Welcome to BBBike - your cycle journey planner! We'll help you find a nice, safe and short bike route in Victoria and around.

Please click on a street or point of interest (POI) to start the route search:


10 Acres Commons
1008 Pandora
10K Trail
1.22 Meter Telescope
12th Garry Oak Sea Scouts
153 with J Flowers & Convenience Store
17 Cedar Hill (AM)
17 Cedar Hill (PM)

2 Thumbs Up Video
2% Jazz
22N Vic General/Hillside Mall (Night Route)
2319 Chilco Road
2nd Street Studio

30th Annual Self-Transcendence Triathlon
328 Taphouse + Grill
32X Cordova Bay Express
3640 Propeller Place
3rd Street Cafe

4 Mile Liquor Store
4 Mile Pub
4 Mile Restaurant
4 Winds Nest Artisans Boutique
46 Dockyard/Westhills
47 Goldstream Meadows/Downtown
48 Happy Valley/Downtown
4th Canadian Ranger Patrol Group Headquarters

5th Street Bar & Grill

6 Mile Bakery
600 m range
601 Herald
61X Sooke/Langford/Downtown Express
64 East Sooke
676 Sidney Air Cadet Squadron Headquarters

75 Saanichton/Royal Oak/Downtown

8 Interurban/Tillicum Mall/Oak Bay
88 Mini Market

900 Bistro
90s jank
945 Bear Mountain Parkway
99 SVX Shawnigan Lake - Victoria Express

A & D Glass
A Pet's Life
A Plus Beads
Abandoned Volkswagen Bug
Abbey Road
Abigail's Hotel
Abinger Place
Above the School Yard
Aboyne Avenue
Abraham Collins' Lookout
Abraham Court
Acacia Drive
Academy Close
Academy Way
Acadian Road
Accent Inns Victoria
Acemink Road
Acland Avenue
Acorn Place
Act II Hair Studio
Action Motorcycles
Acton Street
Adams Close
Adams Place
Adams' Food Fair
Adanac Street
Addlington Place
Adela Place
Adelaide Avenue
Adeline Place
Adkin Place
Admin House
Admiral Inn & Suites
Admiral's Walk
Admirals Road
Adriana's The Whole Enchilada
Adriennes Tea Garden
Adye Road
Affirmed Place
Afghanistan War Memorial
Afriston Place
Agate Lane
Aggregate Court
Aggregate Place
Agnes Street
Agnew Avenue
Aikman Road
Airedale Place
Airsoft Range
Akemi Sushi
Al Charron Rugby Canada National Training Centre
Alabaster Court
Alamida Crescent
Alan Batey Library & Learning Commons
Alan Road
Albany Street
Albatross Place
Alberg Lane
Albert Avenue
Albert Head Road
Albina Street
Albion Place
Albion Road
Aldeane Avenue
Aldebury Street
Alder Road
Alder Street
Alderglen Place
Alderley Road
Alderman Road
Aldersmith Place
Alderwood Street
Aldous Terrace
Aldridge Street
Aldwynd Road
Alec Road
Alex Campbell Clubhouse
Alexander Avenue
Alexander Road
Alexander's Coffee
Alexandra House
Alexis Place
Alfred Place
Alget Road
Algoa Place
Ali Baba's
Alicia Place
Alix Goolden Performance Hall
All Care Family Chiropractic
All Fun RV Park
All Saints Of Alaska Orthodox Church
All Victoria Vacuums
Allan Road
Allandale Greenway
Allandale Pit
Allandale Road
Allard House
Allbay Road
Allenby Street
Allison Piano
Allison Road
Alma Place
Almartin Place
Almond Street
Aloha Avenue
Alouette Drive
Alpha Street
Alpha Terrace
Alpine Crescent
Alston Street
Alta Vista Place
Altamont Avenue
Altamont Court
Altamont Road
Alternative Aromatics
Alton Lane
Alturas Place
Alumni Chip Trail
Alumroot Close
Alvarado Terrace
Alysa's Pho & Banh Mi
Ambassador Avenue
Ambassy Place
Amber Place
Amble Place
Amblewood Court
Amblewood Drive
Ambrosia Crescent
Amelia Avenue
Amelia Street
American Eagle Outfitters
Amherst Avenue
Amica Oak Bay
Amity Drive
Amor De Cosmos
Amphion Street
Amroth Place
Amwell Drive
Amy Road
Amylee Lane
ANAF Unit #302
Anar Food and Grocery
Anchor Marine Electric
Anchorage Avenue
Ancona Avenue
Anders Road
Anderson Avenue
Anderson Precision Auto Pro
Andlorr Place
Andre Road
Andre's Electronics
Andrew Sheret
Andrews Avenue
Angeleah Place
Anglers Lane
Angola Place
Angus Road
Ankathem Place
Ann-Louise Jewellers
Anna Clare Place
Annabelle’s Café
Annabern Crescent
Anndon Place
Annette Place
Annie Street
Anscomb House
Anscomb Place
Ansell Road
Anson Crescent
Anson Street
Anton Street
Antonov Lane
Antrobus Crescent
Anya Court
Anya Lane
Anytime Fitness
Apple Tree Family Restaurant
Apple Tree Preschool
Applegate Trail
Appleton Place
Applewood Place
Aprell Place
Aqua Court
Arado Court
Aral Street
Arbay Close
Arbordale Avenue
Arbordale Court
Arbour Lane
Arbutus Building
Arbutus Cove Lane
Arbutus Crossing
Arbutus Drive North
Arbutus Grove Childrens' Centre
Arbutus Grove Nursery
Arbutus Inn
Arbutus Loop
Arbutus Middle School
Arbutus Parkway
Arbutus Physiotherapy
Arbutus Place
Arbutus Ridge
Arbutus Ridge Estates
Arbutus Ridge Golf Pro Shop
Arbutus Ridge Marine Facility
Arbutus Ridge Trail
Arbutus Road
Arbutus RV & Marine Sales Ltd.
Arbutus Terrace
Arbutus Trail
Arbutus Way
Arcadia Street
Archery Range
Archie Browning Sports Centre
Arden Road
Ardenlea Place
Ardersier Road
Ardmore Drive
Ardmore Golf Course
Ardwell Avenue
Arena Road
Argyle Avenue
Argyle Place
Ariane Gardens
Ariane Place
Arlene Place
Arlington Place
Arm Street
Armine Place
Armstrong Avenue
Arncote Avenue
Arncote Place
Arngask Avenue
Arnold Avenue
Arnot Avenue
Arrow Court
Arrow Road
Arsen's Place
Arsenault Place
Art Gallery of Greater Victoria
Artesian Court
Arthur Avenue
Arthur Currie Lane
Arthur Drive
Artisan Bistro
Arts Calibre Academy
ArtSee Eyewear
Arundel Drive
Ascot Drive
Ash Road
Ashbury Avenue
Ashby Court
Ashdale Place
Ashdowne Road
Ashford Road
Ashgrove Street
Ashley HomeStore
Ashley Place
Ashley Road
Ashmore Terrace
Asian Noodle House
Aspen Loop Trail
Aspen Place
Asquith Street
Assistant Head's Residence
Aster Court
Astle Street
Aston End
Astoria Street
Astra Place
Athlone Drive
Atkins Avenue
Atkins Building
Atkins Road
Atlas Drive
Atlas Place
Atticus Court
Attree Avenue
Auburn Court
Auburn Trail
Audley Street
Auldfarm Lane
Aurora Place
Aurora Way
Austin Avenue
Autospiel German Auto Specialty
Autumn Lane
Autumnwood Lane
Avalon Restaurant
Avalon Road
Avanti 22
Avanti Place
Avanti Townhouses
Avebury Avenue
Avenger Way
Avenue Weddings
Avery Court
Avery Wood
Avologi Eneo
Avondale Road
Avrill Road
Awsworth Road
Axys Analytical Services, North Building
Axys Analytical Services, South Building
Axys Technologies
Ayo Eat
Ayton Place
Azalea Lane
Azalea Place
Azurene Place
Azurite Crescent

B&V Market
Baan Thai
Babbington Lane
Baden-Baden Boutique
Baggins Shoes
Baha'i Peace Tree
Bailey Place
Bailey Road
Baillie Avenue
Baker Street
Bakerview Close
Bakerview Place
Bakerview Road
Bakery Mews
Baldev Place
Baldwin Place
Balfour Avenue
Balfour Place
Ballenas Place
Balmacarra Road
Balmoral Road
Balsam Road
Baltic Place
Bamberton Provincial Park Campground
Bamberton Road
Bamboo Place
Bamford Court
Banana Republic
Banff Place
Banga Place
Bangkok Modern Thai Cuisine
Bank Street
Baptiste Road
Baran Place
Barb's Fish & Chips
Barbara Drive
Barbara Place
Barbon Place
Bardsey Lane
Bare Essentials
Bare Essentials Specialty Lingerie
Bark Bath & Beyond Pet Boutique
Barker Road
Barkley Place
Barkley Terrace
Barksdale Drive
Barkway Terrace
Barnacle Road
Barnard Avenue
Barnes Harley-Davidson
Barnes Place
Barret Montfort Trail
Barrett Drive
Barrie Road
Barrington Road
Barry Road
Bartholomew Place
Bartholomew's Pub
Bartlett Avenue
Basic Cafe
Basil Avenue
Basswood Road
Bastion Square
Bath & Body Works
Batik Place
Battery Street
Batting Place
Battleford Avenue
Batu Road
Baxendale Road
Baxter Avenue
Bay Bluff Place
Bay Grocery
Bay Road
Bay Street
Bay Street Armoury
Bayfield Road
Bayfield Road North
Baylis Place
Baynes Road
Bayside Goods
Bayside Middle School
Bayside Place
Bayview One
Bazan Bay Road
BC Ale trail
BC Ambulance Station 109
BC Ambulance Station 137
BC Ambulance Station 140
BC Archives
BC Cannabis Store
BC Fallen Firefighters Memorial
BC Fallen Paramedics Memorial
BC Ferries - Current Conditions
BC Ferries Academy
B.C. Indians War Memorial
BC Law Enforcement Memorial
BC Liquor Store
BC Lottery Corporation
BC Search and Rescue Volunteer Memorial
BCAA Auto Service Centre

be love

Beach Drive
Beach Road
Beach Trail
Beach View Court
Beachcomber RV Park
Beachview Place
Beacon Avenue
Beacon Avenue West
Beacon Barber Stylist
Beacon Books
Beacon Brewing
Beacon Cafe
Beacon Community Services - Thrift Shop
Beacon Community Services Thrift Shop
Beacon Community Services Thrift Store
Beacon Drive In
Beacon Hill Children's Farm
Beacon Hill Loop
Beacon Hill Park
Beacon Hill Park Cricket Ground
Beacon Hill Villa
Beacon Landing Liquor Store
Beacon Landing Restaurant & Lounge
Beacon Park Bandshell
Beacon Street
Beagle Pub
Beam Crescent
Bean Around The World
Bean Bandits Coffee
Bear & Joey Cafe
Bear and Frog
Bear Hill Road
Bear Mountain Bike Park
Bear Mountain Parkway
Bear Mountain Real Estate & Design Centre
Bear Mountain Reservoir #1
Bear Street
Beard Street
Bearspaw Plateau
Bearwood Court
Bearwood Lane
Beatty Street
Beaufort Road
Beaumaris Place
Beaumont Avenue
Beauty by the Sea
Beaven Street
Beaver Beach
Beaver Lake Road
Beaver Road
Beaverbrooke Street
Beaverdale Road
Beckley Avenue
Beckton Road
Beckwith Avenue
Beckwith Place
Bedford Regency Hotel
Bedford Road
Bee Street
Beechwood Avenue
Beehive Wool Shop
Begbie Hall
Begbie Street
Bel Nor Place
Belair Road
Belcher Avenue
Belfry Theatre
Belgrave Road
Bella Street
Bella Vista Drive
Bellamy Close
Bellamy Link
Bellamy Road
Bellamy Trail
Bellbarbie Crescent
Bellcrest Place
BelleRose Salon and Wax Bar
Belleville Street
Belleville Terminal Redevelopment Project
Bellevue Road
Bellflower Drive
Belmont Auto Centre
Belmont Avenue
Belmont Building
Belmont Residences East
Belmont Residences Sales Centre
Belmont Road
Below the Belt
Belsize Close
Belton Avenue
Belvedere Road
Bengal Lounge
Bengal Patio
Benhomer Drive
Benjamin Road
Benko Road
Benson Place
Benson Road
Bentall Building
Benton Court
Benvenuto Avenue
Benvenuto Seed & Gift Store
Beresford Street
Berkeley Place
Bermuda Place
Bernard Place
Bert Owen Thomas
Berth 2 approach
Bertha E. Whitney Memorial
Bertram Place
Berwick House
Berwick Street
Beryl Road
Bespoke Design
Bessborough Avenue
Bessborough Close
Bessredge Place
Best Buy
Best Buy Mobile
Best Western Plus Carlton Plaza
Best Western Plus Emerald Isle
Best Western Plus Inner Harbour
Beta Street
Bethel Community Baptist Church
Bethel Place
Bethune Avenue
Bette Drive
Better Print
Better Than The Road
Betula Place
Bevan Avenue
Bevan Bistro
Bevan Square
Beverley Place
Bewdley Avenue
Bexhill Place
Bexhill Road
Bexley Terrace
Bezanton Way
Bib N' Tucker Quilting
Bickerton Court
Bickford Lane
Bickford Way
Bickstan Place
Bidston Road
Bidwell Place
Big Bad John's
Big O Tires
Big Wheel Burger
Biggerstaff Building
Bigrock Road
Bikini Village
Billhirst Place
Bin 4 Burger Lounge
Birch Road
Birch Street
Birchwood Street
Bird Cages Confectionery
Bird Watch Trail
Birds of a Feather
Birring Place
Birth Control
Birtles Avenue
Biryani Palace
Biscoe Drive
Bishan Place
Bishop's Family Cycles
Bishops Gate
Bisley Place
Bissenden Place
Bistro Suisse
BiteZ Sandwich Bar
Bitterroot Place
BJ's Bakery
Bjørn's backroad
Black Pioneers in British Columbia
Blackapple Cellular
Blackberry Lane
Blackberry Road
Blackglama Place
Blacktail Road
Blackthorn Drive
Blackthorn Place
Blackwood Street
Blair Avenue
Blair McLean Drive
Blairgowrie Road
Blakeney Place
Blakeon Place
Blanshard Road
Blanshard Street
Blanshard Street Winery
Blendz coffee
Blenkinsop Greenway
Blenkinsop Road
Block 1
Block 11
Block 13
Block 2
Block 3
Block 32
Block 33
Block 34
Block 36
Block 37
Block 38
Block 39
Block 4
Block 46
Block 49
Block 5
Block 6
Block 7
Block 8
Blossom Park Place
Blue Bridge Theatre
Blue Fox Cafe
Blue Grouse Plateau
Blue Heron Road
Blue Ridge Place
Blue Ridge Road
Blue Sky Place
Blue Spruce Lane
Blue Valley Road
Blue's Bayou Cafe
Bluebell Place
Blueberry Lane
Bluebird Gardens
Blush Nail Spa
Board of Trade Building
Boas Road
Boat House
Boat Ramp Road
Boathouse Spa
Bob Boyd's Climb
Bob Lane
Bodega Road
Bodega Wine & Tapas Bar
Boeing Close
Bog Garden
Bolanne Place
Bold Butchery and Grill
Bolen Books
Boleskine Road
Bombardier Court
Bombardier Crescent
Bon Macaron
Bon Sushi
Bonair Place
Bonanza Place
Bonaparte Street
Bonavista Place
Bond Bond’s Bakery
Bond Street
Bondi Close
Bonita Place
Bonnieview Place
Books on View
Boompond Road
Booster Juice
Booth Place
Borden Street
Bosley's by Pet Valu
Bossi Place
Boston Pizza
Bottom Feeder
Boucherat & Company Building
Boulder Place
BoulderHouse Langford
Boulderpath Road
Boulderwood Drive
Boulderwood Place
Boulderwood Rise
Bouquet of Memories
Bourban Road
Bourchier Street
Bourne Terrace
Bousfield Place
Bow Road
Bowcott Place
Bowden Road
Bowerbank Road
Bowker Accord
Bowker Avenue
Bowker Creek Watershed
Bowker Place
Bowkett Place
Bowlin Photography
Bowlsby Place
Boxcar Close
Boyd Street
Boyles Road
Bracken Avenue
Brackman Way
Brackman-Ker Milling Company Building
Bradford Avenue
Bradley Dyne Road
Brady's Fish & Chips
Braeburn Avenue
Braefoot Centre
Braefoot Close
Braefoot Elementary School
Braefoot Park Lacrosse Box
Braefoot Place
Braefoot Road
Braelyn Place
Braemar Avenue
Braemar Road
Braithwaite Drive
Bramble Court
Bramfield Place
Bramley Run
Brandy Place
Branson Road
Brant Place
Brasserie L'école
Braun Crescent
Bray Avenue
Breakwater Bistro & Bar
Bremerton Street
Brenda Lane
Brentview Road
Brentwood Bay Main
Brentwood Bay Nurseries Ltd.
Brentwood Bay Resort & Spa
Brentwood Bay Village Empourium Café & Gift Shop
Brentwood Bay ↔ Mill Bay
Brentwood College School
Brentwood Cycle
Brentwood Drive
Brentwood Heights
Brethour Avenue
Brethour Park Way
Brett Avenue
Brewsky’s Taphouse
Brian Place
Briar Patch Trail
Briar Place
Briarwood Crescent
Briarwood Drive
Briarwood Lane
Briarwood Place
Brickley Close
Brickyard Pizza
Bridge Street
Bridge Trail
Bridge Way
Bridgemans Bistro
Bridgeport Place
Bridle Trail
Bridlewood Court
Brigadoon Place
Bright Pearl
Brighton Avenue
Brighton Crescent
Bristol Road
British Columbia Aviation Museum
Brittany Drive
Britton Place
Broad Street
Broad Street Cycles
Broadmead Avenue
Broadmead Court
BroadView United Church
Broadview United Church
Broadway Street
Brock Avenue
Brock Place
Brodick Crescent
Bromley Place
Bronze Priestess
Brooke Street
Brookes Westshore
Brookhaven Road
Brookhill Road
Brookleigh Road
Brookridge Place
Brooks Building
Brookside Crescent
Brookside Road
Brookview Drive
Brookwood Drive
Broom Road
Brotchy Lane
Brotherstone Road
Brough Place
Broughton Street
Brousson Drive
Brown & Cooper Building
Brown Road
Brown's Social House
Brown's The Florist
Browning Street
Brownlee Place
Browns Crafthouse
Browns Social House
Browns Socialhouse
Browns' Wood Trail
Bru-Go's Coffee
Bruce Avenue
Bruce Gordon Place
Brulette Place
Brunswick Place
Bryce Place
Bryden Court
Brydon Road
Brymea Lane
Bryn Maur Road
Bryn Road
Brypark Place
Bryrwood Court
Bubble Wrap
Bubby Rose's Pizza
Bubby Rose’s Bakery and Cafe
Buckingham Close
Buckingham Place
Buckler Avenue
Bucktail Road
Buddies Natural Pet Food
Buddies Toys
Buddleia Place
Buddy Road
Budget Brake & Muffler Auto Centres
Buena Vista Road
Building 29
Bukin Drive East
Bukin Drive West
Bukin Place
Bulk Barn
Bullen Court
Bulwark Lock & Safe
Bunker Road
Bunny's Nook Kitchen
Burbank Crescent
Burchett Place
Burdett Avenue
Burdick Avenue
Burger Crush
Burger King
Burgoyne Place
Burleith Crescent
Burlington Crescent
Burnes House
Burnett Road
Burnley Close
Burnley Place
Burns Avenue
Burns Memorial
Burnside Boutique
Burnside Food Market
Burnside Heritage Mural
Burnside Lawn Bowling Club
Burnside Medical Centre
Burnside Place
Burnside Road East
Burnside Road West
Burrows Lane
Burt's Barbershop
Burton Avenue
Bushby Street
Bute Street
Butiks Naturals
Butler Business Park
Butler Crescent
Butterfly Garden
Byng Street
Byron Street
Bywood Place

