Welcome to BBBike - your cycle journey planner! We'll help you find a nice, safe and short bike route in Waterloo and around.

Please click on a street or point of interest (POI) to start the route search:


1 - Queen / River
1 Hour Signs
10 - Pioneer via Mill Park
10 Sideroad
10 Sideroad North
100 Steps
1001 nights shawarma
104th Crescent
12 Sideroad North
129th Street
16 - Strasburg
16 Sideroad
160 Rochefort Street
168 Sushi Buffet
1st Street East
1st Street West

2 - Forest Heights
20 - Victoria - Frederick
20 Sideroad North
2001 Audio Video
2020 Vision
203 iXpress
203 iXpress (Conestoga College Extension)
205 iXpress
21 Fir
22 - Laurentian West
22nd Street
232 King
243 Grey Silo Road
25 Sideroad North
25 Sideroad South
25 Waterloo University - Square One
28 Mansion Street
2nd Street

3 - Ottawa South
30 Kitchener - Bramalea
325th Street
33 - Huron
39 Carden Street
3rd Line

4 - Glasgow
401 Auto RV
401 Interchange Improvements from Hespeler Road to Townline Road

50th Circle
51 - Hespeler
51A - Hespeler to Fischer Mills
51B - Hespeler to Melran
51st Circle
53 - Franklin
54 - Libson Pines
55 - St. Andrews
55 - St. Andrews Sunday Service
56 - Dunbar
57 - Blair
58 - Elmwood
59 - Christopher

6 - Bridge
6 Upper Mercer Street
60 - Northview Acres
61 - Fountain
62 - Woodside
625-637 Albert Street
63 - Champlain
64 - Langs
67 - Lovell Industrial

7 Days Mini Mart
7 Star Convenience
7 Upper Mercer Street
70th Street
72 - Cherry Blossom busPLUS
73 - Northlake busPLUS
74 Autumn Ridge Trail
75 - Saginaw
76 - Doon South busPLUS

875 University Avenue East


A Cut Above
A Gift to Remeber
A Sculpture Environment
A Second Look
A&A Grill and Restaurant
A&AFC Guelph Food Research Ctr
A-Z Convenience Store and Snack Bar
A-Z Rental Centre
Abbeywood Crescent
Abbotsford Street
Abbotswood Court
Abbott Crescent
ABC Military Surplus
Abe Erb
Aberdeen Lane
Aberdeen Road
Aberdeen Road North
Aberdeen Road South
Aberdeen Street
Aberfoyle Mill
Aberfoyle Mill Crescent
Aberfoyle Public School
Abners Lane
Abraham Erb Public School
Abraham Street
Abram Clemens Street
Acacia Street
Academy Crescent
Academy of Creative Sewing
Acadia Court
Access Storage - Kitchener
Access to hydro station
Access Trail
Ace Ping Pong Lounge
Ace Shawarma
Acker Street
Acorn Fire and Safety
Acorn Place
Acorn Way
Acqua Quebec Studio and Retreat
Action auto leasing
Activa Avenue
Activa Sportsplex
Ada Street
Adam Court
Adam Ferrie Place
Adam Street
Adam's Landscape Supply
Adam's Run
Adams Lane
Addison Court
Addition Elle
Adelaide Street
Adencliffe Street
Adler Drive
Admiral Park
Admiral Place
Admiral Road
Adriatic Auto Service
Adult Recreation Centre
Advance Construction Equipment
Advanced Automotive Security and Safety
Adventure Guide
Adventurer's Guild Café and Tavern
Aeroquip Express Hose Center
Aerotech Aviation
Afri-Can Market
African lion safari
African Lion Safari
African Safari
Agnes Street
Ahearn & Soper Inc.
Ahrens Street East
Ahrens Street West
Ainsley Road
Ainslie Street North
Ainslie Street South
Ainsworth Court
Airpark Cafe
Airpark Place
Airport Operations Centre
Airport Road
Ajax Street
Aji Izakaya
Al Madina
Al-Nayyab Foods
Alaska Road
Albany Court
Albert McCormick Community Centre
Albert Street
Albert Street East
Albert Street West
Albion Court
Albion Street
Alderside Drive
Alderson Drive
Alderview Drive
Alderwood Crescent
Aldridge Crescent
Alexander Avenue
Alexandra Avenue
Alexandra Street
Alexanian Carpet and Flooring
Alexmuir Place
Alf Hales Memorial Trail
Alfred Haenchen Co-operative Homes
Algoma Drive
Algonquin Drive
Algrave Restaurant
Ali's barber shop
Alia N TanJay
Alice Avenue
Alice Crescent
Alice Street
Alison Avenue
All My Nails Salon
All Saint's Lutheran Anglican Church
All Saints' Anglican Church
All Star Auto Body
Allan Avenue
Allan Street
Allan's Mill
Allemang Place
Allen Street East
Allen Street West
Allenby Court
Allendale Road
Allison Court
Allison Place
Alma Street
Alma Street North
Alma Street South
Alma's convenience store
Alona Avenue
Along Arkell
Alpen Grove
Alpha Greek
AlphaMed Pharmacy
Alpine Country Trailer Park
Alpine Court
Alpine Public School
Alpine Road
Alpine Street
Alps Road
Alten Way
Altered Image
Altheim Crescent
Altheim Place
Alumni Affairs & Development
Alumni Field
Alumni Lane
Alumni Stadium
Alumni Walk
Alvin Street
A.M. Africa
Amalia Crescent
Amand Drive
Amanda Walk
Amber Drive
Amber Road
Amberg Lane
Amberlea Court
Amberwood Drive
Amberwood Lane
Ambleside Court
Ambrosia Corner Bakery
Ambrous Crescent
Ambulance & Taxi Access
Amelia Court
Amelia Street
Ament Line
America Latina
American Beech Avenue
American Eagle Outfitters
Amherst Drive
Amos Avenue
Amos Drive
Ample Annie's Roadhouse
Amsterdam Crescent
Amy Court
Amy, Appleby, and Brennan
AN Boutique & Skin Care
Anastasia Drive
Anatolin Place
Anchor Bar
Anderson & Images
Anderson Drive
Andie's Boutique
Andover Drive
Andrew Nuri Hair Studio
Andrew Street
Angel Treasures
Angel's Diner
Angela Crescent
Angels Restaurant
Angie's Waterloo
Angler Way
Anglerock Drive
Angus Court
Animal House
Anita Court
Anita Drive
Ann Street
Ann Street N
Anna Bella
Anna Street
Annapolis Court
Anndale Court
Anndale Road
Anne Street
Annmoore Crescent
Anselma House
Anson Court
Anthony Avenue
Anthony Place
Anvil Street
Anytime Fitness
AOK Craft Beer + Arcade
Apache Drive
Apollo Auto Service & Sales
Apollo Cinema
Apollo Drive
Apostolic Christian Church
Apostolic Faith Church
Appalachian Crescent
Apple Drive
Apple Grove Road
Apple Hill Crescent
Apple Hill Lane
Apple Ridge Drive
Apple Store
Apple Tree Court
Apple Tree Drive
Appleby Street
Appledale Crescent
Applegate Court
Applerock Court
Applewood Avenue
Applewood Crescent
Applewood Street
Aqua Nails & Spa
A.R. Kaufman Public School
A.R. Kaufman YMCA
Arabesque Cafe Family Restaurant
Arbordale Walk
Arboretum Nature Reserve
Arboretum Road
Arbour Court
Arbourview Crescent
Archer Place
Archwood Crescent
Ardelt Avenue
Ardelt Place
Arden Place
Ardmay Crescent
Ardoch Mews
Ardwood Place
Ares Pizza+Wings
Argyle Arms
Argyle Drive
Argyle Street
Argyle Street North
Argyle Street South
AriaTech Computers
Ariss Glenn
Ariss Valley Road
Arkell Road
Arkell Road Bible Chapel
Arlene Place
Arlington Boulevard
Arlington Crescent
Arlington Street
Arman's Jewellery
Armenian Court
Armstrong Avenue
Arnold Drive
Arnold Street
Arriscraft Sand Pit
Arrow Lofts
Arrow Road
Arrow Wood Court
Arrowhead Crescent
Arrowhead Place
Art Gallery of Guelph
Art the Barber
Arthur Fach Drive
Arthur Place
Arthur Road
Arthur Street North
Arthur Street South
Arthur White Avenue
Artistic Landscaping
Artsy Canada
Aryana Supermarket
Ascot Place
Asgard Green Co-op
Ash Avenue
Ash Street
Ash Tree Place
Ashberry Place
Ashby Court
Ashby Grove
Ashby Grove Barber Shop
Ashcroft Court
Ashcroft Place
Ashfield's Fine Clothes
Ashley Court
Ashton Crescent
Ashton Pools
Ashton Street
Ashwood Drive
Askin Place
Aspen Avenue
Aspen Crescent
Aspen Ridge Court
Aspen Valley Crescent
Aspenwood Place
Aster Meadows
At Raymond's Hair & Day Spa
At The Crossroads Family Restaurant
Athletics Complex
Athlone Road
Atlantic Boulevard
Atmosphere Cafe
A.T.S Engineering Complex
ATS security
Atto Drive
Attwood Drive
Auburn Drive
Auden Road
Audrey Avenue
Audrey Place
Augusta Street
Augustine Court
Aunty's Kitchen
Aurora Pool and Darts
Austin Drive
Auto Concepts
Auto Parts Centres
Automated Solutions International inc.
Autumn Hill Crescent
Autumn Maple Crescent
Autumn Place
Autumn Ridge Trail
Autumn Willow Drive
Avalon Place
Avanti Pizza
Avens Street
Avenue Road
Avenue Road Public School
Avery Crescent
Avignon Place
Avon Road
Avon Trail
Avon Trail / Trans Canada Trail
Avondale Avenue
Avondale Avenue North
Avondale Avenue South
Avondale Road
Avonlea Road
Avra Court
AWC Manufacturing LP
AyA Kitchen Studio
Ayers Bulk Food & Baking Supplies
Ayr Coach
Ayr Curling Club
Ayr Public School
Ayr Self Serve & Convenience
Azores Crescent
Azure Aqua Spa

Baba bazaar
Baba Chicken Grill
Babylon Restaurant & Lounge
Back 40
Backpeddling Bikes
Baden Court
Baden Woodturning
Baffin Place
Baggs Crescent
Bagot Street
Bailey Avenue
Bailey Drive
Baintree Way
Baird Avenue
Bairos Supermarket
Bairstow Crescent
Baker Street
Bakersfield Drive
Balaclava Street
Baldwin Drive
Balfour Court
Balfour Crescent
Ball Avenue
Ball Brothers
Ballantyne Avenue
Balmoral Drive
Balmoral Road
Balsam Drive
Balsam Grove Road
Balsam Street
Balsarroch Place
Balzac's Coffee
Balzer Creek Trail
Balzer Greenway
Balzer Greenway Natural Area
Balzer Road
Bamberg Crescent
Banana Republic
Banat Road
Banbury Street
Bancroft Street
Banff Place
Banffshire Court
Banffshire Crescent
Banffshire Street
Bangkok Cuisine
Banh mi Givral Deli
Bankside Crescent
Bankside Drive
Bankview Court
Bannister Court
Bannockburn Road
Bao Sandwich Bar
Bar Burrito
Barbara Court
Barbara Crescent
Barber Avenue
Barber Scout Camp
Barberry Place


Barclay Avenue
Bard Boulevard
Barden Street
Bare Essentials
Baringham Place
Barking Fish Cafe
Barley Works
Barnacle Bill's Fish & Chips
Barnes Road
Barnicke Drive
Barnswallow Drive
Barra Castle
Barrel Yards Boulevard
Barrett Avenue
Barrie Lane
Barrie Place
Barrie Street
Barrington Lane
Barry Cullen Chevrolet Cadillac
Bartleman Crescent
Barton Street
Barwick Crescent
Barwood Crescent
Baseball Diamond 1
Baseball Diamond 2
Baseball Diamond 3
Baseball Diamond 4
Basil Cafe
Basswood Drive
Basswood Street
Bast Place
Batavia Place
Bates Road
Bath & Body Works
Bathgate Drive
Bathurst Drive
Batteries N' Gadgets
Batteries Unlimited
Batterswood Court
Batting Cages
Battlefield Equipment Rentals
Battler Road
Bauer Place
Bauhaus Window Covering & Draperies
Bauman Street
Bavarian Drive
Bavarian Place
Baxter Drive
Baxter Place
Bayberry Drive
Bayberry Place
Bayhampton Crescent
Bayne Crescent
Beach Cruiser
Beacon Baptist Church
Beacon Point Court
Bearinger Road
Beasley Crescent
Beasley Drive
Beatrice Lane
Beattie Crescent
Beattie Street
Beauchamp Drive
Beauly Place
Beaumont Crescent
Beaver Creek Crescent
Beaver Creek Housing Co-op
Beaver Creek Road
Beaver Meadow Drive
Beaver Street
Beaverbrook Crescent
Beaverdale Golf Club
Beaverdale Golf club house
Beaverdale Road
Beaverwood Street
Bechtel Avenue
Bechtel Drive
Bechtel Park
Bechtel Park Cross Country Ski Trail
Bechtel Street
Beck Street
Becker Street
Beckwith Court
Bed Bath & Beyond
Bedford Road
Beech Avenue
Beech Street
Beechcroft Place
Beechdrops Drive
Beechim Drive
Beechlawn Boulevard
Beechlawn Drive
Beechmanor Crescent
Beechroyal Place
Beechwood Avenue
Beechwood Co-operative Homes
Beechwood Commons
Beechwood Drive
Beechwood Manor
Beechwood Place
Beechwood Road
Beechwood Villas
Beechwood Wellness
Beertown Public House
Begging Bear
Beitz Road
Beke Road
Belcan Place
Belcourt Crescent
Belgreen Way
Belisa Pizza & Subs
Bell and Howell
Bell Avenue
Bell Canada CO
Bell Lane
Bella Street
Bellehaven Drive
Belleview Avenue
Bellevue Street
Bellissima Cakes & Pastries
Bellissima Cakes and Pastries
Belmeade Court
Belmont Avenue
Belmont Avenue East
Belmont Avenue West
Belmont Flower Market
Belmont Hair Stylists
Belmont Lane East
Belmont Lane West
Belton Drive
Belwood Crescent
Ben Thanh
Benchwarmer: The Dugout
Beneficia Sports Cafe
Benesfort Court
Benesfort Crescent
Benesfort Drive
Benjamin Moore Paints
Benjamin Road
Benjamin Street
Benn Drive
Bennett Avenue
Benninger Drive
Bennington Gate
Bent Willow Drive
Bento Sushi
Benton Street
Benton Street Baptist Church
Bergey Street
Berkley Place
Berkley Road
Berlett's Road
Berlin Street
Bermuda Lane
Bernay Drive
Bernhardt Street
Berry Drive
Berry Moss Street
Berry Patch Lane
Bertha Street
Berwick Place
Best Buy
Best Buy Mobile
Best Western Plus
Beth Jacob Congregation
Bethany Court
Bethany Evangelical Missionary Church
Bethel Chapel
Bethel Evangelical Lutheran Church
Bethel Evangelical Missionary Church
Bethel Road
Bett Court
Better Business Bureau
Bettina Place
Bettley Crescent
Between a Rock & a Hard Place
Betzner Avenue North
Betzner Avenue South
Beverley Avenue North
Beverley Hills Weight Management Centres
Beverley Street
Beverly automotive specialists
Beverly Hills Weight Loss
Beverly Street
B.F.I.T. Park
Bhima's Warung
Bia Cinzo Dollar and More
Bianca Court
Bianca's Pizza

biba boutique

Biehn Drive
Biehn Park
Big Al's Aquarium Services Warehouse Outlets
Big Bear
Big Bear Food Mart
Big Bear Foodmart
Big Bite Pizza
Big Fat Pita
Big John's Subs/Fritou Marinated Fried Chicken
Big Orange
Big Springs Court
Bigelow Flooring
Bike Centre
Bikini Village
Bill's Super Variety
Billington Street
Bin 23 Restaurant
Bing Crescent
Bingeman Street
Bingemans Big Splash
Bingemans Centre Drive
Binscarth Road
Biodiversity Institute of Ontario
BioPed Orthotics & Footwear
Biorem Technologies Inc
Birch Avenue
Birch Street
Birch Trail
Birchbank Boulevard
Birchcliff Avenue
Birchlawn Avenue
Birchleaf Walk
Birchmount Drive
Birchwood Avenue
Bird Court
Birdsnest Court
Birkinshaw Road
Birkshire Court
Birmingham Street
Biscayne Drive
Bisch Street
Bishop Court
Bishop Gate Centre
Bishop Macdonell Catholic Secondary School
Bishop Pharmacy
Bishop Street
Bishop Street North
Bishop Street South
Bismark Avenue
Bismark Drive
Bite me slowly
Bitternut Place
Bitzer Court
Black & White Barbers
Black Arrow Cycles
Black Bridge Road
Black Cherry Street
Black Forest Place
Black Maple Court
Black Maple Crescent
Black Oak Crescent
Black Street
Black Walnut Drive
Black Walnut Place
Black Willow Condominium Place
Blackbird Circle
Blackbird Crescent
Blackfriars Place
Blackhorne Crescent
Blackhorne Drive
Blackwell Drive
Blackwell Supply Co.
Blackwood Hall
Blain Avenue
Blair Creek Court
Blair Creek Drive
Blair Drive
Blair Lane
Blair Road
Blair Road Public School
Blair Trail (Trans-Canada Trail)
Blair Valley Street
Bleams Road
Bleiler Street
Blenheim Road
Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church
Blessed Sacrament Catholic Elementary School
Blind Line
Blinds to Go
Blink Bonnie
Block Line Road
Bloomingdale Mennonite Church
Bloomingdale Road
Bloomingdale Road South
Bloomingdale United Church
Bloomington Drive
Blossomfield Crescent
Blount Mfg.
Blucher Boulevard
Blucher Street
Blue Beech Boulevard
Blue Chopstix
Blue Forest Crescent
Blue Heron Court
Blue Heron Ridge
Blue Lace Crescent
Blue Lemon
Blue Oak Street
Blue Ocean Auto Service
Blue Springs Drive
Blue Spruce Court
Blue/Green/Yellow Connector
Bluebird Court
Bluebird Place
Bluecoat Systems
Bluejay Road
Bluenose Court
Bluenose Crescent
Blueridge Avenue
Blueridge Court
Bluerock Crescent
Bluestream Road
Bluevale Collegiate Institute
Bluevale Street North
Bluevale Street South
Bluewater Drive
Blythwood Place
Blythwood Road
BMW Grand River
Bo De Lane

boat ramp

Bob McMullen Linear Trail
Bob Waters Way
Bob's Dogs
Bob's Valu-Mart
Bobby O'Brien's Irish Pub
Bobby O'Briens Irish Pub
Bobcat of the Tri Cities
Bobolink Place
Bock Court
Bock Street
Body Systems Nutrition
Boehmer Street
Boettger Place
Boida Avenue
Bolender Building
Bolender Park
Bolingbrooke Park
Bolingbrooke Place
Bombay Bhel
Bombay Kitchen
Bonar Place
Bonavista Bypass
Bonavista Drive
Bond Court
Bond Street
Bonfair Court
Bonfield Place
Boniface Avenue
Bonn Avenue
Bonnie Crescent
Bonnie Togs
Bonnybank Court
Bonnylyn Drive
Book Express
Boomer Line
Booster Juice
Booty Lane
Bordeaux Place
Borden Avenue North
Borden Avenue South
Borden Parkway
Borden Street
Borden Wetlands
Borealis Grille & Bar
Borealis grille and bar
Boreham Drive
Borland Drive
Boston Pizza
Bosworth Crescent
Bouclair Home
Boulder Crescent
Boult Avenue
Bound Brook Court
Bourbon St. Grill
Bournemouth Avenue
Bowen Drive
Bowie Drive
Bowman Street
Box Grove Place
Boxbury Drive
Boxwood Drive
Boyce Drive
Bradbury Crescent
Bradley Drive
Bradley Place
Bradson Drive
Brady Lane
Brady's Meat and Deli
Braeburn Place
Braemar Road
Braemore Avenue
Braemore Circle
Braeside Avenue
Braga Drive
Braid Place
Bramblewood Street
Bramm Street
Branchton Road
Brandenburg Boulevard
Brandenburg Court
Brandenburg Place
Brandon Avenue
Brandy Crescent
Branstone Drive
Brant Avenue
Brant Avenue Public School
Brant Crescent
Brant Place
Brant Road North
Brant Road South
Branwood Place
Brassey Court
Braun Street
Brayshaw Drive
Brazolot Drive
Brch Social
Bread and Bretzel Basket
Bread and Roses Housing Co-op
Bread Bar
Bread Heads
Breakwater Crescent
Breckenridge Drive
Breckwood Place
Breesegarden Lane
Breezewood Crescent
Breezy Corners
Breithaupt Park
Breithaupt Street
Brembel Court
Brembel Crescent
Brembel Street
Brenda Street
Brendawood Crescent
Brentcliffe Drive
Brentwood Avenue
Brentwood Drive
Breslau Art Glass
Breslau Convenience
Breslau Evangelical Missionary Church
Breslau Mennonite Church
Breslau Public School
Bretz Avenue
Brewster Place
Brewster Trail
Briar Avenue
Briar Hill Avenue
Briar Knoll Drive
Briar Knoll Place
Briar Patch Lane
Briarcliffe Crescent
Briarcliffe Place
Briardean Road
Briarfield Court
Briarfield Street
Briargate Drive
Briarlea Road
Briarmeadow Crescent
Briarmeadow Drive
Briarmeadow Place
Briarwood Drive
Briarwood Place
Brick Street
Bricker Avenue
Bricker School Line
Bridge Street
Bridge Street East
Bridge Street West
Bridgemill Court
Bridgemill Crescent
Bridgeport Public School
Bridgeport Road
Bridgeport Road East
Bridgeport Road West
Bridgeport United Church
Bridgeport Variety
Bridgewater Crescent
Bridle Path
Bridle Path Court
Bridle Trail
Bridlepath Street
Bridleridge Street
Bridlewood Drive
Bridlewreath Court
Bridlewreath Street
Briercrest Avenue
Brierdale Drive
Brierdale Place
Brierdale Road
Brigadoon Public School
Brigantine Drive
Bright Lane
Brighton Street
Brighton Yards Housing Co-operative
Brisa Fine Wine and Gifts
Brisbane Court
Brisbane Drive
Bristol Street
Bristow Creek Drive
Bristow Creek Park
British Bakery & Cafe
British Pride Bakery
Brittania Crescent
Britton Place
Brixton Social
Broadleaf Place
Broadmoor Avenue
Broadoaks Drive
Broadview Avenue
Broadview Court
Broadway Street
Brock Road
Brock Road North
Brock Road Nursery
Brock Road South
Brock Street
Brockville Avenue
Brohman Road
Broken Oak Crescent
Broken Sole
Broken Spoke
Brombal Drive
Bronco Crescent
Bronson Avenue
Bronwyn Place
Bronze Ambition
Brook Street
Brookfield Crescent
Brookhaven Court
Brookhaven Crescent
Brooklyne Road
Brookmead Street
Brookmill Crescent
Brookmill Place
Brookside Crescent
Brookside Park
Brookview Court
Broom Street
Brothers Brewing
Brower Street
Brown Avenue
Brown Street
Brown Thrasher Court
Browning Place
Browsers Café
Brubacher House
Brubacher Shoes
Brubacher Street
Bruce Park Court
Bruce Street
Bruder Avenue
Brunswick Avenue
Brushcuts Professional Pet Groomers
Bryan Court
Brybeck Crescent
Brydges Court
Brynhurst Boulevard
Bubble Tease
Buchanan Lane
Buck or Two
Buckenham Fireplaces & Grills
Buckingham Boulevard
Buckthorn Crescent
Bud's Restaurant
Buddies Cannabis
Buerkle Court
Buffalo Wild Wings
Bugdale Drive
Buggy Lane
Building demolished (structure had failed)
Bulk Barn
Bull Frog Drive
BullfrogVape Vape Shop
Bullock Street
Buns Master
Bunting Place
Buon Gusto
Bur Oak Drive
Burbank Road
Burcombe Crossing
Burger Factory
Burger King
Burgetz Avenue
Burke Court
Burkholder Chiropractic Wellness Centre
Burkle Toman Court
Burlington Drive
Burlwood Drive
Burn Place
Burnaby Crescent
Burnett Avenue
Burnham Crescent
Burning Bush Road
Burns Drive
Burnside Avenue
Burnt Ember Court
Burrito Boyz
Burrows Street
Burton Road
Bus Loop
Busan Korean BBQ
Bush Clover Crescent
Bush Lane
Bushmills Crescent
Bushnell Drive
Bushview Crescent
Bushwood Court
Busy Corner
Bute Street
Butler Avenue
Butler Lane
Buttercup Court
Butterfly Conservatory
Butterfly Court
Butternut Avenue
Buttonbush Street
Buttonwood Drive
Byng Avenue
Byron Avenue
Byron Court
Byte 75
Byton Lane

