Welcome to BBBike - your cycle journey planner! We'll help you find a nice, safe and short bike route in Vancouver and around.

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0 Avenue
0755 Restaurant & Lounge
0A Avenue
0B Avenue

1 Avenue
10 Avenue
100 Avenue
1000 Beach Marina
1001 Steps
1001 Steps trail
100A Avenue
101 Avenue
101.1 CFMI & 99.3 CFOX Transmitter Building
101A Avenue
101B Avenue
102 Avenue
102A Avenue
102B Avenue
103 Avenue
103A Avenue
103B Avenue
104 Avenue
104 Coin Laundry
104 Street
104A Avenue
104B Avenue
105 Avenue
105 Boulevard
105A Avenue
106 Avenue
106A Avenue
107 Avenue
107A Avenue
108 Avenue
108 Street
108A Avenue
108A Street
108B Avenue
108B Street
109 Avenue
109 Shibuya
109 Street
109A Avenue
109A Street
109B Street
10A Avenue
10B Avenue
10th Avenue
11 Avenue
110 Avenue
110 Street
110A Avenue
110A Street
111 Avenue
111 Street
111A Avenue
111A Street
111B Street
112 Avenue
112 Street
112A Avenue
112A Street
112B Avenue
112B Street
113 Avenue
113 Street
113A Avenue
113A Street
113B Avenue
113B Street
114 Avenue
114 Street
114A Avenue
114A Street
114B Avenue
115 Avenue
115 Street
115A Avenue
115A Street
115B Avenue
116 Avenue
116 Street
116A Avenue
116A Street
116B Avenue
116B Street
117 Avenue
117 Street
117A Avenue
117A Street
117B Avenue
117B Street
118 Street
118A Street
118B Avenue
118B Street
119 Avenue
119 Street
119A Avenue
119A Street
119B Avenue
119B Street
11A Avenue
11B Avenue
11th Avenue
11th Place
11th Street
12 Avenue
12 Kings Pub
12 street Elementary School
120 Avenue
120 Liquor Store
120 Street
120A Street
120B Avenue
121 Avenue
121 Street
121A Avenue
121A Street
121B Avenue
121F - Walkway
122 Avenue
122 Street
122A Avenue
122A Street
122B Avenue
122B Street
123 Avenue
123 Street
123A Avenue
123A Street
123B Avenue
123B Street
124 Avenue
124 Street
124A Avenue
124A Street
124B Street
125 Street
125A Street
125B Street
126 Street
126A Street
126B Street
127 Street
127A Street
127B Street
128 Street
128A Street
128B Street
129 Avenue
129 Street
129A St.
129A Street
129B Street
12A Avenue
12B Avenue
12th Ave Dyke Trail
12th Avenue
12th Street
13 Avenue
130 Metrotown Station
130 Street
130A Street
130B Street
131 Street
131 Water Kitchen & Bar
131A Street
131B Street
132 Street
132 Street Diversion
132A Street
132B Street
133 Street
133A Street
133B Street
134 Street
134A Street
134B Street
135 Street
135A Street
135B Street
136 Street
136 Street - Bergstrom Road
136A Street
136B Street
137 Street
137A Street
137B Street
138 Street
138A Street
138B Street
139 Street
139 Street Fg West
139A Street
139B Street
13A Avenue
13B Avenue
13th Avenue
13th Street
14 Avenue
14 Avenue WEST
140 Street
140 Street Frontage East
140 Street Frontage West
140A Place
140A Street
140B Street
141 Avenue
141 Street
141A Street
141B Street
142 Street
142A Street
142B Street
143 Street
143A Street
143B Street
143C Street
144 Frtg Street
144 St Frontage road
144 Street
144A Street
144B Street
145 Street
145A Street
145B Street
146 Street
146A Street
146B Street
147 Street
147A Street
147B Street
148 Frontage Street
148 Street
148A Street
148B Street
149 Street
149A Street
149B Street
14A Avenue
14B Avenue
14th Avenue
14th Street
15 Avenue
15 West
150 Avenue
150 Street
150A Street
150B Street
151 Street
151A Street
151B Street
152 Frontage Road
152 Street
152 Street Frontage East
152 Street Frontage Road
152A Street
152B Street
153 Street
153A Street
153B Street
154 Street
154A Street
154B Street
155 Street
155A Street
155B Street
156 Street
156A Street
156B Street
157 Street
157A Street
157B Street
158 Street
158A Street
158B Street
159 Street
159A Street
159B Street
15A Avenue
15B Avenue
15th Avenue
15th Street
16 Avenue
16 Avenue - North Bluff Road
160 Street
160A Street
160B Street
161 Street
161A Street
161B Street
162 Street
162A St Access Trail
162A Street
162B Street
163 Street
163A Street
163B Street
164 St Access Trail
164 Street
164A Street
164B Street
165 Street
165A Street
165B Street
166 Street
166A Street
166B Street
166B street
166B Street
167 Street
167A Street
167B Street
168 Chadwick
168 Frtg Street
168 St Access Trail
168 Street
168A Street
168B Street
169 Street
169A Street
16A Avenue
16B Avenue
16th Avenue
16th Avenue Cafe
16th Street
17 Avenue
170 Street
170A Street
170B Street
171 Street
171A Street
172 Access
172 Street
172A Street
172B Street
173 Street
173A Place
173A Street
173B Street
174 Street
174A Street
174B Street
175 Street
175A Street
175B Street
176 Street
176 Street Frontage Road West
176A Street
177 Street
177A Street
177B Street
178 Street
178A Street
178B Street
179 Street
179A Street
17A Avenue
17B Avenue
17th Avenue
17th Street
17°C Dessert Café
18 Avenue
180 Street
180A Street
181 Street
181A Street
181B Street
182 Street
182A Street
182B Street
183 Street
183A Street
183B Street
184 Street
184A Street
184B Street
185 Street
185A Street
185B Street
186 Street
186A Street
187 Street
187A Street
187B Street
188 Street
188A Street
188B Street
189 Street
189A Street
189B Street
18A Avenue
18B Avenue
18th Avenue
18th Street
19 Avenue
190 Street
190A Street
190B Street
191 Street
1912 Mill Site
191A Street
191B Street
192 frontage road
192 Street
192 Street Diversion
192A Street
192B Street
193 Street
193A Street
193B Street
194 Street
194A Street
194B Street
195 Street
195A Street
195B Street
196 Street
196A Court
196A Street
196B Place
196B Street
196C Street
197 Street
197A Street
197B Street
198 Street
198A Street
198B Street
198C Street
199 Street
199A Street
19A Avenue
19B Avenue
19th Avenue
19th Street
1A Avenue
1st Avenue
1st Avenue Bakery
1st Street

2 Avenue
20 Avenue
2000 Collision
2000 Supermarket
2001 Flavors
2010 Olympic Flame
20A Avenue
20th Street
21 Avenue
21 Nautical Miles
215 Indian River
215 Phibbs Exchange
217.5 Arc x 13
21A Avenue
21B Avenue
21st Avenue
21st Street
22 Avenue
22 Downtown
22 Knight
22A Avenue
22B Avenue
22nd St Station Loop
22nd Street
23 Avenue
230 Lonsdale Quay
230 Upper Lonsdale
232 Phibbs Exchange
236 Grouse Mountain
236 Londsdale Quay
23A Avenue
23B Avenue
23rd Street
24 Avenue
24 Hr Collision Center
24 Train Express Noodle House
2400 Motel
241 Vancouver
247 Vancouver
24A Avenue
24th Street
25 Avenue
251 Queens / Park Royal
252 Inglewood / Park Royal
253 Caulfeild
253 Park Royal
255 Dundarave
256 Spuraway
256 Whitby Estates
25A Avenue
25th Street
26 Avenue
26A Avenue
26B Avenue
26th Crescent
26th Street
27 Avenue
27A Avenue
27B Avenue
27th Street
28 Ave
28 Avenue
28A Avenue
28B Avenue
28th Street
29 Avenue
29A Avenue
29th Avenue bus loop
29th Street
2A Avenue
2B Avenue
2nd Avenue
2nd Beach Workout Station
2nd Street

3 Avenue
3 Bears
3 Dogs Brewing
3 EXP Alterations
3 Quarters Full
30 Avenue
3070 Guildford Way
30A Avenue
30B Avenue
30B Street
30E - Utility ROW
30th Street
31 Avenue
31A Avenue
31B Avenue
31E - Utility ROW
31H - Utility ROW
31st Street
32 Avenue
32 Avenue Diversion
32 Books
32 Dunbar
32A Avenue
32B Avenue
33 Acres Brewing
33 Avenue
33 Brewing Experiment
33A Avenue
33B Avenue
34 Avenue
34 Street
34A Avenue
34B Avenue
35 Avenue
35A Avenue
36 Avenue
36A Avenue
36B Avenue
37 Avenue
37A Avenue
37B Avenue
38 Avenue
38A Avenue
38B Avenue
39 Avenue
39 Service Battalion
39A Avenue
3A Avenue
3G Vegetarian
3rd Avenue
3rd St - Spirit Trail Overpass
3rd Street
3rd Street East

4 Angels
4 Avenue
4 Brothers' Pizza
4 Stones Vegetarian Cuisine
40 Avenue
40 Street
401 Inn
40A Avenue
41 UBC (from Joyce Station)
41A Avenue
41B Street
41B Street Connector
42 Alma
42 Avenue
42A Avenue
42B Avenue
43 Avenue
43A Avenue
44 Avenue
44 Downtown
44 UBC
44A Avenue
44A Street
44B Avenue
45 Avenue
45 Street
45A Avenue
45A Street
45B Avenue
46 A Street
46 Avenue
46 Street
46A Avenue
46A Street
46B Street
47 A Street
47 Avenue
47 Street
47A Avenue
47A Street
48 Avenue
48 Street
48A Avenue
48A Street
48B Avenue
48B Street
49 Avenue
49 Street
498 Drake
49A Avenue
49B Avenue
49B Street
49th Parallel & Lucky's Doughnuts Cafe
49th Parallel Café & Lucky's Donuts
49th Parallel Café & Lucky's Doughnuts
4A Avenue
4Cats Arts Studio
4th Avenue
4th Street

5 Avenue
5 de mayo Mexican food
5 Tastes
50 Avenue
50 Street
50A Avenue
50A Street
50B Street
51 Avenue
51 Street
51A Street
51B Avenue
52 Avenue
52 Street
52A Avenue
52A Street
53 Avenue
53 Street
53A Avenue
53A Street
53B Avenue
54 Avenue
54 Street
54A Avenue
54A Street
54th Ave and Victoria Loop
54th Ave Cafe
55 Avenue
55 Street
55A Avenue
55A Street
55B Avenue
55B Street
56 Avenue
56 Avenue Frontage Road
56 Street
56A Ave
56A Avenue
56A Street
56B Avenue
57 Avenue
57 Street
57A Avenue
57A Street
57B Avenue
57B Street
58 Avenue
58 Street
58A Avenue
58A Street
58B Avenue
58B Street
59 Avenue
59 Street
59A Avenue
59A Street
59B Avenue
5A Auto Dealing
5B Avenue
5th Avenue
5th Horseman

6 Avenue
6 Degrees Eatery
6 Pack Indoor Beach
60 Avenue
60A Avenue
60A Street
60B Avenue
60B Street
61 Avenue
61 Street
61A Avenue
61B Avenue
62 Avenue
62 Street
62A Avenue
62B Avenue
62B Street
63 Avenue
63 Street
63A Avenue
63A Street
63B Avenue
63rd Ave and Granville Loop
64 Avenue
64 Street
64A Avenue
64B Avenue
64th Street underpass
65 Avenue
65A Avenue
65A Street
65B Avenue
65B Place
65B Street
66 Avenue
66 Street
66A Avenue
66A Street
66B Avenue
67 Avenue
67 Street
67A Avenue
67A Street
67B Avenue
68 Avenue
68 Street
68A Avenue
68B Avenue
69 Avenue
69A Avenue
69B Avenue
6A Avenue
6th Ave Bread & Deli
6th Avenue
6th Street

7 Avenue
7 Days Auto Centre
7 Seas Markwt
7-Seas Laundry
70 Avenue
70A Avenue
70B Avenue
71 Avenue
71A Avenue
71B Avenue
72 Avenue
72 Street
720 Sweets & Etc.
72A Avenue
72B Avenue
73 Avenue
73A Avenue
73B Avenue
74 Avenue
74A Avenue
74B Avenue
75 Avenue
75A Avenue
75B Avenue
76 Avenue
76 Street
76A Avenue
76B Avenue
77 Avenue
77A Avenue
77B Avenue
78 Avenue
786 Spice & Bazaar
78A Avenue
78B Avenue
79 Avenue
79A Avenue
79B Avenue
79th Avenue connector path
7A Avenue
7B Avenue
7Days Coffee
7Days Convenience Store
7th Avenue
7th Street

8 and a 1/2 Restaurant
8 Avenue
8 Avenue EAST
8 Avenue Frontage North
80 Avenue
80 Frtg Avenue
80 Street
8090 Fruit Parlour
80A Avenue
80B Avenue
81 Avenue
812 Cake & Deesert
81A Avenue
81B Avenue
82 Avenue
82 Street
82A Avenue
82B Avenue
83 Avenue
83A Avenue
83B Avenue
84 Ave Ravine Environmental Reserve
84 Avenue
84A Avenue
84B Avenue
85 Avenue
85A Avenue
85B Avenue
86 Avenue
86A Avenue
86A Street
86B Avenue
87 Avenue
87A Avenue
87B Avenue
88 Ave Frontage road
88 Avenue
88 Plus More
88 Street
88 Supermarket
88A Avenue
88th Street
89 Avenue
89A Avenue
89B Avenue
8A Avenue
8B Avenue
8th & Main
8th Avenue
8th Street
8X on the Park

9 Avenue
90 Avenue
90A Avenue
90B Avenue
91 Avenue
91A Avenue
91B Avenue
92 Avenue
92 Street
92A Avenue
92B Avenue
93 Avenue
93A Avenue
93B Avenue
94 Avenue
94A Avenue
95 Avenue
95A Avenue
96 Avenue
96 Avenue Connector
96 Street
96A Avenue
96B Avenue
97 Avenue
97A Avenue
97B Avenue
98 Avenue
98A Avenue
98B Avenue
99 Avenue
99 Bbq
99A Avenue
99B Avenue
9A Avenue
9th Avenue
9th Street

A & A Plaza
A & B
A & Y Automotive Ltd.
A Bread Affair
A Cut Above
A Flower Touch
A Log Lies On It
A Step Ahead Footwear
A Taste of India
A taste of Ukraine
A Taste of Vietnam
A Walk in the Woods
A&C Automotive
A&F Printing Ltd
A&L Market
A&S Laundry
A&W Restaurant
A-1 Cycle
A-1 Trade & Loan
A-Mack Radiators
A-maze-ing Laughter
A-Plus Dry Cleaners
A1 Coffee & Donuts
A1 Precision Auto Body
AA Plus Restaurant
A.A.A. Pawnbrokers
AAA Restaurant
AAMCO Transmissions
Aaron's Automotive
Abandoned Road
Abandoned Truck
Abasa Optical
Abbey Avenue
Abbey Drive
Abbey Lane
Abbie's Sports Shop
Abbotsford Street
Abbott Coin Laundry & Dry Cleaning
Abbott Street
ABC Dollar and Gifts
A.B.C. Jewelery & Loan
Abdul Ladha Science Student Centre
Abdul's BBQ
Abercorn Inn Vancouver Airport
Abercrombie Drive
Abercrombie Place
Aberdeen Avenue
Aberdeen Centre
Aberdeen Square
Aberdeen Street
Able Auctions
Aboriginal Training and Employment Cooperative
Abraham's Metaphysical Books
Abruzzo Capuccino Bar
Absolute Spa & Salon YVR Vancouver Airport
Absolute Spa At YVR
Acacia Avenue
Academy Climb
Academy Trail
Academy Trail Bike Route
Acadia Beach
Acadia Circle
Acadia Community Centre
Acadia Faculty Row Housing
Acadia Hi Rise
Acadia House
Acadia Park Lane
Acadia Park Residences
Acadia Road
A.C.C. Jewelers
Accacia Avenue
Accelerator & Experimental Building
Accell Auto Glass Ltd
Accent Inns Burnaby
Accent Inns Vancouver Airport
Access to Raven Ridge
Accurate Lock Safe & Alarm Co.
Ace Computers
Ace Cycles
Ace Hardware
Ace High
Ace Optical
Acheson Road
Ackery's Alley
Acklands Granger
Ackroyd Road
Acorn Avenue
Acoustic Anvil: A Small Weight to Forge the Sea
Acropol Taverna
Action BMX
Active Baby
Active Fire & Safety
Adair Avenue
Adair Street
Adam's crepes
Adams Lane
Adams Place
Adams Road Elementary School
Adanac Lodge
Adanac Street
Adderley Street
Addington Lookout
Addington Point
Addis Cafe
Addison Street
Addition Elle
Adelaide Road
Adera Street
Adidas Outlet
Adiron Avenue
Adiron Court
Adler Avenue
Adlington Court
Administration Building
Admiral Boulevard
Admiral Court
Admiral Lane
Admiral Seymour Elementary School
Admiral Way
Admiralty Point Trail
Admiralty Trail
Adria Import Car Service
Advent Road
Aedis Appraisals
Aegean Crescent
AER Cafe
Affinity Auto
AFG Kabul Bakery
Afghan Horsemen Restaurant
Afghan Kitchen
Afghan Turkish Cuisine
Afro Hair Studio
Afton Drive
Afton Lane
Afuri Ramen + Dumpling
Agar Drive
Agar Street
Agassiz Court
Agate Place
Agnes Street
Agra Sweets & Restaurant
Agra Tandoori Restaurant
Agricultural Road
Agronomy Road
Ah Reum Da Woon Presbyterian Church
A.H.P Matthew Elementary
AIDS Memorial
Ailsa Avenue
Ailsa Crescent
Ailsa Spray Park
Ainsworth Crescent
Ainsworth Place
Aintree Crescent
Aintree Drive
Aintree Place
Air Canada
Air Canada Cargo
Air Canada Operations Centre
Air Management Facility
Air North Cargo
Air Plus
Air Supply
Aire Crescent
Airey Drive
Airlie Court
Airlynn Place
Airport Fabricare Cleaners
Airport Luggage & Shoe Repair
Airport Road
Airport Road South
Airport Station
Airport Way
Airside Boulevard
Airside Operations
Airside Service Road
Aisne Street
A.J. Brooks
AJ Graphics Printing & Copying
A.J. McLellan Elementary School
Aji Kura
Ajisai Sushi Bar
Ajishou Japanese Cuisine
Akal Diesel
Akasaka Japanese Restaurant
Al & Jan's Fish & Chips
Al Baraka Convenience Store & Halal Meat
Al Basha
Al Hogg Pavilion
Al Salam Halal Meat
Al's Smoke Shop
Al-Madina General Store
Aladdin Cafe
Alama Avenue
Alamein Avenue
Alanmore Place
Alaska Street
Alaska Way
Alberello Pizzeria
Alberni Street
Albert Crescent
Albert Street
Alberta Road
Alberta Street
Alberta Way
Albertan Street
Alberto Pharmacy
Alberto's Unisex Hair Design
Albery Place
Albion Books
Albion Drive
Albion Road
Albion Way
Alburz Smoke
Alden Lane
Alder Auto Parts
Alder Bay Court
Alder Court
Alder Crossing
Alder Drive
Alder Place
Alder Street
Alder Street East
Alder Street West
Alder Way
Alder-grove Trail
Alderbridge Way
Alderbrook Place
Aldercrest Drive
Alderfeild Place
Alderlynn Drive
Alderside Road
Alderson Avenue
Alderson Elementary
Alderwood Avenue
Alderwood Crescent
Alderwood Lane
Alderwood Place
Aldford Avenue
Aldo Accessories
Aldous Court
Aldrich Road
Aldrin Place
Aldyen Hamber House
Alec's Automotive Machine Shop
Alenka European Foods
Alex Fraser Bridge
Alexander Bay
Alexander Road
Alexander Street
Alexander Street Bikeway
Alexandra Road
Alexandra Street
Alexandria Crescent
Alexis Court
Alfred Howe Greenway
Alfred Howe Greenway Path
Algoma Drive
Algonquin Drive
Algonquin Mews
Ali & Baba
Ali Baba Pizza
Ali Shan
Alia N Tanjay
Alibi Room
Alice + Ellis
Alice Lake Place
Alice Street
Aling Mary's Filippino Store
Aling Mary's Store
Alison Boutique
All About Hair
All About Pho
All Basha
All Beauty Spa
All Budget Computers
All Canadians for Accepting People From Every Walk of Life
All India Sweets & Restaurant
All Pro Auto Service
All Saints
All Saints Anglican Church
All Saints Ladner Anglican Church

all weather field

All Write Insurance
All4One Barbershop
Allan Kardec Vancouver Society
Allan Road
Allandale Avenue
Allard Sand and Gravel
Allard School of Law
Allard Street
Allen Drive
Allen Street
Allen Way
Alliance Collision Repairs
Alliance Drive
Alliance Wellness
Allison Court
Allison Place
Allison Road
Allison Street
Allman Street
Alma Beach Manor
Alma Street
Almas Food Store
Almond Place
Almondel Court
Almondel Place
Almondel Road
Aloe Massage Therapy
Aloha Cleaners
Aloha Drive
Alouette Boulevard
Alouette Court
Alouette Drive
Alouette Place
Alpen Place
Alpha Avenue
Alpha Delta Phi
Alpha Drive
Alpha Secondary School
Alpha Way
Alpine Court
Alpine Drive
Alpine Lane
Alpine Place
Alpine Start Outfitters
Alpine Trail
Alta Court
Alta Lake Place
Altair Place
Altamont Crescent
Altamont Place
Alton Place
Altona Place
Altringham Court
Alumni Building
Alvin Garden
Alvin Narod Mews
Alvis Court
Always Discount Boots & Shoes
Amaguru African Hair Gallery
Amani Tropical Store
Amato Gelato & Cafè
Amay's House
Amazing Appliances
Amazing Florals
Amazing Touch
Amazon Court
Amazon Drive
Amazon Street
Ambassador Hotel
Amber Court
Amberly Place
Amberwood Place
Amble Greene Boulevard
Amble Greene Close
Amble Greene Court
Amble Greene Drive
Amble Greene Place
Amble Wood Drive
Ambleside Close
Ambleside Lane
Ambleside Post Office
Amelia Cafe
Amelia Restaurant
Amenity Building
American Backpackers Hostel
American Eagle Outfitters
Amess Street
Amethyst Avenue
Amethyst Creations
Amherst Avenue
Amherst Hospital and Nursing Home
Amica of Edgemont Village
Amici Restaurant
Amigo Restaurant
Aminehs Hair Salon
Amundsen Place
AMV Limited Denture Clinic
Amyl Way
An Indian Affair
Anahim Drive
Anatoli Souvlaki
Ancaster Crescent
Anchor Baptish Church
Anchor Place
Anchor Point Montesorri
Andamiro Korean Bistro
Anderson Cabin
Anderson Crescent
Anderson Place
Anderson Road
Anderson Street
Anderson Street Stairs
Anderson Way
Anderson's Pharmacy
Andi's Auto Body & Repairs
Andina Brewing
Andina Tasting Lounge
Andover Crescent
Andover Place
Andrew Sheret Limited
Andrews on 8th
Andrews Road
Andy Livingstone Field
Andy Slobodian Memorial
Angel Cafe
Angel of Victory
Angel's Kisses
Angela Drive
Angela Fashions
Angelina's Restaurant
Angelo Avenue
Angkor Restaurant
Angkor Wat Tattoo
Anglers Place
Anglesea Drive
Angus Bakery & Cafe
Angus Drive
Angus Place
Anh And Chi
Anim Hair & Beauty Studio
Anita Court
Anita Drive
Anmore Creek Way
Anmore Grocery
Anmore Village Hall
Ann Louise
Ann Street
Anna's Cake House
Annacis Channel Bridge
Annacis Channel West Bridge
Annacis Island Pawnbrokers Pawn Shop
Annacis Island Swing Bridge
Annacis Parkway
Annance Court
Annandale Lane
Annapolis Place
Anne MacDonald Way
Annieville Elementary
Annieville Place
Anola Drive
Another Beer Co Tasting Room
Anson Avenue
Anthony Court
Anton's Pasta Bar
Antrim Avenue
Antrim Road
Antwerp Lane
Anvil Court
Anvil Crescent
Anvil Green
Anvil Way
Anya Hair Stylist
Anza Club
Anzio Drive
Apaloosa Place
Apel Drive
Aperture Coffee Bar
Apex Avenue
Apex Liquor Shop
Apex Place
Aphrodite's Organic Cafe
Apna Chaat House
Apollo Hobbies
Apollo Pizza + Pasta
Appian Way
Appin Road
Apple Farm Market
Apple Lane
Apple Store
Appledale Place
Applehill Crescent
Applewood Lane
Applewood Nissan Richmond
Appleyard Court
Applied Science Lane
Applied Science Technologists and Technicians of British Columbia
April Road
Aqua at the Park
Aqua Drive
Aquariums West
Aquarius Drive
Aquarius Mews
Aquatic Ecosystems Research Laboratory
Aquila Road
Aquitania Place
A.R. MacNeill Secondary School
ARA Professional Travel & Support Inc.
Aragon Road
Ararat Carpets
Arbor Avenue
Arbor Street
Arborlynn Drive
Arbour Place
Arbour Place Environmental Reserve
Arbroath Street
Arbury Avenue
Arbutus Club
Arbutus Coffee
Arbutus Diversion
Arbutus Florist
Arbutus Greenway
Arbutus House
Arbutus Kids World
Arbutus Knoll
Arbutus Place
Arbutus Ridge
Arbutus Road
Arbutus Street
Arbutus Trail
Arbutus Wynd
Arcadia Road
Archbishop Carney Regional Secondary School
Archer Lane
Archer Street
Archibald Blair Elementary School
Archibald Road
Archimedes Street
Archworth Avenue
Arcola Street
Arcola Way
Arctic Canadian Diamond
Arctic Fame Diamonds
Arden Avenue
Ardingley Avenue
Argentia Drive
Argo Cafe
Argo Greek
Argo Place
Argue Street
Argyle Avenue
Argyle Drive
Argyle Road
Argyle Street
Argyll House East
Argyll House West
Ariel operations
Aries beuty salon
Aries Place
Arirang Korean Hot Pot
Arline's Gifts & Cards
Arlington Crescent
Arlington Street
Armada Street
Armani Exchange
Armani Outlet
Armour Court
Armstrong Avenue
Armstrong Street
Army & Navy Department Store
Army and Navy
Aroma Euro Deli
Aroma Indian Restaurant
Arpe Crescent
Arpe Road
Arran Place
Arrow Lane
Arrow Street
Arrow-Wood Close
Arrow-Wood Place
Arrowsmith Drive
Arrowsmith Place
Arroyo Court
Art Gallery Cafe
Art Nail & Hair Salon
Art Ryan
Art Works Studio
Artesian Trail
Arthritis Center
Arthur Avenue
Arthur Drive
Arthur Erickson Place
Arthur Laing Bridge
Arthur Lord Field
Arthur Mews
Arthur Murray White Rock
Arthur Place
Artificial Turf Field
Artisan Sake Maker
Artistry Coffee Shop & Bistro
Arts Road
Artwork Optical
Arundel Lane
Arundel Road
Arvida Drive
Arvida Gate
Arvin Court
ASA Sushi
Asa Sushi
Asaka Ramen/TMix Bubble Tea & Dessert Bar
Asbeck Lane
Ascot Place
Ascot Street
Ascott Wynde
Ash Crescent
Ash Grove Crescent
Ash Market
Ash Street
Ashbrook Court
Ashbrook Place
Ashburn Street
Ashbury Lane
Ashbury Place
Ashby House
Ashby Place
Ashcroft Avenue
Ashdown Gardens
Ashdown Place
Ashfeild Road
Ashford Place
Ashiana Tandoori
Ashley Close
Ashley Court
Ashley Green
Ashley Grove Court
Ashley Home Store
Ashley Street
Ashurst Avenue
Ashwood Drive
Ashwood Gate
Ashworth Avenue
Ashworth Place
Asia Market
Asian Adonis
Asian Centre
Asian Jazz
Asian Spice
Ask for Luigi
Askara Goldsmith
Aspen Avenue
Aspen Bay
Aspen Court
Aspen Crescent
Aspen Drive
Aspen Place
Aspen Street
Aspen Way
Aspenwood Drive
Aspenwood Elementary School
Aspenwood Place
Aspin Court
Aspin Drive
Aspin Place
Assembly Way
Assi Market
Assiniboine Street
Aster Court
Aster Road
Astor Drive
Astoria Hotel
AT Music
At The Beach Retreat
Atex Designer Fabrics
Athabasca Drive
Athabaska Street
Athlete's Village Housing Co-operative
Athletes Walk
Athletes Way
Athlone Street
Atkins Avenue
Atkins Street
Atlantic Avenue
Atlantic Street
Atlantis day spa
Atlee Avenue
Atlin Place
Atlin Street
Atrium Inn
Attic Treasures
Au Comptoir
Au Petit Café
Aubade Coffee
Aubeneau Crescent
Aubrey Place
Aubrey School
Aubrey Street
Auburn Drive
Auburn Place
Auckland Street
Audain Art Center
Audi Richmond
Audi Service Downtown Vancouver
Audi VW
Auditorium Annex Offices
Audley Boulevard
Audrey Drive
August Drive
Augusta Avenue
Augusta Place
Augusta Street
Aunt Leah's Thrift Store
Aura 1
Aura at Sets Salon Spa
Aura Townhomes
Aurifex Jewellers
Aurora Automotive
Aurora Connector
Aurora Court
Aurora Road
Austin Automotive
Austin Avenue
Austin Fish and Chips
Austin Grill
Austin Heights
Austin Heights Diner
Austin Road
Austin Station Liquor Store
Austin Trail
Australian Boot Company
Austrey Avenue
Austria Vancouver Club
Authentic Rugs & Art
Auto Repairs R Wee
Auto World
Autoglass & Upholstery
Automall Drive
Autotech Alignment
Autowest Autobody & Glass
Avalon Avenue
Avalon Drive
Avalon Place
Avalon Salon
Avalon Surrey Funeral Home & Cremation Centre
Avant Garde
Aveda Institute
Avery Avenue
Avi Pizza
Aviation Avenue
Avison Trail
Avison Way
Avolon Dairy
Avon Place
Avondale Avenue
Avondale Street
Avonlynn Crescent
Awesome Nails & Spa
AX Armani
Axford Bay
Axum Ethiopian Restaurant
Ayleslynn Drive
Ayling Street
Aylmer Road
Ayr Avenue
Ayr Drive
Ayshire Drive
Az-Zahraa Islamic Centre
Azalea Place
Aztec Street
Azura Two
Azure Boulevard
Azure Court
Azure Gate
Azure Road

B Street
B U N S + B O B A
B&D Autobody & Glass
Ba Le Deli & Bakery
BA LE Deli & sandwiches
Ba Le Sandwich Shop
Ba Shu
Baaad Anna's
Baba Sweets & Restaurant
Baba Sweets & Shivalik Restaurant
Babcock Place
Baby Square
Babylon Cafe
Bach Avenue
Baci Ristorante
Back and Forth Bar
Back Forty
Backyard Bird Centre
Baden Powell Pipeline Crossing
Baden Powell Trail
Badge Room
Badger Place
Badger Road
Badger Steps
Baffin Court
Baffin Drive
Baffin Place
Baghdad Amir
Baghdad Cafe
Baguette cafe
Bahn Shop
Bahr Lane
Baik Mi Korean Restaurant
Bailey Court
Bailey Crescent
Bailey Nelson
Baillie Street
Bainbridge Avenue
Baird Road
Bairdmore Crescent
Baitur Rahman Mosque
Baiyulan Shanghai Cuisine
Baker & Table
Baker Drive
Baker Drive Elementary School
Baker Place
Baker Road
Baker View Street
Bakerview Bay
Bakerview Drive
Bakery 101
Bakery Sate
Balaclava Park Fieldhouse
Balaclava Street
Balbirnie Boulevard
Balboa Court
Baldi Creek Trail
Baldwin Street
Balfour Avenue
Balfour Drive
Bali Thai
Balkan Street
Ball Breakers Billiards & Bistro
Ballantrae Court
Ballantree Place
Ballantree Road
Ballantree Trail
Ballard Avenue
Ballenas Court
Balloch Drive
Balloon Picnic Area
Balloon Trial
Ballyhoo Public House
Balmoral Avenue
Balmoral Drive
Balmoral Place
Balmoral Street
Balsam Comfort Station
Balsam Crescent
Balsam Place
Balsam Street
Baltic Street
BAM Auto Collision
Bamberton Crescent
Bamberton Drive
Bamboo Cafe
Bamboo Garden
Bamfield Drive
Bamfield Gate
Banana Grove Market & Deli
Banana Lab
Banana Leaf
Banana Leaf on Broadway
Banana Republic
Banana Republic Factory Store
Banbury Avenue
Banbury Road
Banderas Bay
Bandidas Taqueria
Banff Avenue
Banff Court
Banfield Pavilion
Bangkok City Cafe
Banh Mi Saigon
Banh Mi Timon
Bánh Mì Très Bon
Bank of China (Canada)
Bank of Montreal
Bank Of Montreal
Bank of Montreal
Bank Street
Banner King
Banner Place
Banque Nacionale Canada
Bansal & Sons Diesel Automotive Ltd
Banshan BBQ Restaurant
Banting Place
Banting Street
Banyen Books
Banzai Hair Studio
Banzai Sushi House
Bao Bakery
Bao Bei
Bao Chau
Bao Down
Bao Down on The Drive
Baoguette Vietnamese Bistro
Barbara-Jo's Books To Cooks
Barbell Place
Barber & C
Barber & Co
Barber Lane
Barber Street
Barberry Drive
Barberry Place
Barcelo's Flame Grilled Chicken
Barcelos Flame Grilled Chicken
Barclay Court
Barclay Hotel
Barclay Manor
Barclay Sales
Barclay Street
Barcley Heritage Square - Broughton at Haro Entrance
Bard On The Beach (Summer Only)
Bare Essentials
Bare Wax Sugaring Bar
Barefoot Contessa
Bargen Drive
Barista Cafe
Barkentine Place
Barker Avenue
Barker Crescent
Barker Street
Barkerville Court
Barking Babies
Barkley Drive
Barkley Place
Barlynn Crescent
Barmond Avenue
Barmston Place
Barnard Drive
Barnard Place
Barnard Street
Barnes Drive
Barnes Road
Barnet Highway
Barnet Road
Barnet Service Road
Barnet Trail
Barnham Place
Barnham Road
Barnston Drive East
Barnston Drive West
Barnston Island Ferry
Barnston View Road
Baron Place
Baroness Bubble Tea
Barred Owl Path
Barrie Avenue
Barrow Street
Barrymore Drive
Bartlett Avenue
Bartlett Court
Bartlett Lane
Barton Point
Baseball diamond
Bashuk Place
Basil Box
Basil Garden Pho
Basil Pasta Bar
Basran Avenue
Bass Pro Shops
Bassett Place
Bassett Road
Batchelor Bay Place
Bate Avenue
Bates Road
Bath & Body Works
Bath House Roof
Bath Road
Bath Slough Trail
Bath Studio
Bathgate Way
Batten Hardware
Batteries Included
Batting Cage
Battison Street
Battistoni Place
Bau-xi Gallery
Bauer Street
Baxter Place
Bay 1
Bay 2
Bay 3
Bay Market
Bay Mill Road
Bay Moorings - Horseshoe Bay
Bay Pharmacy
Bay Street
Bay Street Stairs
Bay Sushi
Bay Sushi Cafe
Bayard Place
Bayberry Park
Baycrest Avenue
Baycrest Drive
Baydala Court
Baynes Road
Bayon Automotive
Bayridge Avenue
Bayridge Court
Bayridge Crescent
Bayridge Elementary
Bayridge Place
Bayshore Bicycles
Bayshore Drive
Bayshore Easy Drive
Bayshore Tower
Bayside Auto Sales
Bayside Furniture
Bayside Lounge
Bayswater Avenue
Bayswater Court
Bayswater Street
Baytree Court
Bayview Community School
Bayview Convenience
Bayview Drive
Bayview Place
Bayview Square
Bayview Street
BB Auto Sales
B.C. Automatic Transmissions
B.C. Binning Studios
BC Cancer Agency
BC Cancer Research Centre
BC Ferries - Current Conditions
BC Fireplace
BC Golf Museum and Hall of Fame
BC Government and Service Employees' Union
BC Hair & Spa
B.C. Hydro
BC Hydro
B.C. Hydro Building
BC Hydro Edmonds
BC Hydro Grandview Substation
BC Hydro Operations Facility – Horne Payne
BC Lions Business/Football Operations
BC Lions Surrey Practice Facility
BC Liquor
BC Liquor Control Building
BC Liquor Store
BC Liquor Stores
BC Marijuana Party Bookstore
BC Mills House
BC Muslim School
BC Parkway
BC Place
BC Produce
BC Provincial Court
B.C. Rentals
BC Research Inc
BC SPCA Thrift Store
Bc Sportzone
BC Stamp Works
BC Tel
BC Tires
BC's Best Coffee
BCAA Building
BCIT Security
BCMC Trail
BCTFA Building
Be Fresh Market
Be Fresh Market/Cafe
Be' wiched
Beach Avenue
Beach Court
Beach Crescent
Beach Grove Elementary
Beach Grove Golf and Country Club
Beach Grove Place
Beach Grove Road
Beach House Restaurant
Beach House Tanning & Swimwear
Beach Tower

beach view access

Beachview Avenue
Beachview Drive
Beacon Drive
Beacon Lane
Beacon Lane Trail
Beaconsfield Road
Beadnell Court
Beagle Court
Beamish Court
Bean Around The World
Bean Around the World
Bean Around The World
Bean Around the World
Bean Around The World Coffees
Bean Banh Mi
Bean Brothers Cafe Bistro
Beans on Lonsdale Inc
Bear Claw Trail
Bear Creek Community Church
Bear Creek Drive
Bear Creek Greenway
Bear Creek Park Access
Bear Lane
Bear Trail
Bearcroft Drive
Beard Papa
Beard Papa's
Beat Street Records
Beatrice Street
Beatrice Street Lane
Beatty Street
Beatty Street Armoury
Beatty Walk
Beaty Biodiversity Centre and Museum
Beau Photo
Beau photo supplies
Beaufort Landing
Beaufort Place
Beaufort Road
Beaulynn Place
Beaumaris Close
Beaumont Drive
Beauty Bar
Beauty Court
Beauty Green
Beauty Leader
Beaver Creek Elementary
Beaver Drive
Beaver Lake Trail
Beaver Lake Viewpoint
Beaver Road
Beaver Tails
Beaver Trail
Beaverbrook Crescent
Beaverbrook Drive
Beckett Road
Beckman Place
Beckwith Road
Bed Bath & Beyond
Bedard Crescent
Bedford Court
Bedford Drive
Bedford Street
Bedingfield Street
Bedwell Bay Road
Beech Street
Beecham Road
Beechcliffe Drive
Beecher Place
Beecher Street
Beechwood Avenue
Beechwood Court
Beechwood Crescent
Beechwood Street
Beedie Drive
Beedie Place
Beedie Road
Beedie Street
Beefway Meats
Beer and Wine
Beere Brewing
Beere Brewing Tasting Room
Befriend Your Inner Demon
Begbie Street
Begbie Terrace
Begg Street
Begin Street
Beharrell Drainage Pump Station
Beijiang Restaurant
Beijing Hot Pot
Beijing Noodle House
Beira Mar Importers
Belair Crescent
Belair Drive
Belcarra Bay Road
Belcarra Bay Trail
Belcarra Drive
Belcarra Municipal Hall
Belcarra Picnic Area
Belden Road
Belfast Street
Belfriar Drive
Belgard Kitchen
Belgian Fries
Belgrave Avenue
Belgrave Way
Belkin Art Gallery
Belkin House
Bell & Burnaby Funeral Chapel
Bell - Oakridge Centre
Bell Avenue
Bell Irving Road
Bell Mobility
Bell Mobility - TD Canada Trust Tower Branch
Bell Park
Bell Park Terrace
Bell Performing Arts Centre
Bell Road
Bella Gelateria
Bella Pizza
Bella Vista Street
Bella Vita
Bellaggio Café & Gelateria
Bellagio's Gelato
Belle Isle Place
Belle Place
Bellelynn Place
Belleville Avenue
Belleville Street
Bellevue Avenue
Bellevue Crescent
Bellevue Drive
Bellflower Court
Bellflower Drive
Bello Wedding World
Belloc Street
Bells And Whistles
Bellson Lighting
Bellwood Avenue
Bell’s Dry Goods
Belmont at Southlands
Belmont Avenue
Belmont Cafe
Belmont Market
Belmont Smoke & Gifts
Belmont Street
Below The Belt
Below the Belt
Belvedere Court
Belvedere Drive
Belvista Crescent
Belyea Street
Ben & Jerry's Trail
Ben Hair Salon
Ben Moss
Ben Nevis Crescent
Ben's Market
Benbow Road
Bend Court
Bendale Place
Bendale Road
Bene Sushi
Bengali Indian
Benjamin Moore
Benkei Ramen
Benneck Way
Bennet Drive
Bennett Road
Bennett Street
Bennie Place
Benson Drive
Bent Court
Bentall 5
Bentall Pharmacy
Bentall Street
Bentinck Place
Bentley Court
Bentley Crescent
Bentley Drive
Bentley Lane
Bentley Place
Bentley Road
Bentley Street
Berea Baptist Church
Beresford Avenue
Beresford Street
Berezan Liquor Store - Langley
Berg Road
Beridale Court
Bering Avenue
Berkeley Place
Berkeley Street
Berkley Avenue
Berkley Place
Berkley Road
Berkley Street
Berkshire Crescent
Berkshire Park Elementary
Berm Trail
Bermon Place
Bermuda Auto Glass
Bernard Place
Bernatchey Street
Bernie Beauty Salon
Bernie Legge Theatre
Berries and blue vines
Berry Road
Berry Street
Bert Flinn Loop Trail
Bert's Automotive
Berth 1 - Foot Access
Berth 1 approach
Berth 2 - Foot Access
Berth 2 approach
Berth 3 - Foot Access
Berth 3 approach
Berth 4 approach
Berth 5 approach
Berths 1 and 2 - Foot Access
Berton Avenue
Berton Place
Berwick Court
Berwick Memorial Centre
Berwick Street
Bessborough Armoury -- 15 BC Field Regiment (RCA)
Bessborough Drive
Best Bite Donair
Best Burrito
Best Buy
Best Buy Canada
Best Buy Kiosk
Best Buy Mobile
Best Court
Best Falafel
Best Foods Grocery
Best Neighbors
Best Noodle
Best Quality Sweets & Restaurant
Best Street
Best Sushi N Kitchen
Best Van Motors
Best Western Chelsea Inn
Best Western Peace Arch Inn
Best Western Plus Kings Inn
Best Western Plus Sands Hotel
Best Western Plus Uptown
Bestway Autobody
Beta Avenue
Beta Theta Pi UBC
Beth Street
Beth Tikvah Congregation
Bethany Baptist Church
Bethany Indonesian Church
Bethel Chinese Christian M.B. Church
Bethel International Church
Bethlehem Lutherian Church
Better Bakes & Eat‘s
Betty Huff Elementary
Bevan Street
Beverley Crescent
Beverly Crescent
Beverly Drive
Beverly Place
Bewicke Avenue
Beyond Coffee
BG Urban Cafe
Bharat Parmar Restaurant
Bianca Amor's Liquidation Supercentre
Bibi's Kitchen
BiBo Italian Restaurant
Bicycle Sports Pacific
Biddesden Place
Bide Awhile Bay
Bidwell Street
Big 6
Big Bad Wolf
Big Bang Sushi
Big Bend
Big Bowl Rice
Big Boy Tyme
Big Bro's Barbershop
Big C Sari-Sari Store at iba pa
Big chicken town
Big Crazy Supermarket
Big Feet Reflexology
Big G
Big G Large Fried Chicken
Big O Tires
Big Orange
Big Pete's Comics and Collectible
Big Ridge Brewing
Big Ridge Brewing Company
Big Ridge Liquor Store
Big Rock Beer Shop
Big Rock Brewery
Big Rock Café
Big Rock Urban Eatery
Big Splash Waterpark
Big Star Sandwich Co.
Bigfood Industrial
Bigger Real Estate
Bighorn Place
Bigleaf Court
Bignall Bay
Bike Clinic
Bike Doctor
Bike Park
Bike Path
Bike Polo Courts
Bike Pumptrack
Bike Shop
Bike Terrain Park
Bikes and Blades
Bikes For All
Bill Fox Way
Bill Reid Gallery of Northwest Coast Art
Billie's Barber Shop
Billies Barbershop
Biltmore Cabaret
Bima Villa
Bimini's Private Liquor Store
Bin 4 Burger Lounge
Bin 942
Binding Spirit
Bing & Noodle World
Binh Minh
Binnie Lane
Binning Lane
Binning Road
Biodiversity Sign Boardwalk
Bioenergy Research & Demonstration Facility
Biological Science Road
Biological Sciences Road
Biomedical Research Centre
Birch Avenue
Birch Bay
Birch Crescent
Birch East
Birch Grove Place
Birch Place
Birch Springs Lane
Birch Street
Birch Trail
Birch Walk
Birch West
Birch Wynde
Birchbrook Place
Birchfeild Place
Birchland Avenue
Birchland Elementary
Birchland Manor
Birchlynn Place
Birchtree Grove
Birchwood Crescent
Birchwood Place
Bird Museum
Bird on a Wire
Bird Road
Birdies & Buckets Family Golf Centre
Birkdale Place
Birkshire Place
Birney Avenue
Birney Place
Bishop Place
Bishop Road
Bishops Reach
Bison Place
Bisou Hair Salon
Bissett Drive
Bissett Place
Bistro Sakana
Bistro Verde
Bittern Court
Biz Net Canada
BJS Korean restaurant
BK Auto Sales
Black & Lee
Black & McDonald
Black Bear Way
Black Bond
Black Bond Books
Black Dog
Black Dog Video
Black Eagle canoe
Black Forest Delicatessen
Black Goat Cashmere
Black Kettle Tasting Lounge
Black Mountain Trail
Black Rice Izakaya
Black Rook Bakehouse
BlackBall Taiwanese Dessert
Blackbear Court
Blackberry Drive
Blackbird Crescent
Blackburn Avenue
Blackburn Crescent
Blackfish Marine
Blackford Street
Blackhawk Place
Blackie Lane
Blackie Spit
Blackie Street
Blackley Street
Blackman Street
Blacksmith Place
Blackstock Road
Blackwater Place
Blackwood Lane
Blackwood Street
Blaine Avenue
Blaine Court
Blaine Drive
Blaine Place
Blair Avenue
Blair Drive
Blair Range Trail
Blairview Avenue
Blake Drive
Blake Place
Blake Street
Blakeburn Elementary School
Blakely Road
Blanca Loop
Blanca Street
Blanche Street
Blaney Crescent
Blaney Drive
Blaney Way
Blanshard Drive
Blantyre Avenue
Blantyre Place
Blarney Stone
Blaydon Court
Blazing Flame
Blazing Sushi
Blend Bubble Tea
Blenheim Street
Blenz Coffee
Blessings Evangelical Bible Church
Blind Skier