C & C Growers
Cabana Place
Cabot Place
Cactus Club Cafe
Cactus Place
Cadboro Bay
Cadboro Bay Road
Cadboro Heights
Cadboro Heights Lane
Cadboro View Road
Cadillac Avenue
Caen Road
Caerleon Place
Cafe Brio
Cafe Mexico
Cafe Zanzibar
Caffe Fantastico
Caffè Fantastico
Cahilty Lane
Cairn Road
Cairndale Road
Caldecote Road
Caldera Court
Caleb Pike Road
Caledonia Avenue
Cali Nails
Call It Spring
Calumet Avenue
Calvin Avenue
Calypso Lane
Calypso Trail
Camas Circle
Camas Court
Camas Drive
Camas Trail
Cambella Villa
Cambria Wood Court
Cambria Wood Terrace
Cambridge Street
Camcrest Place
Camden Avenue
Camellia Place
Camelot Apartments
Camelot Road
Cameo Co-operative Housing Association
Cameo Street
Cameron Rose
Cameron Street
Camilin Manor
Camli Place
Camosun Street
Campion Road
Campus Crescent
Campus Greenway
Campus Honda
Campus Storage Facility
Campus View Elementary
Camrose Court
Camrose Crescent
Canada Cup Trail
Canadian Blood Services
Canadian College of Performing Arts
Canadian Girls in Training
Canadian Pacific Lawn Bowling Club
Canadian Tire
Canadian Tire Auto Centre
Canadian Western Bank
Candela Place
Canoe Cove Road
Canora Road
Canso Road
Canteen Road
Canterbury Road
Canyon Park Place
Capital City Baptist Church
Capital City Café
Capital City Transistor & Valve
Capital CityCenter Hotel
Capital Heights
Capital Square
Capitol 6 Theatres
Capstone Place
Captain James Cook
Captains Walk
Carberry Gardens
Cardem Place
Cardie Court
Cardiff Place
Cardigan Road
Cardinal Close
C.A.R.E. Funeral Services
Caretaker's Cabin
Carey Place
Carey Road
Caribbean Village Cafe
Carina Place
Carlisle Avenue
Carlos Cantina & Grill
Carloss Place
Carlow Road
Carlton Barber Shop
Carlton Club Cabaret
Carlton Terrace
Carly Lane
Carman Street
Carmanah Place
Carmanah Terrace
Carmel Way
Carmichael Court
Carmichael Terrace
Carnarvon Street
Carnation Place
Carnegie Crescent
Carnegie Library
Carnivore Meats & More
Carnoustie Crescent
Carnsew Street
Carol Ann Place
Carola Place
Caroline Road
Carolwood Apartments
Carolwood Court
Carolwood Drive
Carolwood Place
Carpentry Building
Carpentry Drafting Room
Carpentry Shop
Carran Lane
Carran Road
Carriage Lane
Carrick Street
Carrie Street
Carroll Street
Carson Road
Carter Drive
Cartmel Close
Casa Convenience Store
Casa Linda Drive
Casa Marcia Crescent
Cascade Avenue
Cascade Trail
Cascadia Liquor
Cascadia Liquor Store
Cascadia Liquor Stores
Cascadia Massage and Health Centre
Cascaida Liquor Store
Cascara Crescent
Caselton Place
Casemate Barracks
Casey Drive
Casey Place
Cash Advantage Services
Cash Money
Caspian Drive
Castanea Place
Castle Block
Castle Building Centre
Castlerock Road
Castlewood Road
Cat's Coffee & Cake
Catalina Terrace
Cathedral Church Of Saint John The Evangelist
Cathedral Place
Catherine Street
Caton Place
Cattle Point
Cavalcade Terrace
Cavallin Court
Cave Street
Cavendish Avenue
Cayman Place
CCGS Connect
Cecelia Ravine Bike Park
Cecelia Road
Cecil Blogg Drive
Cecil Place
Cedar Avenue
Cedar Building
Cedar Hill Auto Services
Cedar Hill Cross Road
Cedar Hill Links
Cedar Hill Manor
Cedar Hill Middle School
Cedar Hill Recreation Centre
Cedar Hill Road
Cedar Lane
Cedar Path
Cedar Springs Ranch
Cedarcrest Drive
Cedarglen Road
Cedarvale Trail
Cedarwood Close
Cedarwood Place
Cedarwood Street
Celestial Court
Cemetery Road
Cenote Restaurant and Lounge
Centauri Drive
Centennial Park Farmstand
Centennial Park Fellowship Baptist Church
Centennial Park Lacrosse Box
Centennial Park Recreation Centre
Centennial Trail
Centennial Trails
Centennial Trails Sign
Centennial/Grand Fir Trail
Centra Gas Trail
Central Avenue
Central Baptist Church
Central Block
Central Library
Central Middle School
Central Saanich
Central Saanich Fire Museum
Central Saanich Little League
Central Saanich Municipal Hall
Central Saanich Police Service
Central Saanich Road
Central Saanich Volunteer Fire Department Station No. 1
Central Saanich Volunteer Fire Department Station No. 2
Central Spur
Centre for Art & Humanities
Centre for Athletics, Recreation and Special Abilities
Centre Mountain Lellum Middle School
Centre Road
Centremont Lane
Century Road
CFB Esquimalt Fire Station 1
CFB Esquimalt Naval & Military Museum - NAD20
CFB Esquimalt Naval & Military Museum - NAD29
CFB Esquimalt Youth Activity Centre
CFB Esquimalt – Work Point
Chadwick Place
Chai Fasions
Chalet Road
Chalister Court
Chalmers Court
Chamberlain Street
Chambers Street
Champions Court
Champions Place
Champions Way
Champs Sports
Chan Place
Chancellor Avenue
Chancery Court
Chancery Lane
Chandler Avenue
Channery Place
Chantel Place
Chapel Heights Drive
Chapman Road
Chapman Street
Charles Dickens' Pub
Charles Place
Charlie's Trail
Charlotte & the Quail Restaurant
Charlotte Drive
Charlton Road
Charmar Crescent
Charmore Place
Charnley Place
Chartwell Drive
Chartwell House
Chateau Victoria Hotel & Suites
Chatham Street
Chatterton Way
Chatwell Drive
Chaucer Street
Che-et Moogh Lane
Che-et Moogh Place
Cheeseman Road
Chef on the Run
Chelsea Green
Chelsea Place
Cheltenham Street
Chemical Storage Building
Cherries Breakfast Bistro
Cherrilee Crescent
Cherry Road
Cherry Tree Bend
Cherry Tree Inn
Cheryl Place
Chester Avenue
Chester Fields
Chesterfield Road
Chesterlea Road
Chestnut Row
Chestnut Street
Cheverage Place
Chicken 649
Chicory Place
Chidlow Connector Road
Chief Robert Sam Lane
Chilco Ridge Place
Chilco Road
Chilco Trail
Child Care Centre
Child Care Complex
Children Petting a Cat
Chiltern Place
Chimo Close
Chimo Place
Chinese Cemetery
Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association Building
Chinese Pentecostal Church
Chinese Presbyterian Church
Chinese Public School
Chinook Place
Chipmunk Court
Chocolate Lily
Chocolats Favoris
Chorizo & co
Choux Choux Charcuterie
Chown Place
Christ Church Cathedral
Christ Community Church
Christadelphian Ecclesia
Christian Book & Music
Christian Life Church of Victoria
Christie Way
Christie's Carriage House Pub
Christina Drive
Christine Laurent Jewellers
Christine Place
Christine’s Hair And Nails
Christmas Avenue
Christopher Place
Chubby Dumpling
Chung Wah Mansion
Church and State Wines
Church Avenue
Church of Our Lord
Church of the Advent
Church of the Nazarene
Church Road
Church Way
Churchill Drive
Churchwood Place
Cinema Convenience Store
Cineplex Odeon Victoria Cinemas
Cineplex Odeon Westshore Cinemas
Circle Drive
Circle K
Cit-E Cycles
Citadel Place
Citation Road
Citrus & Cane
City Centre Plaza
City Centre Storage Lockers
City Electric Supply
City Gate
City Gate Boulevard


Clare Street
Claremont Avenue
Clarence Street
Clark & Co.
Clarke Road
Clarndon Road
Classic Dry Cleaners
Clatworthy Avenue
Claude Road
Claudette Court
Clawthorpe Avenue
Clayton Road
Clayton Trail
Clear View Road
Clearwater Place
Clement Road
Clent Street
Cleopatra's Bedroom
Cleveland Road
Cliff Drive
Clifford Street
Cliffwood Place
Clifton Terrace
Clinton Place
Clio Avenue
Clive Drive
Clive's Classic Lounge
Cloake Hill Road
Clovelly Court
Clovelly Terrace
Clover Avenue
Clover Point
Clover Point Anglers Association
Cloverdale Avenue
Cloverdale Paint
Cloverdale Traditional School
Clutesi Street
C.N. Woodward & Old Brentonian Sports Complex
Co-op Cardlock
Co-op Convenience Store
Coachwood Place
Coal Point Lane
Coast Capital Savings
Coast Collective Art Centre
Coast Guard Station Victoria
Coast Salish Man Welcome Post
Coast Salish Woman Welcome Post
Coast Spirit
Coast Wholesale Appliances
Coastal Community Credit Union
Coastline Church
Cobb Lane
Cobble Hill Road
Cobblestone Lane
COBS Bread
Cochrane Street
Coco Grill
Codville Place
Coffee Shop
Coffeehouse at Shoal Point
Colbourne Gardens
Colburne Place
Cold Comfort
Coldharbour Road
Coleman Place
Coleos Place
Coles Street
Colin Place
Colinwood Road
Collections by 5th Avenue
Colleen Court
College Road
Collinson Street
Colombo Place
Colonial Cafe
Colquitz Avenue
Colquitz Connector East
Colquitz Connector West
Colquitz Loop
Colquitz Middle School
Colquitz River Trail
Columbia Avenue
Columbia Drive
Columbia Fuels Cardlock
Columbine Way
Columbus Place
Colville Grocery
Colville Road
Colwood City Hall
Colwood Corners
Colwood Crescent
Colwood Fire Department
Colwood Pacific Activity Centre - C218
Colwood Pentecostal Church
Comerford Street
Comfy Wooden Chair
Commandant's House
Commander Court
Commerce Canoe
Commerce Circle
Commercial Alley
Common Sense Orthotics
Community of Christ
Community Savings Credit Union
Compass Pointe Place
Compressor Building
Compton Road
Con Brio Music
Con-Ada Road
Conard Street
Concert Stage
Conconi Place
Condor Avenue
Conforti Place
Congregation Emanu-el
Congregation Emanu-El
Connaught Road
Connect Hearing
Connected Through Our Roots
Connorton Lane
Constance Avenue
Constellation Avenue
Control Tower
Convair Place
Convent Place
Conway Road
Cook & Dan Polish Delicatessen & Cafe
Cook St Liquor
Cook Street
Cook Street Barber Shop
Cook Street Castle
Cookman Street
Cool Brook Place
Coombs Road
Cooper Road
Cooperage Place
Cooperidge Drive
Coopers Hawk Rise
Copper Rock Court
Copperfield Lane
Copperridge Lane
Copsewood Place
Cora Hill Place
Coral Ridge Drive
Coralee Place
Cordero Crescent
Cordova Bay
Cordova Bay Beach
Cordova Bay Elementary
Cordova Bay Golf Course - Bay Course
Cordova Bay Golf Course - Ridge Course
Cordova Bay Road
Cordova Bay United Church
Cormorant Point Pool
Cormorant Street
Corners Place
Cornerstone Building
Cornerstone Christian Fellowship
Cornerstone Close
Cornerstone Terrace
Corniche Court
Corniche Place
Cornus Court
Cornwall Street
Corona Foods
Coronation Avenue
Corridor Trail
Corrine Place
Corry Road
Cortez Court
Cortez Place
Cosmic Lights
Cosmos Pizza
Cosmos Pizza & Pasta
Costa Vista Place
Costco Gasoline
Costin Avenue
Cotlow Road
Coton Court
Cotoneaster Place
Cotswold Road
Cottier Place
Cottons and Blues
Cottontree Close
Cottontree Lane
Cottonwood Lane
Cottonwood Street
Cottyn Way
Country Club Parkway
Country Club Way
Country Grocer
Country Kitchen
Country Rose Pub
Country Terrace
Courser Drive
Court Alley
Court Place
Courtland Avenue
Courtney Street
Courtside Sports
Cove Crescent
Coventry Avenue
Covington Place
Cowerd Road
Cowichan Street
Cowichan Trading Company
Cowichan Valley Trail - Malahat Connector
Cowper Street
CPO1 James D. Carroll Building - NAD67
Craddock Street
Craft and Morris Block
CRAFT Beer Market
Craftsman Collision
Craig Court
Craigdarroch Castle
Craigdarroch Office Building
Craigdarroch Road
Craigflower Creek Trail
Craigflower Foods
Craigflower Housing Co-op
Craigflower Manor
Craigflower Road
Craigflower Schoolhouse
Craigiewood Court
Craigmillar Avenue
Craigo Park Way
Craigowan Road
Cranbrook Place
Crane Place
Cranford Place
Cranleigh Place
Cranmore Court
Cranmore Road
Crazy Horse
Crease Avenue
Creation Story Pole
Creations Art Gallery
Creatures Great & Small
Creed Place
Creed Road
Creekside Court
Creekside Trail
Creekview Lane
Crescent Road
Cressida Crescent
Cresswell Drive
Cresswell Road
Crestmont Close
Crestview Road
Crestwood Court
Crispin Place
Croatian Catholic Church St. Leopold Mandic
Crocus Lane
Croft Street
Crofton Place
Crofton Terrace
Cromar Road
Cromarty Avenue
Cromwell Road
Crooked Goose Bistro
Crooks Hall
Cross Street
Crossandra Crescent
Crossbill Terrace
Crosshaven Close
Crowhurst Place
Crown Crescent
Crown Palace
Crownwood Lane
Crumpled Bilge Keel of H.M.S. Amphion
Crust Bakery
Crystal Garden
Crystal Pool and Fitness Centre
Crystalview Drive
Crystalview Terrace
Cuaulta Crescent
Cubbon Drive
Cube Food Box
Culduthel Road
Cultra Avenue
Culture Craze
Cumberland Court
Cumberland Road
Cunnanes Lane
Cunningham Road
Curious Comics
Curlew Place
Curlew Street
Currandale Court
Currie Road
Curteis Road
Customs House
Cute Cottage at the City
Cuthbert Place
Cy Jenkins Trail
Cy's Viewpoint
Cycle BC Rentals
Cycles West
Cypress Road
Cyril Close
Cyril Owen Place
CYWH (Victoria Inner Harbour Airport)

D'Arcy Lane
Daffodil Avenue
Daffodil Place
Dagall Road
Dahli Place
Dairy Queen
Daisy Avenue
Dakota Café
Dakota Road
Dale Street
Dalewood Lane
Dalhousie Street
Dalkeith Avenue
Dallain Place
Dallas Road
Dallas Road Waterfront Trail
Dallimore Road
Dalmeny Road
Dalton Street
Damali Lavender & Winery
Damascus Food Market
Damelart Way
Damon Drive
Dan's Farm and Country Market
Danbrook Avenue
Danbrook One
Danby Place
Dangar Place
Danger Trail
Daniel Place
Daphne laureola
Daphne Place
Darcy's Pub
Darcy's Pub Westshore
Darryl's dive
Dartmouth Place
Darwin Avenue
Datatech Building
Dave's line
David Cameron Elementary
David Douglas Trail
David Graham Learning Commons
David Street
Davida Avenue
Davida Place
Davidson Avenue
Davie Street
Davies Road
Davin Street
Davis Court
Dawe Road
Dawn Lane
Dawnview Crescent
Dawson Drive
Dawson Upper Reservoir
Dawson Way
Day of Mourning
Daymeer Place
Days Inn - Victoria On The Harbour

de Goitière Jewellers

De Sousa Place

de Vine Vineyards

Deadbeetz Burgers
Deadman's Descent
Deal Street
Dean Avenue
Dean Cabin
Dean Park Lower Reservoir
Dean Park Road
Dean Park Upper Reservoir
Deborah Place
Deception Place
Decora Tile
DeCosta Place
Deeks Place
Deep Cove Chalet
Deep Cove Elementary
Deep Cove Market
Deep Cove Road
Deep Cove Winery
Deer Meadow
Deerbrush Crescent
Deerfield Place
Deerview Place
Deerwood Court
Deerwood Place
Deerwood Terrace
DeGoutiere Place
DeHavilland Way
Del Monte Avenue
Del Monte Lane
Del Monte Place
Delamere Road
Delatre Street
Delblush Lane
Delgada Road
Delicious Pizza & Pasta
Dellwood Road
Delmar Avenue
Delmar Place
Delora Drive
Deloume Road
Delta Street
Deltana Avenue
Demel Place
Demitasse Cafe
Demos Place
Denby Place
Denford Crescent
Denford Hall
Denice Place
Denison Place
Denison Road
Denman Street
Dennis Drive
Denrob Place
Densmore Avenue
Departures Travel
Derby Connector
Derby Road
Dereen Place
Derrick Road
Derrinberg Road
Deryk Houston - artist
Designers International
Desmond Drive
Despard Avenue
Destrube Place
Deventer Drive
Deville Road
Devlin Place
Devon Road
Devonshire Flowers & Food
Devonshire Road
Dewdney Avenue
Dewland Place
D.G. Bremner & Co
D.G. Bremner & Company
Diamond #1
Diamond #2
Diamond #3
Diamond #4
Diamond #5
Diamond #6
Diamond #7
Diamond Optical
Diamond Street
Diana Road
Diaphragm Climb
Dickens Liquor Shoppe
Dicker Road
Dickerson Place
Dickson Avenue
Dieppe Road
Dierks Place
Dig This
Digby Place
Dignan Road
Dinan Place
Ding Tea
Dingley Dell
Dining Reservations
Dining Room Restaurant
Director of Admissions Residence
Dirt Falls
Discovery Coffee
Discovery Island Light
Discovery Street
District of Highlands Municipal Office
District of Oak Bay Municipal Hall
District of Saanich Municipal Hall
Ditch Records & CD's
Divine Gem
Doane Block
Dobinson Street
Dock Street
Dockside Crescent
Dodd's Furniture & Mattress
Dog Walkers Loop
Dogwood Lane
Dogwood Road
Dollar Tree
Dolores Place
Dolphin Road
Dominion Road
Don Mee Seafood Restaurant
Don's Food Market
Donald Street
Doncaster Drive
Doncaster Elementary School
Doncaster Grocery
Doney Road
Donna Avenue
Donnelly Avenue
Donnington Place
Donovan Avenue
Donwood Drive
Dooley Road
Doral Place
Dorey Way
Doric Street
Dornier Road
Dorothy Lane
Dorset Road
Dorval Place
Dosa Paragon
Double Track
DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel & Suites Victoria
Dougall Avenue
Douglas Building
Douglas Connector
Douglas Obelisk
Douglas Scout Hall
Douglas Street
Doumac Avenue
Dover Road
Dowler Place
Downey Lane
Downey Road
Downham Place
Downhome Drive
Doyle Road
DQ Grill & Chill
Dr. John Sebastian Helmcken
Dr. Sun Yat-Sen
Dragon Alley
Dragon Dance
Dragon Lane
Dragonfly Hill Vineyard
Drake Avenue
Drake Eatery
Dreamcatcher Place
Dressler Road
Dron Place
Druce Lane
Drummond Way
Dryfe Street
Drystone Bridge
DTI Computers
Duart Road
Duchess Street
Dufferin Avenue
Duggan Place
Duke Road East
Duke Road West
Duke Street
Dukrill Road
Dumeresq Street
Dunbar Crescent
Duncan Lane
Duncan Place
Dundas Street
Dundonald Road
Dundrum Road
Dunedin Street
Dunelm Wynd
Dunford Avenue
Dunkirk Lane
Dunlevy Street
Dunlin Street
Dunmora Court
Dunn Avenue
Dunne Road
Dunnett Crescent
Dunsmuir Lodge
Dunsmuir Middle School
Dunsmuir Road
Dunsterville Avenue
Dupplin Road
Dupree Drive
Duracme Road
Durban Street
Durling Place
Durrance Close
Durrance Road
Dustin Court
Dutch Bakery & Diner
Dutnall Road
Dysart Road