C. Market Food
CAA Car Care Centre
CAA Guelph
CAA Travel
Cabelo Barber Shop
Cabot Court
Cabot Trail
Cadbury Court
Cadet Youth Development Centre
Cadillac Drive
Caen Street
Caesar Drive
Café 1842
Cafe 22
Cafe Europe
Cafe La IQ
Cafe Pyrus
Cafe Pyrus Outpost
Cafe Teremok
Cairncroft Place
Cait Avenue
Calais Place
Caledon Court
Caledonia Street
Caledonian View
Calendar Club
Calgary Avenue
California Road
California Thai
Call It Spring
Callander Court
Callander Drive
Callaway Drive
Calling Crow Communications
Calmcrest Drive
Calvary Baptist Church
Calvary Church
Calvary United Church
Calvert Close
Calvin Court
Calvin Klein
Calvin Presbyterian Church
Calvington Place
Cambria Place
Cambridge Avenue
Cambridge Book Nook
Cambridge Car Audio
Cambridge Cat Boarding
Cambridge Children's Centre
Cambridge City Hall
Cambridge Farmer's Market
Cambridge Gospel Hall
Cambridge Hotel
Cambridge Hyundai
Cambridge Ice Centre
Cambridge Ice Park
Cambridge Memorial Hospital
Cambridge Mill
Cambridge North ONroute
Cambridge Pizza
Cambridge South ONroute
Cambridge Street
Cambridge Surplus
Cambridge to Paris Rail Trail
Camden Place
Camelot Court
Camelot Park
Cameo Drive
Cameron Chinese Restaurant
Cameron Heights Collegiate Institute
Cameron Road
Cameron Street
Cameron Street North
Cameron Street South
Cameron's Flower Shop
Camille Crescent
Camm Crescent
Camp Heidelberg
Campbell Avenue
Campbell Road
Campion Avenue
Campus Bubble
Campus Drugmart IDA
Campus Estates Hairstyling
Campus Eyes
Campus Optical
Campus Pizza
Camrose Court
Can-Amera Parkway
Canada Post
Canada Post Distribution
Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery
Canadian Grill
Canadian Martyrs Catholic Elementary School
Canadian Pizza
Canadian Quality Motors
Canadian Tire
Canadian Tire Gas Bar
Canadian Tire Gas+
Canamera Medical Pharmacy
Canary Court
Candies of Merritt
Candle Crescent
Candlewood Crescent
Candlewood Drive
Canewood Crescent
Canewood Place
Cannes Street
Canning Crescent
Cannon Street
Canso Place
Cant Avenue
Canterbury Drive
Canters Close
Canton Poultry
Canuck Road North
Canuck Road South
Caper Sports Bar
Capri pizza
Caprice Court
Captain Jack's
Carden Street
Cardiff Street
Cardiff Way
Cardigan Street
Cardill Crescent
Cardinal Crescent North
Cardinal Crescent South
Cardinal Street
Carene Court
Carere Crescent
Carey Crescent
Caribbean Queen
Caribou Crescent
Carisbrook Drive
Carisbrook Natural Area
Carlaw Place
Carlin Avenue
Carlos Court
Carlton Street
Carlyle Drive
Carlyle Place
Carmel New Church
Carmel-Koch Road
Carmine Crescent
Carmine Place
Carnaby Crescent
Carnaby Place
Caroline Street North
Caroline Street South
Carolinian Lane
Carolyn Court
Carpenter Road
Carpet One
CarQuest Auto Parts
Carriage Hill Trail
Carriage House Court
Carriage Lane
Carriage Way
Carrington Court
Carrington Drive
Carrington Place
Carrol Street
Carroll Crescent
Carry-On Comics
Cars For Anyone
Carson Drive
Carter Avenue
Carter Crescent
Carter Drive
Carter Road
Carter's OshKosh
Carter's | OshKosh
Cartier Drive
Carwood Avenue
Carwood Crescent
Caryl Baker Visage
Caryndale Drive
Casa Capelli
Casa Rugantino
Casey Drive
Cash 4 You
Cash Money
Caspian Auto
Casselholme Crescent
Casselli Eyecare Centre
Cassidy Court
Cassin Court
Cassino Avenue
Casswell Court
CasterCentre and Duralon Plastics
Castlebay Street
Castlebury Drive
Castlefield Avenue
Castlegate Crescent
Castlewood Place
Catalina Court
Cathay Street
Cathcart Street
Catherine Street
Cathrine Court
Cavalier Place
Cavan Coffee
Cavell Avenue
Cavelletti Court
Cavendish Drive
Cayley Court
Cayuga Drive
Caz's Fish and Chips
Ce Food Experience
Cecil Kennedy Court
Cecile Drive
Cedar Bend Drive
Cedar Bend Place
Cedar Cove
Cedar Creek Community Church
Cedar Creek Road
Cedar Crescent
Cedar Crest Street
Cedar Grove Place
Cedar Grove Road
Cedar Hill Court
Cedar Love Shack
Cedar Street
Cedar Street East
Cedar Street North
Cedar Street South
Cedar Street West
Cedar Trail
Cedar Waxwing Drive
Cedarbrae Avenue
Cedarbrae Public School
Cedarbrook Court
Cedarcliffe Drive
Cedarcroft Place
Cedarhill Crescent
Cedarvale Avenue
Cedarvale Crescent
Cedarview Place
Cedarwoods Crescent
Celia Crescent
Cell Rox
Cellular X
Centennial Arena
Centennial (Cambridge) Public School
Centennial Collegiate and Vocational Institute
Centennial Court
Centennial Public School
Centennial Road
Centennial Stadium
Central Automotive Service
Central Baptist Church
Central Presbyterian Church
Central Promenade Trail
Central Public School
Central Street
Central Utilities Plant
Centre for Extended Learning University of Waterloo
Centre in the Square
Centre Street
Centreville Street
Century Hill Drive
Century Vallen Industrial Maintenance & safety Solutions
Chablis Drive
Chad Place
Chadwick Avenue
Chalet Campground
Chalk Court
Chalmers Street
Chalmers Street North
Chalmers Street Public School
Chalmers Street South
Chamberlin Drive
Champlain Boulevard
Champlain Court
Champlain Crescent
Champlain Place
Chancellor Drive
Chancellors Way
Chancery Lane
Chancery Place
Chandaria Place
Chandler Drive
Chandler Mowat Community Centre
Chandos Court
Chandos Drive
Changemakers Co-operative Homes
Chantilly Street
Chao Bistro
Chapel Hill Drive
Chapel Lane
Chapel Street
Chapman Court
Charcoal Steakhouse
Charing Cross
Charles Best Place
Charles J. Whiney Nature Interpretation Trail
Charles Quality Meats
Charles Street
Charles Street East
Charles Street West
Charleston Place
Charleswood Court
Charlotte Crescent
Charlotte Place
Charlton Place
Charm Diamond Centres
Charmed Aroma
Charmed Flowers
Charnwood Court
CHART Craftsmen & Design
Chartwell Court
Chartwell Crescent
Chase Avenue
Chase Crescent
Chateau Crescent
Checkerboard Restaurant
Cheese Factory Road
Chef On Call
Chelford Crescent
Chelford Place
Chelsea Court
Chelsea Road
Cheltenham Mews
Cheltonwood Avenue
Cheltonwood Crescent
Chen's Chinese Cuisine
Cherokee Court
Cherry Blossom Circle
Cherry Blossom Road
Cherry Blossom Sushi Bar
Cherry Hill
Cherry Hill Drive
Cherry Park
Cherry Street
Cherry Taylor Avenue
Cherrytree Court
Cherrywood Drive
Chesapeake Crescent
Chesapeake Drive
Chester Drive
Chester Street
Chesterfield Avenue
Chesterton Lane
Chestnut Hill Crescent
Chestnut Place
Chestnut Ridge
Chestnut Street
Cheval Street
Chez Lui Salon & Spa
Chicago's Pub & Billiards
Chickadee Court
Chicopee Hills Drive
Chicopee Hills Public School
Chicopee Park Court
Chicopee Terrace
Chicopee Terrace (WNCC #196)
Child Care
Child's Play
Childcare Learning Centre
Children's Marketplace
Children's Services
Childrens Lane
Chillico Drive
Chillico Estates
Chilligo Conservation Area
Chilligo Road
Chimney Hill Drive
China Bowl
China Express
China House
China Legend
Chinese Lamian
Chinook Trail
Chipcase Court
Chipman Street
Chippendale Common
Chipping Away
Chisholm Street
Chokecherry Crescent
Chopan Kabob
Chopin Drive
Chopped Leaf
Chris Court
Christ Lutheran Church
Christ The King Catholic Elementary School
Christ the Saviour Antiochian Orthodox Church
Christian Fellowship Church
Christian Science Church
Christian Science Reading Room
Christie Lane
Christine Crescent
Christine Drive
Christmas in St.Jacobs
Christopher Court
Christopher Drive
Chrysalides House, School of Fine Art and Gallery
Chrysler Crescent
Chuck E. Cheese's
Chuck's Roadhouse
Chuck's roadhouse
Chuck's Roadhouse Bar and Grill
Church Lane
Church of God Ministry of Jesus
Church of Saint Columba
Church of the Good Sheperd
Church of the Holy Saviour
Church Street
Church Street East
Church Street North
Church Street South
Church Street West
Church's Texas Chicken
Churchhill Arms
Churchill Court
Churchill Drive
Churchill Park
Churchill Stormwater Management Area
Churchill Street
Cider Mill Drive
Cinderella Gowns
Cindy Avenue
Cinema 1
Cineplex Cinemas Kitchener and VIP
Cinnamon Fern Street
Circa Drive
Circle K
Circle Of Life
Citadel Court
Citi Financial
Citizen Tea
City Cafe
City Café Bakery
City Cafe Bakery
City of Waterloo Museum
City Pawnbrokers
City Pizza
City Shades
City Smart
City Stitch Tailor
City View Pools And Patio Furniture
Cityview Drive North
Cityview Drive South
Clair Creek
Clair Creek Boulevard
Clair de Lune
Clair Lake Park Playground
Clair Road East
Clair Road West
Clairbrook Crescent
Clairfields Drive East
Clairfields Drive West
Clara Street
Clare Avenue
Claremont Avenue
Clarence Avenue
Clarence Place
Clarence Street
Clarene Avenue
Claridge Place
Clark Avenue
Clarke Street East
Clarke Street West
Classen House
Classic Beauty
Classic Indian
Classical Guitars and Accessories
Claycroft Crescent
Clayfield Avenue
Clayton Court
Claywood Court
Clean Harbors Environmental Services
Clearview Drive
Clearview Street
Clearwater Crescent
Clemens Avenue
Clemens Lane
Clemens Mill Public School
Clergy Lane
Clifford Road
Cliffside Court
Clifton Road
Clinton Street
Clipper Drive
Clique Organic Salons
Clive Avenue
Clive Road
Close Avenue
Closeout Shoes
Clough Crescent
Clover Avenue
Clover Place
Cloverdale Crescent
Cloverdale Park
Clovervalley Court
Club Lane
Cluthe Crescent
Clyde & Scotts W.I. Hall
Clyde Road
Clydebank Drive
Clythe Creek Drive
CNR Spurline Trail
Co-operative Education & Career Services
Coach Hill Drive
Coast to Coast Transmission
Cobblestone Street
Cober Road
COBS Bread
Cochran Drive
Cockburn Road
Coco Chicken
Coffee Culture
Coffee Culture Cafe & Eatery
Coffee of the World and Pastries
Coffee Time
Coghill Place
Coin Laundry
Colborn Street
Colborne Street
Colby Court
Colby Drive
Coldstream Drive
Cole Road
Colebrook Court
Coleman Road
Coleridge Drive
Coleridge Place
College Ave. Family Residence
College Avenue
College Avenue East
College Avenue West
College Crescent
College Heights Secondary School
College Street
Collier Macmillan Drive
Collingwood Street

collision centre

Colonial Creek Connector
Colonial Creek Exit
Colonial Creek Spur
Colonial Drive
Colony Drive
Colt Street
Colton Circle
Columbia Forest Boulevard
Columbia Forest Court
Columbia Icefield
Columbia Lake Village
Columbia Lake Village Community Centre
Columbia Stormwater Management Area
Columbia Street East
Columbia Street West
Columbus Crescent
Colussi Lane
Colyer Place
Combermere Crescent
Comfort Inn
Comic Book Warehouse
Commerce Court
Commercial Street
Commercial Tavern
Commonwealth Crescent
Commonwealth Lane
Commonwealth Street
Community Christian Reformed Church
Community of Christ
Community Trail
Compass Trail
Computer Service Depot
Computing Help & Information Place
Concert Shell
Concession 1
Concession 10 Road W
Concession 5 West
Concession 6 Road West
Concession 6 West
Concession 7 Road
Concession 7 West
Concession 8 West
Concession Road
Concession Road 2
Concession Road 2a
Concession Road 4
Concession Road 7
Concession Street
Concordia Club
Concordia Crescent
Condor Street
Conestoga - Cambridge Campus, Phase I
Conestoga Boulevard
Conestoga College Boulevard
Conestoga Golf Course
Conestoga River Pottery
Conestoga Rovers and Associates
Conestoga Student Recreation Centre
Conestogo Public School
Conestogo Road
Confederation Drive
Conlon Drive
Connaught Place
Connaught Street
Connelly Drive
Connor Street
Conrad Centre for the Performing Arts
Conrad Court
Conrad Grebel University College
Conrad Place
Conroy Crescent
Conservation Drive
Conservation Road
Continental Hair Styling
Controlled Environment Systems Rsch Facility
Convenience @ Duke
Convenience R Us
Convenience Store
Conway Drive
Cooks Mill Road
Cooper Crescent
Cooper Drive
Cooper Road
Cooper Street
Coopers Court
Cope Court
Copper Branch
Copper Leaf Crescent
Copper Leaf Street
Copper Ridge Drive
Copper Street
Coppercroft Court
Copperfield Drive
Coppershawk Street
Cora Drive
Coral Crescent
Coral Gables Crescent
Corbett Street
Cordell Street
Core Lifestyle and Recreation Complex
Corfield Drive
Corfield Place
Cork Street East
Cork Street West
Corn Maze
Cornell Avenue
Cornell Street
Cornerbrook Crescent
Cornerbrook Place
Cornerstone Christian School
Cornerstone Structural Restoration
Cornridge Place
Cornwall Street
Coronation Boulevard
Coronation Public School
Coronet Lane
Corporate Court
Corrie Crescent
Corsica Street
Corwin Boulevard
Corydon Place
Cosmetic and Laser Centre
Costain Court
Costco Gasoline
Cote Drive
Cottage Lane
Cotton Grass Street
Cottontail Place
Cottonwood Crescent
Couling Crescent
Coulson Street
Coulthard Boulevard
Counter Action
Country Boy
Country Bulk
Country Clair Place
Country Clair Street
Country Club Drive
Country Club Estates Drive
Country Gentleman Barber Shop
Country Hill Drive
Country Hill Housing Co-op
Country Hills Community Centre
Country Hills Evangelical Missionary Church
Country Hills Public School
Country Lane
Country Market
Country Pantry
Country Paws Boarding
Country Roads
Country Roads Drive
Country Spring Walk
Country Squire Lane
Country Squire Road
Country Style
Countryside Crescent
Countrystone Crescent
Countrystone Drive
CountryStone Park Playground
CountryStone Park Toddler
Countrystone Place
County Road 21
County Road 8
County Road 85
Courtland Avenue East
Courtland Avenue Public School
Courtland Avenue West
Courtney Street
Courts Plus
Coutts Court
Coventry Drive
Covered Bridge Drive
Covington Crescent
Cowan Boulevard
Cowan Place
Cowansview Road
Cox Court
Cox Creek Road
Cox Street
Crabby Joe's
Crabby Joe's Bar and Grill
Cracovia European Deli
Craft Chippery
Crafty Ramen
Craig Drive
Craigleith Drive
Craigstone Place
Cranberry Court
Cranberry Street
Cranbrook Street
Crane Avenue
Crane Crescent
Crane Drive
Crane Park
Crane Park Trail
Cranshaw Street
Cranston Avenue
Crate Designs
Crawford Crescent
Crawford Street
Crawley Road
Cray Crescent
Crazy Carter
Creek Ridge Street
Creekside Church
Creekside Drive
Creelman Hall
Creepy Corner
Creighton Avenue
Creighton Court
Crepe de licious
Crepes & Coffee
Crescent Place
Crescent Road
Crescent Street
Cress Lane
Cressman Avenue
Crest Court
Crest Haven Street
Crestview Place
Crestview Public School
Crestwicke Church
Crestwood Avenue
Crestwood Drive
Crestwood Place
Cricket Hollow
Crimea Street
Crimson Crescent
Crimson Drive
Crispy Slice Pizza
Critcher Avenue
Critter Shelter
Croatian Centre
Crombie Street
Crooks Tract Road
Crop Science
Crop Science Greenhouse
Crosby Drive
Cross Creek Boulevard
Cross Street
Crossbridge Avenue
Crossgate Boulevard
Crossingham Drive
Crossroads Board Game Cafe
Crossroads C&I
Crosswinds Drive
Crowe Street
Crown Cleaners
Crowne Plaza
Crowsfoot Road
Croyden Place
Cruikston Park Lane
Crystal Clear Water Centres
Crystal Court
Crystal Palace
CSA Bike Center
CSD Service Depot (Willard Park)
CT Shawarma
Culham Drive
Culloden Place
Culpepper Drive
Culpepper Park
Culpepper Place
Cumberland Place
Cumming Avenue
Cummings Court
Cummunity access path to Lake/dock
CUPE Local 1883
Currie Street
Curry In A Hurry
Curry's Artists' Materials
Curtis Drive
Curzon Crescent
Cuscoro House
Cushing's Vacuums
Custom OrthoDynamics
Cutten Fields
Cutten Fields Course
Cutten Place
Cyber Computer
Cycle Electric
Cypriot Homes
Cyprus Drive
Cyrus Street

D'Arcy Place
D'cut Above
Da Won
Dagmar Express
Dahlia Street
Daimler Drive
Dairy Barn
Dairy Queen
Daisy Mart
Dakin Crescent
Dakota Drive
Dale Avenue
Dale Crescent
Dalebrook Place
Dalebrook Street
Dalecroft Place
Dalegrove Drive
Daleside Place
Daleview Crescent
Daleview Place
Dalewood Drive
Dalgleish Street
Dalhousie Lane
Dalkeith Drive
Dallan Drive
Dalton Drive
Dana Porter Library
Dana Shortt Gourmet and Gifts
Dando Avenue
Dane Street
Daniel Avenue
Daniel Street
Danier Leather Factory Outlet
Dansbury Drive
Dansbury Place
Danube Drive
Danwood Place
Dapper Man Barber Shop
Darby Road
Darling Crescent
Darlington Place
Darlise Cafe
Darnell Road
Darrel Sittler Way
Darrell Drive
Darren Crescent
Darren Place
Dartmoor Crescent
DataMatrix Computers Inc.
Dave's Garage
Davenport Pizza
Davenport Road
David Bergey Drive
David E. Hastings Stadium
David Elsey Street
David Street
David's Fresh Cut Fries
Davidson Street
Davies Street
Davis Centre Library
Davis Street
Davison Drive
Dawes Avenue
Dawn Avenue
Dawn Crescent
Dawn Ridge Court
Dawn Ridge Drive
Dawson Road
Dawson Street
Day of Mourning
Day Street
Dayman Court
Daymond Drive
Dayna Crescent
Days Inn
Dayton Street
Daytona Street

dB Noise Reduction inc.

DC Foods
Deacon Wood Place
Dead Camel Bend
Dean Avenue
Dean Myers
Deans Gate Court
Dearborn Boulevard
Dearborn Place
Dearborn Restaurant
Death Valley's Little Brother
Debrodniks Donuts
Decadently Yours
Decaro Crescent
Deckers Lane
Decorso Drive
Deep Trekker
Deer Creek Court
Deer Creek Place
Deer Creek Street
Deer Ridge Court
Deer Ridge Crescent
Deer Ridge Drive
Deer Ridge Golf Course
Deer Run Drive
Deer View Drive
Deer View Ridge
Deerberry Place
Deerchase Court
Deerfield Avenue
Deerfield Place
Deerfoot Trail
Deerpark Crescent
Deerpath Court
Deerpath Drive
Deerpath Road
Deerwood Crescent
Dekay Street

del Dente

Delavan Drive
Delaware Avenue
Delhi Street
Delicious Pizza
Delion Place
Delisle Avenue
Dellgrove Circle
Dellroy Avenue
Delmar Boulevard
Delta Hotels
Delta Street
Delta Waterloo
Deluxe Nails
Denholm Street
Denlow Street
Dentistry on Lawrence
Denver Road
Derby Lane
Derry Street
Deshane Street
Desmond Street
Deutschmann Law
Devere Drive
Device Care
Devil's Backbone
Devil's Creek Drive
Devitt Avenue North
Devitt Avenue South
Devon Street
Devonglen Court
Devonglen Drive
Devonshire Place
Dewdrop Crescent
Di Pietro
Diamond 1
Diamond 2
Diamond Detailing
Diana Downtown
Dianne Avenue
Dick Street
Dickie Settlement Road
Dickson Centre
Dickson Street
Diefenbacher Street
Dieppe Avenue
Dietz Avenue North
Dietz Avenue South
Different Strokes

digger sand pit

Digital North Media
Dignity Memorial Grove
Dignity Memorial Grove Trail
Dill Street
Dimensions Hair Studio
Dimson Avenue
Dineen Court
Dinison Crescent
Dinison Place
Dino Trucking
Dino's Pizza & Wings
Dirksen Court
Discounter's Pool & Spa Warehouse
District tells story of Kitchener's growth
Diversco Supply
Divine Bombon
Division Street
Diwa Classic Indian Cuisine
Dixie Crescent
Dixon Alterations
Dixon Street
Dobbie Drive
Dodds Avenue
Dodds Lane
Dodge Drive
Dog Run
Dog walking path
Dogwood Lane
Dogwood Place
Doherty Place
Dolime Quarry
Doll Court
Dollar Power
Dollar Store
Dollar Tree
Dolman Court
Dolman Street
Dolph Street
Dolph Street North
Domani Hair
Domenic's No Frills
Dominion Drive
Dominion Lane
Dominion Street
Domino's Pizza
Domm Lane
Domo Drive
Don Valley Parkway
Donald Choi
Donald Street
Donlea Drive
Donley Street
Donnenwerth Drive
Donway Court
Dooley Drive
Dooley Place
Doon Creek Corridor
Doon Creek Natural Area
Doon Creek Street
Doon Heritage Village
Doon Mills Drive
Doon Public School
Doon Road
Doon Settlement
Doon South Drive
Doon Valley Drive
Doon Village Pharmacy
Doon Village Road
Doonbrook Place
Doonwoods Crescent
Dorchester Place
Doreen Thomas Trail
Dormie Lane
Dormio Organic Beds
Dorset Road
Dorset Street
Dotzert Court
Double B Automotive
Double Bypass
Double Double
Double Double Pizza
Double Double Pizza & Wings
Double Double Pizza and Chicken
Double Double pizza and wings
Double Dragon
Double Taste Shawarma
Dougall Street
Douglas Crescent
Douglas Drive
Douglas Street
Dover Street
Dover Street North
Dover Street South
Dovercliffe Place
Dovercliffe Road
Dovercourt Road
Dowler Street
Downey Road
Downey Street
Downsview Place
Downtown Post Office
Downtown Trail
Doyle Drive
Doyle Portable 3
Doyle Track
Doyle Track Hut
DQ Grill & Chill
Dragon City Chinese Food
Dragon's Tongue
Drake Circle
Draper Court
Dreger Avenue
Dresden Drive
Drew Avenue
Drew Hall
Drew Street
Driftwood Drive
Driftwood Park
Driftwood Park Public School
Driftwood Place
Drinkwater Drive
Driscoll Court
Drohan Drive
Drone Crescent
Drumlin Drive
Drummerhill Crescent
Drummond Drive
Drummond Place
Drumoak Place
Dryden Tract
Drynan Tract
DT Shawarma
Dublin Street North
Dublin Street South
Dublin Street United Church
Dubrick Crescent
Duchess Avenue
Duchess Drive
Duck Lane
Duck Lord
Duckworth Road
Dudhope Avenue
Dudley Drive
Dufferin Street
Duke Corner Store
Duke Street
Duke Street East
Duke Street West
Duke Tower
Duke's Dugout
Dulux Paint
Dulux Paints
Dumart Place
Dumbarton Street
Dumfries Avenue
Dumfries Conservation Area
Dumfries Road
Dumfries Street
Dunbar Road
Dunbar Road North
Dunbar Road South
Dunblane Court
Duncairn Avenue
Duncan McIntosh Arena
Dundas Avenue
Dundas Lane
Dundas Street North
Dundas Street South
Dundee Avenue
Dundee Country Club
Dundonald Road
Dunedin Court
Dunham Avenue
Dunhill Crescent
Dunke Street North
Dunke Street South
Dunkirk Street
Dunlop Drive
Dunlop Place
Dunnigan Drive
Dunnington Court
Dunsmere Court
Dunsmere Drive
Dunvegan Drive
Dunvegan Park
Dupont Street East
Dupont Street West
Durant Road
Durham Avenue
Durham Street
Duron Plastics
Durst Road
Durward Place
Dutton Drive
Dyer Court
Dynamic Approach Massage Therapy
Dywin Court
DōShack Pizza