blink beauty bar

Blink Bonnie Road
Bliss Salon
Bloomfield Place
Blossom Bay
Blossom Dim Sum & Grill
Blossom Market
Blossom's Framing & Art Supplies
Blow Dry Bar
Blowfish Sushi
Blu Hotel
Blue Angels
Blue Bay Thrft Buy & Sell
Blue Bug
Blue Grouse Way
Blue Heron Crescent
Blue Heron Drive
Blue Horizon Hotel
Blue House Market and Cafe
Blue Jay Crescent
Blue Jay Place
Blue Line
Blue Lotus Art Gallery
Blue Moon Nails
Blue Mountain
Blue Mountain Baptist Church
Blue Mountain Street
Blue Pacific Yacht Charters
Blue Parrot Coffee
Blue Pine Enterprises Ltd.
Blue Ruby
Blue Seas Fish Market
Blue Sky
Blue Sky Clothing
Blue Sky Coin Laundry
Blue Sky Japanese Bistro Ltd
Blue Star Motors
Blue Top Auto / Mighty Tune and Brake
Blue Water Cafe + raw bar
Blue Water Spa
Bluebell Avenue
Bluebell Drive
Blueberry Lane
Bluebird Crescent
Bluebonnet Road
Bluegrouse Place
Blueridge Avenue
Blueridge Pump Station
Blueshore Financial
BlueShore Financial
Blueshore Financial
Blueshore Financial Centre for the Performing Arts
Bluff Drive
Bluff Way
Blundell Elementary School Playground
Blundell Park Bike Path
Blundell Park Caretaker's Building
Blundell Road
Blushing Boutique
Blusson Spinal Cord Centre
Blythwood Drive
BMO Bank of Montreal
BMO Theatre Centre
Bo Laksa King's Bubbles & Bits
Bo Wah
Boaguette Vietnamese Bistro
Boarder Labs & Cal Streets
Boardwalk over water
Boat Ramp
Boatlift Lane
Bob Featherstone Strawberries
Bob Likes Thai Food
Bob Prittie Metrotown Library
Bob The Salon
Boba Boy
Boba Essence
Boba Monster
Bobcat Place
Bobii Frutii
Bobo's Philosophy
Bobolink Avenue
Bodwell High School
Bodwell Rectifier Station
Body Energy Club
Body Jewlz
Body Nutrition
Boeing Avenue
Boemma Euro Foods & Deli
Bog Forest Trail
Bog Greenway Trail
Bogger Lane
Bognor Street
Bogo Korean Kitchen
Bohemia Gallery Inc.
Boileau Street
Boiler House
Boiling Point
Bold Hair Design
Bole Court
Bole Street
Bolivar Crescent
Bolivar Road
Bombay Brow Bar
Bombay Joe's
Bomber Brewing
Bomber Tasting Room
Bon Accord Bridge
Bon Accord Greenway
Bon Cafe
Bon's Off Broadway
Bona Vista
Bonaccord Drive
Bonaccord Elementary
Bonacord Apartments
Bonavista Drive
Bonavista Gate
Bonavista Place
Bond Boulevard
Bond Mechanical
Bond Street
Bone Creek SAR Station
Bones Pet Stores
Bonita Drive
Bonneville Place
Bonnie Bay Place
Bonny Bay
Bonnymuir Drive
Bonnymuir Place
Bonnyvale Avenue
Bonsai Street
Bonson Road
Bonson Street
Bonsor 55+ Centre
Bonsor Avenue
Bonsor Recreation Centre
Boogie Man
Book Kyung Ban Jeoun & BK Karaoke
Book Warehouse
Boomers Sport Grill
Boomstick Lane
Booster Juice
Booth Avenue
Booth Creek Forest Trail
Booth Creek Trail
Booth Road
Booth Wireless
Boothroyd Heritage Coffee
Borden Street
Borham Crescent
Boris Shoe & Luggage Repair
Borthwick Road
Bosa Foods
Bose Greenway
Bosley by Pet Value
Bosley's By Pet Valu
Bosley's by Pet Valu
Bosley's Pet Food Plus
Boson Coffee
Bossa nova
Boston Meadows
Boston Pizza
Boston Restaurant
Bosun Place
Boswell Avenue
Bosworth Street
Botanical Garden Centre - Gate House
Botanical Garden Centre - Lookout Tower
Botanical Garden Nursery
Botanical Garden Nursery - Greenhouse& Workshop
Botanical Garden Nursery - Lunchroom
Botanical Garden Nursery - Shadehouse
Botanical Garden Nursery - Workshop
Botanical Garden Service Yard
Bothwell Drive
Bothwell Elementary School
Bottle Return Depot
Bottle Top
Bouchard Court
Bouchard Gate
Boulder Court
Boulderwood Place
Boulevard Crescent
Boulevard Kitchen & Oyster Bar
Boundary Animal Hospital
Boundary Bay
Boundary Bay Airport Cenotaph
Boundary Bay Control Tower
Boundary Bay Dyke Trail
Boundary Bay Road
Boundary Beach Elementary
Boundary Beach Park Reserve
Boundary Bus Loop
Boundary Business Centre
Boundary Close
Boundary Court
Boundary Drive East
Boundary Drive North
Boundary Drive South
Boundary Drive West
Boundary Grove
Boundary Park Gate
Boundary Place
Boundary Road
Boundary Trail
Bourbon St grill
Bourbon St. Grill
Bournemouth Crescent
Bouthot Court
Bow Court
Bow Drive
Bowcock Road
Bowen Drive
Bowen Gate
Bowen Island ↔ Horseshoe Bay
Bowen Lookout Trail
Bower Court
Bowler Drive
Bowler Place
Bowler Street
Bowling Green Road
Bowmac Sign
Bowman Avenue
Bowron Court
Bowron Street
Bowser Avenue
Bowser Trail
Boxer Street
Boxwood Drive
Boyd Autobody & Glass
Boyd Court
Boyd Diversion
Boyd Street
Boyd's Autobody
Boyne Street
Boynton Place
Boys' Co Ivy Room
Bracewell Court
Bracewell Place
Brackenridge Place
Bracknell Crescent
Bracknell Place
Brada Drive
Bradford Decorative Hardware Studio
Bradford Place
Bradley Avenue
Bradley Court
Bradshaw Street
Braeburn Street
Braelawn Drive
Braemar Avenue
Braemar Place
Braemar Trail
Braemoor Place
Braeside Drive
Braeside Place
Braeside Street
Brahms Avenue
Braid Road
Braid Station
Braid Station Access Road
Braid Street
Brake & Muffler
Braken Court
Brakenridge Street
Bramble Lane
Bramblewood Elementary
Bramwell Road
Brand Street
Brandon Street
Brandrith Park
Brandy Drive
Brandy Melville
Brandy Place
Brandy Terrace
Brandys Place
Brandywine Place
Branscombe Court
Brant Street
Brantford Avenue
Brantford Street
Brantwood Road
Brassneck Brewery
Brassneck Tasting Room
Bravo Apparel & Uniforms
Bray Street
Brazza Gelato & Coffee
Bread Garden
Breakfast Table
BreakThrough Church of God
Breakwater Marine
Brearley Street
Breathe Salt Wellness
Brechin Street
Breden Avenue

breizh Salon Services LTD

Breka Bakery & Café
Breka Bakery & Cafe
Breka Bakery & Café
Bremridge Drive
Brentlawn Drive
Brentwood Crescent
Brentwood Drive
Brentwood Park
Brentwood Park Alliance Church
Brentwood Park Elementary School
Brentwood Pharmacy
Brentwood Presbyterian Church
Brentwood Town Centre
Brer Rabbit Printing Company Ltd.
Breslay Street
Brew Kettle
Brew Street
Brew Street Liquor Store
Brew Street Pub
Brewery District
Brewster Drive
Brewster Drive East
Brewster Drive West
Brian Brown's Auto-Tech Clinic Ltd
Brian Canfield Centre
Brian Drive
Brian Jessel BMW
Brian Jessel BMW Pre-Owned
Briar Avenue
Briar Road
Briarcliffe Drive
Briarlynn Crescent
Briarwood Crescent
Briarwood Place
Briarwood Trail
Brick and Mortar Living
Brick Yard Station
Bridge (2019)
Bridge Brewing Tasting Room
Bridge Elementary
Bridge House Cafe
Bridge Road
Bridge Street
Bridgeport Collision
Bridgeport Road
Bridgeport Trail
Bridges Bistro
Bridget Drive
Bridgeview Drive
Bridgeview Elementary
Bridgeview Marine
Bridgewater Crescent
Bridgeway Street
Bridgewood Drive
Bridgman Avenue
Bridle Path
Bridle Path Trail
Bridle Trail
Bridlewood Court
Bridlington Drive
Brief Street
Brigadoon Avenue
Brigantine Drive
Brigantine Road
Brighouse Way
Brighton Avenue
Brighton Place
Brightwood Place
Brigid's Books
Brimacombe Building
Brimacombe Building Addition
Brimmer Tek
Brims & Things
Brioche Dorée
Brisbane Avenue
Brisbane Crescent
Brisco Court
Bristlecone Court
Bristol Place
Britannia Brewing
Britannia Crescent
Britannia Drive
Britannia Icerink
Britannia Steveston
Britianna Sushi
British Butcher Shoppe
British Columbia Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS
British Columbia Children's Hospital, Vancouver
British Columbia Highway 17A
British Columbia Institute Of Technology
British Columbia Paraplegic Association
British Columbia Way
British Ex-Serviceman's Association
British Properties
Britton Drive
Britton Street
Brix & Mortar
Brixham Road
Broadmoor Boulevard
Broadview Court
Broadview Drive
Broadway Camera
Broadway Centre
Broadway Liquor Store
Broadway Locksmith
Broadway Pharmacy
Broadway Station Sushi
Broadway Street
Broadway Tech Centre Sports Court
Broadway Wineshop
Brock Hall
Brock Hall Annex
Brock House
Brock House Restaurant
Brock Street
Brockton Crescent
Brockton Oval
Brockton Oval Trail
Brockton Pavilion
Brockton Place
Brockton Point
Brockton Point Trail
Broco Auto Glass
Broco Glass
Brodie Place
Brodie Road
Bromfield Place
Bromley Court
Bromley Place
Bromley Street
Bronte Drive
Brook Elementary
Brookdale Court
Brookdale Place
Brooke Place
Brooke Road
Brookes Street
Brookfield Hall
Brookfield Lane
Brooklyn Avenue
Brooklyn Bar & Grill
Brooklyn clothing co.
Brooklyn NYC Pizzeria
Brookmere Avenue
Brookmere Gardens
Brookmount Avenue
Brookridge Drive
Brooks Brothers
Brooks Crescent
Brooks Street
Brooksbank Avenue
Brooksbank Elementary
Brookside Avenue
Brookside Court
Brookside Drive
Brookside Elementary School
Brookside Foot Path
Brookside Grove
Brookside Walk
Broom Place
Broome Road
Brother Auto Service
Brothers Creek Fire Road
Brothers Creek Trail

brougham interiors

Broughton Street
Brow of the Hill
Brown Road
Brown Street
Brown's Social House
Brown's Socialhouse
Brown's Socialhouse Lynn Valley
Brown's Socialhouse Semiahmoo
Browndale Road
Brownell Road
Browngate Road
Browning Place
Brownlea Road
Brownlee Avenue
Browns Crafthouse
Browns Shoes
Browns Social House
Browns Socialhouse
Brownsville RV Park
Brownwood Road
Bruce Drive
Bruce Guitars
Bruce Street
Bruce Todd Lane
Brule Mews
Brunello Cucinelli
Brunette Avenue
Brunette Headwaters Trail
Brunette-Fraser Regional Greenway
Brunswick Drive
Brunswick Place
Brunswick Street
Brush Salon
Bryan Place
Bryant Crescent
Bryant Street
Brydon Crescent
Brymark Place
Brynlor Drive
Bryson Bay
Bryson Court
Bryson Drive
Bryson Place
BT Cafe
Bubble 88
Bubble Bear Cafe
Bubble King
Bubble Tea House
Bubble Tree Cafe
Bubble Waffle
Bubble Waffle Cafe
Bubble World
Bubble World Restaurant
Bubble World Tea House
Buchanan Avenue
Buchanan Building Block A
Buchanan Building Block B
Buchanan Building Block C
Buchanan Building Block D
Buchanan Building Block E
Buchanan Drive
Buchanan Place
Buchanan Square
Buchanan Street
Buchanan Tower
Buck or Two
Buck or Two Plus!
Buckets Ice Cream
Buckhorn Place
Buckingham Avenue
Buckingham Drive
Buckingham Elementary
Buckingham Heights
Buckingham Place
Bucks Power
Buckskin Place
Bucky's West Coast Pizzeria
Budget Appliances
Budget Brake & Muffler
Budget Brake & Muffler Auto Centres
Budget Break & Muffler
Budgies Burritos
Buena Vista Avenue
Buffalo Drive
Buffalo Street
Buffalo's Wings
Build-A-Bear Workshop
Building 1
Building 2
Building A North
Building A South
Bulk Barn
Buller Avenue
Buller Street
Bullet Dodger
Bump n Grind Cafe
Bun and Me
Bun Cha Ca Hoang Yen
Buns Master Bakery & Delicatessen
Bunting Avenue
Buntzen Creek Road
Buntzen Lake Trail
Buntzen powerhouse 2
Buoy Drive
Buoy Feature
Burbank Drive
Burbridge Street
Burdette Street
Burdock & Co
Burfield Place
Burford Street
Burger Heaven
Burger King
Burgess Street
Burgoo Bistro
Burhill Road
Burian Drive
Burke Mountain Pharmacy
Burke Mountain Street
Burke Ridge Trail
Burke ridge trail
Burke Street
Burke Village Promenade
Burkehill Place
Burkehill Road
Burkemont Place
Burkeridge Place
Burkholder Drive
Burleigh Avenue
Burley Drive
Burley Place
Burlington Avenue
Burlington Drive
Burnaby Alliance Church
Burnaby Art Gallery
Burnaby Cariboo RV Park and Campground Vancouver
Burnaby Central Railway
Burnaby Central Secondary School
Burnaby Centre for Mental Health and Addiction
Burnaby City Hall
Burnaby Court
Burnaby Fire Department Emergency Rescue Route
Burnaby General Hospital
Burnaby Heights
Burnaby Heights Market
Burnaby Hobbies
Burnaby Hospice Society Thrift Store
Burnaby Lake Nature House
Burnaby Lake Rowing Pavilion
Burnaby Lake Rugby Club
Burnaby Mountain Conservation Area
Burnaby Mountain Driving Range
Burnaby Mountain Golf Course
Burnaby Mountain High School
Burnaby Mountain Parkway
Burnaby Mountain Urban Trail
Burnaby North Baptist Church
Burnaby North Secondary School
Burnaby Pacific Grace Church
Burnaby Palace Restaurant
Burnaby Radio
Burnaby RCMP
Burnaby South
Burnaby Sports Complex
Burnaby Square
Burnaby Square Pharmacy
Burnaby Street
Burnaby Village Museum
Burnaby Wireless
Burnage Road
Burnfield Crescent
Burnham Court
Burnlake Drive
Burns Block Microlofts
Burns Bog Ecological Conservancy Area
Burns Bog Ruins Area
Burns Court
Burns Drive
Burns Drive Extension
Burns Place
Burns Road
Burns Street
Burnside Apartments
Burnside Place
Burnside Road
Burnsview Secondary
Burnwood Avenue
Burnwood Drive
Burnwood Trail
Burquest Jewish
Burquilam Community Police Station
Burquitam Bus Bays
Burquitlam Drive
Burquitlam Station Underpass
Burr Place
Burr Street
Burrard Bridge Civic Marina
Burrard Corner Store
Burrard Crescent
Burrard Dry Cleaner
Burrard Dry Cleaners
Burrard Liquor Store
Burrard Place
Burrard Public House
Burrard Street
Burrard Street Bridge
Burrill Avenue
Burris Street
Burrows Road
Bursill Street
Burton Avenue
Burton Court
Bury Avenue
Bury Lane
Bus Access
Bus Entrance
Bus Exit
Bus only connector
Buscombe Street
Bushby Street
Bushnell Place
Business Depot
Buswell Street
Busy Bee
Busy Bee Cleaners
Busy Bee Gold
Busy Noodle
Butchers Block BBQ
Bute Crescent
Bute Street
Butler Street
Butter Lane
Butterfly Studio & Spa
Buttermere Drive
Buttermere Place
Butternut Lane
Butternut Street
Buttons & Soles
Buxton Court
Buxton Street
Buy Buy Baby
Buy Low Foods
Buy-Low Foods
Buylow Foods
Byng Street
Byrne Creek Secondary
Byrne Creek Urban Trail
Byrne Road
Byrnepark Drive
Byron Place
Byron Road
Bywell Court

C - Lovers
C Lovers
C U Vision
C&K Collision
C&N Backpackers Hostel Vancouver
C&T Food Market
C&U Vietnamese Restaurant
C'est Si Bon
C-Lovers Fish & Chips
Cabeldu Crescent
Cabin Access
Cabin Lake Trail
Cabin Trail
Cabizerra Bistro
Cable Court
Cable Pool Bridge
Cable Railway Loading Site
Cabot Drive
Cabrito - Tapas Bebidas
Cacao 70
CACAO 70 Sweet House
Cactus Club
Cactus Club Cafe
Cactus Court
Caddell Drive
Caddy Road
Cadeaux Bakery
Cadena Court
Cadmos Stationary
Cadogan Road
Cafe & Roastery
Café 8
Cafe Artigiano
Cafe Barney
Cafe Bel
Cafe Bellagio
Cafe Calabria
Cafe Crema
Café Crêpe
Café Crêpe Express
Cafe D'Afrique
Cafe D'Lite
Cafe de Gourmet
Cafe de l'Orangerie
Cafe Deux Soleils
Café Exotica
Café Foam
Café Gloucester
Cafe Lokal
Cafe Loyal
Cafe Medina
Cafe MOA
Cafe Phin Phap
Café Prado
Cafe Rico
Cafe Savoureux
Café Terra
Café Vibrato
Cafe Xu Hue
Cafe Zen
Caffe Arteggiano
Caffé Artigiano
Caffè Artigiano
Caffe Artigiano
Caffè Artigiano
Caffe Artigiano
Caffè Artigiano
Caffe Barney
Caffè Cittadella
Caffè Divano
Caffe Divano
Caffe Express
Caffè Mira
Cairnmore Place
Cairns Court
Caithcart Road
Caithness Crescent
Calder Avenue
Calder Court
Calder Road
Calderwood Crescent
Caldew Street
Caledonia Avenue
Caledonia Drive
Calendar Club
Calgary Drive
Calgary Way
Caliente Place
Call It Spring
Callaghan Close
Callister Tasting Room
Cally Boutique
Calvary Christian Church
Calverhall Street
Calvert Drive
Calvin Court
Calvin Klein
Cam Clark Ford Lincoln
Cam Clark Ford Richmond
Camano Street
Camarillo Place
Camaro Drive
Camata Street
Camberley Court
Camberley Green
Cambie Bridge Ring Gear Monument
Cambie Custom Tailor
Cambie Flowers
Cambie Gardens
Cambie Lodge
Cambie Road
Cambie Street
Cambie Street Bridge
Cambie Street Ramp
Cambridge Court
Cambridge Drive
Cambridge Elementary School
Cambridge Street
Cambridge Way
Camden Court
Camden Crescent
Camden Place
Camelback Court
Camelback Lane
Camellia Court
Camellia Tea & Coffee
Camelot Kids
Camelot Road
Cameron Avenue
Cameron Court
Cameron Drive
Cameron Elementary School
Cameron Library
Cameron Street
Camino Court
Camlann Court
Cammeray Road
Camosun Bog
Camosun Park
Camosun Street
Camosun Trails
Camp Capilano
Campagnolo Roma
Campbell Avenue
Campbell Building
Campbell Place
Campbell River Lumber Company ruins
Campbell River Store
Campbell Road
Campbell Street
Campion Court
Campion Lane
Campion Way
Campobello Place
Campus & Community Planning 1
Campus & Community Planning 2
Campus Bookstore
Campus Road
Campus Security
Campus Trail
Campus Vision
Camridge Place
Camridge Road
Camrose Drive
Camsell Crescent
Camwell Drive
Camy's Pizza
Canaan Church
Canaan Meat
Canada Border Services Agency - Boundary Bay
Canada Border Services Agency - Pacific Highway Crossing
Canada Computers
Canada Computers & Electronics
Canada Games Pool
Canada House East
Canada House West
Canada Ionizers
Canada Place
Canada Post
Canada Post - Cloverdale Delivery Centre
Canada Post - Pacific Processing Centre
Canada Post Colverdale Distribution
Canada Post Delta Letter Carrier Depot 1
Canada Post Depot
Canada Revenue Agency
Canada Star Secondary School
Canada Superstar Convenience Store
Canada Way
Canadian 2 for 1 Pizza
Canadian 2 For 1 Pizza
Canadian 2 for 1 Pizza
Canadian Blood Services
Canadian Border Services - Douglas (Peace Arch) Crossing
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
Canadian Coast Guard - Hovercraft Base
Canadian Food Store
Canadian herb cafe
Canadian Historical Railroad Association
Canadian Lounge
Canadian Martyrs Catholic Church
Canadian Red Cross
Canadian Tire
Canadian Tire Auto Center
Canadian Western
Canadian Western Bank
Canadian Wildlife Service, Environment Canada
CanAm Gas
Canary Drive
Canary Place
Canberra Avenue
Candia Place
Candlewood Drive
Candlewyck Park
Candlewyck Wynd
Candy Kitchen
Canfield Crescent
Canfor Avenue
Canil Avenue
Canim Avenue
Canim Place
Canlan Ice Sports North Shore
Canna Clinic
Cannery Crescent
Cannery Place
Cannibal Café
Cannon Green
Canoe Avenue
Canoe Pass Way
Canra Plus
Canso Crescent
Canteen Mitra
Canterbury Coffee
Canterbury Crescent
Canterbury Drive
Canterbury Lane
Canterbury Place
Canterwood Court
Cantley Road
Cantonese BBQ
Cantrell Road
Canuck Place
Canucks Bar & Grill
Canyon Boulevard
Canyon Court
Canyon Crescent
Canyon Heights
Canyon Heights Christian Assembly
Canyon Springs Montessori School
Canyon Trail
Cap Gate SAR Station
Cap's Bicycle Shop
Cape Court
Cape Horn
Cape Horn Avenue
Cape Horn Elementary
Cape Horn Place
Cape Horn Water Pump Station No. 1
Cape Horn Water Pump Station No. 2
Capella Drive
Capella Place
Capes Hair Studio
Capilano Audi
Capilano Barber
Capilano Crescent
Capilano Heights Chinese Restaurant
Capilano Pacific
Capilano Pacific Trail
Capilano Park Road
Capilano River Regional Park
Capilano Road
Capilano RV Park
Capilano Salmon Hatchery
Capilano Sushi
Capilano Suspension Bridge
Capilano Tennis Club
Capilano Trading Post
Capilano University
Capilano University Residence
Capilano Volkswagen
Capilano Way
Capistrano Drive
Capital Court
Capitol Drive
Capitol Hill
Capitol Hill Elementary
Capitol Hill School
Capitol Residences
Cappelleria Bertacchi
Capri Crescent
Capstan Crescent
Capstan Place
Capstan Way
Captain Court
Captain James Cook Elementary School
Captain Meat & Poultry
Captains Cove
Car Wash
Car Wash / Tire Center
Caravel Court
Caraway Court
Cardero Botega
Cardero Street
Cardiac Bypass
Cardiac Hill
Cardiff Place
Cardiff Street
Cardiff Way
Cardinal Court
Cardinal Crescent
Cardinal Drive
Cardinal Lane
Cardston Court
Caretakers Building
Carey Avenue
Carey Centre
Caribbean Market
Cariboo Bay
Cariboo Crescent
Cariboo Dam
Cariboo Drive
Cariboo Hill Senior Secondary
Cariboo House
Cariboo Place
Cariboo Road
Cariboo Road Christian Fellowship
Cariboo Road North
Cariboo Street
Caribou Place
Caribou Road
Carilon Music
Carina Place
Carisbrook Elementary
Carisbrooke Crescent
Caritas 9 Coffee Roaster
Carl's Jr.
Carleton Avenue
Carleton Court
Carleton Drive
Carleton Rescue Equipment
Carley Place
Carley Quality Meat Ltd.
Carline Brake & Muffler
Carlisle Road
Carlisle Street
Carlo's Hair
Carlos O`Bryan's Neighborhood Pub
Carlsen Place
Carlton Cards
Carluke Crescent
Carman Place
Carmana Plaza
Carmaria Court
Carmel Avenue
Carmel Road
Carmen Court
Carmen Place
Carmichael Street
Carnaby Place
Carnarvon Avenue
Carnarvon Elementary School
Carnarvon Park Fieldhouse
Carnarvon Street
Carnation Street
Carncross Avenue
Carncross Crescent
Carnegie Library
Carnegie Street
Carnleigh Place
Carol Place
Carolina Street
Carolyn Drive
Carousel Building
Carousel Court
Carousel Theatre
Carpentry Yard
Carr Lane
Carrall Street
Carrall Street Greenway
Carriage Court
Carriage Lane
Carriage Place
Carrick Road
Carrie Cates Court
Carrigan Court
Carrington Bridge
Carrington Street
Carroll Street
Carscallen Road
Carson Court
Carson Graham Secondary
Carson Place
Carson Street
Carstone Crescent
Cartelier Place
Cartelier Road
Cartem Donuts
Cartems Donuterie
Cartems Donuts
Carter Body & Frame
Carter Close
Carter Court
Carter Dodge Burnaby
Carter Drive
Carter GM Burnaby
Carter Northshore GM
Carter Street
Carter's / Oshkosh
Carter's OSHKOSH B'gosh
Carters Motorsports
Carthage Cafe
Cartier Avenue
Cartier Place
Cartier Street
Cartwright Jewelers
Cartwright Street
Carver Crescent
Casa Del Caffe
Casa Del Pane Italian Bakery
Casa Del Sol Apartments
Casa Dolce Gelato
Casa Kids Furniture & Accents
Casa Llena Furniture
Casa Verde
Casano Drive
Cascade Court
Cascade Drive
Cascade Heights
Cascade Heights Elementary School
Cascade Street
Cascara Trail
Casewell Street
Casey Street
Cash Money
Cashbox Karaoke Express
CashNow Solutions
Cassandra Hotel
Cassiar Street
Cassie Avenue
Castella Cheesecake
Castle Crescent
Castlewood Crescent
Cat and Fiddle
CAT Rental
Catalina Crescent
Catch 122
Catch Kitchen + Bar
Cates Park Road
Cathay Road
Cathedral Place
Cathedral Trail
Catherine Avenue
Catherine Court
Catoro Cafe
Cattle Cafe
Caulfeild Court
Caulfeild Drive
Caulfeild Elementary School
Caulfeild Lane
Caulfeild Place
Caulfeild Village Medical Clinic
Caulfield Ridge
Caulfield Village Shopping Center
Caulwynd Place
Caution - No Shoulder bike lane - share sidewalk
Cavelier Court
Caveman Cafe
Cavendish Drive
Caversham Court
Caws Lane
Cawthra Court
Cayer Street
Cayton Place
CBU 690 AM Transmitter Building
CCHQ Vapour Lounge
C.C.S Administration
CDS Baggage
Cea Kiln
Cecil B. Spa & Laser
Cecil Bar
Cecil Green Park Coach House
Cecil Green Park House
Cecil Green Park Road
Cecil Green Park Squash Court
Cecil Street
Cecile Drive
Cecile Place
Cedar Avenue
Cedar Bay
Cedar Connection
Cedar Cottage Mews
Cedar Cottage Neighbourhood House
Cedar Cottage Pub
Cedar Crescent
Cedar Drive
Cedar East
Cedar Garden Apartments
Cedar Grove Church
Cedar Grove Estates
Cedar Hills Elementary School
Cedar Lane
Cedar Mill Trail
Cedar Park Church
Cedar Rose Court
Cedar Springs Drive
Cedar Street
Cedar Trail
Cedar Tree Lane
Cedar Tree Lane Private Estates
Cedar Tree Trail
Cedar Trees
Cedar Village Close
Cedar Village Crescent
Cedar West
Cedarbridge Way
Cedarbrook Bakery & Deli
Cedarbrook Place
Cedarcrest Avenue
Cedardale Court
Cedardale Primary School
Cedarglen Place
Cedarhurst Street
Cedaridge Place
Cedarwood Court
Cedarwood Drive
Cedarwood Street
CEFA Crestwood
CEFA Early Learning
CEFA early learning
Cefa Early Learning
CEFA Early Learning
Ceili's Modern Irish Pub
Celebration Pavillion
Celeste Crescent
Celine's Fish & Chips
Celista Drive
Cell Clinic.ca
Cell Icon
Cell Phone Services
Cellular Baby
Cellular Point
Celtic Avenue
Centaurus Circle
Centaurus Drive
Centaurus Market
Centennial Avenue
Centennial Beach
Centennial Beach Cafe
Centennial Beach Entrance Road
Centennial High School
Centennial Homebrewing Supplies
Centennial Parkway
Centennial Road
Centennial Rocket
Centennial Seawalk
Centennial Theatre
Centennial Totem Pole
Centennial Trail
Centennial Way
Center for Disease Control
Central Avenue
Central Block
Central Boulevard
Central Christian Assembly
Central City
Central City Beer Store
Central City Brewers & Distillers
Central City Place
Central Elementary School
Central Gourmet Market
Central Hobbies
Central Park
Central Park West
Central Presbyterian Church
Central Station Hostel
Central Street
Central Supplies
Central Valley Greenway
Centre Drive
Centre for Active Living
Centre For Advanced Wood Processing
Centre for Applied Research & Innovation
Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability
Centre Laundry
Centre Lawn
Centre Of Coal And Mineral Processing
Centre Road
Centre Street
CentreView Tower 1
CentreView Tower 2
Century Auto
Century Books
Century Collision
Century House
Century Park Way
Century Plaza Hotel and Spa
Century Village
Ceperley Field
Ceperley Meadow
Ceperley Playground
Cessna Drive
CF Richmond Centre
C.G. Brown Memorial Pool
Chad Thai Restaurant
Chadwick Avenue
Chadwick Court
Chaffey Avenue
Chaffey-Burke Elementary
Chairlift Close
Chairlift Place
Chairlift Road
Chaldecott Drive
Chaldecott Street
Chalet Court
Chalet Place
Chali Rosso
Chali-Rosso Art Gallery
Chalmers Avenue
Chalmers Elementary
Chalmers Place
Cham Mani
Chamberlain Drive
Chamberlayne Avenue
Chamberlayne Way
Chambers Street
Chambord Place
Champagnes Exotic Show Lounge
Champlain Crescent
Champlain Florist
Champlain Heights
Champlain Heights Elementary School
Champs Sport
Champs Sports
Chan's Kitchen
Chance Cafe
Chancellor Boulevard
Chancellor House
Chancellor Mews
Chancho Tortilleria
Chandler Street
Chandlery Place
Chandos Pattison Auditorium
Chang Luck
Change Lingerie
Channel Court
Chantell Creek Elementary
Chantrell Park Drive
Chantrell Place
Chao Shou
Chapman Avenue
Chapman Court
Chapman Road
Chapman Way
Chapmond Crescent
Chapple Crescent
Char 631 Steakhouse
Charbray Place
Charing Crescent
Charland Avenue
Charles Best Sportsfield
Charles Street
Charleton Court
Charleys Philly Steaks
Charlford Avenue
Charlie's Auto Body
Charlie's Chocolate Factory
Charlie's Little Italian
Charlier Road
Charlotte Court
Charlotte Crescent
Charlotte Road
Charlynn Cleaners
Charming Charlie
Charnley Court
Charqui Grill
Charter Hill Drive
Charter Hill Place
Chartwell Carlton Retirement Residence
Chartwell Crescent
Chartwell Drive
Chartwell Elementary School
Chartwell Green
Chartwell Imperial Place Retirement Residence
Chartwell Lane
Chartwell Place
Chase Tea
Chateau Court
Chateau Granville
Chateau Place
Chateau Wynd
Chatelaine Apartments
Chatham Street
Chatsworth Road
Chatters Salon
Chatterton Road
Chau Veggie Express
Chaucer Avenue
Chaucer Hall
Chaucer Place
Cheam Place
Cheaters Way
Cheesecake etc.
Chef Hung
Chef Hung Taiwanese Beef Noodle
Chef Hung Taiwanese Noodle
Chef Pin
Chef Tony Dim Sum
Chef Tony Seafood Restaurant
Chehalis Cross
Chehalis Drive
Chelmsford Street
Chelsea Avenue
Chelsea Close
Chelsea Court
Chelsea Crescent
Chelsea Gate
Chelsea Place
Chelsea Road
Chemainus Drive
Chemical and Biological Engineering Building
Chemically Addicted
Chemistry Building
Chemistry Physics Building
Chen's Garden
Chengdu Noodle House
Chengdu Spicy Restaurant
Chengdu Xiao Chi Restaurant
Cheque Station
Cherbourg Drive
Cherry Blossom Close
Cherry Lane
Cherry Market
Cherry Street
Cherry Tea & Icy Bar
Cherry's Food House
Cherrybrook Place
Cherryhill Close
Cherryhill Court
Cherryhill Crescent
Cherryhill Place
Cherrywood Crescent
Chesapeake Landing
Chesham Avenue
Cheshire Court
Chess Street
Chester Court
Chester Place
Chester Road
Chester Street
Chesterfield Avenue
Chesterfield Place
Chestnut Court
Chestnut Crescent
Chestnut Place
Chestnut Street
Chestnut Way
Chettinad Dosa Palace
Chetwynd Avenue
Cheungs Herbs & Spices
Chevalier Court
Cheviot Place
Cheviot Road
Chevron Cardlock
Chevron Commercial Card Lock
Chevron Town Pantry
Cheyenne Avenue
Chez Christophe
Chi Noodle Bar
Chic Boutique
Chicago Subs
Chickadee Court
Chickadee Loop
Chickadee Place
Chickadee Trail
Chicken World
Chickpea Restaurant
Chicory Lane
Chicory Place
Chief Jimmy Harry Drive
Chief Joseph Crescent
Chief Maquinna Elementary School
Chieng Education Link
Chiffon Patisserie
Chilco Street
Chilco Street pathway
Chilcott Avenue
Child development center
Children of Integrity Montessori Academy
Children's & Women's Health Centre of British Columbia
Children's Playground
Children's Water Park
Chili House Restaurant
Chili Pepper House
Chilko Drive
Chilli Lee Szechuan Cuisine
Chilliwack Antique House
Chilliwack Street
China Creek Skatepark
China Holidays (Canada)
China House Seafood Restaurant
China Lan Lanzhou Beef Noodle
China Village Restaurant
China World Supermarket
Chinatown Memorial Monument
Chinatown Millennium Gate
Chinatown Plaza
Chine Crescent
Chine Drive
Chinese Cultural Centre
Chinese Freemasons Manor
Chinese Grace Mennonite Church
Chinese Sauerkraut Fish
Chinese Zion Church
Chink/Main Trail
Chinook Court
Chinook Trail
Chinoy's Supermart
Chippendale Court
Chippendale Road
Chipping area
Chiselhampton Street
Chisholm Street
Cho Sun Korean BBQ
Choco Coo Cafe
Chocolate Arts
Chocolate Works
Chocolaterie Bernard Callebaut
Chocolaterie De La Nouvelle France
Choice School
Choice's Market
Choice's Markets
Choices Market
Chomp Vegan Eatery
Chong Lee Market
Chongqing on Robson
Chongqing Qing Qin-Ma Hot Pot Restaurant
Chop & Toss
Chop n Toss
Chop Steakhouse Bar
Chopped Leaf
Chopsticks on Pho
Chown Memorial & Chinese United Church
Cho’s Farm Market
Chris Zuehlke Memorial Park
Chrisdale Avenue
Christ Church Cathedral
Christina Place
Christina Road
Christmas Gully
Christmas Way
Christopher Court
Christopherson Road
Christopherson Steps
Chrome Crescent
Chronic Tacos
Chuan BBQ Restaurant
Chuan Dong
Chuanxi Plain Hotpot
Chuck Bailey Recreation Centre
Chuckart Place
Chuckhart Place
Chula Vista Grocery
Church Hall
Church in Surrey
Church of Jesus Christ and the Latterday Saints
Church of the Holy Trinity
Church Street
Church's Chicken
Churchill Avenue
Churchill Crescent
Churchill Street
Churchill Street Connector
Chutney Villa
Chutneys Indian Grill
Chutter Street
Ciao Bella Restaurant
CIBC Banking Centre
Cibc Banking Centre
CIBC Banking Centre
CIBC Branch & ATM
Cibo Trattora
Cimarron Drive
Cinch Grill Italian
Cindrich Elementary
Cinema Public House
Cineplex Cinemas & VIP
Cineplex Cinemas Coquitlam and VIP
Cineplex Cinemas Esplanade
Cineplex Cinemas Marine Gateway and VIP
Cineplex Cinemas Strawberry Hill
Cineplex Esplanade
Cineplex Odeon International Village Cinemas
Cineplex Odeon Meadowtown Cinemas
Cineplex Odeon Park Tilford Cinemas
Cinnamon Drive
Cioppino's Mediterranean Grill
Circle Craft
Circle K
Circuit 8
Circuit 8 Bike Trail
Circus Play Cafe
CISL (Sportsnet 650) Transmitter Building
Citadel Court
Citadel Crescent
Citadel Drive
Citadel Parade
Citation Drive
Citi Financial
Citizenship and Immigration Canada
Citrus Nail Lounge
City 1 cafe
City Centre Aquatic Complex
City Centre Branch
City Centre Church
City Centre Community Police Station
City Centre Library
City Centre Motor Inn
City Centre Sanitary Pumping Station
City Cigar Emporium
City Crest
City Cut Hair Salon
City Edge Place
City Hall Annex
City Hall Childcare Society I and II
City Hall Plaza
City of Burnaby
City of Burnaby Heritage Site
City of North Vancouver Fire
City of Vancouver Archives
City Parkway
Civic Hotel
Civil And Mechanical Engineering Building
Civil And Mechanical Lab
Civil And Mechanical Structures Lab
CJRJ-AM (Spice Radio) Transmitter Building
CJVB-AM (Fairchild Radio) Transmitter Building
C.K. Choi Building For The Institute For Asian Reseach
CK Choi Memorial Bell
CKNW (980 AM) Transmitter Building
CKST-AM & CFTE-AM Transmitter Building
Clair's Bed and Breakfast
Claire's Accessories
Clancy Building
Clancy Loranger Way
Clancy's Meat Co. Fleetwood
Clare Avenue
Clare Place
Claremont Place
Claremont Street
Clarence Street
Clarence Taylor Crescent
Clarendon Street
Claridge Court
Clark Drive
Clarkdale Volkswagen
Clarke Place
Clarke Road
Clarke Street
Clarkson Street
Classic Dry Cleaners
Classic Salon
Classy Organic Cleaners
Claude Avenue
Claude Douglas Place
Claudia Place
Claybrook Road
Claymore Place
Claypot Hot Pot and BBQ
Claysmith Road
Clayton Avenue
Clayton Court
Clayton Dog-Off-Leash Park
Clayton Elementary
Clayton Greenway
Clayton Heights Secondary
Clayton Medical
Clayton Rise
Clayton Street
Clayton Walk
Claytonhill Drive
Claytonhill Grove
Claytonhill Place
Claytonwood Court
Claytonwood Crescent
Claytonwood Gate
Claytonwood Grove
Claytonwood Place
Cleadon Court
Clean Energy Research Centre
Clear Hair Studio
Clearview Drive
Clearview Lookout
Clearwater Drive
Clearwater Gate
Clearwater Way
Clegg Place
Clematis Crescent
Clematis Drive
Clements Avenue
Clements Green
Cleopatra Brow Bar
Clerihue Road
Clermont Mews
Clevedon Drive
Cleveland Elementary School
Cleveland Park North
Cleveland Trail
Cliff Avenue
Cliff Building
Cliff Drive
Cliff Drive Elementary
Cliff Place
Cliff Road
Cliffhanger Climbing Gym
Cliffhouse Restaurant
Cliffmont Road
Cliffridge Avenue
Cliffridge Place
Cliffrose Crescent
Cliffwood Drive
Cliffwood Lane
Cliffwood Road
Cliffwood Steps
Clifton Avenue
Clifton Road
Clinical Support Building
Clinton Elementary School
Clinton Place
Clinton Street
Clinton Trail
Clipper Crescent
Clipper Place
Clipper Road
Clipper Street
Clive Avenue
Cliveden Avenue
Cliveden Place
Clovelly Walk
Clover Block
Clover Glen Subdivision Marker
Clover Street
Cloverdale Auto Repair Centre Ltd.
Cloverdale Curling Rink
Cloverdale Greenway
Cloverdale Library
Cloverdale Paint
Cloverdale Recreation Centre
Cloverdale Traditional School
Cloverlake Court
Cloverleaf Lane
Cloverley Street
Clow Greenway
Club Ilia
Club Monaco
Clubhouse Japanese Restaurant
Clute Street
Clyde Avenue
Clydesdale Coverdale
Coal Harbour
Coal Harbour Housing Cooperative
Coal Harbour Liquor Store
Coal Harbour Marina
Coal Harbour Quay
Coalition Skin
Coast & Country Diner
Coast Automatic Transmission
Coast Building Supplies
Coast Capital
Coast Capital Credit Union
Coast Capital Playhouse
Coast Capital Savings
Coast Capital Savings CU
Coast Coal Harbour Hotel by APA
Coast Guard Road
Coast Meridian Connector
Coast Meridian Elementary
Coast Meridian Overpass
Coast Meridian Road
Coast Mountain Bus Company
Coast Mountain Bus Company - Port Coquitlam Transit Centre
Coast Mountain Bus Company - Surrey Transit Centre
COAST Restaurant
Coast to Coast Roller Hockey Shop
Coast Vancouver Airport Hotel
Coast Wholesale Appliances
Coastal Church
Coastal Food Mart
Coastal People
Cob's Bakery
Cob's Bread
Cobblestone Avenue
Cobblestone Lane
Cobden Road
COBS Bread
Cobs Bread
COBS Bread
Cobs Bread
COBS Bread
Cobs Bread Bakery
COBS Bread Bakery
Cobs Breads
Coburg Street
Cochrane Avenue
Cochrane Drive
Cochrane Gate
Cockney Kings
Cockney Kings Fish & Chips
Coco et Olive Café
Coco Fresh
CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice
COCO Fresh Tea & Juice
CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice
Coco 都可 Bubble Tea
Cocoa Tanning Salon
Coffee & Vanilla
Coffee Bogo
Coffee House
Coffee Monster
Coho Loop
Coin Laundry
Coin Laundry Bluebird
Colbeck Place
Colbeck Road
Colborne Avenue
Colborne Street
Colbourne House
Colbrook Court
Colby Street
Colchester Drive
Cold Beer, Wine, & Liquor Store
Coldfall Court
Coldfall Road
Coldicutt Avenue
Coldicutt Street
Coldwell Road
Cole Haan
Colebrook Elementary
Colebrook Frontage Road
Colebrook Road
Colebrook United Church
Coleman Avenue
Coleman Close
Coleman Place
Coleman Street
Coleridge Avenue
Colfax Avenue
Colfax Crescent
Colin Place
Colinet Street
Coliseum Mountain Trail
Collector's Den
Colleen Street
College Court

collège Educacentre

College Highroad
College of Registered Nurses of British Columbia
College Park Way
College Street
Collier Street
Collings Place
Collings Way
Collings Way Ravine Environmental Reserve
Collingwood Baptist Church
Collingwood Crescent
Collingwood Manor
Collingwood Neighbourhood School
Collingwood Place
Collingwood Private School
Collingwood Street
Collins Road
Collister Drive
Colodin Close
Colome Nail & Lash
Colonial Drive
Colonial House
Colony Farm Road
Colony Farm Road Trail
Colorama Computers Printing & Copying
Colosseum Pizza
Colour Nails
Colour See See Shanghainese Cuisine
Colter Court
Colton Avenue
Coltsfoot Drive
Columbia Auto Repair
Columbia Avenue
Columbia Hotel
Columbia Prescription XPress Press
Columbia Sportswear
Columbia Street
Columbia Street Sandwich Company
Columbia Vacuum
Columbus Meat Market
Colville Road
Colwood Drive
Com El Medical Centre
Com Vietnamese
Comber Way
Come Along Seafood Restaurant
Comebuy Bubble Tea
Comfort Inn
Comfort Inn & Suites Surrey
Coming Home
Commerce Court
Commerce Parkway
Commercial Diversion
Commercial Drive
Commercial Street
Commercial Street Cafe
Commercial Sushi
Commissioner Drive
Commissioner Street
Commodore Drive
Commodore Road
Commonwealth Crescent
Commonwealth Street
Community Eyecare
Community Garden
Community Health Centre
Community Montessori Preschool and Kindergarten
Community Policing
Community Savings Credit Union
Como Lake Avenue
Como Lake Middle School
Como Market
Como Taperia
Comor Sports
Comor Sports Outlet Store
Comox Avenue
Comox Street
Compass Court
Compressor Building
Compston Crescent
Compton Court
Computer Science Reading Room
Comstock Road
Con$ign it!
Concert Properties New Development
Concord Avenue
Condor Crescent
Condor Place
Confederation Drive
Confederation Nature Trail
Confederation Park Elementary School
Confederation Park Lacrosse Box
Confederation Park Lower
Confederation Park Upper
Congee Noodle Delight
Congee Noodle House
Congee Noodle King
Congo Crescent
Congo Place
Congregation Beth Israel
Congregation Schara Tzedeck
Conifer Drive
Conifer Loop
Connaught Avenue
Connaught Crescent
Connaught Drive
Connaught Dry Cleaners
Connaught Heights Elementary
Connecting Community Church
Connie's Cook House
Conrad Street
Conset Auto Services
Constable Drive
Constable Gate
Constantine Place

construction storage area

Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia
Consumer Food Market
Consumers Produce
Continental Coffee
Continental Plaza
Continental Repairs
Continental Seafood Restaurant
Continental Street
Continuing Studies Building
Control Centre
Control Tower
Convocation Mall
Conway Avenue
Coo Coo Coffee
Cook Crescent
Cook Culture
Cook Gate
Cook Road
Cook Street
Cool Chinese Restaurant
Cool King Refridgeration
Coombe Lane
Cooney Road
Cooper Boating
Cooper Court
Cooper Place
Cooper Road
Cooperage Way
Cooperative Way
Coopers Landing
Coopers Pointe
Coopershawk Court
Copa Cafe
Copeland Avenue
Copies & Print
Copley Street
Copper Beech Place
Copper Chimney
Copper Cove Road
Coppersmith Farm Market
Coppersmith Place
Coppersmith Way
Copping Street
Copsfield Drive
Copsfield Place
Coquihalla Common Block
Coquihalla Drive
Coquitlam Avenue
Coquitlam Cemetary
Coquitlam Chrysler
Coquitlam City Hall
Coquitlam Crunch Trail
Coquitlam Fire Hall #1 (Town Centre)
Coquitlam Fire Hall #2 (Mariner)
Coquitlam Fire Hall #3 (Austin Heights)
Coquitlam Fire Hall #4 (Burke Mountain)
Coquitlam Grill
Coquitlam Lake View Trail
Coquitlam Lake Viewpoint
Coquitlam Lawn Bowling Club
Coquitlam Mainline
Coquitlam RCMP
Coquitlam RCMP (Ridgeway CPO)
Coquitlam River Connector
Coquitlam River Elementary
Coquitlam River Trail
Coquitlam Sleepy Lodge Motel
Coquitlam Street
Cora Breakfast and Lunch
Coral Reef Place
Corbin Place
Corbould Road
Cord Avenue
Cordiale Drive
Cordova Diversion
Cork And Fin
Corless Place
Corless Road
Cormorant Court
Corn Maze
Cornell Avenue
Cornell Way
Corner 23
Corner Cafe
Cornerbrook Crescent
Cornerstone Building
Cornerstone Cafe
Cornerstone Coffee Shop
Cornerstone Gate
Cornerstone Mews
Cornerstone Seventh Day Adventist Church
Cornerstone Street
Cornett Road
Corning Avenue
Corning Drugs
Corningware - Corelle & more
Cornish Street
Cornwall Avenue
Cornwall Court
Cornwall Drive
Cornwall Drycleaners
Cornwall Place
Cornwall Street
Corona Crescent
Corona Drive
Corona Place
Coronado Drive
Coronation Park Neighborhood
Coroner’s Court
Corrigan Nature House
Corsica Way
Cortell Street
Cortes Avenue
Cortez Crescent
Cortez Road
Corvette Specialties Auto Group
Corvette Way
Cory Drive
Cory Road
Cosmo Prof
Costain Crescent
Costco Gasoline
Costco Tire Centre
Costco Wholesale Vancouver BC
Cosy Inn Cafe
Cottage Bistro
Cotton Drive
Cotton House
Cotton Road
Cottonwood Avenue
Cottonwood Court
Cottonwood Crescent
Cottonwood Place
Cottonwood Street
Cottonwood Trail
Cottrell Street
Couch Potato
Cougar Canyon Elementary
Cougar Canyon Off-Leash Area
Cougar Court
Cougar Creek Elementary
Cougar CreekTrail
Couillard Mews
Coulour Box
Coulter Place
Coulthard Place
Coulthard Road
Council Trail
Country Lane
Country Squire
Country Woods Drive
Court of Appeal & Supreme Court
Courtenay Street
Courtesy Dry Cleaning
Courtney Crescent
Cousteau - The French International School of Vancouver
Coutts Place
Coutts Way
Couzie's Cafe & Catering
Cove Cliff
Cove Cliff Place
Cove Cliff Road
Cove Health
Cove Inlet Road
Cove Link Road
Cove Links
Cove Place
Cove Reach Road
Cove Runner
Cove Runner / Rain Dancer
Cove Sushi
Covenant House
Coventry Crescent
Coventry Drive
Coventry Place
Coventry Road
Coventry Way
Covered Walkway
Covet & Co
Covey Place
Covina Court
Cowan Road
Cowell Volkswagen
Cowley Court
Cowley Crescent
Cowley Drive North
Cowley Drive South
Cox Trail
Coy Avenue
Coylton Place
Coyote Court
Coyote Creek Elementary School
Coyote Ridge
CP Rail - Arbutus Corridor
CPE Systems
Crab Apple Ridge Bike Route
Crab Park Chowdery
Crabbe Avenue
Crabtree & Evelyn
Crabtree & Evelyn London
Crack Coffee Roasters
Craft Restaurant & Bar
Craftsman Collision
Craig Avenue
Craig Court
Craigavon Road
Craigen Avenue
Craigend Road
Craigflower Drive
Craigflower Gate
Craigmohr Drive
Craigmohr Place
Cranberry Court
Cranberry Drive
Cranberry Ridge Bike Route
Cranbrook Avenue
Crane Avenue
Crane Place
Cranley Drive
Craving For a Game
Cravings Coffee
Cravings Restaurant and Sports Bar
Crawford Bay
Crawford Drive
Crawford Road
Crawley Avenue
Crayford Close
Crease Clinic
Crease Clinic Cafeteria
Creating Taste
Creative Hair Design
Cree Street
Creekside Cafe
Creekside Coffee
Creekside Court
Creekside Drive
Creekside Elementary
Creekside Grill
Creekside Grove
Creekside Place
Creekstone Place
Creekstone Terrace
Creelman Avenue
Creery Avenue
Creme de la Crumb
Creme De La Crumb
Crescent Beach
Crescent Beach Marina
Crescent Court
Crescent Downs
Crescent Drive
Crescent Estates
Crescent Heights
Crescent Nail & Spa
Crescent Park
Crescent Park Annex
Crescent Place
Crescent Road
Crescentview Drive
Cresswell Court
Crest Court
Crest Drive
Crest Shopping Centre
Crestlawn Court
Crestlawn Drive
Crestline Road
Crestlynn Drive
Crestlynn Place
Crestmark I
Crestmark II
Creston Close
Crestview Court
Crestview Drive
Crestview Gardens
Crestwell Road
Crestwood Avenue
Crestwood Drive
Crestwood Place
Crichton Drive
Crinkum Crankum
Crispy Falafel
Criss Lane
Criterion Books
Croatian Cultural Centre
Crocker Lookout Trail
Crocodile Baby Store
Croft Road
Crofton House School
Croker Lookout
Cromie Park
Crompton Street
Crosby Street
Cross Creek Road
Cross Glades
Cross Lane
Crosscreek Court
Crossover Trail
Crosstown Elementary School
Crosstown Greenway
Crosstown Liquor Store
Croteau Court
Crouch Avenue
Crowberry Court
Crowe Street
Crowley Drive
Crown Crescent
Crown Life Plaza
Crown Place
Crown Street
Croydon Drive
Croydon Place
Cruickshank Drive
Crystal Ark
Crystal Court
Crystal Creek Drive
Crystal Palace
Crêpe & Café
Crêpe Café
Crêpe de Licious
CSN Collision Centre: BC Collisions
CTC Bank Of Canada
Cu Vision
Cuckoo Electronics
Cuisine Talent
Cullen Crescent
Culloden Church
Culloden Street
Cultural Harmony Grove
Cultus Avenue
Cultus Court
Culzean Place
Cumberland Crescent
Cumberland Place
Cumberland Street
Cumbria Drive
Cummins Place
Cundy Avenue
Cunningham Building
Cunningham Court
Cunningham Drive
Cunningham Lane
Cunningham Place
Cunningham Street
C.U.P.E Local 116
Curate Wynd
Curle Avenue
Curling Road
Curnew Street
Curr Place
Curragh Avenue
Current Fashion Collection
Currie Drive
Currie Field
Curry 2 U
Curry Express
Curry Fusion

