Road
Cherry Avenue
Cherry Court
Cherry Grove Avenue
Cherry Hills Court
Cherry Hills Place
Cherry Lane
Cherry Oak Lane
Cherry Point Drive
Cherry Road
Cherry Street
Cherryland Avenue
Cherrywood Place
Cherrywood Street
Cherrywood Way
Cheryl Court
Cheryl Lane
Chesapeake Circle
Cheshire Court
Chester Court
Chester Drive
Chestnut Avenue
Chestnut Grove Drive
Chestnut Hill Drive
Chestnut Street
Chevalier Way
Cheyenne Street
Cheyenne Wyoming
Chianti Circle
Chianti Drive
Chianti Lane
Chicago Avenue
Chicago's Pizza With A Twist
Chickadee Street
Chickasaw Court
Chickasaw Way
Child Development Center
Children's Museum of Stockton
Childrens Center
Childress Road
Chimes Street
Chimney Point Lane
China Express
China Noodle Factory
China Wok
Chinese Christian Mission
Chisholm Way
Chitwood Court
Choate Street
Choctaw Court
Chopin Court
CHP Driveway
Chrisman Road
Christ Temple Church
Christa McAuliffe Middle School
Christian and Missionary Alliance Church
Christian Life Campus
Christian Life Center
Christian Life Way
Christie Falls Way
Christina Avenue
Christina Drive
Christine Court
Christopher Court
Christopher Way
Chronicle Avenue
Chubby's Diner
Chuck E. Cheese
Chukar Court
Chung Wah Lane
Chur Court
Church of All Nations
Church of Christ
Church of God
Church of God in Christ
Church of God Seventh Day
Church of the Nazarene
Church of the Presentation
Church Street
Church's Chicken
Churcher Drive
Churchill Street
Cicchi Court
Cimarron Avenue
Cimini Street
Cimmaron Drive
Cindy Court
Cindy Drive
Cindy Way
Cinemark Movies 14
Cinnamon Teal Court
Circle K
Cisco Beach Drive
Cistus Court
Cistus Street
Citadel Way
City Auto Care & Tire
City Food & Liquor
City of Manteca Tennis Courts
City of Stockton Offices
Civic Center Drive
Civic Court
Claim Stake
Clairette Place
Clairmont Elementary School
Clarane Avenue
Claredon Avenue
Claremont Avenue
Claremont Court
Claremont Drive
Clarence Bromell Street
Clarence Smit Museum
Clarendon Avenue
Claret Court
Claret Lane
Claridge Lane
Clarion Inn & Suite
Clark Drive
Clarks Fork Circle
Clarksburg Place
Clarksdale Road
Claudia Landeen School
Clay Court
Clay Street
Clay Way
Claycomb Way
Clayton Avenue
Clear Creek Court
Clear Point Way
Clearbrook Court
Clearfield Drive
Clearwater Creek
Clem Road
Clemens Court
Clement Avenue
Clemente Lane
Clementine Court
Clendenin Parkway
Cleveland Elementary School
Cleveland Place
Cliff Drive
Clifford Drive
Cliffside Drive
Clifton Court
Clifton Court Road
Climate Pros
Clinic Circle
Clinton Drive
Clinton South Avenue
Clipper Court
Clipper Lane
Clipper Place
Cloudline Place
Cloudy Bay
Clover Lane
Clover Leaf Street
Clover Place
Clover Road
Cloverdale Court
Clowe Court
Clowe Street
Clowes Court
Clowes Street
Cloyne Court
Club Drive
Club View Circle
Clubhouse Way
Cluff Avenue
Clutch & Brake Xchange, Inc
Clydesdale Way
CnC Express
Coach Street
Coast Court
Cobble Creek Way
Cobblecreek Street
Cobbler Street
Cobblestone Court
Cobblestone Drive
Cobblestone Lane
Cochran Road
Cocomo Place
Cocoro Bistro Sushi Bar
Cocunut Lane
Cody Court
Cody Way
Coelho Road
Coffeeberry Way
Cohen Road
Cold Springs Street
Cold Stone Creamery
Coldcreek Drive
Coldwell Court
Cole Drive
Colebrook Way
Colfax Court
Colington Place
College Avenue
College Laundery
Collegeville Elementary School
Collete Street
Collin Avenue
Collins Street
Colmar Way
Cologne Court
Coloma Street
Colombard Circle
Colonel Brown Court
Colonial Court
Colonial Drive
Colonial Heights Elementary School
Colonial Lane
Colonial Trail
Colonna Lane
Colony Drive
Colony Oak Elementary School
Colony Road
Colorado Avenue
Colt Drive
Columbia Avenue
Columbia Drive
Columbus Drive
Comanche Drive
Comanche Way
Comconex Road
Comet Lane
Comfort Inn Lathrop
Commerce Avenue
Commerce Street
Commercial Drive
Commercial Street
Commodore Lane
Community Christian Church
Community Church of God
Community of Christ
Community Service School
Compass Lane
Compu-Medic Systems
Computer Link
Comstock Drive
Comstock Lane
Comstock Road
Concord Avenue
Concord Court
Concord Street
Condor Court
Confer Road
Confidence Way
Confucius Church
Conifer Street
Connecticut Avenue
Connie Avenue
Connie Court
Connie Street
Constitution Way
Convenient Food Mart
Cook Lane
Cook Road
Coolidge Avenue
Coolidge Place
Coop Discount Beauty Suppyl
Cooper Court
Cooper Drive
Cooper Road
Copco Lane
Copeland Way
Copperopolis Road
Coquille Court
Coquille Drive
Cora Post Road
Coral Court
Coral Lane
Coralstone Lane
Corbett Lane
Corbin Court
Corbin Lane
Cordova Lane
Cordoza Road
Corfino Lane
Corinth Avenue
Corinthian Missionary Baptist Church
Cork and Barrel
Cork Oak Lane
Cork Oak Way
Corliss Drive
Cornell Court
Cornell Street
Cornell Way
Cornerstone Circle
Cornerstone Court
Cornerstone Drive
Cornflower Street
Cornwall Avenue
Cornwall Court
Cornwall Drive
Coronado Avenue
Coronado Way
Corral Hollow Road
Correia Place
Corsa Way
Cortez Avenue
Cortez Way
Cortina Lane
Cortland Lane
Cortona Lane
Cortopassi Airport
Corwin Drive
Cory Lane
Cosmos Drive
Costa Drive
Costantino Circle
Costantino Court
Costco Gasoline
Cosumnes Drive
Cotta Road
Cottage Avenue
Cottage Court
Cottage Lane
Cotton Briar Lane
Cotton Court
Cotton Meadow Way
Cotton Street
Cottonwood Avenue
Cottonwood Drive
Cottonwood Lane
Cottrell Lane
Country Cafe
Country Club
Country Club Boulevard
Country Club Circle
Country Club Court
Country Court
Country Meadow Drive
Country Oak Lane
Country Woods Drive
Countryside Lane
Countrywood Lane
County Offices
Coupe Place
Courage Court
Court Drive
Court H
Court Street
Courtney Court
Courtney Drive
Courtney Way
Courtwright Court
Courtyard at Venetian Terrace
Courtyard Stockton
Courtyard Way
Cove Circle
Cove Court
Coventry Drive
Coventry Way
Covered Bridge Way
Covey Creek Circle
Covey Creek Court
Covey Lane
Cowell Avenue
Cowens Lane
Cowper Court
Cozad Way
Cozy Court
Cradle Court
Crafton Way
Craftsmen Drive
Cranbrook Court
Cranes Landing
Crate & Barrel Factory Outlet
Crawford Court
Creative Nails
Cree Court
Creek Drive
Creek Trail Circle
Creekside Court
Creekside Drive
Creekside Elementary School
Creekside Place
Creekview Drive
Creekwood Drive
Crescent Avenue
Crescent Moon Drive
Crescent Park Circle
Crescent Point
Cresenda Avenue
Crespi Street
Crest Motel
Crestmore Circle
Crestmore Court
Crestview Circle
Crestwood Avenue
Crestwood Circle
Crete Court
Crete Street
Cricket Wireless
Crimson Lane
Crimson Place
Crittendon Court
Crocker Road
Crockett Street
Crom Street
Crosby Court
Crosby Drive
Cross Street
Crossroads Christian Church
Crossroads of the Valley Assembly of God Church
Crowley Court
Crown Avenue
Crown Peak Lane
Crown Place
Croyden Way
Cruden Street
Crumbl Cookies
Crump Road
Crutchfield Lane
Cruz Street
Crystal Bay Drive
Crystal Court
Crystal Drive
Crystal Way
Crystalwood Lane
Culbertson Drive
Culpepper Place
Cumberland Court
Cumberland Drive
Cumberland Place
Cumbria Court
Cumbria Way
Cuneo Court
Curlew Street
Currents Way
Curry Avenue
Curry Court
Curt Pernice Skate Park
Curtis Avenue
Curtis Court
Curtwood Court
Cushing Court
Custom Cuts Construction
CVS Pharmacy
Cypress Avenue
Cypress Creek Way
Cypress Drive
Cypress Hill Lane
Cypress Point Drive
Cypress Run
Cypress Run Drive
Cypress Street
Czerny Street

D Street
D'Arcy Parkway
Da Vinci Drive
Da Vinci's
Daddy's House of Ribs
Daffodil Hill Street
Daffodil Way
Dahlia Drive
Daimler Street
Daisy Avenue
Daisywood Drive
Dakota Drive
Dale Odell Drive
Dalewood Street
Dalia Lane
Dalia Place
Dalisai Court
Dallas Avenue
Dalton Drive
Daltry Drive
Damask Court
Dameron Hospital
Damian Court
Dan Street
Dana Avenue
Dana Court
Danbury Place
Dancing Fox Winery & Brewery
Danielle Drive
Daniels Street
Danilo Court
Danilo Way
Danny Drive
Danny's Market
Dante Street
Danube Court
Danube Way
Darby Court
Dardanelle Place
Darien Drive
Dario Circle
Darrigo Lane
Dartmoor Circle
Dartmouth Court
Date Street
Dauphin Drive
Dave Brubeck Way
Dave Wong's
Davenport Lane
David Avenue
David Ernest Court
David's Pizza
Davidson Court
Davini Road
Davis Cup Court
Davis Elementary School
Davis Road
Davis Street
Dawes Avenue
Dawn Court
Dawn Drive
Dawn Marie Way
Dawson Road
Days Inn
Days Inn & Suites by Wyndham Lodi
Days Inn Stockton
Dayton Herzog Lane
Dazzler Street
DC Imports

dd's Discounts

De Anza Avenue
De Boer Drive
De Broggi Road
De Force Avenue
De la Vega Court
De Lima Road
De Ovan Avenue
De Pedrini Drive
De Vega Brothers
Deauville Drive
Debbie Lane
Deborah Lane
Deborah Street
Debra Lee Court
Debra Way
Debutant Walk
Decarli Street
Decatur Drive
Deep Cliff Way
Deep Water Lane
Deer Creek Circle
Deer Creek Court
Deer Park Drive
Deer Run Lane
Deer Trail Drive
Deer Trot Way
Deerfield Court
Deerpark Drive
Deerwood Way
Degas Court
Degroot Lane
Dekalb Place
Del Mar Avenue
Del Monte Court
Del Norte Street
Del Playa Court
Del Rey Court
Del Rio Drive
Del Taco
Del Web Golf Course
Del Webb Boulevard
Delano Avenue
Delaware Avenue
Delfina Way
Delhi Street
Deli Delicious
Delia Court
Delicato Family Vineyards
Delivery Drive
Delivery Street
Dell'Osso Drive
Della Street
Delmonico Court
Delmont Street
Delores Street
Delta Avenue
Delta Church of the Nazarene
Delta Court
Delta Island Elementary School
Delta King Lane
Delta Lane
Delta Sierra Middle School
Delta View Apartments
Delta Village Apartments
Delta Way
Den Dulk Court
Dena Court
Denby Lane
Denby Way
Denese Court
Denise Drive
Denise Street
Denise's Farmers Market
Dennis Avenue
Denver Ave Ct A
Denver Avenue
Denver Avenue Court B
Denver Avenue Court C
Department of Motor Vehicles
Depauli Street
Depot Court
Depot Drive
Dera Way
Derby Court
Derby Lane
Derbychase Lane
Derecho Way
Derrick Avenue
Derrick Drive
Des Moines Drive
Descanso Court
Deseret Court
Deseret Drive
Deshler Court
Deshler Lane
Desio Lane
Desiree Lane
Deuel Vocational Institution
Devine Drive
Devon Lane
Devon Way
Devonshire Avenue
Devries Road
Dewey Court
Dewitt Court
Dexter Way
Dhaba Indian Cuisine
Diablo Creek Drive
Diablo Drive
Diablo Place
Diamond Bar Place
Diamond Drive
Diamond Gas & Mart
Diamond Lane
Diamond Oak Way
Diamond Oaks Street
Diamond Street
Diamond Way
Diana Marie Drive
Diane Avenue
Diane Court
Diane Drive
Dianna Drive
Dianne Court
Dick's Sporting Goods
Dickey Court
Dickey's Barbecue Pit
Diego Court
Diego Lane
Dietrich Court
Dijon Street
Dila Tea House
Dill Court
Dill Way
Dillon Court
Dinesh Lane
Dinesh Place
Direct Way
Disch Road
Discount Liquor
Discovery Church
Discovery Court
Discovery Creek Drive
Diva Nails
Divac Drive
Diverting Canal Levee Road
DiVinci's Delicatessen
Divine Lane
Dixie Drive
Dixie Lane
Dnieper Lane
Doak Boulevard
Dobbins Court
Dock Landing Way
Dockery Court
Doctors Hospital of Manteca
Dodds Road
Dody Drive
Doe Trail Lane
Dogwood Court
Dogwood Glen Way
Doherty Court
Dolcetto Lane
Dollar General
Dollar Tree
Dolomite Street
Dolores Court
Dolores Lane
Dominion Drive
Dominque Lane
Domo Japanese Sushi Grill and Bar
Don Avenue
Don Boriga Way
Don Carlos Avenue
Don Carlos Court
Don Conti Road
Don Jose's Market
Don Rafael Way
Don Ramon Drive
Don Riggio School
Dona Lugo Way
Donahue Avenue
Donatello Street
Donati Circle
Doncaster Way
Donner Avenue
Donner Court
Donner Drive
Donner Way
Donovan Street
Donuts and Yogurt
Doray Court
Dorchester Circle
Dorchester Court
Dorchester Way
Doria Way
Dorona Lane
Dorothy J Mahin School
Dorothy Lane
Dorris Place
Dorset Street
Dos Reis County Park
Dos Reis Road
Dot Place
Dot Way
Double Dove Lane
Double L Mobile Estates
Doubles Court
Dougherty Road
Douglas Fir Drive
Douglas Mitchell Place
Douglas Road
Douma Way
Dove Court
Dovenshire Drive
Dover Drive
Dovewood Drive
Dovewood Street
Downing Avenue
Downing Drive
Downs Street
Downtown Lodi Walking Path
Doxey Drive
Doyle Court
DQ Grill & Chill
Dragon's Den Games
Drake Avenue
Drake Way
Drakes Drive
Dredger Cut
Dresden Way
Driftwood Drive
Driftwood Place
Driftwood Way
Drive Way
Driver Court
Driving Range
Dronero Court
Dronero Way
Druet Lane
Drummond Court
Dry Creek Court
Dry Creek Place
Dry Creek Way
Dryden Place
Dublin Court
Duchess Lane
Duck Court
Duck Cove Lane
Duck Creek Drive
Dudley Road
Due Road
Duggar Drive
Duke Lane
Dunbarton Way
Duncan Avenue
Duncan Drive
Duncan Road
Duncan-Russell Continuation High School
Dundee Way
Dune Place
Dunigan Place
Dunkin' Express
Dunmar Lane
Dunn-Edwards Paints
Dunsmuir Drive
Dunwood Drive
Dupont Court
Dupont Drive
Durango Way
Durham Court
Duronia Road
Dustin Road
Dutart Court
Dutch Bros. Coffee
Dutchwood Lane
Dutra Place
Duvall Court
Dwight Way
Dyer Avenue
Dylan Court