E&N Rail Trail - Humpback Connector
E-Bike Canada
E.A. Morris Building
E.A. Morris Tobacconist
Eagle Beach
Eagle on the Decayed Pole
Eagle Reach
Eagle Ridge Community Centre
Eagle Rock Heights
Eagle Rock Terrace
Eagle View Lane
Eagle Way
Eagle Wing Tours
Eaglenest Place
Eagles Lake Road
Earl Grey Street
Earle Place
Earle Street
Earls Court
Earlston Avenue
Early Place
Earn Street
Earth Drums
East Garden Restaurant
East Saanich Road
East Shore Village
East Side Spur
Eastbrook Drive
Eastdowne Road
Easter Road
Eastern Star Hall
Eastgate Place
Eastlake Road
Eastleigh Way
Eastridge Crescent
Eastridge Place
Eastview Drive
Easy Rider
Eat Well Move Well Think Well
Eaton Avenue
EB Games
Ebadora Lane
Eberts Street
Ebizō Sushi
EBLES round pen
EBLES sand ring
EBLES warmup ring
Ebony Place
Ebony Terrace
Ebor Terrace
Echo Drive
Echo Place East
Echo Place West
Echo Valley Court
Echo Valley Drive
Echo Valley Place
Echo Valley Rise
Ecole Marigold Elementary
Ecology of a raised bog
Ed Nixon Lane
Ed Nixon Terrace
Ed Nixon Trail
Edd Tomczyk's Clubhouse
Eddie Bauer
Eden Place
Eden's Barber Shop
Edge Place
Edgecliffe Place
Edgelow Street
Edgemont Place
Edgemont Road
Edgeware Road
Edgewood Place
Edo Japan
Edward Jones Investments
Edward Street
Edwards Estates Road
Effingham Street
Egerton Crescent
Egret Close
Eiderwood Place
Eighth Street
Eileen Anderson Drive
El Furniture Warehouse
El Paseo Place
El Sereno Drive
Elaine Way
Elderberry Way
Eldon Place
Eldorbud Place
Electra Boulevard
Electric Avenue
Electric Avenue West Loop
Electric House
Electric Light
Elegante Place
Elevation Pointe
Elevation Pointe Terrace
Elford Street
Elgin Road
Elise Place
Elizabeth Ann Drive
Elizabeth C. McKenzie Memorial
Elizabeth Garden Court
Elizabeth Street
Elk Lake Baptist Church
Elk Lake Drive
Elk Lake Rowing Centre
Elk Road
Elkwood Road
Ellery Street
Ellice Street
Elliot Court
Elliot Place
Elliott Street Square
Ellis House
Elliston Avenue
Elliston Place
Elm Street
Elmhurst Place
Elna Road
Elnido Crescent
Elnido Road
Elrick Place
Elroy Place
Elsey Lane
Elsie King Trail
Elstree Close
Eltham Road
Elwood Avenue
Elysian Terraces
Emard Terrace
Embassy Inn
Emerald Close
Emerald Place
Emerald Pool
Emerald Road
Emergency 1
Emergency 2
Emerson Street
Emery Place
Emily Carr
Emily Carr Branch
Emily Carr Drive
Emily Carr House
Emily Carr Memorial
Emma Dixon Road
Emma Dixon Trail
Emmanuel Baptist Church
Emmy Place
Empire Donuts
Empire Street
Empress Avenue
Empress Hotel
End Dive
Enex Fuels
Engineering/Computer Science Building
Englewood Avenue
English Inn
English Oak
Enid Place
Enrico Winery
Enterprise Crescent
Envisage Hair Design
Epco Drive
Epsom Close
Epsom Drive
Epworth Street
Eric Road
Eric Sherwood Trail
Erie Street
Erindale Place
Erito Sushi
Ernest Avenue
Ernhill Drive
Ernhill Place
Erskine Lane
Esquimalt 912 Hair Design
Esquimalt Adventure Park
Esquimalt and Nanaimo Railway Roundhouse
Esquimalt Bake Shop
Esquimalt Cenotaph
Esquimalt Fire Rescue
Esquimalt High School
Esquimalt Naval Sites
Esquimalt Plaza Dry Cleaning
Esquimalt Recreation Centre
Esquimalt Road
Esquimalt Roasting Company
Esquimalt United Church
Esson Road
Estate of the Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia
Esteem Treatments
Estelline Road
Estevan Avenue
Esther Place
Eston Place
Estuary Walk
Ethos Place
Etienne Road
Eva Avenue
Eva Schnitzelhous
Evans Drive
Evans Street
Evelyn Heights
Evelyn Place
Eventide Road
Evergreen Place
Evergreen Terrace
Every Blooming Thing Florist
Everything Games
Everything Old
Excelsior Road
Exeter Road
Exotic Stone Countertops
Expedia Cruise Ship Centre
Extension Ladder
Eye Design Optometry

F. Moore Building
F-86 Sabre
Fagan Place
Fair Street
Fairburn Drive
Faircliff Lane
Fairfax Place
Fairfield Bike Shop
Fairfield Block
Fairfield Place
Fairfield Plaza
Fairfield Road
Fairhome Road
Fairhurst Avenue
Fairlane Terrace
Fairmeadows Place
Fairmont Place
Fairview Road
Fairway Avenue
Fairway Market
Fairway Market Athlone Court
Fairway Market Gorge Centre
Fairway Market Shelbourne Plaza
Fairway Market Sidney
Fairways Hotel on the Mountain
Faithful Street
Faithwood Place
Faithwood Road
Falaise Crescent
Falaise Drive
Falaise Place
Falcon Heights Road
Falkirk Avenue
Falkland Place
Falkland Road
Falling Sattelites
Falmouth Lane
Falmouth Road
Falstaff Place
Family Group
Fan Tan Alley
Fargo Place
Farhill Road
Farm + Field
Farmington Road
Farnsworth Road
Farrell Crescent
Farview Road
Fashoda Place
Faulkner Place
Fawcett Shoe Repairs
Fawn Place
Fawn Road
Fawn Terrace
Felice Salon & Spa
Felicita’s Campus Pub
Fell Street
Feltham Place
Feltham Road
Feltham Trail
Feng Shui
Fenn Avenue
Fenton Place
Fenton Road
Fentress Road
Fergus Court
Ferguson Road
Fermoy Place
Fern Cafe and Bakery
Fern Dell Trail
Fern Path
Fern Ridge Drive
Fern Street
Ferncliffe Place
Ferncliffe Trail
Ferndale Place
Ferndale Road
Fernhill Place
Fernhill Road
Fernie Wynd Road
Fernridge Place
Fernwood Auto Service
Fernwood General Store
Fernwood Pizza Company
Fernwood Road
Fernwood Square
Ferrie Road
Ferry Road
Fiamo Pizza & Wine Bar
Field 1
Field 2
Field 3
Field 4
Field 5
Field 8a
Field Street
Fielding Place
Fieldmont Court
Fieldmont Place
Fifteen Fifty's Pub Style Restaurant
Fifth Street
Fifth Street Centre
Fig Delicatessen
Filipino Mart
Filled Shed Storage
Filmer Road
Finch Building
Finch Place
Fine Arts Building
Finest At Sea
Finlay Lane
Finlayson Arm Road
Finlayson Place
Finlayson Point
Finlayson Point Beach
Finlayson Reach
Finlayson Short Circuit
Finlayson Skills Area
Finlayson Street
Finlayson View Place
Finnerty Road
Finney Road
Finn’s Seafood Chops Cocktails
Fir Tree Glen
Firbank Close
Firbank Lane
Firbank Place
Fircrest Place
Fire Drill
Fire Road
Fire+ Water Restaurant
Fired Up!
Firehall Creek Road
Fireside Grill
First Baptist Church
First Choice Haircutters
First Church of Christ, Scientist
First Memorial Funeral Services
First Metropolitan United Church
First Street
Fisgard Lighthouse
Fisgard Street
Fish hook
Fish n Chips
Fish O Chips
Fish on 5th
Fisher Building
Fisher Trail
Flag Drive
Flannagan Place
Fleet Street
Fleetwood Court
Fleming Street
Flesh Road
Flicker Lane
Flight Centre
Flint Avenue
Flora Lane
Florence Lake Road
Florence Street
Florence Terrace
Flow Trail
Floyd's Diner
Floyds Diner
Flury Heights
Flush Bathroom Essentials
Flute Lane
Flux & Stone
FLUX Media Gallery
Flying Firemen Park
Flying Otter Grill
Focus 500
Foggy's Vapor
Fol Épi bakery
Foot Locker
Foote Athletic Centre
Footloose Shoes
For Good Measure
Forbes IDA Pharmacy
Forbes Street
Forest Hill Road
Forest Park Drive
Forest Park Place
Forest Road
Foresters Cabin
Forestry Building
Forestry Lab
Forestry Offices
Fork Lake Road
Fork U!
Former Durrance Road
Former Victoria Law Courts
Formosa Place
Forrester Street
Forshaw Road
Forsythia Place
Fort Rodd Hill Road
Fort Royal Pharmacy
Fort Royal Pharmacy Hillside
Fort Street
Fort Street Cycle
Fort Techtoria
Fort Victoria
Fort Victoria Brick Project
Fortress Plotting Room
Forward Drive
Foster Street
Foul Bay Road
Fountain Bleu Apartments
Fountain Restaurant
Four Mile House
Four Mile Liquor Store
Four Points by Sheraton Victoria Gateway
Four Winds
Fourth Street
Fowler Road
Foxglove Terrace
Foxington Place
Foxridge Court
Foxwood Place
Frances Avenue
Francis View Drive
Franciscan Friars
Francisco Place
Francisco Terrace
Frank Hobbs Elementary School
Frank's Trail
Frankie's Modern Diner
Franklin Terrace
Fraser Building
Fraser Street
Fraser Tolmie Apartments
Fraser25 Convenience Store
Frayne Road
Frechette Street
Frederic Road
Frederick Norris Place
Frederick Norris Road
Free Kisses
Freedom Mobile
Freedom Mobile - Hillside Shopping Centre
Freedom Mobile - The Bay Centre
Freeman Avenue
Freeman King Visitor Centre
Freethy Place
Fremont Place
Fresh Tandoori Flavour Indian Restaurant Sidney
Freshly Squeezed
Freshslice Pizza
Freshwater Crescent
Friends of Dorothy
Friendship Community Church
Friendship Will Bridge The Pacific
Frisbee Trail
Frizell Road
Front Street
Frontrunners Westshore
Frost Avenue
Frost Avenue West
FRS Clipper Terminal
Fruit Trees and More
Fu Wah Express Cafe
Fudo Japanese Restaurant
Fuji Court
Fulford Harbour ↔ Swartz Bay
Fullerton Avenue
Fulmar Rise
Fulton Road
Fun Trail
Fung Hing Hong Chinese Herbs
Furber Road
Fuzzy Wuzzy Carpets

Gabbro Lane
GableCraft Homes HomeStore
Gabriola Place
Gabriola Road
Gade Road
Gail Place
Gail Wickens' Trail
Gair Road
Gait Lane
Gala Court
Galaran Road
Galaxy Approved
Galaxy Place
Galbraith Close
Galbraith Crescent
Galey Farms
Galey Way
Galiano Crescent
Galleon Books & Antiques
Galloping Goose Regional Trail
Galloway Road
Gamble Drive
Gamble Place
Game Road
Gamma Street
Ganges Crescent
Gannet Court
Garbally Road
Garden Chapel
Garden Gate Drive
Garden Grove Place
Garden Street
Gardenia Court
Gardenwood Court
Gardner Creek
Gardner Place
Gardner's Garage
Gardner's Pond Trail
Garkil Road
Garnet Place
Garnet Road
Garrett Place
Garrick's Head
Garrick's Pub
Garrington Place
Garry Oak Loop
Garry Oak Place
Garthland Place East
Garthland Place West
Garthland Road
Gary Oak Road
Gas Cylinder Storage
Gate House
Gate of Harmonious Interest
Gatehouse Lodge
Gateside Place
Gateway Baptist Church
Gateway Road
Gatewheel Road
Gatewheel Road Greenbelt
Gatewood Court
Gatsby Lane
Gaudin Road
Gault Crescent
Gauntlet Games
Gee Tuck Tong Benevolent Association Building
Gelateria Benvenuto
Gemi Hair Products
Genevieve Road
Genoa Place
Gently Touch Esthetics
Geo Gardens
George Fraser Memorial
George Jay Elementary
George Joe Building
George Richard XL
George Street
George Vancouver
Georges Trip
Georgia Cafe + Grill
Georgia Park Terrace
Georgia View Place
Gerard Place
Gerda Road
Geric Place
Get Wet
Ghost Ramen
Giant Bicycles
Gibbs Road
Gibraltar Bay Drive
Gibson Court
Gigi's Cafe
Gilana Court
Gilbert Drive
Gillespie Place
Gillie Place
Gillie Road
Gingerbread Cottage Bed and Breakfast
Girl Guide Hall
Girl Guides of Canada
Girou Road
Gitxan Pole, 1954/2
Gitxan Pole, 1960
Gitxsan Pole, 1954
Gizmo's Computer Exchange
Glacier Place
Glacier Ridge
Gladeson Lane
Gladiola Avenue
Gladstone Avenue
Glamorgan Road
Glanford Auto Service
Glanford Avenue
Glanford Greenhouses
Glanford Grocery
Glanford Middle School
Glasgow Avenue
Glasgow Court
Glasgow Street
Glass Beach
Glass Half Full
Glassview Lane
Glastonbury Road
Glen Forest Way
Glen Garnet
Glen Lake Fishing Pier
Glen Lake Road
Glen Lake Trail
Glen Lane
Glen Meadows Golf & Country Club
Glen Nevis Road
Glen Tara Lane
Glen Undine
Glen Vale Road
Glen Willow Place
Glenairlie Drive
Glencairn Lane
Glencoe Drive
Glencraig Place
Glendale Trail
Glendenning Road
Glendoik Way
Glendower Road
Glenelg Avenue
Glengarry Place
Glenlyon Norfolk School - Beach Drive Campus
Glenlyon Norfolk School - Pemberton Woods Campus
Glenmanor Place
Glennan Road
Glenoak Ford
Glenora Place
Glenridge Drive
Glenshire Drive
Glentana Road
Glenview Place
Glenwood Avenue
Gliddon Road
Glo Restaurant & Lounge
Global Village English Centres
Gloria Place
Glyn Oak Place
Glyn Road
Glynnwood Park Road
Goddard Road
Godfrey Place
Going Platinum
Gold Mine Trail
Golden Gate Road
Golden Lion
Golden Place
Golden Spike Place
Golden Spire Crescent
Goldeneye Way
Goldfinch Road
Goldie Avenue
Goldie the Goldminer
Goldmine Trail
Goldsmith Street
Goldspur Road
Goldstone Heights
Goldstream Avenue
Goldstream Bikes
Goldstream Campground
Goldstream Fish Hatchery
Goldstream Food Market
Goldstream Gatehouse
Goldstream Group Campsite - Goldminer (Lower) Site
Goldstream Group Campsite - Prospector (Upper) Site
Goldstream Group Campsite Drive
Goldstream Heights Drive
Goldstream Lodge
Goldstream Plaza
Goldstream Provincial Park HQ Drive
Goldstream Suspension Bridge
Goldstream Welcome Centre
Golf Town
Gonzales Avenue
Gonzales Bay Erratic
Gonzales Coffee
Gonzales Observatory
Gonzales Pharmacy
Good Earth Coffeehouse
Good Fortune Restaurant
Good Ovening Korean Pub and Oven Roasted Chicken
Good Things Consignments
Goodfellas Cigar Shop
Goodside Pastry House
Goodwin Street
Gordon & Maude Hatch Streetcar Barn
Gordon Head Lawn Bowling Club
Gordon Head Middle School
Gordon Head Recreation Centre
Gordon Head Road
Gordon Point Drive
Gordon Point Lane
Gordon Point Mews
Gordon Street
Gordon United Church
Gore Street
Gorge Plaza
Gorge Road East
Gorge Road West
Gorge View Apartments
Gorge View Drive
Gorge Waterway Nature House
Gosper Crescent
Gosworth Road
Goudy Field
Goulet Road
Gourman Place
Government Street
Government Street Gift Shop
Governor's Point Road
Goward Road
Gowdy Road
Gowlland Road
Gowlland Tod Provincial Pk
Goyette Road
Gozen Sushi Bar Izakaya
Grace Baptist Church Of Victoria
Grace Court
Grace Lutheran Church
Graceland Drive
Gracewood Terrace
Graduation Place
Grafton Street
Graham Avenue
Graham Street
Grainger Road
Granada Crescent
Grand and Toy
Grand Fir Trail
Grand Forest Close
Granderson Road
Grandis Place
Grandview Drive
Grange Road
Granite Street
Granrose Terrace
Grant Building
Grant Street
Granville Avenue
Graphite Place
Gratton Road
Graving Dock
Gray's Cafe
Graythorpe Place
Great Canadian Dollar Store
Great Canadian Oil Change
Greater Victoria Public Library - Esquimalt Branch
Greater Victoria Public Library, Central Saanich Branch
Greater Victoria Public Library, Goudy Branch
Greatford Place
Greek Orthodox Church of the Saviour
Green Acres Par 3 Driving Range
Green Block
Green Cuisine
Green Leaf Bistro
Green Leaf Vietnamese Bistro
Green Man Bikes Shop
Green Mountain Road
Green Oaks Terrace
Green Ribbon
Green Street
Green Vale Avenue
Green Wasabi Sushi
Greenglade Road
Greenhill Rise
Greenhouse Complex
Greenlands Road
Greenlea Drive
Greenlea Place
Greenmansions Place
Greenpark Drive
Greenpark Place
Greenridge Crescent
Greentree Terrace
Greenway Housing Cooperative
Greenwood Avenue
Gregg Place
Gregory Place
Greig Avenue
Greig Court
Grenadier Manor
Grenadier Road
Grenville Avenue
Grey Manor Road
Grey Oak Square
Greystone Estates
Greystone Place
Grieve Crescent
Griffiths Road
Griffiths Street
Griggs Terrace
Grilse Lane
Grob Court
Grosvenor Road
Grounds Building
Grousewood Place
Grove Crescent
Growlies For Pets
Gudewill Building
Guenter Place
Guernsey Street
Guinevere Place
Gulfview Place
Gull Road
Gullhaven Road
Gurunank Lane
Gustave Memorial
Guy Place
Guyton Way
Gwendolynn Drive
Gyro Beach Board Shop