curry way

Curtis Street
Curzon Street
Cusick Crescent
Custer Court
Customer Service
Cut & Sharp Salon
Cut Stop
Cutler Street
Cutter Place
Cutter Road
CVG Eastbound
CVG Westbound
Cycle BC
Cycle City
Cyclone Taylor
Cyclone Taylor Sports
Cypress Bikeway
Cypress Bowl Lane
Cypress Bowl Road
Cypress Court
Cypress Creek Lodge
Cypress Crescent
Cypress Lake Spur
Cypress Motorbike Service Centre
Cypress Mountain
Cypress Park
Cypress Park Market
Cypress Place
Cypress Provincial Park
Cypress Resort Road
Cypress Street
Cypress Street Playground
Cypress Upholstery
Cypress West
Cyrus Hill

c̓əsnaʔəm House

D Original Sausage Haus
D'oro Gelato e Caffè
D'Yer Mak'er
D-House Restaurant
D-Plus Pizza
D-Wave Systems, Inc.
Dacre Avenue
Daddy's Delight Kabobs
Daddy's Kitchen
Dae Ji
Dae Ji Cutlet House
Daffodil Drive
Daffodil Lane
Dageraad Tasting Room
Dahlia Court
Dahlia House
Dai Jang Kum
Dai Tung
Daikichi Sushi
Daily Fresh
Daimler Street
Dairy Queen
Dairy Queen/Orange Julius
Daisee's Bakeshop & Cafe
Daisy Avenue
Dakota Drive
Dakota Place
Dakron Industries
Dalbergia Wood + Fine Objects
Dale Avenue
Dale's Access
Dale's Rocks
Dale's Trail
Dalebright Drive
Dalemore Road
Dalhousie Road
Dalinian Dancer
Dalip Court
Dalkeith Drive
Dalla-Tina Avenue
Dallas Pizza
Dallyn Road
Dalton Court
Daly Place
Dam Road
Damien's Belgian Waffles
Damoa Cosmetics
Dampier Court
Dampier Drive
Damso Restaurant
Dan Lee Avenue
Dan's Homebrewing Supplies
Dandelion Kids
Dandelion Records & Emporium
Danforth Drive
Danforth Gate
Dani's Cut
Daniadown Home
Daniadown Quilts
Danial Market

danidown quilts

Daniel chocolates
Daniel Le Chocolat Belge
Daniel Woodward Elementary School
Daniels Road
Danny's Market
Danny's Wun Tun Restaurant
Dansey Avenue
Danube Road
Danville Court
Danyluk Crescent
Daon Building
Darby's Public House & Liqour Store
Darcy's Cafe
Daricny Travel
Dark Table
Darnell Court
Darney Bay
Darnley Street
Dartmoor Drive
Dartmoor Place
Darwin Avenue
Dasarang Chicken
Dauphin Place
Dave's Fish and Chips
Dave's Flowers
Davenport Place
David Apartments
David Avenue
David Brankin Elementary School
David Drive
David Lam Park - Stamps Landing
David Lloyd George Elementary School
David Oppenheimer Elementary School
David Place
David Sidoo Field
David Strangway Building
David's Farm Market
David's Tea
Davie Art Shop
Davie Dosa Company
Davie Drycleaners
Davie Flowers
Davie Jones Elementary
Davie Street
Davie Village Tanning
Davie Way
Davies Avenue
Davies Court
Davies Place
Davies Street
Davison Road
Davood's Bistro
Dawe Street
Dawes Hill Road
Dawn Avenue
Dawn Drive
Dawn Place
Dawson Court
Dawson Crescent
Dawson Place
Dawson Service
Dawson Street
Dayanee Springs Blvd.
Dayanee Springs Boulevard
Daybreak Avenue
Days Inn
Days Inn Downtown
Days Inn Surrey
Days Thai
Daysal's Variety Store
Dayton Avenue
Dayton Crescent
Dayton Street
DB Schenker
DC Autoworks
DD Mau Chinatown
DDDN Pan Pizza
DDDN Pizza
Ddoo Gau Bee
De Dutch
De Dutch Pannekoek House
Deacon's Corner
Dead Moped Trail
Deadly Couture
Deagle Road
Deakin Industries
Deal Street
Deane Place
Dear John
Deas Island Road
Deas Island Tunnel Plaque
Deas Thruway
Dease Lane
Dease Place
Debeck Elementary
Debeck Street
Debonair Cleaners
Deborah's Place
Decaire Street
Decker Place
Decker's Automotive
Decourcy Court
Decourcy Crescent
Deep Cove
Deep Cove Brewers and Distillers Lounge
Deep Cove Canoe and Kayak
Deep Cove Crescent
Deep Cove Lookout
Deep Cove Osaka
Deep Cove Parent Participation Preschool
Deep Cove Pharmacy
Deep Cove Place
Deep Cove Road
Deep Cove Yacht Club
Deep Dene Place
Deep Dene Road
Deer Fern Trail
Deer Garden Signatures
Deer Lake Avenue
Deer Lake Boat Rentals
Deer Lake Drive
Deer Lake Parkway
Deer Lake Parkway Urban Trail
Deer Lake Seventh-Day Adventists Elementary School
Deer Lake Wonton House
Deer Lane
Deer Ridge Close
Deer Ridge Drive
Deer Ridge Place
Deercrest Drive
Deerfield Court
Deerfield Crescent
Deerfield Drive
Deerfield Place
Deerhorn Lane
Deerhorn Place
Deeridge Lane
Deering Island
Deering Island Place
Deering Island Private Tennis Court
Deers Leap Place
Deerview Lane
Deerwood Place
Dees Fine Wines
Defoe Street
Deja Brew Coffee House and Restaurant
Del Mar Inn
Del Ray Barber Shop
Del Rio Drive
Del's Auto Service
Delahaye Drive
Delané Canada
Delaney's in the Village
Delany's Coffee
Delanys Coffee
Delaware Road
Delbrook Avenue
Delbruck Avenue
Delcourt Crescent
Delcrest Drive
Delestre Avenue
Delf Place

delhi6 Indian Bistro

Delia Drive
Delicious B.b.q.
Delicious Pho
Delish Cakes & Pastries
Delitalia Fine Foods
Dellawn Drive
Delmar Court
Delmont Street
Delmonte Crescent
Delnova Drive
Delsey Place
Delsom Crescent
Delsom Place
Delsom Pump Track
Delsom Way
Delta Avenue
Delta Bakery
Delta Burnaby Hotel and Conference Centre
Delta Christian School
Delta City Hall
Delta Community College
Delta Community Living Society
Delta Copy Centre
Delta Deas Rowing Club
Delta Fire Hall No. 1
Delta Fire Hall No. 4
Delta Fire Hall No. 5
Delta Fire Hall No. 6
Delta Fire Hall No. 7 Tilbury
Delta Fire Station #3
Delta Gardens
Delta Golf Centre
Delta Golf Club
Delta Gymnastics
Delta Heritage Air Park
Delta Hospital
Delta Kappa Epsilon
Delta Law Office
Delta Lion Pub
Delta Lions Park Playground
Delta Manor
Delta Manor Education Center
Delta Manor Park
Delta Museum and Archives
Delta Nature Reserve
Delta Police Station
Delta Pump Station No. 1
Delta Rise
Delta Secondary School
Delta South Surrey Greenway
Delta Street
Delta Vancouver Suites
Deltaport Way
Deltaport Way Overpass
Deluxe Hotel Vancocuver
Deluxe Noodle House
Delview Lacrosse Box
Delview Lane
Delview Off Leash Dog Park
Delview Secondary
Delview Softball
Delvista Drive
Delwood Court
Delwood Drive
Delwood Place
Demorest Drive
Demorest Place
Dempsey Connector
Dempsey Road
Denbigh Avenue
Dene House
Denise Place
Denman Bike Shop
Denman Bikes
Denman Court
Denman Dry Cleaner
Denman Liquor Store
Denman Market
Denman Street
Dennett Lake Trail
Dennett Place
Dennis Crescent
Dennis Place
Dennison Avenue
Dennison Drive
Dennison Place
Denny's - Davie St.
Denny's Farm Market
Dent Avenue
Dent King
Denton Street
Dentry's Irish Grill
Denver Court
Departure Bay ↔ Horseshoe Bay
DePencier Bluffs
DePencier Bluffs Route
Dependable Brake & Muffler
Derby Avenue
Derby Court
Derby Place
Derbyshire Avenue
Derbyshire Place
Derbyshire Way
Derwent Close
Derwent Crescent
Derwent Place
Derwent Way
Desi Junction Lounge & Restaurant
Design Office
Designer Depot
Desmond Avenue
Desmond Road
Dessert Dynasty
Desswood Place
Destination Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram North Vancouver
Destination Chrysler Pre-Owned
Destination Honda Burnaby
Destination Maternity
Destination Mazda Vancouver
Destination Toyota Burnaby
Detwiller Pavilion
Deutchesland Café
Deutsches Haus Restaurant
Deux Chic
Devil's Elbow
Devon Gardens Elementary
Devon Road
Devon Shoes
Devonshire Avenue
Devonshire Crescent
Devonshire Drive
Devoy Street
Dewar Way
Dewdney Court
Dewdney Trunk Road
Dewsbury Court
Dewsbury Drive
Dex Burgerbar
DG-3 Carter Street Pump Station
Dharma Garden Veggie Deli
Dharma Garden Vietnamese Vegetarian Cuisine
Dhesi Meat
Dhillon Way
DHL Express
DHR Carbarn
Di Reggae Cafe
Diamond Alumni Centre
Diamond Buffet
Diamond Crescent
Diamond Road
Diamond sweets & restaurant
Diamond Trail
Dian Creations
Diane Circle
Diane Farris Gallery
Dianes Lingerie
Dick's Lumber
Dickens Place
Dickens Street
Dickenson Street
Dickinson Crescent
Diefenbaker Wynd
Dieppe Drive
Dieppe Lane
Dieppe Place
Diez Vistas Trail
Different Bikes
Different Bikes West Vancouver
Diggins Crossing
Digital Orca
Dijo's Pizza

dilly dally

Dilly Dally Trail
Dinesty Dumpling House
Ding Tea
Dining Hall
Dining Wok Shanghai Restaurant
Dinky Peak Loop
Dinmont Avenue
Dinsmore Bridge
Diplomat Bakery
Dirty Dipers
Disco Cheetah
Discover Dogs
Discovery Elementary
Discovery Park
Discovery Street
Disk Golf
Disney Store
Distance Runwear
District Factory Outlet
District of North Vancouver - Fire Hall #1
District of North Vancouver Municipal Hall
Divine Deals
Divine Dharma Meditation
Divine Nails
Divine Place
Divine Vines
Dixon Avenue
Dixon Place
Dixon Street
DJ's Collision Express Repair


DK Chicken
Do Chay
Do Most Auto Repairs
Doble Court
Dock Lunch
Dockers Family Restaurant
Dockside Court
Dodi Market
Dodman Upholstering Ltd.
DoDo Sushi
Doerksen Drive
Dog Area
Dog Mountain Trail
Dog Mountain Trail Map Information Board
Dog Off Leash Area
Dog off leash park
Dogwood Avenue
Dogwood Bay
Dogwood Crescent
Dogwood Drive
Dogwood East
Dogwood Elementary
Dogwood Lane
Dogwood Lodge Complex Care Home
Dogwood Lounge
Dogwood Pavillion
Dogwood Place
Dogwood Street
Dogwood West
Dolar Shop
Dolce Gelato
Doli Supermarket
Dollar Daze
Dollar Deals
Dollar Fa Choy
Dollar Giant
Dollar giant
Dollar Grocers
Dollar Max
Dollar Road
Dollar Store
Dollar Tree
Dollar Valu
Dollars & Cents Store
Dollarton Highway
Dolores Place
Dolphin Avenue
Dolphin Court
Dolphin Street
Doma Sushi
Doman Street
Dominick's Barber Shop
Dominion Avenue
Dominion Bar & Kitchen
Dominion Place
Dominion Street
Domino Pizza
Domino's Pizza
Domo Sushi
Don Asian Kitchen
Don Beck Collision Ltd
Don Christian Elementary School
Don Dean Collision
Don Moore Drive
Don't Argue
Dona Lucia
Donaghy Avenue
Donair Affair
Donair Delight
Donair Dude
Donair King
Donair Spot
Donair Town
Donair Ville & Cafe
Donald Rix Building
Donald Road
Donald Street
Donald's Market
Donald’s Market
Doncaster Apartments
Doncaster Crescent
Doncaster Way
Donegal Place
Donegal's Irish House
Doner Kebab
DONI Korean Restaurant
Donovan Avenue
Donut Rock
Doone Place
Dorado Drive
Doran Road
Dorchester Drive
Dorman Drive
Dormel Court
Dorothy Mawdsley House
Dorothy Somerset Studios
Dorset Avenue
Dorset Street
Dorval Road
Dory Street
Dosa and Curry on Davie
Dosa Factory
Dosa Hut
Double D Trail
Double DD Pizza
Double R Rentals

doug tree

Douglas Crescent
Douglas Drive
Douglas Fir
Douglas Fir Trail
Douglas Greenway
Douglas House
Douglas Jung Building
Douglas Reynolds Gallery
Douglas Road
Douglas Street
Douglas T. Kenny Building
Douglas Terrace
Douglas-fir Nature Trail
Doulton Avenue
Doulton Place
Doux Crêpes
Dove Place
Dover Crescent
Dover Place
Dover Road
Dover Street
Dovercourt Road
Dow Avenue
Dowding Road
Dowler Road
Downie Street
Downs Road
Downtown Community Court
Downtown Computer
Downtown Eastside
Downtown Florist
Downtown Granville St & Davie St
Downtown Robson St & Granville St
Downtown Sushi Bar
Downunder Travel
Dowsley Court
DQ Orange Julius
Dr. Annie B. Jamieson Elementary School
Dr. A.R. Lord Elementary School
Dr. Charles Ritchie Symmes
Dr. David C Lam
Dr. George M. Weir Elementary School
Dr. H.N. MacCorkindale Elementary School
Dr. R.E.McKechnie Elementary School
Dragon Ball Tea House
Dragon Charters Expedition Centre
Dragon Crepe
Dragon Group Seafood Restaurant
Dragon View Chinese Cuisine
Dragon's Chop Suey House
Drake Court
Drake Street
Drawbridge Close
Draycott Place
Draycott Road
Draycott Street
Drayton Street
Dream Carpets
Dream Cycle
Dream Designs
Dream Sushi
Dresden Way
Dress Mi
Dressew Supply
Drewry Crescent
Driftwood Place
Driftwood Playground
Drive Autobody
Drive Organics
Driving Range
Drop Your Laundry
Drummond Drive
Drummond Place
Drummond's Walk
Drummonds Walk
Dry Cleaners
Dryden Way
D.S. Pass
DSC Path
Dubbert Street
Dubh Linn Gate
Dublin Calling
Dublin Crossing
Dublin Crossing Irish Pub
Dublin Street
Dubois Street
Duchess Avenue
Duchess Street
Ducklow Street
Dude Chilling Park sign
Dudley Road
Dudley Street
Duff Street
Dufferin Avenue
Dufferin Street
Duffin's Donuts
Duffy Greenway
Duffy Place
Dugald Morrison Park
Duke Point - Tsawwassen
Duke Street
Dulux Paints
Dumbarton Place
Dumbarton Road
Dumfries Street
Dumont Street
Dumpling House
Dunavon Place
Dunbar Cycles
Dunbar Diversion
Dunbar Evangelical Lutheran Church 邓巴
Dunbar Eyecare
Dunbar Lawn Bowling
Dunbar Liquor Boutique
Dunbar Loop
Dunbar Lumber Supply
Dunbar Produce
Dunbar Street
Dunbar Sushi
Dunbar Theatre
Dunblane Avenue
Duncan Avenue
Duncan Drive
Duncan Street
Duncliffe Road
Dundarave Auto Repair Centre
Dundarave Lane
Dundarave Pier
Dundarave Print Workshop + Gallery
Dundas Street
Dundee Street
Dundonald Avenue
Dundonald Drive
Dune Trail
Dunelm Avenue
Dunfell Road
Dunford Road
Dunkirk Avenue
Dunkirk Street
Dunlevy Avenue
Dunlewey Place
Dunlop Avenue
Dunlop Road
Dunlop Street
Dunnedin Street
Dunoon Drive
Dunphy Street
Dunrobin Crescent
Dunsany Place
Dunsmuir Crescent
Dunsmuir Road
Dunsmuir Separated Bike Path
Dunsmuir Street
Dunsmuir Viaduct Separated Bike Path
Dunstone Place
Dunvegan Court
Dunwood Place
Dupont Place
Duprez Street
Duprez Trails
Duranleau Street
Durant Drive
Durham Road
Durham Street
Durward Avenue
Duso's Italia
Dussa's Ham & Cheese
Dutch Girl Chocolates
Dutch Wooden Shoe Cafe
Duthie Avenue
Duty Free
Duty Free Americas
Duval Court
Duval Road
DVC Indoor Shooting Centre
Dyck Road
Dyke Loop Trail
Dyke Road
Dylan Place
Dynasty Seafood Restaurant

E & E Flowers + Gifts
E Tea
E Trail
E&H Hitch Shop Ltd.
E-Cycle Electric Vehicles
E-Hair Cut

e-style beauty spa

Eagle and Salmon Carving
Eagle Bluff North Trail
Eagle Bluff South
Eagle Court
Eagle Creek Bar & Grill
Eagle Creek Place
Eagle Crescent
Eagle Drive
Eagle Harbour
Eagle Harbour Road
Eagle Harbour Yacht Club
Eagle Island
Eagle Lake Access Road
Eagle Mountain Drive
Eagle Mountain Middle School
Eagle Mtn Access Road
Eagle Opens Up
Eagle Pass
Eagle Place
Eagle Point
Eagle Ridge
Eagle Ridge Elementary
Eagle Ridge Hospital
Eagle Ridge Hospital Road
Eagle Ridge Outdoor Pool
Eagle Ridge Terrace
Eagle Ridge United Church
Eagle Spirit Gallery
Eagle Trail
Eagle Way
Eaglecrest Drive
Eagleridge Bluffs
Eagleridge Drive
Eagleridge Place
Eagles Drive
Earl Finning Place
Earl Marriott Secondary School
Earles Street
Earlmond Avenue
Earls Bridge Park
Earls Court
Earls Kitchen + Bar
Earls Station Square
Earnest Ice Cream
Earnest Ice cream
Earth & Ocean Sciences - Main
Earth & Ocean Sciences - South
Earth Sciences Building
Earthquake Engineering Research Facility
East 10th Avenue
East 10th Street
East 11th Avenue
East 11th Street
East 12th Avenue
East 12th Street
East 13th Avenue
East 13th Street
East 14th Avenue
East 14th Street
East 15th Avenue
East 15th Street
East 16th Avenue
East 16th Street
East 17th Avenue
East 17th Street
East 18th Avenue
East 18th Street
East 19th Avenue
East 19th Street
East 1st Avenue
East 1st Street
East 20th Avenue
East 20th Street
East 21st Avenue
East 21st Street
East 22nd Avenue
East 22nd Street
East 23rd Avenue
East 23rd Street
East 24th Avenue
East 24th Street
East 25th Avenue
East 25th Street
East 26th Avenue
East 26th Street
East 27th Avenue
East 27th Street
East 28th Avenue
East 28th Street
East 29th Avenue
East 29th Street
East 2nd Avenue
East 2nd Street
East 30th Avenue
East 31st Avenue
East 32nd Avenue
East 33rd Avenue
East 34th Avenue
East 35th Avenue
East 36th Avenue
East 37th Avenue
East 38th Avenue
East 39th Avenue
East 3rd Avenue
East 3rd Street
East 40th Avenue
East 41st Avenue
East 42nd Avenue
East 43rd Avenue
East 44th Avenue
East 45th Avenue
East 46th Avenue
East 47th Avenue
East 48th Avenue
East 49th Avenue
East 4th Avenue
East 4th Street
East 50th Avenue
East 51st Avenue
East 52nd Avenue
East 53rd Avenue
East 54th Avenue
East 55th Avenue
East 56th Avenue
East 57th Avenue
East 58th Avenue
East 59th Avenue
East 5th Avenue
East 5th Street
East 60th Avenue
East 61st Avenue
East 62nd Avenue
East 63rd Avenue
East 64th Avenue
East 65th Avenue
East 66th Avenue
East 67th Avenue
East 69th Avenue
East 6th Avenue
East 6th Street
East 7th Avenue
East 7th Street
East 8th Avenue
East 8th Street
East 9th Street
East Asiatic House
East Balmoral Road
East Beach
East Beach Trail
East Boulevard
East Bound and Down
East Braemar Road
East Broadway
East Cambie
East Campus Road
East Canyon
East Carisbrook Road
East Carisbrooke Road
East Columbia Street
East Cordova Street
East Court
East Cypress Creek Trail
East Delta Community Hall
East Durham Street
East Eighth Avenue
East Esplanade Street
East Georgia Street
East Hastings Street
East is East
East is East - Main St
East Keith Road
East Kensington Road
East Kent Avenue North
East Kent Avenue South
East King Edward Avenue
East Kings Road
East Kitchen
East Ladner Bicycle Route Reserve
East Lake Gate
East Lawn
East Loop
East Mall
East Mill Access
East One Seafood Restaurant
East Osborne Road
East Pender Street
East Point Loop
East Queens Road
East Road
East Rockland Road
East Royal Avenue
East Saint James Road
East Sawmill Crescent
East Seventh Avenue
East Side Craft House
East Sixth Avenue
East St. James Road
East Tenth Avenue
East To West Holistic
East Tower
East Van Cross
East Van Food Co-op
East Van Pizza
East Van Roasters
East Vancouver Alignment
East Vancouver Brewing
East Village Bakery
East Waterfront Road
East West Market
East Windsor Road
East Woodstock Avenue
Eastbound Terminal
Eastbrook Parkway
Eastburn Square
Eastcot Road
Easterbrook Road
Easterbrook Street
Eastern Avenue
Eastern Drive
Eastern Pearl Seafood Restaurant
Eastglen Close
Eastglen Place
Easthill Spray Park
Easthope Avenue
Eastlake Drive
Eastlawn Drive
Eastleigh Lane
Eastman Drive
Eastmont Drive
Eastridge Road
Eastside Market
Eastview Road
Eastwood Street
Easy Grill
Eaton Place
Eaton Way
Eats at the Pier
EB Games
EB x
Ebert Avenue
Ebor Road
Eburne Place
Eburne Way
Ebury Place
Eccotique Salon & Spa
Eccotique Salon and Spa
Echo Place
Eckersley Road
Eckert Avenue
Eclectic Finds
Eclettico Art & Coffee
Eco Outdoor Sports
Eco Sculpture - Dragon
Ecole Banting Middle School
Ecole Braemar Elementary School
Ecole Les Pionniers
Ecole Salish Secondary School
Ecomarine Ocean Kayak Centre
Econo Lodge
Ed's Linens
Eddie Bauer
Eddie Drive
Eddington Drive
Eddy's Barber Shop
Eddystone Crescent
Edel Express
Eden Avenue
Eden Crescent
Eden Florist
Eden Place
Edendale Court
Edendale Lane
Edgar Avenue
Edgar Crescent
Edgemont Boulevard
Edgemont Gourmet Meats
Edgemont Optometry
Edgemont Road
Edgemont Village Freshslice Pizza
Edgemont Village Jeweler
Edgewater Lane
Edgewood Avenue
Edgewood Drive
Edgewood Place
Edgewood Road
Edible Arrangements
Edible Canada
Edible Flours
Edinburgh Drive
Edinburgh Place
Edinburgh Street
Edison Street
Edith & Arthur Public House
Edith Cavell Elementary School
Edith McDermott Elementary
Edmonds Batteries
Edmonds Community School
Edmonds Drive
Edmonds Pharmacy
Edmonds Rising
Edmonds Starters
Edmonds Station Loop
Edmonds Street
Edmonds The Appliance Store
Edmund Drive
Ednor Crescent
Edson Avenue
Education Library
Education Road
Edward Chapman Woman
Edward Crescent
Edwards St
Edwards Street
Edwin Court
Edworthy Way
Edzerza Gallery
Ed’s Daily
EF International Language Centre Vancouver
Effective Autobody
Egan Place
Egemont Fabricare Cleaners
Egg & Co.
Egg Mural
Eglinton Street
Egmont Avenue
Ego Closet
Egret Court
Ehkolie Crescent
Eighteenth Street
Eighth Avenue
Eighth Street
Eighties Restaurant
Eihu Lane
Eildon Street
Einstein Wrap House
EJ Bremmer Boulevard
EJ Salon
El Camino Drive
El camino's
El Caracol Mexican Cafe
El Casa Court
El Furniture Warehouse - Granville
El Pulgarcito
Elan Place
Elbow Place
Eldon Park Batters Cage
Eldon Road
Eldorado Liquor Store
Eldorado Mews
Eldorbud Place
Eleanor Street
Electra Laser
Electra Meccanica
Electric Avenue
Electric Bicycle Brewing
Electric Company Theatre
Electrical Joint Training Committee
Electron Hall
Electronic Avenue
Elefant Ridge Loop
Elegant Fashions
Element Nail
Element Urban Village
Element Vancouver Metrotown
Elementary Road
Elementary School Court
Elements Diner
Elena's Custom Tailoring
Elephant & Castle
Elephant Garden Creamery
Elevator Road
Eleventh Street
Elford Street
Elgin Avenue
Elgin Centre Preschool
Elgin Greenway
Elgin Park Secondary
Elgin Place
Elgin Road
Elgin Street

éliane Hair and Spa

Elinor Crescent
Elisa Wood-Fired Grill
Elizabeth Drive
Elizabeth Street
Elizabeth Way
Elizabeth's Bakery
Elk Place
Elk Valley Place
Elk's Barber Shop
Elkhorn Avenue
Elkmond Road
Elkwood Place
Elle Boutique Salon
Ellendale Drive
Ellendale Elementary
Ellerslie Avenue
Ellerton Court
Ellesmere Avenue
Ellice Avenue
Elliot Street
Elliott Street
Ellis Drive
Ellis Lane
Ellis Street
Elm Bay
Elm East
Elm Park Fieldhouse
Elm Street
Elm West
Elmbridge Way
Elmer Street
Elmgrove Drive
Elmgrove Place
Elmhurst Drive
Elmwood Place
Elmwood Street
Elsay Lake Emergency Shelter
Elsay Lake Trail
Elsdon Bay
Elsie Roy Elementary School
Elsmore Road
Elsom Avenue
Elspeth Place
Elstree Place
Elva Avenue
Elveden Row
Elvis Pizza
Elwell Street
Elwyn Drive
Elysian Coffee Roasters
Emelle's Westside Kitchen
Emerald Drive
Emerald Place
Emergency Operations Centre and Training Facility
Emergency Ward
Emerson Court
Emerson Street
Emerson Way
Emery Place
EMIL Clothing Co.
Emilio & Adriana's Hair Designs
Emily Carr Elementary School
Emily Carr University
Emily D
Emma Lea Farms
Emmanuel Romanian Penticostal Church
Emory Street
Emperor's Kitchen
Empire Centre
Empire Drive
Empire Seafood Restaurant
Empress Avenue
Empress Bypass
Empress of Japan Figurehead
Emwood Place
En Forêt Beauty & Hair
End of the Line
End of the Roll
Enderby Avenue
Endersby Street
Energy Trail
Enevoldson Delia
Engine 374 Pavilion
Engineering Cairn
Engineering Lane
Engineering Road
Engineering Student Center
English Avenue
English Bay bath house
English Bay Beach
English Bay Bicycles
English Bay Bikes
English Bay Hotel
English Bay Inn
English Bluff Court
English Bluff Elementary
English Bluff Road
English Place
English Street
Enigma Urban Eatery & Bar
Enjoy Cafe 1+1
Enjoy Canada
Ennerdale Road
Enns & Company Chartered Professional Accountants
Enquist Lodge
Enquist Route
Enterprise Street
Enterprise Way
Entertainment Boulevard
Entrance Court
EntreNous Interiors
Enver Creek Secondary School
Environmental Services Facility - Chemical Waste Processing
Environmental Services Facility - Incinerator
Environmental Services Facility - Pcb Containers
Environmental Services Facility - Solvent Lab
Environmental Services Facility - Solvent Storage
Envision Financial
Envision Optical Design
Enzo Trail
Enzo's Café
Enzoloopè Trail
Eperson Road
Epic Grill Silogs
Epic Menswear
Epping Court
Epps Avenue
Equinox Gallery
ER Computers


Eric Hamber Secondary School
Erickson Drive
Erik the Red Trail
Erin Avenue
Erin Place
Erin Way
Erma Stephenson Elementary
Erosion Repairs
Errigal Place
Errington Road
Erskine Street
Erwin Drive

escalator to subway - Waterfront Station

Escape Hair & Body
Escents Aromatherapy
Escola Bay
Esmond Avenue
Esperanza Drive
Esplanade Avenue
Esplanade Street
Esposito Massage
Espresso (Original Entrance)
Esquimalt Avenue
Essentia Cafe
Essential Motorcycle Services
Essential Packaging
Essex Avenue
Essex Place
Essex Road
Esso Express
Estea Cafe
Estevan Place
Eterna Salon & Day Spa
Ethan Allen
Ethel Avenue
Ethical Bean Café
Ethical Kitchen
Eton Street
Euclid Avenue
Euclid Court
Euphrates Crescent
Eurasia BC Automative Ltd.
Eureka Avenue
Euro Cafe
Euro-Rite Cabinets
Europa Barbers & Hairstyling
Europe Old Fashion Bakery and Deli
European Deli
EV Revolution
Evancio Crescent
Evangelical Chinese Bible Church
Evans Avenue
Evans Place
Evans Trail
Eveleigh Street
Evelyn Drive
Evelyn Street
Evelyn's Coffee and Grill
Even New
Ever New
Everall Street
Everall Street Stairs
Everett Crescent
Everett Loop
Everglade Place
Evergreen Apartments
Evergreen Avenue
Evergreen Court
Evergreen Crescent
Evergreen Drive
Evergreen Lane
Evergreen Line Presentation Centre
Evergreen Place
Evergreen Plaza
Evergreen Street
Everyday Sushi
Everything Wine


Ewart Street
Ewen Avenue
Ewen Childcare
Ewson Street
Exaltation of the Holy Cross Catholic Church
Excel Autobody
Excellent Auto Services
Executioner Connector
Executive Airport Plaza Hotel Richmond
Executive Plaza Hotel
Executive Suites Hotel & Conference Centre Burnaby

exercise equipment

Exhausting Machine
Exmouth Road
EXP Bubbletea+Lifestyle
Expand Furniture
Expedia Cruiseshipcenters
Expedia CruiseShipCenters
Expert Hearing
Exploration of the Fraser River
Explorers Walk
Expo Boulevard
Exposure Bubble Tea
Express Center
Express News
Express News and Smokes
Express News Convenience
Express Street
Extreme Air Park
Eye Candy
Eye Care Centre
Eye Max Eye Care
Eye Shades
Eye Station Optical
Eye World Optical
Eyes Inspire
Eyes On 12th
Eyes on Burrard
Eyesberg Optical & Optometry
Eyestar Optical Ltd.
Eyevision Optical
Eyremount Drive
Ezee Riders

F as in frank vintage clothing
F Grass -Ai Wei Wei
F-86 Sabre Jet Crash Site Memorial
F10 Quick Cut
Fab Burgers Inc.
Faber Crescent
Faber Place
Fable Diner
Facilities Management
Factory Optical
Faculty & Staff Housing - Larkspur House
Faculty Brewing
Fader Street
Fair Wynd
Fairbrook Crescent
Fairbrook Place
Fairchild Road
Fairdell Crescent
Fairdell Place
Fairfax Crescent
Fairfax Place
Fairfax Street
Fairfield Avenue
Fairfield Place
Fairfield Road
Fairford Place
Fairhurst Road
Fairland Court
Fairlane Collision
Fairlane Road
Fairlawn Drive
Fairlight Crescent
Fairmile Road
Fairmont Hotel Vancouver
Fairmont Pacific Rim
Fairmont Road
Fairmont Street
Fairmont Vancouver Airport Hotel
Fairmont Waterfront
Fairview Avenue
Fairview Crescent
Fairview Place
Fairview Presbyterian Church
Fairview Street
Fairway Drive
Fairway Drug Mart
Fairway Place
Fairway Road
Fairway Street
Fairway Views Wynd
Fairweather Lane
Fairy Street
Faith Fellowship Baptist Church
Falafel Cafe
Falafel King
Falafully Good
Falaise Avenue
Falaise Lane
Falaise Place
Falcon Court
Falcon Drive
Falcon Ridge
Falcon Road
Falcon Way
Falkirk Drive
Falkland Street
False Creek Collision
False Creek Community Centre
False Creek Elementary School
False Creek Yacht Club
Family Care Pharmacy
Family Milk
Family One Market
Family Optical
Familycare Pharmacy
Famoso Napolitan Pizzeria
Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria
Famous Famiglia
Famous Foods
Famous Footwear
Famous World Travel
Fancy Gift
Fancy Look Hair & Nails
Fancy Nails
Fancy This Gifts
Fang Trail
Fannin Avenue
Fanny Bay Oyster Bar
Fantacity Karaoke
Fantasy Factory
Fantasy Factory Adult Store
Fantasy Nails
Fareham Avenue
Farges Trail
Farm fresh Produce
Farm to Table
Farmleigh Road
Farmtown Meats
Farrell Avenue
Farrell Crescent
Farrer Cove Road
Farrington Street
Farrow Street
Farzad's Barber Shop
Fas Gas
Fas Gas Plus
Fashion Addition 14+
Fashion Hair Salon
Fashion Line
Fashion Shades
Fassil Ethiopian Restaurant
Fast Frames
Fast Gas Plus
Fast Iron Cleaners
Fast Track
Fat Bastard
Fat Burger
Fat Mao Noodles
Fatty Cow Seafood Hot Pot
Faubourg Paris
Faulkner Road
Fawcett Road
Featherstone Way
Federation Gallery
Federico's Supper Club
FedEx Office Print and Ship Center
Fedex Packaging Depot
FedEx Worldwide Service Centre
Fedoruk Road
Felicos Restaurant
Felix Court
Fell Avenue
Fellburn Hospital
Fellowes Street
Fellowship Bell
Fellowship Centre
Felton Place
Felton Road
Fence Line Trail
Fentiman Place
Fenton Drive
Fenton Road
Fenton Street
Fenwick Place
Fenwick Street
Fenwick Wynd
Ferguson Court
Ferguson Diversion
Ferguson Point
Ferguson Point Parking Lot
Ferguson Road
Fern Drive
Fern Street
Fern Terrace
Fern Trail
Fern Way
Ferndale Avenue
Ferndale Road
Ferndale Street
Fernglen Court
Fernglen Drive
Fernglen Place
Fernhurst Place
Fernleaf Place
Fernway Drive
Fernwood Avenue
Fernwood Crescent
Fernwood Place
Ferrari Maserati Vancouver
Ferris Street
Ferry Building Gallery
Ferry Road
Ferry Row
Ferry Slip Road
Ferry Ticket Office
Ferry Walk-On
Fiat of Vancouver


Field & Social
Field 2
Field 3
Field 4
Field House
Field House Cafe
Field Place
Fielding Court
Fieldstone Artisan Breads
Fieldstone Avenue
Fieldstone Walk
Fierce like tigers
Fiesta Creative Catering
Fiesta Filipino
Fife Bakery
Fifeshire Street
Fifteenth Street
Fifth Avenue
Fifth Avenue Cinemas
Fifth Street
Fig Mart
Figaro Café + Bakery
Figaro's Garden
Filbert Bay
Filey Drive
FilmGo Sales
Finch Court
Finch Hill
Finch Place
Findlay Street
Fine Art Framing
Fine Finds
Finest At Sea
Finest at Sea
Finest Cup
Finlandia Pharmacy
Finlay Court
Finlay Street
Finlayson Avenue
Finlayson Court
Finlayson Drive
Finley Street
Finn Road
Finn Slough (Tidal Community)
Finn-ish Line
Finnigan Street
Fino Lino
Fintry Place
Fir Court
Fir Road
Fir Springs Lane
Fir Street
Firbridge Way
Firbrook Place
Firby Court
Fircrest Drive
Fircrest Meadows
Fircrest Place
Firdale Street
Fire Hall #11
Fire Hall #17
Fire Hall 12
Fire Hall 13
Fire Hall 14
Fire Hall no. 18
Fire Hall No. 4
Fire Hose
Fire Lane
Fire Lane 1
Fire Lane 2
Fire Lane 3
Fire Lane 4
Fire Lane 5
Fire Lane 6
Fire Lane 7
Fire Station 1
Fire Station 2 - Edmonds
Fire Station 3
Fire Station 4
Fire Station 5
Fire Station 6
Fire Station 7
Fire Station Drive-Through
Fire Trail
Fire Training
Firecrust Custom Salads + Pizzas
Firefighters' Public House
Firefly Hair Co.
Firehall Arts Centre
Firehall Branch
Firehall No. 1
Firehall No. 10
Firehall No. 12
Firehall No. 13
Firehall No. 14
Firehall No. 15
Firehall No. 17
Firehall No. 18
Firehall No. 19
Firehall No. 2
Firehall No. 20
Firehall No. 21
Firehall No. 22
Firehall No. 3
Firehall No. 4
Firehall No. 6
Firehall No. 7
Firehall No. 8
Firehall No. 9
Firenze 1
Fireplaces Unlimited
Firestone Place
First Avenue
First Baptist Church
First Choice Hair Cutters
First Choice Haircutters
First Choice Laundry
First Christian Reformed Church of Vancouver
First Class Auto Body
First Foto
First Hungarian Presbyterian Church
First Impressions Orthodontics
First Lake Connector
First Lake Loop
First Lake Overlook
First Lake Trail
First Lutheran Church
First McDonald's in Canada
First Memorial Funeral Services
First Nails
First Nations House Of Learning
First Presbyterian Church
First Ravioli Store
First Street
First United Church
Firth Avenue
Firview Place


Fisher Court
Fisher Drive
Fisher Gate
Fisher Street
Fisher's Field
Fisherman Way
Fisherman's Kitchen
Fisherman's Memorial
Fisherman's Trail
Fisherman's Wharf
Fishermen's Trail
Fishermen's Trail/Baden Powell Trail
Fit Camp Foods
Fit for Life
Fit Me Alterations & Dry Cleaning
Fitness Depot
Fitness Town
Fitness Trail Pathway
Fitzgerald Avenue
Five Corners Cafe
Five Elements
Five Guys
Five Point
Five Star Coin Laundry
Fix Auto - Burnaby South
Fix Auto Langley
Fix Auto Port Moody
Flagstaff Place
Flagstone Walk
Flamingo Court
Flamingo Hotel Liquor Store
Flamingo Place
Flavelle Drive
Flavelle Shortcut
Fleet Street
Fleetwood Commerce Court
Fleetwood Drive
Fleetwood Greenway
Fleetwood International Church
Fleetwood Library
Fleetwood Park Labyrinth
Fleetwood Sushi
Fleetwood Way
Fleming Avenue
Fleming Street
Fletcher Way
Flexi Nails
Flight Centre
Flight City
Flight (Spindle Whorl)
Flinn Court
Flint Street
Flip Side Desserts
Flo Richmond
Floata Seafood Restaurant
Floform Countertops
Floppy Bunny
Flora Place
Floral Art House
Floral Hall
Floralynn Crescent
Florence Street
Florens Hair Cuts
Florentine Door & Wall No 3
Florimond Road
Flower & Horse In Spring
Flower Lake Loop Connector
Flower Lake Loop Trail
Flower Road
Flower Totems
Flowering Place
Floyd Avenue
Flu Shots Pharmacy
Flury Drive
Fly Zone
Flying Fashions
Flying J
Flying Pig
Flying Travel
Flying Wedge Pizza
Flynn Crescent
Flynn Place
FlyOver Canada
Flywheel Trail
Flywheel Trail (upper section lost to development)
Foamers' Folly Brewing
Foamers' Folly Tap Room
Focal Building (under construction)
Fogg N' Suds
Foggy Dew
Foley Street
Folkestone Way
Folli Follie
Folsom Street
Fondway Cafe
Fong Fong
Fonteyn Way
Food Court
Food Stop
Food Town
Food, Nutrition and Health Building
Foodies on Board
Foodness Supermarket
Foody World
Foot Locker
For the Kids
Forbes Avenue
Ford Detour Road
Ford Metro Motors
Ford Pre-Owned Centre
Ford Road
Ford Street
Foreign Electronics
Forensic Psychiatric Hospital
Forero's Bags and Luggage
Foreshore Trail
Foreshore Walk
Foress Drive
Forest Education Centre
Forest Grove Drive
Forest Grove Elementary School
Forest Grove Place
Forest Hills
Forest Hills Drive
Forest Park Way
Forest Place
Forest Sciences Centre
Forest Street
Forest Walk
Forest Way
Forester Street
Forestgate Place
Foresthill Place
Forestridge Place
Forestry Field House
Forestview Lane
Forever 21
Forever After
Forever Inked Tattoos
Forge Place
Forge Walk
Forglen Drive
Forks/Main Trail
Formby Street
Former Site of King George High School 1914-1963
Forrilon Place
Forsman Avenue
Forst Avenue
Forsyth Crescent
Forsyth Park Elementary
Fort Fraser Rise
Fortius Sport & Health
Fortress Court
Fortress Drive
Fortune Avenue
Fortune House
Fortune House Seafood Restaurant
Fortune Lamb Dining
Fortune Terrace Chinese Cuisine
Fortune Trail
Foster Avenue
Foster Martin
Foster Road
Foster Street
Fosters Way
Foundry Quay
Foundry Row
Fountain Tire
Fountain Way
Fountain Way Court
Fountainhead Pub
Four Eyes Optical
Four Lost Souls / Greaser
Four Olives Restaurant
Four Points by Sheraton Surrey
Four Points by Sheraton Vancouver Airport
Four Season Farm
Four Seasons
Four Winds Tasting Room
Fourteenth Street
Fourth Avenue
Fourth Street
Fowler Court
Fox & Fiddle Pub
Fox Lane
Fox Street
Foxglove Crescent
Foxglove Lane
Foxhound Mews
Foxwood Court
Foxwood Drive
FPInnovations - Forest Operations
Frame - What do you see?
Frames Court
Frames Place
Frances Street
Francis Crescent
Francis Place
Francis Road
Francis Way
Francisco Court
Francisco Lane
Francl Architecture
Frank & Oak
Frank Buck Field
Frank Forward Building - Metallurgy
Frank Hurt Secondary School
Frank's Barber Shop
Frankie G's Pub
Frankie's Gourmet Hot Dogs
Franklin Road
Franklin Street
Franks Plank
Frans' Flowers
Fraser Academy
Fraser Avenue
Fraser Car Wash & Auto Detail
Fraser Crescent
Fraser Downs Racetrack
Fraser Dyke Road
Fraser Foreshore Park Trail
Fraser Greenway
Fraser Hall
Fraser Heights
Fraser Heights Greenway
Fraser Heights Pharmacy
Fraser Heights Secondary School (FHSS)
Fraser Heights Wine Cellar
Fraser Highway
Fraser Lands Church
Fraser Library
Fraser Market
Fraser Mills
Fraser Park Drive
Fraser Pharmacy
Fraser Place
Fraser River Discovery Centre
Fraser River Trail
Fraser Street
Fraser Valley Heritage Railway Carbarn
Fraser Valley Juice
Fraser Way
Fraser Wood Elementary
Fraser Woods
Fraser Yacht Sales Ltd
Fraserbank Crescent
Fraserbank Place
Fraserglen Drive
FraserHealth Yale Road Centre
Fraserside Drive
Fraserside Gate
Fraserton Court
Fraserview Court Apartments
Fraserview Drive
Fraserview Golf Course
Fraserview Golf Course Perimeter Path
Fraserview Hall
Fraserview Meat Shop & Tandoori House
Fraserview Meats
Fraserview Mennonite Brethren Church
Fraserview Place
Fraserview Street
Fraserwood Court
Fraserwood Place
Fraserwood Way
Fratelli's Italian Bakery
Fraternal Order of Eagles Aerie 2638
Fred Kaiser Building
Freddy Pant Room
Frederic Lasserre Building
Frederic Wood Theatre
Frederick Avenue
Frederick Place
Frederick Road
Frederick Street
Free People
Freedman Shoes
Freedom Dog-Off-Leash Park
Freedom Mobile
Freeway Mini Storage
Fremlin Street
Fremont Connector Street
Fremont Street
French Sole
French Street
French Table Bistro
Frenchies Diner
Fresgo Inn
Fresh Bowl
Fresh Cuts — FreshPoint Canada
Fresh Donair
Fresh Fast
Fresh is Best Salsa & Company
Fresh Japanese Restaurant
Fresh Restaurant & Lounge
Fresh Sandwich & Convenience Store
Fresh Slice
Fresh Slice Pizza
Fresh St. Market
Fresh Window Cafe
FreshSlice Pizza
Freshslice Pizza
Freshsllice Pizza
Freshwater Drive
Fresno Place
Frew Road
Frey Place
Freya's Connector
Friar Crescent
Friedman Building
Friendship Manor
Friendship Place
Friesian Drive
Frigate Court
Frigate Road
Frilly Lilly
Friskie Avenue
Fritz's European Fry House
Frobisher Drive
Frog Pond
Fromme Road
Front And Company
Front Street
Frontage Road
Frontenac Street
Frost Court
Frost Road Elementary School
Frosted Nail Studio
Fruit & Vegetable Market
Fruitful Life Christian Church
Fruno Place
FU Express
Fuchsia Place
Fuel Cafe'
Fufú Café
Fuggles & Warlock Tasting Room
Fuji Sushi
Fujian Evangelical Church
Fujiya take out
Fuku Ramen
FuKuRoKu Sushi Express
Full Pull
Full Ramen
Fuller Crescent
Fuller Crescent North
Fuller Crescent South
Fullerton Avenue
Fullhouse Vintage Modern
Fuloi Restaurant
Fulton Avenue
Fulton Street
Fulwell Drive
Fulwell Street
Fun In The Sun Clothing
Function Junction Trail
Fundy Drive
Fundy Gate
Funeral Home
Fung May
Funhouse Tattoo
Funk 'n' Frost
Furness Street
Furniture Land
Fushion: Connecting History and Community
Futon Warehouse
F.W. Howay Elementary