E Street
Eagle Court
Eagle Crest Drive
Eagle Lane
Eagle Peak Court
Eagle Place
Eagle Ridge Lane
Eagle Rock Circle
Eaglecrest Drive
Eaglepoint Lane
Earhart Avenue
Earl Court
Earle E Williams Middle School
Early Frost Lane
Earth Flower Drive
East 11th Street
East 12th Street
East 1st Street
East 2nd Street
East 3rd Street
East 4th Street
East 5th Street
East 6th Street
East 7th Street
East 8th Street
East 9th Street
East Alameda Street
East Alpine Pentecostal Church of God
East Anderson Street
East Ashley Lane
East Atherton Drive
East Augusta Street
East Avenue
East Banbury Drive
East Benjamin Holt Drive
East Bentwood Road
East Bianchi Road
East Black Oak Drive
East Blossom View Court
East Center Street
East Channel Street
East Charter Way
East Church Street
East Clay Street
East Cleveland Street
East Eagan Alley
East Eastview Drive
East Eight Mile Road
East el Campo Avenue
East Elm Street
East Equipment Court
East Ferdinand Street
East Foppiano Lane
East Francis Street
East Fremont Street
East French Camp Road
East Frisbee Lane
East Fulton Street
East Galin Road
East Garden Chinese Food
East Garner Alley
East Gary Avenue
East Geary Street
East Gibson Street
East Glencannon Street
East Granada Way
East Grant Line Road
East Grove Street
East Guernsey Avenue
East H Street
East Hacienda Lane
East Haight Road
East Hamilton Lane
East Hammer Lane
East Hammer Ln Frontage Road
East Hampton Street
East Handel Road
East Harding Way
East Harney Lane
East Harper Street
East Harwood Lane
East Hawthorne Street
East Hazelton Avenue
East Highland Avenue
East Hildreth Lane
East Hogan Lane
East Hollywood Avenue
East Horner Avenue
East Hospital Road
East Hurd Street
East I Street
East Ingram Street
East Iris Avenue
East J Street
East Jackson Alley
East Jackson Street
East Jamestown Street
East Jefferson Street
East John Street
East Jonquil Drive
East Juniper Avenue
East K Street
East Kavanagh Avenue
East Kenyon Street
East Kettleman Lane
East Kimberly Lane
East King Alley
East Kirschenman Road
East Knoles Way
East Krell Lane
East Kristen Court
East L Street
East la Mesa Avenue
East Lafayette Street
East Laguna Drive
East Lake Avenue
East Lancaster Drive
East Larsen Alley
East Lathrop Road
East Laurin Drive
East Lawrence Avenue
East Lincoln Road
East Lindsay Street
East Little Way
East Live Oak Road
East Lockeford Street
East Lodi Avenue
East Long Barn Drive
East Longview Avenue
East Loomis Road
East Lorenzen Road
East Loretta Avenue
East Los Felis Avenue
East Louise Avenue
East Lowell Avenue
East Lynch Drive
East Lynn Avenue
East Magnolia Street
East Main Street
East Main treet
East Malika Court
East Manzanita Lane
East Maple Street
East March Lane
East Marie Way
East Mariposa Avenue
East Mariposa Road
East Market Street
East Marsh Street
East Mathews Road
East Mayfair Avenue
East Mc Kenzie Avenue
East Mc Mullin Road
East McAllen Road
East Mendocino Avenue
East Messick Road
East Milgeo Avenue
East Miller Road
East Millwood Avenue
East Milton Road
East Miner Avenue
East Mistletoe Avenue
East Monterey Avenue
East Morada Lane
East Morse Road
East Mount Diablo Avenue
East Munford Avenue
East Myrtle Street
East N Street
East Nile Road
East Noble Street
East North Street
East Oak Street
East Oakview Lane
East Olive Avenue
East Orchard Road
East Orwood Street
East Otis Street
East Palm Avenue
East Pampy Court
East Park Street
East Parkdale Drive
East Patterson Court
East Peach Road
East Pearl Avenue
East Perrin Road
East Pescadero Avenue
East Pine Street
East Ponce de Leon Avenue
East Poplar Street
East Portola Way
East Prospect Place
East Quashnick Road
East Ramona Way
East Ranchero Way
East Realty Road
East Redwood Street
East Regal Street
East Ringwood Avenue
East Risso Court
East River Road
East Robinhood Drive
East Ronald Street
East Roosevelt Street
East Rose Street
East San Joaquin Rvr Levee Road
East Sandalwood Drive
East Santos Avenue
East Sargent Road
East Scotts Avenue
East Section Avenue
East Shady Lane
East Side Fire Station Number 1
East Sikorsky Street
East Sola Road
East Sonoma Avenue
East Sonora Street
East South Street
East Southland Road
East Stadium Drive
East Stampede Road
East Stevenson Avenue
East Stewart Street
East Street
East Sutter Street
East Swain Road
East Taylor Street
East Tehama Drive
East Telstar Place
East Thurman Road
East Tobacco Road
East Tokay Colony Road
East Tokay Street
East Troy Court
East Union Baseball Diamond
East Union Football Field
East Union Gym
East Union High School
East Union Swimming
East Union Tennis
East University Avenue
East Vail Avenue
East Varene Court
East Verdon Road
East Veritas Road
East Victor Road
East Vine Street
East Washington Street
East Weber Avenue
East West Tire
East Wetmore Street
East Whitehouse Road
East Whittier Avenue
East Willow Avenue
East Willow Street
East Wind Drive
East Winery Road
East Woodbridge Road
East Woodward Avenue
East Woodward Road
East Worth Street
East Wyandotte Street
East Wyman Road
East Yokuts Avenue
East Yorkshire Drive
East Yosemite Avenue
Eastberg Court
Eastman Court
Eastridge Place
Eastside Church of Christ
Eastside Church of God in Christ
Eastside Fire District Headquarters
Eastside Presbyterian Church
Eastwood Avenue
Eastwood Court
Easy Court
Easy Street
Eaton Avenue
Eaton Drive
Ebbett Place
Ebbetts Avenue
Ebenezer African Methodist Episcopal Church
Ebenezer Congregational Church
Eberhard Road
Ebony Beauty Supply
Echo Street
Ector Way
Edan Avenue
Eddie's Pizza
Eddie's Pizza Cafe
Eden Street
Edenvale Crossing
Edgebrook Avenue
Edgebrook Lane
Edgefield Way
Edgewater Court
Edgewood Court
Edgewood Drive
Edgewood Lane
Edible Arrangements
Edison Senior High School
Edison Street
Edward Avenue
Edward Court
Edythe Street
Egenberger Court
Ehrhardt Drive
Eiffel Drive
Eilers Lane
Eisenhower Place
Ekins Lane
El Cajon Street
El Camino Avenue
El Camino Tires
El Capitan Avenue
El Capitan Circle
El Capitan Drive
El Centro Drive
El Dorado Avenue
El Dorado Elementary School
El Dorado Liquor
El Dorado St Frontage
El Dorado Street
El Forrestero
El Greco Drive
El Grullense
El Monte Street
El Paso Way
El Pinal
El Pinal Drive
El Pollo Loco
El Polo Loco
El Portal Avenue
El Portal Street
El Rancho Drive
El Rancho Inn
El Rancho Motel
El Rancho Road
El Sanjon Drive
El Torito
El Toro Way
Elaine Drive
Elder Court
Elderica Way
Eldon Way
Eleanor Avenue
Eleanor Lane
Elena Drive
Elena Lane
Eleni Lane
Elgin Avenue
Eli Court
Elia Court
Elizabeth Avenue
Elizabeth Court
Elkhorn Drive
Elkhorn Golf Course
Elkhorn School
Ellen Street
Ellerth E. Larson Elementary School
Elliot Place
Elliot Road
Ellis Lane
Ellis Street
Elm Avenue
Elm Court
Elm Grove Avenue
Elm Ridge Street
Elm Street
Elmbrook Way
Elmira Avenue
Elmo Court
Elmwood Avenue
Elmwood Court
Elmwood Elementary School
Elmwood Lane
Elsholz Road
Elsinore Drive
Elsumeri Market
Elvera Terri Way
Elvin Avenue
Elysian Court
Emanuel American Lutheran Church
Emanuel Way
Embarcadero Drive
Emelia Court
Emerald Bay Court
Emerald Place
Emerald Pool Lane
Emerson Avenue
Emerson Court
Emerson Park
Emeryn Street
Emigrant Place
Emigrant Street
Emil Street
Emily Court
Emma M Baumgardner Theatre
Emmanuel Baptist Church
Emory Oak Place
Emperor Court
Empire Avenue
Empire Drive
Empire Lane
Empire Street
Empresso Coffeehouse
Enchantment Lane
Encino Avenue
Encore Court
Endow Road
England Court
Englewood Way
English Country Trail
English Oak Circle
Enneking Drive
Enrico Lane
Ensenada Drive
Ensign Way
Enslen Avenue
Enterprise Place
Enterprise Street
Entrada Way
Enveart Road
Enview Court
Environmental Health
Envoy Court
Episcopal Church of Saint Anne
Episcopal Church of Saint Stephen
Epling Oak Lane
Eppler Street
Eric's New York Style Pizza
Erica Place
Erickson Circle
Erickson Court
Ericwood Court
Erie Drive
ERIKS North America
Erma Avenue
Erma B Reese Elementary School
Ernest Drive
Ernie Court
Escala Place
Escondido Place
Esperanza Way
Essex Court
Essex Street
Estate Drive
Estes Avenue
Estralita Drive
Estrella Avenue
Etcheverry Drive
Etna Street
Eton Way
Etta Court
Etta Way
Ettle Street
Eucalyptus Avenue
Eucalyptus Court
Eucalyptus Street
Euclid Avenue
Eugenia Avenue
Eugenia Street
Eureka Avenue
Eureka Drive
Eureka Way
Eva Court
Eva Drive
Evangelical Free Church
Evangelical Free Church of Stockton
Evangelical Free Church of Tracy
Evangelical Methodist Christian School
Evangelist Church of God in Christ
Evans Drive
Evans Street
Evelyn Avenue
Evelyn Court
Everest Avenue
Everglade Way
Everglades Lane
Evergreen Court
Evergreen Drive
Evergreen Way
Evert Court
Evi Court
E.W.S. Woods Boulevard
Excaliber Place
Excalibur Circle
Excelsior Way
Exclusive Beauty Salon
Executive Lodge Inn
Exeter Court
Exeter Drive
Exeter Place
Exit Street
Express Car Audio
Expresso Court
Extended Stay America - Stockton - March Lane
Extension Court
Extension Road
Extra Mile
Extra Space Storage
Eyebrow Masters
Eyeglass World

F & M Bank
F Street
F&H Construction
F&M Bank
Faber Drive
Faber Vineyards Airport
Fabian Road
Fabrizio Court
Fabulous Nails
Facet Street
Factory 2-U
Fair Oaks
Fair Oaks Library
Fair Street
Fairburn Way
Fairbury Lane
Fairchild Drive
Fairchild Road
Fairchild School
Fairfax Road
Fairfield Drive
Fairfield Inn & Suites Lodi
Fairfield Way
Fairhaven Drive
Fairmont Avenue
Fairview Way
Fairway Court
Fairway Drive
Fairway Glen Street
Fairwood Avenue
Faith Assembly of God Church
Faith Chapel
Faith Church of God in Christ
Faith Lane
Faith Lutheran Church
Faith Tabernacle
Faith Tabernacle United Pentecostal Church
Falcon Court
Falkirk Drive
Fallbrook Drive
Fallbrook Way
Fallen Leaf Lane
Fallenleaf Drive
Fallon Place
Falls Avenue
Falmoth Circle
Falmouth Court
Family Bible Church
Family Dollar
Family WashTime
Famous Footwear
Fanning Road
Fantastic Sams
Fargo Street
Farley Drive
Farm House Road
Farm Street
Farmer Boys
Farmers Dell Way
Farmington Road
Fat's Grill
Fautt Court
Fawn Court
Fawn Drive
Fawn Glen Court
Fawn Glen Drive
Fawnhaven Way
Fawnwood Lane
Faye Spanos Concert Hall
Faye Street
Feather River Drive
Fedelia Court
FedEx Office
Felicitia Court
Felino Lane
Felton Way
Ferdun Ranch Airport
Ferguson Road
Fern Dell Lane
Fern Springs Court
Fern Street
Ferndale Street
Ferngrove Court
Ferngrove Lane
Fernvale Drive
Fernwood Avenue
Fernwood Drive
Ferrari Court
Ferry Launch Avenue
Feverfew Street
Field Avenue
Fields Family Wines
Fieldstone Court
Fieldview Drive
Fiero Place
Fiesta Plaza
Fig Court
Fig Road
Figueroa Street
Filley Drive
Fillmore Avenue
Fillmore Elementary School
Fillmore Street
Finale Way
Finch Run
Finchwood Drive
Finchwood Landing Lane
Finck Road
Findland Avenue
Fine Avenue
Finkbohner Road
Finlandia Lane
Fiora Place
Fir Court
Fir Drive
Fir Street
Fire Administration Building
Fire Island Circle
Fire Marshal
Fire Station 2
Fire Station 3
Fire Station Number 6
Fire Station Number 9
Fire Wings
Firefly Way
Fireglow Lane
Firehouse Subs
Fireside Lane
First Apostolic Church
First Assembly of God Church
First Baptist Church
First Christian Church
First Christian Reformed Church
First Church of Christ Scientist
First Congregational Church
First Congregational United Church of Christ
First Landmark Missionary Baptist Church
First Methodist Church
First Missionary Baptist Church
First Pentecostal Church of Lodi
First Presbyterian Church
First United Methodist Church
Fishback Road
Fisher Court
Fisk Road
Fit Republic Manteca
Fite Court
Fitzpatrick Circle
Five Below
Five Corners
Five Forks Drive
Five Guys
Five Mile Drive
Five Window Beer Company
Flag City
Flag City Boulevard
Flagstone Drive
Flagstone Street
Flame Drive
Flaming Star Lane
Flatboat Street
Flaxen Court
Fleabane Lane
Fleetwood Way
Flemons Avenue
Fletcher Way
Fleurette Lane
Fleury Way
Flint Avenue
Floor & Decor
Flora Arca Mata Elementary School
Flora Street
Florence Avenue
Florence Court
Florence Street
Florentine Way
Flores Avenue
Flores Court
Florida Avenue
Flower Street
Floyd Lane
Fluetsch Court
Flycatcher Drive
Flying J
Folsom Street
Folsom Way
Fontana Avenue
Fontanella Way
Fontenay Way
Food 4 Less
Foothill Ranch Drive
Fordham Drive
Fordi Court
Forecast Way
Foreman Court
Forest Drive
Forest Hills Drive
Forest Ridge Court
Forever 21
Formosana Lane
Forrest Avenue
Forrest Lane
Forrestal Village
Forsaken Tattoo
Fort Donaldson Place
Fort Donelson Drive
Fort Hall Place
Forthright Court
Fortuna Lane
Forty Niner Trail
Fountain Square Avenue
Fountain Trail
Fountain Valley Drive
Four Corners Court
Fourteen Mile Drive
Fowlers Airport
Fox Creek Court
Fox Creek Drive
Fox Hollow Way
Fox Meadow Court
Fox Meadow Lane
Fox Road
Fox Sparrow Court
Fox Trot Way
Foxborough Way
Foxcatcher Way
Foxfire Drive
Foxglove Court
Foxhollow Way
Foxtail Court
Foxtail Way
Foxwood Court
Foxwood Drive
Fragrance Court
Fragrance Street
Frampton Court
Franceen Lane
Frances Court
Frances Street
Francis Street
Franciscan Avenue
Franciscan Way
Franco Avenue
Frank Avenue
Frank Blondin Lane
Frank Court
Frank West Circle
Frank's down town Cafe
Franklin Avenue
Franklin Lane
Franklin Senior High School
Franklin Street
Franscella Lane
Fraser Avenue
Fraternity Circle
Frauenfield Street
Frazier Road
Fred Russo Court
Fred Russo Drive
Frederick Place
Frederick Road
Fredericksburg Place
Free Methodist Church
Free Road
Free Will Baptist Church of Stockton
Freedom Court
Freedom Point
Freedom Road
Freesia Avenue
Freestone Road
Fremont Evangelical Methodist Church
French Camp
French Camp Elementary
French Camp Elementary School
French Camp Mission of the Good Shepherd
French Camp Post Office
French Camp Road
French Camp RV Park & Golf Course
French Camp Turnpike
Fresh Cleaners
Freshwater Point
Freshwoods Market
Frewert Road
Friar Street
Fribourg Lane
Front Street
Frontage Road
Frontier Lane
Frontier Motel
Frontier Way
Fruitwood Court
Fruitwood Way
Full Gospel Assembly of God Church
Full Gospel Church in Christ
Full Gospel Tabernacle Pentecostal Church
Fullbright Court
Fullerton Avenue
Fulton Avenue
Fun Town at Micke Grove
Fundy Court
Fusion Boba Cafe

Gaar Avenue
Gaar Court
Gable Court
Gabriel Court
Gabriel Drive
Gadwall Circle
Gadwall Court
Gail Court
Gail Drive
Gala Drive
Galaxy Court
Galena Street
Galilee Baptist Church
Gallaty Place
Gallen Court
Galleria Drive
Gallery Drive
Galley Way
Gallo Way
Galloway A Court
Galloway B Court
Galloway Drive
Galveston Way
Gamay Court
Gambel Oak Lane
Gannett Drive
Garabaldi Drive
Garabaldi Place
Garbo Court
Garden Acres
Garden Acres Community Church
Garden Bowl
Garden Circle Drive East
Garden Circle Drive West
Garden Circle DriveW
Garden Drive
Garden Farms Avenue
Garden Farms Court
Garden Gate Drive
Garden Glade Street
Garden School
Garden View Way
Gardena Avenue
Gardenia Court
Garderstone Place
Gardner Court
Gardner Place
Gareth Circle
Garfield Avenue
Garfield Elementary School
Garfield Street
Garibaldi Avenue
Garmetta Way
Garner Lane
Garner Road
Garnero Road
Garnet Avenue
Garnet Place
Garnica Court
Garnica Drive
Garofalo Court
Garold Lane
Garrison Court
Garrison Way
Garry Oak Place
Garton Tractor
Gary Court
Gary Gabriel Court
Gary Galli Drive
Gary Lane
Gary Owens Street
Gas 4 Less
Gaslight Court
Gaswell Lane
Gatetree Court
Gateway Circle
Gateway Court
Gateway Drive
Gathering Lane
Gavin Court
Gavinko Petroleum
Gawne Road
Gelder Court
Gemini Court
Gemstone Lane
General Mueller Lane
General Warehousing and Storage
Generations Court
Geneva Lane
Geneva Way
Genie Way
Genoa Drive
Genova bakery
Genova Lane
Gentle Ben Court
Gentle Rain Way
Gentry Avenue
Gentry Court
George L Mosher Elementary School
George McParland Elementary School
George Street
George W Bush Elementary School
George Washington Elementary School
Georgeann Place
Georgetown Place
Georgia Avenue
Georgia Court
Georgia Drive
Gerald Court
Gerald Street
Gerard Drive
Gerber Drive
Germain Lane
Germanna Court
Ghia Way
Gianelli Street
Gianna Court
Gianna Marie Avenue
Gianna Way
Giannecchini Lane
Gibbons Court
Gibraltar Court
Gibralter Court
Gibralter Drive
Gibralter Lane
Gilbeau Court
Gilbert Drive
Gilchrist Avenue
Gillette Alley
Gillimer Drive
Gina Drive
Gina Luca Street
Ginger Place
Ginger Way
Ginkgo Court
Giovanni Court
Girardi Way
Giselle Lane
Giuliano Way
GK Mongolian BBQ
Glacier Court
Glacier Point Drive
Glacier Street
Gladiola Lane
Gladlands Avenue
Gladstone Drive
Glasgow Avenue
Glass Beach Drive
Glen Abbey
Glen Abbey Drive
Glen Echo Lane
Glen Forest Drive
Glen Oak Drive
Glen Street
Glenbriar Drive
Glenbrook Lane
Glendale Avenue
Glendora Avenue
Gleneagles Drive
Glenhaven Lane
Glenhurst Drive
Glenmohr Court
Glenn Drive
Glenoaks Street
Glenview Road
Glenwood Elementary School
Glenwood Mobile Home Park
Glenwood Road
Gloria Court
Gloria Drive
Glory Land Church of God in Christ
Gnekow Drive
Gnekow Family Winery
God Bless America
Gods Throne Baptist Church
Goehring Drive
Gold Brook Drive
Gold Coast Court
Gold Coast Road
Gold Nugget Trail
Gold Poppy Street
Gold River Lane
Gold Run Place
Gold Street
Golden 1 Credit Union
Golden Avenue
Golden Bear Circle
Golden Court
Golden Gate Drive
Golden Harvest Way
Golden Leaf Court
Golden Leaf Lane
Golden Oak Way
Golden Oaks Drive
Golden Ox
Golden Pond
Golden Pond Drive
Golden Rain Court
Golden Spike Trail
Golden Springs Drive
Golden Valley Parkway
Golden West Elementary
Golden West Elementary School
Goldeneye Way
Goldenleaf Way
Goldenoak Way
Goldenrain Court
Goldenrain Drive
Goldfinch Way
Goldsmith Way
Goldstone Street
Goleman Library
Golf Cart Parking
Golf Circle
Golf Circle East
Golf Circle West
Golf Greens Lane
Golf Street
Gomes Court
Gomes Drive
Gondola Court
Gondola Street
Gonzalez Street
Goodale Court
Goodland Court
Goodwin Drive
Gordon Avenue
Gordon Court
Gordon Verner Circle
Gorizia Drive
Goshen Drive
Gospel Lighthouse Pentecostal Church of God
Gostage Way
Gotham Drive
Gotland Court
Gourmet Coffehouse and Cafe
Governor Circle
Goya Drive
Grace Brethren Church
Grace Church of Lockeford
Grace Community Bible Church
Grace Court
Grace Louise Place
Graceada Lane
Gracee Lane
Graceland Court
Graeagle Street
Graffigna Avenue
Grafton Court
Grafton Street
Graham Court
Graham Creek Street
Gramercy Park Drive
Granada Court
Granada Drive
Grand Buffet
Grand Canal Boulevard
Grand Canal Salon
Grand Fir Drive
Grand Oak Court
Grand Prix Avenue
Grand Rio Drive
Grand Teton Court
Grand Teton Drive
Grand Theatre Center for the Arts
Grandi Circle
Grange Avenue
Grange Way
Granite Avenue
Granite Court
Granite Lane
Granite Peak
Granite Way
Grant Avenue
Grant Court
Grant Line Pharmacy
Grantwood Court
Grapevine Place
Grappa Street
Grass Valley Court
Grassland Road
Graves Road
Grayhouse Lane
Grayson Road
Graystone Drive
Graystone Way
Graywood Circle
Graywood Court
Great Clips
Great Hair Cuts
Great Wolf Candy Company
Great Wolf Lodge
Greater Faith Missionary Baptist Church
Greater Friendship Baptist Church
Greater Love Church of God in Christ
Greeley Way
Green Frog Liquor & Deli
Green Oaks Way
Green Papaya
Green Ridge Drive
Green River Lane
Greenan Court
Greenbrier Avenue
Greenbrook Street
Greenfield Lane
Greengate Lane
Greengate Place
Greenhill Street
Greenlaven Street
Greenoak Lane
Greenoaks Court
Greenoch Way
Greens Way
Greensboro Court
Greensboro Way
Greenstone Way
Greenview Court
Greenview Place
Greenwich Drive
Greenwillow Way
Greenwood Court
Greenwood Drive
Greenwood Place
Greenwood Street
Greer Avenue
Greg Court
Gregory Place
Gregory Way
Grenoble Court
Grenoble Drive
Grenoble Way
Gretchen Elizabeth Court
Grey Fox Place
Grey Gull Lane
Grider Way
Griffin Point
Griffith Court
Griffith Drive
Griffith Place
Grigsby Place
Grimes Lane
Grimes Road
Grindstone Street
Grinnell Court
Grinnell Street
Grissom Way
Griswold Court
Grizzly Hollow Way
Grocery Outlet
Groen Court
Grouse Run Drive
Grouse Way
Grove Avenue
Grove Court
Groveview Way
Grunsky Elementary School
Guard Road
Guernsey Avenue
Guilford Court
Guinevere Court
Guinevere Way
Gunton Way
Guthmiller Road
Guting Drive
Guy Place
Gylen Lane