E Wing
E7 Coffee & Doughnut Shop
Eagen Drive
Eagle Drive
Eagle Hill
Eagle Lane
Eagle Street
Eagle Street North
Eagle Street South
Eaglecrest Court
Eaglecrest Street
Earl Horst Systems Ltd.
Earl Martin Drive
Earl Street
Earl Thompson Place
Earl Thompson Road
Earlwood Drive
Early Childhood Education BLDG
Early Morning Dream
Earth Sciences Museum
East 1
East 2
East 3
East 4
East 5
East 6
East African Cafe
East Avenue
East Gate
East Heidelberg Parochial School
East Lansdowne Avenue
East Nile
East Ring Road
East River Road
East Side Cycle & Sport
East Side Mario's
East Side Shawarma & Kabab
East Street
East Tree Drive
East Winds
Eastbridge Boulevard
Eastbridge Woodlot
Eastdowns Drive
Eastforest Park Natural Area
Eastforest Trail
Eastgate Walk
Easton Street
Eastview Landfill Site
Eastview Road
Eastwood Christian Fellowship
Eastwood Collegiate Institute
Eastwood Drive
Easy Financial
Easy Home Furniture


EB Games


Eby Farmstead
Eby Street
Eby Street North
Eby Street South
Ebycrest Road
Ebydale Drive
Echo Drive
Echo Unlimited
Eckert Street
Eco Cafe
Ecole Arbour Vista Public School
Ecole Guelph Lake Public School
Economic Development
Economical Insurance Group
Economy Lube
Ed Martin's Auto Glass
Edelweiss Tavern
Eden Avenue
Eden Estates Court
Eden Mills
Eden Oak Court
Eden Oak Trail
Eden Oak Trail Park Playground
Eden Street
Edenbridge Drive
Edenbridge Place
Edenbrook Place
Edenvalley Crescent
Edenwood Place
Edgar Street
Edgebrook Place
Edgehill Drive
Edgemere Drive
Edgewater Crescent
Edgewood Crescent
Edgewood Drive
Edgewood Road
Edible Arrangements
Edinburgh Place
Edinburgh Road
Edinburgh Road North
Edinburgh Road South
Edinburgh Village
Edith MacIntosh Children's Centre
Edmonton Drive
Edmund Road
Edna Staebler Public School
Edna Street
Edward Johnson Public School
Edward Street
Edward's Coin-Op Laundromat
Edwards Street
Edwin Street
Edworthy Sideroad
Egg Roll King
Eighth Avenue
Eighth Line
Eighth Line East
Eiwo Court
Eldale Road
Elderberry Court
Eleanor Avenue
Eleanor Court
Electric Panel Shop
Elegant Goldsmiths
Element Hair
Elevate Cannabis
Elgin Crescent
Elgin Gas & Wash
Elgin St Path
Elgin Street
Elgin Street East
Elgin Street N
Elgin Street North
Elgin Street Public School
Elgin Street South
Elgin Street West
Elginfield Drive
ELIM Internacional Kitchener
Eliot Place
Elite Hair & Skin Care
Eliza Avenue
Elizabeth Place
Elizabeth Street
Elizabeth Ziegler Public School
Elkington Drive
Ellen Street East
Ellen Street West
Ellenville Crescent
Ellesmere Court
Elliott Street
Ellis Avenue
Ellis Crescent North
Ellis Crescent South
Ellis Road
Ellison's Bistro
Elm Ridge Drive
Elm Ridge Place
Elm Street
Elm Trail
Elma Place
Elmbank Trail
Elmhurst Court
Elmhurst Crescent
Elmira Airport
Elmira District Secondary School
Elmira District Secondary School sports field
Elmira (East) Airport
Elmira Eyewear
Elmira Golf Club
Elmira Mennonite Church
Elmira Mini-mart
Elmira Old Order Meetinghouse
Elmira Pentecostal Assembly
Elmira Road North
Elmira Road South
Elmira Stn Main
Elmira Stove Works
Elmridge Drive
Elmsdale Drive
Elmwood Avenue
Elora Street
Elroy Road
Elsley Court
Elson Drive
Embassy Motel
Embassy Room
Emeny Lane
Emerald Avenue
Emergency Medical Services
Emma Avenue
Emma Street
Emmanuel Bible College
Emmanuel Evangelical Missionary Church
Emmanuel Lutheran Church
Emmanuel United Church
Emmanuel Village Retirement
Emotional Roller Coaster
Empey Road
Empire Public School
Empire Street
Empress of India
Emslie Street
Endeavour Drive
Enfield Drive
Engineered Lifting Systems & Equipment Inc.
Engineering Coffee & Doughnut Shop
Englewood Place
English Crescent
Ennio's Pasta House
Ennismore Place
Entrance Road
Envie Intimates
Enviro Digital Printing
Environment Students' Coffee Shop
Ephraim Street
Equestrian Way
Eramosa Crescent
Eramosa River Trail
Eramosa Road
Erb Street
Erb Street East
Erb Street Mennonite
Erb Street West
Erb's Road
Erbsville Court
Erbsville Kartway
Erbsville Road
Eric Court
Eric the Baker
Erickson Distribution Inc
Erie Avenue
Erie Street
Erika Court
Erin Avenue
Erinbrook Court
Erinbrook Drive
Erindale Crescent
Eringate Walk
Ernie's Roadhouse
Ernst Street
Ervin Crescent
Esker Run
Essence Salon & Spa
Essentially Black
Essex Point Drive
Essex Street
Esson Street
Esther Avenue
Ethel Avenue
Ethel Street
Ethel's Lounge
Eton Drive
Eton Place
Euclid Avenue
Eugene Drive
Eugene George Way
Euler Avenue
Euro Mart and Deli

euro reflections

Eurocan Special Foods
European Meat and Delicatessan
EV1 to HH Walkway
Evangel Community Ministries
Evans Drive
Evelyn Crescent
Evening Star Lane
Evens Pond Court
Evens Pond Crescent
Evenstone Avenue
Evenstone Court
Everglade Crescent
Everglades Park Drive
Evergreen Crescent
Evergreen Drive
Evergreen Seniors Centre
Everwood Run
Everything Convenience


Ew Street
Excell Salon
Executive Place
Exhibition Arena
Exhibition Street
Exmoor Park
Exmoor Street
Expedia Cruise Ship Centers
Expedia CruiseShipCenters
Extra Street
Extreme Pita
Eye Candy
Eye Opener Café
Eyes On Paisley
Eyeview Optical
Ezra Avenue

F Wing
Fabian Court
Factory Flooring
Faded Barbershop
Faial Road
Fair Road
Fairbank Place
Faircrest Court
Fairfield Avenue
Fairfield Inn & Suites
Fairgreen Close
Fairlake Drive
Fairlawn Road
Fairmeadow Drive
Fairmount Road
Fairstone Financial
Fairview Avenue
Fairview Boulevard
Fairview Park - Conestoga Mall
Fairview Road
Fairview via Westmount/Franklin
Fairway Court
Fairway Crescent
Fairway Inn & Suites
Fairway Lane
Fairway Road North
Fairway Road South
Faith Evangelical Missionary Church
Faith Lutheran
Faith Lutheran Church
Falcon Circle
Falcon Court
Falcon Drive
Falconridge Crescent
Falconridge Drive
Falesy Avenue
Fall Harvest Court
Fall Harvest Drive
Fall Street North
Fall Street South
Fallbrook Lane
Falling Green Crescent
Fallingbrook Drive
Fallowfield Drive
Fallowfield Park
Fallowfield Towers
Fallview Court
Fallview Street
Family Dollar & More
Family Pizza and Shawarma
Family Tree Hair & Beauty Salon
Famous Wok
Fantastic Wok!
Far Out Flicks
Faraday Court
Farah Foods
Farley Drive
Farm Boy
Farmbrook Place
Farmer's Market Road
Farmington Place
Farmstead Place
Farnham Avenue
Farnham Road
Farquhar Street
Farr Crescent
Farrier Drive
Farrier Place
Fashion History Museum
Fashion Salon
Fast Eddie's
Fast Food
Fast Time Watch & Jewellery Repair
Fastenal Canada
Fat Bastard Burrito Co.
Fat Bastard Burrito Co
Fat Bastard Burrito Co.
Father David Bauer Drive
Fatima Crescent
Faze Place
Fear Farm
Fear the Fighter Training Academy
Fearnwood Street
Featherstone Court
Featherstone Crescent
Featherstone Street
Federal Building
Federation Hall
FEDS Used Books
Feenstra Street
Fellowship Christian School
Fennel Street
Fenner Lane
Fenside Street
Fenwick Court
Feodore Street
Ferdinand Avenue
Fergus Avenue
Fergus Street
Ferguson Avenue
Ferguson Street
Feridun Hamdullahpur Field House
Ferland Avenue
Ferman Drive
Fern Crescent
Fern Road
Fernbank Place
Ferncliffe Street
Ferndale Avenue
Ferndale Place
Fernwood Place
Festival Fare
Feta & Olives
F.H. Montgomery
Fiddle and Firkin
Fiddleheads Smoothie Bar
Field Sparrow Crescent
Fieldgate Street
Fieldstone Court
Fieldstone Road
Fife Avenue
Fife Road
Fifth Avenue
Fifty's Grill & Deli
Figaro's Pizza
Fight Club
Fight Club Climb Trail
Fight Club Trail
Fiji Road
Filbert Street
Filor Industries Inc.
Filsinger Park Playground
Finch Place
Fine Gold Jewellery
Finoro Crescent
Fionn MacCool's
Fir Street
Fire Tower Road
Firefighters memorial
Firefly Connection
Firefly Shortcut
Firehouse Subs
Fireside Drive
Fireside Family Restaurant
First Avenue
First Baptist Church
First Choice Haircutters
First Line Nassagaweya
First Mennonite Church
First Mennonite Church Cemetery
First Romanian Baptist Church
First United Church
Fischer Canada
Fischer Court
Fischer Drive
Fischer Park
Fischer-Hallman Road
Fischer-Hallman Road North
Fischer-Hallman Road South
Fisher Mills Road
Fishermen's Island
Fitzgerald Drive
Fitzgerald Motors
Fitzgerald Motors Inc.
Five Guys
Fix Auto Cambridge
Fixed Gear Brewing
Flag Raiders
Flaherty Drive
Flamingo Drive
Flanders Road
Flax Mill Drive
Fleming Drive
Fleming Road
Fletcher Circle
Fletcher Court
Flight Centre
Flint Drive
Flints CCG
Fliteline Services
Float & Vichy
Flockhart Road
Flora Street
Floradale Road
Floral Crescent
Floral Drive
Florence Avenue
Florence Lane
Floyd Street
Fluffy Bunny
Flying J
Flying J Family Restaurant
Flynn Avenue
Foamflower Place
Fobert Court
Foerster Road
Folkstone Crescent
Folkstone Place
Follys Lane
Food Basics
Food Concession
Foodie Fruitie
Foot Crescent
Foot Locker
Footbridge Road
Forbes Avenue
Forbes Hobbies
Forbes Street
Forbes Waterloo Mazda
Forch's Record Store
Fore Quarter
Foreign Automotive
Foreman Road
Forest Breeze Court
Forest Connector
Forest Creek Court
Forest Creek Drive
Forest Edge Trail
Forest Gate Cres.
Forest Gate Crescent
Forest Glen Court
Forest Glen Crescent
Forest Grove Lane
Forest Heights Collegiate Institute
Forest Heights Community Trail
Forest Heights Pool
Forest Hill Drive
Forest Hill Park
Forest Hill Public School
Forest Hill United Church
Forest Road
Forest Street
Forest Trail
Forestell Road
Forestlawn Road
Forestview Drive
Forestwalk Street
Forestwood Drive
Forfar Avenue
Forfar Court
Fork and Cork grill
Former alignment of Stone Road East
Former Guelph Correctional Centre
Former Riverside Public School
Former Satellite Motel
Former School
Forster Drive
Forsyth Drive
Forsythe Variety
Forward Church
Forward Health
Forwell Court
Forwell Creek Road
Forwell Park
Forwell Park Stormwater Management Area B
Forwell Road
Forwell Super Variety
Forwell Trail
Forwell's Variety
Foster Avenue
Foster Crescent
Foundation Christian School
Fountain Street
Fountain Street East
Fountain Street North
Fountain Street South
Fountain Street West
Four All Ice Cream
Four House Lane
Four Hundredth Circle
Four Points
Four Seasons Court
Fourth Avenue
Fourth Line
Fourth Line East
Fox Cove Place
Fox Run Drive
Fox Trail
Foxbrook Court
Foxglove Crescent
Foxhill Place
Foxhunt Place
Foxhunt Road
Foxmeadow Road
Foxridge Drive
Foxwood Crescent
Foxwood Place
Framing and Art
Fran Ellen Crescent
Franchetto Boulevard
Francis Street
Francis Street North
Francis Street South
Franciscus Street
Franco and Sons Barber Shop
Frank Gies Auto Sales
Frank Tompa Drive
Frank's Jewellers
Frankfurt Street
Frankie's Pub
Franklin Avenue
Franklin Boulevard
Franklin Lane
Franklin Public School
Franklin Street North
Franklin Street South
Fraser Street
Fraserwood Court
Frasson Drive
Fratello Pizza
Fred A. Hamilton Public School
Fred Astaire Dance Studio
Fred Schneider
Frederick Banting Place
Frederick Drive
Frederick Street
Frederick Street Inn
Freedom & Flesh
Freedom In Christ
Freedom Mobile
Freeman Avenue
Freeman Formalwear
Freemont Street
Frenzi Hair & Skin
Fresh Burrito
Fresh Ground Cafe
Freshfield Street
Freshly Squeezed
Freshmeadow Way
Freure Drive
Frey Crescent
Friday Grill
Frieburg Drive
Frieda's Place
Friedenfest 1871 Denkmal
Fritsch Fragrance
Frobisher Court
Frobisher Drive
Front Street
Frontier Drive
Fulcher Street
Full Circle Natural Foods
Fuller Drive
Fullerton Street
Fulton Glass Systems Inc.
Fundamentals of Health
Fung Place
Funmazing Playcentre
Funworx Indoor Playland
Furness Drive
Fury Place
Future Tech
Future Trail Location

G&T Barbershop
G's Beauty Supply and More
Gage Avenue
Gail Street
Galaxy Cinemas Cambridge
Galaxy Cinemas Guelph
Galaxy Cinemas Pergola Commons
Galaxy Cinemas Waterloo
Gale Presbyterian Church
Gallarno Court
Galt Arena Gardens
Galt Avenue
Galt Chrysler
Galt Collegiate and Vocational Institute
Galt Curling Club
Galt Street
Galt View
Games on Tap
Gander Lane
GAP factory outlet
Garden Avenue
Garden Parkway
Garden Path Place
Garden Street
Garden Tree Court
Gardenview Court
Gardiner Street
Garibaldi Street
Garment Street
Garth Massey Drive
Garth Street
Gas +
Gaskin Avenue
Gaspe Drive
Gatehouse Drive
Gatestone Boulevard
Gateview Drive
Gateway Drive
Gateway Drive Public School
Gateway Newsstands
Gateway Newstands
Gateway Park Drive
Gatewood Road
Gatsby Court
Gaukel Street
Gaurdian pharmacy
Gaw Crescent
Gay Crescent
Gazer Crescent
GB Auto Repair


GE Security
Geddes Crescent
Geddes Street
Gees Way
Gehl Place
Gemini Subaru
Gemmel Lane
General Drive
General Place
Geneva Crescent
Gentlemen's Choice
Geo Ref
Geo Time Trail
George Ayres Drive
George Richards Big & Tall Menswear
George Street
George Street North
George Street South
George Wellington Place
George's Transmission
Georgian Court
Georgian Crescent
Georgian Place
Georgian Street
Gerald Bowman auctions
Gerard Avenue
German-Canadian Hunting and Fishing Club
Gerrard Avenue
Gerrat Drive
Gerrie Electric Supply
GHTC James St-Victoria Road
Giant Tiger
Gibb Street
Gibbs Crescent
Gibney Regional Forest (Baden Hills)
Gibson Court
Gibson Drive
Gilbert Macintyre Funeral Home
Gildner Street
Gilholm Avenue
Gilholm Lane
Gill Cove
Gillen Street
Gillespie Court
Gillies Street
Gilmour Crescent
Gilmour Road
Gin Mill
Gina's Closet Bridal Shop
Ginger Court
Gingerich Road
Gino's Pizza
Ginseng Street
Glacier Street
Gladstone Avenue
Glamis Road
Glasgow Lane
Glasgow Street
Glasgow Street North
Glasgow Street South
Glazebrook Crescent
Glebe Street
Glebeholme Crescent
Glen Acres Baptist Church
Glen Acres Fellowship Hall
Glen Avon Crescent
Glen Forrest Boulevard
Glen Lake Crescent
Glen Manor Boulevard
Glen Morris Road
Glen Morris Road East
Glen Park Crescent
Glen Road
Glenbrook Crescent
Glenbrook Drive
Glenbrook Place
Glenburn Drive
Glenburnie Drive
Glencairn Church
Glencairn Public School
Glencliffe Court
Glenda Court
Glendale Place
Glendale Road
Glendan Court
Glendene Crescent
Glenecho Court
Glenelm Crescent
Glenforest Road
Glengarry Street
Glengrove Place
Glenhill Place
Glenholme Drive
Glenmorris Street
Glennbriar Street
Glennie Court
Glenridge Cleaners
Glenridge Drive
Glenridge Place
Glenvalley Drive
Glenview Avenue
Glenview Park Secondary School
Glenvista Drive
Glenwood Avenue
Glenwood Drive
Global Pet Foods
Globe Studios
Gloucester Court
Gluten Free Bakery by Suzie
Go! Glass & Accessories
GOCO Convenience
Goddard Crescent
Goebel Avenue
Goemans Appliances Kitchener
Gol's Lanzhou Noodle
Goldbeck Lane
Goldbeck Street
Golden Dynasty Restaurant
Golden Eagle Road
Golden Fish & Chips
Golden Fish and Chips
Golden Meadow Crescent
Golden Meadow Drive
Golden Pond Road
Golden Terrace Court
Goldenview Drive
Goldfinch Street
Goldie Avenue
Golds Court
Goldsboro Road
Goldthread Street
Golf Balls Trail
Golf Course Road
Golf Town
Golf's Steakhouse & Seafood
Golfview Place
Golfview Road
Gombas Place
Good Guys Garage
Good News Church - Cambridge
Good Time Games
GoodLife Fitness
Goodness Me
Goodness Me!
Goodrich Drive

goodvibes juice co.

Goodwill Community Store
Goodwill Donation Centre
Goodwin Drive
Goodwood Court
Gordon Avenue
Gordon Street
Gore Road
Gore Street
Goreing Street
Gorman Crescent
Gosling Gardens
Gospel Hall
Gospel Lighthouse Christian Bookstore
Gottscheer Court
Gouda Place
Goudies Lane
Goundry Crescent
Gourmet Pizza
Governors Road
Gowan Street
Gowdy Avenue
Gowinlock Court
Graber Place
Grace and Healthy Dumplings
Grace Bible Church
Grace Lutheran Church
Gracefield Crescent
Graduate House
Graffiti Market
Graham Hall
Graham Street
Graham's G Interiors
Grainharvest Breadhouse
Granbridge Drive
Grand Avenue
Grand Avenue North
Grand Avenue South
Grand Banks Drive
Grand Cafe
Grand Crest Place
Grand Flats Trail
Grand Hill Drive
Grand Meadow Place
Grand Ridge Drive
Grand River Arena
Grand River Boulevard
Grand River Collegiate Institute
Grand River Conservation Authority Head Office
Grand River Cycle
Grand River Drive
Grand River Gorment Co. Trading Post
Grand River Hobbies
Grand River Hospital
Grand River Hospital Freeport Campus
Grand River Recreation Complex
Grand River Trail
Grand River Trail Marker
Grand River Transit Customer Service Centre
Grand Trunk Trail
Grand Valley Drive
Grand Valley Institution For Women
Grand Valley Tile & Carpet
Grand Valley Trail
Grand View Public School
Grandridge Crescent
Grandview Avenue
Grandview Baptist Church
Grandview Drive
Grandy Lane
Grange Crescent
Grange Lane
Grange Road
Grange Street
Grange Street Court
Grangewood Court
Grangewood Drive
Granite Hill Road
Grant Crescent
Grant Street
Grantham Avenue
Grasslands Court
Grasswood Street
Gravel Ridge Place
Gravel Ridge Trail
Gravity Hair Design
Gray Street
Graystone Avenue
Graywood Court
Great Clips
Great Glasses
Great Lakes Helicopter
Green Acre Park
Green Acre Park Lane
Green Acres Drive
Green Bank Drive
Green Gables
Green Gate Boulevard
Green Meadow Crescent
Green Street
Green Valley Drive
Green Vista Drive
Green Warbler Crescent
Greenbough Court
Greenbrier Drive
Greenbrier Road
Greenbrook Drive
Greencroft Court
Greendale Crescent
Greenfield Aggregate
Greenfield Avenue
Greenfield Road
Greengable Court
Greengable Way
Greengate Road
Greenhouse Road
Greenock Drive
Greensview Drive
Greenview Street
Greenwater Place
Greenwater Street
GreenWay Blooming Centre
Greenwich Drive
Greenwood Avenue
Greenwood Road
Gregg Court
Gregory Place
Grenadier Road
Grenville Avenue
Gresham Place
Grey Abbey Trail
Grey Alder Court
Grey Fox Drive
Grey Oak Drive
Grey Owl Drive
Grey Rock Clothing Co.
Grey Silo Golf Course Paths
Grey Silo Road
Grey Squirrel Place
Grey Street
Greyhawk Street
Greyhound Ticket Office
Greystone Racquet Club
Grierson Drive
Griffin Avenue
Griffiths Avenue
Grill House
Grills Lane
Grimms Drive
Grinyer Drive
Grist Mill
Gristmill Street
Groff Place
Groh Avenue
Groh Drive
Groh Public School
Groovy Shoes
Grosbeak Road
Grosvenor Lane
Group camping pitch 201
Grouse Trail
Grove Street
Grovehill Crescent
Growing Hope Farm
GRT GO and Greyhound bus loop
Gruhn Street
Grulke Street
Gryphon Centre Twinpad Arena
Gryphon Football Pavillion
Gryphon Place
Gryphon's Knoll
Guelph Armoury
Guelph Avenue
Guelph BBQ
Guelph Bible Chapel
Guelph Bible Conference Center
Guelph Bible Conference Centre
Guelph Citadel
Guelph Civic Museum
Guelph Collegiate and Vocational Institute
Guelph Community Christian School
Guelph Curling Club
Guelph Elora Trail
Guelph Fire Department
Guelph General Hospital
Guelph Gryphon Athletic Centre
Guelph Gryphon Field House
Guelph Humane Society
Guelph Kia
Guelph Lake Main Beach
Guelph Lake Nature Centre
Guelph Lake Pit Beach
Guelph Lakes Golf and Country Club
Guelph Lawn Bowling Club
Guelph Medical Laser & Skin Centre
Guelph Medical Place 1
Guelph Medical Place 2
Guelph Medical Place Pharmacy
Guelph Mercury
Guelph Montessori School
Guelph Music
Guelph Police Collision Reporting Centre
Guelph Police Service
Guelph Public Library - Bullfrog Mall Branch
Guelph Public Library - East Side Branch
Guelph Public Library - Main Branch
Guelph Public Library - Scottsdale Branch
Guelph Public Library - West End Branch
Guelph Public Library - Westminister Square Branch
Guelph Radial Trail
Guelph Rod and Gun Club
Guelph Royal Dental Centre
Guelph Seventh-Day Adventist Church
Guelph Smoke & Gift
Guelph Sports Dome
Guelph Street
Guelph's Finest Pizza and Wings
Guelph-Nichol Townline
Guerin Avenue
Guest Services
Guildcraft The Duvet and Pillow Company
Guildwood Place
Guillevin International co.
Gummer Building
Gunn Avenue
Guthrie Street
Gypsy LEE
Gzowski Avenue
Gzowski Lane