G&F Financial
G&F Financial Group
G-Be Izakaya
G-Men Ramen
Ga Hyang Ru
Gaba Travel
Gable Drive
Gables Lane
Gabriola Crescent
Gabriola Drive
Gabriola Gate
Gabriola Mansion
Gage Apartments
Gage Mini Mart
Gage Road
Gaglardi Way
Gagnon Place
Gah Lok Dim Sum
Gail Avenue
Gainsborough Drive
Gal Chae Karaoke
Galaxy Bakery
Galbraith Avenue
Galbraith Crescent
Galbraith Street
Gale Avenue
Gale Drive
Gale Place
Galer Way
Galette Avenue
Galette Place
Galiano Bakery & Cafe
Galiano Island (Sturdies Bay) ↔ Tsawwassen
Galiano Road
Galiano Street
Galina's Cafe
Gallagher Place
Gallagher's Cafe
Gallant Avenue
Galleon Court
Galleon Place
Gallery Cafe
Gallery Jones
Galloway Avenue
Galt Street
Galway Crescent
Galway Drive
G.A.M Shoes & Repair
Gamba Drive
Gambier Avenue
Game On Sports
Game Stars
Gamedeals Video Games
Gamer's Choice
Games on the Drive
Gami Sushi
Gamma Avenue
Ganache Pâtisserie
Gander Court
Gander Drive
Gander Place
Gang Nam Korean BBQ
Gannet Court
Ganymede Drive
Ganymede Place
Gaoler's Mews
GAP Factory Store
Gap Kids
Gar Po Chai
Garbage Compactor
Garcha Meat Shop
Garden Auditorium
Garden Avenue
Garden City Bakery
Garden City Hot Pot
Garden City Road
Garden Court
Garden Drive
Garden Fresh Food & Grocery
Garden Grove Drive
Garden Health
Garden Pavilion - Public Service Centre
Garden Place
Garden Tower
Garden Trail
Garden Village
Gardena Drive
Gardenia Flowers
Gardenworks at Mandville
Gardiner Street
Gardner Court
Garfield Drive
Garfield Street
Garibaldi Drive
Garibaldi Place
Garlands Florist
Garlic and Chili
Garnet Court
Garnet Drive
Garnett Greenway
Garnett Trail
Garratt Court
Garratt Drive
Garrett Drive
Garrett Place
Garrett Street
Garrison Court
Garrison Road
Garrisson Bespoke
Garrow Drive
Garry Oak Trail
Garry Street
Gas Gun Facility
Gasland Equipment & Fireplaces Inc.
Gaspe Place
Gassy Jack Statue
Gastaldo Tailors Ltd.
Gaston Street
Gastown Hostel
Gastown Tattoo
Gate access
Gate House
Gate to Seymour River Access
Gate to the Northwest Passage
Gately Avenue
Gatenby Avenue
Gatensbury Gasp
Gatensbury Street
Gates Avenue
Gateway Baptist Church
Gateway Deli
Gateway Drive
Gateway Market
Gateway Pizza
Gateway Place
Gateway Residences Park Royal (under construction 2019)
Gateway South Site
Gateway Theatre
Gatineau Place
Gaunt Court
Gauthier Avenue
Gay Lynn
Gay Road
Gay Village
Gaya Sushi
Geal Road
Gear Jammer Trail
Gears & Rears
Gegra Equipment
Gem Barbers
Gemini tea bar
General Brock Elementary School
General Currie Elementary
General Currie Road
General Flooring
General Paint
General Wolfe Elementary School
Generations Playground
Genesis Nutrition
Genesis Theater
Genest Way
Geng Shi Ji
Genius Education Academy
Genoa Crescent
Geography Building
George Alexander Burrows
George Cunningham Memorial Sundial
George D. Kuhn
George Dickie Substation
George Greenaway Elementary School
George Mackie Library
George Street
George T. Cunningham Elementary School
George Vancouver
George's Greek Taverna
Georges Vanier Elementary
Georgeson Avenue
Georgia Pacific Canada Inc
Georgia Park
Georgia Street
Georgia Wynd
Georgian Court Hotel
Gerald Avenue
Gerald McGavin Building
Gerrard Place
Get Fresh
Geza Burghardt Luthiery
GF Securities
GF Strong Rehabilitation Centre
G.G. McGeer, K.C.
G.H. Grocery
Ghent Lane
Ghia tree
Ghum-Lye Drive
Giant Fir Trail
Giant Panda
Giardino Restaurant
Gibbons Drive
Gibbsons Lane
Gibo Health
Gibson Elementary
Gibson Street
Gifford Place
Gifford Street
Gilbert Crescent
Gilbert Road
Gilchrist Drive
Gilchrist Place
Gildwood Drive
Giles Place
Gilford St pathway
Gilford Street
Gilhurst Crescent
Gilhurst Gate
Gillaneh Restaurant
Gillespie Place
Gillespie Road
Gillespie Street
Gilley Avenue
Gilley Road
Gilley Street
Gilleys Trail
Gillnet Place
Gillnetter Pub
Gilmar Manor
Gilmon Street
Gilmore Avenue
Gilmore Community Elementary
Gilmore Court
Gilmore Crescent
Gilmore Diversion
Gilmore Gardens
Gilmore Way
Gilmore Way Urban Trail
Gilmour Crescent
Gilpin Court
Gilpin Crescent
Gilpin Elementary School
Gilpin Street
Gilroy Crescent
Gilroy Place
Gilston Road
Gin's Auto Repair
Ginger & Chili
Ginger & Soy Chinese Cuisine
Ginger Drive
Ginger Garlic
Ginger Jar Furniture
Ginger Sushi
Gingeri Chinese Cuisine
Gino's Restaurant
Ginseng Spirit
Girard Avenue
Girl Guides Cabin
Girl In A Wetsuit
Giroday Place
Gisby Street
Gislason Avenue
GJ Farms
Glacier Crescent
Glacier Street
Glade Court
Gladstone Avenue
Gladstone Drive
Gladstone Secondary School
Gladstone Street
Gladwin Drive
Gladwin Place
Glam & Glitter
Glam N Chic
Glamstar Beauty & Nails
Glasgow Avenue
Glasgow Street
Glass Roots Smoke Shop
Gleaneagles Club House
Glen Abbey Drive
Glen Avon Drive
Glen Court
Glen Drive
Glen Elementary
Glen Pine Court
Glen Place
Glenacre Court
Glenacres Drive
Glenaire Drive
Glenallan Drive
Glenallan Gate
Glenayre Drive
Glenayre Elementary
Glenbrook Court
Glenbrook Drive
Glenbrook Grove
Glenbrook Middle School
Glenbrook Place
Glenbrook Street
Glenbrooke Daycare
Glenburn Soda Fountain & Confectionery
Glencanyon Drive
Glencarin Drive
Glencoe Drive
Glendale Avenue
Glendale Street
Glendale Vilage
Glendalough Place
Glendower Drive
Glendower Gate
Gleneagle Secondary School
Gleneagles Close
Gleneagles Community Center
Gleneagles Drive
Gleneagles Elementary School
Gleneagles Fire Station
Gleneagles Golf Course
Gleneagles Place
Glengarry Crescent
Glengyle Street
Glenhaven Crescent
Glenholme Street
Glenlyon Parkway
Glenlyon Urban Trail
Glenmaroon Road
Glenmoor Court
Glenmoor Place
Glenmore Drive
Glenn Abbey Place
Glenn Lewis, Toy Boat
Glenora Avenue
Glenrose Drive
Glenross Road
Glenside Court
Glenside Place
Glenthorne Court
Glenthorne Drive
Glenview Court
Glenview Crescent
Glenwood Avenue
Glenwood Close
Glenwood Crescent East
Glenwood Crescent North
Glenwood Crescent South
Glenwood Drive
Glenwood Gate
Glenwood Place
Glenwynd Place
Glenylon Urban Trail
Global Atomic Designs
Global AV Service
Global Computers
Global Salon
Global Village English Centers
Gloria Drive
Glory Juice
Glory Link
Glory Meat Stop
Gloucester Court
Gloucester Street
Glover Avenue
Glynde Avenue
Gnc Live Well
GNJ Vegetarian Bistro
Gnome's Home
GO Canada
Go Fish
Go Go Pizza & Pasta House
Go Thai
Goard Way
Goats Trail
Goddess of Democracy
Godiva Chocolatier
Godwin Avenue
Godwin Court
Goegan Spa
Goggs Avenue
GoGo Geeki
Gojo Little Africa Cafe
Gold Penny Restaurant
Gold Stone
Gold Stone Bakery & Restaurant
Gold Train Express
Gold Train Express Restaurant
Goldcorp Centre for the Arts
Golden Age Collectables
Golden Choice Market
Golden Coin
Golden Drive
Golden Ears Connector
Golden Ears Greenway
Golden Ears Way
Golden Eats Restaurant
Golden Field Restaurant
Golden Garden Vietnamese Cuisine
Golden Leaf Press Inc
Golden Link Crescent
Golden Pair Vietnamese Asian Cuisine
Golden Panda Restaurant
Golden Paramount Seafood Restaurant
Golden Ray Bakery
Golden Scissors Hair & Spa
Golden Spike Way
Golden Street
Golden Summit
Golden Swan Restaurant
Golden Sweets & Restaurant
Golden Szechuan Restaurant
Golden Tree
Golden Village
Golden West Baking Ltd.
Goldeneye Place
Goldenrod Boulevard
Goldenrod Crescent
Goldhurst Terrace
Goldie Court
Goldie Lake Loop Trail
Goldie Lake Trail
Goldsmith Drive
Goldstone Park Elementary School
Goldstream Crescent
Goldstream Drive
Goldstream Place
Goleta Drive
Goleta Place


Golf Club Drive
Golf Course Trail
Golf Drive
Golf Town
Gollner Avenue
Golphis Steak & Lobster
Gon's Izakaya
Gong Cha
Good Choice Restaurant
Good Earth Coffeehouse
Good Feet
Good Luck Hair Design
Good Shepherd
Good Sir Martin Trail
Good Sushi
Goodfellas Barber
Goodlad Street
Goodrich Place
Googh Salon
Goorin Bros
Gordon Avenue
Gordon MacMillan Southam Observatory
Gordon Place
Gordon Shrum Common Block
Gordon Way
Gordons Auto Body
Gore Avenue
Gore Street
Goring Street
Gormond Road
Gostick Place
Got Pho?
Gothard Street
Goudy Place
Gourmet Chinese
Government of Canada Archives
Government Road
Government Street
Governor Court
Governor's Villas
Governors Court
Gower Street
Goyal Travel
Goyer Court
Grace Avenue
Grace Christian Chapel
Grace Community Church
Grace Crescent
Grace Eyewear
Grace Hanin Community Church
Grace International Baptist Church
Grace Lutheran Church
Grace of India
Grace Road
Grace Vancouver Church
Grade 'A' Cafe
Grade Class 2002
Graffika Imaging
Grafton Street
Graham Avenue
Graham D. Bruce Elementary School
Graham Drive
Graham Street
Grain Tasting Bar
Gramercy Grill
Gramma Publications
Granada 2 for 1 Pizza Ltd
Granada Crescent
Grand Boulevard
Grand Boulevard East
Grand Boulevard West
Grand Central 1
Grand Central 2
Grand Central Consignment
Grand Chinese
Grand Crystal Seafood
Grand Dynasty
Grand Heights
Grand Honour
Grand Lane
Grand Maple Gifts
Grand National
Grand Seasons Restaurant
Grand Union Hotel
Grand Value Asian Supermarket
Grand View Szechuan Restaurant
Grandcity Autobody
Grandcity Automotive
Grandt Kitchen
Grandview Calvary Baptist Church
Grandview Elementary
Grandview Heights Aquatic Centre
Grandview Heights Elementary School
Grandview Heights Elementary School Annex
Grandview Heights Greenway
Grandview Highway
Grandview Ridge Trail
Grandview Smoke Shop
Grandview Tire & Auto Centre
Grandview Viaduct
Grandy Road
Grange Street
Granite Court
Granite Terrace
Granite Terrace III
Grano Pizza
Grant Avenue
Grant McConachie Way
Grant Place
Grant Street
Grantham Place
Granville Avenue
Granville Bridge
Granville Chapel
Granville Community Policing Centre
Granville Crescent
Granville Fine Art
Granville Food Market
Granville Island - David Lam Park
Granville Island - Hornby
Granville Island Brewing Retail Store
Granville Island Brewing Taproom
Granville Island Broom Co.
Granville Island Florist
Granville Island Hotel
Granville Island Produce
Granville Island Stage
Granville Island Tea Company
Granville Island Toy Company
Granville Island Water Park
Granville PO
Granville Sports
Granville Street
Granville Tobacconist
Granville Toyota
Grapes 4U

grapes 4u

Grapes and Soda
Grassmere Street
Grauer Road
Gravel Road Climb
Graveley Street
Gravity Bowl Bypass
Gravity Bowl Trail
Gravity Pope
Gray Avenue
Gray Elementary
Gray Elementary playground
Graybar Road
Grayson Avenue
Great Bear Liquor Store
Great Bear Pub
Great Canadian Dollar Store
Great Canadian Oil Change
Great Canadian Way
Great Clips
Great Dane Coffee
Great Explorations
Great Han Mongolian BBQ
Great Northern Way
Great Pizza
Great Trek Cairn
Great Two Supermarket
Great Wall Mongolian BBQ
Great Wall Tea Co
Great West Coin Laundry
Great West Paper Box
Greater Vancouver Baptist Church
Greedy Pig
Greeen Timber South trails
Greek Fellas Restaurant
Greek Guys
Greek Island Pizza
Greek Islands Restaurant
Greek Orthodox Community of Surrey & Fraser Valley
Greek Village
Green & Oak Malaysian Restaurant
Green Bamboo
Green Basil Thai
Green Bastard
Green Bean Cafe
Green College - Building B East
Green College Kitchen
Green Court
Green Gables
Green Leaf Brewing
Green Leaf Bubble Tea
Green Leaf Sushi
Green Leaf Sushi Cafe
Green Lemongrass
Green Lettuce
Green Line Hose & Fittings
Green Place
Green Road
Green Timber (Fraser Highway path)
Green Timbers Covenant Church
Green Timbers Greenway
Green Timbers Way
Greenall Avenue
Greenbank Court
Greenbriar Place
Greenbriar Way
Greenbrier Hotel
Greenbrier Place
Greenbrook Drive
Greenbrook Place
Greencrest Drive
Greene Street
Greenfield Drive
Greenfield Gate
Greenford Avenue
Greenhaven Court
Greenheart Canopy Walkway
Greenhill Court
Greenhill Place
Greenhorn Espresso Bar
Greenhouse Lane
Greenlake Place
Greenland Drive
Greenland Place
Greenleaf Court
Greenleaf Drive
Greenleaf Lane
Greenleaf Road
Greenlees Road
Greenmount Avenue
Greenock Place
Greenroad Village
Greens & Beans Deli
Greens Organic and Natural Market
Greensboro Place
Greenside Drive East
Greenside Drive West
Greenstone Court
Greentree Lane
Greentree Place
Greentree Road
Greenway Avenue
Greenway Drive
Greenwood Gardens
Greenwood Place
Greenwood Road
Greenwood Street
Greer Avenue
Greer Place
Greg Lee Way
Greta Street
Greyhound Courrier Express
Greylynn Crescent
Greystone Drive
Greystone Place
Griffen Switchbacks
Griffin Centre
Griffin Place
Griffiths Avenue
Griffiths Drive
Griffiths Lane
Griffiths Memorial
Griffiths Memorial Playground
Griffiths Place
Griffiths Way
Grimmer Street
Grimston Wading Pool
Grip Auto & Tire
Grizzly Bear Habitat
Grizzly Place
Groat Avenue
Grocery Checkout
Grocery Outlet
Grosvenor Avenue
Grosvenor Crescent
Grosvenor Place
Grosvenor Road
Grosvenor Square
Grosvenor Square Apartments
Grounds for Appeal
Grounds For Coffee
Grouse Grind
Grouse Grind End Timer
Grouse Grind Trail 1/2 Marker
Grouse Grind Trail 1/4 Marker
Grouse Grind Trail 3/4 Marker
Grouse Grind Trail End
Grouse Grind Trailhead
Grouse Mountain
Grouse Mountain Highway
Grouse Mountain Skyride Base
Grousewoods Crescent
Grousewoods Drive
Grousewoods Place
Grove Avenue
Grove Crescent
Grove Place
Groveland Court
Groveland Place
Groveland Road
Grover Avenue
Groveridge Wynd
GRP Auto & Tire
GT II Noodle House
Guard House
Guardian Angels Roman Catholic Church
Guelph Street
Guess Accessories
Guest Services
Guest Street
Guest Wynd
Guilby Street
Guild House Antiques
Guildford Before Guildford
Guildford Coin Laundry
Guildford Drive
Guildford Gardens
Guildford General Store
Guildford Greene
Guildford Library
Guildford Park Secondary School
Guildford Sushi House
Guildford Villa
Guildford Way
Guilford Pet Foods & Supplies
Guilt & Co
Guiltner Street
Gulberg Fine Cuisine
Gulf Place
Gulf View Wynd
Gullin Rice
Gunderson Lacrosse Box
Gunderson Road
Gunner's Trail
Gurkha Himalayan Kitchen
Gusto di Quattro
Guu Davie
Guu Garden
Guu Original Thurlow
Guu ​with Garlic
GVC Credit Union
GVWD Capilano Energy Recovery Facility
GVWD Gazebo
GVWD Park Building
GVWD Water Distribution
Gwillim Crescent
Gym C
Gym D
Gyo Para -Gyoza and Ramen Paradise
Gyoza Bar
Gyroscope Collision
Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ

H & M
H Mart
H. R. MacMillan Space Centre
H. T. Thrift Elementary
H&M Man
H&R Block
H&Y Gift Shop
H-Mart Langley
H2BAY Transmission
Ha Long Bay
Habgood Street
Habib Market
Habitat For Humanity ReStore
Habitat Pub
Hachey Avenue
Hachibei 八兵衛
Hackers Hill
Hadden Beach
Hadden Drive
Haddon Court
Haddon Drive
Haddon Place
Haddon Road
Hadley Wood
Hagen Travel & Cruises
Hager Books
Haggart Street
Hai Phong
Hai Phong Vietnamese Restaurant
Haida Drive
Haida House
HaiDiLao Hot Pot
Haig Street
Hail Mary's
Hailey Street
Hailstone Street
Hair City
Hair Design Shaggy
Hair Fantasy
Hair Masters
Hair Sense
Hair Soda
Hair Studio
Hair Today
Hair Up 2 Date
Hair Zone
Hairworks in the Village
Haiyi Seafood Restaurant
Hakim Optical
Hale Road
Half Baked Cookie Company
Half Time Sports
Halifax Avenue
Halifax Place
Halifax Street
Hall Avenue
Hall Place
Hall Road
Hall's Prairie Elementary
Hallam Court
Halley Avenue
Halligan Street
Halss Crescent
Halstead Place
Halston Court
Halvor Lunden Trail
Ham & Eggman's
Ham & Eggmans
Hamber Court
Hamber Place
Hamber Road
Hamber Street
Hambry Street
Hames Crescent
Hamilton Avenue
Hamilton Building
Hamilton Park
Hamilton Place
Hamilton Road
Hamilton Street
Hamlin Drive
Hammarskjold Drive
Hammer Time
Hammersmith Gate
Hammersmith Way
Hammertime Hobbies
Hammond Avenue
Hammond Road
Hampshire Court
Hampshire Road
Hampstead Close
Hampstead Place
Hampton Boulevard East
Hampton Boulevard North
Hampton Court
Hampton Drive
Hampton Gate
Hampton Green
Hampton Inn & Suites by Hilton Langley-Surrey
Hampton Inn Vancouver Airport
Hampton Park Elementary
Hampton Place
Hampton Street
Han Nam Optical
Hana Sushi
Hanano Sushi & Grill
Hananoki Japanese Restaurant
Hanayuki Sushi
Handel Avenue
Handi Indian Restaurant
Handles Design Hardware
Handley Avenue
Handley Crescent
Handsworth Road
Handsworth Secondary School
Handy Appilances
Hanes Avenue
Hang Your Hat
Hanite's Flower Shop and Accessories
Hank Auto Service
Hankin Drive
Hanlin Tea House
Hanna Court
Hannam Supermarket
Hanok Korean Restaurant
Hansard Crescent
Hansen Road
Hansig Automotive Repair Centre
Hanson Trail
Hanwoori Korean Restaurant
Hapa Izakaya
Happy Day Cafe
Happy Day Inn Metrotown
Happy Family Restaurant
Happy Flowers
Happy Ice
Happy Lamb Hot Pot
Happy Lemon
Happy May Child Care Centre III
Happy Noodle House
Happy Sushi
Happy Tree House BBQ
Happy Valley Dim Sum Seafood Restaurant
Happy Valley Lane
Happy Valley Village Restaurant
Happy Veggie
Harbour Air
Harbour Avenue
Harbour Barbers
Harbour Centre
Harbour Centre Lookout Tower
Harbour Chines
Harbour Cove
Harbour Drive
Harbour Manor Housing Co-op
Harbour Place
Harbour Road
Harbour Street
Harbour Stroll
Harbour View
Harbour View Elementary
Harbour View Road
Harbour Village
Harbourgreene Drive
Harbourside Drive
Harbourside Park Towers
Harbourside Place
Harbourview Daycare
Hard Rock Shop
Hardie Avenue
Hardwick Street
Hardy Court
Hardy Crescent
Hardy Place
Hardy Road
Hare Krishna Lane
Harken Drive
Harley Court
Harmony Bay
Harmony Place
Haro Street
Harold Bishop Elementary
Harold Road
Harold Street
Harold Wright Field
Harper Crescent
Harper Road
Harper Road Access
Harrier Drive
Harriet Street
Harris Avenue
Harris Place
Harris Plant Nursery
Harris Road
Harrison Avenue
Harrison Drive
Harrison Galleries
Harrison Loop
Harrogate Drive
Harry Jerome Community Recreation Centre
Harry Jerome Sports Centre
Harry Minuk Shoes
Harry Winston Jerome
Hart House Restaurant
Hart Street
Hartford Lane
Hartford Place
Hartley Avenue
Hartnell Road
Haru Korean Kitchen
Haru Sushi
Harvard Drive
Harvest City Church
Harvest Community Foods
Harvest Delicatessen
Harvest Drive
Harvest Drive Pharmacy
Harvest Power
Harvey Street
Harvie Road
Harwood Avenue
Harwood Street
Haseman Building
Hashi Sushi
Hastings Branch
Hastings Building
Hastings Creek Trail
Hastings Elementary Community School
Hastings Mill Park Museum
Hastings Park Racetrack
Hastings Pharmacy
Hastings Place
Hastings Racecourse
Hastings skateboard park
Hastings Street
Hastings Street Urban trail
Hastings Sunrise Community Policing Centre
Hastings Veterinary Hospital
Hasty Mart
Haszard Street
Hatchery Trail
Hatton Avenue
Haunted House
Havana Cubana
HAVE cafe
Haven Place
Haverhill Place
Haversley Avenue
Haviland Street
Hawaiian Beach
Hawk Lane
Hawk Picnic Shelter
Hawker's Delight
Hawkins Street
Hawks Avenue
Hawkstream Drive
Hawksworth Restaurant
Hawser Avenue
Hawstead Place
Hawthorn Drive
Hawthorn Lane
Hawthorn Trail
Hawthorne Avenue
Hawthorne Elementary
Hawthorne Greenway
Hawthorne Park
Hawthorne Place
Hawthorne Terrace
Hayan Mug
Hayashi Court
Hayashi Sushi
Hayes Street
Hayle Place
Hayne Court
Hayseed Close
Hayward Lane
Hayward Place
Haywood Avenue
Haywood Bandstand
Hazard Screenprinting
Hazel & Co
Hazel Avenue
Hazel Court
Hazel Street
Hazelbridge Way
Hazelgrove Elementary School
Hazelgrove Greenway
Hazellynn Place
Hazelmere Golf Course
Hazelmere Street
Hazelmere United Church
Hazelnut Place
Hazelton Street
Hazelwood Crescent
Head Quarters Hair Salon
Headland Close
Headland Court
Headland Drive
Headland Place
Headwaters Trail
Healing Spirit House
Health Center
Health Sciences Mall
Health Works
Healthlon Home Fashion
Healthside Pharmacy
Healthy Monkey Cafe
Healthy Noodle House
Healthy You Pilates Studio
Heartbreaker Salon
Hearthstone Tap & Forno
Hearts & Vine Cafe
Heath Crescent
Heath Elementary
Heathdale Court
Heathdale Drive
Heather Avenue
Heather Civic Marina
Heather Pavillion
Heather Pavillion East
Heather Place
Heather Street
Heather's Boutique
Heatley Avenue
Heatley Block
Heaven's Sake
Hebb Avenue
Hebb Building
Hebb Theater
Hecate Place
Heckbert Place
Hedge Avenue
Hedgestone Court
Hedley Avenue
Heffel Fine Art Auction House
Heffley Crescent
Heirs Pears
Helc Place
Helen Drive
Helen Gregory MacGill
Helen Grocery
Helen's Flowers
Helen's Grill
Helen's Grocery
Helijet Intl.
Hellings Elementary
Helly Hansen
Helmcken Street
Helston Crescent
Hemlock Court
Hemlock Crescent
Hemlock Drive
Hemlock Park
Hemlock Place
Hemlock Street
Hemlock Trail
Hempire Weed Dispensary
Hen Long Market
Hendecourt Place
Hendecourt Road
Henderson Avenue
Hendry Avenue
Hendry Place
Henley Street
Henlow Road
Hennepin Avenue
Henning Drive
Hennings Building
Henry Anderson Elementary School
Henry Angus Building
Henry Bose Elementary
Henry Houston Scott Park
Henry Hudson Elementary School
Henry Street
Henry's Groceries
Henry's Kitchen
Henshaw Lane
Herbert Road
Hereford Place
Heringers Olde Fashioned Quality Meats
Heritage Asian Eatery
Heritage Boulevard
Heritage Dollar Store
Heritage Garage
Heritage Hall
Heritage Hanger
Heritage Harbour
Heritage Meats
Heritage Mountain Boulevard
Heritage Mountain Elementary School
Heritage Park Lane
Heritage Woods Secondary School
Hermitage Drive
Hermon Drive
Hermosa Avenue
Hermosa Drive
Heron Bay Close
Heron Court
Heron Place
Heron Trail
Heron Way
Herring Place
Herritage Banquet Hall
Herrmann Street
Hersham Avenue
Hertford Street
Hertz Car Sales Surrey
Herzog Crystal
Hett Creek Drive
Hett Creek Steeps
Hett Creek Trail
Hewitt Street
Hey Jude
Heywood Street
Hi Dozo Sushi
Hi Five
Hi Lite
Hi Nippon
Hi Tech Auto Clinic
HI Vancouver Central
HI Vancouver Jericho Beach
Hi-Knoll Driving Range & Mini-Golf
Hi-Light Auto Body
Hi-Lite Truck Accessories
Hi-View Market
Hialeah Court
Hiawatha Drive
Hibbard Avenue
Hickey Drive
Hickey Street
Hickory Court
Hickory Drive
Hickory Street
Hickstead Avenue
Hideaway Bay
Hidhurst Place
Hie Avenue
Hifi Centre
HiFive Chicken 24
High Crest Townhouses
High Gate Auto Repairs
High Head Lab
High Knoll
High Park Avenue
High Point Beer Wine Spirits
High Street
High View Lookout
Highbury Street
Highfield Drive
Highgate Street
Highgate Terrace
Highgrove Place
Highland Boulevard
Highland Cleaners
Highland Court
Highland Crescent
Highland Drive
Highland Massage Therapy
Highland Optical
Highland Park
Highland Park Elementary
Highland Place
Highland Produce
Highland Way
Highlands Elementary School
Highlawn Drive
Highlife World Music
Highview Place
Highwater Tackle
Highway 10
Hikari Cafe
Hiking Trail
Hilary Place
Hilda Street
Hill Avenue
Hill Drive
Hill Street
Hill's Bakery
Hill's Dry Goods
Hill's of Kerrisdale
Hillcrest Avenue
Hillcrest Bakery and Deli
Hillcrest Centre
Hillcrest Street
Hillel House
Hillside Avenue
Hillside Crescent
Hillside Drive
Hillside Place
Hillside Road
Hilltop Market
Hillview Court
Hillview Place
Hillview Street
Hilton Road
Hilton Vancouver Airport Hotel
H.I.M. Motor Sport
Himalaya Restaurant
Himalaya Sweets and Restaurant
Hime Sushi
Hindi Punjabi (Fraserview) Gospel Chapel
Hip Baby
Hiraku Sushi
Hirame Sushi
Hiro Sushi
His and Her Hair
Historic Ocean Park
Historical Photo Wall
History of Redwood Park
History of West Beach
Hive Cafe
HiView Lodge
HiView Lookout
Hixon Court
Hixon Place
Hizado Sushi
Hjorth Road Elementary
Hjorth Road Outdoor Pool
Hjorth Road Park Turf #2
Hjorth Road Swimming Pool
HK B.B.Q. Master
HMCS Discovery
HNT Tools
Ho Fung
Ho Ho's Yummy Food
Ho Yuen Kee Restaurant
Hockaday Place
Hockaday Street
Hoffar Street
Hoffmann Way
Hogarth Drive
Hogarth Place
Hoi An Cafe
Hokkaido Ramen Santouka
Holborn Street
Holdom Avenue
Holdsworth Place
Holes in the Sky
Holiday Inn
Holiday Inn and Suites Downtown
Holiday Inn Express
Holiday Inn Express & Suites Surrey
Holiday Inn Express Riverport
Holland Avenue
Holland Imports Inc.
Holland Shopping Centre
Holland Street
Hollis Place
Hollow Access Road
Hollow Tree
Hollow Tree Parking Lot
Holly Avenue
Holly Drive
Holly Elementary
Holly Goes Lightly
Holly Park Court
Holly Park Drive
Holly Park Lane
Holly Park Place
Holly Park Pool
Holly Park Pump Track
Holly Park Wynd
Holly Place
Holly Place Lane
Holly Street
Holly Trail
Hollybank Drive
Hollybridge Way
Hollybrook Street
Hollyburn Country Club
Hollyburn Elementary School
Hollyburn Fire Access Road
Hollyburn Jackrabbits Cabin
Hollyburn Lodge
Hollyburn Pharmacy
Hollyburn Sailing Club
Hollyburn Sailing Clubhouse
Hollyburn Winter Access Trail
Hollycroft Drive
Hollycroft Gate
Hollyfield Avenue
Hollyhock Lane
Hollymount Drive
Hollymount Gate
Hollyview Estates
Hollywell Drive
Hollywood Boutique
Hollywood Drive
Holmbury Place
Holmes Street
Holstein Street
Holt Avenue
Holt Renfrew
Holt Road
Holtby Street
Holy Cross Catholic Church
Holy Cross Elementary School
Holy Cross Reigonal Secondary School
Holy Cross Roman Catholic Church
Holy Family Hospital
Holy Family Parish
Holy Name of Jesus Parish
Holy Resurrection Russian Orthodox Sobor
Holy Rosary Cathedral
Holy Spirit Parish
Holy Taco
Holy Trinity
Holy Trinity Anglican Church
Holy Trinity Cathedral
Holyrood Road
Home BBQ
Home Billiards
Home Delight Furnishings
Home Effect
Home Farm Dyke Trail
Home Hardware
Home Idol Home Improvement Outlet - Richmond Branch
Home Idol Home Improvement Outlet - Vancouver Branch
Home Lounge Interiors
Home on the Range Organics
Home Outfitters
Home Point
Home Sense
HOMEdelight Furnishings
Homer Mews
Homer St Cafe and Bar
Homer Street
Homestead Furniture
Homestead Trail
Homesteader Court
Homesteader Way
Hometown Pizza
Homfeld Place
Hon Sushi
Hon's Wonton House
Hon's Wun-Tun House
Hon's Wun-Tun House Ltd.
Honey Doughnuts & Goodies
Honey Gifts
Honey Salt
Honeybee Centre
Honeydew Drive
Honeyman Street
Honeysuckle Lane
Honeysuckle Place
Hong Kong
Hong Kong No. 1 Chinese Restaurant
Hong Mao Restaurant
Hong Mays Hair Design
Hong Sushi
Hongdae Pocha Korean
Honjin Sushi
Honolulu Cafe
Honolulu Coffee
Honour Roll
Hook Greenway
Hookan Lounge
Hooked Poke Bar
Hooper Building
Hop & Vine
Hop & Vine Store
Hopcott Premium Meats
Hopcott Road
Hope Community Church
Hope Lutheran Elementary School
Hope Road
Hope Street
Horizon Autobot
Horizon Communications Ltd
Horizon Drive
Horizons Restaurant
Horley Street
Hornby Drive
Hornby Separated Bicycle Lane
Hornby Street
Horne Street
Horseshoe Bay
Horseshoe Bay Chinese Restaurant
Horseshoe Bay Drive
Horseshoe Bay Hair Design
Horseshoe Bay Motel
Horseshoe Place
Horseshoe Slough Trail
Horseshoe Trail
Horseshoe Way
Horticulture Building
Hoskins Place
Hoskins Road
Hoskins Street
Hosmer Avenue
Hosmer Court
Hospice Cottage Charity Shoppe
Hospital Lane
Hospital Street
Hot Pot
Hot Topic
Hot-Star Large Fried Chicken
Hotel Europe
Hotpot Palace
Houcailei Oriental Tea House
Hoult Street
Hourglass Comics & Games
House of Chippendale
House Of Delicatessen
House of Dosas
House of Funk Brewery
House of Funk Tasting Room
House of Hoops
House of Knives
House of Vintage
House of Vision
House Special
House Teppan
Housman Place
Housman Street
Hovercraft Ramp
Howard Avenue
Howard Court
Howard Johnson by Wyndham Vancouver Downtown
Howard Place
Howard Street
Howay Street
Howe Sound Crest Trail
Howe Sound Lane
Howe Street
Howe Street Pharmacy
Howell Court
Howes Street
Howey Road
Howie Avenue
Howse Place
Hoy Creek Hiking Trail
Hoy Creek Trail
Hoy Street
Hoy's Wonton House
Hoylake Avenue
HR MacMillan Building
HSBC Bank Canada
HSBC Building
Huang's Beef Noodle
Hub Restaurant New West
Huber Drive
Hubert Street
Huckleberry Drive
Huckleberry Lane
Huckleberry Place
Huckleberry Trail
Hudson Auto Care
Hudson Avenue
Hudson Court
Hudson News
Hudson Street
Hudson's Bay
Hudson's Bay Company
Huff Boulevard
Huff Hydro Corridor Park Reserve
Hugh Boyd Drive
Hugh Boyd Secondary School
Hugh Dempster Pavillion
Hugh Street
Hughes Place
Hugo Boss
Hugo's Mexican Kitchen
Hui Lau Shan
Hukuya Sushi
Hull Court
Hull Street
Hum-Lu-Sum Drive
Human Structures Vancouver
Humber Crescent
Humber Place
Humberside Avenue
Hume Avenue
Hume Street
Humm Street
Hummel Street
Hummingbird Childcare
Hummingbird Drive
Hummingbird Place
Humphries Avenue
Humphries Court
Humphries Place
Humpty Dumpty Books & Music
Hungry Guys
Hunnybee Bruncheonette
Hunsbedt Place
Hunt Street
Hunter & Hare
Hunter Court
Hunter Place
Hunter Road
Hunter Street
Huntingdon Crescent
Huntington Place
Huntleigh Court
Huntleigh Crescent
Huntley Avenue
Hurdle Crescent
Huron Drive
Huron Mews
Hurst Avenue
Hurst Place
Hurst Street
Husky Cafe and Grill
Husky Gas
Husky Gas Station
Husky Market
Huston Road
Hut Run
Hutcherson Lane
Hutchinson Place
Huxley Avenue
H.Y. Louie Distribution Center
HY's Steakhouse
Hyack Drive
Hyack Festival Building
Hyack Square
Hyack Sushi
Hyack Tire
Hyannis Drive
Hyannis Point
Hyannis Trail
Hyatt Regency Vancouver
Hycrest Drive
Hycroft Road
Hycroft Street
Hyde Park Place
Hyde Restaurant & Lounge
Hyde Street
Hydraulic Connector
Hydraulic Creek Trail
Hydraulic Picnic Site
Hydro Station
Hydro Walkway
Hye Park Express


Hyland Drive
Hyland Place
Hyland Road
Hyoga Japanese Cuisine
Hype Hair Studio
Hythe Avenue

həm’ləsəm’ House

I Love Sushi
I ♥ Hats
I&I Jamaican Restaurant


Ian Tan Art Gallery
Ian Tan Gallery
IBEW 213
ICBC Centralized Estimating Facilitiy
ICBC Claim Centre
ICBC Driver Licencing
Ice Arena | West Vancouver
Ice Hair
Ice Kol Kut
I.ce Queen
Ice Queen
Ichibo-an, Tea House
Ichiro Japanese Restaurant
Icy Bar
Icy Hair Design & Skin Care
Ideal Mini School
IFGF Church


IGA Bistro

iGame Arena

Iglesia de Jesucristo Palabra Miel
Iglesia Evangelica Pentecostal Emmanuel
Iglesia Ni Cristo
Ignite Pizzeria

iHome Decor

Ike's Café
IKEA Coquitlam

iki Japanese Bistro

Iktsuarpok Coffee Stand
Ikwikws Road
Il Castello Pizzeria
Image Care Uniforms
Image Optometry
Immaculate Conception Elementary
Immaculate Heart of Mary Church
Immanuel Baptist Church
Immanuel Christian Fellowship
Immersion Clothing
Imperial Avenue
Imperial Carpets
Imperial Drive
Imperial Gate
Imperial Hair Nail
Imperial Pharmacy
Imperial St. Auto Repair
Imperial Street
Imperial Trail
In Again
In gate house
In Loving Memory of Holden
In Salon
In Style
In the Moment Coffee
In-Vessel Composting Facility

iNail Spa

Incline Railway Trail
Incline Trail
India Bistro
Indian Arm Trail
Indian Arm Trail Connector
Indian Bay Leaf
Indian Bombay Bistro
Indian Delicacy
Indian Fort Drive
Indian Fusion
Indian Haveli Restaurant
Indian Junction Bar & Grill
Indian Oven
Indian Residential School History and Dialogue Centre
Indian River
Indian River Crescent
Indian River Drive
Indian Star Restaurant Ltd.
India’s Flavour
Indigo Age
Indigo Robson
Indochine Kitchen + Bar
Industrial And Commercial Bank Of China (Canada)
Industrial Avenue
Industrial Revolution
Industrial Road
Industrial Services
Infinity Apartments
Infinity Cycle
Infinity Travel Concepts
Info Canter
Information Board

information Bord

Ingersoll Avenue
Inglesia Ni Christo
Ingleside Court
Ingleton Avenue
Inglewood Avenue
Inglewood Place
Inglis Drive
Inlet Crescent
Inlet Drive
Inlet Seafood
Inlet Street
Inline Motors
Inman Avenue
Inman Close
Inn at the Quay
Inno Bakery
Innocent Coffee
Innocent Ice Cream
Innsmoor Place
Innwell Pharmacy
Insight Optical
Inspire Hair Designs


Instant Bedrooms Manufacturing Inc.
Institute For Computing, Information And Cognitive Systems / Computer Science
Institute Road
Integra Custom Collision
Integra Tire
Inter River Park Road
Interior Flori
Interlaken Trail
International Clothiers
International Deli Cafe
International House
International Maritime Bicentennial
International Market Place
International News Market
International Place
International Shooting Supplies Ltd.
International Travel Maps and Books
International Village Globe
Interriver Park Road
Interurban Tram Barn
Interurban Way
Inuit Gallery
Invergarry Adult Education Centre
Invergarry Avenue
Inverholme Schoolhouse
Inverness Place
Inverness Street
Ioco Field
Ioco Road
Ioco School
Iona Beach Park
Iona Drive
Iona Place
Iparty Dollar Store
IPOH Asian House
Ipoh Bean Sprout Chicken
Irashai Sushi
Irene Place
Iris Avenue
Iris Crescent
Iris Place
Irish Heather
Irmin Street
Iron Bowl Japanese
Iron Court
Iron Knee Trail
Ironwood Cleaners
Ironwood Court
Ironwood Place
Ironwork Passage
Ironworkers Memorial
Irori Sushi
Irvine Avenue
Irvine Elementary
Irvine Street
Irving House
Irving K. Barber Learning Centre
Irving Street
Irving Tire Ltd.
Irwin Park Eelementary School


Isabel Macinnes Hall


Isami Sushi
Island Avenue
Island Carpet Sales Ltd.
Island Market
Island Pets Unlimited
Island Tip Trail
Islands Café
Isleview Road
Ismaili Jamatkhana


It is said this flat land was only water
It's My Party Shop Ltd
Italia Bakery
Italian Cultural Centre
Italian Kitchen
Italian Tomato
Its Posh
Ivan's Auto Body
Ivanhoe Street
Ivar Place
Iverson Crescent
Ivy Avenue
Ivy Street
Ivywood Place
Izba Bistro
Izumiya Japanese Marketplace

J Crew
J. Crew Factory
J J Bean
J Spa
J&J Griffin
J&J Shoe & Leather Repair
J&M Coin & Jewellery
J&M Coin and Jewellery
J, N & Z Deli
J76 Athletic Wear
Jacana Avenue
Jack Adams Road
Jack And Jill Clothing Inc
Jack Bell Building - School Of Social Work
Jack Bell Drive
Jack Bell Research Centre
Jack Hai Hairworld
Jack Jones
Jack Mahony Place
Jack Pine Point
Jack Poole Plaza
Jack Pratt
Jack The Modern Barbershop
Jack Uppal Street
Jack's Pub
Jack's Public House
Jackalope's Neighborhood Dive
Jackie's Pet Grooming
Jacks Bone Picnic Area
Jackson Avenue
Jackson Crescent
Jackson Street
Jackson Way
Jacobs Crescent
Jacobs Road
Jacobson Way
Jacombs Road
Jade Court
Jade Dynasty Restaurant
Jade Garden Kitchen
Jade Place
Jade Valley
Jadetree Court
Jagga Sweets
Jaguar Land Rover of Richmond
Jaipur Indian Restaurant
Jak's Beer Wine Spirits
Jak's Beer-Wine-Spirits
Jak's Liquor
Jako Sushi
Jam Cafe
Jam Café
Jambo Grill
James Ardiel Elementary
James Avenue
James Bakery
James Custom Tailor
James Park Elementary
James Place
James Road
James Snacks
James Street
James Street Cafe & Grill
James Whiteside Elementary
Jameson House
Jamieson Court
Jamjar Folk Lebanese Food
Jan's Hair Salon
Jane Hair Salon
Jane Street
Jang Mo Jib Korean Restaurant
Jang Mo Jib Restaurants
Janice Cake Shop
Janice Churchill Elementary School
Japan Shiatsu Clinic & Spa
Japanese Bistro Kammone
Japanese Canadian War Memorial
Japesa Travel Inc.
Japonica Place
Jardine Street
Jarrito Loco Tacos
Jarry's Market
Jarvis Elementary
Jarvis Street
Jaskow Drive
Jaskow Gate
Jaskow Place
Jasmine Court
Jasmine Flower Shanghai Cuisine
Jason's No Frills
Jasper Court
Jasper Crescent
Jassal Art Gallery
Java Cat
Java Hut Cafe
Java U
Jay Crescent
Jazen Tea
J.D. Hooker
Jedburgh Place
Jefferson Avenue
Jellicoe Street
Jellybean Park
Jennifer Kostuik Gallery
Jenny Shariff
Jenny's Convenience Store
Jenny's Nails on The Drive
Jensen Avenue
Jensen Drive
Jensen Gate
Jensen Place
Jensen Street
Jepson-Young Lane
Jericho Arts Centre
Jericho Beach
Jericho Beach Air Station
Jericho Beach Consession
Jericho Circle
Jericho Drive
Jericho Garrison
Jericho Hill Centre
Jericho Hill Pool + Gymnasium
Jericho Military Base
Jericho Pharmacy & Health Food Store
Jericho Road
Jericho Sailing Centre
Jericho Sailing Club
Jerome Place
Jersey Avenue
Jersey City by Lids
Jersey Drive
Jerusalem Grill
Jervis Mews
Jervis Street
Jescuts Hair Salon
Jesmond Avenue
Jessie Lee Elementary
Jesus Is Lord Church
Jethro's Fine Grub
JetSet Construction Access
JetSet Park N Fly
JetSet Parking Access
Jetview Electronics Ltd.
Jetway Auto Body Repair Ltd.
Jia Mei Market
Jiffy Lube
Jim Deva Plaza
Jim Pattison Auto Body & Glass
Jim Pattison Hyundai Northshore
Jim Pattison Lexus Northshore
Jim Pattison Pavilion
Jim Pattison Subaru Northshore
Jim Pattison Toyota Downtown
Jim Pattison Toyota Northshore
Jim's Cafe
Jim's Jungle
Jimico Cafe & Pasta
Jimmy Macs Liquor Store
Jimmy Macs Pub
Jimmy's Market
Jimmy's Trail
Jin Jiang Japanese Restaurant
Jin Jiang Shanghai Restaurant
Jin Soo Sung Chan Korean Restaurant
Jindal Appliances
Jinya Ramen Bar
Jiro Sushi & Ramen
Jitters Cafe
JJ Bean
JJ Bean Coffee Roasters
JJ Bean Railway
JJ Beans
JJ Bypass
JJ Connector
J.J. Miller’s Kurrajong
J.N. Burnett Secondary School
Joe Bustemente Trumpet
Joe Fortes
Joe Fortes Memorial Drinking Fountain
Joe Fresh
Joe Sakic Way
Joe's Cafe
Joe's Farm Market
Joe's Grill
Joe's Table Cafe
JOEY Bentall One
JOEY Burnaby
JOEY Burrard
JOEY Coquitlam
Joffre Avenue
Johanna’s Hair Design & Spa
John 3:16
John 3:16 Malaysian Delights
John B Pub
John Deer
John Fluevog Shoes
John G. Diefenbaker Elementary School
John Henderson Annex
John Henderson Elementary School
John Knox Christian School
John Norquay Elementary School
John Oliver Secondary School
John Robson Place
John Street
John T. Errington Elementary School Sports Field
John's Chicken
Johnnie Fox's
Johnnie Fox's Irish Snug
Johnny Rockets
Johnson Avenue
Johnson Court
Johnson Heights
Johnson Heights Secondary
Johnson Street
Johnson Street Liquor Store
Johnson Wynd
Johnston Greenway
Johnston Heights Church
Johnston Road
Johnston Street
Joker's Pizzaria
Jolly Coachman Liquor Store
Jolly Coachman Pub
Jolly Mac's
Jones Avenue
Jones Road
Jordan Drive
Jordan Street
Jordan's Home
Jordon Street
Jose's Automotive
Joseph & Rosalie Segal & Family Health Centre
Joseph Place
Josephines Restaurant and Catering
Joy of Freedom
Joy Sushi
Joy's Market
Joyce Jiaozi
Joyce Street
Joyeaux Café and Restaurant
Joyful Seafood Restaurant
Joyner Place
JQ Clothing
JR Furniture & Mattresses
J.R Taste Of Ceylon
Juan Valdez
Jubilee Avenue
Jubilee Court
Jubilee House
Jubilee Smoke & Things
Judd Court
Judge Begbies
Judith & Charles
Jug Island Beach
Jug Island Beach Trail
Jugg Island Beach Trail
Jugo Juice
Juice Truck
Jules Bistro
Jules Quesnel Elementary / Lord Byng Secondary
Julian Avenue
Julie Hair Design
Julien Grenier Salon & Aesthetics
Juliet's Cafe
Jumbo Food Town
Jun Sushi
Jun Yuan Restaurant
June Crescent
June Smith Trail
Juneau Street
Jung Lane
Juniors Barbershop
Juniper Avenue
Juniper Drive
Juniper Gate
Juniper Loop
Juniper Place
Juniper Point
Juniper Point Trail
Just Cozy
Just Waffles
Justice Institute of British Columbia
JV Bike
JW Marriott parq Vancouver
J.W. Sexsmith Elementary School