Haagensen Court
Habit Coffee
Habitat Cafe
Habitat for Humanity ReStore
Hackamore Drive
Hackett Crescent
Hadfield Avenue
Hagan Road
Hagel Road
Haida Drive
Haida Pole, 1954
Haida Pole, 1966
Haida Pole, 1984
Haidey Terrace
Hair District
Halcyon Place
Haldon Road
Haley Rae Place
Haliburton Place
Haliburton Road
Haliburton Terrace
Hall Road
Halliday Place
Hallowell Road
Hallsor Drive
Halpern Centre for Graduate Students
Hamilton Road
Hamiota Street
Hamley Street
Hammond Court
Hammond Road
Hampden Road
Hampshire Road
Hampshire Terrace
Hampton Oaks Lane
Hampton Road
Hamsterly Beach
Hamsterly Road
Hanbury Place
Handy Court
Handy Road
Hannah Court
Hannington Road
Hanover Place
Hansen Avenue
Happy Valley Market
Happy Valley Road
Harbinger Avenue
Harbour House Restaurant
Harbour Lane
Harbour Road
Harbour Walk
Hard Drive Cafe
Harder Road
Harding Lane
Hardy's Bar & Grill
Harem Scarem
Harlequin Place
Harling Lane
Harlow Drive
Haro Park Terrace
Haro Road
Harold Green
Harrier Way
Harriet Road
Harris Green Liquor Express
Harris Victoria Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram
Harrison House
Harrison Street
Harrop Road
Harrow Gate
Harry's Flowers
Hart Road
Hart's Block
Hartfell Avenue
Hartford Green
Hartland Avenue
Hartland Landfill
Hartsdale Drive
Hartwig Court
Hartwood Place
Harvard Place
Harvest Lane
Haslam Avenue
Hasquiat Place
Hastings Street
Hatch Point Road
Hatch Point Trail
Hatcher Swamp
Hatfield Road
Hatley Drive
Hatley Lane
Hatley Park
Hatley Park Shopping Centre Branch
Haultain Fish & Chips
Haultain Street
Haunted Manor Mini-Golf & Ping-Pong
Hawes Road
Hawk Place
Hawkes Avenue
Hawkeswood Place
Hawkins Place
Hawthorne Place
Hawthorne Street
Hayden Court
Hayden Place
Haynes Road
Haystock Road
Hayward Heights
Hazel Street
Hazel's Ice Cream
Hazelton Place
Hazelwood Road
Hazlitt Creek Road
Head over heels
Head Street
Head Street Barber
Head's Residence
Header House
Headlines Haircare
Heads up
Heald Avenue
Health and Wellness Building
Health Centre
Health Essentials
Heart & Sole Shoes
Heart of Asia
Heart Pharmacy
Heart Pharmacy IDA
Heaslip Place
Heath Drive
Heather Ann Place
Heather Place
Heather Road
Heather Street
Heatherbell Road
Heatherdale Lane
Heatherly Road
Hecklers Bar & Grill
Hector Connector
Hector Road
Heddle Avenue
Hedgerow Drive
Hedgerow Place
Hedgestone Lane
Helemite Place
Helen Road
Helm's Inn
Helmcken Alley
Helmcken House
Helmcken Road
Helmken Meadows
Helmut Huber Food Services Building
Helvetia Crescent
Henderson Building
Henderson Estates
Henderson Hangar
Henderson Park Chip Trail
Henderson Park Golf Course
Henderson Recreation Centre
Henderson Road
Henderson Trail
Henry Avenue
Henry Avenue West
Henry Eng Place
Henry Street
Henry's Tailors
Henson Trail
Herald Street
Herbate Road
Herbert Street
Hereward Road
Heritage Acres
Heritage Court
Heritage Lane
Herman's Jazz Club
Hermes Close
Hermwood Lane
Heron Rock Bistro
Heron Street
Heron Way
Hespler Place
Hess Crescent
Hessington Place
Hewlett Place
Hey Darryl
Hey Happy
Heywood Avenue
Heywood Way
Hi-Mount Drive
Hibben-Bone Block
Hibbens Close
Hibberson Crescent
Hibbert Lane
Hickory Drive
Hidden Oaks Crescent
Hidden Oaks Place
Hidden Springs Falls Trail
Hidden Valley Drive
Hide & Seek Coffee
Hielwet Lane
Higgins Street
High Forest Place
High Park Place
High Point Community Church
High Ridge Loop Trail
High Ridge Trail
High Street
Highbank Road
Highcrest Terrace
Highfield Road
Highgate Road
Highland Road
Highlands Park Terrace
Highlands Volunteer Fire Department - East Hall
Highlands Volunteer Fire Department - West Hall
Highrock Avenue
Highrock Cairn
Highrock Place
Highview Place
Highview Street
Highwest Landfill
Hilarie Place
Hilda Street
Hill Rise Lane
Hill Rise Terrace
Hill Street
Hillcrest Avenue
Hillcrest Elementary
Hillgrove Road
Hillman Trail
Hillsborough Lane
Hillside Avenue
Hillside Centre
Hillside Printing
Hilltop Greenhouses
Hilltop Road
Hillview Avenue
Hillwood Road
Hilton Place
Hinks Road
Hipwood Lane
Hiser Field
Historic Nature Trail
Hl Victoria
HMCS Esquimalt
HMCS Royal Roads
HMS Warspite
Hobbit Lane
Hobbs Street
Hockering Road
Hockley Avenue
Hodgson Place
Hoffman Avenue
Holford Road
Holgate Lane
Holiday Inn Express & Suites Victoria - Colwood
Holland Avenue
Holland House
Holland Point
Hollings Road
Hollis Road
Holloway Street
Holly Park Road
Holly Street
Hollydene Place
Hollyhill Place
Hollyridge Place
Hollyridge Terrace
Hollywood Crescent
Hollywood Place
Holm Road
Holmes Peak
Holmes Peak Bypass
Holmes Realty
Holmes Street
Holy Cross Catholic Church
Holy Trinity Church
Holy Trinity Parish Hall
Homathko Drive
Home Hardware
Homer Road
Hometech Games Plus
Homewood Place
Honeycrisp Avenue
Honeysuckle Place
Hong King West Restaurant
Hood Lane
Hope House
Hope Key
Hope Lutheran Church
Hope Road
Hopesmore Drive
Hopesmore Place
Hopkins Drive
Hopkins Place
Hopwood Place
Hordon Road
Horizon Terrace
Horler Place
Hornby Place
Horseshoe Bay
Horticulture Centre of the Pacific
Horton Road
Hosaqami Totem Pole
Hospital Way
Hot Cherry
Hot House Pizza
Hotel Grand Pacific
Hotel Rialto
Hotel Sidney Resort Diver
Hotham Street
Houlihan Court
Houlihan Place
House of Knives
House of Lily Koi
House of Nutrition
House of Shiloh
Hovey Road
Howard Johnson by Wyndham Victoria
Howard Johnson by Wyndham Victoria Elk Lake
Howard Street
Howcrest Road
Howe Street
Howie's Car Corral
Howl Brewing
Howroyd Avenue
Hoylake Avenue
Hoylake Crescent
Huckleberry Court
Huckleberry Road
Huckleberry Terrace
Hudson Place One
Hudson Place Two
Hudson Street
Hughes Road
Hulford Street
Hull Road
Hull's Trail
Hully House
Humber Road
Humboldt Street
Hummingbird Place
Humpback Road
Humphreys Block
Hunt Road
Hunter Place
Huntingdon Manor
Huntington Place
Huron Street
Hurricane Road
Hurst Avenue
Hut A
Hut B
Hut E
Hut Q
Hut R
Hut V
Hut Y
Hutchinson Avenue
Hutchinson Place
Hutchinson Road
Huxley Street
Hyacinth Avenue
Hyack Air
Hybury Place
Hydro Main

I AM Sanctuary
Ian Street
ICBC Driver Licensing
Ice Cream Mountain
IDA Cridge Family Pharmacy
Il Covo Trattoria
Il Greco
Il Terrazzo
Ilene Terrace
Illahie - John Dean's Mountain Retreat
Illahie Loop
Illahie Trail
Ilona Place
Ilott Place

iluka espresso

In Er G Plant Alchemy
Inasal House
Inazo Nitobe Memorial
Incredible Home
Indian Aroma Restaurant
Indigo Lane
Individual Dry Cleaners
Industrial Plastics & Paints
Industrial Way
Inez Drive
Inglesia Ni Cristo Church
Inglewood Terrace
Initial Attack
Ink & Toner Medic
Inlet Avenue
Inlet Drive
Inn at Laurel Point
Inskip Street
Instrumentation Laboratory
Interactivity Board Game Cafe
International House
Interstate All Battery Center
Interurban Rail Trail
Interurban Road
Interval Avenue
Intervale Avenue
Inverness Road
Inwood Road
Iona Drive
Ireland Court
Iris Avenue
IRIS Optometrists
Irish Times
Irma Street
Ironwood Court
Ironwood Place
Iroquois Way
Irving Road
Irwin Road
Isabell Avenue
Isbister Street
Island Afrikan Supermarket
Island Batteries
Island Beltone
Island Blue Print
Island Falls Place
Island Golf Centre
Island Haircutting
Island Highway
Island Muffler & Auto Service
Island Pharmacy
Island Poké
Island Road
Island Savings
Island Savings Credit Union
Island Savings: Jubilee Branch
Island Training Centre
Island Travel Inn
Island View Back Door Trail
Island View Beach Regional Park Campground
Island View Place
Island View Road
Island Water Store
Islands Trust - Victoria Office
Italian Bakery
Itami Sushi
Ivor Road
Ivory Cove Plateau
Ivy Place

J. Burke & Sons Tobacconists
J Kitchen Korean & Japanese Restaurant
J&J Wonton Noodle House
Jack Main South
Jack's Place
Jack's Restaurant
Jackladder Lane
Jacklin Road
Jacks On The Water
Jackson Street
Jackson's Ice Cream
Jack’s Place Liquor Store
Jacobson Road
Jada Hairstylists
Jade Fountain Restaurant
Jade Place
Jadel Drive
Jagat Place
Jagdeep Place
JagHed Couture
Jagtar's Way
Jahn Place
Jalan Place
Jam Cafe
Jamaica Road
James Bay
James Bay Anglers Association
James Bay Athletic Association
James Bay Coffee and Books
James Bay Community School
James Bay Fish and Chips
James Bay Inn
James Bay Pharmasave
James Bay United Church
James Heights
James Island Road
James Joyce Bistro and Peacock Billiards
James White Boulevard
James White Boulevard West
Jamie Place
JamTots Baby & More Store
Janaud Close
Janet's Special Teas
Janza Studio
Japan Gulch Water Disinfection Facility
Jasmine Avenue
Jason Lane
Jason Place
Jasper Place
Jayhawk Place
Jazz Court
Jean Heights
Jean Place
Jeanine Drive
Jedburgh Place
Jedburgh Road
Jedora Drive
Jedson Road
Jedstone Place
Jefferson Avenue
Jeffree Road
Jehovah's Witnesses
Jelly Roll
Jenkins Avenue
Jenner Chevrolet Buick GMC
Jenner Road
Jennifer Place
Jennifer Road
Jennings Florists
Jennings Lane
Jenny Place
Jerome Road
Jersey Road
Jesken Road
Jessica Place
Jewett Place
Jia Hua Trading
Jiffy Lube
Jillian Place
Jim Pattison Lexus Victoria
Jim Pattison Subaru Victoria
Jim Pattison Toyota Victoria
Jimmy Road
JK's Bicycleitis
Joan Crescent
Joanne Place
Jocelyn Hill Trail
Jocelyn Hill Viewpoint
Jocelyn Place
Jodrell Court
Joe Stephenson Field
Joe's Berms
Joe's Family Pharmacy
Joffre Street
John Peak Trail
John Road
John Street
John Stubbs Memorial School
John's Bump
John's Place
Johnson Street
Jolivet Crescent
Jolly Place
Jones BBQ
Jones Terrace
Jonquil Place
Jordans Home
Jordans Warehouse Outlet
Joseph Street
Josephine Road
Josette Place
Journey for Lives
Jovi Road
Joy Close
Joyce Place
JR Slims
Juan de Fuca Arena
Juan de Fuca Golf Course
Juan de Fuca Lacrosse Box
Juan de Fuca Library
Juan de Fuca Recreation Centre
Juan de Fuca Terrace
Juan Francisco de la Bodega y Quadra
Jubilee Avenue
Judah Street
Judge Place
Judoba Place
Judson Place
Jugo Juice
Julia Street
Julie Ann Place
Junco Road
Juniper Gardens
Juniper Place
Juno Street
Jupata Way
Jura Road
Jury Lane
Jus Kun Road
Just in Time Towing
Just Matcha
Justine Place
Jutland Road
Jutta Gardens

K & A Chinese herbs Ltd
Kaboodles Toy Store
Kaiser Lane
Kal Tire
Kaleigh Lane
Kalitan Road
Kamel Point Village
Kami Court
Kamloops Avenue
Kanaca Place
Kandu Place
Kanishay Road
Kapoor Main
Kappo Marta
Karen Court
Karen Crescent
Karger Terrace
Karr Road
Kashtan Place
Kathleen Street
Kathlynn Lane
Kathy Lane
Katie's Pond Trail
Kay Street
Keally Place
Keating Coffee
Keating Cross Road
Keating Elementary
Keating Flyover Project
Keating Pizza
Keats Street
Kedge Anchor Road
Keeling Place
Keene Way
Keewatin Place
Keir Road
Keith Place
Kellow Place
Kelly Dawn Place
Kelly Road
Kelp Reef Adventures
Kelset Elementary
Kelsey Place
Kelvin Road
Kendal Avenue
Kenmore Road
Kenneth Street
Kenning Court
Kensington Place
Kent Apartments
Kent Road
Kentwood Lane
Kentwood Place
Kentwood Terrace
Kenwood Place
Kenya Place
Keparo Road
Ker Avenue
Ker Block
Kerrisdale Cameras
Kerry Park Recreation Centre
Kerryview Drive
Kersey Road
Kerwood Street
Keskiutl Bear Pole
Kestrel Ridge
Kestrel Street
Kettle Creek Crescent
Kettle Lake Drive
Kew Court
Keystone Victoria
KH Nails
Khalsa Credit Union
Kiddin' Around
Kids Cottage
Kildew Road
Kilgary Place
Kilipi Road
Killarney Lake Trail
Killarney Place
Killarney Road
Killdeer Road
Killdonan Road
Kilmalu Road
Kimberly Place
Kimpata Way
Kimta Road
Kincaid Place
Kincaid Street
Kinder Cup
Kindersley Road
Kindwood Forest
Kinetic Canine Solutions
Kinetic Court
Kinfauns Terrace
King & Thai
King Alfred Court
King Arthur Apartments
King George Terrace
King George VI
Kingbird Drive
Kingcome Crescent
Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses
Kingfisher Drive
Kingfisher Place
Kingham Place
Kinghorn Cabin
Kinglet Court
Kings Road
Kingsberry Crescent
Kingsgate Drive
Kingsley Place
Kingsley Street
Kingsmill Road
Kingston Street
Kingston Willows
Kingsview Ridge
Kingswood Road
Kinnoull Crescent
Kinross Avenue
Kinsmen Fieldhouse
Kinver Street
Kiowa Place
Kiowa Road
Kipling Street
Kirkpatrick Crescent
Kisber Avenue
Kisber Place
Kislingbury Lane
Kispiox Place
Kissako Sushi
Kittiwake Place
Kittyhawk Road
Kitwanga Place
Kiwanis Village
Kiwanis Way
Kiwi Road
Klahanie Drive
Kleewyck Road
KMS Tools
Knibbs Green
Knibbs Place
Knight Avenue
Knockan Close
Knockan Drive
Knockan Place
Knollwood Road
Knott Way
Knotty Pine Road
Knowledge Totem Pole
Knox Presbyterian Church
Knute Way
Knutsford Place
Kona Crescent
Kong Sin Wing Rooming House
Kootenay Place
Kosapsum Crescent
Koto Japanese Restaurant
Kremlin Street
Kristin Place
Kristina Place
Kristine Rae Lane
Kulshan Place
Kuma Sushi
Kuper Avenue
Kurves Brow Bar
Kwakiutl Bear Pole
Kwakwaka'wakw Heraldic Pole, 1953
Kwakwaka'wakw Honouring Pole, 1999
Kwakwaka'wakw Pole, ca 1981
Kwakwa̱ka̱'wakw Totem Pole
Kwao Thai Restaurant
Kwunew Kwasun Lane
Kyle Place
Kynaston Road

La Belle Patate
La Boutique
La Discotheque
La Fiesta Cafe
La Fogata Latina
La Fontaine Close
La Fontaine Place
La Fortune Road
La Quinta Place
LA Tanning

la Taquisa

La Vie en Rose
La Vie en Rose Outlet
Labrador Place
Laburnum Road
Lady Catherine
Lady Justice Mural
Lady Mae Uniforms
Ladysmith Street
Lafayette Street
Lagoon Food Market
Lagoon Road
Lagoon Trail
Laila Laila Hotpot
Lairds Gate
Lake Avenue
Lake Breeze Court
Lake End Road
Lake Hill Elementary
Lake Loop Trail
Lake Vista
Lakehill Place
Lakehurst Drive
Lakepoint at Westhills
Lakepoint Way
Lakeridge Place
Lakeshore Place
Lakeside Place
Lakeside West
Lakeview Avenue
Lakeview Glen
Lakeview Terrace
Lakewood Elementary
Lakewood Place
Lam Circle
Lambie Drive
Lambrick Park Church
Lambrick Park Pre-school and Child Care
Lambrick Park Secondary
Lambrick Way
Lamont Road
Lampson Place
Lampson Street
Lanai Lane
Lancaster Road
Lancelot Place
Landeen Place
Landing Lane
Landis Place
Landmark Victoria Teacher Strike
Lands End Café
Lands End Road
Lang Street
Langara Place
Lange Block
Langford City Hall
Langford Fire Rescue Station No. 1
Langford Fire Rescue Station No. 2
Langford Fire Rescue Station No. 3
Langford Heritage Branch
Langford Lake Road
Langford Lanes
Langford Parkway
Langford Parkway Trail
Langford Street
Langfords Fountain Diner
Langham Court
Langham Court Theatre
Langholme Drive
Langley Street
Langrish Mews
Langshire Drive
Langvista Drive
Lannon Way
Lansdowne Appliance Gallery
Lansdowne Middle School - North Campus
Lansdowne Middle School - South Campus
Lansdowne Road
Lansdowne Villa
Lapwing Place
Larabie Court
Larch Street
Larchwood Drive
Laren Road
Larendo Avenue
Lark Road
Larkdowne Road
Larkhall Road
Larkspur Lane
Larkvale Road
Laroche Fine Art Gallery
LaSalle Street
Lascelles Crescent
Lashburn Road
Latess Road
Latoria Boulevard
Latoria Rise
Latoria Road
Latoria Terrace
Lauder Road
Laughing Llama II
Laurel Lane
Laurel Road
Laurentian Place
Lauwelnew Trail
Laval Avenue
Lavender Avenue
Lavender Field Green
Lavinia Lane
Law Chambers Building
Law Place
Lawndale Avenue
Lawrence Road
Layritz Avenue
Layritz Place
Lazy Line
Le Burel Place
Le Clair Place
Le Petit Saigon
Le Pho
Leabrook Place
Leaf Compassion Cannabis Dispensary
Leaf Hill Green
Leal Road
Leap Forward Childcare
Learning and Innovation Centre
Leaside Avenue
Leaside Place
Leckfield Avenue
Ledger Building
Ledsham Road
Lee Avenue
Lee Block
Lee Cheong Building
Lee Mong Kow Way
Lee Valley Tools
Lee Woy & Company Building
Lee's Famous Recipe Chicken
Lee's House Asian Fusion Bistro
Leeds Court
Leeds Place
Leefield Road
Leeview Lane
Legacy Ridge
Leggett Lane
Leigh Place
Leigh Road
Leighton Road
Leila Place
Lekwammen Drive
Lekwungen Lane
Lemaire Court
Lemaire Place
Lemmings Run
Leney Place
Leonard Street
Leopold's Tavern
Leota Place
Lequesne Avenue
Leroy Place
Les Meadows
Les Passmore Seniors Centre
Leslie Drive
Leveret Place
Levista Place
Lewis Block
Lewis Clark Trail
Lewis Street
Lexington Avenue
Lexington Place
Leyns Place
Leyns Road
LGL Limited
Lianne Place
Liberto Road
Liberty Barbers
Liberty Cafe + Deli
Liberty Kitchen
Library Lounge
Library Road
Licorice Lane
Lidgate Court
Lieutenant-General E. C. Ashton Armoury
Lifestyle Markets Health Foods
Lifestyle Select
Lift Coffee and Juice Bar
Lift Poolside Bar & Grill
Lift Shed
Lifton Place
Liggett Road
Lightflower North
Lighthouse Cake Company
Lighthouse Connector
Lighthouse Extension
Lighthouse Lane
Lillian Road
Lillooet Heights
Lilmac Road
Lily Avenue
Lim Dat Building
Lime Kiln
Limerick Lane
Limestone Lane
Lincoln Road
Linda Lane
Linda Place
Linden Avenue
Lindholm Road
Lindsay Place
Lindsay Street
Lines Road
Linkleas Avenue
Linnet Lane
Linwood Avenue
Linwood Court
Lionel Street
Lippincott Road
Liquor Depot
Liquor Express
Liquor Planet
Liquor Plus
Lira Crescent
Lisnoe Avenue
Little Caesars
Little Eldon Place
Little Face
Little Gem Grocery
Little John Farm
Little Jumbo
Little June
Little Mt. Doug
Little Road
Little Thai Place
Little Tokyo
Littlewood Place
Littlewood Road
Livesay Road
Livingstone Avenue North
Livingstone Avenue South
Livingstone Close
Lizzy Lee & Me
Llandaff Place
Llanfair Crescent
Llewellyn Place
Lloyd Place
Lobo Vale
Lobo Vale Mews
Local Government House
Local Urban Bites
Locarno Lane
Loch Glen Place
Lochside Drive
Lochside Elementary School
Lochside Regional Trail
Lochwood Crescent
Lockehaven Drive
Lockley Road
Lodge Avenue
Lodgepole Road
Lodi Avenue
Lodmell Road
Loenholm Place
Loenholm Road
Log Cabin Clubhouse
Logan Avenue
Loganberry Place
Lohbrunner Road East
Lohbrunner Road West
Lohr Road
Loiacono Place
Loledo Place
Lolly Gobble Sweet Shop
Lomalinda Drive
Lomax Road
Lombardy Park
London Drugs
London Towne Gifts & Smokes
Londonderry Road
Lone Oak Place
Lone Tree Hill Park Road
Lone Tree Place
Long & McQuade
Long Gun Place
Longacre Drive
Longhouse Road
Longspur Drive
Longview Drive
Longworth Place
Lonsdale Place
Loo Tai Cho Building
Lookout Loop Trail
Loop Trail
Lopez Place
Loralee Road
Lord Nelson Way
Lordco Auto Parts
Loretta Drive
Lorimer Place
Lorimer Road
Lorne Terrace
Lorraine Road
Losana Place
Lost Airmen of the Empire
Lost Lake Road
Lost Trail
Lost Youth Totem
Lot 1 Pasta Bar
Lotbiniere Avenue
Lotus Street
Lou-Poy Child Care Centre
Louise Place
Lovat Avenue
Lovell Avenue
Lowe Road
Lower Diaphragm
Lower Fire Pump
Lower Jocelyn Loop
Lower Pump Track
Lower Shooting Star Trail
Lower Thetis Lake Trail
Lower Walkway
Lowland Road
Loyola Street
Lt. Robert Hampton Gray V.C., D.S.C., RCNVR
Lucas Avenue
Lucas Court
Lucille Drive
Lucky Bar
Lucky Paws Pet Supply
Ludgate Street
Lugrin Place
Lulie Street
Lum's Chinese Restaurant
Lumisenz Body Sculpting
Lumpy Pants
Lunar Court
Lund Road
Lunds Auction & Appraisal Specialists
Lung Kong Kung Shaw
LURE Restaurant & Bar
Lurline Avenue
Luscombe Place
Luther Court
Lutheran Church of the Cross
Lutheran Church Of The Good Shepherd
Luxton Avenue
Luxton Ball Park
Luxton Hall
Luxton Road
Lyall Street
Lydia Place
Lydia Street
Lyman Duff Lane
Lyme Grove
Lyn Crescent
Lynburne Place
Lynne Lane
Lynnfield Crescent
Lynnfield Place
Lynnhurst Lane
Lynnlark Place
L’ Apéro