Hachborn Street East
Hachborn Street West
Hackberry Street
Hadati Road
Haddaway Court
Haddington Street
Hadfield Court
Hagan Avenue
Hagen Court
Hagey Boulevard
Hahn Avenue
Hahn Place
Hahn Valley Place
Hair by Lynda
Hair Looks
Hair Space
Hairway to Heaven
Hakim Optical
Hakka Hut
Halberstadt Circle
Haldane Court
Hale Court
Hales Crescent
Halesmanor Court
Haley Court
Halibut House Fish & Chips
Halifax Crescent
Halifax Drive
Hall Avenue
Halliwell Drive
Hallman Road
Hallmark Drive
Halls Lane
Halls Lane West
Halm Road
Halo Hair Studio
Halter Avenue
Hamel Avenue
Hamel Brooms
Hamer Crescent
Hamersley Road
Hamilton Drive
Hamilton Street
Hamilton's Garage
Hammet Street
Hammond Manufacturing
Hammond Manufacturing Company Limited
Hampton Place
Hampton Street
Hamstead Court
Handorf Drive
Hands Drive
Haney Drive
Hangar 41
Hanger #7
Hanlon Creek Boulevard
Hanlon Park Creek Splash Pad
Hanlon Park Mini Storage
Hanlon Road
Hanlon Square
Hanover Street
Hanson Avenue
Happy Shake
Harber Avenue
Harbour View Crescent
Harcourt Crescent
Harcourt Drive
Harcourt Memorial United Church
Hardcastle Drive
Hardcastle Place
Harding Street
Hardwood 2
Hardwood Hollows Trail
Hardy Street
Harman Heavy Vehicle Specialists
Harmony Court
Harmony Lunch
Harmony Road
Harness Lane
Harold Avenue
Harold Barber Stylistt
Harper Place
Harriet Street
Harris Street
Harris Woolen Mill Ruins
Harrison Avenue
Harrow Court
Harry Class Swimming Pool
Hartfield Drive
Hartley Court
Harts Lane East
Harts Lane West
Hartwood Avenue
Hartwood Court
Hartwood Place
Harvard Place
Harvard Road
Harvard Variety
Harvest Court
Harvest Moon Family Restaurant
Harvey Lane
Harvey Street
Harwood Road
Haskell Road
Hasler Crescent
Hastings Boulevard
Hasty Market
Havelock Drive
Havelock Street
Havendale Crescent
Havendale Place
Havenwood Court
Havill Street
Hawk Street
Hawkesville Road
Hawkins Drive
Hawkswood Drive
Hawthorn Street
Hawthorne Drive
Hawthorne Place
Hay Crescent
Hayden's Garage
Hayes Avenue
Hayward Avenue
Hayward Crescent
Hazel Street
Hazelglen Alliance Church
Hazelglen Drive
Hazelwood Crescent
Hazelwood Drive
HDC Gas Bar
Head 2 Toe
Headline Barber Shop
Health Valley Trail & TCTrail
Hearing Solutions
Hearn Avenue
Hearth Crescent
Hearthbridge Street
Hearthway Street
Hearthwood Crescent
Hearthwood Drive
Heasley Park
Heasley Park Trail
Heath Road
Heathcliffe Place
Heather Avenue
Heatherhill Place
Heatherwood Place
Heathwood Court
Hebel Place
Hebert Street
Hedges Court
Hedgestone Court
Hedgestone Crescent
Hedley Street
Heffernan Street
Heffernan Street Footbridge
Heffernan's Jewllery
Heffner Toyota
Heffner Used Vehicles
Heiman Street
Heimpel Automotive
Heins Avenue
Heit Lane
Heldmann Road
Helen Avenue
Helena Feasby Street
Helene Crescent
Hell's Kitchen
Helmutz Landscape & Interlock
Hemingway Place
Hemlock Crescent
Hemlock Hill Drive
Hemlock Street
Henderson Drive
Henderson Street
Henhoeffer Court
Henhoeffer Crescent
Henry Court
Henry Street
Henry Sturm Greenway
Henry Villa Drive
Henry's Photo and Video
Henwood Drive
Hepburn Avenue
Herbert Street
Herc's Nutrition
Heritage Convenience
Heritage Drive
Heritage Green Lawn Bowling
Heritage Lake Design Studio
Heritage Lake Drive
Heritage Park Pharmacy
Herlan Avenue
Hermie Place
Heroux Devtek Drive
Herrgott Road
Herron Place
Hersey Lane
Hesh Crescent
Hespeler Baptist Church
Hespeler Family Restaurant
Hespeler Memorial Arena
Hespeler Pharmacy
Hespeler Public School
Hespeler Road
Hespeler View Park
Hespeler Village Wine Making
Hessen Str.
Hett Avenue
Hewat Street
Hewitt Lane
Hexam Street
Hiawatha Drive
Hibachi Sushi
Hickory Heights Crescent
Hickory Hollow Crescent
Hickory Street
Hickory Street East
Hickory Street West
Hickson Drive
Hidden Acres Lane
Hidden Creek Drive
Hidden Trail to Hideout
Hidden Valley
Hidden Valley Crescent
Hidden Valley Road
Hideaway Court
High Acres Crescent
High Crest Lane East
High Crest Lane West
High Park Drive
High Ridge Court
High Street
High Top Tailor
Highbarry Crescent
Highbrook Court
Highbrook Crescent
Highbrook Park
Highbrook Street
Highcroft Court
Highgate Court
Highgate Road
Highgrove Court
Highland Baptist Church
Highland Camera
Highland Cleaners
Highland Crescent
Highland Halal Shawarma
Highland Optical
Highland Park
Highland Park Lane
Highland Public School
Highland Road East
Highland Road West
Highman Avenue
Highpark Avenue
Highpoint Avenue
Highview Drive
Highview Place
Highway 24
Highway 6
Highway 7
Highway 8
Hiker's Delight
Hilborn Avenue
Hilborn Trail
Hilda Place
Hill Street
Hill Trail
Hill's Auto Sales
Hillbrook Crescent
Hillcrest Avenue
Hillcrest Court
Hillcrest Drive
Hillcrest Lane
Hillcrest Public School
Hillcrest Road
Hillcroft Court
Hilldale Crescent
Hilldale Drive
Hilliard Avenue
Hillmer Road
Hillmount Street
Hillsboro Drive
Hillsborough Crescent
Hillsdon Place
Hillside Avenue
Hillside Drive
Hillside Park
Hillside Reserve
Hillside Street
Hillside Varity
Hilltop Court
Hilltop Drive
Hilltop Road
Hillview Road
Hillview Street
Hilton Garden Inn
Hinrichs Crescent
Hipel Avenue
Historic Flood Level Marker
Historic St. Paul's Lutheran Church
Hobby and Toy Central
Hobo Camp
Hobson Street
Hoddle Crescent
Hodgson Drive
Hoegler Pharmaplus Drugmart
Hoffman minimart
Hoffman Street
Hofstetter Avenue
Hofstetter Road
Hohner Avenue
Holbeach Court
Holbeach Crescent
Holborn Court
Holborn Drive
Holbrook Crescent
Hole in Fun
Holiday Beach
Holiday Beach Drive
Holiday Inn
Holiday Inn Drive
Holiday Inn Express & Suites
Holland Circle
Holland Crescent
Holley Crescent
Holliday Street
Hollinger Crescent
Holly Court
Holly Street
Holly View Place
Hollyberry Place
Hollybrook Trail
Hollyridge Crescent
Hollywood Boulevard
Hollywood Nails & Spa
Holm Street
Holmwood Street
Holy Cross
Holy Family Church (Croatian)
Holy Guacamole
Holy Rosary Catholic Church
Holy Rosary Catholic Elementary School
Holy Rosary Catholic School
Holy Spirit Catholic Elementary School
Holy Trinity Anglican Church
Holy Trinity Catholic School
Holy Trinity Serbian Orthodox Church
Home Garden
Home Hardware
Home hardware
Home Hardware
Home Hardware Building Centre
Home Street
Home Style Furniture
Homegrown Hydroponics
Homehardwear Appliance Outlet
Homer Watson Boulevard
Homestead Connector
Homestead Drive
Homestead Place
Homestyle Diner
Homeview Place
Homewood Avenue
Homewood Health Centre
Homewood Suites
Homuth Avenue
Honey Crescent
Honey Street
Honeysuckle Drive
Honeywood Place
Hong Kong Seafood Restaurant
Hood Street
Hooper Street
Hope Lutheran Church
Hopeton Street
Hopewell Creek Road
Hopewell Road
Hopewell Trail
Hopp Street
Horizon Court
Horizon Furniture
Hornby Court
Horning Drive
Horseshoe Crescent
Horton Walk
Hosking Place
Hospitality Area
Hot Star Large Fried Chicken
Hot Topic
Hot Wheels Chinese Restaurant
Hot Wok
Hotspot Auto Parts
Houghton Car Cleaning Centre
Houghton Street
House of Bamboo
House of Patties
Housekeeping Building
Housler Lane
Howard Avenue
Howard Johnson
Howard Place
Howard Robertson Public School
Howden Crescent
Howe Drive
Howitt Creek Flood Protection Facility
Howitt Street
Howl at the Moon
Howland Drive
Huber Street
Hubert Court
Hubert Street
Huck Crescent
Hudson Court
Hudson Crescent
Hudson's Bay
Hughes Lane
Hughson Street
Hugo Crescent
Hume Drive
Hume Road
Hummingbird Place
Humphries Auto Service
Hungerford Road
Hungry Ninja
Hunsberger Road
Hunt Club Road
Hunt Street
Hunters Lane
Hunters Place
Hunterswood Court
Huntingdale Drive
Huntingdale Place
Huntingdon Crescent
Huntington Place
Huntingwood Court
Huntley Crescent
Hurlbut Place
Huron Heights Secondary School
Huron Road
Huron Street
Huron Trail
Hurst Avenue
Husson Place
Hyannis Court
Hyde Park Mews
Hyland Road

Ian Ormston Drive
Idea Exchange - Clemens Mill
Idea Exchange - Hespeler
Idea Exchange - Preston
Idea Exchange - Queen's Square
Idle Creek Drive
Idle Ridge Court
Idlewood Drive
Idlewood Park Natural Area
Iglesia Bautista Nueva Jerusalen
Ignatius Jesuit Centre
Image Fashions
Immanuel Penecostal
Imperial Drive
Imperial Lane
Imperial Road North
Imperial Road South
In Her Shoes
In the Woods
In-N-Out Connector
Inadale Court
Independence Place
India Food and Grocery
India Spice House
Indian Grass Street
Indian Road
Indian Trail
Indiana Street
Indigo Street
Industrial Drive
Industrial Park
Industrial Road
Industrial Street
Infamous Eatery
Infinity Nail & Hair Spa
Inge Court
Ingleside Drive
Ingleside Place
Inglis Falls Place
Ingram Drive
Inkerman Street
Inlet Avenue
Inner Sanctum
Innsbruck Place
INS Market
Insomnia Trattoria and Wine Bar
Inspirations Hair Design
Inspirit Beauty Lounge
Interlaken Drive
International Clothiers
International Gospel Centre
International News
International Place
International Village Drive
Inukshuk Consignment Shop
Inverhuron Crescent
Inverness Drive
Inverness Place
Investia Financial Services Inc
Inwood Crescent
Inwood Drive


Ira Needles Boulevard
Ireland Place
Iron Gate Street
Iron Horse Trail
Ironstone Drive
Ironwood Place
Ironwood Road
Iroquois Place
Irvin Street
Irving Crescent
IS Connector
Isaac Street
Isabella Street
Isaiah Crescent
Isaiah Drive
Isaiah Place


Isherwood Avenue
Islamic Center of Waterloo
Islandview Avenue
Isley Drive
Islington Avenue
Israel Place
It starts here
It's Artictic - The Gift & Garden Place
Ivanhoe Court
Ivy Court
Ivy Lane Court


Izma Green
Izna Donburi House

J and P Filipino Store
J. Michaels
J&B Family Restaurant
J&P Grocery
Jack Astor's
Jack Avenue
Jack Burger's Pub
Jack's family restaurant
Jackpine Place
Jackson Avenue
Jackson Street
Jacob Gingrich Drive
Jacob Hespeler Secondary School
Jacob Lane
Jacob Street
Jacob's Grill
Jacobs Wine kits.com
Jacqueline Place
Jade Court
Jaded Nails Salon
Jadestone Court
Jaffray Street
Jaguar Land Rover Service Centre
Jake's Attack
Jake's Breakaway
Jameison Pool Table and Dart Supplies
James Court
James Downey Way
James Street
James Street East
James Street West
James Wilson Street
Jamieson Parkway
Jamieson Variety and Gifts
Jamieson Vehicle Sales, Surplus Centre
Jan's Family Hair Studio
Jane Street
Janefield Avenue
Janet Court
Janet Metcalfe Public School
Janine Street
Jansen Avenue
Janus Books
Japanese taka restaurant
Jardine Street
Jarvis Street
Jarzies Indoor Simulated Golf
Jason Drive
Jasper Court
Jasper Heights
Java Garden
Jawbone Street
Jay Court
J.C. Hersey Building
JC's Hair Design
Jean Anderson Crescent
Jean Avenue
Jean Little Public School
Jean Machine
Jean Steckle Public School
Jeans Atelier
Jefferson Court
Jeffrey Drive
Jeffrey Place
Jenking's Court
Jenner Court
Jenson Boulevard
Jerry Drive
Jerry Zister's Autopro
Jersey Mike's Subs
Jessica Crescent
Jessica Lane
Jessie Lee Lane
Jetliner Court
J.F. Carmichael Public School
JF Chen
Jia Jia Lok Chinese
Jiffy Lube
Jigs Hollow Road
Jimmy Jazz
Jimmy the Greek
Jimmy's Feed Co
Jimmy's Lunch
Jimmy's minis
JJ's Convenience
Joan Lane
Jodi Place
Joe Thompson Park
Joey's Only
Johanna Drive
John Bayus Park
John Brabson Crescent
John Bricker Road
John Darling Public School
John F. Ross Collegiate and Vocational Institute
John Galt 1779–1839
John Galt Public School
John Mahood Public School
John McCrae Memorial Garden
John McCrae Public School
John Place
John Ross Court
John Russell Lane
John Street
John Street East
John Street West
John Sweeney Catholic Elementary School
John Wood Sidetrail 1
John Wood Sidetrail 2
Johnny Fresco's
Johnny Rocco’s
Johnston Avenue
Johnston Hall
Johnston Street
Jolanta's European Spa
Jonas Appliances
Jones Baseline
Jones Place
Jordan Drive
Joseph E. Seagram & the Seagram Distillery
Joseph Schneider Haus
Joseph Schneider Haus National Historic Site
Joseph Schoerg Crescent
Joseph Schoerg Place
Joseph Street
Joshua Court
Joshua Street
Joyce Place
JT Powell Building
Jubilee Drive
Julia Crescent
Julia Drive
Juliana Crescent
June Avenue
June Avenue Public School
Juniper Crescent
Juniper Street
J.W. Gerth Public School

K Cleaner and Tailor
K. J. Urban
K&M Auto Services
K-W Badminton Club
K-W Korean Food Market
K-W Montessori
Kabob Hut
Kahn Jewellers
Kaine Hill Drive
Kaitlyn's Switchbacks
Kal Tire
Kam Yin
Kam's Tire
Kams's Auto
Kane Drive
Kara Lee Court
Karalee Crescent
Karch Street
Karen Avenue
Karen Place
Karen Walk
Karl Court
Karlsfeld Road
Karn Street
Kate's Place for Everyone
Katelynn Drive
Katemore Drive
Katherine Crescent
Katherine Street North
Katherine Street South
Kathleen Street
Kathlene Court
Kathreen Street
Kaufman Flats
Kaufman Lofts
Kawartha Street
Kay Crescent
Kay Street
K.B.R. Auto Parts Inc.
K.C Convenience
Kearney Street
Keating Street
Keats Crescent
Keats Walk
Keats Way
Keats Way Place
Keats Way Trail
Keatsway Public School
Keatswood Crescent
Kedwell Street
Keefer Court
Keewatin Avenue
Keewatin Place
Keffer Street
Keg & Cork
Keg Steakhouse
Kehl Street
Kei Premium Plated Products
Keith Way
Keller Crescent
Kelly Court
Kelly Drive
Kelly Greens
Kelsey's Roadhouse
Kelseys Original Roadhouse
Kelso Drive
Kelso Place
Kelvin Avenue
Kemp Crescent
Ken Danby Public School
Ken Seiling Waterloo Region Museum
Ken Sushi
Kendrick Avenue
Kenley Lane
Kenmore Avenue
Kennedy Avenue
Kennedy Road
Kenneth Avenue
Kenneth Fried Place
Kenning Place
Kenny's Nails
Kenora Drive
Kensington Avenue
Kensington Street
Kensington Y Child Care
Kent Avenue
Kent Street
Kentucky Bourbon and Barbecue
Kenwood Crescent
Kenwood Drive
Kenzo Ramen
Kernels Popcorn
Kerr Crescent
Kerr Street
Kerwood Drive
Kesselring Court
Kesselring Drive
Kestrel Street
Kevco Place
Key Centre
Keys Crescent
Kichener-Waterloo Art Gallery
Kids Ability
Kids Foot Locker
Kilbirnie Court
Kilkenny Place
Kilkerran Crescent
Killarney Crescent
Killbear Court
Killdeer Road
Killer Cupcakes Goremet
Kim Seng
Kim's Variety
Kimberley Drive
Kimberley Road
Kimberly Crescent

kimthy hairstyling

Kindred Credit Union
King Cleaners
King Crab
King Edward Place
King Edward Public School
King Fish & Chips
King George Public School
King Pharmacy
King Rail Court
King Street
King Street Cycles
King Street East
King Street North
King Street North Service Road
King Street South
King Street Trio
King Street West
King Tin Restaurant
King William Court
King's Jewellery
Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses
Kingfisher Crescent
Kingfisher Drive
Kings Buffet
Kings Mart
Kings Road
Kings Sports Bar and Grill
Kingsboro Road
Kingsbury Drive
Kingsbury Square
Kingscourt Drive
Kingsford Place
Kingsley Court
Kingsley Crescent
Kingsmill Avenue
Kingsmill Court
Kingston Crescent
Kingsway Drive
Kingsway Fishing Tackle
Kingsway Service Centre
Kingswood Drive
Kingswood Gate
Kingwood Estates
Kinkaku Izakaya
Kinlock Street
Kinzie Avenue
Kipling Avenue
Kirkby Court
Kirkland Street
Kirkwall Road
Kirsten Drive
Kirtida Kitchen
Kirvan Drive
Kissing Bridge Drive
Kissing Bridge Trailway
Kissing Bridge Trailway & T C Trail
Kitchen Kuttings
Kitchen Stuff Plus
Kitchen Wok
Kitchener Armoury
Kitchener Asphalt Limited
Kitchener Autobody
Kitchener Avenue
Kitchener Baptist Church
Kitchener Cenotaph
Kitchener Church of God
Kitchener City Hall
Kitchener East Presbyterian Church
Kitchener Fire Department
Kitchener Fire Department Station 5
Kitchener Fire Station 1
Kitchener Fire Station 2
Kitchener Fire Station 3
Kitchener Fire Station 4
Kitchener Fire Station 6
Kitchener Fire Station 7
Kitchener Gospel Hall
Kitchener Gospel Temple
Kitchener Highland Convenience
Kitchener Honda
Kitchener Inn & Suites
Kitchener Lawn Bowling Club
Kitchener Masjid
Kitchener Memorial Auditorium Complex
Kitchener Mennonite Brethren Church
Kitchener Mitsubishi
Kitchener Nissan Service Centre
Kitchener Public Library - Country Hills
Kitchener Public Library - Forest Heights
Kitchener Public Library - Grand River Stanley Park
Kitchener Public Library - Main
Kitchener Public Library - Pioneer Park
Kitchener Road
Kitchener Walterloo Dream Korean Methodist Church
Kitchener Waterloo Musical Productions
Kitchener-Waterloo Bilingual School
Kitchener-Waterloo Chinese Alliance Church
Kitchener-Waterloo Christian Fellowship
Kitchener-Waterloo Little Theatre
Kitchener–Waterloo Collegiate and Vocational School
Kiwanis Park Drive
Kiwanis Pool
Klinck Street
Klosters Drive
Klotz Auto
Klotz Park
Knack Lane
Knapp Road
Knechtel Court
Knee Wound
Knell Drive
Knevitt Place
Knight-Newbrough Field
Knights Inn
Knightsbridge Court
Knightswood Boulevard
Knollwood Court
Knotty Pine Avenue
Knox Court
Knox Presbyterian Church
Knox's Galt Presbyterian Church
Koch Drive
Koinonia Christian Academy
Koinonia Christian Fellowship
Kolb Park
Kolb Street
Korean Presbyterian Church
Korner Kitchen
Kortright Hills Public School
Kortright Presbyterian Church
Kortright Road
Kortright Road East
Kortright Road West
Kossuth Hall
Kossuth Road
Kovac Road
Kraeling Farm
Kraemer Automotive
Kraft Avenue
Kraft Drive
Kraftwood Place
Kramp Road
Kraus Drive
Kressler Auto Services
Kressler Road
Kribs Street
Krieg Street
Kristi Place
Kroeger Crescent
Kron Drive
Krug Street
Krystal Court
KT Cleaners & Laundromat
Kultrun Market, Gift Shop
Kummer Crescent
Kumpf Drive
Kung Fu Mart
Kung Fu Tea
Kuntz Lane
Kurt Place
Kurves Brow Bar
KW Athletics
KW Bookstore
KW Cellular
KW Granite Club
KW Granite Countertops
KW Gymnastics Club
KW Habilitation Services
KW Student's Delight Restaurant
KW Towing
Kwik Kopy
KWO Iron Works Ltd
Kypreos Restaurant