K Cafe
K de K Court
K Goods Produce
K Interiors
K Pop Bubble Tea
K&C Dry Cleaners
K2 Haircut Studio
K.A. Printing and Signs
Kaboom Hair Co.
Kadlec Court
Kadota Drive
Kafka's Coffee and Tea
Kahve café
Kai Sushi Bar
Kaide Sushi Bar
Kaiser Street
Kaja Japanese
Kal Tire
Kal Tire - South Surrey
Kalamaki Greek Grill
Kalamalka Crescent
Kalamalka Drive
Kaleido Playhround
Kalen Capital Building
Kali Boutique
Kalmar Road
Kalmia Place
Kalvin's Szechuan Restaurant
Kalyk Avenue
Kam Ding Seafood Restaurant
Kam Do Bakery
Kam's Bakery & Restaurant Ltd.
Kamamarui Ramen & Don
Kamamarui Ramen & Sushi
Kamei Baru
Kami Sushi
Kamloops Place
Kamloops Street
Kamui Mintara
Kappa Japanese Restaurant
Kappa Sigma
Kaptey Avenue
Karakoram Restaurant
Karen Magnussen Community Recreation Centre
Karen Street
Kari House
Karis Place
Karley Crescent
Karma Optical
Karmony Cake House
Karp Court
Karr Place
Karrman Avenue
Kartner Road
Kask Bros
Kaslo Gardens Housing Cooperative
Kaslo Street
Kate Spade
Kate Spade New York
Katei Sushi
Katherine Street
Kathleen Avenue
Katie's Nails and Waxing
Katsu Sushi
Katsura Street
Katzie Elementary
Katzie Greenway
Katzie Road
Kawa Sushi
Kawano Court
Kawawa Ramen
Kawtin Road
Kay Market
Kay Meek Centre for the Performing Arts
Kaya Malay Bistro
Kaylela Place
Kaymar Drive
K.B. Woodward Elementary
Ke Kait Place
Kearney Funeral Services
Keary Center
Keary Street
Keats Hall
Keats Road
Keb Hana
KEB Hana Bank Canada
Kebet Way
Keefer Avenue
Keefer Place
Keefer Street
Kees Tae Kwon Do
Keets Drive
Keil Crescent
Keil Street
Keira Gardens
Keith Drive
Keith Place
Keith Road
Keith Road West
Keith Street
Kel Lee's Academy of Martial Arts
Kelly Avenue
Kelly Drive
Kelly O'Bryans Restaurant
Kelly Place
Kelly Road
Kelly Street
Kelly's Pub
Kelmore Road
Kelowna Street
Kelso Court
Kelvin Street
Kemp Street
Kempson Crescent
Kempton Place
Kemsley Avenue
Ken Woods Field
Ken's Kitchen
Kendal Place
Kendale Court
Kendale Place
Kendale View
Kendale Way
Keneng Court
Kenmore Drive
Kenmore Travel
Kennard Avenue
Kennard Greenway
Kennedy Avenue
Kennedy Lawn Bowling Green
Kennedy Road
Kennedy Seniors Recreation Centre
Kennedy Street
Kennedy Trail Elementary School
Kennedy's Pub
Kenneth Avenue
Kenney Street
Kenny Court
Kensal Place
Kensington Arena
Kensington Avenue
Kensington Court
Kensington Crescent
Kensington Gardens
Kensington Gate
Kensington Pitch and Putt
Kensington Place
Kensington Pool
Kensington Road
Kensington Skateboard Park
Kensington-Cedar Cottage
Kent Avenue
Kent Avenue South
Kent Crescent
Kent Street
Kent's Kitchen
Kentwood Crescent
Kentwood Street
Kenward Place
Kenwood Road
Keremeos Court
Kerfoot Road
Kern Avenue
Kernels Popcorn
Kerp Barbershop & Salon
Kerr Bay
Kerr Street
Kerria Drive
Kerrisdale Camera
Kerrisdale Cameras
Kerrisdale Cleaners
Kerrisdale Custom Tailors
Kerrisdale Cyclone Taylor Arena
Kerrisdale Elementary Annex
Kerrisdale Elementary School
Kerrisdale Equipment
Kerrisdale Pharmacy
Kerrstead Place
Kerry Court
Kerry Drive
Kerry Place
Kersland Drive
Kerwan Avenue
Kerwan Place
Kestrel Books
Kestrel Court
Kestrel Drive
Keswick Avenue
Ketaiya けーたい屋
Ketch Court
Ketch Place
Ketcheson Road
Kettle Crescent East
Kettle Crescent North
Kettle Crescent West
Kettles Road
Kevin Place
Kew Cliff Road
Kew Drive
Kew Road
Keystone Place
Keystone Street
Khaghan Restaurant
Khalsa Credit Union
Khalsa School
Khatsilano Road
Ki Isu Japanese Restaurant
Ki Sushi
Ki Tea House Cafe
Kia West
Kibune Sushi
Kicking Horse Way
Kid's Kloset
Kidd Road
Kids Books in the Village
Kids Club (Prince Rupert Child Care)
Kids Foot Locker
Kids Market
Kidz Etc.
Kielder Court
Kiku Sushi
Kiku Sushi Restaurant
Kilburn Place
Kilby Court
Kilby Drive
Kildare Close
Kildare Court
Kildare Drive
Kildare Place
Kildonan Road
Kildonan Trail
Kilgour Elementary School
Kilgour Place
Kilkee Drive
Kilkee Place
Kilkeel Place
Kilkenny Drive
Kilkenny Road
Killarney Close
Killarney Court
Killarney Drive
Killarney Leisure Pool
Killarney Place
Killarney Secondary School
Killarney Street
Killdeer Place
Killer Whale
Kilmarnock Crescent
Kilmarnock Place
Kilmer Elementary
Kilmer Place
Kilmer Road
Kilmer Street
Kilmer Trail
Kilmore Close
Kilmore Court
Kilmore Crescent East
Kilmore Crescent West
Kilmore Place
Kilrea Crescent
Kilrea Place
Kim Chau Deli
Kim Express
Kim House
Kim Phung Restaurant
Kim Thanh Jewellery
Kim's Mart
Kimberley Drive
Kimchi Palace Restaurant
Kimprints - cards, gifts, canvas
Kimu Japanese Cuisine
Kin's Farm
Kin's Farm Market
Kincaid Street
Kind Cafe
Kindersley Drive
Kindred Place
Kinetik Cycles
King & Queen Spa
King Albert Avenue
King Albert Path
King Creek Trail
King David High School
King Ed Pet Center
King Edward Avenue
King Edward Florist
King Edward Place
King Edward Street
King George Boulevard
King George Boulevard Frontage East
King George Boulevard Frontage Road
King George Boulevard Frontage West
King George Boulevard NORTH
King George Boulevard SOUTH
King George Frontage Road
King George Greenway
King George Hub
King George Hwy Husky
King George Inn & Suites
King George Secondary School
King George VI
King Georges Way
King of the Mountain Cafe
King of the Shore
King Road
King Street
King Sushi
King Sushi Japanese Restaurant
King's Chinese Cuisine
King's Market
Kingcome Avenue
Kingcome Place
Kingdom Hall of Jehova's Witnesses
Kingdom Hall Of Jehovah's Witnesses
Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses
Kingdom Ward Way
Kingfisher Crescent
Kingfisher Drive
Kingfisher Place
Kinghorne Mews
Kinglet Trail
Kings Avenue
Kings Cafe
Kings Court
Kings Crossing
Kings Landing
Kings Links Golf Course
Kings Lynn Street
Kings Men Barber & Stylists
Kings Road
Kingsborough Street
Kingsbridge Drive
Kingsbrook Road
Kingsford Avenue
Kingsgrove Avenue
KingSize Bubble Tea & Games
Kingsland Court
Kingsland Drive
Kingsley Court
Kingsley Crescent
Kingspark Steak House
Kingston Hotel
Kingston Place
Kingston Road
Kingston Street
Kingsway Avenue
Kingsway Brake & Muffler
Kingsway Church
Kingsway Computer
Kingsway Deli
Kingsway Honda
Kingsway Pharmacy
Kingsway Sushi
Kingswood Court
Kingswood Downes
Kingswood Drive
Kingswood Elementary School
Kingswood Pub
Kinloch Lane
Kino Cafe Flamenco Tapas Bar
Kinross Street
Kins Farm Market
Kinsac Street
Kinsey Drive
Kinsman Field North
Kinsman Field South
Kinsmen Centre for Children
Kintail Court
Kintaro Ramen
Kintec Footwear + Orthotics
Kira Court
Kirin Cambie
Kirin Mandarin Restaurant
Kirin Seafood Restaurant
Kiriri Japanese Sushi
Kirk Place
Kirkland House
Kirkland Road
Kirkland Street
Kirkmond Crescent
Kirkmond Road
Kirkstone Place
Kirkstone Road
Kirkwood Road
Kirmac Collision & Autoglass
Kirmac Collisions Auto Repair
Kisamos Greek Taverna
Kisbey Avenue
Kisha Poppo Japanese Resturant
Kissa Tanto
Kissing Crows Cyclery
Kit Ace
Kita no Donburi
Kitchen Corner Store
Kitchen Goodies
KitchenCraft Cabinetry
Kitchener Avenue
Kitchener Elementary School
Kitchener Street
Kitcher Place
Kitsilano Barbers
Kitsilano Beach
Kitsilano Beach Tennis Courts
Kitsilano Diversion
Kitsilano High School
Kitsilano Ice Rink
Kitsilano Liquor Store
Kitsilano Massage Therapy
Kitsilano Outdoor Swimming Pool
Kitsilano Showboat
Kitsilano Stamps Plus
Kitsilano Wine Cellar
Kitsilano Yacht Club
Kitstaya Sushi
Kittiwake Drive
Kittson Parkway
Kiwassa Neighbourhood House
Kiyo Park
Kiyo Sushi
Kizami Japanese Cuisine
KJ Enjoy Garden Restaurant
Klahanie Court
Klahanie Drive
Klasik Inasal
Klassen Court
Klaus's Kaffehaus
Klenner Drive
KM Auto Body Repair Ltd.
KMF Automotive
KMS Tools
Knappen Street
Kneale Place
Knight & Day
Knight & Day Restaurant
Knight Drive
Knight Road Gospel Chapel
Knight Street
Knight Street Cafe
Knights Court
Knightsbridge Foreign Exchange Surrey
Knightswood Place
Knock Out Fashions
Knockmaroon Road
Knot Yourself
Knotty Toys
Knowles Street
Knox Presbyterian Church
Knox Road
Knox Street
Knox United Church
Knox Way
Knudson Road
Koala Court
Koala Kebabs
Koerner's Pub
Koho Restaurant | Bar
Kojo of Japan
Kokanee Place
Koko Japanese Restaurant
Kokoro Ramen
Kokoro Tokyo Mazesoba
Komarno Court
Kona's Barber Shop
Konbiniya Japan Centre
Kong's Kitchen
Kongee Dinesty
Koodo Mobile
Koon Bo Seafood Restaurant
Kootenay House
Kootenay Loop
Kootenay Street
Korba Avenue
Korea Exchange Bank of Canada
Korea House
Korea Plaza

korean church

Korean Pavilion
Korna Pet Food & Supplies
Koya Japan
Koyo Izakaya Sushi Robata
Koyuki Sapporo Ramen
Kozai Designs
Kozier Drive
Kozier Gate
Kozier Place
Kr Multimedia
Kraft Crescent
Kraft Place
Krishna's Dosa Grill
Krispy Kreme
Kristin's Salon
Kroma Artists Acrylics
Krua Thai
Kruger Paper
Krystal Houseware
Kuan Zhai Road Restaurant
Kugler Avenue
Kullahun Drive
Kuma Crescent
Kung Fu Noodle
Kung Fu Tea
Kung Pao Wok
Kurbatoff Art Gallery
Kwakiutl House
Kwality Wholesale
Kwan Kee Noodle House
Kwan Luck Restaurant
Kwanglim Methodist Church
Kwantlen Court
Kwantlen Park Secondary
Kwantlen Polytechnic University
Kwantlen Polytechnic University - Surrey Campus
Kwantlen Street
Kwayhquitlum IR Road
Kwayhquitlum Middle School
Kwik Images
Kwomais Lodge
Kwomais Point Viewing Platform
Kwumkwum Road
Kyle Court
Kyle Street
Kyle's Cafe
KYO Korean BBQ & Sushi house
Kyoto Sushi
Kypriaki Mediterranean Grill
Kyuzo Japanese Restaurant
Kyzock - House of Sushi Bowl

L & G Bubble Tea
L&V Nails
L' Hermitage
L'Artista Italian Restaurant
L'Atelier Pâtisserie
L'Ecole Bilingue Elementary
L'Occitane en Provence
L'Opéra Pâtisserie
L'OTUS Cake Boutique
La Bella Fashion
La Belle Hair Salon
La Belle Patate
La Biciletta Pro Shop
La Boqueria

la Boussole Centre Communautaire

La Brass
La Cantina
La Casa Gelato
La Casita
La Charcuterie
La Chateau Outlet
L.A. Chicken
La Cigale
LA Clippers
La Cucina
La Fontana Cafe
La foret
La Galleria Fine Foods
La Glace
LA Grill
La Lotus Nail Spa
La Lotus Nails Spa
La Lumiere
La Meza Grill
La Mezcaleria
L.A. Nails
La Notte
La Pache Pizza
La Pentala
La Petite Cuillère
La Quercia
La Quinta Inn Vancouver Airport
La Rue
La Salle Street
La Senza
L.A. Sushi
La Taqueria
La Taqueria Pinche Taco Shop
La Terrazza
La Tortilleria
La Vie en Rose
La vie en Rose
La Vie en Rose
La Villetta Ristorante
La Vita
La Zuppa
La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries
Lab Top Computers
Labour Hut
Laburnum Avenue
Laburnum Park Place
Laburnum Street
Lackner Crescent
Lacrosse Box
Ladies Only
Ladner Baptist Church
Ladner Christian Reformed Church
Ladner Clock Tower
Ladner Elementary
Ladner Estates
Ladner Exchange
Ladner Gospel Assembly
Ladner Greene
Ladner Harbour Park
Ladner Heron
Ladner Lawn Bowling
Ladner Leisure Centre
Ladner Motors
Ladner Nails & Esthetics
Ladner Pioneer Library
Ladner Pointe
Ladner Rotary Splash Park
Ladner Small Craft Harbour
Ladner Street
Ladner Sushi
Ladner Trunk Pump Station
Ladner Trunk Road
Ladner United Church
Ladner Willows
Ladryna Design
Lady Fern Path
Lady Mermaid
Lafleur Street
Lagoon Drive
Laguna Court
Laguna Tower
Lai Leung
Laidlaw Street
Laidmore Road
Laing Drive
Laka Drive
Lake City Way
Lake Trail
Lake Way
Lakedale Avenue
Lakefield Drive
Lakeland Drive
Lakeshore Drive
Lakeview Avenue
Lakeview Multicultural United Church
Lakeview Street
Lakeview Trail
Lakewood Drive
Lakewood Street
Lakewood Terrace Co-op
Lalibela Ethiopian
Lalji Home
Lam Drive
Lam Farm Fresh Produce
Lam Hoa Quan
Lamb Hot Pot
Lambert Crescent
Lambert Way
Lambeth Drive
Lamborghini Vancouver
Lamerton Avenue
Lamey's Mill Road
Lamond Avenue
Lampman Place
Lamprey Drive
Lan's Hair Salon
Lanark Place
Lanark Street
Lancaster Court
Lancaster Crescent
Lancaster Place
Lancaster Street
Lancelot Crescent
Lancelot Drive
Lancelot Gate
Lancia Place
Lancing Court
Lancing Place
Lancing Road
Landcaster Medical Supplies & Perscriptions
Landcor Data Corporation
Landing Automotive
Landmark 33
Landmark Aviation
Landmark Cinemas
Landmark Cinemas 12 Guildford Surrey
Landmark Gate
Landmark Hot Pot House
Landmark Way
Landscape Architecture Annex
Landy Bannister 'Miracle Mile' statue
Lane Street
Lang Place
Langan Avenue
Langara Avenue
Langara Court
Langara Family YMCA
Langara Golf Course
Langara Golf Course Access
Langdale Drive
Langdale ↔ Horseshoe Bay
Langford Avenue
Langley Farm Market
Langley Fiat
Langley HomeStyle Centre

langley meadows

Langley Meadows Trail
Langley RCMP (Brookswood)
Langley Street
Langmann House
Langside Avenue
Langton Place
Langton Road
Langtree Avenue
Langworthy Street
Lanna Hair Design
Lansdowne Drive
Lansdowne Road
Lanson Crescent
Lao Chi Chinese Cuisine
Lapwing Crescent
Larch Street
Larch Way
Large Jade Antiques
Lark Place
Larkfield Drive
Larkhall Crescent
Larkin Avenue
Larkin Court
Larkin Drive
Larkspur Avenue
Larkspur Drive
Larner Road
Laronde Drive
Larry's Market
Larry's Sports Shop
Larsen Elementary School
Larsen Trail
Larson Crescent
Larson Place
Larson Road
Las Margaritas
Lasalle Place
Lasik Image
Lasko Street
Lassam Road
Lasser Road
Latimer Avenue
Latimer Greenway
Latimer Place
Latimer Road Elementary School
Latta Street
Lauder Drive
Laughing Beans Coffee
Launder All

laundrimat drive-through

Laundry & Dry Cleaning
Laundry Valet
Laura Petites
Lauralynn Drive
Laurel Avenue
Laurel Court
Laurel Drive
Laurel Gate
Laurel Place
Laurel Street
Laurel Way
Laurelwood Court
Laurelwood Place
Laurensen Place
Laurentian Crescent
Laurie Crescent
Laurie Jack Lane
Laurier Avenue
Laval Place
Laval Square
Laval Street
Lavender Lane
Lavender's Flowers
Lawa Avenue

lawn bowl

Lawn Bowling
Lawn Drive
Lawrence Books
Lawrence Drive
Lawrence Place
Lawrence Street
Lawrie Crescent
Lawson Avenue
Lawson Drive
Layton Drive
Lazy A Street
Lazy Maple Stables
LD Tattoo

le chateau

Le Chateau
Le Chateau Menswear
Le Château
Le Crocrodile
Le Marché St. George
Le Petit Belge
Le Petit Crêpe
Le Petit Saigon
Le Pho
Le Pizzo Bella
Le Roi Street
Le Soleil Hotel and Suites
Lea Avenue
Leacock Street
Leaf Tea Lounge
Leafy Box
Lealand Court
Leander's Lane
Learners' Walk
Leaside Street
Leathern Touch
Leavitt Machinery
Lebleu Street
Lechow Street
Leclair Drive
Ledger Avenue
Leduc Avenue
Ledway Road
Lee Building
Lee Garden Seafood Restaurant
Lee Street
Lee Valley
Lee Valley Tools
Lee Yuen Seafood Restaurant
Lee's Donuts
Lee's Electronic
Leeder Street
Leelawadee Thai Spa
Lees Trail
Leeside Street
Leeside Tunnel skateboard park
Leessa house
Leeward Court
Leeward Gate
Left turn into Lougheed Mall
Legacy Liquor
Legato Cafe
Legend House
Legendary Noodle House
Legends of The Moon
Legends Pub
Leggatt Place
Leggett Drive
Lehman Place
Leibly Avenue
Leigh Elementary School
Leigh Square
Leigh Square Place
Leighton Green
Leisure Center
Leisure Tea & Coffee
Leland Avenue
Lelem Development
Lemax Avenue
Lemon Avenue
Lemonade Gluten Free Bakery
Lena Shaw Elementary
Lennox Lane
Lennox Liquor Store
Lennox Pub
Lennox Street
Lens R Us Eyecare
Leo's camera supply
Leon & Thea Koerner University Centre
Leon Judah Blackmore Pavilion
Leon's Furniture
Leonard Place
Leonard Road
Leonard S. Klinck Building
Leonardo Jewellers
Leopold Place
Leovista Avenue
Lepp Trail
Leroy Street
Les Amis Du Fromage
Les Faux Bourgeois
Leslie Road
Leston Avenue
Letter Shop
Levi Street
Levis Street
Levy Place
Lewister Road
Lex Tiles & Stones
Leyland Street
Lg Cashmere
Lhy Thai
Li's China Grill
Liard Place
Libations Liquor Store
Liberty Bakery
Liberty Kitchen
Liberty Place
Liberty Wine Merchants
Liberty Wines
Libra Room
Library Road
Library Square Public House
Lidster Place
Lien Road
Life Church
Life Sciences Centre
Lifelabs Main Building
Lifesew Tailor Shop
Lifetime Eyecare
Lifetime Home Furnishing
Lift Bar & Grill
Lift Bar Grill View
Lift Breakfast Bakery
Light House Labs
Lighthall Court
Lighthouse Church
Lighthouse Court
Lighthouse Fresh & Tasty
Lighthouse Viewpoint
Lighthouse Way
Lilac Drive
Lilac Lane
Lilac Place
LiLi Flowers
Lillian Street
Lillie & Me
Lillooet Lane
Lillooet Place
Lillooet Road
Lillooet Street
Lily of the Valley Trail
Lily Street
Lim Kee Restaurant
Lima Road
Lime & Moon Pie Company
Lime Street
Limerick Avenue
Limerick Place
Limestone Place
Limewood Place
Lin Chinese Cuisine And Tea House
Lincoln Avenue
Lincoln Drive
Lincoln Park
Lincoln Street
Lincoln Woods Court
Lincoln's Gate
Lincoln's Hill
Linden Avenue
Linden Court
Linden Drive
Linden Place
Linden Road
Lindrick Court
Lindsay Avenue
Lindsay Court
Lindsay Crescent
Lindsay Place
Lindsay Road
Lindsey Place
Lindt & Sprüngli
Line Trail
Linfield Gate
Linfield Place
Linh Café
Link Road
Linnae Avenue
Linscott Court
Linscott Road
Linton Street
Linton Way
Linwood Street
Lion Hot Pot
Lions Avenue
Lions Express Top Terminal
Lions Gate Bridge
Lions Gate Hospital
Lions Park access
Lions Pub
Lions Way
Liquids + Solids
Liquids and Solids
Liquor Barn
Liquor Depot
Liquor Discounter
Lisa's Chop Shop
Lisgar Court
Lismer Avenue
Lismer Gate
Lister Crescent
Lister Street
Liteon Computer
Little Bastard
Little Bear Trail
Little Bubble Tea House
Little Burgundy
Little Caesars
Little Dress
Little Earth
Little Flower Academy
Little Koala Montessori Academy
Little Mexico Cantina
Little Monk Pretzels
Little Saigon Yaletown
Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot
Little Sister's
Little Street
Little Tea House
Little Tokyo Sushi
Little Valhalla
Littlemore Place
Littlewood Avenue
Liu Centre For International Studies
Liuyishou Hotpot
Liuyishou Hotpot Robson
Liverpool Street
Living Produce Aisle
Living Shangri-La
LivingStar Auto Detailing
Livingstone Gate
Livingstone Place
Lloyd Avenue
Lo Cost Western Pharmacy
Loach Place
Loading Lane
Loading Zone
Lobb Avenue
Loblaws City Market
Local Public Eatery


Locarno Beach
Locarno Beach Park - concession
Locarno Crescent
Locarno Drive
Lochdale Community School
Lochdale Street
Lockehaven Place
Lockehaven Road
Lockhart Road
Lodge Drive
Lodge Lake Lookout
Lodge Place
Lodge Road
Lodge Trail
Lodgepole Place
Loewen Piano House
Log Walk
Logan Creek
Logan Field Service Kiosk
Logan Lane
Logan Lane Townhouses Bldg.1
Logan Lane Townhouses Bldg.2
Logan Lane Townhouses Bldg.3
Logan Lane Townhouses Bldg.4
Logan Lane Townhouses Bldg.5
Logan Street
Logan's Landing
Lois Hair Salon
Lok's Chinese Restaurant
Lok's Produce
Loki Systems Inc.
Lolo Lane
Lombard Place
Lombard Road
Lombardy Drive
Lomond Street
London Aviation Centre
London Court
London Crescent
London Drive
London Drugs
London Gate
London Green
London Heritage Farm
London Lane
London Mews
London Place
London Pub
London Road
London School
London Square
London Street
Lonetree Kitchens
Long & McQuade
Long & McQuade Musical Instruments
Long Life Place
Long Life Windows and Doors
Long Shun Yuan Restaurant
Long Table Distillery
Long Tall Sally
Long Trail
Long's Noodle House
Longlac Street
Longliner Seafood
Lonicera Place
Lonsdale Avenue
Lonsdale Jewellers
Lonsdale Post Office
Lonsdale Quay Market
Look Out Point
Lookout tower
Loonie Plus Mart
Loonie Town
Loooks Wow
Loop Trail
Loraine Avenue
Lord Beaconsfield Elementary School
Lord Byng Elementary School
Lord Kelvin Elementary School
Lord Kitchener Elementary School
Lord Nelson Elementary
Lord Roberts Elementary School
Lord Roberts School Annex
Lord Selkirk Annex
Lord Stanley Statue
Lord Stanley Suites On The Park
Lord Street
Lord Tennyson Elementary School
Lord Tweedmuir
Lord Tweedsmuir Secondary School
Lordco Auto Parts
Lordco Auto Parts Ltd
Lordco Parts
Lords Grace Church
Lorilawn Court
Loring Street
Loriz - Our Daily Bread
Lorne Court
Lorne Davies Complex
Lorne Mews
Lorne Street
Lorraine Avenue
Los Amigos Taqueria
Los Cuervos Taqueria & Cantina
Lost + Found Cafe
Lost in the 50's Drive-in
Lost Lagoon Nature House
Lost Lake Drive
Lost Lake North Branch
Lost Lake South Branch
Lost Lake Trail
Lotte Giants Market
Lotto Centre
Lotto Point
Lotus Court
Lotus Restaurant
Lotus seed vegan
Louellen Street
Lougheed Bus platform
Lougheed City Presentation Centre
Lougheed Highway
Lougheed Highway to United Boulevard
Lougheed Mall Parkade Lower Level
Lougheed Meridian Road
Lougheed Optometrist
Lougheed Town Centre
Lougheed Village Bar & Grill
Lougheed Wonton Restaurant
Loughren Drive
Louis Brier Home and Hospital
Louisburg Place
Loutet Bike Skills Park
Love for Pho
Love in the Rain
Love Rite Foods
Lovers Walk
Loving Hut Express food van
Low Knoll
Low Level Road
Lowe's Garden Centre
Lowell Court
Lower Asian Way
Lower Backyard Trail
Lower Boundary
Lower Brewis Trail
Lower Burfield
Lower Capilano Road
Lower Crippler
Lower Digger
Lower Eagle Bluff
Lower Elevator
Lower Gear Jammer Trail
Lower Griffen
Lower Ladies
Lower Line
Lower Lynn Loop Trail
Lower Main Road
Lower Mall
Lower Mall Header House
Lower Mall Research Station
Lower Powerline
Lower Shinglebolt
Lower Skull
Lower Snake Trail
Lower Tall Cans
Lower Telemark
Lower Trail
Lower Wells Grey
Lowland Drive
Lowry Lane
Lozells Avenue
Lu Charcoal Grill
Lucas Road
Lucerne Place
Lucerne Road
Lucha Verde
Lucille Starr Drive
Lucking Place
Lucky 8 Auto Sales
Lucky Brand
Lucky Dragon Palace Restaurant
Lucky Gate
Lucky Horse Chinese Restaurant
Lucky Meats
Lucky Plus Restaurant
Lucky Supermarket
Lucky Sushi
Lucky Taco
Lucy's Eastside Diner
Luda Southern Dishes
Ludgate Road
Ludlow Lane
Ludlow Place
Ludlow Road
Lulavich Centre
Lulu Island Liquor Store

lululemon athletica

Lululemon Lab
Lumberman's Arch
Lumberman's Arch Cafe
Lumberman's Arch Picnic Area Shelter
Lumpy Gravy
Lunch Club
Lund Avenue
Lundy Road
Lunen Road
Lupine Court
Luppolo Tasting Room
Lurgan Road
Lutheran Campus Centre
Luton Road
Luxcious Upholstery
Luxe Chinese Seafood Restaurant
Luxor Hair Salon
Luxton Square
Luxury Eyewear
Luxury Hair
Luxury Motor
Luxury Window
LV Lighting
Lyddon Road
Lyn Court
Lynas Lane
Lynbrook Drive
Lyncean Drive
Lynden Court Family Rental Housing
Lyndene Road
Lyndhurst Elementary
Lyndhurst Street
Lynmoor Place
Lynn Avenue
Lynn Canyon Café
Lynn Canyon Ecology Centre
Lynn Canyon Park Small Picnic Shelter
Lynn Loop Trail
Lynn Peak
Lynn Place
Lynn Ridge Trail
Lynn Valley
Lynn Valley Bikes
Lynn Valley Full Gospel Church
Lynn Valley Meats Market
Lynn Valley Medical Clinic
Lynn Valley Parent Participation Preschool
Lynn Valley Road
Lynn Valley Suspension Bridge
Lynndale Crescent
Lynnmour Elementary
Lynnmour Fire Hall -DNVFRS
Lynnmouth Avenue
Lynnwood Drive
Lynnwood Road
Lynwood Avenue
Lyon Place
Lyon Road
Lyons Court
Lyra Place
Lysander Lane
Lytham Place
Lythe Court
Lytton Place
Lytton Street
Lúrio Crescent

M & M Meats
M Cafe
M&M Food Market
M&M Meat Shops
M&M Meat Store
M's Travel
M2 Hair Salon
Ma Dang Goul
Ma Murray Lane
Mabel Street
Mabel's Salon
Mac Computer Store
MAC Cosmetics
Mac Falafel
Mac's + Subway
MacBeth Crescent
Macbeth Crescent
MacCaud Memorial Cairn
MacDonald Avenue
Macdonald Avenue
MacDonald Avenue
Macdonald Building
MacDonald Realty
MacDonald Road
Macdonald Street
MacDonald's Prescriptions
MacGowan Avenue
Machrina Way
MacInnes Field Parkade (under construction)
MacIntosh Street
MacKay Avenue
Mackay Creek Trail
MacKay Road
Mackenzie Cafe
Mackenzie House
MacKenzie Place
MacKenzie Street
Mackenzie Street
MacKenzie Street
MacKie Court
MacKie Street
Macleod Building
MacLeod's Books
Maclure Mews
MacMillan Drive
MacPherson Avenue
MacPherson Outdoor Pool
Mad Girls Connector
Mad Girls Trail
Mad Hatter Superstore
Maddams Street
Maddocks Road
Made to Order Chip's
Madeira Court
Madeleine Bee
Madeley Road
Mader Lane
Madera Court
Madison Avenue
Madison Street
Madley Place
Madore Avenue
Madras Club House
Madrona Crescent
Madrona Drive
Madrona Place
Magdalen Avenue
Magdalen Crescent
Magdalen Crescent Lane
Magee Secondary School
Magellan Court
Magellan Place
Magellan Street
Maggie Benson Centre
Maggie's Pharmacy
Magic Dollar Discount Store
Magic Kingdom
Magic Touch
Magical Grouse
Maginnis Avenue
Magma Cafè
Magnet Home Hardware
Magnolia Close
Magnolia Court
Magnolia Drive
Magnolia House
Magnolia Place
Magnolia Street
Magnolia Terrace
Magnolia Way
Magnum Marketing
Magnussen Place
Maguro Sushi
Maharaja Sweets and Restaurant
Mahek Chaat House
Mahek Restaurant & Lounge
Mahon Avenue
Mahon Running Track
Mahony & Sons
Mahony and Sons
Mahood Drive
Mail Plus
Mailbox Plus
Main Avenue
Main Care Pharmacy
Main Clubhouse / Hall
Main Convenience Store
Main Kabab Hut
Main Mall
Main Space
Main Street
Main Street Baby
Main Street Brewing
Main Street Honey Shoppe
Main Street Tasting Lounge
Main Street (V6A)
Main Sub-Station
Main/Chink Trail
Mainland Communications
Mainland Road
Mainland Street
Mainstreet Estates
Maintenance Facility Substation
Maintenance shack
Maitland Avenue
Maitland Street
Maitri Wellness - Thai Massage
Major Street
Makoto Sushi
Mala Factory
Malabar Avenue
Malabar Crescent
Malahat Avenue
Malaspina Place
Malaspina Printmakers
Malaysian Hut
Malcolm Lowry
Malcolm Lowry Trail
Malcolm Place
MaLi Avenue
MaLi Lane
Mali Thai Food
Malibu Court
Malibu Drive
Malibu Place
Malkin Avenue
Mall Access
Mallard Court
Mallard Lane
Mallard Trail
Malory Court
Malta Avenue
Malta Place
Maltese Labyrinth
Malton Drive
Malvern Avenue
Malvern Place
Mama's Cabinets
Mama's Laundry
Mamie Taylor's
Man Cave
Man Sen Kitchen
Manchester Court
Manchester Drive
Manchester Public Eatery
Manchu Wok
Mandarin Hong Kong Cafe
Mandy Avenue
Mang Road
Mangos Lounge
Manhattan Court
Manhattan Skye
Manila BBQ Grocery
Manis Pan-Asian Eatery
Manitoba Street
Manitoba Way
Mann Park Crescent
Mann Park Lawn Bowling Club
Manna Sushi
Mannering Avenue
Manning Avenue
Manning Court
Manning Crescent
Manning Place
Manning Square
Manor Gardens
Manor Street
Mansfield Crescent
Mansfield Place
Manson Court
Manson Drive
Manson Street
Manzanita Court
Manzanita Place
Manzano Bakery
Manzo Japanese Restaurant
Maple Beach
Maple Court
Maple Creek Middle School
Maple Crescent
Maple Crescent Park
Maple Drive
Maple Green Elementary School
Maple Grove
Maple Grove Crescent
Maple Grove Elementary School
Maple Grove Park Fieldhouse
Maple Grove Pool
Maple Grove Pool Change Rooms
Maple House
Maple Lane
Maple Lane Elementary
Maple Leaf Bakery
Maple Leaf Delicatessen Coffe Shop
Maple Leaf Garden Centre
Maple Leaf Lounge
Maple Pizza, Grace Market
Maple Place
Maple Place Apartments
Maple Road
Maple Springs Lane
Maple Street
Maple Trail
Maple Tree Lane
Maplebrook Place
Maplehurst Circle
Mapleridge Drive
Mapletree Close
Maplewood Court
Maplewood Crescent
Maplewood Farm
Maquinna Drive
Mar Mac Grocery
Mara Crescent
Mara Drive
Marathon Court
Marble Court
Marble Slab Creamery
Marcellin Place
Marcello Woodfire Pizza Oven
March Place
March Way
Marchwood Place
Mardale Road
Margaree Place
Margaret Heights Daycare
Margaret Mackenzie House
Margate Place
Marguerite Ford Apartments
Marguerite Street
Maria Jaggard Salon
Maria's Taverna
Marian Scott Gallery
Mariana Place
Marie Place
Maries Trail
Marigold Avenue
Marigold Place
Marigold Street
Marina Garden Estates
Marinaside Crescent
Marine Avenue
Marine Bay Restaurant
Marine Crescent
Marine Drive
Marine Drive Commons Block
Marine Drive Golf Club
Marine Drive Residence
Marine Engine Service
Marine Gateway
Marine Gateway Liquor Store
Marine Lane
Marine Way
Mariner 1
Mariner Close
Mariner Cove
Mariner Mews
Mariner Place
Mariner Tasting Room
Mariner Walk
Mariner Way
Marineview Crescent
Mario Court
Mario Crescent
Mario's Barber Shop
Mario's Gelato
Marion Road
Mariposa Court
Maritime Mews
Maritime Travel
Mark Crescent
Mark's Work Warehouse
Mark's Work Wearhouse
Markarian Fine Optics
Marker of Change
Market by Jean-Georges
Market Crossing
Market Hill
Market Meats
Marketplace IGA
Markham Place
Marking High Tide
Markland Way
Marks Marine Pharmacy
Marlborough Avenue
Marlborough House
Marlborough School Walkway
Marlborough Tower
Marlin Quay
Marlin Travel
Marlow Street
Marlowe Place
Marmion Avenue
Marmont Street
Marnac Avenue
Marpole Avenue
Marpole Bakery Cafe
Marpole Curling Club
Marpole Curling Club Cafe
Marpole Loop
Marpole Midden
Marquette Crescent
Marquis Wine Cellars
Marr Creek Court
Marr Meadow
Marrington Road
Marriott Pinnacle Downtown
Mars Place
Mars Street
Marsden Court
Marshall Avenue
Marshall Street
Marshland Avenue
Marstrand Avenue
Mart Way
Martha Currie Elementary
Martha Jane Norris Elementary
Martha's Bakery Cafe
Martin Brothers Funeral Services
Martin Court
Martin Drive
Martin Luther Church
Martin Road
Martin Street
Martini's Restaurant
Martinizing Dry Cleaning
Martyniuk Gate
Martyniuk Place
Maru Korean Bistro
Marulilu Cafe
Marutama Ra-men
Marutama Ramen
Maruwa Sushi
Mary Avenue
Mary Bollert Hall
Mary Drive
Mary Hill
Mary Hill Elementary
Mary Hill Lane
Mary Hill Road
Mary Kirk Access Trail
Mary Street
Mary's Guardian Pharmacy
Mary's on Davie
Mary's Place
Marykirk Place
Marzena's Montessori Center
Masa Japanese Restaurant
Masefield Road
Masita Korean Restaurant
Masjid al-Huda
Masjid Al-Salaam
Masjid Omar Al-Farooq
Maskall Drive
Mason Avenue
Mason Crescent
Mason Place
Massage Therapy
Masset Court
Massey Drive
Massey Place
Massey Street
Massey Theatre
Mast Tower Road
Master Fade Barber Shop
Master Hung BBQ & Won Ton
Master Tune-Up Brake & Muffler
MasterMind Toys
Matapan Crescent
Matcha Cafe Maiko
Matchstick Coffee Roasters
Math Annex
Math Building
Mathematics Road
Mathers Avenue
Mathers Court
Mathers Crescent
Matheson Crescent
Matheson House
Mathias Road
Mathissi Place
Matthews Avenue
Maude Court
Maude Road
Maureen Court
Maureen Crescent
Maurelle Court
Maurice McElrea Place
Mausum Collections
Mavi Jeans
Mavis Street
Mawhinney Close
Max Mara
Max Noodle House
Max Performance and More
Max Zone
Max's Deli
Max's Deli & Bakery
Max's Restaurant
Maxim's Bakery
Maxims Restaurant
Maximum Lock & Security Ltd
Maxim’s Bakery
Maxine Lane
Maxis Auto Repair
Maxwell Place
Maxwell Street
May & John Hair Salon
May Drive
May Field Farm
May Le Hair Studio
May Place
Mayberry Street
Maybog Farm
Maycrest Way
Mayes Street
Mayfair Avenue
Mayfair Court
Mayfair Lakes Golf Course Access
Mayfield Place
Mayfield Street
Mayflower Beauty Spa
Mayflower Drive
Maynard Block
Mayne Crescent
Mayne Island (Village Bay) ↔ Tsawwassen
Mayor Baxton's Mansion
Mayuri Indian Cuisine
Mayview Circle
Maywood Avenue
Maywood Community Elementary School
Maywood Street
Maz Market on the Drive
M.B. Stanford Elementary School
MBA House
McAdam Ravine
McAdam Road
McAlister Road
McAllister Avenue
McAllister Foot Bridge
McArthurGlen Designer Outlet Phase Two
McBain Avenue
McBeth Road
McBride Avenue
McBride Boulevard
McBride Drive
McBride Street
McBurney Court
McBurney Drive
MCC Thrift Shop
McCallan Road
McCallan Road Trail
McCarthy Court
McCartney Close
McCartney Lane
McCartney Way
McCarty Trail
McChessney Street
McCleery Golf Course
McCleery Street
McClelland Road
McClinton Avenue
McCloskey Elementary
McClure Avenue
McColl Crescent
McConnell Court
McConnell Drive
McCoomb Drive
McCue Pharmacy
McCutcheon Place
McDermott Street
McDonald Avenue
McDonald Place
McDonald Rd
McDonald Road
McDonald Road South
McDonald Street
McDonald's Waterfront
McDougall Drive
McEwen Avenue
McEwen Place
McFrugals Discount Outlet
McGavin Field
McGavin's Bread Basket
McGeer Street
McGill Drive
McGill Library
McGill Street
McGillivray Place
McGregor Avenue
McGuigan Avenue
McGuire Avenue
McGuire Trail
McHardy Street
McHugh Close
McInnes Street
McInnes Street Overpass
McIntyre Drive
McKay Avenue
McKay Drive
McKay Place
McKay Street
McKechnie Avenue
McKee Drive
McKee Place
McKee Street
McKeen Avenue
McKenzie Avenue
McKenzie Drive
McKenzie Place
McKenzie Road
McKenzie Street
McKercher Avenue
McKessock Avenue
McKessock Place
McKim Way
McKim Wonton Mein Saga
McKinnon Street
MCL Motor Cars
McLallen Court
McLaren Court
McLaughlin Avenue
McLaughlin Court
McLean Avenue
McLean Drive
McLellan Drive
McLennan Avenue
McLennan Court
McLennan Place
McLeod Avenue
McLeod Court
McLeod Road Traditional Elementary
McMartin Street
McMaster Building
McMaster Court
McMaster Road
McMath Road
McMillan Road
McMillan Way
McMullen Avenue
McMurray Avenue
McMyn Avenue
McMyn Road
McNair Bay
McNair Drive
McNair Place
McNair Secondary School
McNair Street
McNally Creek Drive
McNeely Drive
McNeely Street
McNeelys Way
McNeil Road
McNicoll Avenue
McPhaden Street
McPherson Drive
McQuarrie Road
McRae Avenue
McRae Crescent
McRae Street
McRoberts Secondary School
McSpadden Avenue
McTavish Court
McTavish Road
McVicar Court
Me + Crepe
Me Alteration
Me Crêpes
Me-n-Ed's Pizza
Mead Street
Meadedale Drive
Meadfeild Close
Meadfeild Court
Meadfeild Lane
Meadfeild Place
Meadfeild Road
Meadfeild Wynd
Meadow Avenue
Meadow Gardens Golf Club
Meadow Gardens Way
Meadow Lane
Meadow Place
Meadow Trail
Meadowbank Close
Meadowland Place
Meadowood Close
Meadowood Drive
Meadowood Park
Meadowtown Center Way
Meadowview Court
Meadowvista Place
Mean Poutine
Meares Avenue
Meat & Bread
Meat at O'Neill's
Meatball Kitchen
MEC Headquarters
Medi Spa
Medical Science Block C
Medical Uniforms
Medicine Centre
Medicine Pharmacy Shoppe
Medicine Shoppe
Meditation and Ecology Center
Mediterranean Donair House
Mediterranean Fire
Mediterranean Grill
Medwin Place
Meet Fresh
Meet Fresh Robson
Meet in Gastown
MeeT in Yaletown
Meet on Main
MeetRice Noodle
MeetRice Noodles
Mega Donair
Mega Sushi
Megabite Pizza
Mehfil India Restaurant
Mehrdad Ashooian
Mei & Mei Beauty Centre
Mei Mei Florist
Mei Yee Bakery
Mein Hardt
Meinhardt Fine Foods
Mek's Delight
Mel's Trail
Melbourne Avenue
Melbourne Street
Melfa Court
Melfa Lane
Melfa Road
Melika Hair Salon
Mellis Drive
Melriches Coffee House
Melrose Drive
Melville Place
Melville Street
Memorial Drive
Memorial Park Obelisk
Memorial Road
Memory Corner
Memory Express
Memphis Blues
Memphis Blues Barbeque House
Memphis Blues BBQ House
Men's Club
Menchie's Frozen Yogourt
Menchie's Frozen Yogurt
Menchies Frozen Yoghurt
Menchions Mews
Mental Floss
Mentmore Street
Menya Raizo
Menzou Ramen & Bubble Tea
Mercantile Building
Mercedes-Benz Collision Centre
Mercedes-Benz North Vancouver
Mercedes-Benz Richmond
Mercer Avenue
Mercer Place
Mercer Street
Merchantman Place
Mercier Road
Meredeth Place
Merganser Drive
Mergatroid Building
Meridian Arms Pub
Meridian Farm Market
Meridian Gardens
Meridian Golf Course
Meridian Place
Merilees Trail
Merit Travel
Merivale Street
Merklin Street
Merle Norman
Merlynn Crescent
Merritt Avenue
Merritt Street
Mersey Drive
Merseyside Montessori House
Mesa Crescent
Meson Hall
Meson Hall Extension
Messier Avenue
Met Home
Metcalfe Way
Meteo Point Gardens
Meter Station
Metheral Court
Metro Cafe Bar
Metro Flowers
Metro Skate Park
Metro Theatre
Metro Vancouver
Metro Vancouver Operations Center
Metro Vancouver Transit Police
Metropolian Hotel
Metropolis Alterations
Metropolitan Furniture Inc
Metropolitan Pharmacy
Metropolitan Towers
Metrotown Floors
Metrotown Polish Deli
Metrotown Station Loop
Metta Lane
Metta Street
Mezbaan Indian & Indo Chinese Food
MI Hair Square
Mia Hair Lounge
Mica Place
Michael & Young Fly Shop
Michael Abraham Studio Gallery
Michael Amini Gallery Store
Michael Dean Design
Michael Hill
Michael J. Fox Theatre
Michael Kors
Michael Smith Laboratories
Michael’s Artisan Bakery
Michel Place
Michele Cake Shop
Michener Court
Michener Way
Michi Craft Kitchen
Michigan Drive


Microtech Electronics
Mid Valley
Mid-Century Modern Home
Midas Burnaby
Midden Road
Middle Arm Trail
Middle School Campus
Middle Sister
Middleglen Close
Middleglen Place
Midland Liquidators
Midlawn Drive
Midlothian Avenue
Midnite Auto
Mido Framers
Midtown Bikeway
Midtown Main
Midvale Street
Midway Mazda
Mighty Riders
Migoto sushi
Miho Hair Salon
Mike's Computer Shop
Miko Sushi
Milady Soa
Milano Cafe
Milano Coffee Roasters
Milford Avenue
Milford Drive
Militant Mothers of Raymur Overpass
Milk & Sugar BBQ Bar
Milk & Sugar Cafe
Milkcow Cafe
Mill Remnants
Mill Street
Mill Street Connector
Millar Road
Millard Avenue
Millbrook Lane
Millburn Court
Millcarch Street
Millenium Meats
Millennium Bridge
Millennium Karaoke
Millennium Pavilion
Millennium Sport Centre
Millennium Trail
Miller Avenue
Miller Drive
Miller Road
Miller Street
Millington's Quality Butcher Shop
Million Air
Millmore Road
Millside Elementary
Millstone Street
Millstream Road
Millstream Trail
Milltown Bar & Grill
Millview Street
Milne Street
Milore Sales
Milross Avenue
Milsom Wynd
Milton Avenue
Milton Drive
Milton Street
Minami Yaletown
Minato Japanese Restaurant
Mind Games
Mine & Yours
Miner Street
Ming Court
Ming Hing
Ming Market
Ming Wo
Mini House Hair Salon
MINI Richmond
MINI Yaletown Service
Mini-Stop Foodmart & Convenience
Miniature Railway
Miniature Train Trail
Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure
Minit-Tune & Brake Auto Centres
Mink Lash Boutique
Minler Road
Minnekhada Farm
Minnekhada Lodge
Minnekhada Middle School
Minoas Greek Taverna
Minoo Bakery
Minori Sushi
Minoru Aquatic Centre
Minoru Arena
Minoru Boulevard
Minoru Gate
Minoru Residence
Minster Drive East
Minster Drive South
Minster Drive West
Mint Auto Body
Minto Crescent
Minuteman Press
Mio Japan
Mira Place
Mirabel Crescent
Mirai Sushi
Miramar Village Phase 2
Mirch Masala
Mirror & Co
Misako Hair Studio
Miscellany Thrift and Vintage


Mission Avenue
Mission Road
Mister Transmission
Mitchell Place
Mitchell Press
Mitchell Road
Mitchell Street
Mitchell Way
Mitra's Market
Mix the Bakery
Mix-2 Karaoke
Mixxbao Taiwanese Fusion
Miyako Sushi
Miyoko's Beauty Salon
Miz Mooz
MJ's Natural Pharmacy
MJM Furniture Showcase
MK 001
MK 002
MK 003
MK 004
MK 005
MK 006
MK 007
MK 008
MK 009
MK 010
MK 011
MK 012
MK 013
MK 014
MK 015
MK 016
MK 017
MK Chop Chop BBQ House
MNP Tower
Moberly Arts & Cultural Centre
Moberly Road


Mobile Home Park
Mobile Q
Mobler Furniture
Moblibe 1 Lube Express
Moby Dick
Moda Hotel
Moda Lash Boutique
Model Express
Modern Basic
Modern Green
Modern Nails