M&M Food Market
M4A2(76)W Tank
Ma Miller’s Pub
Maber Road
Mable Carriage Works
MAC Cosmetics
Macan Place
Macaulay Point Pump Station
MacAulay Street
Macchiato Caffe
Macdonald Block
Macdonald Building
MacDonald Drive East
MacDonald Drive West
Machi Sushi
Machine Shop
Mackenzie House
Maclennan Trail
MacLeod Avenue
Macs Cycle Centre
Maddison Street
Maddock Avenue East
Maddock Avenue West
Madrona Drive
Madrona Farm
Magdelin Street
Magnolia Place
Magnum Place
Mahan & Pop's Donaire & Poutine
Mahon Building
Mahon Place
MAiiZ Tortilleria & Eatery
Maimie Place
Main Building
Main Hangar
Main Street
Mainwaring Road
Maison George
Maitland Street
Majestic Drive
Majestic Mechanical
Major Road
Malahat boat ramp
Malahat Bungalows Motel
Malahat Chalet
Malahat Gas
Malahat Main
Malahat Ridge
Malahat Skywalk
Malahat Viewpoint
Malahat Volunteer Fire Department
Malaview Avenue
Malaview Avenue West
Malcolm Road
Malibu Place
Mallard Avenue
Mallek Crescent
Mallow Court
Maltby Court
Maltby Place
Malton Avenue
Maltwood Close
Maltwood Lane
Maltwood Terrace
Malvern Street
Mamich Circle
Man and Science
Man With Dog
Manchester Road
Manchu Wok
Manhattan Place
Manley Creek Park
Mann Avenue
Mano Court
Manor Road
Manscape Spa
Maountain Warehouse
Maple Leaf Road
Maple Road
Maple Street
Maplebank Road
Maplegrove Place
Maplegrove Street
Mapleton Place
Maplewood Road
Maquinna Street
Marble Arch Restaurant
Marble Place
Marble Slab Creamery
Marcelo’s Coffee Shop
Marchant Road
Marcola Place
Marcott Close
Margaret Jenkins Elementary
Margaret Lane
Margaret Street
Margate Avenue
Margot Place
Maria Montessori Academy
Maria Road
Maria's Souvlaki
Marie Meadows Road
Marie Road
Marifield Avenue
Marigold Cafe
Marigold Pumping Station
Marigold Road
Marigold Service
Marilyn Bell
Marin Park Close
Marin Park Drive
Marina Way
Marine Technology Centre
Marine View Place
Mariposa Avenue
Mariposa Heights
Maritime Museum of BC
Marjean Place
Mark Lane
Market on Yates
Market Square
Market Street
Markham Street
Markinch Place
Marlborough Street
Marlene Drive
Marler Drive
Marley Court
Marlisa Place
Marne Street
Mars Street
Marsett Place
Marsh Loop Trail
Marshall Road
Martha Crescent
Marti Lane
Martin Ridge
Martin Road
Martindale Road
Martlett Drive
Marty Lane
Marty's Mountain Cycle
Marvette Place
Marwood Avenue
Mary Anne Crescent
Mary Brown's
Mary Ellen Place
Mary Place
Mary Street
Mary's Bleue Moon Cafe
Maryland Drive
Mason Street
Mason Street City Farm
Mason Street Farm & Victoria Edible Nursery
Massey Place
Massie Close
Massie Drive
Masters Road
Matheson Avenue
Matheson Place
Mathew Place
Matilda Drive
Matson Conservation Area
Matson Road
Matterhorn Court
Matterhorn Drive
Mattick's Wood Lane
Maud Street
Maude Hunter's Pub
Maureen Terrace
Maurice Lane
Maxine Lane
Maxwell Auto Parts
Maxwell's Barbershop
Maxxam Insurance & Realty
May Street
Maydorf Apartments
Mayfair Drive
Mayfair Gardens
Mayfair Village
Mayhew Street
Maynard Building
Maynard Court
Maynard Street
Mayne Avenue
Mayneview Terrace
Maywell Place
Maywood Road
McAdam Place
McAdoo Place
McAnally Road
McBriar Avenue
McCall Gardens Funeral and Cremation Service
McCallum Road
McCaskill Street
McClaren Road
McClure Street
McColl Place
McCoy Road
McDonald Park Road
McGeachie's Foam & Upholstery
McGeachie’s Foam & Upholstery
McGill Road
McGregor Avenue
McHattie Road
McHugh Road
McInnis Rise
McIntyre Road
McIvor Avenue
McKay Road
McKenna Court
McKenzie Avenue
McKenzie Bight Trail
McKenzie Creek Trail
McKenzie Elementary School
McKenzie Interchange Project Field Office
McKenzie Lane
McKenzie Professional Centre
McKenzie Street
McLaren Avenue
McLellan Street
McLeod Place
McLoughlin Point
McMicken Road
McMorran Place
McMorran Way
McMurdo Terrace
McNair Street
McNaughton Avenue
McNeill Avenue
McPhail Road
McPherson Library
McRae Avenue
McRae's Bistro
McTavish Lower Reservoir
McTavish Road
McTavish Road Store
McTavish Upper Reservoir
Meade Avenue
Meadland Road
Meadow Park Lane
Meadow Place
Meadow Trail to John Peak
Meadow Vale Drive
Meadowbank Road
Meadowbrook Road
Meadowland Drive
Meadowlark Lane
Meadowood Place
Meadowview Place
Meaford Avenue
Meares Street
MEC Bike Shop
MEC Mountain Equipment Company
Med Grill Restaurant
Medalist Avenue
Medana Street
Mediterranean & Middle Eastern Foods
Medway Street
MeeT on Blanshard
Mega Mart
Megan Court
Megaw Place
Melanie Lyne
Melba Place
Melcroft Street
Meldram Drive
Melfort Place
Melissa Street
Melody Place
Melville Drive
Memorial Crescent
Memory Express
Memory Lane
Menagh Place
Menawood Place
Menbow Ramen Bar
Mendez Place
Menzies Street
Mercer Place
Merchant Quarters General Store
Merchant Way
Meredith Crescent
Meredith Road
Merida Place
Meridian Avenue
Meridian Circle
Merle Drive
Merlin Road
Merrill Harrop Trail
Merriman Drive
Merritt Place
Merritt Street
Mesa Place
Mesher Place
Messob Ethiopian
Metchosin Golf Course & Country Club
Metchosin Road
Metro Inn
Metro Studio Theatre
Metropolitan Building
Mezzanine Sportswear
Mica Place
Micasa Place
Michael Hill
Michael Road
Michell Airpark
Michell Building
Michell's Farm Market
Michelle Place
Michigan Square
Michigan Street
Middle Road
Middle Trail
Middleton Street
Middowne Road
Midgard Avenue
Midgard Place
Midland Road
Midnight Place
Midwood Road
Milburn Drive
Mildred Place
Mildred Street
Mile Zero Beach
Miles Street
Milestones Bar & Grill
Mileva Lane
Mill Bay
Mill Bay Baptist Church
Mill Bay Church
Mill Bay Fire-Rescue Hall No. 1
Mill Bay Marina
Mill Bay Paint & Hardware
Mill Bay Pizza
Mill Bay Place
Mill Bay Road
Mill Bay Sushi
Mill Hill Road
Millennium Peace
Miller Avenue
Millgrove Street
Millie's Lane
Millington Place
Millpond Terrace
Mills Cove
Mills Road
Mills Road West
Millstone Drive
Millstream Creek Trail
Millstream Lake Road
Millstream Miniature Llama Farm
Millstream Road
Millward Building
Millwoods Court
Millwoods Trail
Millwright Place
Milne Block
Milne Street
Milner Avenue
Milton Street
Mimosa Place
Mina Avenue
Mina Walk
Minato Sushi
Mind Games
Miniature World
Mink Road
Minstrel Place
Minto House
Minto Street
Miracle Lanes
Mirah Road
Miramar Drive
Miramontes Drive
Miss Bliss
Mistvale Place
Misty Glen Place
Misty Rise
Misty Way
Mitchell Road
Mitchell Street
Mo:Lé on Millstream
Mocha Close
Mocha Terrace
Mockford Way
Modest Living
Modeste Demers
Moka House
Momi Noodle
MoMo Sushi
Monarch Place
Monica Place
Monica Terrace
Monk Office
Monk Office & Art
Monnington Place
Montcalm Avenue
Monte Vista Place
Monte Vista Way
Montego Drive
Monteith Street
Monterey Avenue
Monterey Middle School
Monterey Recreation Centre
Montford Crescent
Montgomery Avenue
Monthelene Place
Montreal Street
Montrose Apartments
Montrose Avenue
Moo's Pizza
Moody Crescent
Moody Gosset Building
Moody Street
Moodyville General Store
Moon Under Water
Moon Water Lodge
Moonlight Lane
Moonstone Loop
Moore Place
Moore Road
Moorgreen Place
Moorpark Place
Moresby Park Terrace
Moresby Street
Morgan Street
Morioka Friendship Project "Azumaya"
Morley Street
Morningside Close
Morningside Place
Morris Drive
Morrison Street
Mortimer Street
Moses Point Road
Moss Lady
Moss Park Gardens
Moss Ridge Close
Moss Rock Place
Moss Street
Mostly Open
Mother's Computers
Motion Specialties
Mount Baker Avenue
Mount Baker Road
Mount Baker View Road
Mount Douglas Cross Road
Mount Douglas Golf Course
Mount Douglas Golf Course Driving Range
Mount Douglas Park Charter
Mount Finlayson Trail
Mount McDonald Climbers Trail
Mount McDonald Main Wall
Mount McDonald Road
Mount Newton Centre
Mount Newton Centre Loan Cupboard
Mount Newton Cross Road
Mount Newton Seed Orchard
Mount Newton Trail
Mount Saint Michael Road
Mount Tolmie Market
Mount Tolmie Reservoir (Saanich)
Mount View Avenue
Mount Wells Drive
Mount Wells Main Wall
Mount Work Connector
Mountain Road
Mountain Road Forest
Mountain Top Road
Mountains Within Mountains
Mountbatten Place
Mountfield Street
Mountjoy Avenue
Mowat Street
Moxie's Grill & Bar
Moxon Terrace
Moyes Road
Mr. Fertilizer
Mr. Mikes
Mr. Tubbs Ice Cream
Mrs. Alfred Watt Memorial
Mrs. Stone
Mt Jeffery Trail
Mt Newton Cross Road
Mt. Stephen Avenue
Mucho Burrito
Muirfield Place
Mulberry Place
Multi Purpose SIAS Clubhouse
Multi-Purpose Range
Munchie Bar
Munn Road
Munro Road
Munro Street
Munro's Books
Murdoch Crescent
Muriel Place
Murphy Place
Murray Drive
Murray's Automotive
Murre Court
Museum Crescent
Musgrave Street
Mustard Seed Street Church
Musty Knucke
Mutsuki-An Japanese Restaurant
Mutter Road
My Name Is Sushi
My Thai Café
Myles Mansell Road
Mynabird Lane
Myra Place
Myrtle Avenue
Mystic Lane
Mysty Woods

N Trail
NAD 130
Naden Athletic Centre - NAD88
Naden Street
Naden Way
Nail Art 360
Nail Tékniqs
Nakini Place
Nanaimo Street
Nancy Hanks Street
Nancy Place
Nanuq Law
Naomi Place
Napier Lane
Narain Lane
NARU Korean Restaurant
Narvaez Crescent
Nash Place
Natasha Place
National Bank
National Car & Truck Sales
National Geographic IMAX
National Money Mart Company
Natural Park Place
Nature Centre
Nature Kinship House
Nature Trail
Natures Gate
Naughty Nellie's Fish & Chips
Naut'sa mawt Tribal Council
Nautical Nellies Steak & Seafood House
Navigation Court
Navigator's Rise
Navigator's Rise Phase II
Navy Court
Ned Williams Road
Neff Road
Neil Street
Neild Road
Nel Hamerton Place
Nelles Place
Nellie McClung Branch
Nellie Place
Nelson Street
Nelthorpe Street
Neptune Road
Neptune Stairs
Neptune Way
Nest Cafe
Nev Place
New Apostolic Church
New Life Community Fellowship
New Middle Trail
New York Fries
Newbury Street
Newcastle Court
Newman Road
Newport Avenue
Newstead Crescent
Newton Heights
Newton Place
Newton Street
NexGen Hearing
Nia Lane
Niagara Falls Trail
Niagara Grocery
Niagara Main
Niagara Mainline
Niagara Street
Nicholas Road
Nicholson Court
Nicholson Lane
Nicholson Street
Nicki Place
Nicklaus Drive
Nicola Place
Nigel Avenue
Nigel Gate
Night is for Sleeping, Day is for Resting
Night Shift
Nightingale Road
Nimmo Road
Nirwan Place
Nitinat Road
Nixon Building
Nixon Gym
Noble Road
Noel Place
Noelle Place
Nohra Thai Kitchen
Nomi Salon
Noodle Box
Noodle Fans
Nootka Road
Nootka Traders
Noowick Road
Nora Place
Norfolk Road
Norma Court
Norman Lane
Normandy Close
Normandy Road
Normanton Court
Normark Place
Norn Place
Norquay Road
Norris Road
Norseman Road
North Beach
North Dairy Road
North Douglas Pentecostal Church
North Hill Place
North Langford Recreation Centre
North Park
North Park Picture Framing & Collectibles
North Park Street
North Ridge
North Ridge Road
North Road
North Saanich
North Saanich Municipal Hall
North Saanich Volunteer Fire Department - Hall No. 1
North Saanich Volunteer Fire Department - Hall No. 2
North Trail
Northaw Close
Northbrook Drive
Northcott Avenue
Northern Junk Buildings
Northlawn Terrace
Northridge Crescent
Northridge Elementary School
Northwest Passage
Norwood Drive
Nottingham Road
Nourish Kitchen & Cafe
Nova Apartments
Nova Court
Novus Plants
Nubo Japanese Tapas
Nubo Kitchen + Bar
Nugget Terrace
Nursery Hill Drive
Nursery Road
Nymph Point Trail

O'Connell Place
O'Keeffe's Automotive Service
O'Toole Place
Oak Bay
Oak Bay Avenue
Oak Bay Barbershoppe
Oak Bay Beach Hotel Shop
Oak Bay Bicycles
Oak Bay Branch
Oak Bay Cenotaph
Oak Bay Cobbler
Oak Bay Fire Department
Oak Bay Flower Shop
Oak Bay Gospel Assembly
Oak Bay High School
Oak Bay Kiwanis Tea Room
Oak Bay Marina
Oak Bay Marina Coffee House
Oak Bay Optometry
Oak Bay Police Department
Oak Bay Recreation Centre
Oak Bay Seafood
Oak Bay United Church
Oak Bay Wines
Oak Crest Drive
Oak Hill
Oak Park Place
Oak Shade Lane
Oak Street
Oak Wood Lane
Oakdale Place
Oakdowne Road
Oakfield Crescent
Oakland Avenue
Oaklands Elementary
Oaklands Gospel Chapel
Oakmount Road
Oakridge Crescent
Oaktree Naturals
Oakview Close
Oakview Place
Oakville Avenue
Oakwinds Street
Oakwood Street
Oasis Nails & Spa
Obed Avenue
Oberlin Place
Observatory Road
Obsidian Place
Ocean Avenue
Ocean Avenue West
Ocean Boulevard
Ocean City Realty
Ocean Garden
Ocean Island Inn Backpackers
Ocean Park Lane
Ocean View Motel
Ocean View Place
Ocean View Road
Oceana Lane
Oceana Living
Oceanside Lane
Oceanspray Drive
Oceanwood Lane
Odeon Alley
Odlum Place
Odyssey Lane
Ogden Point Dive Centre
Oh Gelato
Okano Place
Okotoks Drive
Old Bamberton-Haul Road
Old East Road
Old Esquimalt Road
Old Joe's Trail
Old Mossy Road
Old Payoff
Old Salty
Old Totem Pole laying down
Old V and S Road
Old Victoria Custom House
Old Victoria Water Company
Old West Saanich Road
Old Woman and Child
Oldcorn Place
Oldfield Road
Oliphant Avenue
Oliphant Lake North
Oliphant West
Olive Branch Trail
Olive Olio's
Olive Street
Oliver Place
Oliver Street
Olivia Place
Olivia Residences
Olivine Mews
Ollie the Board Dog
Olsen Europe
Olympia Avenue
Olympia Ridge
Olympian Way
Olympic Drive
Olympic View Golf Club
On Hing & Brothers Store
On Hing Brothers Building
On Hing Building
On the Run
Once Upon A Child
One Less Car
One Stop Furniture & Mattress Inc
Ontario Drive
Ontario Street
Onyx Place
OPA! Of Greece
Opa! of Greece
Ophir Place
Ophir Street
Options Picture Framing
Orange Blossom Crescent
Orange Crush
Orca Place
Orcas Park Terrace
Orchard Avenue
Orchard Lane
Orchard on View
Oregano's Pizza
Oregon Avenue
Orelebar Crescent
Orelton Place
Organ Donor
Organ Pavilion
Origin Bakery
Original Farm
Original FARM Cannabis
Original Joe's
Original Pho Eatery
Orillia Street
Oriole Lane
Oriole Street
Orion Place
Ormond Street
Orono Avenue
Orrico Place
Oscar & Libby's
Oscar Street
Osgoode Place
Osprey Place
Osprey Street
Oswald Road
Oswego Street
Oswego Video
Our Children's Centre
Our Emily
Our Lady of Fatima
Our Lady of the Assumption
Our Lady of the Rosary
Our Lady Queen of Peace
Our Lady Star of the Sea
Oushine Salon & Spa
Out of Ireland
Out of the Mist
Outlook Place
Outrigger Loop
Overhead Gear Maintenance Bay
Owens Road
Owlwood Place
Ox King Noodles
Oxford Street