La Crème
La Cucina
La Femme Privee
LA Fitness
La Guanaquita
La Luma Salon & Academy
L.A Nails
La Paz de Christo
La Reina
La Salle Street
La Senza
La Vie en Rose
Labrador Drive
Lackner Boulevard
Lackner Woods
Lackner Woods Public School
Ladyslipper Drive
Lafarge Lands
Lafarge Lands path
Lagenfeld Lane
Laird Road
Laird Road West
Lake Avenue
Lake Louise Boulevard
Lake Road
Lakeshore Drive
Lakeshore Service Centre
Lakeshore Systems Inc.
Lakeside Church
Lakeside Drive
Lakeside Park
Lakeside Private Drive
Lakeview Drive
Lambert Crescent
Lambert Place
Lambeth Way
Lambton Hall
Lanark Court
Lanark Crescent
Lanark Place Retirement Residence
Lancaster Mini Mart
Lancaster Shawarma
Lancaster Street East
Lancaster Street West
Lancaster Tavern
Landgren Court
Landmark Cinemas
Landmark Cinemas 10 Waterloo
Lands Court
Landsdown Drive
Lane 1
Lane 2
Lane 3
Lane 4
Lane 5
Lane Street
Laneway 101
Laneway 104
Laneway 109
Laneway 116
Laneway 117
Laneway 122
Laneway 131
Laneway 134
Laneway 137
Laneway 139
Laneway 142
Laneway 151
Laneway 155
Laneway 157
Laneway 158
Laneway 162
Laneway 163
Laneway 164
Laneway 172
Laneway 173
Laneway 175
Laneway 177
Laneway 178
Laneway 180
Laneway 183
Laneway 185
Laneway 193
Laneway 199
Laneway 200
Laneway 201
Laneway 203
Laneway 210
Laneway 211
Laneway 301
Laneway 302
Lang Crescent
Lang Way
Langdon Drive
Langdon Hall
Langford Drive
Langford Place
Langlaw Drive
Langs Circle
Langs Drive
Langside Street
Langton Drive
Lansdowne Boulevard
Lansdowne Road North
Lansdowne Road South
Lantern Street
Lao-Thai Super Store
Larch Street
Lardner Street
Largo Woods Lane
Lark Street
Larkspur Crescent
Latenda Place
Laughland Lane
Laura Factory Store
Laura Secord
Laurel Church Centre
Laurel Creek
Laurel Creek Maintenance
Laurel Gate Drive
Laurel Springs Court
Laurel Street
Laurel Trail
Laurel Trail / Trans Canada Trail
Laurel Trail (Trans-Canada Trail)
Laurelwood Court
Laurelwood Drive
Laurelwood Health Store
Laurelwood Park
Laurelwood Public School
Laurentian Drive
Laurentian Hills Christian School
Laurentian Public School
Laurentian Wetlands
Laurie Lanes
Laurier Library
Laurier Place
Laurine Avenue
Lauris Avenue
Lausanne Crescent
Lave Nails
Lavender Road
Laverne Avenue
Law Drive
Lawn Bowling Club
Lawrence Avenue
Lawrence Street
Lawson Line
Layton Street
Laza Catering
Lazeez Shawarma
Lazer Video
LCI Lasercom Clinics
Le Château
Le Petite Spa
Le Prix
Leacock Avenue
Leacrest Court
Leader Lane
Leagrove Court
Leander Place
Leaside Place
Lee Avenue
Lee Circle
Lee Court
Lee Street
Lee Valley Tools
Lee's Breakfast and Casual Dining
Legacy Greens Grocery Store
Legault Crescent
Leighland Drive
Leisure Lodge Road
Lemon Grass Crescent
Lemon Grass Street
Lemon Street
Lemonbalm Street
Lemonwood Place
Len's Mill Store
Lena Crescent
Lend Direct
LenJo Bakes
Lennox Crescent
Lennox Lane
Lennox Lewis Way
Leonard Street
Lerch Road
Leslie Avenue
Lester B. Pearson Public School
Lester B Pearson Trailway
Lester Lofts
Lester Place
Lester Street
Letson Drive
Levetto Oak Park
Lewis Crescent
Lewis Road
Lewis Street
Lexington Court
Lexington Crescent
Lexington Field Connector
Lexington Park
Lexington Public School
Lexington Road
Liberty Avenue
Liberty Drive
Liberty Gate
Libro Credit Union
Lichty Crescent
Lick's Hamburgers
Life Habesha Boutique
Lifestyle Way
Light Drive
Lighthouse Place
Lilac Place
Lilac Street
Lillian Drive
Lilliput Land
Lilywood Drive
Limera Avenue
Limerick Drive
Limerick Lane
Limerick Road
Limpert Avenue
Lin Hai Sushi
Lin's Garden
Lincoln Avenue
Lincoln Crescent
Lincoln Heights
Lincoln Heights Public School
Lincoln Road
Lincoln Road Chapel
Lincoln Variety
Linda Drive
Linden Avenue
Linden Drive
Linden Place
Linden Street
Linden Terrace
Lindsay Court
Lindsay Road
Line 86
Linear Trail
Lingard Road
Link Trail
Linke Place
Linndale Road
Linnwood Avenue
Linton Place
Linwood Avenue
Lion Brewery Restaurant
Lion's Community Hall
Lion's Ring Trail
Lions Court
Lions Park
Liquid Assets Cafe
Lisa Lane
Lisbon Pines Drive
Listowel Road
Little Caesars

little city farm

Little Dover Crescent
Little Shop Stop
Little Short Stop
Littlefield Crescent
Live Electric
Live Switchboard
Liverpool Street
Living Fresh
Living Levee Trail
Livingstone Crescent
Liz Claiborne
Lizzy R
Lloyd Dyer
Loblaw Pharmacy
Lobsinger Lane
Lobsinger Line
Lobster Lane
Lockie Road
Lockwood Street
Lockyer Road
Locust Street
Lodge Street
Lois Lane
Lois Street
Loloan Lobby Bar
Lombardy Court
London Road East
London Road West
Lone Star Texas Grill
Lonelm Court
Longfellow Avenue
Longfellow Drive
Longfield Court
Longhurst Crescent
Longspur Way
Longview Crescent
Longwood Drive
Lonsdale Drive
Lonsdale Road
Lookin' For Heroes
Looking Sharp Beauty Lounge
Lookout Lane
Lore Court
Loree's Automotive
Lorilee Crescent
Lorindale Street
Lorna Drive
Lorne Avenue
Lorne Crescent
Lorraine Avenue
Lorraine Drive
Lorraine's Hair
Lorry Lane
Lost Acres Variety
Lost Vessel Vintage
Lot88 Steakhouse & Bar
Lotus Nails & Skin Spa
Lotus Spa
Lou Dawg's
Louie's Hairstyling
Louis Street
Louisa Drive
Louisa Street
Lourdes Street
Love Laugh Play
Love Shop
Lovett Lane
LOVE.YOU Salon & Spa
Lowell Street North
Lowell Street South
Lower Canada Crescent
Lower Jurassic
Lower Mercer Street
Lower Picnic
Lower Snail
Lowes Road
Lowrey Avenue North
Lowrey Avenue S
Lowther Street
Lowther Street South
Loyola House
Loyola House Chapel
Lucan Avenue
Lucerne Avenue
Lucerne Drive
Lucky Belly
Lucky Super Convenience
Ludolph Street
Ludolph Trail
Luella Street
Lumsden Crescent
Lundy Road
Lush Woodcraft
Lusi Wong Library
Luster & Oak
Lustrous Car Brite, Car Care
Luther Village on the Park
Lutz Street
Lux Nail Spa
Lydia Street
Lyle Hallman Pool
Lyle Place
Lynch Circle
Lynden Road
Lyndhurst Drive
Lynn Court
Lynnbrook Crescent
Lynnbrook Place
Lynnhaven Court
Lynnmore Street
Lynnvalley Court
Lynnvalley Crescent
Lynwood Avenue
Lynwood Place
Lyon Avenue
Lyon Park Outdoor Pool
Lyon Park Playground

M Market
M&M Bar and Grill
M&M Food Market
M&M Meats
M&M Meatshops
M&T Printing
Mac Avenue
MAC Cosmetics
MAC Hespeler Masjid
Mac's Sushi
MacAlister Boulevard
Macatee Place
Macdonald Hall
MacDonald Street
Macdonell Street
Macgregor Crescent
MacGregor Public School
Machado Street
Macintosh Place
Mackay Crescent
Mackay Street
Mackenzie King Field
Mackenzie King Public School
Mackenzie King Village
Mackie Place
MacMillan's Fine Foods
MacPrint Services
Macteith Court
Macville Avenue
Mad Hatter
Mad Hatter Trail
Madeira Crescent
Madeleine Street
Mader's Lane
Mader's Massage Therapy Clinic
Madison Avenue North
Madison Avenue South
Maestro's Pizza
Magdalena Court
Magdalena Drive
Magic Forest
Magic Pizza
Magnolia Lane
Magnolia Place
Magnolia's Of St Jacobs
Magor Drive
Mahler's Hairstyling
Mahogany Street
Maids Hall
Main Path
Main Street
Main Street grill
Main Street North
Main Street South
Maintenance Building #1
Maintenance Building #2
Mair Court
Maitland Street
Major Decorating Ltd
Major Street
Make It Sew Embroidery
Malabar Drive
Malcolm Road
Malcolm Street
Mallard Court
Mallard Crescent
Mallott Road
Maltby Road E
Maltby Road East
Maltby Road West
Malvern Crescent
Mambella's Italian Kitchen
Mamma D's Delicious Eats
Management Support Network
Manchester Public School
Manchester Road
Manchester Street
Manchu Wok
Mandel Scientific Company Inc.
Mango Chutney
Manhattan Circle
Manhattan Court
Manitoba Street
Manitou Drive
Manitoulin Crescent
Mannheim Crescent
Mannheim Road
Mannie Mart
Manor Drive
Manor Park Crescent
Manor Ridge Crescent
Manorbrook Court
Manorwood Court
Manresa Court
Mansfield Circle
Mansion Street
Manulife Financial
Manulife Financial Sportsplex
Manulife Place
Maple Auto Repair
Maple Avenue
Maple Bend Road
Maple Bush Drive
Maple Convenience
Maple Court
Maple Drive
Maple Forest Lane
Maple Forest Place
Maple Grove Rd Leash Free Dog Park
Maple Grove Road
Maple Hill Drive
Maple Leaf Gas
Maple Leaf Lane
Maple Manor Court
Maple Manor Road
Maple Manor Road E
Maple Ridge Road
Maple Street
Maple Trail
Maplecrest Drive
Maplelawn Drive
Maplemar Sugarbush
Maplewood Avenue
Maplewood Drive
Maplewood Place
Mappins Jewellers
Marble Slab Creamery
Marbles Restaurant
Marco Polo Road
Marcon Court
Marcon Street
Marcy Crescent
Marden Motors
Marden Road
Marden Tract
Marengo Court
Margaret Avenue
Margaret Avenue North
Margaret Avenue Public School
Margaret Avenue South
Margaret Street
Marianne Dorn Trail
Marigold Court
Marigold Drive
Marilyn Drive
Marilyn's Hair Design
Marina Road
Mariner Drive
Mario's Pizza
Marion Way
Mariposa Court
Marisa Street
Maritime Travel
Mark Crescent
Mark Wilson's Better Used Cars
Mark's Caribbean Kitchener and Seafood
Market Fresh
Market Lane
Market Road Antiques
Market Street
Marketa Crescent
Marks Avenue
Marksam Road
Markwood Drive
Marl Meadow Court
Marl Meadow Crescent
Marl Meadow Drive
Marlborough Avenue
Marlborough Road
Marlis Crescent
Marlowe Drive
Marmel Court
Marquette Drive
Marriott Courtyard Waterloo St. Jacobs
Marsh Crescent
Marshall Avenue
Marshall Drive
Marshall Street
Marsland Court
Marsland Drive
Marston Crescent
Marten's Furniture Wonderland
Martha Street
Martin Avenue
Martin Creek Road
Martin Grove Road
Martin Luther Church
Martin Luther University College
Martin Mills
Martin Street
Martin's Maple Syrup
Martindale Crescent
Martinglen Crescent
Martins Lane
Martinwood Street
Martin’s Family Fruit Farm
Mary Avenue
Mary Brown's
Mary Johnston Corridor
Mary Johnston Public School
Mary Phelan Catholic School
Mary Street
Mary's Nails
Maryann Price Lane
Maryhill Inn
Maryhill Road
Masala Bay
Masjid Aisha
Maskerade Manor
Mason Court
Masonic Lodge
Massage Addict
Massey Avenue
Massey Road
Master Court
Mastermind Toys
Masterson Crescent
Mat's Auto
Math C&D
Matter Of Taste Coffee Bar
Matter of Taste: Coffee Bar
Matthew Court
Matthew Drive
Matthew Street
Matthew's Barbershop
Matthias Crescent
Matthias Place
Maude Lane
Maurice Street
Mausser Avenue
Maverick Street
Max Becker Drive
Maxwell Drive
Maxwell's Music House
May Court Nearly New Shop
May Place
Mayapple Street
Mayberry Court
Mayfair Court
Mayfield Avenue
Mayfield Court
Mayflower Street
Maynard Avenue
Mayo Avenue
Mayview Court
Mayview Crescent
Maywood Road
MC to QNC Walkway
McAllister Drive
McAllister Lane
McArthur Crescent
McArthur Drive
McAuslan Street
McBean Court
McBrine Drive
McBrine Place
MCC rePurpose Center
MCC Thrift & Gift
MCC Thrift Shop
McCabe Court
McCabe's Irish Pub
McCabe's Irish Pub and Grill
McCall Crescent
McCann Street
McCarron Crescent
McCarron Place
McCartney Road
McClintock Drive
McCorkindale Place
McCormick Drive
McCormick's Private Lane
McCrae Boulevard
McCrae Place
McCurdy Road
McDonald Avenue
McDonald Place
McDougall Road
McElderry Road
McFarlane Drive
McGarr Court
McGarr Drive
McGarry Drive
McGee Avenue
McGee Street
McGibbon Court
McGill Crescent
McGilvray Street
McGovern Drive
McGuire Lane
McIlwraith Crescent
McIntosh Court
McIntosh Lane
McIntyre Court
McIntyre Drive
McIntyre Place
McKay Street
McKenzie Avenue
McKenzie Street
McLachlan Place
McLaren Arena
McLaren Avenue
McLaughlin Library
McLaughlin Street
McLean Road
McLean Road West
McLellan Court
McLennan Park Gate
Mcleod Court
McMaster Street
McMeeken Drive
McMurray Road
McNally Street
McNaughton Street
McNichol Drive
McNulty Lane
McTague Drive
McTague Street
McWilliams Court
McWilliams Road
M.E. Cafe
Mead Court
Meadow Crescent
Meadow Heights Drive
Meadow Rose Lane
Meadow Trail
Meadow Woods Crescent
Meadowbrook Court
Meadowbrook Drive
Meadowbrook Place
Meadowcliff Place
Meadowcreek Lane
Meadowlane Drive
Meadowlane Public School
Meadowlark Road
Meadowpark Place
Meadowridge Street
Meadowsweet Avenue
Meadowvale Place
Meadowvale Road
Meadowview Avenue
Meadowview Court
Meadowview Place
Meaford Drive
Medford Street
Medical Orthopedic Supplies
Mediterranean Avenue
Meersburg Lane
Meet Fresh
Megan Place
Mei King


Meinzinger Avenue
Mel's Diner
Melair Drive
Melbourne Crescent
Melinda Street
Melissa Court
Melitzer Woodlot
Melran Drive
Melrose Avenue
Melrose Place
Melrose Street
Meltwich Food Co. Waterloo
Melvern Court
Melville Cafe
Melville Street North
Melville Street South
Memorial Avenue
Memorial Crescent
Memorial Street
Memory Lane
Menchie's Frozen Yogurt
Menno Street
Menzie Avenue
Mercer Road
Mercer Street
Merchant Avenue
Meredith Place
Merganser Drive
Meridian Credit Union
Merion Street
Merkling Street
Merlene Court
Merner Avenue
Merritt Boulevard
Metcalfe Street
Metro Restaurant Schnitzel
Metropolitan Towers
Metzloff Drive
Mexx Kids
Meyer Drive
Mi Tienda Latina
Michael Crescent
Michael Hill
Michael Place
Michael Street
Michelle Court
Michener Court
Michener Crescent
Michener Road
Michigan Avenue
MidCampus Drive
Middle Block Road
Middle Street
Middlebrook Road
Middlebury Drive
Middlemiss Crescent
Middleton Street
Midland Drive
Midwood Crescent
Miehm Place
Mikey's Eatery
Mildred Street
Milfoil Crescent
Milford Avenue
Military Road
Milk Convenience Fair
Mill Courtland Community Centre
Mill Creek Place
Mill Creek Trail
Mill Crossing Church
Mill Park Drive
Mill Park Place
Mill Pond Trail
Mill Race Crescent
Mill Race crescent
Mill Race Trail
Mill Race Trail & TCTrail
Mill Road
Mill Run Lane
Mill Run Trail
Mill Street
Mill Street East
Mill Street West
Mill View Street
Milla Court
Millcreek Country Club
Millcreek Road
Millcroft Place
Millen Woods Public School
Millennium Boulevard
Millennium Convenience
Miller Heights
Miller Street
Milling Road
Millpond Books
Millpond Records
Mills Hall
Millstream Drive
Millvue Street
Millwood Court
Millwood Crescent
Milne Drive
Milson Crescent
Milton Avenue East
Milton Avenue West
Miltons Restaurant
Ming's Chinese Restaurant
Mini May Cookies


Ministry of the Attorney General - Provincial Courts
Minto Road
Miranda Path
Miss Chain Hair and Nails
Mister Safety Shoes
Mister Transmission
Misty Court
Misty Crescent
Misty Maple Trail
Misty River Drive
Misty Street
Mistywood Street
Mitchell Street
Mitchell Woods Public School
Mitierra Drive
Mitton Place
ML's Diner
Mobile Care
Mobile Klinik
Mobile Outfitters
Mobility in Motion
Mobility In Motion
Moccasin Drive
Mockingbird Court
Mockingbird Drive
Modern India
Moffat Creek Public School
Moffatt Drive
Moffatt Lane
Mofitt Print Craft Limited
Mohamad's Barber Shop
Mohawk Avenue
Mohawk Drive
Mohawk Road
Mollison Court
Molly Bloom's Irish Pub
Mon Ami Pizza
Mona Lyn Court
Monarch Place
Monarch Road
Monarch Woods Drive
Moncton Crescent
Money Direct Guelph
Money Mart
Mongolian Grill
Monika's Farm B&B
Monkey Boy
Monkey Wrench
Monroe Street
Monsignor Doyle Catholic Secondary School
Monsignor Haller Catholic Elementary School
Mont Street
Montana Crescent
Montana Road
Montcalm Drive
Montclair Place
Monte Carlo Street
Monteagle Crescent
Montenegro Foods
Monterey Crescent
Monterey Road
Montgomery Road
Montgomery Street
Monticello Crescent
Montpellier Drive
Montreal Road
Montrose Avenue
Montrose Street
Montrose Street North
Moore Avenue
Moore Avenue North
Moore Avenue South
Moore Street
Moorefield Street
Mooregate Crescent
Mooring Post Lane
Moorlands Crescent
Moose Lodge
Moose Winooski's
Morals Village
Morel Drive
Morgan Avenue
Morning Calm Drive
Morningdale Crescent
Morningside Drive
Morningview Place
Morocco Road
Morris Street
Morrison Road
Morrow Hair Design
Mortgage Centre
Mortimer Drive
Morty's Pub
Moscow Road
Moscrip Road
Moses Springer Community Centre
Moses Springer Park
Moses Springer Swimming Pool
Moss Place
Mosser Drive
Mossgrove Drive
Mossom Place
Motherhood Maternity
Motion Canada
Motion Industries
Mount Anne Drive
Mount Zion
Mountain Holly Court
Mountain Laurel Crescent
Mountain Maple Avenue
Mountain Mint Crescent
Mountain Warehouse
Mountbatten Avenue
Mountford Drive
Mourningdove Crescent
Movati Athletic
Movati Athletic Club
Mowat Boulevard
Moya's Jewlery
Moyer Place
Mozy's Shawarma
Mr. Bowens Fried Chicken
Mr. Lube
Mr. Panino Beijing House
Mr. Pretzels
Mr. Sub
Mr. Wok
Mr. Yin
Mt. Hope Street
MT Jewellers & Goldsmith LTD
Mt. Royal Place
Mucho Burrito
Muddy Paws
Mulberry Court
Mulberry Drive
Mulberry Lane
Mullholland Avenue
Mullin Crescent
Mullin Drive
Mulrooney & Associates
Munch Avenue
Mundy Crescent
Munich Circle
Munich Crossing
Municipal Street
Munroe Crescent
Munroe Street
Murdoch Street
Murdock Avenue
Murphy Court
Murphy's Cove
Murray Road
Murrayhill Court
Muscovey Drive
Music in the Wood
Music Plus
Muskoka Court
Muskoka Drive
Musselman Crescent
Mussen Street
Mustang Drive-In
Mustang Place
Mutual Life Head Office
Mutual Street
My Burger
My Convenience Store
My Kitty Cafe
Myers Road
Myrtle Avenue

N.A. MacEachern Public School
Nail Perfection
Nail Resort
Nail Supply
Nail Trix
Nails & Spa
Nails for You
Nails For You
Nairobi Road
Nancroft Crescent
Nandino Hairdresser
NAPA Auto Parts
Napa Auto Pro
Napa Grill
Nara Sushi
Nassagaweya-Puslinch Townline
Natchez Road
Nathalie Street
Nathan Court
Nathaniel Crescent
National Bank
National Pasta
National Sports
Natura Way
Natural Solutions
Natural Sound
Nature's Pharm
Nauman's Farm
Nazarene Christian Congregation
Needlewood Glen Housing Co-operative
Neeve Street
Neighbourhood Plaza
Neighbours Coffee
Neilson Avenue
Nelson Avenue
Nelson Road
Nelson Street
Neruda Arts Mural 2017
Net Direct Inc Linux Solutions
Netherby Lane
Netherwood Crescent
Netherwood Road
Neutron Electronics
New Age Health Food
New Apostolic Church
New Bedford Drive
New China
New Choice Furniture
New Dundee
New Dundee Emporium
New Dundee Public School
New Dundee Road
New Forest Court
New G2G Exit
New Generation Housing Co-op
New Germany Lane
New Hampshire Street
New Haven Gate
New Home Centre
New Hope Hearing
New Jerusalem Road
New Life Church
New Optical Palace
New Orleans Pizza
New Steel
New Street
New York Fries
New York Rock
Newbury Drive
Newcastle Court
Newcastle Drive
Newlands Drive
Newman Drive
Newport Drive
Newport Place
Newstead Street
Niagara Drive
Niagara Road
Niche Industries Ontario
Nichole Crescent
Nick & Nat's Uptown 21
Nicklin Crescent
Nicklin Road
Nickolas Crescent
Nighthawk Lane
Nighthawk Tattoo
Nightingale Crescent
Nike Factory Store
Nine Pines Road
Ninth Avenue
Nipigon Place
Nipigon Street
Niska Road
Nith River Court
Nith River Way
NK Asian Food Mart
No. 3 Fire Station
No Frills
Noecker Street
Noel Crescent
Nomad Court
Noodles One
Noon Moment
Noor Food Market
Nora Court
Norbert Place
Norfolk Avenue
Norfolk Crescent
Norfolk Street
Norfolk United Church
Norma Crescent
Norman Avenue
Norman Lane
Norman Road
Norman Street
Normandy Avenue
Normandy Drive
Norris Bakery
Norseman Road
North 1
North 2
North 3
North 4
North 5
North 6
North Campus Road
North Drive
North Hill Place
North Loop
North Square
North Street
Northampton Crescent
Northampton Place
Northbound Access Road
Northbrook Place
Northcliffe Crescent
Northcrest Place
Northdale Auto Body Ontario
Northern Cash
Northern Reflections
Northern Thai
Northfield Drive
Northfield Drive East
Northfield Drive West
Northfield Garden Apartments
Northforest Trail
Northgate Avenue
Northlake Drive
Northlake Place
Northlake Woods Public School
Northland Road
Northmanor Crescent
Northside Community Church
Northside Drive
Northumberland Street
Northview Heights Court
Northview Heights Drive
Northview Heights Place
Northview Heights Trail
Northwood Crescent
Norton Drive
Norwich Road
Norwich Street East
Norwich Street West
Norwood Crescent
Notchwood Court
Notre Dame Avenue
Notre Dame Chapel
Notre Dame Drive
Nottingham Avenue
Nottingham Street
Nottinghill Drive
Nougat Bakery
Nova Era Bakery
Nu Nail Spa
Nur Al-ayn New Fashion & Professional Hair Salon
Nuri Village
Nutcracker Street
Nuthatch Place
Nutram Pet Products
Nutrition House
Nuttal Street
NV Lounge
NW Roofing
Nyberg Street
Nyles Drive