Modesto Drive
Modesto Place
Modular Housing (Temporary)
Moffat Lane
Moffatt Road
Mohawk Avenue
Mohawk Street
Moii Cafe
Moja Coffee
Moki's Pizza
Mole Hill
Molina Crescent
Molina Road
Molli Cafe
Mollie Nye Way
Momento (Poodle)
Momiji Japanese Cuisine
MoMo Sushi
Momo Sushi
Mona Avenue
Monarch Street
Monashee Court
Monashee Drive
Moncton Street
Money BBQ & Produce
Money Foods Enterprises
Money Mart
Money Tree
Money's Dry Cleaners
Mongo Bongo Mongolian Grill
Monica Beauty & Wellness
Monk's Grill
Monkey 9 Brewing
Monkland Place
Monmouth Avenue
Monroe Avenue
Monroe Drive
Mons Drive
Monson Crescent
Monster L Karaoke
Mont Bleu
Mont Royal Square
Montana Road
Montana's Cookhouse
Montanas Cookhouse
Montcalm Street
Montclair Street
Monte Bre Court
Monte Bre Crescent
Monte Bre Place
Monte Place
Monte Vista Court
Montecito Drive
Montecito Elementary School
Montego Street
Monteith Road
Monteray Avenue
Monterey Avenue
Montgomery Place
Montgomery Street
Montiverdi Place
Monton Avenue
Montreal Street
Montrose Street
Montroyal Boulevard
Montroyal Place
Montroyal Village
Moody Ales
Moody Avenue
Moody Court
Moody Gardens
Moody Park Arena
Moody Street
Moonrakers Cold Beere & Wine Store
Moonrakers Pub
Moorcroft Court
Moore Avenue
Moore Place
Moore Road
Moore's Bakery
Moores Clothing for Men
Moores Clothing Store
Moores Men's Store
Moorside Place
Moose's Down Under
Mopac Auto Supply
Morak Korean Restaurant
Moray Place
Moray Street
More Bikes
More Than Stitches
More Therapy
Moreland Drive
Moresby Drive
Morewood Residence
Morgan Avenue
Morgan Creek
Morgan Creek Crescent
Morgan Creek Place
Morgan Creek Way
Morgan Crescent
Morgan Drive
Morgan Elementary
Morgan Furniture
Morgan Place
Morgan Road
Morgan Townhomes
Morioka Place
Morley Drive
Morley Street
Morningside Drive
Morningside Lane
Morningstar Crescent
Morrey Court
Morrey Infiniti
Morrey Mazda of the Northshore
Morrey Nissan
Morrey Nissan of Coquitlam
Morrill Street
Morris Crescent
Morris J. Wosk Centre For Dialogue
Morrison Avenue
Morrison Street
Morrissey Road
Mortfield Court
Mortfield Gate
Mortfield Place
Mortfield Road
Morton Avenue
Morton Place
Mortuary House
Morven Drive
Moscrop Secondary School
Moscrop Street
Mosquito Creek Lane
Mosquito Creek Trail
Moss Court
Moss Street
Moss Trail
Mossom Creek
Mossom Creek Connector
Mossom Creek Drive
Motherhood Maternity
Motion Wear
Motomachi Shokudo
Motorino Electric Vehicles
Mott Crescent
Mounce Drive
Mount Crown Road
Mount Elsay / Mount Bishop Route
Mount Elsay Route
Mount Fromme Trail
Mount Pleasant
Mount Pleasant Branch
Mount Pleasant Elementary School
Mount Pleasant Universal Funeral Home
Mount Royal Court
Mount Royal Drive
Mount Royal Place
Mount Saint Joseph Hospital
Mount Seymour
Mount Seymour Parkway
Mount Seymour Provincial Park Headquarters
Mount Seymour Provincial Park Information Board
Mount Seymour Road
Mount Seymour Trail
Mount Seymour Trail (Winter Route)
Mount Seymour Yacht Sales
Mount Strachan Trail
Mount Zion
Mountain Air Bike Skills Park
Mountain Air Trail
Mountain Ayre Lane
Mountain Equipment Co-op
Mountain Equipment Co-Op
Mountain Equipment Co-op
Mountain Highway
Mountain Market
Mountain Meadows Elementary School
Mountain View Boulevard
Mountain View Cooperative Housing
Mountain View Drive
Mountain View Estates
Mountain View Liquor Store
Mountain View Park
Mountain Warehouse
Mountainside Plaza
Mountainside Secondary School
Mountainview Court
Mountainview Montessori
Mountbatten Street
Mountian View Elementary
Mountview Place
Mousse Salon
Moving Pictures
Mow It Down
Mowat Place
Mowat Street
Mowbray Road
Moxie's Grill & Bar
Moxie's Grill Bar
Moyne Drive
Mozart School of Music
Mr. & Mrs. Barber
Mr Big & Tall
Mr. Big & Tall Menswear
Mr. Greek
Mr. Lee's General Store & Haberdashery
Mr Lube
Mr. Lube
Mr Lube
Mr. Lube
Mr. Mattress
Mr. Mikes
Mr. Mustache Bubble Tea
Mr. Mustache Tea & Dessert
Mr. Pan Pizza
Mr. Paris Fresh Bakery
Mr. Pei Restaurant
Mr. Pet's
Mr. Pets
Mr Pickwick's Fish & Chips
Mr Pickwith's
Mr. Pretzels
Mr Red Cafe
Mr. Sub
Mr. Sushi
Mr. Tonkatsu
MRO Electronic Supply Ltd
Mrs. Fields Prezelmaker
Mt. Calvary Lutheran Church
Mt. Fuji
MTI Community College
MTU Maintenance
Much & Little
Mucho Burrito
Mud Bay
Muddy River Landing
Muddy, narrow, and involves climbing over trees.
Muffler Man
Mui Garden
Mui Kee Chicken Pot
Mui Ngo Gai
Muir Drive
Muirfield Drive
Muirfield Place
Mulberry Place
Mulgrave Place
Mulgrave Private School
Mulholland Place
Multi-use pathway
Multimedia Library AFV
Multiple Electronics
Multiple Realty Ltd.
Mumbai Local
Mumbai Masala
Munday Place
Mundie's Towing Storage Service
Mundy Creek Trail
Mundy Elementary
Mundy Park Community Path
Mundy Street
Munro Lake Trail
Munro Overlook
Munroe Crescent
Munster Avenue
Murchie Place
Murchie's Fine Tea
Murchie's Fine Tea & Coffee
Murchies Tea & Coffee
Murchison Road
Murdo Fraser Par 3 Golf
Murdoch Avenue
Murphy Drive West
Murray Street
Muses Hair & Beauty Salon
Musette Caffè
Musette Caffé
Museum & Archives Community History Centre
Museum of Anthropology
Museum Of Antropology-Trailer 2
Museum Of Antropology-Trailer 3
Museum Of Antropology-Trailer1
Museum of Archaeology & Ethnology
Museum of Surrey
Musgrave Crescent
Mushroom Trail
Music Building
Musket Terrace
Muskrat Meadow
Muskrat Meadows
Musqueam Avenue
Musqueam Bike Co-op
Musqueam Drive
Musqueam Golf & Learning Academy
Musqueam Post
Musquean Close
Mustang Place
Mustang Survival
Muston Place
My Beautiful
My Canada Payday
My Chau Restaurant
My Collection
My Convenience Store
My Favourite Dollar Store
My First Car
My Fluffy Friends
My Fly Shop
My Frosty
My Greek Taverna

my home

My Honey's Buns
My Salon
My Sister's Closet
My Tho Supermarket
Myhill Road
Mylora East
Mylora West
Myrnam Street
Myron Court
Myrtle Street
Myrtle Way
MYST Asian Fusion
Mystery Creek Trail
Mystery Lake Trail
Mystery Peak Patrol Hut
Mytko Crescent

Na Jia Restaurant
Naan Bites
Nabebugyo Hot Pot Cuisine
Nacht Avenue
Nadia International Foods
Nadina Court
Nadina Drive
Nadine Crescent
Nagano Sushi
Naheeno Trail
Nahm Thai Bistro
Nail Salon
Nairn Avenue
Nairn Court
Nairn Place
Nakoma Place
Nam Nam Noodle
Nam San
Nammos Estiatorio
Namoo Sushi
Nana's Green Tea
Nanaimo Bus Loop construction
Nanaimo Station Bus Loop
Nanaimo Street
Nancy Greene Way
Nando's Chicken
Nandos Chicken
Nanika Crescent
Nanika Gate
Nanton Avenue
Nanton Street
Naomi Place
NAPA Auto Parts
Napanee Street
Napier Place
Napier Street
Naples Way
Narita Sushi
Naruto Sushi
Narvaez Drive
Nash Drive
Nassau Drive
Nat's New York Pizzeria
Natal Street
Nathan Place
National Avenue
National Bank
National Meats
National Soccer Development Centre
Native Plant Nursery
Native Shoes
Natural High
Natural Wood
Nature Garden
Nature House Trail
Nature Interpretive Trail
Nature Trail
Nature's Essence
Nature's Fare Markets
Nature's Wonders Florist
Natureway Farm Market
Naughton Avenue
Nautilus Close
NAV Canada
Nav's Hair Studio on Belmont
Navi Beach
Navio North
Navio South
Naysmith Bridge
Naz's Pharmacy
ND Rotary Sk8 Park
NDRC Outdoor Pool
NE 1
NE 10
NE 12
NE 16
NE 18
NE 2
NE 20
NE 21
NE 22
NE 23
NE 24
NE 25
NE 28
NE 3
NE 4
NE 6
NE 7
NE 8
NE 9
Neal Street
Nechako Crescent
Nechako Drive
Ned's Atomic Dustbin
Need More Therapy?
Neelu Bachra Centre
Neighborhood Grocery
Neil Douglas Guitar Shop
Neill Place
Neilson Avenue
Nektar's Pizza and Greek food
Nelly's Grill
Nelson Avenue
Nelson Creek Fire Access Road
Nelson Creek Trail
Nelson Place
Nelson Road
Nelson Street
Nelson the Seagull
Nelson View
Nelson Way
Nelson's Court
Nelson's Crescent
Neon Street
Nepal Crescent
Nepal Place
Neptune / Cargill Overpass
Neptune BBQ House
Neptune Bulk Terminals
Neptune Chinese Kitchen
Neptune Club Sports Bar & Grill
Neptune Crescent
Neptune Express
Neptune Seafood Restaurant
Neptune Wonton Noodle
Nero Belgian Waffle Bar
Nest Box
Nester's Market
Nesters Food Market
Nesters Market
Nestor Elementary
Nestor Street
Net Loft
Netley Place
Never Never Land
Neverland Tea Salon
Neville Scarfe Building
Neville Street
Nevis Drive
New 2000 Supermarket
New Amsterdam Bakery
New Amsterdam Cafe
New Apostolic Church
New Apple Farm Market
New Art Centre
New Balance
New Beginnings Baptist Church
New Bhaia Sweet Shop and Restaurant
New Brighton Pool
New Brighton Road
New Brighton Salt Marsh
New Century Fashion
New Continental Residence
New Fresh Supermarket
New Generation Foods
New Hong Kong Supermarket
New Horizon Estates
New India Buffet Bar & Restaurant
New Lakeview Restaurant
New Life Chinese Lutheran Church
New Life Community Church
New Mandarin Seafood Restaurant
New McLellan Road
New Millenium Market
New Mitzie's Restaurant
New Novelty Restaurant
New Pacific Supermarket
New Parkade Under Construction
New Profession SVA Collision
New Tony Hair Salon
New Town Bakery
New Town Bakery & Restaurant
New Type Computer
New UBC Transit Exchange
New Vista Place
New West Auto-Care
New West Cobbler
New West Community Church
New West Hair Design
New Westminster
New Westminster Court
New Westminster Evangelical Free Church
New Westminster Family Place
New Westminster Fire Hall 3
New Westminster Museum
New Westminster Professional Building
New Westminster Public Library
New Westminster Savings
New Westminster Secondary School
New Westminster Welcomes You
New World Designs
New World Dry Cleaners
New World Tattoo
New York Fries
Newark Place
Newbern Memorial Chinese Alliance Church
Newberry Street
Newcastle Court
Newcastle Place
Newcombe Street
Newcroft Place
Newdale Court
Newdale Place
Newdale Road
Newlands Place
Newlands Road
Newmarket Drive
Newmond Road
Newmore Avenue
Newport Avenue
Newport Drive
Newport Liquor Store
Newport Place
Newport Street
Newport Stylists Hair & Barber
NewPort Village Visitor Centre
News 1130 (CKWX) Transmitter Building
Newt Loop Trail
Newton Beef Noodle
Newton Crescent
Newton Elementary School
Newton Greenway
Newton Library
Newton Pizza
Newton Recreation Facility
Newton Street
Newton Wave Pool
Newton Wynd


Nexus Hair Salon
Nha Trang Restaurant
Niagara Street
Nice Cafe
Nice Herbs
Nichol Road
Nichols Drive
Nicholson Road
Nick Avenue
Nico Wynd Drive
Nicola Avenue
Nicola Place
Nicola Street
Nicolelina's Cafe
Nicoles Trail
Nicolle Place
Nicolum Court
Nicomekl Greenway
Nicomekl Road
Nicowynd Golf Course
Nielsen Grove Elementary
Nigel Avenue
Nikkei National Museum & Cultural Centre
Nikkyu Japanese Restaurant
Nikola Street
Nile Gate
Nilo Food Mart
Nimbly Bimbly AKA Boogie Nights
Nimby Burger
Nine O'Clock Gun
Nine On The Park
Nineteenth Street
Ningtu Restaurant
Ninkazu Japanese Restaurant
Ninth Avenue
Ninth Street
Nippon Auto Centre
Nirvana Organics
Nirvana Restaurant
Nishi Court
Nishi Restaurant
Nishiki Sushi Bar
Nithsdale Street
Nitinat Trail
Nixon Automotive
Nixon Avenue
No. 1 Beef Noodle
No 1 Collision
No. 1 Collision
No. 1 Hall (City Centre)
No. 1 Road
No. 2 Road
No. 2 Road Bridge
No. 3 Road
No. 4 Hall (Sea Island)
No. 4 Road
No 4 Road
No. 4 Road
No. 5 Orange
No. 5 Road
No 6 Road
No. 6 Road
No. 7 Hall
No. 7 Road
No. 8 Road
No. 9 Restaurant
No. 9 Road
No Frills
No.4 Road
Noah's Pet Ark
Nobel House
Noble Court
Noel Drive
Noelani Place
Noir Lash Lounge
Nolan Street
Noodle Box
Noons Creek Close
Noons Creek Drive
Noor convenience store
Nootka Elementary School
Nootka House
Nootka Street
Nootka Way
Norbury Place
Norcrest Court
Norcross Way
Nordby Place
Nordel Barber Shop
Nordel Court
Nordel Dental Clinic
Nordel Rail Overpass Access
Nordel Sushi
Nordel Way
Nordic Cafe
Nordstrom E-Bar
Nordsun Road
Norfolk Plumbing & Electrical Supplies
Norfolk Road
Norfolk Street
Norgate Park
Norland Avenue
Norm Mackenzie House
Norma Rose Point School
Norman Avenue
Norman Bethune Housing Co-Op
Norman McKenzie Square
Normanby Crescent
Normandy Drive
Normandy Road
Norquay Street
Norseman Park
North 40 Park Reserve
North America Christian Centre
North America Pet Store
North Arm Avenue
North Arm Trail Bikeway
North Bay
North Bend Street
North Beta Avenue
North Boundary Road
North Burnaby Pet Hospital
North Burnaby Wonton House
North Cariboo Road
North Carleton Avenue
North Cassiar Street
North Charlotte Road
North Cliff Avenue
North Commercial Drive
North Creek Greenway
North Creek Trail
North Delta
North Delta Avenue
North Delta Evangelical Free Church
North Delta Police Station
North Delta Recreation Centre Off-Leash Area
North Delta Senior Secondary
North Dollarton Highway
North Drive
North Ellesmere Avenue
North Esmond Avenue
North Fell Avenue
North Fraser Crescent
North Fraser Way
North Gamma Avenue
North Garden Drive
North Gilmore Avenue
North Glynde Avenue
North Grandview Highway
North Grosvenor Avenue
North Holdom Avenue
North Howard Avenue
North Hythe Avenue
North Ingleton Avenue
North Kamloops Street
North Kaslo Street
North Kootenay Street
North Lagoon Drive
North Lakewood Drive
North Lawn
North MacDonald Avenue
North Madison Avenue
North Mall
North Nanaimo Street
North Penticton Street
North Ranelagh Avenue
North Renfrew Street
North Richmond Alliance Church
North Ridge Elementary School
North Road
North Road Auto Repair
North Road Optical
North Road Trail
North Rosser Avenue
North Salsbury Drive
North Sea Avenue
North Service Place
North Service Road
North Shore Acura
North Shore Christian Centre
North Shore High School League Trail Down
North Shore High School League Trail Up
North Shore Liquor Shop
North Shore Paintball
North Skeena Street
North Slocan Street
North Springer Avenue
North Starz
North Stratford Avenue
North Surrey Arena
North Surrey Recreation Centre
North Templeton Drive
North Tower
North Twin Campground
North (Upper) Marsh
North Van Florist
North Vancouver
North Vancouver Armoury
North Vancouver City Hall
North Vancouver City Library
North Vancouver District Public Library - Lynn Valley
North Vancouver District Public Library — Capilano Branch
North Vancouver Lawn Bowling Club
North Vancouver Nissan
North Vancouver RCMP
North Warwick Avenue
North Watkins Lane
North Westmister Station
North Willingdon Avenue
North Windermere Street
Northbrook Court
Northcliffe Crescent
Northcrest Drive
Northern Avenue
Northern Reflections
Northern Street
Northern Style Chinese Restaurant
Northey Road
Northgate Village Towers
Northglen Close
Northglen Place
Northland Terrace
Northlands Drive
Northlands Golf Course
Northlawn Drive
Northpark Crescent
Northpark Place
Northside Church
Northumberland Avenue
Northview Compounding Pharmacy
Northview Court
Northview Crescent
Northview Liquor Store
Northview Place
Northwest Marine Drive
Northwest Music
Northwood Connector
Northwood Drive
Northwood Place
Norton Court
Norum Crescent
Norum Place
Norum Road
Norvan Falls Trail
Norwalk Furniture & Design
Norwood Avenue
Norwood Court
Notre Dame Regional Secondary School
Notte's Bon Con
Nottingham Place
Nottingham Road
Nouth Guard House
Nova Scotia Avenue
Novak Drive
Novo II
Novo Pizzeria & Winery
Nozomi Sushi
NS Connector
N.S.C.S. Discovery Café
NSHA Loop Trail
NSSR Seymour Outpost
Nu Sushi Bar
NuAGE Laser & Skin Care


Nugget Street
Number 2 Road
Number 2 Road Bridge
Number 3 Road
Number 4 Road
Number 5 Road
Number 6 Road
Number 8 Road
Number 9 Road
Number e Food
Numero Uno Pizza
Nunavut Lane
Nurse Stump Trail
Nurseries Road
Nursery Street
Nusa Coffee
Nuthatch Place
Nutrition House
NW 1
NW 3
NW 5
NW 6
NW Marine Drive

O Nova
O Sushi
O! Behave
O'Hare's Gastropub
O'Hare's Liquor Store
O-Cha Tea Bar
Oak Bay
Oak Court
Oak Crescent
Oak Gate
Oak Meadows Drive
Oak Park Fieldhouse
Oak Place
Oak Street
Oak Terrace
Oakdale Road
Oakdale Street
Oakglen Drive
Oakhill Place
Oakland Drive Stairs
Oakland Place
Oakland Street
Oakmond Road
Oakmount Crescent
Oakridge Adventist Chruch
Oakridge Baptist Church
Oakridge Centre
Oakridge Lutheran Church Redevelopment
Oakridge Optical
Oakridge Plaza
Oaksville Laundromat
Oaktree Court
Oakview Street
Oakwood Crescent
Oasis Car Wash
Oasis Flowers
Oban Place
Obelisk Way
Oben Street
Oberlander Lane
Observation Tower
Obsession Cycles
Ocean Breeze Place
Ocean Cliff Drive
Ocean Cliff Elementary
Ocean Cliff Greenspace
Ocean Cliff Place
Ocean Forest Drive
Ocean Forest Place
Ocean Park
Ocean Park Library
Ocean Park Post Office
Ocean Park Road
Ocean Place
Ocean Promenade Hotel
Ocean Spray
Ocean Surf Place
Ocean Tide Court
Ocean Tower
Ocean Towers
Ocean View Funeral Home
Ocean Wind Drive
Ocean Wise Cafe
October's Very Own
Octopus Garden
Octopus House Canada Ltd
Odd Society
Odlin Crescent
Odlin Place
Odlin Road
Odlum Court
Odlum Drive
Odo Sushi
Oeb Breakfast Co.
Off Leash Dog Park
Off the Grid Waffle Cafe
Off The Rail
Off The Rail Tasting Room
Off the tracks bar & bistro
Office Press
OFlaherty Gate
Ogden Avenue
Ogden Street
Ogilvie Crescent
Ohara Lane
Oil Can
Ok Beauty
OK Gift Shop
OK Tire
OK Tire Auto Service
Okanagan Estate Wine Shop
Okanagan House
Okonomi Sushi
Olafsen Avenue
Old Administration Building
Old Alymer Rd
Old Anniedale School
Old Auditorium
Old BCMC Trail
Old Beijing Roast Duck
Old Bridge Court
Old Bridge Street
Old Bridge Walk
Old Buck
Old Buck Trail
Old Buck Trail Access
Old Buntzen Lake Trail
Old Cabin Trail
Old Court House
Old Dewdney Trunk Road
Old Dollarton Road
Old Dreamweaver Hiking Trail
Old Faithful Shop
Old Fire Hall
Old Forks aka Mystery DH
Old Forks Trail
Old Gas Station
Old Highway 10
Old Interurban ROW (BC Electric Railway - Burnaby Lake Line)
Old Lillooet Road
Old Logging Trail
Old Marine Drive
Old McLellan Lane
Old McLellan Road
Old Mill Site
Old Mount Seymour Trail
Old Navy
Old Polar Bear Exhibit
Old Pump House
Old Quarry Rock Access Trail
Old Ropetow
Old Street
Old Yale Road
Old Yale Road Elementary
Oldfield Avenue
Ole Ole Mexican Deli
Olive & Anchor
Olive Avenue
Oliver Crescent
Oliver Drive
Oliver Greenway
Oliver Peoples
Oliver Road
Oliver Street
Olivet Baptist Church
Ollie Quinn
Olsen Road
Olympia Meats
Olympia Pizza
Olympia Tailors
Olympic Street
OMC3 Expansion
Omega Pizza & Wings
OMI Teriyaki & Sushi
Omineca Avenue
Omineca Crescent
Omineca Place
Omnieye + Vision
On Lok Restaurant & Wun Tun House
On May Chinese Restaurant
On On Wonton House
On The Go Gelato
On Top
On Yogurt
Once Upon a Child
One Bowl
One Of A Few
One of a Kind Jade & Arts
One Pacific
One Saigon
One Stop Shop
One Tooth
One Under Vancouver
One University Crescent
One Wall Centre
Oneida Drive
OneZo Tapioca
Only U Cafe
Onslow Place
Ontario Bikeway
Ontario Place
Ontario Street
Ontario Way
OPA! of Greece
Opa! Of Greece
Opa! Souvlaki
Opal Place
Open Connection
Open Studios Event Space


OpenRoad Hyundai
OpenRoad Hyundai Boundary
OpenRoad Lexus Richmond
OpenRoad Toyota Richmond
Operations Shop
Oppenheimer Park Field House
Opsal Steel Building
Optical Eye Box
Optical Outlet
Optima Vision
Opulentus Beauty Products
Opus Art Supplies
OPUS Art Supplies
Opus Framing & Art Supplies Ltd
Opus Salon
Or Shalom Synagogue
Oranda Avenue
Orange Corner
Orange Julius
Orchard Beauty Salon
Orchard Lane
Orchard Place
Orchard Way
Orchid Beauty Centre
Orchid Drive
Orchill Road
Oregon Treaty of 1846
Organic Acres Market
Organic Lives
Oriental Buffet
Oriental Rice Noodle
Original Joe's
Original Tandoori Kitchen
Origo Club
Oriole Avenue
Oriole Cafe
Oriole Drive
Oriole Place
Orion Place
Orkney Court
Orkney Place
Orland Drive
Orlohma Place
Ormidale Street
Orr Drive
Orrange Kitchen + Bar
Ortona Crescent
Ortona Lane
Ortona Road
Orwell Street
Osaka - Park Royal
Osaka Supermarket
Osaka Sushi
Osborne Avenue
Osborne Street
Oscar's Pub
Oscar's Smoke Shop
Osgoode Drive
Osgoode Place
Osier Place
Osler Street
Osmond Avenue
Osoyoos Crescent
Osoyoos Produce
Osprey Court
Osprey Drive
Osprey Place
Osprey Road
Osteria Autostrada
Osteria Napoli Restaurante
Osteria Savio Volpe
Ostler Court
Ostomy Care & Supply Centre
OSullivan Lane
Ota Street
Ottaburn Road
Ottawa Avenue
Ottawa Place
Ottawa Street
Otter Co-op
Otter Place
Oughton Drive
Oui Coffee House
Ouisi Bistro
Our Community Bikes
Our Lady of Good Counsel
Our Lady of Good Counsel Parish
Our Lady of Good Counsel School
Our Lady of Hungary Church
Our Lady of Lourdes
Our Lady of Mercy
Our Lady of Mercy School
Our Lady of Perpetual Help
Our Lady of the Assumption
Our Town Café
Outbound Extreme Streetwear
Outdoor Stage
Outer Limits
OV Hair Cut
Oval Way
Ovaltine Cafe
Ovens Avenue
Overstone Drive
Overwaitea Food Group
Owl Court
Owl Trail
Oxbow Way
Oxenham Avenue
Oxford Connector
Oxford Drive
Oxford Heights
Oxford Place
Oxford Street
Oxley Street North
Oxtoby Place
Oyama Court
Oyama Sausage
Oyster Express
Oyster Shucking Plant
Ozada Avenue

P&T Auto Service
Pac Can Duty Free
Pacemore Avenue
Pacific Academy
Pacific Avenue
Pacific Barber Shop
Pacific Bistro & Convenience
Pacific Boarder
Pacific Boulevard
Pacific Boulevard Marina
Pacific Bound Gifts
Pacific Centre Mall
Pacific Coast News
Pacific Coliseum
Pacific Court
Pacific Drive
Pacific Dry Cleaning
Pacific Fasteners
Pacific Grace MB Church (PGMBC) 基督教頌恩堂
Pacific Hearing Care Centre
Pacific Heigh Ts Elementary
Pacific Honda
Pacific Inn Resort and Conference Centre
Pacific Laptop
Pacific Museum of Earth
Pacific Passage
Pacific Place
Pacific Place Landmark I
Pacific Place Landmark II
Pacific Plaza Food Court
Pacific Point
Pacific Poke
Pacific Potato Corporation
Pacific Reach
Pacific Spirit Hostel
Pacific Spirit On-leash Area
Pacific Street
Pacific Sun Produce
Pacific Tcm
Pacific Theatre
Pacific Trail
Pacific West Floor Decor
Packard Avenue
Pad Thai Cuisine
Pad Thai Restaurant
Paddlewheeler Liquor Store
Paddlewheeler Pub
Paddock Drive
Page Road
Page Street
Paisley Avenue
Paisley Road
Paitsmauk Road
Pajo's Fish and Chips
PAL Studio Theatre
Palace Place
Paladin Terrace
Palais Georgia
Palermo Street
Palisade Court
Palisade Crescent
Palisade Drive
Palisade Place
Palisades Trail
Palki Indian
Pallas Athena Greek Kousina
Pallet Coffee Roasters
Palliser Avenue
Pallucci Furniture
Palm Avenue
Palm Terrace
Palmberg Road
Palmdale Street
Palmer Avenue
Palmer Road
Palmerston Avenue
Palmtree Lane
Palmyra Mediterranean Grill
Palomino Crescent
Pamola Bakery
Pamper Nail Bar
Pan Pacific
Pan-Abode International


Panago Pizza
Pandora Drive
Pandora Street
Pandora Trail
Pane From Heaven
Panhellenic Sorority House
Panne Rizo
Panorama Creek
Panorama Drive
Panorama Heights Elementary
Panorama Optometry
Panorama Park Elementary
Panorama Place
Panorama Ridge
Panorama Ridge Secondary
Panorama Ridge Trails
Pantages Lane
Papa Dave's Pizza Indian Cuisine
Papa Daves Pizza
Papa Goose Rice Noodle Restaurant
Papa Greek
Papa John's
Papa Murphy's
Papa's Gourmet Pizza
Paper Crane Coffee
Papi's Seafood and Oyster Bar
Pappa Leo's
Pappa Leo's Pizza
Papuc Place
Paradise Avenue
Paradise Donair
Paradise Juice
Paragon Pizza
Parallel 49 Brewing
Parallel 49 Street Kitchen
Parallel 49 Tasting Room & Beer Store
Paramount BBQ Restaurant
Paramount Gentlemen's Club
Parana Drive
Parana Place
Parapet Terrace
Parc Sierra
Parcel 27
Parcel 28
Pare Court
Park & Tilford Medical Clinic
Park Access Road
Park Avenue
Park Board Office
Park Boulevard
Park Centre
Park Crescent
Park Drive
Park George
Park Inn & Suites by Radisson Vancouver
Park Lane
Park North
Park Office
Park Place
Park Place Hilton Villa
Park Place Village
Park Plaza
Park Road
Park Row
Park Royal
Park Royal N
Park Royal North
Park Royal S
Park Royal South
Park Shore BMW
Park Square
Park Way
ParkCanada RV Park
Parkcrest Drive
Parkcrest Elementary
Parkdale Drive
Parkdale Place
Parker Place
Parker Street
Parker Street Studios
Parkgate Avenue
Parkgate Farm Market
Parkgate Library
Parkgate Playground
Parkglen Place
Parkgrove Cresccent
Parking Access
Parking Entrance
Parking Exit
Parking Lot Trail / 10min Trail
Parking Operations
Parkland Drive
Parkland Place
Parklawn Drive
Parkside Bay
Parkside Brewing
Parkside Close
Parkside Court
Parkside Drive
Parkside Gardens
Parkside Lane
Parkside Place
Parkside Road
Parksville Drive
Parktree Court
Parktree Crescent
Parktree Place
Parkview Lane
Parkview Place
Parkway Boulevard
Parkway Drive
Parkwell Plaza
Parkwood Avenue
Parkwood Crescent
Parkwood Drive
Parkwood Gardens
Parkwood Place
Parkwood Way
Parliament Crescent
Parry Street
Parsley, Sage & Thyme
Parson Heritage House
Parsons Road
Parsons Trail
Parthenon Place
Parthenon Supermarket
Partridge Crescent
Party Bizarre
Party City
Party Express
Pasco Road
Pasparos Taverna
Passage Drive
Passaglia Place
Passion8 Dessert Cafe
Pasta Polo
Pasture Circle
Pat Bay Road
Pat Quinn
Pat Quinn Way
Pat's Pub
Paterson Road

path through Leeside Skate Park

Path to Camp Luther Mt. Seymour Chalet
Pathan Avenue
Patisserie Fur Elise
Paton Drive
Paton Street
Patricia Avenue
Patricia Bridge
Patricia Drive
Patrick Place
Patrick Road
Patrick Street
Patsara Thai
Patsy's Beauty Center
Patterdale Drive
Patterson Avenue
Patterson Road
Patterson Wonton House
Pattison High School
Pattullo Bridge
Pattullo Place
Patullo Crescent
Paul Lake Court
Paul's Kitchen
Paul's Omelettery
Paul's Restaurant
Paula Place
Pauleshin Crescent
Paulies Kitchen
Pauline Johnson Elementary School
Pauline's Rock
Pauline's Rock Access
Paulus Court
Paulus Crescent
Pavillion Trail
Paw Prints Grooming & Daycare
Pawans Indian Kitchen
Pawlik Automotive
Paws and Claws Pantry
Payless Coin Laundry
Payless ShoeSource
Payne Street
PC Galore
Peace Arch Golf Course
Peace Arch Hospital
Peace Arch International Monument
Peace Arch RV Park
Peace Church on 52nd
Peace Mennonite Church
Peace Park Drive
Peace Portal Alliance Church
Peaceable Kingdom
Peaceful Restaurant
Peachwave Frozen Yogurt
Peacock Place
Peak Chalet
Peak Products
Peaked Pies
Pearce Street
Pearkes Drive
Pearkes Lane
Pearkes Place
Pearl Avenue
Pearl Castle Cafe
Pearl Court
Pearl Fever
Pearl Fever Tea House
Pearl Hot Pot
Pearle Vision
Pearson Street
Pearson Way
Pebble Hill Elementary
Pedego Electric Bikes Vancouver
Pedestrain path
Pedorthic Clinic
Pedro's Organic Coffee House
Peele Street
Peer Gynt
Pekin Place
Pekoe Tea Lounge
Pekrul Place
Pelcher Court
Pelican Bay Marina
Pelican Court
Pelican Seafood Restaurant
Pelly Road
Pelton Avenue
Pemberton Avenue
Pemberton Avenue Crossing
Pemberton Building
Pemberton Crescent
Pemberton Heights
Pemberton Place
Pemberton Station Neighbourhood Pub
Pembina Street
Pembroke Avenue
Pembroke Place
Penang Bistro
Penang Szechuan Restaurant
Pender Grocery
Pender Place
Pender Street
Pendlebury Road
Pendleton Road
Pendrell Street
Penhurst Court
Peninsula Runners
Peninsula Seafood Restaurant
Penney Auto Body & Glass
Pennington Hall
Penny Black Tattoo
Penny Lane
Penny Place
Pennyfarthing Drive
Pentecostal Tabernacle
Penticton Street
Pentland Court
Penzance Drive
People Murdered in the Downtown Eastside
Peoples Coop Bookstore
Peoples Drug Mart
Peoples Jewellers
Peoples Jewllers
Peoples Pharmacy
Pepper Lunch
Pepperidge Court
Pepsi Panorama Market
Per Se Social Corner
Percival Avenue
Percival Building
Percy Court
Percy Knob
Peregrine Place
Perfect Match
Perfect Pizza
Performance Vision
Performance Works
Perimeter Trail
Periwinkle Court
Perkins Street
Perrot Mews
Perry Douglas Roe
Perry Roe Building
Perry Street
Persia Foods
Persian Foods
Persian Tea House
Perth Avenue
Perth Drive
Perugia Italian Caffè
Perverted Ice-Cream
Pet Food 'N More
Pet Pantry
Pete's Farmland
Peter Kiss Gallery
Peter Lui Custom Tailors
Peter Street
Peters Road
Petersham Avenue
Peterson Avenue
Peterson Drive
Peterson Gate
Petit Ami
Petly Jones Gallery
Petopia Pet Food & Grooming
Petra's Arts Kafe
Petrie Court
Petrina Block
Petro Canada
Petro Pass
Petts Road
Peveril Avenue
Pfc Home
PG Performance
Pharma Choice
Pharmaceutical Building
Pharmasave Health Centre
Pharmatrust Pharmacy
Phase Technology
Pheasant Drive
Pheasant Lane
Pheasant Place
Pheasant Street
Phi Delta Theta
Phi Gamma Delta
Phibbs Exchange - Bus Loop
Philip Avenue
Phillips Avenue
Phillips Place
Phillips Point
Phillips Street
Phnom Penh Restaurant
Pho 24 Express
Pho 37
Pho 51
Pho 777 Vietnamese Restaurant
Pho 99
Pho 99 Vietnamese Noodle House
Pho An Nam
Pho Central
Pho Century Fine Vietnamese Cuisine
Pho Chung Nam Restaurant
Pho d'lite
Pho Duy Vietnamese Restaurant
Pho Express
Pho Garden
Pho Goodness
Pho Han Restaurant
Pho Haven
Pho Herbs
Pho Hoa Noodle Soup
Pho Hong
Pho Hong Restaurant
Pho Hue
Pho Hung
Pho Japolo
Pho Khang
Pho Lan Beef Noodle Soup
Pho Newton
Pho Noodle House
Pho Pho You
Pho Quynh Express
Pho Royal
Pho Saigon
Pho Stanley
Pho Tan Restaurant
Pho Tau Bay
Pho Thai Ha
Pho Thai Son Restaurant
Pho Toan Thang
Pho Viet City
Pho Xe Lua 24
Phoenix Art Workshop
Phoenix Dance and Music School
Phoenix Drive
Phoenix Fast Food
Phoenix Garden
Phoenix Street
Phone Repair
Phoscao Cafe
Photon Control
Phyllis Road
Phyllis Ross House
Phơ Boi
Phở 99 Vietnamese Noodle House
Phở Don
Phở Hòa
Phở Thái Hóa
Phở Tâm Vietnamese Restaurant
Pi R Squared
Piano House
Piccadilly North
Piccadilly South
Piccard/Grumman PX-15 "BEN FRANKLIN"
Pickering Drive
Picnic Area
Picton Street
Pie Hole & Coffee
Pier 1 Imports
Pier 7
Pier 73
Pier Drive
Pier Place
Pierard Road
Pierce Place
Piermond Road
Pierre Elliott Trudeau Elementary School
Pierview Crescent
Pigeon Park Savings
Piggy Bank Place
Pigott Drive
Pigott Road
Pika Court
Pile of Rocks
Pilgrim Book & Bible
Pilgrim Church
Pillars at Beach Grove
Pilot Drive
Pilot House Road
Pimlico Place
Pimlico Way
Pinda Drive
Pine Crescent
Pine Drive
Pine Road
Pine Springs Lane
Pine Street
Pine Trail
Pinebrook Place
Pinecrest Avenue
Pinecrest Drive
Pinehurst Drive
Pinehurst Place
Pinemont Avenue
Pinetree Close
Pinetree Crescent
Pinetree Lane
Pinetree Way
Pinetree Way Elementary
Pinewell Crescent
Pinewell Place
Pinewood Avenue
Pinewood Crescent
Pinewood Drive
Pinewood Elementary
Pinewood Trail
Ping Pong
Pink Elephant Thai
Pink Elephant Thai Restaurant
Pink Lime
Pink Lotus
Pink Magnolia Nails
Pink Pearl Chinese Restaurant
Pink Peppercorn Seafood House
Pink Rose Nail
Pink Starfish
Pinky Blue
Pinnacle Court
Pinnacle Hotel at the Pier
Pinnacle Hotel Harbourfront
Pinnacle Living False Creek
Pinnacle Street
Pintail Drive
Pinyon Drive
Pinyon Lane
Pioneer Avenue
Pioneer Greenway
Pioneer Japanese Fishermen
Pioneer Overpass
Pioneer Trail
Pioneer Walk
Pioneer Way
Pioneer's Pub
Pipeline Bridge
Pipeline Road
Pipeline Trail
Piper Avenue
Piper Mill Trail
Pita Pit
Pitcairn Place
Pitch and Putt
Pitch N Putt Golf Course
Pitman Place
Pitt Meadows
Pitt Meadows Arena
Pitt Meadows City Hall
Pitt Meadows Dyke
Pitt Meadows Elementary
Pitt Meadows Family Recreation Centre & RCMP Station
Pitt Meadows Golf Course Access
Pitt Meadows Hertiage Hall
Pitt Meadows Library
Pitt Meadows Marina
Pitt Meadows Regional Greenway
Pitt Meadows Secondary School
Pitt Meadows Station Loop
Pitt Meadows Volunteer
Pitt Meadows Youth Action Park
Pitt River Bridge
Pitt River Middle School
Pitt River Road
Pitt Street
Pivotal Building
Pizazz Hair Design
Pizza 604
Pizza Factory
Pizza Farina
Pizza Garden
Pizza Grill
Pizza Guys
Pizza Hut
Pizza Hut Express
Pizza Hut (takeout)
Pizza Jerk
Pizza Knight
Pizza Nation
Pizza One
Pizza Pizza
Pizza Pizzria
Pizza Pzazz
Pizza Vancouver
Pizzazz Fashions
Pizzeria Barbarella
PJ White Hardwoods
Place Vanier
Plaisir Sucré
Planet Ice
Planet Ice Delta
Planet India Restaurant
Planet Veg
Planetree Court
Planetree Lane
Plant Operations Exterior Storage Shed
Plant Ops Storage
Plant Science Field Building
Plant Science Garage
Plant Services Storage Shed
Plateau Boulevard
Plateau Crescent
Plateau Drive
Plateau Pizza
Platform 7

platform 7 Coffee

Platforms 3 & 4
Platinum Lane
Platinum Pro-Claim
Platt Crescent
Play & Learn
Play it Again Sam
Plaza Hairstyling & Barber Shop
Plaza of Nations - The Village
Plaza Pointe
Plaza Premium Lounge
Plaza RV Park
Pleasant Beans Coffee House
Pleasant Street
Pleasant Street Lane
Pleasant Way
Pleasantside Grocery
Pleasure Palace
Plimsoll Street
Plover Court
Plover Drive
Plum Avenue
Plum Garden
Plumtree Close
Plymouth Crescent
Plymouth Drive
Plymouth Place
Plywood Road
PNE Administration
PNE Amphitheatre
PNE Entrance Gate
PNE Forum
PNE Playland Entrance
Pneuma Church
Po Avenue
Po Kong
Po Place
Poco Bowling
Poco Inn & Suites Hotel & Conference Centre
PoCo Produce and Flowers
Poco Sushi
Poco Trail
Poco Trail/TCT
Poel Place
Point Grey
Point Grey Apartments
Point Grey Battery
Point Grey Golf & Country Club
Point Grey Inter-Mennonite Fellowship (PGIMF)
Point Grey Nail & Spa
Point Grey Road
Point Grill
Poirier Branch
Poirier Forum
Poirier Sport and Leisure Complex
Poirier Street
Poised Nail
Pok'e Time
Poke Bar
Poké Bar
Poke Time
Pokey Okey
Polar Industries
Polaris Inflatable Boats
Polito's Latin Café
Pollard Street
Polly Pokinos Gourmet Wings
Polo Cleaners
Polo Ralph Lauren
Polonia Bakery & Deli
Polonia Sausage House
Polytrichum Lookout
Pomme Natural Market
PoMo Rotary SK8 Park
Pond Trail
Ponderosa Annex Office A
Ponderosa Annex Office B
Ponderosa Annex Office C
Ponderosa Annex Office E - English Annex
Ponderosa Annex Office F - Student Services
Ponderosa Annex Office G
Ponderosa Boulevard
Ponderosa Oak House
Ponderosa Place
Ponderosa Street
Pondside Road
Pooley Avenue
Poor Italian
Pop Art
Poplar Drive
Poplar Place
Poplar Street
Poplar Trail
Poplynn Drive
Poplynn Place
Poquette Street
Port Coquitlam
Port Coquitlam & District Hunting & Fishing Club
Port Coquitlam City Hall
Port Coquitlam Fire Hall #2
Port Coquitlam Recreation Complex
Port Guichon Elementary
Port Kells
Port Kells Elementary
Port Kells Fire Hall No. 7
Port Kells Library
Port Mann
Port Mann / Fraser Heights - Surrey City Centre Neighbourhood Bike Route
Port Mann Bridge Multi-use path
Port Mann Greenway
Port Moody
Port Moody City Hall
Port Moody Dry Cleaners
Port Moody Eye Care Centre
Port Moody Fire Hall
Port Moody Flowers
Port Moody Library
Port Moody Liquor Store
Port Moody Middle School
Port Moody Police Department
Port Moody Post Office
Port Moody Recreation Complex
Port Moody Station
Port Moody Station Museum
Port View Place
Portage Avenue
Portage Place
Porteau Place
Porter Street
Porter Street Elementary School
Porthole Steveston
Portland Craft
Portland Hotel Society
Portland Street
Porto Café
Ports 1961
Portside Court
Portside Drive
Portside Road
Portuguese Canadian Seniors Foundation
Portview Place
Postmark Brewing
Potato Corner
Potter's Garden
Potters Place Mission
Pottery Barn
Pottery Barn Kids
Pottery Works
Pound Road
Powell Brewery Tasting Room
Powell Lane
Powell Street
Power House
Power House Road
Power Line Service Road
Power Line Trail
Powerline Access Road
Powerline Road
Powerline Trail
Powerlines Trail
PowerSource Media
Practice Chipping Area
Practice Pitch
Practice Putting Green
Prado Cafe
Prairie Avenue
Prairie Pet Food & Supplies
Praise International Church
Prata-Man Singapore Cuisine
Preddy Drive
Prego Cofee
Premier Auto Sales
Premier Street
Premium Brands Distribution Inc
Prenter Street
Prép Beauty Parlour
Prescott Street
Presentation House Theatre
President Plaza
Presidents Row
PressBox Pub
Prestige Place
Preston Court
Prestons Restaurant + Lounge
Prestwick Drive
Pretty Court
Pretty Things Florist and Designer Gifts

previousy American Apparel

Price Creek Park
Price Crescent
Price Smart
Price Street
PriceSmart Foods
Prickly Pear Garden Centre
Primary Power
Prime Auto
Prime Collision
Prime Place
Prime Street
Prime's Thai Tea
Primrose Lane
Primrose Place
Primula Place
Prince Albert Street
Prince Charles Boulevard
Prince Chinese Seafood Restaurant
Prince Edward Street
Prince of Wales Secondary School
Prince Street
Princess Auto
Princess Avenue
Princess Crescent
Princess Drive
Princess Lane
Princess Market
Princess Street
Princeton Avenue
Princeton Pub
Prinicipal's Residence Building C
Print Images
Prior Street
Priory Place
Prism hair designers
Pritchard Avenue
Pritchett Place
Pro Organics
Procter Avenue
Production Boulevard
Production Way
Professional Alterations by Michelle
Professional Centre
Progress Place
Progress Way
Project Skin
Promontory Tower
Promos Mexican Grill
Propaganda Coffee
Proper Hair Lounge
PropertyOne Realty Inc.
Prosepect Point Cafe
Prosepect Point Trail
Prospect Avenue
Prospect Centre
Prospect Crescent
Prospect Drive
Prospect Point
Prospect Point Park Lane
Prospect Road
Prospect Street
Prospera Credit Union
Protecting the Future, Serving the Present
Protein House
Proton Hall Extension
Prototype Coffee
Provence Marinaside
Province Road
Provincial Court of BC - Vancouver Criminal Court
Provincial Court of British Columbia
Psi Upsilon
Psychic Reader & Advisor
Ptarmigan Place
Pub 120
Pub 340
Public House
Public Myth
Public Safety Building
Public Service/Private Step
Public Storage
Puccini's Deli


Pudgie's Pizza & Pasta
Puffin Court
Puget Drive
Pugwash Place
Pull Tab
Pullman Porter Street
Pulp And Paper Research
Pulpfiction Books
Pump House Road
Pumphouse Tower
Pumphouse Trail
Punje Spice Indian Restaurant
Punnett Close
Punta Del Este (East Point)
Purcell Drive
Purcell Way
Purdy Pavilion
Purdy's Chocolateier
Purdy's Chocolates
Purdy's Factory and Store
Purdys Chocolatier
Pure Escape Hair and Ethetics
Pure Image Design Lab
Pure Integrative Pharmacy
Pure Nail Bar
Purfleet Point Park Reserve
Purple Nails
Pyrford Court
Pyrford Road
Pythagoras Academy
Pâtisserie Lebeau

Q & A Salon
Q Coffee
Q to Q Ferry
QE Home
Qoola frozen yogurt bar
QT Esthetic Studio
Quadling Avenue
Quadra Court
Quadra Street
Quaking Trail
Qualicum Drive
Quality Auditing Institute (QAI Labs)
Quality dry cleaning
Quality Hotel Airport (South)
Quan Xing Enterprises Ltd.
Quantum Coffee
Quarry Court
Quarry Court Trail
Quarry Road
Quarry Rock Access Road (Emergency Access only)
Quarry Rock Lookout
Quarry Rock Lower Access
Quarry Rock West Hydro Tower FD Access
Quarry Trail
Quarry water settling pond
Quartz Place
Quatsino Drive
Quay Celebrity Lingerie and Accessories
Quay Place
Quayside Court
Quayside Drive
QuaySide Marina
Quaywest Tower I
Quaywest Tower II
Que Pasa
Que Pasa Mexican Foods
Quebec Place
Quebec Street
Quebec Way
Queen Alexandra Elementary School
Queen Bee Flowers
Queen Elizabeth Annex
Queen Elizabeth Disc Golf Course
Queen Elizabeth Elementary
Queen Elizabeth Elementary School
Queen Elizabeth Pitch & Putt
Queen Elizabeth Secondary
Queen Elizabeth Theatre
Queen Mary Boulevard
Queen Mary Elementary School
Queen of All Saints Elementary School
Queenbury Elementary
Queens Avenue
Queens Canal Trail
Queens Cross
Queens Cross Liquor Store
Queens Park
Queens Park Hospital
Queens Park Massage Therapy
Queens Place
Queens Street
Queensboro Pizza
Queensborough Community Pharmacy
Queensborough Landing Liquor Store
Queensborough Laundromat
Queensborough Library
Queensborough Middle School
Queensborough Mini Storage
Queensborough Offleash Dog Park
Queensbridge Drive
Queensbury Avenue
Queensdale Market
Queenside Market
Queensland Road
Queenston Avenue
Queenston Court
Quesada Burritos & Tacos
Quesnel Drive
Quibble Creek Greenway
Quick Bite
Quick Hit
Quick Nickel
Quiet Muffler & Break
Quik Pik Convenience Store
Quilchena Crescent
Quilchena Elementary
Quilchena Elementary School
Quilchena Gate
Quilchena Golf & Country Club
Quilchena Place
Quintette Crescent
Quinton Avenue
Quinton Place
Quiznos Club
Quiznos Sub

q’ələχən House

R & B
R & B Ale & Pizza House
R & B Brewing
R & Z Avionics Ltd.
R Cloverdale
R Coquitlam Central
R Grouse Mountain Skyride Peak
R. Jang & Associates
R Main Street–Science World
R Moody Centre
R North Vancouver
R Pitt Meadows
R Port Coquitlam
R Sullivan
R Waterfront
R.A. McMath Secondary School
Rabbit and Empee
Rabbit Lane
Rabindranath Tagore
Raccoon Trail
Race Book
R.A.D. Cycles
Rad on Denman
Radcliffe Avenue
Radisson Street
Rae Avenue
Rae Street
Raeburn Street
Ragazzi Pizza Co.
Raglan’s Bistro
Railbed Trail
Railside Park
Railspur Alley
Railtown Café
Railtown Cafe
Railtown Café
Railway Avenue
Railway Avenue Greenway
Railway Cafe
Railway Club
Railway Road
Railway Street
Rain City Games
Rain or Shine
Rain or Shine Ice Cream
Rainbow Butterfly
Rainbow Corner Child Care Centre
Rainbow Court
Rainbow Creek Station
Rainbow Crosswalk
Rainbow Drive
Rainbow Market
Rainier Place
Raintree Court
Raintree Spa
Raiwal Agro Tech Foods Ltd
Rajio Japanese Public House
Rakanna Place
Raleigh Street
Ralph Street
Ralston Court
Rama Avenue
Ramada by Wyndham Surrey/Langley
Ramada by Wyndham Vancouver Downtown
Ramble On
Rambler Way
Ramen Danbo
Ramen Gaoh
Ramen Gojiro
Ramen Hachi
Ramen Kobo
Ramen Koika
Ramen Raijin
Ramen Sanpachi
Ramie's Greek Restaurant
Ramona Way



ramp to parkade

Rampart Place
Ramsay Avenue
Ramsay Court
Ramsay Road
Ranch Park
Ranch Park Way
Rand Avenue
Randall Building
Randolph Avenue
Randonnée Tours
Randy's Trail
Ranelagh Avenue
Ranger Avenue
Ranger Crescent
Ranier Dry Cleaners
Ransford Gate
Rapid Transit
Raptor Trail
Raptor Way
Rashpal Dhillon Track & Field Oval
Rasmussen Bindery