H&R Block
Hacienda Avenue
Hacienda Court
Hacienda Drive
Hackberry Court
Hackberry Street
Haddonfield Lane
Haggin Museum
Hair Illusions Salon
Hale Road
Half Dome Court
Hall Avenue
Halleck Place
Haller Court
Halmar Lane
Halyard Court
Hamburger Stand
Hamilton Court
Hamilton Junior High School
Hamilton Way
Hamlet Court
Hammertown Drive
Hammett Court
Hammett Road
Hammond Street
Hampton Drive
Hampton Inn
Hampton Inn & Suites Lodi
Hampton Inn Stockton
Hampton Place
Haney Lane
Hanna Bay Avenue
Hanna Bay Court
Hanna Way
Hansen Avenue
Hansen Drive
Happy Lemon
Happy Pizza
Happy Valley
Harbor Court
Harbor Freight Tools
Harbor Street
Harbour Town Lane
Hardaway Road
Harding Avenue
Hardwood Court
Hardy's Gas & Snacks
Harker Court
Harley Davidson
Harmony Baptist Church
Harmony Grove Lane
Harmony Grove School
Harmony Hill Court
Harmony Hill Way
Harmony Lane
Harold Street
Harp Drive
Harpers Ferry Drive
Harry Knoff Auditorium
Hart Lane
Hartford Court
Hartford Drive
Harty Lane
Harvest Creek Street
Harvest Crossing Street
Harvest Drive
Harvest Landing Court
Harvest Landing Lane
Harvest Lane
Harvest Mill
Harvest Mill Court
Harvest Of Progress
Hastings Court
Hastings Drive
Hat Court
Hatchcover Place
Hatchers Circle
Hatchers Court
Hatteras Court
Havasu Drive
Haven Place
Havenbrook Drive
Havencrest Circle
Havencrest Court
Havenhill Way
Havlicek Lane
Hawaii Avenue
Hawes Court
Hawes Lane
Hawes Street
Hawk Court
Hawthorne Lane
Hawthorne Road
Hayden Brook Drive
Hayman Street
Hazel Road
Hazelnut Way
Hazelton School
Hazelwood Avenue
Hazelwood Way
Hearth Drive
Hearthwood Court
Hearthwood Lane
Heartland Community Church
Heartland Drive
Heartland Place
Heather Court
Heather Creek Court
Heather Drive
Heatherbrook Drive
Heatherbrook Place
Heatherfield Court
Heatherfield Way
Heavenly Court
Heavenly Gate Missionary Baptist Church
Heavenly Way
Hebron Lane
Hedo Place
Heidelberg Way
Heil Street
Heinz Street
Heirloom Avenue
Heirloom Place
Hekman Circle
Helen Avenue
Helen Court
Helen Drive
Helen Lane
Helens Oaks Circle
Heller Court
Helm Court
Hemet Avenue
Hemingway Court
Hemingway Drive
Hemlock Avenue
Hemlock Drive
Hemlock Street
Hempstead Way
Hemsworth Court
Henderson Elementary School
Henderson Village
Henderson Way
Hendrix Drive
Hennessey Drive
Henry Court
Henry Long Boulevard
Henshaw Drive
Hepburn Circle
Herbert Kohl Open School
Hercules Court
Hereford Court
Heritage Court
Heritage Elementary School
Heritage Oak Way
Heritage Way
Herman Court
Herman Street
Hermitage Avenue
Hermosa Court
Hermosa Pentecostal Temple
Hermosa Street
Herndon Place
Hiawatha Avenue
Hibbard Road
Hibiscus Road
Hickock Court
Hickock Drive
Hickory Avenue
Hickory Creek Lane
Hickory Hollow Street
Hickory Oak Lane
Hickorywood Lane
Hidden Acres Road
Hidden Brook Court
Hidden Cove Court
Hidden Cove Place
Hidden Creek Lane
Hidden Grove Circle
Hidden Lakes Road
Hidden Meadow Place
Hidden Pond Place
Hidden Well Lane
Higgins Avenue
High 5 Plaza
High Water Brewing
Highbridge Lane
Highland Avenue
Highland Court
Highland Place
Highlight Church of God and Christ
Highmoor Avenue
Highway 99 South Frontage Road
Higton Street
Hilary Way
Hilborn Street
Hilde Lane
Hildreth Lane
Hilgard Drive
Hillcrest Avenue
Hillcrest Drive
Hilliard Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church
Hillsboro Way
Hillside Drive
Hillside Street
Hillview Avenue
Hillview Drive
Hintz Avenue
Historic Avenue
Historical Plaza Way
Hobart Avenue
Hobby Lobby
Hoerl Road
Hoff Drive

hoff lane

Hogan Court
Hogue Avenue
Holborn Drive
Holbrook Place
Holder Lane
Holdrege Way
Holiday Court
Holiday Drive
Holiday Inn Express
Holiday Inn Express & Suites
Holiday Inn Express & Suites Manteca City Center
Holiday Inn Express Stockton Southeast
Hollenbeck Road
Hollow Reef Road
Hollow Tree Lane
Holly Berry Court
Holly Berry Street
Holly Drive
Holly Oak Court
Holly Street
Hollybrock Way
Hollywood Drive
Holman Road
Holt Drive
Holt Street
Holt Union School
Holy Cross United Methodist Church
Home Street
Home2 Suites
Homer Henry Court
Homer Street
Homestead Avenue
Hometown Buffet
Hometown Lane
Homewood Drive
Honda Used Cars
Honest PC Services
Honey Baked Ham
Honey Bear Lane
Honey Comb Lane
Honey Place
Honeysuckle Court
Hoops Court
Hoot Owl Court
Hoover Elementary School
Hoover Street
Hoover Tyler Little League Park
Horizon Court
Horn Bram Court
Hornfels Avenue
Hornsby Drive
Horse Shoe Loop
Horsetail Drive
Horton Avenue
Hospital Road
Hotchkiss Street
Hotel Western Sign
House of Rose
Houston Avenue
Houston Lane
Howard Johnson Stockton
Howard Road
Howard Street
Howland Road
Hoyt Lane
Hubbard Road
Huckleberry's Breakfast & Lunch
Hudson Drive
Hudson Way
Huerto Place
Huey Avenue
Hughes Lane
Hulsey Way
Humboldt Place
Hummingbird Drive
Hummock Road
Humphreys University Library
Hungry as a Wolf
Hunt Road
Hunter Trail
Huntington Court
Huntington Drive
Huntington Lane
Huntington Place
Huntington Way
Hurd Road
Hurley Court
Hutchings Street
Hutchins St Sq Pool
Hutchins Street
Hutchinson Avenue
Hutchinson Road
HWY 88 Self Storage
Hyannis Circle
Hyde Court
Hyde Park Circle
Hyde Park Lane
Hydrangea Drive
Hysell Court

I 205 Bus
I 205 BusUS
I-5 Inn
Ian Court
Ida Avenue
Idaho Street
Ideal Parkway
Idlewild Drive
Idol Beer Works
Iglesia Bautista Del Sur
Iglesia De Dios Pentecostes
Ignacio Circle
Image Drive
Immanuel Christian Reformed Church
Immanuel Lutheran Church
Imperial Way
In-N-Out Burger
In-Shape Health Clubs
In-Shape Health Clubs, LLC
Incline Drive
Independence Avenue
Independence Drive
Inderbitzin Way
Indian Market
Indian Threads Beauty & Spa
Indian Well Court
Indiana Street
Indianapolis Court
Industrial Drive
Industrial Park Drive
Industrial Way
Inglewood Avenue
Inglewood Court
Inglewood Drive
Inglewood Oaks Apartments
Inheritance Way
Inland Passage Way
Inlet Road
Inman Avenue
Inn at Palm Crossing
Innisbrook Drive
Inspiration Drive
Inspiration Lane
Interlaken Drive
Intrique Lane
Inverness Drive
Inverness Way
Invo Place
Inyo Avenue
Ira & Luis Cafe
Irene Street
Iris Court
Iris Drive
Iris Place
Irish Heating and Air
Irish Meadow Court
Irish Meadow Way
Iron Canyon Circle
Iron Horse Trail
Iron Horse Way
Iron Way
Ironstone Drive
Ironstone Street
Ironwood Place
Iroula Way
Isabel Virginia Drive
Isabella Lane
Isabella Place
Isabella Street
Isadore Way
Ishi Goto Street
Islamic Center
Islamic Center of Manteca
Islamic Society of Tracy
Island Gourmet Restaurant & Market
Islander Field
Isle Court
Ivano Lane
Ivory Lace Avenue
Ivory Lane
Ivy Way

J Milano Co
J Street
Jacarandas Court
Jack Court
Jack in the Box
Jack Tone Bypass
Jack Tone Golf
Jack Tone Road
Jack's Pizza Café
Jack-in-the-Box Drive-Through
Jackie Place
Jackolyn Drive
Jackson Court
Jackson Street
Jacob Avenue
Jacob Brack Road
Jacobs Road
Jade Court
Jade Place
Jaeger Street
Jagger Lane
Jahns Court
Jake Way
Jamaica Way
Jamba Juice
James Court
James Street
James Wright Lane
Jameson Road
Jamestown Court
Jamestown Drive
Jamestown Street
Jane Ellen Drive
Janell Lane
Janessa Way
Janet Lane
Janet Leigh Theatre
Janet Place
Jani's Famous Cuts
Janice Place
Janice Way
Janie Court
Janssen-Lagorio Gymnasium
Japanese Christian Church
Jasmine Avenue
Jasmine Court
Jasmine Hollow Drive
Jasmine Way
Jason Street
Jasper Court
Jasper Street
Javete Court
Javete Way
Jayden Way
Jayhawk Drive
Jean Avenue
Jeane Road
Jeanette Court
Jeffrey Court
Jeffrey Drive
Jenni Lane
Jennifer Lane
Jennifer Street
Jennifer Way
Jennings Drive
Jeremy Court
Jeremy Way
Jericho Drive
Jerry Lane
Jersey Avenue
Jessica Court
Jessie Avenue
Jesus Name Community Church
Jetty Drive
Jewel Street
Jewell Court
J.F. Donaldson Tire
Jiffy Lube
Jigsaw Avenue
Jill Circle
Jimenez Way
Jimmy John's
JJ Fish and Chicken
Joan Avenue
Joaquin Street
Jodi Court
Joe Pombo Parkway
Joe Serna Charter School
Joel's Travel Plaza
Johanna Drive
John Fremont High School
John Kamp Way
John Muir Elementary School
John P Williams Elementary School
John Roos Avenue
John Roos Drive
John Street
John Townsend Place
Johnson Court
Johnson Ferry Road
Jonathen Street
Jonathon Court
Jonquil Drive
Joplin Lane
Jordan Court
Jordonalo Drive
Joronollo Drive
Joseph Court
Joseph Damon Court
Joseph Damon Drive
Joseph Leon Lane
Joseph Menusa Lane
Joseph Road
Joseph Widmer, Jr. and Elementary School
Josephine Street
Joshua Cowell School
Joshua Tree Circle
Journey Drive
JT Family Barber Salon
Jubilee Lane
Judith Court
Judy Drive
Julia Morgan Elementary School
Julian Street
Julie Lane
Juliet Road
Julius Court
Junction Drive
Junewood Court
Junewood Drive
Junewood Place
Junge Court
Junior Harrington Way
Juniper Apartments
Juniper Avenue
Juniper Court
Junipero Serra Drive
Justice Court

Kaiser Permanente Manteca Medical Center
Kaiser Road
Kamps Way
Kane Way
Kansas Street
Kapareil Drive
Kardigan Way
Karen Court
Karlsberg Circle
Karsen Court
Kassady Court
Kastell Road
Kate Linde Circle
Katherine Place
Katherine Way
Kathleen Court
Kathleen Drive
Kathy Court
Kathy's Laundromat
Katlin Court
Katnich lane
Kaweah Ln
Kay Bridges Place
Kaycee Lane
Kayla Court
Kayla Lane
Keagle Way
Keith Way
Kelburne Court
Kelcie Drive
Kelley Court
Kelley Drive
Kellogg Garden Products
Kelly Drive
Kelly Moore Paints
Kelly Street
Kelly-Moore Paints
Kelsey Place
Kemp Court
Ken Street
Kennedy Elementary School
Kennesaw Court
Kenny Avenue
Kenny Court
Kenny Drive
Kensington Way
Kent Drive
Kentfield Road
Kentledge Street
Kentucky Court
Kenway Court
Keppel Way
Kermit Court
Kermit Lane
Kern Drive
Kernwood Court
Kerr Place
Kerry Court
Kerwin Lane
Kestrel Court
Kestrel Drive
Keswick Drive
Ketcham Lane
Kettleman Lane
Kevin Court
Key Avenue
Keyser Drive
Kibbie Court
Kikuo Drive
Kilarney Court
Kilarney Drive
Kilt Court
Kiltie Way
Kimball Hill Circle
Kimball Hill Court
Kimball Lane
Kimball Place
Kimberly Drive
Kimberly Road
Kimbrough Court
Kimiyo Street
Kincaid Road
King Arthur Court
King Avenue
King Canyon Court
King Elementary School
King Island
King Richard Way
Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses
Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses
Kingdon Airpark
Kingery Drive
Kings Canyon Court
Kings Lane
Kingsbury Way
Kingsley Avenue
Kingsley Road
Kingston School
Kingston Way
Kingwood Avenue
Kinlock Court
Kinross Way
Kipling Drive
Kirby Court
Kirk Avenue
Kirk Court
Kirkby Lane
Kirkwood Drive
Kirkwood Way
Kirst Drive
Kirsten Drive
Kirstmont Street
Kiwi Court
KJ Nails and Spa
Kjeldsen Pool
Klamath Court
Klemeyer Circle
Klinger Road
Klo Road
Klondike Way
Knickerbocker Court
Knickerbocker Drive
Knight Lane
Knobcone Lane
Knoll Street
Knollcrest Lane
Knolls Elementary School
Knollwood Court
Knollwood Lane
Knollwood Street
Knotty Pine Court
Knotty Pine Motel
Knotty Pine Motel 2
Knotty Pine Motel 3
Koala Court
Koftinow Court
Kolak Drive
Komenich Drive
Kona Way
Koni Court
Konig Court
Korbel Court
Korean Baptist Church of Stockton
Kraft Heinz
Kram Court
Kramer Drive
Krider Court
Krispy Kreme
Krispy Krunchy Chicken
Krissi Court
Kristen Way
Krohn Road
Kroll Road
Kruip Court
Kruip Lane
Kumara Street
Kung Fu Tea
Kwik Serv
Kwong Tuck Wo Co.
Kyburz Court
Kyle Court
Kyle Place