O'Connor Lane
O'My Bakery
Oak Drive
Oak Hill Drive
Oak Park Drive
Oak Street
Oakcliffe Street
Oakdale Court
Oakdale Drive
Oakes Court
Oakes Crescent
Oakfield Court
Oakhurst Crescent
Oakridge Crescent
Oakridge Place
Oakvale Drive
Oakwood Avenue
Oakwood Drive
Oasis Joe's Barbershop
Obermeyer Drive
Ogilvie Daugherty Financial Services
Oh Travel
Oil Changers
Oktoberfest Heritage Timeteller
Old Abbey Court
Old Abbey Road
Old Albert Park
Old Albert Street
Old Beverly Road
Old Brock Road
Old Carriage Court
Old Carriage Drive
Old Chicopee Drive
Old Chicopee Trail
Old Colony Trail
Old Cottage Close
Old Cottage Court
Old Cottage Place
Old Country Drive
Old Country Place
Old Fashioned Deli
Old Fashioned Variety
Old Fire Hall
Old Firehall Apartments
Old Forest Crescent
Old Goat Books
Old Hanlon Road
Old Hespeler Road
Old Highway 8
Old Huron Court
Old Huron Green
Old Huron Place
Old Huron Road
Old Kingo Bistro
Old Maple Lane
Old Marina Restaurant
Old Meadow Lane
Old Mill Road
Old Navy
Old Newbury Lane
Old Oak Drive
Old Oak Place
Old Orchard Place
Old Park Lane
Old Post Crossing
Old Post Road
Old Quebec Street
Old Queen Street
Old Ruby Lane
Old Scout Place
Old Stone Court
Old Stone Road
Old York Crescent
Old Zeller Drive
Olde Phish
Oldfield Drive
Oldfield, Greaves, D'Agostino
Oliver Avenue
Oliver Court
Oliver Street
Olivet United Church
Olivewood Way
Olivia Street
Olympia Avenue
Olympic Drive
Olympic Honda
Om India Food Centre
Oma Fresh Foods
Omar Street
Omega Restaurant
Omni Palace
ON Semiconductor
On The Grand Park & Pavilion
On the Run
Once Upon A Child
Once Upon a Child
One Salon
One Stop Convenience
One's Image Hair Design
Oneida Place
Onkar Food & Spices
Onkar Foods and Spices
Ontario Auto Market and Tires
Ontario College Application Services (OCAS)
Ontario Court of Justice
Ontario Die
Ontario Mennonite Churches
Ontario Plowman's Association
Ontario Provincial Police
Ontario Seed Co. Limited
Ontario Seed Company
Ontario Sports
Ontario Street
Ontario Street North
Ontario Street South
Onward Avenue
Oprington Court
Oprington Drive
Oprington Place
Optical Illusions
O.R. Side Trail
Orange Julius
Orange Monkey Music
Orange Trail
Orchard Crescent
Orchard Mill Crescent
Orchard Park Crescent
Orchid Crescent
Oregon Court
Oregon Drive
Organic Farm Loop
Orian Carpets
Original Princess Cinema
Oriole Avenue
Oriole Crescent
Oriole Parkway East
Oriole Parkway West
Oriole Street
Orion Place
Orr Court
Orr's Lake Road
Orville Court
Osborne Street
Osgoode Street
Osmows Mediterranean Cuisine
Osprey Court
Osprey Drive
Oswego Court
Otonabee Drive
Ottawa Crescent
Ottawa Crescent Public School
Ottawa Street North
Ottawa Street South
Ottawa Tailoring & Alterations
Otter Court
Otterbein Road
Otto Street
Our Lady Immaculate Catholic Church
Our Lady of Fatima
Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Elementary School
Our Lady of Grace Catholic Elementary School
Our Lady of Lourdes
Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Elementary School
Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School
Out of the Ordinary
Outer Cloister
Outlook Terrace
Overland Drive
Overlea Court
Overlea Crescent
Overlea Drive
Overlea Park
Owen Avenue
Owens Way
Owl of Minerva
Owl Ridge Street
Owl Street
Oxbow Road
Oxford 43 Road
Oxford County Library - Plattsville
Oxford Road 3
Oxford Road 42
Oxford Road 8
Oxford Street
Oxford-Waterloo Road
Oxfordshire Lane
Oz Hair and Skin

Pablo Neruda Estates
Pacific Avenue
Pacific Court
Pacific Place
Paddison Court

paddle craft put in

Paddock Court
Paige Place
Paige Street
Paisley Heights
Paisley Road
Paisley Road Public School
Paisley Service Road
Paisley Square
Paisley Street
Palamino Place
Palermo Crescent
Palm Pizza
Palmer Avenue
Palmer Cleaning Center
Palmer Street
Pamela Lane
Pamela Place
Pan America Road
Panabaker Street
Panama Road
Panchara Place
Pandora Avenue North
Pandora Avenue South
Pandora Crescent
Pandora Drive
Paola's Fine Cheeses
Papa John's
Papa Lou's
Papou's Place
Paquette Travers
Paradise Crescent
Paris Boulevard
Park Avenue
Park Avenue East
Park Avenue West
Park Grocery
Park Hill Road East
Park Hill Road West
Park Inn Concession
Park Lane
Park Lawn Place
Park Manor Public School
Park Road
Park Street
Parkdale Pet Place Food & Supplies
Parker Cleaning Centres
Parker Drive
Parker Place
Parkglen Street
Parkgreen Place
Parkhaven Drive
Parkhill Court
Parkholm Avenue
Parkland Crescent
Parkminster United Church
Parkmount Drive
Parkmount Place
Parkridge Court
Parkside Drive
Parkvale Court
Parkvale Drive
Parkview Church
Parkview Crescent
Parkview Motel
Parkway Drive
Parkway Public School
Parkwood Court
Parkwood Drive
Parkwood Gardens Church
Parkwood Road
Parsons Court
Partridge Place
Party City
Party Depot
PAS Lounge
Pasmore Street
Pastern Trail
Pastry Plus
Pasture Rose Street
Patent Social Club
Path 1 East
Path 1 West
Path 2 East
Path 2 West
Path 3 East
Path 3 West
Path to Grand River Trail
Pathfinder Crescent
Patricia Avenue
Patrick Place
Patrick Street
Pattandon Avenue
Patterson Place
Patton Drive
Paul Avenue
Paulander Drive
Pauline Place
Paulstown Crescent
Pawn Centre
Pawsh Pet Boutique
PC Shop Computers
Peace United Church
Peach Blossom Court
Peach Blossom Crescent
Peachtree Crescent
Peachwood Avenue
Peachwood Court
Peak Realty Ltd Broker
Pearl Place
Pearl Street
Pearle Vision
Pearson Street
Peartree Crescent
Pearwood Court
Pebblecreek Court
Pebblecreek Drive
Peck Street
Pedi N Nails
Peel Street
Peer Drive
Peggy's Cove Lane
Peking Gourmet
Pelham Street
Peltz Avenue
Penelope Drive
Penfold Drive
Penni Place
Penningtons 14+
Pennsylvania Crescent
Penny Lane
Pennywhistle Pub
Penrose Avenue
Pentland Drive
Peoples Jewellers
Pepi's Pizza
Pepi's pizza
Pepperwood Crescent
Peppler Street
Pequegnat Avenue
Percheron Court
Peregrine Crescent
Perin Place
Periwinkle Street
Periwinkle Way
Perkell Place
Perkins Street
Perth Road
Pet Prosperity
Pet Valu
Pet Value


Peter Avenue
Peter Couch Ball Park
Peter Court
Peter Russell Rock Garden
Peter Street
Peter's Auto Centre
Petersburg Regional Forest
Petrie Building
Petro King
Petrolia Street
Pettitt Drive
Petty Place
Pezzack Street
Phamily Pharmacy
Pharmasave Laurelwood Pharmacy
Phat Shawarma
Pheasant Avenue
Pheasant Drive
Pheasant Run Drive
Phelan Drive
Philip Avenue
Philip Crescent
Phillip Street
Phillip's Shawarma
Philthy Philly's
Phin Avenue
Pho Ben Thanh
Pho Dau Bo
Pho Kinh Do
Pho Saigon
Pho Shizzle
Pho Time
Phoebe Crescent
Phoenix Climb Trail
Physical Activities Complex
Pi Co.
Picadilly Place
Pickett Place
Pickle Barrel
Pickwick Place
Picnic Area 1
Picnic Area 2
Picnic Area 4
Picnic Area 5
Picnic Area 9
Picture That Photography
Pierogi House
Pieter Vos Drive
Pilgrim Circle
Pilgrim Evangelical Lutheran Church
Pilkington Street
Pillet Place
Pin Up Arcade Bar
Pine Creek Road
Pine Drive
Pine Grove Crescent
Pine Hill Place
Pine Hollow Court
Pine Island Crescent
Pine Lane
Pine Martin Crescent
Pine Meadows Trail
Pine Ridge Drive
Pine Road
Pine Street
Pine Valley Drive
Pinebrook Hollow
Pinebrook Place
Pinebush Dry Cleaners
Pinebush Road
Pinecrest Avenue
Pinecrest Drive
Pinedale Court
Pinedale Drive
Pineglen Crescent
Pinehill Road
Pinehurst Crescent
Pineland Court
Pineland Place
Pinemeadow Crescent
Pineridge Road
Pinerow Court
Pinerow Crescent
Pinery Trail
Pinetree Crescent
Pinetree Drive
Pineview Avenue
Pineview Court
Pinewood Avenue
Pinewood Place
Pinnacle Crescent
Pinnacle Drive
Pinnacle Hill Natural Area
Pino Place
Pino's Salon and Medi Spa
Pintail Court
Pintail Drive
Pintail Place
Pioneer Bar-B-Que
Pioneer Craftsmen
Pioneer Drive
Pioneer Grove Court
Pioneer Grove Road
Pioneer Hair Studio
Pioneer Memorial Tower
Pioneer Park Christian Fellowship
Pioneer Park Church of God
Pioneer Park Public School
Pioneer Ridge Drive
Pioneer Sportsmen Club
Pioneer Tower Crescent
Pioneer Tower Natural Area
Pioneer Tower Road
Pioneer Trail
Pioneer Transmissions
Pioneer Way
Pipe Street
Piper Arms
Pipers Green Court
Pirak Studios
Pisa Pizzeria
Pita Factory
Pita Land
Pita Pit
Pitfield Place
Pitt Street
Pittsford Close
Pizza Bella
Pizza Depot
Pizza Express
Pizza Heaven
Pizza Hut
Pizza Maniac
Pizza Nova
Pizza Pizza
Pizza Roma
Pizza Stop
Pizzeria La Terrazza
Pizzeria Napoli
Plains Road
Planet Bean
Planet Bean Coffee
Planet Pizza
Platinum Drive
Platinum Pooch Salon
Plato's Closet
Platt Street N
Platt Street South
Plattsville & District Public School
Plattsville Church
Plattsville Fire Station
Plattsville (Lubitz Flying Field)
Plattsville Pizza
Play a Latte
Play It Again Sports
Playball Academy Canada
Playground and Sprinkler Pad
Playing Field 1
Playing Field 3
Plaza Court
Pleasant Avenue
Pleasant Bay Court
Pleasant Road
Ploughmans Crescent
Plumridge Crescent
Pluto Day Care
Pluto Daycare
Plymouth Court
Plymouth Road
Pneumant Island
Poffenroth Path
Point D
Pointer Street
Poison Ivy
Poke Box
Polestar Hearth
Polish Credit Union
Pollock and Williams Best Care Pharmacy
Pollock Avenue
Polyfab Industrial Services Inc.
Pommel Gate Crescent
Pompeii Street
Pondcliffe Court
Pondcliffe Drive
Pondview Crescent
Popeye's Supplements
Popham Drive
Poplar Drive
Poplar Road
Poplar Street
Poppy Drive East
Poppy Drive West
Poppy Lane
Pops & Ruby's Tap and grill
Popular Pizza
Porchlight Drive
Porter Court
Porter Crescent
Porter Drive
Portland Street
Portsmouth Gate
Portuguese Club
Portuguese Club of Cambridge
Post Horn Place
Postmaster Drive
Poth Drive
Pothole Trail
Potzone Hotpot
Powell Road
Powell Street East
Powell Street West
Power House
Power Tans
Pranaam Fashion
Pranaam Indian Supermarket
Pranaam Restaurant
Pratt Place
Preakness Street
Prentice Court
Prescott Court
Preservation Park
Pressed for Time Paninis
Preston High School
Preston Memorial Arena
Preston Parkway
Preston Public School
Preston Street
Preston travel Centre
Preston War Memorial
Pretoria Road
Pretty Chic Boutique
Prica Global Enterprises
Price Street
Prime Auto
Prime Bar-B-Q Restaurant
Primrose Lane
Primrose Path
Prince Albert Boulevard
Prince Edward Court
Prince Street
Princess Auto
Princess Cafe
Princess Street
Princess Street East
Princess Street West
Princess Twin Cinemas
Princeton Place
Printery Road
Priory Park Baptist Church
Priory Park Condominiums
Priory Park Public School
Private Driveway
Private Road
Private Suite In St.Jacobs
Pro Hockey Life
PRO Martial Arts
Promenade Road
Proof Kitchen & Lounge
Prospect Avenue
Prospect Place
Prosperity Drive
Providence Drive
Provincial Offences Court
Prueter Avenue
Prueter Public School
Ptarmigan Drive
PTN Automotive
Puddicombe Road
Pupuseria Latinos
Purdys Chocolatier
Purple Martin Court
Purple Sage Crescent
Puslinch Lake Golf Club
Putnam Place
Pyramid Pizza
Pyramid Pizza and Wings

Q BBQ Public House
Q's Cakes and Café
Qana Crossing Convenience
QE Home
Quail Creek Drive
Quail Hollow
Quaiser Court
Quaiser Street
Quality Inn
Quarterman Road
Quarters Coin Laundry
Quebec Street
Queen Charlotte Crescent
Queen Elizabeth Public School
Queen Shawarma & Kabab
Queen Street
Queen Street Commons
Queen Street East
Queen Street North
Queen Street South
Queen Street West
Queen Victoria
Queen's Boulevard
Queen's Heights
Queen's Pharmacy
Queen's Square
Queens Auto
Queens Pharmacy
Queensdale Court
Queensdale Crescent
Queensmount Park
Queensmount Park Arena
Queensmount Public School
Queenston Crescent
Queenston Drive
Queenston Road
Queensway Auto Body
Queensway Drive
Quick Cleaners
Quick Sandwich
Quick Sandwiches
Quick Sanwiches
Quick Trip Variety Store
Quick Truck Lube
Quickfall Drive
Quiet Place
Quilter's Nine Patch
Quinte Court
Quinte Crescent

R Elmira
R Farmer's Market
R Guelph Central Station
R Kitchener
R St. Jacobs Village
R U Serious
R Waterloo
R&K Auto Sales
Rachel Crescent
Radcliffe Drive
Radcliffe Place
Raddatz Park
Radford Avenue
Radhasoami Satsang (Dayalbagh)
Radisson Hotel Kitchener Waterloo
Raffi Jewellers
Raglan Street
Raglin Place
Raglin Road
Rainbow Caribbean Cuisine
Rainbow Nails and Spa
Raising Mill Gate
Raitar Avenue
Ralgreen Crescent
Ralston Drive
Ralston Place
Ramblewood Way
Ramona Place
Ramore Street
Ramsay Avenue
Randall Drive
Randall Road
Randell Drive
Randerson Avenue
Rankin Street
Rare Exotic Pets
Raspberry Boutique
Raspberry Lane
Ratcliffe Drive
Ratz Street
Rauch Court
Ravenswood Road
Ravine Drive
Ray Crescent
Ray of Hope
Ray of Hope Open Custody & Detention
Ray's Chinese
Raylene Road
Raymond Road
Raymond Street
Raymond's Flower Shop
RBC Royal Bank
Reading Street
Real Canadian Superstore
Real Fruit Bubble Tea
Rear Street
Rebel Creek
Recreation Hall
Red Brick Cafe
Red Caoral
Red Clover Court
Red Clover Crescent
Red Ginger
Red House
Red Lobster
Red Maple Court
Red Maple Place
Red Oak Place
Red Osier Road
Red Pine Drive
Red River Drive
Red/Blue Connector
Redeemer Lutheran Church
Redford Drive
Redfox Road
Redline Motors
Redstart Drive
Redtail Court
Redtail Street
Redwood Avenue
Redwood Place
Reformation Lutheran Church
Regal Court
Regal Nails Salon & Spa
Regal Place
Regal Road
Regency Crescent
Regent Street
Regers Laneway
Regina Street North
Regina Street South
Region of Waterloo International Airport
Region Of Waterloo Library - Bloomingdale Branch
Region Of Waterloo Library - Elmira Branch
Region Of Waterloo Library - New Dundee Branch
Region Of Waterloo Library - St. Jacobs Branch
Regional Road 97
Registry Theatre
Reiber Court
Reichert Drive
Reid Candy & Nut Shop
Reid Candy and Nut Shop
Reid Court
Reid Woods Drive
Reid's Field
Reidel Drive
Reidsville Road
Reinhardt Street
Reinhart Place
Reistview Street
Reitzel Place
Rembrandt Pinnacle Woods (Private)
Remple Court
Ren's Pet Depot
Ren's Pets Depot
Renaud Drive
Renfield Street
Renfrew Place
Renfrew Street
Renison University College
Renner Drive
Rennie Drive
Renwick Avenue
Research Lane
Residence Road
Resurrection Catholic Secondary School
Resurrection Drive
Resurrection Park
Retour Bistro
Reuter Drive
Rev Road
Revell Drive
Revolution Gymnastics and Sports Centre
Rex Drive
Reyburn Avenue
Reynolds Court
Reynolds Walk
Rhapsody Barrel Bar
Rheinland Place
Rhine Fall Drive
Rhine Meadow Court
Rhine Meadow Road
Rhodes Road
Rhonda Road
Rich Avenue
Richard Beasley Drive
Richard Rank Road
Richards Avenue
Richards Building
Richardson Street
Richmond Avenue
Richmond Street
Richwood Court
Rickert Way
Rickson Avenue
Rickson Ridge Public School
Ride to Cheap Trick
Rideau Gate
Rideau River Place
Rideau River Street
Rider Road
Ridgegate Drive
Ridgehill Avenue
Ridgemere Court
Ridgemere Street
Ridgemount Street
Ridgeview Crescent
Ridgeway Avenue
Ridgeway Crescent
Ridgewood Avenue
Ridgewood Crescent
Ridgewood Place
Riehm Street
Rife Avenue
Rife Road
Right at Home Canada - Guelph and Wellington County
Rim Campus Lane
RIM Field Connector
RIM Park
Ring Road
Rio Nectar
Rio's Barber Shop
Ripley Crescent
Ripplewood Crescent
Ripplewood Road
Riser Bar
Ristau Crescent
Ristau Place
Rito's Misterr Transmission
Rittenhouse Road
River and Lake Best Food House
River Birch Court
River Birch Street
River Bluff Path
River Forks Lane
River Glen Path
River Oak Drive
River Oak Place
River of Life International Fellowship Church
River Ridge Court
River Ridge Street
River Road
River Road East
River Road West
River Run Centre
River Run Place
River Street
River Valley Drive
Riverbank Court
Riverbank Drive
Riverbend Drive
RiverEdge Golf Course
Riverlink Way
Rivers Edge Drive
Rivers Edge Promontory
Riverside Campground
Riverside Commuity Reformed Church
Riverside Drive
Riverside Drive East
Riverside Drive West
Riverside Public School
Riverstone Court
Rivertrail Avenue
Riverview Drive
Riverview Place
Riverview Terrace
RJ’s Sports Bar & Grill
Roadside 24 Bar & Grill
Robb Road
Robert Ferrie Drive
Robert Peel Road
Robert's Boxed Meats
Roberta Street
Roberts Crescent
Robertson Crescent
Robertson Drive
Robin Drive
Robin Road
Robinson Avenue
Robinson Buick GMC
Robinson Road
Robson Avenue
Robusta Cafe
Rochefort Street
Rochelle Drive
Rock Avenue
Rock Elm Street
Rock Pit
Rock Point Crescent
Rock Universe
Rockcliffe Drive
Rockin' Ronnie
Rockton Airport
Rockton Dr. John Seaton Senior Public School
Rockway Drive
Rockway Mennonite Collegiate
Rockway Municipal Golf Course
Rockway Public School
Rockwood Centennial Public School
Rockwood Conservation Area
Rockwood Road
Rocky Lane
Rocky Mountain
Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory
Rocky River Run
Rodgers Road
Rodney Boulevard
Rodney Street
Roehampton Court
Roehampton Crescent
Roger Street
Rogers Drive
Rogue 1
R.O.I. Ergonomics
Roland Street
Roll of Honour
Rolling Acres
Rolling Acres Court
Rolling Acres Drive
Rolling Creme
Rolling Hills Drive
Rolling Hills Trail
Rolling Meadows Drive
Romana's Esthetics
Romanian Pentecostal Church of God
Romeo salon
Romeo Salon Spa
Romero's Restaurant
Ron's Lock-Safe 7 Alarm Company
Ronald Road
Rong Natural Food Store
Rooke Court
Room for Two Maternity
Roos Street
Roosevelt Avenue
Rooshill Avenue
Rosa's Tailoring & Dry Cleaning
Rosanne Street
Rose Bridge Crescent
Rose Garden Street
Rose Lea Crescent
Rose Street
Rosebank Church
Rosebank Crescent
Rosebank Place
Rosebriar Court
Rosebrugh Avenue
Rosecliff Court
Rosecliff Place
Rosedale Apartments
Rosedale Avenue
Rosehill Court
Roselawn Place
Rosemeadow Crescent
Rosemount Drive
Rosenberg Way
Roseneath Crescent
Rosette Drive
Roseview Avenue
Roseview Crescent
Roseville Road
Roseville Swamp
Roseville Swamp / Blair Creek Corridor
Rosewood Avenue
Rosewood Court
Rosewood Drive
Rosewood Place
Roslin Avenue North
Roslin Avenue South
Ross Avenue
Ross Court
Rossford Crescent
Rosslinn Road
Roszell Road
Rothsay Avenue
Roua Food Market
Rouse Avenue
Rowe Farms
Roxboro Road
Roxborough Avenue
Roxton Drive
Roy Schmidt Road
Roy Street
Roy's Ridge
Royal Beech Court
Royal Beech Drive
Royal Canadian Legion
Royal City Baptist Church
Royal City Community Church
Royal City Nursery
Royal Electric
Royal Fern Street
Royal Hair Salon & Spa
Royal Indian Buffet & Sweets
Royal Inn & Suites
Royal Nail Bar
Royal Oak Road
Royal Orchard Drive
Royal Orchard Place
Royal Pizza
Royal Recreation Access Trail
Royal Recreation Trail
Royal Recreation Trail - Loop No. 1
Royal Recreation Trail - Loop No. 2
Royal Recreation Trail - Silvercreek Trail
Royal Road
Royal Street
Rubber Source
Ruby Nails
Ruby Street
Ruby's Automotive
Rudi Court
Rummelhardt Drive
Rumner's Wobble
Runners Choice
Running Brook Place
Running Room
Runways Cafe
Rupert Street
Rush Meadow Court
Rush Meadow Crescent
Rush Meadow Street
Rushbrook Drive
Rusholme Road
Ruskview Road
Russ Street
Russel Street
Russet Place
Rustic Court
Rustic Drive
Rustic Slice
Rutherford Court
Rutherford Drive
Ryan Avenue
Ryde Road
Ryder Avenue
Ryerson Public School