Rathburn Drive
Raven Court
Raven Lane
Raven Nest Group Camp
Raven Nest Trail
Raven Place
Raven Pub
Raven Woods Drive
Raven's Nest Picnic Shelter
Raven"s Nest Access
Ravensdale Street
Ravenswood Drive
Ravenwoods Drive
Ravine Drive
Ravine Park Trail
Ravine Road
Ravine Street
Ravine Trail
Raw Cuts Sandwich Shop
Rawlings Trail
Rawlins Crescent
Ray Ray's Fun Factory
Ray Rickburn
Ray Shepherd Elementary
Ray's Bakery
Raycom Premium Print
Raymond Avenue
Raymur Avenue
Raynor Street
Rayside Avenue
RBC Bank
RBC Finance
RBC Financial Group
RBC Royal Bank
RBC: Royal Bank of Canada
RC Plane
R.C. Talmey Elementary School
RC World
RCMP E Division Headquarters
RCMP Southwest Community Police Office
Re/Max Advantage Realty
Re/Max Crest Realty - Team Clarke
Real Canadian Superstore
Real Estate Office
Real Liquidation Store
Rebecca Bree
Rebekah Drive
Reception And Education Centre
Reckless Bike Stores
Reckless The Bike Store
Reclining Figure
Reconciliation Pole
Recreation Area Drive
Red Accordion
Red Alder Place
Red Alder Trail
Red Apple Market
Red Bar
Red Barn Boulevard
Red Burrito
Red Card
Red Card Sports Bar + Eatery
Red Cat Records
Red Chilli Szechuan
Red Colt Equestrian Co-op
Red Door Housing Society - Quayside Building
Red Gate Collective
Red Ginger
Red Lion
Red Racer Taphouse
Red Robin
Red Robin Gourmet Burgers
Red Room
Red Rose Antiques
Red Square
Red Star Seafood Restaurant
Red Truck Brewery Company
Red Truck Growler Filling Station
Red Tuna
Red Umbrella Cafe
Red Wing
Redbud Lane
Redbud Restaurant
Reddington Court
ReDesign Staging Consulting Decor
Redfern Crescent
Redfern Place
Redfish Kids Clothing
Redonda Drive
Redtail Court
Redtail Place
Redwood Avenue
Redwood Drive
Redwood Park Access Road
Redwood Place
Redwood Street
Reece Avenue
Reed Point Marina
Reed Point Way
Reeder Road
Rees Road
Reeve Street
Reeves Road
Refined Salon & Spa
Regal Barbers
Regal Carpet
Regal Crescent
Regal Drive
Regal Grooming Lounge
Regan Avenue
Regatta Way
Regency Lexus Service Centre
Regency Park Towers
Regency Place
Regent Avenue
Regent Place
Regent Place Apartments
Regent Street
Regimental Square
Regina Avenue
Regina Street
Reichenbach Road
Reid Court
Reid Street
Reigate Road
Reigning Champ
Rekis Avenue
Rekis Gate
Relax Salon & Spa
Reliable Parts
Reliance Court
Reliance Learning Academy
Relish Gourmet Burgers
Reluxe N
Remedy Massage
Remi Place
Rena Crescent
Renaissance Kids
Renaissance Square
Renfirst Coin Laundry
Renfrew Baptist Church
Renfrew Elementary School
Renfrew Park Dog Park
Renfrew Street
Rennie Place
Renton Avenue
Renton Place
Renton Road
Renton Way
Renzullo Food Market
Requiem for Yan
Research Pavilion
Research Station Annex 6
Reservoir Trail
Residence Inn Vancouver Downtown
Residence Lane
Residences on Georgia
Residential Foot Path
Resolution Reprographics
Restaurant Yugo
Restoration Hardware
Resurrection Distillery and Lounge
Return to Nature
Revel Room
Revelstoke Court
Rexall drug store & medical clinic
Rexall Drugs
Rexall Drugstore
Reylar Restaurant and Catering
Reynolds Drive
Reynolds Place
Rhine Close
Rhine Crescent
Rhinofish Noodle Bar
Rhodena Avenue
Rhodes Street
Rialto Court
Rialto Place
Rialto White Rock
Ricard Place
Rice Creek Loop Trail
Rice Creek Picnic Area
Rice Lake Road
Rice Mill Road
Richard Juryn Trail
Richard McBride Elementary School
Richard Street
Richards Drive
Richards Street
Richardson Drive
Richardson Elementary
Richardson Road
Richelieu Avenue
Richlea Bakery
Richlea Square Shopping Centre
Richmond Acura
Richmond Art Gallery
Richmond Building Supplies
Richmond Capstan Alliance Church
Richmond Chinese Alliance Church
Richmond Christian School
Richmond Chrysler
Richmond City Hall
Richmond Country Club
Richmond Country Farms
Richmond Curling Club
Richmond Delivery Centre
Richmond Fire Hall No. 5
Richmond Honda
Richmond Ice Centre
Richmond Jamea Masjid
Richmond Marina Chevron
Richmond MC Music Arts Academy
Richmond Night Market
Richmond Number 3 Station
Richmond Olympic Oval
Richmond Place
Richmond Public Library
Richmond Public Library - Cambie Branch
Richmond Public Library (Brighouse)
Richmond Public Market
Richmond RCMP
Richmond Rod & Gun Club
Richmond Secondary School
Richmond Street
Richmond Subaru
Richmond Sushi
Richmond Transit Centre
Richview Plaza
Rickman Place
Rickshaw Chinese Food
Ricky's All Day Grill
Ricky's Bar & Grill
Ricky's Cafe
Ricky's Country Restaurant
Rickys All Day Burger
Ridden Art
Riddim & Spice
Ride On Again
Ride On Marpole
Rideau Avenue
Rideau Drive
Rideau Gate
Rideau Park Adult Centre
Rideau Place
Rider School
Ridge Court
Ridge Crescent
Ridge Drive
Ridge Garden
Ridge Mountain Drive
Ridge Runner
Ridgecrest Drive
Ridgelawn Drive
Ridgemoor Place
Ridgeview Drive
Ridgeview Elementary School
Ridgeview Trail
Ridgeway Avenue
Ridgeway Pharmacy
Ridgewood Drive
Ridgewood Place
Ridley Drive
Ridley Place
Riel Place
Rietta Court
Riley Park
Riley Place
Riley Street
Rindall Avenue
Ringwood Avenue
Rio Brazilian Steak House
Rio Brazilian Steakhouse
Rio Place
Rio Theatre
Rippington Road
Ripple Place
Ripple Road
Rise & Noodle
Rising Sun Bakery and Patisserie
Rita Place
Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers
Rite-Away Auto Loan
Ritsumeikan House
River Chinese Cuisine
River District Crossing
River Drive
River Green Development
River Green development - Phase 1
River Green development - Phase 2
River Heights
River Park Place development site
River Parkway
River Pointe
River Reach
River Road
River Road West
River Springs
River Way
River's Inlet
River's Reach
River's Reach Liquor Store
River's Reach Pub
Riverbank Place
Riverbend Court
Riverbend Drive
Riverdale Drive
Riverfront Gate
Rivergrass Drive
Rivergrove Place
Riverport Way
Rivers Road
Rivers Walk
Rivers Walk II
Riverside Close
Riverside Community Church
Riverside Drive
Riverside Equestrian Centre
Riverside Greenway
Riverside Secondary School
Riverside secondary School
Riverside Walk
Riverside Way
Riverview Crescent
Riverwalk Avenue
Riverway Clubhouse
Riverway Golf Course
Riverwood Gate
Riverwood Green
Riverwood Way
Riviera Gardens
Riviere Place
Riya's Pizza
R.M. Grauer Elementary School
Roa Smoke Shop
Roach Hit / Roach Clip
Roadside Attraction
Roan Place
Robba Da Matti
Robert Burns Statue
Robert F. Osborne Centre - Unit 1
Robert F. Osborne Centre - Unit 2
Robert H.N. Ho Research Centre
Robert J. Tait Elementary School
Roberts & Brown
Roberts Bank Road
Roberts Block
Roberts Street
Robertson Avenue
Robertson Drive
Robertson Road
Robin Crescent
Robin Hood Liquor Store
Robin Hood Road
Robin Lane
Robin Place
Robin Way
Robin's Jean
Robins Court
Robinson Lighting & Bath Centre
Robinson Place
Robinson Road
Robinson Street
Roblin Place
Robson Avenue
Robson Court
Robson Drive
Robson House
Robson Place
Robson Public Market
Robson Road
Robson Square Ice Rink
Robson Street
Rocanini Coffee Roasters
Rochdale Drive
Roche Place
Roche Point Drive
Roche Point Trail
Rochester Avenue
Rochester Street
Rock Boulder Path (Low Tide Only)
Rock Pile
Rockbank Place
Rockcliff Road
Rockcress Place
Rockend Place
Rocket Way
Rockford Place
Rockland Wynd
Rocklin Street
Rockpoole Drive
Rockridge Crescent
Rockridge Lane
Rockridge Place
Rockridge Road
Rockridge Secondary School
Rockview Place
Rockwood Court
Rocky Cycle
Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory
Rocky Mountain Flatbread
Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co.
Rocky Mountain Soap Co
Rocky Point Ice Cream
Rocky Point Swimming Pool
Rodem Korea
Roderick Avenue
Rodger Avenue
Rodney's Oyster House
Roe Drive
Roedde House Museum
Rogate Avenue
Roger Neison
Roger's Pass
Rogers Arena
Rogers Avenue
Rogers Chocolate
Rogers plus
Rogers Street
Rogerson Drive
Rogue Kitchen & Wetbar
Rohoda Kaellis Residence
Rokko Sarees & Fabrics
Rokku Asian Cuisine
Roland's on Fourth
Roll Jiu Jitsu Academy
Rolston Street
Roma Hall
Romana Restaurant
Romaniuk Drive
Romaniuk Place
Romano's Pizza
Romeo Juliet Clothing
Romers Burger Bar
Romstad Ridge
Ron Andrews Community Recreation Centre
Ronayne Road
Rondeau Street
Rondoval Crescent
Ronson's Rack
Roo's Public House
Room 8
Room for 2
Roosevelt Crescent
Roosevelt Way
Rooster's Ice Cream Bar
Roots 73
Roots Café
Roots Factory

rope pyramid

Roper Avenue
Rosa's Cucina Italiana
Rosalie Court
Rosamond Avenue
Rose Crescent
Rose Garden
Rose Garden Lane
Rose Garden Seafood Restaurant
Rose Jewellery
Rose Persian Cuisine
Rose Spaw Beauty
Rose Street
Rose Way
Rosebank Court
Rosebank Crescent
Roseberry Avenue
Rosebery Avenue
Rosebrook Road
Rosebury Lane
Rosebury Walk
Rosecroft Crescent
Rosedale Drive
Rosedale on Robson
Rosedene Court
Rosedene Crescent
Roseglen Court
Rosehill Drive
Rosehill Wynd
Roseland Gate
Roselea Crescent
Roselea Place
Roseline Sturdy Amphitheatre
Roselynn Way
Rosemary Avenue
Rosemary Bagels
Rosemary Brown Lane
Rosemary Greenway
Rosemary Heights Crescent
Rosemary Heights Drive
Rosemary Heights Elementary
Rosemary Rocksalt
Rosemary Rocksalt Bagelry
Rosemont Drive
Rosetti Court
Rosevale Road
Rosewell Avenue
Rosewood Court
Rosewood Crescent
Rosewood Drive
Rosewood Hotel Georgia
Rosewood Place
Rosewood Street
Roslin Place
Roslyn Avenue
Roslyn Boulevard
Ross Avenue
Ross Crescent
Ross Drive
Ross Lane
Ross Place
Ross Road
Ross Street
Ross Treasure House Ltd
Rosser Avenue
Rosser Elementary
Rossland Street
Rossmore Court
Rossmour Complex Pool
Rosswood Place
Rotary Way
Rothbury Place
Roton Marine Electronics
Round-Up Cafe
Roundel Café
Roundhouse Community Centre
Roundhouse Mews
Rousseau Street
Routley Avenue
Routley Park Wading Pool
Routley Trail
Rowan Avenue
Rowan Place
Rowan Sky
Rowland Street
Rowling Place
Roxburgh Crescent
Roxburgh Road
Roxbury Place
Roxbury Road
Roxham Street
Roxton Avenue
Roy Stibbs Elementary
Roy Street
Roy's Copier Service
Roy's Indian
Royal Avenue
Royal Bank
Royal Bank Building
Royal Bank Of Canada
Royal Bank Tower
Royal Canadian College
Royal Centre
Royal City Apartments
Royal City Auto Painting & Collision
Royal City Drugs
Royal City Fire Supplies
Royal City Marina
Royal Columbian Hospital
Royal Court
Royal Crescent
Royal Crest
Royal Fortune Szechuan Restaurant
Royal Gardens
Royal Heights Baptist Church
Royal Heights Elementary
Royal Hut Pizza
Royal Mart
Royal Nepalese Momo Palace
Royal Oak Avenue
Royal Oak Community Church
Royal Plubming Tile & Flooring
Royal Seafood Restaurant
Royal Seoul House
Royal Square
Royal Stitch
Royal Sweet Diamond
Royal Tandoori
Royal Vancouver Yacht Club (Coal Harbour)
Royal Vancouver Yacht Club (Jericho)
Royal Vancouver Yacht Club Jericho Station
Royal Vape
Royalmore Avenue
Roycroft Court
RP Electronics
RPO Nelson Park
RT Connector
Rubber Monkey
Rubi & Kino
Ruby Avenue
Ruby Street
Ruckle Court
Rudolfs Crystal
Rudy & Peter Motors
Rue 909 Sushi
Rufus Avenue
Rufus Drive
Rufus Guitar and Drum
Rufus Guitar Shop
Rugby Pavilion
Rugby Street
Rumble Avenue
Rumble Street
Rumors Hair Design
Rumpus Room
Run Lola Run
Runaway Bay
Runnel Drive
Runner Peak Trail
Running Roo.
Running Room
Runnymede Avenue
Runnymede Road
Rupert Park Pitch & Putt
Rupert Street
Rush Court
Ruskin Place
Ruskin Road
Russ Baker Way
Russel Brewing Company
Russell Avenue
Russell Court
Russell Drive
Russell Food Equipment
Russell's Coaster
Russet Place
Russet Shack
Russet Way
Russian Community Centre
Rusty's Pub
Ruth Crescent
Rutherford Crescent
Ruthina Avenue
Rutland Court
Rutland Road
RV's Butter Kitchen
RX Comics
Ryall Crescent
Ryall Place
Ryan Court
Ryan Crescent
Ryan Place
Ryan Road
Ryan Street
Rydal Avenue
Ryuu Izakaya

S N Lighting
S&M Connector
S&W Pepper House
S'wich Cafe
S2 Cafe House
Saba Road
Saba Wood
Sabai Thai Restaurant
Sabai Thai Spa
Sable Avenue
Sabra Kosher Bakery & Restaurant
Sabzi Mandi
Sabzi Mandi Supermarket
Sacred Heart
Saddle Lane
Saddle Ridge Trail
Saddle Street
Sadie Crescent
Sadies Lunchworks
Safety Express
Safeway Liquor
Safeway Pharmacy
Saffron Indian Cuisine
Saffron Place
Sage Bistro
Sage Place
Sai Woo
Saif's Place For Hair
Saigon By Night
Saigon City
Saigon Ivy Restaurant
Sail Place
Sailor Hägar's
Saint Alban's Anglican Church
Saint Albans Avenue
Saint Albans Road
Saint Andrew's Avenue
Saint Andrews Avenue
Saint Andrews Drive
Saint Andrews Place
Saint Andrews Road
Saint Andrews Street
Saint Andrews Wesley Church
Saint Anthony of Padua Roman Catholic Church
Saint Anthony of Podua School
Saint Casimir's School
Saint Catherines Street
Saint Charles Place
Saint Christophers Road
Saint Clair Place
Saint David's Avenue
Saint Denis Avenue
Saint Denis Place
Saint Denis Road
Saint Edwards Drive
Saint Francis in the Woods
Saint Francis Xavier Chinese Catholic Centre
Saint George Street
Saint George's Avenue
Saint George's School (Junior)
Saint George's School, Senior School Campus
Saint Georges Avenue
Saint Germain
Saint Germain Bakery
Saint Giles Road
Saint Ives Crescent
Saint James Crescent
Saint Johns Street
Saint Julien Mews
Saint Laurent
Saint Lawrence Street
Saint Margaret Street
Saint Margaret's
Saint Margarets Street
Saint Marys Avenue
Saint Marys Place
Saint Matthew's Parish
Saint Monica Parish
Saint Patrick Elementary School
Saint Patrick Regional Secondary School
Saint Patrick Street
Saint Patrick's Avenue
Saint Paul's Church
Saint Pauls Avenue
Saint Pius X
Saint Pius X Elementary School
Saint Stephens Place
Saje Natural Wellness
Sake Maki
Sakura Cafe
Sakura Media
Sal y Limon
Sala Thai
Salad Loop
Salal Crescent
Salal Drive
Salal Loop
Salal Place
Salal Trail
Salam Bombay
Salerno Street
Sales Centre
Salisbury Avenue
Salisbury Drive
Salisbury Lane
Salish Court
Salish Drive
Salish House
Salish Road
Salish Sea Drive
Salish Sea Way
Salish Trail
Sally Beauty Supply
Sally's Trail
Salmagundi West
Salmo Court
Salmon Habitat Loop
Salmon Spindle Whorl
Salmonberry Meadow
Salmonberry Path
Salmonberry Trail
Salon 612
Salon de Nuvida
Salon Elegant
Salsa and Agave Mexican Grill
Salsbury Drive
Salt Spring Avenue
Salt Spring Coffee
Salt Spring Island (Long Harbour) ↔ Tsawwassen
Salt Street
Salter Street
Saltspring Court
Salty's Fish & Chips
Salty's Fish and Chips
Salvador Court
Salvation Army
Sam Kee Building
Sam Yuk Recreation and Cultural Centre
Samara Court
Sambal Coconut Malaysian Szechuan Cuisine
Samesun Backpacker Lodges
Sami's Corner Store
Sammy J Pepper's
Sammy J Peppers
Sammy J's
Sammy J's Grill & Bar
Sampan Coin & Commercial Laundry
Samson Suit Makers
Samsoonie Noodle & Rice
Samuel & Katherine Leshgold
Samuel Brighouse Elementary
Samuels Court
Samurai Sushi on Fraser
Samz Pub
San Antonio Place
San Daniele Lane
San Juan Place
San Lucas Court
San Marino Furniture
San Remo Drive
San Remo Pizza
Sanbo Chinese Restaurant
Sandbar Place
Sandborne Avenue
Sandell Street
Sanders Street
Sanderson Way
Sandhurst Place
Sandiford Drive
Sandiford Place
Sandlewood Crescent
Sandlewood Way
Sandman Hotel Vancouver Airport
Sandman Hotel Vancouver City Centre
Sandman Signature
Sandman Suites
Sandman Suites Surrey-Guildford
Sandman Suites Vancouver on Davie
Sandollar Place
Sandown Place
Sandpiper Court
Sandpiper Place
Sandra Way
Sandringham Avenue
Sandringham Crescent
Sands and Sons Automotive Repair
Sands by the Sea
Sands Secondary
Sandstone Court
Sandstone Crescent
Sandwich Tree
Sandy Cove
Sandy La Chinese Restaurant
Sandy Trail
Sanford Hall
Sango Japanese Restaurant
Sangster Place
Sanpoutei Ramen
Santa Barbra Market
Santa Monica Drive
Santa Monica Place
Santa Rosa
Santiago Street
Sapper Street
Sapperton Avenue
Sapperton District Taphouse
Sapperton Liquor Sore
Sapphire Bistro
Sapphire Place
Sapporo Kitchen
SAR Cabin Trail
Sarah Pacini
Saratoga Court
Saratoga Drive
Saravanaa Bhavan (South Indian)
Sardis Crescent
Sardis Street
Sargent Court
Sari Sari Store
Sarita Avenue
Sarita Park Utility Building 41
Sarita Place
Sarnia Street
Sarpanch Sweets & Restaurant
SAS Comfort Shoes
SAS Confort Shoes
Sasamat Lake Loop Trail
Sasamat Lane
Sasamat Outdoor Center
Sasamat Pizza
Sasamat Place
Sasamat Street
Sasamat Trail
Sasamat Volunteer Fire Department
Sashimi & Sushi Express
Sashimi Sushi
Saskatchewan Avenue
Saskatchewan Lane
Sassy Hair Fashion
Sassy Nails
Sato Place
Saturna Drive
Saturna Place
Sau San Tong Swimming & Beauty
Saunders Road
Sauve Court
Sauve Place
Savage Road
Savannah Trail
Savary Avenue
Savary Island Pie Company
Save and Stay Food Store
Save More Plumbing & Lighting
Save On Cartridge Plus
Save On Foods
Save On Foods Pharmacy
Save On Meats
Save on Premium Wine
Save-On Cleaners
Save-On Fabrics
Save-On-Foods Pharmacy
Saville Crescent
Saviour Lutheran Church
Savoury Chef Foods
Savoy Street
Sawasdee Thai Restaurant
Sawbuck's Neighbourhood Pub
Sawmill Crescent
Sawyer Place
Sawyers Lane
Sawyers Road
Scales Place
Scarboro Avenue
Scarborough Crescent
Scarborough Drive
Scardillo Cheese
Scenic Highway
Sceptre Crescent
Schaefer Avenue
Schaefer Gate
School Avenue
School Board Office
School Green
School of Population and Public Health
School Playing Fields
School Street
School Trail
Schoolhouse Street
Schooner Court
Schooner Gate
Schooner Street
Schou Education Centre
Schou Street
Science Road
Science World
Sciué Italian Bakery Caffé
Scotch Pine Avenue
Scotch Pond Trail/Hunter's Trail
Scotchbrook Road
Scotia Street
Scotiabank Field at Nat Bailey Stadium
Scotiabank Theatre Vancouver
Scotsdale Avenue
Scotsdale Place
Scott 72 Park Reserve
Scott Creek Middle School
Scott Creek Trail
Scott Greenway
Scott Hill Pizza
Scott Place
Scott Road
Scott Street
Scott Town Plaza
Scott's Landing Fish & Chips
Scottsdale Centre
Scottsdale Exchange
Scottsdale Greenway
Scout Shop
Scratchley Crescent
Screamin Demon Tattoos

sculpture of Rick Hansen

SE 1
SE 10 Broadcast Dept.
SE 12
SE 14
SE 16 Recreation Services
SE 19
SE 2
SE 30
SE 40
SE 41
SE 42
SE 50
SE 6
SE 8
SE 9
Se Sports
Sea Air
Sea Avenue
Sea Fortune Restaurant
Sea Harbour Seafood restaurant
Sea Horse Household Products
Sea Island Connector
Sea Island Elementary School
Sea Island Station Footpath
Sea Island Station Pedestrian Bridge
Sea Island Way
Sea Shell Lane
Sea to River Bikeway
Sea to Sky Trail
Seabay Road
Seaborne Avenue
Seaborne Place
Seabreeze Guest House
Seabreeze Walk
Seabright Road
Seabrook Crescent
Seabus Terminal
Seacastle Drive
Seacliff Road
Seacote Road
Seacrest Court
Seacrest Drive
Seacrest Road
Seafair Drive
Seafarer Marina Estates
Seafarers Plaque
Seafield Crescent
Seafood City
Seafood House
Seaforth Armoury
Seaforth Crescent
Seaforth Drive
Seaforth Elementary
Seaforth Way
Seagrave Road
Seagull Place
Seaham Crescent
Seahaven Drive
Seahaven Place
Seahurst Place
Seahurst Road
Sealily Place
Sealord Place
Sealord Road
Seameadow Court
Seamount Road
Seaport Avenue
Seaquam Secondary
Seashell Drive
Seashell Gate
Seashell Place
Seaside - English Bay
Seaside - False Creek North
Seaside - False Creek North - Seabreeze Walk
Seaside - False Creek South
Seaside - False Creek South - Island Park Walk
Seaside - Ironwork Passage
Seaside - Kitsilano Park
Seaside - Science World
Seaside - Seabreeze Walk
Seaside - Vanier Park
Seaside Bay
Seaside Hotel
Seaside Place
Seaside Village
Season Fashion
Season's Furniture
Seasons in the Park
Seaton Avenue
Seaton Court
Seaton Place
Seaton Road
Seavale Road
Seaview Community Elementary School
Seaview Drive
Seaview Place
Seaview Road
Seaview Trail Parking Lot
Seaview Walk / Trans Canada Trail
Seaview Walk/Trans Canada Trail
Seaward Court
Seaward Gate
Seaway Road
Sebastian 1
Sechelt Drive
Second Avenue
Second Beach
Second Beach Concession
Second Beach Parking Lot
Second Beach Pool
Second Beach Trail
Second Canyon Viewpoint Trail
Second Church of Christ Scientist
Second Cup
Second Look Autobody
Second Nature Home Boutique
Second Street
Second Street Community School
Second Suit
Secondary School Campus
Secret Court
Secret Garden
Secret Garden Tea Company
Secret Nail & Beauty Supply
Sedge Court
Sedgemond Place
See More Optical
See More Stumps Trail
See-em-ia Lane
Sefton Street
Seguin Drive
Seiza Japanese Cuisine
Selby Road
Select Fluid Power
Select food store
Self Service 100LL
Self Storage Depot
Selkirk Bay
Selkirk Crescent
Selkirk Drive
Selkirk Street
Sellers Avenue
Selma Avenue
Selman Street
Semana Crescent
Semiahmoo Avenue
Semiahmoo Greenway
Semiahmoo Library
Semiahmoo Place
Semiahmoo Road
Semiahmoo Secondary
Semiahmoo Secondary School
Semiahmoo Town Centre
Semiahmoo Trail
Semiahmoo Trail Elementary
Semiahmoo Wagon Road 1873
Semisch Avenue
Semlin Court
Semlin Drive
Senakw Road
Senator Reid Elementary School
Senator Road
Senhora Hair & Beauty Salon
Senkler Road
Senlac Street
Sennok Crescent
Sensible Auto Sales Ltd.
Sentinel Drive
Sentinel Hill
Sentinel Lane
Sentinel Road
Sentinel Secondary School
Sentinel Storage
Seorae Korean BBQ
Seoul Farm Market
Sequoia Drive
Sequoia Road
Sergio's Pizza
Serpentine Dog-Off-Leash Park
Serpentine Fields Entrance
Serpentine Hatchery Driveway
Serpentine Heights Elementary
Serpentine Hills Entrance
Serpentine Hollow Entrance
Serpentine Hollow Picnic Area
Serpentine Loop
Service Centre Driveway
Service Depot
Service Street
Service Yard
Service Yard Access
Seto Japanese Restaurant
Settlement Building
Settlers Court
Seven Sisters Trail
Seventeenth Street
Seventh Avenue
Seventh Secret
Seventh Street
Severed Dick
Severn Drive
Seville Place
Sew Well
Sewage Treatment
Sewell's launch ramp
Sex Boy
Sexsmith Road
Seylynn Crescent
Seylynn Recreation Center
Seymour Avenue
Seymour Boulevard
Seymour Court
Seymour Drive
Seymour Golf and Country Club
Seymour Heights
Seymour Hostel
Seymour Mainline
Seymour Mews
Seymour Mini Mart
Seymour River Greenway
Seymour River Place
Seymour Street
Seymour Valley Trail
Seymour View Road
Seymour's Pub
Sfinaki Greek Taverna
Shabana's Boutique
Shackelton Gate
Shackleton Drive
Shadbolt Center for the Arts
Shadbolt Lane
Shafton Place
Shaftsbury Avenue
Shaftsbury Place
Shakespeare Avenue
Shakespeare Place
Shale Court
Shaman Crescent
Shamrock Alley
Shamrock Court
Shamrock Hotel
Shamrock Lane
Shamrock Place
Shang Noodle House
Shanghai 'Elan Restaurant
Shanghai Alley
Shanghai Alley Bell
Shanghai Dimsum
Shanghai Lu Restaurant
Shanghai River
Shanghai Village
Shanghai Wonderful Restaurant
Shannon Court
Shannon Crescent
Shannon Place
Shannon Road
Shannon Way
Shapla Grocery & Halal Meats
Share Tea
Sharkey's seafood bar and grille
Sharon Drive
Sharon Place
Sharons Credit Union
Sharpe Avenue
Sharpe Street
Sharpewood Place
Shasta Court
Shato Inn
Shaughnessy Cafe
Shaughnessy Elementary School
Shaughnessy Golf Course
Shaughnessy Place
Shaughnessy Restaurant
Shaughnessy Street
Shaughnessy Street Bike Skills Park
Shaughnessy Village
Shavington Street
Shaw Avenue
Shaw Channel 4 Studio
Shaw Street
Shaw Tower
Shawna Way
Shawnee Place
Shawnigan Place
Shay Street
Shear Madness
Sheaves Court
Sheaves Place
Sheaves Road
Sheaves Road Environmental Reserve
Shebeen Whiskey House
Shed Bike Trail
Shed Line
Sheena's Fashions
Sheep Paddocks Trail
Sheffield Avenue
Sheffield Express
Sheffield Place
Shefield Express
Shelby Court
Shell Road
Shell Road Trail
Shell Select
Shellbridge Gate
Shellbridge Way
Shelley Place
Shelley Road
Shellmont Street
Shelter Crescent
Shelter Island Marina and Boatyard Inc
Shepherd Drive
Shepherd Street
Shepherd Way
Sheraton Airport Hotel Vancouver
Sheraton Guildford Hotel
Sheraton Vancouver Wall Centre Hotel
Sherban Court
Sherbrooke Center
Sherbrooke Mennonite Church
Sherbrooke Street
Sheridan Avenue
Sheridan Road
Sheriff Street
Sherling Avenue
Sherling Place
Sherlock Avenue
Sherman Street
Sherritt Court
Sherry Sakamoto
Sherwin Williams Paints
Sherwood Avenue
Sherwood Boulevard
Sherwood Lane
Sherwood Lett House
Sherwood Place
Shetland Place
Shi Zen ha
Shi-Art Chinese Cuisine
Shiang Garden Seafood Restaurant
Shiau Court
Shields Avenue
Shields Log Dam
Shiles Street
Shilo Living
Shiloh Court
Shiloh Place
Shin Ju
Shinglebolt Crescent
Shinglebolt Trail
Shiny Tea
Shiok Singaporean Cuisine
Shipbuilding at the Burrard Dry Dock Company
Shipping and Receiving, Stores
Shirley Avenue
Shiro Japanese Restaurant
Shizen Ya
Shock Therapy
Shoe Repair
Shoe Warehouse
Shoes on Fourth
Shone Road
Shoom Restaurant
Shop Task Skates
Shopper's Drug Mart
Shoppers Drug Mart
Shoppers Simply Pharmacy
ShopRite Smoke Shop
Shore Pine Trail
Shore View Place
Shoreline Bicycle Path
Shoreline Circle
Shoreline Trail
Shorepine Walk
Shorn Scrotum
Short Cut
Short cut from Caledonia Ave to Quarry Rock hike
Short Street
Showcase Restaurant & Bar
Showers Umbrella
Shrum Lane
Shrum Science Centre - B
Shrum Science Centre - C
Shrum Science Centre - K
Shrum Science Centre - P
Shu Shu Hair Salon
Shun Fa Noodle House
Shun Feng Seafood Restaurant
Shun Xin Restaurant
Shuswap Avenue
Shuswap House
Si-Lu Drive
Sicamous Avenue
Sicamous Place
Sidaway Road
Side Saddle
Sidewinder South
Sidley Street
Sidney manor
Sidney Street
Siegel's Bagels
Sienna Court
Sienum Place
Sierpina Drive
Sierpina Place
Sierra Drive
Siesta Bay
Sigam Luxury Motor Car
Sigma Chi
Signal Court
Signature Aviation
Signature BC Liquor Store
Signature BC Liquore Store
Signature Mazda
Sila Spa
Silica Place
Silky Touch
Sills Avenue
Silver Avenue
Silver Crescent Tea Co.
Silver Dragon Restaurant
Silver Drive
Silver Lake Place
Silver Orchid
Silver Springs Boulevard
Silver Tower Cafe Restaurant
Silverado Place
Silverberry Court
SilverCity Riverport Cinemas
Silverdale Place
Silverman Mortgage Group
Silversmith Place
Silverthorne Place
Silverthrone Drive
Silverwood Crescent
Simmer Huang
Simmons Matress Gallery
Simon C
Simon Fraser
Simon Fraser Court
Simon Fraser Elementary
Simon Fraser Hills Complex Pool
Simon Fraser Market
Simon Fraser University
Simon Fraser University - Vancouver Campus
Simon Fraser University Surrey Campus
Simon K.Y. Lee Hku-Ubc House
Simon Pierre Road
Simon's Bike Shop
Simply Computing

simply health

Simply Thai
Simpson Avenue
Simpson Road
Simpson Street
Sina Travel
Sinclair Avenue
Sinclair Centre
Sinclair Court
Sinclair Crescent
Sinclair Place
Sinclair Street
Sinclair Way
Sinfully The Best
Sing Chong Food Center
Sing Kee Restaurant
Sing Tao Building
Sing Tao Daily
Sing Yee Chinese Restaurant
Single Lane Traffic
Sinulhka: Story of the double-headed serpent
Sir Alexander Mackenzie Elementary School
Sir Charles Dickens Elementary Annex
Sir Charles Kingsford Smith Elementary School
Sir Guy Carleton Elementary School
Sir James Douglas Annex
Sir James Douglas Elementary School
Sir John Franklin Elementary School
Sir Matthew Begbie Elementary
Sir Richard McBride Elementary School
Sir Sandford Fleming Elementary School
Sir Wilfred Grenfell Elementary School
Sir Wilfrid Laurier Elementary School
Sir William Van Horne Elementary School
Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School
Sirmac Avenue
Sitka Avenue
Sitka Square
Siwash Rock Lookout
Siwash Rock Trail
Siwash Rock Viewpoint
Six Acres
Sixteenth Street
Sixth & Sixth
Sixth Avenue
Sixth Street
S.J. Foods
Sk Mobile
Skagit Drive
Skaha Crescent
Skana Drive
Skateboard Park
Skawshen Road
Skechers Outlet
Skechly's One Hour Cleaners
Skeena Bay
Skeena Road
Skeena Street
Ski Out
Ski Rentals
Ski School Flats
Skid Road
Skid Road Ascent Trail
Skid Road Connector
Skilift Place
Skilift Road
Skin Care Center
Skipper Place


Sky Cartridge
Sky Dragon
Skye Place
Skyhawk Restaurant
Skylight Optical
Skylight Restaurant


Skyline Apartments
Skyline Drive
Skyline Trail
Skyline Utility Building 42
Skyridge Court
Skytrain Access
SkyTrain IB/OB Reversal Point
Skyview Outdoors
Skyway Sandwiches & Salad
Skyway Sandwiches and Salads
Sleep Country
Sleep Country Canada
Sleep Mart
Sleep Shop
Sleil-Waututh Road
Slickity Jim's


Slippery Canoe
Slippery Salamander
Slocan Family Restaurant
Slocan Park Playground
Slocan Street
Slope Mews
Slough View Trail
Small Talk Centre for Language Development
Small Victory
Smallwood Avenue
Smallwood Place
Smart 'n Save
Smart Frames & Accents Frameshop
Smart Stop
Smart Wireless
Smile Diner
Smiling Stars Daycare
Smith Avenue
Smith Crescent
Smith Davidson & Wright
Smith Drive
Smith Street
Smithe Mews
Smithe Salad
Smithe Street
SMK Smokery + Bar
Smoke & Food Market
Smoke Shop
Smoke's Poutinerie
Smokehouse Sandwich Co
Smokehouse Sandwich Co.
Smokes Trail
Smoking Lily
Smoky Smith Place
Smuggler's Inn
Snack Land!
Snack shack
Snake Hill
Snake Trail
Snap Fitness
Snow Angel Cafe
Snow Tubing Park
Snowberry Court
Snowdon Avenue
Snowdon Place
Snowdrop Court
Snowggle Gifts
Snowy Village
So Crab So Good Seafood Restaurant & Bar
So Hyang Korean Cuisine
Soares Auto Repair Ltd.
Soball Street
Soccer Express
Social Crust
Social Crust Cafe & Catering
Sockeye City Grill
Sofa So Good
Sofra Mediterranean Kitchen
Soft Moc
Soft Moc Shoe Rack
Soft Peaks Ice Cream
Soho Tea Room
Soho Townhomes
Soil Restaurant
Soladog Lane
Solar Bike Tree
Solar Court
Solaris Coffee
Sole Food
Sole foods
Solly's - Jewish Bakery
Solly's Bagelry
Solo Market
Solway Drive
Somerset Building B
Somerset Building C
Somerset Building D
Somerset Building E
Somerset Building F
Somerset Building G
Somerset Building H
Somerset Building I
Somerset Crescent
Somerset Drive
Somerset Lane
Somerset Place
Somerset Street
Somerville House
Somerville Street
Something Healthy
Sondheim Street
Song Hair Salon
Song Huong
Song Huong Vietnamese Restaurant
Songbird Meadow
Songbird Mews
Sonia's Flowers
Sonic Systems
Sonora Drive
Sonora Place
Sonrise Church
Sonse Home Design
Soo's Grocery
Sooda Korean BBQ
Sophia Meadows
Sophia Street
Sophie's Nails & Waxing
Sophies Cosmic Cafe
Sopra Sotto
Sopron House
Sopron Lane
Sora Hair Design
Sorenson Crescent
Sorenson Gate
Sorrel Drive
Sorrel Place
Sorrel Street
Sorrento Barber and Hair Stylists
Sorrento Drive
Sorrento Place
SOS Children's Village Thrift Store
Sotao Avenue
Sounds We No Longer Hear
South Arm Community Hall
South Arm Outdoor Pool
South Arm United Church
South Cambie
South Campus Road
South Castle Korean Restaurant
South China Sea's Trading Company
South Coast Casuals
South Community Health Centre
South Creek Trail
South Delta Artists Guild Art Gallery
South Delta Baptist Church
South Delta Carpets
South Delta Recreation Centre
South Delta Secondary School
South Dyke Road
South Dyke Trail
South Fraser Witness Trail
South Grandview Highway
South Guard House
South Hill
South Hill Education Centre
South (Lower) Marsh
South Mall
South Meridian Elementary
South Oxley Street
South Park Elementary
South Perimeter Road
South Pointe
South Science Building
South Shore
South Shore Crescent
South Shore Trail
South ShoreTrail
South Slope
South Slope Elementary
South slope Trail
South Surrey
South Surrey Indoor Pool
South Surrey Park and Ride
South Terminal Viewing Platform
South Tower
South Vancouver Pacific Grace MB Church
South View
South Watkins Lane
Southborough Drive
Southcrest Drive
Southdale Road
Southeast Bikeway
Southeast Marine Drive
Southern Street
Southgate Place
Southgate Road
Southglen Place
Southland Farm Market
Southland Pharmacy
Southlands Drive
Southlands Elementary
Southlands Place
Southlands Rectifier Station
Southlands Riding Club
Southlawn Drive
Southmere Close
Southmere Court
Southmere Crescent
Southmere Crescent East
Southmere Place
Southoaks Crescent
Southpark Close
Southpark Court
Southpark Crescent
Southpark Grove
Southpark Place
Southpoint Drive
Southport Road
Southport Sanitary Pump Station
Southridge Avenue
Southridge Court
Southridge Drive
Southridge Hardware
Southridge Place
Southridge Road
Southridge Urban Trail
Southside Drive
Southview Drive
Southview Place
Southview Street
Southwest Marine Drive
Southwood Place
Southwood Street
Southwynde Avenue
Sowden Park
Sowden Street
Spa on 4th
Spa-Ath Road
Spacca Napoli
Space Venus
Spacious' as a Concept
Spagnol Street
Spahat Rigg
Spahats Rigg
Span Road
Spani Pool
Spanish Banks Beach
Spanish Banks East Concession
Spanish Banks West Concession
Spanish Trail
Spanton Drive
Spanton Place
Spar Drive
Spar Tree Road
Spar Tree Trail
Sparbrook Crescent
Sparkle & Junebug
Sparks Court
Sparks Way
Sparrow Court
Sparrow Lane
Sparrow Place
Spartacus Books
Sparwood Place
Specialty Chicken & Wonton House
Specialty Yachts
Spectus Eyewear
Speed Clean
Speed Theory
Speedy Bake & Muffer
Speedy Coin laundry
Speedy Glass
Spence Avenue
Spence Diamonds
Spence Way
Spencer Close
Spencer Court
Spencer Drive
Spencer Interiors
Spencer Place
Spencer Street
Spender Court
Spender Drive
Spenser Court
Spenser Drive
Spenser Place
Sperling Avenue
Sperling Bus Loop
Spetifore Crescent
Spice 72 Indian Bistro and Lounge
Spicer Road
Spicy 6
Spicy Bowl
Spicy House
Spike's Barber Shop
Spinnaker Place
Spirea Loop Trail
Spires Gate
Spires Road
Spirit Gallery
Spirit House
Spirit Of Howe
Spirit of Life Lutheran Church
Spirit Park Apartments
Spirit Trail
Spirit Trail (suspension bridge)
Spirit Trails
Spirits In A Landscape
Spitfire Place
Spitz Grill
Splash Hair
Splash Toy Shop
Splashes Andrew Sheret
Spokes Cycle Rental
Sponge Bob
Spoon Kitchen
Sport Chek
Sports Junkies
Sportstown Soccer Shop
Spray Avenue
Sprice Avenue
Sprice Street
Spring Avenue
Spring Express
Spring Street
Springboard Trail
Springdale Court
Springdale Drive
Springer Avenue
Springfield Court
Springfield Drive
Springford Avenue
Springhill Crescent
Springhill Place
Springmont Drive
Springmont Gate
Springs Boulevard
Springside Court
Springside Place
Springthorne Crescent
Springtree Drive
Springwood Court
Springwood Crescent
Sprite Computers
Sprott Street
Sproule Avenue
Spruce Avenue
Spruce Court
Spruce Harbour Marina
Spruce House
Spruce Loop
Spruce Road
Spruce Street
Sprucefeild Road
Spul'u'kwuks Elementary
Spur 4
Spur 4 Bridge
Spur Road
Spuraway Avenue
Spy Store
Spyglass Court
Spyglass Crescent
Spyglass Place
Squirrel Trail
Squish Candy
Squish Juicery
Sri Ganesh Temple Society of BC
SRY Rail Link
S.S. Beaver
St. Alban's Anglican Church
St Albert Avenue
St Andrew Kim Parish
St. Andrew's Elementary School
St. Andrew's Hall
St. Andrew's Parrish
St Andrew's United Church
St. Andrew's Walk
St. Andrews Avenue
St. Andrews Place
St Andrews Street
St Anne Street
St Anne's Anglican Church
St Annes Drive
St. Anselm's
St. Anthony's School
St Augustine's
St. Augustine's
St Brides Court
St Brides Place
St Catherine Street
St Clair Hotel-Hostel
St. Clare of Assisi Church
St. David’s United Church
St Edmunds Parish
St. Edward's Anglican Church
St. Faith's Anglican Church
St. Francis De Sales Church
St. Francis Of Assisi Church
St. George Coptic Orthodox Church
St George Street
St. George Street
St George Street
St Georges Avenue
St Georges Crescent
St Georges Place
St. Georges Trail
St. George’s Greek Orthodox Church
St. Gregory Church
St. Helen's Anglican Church
St Helen's Church
St Helen's School
St Helens
St Helens Anglican Church
St. Herman of Alaska Orthodox Church
St James Street
St. James Well Pub
St. James'
St. James’ Cottage Hospice
St. John Hospice
St John The Apostle Anglican Church
St. John's College
St. John's Presbyterian Church
St John's School
St. John's Vancouver Anglican church
St Johns Court
St Johns Place
St Joseph the Damascene
St. Joseph the Worker Catholic Church
St. Joseph's Parish
St. Joseph’s School
St Jude Parish
St Jude School
St Kilda Avenue
St Laurence
St Laurence Street
St Lawrence Restaurant
St Luke Lutheran Church
St. Mark's Evangelical Lutheran Church
St Mark's Parish
St. Marry the Virgin
St. Mary Trail
St. Mary's Anglican
St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church
St. Mary's Trail
St. Mary's Ukrainian Catholic Church
St. Marys Avenue
St. Matthias and St. Luke Anglican Church
St. Michael Parish
St Michael Street
St. Michael's Anglican Church
St. Monica's Anglican Church
St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church
St. Patrick's Parish
St Paul Parish
St. Paul's Church
St. Paul's Hospital
St Peter and Paul Parish
St. Regis Bar & Grill
St. Regis Hotel
St. Regis Lane
St Stephen the Martyr Anglican Church
St Stephen's
St. Thomas Anglican Church
St Thomas More Collegiate
St Thomas Place
St Thomas Street
St Vincents Court
St Vincents Place
Stack House
Stadium Market
Stadium Road
Stafford Avenue
Staghorn Place
Stahaken Court
Stahaken Place
Stainsbury Avenue
Stairs to building
Stamford Place
Stamford Street
Stampede Tack & Western Wear
Stamps Landing
Stamps Landing - Spyglass
Stan's Pizza Joint
Stan's Transmission Centre
Standish Drive
Stanford Place
Stanley Avenue
Stanley Crescent
Stanley Industrial Alliance Stage
Stanley Nail's Spa
Stanley Park Brewing
Stanley Park Brewing Restaurant and Brewpub
Stanley Park Bus Loop
Stanley Park Causeway
Stanley Park Drive
Stanley Park Information Booth
Stanley Park Lawn Bowling Club
Stanley Park Pitch & Putt
Stanley Park Pitch and Putt
Stanley Park Seawall
Stanley Park Taphouse
Stanley Park XC Mountain Bike Trail
Stanley Place
Stanley Street
Stanley's Bar and Grill
Stanley's Sports Bar and Grill
Stanton Avenue
Stanwood Avenue
Staples Crescent
Star Crescent
Star Lake Chinese Restaurant
Star of the Sea
Star of the Sea Church
Starboard Square
Starboat Cove Trail
Starbucks - Ocean Park
Starbucks - Whiterock
Stardale Avenue
Stardust Flowers
Starflower Place
Stark Street
Starlight Way
Starlite Autobody
Starpoint II
Startech Marine Services
Starz Line 1
Starz Line 2
Starz Line 3
State Bank of India
Station Hill Crescent
Station Hill Drive
Station Park
Station Park II
Station Place
Station Road
Station Square
Station Street
Staulo Crescent
Stautlo Avenue
Stay yummy
Stayte Road - 160 Street
St.Bernadette School
Steam Shed
Steamworks Brewery
Steamworks Tap Room & Cold Beer Sales
Stearman Avenue
Stearn Trail
Steed Cycles
Steel & Oak Tasting Room
Steele Court
Steep / Loose Dirt
Steeple Court
Steeple Drive
Stefanko Place
Stegavik Court
Stella Nails
Stella Place
Stellar Court
Stellar Place
Stellar's Jay Trail
Stellars Jay
STEMCELL Technologies
Stephen's PhotoLab
Stephens Court
Stephens Street
Stepho's Greek Restaurant
Steps to Skate Park
Sterling Autobody
Sterling Court
Sterling Loop Trail
Steve Madden
Steve Nash Fitness World
Steve's Poké Bar
Stevens Drive
Stevens Lane
Stevens Place
Stevens Street
Stevenson House
Stevenson Street
Steveston Bakery
Steveston Barbers
Steveston Built Local Taphouse
Steveston Community Church
Steveston Community Police Station
Steveston Fire Hall
Steveston Fruit and Veggie Farm Market
Steveston Highway
Steveston Hotel
Steveston London Secondary School
Steveston Marine & Hardware
Steveston Museum
Steveston Pharmacy
Steveston Pizza Co.
Steveston Railway Museum
Steveston Seabreeze Adventures
Steveston Seafood House
Steveston South
Steveston Village Maternity
Steveston WineMakers
Steveston's Coffee Co.
Stewardson Way
Stewart Avenue
Stewart Farmhouse
Stewart Place
Stewart Road
Stewart Street
Sticks and Stones
Sticky's Candy
Stikine Place
Still Creek Avenue
Still Creek Drive
Still Creek Housing Cooperative
Still Life
Stilmond Road
Stir Coffee House
Stirling Avenue
Stirling House
Stirling Street
Stocker Court
Stokes Trail
Stolberg Street
Stone Court
Stone Crescent
Stone Crop Avenue
Stone Tile
Stonecrop Court
Stoneridge Lane
Stoney Creek Community School
Stoney Creek Court
Stoney Creek Environment Committee
Stoney Creek Place
Stoney Creek Trail
Stoney Crescent
Stong's Market
Stong's Replenish Cafe
Stores Road
Stores Road Annex
Storeys Cafe
Storm Brewing
Storm City Coffee
Storm Crow Alehouse
Storm Crow Tavern
Storm Growler Fills
Stormont Avenue
Stormtech Factory Outlet
Stovehaven Avenue
Stovold Lane
Straight Outta Brooklyn NYC Pizza
Straight Outta Brooklyn NYC Pizzeria
Strait Lookout
Straley Trail
Strand Avenue
Strand Hall
Strange Fellows Brewing
Strange Fellows Tasting Room
Strata Place
Strata Road
Strategies Games & Hobbies
Stratford Avenue
Stratford Street
Strathaven Drive
Strathaven Lane
Strathcona Beer Company
Strathcona Place
Strathcona Road
Strathcona Way
Strathearn Avenue
Strathmore Avenue
Strathmore Mews
Strauss Drive
Strawberry Hill
Strawberry Hill Library
Strawline Hill Street
Strawson Street
Streamland Bakery
Streamstone Walk
Street Hockey Area
Streetcar Tasting Room
Stride Avenue
Stride Avenue Community School
Strong Road
Strong Road Connector
Stuart Crescent
Stuart Place
Stuarts Quality Baked Goods
Student Recreation Centre
Student Union Boulevard
Studio 13 Fine Art
Studio 16
Studio 58
Studio View
Stuffies Pastries Cafe
Style Botique
Style Lab
Style S
Su Hang Restaurant
Sub station
Success Supermarket
Sue's Grocery
Sue's Hair Salon
Suffolk Avenue
Suffolk Road
Sugar Lab
Sugar Loop by Westcoast Darts Cafe
Sugar Mountain Trail
Sugar Mountain Way
Sugar Pool
Sugarpine Court
Suicide Bend Park
Suicide Bluffs Route
Suicide Branch
Suika Japanese Restaurant
Sullivan Elementary School
Sullivan Gate
Sullivan Heights
Sullivan Heights Secondary School
Sullivan Place
Sullivan Point Lifeguard Station
Sullivan Street
Sully's Hangout
Sulmida Dessert Cafe
Sultan Place
Sultan's Delicious Donair
Sumac Cafe
Sumac Place
Sumas Drive
Sumas Street
Summer Place
Summer Way
Summerhill Court
Summerhill Crescent
Summerhill Grove
Summerhill Place
Summerside Lane
Summerwood Lane
Summit Avenue
Summit Crescent
Summit Drive
Summit Middle School
Summit Place
Summit Print
Summit Silk Bedding
Summit Tools
Sumner Avenue
Sumpter Drive
Sun at 72
Sun Bo Kong Vegetarian Restaurant
Sun Farm
Sun Fresh Bakery
Sun K. S. Floral
Sun Mart
Sun Seekers Tanning Salon
Sun Sui Wah Seafood Restaurant
Sun Sushi
Sun Tower
Sun Valley
Sun Wah Centre
Sunberry Court
Sunbury Hall
Sunbury Place
Sunbury Ravine Environmental Reserve
Suncor Energy Service Road
Suncrest Drive
Suncrest Elementary School
Sundale Avenue
Sundale Close
Sundale Court
Sundale Grove
Sundale Place
Sundance Drive
Sundance Inn
Sundance Pub
Sunday Afternoon
Sundew Drive
Sundew Place
Sunflower Avenue
Sunflower Bubble Tea
Sunflower Florist
Sunglass Hut
Sungod Recreation Centre
Sunland Place
Sunlight Farms
Sunmax Motors
Sunningdale Estates
Sunningdale Road
Sunny Dragon
Sunny Spot
Sunny Trail
Sunnybank Avenue
Sunnybridge Drive
Sunnycrest Drive
Sunnycroft Road
Sunnydene Road
Sunnyholme Crescent
Sunnyhurst Road
Sunnymade Crescent
Sunnymede Gate
Sunnyside Community Hall
Sunnyside Drive
Sunnyside Elementary School
Sunnyside Greenway
Sunnyside Outdoor Pool
Sunnyside Place
Sunnyside Road
Sunnyside Swimming Pool
Sunnyside Village Mall PO
Sunnywood Drive
Sunquest Mobility
Sunridge Court
Sunridge Place
Sunrise Avenue
Sunrise Bay
Sunrise Crescent East
Sunrise Crescent West
Sunrise Lane
Sunrise Market
Sunrise Pizza
Sunrise Place
Sunrise Records
Sunrise Ridge Elementary School
Sunrise Trail
SunScape Tanning
Sunset Avenue
Sunset Bay
Sunset Beach
Sunset Beach access road
Sunset Beach Consession Stand
Sunset Boulevard
Sunset Drive
Sunset Grove
Sunset Ice Rink
Sunset Inn
Sunset Lane
Sunset Marina
Sunset Nursery
Sunset Ridge
Sunset Street
Sunset Tanning Salon
Sunset Trail
Sunshine Alley
Sunshine Cabs Ltd
Sunshine Classic Diner
Sunshine Drive
Sunshine Falls Lane
Sunshine Farms
Sunshine Hills
Sunshine Hills Elementary
Sunshine Market
Sunshine Place
Sunshine Produce
Sunshine Ridge Baptist Church
Sunshine Woods Golf Club
Sunslope Crescent
Sunstone clubhouse playground
Sunview Place
Sunwood Drive
Sunwood Place
Super 8 Store
Super 99 Centre
Super Bargain Smoke Dollar & Gifts
Super Champion Cycle Shop
Super Euro Auto
Super Fun Mart
Super Great Pizza
Super Grocer
Super Meat & Deli
Super Pho
Super Save
Super Save Gas
Super Star Music Centre
Super Stars Cafe
Super Store Gas Station
Supercell Phone
Superior Fish Market Limited
Supernatural Eye
Supernatural Grouse
Supernatural World: The Sea, The Land and The Sky
Supernova Salon
Sura Korean
Sure Copies Printing
Surf Crescent
Surlang Pharmacy
Surrey Alliance Church
Surrey Archives
Surrey Art Gallery
Surrey Arts Centre
Surrey Arts Centre - Main Stage
Surrey Cenotaph
Surrey Central Inn
Surrey Central Loop
Surrey Centre
Surrey Centre Auto Repairs
Surrey Centre Elementary
Surrey Christian Secondary School
Surrey City Hall
Surrey Columbian Centennial Totem Pole
Surrey Eye Care Centre
Surrey Fire Hall #8
Surrey Fire Service Hall 15
Surrey Fire Service Hall 4
Surrey Former CIty Hall
Surrey Grace Mandarin Church
Surrey Hospital Auxiliary Thrift Shop
Surrey Jami'a Mosque
Surrey Lake Greenway
Surrey Nature Centre Connector Trail
Surrey RCMP (City Centre)
Surrey RCMP (Cloverdale)
Surrey RCMP (Fleetwood)
Surrey RCMP Headquarters
Surrey RCMP (Newton, #3)
Surrey RCMP (South Surrey)
Surrey Road
Surrey School District
Surrey Sport & Leisure Centre
Surrey Street
Surrey Traditional School
Surrey Transfer Station
Surrey Vapes
Surrey Vietnam Alliance Church
Surrey Visitor Centre
Survivor's Totem Pole
Susan's Alterations
Sushi & Roll
Sushi 7 Japanese Bar & Grill
Sushi 990
Sushi Aji
Sushi Bar
Sushi Bar Kilala
Sushi Bar Maumi
Sushi Bar Shu
Sushi Bar Shyun
Sushi Bella
Sushi Boss
Sushi Bros
Sushi by Yuji
Sushi Cafe
Sushi California
Sushi Castle
Sushi Coen
Sushi Den
Sushi Gallery
Sushi Garden
Sushi Giwa
Sushi Hachi
Sushi Heaven
Sushi Hiyori
Sushi Home
Sushi House
Sushi Howe
Sushi Hub
Sushi Inn
Sushi Itoga
Sushi joint
Sushi King
Sushi King George
Sushi King House
Sushi Koharu
Sushi Line
Sushi Loku
Sushi Main
Sushi Maki
Sushi Man
Sushi Mania
Sushi Maro
Sushi Moon
Sushi Mori
Sushi Mugen
Sushi Mura
Sushi Nanaimo
Sushi Oyama
Sushi S
Sushi Spin Roll
Sushi Star
Sushi Taku
Sushi Tang
Sushi Tengoku
Sushi TonTon
Sushi Town
Sushi Train
Sushi UMI
Sushi UOmo
Sushi Van
Sushi Village
Sushi Ville
Sushi Wow
Sushi Yama
Sushi Yamato
Sushi Yan
Sushi Yen
Sushi Zen
Suspension Bridge
Sussex Avenue
Sussex Crescent
Sussex Insurance
Sussex Place
Suter Brook Way
Sutherland Avenue
Sutherland Senior High
Sutherland Street
Sutliff Street
Sutton Avenue
Sutton Manor
Sutton Place
Sutton Place entrance
Sutton Place Wine Merchant
Suzette's Cafe
Suzhou Alley
Suzuki Street
Suzy Shier
SW 1
SW 10
SW 12
SW 16
SW 2
SW 3
SW 5
SW 9
SW Marine Drive
S.W. Marine Trail
Swad Indian Kitchen
Swallow Drive
Swallow Place
Swan Crescent
Swan E Set
Swan Falls
Swan Falls Trail
Swan Laundry
Swan Place
Swan Road
Swansea Drive
Swanson Drive
Swanson Place
Swartz Bay ↔ Tsawwassen
Sweden Way
Sweet Art Bakery
Sweet Avenue
Sweet Cherubim
Sweet Factory
Sweet Nail
Sweet Obsession
Sweet Revenge
Sweet Thea Bakery
Sweetery Cafe+Dessert
Sweets & Beans
Swenson Way
Swift Avenue
Swift Lane
Swimming Pool & Gym
Swinburne Avenue
Swing Space Building
Swinton Crescent
Swire Place
Swirl Wine Store
Swiss Bakery
Swiss Chalet
Swissport Admin
Switchmen Street
Sword Fern Trail
Swordfern Place
Sycamore Drive
Sycamore Road
Sydney Avenue
Sydney Street
Sykes Road
Sylvan Avenue
Sylvan Drive
Sylvan Place
Sylvia Hotel
Sylvia Place
Sylvia's Bar
Symmes Bay
Symonds Road
Szechuan Chili Restaurant
Szechuan Cuisine
Szechuan House Restaurant
Szechuan Zeng's Restaurant