Pachena Place
Pacific Avenue
Pacific Christian School
Pacific Institute for Sport Education
Pacific Mazda
Pacific Paint
Pacific Pilotage Authority Canada
Pacific Ridge
Pacific Transfer Building
Pacific Village
Pacifica Paddle Sports
Paconla Place
Paddle Run
Paddock Place
Paddon Avenue
Page Avenue
Painter Road
Painter Trail
Paisley Place
Pakington Street
Palahi Place
Palamos Close
Palamos Street
Palisade Place
Pallisier Avenue
Palm Terrace
Palmer Close
Palmer Road
Palmer Station
Palmetto Place
Palo Alto Street
Palsson Place
Pamela Place
Panago Pizza
Panaview Heights
Panda Island Chinese Cuisine
Pandale Place Apartments
Pandora Avenue
Panhandle Trail
Panorama Drive
Panorama Place
Panorama Recreation Centre
Panther Street
Papa John's
Papa Moe's
Paperbark Crescent
Paradise Falls
Paradise Street
Paramont Place
Parandeh Lane
Park Boulevard
Park Drive
Park Pacific Terrace
Park Place
Park Ridge Place
Park Terrace
Park View
Park Way
Park's Kitchen
Parkcrest Drive
Parkdale Creek Gardens
Parkdale Drive
Parkdale Early Childhood Centre
Parkdale Evangelical Free Church
Parker Avenue
Parkland Secondary
Parklands Drive
Parkridge Court
Parkridge Street
Parkside Crescent
Parkside Place
Parkview Drive
Parkway Drive
Parkway Place
Parkwood Place
Parkwood Playground
Parkwood Terrace
Parlor Hair Boutique
Parlow Place
Parry Bay Sheep Farm
Parry Street
Parsell Place
Parsons Road
Part and Parcel
Parthenon Pizza
Partridge #35
Partridge Road
Pas Seul
Paskin Way
Passage Way
Passmore Street
Pastel Crescent
Patio Court
Patly Place
Patricia Bay Highway
Patricia Bay Path
Patricia Bay Visitor Centre
Patricia Place
Patricia Way
Patrick Place
Patryka Designs
Patsy Granfield Memorial Trail
Patterson Road
Pattison Pit
Pattison Way
Pattmatt Place
Pattullo Place
Paul Kane Place
Paul's Terrace
Pauquachin Lane
Pavel Court
Pavilion, Rock and Shell
Paws on Cook Pet Store Inc.
Pay Booth
Payton Place
P.D. Budge Memorial Hall
Peace Keeping Crescent
Peace Lutheran Church
Peacock Place
Pear Street
Pearce Crescent
Pearce Place
Pearkes Building
Pearkes Peak
Pearkes Road
Pearl Crescent
Pearl Street
Pears Road
Peatt Road
Pebble Drive
Pebble Place
Pechanga Close
Peden Lane
Peggy Anne Crescent
Peggys Court
Pelican Drive
Pelly Place
Pelter Place
Pemberton Memorial Chapel
Pemberton Road
Pembroke Mews
Pembroke Street
Pendene Place
Pender Lane
Pender Park Drive
Pendergast Street
Pendray Inn
Pendray Street
Pendray Tea House
Penelope Place
Peninsula Gallery
Penny Farthing Spirit Merchants
Penrhyn Street
Penshurst Road
Pentland Road
Pentrelew Place
Penwill Street
Penwood Road
Penzance Road
Peoples Jewlers
Pepin Court
Pepin Crescent
Pepin Place
Pepper's Foods
Percy Place
Peregrine Place
Perez Drive
Perimeter Close
Perimeter Place
Perimeter Trail
Perimeter Trail/Lookout Loop Trail
Permission Tree
Persian Grill House
Persimmon Close
Persimmon Drive
Persimmon Place
Perverted Ice Cream
Pet Planet
Peters Street
Peto Court
Peto Place
Pets West
Petworth Drive
Pharoah Mews
Phase Two
Pheasant Lane
Pheasantwood Place
Pheasantwood Terrace
Phelps Avenue
Phelps Connector
Phelps Trail
Phi Massage & Well-Being Centre
Philippa Place
Phillion Place
Phillips Tasting Room
Phipps Road
Pho Tru
Pho Vy
Phoenix Building
Phoenix Pub & Grill
Phoenix Street
Phyllis Drive
Phyllis Street
Physical Resource Building
Pick up/Drop off
Pickford Road
Pickles' Bluff
Piedmont Drive
Piedmont Gardens
Pier Bistro Restaurant
Piercy Avenue
Piermont Place
Piers Road
Pike Street
Pilatus Run
Pilgrim Coffee
Pilot Street
Pimlott Place
Pine Lighting
Pine Street
Pinehurst at Bear Mountain
Pinehurst Place
Pinehurst Terrace
Pinetree Road
Pinewood Avenue
Pinnacle Way
Pintail Place
Pioneer Log Cabin
Pipeline Road
Piper Road
Pipit Place
Pirate Pizza Company
Pistol Range
Pistol Range Park
Pitcombe Place
Pither & Leiser Building
Pitt & Hobbs
Pitt Place
Pizazz Pizza
Pizza Factory
Pizza Hut
Pizzeria Prima Strada
Pizzeria PrimaStrada
P.L. James Place
Planer Mill
Planet Organic Market
Plaskett Place
Platinum Place
Play Field - Glenlyon Norfolk School - Beach Drive Campus
Players Drive
Pleasant Street
Plover Court
Plowright Road
Plumer Street
Plymouth Road
Pocket Clothing Company
Poet Laureate Legacy Tree
Poetry Station
Point Ellice House
Point Street
Pointer Place
Police Officer and Child
Polished Perfect
Politano Place
Pollard Place
Polly Place
Polo Park Close
Polo Park Court
Polo Park Crescent
Polson Terrace
Polyanthus Crescent
Pomona Way
Ponderosa Crescent
Ponds Landing East
Ponds Landing West
Pondside Terrace
Pondwood Lane
Pooley Place
Popeye's Campground
Popeye's Supplements
Poplar Avenue
Poppies Floral Art
Porcher Place
Porlier Place
Porsche Centre Victoria
Port Angeles ↔ Victoria
Port Royale Estates
Port Victoria Trading Company
Portage Road
Portage West
Porter Block
Porter Road
Porter's Wood Furniture
Portland Place
Portsmouth Drive
Portway Place
Portwell Place
Powder Magazine
Powderly Avenue
Powell & Company Building
Powell Street
Power House Living Foods Co.
Powers Lane
Prairie Inn Neighbourhood Pub
Prairie Street
Praise Allah
Praisewood Terrace
Pratt Road
Premiere Suites Victoria
Prentice Place
Presley Place
Prestige Picture Framing Etcetera
Prestine Drycleaners
Preston Way
Prestwood Drive
Prevost Avenue
Price Bay Lane
Price Road
Prillaman Avenue
Prima Vista Place
Primrose Collective
Primrose Road
Prince Andrew Place
Prince Edward Drive
Prince Robert Drive
Prince Robert Lane
Princess Avenue
Princess Patricia Apartments
Princess Royal Scottish Regiment
Prior Building
Prior Castle Inn
Prior Street
Prisoner Wall
Pritchard Creek Place
Pritchard Creek Road
Privett House
Proctor Place
Producers Way
Progress Place
Promenade Crescent
Prometheus and the Vulture
Propeller Place
Prospect Avenue
Prospect Lake Elementary
Prospect Lake Market
Prospect Lake Road
Prospect Place
Prospect Road
Prospector Trail Viewpoint
Prospector Way
Prospector's Trail
Prosser Road
Proudfoot Place
Provenance Fine Things
Providence Place
Psychiatric Trail
Public Safety Building
Public Works Through The Years
Puckle Road
Puerto Vallarta Amigos
Puffin Place
Pullet Place
Pullman Close
Pullock Lane East
Pullock Lane West
Pullock Road
Purcell Place
Purdy's Burn Place
Purdys Chocolatier
Pure Loving’ Chocolate
Pure Vanilla Bakery and Cafe
Purple Martin
Pylades Place

Q at the Empress
Q bar
Q Pizza
Qoola Frozen Yogurt + Fruit Bar
Qu'Appelle Street
Quadra Elementary
Quadra Street
Quadra Village Apartments
Quadra Village Drug Mart
Quail Place
Quail Run
Quails Run
Quailwood Close
Quailwood Place
Quality Auto Service
Quality Foods
Quality Inn Downtown Inner Harbour
Quality Inn Waddling Dog
Quamichan Street
Quarry Street
Quarters for Marine Guard
Quatsino Drive
Quayle Road
Queale Electronics
Quebec Street
Queen Anne Heights
Queen Bee Nails & Spa
Queen Elizabeth II
Queen Elizabeth II Visit Commemoration
Queen Victoria
Queen's Grocery
Queenie Memorial
Queens Avenue
Queens Manor
Queensbury Avenue
Queenston Street
Queenswood Campus
Queenswood Drive
Queenswood Lane
Quesadas Burritos & Tacos
Quesnel Street
Quiet Lane
Quimper Street
Quince Cafe & Ice Cream
Quincy Street
Quiver Place
Quixote Lane
QV Cafe
QV Coffee House
Qwuc Chus Lane

Rabbity Trail
Rachel Anne Place
Radcliffe Lane
Radiant Way
Rae-Leigh Place
Raeview Crescent
Rafiki Place
Rafiki Way
Railway Avenue
Rainbow Crescent
Rainbow Hill Lane
Rainbow Street
Rainville Road
Rajpur Place
Ralph Bartley Blacksmith Shop
Ralph Street
Rambler Road
Ramsay Machine Works
Ramsay Place
Randall Place
Randles Lane
Rangemont Place
Ranger Place
Rankin Road
Rascals Pet Market
Rason Road
Raspberry Row
Rat Lake Trail
Ratcliffe Road
Rathdown Place
Rattanwood Place
Rattenbury Place
Raven Heights
Raven Ridge
Raven Spirit Health & Healing
Ravencrest Road
Ravenscroft Place
Ravensview Drive
Ravenwood Road
Ravine Way
Ray Dahl Optical
Raycroft Place
Raymond Street North
Raymond Street South
Raynerwood Place
Raynor Avenue
RBT Athletics
RCMP Island District
Re-Buy-Cycle Shop
Re: Assemblage
Re:Bar Modern Food
Readings Drive
Real Canadian Superstore
Real Deal Bedrooms
Rebecca Street
Rebellion Barber Shop
Rebellion Barbershop
Rechsteiner Road
Recreation Centre
Recyclistas Bike Collective
Red Alder Court
Red Barn Market
Red Cedar Cafe
Red Cedar Court
Red Dragon
Red Fish Blue Fish
Red Robin
Redbarn Market
Redbrick Street
Redbud Place
Redeemer Lutheran Church
Redfern Commons Informaion Board
Redfern Street
Redington Avenue
Redwing Place
Redwood Avenue
Reed Street
Reeve Place
Refire Kitchen
Refuge Tap Room
Regal Court
Regatta Landing
Regency Place
Regents Place
Regina Avenue
Reginald Place
Regional Laundry Services
Regional Trail
Reid Block
Reid Court
Reliable Parts
Religious Society Of Friends
Renart Place
Rendall Street
Renfrew Road
Rennie Place
Reno Street
Renouf Lane
Rental Car Service Centre
Repulse Street
Resolute Place
Resolution Way
Resthaven Drive
Resthaven Store
Restoration Hangar
Reunion at Belmont
Reunion Avenue
Revelstoke Place
Revercomb Place
Revilo Place
Rex Road
Rey Road
Reynolds Block
Reynolds Court
Reynolds Road
Reynolds Secondary
Rhapsody Place
Rhoda Lane
Rica Salsa
Rich Rags
Richardson Street
Richfield Terrace
Richland Place
Richmond Avenue
Richmond Road
Rideau Avenue
Ridge Pointe Place
Ridge Pond Drive
Ridge Road
Ridge Trail
Ridge View Terrace
Ridgebank Crescent
Ridgedown Court
Ridgedown Place
Ridgegrove Avenue
Ridgeline Drive
Ridgetop Cafe
Ridgetop Trail
Ridgeview Crescent
Ridgeview Rise
Ridgeway Place
Ridgeway Street
Ridgewood Crescent
Ridgewood Place
Ridley Drive
Riel Place
Rifle Pistole Range
Ring Road
Ripon Road
Rise Consignment
Rita Road
Rithet Street
Rithet's Bog
Rithet's Bog Conservation Area
Rithet's Bog Loop Trail
Rithetwood Drive
Rithetwood Place
River Otter
River Road
River Rock Place
Rivers Crossing
Riverside Drive
Riviera Place
Robalee Place
Robb Place
Roberlack Road
Robert Dunsmuir
Robert Street
Roberta's Hats
Robertson Street
Robin and Winnifred Wood Recital Hall
Robin Street
Robin Way
Robinia Place
Robinsons Sports Store
Robinwood Drive
Robinwood Place
Robleda Crescent
Robson Place
Rock Bay Avenue
Rock Bay Footwear
Rock Bottom
Rock Climb Bypass
Rock Dove Place
Rock Hill Place
Rock Street
Rockcliffe Place
Rockcrest Avenue
Rockcrest Place
Rockfish Divers
Rockhampton Close
Rockheights Avenue
Rockheights Middle School
Rockhome Gardens
Rockingham Road
Rockland Avenue
Rockland Place
Rockridge Place
Rockwell Avenue
Rockwood Road
Rockwood Terrace
Rocky Glen Road
Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory
Roderick Street
Rodney Road
Rodolph Road
Rogers Avenue
Rogers Building
Rogers Chocolates
Rogers Close
Rogers Court
Rogers Elementary
Rogers House
Rogers Lane
Rogers Ridge
Rogers Way
Rogers Wireless
Rogers' Chocolates
Rolla Place
Rolly Ridge
Rolmar Crescent
Rolston Crescent
Rolston Trail
Romeo's Pizza
Romney Road
Ronald Road
Rooftop Surfclub
Rosario Street
Rosborough Road
Rose Carousel
Rose Garden House
Rose Lane
Rosebank Gardens
Rosebank Road
Roseberry Avenue
Rosedale Avenue
Rosehill Road
Roseridge Place
Rosevista Place
Rosewood Victoria Inn
Roslyn Road
Ross Bay Pub
Ross Lane
Ross Street
Ross-Durrance Road
Rossiter Drive
Rossiter Place
Rotary Playground
Rotary Water Park
Rothesay Avenue
Rothnie Place
Rothwell Street
Rough Trade
Roundhouse Cafe
Rowan Street
Rowils Crescent
Rowland Avenue
Rowley Road
Rowntree Road
Roxy's Barbershop
Roy Place
Roy Road
Royal Bay Bakery
Royal Bay Drive
Royal BC Museum
Royal Canadian Legion - Branch 91 (Prince Edward)
Royal Commons
Royal Fuchsia Nails & Spa
Royal Inglewood
Royal Jubilee Hospital
Royal Lynwood
Royal Museum Shop
Royal Oak Avenue
Royal Oak Drive
Royal Oak Gardens
Royal Oak Mausoleum
Royal Oak Middle School
Royal Oak Post Office
Royal Oak Trail
Royal Oak Vacuums
Royal Roads
Royal Scot Hotel & Suites
Royal Spice Fine Indian Cuisine
Royal Terrace
Royal Theatre
Royal Wood Court
Royal Wood Place
Royston Close
Roza Vista Place
Rozon Road
Ruby Court
Rudlin Street
Rudy Road
Rudyard Road
Rung's Thai Massage
Running Room
Runnymede Avenue
Runnymede Place
Runway Fashions Boutique
Rupert Terrace
Russ Hay's The Bicycle Shop
Russ Hayes
Russell Books
Russell Street
Rusticana Coffee
Ruston Road
Ruth & Dean
Ruth & Dean Restaurant & Bakery
Rutland Road
Rutledge Street
Rutli Meadows Place
Ryan Street
Ryder Hesjedal Way
Rye Place