L&L Hawaiian Barbecue
La Boulangerie
La Contenta Lane
La Costa
La Cresta Way
La Fey Avenue
La Follette Avenue
La Hacienda Taqueria
La Jolla Drive
La Loma Way
La Mesa Court
La Mesa Drive
La Mesa Way
La Mirada Way
La Paloma Drive
La Paz Avenue
La Paz Street
La Playa Court
La Quinta Inn & Suites Manteca - Ripon
La Quinta Inn Stockton
La Reina Supermarket
La Salle Drive
La Scalla Way
La Setta Drive
La Spezia Lane
La Superior
La Trinidad Methodist Church
La Vida Drive
La Vita Drive
Ladd Tract Court
Ladd Tract Road
Lady Bird Way
Lady Clare Walk
Lady Jane Lane
Lafayette School
Lagoon Way
Lagorio Road
Lagrande Way
Laguna Circle
Laguna Court
Laird Street
Lake Drive
Lake Home Drive
Lake Point Avenue
Lake Road
Lake Street
Lakemist Circle
Lakemore Lane
Lakeshore Court
Lakeshore Drive
Lakeside Avenue
Lakeside Drive
Lakeside Liquor
Lakeview Drive
Lakewood Drive
Lakewood Elementary School
Laki Place
Lamb Alley
Lambdin Street
Lambert Court
Lambert Way
Lamborghini Court
Lan Ark Drive
Lan Way
Lana Way
Lancaster Drive
Lance Drive
Lancelot Way
Land Park Drive
Land View Drive
Landfill Entrance
Landing Lane
Landmark Lane
Landmark Missionary Baptist Church
Landmark Place
Landmark Point
Landreth Lane
Landreth Place
Lands End Drive
Lane Bryant
Langum Way
Lanier Lane
Lannis Court
Lansdowne Drive
Lansing Street
Lantana Way
Lanyard Drive
Lanyard Way
Lanza Lane
Lara Court
Lara Lane
Laramie Court
Laramie Way
Larboard Court
Larchmont Drive
Larcom Lane
Laredo Circle
Laredo Court
Lariat Lane
Lark Street
Larkspur Drive
Larkspur Lane
Laron Court
Larry Heller Drive
Larson Road
Larue Court
Las Casitas Circle
Las Casuelas
Las Positas Circle
Las Vinas Winery Inc
Lassen Court
Lassen Drive
Lassen Street
Late Harvest Place
Lathrop Beauty Salon
Lathrop Branch Library
Lathrop City Hall
Lathrop Elementary School
Lathrop High School
Lathrop Lighthouse of the Cross Church
Lathrop Pharmacy
Lathrop Post Office
Lathrop Road
Lathrop Skatepark
Latigo Way
Latina Lane
Laughlin Avenue
Laurel Avenue
Laurel Court
Laurel Oak Lane
Laurel Road
Laurelgrove Lane
Laurelwood Circle
Laurelwood Lane
Laureto Street
Lauriana Lane
Laurin Drive
Lauritson Lane
Lava Bed Court
Lava Bed Lane
Lavelle Smith Drive
Lavender Court
Laver Court
Lawn Court
Lawrence Elementary School
Layland Drive
Lazy Ridge Avenue
Le Bec Court
Le Conte Court
Le Corbusier Court
Le Mans Avenue
Le Mans Place
Le Nail and Spa
Le's Dynasty
Leadon Drive
Leaf Avenue
Leale Avenue
Leamon Street
Learned Avenue
Leather Oak Road
Lebaron Drive
Ledgewood Avenue
Lee Avenue
Lee Court
Lee Drive
Lee's Feed
Legacy Street
Legacy Way
Lehr Place
Leilani Lane
Leland Court
Leland Street
Lembert Circle
Lembert Dome Circle
Lembert Dome Court
Lemmore Place
Lena Court
Lenay Court
Lencoe Drive
Lenox Place
Leo Giron Drive
Leon Street
Leonardini Road
Leroy Avenue
Leroy Nichols Elementary School
Les Schwab Tire Center
Leslie Avenue
Leto Way
Levee Lane
Levee Road
Lever Boulevard
Lewis Street
Lewston Drive
Lexington Avenue
Lexington Drive
LH Horton Jr. Art Gallery
Lianna Court
Libby Court
Libby Lane
Liberty Bell Lane
Liberty Court
Liberty High School
Liberty Point
Liberty Way
Libra Drive
Licstal Court
Lido Circle
Lierly Street
Life Center Community Church
Life In Christ Fellowship Church
Lifeseed Christian Fellowship Church
Lifestyle Street
Liggett Court
Lighthouse Court
Lighthouse Drive
Liguria Way
Likala Drive
Lilac Street
Lilac Way
Lilly Court
Lily Lane
Limestone Avenue
Limestone Drive
Limewood Lane
Lincasa Place
Lincoln Avenue
Lincoln Boulevard
Lincoln Center
Lincoln Court
Lincoln Elementary School
Lincoln High School
Lincoln Landing Lane
Lincoln Oaks Road
Lincoln Pool
Lincoln Presbyterian Church
Lincoln Village
Lincoln Village West
Linda Avenue
Linda Jean Lane
Linda Place
Linda Sue Drive
Lindbergh Street
Linden Way
Lindo Court
Linnet Lane
Liotard Drive
Lisa Court
Lisa Lane
Litchfield Drive
Little Aston Way
Little Brook Way
Little Caesars
Little Creek Circle
Little Flock Baptist Church
Little Grass Lane
Little Hale Place
Littleoaks Way
Live Oak Court
Live Oak Elementary School
Live Oak Road
Live Oak Way
Liveoak Court
Liverpool Court
Livingston Court
Livingston Lane
Lloyd Street
Lloyd Thayer Circle
LMFD Station No. 35
Lobos Court
Lock Court
Lockborne Court
Locke Road
Lockeford Antiques
Lockeford Auto Repair
Lockeford Elementary School
Lockeford Jewelry & Loan
Lockeford Meat Service
Lockeford Mini Storage
Lockeford Post Office
Lockeford Ranch Road
Lockeford Shack
Lockeford True Value Hardware
Lockheed Court
Locksley Drive
Locomotive Street
Locust Avenue
Locust Avenue Church of Christ
Locust Drive
Locust Street
Lode Court
Lode Street
Lodestone Street
Lodi Academy High School
Lodi Adult School
Lodi Archery
Lodi Avenue Baptist Church
Lodi Beer Company
Lodi City Hall
Lodi Cyclery
Lodi Fire Station 4
Lodi High School
Lodi Junction
Lodi Lake Excercise Trail
Lodi Lake Park
Lodi Lake Wilderness Trail
Lodi Library
Lodi Lodge
Lodi Middle School
Lodi Police Department
Lodi Post Office
Lodi Stadium
Lodi Stadium 12
Lodi-English Oaks Seventh-day Adventist Church
Loduca Drive
Loduca Lane
Loduca Road
Logan Lane
Loganberry Way
Loggia Way
Loire Court
Lollicup Tea Zone
Loma Prieta Circle
Lombard Court
Lombard Street
Lombardo Street
Lomita Avenue
London Avenue
London Drive
Lone Fox Court
Lone Star Way
Lone Summit Lane
Lone Tree Road
Long Barn Way
Long Cove Drive
Long Island Drive
Long Theatre
Longdon Drive
Longe Street
Longhorn Way
Longview Court
Lonna Way
Lonnie Beck Way
Loomis Road
Loon Street
Lopez Lane
Lorene Avenue
Lorenzo Lane
Loreto Court
Loretta Court
Lori Court
Lorina Court
Lorraine Avenue
Los Cerritos Drive
Los Molinas Lane
Los Olivos Court
Los Reyes Drive
Lost Creek Court
Lost Isle Bar & Restaurant
Lost Isle Seaplane Base
Lost Meadow Lane
Loto Court
Lott Street
Lottie Way
Louie Avenue
Louie Lane
Louis A. Bohn Elementary School
Louis Court
Louis J Villalovoz Elementary School
Louise Avenue
Louise Avenue Frontage
Loumena Court
Lourence Court
Lovelace Road
Lovelace Transfer Station
Lovell Court
Lovell Way
Lovely Road
Lowe Street
Lower Sacramento Road
Lowes Garden Center
Loyola Court
Lt Col Mark Taylor
Lucas Winery
Lucca Court
Lucerne Avenue
Lucienne Drive
Lucile Avenue
Lucio Street
Luck Court
Lugano Court
Lugano Way
Luisa Kayasso Lane
Luna Bella Lane
Luna Lane
Lundy Way
Lupin Court
Lupine Court
Luther Burbank School
Lycoming Street
Lydia Bradley Street
Lyle Avenue
Lyman Place
Lynch Road
Lynette Place
Lynn Court
Lynwood Court
Lyons Road

M&M Automotive
M&S Motors
M&W Dutch American Bakery
Mable Barron Elementary School
Mac Arthur Drive
Mac Duff Avenue
Mac Duff Court
Mac Phở
Macabee Drive
Macarthur Drive
Macarthur Parkway
Macedo Street
Macedonia Baptist Church
Machado Court
Macon Drive
Madden Drive
Maddie Circle
Madelena Court
Madelena Lane
Madera Court
Madera Drive
Madetra Lane
Madison Avenue
Madison Elementary School
Madison Grove Drive
Madison Market
Madison Place
Madrid Drive
Madrone Avenue
Madrone Court
Madrone Drive
Madrone Street
Madruga Road
Madsen Drive
Mae Avenue
Maehl Drive
Maggio Circle
Maggiore Lane
Maggiore Place
Magic Lane
Magnetite Street
Magnolia Court
Magnolia Lane
Magnum Court
Magpie Drive
Magrath Avenue
Magrath Place
Main Gymnasium
Main Street
Majestic Lane
Maka Court
Malabar Drive
Malery Street
Malibu Drive
Malisa Way
Mallard Court
Mallard Creek Circle
Mallard Creek Court
Malmgren Court
Maloney Way
Malvern Court
Malvick Court
Mama's Phở & Sandwiches
Mammath Peak Circle
Mammath Peak Court
Mammoth Cave Circle
Mammoth Drive
Mammoth Way
Manchester Avenue
Manchester Lane
Mancini's Sleepworld
Mancuso Road
Mandeville Street
Mango Crazy
Manhattan Drive
Maniago Drive
Manila Road
Manilla Express
Manley Drive
Manley Road
Manlio Silva Elementary
Manor Circle
Manor Court
Manor Drive
Manor Lane
Manor Oak Place
Manor Station Way
Mansfield Court
Manteca Auto Body
Manteca Avenue
Manteca Branch Stockton-San Joaquin County Public Library
Manteca Christian School
Manteca Computer Services
Manteca First Church of the Nazarene
Manteca Floral
Manteca Ford
Manteca High Baseball
Manteca High Football
Manteca High School
Manteca High Tennis
Manteca Historical Museum
Manteca Municipial Golf Course
Manteca Park Golf Course Pro Shop
Manteca Police Department
Manteca Post Office
Manteca Tidewater Bikeway
Manthey Road
Manzanita Avenue
Manzanita Court
Manzanita Drive
Manzanita Lane
Maple Avenue
Maple Chase
Maple Court
Maple Grove Road
Maple Hill Court
Maple Hollow
Maple Leaf Court
Maple Street
Maple Valley Street
Maplechase Lane
Maplegrove Lane
Maplewood Drive
Maplewood Street
Maranatha Drive
Marano Lane
Maranon Drive
Maravich Lane
Marble Lane
Marble Street
Marc Avenue
March Drive
March Lane Bike Path
March Ln Bike Ph
Marchesotti Court
Marchesotti Way
Marciano Place
Marciano Way
Marco Polo Drive
Marengo Avenue
Marfargoa Road
Margaret K Troke Branch Stockton-San Joaquin County Library
Margaret Way
Margarite Street
Marguerite Avenue
Marguerite Court
Maria Lane
Mariani Court
Maribess Street
Marich Lane
Marie Avenue
Marie Baker Road
Marietta Court
Marigny Way
Marigold Lane
Marigold Place
Marigold Way
Marilyn Avenue
Marin Street
Marina Drive
Marine Court
Mariners Drive
Marino Court
Marino Way
Mario Drive
Marion Court
Marion Street
Mariposa Road
Mariposa Way
Marisa Court
Marisol Drive
Mark Twain Place
Market and E Street Seventh Day Adventist Church
Market Tavern
Markham Way
Marlboro Court
Marlette Road
Marlin Court
Marlin Place
Marlowe Court
Marner Court
Marquis Drive
Marsala Court
Marsala Lane
Marseille Way
Marsh Creek Lane
Marsh Road
Marshall Avenue
Marshall Middle School
Martel Avenue
Martha Street
Martin Road
Martinique Court
Marty Drive
Mary Alice Way
Mary Ann Way
Mary Augusta Street
Mary Graham Lane
Mary Jean Lane
Mary Jo Court
Mary Jo Way
Mary Lane
Maserati Court
Mason Drive
Mason Street
Massarosa Lane
Massimo Circle
Masterpiece Court
Masterpiece Street
Masters Drive
Matador Way
Mataket Court
Match Point Place
Mathar Drive
Matsu Sushi
Matterhorn Drive
Matterhorn Street
Matthew Court
Matthew Plaza
Mattress Firm
Maude Street
Mavricks Lane
Max Muscle Nutrition
Maxwell Lane
Maxwell Street
May Alley
May Avenue
Maybeck Road
Mayberry Street
Mayette Road
Mayfair Seventh-Day Adventist Church
Maynell Drive
Mayten Court
Maytime Way
Maywood Avenue
Maywood Lane
Mc Clellan Way
Mc Coy Avenue
Mc Kee Court
Mc Kelvey Avenue
Mc Nabb Place
Mc Nary Circle
Mc Peak Court
McAuliffe Road
McBrian Drive
McCabe Lakes
McClellan Way
McCloud Avenue
McCloud River Road
McCloy Avenue
McComb Avenue
McCook Way
McCoy Court
McCuen Avenue
McDermott Court
McDermott Drive
McDougald Boulevard
McDowell Way
McFall Place
McFall School
McFarland Road
McGaw Street
McGee Street
McGinnis Avenue
McGuire Drive
McHenry House
McKee Boulevard
McKinley Avenue
McKinley Elementary School
McNabb Street
McPatt Place
McVeigh Way
McVie Drive
Meade Drive
Meadow Avenue
Meadow Brook Lane
Meadow Drive
Meadow Lake Drive
Meadow Lark Lane
Meadow Lark Way
Meadow View Drive
Meadow Way
Meadowbrook Drive
Meadowland Drive
Meadowlark Drive
Meadowlark Lane
Meadowmont Way
Meadowood Drive
Medallion Way
Medici Court
Megan Court
Melbourne Avenue
Melby Drive
Melissa Drive
Mellencamp Way
Mello Court
Mello Road
Melones Drive
Melones Way
Melrose Drive
Melton Road
Melville S. Jacobson Elementary School
Memorial Baptist Church
Memorial Building
Menay Drive
Mendocino Court
Mendocino Drive
Mennonite Brethren Church
Mercantile Street
Mercato lane
Merced Way
Mercedes Avenue
Mercer Hill Way
Mercy Lane
Merganser Place
Meridian Drive
Merle Court
Merle Lane
Merle Road
Merlin Lane
Merlin Street
Merlot Court
Merlot Way
Merlson Court
Merrick Court
Merrill F. West High School
Merrill Gardens at Carson Oaks
Merrimac Court
Merritt Drive
Merrywood Lane
Mervin Court
Mesa Court
Mesquite Court
Metcalf Court
Metro by T-Mobile
Metro Drive
Mettler Road
Meyenberg Avenue
Mezenen Place
Mezereon Way
MFL Liquors
Mi Ranchito Market
Miacomet Court
Michael Avenue
Michael Canlis Boulevard
Michael's Market
Michaelangelo Drive
Michaeltin Court
Micheletos Way
Michelle Avenue
Michelle Court
Michigan Avenue
Michigan Heights Baptist Church
Micke Grove Golf Links
Micke Grove Zoo
Microtel Inn & Suites by Wyndham Lodi/North Stockton
Microtel Inn & Suites by Wyndham Tracy
Mid-Valley Garage Door
Middle River Drive
Middlebury Drive
Middlebury Way
Midland Court
Midnight at Burnie's Drive-Up
Midtown Creperie & Cafe
Midvale Drive
Midvale Road
Miel Street
Mighty Oak Drive
Mikas Pond Way
Mikasa Japanese Bistro
MIkes Automotive
Mikesell Avenue
Mikesell Street
Mikey Place
Milan Drive
Milan's Pizza
Milano Court
Milano Street
Mile Wine Restaurant
Milestone Drive
Milford Drive
Milgeo Avenue
Mill Chase Court
Mill Chase Way
Mill Run Court
Mill Run Way
Mill Springs Court
Mill Springs Drive
Mill Stone Way
Millbrook Drive
Millen Court
Miller Avenue
Miller Court
Miller Creek Court
Millpond Way
Mills Bridge Place
Millstone Street
Milo Candini Drive
Milpond Avenue
Milroy Court
Milton Street
Mimosa Drive
Mimosas Corner
Minaret Court
Minden Lane
Mine Street
Mineral Spring Way
Miners Levee
Mingo Way
Mino Way
Mira Vista Lane
Mirabelle Avenue
Miramar Drive
Miramare Lane
Miramonte Way
Mirasol Lane
Mirassou Drive
Miriam Way
Mirror Place
Misone Street
Misquez Way
Mission Park Drive
Mission Ridge Drive
Mission Road
Mission Street
Mission Valley Court
Mission Valley Lane
Mist Trail Court
Mist Trail Drive
Misty Lane
Misty Meadow Street
Mitchell Lane
Mitchell Road
Mitchler Avenue
Miwok Drive
Miwok Trail
Mockingbird Drive
Modoc Court
Modoc Way
Moffat Boulevard
Mohawk Way
Mohican Drive
Mohr Circle
Mokelumne Circle
Mokelumne River Drive
Mokelumne Street
Molly Court
Monaco Court
Monaco Drive
Monarch Court
Monastery Drive
Moncado Drive
Mondavi Court
Monet Drive
Monique Circle
Monitor Place
Mono Court
Mono Street
Monomoy Way
Monroe Drive
Monroe Elementary School
Monroe Lane
Montana Street
Montaro Lane
Montauban Avenue
Montauban Court
Montauk Way
Montclair Street
Monte Casa Street
Monte Diablo Avenue
Monte Oro Court
Monte Oro Street
Monte Rosa Lane
Monte Sinai Pentecostal Church
Monte Stella Place
Monte Vista
Monte Vista Drive
Monte Vista Middle School
Montebello Way
Montego Avenue
Monteleena Court
Monterey Court
Monterey Place
Monterey Street
Montessori School of Tracy
Montezuma Elementary School
Montezuma Street
Montezuma Way
Montgomery Avenue
Monticello Drive
Monticello Lane
Monty Court
Monument Drive
Moo Moo's Burger Barn
Moo Moo’s Burger Barn
Moody Lane
Moon Avenue
Moorcroft Circle
Moorcroft Court
Moore Road
Morada A Court
Morada B Court
Morada C Court
Morada Court
Morada Lane
Morada Middle School
Morada Neveria Y Paleteria
Morada Place
Moraga Lane
Moreigh Court
Moreing Road
Moreland Street
Moreley Way
Moreno Court
Morgan Place
Morgan Street
Morgan Territory Brewing
Morning Brook Court
Morning Brook Drive
Morning Dew Place
Morning Glory Drive
Morning Glory Street
Morning Star Missionary Baptist Church
Morningside Drive
Morris Chapel
Morris Phelps Drive
Morro Lane
Morton Court
Mosaic Way
Mosher Drive
Moss Creek Circle
Moss Creek Court
Moss Lane
Moss Oak Way
Mossbrook Lane
Mossdale Elementary School
Mossdale Road
Mosswood Avenue
Mosswood Church of God
Mosswood Court
Mosswood Drive
Mossy Point Way
Motel 6
Motel 6 Stockton - Charter Way West
Motel 6 Stockton East
Motel 6 Stockton, CA - North
Mottarone Drive
Moulin Court
Moultrie Drive
Mounce Street
Mount Airy Court
Mount Bachelor Court
Mount Calvary Baptist Church
Mount Dew Avenue
Mount Eddy
Mount Eden Circle
Mount Hamilton Drive
Mount Hoffman
Mount Maclure Drive
Mount Moran Court
Mount Moriah Missionary Baptist Church
Mount Olive Missionary Baptist Church
Mount Oso Avenue
Mount Pleasant Drive
Mount Reba Court
Mount Ritter Court
Mount Rushmore Avenue
Mount Sinai Church of God in Christ
Mount Vernon Place
Mount Zion Missionary Baptist Church
Mountain Mike's
Mountain Oak Lane
Mountain View Court
Mourfield Avenue
Mozart Avenue
Mt Etna Way
Muir Court
Muir Woods Avenue
Mulberry Circle
Mulberry Court
Mulberry Lane
Mulholland Drive
Mullen Way
Mumbert Drive
Mun Kwok Lane
Mundy Lane
Munter Court
Munter Street
Murietta Way
Murillo Drive
Murlett Street
Muro Lane
Murphy Parkway
Murphy Road
Murray Drive
Murray Street
Music Go Round
Mustang Place
MX Donuts
Mykala Drive
Mylnar Avenue
Myran Avenue
Myrtle Court
Mystic Court