T booth
T&N Games
T&Q Laundromat
T&T Supermarket
T&T Supermarket Guildford Store
T's Home
T'sala Salon Spa
T-Go Tea
T33 Aircraft Crash Site Memorial
Ta-Ke Don
Taan Char
Tabor Place
TAC Auto Sales
Taco Bell
Taco Del Mar
Taco Time
Tacofino Commissary
Tacofino Ocho
Tacos & Cantina
Tad's Sporting Goods
Tae Yang Gak
TAG Auto Body
TAG Gymnastics
Tahsis Avenue
Tai Kong United Church
Tai Tung
Tait Court
Taiwan Presbyterian Church In Canada
Taiwan Taipei Original Pot
Tak's Farm Produce & Meat
Taka's Sushi
Takaya Drive
Takaya Golf Centre
Takaya Place
Take 5
Take Five
Take Five Cafe
Take Five Café
Take Sushi
Takeda Drive
Takeda Ya Ramen
Takeya Sushi
Taki's Taverna
Takla Place
Takumi Japanese Restaurant
Tala Florist
Talay Thai Restaurant
Talbot Court
Talent Nail & Hair Spa
Talisman Avenue
Talisman Tire
Tall Tree Lane
Tallin Avenue
Tallon Place
Talmey Elementary
Talon Square
Tama Organic Life
Tama Supermarket
Tamanawis Secondary
Tamarack Place
Tamarack Road
Tamarind Drive
Tamath Crescent
Tamboline Road
Tamoda Apparel
Tan Jay
Tanager Court
Tanager Place
Tanaka Court
Tandem Bike Cafe
Tandoori Flame
Tandoori Fusion
Tandoori Kona
Tandoori Palace
Tangent Cafe
Tanglewood Books
Tanglewood Lane
Tangram Creamery
Tank Road
Tanner Street
Tannery Greenway
Tannery Road
Tantalus Court
Tantalus Lane
Tantalus Road
Tap & Barrel
Tap Shack
TAP shack Eatery
Tapestry Music
Tapestry Retirement Community
Taqueria Playa Tropical
Taralawn Court
Target Street
Tartine Bread and Pies
Taseko Crescent
Tasmania Crescent
Taste of Pho
Taste Of Punjab
Taste of Thai
Taste of Ukraine Catering
Tasters Bakery Coffee Bar
Tasty Harmony
Tasty Indian Bistro
Tasty Sandwiches & Desserts
Tate Downtown
Tatla Place
Tatlow Avenue
Tatlow Trail
Tatlow Walk
Tatsu Japanese Bistro
Taunton Street
Taverna Gorgona
Taxaca Jewellery
Taylor Creek Place
Taylor Drive
Taylor Lane
Taylor Park Elementary
Taylor Place
Taylor Street
Taylor Way
Taylor's Lookout
Taylorwood Place
Taza Falafel Zone
TCS Antiques
TD Bank
TD Canada Trust
TD Canada Trust (temporary location until July 2019)
T.E. Scott Elementary
Tea & Paper Nook
Tea Plus
Tea Time
Teakwood Place
Teal Avenue
Tec De Monterrey
Tech On The Go
Technology Enterprise Facility
Teck Street
Tecumseh Avenue
Tecumseh Elementary School
Tecumseh School Annex
Ted Baker
Ted Northe Lane
Teemway Seafood Co
Tekam Automotive
Telecommunications Workers Union
Telegraph Trail
Telford Avenue
Telus Garden Residences
Telus Theater
Temaki Sushi
Temo - Clover Hill Market
Tempe Crescent
Tempe Glen Drive
Tempe Knoll Drive
Temper Chocolate and Pastry
Templeton Building
Templeton Drive
Templeton pool
Templeton Station Road
Templeton Street
Temporary Firehall No. 5
Ten Ren Tea
Ten Ten Tapas
Ten Thousand Villages
Tenby Street
Tenderland Meats
Teng's Market
Tennis Court
Tennis Courts
Tennis courts
Tennis Courts
Tennis Crescent
Tennyson Crescent
Tennyson Gardens
Tenth Avenue
Tenth Church
Tenth Street
Tercel Court
Teriyaki Experience
Terminal Avenue
Terra Breads
Terra Breads bakery and cafe
Terra Court
Terra Jewellers
Terra Nova Adventure Play Environment
Terra Nova Gardens
Terra Nova Housing Co-Operative
Terra Vita Place
Terrace Avenue
Terrace Drive
Terrace Street
TerraCotta Boyz
Terravista Place
Terry Fox Field
Terry Fox Library
Terry Fox Memorial
Terry Fox Senior Secondary School
Terry Parr Plaza
Terry Road
Terry’s No Frills
Tesla Service
Tetsu Sushi Bar
Teviot Place
Texaco Drive
Texada Street
Texx Big Burger
Thacker Avenue
Thai Away Home
Thai Basil
Thai Box2Go
Thai by Thai
Thai Cafe
Thai Express
Thai Hang
Thai House Restaurant
Thai New West
Thai Son
Thai Son Restaurant
Thai Town
Thai Vancouver Wellness Spa
Thai's Saigon Bistro
Thames Close
Thames Court
Thames Crescent
Thames Place
That Place 4 Pasta & Pizza
Thaï Express
The 501
The 7 Seas
The Acorn
The Admiralty
The Alley
The American Cheese Steak Co.
The American Kitchen
The Anglican Parish of the Church of the Epiphany
The Arbor
The Archetype
The Argyll
The Arlington
The Attic
The August Market
The Bagel Stop
The Bakery Brewing Company
The Balfour Inn
The Banff
The Barbershop
The Barn
The Battle of Ballantyne Pier
The Bay
The Belmanor
The Belmont
The Belmont Barber Shop
The Belmont Tower
The Bennett
The Bennett Craft & Kitchen
The Beresford
The Berkshire
The Big Stupid
The Bike Zone
The Bimini
The Birds
The Birds & The Beets
The Black Bear Neighbourhood Pub
The Black Frog
The Black Lodge
The Blind Sparrow
The Blue Parrot Coffee
The Boardroom
The Boathouse
The Boathouse Restaurant
The Body Shop

the Bone & Biscuit

The Boss Bakery & Restaurant
The Boss Restaurant
The Boulevard
The Breezeway
The Brewery Creek Liquor Store
The Brick
The Brighton
The Britannia Shipyard Property
The British Store
The Brookland
The Brooklyn
The Brookside of Garden Estates
The Bubble Tea Shop
The Buchan Hotel
The Buck & Ear Bar and Grill
The Buffet
The Butcher
The Butcher & Bullock
The Byway
The Cambie
The Canadian Brewhouse & Grill
The Canadian Trail
The Capital
The Captain's Boil
The Cascade
The Case Depot
The Cash Store
The Castings
The Cat and Dog Shop
The Cedars of Garden Estates
The Cellar
The Centre
The Centre For Performing Arts
The Chapel
The Charlatan
The Charles Bar
The Charleson
The Cheese​ Man
The Cheshire Cheese Inn
The Children's Place
The Childrens Place
The Chopped Leaf
The Church in Richmond
The Church of God in Vancouver
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
The Cinematheque
The Cliffwalk
The Clock Tower
The Coal Harbour Residences
The Cockpit
The Coffee Bun
The Columbia
The Comeback
The Completion of the Canadian Pacific Railway
The Concord
The CondoBed Store
The Cone Zone
The Connection Games and Comics
The Conservation Area at Maplewood Flats
The Cooperage
The Coppertank Grill
The Corner Stone Bistro
The Corner Store
The Cosmetic Company
The Country Cafe
The Courtyard
The Cove Pub
The Crab King Restaurant
The Crab Shop
The Crandall
The Crescent
The Cross Decor & Design
The Cultch
The Cunt Buster
The Cut Stop
The Daily Method
The Dale
The Dance Shop
The Dancing PIg
The Del
The Deli by Continental Sausage
The Dell
The Deluxe Chinese Restaurant
The Den
The Dentist
The Diamond
The Dime
The Diner
The Discovery
The Distillery Bar
The District Brasserie
The Diving Locker
The Dog Republic
The Dog's Ear T-shirt & Embroidery Company
The Doghouse


The Drive Pharmacy
The Drop
The Dunbar Public House
The Eatery
The ECIG Canada vape lounge
The Edge
The Ellis
The Ellison Building
The Emerald
The Ensuite Bath & Kitchen Showroom
The Erickson
The Face Shop
The Farmers Apprentice
The Federal Store
The Firefighter
The Firewood Café
The Fish Counter
The Fish Man
The Flamingo Hotel
The Flour Bakery
The Flower Shop
The Flying Beaver
The Flying Pig
The Flying Pig Gastown
The Four Elements
The Fried Chicken Works Korean
The Frog and Nightgown Liquor Store
The Frog and Nightgown Pub
The Gallery
The Galley Restaurant and Grill
The Gardens
The Gateway
The George
The Georgia Straight
The Glamoury
The Glen
The Gluten Free Epicurean
The Good Stuff Connection
The Gourmet Shop
The Gourmet Warehouse
The Grainry
The Grande
The Granville Island Toy Company
The Gray Olive Cafeteria
The Gray Whale Family
The Great Fire
The Great Fire of 1898
The Greek by Anatoli
The Greek Corner
The Green Moustache
The Green Moustache Organic Café
The Grove Parkhomes
The Hammer
The Hang Out Place
The Hastings Warehouse
The Healing Tree
The Heights
The Heights at Royal Oak
The Heritage Grill
The Hide Out Cafe
The High Street
The Highway
The Hive Bouldering Gym
The Hockey Shop Source For Sports
The Hog Shack
The Holy Crab
The Home Depot
The Hope Chest
The Hotel at River Rock
The Hub
The Hudson
The Icon I
The Improv Center
The Ismaili Centre Burnaby
The Ivanhoe
The Jade Seafood Restaurant
The jealous creator
The Juice Corner
The Junction
The Just Cruisin Shoppe
The Keefer
The Keg
The Keg Steakhouse + Bar
The Keg Steakhouse + Bar - Dunsmuir Street
The Keg Steakhouse + Bar - Yaletown
The Keg Steakhouse + Bar Alberni Street
The Kitchen
The Kitchen Corner
The Lab
The Lagoons
The Lamplighter Public House
The Landing Pub & Grill
The Landis Hotel & Suites
The Landmark Building
The Latest Scoop
The Laundry Basket
The Laureates
The Liberty Distillery
The Lighting Warehouse
The Lion's Den Cafe
The Listel Hotel
The Little Butcher
The Little Hardware Company
The Lobster Man
The Lookout Café
The Loop Cafe
The Lords Love Church
The Lounge
The Low Carb Grocery
The M. Jackson Group Inc.
The MacKenzie Room
The Mad Cadder
The Mad Hatter's
The Magnet
The Main Sellution Quality Consignment
The Main Smoke Shop
The Manor
The Manor Guest House
The Maple
The Maplewood Taphouse & Eatery
The Mariner
The Mark
The Max 1
The Max 2
The Meadows
The Meadows of Garden Estates
The Meat Up
The Medicine Shoppe
The Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy
The Melville
The Men's Club
The Met
The Met Liquor Store
The Mews
The Mexican Antojitos y Cantina
The Mighy Oak
The Milkman
The Mill Cafe
The Mistress
The Mobile Shop
The Mongolie Grill
The Moose
The Morrissey
The Naam
The Narrow Lounge
The Needle and I
The New Oxford
The Noodle Box
The Norm Theatre
The North Face
The Oakwood
The Oasis

the Obelisk

The Odyssey
The Old Bavaria Haus Restaurant
The Old Spaghetti Factory
The One
The Onion
The Only Cafe
The Original Beanery
The Orpheum
The Pacific Bell and Bell Tower
The Pacific Sun Co.
The Packing House
The pantry
The Paper Hound
The Parish Of St. Catherines
The Park at English Bay
The Park Theatre
The Parlour
The Patty Shop
The Pawn Shop
The Pear Tree
The Permanent
The Pet Shop Boys.ca
The Pie Hole
The Pie Shoppe
The Pilates Group
The Pink Alley
The Pint
The Pit
The Pizza King
The Polygon Gallery
The Portly Chef
The Portside Pub
The Prescott
The present is a gift
The Presidia
The Private Residences at Hotel Georgia
The Promenade
The Pulpit
The Qube
The Ramen Butcher
The Ramenman
The Raven
The Real Canadian Superstore
The Real Chinese Restaurant
The Red Room
The Red Wagon Cafe
The Reef
The Refinery
The Regal Beagle
The Regional Assembly Of Text
The Residences By The River
The Richmond Academy of Dance
The Richmond Hospital Auxiliary Thrift Shop
The Rickshaw
The Right Shoe
The Ritz Coal Harbour
The Rix
The Roc Seafood Restaurant
The Rolston
The Royal Oaks
The Royal Towers
The Royal Westminster Regiment

the runners den

The Russian Hall
The Salmon Shop
The Salvation Army
The Salvation Army Thrift Store
The Salvation Army Thrift store
The Salvation Army thrift store
The Salvation Army Thrift Store
The Samson V Museum
The Samsung Store
The Sandbar
The Sapperton
The Sapphire
The Sardine Can
The Sea House Fish & Chips
The Semiahmoo Trail
The Shameful Tiki
The Shameful Tiki Room
The Shellfish Shack
The Sherman Armoury
The Shoe Company
The Shoe Studio
The Smart Alternative
The Smith
The Smoking Dog French Bistro
The Soap Dispensary
The Society of Saint Vincent De Paul
The Source
The Space Art Gallery
The Spot Cafe
The Sprouted Frog
The Spud Shack Fry Co.
The Stand
The Standard
The Stanley Park Gift Shop
The Stop
The Store that Floated Out to Sea
The Story of Fog Woman and Raven
The Sutton Place Hotel
The Sweet Greek
The Sweet Spot
The Swimmer
The Tailbase
The Tanning Studio
The Taphouse
The Teahouse
The Ten Spot
The Tennis Centre
The Terminal Pub
The Terrace
The Theatre At Hendry Hall
The Thirsty Duck
The Three Brits Public House
The throne of Nezahualcoyotl
The Tides of Garden Estates
The Tipper
The Travel Bug
The Ugly Dumpling
The Ultimate Jewellery & Gifts
The Uncommon Cafe
The Union
The UPS Store

the UPS store

The UPS Store
The Valley Bakery
The Vancouver Club
The Vancouver Sun
The Ventura
The Viceroy
The Viet Noodle Guy
The Village Burgery
The Village Table
The Virtue
The Wall
The Wallflower
The Warehouse
The Watch Seller
The Waterfall Building
The Wellspring
The West End Sex Workers Memorial
The Westerlies of Garden Estates
The Westin Grand
The Westin Grand, Vancouver
The Westin Wall Centre Vancouver Airport
The Westside Schools - Middle Years Centre
The Westside Schools – Miniversity
The Whip
The White Rock
The White Rock Bread Box
The Wicklow Pub
The Windsor Meat Company
The Wine Bar
The Wine Factory
The Wolf and Hound
The Woodlands Memorial Garden
The Words Don't Fit the Picture
The Workshop Vegetarian Cafe
Thea Avenue
Thea Koerner House - Graduate Student Centre
Theatre-Film Production Building
Theatre-Film Production Building - Annex
Thellaiwhaltun Avenue
Then the canneries came
Theology Mall
Thermal Drive
Thermal Plant Road
Therrien Street
Theta Court
Thetford Place
Thetis Place
Thida Thai
Thimbleberry Court
Things Engraved
Things n Thanks
Think Kitchen
Thinking Canada
Third Avenue
Third Beach
Third Beach Trail
Third Debris Chute
Third Street
Thirlmere Drive
Thirteenth Street
Thistle Place
Thistledown Place
Thomas Avenue
Thomas Drive
Thomas Haas
Thomas Haas Patisserie
Thomas Hobbs Florist
Thomas Kidd Elementary School
Thomas Place
Thomas Sabo
Thomas Street
Thompson Avenue
Thompson Crescent
Thompson Elementary
Thompson Gate
Thompson Place
Thompson Road
Thompson Trail
Thomson Road
Thor Court
Thorburn Way
Thormanby Crescent
Thornbury Manor
Thorncliffe Drive
Thorne Avenue
Thornhill Drive
Thornton Street
Thornwood Place
Thorpe Road
Thread + Copper
Three Bags Full
Three Cedars Drive
Three Chop Trail
Three Dog Bakery
Three Harbour Green
Three Little Pigs
Three Peaks Lodge
Three Point Tattoo
Thrift Avenue
Thrift Shop
Thrift Store
Thrift Street
Thrifty Foods
Thrush Place
Thunderbird Boulevard
Thunderbird Court
Thunderbird Crescent
Thunderbird Elementary School
Thunderbird Ridge Trail
Thunderbird Vapes
Thunderbird Winter Sports Centre
Thurlow Street
Thurston Close
Thurston Street
Thurston Terrace
Thyme Drive
Thượng Đắng Danh Trà
Tian Bao
Tian Shi Fu Restaurant
Tian Shi Fu Restaurant/Sharetea
Tiber Close
Tiber Place
Ticehurst Lane
Ticket Office
Tickets Tonight
Ticky-Poo Coin Laundry
Tidal Pond
Tidal Pond Trail
Tide Place
Tide Waters Pub
Tidewater Place
Tiffany & Company
Tiffany Boulevard
Tiffany Pines
Tiffany Place
Tiffany Ridge
Tiffany Showroom
Tiffany Springs
Tiffin Crescent
Tigris Crescent
Tilbury Cafe
Tilbury Connector
Tilbury Island
Tilbury Place
Tilbury Road
Tile Mart
Tillicum Street
Tilston Court
Tilton Road
Tim Horton's
Tim Horton's Drive Thru
Tim Hortons
Tim Hortons Express
Timber Court
Timbercrest Drive
Timberfeild Lane
Timberfeild Place
Timberfeild Road
Timberland Road
Timberline Place
Timbervalley Road
Time & Gold
Time Escape Canada
Time Out Source for Sports
Time Top
Time Trail
Time's Fashion
Times Square Suites Hotel
Timothy's Frozen Yogurt
Tin Lee Market
Tin Tin Seafood Harbour
Tina Way
Tingvoll and Co. Accounting Ltd.
Tinmaker's Walk
Tinmore Place
Tino's Barbershop & Stylist
Tino's Pizza
Tiny Bubbles Preschool
Tiny Kitchen
Tip to Toe Nails & Esthetics
Tip Top
Tipping Road
Tipton Street
Tiptop Tailors
Tire Land
Tire sales and installation center
Tisdall Street
Tisdall Walk
Tisol Pet Nutrition & Supply
Tisol Pet Nutrition & Supply Store
TJ Kiddies Store
TJ's The Kiddies Store
TMA Autobody and Services



to 3rd Street
to parkade

Toast's Walk
Toba Drive
Toba Place
Tobiko Sushi
Tobruck Avenue
Toby's liquor store
Toby's Pub & Grill
Todai Sushi
Todak Todak Restaurant
Today's Books
Todd Crescent
Todd Place
Todd Street
Toderick Street
Togo Sushi
ToGo Telecom
Toku Japanese Restaurant
Tokyo Joe's
Tokyo John
Tollcross Road
Tolmie Avenue
Tolmie Street
Tom Binnie
Tom Lee Music
Tom Sushi
Tom's Food Market
Tom's Video
Tomahawk Avenue
Tomicki Avenue
Tommy Douglas Library
Tommy Hilfiger
Tommy's Gun's
Tommy's Market
Tompkins Crescent
Tomsett Elementary School
Tony's Beauty Salon
Tony's Coffee
Tony's Fish and Oyster Café
Tool Shed
Toorak Tile & Design
Top Cantonese Cuisine Restaurant
Top Cut Barber
Top Gun
Top In Town Pizza
Top Ivy Education
Top King's Restaurant & Cafe
Top Printing Copy Centre
Top Shanghai Cuisine Restaurant
Top Trail
Topanga Cafe
Topaz Court
Topaz Place
Tora Sushi
Tornado Building Maintenance Corp.
Toronto Place
Toronto Road
Toronto Street
Toronto Way
Torquay Avenue
Tory Avenue
Total Eye Care Centre
Total Package Computers
Totem Court
Totem Field Research Station
Totem Field Studios
Totem Pole
Totem Pole Shed
Totem Poles
Touch of Africa
Touch Of Class Florist
Tour de Feast
Tourmaline West Baseball Stadium
Tourney Road
Tower Court
Tower Hill Crescent
Tower of Bauble
Tower Road
Towers Baptist Church
Town & Shoes
Town Centre Boulevard
Town Centre Plaza
Town Pantry
Townhall Public House
Townley Street
Townline Diversion
Townsend Place
Toy Land
Toy Traders
Toys Planet
Toys R Us
TR Trades Reproduction
Traction On Demand
Tracy's Hair Design
Trade Engraving
Trafalgar Elementary School
Trafalgar Park
Trafalgar Street
Trafalgars Bistro
Traflagar Park Fieldhouse
Trail #1
Trail #2
Trail #3
Trail #4
Trail #6
Trail #7
Trail Appliances
Trail of Hope
Trailer Aa
Trailer Ff
Trailer GG
Trailer Hh
Trailer Mm
Trailer Pp
Trailer Qq
Trailer Ss
Trails at Bear Creek
Tralee Crescent
Tralee Place
Tranquille Place
Trans Am Totem
Trans Canada Trail
Trans Canada Trail - Burnaby Heights Trail
Trans Canada Trail / Scenic View trail
Trans Canada Trail Pavillion
Transat Travel
Transportation Hub
Transylvanian Traditions
Trapp Avenue
Trapp Road

trattoria Burnaby

Travel & Cruise
Travel Smarts
Travelodge by Wyndham Vancouver Airport
Travelodge Vancouver Lions Gate
Travers Avenue
Tre Galli Gelato Caffe
Treasure Chest
Tree Farm
Trees Coffee
Trees Organic
Trees Organic Coffee
Treetop Lane
Trek Bicycle
Trek Bicycle Port Moody
Trek PC Computers
Tremblay Motors
Trenant Street
Trendtex Fabrics
Trent Avenue
Trenton Place
Trenton Street
Trepassey Drive
Trestle Court
Tretheway Drive
Trevor Wingrove Way
Tri-M Technologies
Trials Trail
Triangle Market
Triangle Road
Triggs Road
Trillium Loop Trail
Trillium Place
Trillium Trail
Trilussa Pizza & Pane
Trim Road
Trimaran Drive
Trimaran Gate
Trimble Street
Trinity Baptist Church
Trinity Central
Trinity Lutheran Church
Trinity Street
Trinity Western University - Richmond
Triple A Market
Triple Crown
Triple O White Spot
Triple O's
Triple O's/Trek Express
Triple Os
Trites Road
TRIUMF - Bio Medical Facility
TRIUMF - M15 Experimental Bldg.
TRIUMF - Meson Hall Service Annex
TRIUMF - Radio Chemistry Annex
TRIUMF - Service Annex
TRIUMF - Service Annex Extension
Triumph of the Technocrat
Triumph Street
Trocadero Pizza & Steak House
Troller Ale House
Trolley Place
Trondheim Drive
Tropical Farm Market
Trounce Alley
Trout Lake Beach
Trout Lake Community Centre
Truch Avenue
Truck Loading Zone
Truck Stop Cafe
Truck Stop Diner

truck turning

Trudy Court
True Confections
True North Tower
True Religion Brand Jeans

true value vintage clothing

Truffles Café
Trumond Avenue
Trump Tower Vancouver
Trumpeter Drive
Truong Thanh
Truro Drive
Trutch Street
Tsatsu Shores Drive
Tsawwassen Beach Road
Tsawwassen Drive
Tsawwassen First Nation Administration Offices
Tsawwassen Golf Course
Tsawwassen Highway
Tsawwassen Inn
Tsawwassen Library
Tsawwassen Mills
Tsawwassen Self Storage
Tsawwassen Springs Golf
Tsawwassen Tennis Club
Tsim Chai Noodles
Tsubaki Hair Express
Tsui Hang Village Restaurant
Tsuki Sushi Bar
Tsukiji Japanese Restaurant
Tuam Place
Tuaq Drive
Tub & Scrub Bath Salt Company
Tuc Craft Kitchen
Tuck Shop
Tucker Avenue
Tudor Avenue
Tudor Court
Tudor Grove South
Tuesdays Dry Cleaners
Tugboat Annie's
Tugboat Annie's Pub
Tugboat Place
Tulameen Place
Tulip Drive
Tulloch Road
Tully Crescent
Tulsy Crescent East
Tulsy Crescent West
Tulsy Place
Tum-Tumay-Whueton Drive
Tunis Place
Tunnel Trail
Tuohey Avenue
Tupper Avenue
Tupper Street
Turf Hotel
Turn About
Turnberry Crescent
Turnberry Lane
Turnbuckle Wynd
Turner Avenue
Turner Creek Drive
Turner Place
Turner Street
Turnill Street
Turquoise Drive
Turret Crescent
Turtle Viewing
Turtlehead Road
Tuttle Avenue
Tuxedo Drive
Tuxedo Place
Tweedsmuir Avenue
Tweedsmuir House
Twelfth Street
Twelve West
Twentieth Street
Twenty First Street
Twenty-First Street
Twenty-Second Street
Twenty-Third Street
Twigg Place
Twigg Road
Twin Bridges Restaurant
Twin Bridges Trail
Twin Creek Place
Twin Falls Bridge
Twin Islands
Twin Leaf
Twin Sails Brewery
Twinstar Collision
Twintree Place
Twisted Fork Bistro
Twisted Trunks
Two Blue
Two Blue II
Two Lions
Two of Heart
Two Park West
Two Parrots
Two Sisters
Two Stones Grill
Tye Court
Tyee Drive
Tyee Elementary School
Tyler Avenue
Tyndale Crescent
Tyndale Place
Tyndall Street
Tyne Place
Tyne Street
Tynehead Drive
Tynehead Greenway
Tynehead Hatchery Entrance
Tynehead Perimeter Trail
Tynehead R.V. Camp
Tyner Street
Tyrol Court
Tyrol Lane
Tyrol Place
Tyrol Road
Tyson Place
Tytahun Crescent

U 22nd Street
U 29th Avenue
U Aberdeen
U Braid
U Brentwood Town Centre
U Bridgeport
U Broadway–City Hall
U Burquitlam
U Burrard
U Columbia
U Commercial–Broadway
U Coquitlam Central
U Edmonds
U Gateway
U Gilmore
U Granville
U Holdom
U Inlet Centre
U Joyce–Collingwood
U King Edward
U King George
U Lafarge Lake–Douglas
U Lake City Way
U Langara-49th Avenue
U Lansdowne
U Lincoln
U Lougheed Town Centre
U Marine Drive
U Metrotown
U Moody Centre
U Nanaimo
U New Westminster
U Oakridge-41st Avenue
U Olympic Village
U Patterson
U Production Way-University
U Renfrew
U Richmond–Brighouse
U Royal Oak
U Rupert
U Sapperton
U Scott Road
U Sea Island Centre
U Sperling–Burnaby Lake
U Stadium-Chinatown
U Surrey Central
U Templeton
U Vancouver City Centre
U VCC-Clark
U Waterfront
U Yaletown–Roundhouse
U YVR–Airport
Ubale Skateboard Co
UBC Aquatic Centre
UBC Archives & UBC Rare Books and Special Collections
UBC Baseball Indoor Training Centre
UBC Bike Kitchen
UBC Bus Loop
UBC Campus Mailing Services
UBC Farm
UBC Greenway
UBC Housing Receiving
UBC Learning Exchange
UBC Plant Ops
UBC Robson Square
UBC Skatepark
UBC Tennis Centre
UBC Thunderbird Arena
Ubuntu Canteen
Udy Road
Ugo & Joe's
Ukrainian Orthodox Church of St. Mary
Ukrainian Village Restaurant
Ukranian Orthodox Centre
Ullsmore Avenue
Ulster Street
Ultimate Hair Salon & Esthetics Studio
Ultimate Pizza
Ultra Court
Ultra Love
Uma Sushi
Umaluna Dairy-Free Gelato
Umeda Japanese Cuisine
Una Way
Uncle Abe's
Uncle Faith's Pizza
Uncle Fatih's
Uncle Fatih's Pizza
Uncle Fatihs Pizza
Uncle Fatih’s Pizza
Uncle Lu Restaurant
Uncle Tetsu
Uncle Willy's
Under Armour
Under the Double Eagle & Elder Moon
Underhill Avenue
Underhill Drive
Underwood Avenue
Underwood Place
Ungless Way
Uni Sushi Express
Union Gospel Mission
Union Gospel Mission Thrift Store
Union Market
Union Street
Union Street Cycle
Union Street Cycleway
Unitarian Church of Vancouver
United Boulevard
United Church
United Collision Auto Repair
United Kingdom Building
United Parcel Service
United Poultry Co Ltd
United States Border - Peace Arch Crossing
Unity Tattoo
Unity Tree
UniverCity Bike Park
University Boulevard
University Chapel
University Crescent
University Crescent South
University Drive
University Drive East
University Drive West
University Endowment Lands
University High Street
University Highlands Elementary School
University Hill Elementary School
University Hill Secondary School
University Pharmacy
University RCMP
University Services Building
University Transition Program
Unmarked Trail to Seymour River
Upland Drive
Upland Place
Upland Road
Uplands Court
Uplands Drive
Upper Anchor Trail
Upper Asian Way
Upper Backyard Trail
Upper Boundary
Upper Brewis Trail
Upper Burfield
Upper Canyon Place
Upper Canyon Road
Upper Cut Trail
Upper Dale's Trail
Upper Digger
Upper Griffen
Upper John Deer
Upper Lonsdale
Upper Oil Can
Upper Perimeter Route
Upper Powerline
Upper Roper Avenue
Upper Sex Girl
Upper Shinglebolt
Upper Tall Cans
Upper Trail
Uppercut Barber
Uprising Breads Bakery
UPS Customer Centre
Upton Road
Uptown Barber
Uptown Clayton 1
Uptown Clayton 2
Uptown Market
UR Restaurant
Urban Aboriginal
Urban Art
Urban Barn
Urban Behavior
Urban Choice Market
Urban Decay
Urban Decor
Urban Fare
Urban Gate Bar and Grill
Urban Gate Supermarket
Urban Hideaway
Urban Kids
Urban Nail Spa
Urban News
Urban Outfitters
Urban Planet
Urban Rack
Urban Sushi
Urban Tea Merchant
Urban Thai Bistro
Urban Villa
Ursula Salon
Ursus Crescent
US Border Crossing
U.S. Customs
US Customs Bus Lane
Utilities Building

V Cafe
V&J Plant Shop
VAC Thrift Store
Vacuum Works
Val-u Flooring
Valdez Court
Valdez Road
Vale Court
Valencia Avenue
Valens Street
Valet Travel
Valetor Cleaners
Valhalla Pure Outfitters
Vallarta's Mexican Restaurant
Valley Crescent
Valley Drive
Valley Farm Market
Valley Road
Valley Sushi
Valley Towing
Valley Trail
Valleyview Court
Valleyview Lodge
Valleyvista Drive
Valmont Way
Valour Drive
Value on Liquor Store
Value Village
Van Dragon Seafood Restaurant
Van Dyke Place
Van Fishing
Van Horne Way
Van Pet
Van Pet Pet Food And Supplies
Van Tea Cafe
Van Thai Restaurant
Van Wonder Auto Svc
Vancity Autobody
Vancity Centre
Vancity Corner Store
Vancity Laptop
VanCity Pizza
Vancity Sports
Vancouver Academy of Dramatic Arts
Vancouver Airport Marriott Hotel
Vancouver Alpen Club
Vancouver Amen Church
Vancouver Aquarium
Vancouver Aquatic Centre
Vancouver Art Gallery
Vancouver Auto Part
Vancouver Auto Parts
Vancouver Backpacker Guesthouse
Vancouver Battery
Vancouver Block
Vancouver Career College-Coquitlam
Vancouver Chinese Evangelical Free Church
Vancouver Chinese Presbyterian Church
Vancouver Christian Assembly
Vancouver Christian School
Vancouver City Hall
Vancouver City Savings Credit Union
Vancouver College
Vancouver Contemporary Art Gallery
Vancouver Corner
Vancouver English Centre
Vancouver Exchange Tower
Vancouver Filipino Seventh Day Adventist Church
Vancouver Film School
Vancouver Fire & Rescue Services Training Centre
Vancouver Fire and Rescue Services Recruitment and Outreach
Vancouver First Church of the Nazarene
Vancouver Fish Company
Vancouver Flea Market
Vancouver Formosa Academy
Vancouver Fountain Alliance Church
Vancouver General Hospital (VGH)
Vancouver Golf Club
Vancouver Gun Club
Vancouver International Airport
Vancouver International Airport - Domestic Terminal
Vancouver International Airport - International Terminal
Vancouver International Film Centre
Vancouver International Seaplane Base
Vancouver Internatonal Airport - South Terminal
Vancouver iPhones
Vancouver Korean Full Gospel Church
Vancouver Korean Presbyterian Church
Vancouver Landfill
Vancouver Laptop
Vancouver Lawn Bowling Club
Vancouver Lawn Tennis and Badminton Club
Vancouver Life Church
Vancouver Lighting
Vancouver Marina
Vancouver Maritime Museum
Vancouver Music Academy
Vancouver New Life Church
Vancouver Pain Management Society
Vancouver Playhouse
Vancouver Police Annex
Vancouver Police Department Headquarters
Vancouver Police Museum
Vancouver Public Library
Vancouver Public Library - Champlain Heights
Vancouver Public Library - Dunbar Branch
Vancouver Public Library - nə́c̓aʔmat ct Strathcona Branch
Vancouver Public Library - Renfrew
Vancouver Public Library - West Point Grey Branch
Vancouver Public Library Kerrisdale Branch
Vancouver Public Library Oakridge Branch
Vancouver Public Library South Hill Branch
Vancouver Racquets Club
Vancouver ReStore
Vancouver Rowing Club
Vancouver School Board District Reception and Placement Centre
Vancouver Skate Plaza
Vancouver Ski and Board Services
Vancouver Sofa & Patio
Vancouver Souvenirs
Vancouver Street
Vancouver Summer Fun
Vancouver Talmud Torah School
Vancouver Technical Secondary School
Vancouver Tool Library
Vancouver Tourism Visitor Centre
Vancouver Waldorf School
Vancouver Whale Watch
VanDusen Botanical Garden Visitor Centre
Vanessa Court
Vanguard Road
Vanier Avenue
Vanier Bike Park
Vanier Place
Vanness Avenue
Vanson Avenue
Vantage Place
Vantage Way
Vape Street
Vapor Line
Varadero Cafe
Vardon Place
Varley Lane
Varley Street
Varley Trail
Vassillis Souvlaki Greek Taverna
Vauxhall Place
VCC Broadway Building
VCC Health Sciences
Vedder Place
Vega Court
Vegan Cave
Vegan Pizza House
Vegecana Grocery Video Store
Veggie Bowl
Vehicle Passenger Village Access
Vehicle Screening
Velodrome Trail
Venables Street
Venice Avenue
Venice Court
Ventilation Building for CN Rail Thornton Tunnel
Ventura Crescent
Ventura Room
Venture Street
Venture Way
Venus & Mars
Venus Hair Salon
Vera's Burger Shack
Vera's Burgers
Verbena Place
Verdun Place
Vermilyea Court
Vernon Drive
Verona Place
Versace Home
Verve Hair Lounge
Veteran's Square
VGH Thrift Store
VIA Vancouver Maintenance Centre
Vicar Ridge trail
Viceroy Place
Vickers Way
Vicki's Hair Fasion
Vickie's Bed & Breakfast
Victor Street
Victoria Avenue
Victoria Block
Victoria Chinese Restaurant
Victoria Diversion
Victoria Drive
Victoria Drive Barbers
Victoria Drive Gospel Hall
Victoria Lamp Shade
Victoria Lane
Victoria Place
Victoria Restaurant
Victoria Street
Victoria Sushi
Victoria's Secret
Victoria's Secret Pink
Victorian Hotel
Victory Drive
Victory Food Market
Victory Memorial Pk
Victory Ship Way
Victory South
Victory Square Cenotaph
Victory Street
Vida Spa
Vidal Street
Videl Street
Vienna Crescent
Viento Street
Viet Flavour Restaurant
Viet Sub
Vietnam House
Vietnam House Restaurant
View Court
View Crescent
View Of Howe Sound And Bowen Island
View Street
Viewlynn Drive
Viewmount Drive
Viewmount Place
Viewridge Place

vigour health & beauty

Viking Place
Viking Way
Vikings Dragons
Village Access
Village Bikes
Village Bloomery
Village Books & Coffee House
Village Cleaners
Village Drive
Village Gardens
Village Green
Village Greens
Village Greens Wynd
Village Square
Village Sushi
Village Toy Store
Village Wines
Village-Lake Trail
Vimy Crescent
Vina Vietnamese
Vinca's Kitchen
Vincent Street
Vine Avenue
Vine Maple
Vine Maple Drive
Vine Maple Trail
Vine Street
Vinedale Road
Vinemaple Place
Vineway Street
Vinewood Place
Viney Road
Vinmore Avenue
Vino Volo
Vinson Creek Road
Vintner Street
Vinyl Records
Violet Street
Violet Way
VIP Autobody Detail
VIP News & Gift
Vipond Place
Virgin Mobile
Virginia Crescent
Virtual Way
Virtuous Pie
Viscount Place
Viscount Way
Vision Electronics
Visions Book Store
Vista #2
Vista #4
Vista Court
Vista Crescent
Vista Drive
Vista No. 1
Vista Place
Vista Ridge
Vista Way
Vistaview Court
Viti Nordel