S Allen
S Block Line
S Borden
S Central Station
S Conestoga
S Fairway
S Frederick
S Grand River Hospital
S Kitchener City Hall
S Kitchener Market
S Laurier - Waterloo Park
S Mill
S Northfield
S Queen
S Research and Technology
S University of Waterloo
S Victoria Park
S Waterloo Public Square
S Willis Way
S&H Health Foods
S&M Variety Store
Sable Court
Sabletine Fine Pastries
Sabrina Crescent
Sacha Road
Sackville Street
Sacred Heart
Sacred Heart Catholic School
Saddlewood Drive
Safari Road
Safety-Kleen Garage
Sager Road
Sagewood Place
Saginaw Golf Club
Saginaw Parkway
Saginaw Public School
Sahar's Kitchen
SAI Variety
Saigon Noodles
Saigon Street
Saint Ann Avenue
Saint Anton Court
Saint Charles Street East
Saint Charles Street West
Saint Clair Avenue
Sakura Island Restaurant
Salem Place
Salisbury Avenue
Salisbury Crescent
Sally Beauty Supply
Salon Cordon
Salon Gii
Salt Mangement Facility
Saltsman Drive
Saltzberry Path
Salvation Army Community Church
Salvation Army Thrift Store
Salzburg Drive
Sam's Auto Service
Sam's Grill
Sam's Variety
Samantha Court
Sami Automobiles Inc.
Samosa Corner
Samuel Drive
Samuel Street
Samuelson Street
Sam’s Grill - Poutine and Burgers
San Francisco Panini
Sand Wood Place
Sandalwood Drive
Sandbanks Crescent
Sandbrooke Court
Sandbury Lane
Sandcliffe Place
Sanderson Drive
Sandford Fleming Drive
Sandhills Public School
Sandhills Rd Hiking Access
Sandhills Road
Sandowne Drive
Sandowne Park
Sandowne Public School
Sandpiper Court
Sandpiper Drive
Sandra Avenue
Sandringham Drive
Sandrock Greenway
Sandsprings Court
Sandsprings Crescent
Sandwell Court
Sandy Cove Crescent
Sandy Ridge Place
Sandy Shore Boulevard
Sandy's Kitchen
Sandybay Avenue
Santa Maria Drive
Santo Cristo Place
Sarai Middle Eastern Taverna & Shisha Lounge
Saranac Avenue
SAS: Suga & Spiec Hair Studio
Sasaga Drive
Sassafras Street
Sauders Cleaners
Sauve Crescent
Savage Drive
Savant Pharmacy
Savour the Vapour
Sawmill Road
Saxony Circle
Scenic Drive
Scenic Wood Crescent
Schaefer Road
Schaefer Street
Scheifele Place
Schiedel Drive
Schlueter Street
Schnarr Street
Schneider Avenue
Schneider Haus National Historic Site
Schofield Drive
Schofield Street
Scholar's Choice
Scholars' Hall
Schooner Crescent
Schooner Self Storage
Schroder Crescent
Schroeder Drive
Schueller Street
Schuett Road
Schuurman Court
Schwaben Club
Schweitzer Street
Science C&D
Scoop Du Jour
Scotch Line Road
Scotchmere Court
Scott Court
Scott Road
Scott Street
Scottdale Drive
Scottfarm Walk
Scottsdale Drive
Scottsdale Mews
Scrimger Avenue
SE Service Road
Seabrook Drive
Seagram Drive
Seaton Crescent
Seaton Road
Seaton Street
Seawind Trail
Sebas Court
Sebastian Crescent
Second Avenue
Second Cup
Second Line East
Second Star to the Right
Secord Avenue
Sedgewood Street
Sekura Crescent
Sekura Place
Sekura Street
Select Shooting Supplies
Selkirk Court
Selkirk Drive
Selkirk Street
Seneca Drive
Senior Crescent
Sensa Style Beauty Salon
Sense of Hearing
Seoul Soul
Sereda Road
Serena Lane
Seropian Jewelers
Service Canada
Service Centre
Service Facilities/Power House
Serviss Street
Sessions Cannabis
Settlement Co
Settlement Coffee Roasters
Settlers Court
Settlers Drive
Settlers Road
Settlersfield Court
Seven Maples Housing Co-op
Seven Shores
Seventh Day Adventist Church
Severn Avenue
Severn Drive
Severn Street
Seyler Street
Shaan Food and Fresh Meat
Shackleton Drive
Shade Street
Shade's - Outside Loop
Shadeland Court
Shadeland Crescent
Shadow Drive
Shadow Wood Court
Shadow Wood Crescent
Shady Glen Crescent
Shadybrook Court
Shadybrook Crescent
Shadybrook Street
Shadyridge Place
Shadywood Crescent
Shadywood Lane
Shaftesbury Avenue
Shaftsbury Drive
Shag Me
Shagbark Court
Shakedown Street
Shakers Family Restaurant
Shakespeare Drive
Shakespeare Place
Shallmar Court
Shallow Creek Road
Shamrock Housing Co-operative
Shamrock Street
Shanley Street
Shannon Drive
Shantz Hill Road
Shantz Lane
Shantz Place
Shantz Station Road

shaping Residency

Sharon Place
Sharpe Avenue
Sharpe Farm Supplies Ltd.
Sharper Images
Shaughnessy Place
Shaw Avenue East
Shaw Avenue West
Shawarma Fusion
Shawarma G
Shawarma Lounge
Shawarma Ops
Shawarma Royale
Shawarma Star
Shawerma Plus
Shea Crescent
Shearson Crescent
Shediac Crescent
Sheehy Court
Sheep's Lane
Sheffield & Sons
Sheffield Road
Sheffield Street
Sheffield United Church
Shelby Place
Sheldon Avenue North
Sheldon Avenue South
Sheldon Drive
Shell Select
Shellard Road
Shellard Sideroad
Shelldale Community Centre
Shelldale Crescent
Shelley Drive
Shelley Place
Shelmerdine Grave
Shepherd Avenue
Sheppard Public School
Sheridan Court
Sheridan Drive
Sheridan Street
Sherring Street
Sherwood Avenue
Sherwood Digital Copy and Print
Sherwood Drive
Sherwood Inn
Shettleston Drive
Shields Street
Shinglebridge Place
Shirk Place
Shirley Avenue
Shirley Drive
Shoe Doctor
Shoe Per
Shoemaker Crescent
Shoemaker Street
Shoes 22
Shooter's Choice
Shoppers Drug Mart
Shoppers Drug Mart with a post office
Shoreacres Drive
Short Stop
Short Street
Shouldice Sideroad
Show & Tell Coffee
Shuh Avenue
Sideroad 10
Sideroad 10 North
Sideroad 10 South
Sideroad 12
Sideroad 14
Sideroad 20 South
Sideroad 25 South
Sidney Crescent
Siebert Avenue
Siegner Lane
Sienna Court
Sienna Crescent
Sienna Street
Signature Interior Furnishings
Signature Vape Plus
Signs Galore
Silesea Travel
Silk Road
Silurian Drive
Silver Aspen Crescent
Silver Dart Place
Silver Heights Public School
Silver Maple Crescent
Silver Wood Place
Silverbirch Road
Silvercreek Parkway North
Silvercreek Parkway South
Silvercreek Skatepark
Silvercrest Drive
Silverheights Trail
Silveri Jewllers
Silvermeadow Place
Silversmith Court
Silverspring Crescent
Silverthorne Drive
Sim Court
Simcoe Street
Simeon Street
Simmonds Drive
Simone Place
Simply Church At St. Pauls
Simply Greek
Simpson Avenue
Simpson Way
Sims Estate Drive
Sims Estate Place
Sinclair Court
Sinclair Street
Sinco Liquidation
Sing Lee
Sip & Bite Restaurant
Sip Club
Sipes Street
Sir Edgar Bauer Catholic Elementary School
Sir Isaac Brock Public School
Sir John A. Macdonald Secondary School
Sixth Avenue
Sixth Line East
Skate Park
Sketchley Cleaners
Sketchy Forest Trail
Sketchy Forest Trail Connector
Skinner Drive
Skipton Crescent
Skov Crescent
Skye Place
Skylark Road
Skyline Manor
Skyview Place
Skyway Drive
Slater Street
Sleaford Street
Sleeman Avenue
Sleeman Centre
Sleep & Dream
Sleep Country
Sleep Ezzz Mattress Express
Sleepy Hollow Court
Slice and Rice
Sloan Avenue
Slope Side
Slovenian Assn Sava
Slovenski Park
Small Court
Small pond of water
Smallwood Drive
Smart Street
Smetana Drive
Smile Tiger Coffee Roasters
Smith Avenue
Smith Lane
Smith Property Loop Trail
Smith Road
Smithson Public School
Smithson Street
SMK African Foods Inc.
Smoke + Variety
Smoke Shop
Smoke's Poutinerie
Snail Trail
Snail Winter Link
Snow Goose Crescent
Snowberry Court
Snowcrest Place
Snowdrop Court
Snowdrop Crescent
Snyder Avenue North
Snyder Avenue South
Snyder's Flats Road
Snyder's Road East
Snyders Road East
Sobeys Pharmacy
Society of Saint Vincent de Paul Thrift Store
Sofitel Drive
Sofron Drive
Soft Moc
Solar Clock
Solar Collector
Some R New
Somerdale Place
Somerfield Place
Somerset Crescent
Somerset Glen
Sonny's Drive-In
Soper Park Trail
Sophia Crescent
Soprinkler Pad
Sorrel Place
Sorrento Court
Sorrento Street
Source for Sports
South 1
South 2
South 3
South 4
South 5
South 6
South 7
South 8
South Creek Drive
South Drive
South Field Drive
South Haven Drive
South Park
South Park Trail
South Parkwood Boulevard
South Residence
South Ring Road
South Ring Road West
South Service Road
South Square
South St. Burger
South Street
South Street Burger
South Street East
South Street West
South Walk
Southampton Place
Southampton Street
Southbound Access Road
Southcreek Trail
Southdale Avenue
Southern Fried Chicken
Southern Ontario Smoked BBQ
Southgate Drive
Southgate Road
Southill Drive
Southmoor Drive
Southridge Drive
Southridge Park
Southridge Public School
Southview Crescent
Southwick Place
Southwood Court
Southwood Drive
Southwood Park Trail
Southwood Pizzeria
Southwood Secondary School
Spadina Road East
Spadina Road West
Spadina Woods
Spanish Church of God
Spanky's BBQ
Sparling Court
Sparling Drive
Sparrow Avenue
Speakeasy Cambridge
Speakers Corner
Special Events & Flowers
Speckled Alder Street
Specs Appeal
Speed Island Trail
Speed River Bicycle
Speed River Trail
Speedsville Road
Speedvale Avenue East
Speedvale Avenue Fire Station
Speedvale Avenue West
Speedy Auto Service
Speedy Glass
Spencer Court
Spencer Crescent
Spetz Street
Spice Bush Street
Spice of India
Spice Roots
Spiers Crescent
Spinnaker Crescent
Spitzig Road
Splash Pad

splash pad

Splint Road
Spoil The dog Bakery
Spooner Crescent
Sport Chek
Sport Clips
Sport Mart
Sport Zone
Sports Systems
Sportsman Hill Street
Sportsworld Crossing Road
Sportsworld Drive
Sportworld Crossing Arena
Spragues Road
Spring Creek Street
Spring Garden Drive
Spring Hill Place
Spring Mist Drive
Spring Rolls Go
Spring Street
Spring Street East
Spring Street West
Spring Valley Road
Spring Wagon Lane
Springbank Crescent
Springdale Boulevard
Springdale Drive
Springfield Crescent
Springfield Golf & Country Club
Springfield Place
Springmount Drive
Springmount Place
Springtide Court
Springwater Drive
Springwater Place
Springwood Park
Spruce Avenue
Spruce Lane
Spruce Place
Spruce Street
Sprucedale Crescent
Sprucehaven Court
Sprucehill Avenue
Sprucehurst Crescent
Spur Line Common
Spurline Trail
Squire Court
Squirrel House
St. Agatha Catholic School (Closed)
St. Agatha Mennonite Church
St. Agatha Roman Catholic Church
St. Agnes Catholic Church
St. Agnes Catholic Elementary School
St. Agnes Rectory
St. Aloysius
St. Aloysius Catholic Elementary School
St Andrew Street
St. Andrew's Hespeler Presbyterian Church
St. Andrew's Memorial Anglican Church
St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church
St. Andrew's Public School
St. Andrews Street
St. Anne Catholic Elementary School
St. Anne's Church
St. Anthony Daniel
St. Armand Drive
St Arnaud Street
St. Augustine Catholic Elementary School
St. Benedict Catholic Secondary School
St. Bernadette Catholic Elementary School
St. Boniface Catholic Church
St. Boniface Catholic Elementary School
St. Boniface Drive
St. Brigid Catholic Elementary School
St Catherine Street
St Clement's Catholic Church
St. Daniel Catholic Elementary School
St. David Catholic Secondary School
St. Dominic Savio Catholic Elementary School
St. Elizabeth Catholic Elementary School
St. Emilion Place
St. Francis Catholic Elementary School (Closed)
St. Francis of Assisi Catholic School
St. Francis of Assisi Church
St. Gabriel Catholic Elementary School
St. George Anglican Church
St. George Hall
St. George Road
St. George Street
St George Street
St. George's Forest Hill Anglican Church
St. Gregory Catholic Elementary School
St. Gregorys Drive
St. Ignatius of Loyola Catholic School
St. Jacobs
St. Jacobs Community Centre
St. Jacobs Country Playhouse
St Jacobs Furniture House
St. Jacobs Mennonite Quilts
St. Jacobs Outlet
St. Jacobs Post Office
St Jacobs Public School
St. James Catholic School
St. James Evangelical Lutheran Church
St. James Lutheran Church
St. James the Apostle Anglican Church
St. James' - Rosemount United Church
St. Jerome Avenue
St. Jerome Crescent
St. Jerome's Library
St. Jeromes Caf
St. John Catholic Church
St. John Catholic Elementary School
St. John Catholic School
St. John Paul II Catholic Elementary School
St. John The Evangelist
St. John's - Kilmarnock School
St. John's Catholic Church
St. John's Lutheran Church
St. John's United Church
St. Joseph Catholic Church
St. Joseph Catholic Elementary School
St. Joseph Catholic School
St. Joseph's Church
St. Joseph's Health Centre Guelph
St. Joseph's Rectory
St. Kateri Tekakwitha Catholic Elementary School
St. Leger Street
St. Louis Adult School
St. Louis Bar & Grill
St. Louis Catholic Church
St. Louis Education Centre - Main Campus
St. Louis Education Centre - St. Francis Campus
St. Louis Education Centre - St. Mary's Campus
St. Louis Gym
St. Louis Rectory
St. Luke Catholic Elementary School
St. Luke's Evaneglical Lutheran Church
St Lukes Trailway
St. Margaret Catholic Elementary School
St. Mark Catholic Elementary School
St. Mark's Catholic Church
St. Mark's Lutheran Church
St. Mary Eritrean Orthodox Agazian Church
St. Mary Eritrean Orthodox Church
St. Mary of the Visitation Catholic Church
St. Mary's Coptic Orthodox
St. Mary's General Hospital
St. Mary's High School
St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church
St. Mary's Ukrainian Catholic Church
St. Mary's Ukrainian Church
St. Matthew Catholic Elementary School
St. Matthew Lutheran Church
St. Matthews Evangelical Lutheran Church
St. Michael Catholic Elementary School
St. Michael Catholic School
St. Michael Medical Pharmacy
St. Michael's Catholic Church
St. Moritz Avenue
St. Nicholas Catholic Elementary School
St. Patrick Catholic School
St. Paul Catholic Elementary School
St. Paul Catholic School
St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church
St. Paul's Lutheran Church
St. Pauls Lutheran Church
St. Peter Catholic Elementary School
St. Peter Catholic School
St. Peter's Lutheran Church
St. Phillip's Lutheran Church
St. Sophia Ukranian Orthodox Church
St. Stephen Lutheran Church
St. Teresa Catholic Elementary School
St. Teresa of Avila Catholic Church
St. Teresa of Avila Catholic Elementary School
St. Teresa of Calcutta Catholic Elementary School
St. Teresa's Catholic Church
St. Timothy Catholic Elementary School
St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Elementary School
St. Vincent Street
Stacked Pancake & Breakfast House
Staebler Place
Stafford Court
Stafford Lane
Stag Shop
Stager Place
Stahl Avenue
Staines Street
Stamford Street
Stamm Woodlot
Stampede Ranch
Stanford International College
Stanley Avenue
Stanley Drive
Stanley Park - Rosemount Preschool
Stanley Park Auto Repairs
Stanley Park Baptist Church
Stanley Park Community Centre
Stanley Park Community Church
Stanley Park Conservation Area
Stanley Park Public School
Stanley Street
Stanmore Avenue
Stanson Close
Stanwood Crescent
Star Convenience
Star Flower Avenue
Star Mens Wear
Starberry Cafe
Starboard Crescent
Starbucks Coffee
Starkey Hill Trail
Starlight Avenue
Starr Crescent
Stars Men's Shops
Starview Crescent
Starwood Drive
State & Main Kitchen & Bar
State and Main
State Court
State of the Art Supplies
State Street
Station Number 4
Station Park
Station Street
Status Jewels
Stauffer Drive
Stauffer Woods Trail
Staybridge Suites
Steckle Heritage Farm
Steckle Place
Steckle Woods
Steed Court
Steel Construction Teaching Aid
Steel N Ink
Steeles Crescent
Steeplechase Way
Steepleridge Court
Steepleridge Street
Stefani's Tailoring
Steffler Drive
Steffler Road
Steinbeck Place
Stemmler's Meats and Cheese
Stephanie Drive
Stephen Drive
Stephen Street
Stevenson Street N
Stevenson Street North
Stevenson Street South
Stewart Avenue
Stewart Avenue Public School
Stewart Street
Sticks & Scones
Stiefelmeyer Crescent
Stillmeadow Circle
Stillwater Street
Stinky Girl
Stirling Avenue Mennonite Church
Stirling Avenue North
Stirling Avenue South
Stirling Lane
Stirling Macgregor Drive
Stirling Place
Stitch It
St.Jacobs book store
St.Jacobs Meat and Cheese
St.Jacobs School House Theater
Stock Court
Stock Street
Stoke Court
Stoke Drive
Stone Crock
Stone Crock Bakery
Stone Path Court
Stone Road
Stone Road East
Stone Road West
Stonebrook Road
Stonebury Crescent
Stonecairn Drive
Stonecairn Mews
Stonefield Drive
Stonegate Drive
Stonehaven Drive
Stonehaven Park
Stonehaven Place
Stoneheight Place
Stonehenge Place
Stoneman Court
Stoneridge Place
Stonybrook Drive
Stonyburn Crescent
Stop 2 Shop
Stop to Shop Food Stores
Storm Creek Bypass
Strange Street
Strasburg Convenience
Strasburg Creek Corridor
Strasburg Creek Trail
Strasburg Road
Strasburg Woods
Strathcona Crescent
Strathcona Street
Strathmere Court
Strathmere Place
Stratus Street
Strauss Court
Strawberry Crescent
Street A
Street C
Street Eighteen
Street One
Street Seven
Street Six
Street Two
Stripes Pizza
Strome Avenue
Struck Court
Sts. Peter and Paul Romanian Orthodox
Stuart Street
Student Health Pharmacy
Student Life Centre
Student's Smart Shop
Studiman Road
Studio C Minerals
Studio So Lara
Stull Avenue
Sub Stop
Suburban Avenue
Suddaby Public School
Sudden Regional Forest
Sudden Tract
Suffolk Avenue
Suffolk Street East
Suffolk Street West
Sugar Forest Place
Sugar King Drive
Sugar Maple Court
Sugar Maple Place
Sugar Maple Street
Sugar Marmalade
Sugarbush Drive
Sugarbush Guest House B&B
Sugarbush Park
Sugarbush Place
Suki Sushi
Sullivan Court
Sullivan Crescent
Sultan Street
Sumac Place
Summer Place
Summerfield Drive
Summerhill Crescent
Summersfield Lane
Summerside Crescent
Summit Avenue
Summit Crescent
Summit Ridge Drive
Sun Magic Tanning Spas
Sun Variety
Sunbeam Lodge
Sunbridge Crescent
Suncrest Court
Sundew Drive
Sundrops Court
Sunglass Hut
Sunlight Spa
Sunny Meadow Court
Sunnydale Place
Sunnyhill Road
Sunnylea Crescent
Sunnyside Home
Sunnyside Public School
Sunnyview Villa
Sunpoint Crescent
Sunrise Books
Sunrise Court
Sunrise Drive
Sunrise Place
Sunrise Records
Sunset Boulevard
Sunset Court
Sunset Drive
Sunset Grill
Sunset Hills Crescent
Sunset Place
Sunset Road
Sunshine Avenue
Sunshine Montessori School
Sunview Street
Super 8
Super 8 Motel
Super Auto Service
Super Coin Laundry
Super Dave's Barber Shop
Super Optical
Super Shwarma
Super Stop
Super Stop Convenience
Superior Alterations and Dry Cleaning
Superior Drive
Superior Memorials
Superior Sanitation Supplies
Supreme 2for1 Pizza & Wings
Surplus Furniture & Mattress Warehouse
Surrey Street East
Surrey Street West
Susan Court
Susan Crescent
Susan Street
Sushi 99
Sushi Star
Sutherland Walk
Sutton Place
Suzanna Drive
Suzy Shier
Swallow Street
Swan Drive
Swartz Street
Swastika Trail
Sweeney Crescent
Sweeney Drive
Sweet Dreams Teashop
Sweet Gale Street
Sweet Jesus
Sweet Seven Cannabis
Sweet Street
Sweet Street Expert
Sweet Temptations Co.
Sweet William Street
Sweetbriar Drive
Swift Crescent
Swift Stitch
Swine & Vine
Swiss Chalet
Sycamore Place
Sydenham Street
Sydney Street North
Sydney Street South
Sylvan Drive
Sylvia Street
Symposium Cafe
Symposium Cafe Restaurant & Lounge

T&J Seafoods
T&T Supermarket
T/T Machine & Pattern
TA Appliance
Taaza Food Market
Taco Bell
Taco Farm
Taggart Street
Tagge Crescent
Tagge Street
Tait Street
Tait Street Public School
Taj Rasoi Indian Cuisine and Bar
Talbot Street
Tall Girl
Tall Grass Crescent
Tallowtree Place
Tallwood Drive
Tamarack Court
Tamarack Drive
Tamarack Place
Tami Court
Tamroth Close
Tamvale Crescent
Tanager Drive
Tanager Street
Tandoori Treats
Tangles Hair Salon
Tanglewood Avenue
Tangy & Tasty
Tanner Road
Tanner Street
Tannery Street East
Tannery Street West
Tara Crescent
Tartan Avenue
Tassie Lane
Taste at the Tannery
Taste of Philly Cheesesteak
Tatlock Court
Tatlock Drive
Tatto Art & Ink Sensations
Taylor Avenue
Taylor Court
Taylor Evans Public School
Tbooth Wireless
TD Canada Trust
Tea, Earth & Sky
Teakwood Drive
Teakwood Place
Teal Drive
Tealby Crescent
Tealby Place
Tecumseh Crescent
Ted's Smokes
Ted's Tire
Teknik Salon and Spa
Tele-Connect Communications Limited
Teledyne Dalsa
Telfer Court
Telus Kobo
Temperance Road
Templar Court
Templar Lane
Temple Shalom
Templeton Drive
Templewood Drive
Ten Thousand Villages
Tennyson Place
Teriyaki Experience
Terrace Lane
Terrace Wood Crescent
Terrace Wood Drive
Terraview Crescent
Terrington Crescent
Terry Boulevard
Terrystone Walk
Thai Bistro
Thai Coconut Island
Thai Sun
Thai Villa Cuisine
Thaler Avenue
Thanh Phat
Thatch & Fringe
Thatcher Crescent
Thatcher Street
Thaï Express
The Albion
The Albion Hotel
The Alley
The Art Gallery District
The Arthouse Studio
The Artstore of Watreloo
The Auto Shop
The Baker Street Station
The Barber Shop
The Bargin! Shop
The Barrel Yards
The Bath Market
The Bauer Kitchen
The Beat Goes On
The Beckett School
The Beer Store
The bent elbow
The Big Slice
The Birthplace of Waterloo County
The Black Bridge
The Bloom Room
The Boardwalk
The Boardwalk Mall Lane
The Boathouse
The Body Shop
The Bookshelf
The Boutique Store
The Break Room
The Brick
The Bride
The Bridges
The Built in Vacuum Centre
The Bullring
The Burger's Priest
The Cactus
The Cake Place
The Canadian Honey Ham Company
The Cannon
The Captain's Boil
The Cartridge Guy
The Cat, the Book, and the Candle
The Central Tavern
The Children's Marketplace
The Children's Place
The Chill bar & grill
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
The Classic Plus Woman
The Common
The Cone Shoppe
The Corner
The Cornerstone
The Costume Shop
The Cottages
The Country Way
The Courtyards on Keats Way
The Cow Path
The Crazy Canuck
The Crestway
The Daily Grill Restaurant
The Danish Place
The Dollar Store With More
The Dragon
The Duke & Duchess
The Duke of Wellington
The Dunfield
The Face Shop
The Farm Pantry
The Fat Duck
The Founding of Guelph
The Funken Cafe
The Gallery
The Gators Tail
The Grand Manors of Sims Estate
The Grand Surf Launge
The Grand Trunk Saloon
The Great Canadiian Bagel
The Green Door
The Green Room Barbershop
The Greenway
The Grind
The Grooming Lounge
The Groove Kitchen
The Hair Studio
The Healthy Owl
The Hub Bicycle Shop
The Ice Cream Salon
The InTowns
The Jane Bond
The Java Garden
The Joseph Schneider House 1820
The Jump Off
The Keg
The Kirksway
The Kitchen
The Lighting Shop
The Lions Gate
The Little Short Stop
The Magic Bedroom
The Manitou Takeout
The Maple Syrup Museum
The Market At UWP
The Medicine Shope
The Mennonite Story
The Mercantile at the Crossroads
The Monarch House Cafe and Lounge
The Mufflerman
The Olde Heidelberg Motel
The Olde Heidelberg Tavern and Restaurant
The Onyx
The Papertrail
The Passenger
The People's Gallery
The Perfect Find
The Pickle Barrel
The Pine Loop
The Pines
The Pit Stop Founders Co
The Pit Stop Grill
The Portico
The Prohibition Warehouse Kitchen and Bar
The Pub On King
The Rabbid Fox
The Raymond
The Rich Uncle Tavern
The Royal Highland Fusiliers of Canada
The Running Works
The Salvation Army
The Sconery
The Seagram Lofts
The Shakespeare Arms
The Shoe Company
The Shoe Diva
The Source
The Sports Link
The Sprightly Grape
The Sweet Shop
The Top Drawer
The Towns at Foxbend
The UPS Store
The Village
The Village by the Arboretum
The Village Cobbler
The Village of Winston Park
The Walkway
The Walper Hotel
The Water Store
The Waterloo Bell
The West Village
The Westhill
The Wooden Boat Food Company
The Woolwich Arrow
The Works
The Yeti Cafe
Theodore & Pringle Optical
Theresa Street
Third Avenue
Third Line
Thirsty's Bar & Grill
Thistle Road
Thistledown Drive
Thistleglen Place
Thomas Pedder Court
Thomas Slee Drive
Thomas Street
Thomasfield Drive
Thompson Drive
Thorman Drive
Thorman Place
Thornberry Court
Thornberry Lane
Thornbird Place
Thornbush Crescent
Thorncliffe Street
Thorncrest Drive
Thorndale Drive
Thorndale Place
Thorne Street
Thornhill Drive
Thornhill Place
Thornlea Court
Thornridge Crescent
Thornton Street
Thornview Place
Thorp Street
Those Pizza Guys
Three Bridges Road
Three Kretans
Three Willows United Church
Thrift on Kent
Throncrest Drive
Thrush Court
Thunderbird Drive
Thyme Maternity
Thyme Pizza & Rolls
Tidewater Place
Tien Lee Restaurant
Tiffany Street
Tiffany Street East
Tiffany Street West
Tiger Moth Court
Tilbury Street
Tilley Court
Tillsley Drive
Tilman Road
Tilt Drive
Tilt Trail
Tim Hortons
Tim Hortons Drive Through
Tim The Key Man
Timber Creek Crescent
Timber Ridge Court
Timber Trail Road
Timbercroft Crescent
Timberlane Crescent
Timberlane Park
Time Line / Water Line
Timeless Cafe
Timlock Place
Timm Park
Tinatawa Court
Tip Top Tailors
Tipperary Place
Tire & Lube Express
Tirecraft Cambridge
Tisdale Court
Titan Auto Glass
Tito's Pizza
Titos Pizza
TKO Motorsport
To Crown Attorney Office
To Sleeman Centre
To Tri-City Hub
To WLA Library
Tobey Avenue
Todd Street
Todd Way
Tokyo Sushi
Toll Gate Boulevard
Toll Gate Mini Mart
Tollgate Unisex
Tolton Drive
Toman Drive
Toman Tire Service
Tommy Gun's Original Barbershop
Tommy Hilfiger
Tommy's pizza & wings
Tony's Billiards
Top 10
Top Convenience
Topper Woods
Topper Woods Crescent
Topper's Pizza
Tops Hairstyling & Gifts
Tops Shawarma
Torch Lane
Toronto Street
Torrance Crescent
Total Health Pharmacy
Toth Drive
Tottenham Street
Tourist Information
Tournament Sports
Tovell Drive
Town Lattice Covered Bridge
Towne Bowl
Townline Road
Townline Tanning
Towns at Sundowne
Townsend Drive
Township 1 Road
Township 11 Road
Township 12 Road
Township 14 Road
Township Road 3
Township Road 4E
Toy Building Zone
Toy Soup
Toy Tales
Toynbee Crescent
Toyota Boshoku
Toyota Power Engineering Centre
Toys R Us
Toysense Plus
Traces of Heaven
Tracey Court
Trade Secrets
Tradewinds Place
Trafalgar Avenue
Trail to Terabithia
Trailbrook Lane
Trails Edge Tavern
Trailview Drive
Trailview Park Natural Area
Trailwood Crescent
Tranquil Hair & Body
Trans Canada Trail
Trans Canada Trail and Living Levee Trail
Trans-Canada Trail
Transat Travel
Transcanada Road
Transit Fuel
Transit Fuels
Travelled Road
Traymore Drive
Traynor Avenue
Treasure Hunt
Tree Ridge Court
Treeview Drive
Treeview Towers
Trelawney Street
Tremaine Crescent
Tremaine Drive
Trembling Aspen Avenue
Trendell Lane
Trent Lane
Trent/Police Building
Tri City Materials - Kitchener Pit
Tri City Transmissions
Tri-City Aero
Tri-City Materials
Tribe Road
Tribecca Grooming
Trico Drive
Triller Avenue
Trillium Avenue
Trillium Beach Road
Trillium Court
Trillium Drive
Trillium Park Place
Trillium Public School
Trillium Valley Park
Trillium Waldorf School
Trimble Crescent
Trinder Court
Trinity Banquet Hall
Trinity Bible Chapel - Office
Trinity Evangelical Missionary Church
Trinity United Church