N Street
Nabor Court
Nadine Lane
Nadotti Road
Naglee Road
Nana Place
Nanak Road
Nancy Drive
Nancy Place
Nantucket Drive
Nantuckett Circle
Naomi Cochran Drive
NAPA Auto Parts Store
Napa River Drive
Napa Valley Avenue
Naples Way
Napoleon Street
Napoli Court
Nash Drive
Natalie Court
Natalie Lane
Nathaniel Street
Nathelle Lane
Nations Circle
Nations Court
Natoma Circle
Nature's Country Corner
Nautical Court
Navajo Court
Navajo Drive
Navajo Way
Naval Communications Station Stockton
Navarro Place
Navigator Drive
Navone Road
Navy Drive
Ned Griffith Lane
Needham Avenue
Needham School
Nehemiah Drive
Neil Hafley Elementary School
Neill Court
Nékter Juice Bar
Nellis Street
Nemaha Way
Neplus Court
Ness Court
Nettle Way
Neubourg Court
Neubourg Drive
Neuharth Drive
Nevada Street
Neves Street
Neville Way
Nevins Drive
New Bethel Bible Church
New Brighton Lane
New Cambodian Market Asian Grocery
New China
New Creation Bible Fellowship
New England Avenue
New Harvest Christian Fellowship Church
New Haven Elementary School
New Hope Church of God in Christ
New Horizons Drive
New Spirit Missionary Baptist Church
New Water Road
New Well Avenue
New Well Court
New York Drive
Newberry Court
Newbury Circle
Newby Road
Newcastle Road
Newfield Road
Newgate Court
Newhall Court
Newport Court
Newport Drive
Newton Falls Lane
Newton Road
NextGeneration STEAM Academy
Niagara Bottling
Niagara Place
Nicklaus Way
Nicol Way
Nicole Street
Nicoletta Lane
Nighthawk Lane
Nightingale Avenue
Nightingale Court
Nightingale Elementary School
Nikkel Way
Niko Drive
Nile Garden Elementary School
Nile Road
Nina Avenue
Ninfantino Street
Niobrara Avenue
Nisperos Street
Nissan of Stockton
Nivens Street
Nobel Avenue
Noel Lane
Noemi Court
Norbeck Street
NorCal Battery
NorCal Muffler & Truck
Nord Road
Nordic Place
Norfolk Drive
Norfolk Way
Norman Avenue
Norman Court
Norman Drive
Normandy Court
Normandy Lane
North Anteros Avenue
North Arbour Drive
North Ashley Lane
North Augusta Street
North Black Oak Court
North Broadway Court
North Brumby Road
North Burke Bradley Drive
North C Street
North California Street
North Capewood Place
North Center Street
North Central Avenue
North Chrisman Road
North Cluff Avenue
North Commerce Street
North Country Club Boulevard
North County Sanitary Landfill & MRF
North Crescent Avenue
North Davis Road
North Eastview Drive
North el Dorado St Frontage East
North el Dorado St Frontage West
North El Dorado Street
North Elementary School
North F Street
North Fairmont Avenue
North Filbert Street
North Foppiano Court
North Frankford Lane
North Fremont Avenue
North Funston Avenue
North Furry Road
North Gallagher Road
North Garfield Avenue
North Garfield Street
North Gary Avenue
North Gertrude Avenue
North Gettysburg Place
North Gilchrist Avenue
North Gogna Road
North Golden Gate Avenue
North Golf Club Road
North Golfview Road
North Granada Lane
North Grant Avenue
North Grant Street
North Gratton Avenue
North Greystone Court
North Guard Road
North Guild Avenue
North Ham Lane
North Harrisburg Place
North Harrison Street
North Hartley Lane
North Hickory Avenue
North Hilary Lane
North Hildebrand Road
North Hinkley Avenue
North Holden Road
North Holt Road
North Hope Lane
North Hunter Street
North Hutchins Street
North Ian Court
North Idaho Avenue
North Ijams Road
North Inland Drive
North Interstate Hwy 5 Frontage Road
North Jack Tone Road
North Jory Road
North Kennefick Road
North Kennison Lane
North Kensington Way
North Lassen Avenue
North Laurel Street
North Leach Road
North Lee Avenue
North Leesburg Place
North Leland Way
North Lillian Avenue
North Lincoln Avenue
North Lincoln Street
North Linn Road
North Lloyd Lane
North Lockewood Lane
North Locust Avenue
North Locust Street
North Locust Tree Road
North Loma Drive
North Los Angeles Avenue
North Lower Sacramento Fron Road
North Lower Sacramento Road
North Lynda Avenue
North Mac Arthur Drive
North MacArthur Drive
North Macarthur Drive
North Madeline Drive
North Madison Street
North Main Street
North Manchester Avenue
North Manley Road
North Maple Avenue
North Margaret Avenue
North Marine Avenue
North Meadow Avenue
North Meath Drive
North Merrimac Circle
North Michelle Lane
North Micke Grove Road
North Mills Avenue
North Monitor Circle
North Monroe Street
North Morrison Avenue
North Murray Road
North Myran Avenue
North Nassano Drive
North Neeley Road
North Newport Avenue
North North Ripon Road
North Oak Knoll Avenue
North Olive Avenue
North Orange Avenue
North Orange Street
North Oregon Avenue
North Oro Avenue
North Pacific Av Fron Road
North Pacific Avenue
North Palm Avenue
North Patrick Road
North Patterson Road
North Patton Avenue
North Pearson Road
North Perryman Road
North Pershing Avenue
North Pilgrim Street
North Pinasco Road
North Pinetree Drive
North Pleasant Avenue
North Pony Lane
North Port Road 13
North Port Road 14
North Port Road 15
North Portsmouth Circle
North Quads Courtyard
North Ray Road
North Rebeiro Drive
North Redwood Avenue
North Regent Street
North Rio Blanco Road
North Rio Verde Street
North Ripon Road
North Road
North Rose Street
North Rous Lane
North Ruby Place
North Ruff Avenue
North Ruotolo Lane
North Ryde Avenue
North Sacramento Street
North San Joaquin Street
North San Jose Street
North San Mateo Avenue
North San Rafael Avenue
North Sanguinetti Lane
North School Street
North Shasta Avenue
North Shaw Road
North Sherman Avenue
North Sherwood Way
North Sibley Avenue
North Side Church of Christ
North Sierra Drive
North Sierra Lane
North Sierra Madre Avenue
North Sierra Nevada Street
North Silver Chase Drive
North Simi Court
North Sinclair Avenue
North Springfield Way
North Stanislaus Street
North State Route 99 East Frontage Road
North State Street
North Station Road
North Stephens Road
North Stiles Place
North Stockton Avenue
North Stockton Street
North Sun Road
North Sunbury Road
North Sunnyside Avenue
North Sunset Drive
North Sutter Street
North Taylor Ranch Road
North Thompson Road
North Tommy Way
North Totten Avenue
North Tracy Boulevard
North Trenton Way
North Tretheway Road
North Tully Road
North Tulsa Road
North Tuxedo Avenue
North Union Road
North Union Street
North Utah Avenue
North Valley Drive
North Van Buren Street
North Veach Avenue
North Ventura Street
North Vignolo Road
North Viola Avenue
North Virginia Lane
North Visalia Street
North Wagner Avenue
North Walker Lane
North Wallace Avenue
North Walnut Avenue
North Washington Avenue
North Washington Street
North Watts Avenue
North Webster Avenue
North Wellington Way
North West Lane
North Wild Grape Drive
North Williams Street
North Williamsburg Place
North Wilma Avenue
North Wilson Way
North Windsor Avenue
North Windwood Drive
North Wisconsin Avenue
North Wood Lane
Northbank Court
Northgate Community Church
Northgate Court
Northgate Drive
Northgate Softball Complex
Northland Road
Northridge Way
Northrop Street
Northstar Court
Northstar Drive
Northwood Drive
Northwoods Avenue
Norton Way
Nostalgia Street
Nothing Bundt Cakes
Nottingham Drive
Nourse Street
Novara Court
Novara Way
Novell Drive
Noyo Lane
Nugget Avenue
Nunes Court
Nushake Way
Nut Tree Court
Nutmeg Landing
Nutwood Place
Nyssa Court

O Hara Drive
O Street
O'Connor Woods
O'Reiley Auto Parts
O'Reilly Auto Parts
Oak Avenue
Oak Branch Drive
Oak Court
Oak Creek Drive
Oak Crest Court
Oak Forest Avenue
Oak Grove Ampitheater
Oak Grove Circle
Oak Grove Nature Center
Oak Harbor Freight Lines
Oak Hill Street
Oak Knoll Court
Oak Knoll Way
Oak Lane
Oak Park Ice Arena
Oak Point Drive
Oak Shores Drive
Oak Street
Oak Terrace Court
Oak Tree Lane
Oak Valley Way
Oakhill Street
Oakhurst Way
Oakleaf Way
Oakley Court
Oakmont Court
Oakmont Drive
Oakmont Street
Oakmoore Golf Course
Oakum Way
Oakwilde Avenue
Oakwood Court
Oakwood Elementary School
Oatfield Lane
Oberlin Avenue
Obsidian Street
Occidental Avenue
Ocean Drive
Ocean Mist Court
Ocean Mist Way
Oceanview Drive
Octavia Court
Oddysey Landscaping
Odell Avenue
Office Depot
Offshore Way
Ogallala Lane
Ogden Lane
Ogden Sannazor Drive
Oklahoma Court
Old Bridge Way
Old del Monte Street
Old Glory Way
Old Navy
Old Oak Court
Old Oak Drive
Old Ranch Circle
Old River Court
Old River Golf Course
Old Saint Marys Roman Catholic Church
Old Spanish Drive
Old U.S. Route 99E
Old U.S. Route 99W
Old Wharf Place
Oldcastle Infrastructure
Oldham Place
Oleander Avenue
Olive Court
Olive Grove Drive
Olive Street
Oliver Drive
Oliver Way
Olivers Mining Co.
Olivewood Avenue
Olivia Way
Olivine Avenue
Olson Court
Olson Street
Olympia Court
Olympic Avenue
Olympic Circle
Olympus Way
Omega Cellars
Omega Way
Oneto Road
Ono Hawaiian BBQ
Onyx Avenue
Onyx Court
Opal Lane
Opal Street
Open Door House of Prayer
Open Range Avenue
Orange Avenue
Orange Court
Orange Street
Orangewood Drive
Orbison Lane
Orchard Court
Orchard Drive
Orchard Parkway
Orchard Way
Orchid Drive
Orchis Court
Orchis Drive
Ore Claim Trail
Ore Street
Oregon Avenue
Oregon Court
Oregon Street
Orestimba Circle
Orford Road
Oriental Chef
Oriole Lane
Orion Court
Orlando Lane
Orleans Court
Orme Court
Orme Lane
Ornella Lane
Oro Luce Court
Oro Way
Orqullo Lane
Ortega Street
Orthodox Christian Reformed Church
Orvietto Lane
Orville Street
Orvis Drive
Osage Place
Osborn Avenue
Osborne Court
Osceola Way
Oso Street
Osprey Court
Osprey Drive
Otis Drive
Otta Drive
Otto Drive
Outlook Lane
Outrigger Lane
Overheiser Road
Overland Place
Oxford Circle
Oxford Way
Ozark Court
Ozzy Court

P-2000 Superstore
Pace Supply
Pacheco Drive
Pacific Arms Apartments
Pacific Ave Indoor
Pacific Avenue
Pacific Avenue Bowl
Pacific Avenue Frontage East Road
Pacific Avenue Frontage Road
Pacific Avenue Frontage West Road
Pacific Circle
Pacific Express Inn
Pacific Motel
Pacific Oak Lane
Pacific Road
Pacific School
Pacific View Lane
Pack's Cannabis Dispensary
Paco Way
Paddle Bay Outfitters
Paddle Wheel Lane
Paddy Creek Lane
Page Court
Pagoda Court
Pagola Avenue
Paintbrush Drive
Paisley Court
Paiute Way
Pajaro Avenue
Pajaro Way
Palamino Court
Palaro Way
Palazzo Court
Palazzo Drive
Palazzo Lane
Palermo Street
Palisades Drive
Palm Avenue
Palm Circle
Palm Tree Lane
Palma Street
Palmer Avenue
Palms Apartments
Paloma Avenue
Paloma Court
Palomar Court
Palomar Drive
Palomino Court
Palomino Drive
Palomino Street
Pamela Court
Pamela Lane
Pampangas Bakery
Pampy Court
Panama Street
Panda Express
Panera Bread
Pansy Court
Pantera Avenue
Panzani Way
Paola Lane
Paola Place
Papa Murphy's
Papapavlo's Bistro & Bar
Papillion Lane
Paradise Avenue
Paradise Drive
Paradise Road
Paradise Valley Court
Paragon Avenue
Pardee Lane
Parish Lane
Park Avenue
Park Oak Drive
Park Place
Park Street
Park View Elementary School
Park Village Apartments
Park Woods Drive
Parker Avenue
Parker Polich Court
Parkers Alley
Parkhaven Street
Parklane Elementary School
Parkside Avenue
Parkside Court
Parkside Drive
Parkview Avenue
Parkview Court
Parkview Street
Parkwest Drive
Parkwood Drive
Parma Road
Parr Lane
Parrish Court
Partridge Lane
Party City
Pasada Avenue
Pasadena Drive
Paseo de Luna
Paseo Villas Apartments
Paseo Way
Passages Street
Passero Way
Pasture Avenue
Pato Court
Patricia Avenue
Patricia Place
Patriot Logistics
Patti Court
Patti Lynn Way
Paul Court
Paved Drive
Paw Prints
Pawnee Way
Paxton Court
Paxton Street
Payless Mini Storage
Peace Love Shave Ice
Peach Street
Peachtree Drive
Peacock Court
Peacock Gap Court
Pear Tree Street
Pearl Ct A
Pearl Ct B
Pearl Place
Pearly Gate Church of God in Christ
Pearwood Circle
Peat Way
Pebble Court
Pebble Falls Court
Pebble Run
Pebble Run Lane
Pebble Way
Pebblestone Way
Pecan Drive
Pecan Hollow Way
Pecan Lane
Pecanwood Avenue
Pecos Circle
Pedro Lane
Peerless Court
Peerless Way
Peeskill Drive
Peet's Coffee
Pegasus Court
Peggy Way
Peja Way
Pelem Court
Pelican Drive
Pelusa Lane
Pelvin Place
Pemberton Court
Pendragon Street
Penelope Drive
Penfield Court
Peniel Ministries for Stockton Neighborhood Center
Peninsula Court
Pennant Avenue
Pennebaker Way
Pennel Court
Pennington Court
Penny Lane
Penrose Lane
Pentecostal Church of God
Pentecostal Church of Jesus Christ
Pep Boys
Pepper Tree Lane
Peppertree Drive
Peppertree Way
Pepperwood Court
Pepperwood Drive
Pepsi Place
Peralta Avenue
Perch Court
Percival Court
Percival Way
Peregrine Street
Pereira Avenue
Performance Drive
Peridot Street
Perimeter Drive
Perimeter Road
Perino Drive
Perino Lane
Perlegos Way
Perlman Drive
Perrin Road
Perry Avenue
Perry Way
Persevere Lane
Pescadero Avenue
Pestana Avenue
Pete Court
Pete's Restaurant & Brewhouse
Peters Market
Petersburg Circle
Petersburg Way
Petersen Road
Petit Lane
Pettigrew Court
Petty Lane
Petzinger Library of California
Peyton Elementary School
Pezzi Road
Pfister Court
Pheasant Downs Road
Pheasant Hollow Way
Pheasant Run Circle
Pheasant Run Court
Phelps Court
Phelps Street
Phil O'Connel Grain
Phillip Court
Phillip Martin Court
Phillips Drive
Pho Bac Hoa Viet
Pho Minh Long
Phoenix Drive
Phở Saigon Bay Restaurant
Piara Pizza
Piazza Court
Picadilly Court
Picadilly Way
Picardy Drive
Picasso Way
Piccardo Circle
Piccardo Court
Piccoli Road
Pickwood Lane
Pico Street
Piedmont Drive
Piedmont Way
Pier Drive
Pierce Avenue
Pierre Drive
Pietro's Trattoria
Pilgrim Court
Pillsbury Road
Pin Oak Court
Pin Oak Lane
Pin Tail Place
Pinchot Street
Pine Brook Drive
Pine Court
Pine Grove Court
Pine Lake Circle
Pine Meadow Circle
Pine Street
Pine Valley Drive
Pinecrest Court
Pinecrest Street
Pinetown Street
Pinewood Court
Pinewood Drive
Pinot Noir Drive
Pintado Court
Pintail Court
Pinto Lane
Pio Pica Avenue
Pioneer Avenue
Pioneer Circle
Pioneer Court
Pioneer Drive
Pipestone Street
Pipit Street
Pippen Lane
Pirates Cove Lane
Pirrone Road
Pisa Circle
Pismo Drive
Pissarro Court
Pissarro Drive
Pistache Court
Pitts Place
Pixie B Court
Pixie Drive
Pixley Parkway
Pixley Slough Bike Ph
Pizza Factory
Pizza Guys
Pizza Hut
P.L. Fry and Son Funeral Home
Placentia Avenue
Placer Drive
Plantation Court
Plantation Drive
Plantation Place
Plátano Bar & Grill
Platinum Avenue
Plato Court
Platte Road
Playa Del Sol Avenue
Plaza Court
Plaza Drive
Plaza Robles High School
Pleasant Avenue
Pleasant Bay Drive
Pleasant Grove Court
Pleasant Knoll Way
Pleasant Valley Circle
Pleasant Valley Court
Pleasant Wood Court
Plum Avenue
Plum Branch
Plum Court
Plum Lane
Plumas Drive
Plumas Lake Street
Plumas Way
Plumcreek Lane
Plumeria Lane
Plumeria Place
Plumtree Place
Plymouth Court
Plymouth Drive
Plymouth Oaks Court
Plymouth Road
Plymouth Way
PNC Bank
Pock Lane
Podesta Ranch Elementary School
Podesto Road
Poelstra Court
Poetry Court
Point Reyes Circle
Poke Salad
Polaris Court
Polaris Ice Cream Rolls
Polk Street
Polk Way
Pombo Square Drive
Pomona Avenue
Ponce de Leon Avenue
Ponderosa Court
Ponderosa Drive
Ponderosa Street
Ponte Mira Way
Pontelli Court
Pony Express Court
Pony Express Way
Poot's House of Cactus
Pope Court
Poplar Avenue
Poplar Street
Popo's on Sixth
Popolo Circle
Poppy Coffee
Poppy Drive
Poppy Shores Way
Port Chelsea Circle
Port Road 1
Port Road 13
Port Road 21
Port Road 22
Port Road 23
Port Road A
Port Road East
Port Road F
Port Road G
Port Road H
Port Road J
Port Street
Port Trinity Circle
Port Washington Street
Porta Rossa Way
Portabella Place
Portacove Place
Portage North Circle
Portage Place
Portage Plaza
Portage South Circle
Porter Avenue
Porter Way
Porterfield Court
Portico Lane
Portifino Street
Portola Avenue
Portola Court
Portola Way
Portside Road
Portsmouth Drive
Portsmouth Place
Portsmouth Point
Posey Street
Post Office
Post Street
Postal Avenue
Potomac Way
Potter Drive
Pottery Court
Powder Court
Powell Drive
Power Market
Powers Avenue
Practice Green
Prado Way
Prahser Avenue
Praire Dunes Drive
Praire Lane
Prairie Fire Court
Preakness Circle
Precissi Lane
Prentiss Court
Prescott Road
Presentation Catholic School
President's Drive
President's Pool
Presidente Street
Presidents Drive
Presidio Way
Presley Lane
Prestige Senior Living at Manteca
Preston Way
Prestwick Street
Price Court
Priebe Street
Priest Road
Primavera Avenue
Primitivo Lane
Primrose Avenue
Primrose Court
Primrose Drive
Primrose Point Avenue
Primula Court
Princess Drive
Princeton Avenue
Princeton Place
Princeville Street
Priscilla Lane
Private Matews
Privet Place
Producers Drive
Progress Way
Promenade Circle
Prospect Avenue
Prospect Drive
Prospector Drive
Prosperity Szechuan Cuisine
Providence Court
Providence Way
Prune Road
Public Safety
Pueblo Court
Pueblo Drive
Pulliam Elementary School
Purple Martin Lane
Purple Sage Way
Putnam Way
Pyramid Court
Pyramid Drive
Pyrenees Avenue
Pyrenees Court