Sa,su Road
Saanich Baptist Church
Saanich Centennial Library Branch
Saanich Centre II
Saanich Commonwealth Place
Saanich Community Church Mennonite Brethren
Saanich Cross Road
Saanich Fire Station No. 1
Saanich Fire Station No. 2
Saanich Fire Station No. 3
Saanich Inlet Viewpoint
Saanich Peninsula Christadelphians
Saanich Peninsula Hospital
Saanich Peninsula Presbyterian
Saanich Police Department
Saanich Road
Saanich Schoolhouse
Saanich Trails mapboard
Saanichton Bible Fellowship
Saanichton Main
SaanniSunny Asian Market
Sabhai Thai
Sabina Place
Sable Place
Sacred Heart Catholic Church
Saddleback Road
Sadler Lane
Sage Lane
Sager's Home Living
Saghalie Road
Saigon Char-Broil Restaurant
Saint Andrew's Cathedral
Saint Ann's Schoolhouse
Saint Anthony's Pharmacy
Saint Charles Street
Saint Clair Place
Saint Francis Xavier Church
Saint George's Lane
Saint Giles Easement
Saint Giles Street
Saint James Street
Saint John The Divine
Saint Matthew's Street
Saint Paul's Place
Saint Peter's Protestant Chapel
Saint Sophia Orthodox Church
Saint Troy Place
Saint Vincent de Paul
Saje Natural Wellness
Sakura Sushi
Salal Place
Salamander Wall
Salem Terrace
Salish Place
Salish Sea Beach House
Salish Seaside RV Haven
Sally Bun
Salmon Road
Salon Amici
Salon Modello
Salsbury Way
Salt Chuck Pie Company
Saltair Crescent
Saltair Place
Salton Drive
Salty's Fish & Chips
Salty's Fish and Chips
Salvation Army
Sampler Trail
San Ardo Place
San Capri Terrace
San Carlos Avenue
San Clemente Place
San Cristo Place
San Fernando Place
San Jose Avenue
San Juan Avenue
San Juan Greenway
San Lorenzo Avenue
San Luis Place
San Marino Crescent
San Mateo Place
San Miguel Close
San Miguel Road
San Pedro Avenue
San Rafael Crescent
Sanctuary Court
Sandalwood Court
Sandell Place
Sanderling Way
Sandhill Lane
Sandover Crescent
Sandowne Road
Sandpiper Close
Sandpiper Lane
Sandpiper Street
Sandra Place
Sandstone Heights
Sandstone Lane
Sandwich Corner Cafe
Sandy Beach Road
Sangster Lane
Sangster Road
Sansar Apartments
Sansum Park Drive
Santa Anita Avenue
Santa Clara Avenue
Santa Fe Place
Santa Maria Avenue
Santa Maria Place
Santa Rosa Avenue
Santa Rosa Place
Santana Drive
Sapphire Road
Sarah Owen Place
Sarah Place
Sarita Place
Sark Road
Sarpino's Pizza
Sarpino's Pizzeria
Sassy's Restauant
Satellite Bar & Grille
Satellite Channel Ecological Reserve
Satellite Fish Company Fish Market
Satellite Road
Satellite Street
Saturna Place
Saul Street
Saunders Annex
Saunders Building
Saunders Lane
Saunders Street
Savannah Avenue
Save On Souvenirs
Save-On Gas
Saveur Restaurant
Savory Road
Savoy Place
Sawyer Road
Sawyer Sewing Centre
Say Ahhh...
Sayward Building
Sayward Hill Crescent
Sayward Hill Terrace
Sayward Road
Sayward Street
Scafe Cheater
Scafe Hill Climb (Push Up)
Scafe Hill Descent
Scafe Hill Loop Trail
Scafe Hill Loop Trail (North)
Scafe Hill Trail
Scafe Road
Scarborough Road
Scenic Drive
Schellenberg Place
Schofield Place
School District 62 Administration Office
School Store
School Yard
Schooner Close
Schooner Place
Schram Drive
Scohon Drive
Scollard Road
Scolton Lane
Scolton Road
Scoones Place
Scotch Broom and Cornflower
Scotia Green
Scotia Street
Scott and Peden Building
Scott Building
Scott Fitness Centre
Scott Street
Scottswood Close
Scottswood Lane
Scottswood Place
Scotty's Dog Shack
Scoular Place
Scout Hall
Scout House
Scouts of Canada Diamond Jubilee
Scrub Your Duds
Scrubby's Laundromat
Sea Aira Heights
Sea Cider Farm & Ciderhouse
Sea Container
Sea Dog Farm
Sea Dreams Marine Canvas
Sea Drive
Sea Glass Waterfront Grill
Sea Point Drive
Sea Ridge Drive
Sea Ridge Lane
Sea Ridge Place
Sea Terrace
Sea Terrace Villas
Sea View Road
Sea West Quay
Seabird Place
Seaboard Crescent
Seaborn Trail
Seabreeze Road
Seabrook Road
Seacliffe Road
Seacroft Place
Seafield Road
Seaforth Street
Seagate Apartments
Seahaven Terrace
Seahorses Café
Seamist Court
Seamist Place
Seamist Rise
Seamount Close
Seamount Place
Sean Heights
Sean Road
Seapearl Place
Seaport Place
Seashell Place
Seaside Place
Seaspray Drive
SeaStar Chemicals
Seaton Street
Seaview Road
Seaview Suites
Seaview Towers
Seawind Way
Seawood Place
Seawood Terrace
Second Avenue
Second Chances
Second Slice Pizza
Second Street
Second Street Tattoo
Secret Wall
Secretariat Way
Security and Campus Assistance Services Field Office
Sedger Road
Sedgwick Drive
Seenupin Road
Seesea Place
Selica Road
Selkirk Avenue
Selkirk Montessori School
Selleck Way
Selmar Road
Selwyn Close
Selwyn Falls Drive
Selwyn Heights
Selwyn Oaks Place
Selwyn Road
Sen Zushi
Senanus Drive
Sentinel Drive
Sentinel Place
Senwood Place
Seoul To Go
September 11 Memorial Tree
Sequoia Coastal Coffee
Sequoia Place
Sera Lane
Serena's Pizzeria and Hoagies
Serenity Place
Sergio Place
Serious Coffee
Serpentine Road
Service Street
Setchell Road
Setchfield Avenue
Sevenoaks Road
Seventh Street
Seventh-day Adventist Church
Seville Close
Sewage Lift Station #1
Sewell Close
Sewell Lane
Sewell Road
Seymour Hill Trail
Seymour Place
SH575 - RP Ops
Shadow Creek
Shadow Mountain
Shadow Ridge Place
Shady Creek Drive
Shady Creek Trail
Shady Creek United Church
Shady Lane
Shadywood Drive
Shadywood Place
Shaker Church
Shaker Church Road
Shakespeare Street
Shaman Headquarters
Shamrock Street
Shannon Place
Shanzee's Biscuit Café
Sharples Road
Shasta Place
Shatterbox Coffee
Shaw Avenue
Shaw Ocean Discovery Centre
Shawnee Road
Shawnigan Lake Road
Shawnigan Lake-Mill Bay Road
Shawnigan-Mill Bay Road
Shaylee Place
Sheam & Lee Building
Shear Bliss
Shearwater Street
Shearwater Terrace
Sheila Crescent
Shelbourne Barbers
Shelbourne Optical
Shelbourne Street
Shelbourne Street Church of Christ
Shelby Place
Sheldrake Place
Shelley Street
Sheppard Road
Sher's Bears
Sheret Place
Sheridan Avenue
Sherk Street
Sherman Jen Building
Sherringham Place
Sherwood Road
Shieling Place
Shiki Sushi
Shine Cafe
Shiner Place
Ship Point Plaza
Shipping & Receiving
Shipsview Place
Shirley Road
Shoal Harbour Pier
Shock Treatment
Shock Treatment Entrance
Shooting Star Place
Shooting Star Trail
Shop Task
Shoppers Drug Mart
Shore Way
Shoreacres Road
Shoreline Drive
Shoreline Trail
Shoreview Drive
Shorewood Road
Shorncliffe Heights
Shorncliffe Road
Shorncliffe Road South
Short Cut
Short Street
Shotbolt Road
Shuck Taylors
Siam Thai Cuisine
SIAS Storage (AKA "Great Barn of Goodness")
Siddall Road
Side Project Coffee
Sidewinder fall line
Sidney / North Saanich Branch
Sidney / North Saanich RCMP
Sidney Avenue
Sidney Bakery
Sidney Buy & Sell Furnishings
Sidney Cannery
Sidney Cleaners
Sidney Community Safety Building
Sidney Elementary School
Sidney Eyeland Optical
Sidney Fishing Pier
Sidney Harbour Chinese Buffet
Sidney Information Centre
Sidney Lawn Bowling Club
Sidney Lions Food Bank
Sidney Museum and Archives
Sidney Nail & Spa
Sidney Natural Foods
Sidney Pentecostal Church
Sidney Pharmacy
Sidney Retail
Sidney Scooters
Sidney Seaside Walkway
Sidney Skatepark
Sidney Station
Sidney Tire Auto Service
Sidney Vaccuums
Sidney Villa Coiffures
Sidney Volunteer Fire Department
Sidney Waterfront Inn & Suites
Sidney Waterfront Walkway
Sidney's Pet Centre
Sierra Park Lane
Sierra Place
Sigmar Place
Signs of Lekwungen: Celebrate Diversity
Signs of Lekwungen: Four Directions of the Eagle
Signs of Lekwungen: Four Seasons of the Salmon Family
Signs of Lekwungen: Seim Speaker
Signs of Lekwungen: The Cairens
Signs of Lekwungen: Walk in Two Worlds
Sikorsky Road
Silk Road Tea
Silver City Cinemas
Silver Rill Farm
Silverdale Place
Silverstone Way
Simcoe Street
Simister Place
Simkin Place
Simmons Block
Simon Leiser Building
Simon Road
Simple Remedies Herbal Solutions
Simplified Hair Shoppe
Simply Computing
Simpson Building
Simpson Road
Sims Avenue
Sinclair Place
Sinclair Road
Sioux Place
Sir Anthony Musgrave
Sir James Douglas
Sir James Douglas Elementary
Sir Matthew Baillie Begbie
Site Services
Sitka Way
Sitkum Road
Six Mile Liquor Store
Six Mile Pub
Six Mile Road
Six Side Skate Park
Sixth Street
Sixty Dallas
Sizzling Tandoor
S.J. Willis Alternative School
Skedans Place
Skedans Road
Skeena Place
Skinner Street
Skipper's Trail
Skippers' Path
Skirt Mountain Reservoir
Skirt Mountain Trail
Skogstad Way
Sktamen Trail
Skull Trail
Skunk Cabbage Loop Trail
Skyhaven Games
Skylark Installations
Skylark Lane
Skylark Place
Skyline Close
Skyline Crescent
Skyview Place

slash mess

Slater Place
Slater Street
Slaters Meats
Sleep Country
Sleepy Hollow
Slektain Trail
Sloan Terrace
Sloping Pines
Slow Burn
Sluggett Avenue
Sluggett Road
Small Craft Warning
Small Gods Brewpub
Smashin Fashin
Smith Foundry
Smith Place
Smokehouse Crescent
Smokey Smith Place
SMONEĆTEN (McDonald) Campground
Smuggler's Cove
Smuggler's Cove Liquor Store
Smugglers Cove Road
Smyth Farm
Smythe Street
Snack Bar
Snake Run
Snakes + Ladders
Sneaker's Computers
Snelling Street
Sneq'wa El'un (Blue Heron House)
Snowdrop Avenue
Sobering & Assessment Centre
Society of St. Vincent de Paul
Sofa King
Soft Moc
Sol Foods
Solarium Road
Solitaire Landing
SoLo Suites
Solstice Crescent
Soma Active Health
Somass Drive
Somenos Street
Somerset Street
Song Sparrow Place
Songhees Road
Sonora Park Place
Sonria Place
Sooke Flowline
Sooke Hills Wilderness Regional Park
Sooke Hills Wilderness Trail
Sooke Lake Road
Sooke Road
Sookjai Thai
Sorenson Books
Sound Hounds
Sounds Like Coffee
Soupa Cafe
South Circle
South Island Distance Education School
South Island Distance Education School - Beaver Lake Campus
South Joffre Street
South Pointe
South Ridge
South Ridge Plateau
South Ridge Trail
South Turner Street
South Valley Drive
South Valley Place
Southdowne Road
Southgate & Lascelles Building
Southgate Street
Southglen Drive
Southover Lane
Southridge Homes
Southview 30
Southwood Drive
Sparling Place
Sparling Real Estate
Sparrow Court
Sparrow Salon
Sparrowhawk Avenue
Sparton Road
SPCA Thrift Store
Speaker's Chair
Spectacle Lake Home Park
Spectacle Lake Home Park Office
Spectrum Community School
Speed Avenue
Speedy Glass
Spellman Place
Spencer Castle
Spencer Road
Spice Valley Indian Cuisine
Spieden Place
Spilsbury Place
Spinnakers Brewpub
Spinnakers Guesthouses
Spinnakers Liquor Store
Spinnakers Spirit Merchants
Spinnakers Spirits
Spiral Cafe
Spirals Hair Studio
Spire Creek
Spirit Close
Spirit of Victoria
Spirit Ridge Drive
Spiritwood Place
Spitfire Grill
Splashes Bath & Kitchen Show Room
Spooner Way
Spoons Diner
Sport Chek
Sports Rent
Sports Traders
Spotswood Terrace
Spotts Close
Spring Apartments
Spring Bay Road
Spring Road
Spring Tide
Springbank Place
Springboard Place
Springfield Street
Springhill Road
Springlea Road
Springridge Crescent
Springside Place
SpringTide Whale Tours & Charters
Spruce Avenue
Sprucewood Place
Squally Reach Viewpoint
Squally Reach Viewpoint Trail
Squeaky's Laundromat
Squire Street
SS San Pedro Memorial
SSL Sound Solutions Ltd
St. Aidan's Street
St. Andrew's Anglican Church
St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church
St. Andrew's Roman Catholic Cathedral
St. Andrews Street
St. Andrews Walk East
St. Andrews Walk West
St. Ann Street
St. Ann's Academy
St. Barbara's Place
St. Barnabas' Church
St Barnabas' Church Hall
St. Christopher's Montessori School
St. Columbia's Anglican Church
St. David By The Sea
St. David Street
St. Denis Street
St. Dunstans Anglican Church
St. Elizabeth's Church
St. Francis Wood
St. George Ukrainian and St. Gabriel Ethiopian Orthodox ተዋህዶ Church
St. George's Anglican Church
St. Jean Baptiste Paroisse Francaise
St. John the Baptist Heritage Church
St. John's United Church
St. Joseph the Worker Catholic Church
St. Joseph's Elementary School
St. Lawrence Street
St. Louis Street
St. Luke's Cedar Hill Anglican Church
St. Luke's Historic Cemetery
St. Margaret's Apartments
St Margaret's School
St Mary the Virgin
St. Mary's Anglican Church
St. Matthias Anglican Church
St. Michael & All Angels Anglican Church
St Michael and All Angels
St. Michaels University School
St. Michaels University School - Junior School
St. Patrick Street
St. Patrick's Parish
St. Patrick's School
St. Paul's United Church
St. Peter's and St. Paul's Anglican Church
St. Peter's Anglican Church
St. Peter's Close
St. Peter's Road
St. Philip's Anglican Church
St. Stephen's Anglican Church
St. Stephen's Memorial Church Hall
St Stephens Road
St. Vincent de Paul
Staats Place
Stadacona Avenue
Stafford Street
Stag Road
Stamboul Street
Stan Wright Lane
Stancil Lane
Stancombe Place
Standard Furniture
Standard Pizza
Stanehill Place
Stanhope Place
Stanley Avenue
Stannard Avenue
Star Cinema
Star-Lite Professional Dry Cleaning
Starling Lane
Starling Place
Staten Place
Station 105
Station 121
Station 125
Station 127
Station Avenue
Stautw Road
Steam Shed
Steamer Drive
Steamship Grill & Bar
Steele Street
Steep And Deep
Steep South
Stela I
Stela II
Stella Lane
Stellar Court
Stelly Street
Stelly's Cross Road
Stelly's Secondary
Step Ladder
Step Moss Close
Steve Fonyo Beach
Stevens Road
Stevenson Place
Stevenson, Doell & Company
Stewart Avenue
Stewart Connector
Stewart Mountain Road
Stewart Mountain Trail
Stewart Mountain Trail (North)
Stewart Switchback Climb
Stil Quee Mat Court
Still Life for Him
Stillwater Road
Stirling Way
Stirrup Place
Stitch It
Stoba Lane
Stock Home
Stockey Place
Stockton Crescent
Stockton Place
Stogrin Road
Stone Gate
Stone's Jewellery
Stone's Throw
Stone's Throw Lane
Stonehaven Passage
Stonehewer Place
Stoneridge Close
Stoneridge Drive
Stoneridge Place
Stoneywood Court
Stoneywood Lane
Stonington Place
Store Street
Stores Building
Stormont Road
Stormtide Way
Stornoway Drive
Story Lane
Story of Raven
Strachan Trail
Straight Up Cycles
Straith's Fine Clothing
Straits View Road
Strandlund Avenue
Strangcrest Place
Strange Street
Stranraer Road
Stratford Road
Strathcona Hotel
Strathdee Place
Strathmore Road
Strawberry Vale Elementary
Streamside Grocery
Streamside Place
Strom Ness Place
Stroud Road
Stuart Crescent
Stuart Park Terrace
Stubbs Place
Stubbs Road
Student Housing and Dining Project
Studio 1313
Studio A Hair Design & Beauty Bar
Studio Bauer
Stuffed Kitty
Stuffy Riders
Sturdee Street
Sturgess Avenue
Styan Road
Styles Street
Su'it Street - səʔít
Sue Mar Place
Suffolk Street
Sullivan's Barber Shop
Sült Pierogi Bar
Sumac Drive
Sumas Street
Summer Breeze Lane
Summer Oaks
Summergate Boulevard
Summerhill Crescent
Summerset Place
Summerstone Run
Summerwood Place
Summit Avenue
Summit Loop
Summit Trail
Summitwood Place
Sumner Place
Sun Estates
Sun Grove
Sun Hills
Sun Vista
Sun Wah
Sunbird Crescent
Sundance Drive
Sundance-Bank Elementary
Sunderland Road
Sunfield Crescent
Sunglass Hut
Sunheights Drive
Sunkist Close
Sunny Lane
Sunnybank Court
Sunnygrove Place
Sunnygrove Terrace
Sunnymead Place
Sunnymead Way
Sunnyside Avenue
Sunnyslope Drive
Sunnywood Court
Sunnywood Place
Sunridge Valley Drive
Sunrise Glen
Sunrise Records
Sunrise Terrace
Sunset Avenue
Sunset Bearlevard
Sunset Lane
Sunset Ridge
Sunshine Terrace
Sunter's Track
Sunvale Place
Super 8 Saanichton Victoria Airport
Superflux Cabana
Superior Pizza
Superior Street
Sura Korean Restaurant
Surf Motel
Surfside Place
Surjit Place
Surrey Building
Surrey Road
Surveyor's Trail
Susan Marie Place
Sushi Field
Sushi Island
Sushi Langford
Sushi Mago
Sushi Matsuri
Sushi Story
Sussex Place
Sussex Street
Sutcliffe Road
Sutherland Road
Sutlej Street
Sutton Road
Suzanne Place
Suzanne's & Jenny's
Swallow Place
Swallows Landing
Swamp Bypass
Swan Creek Recreation Centre
Swan Lake Nature House
Swan Lake Road
Swan Street
Swans Hotel & Brewpub
Swans Liquor Store
Swanson Place
Swartz Bay Ferry Terminal
Swartz Bay Passenger Loop
Swartz Bay Road
Swartz Bay ↔ Pender Island (Otter Bay)
Swartz Bay ↔ Tsawwassen
Sweeney-McConnell Building
Sweeny Todd's
Sweet Delights
Sweet Dreams Boutique
Sweet Factory
Sweet Talk & Lace
Swift Brewing & Good Time Tasting Room
Swift House Apartments
Swift Street
Swiftsure Place
Swindell Crescent
Swinford Street
Swipe Right

sxʷeŋxʷəŋ təŋəxʷ James Bay Branch

Sybronden Road
Sycamore Drive
Sycamore Place
Sylvan Lane
Sylvan Place
Sylvania Place
Sylvia Street
Symphony Place
Symphony Vineyard
Synod Road