Trish Juice
Trowbridge Street
Troy Crescent
Troy Street
True Ink
Truesdale Crescent
Truro Court
Trussler Road
Try City music
TS Nails
TTM Motors
Tu Lane Street
Tudor Street
Tuerr Drive
Tupper Court
Tupper Crescent
Turfgrass Trail
Turnbull Court
Turner Avenue
Turtle Jack's
Tuscany Court
Tutton Place
Tweed and Hickory
Tweed Street
Tweedsdale Street
Tweedsmuir Court
TWH Social

twice the deal pizza

Twice the Deal Pizza
Twice the deal pizza
Twice The Deal Pizza
Twice the Deal Pizza
Twice The Deal Pizza & Wings
Twice the Deal Pizza & Wings
Twice The Deal Pizza & Wings
Twin City Pizza
Twin Oaks Crescent
Twin Oaks Park Trail
Twinflower Crescent
Twinleaf Street
Twisted Connector
Twisted Sister
Two Faces
Two Goblets
Tye Road
Tyler Street
Tyndale Drive
Tyson Drive
Tytan Glove & Safety
Tytler Public School (Closed)

U of G Laboratory Services
UC Baby
UC Pharmacy
Udvari Crescent
Ukrainian Catholic Centre
Ukrainian Catholic Church
Umi Sushi
Uncle's Shwarma & Kebab
Underhill Crescent
Underwood Court
Unger Avenue
Uni Koncept
Union Boulevard
Union Burger
Union Lane
Union Market
Union Street
Union Street East
Union Street North
Union Street South
Unique Hair Salon and Spa
Unisex 3 Hairstyling
United Mennonite Church
United Steelworkers memorial
Unity Kitchener
Universal Furniture
University Avenue East
University Avenue West
University Campus Lane
University Club
University Downs Crescent
University of Guelph
University of Waterloo
University of Waterloo Campus Police Station
University of Waterloo Place
University of Waterloo Station
University Square Bakery and Deli
University Square Pharmacy
University via Courtland/Weber
University via Franklin/Westmount
Up the Tongue
UPI Energy
Uplands Drive
Uplands Place
Upper Beechwood 2
Upper Canada Drive
Upper Canada Place
Upper Cut Barber Shop
Upper Grand DSB Administration Office
Upper Jurassic
Upper Mercer Street
Upper Picnic
Upton Crescent
Uptown Beauty Lounge
Uptown Grill
Uptown Loop
Uptown Shoes & Repair
Uptown Thrift
Urban Barn
Urban Kids
Urban Planet
Uxbridge Crescent



Vair Place
Val's Family Restaurant
Valebrook Court
Valebrook Street
Valencia Avenue
Valentine Drive
Valerie Court
Valeriote Place
Valewood Place
Valhalla Crescent
Valley Bottom
Valley Drive
Valley Ridge Crescent
Valley Road
Valleybrook Drive
Valleyhaven Lane
Valleyridge Trail
Valleyscape Drive
Valleyview Drive
Valleyview Road
Valour Place
Value Village
Van Horne Place
Vancamp Avenue
Vance Road
Vancouver Drive
Vanessa Place
Vanhi Nails & Salon
Vanier Drive
Vardon Avenue
Vardon Drive
Variedad Latina
Vaughan Street
Venice Road
Venturin Street
Venus Crescent
Venus Nails
Vermont Street
Verney Street
Vernon Avenue
Verona Street
Veronica Court
Veronica Drive
Veteran's Way
Veterans Memorial Bridge
Vicmount Drive
Victoria Antique & Heirlooms
Victoria Avenue
Victoria Bowling Lanes
Victoria Daycare
Victoria Furniture House
Victoria Glen Street
Victoria Marie Court
Victoria Park Splash Pad
Victoria Park's Original Pavilion
Victoria Road North
Victoria Road Recreation Center
Victoria Road South
Victoria School Village
Victoria Star Motors
Victoria Street
Victoria Street North
Victoria Street South
Victory Public School
Vienna Crescent
Vienna Road
Viet-Thai Waterloo
Viewmont Close
Vikit Tours
Villa Madina
Villa Place
Village Biergarten
Village Creperie
Village Crescent
Village Crossing East
Village Crossing West
Village Green Drive
Village Road
Village Spa on the River
Village View Road
Villages Road
Vimy Street
Vincent Drive
Vincent Optical
Vine Street
Vine Vera
Vinos Pizza
Vintage Crescent
Violet Street
VIP vape
Vipond Street
Virgin Mobile
Virginia Creeper Street
Vision Electronics
Vision Travel


Visitor & Heritage Information Centre
Visser Drive
Vista Crescent
Vista Hills Public School
Vista Terrace
Vivian Baulk Street
Vivian Lee Boutique
Vogel Place
Vogue Optical
Voila Institute of Hair Design
Voisin Chrysler
Volta Avenue
Volum Studio
Vondrau Drive
Voodoo Vapes
VP Tailors
VV Nails

W Print
W Skatepark
W Store Essentials - Student Life Centre
W Sushi
Wabanaki Drive
Wacky Tabacky
Wade Green
Wadsworth Crescent
Waffler Crescent
Wagner Place
Wagner's Corner
Wagon Street
Wagoners Trail
Wake Robin Crescent
Wake Robin Drive
Wakefield Street
Waldau Crescent
Waldau Woods
Walker Street
Walker Way
Walkerbrae House
Walkerbrae Trail
Walking Fern Court
Walking on a Cloud
Walking path
Wallace Drive
Wallenstein Bible Chapel
Wallenstein Feed And Supply Ltd.
Walman Drive
Walmart Pharmacy
Walmart Supercentre
Walnut Drive
Walnut Lane
Walnut Street
Walper Tobacco Shop
Walsh Health
Walter Bean Grand River Trail
Walter Bean Grand River Trail side trail
Walter Bean Path Entrance
Walter Bean Trail
Walter Street
Walton Avenue
Wandsworth Place
Wanless Court
War Memorial
War Memorial Hall
Warehouse One
Warnock Street
Warren Road
Warren Street
Warrington Drive
Warrington Park
Warrior Building
Warrior Field
Warwick Court
Wasaga Crescent
Washburn Drive
Washington Avenue
Washington Road
Washington Road North
Washington Street East
Washington Street West

wastewater pumping station

Wastewater Pumping Station #17
Watami Sushi
Watch Hill Lane
Watchtower Restaurant
Water Convenience & Video
Water Depot Waterloo
Water Hut
Water Smart
Water Smart Systems
Water Street
Water Street Church
Water Street North
Water Street South
Waterbend Crescent
Waterbridge Court
Waterbury Lane
Watercress Court
Waterford Court
Waterford Drive
Waterloo Avenue
Waterloo Bike Shop
Waterloo Cenotaph
Waterloo Central Railway Museum
Waterloo Christian Reformed Church
Waterloo Church of Christ
Waterloo City Centre
Waterloo Co-operative PreSchool
Waterloo Collegiate Institute
Waterloo Cooperative Residence
Waterloo County Revolver Association
Waterloo Empire
Waterloo Fire Station #1
Waterloo Fire Station #2 HQ
Waterloo Fire Station 3
Waterloo Fire Station 4
Waterloo Flowers
Waterloo Industrial
Waterloo Masjid
Waterloo Memorial Recreation Complex
Waterloo Mennonite Brethren Church
Waterloo North Mennonite Church
Waterloo North Presbyterian Church
Waterloo Park Improvements
Waterloo Pentecostal Assembly
Waterloo Potters' Workshop
Waterloo Printing
Waterloo Public Library - John M. Harper Branch
Waterloo Public Library - Main
Waterloo Public Library - McCormick Branch
Waterloo Region Accident Support Services Collision Reporting Centre
Waterloo Region Courthouse
Waterloo Regional Police
Waterloo Regional Police - South Division
Waterloo Regional Police Elmira
Waterloo Regional Police Headquarters
Waterloo Regional Police Reporting Centre
Waterloo Regional Police Service
Waterloo Seniors Actv Lifestyles
Waterloo Star
Waterloo Street
Waterloo Street North
Waterloo Street South
Waterloo Tennis Club
Waterloo Vapes
Waterloo Visitors Desk
Waterloo Waste Management Site
Waterloo's Beginnings
Waterloo-Wellington Flight Center
Watermill Street
Waterpark Place
Waterside Avenue
Waterton Court
Waterton Drive
Watervale Crescent
Watervale Drive
Waterwillow Court
Waterworks Place
WaterWorks Refill Center
Watson Hall
Watson Lane
Watson Parkway
Watson Parkway North
Watson Parkway South
Watson Road
Watson Road North
Watson Road S
Watson Road South
Watson's Cafe
Watson's Eatery
Watt Street
Wauchope Avenue
Wavelength Hair Salon
Waverley Drive
Waverley Drive Public School
Waverly Road
Waxwing Crescent
Waydom Drive
Wayfare Motel
Waynco Road
Wayne Avenue
Wayne Drive
Wayne Pitman Ford Lincoln
Wayne Street
WCS Thrift Shop
Weatherall Avenue
Weathered Gate, Gift Shop
Weaver Street
Weber Convenience
Weber Public House
Weber Street East
Weber Street North
Weber Street South
Weber Street West
Weber's Automart
Weberlyn Crescent
Webster Road
Webster Street
Wedges 'N Woods
Wedges N' Woods
Wedgewood Drive
Weeby Place
Weichel Street
Weigel Avenue
Weimar Line
Weir Drive
Weir Street
Weisenberg Road
Welcome to Schneider Creek Neighborhood
Wellington 32 Road
Wellington Cakes
Wellington Centre for Continuing Education
Wellington County Library - Marden Branch
Wellington County Library - Puslinch Branch
Wellington Law Library
Wellington Motors
Wellington Road 124
Wellington Road 29
Wellington Road 30
Wellington Road 32
Wellington Road 34
Wellington Road 35
Wellington Road 38
Wellington Road 39
Wellington Road 44
Wellington Road 51
Wellington Road 7
Wellington Road 86
Wellington Street
Wellington Street East
Wellington Street North
Wellington Street South
Wellington Street West
Wellington Woods
Wells Lane
Wells Street
Wendy Court
Wendy Crescent
Wendy's Nail Salon
Wentworth Avenue
Werlich Drive
Werni Court
Werstine Terrace
Wes Graham Way
Wesley Boulevard
Wesley Crescent
Wesley United Church
West 1
West 2
West 49
West Acres Crescent
West Acres Drive
West Alps Road
West Avenue
West Connector
West Cove
West End Bakery
West End Community Centre
West Gate
West Hill Estates
West Lansdowne Avenue
West Montrose
West Montrose Trailer Park
West Oak Trail
West Point Road
West River Road
West Tree Drive
Westbrook Place
Westbury Crescent
Westchester Drive
Westchester Place
Westcliff Way
Westcourt Place
Westcroft Drive
Western Avenue
Western Burgers & Steaks
Westfield Drive
Westfield Place
Westforest Trail
Westgate Court
Westgate Drive
Westgate Manor
Westgate Towne Homes
Westgate Walk
Westhaven Street
Westheights Community Church
Westheights Drive
WestHeights Park
WestHeights Park Natural Area
Westheights Pharmacy
Westheights Public School
Westhill Drive
Westhill Meadows Golf Course
Westhill Road
WestHollow Court
Westmeadow Drive
Westminster Avenue
Westminster Drive
Westminster Drive South
Westminster United Church
Westminster Woods Public School
Westminster- St. Paul's Presbyterian Church
Westmount Funeral Chapel
Westmount Golf & Country Club
Westmount Golf Club
Westmount Mews
Westmount Post Office
Westmount Public School
Westmount Road
Westmount Road East
Westmount Road North
Westmount Road South
Westmount Road West
Westmount Signs & Printing
Westmount Terrace
Westmount Towers
Westoby Place
Weston Place
Westpark Crescent
Westra Drive
Westridge Drive
Westridge Place
Westside Bar & Grill
Westside Trails
Westvale Drive
Westvale Gate
Westvale Public School
Westview Court
Westview Crescent
Westwind Circle
Westwood Crescent
Westwood Drive
Westwood Public School
Westwood Road
Wetland Way
Wetlands Trail
Wexford Crescent
Weymouth Street
WG Johnson Centre
Whale & Ale
Wheatfield Crescent
Wheatland Drive
Wheeler Avenue
Wheeler Drive
Whetstone Crescent
Whippletree Place
Whippoorwill Drive
Whispering Ridge Drive
Whisperwood Court
Whistle Bare Road
Whistle Bear Golf
White Birch Avenue
White Cedar Avenue
White Elm Boulevard
White Oak Drive
White Oak Place
White Pine Crescent
White Pine Way
White Rock Crescent
White Sands Court
White Street
White Tiger Vintage Boutique
White Trail
Whitecap Avenue
Whitehall Lane
Whitehaven Lane
Whitelaw Road
Whitetail Court
Whitley Street
Whitmore Drive
Whitney Place
Whittaker Court
Whittaker Crescent
Wholesale Club
Wideman Boulevard
Wideman Road
Wilbar Court
Wilbert Street
Wilby Road
Wilco Machine & Mold Inc
Wild Birds Unlimited
Wild Calla Street
Wild Ginger Avenue
Wild Iris Avenue
Wild Meadow Street
Wild Rose Court
Wild Rye Street
Wild Sushi
Wild Turkey Connector
Wild Willow Boutique
Wild Wing
Wildcraft Bar and Grill
Wilderness Drive
Wildflower Street
Wildlark Crescent
Wildren Place
Wildwood Place
Wilfong Drive
Wilfred Avenue
Wilfrid Laurier Court
Wilfrid Laurier University
Wilfrid Laurier University - Lyle S. Hallman Faculty of Social Work
Wilhelm Street
Wilkie Crescent
Wilkins Drive
Wilkinson Avenue
Willard Avenue
Willard Park Playground
Willard Park Tennis Courts
William C. Winegard Public School
William G Davis Public School
William Lewis Street
William Street
William Street East
William Street North
William Street West
William Tutte Way
William's Coffee
William's Fresh Cafe
Williams Coffee Pub
Williams Fresh Cafe
Williams Fresh Cafe Fairway
Williamsburg Arms
Williamsburg Pharmacy
Williamsburg Public School
Williamsburg Road
Willis Way
Willow Avenue
Willow Green Court
Willow Pharmacy
Willow Road
Willow Road Barber Shop
Willow Road Public School
Willow Street
Willow Wood Drive
Willow Wood Place
Willowdale Avenue
Willowdale Place
Willowlake Park
Willowrun Drive
Willowside Housing Co-operative
Wilma Street
Wilmot Avenue
Wilmot Centre Missionary Church
Wilmot Centre Road
Wilmot Line
Wilmot Rod and Gun Club
Wilmot Township Fire Station 2
Wilson Avenue
Wilson Avenue Public School
Wilson Health Services
Wilson Outdoor Pool
Wilson Park Diamond #1
Wilson Park Diamond #2
Wilson Park Diamond #3
Wilson Park Diamond #4
Wilson Splash Pad
Wilson Street
Wilsons Road
Wilsonview Avenue
Wilsted Court
Wilton Place
Wilton Road
Wiltshire Place
Wimbledon Road
Wimbleton Crescent
Wimpy's Diner
Wimpy's diner
Wimpy's Diner
Winchester Drive
Winchester Stormwater Management Area
Windale Crescent
Winder Heights Place
Windermere Court
Windflower Crescent
Windflower Drive
Windflower Place
Winding Meadow Court
Winding Way
Winding Wood Crescent
Windjammer Way
Windom Road
Windrush Trail
Windsor Crescent
Windsor Street
Windward Place
Windy Ridge Drive
Windy Ridge Place
Windy Wood Court
Wine Kitz
Wine Rack
Wine With Friends.ca
Winegard Walk
Winfield Avenue
Wing's Up
Wingrove Court
Wings Up!
Winifred Street
Winnie Duyen Hair Salan & Spa
Winslow Drive
Winston Boulevard
Winston Churchill Public School
Winston Crescent
Winter Avenue
Winter Court
Winterberry Avenue
Winterberry Lane
Winterburg Court
Winterburg Walk
Wintergreen Drive
Winterhalt Avenue
Wismer Street
Wispers Day Spa
Wissler Road
Wisteria Court
With The Grain
Witmer Road
Witmer Street
WLU - Lodge Administration Building
WLU - Northdale Campus
WLU - Oddfellows Building
Wok's Taste Restaurant
Wolfdale Street
Wolfe's Court
Wolfond Crescent
Wollis Road
Wolseley Court
Wolseley Road
Wood Duck Court
Wood Grove Crescent
Wood Lily Street
Wood Nettle Way
Wood Street
Woodbend Crescent
Woodberry Crescent
Woodbine Avenue
Woodbine Court
Woodborough Place
Woodborough Road
Woodcrest Court
Woodcroft Place
Woodfern Court
Woodfield Court
Woodfield Crescent
Woodfield Street
Woodfire Bagels
Woodford Drive
Woodgate Circle
Woodhaven Road
Woodhurst Court
Woodington Place
Woodland Avenue
Woodland Christian High School
Woodland Drive
Woodland Glen Drive
Woodland Park Public School
Woodland Trail
Woodlawn Place
Woodlawn Road East
Woodlawn Road West
Woodlawn Smart Centres
Woodmans Court
Woodpecker Court
Woodpoppy Court
Woodridge Drive
Woodridge Way
Woodrow Drive
Woodrow Place
Woods Lane
Woodsdale Boulevard
Woodside Avenue
Woodside Bible Fellowship
Woodside Road
Woodsmere Drive
Woodvale Court
Woodview Court
Woodview Crescent
Woodville Place
Woodward Avenue
Woodycrest Drive
Woolgrass Avenue
Woolley Street
Woolner Trail
Woolwich Guelph Townline
Woolwich Gymnastics Club Inc
Woolwich Memorial Centre
Woolwich Place
Woolwich Street
Woolwich Street North
Woolwich Street South
Woolwich-Guelph Townline
Words Worth Books
Wordsworth Place
Work Authority
Workshop 660
World Outreach Ministries
Worth a Second Look
Worton Avenue
WOW! Mobile Boutique
Wren Court
Wren Crescent
Wren Place
Wrenwood Place
Wright auto sales
Wright Auto Sales
Wright Avenue
Wright Crescent
Wrigley Road
WStore Essentials
W.T. Townshend Public School
Wurster Place
Wyandotte Court
Wyatt Street East
Wyatt Street West
Wycliffe Place
Wyecroft Boulevard
Wyman Road
Wyndham St Lot
Wyndham Street North
Wyndham Street South

Xclusive Elements

Yager Avenue
Yang's Jewellery
Yankee Candle
Yarl Place Private
Yarmouth Drive
Yarmouth Street
Yarrow Court
Yarwood Place
Yates Avenue
Yatton Sideroad
Ye's Sushi
Yeadon Drive
Yeaman Drive
Yeats Court
Yellow Birch Drive
Yellow Trail
Yewholme Drive
Yi Fang
YMCA Ontario Early Years Centre
Yog Fellowship Temple
Yogen Früz
York Auto Sales
York Place
York Rd Kitchen & Chocolate Bar
York Road
York Street
Yorkshire Drive
Yorkshire Road North
Yorkshire Street North
Yorkshire Street South
Young Condos
Young Street
Young Street E
Young Street East
Young Street West
Youngman Drive
Your Dollar Store With More
Your Highness
Your Neighbourhood Credit Union
Your Village Market
Yu Xiao Shan
Yule Place
Yummy Chongqing
Yurub Restaurant
Yves Rocher
YWCA Bridgeport


Zach’s place
Zaduk Court
Zaduk Place
Zay Zaman
Zecca Drive
Zeffer Place
Zeller Court
Zeller Crescent
Zeller Drive
Zermatt Drive
Zess Court
Zest Cafe
Zeus Nutrition & Supplements
Zieman Crescent
Ziggy's Cycle and Sport
Zingervilla Place
Zion Mennonite Fellowship
Zion United / Rockway Mennonite
Zion United Reformed Church of Sheffield
Zuber Road
Zurich Drive

École élémentaire catholique Cardinal-Léger
École élémentaire catholique Mère-Élisabeth-Bruyère
École élémentaire catholique Saint-Noël-Chabanel
École élémentaire catholique Saint-René-Goupil
École élémentaire L'Harmonie
École élémentaire L'Odyssée
École secondaire catholique Père-René-de-Galinée
École secondaire David Saint-Jacques