Qantas Lane
Quad Court
Quail Court
Quail Lakes Baptist Church
Quail Lakes Drive
Quail Lakes Plaza
Quail Meadows Lane
Quail Way
Quaker Ridge Court
Quaker Ridge Street
Quality Inn
Queen Avenue
Queen Court
Queensland Avenue
Queensland Circle
Queensland Court
Queirolo Road
Quick And Easy
Quick Stop
Quicki Kleen Car wash
Quiet Brook Court
Quiet Street
Quilter's Quarters
Quincy Avenue
Quincy Street
Quinn Court
Quintal Road

R A Bridgeford Street
R Lathrop/Manteca
R Lodi
R Stockton–Downtown
R Stockton–San Joaquin Street
Rabbit Hollow Court
Rabbit Hollow Drive
Rabbit Lane
Raccoon Valley
Racquet Drive
Radcliff Court
Radcliff Lane
Radiance Street
Ragusa Court
Rail Street
Rail Way
Railroad Avenue
Rainier Avenue
Rainier Court
Rainier Drive
Raintree Court
Raising Cane's
Rajkovich Way
Raleigh Drive
Ralph Avenue
Ramalho Lane
Ramano's Macaroni Grill
Ramblewood Way
Ramen 101
Ramona Avenue
Ramona Court
Ramsey Avenue
Ramsey Way
Rancho Court
Rancho Way
Randall Way
Range Court
Rannock Drive
Rapid Brook Court
Raptor Drive
Rasoi Indian Kitchen
Rasputin Music
Ratto Road
Ravello Way
Raven Lane
Ravenbrook Lane
Ravenna Lane
Ravenwood Court
Ravenwood Drive
Ravenwood Way
Raw Sushi Bistro
Ray Wise Lane
Rayanna Drive
Raylow Avenue
Raymond Avenue
Raymond Court
Raymos Way
Raymus Village
Raysilva Circle
Raywood Lane
Razo Lane
Reading Way
Rebekah Court
Recovery Road
Red Barley Court
Red Barn Place
Red Fox Drive
Red Oak Circle
Red Oak Court
Red Oak Lane
Red Pheasant
Red Pheasant Lane
Red River Court
Red Robin
Red Roof Inn Stockton
Red Sky Way
Redbud Way
Redington Court
Redington Drive
Redondo Court
Redstone Street
Redwood Avenue
Redwood Drive
Reece Court
Reed Court
Reef Court
Reflection Lane
Regal Stockton Holiday Cinema
Regatta Lane
Regency Street
Regent Court
Regent Street
Regional Sports Complex
Rehn Road
Reich's Medical Supply
Reiger Drive
Reiman Street
Reims Avenue
Reims Court
Reisling Court
Reisling Drive
Reisling Lane
Relax Body Massage
Rembrandt Drive
Remington Oaks Street
Remington Way
Renaissance Avenue
Renaissance Drive
Rendon Avenue
Renee Marie Way
Renown Drive
Rent Margarita Company
Report Avenue
Republic Way
Reserve Street
Residence Inn Stockton
Rest area
Resthaven Court
Retreat Way
Reunion Street
Rev Henry Drive
Revere Lane
Revival Center
Rex Court
Reyes Court
Reyes Lane
Reynolds Avenue
Reynolds Ranch Parkway
Reynolds Way
Rhen Road
Rhett Court
Rhode Island Avenue
Rhonda Way
Rialto Avenue
Rialto Place
Riano Lane
Riaza Wines
Ribier Avenue
Ribier Court
Riccardo Drive
Rice Court
Rich Plate Restaurant & Cafe
Richard Drive
Richards Drive
Richland Court
Richland Way
Richmond Place
Rick Avenue
Riddle Court
Ridge Avenue
Ridge Drive
Ridge River Avenue
Ridgecrest Drive
Ridgemark Lane
Ridgemont Way
Ridgeview Circle
Ridgeway Avenue
Ridgewood Court
Rieti Lane
Rigger Cove Way
Righteous Drive
Rihn Way
Rileyford Lane
Rimby Avenue
Rimini Lane
Rina Drive
Rinaldi's Market
Rincon Avenue
Rindge Tract Island
Rio Calaveras Elementary
Rio Verde Street
Rio Vista Drive
Rion Way
Ripken Vineyards & Winery
Ripon Assembly of God Church
Ripon Branch Stockton-San Joaquin County Public Library
Ripon Christian School
Ripon City Hall
Ripon CoffeHouse
Ripon Elementary School
Ripon High School
Ripon Police
Ripon Post Office
Ripon Power Play Sports Arena
Ripon Road West
Ripona Avenue
Ripona Elementary School
Ripplerock Lane
Rita Way
Rite Aid
Ritter House
Riva Court
Rivara Road
River Bend
River Bend Drive
River Berry Drive
River Birch Street
River Bluff Lane
River Crest Court
River Drive
River Falls Circle
River Falls Court
River Island Dog Park
River Islands
River Islands Parkway
River Islands Technology Academy
River Meadows Drive
River Oaks Drive
River Park Circle
River Pointe Circle
River Pointe Court
River Pointe Drive
River Pointe Way
River View Circle
Riverboat Drive
Riverbrook Court
Riverbrook Drive
Riverdale Avenue
Riverfront Drive
Rivergate Drive
Rivergate Place
Rivermist Drive
Rivermont Drive
RiverPoint Landing Marina
Riverside Court
Riverside Drive
Riverton Avenue
Riverton Way
Riverview Circle
Riverview Circle East
Riverview Circle West
Riverview Lane
Riverwood Apartments
Riverwood Drive
Rizal Court
Road Maintenance
Roan Drive
Roanoke Court
Roark Drive
Robby's Bicycles
Robert Avenue
Robert Court
Robert Gabriel Court
Robert Gabriel Drive
Robert L Smith Drive
Robert Street
Roberta Court
Roberta Place
Robertson Avenue
Robin Lane
Robindale Avenue
Robinson Lane
Robinwood Avenue
Rochelle Court
Rock Creek Court
Rock N Rollers Salon-Boutique
Rock Rose Street
Rock Spring Avenue
Rockbrook Lane
Rockford Avenue
Rockford Way
Rockhaven Place
Rockingham Circle
Rockingham Court
Rockingham Way
Rockwell Landing Lane
Rockwell Lane
Rockwood Circle
Rocky Harbor Road
Rocky Lane
Rocky Point Court
Rodeo Way
Rodeway Inn Stockton Highway 99
Rogan Way
Rogue Drive
Rohde Drive
Rolerson Road
Roll Tide Way
Roma Lane
Romano Drive
Ronald E McNair High School
Ronald E McNair Way
Roosevelt Avenue
Roosevelt Elementary School
Roosevelt Street
Roper Avenue
Rosamond Street
Rosario Court
Rose Arbor Point
Rose Briar Place
Rose Court
Rose Creek Drive
Rose Garden Court
Rose Gate
Rose Lane
Rose Nails
Roseberry Avenue
Rosebriar Place
Rosebud Court
Rosedale Way
Roselawn Avenue
Rosemarie Lane
Rosemary Court
Rosepark Lane
Rosewall Way
Rosewood Drive
Rosewood Street
Rosewood Way
Rosy Dawn Lane
Rotelli Street
Roth Road
Rothesay Place
Rouen Court
Round Table Pizza
Round Tree Way
Round Valley Circle
Roxburgh Way
Roxie Court
Roxie Drive
Royal Court
Royal Crest Drive
Royal Oaks Court
Royal Oaks Drive
Royal Park Lane
Royal Road
Royal Street
Royalblue Drive
Royalle Place
Rubicon Avenue
Rubicon Court
Ruby Court
Ruddy Duck Court
Rudkin Way
Ruess Road
Ruffino Court
Ruggles Road
Ruhstaller's Camel and the Bear
Rumson Avenue
Runway Drive
Rush Street
Rusher Street
Rustan Road
Rustic Court
Rustic School
Rusty Plow Lane
Ruth Drive
Rutherford Drive
Rutland Court
Rutledge Court
Rutledge Drive
Rutledge Way
Ryde Avenue
Ryhiner Lane

S-MART Foods
S-mart Foods
Sabrina Street
Sabrina Way
Sacchetti Circle
Sacramento Street
Saddle Rock Court
Saddleback Court
Saddlebrook Street
Sadler Oak Drive
Safelite AutoGlass
Safeway Fuel Station
Saffron Way
Sage Sparrow Avenue
Sage Way
Sage Wood Court
Sagebrush Way
Sagittarius Drive
Saguaro Lane
Sahara Mobile Court
Saigon Town Pho
Sailboat Court
Sailpointe Avenue
Saint Andrew Street
Saint Andrews Drive
Saint Andrews Lutheran Church
Saint Annes Academy
Saint Annes Roman Catholic Church
Saint Anthonys Catholic Church
Saint Anthonys School
Saint Anton Drive
Saint Barts Court
Saint Basil Greek Orthodox Church
Saint Bernadettes Catholic Church
Saint Bernadettes School
Saint Carlo Avenue
Saint Claire Drive
Saint Croix Court
Saint Croix Way
Saint Cyr Court
Saint Dominics Drive
Saint Edwards Catholic Church
Saint Francis Drive
Saint Francis Street
Saint Georges Catholic Church
Saint Georges School
Saint Gertrudes Roman Catholic Church
Saint Gertrudes School
Saint Joachim Catholic Church
Saint John the Baptist Episcopal Church
Saint Johns Baptist Church
Saint Johns Episcopal Church
Saint Joseph's Behavioral Health Center
Saint Josephs Hospital
Saint Jude Lane
Saint Kitts Court
Saint Lakes Way
Saint Linus Catholic Church
Saint Lukes Missionary Baptist Church
Saint Lukes Roman Catholic Church
Saint Lukes School
Saint Mark's Plaza
Saint Marks Episcopal Church
Saint Marks United Methodist Church
Saint Marys Annunciation School
Saint Marys Assumption School
Saint Marys Episcopal Church
Saint Marys High School
Saint Matthew Christian Methodist Episcopal Church
Saint Michaels Roman Catholic Church
Saint Moritz Circle
Saint Moritz Drive
Saint Paul Baptist Church
Saint Pauls Evangelical Lutheran Church
Saint Pauls United Methodist Church
Saint Peter School
Saint Peters Lutheran Church
Saint Peters School
Saint Thomas Court
Sakura Japanese Groceries & Gifts
Salem Evangelical Church
Salem Way
Salinda's Salon
Sallie O Drive
Sally Beauty
Salmon Lane
Salmon Point
Salters Drive
Salvation Army
Salvatore Court
Salvatore Lane
Salzberg Lane
Samantha Drive
Sami Court
Sampson Road
San Antonio Drive
San Bar Way
San Carlo Court
San Carlos Way
San Diego Way
San Fernando Avenue
San Fernando Court
San Francis Avenue
San Gabriel Court
San Gabriel Way
San Joaquin Catholic Cemetery
San Joaquin County Fairgrounds Racectrack
San Joaquin County Human Services Agency
San Joaquin County Juvenile Hall Community School
San Joaquin County Law Library
San Joaquin County Public Health Services
San Joaquin County Public Works
San Joaquin County Sheriff (Stockton/French Camp)
San Joaquin County Special Education School
San Joaquin County Superior Court
San Joaquin Depot Sharpe
San Joaquin Depot Tracy
San Joaquin General Hospital
San Joaquin School
San Juan Avenue
San Juan Drive
San Juan Street
San Lucas Avenue
San Luis Way
San Marco Court
San Marco Drive
San Marcos Drive
San Martino Way
San Miguel Avenue
San Miguel Place
San Pablo Way
San Pasqual Way
San Pietro Lane
San Remo Way
San Rocco Circle
San Rocco Court
San Rocco Drive
San Simeon Way
San Simeone Way
Sanchez Court
Sanctuary Place
Sanctuary Way
Sand Castle Court
Sand Castle Way
Sand Creek Drive
Sand Dollar Organic Day Spa
Sand Dune Way
Sand Lane
Sandalwood Court
Sandalwood Drive
Sandalwood Lane
Sandberg Lane
Sandcastle Way
Sanddollar Circle
Sanderling Avenue
Sanders Court
Sandhill Crane Road
Sandoval Court
Sandpebble Street
Sandpiper Circle
Sandpiper Court
Sandpiper Lane
Sandringham Court
Sandringham Way
Sandstone Court
Sandy Court
Sandy Creek Way
Sandy Gulch
Sandy Lane
Sandy Shores Drive
Sanford Place
Sanger Drive
Sangria Lane
Santa Ana Avenue
Santa Ana Place
Santa Anita Court
Santa Barbara Court
Santa Clara Street
Santa Fe Drive
Santa Ines Court
Santa Maria Way
Santa Paula Way
Santa Rosa Street
Santa Rosa Way
Santa Ynez Drive
Santee Court
Santiago Way
Santini Avenue
Santona Court
Santona Street
Santos Avenue
Sanza Road
Sapling Street
Sapphire Court
Sapphire Way
Saratoga Court
Saratoga Street
Saratoga Way
Sardinia Court
Sardinia Way
Savannah Place
Save Market
Save Mart
Savory Drive
Savoy Circle
Sawtooth Court
Sawtooth Street
Saxton Court
Saxton Drive
Saybrook Street
Scarboro Place
Scarborough Drive
Scarlett Place
Scenic Place
Schadeck Street
Schaffer Avenue
Schaffhausen Street
Scharmann Lane
Schemper's Ace Hardware
Schirra Court
Schleiger Drive
Schlenker Drive
Schmeidt Road
School Street
Schooner Court
Schooner Drive
Schooner Lane
Schooner Place
Schulte Road
Schumard Oak Road
Schuyler Court
Scooter Court
Scooter Way
Scott Creek Drive
Scott Place
Scott Street
Scottsdale Road
Scribner Street
Scrub Oak Drive
Sculptor Avenue
Sculptor Court
Sea Bird Way
Sea Breeze Drive
Sea Bright Lane
Sea Cliff Court
Sea Cove Drive
Sea Gull Court
Sea Gull Lane
Sea Horse Way
Sea Ranch Court
Seagull Beach Drive
Seahawk Lane
Seahorn Drive
Sean Court
Searchlight Avenue
Sears Auto Center
Seascape Way
Seashore Drive
Sebastan Lane
Sebastian Lane
Second Baptist Church
Secret Court
Section Avenue
Sedan Avenue
Sedona Lane
See's Candies
Segarini Court
Segarini Way
Seger Way
Segovia Lane
Seiko Avenue
Sekera Court
Sellers Circle
Seminole Way
Senator street
Sentinel Court
Sentinel Drive
Seoul Soon Dubu
Sephos Street
Sepp Court
Sepulveda Drive
Sequoia Avenue
Sequoia Boulevard
Sequoia Court
Sequoia Elementary School
Sequoia Heights Baptist Church
Sequoia Street