T. Gil Bunch Centre for Performing Arts
Taco Justice
Taco Shell
Taco Time
Tacon Place
Tai Sang Company
Taine Place
Tait Street
Talcott Road
Tall Tree Place
Talon Ridge
Tamany Drive
Tamarack Road
Tamarin Place
Tammy Place
Tampico Place
Tanager Road
Tandoori Flavour
Tanger Place
Tanglewood Crescent
Tango Hair
Tanhill Place
Tanlee Crescent
Tanner Ridge Place
Tanner Road
Tanner's Books
Tantalon Place
Tanu Place
Tanzanite Place
Tapas on Oak
Tapping Road
Tarn Place
Tartan Toque
Tasco Close
Tashy Place
Taste of Tokyo
Tatlow Road
Tattersall Drive
Tattoo Zoo
Tatum & Olivia
Taunton Street
Tawny Place
Tayberry Terrace
Tayler Court
Taylor & Colt
Taylor Street
Taylor Way
TB 155
TB 45
Tbooth Wireless
TD Canada Trust
Tea at the Empress
Teakwood Place
Teakwood Road
Teale Place
Tech Noir Tattoo
Telegraph Bay Road
Telegraph Pit
Telegraph Road
Telsan Avenue
Telus CO
Telus Ocean
Temperate Place
Temple Avenue
Tena Place
Tennis Court Lane
Tennyson Avenue
Tennyson Place
Terasen Gas
Tercel Court
Teresa Place
Terlane Avenue
Terlane Place
Tern Place
Terrace Avenue
Terrahue Road
Terry Fox Memorial
Tetayut Road
Texada Terrace
Thai Corner
Thai Green Elephant
Thai Lemongrass
Thames Place
Thanet Road
Thank You Next
The Alders
The Amigos Carriageway
The Amigos Ring Road
The Apex
The Back Nine
The Bard and the Banker
The Barn
The BC Muslim Association
The Beach House
The Bell Buoy Barber Shop
The Bent Mast
The Big Orange Juice Bar
The Bishop's Palace
The Blackwood
The Blue Nile
The Blue Poppy
The Body Shop
The Bone & Biscut Co.
The Breakwater
The Brick
The Butchart Boar
The Butchart Gardens
The Cage
The Canadian Brewhouse
The Canadian Women's Army Corps (CWAC)
The Cedarwood Inn and Suites
The Centre for Active Living
The Chainsaw
The Children's Bookshop
The Chocolate Project
The Chopped Leaf
The Chord
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
The Church of Our Lord
The Churchill
The Cinema
The Circle at Swallows Landing
The Cloth Castle
The Clubhouse
The Coast Victoria Harbourside Hotel
The Cobbler
The Coriander Indian
The Cottage
The Cottage (HCP Library)
The Courtney Room
The Courtyard
The Cove
The Craigmyle
The Dolphins
The Drive
The Duke Saloon
The Emery Family Hall
The English Sweet Shop
The Ensuite
The Fabulous Find
The Fairmont Store
The Farmer's Daughter
The Fernwood Inn
The First Auspicious Feng Shui Site in Canada
The Fish Store
The Five & Dime Diner
The Flight Path
The Foam Shop
The Founding of the Canadian Naval Service
The Friendship Bell
The Gables
The Games Room
The Garry Oak
The General Store
The Goldspur
The Good Planet Company
The Gorge
The Grad House Restaurant
The Green Door Thrift Store
The Guild
The Hallway
The Hands of Time: Carrying Books
The Hands of Time: Carrying Point Blankets
The Hands of Time: Carving a Canoe Paddle
The Hands of Time: Cupping Dogwood Blossoms
The Hands of Time: Digging Camas Bulbs
The Hands of Time: Holding a Mirror
The Hands of Time: Holding a Railway Spike
The Hands of Time: Holding Binoculars
The Hands of Time: Panning for Gold
The Hands of Time: Performing with a Fan
The Hands of Time: Raising a Tea Cup
The Hands of Time: Tying a Rope to a Mooring Ring
The Haro
The Harrison Trail
The Haunted Bookshop
The Heights
The Herald Building
The Hidden Gem Treat Shop & Cafe
The Home Depot
The Homecoming
The Hook Sin Tong Charity Building
The Hot and Cold Cafe
The Hudson
The Humboldt
The Inn at the Union Club
The Ironwood
The Island Shoe Place
The Jack Davis Building
The Jack Long Trail
The Joint Pizzeria
The Keg
The Lake at Kettle Creek
The Landmark
The Langford Station Off-Leash Area
The Latch Inn & Restaurant
The Latest Scoop
The Lebanese Emigrant
The Lee's Benevolent Association
The Local
The Local General Store
The Loft
The Loft Art Gallery
The Mackenzie-Papineau Battalion
The Magnolia Hotel & Spa
The Mantra
The Market Garden
The Meadows
The Medicine Shoppe
The Military & History Bookshop
The Mill Pizza & Grill
The Mint
The Monkey Tree Pub
The Netherlands Centennial Carillon
The Newman Building
The next
The Noodle Box
The Old Farm Market
The Old Spaghetti Factory
The Old Trail
The Olde Post Office Building
The Orchard
The Orient
The Oswego Hotel
The Oxford
The Palms Restaurant & Lounge
The Papery
The Parkside
The Parkside Hotel & Spa
The Parsonage Cafe
The Pearl Residences
The Penny Farthing
The Piano Project
The Pink Bicycle
The Pinnacle
The Plunge
The Plunge Extension
The Proxima
The Q Apartments
The Q Centre
The Quartet
The Queen's Chambers
The Raven Soaring
The Rebel Garage
The Red Brick Cafe
The Redeemed Christian Church of God
The Redfern
The Reef Project
The Regional Assembly of Text
The Rise
The Roost Farm Bakery
The Root Cellar Village Green Grocer
The Ruby
The Russian Tailor
The Salvation Army Victoria Citadel
The Shieling
The Shire
The Sidney Pier Hotel & Spa
The Sign Shop
The Snooze
The Sour Pickle Cafe
The Source
The Spirit of Lekwammen "The Land of the Winds"
The Spracklen Room
The Sri Chinmoy Peace Mile
The Sticky Wicket
The Storage Room
The Strath
The Surly Mermaid
The Teahouse at Abkhazi Garden
The Thursty Vintner
The Tikka Bar
The Ultimate Water Store
The Union
The Union Club of British Columbia
The UPS Store
The Urge
The Vacuum Centre
The Veteran Sailor
The Vic Theatre
The Vicious Poodle
The Village
The Village Gallery
The Vista
The Wade
The Watering Garden
The Watermark
The Western Gentleman Barber
The Westin Bear Mountain Golf Resort & Spa
The Willows
Theatre Alley
Theatre Lane
Theh Le Lum Lane
Thelma Close
Thelma Place
Thetis Crescent
Thetis Lane
Thetis Vale Crescent
Third Street
Thistle Street
Thistlewood Drive
Thomas Earle Warehouse
Thomas Park Drive
Thomas Road
Thomas Street
Thompson Avenue
Thomson Cabin
Thomson Cabin Trail
Thomson Place
Thomson Road
Thornhill Crescent
Thornhill Place
Thorpe Place
Three Gringos Mexican Grill
Thrift on Fourth
Thrift Shop Annex
Thrifty Foods
Thrifty Foods Admirals Walk
Thrifty Foods Belmont
Thrifty Foods Cloverdale
Thrifty Foods Flowers & More
Thrifty Foods Liquor
Thrifty Foods Quadra
Thrifty Foods Sidney
Thrifty Foods Skatepark
Thrifty Foods Tuscany Village
Thrush Place
Thunder Bird Place
Thunder Road
Thunderbird Place
Thunderbird Trail
Thurlow Road
Tiara Close
Tibbitt Crescent
Tideline Lane
Tiedemann Place
Tiffany Place
Tiffin Place
Tile Town
Tillicum Building
Tillicum Centre
Tillicum Laundry and Drycleaning
Tillicum Road
Tim Hortons
Timber Lane
Timber Place
Timber Ridge Court
Timber View
Timberglen Place
Timberman Trail
Timeless Toys
Tinto Street
Tipton Avenue
Tivoli Gallery
TJ's The Kiddies Store
TLC Fibre Arts
Toast Cafe
Tod Road
Togo Sushi
Toilet Wall
Tolcross Avenue
Tolmie Avenue
Tolmie Lane
Tolmie Place
Tomack Loop
Tomley's Market
Tomlinson Road
Tommy Hilfiger
Toms Trail
Topaz Avenue
Topaz Bike Park
Topp Avenue
Topsoil Market
Torin Road
Toronto Street
Torpedo Run
Torpedo Run Walk Up
Torquay Drive
Torquay Elementary
Torquay Lane
Torquay Village Restaurant
Torrance Avenue
Torrington Place
Torrington Road
Tory Place
Totem Lane
Totemwood Lane
Toth Place
Tourism Victoria Visitor Centre
Tovey Crescent
Tovido Lane
Town Crier
Town of Sidney Municipal Hall
Town Pantry
Town Plaza
Town Square
Townee Road
Towner Park Road
Towner Road
Townley Place
Townley Street
Townsend Drive
Township Coffee
Township of Esquimalt Municipal Hall
Townview Terrace
Tracey Street
Tracksell Avenue
Tradewinds Avenue
Trafalgar Crescent
Trail Appliances - Victoria
Trail Way
Trailcreek Drive
Trailside at the Lake
Trailside Place
Trailwood Place
Trans Canada Trail
Transfer Street
Transit Road
Trap Range
Travelodge by Wyndham Victoria Airport Sidney
Traverse Close
Traverse Terrace
Travino Lane
Travis Place
Tre Fantastico
Treadwell Drive
Treanor Avenue
Treasure Island Collectibles
Treebank Road East
Treebank Road West
Treetop Heights
Trek Bicycle Store
Tremblay Drive
Trenchard Place
Trent Street
Trentelman Place
Trestle Place
Trevlac Place
Triangle Healing Products
Triangle Trail
Tribune Crescent
Tribune Terrace
Trident Place
Triest Crescent
Trig Vintage
Trillium Place
Trillium Road
Trillium Trail
Trillium West Shore Village
Trincomali Terrace
Trini to D Bone
Trinity Presbyterian Church
Triple Crown
Triple Play Sports & Games
Tripp Station Bike Park
Tristan Place
Triumph Avenue
Trolley Shelter
Troon Court
Tropical Island
Trounce Alley
Trout Lane
Trowsse Road
Trudeau Terrace
Trudie Terrace
True Boutique
Trumpeter Street
Trust & Harmony
Tryon Place
Tryon Road
Tsartlip Drive
Tsaykum Road
Tsehum Road
Tsimshian Bear Pole
Tuam Road
Tudor Avenue
Tug Eatery Restaurant and Bar
Tulip Avenue
Tulipe Noire
Tulsa Drive
Tumbo Place
Turgoose Terrace
Turkey Head Walkway
Turnberry Place
Turner Street
Turner's Bog
Turnmill Close
Turnstone Drive
Turnstone Ridge
Turnstyle Crescent
Turtle Hostel
Tuscan Lane
Tutor Way
Tuxedo Drive
Tuxedo Place
Tuzo Court
Twice as Nice
Twin Oaks Lane
Twin Oaks Village
Twin Pine Lane
Twin View Drive
Twin View Place
Twinning of Morioka, Japan, and Victoria, BC
Two Trees
Two Waters
Tye Chong Building
Tyee Road
Tyler Terrace
Tyndal Distributors
Tyndall Avenue
Tyndall Place
Tyne Court
Tzul-Hau-Met Lane

Uganda Avenue
Ukrainian Catholic Church of St. Nicholas
Umi Sushi Express
Underwood Lane
Union Club
Union Pacific Coffee
Union Road
United Empire Loyalists
United Floors
Unity Church of Victoria
Unity Feast '99
University Club
University Drive
University Farquhar Auditorium
University Heights Pharmacy
University Heights Shopping Centre Re-development
University House 1
University House 2
University House 3
University House 4
University Woods
Unmaintained Trail
Upcycle Clothing Collective Consignment And Quality Goods
Uplands Estates
Uplands Golf Club
Uplands Place
Uplands Road
Upper Goldstream Trail
Upper Park Drive
Upper Pump Track
Upper Terrace Road
Upper Thetis Lake Trail
Upper Walkway
Uptown Bistro
Uptown Boulevard
Uptown Phase III
Urban Creek Way
Urban Cup
Urban Grocer
Urban Planet
Urban Rise
Urban Timber
U.S. Customs & Border Protection
Used Car Centre
UVic Bookstore
UVic Enterprise Data Centre

Valdez Place
Valemount Court
Valencia Place
Valerie Place
Valewood Trail
Valhalla Lane
Valhalla Pure Outfitters
Valiant Place
Valley Avenue
Valley Trail
Valley View Place
Vallis Place
Valmont Place
Value Village
Van Isle Glass
Van Isle Way
Vanalman Avenue
Vancouver Island Fleet Repairs
Vancouver Island Regional Library - South Cowichan Branch
Vancouver Island School of Art
Vancouver Street
Vanguard Place
Vanland Road
Vantage Point
Vantilburg Crescent
Vantreight Drive
Vape Street
Varsha Indian Kitchen
Varsity Place
Vaughan Street
Veda Place
Vegas Convenience Store
Vela Place
Velvet Beauty Nail & Spa
Venross Place
Ventura Way
Venus Sophia
Vera Cruz Place
Verdier Avenue
Verdier Barber Shop
Verling Avenue
Vernon Avenue
Vernon Court
Verona Crescent
Verrinder Avenue
Vessel Liquor Store
Veteran and Teenager
Veteran Street
Veterans Drive
Veterans Memorial Parkway
Veyaness Road
Viaduct Avenue East
Viaduct Avenue West
Viart Road
Vic City Barbers
Vic Place
Vic West Skatepark
Vice Commandant's House
Vickery Road
Victor School
Victor Street
Victoria Alliance Church
Victoria Avenue
Victoria Bike Rentals
Victoria Bug Zoo
Victoria Butterfly Gardens
Victoria Canoe and Kayak Club
Victoria Cenotaph
Victoria Chinese Alliance Church
Victoria Christian Fellowship
Victoria Christian Reformed Church
Victoria Cider Company
Victoria City Centre
Victoria City Hall
Victoria Compounding Pharmacy
Victoria Conservatory of Music
Victoria Curling Club
Victoria Distillers
Victoria Electric Bikes
Victoria Fire Fighter Memorial
Victoria Fire Station No. 1
Victoria Fire Station No. 3
Victoria First Church of the Nazarene
Victoria Food & Florist
Victoria Foursquare Gospel Church
Victoria General Hospital
Victoria Giftplus
Victoria Gymnastics
Victoria handyDART Centre
Victoria Harbour Airport
Victoria Harbour Ferry
Victoria Harbour Ferry - Gorge Tour Route
Victoria Harbour Ferry - Harbour Route
Victoria Harbour Master
Victoria Health Unit
Victoria High School
Victoria Horseshoe Club
Victoria Hyundai
Victoria Inner Harbour Airport
Victoria International High School - Uplands Campus
Victoria Langford Branch
Victoria Lavender
Victoria Law Courts
Victoria Lawn Bowling Club
Victoria Main
Victoria Marriott Inner Harbour
Victoria Mental Health & Substance Use
Victoria Native Friendship Centre
Victoria Paper Box Building
Victoria Point Battery
Victoria Police Department
Victoria Police Department - West Division
Victoria Regent Waterfront Hotel & Suites
Victoria (Swartz Bay) Berth 1 (Foot Access)
Victoria (Swartz Bay) Berth 2 (Foot Access)
Victoria Transmission & Auto Care
Victoria View Road
Victoria Vision Eye Care
Victoria Waterjet
Victoria West Elementary
Victoria West Lawn Bowling Club
Victoria-Esquimalt Fortifications
Victorian Royal Suites
Victory Barbers and Brand
Vietnam Garden Restaurant
View Point Road
View Royal
View Royal Avenue
View Royal Food Market
View Royal Public Safety Building
View Royal Town Hall
View Street
View Street Pharmacy
Viewcrest Drive
Viewfield Road
Viewmont Avenue
Vikes Way
Viking Air
Villa Eyrie Resort
Village Cafe
Village Green
Village Way
Villages Pizza
Villance Street
Vimy Place
Vincent Avenue
Vining Street
Vinnie's Thrift Store
Viola Place
Violet Avenue
Violet Lane
VIP Powerline Ltd
Virago Crescent
Virgin Plus
Virtuous Pie
Vis A Vis
Vision Way
Visitor Centre
Vista 18
Vista Bay Road
Vista Heights
Vista Point
Visual Arts Building
Vitality Road
ViVi Therapy
Volkswagen Victoria
Volmer Road
Voutrait Road

W O Quarters
W&J Wilson
W&J Wilson Building
W&J Wilson Clothiers
Waddington Alley
Wade Place
Wagar Avenue
Wagonwood Place
Wah Laiyuen
Wain Road
Wakashan Place
Wakefield Place
Wakeman Road
Walcer Place
Wale Road
Walema Avenue
Walema Court
Walfred Place
Walfred Reservoir
Walfred Road
Walk Downtown Victoria
Walk In Comfort
Walk in Comfort
Walk Up
Walker Street
Walking Stick Lane
Wallace Drive
Walnut Street
Walter Avenue
Walton Place
Warbler Close
Warden's Garage
Warden's House
Warder Place
Waring Place
Wark Street
Warren Avenue
Warren Gardens
Warren Place
Warrior Point Trail
Wascana Street
Washington Avenue
Water Keepers' Pole
Water Road (MIke R) Oliphant <-> Powerlines
Water Ski Beach
Water, Wetlands & Watersheds
Waterfront Crescent
Waterfront Industries
Waterlily Lane
Waterloo Place
Waterloo Road
Waterman Road
Waters Edge Road
Waterside Cooperative
Waterview Close
Watkiss Way
Watson Street
Waugh Creek Falls Viewpoint
Wavecrest Place
Waverly Terrace
Waxwing Place
Way Sang Yuen herbalist shop
Weald Road
Wear It's At Boutique
Weaver Place
Webb Place
Webster & Company Building
Webster Place
Wedgepoint Terrace
Weiler Avenue
Weiler Brothers Warerooms
Weiler Building
Welch Road
Welcome Centre
Wellesley Crescent
Wellington Avenue
Wellington Manor
Wellsmith Crescent
Wellwise by Shoppers
Wende Road
Wendey Drive
Wendonna Place
Wenger Terrace
Wenman Drive
Wenman Place
Wentwich Road
Werra Landing
Werra Road
Wesbrook Drive
Wesley Court
Wesley Place
Wesley Road
Wessex Close
Wessex Crescent
West 49
West Access
West Bay Landing
West Bay Terrace
West Campus Gate
West Campus Road
West Campus Way
West Coast Appliance Gallery
West Coast Spirit
West Coast Waffles
West End Gallery
West Oak Place
West Park Lane
West Park Place
West Road
West Saanich Road
West Saanich School
West Shore Business Park
West Shore Child, Youth & Family Centre
West Shore Parkway
West Shore RCMP
West Shore U-Lock Mini Storage
West View Road
West Viewpoint
West Viewpoint Trail
Westall Avenue
Westbank Street
Westbay Quay
Westbourne Place
Westbrook Homestyle Laundromat
Westbury Road
Westdowne Road
Westerly Place
Western Communities Courthouse
Westervelt Place
Westhills Arena
Westhills Drive
Westhome Road
Westing Road
Westleigh Way
Westoby Road
Westover Place
Westport Place
Westridge Place
WestShore Branch
Westshore Chamber of Commerce
Westshore Family Fun Park
Westshore Jewelry
Westshore Spring and 4x4
Westshore Town Centre
Westsong Walkway
Westview Gospel Chapel
Westview Place
Westwind Drive
Westwood Place
Wetherby Road
W.G. Cameron Building
Wharf Street
Wheaton Chevrolet Buick Cadillac GMC
Wheelies Cafe
Whidby Lane
Whimbrel Place
Whimfield Terrace
Whirlaway Crescent
Whiskers Urban Ranch
Whiskey Point Road
Whisper Green Estates
Whispering Oak Drive
Whisperwind Place
Whistle Buoy Brewing Company
White Birch Road
White Heather Tea Room
White Peony
White Pine Road
White Pine Terrace
White Road
White Rock Street
White Spot
Whitehall Spirit
Whitehead Place
Whitehorn Place
Whiteside Street
Whitney Court
Whittaker Road
Whittall House
Whittier Avenue
Who's Your Daddy
Whole Foods Market
Wickheim Road
Wicklow Place
Wicklow Street
Widgeon Drive
Wigged Out Hair Studio
Wilcox Terrace
Wild Berry Bend
Wild Birds Unlimited
Wild Blossom Court
Wild Cherry Drive
Wild Country Lane
Wild Island Eats
Wild Pond Lane
Wild Ridge Way
Wild Rose Lane
Wildcat Trail
Wildfire Bakery
Wildflower Lane
Wildflower Place
Wildview Crescent
Wildwood Avenue
Wildwood Health & Performance
Wilf Sadler Field
Wilfert Road
Wilhelmina Way
Wilkinson Road
Will the Thrill
Willerton Road
Willet Street
William Street
William T. Ross Academic Centre
Williams Block
Williams Hill
Williams Road
Willing Drive
Willingdon Road
Willis Point Connector
Willis Point Road
Willis Point Volunteer Fire Department
Willow King Spa
Willow Lane
Willow Road
Willow Stream Spa
Willow Street
Willow Way
Willow Way Trail
Willowbrook Place
Willowdale Road
Willows Elementary
Willows Galley
Willshire Drive
Willway Elementary
Wilmer Street
Wilmot Place
Wilson Building
Wilson Heights
Wilson Road
Wilson Street
Wilspencer Place
Wiltshire Road
WIN Resale Shop
Win Way
Winchester Road
Wincott Road
Windermere Place
Windman Court
Windman Lane
Windship Place
Windsong Place
Windsor Cafe
Windsor Road
Windthrop Road
Wine By You
Wing's Restaurant
Winks Convenience Store
Winmeadow Place
Winnifred Place
Winster Road
Winston Crescent
Winston L.S. Churchill
Winter Road
Winterburn Place
Winton Street
Wiseton Street
Wishart Elementary
Wishart Place
Wishart Road
Wisteria Place
Wjolelp Pump
Wolf Street
Wollaston Street
Wolsey Place
Women in the First World War
Wood Street
Wood Violet Lane
Woodbine Court
Woodburn Avenue
Woodcreek Drive
Woodcreek Place
Woodcrest Place
Woodend Place
Woodend Road
Woodhall Drive
Woodhampton Rise
Woodhaven Terrace
Woodheath Lane
Woodhouse Road
Woodland Trail
Woodlands Viewing Platform
Woodlawn Crescent
Woodley Road
Woodpark Drive
Woodpecker Place
Woodridge Connector
Woodridge Place
Woodruff Road
Woodsend Drive
Woodside Place
Woodstock Avenue
Woodsview Lane
Woodsview Place
Woodville Place
Woodward Drive
Woodward Trail
Woodway Road
Woodworking Shop
Woodwyn Terrace
Wootton Crescent
Wordsley Street
Wordsworth Street
Working Culture Bread
WorldMark Victoria
Worrall Drive
Worthington Place
Worthington Road
Wow Hair Design
Wraithscafe (Lower)
Wraithscafe (Upper)
Wray Avenue
WREN Apparel
Wren Place
Wrenwood Court
Wurtele Arena - NAD100
Wurtele Place
WW2 Observation Tower
Wychbury Avenue
Wycliffe Place
Wyndeatt Avenue
Wynwood Close
W̱MÍYEŦEN Nature Sanctuary

Xin Korean Restaurant
Xing Fu Tang
Xpaen Lane

Yale Street
Yami Sushi
Yarrow Place
Yates Block
Yates Street
Yee King Yum Building
Yen Wo Society Building
Yerba Close
Yeta Terrace
Yew Street
Yewtree Place
YMCA/YWCA Childcare
YMCA/YWCA Westhills
Yokidomo Sushi
Yokohama Sushi
Yonni's Doughnuts
York Place
York Ridge Place
Yorkshire Place
Yoshi Sushi
Young Place
Young Street
Young's Restaurant
Your Dollar Store With More
Yukon Road
Yukon Street
Yumbrosia Fine Foods European & Mediterranean Deli

Zanita Heights
Zapata Place
Zealous Crescent
Zela Street
Zin Sushi & Noodle
Zinnia Court
Zinnia Road
Zombie Wall

Ècole Macaulay Elementary School
Ècole Victor–Brodeur


ȾIKEL (Maber Flats)