Serenade Lane
Serene Way
Sereno Way
Serrano Way
Settler Trail
Seurat Court
Seventh Day Adventist Elementary School
Seventh Day Adventist School
Seventh-day Adventist Church
Seville Avenue
Seville Drive
Seville Way
Seward Way
Sextant Way
SF Supermarket
Shadow Berry Drive
Shadow Creek Court
Shadow Creek Drive
Shadowberry Place
Shadowbrook Drive
Shadowbrook Lane
Shadowood Court
Shadowood Lane
Shadowport Avenue
Shady Acres Drive
Shady Forest Way
Shady Grove
Shady Grove Street
Shady Hollow Way
Shady Mill
Shady Mill Way
Shady Oak Place
Shady Oak Street
Shady Oaks Drive
Shady Pines Street
Shadywood Avenue
Shaefer Street
Shaffer Drive
Shakespear Court
Shameran Street
Shamrock Drive
Sharkon Court
Sharkon Lane
Sharon Avenue
Sharon Court
Sharon Drive
Shasta Drive
Shasta Elementary School
Shasta Street
Shattuck Road
Shaver Court
Shawn Court
Shawnee Court
Shawnee Way
Shay Circle
Shearwater Road
Sheffield Court
Shelby Creek Court
Shell Court
Shell Select
Shelldrake Court
Shelley Court
Shellstone Way
Shelly Court
Shelter Thrift
Sheltered Cove East
Sheltered Cove West
Shenandoah Place
Shenandoah Street
Shepard Way
Sheridan Avenue
Sheridan Way
Sherill Court
Sherrie Court
Sherry Court
Sherry Drive
Sherwood Avenue
Sherwood Mall
Sherwood Place
Shetland Court
Shideler Parkway
Shilling Avenue
Shiloh Baptist Church
Shiloh Court
Shiloh Place
Shimizu Drive
Shippee Lane
Shipwheel Drive
Shirleen Drive
Shnoop Court
Shogoro Lane
ShoMi Japanese Cuisine
Shop N Buy Market
Shop N Go Liquor
Shops Lane
Shoreham Place
Shoreline Court
Shoreline Drive
Shorewood Lane
Short Avenue
Shortland Circle
Shortland Way
Shoshone Drive
Showlow Lane
Shropshire Court
Shropshire Drive
Shrute Drive
Shull Place
Shurtleff Lane
Sicily Street
Sicily Way
Sidon Court
Sidwell Drive
Siemering Way
Siena Italian Restraurant
Sienna Park Drive
Sierra Brook Court
Sierra Christian School
Sierra Creek Drive
Sierra Gold Trail
Sierra High Baseball
Sierra High Football
Sierra High School
Sierra High Tennis
Sierra Mar Road
Sierra Middle School
Sierra Street
Sierra Vista Place
Signa Court
Signal Peak Court
Sikh Temple
Sikorsky Street
Silent Grove Court
Silhouettes Street
Siltstone Avenue
Silva Street
Silvana Lane
Silver Breeze Court
Silver Brook Place
Silver Court
Silver Creek Circle
Silver Creek Drive
Silver Oak Circle
Silver Springs
Silver Tip Way
Silver Trail Lane
Silverado Court
Silverado Drive
Silverberry Street
Silveria's Flowers
Silverlace Place
Silvertail Place
Silverwood Avenue
Simbad Court
Simeon Court
Simoni Softball Field
Sinclair Avenue
Single Tree Court
Sir Gauun's
Sir Lancelot Court
Siskiyou Lane
Sister Cities Park Playground
Sitka Court
SK Donuts
Skate Park
Skipper Lane
Sky Lake Lane
Sky Place
Sky Wok
Skye A Court
Skye B Court
Skye Drive
Skylar Way
Skylark Way
Skyline Bay Drive
Skyline Drive
Slalom Drive
Slate Street
Slayton Court
Slayton Drive
Sleep Train
Sleepy Hollow Court
Sleepy Hollow Drive
Sloan Court
Small Road
Smart & Final Extra!
Smink Road
Smit Court
Smith Lane
Smith Road
Smoker's Gift Shop
Smoketree Circle
Smoketree Court
Smokey Court
Smokey Lane
Snapdragon Way
Snead Court
Snelling Court
Snow Creek Circle
Snow Creek Court
Snowberry Lane
Snowberry Street
Snowbird Drive
Snowbrook Court
Snowcap Drive
Snowgoose Lane
Snowshoe Way
Snyder Lane
Snyder Street
Soave Lane
Soccer City
Sofia Way
Soft Play Area
Sol Court
Solano Avenue
Solano Court
Solano Drive
Solari Avenue
Solari Ranch Road
Solaro Way
Sole Villa Lane
Solid Waste
Solothurn Way
Sombrero Taqueria
Somerset Court
Somerset Drive
Somerston Parkway
Somerville Road
Somoa Lane
Sonata Circle
Sonata Court
Songbird Place
Songwood Court
Sonora Avenue
Soquel Lane
Sorelle Winery
Sorority Circle
Sorrel Drive
Sousa Street
South 99 Frontage Road
South Airport Way
South Anteros Avenue
South B Street
South Barn Hill Lane
South Bell Post Lane
South C Street
South California Street
South Canyon Gate Lane
South Center Street
South Central Avenue
South Chrisman Road
South Cluff Avenue
South Commerce Street
South Cottage Gate Lane
South Country Club Boulevard
South Court
South Crescent Avenue
South D Street
South Dawn Oaks Lane
South El Dorado Street
South Evening Breeze Lane
South F Street
South Fairmont Avenue
South Filbert Street
South Fox Hatch Lane
South Frederick Avenue
South Fremont Avenue
South French Camp Road
South Fresno Avenue
South Frontage Road
South Garden Avenue
South Garfield Avenue
South Garfield Street
South Gateway
South Gentle Winds Lane
South Gertrude Avenue
South Gillis Road
South Golden Gate Avenue
South Grant Avenue
South Grant Street
South Green Summers Lane
South Grovetree Lane
South Guild Avenue
South Ham Lane
South Harlan Road
South Harris Avenue
South Harrison Street
South Harvey Avenue
South Havenwood Street
South Hays Road
South Hickory Avenue
South Highland Avenue
South Hinkley Avenue
South Hollenbeck Road
South Holly Drive
South Hollyhock Court
South Holmes Road
South Holt Road
South Howe Avenue
South Howland Road
South Hunter Street
South Hutchins Street
South Industrial Avenue
South Inland Drive
South Iron Gate Lane
South J Co Sheriffs Facility
South Jack Tone Road
South Janet Road
South Kaiser Road
South Kasson Road
South Kelly Street
South Lammers Road
South Landi Road
South Laurel Street
South Lee Avenue
South Liebig Street
South Lincoln Avenue
South Lincoln Street
South Lockhart Road
South Locust Avenue
South Locust Street
South Loma Drive
South Los Angeles Avenue
South Lower Sacramento Road
South Mac Arthur Drive
South MacArthur Drive
South Madera Avenue
South Madison Street
South Maharaja Drive
South Main Street
South Manley Road
South Manteca Road
South Manthey Road
South Maple Avenue
South Mary Avenue
South Mc Donell Avenue
South Mc Kinley Avenue
South Mellon Avenue
South Merced Avenue
South Merrimac Circle
South Mills Avenue
South Misty Woods Lane
South Modesto Avenue
South Moffat Boulevard
South Mohler Road
South Monitor Circle
South Monroe Street
South Murphy Road
South Natali Road
South Netherton Avenue
South Oleander Avenue
South Olive Avenue
South Ophir Street
South Orange Avenue
South Orange Street
South Oro Avenue
South Pacific Avenue
South Parallel Avenue
South Patrick Road
South Patton Avenue
South Pebble Beach Lane
South Pershing Avenue
South Phelps Street
South Pilgrim Street
South Pleasant Avenue
South Polanco Place
South Ponderosa Street
South Poppy Court
South Port Road 14
South Port Road 15
South Portsmouth Circle
South Powers Avenue
South Prescott Road
South Priest Road
South Quads Courtyard
South Regent Street
South Roberts Road
South Rose Street
South Rosewood Street
South Roxie Drive
South Sacramento Street
South San Joaquin Street
South San Jose Street
South School Street
South Shasta Avenue
South Sherman Avenue
South Sibley Avenue
South Sierra Nevada Street
South Sinclair Avenue
South Stanislaus Street
South Stark Road
South Stockton Avenue
South Stockton Street
South Stony Brook Lane
South Street
South Sullivan Avenue
South Sunset Drive
South Sutter Street
South Sweet Grass Lane
South Thelma Avenue
South Three Oaks Lane
South Three Oaks Road
South Timber Creek Lane
South Tinnin Road
South Tracy Boulevard
South Tulsa Road
South Turnpike E Fire Road
South Tuxedo Avenue
South Union Road
South Union Street
South Van Buren Street
South Vanderbilt Circle
South Veach Avenue
South Ventura Avenue
South Voelker Drive
South Wagner Avenue
South Wagner Road
South Walker Lane
South Walnut Avenue
South Walnut Burl Lane
South Warren Road
South Washington Avenue
South Washington Street
South Wellington Way
South West Park Elementary School
South Whiskey Slough Road
South Wilhoit Road
South Wilkie Avenue
South Williamson Road
South Willow Avenue
South Willow Glen Road
South Willow Street
South Wilma Avenue
South Wilson Way
South Windsor Avenue
South Wing Levee Road
South Wolfe Road
South Wolfinger Road
South Wood Creek Lane
South Woodsbro Road
South Woodward Avenue
Southeast Branch Stockton-San Joaquin County Public Library
Southfield Court
Southfield Way
Southland Court
Southland Road
Southport Street
Southwell Place
Southwell Way
Souza Boulevard
Spa Lane
Spalding Way
Spar Street
Sparks Street
Sparrow Hawk Drive
Sparrow Lane
Sparrow Street
Sparrowhawk Street
Spartan Way
Spaulding Lane
Spaulding Way
Spee Dee Oil Change
Sperling Way
Sperry Avenue
Sperry Road
Spice It Up!
Spindrift Way
Spinnaker Way
Spirea Court
Spirit Rocks
Spirou Street
Sport Clips
Sports Collectibles & Fan Gear
Sportsman's Warehouse
Sprague Street
Spreckels Avenue
Spreckles Road
Spring Court
Spring Creek Drive
Spring Creek Place
Spring Creek Way
Spring Hill Drive
Spring Meadow Drive
Spring River Circle
Spring Street
Spring Valley Way
Spring Water
Springbrook Way
Springer Lane
Springfield Drive
Springfield Street
Springoak Way
Springsteen Way
Springtime Avenue
Sprouts Farmers Market
Spruce Lane
Spruce Street
Spyglass Court
Spyglass Place
Squall Way
Squeeze Burger and Brew
Squire Lane
Squire Way
Srai Law Office
Ssong's Hotdog
St. Joachim Catholic Church
Stabler Court
Stacey Court
Stadium Drive
Stadium Way
Stafford Court
Stafford Street
Stafford Way
Stage Coach Drive
Stagecoach Road
Stagg Senior High School
Stagg Way
Stags Run Court
Stags Run Lane
Standard Plumbing
Standford Crossing
Standridge Court
Standridge Road
Stanfield Court
Stanfield Drive
Stanford Avenue
Stanford Crossing
Stanislaus Street
Stanley Drive
Stanton Optical
Stanton Way
Star Donuts
Star Salon
Star Street
Star Tulip Street
Star Way
Starboard Lane
Starfish Court
Starling Way
Starr Drive
State Route 12
State Route 120
State Route 88
Station Drive
Steamboat Court
Steamboat Landing
Steedman Way
Steeple Run Lane
Stefano Court
Stefano Drive
Stefano Way
Stein Continuation High School
Stella Brockman Elementary School
Stella Court
Stephanie Street
Stephen Robert Lane
Sterling Place
Sterling Street
Stern Place
Stetson Court
Steve Lillie Circle
Steven Place
Stevens Court
Stevens Motel
Stevens Way
Stewart Eberhardt Building
Stewart Road
Stewart Street
Stile + Grace
Stillwater Street
Stimson Street
Stirling Court
Stockton Alternative High School
Stockton Auto Body & Paint
Stockton Auto Care
Stockton Avenue
Stockton Baptist Church
Stockton Chinese Baptist Church
Stockton Chinese Benevolent Association
Stockton City Hall
Stockton City Motel
Stockton Civic Theater
Stockton Covenant Church
Stockton Developmental Center
Stockton Downtown Marina
Stockton Educational Center
Stockton Fire Station 14
Stockton Fire Station 4
Stockton Fremont Church of the Nazarene
Stockton Golf and Country Club
Stockton Gospel Mission
Stockton Gospel Tabernacle
Stockton Gun and Bocce Club
Stockton Indoor Sports Complex
Stockton Korean Baptist Church
Stockton Little League Concessions
Stockton Memorial Civic Auditorium
Stockton Motor Inn
Stockton Motors
Stockton Philipino Church of God
Stockton Police Station
Stockton Post Office
Stockton Regal Cinemas
Stockton Revival Tabernacle
Stockton Rod and Gun Club
Stockton Rural Cemetery
Stockton Sailing Club
Stockton Secured Storage
Stockton Skate Park
Stockton Soccer Complex
Stockton Southside Missionary Baptist Church
Stockton Street
Stockton Travellers Motel
Stockton Unified Early College Academy
Stockton Unified School District
Stockton Yacht Club
Stoker Way
Stokes Avenue
Stone Cellar Way
Stone Oak Drive
Stone River Circle
Stonebridge Drive
Stonebridge Lane
Stonecrest Street
Stonehaven Manor
Stonehaven Way
Stoneridge Court
Stoneridge Drive
Stonewall Court
Stonewood Avenue
Stonewood Drive
Stonum Lane
Stony Creek Lane
Stony Gorge Drive
Stork Road
Stormy Creek Court
Storybook Street
Stouffer Street
Stout Court
Stow Avenue
Stratford Avenue
Stratford Circle
Stratford Lane
Strathaven Way
Strauss Court
Straw Hat Pizza
Strawberry Glen Street
Strawberry Way
Strickland Drive
Stuart Street
Stueben Way
Sture Larsson High School
Sturgeon Road
Sturla Street
Suburban Road
Sue Court
Suellen Drive
Suess Court
Suffolk Way
Sugar Creek Court
Sugar Creek Lane
Sugar Maple Street
Sugar Mediterranean Bistro
Sugar Pine Drive
Sugarbowl Way
Sullivan Avenue
Sultana Court
Sultana Drive
Sumac Avenue
Summer Home Drive
Summer Lane
Summerfield Drive
Summergate Drive
Summers Court
Summerset Court
Summertime Drive
Summerview Drive
Summerwind Lane
Summit Place
Summit Way
Sumter Quay Circle
Sun Haven Place
Sun River Court
Sun Valley Court
Sun Valley Drive
Sun West Place
Sun Wong Kee
Sunbird Way
Sundance Avenue
Sundance Lane
Sunfish Drive
Sunflower Circle
Sunflower Drive
Sunny Creek Court
Sunny Knoll Drive
Sunny Ridge Court
Sunny Road
Sunnyoak Way
Sunol Street
Sunol Valley Street
Sunpeak Lane
Sunrise Avenue
Sunrise Court
Sunrise Place
Sunrise Street
Sunset Avenue
Sunset Way
Suntree Place
Sunwest Drive
Super King
Super King Food Center
Super Mercado
Superior Court Manteca Branch
Superior Street
Support Road
Surf Court
Surfside Drive
Surrey Drive
Surrey Lane
Susan Way
Sushi House Buffet
Sussex Way
Sutherland Drive
Sutro Avenue
Sutter Gould Medical Foundation
Sutter Lane
Sutter Street
Sutter Tracy Community Hospital
Sutton Way
Suzie Q Lane
Swagat Indian Cuisine
Swain A Court
Swain B Court
Swain C Court
Swain D Court
Swain Drive
Swainsons Hawk Street
Swallow Court
Swallow Drive
Swallow Lane
Swallow Tail Lane
Swan Drive
Swanson Road
Swarthout Court
Sweet Lilac Way
Sweet Pea Lane
Sweet Pea Place
Sweetbrier Place
Sweetwater Court
Sweetwood Drive
Swenson Court
Swenson Park Golf Course
Swift Way
Sycamore Avenue
Sycamore Parkway
Sycamore Place
Sycamore Street
Sycamore View Street
Sydney Lane
Sylvan Court
Sylvan Way
Sylvia Drive
Symonds Court
Syracuse Lane
Syrah Court

T L Noodle
T4 Tea For U
Table Top Court
Tables & Benches
Taburno Avenue
Taco Bell
Tacoma Drive
Tacos Chapala
Taft Avenue
Taft Drive
Taft Elementary School
Tahoe Drive
Tahoe Street
Tahoe Way
Tailwind Lane
Talbot Drive
Talc Street
Talking Pillars
Tallahatchey Drive
Tam O Shanter Drive
Tamarack Drive
Tamarisk Avenue
Tami Lane
Tami Place
Tammi Court
Tamworth Way
Tandoori Pizza
Tangeman Road
Tanglewood Court
Tanglewood Lane
Tannehill Drive
Tantaros Lane
Tanya Place
Tapestry Street
Tappan Place
Taqueria Carolina
Taqueria La Estrella
Taqueria Los Altos
Taqueria Vallarta
Taqueria Yvette
Taquiera Carolina
Tara Court
Tara Place
Taransay Court
Tarbat Street
Tarragona Way
Tarrogana Drive
Tasca Lane
Tasca Place
Tasha Drive
Tassajera Court
Tasting / Gift Shop
Tasty Pot
Tato's Mexican Grill & Cantina
Tawny Port Drive
Taylor Road
Taylor Skills School
Tea Daze
Tea Rose
Teakwood Court
Teakwood Way
Teal Court
Teal Place
Tecklenberg Road
Tecumseh Lane
Teepee Drive
Tegea Lane
Teixeira Drive
Tejeda Lane
Tejon Street
Telegraph Avenue
Telegraph Street
Temple Baptist Church
Temple Bethesda
Temple Siloe Church
Temple Street
Templeton Lane
Ten Perfect Nails
Tenaya Court
Tenaya Lane
Tender Blossom Way
Tenmile Slough
Tennalinde Lane
Tennis Lane
Tenya Court
Tepa Taqueria
Tequileros Cantina
Tequileros Taqueria
Tequileros Taqueria (Lodi)
Teresa Place
Tern Drive
Terra Nova Court
Terra Vista Lane
Terrace Drive
Terracina Circle
Terracorvo Circle
Terry Court
Terry Drive
Tes Mart
Tesla Stockton-Auto Center Circle
Tesla Way
Tesoro Apartments
Tesoro Drive
Tesoro Place
Testarossa Street
Teton Court
Teton Lane
Tevlin Lane
Thai Cafe
Thames Place
The Atherton Apartments
The Bent of The Tau Beta Pi Association - CA Phi Chapter
The Bible Way Ministry
The Black Rabbit
The Blessed Kitchen
The Boathouse at River Islands
The Bridge at Stockton
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
The Crab Zone
The Creamery
The Farm Bowl
The Fruit Bowl
The Grove
The Habit Burger Grill
The Home Depot
The Homestead
The Kitchen @ Stonebrier
The Office City
The Pampered Pet
The Pillar and Ground of the Truth Church of the Living God
The Rusty Hook
The Salvation Army
The Serpentarium
The Sign Shop
The Staging Studio
The Stained Canvas
The Station
The UPS Store
The Vine
The Watering Hole
The White Rose Church of God in Christ
The Zin Barrell
Theresa Circle
Theta Chi
Thicket Court
Thicket Lane
Third Missionary Baptist Church
Thistle Way
Thomas Court
Thomas Dehaven Court
Thomas Dehaven Lane
Thomas J. Long School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
Thomas Street
Thompson Way
Thomsen Road
Thornton Road
Thousand Oaks Court
Three Palms Grocery
Thrower Court
Thrush Court
Thrush Street
Thurston Court
Thyme Out Day Spa
Tiamo Way
Ticknor Court
Tickseed Lane
Tide Line Drive
Tide Road
Tidewater Point
Tidewind Drive
Tiempo Place
Tienda Drive
Tiffany Circle
Tiffany Street
Tiger Lily Court
Tigers Yogurt
Tilden Drive
Tilden Park Street
Tilden Street
Tiller Court
Tillie Lewis Drive
Timber Lane
Timberlake Circle
Timberlane Drive
Timberwood Lane
Time Square Lane
Timepiece Circle
Timothy Court
Tina Place
Tinnin Road
Tioga Drive
Tioga Way
Tipton Court
Titleist Court
Titleist Place
Tivoli Court
Tivoli Drive
Tiziano Drive
TJ Maxx
Toasted Toad Cellars
Tobin Place
Todd Street
Togninali Lane
Toiyabe Lane
Tokay Colony Elementary School
Tokay Drive
Tokay High School
Tokay Lane
Tokay Place
Toland Lane
Tolbert Avenue
Tom Lane
Tom Paine Road
Tomahawk Drive
Tommaso Lane
Tommydon Street
Toni Court
Toni Lane
Tony Court
Tony Stuitt Court
Tony Stuitt Drive
Top Hair & Beauty Salon
Top Nails
Topaz Court
Topaz Drive
Topaz Lane
Topeka Court
Topiary Drive
Torcello Apartments
Torino Drive
Tornell Circle
Tornell Drive
Tornga Drive
Toro Lane
Torrey Pines Court
Tortuga Court
Tortuga Way
Toscano Drive
Toulouse Way
Tours Drive
Tower Mart Liquor
Tower Street
Towers Place
Towery Court
Town & Country
Town & Country Inn
Town & Country Liquor Store
Town Square
Towne Centre Drive
Townehome Drive
Townshend Circle
Townshend Court
Toy Court
Toy Street
Toyon Drive
Toyota Used Vehicles
Tracey Jean Court
Tracey Jean Drive
Tractor Supply Company
Tracy Bible Fellowship Church
Tracy Boulevard
Tracy Branch Stockton
Tracy Church of Christ
Tracy City Hall
Tracy Community Church
Tracy Fire Memorial
Tracy Fire Support Services Facility
Tracy Glass Shop
Tracy High School
Tracy Historical Museum
Tracy Holiday Light Show
Tracy Interfaith Ministries
Tracy Learning Center
Tracy Medical Offices
Tracy Orthopedic/sports Medical Center
Tracy Place
Tracy Police Department
Tracy Post Office
Tracy Press Park Playground
Tracy Seventh Day Adventist Church
Tracy Swimming Pools
Tracy Unified School District
Tracy Valley Cleaners
Tracywood Avenue
Trader Joe's
Tradeway Collision Center
Tradewind Way
Traditions Street
Trailwood Avenue
Trailwood Court
Trailwood Drive
Train Station Court
Tramore Lane
Transworld Drive
Trapani Street
Trappers Road
Travaille Way
Travao Lane
Traverso Street
Travertine Avenue
Travertine Drive
Treasure Avenue
Treasure Lane
Tredway Road
Tree Court
Tree Swallow Court
Treehaven Lane
Treeline Way
Treetop Drive
Trellis Street
Trend Beauty Salon
Trenton Court
Trenton Place
Trestle Point
Trevi Court
Trevino Avenue
Trevor Drive
Trianon Court
Tribune Court
Tribune Street
Trident Street
Trieste Circle
Trinidad Court
Trinity Baptist Church
Trinity Chapel Church of God in Christ
Trinity Lutheran Church
Trinity Lutheran School
Trinity Parkway
Trinity Presbyterian Church
Trinity Street
Trinity Way
Triolo Street
Trish Way
Trisha Way
Tristan Circle
Trousdale Place
Trout Court
Truckee Lane
Trudy Court
True Light Apostolic Faith Church
True Touch Nails and Spa
True Vine Fellowship Church
Truman Place
Tu Pueblito Taqueria
Tucker Bay Court
Tudor Rose Glen
Tudor Street
Tudor Way
Tule Spring Street
Tuleburg Levee
Tulip Place
Tulip Tea Way
Tulipano Court
Tulloch Court
Tumbleweed Lane
Tuolumne Place
Tupelo Drive
Turbigo Court
Turner Ranch
Turner Road
Turnstone Street
Turquoise Way
Turtle Beach RV park
Turtle Valley Drive
Turtledove Court
Tuscany Circle
Tuscany Drive
Tuscolana Way
Tuxedo Court
Tuxford Place
Twin Bridges Lane
Twin Brooks Lane
Twin Creeks Avenue
Twin Harbor Lane
Twin Lakes Court
Twin Oaks Baptist Church
Two Guys Food & Fuel
Tyke Drive
Tyler Court
Tyler Skills Elementary School
Tyler Way
Tyrol Lane

U Subway
UJ's Restaurant
Ulrich Court
Ulta Beauty
Ulysses Street
Undine Road
Union Road
United Apostolic Church
United Business Bank
United Lutheran Church
United Pentecostal Church
Unity Church of Stockton
Unity Memorial Church of God in Christ
Unity Southern Baptist Church
Universal Drive
University Plaza Waterfront Hotel
Uop North Service Road
Up 'N Smoke Smoke Shop
Upper Pasture Court
Upper Pasture Trail
Upton Court
Urban Fit
Urchin Street
US Air Conditioning
USA Nails
USPS Hammer Ranch Station
Utica Court
Utilities Maintenance
Utility Trailer Sales
Uyeda Road

Vada Way
Vaduz Court
Val Gardena Street
Valais Lane
Valencia Avenue
Valencia Court
Valencia Drive
Valencia Street
Valens Way
Valentino Court
Valenzuela Court
Valerie Lane
Vallarta Court
Vallejo Court
Vallerand Road
Valley Avenue
Valley Baptist Church
Valley Christian School
Valley Forge Drive
Valley Oak Place
Valley Oak Way
Valley Peterbilt
Valley Strong Credit Union
Valley View Drive
Valleyoak Drive
Valli Inn Motel
Vallini Lane
Valmora Drive
Valverde Court
Van Andel Court
Van Andel Way
Van Buren Elementary School
Van Buskirk Municipal Golf Course
Van Buskirk Street
Van Court
Van Dervin Parkway
Van Dyken Way
Van Eeden Court
Van Exel Road
Van Gogh Court
Van Gogh Drive
Van Gogh Lane
Van Halen Court
Van Halen Lane
Van Ruiten Drive
Van Slyke Court
Van Wyk Lane
Vancouver Circle
Vans Court
Vape & Cigarette City
Varallo Court
Vasco Street
Vasconcellos Avenue
Vaugn Drive
Vecchio Lane
Vel Place
Velasquez Lane
Vendemmia Court
Venetian Drive
Venetian Gardens Golf Course
Veneto Court
Veneto Way
Venezia Boulevard
Venice Circle
Venice King School
Venice Way
Venture Way
Vera Avenue
Vera Lane
Veramonte Avenue
Veranda Way
Vercelli Street
Verda Court
Verda Drive
Verdi Court
Verdi Way
Verdicchio Court
Verdugo Drive
Verigan Road
Veritas Avenue
Veritas Elementary School
Veritas School
Vermeer Court
Vermillion Drive
Vermulen Drive
Verna Test Court
Vernaccia Lane
Vernal Street
Vernal Way
Vernon Berry Lane
Vernon Drive
Veronese Way
Veronica Street
Versailles Court
Verstl Way
Vesuvio Street
Vets Road
Via Marco Lane
Vicarmont Vineyards & Winery
Vicki Lane
Vicki Way
Vicksburg Place
Victor Elementary School
Victor Road
Victoria Avenue
Victoria Drive
Victoria Street
Victoria's Secret
Victorian Trail
Victory Avenue
Victory Chapel International
Victory Elementary School
Victory Lane
Victory Open Standard Bible Church
Vienna Drive
Vierra Court
Vierra Road
Viggo Place
Villa 2000 for Hair
Villa Drive
Villa Gomez Lane
Villa Point
Villa Real Court
Village Avenue
Village Flowers, Gifts & Caskets
Village Green Court
Village Green Drive
Village Oaks Elementary School
Village Parkway
Village Street
Village West Apartments
Village West Marina
Villalobos Place
Villanueva Court
Vin Rose Drive
Vin Rose Way
Vincent Court
Vincente Way
Vine Street
Vinewood Dog Park
Vinewood Elementary School
Vinewood Way
Vineyard Drive
Vineyard Point Court
Vintage Circle
Vintage Pool Service
Vintage Road
Violet Cheng Place
Violet Court
Virgil Street
Virginia Avenue
Virginia Street
Virtue Arcade Court
Virtue Arcade Drive
Visalia Court
Vista Drive
Vista Rio Court
Vistara Way
Vitality Bowls
Vito Court
Viva Plaza
Vivian Court
Vivian Lane
Volney Court
Volney Street
Volpi Drive
Voyager Drive
Voyager Street

Waco Way
Waffle Shop
Wagner Heights Court
Wagner Heights Road
Wagner Lane
Wagner Road
Wagner-Holt Elementary School
Wagon Train Court
Wagtail Drive
Wait Avenue
Wakefield Road
Wakeman Drive
Walera Drive
Wall Street
Waller Road
Wallom Field
Walmart Supercenter
Walnut Acres Road
Walnut Street
Walsh Court
Walter Woodward Elementary School
Walton Development Center
Wamasquid Lane
Warbler Place
Ward Court
Ward Place
Ward Way
Warehouse Road
Warfield Road
Warlow Lane
Warm Springs Circle
Warmke Lane
Warren Atherton Auditorium
Warren Avenue
Warren Road
Warwick Court
Washington Development Center
Washington Street
Washo Way
Water Lane
Water Lily Court
Water Lily Drive
Water Mill Court
Water Mill Street
Water Play Area
Waterbury Drive
Watercourse Court
Watercourse Street
Waterford Avenue
Waterford Way
Waterloo Elementary School
Waterloo Restaurant
Waterloo Road
Waterman Avenue
Waterview Lane
Watson Avenue
Watson Street
Watters Road
Waudman Avenue
Wausa Way
Wave Crest Court
Wave Crest Lane
Waverley Court
Waverly Court
Waverly Elementary School
Wawona Dome Way
Wawona Street
Waylinn Way
Wayne Court
Waynesboro Court
Wayside Church of God in Christ
Weatherbee Avenue
Web Street
Weber Avenue
Weberstown Mall
Wedgewood Way
Weeping Willow Court
Weeping Willow Drive
Weeping Willow Lane
Weigum Road
Welch Avenue
Wellesley Lane
Wellington Avenue
Wellington Circle
Wellington Court
Wells Court
Wells Fargo
Wells Lane
Wellswood Avenue
Wellswood Court
Wembley Way
Wendell Avenue
Wendt Way
Wentworth Avenue
Wentworth Drive
Werner Drive
Wesley Lane
Wesson Way
West 10th Street
West 11th Street
West 12th Street
West 1st Street
West 2nd Street
West 3rd Street
West 4th Street
West 5th Street
West 6th Street
West 7th Street
West 8th Street
West 9th Street
West Alameda Street
West Anderson Street
West Atherton Drive
West Banbury Drive
West Benjamin Holt Drive
West Bianchi Road
West Center Street
West Charter Way
West Church Street
West Clay Street
West Cleveland Street
West Court
West Eagan Alley
West Eight Mile Road
West el Campo Avenue
West Elm Street
West Euclid Avenue
West F Street
West Fargo Street
West Fedora Road
West Ferdinand Street
West Flora Street
West Fremont Street
West Fulton Street
West G Street
West Garner Alley
West Geary Street
West Gibson Street
West Glencannon Street
West Grant Line Road
West Greeley Way
West Grunauer Alley
West H Street
West Hammer Lane
West Hammer Lane Frontage North Road
West Hammer Lane Frontage South Road
West Hammer Lane North Fire Road
West Harding Way
West Harney Lane
West Hazelton Avenue
West Highland Avenue
West Hospital Road
West House Road
West Howard Road
West Hurd Street
West Ingram Street
West Inman Avenue
West Iris Avenue
West Ivy Avenue
West Jackson Alley
West Jackson Street
West Jacobs Road
West Jamestown Street
West Jefferson Street
West Joan Avenue
West Kavanagh Avenue
West Kent Street
West Kettleman Lane
West King Alley
West Kingdon Road
West Kingston School Road
West Klein Road
West Knoles Way
West Kohler Street
West la Mesa Avenue
West Lafayette Street
West Lane
West Lane East Fire Road
West Lane Foursquare Church
West Lane Frontage East Road
West Lane Frontage Road
West Lane Frontage West Road
West Lane Road
West Larch Road
West Larsen Alley
West Lincoln Road
West Lindsay Street
West Lockeford Street
West Locust Street
West Lodi Avenue
West Longview Avenue
West Loramar lane
West Lorenzen Road
West Loretta Avenue
West Los Felis Avenue
West Louise Avenue
West Lowell Avenue
West Lower Jones Road
West Lucas Road
West Lucerne Avenue
West Lupton Street
West Lynch Drive
West Lynda Avenue
West Magnolia Street
West Main Street
West Main treet
West Manteca
West Maple Street
West March Lane
West Mariposa Avenue
West Market Street
West Mathews Road
West Mayfair Avenue
West Mc Donald Road
West Mc Kenzie Avenue
West Meadow Avenue
West Mel Road
West Mendocino Avenue
West Michigan Avenue
West Middlefield Avenue
West Milgeo Avenue
West Modoc Avenue
West Monterey Avenue
West Mount Diablo Avenue
West Mount Diablo Court
West Muller Road
West Neugerbauer Road
West Noble Street
West North Street
West Norwich Avenue
West Oak Street
West Oakridge Way
West Ott Road
West Pacific Avenue
West Pardee Lane
West Park Street
West Pearl Avenue
West Pescadero Avenue
West Pine Haven Drive
West Pine Street
West Platti Road
West Polk Way
West Poplar Street
West Prahser Road
West Quads Courtyard
West Regal Street
West Rindge Road
West Ripon Road
West River Road
West Riviera Drive
West Robinhood Drive
West Rose Street
West Rosecrans Way
West Rutledge Way
West Santos Avenue
West Sargent Road
West Schulte Road
West Scotts Avenue
West Shasta Avenue
West Sheridan Way
West Sneed Road
West Sonoma Avenue
West Sonora Street
West South Street
West Spruce Street
West Stadium Drive
West Street
West Sugar Road
West Swain Road
West Taylor Street
West Telegraph Avenue
West Thomas Cunningham Loop
West Tokay Street
West Toleri Road
West Turner Road
West Undine Road
West University Avenue
West Valley Christian Academy
West Valley Mall
West Wahington Street
West Walnut Street
West Washington Street
West Weber Avenue
West Wendell Avenue
West West la Frontage Road
West Wetmore Street
West Whittier Avenue
West Willow Street
West Woodbridge Road
West Woodward Avenue
West Worth Street
West Wright Road
West Wyandotte Street
West Yokuts Avenue
West Yorkshire Drive
West Yosemite Avenue
Westboro Lane
Westbridge Drive
Westbrook Drive
Westbrook Place
Westchester Circle
Western Apostolic Bible College
Western Coach Drive
Western Pacific Way
Westgate Drive
Westlake Drive
Westland Avenue
Westleigh Court
Westminster Avenue
Westmora Avenue
Westmora Court
Weston Elementary School
Weston Ranch High School
Westwind Drive
Westwind Way
Westwood Avenue
Westwood Court
Westwood Elementary School
Westwood Lane
Wetherly Circle
Wetherly Court
Weybridge Way
Whalers Way
Wheat Field Street
Wheatfield Street
Wheeler Street
Whelan Way
Whetstone Street
Whipporwill Street
Whisper Way
Whispering Creek Circle
Whistler Way
Whitburn Court
White Birch Court
White Dove Lane
White Forge Court
White Forge Drive
White Lane
White Oak Court
White Oak Drive
White Oak Way
White Owl Lane
White Sand Court
White Water Lane
Whitehall Road
Whitfield Drive
Whiting Court
Whitney Court
Whitney Street
Whittier Court
Wickford Way
Widgeon Court
Widgeon Way
Widmer Lane
Wightman Drive
Wigwam Drive
Wilbanks Lane
Wilburns Temple Church of God in Christ
Wilcox Road
Wild Ginger Way
Wild Lilac Lane
Wild Oak Drive
Wild Plum Way
Wild Rose Lane
Wild Rose Place
Wilderness Court
Wilderness Way
Wildwood Drive
Wildwood Road
Wilhelmina Henry Elementary School
William Court
William Harrison Elementary School
William Knox Holt Memorial Library
William Moss Boulevard
William Pishner Junior Drive
Williams Court
Williamson Road
Williford Lane
Willora Road
Willow Avenue
Willow Court
Willow Glen Circle
Willow Glen Drive
Willow Leaf Way
Willow Park Court
Willow Park Lane
Willow Park Way
Willow Point Court
Willow Way
Willow Wood Drive
Willowbrook Circle
Willowbrook Court
Wilma Avenue
Wilma Court
Wilmarth Road
Wilmington Way
Wilshire Avenue
Wilson Avenue
Wilson Lane
Wimbledon Court
Wimbledon Drive
Wimbledon Lane
Wimbledon Way
Winchester Court
Winchester Drive
Winchester Street
Wind Cave Circle
Wind Flower Lane
Wind-Flower Lane
Windeler Avenue
Windemere Way
Windgate Drive
Windham Circle
Windham Court
Winding Oak Street
Winding River Circle
Winding River Court
Windjammer Court
Windjammer Drive
Windmill Cove Road
Windmill Park Drive
Window Tint
Windrift Way
Windrush Way
Windsail Lane
Windsong Court
Windsor Drive
Windsor Place
Windwood Avenue
Windwood Drive
Windy Cove Lane
Windy Tree Lane
Wine and Roses
Wine Wizards
Winemaster Way
Wing Wah Deli Market
Wing Zone
Winona Way
Winslow Village
Winslow Way
Winston Court
Winston Drive
Winter Court
Winter Lane
Winter Wheat Lane
Wintergreen Court
Winters Drive
Winterset Drive
Winton Avenue
Wintun Drive
Winward Avenue
Winwood Drive
Wisdom Court
Wishon Drive
Wispering Wind Court
Wisteria Lane
Wisteria Way
Wizard Avenue
Wonder Way
Wood Drive
Wood Duck Circle
Wood Duck Court
Wood Ridge Court
Wood Thrush Lane
Wood's End Creamery
Woodbine Avenue
Woodbridge Drive
Woodbridge Ecological Preserve
Woodbridge Golf & Country Club
Woodbridge Middle School
Woodbridge Road
Woodbridge Uncorked
Woodbridge Winery
Woodbury Lane
Woodchase Lane
Woodcreek Court
Woodcreek Way
Woodcrest Court
Woodfield Drive
Woodglen Court
Woodgreen Court
Woodhaven Way
Woodhollow Avenue
Woodlake Circle
Woodlake Court
Woodlake Place
Woodland Court
Woodland Drive
Woodland Lane
Woodland Way
Woodmont Way
Woodrow Place
Woodrow Street
Woodrow Wilson Elementary School
Woods Street
Woodshire Court
Woodshire Street
Woodside Drive
Woodside Way
Woodstock Drive
Woodstream Street
Woodvale Drive
Worchester Way
World of Wonders Science Museum
Wrangler Circle
Wren Court
Wright Avenue
Wyatt Way
Wylin Boulevard
Wyn Way
Wyndham Way
Wyndham way
Wynona Way
Wynyard Circle
Wyoming Court

Xanthe Way

Yacht Harbor Drive
Yale Avenue
Yale Way
Yaple Court
Yarmouth Drive
Yellow Dog Road
Yellowstone Avenue
Yellowstone Court
Yellowstone Street
Yerba Buena Avenue
Yettner Road
Yokuts Court
Yokuts Drive
Yolo Street
York Street
Yorkshire Court
Yorkshire Way
Yorkton Drive
Yorktown Court
Yorktown Drive
Yorktown Lane
Yosemite Arms Apartments
Yosemite Avenue
Yosemite Bottle Shop
Yosemite Drive
Yosemite Motors
Yosemite School
Yosemite Street
Yosmite - Manthey Rd Connector
Young Avenue
Young’s Payless IGA
Yuba River Court
Yuloni Drive
Yum Yum Donuts
Yuma Court
Yuma Lane
Yuma Way
Yutan Lane
Yvonne Avenue

Zaca Lane
Zaccaria Way
Zachary Drive
Zaira Court
Zalman Lane
Zamora Way
Zane Grey Court
Zeally Lane
Zephyr Court
Zephyr Street
Zeppelen Lane
Zinfandel Drive
Zinfandel Place
Zion Court
Zion Lane
Zion Lutheran Church
Zion Rock Holy Temple Church
Zitlau Court
Zoe Lane
Zoom Lockz
Zumstein Court
Zumstein Drive
Zurich Drive